The crowd is alive with energy inside of the ACC Arena in Anaheim, California . The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight then begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the gymnasium itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the ACC Arena right here in Anaheim, California and welcome to the seventh annual Sin City Wrestling Blaze of Glory!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as the lights quickly shut off, and then a brief moment later, a lone spotlight flashes onto the stage, illuminating Amanda in a slinky black Dalmatian print gown and Cruella deVille wig. She takes a puff on from her cigarette holder while snapping her fingers to the beat of the music.

Amanda: Never know how much I want one
Never know how much I'd spend
When I look down into my panties
I wanna see a warm and fuzzy new friend
I want a beaver

Make it pretty
So I can keep on the light
Beaver my new kitty
Wet and pink and hopefully tight

I would lie down on the table
Let them cut my right down the front
I cannot wait until I'm able
To slide a penis in and out of my c*nt
I need a beaver

Everybody want a hot twat
It makes a lady glamorous
But I don't want no ugly front butt
I want a picture perfect puss

It's something that I'm set on doing
And you aint' gonna change my mind
Someday soon my man will be screwing
Me in my new vagina not the behind
Shiny new beaver

Now man listen when I drink too much and I yell
BEAVER with low mileage
Breathe in that new car smell

My plastic surgeon outta sign a
Work of art as fine as this
It's such a great designer vagina
That I feel guilty when I'm taking a piss
I love my beaver

That's what this is right at home in the spotlight
Beaver give it kisses dont'cha worry it doesn't bite
I miss my weiner

Where's my man meat
What a lousy way to learn
Beaver I kept my receipt
Hope it's not too late to return

Why does my vagina burn
Why does my poonanee burn
Why does my new c*nty burn
Why does my cvagona burn

The music ends and the crowd applauds as Amanda gives a coy wink to the crowd and the spotlight turns off, leaving the stage in darkness.

Simone: Here we are, in Anaheim, California for Blaze of Glory VII! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams, the cutey patooty with the world's perfect booty!

Simone: .... You've been staring at yourself backwards in the mirror again, haven't you?

Adams: Little bit.

Simone: Even that would be too much. But tonight, too much is not enough as we have the Grand Prix of professional wrestling with FIFTEEN matches! Every SCW championship on the line and two SCU title matches scheduled as well! And the action kicks off with the World Mixed Tag Team Champions, Team Eggplant, defending their titles against Travis Levitt and Pandora Barrett!

Adams: Last week we saw Jerry Caan beat Stewart Mason and now he will get to challenge Powershock for the SCU Men's Underground title!

Simone: There appears to be a distinct lack of respect from Jon Dough in regards to the standing of Joshua Acquin, and now we are going to see those two do battle in singles competition to see if Jon can back up what he feels will be a so-called "night off."

Adams: Vanu Naufau is debuting tonight and he wanted a test to prove he belongs here in SCW and hoo boy! The bosses sure obliged that request because he's taking on the former Honor Champion, Austin James Mercer!

Simone: Senor Vinnie has a date with destiny at Summer XXXTreme and whomever is the World Champion at the time, but for tonight? he has to face the protege of Casey Williams, Hitamashi!

Adams: Ask and you'll receive! Sometimes. Trinity Jones said she wanted the chance to face Sam Marlowe for the Bombshell Roulette Championship and after a tough win over Iron Maiden, her wish was granted! Trinity versus Sam for the gold!

Simone: Then it's time for the SCU Women's Underground Championship! Angel Kash wondered who she would be defending against this evening and the answer came on February 27 when Angel of Filth defeated Queen of Apathy for the chance to face the champion!

Adams: Kale Smith is back! (At least I think it looks like Kale Smith... looks like someone took his head and glued it on Superman's body! Well the guy I think is Kale is back and he's up against Caleb Storms who might be the first man to outfly the Man of Steel -- and by that I mean Kale, obviously.

Simone: Then the rivalry between Charlotte Elliot and Winter Elemental comes to a head when they engage in what promises to be a brutal match where the only way one woman will be able to defeat the other is by forcing her to submit!

Adams: Amy Santino pulled the wool over everyone's eyes (cept for me) when she and her hubby played Apple Coren for a fool. Boy I know what THAT'S like! But tonight it gets physical when Apple and Amy get to fight it out inside of the six-sided ring!

Simone: Mercedes Vargas had little interest in facing Ella Singleton at first, despite the animosity between the two women. Then Ella left little doubt that they would have to meet here in Anaheim when she attacked Vargas and locked her in a submission hold and refused to release it until Mercedes officially accepted her challenge!

Adams: We thought for a second that Ty West was going to be declared the new Roulette Champion when St. John Cross vanished! But the GM Brooke Saxon instead declared the title held up and tonight, St. John and Ty settle all doubts who will be the new champion!

Simone: I don't know why Jessie Salco thought stealing the Golden briefcase from Kate Steele would solve her championship title woes, but Mark ward quickly put the kibosh on her aspirations by freezing the cash in until this feud could be settled SCW-style! Now the Briefcase will be hung above the ring and the first woman to scale the ladder and retrieve it will end all doubts as to the 2019 Golden briefcase owner!

Adams: Fenris will defend the World Championship for the first time ever against more than one opponent in a Fatal Fourway match! Jake Raab's showing against Fenris in their first match gained him an automatic spot in this match, and Travis Levitt and Alex Jones both won triple threat matches of their own to earn their own ways in! This one is going to be great!

Simone: And for the first time in a very long time, the Bombshells Main Event back to back Supercards! Four Bombshells, one World Championship! Seleana Zdunich defeated Alicia Lukas for the world title, gaining her first championship! Alicia had defeated Dani Weston for that very title. Dani is seeking to regain her gold but the wild card here is Crystal Zdunich who shocked the world by attacking her own wife to get in Christian's good graces and secure this championship opportunity! They say the female of the specie is more deadly than the male, and when it's these four females fighting over the most prestigious title in women's wrestling?

Adams: H-E-Double hockey sticks will break out!

Justin Decent climbs the ringsteps and moves into the six-sided ring to the shouts and cheers of the crowds. Standing in the center of the ring, he brings the microphone to his lips with a smile.

Justin: The following match is for one fall...and is for the Mixed Tag Team Championship!

Adams: What a match to open Blaze of Glory!

Simone: The Mixed Tag team championship on the line. Let's go back to Justin for the introductions.

Justin: Introducing first...They are the Mixed Tag Team champions...Lachlan Kane, Sierra Williams

"Paint it black" by Crossfaith hits as a spotlight shines down on Sierra and Lachlan, Bandanas over their faces. They make their way down to the ring with Lachlan focused forward as Sierra seems to talk trash to the fans and the camera. They leap onto the ring apron and into the ring before moving over to the ropes posing as they pull down the bandanas.

Justin: And their opponents, introducing first...from Lancashire England...Pandora Barrett!

The lights go completely out leaving the entire audience in suspense as the song "One for the money" By Escape the Fate hits the speakers. The fans instantly know exactly who's coming out to the ring. Suddenly a single spotlight hits the stage and standing there in a spiked jacket with the hood pulled up over her head happens to be the self-proclaimed Scream Queen. She smirks out peering from under the hood looking out at all the faces before she begins to make her way down the rampway.

As soon as she reaches the ramp, she turns sideways and skips down the steel ramp ignoring all the fans attempting to reach out to her. The black-haired beauty chuckles as she finally reaches the end of the ramp and walks up the steel steps along the side of the ring. She stops at the middle of the ropes and looks out at the crowd before tossing her head back removing the hood and letting out a scream before finally climbing into the ring through the middle and bottom ring rope.

Pandora makes her way towards the side turnbuckle and easily pulls herself up to sit on the top one crossing her legs and proceeds to wait on her opponent to make their appearance.

Justin: And her partner from Richmond Virginia, the Phoenix, Travis Levitt!

The bass kicks in through the PA and 'Ashes to Ashes' starts to echo around the arena. A small fog starting to slip from the stage, and as the music builds a melancholy atmosphere, from the back stalks 'The Phoenix' Travis Levitt. Dressed in his usual long leather jacket, hair cascading around his face as he walks out, and starts to pace down the ramp. The Phoenix reaches the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and propping up onto his knees. Glancing around at the crowd, Levitt's face is one of focus as he slowly rises to his feet before stripping off his jacket, and turning to drop it outside the ring to the roadie, before he gets ready for battle.

Simone: We are set for our opening match where Pandora Barrett and Travis Levitt will challenge Team Eggplant for the mixed tag titles. Team Eggplant have been dominant champions and this will be an uphill battle for Pandora and Travis.

Adams: These two teams though...if you ask me, the bar is going to be set high for tonight's matches.

Justin leaves the ring as Pandora and Sierra motion for their partners to leave the ring as well. Jacob motions for the timekeeper to ring the bell.


Adams: It looks like the women are going to start this thing off tonight.

Pandora and Sierra meet in the middle of the ring where Jacob Summers advises both women about the rules. Nodding, Pandora smiles then throws a hard right into the cheek of Sierra who reaches up to feel her cheek after staggering to the side slightly. Looking at her hand then at Barrett, Sierra charges towards her and the pair lock up in a collar and elbow tie up that neither woman can gain leverage from until finally, Sierra ducks under and catches Pandora around the midsection. Barrett throws an elbow back into the head of Williams forcing the hold to weaken. Grabbing one hand, Pandora rolls under the arm of Sierra and locks in a wristlock that has Williams arching in pain as she tries to fight out of the hold. Twisting she is able to reverse the hold and lock in an armbar on Pandora who rushes to the ropes to break the hold. Sierra lets it go and moves back as Pandora moves along the ropes. Sierra rushes to grab her but she is close enough to her corner to tag in her partner Travis Levitt which forces Sierra to tag in Lachlan Kane. Holding out his hand, Sierra tags in Kane who leaps over the top rope to move towards Travis.

Adams: What a great start to the match.

Simone: Sierra and Pandora giving a clinic on chain wrestling with move and counter move.

Adams: Now to see if the men can keep up the pace.

Lachlan looks at the bigger man and moves cautiously towards him as Levitt watches unconcerned before leveling Kane with a forearm smash that staggers him to the side with a clubbing blow. Kane shakes it off but is followed by Travis who catches his wrist and whips him across the ring into the opposite corner. Levitt charges towards Kane for a corner splash. Lachlan throws himself to the side and Levitt lands chest first onto the turnbuckle that drives the wind from his lungs. Clutching at his chest, Levitt is an easy victim of various punches and kicks from Kane who has him staggering in the middle of the ring. Kane bounces off the ropes and takes Levitt down with a onehanded bulldog. Kane rolls to his feet as Travis rolls to the ropes then slides underneath them to catch his breath. Kane moves to the corner where Travis is standing but is caught unaware as Levitt reaches into the ring and takes Kane off his feet. Pulling him towards the steel ringpost, Levitt pulls each leg on one side of the steel then as Kane begs him not to, he pulls Lachlan crotch first into the unforgiving ring post.

Simone: I hope Sierra and Lachlan have all the kids they want because of that move, might have ended the chance for any more.

Adams: I felt that over here Belinda. Poor Lachlan!

Clutching at his privates, Lachlan tries to pull himself away from the ringpost as Travis rolls back into the ring. Travis Levitt stands and pulls Lachlan to his feet to stagger him with a headbutt that sends Kane into the corner. Grabbing him by the wrist, Levitt whips him across the ring into the corner and follows him in. Using a hard body slap, Travis sends Kane staggering away from the corner. Levitt follows him, stopping Lachlan and laying him across the ropes and uses another body slap. Kane staggers closer to his corner and before Levitt can use another slap, Lachlan tags in Sierra who slides between the ropes to step between Kane and Levitt. Glaring at Travis, she motions for him to tag in Pandora who holds her hand out with a smirk for Levitt to tag her in.

Adams: Pandora Barrett is about to step into the ring with Sierra again.

Simone: Let's see what could come from this because Sierra looks serious about this.

Adams: Wouldn't you be serious if might lose your title?

Slapping Pandora's hand, Levitt moves to the side as Barrett slips between the ropes and into the face of Sierra. The two women begin to trade punches in the middle of the ring before Pandora drops a shoulder and rushes Sierra into the ropes but Williams reverses it and uses a headbutt on Barrett that rocks her backwards into the ropes. Sierra moves to the side and begins to use stiff martial arts kicks to the head and body of Pandora who brings her arms up to try to protect her head. Jacob Summers moves between the two warning Williams to allow Pandora off the ropes. Sierra holds up her hands and backs away but Pandore charges and takes Sierra down with a spear that doubles her over. Pandora quickly rolls her up for a pin.

Adams: First pin of the match...this could be a title change win right here!

Summers drops to make the count as Pandora leans back to force the shoulders of Sierra on the mat.



Adams: Pandora Barrett with a pin attempt.

Simone: Sierra needs to do something quickly or Team Eggplant will be the former champions.

Sierra forces her shoulder off the mat to break the count. Pandora can't believe it as she glares at Summers who holds up two fingers. Complaining to the referee, Barrett gets to her feet angrily slapping her hands together for a three count as Sierra rolls to her hands and knees then to her feet. Spinning Pandora around, Sierra uses a hiptoss on Barrett who rolls quickly to her feet but was taken down again with a leaping one legged dropkick from Williams that has her scrambling back to her corner as Sierra advances. Reaching it, she quickly tags in Travis then rolls out of the ring to the outside where she begins to pace angrily. Sierra moves to tag in Lachlan then turns quickly to charge across the ring and fly between the ropes to take Pandora down with a suicide dive.

Adams: Holy Hannah, did you see that suicide dive from Sierra Williams.

Simone: I did Jason and don't call me Hannah. Both women are on the floor and I don't think that either of them are getting up too quickly.

Travis looks over the ropes at Pandora laid out on the floor and then turns with a roar to take a charging Kane out with a big boot. Lachlan rolls quickly to his stomach as he clutches his head. Travis reaches down to pull Kane to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Lachlan rebounds off the ropes and ducks under a forearm smash attempt from Levitt then bounces off the opposite ropes to take Levitt down with a lou thesz press. Mounting the bigger man, Lachlan begins to uses various punches on the head of Travis who reaches up and pushes Kane off him with a stiff arm. Rolling to the side, Levitt makes his way to the ropes to pull himself to his feet and then turning to see Kane on his feeet as well, Travis charges and is taken down with a drop toe hold that sends him face first into a turnbuckle. Lachlan comes to the side of a staggered Travis Levitt and putting Levitt's arm over his shoulder, Kane drops the bigger man with a Russian Legsweep.

Simone: Kane is starting to take control of the match.

Adams: But does he have enough to finish it?

With Travis on the mat, Lachlan moves to the corner and rests slightly. Levitt gets to his hands and knees and is rising as Kane uses a slingblade to drop him to the mat once more before rushing to the corner and climbing the turnbuckle. Travis is flat on his back as Kane comes off the top turnbuckle with his Lach-Down finisher that drives the wind from the chest of Levitt. Rolling through the finisher, Lachlan rolls to Travis and pins his shoulders to the mat. Pandora and Sierra have pulled themselves to their feet and Pandora tries to break the pin but Sierra holds her down on the apron as Summers makes the count.

Adams: Pandora is trying to help her partner but Sierra is having none of it.



Simone: I think that Lachlan Kane and Sierra Williams will be retaining the titles tonight.

Adams: You don't say?

Jacob's hand comes down one final time.



Justin: Here are your winners and STILL Mixed Tag Team Champions...TEAM EGGPLANT!

Simone: Team Eggplant retains in a hard fought victory over Pandora Barrett and Travis Levitt.

Adams: I could have told you that was going to happen Belinda but I didn't want to have to make you say I was right twice in the night.

Jacob grabs the titles and hands them to Team Eggplant as Pandora checks on a gasping Travis Levitt whom she helps out of the ring. Sierra and Lachlan celebrate in the ring as Pandora helps Travis up the ramp

The boiler room appears on the screen as Aeriel is holding the SCU Underground Championship on her shoulder. A smile is shown on her lips as Stephen Lance is having a conversation with her husband. Scott Oliver enters the picture as he stands next to Aeriel.

Scott: Aeriel, is Powershock ready to defend the Underground championship tonight?

Aeriel looks at Scott with a look of disgust on her face.

Aeriel: How dare you waltz in here and ask a fool thing like that? My husband will destroy Jerry Cann like he did in his debut. He will send Jerry back to the hospital.

Scott gulps as Powershock emerges from the shadows with Lance right beside him. Stephen walks up, rips the microphone out of Scott's hands and tells him to leave. Scott exits the boiler room quickly as Stephen turns toward the camera.

Stephen: We told you SCU. We told you SCW. Powershock is the man who can carry the entire company on his back. We told you it was only a matter of time. Now, we are defending this belt on Blaze of Glory. It's only a matter of time before Powershock is carrying around two losers in his body bag. Tonight, blood will be shed. Tonight, hellfire will rain down. Tonight, Jerry Cann gets got.

Powershock grunts as the trio turn to leave the boiler room.

The camera spins around to see Gena and Chad Schaal ready to call the next match before focusing on SCU ring announcer, Liam Gagnon in the ring.

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Underground Championship!!! First on his way to the ring... he weighs in at 227 Ibs, from Las Vegas Nevada... Jerry Cann!!!!

Jerry Walks out to the rampway to a small pop. He looks around as he makes his way to the ring. Jerry now at ringside high fives a few kids in the front row before sliding into the ring. Jerry goes to a corner waiting for the match to start.

The arena lights turn to a dark red tint as smoke fills the stage, ramp and ring. A thunderous gong sounds as a wicked scream is soon heard through the speakers. Sinister laughter follows before "Indestructible" starts playing. A man wearing a dark red mask with a blood red jumpsuit walks out onto the stage followed by two individuals. The masked man stands on the stage as the woman clings to his arm and the man is pointing at the ring.

Liam: From the Depths of hell, accompanied by his mouthpiece Stephen Lance and his valet Aeriel Sizemore, he is your Underground Champion....please welcome Powershock!!

Powershock throws both arms up and out as pyro goes off. He then sombers down the ramp while keeping his eyes pointed at the ring. A sly smirk appears on his face as he steps up onto the ring apron and steps over the ring ropes.


Gena: The challenger already knows what to expect in this match, because he's been here before. He charges across the ring, but Powershock charges right at him in return. A Big Boot is missed by the champion as Jerry ducks underneath.

Chad: Red Lightning crackles through the sky as Jerry hits a Roundhouse Kick to the chest of Powershock. Jerry is quick to hit another, and another, but barely makes the champion stumble back with each kick.

Gena: Jerry hits rapid punches to the midsection of the champ, causing him to stumble down to one knee. Jerry then begins aiming the punches at the face of Powershock, hammering him into the ropes.

Chad: Jerry flings Powershock into the opposite ropes, and quickly follows it up with a Short-Arm Clothesline. The fans are cheering as Powershock takes the beating. Jerry then whips Powershock across the ring.

Gena: But Powershock reverses it. He sends Jerry back into a Short-Arm Clothesline of his own, slamming Jerry down to the mat with a thunderous boom!


Chad: Powershock roars out as he lifts Jerry up from the mat and latches on a Bear Hug, shaking Jerry around like a ragdoll. However, the entire time, Jerry punches away at Powershock, using his powerful strikes to eventually break free.

Gena: Jerry bounces off of the ropes and approaches Powershock with a hard Bell Clap that causes Powershock to grab onto his ears. It's clear that Jerry thinks Powershock is an asshole, and with their past history, he's not about to play friendly this time.

Chad: Jerry uses all of his might to lift Powershock up into an Atomic Drop, causing Powershock to fall to his knees, looking up at Jerry. Jerry shakes his head and begins bashing Powershock in the face. He's feeling his oats tonight.

Gena: Powershock suddenly lifts Jerry up into a High Angle Suplex, dropping Jerry with ease. He picks Jerry back up from the ground and flings him into the ropes with extreme power, so that Jerry drops down to the mat.

Chad: Jerry holds onto his back as Powershock growls at him. He picks Jerry up from the mat and lifts him off of his feet, looking for a Powerslam, but Jerry slips down his back. He Dropkicks Powershock in the back.

Gena: Jerry groans as he walks off the back pain. Powershock turns back around to face Jerry, and Jerry lands a hard punch to the face that causes Powershock to stumble backward. He slams Powershock with another.

Chad: Powershock lifts Jerry off of his feet, hitting the Powerslam he was looking for before. He grabs the leg with force as he goes for the cover.




Gena: Powershock slams Jerry's shoulders back to the mat as he shouts in Jerry's face.

Powershock: Stay down if you know what's good for you!!!

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx




Chad: Jerry is not about to let this opportunity go that easily. He gets back up to his feet, still finding the speed advantage over Powershock. He rolls over on the back of Powershock, shoving his knee into the back and forcing him back to the mat.

Gena: Full Nelson (Master Lock Version) applied by Jerry as he shows that he can do bad all by himself! Powershock moves around, trying his hardest to get out of the hold. After a second, Powershock bucks Jerry off of him, knocking him to the mat.

Gena: Powershock is showing his dominance as he rips Jerry off of the mat. Jerry gives him a shove, but Powershock practically throws him into the corner. He puts a foot to Jerry's neck. Dylan admonishes him now.





Chad: Powershock lets go of the hold, only to begin hitting rapid Shoulderbutts to Jerry. Ryan gives him a warning as he slaps his hands together, but to no avail.






Gena: Ryan looks like one mean daddy when he's being aggressive. I like it!

Chad: No argument there. He's threatening to disqualify Jerry if he doesn't stop. Powershock reluctantly steps away. Jerry holds onto his ribs as he stumbles out of the corner. Powershock gives him three steps before Spearing him back into the corner!

Gena: Powershock steps back several paces before going for another, but Jerry steps out of the way. Powershock collides with the ring post, and Jerry rolls him up with a Schoolboy Pin.




Chad: Jerry almost can't believe it. He nearly had the monster down for the three count, and that Underground Championship was practically in his grips. He looks out at the crowd in shock and disappointment.

Gena: Powershock is getting to his feet now, so Jerry rushes at him, but Powershock lifts him up at his side as he finishes rising to his feet. He stumbles around as Jerry kicks his feet. Powershock drops him with the Shock Treatment (Sidewalk Slam)!!!

Chad: Powershock picks Jerry up, and for good measure, he delivers another Shock Treatment, then he hooks the leg!





Liam: Here is your winner and STILL SCU Underground Champion..... POWERRRRRRRRRSHOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!!!

Powershock's music plays over the speakers as he stands up over Jerry. He lifts Jerry up from the mat and tosses him to the outside of the ring. Stephen Lance walks up the ring steps as Aeriel rolls inside of the ring with the title belt. She puts it around Powershock's waist as Stephen raises his hand, shouting to the fans as he points at Powershock. Powershock holds his arm up for a second before stepping to the outside of the ring. He picks Jerry up and tosses him into the barricade. He then slams Jerry into the ring post, as if it were no big deal. He picks Jerry up and walks him over to the announcers table. He begins ripping pieces off of the table and then he rolls Jerry onto it. Just then, SCU Head of Security Casey Williams comes out to a huge pop from the diehard SCW fans. He doesn't let their cheering phase him as he comes to do business. The security guards are able to pull Jerry to safety, but Powershock and Casey come face to face. Casey looks down his nose at Powershock, as if giving a reality check to the champ. Casey folds his arms across his chest as the fans cheer even louder now. Powershock shoves Casey to the side, preparing to go after Jerry again, but Casey spins him around and gives him a shove of his own. They exchange a few blows before SCW and SCU security rush to separate them both. The crowd goes absolutely nuts as it takes two entire security teams to separate them both from going to the extreme.


We go backstage to an upset Shannon Middlebrooks as she yells at GM Tad Ezra.

Shannon: Are you kidding me! You had to bring in an outsider and you couldn't give me the respect to get ready for her. How much time did she have to prepare!? How much time!

Shannon says as she knocks the cup of coffee from his hand.

Tad: A month.

Shannon: You gave her 4 full weeks to prepare while you leave me out to dry and yet she still needed the judges to hand her the title. You will fix this and you will do so now!

Tad: Okay you need to relax. You wanted me to step it up and I did. Deal with it!

Shannon: Do you really want the New Foundation to do what the Bad Boys failed to do? Do you really want us to ruin every single show until the owner, whoever he is fires you? Hell, even Denise's father Travis can do a better job then you and he sucs at everything he does.

Tad: You will get a rematch soon.

Shannon: No, that means I will be waiting forever. That is not good enough. You need to do a whole lot better or we run amuck in SCU.

Tad: Okay, first off you owe me a coffee.

Shannon: Fuck your coffee.

Tad: Second, after you buy my coffee you will meet me in my office. I will have a contract for you already signed. It will give you a title match for any title in SCU and any given time. That is the best I can do for you. After you get me that coffee of course.

Ivory and Shelby arrives in the shot.

Shannon: Ladies, go get this man some coffee then we make a plan. Tonight, expect New Foundation to make an impact.

We see a small "recorded earlier" graphic in the corner as we cut backstage, the back door opens and Alicia Lukas, Alex Jones and Austin James Mercer step in all carrying bags wearing matching "Wolfslair" t-shirts, they walk through the backstage area and Alex stops them tilting his head with a laugh as SCW interviewer Pussy Willow stands in front of them with a mic in hand.

Pussy Willow: Alex, Austin, Alicia...tonight you all have high profile matches. Austin you will be taking on newcomer Va-

Austin James Mercer: Stop

Pussy does as Austin says as he steps forward and reaches down as he towers over her taking the mic from her hands.

Austin James Mercer: You think I'm in a high profile match?. That's cute. Alex and Alicia are in title matches and I'm left standing here with an opponent who didn't even have the common courtesy to send in promotional packages or help bring eyes to our product.

Austin pauses for a moment and shakes his head obviously bothered by the predicament

Austin James Mercer: The fact is, I should be in that title match with Alex, that idiot who beat me and Lachlan has been gone all week, hasn't said a damn work about either title match he's in and has done the same damn thing my opponent did. It's disgraceful. Now, if you'll excuse us...

Austin hands the mic back to Pussy Willow and all three members of Wolfslair walk passed on their way to the locker room

Justin: The following match is for one fall...introducing first...From Foshan...Jon Dough.

Jon waits for the lyrics to start and holding a mic in his right hand he walks from behind the curtain singing the lyrics to the song while he high fives as many fans as he can till he hit's the ring. He then slides from under the button ropes. Gets on his feet and gets on top of one of the turnbuckles and hold the mic up in the air while the crowd sings the chorus.

Adams: Jon Dough is a fan favorite here tonight Belinda.

Simone: I will have to agree with you Jason...Wow that statement tastes wrong when I say it.

Justin: And his opponent...

Judas Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd. As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans. Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Justin: From Las Vegas Nevada...Joshua Acquin!

The two men stand face to face in the middle of the ring as Drew Patton motions for the bell to ring.


Adams: Both these men are very familiar with each other and I am pretty sure that they are going to throw out all the stops to get the win tonight.

Dough and Acquin begin to circle in the middle of the ring as Patton motions for the match to start. The pair lock up in a collar and elbow that Acquin uses to power Dough into the corner. Jon Dough holds his arms up as Acquin prepares to back away but before he does, he smacks Dough across the face in contempt. Dough reaches up to check on his lip as Acquin plays to the booing fans. Turning back to Jon Dough, Joshua is surprised by the masked man who takes him down with a clothesline. Acquin rolls on the mat clutching his chest as Dough gets to his feet. Reaching down to pull Joshua to his feet, Dough whips him towards the ropes but Acquin reverses it and it is Jon Dough that goes back first into the turnbuckle, sagging slightly as he arches his back in pain and brings his left hand up to hold his back. Acquin shakes off the lingering effects of the clothesline before pulling Dough out of the corner and pulling him into an abdominal stretch that has him screaming in pain. As Drew moves to ask Dough if he submits, Acquin reaches behind himself and grabs the top rope to add to the punishment felt by Dough.

Adams: Joshua Acquin using the ropes for more leverage.

Simone: And if Drew can't see it, it is something that gives Joshua the advantage

The fans are screaming at Drew who moves to see if Acquin is holding the ropes but the veteran has released them to place his hand on the hip of Jon Dough who is bent over in the stretch trying to fight it. Again Patton checks on Dough, Acquin reaches and pulls with the top rope again. The fans point and yell again and when Drew checks, Joshua has released the rope and appears to be holding the hip of Jon. Drew moves to check on Dough as Joshua once more reaches for the ropes. Patton turns quickly to catch Acquin and begins to count after telling Acquin to release the hold on Dough. At four, Joshua releases Dough and walks away with a smirk as Drew checks on Dough who is clutching his shoulder and chest. Acquin stalks towards Jon who manages to hit a shuffle side kick that grazes the chin of Acquin who is sent backwards with his hand moving to his face and lips to check for blood. Turning to charge at Dough, Acquin is surprised by Jon who comes off the ropes with a lou thesz press that takes the two to the mat.

Adams: Surprise for Acquin with that Lou Thesz press

Simone: But will he be able to capitalize after the punishment that Acquin put him through

Jon rises slowly from the chest of Acquin to look around the arena then mounts him to rain down hard rights and lefts to the head of Joshua who brings his arms up to protect his head. Standing again, Dough pulls his opponent to his feet then bending enough, he puts Acquin on his shoulders in preparation of a military press but Acquin uses an elbow to the head to prevent the move then uses another elbow to break the hold that Dough has on him. Jon releases him and Acquin lands on his feet then takes Dough off his with a thunderous clothesline. Dough clutches his chest but rolls to the ropes and then to the outside to recover. Getting up on the apron, Jon Dough is knocked backwards off the apron onto the barricade by a high knee strike from Acquin. Laid out on the floor, Dough is breathing deeply to recover as Joshua drops and rolls out of the ring. Picking up the fallen Jon, Acquin watches him sway before backing away, holding up a framing pair of hands then takes Dough off his feet with a running clothesline.

Simone: Joshua Acquin seems like a new man in that ring.

Adams: If you ask me he is still the same sadistic he has always been.

Joshua hears Drew at an eight count and then rolls under the bottom rope to break the count then back to the outside where he grabs Jon Dough and rolls him into the ring before sliding in behind him. Dough is trying to get to his feet and manages to only to have his leg taken out by a chop block from Acquin. Clutching at his leg in pain, Dough rolls on the mat as Drew Patton warns Acquin about cheating. Nodding condescendingly, Acquin waves off the warning and picks up the hurt leg of Dough. Stepping over the one leg to wrap it around his own, Joshua locks in a figure four then drops to the mat to wrench the knee of Dough painfully. Dough launches himself off the mat in pain before falling backwards reaching out desperately for the ropes. Putting his hands on the canvas, Joshua arches upwards that has Dough screaming in pain. Fighting it, Jon again reaches for the ropes, inching himself closer only to have the advance stopped by Acquin. Finally in desperation, Dough spins enough to reverse the figure four and now it is Acquin who is crying out in pain before releasing the hold and pulling himself away from Dough who pulls himself to the corner and to a standing position favoring the leg that had been injured in the hold.

Adams: Jon managing to get some space between him and Acquin but do you think it is enough to mount a comeback?

Simone: He needs to do something...Acquin is not one to let up on an opponent if he knows he has the advantage.

Adams: I agree Belinda. Ohhh now I know what you meant when you said that saying that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Acquin gets to his feet and moves towards Dough who uses his dashing kick on Joshua to knock him to the mat. Rushing towards Acquin, he pulls him up and hits the dough drop on him in the middle of the ring. Dropping quickly, Jon rolls up Joshua for the pin, his hands clutching at one of the legs of Acquin for leverage.

Adams: Pin attempt by Jon Dough!



Acquin presses Dough out of the pin attempt then rolls to his stomach. Dough rolls to his feet as Acquin rises slowly. Dough moves and catches Acquin in a belly to belly suplex that has Acquin arching in pain. Dough moves to the ropes and leaping on the bottom one hits another dashing kick on Joshua that knocks the rising Acquin to the mat again. Dough moves to stand but clutches at his knee that had landed on the canvas awkwardly and falls back against the ropes. Acquin is slow to get up but when he does, he sees Dough favoring his leg, shaking out the pain in the corner. Acquin charges in and hits a high knee smash to the back of Jon's head that sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Staggering away with his hands over his face, Dough doesn't see Acquin move in and kick him in the midsection to double him over and then drop him to the mat with a falling neckbreaker. Dough is laid out as Acquin sits up with a smirk. Getting to his feet, Acquin pulls Dough up and then pulls him up with a full nelson.

Adams: It looks like Acquin is setting Jon Dough up for his finisher, Nightmare two.

Simone: If he hits this, it could be over for Dough.

Joshua hits the Nightmare two on Dough that plants him to the mat. Rolling Dough over, Acquin grabs his leg and rolls up Jon as Drew drops to make the count.

Adams: Stick a fork in him.



Simone: It looks like he is done like dinner.

Adams: Mmmm dinner.


Drew slaps the canvas a final time then motions for the bell. Dough rolls slowly to the side as Acquin rises and has his arm raised in victory.


Justin: Here is your winner, Joshua Acquin!

Mounting the turnbuckle, Acquin plays to the crowd by posing as the fans cheer and scream. Jon Dough moves up the ramp watching as Joshua leaps down from the corner before disappearing behind the curtain.

Inside wolfslairs lockeroom we see Austin stretching as Alex and Alicia sit on a bench talking. Austin growls with each movement talking to himself as Alex stands up with a smirk.

Alex Jones: Are you ready?

Austin scoffs and shakes his head.

Austin James Mercer: Of Course I am, this guy's a joke...this match is a joke

Alex Jones: Hey!...

Austin looks up as Alex shakes his head.

Alex Jones:I get it, you wanted more and you should be in the fourway tonight. But, you cannot underestimate anyone. You want respect?. You want to shove your anger right down people like Jake Raabs throats?. Then do it by winning...but don't lose sight...

Austin James Mercer: Yeah.....I got it...

Austin holds out his fist and Alex bumps it as he turns around to talk to Alicia

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... hailing from Manhatten, New York.... Austin James Mercer...

The lights shut off as "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson kicks in, as it builds different lights flash around the arena. As the song builds into the refrain and the guitars kick in a spotlight forms on the stage with Austin standing in the middle. He makes his way down to the ring before moving around to the steps, he makes his way up and walks across the apron before stepping between the ropes, he stands in the center of the ring as the music shuts off.

Justin: And his opponent... hailing from Nukualofa, Tonga... Vanu Naufau...

Can't knock the Hustle by Weezer starts playing as Red Silver and Yellow lights flash across the arena. Vanu steps out onto the entrance ramp doing a little shuffle and moving to the music. He looks out over the crowd hyping them up as he bounces around the stage before running down and sliding under the bottom rope into the ring.

Standing in the middle of the ring he does a traditional Tongan dance turning to each side of the arena before standing tall and pounding his closed left fist three times against his chest and raising it high toward the entrance ramp.

St John moves in and checks both men for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


The bell rings and Mercer quickly moves in as he and Naufau lock up, as Mercer pushes Naufau into the corner, where he pins him there, where he delivers a punch and then a kick before following up with several punches on Naufau, as St. John reaches a three count, which Mercer backs away putting his hands up, as Naufau stumbles out of the corner but Mercer pounces on him and pins Naufau in the corner and once again delivering some stiff punches before grabbing Naufau hand and whipping into the corner but as he approaches the corner Naufau grabs the top ropes and pushes himself up and over Mercer who rushes in. As Mercer turns Naufau catches Mercer with a chop across the chest before delivering some punches, which Mercer tries to cover up as much as possible as he pushes Naufau away and into the ropes, who bounces back as Mercer swings at him but Naufau ducks out of the way and hits the ropes on the other side and leaps up for a crossbody but Mercer catches him before adjusting him before hoisting him up and hitting a vertical suplex.

Simone: Mercer is on Naufau right from the start as Naufau tries to fight but Mercer is unrelentless and shows his power and strength with a vertical suplex.

Adams: It's quite impressive how he managed to catch Naufau before manoeuvring him into a vertical suplex.

Naufau rolls away as he tries to catch his breath, as Mercer climbs out of the ring, where he lifts the apron skirt up, as St John checks on Naufau. Mercer approaches Naufau and grabs his legs, however, Naufau grips the ropes and pushes Mercer away, who stumbles back into the barriers catching his side against them. Naufau pulls himself back through the ropes and into the ring, where he climbs to his feet before rushing the ropes where he bounces off them before charging and diving through the middle ropes at Mercer, but Mercer blocks it and before lifting up Naufau and hitting a spinebuster against the guard barriers.

Adams: Not sure what Mercer was looking for... but this isn't a weapons-based match and could get himself disqualified.

Simone: Mercer came close to being caught out by Naufau but as Naufau attempts to dive at Mercer, Mercer catches him and hits a vicious spinebuster against the guard barriers.

Adams: How is Naufau not injured from that... that was vicious.

Naufau screams out in pain and crashes to the floor gasping for breath as he crawls and grabs the metal frame of the ring, Mercer then approaches Naufau and grabs his feet and then falls backwards, which forces Naufau up against the metal frame throat first. Naufau thrashes around holding his throat, as St John quickly climbs out of the ring to check on Naufau.

Simone: Oh my god... I thought the spinebuster against the guard barrier was bad...but that was just equally sickening.

Adams: Mercer just wants this match over and done with as soon as possible.

Mercer climbs back to his feet, as he looks down at Naufau before pushing past St John and grabs Naufau pulling him up as Naufau gives Mercer a sucker punch in the stomach before rolling himself into the ring, as he takes a moment to recover and suck in some air. Mercer turns and begins to climb the ring apron, as Naufau himself slowly makes his way to his feet. Mercer gets to the ring apron, as Naufau turns and bounces off the ropes and charges at Mercer hitting a single leg dropkick, which sends Mercer off the apron as he stumbles away, as Naufau gets back to his feet and turns and then charges at Mercer and dives through the middle ropes and catches Mercer forcing him backward and crashing against the barriers. Naufau quickly turns and climbs back into the ring and bounces off the ropes and once against dives through the middle ropes and catches Mercer again who had just moved away from the barrier and pushes him back against them again, this time Mercer drops to the floor holding his back and ribs as he gasps for the breath.

Adams: Naufau' s speed is just crazy... he says that he doesn't go high risk and prefers to take his opponents down to the mat... but speed works well. Especially now, where Mercer can't even take a breath to recover and avoid.

Simone: Speaking of recover... Naufau is showing to effects from the spinebuster or his throat going into the ring metal. But I suppose that's all down to adrenaline.

Naufau stops and leans against the ring apron as he takes a moment as he looks around and gives a small smile, as St John is able to begin a count.



Naufau turns and grabs the ring apron skirt and lifts it up exposing the steel work once more, as he turns and approaches Mercer and grabs him and throws him against the metal framework of the ring.



Adams: Looks like Naufau is making Mercer pay and using that exact same spot to do some damage to Mercer.

Mercer screams out in pain, as he holds his arm, as Naufau approaches him and rolls him back into the ring.



Naufau takes a moment, as he holds his throat which is still sore from the metal framework of the ring. He then rolls himself into the ring breaking the count. Climbing to his feet, he moves to the corner, where he charges at the recovering Mercer hitting a forearm before grabbing Mercer and pulling him from the corner, where he tries to lift him and gets so far but Mercer blocks some of it as Mercer grabs Naufau by the ring attire and lifts him up into a vertical suplex but instead hitting the suplex Mercer lets go thrusting Naufau forward, who lands on his feet and bounces off the ropes and charges at Mercer, who catches Naufau, but Naufau counters as Mercer tries to keep up and as Naufau lands on his feet, he lift and hits a Falcon Arrow on Mercer and goes for a pin...

Simone: Naufau still holds his throat, but he isn't letting it slow him down as he gets back to work on Mercer.

Adams: Nice countering and finishes up with a Falcon Arrow and then pins...




Mercer kicks out with ease, however, both men lay on the mat, as Naufau continue his recovery, as Mercer holds his back. St John checks both men and starts her count...



Naufau then slowly sits up before moving to his feet breaking the count before dropping to a knee, where he pulls Mercer up into a seated position and locks in a headlock on Mercer. Mercer grips Naufau's arm as he gasps for air, however, he slowly bit by bit adjusts himself as he slowly gets to his knee, which forces Naufau to adjust himself. Mercer pushes himself up to a knee and then to his feet, as he swings his elbow into the stomach of Naufau a few times, which forces Naufau to release the hold, Mercer turns and drives a knee into Naufau stomach before grabbing his hair and pulling him up to hit a European uppercut.

Simone: Naufau seeks to ground Mercer, but Mercer right away fights and catches Naufau with a knee to the stomach and then a European upper cut.

Naufau stumbles backwards, but Mercer grabs him and pulls him close and hits a belly to belly suplex, Mercer keeps his arms wrapped around Naufau and pulls him up and then onto his shoulders where he hits a samoan drop. Mercer gets to his feet, where he turns and grabs Naufau legs and drags him to the centre of ring, where he begins to set up and lock in the Legacy Lock (Figure four). Naufau right away tries to fight as he seek a way of getting close to the ropes, as Mercer applies a little more pressure and Naufau has no choice but to tap out.

Adams: Mercer overpowers Naufau with a series of power moves and then locks in the Legacy Lock.


Simone: Mercer has done it and Naufau taps out.

Justin: The winner of this match via submission... Austin James Mercer.

Mercer's music hits over the p.a, as he releases the hold and slowly makes his way to his feet as he holds hit side as St John raises his arm in victory.

Justin Decent moves into the ring and is about to bring the microphone to his lips./

Simone: Justin is in the ring and is about to announce...

Avril Lavigne's Bad Girl begins to fill the venue as the curtains part and Apple moves to the top of the ramp stops as she takes in the fans who have risen to their feet. Matching her walk to the beat of the song, she moves towards the ring offering fake smiles to each side before getting to the ring.

Simone: Look at that, Apple Coren is joining us.

Apple stops right in front of Justin and holds out her hand for the microphone. Just gives her a look then looks at the microphone before slowly holding it out awkwardly only to have Apple snatch it out of his hand and motion for him to leave the ring. Once he does, she turns to the camera and brings the microphone to her lips.

Apple: I came out here with a message and a purpose. I have had enough of listening to the crowing and bragging of Amy Santino about how she and her husband put one over on me. Bravo Amy, you managed to do something that required at least a neuron or two.

After saying that, Apple puts the hand holding the microphone downward and starts a slow clap with a contemptuous sneer on her lips. She brings up the microphone again.

Apple: After tonight if I never have to dirty my hands with Amy Santino again, I will be more than happy. As much as I realize that she is in constant orbit around me trying to maintain some relevance because she has definitely not remained in the spotlight without it. Again, bravo Amy, I am glad I was able to keep you in somewhat of a relevant position in SCW.

Apple: But tonight that ends and I will be able to say good riddance to bad rubbish when I plant you with the cyanide drop in the middle of the ring. I am tired of carrying your useless self in this little feud that you can't seem to let go of. After tonight, you will be but a brief memory that a good twelve year old scotch will easily erase. I promise you Amy, win or lose, I will gain the most satisfaction from making you realize that I am the future of SCW and you are nothing but a useless has been who has seen better days. And that is your unhappily ever after.

Apple lets the microphone drop to cause a screech over the speakers before she walks out of the ring and up the ramp.

Adams: Wow...Apple Coren clapping back at everything that Amy Santino has been saying about her. This match between the two sounds like it is going to be very much a grudge match from hell.

You see Kingingiseisha "Hitamashii" Sharasu backstage outside his locker room standing next to "Stoner" Scott Oliver. Hitamashii looks excited.

Scott: Hitamashii, you look excited. May I ask why?

Hitamashii: Well, I have a match with Senor Vinnie on a huge card like Blaze of Glory. I look forward to showcasing why I belong here and that I will stop at nothing to win.

Scott: I see. Is there anything you want to add before your match?

Hitamashii: I am looking forward to the Blast From the Past tournament coming up.

Hitamashii smiles and he walks away from Scott as we see Andrew Garcia bump into Hitamashii on accident.

Hitamashii: Oh, hey Andrew, why are you here?

Andrew: Remember my telling you I was entering the Blast From The Past tournament?

Hitamashii: Yeah?

Andrew: Well, I had to sign a contract for Christian and Mark for the length of the tournament. I also wanted to scout the talent who has entered that I am not familiar with, and to scout you.

Hitamashii glares at Andrew and he walks away from him as the scene fades to black.

Justin: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Kingingiseisha "Hitamashii" Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos. Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

Justin: Standing in the ring, from Las Vegas Nevada by way of Himeji Japan he stands 5'8 and weighs 192 pounds Kingingiseisha Shirasu!!!...

The crowd is in anticipation of the arrival of the next wrestler as the lights go out and a huge cactus emerges upon the Titan Tron. We hear Epic from Metalachi hit the sound system as a big figure emerges in the dark holding a cactus. Running his hand that is covered in a glove over the cactus as if he is worshipping to it

Justin: Coming down the aisle, standing in at 6'8 and weighing in at 280 pounds!! Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico!! Senor Vinnie!!!!

The spotlight shines upon the man as he looks up towards the ring, mumbling something while walking towards the ring. He places the cactus in the corner before rolling into the ring, there he crawls over towards the center of the ring and stares at the fans at the front row seats. He then slowly walks towards the corner where he had placed his cactus, putting it back into his hands as he starts to talk to it and ignores his opponent currently in the ring.

Simone: It always scares me how big Vinnie is.He's 6'8 and 280, now that Casey Williams is gone I think the next biggest with him is Austin James Mercer. What a match that would be!

Adams: Vinnie is a beast and while Hitamashii is new here he looks like he can be an athlete, he has been impressive in the ring since he got here and his speed will be a huge asset.


And we are underway as Vinnie tilts his head studying the smaller man, he walks to the center of the ring and Hitamashii moves to the side and as Vinne reaches out to grab him Hitamashii right away uses his speed to duck under and away. Vinnie turns and swings for a right hand and again Hitamashii ducks and spins out of the way. This time the Japanese-American grappler throws his hands in the air and then starts shuffling his feet like Mohammed Ali bouncing up and down throwing a few air jabs. Vinnie gets angry and launches at Hitamashii who again ducks out of the way this time leaping in the air k=hitting a dropkick to Vinnie's back sending him into the corner chest first.

Adams: Well you can't say Hitamashii lakes confidence....

Simone: No kidding. Arrogance seems to be his dominating personality trait. But some people can use that overconfidence, others can't and it fails them. The jury is out on what it will do with this young man.

Hitamashii keeps away from Vinnie but dives in and grabs a leg tripping the large man up sending him off balance. As Vinnie hits the floor he hits a lightning fast elbow drop before popping up and hitting the ropes with a leg drop, he then slides and gets to his feet before hitting a springboard moonsault off the middle rope crashing against Vinnie's chest, Hitamashi hooks the leg.



Vinnie kicks out, but he doesn't just kick out he throws Hitamashii off his body with both hands. Hitamashi gets his feet under him looking shocked at Vinnie's power, he moves to the ring apron and as Vinnie gets to his feet he goes for a springboard crossbody, Vinnie though simply slaps Hitamashii in the chest right out of the air. Hitamashii hits the mat hard and Vinnie just smirks as the smaller man lays there holding his chest

Adams: Wow, that slap, did you hear it? echoed around the arena

Simone: I can only imagine the pain Hitamashii is feeling right could have caved in his chest.

Adams: Yesh...a welt has formed...a large palm sized one....

Vinnie reaches down and pulls Hitamashii up like a small child throwing him against the corner. He then moves his arms over the top rope on either side exposing his chest. Vinnie then slams his head into the sternum of Hitamashii over and over, each one making a sickening thud as Hitamashii tries to cover up, the referee counts and as he reaches for Vinnie backs away but then as Hitamashii steps out he gets levelled with a big boot by Vinnie who roars like a beast and throws his arms out, Hitamashii slides from the ring and lands on the floor outside looking out of it as he tries to stand up but stumbles.

Adams:Uhhh, That might not be the best place to be...outside the ring....with Vinnie...

Simone: Lots of hard surfaces and steel right there...and here comes Vinnie...

Vinnie leaves the ring and stalks Hitamashii who crawls forward and scampers to his feet moving around the outside, Vinnie though follows looking like an unmasked Jason Voorhees. Hitamashii though slides in the ring and as Vinnie starts to pull himself up Hitamashii hits a dropkick to his unprotected ribs, Vinnie flies backwards into the barricade at ringside, Hitamashii stays on the attack now sliding from the ring dropkicking Vinnie again against the barricade. Vinnie growls in anger holding his ribs as Hitamashii lands a stiff kick to Vinnie doubling him over, Hitamashii leaps up onto the barricade and off hitting a mushroom stomp to the back of Vinnie's head.

Simone: He needs to stick and move, and he's doing a great job against Vinnie

Adams: But if Vinnie gets his hands on him....well we've seen how brutal this man can be....

Hitamashii pushes Vinnie into the ring under the bottom rope as the big man looks out of it, Hitamashii grabs Vinnie's head and goes to run up the corner to hit the Nayru's Love, as he turns in mid air though Vinnie throws him across the ring crashing against the mat, Hitamashii holds his back and moves towards the corner, Vinnie though meets him as he gets up and hits a devastating sidewalk slam, Hitamashii bounces off the mat and Vinnie hooks the leg.



Hitmashii kicks out. Vinnie seems to smile sadistically almost happy that he kicked out. He pulls Hitamashi up and hits a german suplex, he keeps his hands around his waist hitting a second and a third, on the third Vinnie releases Hitamashii throwing him across the ring. He hits the back of his head and rolls backwards. Hitamashii looks out of it and Vinnie stalks him with a grin, Hitamashii pulls himself up on the ropes and Vinnie goes for another big boot but Hitamashii ducks, pulling down the top rope and Vinnie crotches himself

Adams:OUCH!. That...that is not pleasant...

Simone: Doesn't matter how big you are...that is an equaliser....

Adams: How would you know?

Simone: Everyone knows I have bigger balls than you....

Hitamashii grabs the top rope and moves it up and down over and over as Vinnie yells in pain as Hitamashii is mean to Vinnie's Senor's. Vinnie is able to get off the rope and holds his nether regions as Hitamashii grabs his arm and sets him up for the Foreore's Wind knee, but as he spins Vinnie around to hit it Vinnie throws his head forward with a headbutt connecting with the side of Hitamashii, he goes down and locks in he rings of the mariachi!. Hitamashii is in the center of the ring and can't get his legs to the ropes, he realises the peril he's in and verbally submits.


Justin: Here is your winner via submission, Senor Vinnie!

Simone: Vinnie has made Hitamashii tap out!

Adams: That's gonna give him a lot of momentum going in to this Blast From The Past tournament.

Pussy Willow can be seen with Sam Marlowe who has her Bombshell Roulette title over her shoulder. The two women have smiles on their faces as Pussy begins to speak.

Pussy Willow: I am here with Sam Marlowe, the current Bombshell Roulette champion. Tonight Sam you face Trinity Jones in a title match. What are your thoughts?

Sam takes a slow breath then nods.

Sam Marlowe: My thoughts Pussy is that tonight I am getting in the ring with someone that has something to prove and she is going to try and do that by taking my title. And as much as I have respect for Trinity, I have to apologize to her because there isn't any way to take this title from me if I don't want to lose it. And Pussy, I definitely don't want to lose it tonight.

Pussy Willow: I am sure but you do have to realize that Trinity has gotten better in the ring.

Sam Marlowe: Agreed, from what I have seen, she is taking it to the next level. And good for her because you need to take it to the next level when you are going to challenge for a title. It is what I did when I first got my title shots. Now I am the champion that will have to face this challenge. But when she takes it to the next level, it just means that I have to take it that much higher.

Pussy Willow: Agreed. I have seen you preparing for tonight and I must say you are taking this challenge seriously.

Sam Marlowe: Of course I am taking it seriously. I respect the heck out of Trinity and I know that when push comes to shove, I am going to have to be serious to keep my title.

Before Pussy can say anything else, a tech arrives and tells Sam it is soon time for the wheel spin.

Sam Marlowe: Thanks, I am coming. And thank you Pussy for the interview. I just want to say one last thing...Good luck to Trinity tonight. Way I am feeling, she is going to need it.

Sam moves off leaving Pussy standing by the logo of the show as the view goes to the announcer's table and Belinda Simone.

Simone: What confidence from our Bombshell Roulette champion. Trinity tonight is facing someone that is sounding very confident.

Adams: I can't wait for that match. And speaking of matches...

The fans start to cheer as the camera pans the crowd.

The camera fades out to the night sky above a massive forest...

A crescent moon where dim clouds slowly drift across the sky, partially blotting the nightly beacon out...

An owl watches from its perch high in the trees, its head twitching as it gazed down into the middle of the forest, in a clearing...

Voice: Please! You can not do this!

Voice: Oh? And why is that?

Down in the clearing, a young man, dark in a gothic beauty and bearing black, silken attire, walked slowly around the clearing in a circular pattern, bearing a calm, stoic veneer. He was talking to an older man, who clothed in Puritan attire. The older man's face was a mask of cold flop sweat and small wonder why; he was standing atop a mound of green wood and he himself tied to a stake that had been driven deeply into the ground. The old man struggled, but was clearly going nowhere while his eyes pleaded with his captor.

Old man: Because, it is not right! It is not the way of the Lord!

The young man stopped in his pacing and stared at the old man with wonder in his eyes.

Young man: Is it not? Then why, I wonder, was it the way of your Lord when you did it to so many others that your hunter falsely accused? Bridget Bishop? Sarah Goode? John Proctor?

His face and tone darkened.

Young man: ... Abigail Williams?

The old man shook his head, the tears flowing and his bottom lip quivering.

Young man: And why? Just so that you might claim their land for your own.

He shook his head in faux dismay.

Young man: Where was your God then?

Old man: No... please....

Young man: You will have to forgive me. I would love to stick around and engage in your theological chat.

He held up a blazing torch and tossed it onto the base of the wood pile, immediately igniting it. As the old man screamed in agony, the young man turned and casually walked away...

Young man: But I am afraid I am on a bit of a tight schedule.

And he seemingly vanished into the night as high above in the tree, the owl watched, the fire reflecting off of its amber eyes.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Ms. Rocky Mountains stands next to the roulette wheel with champion Sam Marlowe and challenger Trinity Jones.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: It's time to spin the wheel and see what match you two will be involved in here tonight at Blaze Of Glory VII. Tonight's match will be...

She spins the wheel as the champion and challenger watch the wheel slowly stop.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: A backstage brawl. Good luck ladies.

Before Sam can let the news sink in, Trinity quickly attacks her from behind, sending Ms. Rocky Mountains fleeing. Trinity grabs Sam by the head and throws her in to the roulette wheel.

Adams: Hey! We need that for later!

Drew Patton runs on to the scene as the bell rings.


Trinity grabs Sam by the head and whips her in to a wall, before grabbing her head and pulling it backwards. Before Trinity can slam Sam's head in to the wall, Sam cuts her off with an elbow to the gut and throws Trinity in to the wall. Trinity stumbles along the wall towards a drinks machine and Sam follows her, grabbing her by the head and throwing The Dragon roughly in to the machine, causing cans of drinks to fly from the machine. Trinity drops to her knees and reaches for a can before Sam moves in. Trinity opens the can and sprays it in Sam's face, catching her off guard. Trinity rises to her feet and slams the can in to Sam's head, knocking her to the floor. Trinity leans over Sam and starts to hit the can in to her head, landing blow after blow in to her face.

Simone: There's been an odd vicious side to Trinity since her alliance with Tony Thorn.

Adams: I agree with that.

Trinity picks Sam up to her feet and throws her face first in to the drinks machine and grabs her head from behind, wrapping her arms around her face and dropping her with a sleeper drop.

Adams: Well I'll be jiggered, a wrestling move in a backstage brawl.

Trinity pulls herself on top of Sam and hooks the leg as Drew drops down to count!



Sam forces her shoulder up.

Simone: Too early to pick up a pin fall here.

Adams: Unless someone is already bored and wants to go down the pub.

Trinity glares at Drew as the referee backs off and pulls Sam to her feet. She whips Sam towards and electrical box but Sam jumps up on the electrical box, turns around quickly, and leaps off the box, taking Trinity over with a flying head scissors and sending Trinity flying towards the catering area. Various members of the SCW staff scatter out of the way as Sam picks Trinity up and catches her with a short, sharp jab to the head and throws Trinity head first in to a tall iron coffee dispenser. Trinity stumbles backwards and Sam grabs her head, throwing her across the catering table, sending food everywhere.

Adams: Hello, is this Dominos? We need a lot of pi

a cause the catering table has gone ca-put!

Sam grabs a nearby cake and lifts it up, slamming it in Trinity's face.

Simone: Trinity gave Sam a drink, Sam gave Trinity some cake, fair exchange.

Sam stands up on the table, pulling Trinity up with her and hooks her head up. Sam lifts Trinity up and crashes her through the table with an implant DDT, the weight of the two women breaking through the table.

Adams: Hello? Is this acme table co?

Sam rolls on top of Trinity and hooks the leg and Drew drops down to count!



Trinity kicks out through the rubble.

Simone: Trinity not staying down.

Sam gets to her feet and lifts Trinity with her and grabs her head. Sam jumps up and lifts her over with a monkey flips, but Trinity lands on her feet. As Sam gets up and turns around, Trinity hooks her in a belly to belly and lifts her over her head, crashing her in to a door. Trinity stands up, wiping food off her face and pulls Sam with her, slamming her head in to the door and throwing her through in to a locker room. Trinity grabs Sam by the red hair and charges her face first in to the metal lockers. Trinity takes Sam by the head and runs her face along the wooden benches in the room.

Adams: Oh no, splinters be evil!

Trinity picks Sam up and stands her in front of the bench before lifting her over with a snap suplex, crashing her on to the wooden bench. Trinity lifts Sam on to the bench, standing up and catching her with a quick shot to the jaw and hooks her up. Trinity jumps off the bench and crashes Sam to the floor with a sit out fisherman's buster.

Simone: Signed by Trinity off a bench!

Trinity keeps Sam's shoulders down and Drew drops down to count!



Sam just gets her shoulder up!

Simone: We were so close to having a brand new Bombshell Roulette Champion there!

Trinity looks frustrated as she grabs Sam and throws her roughly through the door. Trinity lays a heavy shot to her face and Sam stumbles down the hallway to the make up area. Trinity shoulder drives Sam back first in to the make up table. Trinity steps backwards and charges at Sam but Sam lifts her up in the air with a flapjack, and Trinity bounces face first hard off the table!

Adams: Lucky she never went through that mirror or it would have been seven years of bad luck.... Probably because that's how long it would have taken for those scars to heal.

Simone: Janet will be pissed!

Sam rams Trinity's head in to the table, causing make up powder to fly everywhere. Sam grabs Trinity and takes her to the end of the table before pulling her along the table, sending make up everywhere. Sam gets her to the end of the table and hold her over the end. Sam pulls Trinity to the edge, just her feet hanging over and drops Trinity down with a dangerous DDT!

Adams: Brain jarring move.

Sam looks down at Trinity and climbs back on the make up table. She turns her back toward Trinity and drops down and flips over and crashes on to Trinity with a split legged moonsault!

Simone: I'm not sure how Sam got around in time, that desk isn't too high.

Sam hooks Trinity's leg and Drew drops down to count!



Trinity just about kicks out!

Adams: Wow, that was close!

Sam gets up and grabs Trinity by the head and throws her down the hallway and in to the gorilla position, various people stand around looking towards the action. Sam picks up Trinity and lifts her up for a scoop slam but Trinity slides over the top of Sam. As Sam turns around, Trinity nails her in the face with a superkick!

Simone: Teeth collection!

Sam drops to the floor and Trinity motions for the belt around her waist. She pulls Sam roughly to her feet and pulls her in to a powerbomb position.

Adams: Trinity could be looking for the Lava Floor.

Before Trinity can lift Sam up, Sam lifts Trinity over with a backbody drop! Trinity quickly gets back to her feet, holding her back but Sam moves in behind and wraps her hands around Trinity's face and jumps up, pulling her down with a double knee backbreaker! Sam looks around and sees the steps leading up towards the entrance ramp and moves towards them. She starts to climb the steps and looks at the safety rail. Sam looks down on Trinity.

Simone: That rail does not look safe.

Sam quickly leaps off with a shooting star press!

Adams: Sammisault!

Simone: I've never seen anyone do that from there!

Sam stays on top and Drew drops down to count!





Justin: The winner of the match and STILL SCW Bombshell Roulette champion.... Samantha Marlowe!

Simone: What a fight!

Adams: I've never seen a match end with a move from there. It goes to prove SCW will do the unexpected.

Simone: I think that's a performance Trinity can be proud of. Her time will come again.

Sam Marlowe can be seen walking backstage, the Bombshell Roulette title clutched to her chest as she is looked at by medical staff on her way to the locker room. She is approached by a concerned Pussy Willow.

Sam Marlowe: Hey Pussy, before you say it, I feel worse thank I look, I swear.

Pussy Willow: After that match you had with Trinity, I am surprised you aren't on a stretcher. What a brawl you two had.

Sam Marlowe: Yeah, I think I am a little punch drunk but I couldn't let her get the better of me. But my goodness, she hits hard!

Pussy Willow: There were moments there when I thought she had you down and out and you kept getting up. Do you think that worked in your favor or no?

Sam Marlowe: As everyone knows, I have a never say quit attitude when it comes to this title...

Sam stops and waves off medical with a grin before she shoulders the title belt with only the slightest whimper of pain.

Sam Marlowe: But credit where credit is due Pussy, Trinity put up a good fight and I have to give her props on bringing her A plus game to the match tonight. And I get that she deserved it and will honestly say that if she wants another shot at the title, she knows where to find me. She will know where to find me because I need a shower, a couple of pain relievers and a nice quiet night in front of a big screen with Netflix. Have you seen the Last Kingdom...oh my goodness, that Uhtred is sooo good looking.

Sam moves off speaking with Pussy, her free arm over the shoulder of the interviewer as her other holds the title tightly. At ringside, Belinda can be seen beside Jason.

Simone: Congratulations to Sam Marlowe for retaining the Bombshell roulette title. I wonder who on our bombshell roster will be challenging for that title?

Adams: Whoever it is, they are going to have a tough fight on their hands if they want to take Sam's title.

Liam: This next match is set for one fall and is for the Underground Championship!

The lights go down as the whirring sounds begin to rise. The drums kick in and red lights pulse to them. They get louder as the fourth set kicks in and the curtains flip to the side. Angel of Filth comes crawling through them with her black wings fluttering behind her, covered in a black substance.

Liam: On her way to the ring, the challenger, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 5'4" and weighing in at 127lb, she is "The Seraph of Sleaze"... Angel of Filth!!!

Her eyes glow white as the lights switch between black and red. She glares down at the ring as she rises to her feet, throwing her wings out to the side as they amast. She waves them slowly as she prances down the ramp to the beat of the music. She stops half way and looks from side to side. She has a sickening smile on her face as black oozes from her mouth and she laughs. She enters the ring and climbs up the first of six turnbuckles. She throws her wings out as the fans boo her. She then drops down and goes to the other corner, doing the same. Once at the far end of the ring, she sheds her wings and kicks them to the outside as she rubs her hands together.

Liam: And her opponent...

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superfical" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Liam: On her way to the ring from The Hamptons, NY, standing at 5'9" and weighing in at 125lb, she is the Underground Champion... "The Trillion Dollar Princess"... Angel Kash!!!

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.


Filth and Kash charged at each other, Filth quickly picks up Kash and drops her with a body slam. Kash tries to get up but Filth kicks her back down as she laughs.

Filth steps away as she continues to laugh at the champion. Kash gets up, Filth rushes in but gets slapped in the face. Filth stops the laughing as she goes to grab Kash but gets kicked in the gut then slapped in the face again.

Kash now laughs at Filth but that doesn't last long as Filth grabs Kash by her hair and slams her to the mat. Filth lifts Kash's head and then slams it again. Filth lets go of Kash and runs the ropes, she runs at Kash and knees her in the face as the champ tried getting up.

Filth goes for the cover.



Kash kicks up and does a kip up to get to her feet. Filth charges in and spears ash to the mat. Filth gets up and starts laughing again as she takes her time getting on the top turnbuckle.

Kash gets to her feet and runs at Filth, pushing her off the turnbuckle. Filth hits the outside floor hard. Kash starts laughing as she begins to taunt the crowd. Angel goes outside the ring and kicks Filth in the back of the head then goes to grab her title.

Kash slides in the ring holding her title as the crowd boo her as loud as they can. The ref turns to Angel and tries to get the title away from her. Melissa and Chanelle run down to ringside and grabs Filth. They lift her up and hit a powerbomb to the apron. hand Melissa then grabs Filth and sends her to Chanelle who drops her with a Spinebuster!

The crowd starts cheering as Le Coven run to ringside. Jenifer grabs Chanelle and hits lefts and rights as Apathy and Celeste attack Melissa Ruin. The ref turns around and sees the chaos as Debbi Ruin and Stacy Ruin run down to help their younger sister.

More cheer as Kash slides out the ring and grabs Filth to throw in back in the ring. Casy Williams and his security team rush in to break up the brawl between the women as Angel Kash gets on top of Angel of Filth for the cover.





Liam: Your winner of this match...

Angel Kash grabs the microphone from Liam then slides back in the ring.

Angel: Like I said, I win at all cost. I am your Underground Champion rather you like it or not. Nothing is going to change that! Security! Unhand Melissa and Chanelle, they are with me. The rest you can take away from here!

Melissa and Chanelle slide I the ring as Security walks out with the other Ruin's and La Coven.

Angel: Nobility is SCU, I told Jenifer and her witches. I told you all, the three of us run this company!

The crowd pops as Shelby and Ivory jump the barricade and slide in the ring. They hit Melissa and Chanelle with one kendo stick to the back of the head dropping them both. Angel Kash turns around and gets double teamed by the Hardcore tag team champions.

They keep the double team going as Shannon runs down with her contact. She hands it over to the ref. He looks at it then goes to Liam.

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen. Shannon Middlebrooks is cashing in her open contract to take on any champion at any time!!!

Shannon picks up a ragdoll Angel Kash and lifts her up dropping her with the Roll Tide Roll (Gutwrench Flatliner) Shannon goes for the cover.





Liam: Your winner....

Shelby takes the microphone

Shelby: The one, the only, Shannon Middlebrooks!!!

Shelby hands Shannon the microphone.

Shannon: Two can play your dirty games, Angel. A new era begins, Nobility will learn that it has always been and always will be about the New Foundation!

Casey and his security team finally arrive again to clear the ring. The New Foundation stand in the middle of the ring with holding the Hardcore Tag Team Titles and Underground Title.

The camera cuts backstage to where Pussy Willow stands with a microphone in hand.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page.

The women of London Underground step on to the camera, Charlotte dressed for her match a little later tonight, and Mackenzie dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt.

Pussy Willow: Tonight Charlotte, your trilogy of matches end with Winter Elemental, so far, you're two win and zero losses, are you confident you will make it three?

Charlotte: More than confident, it will be a whitewash by the end of this night. Winter's seen what I can do, she's felt what I can do, I've beat the girl up and down the ring in SCU and now I'm gonna do it again in SCW, at Blaze Of Glory VII, one of the biggest shows on the Sin City Wrestling calendar. I'm sure Winter is sitting there thinking her luck is gonna change, that this is her night on the big stage, the one where she can sit and take the limelight, but she'll be back in SCU with her tail between her legs and a shit load of pain by the time I'm done with her.

Pussy Willow: Mackenzie, you've signed up for the Blast From The Past tournament. Any thought's on potential partners?

Mackenzie: None at all, I don't care whose arse I gotta carry through this thing. I'm not even sure I want the title shot, I just wanna kick the shit out of people. Can we get out of here? Sooner we're out of this place, the better.

Charlotte nods as she and Mackenzie abruptly walks away.

The camera focuses on the commentary team of Belinda Simone and Jason Adams.

Simone: It's been a great night so far here in the arena, but there's a party going on back in Las Vegas at the sports bar owned by Daniel J Morgan. Tonight Daniel has a guest host to host this party, ladies and gentlemen, lets check in with none other than Ben Jordan.

The screen lights up to see Ben Jordan's face on the screen, behind him is a cheering crowd of people. Ben waits for them to settle down before raising a microphone in his hand.

Ben: Alright people.

A cheer comes from the crowd behind Ben and in the arena.

Adams: How's it going Ben?

Ben: Pretty good mate, how's things back over there?

Adams: Noisy, really, really noisy.

Simone: So Ben, it's been a while since you've been seen on SCW screens, even Sierra Williams mentioned your disappearance the past week, what's been going on?

Ben: It's fairly simple, I signed a new deal with SCW at the start of the year on the condition that both Christian and Mark were happy with my health. Everyone knows about me health problems over the last year or so, everyone knows I've worked a lot less because of it. I signed that contract before a check up and although I was doing well, it wasn't well enough for the staff here, so I haven't been used.

The crowd behind Ben boo, and Ben turns around to look at them.

Ben: Can't boo them too much, the fact is, it was pretty smart of them to sign me to that contract. They didn't suspend it, they didn't send me aris to the job centre, they held me to the contract, so I couldn't show up in SCU, or work elsewhere, they paid me to rest up and tackle things properly, which I have done.

Adams: So do you have an update on your health.

Ben: I do actually, I'm one hundred and ten percent back to normal, no health issues at all.

Ben smiles widely as the crowd in the arena and behind him cheer.

Simone: That's incredible news, how does that now effect your future in SCW?

Ben: Well I am back in the gym, the missus is taking me on daily runs around the lake, which is bloody far, and I'll be on the tour back home and hopefully be on the Supercard that just so happens to be on my birthday, in my hometown. I'll be ready and raring to go.

Adams: That's great news Ben. I'm sure you've been missed.

Ben: Probably mostly by Salco cause she's still trying to get heat using my name.

Ben smiles again.

Ben: But I'm looking forward to getting in the ring again in the future and maybe taking Fenris up on his offer of a match in the near future, ya never know ya luck.

Simone: Well Ben, thank you for joining us, we'll let you get back to the party and we'll look forward to seeing you in an SCW ring soon.

Ben: Cheers people, have a good night.

Ben jets a thumb in the air as the screen cuts elsewhere.

Justin: The following contest at Blaze of Glory VII is scheduled for one fall to a finish! Your referee, senior official Jasmine St. John!

The crowd applauds as Jasmine steps foot inside of the ring.

Justin: Making his way to the ring...

Before Justin could finish his announcement, he is distracted by the commotion that's coming from the top of the stage. Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying "Do you wanna get rocked?" The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans instantly burst in to cheers as Def Leppards "Let's Get Rocked" blasts through the speakers. Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign, a microphone in the other. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! Alex quickly brings the microphone up to his lips as the fans drown him in cheers as his theme music slowly dies down. Alex looks at Justin.

Alex: Boss said you're fired and I get to do this now.

Justin looks shocked but Alex grins and waves towards Justin.

Alex: I kid, I kid, I'm just here because I either got lost looking for the karzies, or I got something to do here.

Alex pauses, rubbing his beard.

Alex: That's it, I got something to do. I got an introduction to do far this rack of beef I call me old mucker, me ol' mate, the bloke who pretty much lived in a gym and a tattoo place for a few years. He's the bloke who got more muscles than the sea and a pretty decent beard. He's got everything, he got brains, beauty if ya squint your eyes a bit. He'd got enough to fill Godzilla's sock.... I'm implying he's got a massive.... Nah, can't say that, might be kids out there.

Alex chuckles to himself.

Alex: So welcome to the ring, where he's gonna do his thing.... Ummm, ding a ling a ling, the man who's more frightning than lightning, thunder from Australia.... Wait, that's wrong, from down under! That's it, he is...

Alex stops, his mouth open, lost for words. He casually moves his hand, looking at his palm.

Alex: Can't read me own writing.

Alex looks at his hand a little closer and grins.

Alex: That's it! Kale Smith!

Alex right hand sweeps towards the black curtains and instantly Grinspoon's "Lost Control" rings through the speaker system. The lights just to flicker shades of green as out races Kale Smith from behind the thick black curtain. The Australian wastes no time in making a mad dash towards his best friend where he scoops Alex Rush up for a big bear hug, shaking him from side to side. Putting Alex back down on his feet, Kale takes a moment to look out into the SCW audience where he soaks it all in. Running his hands through his long untamed hair, he lets out a roaring like cheer before he makes a dash towards the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope before leaping up to his feet to get ready for his impending match. Alex makes his way to ringside, cheering on his buddy.

Adams: I've heard of physical transformations but BLOODY HELL! Kale should send Wheaties a fruit basket or something!

Simone: The man has worked himself into overtime, recovering from an injury that put his in-ring career on hold and it shows!

Adams: Bel, wipe your chin.

Simone: Shut. Up!

Justin: And his opponent...!

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing across the arena before Caleb comes out head banging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: Introducing, from Syracuse, New York and weighing in at 220ibs, he is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for the match to start.

Simone: Caleb recently had the match of his career, taking the fight to none other than reigning World Champion Fenris!

Adams: I think he surprised himself more than anyone else with the fight he put up -- and signing up for the Blast From the Past to do it again?

Simone: Give Caleb credit. He already proved he has what it takes to hold singles gold once. He can do so again!

Jasmine finishes checking both men but before they can kick things off, Kale immediately offers his hand to Caleb who seems a mite surprised, but accepts none the less.

Adams: Kale was always the good sort in the ring. trusting and a good sportsman!

Simone: Given the nature of some of this lot, I have to wonder if that will cost him eventually.

And the bell rings!


The two wrestlers emerge from their corners and circle one another, Caleb a bundle of energy and Kale looking excited for his return. They lock up and Kale's new found strength is highlighted as he shoves Caleb back, causing him to fall head over heels!

Adams: Woooow!

Kale smiles as Caleb slowly rises, a smile of his own and they circle again before locking up and Caleb immediately grabs Kale into a side headlock. Kale wastes little time firing him off into the ropes and they collide in a shoulder tackle, Kale sending Caleb crashing down again!

Simone: Not sure how wise it is to try to take on Kale in such close quarters like this.

Kale pulls the surprised Caleb up to his feet and lands a stinging chop that reverberates across the entire building! Caleb falls back into the ropes, holding his chest with his face bearing the sign of the stinging pain. Kale then pulls him off the ropes and sends him staggering with a stiff forearm to the side of the head. Kale sends him into the ropes but Caleb hangs on, stopping the momentum. Kale then charges him but Caleb drops down, pulling the top rope down and Kale goes tumbling over!

Simone: Kale's time away and excitement on returning could prove hazardous just as it did now.

Adams: But Kale landed on his feet!

Indeed he did and as Caleb darts into the ropes, Kale climbs back up onto the apron -- only for Caleb to connect with a dropkick that sends him back down! Caleb performs a back flip for show, then sails through the ropes and crashes right into Kale, knocking him into the barricade!

Adams: **sings** He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...!

Caleb wastes no time as he grabs Kale and rolls him back inside of the ring. Caleb bounds up onto the apron and catapults himself back inside with a slingshot cannonball senton on top of Kale! Caleb covers him and hooks the inside leg!



Kale kicks out!

Simone: Kale is not about to lose his big return so easily.

Caleb is right back up and in the blink of an eye, is standing on the top turnbuckle of the near corner!

Adams: When the hell did he get up there!?

Simone: You must have blinked!

Kale returns to his feet and Caleb connects with a missile dropkick that sends his opponent tumbling back outside of the ring! Caleb races into the ropes...!

Adams: Again!!?

And Caleb flies up and OVER the top rope with a corkscrew plancha, laying Kale out on the ringside floor! Caleb jumps to his feet and soaks in the roaring cheers of the crowd! He then grabs Kale, bringing him to his feet and rolling him back inside. Caleb follows inside, then grabs Kale as he slowly stands, into a guillotine choke, wrapping his legs around his waist and holding him in a front face lock!

Simone: This is one time it might be smart for Caleb to get up close with the larger opponent. If Kale can't breathe, he can't defend himself.

Jasmine checks on Kale who slowly sinks to one knee as Caleb puts his all into the hold, but then Kale starts to stand again...

Adams: You were saying?

Kale then grabs Caleb and pries him loose, lifting him up high in position for a vertical suplex and drops him with a jackhammer!

Adams: Daaaamn!

Simone: We are seeing the benefits of Kale's metamorphosis!

Adams: he's showing he's strong now too!

Simone: .....

Kale drags Caleb to his feet and sends him into the corner with such impact that Caleb staggers back out and Kale runs in with a dropkick! This move ricochets Storms out of the corner and Kale wipes him out with a discus clothesline! Kale covers Caleb for the win!



Caleb arches his back, taking his shoulders up off of the mat!

Simone: A unique way to escape the pin!

Adams: Caleb isn't finished yet.

Kale wraps an arm around Caleb's head and neck from behind, pulls him to his feet and on the outside, Alex makes the 'whirly bird' sign and Kale starts to spin around on his feet! The momentum takes Caleb off of his own feet as he is being spun around until Kale lets go and Caleb spins around like atop and lands hard! Kale then steps through the ropes and looks out to the fans who cheer him on, supporting both he as well as his high flying opponent!

Adams: Now what's he doing?

Kale grabs the top ropes and launches himself onto the top rope and flies off with a springboard 450 splash!

Adams: What the hell!?

Simone: From a man that size!!!

Kale with the cover!



THR-Kick out by Caleb!

Simone: Close but still not enough to put Caleb away!

Adams: Even Alex looks surprised by Kale pulling off that move!

Simone: Alex Rush looks surprised when he gets a Ziploc bag right the first time!

Kale looks to Jasmine but she reiterates that it was only a two count. Kale then hoists Caleb back to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. Kale then makes the attempt for a wheelbarrow face buster but Caleb holds on and plants Kale with a bulldog!

Adams: from out of nowhere that one!

Caleb quickly strands over Kale, hooks his feet under his arms and rolls him back and over into a Backlund cradle with a bridge!



Kale gets a shoulder up!

Caleb recovers as Kale starts to stand -- and Caleb nails him full on with a super kick! Kale stagers back, seemingly out on his feet -- and Caleb lands a second super kick!

Simone: But still not down!

Caleb mounts the middle turnbuckle in the near corner and JUMPS -- only for Kale to catch him in a fireman's carry and throws him over his shoulders into a back breaker! Kale with the cover!



Caleb gets his shoulder up!

Kale drags him to his feet and shoots him off into the ropes, scooping him up but Caleb turns whatever he has planned into a tilt a whirl DDT! Caleb falls over Kale's sternum for the pin!



THR-Kale gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Both men are down and exhausted with this momentum!

Jasmine checks first Kale, then Caleb, and opts to begin a count against both men...!







Caleb starts to stir and rise...



And Kale stands as well! Caleb goes for a forearm shot but Kale blocks it and sends him stumbling back into the ropes with a forearm shot of his own! Kale moves in and Caleb jumps and hits a standing Enzugari!

Adams: Shots like that will knock Kale silly!

Simone: I'm not altogether certain whether we'll notice the difference or not.

Caleb goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Kale holds on and reverses it! Kale swings for a second discus lariat but Caleb ducks under the blow, rebounds and jumps...!

Adams: Spear!

Caleb with the cover!




Caleb move as quickly as he can up the corner, facing the crowd.

Simone: What has that daring young man got planned this time?

Caleb answers this with a backwards leap into a moonsault -- Kale rolls out of the way and Caleb lands on his feet! Kale stands up and Caleb leaps onto him with a Code Breaker! Caleb signals to the crowd and they cheer as he again goes to the outside to mount the top turnbuckle! Kale slowly rises to his feet, not seeing his opponent as Alex calls out a warning! Kale turns around and Caleb jumps for a Hurricanrana -- only for Kale to catch him and drive him down to the mat with a powerbomb!

Adams: HOLY-

Simone: Language!

Kale holds on and dead lifts Caleb up and drops him with a second powerbomb! Kale then scoops Caleb up and sets him up for a cliffhanger slam...

Adams: Toss My Salad!

Simone: Not on your li-oh!

Kale with the cover!





Justin: Here is your winner -- Kale Smith!

The crowd cheers as Alex joins Kale in the ring and he and Jasmine raise the man's arms in victory!

Simone: Kale Smith is back!

Kale then helps Caleb to his feet and the big man embraces the high flyer in gratitude for the match!

The scene switches from ringside to backstage to see a lively Alex Rush and Kale Smith celebrating Kale's victorious return to Sin City Wrestling. Alex has two jugs of Guinness in hand as he chugs away at the thick black liquid while Kale slaps his hand against the walls, making a holy hell of a racket. As the two party past people, Alex offers one of the staff his empty jug while scruffing up his hair, while Kale just tackles everyone with bear hugs while shouting at them.

Kale: Winner, Winner, Chicken fucking dinner!!!

Kale let's go of the backstage crew before they both round the nearest corner and that is where he stops dead in his tracks. The camera quickly changes angle to see that Mackenzie and Charlotte are making their way towards them as Charlotte's match is up next. Alex has missed the cue and instead of stopping behind Kale, he smacks right into the back of him almost spilling his Guinness.

Alex: Alright, who parked their mountain here?

Kale doesn't reply to Alex's joke he just fixes up his brown leather sleeveless jacket before he runs his fingers through his messy hair. Taking a bold step forward, Alex can now see what is going to unfold. He goes to warn Kale against it, but decides that it would just be best to see how this unfolds.

Kale: Charlotte...

Kale whispers to himself and doesn't wait for the girls to notice him. He just makes his way towards the girls, a beaming smile on his face as he opens his arms looking to come crashing in with a hug, but as he takes his final steps towards Charlotte she instinctively reaches out and grabs onto Kale's hand twisting it violently bringing the big beef brisket to his knees in pain.

Kale: Ouchie!!! OUCHIE!!!!

Charlotte just smirks down towards him before she applies a little more pressure, causing Kale to tap his free hand on the floor.

Kale: I... I...

Mackenzie can't help but let out a chuckle before she claps her right hand on the back of Charlotte's shoulder.

Mackenzie: and hopefully your match will be this easy, so we can get the hell out of this dump.

She says with a smile, as Charlotte let's go of Kale's arm before stepping past him and moving away from him.

Charlotte: I shoulda made him cry uncle.

Kale just looks back at the ladies, while he clutches onto his sore arm while Alex slides in to check on his best friend.

Alex: Well that went amazingly...

He hides his chuckle as best as he can.

Alex: She really digs you man, you know treat em' mean... keep em' keen...

Kale: you really think so?

Alex: Umm... Totally?

Kale doesn't stay down and sulking for long as he springs back up to his feet, lifting Alex up with him before the two rush off to cause a stir backstage and celebrate Kale's return.

SCW are heading to the UK and Ireland! Join us at these locations!


24th - Climax Control 231 - Dublin, Ireland - Richmond Park
31st - Climax Control 232 - Belfast, Ireland - SSE Arena


7th - Climax Control 233 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh International Climbing Arena
14th - Climax Control 234 - Cardifff, Wales - Motorpoint Arena
21st - Climax Control 235 - Manchester, England - F.C. United of Manchester


5th - LONDON BRAWLING II - London, England - The SSE Arena, Wembley

Tickets are on sale now!

Justin: This next match is a submission match!!!

The lights in the arena dim slightly as the distinct opening chords of Imagine Dragons "I'm So Sorry" starts to play over the speaker. The drumbeat kicks in as every eye in the area looks towards the entrance ramp. Images of London flashes on the main screen, along with the members of London Underground. The fans boo as Charlotte Elliot walks on to the ramp.

Justin: One her way down to the ring weighing in at one hundred and forty pounds, from Bethnal Green, East London, England, she is a member of London Underground... please welcome Charlotte Elliot!!!

The Charlotte stands calmly, she looks around the crowd as focused, emotionless. Charlotte takes a few seconds then slowly starts to walk down the ramp, mostly ignoring the fans as she moves along. Charlotte gets to the ring, a picture of calmness on her face as she looks up at the ring and starts to walk up the steps. She lifts her nearest leg to the ropes and steps in the ring, ducking her body and moving into the ring. She moves towards the turnbuckle and slowly climbs to the top ropes and looks around the crowd, unaffected by their boos.

Broken Dreams by Shaman's Harvest cuts off I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons. The crowd pop as Charlotte jumps off of the ring ropes and turn to face the ramp not pleased with getting cut off by her Winter.

Justin: And her opponent...

The beat kicks in as we all wait for Winter to come out the curtains. A bigger pop is heard at one side of the arena. Charlotte turns to her left as does the camera. We see Winter walking through the crowd making her way to ringside.

Justin: On the way to the ring, she is from the all the snowy mountains of Canada!!! Kawaii Dragon member... Winter Elemental!!!

Winter hops over the barricade as she stares down Charlotte. Charlotte waves for Winter to get in the ring but Winter just gives her the middle finger as she milks her time by walking around ringside forcing everyone to listen to her theme song. Winter stomps each ring step in a dramatic form. Winter gives Charlotte the finger again then turns to look at the crowd.

Charlotte puts her arms over the ropes and grabs Winter by the waist to hit a German Suplex. Winter manages to land on her feet inside the ring as the ref gets between them. Justin quickly leaves the ring to get out of harm's way...


Gena: Winter runs at Charlotte who starts laying in legal open strike to her. Winter gets her hands up to block but Charlotte grabs her from the side and hits a sidewalk slam.

Simone: Winter does a kip up to get back to her feet, but gets kicks in the gut by Charlotte. Charlotte grabs Winter and locks in a wristlock!

Gena: Winter goes for an elbow but Charlotte grabs her other arm and puts her left foot on Winter's back!

Simone: Charlotte drops her leg as she goes and turns this into a Crossface chicken wing...

Gena: Winter tries to pry herself free but not his time as Charlotte locks it in. Last time they faced off Winter was able to pry out of the move with ease.

Simone: Winter leans back forcing Charlotte in her back. Winter bends over allowing her leg to hit the ropes forcing the break! Both women get to there feet. Winter gives Charlotte the finger!

Gena: Charlotte charges Winter but Winter nails a superkick! Charlotte tilts her head as the kick had no effect. Winter nails another superkick! Charlotte shakes her head no to Winter.

Simone: It's like she is just upsetting Charlotte not hurting her! Winter goes for a Pele kick but Charlotte counters it by grabbing on to Winters' ankle. Charlotte gets both hands on her ankle and goes to lock in her Charlie Horse! (Grapevine Ankle Lock)

Gena: Charlotte lets go of the ankle then nails a clothesline from behind! Winter gets up and it met with a European uppercut instead!

Gena: Winter takes a few steps back after that hard shot from Charlotte. Charlotte wasted no time and charges at Winter with a flying forearm smash knocking Winter to the mat. Charlotte jumps on the turnbuckle as Winter slowly gets up to her feet. Charlotte jumps off going for her Diving double axe handle!

Simone: Winter sidesteps out the way and grabs Charlotte from the side... The Blasted Slam!!! (Olympic Slam) Winter slides in for a headlock! Charlotte, however, lifts the petite Winter and drops her with a backdrop.

Gena: Great counter from Charlotte. Winter gets on all fours, Charlotte grabs the back of her head to get her on her feet. Winter turns around and sprays Charlotte in the face with Kawaii Mist! (White Mist)

Simone: Winter hits another superkick, Charlotte goes down! Winter grabs her arm and places it between her legs as she puts Charlotte in the Winter Lock! (Crippler Crossface)

Gena: Winter has Charlotte in the middle of the ring! This could be the end! Winter holds on as tight as she can!

Simone: Charlotte says no as she is not going to tap out to Winter. Winter applies more pressure as Charlotte tries to pry herself free. Winter shakes her head yelling no as Charlotte powers out of the Winter Lock!

Gena: Winter lets go and starts to lay quick punches t the back of Charlotte's head as she tries to push Winter away. Winter gets to her feet and runs to the ropes as Charlotte gets to her feet. Winter goes for another Superkick but Charlotte counters with another Charlie Horse! (Grapevine Ankle Lock)

Simone: Winter tries to hop to the ropes but Charlotte twists her ankle forcing Winter to jump to the mat. Charlotte stands on her feet as she had the hold lock in perfectly!

Gena: Winter looks to be in pain but she turns her head to look at Charlotte. Winter yells thank you then gives her the finger! Charlotte applies more pressure. She going to break her ankle!


Simone: Winter taps out as she screams in pain!

Justin: Your winner of this match.... Charlotte Eliot!!!

Gena: Winter asked for this match and paid the price.

Simone: Charlotte lets go, she gets her hand raised as Winter is asking for a microphone.

Winter hopes the middle rope as she tries to add weight to her ankle

Winter: You win, your a great tag team wrestler and the better singles star tonight. Congrats, and thank you. All I wanted was a match at Blaze of Glory. You gave me that. I owe you about $15 grand on car damages. I have your money. Now help me to the back, first beer is all on.

Charlotte walks up to Winter.

Charlotte: All the beers are on you tonight. Let's go.

Charlotte helps Winter out the ring. Charlotte helps Winter up the wamp as the crowd cheers them both on.

We go backstage to see the new SCU Combat Champion Kelli Torres wearing a Blaze Of Glory shirt and black pants, she wears the combat title around her waist proudly as she stands next to SCU wrestler/SCW reporter Holly Wood. Holly Wood looks at the camera.

Holly Wood: So first, for those who decided to skip the pre-show. Shannon Middlebrooks put the Combat title on the line to the newest member of the company, Kelli Torres.

Holly Wood turns her attention to Kelli Torres.

Holly Wood: Kelli, you debut in a title match, you make Shannon go the distance and walked out as the new Combat Champion. How do you feel?

Kelli smiles at Holly Wood as she begins to respond to the question.

Kelli: I feel excited and honored but yet also a bit down. I plan on showing Everybody that I am a great fighter and a great champion. For me to do that I must make sure I have my opponent Bering well scouted but in order for me to have great matches my opponents need to know as much about me as well. Shannon was blindsided while I was well aware of this match ahead of time. This put her at a disadvantage and that made this match a bit unfair for her so I am looking for the opportunity for the two of us to have a rematch so that way it would be a fair game for all involved.

Holly Wood: That's mighty humble of you.

Kelli giggles as she places her hand on Holly Wood's left shoulder.

Kelli: Yes, humble is a great way of putting it. I am very humbled that I was given this opportunity.

Kelli lets go of Holly Wood, she looks at the camera and Holly Wood as she turns her head back and forth to address both.

Kelli: I look forward to proving to everybody that I am a great champion. Shannon, we will meet again soon, I know there are others in this company the should have had his opportunity before me. Jenifer is one who has made it clear she wants a chance at this title. Well, I am the champion that is looking forward to that match. Effie is one of the best all-round wrestlers in the company, she gives us MMA fighters a run for our money. I look forward to facing her. Winter know very skilled in Kung Fu so is Tatsu, I look forward to those battles. Le Coven, The Ruins, Nobility, New Foundation, Valentina, Denise Andrews, Kandy Kane, It will not matter. Tad Ezra or Donna Beauchamp can book me any time on any show. I will always be ready to give the crowd the best match they ever saw.

Holly Wood: You raised a lot of eyebrows in the back. I'm sure you also have many coming for you.

Kelli smiles at Holly Wood while also giving her a shrug.

Kelli: I like to think I have a bullseye on my back with or without the title. I would not have it any other way. For I am Kelli Torres, the new Combat Champion!!! I will show everyone what my supporters already know. I am more than just a model. I am a fighter, a warrior but a humble one.

Holly Wood: Well good luck, you're going to need it.

Kelli: Thank you Holly Wood. I look forward to all the challenges!

Kelli leans in to hug Holly Wood and says thank you one more time.

Kelli: Well, I'm off to watch the rest of the show and then celebrate!

The crowd in Anaheim is going crazy as Blaze of Glory has been an electric show.

Adams: I am loving this night so far.

Before Belinda could respond, gold lights start to flicker as the opening beat of "Hotel California" blares through the speakers. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves as Jason and Belinda are dumbfounded.

Simone: No, it can't be.

Adams: This night been crazy.

Just then Travis Nathaniel Andrews steps through the curtain wearing a custom made suit as the crowd immediately erupts into cheers. They continue to chant "TNA" and some even chant "Mr SCW."

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Travis Nathaniel Andrews.

Travis high fives multiple fans in the front row before leaping up onto the ring apron. He enters the ring and stands on the second turnbuckle. He pumps the crowd up before jumping back down. He walks over to Justin and takes his microphone. He smirks before standing in the center of the ring.

Travis: SIN CITY WRESTLING!!!!! How are you doing?

The crowd goes insane as Travis places a hand around his ear. He hypes the crowd up more while nodding his head.

Travis: You guys never disappoint me. It's so great being here at Blaze of Glory. Now, I was just going to be backstage and hang out with my nephew. However I heard two guys bad mouth each other all week long. Jon Dough and Joshua Acquin have been talking out their ass about getting overlooked. Now I don't know anything about you Dough. Quite frankly, I don't want to know. As for you Joshua, I felt the need to share my opinion on your ridiculous demand.

Travis pauses for a minute.

Travis: For those who didn't catch Joshua's promo for his match. He demanded to be added into the Hall of Fame. I'm not sure if he's been hit one too many times on the head but he has done nothing to be considered a hall of famer. Now I can't really say anything since I only have a Roulette title reign to my name. However this is one thing I am that Joshua Acquin will never be and that is Mister SCW. I know Josh won a match but let's be honest Joshua has never beat me. Not in any shape or form. Therefore, he can not be Mr. SCW.

The fans are chanting "SCW", "Travis for Hall of Fame" and "TNA".

Travis: These fans understand who I am and what I have done. I bet if my nephew and his friends were to come down to the ring then these people would go insane. Unfortunately, they are not here tonig.....

Before he could finish, Gamer Inc's theme song strikes up as the crowd erupts. Jimmy and Jack step through the curtain. They hype up the crowd more before sprinting down the ramp. Both men slide into the ring as Travis is all smiles. Jimmy takes the microphone from his uncle as he looks toward the camera.

Jimmy: Gamer Inc has been shown nothing but disrespect since the day we signed our contract. It's not from you fans or management. It's from certain individuals who think they worth more than they are in the long run. Team Eggplant complains of no competition but wants to compete in singles matches. They claim to have the best interest for the mixed tag division. I doubt they actually care. We care. Char Kwan cares. Gamer Inc will prove we can beat Team Eggplant. We just want a chance to prove it.

Travis smiles while taking control of the microphone.

Travis: SCW, what you got here are four hungry individuals. Gamer Inc will hold gold here and if you guys don't like it. Well, you can cry them a river, build a damn bridge and DEAL WITH IT.

The crowd joins Travis in saying his catchphrase as "Hotel California" starts playing again

Justin: The following contest is for one fall.... Introducing first...

Avril Lavigne's Bad Girl begins to fill the venue as the curtains part and Apple moves to the top of the ramp and stops as she takes in the fans who have risen to their feet. Matching her walk to the beat of the song, she moves towards the ring offering fake smiles to each side before getting to the ring.

Justin: Introducing from England, it is her ladyship, Apple Coren!

Apple climbs the turnbuckle and sits there to taunt the fans as she ignores them to check a hand mirror she pulls from a pocket of the blue leather jacket she is wearing. The referee moves to tell her to come down off the turnbuckle which she does slowly with a sneer before leaning back into the corner to wait for the start of the match.

Justin: And her opponent.

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese

Amy surveys the crowd for a moment as Justin makes her introduction.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Juneau, Alaska, Amy Santino.

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and waistcoat and waits for the match to start.

Simone: So much hate in that ring right now.

Drew Patton stands in the center of the ring as Apple and Amy stand in their respective corners. Drew signals for the bell as Amy sprints out of her corner and splashes Apple in the corner.


Amy holds Apple up before smashing her hand multiple times across the chest. Amy then starts putting the boots to Apple. Apple crumbles in the corner as Amy backs up a bit. She runs toward Apple and smashes her knee into the side of her face.

Simone: Amy wasted no time in her attack.

Adams: Can you blame her?

Simone: I guess not.

Amy holds her foot across Apple's throat as Drew tells her to stop. He starts counting her off as Amy backs off at four. She lets Apple up before striking with an European uppercut. Apple falls back against the turnbuckles as Amy grabs Apple by the arm and whips her across the ring. Amy follows her with a corner clothesline. Apple falls back down as Amy springs off the ropes before landing with a front dropkick into Apple's face.

Amy rolls through, picks Apple up by her legs and pulls her out of the corner. As Apple is in the air, she catches Amy in headscissors before sending Amy across the ring. Amy bounces off the canvas before Apple follows up with a handspring enzuigiri. Amy falls down as Apple goes for the quick cover.


Amy quickly kicks out as Apple grabs her by the hair and yanks her up. Apple connects with several forearms before throwing Amy halfway across the ring. Apple smiles while untangling a few strands of hair from her fingers. Amy grabs her head as Apple connects with a hard knee to the spine. Apple continues to strike with her knee before sending Amy outside of the ring.

Simone: Apple has turned the tide.

Adams: Now we are going to see a brawl outside the ring.

Apple rolls out of the ring while antagonizing some fans in the front row. She walks over to Amy and lands a few blows to the forehead. She picks Amy up and shoots her shoulder first into the steel steps. Amy holds her right shoulder as Apple drives her knee into the same joint. Apple picks Amy back up before throwing her into the steel guardrail. Amy falls down as she continues to grab her shoulder. Apple grabs a cup of soda out of a fan's hand and holds it for a second.

Adams: I think Apple wants to take a break.

Simone: Drew is at a count of five so they better get back into the ring.

As Apple continues to bad mouth a few fans, she turns back towards Amy. She goes to strike with the cup but Amy pushes it back into Apple's face. Soda splashes into Apple's eyes as she screams. She tries to clean her eyes as Amy grabs her by the head and slams her face first into the steel ring post. Apple bounces off as Amy flings her into the guardrail.

Adams: Oh good lord.

Simone: Drew is up to eight.

Amy rolls into the ring too break the count before slipping back out to the floor. She stomps Apple multiple times before picking her back up. She walks Apple around a the ring. She whips Apple back into the guardrail before dropping her face first onto the floor. Amy continues to punish Apple by slamming her forearm into the back. She picks Apple back up and flings her into the ring.

Amy hops up onto the ring apron. She grabs a hold of the ring ropes but before she could do anything. Apple grabs her right arm and drapes it over the top rope. Amy grabs her arm as she falls back down to the arena floor. Drew is telling Apple to get Amy back into the ring. Apple flicks him off before running toward the ropes. She bounces off them and comes toward Amy. She dives through the ropes but Amy catches her and slams her back first onto the floor.

Simone: What a catch?

Adams: That's a new take on a suicide dive.

Amy still grabs her shoulder as she takes a hold of both hands of Apple. She pulls them up while standing on Apple's hair. Apple screams as Drew is out of the ring. He is telling Amy to stop as she just looks at him. Amy let's go as she is telling Drew off. Apple rolls over onto her knee as Amy is still distracted. Apple grabs Amy by her head. She goes to force her face into the steel post but Amy counters. Amy sends Apple again into the ring post.

Amy smiles as Apple turns around. A trickle of blood starts to fall down her face as Amy rains down multiple punches.

Adams: Oh no. Apple's been cored.

Simone: It was only a matter of time before these two drew blood.

Amy throws Apple back into the ring as Drew slides back into the ring. Amy hops up onto the ring apron. She springs off the top rope and connects with a facebuster. Amy drives Apple's face into the canvas as she goes for the quick cover.



Apple manages to kick out as Amy just throws blows into the cut. Amy picks Apple up and encases her head in a headlock. Amy applies the pressure as Drew checks to see if Apple wants to give up. She shakes her head before sending her elbow into Amy's sternum. She continues to do it as Amy loosens her grip. Apple rolls out of the way before leaping to her feet and catching Amy with a dropkick.

Simone: What a dropkick!

Adams: Talk about picture perfect.

Apple bounces off the ropes and catches Amy with a leg drop. Apple then picks Amy's right arm up and looks in an armbar. The pressure on her right shoulder continues to cause Amy pain as Drew checks on the hold and if Amy wants to give up. Apple applies more pressure as Amy is screaming. Tears are slowly coming down her cheek as Apple gets to one knee and slams her fist into Amy's sho ulder. Apple continues to work over the shoulder as Amy is trying to hold back tears. Apple stands her up before wrapping Amy's arm around her back and dropping her down with a Suplex. Amy rolls around on the ground as Apple smiles.

Drew is checking on Amy as Apple looks to undo the turnbuckle pad. Drew catches her doing it. He scolds her before turning his attention to the turnbuckle. Apple uses this to smash Amy in the face with a pair of brass knuckles. Apple tosses the brass knuckles out of the ring as she goes for the cover. She holds Amy down for a few seconds before whistling at Drew.

Drew slides into position as Apple goes for the cover again.




Amy rolls her shoulder up as Apple can't believe it. She looks at Drew and tells him to count faster. Drew tells her it was a two. Apple shouts as she picks Amy up and flings her into the corner. Amy smacks the turnbuckles hard as Apple catches her and plants her with a bulldog. Apple gets back up to her feet while looking down at Amy. She looks around before picking Amy's arm up and sets off to the side. Apple raises her knee and looks to drop it. As she brings it down, Amy catches her with a sharp punch to her ribcage. Apple cries out as Amy then strikes with a seated Muay Thai knee to Apple's face. Apple staggers up as Amy kips up to her feet. Apple regains her footing and comes running at Amy. The moment Apple gets close, she gets caught with a shuffle side kick by Amy Marshall. Amy drags her toward the corner as she springs up onto the turnbuckle. In one fluid motion, she leaps off and catches Apple with a 450 splash.

Simone: That was an amazing move.

Amy goes for the cover as Drew slides into position.




Drew signals for the bell as Amy's music suddenly plays.


Justin: Here is your winner....Amy Marshall

Amy celebrates her victory as Drew lifts her arm high into the air.

Simone: Amy defeats Apple.

Adams: Let's hope this leads to Amy getting pushed back towards the Bombshell championship.

We cut away from the action to see Mercedes Vargas backstage.

Mercedes: Everyone loves a good story. God knows I do, but this is the real world and while the confident Ella Singleton just loves her role as the Duchess of Florida, she's going to have to familiarize herself with a new one.

She pauses, a contemplative look on her face.

Mercedes: Loser. Liar. Fake. All good words to describe what Ella is, was, and always will be. Two weeks ago I was embarrassed and humiliated, I was made a fool out in front of millions of people. I get a chance to return the favor by spoiling Ella's debut at this pay-per-view. Tonight at Blaze of Glory, where I've held championship gold around my waist four years in a row, where I've been unsuccessful the past four years, another opportunity to make history by becoming the winningest Bombshell on pay-per-view is on the line. Ending my curse at this event will feel like I've just won a championship.

Looking deadset into the camera lens, her voice drops to a whisper though her words hold conviction behind them.

Mercedes: I've said eveything I needed to ahead of our match, Ella. How far will you go for your fifteen minutes of fame? Better enjoy while you still can.

Mercedes taps against her wrist.

Mercedes: Five, ten, fifteen, time's up.

Mercedes walks away as the camera looks on and we head elsewhere.

Justin: Our next match is scheduled for one fall....introducing first...

Pink lights fill the arena as "I wanna be bad" suddenly blares over the sound system. A woman with slick black hair steps out from behind a curtain with an older gentlemen right beside her. The crowd isn't to thrilled to see her as she turns up her nose while looking around the arena.

Justin: Making her way down the aisle first being accompanied by Carter King, hailing from the great city of Ocala, Florida, she is the self proclaimed Duchess of Florida, please welcome Ella Singleton

Ella slowly descends down the ramp while ignoring the fans in the front row. Her manager is in her ear keeping her calm while trying not to get in her way. She slides into the ring and leans against the turnbuckles while waiting.

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes

Adams: This should be an interesting battle here as Hall of famer and living legend of SCW Mercedes Vargas battles Ella Singleton and this is as personal as personal gets!

Simone: These two have been verbally going at it for weeks and when it was finally announced fans of SCW were excited and ready to go!

Adams: Oh man here we go...two talents, two egos....


Mercedes and Ella move to the center of the ring and get face to face. Both the same height and almost the same weight. The fans don't seem to know who to cheer or boo for, both women not really endearing themselves to the fans of SCW or anywhere with their attitudes. Ella puts her hand in Mercy's face. The crowd ooo's and Mercedes then slaps Ella's hand out of the way with her left hand and hits Ella with a vicious right cross. Ella staggers back holding her face, but as Mercedes steps in Ella returns fire with a right of her own. Mercedes holds her face this time and shakes her head before both women turn and grab each other as the bad blood spills over, it turns into a brawling slugfest right away with hard rights.

Adams: Whoa the action starts off fast and furious!

Simone: No chain wrestling, no feeling each other out, just straight up violence and anger

Adams: This is great!

Mercedes pushes Ella into the ropes and then uncorks a knife edge chop that echoes through the arena with a slap. Ella sumbles to the side and Mercedes hits another as Ella leans into the corner, Mercy then whips Ella across the ring and follows in leaping in the air hitting a running dropkick connecting with Ellas face. Ella goes down and Mercy struts around the ring with a smirk. She stays on the attack though as she waits for Ella to get to her feet, as she does Mercy runs in and clotheslines Ella to the outside. Mercedes waits for Ella to get to her feet and hits the ropes going for a suicide dive, Ella though is able to leap up and meet Mercy with a, enzuguri!. Mercy end up laying on the ropes and Ella shoves Mercy back in the ring before leaping onto the apron, Mercy's gets to her feet dizzy from the kick Ella comes flying in with a springboard shoulder tackle.

Adams: My god the action has been non stop and they seem to be close to equal...

Simone: I think that's what alot of this is about. Mercedes can see alot of herself in Ella....

Adams: That must infuriate Mercedes to be honest...

Ella straight away goes for the sun clapper knee, Mercedes though is able to roll out of the way to dodge it and she pops to her feet and runs, Ella goes for a right hand and Mercy ducks it, hits the ropes and then leaps in the air going for a hurricanrana, she is able to hook her legs around Ella's head and spins and as she goes Ella is able to cartwheel out of it as Mercedes looks up shaking her head. Ella puts her arms out to the side as an impressed crowd applauds. Ella simply bows and Mercedes spins her around and hits a hard right hand backing Ella into the ropes, she whips Ella and Ella does the same thing to Mercedes leaping up for a hurricanrana, Mercedes though front flips off her hands to her feet. Ella scoffs as Mercedes mockingly bows back

Simone:Anything you can do I can do better apparently

Adams:.Seems like the game they're playing....

Simone: It's not surprising...

They circle around each other and Mercedes starts talking. Ella claps back and we seem to be back where we started. Mercedes goes for a bu

saw kick trying to catch Ella unaware, Ella catches Mercy's leg and then spins around her body for a schoolgirl takedown but lets Mercy go, Ella rolls and goes for a kick to Mercedes head, Mercedes though ducks and grabs Ellas legs for a jackknife pin, the referee drops down to pin but Ella uses her impressive core strength to push up and they both bridge up to their feet, Ella then spins around getting Mercedes into the position for the Single greatest Bomb, she hooks her legs around Mercy's arms and drops forward before spinning into the pin.



Mercedes kicks out. Ella slams her hand on the mat and puts her fingers up in a three thinking she had it, the referee says no but Ella gets up and argues, Mercedes starts to pull herself up and Ella turns and stands sideways calling for her superkick she calls the Single missile crisis, she goes for it and Mercedes ducks and then hits her own version of the superkick the Be Still My Heart!, she connects and Ella goes down. Mercedes covers.



Ella kicks out

Simone: Wow, Mercedes ducked a move then deliverd the same move, these two are like mirror images....

Adams: They are throwing everything at each other except the kitchen sink...

Simone: Hey they still have time...

Mercedes grabs Ella's arm and twists it going for the two to tango hook kick, Ella though is able to duck that and springboard off the middle rope, she twists in midair flipping over Mercedes with a flipping neckbreaker, a version of her Florida panhandle.. Mercedes looks out of it as Ella goes for the shining wizard, Mercedes though catches Ella standing up with her on her shoulders, she looks like she's going to go for a powerbomb but Ella is able to slip down she steps back and uncorks the superkick, Mercedes avoids it again and lifts Ella up for the black rose overdrive!, she dumps Ella on her head and hooks the leg!



Ella kicks out!. Mercedes is shocked, she can't seem to believe it and it doesn't register. Mercedes yells at the referee now before running her hands through her hair, she turns and looks at Ella with anger in her eyes, Ella looks up and pulls on Mercedes boots getting to her knees, she looks up at Mercedes and defiantly flips her off!. Mercedes shakes her head and pulls Ella straight up by her arms and hits a second black rose overdrive!. She rolls Ella over and pins.





Justin: Here is your winner, via pinfall, Mercedes Vargas!

Adams: Hot damn what a match!

Simone: Ella threw everything she had at Mercedes but there's a reason why Mercedes Vargas is an SCW living legend.

The crowd cheers as they watch on the SCW screen above the stage, where former Bombshell Internet Champion and roster member, Devona, is walking backstage with a grand smile on her face. At her sides are her closest friends and proverbial "big brothers," the gargantuan in stature and heart, Beast, and the annoyingly handsome and dim witted Beauty.

Devona stops every time she passes a staff member, no matter their standing in the hierarchy of the business structure and says 'hello' and shakes their hand. After what had happened to him the last time, Beauty keeps a cautious distance from any door after being near molested by Synn at the end of 2017 while his and his brother's "little sister" does her thing.

As they start to enter the wrestlers' corridor, and pass the dressing rooms...

Daniel: Well look who's here!

Devona looks in the direction the voice with the distinctive accent flavoring it emanated from and she breaks out into the brightest smile as she spots her friends and former gym-mates, the members of London Underground. Daniel is dressed to impress as usual, while Mackenzie and Osbourne in their usual -- and Charlotte? She is dressed in her ring gear, ready and eager to compete.

Devona: Heyyy!

And she runs right up and offers a fist bump to Charlotte who nods and answers the gesture, accepting.

Devona: You gonna kick some tail tonight?

Charlotte spreads her arms and looks almost affronted.

Charlotte: I'm almost offended you would have to ask!

She looks over to the two men accompanying Devona. Beast smiles at her respectfully while Beauty casts a wink, causing her to frown and Beauty quickly clears his throat and just then notices a ceiling above his head.

Devona then turns to Daniel whom she always harbored a bit of a crush on and she holds her arms out and open.

Devona: I think I'm owed that hug.

Daniel just smirks and walks right into her tight embrace, returning it in kind. Then after a few long, lingering moments, Daniel starts to look around at Beauty and Beast, then toward his own crew. He gently, if a bit awkwardly lets go and pats Devona on the back.

Daniel: Okay luv, you can let go now.

Devona just hugged him tightly with a satisfied sigh.

Devona: Just a bit longer.

The scene opens backstage at Blaze of Glory IV where we see the competitors in tonight's Roulette Title Match Ty West and St. John's Cross standing beside the Roulette Wheel waiting for their match type to be determined.

Adams: The match-up between these two men for the Roulette Title was set to take place several weeks ago but St. John's Cross got kidnapped by ninjas, no really, go back and watch that episode of Climax Control if you don't believe me!

Simone: The wrestling business can be a strange one at times.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ready gentlemen?"

Ty and John nod and Ms. Rocky Mountains gives the wheel a spin, after several seconds it stops on a match type that gives both men pause.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Tonight's Roulette Title Match will be a Lumberjack Match.

Simone: Well, that's one way to ensure John doesn't get kidnapped again.

Adams: Unless there's a ninja among the lumberjacks! That is the strangest sentence I have ever said in my life!

Simone: And that's saying something!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Good look gentlemen!

The two men nod before they leave to get ready.

Simone: Welcome back to Blaze of Glory IV and the next match is for the vacant Roulette Championship! St. John's Cross was set to defend the title against Ty West at the Main Event of Climax Control but his sudden kidnapping by ninjas, and yes that really did happen, ended with that Main Event being cancelled and the match being rescheduled to tonight!

Adams: Not only that but it's a Lumberjack Match! Now, we have Caleb Storms, Kale Smith, Joshua Acquin, Travis Levitt, Lachlan Kaine, Jon Dough, Hitamashi, Senor Vinnie, Vanu Naufau and SCU's Jerry Cann standing around the ringside ensuring that no one can enter or leave the match!

Simone: Unless Vinnie decides to cash in his briefcase! Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the vacant Roulette Championship! Thanks to a spin of the wheel we have determined that this will be a Lumberjack Match!

The bass kicks up as a heavy fog fills the stage. Yellow and red lights illuminate it until the back of a man is seen through it. The lights vibrate with the base until singing starts and "Pretty" Ty West turns, raising his fists into the air to the mixed reaction of the fans. He arrogantly waves them off with a cocky smirk until he reaches the ring.

Justin: Currently in the ring, from Tucson, Arizona, weighing in at 250ibs, "Pretty" Ty West!

Once in, he climbs the turnbuckle, letting out a primal 'roar' before jumping down, cracking his neck as he bounces from one leg to the other.

Simone: Ty is ready to reclaim his title!

Adams: Not if John has anything to say about it!

Justin: And his opponent!

"The Soul of a Man" by Steven Stern begins to play. The lights in the arena dim with a sole spotlight on the ramp. In the spotlight stands St. John Cross with his hooded head lowered and his arms stretched out. After a few moments, he lifts his head and does the "sign of the cross" to himself before walking down the ramp.

Justin: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 205ibs, St. John's Cross!

St. John is emotionless as he makes his way to ringside. He slides into the ring from under the bottom rope and in a fluid, motion pops up to his feet. He pauses at center ring and faces the camera with his arms once again stretched out just glaring at his audience. He then backs up into a corner as he waits further instruction from the official.

Simone: Tonight, we'll see if John can win the title for the second time in his career.

Adams: And if I were both men, I'd be keeping a close eye on Vinnie at ringside!

Once Drew goes over the rules with St. John, Ty West and the Lumberjacks he calls for the bell.

Simone: And now it's time to see who will walk out the new Roulette Champion.

Adams: Whoever wins, you can bet the guys at ringside will have their eyes on the title!


Once the bell rings Ty and John charge at each other before they start exchanging rights and lefts in the middle of the ring whilst the superstars on the outside watch on, after a few minutes John and Ty are backed up to the ring ropes where none of the lumberjacks are in position to get them into the ring and before they can get into position Ty and John stumble through the ropes and spill out to the floor, Ty gets to his feet first and before any of the lumberjacks can grab him Ty spears John into the ring steps.

Simone: Bad form on the part of the Lumberjacks already!

Adams: They might be lumberjacks but they're not okay!

Ty returns to the ring on his own volition whilst Josh and Caleb move John into the ring, as soon as John is clear off the ring ropes Ty goes for the cover.



And John kicks out, Ty shakes his head in disappointment whilst Caleb and Josh (soon joined by Hitamashi) take up positions near that side of the ring, back in the ring Ty picks up John and sets him up for the Killin' It but once John is in the air he reverses it into a Hurricanrana sending Ty back towards the ring ropes, Ty initially goes to roll out of the ring on instinct but stops himself when he remembers about that Lumberjacks on the outside, or more specifically to that part of the ringside area: Jerry Cann, Senor Vinnie and Lachlan Kaine leaving the remaining four superstars on the southern and western sides of the ring.

Simone: Ever get the feeling that the Lumberjacks are understaffed?

Adams: I don't know, they chop down trees, eat their lunch and do their shopping on Wednesdays!

Belinda gives Jason an odd look whilst the action continues in the ring as Ty tries to regain his lost momentum by charging at Ty only to get hit with a knee to the stomach by John doubling Ty over and allowing John to hit him with a Snap Suplex before floating over for his first cover of the match.



And Ty kicks out! John waits for Ty to get to his feet and when he does, he goes for a Springboard Kick of some kind, but Ty is waiting for him with a kick of his own, namely a Superkick.

Simone: Good lord! Even the Lumberjacks felt that kick!

Adams: They are so used to pressing wild flowers and wearing women's clothing in bars as well!

Simone: Exactly! Wait, what?!

Jason ignores Belinda in her confusion whilst Ty goes for a cover.



And John kicks out! Ty is clearly shocked by this as he clearly thinks that he had the match won but Drew is having none of it and it's also clear that the lumberjacks on the outside thought that John was out for the count as well! Ty shakes his head before he goes for another one of his signature moves, namely the Crushed It Big Boot but John ducks under it, bounces off the far ropes and hits him with a running kick to the face!

Simone: Ty's face nearly got kicked off!

Adams: They want to champion just as much as the lumberjacks wanted to be girlies, just like their dear papas!

Belinda is ignoring Jason at this point whilst John goes for a cover.



And Ty kicks out! Before John can press the advantage however Ty rolls to the outside where Caleb, Hitamashi and Joshua Acquin are waiting for him, but Ty ignores them and goes around the ring where the other lumberjacks are waiting but none can seem to catch him.

Simone: These are officially the worst lumberjacks in wresting history.

Adams: Do you think their suspendees and a bra are on too tight?

Simone: Okay, what the hell are you talking about?!

Whilst Jason shows Belinda a clip on his iPhone the lumberjacks finally catch Ty and are ready to roll him into the ring, but John has other ideas as he dives over the ropes and wipes out everyone with a Suicide Dive including Ty! Taking advantage of the chaos John rolls Ty back into the ring, quickly follows him in and goes for a cover.



And Ty kicks out just in the nick of time! This time around John argues with the ref saying that that should've been three but Drew his having none of it, by the time he gives up the argument however John has given Ty enough resting time to be rolled up by Ty!



And John kicks out! Both men get to their feet but Ty is the one to strike first hitting a Shining Wizard on John! He hooks both legs this time around just to be sure.



And John still kicks out! Despite his clear frustration, Ty calls out for his finisher!

Simone: Right, so now that I understand all the references Jason has been making since the match began, Ty's going for the Crushed It again!

Adams: Will he be a two time champion?

Ty goes for the Big Boot, but John sidesteps it, spins him around and locks in an Anaconda Vice on Ty!

Simone: Soul's Demise on Ty!

Adams: He has nowhere to go!

Ty tries to fight out of it including a couple of roll up attempts but after the last attempt the pain is too much, and he taps out!



Simone: John has done it! He is a two time Roulette Champion.

Adams: And Vinnie isn't cashing in, but the other lumberjacks, not counting Jerry, are making their intentions clear!

John celebrates in the ring whilst the other lumberjacks make belt motions around their waists as they head to the back and Drew checks on Ty!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome to the stage, the owners of Sin City Wrestling -- "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward and Christian Underwood!

The camera returns to the vast interior of the ACC Arena, and standing atop the stage in their respective finery are the Co-Owners of Sin City Wrestling; none other than "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward and Christian Underwood. Each man stands behind a podium with a microphone, and a small table to the side of each podium.

HS: Well the daft git here and I were going to do this live on Twitter, but seeing as how you lot weren't on, I thought I'd drag his sorry arse out here so we could do it right here!

Christian rolls his eyes and makes the "talks too much" gesture with his right hand while the crowd boos for him yet cheers for Mark.

HS: Now who's ready to see some Blast From the Past teams drawn!?

The ACC fills with cheers! Christian looks almost bored at this response, and Mark reaches for the table, then stops and snaps his fingers.

HS: Oh yeah, I forgot my bowl with the lads' names. And who better to lend a hand than a fella's own personal assistant?

Hot Stuff smiles at the near horrified reaction Christian's face takes on and the fans applaud as Christina Rose waltzes out onto the stage, holding the fish bowl in her hands. She smiles brilliantly as she steps up to her boss's side and sets the bowl down onto the table at Mark's side. Hot Stuff thanks her and then turns to Christian with a grin.

HS: Surprised?

Christian: Actually, no. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach you'd pull a stunt like this, so I had an epiphany of my own and decided, what the hell?

Christian smiles and shrugs his shoulders.

Christian: If Mark can have a personal assistant that annoys the ever living hell out of me, well why can't I have the same to do to him?

This time it's Mark that frowns as Christian turns around to look off the stage. He whistles and beckons someone.... but nothing. Christian huffs and beckons again, still -- nothing. Mark and Christian share a bemused look between then when Christian suddenly shouts.

Christian: OKAY! NOW!

And there is a brief "struggle" behind the curtains and then out emerges Twitter mainstay, and close friend of former Bombshell Devona -- Beauty! The young, handsome man is shirtless and wearing too-tight jeans as he practically struts across the stage to stand at Christian's side. Now it is Mark who looks sick and Christina frowns at possibly having been upstaged.

HS: You can't be serious!

Christian: Why not?

HS: You didn't clear hiring new office personnel with me!

Christian: Well cry me a river, Marky Mark! You didn't clear hiring -- that with me!

HS: He CAN'T be here!

Christian leans a forearm on the top of his podium and miles.

Christian: I'll make you a deal, Mark. She stays, he stays. if she goes, he goes.

And Mark wastes no times as he immediately turns to Christina.

HS: Sorry luv.

And he jets a thumb to the back, effectively firing his PA! Christina looks absolutely stunned, but Mark repeats the gesture, adding a whistle to it and she soon turns and stomps off-stage. Mark turns and then looks first to Beauty, then to Christian expectantly. Christian nods and turns to Beauty.

Christian: Okay...

But Beauty is looking at the monitor and striking a bicep pose, fascinated with his appearance.

Christian: You can go now.

Beauty continues to ignore Christian's instructions when a thundering voice roars from backstage...


beauty jerks with a start and quickly sets the bowl down, and turns to take his leave but not before getting a hard pat on the backside from Christian who watches him vanish back behind the curtains.

Christian: Mm!

HS: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Look, can we do this now!?

Christian: Age before beauty!

Mark smiles and gestures a hand towards his business partner.

HS: Wouldn't think of it! After all, ladies first!

Christian bites his lower lip and frowns as he reaches blindly into the fish bowl with names ad retrieves a slip of paper and reads off of it...

Christian: Dani Weston!

The crowd cheers!

Mark then pulls out a slip of paper and reads off the name of the first man...

HS: Stewart Mason!

And above the stage, the SCW Tron comes to life ...

TEAM NUMBER ONE: Dani Weston and Stewart Mason!

And then one by one, the two bosses reach into the bowls to draw names for the Blast From the Past team drawing!

Christian: Roxi Johnson!

HS: Caleb Storms!

TEAM NUMBER TWO: Roxi Johnson and Caleb Storms!

Christian: Valentina!

HS: Travis Levitt!

TEAM NUMBER THREE: Valentina and Travis Levitt!

Christian: Amanda Cortez!

HS: Jamie Staggs!

TEAM NUMBER FOUR: Amanda Cortez and Jamie Staggs!

Christian: Mackenzie Page!

HS: Goth!

TEAM NUMBER FIVE: Mackenzie Page and Goth!

Christian: Devona!

HS: Alex Jones!

TEAM NUMBER SIX: Devona and Alex Jones!

Christian: Jessie Salco!

HS: Andrew Garcia!

TEAM NUMBER SEVEN: Jessie Salco and Andrew Garcia!

Christian: Amy Santino!

HS: Senor Vinnie!

TEAM NUMBER EIGHT: Amy Santino and Senor Vinnie!

Christian: Alicia Lukas!

HS: Blade Alexander!

TEAM NUMBER NINE: Alicia Lukas and Blade Alexander!

Christian: Daniela V. Rodgers!

HS: Teddy Warren!

TEAM NUMBER TEN: Daniela V. Rodgers and Teddy Warren!

Christian: Otaki!

HS: Vanu Naufau!

TEAM NUMBER ELEVEN: Otaki and Vanu Naufau!

Christian: Char Kwan!

HS: Jack Asher!

TEAM NUMBER TWELVE: Char Kwan and Jack Asher!

Christian: Brittany Williams!

HS: Kale Smith!

TEAM NUMBER THIRTEEN: Brittany Williams and Kale Smith!

Christian: Calia!

HS: Hitamashi!

TEAM NUMBER FOURTEEN: Calia and Hitamashi!

Christian: Keira Fisher-Johnson!

HS: Jake Raab!

TEAM NUMBER FIFTEEN: Keira Fisher-Johnson and Jake Raab!

Christian: And the final team! Drum roll please?


HS: Will you draw the bloody name!?

Christian: I'm not doing anything until I get a drum roll.

Mark fumes and starts to walk over toward the podium when Christian holds his hands up.

Christian: Alright, alright! Somebody has his man thong in a twist! The final female entrant is ... Effie Bingham!

HS: And her partner, the final Superstar -- Joshua Acquin!

TEAM NUMBER SIXTEEN: Effie Bingham and Joshua Acquin!

HS: There you have it! The sixteen teams for the seventh annual Blast From the Past memorial! Going to be some happy campers for some pairings. Others... eh! Not so much.

Christian: Can I go now? I have to help Beauty find his shirt.

He starts to turns and walk off stage.

HS: What makes you think he needs the help finding his shirt?

Christian looks back at him with a devilish smile.

Christian: Who do you think hid it?

And he walks off, leaving Mark with an involuntary shudder.

A video pops up onto the screen as Daniela V. Rodgers is standing inside a gym.

Daniela: Hello SCW Nation, this is the Throwback Princess letting you all know I will be entering the Blast From The Past tournament. I will be representing SCU as I put myself out there. I'm not like most females. I am willing to take things back to the old ways. Consider this a firm warning. DVR is coming to SCW.

Daniela smiles as she waves.

Justin: The following match is a ladder match with the Golden Briefcase for a future shot at the Bombshell World Title during an entire year!!!

The pounding, heavy riff of "No Friends" by Bleeding Through begins to blare through the speakers and ten seconds into the song "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco" comes out from the back headbanging to the song as she does.

Justin: Introducing first, from Miami Florida she is "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

Following her introduction Jessie throws up the metal horns before making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and reacts to the chorus of boos with two middle fingers high in the air as she waits for her opponent

Monster by Paramore begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does Kate Steele along with her husband Todd Warren begins to emerge from the back curtain. Kate has a huge smile on her face as she flips off at the booing crowd. She begins to sprint down the aisle as she talks trash to the fans.

Justin: And her opponent!! She is the winner of the Golden Briefcase!!! "The Siren!!"Kate Steele!!!!

Kate finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about as the crowd boos her louder.. She closes her eyes placing a single finger over her lips offering the Shhhh sound which all the fans just roar back.. She takes her place in the corner afterwards waiting for the match to begin


The bell has rang as the camera has gotten a shot of the golden briefcase that is hanging high above the ring before it cuts to a wide shot as where we see Jesse and Kate ogling up the briefcase before lowering their eyes and they meet with each other. Causing mouths to run over towards each other and finally Kate has enough. She charges towards Jessie, who slides out of the ring and runs around the ring while Kate is chasing her. After running a circle around the ring Jessie slides in the ring and then executes a quick elbow to the following Kate Steele's back of her head as she just slid back in the ring. This gives Jessie the opening that she needed and take full advantage of it by grabbing Kate's hair with both hands and drives her face into the canvas consecutive times before even rubbing her face across the canvas while Kate is trying to resist the punishment that Jessie is handing to her. She then drives her knees into the ribs of Kate a few times before kicking her to the outside of the ring. There she stands close to the ropes, grabbing the top rope as she is watching and measuring Kate. Waiting for her to slowly move and get to her feet before jumping over the top rope, landing on the apron and then executes a Moonsault into a double knees into the lower back of Kate who has gotten to her hands and knees. This causes her to collapse on the concrete floor while holding on to her back and ribs while screaming in agony.

Adams: Good God!! Jessie really did a number on Kate there!!

Simone: Yes I agree!! And with a bad back and painful ribs it will be hard to execute a move, let alone breathe and focus on climbing a ladder!!

Jessie grins as she turns around and taunts the fans who are booing her, she stares at the damage that she had created before grabbing the hair of Kate, knowing that Drew Patton is only there to call for the bell and award the win to either of the two Bombshells. She shoves her into the steel steps before turning her attention to a ladder and grabs one that is laying on the floor against the security railing. Some fans are shouting at her while another even manages to get her attention as she is holding a sign that reads: "Jessie Salco is owned by Kate Steele". Jessie snatches the sign and tears it into many pieces while laughing in the face of the fan. The fans shouts at her before Jessie shrugs and turns around, only to be levelled by a martial arts kick to the left leg of Jessie. That causes her to stagger a bit as Kate kicks her against the inside part of the same leg as she follows up kicks with either legs. This causes Jessie to hobble a bit before Kate sets her up for a Snap Suplex, only to have Jessie grab her by the waist and drive her into the ring apron and hurting her with the painful back and ribs.

Adams: Smart counter from Jessie

Jessie drives several shoulders into the midsection of Kate before grabbing her by the waist and sets her up for a Belly to Belly suplex that sends Kate crashing hard on the canvas as the camera zooms in on the painful expression on the face of Kate. Causing Drew Patton to get out of the ring and check on her if she is able to continue the match or not. Kate screams at him that she will never give in to the pain and will continue the match as this is like music in the ears of Jessie. Who grabs a ladder and slides it in the ring and looks at the briefcase that is hanging high above the ring. she then turns her attention towards Kate and grins ass he grabs another ladder and sets it up on the ring apron and security railing on the outside.

Simone: Why isn't Jessie not going for the briefcase???

Adams: I think she believes that she just wants to punish Kate some more, knowing that she already has won the match.

Simone: This could turn out to be a mistake on her part

Jessie grabs Kate and hits a few more forearm shots to the back of Kate before setting her up for a Suplex, that Kate manages to block. Jessie delivers a few more forearms to the back of Kate and then locks the suplex in again as she wants to drive her spine first into the ladder that is balancing between the ring and the security railing. But again Kate manages to block the hold. This only to infuriate Jessie that grabs her by the hair and delivers an Irish Whip by using the hair into the steel ladder, only to have Kate grab Jessie by the hair and reverse it. sending Jessie crashing hard into the steel ladder and follows it up with a shot block to the leg that she kicked earlier. This causes Jessie to fall backwards as the ladder was wobbling, trying to keep its balance between the ring apron and the security railing. Only to finally fall down and barely missing the head of Kate Steele.

Simone: That could have ended in a rather ugly situation if that thing would have hit her!!

Kate slowly gets to her feet, pulling herself up by using the ring apron and leans against the steel ring post for balancing and managing to get some oxygen in her body while holding her back and ribs. She stares at Jessie and has rage in her eyes as she grabs the ladder and slowly wobbles over towards Jessie while dragging the ladder. She drops the ladder. There she opens the ladder and places the leg of Jessie in the middle before closing it by slamming the top part on the leg of Jessie. This causes Jessie to scream out in agonizing pain while rolling around the ring. Kate grabs the leg and lifts the ladder upwards a bit, she manages to put the lower leg between a few steps and pulls it all through both parts of the ladder and then locks in

Simone: A single leg Bostone Crab through the ladder????!!!

The crowd is cheering as they see Jessie instinctively reaches out for anything that she could find to break the hold. Realizing that nothing could as this is a ladder match and no dq's are in effect so no submission breaks as well. He hands are roaming across the concrete floor before she suddenly slams her hand on the concrete floor and taps over and over again.

Adams: That doesn't count!!!!

And it doesn't as Drew ignores it as he is checking on the entire situation before Jessies hands are roaming across the concrete floor. One hand is reaching underneath the ring and suddenly manages to grab....

Simone: Kendo Stick!!!

Jessie is biting her lower lip as she tries to sing the kendo stick behind her in hopes of hitting Kate Steele. The first few attempts fail as she suddenly looks up at the titan tron and sees the angle that she is in. Using all of her might to roll over her side and then blasts the kendo stick into the side of Kate Steele. Hitting her ribs hard as that causes her to break the hold that she had Jessie in.

Crowd: Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!!

EMT's run to the ring by request of Drew Patton, worried about their wellbeing and health, Jessie slowly pulls her leg out of the ladder and holds the knee tightly in her hands as she is clutching it. EMT's are checking if she and Kate have any life threatening damages to their bodies, but Kate and Jessie refusing to surrender to the punishment that they have endured. Knowing that the match victor will have a golden opportunity to challenge for the Bombshell World Title.

Adams: Neither lady are refusing to give in, knowing that this match could ultimately injure their bodies permanently!!

Jessie pulls herself up by grabbing the ring apron, her injured leg is barely capable of holding any of her weight as she is hobbling on her other leg for support mostly. While Kate is coughing up blood, indicating that she may just have internal injuries from the punishment that she had endured on her back and ribs. But she pulls herself up by grabbing the security railing and refuses any more medical assistance. The two Bombshells stare at each other, viewing the body injuries that they have put themselves in as Kate slowly walks over towards Jessie before deciding to charge in on her. Jessie steps aside as this causes Kate almost to hit the steel ring post, but manages to hit the breaks at the final moment. Jessie then suddenly hits a neck breaker on Kate on the concrete floor and slowly rolls back in the ring as she crawls towards the ladder inside the ring.

Simone: Will she be able to get the ladder up with one bad leg???

Adams: More importantly, will she be able to climb it and grab the briefcase without having Kate to stop her in time???

Jessie sits on her knees, rubbing her bad leg with one hand for a few moments before grinding her teeth and slowly she manages to set up the ladder for her to climb. Not realizing that Kate has already rolled back into the ring and has a deadly stare on her face as she measures Jessie. She then spins Jessie around after she finally managed to get to her feet and drops her with a Spring Board Cross Body into the steel ladder. This causes the ladder to fall with Jessie on top of the ladder and Kate falling on top of the object and her opponent and falls on the canvas afterwards while clutching her ribs.

Crowd: Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!!

Adams: Good God!!!

We see a replay of the move as Kate slowly manages to get back to her feet and starts to hobble over to the ladder and tries to set it up in the middle of the ring and slowly starts to climb the ladder while having her eyes locked on the briefcase. She looks down at her opponent for a brief moment, realizing that she is not moving at all and then reaches out for the briefcase as she is near enough to reach it and unhooks the briefcase as Drew Patton calls for the bell.


Justin: The winner of this match and still the holder of the Golden Briefcase!! Kate Steele!!!!

Kate's music hits as she clutches the briefcase to her midsection while trying to balance on the ladder. Her grimace on her face has changed into one of relief, knowing that she has put this thing behind her and has got her eyes set for the title.

Backstage of the ACC Arena, we find the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, "the White Wolf" Fenris, pacing back and forth like the Alpha predator that he is. Upon the sight of the champion, the crowd watching on the SCW tron ignites in cheers. He is dressed for combat, ready for his upcoming defense as he is joined by his brother, Aron.

Aron: Calm down, K. Whoever they got to interview you will be here soon.

Fenris pauses from his pacing to glare at his brother.

Fenris: They're late! I don't have all damn night! My match is soon and if they don't hurry their ass up... even those two who usually interview me are never late!

Aron: Well maybe if you'd stop growling at them, they would have been willing to conduct the interview this time.

To this accusation, Fenris frowns.

Fenris: I. Do. Not. Growl! I'm a goddamn delight to interview!

Aron: of course you are.

Aron pats his older brother's shoulder but gives the camera a knowing look. he then spots a sight a few feet away and points it out to Fenris.

Aron: I think that's your guy there.

Fenris: Well it's about damn time! Where...?

He starts to say but frowns when he sees the short in stature person standing down the hall, facing the wall itself and speaking into a microphone. Fenris gives Aron a look and shakes his head before he walks down the hall and places a hand on the man's shoulder....

Fenris: Despa-

Despayre: AH! I mean ... AH!-lo!! Ahlo... hello.

He little guy jumps in his shoes and spins around, facing the wrong direction but remains completely oblivious as he is wearing those comical glasses that magnify his eyes roughly three times their normal size.

Despayre: Fenris! The reigning World Champ...

But Aron takes him by the shoulders and gently steers him around so that he is facing the actual champion. He pinches the glasses between his fingers and lifts them briefly, blinking back to get his vision back and then stares at Fenris.

Despayre: You really need to stop moving around or else we'll never finish this interview!

Fenris sneers.

Fenris: I'll try to remember that! Why are you doing my interview?

Despayre: Because I drew the short straw.

Fenris stares at him, then looks to Aron who appears amused at best. Fenris seems completely caught off guard why any of them would not be chomping at the bit to interview the world champion. Despayre continues.

Despayre: Plus Mark wanted someone who you wouldn't growl at and Gabriel said after last time between us, you wouldn't dare so here I am!

Fenris leans over to look at the much shorter young man in the eyes...

Fenris: I am telling you, and everybody else, for the last time! I. Do. Not. Growl!

Despayre: Okay! Okay! Bark! Same thing, spelled different.

Fenris: Look, can we just do this interview and get it over with!?

Despayre: Sure!

Now the champion seems almost relieved.

Despayre: Ask me anything you like!

And just like that, the face of the champion falls.

Fenris: I'm not supposed to ask you questions when you're interviewing me! You're supposed to ask me the questions!

Despayre: I am?

Despy looks toward Aron who nods with sympathy evident on his face.

Despayre: Gee! Who makes up these cockamamie rules? Well! If that's how it hasta be, then I'm game! Are you ready for your match?

Fenris: Of course I'm ready! I've had everyone kicking my ass....

Despayre holds out a hand and Aron drops a dollar into it by instinct, and knowing his brother's temperament, keeps the singles out -- just in case.

Fenris: Gabriel and Odette had me training harder than ever at the gym. It's the first time I've been in a match like this so leaving nothing to chance. Maksym has been keeping me sharp in MMA. Aron watches out for me and Ty has been helping with my workouts...

Despayre grimaces and waves a hand.

Despayre: I don't wanna hear about your romantic adventures!

Fenris: That is NOT what I meant!

Despayre: ... Oh. Who are you facing?

Fenris: Jake Raab, a man I fought before and he beat me bloody! He's the one I know the most about. Travis Levitt is in it too but he has been quiet. I know less about him, but the one I watch out for is Alex Jones. He is former Honor Champion, and has held many other titles. That makes him a threat and he has probably been in matches like this before where I haven't. That gives him an edge that I have to overcome. This will not be easy.

Despayre nods.

Despayre: How come? What's this match for?

Fenris: Are you kidding!? It's for the World Championship!

Despayre: Well sor-ry! How was I supposed to know that!?

Fenris groans and runs his palm down his face, straining to control his otherwise uncontrollable temper. After what happened last time he went off on Despayre and became Public Enemy Number 1, he had little choice but to do otherwise.

Fenris: I think we can end this now.

Despayre nods with a smile, happy that he has successfully completed his first interview.

Aron: Did you have any last questions before the big guy here goes out there?

Despayre: Yeah. Did you ever think of where Angel's remote control could be?

Fenris stares at Despayre for several seconds, then simply turns and walks off camera. discretion being the better part of valor. Despayre blinks, unsure of the how or why. He then looks at Aron.

Despayre: Well! I didn't really want to say anything but that borders on rude.

Christian Underwood is seen walking backstage, but is interrupted by the sound of a guitar playing. He follows the noise and it takes him to Griffin Hawkins who is sitting on a backstage cart, strumming his guitar. Griffin notices Christian and stops.

Griffin Hawkins: Can I help you?

Christian Underwood: Actually yes...I've been looking for you all night. There is something I need to ask of you.

He sets aside the guitar.

Griffin Hawkins:I'm listening.

Christian Underwood:'s no secret that you and me never got along. And last time you were here, we didn't exactly have a healthy working relationship. But despite my personal feelings towards you, I believed you are a great athlete and one of the more popular stars in the sport today. I was one of the people who signed you back because despite everything that has gone down between us, I think you are a good investment.

Griffin Hawkins: I appreciate that.

Christian Underwood: Good. Now that you're back with Sin City..I see this as a clean slate. A chance for both of us to start over again. I see no reason why we can't co exist.

Griffin Hawkins: Well, I have thought about that...and I am willing to do so. I'll stay out of your business, as long as you stay out of mine..and there shouldn't be any problems.

Christian Underwood: Sounds fair enough.

Griffin Hawkins: Something also tells me that there is something else you wanted to talk to me about..

Christian Underwood: There is actually...the main event for tonight. Tonight's main event has four volatile superstars who want to tear each other's head off. It looks to be a match that's too violent and brutal for a normal referee to oversee. Seeing as you've been in the ring with many throughout history and never once backed and Ward believe you're just the man for the job. But I want to you have any sort of agenda for this match?..anyone you prefer to win?

Griffin Hawkins: Agenda? No. I'm not here to play favorites. Truth is, I don't do anything for anybody, except myself. I've been assigned to be the referee for this match, and I'm gonna call it right down the middle, and when it's all said and done, I will raise the hand of the winner.

Christian Underwood: Alright..well, good luck tonight.

He goes to leave, but Griffin stands up.

Griffin Hawkins: Just one more thing before you go Christian. There is one thing I want when this is all over.

Christian Underwood: And what would that be?

Griffin Hawkins: I only got one goal...and that's to become SCW World Heavyweight Champion. To me, it doesn't matter if it's Jake Raab, it doesn't matter if it's Travis Levitt, it doesn't matter if it's Alex Jones, and it doesn't matter if it's Fenris. Whoever leaves with the gold, I got my eyes on them. I'm not gonna demand that you give me a shot at the title..I want to earn it..and I'll fight my way to the top, go through whoever I gotta go through to get the shot that should've been mine the last time I was here.

Christian Underwood: I respect your drive Griffin..normally people who pass through this company expect the title to be handed to them on a silver platter, but you are willing to earn your way, and that's commendable. In time you will get your opportunity, I guarantee it. But for now, you have the task to oversee what could be one of the most dangerous matches in history..can you handle it?

Griffin Hawkins: Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I can.

Christian Underwood: I hate when people use that analogy..but that's good enough for me. Good luck tonight.

He turns and walks away as Griffin sits back down, strumming his guitar.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW Heavyweight championship!!

"Chasing Glory" by Feed her to the sharks hits and as the lyrics of the intro cut into the guitar Alex steps out wearing a black and red "wolfslair" t-shirt and his wrestling gear. He makes his way down to the ring with an arrogant sneer before leaping up onto the ring apron

Justin: Currently in the ring is the first challenger!! Alex Jones!!!

Feur Frei by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Jake comes out through the curtain and he wears black MMA gloves with red and black trousers as he high fives the fans as he gets into the ring and he does a hold up on the turnbuckle as he then gets down from the turnbuckle and waits for the match to start.

Justin: And his first opponent!! Jake Raab!!!

The bass kicks in through the PA and 'Ashes to Ashes' starts to echo around the arena. A small fog starting to slip from the stage, and as the music builds a melancholy atmosphere, from the back stalks 'The Phoenix' Travis Levitt. Dressed in his usual long leather jacket, hair cascading around his face as he walks out, and starts to pace down the ramp. The Phoenix reaches the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and propping up onto his knees. Glancing around at the crowd, Levitt's face is one of focus as he slowly rises to his feet before stripping off his jacket, and turning to drop it outside the ring to the roadie, before he gets ready for battle.

Justin: The final challenger!! Travis Levitt!!

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with his younger brother at his side. As Aron looks on, Fenris stands stoically, looking out towards the capacity crowd before dropping to one knee with head bowed. He symbolically crosses his heart and looks 'up' in homage before standing upright and beginning his journey toward the ring with his brother following close behind.

Justin: Making his way toward the ring! Accompanied by Aron Baltasarsson, from Iceland, weighing two hundred and four pounds -- Fenris!

Despite the fans that reach out toward him, Fenris does not reciprocate and his attention is solely on the ring, whereas the smiling Aron good naturedly slaps a hand or two that extends toward him. Fenris climbs the ring steps and walks along the apron, turning towards the fans and extends his arms up and begins the 'Viking Clap.' Slowly but surely, despite any potential misgivings towards the young man, many fans join along with him in the Viking Clap. Aron holds the ropes for his brother, and Fenris steps through and continues the clap from one corner to the next, drawing in the energy of the crowd. Joined by Aron, Fenris returns to his own corner and paces like a wolf stalking his prey, kicking off his slippers to compete barefoot as the claps slowly subside


The bell has rang as Griffin Hawkins is holding the SCW world title high in the air for everyone to see what is on the line before handing it over to the time keeper and tells the four men that the match is on where we see Alex Jones get face to face with Fenris and looks him up and down while chewing gum. He grins before turning his attention to the other two men as Travis delivers a big boot to the face of Alex and that sends him to the outside. Travis gets the crowd reacting to him in a negative way before turning his attention towards the champion. Only to have Jake Raab spin him around and pushes him into the ropes. Telling that the world champion is his and that he needs to get out of his way.

Simone: So far everyone wants to show their dominance in this match

Adams: And yet, they all have forgotten about the champ!!

But not for long as Fenris delivers a spinning clothesline to the side of Travis his head that sends him into the corner. Him and Jake Raab stare at each other before turning their attention back to Travis. Jake drives series of shoulders in the midsection before Fenris executes a Kaio kick to the cornered Travis over the bended over Jaak Raab. Raab immediately takes advantage of the given situation and grabs Fenris by the head and sinks in a tight sleeper from behind as Fenris is trying to elbow his way out of the hold. After a few elbow he manages to do so, giving him some room to deliver a kick to Raab, who catches the kick and spins Fenris Around before executing a massive clothesline that drops the champion. On the outside we see Alex Jones get to his feet and jump on the apron before executing a flying forearm from the top rope to Jake Raab. He then grabs Fenris and goes for an Atomic Drop, but Fenris manages to avoid being hit with the knee as he lands too far away from it. he goes for a spinning heel kick that catches Jones on the jaw before walking into a Forearm Smash from Travis before executing a German Suplex that sends Alex into the turnbuckles. This causes his neck to hit the turnbuckles in an awkward way before landing neck first on the canvas. Travis gets all worked up before being clotheslined out of the ring by Fenris. Fenris then starts to stomp away at Alex who is on his back in the corner before Jake Raab manages to catch Fernis by his patented Full Nelson Facebuster and drives him hard in the center of the ring.

Simone: Raab Buster!!!

He goes for the cover as Griffin Hawkins starts to use the three count on the champion, but Fenris manages to get his shoulder up in time to break the three count. Raab immediately locks in an front face lock and keeps the pressure on the neck of the champion while staring at the remaining opposition as Alex is slowly stirring and Travis is getting back on the apron. This causes Raab to relinquish the hold on the champion and charges in on Travis with a running clothesline. But Travis manages to sidestep, this causes Raab to bounce off the ropes and run the other way to the opposite side. But when he does it is Travis that grabs him by the head in a choke hold before dropping off the canvas, causing Raab's neck to hit the top rope. The impact of the move causes him to drop awkward on his back while holding on to his neck. Travis gets in the ring and immediately gets to cover Raab



Raab manages to get his shoulder up just before the count of three, Travis is relentless as he starts to blast forearms to the face of Raab before hooking the leg once more.



The three count is broken up by Alex Jones who has delivered an double axhandle to the back of Travis his head. He then sets him up for the Pedigree and drops him hard in the center of the ring.

Simone: Wow!! Will we have a new champ??



The count is broken up by Fenris, who starts to drive elbows to the back of Alex his neck. His eyes are showing a hunger to destroy his opponents as he locks his arms around the head of Alex and then drives series of knees into the skull of Alex before rolling him over for the cover. Only to have Jake Raab grab him by the hair and sends him shoulder first into the steel ring post before rolling out of the ring and grabs the arm of the injured shoulder and drops backwards while hooking his legs around the injured body part. Causing all of his weight to lean into the injured body part as Fenris is screaming in agonizing pain.

Simone: Good God!! This is one painful hold that Raab has on the champ!!!

Adams: And there's nothing that the ref can do about it!!!

Hawkins is checking on Fenris if he wishes to submit to the painful hold, but the unbeaten champion screams in agonizing pain that he does not want to submit to anything. Rolling out of the ring as in an attempt to at least to break some of the tension that Raab has put on his shoulder joint. Only to have Raab put the arm in a leg scissors fashion submission hold and forces Fenris to roll on his back in agonizing pain.

Adams: Great strategy from Jake Raab, too bad for him that he has to pin or make someone submit inside the ring!! And not on the outside!!

Meanwhile back in the ring we see both Alex and Travis slowly get to their feet and Alex manages to duck a clothesline and executes a small package as he goes for the cover.



Travis manages to kick out as he then attempts to lock in the Fawkes Fate submission hold, trying to sink it in deep and attempts to make Alex Jones submit to the hold. This forces Jake Raab to let go off his submission hold and grabs Travis by the head from the outside and start to lay some heavy forearm smashes to the face. This causes Travis to relinquish the hold and being pulled to the outside. There Raab attempts an Irish Whip into the steel ring steps, but Travis reverses and sends Raab knees first into the steel steps. He then turns his attention towards the champ and rolls him into the ring where he follows him up with a knee drop straight into the face of Fenris before going for the cover.



Fenris manages to kick out, Travis looks at Hawkins, who only shows a count of two as this infuriates Travis. He then grabs the painful arm of the champ and wants to kick and executes the kick. He goes for another as this time Fenris kicks him in the shin and that forces Travis to let go off the hold and gets kicked in the shin again and again before Fenris manages to get to his feet and delivers a back kick to the midsection of Travis and follows it up with a brutal knee strike to the face as that causes him to drop. Fenris is about to go for the cover as suddenly both Raab and Alex charge in on him and double team on the champ with heavy blows to the back of his head. They then send Fenris into the ropes for an Irish Whip. Alex goes for the back Body Drop and drops Fenris as Raab sets himself up for a splash off the ropes. But gets caught by Jones as he locks in an Armbar after dropping him to the canvas. Raab is reaching for the ropes but that isn't any way that Hawkins can stop the match when Fenris delivers an elbow drop that hits the face of Alex and the impact has impact also on the arm of Raab who rolls out of the ring in agonizing pain. Fenris turns his attention towards Travis, who has gotten back in the ring and kicks him in the face as that drops him. Fenris goes to a corner and measures Travis as he is slowly rising to his hands and knees

Adams: Uh oh... I don't think this is going to be pleasant for Travis!!!

Fenris charges in on him and delivers a Kinshasa strike and then goes for the cover a Hawkins drops to the canvas and starts to use the three count.





Justin: The winner of this match and STILL SCW Heavyweight Champion!! Fenris!!!

Raab has attempted to break the three count, but he could not reach Fenris just in time. He shakes his head and rolls out of the ring as he is walking to the back while Hawkins is raising the arm of the champion in victory. The two men stare at each other when suddenly...

Simone: Oh God, not him.....

Epic hits as the two men stare at the entrance way as Senor Vinnie is holding his golden briefcase that reads Summer XXXTreme and applauds the champion with his victory over the three men while staring at the champ.

Cameras cut to the back as Char Kwan is standing outside of Gamer Inc's locker room. She is smiling from ear to ear.

Char: Hello everyone. As you all know, I will be representing Gamer Inc in the Blast From The Past tournament. I am so excited for this opportunity. I will show the world that I am much more than a gamer.

Char smiles as she heads back inside the locker room.

Justin: The following contest is for one fall, and is for the SCW World Bombshell Championship! Introducing first, challenger number one...

What makes your beautiful, by One Direction slams over the personal address system and without any delay, the black curtains part and out runs Dani Weston. She makes her way to the centre of the stage to wave towards the fans, before she starts to walk down the runway. Stopping to high five the fans along the way.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Daytona Beach, Florida... Daniiiiiiii Weston...

She continues to smile out to the fans, before she makes her way over towards the ring. Sliding into it under the bottom rope, she leaps up to her feet to wave out to the people before her theme song slowly dies off the speaker system.

Justin: And challenger number two...

Meganerd by YTcracker begins to blast all across the speakers as it does so Crystal makes her way from the back curtain..

Justin: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, she is Crystal Zdunich!

Crystal smiles as she blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring. She slaps the outstretched hands of all of the roaring fans.

Simone: The only reason they're cheering her is because she's in her home state.

Adams: Yeah, she is not gonna be popular on that tour.

She quickly slides into the ring and kips up to her feet as she waves her hands in the air getting the crowd behind her. She jumps around a bit as she tosses her eye glasses out of the ring.

Simone: And challenger number three...

"Wild Eyes" By Parkway drive hits as Alicia steps out with a black hoodie over her upper half with the hood up over her long blond hair.

Justin: From Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds, she is Alicia Lukas!

She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps before climbing the ropes on the outside, she flips the hood back before putting her arms out , she smiles at the crowd before leaping into the ring from the outside and taking off the hoodie

Justin: And finally....

The arena fades to black as the screen lights up and we are treated to an old school movie countdown image.




Suddenly the countdown is stopped by claws slashing through the image and a cat's roar sounds through the arena. Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" blasts through the speakers and Seleana comes out on her own.

Justin: From Halmstad, Sweden, she is the SCW, Bombshell World Champion, Seleana Zdunich!

Seleana makes her way down to the ring slapping hands with the fans down the way, however just as Seleana reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp and slides in the ring. She stands and lifts the Bombshell championship above her head.

Jasmine St. John stands in the center of the ring holding the Bombshell World Championship into the air. Seleana, Crystal, Alicia and Dani all stare at the belt. Jasmine brings the belt down and signals for the bell.


Right as the bell rings, Crystal blasts her own wife with a hard spear before raining down multiple rights to her face. Alicia Lukas attacks Dani with several knife edge chops that cause the audience to "woo" after every chop. Dani blocks one chop and returns three chops of her own. Each chop sounds like a gun shot as Alicia backs up against the ropes. Dani grabs her hand and looks to whip her across the ring. However Dani stops, brings her back and drops her down with a drop toe hold. Dani floats over and hooks Alicia in a side head lock. Jasmine turns around from the ring technicians and notices the chaotic scene.

Simone: Good lord, this one started off hot and heavy.

Adams: This match could be a barn burner for sure.

Dani wrenches back on Alicia's neck as Seleana has turned the tide on her wife. She has Crystal pinned beneath her as she pummels her with rights and lefts. Dani keeps the hold as she stands herself up while controlling Alicia. Dani smirks before throwing Alicia back down onto the canvas. She lands on top of her as Jasmine checks the hold. Dani continues to wrench back but she wrenches to far as Alicia rolls her onto her back.


Dani rolls back over before a complete count. Alicia rolls her over again.



Dani rolls back as she starts punching the hell out of Alicia. Seleana gets up off her wife and pulls her up to her feet. Seleana shoots Crystal off towards the ropes. Crystal ducks the clothesline attempt as she springs off the ropes and catches Seleana with a tornado DDT. She gets up to her feet and kicks Dani in back. Dani let's go of Alicia as Crystal grabs Dani and flings her toward the corner. Crystal follows with a stiff kick to Dani's sternum followed by a few knife edge chops.

Adams: Fast and furious

Crystal hooks Dani around the head before pulling her out of the corner with a bulldog. Once they land, Crystal goes for the quick cover on Dani.



Dani kicks out of the pin as Alicia rolls over onto her knee. She finally gets up to her feet and catches Seleana by the leg. Alicia connects with a dragon screw which sends Seleana back down to the canvas. Alicia steps over on the back before connecting with a low dropkick. Seleana falls backward as Crystal blasts Alicia with a hard right hand.

Alicia falls against the ropes as Crystal grabs her by the arm. She flings her toward the ropes but Alicia counters with a short arm clothesline. Alicia drops on top of Crystal as Jasmine gets into position.



Seleana slams a double axe handle onto the back of Alicia as Jasmine stops counting.

Simone: Seleana coming to her wife's aide.

Adams: She could be saving the match for herself.

Seleana pulls Alicia up by her hair as Crystal gets back up to her feet. She grabs one side of Alicia as Seleana grabs the other side. They nod before connecting with a double Suplex. Alicia is grabbing her back as Crystal blindsides her wife with a clothesline. Crystal is all smiles until Dani comes flying at her with a headscissors takedown.

Crystal rolls out of the ring as Dani grabs a hold of the ropes and slingshots herself out onto Crystal. Dani lands hard onto Crystal as they crumble to the floor. Dani gets up first however and helps Crystal up. She flings her into the barricade before striking with a running knee. Meanwhile, Alicia has gotten up and caught Seleana with several rights and lefts before hooking her by the head. While controlling the head, Alicia lands multiple Muay Thai knees before tossing Seleana over with a judo style hip toss. Alicia goes for the quick cover on Seleana.




Seleana just barely gets her shoulder up as Alicia grabs a handful of Seleana's hair. She drags her up to her feet before flinging her halfway across the ring. Alicia runs after her but gets caught with a dropkick from Seleana. As Seleana is attacking Alicia, Dani has Crystal up and throwing her over head with a Suplex. Seleana drags Alicia up to her feet before tossing her into the corner. Seleana proceeds to connect with kick after kick. Seleana goes to whip Alicia towards the other side but pulls Alicia back into an exploder Suplex into the turnbuckles. Seleana pulls Alicia out of the corner and goes for a cover.




Alicia kicks out as Seleana pulls Alicia up to her feet. Seleana looks to hook Alicia in a front facelock. However Alicia counters with a modified Suplex of her own. She bridges her back into a pinning combination.




Dani lands on top of Alicia with a body splash as the pin is broken up. Dani rolls through the splash as she leans against the ring ropes. Alicia stands up to her feet and goes to charge at Dani but Crystal trips her up. Alicia falls onto her face. Seleana gets up to her face and charges at Dani. Dani leap frogs Seleana while running across the ring. She dives through the ropes and sends Crystal back first into the barricade.

Adams: Dani is all over the place.

Simone: So much action in this one.

Dani gets up to her feet as the crowd is going nuts. Dani looks to pick Crystal up but turns to see Seleana diving through the ropes herself. Seleana knocks Dani into Crystal as the crowd is going nuts. Seleana gets back up and proceeds to stomp both women. The crowd is murmuring as Alicia is standing in the ring. Seleana doesn't seem to notice as Alicia runs toward one side of the ring. As she rebounds, she comes toward the group and baseball slides herself under the ropes.

Adams: I thought we were going to see Alicia fly.

Alicia catches Seleana with a forearm. Seleana staggers forward as Alicia grabs Dani by the head. She rams her face into the ring post while mule kicking Crystal in the face. Alicia turns her attention onto Dani as she drags her across the floor. She picks Dani up and slams her face into the steel steps. Alicia smirks as she does it repeatedly. Meanwhile Seleana has collected herself but Crystal grabs her by the head. Crystal rams her directly into the steel ring post.

Seleana drops to one knee as Crystal lands a few rights onto the back and neck. Crystal grabs a hold of Seleana and throws her into the barricade. Alicia has Dani on the ground as she holds her foot across Dani's throat. Crystal rolls into the ring, runs across and dives through the ropes. She knocks Alicia into the barricade. Crystal slowly gets up and starts putting boots to Alicia.

Dani gathers herself as Crystal turns her attention to Dani. She goes to throw a punch but Dani blocks it. Dani clocks her with a right followed by a left. Dani grabs Crystal by the head and flings her into the barricade. Dani then drives her knee into Alicia. Seleana comes back into the picture with a leaping clothesline off the steel steps. Dani falls backward as Seleana grabs Crystal by the head.

Simone: Who is going to gain the upper hand?

Adams: You think Mark ordered us a pizza.

Seleana throws Crystal into the crowd. Seleana follows right after her. Crystal is standing up as she throws a right into Seleana. Seleana retaliates with a right of her own. Each woman is trading blows as Dani is just getting back up to her feet. Alicia follows as Dani continues to strike with right after right. She then grabs Alicia by the head and drags her over towards the announce table.

Simone: Seleana and Crystal are fighting in the crowd.

Adams: Yeah and looks like we have company coming over.

Belinda turns her head to see Dani walking towards them. She drags Alicia towards the table and smashes her face into the protective covering. Alicia drops to her knee as Dani pulls off the cover. She proceeds to throw down both sets of monitors. Dani goes to grab Alicia but Alicia elbows her into the gut. Alicia then throws Dani back into the ring. Alicia follows right after her. Alicia goes to grab Dani but Dani catches her in a small package. Jasmine quickly drops in position.




Alicia kicks out as Dani quickly gets to her feet. She dropkicks Alicia as soon as she gets up. Dani doesn't waste time as she springboards off the ropes and lands with a leg drop across the throat. Dani neglects going for the cover as she springs herself up onto the top turnbuckle. She motions for Alicia to get up to her feet.

Adams: Dani is looking for something huge.

Alicia stands up and turns toward Dani. Dani jumps off looking for a high cross body. Alicia catches Dani in mid air. She places Dani on top of her shoulders. In one fluid motion, Alicia drops Dani face first onto her knee. Dani falls backward as Alicia goes for the cover.

Simone: The Georgia Drop connects




Jasmine calls for the bell as Seleana and Crystal are still fighting in the crowd.

Justin: Here is your winner and new Bomshell Champion.....Alicia Lukas.

Alicia sits up on her knees as she is handed the belt. Her music starts playing as she stands up to her feet.

Simone: Alicia has done it.

Adams: Anyone going to tell Crystal and Seleana the match is over.

Simone: What a night this has been, what a match to end the show on. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us for Blaze Of Glory VII. We will be back in two weeks where we will find ourselves in Dublin, Ireland for the first leg of our tour. For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying g'night everybody!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Dustin, AJ, Gerrit, Annie, Jenny, Erik, Wong, The Lord MK, Griff, Mercedes, Casey, Court, Kelli Torres. Also to Annie again for the great match banner and to everyone who roleplayed!