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The show opens up inside of the crowded Yuengling Center with the fans standing and cheering, waving for the attention of the camera. They hold up their signs that show their support for their favorite SCW superstars and the chant is heard throughout the building;

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

The holiday mood is in full swing as the building is in full splendor in honor of Valentine's Day just this past Friday. Heart tinsel garland, red and silver, is strung around the ring ropes and pink and white lights twine around the ring posts. The staff themselves are even taken with the holiday mood as both Belinda Simone and Jason Adams are clad in red.

Ring announcer Justin Decent stands in the ring, bare chested and dressed in a pair of lycra red booty shorts. lipstick marks al over his tanned body, along with Cupid wings on his back. He waves to the cheering crowd and brings the microphone up to address the crowd.

Justin: Hello everybody and welcome home to Tampa, Florida! And more importantly, welcome to My Bloody Valentine III! Tonight, alongside Sin City Underground, we have fifteen spectacular matches!

The fans cheer with excitement.

Justin: Now without further ado, may I present to you our hostess, Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer and applaud as the music starts and Amanda sashays out onto the stage, dressed as Aphrodite, goddess of love, complete with a golden curly wig. She waves at the crowd and the performance begins.

Amanda: If you're gonna go then go
She said to me on the phone
So tired of hearin' all your boy problems
If you're gonna stay then stay
He's not gonna change anyway
So tired of hearin' all your boy problems

And I know that she's right
And I should not be offended
That I know what it looks like
From the outside
And I know that she's right
And I should not be offended, yeah
I know what it looks like
From the outside, from the outside

Boy problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Boy trouble, we've got double
Don't know what to do
I think I broke up with my boyfriend today
And I don't really care
I've got worse problems
I broke up with my boyfriend
I think I broke up with my boyfriend today
And I don't really care
I've got worse problems
I broke up with my boyfriend, yeah

"Carly, gotta let it go"
She said to me on the phone
"So tired of hearin' all your boy problems
It could be the perfect day
You'll just make it rain anyway
So tired of hearin' all your boy problems"

And I know that she's right
And I should not be offended
Yeah, I know what it looks like
From the outside
And I know that she's right
And I should not be offended, yeah
I know what it looks like
From the outside, from the outside

Boy problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Boy trouble, we've got double
Don't know what to do
I think I broke up with my boyfriend today
And I don't really care
I've got worse problems
I broke up with my boyfriend
I think I broke up with my boyfriend today
And I don't really care
I've got worse problems
I broke up with my boyfriend, yeah

What's worse?
Losin' a lover or losin' your best friend, oh
What's worse is when you discover
You're not good for each other
She's been giving, you've been taking, taking, taking

Boy problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Boy trouble, we've got double
Don't know what to do (don't know what to do)
I think I broke up with my boyfriend today
And I don't really care
I've got worse problems
I broke up with my boyfriend
I think I broke up with my boyfriend today
And I don't really care
I've got worse problems
I broke up with my boyfriend, yeah

Boy problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Boy trouble, we've got trouble
Don't know what to do
Boy problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Boy trouble, you've got trouble
Don't know what to do
Boy problems, who's got 'em?
I've got 'em too
Boy trouble

The song ends, and Amanda prances about the stage, blowing kisses in all directions before vanishing backstage behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello everyone, and welcome to Tampa, Florida for My Bloody Valentine III! SCW teams up with SCU to bring all of you fifteen matches, including nine, count them, NINE, championship matches!

Adams: Including the return of the Internet Championships!

Simone: Tonight we kick things off with the SCU Pride Tag Team Championships on the line when the champions, the ThreeWay defend the gold against the Winter Elemental and Stewart Mason!

Adams: And right after that, the first SCW title match of the night! Candy defends the Roulette Championship against her friend/unfriend, Bella Madison! And the bosses ave promised us that every stipulation on the roulette wheel will be more violent than ever before in honor of this event!

Simone: The number one contender for the Bombshell Roulette title will be decided tonight between Violet Amelia Holt and Bea Barnhart, where the winner will move on to face whomever the champion might be at Blaze of Glory VIII!

Adams: Sparks are a flying down in SCU between former SCW Bombshells Azz N Class and the Nobility! Tonight the two teams battle it out in a Street Fight!

Simone: Then the challenger for the men's Roulette Championship at Blaze of Glory VIII will be determined in a Triple Threat match between Chris Crippler, Malachi and Jack Russow. The first man to score the pinfall or submission will earn for himself a championship title opportunity.

Adams: And speaking of big number one contender matches, the biggest of all time is next when we have a mixed tag team Gauntlet match with NINE teams! Alex Rush and Ella Singleton! John Blade and Stacy Ruin! Two GRIME teams! Team GO! The Killer Kandies! Eyesnsane and Halo Williams! Valentina and Shooter Reed! Dorian B. and Denise Andrews! The last team standing gets an automatic shot at the Pride tag titles at Blaze of Glory VIII!

Simone: Then we find out which Superstar will rise to fill the vacancy left on the Internet Championship! Six men will compete in a ladder match where the Internet Championship belt is suspended high above the ring! Austin James Mercer! Teddy Warren! Caleb Storms! Mark Cross! Jake Raab! And Stephen Callaway! The first man to reach the championship belt will make history tonight!

Adams: London Underground wanted a challenge and tonight, they have it! They have to defend the World Mixed Tag Team Championship against three other teams in a Fatal Fourway! Alex Jones and Johanna Krieger as Wolfslair! The Good Shepherds! And the Trenton Tigers! Ad the champs don't even have to be beat in order to lose the title!

Simone: Andrea Hernandez has been on a roll and tonight she faces her biggest challenge, going one-on-one with the Hall of Famer, Christina Rose! The challenge was made, and accepted. We find out now whether or not Andrea can back it up against one of the finest in SCW history!

Adams: And then we have another challenge, and the weirdest one to date! Senor Vinnie challenged "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart, and it's all because of something between Pete the Cactus and Iris the Bulldog!?

Simone: Then the SCU Women's Combat Championship will be defended in a Kick Boxing match when Halo Williams goes up against Delia Darling for the gold!

Adams: Then there are six Bombshells in their own Ladder Match for the vacant Internet Championship! Kate Steele! Sierra Williams! Seleana Zdunich! Samantha Marlowe! Jessie Salco! An Mercedes Vargas! One of these lucky lasses will be the first Bombshell Internet Champion in over two years!

Simone: There has been a lot of bad blood between Griffin Hawkins, the reigning Roulette Champion, and Travis Levitt. Travis blames Griffin for putting him on the shelf all of this time due to an injury when Hawkins won the championship. Now Travis wants to hurt Griffin in the worst way possible, by stripping of his cherished championship and walking away with the gold himself.

Adams: Bobbie Dahl used to be one of the most popular Bombshells on the roster, but now she's become the most hated. She's attacked countless women, and al because she 'claims' she wants to prove a point. Now she won the right to face World Champion Roxi Johnson one-on-one and tonight she has the biggest stage yet to show everyone what she is capable of!

Simone: And in one of the most anticipated main events we've had in recent memory, a match SIX MONTHS in the making! Ben Jordan has finally realized his dreams and goals, becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. He and Fenris used to be the best of friends but misunderstandings and perhaps even jealousy has driven a wedge between them that may have threatened that friendship forever. Both men have now hurt the other, both physically as well as spiritually, and tonight they finally meet, one-on-one, for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Adams: All this and more on My Bloody Valentine III!

Simone: That was MY line!

Adams: .... Sorry.

Dev: I'm here with the reigning Pride Tag Team champions The Three-way, tonight you defend your titles against your best friend and someone you have had many a war with, what are your thoughts about facing the team dubbed Canadian Pride.

Earl: Dev, your right, tonight Dahlia and I defend our Pride Tag team titles against my best friend, and a woman who we've been to war with many times, and Stewart and Winter aren't going to hold back and neither are we, and we'll set the tone for tonight, and this might be the old cocky Earl coming out, but what we do to kick off My Bloody Valentine, will be nearly impossible to follow.

Dahlia: Dev, we've always been the measuring stick of tag team wrestling whether in Honor Wrestling, Pride tag team wrestling, of Sin City wrestling, and like my husband stated, this a match of friends, and mutual respect, and whether it's the three-way or Canadian Pride who win here tonight, after the show, we'll all sit and enjoy the rest of the show, and hell maybe we'll even consume a cold one of two.

Dev: Thanks for your time.

Dahlia: not a problem, Dev

Camera's go to a section backstage in which we see Winter Elemental and Combat Champion Stewart Mason with SCU interviewer Gemma. Mason and Winter are seen joking about something as Gemma keeps a straight look on her face.

Gemma: Stewart, Winter, in a few minutes you two will take on The Three Way, for you Stewart, the other that from up Team Canada. When I last spoke to Dahlia last week she was looking forward to this match. Winter, you had plenty of matches with Dahlia. Both in singles and tag team matches. Stewart has also fought Earl in a singles match a few months back. Dahlia explained how it's just business, what happens in the ring will stay in the ring is what she was getting at. But that was the point of view from one team. Now that the two of you are here. I ask you. How does taking on the Three Way for the titles affect or does it affect the respect or friendship....

Winter has heard enough and cuts Gemma off

Winter: Look, Dhalia and I spent what close to two years in Honor going back and forth, no friendship, just two chicks fighting it out. Before Honor closed it's doors, Dahlia and I didn't see eye to eye but one thing we both agreed on was that we along with our partners made the tag team scene. We closed the place with the titles. Came here still doing the same. But over the past year, Dahlia and I have realized something. Why hate each other for having the same passion for what we do. We decided that fighting for having the love for this career was a bit silly. But does it change anything? I don't think so. By now Dahlia knows I can be a shit starter but Dhalia also knows that it;s not personal, it's for the love of the sport.

Stewart: Exactly, noone loves this sport more than Earl, Dahlia, Winter here and myself, I fought and bleed throughout the world for this sport, and I've watched those wars between The Kawaii Dragons and the Three-Way, and in my opinion they just weren't some of the best tag team matches they were some of the best matches period, as for tonight Dahlia said it best strictly business in the ring, but if we win, the first round is on them, right Winter.

Winter: Ohhh fuck yeah bud!

Gemma: One for me as well?

Winter: of course bud.

Gemma: Well, I know your match is next so good luck.

Camera cut away as Stewart and Winter head towards the ring area.

Liam: The following Mixed Tag Team Contest is scheduled for the SCU Pride Tag Team Championships!!!

The beat kicks in as we all wait for Winter to come out the curtains. A bigger pop is heard at one side of the arena. We see Winter walking through the crowd making her way to ringside.

Liam: On the way to the ring, she is from the all the snowy mountains of Canada!!! Standing at 5'6", she is a Kawaii Dragon member... Winter Elemental!!!

Winter hops over the barricade as she stares out into the crowd.. She milks her time by walking around ringside forcing everyone to listen to her theme song. Winter stomps each ring step in a dramatic form. Winter gives the audience the finger then turns to look at the crowd as they continue to give her a mixed reaction.

Liam: Aaaaaand next, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, standing at 6' and weighing in at 235lb, he is "The Bounty Hunter" Stewart Maaaaaaaaasonnnnnnnnnnn!!!

"The Hunter" by Mastadon begins playing over the speakers. Stewart Steps on the stage, wearing black pants and combat boots, with Black Handwraps, he takes in the reaction of the crowd, and is joined by Gail Weston, together they walk to the ring, Gail climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, Stewart climbs the ropes from outside and points to himself then climbs down from the ropes, and joins Gail in the center of the ring.

Liam: From Edmonton, Alberta, they represent Team Canada, Earl Lockyer and Dahlia Rotten... The Threeeeeeeeeee Wayyyyyyyyy!!!

Earl and Dahlia step on the stage, Earl Kneels on the stage as Dahlia paces back and forth behind him, they walk to the ring Earl leaps from the floor to the ring apron, Dahlia slides under the ropes, Dahlia leans through the ropes with a smirk on her face as Earl leans over the ropes.


Chad: Winter and Dahlia are starting off the match. Winter lunges at Dahlia, but Dahlia is ready and Winter backs off, continuing to circle. They build up the anticipation until they finally tie up in the middle of the ring.

Gena: Winter nails a Headbutt, stunning Dahlia. She grabs hold of Dahlia's arm and brings her over with an Arm Drag. With Dahlia on the ground, Winter begins stomping on her, paying homage to her mama, Mercedes.

Chad: The infamous circle stomp. She pulls Dahlia up slightly by the hair, and Dahlia reaches under Winter with a Fireman's Carry. With Winter on the ground, Dahlia hits several harsh clubbing blows.

Gena: Dahlia then picks Winter up and lands a Snap Suplex. She keeps locked on and hits another Snap Suplex. She then hooks the leg of Winter.



Chad: Stewart is in for the save, breaking up the pin. Earl climbs inside and he and Stewart duke it out before being seperated. Dahlia goes to pull Winter off of the mat, but Winter nails a few Shoulderbutts.

Gena: Winter stands up and hits a European Uppercut that sends Dahlia back a step. Winter Irish Whips Dahlia into the ropes. As Dahlia comes back, Winter catches her in a Sleeper Hold. Dahlia, however, is quick to nail Winter with an elbow to the ribs.

Chad: Winter lets go of the hold and then Dahlia lifts her up, looking for a Military Press Slam, but Winter slides out of it and nails a German Suplex that likely took more out of her than it did Dahlia!

Gena: But it took something out of Dahlia, because she goes over and makes the tag. Earl climbs inside of the ring, and Winter goes to punch him, and the crowd gasps loudly as Winter stops herself just short. She and Earl exchange a grin and nod.

Chad: Winter steps back a few paces and tags in Stewart. Stewart and Earl meet in the center of the ring, and after a few nods, they go back to trading punches. Stewart ducks a left hook, and he throws a jab to Earl's stomach.

Gena: But Earl throws an uppercut to Stewart's chin, sending him back into the ropes. Earl pats him on the shoulder and then Irish Whips him across the ring. As Stewart comes back, Earl plants him with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, locking on for the pin.



Chad: Winter is able to get in to knock Earl off of Stewart. Stewart gets up and pulls Earl up. He hits a Facebuster to Earl. He picks Earl up and tosses him into the corner. He then charges with an Avalanche.

Gena: Stewart hits several rapid body shots until Earl ducks out of the corner and Dropkicks Stewart. Stewart turns around as Earl unloads on the SCU Combat Champion with a flurry of punches and jabs.

Chad: These two might be friends, but they leave that at the curtains. They put on great matches. Earl hits a Snapmare and then locks on a Sleeper Hold. Winter is about to break it up, but Dahlia stops her.

Gena: Dahlia hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Winter. Stewart kicks around until he is able to get his legs on the ropes. The referee starts his count, but Earl instantly lets go. Stewart is able to get to his feet.

Chad: Stewart spins Earl around for a surprise DDT. He then pushes through Earl's legs and goes for a Bridge Pin.




Chad: Earl gets a shoulder up. He crawls out from under Stewart, but Stewart gets to his feet first. He goes for another DDT, but Earl pushes past him. He makes the tag to Dahlia!

Gena: Dahlia enters the ring as Winter gets tagged in. Dahlia charges at Winter, but Winter ducks. She hits a Dropkick to the knee of Dahlia. Winter bounces off of the ropes and hits a swinging kick to the other knee of Dahlia, taking her off her feet.

Chad: Dahlia holds onto her knees as Winter attempts the Kawaii Lock on Dahlia. However, Dahlia's size and strength causes Winter to topple forward, and Dahlia hits a Reverse Piledriver on her!

Gena: She locks on the Black Dahlia (Arm Triangle Choke)! Earl is quick to run interference on Stewart, Clotheslining him over the top rope and following after him. Winter tries to fight it, but after a moment, she has no choice but to tap!


Liam: Here are your winners and STILL SCU Pride Tag Team Champions... Dahlia Rotte and Earl Lockyer... The Threeeeee Wayyyyyyyyy!!!

"Menage Et Trois" plays over the speakers as Dahlia meets Earl in the center of the ring. They take their titles from the referee and hold them up. Winter storms up to Dahlia and glares at her for a minute as Stewart comes inside. He tries to talk Winter down, but Winter's cold stare continues. Dahlia takes a step closer and... they embrace in congratulations. Earl and Stewart shake hands before switching to Winter and Dahlia respectively.

The scene opens up in the backstage hallways, showing Bella Madison and Malachi talking with each other as they walked along.

Bella Madison: I'm waiting for her to just pop-up out of nowhere.

Malachi: Please don't put that out there. We need to focus on our matches, and I won't be able to if I keep thinking that brainless twit is just waiting around a corner somewhere with some ridiculous scheme.

Bella Madison: Well knowing her like I do, she's up to something. Rumor was she was lurking about handing things out. She's in full on Valentines day mode.

Malachi: ...that was Friday!

Bella Madison: Yep but this is Candy we're talking about, a holiday runs on a Friday it takes a whole weekend. Her birthday ran on a Tuesday one time and it was a party all week.

Malachi: Knowing her, it was probably something inane like a petting zoo and pin the tail on the donkey.

The couple arrived at the door to their dressing room, which was sitting slightly open. Immediately Mal goes on the defensive, putting a hand out to hold Bella back.

Malachi: I don't like the look of this.

He approached the door cautiously, peeking in through the slight crack. He could only see a few balloons and streamers decorating the walls, and he got a confused look on his face.

Malachi: The hell's going on?

He pushed the door open, and immediately a shower of glitter and confetti rained down on him. He stood stock-still for a moment, clearly in shock while Bella covered her mouth to try and stifle her giggles.

Bella Madison: Oh my God... Are- are you okay?

He was quiet, raising a hand to brush some of the glitter away from his face which was now twisted in a look of sheer anger.


Bella Madison: Well...there goes that focus. Let's get you cleaned up.

A few minutes later

Backstage, the camera opens up by the Roulette Wheel. Ms. Rocky Mountains is joined by the challenger for the next match, Bella Madison!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hello everyone! Up next, Candy will be putting her Bombshell Roulette Championship on the line against Bella Madison. Right now, we're about to find out what the stipulation for that match will be. Bella, if you would.

Bella nods and wastes not another second. She spins the roulette wheel and watches as the various brutal stipulations go round and round and round until it comes to a stop on...

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Barbed Wire Cage match! Ooh that's a good one!

Bella stands there for a moment, trying to find the words, but she can't. She scratches her head and shrugs before turning and walking away.

Back at ringside, the steel cage has been lowered and set in place. Barbed wire lines the side of the steel cage and along the top! The crowd erupts in a huge pop!

Justin: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is for the Bombshell Roulette Championship and it is a Barbed Wire Cage match!

Another huge pop from the crowd.

Simone: Yeah, wait until the hear the next bit of information!

Justin: The ONLY way to win this match, however, is by pinfall or submission! There will be no winning by escaping the cage!

The Arena goes dark as the ominous tones of New Years Day's "Shut up" begins to play. The entrance lights up as does the video screen that shows, climbing up a set of stairs we see with each step taken a different footwear. Saddle shoes followed by heels followed by Chuck Taylors followed by a pair of wrestling shoes with kickpads.

Justin: Introducing first is the challenger! From New York, New York! Weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds! BELLA MADISON!!

The roar comes over the sound system as we see Bella standing on top of the entrance. She stands wearing her wrestling gear along with a ring jacket with the hood up and starts making her way to the ring.

Adams: I hope both of these women know what they're in for tonight! Cage matches are dangerous as it is, but add to that, barbed wire?! I hope they have good plastic surgeons!

Simone: They were both warned the roulette stipulations would be more brutal than normal. This is called My Bloody Valentine after all!

Bella walks through the door, entering the steel cage and looks around at the barbed wire. Her music finally dies down as she waits for Candy to enter.

The lights soon dim as pink fog starts to take over the entrance ramp. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard begins to play over the speakers as the lights brighten up.

Justin: And her opponent! From Malibu Beach, California! Weighing in at one hundred twenty-five pounds! She is the Bombshell Roulette Champion!! CANDY!!

Simone: She made the right decision not bringing Fluffy to this one.

Adams: She must have been warned backstage!

Pink pyro begins to cascade down from the tron as Candy comes bouncing out, but this time without Fluffy.. She skips her way down to the ring. Once she makes it to the ring, she stops and looks at the outside of the cage nervously, especially the barbed wire. But she's directed into the cage, and the door is shut and locked behind her!

Simone: I hope Candy realizes this is not going to be fun by any means.

Adams: I think she knows! She looks terrified!

Candy and Bell stand opposite one another looking at their surroundings. Candy takes in a deep breath, and as soon as her music dies down, Drew calls for the bell!


After the bell rings, Candy looks around nervously, trying to formulate a plan in her head. Bella just smiles and as soon as Candy goes to gently touch the barbed wire, she takes the opportunity and charges at her! The crowd goes crazy but Candy spins around in the nick of time and ducks out of the way! Bella nearly goes flying right into the barbed wire, but she skids to a halt, saving her own hyde!

Simone: That was a close one! You want to go as long as you can without being busted open in a match like this!

Adams: The sooner you bleed, the sooner the match ends!

Bella doesn't have much time to react as Candy takes her by the hair and snaps her down to the mat! Bella's head bounces off the canvas and Candy backs up and jumps up to the second turnbuckle! She leaps off quickly, hitting Bella with a knee drop to the head and quickly goes for the first cover, and drew drops down!



...Bella kicks out!

Adams: Too soon, Candy!

Simone: And it's going to take more than a knee drop!

Bella sits up quickly, still holding the back of her head. Candy jumps to her feet, reaches down and pulls Bella up! She takes her by the hair again, spins her around and whips her across the ring at the ropes, and the side of the steel cage! The fans are on their feet, prepared to see the first drops of blood, but Bella disappoints them all as she leaps at the ropes and springboards back with a moonsault, but Candy catches her! Bella manages to spin it into a tornado DDT, and the fans once again go wild!

Simone: Nice manuever by Bella! Candy is in trouble!

Bella quickly moves over and hooks Candy's leg and Drew drops down for the count!



Adams: Not quite! Candy not willing to let it end that soon!

Candy gets her shoulder up! Bella slams her hand against the canvas in frustration, but she gets back to her feet, bringing Candy with her! She has Candy's head locked between her arm, thinking over her next move but she looks at the barbed wire covering the side of the steel cage! As if reading her mind, the fans start to get louder and she drags Candy closer to the side of the steel cage! She takes Candy's head and is about to slam it right into the barbed wire, but Candy gets her leg up and saves herself, and her skin, from being ripped open!

Simone: Quick thinking by Candy! But sooner or later someone is going to bleed!

Bella keeps trying to draw first blood in hopes she'll get the advantage but Candy fights back! Candy gets an elbow back, hitting Bella in the side of her face and Bella stumbles back! Candy holds the top rope, taking in a deep breath and Bella shakes away the stars she's seeing! She rushes to Candy, but Candy ducks and spins around, kicking Bella in the back of the knee! Bella trips and falls forward!!

Adams: There we have it! Bella's face is stuck right in the barbed wire!!

Simone: And oh how painful that looks...and sounds!

Bella screams out as her forehead sticks to the barbed wire through the second rope! She tries to move but the barbed wire is embedded in her forehead and she doesn't know what to do! Candy looks on in shock, almost horrified at what she's done, and she helps Bella away from the barbed wire! But blood is now dripping down Bella's face and into her eyes! Candy tries actually apologizing!

Simone: She's apologizing?! Why would she do that in a match like this?!

Adams: She likes Bella! She feels bad for hurting her!

Bella holds at her forehead as Candy checks on her, but when Bella regains her bearings and lifts her head to look at Candy, she thinks and then plays along with it, pulling Candy into her trap. She tries insisting she is fine and just when Candy is distracted enough, she headbutts her the clocks her in the jaw! She grabs Candy by the hair and then spins her around and sends her flying across the ring! Candy goes against the ropes, and her back connects right with the barbed wire! But Bella doesn't let her rebound back! She rushes over to Candy and keeps shoving her back into the barbed wire as Candy is screaming!

Adams: Oww!! My back!

Simone: No, Candy's back! She's got puncture wounds all over now!

Once Bella thinks Candy has had enough, for now, she backs away for a moment and just stares at Candy! Candy slowly steps away from the ropes and the barbed wire. Her back is now a bloody mess. She drops to her knees and breathes heavily, trying to fight through the pain but Bella won't have any of it! She steps forward and delivers a boot to the face, adding insult to injury!

Adams: Damn! She knocked a few brain cells out there!

Simone: You mean Candy had any to begin with?

Adams: Rude, Belinda!

Simone: Sorry, I didn't mean to say that outloud.

Bella grabs Candy's arm and drops down, setting her up in an arm bar! Candy cries out even more and stomps her legs around, but when Drew checks on her, she refuses to give up! Her free arm is flailing, trying to find any way out of the hold, as Bella locks it in tighter!

Simone: Candy is in trouble again! Bella has that armbar locked in pretty tight!

Adams: Yeah, and Candy is reaching for the ropes!

Simone: But there are no disqualifications! Pinfall or submission only!

Candy's right hand is just millimeters away from the bottom rope! She's desperately trying to grab a hold, refusing to submit each time Drew asks her! With every bit of fight she has, she reaches and finally grabs a hold of the bottom rope! But Drew can't do anything as there are no disqualifications!

Simone: I think Candy finally realizes just how much trouble she's in. She can't do anything to break that hold, and Bella can snap her arm at any time!

Adams: But would she?!

Simone: Maybe...

As Bella keeps the armbar locked in, Candy has to desperately think of something else! As hard as she tries, she can't but she also refuses to give up, even with all the pain she is now in! Bella finally breaks the hold and Candy rolls away, holding her left arm! Bella gets back to her feet, having to wipe some of the blood away from her eyes so she can see, and she keeps stalking Candy! Candy is trying to crawl her way to the corner! Bella takes a hold of her and is about to send her flying face first into the side of the cage, but Candy blocks it, hits Bella with a hard right shot to the face! She then grabs both of Bella's shoulders and shoves her into the side of the steel cage, SCRAPING her back along the side of the cage repeatedly!

Simone: Oh good God! That is practically tearing the flesh away from Bella's back!!

Adams: I told you, they better have good plastic surgeons after this...

Bella's back is now a bloody mess, along with her face, while Candy's back has only taken the damage from the barbed wire! Candy is going to pull Bella away and set her up for her next move, but Bella ducks forward and quickly spins around behind Candy! Before Candy can spin around, Bella shoves Candy forward! Candy jumps up at the last second, landing on the second rope, but Bella's quick thinking sends Candy crashing forward, and the entire upper half of her body sticks to the side of the cage!!

Adams: OH GOD! THAT has to hurt worse!

Simone: Ya think?! The face is bad enough, but the chest against that barbed wire?! Good grief!

Bella rushes up to her and begins repeatedly slamming Candy's head and upper torso into the barbed wire, drawing as much blood as she can! When Candy begins to look faint, Bella pulls her away and shoves her down to the canvas! Candy is a bloody mess and almost unrecognizable, just as much as Bella! Bella drops down and she leans forward, her hands on her knees.

Simone: The amount of blood these two have lost is insane.

Adams: But Bella bled first! And she's gotta start feeling the effects soon!

Bella fights through the blood loss and heads over to the corner turnbuckle, climbing up to the top rope! She stares down at Candy as she stands up straight, ready to fly! But she gets dizzy suddenly and nearly loses her footing! She crouches down, giving Candy the time she needs to get back to her feet! Candy is standing in the center of the ring and Bella is forced to jump down from the turnbuckle as the blood loss is starting to get to her! She leans against the turnbuckle as Candy just looks at the bloody mess she has become!

Simone: And Bella is feeling it now. These women aren't going to be able to handle much more!

Bella starts stepping away from the corner, walking over to Candy! Both women stare at one another, and what they have done to each other! Bella is growing frustrated, and also more woozy as the match continues, but Candy suddenly smiles! She's actually smiling!

Adams: Ummm...what is she smiling about?!

Simone: Your guess is as good as mine!

Bella looks around confused until Candy points up! Bella looks, as does Candy, as a strange bag is being lowered towards the ring! Bella stares, confused even further but just as she is going to look back at Candy, the bag makes a loud popping noise and both women are suddenly covered in...GLITTER!


Simone: What the hell?! I can't believe what I'm seeing right now!

Candy manages to have some fun and enjoys the site of the glitter, but Bella is not all amused. Not only is she a bloody mess, but she's now a bloody mess covered in glitter! Both women are! Bella's arms drop and she stands there, letting out a sigh as Candy tries to make the best of a brutal match! Candy starts spinning around, having as much fun as possible until she gets dizzy, either from spinning too fast or from the blood loss- or pehaps both! Either way, she gets unsteady on her feet and Bella fights back!

Adams: That made me dizzy too!

Simone: Pretty sure her dizziness was due to blood loss.

Bella nails Candy with a hard right shot, and Candy stumbles back, but she stays on her feet! She turns back and she hits Bella with a hard right of her own and the two begin delivering back and forth shots to wear the other down, but both are getting exhausted! Candy gets a burst of adrenaline, though, and begins firing away as Bella stumbles back, closer and closer to the ropes and the cage yet again! She grabs a fist full of Bella's hair and spins her, throwing her face and upper torso first into the steel cage! Bella stays there for a moment, almost lifeless as Candy heads to the corner turnbuckle! She climbs up and watches, waiting for the right moment! Bella slowly moves away from the ropes and the cage, unsteady on her feet as Candy moves into position!

Simone: Uh oh. I know what's coming here!

When Bella is in the perfect spot, Candy leaps off the top turnbuckle and hits her with The Gumdrop!!

Candy crawls over and drapes an arm over Bella as Drew drops down!





Justin: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner and STILLLLL Bombshell Roulette Champion...CANDY!!

Simone: She did it! Candy has retained the Bombshell Roulette Championship!

Adams: And she got to use glitter when she did it!!

Candy is helped back to her feet and handed the Bombshell Roulette Championship by Drew Patton. She holds her arms up, and smiles, fighting through the dizziness as she celebrates as much as she can in her condition. Drew checks on Bella, as the defeated challenger is pulling herself back to her feet.

Simone: Both of these women put each other through hell tonight. How are they still standing?!

Candy walks over to Bella, helping to hold her up. She then raises her hand high as well, pointing to her challenger in a show of good sportsmanship! The steel cage is raised a few moments later and both women are helped backstage to be seen by medical staff.

Adams: Well..the ring is now a bloody mess!

Simone: And that was just the beginning! There is more where that came from!

We cut backstage to see Scott Oliver interviewing Bea Barnhart in the hallway outside her dressing room.

Scott: Bea you are currently 1-1-0 in Singles competition but tonight you face Violet Holt the wrestler you defeated in your debut match in Sin City Wrestling.

Bea: I not only defeat her, Scott, I made her submit. Losing by submission is hard to shake off and Violet will not be the exception to that.

Scott: Does the fact that the winner of your match obtains Number One Contender for the Bombshell Roulette Championship help as an incentive?

Bea: Of course it does! Here I am in my third Singles match, and fourth match overall, in my wrestling career and Management felt I was due to challenge for a Championship. Yes this is a Number One Contendership match but when I win I will get a shot at the Bombshell Roulette Championship.

Scott: Any words of advice for Violet Holt?

Bea: Violet you need to be ready to take a devastating loss. I will make quick work of you and move on to challenge for the Bombshell Roulette Championship. See you in the ring shortly.

Scott: There you go. A very confident Bea Barnhart ready to take on Violet Holt for a chance at the Number One Contendership for the Bombshell Roulette Championship.

The scene opens backstage at My Bloody Valentine III where we see Bea Barnhart and Violet Amelia Holt standing by waiting for the stipulation for their Number One Contender's Match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship to be determined.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ready?

Violet and Bea nod and the wheel is spun before eventually stopping on.......

Simone: Oh god no.

Adams: Please no, anything but that!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fans Brings the Weapons!

The crowd pops before Bea and Amelia leave to get ready.

Simone: Welcome back to My Bloody Valentine III and the first of the Number One Contenders matches for the Roulette Championship being determined between Bea Barnhart and Violet Amelia Holt in a........

Belinda sighs.

Simone: Fans Bring the Weapons Match.

Adams: How did the fans smuggle half of those weapons in? And can we get moved to the top of the entrance ramp already?!

Simone: I don't get paid enough for this, let's take it to Justin who is at the top of the ramp.

Justin: The following contest is a Number One Contender's Match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship! And thanks to a spin of the wheel, this match will be a Fans Bring The Weapons Match!

Jasmine quickly ducks out of the ring and hides under the ring whilst Belinda and Jason share a look.

Simone: Duck?

Adams: Duck!

Justin: Fans, toss the weapons!

Belinda and Jason duck just in time to avoid the tidal wave of weapons being thrown into the ring ranging from the expected like chairs to the lass expected, once the coast is clear everyone comes out of their hiding places as the lights softly die down as a countdown clock appears on the screen. Once the clock hits zero, "Heartbeat" strikes up as a young woman with blonde hair steps through the curtains with an older gentleman and another young woman alongside her. The crowd is mixed with their reactions.

Justin: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by her father Dustin Holt and sister Shelby Holt, from Port Charlotte, Florida. Please welcome Violet Amelia Holt

Violet somberly walks down the ramp while whispering to her little sister. She then slides into the ring and throws up a hand gesture which gets people going crazy. She walks to a corner and waits.

Simone: Is it safe? Oh thank god, anyway this is Violet's first PPV with SCW but as Justin said, she has the pedigree to back it up.

Adams: But Bea won't make it easy on her!

Justin: And her opponent!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar starts to play and we see Bea Barnhart exit from the backstage area dancing to her entrance music. She is dressed in black leather pants, a white pullover type tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket, which is basically a tough street girl look.

Justin: Being accompanied by Bill Barnhart, from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Bea Barnhart!

Bill Barnhart is following behind Bea to act as her unofficial Manager for her match. Iris, their English Bulldog, is not around as she is not part of the wrestling persona of Bea Barnhart. As the music continues Bea makes her way down to the ring where she climbs the ring steps then ducks through the ropes into the ring. She plays the crowd for a bit before running across the ring leaping up into the corner then executing a backflip landing on her feet. Bea then settles into a corner to wait for the match to start. Meanwhile Bill Barnhart takes up residence in a folding metal chair at ringside in her corner.

Simone: Bea's looking to bounce back from her loss to Andrea Hernandez at the last Climax Control!

Adams: Putting herself in title contention would certainly do that!

Once Jasmine has gone over the rules (or lack thereof) with both women she calls for the bell.


Simone: And the second match of the night is underway.

Adams: This should be a good one!

As soon as the bell rings Violet makes a grab for the nearest weapon she can get her hands on, namely a baseball bat and swings it at Bea's head, unfortunately for the second generation bombshell Bea ducks under the swing and grabs at the bat trying to free it from Violet's grasp, Violet realizes that both of Bea's hands are on the bat and uses the opportunity to kick Bea in the stomach and wrap the bat around Bea's throat before hitting her with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Simone: That was an.........interesting Russian Leg Sweep variation.

Adams: Normally we see that kind of move done with a kendo stick, either way Violet is going for the pin on Bea!



Bea gets the shoulder up, Violet stands up and wastes no time in whacking Bea in the stomach with the bat whilst she is down before tossing it aside and looking for another weapon, she quickly finds one in the form of a Steel Chair which she wedges between the top and middle turnbuckle before picking Bea up.

Simone: Looks like Violet wants to send Bea headfirst into that chair!

Adams: My head hurts just thinking about that!

Belinda's prediction ends up coming true as Violet grabs Bea by her hair and pants before trying to throw her into the chair, however Bea is able to reverse it and, though Violet stops herself from colliding with the chair at first, Bea follows that up by dropkicking Violet from behind sending her face-first into the chair! Violet stumbles backwards and is clearly bleeding from that blunder but doesn't get much chance to dwell on that fact before Bea rolls her up.



And Violet gets the shoulder up.

Simone: Didn't take long for blood to spill.

Adams: And Violet's just realized it, then again if it weren't for her quick thinking Bea would be the one busted open by that chair!

The impact between Violet's head and the chair caused it to become dislodged and fall out of the ring but that is the last thing on either woman's mind right now as Violet is still reeling from the collision and the bleeding from her forehead whilst Bea is looking for another weapon to use, realizing that most of the weapons landed outside the ring Bea leaves the ring to continue her search before Bill alerts her to something, Bea looks up just in time to be hit with a Suicide Dive by Violet!

Simone: The Blonde Bomber by Violet takes Bea down!

Adams: Violet should be glad that Bea didn't get a chance to find another weapon! Speaking off, how did THAT get passed security?!

We quickly see what Jason is referring too, namely a barbed wire baseball bat that landed near the ring and Violet grabs it upon seeing it before waiting for Bea to get back to her feet, once Bea is back on her feet she doesn't remain standing for long before Violet whacks her in the midsection with the barbed wire bat dropping Bea to her knees before Violet grans some barbed wire from the bat and starts strangling Bea with it! Bill goes to intervene but is stopped by Dustin whilst Jasmine tells Violet to let Bea go to no avail.

Simone: Jasmine had better intervene soon before Violet goes to far and actually murders Bea.

Adams: I know My Bloody Valentine is supposed to be one of our more violent shows, but I don't think that's what the bosses had in mind.

Fortunately for everyone involved Bea manages to break free by grabbing a Kendo Stick and whacking Violet in the face with it forcing the blonde bombshell to let go of her stranglehold, Violet gets another idea however and we soon see it as she wraps the barbed wire around her fire and sucker punches Bea with the Barbed Wire Fist busting Bea open in the process! Violet rolls Bea back into the ring and follows her in before waiting for Bea to get back to her feet.

Simone: What else could Violet possibly have in mind for Bea?

Adams: I don't know but I may end up losing my lunch over it!

Once Bea is back on her feet Violet charges and its her with the Supergirl Punch using the first wrapped in barbed wire and if Bea wasn't bleeding before, she is now! Violet goes for a cover.



And Bea somehow gets the shoulder up! Violet pounds the matt in frustration before spotting two items at ringside.

Simone: Okay, seriously, how did they get a table and a bag of thumbtacks pass security!?

Adams: Someone must be supplying these weapons before the match, it's the only explanation that makes sense!

Violet leaves the ring and grabs the table first followed by the thumbtacks, she sets the table up in the middle of the ring before pouring the thumbtacks on it and placing Bea atop the table before heading to the outside and calling for her finisher.

Simone: Air Violet's about to take off!

Adams: All I heard was "Violet's about to take off.........."


Violet goes for the Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault but unfortunately for her Bea moves at the last second sending Violet through the table and thumbtacks.

Simone: Oh god, my body hurts just looking at that!

Adams: When the doctors ask Violet how many thumbtacks she landed in after Bea moved, she'll answer yes!

Violet is clearly in pain and Bea seizes the opportunity to lock in The Pretzel!

Simone: The Pretzel! I don't think Violet will be able to withstand this after her failed attempt at putting Bea through a table!

Adams: I would say stick a fork in Violet but with all those thumbtacks in her? There's no need!

Jasmine gets into position and asks Violet if she wants to quit, it doesn't take long for Violet to tap out!


Justin: Here is your winner, Bea Barnhart!

Simone: Bea picks up the win and will go on to challenge Candy at a later date!

Adams: What a match that'll be but, in the meantime, either the bosses move our table to the top of the ramp or I'm asking for a raise!

Bea celebrates with Bill whilst Dustin and Shelby check on Violet.

Vinnie is backstage talking to Pete

Senor Vinnie: Some mess you got me into Pete!! But you know what?? I have this perfect solution. If I win, I am going to ask Bill to get you on a date with Iris on one of the next shows. But if he wins?? Oh boy, you are in a treat amigo.

Pete: ....

Senor Vinnie: No I am not going to ask Bill if you can buy Iris dinner for a dinner date!!! If I lose, you are going to be spending one month fulfilling his every wish young man!!!

Pete can be seen suddenly swallowing in fear as the shot fades

Backstage, the live crowd cheers as Ms. Rocky Mountains is seen holding up a microphone. Standing next to her is SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas for an interview segment.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Alright, Mercedes, we are just hours away from what should be a match that will have a lot of fireworks. Talking about your match tonight for the Bombshell Internet Championship in a six-pack challenge ladder match. Are you ready?

Mercedes gives a slight grin at the interviewer, then adjusts her fingerloop glove over the length of one arm.

Mercedes: Am I ready? I'm beyond ready. The better question is if my opponents are ready for me. We'll find out tonight, Rocky. Because there isn't a doubt in my mind that I'm going to pull it off and win the gold here. Just because the SCW universe isn't emotionally invested in me won't stop me from making history one...more...time.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Now you're just coming back from a concussion that had you sidelined for over a month. Some question if you've been rushed back so soon, others, like Johanna Krieger, seem to think you've been dodging competition.

Mercedes: And that's fine. People think what they want. I've heard what JoJo been saying about me, but I think my tweet to her sums up that situation. My mind is focused on my match, nothing more, nothing less. And like I said earlier this week, receipts are coming.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Your opponents didn't hold anything back in their comments hyping this match. What's your response?

Mercedes lightly taps the microphone Rocky holds out to her.

Mercedes: This thing on?

The interviewer assures her with a nod.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: It is.

Mercedes: Good. Because it's about to be on.

Mercedes divides her attention between the interviewer and the camera.

Mercedes: You have Sierra crying about how I didn't earn my way into this title match. And to that I say why should I have to work three times as hard as the other girls to get a title match when I've already proven myself? I'm an SCW Hall of Famer, a seasoned veteran of the six-sided ring, a bonafide living legend. Sometimes life isn't fair, sweetie. Deal with it.

Mercedes shakes her head, this time a serious look on her face.

Mercedes: Sierra's had championship opportunities and lost. She's had contendership matches and lost. There's a saying: when you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you. I don't know, maybe she needs to take a good long look in the mirror, maybe she's not as good as she thinks she is. Sierra's ego will get the best of her, as usual. As for the other girls? Conventional wisdom says that Samantha is probably headed for another heartbreaking loss. Jessie has proven she's beyond help. When it comes to Kate, she puts the pathetic in sympathetic.

Mercedes raises her index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.

Mercedes: And I did have something to say about Seleana, but I'm going to let tonight play out as she chokes again in another title match.

She gives an innocent shrug.

Mercedes: I think I've made my case why I am the one to beat, why I am the favorite. Before I was cleared to compete this match was anyone's game, now my opponents have a new challenger. Something they should know, I don't play games, I win them. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time.

Mercedes turns to look at the camera.

Mercedes: For me this is going to be fun, but for all of you this is going to be a nightmare.

She maintains an unwavering smile.

Mercedes: Long before you knew, and long after you'll remember.

We go out to East Fowler Avenue, just outside of the University of South Florida campus. Melissa Ruin is stretching out her arms as Angel Kash checks her reflection in a pocket compact. She slides it into her purse and then hands her purse to part-time SCU Ring Announcer Darlyn Farjardo. Darlyn glares at Angel.

Angel: There is hand sanitizer in there. Use it.

Melissa chuckles as Darlyn drops the purse down on the ground, looking at her watch. A second golf cart pulls up to the scene with Azz n Class members Chanelle Martinez and Torielle Jackson, back on SCW TV for the first time in ages.

Chanelle: Mellie and Angel, you all ready to get ya asses whooped?

Torielle: Oh shit, gurrrrrrrrl! You know they ain't ready for this...

Chanelle and Torielle begin approaching Melissa and Angel as Referee Jade Pham stands between them, holding them off from getting at one another.

Darlyn: The following Street Fight is scheduled for one fall! Iiiiiiiiiintroducing first, the team of Chanelle Martinez and Torielle Jackson... Azz n' Class!!!

Chanelle and Torielle pose, propping themselves up as the fans in the Yuengling Center cheer for them. They wave off Angel and Melissa as Chanelle begins bouncing up and down before twerking for a moment. Torielle leans down and pats Chanelle's ass.

Darlyn: Aaaaaaaaaaaaand their opponents... Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin, they are... Nobility!!!

Angel and Melissa roll their eyes at Torielle and Chanelle as they turn around and high five one another, clasping hands as they turn back to Chanelle and Torielle. They look around as Jade gives them the rundown of the rules, or lack thereof. Once both sides nod their head, Jade calls for the bell.


Chad: Melissa and Angel charge at Chanelle and Torielle, knocking them down to the pavement. Torielle and Chanelle flip them over and the brawling begins.

Gena: Chanelle gets up, stomping on Melissa a few times. She leans on a light post as Angel grabs onto her leg. She kicks Angel away, but Melissa is right there, rolling her up into a pin with a handfull of pants!



Chad: Torielle kicks Melissa in the head to break up the pin. She drags Melissa into the middle of the street as a car comes to a screeching halt. Torielle shakes her head and waves. Melissa then Spears her onto the car hood and hammers away with several punches.

Gena: The car honks again and Melissa flips them off before throwing a couple more hits. However, Torielle rolls Melissa off of her and stands up on the hood of the car and then nails a Split Leg Moonsault and holds the pose for a pin.




Chad: Torielle is knocked off the car as Chanelle comes rushing up as the car takes off. Melissa drags Torielle as Chanelle chases after her. Angel looks both ways before crossing the street. The only one to want show any proper etiquette.

Gena: Chanelle catches up as they wind up in the parking lot of Starbucks. She clubs Melissa across the back and knocks her down to the ground. She rolls on top of her and begins hammering away at her.

Chad: Angel immediately comes up behind her and pulls her up by the hair and whips her around before slamming her into the door of Starbucks. They go through the doors and Angel grabs a cup from a patrons hand and tosses it in Chanelle's face!

Gena: Chanelle screams as Angel rolls her over onto her back and she hooks the leg.



Gena: Torielle rips Angel off of her and slams her onto the counter. She grabs handfuls of biscotti and shoves them in Angel's mouth, eyes, and nose, crumbling them as Angel sputters on them.

Chad: She throws Angel over the counter as the baristas scatter and hide. She turns on the sink and begins dunking her head under the stream. Angel flings her blonde locks back and Torielle ducks in the sink that's filling up.

Gena: Torielle finally lets up and bashes her head into the side of the frappuccino machine. She then drops down for the cover.



Chad: Angel grabs Torielle by the back of the head and drags her over to the drive thru window. She throws Torielle through and then hands a check to the driver!

Angel: GO! GO! Drive! Drive!

Chad: The car drives off with Torielle hanging half way out of the window! Chanelle bashes Angel into the counter and she begins pouring sugar down her head. Angel turns around blindly as Chanelle crashes the sugar dispenser over Angel's head.

Gena: She is about to go for the pin on Angel, but Melissa grabs her by the hair and she nails a DDT onto the hard tile floor. Melissa and Angel crawl on top of Chanelle and they hook the legs!





Darlyn: Here are your winners... Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin... Nobility!!!

Melissa and Angel stand up as "Superficial" blares over the speakers inside of the venue as Referee Jade Pham raises their arms. They look down at Chanelle and kick her a few good times before they walk from behind the counter. The workers stare and shake from around the corner and Angel pulls her checkbook out of her top. She writes out a check and then places it on top of the counter before her and Melissa walk off in celebration.

The scene opens backstage at My Bloody Valentine III where we see one half of Team Go Ariana Angelos whose team is one of several teams competing for a chance at the Pride Tag Team Championships at Blaze of Glory VIII, the teenage wrestler is walking around backstage when she is approached by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ariana, later on tonight you and Carter are teaming up to take on eight otter teams in a Gauntlet Match for a chance at the Pride Tag Team Championships at Blaze of Glory VIII, this is also your PPV Debut.

Ariana: Thanks, not like the pressure was mounting up on me enough already!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Sorry, but how are you and Carter preparing for this match?

Ariana: Same as any other match, going out there and giving it our all! We are definitely the underdogs in this match but that only stopped us once before in SCW against London Underground, but fortune favors the bold..........

Ariana gets cut off by a small bark before the camera pans down to show Lemmy, Caleb Storms' five month old Golden Labrador Puppy sitting at her feet apparently having gotten lose from Caleb, needless to say it doesn't take Ariana long to lose track.

Ariana: OH MY GOD!

Ariana squees before she picks up Lemmy who greets her with the usual puppy kisses as she strokes the puppy, seconds later Caleb runs onto the scene and Ariana hands Lemmy over.

Caleb: Sorry, I should've been paying more attention to him whilst I was preparing for the Internet Championship match.

Ariana: I'm not complaining.

Caleb lets Ari stroke Lemmy a couple of times before he leaves at which point Ms. Rocky Mountains hands Ari a handkerchief to wipe the dog slobber from her face.

Ariana: Thanks.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Learned from my first meeting with Lemmy.

Ariana: Where was I?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fortune favors the bold?

Ariana: Right, right, fortune favors the bold Rocky and tonight me and Carter are booking our tickets to Blaze of Glory VIII!

Ariana walks off as the scene fades.

Backstage, Rocky Mountains is standing by the Roulette rules wheel where she is joined by Jack Russow, Malachi and Chris Crippler. She reaches up and sets the wheel spinning and stands back. The three competitors watch as it spins then slows down. All three look worried as the wheel slows even more closer and closer to the bikini match stipulation. The wheel emits one final click as the view focuses on the falls count anywhere stipulation to the relief of the wrestlers.

Adams: That was close Belinda, we almost had a bikini match to decide who would be the number one contender to the Roulette title.

Simone: I don't know who decides what matches go on the wheel but someone should remove the ones that no one would want to see like a bikini match.

Malachi, Crippler and Russow leave Rocky as they make their way to the gorilla press area. In the ring, Justin Decent brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin:The following triple threat match is for the number one contendership to the Roulette title and will be contested under falls count anywhere rule. Introducing first...from Waterford Ireland, he is Malachi!

The quiet beginning of "Blood//Water" begins playing through the speakers as Malachi enters the arena to a rousing chorus of boos. He simply stares around at the crowd with a look of utter disdain as he walks down the ramp towards the ring, climbing the steps and entering through the ropes. He climbs the turnbuckle and throws his arms to the side while staring out at the crowd again as his music fades away.

Simone: Malachi looks ready for the match tonight. I wonder if Jack Russow or Chris Crippler will be prepared to face a focused Malachi.

Justin: And his opponent, from Brooklyn New York

The lights kick out in the arena as a scream fades from soft to loud...


Adams: We are about to find out Belinda because he comes that young man right now.

A sheet of sparks showers from the rafters and "All I Want" by A Day To Remember's chorus blares as a young man walks through and kneels whispering to himself as he kisses the inside of his wrist. Then he grabs his hood and flips it up screaming in excitement for the fans who are sending him nothing but love and energy...the second coming of The Russows...young Jack Russow has taken the stage. Without wasting time he makes a beeline for the ring, slides under the rope, runs towards the opposite rope, handspring flips then corkscrews in midair landing on both knees with his arms outstretched smirking into the camera.

Justin: And their opponent, from Colcester England

The lights in the auditorium switch off as "Last Man Standing" by Hammerfall begins to play over the PA system, as soon as the guitar rift kicks in, the spotlights goes around the audience and the stage lights illuminate as Chris Crippler steps out from behind the curtain.

Adams: The wily veteran will be a force to be reckoned with in this match. Both young men need to be ready for Chris Crippler.

Simone: Don't let that smug look fool you, he can toss it up with the best of them Jason.

Justin: He is Chris Crippler.

He casually strolls down the aisle way, ignoring the fans ringside, stepping up the ring steps to the apron and walking along to the middle. He gazes out at the crowd in attendance with a look of disgust before stepping through the ropes, Chris walks over to the opposite side of the ring, adjusting his wrist tape as he presses his back against the turnbuckles. The referee checks him for foreign objects as his music fades away.

Simone: Time to get this party started Jason.

Adams: Party? Don't you mean show? Either way, I can't wait, where is my drink and snacks.

Jacob Summers signals for the bell.


All three men look at one another as they move towards the center of the ring. Summers motions for the match to begin and Crippler charges towards Jack Russow with a clubbing clothesline that takes the young man off his feet. Malachi quickly drops and rolls him up for a quick one count that is broken up by Crippler who kicks the back of Malachi's head. Grabbing the back of his neck, Malachi surges to his feet and into the face of Crippler. The two men start jawing at each other until Malachi has had enough and hits Crippler with a roundhouse that staggers him. Jack rolls to the outside as the two men trade rights and lefts in the ring. Crippler begins to get the better of Malachi who is punched back towards the corner where Jack is standing on the outside. Chris forces Malachi against the turnbuckles then drops him to the mat with a European uppercut. Before he can begin to deliver mule kicks on the downed Irishman, Jack pulls him out of the ring and to the floor. Malachi staggers away from Jack who follows him along. In the ring, Crippler slides between the ropes to the apron to delivers a kick to the head of Russow before dropping to the floor only to be taken off his feet with an irish hammer from Malachi.

Adams: Wow, we have already headed out of the ring and I bet you that going into the crowds is to come.

Crippler is against the barricade breathing heavily as Malachi picks up Jack who is shaking his head to clear it. Pulling his head into a headlock, Malachi lifts him up in a vertical suplex and turns to drop him only to be kicked in the midsection by Crippler. Jack falls to the floor as Crippler continues to batter at Malachi with European uppercuts that move him back towards the crowd. Staggering at the barricade, Malachi throws himself over it and moves off into the crowds. Crippler makes to follow him but Jack Russow catches him before he is halfway over the barricade with a springboard shining wizard using the announce table. Crippler goes down hard in the crowd where Malachi sees him and rushes to pin him as well but is hit with a superkick from Russow. Summers moves to the crowd where Jack has pinned Crippler but isn't able to count as Chris presses the young man off at one. Crawling quickly to Malachi, he rolls him up for a one count before Malachi kicks out as well. Jack gets to his feet and reaches down for Malachi to pull him to his feet. Malachi ducks under a spinning back elbow then takes down Crippler with a crossbody. Crippler rolls away from Malachi who is also down on the floor. Jack moves towards the pair who share a look then both take him down with a clothesline. Crippler drops to pin Jack but Malachi pulls him off then pins him himself but is pulled off by Crippler. The two men start arguing and pushing at each other before trading punches. Crippler staggers away to the ramp followed by Russow who begins to deliver muay thai kicks and strikes on the older Crippler.

Simone: Already we have had multiple pins and the fight has left the ring and is heading to the concession stands.

Summers follows the three men as they fight their way out of the arena and into the concourse level where fans can be seen screaming and cheering on the trio and slapping them on the back where they can reach them. Jack grabs the arm of Malachi and whips him across the concourse into a garbage can that is knocked over tripping him. Malachi rolls away as Jack comes towards him but is taken off his feet with a lariat from Crippler. Lying on the concrete holding his head, Jack is rolled over by Crippler who gets a two count out of Jacob until the count is broken by Malachi who picks up Crippler with a handful of hair and drags him towards a concession stand. Once there, Malachi pulls the head of Crippler against his side then lifts him for a vertical suplex that he lets land on a table with teeshirts breaking it and forcing Crippler to arch in pain. Rolling over, Malachi goes for the pin and gets a two count before Crippler forces his shoulder up. Getting to his feet he is attacked by Jack Russow who uses strikes against Malachi. A now angered Malachi pulls Russow along the concourse towards a food concession stand where the screams of the employees are heard as he tosses Jack over the counter. Malachi turns to look for Crippler who has gotten to his feet and is holding his back. Malachi maliciously moves towards the older wrestler but is hit from behind by Jack Russow holding a large bag of popcorn that he swings once more just as Malachi is turning around. The momentum staggers Malachi into a thesz press from Crippler who begins to rain down punches on Malachi who covers up quickly.

Adams: That's MY popcorn he is using as a weapon Belinda!

Simone: Surprisingly it was effective. Who would have thought.

Jack rushes towards Crippler and knocks him off Malachi with a superkick that has Crippler rolling across the floor. Jack reaches down to pull Malachi off the concrete and whips him along the hall towards the arena once more. Crippler slowly gets to his feet as the two others disappear around a corner. He follows them slowly as the two batter each other down the aisle towards the ring once more. Jacob follows them as Malachi manages to start to get the better of Russow. Pushing him away enough, Malachi levels Russow with a superkick that has the young man laid out on the barricade. Malachi is grinning viciously as Jacob Summers moves to check on Jack and doesn't see Crippler come up behind Malachi and surprise him with a hard punch. Malachi drops like a stone as Crippler pulls a pair of brass knuckles off his hand and tucks them away in his trunks. Reaching down, he yells at Summers to make the count while he rolls up Malachi. Summers comes over and slaps the concrete but Jack breaks up the count after staggering towards the pair. Crippler gets to his feet and whips a wavering Jack over the barricade into the ringside area before turning to Malachi and grabbing him by the hand as he is making his way to his feet, drags him to the barricade where he slams his head into the metal before reaching into his boot and pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

Simone: Chris Crippler has handcuffs Jason, he is going to handcuff Malachi to the barricade. This could be bad news for Jack if Chris manages to cuff him.

Slapping one side of the cuffs onto the wrist of Malachi, Crippler drags him kicking and fighting towards the barricade. Malachi struggles trying to prevent the other side of the cuff being put around the metal but Crippler delivers a hard knee into the midsection of Malachi that drives the air from his lungs and allows Chris to snap the cuff around the metal. Malachi swings wildly at Crippler who taunts him from a safe distance. Turning, Crippler moves towards where Jack had been laying on the other side of the barricade. Russow has climbed into the ring and is on the top turnbuckle where he launches himself off onto Crippler with a corkscrew six thirty that takes the pair to the floor. Jack is slow to move and Crippler is down and not moving. Jack rolls over and crawls towards Crippler as Malachi is fighting desperately to break the cuffs. Rolling up a prone Crippler, Jack lays back on the chest of Crippler as Summers makes the count.

Simone: Malachi is fighting to get to Russow but the cuffs that Crippler put him in aren't giving an inch.


Adams: Jack Russow has Crippler down and out from the looks of it which means that he is going to pull out the win unless Malachi can stop it.


Simone: Malachi is dragging the barricade towards the pair but will it be fast enough?


Adams: NO! Malachi wasn't able to stop the pin by Jack Russow who has pinned Chris Crippler and earned the number one contendership to the Roulette title.

Jacob signals for the bell as Jack lets go of the legs of Crippler then rolls to the side to reach for the apron of the ring and pulls himself up.


Justin: The winner of the match, Jack Russow!

Jacob joins Jack and holds up his arm in victory as Malachi angrily kicks at the barricade and Crippler slows starts to come around. Jack holds his head as he gets into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to raise his arm in victory as the fans cheer.

Adams: Jack Russow is your winner.

Simone: And Malachi is one hell of an angry man after he was cheated out of this match by a pair of handcuffs.

Alex Rush is seen backstage, walking through the hallways, oddly twirling an umbrella over his shoulder as he casually walks through spinning it. SCU reporter Marissa Henry looks at him from across the hall, but quickly hides her face.

Alex: Pussy!

Alex waves towards Marissa, who sighs at the man twirling the umbrella as he approaches.

Alex: Good morrow to you young puss puss.

Marissa: First off, morrow means morning, secondly, I tell you every week, I'm not Pussy Willow, that's Pussy Willow.

Marissa points off camera and the camera spins to see Pussy Willow, standing looking confused, Alex waves at Pussy with his free hand.

Alex: Hello Marissa! Fancy seeing you here.

Marissa: I'm Marrisa!

Alex scratches his head and looks at the real Marissa.

Alex: You can't be, you look nothing like her. I mean even in that film Gemini Man, where there was this guy who used to be the Fresh Prince show up and try and kill someone older, who also looked like the Fresh Prince if the Fresh Prince got like older, but like he'd still spent Uncle Phil's money to make himself look a little bit younger than he really is, if you were Marissa, then you'd look like the Marissa over there, but you don't, so you're not Gemini woman.

Marissa: I never said I was!

Alex bites his lower lip and looks at her.

Alex: Oh, ok then.

Marissa sighs and points at the umbrella.

Marissa: I know I shouldn't ask, but why?

Alex: Cause I'm still looking for Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh, cause I was told she would stand under my umber-ella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh. But I've been walking around like this for like a week or something and no Ella's have stood under it, there was a Jane, and a Madison, and a Miranda, but no Ella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh's. I don't know who she is, and everyone I ask don't know where I can find her, so I'm trying the umbrella thing, although people get read mad when you take an umbrella to a football game. I don't know why that guy was complaining about it, it's not like his other eye don't work.

Alex spins the umbrella again and shrugs his shoulders.

Marissa: I'm sure she's around here somewhere.

Alex: Probably. My rhino's are good at finding people, but they wasn't allowed here, but Caleb's dog was, so uncool. Aw well, must dash, must search for Ella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh! Ta-rah for a bit!

As Alex walks out, a woman puts her hand up to him, her face covered in the camera shot by the umbrella.

Alex: Can't stop now love, I must find Ella Singleton, but I'll be back later, you decide in the mean time which one you want me to sign, left or right.

Alex smiles and walks away, moving the umbrella from the camera view to see a less than please Ella Singleton looking at him as he wanders off in to the distance.

Cameras cut backstage to SCU GM Donna Beauchamp as she walks with the SCU Combat title on her hands. She reaches the office of SCW GM Brooke Saxon. Donna opens the door.

Brooke: So, what's going on Donna. I got a show to run. I need to know who Jenifer is facing tonight for the Combat title.

Donna: No one.

Brooke: Nope, you got ladies on the roster, you owe me a match. I have a show to manage, not knowing what's happening to a key match on my line up upsets me. Mark and Chris are too busy dealing with the bitching and moaning from the locker rooms. They have me handle this and I be damned if I don't deliver.

Donna: Jenifer isn't here.

Brooke: What?

Donna: Her flight never made it to Florida.

Brooke gets very upset hearing about this in the middle of her show.

Donna: It's worse, Eyesnsane was also on that flight as well as a few of my staff personal.

Brooke: So how the hell do you plan on fixing not one but two of your matches on my card?

Just then Delia Darling enters the room.

Brooke: I need a minute Delia.

Donna: What, Delia, you resigned a new 4 match deal with SCU. Guess what, you have a match tonight. You and Halo will go one on one tonight in a kickboxing match for the vacant Combat Championship.

Delia: Okay.

Brooke: The Gauntlet match?

Donna: Are you really going to give me shit for knocking a tag team out of that big match?

Brooke: Next time, you tell me this before the pre-show or SCW will only have pre-shows on selected super shows instead of all of them.

Donna: I understand.

Brooke: Delia, go with Donna for now to get ready, we can talk afterwards.

Donna and Delia Darling leave the room.

Brooke: Now on to other matters, the Blast From The Past Tournament. Shocking enough, this was the first year this company had trouble filling the spots. This tournament has been part of the company since the beginning. To those who signed up, thank you and good luck.

Unfortunately, I only have 15 out of the 16 women needed in this tournament. As a general manager of this company I have a show to manage, Mark Ward and Christian Underwood, put their faith in me for the past year-and-a-half and I'll be damned if I fail them now. Therefore for the first time ever, the general manager has entered the Blast From The Past tournament.

16 men signed up, but unfortunately, there are times in which I must make tough decisions. This is one of those times. Chris Crippler, a man many respect in this business has signed up this year. Unfortunately, due to obligations both professional and personal, I may have no choice but to remove him from this year's tournament.

I thought long and hard and who I can call, looking at the list of the other 15 gentlemen who have signed up for this competition, it started to become quite clear. The man I called was a man who always went out of his way to make sure he was in this tournament since joining the company. This gentleman quickly agreed to sign up. Should we be unable to resolve these issues in the coming days, replacing Chris Crippler will be the former Roulette and Tag Team Champion Jon Dough.

Brooke goes back to doing some paperwork as the camera cutaway.

Liam: The following contest is a Mixed Tag Team Gauntlet. Eliminations include but are not limited to, pinfall, submission, knockout, and disqualification! When one team is eliminated, another will be introduced. We then go until all ten teams have been introduced, and one team is left standing! This team will go onto Blaze of Glory to take on the Pride Tag Team Champions!!!

"What Does The Fox Say?" by Ylvis starts to play. The crowd looks up the ramp and cheer loudly as Mason Fox steps out onto the rampway. He runs from one side of the stage to the other, yipping as he goes.

Liam: On his way to the ring, standing at 5'10" and weighing in at 195lb, hailing from the woods, he is... Mason Foooooooxxxxxxxx!!!

Mason runs in place as he prepares to go down the ramp. As he gears up, the fans get louder and louder. The fans look on unsure what to think of the two wrestlers. Mason rushes down the ramp and then slides inside of the ring. He walks around the ring as he mimics the sounds playing over the speakers, dancing along to the music before settling into his corner.

Debbie walks out from the curtains. The fans cheer for Debbie as they chant her song.

Liam: And his partner... From Scottsdale, AZ standing at 5'5" and weighing in at 145lb, she is... Debbi Ruin!!!

Debbie slides in the ring with a bit of shock by the love she is receiving from the fans as she looks on at the crowd. She throws her hands up and then gets the crowd yipping for Mason. She hugs onto him as they settle into their corner.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Hollywood, CA standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 165lb, she is... Mz Holly Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

"Hollywood" by Collective blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. The silhouette of a lovely lady dancing is seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with her feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the lady inside kicks her way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood! Mz. Wood if you nasty. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for her partner.

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace's "Futatsu no Roe" begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5'5" and weighing in at 133lb, she is... Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings.


Chad: Merlot Ayano and Debbi Ruin start things off together by circling each other. Debbi reaches a hand toward Merlot, but Merlot slaps it away. Merlot tries to grab Debbi, but Debbi pulls her into a tie up.

Gena: Debbi lands a Belly to Belly Suplex. She climbs on top of Merlot and begins throwing lefts and rights. Merlot blocks some, but Debbi shows her determination to get her first title belt.

Chad: Merlot is able to grabs onto Debbi's shoulders and roll her over. She throws lefts and rights back at Debbi, landing more than Debbi did. Debbi grabs onto Merlot's hair and headbutts her, sliding over to tag in Mason Fox.

Gena: Merlot tags in Holly. Holly and Mason tie up and Holly turns around to grind on him, but Mason hits a series of clubs to the back of Holly's head. He rushes Holly into the corner, and Holly bucks him off!

Chad: Mason stumbles to the ground and holds onto his shoulder from the way he lands. Holly jumps up and hits the Sashay Away (Shining Stars Press)! She hooks the leg!



Gena: Debbi gets inside of the ring to break up the pin! But Merlot gets her in a Waistlock to stop her!



Liam: Mason Fox and Debbi Ruin have been eliminated! Entering next, Dorian B and Denise Andrews!!!

Crowd: *POP!

Chad: Dorian B and Denise Andrews run down to the ring and slide inside. Denise tries to start things off with Merlot, but Holly and Dorian are looking to one another and that gets the fans going.

Gena: It looks like Dorian and Holly Wood are starting off this act together, and the crowd is loving it! Dorian and Holly tie up in the center of the ring, and Dorian backs Holly into a free corner.

Chad: Holly reaches back and grabs onto Dorian's hotcakes and gives them a squeeze! Dorian leans in and bites Holly's neck!

Gena: No, wait, he's kissing it, and the crowd is laughing. Once Holly is flustered in the moment, Dorian hits her with a Northern Lights Suplex! He hooks the leg for the pin.



Chad: Holly raises the shoulder. She slides under Dorian and bridges him into a pin!




Gena: Dorian rolls back and tries to jump on top of Holly, but Holly rolls out of the way and tags in Merlot! Merlot hops inside as Dorian is forced to tag in Denise. Denise rushes inside as Merlot catches her with a Release German Suplex.

Chad: Merlot gets to her feet just before Denise and she goes for a right kick, but Denise grabs the leg and holds on, sweeping the leg out from under Merlot and she drops an elbow to the inside of the knee.

Gena: Merlot is able to pull herself to the ropes for a break. Denise refuses to let go until the referee forces her off to Denise's shock. Denise argues with the referee, scolding her until Merlot rolls her up from behind and Holly steps inside to block Dorian from breaking it up!





Liam: Denise Andrew and Dorian B have been eliminated! Entering next, representing GRIME... Red and Sister Esther!!!

Chad: Merlot and Holly stand in the center of the ring, waiting for Red and Esther to enter the ring. However, they are quick to slide in from behind and tackle Merlot and Holly to the mat.

Gena: They stomp away at them until Celeste, Jenifer, Alexis, Earl, Dahlia, Stewart, Debbi Ruin, Mason Fox, Tatsu, Dorian B, The Good Shepherds, Tatsu, Jamie Staggs, and so many others rush at the ring. Esther flips her veil out of her face and pulls Red to the ropes.

Chad: Red and Esther leap out of the ring and jump into the audience as the roster members give chase after them. The referee begins counting them out! Holly and Merlot get back to their feet, almost seeming confused.












Liam: Red and Sister Esther have been counted out and eliminated! Entering next, representing GRIME, Purple and Silver!!!

Gena: Purple and Silver step out onto the stage and look to one another with a nod. They walk down the ramp and climb onto the apron. After a moment of discussion, Silver steps inside of the ring and Merlot exits the ring.

Chad: Holly goes for a tie up, but Silver nails one solid right hook to Holly's temple that sends her down to the mat. Holly is left staring up, blinking, stunned. Silver walks over to Purple and tags her in.

Gena: Purple steps inside of the ring as Merlot holds out her hand. She waits for Holly to get to her hands and knees and crawl over to Merlot to tag her in. Holly rolls under the ropes and onto the apron, holding her head.

Chad: Merlot climbs inside and her and Purple meet in the center of the ring. The crowd is stunned with anticipation when they tie up. They struggle for the advantage. Purple uses her size, but Merlot uses her strength to keep it even.

Gena: Neither can gain the advantage until Purple lets go and goes for her own right cross on Merlot, but Merlot ducks and does a Backslide Pin to Purple.




Chad: Purple slides out of it. As she gets to her feet first, she nails Merlot with a Roundhouse Kick followed up by a devastating Evenflow DDT out of nowhere! She drops down for the pin, and Holly can't even get up to get into the ring!





Liam: Merlot Ayano and Mz Holly Wood have been eliminated! Entering next, John Blade and Stacy Ruin!!!

Gena: Blade charges from the back and down the ramp as Stacy walks out, looking frustrated. She makes it to the ring second, but Purple is demanding her to start. Blade shakes his head and points to himself.

Chad: However, Purple grabs Stacy by the hair and pulls her inside of the ring. Blade goes to pull her off, but Silver comes in and bumps into Blade, sending him to the ground with a Shoulder Tackle. He pulls Blade up to his feet.

Gena: Purple pulls Stacy up to her feet and they both land hard Evenflow DDT's, dropping down for a joint pin.





Liam: Stacy Ruin and John Blade have been eliminated!!! Entering next, Jerry Cann and Kandy Kain... Killer Kandies!!!

Chad: Jerry and Kandy rush down the ramp and get inside of the ring, turning things into a Tornado Tag for a moment until the ref backs Jerry and Silver to their corners. Kandy goes for a Crescent Kick, but Purple grabs her leg.

Gena: Exploder Suplex! She is about to convert it into a pin, but sees Jerry about to enter the ring. She picks Kandy up and sends her into the corner, shoulder first. Kandy screams out, holding her shoulder in pain.

Chad: Purple continues to stomp away until the referee waves down the medical team. Kandy is crying on her back as she tries to hold her shoulder in one position despite begin stomped.

Gena: Kandy shakes her head as she holds onto the ropes. Jerry quickly enters the ring to try to help his tag team partner. He is leaned down as the medics rush down too. Purple and SIlver slap hands, making an official tag.


Liam: Kandy has stated that she is unable to continue. Therefore, Killer Kandys have been eliminated!

Chad: Silver circles Jerry, but he is not in the mood to deal with it and he turns around and punches Silver right in the crotch and then sweeps him off of his feet as the medics assist Kandy out of the ring and onto a gurney.

Liam: Entering next, the team of Valentina and Shooter Reed!


Gena: Shooter takes his time making it out from backstage, but Valentina is more confident.

Chad: She steps out onto the stage and shows off her casted arm. She turns from side to side before she wiggles her hand out of the cast, throwing it to the stage before coming down.

Gena: Shooter comes out behind her and he waves off the crowd as Ray Ray and Ozzie follow after. Valentina steps onto the apron and waits as Shooter takes his sweet time coming down. Val yells at him to hurry up.

Chad: Well, he told her how he really felt when he flipped her off and then turned it to the crowd. He slows his roll and gets to the steps, climbing them one at a time with an arrogant swagger.

Gena: He steps inside and immediately tags Valentina in. Val throws her hands up in frustration before entering and waiting for SIlver to tag in Purple. Once that is done, Val ducks under a Clothesline and she jumps up for a Headscissors Takedown.

Chad: Purple turns over onto her stomach and gets to her feet. Val runs forward with a knee. She then turns around and does a Jumping Neckbreaker. She flaunts herself as she walks around the ring, just for Shooter to tag himself back in with a slap on the ass.

Gena: Shooter climbs back inside as he waits for Purple to tag in Silver. After a long pause, she is finally able to. Shooter waves Silver forward, and he attempts a Clothesline to Shooter, but Shooter ducks out of the way.

Chad: Shooter laughs and turns around to point out how stupid Silver is, only for Silver to grab him from behind and lift him up with a Sitout Crossface Slam. Shooter rolls over onto his stomach and crawls toward the ropes.

Gena: Val is about to get inside of the ring when Ray Ray holds onto her leg to stop her. The referee admonishes Ray Ray, while Ozzie slips something to Shooter. Shooter nails Silver in the face with Valentina's discarded cast! He slams it across the back of his head next and goes for the pin as Ray Ray lets go!



Chad: Val makes it inside just with enough time to stop Purple from breaking it up!



Liam: GRIME members Purple and SIlver have been eliminated! Entering next, Alex Rush and Ella Singleton!!!

Chad: I'm surprised to see that Alex is not entering on the back of a rhinoceros this week, but he walks out next to a less than pleased Ella Singleton by his side. Teamwork? Maybe not, but at least they aren't bickering with one another.

Gena: I don't know, dysfunction just got Shooter and Valentina an elimination, which is surprising after his words on Twitter and their words earlier.

Chad: Alex Rush steps onto the apron and looks at Shooter, and takes a deep breath and steps inside. He approaches Shooter, who notices he didn't dispose of the cast. He goes to pick it up, but Alex is quick to boot it out of the ring.

Gena: Shooter shoves Alex into the corner, and then begins throwing punches. However, Alex holds his hands up and points over Shooter's shoulder and shouts "GRIME!"

Chad: When Shooter turns his head to look, Alex slaps him across the face. He goes for a tie up, but Shooter shoves him back into the corner. He goes for his own tie up, but Alex slides from the corner.

Gena: As Shooter turns around, he gets an eye poke for his troubles. Alex then drops Shooter with a DDT. He is about to go for the pin, but Ray Ray pulls Shooter outside of the ring.

Ray Ray: Give the man some space! Give him some space!

Chad: Alex nods his head and takes a few steps back. As Ray Ray goes to check on Shooter, Alex nails Ray Ray with a Baseball Slide! Ella has had enough of the joking and she enters the ring, calling out Val.

Gena: Val thinks about it for a second and then steps inside. She and Ella meet in the center of the ring, and Ella goes for a slap, but Val ducks it and trips Ella up and as Ella turns around, Val hits the V-Day (Continuous Whirlybird Headscissors Takedown)!

Chad: Val looks down to see Ray Ray and Ozzie helping to beat down Alex while the ref is focused on her and Ella inside. She shouts at them and Ray Ray and Ozzie step aside as Shooter rolls Alex back inside of the ring.

Gena: Shooter drops an elbow to the chest of Alex and then aggressively pins his shoulders down to the mat and yells at the referee to count!




Crowd: *POP!*

Chad: Alex gets a shoulder up and the crowd is alive on the main show of My Bloody Valentine! Alex rolls over on his stomach to get to the ropes. Shooter grabs his legs and Alex gets the ropes. Alex pulls his legs in and brings Shooter into the ropes, and bouncing off.

Gena: Shooter falls to the mat and Alex gets Shooter into the Choke On This Wad (Rear Naked Choke). He begins flicking at Shooter's nose and rubbing his beard against Shooter's face as Shooter curses him out.

Chad: Val watches on and laughs at the sight before her. Shooter waves his arms about, trying to get to the ropes, but he's too far back. That beard reddens his face more than the chokehold does.

Gena: Shooter's eyes begin rolling as Ray Ray tries to reach in to grab hold of Shooter's leg. But Ella stomps on his arm and the back of his head as he tries. The referee raises Shooter's limp hand.


Chad: Shooter gives no response. The referee raises the arm and looks around to make sure everyone can see it fall a second time.


Gena: The referee goes to raise the arm once more, leaving room for everyone to see it fall again. As the arm starts to go down, Ozzie grabs Ella's leg as Val shoots inside and breaks up the hold!

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Chad: You can't fault her for not wanting to take a loss. I mean, it's fair after all. Shooter takes a deep breath as he tries to make it over to the ropes. Alex grabs onto the back of his head and pulls him up.

Gena: Shooter rolls past Alex and tags in Valentina. Val is happy to get in this time as she raises her arms up, ready to go. She waves Ella inside as Ozzie finally lets go of her. She ducks a Clothesline and lands a Chick Kick.

Chad: She nails a Hair Pull Curb Stomp to Ella and then rolls her over for the cover. Alex tries to get inside, but this time, Ray Ray and Ozzie both hold onto his legs as the referee is distracted with the count!





Liam: Alex Rush and Ella Singleton have been eliminated! Entering last, Helluva Bottom Carter and Ariana Angelos... Team GO!!!

Gena: The final team enters, wasting no time as they sprint out together. They jump around as the crowd cheers them on. Ariana enters first to face off with Valentina as Carter rounds to their corner.

Chad: Val and Ariana tie up. This could be one of the best pairings inside of the ring. They both employ a high flyer style, and they are both fiery when they get going.

Gena: Val gets behind Ari and goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Ari lands on her feet. She turns around, looking for a Roundhouse Kick, but Val ducks it, and spins the foot back around. She grabs Ari and looks for an Arm Drag.

Chad: But Ari lands on her feet again and reverses the Arm Drag on Val. She puts on an Arm Lock, but Val rolls forward and wraps her legs around Ari's neck and lands a Hurricanrana.

Gena: She stands up to catch her breath, and Ari takes advantage by charging her and pushing her legs out from under her with a Cradle Pin!




Chad: Val rolls back and comes off the ropes with a Dropkick to the face of Ari. She goes to bounce off the ropes again for a Moonsault, but Shooter forces a tag to get back in!

Gena: Val glares at Shooter as he blows her an arrogant kiss. He steps inside and orders Val to bring Ari closer to her corner, but Val flips her hair and exits the ring in response.

Chad: Shooter helps Ari over toward her corner, but not out of the kindness of his heart. She shoves her into Carter, forcing the tag. Carter rebounds and enters the ring, rushing Shooter and getting behind him. He lands an Atomic Drop!

Gena: Shooter holds onto his groin as he dances around, his eyes bulging out. He then falls to the mat and Carter hits a Split Leg Standing Moonsault, hooking on for the pin.




Chad: Shooter kicks out, but Carter almost doesn't look upset by that. He pulls Shooter up to his feet and then sends him into the ropes. He looks for a Dropkick, but Shooter latches onto the ropes so Carter doesn't land it.

Gena: He picks up Carter and then gets him in a Headlock. He wrenches the neck arrogantly before bringing him back with a Russian Leg Sweep. He climbs on top and begins hitting rapid punches.

Chad: After a few seconds, he picks Carter up and sends him into the ropes. But Carter does a Handspring and comes back with an elbow to the face of Shooter, sending him down to the mat. Carter climbs up top, leaping off with a Frog Splash. He turns over into a 69 Pin!




Gena: Shooter is quick to roll over. He crawls toward Val, who steps away and holds her hands up to avoid the tag. Carter rolls him over and drags him to the center of the ring. He then hits an Airplane Spin, sending Shooter across the ring. He goes for the cover!




Chad: Shooter is more determined than we thought. He gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes, looking for a Spinning Back Elbow, but Carter ducks it. However, Shooter pulls him forward into a Falling Back Neckbreaker. He stands up to taunt Val. She slaps him to tag herself in!

Gena: As she turns around, Carter has Ari tagged back in and she nails a Victory Roll!



Chad: Shooter gets inside of the ring as Carter tries to stop him, but skids to a stop when he sees Shooter holding down Val's legs!



Liam: Valentina and Shooter Reed have been eliminated! Therefore, your winners and Number One Contenders to the Pride Tag Team Championships... Ariana Angelos and Helluva Bottom Carter... Team GO!!!

Crowd: *MEGA POP!!!*

Shooter exits the ring as Ari bounces up and hugs onto Carter. "Fortune Favors the Bold" plays over the speakers as her and Carter celebrate together. Val stares up at Shooter with fire in her eyes. She rolls out as Carter and Ari work each corner of the ring, throwing their hands up, overcome from the excitement of it all.

Voice Over: On March 1st, the first International leg of the 2020 Going Home tour begins, kicking off the Eighth Annual Blast From the Past Memorial tournament! The tour locations include...!

Voice Over: New Douglas Park in Hamilton, Scotland!

Voice Over: Bootham Crescent Stadum in York, England!

Voice Over: Colyer-Fergusson Music Building in Canterbury, Kent, England!

Voice Over: The Concert Hall in Reading, Berkshire, England!

Voice Over: Charter Hall in Colchester, England!

And finally...

Voice Over: The Royal Albert Hall in LOndon, England for Blaze of Glory VIII!

The scene opens backstage at My Bloody Valentine III where we see Caleb Storms listening to the new album by Sepultura called Quadra, once the album ends, he is approached by Pussy Willow.

Pussy: Caleb, first off, where's Katie and Lemmy?

Caleb: Lemmy needed to tend to his business, so Katie took him to the parking lot with a bag ready to scoop up the poop.

Pussy: Okay, so thoughts on the ladder match?

Caleb: I know I never sent in a second promo because I actually wanted to spend time with my wife on Valentine's Day off camera but as for the match, my thoughts are basically the same as they were last week, I'm the underdog in this match but that won't stop me from winning the title.

Pussy walks off as the scene fades.

Justin: The following match will be a ladder match for the vacated Superstar Internet Championship!!!

The crowd roar as they see ladders surrounding the ringside area and the championship belt is being lowered to the point where it is able to be grabbed from a ladder

"Remedy" by Cold plays and Stephen Callaway struts to the ring singing along with his music. He never touches hands with the fans. He taps the ringpost with his index finger before walking up the steps and through the ropes. Once in the ring he walks to the corner diagonal from where he came in and climbs to the middle turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the shape of a semi circle

Justin: The first entrant is Steven Callaway!!!

The spotlight hits the curtain as it does the loud sounds of "Forever" by Drake begins to blast across the speakers. The moment it does "The Lyrical One" Teddy emerges from the curtains with a smile on his face. He smirks as he slowly enter into the ring and takes his robe off. The crowd boos him loudly and he just flips them off waiting in anticipation for the match to begin.

Justin: The next entrant is Teddy Warren-Steele!!!

Feuer Frei by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Jake comes out through the curtain and he wears black MMA gloves with MMA German flag coloured shorts with his name on it with white arrows printed on his shorts.

Justin: The next entrant, Jake Raab!"

He high fives the fans as he gets into the ring and he does a hold up on the turnbuckle as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a bow and arrow pose towards the camera before waiting for the match to start.

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Never Again" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

Justin: The next entrant, Mark Cross!!!!

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing accross the arena before Caleb comes out headbanging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: The next entrant is Caleb Storms!!!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for the final entrant

The lights shut off as "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson kicks in, as it builds different lights flash around the arena. As the song builds into the refrain and the guitars kick in a spotlight forms on the stage with Austin standing in the middle. He makes his way down to the ring before moving around to the steps, he makes his way up and walks across the apron before stepping between the ropes, he stands in the center of the ring as the music shuts off

Justin: And the final entrant!! Austin James Mercer!!!

Simone: Six top superstars for the vacated title in a ladder match!! One thing is for certain, these men will not be the same after this match


The match has started as immediately all the superstars except for Teddy Steele Warren slide out of the ring to grab a ladder. We see Austin grab ladder and turns around, only to walk into a dropkick from Caleb Storms as that sends the big man tumbling into the barricades with the ladder on top of him. This gives Stephen Callaway the opportunity to grab Caleb and spin him around. Before kneeing him in the midsection before tossing him onto the ladder that is covering Austin as Callaway uses Storms hair as momentum. He watches on at the carnage that he had created as on the other side of the ring both Jake Raab and Mark Cross both slide a ladder in the ring. Warren executes a baseball slide when Raab has slid the ladder in the ring. Causig it to hit Raab in the midsection and stumble to the security railing outside the ring. Warren turns around and sees that Cross has grabbed the ladder in his hands and walks over towards Warren as Cross starts to swing the ladder towards Warren and hits him in the face. This causes Warren to stagger into the ropes and falls through the ropes to the outside as Cross looks up and is about to set up the ladder to climb it.

Adams: This may turn out to be the fastest Ladder match ever!!!

But just as he is about to climb the ladder he is grabbed from behind by Jake Raab in a rear choke hold, pulling Cross away from the ladder and drops Cross hard to a sitting position after kicking him in the back of his knees. Raab puts all of his weight on the back of Cross's neck as he prepares to choke him out.

Simone: This is a smart move from Raab, if your opponent is out cold,k then he cannot be any threat to you. I....

Adams: But that one is!!!

Suddenly we see a ladder being bashed in the back of Raab's hea by Callaway. Who has slid in the ring after witnessing what has gone on in the inside of the ring. He bashes the top of the ladder in the back o Raab, who is on top of Cross after falling on top of him due to the impact. Callaway then places the ladder besides the two men and rolls Raab on top of it before looking around for the ladder that Cross had brought into the ring. Only to witness Caleb Storms jump on the ropes and execute a spring board Cross Body onto Callaway. Who catches him and drives him spine first on top of Raab on top of the ladder as that gets the crowd excited.

Crowd: Holy Shit!! This is Awesome!! Holy Shit!! This is Awesome!! Holy Shit!!!

Callaway is full of excitement after driving two men on top of each other on a ladder as he grabs Cross his ladder and sets him up. He is telling the crowd that he is really intelligent, when their response is being excited. Callaway expects them to cheer him on as he grins and stars to climb the ladder when suddenly

Simone: It's Mercer!!!

Mercer comes jumping into view from seemingly out of nowhere, hitting the Mercer Kick upon the man that stood on the second step of the ladder. Only to knock him out of the ring after dangling into the ropes for a few moments. The crowd are cheering Austin as he seemingly has got the advantage in this match at the moment. He is about to grab the ladder that had fallen into the ropes when we see him lock eyes with Teddy, who is shouting at him while getting face to face with the former world champion. Teddy's cocky attitude is mocking Austin, who is simply laughing at him.

Adams: I don't know if this was such a wise move from Teddy!!

Teddy goes for a punch, but it is blocked by Austin. Who Irish Whips Teddy into the ropes and goes for a thunderous clothesline. This drops Teddy hard, as this causes his head to bounce off the canvas before Austin grabs him by the head and pulls him up again. He goes for another Irish Whip, but this time Teddy ducks the clothesline before having Caleb leapfrogging over him, landing on the back of Teddy and then jumps forwards towards Austin and delivers a devastating flying forearm that staggers the big man.

Simone: Did I just see that???

Adams: I don't know, but that was amazing!!!

Austin staggers backwards by then charges back towards Caleb, hitting him with a Mercer Kick to the face while Teddy Warren had bounced off the ropes from the other side and delivered a chop block at the same time.

Crowd: This is awesome!! Fight Forever!! This is awesome!! Fight Forever!!!

Teddy and Austin get up at the same time, staring at Caleb before seizing each other up. Suddenly we see Cross and Raab get to their feet as well as these four men stare at each other. While on the outside of the ring we see Callaway shake off the cobwebs and stares at the stare down inside the ring. Telling himself wisely that he does not want any part of this.

Simone: Maybe this is the smartest move you can do in a situation like this in a match like this.

Adams: I agree, why do something if the others are about to tear a hole into each other.

Simone: And just maybe pick your spot when the others are down.

Steele is looking at Cross, telling him that he and Cross should work together. But Cross shakes his head no, causing Teddy to look at Raab and gets the same answer. He then turns to Austin, but only gets punched in the face by the former champion. Who then gets jumped by both Cross and Raab, who surprisingly work together to eliminate the biggest and probably most powerful man in this match. Whipping him in the ropes and both men execute a double back body drop as Mercer's feet land on the edge of one of the ladders inside the ring. There he grabs both legs and holds them when suddenly we see Callaway take advantage of the situation that has presented itself towards him. He grabs both legs of Austin and drags him towards the corner of the ring. Wrapping both legs around the ring post and then locks it in a standing reversed Texas Cloverleaf like submission hold while pulling backwards. This causes Austin to scream in agony while trying to pull himself away from the predicament but gets trapped down by a slammed Jake Raab after his alliance with Cross had ended. Cross turns around and grabs the ladder, believing that he is the only one that could climb the ladder without getting attacked. He is a few steps upwards when we see Callaway climb the other side of the ladder and both men are at the top around the same time. Both trading blows as Callaway grabs Cross his hair, but before he can do something it is Teddy that grabs the ladder and pushes them off of it. He then sets the ladder again and then climbs the ladder, believing that he has finally climbed the ladder of success when suddenly from the top turnbuckle a Caleb Storms jumps towards the ladder and executes a neckbreaker on Warren in mid air. Causing both of them crashing on the canvas and left sprawled around in a heap of destruction. The camera looks around the ring and we only see carnage everywhere in and around the ring. Everywhere?? Well besides a slowly hobbling towards the ladder Austin Mercer. Who is supported by the fans as he starts to climb the ladder step by step very slowly. He is midway the ladder as Raab starts to climb the ladder on the other side. Both men are clearly hurt and not moving all too fast as they finally reach the top and both men's hands reach for the championship belt, but then start to pound away on each other. Raab with forearm shots, while Mercer delivers several punches before delivering a devastating headbutt. This causes Raab to crash down on the outside before Mercer finds balance on the ladder and reaches for the championship belt before pulling it down This causes the bell to be rang


Justin: The winner of this match and NEW Internet champion!! Austin James Mercer!!!

Mercer is holding the championship belt in his arms while resting against the ladder, a smile appears on his face as he realizes that he has succeeded in winning the title.

The cameras show the SCW Mixed Tag Team Champions, London Underground in the backstage area, the four sitting around a table playing a hand of cards, all four ready to wrestle, leaving people guessing to the last minute. Daniel deals down another card as the four look around.

Daniel: Anyway, about tonight. We know exactly what we need to do. Just go out there, do what we always do. None of these people are anything to fear. The Good Shepherds heads are elsewhere tonight, we know that, they're thinking of a couple of people in wedded bliss.

Mackenzie puts her finger in her mouth, the sign of being sick.

Daniel: And Trenton Tigers really ain't all that.

Mackenzie: That fat fuck repulses me. It's like you walk in to an arena and you can smell the sweat on him. Man needed more gift sets for Christmas.

Daniel: Very much so. We know very well Wolfslair are the threat but we also know their strong link is out with a bum shoulder, their replacement is inexperienced and adding a mong like Levitt to the group just gave them a weak link, but we also know they'll do what it takes to win, so if Levitt or Mercer look like they're about to come and play Dick Terpin and play highwayman, they need to be taken out. Understand?

The group nod as a stage hand waves at them, indicating they're up next. Daniel looks to the side and beckons someone over.

Daniel: Anyone comes near this table, bite them.

The camera shows Despayre standing next to them nodding his head as the camera cuts somewhere else.

We go backstage to see Shooter Reed standing by with Ray Ray and Ozzie, the #LOHT in typical fashion. Ozzie and Ray Ray congratulate Shooter with pats on the back and laughs as he takes in their adoration.

Ray Ray: That bitch got what she deserved, man.

Ozzie: She was all like...

Ozzie makes a slap motion in an exaggerated fashion.

Ray Ray: And then you were all like...

Ray Ray then gives a slap and gyrating motion, imagining Valentina is right in front of them.

Shooter: It's whatever. No one slaps Shooter Reed across the face and gets away with it.

Shooter looks smug but trying to play off that it was no big deal. But then, the sound of hurried steps approaching can be heard when Valentina walks up to Shooter, fire in her eyes, as she grits her teeth.

Valentina: Que demonios fue eso por ahi? Me abofeteas y luego tomas cualquier trueno que recibo y lo haces tuyo y esperas que lo tome como una buena perra? A la mierda eso Shooter! A la mierda eso!

Ray Ray and Ozzie step in between them as they look at Val in a menacing manner. They circle her and check her out.

Ozzie: I always thought the mamacitas were hottest when they was pissed off.

Val turns to Ozzie and slaps him across the face.

Valentina: No sabria que hacer si tuviera la oportunidad de ser colgado como un nino. Al menos esto es lo que sugiere tu actitud. So the next time you address me, pendejo, come correct...

Ray Ray: I didn't get much of that, but he's right about one thing. You are fine, ma.

Valentina: Dealing with assholes is nothing new to me. I just spent three rounds inside of the ring with that one as my partner.

Val looks over to Shooter. She glares at him which only makes him laugh in response.

Valentina: If you don't tell your perros guardianes to back off, they will leave tonight without their tiny balls in their possession any longer.

Ray Ray and Ozzie wait for Shooter to defend them, and when he just stares silently with a smile, they realize he's not going to. They take one look at Val and then they step off into the background.

Ozzie: Man, we don't got time for this nonsense. We're going to get a drink. You need anything, Shooter?

Shooter: Nah, I'm good I think.

Ozzie and Ray Ray leave, and Val stares at Shooter with a growing intensity.

Valentina: You think this is some kind of joke, hombre? We came this close...

Val signals less than an inch with her fingers.

Valentina: ... to getting to the Pride Tag Team Championships at Blaze of Glory and you decided to screw us over!

Shooter: First off, bitch. You slapped me across the fucking face. How am I supposed to just sit there and let you get away with that? Nobody slaps Shooter Reed across the fucking face. Nobody!

Valentina: Except me. You walk around here talking like you are the champion just waiting to be crowned? Yet, you purposely screw yourself out of a title match? What kind of logic is that? Do you know you're not good enough to be a champion? Is that what it is?

Shooter takes a step forward and he looks down at Valentina, now matching the anger in her eyes with that of his own.

Shooter: I am the future. I'm not about to share some shit tag titles with some chicana whore. This whole fucking place belongs to me. The Underground title is the only title that matters to the LOHT. And because you got a pair o titties and a tight little ass I'm not gonna change course. You and those waste of time titles don't mean shit to me.

Val scoffs.

Valentina: You'll have to get through Mark Cross first, and trust me... you're not even half the man he is.

Shooter: Bitch, please. Half the man? Cross ain't even half my fucking left nut. This company needs a real baller to take into the next decade. A real champ wouldn't let some jerk offs with masks run this place. A real champ wouldn't get thirsty and tweet at every thing with a pussy on twitter. A real champ....

Shooter laughs.

Shooter: Bitch, I don't even know why I'm wasting my time. You don't matter. I don't need to waste my breath on you. Ya just another sloppy ho tryna swing of the LOHT's main dick. I don't need no fucking chicana groupie tryna get in my business. Now if you don't mind....

Shooter goes to walk past Val.

Shooter: I got some other thirsty bitches waiting to get a piece of The Future. They may not be....

He looks her up and down.

Shooter: fine as you....but at least they keep their mouths shut.

He brushes past her. Val looks down at her clenched fists that are shaking. She then watches as he walks away.

Valentina: Those aren't real women. They're putas. Just like your boys, you wouldn't know how to handle all of this.

Shooter acts like he can't hear her as he keeps on walking. Val shakes her head and flips her hair as she turns on her heels to leave the shot.

Justin: The following contest is the Fatal Fourway match for the World Mixed Tag Team Championship!

The crowd cheers with much excitement!

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Justin: On their way to the ring! From Tulsa, Oklahoma, at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty pounds ... Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds, Father Gerald Shepherd and Mother Mavis Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. Gerald and Mavis arrive out onto the stage, throwing their hands in the air, looking up. Gerald nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage. He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse. The husband and wife Holy Roller Team walks down the ramp as Gerald continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them. He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. Gerald holds the ring ropes open for Mavis as she enters and he himself gets inside of the ring and slowly spins around before settling in a corner and they wait for the match to start.

Simone: Can you imagine what will happen if the Good Shepherds win the championship here, tonight? There will be absolutely no living with them.

Adams: Like there was any living with them before they had this chance?

Simone: Fair point.

"War" By Palisades hits and as we come into the first verse Alex Jones steps out, flanked on either side by Austin James Mercer and Johanna Krieger. They make their way down to the ring and Johanna goes to one side sliding up onto the ring apron as Austin goes to the opposite side, they both step in as Alex slides in from the entrance side. Johanna throws the horns in the air as Austin simply smirks confidently. Alex taking the center of the ring as the leader.

Justin: At a combined weight of three hundred and fifty pounds, Alex Jones and Johanna Krieger -- Wolfslair!

The crowd boos!

Simone: Austin James Mercer has already dished out success for Wolfslair, winning the Internet Championship. Can Alex and Johanna make it two for three?

Adams: I think if anyone can take the fight to London Underground, it's going to be Wolfslair.

Justin: From Trenton, Florida, Brandon Sludge and Daniela V. Rodgers -- the Trenton Tigers!

"My Town" strikes up as orange and grey lights float around the arena. Brandon Sludge and Daniela V. Rodgers step through the curtains as the crowd is going crazy. They walk down the ramp discussing strategies while high-fiving the audience members. Daniela slides into the ring as Brandon steps through the ropes. They pose for the crowd before stepping into the corner.

Adams: Sooo glad to see the Trenton Tigers back!

Simone: Indeed. Their debut win over the Barnharts was impressive enough to secure for them this spot in the championship match.

The lights in the arena dim slightly as the distinct opening chords of Imagine Dragons "I'm So Sorry" starts to play over the speaker. The drumbeat kicks in as every eye in the area looks towards the entrance ramp. Images of London flashes on the main screen, along with the members of London Underground. The fans boo as Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page and Charlotte Elliot walk on to the ramp.

Justin: From Bethnal Green, East London, England, they are Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page, they are London Underground.

The four stand calmly, Daniel looks around the crowd as the stoned faced, emotionless Osbourne stands behind him. To either side of them, Mackenzie stands focused, while Charlotte stands stone faced. Daniel looks back with a tilt of the head, nodding towards the ring. The four slowly start to walk down the ramp, mostly ignoring the fans as they move along. Daniel gets to the ring first, a picture of calmness on his face as he looks up at the ring and starts to walk up the steps. He lifts his nearest legs to the ropes and steps in the ring, ducking his body and moving in to the ring. He puts his arms out to the fans as the emotionless Osbourne joins him in the ring, just standing in the middle of the ring, his left hand on his right as a smile crosses Daniel's face. Mackenzie and Charlotte join the two in the ring and quickly moves towards the ropes, both women climbing on them, unaffected by their boos. The women jump down and join the men in the middle of the ring.

Adams: Two time champions AND the longest reigning combined!

Simone: The champions here laid out numerous challenges, wanting to face the best. And tonight, they got their wish tenfold!

Adams: Now we see if they regret wanting to face a challenge like this!

The title belts are passed over to Jasmine St. John who holds them up for all to see, eight pairs of eyes set right on them. Osbourne and Mackenzie Page step out of the ring, as does Austin James Mercer so that the match can begin.

Simone: Lots were drawn before the match and the men will begin this match...

And immediately Father Gerald attacks Brandon Sludge from behind, taking him down to a single knee!

Adams: And now we know who has to start!

Jasmine calls for the opening bell!


Brandon is the biggest man legally in the match but is taken by surprise by Gerald's attack and the ferocity behind it! Father Gerald brings over handed blows, one right after the other, into Brandon's thick, wide back with no end to the onslaught in sight! The barrage of blows has Brandon on both knees as Gerald then grabs him from behind with both hands to the eyes, gouging him as Jasmine tries to get him to stop!

Adams: Lotsa luck with that! There are no DQs or count outs in matches like this!

Father Gerald then backs away from Brandon and gets all up in Jasmine's face, sticking a finger in his face and begins to recite...

Simone: Is he actually PREACHING to her!?

Adams: Ooo! That won't go over well!

Indeed it does not as Jasmine slaps his finger from out of her face and Gerald is incensed! As is Mother Mavis! Mavis climbs into the ring and confronts the official but now Johanna Krieger climbs into the ring! She spins Mavis around by the arm and right into a short-arm lariat! Father Gerald grabs Johanna but Daniela grabs Johanna from behind and hits a Backstabber! Now Charlotte grabs Daniela around the waist from behind and brings her over with a snap German suplex! Father Gerald looks like he is going to do something sinister to her as she is not paying attention but as she turns around, Daniel Morgan jumps and brings Father Gerald down with a Thesz press and he rains a series of fists into the Holy Roller's exposed head -- right up until Alex Jones careens right into the back of the champion with a running knee strike!

Simone: Everyone is down! Everyone is out!

Adams: And things have just begun!

Everyone, that is, except for Alex Jones who stands tall and proud with his arms open wide and a proud smile on his face! The crowd rains boos on him as he turns around -- and Brandon Sludge flattens him with a high cross body from the 350 plus pounder!

Adams: That's what happens when you don't pay attention!

Brandon sends Alex into the ropes at top speed and on the rebound, he heaves him high into the air and just drops him in a pancake maneuver! Brandon then comes off of the ropes for a body splash but Father Gerald spears him, wasting his efforts! Father Gerald stands up on shaky legs and smiles with much self satisfaction, but he is a step too close to the corner as Daniel Morgan tags himself into the match!

Simone: Father Gerald had things under control but lost the advantage because he simply wasn't paying attention.

Adams: That's the hard part about a match like this! Anybody can tag anybody!

Father Gerald is PISSED and he confronts Daniel who points to his corner, directing him out! Gerald shoves Daniel but Daniel Morgan is not one to be intimidated and he shoves Gerald right back, and Father Gerald topples over Brandon who crawled up from behind on hands and knees! Brandon gets to his knees but is in prime position for Daniel to land a number of mule kicks to his exposed sternum! Daniel grabs Sludge in a front face lock but the power man scoops him up and PLOWS him right into the corner where he drives his shoulder into Morgan's midsection! Brandon then backs up several steps and gets a running start -- only for Daniel to catch the big man in a drop toehold, causing him to hit the lower turnbuckle face-first!

Simone: Daniel Morgan trained with men the size of Osbourne, Synn and Shane Boswell. He knows how to take a man the size of Brandon Sludge down!

Daniel backs up to follow up with a strike from behind, when Johanna Krieger reaches and tags herself into the match, surprising Daniel. She climbs in and points -- right at Charlotte!

Adams: Ohhh THIS is a match I want to see!

As do the fans clearly who cheer as Charlotte climbs inside, readying herself in a fighting stance. She and Johanna circle the ring, readying to lock up -- just as Mother Mavis and Daniela V. Rodgers both reach in and tag themselves in, therefor denying the fans a real fight! Both Charlotte and Johanna are PISSED, but Mavis has a smug smile on her face as she climbs inside - just as Daniela flies from the top rope, catapulting herself into a missile dropkick, sending Mavis tumbling back head over heels! Daniela snapmares Mavis over, then jumps over her head, rebounds off of the far side and right into a basement dropkick! Daniela with a cover!


Mavis gets her shoulder up!

Daniela attempts an Irish whip but Mavis reverses it, hurling her into the ropes! Mavis scoops her up but Daniela attempts to counter with a flying head scissors, only for Mavis to power her off and drop her down across her knee in a back breaker! Mavis dumps her off and covers her, hooking a handful of tights!



Johanna drags her off by the hair!

Adams: Not sure if the save was necessary but hey! Whatever works!

Jasmine ushers Johanna out of the ring, and Mavis takes advantage and sucker punches Krieger, knocking her through the ropes to the apron! Charlotte rushes into the ring and she grabs Mavis from behind, bringing her to the mat in a rear naked choke!

Simone: Jasmine is trying to get Charlotte off as she is not the legal woman in the ring but again, what are you going to do!?

Clearly the answer is from Daniela as she comes up with a handspring body senton on top of both women! Daniela covers Charlotte but Jasmine says she is not legal and can not count the pin! Daniel then scrambles over to cover Mother Mavis!



Johanna reaches into the ring and drags Daniela out to the floor with a thud! Johanna then rolls into the ring just as Charlotte stands up and the two femme fatales square off, circling and trading verbal barbs! They then pause and suddenly lunge, swinging and trading clubbing blows to one another's heads and bodies!


Johanna blocks a forearm from Charlotte and staggers the champion with a spinning back elbow to the side of the head! Johanna doubles her over with a spinning heel kick to the midsection, doubling her over but as she raced into the ropes, Charlotte catches her with an overhead suplex!

Adams: Look out, what's going on behind them?

Behind the two brawling women, the legal Mother Mavis tags -- Father Gerald! Mavis then falls to her back and Father Gerald covers her!

Simone: Are you KIDDING me!?

Jasmine is refusing to count the pin, despite Father Gerald ORDERING her to do so! Father Gerald then stands up and backs the official into the corner! And right then Daniel Morgan comes up from behind and whips Gerald over with a half nelson suplex, right on the back of his head! Daniel covers him quickly!



Alex Jones breaks it up!

Daniel backs up a step as Father Gerald slowly rises, and the moment he is on his feet, Daniel lets loose with a series of stinging boxing jabs to the kisser! Daniel then hauls him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, setting him up for the GTS, when Mother Mavis jumps into the ring and grabs her husband's foot and pulls him to safety! Mavis then gets in Daniel's face -- and SLAPS him! Mavis then turns her head just in time for Charlotte to wipe her out with a flying clothesline, just as Johanna clips her from behind in the back of the legs! This distraction allows Father Gerald to hit Daniel from behind with a running forearm! Father Gerald then grabs Johanna by the arms and holds her, shouting for his wife!

Adams: Take your hands off of her!

But before Mavis can take advantage of the situation, Brandon Sludge tags Daniel on the back from the outside, and the big man tears Gerald off of Johanna and slugs him -- knocking him right into Daniel who catches him with a right hand -- knocking him into Alex Jones who tags him from the outside -- and then launches himself into the ring courtesy of the top rope and a high knee! The three men stand tall -- right until Daniel grabs Sludge and hits Proper Brown Bread! Alex then grabs Daniel by the hair and tights and throws him through the ropes and to the outside! Alex turns as Brandon slowly rolls over to his stomach and Alex hits --

Simone: Dragon's Breath!

Alex with the cover!



Daniel tries to climb in to break it up!



Justin: Here are your winners -- and NEW World Mixed Tag Team Champions ... Alex Jones! Johanna Krieger! WOLFSLAIR!

Jasmine presents the belts to Johanna and Alex who pull them from their grips and raise them high over their heads as they are once again joined in the ring by Austin James Mercer!

Adams: New champions! We have new mixed tag champions!

Daniel and Charlotte just STARE at the newly crowned champions from the outside, as the new champions continue their celebration!

Simone: Further evidence the threat of these matches as neither champion was defeated to lose the titles, and the Year of the Wolfslair continues with their second championship victory!

Backstage, the camera opens up just outside the Bombshell locker room. Bobbie Dahl, at the moment, is the only Bombshell inside as she prepares for her upcoming match against Roxi Johnson later this evening. She seems laser focused and determined on winning the World Bombshell Championship. As she tries to keep focused, there is a knock on the door.

Bobbie: Go away! I need to focus!

But the person outside the door ignores her and knocks again.

Bobbie: Are you deaf?! I said go away!

For a moment, the knocking stops, and Bobbie thinks the person has listened to her order. But a few moments later the person starts POUNDING on the door! This is enough to annoy Bobbie enough that she of rushes over to the door and yanks it open, ready to confront whoever is there! But when she opens the door, no one is there! Instead, she looks down at a box curiously. She reaches down and picks it up.

Bobbie: Sure! Just pound on the door and run away! Assholes!

She opens the box in the doorway and her eyes light up as she looks down at what was left for her.

Bobbie: Aww! Somebody got me a birthday cake! This looks yummy!

When Bobbie goes to scrape some of the frosting off with her finger for a bit of a taste, the entire cake EXPLODES in her face! Cake and frosting goes EVERYWHERE, but her face and upper body get the brunt of the blast!

Bobbie: What..the..hell?!?! WHO DID THIS?!

Bobbie drops the box with what is left of the cake and stands there, lost for words. People walk past her, laughing as they see her covered in cake. She lets out ferocious growl.


She spins around and storms back inside, slamming the door behind her.

The scene opens backstage at My Bloody Valentine III where we see Jessie Salco warming up for the Bombshell Internet Championship Ladder Match that is about to take place between her, Sam Marlowe, Sierra Williams, Mercedes Vargas, Kate Steele and Seleana Zdunich when she is approached by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, can I get some last minute thoughts going into the ladder match?

Jessie: Nope, already said everything I need to in my promos, but tonight Sam Marlowe's downward spiral continues whilst I win the Bombshell Internet Championship for the second time.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What about the other women in the match?

Jessie: Mercedes may have faked us out with that retirement speech but soon enough, she'll be ancient history, Kate is to busy with booking her date in divorce court to focus on this match entirely, Sierra will never win a title that matters and Seleana will always be in Crystal's shadow.

Rocky walks off as the scene fades.

Justin Decent: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first .....

"Ultranumb" by Blue Stahli hits the venue's soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong cheers from the crowd. She acknowledges the positive reaction that she's getting as she makes her way toward the ring, completely focused on the task at hand. She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, continuing to soak in the cheers she gets as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

Justin Decent: From Sedona Arizona, standing 5'4 and weighing 125 pounds, ANDREA HERRRNANDEZZZ

Meganerd by YTcracker begins to blast all across the speakers as it does so Christina Rose makes her way from the back curtain with her fiancee Seleana Zdunich. Christina smiles as she blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring. She slaps the outstretched hands of all of the roaring fans. She quickly slides into the ring and kips up to her feet as she waves her hands in the air getting the crowd behind her. She jumps around a bit as she tosses her eye glasses to her fiancee. Seleana smiles as she catches them as she claps for her future wife.

Justin Decent: Standing 5'5 and weighing 115 pounds, she is the Blossoming One, Christina Roooossseeee


The match begins with Andrea and Christina staring each other down before both stepping close to the center of the ring, they give each other a nod and Christina offers a quick handshake that is accepted by Andrea. They break apart and move around each other both women of a similar size and also a similar in ring style. They lock up, Andrea hooks Christinas arm and ducks under into a top wristlock, Christina rolls forward, spins off her shoulder and then kips up to reverse the pressure and hook Andrea in a top wrist lock of her own, Andrea spins under it, turns sideways, ends up standing next to Christina before placing her foot in the back of Christinas knee p-ushing her down before keeping Christinas arm up and curled into a over the shoulder keylock.

Adams: Very technical beginning here from these two, it was a fast start but great chain wrestling

Simone: I think Andrea Hernandez has the technical advantage, I think Christina may have the speed advantage though, so Christina needs to create distance and strike

Adams: Fair assessment, but the experience in the six sided ring also goes to Christina Rose, and I don't care what she says, she's Crystal Hilton and we know she is...

Christina pushes back to her feet, she reaches over to grab the ropes, but instead of forcing a rope break Christina uses the ropes to jump and flip backwards relieving the pressure and pushing away from Andrea, Andrea then rushes in and Christina hits an arm drag, both women back up and Andrea hits an arm drag of her own, she pops up, Christina stays on one knee and sweeps Andreas leg into a pin, but there is a zero count as Andrea simply shrugs Critsina off and gets to her feet, Christina steps forward fast but Andrea goes for a hip toss, Christina front flips out of it, jumps in the air going for a monkey flip with Andrea Hernandez front flips out of and both women end up staring across the ring at each other and the fans show their respect with rapturous applause.

Simone: Wow, that was amazing, a great display there of their athleticism.

Adams: Christina is definitely the faster of the two but athletically I believe they're pretty even

They get close and measure each other up again, they go to lock up but Christina turns her hip to the side and buries her knee in Andreas midsection, the feeling out process is over, Christina hits a few forearms and forces Andrea back into the ropes, she whips Andrea across the ring and leaps up with a picture perfect dropkick sending Andrea out of the ring, Christina hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive onto Andrea outside the ring, Andrea crashes against the guardrail and Christina pops up riling up the crowd. Christina pulls Andrea up and rolls her into the ring, she leaps onto the apron and measures Andrea up, Christina leaps off with a springboard crossbody, she lands on Andrea and hooks the leg.



Andrea kicks out. Christina stays on the attack and hits the ropes again going for the smell the roses, she handsprings and as she goes for the moonsault Andrea gets her knees up-, Christina hits them and holds her stomach rolling across the mat, she stumbles to her feet and Andrea leaps forward hitting Christina in the face with a Busaiku knee!. Christina backflips from the hit and lands face down on the mat, Andrea takes a moment to breath as the fans again show their respect for the match and the two competitors

Simone: Christina may be out after that shot. And it was all her, she had Andrea down and was controlling her.

Adams: Yeah but Christina went for that handspring moonsault ands as she was in the air Andrea Hernandez got her knees up, and all of Christina's weight came down on her knees, that is always going to wind the other person

Andrea pulls herself up and looks to stay in control, she meets Christina in the middle of the ring and hits a hard right hand sending Christina back against the ropes, Andrea hits a knife edge chop across Christinas chest, she then whips Christina across the ring, ducks down and spins Christina around before bringing her down across her knee with a backbreaker, Christina bounces off her knee in pain and Andrea jumps down hooking her leg.



Christina kicks out, Andrea shakes her head and pulls Christina up, Christina slaps her hands away and fights back with a few hard shots and a chop, Christina hits the ropes, Andrea ducks and Christina rolls over Andreas back as Christina hits the ropes again Andrea turns and leaps in the air with a snap hurricanrana, Christina rolls across the ring and out to the floor. Now it's Andreas turn to fly, she hits the ropes and launches herself through the middle and top rope with a summersault suicide dive onto Christina. The crowd goes insane as Andrea gets to her feet, she rolls Christina back into the ring and calls for her to get up, as Christina does Andrea goes for the Sedona splash seated senton, Christina rolls out of the way and as Andrea lands and turns around she's met with a flashing lights kick from Christina!, she falls onto Andrea.



Andrea kicks out! Christina gets to her feet and pleads with the referee holding up three fingers.

Simone: Christina thought she had Andrea, she needs to stay focused here if not she's going to regret it, she's giving Andrea time to recover!

Adams: She's letting her emotions get the better of her here, this is about respect, Christinas past in SCW and the fact Andrea is viewed as the future, Christina wants her to earn it.

Christina looks around shocked that she still didn't get the three count she looks over at the turnbuckle and Paul's Andrea to her feet before leading her over throwing her headfirst into the top turn buckle pad. Christina the pics Andrea upsetting her on the top right she follows her up and stand on the top group with Andrea sitting signalling for a hurricane right off the top right but as Christina jumps she wrapped her legs around Andrea's head and Andrea throws Christina off making a backflip off the shoulders down to the face first when she crashes and burns. Andrea stands on the middle rope and turns around before leaping off with her Phoenix splash the rise of the Phoenix. She connects and hooks the leg





Justin: Here is your winner.... Andrea Hernandez!

Simone: Andrea did it she has beaten a Hall of Famer

Adams: Andrea Hernandez has definitely proved that tonight she is the future. But Christina Rose hang in there and show that these young lionesses still have a lot to learn

Simone: alright I'll give credit where it's due Christina did stand up to Andrea who is younger and I think a little more skilled when it comes to the technical aspect I'll applaud her this time

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam makes her way to the ring where she is handed a microphone after sliding through the ropes and walking to the side of the ring.

Adams: I wonder what Sam is out here to say Belinda. Shouldnn't she be getting ready for the match she has later tonight?

The fans continue to chant as Sam smiles and waves. Turning to the 'Sam's superstars' section, she gives them a special wave before turning back to the camera.

Simone: Sam greeting her superstars. For those of you wondering about that section, Sam Marlowe purchases tickets for the shows for children from the local hospitals to attend SCW. Tonight, we are joined by kids and their families from the local children's hospital here in Tampa. But it is quieting down and Sam is about to speak.

Sam Marlowe: Hey y'all, I just came out here to talk about tonight and the ladder match that I have for the Bombshell Internet title. I am sure that everyone is ready for that match to happen just like I am. So, let's talk about it shall we?

Sam puts her head down for a moment as if to collect her thoughts before looking up again.

Sam Marlowe: Six bombshells will be walking into that match and only one will be walking out with the belt. You have Seleana Zdunich, a former World bombshell champion in the match. Which makes it a very big deal. You also have Mercedes Vargas, another World Bombshell champion...and you know she would be out here telling you just how she is the only one that will walk away with the title because she is the only one worthy. I know I know, she says that all the time and maybe, this time she really means it.

The crowd starts to laugh with Sam before she once more starts to speak.

Sam Marlowe: Kate Steele is also in the match and she will, she will be a helping You know, I just don't know what Kate will do in this ring tonight. I am not even sure she knows. And Jessie, well, she will do what she always seems to do in title matches. She will get up a head of steam and she will start off like gangbusters but when it comes time to pull the trigger, she misfires when the chips are down. Still, I think that she may surprise one or two of us in that match.

Sam starts to pace in the ring before talking again.

Sam Marlowe: Then there is Sierra Williams...the one person that I think needs to realize that she is talking a good game but when push comes to shove, talk and action are two different things. Tonight, she may talk herself up as the one that will win. But she needs to remember, I have been in these kinds of matches before and just because I don't toot my own horn doesn't mean I can't beat anyone in the ring when I set my mind to it. Tonight, I have set my mind on climbing up the ladder and becoming the Bombshell Internet champion.

With that, Sam gets to the corner and then handing off the microphone, she climbs the turnbuckles and raises her arms to pose for the fans as her music begins to play once more. Climbing down, she leaves the ring and heads towards her superstar section where she joins her guests to watch the show.

Simone: Sam Marlowe sounding very confident tonight, I wonder just what will happen in the match.

The scene shifts to the backstage area where Scott Oliver is in the dressing room of Bill Barnhart to obtain comments from Bill on his upcoming match against Senor Vinnie. We see Bill sitting the coffee table with a small potted Cactus on the table. He has a pair of pruning shears and he is clipping the Cactus spines in a graphic depiction of disarming the Cactus where it can no longer protect itself.

Scott: Uh, Bill, what are you doing?

Bill: I am getting ready for my match Scott. You have been around wrestling for a long time and you do not know that?

Scott: I have seen wrestlers doing many things when getting ready for matches but never something like this. Why are you cutting the spines off of a Cactus?

Bill: My match is coming up shortly and I wanted Pete the Cactus to know what I am likely to do to him for trying to poison my English Bulldog Iris several weeks ago. Cutting off the spines of a Cactus is similar to being castrated. I want Pete to understand if he causes problems during my match I will neuter him. But if he behaves he will remain intact.

Scott: Bill! You are wrestling Senor Vinnie not Pete the Cactus!

Bill: I know that Scott. But when you have a person, or something, that feels the need to interfere in matche, or cause distractions, you have to take whatever measures you can to ensure you have a fair match.

Scott: Any words for Senor Vinnie?

Bill: Vinnie you have tried to excuse your way out of responsibility for what Pete the Cactus did to Iris recently. You were able to hide behind your words but now you have to face me in the wrestling ring and your words are no protection against my assaults. Any attempt by Pete the Cactus to interfere in our match and you will get hurt to the point of having to take an extended vacation from wrestling to recover. You have been warned.

Scott: Thanks for the interview Bill. This is going to be a very interesting match.

Justin Decent: This next match is scheduled for one fall introducing first

Raise Your Glass by Pink hits the speakers and we see Bill Barnhart walk out from the backstage area holding a pink glass chalice in his hand. He is followed by his wife and Manager, Bea Barnhart, who is leading their English Bulldog Iris by a pink leash attached to her pink diamond-studded collar. When the song comes to the lyrics RAISE YOUR GLASS Bill Barnhart raises the chalice into the air. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Barnhart. The three make their way to the ring where Bill hands the chalice to Bea so she can keep watch on it until the match is over. Bill enters the ring then walks around the ring playing the crowd before settling into a corner.

Justin Decent: Standing in the ring, accompanied by his wife Bae Barnhart, standing 6'4 and weighing in at 240 pounds from Lawrenceville, Georgia, BULLDOG BILL BAAAARRRNNHART

The crowd is in anticipation of the arrival of the next wrestler as the lights go out and a huge cactus emerges upon the Titan Tron. We hear Epic from Metalachi hit the sound system as a big figure emerges in the dark, he slowly turns around as he stares at the Titan Tron where a large picture of Pete the Cactus emerges. His eyes are fixed on it before turning around and enters the ring.

Justin Decent: Coming down the aisle, standing in at 6'8 and weighing in at 280 pounds!! Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico!! Senor Vinnie!!!!

The spotlight shines upon the man as he looks up towards the ring, mumbling something while walking towards the ring. There he crawls over towards the center of the ring and stares at the fans at the front row seats. He then slowly walks towards the neutral corner and sits down and ignores the music of the next entrant/ignores his opponent currently in the ring.

Adams: This match is going to be two big beefy boys beating the hell out of each other

Simone: And if I was Vinnie I would be ready to rip Bill Barnhart apart. I mean this guy wants to criticise Vinnie and his title reign when Bill Barnhart can't win ANY title?

Adams: It's all mind games, Bill wants to get in Vinnie's head and make him reckless...


Bill and Vinnie step into the center of the ring and get eye to eye. Vinnie is slightly taller than Bill but they are both huge men. They talk to each other and Vinnie shoves Bill, Bill steps back and then he strokes and pulls on his beard before shoving Vinnie. The crowd starts to get louder as Vinnie turns and gets back in Bills face, they start to talk trash again before it boils over and there is no feeling out of grappling as the two men just start throwing hands. Crushing, loud, thumping right hands start to fly between them one after another before Vinnjie grabs Bill and Bill does the same and it turns into a hockey fight. They push and shove each other against the ropes and punches stay being thrown until the two huge humans fall from the ring, roll off the apron and to the floor where they continue to brawl. Bill shoes Vinnie off of him with his legs and gets to his feet before they both realise they are being counted out. They slide back in the ring and stare each other down.

Simone: Well there's a start. Rock em sock em robots

Adams: Two very strong men trying to absolutely brain one another. I love it/

Vinnie goes for a clothesline right away, Bill ducks out of the way and hits the ropes before slamming into Vinnie with a shoulder block. But Vinnie doesn't go down. He tells Bill to do it again, Bill hits the ropes and slams into Vinnie again, Vinnie again doesn't go down. Bill tells Vinnie to do it then, Vinnie hits the ropes and slams into Bill and much to Vinnie's surprise Bill doesn't go down either. Bill laughs in Vinnie's face, pulls his own beard and tells Vinnie to do it again. Vinnie nods, takes a step to the side but pivots and takes Bill down with a stiff lariat, the crowd pops as Vinnie puts his arms in the air and Bill looks up bewildered.

Simone: That is alot of flesh hitting flesh in that ring, good god.

Adams: Bill Barnhart is trying to hold his own, but Vinnie just blasted him, Bill looks angry

Barnhart gets to his feet and shakes his head before throws hard rights at Vinnie, Vinnie steps back taking hard right hands as he does, Bill kicks Vinnie in the stomach and sets up Vinnie for a piledriver, Vinnie though blocks the attempt and hits a back body drop on Bill, he lands hard and gets up holding his lower back, Vinnie measures Bill up and blasts him with a vicious running big boot, Bill goes down and Vinnie drops into a pin



Bill kicks out, Vinnie stays on the attack rolling Bill Barnhart over and locking in the mariachi recliner. Bill struggles right away and reaches for the ropes, Vinnie bulls back harder, Bill realises he can't quite reach them and instead pushes off his knees and stands up with Vinnie on his back, he then throws himself back and lands with all his weight onto Vinnies chest driving all the air out of him, both men lay on the mat as Vinnie struggles to breath and Bill collects himself

Simone: Imagine having that much weight concentrated on your chest? That must have really hurt Vinnie

Adams: Vinnie was pulling back so hard on Bills head and neck I thought he might pull his head off. But Bill used his amazing natural power to get out of it.

Bill is the first one to his feet establishing a vertical base. He meets Vinnie as Vinnie is on his knees and grabs him by the head peppering him with hard right hands before pulling him into a pile driver. This time Vinnie is unable to block it and Bill pulled him up and sits straight down spiking Vinnies head right into the mat Bill knows this is not enough to keep Vinnie down and gets to his feet pulling the big man straight back up into a second piledriver this time jumping up and landing straight down spiking Vinnie straight in the air before going for a cover pulling the outside leg



T-Vinnie kicks out. Bill shakes his head looking angry as he looks down at Vinnie you still looks to be glassy eyed after being spiked on his head not once but twice Bill says that is it and calls for the sweet dreams. He gets behind Vinnie and goes to wrap his arms around Vinnies chin but Vinnie is able to turn his head sideways and stop you from locking in Vinnie lose and slide his head out getting behind bill picking him up and dropping him down into a belly to back suplex. Vinnie pulls himself to his feet and meet Bill face-to-face in the middle of the ring and then ducks a right hand from Bill, Vinnie grabs him by the head and slams his head against Bills with a vicious headbutt, Bill stumbles back into the ropes Vinnie grabs his arm throws him across the ring with an Irish whip before leaping in the air with a high knee connecting with bills chin and chest sending him to the mad hard.

Simone:Its all Vinnie right now!, he's been able to ecove and get himself in the drivers seat

Adams:Bill has done well in this match, but I think Bill is now realising he's in the ring with a former world champion, and as much as I like Bill Barnhart he is always dismissive of other peoples accomplishments

Simone:Vinnie has beat some respect into Bill Barnhart so far, but Bill still has a chance.

As if on cue Vinnie tries to pull bill back to his feet but Bill shoves him away and slammed his forearm into the side of Vinnies head. Bill looks to try and recover by kicking Vinnie and sending him down before hitting a few elbow drops to the chest. Bill still looks to be wobbly after eating that knee and Vinnie struggles to get up silver measures him up and goes for his sleeper hold again this time he's able to lock it in. Vinnie struggles against the sweet dreams before reaching for the ropes while they stand up he's unable to get there and then is able to run backwards slamming built into the turnbuckle sandwiching him between Vinnie's large frame and the hard steel underneath the ring pad.. Bill let's go of the hold and Phineas able to get away from the corner he turns and he's able to see Bill coming in with a lariats and just in time is able to duck out of the way he hooks bills arm spins him round kick him in the stomach and hit a picture perfect face the cactus DDT right in the middle of the rain Vinny Rolesville over and hooks the leg.





Justin: Here is your winner.... Senor Vinnie!

Simone: Senor Vinnie has defeated Bill Barnhart.

Adams: He has, but I've been around long enough to know that this one is far from over.

The cameras move backstage and stop right in front of Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood's office. After a second or two, a certain blonde Bombshell steps into view wearing a hot pink dress paired with a pair of black stiletto Louboutins. She flashes a grin at the cameras before just walking into their office, not bothering to knock.

HS: I guess you still don't know how to knock.

Mikah just gives him a smile before marching over and placing herself in the chair in front of his office and crosses one leg over the other. She looks at him before looking around the tiny office.

Mikah: This is going to be a little tight with the three of us in here...

She watches him as he frowns before he raises an eyebrow.

HS: Three?

She nods her head as she looks at him before looking around his office again. She stands up and moves around his desk and moves to sit up on the edge of his desk. She clearly didn't care about his personal space.

Mikah: Yes, three. You. Christian. Me. That makes three people.

Mikah offers another smirk only to be confronted with a confused look from him.

HS: Wha...

She sighs as she looks at him.

Mikah: I see that you don't run a very tight ship around here. You have that...THING running around backstage with a band, acting as if he owns the place. You have Teddy Warren Steele acting like a fool and multiple women wanting to make Kate Steele a widow.

She was pointing them out on her finger as she looks at him.

Mikah: You have Bobbie Dahl attacking people who DON'T actually work here. And you won't admit that I'm your favorite Hall of Fame Bombshell.

To her, all of those were valid points and she had that look of confidence written on her face.

HS: Your point is?

He clearly didn't see the point to it all.

Mikah: I'm going to be your unofficial personal assistant, whether you want me to be or not. You need somebody to keep those clowns in line. Plus, you love looking at me, so there's that.

Mikah pulls out her phone before getting off of his desk and leaning into him and snapping a picture with him.

Mikah: Perfect.

She moves and sits back up on the edge of his desk as she types away on her phone.

Mikah: Carry on...

Mikah pays him no attention as she continues with whatever task she was doing before on her phone, leaving him to sit there in perhaps slight confusion and/or annoyance.

The ringside area comes alive as the spotlight flashes on the inside of the ring. The ropes are adorned with black garbage bags fashioned into bows, and flowers crafted from notebook paper and quickly spray painted red that is dripping sloppily can be seen in garland form around the ropes. There is a dirty, grease stained rug in the middle of the ring. We see a man standing under a trellis with the same decorations wrapped haphazardly around it. He is wearing a black robe you might see with a Justice of the Peace wearing, along with a hood and a GRIME mask. He reaches to his collar and turns it on so that we can see it is Yellow, eliciting a bit of a cheer from the crowd.

Coming down the rampway, Sea Green pulls a roll of tissue paper down to make a runner down the aisle. He then pulls it around to the ring apron and up to the greasy carpet. Red comes down over the paper, wearing a black and red tuxedo with his mask and a black hood. He looks around as the audience boos him and he holds his hands up to his ear a la Hulk Hogan before raising both middle fingers and walking down the stage. Behind him, Light Blue carries a man in a tuxedo down behind Red. He rolls the man inside of the ring and waves smelling salt in front of him to wake him up. Red shouts at him and he instantly holds the ropes open. Red enters and takes his place on one side of the trellis. He sees Jamie still sitting there, and he pulls him over behind him. Sea Green and Light Blue stand behind Jamie.

Then, a man in a mask stands at the top of the stage with an electric guitar. He clears his throat before striking a chord. The crowd holds their ears at the intentional pick slide feedback. Angel of Filth and Crimson walk out from backstage, wearing trashbag gowns. They carry the end of a black veil. Filth tugs on it and clears her throat as "The Wedding March" is played on the guitar. Sister Esther walks out and her mascara has clearly been running as she's still crying and blubbering as she comes down the rampway. She skids on the tissue paper and this causes her to screech angrily. Filth slaps her across the face and shakes her shoulders. She points to the ring, and Esther nods. She pulls it together, wipes her eyes and moves along. She climbs inside the ring as Crimson and Filth usher her to the trellis. Red takes her hands in his and she looks up at him, whimpering. He wipes a tear from her face.

Yellow: Hallo, damen und herren, the bride and groom would like to thank you all for joining us here today. It is indeed a special day. Esther and Red's special day.

Yellow points to Esther and Red respectively. He then looks back out to the audience.

Yellow: We gather today in front of a bunch of assholes who mean nothing to us, but there's not any other options, because you wanted to show off for various reasons. Vanity and legitimacy. Attention and video proof. For whatever your reasons, here we are. And thanks to I am able to perform this ceremony. It is mein honor to have paid twelve US dollars for a certificate.

Yellow looks over to the side of the trellis where a ministry certificate is pinned. He then returns back to Red and Esther.

Yellow: Marriage is a beautiful thing. Two people, or more in the state of Nevada, come together in the ultimate expression of greed, er, love. You stand before some chosen spiritual entity to pledge your undying love and affection today. Now, I am told that both of you have prepared your vows. No one wants to stand here all night watching us, so hurry the fuck up with it.

Yellow rolls his left hand in Esther's direction. She pulls Red in a step closer as she clears her throat.

Esther: Baby, you have shown me a whole new world. I feel like Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. The animated cartoon, not the movie. Don't worry, I won't randomly burst out into a song about female empowerment out of nowhere. I'll save that for my singing career. But there's a part when Aladdin is showing her the endless starry sky, with the oceans beneath them, and she gives him this look. One that says "I'm so gonna fuck your brains out when we land, because I'm the crazy bitch who needs an entire room to move around to blow your mind". That's how you make me feel, every minute of every day that we're together. And when we're apart I just want to Facetime you all kinds of dirty things. You made me a woman. You get me. And when you take that mask off, every bitch in the back will walk around in heat because of you. You are my man and I couldn't be more proud of you. I...

Esther chokes back tears, but she can't help but let a few out. She covers her mouth and then fans her face, collecting herself again.

Esther: I just want to fuck you every day for the rest of our lives. I love you. I need you. And if you ever leave me, I will kill myself. Do you hear me? Hm? Oh, and I don't mean just the razor blade to the femoral artery in the bathtub kind, but the zip tie around the handle of a chainsaw type. Do you understand me?! Huh?!

Red nods his head and then holds his hands up in the air in surrender. Esther punches him in the arm and then slaps him across the face as she finishes her statement. He grabs onto her arms and holds her still as he shouts at her in Russian.

Yellow: That was very... Fledermaus verdammt verrückt as we say back in ze Deutschland. It pulls at the heartstrings. Thank you for that, Sister Esther Shepherd. Ahhh... Red?

Red: My dearest Esther. At first, I thought to myself, "Why the hell are we letting this bible thumping, self-righteous, idiotic, fake blonde suka into GRIME? I mean, are we just fucking with her? Are we just trying to make her father go crazy?" But we were not fucking with you at all, moya zayka. Angel of Filth realized that the risk was worth the reward. And when I impressed you with my manhood, I realized I could do this for a while. Two years minimum until green card is issued, no? It's not a prison sentence. Railroad spiking a pastor's daughter and letting him know about it while watching him go sumasshedshaya bita isa benefit that I can live with. Plus you're kind of hot and breast implants are in my budget. I love banging you, and I love letting your father know I'm banging you. It is one reason I provide the gift I am providing you.

The Sin City Tron turns on to show Blue, Purple, Silver, Black, Green, Orange, Jacob Johnson, Hitamashii, and Eric Weaverwailing on Brother David, Andrew Borg, Mother Mavis, and Sister Virginia Mae. They are beating on them without mercy, as they try to fight. Esther smiles wickedly as she lets out a "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Then, Rory Rockefeller drags a half conscious Father Gerald out to the ring. The crowd boos even more loudly as he rolls Gerald inside of the ring with his hands cuffed behind him. He struggles to his feet and he looks around, speaking through a rag tied around his mouth. His muffled screams don't carry very far as Esther wraps her arms around him in a hug.

Red: Your father was invited to give you away on several occasions. He says no each time. Red does not like this word, no. Here he is, vozlyublennaya. Willing or not, here he is...

Esther can't hold back the tears any longer. She wails dramatically as she jumps into Red's arms, trying to lift his mask just enough to shove her tongue in his mouth. However, Yellow pulls her back.

Yellow: Hab etwas würde, kind. Have some dignity. Wait until you are officially married, damn. So, some things about marriage is a forever bond, it is sacred, and a bunch of secular bullenscheiße. Repeat after me, Esther. I, Esther Shepherd...

Esther repeats the marriage vows as Yellow says them. He then turns to Red and has him do the same process. Their rings are officially on, and Red turns to Esther, leaning over her as she stares longingly up into his eyes.

Yellow: Then it is with the power vested in me, by the state of Florida, that I now pronounce you... Mr. and Mrs... Red? Or...

Red shrugs his shoulders. He reaches back and takes a few seconds of messing with the mask. The crowd stands on their feet as they wait to see who is behind the mask. He turns to Esther who helps to try to get it off of his head. Once the fans are about to explode with anticipation, the mask comes off to reveal...

Chad: That's former PBC boxer, Andrey Azarov! What is he...? He's been with GRIME all this time?

Gena: I don't know who the hell that is, but the crowd is gasping, shouting, cheering, booing, throwing things, cheering... I've never seen a more loud yet mixed reaction in my year plus career!

Andrey sneers as he looks into the audience. He spits down at the ground and raises his fists. He walks back and forth a few times, getting the crowd to go louder and louder before Esther jumps into his arms.

Yellow: I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Azarov! You may now kiss the bride!

Father Gerald screams through his gag, and he thrashes around as Light Blue, Sea Green, Yellow, Filth, and Crimson hold him back against the ropes. Azarov gets just as into the kissing as Esther is, putting a hand up her dress as Gerald struggles even harder. Once the moment is over, Andrey walks over to Gerald and delivers a left jab, right jab, uppercut, right hook combo that puts Father Gerald down on the mat. He gives him a few good kicks as Esther kneels down and shouts at her father. She leans over him as Andrey kisses her deeply. The crowd is disgusted by this display as they continue on, and the camera cuts elsewhere.

Liam: This next match is a Kickboxing match for the Vacant SCU Combat Championship!!!

Life of Agony's "Lost At 22" starts to play, the crowd pops to the sound of the music. Halo comes out and stands at the rampway as she points to the fans around the arena.

Liam: First on her way to the ring, from Hollywood Hills, CA, standing at 5'10" and weighing in at 144lb, she is... Halo Anniiiiiiiiissssssssssss!!!

Halo waves for the crowd to stay hyped which they do. Halo makes her way down the rampway hyped up, as much as the crowd. She stops at the ringside area, Halo points at two girls in the second row. The crowd looks to see one wearing a Halo T-shirt the other wearing a Kelli Torres shirt.Halo gives them a high five then slides in the ring.

Liam: And her opponent!!! From Paris, France, standing at 5'9" and weighing in at 135lb, she is... Delia Darling!!!!!!!

The lights dim down. "Nightmare" by Halsey begins playing over the speakers. The audience stops to look at the rampway, confused until the curtains are pushed aside. Delia Darling is standing there, and the crowd cheers loudly for her. She is wearing a black sequin gown that is cut up the side to her waist. She looks from side to side, raising her arm up in the air, using her other arm to run it down. She smirks and then lowers her arms, walking down the rampway like it's a runway. She makes it to the ring, and then she rolls inside, crawling as the camera focuses on her face, hardened with a demur sort of sultry indifference. She then gets up to her feet and she settles into her corner.


Chad: Darling and Halo get to the middle of the ring. Darling kicks Halo with a front kick to the chest. Halo brushes it off and charges at Darling... Darling jumps up and hits Halo again in the chest but this time with a jumping spin kick.

Gena: Halo stumbles back a few steps, Darling runs at Halo with a running jump kick but Halo moves out of the way. Darling turns around to face Halo and catches a right hook followed by a left jab, then an uppercut!

Chad: Darling is stunned as Halo hits another left jab, then a right, another right! Darling gets her hands up... Halo hits a hard hook to the ribs. Darling puts her hands down and gets knocked with a right cross that drops Darling to the mat!

Gena: Darling is dazed but quickly gets on one knee. She gets checked on by the ref but Darling is not ready to end this match. Darling gets to her feet, Halo rushes in but backs away as Darling goes for a front kick.

Chad: Darling throws another kick that misses but keeps Halo away from punching distance. Halo goes for a kick but misses but then rushes in and misses a left hook as Darling drops Halo with a single left straight punch to her jaw!

Gena: Halo is not knocked out as she gets right back up. Darling goes for another punch but Halo blocks it then hits a left jab followed by a right. Darling goes for a left hook but Halo counters with a right hook-cross then nails a left jab to the nose.

Chad: Darling gets busted open! Halo hits a right cross then a left jab! Halo nails a straight left punch to the nose again! Darling stumbles towards Halo as Halo nails Darling with another hook. Darling drops to a knee as Halo swings for a punch... The ref gets in the middle and waves this one off!!!


Liam: Your winner of this match... and the new SCU Combat Champion... Halo Williams!!!

Chad: A new champion after a strange way that lead to Halo and Darling in this match to begin with.

Gena: Well none of that matters now as Halo is the new Combat Champion. The brawler now takes over the division. Except for Jenifer to have something to say about this.

Chad: On that note let's go to the ring as Halo was handed a microphone.

Halo: Wow... So...

Halo looks at her Combat title, the cameras sees her staring at the Kelli Torres nameplate. Halo looks around the crowd.

Halo: On Underground 48, I was placed in a Combat title match with Kelli Torres. GRIME messed that up and the match never took place. A month later, here I stand as the new Combat Champion. It's bitter sweet. Darling's feet almost didn't allow this moment to happen. However as I see the name of Kelli Torres on the title, it's a reminder that the real champion had to drop this title she holds dearly. She gave up the Underground title to stay Combat Champion. Now she is resting at home healing up.

Halo looks at the title again

Halo: Kelli, I know Jenifer wants a shot. After I defeat her, you and I have a title match to have. You owe me, I owe you.

Halo looks around at the crowd.

Halo: More importantly, Kelli and I owe the match to all of you fans!

The crowd pops

Halo: Rest up, I'll hold it down for you. When you're ready to return, you and I will give the world the match they want to see. You and I will face off for this Combat title. However, and you my girl and all but this division that you put on your shoulders has a new top dog. That won't be changing while you're gone. Kelli, it won't change when you return, but I'm looking forward to the day I get to prove it.

I Luv It by Young Jezzy starts to play in the arena. Everyone looks at the rampway as does Halo as she looks confused to the random song playing.

Chad: Not sure what's going on here.

Gena: Everyone waiting to see what or who this is...

The crowd boos as Melissa Ruin comes out to the rampway with a microphone in her hand.

Melissa: Hold up, you gotta be kidding me... Do you really think you are on top of this division? Newsflash, you only got this chance because Eyesnsane and Jenifer flight didn't make it. On top of that you face the worst Mean Girl ever. You might be the for now but mark my words. You can kiss that title goodbye as soon as they give me my long awaited title match.

Halo: You have had more chances than anyone else. But, I never turn down a challenge. You want a piece of me again!? You got it! Any time, anywhere Melissa Ruin!

Melissa: Good...

Melissa drops the microphone and starts walking down the rampway. The crowd looks on as Halo mockingly dares Melissa to get in the ring. Melissa gets on the apron, Halo puts the Combat title on the mat and gets her hands up. Melissa takes a second then laughs as she jumps off the apron. The crowd boos Melissa as she thinks twice and walks back up the rampway

We see Dmitri walking backstage, he has a smile on his face before he is stopped by an old familiar face in Pussy Willow.

Pussy: Dmitri, I've hard rumors that you have returned to SCW. Are they true??

The elegant vampire smiles while twirling with his fingers through his hair and then nods his head in approval.

Dmitri: I guess I cannot keep anything secret for you huh Willow? But Da, I have returned.... I am officially signed to this company once again and I will be entering myself in the Blast from the Past tournament. And we all know that vampires are the past, the present and the future no?? And guess what??

He smiles seductively

Dmitri: I will showcase this at the very first show that I will be booked upon... that people change... and so do vampires..... I'm a new type of bloodsucker mi amor....

With that he blows a kiss in the wind before walking off.

"Zombie" by Breed 77 blasts through the speakers, the slow intro playing as the word move on the screen.

Adams: Is that?

Simone: I think it is!

The eyes of Gabriel appear on the screen, turning red as the heavier guitars kick in. Purple lights cut through the thick smoke starting to fill the entrance ramp.

Adams: It is! It's SCW Hall of Famer and now trainer to the best, Gabriel Stevens!

The crowd wait in anticipation. The figure of Gabriel walks out from behind the dark curtain, the a huge chorus of cheers. Gabriel is wearing a leather jacket, down to his heels with a hood attached. He reaches back and pulls the hood from his head, showing Gabriel's face. Gabriel's eyes are focused completely on the ring, his eyes narrowed as he glares at the ring.

Simone: This is surreal.

Adams: A real old school entrance!

He puts his hands in front of him, opening his long coat, pulling it apart, he puts his arms to his side. Gabriel turns his head to the crowd, with a simple nod, he starts to walk to the ring. Gabriel gets outside the ring and puts his hands together, a light burning from his palms. A flash of light engulfs the ring and Gabriel stands inside, looking towards Justin Decent, who rushes a mic to him. The music starts to fade and Gabriel looks around the crowd.

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Gabriel smiles as he looks around the crowd.

Gabriel: Nice to see you lot too.

The crowd burst in to cheers as Gabriel looks around them and waits for them to quieted down.

Gabriel: It's great to be back in front of you all again if only for tonight. A few weeks ago, my wife came out here and you all saw what happened.

The crowd boo loudly.

Gabriel: Exactly and justice was served, but before all that happened, she had a very important message to you all about Blast From The Past. It launched a lot of careers, it's a big part of the SCW tradition that I was around for when I become the first ever SCW World Heavyweight Champion, it has played a massive part in the lives of all that have stepped forward and wanted to be something here in SCW. It's also been a huge part of what we teach at the GO Gym.

Gabriel walks around the ring.

Gabriel: My wife won Blast From The Past the first year it happened, she happened to beat me in that final, so for both of us to get there, it give this tournament a special meaning to us both and a new tradition started with people from our gym entering this tournament and doing well. Evie Jordan, winner and runner up, Fenris, winner, Devona, runner up. This is something we take great pride in and this year, we're going for it again.

Gabriel smiles.

Gabriel: You've seen the names, you know that Evie Jordan is coming back to try and right that runner up wrong.

The crowd give a mixed reaction.

Gabriel: You know that Dani Weston will be back in her long awaited return.

The crowd burst in to cheers.

Gabriel: You've seen my prodigal son return to action, the lost sheep of the family O'Malley sign up.

The crowd boo loudly at hearing his name.

Gabriel: And making his in ring debut, a man who will surprise you with his work rate, Aron Baltasarrson will be stepping in this ring.

The crowd cheer again.

Gabriel: Four strong names, but you see, they're not the only ones representing the GO Gym.

Adams: They're not? I've seen the list of names and they're the only ones I can see connected to it.

Gabriel: There's a lot of names on that sign up sheet that leaves you all scratching your head and wondering who, but one name on there, I know all about, in fact, Odette and I trained her ourselves. This woman is something else. Most come to us and they can't wait to be told they're ready but after two months, an incredibly short amount of time, she was ready not only to step in a ring, but beat the best, but she shook her head and said Gabriel, I want to be better. Six months training and she'd mastered things it takes years of experience to master, but she looked at Odette and said no, not yet. Nine months training and Blast From The Past was mentioned and she smiled at me.

Gabriel nods his head.

Gabriel: She looked at me and said that's it, I have three months to train like I've never trained before, I have three months to be better than I am, and believe me right now, she'd make the women you allow to main event, look like card openers. She worked, she worked harder than anyone has ever worked in their lives. She is a prodigy, she is the most perfect, well rounded rookie you will ever see and she is here right now, she is gonna take Blast From The Past by storm, and you will never forget her name. Ladies and gentlemen, one full year of training and ready to make you stand up and take notice, the latest from the GO Gym and a woman destined for that Bombshell Championship, please welcome...

Gabriel points to the entrance ramp.

Gabriel: TALLYN!

The lights go off and Nightmare by Halsey begins to play over the sound system before the lights flicker a few times. Tallyn walks out onto the stage dressed in a pair of black leather leggings paired with a lacey purple bralette top with a black leather jacket over it. She stops in the middle of the stage and looks around, placing her hands on her hips. She stands there for a moment before raising an eyebrow with a smirk on her face before walking down the ramp, ignoring the fans and their shouts, and outreached hands. She stops at the end of the ramp and looks to her left and then to her right before walking around the ring and picking a side to get in. She steps in between the bottom and middle rope and easily gets in the ring.

She smiles at Gabriel before looking around the arena at the fans, who were watching and trying to decide how to react to her. She grabs a microphone that's handed to her as she finds the center of the ring.

Tallyn: Thank you, Gabriel for that introduction.

She smiles at him as she looks around, a load of confidence in her eyes.

Tallyn: Right now, nobody knows me; doesn't know what I'm about or what I can do in this ring. But you're all about to find out when the Blast from the Past tournament begins.

She smirks a little as she stands still in the center of the ring.

Tallyn: I know what you're thinking. Just another rookie that isn't going to hack it and will be done with the company once she loses in the tournament. But I've got news for you, you're wrong. Because I won't be losing the tournament. I'll be winning it.

She holds a confident smirk on her face.

Tallyn: And yes, while those are just words and I have yet to prove anything in the ring, you're going to sit back and watch as my partner and I dominate the tournament. I don't do things half way, oh no. I make sure that when I start something, I finish it. And sure, I've seen the list of entrants in the tournament...

She pauses as she begins to walk around the ring a little bit.

Tallyn: And sure there are 'veterans' like Sam Marlowe and Jessie Salco entered in.

There were mixed reactions at the name drop.

Tallyn: Also names like Bobbie Dahl...

The fans boo.

Tallyn: Oh, I agree with you there. That's about one thing we do agree on there.

She smirks and winks at the camera.

Tallyn: And Kate Steele...

Another mixed reaction from the fans.

Tallyn: Who is married to a misogynistic, pig of a man and that right there should tell you all about her and how ridiculous she is to stay married to a man like that.

The fans half cheer at the statement.

Tallyn: Out of those four, I couldn't say that there's anything remotely interesting about any of them. Bobbie Dahl whines because Seleana Zdunich got a championship shot at Roxi Johnnson's Bombshell Championship BEFORE she got hers. Newsflash honey, you get your chance at Roxi tonight; it's a much bigger match than Seleana got. Suck it up and move on and put your focus on your match tonight. Also, I hope that I get the chance to face you in this tournament, because trust me when I say this, Dahl, you'll get what's coming to you for what you did to Odette.

Tallyn holds a serious look on her face as she look into the camera, holding her gaze there for a few extra seconds before continuing on.

Tallyn: I've tried to look up stuff about Sam Marlowe but honestly? I just fell asleep everytime that I tried to watch her stuff.

She shrugs her shoulders with an unsympathetic look on her face.

Tallyn: And we're really supposed to take Jessie Salco seriously? That's a thing?

Tallyn raises an eyebrow at thought but shrugs her shoulders.

Tallyn: Yeah, okay. That's like believing that Teddy Warren Steele has a pair of balls.

The fans cheer at the remark, their hatred for the man evident.

Tallyn: And then there's Evie Jordan and Dani Weston...

The fans erupt in cheers at the mention of the two Bombshells' names and Tallyn cracks a smile and nods her head in agreement.

Tallyn: Again, I agree with you there.

Tallyn smirks again.

Tallyn: Evie and Dani are the only other two in this tournament, other than myself that would be acceptable to win. And lose to, as well. They're great competitors and when we meet in the ring, it will be one of the best matches that SCW will ever see.

Tallyn again stops for a moment to look around as she thinks about her next move.

Tallyn: The rest of the women on the entry list are interchangeable and I can't say that I see one name other than my own, Evie's, and Dani's that sticks out as winner. Therefore, I've deemed them unworthy to even talk about. Let's move on to the male entries, shall we!?

Tallyn nods her head.

Tallyn: You have guys like Casey Williams, Jake Raab, Travis Nathaniel Andrews, and Teddy Warren signed up. Four men that are just as interchangeable as the other women are. Do I see any of those four amounting to much in the tournament?

Tallyn makes a face as she looks up for a second.

Tallyn: Unless they're teamed with me, Evie, or Dani? Definitely not.

Tallyn shrugs her shoulders.

Tallyn: I know I have to be careful, stepping into these waters because any of these 16 men could be my partner in this tournament and one will be my partner. And if I'm lucky, I'll get paired with Aron Baltasarrson or O'Malley, people I know from the gym.

She smirks to herself.

Tallyn: But let's face it, any of those men will be blessed to be teamed up with me.

She smirks again as she stands in the center of the ring again

Tallyn: I'm not here to just be another flash in the skillet. I'm here to win this whole damn tournament and make a name for myself. I might be new to the whole wrestling thing but I'm not to be taken lightly. And once I step into the ring, you're going to see what I'm talking about. You want a good show? I'm going to give you one every time that I step into that ring. And I can't wait to get my shot at the Bombshell Championship once I win this tournament.

Tallyn smirks again before looking over at Gabriel.

Tallyn: See you soon.

She tosses the microphone down as her music plays.

Justin: The following match is a ladder match and it's for the newly reinstated Sin City Wrestling Bombshell's Internet Championship!

The SCW fans let out an almighty cheer, before Justin can continue.

Justin: Let's get this one underway...

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the the lights flashing across the arena.

Justin: Introducing, from Miami, Florida, "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and perches herself on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin

Justin: From London, England... Kateeee Steeelee

Diamond and the Gem Stones begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does we are able to see the likes of the Gem Stones playing on a tron. Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire are all playing various instruments as we are able to see Diamond Steele emerging from the curtain with a microphone in her hand. She sings as loudly as she can to the sound of roaring boos. Accompanying is that of her husband "Lady Steele" The Drag Queen. He smirks as he pushes up his breasts as he tells the crowd to pipe down. Kate smirks as she just sings loudly which results in even more boos. Diamond finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she points at the crowd who boos louder than before. She flips them off as she throws the microphone to the side. She smirks as she opens up a pocket mirror and takes a moment to admire how beautiful her hair is as she waits for the match to begin. Lady Steele just smirks as he claps for his wife on the outside of the ring.

Justin: From Los Angeles California... Seleana Zdunich...

The arena fades to black as the screen lights up and we are treated to an old school movie countdown image.




Suddenly the countdown is stopped by claws slashing through the image and a cat's roar sounds through the arena. Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" blasts through the speakers and Seleana Zdunich is led through the entranceway by her wife and tag team partner, Crystal Hilton. The two make their way to the ring, slapping hands along the way as the crowd cheers them on.

Justin: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada... Sierrrraaa Willliaaaams.

"The realist killaz" by 2 Pac and 50 Cent blares out as strobe lights hit the entrance in time with the music. Sierra steps out with a black bandana over her face as she throws up her hands and makes her way down to the ring talking trash about her opponent

Justin: Making her way to the ring...

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her opponents to arrive.

Justin: And finally....

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

Adams: Well that felt like a lifetime.

Simone: I thought you enjoyed the entrances?

Adams: Individually yes, collectively no.

Jasmin stands in the middle of the ring while all the bombshells gather around, all looking up at their prize that's dangling above them. Jessie Salco sneaks out of the ring and eagerly slides a large ladder inside the six-sided circle and begins setting up the ladder. Jasmin calls for the bell and this one is underway.


Jessie's freshly set up ladder is dragged to the centre of the ring, while the rest of the bombshell's begin to brawl and the SCW veteran starts to climb the giant ladder looking to sneak away with the Internet Championship. However, the rest of the bombshells clue on to what Jessie is doing and they all make a mad dash for the ladder. Sammi, Mercedes, Kate and Seleana all rush up to stop Jessie leaving Sierra the only Bombshell not climbing the ladder. Sierra licks her lips sizing up and opportunity and the SCW howl out in excitement as Sierra uses all her might to push on the ladder, trying her hardest to make it tip over.

Adams: There is no way this is going to work.

Simone: Well, it might Sierra has picked the lighter side to push.

Adams: BELINDA, you can't say things like that.

Simone: Well I just did.

As all the bombshells on top of the ladder are grabbing for the belt that is swinging in the breeze, they all watch it become a distant memory as their movement as well and Sierra's shoving is enough to send the ladder tipping and the five bombshells are sent to outside with an almighty thud. The SCW fans love the action as they start cheering loudly.

Simone: This might be the shortest Ladder match in history.

Sierra drags the ladder back across to the centre of the ring; she sets it back up and begins her climb. The SCW fans are behind her with every step she takes but just as she goes to reach the top, Sammi Marlowe has managed to drag herself back into the ring. The crowd favourite makes a beeline for the ladder, she rushes up the free side before she plants a punch right on Sierra's jaw. Sierra didn't appreciate the sentiment as she fires back with a flying forearm and the two starts duelling at the top of the ladder as the Internet Championship swings just above their heads.

Adams: Sierra or Sammi need to make light work of each other here as the rest of the crowd is stirring.

Seleana is back on her feet and she looks up to see what's happening in the ring, she quickly springs to action grabbing another ladder and sliding it into the ring, she quickly sets it up beside the other ladder and makes a mad dash for the top. Looking to steal the championship away for Sammi and Sierra as they brawl. Mercedes isn't having a bar of it as she rushes up the vacant side of Sel's ladder and all of a sudden there is a four-way brawl happening well above the canvas, all the while the prize swings dangerously with in reach above them.

Adams: Here comes Kate.

Kate tries to slide back into the ring to get into the action, but Jessie just viciously grabs her legs and pull her back out of the ring, slapping Kate onto the outside like a well flipped pancake. Jessie grabs onto Kate and she slams her into the steel steps for good measure before the punk rocker makes her way back into the ring. Sammi makes a swift kick towards Mercedes knocking her off the ladder and back to the canvas, this opens an opportunity for Jessie who storms the ring. She swiftly rolls Mercedes out to the outside before she makes her way up the ladder, stopping Seleana from grabbing the Internet Championship. Sierra almost has Seleana off her ladder but the added assistance from Salco is welcomed as they send the former Bombshell champion flying to the outside. Seleana doesn't have a hard fall as she crashes down onto of Mercedes in a crossbody.

Adams: Well if you're going to go out, you might as well take out someone else.

Meanwhile Kate is on the outside staggering around, but she sets up a ladder from the side of the ring to the top of the barricade and the siren makes sure it's sturdy before she heads back into the ring. Mercedes is back to her feet wobbling around but she is too dazed to get back into the match right now. Salco reaches across the ladder and she drives Sierra's face into the top run, slitting her open on impact. Sierra is trying to wipe the blood from her eye but Sammi takes an advantage and slices her with a chick kick from the top of the ladder sending Sierra down the ladder and crashing to the canvas.

Simone: Seleana hasn't moved, Mercedes seems confused as to where she is from Seleana crash landing on her and snapping her head into the floor. Sierra has blood gushing from her forehead.

Adams: And Sammi has the belt in her fingertips.

Sammi looks to take the win but Jessie leaps over onto her back, the SCW crowd are shocked as Sammi tries to wrestle free Salco sticks her thumb into her eyes the two go back and forth but the weight of carrying Salco on her back is enough top tip the ladder and Jessie and Sammi crash to the canvas, Jessie's knees drive into the spine of Jessie and the arena goes silent in shock.

Adams: Jessie could have damn near broke Sammi's back.

It takes Sammi to roll over before the fans can let out a sigh of relief as their favourite seems to be okay, regarding the crazy fall she had just taken. Kate grabs a hand full of Jessie's hair, lifting her up she takes her over towards the ladder she set up and she tosses Jessie's body over the top rope and onto the ladder. Kate climbs the nearest corner, looking to elbow drop in onto Salco, but Seleana is back in the fight as she shoves Kate off the top rope. Kate tumbles inside the ring and Seleana now comes crashing down on top of Salco, cracking the ladder is half from impact.

Simone: Sammi's out, Sierra's trying to find her feet, Mercedes is back in the ring, Seleana just took herself and Jessie Salco out. Kate hasn't moved... this really seems like it's Mercedes time to shine.

Mercedes walks with purpose as she rushes towards Sierra, she grabs a hold of her hair before she whips her into the ladder, Sierra's already busted open face slaps the metal before Mercedes kicks her out of the ring. The fiery Hall of Famer walks over Sammi like she was a doormat before she pops Kate back to the canvas with a superkick as she tried to get back into the fight. Mercedes path of destruction leaves her very much the only Bombshell standing, looking up towards the dangling Internet Championship Mercedes makes her climb looking to make even more history in SCW.

Adams: There you have it, ladies, gentleman and kiddies... our new Bombshell Internet Champion, the Queen of the SCW division... Mercedes Vargas...

Mercedes is just in reach of the championship; Jessie stirs on the outside, but she is unable to move as Seleana is blocking her path. Sammi is back up to her feet and she rushes towards the ladder, but she is collected by a thunderous spear by Kate. Sierra is on the outside blood still spewing from the gash on her forehead. Kate turns to see Mercedes is just seconds away from making history and with an almighty scream the siren rushes towards the ladder Vargas is stand on top of and with a mighty shove, Mercedes is knocked off her balance and she is sent crumbling down to ladder. Kate picks her up and drags her out of the ring, knocking her into Sierra who was firing up and ready to get back into the match.

Simone: Oh lord NO!

Kate sees that this I her moment and she doesn't waste it as she climbs the ladder that's closest to her, take a moment to overlook the carnage below her before she reaches up and unclips the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Internet Championship from its hanger.


Justin: Here is your winner and NEW Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Internet Championnnnnnn KATEEEEEE STEEEELLEEEE!!!!

Kate celebrates with tears at the top of the ladder as she hugs her newly won Internet Championship

Simone: What a night it has been so far. Next up we have...

Adams: Oh God is that who I think it is. I thought we were going to go towards a better part of the show.

It isn't long before the likes of Teddy Warren makes his way out to the ring to the loud sounds of boos. He flips the crowd off as he runs into the confines of the ring. He quickly calls for a microphone as everyone begins to boo him as loud as possible.

Teddy: Everybody can shut up... Things didn't go as planned and it still doesn't the change the fact that I am done with wrestling here. After my Blast From The Past commitment I am out of here!

Teddy seems to be absolutely disgusted as he continues to speak.

Teddy: So go ahead and laugh at me. Make fun of me and everything like that. It still doesn't change the fact that I am pissed off. I know somewhere out there J2H is laughing at me because I didn't climb a stupid ladder and get the job done. High Stakes might be a long time away but like I said before I want you J2H... I don't give a damn if I won or lost a match. It still doesn't mean anything. As long as I get my hands on you that's the only thing that matters!

Teddy shakes his head in utter disgust as he begins to speak.

Teddy: SCW needs to realize that I am the show! This company is all about me, and because it's about me they are going to get their entire fill of me. They are going to get even more then they asked for! They are going to get me in this ring every single week. I don't care if I have to get arrested, Until I get what I am going to sit right here in the middle of the ring and I am not going to leave for anything!

With that Teddy snaps his fingers and as soon as he does somebody passes him a folding chair. He sits down in the middle of the ring smirking.

Teddy: Let somebody try to remove me... I dare you. It can be one of those bombshells but I have a feeling I am the one that is going to get fined tonight when I straight out slap a bitch!

Voice: Wah, wah, wah.

Adams: What the hell is that?

The big screen lights to see the face of....

Simone: It's J2H!

The crowd burst in to cheers as they see the Former SCW World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer on the screen, rubbing his eyes in a mock crying fashion.

J2H: I can read you like a book you knock off Rupaul wannabe bitch!

The crowd burst in to loud cheers as J2H tilts his head.

J2H: As soon as I saw your punk ass fail in winning that ladder match, a thought hit me and that thought was you was gonna march to that ring and talk about me, just so people remember you tonight, cause much like your wife has gone through many times, no one's gonna remember that performance.


J2H: So I got a camera all set up, wonders of modern technology, and I thought hell, I got a few minutes to make you feel the size of your dick.

J2H holds up his thumb and his forefinger holding them about an inch apart.

J2H: Trust me, that's being generous from what Kate says.

The crowd cheer as Teddy kicks the bottom rope in frustration.

J2H: You go have your little bitch fit, come out to the ring, moan, bitch, drop my name and talk about how you really wanna face me, how you really wanna get in the ring with the best fucking wrestler that's ever been in SCW, and I don't care if the rest of the roster disagree with that, I couldn't give a fuck Teddy. I didn't back then when I was a breaking records and a sure don't care now. I was the best, more to the point, I could step in that ring again tomorrow and make every man in that dressing room reevalute their career choice. So with me being that good, what makes you think I would get in the ring with a loser like you?

J2H smirks.

J2H: Boredom and you just made me bored so fuck High Stakes, let's do this shit now!

Adams: WHAT?!?!?!

The crowd bursts in to almighty cheers as Teddy's eyes widen.

Simone: I don't think he was expecting that!

J2H puts up his hand.

J2H: Don't piss your pants Teddy boy, I ain't there.

The crowd boo in disappointment.

J2H: But congratulations, that was the pop of the night and you was part of it because there's not a man, woman or child alive that don't want me down in that ring right now to give you a different kind of make up, more of the crimson type. The only bitch you need to be slapping right now Teddy is yourself, because if you think for even a second you was good enough to wrestle my shadow? You couldn't even pin my sweat!

Teddy clenches his jaw as he looks at the big screen.

J2H: You couldn't beat your own meat even if you had a microscope and a pair of tweezers.

The camera looks around the shocked and smiling faces in the crowd.

J2H: The fact is Liberace, you're not good enough to be in a ring with me, you never have been and all that time between now and High Stakes is not gonna make you good enough to face me. You're just a little whiny bitch who could walk around with a tiara claiming you're the Queen of England and you still wouldn't get over.

Simone: Forth Wall J.

Adams: I don't think he cares.

J2H: So get off your ass, get to the back and let the real men and women do what you never could and wrestle.

J2H raises a middle finger towards the camera before fading out.

Adams: Now that was a surprise, and I think that means J2H still isn't interested in Teddy Warren's High Stakes challenge.

Simone: We're gonna have to go elsewhere while we sort this situation out.

Ms. Rocky Mountains stands next to the roulette wheel where champion Griffin Hawkins and challenger Travis Levitt stands.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies and gentlemen, we've seen some brutal matches tonight for our roulette stipulations, and now we get to see another. Gentlemen, are you ready?

Both Travis and Griffin nod their heads and Rocky spins the wheel. Both men's eyes focus on it as it slows down.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Tonight's match will be a Death Match!

The crowd cheer.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Good luck to you both.

Travis nods at Griffin before walking off as the cameras cut back to ringside.

Justin Decent: The next match is the Roulette Championship match and it will be contested under DEATH MATCH rules....introducing first...

The heavy guitar riff kick in through the PA and 'Essence of Datum' starts to echo around the arena. A small fog starting to slip from the stage, just as the music hits its first crescendo, from the back out stalks 'The Phoenix' Travis Levitt, and a few feet to his side is Valentina. The two pause at the top of the ramp, each sharing a look around at the crowd, before looking at each other. They share a nod, and then Valentina heads towards the ring with Levitt a step behind her. Reaching ringisde, Valentina goes for the steps, while Travis hops up onto the apron, standing up, and stepping onto the middle rope while pulling at the top rope to let Valentina in. Levitt hops over the top rope and into the ring himself, heading for the far side and staring out at the crowd, guaging their reaction, before slipping off his jacket and handing it to Valentina. Levitt then retreats to a neutral corner, getting a few last minute words of advice from Valentina before she leaves the ring, and Travis gets ready for his fight.

Justin Decent: The challenger, from richmond Virginia, standing 6'5 and weighing in at 250 pounds...THE PHOENIX, TRAVIS LEVIIITTT

The lights tun colors from Red to Green to various other colors as "Made In Hell" by Rob Halford begins to fill the air. Fog fills the stage, and emerging from it is none other than Griffin Hawkins!

Justin Decent: Making his way to the ring, the champion.....from Windsor, Ontario Canada...weighing in at 227 Pounds...put your hands together for Griffin Hawkins!!

The crowd is cheering as he makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as signs that read "Griffin Rox" and "Rock Soldier" are present. He soaks in the positive reaction as he walks up the steps and steps between the ropes. He gets on the turnbuckles and raises the Devil Horns in the air with both hands, pumping the crowd up.

He gets down, taking off his leather jacket before getting out of the ring. He sees a young little boy in the front row as he takes off his silver aviator shades. He places his sunglasses on the young fan who looks excited to be here, smiling as he pats him on the head. He rolls back into the ring, and kicks his feet up ropes in the corner of the ring and leans across the turnbuckle like it's a hammock, waiting for the match to begin.

Adams: This match should be scary. It's a straight up death match and if I was Griffin Hawkins I would be worried.

Simone: Look, Travis Levitt might look like a bad ass, but his record doesn't show it. Travis is a great wrestler but he lacks focus and Griffin Hawkins, as skinny as he is and as much as he looks like Vince Neil circa 1985 he can go

Adams: But this is a deathmatch Belinda. This is right up Travis ally and not in Griffins at all, Griffin is a technical wrestler and a high flyer....he's not known for using glass, barbed wire and flames!


The bell rings and Travis wastes no time in attacking Griffin while he has his back turned, he is able to run across the ring and slam his forearm into the back of Griffin's neck causing Griffin to run face first into the turnbuckle. Travis spins Griffin around and hits a few roundhouse kicks to Griffins ribs before spinning around and hitting a back elbow right into Griffin Hawkins nose sending him down to the mat landing against the bottom turnbuckle. Travis hits the ropes with a head of steam and kicks Griffin right in the side of the head Griffin looks to be in trouble straight away. Travis pulls Griffin out of the corner by his leg and goes for a very early pin



Griffin kicks out. Travis wings down and pulls Griffin up by the hair before shoving him back into the corner. He hits a European uppercut and then another and then another before grabbing Griffin by the hair and snap me dragging him down into the centre of the ring Travis measures him up and runs forward hitting a penalty kick right to the spine sending allowed echo throughout the arena Griffin holds his back in pain and Travis just smiles before sliding under the bottom rope to the floor to look for weapons. Travis pulls out a steel chair sliding it into the ring before pulling out A garbage bin full of weapons throwing them into the ring as well. The crowd is into it as Travis looks over at a kendo stick holding it in the air.

Simone: Travis was on the attack before Griffin knew what hit him. And he was also the first to reach for the weapons

Adams: Not a good start for the champion. But I have faith Griffin can find and opening and get back into this match before Travis can do too much damage.

Travis slides in the ring holding the kendo stick Griffin is able to pull himself to his feet. Travis goes for a wild swing but Griffin is able to duck the shot and is able to pepper Travis with a few jobs. I left another left and then a heart right sending Travis down to the mat. But Travis is able to start getting to his feet Griffin stays on the attack and as Travis gets back to a vertical bass Griffin leaves in the air with a spinning he'll keep connecting with Travis's nose. Griffin looks over and finds a mop handle. Griffin holds it at both ends and is able to raise it in the air before bringing it down and snapping it over the back of Travis. Travis looks to be in pain and now Griffin is holding two pieces of wood one in each hand. He starts to spin them around before Travis pulls himself to his feet and Griffin hits him all over his body with rapid fire strikes before hitting him behind each year with both mop handles sending Travis down to the mat. Griffin pins



Travis kicks out. Griffin turns around and grabs the steel chair he smiles at the fans before lifting it in the air the fans give Griffin a huge pop but as he turns around Travis runs forward and hit a big boot to the chair slamming it into Griffin's face. Griffin goes down hard and Travis pulls the chair up from under Griffin and looks at the dent he left with a smirk. Travis then opens the chair and closes at around griffins head the fan start to scream know as Travis climbs the top right and threatens to jump off onto the chair as he jumps Griffin is able to move out of the way throwing the chair off of him and Travis just his knee as he lands Griffin grabs hold the steel trash can throws it at Travis and as Travis catches a Griffin leaves in the air dropkicking the trash can right back into Travis's chest sending him to the mat hard

Simone: This is like a goddamn car wreck

Adams: Griffin is showing he can hang with Travis in a deathmatch scenario

Griffin breathes heavily and slides from the ring looking around he pulls up the ring apron and looks under before pulling out a table the crowd cheering as he does he also pulls out a rather large ladder causing the crowd to go even louder. Griffin set up the table outside the ring but Travis is able to recover and slide from the ring around the other side behind Griffin. Griffin turns around right into a hard right hand from Travis Griffin stumbles back and as he runs forward Travis ducks down pick him up and jumps in the air hitting a sit out spine bus stop through the table that Christine had set up outside the ring. The table smashes into 1 million pieces and Travis holds his lower back while Griffin lays in the table wreckage writhing in agony.

Simone: OH MY GOD!

Adams: Griffin was the one who introduced the table and he also paid for it.

Travis is the first one to his feet looking down at Griffin with a smile. He slides the ladder into the ring and takes the time to find some more weapons moving around to the other side before sliding out a glass table the fans absolutely lose their shit. Travis slights a glass table into the ring and goes in after it before setting it up on the far side. Griffin starts to stir as Travis keeps playing with the different toys he has bought in including a Barbwire board which he leaves propped up in one of the corners. Travis realises that Griffin is getting to his feet and slides from the ring to intercept him

Griffin meets Travis with a vicious right hand and a kick to the stomach he grabs hold of Travis by the head before jumping up kicking off the ring apron spinning in midair and hitting a tornado DDT right onto a broken piece of the table Travis hits hard and is out of it as Griffin is able to pull himself back up he grabs the table folding the two broken wooden pieces back over themselves to double them up he pulls Travis to his feet turned him upside down into the Glam slam spiking Travis on top of the broken wooden pieces of the table with a thunderous clap

Simone: These two are trying to kill each other

Adams: That is how much the roulette title means to them

Simone: I don't think it's the title, I think it's hatred, revenge and pride

Griffin pools Travis out the table wreckage he slides him into the ring and follows Griffin looks down at Travis who is starting to get up he slapped his leg and calls for the shot in the dark Travis starts to get up and as Griffin leaps forward going for Travis ducks on the end kicks Griffin in the stomach going for the double arm DDT he spikes Griffin hard with the Kapital Krunch and looks around before noticing the glass table and the Barbwire in the corner he pulls the barbwire out of the corner and lays it on the glass table Griffin looks over and notices this as he is coming to Travis walks towards him and Griffin goes for another shot in the dark connecting Travis goes down and Griffin goes for a pin



Travis kicks out. Griffin can't believe it, he moves over and grabs the barbed wire board, he pushes it down and shakes his head, Griffin walks over and grabs Travis by the head, Travis hits a low blow and Griffin doubles over, the crowd boos as Travis smirks, he sets Griffin up and hits the inverted alabama slam onto the barbed wire!. Griffin hits it face and chest first and screams in pain as the blood flows from his chest. Travis doesn't go for the win instead he pulls Griffin up and walks him over to the glass table laying him down and slamming a few hard right hands to Grifs forehead to keep him down.

Adams: Come on this is too much guys

Simone: This doesn't look good...

Travis climbs to the top of the ladder slowly, he looks down at a pone Griffin Hawkins and jumps off for a splash, Griffin rolls off the glass table and Travis crashes through it! Travis is all cut up and bleeding as he sits up in the pile of broken glass, he is shaking as he gets to his feet and Griffin who is also bloody and bleeding blasts Travis with another shot in the dark supekick! Griffin falls on Travis





Justin: Here is your winner and STILL SCW Roulette champion..... Griffin Hawkins!

Simone: My God what a match!

Adams: That was one of the most brutal things I think I've ever seen in SCW. Griffin might have the championship but right now, he doesn't look like the champion.

Simone: Huge respect to both men for what they've just put on.

The scene goes backstage at the Yuengling Center, between matches, and finds a sibling dispute as the challenger for tonight's Main Event, Fenris, is clearly arguing with his younger brother and manager, Aron Baltasarsson. Aron is dressed in his business attire, clad in a snazzy white suit jacket and shirt with matching slacks. His brother Fenris is dressed to compete, wearing only his white, spandex shorts and sandals; the only additional accouterment being his favorite "White Wolf" ball cap.

Fenris: Seriously, A! What the FUCK were you thinking!?

Aron clears his throat and holds a finger up.

Aron: K, there's a camera. And there are probably kids watching, so can we watch the language? Just This once?

Fenris turns his head to cast an over-the-shoulder glance at the camera and rolls his eyes before returning his heated glare at his younger sibling.

Fenris: Sorry What the GODDAMN FUCK were you thinking!?

Aron closes his eyes and exhales, looking down and he shakes his head in faux disbelief. He looks back up, and he shrugs shoulders much slimmer than his muscle laden brother, but still impressively put together.

Aron: I really don't get what the big deal is. Mark cleared me. Gabriel said that I was more than ready...

Fenris steps forward and pokes his own sternum with a forefinger.

Fenris: Gabriel does not know you half as well as I do...!

Aron: He's as close as. And I think being my trainer, he'd know better than anyone if I was ready to get into the ring or not.

Fenris: But WHY!?

Fenris holds his arms out.

Fenris: Why the hell do you even WANT to!?

Aron: Well it's not like you were going to sign up for the Blast From the Past again...

Fenris: Too fucking right I wasn't!

Aron: ... So I did. I don't get why you're being so anal about This.

Fenris raises a hand to make a pointed remark, when the two find themselves interrupted...

Pussy Willow: Excuse me, gentlemen, but could I have a moment of your time?

Fenris turns his head to her and simply answers...

Fenris: No.

Before returning his attention back to Aron.

Fenris: It's a big deal because This was never the plan A! This...

Pussy Willow: Fenris, I need to take a moment of your time to speak about tonight's...

Fenris then wheels around on the comely reporter.

Fenris: What part of 'NO' don't you understand!? I am having a private talk with my brother!

Pussy Willow: Backstage? In front of everyone -- and a camera?

Aron is unable to hide the smile on his lips as he sits back on the nearest table laden with chilled drinks for consumption.

Aron: She's got you there.

Fenris growls -- literally GROWLS -- at Aron who hastily clears his throat. Fenris then turns to Pussy Willow and she is about to speak again when he sticks a hand up in her face, rudely silencing her.

Fenris: I. Don't. Want. To. Talk! I have said everything about Ben Jordan and our match tonight that I am going to say!

He takes a step closer and she takes a hasty step back.

Fenris: And I am getting sick and tired of you -- of Mountain Tits and whoever the fuck that was who smelled like grass who talked to me two weeks ago -- not taking 'no' for an answer! So fuck off! Get lost!

His angry eyes gives her all the reason in the world for Pussy Willow to flush and turn and hurry away, tears brimming in her eyes as she does so. Fenris turns back to find his brother looking at him with disapproval.

Fenris: ... What!?

Aron: You made her cry.

Fenris: Oh so now you're going to go out of your way to make me the bad guy? I told her to leave me alone to talk to you but she...

Aron: Was trying to do her JOB, K! That's all!

Fenris steps back and takes in a deep breath, staring hard at Aron.

Fenris: I am sorry she's too damn sensitive to be surrounded by testosterone fueled assholes like myself, but that is not my problem! This is about you, and This insane notion that you want to try to wrestle!

Aron: It is not insane!

Fenris: You are NOT doing This!

Aron: Newsflash K! I am doing This and there's not anything you can do to stop me!

The brothers square off for further verbal jousting when...

Despayre: Hello!

Despayre, or rather, Mister Self-Help, pops up between them -- quite literally separating them.

Despayre: I understand that there are unresolved older sibling with related power and dominance issues here? Perhaps I can be of service?

Fenris: Oh for FUCK'S sake!

Fenris bellows and turns on his heels and storms of-camera. Despayre aka Mr. Self-Help blinks from behind his thick rimmed glasses and turns to an embarrassed Aron.

Despayre: Boy if I could see where he went he'd get SUCH a swear jar fine!

Cameras go to the parking lot where Jake shoots at the archery boards, feeling most comfortable before he speaks to the cameras. Jake's so focused on shooting the arrows that he didn't realise the cameras were there to talk. A small wind blew on Jake's shoulder as he looks behind him, shrugs it off, but notices the camera crew were there and stopped shooting as he speaks.

Jake Raab: "What I completely forgot to talk about though is the wonderful Blast From The Past tournament. I don't know how I did, considering I did sign my name on the line a month ago. Anyway, it's time I bring up the discussion, especially when I've stated I'm still seeking out a bombshell to team with me for Mixed Tag titles and this tournament might be a path towards that, along with getting a chance for the SCW title as well."

Jake felt uncomfortable, so for him to feel comfortable again, he goes back to do his archery, shooting at the boards for a while. He stops again and feels a lot better before he speaks again.

Jake Raab: "So we have sixteen bombshells I could team with. I can't say if there are bombshells I don't want to team with because I don't know them very well and to be honest, I never watched bombshells wrestle, they are talented, but because I can't face them, I don't watch or mention them as there's never been a need to do that. I know for one thing I wouldn't want or be happy to team up with, I won't be happy teaming with a Wolfslair member of Johanna Krieger because of the hatred me and Austin have, and I doubt we'd get along. If we do, then I have to work around it, but it will be a lot of a struggle to work around and for us to get along. I don't think I could get along with Bobby either as not only she's arrogant, but it feels like she whines and complains her way to the top."

At least Jake could be honest and say that he wouldn't team with Johanna because of Jake, not approving of Austin's arrogant attitude along with his shots against his family members. He hates arrogant people and knows he would be miserable. He speaks again.

Jake Raab: "Evie and Candy are on the top of my list. I've mentioned plenty of times as to why Candy would be perfect for me to team with because she was solid in the mixed tag match a few weeks ago and got blamed for something Chris did. I always said it should've been me in that match. I, for one, would love to make that up to you on what that asshole accused you of. Evie Jordan is one of those wrestlers who's had experience teaming with my cousin, and you helped him a lot, you helped him through the bad times and won the whole thing together. I'd be happy to team with you as well because the Raab's have nothing, but respect for you and Ben."

That's one thing Jake smiles about is he knows he can trust Candy and Evie, although there are a few more bombshells although he doesn't know them very well if at all due to lack of interaction with them and other things.

Jake Raab: "Sam Marlowe would be another interesting prospect of teaming with her, got nothing, but respect for her. I did mention Andrea Hernandez would be a perfect tag partner as well because of her incredible skills in the ring. There's not much else I can say as apart from the two I mentioned, I'm open to teaming with any bombshell, especially ones who are interested in teaming with me to go for the mixed tag titles. Point is not only I'll be reliable for a tag partner, but also know once after we've captured the SCW bombshells and SCW title, we'll focus our attention towards the mixed tag gold and go for those belts, if things go well."

It's the reason Jake placed his name, seeking for a bombshell tag partner at a quicker rate for the mixed tag titles. Funny enough, winning the SCW title shot was a bonus for him as it's not that important. He goes to shoot a few more arrows before speaking again.

Jake Raab: "I'm willing to work through anything, and this tournament means a lot to me, even getting a shot for the SCW title/SCW Bombshells title is something to go for, right? Everyone should be in this tournament, everyone should care for the top belts, but my main goal is to walk away from this tournament with a bombshell tag partner alongside me to challenge the mixed tag champions for their belts. I can't wait for the tournament and good luck to everyone that's competiting in it, including people I don't get along with."

Jake continues to shoot a few more arrows at the archery board as the cameramen switch to another location in the arena on another wrestler.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Bombshell Championship... introducing first the challenger...

All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor starts to play through the sound system. The crowd erupts in loud cheers, as Bobbie Dahl bursts through the curtain, sans her once signature angel wings. Her eyes are narrowed as she stares down to the ring, and Artie joins her moments later.

Justin: Making her way to the ring! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds! From Coal City, Illinois! Please welcome, the one! The Only! BOBBIE DAHL!!!

Bobbie continues her way to the ring, no longer showing off the fun attitude everyone was so used to seeing. She now carries a much serious and determined demeanor as she walks alone, stomping her way to the ring. Once she reaches the ring, she walks up the steel steps and enters through the ropes heading to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin with a fiery look in her eyes.

Justin: And her opponent.... She is the current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion...hailing from Tampa, Florida.... Roxi Johnson....

The opening keyboard notes of "The Touch" begin on the PA system. Stan Bush’s voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song. The cameras pan around the arena, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as he moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero “flying” motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the arena floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

The ref moves in and checks both women for weapons before taking the Bombshell championship from Roxi and raises it up before showing Dahl before moving to the corner and handing the belt over before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Johnson and Dahl circle the ring for a moment before moving in and locking up in the centre of the ring, where they jockey for position until Johnson is the first to change it up and grabs Dahl's arm but Dahl wraps her arms around Johnson's waist but Johnson breaks the weak hold and grabs Dahl's arm and twists it into a wrist lock but Dahl isn't fazed and quickly counters as she breaks Johnson's wrist lock and applies one of her own as she folds Johnson's arm up and does a little spin before taking her down to the mat and keeping the wrist lock in place.

Simone: Good steady start here from Bobbie and Roxi, although it maybe a little strange for Roxi to start off with some technical wrestling but it's all about adapting.

Dahl then rolls Johnson onto her stomach while keeping a hold on her arm. Once on her stomach, Dahl steps over Johnson's arm and brings it back for a seated armbar before cranking her wrist back a little more to including a wrist lock. Johnson grimaces in pain, as Dahl slaps Johnson's exposed palm a few times, which Johnson continues to grimace in pain as Johnson adjusts her body position, which releases some pressure. Dahl loosens the hold as she slowly makes her way to her feet as she keeps a grip on Johnson hand before reapplying the wrist lock, which forces Johnson to her feet. Dahl adjusts the wrist lock; however, Johnson does a roly poly before continuing with another and before does a third one, which breaks the hold and she return to her feet.

Adams: A lot of wrist lock and counters here but its an early exchange between Johnson and Dahl. Neither are up to speed as yet.

Dahl looks at her hands wondering what the hell happened, as she lightly claps her hands either in appreciation or frustration before composing herself, as she and Johnson circle the ring before moving in and locking up once more as they jockey for position for a moment until Dahl breaks the hold, where she locks in a wrist lock but quickly breaks it and counters into a hammerlock and then quickly into a headlock. Johnson take a moment as she pushes a foot into the back of Dahl's knee and takes Dahl down to a single knee, which loosens Dahl grip and Johnson counters into an armbar and then a hammerlock, which Johnson forces Dahl to her feet. Dahl shakes her head as she seeks a way out of the move and grabs Johnson hand and breaks the hold, where she counters into a wrist lock and then into a hammerlock of her own, however, it's only shorted lived as Johnson and grips Dahl hand before lifting her leg backward and pushing against Dahl arm to break the hold.

Simone: Dahl's face... she is a little stunned at how Johnson got out of that move, but I don't know if that appreciation is genuine or not.

Adams: I say not. But she is quickly over it as they circle the ring once more and lock up but once more Dahl put's Johnson in a wrist lock and then hammerlock, but Johnson counters by taking Dahl down to a single knee and then into an arm bar and hammerlock.

Simone: This is getting a little repetitive.

From breaking the hold, Johnson locks in a wrist lock of her own, as Dahl looks to find a way out of the move, as she surprises everyone and flings herself backwards arching her back up into a bridging, which startles Johnson and Dahl breaks the hold before taking her down with a leg sweep before tying her legs up and sits on them. Dahl brags for a moment, as Johnson shakes her head before using her arms to shuffle forwards toward the ropes and grabbing them.

Adams: Wow... didn't realise Dahl was the flexible.

Simone: Neither did I... but color me impressed as Johnson is quite surprised by that as Dahl takes Johnson down with a leg sweep before tying her legs up.... But Johnson is quick to escape.

The ref moves in and forces Dahl to get off Johnson. Dahl reluctantly backs away, as Johnson climbs to her feet as she doesn't look too impressed with Dahl, as they both take a moment as Dahl moves to the centre of the ring and "encourages" Johnson to come forward and raises a hand up as she goads Johnson into a test of strength. Johnson looks up at Dahl's hand and approaches and reaches up, but Dahl changes hands and Johnson reaches for that one and Dahl drops her arm and raises the other, Johnson doesn't react as Dahl laughs and mocks Johnson but Johnson responds by hitting a standing dropkick.

Simone: They both are back to their feet, as Dahl baits Johnson into a test of strength but Dahl is merely playing with her and Johnson isn't too impressed by that and as soon as Dahl turns and mocks Johnson, Johnson hits a standing dropkick.

Dahl stumbles backwards into the ropes, as Johnson quickly climbs to her feet and charges at Dahl and clotheslines her over the top rope. Dahl lands on her feet and stumbles backwards as Johnson turns and bounces off the ropes and then moves towards the ropes and dives through them catching Dahl with a suicide dive. Dahl catches the barrier and falls to the mat, while Johnson stays on her feet before stumbling away.

Adams: That dropkick doesn't take Dahl down to the mat, but Johnson isn't quite finished, and she clothesline Dahl over the top rope to the outside. Dahl lands on her feet, which is perfect for Johnson as she dives to the outside with a suicide dive.

Johnson leans up against the apron, as the ref shouts from the ring asking Johnson to bring the action back into the ring before starting a count...



Simone: Johnson is quickly back to her feet, while Dahl is down following her clash with the barriers.

Johnson moves from the apron and approaches Dahl, who is slowly making her way back to her feet, Johnson grabs Dahl and goes to push her back into the ring, but Dahl throws an elbow back connecting with Johnson's temple. Johnson lets go of Dahl as she stumbles back a little stunned. Dahl turns and takes a step forward and grabs Johnson by the hair and throws her against the barriers.





Adams: What a shot to the temple. It stuns Johnson and Dahl follows up with a hair toss into the barriers.

Dahl looks up at the ref and rolls herself into the ring breaking the count before rolling back out, where she approaches Johnson and pulls her up by the hair and then hits a clothesline sending Johnson back down to the mat.

Simone: Dahl breaks the referee's count before turning her attentions back to Johnson and delivers a clothesline sending Johnson back down to the mat.




Dahl grabs Johnson and pulls her up to feet and throws her back into the ring breaking the referee's count. Dahl follows close behind, where she climbs to feet and grabs Johnson by the hand and drags her to the corner. Dahl then climbs to the second rope and leaps off for the Boobie Bomb but Johnson rolls away and Dahl lands on the mat before following away holding her chest.

Adams: Johnson needs to get back into this match... she is seriously close to losing the championship.

Simone: Dahl is certainly proving that she can hang with the best... as looks to put an end to this match with the Boobie Bomb but Johnson rolls away and Dahl lands on the mat instead.

Dahl and Johnson lay on the mat with Dahl sucking in as much air as possible, while Johnson tries to shake off the earlier attacks from Dhal. The ref moves in and checks on both women before making the third count of the match.




Johnson sits up still a little dazed, as Dahl grabs the ropes and sits herself up into a seated position as she powers though the lack of air, as she pulls herself up to her feet, where she moves to Johnson and grabs her and pulls her up her feet, which Dahl unleashes a tirade of insults and slaps Johnson. Johnson steps back holding her face before firing back with a forearm arm shot to Dahl, Dahl steps back but Johnson continues to move forward with two more forearm shots before booting Dahl in stomach and grabs Dahl's attire and goes for a snap suplex but Dahl blocks it as Johnson tries again but with no luck and unleashes a flurry of punches to the kidneys of Johnson who releases the hold.

Adams: With both Dahl and Johnson down... it gives Johnson a chance to come back into this match.

Simone: Dahl is the first to her feet as she continues to suck in some air, where she unleashes some slaps on Johnson but I think it re-energises Johnson and she fires back with forearm shots. She tries for snap suplex but Dahl blocks in and unleashes a flurry of punches to Johnson's kidneys which slows her down.

Dahl grabs Johnson around the waist and hits a belly to belly suplex before going for a pin...




Dahl frown and tries again...




Simone: Dahl goes for a couple of pins, but nothing comes from it and she gets frustrated and mounts Johnson and just pounds on her.

Dahl mounts Johnson and begins to punch and slap Johnson over and over again until the ref pulls her away, but Dahl moves back towards Johnson, where she grabs her by the hair and pulls her up where she then whips Johnson into the corner. Dahl follows quickly rushes in and goes for splash, but Johnson moves, and Dahl ends up in the corner. Dahl holds her chest; however, while in the corner she begins to untie the corner pad and removes it. Johnson goes to rush in but Dahl gets an elbow up and catches Johnson, Dahl grabs Johnson hand and whips her into the corner, which Dahl goes to rush in with another splash but Johnson herself get an elbow up and then hits a STO into the exposed turnbuckle.

Adams: Not sure what Dahl is going to achieve here... as she exposes the turnbuckle.

Simone: Well it doesn't turn out so well.... as Johnson hits an STO onto that exposed turnbuckle and goes for a pin...

Johnson then rolls up the dazed Dahl with a quick pin...




Justin: Winner of this match and still Bombshell Champion.... Roxi Johnson.

Simone: Johnson retains... Dahl did well but wasn't enough.

Johnson's music hits over the p.a, as the ref grabs the title and hands it to Johnson who climbs to her feet and celebrates her victory.

Moments after being defeated and losing yet another title opportunity, Bobbie Dahl is seen walking backstage. Her head is lowered and she's walking slowly down the hall. That is until Pussy Will stops her.

Pussy: Bobbie! Bobbie, wait!

Bobbie stops and turns around. She reluctantly faces Pussy, but she'd rather be anywhere but there.

Bobbie: I really have nothing to-

Pussy: What do you plan to do next now that Roxi Johnson defeated you? You've lost yet another title opportunity.

Bobbie glares at Pussy, feeling absolutely defeated. Mentally and physically.

Bobbie: Get the hell away from me. I've got nothing to say right now.

Pussy: You entered Blast From the Past, right? Maybe you'll get another shot if you and your partner win?

Bobbie's nostrils flare and she stares at Pussy. She wants to respond, but she can't. She just shakes her head and walks away without another word.

The camera switch to the backstage area where Ms. Rocky Mountains stands with a microphone in hand.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night we have seen so far, Both Roulette champions, Candy and Griffin Hawkins retaining, Roxi Johnson defeating Bobbie Dahl just moments ago to retain the Bombshell World Championship. We've seen The Three Way retain the Pride Tag Team Championships and Halo Williams become SCU Underground champion. Plus we've witness Austin James Mercer and Kate Steele winning the men and women's Internet championships and now we're here with one more championship on the line. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome my guest at this time, SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ben Jordan.

The crowd cheer in the area as Ben walks in to the chamera shot, dressed for the ring, with the championship belt over his shoulder.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ben, there's been a lot of talk backstage, on social media and with the fans in the arena tonight, that this is the biggest match of your career. Do you feel the same?

Ben turns his head away from the camera and nods before looking back at Rocky.

Ben: It's hard to think otherwise if I'm honest. It's everywhere I go, it's around every corner, it's all over everything I look at, people are looking at this as the biggest thing I've ever done in my career and it's hard to argue it. This is bigger than winning the championship, this is bigger than beating five other people, because there is nothing to hide behind now, no short comings to pick on. There is no excuse of being tired, or distracted. It's one man, against one man, best man wins.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: This has been brewing for a while, does that add to the match?

Ben: Of course. The fans are sitting out there now, waiting for us to hit the ring, because they know that everything that's happened over the past few months is gonna come to a head right there and then. All the build up, all the anticipation, everything is about to happen in that ring in just a few short minutes.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Are you feeling ready for this?

Ben smiles as he nods his head.

Ben: I'm ready to go out there and show that it wasn't a lucky win, I'm ready to go out there and beat one of the best in SCW history to show that this belt.

Ben points to the World Championship.

Ben: Is where it belongs. I know a lot doubted me, a lot made excuses for Fenris, I know people don't yet see me as the champion, just a guy holding a belt for someone else to come along and prove they're better well tonight ain't that night, tonight is the night I become legit, the night people see me in a whole different light. People will look up at me with respect after tonight.

Ben raises his finger.

Ben: Ya know what? Someone find that shoeless fish lipped git to get ready, it's time to get out there and give you all what you want, run that video feed you guys have planned.

Ben smiles at Rocky and nods, before walking away.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Here we go ladies and gents, up next, Ben Jordan Vs Fenris, World Heavyweight Championship on the line! Before that, let's see how they got there.

Rocky smiles as the cameras cuts to a video.

A video feed begins play...

Climax Control - January 12, 2020

Ben Jordan defending his newly won championship against former champion Senor Vinnie...

Vinnie rolls back inside of the ring just long enough to break the count before rolling outside to continue Vinnie drags Ben to his feet and he sets him up for an Irish whip but at the last moment Ben reverses it and ACCIDENTALLY sends Vinnie crashing right into Fenris! "The White Wolf" is wiped out, careening to the ringside floor where his head strikes the barricade with Vinnie sprawled on top of him!

Adams: Oh NO!

Simone: That was clearly an accident! Look at Ben!

Indeed the good natured Ben looks absolutely shocked and horrified at what he had just accidentally done to his friend! Ben hovers over Fenris who is holding his head in pain, but is forced to return to the match, taking Vinnie and rolling him back inside of the ring. One last check up on his friend and Ben climbs back into the ring...

Climax Control - January 26, 2020

A confrontation inside of the six-sided ring...

Ben points at Fenris.

Ben: And we all know why my old son, it's called deflection, defection on the fact that I beat you to get this.

Ben point to the championship as Fenris's brows rise up almost to his hairline.

Fenris: 'Beat me?' Is that what you think you did?

Ben: Well let's see, there was you putting me in a submission move and there was me pinning your shoulders down.

He shakes his head.

Fenris: No. The simple truth Ben, is that you did not pin me. I pinned myself!

That declaration is met with some boos from the fans, believing Fenris to be a sore loser. But Fenris is not finished. He takes a step closer to Ben, getting almost nose-to-nose with the champion.

Fenris: So why don't you tell everyone right now, Ben, how it feels to be the first man in SCW history to win that championship by pure. Dumb. Luck!

The look on Ben's face changes as he grits his teeth.

Ben: You wanna talk luck? You wanna talk about how lucky people can be? Let's look at how you found your way to the top. You did that because you had a good partner, now would you have done that with Jessie Salco as a partner? Would you bollocks!

Ben steps closer to Fenris.

Ben: You wanna talk luck? Let us remember that you scraped your way to the tournament final, you scraped your way to the top and just so happened to not be fighting a champion to win this belt, not even a former champion because we all know the story, we all knew Kris Ryans was injured and vacated the belt, so you got to face a man who had to win an Ultimate X match EARLIER THAT NIGHT! I stepped in the ring with five men wanting the same as I did, five men willing to put themselves on the line to walk away with what I did. You beat a guy who had to give it his all just to get to face a FRESH Fenris! You wanna talk about luck. Who really is the lucky one to have the honour of being SCW World Champion?

Ben points at Fenris.

Ben: That'll be you, just in case something gets lost in translation.

Ben shakes his head and turns around to leave but Fenris pulls him back around, but as he does, Ben swings a huge right hand, knocking Fenris square on the seat of his pants!

Simone: Holy shi...

Adams: Shiitake mushrooms!

Ben looks down on a shocked Fenris, sitting on the ground as the crowd cheer. Ben shakes his head in disappointment and turns around.

Adams: I can't believe Ben Jordan just hit Fenris.

Simone: I can't believe Fenris would swoop so low to call Ben lucky after years of busting his ass here.

As Ben starts to climb through the ropes, Fenris is right back on his feet! He grabs Ben by the arm and drags him back inside of the ring and Judo throws him over his shoulder and face-down to the canvas! Fenris then twists Ben's arm, palm down on the mat while standing on the back of his hand!

Simone: No! Don't do it!

Adams: He did the same thing to Lachlan Kane...!

Ben shakes his head 'no' but Fenris does it! He stomps right down onto the twisted elbow of Ben Jordan, jamming it into the mat!

Adams: Oh my god!

The crowd boos the act viciously as Ben thrashes on the mat, grabbing at his arm! Fenris stalks towards him when the three SCW referees swarm into the ring, backed up by security to separate the two! Fenris stares tem down, then stares down at Ben who is clearly in excruciating pain as Ms. Rocky Mountains signals for the paramedics! Fenris shakes his head in disgust and exits the ring through the ropes, taking his leave and ignoring the fans as they boo him for the atrocity he just committed!

February 02, 2020


As Fenris stops talking mid sentence, Ben Jordan moves in front of him. Ben just looks at Fenris before planting him with a huge shot to the jaw.

Adams: Holy hell! What has gotten in to Ben?

Ben forces Fenris against the wall and starts to nail him with heavy and hard shots to the head.

Adams: This is so not like him.

Simone: Last week, Fenris tried to end his title run by injury, possible ending his career. I think he's getting off lightly.

Ben takes a hold of Fenris' hair, pulling it back before hitting him full pelt on his nose, causing Fenris eyes to water. Ben takes Fenris by the head and marches him to a nearby vending machine, slamming his head in to it before doing it again. Fenris drops to the floor as a drink falls from the machine. Ben reaches in to it and pulls out the drink, opening it up and taking a mouthful before spitting it out.

Ben: Bloody hate diet.

As Fenris sits up, Ben throws the can at the back of his head! Ben looks around seeing a forklift truck and grabs Fenris by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Ben drags Fenris towards the forks, and pulls him on to them. Ben turns his head and looks at the shocked man behind the wheel and points up.

Simone: This is not gonna be good.

Adams: You need to stop Ben, this isn't you.

The man out of fear starts to lift the forklift forks as Ben puts Fenris in a powerbomb position.

Simone: Don't do this.

Ben looks around, a look of hesitation on his face. He shakes his head but lifts Fenris up in a powerbomb position before jumping off the forks, nailing Fenris with a lung blower powerbomb!

Adams: That Hadta Hurt!

Simone: That could have severely injured both men! That was high up and straight down on an unprotected concrete floor.

Both men hold their backs in pain but the adrenaline forces Ben to his feet. He drags Fenris but the arm and the leg and pulls him under the forks and instructs the operator to lower them down, with a point of his finger. The man nods and lowers the forks, trapping Fenris underneath.

Adams: There's nowhere for Fenris to go.

Ben looks down and grabs Fenris arm, pulling it back and pulling his foot on Fenris' hand.

Simone: This is what Fenris did to Ben last week and nearly separated Ben's shoulder.

Ben lifts his free foot as Fenris looks at him, but Ben smiles, putting his foot back on the ground and stepping off Fenris hand. Ben leans over.

Ben: You might have wanted to end my career, you might have wanted a cheap win against someone else, or an injured me, but I ain't like that. I don't want someone with a messed up arm in the ring facing me, like you wanted. I don't wanna end your career by ripping that arm out of it's socket. I wanna beat you Fenris and in two week, My Bloody Valentine III, I will do just that. Might want some ice for that back.

Ben taps Fenris on the back, smiling at him before he walks away.

The camera returns to the capacity-filled Yuengling Center, with one of the largest crowds in SCW history, 10k strong, all standing, all making noise! They wait with unbridled anticipation as senior referee, Jasmine St. John, climbs through the ropes and takes her place on the far left.

Simone: There was absolutely NO WAY that Jasmine was going to pass up the opportunity to officiate this championship match!

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with his younger brother at his side. As Aron looks on, Fenris stands stoically, looking out towards the capacity crowd before dropping to one knee with head bowed. He symbolically crosses his heart and looks 'up' in homage before standing upright and beginning his journey toward the ring with his brother following close behind.

Despite the fans that reach out toward him, Fenris does not reciprocate and his attention is solely on the ring, whereas the smiling Aron good naturedly slaps a hand or two that extends toward him. Fenris climbs the ring steps and walks along the apron, turning towards the fans and extends his arms up and begins the 'Viking Clap.' Slowly but surely, despite any potential misgivings towards the young man, many fans join along with him in the Viking Clap. Aron holds the ropes for his brother, and Fenris steps through and continues the clap from one corner to the next, drawing in the energy of the crowd. Joined by Aron, Fenris returns to his own corner and paces like a wolf stalking his prey, kicking off his slippers to compete barefoot as the claps slowly subside.

Simone: Some have called this a match six months in the making, but if you listen to Fenris, he'll tell you it's three years in the making!

Adams: Fenris has wanted Ben Jordan one-on-one ever since he arrived in Sin City Wrestling, but something always came between them!

Simone: Now there is nothing standing between them, except for the World Heavyweight title.

Adams: And the burned bridge between two buddies.

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a white shorts with matching knee pads and boots. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising his hands. He quickly jumps down and moves towards the center of the ring, looking at his opponent.

Simone: Ben Jordan is a former ACW Triple Crown winner; he was the first ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight Champion. He was the first and last ACW Tag Team Champion...

Adams: With Mickey Carroll!

Simone: And the last ACW World Champion before ACW was bought out by SCW.

Adams: 2013 Super J Cup winner! Two-time SCW Tag Team Champion! The Roulette Champion!

Simone: And finally, after more than six years, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion! If anyone deserves it, Ben Jordan does!

The tension inside of the ring is impenetrable as Justin Decent prepares the introductions.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is the Main Event of My Bloody Valentine III! It is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for ... the World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd stands as one, cheering!

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger! Accompanied by Aron Baltasarsson, from Iceland, weighing two hundred and four pounds -- Fenris!

Although there is a cheer emanating from his hardcore fan base, the majority greets Fenris with negativity as he simply stares straight at Ben.

Justin: His opponent ... is the World Heavyweight Champion! From London, England, weighing 220 pounds -- Ben Jordan!

And the capacity crowd cheers with a wild love for the "Cockney King" as he steps forward, holding his championship title high above his head with one hand! His eyes, too, do not leave those of the challenger.

Simone: I cannot believe that it came down to this; a misunderstanding and a fractured friendship.

Ben passes the championship belt over to Jasmine who then shows it to Fenris, and he himself slaps a hand on the center plate for 'luck.' Jasmine passes the title belt out to the waiting hands of Justin before she checks with both champion and challenger, ensuring they are ready. Satisfied, she calls for the bell!


Simone: And here we go!

Despite the bell, Ben and Fenris remain in their corners, glaring at one another. Former friends, currently bitter rivals. Only when Ben emerges from his corner, slowly, does Fenris do the same, neither man's eyes straying from the other's. Slowly they circle the ring and then pause, as Fenris beckons Ben to 'come on.' The two men then slowly begin to approach the other, and the verbal jousting begins as they trade vicious insults.

Adams: Did you hear what Ben just called Fenris!? Thank God for editing!

Simone: We're live, Jason.

Adams: .... Well shit...

The two then stand right up in one another's faces, nose to nose, and chest to chest, the insults continuing until Ben finally takes the first shot and delivers an uppercut to the chin of his challenger, a powerful one that sends Fenris down to the mat! Clearly stunned, Fenris shakes off the cobwebs as Ben stands over him, demanding he get back up! Slowly, Fenris starts to rise, and Ben is right on him, throwing clubbing forearm shots into his back and back of his head. Ben pulls him upright and sends Fenris stumbling back against the ropes with a European uppercut.

Adams: I don't know if trading blows like that against Fenris is really the right thing to do.

Simone: I'm sure Ben knows his way around a bar fight or two.

Ben comes in after his challenger when Fenris delivers a straight head butt right between the eyes of the champion, staggering him! Fenris then returns the favor from before with a rapid series of left and right palm strikes to the head and sternum, driving Ben back. Fenris then delivers a spinning back fist that sends Ben into a stumbling tailspin, and Ben collapses to is knees. Fenris then pounces, literally, on his back and grabs his arm, attempting to secure a kneeling Fujiwara!

Adams: He wants to end this one early!

But Ben has this scouted and is already making for the ropes. Ben reaches first with his arm but is too far away so extends his leg and is about to make it when Fenris drags him back to the middle of the ring to secure the hold. Ben then somersaults over to break he hold and he instead rolls Fenris up in a schoolboy...


But Fenris kicks out fast!

Simone: And whatever Fenris wants to throw at Ben Jordan, I'm sure "he Cockney King" has an answer for!

Ben smiles at his challenger, holding a thumb and forefinger close together. Fenris stands up and the two men again pause and stare, when suddenly they LUNGE at one another and the fists begin to swing! The two are locked up with their arms and fists swinging around into the heads and backs of the other as they struggle around the ring on their feet! Ben ends up backed against the corner and Fenris moves in for the kill, throwing MMA lefts and rights into Ben as the World Champion uses his arms as best he can to shield himself! Fenris then buries a fist into Ben's midsection, doubling him over. Jasmine orders them from the corner so Fenris drags Ben out and begins to bring him left knee up into Ben's exposed head and face with Muay Thai strikes, then switches to do the same with his right.

Simone: I'm starting to wonder if this is a Wrestling match or a street fight!?

Adams: Considering hat these two men have put each other through over the last few weeks -- both??

Fenris goes for another knee drive but Ben bocks it, grabbing his leg with his arm. Fenris hops on one foot and tries to swing at Ben but Ben answers with his own fist to the jaw, then sweeps his leg out from under him and drops down onto his opponent, straddling his sternum while throwing lefts and rights into the face of Fenris while the former champion uses his forearms as a shield, just as Ben did before! Ben then stands up and grabs Fenris by the legs, stepping through into a grapevine and he turns the "White Wolf" over...

Adams: Sharpshooter!

Simone: And right in the center of the ring!

Fenris howls in pain, his face etched with misery, as Ben sinks the hold in! Fenris props himself up on his forearms, alleviating some of the pressure of the hold and reaches for the ropes but is too far away! Jasmine is down in front, asking if he wants to continue or submit but Fenris shakes his head that he will not submit! Fenris then uses his arms to drag himself closer to the ropes and extends an arm -- but Ben drags him right back to the middle of the ring and sinks back down!

Adams: Boy Ben REALLY wants to force his former friend to submit!

Simone: He'd be the first man in SCW to ever make Fenris submit!

But Fenris still will not yield. He pushes himself back up on his forearms first, and then on his hands. Fenris tucks his head down and rolls inside, causing Ben to lose his footing and the hold.

Simone: Nice counter.

And the moment Ben is on the mat, Fenris does not let go of Ben's leg and rolls him over into an ankle lock submission of his own!

Adams: And Ben is on the other foot now! -- Pun intended!

Ben reaches for the ropes as Fenris scissors his leg while twisting at the ankle lock! Ben is in a better position and he manages to reach the ropes, and Jasmine orders Fenris to release the hold -- but Fenris refuses! Jasmine counts...!





And Fenris lets go! Jasmine checks on Ben who is favoring his ankle but okay to rise, and Fenris goes to tackle him into the corner but Ben turns it around and lifts Fenris up around the legs and buries him into the turnbuckles with his shoulder driven into the midsection! Ben then unloads with the forearms, driving Fenris down onto his backside in the corner. Ben strikes with a knife edge chop to the chest, then sends Fenris into the ropes with an Irish whip and throws him HIGH into the air with a back body drop! Fenris staggers to his feet, holding his arched back, and Ben careens right into him with a discus lariat -- flattening him! Ben goes for the cover!



Fenris kicks out!

But as soon as Fenris rolls over, Ben locks in --!

Simone: Crossing Jordan!

The crowd is on its feet but before Ben can properly lock the hold, Fenris rolls him back onto his own shoulders!



Ben kicks out!

Adams: Both these fellas know each other so damn well!

Simone: They seem to be able to know what the other is thinking and countering everything the other does!

The two struggle on the mat and Ben falls through the ropes and to the outside, but lands safely on his feet. He looks up -- and finds Fenris seated on the middle rope and sweeps his arm in a mocking invitation to return to the ring.

Adams: Ooooo!

Ben does not take the bait and he instead walks around the ring and rolls under the ropes, back inside, and Fenris is right on him! Ben tries to counter with a leg sweep but Fenris scissors his head and has him trapped on the mat with a triangle choke! Now Jasmine is asking Ben if he wants to submit but Ben has never submitted a match away and he won't let this one become the first! Ben shifts his position to first his knees, then slowly to his feet as Fenris dangles upside down. Ben then powers Fenris up while still trapped in the triangle!

Simone: What strength by the Cockney King!

And Ben plows Fenris forward and right into the turnbuckle -- but as he throws him down, Fenris snatches him in a front face lock and body scissors, trapping him in another submission, a guillotine choke! Ben falls to his knees and Fenris uses his dead weight to keep Ben down! Ben's face is turning dark red as he struggles in the hold, but he still will. Not. Tap. Out!

Adams: How long can Ben hold out!?

Simone: Not for long I'm afraid! If you can't breath, you can't fight!

But Ben yet again shows his strength and resolve as he forces his way back to a vertical base, bringing Fenris up along with him! Ben then runs forward and again drives Fenris into the corner! But Fenris hangs on, retaining the hold! Ben drives him into the turnbuckles again -- then swings him into the ropes and Fenris loses the hold and falls back over the ropes and to the floor!

Simone: Oh dear god! That was a bad fall!

Ben tries to go out after him but Jasmine orders him back as she turns and begins to issue a count against the challenger; Ben wisely using the time to recover from the submission onslaught...





Fenris starts to stir...




He pulls himself to his feet with the use of the guardrail...


And Ben soars past Jasmine and through the ropes, crashing headlong into Fenris with a suicide dive! Both men are wiped out on the floor as the collective SCW Universe cheers!

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Both men are down on the outside! Jasmine is on the floor, checking the condition of both men until she has no other choice. She climbs back inside and begins to issue her count;





Simone: God, please do not let this match end on a count out!



Ben uses the apron to pull himself back to his feet...


Ben rolls inside as Fenris gets back up with the aid of the barricade!




And Fenris dives inside, just barely making it!

Adams: Yes!

The fans applaud the match continuing as Ben drags Fenris to his feet and throws him over with a Belly to Ben suplex and immediate cover!



Fenris gets his shoulder up!

Ben then drags him up from behind into a rear waist lock and German suplexes him! Ben holds onto the waist lock, brings him to his feet again and does the maneuver a second time!...

Adams: He's going for a three-peat!

And Ben German suplexes him a third time -- but Fenris lands on his feet behind him and grabs him into the Kirafuda clutch!

Simone: Oh god! Fenris has him! He has him!

And Fenris drags Ben to the mat and sinks the hold in! Ben fights it! He struggles and reaches for the ropes but is in the center of the ring!

Adams: We're going to crown a new champion!

Jasmine lifts Ben's arm -- and he latches onto her sleeve! The champion will not go down! Ben then uses his legs to kick back and roll over on top of Fenris!

Simone: This is how he won the title!



Fenris kicks out!

Fenris is back on his feet as Ben coughs and chokes, recovering from the submission and as he starts to rise, Fenris lashes out --!

Adams: Wolf's Bane! It's over!

Fenris covers him, hooking the leg!




Adams: Ben Jordan! He -- he...

Simone: He kicked out of the Wolf's Bane!

Fenris looks absolutely SHOCKED! He was THIS close! He holds three fingers up but Jasmine holds up only two! Fenris pounds the mat in anger, then stands and peels the limp form of Ben Jordan up off of the canvas! Fenris lifts him up for a vertical suplex, but Ben shifts his weight and lands on Fenris's back and brings him down into the Asuka Lock!

Simone: Asuka Lock! Ben Jordan is using one of Fenris's favorite submission holds against him!

Adams: Talk about salt in the wound if he makes Fenris tap to one of his own holds!

And Fenris knows it too! He has a maddened look on his face as he fights the hold, stretching! REACHING for the bottom rope! It looks like Fenris is beginning to fade, and as Jasmine checks on him, he shows signs of life and begins struggling again! He grabs Ben under the legs and presses him back on his own shoulders!



But Ben releases the old and escapes the pin!

Before Fenris can begin to recover, Ben grabs him and sets him up for the lung blower powerbomb and connects!

Adams: That Hadta Hurt!

Ben with the cover!



THR-Fenris arches his back, taking his shoulders up off of the mat!

Simone: Somehow -- some way -- Fenris escapes Ben Jordan's finisher, just as Ben Jordan did earlier!

Adams: Neither of these guys wants to lose to the other! Not after what they went through the last month!

Ben sits up, shocked, running his hands over his face with both hands. He finally nods and starts back to his feet, reaching and bringing Fenris up along with him. Ben lifts him up and deposits him on the top of the near corner, and then he begins to climb...

Adams: He's going for the superplex!

Simone: And Fenris knows it! He's fighting him already!

Fenris starts throwing fists at Ben to fend him off, but a fist from Ben himself rocks Fenris backward and he strikes the back of his head on the corner post! Ben then snatches him into a front face lock and drags him upright and he attempts the superplex but Fenris holds, blocking it! Fenris then lands a shot to Ben's stomach, and he throws a right to the head, but Ben blocks it! Ben then grabs him under the legs and lifts him up -- AND THROWS HIM FROM THE TOP IN AN EXPLODER SUPERPLEX!


Fenris's body bounces and he falls across the ring, and Ben crawls over and covers him, hooking the inside leg!



THR-No! Fenris has his foot on the bottom rope!

Simone: Had Ben hooked the other leg this one may very well have been al over right then and there!

Ben stares at Jasmine, almost pleading but realizes it was only a count of two!

Simone: Ben Jordan looks almost distraught!

Adams: He doesn't know what else he can do to beat Fenris!

Ben forces himself back to his feet and brings Fenris up alongside of him -- and suddenly Fenris has hold of him and throws him to the mat and into a cross face!

Adams: Crossing Jordan! Fenris has Ben in HIS own finisher now!

Simone: This is payback for what Ben Jordan did to him earlier, I am certain!

Ben's eyes are wide as he fully realizes the predicament he is in, suffering the pain of his own submission finisher! Ben reaches for the ropes but Fenris pulls back and rolls him over into the center of the ring and right back into the Crossing Jordan! Jasmine is asking him if he wants to submit but Ben yells in pain, albeit refusing! He remains in the hold and he raises his arm....!

Adams: He's going to do it! He's going to tap!

But Ben does not! He struggles toward the ropes again, using his arms to drag himself closer! Fenris tries to roll him back again but Ben turns it into a Crucifix pin!



TH-Kick out by Fenris!

Both men are on their feet, bodies glistening and sucking in oxygen! Clearly spent from the hell they have been putting each other through! They stagger on wobbly legs .. Fenris throws a right hand at Ben, and Ben returns fire with his own right hand! Another from Fenris, and another from Ben! The two men entangle themselves against the other, and the fists get thrown wildly against each other! They knock the other back a step, and at the EXACT same time, Ben throws a right fist into Fenris's face as Fenris delivers a kick to Ben's own head! Both men go down like they were shot!

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME! **claps** THIS IS AWESOME! **claps**!

Simone: What the hell else can these two men possibly do to each other!?

Both Ben Jordan and Fenris are flat on their backs, sucking in the air as their bodies are completely racked with pain and totally spent! Jasmine stands over them and she has to begin her count!










Both men miraculously are on their feet, stumbling about! Ben throws a forearm but it gets blocked! Fenris takes him by the arm and ripcords him into a high knee strike! Fenris sends him face-first into the corner and grabs him around the waist, attempting a German suplex, but Ben uses his legs to kick off from the corner and both men hit hard, both shoulders down!



Ben lifts his right shoulder!



Adams: What happened!?

Simone: The bell rung, but both men's shoulders were down!

Adams: Did we see...?

Jasmine confers with Justin, taking the title belt from him as both men lay exhausted on the mat, both men claiming victory with arms in the air...

Simone: Let's see if we can get an official decision from Justin Decent...

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner ... and STILL World Heavyweight Champion -- BEN JORDAN!!!

he crowd explodes in cheers as Jasmine drapes the belt on Ben's chest and he clutches it tightly against himself as Fenris holds his head in his hands in disappointment as Aron slides into the ring to check on his brother!

Simone: I thought we might have seen it...

And instant video replay shows Ben just barely lifting his shoulder up off of the mat, a moment before the strike of the three count....

Paramedics are in the ring as the fans continue cheering on the titanic classic mach they just witnessed! Neither man is moving as they are being checked out, both clearly suffering the after effects of the other! Fenris slowly rolls from the ring, assisted by his brother and the medics as other medics assist Ben to his feet where he holds his arms in the air, showcasing the World title belt! The crowd cheers as Ben stumbles but is caught by Jasmine and the medics!

Simone: What a match! It was everything we thought it would be between these two men and so much, much more!

Adams: Ben retains but holy shit! What a fight Fenris put up! If this isn't a Match of the Year candidate, I am going to be royally pissed!

AS Fenris is helped backstage by Aron, "Blame It On the Boom Boom" kicks off across the building and a victorious Ben Jordan celebrates with his fans as he is watched over carefully by officials and medics alike! Streamers and confetti rain down upon the ring, as pyro an fireworks ignite in the celebration!

Simone: Six months in the making and Ben Jordan remains the champion in what is definitely a modern day match classic!

Adams: We knew what it would be like with Ben and Fenris one on one and we were right!

Simone: And I am sure both men are going to need time to recover from the hell they put each other through, and in two weeks time, we kick start the Blast From the Past Memorial in the first international stop on the 2020 Going Home tour in Hamilton, Scotland! For Jason Adams, I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: Bye everyone!

The credits roll on Ben Jordan still celebrating inside of the ring....

Thank you! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Wong, AJ, The Lord MK, Annie, Marge, Court, Gerrit, Jenny, Andy, Mercedes, Devon, Sam, Todd, Fizz, Britt, Meg, Laura. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!