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The opening shot is inside of the Golden Ring Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The set up has been changed dramatically with a ring set up in the center of the main floor, surrounded by a ringside barricade and one row of seats, currently occupied by SCU roster members and staff alike.

SCW ring announcer Justin Decent stands up from his place at ringside and brings the house microphone to his lips.

Justin: Hello, and welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada for Sin City Wrestling and the eighth annual edition of Blaze of Glory! SCW would like to take this time to thank Daniel J. Morgan for opening up the Golden Ring Casino to Sin City Wrestling to continue entertaining the fans during this trying time the world is going through.

Those in attendance clap their hands together, giving their mutual thanks as the Golden Ring Casino has been opened up to SCU as well.

Justin: Now please welcome to the stage, SCW's own 'Hostess With the Mostess,' Amanda Hugginkiss!

Amanda steps out onto one side of the entrance stage, as the SCUers give a polite round of applause. Amanda is dressed in a golden, 70s disco outfit, and long, blonde wig and knitted beret, resembling one of the female members of the legendary ABBA.

Amanda: Find a boy, start to chat!
It's one of your favorite apps!
Your greet dot, so routine!
You are a Grindr Queen!

Friday night and the lights are low,
Scrolling through for a boy to blow!
Why's the pics in the mirror?
Couples that will swing!
You're in the mood for a fling!

Anybody can be that guy!
Sleep with anyone who will reply!
Text him your location, invite him to your place!
Thinking that he has abs,
But you wind up with crabs!

You are a Grindr Queen!
All we see on my iPhone screen!
Grindr Queen
Posting pictures of your wiener, oh yeahhh!

Your I Search, figures click!
Want something discreet and quick!
Your greet dot, so routine!
You are a Grindr Queen!

Your horny so you turn it on!
Before you know it, four hours gone!
Still you have a hard on, have to go to work!
You want to drop that load,
So you settle for a toad!

You are a Grindr Queen!
All we see on my iPhone screen!
Grindr Queen
Your forty but say your nineteen!

All your cares, left behind
Spending too much time online!
Your greet dot, so routine!
You are a Grindr Queen!

You are a Grindr Queen!

The song comes to a close and the SCU stars are in tears from laughing, as they applaud the performance of the opening ceremonies. Amanda blows kisses all around before disappearing back behind the stage curtains.

Jason turns to Belinda with a stricken expression on his face.

Adams: Yeah. We're going to Hell...

Simone: And on that note, we are LIVE from the Golden Ring Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for Blaze of Glory VIII! The stars of SCW, SCU and GRIME are taking all precautions to remain healthy but still are at the forefront to keep you entertained during these trying times! In tonight's opening match, three men will compete in a Triple Threat to determine the Number One Contender for the Roulette Championship, when Stephen Callaway steps into the ring with Caleb Storms and Kedron Williams!

Adams: Then the first title match of the night when the Pride Tag Team Champions of SCU, the Threeway, put the belts on the line against Helluva Bottom Carter and Ariana Angelos of Team Go!

Simone: And the first SCW title defense is up next when Candy puts her Roulette title on the line against Bea Barnhart who won her title opportunity way back at My Bloody Valentine III!

Adams: Then we find out who'll be next to challenge for the Mixed Tag Team titles when the Trenton Tigers face Bella Madison and Malachi for the number one contender spot!

Simone: Jessie Salco has taken a great deal of pleasure in the fact Samantha Marlowe has been on a bit of a slump lately but now we're going to see if Jessie can back everything she's been saying up when she takes on Sammi one on one!

Adams: A Dumpster Fire Match! That's a first for us when former World Champion and Current GRIME World Nightmare Champion Lord Raab defends against Abbadon!

Simone: Whoever walks out of here tonight with the Bombshell Internet Championship will find themselves with a new challenger as Seleana Zdunich, Mercedes Vargas, the rookie Tallyn and Keira Fisher-Johnson go at it in a Fatal Fourway match for the right to challenge for the gold!

Adams: Is love in the air? Between Pete the Cactus and iris the Bulldog I mean! That's what Senor Vinnie and "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart seem to think and they're fighting it out in the weirdest family affair match!

Simone: Austin James Mercer wanted a quality challenger to defend his Internet title against and he got his wishes granted as he is putting it on the line against Lachlan Kane!

Adams: The World Mixed Tag Team Champs the Wolfslair and Blasted Monk and Song have been going at it for WEEKS! And it all started because Song surprised us all by lasting a time limit with Johanna Krieger! Now it's the war to settle the score for the mixed tag team titles!

Simone: Then its the 'other' GRIME World Nightmare Championship when Angel of Filth defends against the GRIME Masked Crimson member!

Adams: Jack Russow won the number one challenger spot for the Roulette title at My Bloody Valentine III, and tonight he finally gets his title shot against Da Man, Griffin Hawkins!

Simone: Dani Weston and Bobbie Dahl were one the closest of friends, until Bobbie felt she was not getting the respect she deserved and she shocked the world, turning on Dani and brutally attacking her. This set Dani's recovery time from injury and tonight, FINALLY, Dani is back in action and she and her former friend Bobbie battle it out in a Last Bombshell Standing match!

Adams: Then it's the man himself, the best in SCW History according to Tommy Knocks! J2H is back in the ring after his win over Connor Murphy, and this time he's facing a 'used-to-be friend in JT Midas! These two have been taking low shots at each other for weeks! I can't wait to see them in the ring finally to settle things!

Simone: Then it is FINALLY time for the Blast From the Past finals! What started out as sixteen teams has become two! The unlikely tandem of Evie Jordan and &Underground Champion Mark Cross goes up against Javi Gonzales and the Internet Champion, Kate Steele! And yes! If Evie manages to beat Kate to win this match for her team, she will become the new Bombshell Internet Champion!

Adams: Ben Jordan is the number one star in SCW, AND the World Heavyweight Champion! Jake Raab answered his open challenge over a month ago and tonight he finally gets a chance to dethrone the Cockney King!

Simone: And tonight the Bombshells reign supreme in the Main Event! Christina Rose set a new record by becoming the first-ever four-time World Bombshell Champion! And tonight she has to overcome two challengers to keep that title! Roxi Johnson looks to get back what she feels is rightfully hers, and Andrea Hernandez finally gets the chance to prove herself against the upper echelon of the Bombshell division! All this and more at Blaze of Glory VIII!

The ring is empty as we cut from the backstage area. Suddenly "Wild eyes" by parkway drive hits.

Simone: Hey now, wait a minute here...

Adams: Could it be? she here?

Alicia Lukas steps out from the back, a new black and pink T-Shirt onshowing the slogan "Strong Style Return" with her black leather jacket over the top, Alicia makes her way down into the ring and slams her hands on the announce desk with a smirk before sliding into the ring. Grabbing a microphone gesturing to the cameraman to get into the apron.

Alicia Lukas: This, this isn't how I wanted this to happen. See, this is all very weird to me. C0oming out here, no fans, no fanfare, just Jason and Belinda over there, a few cameramen, some of the SCU and SCW guys hanging around the ringside area. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. I was supposed to return to a standing ovation, a huge pop from the crowd and then all my words would be held onto by them....but...I suppose in someway...this is better....smaller...more intimate...

Alicia lowers the mic and gets closer to the camera looking right into it

Alicia Lukas: Just over four months ago I hurt my shoulder in the process of losing my SCW bombshells title. Originally iut was nothing, just some soreness and inflamation In fact I would be back the following week. Or so I tho0ught. See after making that annop8uncement in my home town I was attacked from behind by Bobbie Dahl and put on the shelf. I was told it would be three to six months of rehab and as of last week I have been cleared for active competition...

She sneers and lowers the mic keeping eye contact.

Alicia Lukas: So, what does that mean for the SCW bombshells division? Do I jump right back in to the title picture? Do I start from the bottom? Do I go for revenge?. What does Alicia Lukas do in SCW in 2020?. The Bombshells title that I held with such pride, the championship I elevated and the championship people dared to say I "held hostage" has fallen in stature. Now, I know I have been on the shelf for a while and the landscape has changed but if any of you think for one second my eyes aren't on getting my title back, then you mustn't know me very well. But then again....Bobbie Dahl needs to watch her back, cause as much as I loved watching her fail...she has a target painted on her...and I'm lining up my goddamn shot....The queen is back......bow down bitches...

Alicia drops the mic as "wild eyes" blasts again, she moves around the ring and slides down under the bottom rope making her way back up the ramp..

The scene opens backstage at Blaze of Glory VIII where we see "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms arriving at the arena with his wife Katie and their six month old Golden Labrador Puppy Lemmy in toe, Caleb is clearly ready for the upcoming match against Stephan Callaway and Kedron Williams for a shot at the Roulette Title and he is approached by Pussy Willow.

Pussy: Caleb, tonight you, Stephan Callaway and Kedron Williams are competing for a shot at either Griffin Hawkins or Jack Ruscow for the Roulette Title, are you ready for this match?

Caleb: I've been ready for the past two weeks and the quarantine hasn't done a thing to dampen my spirits, especially with Lemmy spending time at the hotel with me and Katie! Tonight, I will be 3-0 when it comes to matches against Stephan and 2-0 in matches against Kedron after I beat them both for a shot at the title!

Caleb walks off with his dog and Katie as the scene fades.

Kedron Williams and his wife Rinoa are walking backstage, hand-in-hand, before Kedron's opening match.

Pussy Willow: Excuse me, Kedron? If you have a moment...?

Kedron Williams: I really don't. Excuse me...

Pussy Willow: But, your match isn't for a few more minutes.

Kedron Williams: Okay, perhaps I do have a moment. I simply don't want to talk.

He begins to walk forward and bypass the buxom backstage reporter, but Rinoa grips his hand with a loving squeeze, halting him. He looks to her and she simply smiles, causing him to close his eyes for a moment. he exhales sharply and turns to the interviewer.

Kedron Williams: What??

Pussy Willow: Well, tonight is your first match back in almost a year, and you've been given a very big opportunity against Caleb Storms and Stephen Callaway! A chance to face the Roulette Champion doesn't happen every day.

Kedron Williams: is that so?

He looks to Rinoa and shrugs.

Kedron Williams: I suppose not unless your name happens to be Jessie Salco or Caleb Storms...

He then turns back to the reporter.

Kedron Williams: What exactly is your point?

Pussy Willow: I just wanted to know what you think of being given this chance, and if you have anything to say about the two men that you're opposing tonight.

Kedron Williams: Nothing that I haven't already said before. The opportunity is grand, although rather pointless. I never did understand the need for the average person to prove their superiority through shiny things like baubles and championship belts. But I suppose that is the nature of the business, so more power to it. As for Caleb and Stephen...?

He chuckles and shakes his head.

Kedron Williams: I've already made myself abundantly clear where those two are concerned. They both claim the same thing; a win over me in the past. But, that was a different Kedron Williams way back when. Tonight, thanks to my wife and Ben Jordan, willing or no, I am whole once more. Complete. This time? Things won't go as well for either of those two simple little monkeys.

That being said, the husband and wife pair begin to walk off-camera when they find themselves facing...

The Easter Despy: Hoppy Easter!

The camera pans out to find Despayre done up in a big Easter Bunny costume, with only his face visible from the mask and the plush, cream colored costume. In his hand paw, he is holding an Easter basket filled with goodies. And on top of those goodies, sits Angel clad in an altogether different sort of bunny outfit IE: Playboy. The Easter Despy reaches into his basket of goodies and plucks out three chocolatey treats, handing first one to Pussy Willow, then Rinoa, and finally to Kedron. Kedron looks down at the chocolate egg with a critical eye, then at the Easter Despy.

Kedron Williams: Easter... what a load of...

He shakes his head and starts to walk past the Easter Despy, who pouts and jets out his bottom lip.

The Easter Despy: Aww! Where's your Easter Spirit?

Kedron turns back and gives the Easter Despy a ghastly smile.

Kedron Williams: It wound up in a stew pot, along with the Easter Bunny himself.

The Easter Despy's mouth fell open wide with an audible gasp!

The Easter Despy: Boy, Scrooge! Think about what this holiday means!

Kedron Williams: Please do not think to preach to me about Christ...

The Easter Despy: Of course not, it's Easter after all! This is the one day out of the year where the Easter Bunny is resurrected and he hops around like this...

The Easter Despy hops around both Williams until he stands in front of them again.

The Easter Despy: ... And he brings goodies to all the good boys and girls of the world!

Kedron leans in with a smile.

Kedron Williams: Well then, I should hardly be considered for one now should I?

The Easter Despy: Oh...

And the Easter Despy plucks the chocolate egg from Kedron's hand and drops it back into his basket.

The Easter Despy: Good point!

And he hops away, leaving Rinoa struggling not to smile as Kedron stares at his now-empty hand.

Justin: The following contest is for one fall and is a triple threat match. Introducing first....

The eerie harmonies of the Devils Waltz courses its path from the sound system and across the spines of those in attendance. Curious onlookers turn their gaze toward the stage as the lights that illuminate the stage, ramp and ring fade from bright white to a disturbing red, and there, on the stage bathed in crimson, stands Kedron Williams, his flesh pale and his eyes almost as much so.

Justin: From Salem, Massachusetts, weighing one hundred and seventy nine pounds, he is Kedron Williams!

There is little reaction from the crowd, neither positive nor negative, as Kedron walks down toward the ring with a purpose; the lights above him beating on and off as if in tune with the beating of a heart. Each time the lights flicker off, once they resume, Kedron is further down the aisle and that much closer to the ring. Once he arrives at ringside, he stares into the ring (and at his opponent) and smiles, before the lights go completely dark. A mere moment later, they turn back on and Kedron is inside of the ring, sitting cross-legged in the center of the ring.

Justin: and his opponent....

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing accross the arena before Caleb comes out headbanging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: Introducing, from Syracuse, New York and weighing in at 220lbs, he is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for his opponent

Justin: And their opponent...

"Remedy" by Cold plays and Stephen Callaway struts to the ring singing along with his music. He never touches hands with the fans.

Justin: From Hamilton, Scotland, Weighing in at two hundred and thirty four pounds, he is Stephen Callaway!

He taps the ringpost with his index finger before walking up the steps and through the ropes. Once in the ring he walks to the corner diagonal from where he came in and climbs to the middle turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the shape of a semi circle

Adams: And here we go to start off Blaze of Glory VIII!

Jasmine St. John is standing in the middle of the ring as the three competitors are standing in their individual corners. She asks all three of them. Kedron taunts both Caleb and Stephen as Jasmine motions for the bell to ring.


Stephen is the first to leave his corner as he charges at Caleb. Caleb manages to catch him with a snap hip toss as Kedron slips out of the ring. Before Kedron could do anything, Caleb sprints toward the ropes and leaps over the ropes knocking Kedron down. Caleb is back up to his feet and picks Kedron up by his head. He takes him by the hand and shoots him off toward the makeshift guardrail. Kedron counters at the last second as Caleb strikes rib first into the guardrail.

Adams: Oh man, that has got to hurt.

Simone: Kedron outsmarted Caleb that time around.

Kedron smirks before brushing Caleb's hair back before driving multiple fists into his skull. Kedron then wraps his arm around Caleb's neck before throwing him over head with a snap Suplex. Kedron is just getting back up to his feet when Stephen comes flying at him before dropping down and hitting a baseball slide. The force of the kick sends Kedron into the guardrail. Stephen is laughing before clotheslining Kedron over the guardrail.

Stephen follows him over the guardrail as he lands a hard right across his jaw. Kedron fires back with a right of his own as the two continues to battle in the empty casino. Stephen finally gains the upper hand as he quickly snaps off a sling blade. After hitting it, he holds up one finger. Stephen picks Kedron up and walks him back toward ringside. As they get close, Kedron catches him with a quick knee to the gut then follows it up with a stiff clothesline. Kedron turns his attention back towards Caleb as he hops over the guardrail.

Adams: So far it's been pretty even.

Simone: I'm just waiting for the weapons to get introduced.

Kedron walks over towards Caleb. He goes to pick him up but gets blasted across the face with a steel chair shot. Kedron falls backward as Caleb lands a quick chair shot to the gut. Kedron is bent over as Stephen hits another sling blade this time on Caleb. Stephen grabs Kedron by his wrestling tights and flings him back into the ring.

Stephen follows him into the ring but Kedron catches him with a leg drop across the back of his neck. Kedron follows it up with a stomp before stepping up off the ropes and dropping a knee across Stephen's back. Kedron drags him away from the ropes and goes for a quick cover.

Jasmine slides into position but before she can even make a count. Caleb springs off the ropes and lands an elbow drop right across Kedron's back.

Simone: Caleb breaking up the early pin attempt.

Adams: Who is going to take control?

Caleb gets up to his feet and pulls Kedron up as well. Kedron fires off a punch but Caleb blocks it. Caleb fires off a punch of his own before sending Kedron off towards the turnbuckle. Kedron hits the corner as Caleb follows him with a corner clothesline. Caleb backs up as Kedron stays leaning in the corner. Caleb charges at him again but Kedron strikes with a spinning kick to his gut. Caleb doubles over as Stephen leapfrogs over him and hits a forearm across Kedron's face. Stephen continues to lay in shot after shot as Kedron drops to a seated position in the corner.

Stephen places a boot across Kedron's throat. He proceeds to stomp him until Caleb grabs Stephen by the shoulder. Caleb spins him around, hits a punch then snaps off a quick DDT. Caleb gets back up to his feet before dropping a leg across Stephen's neck. Caleb turns him over and goes for the cover. Jasmine slides into position.



Kedron lands a running back senton which breaks up the pin. Kedron slides out of the ring, pulls a stop sign out from under the ring.

Adams: Where did that sign come from?

Simone: Better question is what's it doing under the ring?

Kedron slides back into the ring with the stop sign and slams it across the back of Caleb. He then slams it across Stephen before hip tossing a charging Caleb right onto Stephen. Kedron doesn't waste a lot of time as he bounces off the ropes. As he rebounds off the ropes, Caleb catches him with a dropkick. Caleb follows it up with a running knee to the side of Stephen's head. Caleb slips out of the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring. He slips the table back into the ring then slides in himself.

Caleb kicks both men in the head before picking up the table and placing it in the corner. Caleb finishes setting the table up but gets a face full of it after Stephen slams into the table. Caleb holds onto his face as Stephen hooks him in a front face lock then strikes with a snap Suplex. As Stephen is getting back up to his feet, Kedron comes flying at him with a shining wizard. The tip of his knee lands next to his temple. Stephen drops down as Kedron hits a sliding clothesline to keep Stephen down.

Simone: Someone has to take over this match.

Kedron stands back up while grabbing Caleb by his long hair. He drags him across the ring and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. He does this ten more times before whipping him across the ring. Caleb strikes the corner hard as Kedron comes flying at him with a forearm across the bridge of his nose. Kedron backs up looking to do it a second time but Stephen grabs him by the tights and flings him over the top rope.

Kedron lands hard as Stephen follows him out of the ring. Stephen picks Kedron up and slams him back first into the ring apron. Kedron screams out in pain as Stephen tosses him into the guardrail. Stephen then slides back into the ring. He gets back up to his feet and grabs Caleb by his hair. Stephen slings him toward the ropes but Caleb dodges the clothesline attempt. Stephen turns right into a super kick from Caleb. Stephen drops to the canvas as Caleb grabs him by the arms and pulls him over towards the corner.

Caleb signals that it's over.

Adams: Looks like Caleb is going to win it.

Caleb hops up to the top rope. He looks for Metal Storm but Kedron shoves him off the top rope. Caleb hotshots himself off the rope as Kedron climbs up to the top himself. He jumps off with the Red Arrow then lands perfectly on top of Stephen. He hooks Stephen's leg as Jasmine slides into position.





Jasmine signals for the times keeper to ring the bell.

Justin: here is your winner and the number one contender to the roulette championship, Kedron Williams.

Kedron is celebrating his win as he imagines the crowd booing him at the top of their lungs.

Simone: Kedron has done it. He has earned himself a title opportunity.

Adams: What a way to kick off Blaze of Glory

The scene opens backstage at Blaze of Glory where we see one half of tonight's challengers for the Pride Tag Team Titles Ariana Angelos working out in preparation for the tag team match whilst her theme song "Fortune Favors the Bold" plays in the background on her iPod before she is approached by "Stoner" Scott Oliver.

Ariana: Oh hi, you're "Stoner" Scott Oliver, right?

Stoner: Yeah man, can I, like, get your thoughts going into the Pride Tag Team Title Match tonight?

Ariana: I've always said that Fortune Favors the Bold, it's right there in my theme song, and tonight those words carry more meaning than any other night! This is me and Carter's first ever PPV title match and we're not backing down from the Three Way.

Stoner: Where is Carter anyway?

Ariana: He's off getting a drink, but more importantly tonight me and Carter will win our first ever titles, just a shame that we can't win them in front of a crowd but fortune favors the bold Scott and tonight Team Go will become the youngest Pride Tag Team Champions ever!

Scott walks off as the scene fades.

Backstage at the Golden Ring Casino.

Dev: I'm here with the Pride Tag team champions The Three way who tonight defend their titles against Team Go., first let me ask you have either of you ever wrestled in an empty arena.

Earl: A few time Dev, and it's a different experience that's for sure, we react off the crowd whether they booing or cheering, or reacting to the action in the ring, no fans give the matches a weird eerie feeling.

Dahlia: Tonight will be my first time wresting in an empty arena, so I'll be relying on my husband to lead me through this unique situation, it won't change to outcome of the match, we're intent on leaving here tonight still the Pride Tag team champions.

Earl: Exactly, we've studied Team Go, and we've read the scouting reports Sarah has complied, we know Helluva and Ariana will be hungry and fired up for the match tonight, and that's what we want the best the Team Go has to offer, no holding back, no quarter given, just two teams fighting to be the Pride tag team champions, but like my wife said we intend to leave here tonight still Pride tag team champions.

Dev: Thanks for your time.

Earl: No problem Dev.

Simone: It's time for our SCU match of the night so it's time to switch over to our second of three commentary teams we have tonight, the team of Chad and Gena Schaal.

Gena: What up biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitches!

Adams: What up G-Whiz!

Gena: Who the fuck said that?

Chad: Thank you Belinda and Jason. Pride Tag Team titles on the line next up. Let's throw this to the ring.

Darlyn: The following contest is for one fall and is for the Pride Tag Team championship. Introducing first, the challengers....

The intro to "Fortune Favours the Bold" hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hand with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "The Greek Angel" Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for her opponent

Darlyn: And introducing her partner...

#1 Crush" by Garbage begins too play and Carter steps through the curtains, holding an ankle length, sleeveless black robe closed in front of him. he then whips it open, revealing his ring attire of a printed belly t, booty shorts and thigh high boots. He holds one hand behind his head while running the other hand down his body while grinding his hips to the music.

Darlyn: From Seattle, Washington, weighing 176 pounds, he is the "Hardcore Bottom" -- Helluva Bottom Carter!

Carter drops the robe to the stage and runs toward the ring, slapping hands offered out to him all around the ringside area. He then hops up onto the ring apron in a split and slides beneath the bottom rope. He crawls seductively on all fours until he arrives in his corner. He pulls himself up and then lays across the top corner, awaiting his opponent's introduction.

Darlyn: And their opponents....

Menage Et Trois By Paloma Ford plays and Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah.

Darlyn: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, your SCU Pride Tag Team Champions, The Three Way!

They walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile


Chad: The two ladies start the match. Ariana and Dahlia lock up, Dahlia moves behind Ariana and rakes her back before pushing her away, Ariana turns around and Dahlia slaps her across the face.

Gena: Bitch did that to me, I'd rip her eyes out. Ariana hits Dahlia with a straight punch and knocks her square on her ass! Ariana leans over Dahlia and slams hard shots in to Dahlia's face but pokes Ariana in the eye.

Chad: Typical of Dahlia. Dahlia gets to her feet and cuts Ariana off with a knee to the gut. She drags Ariana by the head and pulls her face along the top rope. That's gonna cause some serious rope burn. Dahlia kicks Ariana in the back of the leg, sending Ariana down to the canvas. Dahlia stomps on Ariana's chest and pulls her to her feet.

Gena: Ariana trying to fight her off. Dahlia puts an elbow in Ariana's eye and lifts her off her feet and dropping her down with a huge spinebuster. I think the ring moved at that point! Dahlia pulls Ariana to her feet once more and hooks up her head and arm and lifts her over with a head and arm suplex! Ariana crashes hard in to the canvas and Dahlia goes for the first cover!



Chad: Ariana get her shoulder up. Dahlia pulls Ariana to her feet, but Ariana punches catches Dahlia with a surprise punch to the stomach. Ariana reaches down and sweeps Dahlia off her feet. Ariana holds Dahlia's legs and jumps up with a double leg drop across the gut. Ariana lifts Dahlia off her back and on to her feet before grabbing her arm and lifting her over with a hip toss!

Gena: Ariana picks Dahlia to her feet and throws her in to the corner. Ariana charges at Dahlia and jumps in the air, spinning and crashing her back in to Dahlia's front. Dahlia stumbles out of the corner and Ariana grabs her head and runs out of the corner. Ariana drops Dahlia with a running bulldog.

Chad: Ariana gets back to her feet and waits patiently. Dahlia is on her feet. Boom! Superkick from Ariana, connecting with the jaw! Ariana goes for the cover!



Gena: Kick out from Dahlia. Ariana gets to her feet and looks to the corner. She's going for the tag and now it's the men's turn to duke it out!

Chad: Earl runs at Carter looking for a clothesline, but Carter ducks underneath, rolling away from from Earl. Carter springs to his feet as Earl turns around and Carter jumps up with a dropkick, catching Earl under the chin. Earl rolls backwards, and gets on to his knees but Carter runs at him and blasts him in the face with a V trigger, catching Earl hard.

Gena: Do we have a dentist on the roster? Earl folds backwards and Carter moves behind him and Earl sits up. Carter runs and jumps, putting a leg over Earl's head and dropping with a low fam-ass-er! Carter stands up and stands next to Earl. Is he twerking?

Chad: He is twerking! Carter twerks before jumping backwards with a standing moonsault, something Carter likes to call the Fairy Tale.

Gena: I can see why. Carter hooks the leg.



Chad: Earl powers out of that. He wasn't messing around. Earl gets to his feet with a look of anger on his face. Carter steps toward him, only to be met with a huge headbutt, knocking Carter backwards.

Gena: That'll make your eyes water! Carter tries to clear his vision but Earl charges him and takes him down with a huge lariat! Carters head bounced off the floor for that one. Earl picks Carter back to his feet and lifts him up in the air with a military press slam. Carter has nowhere to go as Earl walks him to the corner and holds him over the turnbuckle and drops him!

Chad: Snake eyes! That thump was sickening but Earl isn't easing off. Carter turns around holding his head but Earl picks him up and drops him with a flapjack! Earl rears back, waiting for Carter to stand up and charges him and connects between the eyes with a big boot! Carter's head snapped right back there and Earl is going for the cover!



Gena: Carter gets a shoulder up. Earl pounds the canvas and pulls Carter to his feet but Carter jumps up with a kick to the head. Earl stumbles back in to the corner. Sensing the trouble, Dahlia tags in!

Chad: The ladies are back in the ring. Ariana slides under Dahlia's legs and gets to her feet but Dahlia throws an elbow backwards, but Ariana avoids it. Ariana puts her arms around Dahlia and lifts her up and drops her in a front face drop. Ariana spins around and lifts Dahlia up and lifts her over in a gut wrench suplex.

Gena: Who would have though that little frame could have that kind of power. Dahlia gets to her feet but Ariana kicks her in the gut, doubling her over and dropping her with a quick DDT. Ariana puts Dahlia on her back and goes for the cover!



Chad: Quick kick out from Dahlia! Dahlia rolls away from Ariana and pulls herself to her feet. Ariana runs at Dahlia but Dahlia picks Ariana up and drops her throat first on the top rope before grabbing her and throwing her over in a release German suplex! Ariana landed hard on her head there but I don't think Dahlia cares.

Gena: I don't think Dahlia cares about many things. Dahlia grabs Ariana by the arm and pulls her roughly to her feet, keeping hold of her wrist and crashing her hard with a short arm clothesline! Dahlia pins Ariana's shoulders to the mat. The referee counts.



Chad: Ariana kicks out. Dahlia pulls Ariana to her feet but Ariana jumps in the air, but the two clash heads. You gotta remember Ariana is a rookie and now needs the tag. Both women start to crawl towards their corners and both make the tags at the same time.

Gena: Both Earl and Carter move to the middle of the ring. Earl picks Carter up for a body slam but as Earl lowers him for the slam, Carter rolls Earl in to a small package.





Chad: Well damn, just like that we have new champions!

Darlyn: The winner of the match, AND NEW Pride Tag Team Champions.... Ariana Angelos and BH Carter..... TEEEEEEEEEEEEAM GO!

Gena: I can't believe we got brand new Pride Tag Team champions just like that!

Chad: And when you add to what happened earlier with the Hardcore Tag Team championship, the tag division in SCU has a brand new look.

The cameras go from ringside to backstage to see in the infamous Sin City Wrestling Roulette wheel, just begging to be spun. The challenger Bea Barnhart moves into the cameras view from the right side of the camera, while the Roulette champion Candy walks into the cameras view from the left. Both girls look at each other exchanging some heated words, before they look around for the SCW official who normally over sees the spin take place.

Adams: Just spin it girls, what happens in Vegas stays in VEGAS BAYBAY!!

Simone: Don't ever do that again.

As both of the girls look at each other again, they go to step forward to spin the wheel but from side of stage London Underground's latest signing Nicky George walks into the cameras view, with a smug smile on his face.

Nicky: Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...

He rubs his hands together like a kid in a candy shop.

Nicky: Let's not be hasty...

Candy looks at him unamused, while Bea tilts her head at him. Nicky takes that as a sign that she likes what she sees as he muscles his way towards the wheel.

Nicky: As part of the deal of Sin City Wrestling Hosting Blaze of Glory from the Golden Ring Casino, I made it perfectly clear that I wanted to take part in a segment or two... you know because I run this place.

He winked at the camera, before he turned back to wheel.

Nicky: Now let me see what we have on offer for you two to spin up tonight...

He starts to spin the wheel.

Nicky: Mud pit, Tables, Chairs, Ladder match, Bra and Panties... Bar room brawl... Parking lot brawl... Paddle on a pole.

Nicky smirked, while Candy and Bea rolled their eyes at him.

Nicky: So, whose' it going to be?

He looks at the two girls, who he has given free range to spin the wheel. Candy leaves it up to Bea allowing the challenger to spin the wheel. Bean gives the roulette a big spin and the camera zooms in on the options.

Nicky: Come on Bra and Panties.

He rubs his hands together with a smug look on his face. The wheel comes to a slower speed, skipping over a chairs match, a tables match, paddle on the pole slides past and it slowly comes to a painful stop stuck on the peg between a Ladder match and a Fantasy lingerie brawl. The flag stops on the Ladder match much to the girls delight and well Nicky's misery.

Candy: Thank God.

Bea: I'll see you out there, champ.

The two girls walk off to get ready for their match, leaving Nicky behind staring at the roulette wheel disappointed in its efforts.

The camera returns backstage to find a celebration in order, or as close to one as social distancing allows as the brand new Pride Tag Team Champions, Ariana Angelos and Helluva Bottom Carter, are embracing fiercely in one another's arms while their comrades, and in some cases, GO Gym peers such as Evie Jordan and her husband Ben, Fenris and Aron and London Underground, stand at a six foot distance and applaud the two young rookies for such a major championship win. Ben forgoes for a moment the distance and pats Carter on his bare shoulder as the young man looks up to the top man in the business, Carter clutching his share of the Pride tag team titles against his chest with one arm, while his free arm is wrapped around the shoulder of his bestie aka Ari!

Dev Khatri: Carter! Ariana! Congratulations!

The small gathering separates to allow the SCU reporter to safely approach the brand new champions.

Dev Khatri: The Threeway have been the pride Champions for a very long time and many were wondering who, if any, could take the titles away from them and that was answered just moments ago with Team GO!

Both of these kids were teary eyed and faces alight with joy. carter looks to the belt in his grasp, then at Ari and finally to Dev.

Helluva Bottom Carter: Wow... I just -- I don't know! I honestly don't know what to say right now! This has to be the best birthday present I could ask for! You know, that doesn't involve Brother David and a stick of butter...

There are some scattered laughs by his peers around him.

Helluva Bottom Carter: But... getting to share this with my Ari? That makes it even better! Winning it here, tonight? The only thing that will make this even better is holding onto these titles long enough to get to defend them in front of an actual audience!

Carter, the normally cocky kid, is becoming overcome with his excitement.

Helluva Bottom Carter: And now it's time for Ari and me to celebrate!

Carter escorts his bestie and now, tag team championship partner, away as his friends and wrestling family follow and disperse.

The scene comes into focus in the backstage area. We see Bea Barnhart walking down the hallway on her way to the staging area to be ready for her Bombshell Championship match against Candy. Bea comments as she walks down the hallway while the cameraman keeps up with her.

Bea: Candy in a short time we start our Bombshell Roulette Championship match where I defeat you and become the next Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion. My match with you takes place before the match between Bill and Senor Vinnie. So that means another fun part of Blaze of Glory VIII is that I enter my match with you as the wife and Manager of Bill Barnhart and I exit our match as the newly crowned Bombshell Roulette Champion and attend Bill to his match with the Bombshell Roulette Championship around my waist.

Bea reaches the staging area where she and the cameraman stop and Bea continues with comments.

Bea: I know you do not want to give up the Bombshell Roulette Championship. No Champion wants to lose their Championship. But I need to be honest with you Candy. I do not give a damn what you want or how you feel about losing the Bombshell Roulette Championship to me. You will lose it to me and you will not regain it when I give you a re-match. Deal with it!

Bea turns and looks toward the ring waiting for her to be announced for her entrance.

The cameras panned around the makeshift arena for the night showing a ring, with ladders surrounding the outside.

Justin: The following match is a Ladder match and it is for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship. Introducing first... from Lawrenceville Georgia... the Beautiful Bea Barnhart

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar starts to play and we see Bea Barnhart exit from the backstage area dancing to her entrance music. She is dressed in black leather pants, a white pullover type tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket, which is basically a tough street girl look. As the music continues Bea makes her way down to the ring where she climbs the ring steps then ducks through the ropes into the ring. She plays it up for the Bombshells that are in the crowd for a bit before running across the ring leaping up into the corner then executing a backflip landing on her feet. Bea then settles into a corner to wait for the match to start.

Justin: And her opponent from Malibu Beach, California she is the current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion...CAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDY!!

The lights dim as pink fog starts to take over the entrance ramp. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard begins to play over the speakers as the lights brighten up. Pink pyro begins to cascade down from the tron as Candy comes bouncing out holding Fluffy. She skips her way down to the ring. Outside the ring, she hands Fluffy to stagehand before getting in the ring and bouncing around some more.

Both girls start circling each other in the middle of the ring, their eyes both fixated on the Roulette Championship that dangles above them. Jacob is the lead referee for tonight, but Drew and Jasmin are on hand for back up if required. Jacob checks with both women to see if they are ready to go, they both nod to say yes.


Adams: This is going to be good.

Simone: Thank goodness it wasn't a lingerie fantasy brawl.

Bea and Candy tie up in the middle of the ring, but Candy side steps and sneaks behind Bea. However, Bea doesn't let Candy hook her arms around her waist as she sidesteps her, grabs Candy around the waste and drops her to the canvas with a thud. Both girls get back up to their feet, smirking at one another.

Simone: Awesome display of sportswomanship in the ring.

Adams: That's not even a real word.... Nope never mind... I'm not getting into that debate.

Bea reaches out towards Candy grabbing hold of her hand she whips her into the ropes. Candy uses it as a rebound and she comes flying back across the ring, but she is harshly met with a dropkick sending her to the canvas.

Adams: The champion is down.

Bea looks to stomp at Candy, but Candy rolls out of the way and gets back up to her feet, Bea is on the attack as she backs Candy into a corner. Candy comes out swinging punching towards Bea's midsection, but Bea slams her into the corner. Bea whips Candy across the ring and she looks for a corner splash, but Candy stops herself, leaps up and takes Bea down with a head scissors take down. A few of the bombshell's from out the back are in the crowd and they give Candy a cheer for her efforts.

Simone: The bombshells are showing Candy some love.

Adams: Girl power.

Bea is back up to her feet, but she used the ropes as an assist, Candy takes the chance to clothesline Bea to the outside. Bea comes face first with the barricade. Candy doesn't waste any time, she sees that Bea is down, so she makes her way to the outside to collect a ladder. However, Bea managed to gather her thoughts and as Candy went to slide the ladder under the bottom rope, Bea rushes into the ring and baseball slides it straight into the perfect face of Candy.

Adams: I know we have medical on this isolation tour of Vegas, but I don't think we have dental so be careful ladies.

Simone: Candy might be knocked out cold here.

Bea leaps up to the ring apron and while Candy is down, she leaps off and hits her with a moonsault. The fellow Bombshells in the audience light up.

Adams: Sweet Mother Mary.

With Candy down on the outside, Bea makes her way back up to her feet. She picks up the closest ladder and she slides it under the bottom rope. Once she is back in the ring, she sets it up under the Bombshell Roulette Championship, looking to claim her prize. Bea's fingertips are on the title.

Simone: Bea could walk away the new champion right here, right now.

Candy slides back into the ring and just as Bea looks to win the Roulette Championship Candy leaps up and slams her closed fists into Bea's back. Bea goes to kick her away but Candy grabs onto her leg and with an almighty tug she pulls Bea off the ladder and down to the canvas. Candy pushes over the ladder, so she can focus on weakening Bea. Candy starts to stomp away on Bea. Bea rolls into the ropes clutching onto the bottom one, Candy instinctually stops kicking her allowing Bea the chance to drag herself up. Candy quickly whips her across the ring, Bea looks to stop Candy dead in her tracks on the return but Candy side steps it and brings Bea down with a reverse neck breaker.

Adams: Candy is so fast.

Simone: But Bea is now furious.

Candy quickly sets up the ladder and she climbs it like a cat, her fingertips are on the championship, but Bea repays the favour as she staggers towards her, grabbing onto the back of her legs she rips her from the ladder tossing her like a ragdoll. Bea grabs the ladder and instead of climbing it she closes it up, waiting for Candy to get back up to her feet so she can drive it into her face. However, Candy has it scouted, and she drop kicks it out of Bea's hands and the ladder spears itself outside the ring. Bea and Candy look at each other before they quickly dash to the outside, both collecting a new ladder each before they both drag them into the six-sided ring.

Adams: Who is going to get their ladder set up first?

Simone: Not sure, but this match has been nonstop since the start.

Bea rushes towards Candy with her ladder, but Candy uses her ladder as protection and the two ladders collide in the centre of the ring, Bea tries again to shake the champion but as the smash together in the middle of the ring, Bea drops her ladder. Candy rushes towards Bea with her ladder, but Bea slams it into her face with a spinning heel kick. Both girls are down, screaming in agony.

Simone: That had to hurt Bea... her ankle slapped against the ladder.

Adams: Poor Candy had that ladder slammed into her midsection, like she was in a sandwich press.

Bea is back to her feet first and she lays out one of the ladders, before she drags Candy on top of it. Bea uses the furthest ropes as a springboard as she comes rushing in for a thunderous cannonball slam. Candy's spine bounces off the ladder.

Adams: That was a sick sound.

Simone: She could have damn near broke Candy's back.

Bea rolls around the ring as she felt the impact from that move as well, but she knows she had a title to win, so she sucks it up and gets back up to her feet. She looks up at the Roulette Championship before she staggers over to the closest ladder. Setting it up in the centre of the ring, Bea starts to climb the ladder very slowly towards her goal of becoming a Roulette Champion.

Adams: We've got a new champion here.

Candy is back to her feet and she quickly dashes up the same side of the ladder as Bea, she slams her face into the run on the ladder before she basically Russian leg sweeps Bea from the ladder. Both women falling into a heap on the canvas. Candy is back to her feet and she shuffles her way across the ring, grabbing the ladder she was just spine crushed on before. She drags it over and slams it down onto of Bea. Candy quickly makes her way towards the turnbuckle and she climbs it, not thinking of the damage just thinking of the outcome as she hits a split legged moonsault from the top rope into the ladder that drives into the face of Bea.

Simone: These girls are putting on a show for everyone watching at home.

Adams: The are also showing the rest of the bombshell's they aren't to be messed with.

Candy crawls back to her feet, before she looks at the ladder that's still standing in the centre of the ring. She turns back to see that Bea is still rolling in pain, she takes her moment to start clawing her way up the ladder, step by step. Candy is just about to reach for her title, but she slips down a few steps, meaning she has to reclimb the ladder. Bea is back up to her feet, she is winded, but she can see what is happening, so she uses everything she has in the tank to climb the other side of the ladder. Catching up with Candy. Both Bombshell's are reaching for the title, while they fly elbows in each other's direction to try and knock each other off the ladder.

Adams: Someone is going to get severely injured if this keeps going on.

Simone: OhmyGOD!

Bea had hooked Candy up and rolled over her back in one sweeping move bringing them both down to the canvas with a powerbomb. The bombshells that were in the arena to watch are going crazy has they can't believe what they have just witnessed.

Simone: Both ladies are down, I repeat both ladies are down.

Adams: I can't believe what I've just witnessed.

Bea gets up to her feet first and she makes her way over the Candy. Lifting her up she lines her up and flap jacks her spine first onto the laid-out ladder. Candy slams off the steel and let out an almighty cry of pain. Bea flips her off, before swaying as she walks towards the ladder that's still standing. She moves it back into the centre of the ring and she starts to climb it once more. The closer Bea gets to the title the slower she goes, as if she is savouring this moment.

Adams: Bea needs to hurry up if she plans on walking out as champion tonight.

Candy rolls back up to her feet and as she is hunched over, she grabs the ladder. She pulls it up helping her stand up and she looks towards Bea who is just seconds away from winning her Roulette Championship, Candy with a vicious look on her face, uses the ladder in her hand as a battering ram as she slams it into the spine of Bea. Bea hunches over the top of the ladder, screaming in pain. Candy now sets up her ladder near Bea's and she makes the climb looking to defend her championship. However, when she is at the top, Bea mule kicks her, stopping her. Bea then kicks the ladder forcefully out from under Candy sending the champion crashing to the canvas.

Adams: Nothing is going to stop Bea now, she is the new Bombshell Roulette Champion.

Bea looks at the title but looks back down at Candy and for some reason she chooses to launch herself off the ladder and comes crashing down with a big splash from the top of the ladder.

Simone: She could have just won the Roulette Championship, but Bea chose to put it all on the line.

Adams: What was she thinking?

Simone: All guts no glory right now for both of these girls.

Bea takes her time getting back to her feet, but as soon as she does, she looks at the ladder and makes her climb up to the top. It's slow it's painful, Bea seems to be injured here. She stops midway up the ladder, giving Candy enough time to drag herself across the canvas.

Adams: How is Candy still moving?

Simone: She has the heart of a champion, Jason. She was never going to give up that easy.

Candy kicks at the ladder, rocking Bea's balance but Bea holds onto the ladder for dear life. Candy drags herself up to her feet and she forcefully drags on Bea's ankles trying to pull her from the ladder. She realises that's not going to work, so she rushes towards the ropes and comes racing back into shoulder barging the ladder knocking it over sending Bea to the outside of the ring, to the floor with a thud. The ladder bounces off the ropes and Candy catches it, before she balances it back up to standing. Taking her time, she climbs the ladder reaching up for her championship belt. She grabs it, unhooks it and this one is over.



Candy is brought to tears at the top of ladder as she celebrates with championship.

The cameras cut to Violet Amelia Holt sitting on a milk crate. Her eyes are glued to a monitor as she growls at what she sees.

Violet: Bea Barnhart, you think I'm done with your pathetic ass. Think again. I promise the next time you cross my path. I'm going to hurt you.

Violet continues to look at the monitor as the cameras cut away.

Cameras go backstage with Henry and Lord Raab standing, looking at the strange situation of not being in the pre-show, but rather the Blaze Of Glory Supershow in front of a worldwide audience. It was a strange situation for the pair of them to be told to be doing some camera time on an SCW event again instead of SCU/GRIME Wrestling, but Henry knew at the same time, it was good for publicity on the SCW show, showing the world what GRIME Wrestling is all about. However, Henry doesn't know anything about Jake as; instead, Lord Raab comes out to confess the truth of what Ben Jordan said. He speaks.

Lord Raab: "Regarding my cousin, what Ben Jordan said was true, I did ask him to keep an eye out on Jake. At the same time, I told Jake to take things seriously against Ben. I was the one who told him to apologise. It's all resolved now and I wish both men the best in the match tonight. That's all I'll say."

Henry Losak: "Moving on, tonight's match against Abaddon is a crucial one because it's the first-ever time, GRIME Wrestling decided for once, it was their time to shine. There's no better wrestler to lead GRIME Wrestling in the male division, making history for the brand than The Masked German Monster himself, Lord Raab. Lord Raab has been a god damn monster and his style of wrestling hardcore and vicious matches like tonight with the dumpster fire match."

There was a bit of a break as Lord Raab holds the GRIME Nightmare title in front of the camera, being a proud champion as he is and Henry continues to speak.

Henry Losak: "As you can see, Lord Raab's a proud champion, even if he's a vicious and nasty bastard, doing everything possible to hold the title still, longer than the previous champion has. Tonight, Lord Raab will still reign as champion as we know what Abaddon is like, we've seen him wrestle a few times, but he's nowhere near as good as Lord Raab as we've said. Lord Raab is going to beat the living hell out of Abaddon. He's going to dismount him like he's a weak little bug, crushing him with his bare hands and feet, busting him wide open."

Henry speaks spot on as usual, although he has been arrogant with Lord Raab's title reign, that's how The Monstimals are meant to be portrayed and how Henry was. He continues.

Henry Losak: "Tonight after Lord Raab's burned the motherfucker Abaddon alive in a dumpster, Lord Raab being the proud leader as he is will walk away from the match still as the GRIME Nightmare champion as Abaddon has no chance to win. Lord Raab's title reign will continue after tonight as Abaddon will be fucked from the damage Lord Raab will give him tonight. Watch yourself Abaddon because this Masked German Monster is ready for a god damn war and will still walk away from Blaze Of Glory as the GRIME Nightmare champion because Abaddon doesn't fit that role of being a nightmare to everyone, Lord Raab does. Prepare to be Raabinated by The Masked German Monster."

Henry laughs uncontrollably as Lord Raab holds the title in front of the camera again before they walk to his locker room for the next match to take place on the Supershow.

The camera view moves back to the announcer's table where Belinda and Jason are sitting.

Simone: The next match is for the number one contendership to the mixed tag team titles.

Adams: And no matter who wins this match, they are very deserving of a shot at the mixed tag titles. Let's go to Justin for the introductions.

Justin:The following is a mixed tag team match scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

Arena goes dark as the ominous tones of New Years Day's "Shut up" begins to blare. The entrance lights up as does the video screen that shows, climbing up a set of stairs we see with each step taken a different footwear. Saddle shoes followed by heels followed by Chuck Taylors followed by a pair of wrestling shoes with kickpads.

Justin: From New York New York, she is Bella MADISON!

The roar comes over the sound system as we see Bella standing on top of the entrance. She stands wearing her wrestling gear along with a ring jacket with the hood up and starts making her way to the ring.

Justin: And her partner, from Waterford Ireland, MALACHI!

Towards the end of the chorus she hops up on the ring side and climbs to the second rope, drops the hood of the jacket with a smirk and a wink as the song fades into the quiet beginning of "Blood//Water" begins playing through the speakers as Malachi enters the arena to a solid mix of boos and cheers. He simply stares around at the crowd with a look of utter disinterest as he walks down the ramp towards the ring, climbing the steps and entering through the ropes. He climbs the turnbuckle and throws his arms to the side while staring out at the crowd again as his music fades away. He climbs down and sheds his jacket, tossing it to the corner as he rolls his wrists in preparation for the match.

Adams: These two are looking good for tonight.

Simone: Malachi and Bella are really good as partners in life and in the ring.

Adams: But are they as good as this team?

Justin: And introducing their opponents,

"Downtown" strikes up as orange and grey lights float around the arena. Brandon Sludge and Daniela V. Rodgers step through the curtains as the crowd is going crazy. They walk down the ramp discussing strategies while high-fiving the audience members. Daniela slides into the ring as Brandon steps through the ropes. They pose for the crowd before stepping into the corner.

Justin: From Trenton Florida, Daniela Rodgers...Brandon Sludge...the TRENTON TIGERS!

Justin leaves the ring as both teams move into the middle of the ring as Drew Patton speaks to both teams about the match then moves to the side and motions for the bell.

Simone: We are about to get underway and there is the bell.


Brandon and Malachi move nose to nose as Bella and Daniela move to their corners and picks up the tag ropes. The two men begin to circle before locking up in the middle of the ring. Malachi manages to twist around and lock Sludge into a headlock. Pushing Malachi off into the ropes, Brandon sets himself as Malachi tries to shoulder block him to the mat. Staring at the man, Malachi rushes off the ropes and attempts another shoulder block that only rocks Brandon back a step. Malachi again rushes the ropes and prepares to take down Sludge who reverses the charge with a well times clothesline that takes Malachi off his feet. Sludge reaches down and pulls Malachi to his feet. Before Sludge can lock in a suplex, Malachi drops an irish hammer onto the head of Sludge and takes him to the mat. Grabbing Sludge up, Malachi throws Brandon's arm over his shoulder then lifts him with a vertical suplex that has Sludge arching in pain. Malachi gets to his feet and moves towards Sludge who rolls towards his corner. Malachi is just about to grab Brandon and pulls him upward only to have Sludge tag in Daniela as Malachi attempts to wrench the arm for a takedown. Daniela watches as Brandon goes down and Drew is counting Malachi after telling him there was a tag and he needed to tag in Bella. Glaring down at Brandon who rolls to the apron, Malachi marches across the ring and tags in Bella.

Adams: What a start to this match Belinda. I can't imagine what these bombshells can add to this barnburner.

Bella slides between the ropes and meets Daniela in the middle of the ring. Both women lock up in a collar and elbow that Daniela uses to twist Bella into an irish whip into the ropes. Daniela catches Bellla in a hip toss attempt but Bella blocks it then locks in an armbar that she then turns into a hammerlock. Daniela is brought up to her toes in pain before Bella continues into a headlock on Rodgers before bringing her to the mat with a hiptoss. Daniela puts her hands on the canvas and then pushes herself up to her hands and knees as Bella keeps control of her opponent with a headlock. Fighting the pair of them upward, Daniela pushes Bella off the headlock and into the ropes before catching her on the rebound around her midsection and levered Madison over her head with a belly to belly suplex that sends Bella sliding across the ring and to the outside. Bella gets to her feet as Daniela watches her before bouncing off the opposite ropes and launching herself through the ropes to take Madison off her feet with a suicide dive. Both women are on the floor in pain as Drew rushes to the ropes to check on the two. Patton begins to count as the bombshells are slow to get up. At five, Bella is able to pull herself up with the ring apron then pulls herself into the ring by the bottom rope. Daniela crawls to the ringsteps and pulls herself up using the steel steps then slides through the ropes near Brandon and is able to tag him in once she is inside the ring.

Simone: These two women gave one hell of a performance. Now it is time once more for these men to see what they can do. As you look at it, these teams are pretty evenly matched.

Brandon slides between the ropes and with a smile at Bella, he waves her towards her corner and then motions for Malachi to come into the ring. Malachi holds his hand out and is tagged in by Bella who is holding her back. Sliding through the ropes, Bella watches Malachi leap over the top rope and then charges at Brandon who takes him down with a clothesline. Malachi rolls to his hands and knees and angrily slams his fists on the mat before checking with Drew who motions him to get back into the fight. Brandon watches him get to his feet and charges towards him once he is on his feet but Malachi sees him coming and then uses a Japanese arm drag that he turns into a head grip mat slam as he mounts Sludge. Brandon tries to cover his head but Malachi is able to keep slamming his head into the mat. Patton warns Malachi to let him go then begins his five count. Malachi lets Brandon go and moves to the referee who again warns him. Brandon rolls to his side then his hands and knees then slowly rises as Daniela calls out to him. Malachi sees that his attention is taken by Daniela and then grabs the wrist of Sludge then uses an arm wrench takedown on Brandon then kicks him when he is down. Daniela yells as Malachi who just shakes his head and finger at her. But the distraction worked as Brandon tags in Daniela as Malachi can't believe his eyes. Stomping across the ring he tags in Bella.

Adams: Daniela managed to be enough of a distraction to save Brandon from Malachi.

Simone: And now the bombshells are in the ring once more.

Bella comes in and charges towards Daniela who hits Madison with a dropkick that sends her to the mat. Bella grabs at her chin and lays on the mat. Daniela moves towards her and then picks her up. Whipping her hard into the corner, Daniela sees her drop then hits a handspring enzuigiri on Madison who was slowly rising from the mat. Bella goes down hard as Daniela gets to her feet. Turning quickly, Rodgers pins Bella but Madison is quick enough to put a foot on the ropes. Rodgers slams her hands on the mat as Drew stops the count. Getting to her feet, Daniela pulls Bella away from the ropes and again goes for the pin. Bella kicks out at two and then rolls out of the ring after Daniela gets up. Daniela moves towards the ropes and is taken off her feet by Madison who reaches into the ring and takes her down to the mat. Pulling her out of the ring, the two women begin to trade punches on the outside. Brandon gets down and comes around the ring to support Daniela which brings Malachi around the ring as well. The four are trading punches as Drew counts on the inside. At eight, Bella rolls into the ring to break the count then grabs Daniela by the hair and pulls her up to the ring apron then into the ring between the ropes only to hit a DDT out of nowhere. Rolling Daniela over, Bella goes for the pin but Daniela gets her foot on the ropes. Bella angrily gets to her feet then reaches down and hits a standing hurricanrana on Rodgers that lays her out on the mat.

Simone: Bella has Daniela on the ropes and this could end rather quickly.

Bella climbs the turnbuckle as she pulls Rodgers to the corner. Launching herself, Bella slams to the mat as Daniela rolls out of the way. Bella grabs her midsection in pain as Daniela gets to her feet and then looking down at Bella, Daniela picks her up and hits her flash forward butterfly suplex that has Bella down.

Simone: The flash forward from Daniela. Now she needs to pin Madison.

Daniela drops and grabbing the leg of Bella as she rolls her up.


Adams: Bella Madison is out.


Adams: It is looking like the Tigers will win.

Simone: What a match!


Adams: Tigers win! Tigers WIN!!


Justin: The winners of the match, the Trenton Tigers.

Daniela gets to her feet as Brandon Sludge comes into the ring and catches Daniela up in celebration. Malachi comes into the ring and checks on Bella before helping her to the ropes then out of the ring. The pair head backstage as Daniela and Brandon continue to celebrate in the ring.

Adams: Trenton Tigers will be going on to face the Mixed Tag champions.

Simone: I have to say Jason that this match may not be the last time we see these two teams challenge each other.

The scene opens backstage at Blaze of Glory where we see Jessie Salco playing an expensive looking Electric Guitar that looks brand new whilst her husband Shane and her brother Jake watch on.

Simone: Jessie is set to take on Sam Marlowe tonight and is looking to get back on her winning ways after her first defeat at Blaze of Glory last year.

Adams: I'm sorry Belinda but I'm distracted by that guitar.

Jessie is approached by Ms. Rocky Mountains and she stops playing.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, I was going to ask you about your match against Sam Marlowe, but I have, when did you get that?

Jessie: Oh, this? You can thank Evie for that.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I thought she gave you that ring to get a new camera?

Jessie: And I did, spent about four grand on it, that thing was worth $6000 so I figured "fuck it" and brought this guitar online, don't ask how I managed to find an online shop that delivered so quickly in this climate.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You spent two grand on that guitar.........

Jessie: Bit under two grand actually, still have some money left over.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Even so, are you really okay with leaving that backstage during your match tonight?

Shane: We'll be looking after it.

Jake: And playing it.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fair enough, so Jessie, thoughts on your match against Sam tonight?

Jessie: Sam is a future hall of famer, I don't think there's any doubt about that at this point, but there's another thing that's without doubt and that's the fact that she's been on a downward spiral all year long and it's not going to change tonight despite what Tommy Kno

says, the only way I can go is up but Sam? Her downward spiral will continue.

Rocky walks off as the scene fades.

Sam Marlowe can be seen preparing for the match near the back of the casino where she is joined by Pussy Willow who smiles in response to the greeting she gets from Sam.

Sam Marlowe: Hey Pussy, what's goin' on?

Pussy Willow: I am here Sam to ask you if you are ready for your match tonight against Jessie Salco. Given how your series of matches and the history between the two of you, something tells me you are either going to snap your losing streak or Jessie might just break her own losing streak against you.

Sam ducks her head as she chuckles at that.

Sam Marlowe: Y'all gotta know that I ain't here to continue to lose Pussy and that is exactly why I challenged Jessie Salco.

Pussy Willow: Because you know that you will beat her?

Sam Marlowe: Most people would say that yes, I am exploiting our history to get the cheap win but I am not going to say it is a cheap win. I know that facing Jessie Salco is always going to be a battle and I have to say that she is the one that motivates me more in the ring than anyone else and if I win tonight, then I know I have earned it. I am not going to underestimate Jessie even though more than likely she is going to underestimate me. But I have to go and get ready for my match Pussy, talk to you later.

Sam leaves Pussy standing there as she works her way towards the gorilla press area to watch the show.

The camera cuts to the crowd between matches to see Daniel Morgan sitting and watching the action along with Charlotte Elliot, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page and Nick George. Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hey guys, thanks for letting SCW, SCU and GRIME host their show here tonight.

Daniel: Not a problem.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: How has it been for you guys?

Daniel: I've enjoyed it at least. Everyone putting in the effort in tough circumstances and so far it's been a great show.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What's been the stand out for you guys so far?

Charlotte looks at Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Charlotte: It's just been a great show over all so far.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So everything has gone to plan?

Mackenzie: Well I would like to know how the fuck Bill Barnhart got in here the week before last to cut a fucking promo when the place was locked down like everywhere else up until a few hours ago. I dunno if he should be nicked for breaking and entering or if I should go back there and break him for doing it.

Rocky looks slightly uncomfortable.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So when can we expect you back in the ring?

Daniel: Any time we're needed. We know how this business works, maybe more than some entitled gits who have been in the game for twenty years. It's all about timing. Tag Division is looking pretty handy with Wolfslair with the belts and at this point, we need to focus on a few other things. We got some cash, but being hit by this whole thing ourselves so right now, thoughts are on getting this place sorted when the show is over, but we'll step in that ring whenever there's a reason to.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Thanks for the time.

Rocky looks at Nick and points.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Stay away from my Roulette wheel!

Nick smiles at Rocky as Rocky turns away and the cameras cut elsewhere.

Justin Decent: The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first

"Invincible" by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops. Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin Decent: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Finally she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the the lights flashing across the arena.

Justin Decent: Introducing, from Miami, Florida, "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and perches herself on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Adams: Here we go, a long long lo9ng standing rivalry between two of SCW's longest standing Bombshells

Simone: Yeah but it's two very different careers. Jessie Salco has had flashes of brilliance in between a long career of disappointment. Sam Marlowe on the other hand has had multiple title reigns, always at the top...

Adams: Yeah but Jessie Salco has never given up. She has shown her heart every time she steps in the ring, even if she's been a know....been a little delusional...


Jessie and Sam eye each other down before measuring each other up, they go to lock up and Sam grabs a hold on Jessie's arm twisting it into a top wristlock, Jessie rolls forward and kips up before reversing the hold, Sam rolls, spins and kips up herself using the momentum to pull Jessie down but Jessie cartwheels out of it Sam runs forward, Jessie hits an arm drag, they both po0p to their feet and Sam then hits one on Jessie, Jessie and Sam then both go for a standing dropkick before facing off in a standoff. They stare each other down and get face to face in the center of the six sided ring. They then throw hands, Sam with a hard forearm, Jessie replies, both women throwing hard strikes before Jessie seems to take charge, right after right pushing Sam back against the ropes.

Jessie whips Sam across the ring, Jessie leapfrogs Sam, spins around and drops down, Sam jumps over and as Jessie goes for a back body drop Sam rolls over Jessie's back and as Jessie stands up Sam leaps in the air going for a standing hurricanrana, Jessie though plants her hands and front flips out of it before spinning around, Sam hits the ropes and spins around Jessie's body with a spinning headscissors. Jessie hits the mat and slides under the bottom rope to the outside taking a breather as Sam drops to one knee and smiles.

Simone: My goodness what a start by these two. They're moving so fast it's hard to keep up

Adams: They have a similar high flying style. I think Jessie might be a little better on the ground but Sam will catch you with some crazy reckless moves.

Jessie moves around the outside of the six sides, Sam hits the ropes and acts like she's going for a high flying move, Jessie moves out of the way, Sam spins through the top and middle ropes back into the ring before turning and running throwing herself through the top and middle ropes with a suicide plancha ojnto Jessie outside the ring. Sam pops to her feet and looks right into the camera with a laugh before applauding herself. Sam turns and pulls Jessie up rolling her back into the ring stopping the outside count at a four. Same climbs to the top rope and measures Jessie up, she leaps off with a flying crossbody, Jessie leaps in the air hitting a hard standing dropkick right to the stomach of Sam sending her down. Jessie leaps for a cover.



Sam kicks out and sits up holding her stomach. Jessie shakes her head and pulls Sam up, hitting a side knee to her stomach before setting Sam up for a snap suplex, she takes Marlowe over and slides over into a pin.



Sam kicks out again. Jessie looks frustrated and hits hard right hands to Sam before pulling her up0 again, Jessie hits another snap sup0lex, she then rolls her hips getting to her feet, she hits a second snap suplex, rolls her hips again, this time Jessie pulls Sams arm over and hits a hard snap DDT. Sams head bounces off the mat and Jessie pushes Sam rolling her over hooking her leg AGAIN going for a pin.



Sam kicks out again and Jessie can't believe it.

Simone:Jessie is doing everything she can here to keep Sam down, she might need to pull out one of those finishers though

Adams:Sam Marlowe is showing her heart and soul, she is doing everything she can to make sure she doesn't stay down and the frustration is getting to Jessie

Jessie moves to the ropes and gets onto the apron, she calls for her springboard tornado DDT she calls the Circle pit, Sam pulls herself to her feet and Jessie jumps up and leaps off, Sam rolls out of the way, Jessie lands on her feet she turns and Sam Marlowe levels her with a spear. Jessie holds her ribs and Sam takes a moment to recover before pulling herself up, Jessie also gets to her feet Sam slams in a hard roundhouse kick and another and another, Jessie then catches a kick and Sam leaps up with an enziguri, Jessie drops to her knees and Sam grabs Jessie picking her up into an Implant DDT, she spikes Jessie and rolls her over for a pin.



Jessie kicks out, Sam shakes her head and Jessie crawls to the corner leaning against the bottom turnbuckle, Sam looks over and gets to her feet running and hitting a bronco buster, Sam steps back and calls for Jessie to get up and as she does Sam hits a kick to Jessie's stomach, she then locks in her Sammi wrap, she hooks her arm under Jessie's neck and her legs around Jessie's body, Jessie though is able to run forward holding Sam up ramming her into the opposite corner, Sam releases the hold and Jessie stumbles back, Sam tries to get to her feet and Jessie leaps in the air with a dropkick hitting Sam right in the side of the head sending her down.

Simone: Uh ouh, Sam looks out of it, Jessie hit a beautiful dropkick

Adams: She laying right near a turnbuckle and Jessie looks like she's ready to go...450 inbound!?

Jessie moves to the corner and starts to climb, she measures up Sam and calls for the wall of death looking right in the camera. Jessie jumps and flips forward, Sam rolls out of the way towards the corner and Jessie crashes face first!, Jessie crashes and burns Sam grabs Jessie from behind as she gets up spinning her around into the Samwich press!, she drops down slamming Jessie face first, Sam turns and hooks a leg.





Justin: The winner of the match.... Sam Marlowe!

Simone: Marlowe did it!

Adams: A great match between two women who know each other so well!

Simone: Jessie did everything she could but in the end one small mistake and Sam capitalized!

Backstage, we come up on Abaddon The Destroyer just as he finishes tightening his mask. He turns around sharply.

Abaddon: The G.R.I.M.E. World Nightmare Champion. Sin City legend and Hall Of Famer Lord Raab. Raab has accomplished everything in Sin City. Raab's reputation precedes him.

Abaddon paces back and forth in the dimly lit area where he is preparing for the Dumpster Fire match tonight. He punches the wall. He does it again. This is one of Abaddon's pre-match rituals. He snarls quietly under his breath before continuing. He sits down abruptly.

Abaddon: Tonight, we stand across from each other for the first time. You see Raab... this moment has been on the horizon for quite some time. Tonight, Abaddon's path continues. Pay close attention Raab. Tonight, we will be properly introduced. I look forward to testing myself against the man, the myth, the legend that is Raab.

Abaddon tightens his laces. He adjusts his mask, making sure it is secure. He rises to his feet.

Abaddon: Raab, I am going to make you experience unimaginable things this evening in our encounter. This Dumpster Fire provides The Destroyer with the ample opportunity to show you the true meaning of the depths of hell. Tonight your flesh will be scorched. You will feel it. You will feel it as it burns through the layers deeper and deeper.

Abaddon begins the long walk through the corridors to the ring. His pace quickens as the moment approaches for his impending championship match. He turns a corner, and approaches the entrance area. Abaddon stops in his tracks, and stares deep into the camera.

Abaddon: The true torture though will be when I raise The G.R.I.M.E. World Nightmare Championship as I stand over your smoldering carcass.

Abaddon breaks the curtain as "When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light" thunderous drums engulf the crowd.

People backstage scatter as thumbs can be heard, curious looks towards the thumps can see Alex Rush, sitting on the back of one of the rhinos, the SCU Hardcore Tag Team championship belts over his shoulder, a bottle of champagne in one hand, but the dear stalker hats have been replaced by tiny little party celebration hats, on Alex and both rhinos.


The rhinos stop and Alex leans down.

Alex: But we need to be really careful me laddos because people can come and take the championships off us anytime. That's how being a champions works I think, I dunno, I saw a program about a guy with a belt and people kept trying to beat him up to take it, so we have to be on our guard.

Alex snaps his head towards two people standing in front of him.

Alex: Those two might be thinking about it.

The camera turns to see newly crowned Pride Tag Team Champions, Team GO, HB Carter and Ariana Angelos.

HBCarter: I don't think that's how things work.

Ariana: Yeah, you don't have to defend those things twenty four seven.

Alex looks confused as he looks at them.

Alex: Are you sure? Cause I saw this show like ours right, and there was a guy who says wutzup! Like a lot, and he had this green belt, and people were chasing him right? And then they pinned him and they took his belt, right? Then people chased him. There was a penguin in a stripped shirt who made the count but there was like no ring, or bell, so I think if a penguin comes around here and someone pins me, they could take our gold thingys, and we've only had them a little while.

Ariana: Penguin?

HBCarter: Either he was watching a messed up version of animal planet, or he means a referee.

Alex points at the championship belts over Ariana and Carter's shoulders with a grin.


Carter and Ariana look at each other.

Alex: You must come celebrate. Rhinos down!

On command, the rhinos crouch down.

Alex: Jump on.

Ariana: Are they safe?

Alex laughs loudly before his face turns serious.

Alex: Of course they're not, they're rhinos, have you ever found a rubber Johnny that can fit a rhino? Also, they don't have hands, they'll struggle to get it out of the packet.

Ariana: I mean, nevermind.

Carter moves towards the free rhino.

HBCarter: What a big horn you have.

Alex: Thanks, didn't think you could see it through me leather pants.

Carter smirks before getting on the rhino as Ari moves behind Alex and gets on the rhino.

Alex: Mmmmmm boobies in me back, what a feeling.

Ariana points to the other rhino.

Ariana: Maybe I'll just get on that one.

Alex: Probably made the right choice.

As Ari switches rhinos, the scene cuts elsewhere.

Liam: The following contest is a Dumpster Fire Match, where the objective is to put your opponent into the dumpster and set it, and them, on fire... and it is for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship!!!

"When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light" thunderous drums engulf the crowd, as a fog fills the SCU entrance. A light from below reveals the void that is the visage of Abaddon.

Liam: On his way to the ring, from the depths of your tormented mind, standing at 6' and weighing in at 220lb, he is... "The Destroyer"... Abaddon!!!

As the music intensifies, "The Destroyer" reaches the edge of the squared circle. He turns on his heel, and makes his way to the ring steps. Once on the ringside apron, Abaddon glides his finger over the top rope as he walks to the center. He turns, his head bowed. Spotlights hit him from all directions as his music reaches a crescendo of guttural screams.

Liam: Aaaaand his opponent... From Cologne, Germany, standing at 6'4" and weighing in at 260lb, he is your GRIME World Nightmare Champion... Lord Raab!!!

Monster by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain wearing his red and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Masked German Monster on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and wears a black and red stripy mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.


Erik: Abaddon and Raab look across the ring at each other with a look of mutual respect between them both. However, they come back to the center of the ring and they begin trading chops.

Liam: Raab's are getting the better of Abaddon as he backs the challenger up against the ropes. He goes for another chop, but Abaddon ducks under the throat thrust and gets behind Raab.

Erik: Raab tries to swing an elbow back at Abaddon, but Abaddon hits a Belly to Back Suplex. He takes Raab's arm and pulls him to his feet, which proves to be a big mistake as Raab grabs onto Abaddon's traps and tosses him across the ring.

Liam: Abaddon gets back to his feet and steps up to Raab again, not backing down an inch. Raab grabs onto Abaddon's throat, and Abaddon kicks Raab in the knee. He then drops Raab down into a DDT.

Erik: Abaddon drags Raab toward the ropes. He steps through the ropes and tries to pull Raab outside. Raab grabs onto the ropes and pulls Abaddon back toward the apron with his legs. He grabs Abaddon around the midsection.

Liam: He goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex on Abaddon, but Abaddon pokes Raab in the eyes and drags him over toward the dumpster. He bounces Raab's head off of the dumpster and Raab steps back, holding onto his mask.

Erik: Abaddon goes to bounce his head off of the dumpster again, but Raab puts a boot against the dumpster and pushes off, taking Abaddon down to the ground with him. They begin brawling on the ground.

Liam: The stakes are super high right now, and both men clearly want it. They roll around on top of each other, throwing closed fisted punches at one another, masks breaking in the process, and Abaddon's knuckles are bloodied.

Erik: Abaddon gets the upper hand as he winds up on top of Raab. He reaches over to the timekeeper's table and he pulls the bell off of it. He goes to smack Raab in the head with it, but Raab grips onto Abaddon's neck.

Liam: He is able to slide out from under Abaddon with the choke still applied. Abaddon is disoriented right now, but that doesn't last long as he clocks Raab over the head with the bell, just hard enough to make Raab see stars.

Erik: Raab turns around and puts his hands on the barricade. He holds on tightly as Abaddon cracks the bell across his back. He falls to one knee and Abaddon goes to smash it one last time, but Raab moves and it hits the barricade.

Liam: Raab is struggling here, and as Abaddon turns around, Raab ducks under another shot from the bell. Abaddon kicks back and catches Raab in the side. We might be seeing a new World Nightmare Champion tonight.

Erik: Tommy Knocks isn't going to be happy about this one. He has a hard on for Lord Raab, and rightfully so. Unlike other members of GRIME who are masked, nobody knows who the hell Abaddon really is.

Liam: True enough. Raab knows things are getting hairy for him and he climbs under the ring. As Abaddon goes for the apron, he finds himself sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. He drops it as the smoke clears.

Erik: He grips onto Abaddon's neck and nails him with a Chokeslam! Wait, no! Abaddon cracks his elbow against the side of Lord Raab's head. He throws the dumpster lid open and lifts Raab up inside!

Liam: A new champion! Abaddon just needs to set the dumpster on fire! He picks up a box of matches and lights them up, just for Raab to fire the extinguisher one more time! But where'd he get that one from?

Erik: I don't know, but he just thwarted Abaddon right there. He grips onto Abaddon's throat and drags him inside of the dumpster. Raab crawls out and as Abaddon tries to follow him, something... someone... drags him back inside!

Liam: Raab throws gasoline across Abaddon's body and slams the dumpster lid over his head. He then dumps the container over the dumpster lid and secures the lock. He flicks a lighter as we hear more than one person struggling inside of the dumpster!

Erik: Lord Raab is just toying with us now as he holds the lighter up high. He drops the lighter onto the dumpster, setting it ablaze just as the lid cracks and Abaddon pushes his way through... But it's too late and the referee has called for the bell!


Liam: Here is your winner and STILL GRIME World Nightmare Champion... Lord Raab!

The dumpster is on fire as Abaddon rolls out through the broken top. "Monster" by Skillet plays over the speakers. Abaddon falls to the ground and rolls around as ring technicians spray him down with fire extinguishers. However, the camera looks over to see Samuel McPherson rise out from the hole in the top of the dumpster. He, too, is sprayed down as the crowd gives a mixed reaction, but an intense one. Raab helps Sam out of the dumpster before the referee hands him his World Nightmare Championship belt. He puts it over his shoulder and walks out like what just happened was no big deal. He holds onto the broken piece of his mask as he walks up the ramp.

Scene opens with a shot of the Blaze of Glory poster set up on an easel. As the camera pans back slightly backstage, we see Mercedes Vargas already suited up in her ring gear. The Grand Slam Champion and Hall of Famer is in anticipation of her contendership match later tonight.

Mercedes: So today's the day, tonight's the night. Blaze of Glory. Four women enter, only one leave as the next challenger for the Bombshell Internet Championship. To hear Keira tell it, she's the roadblock that's in everyone's path. Tallyn thinks she's got this match in the bag. Seleana has been on a quest for redemption ever since she lost the World Bombshell Championship. I don't blame them for thinking that way. That just makes the job for me easier when I send them back home with nothing to show for it.

Mercedes offers a nonchalant shrug.

Mercedes: There's a lot I could say about my opponents but I don't think it matters now. All I have to do is beat one of them, and I don't think that's going to be too difficult. Keira, she got lucky last time we met. Lady Luck won't help you tonight.

Mercedes smiles, then again briefly speaks in Spanish.

Mercedes: Haz lo que quieras, digas lo que digas. Que andelantas con esto? En sitio alguno. No le digo nada que usted ya no sabe. Todavía estoy voy pasando por los competicion y convertira en el retador Nº 1 de nuevo. ya veras! Todos veran!

Do what you like, say what you like. Where does this get you? Nowhere. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. I'm still going to go through the competition and become the number one contender, you'll see. You'll all see!

Mercedes pauses as she sweeps back her hair from her face.

Mercedes: I made history at Blaze of Glory last year. I say why not do it again? The gloves are on, the war paint is on, and the checklist is always at hand.

Mercedes has a look of determination on her face as she looks up from adjusting a fingerloop glove over the length of one arm then walks past the camera with the scene heading elsewhere.

The champagne bottles have grown as Alex Rush holds one in each hand and Carter holds another on the other rhino, all of them now wearing small hats.

Alex: Championies, championies, la la la la la la! Parade of winners coming through.

Alex looks in the distance.

Alex: Rhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinos halt! I spy with my little eye, another winner!

The camera spins around to see Sam Marlowe looking at the group.

Alex: Sammi, Sammi, Sammi Saaaaaaaaaaaammmmmi!

Sam smiles at the group as the rhinos move slowly closer to her.

Sam: Hey Alex.

Alex: Sammi, Sammi, Sammi Saaaaaaaaaaaammmmmi! Congratu-bobu-lations! You beat that absolute greenie meanie!

Sam smiles sweetly at Alex.

Sam: I did. What's going on here?

Alex: This is the parade of winners right? See, I'm a winner cause we totally won the Hardcore Tag Team championships with my dude here.

Alex pats the rhino on the head.

Alex: Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaampiones! And Carter over there, and Ari Ari won the Pride Tag Team Championships and you got rid of that chick who has been a pain in the bum, so you belong on the parade of winners. Rhino down!

The rhino drops down as Alex hands Sam a bottle of champagne and reaches out to her other hand.

Alex: Come on baby shark, you know you wanna.

Sam wipes her face with her free hand, covering her eyes.

Sam: You saw that?

Alex nods his head and grins before taking Alex's hand and Alex helps her on to the rhino, the rhino stands up.

Alex: Ok, let's go, all together now! Do do do do do do do do do do do...

The rhinos start to walk as the camera cuts elsewhere.

Justin Decent: The following is a fatal fourway number one contendership match for the Bombshell internet championship...

.Suddenly, the arena lights turn off. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist..

Justin Decent: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

She flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponents will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her opponent(s) to arrive.

Justin Decent: Next coming to the ring from Orlando Florida, standing 5'7 and weighing in at 120 pounds...TAAALLLYN

The arena goes dark for about three seconds before the lights flicker on three times before "NIGHTMARE" by Halsey begins to play over the sound system. A moment or two later, Tallyn walks out onto the stage, strutting a little before she stops in the center of the stage and looks around before smirking before walking down the ramp, the same strut in her step. She stops at the bottom of the ramp and places her hands on her hips before looking to her left and then to her right before she walks to her right and walks around the right side of the ring. She picks a side and hops up onto the edge of the ring, sitting for a moment with one foot on the ring and one dangling before standing up and dipping down low under the middle rope and getting into the ring. She steps into the middle of the ring and just smirks, her hands back on her hips.

Justin Decent: Next coming to the ring accompanied by the SCW world bombshells champion Cristina Rose she stands 5'10 and weighed in at 125 pounds from Los Angeles California. SELEANA ZDUNICH

The arena fades to black as the screen lights up and we are treated to an old school movie countdown image.




Suddenly the countdown is stopped by claws slashing through the image and a cat's roar sounds through the arena. Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" blasts through the speakers and Seleana Zdunich is led through the entranceway by her wife and tag team partner, Crystal Hilton. The two make their way to the ring..

Justin Decent: And finally representing team hero from Miami Florida, standing 5'7 and weighing in at 120 pounds..KEIRA FISHER JOHNSON

"Like a Phoenix" begins to slowly play as the lights go out. Two lights from the stage is seen showing Keira's shadow, raising her arms. The lights come back on as Keira turns and walks down the ring and she slides in. She raises her hand and shouts out, "Like a HERO, BABY!" as she waits for her opponents

Adams: Here we go, look at the talent in the ring right now.

Simone: Any one of these women could be a great challenge for the internet champion. I mean look at Mercedes Vargas.

Adams: Tallyn is an impressive newcomer, and Keira has shown she refuses to give up, and Seleana Zdunich is really trying to get back where she should be...


The bell rings and Tallyn goes right for Seleana hitting a dropkick to her back sending the tall blonde former champion from the ring, she smirks as Cristina looks concerned, Keira looks shocked at how fast Tallyn did that and it takes her attention away from Mercedes who grabs a hold of Keira by the arm and hits a hard right hand, Tallyn then rushes over as both Mercedes and Tallyn beat down Keira stomping her over and over. Tallyn pulls Keira up and she and Mercy set her up for a double suplex driving Keria to the mat, Seleana slides in and goes after Tallyn but Mercedes intercepts her and Tallyn and Mercy do the same thing to Seleana with a double suplex. Keira and Seleana both stay down as Tallyn and Mercy laugh at them.

Simone: Tallyn and Mercedes Vargas clearly have a plan here, they are going to take Seleana and Keira out and then setting it between themselves.

Adams: Take out the numbers it makes it a fifty fifty chance instead of twenty five...

Tallyn throws Keira out of the ring to the floor, she follows and rams Keira into the steps, Keira stays on all fours and Tarryn leaps up hitting her curbstomp to Keira on the outside!. Keiras head hits with a sickening thud as Tallyn waves her hands in disgust, meanwhile in the ring Seleana pushes Mercy back and fights her off, she hits a hard right hand and starts to get the upper hand, Tallyn comes in from behind, spins Seleana around and lifts her in the air with a spinebuster. Seleana screams in pain holding her back as Mercedes and Tallyn circle her. Tallyn measures Seleana up for her curb stomp as Mercedes nods in approval. Tallyn runs forward but Mercedes comes from the side spinning into a discus clothesline taking Tallyn out. Mercedes stands tall and laughs to herself as Seleana starts to pull herself up, buty Keira is still down outside the ring and Tallyn is now out of it too

Simone: Well it is every woman for themselves

Adams: I was expecting it and hell Tallyn was probably plotting the same thing against Mercedes. But Mercy is a veteran and knows when and how to strike

Mercedes pulls Seleana up and sets her up for the arm twist hook kick, she sends Sleeana down and quickly leaps into the pin. She hooks the leg for added leverage



Seleana kicks out and Tallyn also breaks the count up, Tallyn looks like a woman possessed angry that Mercedes double crossed her, before she could double cross Mercedes, she slaps Mercedes across the face hitting hard right hands over and over before pushing Mercedes into the corner, she hits a hard chop and another and another, Mercedes holds her chest and then grabs Tallyn reversing her into the corner returning the favor with the chops. Seleana gets to her feet and runs over hitting a big boot to mercy as she turns around, Seleana is a house of fire as she hits a hip toss on Tallyn as she comes from the corner, then a dropkick to the newcomer sending Tallyn out of the ring to the floor, Seleana gets to her feet and runs at Mercedes, Mercy goes for a lariat but Seleana ducks and stops, as Mercedes turns Seleana levels her with the En Kristen Rättighet right hand!. Mercy goes down and Seleana goes for a pin.



Tallyn slides in and hits a low dropkick to the side of Sels face breaking up the count, Tallyn hits a shining wizard on Sel, she gets to her feet and then blasts Mercedes with a superkick standing tall, but she doesn't see Keira slide in the ring from behind looking more than a little angry having been down this entire time from Tallyns sickening attack. Tallyn slowly turns and as she does .Keira hits a speer taking her down, she then starts slamming in hard right hands over and over as Tallyn scrambles away, she kicks Keira away from her getting to her feet but Keira clotheslines her over the top rope to the floor taking herself over too

Simone: You can only push a hero so far and Keira has lost it, she is showing some of that heart and determination many thought she lost

Adams: Tallyn hit a curb stomp on Keira on the floor, Keira was almost out completely and spent most of the match on the floor, Tallyn tried to take this opportunity from Keira, I'm sure she's fuming.

Keira spears Tallyn outside the ring harder than she did in the ring,l meanwhile in the ring Seleana goes for her Asai DDT, Mercedes though hits a superkick to Seleana with beautiful timing as she's upside down, Mercedes then throws Seleana from the ring forcing her to land on Keira who had just turned around. Mercedes laughs to herself and jumps down to retrieve Seleana, she rolls Seleana back into the ring and goes for the Red curtain, but as she goes for the STO backbreaker Sel grabs Mercy by the narm and flips back out of it before spinning hitting the ropes and springing back with the Asai DDT!, she drops Mercy and goes for the pin!



Tallyn breaks it up!, Mercedes rolls to the ride and Tallyn stomps Seleana down, she hits the ropes and hits Seleana with her curb stomp!. Seleana gets spiked into the mat, Tallyn goes for the pin!.



Mercedes comes out of nowhere and pulls Tallyn up hitting the red curtain ending the STO backbreaker with a reverse STO, but before Mercedes can go for a pin Keira is back in the ring, she grabs Mercedes and goes for the springboard bulldog, Mercedes though shoves Keira off the deadly sin and picks Keira up into the black rose overdrive, as she throws Keira up Keira is able to turn her body she lands on her feet and throws her leg up connecting to Mercedes with the seven sins kick!, Mercedes crumbles to the mat and Keira pins



Tallyn and Seleana try and break it up!





Simone: And now Keira Fisher will get her chance to take on either Kate Steele or Evie Jordan. We'll find out who a little later

The door to Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood office slams open just as the camera moves backstage. The motion, however does not seem to surprise Hot Stuff Mark Ward at all as Mikah walks into the office, dressed in an orange one shouldered dress.

Mikah: I know, I know...

Hot Stuff Mark Ward looks up at her but this time doesn't seem to have such a look of distaste on his face.

HS: You finally learned how to knock?

She flashes him a smirk before shutting the door. She reveals a packet of paper.

Mikah: Why do I need to knock? This is my office now too.

Hot Stuff Mark Ward opens his mouth to argue but decides not to indulge her.

Mikah: As I was going to say! I know you've missed me these past two weeks, but I've been busy!

She walks over to his desk and around it to lean against it next to him.

HS: Apparently not busy enough...

She just pats his head in which he tries to bat her hand away from him.

Mikah: Anyways! I have a contract for you to sign. .

At hearing this, he looks at her an eyebrow raised. She offers him a faux innocent look before placing the packet in front of him. She points to the line.

Mikah: Just sign here.

He looks at the contract but seemed hesitant.

HS: There isn't any loopholes or anything in this right?

Mikah: No, it is just a contract!

He still seemed a bit hesitant.

Mikah: If you sign it, it is more than likely I'd be around this person more than in your office...

With that being said, he signs his name on the line and hands her the papers back. She smiles at him and hugs him, taking him off guard and probably doing it just to annoy him farther.

Mikah: See, I knew I was your absolute favorite! Happy Easter, Boss.

She walks out of his office.

HS: my favorite, my arse.

We cut backstage to see Bill Barnhart standing at the staging area, along with his Manager and wife, Bea Barnhart, and their English Bulldog Iris.

Bill: In a few minutes we make our entrance for my match against Senor Vinnie. In this match I destroy Vinnie and most likely will put him out of wrestling for a time or possibly into permanent retirement.

Bea: If Pete the Cactus decides to get involved in the match then you will see me and Iris take the required action to put Pete out of action. We will not tolerate interference in this match.

Bill: Vinnie your fate is in my hands and you do not want what I plan on giving you. You are going to detest the day you accepted this grudge match with me.

One of the backstage attendants walks up and informs Bill his match will begin shortly and for him and Bea and Iris to get in place to make their entrance for the match. The three move out of camera range to be in the proper place to make their entrance for their match.

Justin: The following match is for one fall... Making his way to the ring first.

The fans at home are in anticipation of the arrival of the next wrestler as the lights go out and a huge cactus emerges upon the Titan Tron. We hear Epic from Metalachi hit the sound system as a big figure emerges in the dark, he slowly turns around as he stares at the Titan Tron where a large picture of Pete the Cactus emerges. His eyes are fixed on it before turning around and enters the ring.

Justin: Coming down the aisle, standing in at 6'8 and weighing in at 280 pounds!! Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico!! Senor Vinnie!!!!

The spotlight shines upon the man as he looks up towards the ring, mumbling something while walking towards the ring. There he crawls over towards the center of the ring and stares down the camera. He then slowly walks towards the neutral corner and sits down and ignores the music of the next entrant.

Justin: And his opponent... weighing in at 240 pounds! From Lawrenceville, Georgia... Billllllll Barnhart!!!

Raise Your Glass by Pink hits the speakers and we see Bill Barnhart walk out from the backstage area holding a pink glass chalice in his hand. He is followed his English Bulldog Iris leading her by a pink leash attached to her pink diamond-studded collar. When the song comes to the lyrics RAISE YOUR GLASS Bill Barnhart raises the chalice into the air. The two make their way to the ring where Bill hands the chalice to a ring attendant to hold onto until the match is over. Bill enters enters the ring then walks around the ring playing the crowd before settling into a corner.

Bill and Vinnie stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring, exchanging some heated words and Drew quickly steps in and calls for the bell.


Adams: Here we go Belinda.

Simone: Bill isn't wasting any time tonight.

Bill launches towards Vinnie and pops him with a stiff right hand to the side of his face. It rattles Vinnie but Vinnie isn't having it as he socks Bill right back with a left hand of his own. Vinnie than charges towards Bill knocking him down with a clothesline. Bill pops back up and comes crashing in with his own offense knocking Vinnie down to the canvas with a stiff shoulder block.

Adams: The boys are going tit for tat at the moment.

Vinnie glares up at Bill from the canvas with a sadistic smile across his face. Bill comes swinging in looking to plant his knee into the side of Vinnie's face, but Vinnie rolls out of the way, leaps up to his feet and sends Bill to the canvas with a running boot.

Simone: Vinnie damn near kicked Bill's head off.

Vinnie starts to unleash with a fury of kicks to Bill, before he drops down to straddle him to offload a fury of left and rights. Bill is covering up, but Vinnie continues to hail into him. Bill has had enough, and he forcefully launches Vinnie off of him. They both get up to their feet, Vinnie decides it's a good time to laugh in Bill's face and Bill rushes towards him, wraps his arms around his torso and lifts Vinnie up off the canvas and plummets him to the canvas with a Suplex. Bill crawls over and makes the cover.



NO! Vinnie gets the shoulder up and Drew stop the count.

Adams: I don't think Bill likes being laughed at.

Simone: Yet he has a move called the Toxic Tush.

Bill gets back up to his feet, dragging Vinnie up with him to hit him with a fury of European uppercuts. Vinnie stumbles back into the ropes and he uses them as a slingshot as he pushes back on Bill knocking his back before he sidesteps behind him to drive his knees into his back with a backbreaker. Vinnie now rolls on top of Bill and hooks the leg.



NO! Bill thunders out, throwing Vinnie off of him.

Adams: Vinnie is going to have to do more than that to keep Bill down.

Simone: I think he now realises that.

Vinnie snakes back up to his feet and he watches Bill scramble back up to his. Vinnie rushes towards Bill and he knocks him down with a spear the pure force of it, pushes them both to the outside of the ring as the fold up between the ropes. Bill crashes to the floor his spine hitting the unforgiving floor as Vinnie scrambles up to his feet, smiling at the damage he has done. Drew is calling for both men to get back into the ring, but Vinnie has other ideas as he makes his way and helps Bill up to his feet. Vinnie looks to whip Bill into the steel steps, but Bill reverses it, dropping to the floor whilst giving Vinnie the final shove he needs to drive him knee first into the unforgiving steel.

Adams: Well that backfired for Vinnie.

Simone: That might teach him to count his chickens before they hatch.

Vinnie is whining in pain on the outside, Drew is up to a sic count and Bill breaks that by rolling back into the ring, only to roll back out so he can drag Vinnie back side the ring.

Simone: Smart, Bill knows he can't win this on the outside.

Adams: Now he just needs to cover Vinnie and he's got this win in the bag.

Bill scoops up Vinnie and drops him back down with a scoop slam before her makes the cover.



NO! Vinnie just barely kicks out before the three count. Bill is livid as he displays his frustrations to Drew asking him if he can count. Drew just shows off his referee patch on his shirt.

Simone: Bill is giving Vinnie valuable seconds to recover here.

Whilst Bill is arguing with Drew, Vinnie makes his way back up to his feet.

Adams: Vinnie is back on to his feet, he is a little shaky, but he is back on his feet. Vinnie rushes towards Bill and slams his forehead into the back of Bill's head, with a thunderous headbutt before he drives his elbow into the fleshy part of his shoulder, dropping Bill to his knees. Using the ropes Vinnie makes them a slingshot as he bounces off them and drives his knee into the back of Bill's spine. Bill doesn't fall down, so Vinnie does it again and again, but the big guys just sways in the breeze. Finally, Vinnie rushes towards Bill once more, this time her wraps his hands around Bill's neck before he flips over and drives him face down to the canvas with a modified neck breaker. Vinnie quickly rolls Bill up, hooking the leg looking for victory.



NO! Bill somehow, someway kicks out of the pinfall. Vinnie this time questions Drew and his ability to count. Drew just ignores it and gets back to his feet. Bill isn't too far behind him as he sways from foot to foot, trying to collect himself. Vinnie is back to his feet and Bill rushes towards him looking for a shoulder barge, but Vinnie side steps him however Bill discuses around and locks Vinnie into a sleeper hold. He applies the pressure and Drew swoops in asking Vinnie if he wants to stay in the match. Vinnie screams out yes.

Adams: and how quickly the pace of the match has changed.

Bill sweeps Vinnie's legs out from underneath him, dropping him to the canvas. Bill drops down as well, keeping his sleeper hold locked in. Bill wraps his legs around Vinnie's torso and locks in the hold and applies more pressure. Drew raises Vinnie's arm and it drops to the canvas, Drew raises Vinnie's hand again and it does the same and just flops back down, Drew now lifts it one last time and just as it was about to touch the canvas, Vinnie fires back to life.


Simone: Bill thought he had Vinnie out cold.

Vinnie fights back with everything he's got as he fires his elbow back into Bill. An angry Bill lets go and tosses Vinnie to the side. Bill gets back up to his feet and he turns around to drag Vinnie back up to his, but Vinnie pushes him away before out of nowhere dropping him down with a DDT.







Vinnie's them song his over the PA system as Vinnie has his hand raised in victory leaving a laid out Bill in the middle of the ring.

Backstage, Fenris is standing in front of a mirror with a bemused Aron seated on a chair beside him, watching and struggling not to roll his eyes at what his older brother is wearing. And small wonder why; he is wearing a full-length, black cloak and is frowning down at the hood and bird doctor mask in his hands, wondering silently how to go about putting it on. All of a sudden...

The Easter Despy: Hoppy Easter!

Fenris looks into the mirror and does a double-take at the sight of Despayre in his Easter Bunny costume. A frown slowly creeps its way onto his face (big surprise, huh?), but Aron? The good natured younger sibling of the former champion smiles brightly and he stands up and places a hand on the Easter Despy's fuzzy, slim shoulder.

Aron: Hoppy Easter Despy! I mean, Easter Despy!

Despite Fenris openly rolling his eyes at Aron playing along, The Easter Despy reaches into his basket and takes out a strawberry Cadbury Cream egg and passes it over to Aron as his Easter treat. The two then turn and look to Fenris expectantly. Fenris feels their eyes on him and he looks up at their reflections in the mirror and holds his arms out.

Fenris: What!?

Aron: Come on, K. say it.

The Easter Despy: Yeah! Say it!

Fenris: I am NOT saying 'Hoppy Easter!'

The Easter Despy: Ha!

He points at Fenris.

The Easter Despy: Made you say it!

Fenris grits his teeth and he begins to say a few choice off color words in his native tongue, prompting the Easter Despy to cluck his tongue and wag a finger, er, paw, at him.

The Easter Despy: You run the risk of not getting your Easter treat if you keep that up young man!

Fenris: What???

The Easter Despy: Your Easter treat. The Easter Despy gives Easter treats to everyone -- and I have a special one just for you with your name on it!

Fenris: ........... Really?

A little curious despite himself, Fenris takes a step forward with an expectant look on his face, his eyes on the Easter basket. The Easter Despy happily plucks a colored egg from the basket's bounty and places it very carefully, very gingerly, between the palms of Fenris's hands.

The Easter Despy: Now, you hafta be VERY careful with that...

And he suddenly claps Fenris's hands together, causing the egg to explode between his palms! Aron snorts back a laugh as his hot tempered older brother holds his hands up, coated with the slimy, wet remnants of the egg yolk dripping everywhere!

Fenris: What the f-!?

The Easter Despy: That's your Easter Surprise! Hahaha!

Fenris stares at The Easter Despy -- hard -- and then turns to Aron.

Fenris: Vegetarian or not, I'm about to make Easter Rabbit stew!

The Easter Despy: Uh oh!

The Easter Despy turns and takes off like a shot with Fenris racing right after him!

The camera is focused on a grey door in the back hallway, the door opens and Eyesnsane walks in wearing white and black Addidas shoes, black Addidas jogging pants and a white t-shirt. He looks to his right as the camera pans right and we see Marissa Henry standing a few feet away. The camera angle widens to show both of them and the distance between them. Eyesnsane puts his hand up in a stopping motion toward Marissa.

Marissa: Eyesnsane I just wanted to ask you some questions.

Eyesnsane: First, thing you need to understand is that I've spent the last 21 days in isolation. Just me and my weights. I have ate, slept, and prepped for what comes next. The ink is dry on the paper and that's why I'm here, that's why I walked through this door. I know you have a job to do and I'm not going to stop you from doing that but we can hear each other just like this.

Marissa: Can you give us some sense of why you are back?

Eyesnsane: I can explain exactly why I am back. You see Marissa my time here was not complete. In my own mind it hardly ever started. Sure I could talk about what I've done in other companies or try to live off the memory of what once was here, but that's not me that's not who I am at my core. I am a competitor and I have set out to prove that everywhere I have been. The thing is, I have plenty of unfinished business here in this company. That aside you can thank all of my fans from around the world. I owe it to all of them to add to my career here against some of the biggest names and brightest stars in the industry.

Marissa: You are a former SCW tag team champion but you've signed with SCU. Don't you want to continue the SCW part of your legacy?

Eyesnsane: Marissa, what you and the fans need to know is that everywhere I have been, and gone. I have written my own ticket and made my own name. That was a different time and different set of circumstances. Me being here is not about Jon Doe, it's not about the Elders. Me walking through this door, right here and right now is about me. It's about me coming to this company and proving my worth. Proving how I stack up on my own. This is where the story of Eyesnsane truly begins. I'm not dense, I see the split between SCU and Grime, I see people have and are choosing their sides, but it's not even about that for me. I see the fight and I see the talent on both sides of the line and I want in. I want to prove that I am the best of the best and I can not think of a better way to do just that than to be right here in this company. So you see Marissa, I am going to add to the story, you and all of the fans around the world just need to stay tuned.

Eyesnsane walks away in the opposite direction from Marissa down the hallway.

Marissa: Well there you have it, Eyesnsane has just entered the building.....

The scene fades out to black.

We cut backstage to find Austin James Mercer the current SCW Internet champion, the title over his shoulder as he looks at the camera with a smirk.

Austin James Mercer: 3 title defences. Three of them, between the show I won this title on, the last supercard and now. And I did that while also being in the blast from the past tournament. No one forced me to do this, no one told me I had to. I did it because I chose to. I knew I would have to defend it at least once in the tournament. But I took it on myself to make it known I wanted to have any open challenge and then a match at Blaze of glory, whether I was in the blast final or not...

Austin shakes his head adjusting the title belt over his shoulder.

Austin James Mercer: When I was told I would be competing for the internet title I was excited. Despite the talk about me falling down the scw ladder I never looked at this as a demotion. I looked at this as an opportunity. I wanted to take this title and make it important. I will defend it against anyone...ANYONE...I don't care who, if you think you deserve a chance go to Mark, go to Christian, go to Brooke...I won't say no...

He scoffs and takes the title from his shoulder holding it by his side.

Austin James Mercer: But tonight, I step in the ring with Lachlan Kane, and over the last week he and I have verbally jabbed back and forth, I told him I know how good he is, but I also told him...and I meant this....that I know he won't beat me tonight...

Austin laughs to himself as we cut back to the arena.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is the Sin City Wrestling Internet Championship... introducing first... hailing from Manhattan, New York... he is your current Internet Champion... Austin James Mercer...

The lights shut off as "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson kicks in, as it builds different lights flash around the arena. As the song builds into the refrain and the guitars kick in a spotlight forms on the stage with Austin standing in the middle with the Internet Championship around his waist. He makes his way down to the ring before moving around to the steps, he makes his way up and walks across the apron before stepping between the ropes, he stands in the center of the ring as the music shuts off as he removes the belt and raises it above his head.

Justin: And his opponent...hailing from Waterford, Ireland... Lachlan Kane...

As the lights in the arena cut to black, the speakers come to life with the sound of "You Ain't Ready" by Skillet. The lights begin to flash in an array of white and red as smoke fills the entrance stage. Strolling out to an overwhelming chorus of cheers, Lachlan Kane smiles out at the crowd and throws a couple of phantom punches before making his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way. He runs up the steel steps and bounces against the ropes on the outside of the ring on the apron's edge before stepping through the ropes into the centre of the ring. He grins again before throwing his hands up to the deafening roar of the crowd. As his music fades away, he takes off his jacket and hands it off to the ring announcer and throws a few more punches to ready himself.

The ref moves in and takes the championship from Mercer and raises it high before showing Kane before moving to the corner to hand it over to right before checking both men for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung.


As Kane finally removes his jacket, Mercer continues to watch him and stares a hole through him until Kane flings his jacket away and warms up. They quickly move towards each other and lock up in the centre of the ring, however, Mercer is quick to overpower Kane and he pushes Kane into the corner, where he holds him there and pushes him back as the ref intervenes and begins to count, which Mercer slowly releases his hold and moves backwards and putting his hands up. He then tries to surprise Kane with a wild swing and Kane ducks and Mercer ends up in the corner and delivers a chop to the chest.

Simone: Mercer uses his strength to over Kane in this early exchange, but the ref is quick to move in to force Mercer back away.

Adams: Mercer with the wild swing but Kane ducks and counters and delivers a chop to the chest.

Mercer grits his teeth and glares at Kane, where he grabs him around the throat with both hands and throws him into the corner and boots him in the midsection before following up with a punch, which Kane slumps down a little but Mercer drags back up to his feet and hits a chop to the chest, which sends Kane down to the mat.

Adams: Mercer didn't seem too pleased with that chop to the chest and grabs Kane and throws him in the corner and proceeds to boot and punch him, which Kane can't respond.

Kane lays on the mat as he grimaces in pain, as Mercer approaches Kane, who slowly attempts to get to his knees but Mercer grabs Kane's hand and puts it down flat before stomping on it. Kane screams out in pain, as the quickly gets to his feet holding his hand as he quickly moves away from Mercer, but Mercer follows Kane, where he grabs his hand and whips him across the ring. Kane bounces of the ropes as Mercer braces but Kane delivers a kick to Mercers chest. Mercer pops up and glares at Kane, Mercer grabs Kane and hoists him onto his shoulders, but Kane is quick to wriggle free and drops down behind Mercer before following up with a kick to his thigh, which Mercer cowers away as Kane follows up with another kick, however, Mercer grits his teeth and charges at Kane and hits a clothesline sending Kane to the mat.

Simone: Mercer continues to work over Kane, as Kane tries to fight back but just doesn't get the chance.

Adams: He isn't giving up... but he does need to get more into this match.

Mercer stretches his leg out as he shakes off the kicks before re-approaching the down Kane, where he stomps on Kane's leg, who quickly moves away but Mercer just moves with him and stomps on his leg again, as Kane quickly gets to his feet and hobbles to the corner. Mercer pushes him up against the ropes and delivers a chop to the chest as Kane grimaces in pain and moves away from Mercer, but Mercer grabs him and pulls him away from the ropes but into a different corner. Mercer takes his time, which gives Kane an opening and rushes from the corner and hits a running dropkick to Mercer's leg sending Mercer down to the mat.

Adams: Its all Mercer and then suddenly it quickly shifts, and Kane get some offence in and hits a running dropkick to Mercer's leg.

Simone: Certainly, a scrapper but he needs to get into the match more otherwise Mercer is just going to retain.

Kane takes a few moments, before climbing to his feet and turning to Mercer but Mercer is quickly back to his feet and grabs Kane and drives him into the corner and boots him in the midsection a few times before delivering a chop to his chest, which Kane slumps down a little but Mercer lifts him and hits another chop, which Kane grimaces in pain and turns his back and hugging the ropes. Mercer doesn't give him a second and he turns Kane back around and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Mercer then climbs to the middle rope and gets into Kane's face, this gives Kane an opening and slips between Mercers legs and turns and kicks Mercer's legs, which Mercer tumbles from the middle rope to the mat.

Simone: Kane can't catch a break in this match.

Adams: Again fleeting offence as he slips through Mercer's grasp and knocks Mercer from the ropes.

Kane takes advantage and stomps on Mercer body and leg over and over until the ref forces Kane back, which he takes a few steps back raising his hands up in the process before towards the ropes and climbs out of the ring and along the apron and climbs the turnbuckles to the top. Before Kane can do anything, Mercer quickly gets to his feet and grabs Kane around the throat and drags him from the top rope and keeps him on his feet, where he grabs him around the waist before moving away from the corner and hitting a release belly to belly suplex sending him across the ring.

Adams: Kane stomps on Mercer a few times before moving to the ropes, as he looks to go for a double foot stomp, but Mercer is quick to his feet and grabs Kane and drags from the top rope and hits a release belly to belly suplex.

Simone: This match is certainly one sided, maybe Kane if he find an opening exploit Mercer's knee, which he seems to be struggling with following that tumble from the ropes and Kane stomps.

Kane holds his back, while Mercer sits on the mat punching his knee following where Kane stomped on it. The ref moves in and check on both men and starts their count...




Mercer climbs to a single knee, while Kane grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself up into a seated position.

Adams: The ref moves in and begins their count, as Mercer is already to a knee, while Kane shuffles himself to a corner and sits up.




Mercer pushes himself up to his feet and moves to Kane, where he grabs Kane by the hair and pulls him to his feet, where he grabs him and goes to Biel Throw him but Kane lands on his feet, much to Mercer's surprise but its only brief as he charges in for a clothesline but Kane ducks and turns and hits a knife edge chop to Mercer, Mercer takes a step back as Kane hits another chop before leaping up with a standing dropkick, which Mercer stumbles backwards into the ropes. Kane is quickly back to his feet and charges at Mercer and hits a clothesline sending him over the top rope, where he stumbles backwards. Before he can react, Kane turns and bounce off the ropes before diving through with a suicide dive and driving Mercer hard against the barriers.

Simone: Mercer is back up...and grabs Kane and lifting him to his feet and goes to throw him across the ring but Kane lands on his feet, much to Mercers and probably everyone else surprise.

Adams: Mercer is certainly surprised, but he is quick to get over it and charges at Kane, but Kane is ready for him and catches him with two chops and then a standing dropkick, which Mercer is rocked. But Kane isn't done, and he quickly clotheslines Mercer over the ropes and very quickly follows up with a suicide dive.

Kane rolls away from Mercer before climbing to his feet, as Mercer drops to the mat holding his back. The ref yells at Kane to bring the action back into the ring before starting another count...




Kane moves towards Mercer, where he stomps on Mercer a few times before grabbing him by the hair and pulls him to his feet, where he then drags him towards the ring.




Adams: Up to a six count here...

Kane goes throw Mercer into the ring, but Mercer throws an elbow back catching Kane who stumbles back. Mercer turns and grabs Kane and throws him into the ring and follows close behind. Grabbing Kane, he goes for a pin...




Simone: Kane going to bring the action back into the ring, but Mercer turns the tables and throw an elbow back catch Kane and instead throws him back into the ring and goes for a quick pin but only gets a two count.

Mercer shakes his head as he twists his body around a couple of times, as Kane quickly rolls away from Mercer before grabbing the ropes and pulls himself up, as Mercer makes his own way to his feet. Kane and Mercer stare at each other they circle the ring and contemplate their next moves. They move in and lock up, where they briefly jockey for position until Kane breaks the hold and drives a knee into Mercer's stomach, which doubles Mercer over and Kane follow up with a knee to the face of Mercer. Mercer stumbles back holding his face as Kane follows up with a one-handed bulldog.

Adams: Mercer still feeling the effect of the suicide dive gives himself a little stretch as Kane rolls away from harm. Both men get to their feet as they contemplate their next moves.

Simone: They both lock up in centre of the ring but before Mercer can overpower Kane, Kane breaks the hold and drives a knee into Mercer stomach. Mercer has no answer and Kane catches Mercer with another knee and then a bulldog before going for a pin.

Kane then goes for a cover...




Kane looks to the ref who just shrugs, Kane climb to his feet and moves to the turnbuckle, where he climbs to the top as he looks for the 'Lach-Down'. Leaping off the ropes, Mercer rolls away and Kane lands on the mat and rolls through, as Mercer slowly gets to his feet as a trickle of blood seeps from his nose. Kane turns and charges at Mercer, but Mercer responds by grabbing Kane and hitting a Double A spinebuster.

Simone: He comes close with the pin, but Kane is quick back to his feet and goes to the top rope to finish this match as he looks for the Diving Double Foot Stomp, but Mercer moves and Kane lands on his feet and stylishly rolls out of it.

Adams: They both back to their feet and Kane charges at Mercer but Mercer hits Double A spinebuster.

Kane arches his back in pain, as Mercer sits up and leans on a single knee before pushing himself up, where he moves to Kane and grabs his legs, but Kane kicks Mercers hands away. Mercer moves in and stomps on Kane's prone body before grabbing Kane by the hair and pulls him up. Mercer then goes to whip Kane but instead he keep a hold of him and hits the "Ode to lisa" (Ripcord Lariat AKA the rainmaker).

Adams: Looks like Kane is down and out of this match, as he tries to avoid the inevitable as he kicks away Mercer's hand but Mercer isn't put off and he grabs Kane and pulls him up where he hits a vicious ripcord Lariet.

Mercer doesn't go for the pin but instead he grabs Kane legs and begins to wrap them up and locks in the Legacy Lock (Figure four). Kane who is barely with it following the ripcord lariet, taps out.

Simone: Instead of finishing with a pin... Mercer locks in the legacy lock and with Kane more or less out of it, has no choice but to tap out.


Justin: Winner of this match via submission and still Sin City Wrestling Internet Champion... Austin James Mercer.

Mercer releases the hold, as he slowly climbs to his feet as his music hits over the p.a as the ref hands him the Internet Championship, where he hugs it tight before making his way to his feet and then raises it above his head in celebration.

The cameras go backstage at the Golden Ring Casino, looking for action and it doesn't take long for them to come across Evie Jordan. She is standing with her back towards the camera talking on her cell phone.

Adams: Mark Cross will be pleased that Evie seems to be dressed for action here tonight.

Simone: You think she was going to do a last-minute runner after what Diamond side about her, these past two weeks?

Evie doesn't have enough time to finish up her phone call before Diamond walks on to the scene. She has a wicked smile on her face as she approaches Evie from behind.

Diamond: Well, well, well if it isn't Ben Jordan's cum dumpster. Are you ready to get your ass decimated tonight you bloody bimbo?!

Evie turned on her heels and comes face to face with Diamond.

Evie: What the fuck did you just say to me?

Diamond: I didn't fucking stutter you dumb bitch.

Evie slides her phone back into her pocket, before she takes a step up towards Diamond. Diamond doesn't back up as the two bombshells stand toe to toe. Their noses almost touching.

Evie: You kiss your daughter with that trashy fucking mouth of yours?

The Aussie knew that was going to hit a nerve, so she pushed it again.

Evie: Mark Cross was right, you really are a disgusting excuse for a wrestler and mother.

Diamond took one last step up towards Evie, vicious intent in her eyes.

Diamond: At least I can have kids... tell me what's it like knowing that you're just your husband's cum waste bin, so empty, so vacant, so worthless... I mean he could replace you with his right hand.

Evie looked away for a slight second, letting Diamond's works sink in before she sucked in her bottom lip and before you could count to three it was on. Evie swung at Diamond and she swung hard as she collected her with a right first before she grabbed into the back of her head, slamming it down into her knee. Diamond didn't go down without a fight as she comes crashing in tackling Evie to the floor.

Adams: These two are out of control.

Fists and hair was flying everywhere as Diamond and Evie continued to brawl backstage. Making it back up to their feet, Diamond drives Evie face first into the drywall, but Evie fires back with a stiff elbow into Diamond's guts. Diamond goes to bite Evie, but Evie shove the base of her palm up into Diamond's mouth driving her head back. As the two continue to scuffle backstage it doesn't take long for their fellow Bombshells to pour out as well as security, as they desperately try and rip these two apart.

Diamond: You are lucky they are holding me back because I would so fuck you up.

Evie: Bring it Bitch!!!

The two move the bombshells out of the way as they begin to fight one another again. Diamond knees Evie in the gut but the Australian counters by grabbing a hold of Diamond's hair and she yanks out some of her extensions. The two of them try to keep fighting one another and finally their fellow bombshells have a hold on everything. As they yank them away from one another.

Diamond: Just wait until our match. This has been a long time coming.

Evie: Whatever you say... I am going to fuck you up!

The scene quickly fades away.

Alex Jones and Johanna Krieger, collectively known as Wolfslair stand side by side. The mixed tag titles around their assists, Johanna looks up with a small smirk as Alex folds his arms over his chest letting his student and tag team partner speak.

Johanna Krieger: Blasted Monk and Song. Members of the elders and people who seem to be respected throughout the industry along with the other members of their little group. SCW management respect them, other members of the roster respect them. Even Alex respects them....but me? I don't. I want to destroy Song, I want to end her pitiful existence in SCW....and as for Monk?....while it should be Alexs' job to take care of him...if he gets in my way...I'll end him too

Alex Jones: I get your anger Jo, I do. And you should use that. But respecting Monk and Song is the right thing to do. See while they have been in our way they have helped us elevate our game. And tonight we will defend these titles, we will walk down to that ring, exert our dominance, win this match and then put them behind us....put Song...behind you...

Johanna slowly nods at Alex, she smiles and they fist bump before moving out of frame.

Justin: The following match is for the Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first the challengers... from Foshan, China... SONG!!!

Song's theme starts to play we see Song walking down the ramp. She gets halfway down and pauses. Song bows and then proceeds to walk to ringside. Song jumps and lands on the apron. Song puts her hands on the ropes and flip over to get inside the ring.

Justin: And her partner weighing in at 165 pounds... from Foshan, China... BLASSSSSSSTED MOOOOONK!

As Blasted Monks theme starts to play, we see Monk walking down the ramp. Song is heard from the ring, cheering him on as he makes his way to ringside. Monk gets in the ring and jumps on the top turn buckle. Monk is running on top of the top ropes, as he runs a lap around the ring from the top ropes.

Justin: They are the current Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team Champions... ALEEEEX JONES AND JOHANNA KRIEGER... WOLFSLAIIIIIRRRR!!

"War" By Palisades hits and as we come into the first verse Alex Jones steps out, followed by Johanna. They make their way down to the ring, they both step in as Alex slides in from the entrance side. Johanna and Alex pose with their Mixed Tag Team Championships smiling proudly at their gold.

Both teams stand in the middle of the six-sided ring as Jacob shows them what they're fighting for. That is the glamourous Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team Championships. Alex and Monk decided to get this one underway as Johanna and Song move to their respected corners.


Alex comes rushing in towards Monk looking to take his head off with a flying clothesline but Monk ducks and weaves out of it, but he quickly scoops Alex up by the midsection and drives him into the nearest corner followed by a swift gut shot. Monk unleashes a fury of left and right punches. Alex desperately tries to cover up, but as Monk goes for one last swing, he is lifted from his feet by a stiff European uppercut from Alex. Monk stumbles backwards and Alex rushes towards him driving the big thunderous spear. Alex proceeds to straddle Monk and returns the favour unleashing a fury of his own with his left and rights.

Adams: Alex is in a dark place right now, very angry angry man.

Simone: Monk needs to cover up or get the hell out of there.

Adams: Haha you said Hell.

Meanwhile on the apron Song is screaming at Monk to cover his face, while Johanna is clapping on her partner enjoying what she is witnessing. Monk is able to roll over and push Alex off it, however Alex gets back up to his feet and drives his knee into the face of Monk. Monk stumbles backwards and into his corner where Song is ready and waiting to steal the tag, forcing Alex out of the ring.

Adams: The look on Alex' face says it all... he isn't please with how Song forced herself into this match.

Simone: Well, as unhappy as Alex is... it is a mixed tag team match and Song has every right to tag herself in.

As Song gets into the ring, she doesn't back down as she walks right up to Alex and gets in his face, proud of the fact she was able to save her partner from him. Alex looks on livid but while Song is distracted, Johanna snakes her way around the outside of the ring and manages to get inside the ring behind Song and tears her down via her head with a backdrop DDT. Alex smugly gives Song a wave before he rolls out of the ring.

Simone: Alex getting the last laugh, thanks to his teammate Johanna.

Johanna attempts to hook the leg looking for a cheeky victory.



NO! Kick out and Song almost sends Johanna flying off of her as she does so. The two females rapidly get back up to their feet before the come together in a lock up, a power struggle is underway, but Song extends her leg and trips Johanna up, dropping her to her knee before Song swiftly drives her kneecap right into the nose of Johanna, snapping her head back viciously. Johanna groans out in pain through gritted teeth.

Adams: I'm glad we all have medical, as I think Johanna just broke her nose.

Johanna is holding her face, but Song doesn't care for it as she drags her back up to her feet and sends her down to the canvas with a sick face breaker. The impact is back on the face of Johanna, but that doesn't stop Song from getting back up to her feet and punting her boot into the midsection of her fallen opponent. Song rushes towards the ropes and uses them as a springboard as she comes crashing in with an elbow drop, planting her elbow into the face of Johanna before she hooks her legs and looks for the win.



No! Johanna is able to keep this match alive as she gets the shoulder up.

Simone: There's no blood, but Johanna is LIVID!

Song doesn't dwell on the failed pin she just gets right back up and she drags Johanna up to her feet with her, Song rubs in some trash talk as she drags Johanna over towards the turnbuckles before she kicks Johanna in the gut. However, as Song tries to slash the back of her hand across Johanna's chest Johanna is able to duck and weave past Song. She turns the tables around on Song and delivers a forearm chop of her own that swings a ringing sound around the area, the sound of flesh on flesh.

Adams: Wolfslair are back in control of this match, thankfully as their mixed tag team titles are on the line here tonight.

Simone: I think they know that...


Simone: What is wrong with you?

Adams: Nothing.

Back in the ring Johanna is shoulder barging at Song's midsection while Song attempts to club her away by slamming her fist into her back, however Johanna tackles her, lifts her up and spins her around driving her into the canvas with a spine buster. Johanna quickly hooks the leg.



NO! Song kicks out, much to the relief of Monk who is on the outside begging for a tag. Alex on the other hand is pacing back and forth on the apron, waiting for his moment to get back into the ring. Song and Johanna make it back to their feet and Johanna goes to slap the taste out of her mouth, however Song sends an elbow in her direction before she makes a mad leap for her corner tagging out just as Johanna was about to pull her back into the match. Jacob calls the tag and Johanna aggressively tackles Song to the canvas before the two continue to brawl until they roll out of the ring and their fight continues on the outside.

Adams: CATFIGHT!!!!

Simone: Or should you say WOLF FIGHT!


Simone: I don't know what just came over me.

Meanwhile in the ring Monk seems a little distracted by the actions of his tag team partner and like a shark Alex stalks him before he rushes towards him, toppling the returning Monk with a powerful big boot right to the face. Alex with victory on his mind comes rushing in as Monk makes it up to his feet, kick the features off of Monk's face but Monk ducks it and takes Alex out with a monstrous spear. The impact causes the ring to shake. Monk hooks the leg looking for the victory, however Jacob is still trying to get the girls apart.

Adams: We have new Mixed Tag Team Champions.

Simone: Or not...

Monk notices that Jacob isn't making the count, so he lets go and gets up to tell Jacob to focus. As Jacob makes his way back over towards the match, Alex trips Monk up and without missing a beat he locks Monk into the cross-arm-bar


Simone: Would you stop screaming into my ear?

Monk has nowhere to go and he does his best to hold on for as long as he can, but he eventually taps out and Jacob calls for the bell.


Justin: Your winners of this match... Aleeeeeeeex and Johannnnnnnnaaaaaa... WOLFSLAIR...

Jacob quickly give the mixed tag team championships back to Alex and Johanna who raise each other's arms in victory. Wolfslair celebrate their win as Song slides into the ring to check on Monk.

The cameras cut the backstage area of the Golden Ring Casino as Char Kwan is seen walking through the halls. She waves at a few stage hands as Pussy Willow is all smiles when they lock eyes together. Pussy grabs a microphone off the table next to her and runs over towards the Japanese Sensation.

Pussy: Oh my god, what are you doing here Char?

Char holds up her hand while trying to tell Pussy to stand six feet away.

Char: I was invited by Cheryl Hastings.

Pussy looks confused as Cheryl Hastings appears in the hallway.

Cheryl: You made it.

Char nods her head.

Cheryl: Follow me Char

Char waves at Pussy as she follows Cheryl away.

The camera cuts backstage to where Ben and Evie Jordan stand, Ben trying to hold something towards Evie's mouth.

Ben: Would you just stay still for five minutes?

Evie pushes Ben's hand away from her face, showing a bleeding lip after her altercation with Kate Steele.

Evie: I'm fine!

Ben shook his head at the anger in her voice.

Ben: You're not fine, your mouth is whizzing out blood and you got a match coming up in a bit. Let me sort it out.

Evie: Ben...

Ben pushes a cloth on to Evie's lower lip and shakes his head.

Ben: Babe, you know as well as I do going out there angry and bleeding is not the way to end up coming back here as a Blast From The Past winner. Need to get that anger out your head and as for the cut, Kate's a whacko, you saw those stupid tweets last night, she sees you're cut before you get out there, she's gonna keep on aiming for it, you'll gonna end up with botox lips.

Evie tries to talk but Ben keeps the cloth on her lip.

Ben: You'll have bigger fish lips than Fenris. You don't want bigger fish lips than Fenris.

Evie rolls her eyes at her husband.

Ben: Focus babe, you don't wanna go in to everything clouded. You've worked hard to get here, you've gone through the wars to get here. Now's not the time to lose that focus. You've earned the right to be in the final.

Evie's face softened as she looked at Ben.

Ben: I'm proud of ya and I know next time I see ya, you'll be the first ever two time Blast From The Past winner.

Evie smiles but her face winces as Ben pulls away the cloth at her lip, seeing the bleeding has stopped.

Ben: Now go get ready to kick some arse you gorgeous lady, you.

Evie: Thanks babe.

Evie pulls Ben in for a quick hug before turning away as the camera cuts elsewhere.

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is for the GRIME World Nightmare Championship, and has been declared a Lockbox Challenge! Iiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first,the challenger, she is known as... Crimson!!!

No music plays, but Crimson comes marching out to the stage. She stands at attention and salutes the crowd of SCW, SCU, and GRIME members before rushing down the ramp and sliding in under the bottom ropes. The crowd cheers her as she goes to each of the six corners, standing up on them and saluting the crowd, until the sixth corner, where she gives a one finger salute and then holds onto her chest, laughing. The crowd boos her now and she waves them off before settling into the corner, looking up at the box above her head, and then to the other five around the ring. Her eyes rest on the ring of keys hanging down about eight feet from the mat and she rubs her hands together.

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, she is "The Seraph of Sleaze"... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amast. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops half way and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together. She puts her eyes on the four foot ladder outside of the ring and her leg practically kicks in anticipation as the referee calls for the bell.


Liam: Filth immediately slides outside of the ring and she grabs the ladder, but Crimson comes right out of the gate with a Suicide Dive on top of her! They crash to the floor of the Golden Ring Casino.

Erik: Crimson is first to get to her feet and she drags the ladder back with her. She slides it inside of the ring and she goes to slide in after it, but Filth grabs onto her leg and yanks her to the ground. She picks up her other leg and spins.

Liam: One spin, two spin, and the third goes right into the ring steps with a loud thud. Filth dusts her hands off and slides inside of the ring. She grabs the ladder and sets it up. It's not your typical 8 foot ladder, so after a few steps, she's up there.

Erik: The ladder wiggles a bit as Filth tries to steady herself on top of it. She grabs the keys and pulls them down! Now she just has to find her title hiding inside one of those boxes...

Liam: I wonder what's in the other boxes. So does Filth as she climbs up under one of the boxes. She reaches up the pole, but she can't quite reach. She climbs the pole and sticks the key into the hole. The lock doesn't want to budge.

Erik: After a few times of trying, it comes undone, and the door flies open with... a pig in a brown wig? Who put that there? Was that Shooter Reed? It looks like the shirt on the pig has a giant "DB" emblem. Ohhhhhh-ho-ho-ho...

Liam: Filth sees a bag attached to it's leg and so she chases after the pig, trying to get the bag from it's hind leg. The crowd is laughing as Filth slips and slides in the grease tracks the pig is leaving behind it.

Erik: Filth grabs hold of the pig, and it slips out from under her, but she detaches the bag from it's leg as the pig runs out of the ring and up the ramp, continuing to squeal. Filth holds the bag up victoriously. However, Crimson comes in and clobbers her with the ladder.

Liam: Crimson picks up the bag and opens it up to look inside. She then dumps it over the mat to reveal broken pieces of beer bottles. She lifts Filth off of the mat and then sends her into the ropes. As Filth comes back, Crimson nails a Drop Toe Hold onto the glass.

Erik: The crowd is electric after that one. Crimson waits for the right moment and then she drops Filth down onto the glass with a DDT. With Filth out, Crimson looks to the open box and she climbs up to grab the keys. She looks around to the boxes and decides where to go next.

Liam: She climbs up the turnbuckle and she looks upward. Jumping, she is able to grab onto the sides of the box and she wraps her legs around the pole to steady herself. She inserts the key and carefully listens inside. Smart move.

Erik: Crimson is clearly a ring veteran with great instinct. She waits just a second before she opens it up. A bunch of pellets fall down to the ground. Crimson literally scratches her head as she stares down at them. She picks one up and plays with it for a second before hiding them in her jacket pocket.

Liam: She takes the keys and goes over to another box and she immediately hears something that turns her away. She moves along to the next and climbs up it, but Filth is back on her feet and she Leapfrogs off of Crimson's back. She comes off the ropes and nails a Monkey Flip.

Erik: She picks up the keys and rushes up to the other box Crimson didn't want to open. She scales the pole quickly and unlocks the box, swinging to the side as a cascade of fake blood pours out all over Crimson, making her fully... well... Crimson. Filth looks for the belt, but doesn't see it.

Liam: She moves along to the next box and does the same thing, climbing up it quickly. However, having caught some of the blood, she slips a little bit, making the pole look like the third week of a low rent stripclub when the dancers have all synced. I don't know that from experience though.

Erik: Ohhhh, I do. Filth is able to get the key into the box, and she goes to unlock it, but Crimson waves her arms around, asking her not to. Filth flicks her tongue out and she does so anyway, unleashing what looks like a... bomb?

Liam: Holy fuck, it's gonna blow! Filth kicks it over toward Crimson, but Crimson kicks it right back to Filth as it's at two seconds. Filth dives for cover, but we're all fuuuuuuu... Glitter Bomb! You crazy GRIME assholes! Black glitter rains down over the ring, and even out into the crowd. Filth's eyes are covered!

Erik: She's blind! Crimson nails Filth with a Yakuza Kick. As Filth falls down, holding her stomach now, Crimson comes off the ropes with a sickening Shining Wizard! Crimson looks to the other box. She goes to open it when the other box starts shaking. She looks over to it for a second before going over to it.

Liam: Covered in blood, she is struggling to scale the pole As she finally gets up there, she reaches to the front to unlock it. Rolling out and onto the mat is... "Shorty" Devin Tyler? In a rubber gimp suit, with a bag on his back. He tries to talk, but the ball gag doesn't really allow him to.

Erik: Crimson grabs the bag and opens it up. She dumps it out to show off a double ended... male substitute... handcuffs, whips, chains, and a deflated inflatable doll? That must have been a freak who put this box together.

Liam: I'm just getting news from the backstage area that your house has been broken into, Erik. The only things reported missing were from a hidden cellar behind a bookcase in your basement. The police are here to speak to you about what they saw in there...

Erik: Hey! Crimson has Filth now, and she's trying to handcuff her to the ropes, but Filth sprays her in the eyes with her poison mist! She picks Crimson up and grabs her by the chin from under the mask. She gets in her face and shouts at her. She does so for a few seconds until Crimson reaches into her jacket.

Liam: She pulls out two of those pellets and she pops them under her mask. Within seconds, she sprays Filth right back in the face! She grabs the double wide surprise and slaps Filth across the face with it! She then cuffs her to the ropes.

Erik: Crimson rushes over to the last unopened box and she lifts the ladder up. She gets it just right and takes her time walking up it, with the crimson mess falling off of her. She holds onto the box and then she pushes the key inside. Filth comes as close as she can to her.

Liam: Filth grabs Shorty and shoves him into the ladder, taking it out from under Crimson! But Crimson is holding onto the box. Her fingers are slipping as she turns the lock. The door opens just as Crimson is falling, and Filth screams in agony as the World Nightmare Championship falls into Crimson's lap!


Liam: Here is your winner and NEW GRIME World Nightmare Champion...

Before Liam can finish, Crimson slides out of the ring and pulls the microphone away from Liam, shaking her head.

Crimson: No! This has to be done right.

Turning to slide back into the ring, Crimson shakes her head as she stares around the ring. She looks at Liam and motions him to come into the ring.

Crimson: We have to give the right name to the new GRIME Nightmare champion. A champion is not a color...there has always been a name associated with titles and this title...MY TITLE will have MY NAME on it...

Crimson holds up her title belt on her shoulder as her other hand reaches up for the mask that is covering her face. Leaning forward and teasingly slow, she pulls off the mask before flipping her head back to reveal Vixen Staggs, her lips rimmed with the remnants of the poisoned mist making the smile she has on her face that more dangerous.

Vixen Staggs: Now Liam, you can announce the NEW GRIME World Nightmare champion.

Vixen slams the microphone into the chest of Liam who brings it to his lips as she makes her way to where Filth can be seen kicking and screaming at her. Vixen holds up the title in front of Filth's face then backing away slowly, she makes her way to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle to display the belt as The Jokes on you by Charlotte Lawrence begins to play.

Liam: Here is your winner and NEW GRIME World Nightmare Champion...VIXEN STAGGS!

Just before the Roulette Championship match, the feed cuts backstage to where "Stoner" Scott Oliver is standing by, but not with an actual SCW superstar or bombshell. The backstage reporter stands alone with a blank flat screen over his left shoulder, clearly having missed his cue for being live. After a lingering pause he seems to snap out of it and raises his clearly useless microphone up to his face.

Stoner: Griffin Hawkins is about to defend his Roulette Championship in an attempt to continue his already record breaking reign over the Roulette division.

He pauses awkwardly, having hit a mental pothole. Stoner gives an awkward glance at the screen behind him before the thought comes back to him.

Stoner: I with everyone else giving their takes on what will happen tonight, I thought why not reach out to the guy who held all those records that got broken.

The screen behind him flickers to life. A spinning circle appears in the middle of the otherwise black screen, and Stoner appears to panic a little thinking the interview may be blown before he could even get it started. However, just as he appears defeated the picture pops up on the screen with SCW Grand Slam Champion Kristopher Ryans in the center of the frame.

Stoner: Kris! It's been a while!

The area around Kris looks small, and wasn't particularly well lit, strange considering his usual focus on production value.

Kris: Too long. I was pretty sure that you guys had forgotten about me and moved on already.

Stoner shakes his head, and laughs the idea off.

Stoner: You're just not an easy guy to get in touch with...

Kris fires back almost immediately, but keeps his light and friendly tone while doing so.

Kris: It is almost like I do that on purpose....

Stoner looks taken aback by the comment but Kris does not let it linger.

Kris: It got passed along to me that you might have something interesting to talk to me about, so I said I would give it a shot. At least it is you and not one of the other backstage airheads. Although, you're looking real spacey and I can practically smell the probable cause on you via TV screen, so you're not setting the bar real high right now.

Stoner indulges the jab, even though he knows he should leave it alone. He grabs at his jacket and lifts it up to smell it before shaking his head.

Stoner: That's not possible.

Kris seems to disagree though.

Kris: You'd be surprised. You're looking real potent.

Having dealt with Kris for a long time, Stoner does not allow the insult to get him further off topic. It was just part of dealing with him. He pushes ahead.

Stoner: Well as someone that was dominant in the Roulette Division for so long, I was wondering what you thought about Griffin Hawkins managing to break all the records. I mean it is something like 300 days between his reigns combined. You have to be impressed right?

The former champion does not even try to hide his feelings about Griffin's accomplishment.

Kris: Griffin Hawkins is an amazing competitor. I mean I have gotten to watch him basically since I started. He competed against the people that helped to train me. He is good friends with my wife Heather. I was one of the people that went hard on convincing him to come to SCW the first time.

It was a lot of praise coming from a person that usually reserved his positive notes only for himself.

Kris: Would I have liked to see my records stand a little longer, sure. Did I think they would ever be beaten? Nah. But I am glad that if it had to be done it was by someone like Griffin.

Stoner latches onto something in the middle of Kris' answer, and directs the interview in that direction instead of focusing on the champion.

Stoner: Why did you think they were unbreakable?

It triggers a laugh from Kris in response, which was not what Stoner had anticipated.

Kris: The Roulette Championship is wild. You never know what you are walking into until you are on your way to the ring. Your opponents are typically newer people that are harder to scout, or just the most violent of the people that have been in SCW a long time. The smart ones move on to bigger things.

Stoner knows better than to become complacent letting Kris talk, so pushes him a little further before he can attempt to derail the conversation.

Stoner: Well you moved on and became a Grand Slam Champion, but still came back around for a second reign with the Roulette Championship. Does that mean you aren't one of the smart ones?

Kris shakes his head and holds his hands up in front of his chest in innocence.

Kris: Nope, and I don't claim to be. Look, Joshua Acquin and I destroyed the whole backstage area using each other as wrecking balls. Steve Ramone tried to fight me with his junk all mangled. I fought a vampire in a capture the flag match. Nearly died in two Ultimate X matches. Crimson put me through the windshield of a car, not to mention the time he beat the hell out of me to take the title away from me the first time. You have to be an idiot to stay in this division. You have to be on top of your game to stay on top of it for as long as I did... for as long as Griffin has. You have to respect that.

Stoner sees it as an opportunity to circle around to Kris' earlier self-deprecation.

Stoner: You say people should respect that, but also thought that everyone here forgot about you and moved on already. Was that just a joke, or is that how you really feel?

The smile disappears from Kris' face and he sits back on whatever he is seated on. He looks away from the camera and around the small space that he is in, trying to work his way through how to respond to the question.

Kris: I guess it's my fault for not popping up to remind people enough....

He pauses for a second, but just as Stoner is about to respond to him Kris holds up his hand to stop him.

Kris: Hold on, just give me a second here.

Kris turns off camera, and the sounds of a door opening can be heard. Stoner stares at the screen next to him, not wanting to waste time with dead air while Kris disappeared. The camera filming Stoner widens a little to show an open door opposite the screen the Stoner is nervously waiting in front of. Standing in the doorway, live and in person was Kris Ryans.

Kris: Sometimes you just have to pop up.

Stoner does not look away from the screen, hearing but not seeing Kris

Stoner: Kris! You have to come back to the camera. We can't see you.

The Grand Slam Champion shakes his head without responding to the interviewer, and offers a wink to the camera before heading off the opposite direction. The camera cuts back to Stoner looking confused at the television screen, still waiting for Kris as the feed fades out.

Mikah is seen once again in the hallway, doing nothing of importance but looking at her phone. She looks up when she hears a bunch of noise coming from her left. She sees nothing out of the ordinary so she goes back to looking at her phone.

Out of nowhere, a person wearing an Easter Bunny costume is dashing down the hallway in Mikah's direction.

The Easter Despy: HEEELLLLP!

The Easter Bunny dashes past the Blonde Hall of Famer and it takes Mikah a moment to realize that it was Despy.

Mikah: Desp-

She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Fenris was running past her as well, very clearly chasing Despy. Mikah sighs and locks her phone.

Mikah: Seriously?

She then removes her stiletto heels and grabs them before running after the two.

The cameras switch to backstage to show Jack Russow and Roulette Champion Griffin Hawkins standing beside the infamous roulette wheel. This time Pussy Willows is backstage to help the boys with this evening's proceedings.

Pussy: Okay boys, whose it going to be?

Griffin looks down at his championship title that over his right shoulder before he glances over towards Jack.

Griffin: I'll let the challenger do the bidding.

Jack just rolls his eyes before he steps up and gives the roulette wheel a spin. The wheel skips along the pegs circling round and round.

Adams: I think that's the hardest the wheel has even been spun Belinda. I can't keep up.

Simone: That's probably because you need glasses.

Adams: HEY... I can see just fine.

The wheel comes to a dramatic stop and the camera pans in to see what match it has landed on.

Pussy: A parking lot brawl.

Adams: Oh no this can't be good.

Griffin just smiles, while Jack rubs his hands together in anticipation.

Griffin: Let's take this outside, shall we?

Jack: Good luck out there champ, you're going to need it.

With that said and done the cameras shoot back to ringside.

Justin: The following match is a parking lot brawl... and it is for the Sin City Wrestling Roulette Championship.

The cameras go outside as the next match is about to take place outside in the parking lot. An assortment of beat up cars are parked in a circle as dumpsters and weapons are spread out across the parking lot for Griffin and Jack to use. Drew is on site as he waits for both men to make their entrance.

Justin: Making his way to the parking lot first... weighing in at 205 pounds, from Brooklyn, New York.... Jack Russow

"All I Want" from A Day to Remember blares as the young man walks through and kneels whispering to himself as he kisses the inside of his wrist. Then he grabs his hood and flips it up. He makes his way through the circle of cars and stands beside Drew waiting for this one to kick off.

Justin: And his opponent... making his way to the ring...from Windsor, Ontario Canada...weighing in at 227 Pounds...put your hands together for Griffin Hawkins!!

"Made In Hell" by Rob Halford blasts over the PA system and out walks Griffin Hawkins with his Roulette Championship proudly around his waist. He walks into the center of the circle of cars, before handing over his title to Drew.

Adams: I hope Daniel doesn't have an expensive car out there, because it's about to get banged up.

Simone: Let's just pray these two don't get out of hand with what they are planning to do to each other here tonight.

Drew calls for the bell and this one kicks off.


Adams: Anything goes out there tonight Belinda.

As soon as the bell sounds and Drew give the go ahead, Jack rushes towards Griffin slogging him straight to the side of the face with his fists, however the cameras pan in to see her had knuckle busters on in anticipation of hoping the knock the champion out. Griff is slammed into one of the nearby cars, but he isn't knocked out as he rebounds and comes back crashing in with a thunderous clothesline.

Adams: Jack head just bounced off the pavement, like a bouncy ball.

Simone: Griff is already busted open near the temple and this match has only just started.

Griffin reaches down and pulls Jack back up to his feet, before he drives Jack face first into the closest car. Jack stumbles backwards but Griff drags him over to another car and he bounces his head off the hood of the car. The car alarm is triggered, and it starts to beep away.

Adams: Well that's going to get annoying.

As Jack is hunched over the bonnet of the car, Griffin starts to kick away at the back of his knees buckling Jack done until her falls to the pavement. Griffin looks around looking for something to use against Jack giving the challenger a little breathing time. As Griffin finds a torch laying around the car park, he comes flying back in looking to knock Jack's lights out, but Jack comes back swinging with some closed fist body shots. Rocking the champion as he drops the torch.

Simone: That was close for Jack.

Jack now takes control as he drags Griffin over the red car, slamming his face down on the hood with everything he's got. Griffin slides off the hood and Jack is straight on the attack and he hammers into his back with swift unforgiving kicks. Griffin quickly rolls out of the way trying to save himself from more, but Jack just drags him up to his feet and with an almighty shove he sends Griffin flying onto the hood of a car. Jack follows him up there, dragging Griffin up to his feet.

Simone: Jack is looking for a powerbomb

Adams: Not the windshield.

The two are locked up as they exchange a fury of left and right punches, none of them wanting to be the one to be slammed on the car. Griffin overpowers Jack and he scoops him up before he drives him down with a powerbomb on the top of the car. Jack yells out in pain as Griff takes a moment to collect himself. The camera pans in to the see the dint in the car that Jack's body has left, as Griffin slides off the hood and comes firing back in with left and rights to Jack's face as he tries to cover up.

Simone: We knew this wasn't going to be a friendly fight.

Adams: It can't be. Not when the Roulette Championship is on the line.

Griffin walks around going back to big torch that he had in his hands before, trying to wipe the blood from his eyes as he does so before he comes rushing back towards Jack. Jack slides off the car and he hurdles his foot in Griffin's direction dropping the champion with a big boot. Griffin drops the torch again. Jack this time lifts Griffin up to his feet but Griffin give him and almighty shove, slamming him spine first into a car. Griffin rushes towards Jack looking to knock his block off, but Jack counters and lifts Griffin up introducing his face into the bonnet of the car.

Adams: Griffin is lucky to have teeth left in his head after that.

Simone: Smart move by Jack that gives him time to regroup.

Both men sway as they rush towards one another not giving each other a second longer to regroup. Griffin brings Jack to a knee with a kick to the midsection but Jack spears him into the closest car. Jack then quickly lifts Griffin up before back slapping him onto the hood of a car. As Griffin winces in pain he wiggles up the car and rests his back on the glass windshield. Jack see an opportunity and he takes it.

Simone: He can't be serious.

Adams: Get out of the way Griff.

Jack rushes towards Griffin he leaps up and he drives his shoulder into his midsection, but he sends himself and Griffin through the glass windshield. Shards of glass now cut both open. Griffin slides off the car, and Jack is in high pursuit as he opens the car door before, he slams it back on to Griffin over and repeatedly.

Simone: This turning ugly.

Adams: Griffin is being pancaked.

Jack lines up with his boot looking to add a little extra force behind his attack but Griffin manages to roll out of the way just in time.

Simone: This hard to watch.


Griffin rolls up to his feet and he swiftly kicks Jack in the guts before he grabs onto the back of Jack's head driving into the window of the car. The window pops glass shatters and Jack's face is busted wide open. Both men are down, and Drew is madly checking on them both. Griffin makes his way over towards Jack looking to cover him for the win, but Jack kicks him away. They both stagger to their feet and Griffin looks to introduce Jack's face into the rear window, but Jack slams his foot into the side of the car stopping it. He switches it up and in turn drives Griffin's head into the window. It bounces off at first so Jack hits him again this time the window bust and now Griffin is covered in shards of glass. Jack crawls over and makes the cover.



NO! Griffin gets the shoulder up off the cement saving his Roulette Championship reign. Jack is beside himself, but he quickly gets back to his feet. He drags Griffin up to his and drags him along with him. He scoops him up and slams him spine first on to of a green car, as Griffin is laid out. Jack gets up onto the hood of the car, he scoops Griffin up and he plants him face down onto the roof of the car with a spike DDT. Griffin's head bounces off the roof of the car before he slides down the unbroken windshield. Jack scoops him up looking for a powerslam but, Griffin wiggles free before he scoops Jack up and dumps him down on to the car. The glass pops and Jack winces in pain as his back is wedged in the glass windscreen. He scrapes himself free opening his back up.

Adams: That's going to hurt in the shower later.

Simone: What a mess.

Griffin slides off the car, and he drags Jack down to the ground. Covering him looking for the win.



NO! Jack manages to kick out and Griffin is beside himself.

Adams: What on earth?

Simone: Jack must have done that by pure instinct alone.

Griffin gets back up and he drags Jack up with him, he goes to launch his face off a hood of a car, but Jack gets a foot up and blocks it. Jack switches things up as he slams Griffin's head off the hood of the car. As Griffin slides down the floor, Jack opens the busted bonnet and before Griffin can get his hand out of the way Jack brings it down onto his hand. Griffin growls out in pain, Jack doesn't give him a moment to recover her just tosses him onto the car, scoops him up and plummets him down with a nasty looking impact slam. Jack hooks the leg.






The championship belt is handed to Jack who celebrate his win by just starting at the roulette championship as his theme plays in the background.

Simone: We have a new champion. Jack Russow has ended the three hundred day plus reign of Griffin Hawkins

Adams: But at what cost? Both men are severally busted and bruised.

Following the Roulette Championship match, Griffin walks through the backstage curtain and into the staging area following a brutal matchup. As he turns a corner heading towards the back, he comes across Kris Ryans sitting on top of some equipment with a condescending smile on his face. Kris extends his arm out to Griffin holding his thumb and index fingers close together.

Kris: Missed it by that much, eh?

Griffin does not respond to Kris' taunting, and doesn't even bother to break stride to address him. It doesn't stop Kris from running his mouth though.

Kris: I guess you can't win all of them, right?

Griffin continues walking, turning another corner and disappearing from Kris' field of view. The camera pans back over to Kris who is clearly entertaining himself, if not anyone else.

Kris: People around here used to be a lot more hospitable.

He hops down off of the equipment and brushes himself off.

Kris: Whelp, places to go, and people to do. This was fun.

He points back and forth between himself and the camera as if the people watching at home were standing right there in the hallway with him.

Kris: We should do this more often. I like it better when you're all actually in the building though.

He turns his back to the camera and heads off in the same direction as Griffin had gone. He gives a wave to the camera from over his shoulder as he walks away.

Kris: Stay safe out there!

The camera moves backstage to a private area in the casino, a place for only casino employees. Charlotte Elliot stands with boxing mitts on and Mackenzie Page barks out instructions to someone.

Mackenzie: See her face on the mitts and hit.

A combo of three punches hit the mitts as the camera moves around to show Dani Weston throwing the punches.

Charlotte: Remember what she did to Odette.

Dani throws three more punches, a look of determination on her face.

Mackenzie: Send that fat fuck packing back to where ever backwards town she came from with a broken face.

Dani throws a big hook at the mitt.

Mackenzie: She is not gonna beat you. She will never beat you. You're gonna get out there and fuck her up. Remember she robbed months of your career. You should have been thought about for that main event.

Dani throws another two jabs before hitting a big punch.

Mackenzie: That's in. Remember it all and beat that bitch till she can't stand. I know you can do it, you know you can do it. Send her out of this place on her arse and crying out of the company. Put her on the shelf like she did with you.

Dani nods her head as Charlotte lowers the mitts, dropping them to the floor.

Charlotte: You got this Dans.

Both Charlotte and Mackenzie put their hands on Dani's shoulder.

Adams: I've never seen Dani look so determined.

Simone: And she is up next!

Simone: The rivalry between Bobbie Dahl and Dani Weston has been raging over the past two months and coming up next, we'll either see a decisive ending or yet another chapter to the rivalry as both Bombshells fight in a Last Bombshell Standing Match!

Adams: The only rule is they have to beat the crap out of each other until one can't answer the ten count! This is going to be brutal!

Simone: Better put the kids to bed for this one folks, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is a Last Bombshell Standing match where the only way to win is for one Bombshell to fail to get up by the count of ten, scheduled for one fall!

What makes your beautiful, by One Direction slams over the personal address system and without any delay, the black curtains part and out runs Dani Weston. She makes her way to the center of the stage to wave towards the fans, before she starts to walk down the runway. Stopping to high five the fans along the way.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Daytona Beach, Florida... Daniiiiiiii.........

Justin never even gets a chance to finish his introduction as Dani is whacked over the head with a chair by a fan in the crowd, the camera pans up and sure enough it's Bobbie Dahl and Jasmine immediately calls for the bell.


Simone: I think that's a new record for time before an entrance was interrupted.

Adams: I was about to go get a drink as well!

Jasmine leaves the ring to check on Dani as Bobbie measures her up for another chair shot practically begging Dani to get back up to her feet as she does, Dani eventually gets back to her feet beating Jasmine's ten count at the count of seven and Bobbie swings again, fortunately for Dani she sees it coming and ducks under the chair shot before leaping on the barricade and hitting Bobbie with a Moonsault Press!

Simone: Bobbie tried to get the early advantage, but Dani used her speed to turn things around.

Adams: Let's be honest, this match is about as David vs. Goliath as it gets.

Dani picks up the chair that Bobbie nearly took her head off with and this time it's Dani that's waiting for Bobbie to get back to her feet, once Bobbie is back on her feet Dani throws the chair at Bobbie's face only for Bobbie to catch it and get it Superkicked into her face busting Bobbie wide open in the process! Bobbie seems to be out like a light and Dani rolls into the ring to let Jasmine apply her ten count to Bobbie.








And Bobbie is back on her feet, seeing this Dani charges at the ropes and dives through them for a Suicide Dive but Dani gets a taste of her own medicine as she dives face first into the chair courtesy of Bobbie.

Simone: Dani tried to take flight but thanks to Bobbie all she got was a crash landing courtesy of Bobbie!

Adams: And now both women are bleeding from the forehead! This has gotten ugly in a hurry!

Jasmine starts her ten count but Bobbie seems to doubt that her chair shot was enough to knock out Dani as she goes to another side of the ring to search under it, she grabs a table from under it and starts setting it up in such a way that it is balanced between the barricade and the ring apron, after making sure that it is secure Bobbie turns around,.......just in time for Dani to dive in between the turnbuckles and hit her with a Tornado DDT!

Simone: Bobbie seemed to doubt as to whether that shot would be enough to keep Dani down and she was right to do so.

Adams: No kidding! Dani was up by the count of five even after being busted open by Bobbie!!

Dani doesn't bother going for a cover due to the rules of the match and she spots the table that Bobbie has set up but decides to ignore it knowing that there's no way she'll be able to pick up Bobbie to put her trough the table, instead she heads up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Bobbie to get back to her feet, once Bobbie beats the Jasmine's ten count at seven Dani leaps off the top turnbuckle and goes for a Hurricanrana, unfortunately for Dani Bobbie catches her and Powerbombs her straight through the table!

Simone: OH MY GOD! Bobbie just broke Dani in half!

Adams: I don't know what's in worse shape, the table or Dani!

Bobbie seems to think that she has the match well in hand as she places her foot upon Dani's chest as Jasmine starts the count.










And Dani shoves Bobbie's foot away as she fights her way back to her feet! Bobbie off course isn't having this as she tries to slow Dani down with clubbing blows to the back but all that does is make Dani that much for determined as she sucker punches Bobbie in the jaw as she finally gets back to her feet! Bobbie tries to retaliate with a running lariat but Dani ducks under it and leaps on her back for a Sleeper Hold attempt.

Simone: I know Jasmine never got a chance to explain the rules to Dani and Bobbie, but Dani does know that submissions won't give her the win in this match, right?

Adams: Maybe but this will slow Bobbie down considerably.

Jasmine tries to explain the fact that submissions don't count in this type of match but Dani isn't listening as she keeps the hold locked in tight on Bobbie, her tactic seems to work as well as Bobbie drops down to one knee as she starts to fade from the submission hold and Jasmine doesn't seem to know what to do due to the same rules that she just tried to explain to Dani, however Jasmine gets her answer as Bobbie gets back to her feet and runs backwards into the turnbuckle trying to break Dani's hold.

Simone: Dani's idea seemed good on paper, but Bobbie doesn't seem to have slowed down at all!

Adams: You say that, but Dani is refusing to let go off that sleeper hold!

Indeed Dani is refusing to let go of the hold no matter how many times she gets slammed back first against the turnbuckle, Bobbie seems to realize that this isn't working as well as Bobbie instead charges backwards towards a gap in the barricade where there are no fans and she slams Dani into it with enough force to break the barricade and send both women through it! This has done the trick as Dani has let go off the hold but, in the process, it has knocked out both Bobbie and Dani.

Simone: Destroying each other wasn't enough for them, now Bobbie and Dani are destroying the arena.

Adams: It's a good thing that this arena is owned by SCW's own Daniel J Morgan then!

Jasmine wastes no time in checking on both Dani and Bobbie before she starts counting out both women.






Bobbie gets back to her feet first but does so slowly having to use the barricade to steady herself.





And Dani gets back to her feet as well!

Simone: How are these women still in this match?!

Adams: I don't know! I thought for sure that Dani was out cold as she went through the barricade before Bobbie!

Bobbie says nothing but the look on her face says it all as it clearly reads "what the hell do I have to do to win this match?!" before she gets another idea, Bobbie grabs Dani by the hair and starts dragging her to where the chair was left earlier in the match where she levels her with a clothesline before picking up the chair, Bobbie then wraps the chair around Dani's head and picks her up before pointing to the turnbuckle.

Simone: Oh no, no, no, this could kill Dani!

Adams: And the sad thing is, this might be what it takes to keep Dani down!

Bobbie goes to ram Dani headfirst into the turnbuckle, but Dani gets her feet up before kicking off and sending Bobbie into the barricade! Dani removes the chair from her head and starts heading up the ramp to regroup as Bobbie recovers, Bobbie quickly gives chase and Dani meets her with a dropkick to the face that stuns her long enough for Dani to drag her to the top of the ramp but whatever move she had in mind gets cut off with a high knee to the midsection from Bobbie who then goes to Powerbomb her off the stage!

Simone: Oh my god, I can't watch!

Adams: If this doesn't keep Dani down then I dread to think of what Bobbie will have to do to keep her down!

Bobbie goes for the Powerbomb but Dani fires off some punches at her face before hitting her with a hurricanrana that sends both Bombshells off the stage! Jasmine immediately starts the count as the camera pans down to the wreckage below.




Simone: Neither Bobbie nor Dani are moving!




Adams: Is this going to be a draw?





Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, neither Bobbie Dahl nor Dani Weston have answered the ten count, therefore, this match is a draw!

Simone: I can't believe it! Even after all that, we still don't have a decisive winner!

Adams: I'd hate to imagine what would happen in their inevitable rematch!

EMTS rush down to tend to both Bobbie and Dani whilst Jasmine watches on.

Backstage, "Hot Stuff" Mark ward sets foot outside of his and Christian's makeshift business office with a Starbucks coffee in hand. he takes a sip when an Easter Bunny races down the hall past him ....


Then Mark watches as Fenris chases after him!


And Mikah is right after Fenris!

Mikah: You leave him alone you miserable...!

And once all three vanish around the corner, only then does Mark look down at the coffee in his hand.

Hot Stuff: What the hell did that wally Christian PUT in this!?

And he chucks it into the waste and turns and walks back into the office!

The camera goes backstage to where J2H is seen standing minutes before his match but Scott Oliver approaches.

Stoner: Like J2H dude! It's been forever!

J2H: Well Stoner, it's like the real you is here, not the you that seems normal in Bill Barnhart segs

Stoner: Ya! It's like he either catches me before the smokey smokey time, or he just doesn't read my bio on the site or something.

J2H: What do you want anyway?

Stoner: We'll I think my job is to ask questions, I seem to do that normally with some people, but like uh, you get me, so I dunno.

J2H: Did you hear about the new social distancing rules?

Stoner: Ummmm no.

J2H: It's not six feet away anymore, it sixty feet, so you need to be going.

Stoner: But wrestlers are not sixty feet away from each other in the ring.

J2H: That's cause there's a magical force field around the ring stopping the bad stuff getting in. Go on, you better get sixty feet away from people before you get in trouble.

Stoner: Will do! Thanks for letting me know about the new rules!

Stoner wanders off and J2H looks in to the camera with a smirk.

J2H: Idiot.

J2H looks down the camera.

J2H: Time's up JT.

J2H smirks and walks off camera to wait for the entrances to start.

Justin: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

The lights in the arena dim, with a single spotlight shining on the entrance ramp. The opening chords of Yelawolf's hit single, "Daylight," play and the crowd begins to buzz. On the ramp you see a man step into the spotlight. His head is down and covered with a hood, as he psyches himself up for his appearance in the ring. The tempo of the song picks up as the main verse kicks in, and the lights come back on as JT Midas looks up at the SCU stars serving as the audience around him. He smirks, slowly walking down the ramp with his focus on the ring in front of him.

Justin: Originally hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, yet now

JT reaches the foot of the ramp and bounces up and down as he pumps himself up. He quickly climbs up the steps and to the top rope as the song's chorus begins to play. Once atop the turnbuckle, he removes the hood from his head and throws his arms out at his side, taunting the SCU stars as they react loudly. He hops down from the top rope, bouncing up and down in the corner before making his way to the center of the ring.

Simone: Five years! That is how long it's been since JT Midas has set foot inside of an SCW ring to compete!

Adams: And he actually wants to compete against J2H?

Simone: Well along with Caleb Houston, JT Midas is a former World Tag Team Champion. Many people forget that.

Adams: That described their reign perfectly.

Justin: And his opponent...!

The lights in the arena drop out to pitch black, before gold and blue lights flash around the top of the entrance ramp as a heavy guitar rift. P.O.D's "Lights Out" plays and as the lyrics "It goes one for the money homie, two for the show. We tore the roof off this mother now it's time to blow." is sung, J2H confidently walks out on to the stage.

Justin: From Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, he is J2H!

J2H looks around the crowd of wrestlers and SCU staff before he walks towards the ring with, a confident look on his face. The lights brighten slightly as he gets closer to the ring, stepping up the steps and through the middle of the ropes and in to the ring. He moves towards the center of the ring, putting his arms to either side as gold pyros spit up from the turnbuckles. J2H look to the sky before looking down and round, cockiness dripping from the young man. He turns to his opponent, looking him up and down before the match starts.

Adams: There he is! The number one man in SCW history!

Simone: Like that kid needs more reasons to be arrogant.

Adams: He's come a long way since he first debuted...

Simone: Where he lost a match to a teddy bear.

J2H points at JT Midas with a smile, and Midas steps up and the two young men get right in each others' faces before the bell can even sound! Jacob Summers tries to insert himself between the two hostile Superstars but they are trading some very vicious insults and neither backs down! Suddenly Midas shoves J2H back a number of steps -- but J2H answers back by BITCH SLAPPING the taste right out of Midas's mouth!

Adams: HOLY...!

But Midas answers back and socks J2H with a fist right to the mush and the fight is on! Jacob has no other alternative BUT to call for the bell!


JT Midas and J2H tear away at each other, trading lefts and rights! Both men have their arms wrapped around the other and collapse to the mat, rolling around on the ground and swinging clubbing blows into the others' body!

Simone: And this is what happens when a former friendship goes sour!

Adams: We get a kick ass match?

Simone: Exactly-- NO!

The two men roll into the ropes and they end up tumbling through between the bottom and middle ropes and collapse to the ringside floor! The SCU staff and stars are all over this heated exchange as J2H uses the apron to return to his feet, and JT Midas uses the barricade surrounding the ring! JT Midas takes the advantage of the exchange and buries a knee into J2H's stomach as the record setting former champion makes a move for him, doubling him over and then knocks him back a few steps with a European uppercut! JT Midas sets him up for an Irish whip into the ring steps but J2H reverses it and he instead sends Midas crashing into the steps! J2H, despite his youth, is savvy enough to quickly grab Midas and return him to the ring, before following in after him. Midas crawls to the ropes and finds J2H's knee buried in the back of his head and neck, forcing his throat over the middle rope, choking him as Jacob warns him to break it up but J2H just grins and ignores the official as he continues to choke JT Midas out against the ropes!

Simone: J2H had better be careful! All the money and influence he wields outside of the ring won't help him if he gets himself disqualified here against his former friend.

Jacob counts against him, and typical J2H counts right along with him...!





J2H finally relents and smiles at Jacob, patting the referee on the cheek as if he were an innocent angel. J2Hls JT Midas to his feet and goes for an Irish whip but JT Midas reverses it. J2H comes off of the ropes and JT Midas swings for a hard clothesline but J2H ducks under and catches him with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT!

Adams: Ohhh! JT Midas's head bounced right off of the canvas!

J2H rolls him over and makes a rather lazy cover.



JT Midas kicks out!

Adams: That wasn't like J2H to not hook the leg.

Simone: I'm not certain J2H even wanted to win the match yet.

J2H sends JT Midas into the corner and comes right in with a running high knee to the face! J2H then attempts an Irish whip into the neutral corner but JT Midas reverses it! Midas comes charging in but eats boot and as he stumbles around full circle, J2H grabs him and bends him backward over the top rope with a Tarantula submission!

Adams: He's got JT Midas all tied up!

Simone: But it puts J2H himself in a precarious position with the referee!

Jacob counts...!





J2H releases him and stands upright on the apron. He pauses in wait as Midas starts to return to his feet. J2H then uses the top rope to springboard back inside -- and JT Midas greets him mid-air with a super kick to the chops!

Adams: What a shot! Did you see that!?

Simone: Even the SCU stars gasped at that!

J2H goes down like he was shot, crumbling to the mat and Midas pounces on him with a cover, hooking both legs tightly!



J2H escapes the pin!

Adams: That was too close!

Simone: Cockiness aside, JT Midas knows how good J2H is and he wasted no time in going for the pin!

JT Midas stands up and he starts laying in the boots to J2H's prone form, then drops to his knees and grabs him by the hair and lands right after right, driving his fist into his skull until Jacob's count forces him to break it off! Midas then drags J2H up into the ropes, drapes his arms over the top rope and he begins to lay in the shoot strikes to his exposed ribs!

Simone: Forget the pretty boy looks JT Midas may have. The man has an excellent MMA style background!

JT Midas drives his right knee hard into his sternum, then rears back and strikes a discus clothesline that knocks J2H up and over the top, sending him tumbling to the floor backwards!

Adams: I hope Melody isn't watching the way JT Midas is treating her hubby!

Jacob tries to stop it but JT Midas shoulder checks the official and heads out, and beats J2H off the barricade. He whips J2H into the ring apron, and drives shoulders into the midsection. JT Midas then grabs him in a double under hook and throws him over onto the hard floor with a suplex! The thud is sickening as J2H arches his back in pain, his face obvious to what he's feeling!

Simone: On the floor! A suplex on the floor!

Adams: And J2H, good as he is, isn't the most beefed up man in the world!

JT Midas rolls him back into the ring and quickly follows him in. JT Midas sends J2H into the far corner and follows in with a Stinger splash, crushing the air right out of his opponent! JT Midas snapmares J2H over, then comes racing off the ropes with a sliding knee strike! Midas with another cover!



J2H gets a shoulder up!

JT Midas pulls J2H up to a vertical base and sends him into the corner and runs in for another splash but J2H moves and JT Midas meets steel with his forehead!

Simone: Jesus! His head just cracked the steel post!

Adams: Bel! Can we please not bring Jesus up? It's Easter!

J2H quickly takes advantage by grabbing Midas by the head, running up the turnbuckles and hitting Sliced Bread #2! J2H hooks both legs!



TH-Kick out by Midas!

Simone: I thought it was over! I thought Midas knocked himself out!

J2H drags him to his feet and brings him right back down with a standing swinging neck breaker. J2H then signals and goes up top!

Adams: J2H thinks it's over! Maybe he's going for the 21st Century Splash!

Simone: No... JT Midas is back on his feet!

Midas turns around and J2H jumps for a missile dropkick -- but Midas jumps out of the way and J2H crash lands on the small of his back!

Simone: And we know that back has already suffered damage!

J2H practically falls ONTO his feet, stumbling around in pain -- and JT Midas comes up behind him and hits a Back Stabber! He rolls backwards in one fluid movement and has J2H trapped in a Dragon Sleeper!

Adams: He has him! It's over!

Jacob checks and asks J2H if he wants to submit but J2H shakes his head "no!" Midas sinks the hold in and it looks like J2H is starting to fade! Jacob takes his arm and raises it into the air to drop -- but J2H hangs on! J2H starts to fight back and slowly forces himself to first his knees, and then his feet while still trapped in the hold! He turns around and turns it to his advantage with a Northern Lights suplex and bridge!



Midas gets his shoulder up!

But before J2H can try to follow up, Midas has hold of him and connects with a ripcord high knee! J2H goes down and this time it is JT Midas who scales to the top of the nearest corner! Midas stands up with a smooth smile on his face and he leaps for the 450 Splash...!

Simone: It's Lit!

But J2H brings his knees up into Midas's stomach and ribs -- and immediately rolls JT Midas up into an inside cradle!



THR-Kick out by Midas!

J2H sends him into the corner and comes in for a monkey flip, but Midas somehow counters and holds onto his legs, turning it into a bridging pin!



TH-J2H kicks out!

Midas takes hold of J2H, bringing him to his feet. JT Midas attempts an Irish whip into the ropes but J2H holds on and ducks into the maneuver and lands...

Adams: Kiss This!

Indeed J2H lands the Eat Defeat and Midas is down with J2H hooking the inside leg!





Justin: Here is your winner -- J2H!

The SCUers cheer and jeer as the Number One Man In SCW History stands and Jacob raises his arm in the air! J2H pulls his hand free and stumbles to the ropes, looking into the camera and begins jawing at it while pointing back at Midas who is slowly coming to...

Simone: J2H emerges with the win in a hard fought match, but JT Midas gave him one hell of a fight!

Adams: Yeah, try getting J2H to actually admit that though!

The lights in the arena die down as the opening riffs of Gothic Celtic Music Shadow Wisps starts to play. The lights stay out for several seconds before dark green and white strobe lights start shining all around, and fog fills the entrance and along the ramp. Moments later , O'Malley steps through the curtain wearing a long black leather trenchoat. He is joined by lady companion, Darcy Donohue. They stand at the entrance for several moments before O'Malley takes the first step on their way to the ring, and Darcy follows closely behind.

O'Malley reaches the ring first and then holds Darcy's hand as she walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He follows behind her, stopping in the center of the ring before she goes and gets a mic, then joins him at his side, looking around the mostly empty room with a grin.

Darcy: My, my, my. How things have changed. I must admit, it's a nice change of scenery not to hear the disrespectful moaning and groaning from the fans. The silence is rather golden right now.

Darcy smiles again as she looks to O'Malley. He looks around at the empty chairs and just blinks slowly.

Darcy: But you see. That is not why we have come out here tonight. We've come out here to make...a bit of an announcement if you will. You see, it's no secret that O'Malley is being under utilized here within SCU. And, to be honest, that doesn't sit well with either of us. O'Malley has a contract, and SCU is not honoring that contract as they sit back and refuse to book him. Yet they continue to book less talented, less deserving pieces of trash! We won't stand for it!

Laughs come from the select few wrestlers and staff members seated in the chairs. Darcy glares at them and nods.

Darcy: Yes, laugh all you like. You won't be laughing when O'Malley takes it upon himself to destroy each and every one of you. Our work in SCU is not finished. Not by a long shot. And while he will continue to fight tooth and nail to get what he deserves here in SCU, he's also going to fight for what he SCW.

Darcy smiles even wider this time as she nods and places her hand on O'Malley's shoulder.

Darcy: That's right. Earlier today, O'Malley signed a competitive contract for SCW, but he'll be fighting in both promotions. Doing what Mark Cross has been trying to do, only he'll be more successful. O'Malley will take BOTH promotions by storm and prove to be the GO Gym's brightest star.

Darcy runs her hand along O'Malley's chin as they look into each other's eyes.

Darcy: And to the SCU bosses...

She turns and looks into the camera with fiery eyes.

Darcy: Do your goddamned job and book him! Because you won't like what will happen if you don't.

Darcy then throws the mic down and O'Malley heads over to the ropes. He sits on the second rope, allowing her to step through, before following her backstage again.

The cameras move backstage just moments before the Blast from the Past finals. Mark Cross is already standing backstage, wearing his Fire Dragon 2.0 t-shirt proudly. He is skipping from foot to foot getting warmed up for his upcoming match.

Adams: Here we go Belinda we are just moments away from the Blast from the Past finals.

Simone: It's good to see someone is prepared for it.

As Mark focuses on warming up, he misses the sound of someone approaching to stand beside him. It doesn't take long for his tag team partner, Evie to be standing beside him. Mark takes a step back as his eyes pan her to see that she is in fact wearing her Fire Dragons 2.0 t-shirt.

Evie: Don't make a big deal over it.

The look on Evie's face says it all, she is hating every single second of this, but Mark's smile is from ear to ear.

The Dragon: It looks better on you than it does on me...well that's disappointing!

He chuckles warmly, as Evie rolls her eyes.

The Dragon: Now we definitely have to win, or that'll just be embarrassing...

They are quickly cut off as the cameras move back to ringside.

Justin: Ladies and gentleman, it is now time for the Blast From The Past Finals, and the Bombshell Internet Championship WILL be on the line!

"Way Down We Go" by KALEO begins playing on the speakers. Camera shifts to the side of the stage to see Javier Gonzalez stepping through the curtains. He has his arms raised in the air as he walks back and forth.

Justin: Coming to the ring from Albuquerque, NM, standing at 5'10" and weighing in at 190lb, he is... Javier... Gonzalez!!!

Javier charges down the rampway and slides inside of the ring. He walks to each corner, stepping up to the second rope as he stares across the crowd with no emotion. After completing all six sides, he stops and settles into his corner.

Diamond and the Gem Stones begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does we are able to see the likes of the Gem Stones playing on a tron. Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire are all playing various instruments as we are able to see Diamond Steele emerging from the curtain with a microphone in her hand. She sings as loudly as she can, which echoes throughout the whole room now with the absence of the fans.

Justin: Aaaaaand his partner! Weighing in at one hundred ten pounds! From London, England! She is the Bombshell Internet Champion!! KATE STEELE!!!

Simone: Someone needs to tell her not to quit her day job.

Adams: She's a professional singer along with wrestling!

Simone: She sounds like a dying owl!

Kate smirks as she just sings louder. Diamond finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she looks around the mostly empty room, save for fellow wrestlers and SCW/SCU/GRIME Staff members. She throws the microphone to the side and waits for the match to begin.

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Baang standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Victor Harbour, South Australia... Evieeee Jorrrrrrdan!!

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She slowly walks up the steal steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring pulling on the ropes getting ready for her match while her song slowly dies down to nothing.

Simone: Evie looks primed and prepared to become a two-time Blast From The Past Winner tonight.

Adams: And a champion at the same time!

Justin: Next, from Canterbury, England, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 225lb, he is... Mark "The Dragon" Crrrrrrrrrosssssss!!!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Never Again" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. He strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

Simone: Both teams discussing who will start things off.

Adams: Looks like both ladies are stepping through the ropes to the ring apron!

Drew Patton stands between Javi and Mark and once all seems clear, he calls for the bell!


Simone: Here we go!

Javi and Mark approach one another and Javi has a sick smile on his face. Mark has a slight size difference over his opponent but they basically stand toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose! Javi starts raising his hand insisting Mark grab hold to see who can overpower the other. Mark starts shaking his head, clearly not trusting Javi and he turns around for a moment to look back at Evie. She's shaking her head and her expression suddenly drops. This alerts Mark to the fact that Javi is about to clobber him, so he ducks and darts out of the way! Evie smirks as Javi stops just inches from her and he doesn't even have a chance to turn around as Mark takes him down with a neckbreaker!

Adams: Point one to Evie and Mark!

Simone: This isn't a game based on points..

Mark gets back to his feet quickly and drags Javi away from the corner. He pulls Javi back to his feet and backs him against the ropes. He whips him across the ring and Javi thinks quick as Mark leans forward going for a back body drop! Javi drops to his knees right in front of Mark and delivers a hard shot to the chops sending Mark stumbling back against the ropes behind him! Javi charges at him and attempts to clothesline him over the top rope, but Mark ducks! Javi spins around and grabs Mark, going to put him in a side headlock but Mark fights back! He begins nailing Javi's ribs, but Javi nails him in the back of the head with a hard elbow! Mark fights through it and shoves Javi forward! Javi stumbles back and Mark takes a few steps back! When Javi comes at him again, he attempts a standing dropkick, trying to send Javi right through the ropes!

Simone: Javi very nearly fell through the ropes there. Off to a slow but good start here.

Adams: Very nearly isn't good enough, Belinda!

Javi keeps his footing and Mark is right on him again! He rushes at his opponent, but Javi ducks and lifts him up and over the top rope! Mark lands on the ring apron and when Javi spins around, Mark grabs his head and drops down! Javi's throat bounces off the top rope and he collapses down to the canvas! Mark is about to pull Javi to the outside, but Kate drops down from the ring and steps in front of him, stopping him! She's screaming at him and he's just looking around, unsure of what to do! Little does Kate know that Evie has left her own corner and is heading right over to her opponent!

Simone: What is she doing?!

Adams: Pissing off Evie, I'd gather! And she's none the wiser!

Simone: Well, I'm gonna enjoy watching what is about to come next...

Kate has moved and now has her back turned to Evie as Evie walks right up behind her! Mark just laughs and decides to slide back into the ring and thinking she's won the battle, Kate prepares to get back into her corner! But when she spins around, Evie cold clocks her right in the jaw! Kate goes down and when she holds her jaw and looks up at a smirking Evie, she goes crazy! She jumps back to her feet and charges at Evie, tackling her to the ground and the two begin battling it out on the outside! But Drew is helpless to stop it as Mark and Javi have started battling it out inside the ring!

Simone: All hell has broken loose!

Adams: Poor Drew! He doesn't know what to do!

Javi, having recovered from his throat bouncing off the top rope, is unleashing hell on Mark! He hit him with an uppercut as soon as Mark attempted to get him back to his feet then brought his knee up to Mark's midsection! Once Mark is slightly worn down, he scoops Mark up and slams him back down to the canvas! He heads over to the corner turnbuckle, looking right down at Mark! As the situation with Evie and Kate escalates on the outside, Drew heads over to try and get a handle on the situation, but good luck with that! Javi yells at Drew, and realizing this is getting nowhere, Javi drops down and steps to the outside of the ring!

Adams: Looks like Javi has to take matters into his own hands!

Simone: Somebody has to get those two separated.

Kate is on top of Evie, having gotten the upperhand over the Aussie Bombshell! They're still slugging it out, but Javi takes it upon himself to grab Kate and pull her off of Evie! She's kicking and screaming but Javi tried to pull her back over towards their corner! Evie has gotten back to her feet. As Javi is pulling Kate kicking and screaming, Kate's foot flies up and hits Evie right in the face! Evie stumbles back and when she looks back to Kate, her lip is busted open! Mark has made it back to his feet at this point and before he can try and get Evie's attention, Evie hits Kate with a superkick square to the face, just barely missing Javi!

Simone: Blood for blood!

Adams: Too bad for Kate this isn't a first blood match! She and Javi would have won!

Evie smirks and dusts herself off as she heads back to her own corner! Javi gives up and drops Kate down and when the camera focuses on Kate, her nose is busted open! Javi slides back into the ring as Kate and Evie both get back up to the ring apron, glaring across the ring at one another! The match practically has to start over, and as Mark takes one look at his tag team partner, he walks over and tags her in!

Simone: Look at Mark Cross being the good partner there.

Adams: And smart. I think he knows Evie can finish off Kate rather quickly!

Simone: Assuming he doesn't have the ability to beat Javi??

Mark has to dart out of the way as Evie and Kate rush into the ring! Kate charges at Evie ready to tackle her down to the canvas! They collide with a fury of fists and elbows, and Drew can barely keep up with the wild situation! Evie manages to get a foot between Kate's and then moves it behind Kate's right foot! She uses this maneuver to trip Kate, but she shoves the Bombshell Internet Champ down hard to the canvas! Kate's head bounces off the canvas and Evie crouches down over her, taking her by the hair and holding her head! She delivers shot after shot, trying to wear Kate down further before she sits Kate up and kneels behind her! She puts her knee against the middle of Kate's back and then pulls Kate's arms back with a sick smile!

Simone: Jesus! Looks like she's trying to dislocate both Kate's shoulders!

Kate shakes her head furiously as Evie tries to get her to submit! Kate refuses to give up and tries to think of a way out of the hold as Evie has the pressure locked in tight!

Adams: Evie locking it in tighter!

In a surprising move, while Evie has the pressure locked in, Kate props her feet against the canvas and brings her knees up! As painful as it is she uses the hold to her advantage and pushes herself back to her feet with Evie still holding on! Kate's arms are contorted in a way that doesn't even look possible and Evie finally releases the hold! Kate bridges herself backwards then brings her knee swinging back, hitting Evie in the side of the head as the Aussie Bombshell is trying to get back to her feet!

Simone: Christ! When did Kate become a contortionist?!

Adams: That does not look comfortable at all!

Kate swings herself back to her feet and comes up behind Evie, grabbing her by her hair! She pulls Evie's head back and is forcing her right over to the corner turnbuckle, attempting to bash Evie's head into the turnbuckle! Evie gets her foot up and blocks it, then swings her elbow back, clocking Kate in the side of the head then following it up by bashing Kate's head into the turnbuckle! She pins Kate in the corner, then brings her foot against Kate's throat, cutting off her oxygen! Drew warns her, but she ignores him and he starts his count!

Simone: Evie better be careful here!

One! Two! Three! Four! Evie drops her foot and backs away, hands up as Kate coughs and gasps for air! Kate glares at Evie as Drew warns her again, and Kate quickly gets her second wind as she lunges forward, tackling Evie down and knocking Drew down in the process! She manages to roll Evie up for the pin, but she props her feet up on the ropes as leverage! Drew rolls over to start his count!

Adams: Cheater! Cheater! Pumpkin eater!

Simone: What the hell?


Tw-No! Drew sees Kate's legs on the ropes and stops! This angers Kate and she stands up to confront him but he just shakes his head!

Simone: Nice try, Kate. But Drew isn't blind.

Evie rolls towards Kate, taking her leg and tripping her! Kate falls face forward to the canvas, her already busted nose bouncing off the canvas! Evie rolls her over onto her back, and when she tries to crouch over the champion, Kate smacks the taste right out of her mouth and rushes away! Evie doesn't even have a chance to stop her as Kate dives and tags in Javi!

Simone: That was a cowardly move right there!

Adams: Or really smart...

A refreshed and renewed Javi and Mark dart through the ropes as Evie sulks back over to her corner angrily! Kate goes back to the safety of her own, not paying any attention to the match at the moment! Meanwhile, Javi and Mark are battling it out once again, having locked arms and trying to overpower the other! Mark pushes against Javi, but Javi pushes back! Just when it looks like Mark has the upperhand and has Javi backed against the ropes Javi hits him with a headbutt then shoves him away! Javi quickly moves over to the corner, climbing up to the top turnbuckle!

Simone: What the hell is he doing here?! Mark better watch out!

Javi looks down at Mark and Mark is leaning forward holding his head! Javi leaps off the turnbuckle and delivers a legdrop to the back of Mark's head before he quickly goes for the cover!!

Adams: It could be over!!



Th-No! Mark kicks out!

Simone: Mark was saying I think not to that!

Javi stands up and reaches down to pull Mark back up! Mark grabs a hold of his head and drops down, delivering a jawbreaker then stuns Javi! Mark quickly gets back to his feet, exhaustion setting in and he pulls Javi in, setting him up for his finisher! Kate looks as though she's gonna rush through the ropes, but Evie drops down and rushes over to that corner! She grabs Kate by the foot and trips her down, just as Mark delivers the Tiger Driver '91 and Javi's shoulders are pinned against the canvas!

Adams: Melikeliki Maka!

Simone: That's...not what it's called, Jason!

Adams: Close enough!



Evie has Kate distracted on the outside and she shoves the Bombshell Internet Champion into ringpost!



Justin: Ladies and Gentleman here are your winners and the 2020 Blast From The Past Winners! Mark Cross and Evie Jordan!!

Simone: They've done it! They've secured their guaranteed titled opportunities!!

Adams: And Evie has become a two-time Blast From The Past winner!

Evie quickly slides back into the ring where Drew raises her and Mark's hands in victory. Kate is handed back her Bombshell Internet Championship, and she clutches it tightly, glaring at Evie in the ring. Evie just rolls her eyes.

Simone: Had Kate not tagged in Javi when she did, Evie may very well have become the new Bombshell Internet Champion.

Adams: She had to know what she was doing! Protecting her title!

Javi rolls out of the ring and doesn't even bother checking on Kate. He snarls as he disappears backstage with Kate following a few moments later and Evie and Mark continue celebrating in the ring.

Right after the Blast From The Past final, the camera cuts backstage to a delighted Ben Jordan, his SCW World Heavyweight championship over his shoulder. Ben punches the air with delight as Pussy Willow stands near by.

Pussy: Ben, you must be so happy right now.

Ben: I am absolutely over the moon mate. Evie is a two time Blast From The Past winner. I knew she could do this from day one. I took the risk of sleeping on the sofa for a year trying to get her in this thing, but she's gone out there and proved just how good she is.

Pussy: It means you'll could be facing Mark Cross at the next supercard. How does that feel?

Ben: Well one step at a time. I gotta get past Jake Raab first but Javi put up a great fight, I would like to put it out there that I would like to face Javi too, so if Erik Staggs wants to gimme a bell, invite me to GRIME to take on Javi, I will cause he deserves a go too, but Mark Cross proved he was the better fella on the night, and I will look forward to taking him on.

Pussy: It could be SCW World Heavyweight champion Vs SCU's Underground champion.

Ben: It's a match that would be amazing. Ever since SCU was rebranded from NLW, people have wanted to see the top two champs go at it at some point and God willing, in two months time, they will get to see that, but you know it was always gonna be Mark Cross to get this far.

Pussy: Why?

Ben: He had Evie as a partner. I knew once she got back in to the swing of things, she'd be dangerous and it proved it.

Pussy: Well up next, you have to face Jake Raab. Feeling confident?

Ben: Not gonna lie, seeing Evie win has given me the biggest kick start anything could. I'm now more determined to get past Jake Raab because there's a chance of something great happening in just a couple of months. Co main event, me in one against SCU's top boy, Evie in the other. This is gonna be brilliant. I'm more confident now then I've ever been the situation.

Before Ben can continue, Evie runs at her husband, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing him tight.

Ben: Proud of you.

Evie squeezes Ben tightly as Ben looks across, seeing Mark Cross. Ben gives him a thumbs up and a nod as the camera cuts somewhere else.

Blaze of Glory cuts backstage to Andrea Hernandez who is as intensely focused as ever knowing that one of the biggest matches she'll ever have is coming up soon. She's trying to think about it too much, nor is she trying to put any more pressure on herself than what's absolutely necessary. All she's doing is focusing on the match at hand and having as much ice water in her veins as possible knowing that playing it cool is the way she's going to take this. This and other thoughts leaves her with much to express as she begins to speak her mind.

Andrea Hernandez: This is it then. I knew that I'd be at this point at SOME point, but I never imagined it would be so soon. I do want to start off by saying that despite whatever feelings that I may have about Roxi or Christina, I do respect their abilities and I do respect them as competitors but at the end of the day, it's time for this division to start looking toward the future and let me tell you one thing that I already know... and that's that regardless of how this goes tonight... I'm not just A pillar of the future of this division... I'm THE future! All due respect to the up and comers, but there's nobody that grinds harder than I do among the newer class Bombshells here. I know the deal. I know that of the three competitors tonight, I come in as the biggest underdog and that's fine...

Because that's how I've made my career... proving people wrong, overcoming the odds, and so on and so forth. Every single championship I have ever won in this business... there has always been some "come from behind" story involved with it. When I won my only tag team championship to date, my partner and I were the underdogs because we were facing the team that had, at the time, the longest tag team championship reign in company history. We weren't expected to beat them... but I did.

When I won my first singles championship... two on one handicap situation... SORT OF like this... you know... with Christina's and Roxi's "frenemy" situation that they've had for how long now? But no matter... even against the odds... I won that handicap match and I won my first singles championship.

The singles championship after that? It was against someone that the company was already branding as the future of the company while I was just some random name off the street that they picked up... or at least that's how they felt about me considering how perennially underrated I was when I was there. No matter... I beat the "hot prospect" and I sent him crying toward the end of his career.

The singles title after that, in that same company? It was against someone who was incredibly overhyped... again... with the "future of the company" label pinned on him. Virtually nobody gave me a chance to beat him... and I delivered again scoring what would ultimately be my most successful solo championship to date.

My most recent one? Hardcore environment. Not something I'm used to. Yet... I still went out and got it done against the odds.

Being the underdog against two of the all time greats, two Bombshells with Hall of Fame credentials... yeah... that would unnerve most women. But I'm not most women. And the fact that I even became a wrestler in the first place considering my family's five generations of Catholic based sexism was considered a miracle to begin with. Well... I don't need a miracle. I KNOW I can do this... I KNOW I'm going to win this championship tonight... even if I may be the only one in the building that believes so.

But I'm all I need to believe... and I do... and that's what matters!

Roxi and Christina may try to emphasize their never-ending history between each other... they may want to see me as the third wheel here... and maybe most of you do... but that's fine. I'll steal that spotlight from them tonight... when I win my very first world championship!

z Andrea maintains her poise and her confidence... as well as the determination in her eyes... as the pre-recorded footage fades to black.

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with the entirety of his body and face hidden behind the Medieval bird doctor costume, complete with robe, hood and mask.

Adams: Is it just me or is Fenris taking this a little too far?

Simone: Trust me; it's not just you.

He symbolically crosses his heart and beginning his journey toward the ring.

Justin: Making his way toward the ring! Tonight's special guest referee for the World Heavyweight Championship -- Fenris!

Despite the fans that reach out toward him, Fenris does not reciprocate and his attention is solely on the ring, as he totally hams it up in his costume and the solemn, creepy nature behind it. He stands at the base of the ring steps when he pulls off the mask and hood, then whips the rope open to reveal his makeshift referee attire; a black and white striped muscle shirt wide open at the sides, white shorts and he remains barefoot.

Simone: That's a little more like it!

Fenris slides into the ring and paces back and forth in a near corner, watching and waiting for the entrants to this match!

"Feuer Frei" by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Jake comes out through the curtain and he wears black MMA gloves with MMA German flag coloured shorts with his name on it with white arrows printed on his shorts. He gets into the ring and he does a hold up on the turnbuckle as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a bow and arrow pose towards the camera before waiting for the match to start.

Simone: Jake Raab has a lot of detractors, namely among them Griffin Hawkins and Austin James Mercer. None of them think he should be where he is today.

Adams: What do they expect? Ben Jordan issued the open challenge to defend his title against anybody!

Simone: yes and what Griffin and Austin both fail to mention is that given the chance, they would have done the exact same thing. Jake Raab simply did it first.

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a white shorts with matching knee pads and boots. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising his hands. He quickly jumps down and moves towards the center of the ring, looking at his opponent.

Adams: The Cockney King has been a fighting champion!

Simone: And while some critics think some of his challengers didn't deserve the chance handed to them, the fact is Ben does. He said he'd defend against anybody and that is what matters.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for ... the World Heavyweight Championship!

The SCU gathering makes some serious noise!

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger! From Dusseldorf, Germany, he is The Fiery Target, Jake Raab!

Jake pumps a fist in the air and even ben gives the man props, clapping his hands.

Justin: His opponent ... is the World Heavyweight Champion! From London, England, weighing 220 pounds -- Ben Jordan!

And Ben's popularity is proven as even the hardcore SCU crowd gives him positive feedback as he steps forward, holding his championship title high above his head with one hand!

Simone: Ben has one glaring advantage going into this match. Jake Raab is a fierce MMA fighter, but six weeks ago, Ben successfully defended his title against Fenris in a Match of the Year candidate!

Adams: So Ben knows what it takes to beat an MMA fighter!

Ben hands the gold over to Fenris who shows it off to Jake first, and then holds it up high for everyone to see. He passes the title out to the waiting hands of Justin Decent and calls for the bell!


Adams: And here we go!

Ben and Jake come out of their corners and the first thing Ben does is offer up his hand in a gesture of goodwill and sportsmanship -- and Jake accepts. The two men circle and pause briefly before locking up! Jake drops to his knees and takes Ben over in a fireman's carry takedown, then has him in a rear waist lock from behind while both men are on their knees. Ben looks for an escape but Jake has his gripped tight as they slowly rise to their feet, and Ben drops down and uses his leverage to arm drag Raab over to the canvas. Ben pounces on his back, grabbing him into a front face lock but Jake reverses it and the two men go back and forth in a Greco-Roman exchange, rolling around on the canvas and exchanging positions until they end up squaring off against the other on one knee, staring the other man down as those in attendance applaud.

Simone: It is going to take a critical mistake I think for either one of these men to gain a definitive advantage over the other.

Adams: In other words, someone has to balls it up.

The two slowly get back up and circle one another before locking up. Ben takes over with the advantage, backing Jake up against the ropes and Fenris does not even have to begin his count before Ben breaks and backs off willingly. The two circle again and Jake suddenly lashes out with a kick, striking Ben in the leg and sending him stumbling.

Simone: A good way to bring a strong man like Ben Jordan down; take out his legs.

Adams: And Jake Raab is capable of picking anyone apart.

Jake is right on Ben, grabbing him in a tight side headlock! Ben does not stay in the hold for long as he uses the ropes to fire Raab off! Jake comes off and he sends Ben to his back with a charging shoulder block! Jake then ducks into the ropes and Ben leapfrogs up and over him as he comes off! Raab rebounds off of the far side and the champion jumps, connecting with a dropkick that sends Jake tumbling back through the ropes and to the ringside floor!

Adams: But Jake landed on his feet!

Jake turns around and it looks like Ben is about to dive out of the ring onto him, but Jake dodges around to the other side of the ring and Ben steps back, a smile on his face and he points out to Raab. Jake is looking a little frustrated as he sizes the champion up, before he climbs back onto the apron and steps back into the ring.

Simone: So far they're feeling each other out here....

Adams: They're feeling each other up!?

Simone: OUT! Jason ... out!

Ben and Jake go to lock up again, but this time Raab strikes! He lands such a kick to the back of Ben's knee, that he buckles the champion down to one knee! Jake then grabs his arm and connects with a hard knee to the side of the head! Ben looks dazed, out of it, as he sinks to his back and Jake takes control of this championship match, grabbing the champion by the legs and tying him up into a kneeling grapevine submission!

Adams: Jake isn't going to make Ben Jordan submit to a hold like this.

Simone: No but a hold like that will work over Ben's already weakened leg and set him up for something worse, possibly.

Ben tries to get free, taking a swing at Jake but Raab is far enough away so as to avoid. Ben then tries reaching for the ropes and is about to snag the bottom rope when Jake lets go of the hold. He drags Ben back to the center of the ring and sets him up for, and turns him over into a German Cloverleaf!

Simone: I thought it was called a Texas Cloverleaf all this time.

Adams: Well yeah but Jake isn't from Texas, is he?

Ben is clearly in a lot of pain as not only his back, but both knees are also being worked over! Fenris is up close in his business, asking if he wants to pack it in but Ben refuses to submit his championship away! Realizing this, Jake finally relents and releases the hold, pulling Ben up from behind. Jake attempts a release German suplex, but Ben lands on his feet behind him!

Simone: He stumbled though! Jake's work on Ben's one leg is starting to take a toll!

Ben then goes for a big boot but Jake ducks under and comes off the ropes -- and Ben catches him in an Exploder suplex! Jake bounces and rolls the length of the ring! Jake uses the corner ropes to pull himself up to his feet but Ben is right there, running in and connecting with a running forearm! Ben then attempts an Irish whip into the opposite corner but Jake reverses it! Ben jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and leaps back, taking Raab off of his feet with a springboard clothesline!

Simone: It looked like Ben was going for a cover but not even a one count!

Adams: Jake really wants to prove he deserves this match!

But before Jake can recover, Ben has him grounded with a rear chin lock on the mat! Jake grits his teeth and tries to get free but Ben has him down tight. Jake then tries to roll free, but the ring veteran Ben Jordan keeps him down on the ground, switching from the chin lock to a full body scissors. Jake tries to find a means of escape but ben's leg strength prevents this. Jake shakes his head "no" when Fenris asks if he wants to submit, and he instead starts to strike hard elbows into Ben's knee!

Adams: That scissors won't last when he does that!

Simone: The moment Jake went to work on Ben's leg earlier, he practically painted a bulls eye on Ben Jordan's knee!

The body scissors is broken and Jake is right up and he grabs Ben by both sides of the head and he starts to strike Muay Thai knee strikes into his head! Jake drags him to his feet and fires Ben off into the near corner and Raab comes right in with a dropkick! With nowhere to go, ben takes the full brunt of the maneuver and sinks to his backside -- and Jake comes right in with a running hip attacks! Ben's head strikes back against the corner hard! Jake drags him from the corner by the leg and covers him!



Ben kicks out!

Jake Raab then pulls Ben into a seated position and he begins driving his knee hard into the middle of his back! Jake pulls Ben up and he begins to lay into the champion with left and right MMA palm strikes and fists! Ben tries to fight back, taking a swing at the challenger but Raab ducks and he brings Ben over with a bridging German suplex!



Kick out by Ben!

Simone: Ben has got to get some distance between Jake and himself!

Adams: Yes! Jake can end any match with enough strikes like that!

Jake sends Ben into the corner again and is all over him! Jake gets a head start and charges -- but Ben brings a boot right up into his face! Jake staggers back and around, allowing Ben to perch himself on the top of the corner, mount his shoulders and he beings the challenger down with a victory roll, hooking both legs!



Kick out by Raab!

Simone: ben Jordan is trying to get some momentum built against his challenger!

Ben goes for an Irish whip into the corner but Jake reverses! Jake runs in and Ben goes for a leapfrog, but Jake stops in time with Ben on his shoulders and --

Adams: Electric Chair Driver!



THR-Kick out by Ben!!

Simone: I thought Jake had him! I thought we had a new champion!

Adams: So did Jake Raab! He's wasting time arguing with Fenris! He's accusing Fenris of favoring Ben I think!

Indeed Jake is on his feet, arguing the count with Fenris but relents, knowing he has to go back to work on Ben! Jake turns around as ben starts to rise -- and Raab walks right into a spine buster that shakes the ring! Both men are down and Fenris starts to issue his count!









Adams: They're up! They're both up!

Jake takes a swing but Ben blocks it and answers back with one of his own! Jake tries again but again Ben beats him to the punch -- literally! Ben then goes back and forth between knife edge chops and European uppercuts, driving Jake back against the ropes! Ben grabs him by the wrist and pulls him into a short-arm clothesline! He pulls Raab back to his feet and hits a second! Ben picks Jake up onto his shoulders and deposits him on the top of the nearest corner. ben then climbs up and grabs Raab into a front face lock...

Simone: He's setting him up for the superplex!

But Jake starts fighting him off! Jake buries his fist deep into Jordan's belly and then head butts him, knocking Ben back off! Jake starts to stand on the top, but Ben rolls back and is right on his feet! He jumps to the middle corner and brings Jake flying off with a Belly To Ben Superplex! Ben with the immediate cover!




Simone: I can't believe Jake kicked out!

Adams: Even Griffin and Austin has to give that man props for that!

And before Jake can fight back, Ben has him in the cross face on the mat!

Adams: Crossing Jordan!

Jake is trapped in the center of the ring! He tries using his free arm to drag himself closer to the ropes! Jake stretches -- REACHING -- but Ben uses his own foot against the ropes to roll them both back and into the middle of the ring and away from the ropes! Ben retains Crossing Jordan and finally Jake has no choice but to tap!


Justin: Here is your winner, and STILL World Heavyweight Champion -- BEN JORDAN!!!

The SCU stars in attendance give the champion props as Ben is handed his title belt and he raises it up high as Fenris raises his other hand!

Simone: Jake gave Ben a fight to prove he does indeed belong in the upper echelon of SCW, but it is Ben Jordan who leaves Blaze of Glory VIII as the champion!

Adams: And props to Fenris who called it right down the middle, despite his friendship with the champion!

Ben then takes a moment to help Jake to his feet and he raises Raab's arm up high! Jake takes his leave then and allows Ben to continue his moment in the spotlight!

We cut to the backstage area and it is there where we are able to see the likes of Christina Zdunich with the World Championship across her shoulders. She whips her hair a bit as she glares deeply into the eyes of the camera.

Christina: Tonight is going to be a huge night. It has honestly been a while since I have walked into a show as the World Champion. It has been far too long to be quite honest. However I know a lot of harsh words, and realities have been thrown at all of the three women that are in tonight's main event. It's going to be a huge match tonight but I just want us to go out there and leave it all in the middle of the ring.

Christina shakes her head again as she continues to share her heart with the camera.

Christina: We will all bring a huge fight and this match is quite worthy of being a main event. I feel like the bombshells are being put back onto the map again and throughout everything I am proud to be exactly where I am right now. It has been a long journey but I have busted my ass to get to where I am right now and if I could turn back the clock to change one thing about my journey the reality is I wouldn't...

Christina sighs again as looks back at the camera.

Christina: Everything happened for a reason and it all shaped me into the woman that I am today. I know there are some who would say that Crystal Hilton might be in that ring tonight and maybe those people are right. When it comes to going into that ring I usually pour everything of myself into that ring. I give everything I have in order to come out ahead. I do whatever it takes to get the job done. I never meant to hurt any friends or anything along the way but sometimes it happens. I am passionate about this business and regardless of what happens I just want that whoever wins will cherish this title.

Christina holds the title up in the air as she continues to speak.

Christina: I know that Tommy Knox recently just did a show where he named the top five women of all time. He was trying to establish who he felt was the GOAT. Am I a little pissed off about it?! You bet your ass I am upset because each bombshell is important to the very history of this company. To be honest you can't really name one single woman as being a GOAT. You can't claim it's a Mikah when she wasn't wrestling in the early stages of SCW. The same can be said for an Alicia Lukas. Let alone you have an Amy Marshall who was the very first Grand Slam Champion and the woman who took down Delia. I have beaten Mikah, and Sam Marlowe stopped that long reign. Yet in the same token Roxi cut Alicia Lukas reign, and Roxi and I trade wins. You can't name one single women because everybody has been tied to somebody else in this company.

Christina nods her head again as she continues to speak.

Christina: This belt carries the history of myself, Roxi, Lukas, Mikah, Misty, Marlowe, Amy Marshall, Odette, Melody Grace, Evie Baang, Vixen, to so many others. It's a long history of women and each have their own reasons to be named as a great. Nobodies work outweighs the other. It's the competition that drives us. It's what fuels us to be better than we have ever been and it helps elevate us to another level. Tonight I am going to give Roxi and Andrea every single thing I got to make my name one to remember. I won this title a few weeks ago and now it's time to do whatever it takes to keep it. so bring it Roxi and Andrea. I wish you the best of luck but nothing will ever stop me from doing what I need to do in order to be the best woman that this company has to offer. I will see you soon...

With that Christina carries her championship as she continues to grin into the lens of the camera.

The camera cuts to the temporary office of Hot Stuff Mark Ward. Hot Stuff sits behind the desk and looks down the camera.

HS: Ladies and gentlemen, I said to you through these times that myself, Christian and the staff of SCU and GRIME would constantly be reviewing measures taken to protect our wrestlers, our staff and ourselves. I have personally been reviewing everything I can about the corona virus, reading stories from every country I possibly can to deem when things are safe for us all to return to the real world and a lot of what I read is worrying stuff.

Hot Stuff pauses for a few seconds.

HS: The United States now has the highest number of death rates in the world... If you believe the figures from China, which I do not, but apparently, it's the way it is. I've looked at how America has handled this whole thing and I can't help but think it's poor. The president may have economy smarts, but he has fuck all common sense.

A few claps and cheers can be heard from the crowd made up of SCW, SCU and GRIME wrestlers.

HS: Regardless of all the talk about lock down being eased within a couple of weeks, nothing I've read makes me believe that is the right choice with cases and deaths still rising, so we've taken the decision to continue with things the way they are for now. I know there's been a lot of things said about the cruise ship supercard but until we get closer to that, we can not make a choice.

Hot Stuff leans back in his chair.

HS: We will review this situation again in a couple of weeks, and so on and so forth, we really don't want to go to our emergency plan at this point, we want to be out in the real world as much as you do but we can't risk anyone's health and frankly, we don't know if a second wave will come and how severe that could be.

Hot Stuff takes a second to think.

HS: I do wanna thank every single roster member who has complied with this and want to stay to the fans to stay in doors. Go and watch Climax Control number one, to our latest one, go watch every supercard we've ever put on, go read the written form of The Hotwire and listen to the vocal form, read the blogs by Zelda Clark and Christina Rose, watch The Kris and Mikah Show, and when you've seen all that, it should be safe to come out and if it's not, watch them all over again.

Hot Stuff smiles.

HS: Stay safe everyone.

The camera cuts elsewhere.


Justin: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match and is for the World Bombshell Championship. Introducing first....

The opening keyboard notes of "The Touch" begisn on the PA system. Stan Bush's voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song. The cameras pan around the arena, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as he moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continue singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them.

Justin: From Tampa, FL....weighing in at 132 pounds.....Roxi Johnson!

She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero "flying" motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the arena floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

"Ultranumb" by Blue Stahli hits the venue's soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong cheers from the crowd. She acknowledges the positive reaction that she's getting as she makes her way toward the ring, completely focused on the task at hand.

Justin: From Sedona, Arizona....weighing in at 125 pounds....Andrea Hernandez!

She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, continuing to soak in the cheers she gets as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

Justin: And their opponent...

Meganerd by YTcracker begins to blast all across the speakers as it does so Christina Rose makes her way from the back curtain. She smiles as she blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring.

Justin: Weighing in at 115 pounds......she is the reigning...defending....Bombshell Champion of the World......Christina Rose!

She quickly slides into the ring and kips up to her feet as she waves her hands in the air getting the crowd behind her. She jumps around a bit, waiting for the bell to ring.


The three women go right after each other and Johnson manages to fight them both off. She knocks Hernandez hard in the side of the face, which sends her down to the mat and then kicks Rose right in the gut, which drops her down to one knee.

Simone: Roxi Johnson getting an early advantage here.

Roxi picks Rose up and then blasts her with a hard European uppercut, which sends Christina back into the ropes. As she bounces back, Roxi grabs her and throws her down to the mat hard with a powerslam.

Adams: That hurt me!

Johnson goes to pick up Rose again but she is met with a dropkick in the back from Andrea Hernandez that sends her through the ropes and down to ringside. Seeing her opportunity, Hernandez drops for the cover on Rose and Jacob drops for the count.



Adams: No! A kick out by Christina Rose!

Andrea and Christina get up and lock up with each other at the same time. The stronger Rose starts to thrust knees into the mid-section of Hernandez and she drops down to one knee. Rose backs up and unleashes a hard right foot to the side of Andrea's face.


Adams: What a hard shot from the Champion!

Simone: And she's going for the cover!

Before the ref can drop her hand for the three count, Johnson runs in and drops an elbow onto the back of Rose's head to break up the pinfall.

Adams: Just in time!

Johnson picks Rose up by her head and then slams her back down to the mat with a vicious short arm clothesline. She starts to stomp on Rose but she rolls toward the apron and slides out down to ringside. Johnson starts to go after her but Andrea Hernandez comes up from behind and rolls her up.

Adams: Out of nowhere!



Roxi kicks out at the last second but before she can get up, Hernandez jumps on top of her and begins to drop bombs of lefts and rights on her face over and over again. She jumps up and shows off for the crowd.

SCU and SCW in the Crowd: POP!

Simone: The members of the locker room sure do love Andrea!

She walks back over to Johnson, who is trying to crawl away, and grabs her by her hair. She pulls her up and snap mares her over her body with her hair. Johnson screams out in pain and Hernandez sits her up and applies a rear face lock.

Adams: Hernandez is starting to show her aggressive side here.

Simone: She wants that title and it's obvious.

Back in the ring Hernandez pulls Johnson up but they are both knocked down to the mat with a surprise Springboard Double Dropkick from Christina Rose. The force from the kick sends Andrea right through the ropes. The Champion pops up quickly to her feet and then launches up into the air before dropping a vicious elbow across the throat of Roxi Johnson.

Adams: That did not look like fun for Roxi.

She jumps back up and goes for the cover on Johnson and Jacob Summers drops down to the mat to make the count.




Adams: No!

Simone: Johnson kicked out at the last second.

As Rose gets up Johnson pulls her right back down to the mat and lock Christina's arms in her legs and locks her hands around Rose's face, applying a crossface submission.

Adams: She's got a crossface locked in!

Simone: Christina can't go anywhere!

Johnson applies pressure, pulling Rose's head back but before Christina can tap, Andrea Hernandez runs back into the frame and kicks Johnson in the head, breaking the hold.

Simone: Rose just got lucky there. This one was over.

Adams: It looked like she was in trouble.

Hernandez starts to stomp on Johnson. Se picks her up and sets her up for the for what looks like some sort of suplex but Rose runs over and shoulder blocks both women to the ground. She starts to kick Hernandez but Johnson runs up behind her and grabs her. She turns Christina around and kicks her in the gut. Roxi scoops Rose up and sets her up on to her shoulder. She looks around for a moment and then darts for the ropes. As she gets there, she dumps Rose down to ringside.

Crowd: POP!

Simone: Oh my god!

With Rose down at ringside, Johnson turns her attention back over to Andrea Hernandez. She picks her up off of the mat and whips her into the corner. As Hernandez bounces out of the corner, Roxi leaps forward to land a flying lariat but Hernandez counters and sends her head first into the steel ring post and then drops down to the mat herself out of fatigue.

Simone: All three competitors are out!

Adams: This is madness!

Both Hernandez and Johnson start to get up at the same time. Roxi charges for Hernandez but she manages to move out of the way. She bounces off the ropes and hurls her body into the air, landing a picture perfect Busaiku Knee right across the chin of Roxi Johnson.

Simone: Wow look at that knee!

Adams: That came out of nowhere!

Andrea gets up and screams out into the air, as if to let out her excitement. She points to the corner and then makes her way over to the turnbuckle.

Adams: What's she's gonna do now?

Simone: It looks like she's going to try and end it.

Hernandez climbs the ropes and gets to the top of the turnbuckle. She slowly and carefully stands herself up and then smiles. She stares down at Roxi just below before launching her body into the air again. She twists and turns gracefully as she executes a beautiful looking Phoenix Splash.


Adams: No!

At the last second, Roxi puts her knees up.

SCW and SCU in the Crowd: OOOOOH!

Andrea Hernandez's chest crashes right into Roxi's knees. She writhes out in pain as Roxi rolls to her feet. Johnson perches herself in place as she waits for Andrea to slowly climb to her feet. As Hernandez finally gets there Roxi runs toward the ropes. She springboards herself off of the top rope and lands a kick right across the cheek of Andrea Hernandez.

Simone: RAY OF HOPE!

Adams: We're gonna have a new Champion!

Hernandez falls back first on to the canvas and Roxi quickly jumps on top oher and hooks her leg. Jacob Summers drops down for the count.



Adams: It's over!

Before Summers' hand slaps the canvas for a third time, Christina Rose comes crashing down onto the back of Roxi Johnson with a cannon ball.


Christina Rose gets up and grabs Roxi Johnson. She takes her by the arms and tosses her shoulder first into one of the steel poles in the corner. She turns her attention back over to Andrea Hernandez who is just starting to get up off of the canvas. Christina starts to taunt the challenger.

Adams: She's just making fun of her now.

Rose laughs a little bit before wiping the smile off of her face. As soon as Hernandez is up off of the ground she kicks her directly into the mid-section. She grabs her head, sets her ups, and delivers a swinging DDT right into the mat.

Simone: ROCK & ROLL!

Christina swings around and goes for an over-confident cover as Jacob Summers counts.



Adams: Three!

Simone: NO! Andreea kicked out.

At the last second Hernandez kicks out.

Simone: Rose can't believe it. She can't believe it.

The Champion screams at referee Jacob Summers and quickly slaps her hands together three times.

Simone: Christina definitely showing her frustration now.

The Champion goes to grab Hernandez up off of the mat. She pulls her up and as soon as she does, Roxi Johnson comes running into the picture. Rose quickly moves out of the way, allowing Johnson and Hernandez to collide with one another. The force of the collision sends Hernandez through the ropes and down to ringside and sends Roxi reeling backwards. Looking to take advantage, Christina school boy rolls up Johnson and goes for a quick pin. Summers drops for the count.



Simone: Johnson kicks out!

Christina continues to show her frustration as she jumps back to her feet, only to see that Roxi Johnson has also gotten back to her feet already. The two square up and the crowd erupts in cheers as they both go after each other. They trade heavy blows in the center of the ring before Roxi lands a hard haymaker across the face that forces Rose back a few steps.

Simone: Wow what a hard shot by the Superhero!

Roxi takes half a step back before moving forward and landing a superkick across Christina's chin.


Christina lands back first into the canvas and Roxi starts to hulk up a bit. She walks over to grab Rose, assuming to put her into the Justice Lock triangle choke but is met with another knee to the side of the head from an out-of-nowhere Andrea Hernandez.

Simone: Another Busaiku Knee!

Hernandez kips up and then grabs Roxi by her head and throws her down to ringside. She turns around to see Christina Rose sprinting toward her but counters with a theatrical but painful looking Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker. She jumps to her feet, realizing Roxi is out cold on the ringside floor and Christina is writhing in pain on the canvas.

Adams: I think she's gonna try it again...

Andrea quickly runs over to the corner and jumps up top. Without waiting this time, she launches into a phoenix splash.


Jacob Summers goes for the count.



Adams: Three!

Simone: She did it! Andrea pinned Christina!


Justin: Here is your winner....and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEW Bombshell Champion of the WOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!!!!!! Andrea Hernaaaaaandeeeeeezzzzzzz!

Jacob Summers raises Andrea's hand as she starts to cry just a bit, both out of exhaustion and happiness. Justin hands Andrea the belt and she clutches with both arms.

Simone: She did it! Andrea did it!

Hernandez climbs the ropes in the corner and holds her new belt high in the air, with a large smile on her face.

Simone: Anyone who's ever called Andrea Hernandaz a forth tier wrestler, or ever put this woman down, can kiss my ass cause Andrea is the brand new SCW Bombshell World Champion!

Adams: They can kiss mine too! So many people said this woman was our future, well our future starts now!

Simone: Well this is all we have time for tonight. Join us in two weeks time where we will see a few new debuts, new champions will speak and more high quality matches from everyone involved in SCW! Until then, please listen to everything you've been told, stay in doors, stay safe and catch Sin City Underground in a weeks time! For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying goodnight everybody.

The camera fades as Andrea Hernandez stands in the ring clutching her newly won Bombshell championship to her chest.

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Court, AJ, Sam, Erik, Wong, Dustin, Jenny, Marge, Annie, Andy, Devin, Todd, Jay, Abaddon, Fizz, Mercedes, Andrea, Britt, Eyesnsane. Also thank you again to Annie for the cool match banners and to everyone who RPed!