The sun is setting over the sea aboard the Sun Princess, giving everyone the unique experience of this, the traditional wrestling program hosted on a luxury ocean cruise liner. A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage, bare chested with white lycra pants with gold stripe down the side, black neck tie and a sailor hat with gold anchor detail on the front. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the ship at all of the fans filling the seats. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Sun Princess Cruise for the sixth annual Summer XXXTreme VI!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda steps out onto the stage, dressed in a white sundress with pink and red hearts 'dotted' all over it! With a skip in her step, she pops open a frilly, pink umbrella and begins the performance.

Amanda: Ooh yeah
I'm your shelter from the storm
You'll know I'll always have your back
I'll even let you warm your freezing hands inside my butt crack
I never get out my leaf blower when Oprah is on
And when you're telling me about your feelings I try not to yawn
And when we're at parties I don't talk about your spastic bladder
When you're cleaning the gutters on the roof I hold the ladder

And if that isn't love
If that isn't love
If that isn't love
I don't know what love is
Nanananananana nanananano I guess I don't know
Ahhhh listen now

There's a microscopic bit of milk left in the refrigerator
I coulda finished it off but I quit in case you want a tiny little sip for later
And if you cut the cheese then maybe I'll wink and say the dog's to blame
And I'll make sure to call you baby every time I forget your name
I'll even tell you girl when you start looking fat
'cuz all your so-called friends will probably neglect to mention that

And if that isn't love
If that isn't love
If that isn't love
I don't know what love is
Nanananananana nananana well then I don't know
Oh no

Even though you make me sit through Mamma Mia!
Well I still adore you
I'll kiss you even if you have omelettes for breakfast
And I can't stand omelettes
After I take a bath
If its still warm I'll leave the water in there for you
I'll give you my word
You're so beautiful you make a glorious sunset look like a big fat turd
Every time I see you trying to lift some really heavy thing
You can always count on me to help by saying something encouraging

If you get drunk and pass out I'll never sharpie up your face
And I don't wipe my nose on your couch even though that's a super convenient place
I totally support every idiotic thing you do
And I almost never pretend you're someone else when I'm making out with you

And if that isn't love
If that isn't love
If that isn't love
I don't know what love is
Nanananananana no I don't know what love is
Nanananananana well I don't know what love is
don't know what love is!

The crowd cheers and applauds for Amanda as she takes a sweeping curtsy and blows kisses to all corners of the cruise ship before disappearing back behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello everyone, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling aboard the luxurious Sun Princess cruise for the sixth annual SUMMER XXXTreme! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: And I'm hot as hell! And I'm not just saying that because I am totally rocking these new swim trunks! I mean, I'm Jason Adams!

Simone: And tonight we come to you from the Sun Princess cruise, and we are not alone as this year's hosts for Summer XXXTreme VI are the former World Tag Champions and both record setting singles champions, Team Hero! Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher-Johnson!

The crowd applauds and cheers with much enthusiasm as a camera shot is shown of Roxi and Keira, both smiling and waving toward the camera.

Simone: As many of you know, both world championship matches had to be restructured at the last minute, due to injuries suffered on the parts of Kristopher Ryans and Courtney Pierce. We all here at Sin City Wrestling wish them the very best for a speedy recovery!

Adams: Come back to us soon!

Simone: But kicking the action off tonight will be two battle royals in the traditional Summer XXXTreme Ultimate X Over the Pool matches! One will determine a brand new challenger for Mikah's World Bombshell Championship--

Adams: Unless Christina Rose wins it.

Simone: -- Yes. And the other will decide who will step up and face Fenris to fill the now vacant World Heavyweight Championship!

Adams: In the Bombshell Battle Royal, it's Portia Alexander!Apple Coren! Christina Rose! Aviana Faith! Apple Coren! Dani Weston! And Seleana Zdunich The last Bombshell to make her opponents wet wins the title shot!

Simone: I really wish you wouldn't have made that sick joke!

Adams: .... What sick joke?

Simone: Never mind! And in the men's Battle Royal, Ty West! Casey Williams! Equinox! Matt Spears! Caleb Storm and Dmitri!! And if you say one word about these guys making each other moist, Jason, I'll throw you overboard!

Adams: I'm not making ANY promises! But I will promise we have a rough and violent Mixed Tag Team Streetfight, a first for SCW! We thought Wyatt Peterson was going to step down from active competition but he was attacked by Joshua Acquin! Now the feud between them and the former Metal and Punk Connection, Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco, gets even more heated when they face off!!

Simone: Then in ANOTHER mixed tag match, we have the World Mixed Tag Team Championship up for grabs! Unbeaten in regular tag team competition as well as mixed tag, the champions London Underground are always seeking new challenges, and boy do they have it this time around as they defend their titles against a pair of Grand Slam Champions, Kain and Mercedes Vargas!

Adams: Then the Bombshell Roulette Championship is defended as Evie Baang succumbed to the peer pressure and taunts of the champion Brittany Williams to come out of retirement and challenge her for the gold!

Simone: Evie isn't the only one who is stepping from out of inactivity for a title match because Ben Jordan's #BenDeservesBetter campaign has been successful and he is indeed getting what he deserves; a Roulette championship title opportunity against the current two-time champion, Jon Dough!

Adams: Drake Green was happy being a house husband, or so we thought, until Tommy Crimson started in on him! This one got personal and fast because Drake is the third person to step out of retirement this evening, a real ring legend in SCW history, to face Crimson one on one!

Simone: Then it's the double main events of the evening! Mikah will defend her World Bombshell Championship against the winner of the Bombshell Ultimate X Over the Pool Battle Royal...!

Adams: And Fenris will meet the men's winner in the Main Event to crown a brand new World Heavyweight Champion!

Simone: And it all begins right now!

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Grand Princess Cruise, welcome to Sin City Wrestling and welcome to "Summer XXXTreme VI"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hosts for the evening, Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher-Johnson, Team Hero!

The opening Piano keys of "The Touch" by Stan Bush begin and the cheers grow louder when Roxi and Keira make their way down the makeshift entranceway. Keira holding their son, Nate in her arms as she and Roxi wave, and Keira encourages Nate to do so as well. They slap the fans hands as they continue down to the ring as Keira places Nate under the ropes as Roxi walks up the steps and into the ring. Nate runs around in the ring, jumping up and down and clapping his hands. Keira waves to more fans before she enters. Keira picks up Nate as Roxi takes the microphone from Justin, thanking him and smiling as the music cuts out.

Roxi: Well, hello there.

More cheers.

Roxi: It's nice to see you all too.

More cheers.

Roxi: It feels like... it feels like you missed us a little, am I... gauging that right?

Even more cheers as Roxi and Keira both smile and chuckle to each other.

Crowd: Wel-come back! Wel-come back!

Roxi: Well, we miss you guys too. And we are excited to be hosting Summer XXXTreme VI!

More cheers. Keira and Roxi swap places as Keira takes the microphone.

Keira: And, as you can see, we brought a guest, so if everyone can say hello to Nate, that would be great.

There are cheers for Nate as Keira puts the microphone up to him.

Nate: Hi.

And Nate gets himself a cheer as well.

Keira: So, we've got so much to go over, we've got pool matches, mixed tag matches, title matches, and all kinds of amazing wrestling! Trust me when I say this guys and girls, tonight is going to be an awesome night. And best of all... food!

Keira giggles to herself as Roxi shakes her head, taking the microphone back as Nate claps in the corner.

Roxi: Alright, alright, behave yourself. There's –

Roxi is cut off by the chords of Motorhead's "Born to Raise Hell". The boos soon reign out as Jessie Salco and Joshua Acquin make their entrance. They waste no time hitting the ring as Jessie slides in, getting right in the face of both Roxi and Keira. She is armed with a microphone as well. Her music cuts out as she is face to face with Roxi, with Joshua menacingly standing behind her.

Jessie: Oh, my god, could you two be any more annoying? Look, I hate to break it to you both, but Team Hero, is old news.


Jessie: Nobody cares about you anymore. It's about the Hellraisers. It's about Joshua and me, taking our rightful spots at the top!

Roxi just nods

Roxi: Okay, that's... that's great Jessie. I don't know why you're telling me this, but hey, go for it.

Jessie: Cute. I'd expect nothing less from a couple of has-beens. You two are your bratty punk kid can do everyone a favor a get lost, because we don't need you –

Jessie is cut off when Keira barges in front of Roxi, now face to face with Jessie, taking the microphone from Roxi. Roxi scoops up Nate and takes a step back.

Keira: Listen very carefully, Salco. You can talk about us all you want, but mention my son one more time, and you won't make it to your match tonight, because I will take you out personally. Got it?!

Keira hands Roxi the microphone back, but Nate is the one who holds onto it.

Nate: You bad!

There are cheers for the funny moment, but it turns seriously as Joshua then steps in front of Jessie, as Team Hero is forced to take a step back.

Jessie: Yeah, not so tough now. In fact, why don't Joshua and I make an example out of you two and show you what happens to people who mess with the Hellraisers?!

Joshua begins walking towards Keira and Roxi, who must back up, trying to protect Nate from harm. The boos then turn to cheers as "Victim of Me" by the Descendants starts up, and Amy Santino appears with Wyatt in tow, wielding a steel chair each and sliding into the ring, forcing Jessie and Joshua to back up. They exit the ring with The Country Punkins standing between Team Hero and Hellraisers motioning for either one of them to step back into the ring. The Hellraisers slowly retreat up the entrance as Amy turns to Roxi & Keira making sure they are okay, before the three share a group hug, along with Nate as Amy's music plays again.

Casey Williams is seen in his ring attire walking down the halls backstage and runs into Mikah, World Bombshell Champion. He stops and talks to her for a few minutes .

Casey: Hey Mikah, how are you doing?

Mikah looks up to see Casey standing there and she frowns just a little before adjusting her Summer XXXtreme t-shirt that she'd paired with a pair of NIKE leggings.

Mikah: Fine.

She doesn't ask him the same but she figures he'd answer anyways

Casey: I am okay, just getting ready for the Ultimate X match. Do you have any preference on who wins the bombshell Ultimate X match?

Mikah shakes her head no.

Mikah: Nope. Because it probably doesn't matter; it's fixed to have the nutjob win. I already know that you wan't Dani Weston to win.

She gives him a look before looking at her nails.

Casey: You know I am partial to seeing Dani Weston win. It is partly because she's my mixed tag partner, but also because I think that you two's styles will mesh really well, tell a good story in the ring, opposed to facing someone like Christina Rose, whom you have beaten many times already.

She nods her head.

Mikah: Beating her another time wouldn't be hard. It would just add to the numbers and would benefit me. But however, for the nutjob, it doesn't appear that it'd look good on her resume. But that is not my problem. It is also not my problem that she sucks. But let's see if she even makes it past the battle royal, after all she didn't even seemed worried that she had to get through them to get to me. She seemed to think that she already had that match won and focused waaaay too much on me. Hopefully her stanky ass gets thrown into the pool and she does a belly flop.

She frowns for a single moment before smirking and shrugging her slender shoulders.

Casey: I see. I just want to wish you luck in your title defense tonight.

She rolls her eyes a bit.

Mikah: Luck is for losers.

Casey smiles at Mikah and walks away to go stretch as the scene fades to black.

Simone: Welcome to the opening contest of this year's Summer XXXTreme and for one Bombshell this could be the biggest opportunity of her career as six bombshells compete in the first of two Ultimate X Over the Pool matches where the winners will go on to challenge for the World Heavyweight and World Bombshell Championships in tonight's double main event!

Adams: That's right Belinda and we have a star-studded line-up for the first one! Well, future star-studded line-up anyway! Newcomer Portia Alexander! Impressive rookies Aviana Faith and Apple Coren! A woman with nothing to lose and everything to gain in Seleana Zdunich! Perpetual underdog Dani Weston and Seleana's wife Cristina Rose!

Simone: As you just noted, the only Bombshell with any credentials in this match is Christina but she is quickly gaining a reputation like Jessie Salco's! Let's take it to Justin as all the Bombshells are already at the pool!

Justin: Welcome to the opening match of this year's Summer XXXTreme! It is the first of two Ultimate X Over the Pool Matches and the winner will go on to challenge Mikah in tonight's Main Event for the World Bombshell Championship!

The crowd cheers as the camera pans around the pool to show the competing Bombshells.

Justin: Introducing first, making her SCW debut! From Nowhere, Arizona, Portia Alexander!

The crowd doesn't seem to know to what to think of the newcomer as half of them show some support for the young Bombshell whilst the other half are practically chanting "who?".

Simone: Portia has been strangely quiet over these past two weeks, I'm surprised that she remembered to show up to the ship last Sunday!

Adams: Is it just me or does it seem like Portia doesn't care?

Justin: Introducing participant number two! From England, Apple Coren!

The English Bombshells gets more of a positive response than Portia as the crowd clearly remembers her impressive showing against Seleana from the last Climax Control.

Simone: Apple was impressive in her debut match against Seleana, but I think its safe to say that Seleana will be looking to avenge her loss!

Adams: And if the first Apple put up in her debut match is any indication, she won't go down easy!

Justin: Introducing participant number three! From New York City, Aviana Faith!

The crowd cheers the young Bombshell who, like Apple, has been impressive in her short time in SCW and she waves back to the fans.

Simone: Aviana suffered her first loss in SCW on the last Climax Control and is clearly looking to change her fortunes tonight!

Adams: Yeah but her loss was against Evie Baang and there's no shame in losing to a Bombshell of Evie's caliber!

Justin: Introducing participant number four! From Los Angeles, California by way of Helmsted, Sweden, Seleana Zdunich!

The crowd cheers the Swedish Bombshell on, but she seems to be more interested in her wife Christina who is also in the match than the fans.

Simone: Is it me or does it look like the lovebirds are plotting something?

Adams: Who knows but if they are its bad news for the other Bombshells!

Justin: Introducing participant number five! From Las Vegas, Nevada, Dani Weston!

The crowd cheers Dani as she waves to the crowd clearly more interested in them than Christina and Seleana are.

Simone: Dani has yet to win a match in SCW but if she wins tonight then she'll turn that out around in a big way!

Adams: Especially if she goes on to beat Mikah in the Main Event!

Justin: Introducing the last participant! From Los Angeles, California, Christina Rose!

The crowd cheers Christina but like Seleana she is paying them no attention.

Simone: Okay, they are planning something! They may as well have a big neon sign above their heads that reads "we are planning to eliminate the other Bombshells by teaming up"!

Adams: And I don't think the others have noticed!

Drew explains the rules to the six Bombshells and once they nod to confirm that they understand Drew calls for the bell prompting five of the Bombshells to attack each other.


Aviana and Dani team up on Apple whilst Portia jumps Seleana from behind whilst she talks with Christina!

Simone: And tonight's opener is underway!

Adams: Christina has a prime opportunity to make a beeline for the X! No one's paying attention to her!

Portia continues to stomp away at Seleana whilst Apple continues to take abuse from Dani and Aviana, after a few seconds Portia picks up Seleana and goes to throw her into the pool for the first elimination but suddenly Christina whacks her in the back of the head from behind knocking Portia to her hands and knees whilst Seleana manages to just stop herself from taking a dive in the pool, the lesbian couple share a look before nodding to each other before picking up Portia and throwing her into the pool.

Justin: Portia Alexander has been eliminated!

Simone: Wow, that must be a record elimination for this kind of match!

Adams: Thanks for coming Portia! I hope your showing in your next match is better because otherwise? You're never living this down!

Portia argues with Drew that her elimination was unfair but Drew shrugs his shoulders before pointing out that there are technically no rules for this kind of match outside of no ladders, Portia begrudgingly gets out of the pool before flipping off the remaining Bombshells in the match and storming off, presumably to her cabin to get changed out of her wet clothes, back at the action Portia's elimination has distracted Dani and Aviana long enough for Apple to recover from the beatdown and the English Bombshell starts to fight back.

Simone: Someone should tell Portia that no one likes a sore loser! Anyway, it seems that Apple is back in the game!

Adams: And we're not talking about the next iPhone release!

At one-point Apple tries to knock Aviana into the pool with a Superkick but the New York Native manages to avoid falling into the pool instead landing on the side though apparently out cold, satisfied with her work Apple decides against going for the elimination again instead focusing on Dani figuring that either Christina or Seleana will pick up the slack instead, however unbeknownst to the three Bombshells Christina and Seleana have started climbing the structure!

Simone: Looks like the power couple are going for the X!

Adams: But they can't win that way! The idea is to eliminate the other Bombshells first and then go for the X!

Indeed that doesn't seem to be the plan of the two women shimmering across the wires as they go straight past the X and towards the structures directly above Apple, Aviana and Dani though neither of them seem to notice, it isn't until Aviana gets to her feet that they realize what's going on as both Seleana and Christina are climbing atop the structure bringing the crowd to their feet in the process as memories of how Sam Marlowe's Bombshell Roulette Title Reign ended come flowing back!

Simone: This is dangerous territory, Sam Marlowe nearly broke her neck in a similar situation at Into the Void!

Adams: I can't watch!

Aviana calls out to Dani and Apple and directs their attention to the structures that Christina and Seleana are now atop the structures, the crowd watches on with baited breath but before the three rookies can make a move Seleana and Christina make there's, Seleana hitting Dani and Apple with a High Cross Body off the structure whilst Christina nails Aviana with a beautiful flip dive off her structure bringing the crowd to their feet as all four of them lay motionless!

Simone: OH MY GOD! Seleana and Christina especially are so lucky they didn't land on their heads of that move!

Adams: And this is just the opening match folks!


Normally at this point Drew would start counting out the five Bombshells but due to the rules of the match he can do nothing but wait for any of the Bombshells to stir, by the time his count would normally reach seven two Bombshells get to their feet namely Seleana and Apple and the two European women start exchanging rights and lefts near the pools edge, after a few seconds Apple backs off and tries to spear Seleana into the pool presumably whilst using the structure to stop her fall but Seleana ducks out of the way! When Apple turns around she eats a Superkick from Seleana sending her into the pool!

Justin: Apple Coren has been eliminated!

Simone: And I believe that's Apple's first loss in SCW! Ironically in the same manner she tried to eliminate Aviana in!

Adams: She'll bounce back! We saw how well she did in her debut but now Seleana has avenged that loss!

The superkick appears to have knocked out Apple as she floats on the waters surface unmoving, a lifeguard wastes no time in getting her back to sore whilst Seleana mockingly waves her goodbye as EMTs attend to the English Bombshell! Seleana turns around and realizes that Dani and Christina are back on their feet with Aviana nowhere in sight, Seleana goes over to help her wife back to her feet presumably to try to eliminate Dani in the same way they eliminated Portia earlier in the match!

Simone: Looks like Seleana and Christina are back to their old tricks!

Adams: But where's Aviana? She's the only one I can't account for right now!

Christina and Seleana start walking towards Dani when suddenly.........

Aviana: Hey ladies, look out bellow!

Christina and Seleana look up just in time to relies that Aviana is halfway up the structure and before they can react Aviana leaps off the structure and wipes them both out with a Moonsault Press that brings the crowd to their feet! Aviana takes a moment to pose for the fans not realizing that Dani is back on her feet! She turns around to pose for the fans on the far side of the pool and Dani makes her move dropkicking Aviana from behind and knocking her into the pool.

Justin: Aviana Faith has been eliminated!

Simone: Chalk up another loss for Aviana but she has nothing to be ashamed off after that performance!

Adams: There's a bright future for that young lady for sure but we're down to the final three! Christina Rose, Seleana Zdunich and Dani Weston!

Aviana is clearly frustrated by her second loss in SCW but is otherwise okay and swims to the other side of the pool before getting out, back at the action Christina has attacked Dani from behind and looks around for Seleana only to realize that her lover is still down from Aviana's Moonsault, deciding to take matters into her own hands Christina grabs Aviana by her hair and goes for a Suplex presumably into the pool but Dani, acting on instinct, reverses it into a Small Package that she quickly breaks up before rolling to her feet whilst Christina gets to her knees only to eat a Shining Wizard!

Simone: Seleana's truancy might cost Christina the match here and you know Mercedes won't let her live that down on Twitter!

Adams: Don't speak so soon Belinda because Seleana's back on her feet!

Before Dani can go to eliminate Christina she realizes that Seleana is back on her feet and goes for a Dropkick on Seleana only for Seleana to go for a Dropkick at the same time, the two women exchange moves in much the same way for the next few minutes with neither woman having a clear advantage as they steer clear of the pool, after a few seconds they go for a dropkick again which ends the same way and they appear to be at a stalemate as the crowd applauds, however it becomes apparent that Dani completely forgot about Christina during the exchange as the former Bombshell Champion clobbers Dani from behind driving her to her hands and knees.

Simone: Anyone else getting de ja vu?

Adams: I don't know what that means Belinda, but I think they are going to try to eliminate Dani in the same way they eliminated Portia!

However an argument erupts between the couple over how they are going to eliminate Dani and who will win the match once they do, eventually they seem to come to a consensus as Christina holds up Dani's prone form for Seleana to Superkick into the pool, the crowd boos the two women but they don't care as Seleana goes for the kick........and misses as Dani ducks under it, Christina tries to stop her momentum but Dani sends her face first into the structure.

Simone: Ouch, as if Christina's face didn't take enough damage in that Tai Pei Death Match over at Honor Wrestling against Jessie Salco!

Adams: I think the impact opened some stitches as well Belinda because Christina is bleeding!

Indeed, blood is flowing from the stitches in Christina's head from her match last weekend but Dani pays no attention to her as Seleana is trying to eliminate her again, but Dani gets up onto her shoulders and, whilst grabbing onto the structure to make sure she doesn't fall in with Seleana, Hurricanranas Seleana into the pool.

Justin: Seleana Zdunich has been eliminated!

Simone: And then there were two! Dani Weston and Christina Rose!

Adams: And Dani has a head start on Christina! It's the boy.......err, girlhood dream come true!

Christina's eyes widen when she hears Justin's announcement but she has little time to argue from across the pool about it with Drew as Seleana alerts her to Dani's head start before she starts swimming to the other end, seeing that Dani is halfway up the structure already Christina wipes some blood from her eyes before she starts furiously climbing up the structure after Dani, however even with Dani's head start the rookie Bombshell takes a little to long in steadying herself on the platform before she grabs the cable allowing Christina to grab the cable and give chase!

Simone: It's like the old fairytale, the tortoise and the hare!

Adams: Isn't that one of Aesop's Fables? In any event Christina is catching up with Dani slowly but surely!

Christina's a little slower due to the blood loss but both she and Dani make it to the center and start exchanging kicks in an attempt to make one woman lose her grip and fall to the pool bellow, at one point Christina wraps her legs around Dani's neck in an attempt to choke her out and make her lose her grip but Dani wises up to Christina's tactics and bites at Christina's leg forcing her to let go off the hold, however Christina quickly recovers and manages to score a nasty kick to Dani's temple forcing her to let go and fall into the pool and with a big grin on her face Christina quickly follows with the X in hand!

Justin: Dani Weston has been eliminated! The winner of the match and Mikah's challenger for the World Bombshell Championship, Christina Rose!

Simone: And there you have it! Christina once again challenges Mikah for the title!

Adams: We have a rematch from the last Supercard as our Main Event folks and you don't want to miss it!

Christina celebrates whilst life-guards help Dani's unconscious form out of the pool.

Dmitri is seen standing in his locker room as he is preparing himself for the match, he sees Gothika emerge from behind the camera and kisses him o the lips.

Gothika: I am proud of you for what you have done in recent weeks and I'm confident in you making an impact tonight.

Dmitri: Thanks my love, but I don't want to just be a guy who makes an impact. I want to be the man that faces Fenris for the title and beat him. And I will show these punks why

With that Dmitri walks off.

The scene opens on board the cruise ship that's hosting Summer XXXTreme where we see one of the six men competing in the men's Ultimate X Over the Pool Match Caleb Storms lounging on a deck chair alongside his fiancé Katie as they wait for the men's Ultimate X Over the Pool Match to start.

Simone: Caleb has a huge opportunity ahead of him in the men's Ultimate X Over the Pool Match, but he must go through five other men to do it!

Adams: Casey Williams, Dmitri, Matt Spears, Equinox and Ty West are all that stand in his way of facing Fenris in the biggest match of his career so far, but it won't be easy!

Caleb finishes his drink just as Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches him.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Caleb, do you have time for a chat?

Caleb: Sure.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Caleb, in just a few moments you will be competing against Casey Williams, Dmitri, Matt Spears, Equinox and Ty West for a chance to compete for the vacated World Title against Fenris, any last-minute thoughts?

Caleb: I don't really have anything new to say, I will be facing Matt Spears' alter ego this week over at Honor Wrestling but aside from that I have one thing on my mind and that's proving the bosses wrong! There's five men standing in my way of challenging Fenris for the title but it will take more than the size and power of Casey and Dmitri, the speed of Ty and Equinox or the technical skills of Matt to stop me from going on to tonight's Main Event!

Rocky walks off as the scene fades.

Casey Williams is seen outside his cabin, in his ring attire. He is standing there, looking all serious, ready to hurt someone, and decides to call out all the other men in the Ultimate X Match collectively.

Casey: Hey Ty West, Matt Spears, Caleb Storms, Equinox, Dmitri, I hope you guys are ready to take a bath courtesy of the Freight Train of Pain. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, I won't do to win this match, advance to face Fenris, and win the World Heavyweight Title. I can expect all of you to come for me, try to take the biggest guy out early, and you guys would be fools not to attempt to do so. I am ready for anything and everything you guys want to throw my way. When I am the last man standing, I will make the most of my opportunity against Fenris.

Casey cackles as he turns his attention from the men in the Ultimate X Match to Fenris, the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight title that Kris Ryan had to relinquish due to an undisclosed injury.

Casey: Hey Fenris, I hope you are ready for a fight. It will be my pleasure to destroy you, and ruin your plans on becoming World Heavyweight Champion. I am sure you would rather one of my smaller opponents from the Ultimate X match to win, as it would be a little easier for you, but you can dream about it, because it will be me facing you, and I will destroy you.

Casey cackles as the scene fades to black.

Simone: Tonight's Ultimate X match like the Bombshell's ultimate X will end up showing Fenris who his opponent will be tonight.

Adams: That is right, this match is also to decide who will main event tonight with Fenris to challenge for the World title.

Simone: And here is Justin to announce the competitors.

Justin: This match is an ultimate x match battle royal and introducing first, Ty West from Tuscon Arizona

The bass kicks up as a heavy fog fills the stage. Yellow and red lights illuminate it until the back of a man is seen through it. The lights vibrate with the base until singing starts and "Pretty" Ty West turns, raising his fists into the air to the mixed reaction of the fans. He arrogantly waves them off with a cocky smirk until he reaches the ring. Once in, he climbs the turnbuckle, letting out a primal 'roar' before jumping down, cracking his neck as he bounces from one leg to the other

Justin: Joining him from Syracuse New York, Caleb Storms

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing across the deck before Caleb comes out headbanging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp. Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for the rest of his opponents.

Justin: And introducing,

The lights go out and we can hear the bassline from the song hits along with a guitar start to play. A dead rose emerges on the Titan Tron as blood slowly pours over it before we can hear Marylin Manson start to sing.

A path of light can be seen emerging on the entrance way, where we see Russian letters are written in the path that the light is creating a path for the monster we know to be Dmitri. Dmitri emerges as Manson starts to sing the chorus for the very first time, where he is followed by Gothika as the two vampires are walking to the ring. He is dressed in his suit like wrestling gear and a long leather coat around his body while Gothika is dressed in a gothic like dress.

Justin: Currently walking towards the ring being accompanied by Gothika!! Hailing from Moscow, Russia!! Dmitri!!

He slowly enters the ring, holding open the ropes for Gothika to enter after him. He turns around and stares at his opponents while Gothika takes off the coat before kissing him on the cheek as she slowly leaves the ring.

Justin: Joining those in the ring...

As the stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with white smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. Suddenly, something began to rise out of the stage, as if rising from the depths of the mist itself. The fans began to erupt as Equinox hidden underneath the smoke begins to rise out of the smoke as you can see parts his face paint revealing itself hidden under his mask. His arms outstretched to the High Fliers as if drawing in their strength before stepping into battle.

"End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage go out as it hits over the PA System as the Titan trons begins to play the video highlighting Equinox who would be competing into one of the tonight's many events.

The fog still thick and envious as if to cloud him from their vision as he makes his way out. As the beat gets faster, Equinox walk faster as his feet trot along to the beat as he is shown in his white Assassin's creed overcoat, his conjoined white and black mask hiding his face, black tank top, and his customized arm covers over each arm in hues of black, charcoal gray, red. His face hidden behind a wild mask of face paint. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces wrestling's own High Spot Superhero.

Justin: From St. Louis, Missouri!!!! Weighing in at 235 Ibs....He is "The Human Highlight Reel", He is "The High Spot Hero" Equinox!!!!!!!

Equinox slowly makes his way down the rows and rows of fans on his right side til he goes full square around to each of the fans. Then heads to greet the ones he missed, before turning around before heading full throttle into the ring sliding under the bottom rope feet first as his body flies at full speed. Smiling big and wide, He gets up quickly playing to the crowd. Proceeding up to each turnbuckle pointing out to the fans for they are why he is here tonight before climbing to the top turnbuckle and somersaulting off the top landing on his feet in the ring. Once finished he take off his overcoat as well as his mask and hands both of them to the Ref.

Justin: Introducing now, the Freight Train of pain...Casey Williams.

The opening guitar rifts and drums hit, then the lyrics of "Trouble" by Five Finger Death Punch start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, reflecting off of mirrors that are set up at the top of the stage, and they go black, and when the lights come back on, Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes looking at the mirror into his conflicted self.

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused and intense. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the conflicted crowd, their faces showing that they do not know what to make of Casey William's new found aggressiveness. Casey nods his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the fans, some cheering and some booing.

Justin: And finally from Chicago Illinois, we have Matt Spears

As the music starts to play. Matt just walks out and down to the ring with an intense look to all the others in the match.

Simone: All of these men stand a very good chance in this match.

Adams: Which means that no one knows who the winner will be but whoever it is, I bet they are going to be ready for Fenris. I mean to say aren' Trump I didn't want to use a double negative...

Simone just shoots Jason Adams a look as Jacob Summers signals for the bell.


Simone: And the brawling starts already!


Ty and Caleb Storms lock up while Matt Spears whips Dmitri into the corner and follows him in with a clothesline that rocks the vampire's head back. In the middle of the ring, Equinox and Casey Williams are trading hard rights and lefts. All six men are fighting towards the corners where they can drop their opponents and make the climb to the X hanging over the ring. Dmitri straightens as Matt moves to climb to the wires and begins to move his way along. Dmitri grabs the leg of Spears and pulls him to the ring where he rolls quickly to the side to avoid elimination in the pool. Equinox manages to fight off Caasey long enough to charge at a downed Matt Spears but before he can capitalize, Dmitri sends him spinning into the pool with a big boot out of nowhere.

Adams: We have our first elimination tonight with Equinox being booted into the pool by Dmitri.

Matt Spears looks surprised as Casey rushes across the ring to kick Dmitri in the mid section and then pull him up with a gorilla press slam that forces Dmitri to arch in pain as Ty and Caleb fight along the ropes. Casey moves towards the two of them and takes both off their feet with a clothesline over the top rope but both men are able to grab the top rope and save themselves from elimination. Matt Spears sees them and rushes across the ring to attack both in hopes of eliminating them. Caleb sees him coming as does Ty West. Matt and Caleb are fighting along the ropes as Ty makes himself scarce. Matt pulls Caleb into the ring and drops him with a ddt on the mat. Caleb clutches at his head as Spears reaches down to pull him up by his long hair and rushes him across the ring to toss him over the top rope. Caleb skins the cat after grabbing the rope. Matt moves to release his hold but Storms catches Matt around the head with his legs and pulls him over the ropes and into the pool.

Simone: Matt Spears has been eliminated from this match by a very surprisingly agile Caleb Storms.

Adams: Caleb is still in much danger given that we still have some strong fighters still in the ring.

Caleb rolls himself back into the ring and looks towards Casey and Dmitri fighting along the ropes then looks up to find Ty working his way towards the X. Storms charges towards Ty West and clutches him around the thighs as he fights to pull him down from the wires. Ty keeps trying to kick him off as Caleb tries to use his weight to cause Ty to fall. Suddenly Ty looks up to see his hands to releasing the wires and struggles to throw himself towards the side where he will avoid falling tino the pool. Suddenly his hands give way and the pair fall. Ty manages to land on the side of the ring and scrambles to crawl further to safety while dragging Caleb with him. Storms realizes he is still safe and gets to his feet only to receive the Kiss of Death knockout punch from Casey Williams who has moved away from Dmitri who is sagging in the corner. Caleb staggers back from the punch too far and steps into the empty air above the pool before windmilling his arms trying to save himself. Ty stops him with a big boot and Caleb drops into the water only to spring right out and slap the water hard.

Simone: Storms is eliminated by Ty West with the assist from the kiss of Death punch of Casey Williams.

Adams: But I bet neither of them are looking at Dmitri who is making his way up to the X.

Casey and Ty see Dmitri moving towards the X and looking at each other, rush to pull him down from the wire. The vampire tries to fight off the combined strength of both men but Ty and Casey are too strong and pull him off the wire. Casey staggers back with the force of Dmitri''s body impacting on the pair. Ty rolls away as Dmitri and Casey are tangled on the mat trading punches. He looks around the ring and then moves towards the wires and resting in the corner he watches the two rivals making their way to their feet still trading punches.

Adams: Casey and Dmitri really don't like each other and all the times they have fought has just emphasized this fact.

Ty climbs on the turnbuckle still watching as Casey and Dmitri fight closer to the edge where suddenly out of nowhere, Dmitri kicks Casey in the midsection and then pulls him in to pick him up with a scoop and body slams him into the water with a big splash. A vicious smile lights up Dmitri's face before he notices that Gothika is pointing at Ty West who has gotten to the top turnbuckle and climbs the steel ringposts where the wires are. Ty moves over the top of the ropes and begins to crawl across the wire as Dmitri moves to the corner and rushes after him.

Simone: I think that Dmitri realizes that Ty West is going to grab for the X and then the gold.

Adams: Ty better hurry then because here comes Dmitri and from the look of it, he is not going to let Ty win this one.

Dmitri has made it to the top of the turnbuckle then grabs the wires and shakes them hard which dislodges West who manages to hold on barely and then throw his body towards the solid ground. As he does, Dmitri takes him off his feet with a flying clothesline. Rolling to his feet, Dmitri rushes to the downed West and picking him up, whips him into the ropes and then catches the rebounding West with a chokeslam that has Ty grabbing at his throat in pain. Dmitri glares down at West who is coughing and choking before turning his back on him and moving to the opposite corner and climbs to the wires. Ty gets to his hands and knees but manages to get to his feet to watch as Dmitri is on the second turnbuckle. Ty looks to see himself close to the corner and moves to climb up on the turnbuckles himself. The noise of the fans brings Dmitri's attention to Ty making his way to the wires as well. The vampire climbs quickly and begins to crawl along the wire.

Simone: Both men making a move to the center where the X is. The question is who will get there first?

Dmitri gets to the X first but Ty is close enough to slap his hands away from the X. Dmitri moves enough to swipe at Ty who manages to avoid the contact. Finally both men fight to flip themselves up on the ropes to pull themselves over the X and begins to trade punches while sitting on the wires. Dmitri uses a hard right to rock Ty West backwards but West is able to lock his foot around the wire. Dmitri is able to get the X and pulls it upward but Ty reaches out and catches it himself. The two begin a tug of war with the X with the fans screaming when the two men lose their balance and both men end up falling into the water, both of them holding the X.

Simone: What does this mean? A triple threat for the title against Fenris?

Adams: No wait...something is happening.

Suddenly the surface of the pool is broken by a blonde head as Ty West holds up the X in Victory as Dmitri slowly surfaces in a deadman's float to the scream of Gothika who rushes over to help him out of the pool as Ty celebrates by spraying all the fans at ringside in a wave of celebration as Jacob Summers signals for the bell.

Simone: Oh my god what a finish.

Adams: Ty West splashing the fans and getting them wet with his victory lap


Justin:The winner of the match and challenger to the World title...TY WEST!

Simone: Ty will be challenging for the world title tonight!

Adams: He better hurry up and get dried off if that is the case.

Ty leaves the pool and continues to celebrate up the ramp to the backstage area.

Cut immediately to the backstage area to find Fenris with his eyes glued firmly on the monitor, having just watched the end result on the match to determine his opposition in tonight's Main Event. He is already prepared to set foot inside of the ring, wearing his "White Wolf" sleeveless T shirt, black lycra shorts and his usual ball cap on his scalp. With a smirk on his face, he nods so that it is evident that he is quite pleased with the outcome.

Pussy Willow: Fenris?

The buxom chief reporter for Sin City Wrestling cautiously approaches the loose cannon grappler from the side, microphone in hand. He turns his head nonchalantly and just stares at her without uttering a word of his usual disdain. CLEARLY he is pleased with the battle royal's outcome.

Fenris: No Miss Rocky? You draw the short straw?

Pussy Willow: Yes. I mean, no! Not at all. I just wanted to ask... well we just saw Ty West come out victorious in the Ultimate X Battle Royal and so in the Main Event, he will face you for the World Championship! And if I'm not mistaken, you seem pleased?

Fenris looks again to the monitor with a smile before turning his full attention back to the reporter.

Fenris: Why wouldn't I be? He and I wrestled before, and I won. He can deny it all he wants. Find any loophole he needs to soothe his ego. But. I. Won!

Fenris emphasizes his point, driving a forefinger into his own sternum with each word.

Fenris: I beat him. I made him pass out. Pinfalll. Submission. Knock out. All mean the same thing. And I did it before, I can do it again. And here's a little secret I can let you in on.

He leans in close.

Fenris: I will.

He straightens up.

Fenris: I end all doubt where he is concerned tonight. Whether I pin him or make him cry like little baby and submit, or even knock him out again. Doesn't matter. You know why?

Pussy Willow shakes her head.

Fenris: Because no matter how I beat him, I will still be the new World Champion!

With that perpetual cocky smile, he shrugs his shoulders as if to proclaim its no big deal and he walks off camera, leaving Pussy Willow staring after him.

We cut to an area of the ship with Roxi and Keira walking around, Nate riding on Keira's shoulders.

Roxi: Well, having fun?

Keira: I still want to punch some people. And I'm still mad about Jessie earlier.

Roxi: Trust me, I'm not happy about it either. But, we're guests, let's at least enjoy the cruise.

Keira sighs.

Keira: I guess. You're having a good time, right, kiddo?

Nate: Uh-huh. Good.

Keira: Good.

One of the cruise's security walks up behind the duo, trying to get their attention.

Guard: Excuse me?!

They turn and smile.

Roxi: What's up?

Keira: Do you want to fight?

Roxi: Keira!

Keira giggles

Keira: I was only joking.

Roxi: Anyway, is something wrong?

Guard: We have a situation involving one of your guests.

Roxi: Wait, what?

AJS: Heeeyyyyyyyyy!

Amy Jo Smyth waves.

AJS: This guy is being rude as fuck.

Smyth rushes forward, steps in front of the guard.

AJS: This guy doesn't know who I am. How is that even possible?!

Smyth turns to him and makes a snooty face at him.

Roxi: What's going on here?

Guard: We found her, drunkenly wandering and trying to get into the engine room.

AJS: I'm not drunk. I'm lost!

Roxi can only shake her head.

Roxi: What are you doing? You're a guest! You don't need to be near the engine room!

AJS: I told I'm lost! My multipass is back in my room and there's no fucking map and I shouldn't cuss in front of the rugrat.

Smyth reaches up and shakes his hand.

AJS: Hello, Sir Nate.

Nate: Hi.

Roxi: No, you shouldn't. Why didn't you say something to the staff?

Keira: And stop cursing in front of my little boy!

AJS: I did! He won't listen. He just started saying I shouldn't be here, that I was trespassing, and I'd be put in the brig - that's what they call boat prisons right? Until someone came and got me. This is so stupid. I've had like, two beers and this boat is always rocking and there's all these turns and hallways and I wanna see things. But there's all these wannabe cops who have to be all big and bad. Ugh.

Roxi just shakes her head.

Roxi: I'll take care of this. Thank you for letting us know.

Roxi turns to Keira.

Roxi: I'll meet you at the buffet line, DON'T go overboard.

Keira: I'm hungry!

Roxi: I mean it!

Roxi turns to AJ, gripping her arm.

Roxi: You, are going back to your room and keeping out of trouble. I will lock you in if I have to.

AJS: First of all, OW!

Smyth glares at the hand wrapped tightly around her arm. Roxi doesn't get the hint so AJ throws her off.

AJS: Second, I'm not going back to my room. I'm going to find the smoking deck, have a cigarette, get another drink, have an eating contest with Keira and show Nate how transference works. Then wrestling.

Roxi: So you lied about the two beers. Either that or you hold your beer worse than I do. You are making a huge scene and you don't even work here. Knock it off. If you make me go full mom on this cruise, I will. Don't make me, AJ. Behave yourself.

AJS: I didn't lie about shit. I had two beers. It's this fucking boat. Why is it always moving?! I'm just trying to live and have fun but this shit is... If you wanna go full mom, help me find my sea-legs and the smoking deck. That's all I want! Why can't anyone just listen to me!

Roxi: Because you're acting like this. Come on, we're going and I'm going to babysit you, because apparently you can't be trusted.

AJS: I don't need a babysitter, just need a little help.

Smyth taps the side of her head.

AJS: You forget that my brain doesn't handle this new place and all this motion the way in which yours does. That's what I was trying to tell you without telling the whole world. Sometimes I forget easy things, where I am, where I'm going in really complicated places where everything looks the same.

AJ looks down at the floor and sighs.

AJS: I didn't want the security guy to know that so I just... Reacted.

Roxi runs her hands through her hair, and sighs.

Roxi: You never told me either. You could have said something and I would be able to explain it, and you wouldn't be in trouble. Just... come on, let's go, let's collect our thoughts and get you the stuff you need.

AJS: I thought you'd just sorta know and get it.

Roxi: I'm Super, not psychic.

AJS: But with this brain, I just might be.

Smyth chuckles.

AJS: Can we smoke now, though?

Roxi: You can, yes. Let's go.

Smyth takes off forward but then stops. She turns around to look at Roxi. She frowns.

AJS: Maybe you should go first... I might lead us into the ocean.

Roxi: I got it.

Roxi leads AJ away as the scene cuts elsewhere.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the Mixed Tag Team match to be contested under Street Fight rules!!!

The crowd around the cruise erupt as they want to see this match to unfold

Simone: Amy vs Jessie!! Wyatt vs. Acquin!! It's going to be a heavy battle contested on this cruise.

Adams: I just hope that they will remember that the winner has to be inside the ring!!

"Born to Raise Hell" hits the speakers and the crowd boos as Jessie steps out first followed by Joshua Acquin, Jessie headbangs along to the song for a few seconds before exchanging a fist bump with Josh before the pair make their way down to the ring.

Justin: Introducing the team of Jessie Salco and Joshua Acquin, they are the Hell Raisers!

Jessie slides into the ring ahead of her partner before she holds down the middle rope by way of sitting on it so that Josh can enter the ring easily and the two exchange another fist bump before waiting for their opponents.

The lights begin to flicker as "Happy Ignorant People" by Barnyard Ballers hit over the P.A as Amy Santino and Wyatt Peterson burst through the curtain with Amy wearing her mask as she dances away, while Wyatt has a big Texas smile on his face, his signature Stetson atop his head. Wyatt points upwards and circles the air with his finger as he lets out a "YEEEEEEEHAW!!!" much to the delight of the crowd.

Justin: Introducing, at a combined weight of 413lbs, the team of Amy Santino and "Big Country" Wyatt Peterson... The Country Punkins!

Amy and Wyatt then head down the ramp, with both slapping the hands of the fans before climbing into the ring. Amy and Wyatt both climb the turnbuckles, with Amy surveying the crowd while Wyatt lets out another "YEEHAW". They both drop down and move to the corner with Wyatt taking his Stetson off and Amy her mask before waiting for the match to begin.

Amy and Jessie are at each other's throats in a verbal way, Amy charges in on her as Jessie slips out of the ring and we see Acquin stand between the two former Bombshell tag team partners. Amy is screaming at Jessie, who is just merely trying to calm down the crowd who were booing her from the moment that she slid out of the ring.

Simone: I wonder if Jessie realizes that this is going to be a street fight, so there's no way that she can hide behind Acquin.

Adams: It's going to be a night both teams won't forget very soon!!!


The bell has rang as Amy runs towards the ropes and slides underneath the bottom rope as she chases her former tag team partner Jessie Salco, the two Bombshells are running around the ring as the two superstars start to duke it out with each other.

Adams: I guess both ladies have packed their running shoes!!

Joshua gets a punch blocked by Wyatt as he elbows him in the forehead, this causes Joshua to stagger backwards into the corner as Wyatt follows it up with a running avalanche that Joshua Acquin sidesteps. Causing Wyatt to hit the turnbuckles and stagger backwards before Acquin runs towards him with a running clothesline that drops Wyatt hard on the canvas. Acquin delivers a few series of elbows to the chest of Wyatt before going for the cover.



Jasmine stops the count as Wyatt manages to kick out at the count of two as the shot changes towards the ladies on the outside. As Amy has caught up with Jessie and delivers an Irish Whip on Jessie towards the steel steps. Causing Jessie to jump up on the steel steps and turns around, only to be dropped by a Amy dropkick that sends Jessie into the barricades that causes the fans to cheer out loud.

Adams: Tough luck for Jessie that Amy reacted so quickly to her avoiding to hit the steel steps.

Simone: I'm not so sure If Jessie is better off this way or just merely hitting the steps!!

Jessie is leaning over the railing with a painful back as she sees Amy charging in on her with a cross body block, Jessie uses the momentum of Amy against her as she somehow manages to catch her and tosses her to the outside of the ring as that causes Amy to fall into the sea of fans that is behind the barricades.

Simone: Oh that is one nasty fall!!

Adams: Indeed it is, I just hope Amy is ok!!

The camera cut to Jessie leaning against the barricade, looking over her shoulder towards Amy and has a sinister smile on her face. She then turns her attention towards the ring as she sees that Joshua Acquin has attempted a Figure Four Leglock on Wyatt Petersen, but the big man has pushed him in the backside halfway the turn and kicks him into the turnbuckles. Causing Acquin to hit his shoulder into the turnbuckles. Wyatt gets up quickly and grabs Acquin from behind and delivers a German Overhead released suplex that drops Acquin hard on the canvas as his head bounces off the canvas in a vicious way.

Simone: What a suplex!!!

Adams: Well he has to look out for Jessie!!!

Jessie has jumped up on the apron and has a chair in her hands, quickly climbing the turnbuckles as she set herself up for a jump off the turnbuckles and blast the chair across the head of Wyatt Petersen. But Wyatt has turned around quickly and stares Jessie in the face before she could ever jump off the turnbuckles.

Adams: Uh oh....

Jessie starts to look around, realizing that that if she jumps off that Wyatt would catch her so she looks to the outside. Only to realize that Amy has gotten back onto the ringside area as she had climbed over the guardrail and has a pissed off look.

Simone: Things seem to look even worse for Jessie!!

Jessie decides that she has more chance against Amy, causing her to jump off the turnbuckles with the chair high above her head. Setting herself up to blast the chair into the face of Amy, but Amy manages to catch Amy by the waist and delivers a Belly to Belly suplex onto the concrete floor. This causes the fans to start to chant.

Crowd: Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!!

Amy starts to get all worked up after dropping her former tag team partner that she locks her in the Koji Clutch.

Adams: Amy is so worked up that she forgets that you can only win by pinfall or submission inside the ring!!

Wyatt is clapping his partner as he turns around and is met by a high knee strike from Acquin, who has gotten back to his feet and falls on top of Petersen.




Jasmine raises her hand up in the air, right in the face of Acquin to show him that it was nothing more than a count of two. Acquin is lived as he thought that he had Wyatt beat.

Adams: Tough luck for Acquin, he was very close but the big Texan managed to kick out.

Acquin runs to the ropes and comes back off the ropes, he stops close to Petersen before jumping up in the air for a high knee drop. But the knee drop hits nothing more than the canvas as Petersen has rolled out of the way. Petersen then covers Acquin as he hooks both legs as Jasmine goes for the count once more.




No this time it is Acquin that managed to kick out to a large shock of Petersen. The camera gets to the outside as we see that Jessie has managed to somehow grab a Kendo Stick and use it on the knee that is underneath her throat. Causing the stick to hit the knee but also her face, forcing Amy to break the hold as the pain is hurting her but also we see blood from the face of Jessie.

Simone: Good God!! Did you see that???

Adams: Jessie knew that she would hurt herself in the process of hurting Amy and letting her let go off the hold!!!

The split screen shows a replay of the act that Jessie did on her former tag partner, as she slowly crawls over towards the ring as she uses the ring apron to get up to her feet. She uses the ring ropes to get back on the apron as Wyatt has gotten Acquin to his feet and whips him into the ropes, when Acqin comes off the ropes Wyatt grabs him and lifts him up for a Body Slam, but just as he wants to deliver the move it is Jessie that dropkicks Acquin in the back as that causes him to fall on top of Wyatt for the three count.




Again Wyatt kicks out, causing Jessie to jump around angry before somehow Amy has slided back in the ring and levels Jessie with the kendo stick in the back before locking her for the three count





Justin: The winners of this Mixed tag team street fight!!! Country Punkins!!!

Adams: Wow! Jessie started this war and Amy just finished it.

Simone: I can't wait to see what excuse she uses to chalk this loss off. Probably cause this match wasn't her idea.

Adams: Maybe in the future, Jessie will be more careful on who she tries to attack.

Just outside Crooners Bar, Ms. Rocky Mountains holds up a microphone and is standing stands by Mercedes Vargas for an interview. A quartet of violinists can be heard playing in the establishment.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Years change, people come and go, but one thing that hasn't changed is seeing you as a champion in SCW.

Mercedes: Tonight, though, I not so sure about that. Because while seasons change and the years go by and people come and go, one thing that hasn't changed is that I have yet to win at this event. You could say that I'm cursed.

Briefly turning away from the interviewer, Mercedes offers a perfect smile at the camera before turning back to Rocky

Mercedes: Summer XXXtreme is about business and pleasure. I've had six days of fun aboard the Sun Princess. Tonight though is about business. So, Summer XXXtreme is going to be about two things, Rocky.

Mercedes holds one finger up.

Mercedes: I'm going to end the Summer XXXtreme curse, and two?

She holds two fingers up.

Mercedes: I'm going to make history one...more...time as the first-ever ten-time champion and Kain and the first Bombshell to have won every title in the company. All four members of London Underground will be in the ring just to keep Kain and I guessing, but we'll see which two of their best will stand up against THE BEST to end their reign. Because if they want to walk off this cruise ship with their titles, they're going to have to work to beat Kain and yours truly. Yes, they're invincible, they've cleaned out the division, but they haven't been challenged yet... until now.

The camera moves backstage to show the trainer's room and moves inside to see Mikah sitting on the table with a bag of ice on her left wrist. She was wearing a simple yellow backless dress and black stiletto heels.

Mikah: You can't keep me from wrestling tonight. Sprained wrist or not.

Mikah's eyes narrow at the trainer.

Trainer: I really think you should forfeit the match so you don't worsen the condition of your wrist. If you go into the match like it is, there is a high probability of you breaking your wrist.

Mikah scowls and rolls her eyes.

Mikah: Where's the waiver? The waiver I can sign that tells you and everybody else that I'm going to compete against medical advice.

The trainer looks uneasy.

Trainer: I'm going to have to talk to Mr. Ward before allowing you to sign any sort of paperwork.

The Bombshell Champion scowls a little bit but waves her hand to let the trainer call Mark Ward into the office. Mikah takes the ice off of her wrist and the camera zooms in to see bruising and a little swelling.

Trainer: Put the ice back on it!

He barked the order at her as if she was a child. She scowls at him before putting the bag of ice back on the swollen, bruised wrist. She looks up to see Mark Ward walk into the office.

HS: I haven't got time for this. I got a show to deal with here. What's going on?

Trainer: Mikah's wrist is sprained and she is wishing to sign a waiver to allow herself to compete against medical advice. Just running it by you before letting her sign.

Mikah sits there and removes the ice from her wrist to show the bruising and swelling before replacing the bag of ice. Mark runs a hand over his face before his attention is on her.

HS: You still want to compete?

Mikah: I'm sure as hell not vacating my championship, so yes. Just give me the damn paper and I'll sign it!

She shoots him a look before shooting the trainer an even nastier look.

HS: Give her the paperwork then. Her choice to be stupid.

Mikah: My choice to compete so you don't get stuck without a main event.

The trainer brings out the form and hands her a pen. She signs her name on the dashed line, leaving her last name off of it.

Trainer: Last name too. And date.

Mikah scowls again before scrawling the name Green after her first name and then putting the date next to it.

Mikah: There. Now can I have some tape so I can wrap it before my match, please?

She looks at Mark before holding a hand out. The trainer then places a thing of white athletic tape in her hand.

Mikah: Now your main event is still intact.

HS: Just a shame it wasn't a mouth injury, wouldn't have even worried about the waiver to put tape on that.

Mikah doesn't respond as Hot Stuff smirks at her, before leaving the trainer's room.

Simone: Welcome back to Summer XXXTreme Six! The mixed tag team titles will be on the line next!

Adams: That's right! The London Underground have dominated since winning the titles at Into the Void Vll.

Simone: Now they face their toughest opponents to date as SCW mixed tag team champions in Kain and Vargas. Both Triple crown winners and amazing wrestlers.

Adams: Here comes the challengers!

Simone: KAIN!

Justin: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the Sin City Wrestling Mixed Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds and hailing from Detroit, Illinois-- KAIN!

As the crashing riffs of Metallica's Battery plays loudly on the speakers, Kain appears from the curtain, alone and unafraid. He walks down the ramp with a confident step, snarling with rage. He looks to his left and right, trash-talking to the fans, letting him know that he's ready for tonight and will do whatever it takes to win. As he climbs the steps, he laughs in their face and continues to boast. Stepping into the ring, he steps onto the center of the ring, raising his right fist in the air and looking straight at the camera as the pyro from all corners of the ring. Then he gets into his corner and looks towards the entrance ramp, staring silently and awaiting his partner, Mercedes Vargas.

Adams: Kain is an imposing figure. He appears to be full of rage here tonight.

Simone: Vargas and he could make history here tonight if they manage to pull this off and become champions.

Adams: Speaking of Mercedes...

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas, as per usual, stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on hips, and overlooking the crowd. The bell sounds and the camera pans around the arena once more and then cuts to the ring announcer as he lifts his microphone for the pre-match introductions.

Mercedes goes up the steps and walks along the ring apron as she straddles the top rope, facing the crowd. She walks the rest of the apron and climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back at the camera as she flips her hair, though the determined expression on her face remains- perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight.

Justin: And Kain's partner... She weighs in at one hundred and twenty five pounds while hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mercedes Vaarrggas!

Simone: What can I say about Vargas? She's done it all. A veteran of our sport that can win any match she's in.

Adams: Mercedes and Kain will have to work cohesively together here tonight if they hope to topple the champs.

Simone: London Underground came here to win tonight just like they do on any given night. This match could sink this ship.

Adams: I sure hope not.

The lights in the arena dim slightly as the distinct opening chords of Imagine Dragons "I'm So Sorry" starts to play over the speaker. The drumbeat kicks in as every eye in the area looks towards the entrance ramp. Images of London flashes on the main screen, along with the members of London Underground. The fans boo as Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page and Charlotte Elliot walk on to the ramp.

Justin: From Bethnal Green, East London, England, they are Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page, they are your SCW MIXED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, London Underground!

Simone: Kain and Vargas do have one glaring issue ahead.

Adams: What's that?

Simone: They are outnumbered, two to four.

The four stand calmly, Daniel looks around the crowd as the stoned faced, emotionless Osbourne stands behind him. To either side of them, Mackenzie stands focused, while Charlotte stands stone faced. Daniel looks back with a tilt of the head, nodding towards the ring. The four slowly start to walk down the ramp, mostly ignoring the fans as they move along. Daniel gets to the ring first, a picture of calmness on his face as he looks up at the ring and starts to walk up the steps. He lifts his nearest legs to the ropes and steps in the ring, ducking his body and moving in to the ring. He puts his arms out to the fans as the emotionless Osbourne joins him in the ring, just standing in the middle of the ring, his left hand on his right as a smile crosses Daniel's face. Mackenzie and Charlotte join the two in the ring and quickly moves towards the ropes, both women climbing on them, unaffected by their boos. The women jump down and join the men in the middle of the ring.

Simone: The referee holds the titles high into the air to show what's at stake in this one.

Adams: Who will defend?

Simone: That's part of the mystery of this team. Four top wrestlers they can interchange to defend at their own discretion.

Adams: It appears Mackenzie and Morgan will defend the titles here tonight.

Simone: While the other two stand by ringside for any necessary assistance.

Adams: The referee calls for the bell and we are underway!


The two women begin circling each other rapidly while the bell echoes throughout. Vargas charges in with a knee that Mackenzie blocks! She then swats at Mercedes for a vicious backhand chop that sends her back!

Simone: Page strikes first

Mercedes appears almost insulted by the backhand chop. She pushes Mackenzie into the closest corner then hammers her across the face with a sharp elbow. Then shushing the crowd. The machine gun like chops come fast and without mercy. Page falls down in the corner into a seated position leading Vargas to head for the corner directly across from Mackenzie. She then charges in looking for a knee to the face but Mackenzie rolls underneath the bottom rope to catch her breath while Mercedes continues to taunt her from inside the ring.

Adams: These two women are going at it! This crowd loves it!

Simone: Osbourne and Elliot reassure Mackenzie on the outside while Vargas continues to motion for Page to bring it.

Mackenzie rolls back into the ring leading Mercedes to come in for a stomp assault! Page gets kicked right in the rib cage leading her to cover up after that for defense. Mercy V then grabs the back of Mackenzie's head by the hair then stomps it flat on the mat! The referee comes in to warn her while the crowd boos Mercedes for it.

Adams: This crowd has no patience for Vargas or here antics here tonight.

Simone: These two teams are both hated but even Vargas can draw boos in this one.

The referee allows Mackenzie Page to get back to her feet before resuming the match. Vargas flies at her opponent full speed ahead! Page counters by capturing Mercedes in both arms then rolling her up in a small package pin!

Simone: That's Mercedes move!




Adams: Page nearly got Vargas with her own maneuver there!

Simone: Mackenzie is capable of almost anything in a wrestling ring.

Page gets back to her feet quickly while Vargas leaps up on both from her back! She spins for a wicked spinning heel kick! Mercedes catches Mackenzie on the side of the jaw flush with her right heel. The shot sends her back to the mat while Vargas staggers over to tag in Kain!

Simone: Tag made!

Adams: Here comes Morgan and Kain!

Kain comes into the ring then charges at Daniel Morgan! Morgan ducks the clothesline attempt completely! Kain flies past then bounces off the ropes and slingshots back to Daniel. This time he hits his mark! The clothesline sends Morgan to the mat!

Adams: Kain hits the ring in a hurry and it pays off.

Simone: These two men are almost the same size. This could get interesting quick!

Kain gets to Daniel to grapple him up around the neck as he tries to get back to his feet. King then slams one half of the mixed tag team champions down face first on the mat with a violent DDT! Kain hurries to continue his momentum by getting back to his feet. He then quickly applies a figure four leg lock after dragging Morgan to the center of the ring! Kain locks in the hold with focused precision.

Simone: Kain has locked on the figure four!

Adams: In the center of the ring no less! Daniel Morgan has got to get a rope break if London Underground hopes to retain here tonight.

The referee comes in close to watch for a tag but Daniel shakes him off almost immediately. The crowd goes wild as Kain taunts Morgan while directly facing him with the legendary maneuver locked in.

Adams: Morgan has nowhere to go! He could tap here, Belinda.

Simone: Kain wants to taste SCW gold again and will hurt Daniel to do just that.

Morgan attempts to flip over but Kain uses his weight and hold to not allow this to occur. Osbourne hits the apron on the outside of the ring to pump up Daniel and leads him to attempt to rock the opposite direction, looking to turn the hold over to apply the pressure to his opponent with no success.

Simone: Daniel is trying to flip over to counter this figure four with one of his own from both men's bellies.

Adams: Kain refuses to let that happen.

Daniel Morgan then uses everything he's got to flip over leading Kain to also flip. Now it's Daniel's opponent with all the pressure on his legs. Morgan uses both hands to lift himself up into the air to put even more pressure on the king of the underground.

Adams: He does it! Morgan has countered the figure four but Kain might can reach the ropes from the two men's current position.

Simone: He's reaching...

Kain scoots slightly then reaches out for the bottom rope to grasp hold of it! The referee comes in to break the hold then sends both men to their respective corners before resuming the match.

Simone: Kain gets a rope break when he needed it the most but Morgan appears to now favor that right knee.

King comes flying in at Morgan, who catches him for a one arm suplex! The shot rattles the entire ring but Daniel gets back to his feet while slightly favoring the knee. Kain gets up on one knee just in time to see Morgan come flying in for a brutal shining wizard! The shot sends the king of the underground to the mat leading Daniel to hook a leg looking for a pin.


Kick OUT!

Adams: Kick out by Kain!

Simone: Vargas is reaching for a tag as is Page!

Morgan hits his feet running but evidently slowed by the knee. He bounces off the ropes aiming for a running knee but Kain ducks it leading Morgan to get tangled up in the ropes. Vargas reaches out and the king of the underground tags her in to catch his bearings.

Simone: Tag made! Here comes the ladies!

Page gets in the ring first then charges across the ring full speed to catch Vargas off guard! The ensuing spear nearly cuts the legend in two! Vargas hits the mat then rolls underneath the bottom rope and ends up on the outside floor. Osbourne and Charlotte Elliott circle her as soon as she hits the outside floor. The referee notices this almost immediately.

Adams: Uh-oh!

Simone: What's going to happen here.

The ref points at Osbourne and Charlotte then tosses them from ring side by pointing toward the back!

Adams: The referee demands that Osbourne and Elliot be removed from ringside! Wanted to stop that before it even started here tonight.

Simone: Morgan and Page will have to go it alone.

Morgan argues the call from his corner while Osbourne and Elliot back up the steel ramp to exit ringside. Page watches on from inside the ring when suddenly her feet are pulled out from beneath her from behind! Mercedes pulls her heels out from underneath from below the bottom rope on the outside of the ring! Page hits the mat face first which busts her bottom lip from the violent sudden shot. Vargas slides back in to the ring.

Simone: Mercy V is on the prowl.

Mercedes waits patiently after slipping back in the ring for Page to get up. Mackenzie ends up kneeling on her hands and knees leading Vargas to strike! She does a front flip over the top of Page for a picture perfect front flip into a cutter on Mackenzie! The maneuver wows the crowd and leads Mercedes to hook a leg for a pin!




Adams: Kick out by Page at two and a half! Close.

Simone: London Underground is reeling here after the removal of Osbourne and Elliot from ringside.

Adams: Mercedes is back up!

Vargas snatches up Mackenzie by the hair of her head! She then takes hold for a irish whip into the corner! Page turns before she hits ending up with her back up against the turnbuckles with her chest heaving from heavy breathing. Mercedes comes flying in looking for a high knee but Mackenzie ducks it! Vargas gets tangled up in the corner leading Page to slip beneath her to cradle Mercedes up on her shoulders! Morgan's enforcer then lifts up Vargas high into the air for a sit out powerbomb into a pin!




Simone: What a counter by Page!

Adams: Both women are still down. That powerbomb took the wind out of Vargas sail.

Page and Vargas both lay flat on their backs now gassed a bit after the brutal exchange. They both roll over at the same time and slowly begin to crawl toward their partners in the corners.

Adams: These women have nearly killed each other but continue to fight. They both want to be mixed tag team champions.

Simone: There can only be one.

Kain and Daniel reach out for a tag. Mercedes is a bit behind after the powerbomb took so much out of her. Page reaches up to tag in Morgan suddenly! The referee steps out of the way to allow the men to meet in the center of the ring!

Simone: Kain and Morgan are now legal!

Adams: These two want in this one.

Morgan steps through the ropes while Kain hits full speed. He charges at Daniel, who side steps the uses a drop toe hold to halt King's momentum completely! Kain falls forward suddenly to hit bottom rope first across his throat! Morgan hits his back then quickly rolls out of the ring. He backs up a bit while Kain struggles to get free from the ropes. Daniel hits a Pele kick out the outside of the ring on his trapped opponent in the ropes! The shot sends Kain to his back in the center of the ring! Morgan slides back in the ring then reaches King to grapple him up. Daniel applies a triangle armbar!

Adams: London Underground are rolling now. Morgan has slowed the pace down a bit but Kain looks like he's in real pain here.

Simone: Daniel continues to apply pressure.

Morgan releases the hold then as Kain falls forward, Daniel grapples him up around Kain's waist. The belly to back suplex shakes the entire ring! Morgan quickly crawls over to Kain to hook a leg for a pin!


Kick OUT!

Adams: Kain kicks out at one! Morgan is right back on the offensive!

Simone: He still appears to be favoring that knee but is shaking off the pain.

Morgan gets to his feet while Kain sits up on both knees. Daniel spins to catch his opponent flush on the jaw with a spinning backfist! The shot stuns Kain leading Morgan to stand him up then irish whip his opponent into the ropes! On the return, Kain performs a step up enziguri! The counter wows the crowd which pumps up the king of the underground. Morgan staggers to his feet only to be put back down quickly by Kain with a big time powerslam! King then looks up at the top turnbuckle.

Simone: What is he thinking?!

Adams: I think he wants to take to the air.

Kain rushes over to the corner then quickly climbs the turnbuckles all the way to the top. The crowd pops as he leaps off but Mercedes touches his ankle at the last possible moment for a tag! Kain performs a beautiful moonsault off the top rope but Daniel raises up both knees leading Kain to crash and burn! The referee says a tag was made which shocks Morgan at first then frustrates as Page glides through the ropes.

Adams: Vargas just had a feeling that could go south. She tagged herself in before he left the top turnbuckle. What a match!

Simone: These two teams are incredible.

Mercedes and Page hit the ring already throwing punches! Mackenzie uses an elbow to gain the upperhand after the brief exchange. She whips Vargas into the ropes then leaps up into the air after Mercedes bounces off them for a beautiful drop kick!

Adams: Page has taken control of this one.

Kain tries to reenter the ring which leads the referee to rush over to stop this. This allows Mercedes to reach up and drag the eyes of Mackenzie! She falls back on her bottom then reaches up to rub her eyes. Kain steps back out on the apron after doing his deed to help turn the tide. Mercedes gets up then knees Page right in the face! The violent shot sends Mackenzie to the mat but Morgan pulls her out of the ring from underneath the bottom rope suddenly!

Simone: What a shot! Morgan saves his partner. What is Kain doing?

Kain charges around the side of the ring to stop Daniel from helping while Vargas touches her back against the ropes furthest away from the growing crowd on the outside of the ring.

Adams: Mercedes...

Vargas takes off full speed ahead across the ring while Page, Morgan, and her partner Kain argue on the outside. Mercedes dives over the top rope into a front flip that takes out both teams essentially!

Simone: Vargas has taken out everyone!

Adams: Including herself! The suicide dive has left carnage all around. Everyone is now down and the referee beings his count inside the six sided ring.

The referees count reaches two before any stirs. Vargas shakes her head in the pile of bodies and realizes she must get back in the ring. Morgan is the next to stir then follows Mercedes in a slow crawl toward the ring. Page follows close behind the two as does Kain after a few moments. All four wrestlers now slowly attempt to get back in the ring. Mercedes reaches it first then uses the apron to pull herself up. She ends up on the apron momentarily before she rolls completely back into the ring to break the count.

Adams: Vargas gets back in the ring and now she appears to be making her way across the canvas.

Simone: They got lucky because that's her and Kain's corner.

Adams: Indeed.

Kain gets on the apron while Page rolls back into the ring finally. Mercedes reaches up just as Morgan gets over to his respective corner. Kain slaps the extended hand of Vargas to make the tap.

Adams: Tag made!

Simone: Morgan and Kain come on in!

Daniel and Kain hit the ring still dazed a bit from the lick on the outside of the ring from Vargas. Kain takes off at Morgan, who kicks his opponent in the gut out of nowhere! King bends over which leads Daniel to grab the back of his head for a knee lift! Then another! Multiple knee lifts until the referee comes in to warn which leads Morgan to release Kain. He does so and Kain staggers around until Daniel cradles him up for a big time exploder suplex!

Simone: Morgan is rolling now!

Adams: He's caught his second wind looks like.

Morgan continues his momentum by getting right back up to his feet. He catches Kain as he gets up to one knee with a forearm club! He then grapples him up for a wicked neckbreaker! Kain lands awkward which leads Daniel to quickly hook a leg to pin both of Kain's shoulders flush against the mat!



Adams: Kick out! Wow!

Simone: I thought Morgan had retained the titles right there! Close! Mere centimeters there from a three count.

Adams: Amazing. Daniel cannot believe it.

Morgan argues the count while Kain uses the brief distraction to crawl over to his corner. The referee shakes his head but Daniel insists it was a three count. Vargas accepts to the tag in the corner which catches Morgan off guard completely even furthering his frustration.

Simone: The ladies are now legal.

Adams: Vargas and Page!

Mercedes hits the ring running and nails Page with a wicket lariat! The shot nearly sends Mackenzie for a complete flip in the air. Vargas follows up by reaching down and putting her right foot in the back of Page while pulling back a handful of her hair! The referee comes in to count leading Mercedes to use her left foot to stomp down the face of Mackenzie flush against the mat!

Adams: Ouch! That had to hurt.

Simone: Mercedes wants to win but the referee is all over her for that one.

Page gets up slowly while the referee scolds Vargas. Mercedes walks past to reach Mackenzie who slumps over slightly leading Vargas to grapple her up on her own back! She hits the burning hammer that wows the crowd. Morgan is pulled off the apron suddenly by Kain from behind! The two men go at it in the ring while Daniel fights to get into the ring to break up the two women. Mercedes hooks a leg!





Simone: They have done it! Kain and Mercedes have dethroned the first ever mixed tag team champions!

Adams: The inverted death valley driver ends this one. What a move! What a match!

Kain gets back in the ring as the referee retrieves the belts to hand to the new owners. Morgan helps Page out of the ring then they back up the steel ramp watching the new champions be crowned right before their eyes.


Adams: They earned it for sure. What a tough fought battle by both teams. Kain and Mercy V worked together and they become champions here tonight because of it.

Simone: Indeed. London Underground have nothing to be ashamed of in this one but these two were just too much on this night.

Adams: That's right. We will be right back with more Summer XXXTreme Vl, ladies and gentlemen! Stay tuned!

The new champions celebrate in the ring while the crowd goes wild with boos. The hatred for this team is pure and real.

The Bombshell Champion is seen walking around backstage once again, this time wearing a pair of skinny jeans with a few frayed spots on them and her new orange t-shirt that was cut off and edited to have been tied together on the side with the saying, ‘Kris Ryans did it better' in bright turquoise ink on it. She fiddles with the end of the shirt before stopping as she spots a certain superstar down the length of the hallway. She purses her lips together for a moment, thinking about her options before shrugging her shoulders and walking down the length of the hallway.

She doesn't seem to say anything, just sending him a dirty look as she passes him.

Crimson: Mmm. I love the shirt...

She stops for a moment before looking down at her shirt then at him.

Mikah: So do I. Seeing as I had it made for me to wear tonight.

She gives him a smirk before looking at him before placing her hands on her hips, her fingertips digging into her skin just a little bit.

A sly grin crosses The Fury's face as he leans up against the wall of the long hallway while never taking his eyes off of Mikah.

Crimson: Where is your boyfriend anyway? I know he's not on this ship anywhere because I've looked for him for a week straight.

Tommy leans forward from the wall into the overhead light a bit.

Crimson: Where is he, Mikah?

She frowns a bit, her eyebrows furrowing together as she looked at Crimson before she shrugs her shoulders, slowly.

Mikah: My boyfriend?

She reaches up with her left hand to run her fingers through her hair, showing off her wedding rings.

Mikah: Do you mean my husband? Because I don't have a boyfriend.

She shoots him a look before putting her left hand back on her hip.

Crimson: No, not Drake. I'll take care of him later tonight. I'm talking about the miracle, Kristopher Ryans. How can he do anything better when he's not even here? Hm?

Her mouth drops open for just a moment before stopping herself from slapping him.

Mikah: Kris is not my boyfriend and for you to imply that he is...

She doesn't finish her sentence before shaking her head.

Mikah:He's not my boyfriend.

She winces for a second before shaking her wrist a bit.

Mikah:He beat you, so you tell me how's better. Or better yet, don't. Because I'm not sure that I want to hear you spew out any more lies.

Tommy grins once more then drops his head a bit. He comes off the wall suddenly to be right up in Mikah's face.

Crimson: I want to fight him again, Mikah. I want to feel his warm blood on my hands. I see what he sees in you now. Up close, you are one hot bitch.

She lets out a breath that she didn't realize she had been holding as he gets in her face. She looks at him, narrowing her eyes again at him, the hallway appearing too small.

Mikah:Are you trying to scare me? Because it's not working, Kris has fought you before and won, so I am sure that he can do it again when he returns.

She takes another step backwards from him.

Mikah: So if you want to feel the sense of defeat, go for it. It will just make it that much better.

Tommy leans forward slightly more and a few strands of solid red hair falls into his face. He brushes it behind his ear.

Crimson: Mmm. I love it when you talk so dirty, Mikah. It gets me... hott.

She just looks at him, something passing through her eyes.

Mikah: You know, talking to married women that way just makes you a pig.

She then looks at him before smirking just a touch.

Mikah: But if the shoe fits..

Crimson: I plan on killing your husband in that ring. I want to pull out his guts then string him up to use as some sort of hammock later tonight. So then what? You will be a widow without a miracle left to fuck. Right?

Tommy then carefully backs up a bit from the most dangerous woman in all of Sin City Wrestling. Showing caution and his hand a tad. Mikah visibly blinks and seems to pause before looking away from him to regain her composure.

Mikah: Except I am not fucking anybody but my husband. My husband can hold his own in a wrestling ring. I am not worried about him.

She looks at him before narrowing her eyes.

Mikah: I am slightly worried about the sanity of Mark and Christian to have somebody like you employed...

Crimson looks at Mikah directly momentarily before turning away.

Crimson: Wait till they see what I do to your house bitch later tonight, Mikah. All that blood with no hospital will spell his end, I'm afraid. Mark and Christian know that I will do anything to get back at Ryans... Even if it means hurting you, Mikah. I can't put my hands on you, yeah. But... I can end your husband if I desire. I want to watch you weep for him, Mikah.

Tommy spins to face Mikah once more. He almost snarls at one of the best wrestlers in this world.

Mikah: You think doing that to my husband is going to get to Kris?

She looks at him, struggling a little to mask her emotions.

Mikah: This is just to get a reaction out of Kris when he's not here to defend himself? Newsflash, I am not sure why you think it will work because I am just Kris' friend.

Tommy spits at the ground right at Mikah's feet. Then slowly raises his eyes to meet hers.

Crimson: I'll hurt his fuckin' "friends" too. I'd destroy your whole life just to get him back here quicker. Hurting your husband will in turn hurt you. How could you stop me? How?

She looks at him before again taking another step back to put a little bit more space between them.

Mikah: You think doing this to hurt me is going to get a reaction from Kris?

She struggles to find the words.

Mikah: I don't think this is going to get a reaction from Kris the way you want it to. But you are welcome to try...

She looks at him before looking away quickly. Tommy suddenly pulls her to him and drops a kiss on her! Her eyes widen and she shoves him away from her and uses her left hand to slap him hard across the face, the noise echoing through the hallway.

Mikah: Do not touch me again.

She hisses at him before walking away from him, her stiletto heels clicking against the tiled floor. Crimson smiles a bit with an evident red handprint across his left cheek now. Mikah continues on her way while Tommy watches her do so.

The scene opens backstage where we see Ms. Rocky Mountains standing front of the roulette wheel. On each side of Ms. Rocky Mountains stands Brittany Williams and Evie Baang.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies thank you for coming... now lets spin the wheel and decide your fate.

Ms. Rocky Mountains grabs the wheel and gives it a firm pull as they watch the wheel spin around, as it zips past last man standing match, bra and panties match, submission match, 30 minute iron man match. Both Evie and Brittany watch intently with Evie looking more confident of the two.

The wheel begins to slow and comes to a stop on First Blood Match.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies and Gentlemen this match will be contested as a first blood match. Good luck ladies.

Both ladies smile and walk away leaving Ms. Rocky Mountains alone.

Justin: The following match has been determined to be a first blood match... introducing first...hailing from Los Angeles, California... she is your current reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion. Brittany Williams.

Jump by Kriss Kross begins to blast across the speakers. As it does Brittany Williams begins to emerge from behind the curtain being accompanied by Crystal Hilton. Brittany offers a wide grin as Crystal's paparazzi following begin to snap photos of the two girls. Brittany grins taking in all the cheers as she walks down the aisle wearing her tiara with a cape around her back and the Roulette Championship around her waist.. Her attire a glittering red and black mix. She slides into the ring moving her hands through her curly (nappy) hair. She takes off her tiara, and her cape. She then raises the belt high above her head with a smile.

Justin: And her opponent...

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Baang standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Victor Harbour, South Australia... Evieeee Baaaang.

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans as her focus is on the ring in front of her. She slowly walks up the steal steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring pulling on the ropes getting ready for her match while her song slowly dies down to nothing.

Brittany steps forward with the title in hand before handing it to the ref.

The ref takes the belt and hands it to ringside before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Baang and Williams circle the ring before moving in and locking up, however with Baang being taller and stronger she pushes Williams into the ropes and holds her there for a moment before breaks away holding her hands up before backing up allowing Williams to move away from the ropes. Williams moves away from the ropes and back towards Baang, where they lock up once more and this time Williams uses all her strength and does exactly what Baang did and pushes her into the ropes, but she sticks her forearm into Baang's face to try and break her nose but with no luck as Baang pushes Williams away.

Simone: Good early exchange between the two... although Baang is the strongest of the two women.

Adams: William so far has successfully defended her title twice now. Once in a Sumo style match and once in a falls counts anywhere match. She is going to certainly have a battle in this one and she has to be careful.

Baang checks her nose for blood and thankfully for her there is none as Williams smiles as she waits for Baang to move away from the ropes. Williams and Baang move in and this time Baang drives a knee into Williams midsection taking her down to the mat. Baang grabs Williams by the hair pulling her up and then whips her into the ropes and as Williams comes back she grabs Baang and rolls her up but obviously the ref doesn't count as Baang reverses but again the ref doesn't count. Williams and Baang move quickly to their feet, however, Baang is a little slower to her feet as Williams drives a boot into Baang's stomach.

Adams: Looks like Evie and Britany forgot about that pinning your opponent doesn't win your match.

Williams turns and bounces off the ropes but as she approaches Baang, Baang gets a foot up and into Williams face. Williams falls to the mat holding her face, as Baang grabs Williams and turns her over to see if there is any blood.

Simone: Nice boot from Baang... but no blood in spilled from it.

Baang slaps the mat and then Williams in frustration as the ref checks for blood as well. Baang climbs to her feet and pulls Williams up to her feet before delivering a headbutt sending Williams back down. Baang shakes her head, as she then moves back in and grabs Williams by the hair and pulling her back to her feet and throws her into the turnbuckles and Williams falls to the mat. Baang moves in and chokes Williams in the corner before releasing and stomping on Williams chest. Baang stops as Williams attempts to crawl away holding onto the ropes, but Baang again grabs Williams and begins to grind her face and forehead into the ropes before letting go and kicking Williams in the back of the head.

Adams: Baang is relentless here... however, I don't think I have ever seen someone get busted open by grinding the face against the ropes.

Simone: I haven't either. But Baang is trying.

Baang backs away before climbing down out of the ring, where gives Williams a slap across the face before moving to where Justin is and grabs the Roulette Championship before getting back to the ring. Baang then holds the title up ready to strike Williams. Williams meanwhile is using the ropes to slowly get to her feet, as she tries to shake off the stomps and kicks. Getting to her feet she takes a few steps forward and quickly spots Baang charging at her with the title and Williams ducks out of the way and as Baang turns Williams superkicks Baang.

Simone: Baang shows some disrespect to Williams before climbing out of the ring and collects the Roulette Championship, in which I think she is going to use on Williams.

Adams: Williams gets to her feet and in way sense Baang coming at her and ducks out of the way and hits a superkick.

Baang drops the tile and she drops to the mat, as Williams crawls away. The ref moves in and check on Baang before moving away. Williams grabs the ropes and pulls herself up to her feet, where she turns and approaches Baang and stomps on her a few times before picking up the Roulette Title and rubs the belt into Baang's face before throwing the title away and getting to her feet.

Adams: Williams looks a little confused into this situation.

Simone: I don't think she has been in a first blood match.

Williams takes a moment as thinks back to the falls count anywhere match and her experience in that before climbing out of the ring, where she looks under the ring and pulls out a chair, a kendo stick, trash can and a few other things. However, while distracted by some of this stuff, she fails to see Baang roll out of the ring. As Williams looks up into the ring she realises that Baang is no longer there and she slowly back away and goes to look for Baang but Baang surprises her with a tackle to the floor. Baang mounts Williams and begins to punch Williams over and over and over again as Williams tries to cover up much as possible. Baang climbs off Williams and grabs her by the hair and pulls her up, where she drags her to the ring steps and goes to drive her face into it but Williams blocks it and counters and instead drives Baang's face into the steps. Williams grabs Baang once more and again drive into the steps before ripping her away and dragging her to the announce table, where she drives Baang's face into it and then she turns and throws Baang back into the ring.

Simone: Here comes all the weapons but while she is distracted, she fails to spot Baang getting out of the ring.

Adams: And now the action is happening here and even gets our table involved.

Williams climbs back into the ring, where she slides the chair into the centre of the ring before picking up the kendo stick, where she raises it above her head and then proceed to bring it down across the back of Baang with a loud crack.

Adams: That crack must have echoed for miles.

Baang screams out in pain as crawls away, but Williams again brings the kendo stick down across her back, as Baang screams out as she scrambles t get away from Williams. Williams drops the kendo stick as the ref moves in and makes a quick check before standing away to allow the match to continue. Williams approaches Baang and grabs her by the hair but instead of pulls her to her feet, she uses all her strength and hair tosses Baang into the chair face first.

Williams turns Baang over and screams into the face of Baang.

Simone: Wow... the bruising from the kendo stick is coming up straight away.

Adams: unfortunately for Williams... it doesn't break the skin.


Williams begins to punch her face over and over before getting to her feet, where she goes to the corner and begins to untie the turnbuckle padding and rips it away exposing the metal. Williams turns back to Baang and grabs her and pulls her up to her feet. Williams goes to whip Baang into the turnbuckle but Baang blocks it and she reverses and sends Williams chest first into the exposed turnbuckle and as she stumbles back out, Baang hits a belly to belly suplex onto the chair.

Adams: Williams is getting a little frustrated in this match.

Simone: But she keeps a level head and goes to expose the metal turnbuckle, which can do some damaged.

Adams: Williams tries to catch Baang on the turnbuckle but Baang avoids it and then hits a belly to bell suplex on the chair.

Baang drops to her knees, as Williams rolls away holding her back. Baang slowly gets to her feet as she stumbles over to the chair and picks it up and moves to the turnbuckle where she jams the chair between the ropes. Turning back to where Williams is... she stumbles over to her and then picks her up. Baang then runs towards the corner and throws Williams face first into the chair. Baang then lifts Williams up and continues to thrust Williams face into the chair.

Simone: What has Baang got planned with this chair.

Adams: oh my god... that sickening sound of head and metal.

Simone: Look who's blood is that?

Baang then yanks her back and smiles before moving backward and raises her arms up in victory as the ref moves in and see the bloodied chair and then the bloodied Williams and rings the bell.

Adams: new champion.


Justin: Winner of this match... AND NEWWW Bombshell Roulette Champion.... Evie Bang.

Evie's music hits over the p.a as the ref grabs the Roulette championship and hands it to Evie, who raises it in the air to celebrate.

Adams: Evie Baang in the new Bombshell Roulette Champion!

Simone: Evie has now become a Triple Crown champion.

Adams: It's another step closer to the Hall of Fame.

Simone: there must be some serious regrets if you're Brittany Williams for calling Evie out.

Adams: Mess with the bull, you get the horns!

The cameras cut backstage to where Ben Jordan stands, he nervously wrings his hands as he mentally gets ready for his upcoming match. Pussy Willow approaches.

Pussy: Not long now Ben.

Ben looks up at Pussy with a smile and nod.

Ben: Not long at all, next up?

Pussy: Excited?

Ben: Excited, nervous, bouncing off walls one minute, biting me nails the next. Big big match.

Pussy nods understably.

Pussy: Still expecting to put on the match of the night? There's been some great action out there tonight.

Ben: So much great action but year, willing to get out there and give it my all. No surrender, no half arsed things, I will be getting out there and leaving it all in the ring and no doubt Jon is too. We both know what this means to us, to the fans, we both know what to expect, win or lose. We both know Caleb Storms is gonna come out on the next Climax Control and even though he got nowhere tonight, somehow declare himself as number one contender to the title, Jon and I know this, we ain't stupid, but the focus is on tonight, the focus is on what's gonna happen out there soon, the focus is what we're gonna do when we get in that ring and what we're gonna do is surprise everyone, give everyone a match they're gonna remember on this stacked card, show everyone that this title means something.

Ben looks off camera and back

Pussy: Before you go Ben, there's been a lot of rumours flying around backstage about your health, about your relationship with Evie Baang, would you like to address those?

Ben: I don't have time to address those right now, but either sometime in the week, or at the next show, we'll have a little sit down and a chat about it and we'll discuss the lot. You get the exclusive for that, but for now, I gotta go spin a wheel. Have a good un!

Ben walks off camera as it fades out.

Everything comes into focus and we are taken to what looks to be a makeshift backstage area. We are in the office of Mark Ward and Christian Underwood. Christina shakes her head with a loud sigh as she seems to be doing some paperwork. She lets the sigh escape her lips as something comes across her desk.

Christina: Mark... I ummm....

HS: Yes Christina?!

Christina just lets the sigh escape her lips as she turns her attention back over to her boss.

Christina: I just got a text message from Brittany. Due to what happened to her in her title match earlier. She feels embarrassed and she is resigning from SCW.

HS: What?! She had so much potential. She was going to be one of our biggest stars. She had a big future in the Bombshell division.

Christina nods her head with a sigh as she shrugs her shoulders.

Christina: I don't know. Maybe it will all pass but for now it looks like she is going to take a hiatus from the company.

Before Christina could say anything we could hear the loud sound of claps. Christina looks across the room and we can see a blonde entering into the office. That blonde would happen to be none other than former SCW Bombshell Kate Steele. She is attached by Teddy at the hip as she grins.

Kate: Damn it feels bloody amazing to be on this cruise. I told you in one way or another I would find my way to the cruise ship, and guess what I am here.

Teddy: Damn right we are here. This cruise was missing a good afro and it wouldn't be a summer party if you didn't have us onboard!

Christina: Actually last time we checked you weren't employed here so Mark can I please do the honors.

HS: Of course we don't have room for CHELSEA fans aboard this ship. So security...

Kate smiles evilly as she looks back at them.

Kate: Actually we so happen o be the guests of Christian Underwood we have every right to be aboard and Christina you should be smiling because the real reason we are here is because we have a special gift just for you!

Kate can't help but giggle as Christina opens her eyes in amazement.

Christina: And what kind of surprise would that be? Please enlighten me.

Teddy: Well we just happened to be in contact with Christian. You know how he is especially when it comes to trying to find the best talent in all of wrestling and we have been waiting until Summer XXXTreme to announce the big news.

Christina: Big news that you two would be joining SCW? Please... That doesn't mean anything and any news gets through me first well through Mark of course and then it goes through me.

Kate: I wouldn't say all of that because this news is one that will haunt you for as long as you are a member of SCW. Whether you wish to tease retirement or well... It's not really my place to say especially considering they rather say it for themselves.

Christina is confused and it is at that moment when Kate and Teddy move out of the way. Walking up to the table clad in an expensive suit is someone that Christina knows very well. It is none other than her first love, her former husband TODD WILLIAMS. He is all smiles as he is walking with a beautiful blonde in his hand who happens to be his wife Kimberly. Todd can't help but chuckle as he glares at Christina in the eyes as he runs his fingers through his corn rows.

Todd: Damn how is it going Mrs. Zdunich or should I call you Crystal considering I am the one who gave you that nickname in the first place. It really has been a while hasn't it? You are quite the fuck up aren't you?!

Christina: ...

Todd: I would be speechless too if a fine specimen such as myself came into this office, but yeah Christian did it right. Talk about a way to ruin your entire fucking life. I bet it felt good thinking you were the right parent in Brittany's life but it has always been me. I mean I am amazing in every single way and it just feels good to be me especially considering I am the newest member of the SCW superstar roster. I have been looking at the division for a long time and the entire division sucks. It needs someone who can swoop right in and save it. It needs someone with the power to outwrestle every single person on the division and take it for his own. I mean you have done well for a woman but this is a MAN'S WORLD, and it's time to show the entire world what I plan on bringing to the table!

Kimberly: Todd means business?!

Kimberly licks her lips as she moves her hands to Todd's bottom part and she rubs it.

Kimberly: Well not just there but also in the ring as well. I can't believe he was with you at one point. Then again I would say I am definitely an upgrade!

Christina is about to jump up but Kimberly pushes her back down.

Kimberly: Sit down we aren't done talking yet.

Todd: You definitely have done well for yourself. I mean I remember when you were merely my valet and now look at you a star, but it's always been about me, and this company will be saved. There's a reason why they call me the Redeemer. I am the one who can save and I will save this company. People will see that the superstars are much better than the women and I bet your wife is so going to enjoy having me around. Take care Christina and PIZZOW!!!!!!!!!!!

With that Todd throws up the deuces sign as he grabs his wife and makes out with her. It's on this image we go to elsewhere.

Backstage at Summer XXXTreme VI, the two participants for the highly anticipated Roulette Championship match -- reigning and dominant two-time champion Jon Dough and his challenger, the popular "Cockney King" aka Ben Jordan -- are standing on the right and left side respectively of the large, Las Vegas style Roulette Wheel with over a dozen themed match stipulations. Among them; "I Quit" ... "Lumberjack Match" "Mud Pit" ... "Iron Man" ... "First Blood" and many more! And at the forefront of the wheel, Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fans, it won't be long before we bring to you even more exciting action from the Superstars and Bombshells of Sin City Wrestling! But first -- we are about to have championship action, and here with me are the two men who campaigned so mightily for this match to occur! Roulette Champion Jon Dough and his challenger, Ben Jordan!

Both champion and challenger acknowledge the reporter, Jon with a nod behind his masked face, and Ben with a charming smile. Ms. Rocky Mountains then turns and motions a hand toward the wheel.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: And now, gentlemen, and fans, we will find out what type of match stipulation you two will be competing in this evening! If one of you would...?

Ben extends a hand toward Jon.

Ben: Feel free mate.

Jon holds his hands up and shakes his masked head.

Jon: No, no. You're the challenger. You do it.

Ben: But you're the champion. It's your right.

Jon: You fought long and hard enough for this match. It's your right by...

Ben: Oh just spin the bloody wheel!

Ben laughs as Jon nods and steps forward. He grabs the wheel and gives it a strong spin. Around and around it goes as all eyes run past the various stipulations with eager eyes...

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Please be mud... please be mud...

Ben and Jon both slowly turn their heads to look at the busty reporter who blinks and looks at them with wide eyes behind her glasses. She shrugs innocently as Ben snorts back a laugh and they return their attention to the wheel as it finally slows down, passing matches like "Indian Strap" and "Taipei Death Match" until it stops on...

Lion's Den!

Ben's eyes are wide in surprise as Jon holds a hand to his head in surprise as Ms. Rocky Mountains exclaims.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies and gentlemen! In only the second time in SCW history, a Lion's Den match! Jon? Ben? Good luck to both of you!

Ben extends a fist for a bump and Jon gladly obliges before both take their leave off-camera.

The camera returns to the ringside area after a brief intermission to find the Lion's Den cage set up around the SCW's six-sided ring!

An imposing sight as SCW senior referee Jasmine St. John steps inside through the door of the Lion's Den and walks around, inspecting the structure as the announcements are ready to commence!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is the Lion's Den match, where the only way to win is by submission or knock out! And ... it is for the SCW Roulette Championship!

The crowd cheers as Justin pumps a fist in the air to heighten the already cosmic level of excitement!

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger!

The lights on the ship dim down to nothing, only the lights from the sky can be seen. The piano intro to "Let it Go" starts to play, causing the fans to cheer.

Adams: I've been waiting for this all night!

Simone: This is what happens when you put a poll up on Twitter.

A screen is raised up as smoke starts to fill the top of the entrance ramp as two light blue lights aim at the bottom of the smoke, tinting it in to a lighter blue. As the tempo of the music picks up, the lights move up towards the screen to show the silouette of something behind the screen. The smoke continues to rise and the tempo continues to grow. The screen drops as the words Let It Go can be heard and Ben Jordan can be seen sitting on top of a seat on top of an iceberg.

Adams: Holy hell.

Ben stands up to show a long light blue leather coat, with wide shoulders, down to his ankles.

Simone: The Cockney King seems to have become the ice king.

Across Ben's ice is light blue paint. Ben walks down the steps of the iceberg and walks to the ring, a smile on his face as he puts his arms either side, the crowd cheering his every move.

Simone: Hate to think what would have happened in the stripper had won.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, from London, England, please welcome, the challenger, Ben Jordan!

Ben walks down the ramp, reaching his hands out to the children in attendance, singing the song from the popular movie, the light blue light following him to the ring. Ben steps up the steps and steps in to the Lion's den through the door, then through the middle rope. Ben stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd sing along to the song and undoes the buttons on the jacket, one by one before pulling them open to reveal new ice blue shorts and knee pads. Ben turns to Justin Decent, with a smile on his face and shrugs as he waits for Jon to arrive.

Justin: And his opponent...! From Foshan China, he is the current reigning and DEFENDING Roulette Champion...JON DOUGH!!

Jon waits for the lyrics to start and holding a mic in his right hand he walks from behind the curtain singing the lyrics to the song while he high fives as many fans as he can till he hit's the ring. He climbs into the Lion's Den through the cage door and then slides from under the bottom ropes. Gets on his feet and gets on top of one of the turnbuckles and hold the mic up in the air while the crowd sings the chorus before the music changes.

Simone: He is the two-time champion, Jon Dough, and he has held that championship proudly!

Adams: He lost it to Caleb Storms briefly but he didn't waste any time getting it back! Caleb wants his return match but right now it's Ben Jordan that Jon has to get past before that ever happens!

Jon removes the championship belt from around his waist and passes it to Jasmine's waiting hands. She then walks over and presents it to Ben who pats a hand to the emblem for luck. The referee holds the championship title up for all to see before she passes the title out through the door to Justin and ringside attendants then close the cage door to the Lion's Den, sealing all three inside.

Simone: This will be interesting! Only the second time this has ever happened; the first time being between rivals Gabriel Stevens and Steve Ramone at Chaos In Capetown, back in May of 2014!

Adams: But that was between two guys who hated each other! How is this going to work between two men who respect the other?

Simone: The same as before, I would imagine. There is a championship on the line this time!

Ben steps up and offers his hand in good sportsmanship and knowing he could trust the man, Jon accepts and gives it a firm shake. The crowd applauds the gesture as Jasmine takes a step back and calls for the bell!


Ben Jordan and Jon Dough begin to circle the Lion's Den, knowing what's at stake while also knowing what they have to do in this environment in order to win. Their eyes never leave the other's, while the fans start to clap and applaud to drive up the excitement and momentum of what's to come. Champion and challenger both finally pause and they lock up in a Greco-Roman collar, struggling for the advantage! Jon then switches tactics and breaks from the tie up to ensnare Ben into a side headlock. Taking control, Jon hip tosses him over to the mat to maintain his advantage but Ben uses his legs to counter, grabbing Dough into a head scissors.

Simone: Both men are incredibly gifted technical wrestlers, and that will come in handy in order to defeat the other without hurting him.

Adams: Yeah, at least until one or both of them gets pissed off.

Jon manages to roll over from the head scissors onto his hands and knees. He then somersaults over, breaking the hold and returning to the side headlock on the canvas, keeping his challenger at bay. Ben seeks a means of escape, getting to a kneeling position while still in the hold, and then forcing himself up to a vertical base. Jon counters, switching from the headlock to a front face lock. Jon then rolls back, taking Ben over into a vulnerable seated position while still in the front face lock on the mat.

Simone: A great chain wrestling display there by Jon.

Adams: And he's really got Ben in the first bad spot so far that we've seen.

Jasmine is down checking on Ben but the Cockney King is not about to give up so quickly, so early in the match. Ben shifts his body to his own hands and knees, then wraps his arms around the back of Jon's own knees and picks him up --!

Adams: Now THAT'S some strength by Ben Jordan!

Simone: Is it ever! Ben Jordan just dead lifted a two hundred and twenty five pound man!

Ben gives Jon a light toss, allowing Jon to break the hold but manage to land on his feet in front of the challenger. Ben goes after him but Jon delivers a boot to his mid section and he grabs him right back into the front face lock. But this doesn't last long at all as Ben uses his own body weight and strength to bull Jon back against the mesh cage! The impact breaks the hold and both men are at a stand off, as Jon holds his hands up and Ben, ever the good sportsman, slowly backs away without so much as a single cheap shot. But as Ben stands up, Jon plants both hands on his chest and shoves the challenger back!

Adams: Whoa!

Ben looks confused and holds his arms out as if to ask what was that for! But Jon just answers by shoving him a second time! Ben looks frustrated, and he finally turns back to Dough and shoves him! Jon then slams a forearm into Ben's sternum, surprising the Cockney King and follows up with another! Ben is never one to back down from a fight, even against a man he highly respects and he suddenly surprises Jon by blocking his next shot and answers back with one of his own! Ben strikes a forearm into the side of Jon's head! Jon returns fire and suddenly the two popular Superstars are trading blows back and firth in the middle of the Lion's Den! The crowd is cheering it, loving every moment of it!

Adams: Will you listen to the fans!?

Simone: It figures they'd blow the roof off once these two dropped the hold exchanges and went for the rough stuff!

Jon then takes another swing to land a blow but Ben ducks the shot and swings around him, grabbing him into a rear waist lock and Ben lifts him up and over in a release German suplex, dumping him on the back of his head!

Simone: The first BIG move of this championship contest!

Adams: And it goes to Ben Jordan!

The momentum of the maneuver causes Jon to be thrown right back to his feet before he falls on his back, and Ben immediately pounces on him, throwing lefts and rights into him as Jon tries to shield himself with his forearms!!

Simone: All bets are off now! All mutual displays of sportsmanship are gone!

Adams: It's time to FIGHT for an SCW championship!

Jon uses his forearms to knock Ben's own arms aside and the champion throws a hard right, decking Jordan and knocking him off! Jon then gets to his feet and as Ben returns to his own vertical base, Jon jumps on him with a Thesz press, pinning him down beneath his own body weight as he launches his own barrage of stinging fists! Jon rolls off of Ben and grabs him by the head and neck, bringing him to his feet! Jon goes to send him into the cage with an Irish whip but Ben puts on the brakes and boots him in the stomach. Ben then seeks to do what Jon could not but Jon reverses it, ducking into the attempt and short-arm clotheslines Ben Jordan to the ground!

Adams: Look at the way Ben's eyes rolled back in his head!

Simone: Jon Dough almost took Ben's head off with that clothesline!

The champion grabs Ben and drags him to his feet, then gripping him carefully, he scoops him up and military presses ben high over his head!

Simone: And now it's Jon Dough showing some impressive power!

And Jon dumps Ben hard to the mat face first! Jon runs from the side of the cage and lands a leaping senton splash onto the small of Ben's back! Jon jumps up and then drops a leaping guillotine leg drop across the back of his challenger's head! Jon then switches spots, seating himself on Ben's back, pulling his arms over his knees and cupping his chin and pulling back in a camel clutch!

Adams: Another attempt by Jon to end this match by making Ben cry uncle!

But even as Jasmine leans in to ask, Ben is denying Jon the satisfaction, shaking his head no! Jon then lets go of the hold, only to throw hammering forearms around Ben's head from behind! Jon then gets off of his opponent and as ben starts to recover and rise, Jon lashes out with a shuffle side kick, delivering a hard blow to the side of Ben's skull! Ben collapses to the canvas, seemingly out and Jon goes for a cover by sheer instinct!

Simone: Oh Jon! No pinfalls in this one! Remember?

Jasmine refuses to make the count and explains to Jon, and he pounds the mat in frustration!

Adams: And he may have had him too!

Jon drags Ben up with a handful of his hair and runs him into the cage, slamming his handsome features into the mesh! Jon throws him back, then runs off of the ropes and comes off, careening into Ben's head with a sliding kick, knocking him to his back!

Adams: Uh oh! UH OH! Do you see what I see!?

Simone: Indeed I do! It looks like this has picked up in a big way! Ben Jordan has been lacerated!!

Adams: Forget that! The man's bleeding!

Jasmine stops Jon from following up, and she drops down to check on Ben's condition, but the valiant grappler shakes his head no in her asking if she should stop things and he instead gives her a thumbs up and begins to rise! The moment he does, Jon is all over him, throwing stinging jabs, lefts and rights, into his head and body before wrapping his arms around his upper body and he heaves him up and over with a belly to belly suplex! Ben sits up, the move clearly rattling his body. He wipes the sweat from his row but stares at what he sees instead at the crimson on his hand!

Adams: I think he just realized he's bleeding!!

Ben's eyes are wide as the red streaks down from his hairline, and he stares up at Jon who delivers another kick to his chest, knocking him back down to his back! Jon drags him back to his feet and prepares to run his into the cage again, but this time at the last split second, Ben pits his foot up against the Lion's Den cage and instead slams JON'S head into it! But Ben does not let up and he slams his head into the mesh cage again -- and again!

Simone: There's a bit of that famous Cockney temper on display!

Ben turns around and runs across the ring, coming off the far side and he Stinger splashes Jon from behind, sandwiching him against the cage! The cage shakes and Jon collapses to his back!

Adams: Is Jon bleeding now!?

Simone: If that red spot on his green mask is any indication, I'd say yes!

Adams: Its amazing how fast these two went from shaking hands in respect to making each other bleed!

Jon staggers to his feet where Ben meets him, fists raised and Ben, never to shy from a bit of a slug fest, lashes out with some stinging jabs as Jon tries to shield himself! Ben then buries a fist into his midsection, doubling him over, then grabs him into position for an Exploder suplex and brings him crashing across the enclosed ring! Jon struggles to get up, but falls back to the mat as he struggles to recover and Ben stalks him from behind!

Adams: Ben is stalking him like a hungry lion!

Simone: Ben is indeed hungry! A hungry challenger out to taste his first singles title here in SCW!

As Jon forces himself to his feet, Ben does indeed grab him from behind and brings him over with a German suplex! Ben does not let go of him, however, but instead retains the waist lock and rolls through, bringing him up again and German suplexes him again -- then a third time!

Adams: Trifecta!

Ben stands up and signals to the crowd, and they cheer as ben grabs a handful of Jon's mask and tucks his head into his knees and wraps his arms around his waist.

Simone: It looks like he's preparing for That Hadta Hurt!

Ben indeed does haul Jon high into the air for the lung blower powerbomb, but Jon fights out at the last moment and lands on his feet where he suddenly nails Ben with a high kick to the head, followed up with a DDT!

Simone: Now BOTH men are down!

Adams: What happens now!? It has to end by submission or knock out!

Jasmine checks both men and seeing both down and hurt, she starts her count!

Simone: I guess if neither can answer the count, technically BOTH are knocked out!


Jon slowly gets up...


And Ben is up! The crowd cheers as the championship battle continues! Jon comes running off the far side of the Lion's den to attack but Ben throws him up and catches him in a head butt on the way down, staggering Jon AND himself!

Adams: Ben could have knocked himself out with that head butt!

Both men stagger, dazed on their feet! Jon then shakes it off and charges for a running clothesline -- only to have Ben catch his arm and takes him down to the mat in...!

Adams: Crossing Jordan!

The crowd is on its feet as Ben cranks the pressure of his trademark hold on! Jasmine is right there, asking if Jon wants to submit but he will. Not! Jon struggles and reaches with his free arm, when ben releases the hold, but only long enough to wrap Dough's own arms around his neck and sinks right back into the hold!

Simone: And now Ben has added the Straightjacket touch to Crossing Jordan!

Ben leans W-A-Y back into the hold, until finally Jon yield... and Jasmine calls for the bell!


Simone: He did it! Ben Jordan has done it!

Adams: We have a new champion! Ben has won his first singles title!

Ben releases the hold and jumps to his feet in celebration!

Justin: Here is your winner, and NEW Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion -- BEN JORDAN!

The ship is filled with positive cheers as the Lion's Den door opens and Justin passes the title belt into the ring! Jasmine, in turn, goes to present it to the new champion when Jon Dough pulls it from her hands! Jon then turns to Ben and steps up to him, face to face -- and presents Ben the title belt himself! The crowd cheers as Ben nods and accepts it, and Jon raises his arm in victory! Jon takes his leave and Ben continues making his way around to each corner of the ring, holding his newly won title belt up high as the crowd rallies behind him!

The lights in the large hall cuts out suddenly on the cruise ship. The big screen over the ramp comes into focus. An inverted cross glitches to life across it to signal Tommy Crimson is onboard. The screen comes into complete focus to show a three dimensional environment. A large table top comes into focus with giant like figures on both sides facing each other. One of the large figures has bright red hair. The two "men" across the table from this giant figure appear to be three dimensional generated silhouettes of the owners of SCW.

The giant figures appear to be playing a game. "Legends The Gathering", reads across the back of the cards. The two figures sitting alongside each other have a large stack of cards while the red headed figure only has a single card.

The faces of the three cannot be made out with them sitting in a darkened animated area. Only slight details to explain who they are, are shown.

The figure with red hair watches as the two across the large animated scene shuffles the deck of card then sits three cards on the table. Equinox, Dmitri, and Caleb Storms are on the three cards now sitting in a row. The other figure sits down a card of Drake Green then one of Fenris behind that.

The large animated giant figure with red hair then plays his single card. A legendary creature card that is unique. The Fury card. The card at the bottom simply reads, "G.O.A.T."

The animation comes to life when the card is shown. Tommy Crimson's image on The Fury card begins to move around in the small space.

The Fury: Tonight... I will become an icon. In this game we all play, I am the best card in anyone's deck.

The large animated red headed giant turns The Fury card to the left and the three cards out front of Equinox, Storms, and Dmitri ignites into flames. This causes the long haired figure to then move up the Drake Green card while on the opposite side of the table the animated red haired figure turns The Fury card back upright. A card of Fenris is placed behind the Drake Green one just incase...

Flames lick up the side of the animated playing card while Crimson continues across it in a world of his own creation.

The Fury: There is no person in the business of professional wrestling, who can stop me now. With Ryans gone, I am free. Drake Green will face where the rest have. The Fury has no equal. Zero.

The two giant figures then use the Drake Green card then rolls a twenty sided dice. The dice lands on "1" which causes The Fury card little to no damage. The figure across the table then rolls a dice of their own that is covered in fire. "20" comes up on the dice leading the red headed figure to turn The Fury card once more for an "attack".

The Drake Green card splits right down the middle then causes the huge animated table to buckle. The entire table collapses but the identities of the three giants are not revealed but anyone familiar can figure out the identities. The cards end up on the animated floor with The Fury card landing on top of the Fenris one while it smokes from being too close to the proverbial sun.

The Fury: Tonight I will surpass the legend threshold to become an icon in this business. Drake Green's failure will fuel my career on. I will be the world heavyweight champion again and soon... I will not stop until I have murdered all that's good.

The three dimensional animation burns away as an inverted cross glitches across the screen as does a female scream to signal Fury Studios created this animation. Control is returned to Sin City Wrestling. The screen above the ramp shows a large inverted cross that continues to glitch while the lights return.

The camera moves backstage and shows the nameplate on the Bombshell Champion's door before moving inside to see the Blonde Bombshell champion sitting on the bench, staring at the athletic tape and her left wrist. Brody is seen standing off to the side, looking a bit fidgety himself.

Brody: Are you sure you want to go to the ring by yourself?

Mikah nods her head, grabbing the tape before beginning to wrap her wrist.

Mikah: Yes. I will be safe in the ring.

Brody wears a skeptical look on his face before just nodding her head. She was already dressed to compete; her match just a short timeframe away.

Mikah: There are security guards everywhere. Safe.

Brody still holds an unsure look on his face. Mikah doesn't seem to notice as she focuses on wrapping her wrist to try to insure no more damage comes to her wrist.

Brody: Have you told Mark or Christian about--?

Mikah: No! Do not.

She holds a hand up, cutting off his words before he can say the name.

Mikah: DO not say his name out loud.

She shakes her head as she finishes taping up her wrist. She rolls her wrist and visibly winces at the slight pain from the action.

Mikah: And no, I haven't told them about him. I do not think it's necessary.

Brody frowns for a moment and shakes his head at the Bombshell's stubbornness.

Brody: You are acting as if he can't touch you. He's the reason you have a sprained wrist. He's the reason you have to tape your wrist so you don't break it in your match. I am pretty sure that your bosses should be told.

Mikah holds a hand up.

Mikah: I'm fine. I can take care of myself.

She stands up, finished with taping her own wrist. She runs her right hand through her wavy blonde locks before grabbing her hairspray. She carefully uses it on her hair before setting it down.

Mikah: I've always taken care of myself; tonight will be no different.

She adjusts her skimpy, purple and silver bottoms to make sure nothing has risen up to show more of her butt than is already shown. She shivers a bit as the air conditioning hits the bare skin of her torso before looking at Brody.

Mikah: You are going to stay in this room and I'm going to go find Despy. We have something to take care of.

She doesn't give Brody a chance to respond as she leaves the locker room.

Simone: Welcome back to Summer XXXTreme Six!

Adams: Indeed! We have a grudge match coming up next.

A video begins to play on the large screen. Tommy Crimson calling out both bosses on Climax Control weeks prior. Ward would answer then introduce Drake Green, who would get tired of The Fury's mouth quickly leading to an altercation in the ring. Tommy then nearly killed Green on that same show at Dollywood by using a fully loaded coal truck!

"Legends Never Die" comes in over the video by fading in slowly. The next reel shows Crimson tapping out Equinox then defeating Caleb Storms, who may or may not become world champion this very night. The next clip shows Drake leaving Crimson in a pile after his match with Storms. Green calls out The Fury with the question boomed throughout in dramatic fashion. The next shot shows Crimson hitting his signature off the top of the big screen on the last edition of Climax Control. The shot then cuts to both men, side by side with stats. Four time SCW World Heavyweight Champion and hall of famer, Drake Green, will face off against The Fury. A one time SCW World Heavyweight Champion in his own right. The video package then fades back to announcers table.

Adams: What a feud, Simone! These two men have fought it out for weeks now. Tonight we will see Drake Green back in a wrestling ring.

Simone: Yeah, with one of the best wrestlers in all of Sin City, Tommy Crimson.

Adams: Green has looked solid in his interactions with Crimson.

Simone: Tommy has lost two matches in his career here at SCW. Both to the same man, Kristopher Ryans. This match could steal this entire show.

Adams: I agree. I heard they even argued about who would come to the ring last.

"Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell slowly fades in. The lights go out completely as red smoke begins to bellow from the stage. The boat rocks as if the booing even turned the tide outside the large cruise liner.

A huge brain comes across the screen in the darkness. The large three dimensional brain emits memories like smoke off a fire. Inside the smoke are shots of all Crimson's matches and promotional material for Sin City Wrestling. The crowd begins to throw trash as the brain explodes from all the memories being sucked into the brain suddenly! The sticky brain matter spell out two words, "Mind" on the left side. "Fuck" on the right. The lights slowly fade in to show the thick red smoke that evaporates fairly quickly for safety concerns on the ship.

A figure emerges from the smoke wearing some sort mask with a long robe. The lights turn blood red as the figure gets to the center of the steel stage between the two large words spelled out in sticky brain matter. The lights glitch revealing the figure to be The Fury, Tommy Crimson. An inverted cross glitches on the ramp that leads to the ring. Tommy wears a rubber Jack Sparrow mask that's stitched together with both eyes hulled out and mouth. The hair is crimson red on the mask and matted down with what looks like dried blood. Famed horror prop creator, Tom Savini, created this mask. The eyes and mouth pour out what looks like maggots. The mask scares children and adults alike on the ship. Tommy's robe is a human skin robe recently created in Germany where his ring jacket also originates. The faces on the leather jacket resemble past SCW opponents like Dmitri, The Modern Day Crusader, Equinox, Calvin Harris, and so on.

Adams: I've never seen a robe like that. Those random placed faces all over it resemble Tommy's past opponents.

Simone: Crimson is a showman and he's here to work.

Crimson walks down the ramp leaving blood boot prints with each step. After the thirteenth step, the blood stops. This signifies how many times Tommy has been world champion in his career.

Justin: The following match is set for one fall and will be a grudge match! Introducing first, weighing in at one hundred and seventy two pounds. Hailing from the Dirty D, THE FURY-- TOMMMYY CRRRIMSON!

Simone: How does he do that?

Adams: I don't know.

The Fury walks up the ring steps with the boo's now drowning out his theme song. Crimson gets in the ring and removes his mask to reveal himself to the crowd in grand fashion. The violins play on while Tommy spins around the ring with both arms extended out with his new special occasion human skin robe on full display.

Simone: The Fury has arrived. That mask is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. It looked like maggots were falling out of the eye sockets and mouth. Ew.

Adams: Now we know who won the argument to come to the ring last.

Simone: Yeah, Drake Green. The most decorated world champion in Sin City Wrestling history. Four times. Amazing.

The lights dim and soft blue and white lights fade back in. A clicking can be heard before the drums of The Used's ‘Burning Down the House' fill the arena. A bit of smoke trickles over the stage area and the crowd rises to their feet. As the guitars kick in heavy, bursts of pyrotechnics go off around the stage that elicits a loud cheer from the crowd.


As the smoke clears, out walks Drake Green with a giant smile on his face. The crowd jumps to their feet cheering as he steps onto the stage. He raises his left arm up and down motioning for the crowd to get up to their feet. The crowd responds with loud cheers as they get up.

Crowd: Massive POP!

Green, still with a large smile, stands tall in a black tights with white boots and kickpads. He raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. He taps his left fist over his heart twice and points back up to the sky in salute. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings but losing his smile a bit as a focused look comes over his face.

Adams: The SCW Universe is going nuts!

Justin: Please welcome to the ring at this time....he is the record setting 4 Time SCW World Heavyweight Champion....."Mr. Showtime".....DRAAAAAKE GREEEEEEEN!

Drake trades handshakes and hugs with several of the fans in the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring. He walks around the entire ring, making sure he says hello to all the fans at ringside. Finally, he hops onto to the apron and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms for the crowd. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone, winking at Crimson as he does.

Drake: Helloooo SCW!!!

Crowd: POP!

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...welcome to the show!

The crowd pops even louder as they speak the words along with him.

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am your FOUR TIME HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOORLD and I got just one question for ya. What time is it?!

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: SCW Universe, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IS IT?!


Simone: These two men are driven like two I've never seen.

Adams: Tommy wants to win to prove he's "the guy".


Crimson flicks the end of his nose with his thumb to taunt further as the bell echoes throughout.

Simone: Drake Green wants to show that he has still got it.

Adams: Here's his opportunity.

Drake Green and Crimson strike out at each other. The larger Green swings The Fury around as they lock up in the center of the ring.

Adams: Tommy is the smaller of the two.

Green hip tosses Crimson suddenly then applies a chin lock from behind. Tommy reaches out for the ropes but they are too far. The Fury reaches up and tries to dig out Showtime's left eye! The referee warns Crimson after Drake releases the hold. The crowd boos as The Fury cradles up Showtime for a pumphandle slam!

Simone: Crimson is one of the strongest wrestlers in SCW, pound for pound.

Adams: Casey Williams begs to differ.

Simone: Agreed.

Tommy walks over to the far turnbuckle and begins to undo the buckle. The referee checks on Drake momentarily misses this.

Simone: Crimson has no intentions of keeping this one clean.

Adams: You expected he would?

Simone: No.

Crimson walks over to Drake as the referee backs away. Tommy takes hold of both of Green's wrists then pulls him up off his feet. Crimson then attempts to irish whip Drake into the exposed corner but at the last moment, Green reverses it and instead whips The Fury into the corner! Crimson trips slightly before reaching the corner hitting one knee then taking the exposed turnbuckle to the throat! The entire front row winces after the brutal shot.

Simone: Oh my god!

Crimson hits the mat in a pile with his throat bleeding. A cut across it driblles blood. The referee looks overwhelmed when Tommy reaches up and wipes it off to reveal it's not as deep as previously believed. Crimson smears the blood across his face then lets out a demonic laugh.

Adams: Wow.

Drake glides through the ropes during this disturbing unfolding scene. Crimson rises to his feet with a bloody neck to shock the crowd. The Fury turns around to look for Drake, who is now perched on the top turnbuckle! He leaps off to catch Tommy with a picture perfect tornado DDT! The crowd pops as he hooks a leg after both men hit the mat.




Simone: WOW! Drake Green nearly just defeated Tommy Crimson! Two and what?! Three quarters?!

Adams: Close. Drake knows it, too.

Crimson leaps off his back to both feet in a daze! Drake comes in looking for a clothesline but Tommy ducks it and as Green passes he grabs hold of Drake by the back of his head over his right shoulder. The ensuing neckbreaker halts Drake's momentum completely while Crimson rolls out of the ring to catch his bearings.

Adams: Crimson counters but that lick on that turnbuckle with that tornado ddt has left The Fury reeling in this one.

Simone: Yes it has, he looks disoriented and even lost a bit. I don't think he expected Green to be this fast.

Crimson gets back up on the apron and is met by Drake Green almost immediately. Tommy throws a headbutt to catch the legend good! Showtime staggers back leading Crimson to leap up on the top rope then springboard off! He catches Green with a picture perfect springboard blockbuster! Crimson continues by immediately crawling to Drake and applying a cripper cross face!

Simone: Murder Death Kill! It's locked in!

Adams: They are in the center of the ring! Drake has nowhere to go.

Drake wiggles then lashes out with his free hand for a rope that's simply too far. The crowd boos while Tommy tries to make the guy they all root for tap out.

Adams: Crimson's eyes have turned solid white. He wants to hurt this man.

Crimson: "TAP TO THE GOAT!"

The Fury screams to a totally defiant Drake Green.

Green uses his free hand to push himself up! He balances his feet to essentially sidewalk slam Tommy! Drake rises to his feet working his neck side to side out to work out any potential kinks.

Simone: What a counter! Green has an answer for anything Crimson throws at him.

Adams: Drake is one of the best wrestlers SCW has ever had. A four time world champion and hall of famer, he has matched Crimson blow for blow thus far in this one.

Green catches Tommy as he staggers to his feet. He hooks Crimson for a nasty back body drop that shakes the ring. The Fury is now completely dazed. Drake gets up then takes hold of both of Crimson's legs then stepping through before flipping Tommy over. Green hooks the sharpshooter on tight!

Adams: Sharpshooter! Showtime is rolling now.

Simone: Yes he is and Crimson now has nowhere to go! He still bleeds from his neck after cutting it earlier on the exposed turnbuckle.

Crimson reaches out for the ropes with no luck at all. Drake continues to apply pressure from a standing position hovering over Tommy. Crimson refuses to tap almost snarling at the referee's question. Crimson thrashes all over the mat attempting to somehow break the hold.

Simone: Watch how Drake is bending The Fury like a pretzel. Tommy may give in here. Backs aren't supposed to bend that way.

Adams: He continues to shake the referee off but Green continues to punish Crimson here.

Crimson gets on both arms then pulls himself toward the ropes. Drake staggers back a bit leading Tommy to lunge suddenly!

Adams: Rope break! Crimson gets the ropes but the damage has been done.

Simone: Crimson appears to be favoring his back now.

The ref separates the two men by sending them to opposite corners before resuming the match. Drake takes off at Crimson, who does the same at Green. Crimson leaps up to perform a frankensteiner on his opponent! Both men hit the mat with Drake in a bit of a daze. Crimson sits up then stands straight back up. Tommy races to the closest corner then climbs the turnbuckles like a man possessed. Drake lies still on the canvas while Tommy leaps off! Green leaps up as Crimson takes flight then leaps up toward him! He turns the frog splash attempt into a codebreaker out of nowhere! The crowd pops as Drake hooks a leg to push Tommy's shoulder flush against the mat.



Kick out!

Simone: Kick out by Crimson! Close! Drake continues to impress in this one. We need to see a replay of that showstopper.

Adams: Green has shown agility throughout this one but that was amazing.

Simone: One of the best counters I've ever seen.

Adams: I agree. What a wild one!

Crimson staggers to his feet to reveal a cut above the right eye that now that bleeds. Tommy looks beat up a bit leading Drake to strike. He charges at Crimson full speed stopping dead on a dime for a drop kick that nearly takes The Fury's head off! The crowd pops as Drake gets the crowd into this one with offense.

Simone: Showtime!

Crimson is down on the mat when Green heads for the apron on the opposite side of Tommy. Drake leaps up on the top turnbuckle then springs off leading Crimson to reach up and pull the referee into the line of fire! Green takes out the ref completely! Tommy rolls out of the ring and ends up on his hands and knees on the outside floor.

Adams: Crimson pulls the ref in at the last possible moment! Now Drake checks on the referee he himself took out.

Simone: The ref is out. Tommy escaped barely on that one.

Adams: That's the truth, Belinda. Close.

Crimson rolls back in the ring while Drake checks on the referee. He slips up behind Green for then hits a knee before upper cutting him in the privates for a brutal low blow! The shot sends the legend to both knees.

Adams: With no referee... Crimson will do anything.

Tommy pushes Drake through the ropes leading him to bounce off the apron and on out onto the outside floor. Crimson follows close behind then snatches up the superstar by his neck to drag him over to the announcers table.

Simone: What are you doing!?

Crimson knees Drake in the face before laying him out across the announcers table. The solid knee cuts Green across the forehead and now both men are bleeding. Tommy then takes Belinda's folding chair then staggers over to the ring to roll back in after tossing the chair in.

Adams: What is he doing?

The Fury then gets the chair and heads for the corner closest to the announcers booth. He climbs up on the turnbuckles while holding the chair. He perches on top while holding the chair behind him on his bottom.

Simone: No way.

The announcers move as Crimson leaps head first off the turnbuckle doing a complete front flip in the air whilst holding the steel chair firm against his bottom. He lands chair and bottom first across Drake Green causing the table to explode from beneath both men. They both end up out on the outside floor with no referee to count.

Adams: RageQUIT! Did you see that!? Crimson's take on the arabian facebuster maneuver has silenced this entire cruise ship, Belinda!

The referee stirs in the ring and realizes both men are now gone. The ref then begins to count which grabs Tommy's attention. He stirs a bit among all the bent chair bits and broken announcers table pieces. Crimson slowly begins to crawl back toward the ring when something grabs hold of his left ankle! He looks back to see Drake Green! Terror crosses the face of Tommy Crimson for the first time in years as a wide eyed Green applies an ankle lock from behind! Crimson can't believe it.

Simone: Drake's alive!

Adams: These two men are willing to die for a win here tonight.

Tommy spins around and kicks Drake off then staggers to his right foot. He bounces over to the ring apron then rolls into the ring to stop the count at eight. Drake follows right behind Tommy but staggers a bit himself. He catches Crimson for a scoop up slam! The crowd pops while Crimson stays flat on his back. Green takes off for the ropes then glides through. He stands on the apron facing back inside the ring and leaps up on the top rope then springboards off! He hits Tommy with a springboard leg drop that excites the entire crowd watching on.

Simone: What a move! He needs to go for the pin.

Adams: I believe he has other plans.

Crimson gets to one knee leading Green to come up from behind him. Showtime then wraps both arms around The Fury then drops back with a beautiful german suplex! He holds on through the move then stands up slowly while still holding on to Tommy. Drake then drops back again with another german suplex but this time releases it leading Crimson to bounce over in to the corner!

Adams: Showtime is now in complete control of this one.

Crimson again attempts to get back to both feet only to be caught by Green for a belly to belly suplex! Drake hooks a leg after both men crash on the mat!


Kick out!

Simone: Crimson gets a shoulder up at a count of one.

Drake gets back up quick then heads for the corner! He gets there and quickly scales the turnbuckles to end up on the top perched out at Crimson. He leaps off looking for a flying elbow but Tommy rolls out of the way at the last possible moment! Drake crashes and burns on the mat while Tommy ends up sitting in the corner looking at the carnage straight ahead.

Adams: Tommy Crimson moves at the last moment to save himself and manages to do just that.

Simone: Now Green is down on the mat.

Both men stay down leading the referee to begin a count.

Simone: These two have fought it out here tonight.

Adams: Our table can attest to that.

Simone: That it could.

Crimson finally uses the ropes on both sides to pull himself back up to his feet. Drake stumbles to one knee leading Tommy to pull him on up while simultaneously kneeing the legend in the gut! When Green bends over Crimson catches him with a wicked jawbreaker! The maneuver sends the hall of famer back into the corner. He ends up in a seated position in the corner while Crimson darts to the opposite corner. Tommy then takes off full speed at Drake to hit him with a wicked knee to the face! Green falls to the mat and ends up on his back. Tommy climbs the turnbuckle then indicates that GodBooked is coming leading the crowd to throw trash and boo.

Adams: Crimson is going for it!

Tommy leaps off the top turnbuckle looking for a senton bomb but Drake lifts up both knees to counter leading Crimson to land back first across both knee caps. He ends up writhing in pain on the mat while Drake attempts to recover.

Simone: What a counter by the hall of famer! He continues to out think Tommy Crimson in this one to stay alive.

Adams: I believe Crimson may have even further hurt that already ailing back of his.

The Fury finally manages to get back to his feet but Green catching him with a wicked spinning neck breaker! Crimson hits the mat in a pile while Drake gets back to his feet to continue his momentum on.

Adams: Drake is going for the sharpshooter again!

Drake tries to apply the maneuver once more but Crimson kicks him off then rolls out of the ring. Green hits the ropes behind him then springs forward full speed! He dives through the ropes and catches Tommy with a beautiful tornado ddt which plants his face on the unforgiving outside floor!

Simone: What a move! Did you see that?

Adams: Drake continues to impress in this one.

Green then stands out from Crimson to perform a leg drop on the outside to further incite the crowd. They continue to pop when Drake carefully stands The Fury up and attempts to roll him back into the ring but Tommy puts out both arms on the apron to halt this. He then takes hold of Green by the back of the head and drives him face first into the side of the ring apron! The shot sends the four time champion down to one knee.

Adams: Crimson turned the tables again with that counter.

Before the ref can begin the count, Crimson rolls back into the ring. Drake follows closely behind still reeling a bit from the shot on the side of the apron. Crimson gets to his feet then turns around to be met by a running drop kick courtesy of Drake Green! The shot sends The Fury to the mat in a pile while Green hooks a leg.




Simone: What a match!

Adams: Crimson once again gets a shoulder up at the last possible moment! Wow!

Tommy now lies on his back in somewhat of a daze while Green continues on. He looks at the top turnbuckle briefly before making his way over to it. The crowd chants his name as he climbs up the turnbuckles to reach the tip top.

Adams: Drake wants to take this back to the air.

Simone: I don't know how either of these men are still going.

Drake leaps out looking for a elbow drop but just before his feet leave the turnbuckle, Crimson leaps to his feet! Tommy then jumps up to catch Drake with one hand behind his head! The Fury drives the hall of famers head to the mat in a sit out facebuster like none Tommy has ever done. The crowd grows completely silence as he hooks a leg to pin Drake.





Simone: Crimson has done it! He's beaten Drake Green!

Adams: Did you see the height on that sit out facebuster!? What an ending to a great wrestling match by all accounts including twitter which has just blown up.

Simone: Put that phone down.

Justin: Winner by way of pinfall, TOMMMYYY CRRRIMSSSON!

Simone: I mean, excuse my language but you would call that a super mindf*cked?!

Adams: That's the only thing you could call that, Belinda. What a match!

Drake shakes his head on the mat with pure displeasure while Crimson stumbles to his feet for the referee to raise his hand high in victory. Tommy begins to hold both arms out in front of him then move his hands away from each other to signal he should be champion. The crowd boos this but he even gets up on the turnbuckles to do this taunt. "Next World Champion", Crimson shouts to roaring boos.

Adams: Crimson believes he should be the next champion. This crowd does no agree with that assessment whatsoever.

Simone: The Fury has made a strong case for that here tonight but later we will have a heavyweight champion crowned in the main event.

Adams: We sure will. Crimson will have to wait his turn which he seems almost incapable of doing at this juncture.

Simone: We will know soon enough. We will be right back with more action from Summer XXXTreme Vl, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Adams: Stay tuned!

Backstage Apple Coren can be seen stalking towards her room, a towel in hand as she grumbles about falling into the pool.

Apple Coren: Can you believe it, me, getting soaked like that. I am half minded to go back and demand that match restart because I deserve to be in the match later tonight.

Ivy the Assistant: Yes my lady.

Apple Coren: And believe me, if I hadn't fallen in like that, it would be ME. I think that we need to talk to the bosses to let them know that I deserve to be in the...

Lord Coren:Deserve to be in what young lady? You aren't even supposed to be in this company, you signed the contract as a minor and as a minor, you needed my permission. Now I want you to go back to your stateroom and get ready to leave this ship right now. I have a helicopter waiting for us to leave.

Apple Coren: But Daddy, I am almost eighteen and I can do what I want. What do you care about me doing this? In another month you will be gone again and then there will be no stopping me. I will be a bombshell in this company!

Not saying anything, Lord Coren just points towards the staterooms before Apple stomps her foot angrily and heads off trailed by Ivy as her father looks on.

The camera then switches to a shot of the backstage area, cordoned off from the rest of the Sun Princess cruise for use by staff and wrestlers to prepare for their matches and the remainder of the event. In a section set aside for last-minute work outs, the camera showcases the current number one contender to the now-vacant World Heavyweight Championship, the "White Wolf" known as Fenris! There are many scattered boos, but his appearance is also heralded by a number of cheers and applause as he stands in his wrestling attire; black lycra shorts, barefoot and black MMA gloves. As his brother and ringside attendant Aron stands behind a boxing dummy, holding it steady, Fenris is in a shoot fighting stance, fusts drawn up before his body and face.

Fenris throws a hard right into the dummy, followed by a second and then a left! He then steps back a step and throws a kick with his bare foot that knocks the dummy back, despite the fact that it is being held firm in place by Aron! As a matter of fact, Aron himself is also knocked back a step but he wears a smile on his face anyway, maintaining himself as he helps his brother prepare for his upcoming match that would be history in the making, as the hard slaps of Fenris's gloved fists cracking the leather dummy are heard over and over!

The Bombshell Champion is seen walking down the hallway in the direction of where Fenris was working out. She was already wearing her ring attire which was purple and silver for the night. She is seen with Despayre, trying to coax him into going with her. Her left wrist is wrapped with white tape and she is using her right hand to coax/pull Despayre with her.

Mikah: You can't hide from him forever, Despy!

Despayre: I can if you let me!

She offers her friend a coaxing smile as they move closer and closer to where Fenris was training. They could hear the noises of him hitting the boxing dummy. It seemed to make Despy more and more reluctant.

Mikah: I promise that I will be right here! I PROMISE.

They finally move around the corner and spot Fenris and Aron. Mikah takes a deep breath, and nods at Despy.

Mikah: He will listen, I promise.

Mikah narrows her eyes just a bit at Fenris and places her hands on her hips. In his momentum, Fenris catches sight of who is approaching and he stops his workout, holding his hand up to signal Aron for a pause. Aron frowns, but then turns his head and sees also who is there and blows out a breath of air through his pursed lips.

Aron: Hoo boy!

He saw this one coming, having read the very protective tweets on Mikah's part. Aron wasn't aware of much in the world of pro wrestling but he knew enough from what happened at the party and the aftermath on social media that his brother had pressed too many wrong buttons by snapping at the young man, Despayre. He also knew that his brother felt a surprising sense of guilt for having done so, but you'd be hard pressed to make him admit it.

Fenris takes a step back and frowns. He shakes his head and says something in his native Icelandic, most likely trying to indicate he doesn't speak English. Despayre rolls his eyes and mumbles something -- in Icelandic no less -- to perhaps call him out on that fib! This causes the three with him, Mikah, Aron and Fenris himself to stare openly at Despayre.

Mikah: Despy, when did you ever learn Icelandic?

Despayre shakes his head though.

Despayre: Oh I never did.

He then leans a hint to the side and cups a hand around his mouth to stage whisper toward Mikah.

Despayre: You don't learn it. You just speak it.

Mikah holds a confused look for a moment before shrugging her shoulders.

Mikah: I wasn't aware that that was how it worked, honestly.

She fiddles momentarily with the tape to make sure it stays in place on her wrist before looking at Despy then looking over at Fenris. She nudges him gently as if trying to get him to confront him.

Mikah: Isn't there something you want to say to him? Something of the sorts of how RUDE it was to do that?

Mikah shoots a pointed look in Fenris' direction before looking at Despy, clearly reigning herself in. However, she chuckles at the irony of her calling somebody else rude.

Mikah: And how it made you feel?

She glances at Fenris, pushing her hair from her eyes as she looks at Despy again. She places a hand on his shoulder in an encouraging and comforting way.

Mikah: I mean, I could tear into him.

She gives Fenris another pointed look.

Mikah: But I do not think that that will solve anything...Plus, it might be more beneficial coming from you.

Fenris understands. He knows he hurt the kid's feelings. He knew from day one there wasn't something entirely "right" about the kid, a fact that Gabriel and Synn had both stressed but not in so many words, elaborated on so he'd be careful in the gym when training alongside of him. Fenris looks at Despayre, then at Mikah. He takes in a deep breath, seemingly trying to reign in his own nefarious temper, but his blue eyes fall on Mikah and his brow knits.

Fenris: Really? Now?

He speaks in broken English, his hesitation evident as he searches internally for the right words.

Fenris: I train for my world title match, and you do this? Now?

Despayre takes a step back, wringing the fingers of one hand in his grip of the other. He looks to Mikah and his eyes are downcast, mumbling.

Despayre: Told you he wouldn't care.

Hearing that, Fenris throws his head back and flops his arms at the side, cursing in Icelandic. Mikah scowls a little at Fenris.

Mikah: Seriously? What is your fuc--

She stops herself, giving Despy a look.

Mikah: Problem?

She takes a deep breath, trying to reign in her own feelings.

Mikah: I get that you have a world title match but guess what, buddy? So do fucking I!

She narrows her eyes again at him.

Mikah: I am sure that you can spare a few damn minutes to listen to Despy. But if not, then it's your loss, not Despy's. And maybe you should think for a moment--if you can how this could maybe affect the way people act around you backstage.

She takes a deep breath before looking at Despy.

Mikah: Go on, Despy.

Despayre looks at Mikah with imploring eyes, but it is a moment like this where she greatly reminds him of his dad, Synn, when he is confident in Despayre. Knowing he can do the right thing for himself without backing down or expecting others to do it for him. Despayre turns to Fenris and swallows hard and says simply,

Despayre: You're mean.

This declaration causes Fenris to frown, as if he wasn't aware of the fact.

Despayre: I'm the only reason dad and Angel and Gabriel even went to your dumb ol' party. Because a birthday should be celebrated. We all even gave you nice presents. An' you yelled at me. Just because I thought that guy should get a piece of cake before you threw him out.

He gives Mikah a look, this being the first time she heard any of the details about what had happened.

Despayre: It'd be the polite thing to do, letting him have cake first.

Despayre then looks again to Fenris, who has remained surprisingly stoic at this confrontation. Despayre shrugs and looks at his feet again.

Despayre: Hurt my feelings is all. I don't like being yelled at. Not that YOU care.

Fenris grinds his teeth and draws in a deep breath, and Aron and Mikah too prepare for an upcoming verbal tirade from the tempermental star. But what comes out of his mouth surprises them.

Fenris: I do too!

Mikah and Aron's head turn in surprise, and Despayre lifts his head up with wide eyes.

Despayre: You ... do?

Fenris rolls his eyes quite brazenly and huffs.

Fenris: You all act as if I don't have a fucking heart! I'm not heartless! I'm just an asshole!

Despayre stares at Fenris, then gives Mikah a sidelong glance and whispers.

Despayre: Is it safe to start charging him yet?

Mikah just shrugs her shoulders as she looks at Fenris again.

Mikah: And you think I'm not a bitch?

She raises an eyebrow before rolling her eyes.

Mikah: It's picking and choosing on WHO you be an asshole to.

She glances at Despy and then back at Fenris.

Mikah: And knowing when to apologize. Two words.....

She takes a moment to pause, realizing the irony of her encouraging people to apologize but usually being the last to do so.

Mikah: Those two words have a lot more power than many people think they do.

Fenris stares at her, his eyes narrowing as his jaw muscles tighten, a sure sign he is struggling to keep from going off.

Fenris: Good to know.

He instead says simply, but sees the stricken look in Despayre's eyes, then looks from Mikah to his own expectant brother and he groans.

Fenris: Fine! I'm SORRY!

He clenches eyes and teeth tightly and exclaims,

Fenris: FUCK that leaves bad taste in mouth!

He opens his eyes and stares at Despayre.

Fenris: Are we good now?

Despayre's own eyes narrow and he puckers his lips in thought.

Despayre: I don't know. Maybe. Not yet.

He then holds his hand out expectantly and gives it a shake. Fenris stares at it, then looks to Aron for an explanation.

Fenris: What does he want now?

Aron chuckles.

Aron: I think you know.

Fenris looks between all of them and rolls his eyes.

Fenris: Fine. PAY him!

Aron: Me!?

Fenris: Do I LOOK like I have money on me!?

Aron sighs and pulls his wallet from his shorts pocket and passes a few bills over to Despayre's expectant hand. Despayre then squints one eye shut with a tongue sticking out from his lips as he counts it. Before Fenris can ask again, Despayre then turns to Mikah and holds his hand out, not letting her get by with her bad words.

Despayre: Double rate.

Mikah: Double? Why double for me and not for him?

Despayre looks at her with innocent eyes, as if he doesn't understand why she doesn't understand.

Despayre: Because you're a lady.

He jets a thumb back in Fenris's direction.

Despayre: He's just mean.

Mikah's mouth drops open and she replaces her hands on her hips.

Mikah: I was defending you!

She scowls at Fenris before looking at Despy, with a small frown on her face.

Mikah: THAT should count for something! Shouldn't it?

She hmphs a bit.

Mikah: Plus, my money is in my locker room! There is literally no room for money on me!

She pats her self down, over her bra like top and her skimpy little bottoms. Then looks at Despy, expectantly.

Mikah: See. No room for cash!

She then smirks, an idea popping into her mind.

Mikah: Make him pay. It's his fault I used such...

She lowers her voice a bit.

Mikah: Filthy words anyways! If he hadn't been such a butt, I wouldn't have had to talk like that! So, it's almost as if he said them anyways!

Despayre's eyes and mouth open wide and he turns to


Despayre: That's. Right! This is all your fault! And to THINK you almost made me charge MY Mikah for using words YOU spoke for her! For SHAAAAME!

Despayre snaps his fingers and beckons with his hand for him to fork it over. Mikah has a smug smile on her face and even Aron looks bemused at the spot Fenris finds himself in. Fenris looks at Despayre, then his hand and shakes his head.

Fenris: No! That's not fair! Fuck th-....

He stops short, closes his eyes and growls. Literally! He growls! He opens his eyes and turns to Aron.

Fenris: Pay him.

Aron: Me... again!?

Fenris: I want to get back to training so END THIS and pay up!

Aron groaned at the strain on his poor wallet as he picked it back out from his pocket and slapped a few more bills into Despayre's hand, the little guy counting along as he did so. Aron takes a step back as despayre turns to Mikah with a bright smile and waves the cash excitedly.

Despayre: Shall we go have a Cherry Coke float to celebrate? My treat!

She smiles and wrinkles her nose before shooting a Fenris a glare and then putting an arm around Despy's neck.

Mikah: My match is soon and I really don't want to throw up. But definitely after my match, I'm up for a Cherry Coke float.

She turns with Despy to lead him down the hallway and shoots yet again another glare at Fenris as they walk away to leave Fenris with his training.

Simone: Welcome back to Summer XXXTreme and it's time for the first of tonight's Main Event! Earlier tonight in our opener Christina Rose outlasted Portia Alexander, Apple Coren, Aviana Faith, Seleana Zdunich and Dani Weston to secure her spot in the Main Event as she challenges Mikah for the World Bombshell Championship!

Adams: It's been a couple of hours, but Christina must still be sore after that match, not to mention the fact that she was in a brutal Tai Pei Death Match against Jessie Salco last weekend at Honor Wrestling! We saw one of her stitches get opened during the opener, so you must figure that Mikah will be going after those stitches.

Simone: Yes, but we also saw Christina fight on despite the blood loss! Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first match of tonight's double main event, scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Bombshell Championship!

Meganerd by YTcracker begins to blast across the speakers as it does so Christina Rose makes her way from the back curtain with her fiancée Seleana Zdunich. Christina smiles as she blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring.

Justin: Introducing the challenger, from Los Angeles, California and being accompanied by Seleana Zdunich, Christina Rose!

She slaps the outstretched hands of all the roaring fans. She quickly slides into the ring and kips up to her feet as she waves her hands in the air getting the crowd behind her. She jumps around a bit as she tosses her eye glasses to her fiancée. Seleana smiles as she catches them as she claps for her future wife.

Simone: Seems that there are no hard feelings between Christina and Seleana but then again it wasn't Christina that eliminated Seleana from the opener!

Adams: True but if I was Mikah I'd have one eye on Christina and the other on Seleana, don't forget they teamed up to eliminate one of the competitors in the opener!

Justin: And her opponent!

The arena fades to black before Dirty Little Girl by Burn Halo begins to play and the arena then flashes with hot pink, neon green, and purple lights. Mikah soon makes her way out onto the stage, one hand on her hip the other by her side. She stops in the middle of the stage before rolling her hips to the left before continuing her way down the ramp. She jeers at the crowd before rolling her eyes at them and ignoring them. She jogs up the stairs before strutting two steps onto the apron then slowly getting into the ring between the bottom and middle rope, dipping her upper body lower than her lower body to make her butt stick out a bit.

Justin: From New York City, she is the reigning and defending SCW World Bombshell Champion, Mikah!

She then moves to the middle of the ropes and steps on the bottom one before leaning suggestively over the top rope as if to give the crowd a glimpse of her chest but then pulls back and steps down. She moves to the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle.

Simone: Mikah beat Christina Rose at Into the Void to retain the title but we could see a reversal of fortunes tonight!

Adams: Difference is Belinda that at Into the Void Christina only had to compete once, tonight? She's had to wrestle twice!

Seleana gives Christina a good luck kiss before she leaves the ring whilst Mikah hands over the World Bombshell Championship to Jacob who holds it above his head before handing it to a stage hand, once that is done Jacob calls both women to the middle of the ring to go over the rules with them and once Christina and Mikah nod to confirm that they understand the rules Jacob calls for the bell.

Simone: And tonight's Main Event is underway!

Adams: And if their last match is any indication, the fans are in for a treat!


Once the bell rings Mikah makes the first move charging at her challenger but Christina ducks right under Mikah's clothesline attempt and spins her around before firing off rights and lefts at Mikah's temple forcing the champion to back off to the ropes where Christina whips Mikah to the opposite side, on the rebound Christina goes for a high dropkick but Mikah swats her to the side before picking her up and planting Christina with a DDT! Mikah goes for the first cover of the match.



And Christina kicks out!

Simone: It didn't take long for the pin fall attempts to start!

Adams: At least Mikah knows better than to argue with Jacob this early in the match!

Mikah shakes her head in disappointment before she picks up Christina only to be met with an Uppercut from the challenger sending her stumbling back a few inches, Christina then backs off before charging and hitting Mikah with a spear but before the challenger can go for her first cover of the match Mikah rolls out of the ring! Christina goes to follow Mikah out but Jacob orders her to back off as Mikah shakes off the effects of the Uppercut and Spear.

Simone: Mikah might not be as safe as she thinks! We saw earlier tonight that Christina will go to any lengths to win a match!

Adams: Yeah but she jumped off the Ultimate X Structure in that match, she's probably still feeling the effects!

By the time Jacob's count reaches four Seleana goes up to Mikah and orders her to go back into the ring, however as Seleana has no real authority in SCW Mikah pays her no mind and ignores her not noticing that Christina has climbed the top rope nearest to Mikah, as soon as Christina gives her the signal Seleana shoves Mikah towards Christina who then leaps off the top rope and nails Mikah with a High Cross Body to the floor that brings the fans to their feet.

Simone: I'm surprised Jacob didn't disqualify Christina for outside interference!

Adams: That's because he was busy trying to get Christina to climb down, plus I'm pretty sure he'd lose his job if he ended a high stakes match like this one early due to a disqualification!

Christina is the first one to her feet and picks up Mikah before rolling her back into the ring and following her in breaking up Jacob's restarted count in the process, Seleana then heads back to her original position to avoid suspicion being cast on her whilst Christina rolls Mikah onto her back and goes for her first pin of the night.



And Mikah kicks out! Christina looks up at Jacob in disbelief, but Jacob shakes his head and orders Christina to continue the match!

Simone: Given all the times they have faced off, you'd think Christina would realize that Mikah won't be beaten that easily!

Adams: She wants that title and she wants to end this quickly before her stitches get opened again!

Christina picks up Mikah but Mikah goes for the stitches in Christina's head forcing her to back off before more damage can be done! Mikah then uses the opportunity to back up to the nearest corner to give herself some breathing room but Christina doesn't let up as she goes over to Mikah and tries to pick her up only for Mikah to grab Christina by her hair and launch her face first into the middle turnbuckle! As if that wasn't bad enough Mikah then hits a running knee to the back of Christina's head and whilst she doesn't turn around we can tell from the few drippings of blood that at some point in the past few seconds one of Christina's stitches have been opened! Mikah then rolls up the challenger.



And Christina kicks out!

Simone: That was inevitable I'm afraid, we already saw that happen during the opener!

Adams: I'll be surprised if Christina knows where she is right now after Mikah's attacks to her head!

Rather than go for another cover or argue with Jacob Mikah mounts Christina and starts punching away at her head causing more blood to spill in the process! Seleana looks on worried for her fiancé from ringside and at one point she gets up on the apron to yell some choice words in both English and Swedish at Mikah getting the champion's (and Jacob's) attention as she gets off Christina and goes over to Seleana, after a few seconds of listening to Seleana's verbal abuse Mikah shakes her head before nearly taking Seleana's head off with a Superkick knocking her to the floor.

Simone: Well, that's one way of dealing with an annoying manager.

Adams: Especially since Seleana is an active wrestler, meaning Mikah doesn't have to worry about getting fined for attacking a non-wrestler!

Jacob leans out of the ring to check on Seleana's condition but confirms that the kick didn't knock her out, just knocked her loopy, Mikah smiles at her handiwork but gets surprised by a Victory Roll by Christina!



And Mikah kicks out, Christina gets to her feet whilst Mikah rolls to her knees, but Christina doesn't let up hitting the champion with a Shining Wizard! Christina then goes for another cover!



And Mikah kicks out!

Simone: Ironically a variation of that combo was used on Christina during the opener!

Adams: Well, it's certainly effective!

Christina pounds the matt in frustration before dragging Mikah's prone form over to the nearest turnbuckle and climbing atop it, Christina takes a moment to wipe the blood from her eyes before she goes for a Shooting Star Press.........and misses as Mikah rolls out of the way causing Christina to crash and burn in the process! Christina clutches her stomach in pain whilst on her hands and knees but doesn't get much of a chance to recover before Mikah rolls her up!



And Christina kicks out! Both women get to their feet, but Christina is a bit woozy from the blood loss allowing Mikah to nail her with a lariat! Mikah then goes for another cover!



Simone: Thre.......NO! Christina kicks out barely avoiding a three count!

Adams: What will it take to end this match?

Mikah gets to her feet and argues with Jacob that the match should be over, but Jacob is having none of it before he orders Mikah to continue the match! At this point Christina goes for another roll-up but Mikah has it scouted as she sits on Christina's arm and locks in a nasty looking armbar in the middle of the ring with Jacob in perfect position! By this point Seleana is back on her feet at ringside and shouts words of encouragement at her fiancé as Christina screams out in pain!

Simone: That looks painful!

Adams: My arm hurts just looking at that move!

Jacob asks Christina if she wants to quit but the former champion is adamant that she doesn't want to give up as she starts to crawl over to the ropes, Mikah tries everything she can think off short of breaking the rules to stop Christina in her tracks, but it doesn't work as Christina makes it to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope securing the rope break and forcing Mikah to let go off the hold! However, it's clear that the damage has been done and Mikah calls for her finisher!

Simone: Mikah's going for the Mikahangelo!

Adams: If she hits this, it's over!

Mikah stalks Christina as she uses the ropes to help herself to her feet and when Christina turns around Mikah boots her in the stomach and gets her up for the Mikahangelo, however through what can only be willpower Christina is able to slip out the back of the move and school girls Mikah, but rather than go for the pin Christina instead locks in her signature submission hold!

Simone: Power Absorption! That's the move that won Christina the title at Into the Void!

Adams: And I don't think Mikah has anywhere to go!

Mikah screams in pain from the submission hold but refuses to tap instead using her long legs to kick away at Christina's face, it takes one powerful kick but its enough to force Christina to break the hold and stun her long enough for Mikah to turn the tables.

Simone: And now Mikah has the Cupid's Chokehold locked in! That's the move that won her the title at Disneyworld!

Adams: Does Christina have anything left?!

Jacob checks on Christina as she tries to fight out of it but the combination of blood loss and the pain she's endured throughout the night has rendered Christina helpless as she eventually stops moving all together, Jacob raises her arm once and it falls prompting him to call for the bell.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has ruled that Christina Rose can no longer continue! So, the winner of the match and STILL SCW WORLD BOMBSHELL CHAMPION MIKAH!

Simone: What a match, those women laid it all on the line!

Adams: We're going to need some medical assistance for Christina, but we may be looking at a match of the year candidate here!

Mikah releases the hold and celebrates her win by holding her title high whilst Seleana and Jacob check on Christina.

Amy Jo Smyth and Keira Johnson sit at a long table located in the ship's buffet. The table is covered in a mixture of full and empty plates. Smyth shoves a forkful of something into her mouth as a waiter tries to collect some of the empty plates.

Waiter: Um, can I get you... a shovel maybe?

Smyth snaps her head toward him and snarls. If her mouth wasn't full of food, she'd tear into him with her Southernerly sass.

Keira: You might since she can't keep up with me.

Keira giggles as she goes to another plate of Steaks and wolfs them down, showing AJ how it was one

Keira: Come on, AJ! Thought you could beat me!

AJ swallows.

AJS: I've never backed away from a challenge and I won't start now.

Smyth quickly stabs more food on her plate, impaling it with her fork, and brings it to her mouth.

AJS: You gotta admit, even without super powers, I'm keeping up.

Keira: We'll see. This is only a snack. MORE CHICKEN, PLEASE!

AJS: Oh, okay, Thor. Bring it down a level.

Keira giggles as she shoves the big bowl of rice down her mouth, eating it wildly, shocking the people inside.

AJS: Did you forget that this is self-serve? Girl, you gotta it yourself.

Keira: And let you try to beat me? No thanks!

The servers bring over a big tray of food as Keira grabs one of the chicken breasts and begins to eat it. She throws the bones away as she grabs a few legs, wolfing them down.

AJS: This is all kinds of bad table manners.

Smyth continues chewing slowly as she takes in the sight in front of her.

AJS: Maybe I can't beat you in eating but I totally got you in the manners department.

Smyth looks around, hoping to find Roxi, and have her save the day. Doesn't stop her from belching loudly.

AJS: Pardon me. Made more room, though.

Keira: Aww, that's cute.

Keira smirks as she grabs the bowl of Ramen and slurps it down quickly. She giggles as she kept going, going for more steaks on the tray.

AJS: Wait! Where the hell did you get ramen?! I want ramen. I demand ramen!

Smyth slams her fists on the table, rattling the table and the silverware and empty plates.

Keira: I got it special ordered. It's a good little snack. But this was nothing compared to the Mammoth I ate years ago.

AJS: Mammoths have been extinct for ten-thousand years. I would expect you to respect me enough not to embellish your achievements.

Smyth looks around, finds the waiter, and flags him over with a sweet, careful gesture of her hand.

Waiter: Yes? What is it now? A keg, perhaps?

AJS: I actually would love another beer, thank you. So kind of you to remember.

She forces the empty glass into his hand.

AJS: In a fresh glass, please.

The young man turns to walk away but she stops him.

AJS: While you're at it, I would also like a bowl of ramen just like my friend here.

Waiter: We don't, uh, serve ramen here.

AJS: Oh, sweetie, yes you do.

Waiter: Ma'am...

AJS: Ramen.

He walks away without another word.

Keira keeps eating, enjoying the food. She grabs one of the pizza boxes, opening it to show a Supreme pizza. She frowns a bit.

Keira: Awwww, supreme? I wanted to save that pizza for last. Oh well. pizza is pizza!!!!

Keira grabs two slices and wolfs them down wildly.

AJS: Hahaha. pizza is pizza.

The waiter returns with a fresh draft beer for AJ. She quickly takes some big gulps, finding the brew refreshing and cooling. That induces yet another burp, but this one is much louder and much longer than the previous ones.

AJS: Oh, shit. That was earth shattering.

Keira: It means you're about done. I will admit, you lasted longer than I thought.

AJS: Nope, just made more room.

Keira: Keep telling yourself that.

Keira finishes the first box of pizza as she goes for a second, a regular cheese as she wolfs it down. She takes a swig of water as she continue to chow down. The bowl of ramen suddenly appears, dropped off by the ever pleasant waiter.

AJS: See, I knew you could do it.

He just rolls his eyes and leaves. AJS dives in without a word, quickly slurping up the noodles and broth and various veggies. It doesn't take long for the expression on her face to change and things start to slow down dramatically. Her zest and excitement for the ramen wanes.

AJS: I'm gonna do it. Watch me.

Roxi appears at the table, Nate in the crook of her arm, resting on her hip, and a small plate of food for herself and Nate to share.

Roxi: What the...?

AJS: Heeyyy.

Roxi: What did I miss?

AJS: You're just in time for my death...

With that, AJ just falls over, crashing into the booth seating and laying flat. She groans and grumbles, holding her stomach. Keira finishes the last box of pizza. She grabs the last plate of Ribeyes and wolfs them down. She stands up and raises her arms.

Keira: DID IT!

Roxi: Keira! AJ's stomach....

Keira: CRAP!

Keira rushes over and helps AJ up. AJ waves her away.

AJS: Leave me here to die! Woe, woe is me!

Smyth cries dramatically.

AJS: Can I have my beer though?

Her hand comes up, reaching out for it, open and waiting to receive it.

Roxi: Oh, never mind, she's fine.

The four members of London Underground stand backstage, a dejected look on their faces after losing the SCW Mixed Tag Team championships. The four look around each other but wide smiles break out across their faces.

Mackenzie: That went well.

Charlotte: Better than I expected.

Daniel: We couldn't have played that one any better if we tried. Now the burden of those belts are off and we don't have to listen to Salco demand a title shot, even though she got her arse beat tonight, we can finally do what we came to SCW to do, and that's use it as a stepping stone to personal gain.

Mackenzie: I feel fucking sorry for Mercedes to be honest stuck with that gimp Kain, having to listen to Salco and Acquin whine about title shots, so glad to be free of them for the time being.

Charlotte: Only problem is ratings will drop and interest in that division has now gone, we were the only ones who kept it interesting.

Daniel: That's alright, soon as Ward and Underwood see that no one in this division can carry the belts, they'll be begging us to go after them, which means they might get around to getting us some decent competition.

Charlotte: And until them, we go on and take on anyone they put us against, singles, tags...

Mackenzie: Or they ca get off their arses and hire a group like us so we can have some real fun.

Daniel: All we gotta do right now is stay away from those belts till those lot in the suits see what we're really worth and deserved a little more of a challenge then the rubbish they've served up to us. But for now ladies and Os, we go back to Vegas and start making the moves we were meant to have made nine months ago.

The group nod in agreement and walk off camera.

Adams: This is it, folks! The main event of Summer XXXTreme VI is here at last! After everything our stars went through, Ty West emerged as the man that will be challenging Fenris tonight for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Simone: Ty and Fenris are ready to rumble tonight and together, in a brutal match, will discover who is the legitimate SCW World Heavyweight champion!

The bell rings and Justin steps into the center of the ring and raises the microphone to his lips.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship! The only way to win this bout is by either pinfall or submission! Introducing first, from Tuscon, Arizona, weighing at 250 lbs...."PRETTY" TY WEST!!!!!!

The bass kicks up as a heavy fog fills the stage. Yellow and red lights illuminate it until the back of a man is seen through it. The lights vibrate with the base until singing starts and "Pretty" Ty West turns, raising his fists into the air to the mixed reaction of the fans. He arrogantly waves them off with a cocky smirk until he reaches the ring. Once in, he climbs the turnbuckle, letting out a primal 'roar' before jumping down, cracking his neck as he bounces from one leg to the other

Adams: The man seems determined tonight, but the question is, can he get the job done?

Justin: Introducing his opponent, Revjahik, Iceland, weighing at 204 lbs....FENRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with his younger brother at his side. As Aron looks on, Fenris stands stoically, looking out towards the capacity crowd before dropping to one knee with head bowed. He symbolically crosses his heart and looks 'up' in homage before standing upright and beginning his journey toward the ring with his brother following close behind.

Justin: Making his way toward the ring! Accompanied by Aron Baltasarsson, from Iceland, weighing two hundred and four pounds -- Fenris!

Despite the fans that reach out toward him, Fenris does not reciprocate and his attention is solely on the ring, whereas the smiling Aron good naturedly slaps a hand or two that extends toward him. Fenris climbs the ring steps and walks along the apron, turning towards the fans and extends his arms up and begins the 'Viking Clap.' Slowly but surely, despite any potential misgivings towards the young man, many fans join along with him in the Viking Clap. Aron holds the ropes for his brother, and Fenris steps through and continues the clap from one corner to the next, drawing in the energy of the crowd. Joined by Aron, Fenris returns to his own corner and paces like a wolf stalking his prey, kicking off his slippers to compete barefoot as the claps slowly subside.

Simone: Fenris and Ty are already talking trash at each other as the referee is trying to separate them and get them in their corners.

Adams: Both of them are filled with adrenaline and ready to go. The stakes have never been too high. No matter what happens, the fate of the SCW Heavyweight Championship will be decided! And here we go!


The bell rings and both Fenris and Ty are circling around the ring, staring each other down as the crowd surrounding the ring on the Sun Princess Cruise are roaring. The two then grapple for each other, yet neither gain the advantage. They circle around once more and the two grapple once more, only for Fenris to spin around Ty, grab him by the waist from behind, and goes for a Fisherman's Suplex. It connects, but Ty gets back up and nails Fenris with a dropkick. Fenris hits the ropes, but tackles Ty into the mat and tries to end the fight with solid punches to his face. But Ty only gets hit a few times and blocks the rest, hitting a few knees into Fenris's stomach, Fenris rolling out of the way. Ty does a kip up, then nails a neckbreaker! He goes for the pin as the referee counts it...




Simone: That neck breaker wasn't strong enough to put the man away.

Adams: Ty would tell you the same thing; it's gonna take more than one move to take either man down, especially with the title on the line.

Ty picks up Fenris and throws him into the turnbuckle, but Fenris bounces back and nails Ty with a nasty clothesline. Going for another beatdown with punches, Ty is unable to block them all. Picking up his opponent, he lays into Ty with vicious knee strikes, then throws him to the ropes. He goes for a roundhouse kick, but Ty rolls underneath it, manages to grab Fenris by the waist, and goes for a German Suplex. Fenris lands hard and is stunned, Ty taking advantage with a few punches to the stomach. It forces Fenris into the turnbuckle as Ty kicks him down like dirt, then picks up Fenris and executes a vertical suplex! Ty made the mistake of picking him up, as Fenris was able to elbow him a few times to knock him away. Fenris then throws a tremendous face punch that lands Ty straight into the mat. Ty immediately feels pain when Fenris goes for one of his signature moves, the Twister! Ty is screaming in pain, the referee is asking him if he wishes to submit. But Ty refuses and manages to grab the rope, forcing Fenris to break it up,. Fenris gets out of the hold, stands up, and kicks Ty in the ribs as Ty tries to roll away from him. Picking up the man, he goes for an open palm strike to the face, but Ty moves out of the way, grabbing Fenris's wrist, hip tosses him into the ground, and goes for an armbar. Fenris was in pain for a little while, but managed to roll backward, then grabs Ty's arm, lift him up into the air, and throws him down to the mat with a powerslam! Fenris tries to go for a pin of his own by pulling his leg and the referee goes for the count...





Simone: The reaction on Fenris's face tells the whole story. He thought he had Ty destroyed right then and there!

Adams: Ty doesn't want to give up on this opportunity and Fenris isn't about to either.

Throwing Ty out of the ring, Fenris follows him, plants a knee on his chest and punches him hard a few times. Then he picks him up and tires to throw him into the barricade, but Ty counters and throws Fenris instead, barreling over the railing and slamming on the concrete hard. Jumping over the railing, he executes a spinning back kick into Fenris's abdomen, calling the big man to fall down. Fenris curses in his language as he struggles to get back up, but Ty knocks him back to the ground with a DDT. Knowing that the referee has the count at five, Ty throws him over the barricade, then drags him back into the ring. Ty drops a few elbows to Fenris, then picks up the man and throws him into the ropes. But Fenris, shouting something in Icelandic, goes for a running high knee. Ty doesn't expect the move and gets knocked senseless. As Ty gets on one knee, Fenris takes the fight to him, kneeing him in the face a few times, but Fenris makes the mistake of going for a punch. Ty blocks it, kicks him in the gut, then raises Fenris in the air and plants him with a vicious powerbomb! Enraged, Ty gets behind the man, has him sit up, and goes for a choke hold. Screaming in Fenris's ear, he tells him to give it up right here and now, the referee now asking Fenris if he wishes to submit. This goes on for a few minutes, but Fenris is able to stand up, grab Ty around his neck and throw him over his shoulder. Ty tries to come back up, but Fenris tackles him to the ground, punching him viciously in the face! But Ty is able to counter it and gets in a few punches of his own. Ty leaps on his feet, takes Fenris, and tries to throw him outside of the ring. Fenris catches himself and stands on the apron. Mad about the result, Ty tries to rush him with a clothesline, but Fenris falls and pulls down the ropes, forcing Ty to fall out of the ring instead.

Simone: Fantastic battle between the two. An exchange of blows between the two, but neither man are willing to give up the fight!

Adams: Fenris just tries to go for a ankle lock, but Ty pushed him away from it and the two men are exchanging punches now! Neither man giving ground!

Ty gets the upper hand and surprises Fenris with a swinging DDT. Fenris got hit hard on the forehead and a little bit of color is starting to come out now. Ty throws back into the ring, executes More Dazzling, leaving Fenris possibly stunned! Ty goes for the pin, but by the time the referee counts to three, Fenris kicks out. Ty is displeased by this, but doesn't care, stomping a mudhole through Fenris. Fenris is picked up on his feet, but Fenris surprises Ty with a headbutt, followed by a vicious uppercut. Ty stumbles into the lower-right turnbuckle and Fenris squashes him with his body, Ty going forward, a bit dazed. The man from Iceland goes for his finisher, Wolf's Bane, but Ty rolls underneath it, turns around, and goes for his own finisher, Killin It, and that one connects! Simply Magnetic is the next move Ty tries on, a figure-four leglock, and Fenris is screaming in pain! Fenris is in major damage, his head busted open, Ty screaming more forcefully in his ear, telling him to give it up! Fenris stubbornly shakes his head. He manages to crawl over to the ropes and grabs a hold of the bottom one. Ty is not happy with that and out of rage, he picks him up and tries to go for another finisher. However, he was completely unprepared by a back elbow from Fenris. Stumbling back, he is blinded and doesn't see Wolf's Bane coming to him. Ty is knocked out cold and Fenris goes for the pin!





Justin: Here is your winner and the NEWWWWWWWWWWW SCW World Heavyweight champion......FENRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adams: Oh my, Fenris and Ty pulled out all the stops, but Fenris emerged victorious!

Fenris is handed the belt and is celebrating his victory as the referee checks on Ty, who is now coming to his senses.

Simone: What a night there has been, nine great matches, four title changes. We are going in to a new era for SCW but that is all the time we have! We hope you enjoyed the show! See you on the next Climax Control!!!!!!!!

The camera fades to Fenris holding his newly won title.

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, The Lord MK, Crimson, Sam, Annie, Jenny, Gerrit, Mete, Roxi, Keira, Casey, Britt, Todd, Mercedes. Also to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!