The crowd is alive with energy inside of the GCU Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the building at all of the fans filling the arena and the rows of seats around the ring itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the GCU Arena right here in Phoenix, Arizona and welcome to Sin City Wrestling's biggest spectacular of the year -- BLAZE OF GLORY V!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome back to Sin City Wrestling... our Hostess With the Mostess ... Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers and applauds for the returning Amanda Hugginkiss! The curtains on the stage part and out steps Amanda in a platinum blond wig and a shimmering silver dress. She waves and smiles to the applauding fans and the performance begins.

Amanda: I realize you're seeing someone new
I don't believe she knows you like I do
Your temperamental moody side
The one you always try to hide from me

But I know when you have some thing on your mind
You've been trying to tell me for the longest time
And before you break my heart in two,
There's something I've been trying to say to you

I'm sorry. I have Turrets Syndrome and it causes me to have these uncontrollable outbursts.

But the words get in the way
There's so much I want to say
BULLSHIT! Anus! Anus! Ahh Ahh!

But it's locked deep inside and if you look in my eyes,
We might fall in love again.
I won't even start to cry, and before we say goodbye
I tried to say "I love you"
But the words got in the way

Your heart has always been an open door
But baby I don't even know you any more

And despite the fact it's hurting me,
I know the time has come to set you free

You know, there are some places that I can't g-GO!!
I'm gonna kill ya!
Nya nya nya!

But the words get in the way

And I can't go near places like churches.

There's so much I want to say

But it's locked deep inside and if you look in my eyes,
We might fall in love again
I won't even start to cry, and before we say goodbye
I tried to say "I love you"
Fart! Dildo! Big! BIG BIG TITTIES! Shit! SHIT HOLE!
but the words got in the way
I'm trying to say "I love you"
But the words get in the way

The crowd is in a laughing frenzy over the returning Amanda's performance as they cheer and applaud! Amanda shakes off her 'condition' and smiles and waves before blowing a kiss toward them and vanishing behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to the biggest and best event all year for Sin City Wrestling! Welcome to the fifth annual supercard -- BLAZE OF GLORY V! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: And I'm cheesed off! Someone rigged my chair so it wouldn't spin! I mean, I'm Jason Adams!

Simone: Gee I can't IMAGINE who would do a thing like that!

Belinda rolls her eyes as Jason grunts, trying to get his chair to spin.

Simone: We are being shown like on the Armed Forces Network for free for all the brave men and women fighting for their countries, and they are getting a hell of a show as we have fourteen -- FOURTEEN -- matches!

Adams: And every one could be a show stealing main event -- including the main event!

Simone: And it kicks off in traditional fashion, as a title is on the line when "The Siren" Kate Steele puts her Roulette title on the line against Veronica Taylor, SCW's original Mean Girl!

Adams: And speaking of the roulette title, we're going to determine the number one challenger for it -- the men's I mean!

Simone: A four corner match between Ryan Keys, CJ Sharpe, Chris Burden and Matt Spears! One of those four will challenge the champion at the next edition of Climax Control!

Adams: Then we're have a real brawl in the making! Zuri Chastain is back and she challenged Twisted Sister! Can you believe that!?

Simone: And the challenge was accepted! Zuri may regret her rash decision.

Adams: Then we're going to see just who those four men earlier will be challenging because the Superstar Roulette title will be on the line when Steve Ramone puts the title on the line against two challengers, James Tuscini and Joshua Acquin!

Simone: Then it's on to the Bombshells and the fourway Ladder match for the Golden briefcase! Jenny Tuck! Mikah! Gothika! And Jaina Hudson! All vying for that golden briefcase hanging high over the ring!

Adams: Say what's in that thing anyway?

Simone: Damned if I know! But the one thing I know is tonight there will be brand new World Tag Team Champions! Ben Jordan officially vacated the titles after the retirement of Simon Jones, and right away he found a brand new partner in Jamie Dean...!

Adams: That's partner as in tag team, not partner as in 'bow chicka bow bow'!

Simone: And Ben is happy for your reassurance, I'm sure.

Adams: Hey that's why I'm here. That and to see the big two out of three falls grudge match between Melody Grace and Candy Overton! This one started way back when Candy broke Melody's nose, and it ends tonight!

Simone: Not just that, but this is reportedly going to be the final match in the SCW career of Candy Overton.

Adams: Then more gold is on the line when Mercedes Vargas puts her Bombshell Internet title on the line against Jessie Salco!

Simone: These two women are two of the very best, at the pinnacle of professional wrestling be it man or woman, and they may very easily steal the show!

Adams: AH! I just saw what match is next!

Simone: Get back up from under that table, Jason Adams! You've known for two weeks that Brother Grimm was on this event and there's no backing out of your duties now!

Adams: But he's going against poor Tim Staggs! I don't want to see what Brother Grimm is going to do to poor Tim!

Simone: Nobody is looking forward to this situation, Jason. least of all Tim Staggs! But we have heard no complaints yet from him so we shouldn't hear them from you!

Adams: Well how about the next match? Can we talk about that?

Simone: We can and should because it also concerns two members of the Nobodies, this time the females in Celeste North and Alexis Edwards as they combine forces to challenge perhaps the best tag team currently in the business, the World Bombshell Tag Champions, Team Hero!

Adams: Boy if Alexis and Celeste can get along, Roxi and Keira may be in for a big headache!

Simone: And possible loss of their titles. And speaking of titles, there's another vacancy that needs to be filled, that being the Superstar Internet Championship! That title was declared vacant when Goth shocked everyone with a retirement from out of nowhere, and now four men will fight to claim the honor of being the new champion!

Adams: Casey Williams! Dmitri! Frost and Rage! I know who my money is on!

Simone: Who?

Adams: The guy who gets the win!

Simone: *sighs* And then the match that we have waited for, for several long weeks! The match that many feel is the true Main Event of Blaze of Glory V!

Adams: The Championship Finals of the Blast From the Past IV tournament!

Simone: It all started with sixteen teams, and now it is down to the final two! Spike Staggs and Lucy Seraphina against Despayre and Crystal Millar! The victors will receive automatic shots at the World Champions at the next Supercard!

Adams: And the first of those two World Champions is next when the World Bombshell Champion, Sam Marlowe, defends against Melanie Gabrielle! Can you imagine if Melanie and Lucy both win, the Angel Clan will have to wrestle each other!?

Simone: You're getting ahead of yourself, Jason. It is entirely possible that Samantha will retain her title, and be the woman wearing the gold against the Blast From the Past IV winner.

Adams: And then it's the guys' turn!

Simone: The Main Event! The SCW World Heavyweight title on the line! J2H shocked everyone when he walked away from the Gauntlet at My Bloody Valentine II to claim the championship, and ever since then, he has been determined to prove he deserves to wear the gold!

Adams: And he has! He's put the belt on the line against everyone who's wanted a shot, including Ben Jordan and Casey Williams!

Simone: And tonight he answers the challenge of not one, but TWO Superstars in the forms of Connor Murphy and Travis Nathaniel Andrews! And it all begins...

Adams: Hot DAMN!

Simone: What!?

Belinda turns as a jubilant Jason has foxed his chair and sets it to spinning himself like a top! Belinda just sighs...

Simone: Let's PLEASE get started!?

The cameras quickly cut to the area holding the giant Roulette Wheel as Pussy Willow is standing there with a smile on her face.

Pussy Willow: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight we are set to see the bombshell roulette championship be defended by Kate Steele as she faces Veronica Taylor.

She pauses while letting the camera pan over the wheel.

Pussy Willow: As we are getting ready for that match, it's time to find out what kind of match we are going to have.

Pussy grabs a hold of the wheel and gives it a good spin. As the wheel keeps going and going, Pussy contemplates where it might stop. As the wheel stops, Pussy cocks her head to the side while scratching her head.

Pussy Willow: That's different. It looks as if this match will be contested in a Grounded match. Should be interesting, now let's send it to ringside with Jason Adams and Belinda Simone.

The camera zooms in a bit as it shows a small pictograph of the grounded match.

Simone: Thank you Pussy and what a match we are going to see here tonight.

Adams: Just what is a Grounded match

Simone: I have no idea.

"Undo It" by Carrie Underwood comes over the GCU sound system as the crowd seems to be confused. The confusion disappears once a blonde female steps out from the back. The crowd bursts into a loud roar as she smiles while waving at the sold out Phoenix crowd.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Phoenix's own, professional wrestling legend....Nikki Jamison.

The crowd breaks out into a "Nikki Jamison" chant as she makes her way down the ramp. She slaps the hands of a few fans sitting in the front row as she rounds the corner.

Simone: It's not a Blaze of Glory without a few surprise appearances.

Adams: She is so hot.

As Nikki is making her way toward the commentary booth, Superfical by Heidi Montang hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing. As, a makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it. As, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She, then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Justin: The following Grounded Match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Bombshell Roulette Championship. Introducing first, from West Palm Beach, Florida....please welcome the self proclaimed "Mean Girl"...Veronica Taylor

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. As, she then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. As, she then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. As, Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly. As she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

Simone: Veronica looks real pleased with herself.

Adams: Wouldn't you be pleased if you looked like that?

Nikki is standing at the commentary booth looking up at Veronica while picking up her headset. Right as she is about to sit down, Grow up by Paramore begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does Kate Steele along with her husband Todd Warren begins to emerge from the back curtain. Kate has a huge smile on her face as she stares at the roaring crowd who are all cheering her on. She begins to sprint down the aisle as she claps the hands of outstretched fans.

Justin: and introducing her opponent, from Berkshire, England, she is the reigning and defending Bombshell Roulette Champion, she is the self proclaimed "Siren." Please welcome Kate Steele.

Kate finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she points at the crowd cheering her on. She closes her eyes placing a single finger over her lips offering the Shhhh sound which all the fans follow in. She takes her place in the corner afterwards waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: We are being joined at commentary by wrestling legend Nikki Jamison. Welcome to Sin City Wrestling.

Nikki Jamison: Thank you Belinda. I have been watching this company for a while and must say it's been a real treat.

Adams: Are you single?

Nikki Jamison: You are funny Jason. I am just proud to see a match I made famous being utilized again.

Jacob Summers is holding the bombshell roulette championship in his hands as he shows to both combatants. He goes to hoist it up to the air when Veronica bursts out of her corner. She lands a vicious forearm to the side of Kate's face as Jacob quickly maneuvers toward the side of the ring.

Simone: Veronica is wasting very little time.

Adams: What a wicked shot

Nikki Jamison: Let's hope these girls to make this match worth watching.

The bell quickly sounds as Veronica picks Kate up and drives her into the turnbuckle.


She repeatedly drives Kate face first into the top turnbuckle as Jacob is warning her to stop. Veronica flicks her wrist at him as she turns Kate around and starts to light up her chest with multiple knife edge chops. The crowd is quick to show how much they can't stand Veronica as they let out loud boos. Veronica shakes her head as she starts to stomp the hell out of Kate.

Simone: Nikki, maybe you can help us out. What exactly is a grounded match?

Nikki Jamison: Well it's a basic match with a few twists.

Adams: Wait, are we going to play twister?

Nikki couldn't help to laugh as Jason's comments as Veronica uses the middle rope to spring off and catch Kate with the tip of her boot. Jacob continues to tell her to get Kate out of the corner and he also warns her about using the ropes. Veronica completely ignores him as she bends down to pick Kate back up to her feet. As soon as she grabs her, Kate turns it around and lights Veronica's chest up. Loud cheers come from the crowd with each chop. Jacob is warning Kate to get Veronica out of the corner.

Kate complies as she grabs a hold of Veronica's hand and spins around. After completing the full rotation, she shoots Veronica off towards the diagonal corner. Veronica slams hard into the corner as Kate comes flying into the picture with a stinger splash. Veronica nearly collapses in the corner but Kate catches her. While catching her, Kate pops her hips and connects with a solid belly to belly suplex.

Simone: Nice belly to belly suplex from Kate.

Nikki Jamison: Just as long she doesn't try any aerial move.

Adams: Why?

Nikki Jamison: Because that will cause a disqualification.

As Veronica is flat on her back, Kate goes for the quick pin attempt but Jacob waves it off. Kate sits up looking confused as she begins to question Jacob's actions. As Kate is busy with the referee, Veronica takes this opportunity to roll out of the ring. She leans up against the ring apron trying to collect her thoughts. Kate looks up at the screen and sees Veronica on the outside. She motions for Jacob to move while bouncing up and down.

Jacob does move out of the way as Kate sprints toward the far ring ropes. She bounces off them and comes running toward Veronica. She slides with both feet kicking Veronica into the barricade. Thankfully, Veronica managed to stop her momentum by grabbing onto the barricade. She goes to turn around but gets caught with a swinging heel kick from Kate. The force sends Veronica over the barricade into the front row.

Adams: I bet they are regretting sitting there now.

Simone: What a kick?

Nikki Jamison: They better get back into the ring.

Jacob is telling both ladies to get back into the ring. Kate leans over to pick Veronica up but gets a thumb to the eye for her efforts. Jacob is warning them as Veronica stands back up to her feet. She jumps back over the barricade and grabs a hold of a stumbling Kate.




Jacob starts his count as Veronica slams Kate repeatedly into the ring apron. She then drags Kate around the ring and grabs a hold of her arm. She goes to shoot Kate off into the steel steps but Kate manages to corner with another heel kick.



Nikki Jamison: If he gets to eight this match will be over.

Simone: No, they have to the count of ten.

Nikki Jamison: Not in a grounded match

Kate groggily gets back up to her feet as she rolls into the ring. The initial roll breaks the count as she rolls right back out. Jacob is really getting tired of these two ignoring his orders as he restarts the count.




Kate bends down to pick Veronica up off the floor. Once she is back up to her feet, Veronica strikes with another forearm shot to the side of Kate's head. The shot rocks Kate as Veronica follows up with a quick kick to Kate's midsection. Kate keels over as Veronica grabs a hold of her.



Veronica takes a look at Nikki Jamison who doesn't seem to impressed with Veronica's actions.

Adams: Veronica has some evil intentions.

Nikki Jamison: Does she really want to travel down that road?

Veronica gives a smirk before chunking Kate right into Nikki Jamison's lap. The force of the throw knocks Nikki completely out of her chair as Veronica slides back into the ring while wiping her hands. She orders Jacob to start counting. Jacob throws up his arms while beginning to count.


Kate is beginning to stir as the crowd is hoping that Nikki is okay.


Veronica is taking this time to look at her fingernails while not looking worried.



Kate finally makes it up to her feet and looks down at Nikki. She looks back up and runs toward the ring.



Kate slides back into the ring as Veronica isn't paying attention. Jacob stops counting as Veronica believes she won the match. She goes to turn around only to be met with a clothesline. Kate repeats the clothesline as Veronica drops back down to the mat. Nikki finally gets back up to her feet and retakes her seat.

Simone: Are you okay Nikki?

Nikki Jamison: Yeah, Veronica is lucky that I'm retired or I would make her pay.

Kate picks up the intensity as Veronica is trying to land a strike. She does land a hard slap across the cheek of Kate but that doesn't stop her. Veronica goes to strike again but Kate catches her hand. She flips her over while keeping a good hold of her arm. With one hand, Kate grabs a hold of Veronica's head and places her leg around it. She falls back while extending Veronica's arm. Kate locks her legs together as the crowd is going crazy.

Adams: I do believe Veronica is going to singing soon.

Simone: Siren's Song is locked in.

Nikki Jamison: Come on Kate.

Veronica is trying her best to get to the ropes but Kate amps up the pressure as Veronica has no other option. She starts pounding the canvas as Jacob quickly calls for the bell.

Justin: Here is your winner by submission and still the bombshell roulette champion...KATE STEELE.

"Grow Up" kicks back in as Kate is handed her championship. She quickly rolls out of the ring to check on the condition of Nikki while Jacob is checking on Veronica.

Simone: Thank you Nikki for joining us.

Nikki Jamison: This was fun. We would have to do it again sometime.

Adams: Can I have your number?

Nikki laughs while patting Jason on the head.

SCW's newcomer, Ryan Keys is shown wandering backstage, aimlessly looking around with a confused look on his face. He knew he was supposed to be there for his first ever match, he even drew a map and everything, but now that he's there he doesn't know where to go. Somehow this always happens to him. He stops and mumbles to himself on what to do now.

Keys: Okay, so locker rooms... Um... I got no clue. This place is huge. At this point I'd rather go back to the crowd outside. Wait....where was the exit again?

Ryan tries to re-trace his steps but ends up getting more lost. He talked to a few stage hands while walking around and they all pointed out to this small room where he saw a few wrestlers leave from. Finally he gets somewhere. Shortly there he sees a woman talking into a microphone towards a camera. She looks...important.

Pussy Willow:...And who will leave here tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion? We'll just have to wait and see as Blaze of Glory V kicks off. Kisses.

The camera man compliments her on a good take as he goes back to review the footage. Now is as good a time as any.

Keys: Hey, uh.. Hi. I'm Ryan, Ryan Keys. I know you don't know me but I'm supposed to be here, well not here here, like wrestling here, and I have no idea where I'm supposed to go.

Pussy Willow: Oh yeah, you're the new guy, right? They were calling for you guys a few minutes ago, you're match is about to start. You better hurry.

Keys: Dammit! No time to lose...

Ryan unslings his bag and starts taking off his shirt. Willow turns around a bit and clears her through.

Pussy Willow: Uh... what are you doing? This isn't a locker room.

Keys: I know. I've been looking for it everywhere. I even ended up on the roof for some reason. So I guess this is as good a place as any. Don't worry I'm a professional. This is what I do for a living.

Ryan undoes his jeans and slides them off to reveal his wet leather ring gear underneath. Quickly finishing up he hops around trying to get his boots in. Pussy Willow looks on as if asking if he's for real. She shakes her head and puts on a smile before she signals the camera man for a quick interview.

Pussy Willow: Okay, so Ryan was it? This is gonna be your first match on SCW and your very first Blaze of Glory match, and it's for a #1 contenders spot for the SCW roulette championship. How do you feel right now?

Keys: Uh.. well. I'm kinda nervous. It's my first time you know, but I'm here to do what I do best. And that's to put on a show anyway I can. I'm good with a spotlight.

Pussy Willow: And you already gave us a show. What about your opponents tonight? You are going up against some of SCW up and coming stars that are just eager to get into that #1 contender spot as the rest of the roster.

Ryan smiles and chuckles at the question.

Keys: Oh yeah I was going to ask.... Do you know who my opponents are? I tried looking them up on my phone, but it stopped giving a damn. Go figure. Most of them were no shows all last week, up until yesterday with Matt Spears finally taking his meds and giving the crowd something to sneeze about.

Pussy Willow: Sounds like you're very devoted to the SCW fans...

Keys: Devoted? Oh it's much more than that. I owe these people everything. That's why it pisses me off when guys like CJ Sharpie, Moody Spears and the world biggest Burden don't take time away from their boring lives to show their appreciation to the fans. But tonight I'm going to show them what a real wrestler is all about. Now do I go to the right or the left to get to the ring?

Pussy Willow just stares at him and points to the left.

Keys: Thanks!

Ryan then leaves his stuff on the floor and dashes out through the right door; hopefully he's on time for his match. The scene fades to black.

A video pops up on the screen as it shows former SCW superstar Wallace Jordan and his good pal Clint Outlaw. They are sitting on Wallace's porch with a cooler filled with beer and whiskey. They look to be in great shape for a couple of drunks.

Wallace Jordan: What up SCW Universe, this is your not so family friendly Wild Man. I've been watching the product you guys and gals have been makin' and I am very proud of you. Who would have thunk the pompous jackass we all know as J2H would be your current world champion. I mean it could be worse. Andrew Watts could have been your world champion but thankfully he didn't amount to the beans he cooked in the pot.

Clint pops the top off his beer while letting out a loud belch.

Clint Outlaw: Damn that was a gooden. You know Wally, Blaze of Glory is supposed to be the super bowl of the SCW. It's like their wrassle mania. Why weren't we invited to the damn party? Ain't we cool enough of the cool kids club? I know we have nothing to do with this show but we figured the hard working class would enjoy seeing two blue collar backwoods boys give our take on the wrasslin' matches.

Wallace nods his head while taking a huge swig of his beer.

Wallace Jordan: Clint, that ain't a bad ider. Who wouldn't want to get two gun slinging rednecks opinions proceedings. It's not like we are going to get paid for this shindig anyway. We could talk about the amount of ass Travis Nathaniel Andrews kissed in order to get into the main event. What about that catfish by the name of Candy Overton? I swear that gal flops more than a redbully one a fishing expedition.

Clint can't help but to laugh at that comment.

Clint Outlaw: You know Wally boy, I'm wondering how our gal pal Mercedes Vargas is going to fare. I mean she is facing that metal loving chick Jessie Salco. Both ladies are hot so it's going to be hard to keep a straight face for this contest. The same could be said about all of these lovely gal matches this year.

Wallace glances over at Clint while cocking his eyebrow up.

Wallace Jordan: Clint are you having a fantasy about Twisted Sister again? You do realize she might take your weed whacker and trim off your miniature whacker.

Clint takes a minute to think about his response while taking a swig of his whiskey.

Clint Outlaw: If you get me a ton of drinks then she could be a fucked up version of Marilyn Monroe.

Wallace face palms himself as he chuckles.

Wallace Jordan: I am sorry guys. Clint doesn't have a filter on his mouth. I am sure this Blaze of Glory is going to be action packed. So don't let us down guys and gals. We rednecks want a good fight. Wild Man out.

The video fades off the screen as both Belinda and Jason are seemingly speechless after watching that

The camera opens up backstage, following alongside one of the team that, tonight, could put an end to Team Hero's Bombshell Tag Title reign. Alexis Edwards of The Nobodies is walking down the hall, her hands hidden in her pockets and her hood up over her head. Given that tonight is what could be a big night for her and Celeste North, and The Nobodies as a whole, she has a troubled look on her face as she heads towards one the exits. When the door is visible up ahead, she lowers her hood. The trouble expression on her face suddenly turns even more sour as the door she was walking towards opens and a familiar face enters the arena. Three-time former SCW Bombshell Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee, Misty, walks in wearing a simple pair of dark blue skinny jeans, her signature "Original Bombshell" t-shirt that has been tailed into a tank top, and some black heels. She has a warm smile on her face as she walks towards Alexis, but Alexis doesn't seem as happy to see her.

Misty: Alexis! I never thought I'd say this, but it's good to see you. And you're looking...well.

Alexis rolls her eyes and laughs at Misty's blatant sarcasm.

Alexis: You know, you should stop trying to be nice to me, Misty. I'm not buying any of it, and I know I look like shit, because after the week I had? I feel like shit.

Misty: Completely understandable. Anyone who spent a few days in a jail cell would probably be feeling the same way. How did you end up getting out, anyway?

Alexis closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath, trying to remain as calm as possible.

Alexis: Look, I don't know how you found out, or why it even matters to you, but that's none of your business. All that matters is that they let me out, I made it here tonight and Celeste and I are going to beat the shit out of those two hypocrite friends of yours in Team Hero and end their reign as Bombshell Tag Champs.

Misty laughs and shakes her head.

Misty: Alexis, I'm not going to stand here and debate with you on who I think is going to win that match, because I'm gonna be honest here, I know that you and Celeste are a real threat to Roxi and Keira. I just wish that you could treat this match with the respect it deserves instead of treating it as a joke, and disrespecting everything that Roxi and Keira have done for the tag division.

Alexis lets out a laugh of her own.

Alexis: Why the hell would I do that? Roxi and Keira have done nothing for the tag division except parade around here with the belts and claim to be the greatest tag team in wrestling, but it's a complete fucking sham. Aside from their matches, when do they EVER show their faces around here? You know, I might have some respect for you, if you would get your head out of their asses and see them for what they really are. Complete fakes.

Misty folds her arms across her chest and frowns. Alexis just grins and shrugs, further pushing her point.

Misty: Well...we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this subject, because I could stand here and debate with you until I'm blue in the face. I do wish you and Celeste good luck tonight.

Alexis: Yeah, whatever. Is that the only reason you're here?

Misty shakes her head.

Misty: Regardless of what you might think, no, it's not. I know you won't believe me, but I came here to keep a close eye on Tim's match with Brother Grimm. He needs me here and I was about to stay behind in Las Vegas for this.

Alexis: Awww, how sweet. You're trying to act like you care again. How long has it been since you've even spoken to Tim let alone seen him?

Misty: I don't see him as much as I'd like to, Alexis, but that is through no fault of my own. Even when we're in the same building, he's harder to find than I would like. Now, could you be nice for once and just tell me where I can find him?

Alexis simply shakes her head.

Alexis: Tim doesn't need you distracting him before his match, Misty. He's got enough on his plate as it is. I'm making sure he's fine tonight, and he knows that me and the rest of The Nobodies have his back. You can head right back to Las Vegas and back to little Owen now.

Misty: If you're so concerned about him and making sure he's fine going into this match, why aren't you with him right now? I know you say you care about Tim, but sometimes, you sure have a terrible way of showing it.

Alexis glares at Misty, but she stands right where she is, although she would love nothing more than to give Misty a little payback for the last time they met face to face.

Alexis: Not that it's any of your business, but Celeste is with him right now while I go for a quick smoke. Speaking of which, you're keeping me gone longer, so if you'll excuse me...

Alexis steps around Misty, not wanting to get into another confrontation with the legendary Bombshell. As she walks away, Misty turns around and calls out to her.

Misty: Smoking really is a filthy habit, Alexis. Perhaps you should find healthier ways to deal with the stress of your life, because you're a beautiful young woman...right now.

Alexis laughs.

Alexis: Thanks for the advice, Misty, but I'm an adult and don't need you trying to be my Mommy, too.

Misty just shakes her head.

Misty: See you around, Alexis.

Alexis: I sincerely hope not.

Alexis then turns, takes her cigarettes and lighter out of her pocket and continues walking towards the door. Misty turns and heads off in the opposite direction, surprisingly avoiding all confrontation with the outspoken Bombshell.

Backstage at the roulette wheel, Pussy Willow is standing with the four competitors for the number one contendership match for the Roulette title. Reaching upward, she grasps the wheel and gives it a spin. All watch intently as it spins and slows to softly clack towards the match stipulation.

All men motion at the wheel to keep spinning as it nears bra and pantie match and breathe a sigh of relief as it advances once more to land on...

Adams: An elimination casket match, what a match stipulation!

The camera's view shows Justin Decent in the ring as equipment techs begin to wheel caskets down to the ringside area.

Justin Decent: The following contest is an elimination casket match where you have to close your opponent in a casket to eliminate them. This is for the number one contendership to the SCW Roulette title and introducing first...from Oslo Norway...he is the Norwegian Nightmare...CJ Sharpe!

2 Piece by Tech N9ne plays as CJ comes out to deafening boos. He smiles at the entrance ramp before shadow boxing 2 jabs, 1 left and 1 right. He then puts his arms up and in return the fans shower him in boos. He brushes it off and walks to the ring and slides in the ring before getting up and sitting on the top turnbuckle in his corner awaiting the bell.

Justin Decent: And his opponents...first... Coming to the ring from Chicago, Matt Spears!!!

DragonForce by Fury of the Storm beings to play as Matt Spears comes out of the curtain and begins to make his way to the ring. Along the way, he ignores the fans as his eyes take in CJ Sharpe in the ring then the caskets being set up around it. Sliding into the ring he leans against the ropes as Justin turns to the entrance once more.

Justin Decent: And from Las Vegas Nevada...the Exhibitionist...Ryan KEYS!!

Ryan walks into the arena loving the reaction from the crowd. He smirks while walking to the ring, flirting with the camera. He slides through the bottom ropes and jumps to a corner turnbuckle (right), where he tears his tank top off to get ready for the match before turning to the others and jumping down from the turnbuckle.

Justin Decent: And the final entrant...from the GTA in Ontario Canada, he is Chris Burden

"hate my life" theory of a deadman hits the public address system. Out steps Chris Burden from behind the curtain with a cigarette between his lips. The crowd musters up a negative response as Chris just stands there absorbing all that animosity. He inhales deeply before dispensing the smoke to his fingertips. He begins the walk down the rampway, selecting his target as his middle and index finger flip the lit smoke into the audience at a crowd member who frantically brushes the cigarette off before it burns him. Climbing the apron he rustles over the middle rope and into the ring. Walking over to the turnbuckle he finds his perch, sitting up on it waiting for the bell to toll.

Adams: This is a first in SCW History, a casket match...

Simone: You mean an elimination casket match Jason. This just got a bit creepy wouldn't you say?

Adams: Let's hope that none of these men are claustrophobic.

Drew Patton signals for the bell


Burden charges across the ring at Keys and Spears begins to trade punches with CJ Sharpe in the middle of the ring. Taking Ryan down with a takedown, Chris Burden begins to grind down on Keys with a hard forearm against his ear as Burden locks in a headlock. Ryan makes his way to his feet and tries to break the hold only to have Burden drag him to the ropes and run his eyes along the top before letting him go. Keys wipes at his eyes as Burden joins CJ Sharpe in beating Matt Spears with a hard forearm to the back of the head. Sharpe manages to kick Spears in the midsection that rolls him towards the bottom rope where a casket is set with the lid open. Burden joins Sharpe as the two try to roll Spears into the casket. Ryan Keys rushes across the ring and catches both men in the back of the legs with a chop block. Matt Spears pushes the casket out of the way and rolls under the rope to the outside where he lays under the casket catching his breath. Keys gets to his feet and grabs CJ and whips him off the ropes then catches him with a one handed bulldog that drives his face into the canvas.

Simone: Already this match has gotten crazy.

Adams: No one is your friend in this match. Or if they are, that friendship will be dead once they lock their opponents in the caskets.

CJ clutches at his face as his feet kick at the canvas. Keys moves to pick him up but as he does, Burden sends a hard stiff kick into the face of Ryan that sends him sprawling in the corner. Burden picks up CJ Sharpe and sets him up on his knees to use stiff kicks that rock his head back. As Burden is kicking Sharpe, Matt gets back into the ring and grabs Burden by the back of the head and turns him around only to take him down with a throat thrust that sends him through the ropes and into a casket near Keys who rushes through the ropes and using a quick right handed punch, sends Burden into the casket holding his nose as Keys grabs the casket lid and drops it on Burden. The techs begin to wheel that casket away.

Simone: We have our first elimination with Chris Burden having the casket closed on him by Ryan Keys.

In the ring, CJ looks at Ryan Keys and then charges towards him to catch him as he comes through the ropes with a European uppercut that drapes him back against the ropes. Backing away from Keys, Sharpe leaps and rocks his head back with a dropkick that sends Ryan to the floor where the casket holding Burden had been. Realizing that he has to put Ryan in a casket, CJ rolls to the outside and grabbing Keys up, he whips him against the barricade at ringside.

Adams: Looks like CJ is getting ready to put debuting Ryan Keys in a casket.

Simone: Whipping him into the barricade will soften him up for sure.

CJ follows him and picking him up again, whips him into the casket that sends it to the floor with Keys sprawled on top. Before Sharpe can capitalize, Spears grabs him from behind and sends him into the ring. Climbing in behind him, Spears puts him into an abdominal stretch that makes him scream out in pain. CJ turns with difficulty and reaches for the ropes as Patton watches closely. Sharpe barely manages to grab the rope which forces the break. Spears lets the hold go and holds his hands up for Patton who checks on CJ then Spears. Before CJ can recover, Spears hits a shuffle kick to the face that sends CJ through the ropes and to the floor near the downed casket. CJ fights his way to his feet but is sent into the casket by Keys who surprises him with a grab at his head and spins him into the Master Keys facebuster that sends him spinning backwards into the casket. Rolling to his knees, Key's reaches for the top of the casket and fights to pull it down on Sharpe who fights to keep it open. Spears rolls out of the ring and then adds his weight to the top of the casket that Sharpe is unable to counter and the top slams down on CJ eliminating him.

Adams: It looks like Sharpe's dream of being the number one contender the Roulette title has just died.

Simone: Thousands of comedians out of work and you are trying to be one.

Adams: Ha Ha Belinda. I am not trying.

Simone: I beg to differ with you are very trying at times.

Keys begins to celebrate as the techs grab at the casket to bring it to the back. Spears grabs Ryan and whips him into the ring apron then as he arches in pain, Matt grabs him and rolls him into the ring. Climbing in behind him, Matt picks up Ryan and picks him up with a vertical suplex that he holds for a moment allowing the blood to rush to Keys' head then drops him to the canvas with a hard thump. Ryan arches in pain as Spears rolls to his hands and knees. Ryan rolls himself to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. Walking towards Matt Spears who explodes upwards with a forearm smash, Keys bends backwards allowing the forearm smash to sail harmlessly over his head and then straightens to turn and face Spears. Catching the staggered Matt, Ryan Keys hits his Exhibition northern lights suplex then holds it waiting for Patton to count.

Simone: That won't win the match Ryan. You have to put your opponent into the casket and close the lid.

Adams: Didn't he learn that when he eliminated Sharpe and Burden.

Simone: I guess not.

In the ring Keys releases the hold on Matt and gets into the face of Drew Patton to demand why he hadn't started counting the pin. Drew points to the open casket at ringside which makes Keys nod and then return to Spears who is crawling towards the ropes. Sliding out of the ring, Keys turns the casket lengthwise and climbing on the apron, Keys reaches over the top rope to attempt another northern lights suplex. Matt Spears is able to avoid the attempt and uses a hard right hand to send Ryan Keys wobbling on the apron with one hand holding onto the top rope to try and save himself. Backing away from the ropes, Spears gains a bit of momentum and charges towards Keys sending him off the apron and into the casket with a spear. The force of Keys landing in the casket sends it sliding to the floor with the lid slamming down from the force of the landing.

Adams: My god that had to hurt.

Hanging on the middle rope, Spears hangs his head breathing heavily as Patton signals for the bell then leans through the ropes to hold up the arm of Matt as the bell rings.

Justin Decent: The winner of the match and NEW number one contender to the Roulette title...MATT SPEARS!

Simone: What a match we just saw. Congratulations to Matt Spears on winning tonight.

The camera switches backstage where Rage and Kittie are seeing arriving with Phillip and Maddie. Maddie looks beyond excited to be a part of such a big show, and backstage no less, as she and Phillip talk quietly and Rage is walking quickly ahead of them with Kittie trying to keep up behind him.

Kittie: Dude, would you slow down! Synn and Despy will still be in the locker room once we get there.

Rage: Quit telling me what to do, Kittie!

Phillip and Maddie keep their distance as Rage continues to storm down the hallway towards the locker rooms. Eventually, Rage finally makes it to the door labeled "Men's Locker Room" and he wastes no time in barging right through the door where Synn and Despayre are waiting inside. Kittie, Phillip and Maddie stand behind as Rage looks right at Despayre.

Rage: How DARE you!

Without skipping a beat, Despayre responds.

Despayre: Because I felt like it! That's why!

Rage: Do you have any idea at all what I'm talking about?!

Despayre: No! But I don't like your tone!

Kittie, Phillip and Maddie can be heard laughing out in the hall, and even Synn manages to get a chuckle at his son's latest witty remark. Rage just growls and keeps his attention on Despayre and Synn steps foward.

Synn: Rage, what is all this about?

Rage: This is about SOMEONE screwing with my flight and scheduled interview and booking me to be on the God damned View!!

Laughter is again heard from out in the hallway and as Rage turns and glares out the door, it turns to hushed voices. Rage quickly turns his attention back to Synn and Despayre. Despayre is looking away innocently.

Synn: Joshua, did you do that?

Despayre looks up at Synn as Rage stands there, still fuming days later.

Despayre: Do what?

Rage: Send me to New York City to be on The View!

Despayre quickly shakes his head.

Despayre: No!

Kittie: What about Angel? Did he do it?!

Despayre quickly goes quiet as he clutches Angel close.

Despayre: .....he wants his lawyer.

Rage lets out a frustrated growl as he turns away from Synn and Despayre. The others continue to get a good laugh at Rage's expense, but because of how things had ended with his unexpected visit to The View, Rage was still sour about the whole thing.

Rage: At least Ellen DeGeneres would have been funny! But those six idiots that host The View?! That shit wasn't funny and I STILL have a damn migraine!

Despayre: Would I really do something like that?!

Rage spins around, nodding quickly.

Rage: You sent Nick Jones to AFRICA!

Despayre: That was an accident.

Rage takes in a deep breath and lets out a sigh, trying to calm himself down. Synn steps in between the two, looking directly at Despayre.

Synn: Joshua, I want you to look me right in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with Rage having his schedule changed. And remember, I can tell when you're lying.

Despayre: I didn't do'd it! *smiles*...Could you tell?

Synn lets out a sigh and Rage finally plops down on a bench and growls.

Synn: Alright, I'd like to believe it was a complete accident, but perhaps we should discuss this later as you both have matches to prepare for. Joshua?

Despayre takes a few steps towards Rage, stopping directly in front of him. Rage slowly looks up to Despayre and the eager smile on his face.

Despayre: So...didja get Whoopi's autograph?!

Rage's jaw drops open and he goes completely speechless as Kittie, Phillip and Maddie all burst out in hysterical laughter in the hall. Rage buries his head in his hands, and even though he isn't happy with how things went down, Despayre makes it absolutely impossible to stay mad at for long...if at all.

The scene cuts backstage to the dressing room of James Tuscini. We also see his Uncle Pinky as he was invited by James to watch Blaze of Glory in person.

James: I need to take care of something Uncle so would you please stay here in the dressing room and stay out of trouble?

Uncle Pinky: Me stay out of trouble? That's no fun. Trouble is my middle name.

James: Uncle you are like me in that you were not given a middle name when you were born. I'll be back shortly I just want to talk to one of the other wrestlers and wish him the best in his match.

Tuscini steps into the hallway and he closes the dressing room door. He heads down the hallway looking at the names on the dressing room doors. When he sees the one marked for Casey Williams he stops and knocks on the door. It doesn't take long until Casey answers the door.

Casey: What do you want? I didn't invite you here.

James: I know that. I wanted to stop by and wish you the best in your match for the Internet Title Belt. I understand when you win the Internet Title you also earn your Triple Crown designation and it would be nice to see you obtain that. I don't know much about Rage or Lucian Frost but I do know you can defeat Dmitri as I watched your Hardcore match in the Boeing 747 at Oakland Airport.

Casey: I can do this match without your well wishes. Just be ready because soon I will have you in the ring for a match and then you will find out you don't mess with Casey Williams.

James: I have no clue what you're talking about. The only interaction we had is when we were both walking down the hallway weeks ago and we bumped into each other. I said excuse me but you seemed unwilling to return the comment.

Casey: I don't have time for this. Just go away and don't get in my sight again until we have our match okay?

James: Well if that's the way you want it fine. I guess not everyone can be nice and kind and cheerful as I am.

Casey: Little man you amuse me. And I assure you I will get tons of amusement when I get to beat you down in a wrestling match.

Tuscini figures having a discussion with Casey about his match is not going anywhere but he still figures he should be nice about it and again wish Casey the best in his match for the Internet Title. James reaches out and he grabs the hand of Casey to give him a handshake and offer well wishes for his match. Casey takes offense to the touching. He pulls his hand away from the grasp of James and then Casey shoves both his big hands into the chest of James causing Tuscini to stumble back and slam into the wall. Casey is laughing while James collects himself.

James: Okay, Casey, I tried to be nice and I honestly hoped you would win the Internet Title and earn a Triple Crown designation but if you want to be like this then I hope Dmitri gets revenge on your for that loss in that match inside the 747 in Oakland.

Casey: Shut up James! Save your breath for when we meet in a match and I teach you not to mess with me.

Williams slams his dressing room door shut. James shakes his head in disbelief that Casey would act like that. Tuscini returns to his dressing room and when he walks inside Uncle Pinky can tell that something is bothering James.

Uncle Pinky: What's up James? You look like something is bothering you.

James: I went to see Casey Williams to wish him the best in his match for the Internet Title and he went off on me and shoved me into the wall. I can't dwell on that though. I need to focus on defeating Steve Ramone for the Roulette Title while keeping Joshua Acquin out of the match. Don't worry as I'll take care of the big Casey once we have our match. The bigger they are the harder they fall as the saying goes.

Uncle Pinky: TIMBER!!!

The camera cuts to Rocky Mountains who is standing backstage with none other than former 3 time SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Drake Green. Drake is wearing a grey suit and white open-collar shirt. His left arm is in a sling. You can hear the crowd pop with a mixed reaction of cheers and boos when he's shown on screen.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hi Drake! How's the arm?

Drake: The arm is good, Rocky. It's healing up good. Had a couple of setbacks but we seem to back on schedule now.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: We're all a bit surprised to see you hear tonight as we haven't seen you on television since you had to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship AND the Roulette Championship.

Drake: What can I say...I missed this place. SCW is home for me. My teammate and Travis has a pretty big night in front of him and I'm just here to support him.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: How is Travis doing tonight? Is he ready for his big match?

Drake: You know that's a good question.

He looks around a bit.

Drake: I haven't seen him yet but I've got my eye out for him. I'll let you know.

He flashes a smile at her and you can see her blush a bit.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: When can we expect YOU back in the ring, Drake? I'm sure you'd like to answer that open challenge from J2H as well...just like Andrews did.

Drake: Probably some time toward the end of the summer. James has to get through Travis first and any one that carries the Supremacy banner is no push over.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Come can't tell me you weren't chomping at the bit to get your title back.

Drake: Sure, you know, I'm a competitive guy. But tonight is about Travis. I'm here in support of my friend.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fair enough. Thanks for your time, Drake. Back to you Belinda and Jason.

Justin: The following contest is a special challenge match. Introducing first...

The rock band Twisted Sister's anthem of "Burn In Hell" blares across the building and the crowd boos as Twisted Sister is escorted through the stage curtains by professional security, her arms bound around her in a secured straight jacket.

Justin: From Los Angeles, California, Weighing in at one hundred and forty pounds, she is Twisted Sister!

She screams wildly, thrashing and kicking her legs as the guards have to practically have to carry her to the ring. At ringside, they carefully unfasten her straight jacket and she quickly climbs into the ring and dashes around, screaming like a lunatic.

Justin: And her opponent...

The lights inside the GCU Arena drop down as a count down clock appears on the screen. The numbers slowly countdown as a voice comes over the speakers.

"Justice awaits you"

As the voice disappears, the crowd slowly begins to murmur as the countdown clock begins to flash on the screen. Before the clock can reach zero, a video burns through the clock as "Case of the Ex" strikes over the speakers. The bu

among the fans begin to get louder as orchid color lights start to float around the arena. The house lights come back up slowly as Zuri Chastain is seen standing on the stage. Her face is covered by her signature mask while wearing her trademark wrestling attire.

Justin: and making her in ring turn to Sin City Wrestling, from Webster, South Dakota by way of London, England. She weighed in at 142 pounds, she is the self proclaimed Masked Vigilante, please welcome "Lady Justice" ZZZZZZURRRRRRIIIIIIII CHAAAAAAAAASTAINNNNNNNNNNN

The crowd breaks out into a huge roar as Zuri lifts both fists into the air. She brings them back down and slowly begins to crack them. She glances side to side before making her way down the ramp. The moment her eyes lock onto Twisted Sister standing in the ring, that stoic stare returns as her tunnel vision has engaged. The crowd is seemingly chanting her name but she doesn't seem to notice. She rounds the corner while walking the opposite way of where Twisted Sister's manager is standing. She takes a few more steps before hopping up onto the ring apron. One hand remains on the ring ropes as she uses her free hand to point at Twisted Sister. Zuri swings one leg over the second rope before swinging the other leg over. Once both feet are firmly inside the ring, she walks over toward a neutral corner while keeping her eyes firmly on Twisted Sister. Zuri begins to remove her ring jacket as her song slowly begins to fade.


As soon as the bell rings, Twisted Sister let's out a huge scream and charges towards Zuri, wrapping her hands around her throat and forces her backwards against the ropes. Zuri spins her and to have Twisted Sister's back against the ropes and starts to throw wild lefts and rights towards her head. Twisted Sister releases the strangle hold and stumbles away but Zuri quickly runs at the ropes, jumping up and using them as a springboard before spinning in the air and catching Twisted Sister with a springboard dropkick to Twisted Sister's back, sending her flying forward. Zuri follows up by charging and grabbing the stumbling Twisted Sister and driving her down face first with a running bulldog.

Adams: So far Zuri has shows some brawling, technical and high flying stuff in this match.

Simone: She's really switching up her style.

She pulls Twisted Sister to her feet and catches her with a shot to the jaw, sending her back against the ropes. Zuri charges at Twisted Sister and nails her with a clothesline, forcing both women to fly over the top rope!

Adams: Double ouch!

Zuri gets to her feet and Holly calls them in to the ring and Zuri slides under the bottom rope. She stands up and waits for Twisted Sister to get to her feet. As she does, Zuri charges, jumping over the top rope with a high suicide dive and crashes in to Twisted Sister!

Simone: Dear God! Zuri just cleared the top rope with ease!

Zuri pulls herself to her feet and Twisted Sister pulls herself up by the commentary table.

Adams: Little too close for comfort here.

Zuri pulls herself on to the ring apron, standing up and looking down at Twisted Sister. Zuri jumps off the apron, but Twisted Sister side steps and Zuri crashes in to the announce table!

Adams: Well someone owes me a coke!

Twisted Sister grabs Zuri by the head and starts to repeatedly slam it in to the announces table, letting out a piercing scream as she drives the Masked Vigilante's face in to the table.

Adams: And a new set of ear drums.

Twisted Sister looks at Jason, causing him to raise a hand with a wave.

Adams: Hi.

To Jason's surprise, Twisted Sister raises a hand and waves back at Jason and blows him a kiss.

Adams: Well.... That was unexpected

Twisted Sister takes Zuri by the wrist and whips her in to the ring stairs, causing her to flip over them on impact. Holly calls for Twisted Sister to get back in the ring, but Twisted Sister screams towards Holly, causing her to back off. Twisted Sister moves towards Zuri and picks her up by the head and slams her face first in to the barricades, keeping hold of her head, she slams it against them a second time, before scraping her face along them. She take Zuri by the face and throws her in to the ring, following her in. She lifts Zuri to her feet and puts her in a powerbomb position, lifting her up and slamming her hard in to the canvas! Twisted Sister goes for the cover and Holly drops down to make the count.


Zuri kicks out!

Simone: Twisted Sister trying to ruin Zuri's return to the ring.

Twisted Sister moves to Zuri's head, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her face first in to the canvas, before doing it a second and third time. She pulls Zuri to her feet and charges her towards the ropes, running her head along the top rope. She lifts Zuri up and slams her down with a hard body slam. Twisted Sister stands next to her and attempts an elbow drop, but Zuri moves out of the way, and gets to her feet. Twisted Sister gets on her knees and Zuri starts to pile in the kicks, catching Twisted Sister on the arms before spinning around and catching her with a bu

saw kick.

Simone: Must be baseball season because she nearly knocked Twisted Sister's head out of the park.

Adams: Oh it is, I got this chick on my Facebook going on about something called The Cubbies... Someone told me they was a baseball team, but I can't find anyone called Cubbies, what is a Cubbie? I'm confused.

Simone: And getting way off track.

Twisted Sister rolls on to her back and Zuri steps outside the ring. Grabbing the top rope, she flips over and nails Twisted Sister with a springboard shooting star leg drop! Zuri quickly covers Twisted Sister and Holly drops down to make the count.


Twisted Sister pushes a shoulder up!

Adams: Not that easy to keep Twisted Sister down.

Zuri gets to her feet, stalking Twisted Sister and waiting for her to get to her feet, as she does, Zuri kicks her in the leg, then in the opposite leg, then a kick to the head. Twisted Sister turns around, her back towards Zuri. Zuri jumps on Twisted Sister's back and pulls her down with a reverse hurricanruna!

Simone: Moonlit Walk!

Twisted Sister lands near the ropes and pulls herself up and Zuri charges at her. Twisted Sister lifts Zuri in the air and drops her, Zuri's throat landing across the top rope. Zuri stays with her throat on the top rope and Twisted Sister pulls down on it, choking her across the rope. Twisted Sister pulls Zuri away from the rope and to the middle of the ring, lifting her up in to a firemans carry and dropping back, slamming Zuri face first in to the canvas. Twisted Sister sits on the canvas next to Zuri and turns around, planting her thumb in Zuri's eyes and psuhes her head down hard in to the mat. Holly quickly moves in and starts her count.

Simone: Good refereeing from Holly.

Adams: Brave refereeing when you're telling Twisted Sister to stop something.

Twisted Sister breaks at four and pulls Zuri to her feet and whips her hard in to the corner, causing Zuri to slam in hard. Twisted Sister charges in and nails Zuri with a roaring elbow to the top of the head. Twisted Sister keeps the momentum by instantly running out of the corner and back in, catching her with a second roaring elbow. She runs out of the corner again and turns around, charging back towards Zuri and jumps in the air with a splash but Zuri side steps, and Twisted Sister crashes hard in to the top turnbuckle. Zuri bursts out of the corner and runs towards Twisted Sister, who puts her arm out, but Zuri ducks underneath and waits behind Twisted Sister. As Twisted Sister turns around in towards Zuri, Zuri nails her on the jaw with a superkick!

Simone: What a shot to the jaw!

Zuri looks to the top rope and moves towards it, putting her hand on it and pulling herself up. She turns to face the ring, looking down at Twisted Sister. Zuri jumps off the top rope with a shooting star splash!

Simone: Zuri's Revenge!

Zuri stays on top and Holly drops down to make the count



Justin: The winner of the match... Zuri Chastain!

Simone: Zuri has a successful return!

Adams: She doesn't look very successful.

Holly holds her hand in the air as Zuri breathes hard, holding her upper body.

Simone: No one looks successful after a match with Twisted Sister, but Zuri has been victorious here tonight.

We are taken backstage to the dressing room of James Tuscini. James is standing with Sin City Wrestling backstage reporter "Stoner" Scott Oliver. James is already in his wrestling attire ready to take on Steve Ramone and Joshua Acquin for the Roulette Title. Standing next to James is his Uncle Pinky.

Scott: So, James, this is your Uncle Pinky we've heard so much about? How's the Italian Mafia business going?

James: Before I allow Uncle Pinky to answer your stupid question I remind you that my Uncle is in no way associated with anything having to do with the Italian Mafia or any other Mafia.

Scott: Don't get upset James. I'm just trying to have some fun with your Uncle. From what I've seen of him during some of your segments he seems like a nice guy.

Uncle Pinky: I'm a nice guy and so is my Nephew James. I do belong to a group of guys in San Francisco who dabble in some things that may be classified as Italian Mafia. However out of respect for my Nephew I refuse to comment further on the subject.

James: Thee you go. My Uncle is here to watch me win the Roulette Title Belt and show the world that I came to Sin City Wrestling, I saw the competition, and I conquered them. I realize that earning the Roulette Title will put a large target on my back but I'm ready to take on all challengers once I'm the Champion.

Scott: You're getting way ahead of yourself James. Your match hasn't happened yet and already you are talking as though you've already won the match.

James: I've already won the match. I've won the match mentally. I've won the match intellectually. Also I've won the match based on wrestling abilities and talent.

Scott: How can you be so sure you will win?

James: Joshua Acquin has been defeated twice, once by Ramone and once by me, and both in a Roulette Rules match and both times by a 5-Count pinfall. I've already proven I can defeat Joshua even with Ramone changing the rules of the match every 30 seconds. As far as Ramone goes he's proven to the world he cannot do a damn thing on his own. Do you see me with bodyguards and assistants protecting me like Ramone has? Nope! I get it all done on my own and tonight I will get it done once again. And the best moment of the evening is when I get to see the look on Ramone's face when the Referee raises my hand in victory and then hands me the Roulette Title Belt. They say that a picture of worth a thousand words. Believe me the look on Steve's face when ?m crowned as the Roulette Champion will be worth a million words.

Scott: Back to you Uncle Pinky. Why did you come to this event with James and what is your role at this event?

Uncle Pinky: James asked me to be a part of his history making match so he brought me with him to Phoenix. James told me he wants me to see, in person, how he wins the Roulette Title Belt. As far as what my role is here it is very simple. I'm a cheering squad for James. I'm here to cheer him on and offer him support from a family member who is also his biggest fan. I'm not here to get involved in the match as Ramone's thugs are. Trust me if they get involved in the match I would love nothing more than to get involved and kick some ass but I won't do that. I cannot disrespect my Nephew like that.

James: Well said Uncle. Look, Scott, I've made it clear what I think about Steve Ramone and his cheating ways. I've made it clear that although Joshua Acquin is in this match he is a small annoyance and he is not a factor in how the match turns out. I'm here to wrestle to the best of my abilities. I'm here to show the crowd what a true Champion should be. I'm here to give the fans a great match for the money they paid for their tickets. I make this promise to you and to everyone watching. IF Steve Ramone can LEGALLY win the match without cheating and without help from his goons then I will be one of the first to congratulate him on his win. IF Joshua Acquin can win this match without cheating or without interference I will be one of the first to congratulate him on his accomplishment. I only hope both are man enough to congratulate me when I win. However if either of them, or both of them, cheat or have interference, I will not be held responsible for what happens to them. Everyone has been warned.

Scott: Oh, come on James, you can't be serious about...

James: About what Scott? About the fact that I can keep my Demon Monster in check the majority of the time but when opponents cheat I have a difficult time maintaining control? Yeah I acknowledge that Scott. I know what my limits are. I know when I'm about to cross the line. I have control until the ignorance and arrogance of my opponents pushes me past the point of no return. Then, and only then, do the gates of hell open and all Hell is upon them.

Scott: You're starting to scare me James. That's all the time I have for now for this interview session.

Scott Oliver quickly ends the interview and he heads off in the opposite direction of James and Uncle Pinky. James tells Uncle Pinky to go into the arena to take his seat and that he will be looking forward to his Uncle cheering him on.

The scene opens up backstage at Blaze of Glory V where we see "The Fearless Champion" Steve Ramone standing by with Ms. Rocky Mountains ready for an interview ahead of his first title defense against Joshua Acquin and James Tuscini.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Steve, we are moments away from your first title defense against James Tuscini and Joshua Acquin, any last minute thoughts?

Steve smirks before taking the mic.

Steve: Yeah, I have some thoughts, my puppy is due to have his first injections this week, I'm wondering what bands Bloodstock will announce soon, looking forward to Captain America: Civil War off course......

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I meant about the title match!

Steve: I was getting to that! It's just that the challengers to my title aren't even worthy of fighting for it! Joshua and James didn't even earn this shot at my title and it'll be a cold day in hell before they beat me! At least Matt Spears earned his shot against me and when the time comes for his title shot I will not back down from him! Now if you excuse me I have a title to retain!

Steve walks off as the scene fades.

The Roulette wheel is ready to spin as Steve Ramone saunters over with the belt over his shoulder and a smirk on his face. Ms Rocky Mountains is there waiting to spin but before she can reach up and spin the wheel, Steve puts his hand on hers and waves her off. Then Steve takes the initiative to reach up and spin the wheel slowly watching as the clacking of the wheel counts down to the match type he would be defending his title with. A moment later the wheel stops at a parking lot brawl that makes Steve frown and reach for the wheel once more. Before he can spin it, Rocky Mountains puts her hand on Steve's and shakes her head denying him. Angrily he stomps off towards the parking lot.

Justin Decent: the following is for the Roulette title and is a Parking Lot Brawl. Introducing the challengers, first from Las Vegas Nevada...weighting 227 pounds...Joshua Acquin.

Nightmare hits the PA as Joshua is shown moving into view in the parking lot. Glancing around the area, he scouts out the best spot to watch for his opponents as Justin can be heard again.

Justin Decent: And challenger number two...from San Francisco California, weighting in at 265 pounds, he is James Tuscini

Face Fisted by Dethklok begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. Tuscini can be seen stepping out from the backstage area and into the parking lot where Joshua Acquin is standing. He moves towards Jasmine who is watching the area.

Justin Decent: And introducing the Champion...he is the Fearless One...Steve Ramone.

Following the quote "I Want The World And Everything In It" by Battle Beast begins to play over the PA System as Steve comes out from the back air guitaring on the championship belt whilst doing his best Malcolm Young impression, Cyrus and Andreas join him as he holds the title. Jasmine reaches for it as Steve moves to hand it to Cyrus. Jasmine shakes her head and takes the belt before holding it up to show the other two then handing it to Drew Patton who is standing nearby.

Adams: Look at the parking lot and you will see a lot of weapons in the form of vehicles and there is an ambulance sitting there too. I would hate to be in a match like this...

Jasmine signals to the camera and the bell is heard.


The three competitors rush towards each other with hard rights and lefts that Steve and Joshua use to batter James Tuscini back with.

Simone: Well this is interesting. Steve and Acquin held the tag titles together. This might be a good strategy for Steve to do. Have Acquin do the heavy lifting and then make it a purely one on one.

Adams: But if he did that, Acquin probably remembers their training and maybe Steve will want to work with Tuscini instead to eliminate Acquin.

In the parking lot, Tuscini has been beaten down and is leaning against a catering van as Steve Ramone backs away. Acquin charges towards Tuscini intent on a high knee strike but Tuscini is quick to throw himself out of the way which had Acquin slamming his knee into the van's side. Ramone is quick to capitalize as he drops and rolls up Acquin who kicks out at one. Ramone is surprised by Tuscini who drops an elbow on the back of Ramone's head. Steve rolls to the side where Tuscini follows and picking up the downed Ramone, ducks a clothesline and grabbing Steve, drops him with an atomic drop onto his knee that sends Ramone stumbling away holding himself. Tuscini smirks at the result only to be taken down by Acquin with a running clothesline. Joshua moves over to the downed James and picking him up, locks him into an abdominal stretch then yells at Jasmine to check to see if he submits. James is struggling as Jasmine asks him if he does. Steve Ramone sees this and charges across the pavement to take Acquin and Tuscini down with a vicious clothesline on Acquin.

Adams: Well that didn't take too long for Acquin and Ramone to implode.

Simone: I don't think they were working together in the first place.

Ramone drops to pin Acquin who kicks out handily then turns and tries to pin Tuscini who also kicks out rather quickly. Gettig to his feet, Ramone picks up Acquin and then jumping onto his shoulders, sends Acquin across the pavement with a hurricanrana that leaves Joshua flat on his back. Tuscini rushes over and makes the pinfall but Ramone is quick to follow up with a low dropkick that sends Tuscini rolling off Acquin.

Simone: To win this match one of them is going to have to eliminate the other enough to have time to make the pin. And nobody is doing that it seems.

James rolls to his hands and knees as Ramone pulls Acquin to his feet. Before he can follow up on the attack, Ramone is surprised by a surging Tuscini who jumps on a car and uses it to launch a double bulldog onto Steve and Acquin taking both to the ground hard. Tuscini rolls onto Steve to pin him but Acquin weakly breaks the pin. Acquin gets to his feet, staggering as he pulls up Tuscini and makes him stand for a moment before Joshua uses a facebreaker knee smash that sends Tuscini to the pavement holding his face. Acquin staggers towards Ramone and reaches down for him but Steve grabs and rolls up Acquin.

Adams: Ramone trying to steal the win.

Steve manages to hold on for a two count but Tuscini breaks up the hold by stomping on Ramone's head which forces the break and Acquin rolls away. Tuscini pulls Ramone to his feet but Ramone is quick enough to catch James in a belly to belly suplex onto the hood of a car that arches Tuscini in pain with his boot cracking the windshield. The camera pulls back to reveal the license plate showing it is Hot Stuff's car that has suffered the damage. Ramone breaths heavily as he climbs on the hood of the car then to the roof.

Adams: What could Ramone have planned for Ja...Oh mY GOD!

Steve launches himself and lands on Tuscini with a shooting star press before rolling off the car in pain as he clutches his stomach. Tuscini grabs his own midsection and quickly rolls off the hood of the car as well. Acquin gets to his feet and moves towards the body of James who is lying on the pavement as he retches while fighting to catch his breath. Picking him up, Acquin uses his nightmare two full nelson facebuster onto the hood of Hot Stuff's car then rolls him over to make the pin but only gets two as Steve breaks up the count with a suicide dive onto the back of Acquin.

Simone: That was quick thinking on Ramone's part to save his title. But it isn't Hot Stuff's night. His car is the victim of the night.

Getting to his feet, Steve Ramone grabs Acquin who manages to throw off the hand of Ramone and kicks him in the midsection. With both men on the car hood, Acquin moves to the roof of the car pulling Ramone with him. Catching Ramone, Acquin spins him and hits his nightmare finisher sending the two of them through the windshield and roof of Mark Ward's car. Acquin lays doubled up as Ramone reaches for the door handle and opens the door to crawl out from under Acquin's prone body. Tuscini move to grab Ramone and then with a grunt, Tuscini picks up Ramone and lays him over his shoulders in a torture rack that makes Ramone scream with pain.

Simone: This match is taking a strong toll on all of the opponents.

Adams: I don't think that Acquin has moved yet.

Tuscini turns to see Acquin laying in the car starting to move as his hand rises to the back of his neck. Tossing Steve Ramone on to Acquin, Tuscini gets into the car and picking up Ramone who is fighting back, lands a very awkward piledriver that leaves the three of them in a heap in the car. Suddenly the sound of a hand slapping the leather of the car's seat is heard. Acquin forces his shoulder up barely in time to avoid the three count. Tuscini catches him in a sleeper hold while Ramone is laying across the midsection of Acquin who slumps into the seat once more. Jasmine sees Acquin fading as she reaches for his arm. Lifting it, she lets it drop once...twice...

Simone: Steve Ramone is pinning Acquin!

Adams: And James Tuscini is going to pull off the win by knocking Acquin out with the sweet dreams...

Jasmine stops for a moment as the arm of Acquin remains up but then she sees that Ramone is pinning him and makes the count. As she does, the arm of Acquin slumps onto the body of Ramone as he loses consciousness just as her hand slaps the leather of the car's seat. Jasmine signals for the bell as Tuscini rolls away and holds up his arms weakly.

Adams: Who won?

Simone: I am not sure. Did Acquin submit to Tuscini or did Ramone retain with the pin?

Justin is waiting nearby as Jasmine gets to her feet and looks at both men as she debates on the result.. She moves towards Justin and can be heard to consult him. Suddenly he brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin Decent: Jasmine has determined that this match will be a draw as Steve Ramone pinned Joshua Acquin who submitted to Tuscini's Sweet Dreams.

Simone: What will this mean for the Roulette title?

Adams: Someone is going to have to talk to Christian Underwood and Mark Ward about this...

Attention switches to the SCW-Tron, above the stage, and the fans cheer at the sight of Simon Jones. Simon is sat in a chair, alone in a nondescript room.

Simon: Good evening, Phoenix. I hope you're all enjoying Blaze Of Glory so far; there's still lots more exciting action left to come tonight.

Simon rubs his chin.

Simon: I have a few things that I would like to say, but I don't want to take up too much of the show, so I shall try to keep this brief. Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of the tweets and messages that I have received since announcing my retirement - I've read each of them, and your kind words are all much appreciated.

Simon smiles warmly.

Simon: Secondly, I've got a message for Melody Grace: Melody, I'll have a word with Natalie for you, to try to talk her round.

Simon winks at the camera.

Simon: And so on to the main thing that I want to talk about: the match to crown the new SCW Tag Team Champions. It was of course just eight weeks ago, at My Bloody Valentine II, that Ben Jordan and I won those same titles. My subsequent retirement left Ben temporarily holding the titles on his own, and I want to praise Ben for doing the right thing: he could easily have kept hold of his belt, and simply allowed someone to take my place as the other half of the champions, but instead, he chose to vacate his half of the titles as well, so that he could try to win them all over again, with a new partner - that decision just increased my already high opinion of Ben Jordan.

Simon smiles again.

Simon: Listening to The Hotwire two day ago, I heard Tommy Knocks talk about Ben Jordan being underrated - and as far as Ben's time in SCW is concerned, I tend to agree. However, anyone who saw Ben compete in ACW - as I did - knows how good he is. Ben and I have been opponents, as well as partners, so I, perhaps more so than anyone, know exactly what he is capable of in the ring, and believe me, there is a lot more to come from Ben Jordan inside the six-sided ring - starting tonight. In Jamie Dean, Ben has picked a very good new partner for himself, and I have no doubt that they will defeat The Monstimals, to become the new champions - in fact, I believe that they even have the potential to be the best SCW Tag Team Champions since Sinful Obsession.

Simon nods his head, confident in his statement.

Simon: On the subject of The Monstimals, Lord Raab has said some things about me in recent weeks, and none of them have been particularly nice. I'm not going to repeat the colourful language that Raab used, but I do want to respond to what he had to say.

Simon scratches the back of his head.

Simon: Lord Raab seems angry - and that is probably putting it mildly - that I didn't stick around, to give him and Samuel McPherson the chance to challenge Ben and me for the tag team titles. Raab thinks that I acted selfishly, and that I ran away from The Monstimals.

Simon shakes his head.

Simon: No, Raab - if I had stayed in SCW, and attempted to continue my wrestling career, despite everything that was happening in my private life, that would have been selfish. I don't expect you to understand this, Raab, but I had to walk away from wrestling, and put the needs of my family first, at what was a critical moment in my life.

Simon sighs.

Simon: Lord Raab claims that he and Samuel would have beaten the living...

There is a very short pause, before Simon continues.

Simon: ...I'll say...daylights, out of me. And who knows? He could be right. It's all hypothetical though, because I won't be getting back in the ring to fight Raab, or anyone else for that matter.

Simon shrugs his shoulders.

Simon: If anything, Lord Raab actually seems to have gotten angrier over the course of the past couple of weeks. Maybe what happened in Berlin fifteen days ago, when Germany were beaten by England, hasn't helped the mood of The Masked German Monster.

Simon smirks.

Simon: Well, Ben Jordan is as clinical as Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy, Jamie Dean is as inventive as Dele Alli and Ross Barkley, and tonight, Team BJ will leave Blaze Of Glory as the new SCW Tag Team Champions.

Simon grins.

Simon: Enjoy the rest of the show.

The scene cuts away.

The camera cuts backstage to see Mikah walking through the halls, her match literally just minutes away. She pauses to look at a sign in the wall. She adjusts her turquoise wrestling top before continuing to walk down the hallway and turns a corner and runs right into Drake Green and falls down on her butt.

Mikah: What the fuck...

She looks up to see Drake standing/towering over her. She raises an eyebrow as she looks up at him.

Mikah: Walk much?

She smirks again at him. He can't help but chuckle as he reaches down his one free arm to pull her up off of the ground.

Drake: Sorry, I guess I wasn't paying attention. How are you? You look...

He sizes her up.

Drake: You look awesome.

Mikah looks down, admiring her wrestling attire. She was barely dressed, just the bra like top and skimpy cheek boyshort like bottoms.

Mikah: Of course I do. You look....

She looks at him, eyeing his sling a bit before looking at him.

Mikah: Rough?

She raises an eyebrow at him before pouting her lip at him.

Mikah: Poor little Drake...

She winks at him.

Drake: Well I guess I am a little beat up's good to see you.

He fixes a piece of her and lightly pushes it behind her ear.

Drake: Are you ready for this?

He points out to the curtain and entrance to the arena. Mikah looks in the direction of where he pointed and turns her nose up a bit.

Mikah: No. But I don't have to worry about it.

She smirks at him.

Mikah: Are you missing the ring? Or just me?

She winks at him before sighing and flipping her hair over her shoulder.

Drake: Would it sound terribly cheesy if I said both?

He looks over toward the curtain.

Drake: Maybe just you...

She smirks a bit, trying not to look flattered and both trying not to blush at the same time. She clears her throat a bit.

Mikah: That's....sweet.

He leans in close and whispers in her ear.

Drake: Don't tell anybody. It'll ruin my image.

She wrinkles her nose at him.

Mikah: I'm sure that this place missed you more than you it.

Mikah crosses her arms over her chest as she looks at him.

Mikah: If I were you, I would've stayed away even longer. Why didn't you?

She looks at him, raising a brow.

Drake: Well I am still away. See the sling? I'm here for Travis. It's a big night for him.

She raises an eyebrow at him.

Mikah: Why? Why be here for anybody other than yourself?

She looks at him, her eyes looking him over. She simply shrugs her shoulders. He smiles at her selfish attitude.

Drake: Travis is my teammate. I know I've been out and Sean has moved on but...we're still Supremacy right? He's got his first world title shot and I thought it would be a good time to stop in. By the way...have you seen him around anywhere?

She turns her nose up at the thought. Maybe of seeing Travis around. Or having a teammate. Or who knows what.

Mikah: Why would I have seen him around? I literally got here like five minutes ago.

She smirks at him.

Mikah: You're the first and only person to knock me on my ass. No wonder you're on the injured list.

Drake: Well...sorry. Hopefully this will only be a few more months. Are you here with....I'm sorry. I forgot his name.

She raises an eyebrow at him, studying his facial features for a moment.

Mikah: Why? If I say that I am, would you be jealous?

She tilts her head to the side and takes a few steps toward him, eliminating the personal bubble. He steps back a bit as if he's caught off guard. He adjusts the sling over his shoulder and clears his throat.


He lied.

Drake: I was just wondering.

She lets a small chuckle escape her lips as she looks as though him.

Mikah: Jealousy looks cute on you, Drake.

She reaches out and runs an index finger over his sling a bit. Before stepping two steps closer.

Mikah: Am I making you uncomfortable, Drake?

She smirks up at him.

Drake: Yes, you are actually. Look...we should talk.

Mikah doesn't really say anything as she looks at him before walking past him, a small smirk on be face as she nears the curtain for her match.

Mikah: Maybe. Depends on how I'm feeling.

She smirks a bit, looking over her shoulder at him. Drake stands there for a second with his mouth open a bit as he watches her walk through the curtain. He can't help but smile before he turns around and continues searching for Travis.

A screen appears of some guys who are sitting out in the desert in their own tent it seems to be on a very hot day as there's two masked guys sitting outside of the plastic tent where you'll see the appearance of Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson. Of course Henry wasn't on screen as he went to get some food and drink for them as Lord Raab begins to speak with Samuel going asides him.

Lord Raab: "So you know me that I don't want my face shown before I wrestle on the day of my matches because I hate camera attention so much so instead of speaking about the match in the arena, I speak about it here. You see, me and Samuel have worked fourteen hours a day to prepare ourselves for this SCW World tag team title match. It's history breaking for us as I would be in the books of triple crown champions, while Samuel will have his first title in wrestling, right Samuel?"

Samuel McPherson: "Yaarrp."

Lord Raab: "You can see how excited he is and who could blame him, considering we got this chance because Ben Jordan thought we earned it. Well we've only lost one tag match after all and I wanted more tag matches with Samuel because to prove our worth of The Monstimals power. We are here to fix the tag team division that SCW really needs and that's going to be mine, Samuel's, Jamie's and Ben's job to do so."

Of course there's so much competitiveness within Raab that he really felt angry and he pretty much was all the time, especially during his matches, but he hasn't really let off any steam cos there's nothing bad to say and he and Samuel look straight at the camera, even if the sun was on their eyes to speak again.

Lord Raab: "Of course I want to be champion again, that's why I wanted the tag title shots with Samuel, but just because I've been pretty relaxed this week doesn't mean we won't hurt you Ben or Jamie because that's the way The Monstimals fight and by the way, just because that bitch Goth is gone, doesn't mean we'll have a new name or shit like that because we are still The Monstimals no matter what, but now it's our time to break the heart and spirit of Ben and Jamie's dream of being tag champions, that's not going to happen."

Samuel McPherson: "Naarrp."

Lord Raab: "We are gonna destroy you boys right here tonight as we'll make history and not only that, but become the best god damn tag team the world has seen as well as in Hardcore tag matches. Next time, we'll have one of those for the title, but for now, we are going to become the tag team champions and there's nobody that's going to doubt us again. Jamie and Ben, prepare to be destructed by The Monstimals."

Samuel nods in the background as they went back in the tent with a car coming towards Raab and Samuel as the screen went to pitch black with the cameras being back at the arena.

The lights go out and eerie organ music starts to play softly accompanied by the screech of a raven. On the videotron, a large full moon covers the screen, and the silhouette of a bat flies forward and changes into the shadowy silhouette of a woman.

The beat of the music suddenly kicks in as the lights start to pulse blood red, and the silhouette reveals itself to be Gothika standing on the stage.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Detroit Michigan... GOOOOOTHIKAAAA.

The lights go back to normal and she stands there unmoving, almost cold and emotionless for a few moments, then she throws her fist in the air as she hisses at the crowd, baring her fangs before she walks slowly down the ramp towards the ring. She slides under the bottom rope, and slithers to the middle of the ring before she climbs to her feet. She then climbs a turnbuckle, throws her fist into the air, hissing at the crowd again. She jumps down and goes across the ring to the other turnbuckle and throws her fist in the air again, hissing at the crowd. She then slowly climbs down and leans against the turnbuckle, waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: And her opponent... From Tampa Florida.... Jennnnnny Tuuuuck!!!

"Golddigger" plays as Jenny comes out, winking to the crowd. She begins to twirl her body a bit as she faces the ring and walks towards it. She climbs up the stairs, stops at the edge of the ring. She takes off her jacket and shakes her ass. She enters the ring and waits for her opponent.

Justin: And now....

The lights turn dark for a moment and then turn on turning pink across the arena the song Scandalous begins to play as it brings out the woman many call the White Rabbit better known as Jaina Hudson who appears on the ramp with a big smirk in her eyes as she is wearing her nice bunny outfit nice white corset and white shorts very small. As she poses on the ramp doing her theatric pose blowing a kiss.

Justin: Making her way down the aisle from Jacksonville, Florida please welcome bombshell, JAINA HUDSON!

Jaina starts walking toward the ring now as her beautiful hazel eyes wondered both ways looking at the audience and nods her head as she was met to a mix crowd reaction from the audience in attendance Jaina had a small white jacket that was beda

led with small diamonds slowly she removes it and swings it in the air as she holds onto it helps herself up and now steps through the middle rope stepping inside of the SCW ring as she tosses the small jacket to the outside "Scandalous" continues to play as she has this wicked look in her eyes.

Justin: And finally... making her way to the ring from New York, New York.... Mikkkkkkkkaaaaaaah

The arena fades to black before Dirty Little Girl by Burn Halo begins to play and the arena then flashes with hot pink, neon green, and purple lights. Mikah soon makes her way out onto the stage, one hand on her hip the other by her side. She stops in the middle of the stage before rolling her hips to the left before continuing her way down the ramp. She jeers at the crowd before rolling her eyes at them and ignoring them. She jogs up the stairs before strutting two steps onto the apron then slowly getting into the ring between the bottom and middle rope, dipping her upper body lower than her lower body to make her butt stick out a bit.

She then moves to the middle of the ropes and steps on the bottom one before leaning suggestively over the top rope as if to give the crowd a glimpse of her chest but then pulls back and steps down. She moves to the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle.

All four Bombshells are standing in the middle of the ring while Jacob Summers is quickly explaining the rules. However the four ladies have other ideas as they all one by one look up into the air to see the golden briefcase dangling there like bait on a hook.


Mikah is the first to act as she launches herself into Jaina Hudson and the two tumble to the canvas in a catfight. Jacob signals for the bell and this one is underway. Mikah gets up from the canvas and picks up Jaina and quickly tosses her to the outside of the ring. However Gothika and Jenny Tuck had already exited the ring and are now looking for ladders. Jaina recovers and she sees what Gothika is up to and the blonde quickly races over towards the mysterious Bombshell and plants her with a Russian Leg Sweep ? forcing the ladder to come crashing down on top of Gothika's face.

Adams: All perfectly legal here tonight in this ladder match.

Simone: I don't think Jaina was using the ladder as a weapon there Jason, it's just Gothika didn't want to let go.

Adams: She has obviously never watched frozen.

Mikah is seen in the ring pushing herself off the ropes and she comes running across to the other side before she suicide dives between the ropes taking down Jenny Tuck who was just about to enter the ring with her ladder. The ladder comes crashing down on top of Jenny as she tumbles to the floor but Mikah is now holding her shoulder in pain for the impact.

Simone: Not that smartest move by Mikah.

Adams: I think it was incredibly smart I mean she took down Jenny.

Simone: She basically just hurt herself in the process Jason.

Adams: Small details.

Jaina and Gothika are on the other side of the ring battling it out with left and right fists trading blows before Gothika has enough of playing games she plants her foot into Jaina midsection before planting the Bombshell down with a DDT on to the ladder. The SCW fans let out a massive cheer at the sound of Jaina's head bouncing off the steel ladder.

Adams: Gothika could have broken Jaina's face there.

Simone: I really don't think she cares.

Gothika continues to go on the attack of Jaina as she quickly picks her up and precedes to power bomb her onto the steel runway. The SCW fans once again let out a cry of approval as Jaina rolls around the runway in pain while Gothika spins around picks up a ladder and heads towards the six sided ring. With very little effort the mysterious bombshell makes lifting the ladder look like a breeze as she enters the ring and sets herself up underneath the swinging golden briefcase.

Adams: Gothika is looking for the sneaky win here.

Simone: She sees that Mikah and Jenny are brawling on the outside and that Jaina is out of it.

Adams: She's going to make it to the top.

Mikah and Jenny quickly turn their attentions to the ring and see that Gothika is starting the climb the ladder, without hesitation the two Bombshells run into the ring and quickly pull Gothika down with a massive double power bomb. Gothika rolls on the canvas in pain before Mikah makes very light work of her kicking her out of the ring. Mikah seems happy with herself and she goes to turn around to focus on Jenny but Jenny has her move calculated and plants the blonde bombshell with a massive super kick.

Adams: Holy moley, Mikah could have lost a tooth on that impact.

Simone: That would be Christian's fault too I suppose.

Jenny looks at the ladder that is set up and she starts to make her way over towards it, she starts to make the climb towards the top but Jaina has recovered on the outside and she rushes into the ring to quickly climb the other side of the ladder. Jenny is almost at the top her fingertips are on the case but Jaina powers her way up the ladder and the two Bombshells now start to trade left and rights at the top of the ladder. Jenny gets sick and tired of playing around and she ties to push Jaina off the ladder but Jaina has had enough and she grabs onto a handful of Jenny's hair before she slams her face into the top of the ladder. Jaina then quickly hooks Jenny up and the SCW fans start to scream in excitement as it looks like Jaina is going for a Suplex from the top of the ladder.

Simone: She can't be serious.

Jaina tries again to lift Jenny but Jenny blocks it and quickly turns the tables on Jaina ? Jenny hooks the arms and with a swift movement she Suplexs Jaina from the top of the ladder. Both Bombshells' go crashing to the canvas below with an almighty thud.

Adams: I think Jaina is out cold, I think Jenny is out cold.

Mikah is seen watching the chaos from the sidelines and she is smiling as she rushes over to where their bodies are laid out ? she quickly pushes them both out of the ring and turns around the start her own journey up the ladder. However Gothika slides back into the ring with a ladder of her own, she quickly sets it up beside the one that Mikah is climbing and now Gothika is trying to scale the ladder at the same pace as Mikah. Mikah looks over at Gothika disgusted that she would even attempt to do the same thing that she is and Gothika just stares over at Mikah. Gothika reaches out and tries to swing away at Mikah but Mikah just holds onto her ladder for dear life before the New Yorker plants the mysterious bombshell with "The Mikahangelo" the SCW fans let out a holy shit chant as Gothika is sent crashing down to the canvas.

Simone: I don't ever think I've seen some pull that off at the top of the ladder before.

Adams: it was a thing of beauty Belinda.

Mikah looks as if she is going to grab the briefcase but Jenny Tuck has returned and she quickly rocks the ladder that Mikah is standing on and with another quick rock she sends Mikah tumbling the canvas. Smartly Jenny packs up one the ladders and uses it as a weapon as she starts to drive it into the torso of Gothika who is still trying to recover from the TKO. After a few more jabs with the ladder Jenny chucks it on top of Gothika before rushing towards the other side of the ring, she comes in hard and fast and plants a leg drop onto the ladder which bounces off Gothika's face. Jenny springs up to her feet and sees that Jaina is trying to make her way back into the ring but the brunette rushes towards her and hits a dropkick right on her kisser pushing the blonde back to the outside. Jaina crashes down hard on the floor on the outside. Jenny gets to her feet but is seen favouring her right leg from the impact of her leg drop onto the ladder. She looks up into the sky and sees the briefcase and she quickly makes her way over to scoop up the ladder on top of Gothika she pushes the ladder out of the ring, followed by Gothika.

Adams: Jenny is going to win this and what a win it would be for her.

Jenny quickly picks up the ladder that she just pushed Mikah off of and she sets it up right underneath the belt and she makes very little work in climbing it stopping every so often to hold her right leg. The SCW fans are cheering her hoping that she gets it. Jenny takes her time before she starts to reach out trying to grab the briefcase that is swinging above her head but as she isn't paying attention to what's happening around her Mikah has scaled the other side of the ladder causing the SCW fans to let out a heated boo.

Adams: Mikah is alive.

Simone: Please Lord, don't let her win.

Jenny now still trying to get the briefcase unhooked but Mikah quickly slaps her hands away before the blonde ruthlessly slaps her right hand across Jenny's face before she bounces her head off the top of the ladder and with one quick swift movement Mikah sends Jenny hurling off the ladder tossing her a side. Mikah quickly looks up at the golden case and she smiles confidently as she grabs it ? she unhooks it and the bell sounds.

Adams: She did it, Mikah did it.

Simone: You can't be serious?

Justin: The winner of this match and keeper of the golden Briefcase.... Miiiiiiiiiiiikkkaaaaaah!!

Mikah hugs onto the case and starts to celebrate at the top of the ladder as her theme plays over the PA System.

We cut away from the action to see Mercedes Vargas entering the building. As she is walking backstage, an cameraman followers her and strikes up a conversation.

Cameraman: Excuse me, Mercedes?

Mercedes stops and turns to the cameraman, breaking out a warm smile.

Cameraman: After a tough loss in your last match two weeks ago at Climax Control and entering into night at Blaze of Glory where you've been unsuccessful the past two years, what's your mindset heading into your match tonight with Jessie Salco?

She pauses, a contemplative look on her face.

Mercedes Vargas: Tonight is about one thing; it's about winning my first match ever at Blaze of Glory. This is Jessie's third shot at the Bombshell Internet Championship and I was a part of that last match. Now what happens first, me winning tonight or her finally winning the title, is something I'm sure people are wondering. I've said eveything I needed to ahead of our match but maybe this will say a lot more.

Mercedes queued up a match on her phone in a YouTube video and she takes the device and turns the screen on before pressing the 'play' button, bringing the first singles encounter between her and Jessie from Climax Control 59 to life. The match starts near the end portion, the most important part.

Leaping upwards Jessie drives forward and slams into Mercedes who is tangled into the ropes with a massive clothesline. Mercedes drops to the floor but Salco is straight back on the attack, grabbing Mercedes's feet Jessie looks as if she is trying to roll her over for a Boston crab. Mercedes is yelping in pain as Jessie turns her over and locks it in.

The referee is checking on Mercedes who is shaking her head "No" Mercedes starts to drag herself across the canvas heading for the ropes. Just as she finger tips are going to touch them Jessie pulls her back into the centre of the six sided ring. Mercedes grits her teeth and tries to fight it her hand going up in the air looking like she is going to tap.

Mercedes starts to twist her body and is slowly trying to turn this around. Kicking her legs Mercedes is able to break Jessie's tight hold but she's not completely gone. Mercedes turns around onto her back and gives Jessie one more swift jolt, freeing her legs. Mercedes kicks Jessie Violently in the gut causing Salco to double over. Mercedes as if she's on her second wind leaps up and grabs hold of Jessie setting her up for Black Rose Overdrive, Jessie tries to wiggle free but Mercedes' drops her to the canvas with her finisher. Mercedes rolls on top of Jessie and hooks the leg.





Justin: Here is your winner, MERCEEEEDEEEES VAAAAARGAAASSS!!

The clip ends. Mercedes turns her phone's screen off, puts it away, and then looks fondly at the Bombshell Internet Championship draped over her shoulder. Looking deadset into the camera lens, her voice drops to a whisper though her words hold conviction behind them.

Mercedes Vargas: I'm keeping my title, Jessie. Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you.

Mercedes walks away as the camera looks on and we head elsewhere.

Mikah rolls her eyes a bit as she walks through the backstage area. She turns the corner and is attacked by a wild Despayre as he hugs her. Her eyes were wide with surprise and didn't really have time to respond to the hug.

Mikah: What the fu--.

She cuts her own sentence off once she realizes that it's Despy. She relaxes before hugging him back.

Despayre: You're here! You're here!

Despayre releases Mikah from one of his patented teddy bear hugs and his face was alight with a bright smile and a twinkle in his eye as he bounced around in a circle on his feet.

Despayre: I knew you'd show up! I saw you teasing everybody on Twitter that you might not show up but I knew!

Despayre then took a look at Mikah and blinked at her breathless manner.

Despayre: Wassamattah? Was it the match?

Mikah smiles a bit affectionately at him, relaxing a bit more. It was evident that she wasn't used to random hug attacks.

Mikah: You just....surprised the crap outta me.

Mikah smiles a bit.

Despayre holds his arms out as if the explanation was obvious.

Despayre: Well those are the best kinda hugs! The ones you never see coming! And now it's my turn!

Despayre fidgets with excitement.

Despayre: You're gonna watch me an' Crystal win later, huh?

Mikah looks a bit perplexed.

Mikah: I'll watch you win...Maybe not anybody else.

She smiles at him before hugging him back and then surprises him by kissing his cheek.

Mikah: That's was for good luck.

She leans in and kisses his other cheek.

Mikah: And that was just because.

She winks at him. Despayre watches with wide eyes as she heads down the hall and he touches his cheeks where she kissed him and sighs.

Despayre: Curse my natural studliness! I attracted another babe!

Pussy Willow stands in front of the camera with a microphone in her hand and a wide smile on her face.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and Gentlemen. Up next, we have a match that is going to set the tag team division on fire, and at this time, I'd like to introduce one of the teams competing to become SCW Tag Team Champions, please welcome Ben Jordan and Jamie Dean, Team BJ.

Ben and Jamie walk on to the scene, Ben slowly shaking his head.

Ben: I ain't ever getting used to that name.

Ben waves at the camera.

Ben: Alright people.

A huge cheer comes from the crowd.

Pussy Willow: Tonight Ben, you have a chance to reclaim what you vacated not long ago with a brand new partner in Jamie Dean, how do you rate your chances?

Ben: High as a kite mate. I ain't under any illusions here, I know Raab and Samuel are gonna whack us and it's gonna be like going head to head with a bullet train, but I got all the confidence in the world that you're looking at ya next SCW Tag Team Champions.

Pussy Willow: Jamie, you've been out of the ring for a while now, do you think that will effect you in any way?

Jamie: You know, under a lot of circumstances I might feel a few butterflies about just that reason, but I figure I have two things going for me. One, compared to Raab's partner, Samuel McPherson, I'm practically a veteran no matter how much time I've been away, and two?

Jamie slaps Ben across the posterior, causing the Cockney King to grunt in surprise and close his eyes with a shake of the head.

Jamie: How can I go wrong with teaming with a guy like this? The champion before this match? ACW Icon? Hot piece of tail? I am on sleazy street!

Pussy Willow: I believe you mean easy street.

Ben: No luv, I don't think he does.

Pussy Willow: Simon Jones was complimentary of you both in a segment earlier, claiming that you will become champions tonight, comparing you to Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy and Dele Alli and Ross Barkley, who are they?

A wide smile crosses Ben's face.

Ben: Footballers darling. Kane and Vardy are on fire right now, and Kane is Millwall made really. But right now, Kane and Vardy are the best strike force England have, they bang 'em in for fun, and I see the connection Jonesy was making because right now, me and Vardy here.

Ben taps Jamie on the shoulder.

Ben: We're the best duo SCW has to offer. Jonesy mentioned Germany losing to England at the footy not long ago, and this is how it's gonna go down, Neuer, Kroos, Gomez, Podolski, and the rest took a whack from a Kane and Vardy attack then and tonight, it happens all over again, cause this Kane and Vardy are gonna beat the Germans once again.

Jamie scratches his head as he and Pussy share a confused look.

Jamie: What are you going on about?

Ben: Football mate. Us English have a rivalry with the Germans, two world wars and one world cup son and tonight it turns in to two world wars, one world cup and a pair of Tag Team Titles.

Pussy Willow: Ok than... Jamie, do you have any last words to you opponents tonight?

Jamie: I just want those two boys to saddle up because Ben and I are going to ride them hard, ride them long, and ride them off toward that golden shower in the sky called the World Tag Team Championships!

Ben: Er...

Ben starts to say something but instead foregoes it and runs a hand through his curls.

Ben: Oh never mind...

And with that, Ben and Jamie walk off the scene.

Pussy Willow: Tag Team championships up for grabs next!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW tag team championship!!!

Monster and Animal I Have Become (mash up) by Skillet and Three Days Grace play over the sound system as Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab come through the curtain with Henry Losak behind them as they walk side by side together to the ring, ignoring the fans as they step over the top rope together while Henry goes through the middle rope. Raab and Samuel do a holdup in the ring with the fans booing on them as Henry steps out of the ring with Raab and Samuel stand in the ring waiting for the match to start.

Justin: The first team to enter th e ring are the team of Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson!! The Monstimals!!!!

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a white shorts with matching knee pads and boots. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

Justin: Their first opponent!! Standing in at 6'2 and weighing in at 220 pounds!! Ben Jordan!!!

The lights dim and the heavy beat of "Satisfaction" by Benny Benazzi begins playing across the sound system and the crowd starts clapping along. As the lights return, they find Jamie Dean on his hands and knees, twerking his backside, facing away from the crowd. Jamie then jumps to his feet and calls out to the crowd with his arms held wide. He is wearing dark shades, a black color and hot pink bow tie, black vest lined in hot pink and matching loose pants. Jamie proceeds to walk down the ramp way, slapping hands as he goes. He walks around the entire ring, slapping hands until he reaches the steps and climbs them quickly to the ring apron. Jamie turns his back to the crowd, and with his hands behind his head, he begins twerking his butt off. He then steps halfway through the ropes and first grinds himself along the middle rope, then starts to 'hump' it vigorously. Jamie steps the rest of the way through and moves about the area of the ring, beckoning to the crowd for louder cheers and calling out to them. He removes his shades and then begins to sway his upper body, sliding his vest off. He points to all corners of the building, and whichever side draws the most cheers, Jamie whips his pants off to reveal his trunks. He whirls his pants in the air over his head while grinding his pelvis towards the crowd, before tossing the pants to the outside, ready to begin the match.

Justin: And his tag team partner!! Standing in at 5'10 and weighing in at 164 pounds from the waist down!! Jamie Dean!!!

Simone: This guy is.... different

Adams: That's a subtle way to describe him


The bell rings as Drew lets the match start with Raab and Ben Jordan. The former tag team champion circles the big man as the monstimal stares at him with a sickening look upon his face. Ben sidesteps Raab, who was trying to reach out and grab Ben as he starts to do some kicks in the midsection before grabbing Raab from behind and goes for a Back suplex. But Raab elbows him in the face before doing an Irish whip in the ropes and goes for a big boot to the face. There he tags in Samuel before starting to pound away hard at the back of Ben before getting out of the ring at the count of four. There Samuel delivers a big time leg drop on Jordan, who rolls out of the way at the final moment. There he gets to his feet and from behind gets tagged out by Jamie Dean as Ben turns his attention towards his tag partner.

Adams: I believe that's tag team wrestling right???

Reluctantly Ben gets out of the ring as Jamie looks around confident, as he blows kisses to the male fans out of the ring as well as to Adams.

Adams: What the??

Simone: I think he likes you.

As he turns around he gets knocked down by a big boot from Samuel, before lifting him up to his feet for a Snap Suplex that sends him crashing down hard. Samuel tags in Raab as the two double team him and lift Jamie up in the air and plants him down hard with a double Chokeslam before Raab goes for the cover. Only to have Ben Jordan come out to the ring to break the three count as Raab looks at him enraged. He grabs the throat of Jamie as he starts to choke him while staring down at his tag team partner, daring him to get in the ring which of course he doesn't. Raab let's go off the hold before the count of Drew reaches the count of five. He grabs the hair of the smaller opponent and lifts him up, whipping him in the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but misses as Jamie ducks and runs to the other side. He then comes off the ropes with a flying forearm smash towards the face of Samuel. This causes him to stagger backwards a few steps before Jamie runs to the ropes again, he tags in Ben and runs off as he executes a cross body block on Samuel as the big man catches him. Ben gets in as he delivers a dropkick on his partner, causing him to fall on top of Samuel before rolling out fo the ring.

Adams: Good tactic as Samuel didn't see that.

On the outside we see Jamie celebrate and cheer on the fans as he is doing a little dance, not seeing that Raab has gotten off the apron and gets behind Jamie who is doing a gyrate dance in front of the fans who are cheering him on.

Adams: Uh oh, I liked him better with the lip sync battle

Simone: I'm sure that the results of this will not be as positive as that!!

Jamie ends his dance with a cheer as he turns around and bumps into Raab, who looks at him with an angered look on his face. Jamie then tries to excuse himself before Raab blasts him hard in the face with a closed fist and whips him into the Spanish announce team as he starts to choke him out. Meanwhile inside the ring we see Ben get the upper hand on Samuel as he delivers several backhand chops to the chest of Samuel before going for a Snap Suplex. But getting blocked by Samuel who reverses the move. He then sees his partner working over on Jamie as Samuel grabs the hair of Ben and lifts him up to his feet. Doing a Belly to Belly suplex and goes for the cover as Ben kicks out at the count of two.

Simone: So far the Monstimal's have divided and conquered the team of Jordan and Dean. I'm curious if they can get back into this match!!

Raab has grabbed Dean on the outside and lifts him up in the air as he sets him up for a choke slam on the concrete floor. But Dean manages to free himself out of his grip and lands behind Raab. There he jumps up on top of his back and locks him in a sleeper hold as Raab tries to fight out of it. Inside the ring we see Samuel dominate Ben as he lifts him up on his shoulders and goes for a Samoan Drop. There he comes off the ropes and goes for an elbow drop. But Ben rolls out of the way at the final moment to much happiness from the fans as they cheer him on. Ben gets up and locks Samuel in a standing armbar as he puts pressure on the elbow that he used for the drop. He then locks Samuel in a Hammerlock as Samuel tries to free himself. Samuel tries to deliver a back elbow to the face of Ben, but Ben is out of reach as he then does a kick to the back of Samuel's knee as that drops him to the canvas on his knees. On the outside we see Raab ultimately freeing himself from the sleeper hold as he pulls Dean off of him and whips him on the ground as he pulled him off of him by the hair. Dean sits up in pain before turning around and walks straight into a running clothesline that sends him inside out. Raab gets on the ring apron as he screams at Samuel for motivation as he pushes Ben into the turnbuckles and bashes his free elbow into the side of Ben's face. Causing him to let go off the Hammerlock. Samuel turns and executes series of knees in the midsection before whipping him hard on the canvas before tagging in Raab. There both men grab Ben by the throat and go for a double chokeslam as suddenly Jamie Dean jumps on the apron and jumps on the top rope before jumping towards the two monsters and dropkicks on the back of Ben Jordan. Causing the impact of it to send the big men to stagger backwards. Jamie runs towards Samuel and executes a flying forearm that sends Samuel into the ropes and his arms tied up between the top and second rope. There he starts to dance in front of Samuel, only to be grabbed from behind by Raab. Who sends him out of the ring before turning his attention towards Ben Jordan. There he grabs him by the throat and puts him up to his feet before going for his trademark move.

Simone: Killerbuster!!!!

Raab covers Ben as he hooks both legs, but there's no referee that could administer the three count as Drew Patton is trying to get Samuel freed from the top rope. Raab angered gets from Jordan and walks over to Patton as he spins him around and screams at him. Causing Patton to move away in fear as Raab frees Samuel. He then turns around and grabs the head of Jordan as he sets him up for a slam, but Ben manages to free himself as he slips out of his grip and tries to go for a sunset flip as he tries to get Raab into a pinning predicament. But Raab manages to remain on his feet and grabs Ben by the head and pulls him up again. There he drives him back first into the turnbuckles before sending shoulders into the midsection of Ben. There he tags back in Samuel who watches Raab sending Ben into the ropes before Samuel goes for a big boot. Only to have Ben sidesteps and executes a superkick to the face of Samuel before dropping to his knees from the assault he suffered earlier. He crawls over to his corner where he tags in Dean who jumps on the top turnbuckle and goes for his finisher.

Adams: Golden Shower!!!

Jamie hits the 450 splash on top of Samuel as he hooks the leg as Patton goes for the three count.

Patton: One!! Two!! Three!!!

Jamie gets to his feet celebrating as he and Ben Jordan have won the championship belts.

Justin: The winners of this match and NEW Tag team champions!!! Jamie Dean and Ben Jordan!!!

Simone: They've done it! Ben Jordan has said what he would do and regain the Tag Team Championships!

Adams: I don't think this is over by a long shot.

The cameras open up backstage to fine Melody Grace preparing for her match. The young blonde can be seen using a skipping rope while dressed in a bright yellow silk dressing gown - similar to what boxers wear. The fans cheer her as she is skipping away which causes a smile to cross her face but the cheering suddenly turns to boos as walking up behind her is none other than Casey Williams. Melody continues to skip but she starts to frown at the fans before the sound of someone clearing their throat startles her. Melody starts to skip with her rope around in a circle before her eyes finally lay on to the giant Casey.

Melody: Eeeeep

Without even thinking the young blonde continues her circle rotation in skipping and starts to skip off with her rope down the hallway to freedom. However Casey reaches out and grabs on to the skipping rope yanking it away from Melody in mid skip. Melody almost falls over but Casey catches her and yanks her up by her robe stopping her from tripping face first into the ground.

Adams: Get your hands off her.

Simone: What is Casey up to?

Casey lets go of Melody and looks down at the young blonde with a massive smirk on his face.

Casey: Melody just the girl I've been looking for.

Melody grabs onto her robe and just looks up at Casey with a confused yet scared look on her face.

Melody: Well, umm... hello... well you have seen me so I'm just going to go.

Melody goes to walk off but Casey steps in front of her stopping her.

Casey: Not so fast, I have a job for you.

She screws her nose up at Casey while she tilts her head to the side confused.

Melody: I don't work for you... so I'm good, so just give me my skipping rope and I'll leave.

Casey: You're going to want to listen to this Melody.

Melody: I just want my skipping rope.

She goes to grab her skipping rope but Casey yanks it away for her.

Casey: Here's the thing Melody, I want something from you and it's simple you see... we have a mutual acquaintance and something has stopped me and this friend from being close and I need you to do something about that. You understand?

Melody is just looking at Casey confused with the blankest look on her face.

Casey: It's not rocket science Mel... think about it.

Melody continues to think about it but nothing is coming to mind, which drives Casey to get angered. The giant steps up towards her catching her full attention.

Casey: James, you dimwit...

Melody eyebrows come together in anger / confusion before she replies she clicks her tongue off her white teeth.

Melody: Well, I think you can just keep the skipping rope...

She takes a step up towards Casey and with a strong look in her eyes she slaps her right hand on his bare chest.

Melody: Lord knows you need it.

With that said and done the young blonde skips off leaving an enraged Casey Williams behind.

Misty is once again seen backstage, searching for the locker rooms. She seems to have an impatient look on her face, but offers a friendly smile and a wave to those who recognize her and are surprised to see her here.

Misty: I'm not gonna let him hide from me this time.

She talks to herself out loud as her face lights up when she spots the locker rooms just ahead. And, better yet, just the person she is looking for is standing just outside the door, talking with Celeste North. A relieved smile crosses her face as she finally finds Tim Staggs.

Misty: Ugh, finally! Tim!

Tim and Celeste both turn their attention towards Misty. And, just like Alexis earlier, neither seems to be overly happy to see her there. Especially not Tim.

Tim: W-what are you doing here?

Misty walks right up to him, and without skipping a beat, she wraps her arms around him in a tight embrace. This takes him off guard, and he doesn't hug her back. Celeste just raises an eyebrow as Misty releases Tim and takes a step back.

Misty: Why wouldn't I be here? I wanted to see you before your match...Hello, Celeste.

Celeste rolls her eyes.

Celeste: Yeah...Hi.

Misty: You mind giving me a moment alone with my son?

Celeste immediately shakes her head. She goes to speak up, but Tim holds his hand up.

Tim: It's okay, C. You can give us a minute.

Celeste just shakes her head.

Celeste: If you say so, Timbo. I'll be in the Bombshell locker room.

Misty: Thank you.

Celeste: Don't be thanking me. I'm not doing this because you asked me too.

Misty lets out a laugh and shakes her head as Celeste finally turns and walks just down the hall to the Bombshell locker room and disappears inside. Once she's out of sight, Misty turns her attention back to Tim, but he still doesn't seem too happy to see her.

Tim: Alright. Celeste is gone. What do you want?

Misty: Am I not allowed to make sure you're okay going into this match against--aa

Tim: Don't say his name.

Misty lets out a sigh.

Misty: ....him? Am I not allowed to be concerned for you?

Tim shakes his head.

Tim: Apparently not. You haven't shown much, if any, concern since this all started. Or even before that. Why should I believe that you suddenly care now?

Misty: Because I'm here now, and whether or not you, or Celeste or Alexis believe it, I do care. If I didn't, would I have to fight to find you?

Tim shrugs.

Tim: It really isn't that difficult to find me. Especially back in Vegas. You just don't try hard enough, but it's okay. I understand that you have your real son to care for.

Misty: It's a lot harder to find you than you think, Tim! Especially when you're always out doing God knows what with Alexis...

Tim frowns and then quickly glares at Misty.

Tim: Look, if you came here to talk shit about my girlfriend, you might as well walk away now. Just because you don't like her, that doesn't mean it's going to change how I feel about her.

As the tension grows between the two of them, Misty realizes this is getting nowhere fast.

Misty: I know it won't, and that's not what I'm here to do. I've been trying to get along with Alexis everytime I see her, but she makes it impossible. But again, I didn't come here to lecture you about Alexis. Do I think you deserve better? Yes, of course I do, but if she makes you happy, then fine. I'll accept that.

Tim rolls his eyes, signalling that he doesn't believe anything Misty is saying to him.

Misty: Are you okay?

Tim looks back to Misty.

Tim: Peachy.

Misty: You don't have to be sarcastic, Tim. You don't have to lie. It's okay to be nervous going into this match tonight---

Misty is suddenly interrupted as Alexis Edwards appears on the scene, glaring at Misty furiously.

Alexis: You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?

Misty turns to face Alexis slowly, letting out a sigh.

Misty: No offense, Alexis, but this is between me and Tim. Why don't you go join Celeste in the Bombshell locker room and get ready for your match, alright?

Alexis shakes her head and takes a step closer to Misty.

Alexis: How about now? Why don't you go find Roxi and Keira and hug it out with them or something? We know they are the real reason you came here tonight. Or, better yet, why don't you go find Drake Green and find a supply closet to join him in, and leave Tim the hell alone.

Misty: Drake's here?

Alexis and Tim both roll their eyes.

Tim: Alexis is right. Just leave me alone.

Misty turns her attention back to Tim, shaking her head. She reaches towards Tim, trying to place a comforting hand on his shoulder but he pulls back and Alexis takes his hand. Misty finally realizes she's not going to win this one, so she takes a step back and nods.

Misty: If that's what you want, then fine. I'll leave you alone. But I won't be far away, and I'll be keeping an eye on your match. And for what it's worth, I'm truly sorry for all the mistakes I made when you were growing up. I just want what's best for you. I always have.

Tim and Alexis just stare at her without saying another word, and she has no choice but to turn and walk away. As she passes the Bombshell locker room, the door opens and Celeste steps out, walking back down the hall and joining Tim and Alexis.

Sam Marlowe can be seen standing in the gorilla press area as fans screaming in the arena can be heard. As she waits, Ben Jordan can be seen walking towards her, his belt over his shoulder.

Sam Marlowe: Congrats on the win Ben, title looks good on you.

Ben smirks as he adjusts it more on his shoulder.

Ben Jordan: Of course it does darlin' So where is your biggest fan hmmm?

Sam Marlowe: I don't know, someone was supposed to bring Keith back here to meet us.

Suddenly the sounds of high heels clicking on the concrete can be heard. The pair look towards the sound which causes Ben to shake his head.

Ben Jordan: Bloody hell, it's the dragon...

Cyn Marlowe glares at Ben as she approaches the two before rolling her eyes and addressing her sister.

Cyn Marlowe: Oh's Ben Jordan. Ugh...anyways, I am here for you Sammi.

Sam looks at Cyn surprised.

Cyn Marlowe: It took me forever but finally I made it inside. You wouldn't believe the security guard out there, telling me...ME that I wasn't allowed to be back here with you. I finally managed to get in.

At that comment, Cyn fluffs her hair as Ben and Sam see Christian approaching with a pair of guards. He stops right in front of Sam and Ben and Cyn and for the moment ignores the older redhead and addresses Ben and Sam.

Christian Underwood:Congratulations Ben on the win tonight and good luck tonight Sam and you, get her out of my arena!

The waved over Security none to friendly grasp Cyn by the arms as she struggles slightly before glaring at her sister who tries to diffuse the situation.

Sam Marlowe: Cyn, you knew you weren't supposed to be here. Christian Underwood had an injunction filed against you because you keep making everyone backstage upset. I'm sorry but it will be better if you didn't fight it...

Cyn Marlowe: You are going to regret this Sammi, that I promise you!

As Ben and Sam watch Cyn being taken out by security, another tech brings a young man with his father towards the pair. The little boy taps his hand against the Bombshell title around Sam's waist to get her attention. Sam turns and smiles as she looks down then kneels to hold her arms wide for a hug which the boy gives her.

Sam Marlowe: Keith! There you are. Ben and I have been waiting for you all this time.

The little boy looks up at Ben who smiles as he stands beside the father of the boy.

Keith: Congradulations on winning your match. Daddy said you would but I was scared you might not beat those monsters.

Ben smiles as he ruffles Keith's hair.

Ben Jordan: Thanks Keith. But those monsters didn't scare me much.

Sam Marlowe: Yeah, Ben's a real monster killer and dragon slayer. Makes me really glad he's my friend and I am pretty sure that I am very glad you are my friend too.

Ben and Sam start to guide Keith and his father towards the backstage area

Ben Jordan: So little man, what do you want to do first?

Keith looks a little unsure of what he wants to do so Sam reaches down and taps him gently on the shoulder.

Sam Marlowe: Why don't we go and see backstage and I am sure that Ben will let you hold his title while we do.

Keith: Yay!

Sam smiles at Ben who lets one eyebrow rise as Keith holds out his hands for the title belt on Ben's shoulder. The camera pulls away from the trio as Ben mouths something about Sam needing to pay him back as he hands the title belt to Keith who begins to strut down the hallway in front of Sam and Ben as the camera goes back to ringside.

Holly Wood stands in the far corner of the ring in her cut off referee short, black boots shorts and high heel boots, ready to officiate the next contest as Justin Decent is set to begin introductions.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special Grudge Match, scheduled for the best two out of three falls!

The house lights drop down as two purple spotlights shine on the stage. A video package begins to play on the giant screen as blue lights slowly begin to float around the arena. The horns of "Worth It" start to play as two ladies are standing in the spotlights. The moment "Give to it to me," is sung all three ladies lift their head as the house lights come back up. Purple and Blue lights continue to float around the arena as the two ladies separate and Candy Overton steps out between them. She is wearing ripped jeans, a cut up halter top with gloves on her hands. She stands at the top of the ramp while slowly looking side to side.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Hazel Overton, Ashley Fairchild and Isabella Kincaid, from Salt Lake City, Utah, please welcome CANDY OVERTON.

Right when Dinah starts her verse, Candy proceeds to descend down the ramp while holding her arms out to her side. The crowd is heavily mixed at her appearance as walks toward the ring. Her eyes are not diverting from it while her companions are showing their displeasure for the live audience. Candy hops up onto the ring apron, enters it like a normal female and walks around inside the ring with her arms still out to her side. She has a twisted smirk on her face while stopping in a corner. Instead of climbing up onto it, she lays across them while pretending to yawn.

Simone: I do not believe this woman. She is clearly not taking this match seriously at all.

Adams: Well she better! It's her last match here in SCW and she doesn't want to go out with a flat bang!

Simone: A flat...?

Adams: Bang!

Justin: And her opponent...!

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryos explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and "Hot Stuff Mark Ward" is seen standing on the top of the stage.

Adams: Wait, why is Hot Stuff coming out?

Simone: That's not the boss Jason.

The figure comes out into the light some more and the fans let out a chorus of cheers as the figure is none other than Melody Grace. She is dressed up in a puffy muscle suit that has a pair of snake skin wrestling trucks on them. The nipples on the muscle suit are covered with the "see no evil" monkey emoji. Melody makes her way to the centre of the stage and she points to the left side of her, then to the fans on the right side before clenching her fists. She starts to grind her hips the rock music as it continues to flood the arena. The SCW fans in attendance are screaming out to Melody cheering her as she mocks one of her bosses. Taking a few steps forward Melody reaches the top of the ramp and she pops her arms up and hits the double muscle pose as she hits the pose pyros explode behind her and the fans cheer wildly for her as she smiles her trademark bright white smile.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and twenty nine pounds, from St. Helena California she is Sin City Wrestling's Little Miss Sunshine Meeeeeellloooody HOOOOOOTTTTTTT STUUUUUFFFFF Grrraaaaacee!!!

Melody continues to pose at the top of the ramp before she goes to take her first step down towards the ring. Stopping herself she lifts her right hand out and wiggles her right index finger as if to say no. Turning around so her back is now facing the crowd Melody's hands come up to the centre of the muscle suit and with one swift tug she starts to rip it off. "Midnight Tornado" stops' playing on the PA system and "Let's get ridiculous" takes over. Melody is now stepping out of the muscle suit that she quickly tosses to the side as a stage hand runs out and hands her a black leather jacket. The blonde quickly slips on her black jacket and turns to look back down the ramp. Melody pops the collar on the leather jacket as she does so the bubbly blonde winks at the camera before twirling around to face the fans once more to show off her ring attire. Melody is wearing from the ground up black vans covered in studs, followed by long black stockings that go all the way up her long legs stopping at her thighs before being held up with suspenders. Around the very top of her thighs on her right leg is a silver heart and her left leg has silver key dangling from the leather straps. Her booty is covered in the tightest pair of high waisted booty shorts she could find, they literally look painted on and around her waist is a belt that's purely just there for decorations. Her top of choice was a black halter-neck leather bralette that hugged her body perfectly. Over her shoulders was her leather biker jacket while around her neck was a leather choker. Bringing her hands up to her short blonde hair Melody messes up her curly blonde locks before skipping off down the ramp. Melody finally reaches the ring steps that she quickly skips up them. She walks along the ring apron before stepping over the middle rope slowly entering the ring, giving the camera man time to focus on what her squats gave her. Making her way around the six sided ring Melody is waving wildly at the fans, as her theme dies off the sound system.

Adams: Oh I bet the boss is just LOVING this!

Melody waves to the fans as the opening bell rings.


Holly struggles to get Hazel, Ashley and Isabella to leave the ring, but they are unwilling! They instead separate themselves from Candy and walk across the ring to confront Melody Grace who looks like a deer caught in headlights!

Simone: Come on! get them out of the ring! The bell has rung!

Adams: Holly's trying!

Melody moves out of her corner and moves away from the three women who spend their time belittling, threatening and insulting poor Melody as Holly continues to try and get the trio out of the ring! Now the three women are standing in Melody's corner who is starting to grow upset at their insults and she starts shouting back -- when suddenly Candy Overton catches Melody from behind with a springboard bulldog! Melody sees the movement from the corner of her eye but is too late to prevent it as she is the victim of Tooth Decay, being plated face-first into the mat!

Simone: Oh come on!

Only now do Ashley, Hazel and Isabella scurry from the ring and Candy covers Melody, hooking the leg! Holly now has no other choice but to count!

Adams: No!



Justin: The winner of the first fall -- CANDY OVERTON!

The crowd boos as Candy stands proud with her arms held out and a smile on her face as her group outside of the ring cheer her on and applaud!

Adams: And they're actually proud of her!

Simone: That was a ploy! They worked together to distract poor Melody and now Candy has a huge advantage!

Huge indeed as Holly has to call for the bell for the second fall.


And immediately Candy dives on top of a recovering Melody to attempt a quick second fall!

Melody kicks out!

The crowd cheers!

Simone: Melody Grace is still in this!

Adams: Yeah she's not going to let Candy walk away from SCW with THAT easy of a win!

Melody tries to sit up but Candy throws her back down and covers her again.

Melody gets her shoulder up!

Candy, gritting her teeth, throws her down a third time and for the third time, covers her but this time hooks BOTH legs!

Melody kicks out!

Adams: It's NOT happening!

Candy pounds the mat with her fists in frustration as Isabella, Hazel and Ashley shout at Holly from the outside, arguing with the official! Candy grabs a handful of Melody's blonde tresses and brings a fist down into her face before dragging her up to her feet! Candy snapmares Melody over and lands a vicious soccer kick to the small of Grace's back, causing Melody to cry out in pain! Candy stands up, dragging Melody up along with her until she locks her hands around her waist from behind and brings her over with a bridging German suplex!

Melody kicks out!

Candy grabs her by the arm and twists it as she drags her up and she lands an open handed slap across Melody's face! Candy then drags her forward and brings her over into a bridging Northern Lights suplex!

Melody kicks out again!

Now Candy is on her feet and in Holly's face, screaming at the official as Hazel climbs up on ringside to debate the count while Isabella and Ashley do the same from the floor! Candy slaps her hands together three times in rapid succession, and starts poking Holly in the chest!

Simone: I'd be careful Overton, unless you want to get disqualified and lose this fall!

The crowd is booing Candy and she turns around and stomps towards the ropes, screaming at the fans to "SHUT UP!" but that only serves to make the crowd boo her even LOUDER! Fuming, Candy turns back and brings Melody up and she goes to send Miss Grace into the far corner but Melody somehow hangs on and reverses the Irish whip and sends Candy in instead, following in immediately with a launched forearm smash to the sternum!

Adams: That's our Little Miss Sunshine!

Before Candy can recover, Melody climbs to the middle turnbuckle, pinning Overton in and Melody returns the punishment and vents her frustrations by unloading a series of fists to the side of candy's head as the fans count along!


Candy manages to shove Melody from her perch but Miss Grace lands on her feet and dashes after Candy again but this time Overton avoids her attack and rolls quickly to the outside where her trio converge on her! As Isabella and Ashley check on her, escorting her around the ring, Hazel follows and shouts for Holly to keep Melody back!

Simone: This is a crock! This is a damn numbers game and Melody Grace is on the losing end of that!

Melody stalks around the ring, looking for an opening as Candy is ushered around! Her three attendants turned to her to offer her advice when they cried out as Melody decides to stop waiting and she dives through the ropes, crashing into Candy and sending Isabella, Ashley and Hazel scattering!

Adams: Alright!

Melody grabs Candy and drags her roughly to her feet and slams her head into the ring apron before she takes Overton by the arm and whips her hard against the barricade!


Simone: I dare say that Melody Grace is through with being bullied by Candy Overton!

7...Melody grabs Candy and rolls her back inside of the ring, breaking the count just before eight!

Melody climbs up on the apron the follow through the ropes when Hazel grabs her boot and traps it beneath the apron skirt! Melody struggles to free herself when Candy is back up and right on her, delivering a scissors kick across the back of Melody's head!

Adams: That's not right!

Simone: It may not be right but it is what happens when you stack the deck in your favor like Candy has done!

Candy drags the limp form of Melody the rest of the way in and catches her with the snapmare driver! Candy covers her and hooks the leg!

Melody gets her shoulder up!

The crowd cheers as Candy stares at Holly in disbelief!

Simone: Melody is not giving this one up!

Candy slams the canvas with her hands irritated, picking Melody up, only to be knocked back with an uppercut. Melody then quickly capitalizes by hitting an unexpected split leg jaw breaker, knocking Candy straight down to the mat. Both women lie there motionless, trying to recover as Holly begins the count...


Both young ladies start to stir


Simone: This could be the turning point of the match here

Adams: We all know that Melody's got this under control.

Melody climbs to her feet only to be met by a charging Candy! Using quick thinking though, Melody drops to the floor and executes a drop toe hold, causing Candy's throat to catch the middle rope! Melody stumbles back to her feet as Candy uses the ropes to pull herself up -- and Melody comes up from behind and she slaps on the sleeper!

Adams: She's got the sleeper on! She's got the sleeper! This might be over!

Candy's arms flail about crazily as she desperately tries to escape Melody's tight grip! Candy staggers over to the ropes and reaches out for them, coming centimeters away before falling to one knee, her consciousness fading quickly. candy's arms and eyelids start to drop when Isabella reaches into the ring and pulls Melody's foot out from under her! Melody falls to her back with Candy on top! Holly goes for the count as Isabella holds Melody's foot down to prevent a kick out!

Adams: NO!

Holly glances up and sees Isabella holding Melody's foot and she stops the count!

Simone: Thank GOD!

Isabella jumps up, feigning innocence but Holly is having none of it! Holly marches over to the ropes and points at the three, then towards the back and the crowd erupts in cheers!

Simone: Holly Wood has taken full control! Those three trouble makers are being ejected!

Adams: And about time too!

Isabella, Hazel and Ashley cry about in protest and argue, but Holly is adamant and exits the ring, pointing to the back! The three women reluctantly make their exit, protesting and shouting as they go as a groggy and confused Candy stands up, staring at their retreating forms! She shouts for them to return when Melody suddenly has her from behind! Melody runs her into the ropes and rolls her back into a Backlund Cradle and bridge!



Justin: The winner of the second fall, evening this match at one fall apiece -- Melody GTRACE!

Melody jumps up and down as the crowd cheers!

Simone: It's all even now! One more fall and we will have a winner!

And the bell for the third and final fall sounds!


Melody turns around and catches a stiff roundhouse kick, courtesy of Candy Overton! Melody goes down like she is shot and Candy covers her, hooking the leg!

Melody kicks out!

Candy sends Melody into the ropes with an Irish whip and catches her with a kick to the gut, followed up by a swinging neck breaker! The crowd starts to clap and stomp, trying to will Melody back the match! Melody gets her leg up and delivers a kick to Candy's midsection!

Adams: Melody is trying to fight back!

Melody staggers to her feet and charges after Candy, catching the hard hitting striker off guard and tackles her to the canvas! Melody picks her up and goes for an Irish whip of her own but Candy reverses it! melody comes off the ropes and Candy scoops her up, only to have Melody scissor her head and take her down to the mat with a swinging head scissors! Candy staggers to her feet on wobbly legs and Melody barrels right into her with a running clothesline, and then a second! Candy forces her way to her feet by sheer will power and Melody springs up onto her shoulders and takes her over to the mat with a victory roll, or a series of them on the canvas, one right after the other!

Adams: Melody taking a page from her best buddy Despayre's book with the Bear'L Roll! Melody stops on the third and hooks both legs!


Simone: It was almost over but Candy Overton is still in this!

Melody grabs Candy by the hair, lifts her off the mat and slams Candy in the side of the head with a staggering right hand. Candy fires back, delivering a right hand in retaliation. They brawl their way into the ropes until Candy bulls Grace back into the corner and drives her shoulder into Melody's midsection four straight times! The fans get to their feet and Candy stops her assault just long enough to smirk at the crowd!

Simone: One of these days that arrogance is going to cost her!

Candy continues her assault with a rake of the eyes followed by a kick to the gut that puts Melody down on her knees. Candy brings Melody to her feet, then brings her over with a bridging belly to belly!


Adams: Not yet!

Simone: What is it going to take!?

Adams: ... A three count?

Candy brings Melody back up and locks in a dragon sleeper! Melody seems to be fading fast! Melody's face is racked with pain! Holly raises Melody's hand once and it drops as Candy keeps the hold locked tight as the fans chant for Melody. Holly raises Melody's hand a second time and it drops limp to her side as the chants grow louder! Candy shakes her head to silence the crowd! Candy digs down deeper with the hold as Melody's hand is raised and dropped once more. The fans roar as Melody holds her arm up, stopping it just a few inches from the mat!

Simone: Melody is struggling but Candy is without mercy!

Candy Irish whips Melody across the ring and follows through with a running clothesline. Candy sets Melody on the top rope and climbs up, intending for a superplex! Candy tries to lift her up but Melody blocks it! Candy tries a second time but again it is blocked! Melody then begins fighting back, attempting to fend her off with a series of right hands thrown at Candy's face! Candy hangs on and throws her own shots at Melody, and both women come close to toppling from their high perch!

Adams: Careful! It's dangerous up there!

Melody then slugs Candy in the jaw, and takes two handfuls of Candy's hair and slams her head down into the turnbuckle! Melody shoves her and Candy falls back and crashes hard on the canvas! Melody pulls herself up to the top of the corner, sizing Overton up -- and she leaps...!!!

Adams: Bubble'O Mel!

Melody crashes atop of Candy and hooks the leg!


The bell rings and the crowd cheers as Holly raises Melody's arm!

Justin: The winner of the third fall, and match -- MELODY GRACE!!!

The crowd cheers as Melody rolls out of the ring while Candy slowly recovers! Melody races around the ring, hugging fans and slapping hands!

Simone: Melody Grace has come from behind and won this one, proving to Candy Overton that she indeed does deserve respect!

melody races up the aisle, turning back to the crowd before jumping up and down in her excitement! Smiling, Melody turns and vanishes backstage as Candy is left sitting inside the ring after her hard fought match with Melody Grace. The crowd was trying to applaud her performance but she just goes off on them. Since Hazel Overton wasn't at ringside due to unknown reasons, there isn't anyone who is going to stop Candy. She crawls over toward the corner and demands for a microphone.

Candy: You may have won but this meant nothing to you Melody. It never did. You were always too pathetic.

Candy uses the ring ropes to pull herself up to her feet.

Candy: So you didn't give a fuck about me huh Melody. You know what's funny. I forgot all about you. That was until you returned. How long before you disappear again? You are nothing more than a creature of habit Melody. Once the kitchen gets to hot, you will jump out and then you will be another forgot.....

Before Candy could finish her sentence, "Case of the Ex" blares over the speakers as the crowd begins to buzz. Candy darts her eyes around the arena as the cameras show Zuri Chastain stepping out from the back. She stands on the stage with bandages all over her body.

Adams: Oh my god, how in the hell is Zuri still standing?

Simone: I don't know but there is a reason for her being out here.

Candy looks at Zuri who is walking down the ramp while moving gingerly. Candy snickers while beginning to mock Zuri.

Candy: What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be harassing some lowlifes in the back?

Zuri slides into the ring and gets back up to her feet. She looks at side to side as the crowd hasn't stopped chanting her name. Zuri shakes her head while looking back at Candy. She rips the microphone out of Candy's hand as the crowd lets out a collective gasp.

Zuri: Candy Overton, do you remember the first Climax Control of this year? It was a match between Mercedes and myself. It was a classic but the memory was tainted because of a little bitch. Melody hit the nail on the head. No one cares about you Candy. Now get out of our ring.

Zuri drops the microphone while motioning for Candy to leave. Candy shakes her head while slapping the hell out of Zuri. Zuri staggers a little as Candy starts screaming at her. The stoic state returns as Zuri returns her gaze at Candy. A scared look comes over Candy's face as Zuri grabs a hold of her hair. She tosses her half way across the ring as the back of Candy's head bounces off the canvas. The crowd is going berserk as Candy grabs the back of her head.

Adams: Why did Candy do that?

Simone: I don't think Candy was thinking straight.

Adams: That's an understatement. She just sent Zuri into that stoic state.

Candy is trying to get back up to her feet as Zuri is staring daggers. Candy narrows her eyes as she leaps into the air. She lands on top of Zuri and starts raining rights and lefts. Zuri is trying to cover up but Candy isn't letting up. Candy stops to gloat as Zuri catches her with a double axe handle to the gut. Candy squeals as Zuri rolls Candy onto her back. Instead of pounding her face, Zuri stands back up to her feet and pulls Candy back up to hers. The crowd is in awe as Zuri hooks both of Candy's arms behind her back before hoisting her up over her head. She holds her in the air for a five seconds before draping Candy across her back and dropping her back down. Candy lands face first into the canvas as Zuri sees her.

Simone: What the hell was that?

Adams: I do believe Zuri just pulled out a move we haven't seen before.

Zuri knows that won't keep Candy down as she rolls out of the ring. She lifts up the ring apron and pulls out a wooden table. She lifts the wooden table up and slides it into the ring. The crowd seems to be on the edge of their seats as Zuri slides back as well. Candy is just now starting to stir as Zuri positions the table in front of a corner. As Zuri is busy with the table, Candy digs down dip and jumps back up to her feet. She slams a forearm into the back of Zuri's head before grabbing her head and ramming it repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. Zuri blocks the the final attempt while slamming her elbow into the ribcage of Candy. She spins around and drives a few closed fists into the forehead of Candy. Zuri climbs up onto the turnbuckle as someone jumps over the barricade.

Adams: Now what?

Simone: I think I know who that is

The person slides into the ring as the camera quick pans over to them. The person moves the hood down to show Blanca Chastain no longer sporting a mask. Zuri smiles as Blanca starts hammering into the back of Candy. The crowd is really getting behind the Chastain twins as Zuri is still perched in the corner. Blanca quickly scoops Candy up and slams her first into the canvas. She then picks Candy up and lays her across the wooden table.

Simone: Candy getting a dose of her own medicine.

Adams: I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The Chastains look to be back on the same page.

Zuri points at Candy while rising up to her feet. Blanca holds Candy steady as Zuri leaps off the top turnbuckle and connects with her shooting star press. The force from the move causes the table to snap as Candy is laying in beneath the rubble. Blanca is smiling from ear to ear while picking up the microphone up off the canvas. She taps the microphone just making sure it was still working. She looks at the broken Candy while bringing the microphone up to her lips.

Blanca: Let this be a lesson you won't forget you stupid cunt bucket. No one crosses Lady Justice....NO ONE.

Zuri sits up on her knees while holding her midsection. She grabs the microphone and utters the two words the fans have been waiting to hear.

Zuri: I'M BACK.

"Case of the Ex" strikes up as Blanca and Zuri share an emotional embrace in the middle of the ring. Paramedics come rushing out to check on the status of Candy Overton.

Adams: The Masked Vigilante has left her mark here at Blaze of Glory.

Simone: What does this mean for the bombshell division? Will here from Candy Overton?

The crowd is chanting at the top of their lungs as both Zuri and Blanca finally leave the ring while showing appreciation toward the crowd.

The cameras open up backstage after the two out of three falls match up, Melody can be seen coming out from behind the black curtains her body is exhausted, battered and bruised but she is high off adrenaline. She goes to skip off towards the shower blocks but she is stopped as out of the corner of her eye she sees one of her bosses Mark Ward standing there leaning up against the wall slow clapping her. Melody does a twirl before she skips up towards him.

Melody: Impressed I take it?

Hot Stuff pushes himself off the wall and his slow clap comes to an end as he just glares down at the twenty-two year old.

HS: Unlikely.

Melody looks up at him with a frown, her whole body is still shaking from the hellacious match she and Candy had just put on.

Melody: Oh come on, you're smiling.

Hot Stuff can't help but smirk as Melody tries to "happy go lucky girl" out of this situation that she has no doubt made the situation worst for her.

HS: I often smile when I have evil thoughts of revenge on my mind.

The happy go lucky smile quickly fades off of Melody's face as she hears the word "revenge" she tries to lighten the mood up again as she taps Hot Stuff on the shoulder.

Melody: Ah come on buddy, I was showing you respect out there.

It was a long shot but she was going to take it. Hot Stuff just glares down at her still smirking.

HS: Don't you mean disrespect?

Melody: No, no, no, nooooooo... you see to get to be one of the best in this company you have to think like one of the best in this company...

As Melody's words floated out of her mouth Hot Stuff's face changed from hard to slightly impressed.

HS: And you thought you might as well copy the one who is THE BEST!

Melody nods her head up and down to agree hoping that this would get her out of trouble but Hot Stuff can see right through her plan he is just giving her some leg room to make her believe she is off the leash.

Melody: See you get it buddy, now are we cool?

She is looking for a way out and she hopes that this one works.

HS: Yeah... NO!

Hot Stuff basically growls in Melody's face before he evilly smirks at her with a swift turn Mark Ward is off on his own journey to keep the show running but Melody can't help herself as she starts to skip off behind him.

Melody: Come on Wardie... be my friend....

The SCW crowd laugh as they can only imagine the look on Hot Stuff's face as Melody continues to skip after him. The scene quickly fades to black.

Christian: Sin City Wrestling is proud and excited to announce our first tour of 2016 where SCW hits the best venues throughout all of Japan for the "Riot In the Rising Sun" tour!

04/24 - Nagasaki, Japan - Sasebo Sports Bunka Hall
05/01 - Hiroshima, Japan - Hiroshima Green Arena
05/08 - Okayama Japan - Okayama General and Cultural Gymnasium
05/15 - Kobe, Japan - Kobe Green Arena
05/22 - Osaka, Japan - Maishima Arena
06/05 - SUPERCARD - Tokyo, Japan- Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

The scene opens up backstage at Blaze of Glory V where we see Jessie Salco doing some last minute warming up before her title match against Mercedes Vargas for the Bombshell Internet Championship which is moments away, as per usual she is listening to metal through her IPod namely "Braindead" by Lost Society.

Simone: Jessie has a big match tonight and if her comments during her promos and on Twitter are any indication then Mercedes has a hell of a fight on her hands.

Adams: Not to mention the fact that she's been training all week long for this!

The album reaches the fifth track "Rage Me Up" and whilst Jessie stretches ahead of her match tonight someone comes up from behind her and taps her on the shoulder causing her to glance over her shoulder and see a familiar face.

Jessie: Hey Amy!

Jessie greets her former tag team partner and friend Amy Marshall as she pauses the album on her laptop.

Jessie: Good things you came when you did, my match is coming up soon!

Amy smirks in response before sitting down on the bench near where Jessie is standing.

Amy: I know, I just figured that I'd stop by the see you before you went out there and kicked ass, normally I'd ask if you were ready for the match but I saw the promo that aired Friday night, are you more ripped than Shane yet?

Jessie laughs before shaking her head.

Jessie: Nah, love junk food way too much for that, besides that I don't really like the female bodybuilder look.

Amy: Yeah, I hear you, having an athletic tone is fine but there are cases that take it too far, anyway good luck tonight!

Jessie: Thanks, I know I'll need it.

Jessie adds before checking the time on her laptop and picking up the denim vest that she wears to the ring.

Jessie: Speaking of which, it's time I go win a title, win or lose do you want to hang out after the show tonight? Me and the boys found a great metal club during the week!

Amy: Sounds good to me, see you there! I'll keep an eye on your laptop for you.

Amy responds before Jessie walks off.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Bombshell Internet Championship... introducing first...

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas, as per usual, stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on hips, and overlooking the crowd. The bell sounds and the camera pans around the arena once more and then cuts to the ring announcer as he lifts his microphone for the pre-match introductions.

Justin: Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is the current Bombshell Internet champion... Mercedes Vargas.

Mercedes goes up the steps and walks along the ring apron as she straddles the top rope, facing the crowd as she unbuckles her title from around her waist and raises it in the air while talking trash. She walks the rest of the apron and climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back at the camera as she flips her hair, though the determined expression on her face remains- perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight.

Justin: And her opponent, hailing from Miami, Florida...Jessie Salco.

The opening chords to "Imperium" by Machine Head are heard over the speakers and the lights dim, as the song picks up in speed strobe lightning flashes accross the arena to the beat of the drums until....

"HEAR ME NOW!!!!!"

The first lyrics are screwamed by Rob Flynn as the lights come back on and the song kicks into high gear and Jessie steps out from the backstage area with her older brother Jake by her side, the crowd boos her but Jessie ignores them as she makes her way down to ringside, Jessie slides into the ring and throws up the horns as she wait for the match to start.

The ref check for weapons on both Mercedes and Jessie, before taking the Bombshell Internet Championship from Mercedes and raising it high for everyone to see, before turning and handing it to someone ringside before indicating for the bell to be rung.


Mercedes and Jessie slowly move in, as they share a war of words before preparing to lock up, however, before they do lock up Mercedes raises an arm up, as she looks to do a test of strength between herself and Jessie. Jessie looks up at Mercedes hands, as Mercedes raises it higher with a smirk and some trash talk. Jessie reaches up to get to Mercedes hand but Mercedes pulls it away and being to shakes her finger in a no manner and speaks at the fans, as Jessie places her hands on her hips and shakes her head, wondering what she is doing.

Simone: What is Mercedes doing?

Adams: God knows... but I'm guessing stalling for time and getting into the head of Jessie.

Simone: It's not like Mercedes.

Mercedes turns back to Jessie and drops to a single knee and again raising her hand up to again ?test their strength', Jessie wonders what Mercedes is doing and shakes her head, as looks around before surprising Mercedes with a stiff kick to the chest, which knocks Mercedes over, as Jessie smiles and brags before turning as Mercedes gets back to her feet.

Adams: Damn that kick!

Simone: I felt that. But certainly stops Mercedes messing about.

Mercedes charges at Jessie, but Jessie responds with an arm drag and Mercedes gets quickly to her feet, Jessie gets Mercedes into a headlock, where she cranks on the head and neck of Mercedes, as Mercedes tries to free herself, but with no luck. Mercedes gives Jessie a little shove and Jessie bounces off the ropes and ends up on her knees, which stops Mercedes from freeing herself from the headlock.

Simone: Jessie getting the early advantage here.

Again Mercedes continues to fight but Jessie continues to keep the move locked in not giving Mercedes any chance to get away. Mercedes and Jessie get to their feet, as Jessie heads to the turnbuckles and climbs up to the second one and roughly takes down Mercedes and into another headlock down on the mat. Mercedes tries to fight out of the movie as best as she can, as Jessie briefly pins Mercedes for a one count.

Adams: Jessie isn't giving much to Mercedes here.

Simone: And just to point out that Jessie is usually flying about the ring, but in this case she showing more of a technical side.

Mercedes slowly gets to gets to her feet, as Jessie follows with Mercedes still in a headlock, as they move about a little, as Mercedes grabs at Jessie's hair and pulls her head back, which distracts Jessie a little and Mercedes jabs Jessie in the gut, before reversing the move and wraps her arms around Jessie waist and Jessie is instantly gripping at Mercedes hands, trying to break the hold.

Simone: That's one way of getting out of a move and reversing the situation.

Adams: Gotta love a little bit of hair pulling.

Jessie continues to fight out of the move, as Mercedes holds on for as long as possible, but eventually Jessie breaks the hold by shifting her weight and catching Mercedes with an arm drag, Mercedes scrambles to her feet and charges at Jessie, but Jessie hit another arm drag, but this time Jessie doesn't let go and she locks in an armbar, but Mercedes quickly reverses and wraps her legs around Jessie's neck.

Adams: Nice reversal by Mercedes and how I...

Simone: Do not even go there....

Adams: What?

Jessie tries to wiggle and fight out of the movie, as she attempts a kip up but with no luck. Jessie twists her body and finds herself on her hands and knees between Mercedes' legs before using her strength to get into a handstand, she then uses some momentum to get out of the move and hit Mercedes with a dropkick.

Simone: Jessie with some amazing speed and agility here.

Adams: Mercedes surprised with a dropkick to the face.

Jessie gets to her feet and looks down at Mercedes, who rolls around holding her face, as Jessie shakes her head.


Adams: Jessie not impressed with Mercedes thus far.

The crowd boo loudly, as Jessie approaches Mercedes and grabs her by the hair and pulling her to her feet, but before she can do anything Mercedes surprises Jessie with a slap to the face, which Jessie stops and stumbles a little, as Mercedes follows up with a discus clothesline. Jessie lays on the mat stunned, as Mercedes tries her best to recover from the dropkick, as she grabs the ropes and pulls herself to her feet before going over to Jessie and begins to deliver boots to Jessie's prone body, who tries her best to cover up but with no luck. Mercedes stops and turns and bounces off the ropes opposite and baseball slides into Jessie, who flies out of the ring with a loud thud onto the mat below.

Simone: Ouch!

Adams: That landing wasn't pretty at all.

Simone: Looks like momentum has shifted into Mercedes' favour.

Mercedes raises her arms up in the air, proud of what she did as she looks down at Jessie, before climbing out of the ring and approaching Jessie and grabs her, pulling her to her feet, where she leans her up against the ring apron and delivers a single chop to her chest, before whipping Jessie into the barrier and this time Mercedes asks for silence and delivers another chop to the chest of Jessie, who goes down to her knees holding her chest.

Adams: Nice chop.

Mercedes smirks, as she looks at Jasmine who is counting them out and to remedy that, Mercedes rolls herself back into the ring and out again breaking the count before going back to Jessie, where she once more grabs her and moves her away from the barrier and then backs up and hits a front-flip facebuster with Jessie's face bouncing off mat.

Simone: Mercedes breaks the count and continues to chop Jessie's chest.

Adams: As well as making her face bounce off the mat.

Simone: That wasn't pretty. Im surprised that didn't break Jessie's nose.

Standing to her feet, Mercedes once more picks up Jessie and rolls her into the ring, with Mercedes climbing into the ring apron and then hitting a springboard legdrop onto Jessie before doing for a pin...

Adams: Mercedes goes for a pin.



2.5... Kickout...

Simone: Jessie barely kicks out, I think walking out of Blaze of Glory without a championship is keeping her in this match.

Mercedes holds her head in shock, as she looks at Jasmine saying it was three but Jasmine is adamant that it was a Kickout. Mercedes slaps the mat and turns her attention back to Jessie, where she flips her onto her stomach and proceeds to tie Jessie up in the Red Peril 2 (Reverse Figure Four lock). Locking in the move Jessie screams out in pain, as she holds her head, as she raises her arm up to tap, but she doesn't and she pushes herself up and claws at the mat, as she tries to find the nearest set of ropes.

Adams: If she can't pin Jessie, then make her tap.

Simone: Jessie is really trying to fight.

Mercedes screams at Jessie to tap, as Jasmine asks if Jessie wants to tap out but she shakes her head no, while Jake and Shane begins to thump the mat, encouraging Jessie to fight out of the move. Jessie begins to slowly pull herself towards the ropes, as Mercedes realises what happening but can't do anything about it. Jessie finally grabs the ropes and Jasmine St. John forces Mercedes to break the hold.

Simone: Someone how Jessie escape the move and avoids ending this match.

Adams: Jessie isn't going to give up so easily.

Keeping the move looking in for a few moment longer, Mercedes then breaks it before getting to her feet, as she watches Jessie stays down on the mat trying get her legs moving again. Mercedes however has other ideas and grabs Jessie and picks her up and places her into the corner, where Mercedes then backs up and goes for a running boot, but Jessie ducks and rolls out of the way and Mercedes hits nothing but air and turnbuckle.

Adams: That has to hurt?

Simone: Mercedes doesn't appear to be in pain. Just annoyed that Jessie got away.

Rolling herself out of the ring, Jessie gives herself a few moment to recover knowing that Mercedes would be back on her in a matter of time. She is right, as Mercedes moves away from the turnbuckle and looks to see where Jessie has gone. Watching Jessie for a moment, Mercedes uses the ropes goes for a plancha, but Jessie has it scouted and Mercedes lands on her feet, and as Mercedes lands on her feet, Jessie surprises Mercedes with a superkick and Mercedes crumples to her knees, which gives Jessie an opening of her own and hits a shining Wizard to the face of Mercedes. Jessie grabs Mercedes and pulls her to feet and Jessie rolls Mercedes into the ring and herself rolling in close behind before going for a pin...

Adams: Jessie saw that move coming and stopped Mercedes dead with two devastating moves. Brilliant.




Jessie tries again...

Simone: Can't fault Jessie for her determination here.




Jessie delivers several punches to the face of Mercedes and yells at her to stay down and goes for a third attempt.

Adams: Third time a charm?



Simone: Nope.

Jessie slaps the mat in frustration, as she grabs Mercedes by the hair and pulls her to feet and into the turnbuckle, where Jessie delivers several punches to the face of Mercedes, before taking a few steps back and charges at Mercedes and tries for a stinger splash but Mercedes moves out of the way with Jessie going chest first into the turnbuckle, but Jessie brushes that off and again charges at Mercedes but Mercedes hits a high elbow to the face of Jessie. Jessie stumbles away holding her face.

Simone: This isn't looking good for Jessie, she had the perfect opportunity to end it there.

Adams: You were saying...

Mercedes climbs the ropes as she lines up to hit a flying thrust kick, but Jessie spots Mercedes and throws herself into the ropes, which unsettles Mercedes and Mercedes drops down ending up on the turnbuckle, as Jessie approaches and uses her strength to lift Mercedes off the turnbuckle, before setting her down and then hitting the Circle Pit (Springboard Tornado DDT).

Adams: Pin her.... Why didn't she pin Mercedes?

Simone: Because she isn't finished.

Instead of going for the pin, Jessie climbs to her feet and heads to the turnbuckle, where she begins to climb to the top, where she turns to face Mercedes and then hits the Wall of Death (450 Splash) onto to Mercedes and then pins her.

Simone: Wall of death... This is over.




Adams: Jessie has done it... she has just beaten Mercedes for the Internet championship.

Justin: Winner of this match and your NEEWWW bombshell Internet champion... JESSIE SALCO!!

Jasmine St. John grabs the Internet championship and hands it to Jessie Salco, as Jake and Shane climb into the ring and hug Jessie and before hoisting her up onto their shoulder, as Imperium by Machine Head plays over the p.a.

Connor Murphy can be seen walking along the hallway of the backstage area, a smirk on his face as he has his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. Pussy rushes up to him and is about to speak when he puts a finger on her lips and shakes his head.

Connor Murphy: As much as I know you want to do this interview with me I just don't have the time. I mean have you seen tonight's line up? I have places to be, people to annoy. If you really want a scoop let me just give you the 411...

With a shrug, Pussy holds the microphone for Connor as he turns to face the cameraman she had dragged with her.

Connor Murphy: Listen, I could be doing that gloomy emo thing that James keeps accusing me of. I could be sitting around and making a comedy routine about how Travis is a joke and yet, here I stand in a brightly lit hallway, surrounded by people that probably are feeling about the same that I am about our heavyweight champion.

Pussy tilts her head and is about to pull the microphone back to speak but Connor again stops her.

Connor Murphy: We have James who thinks he is the end all and be all of this company because he beat a few people to win the belt. Bravo Jimmy, bravo. And then the little bas...champ decided to put an open challenge out to the roster for anyone to step up to him for the shot at the title. Now I thought to myself, ' don't have a title and his title looks easy enough to win and so I said what the fu...I mean why not?' So I stepped up and I challenged him for the belt and chose the grandest show of SCW to do it.

Connor opens his arms wide to take in all of the arena.

Connor Murphy: But as I thought that I was going to be doing it in a one on one match someone decided to try and steal my thunder by putting himself into the title picture. Travis decided that his balls were going to drop just in time for him to think he can steal my shot at the belt. Travis, trust me when I tell you that tonight I am going to kick them right back up where they belong. And James...Jimmy, I am coming for a fight. Win, lose or whatever, you won't forget the shitkicking I am going to be putting you through tonight.

With that, Connor smirks at Pussy before smacking her on the ass and moving away. Before he disappears around the corner he turns back and waves.

Connor Murphy: As always Puss, it's been nice talking to you.

The camera cuts backstage, just by one of the many exit doors. A hooded figure is seen standing just by the door, but a few moments later, when the hood is lowered, we see that it is Alexis Edwards standing there, a cigarette between her lips. She has the door propped open with her right foot and when she exhales, she blows the smoke out the door and leans against the wall. Overall, she seems much more relaxed than the normal Alexis we've seen in the past.

Footsteps are heard approaching her, but she doesn't turn her attention or pay much mind to who is walking towards her as she instead chooses to enjoy her cigarette. Moments later, the footsteps stop, and Alexis looks out of the corner of her eye, but she doesn't turn her head. As the camera pans out, Drake Green is seen standing just a few feet away from her.

Alexis: I'm busy...if you couldn't tell.

He smirks a bit, adjusting the sling on his shoulder, and reaches out his arm.

Drake: Hi, I'm Drake.

He extends his arm and smiles. Alexis turns her head and looks at him with an amused smile.

Alexis: Yeah, I know who you are.

She takes in another drag of her cigarette, letting it linger for a moment, as she stares at Drake, almost annoyed.

Drake: Got another one of those things?

She raises an eyebrow curiously but then reaches into her pocket, pulling out her pack of cigarettes and hands one over to Drake.

Alexis: Damn. Who'd have thought Mr. Showtime, Drake Green, would be bumming a cigarette from me...a Nobody.

She laughs and shakes her head and leans back against the wall. He takes out his own lighter and takes a long first drag of the smoke.

Drake: Hey...right place, right time I guess. So are you a new Bombshell or are you just ring crew or something?

Alexis' jaw drops a bit as she holds her cigarette between her fingers and glares at him. A second later, she rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh, ashing the cigarette on the ground.

Alexis: I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that. I'm not part of the ring crew and I sure as shit ain't a new Bombshell either!

Drake: I'm sorry. I haven't been around. Did I just really insult you?

He smiles.

Drake: Let's start over.

He holds out his hand.

Drake: Hi, I'm Drake. The guy with his foot in his mouth.

Alexis smirks and she glances down to Drake's hand.

Alexis: You'll have to excuse me if I don't want to shake your hand. I don't exactly trust where it's been.

She chuckles.

Alexis: And not that it needs to be said, but I'm Alexis Edwards...Ya know, one of The Nobodies. Soon to be Bombshell Tag Team Champ...

Drake: Right, right, right. I'm sorry I know we've met before. Its just took me a minute. It's been a long...hazy...couple of months. Speaking of which.

He sticks the cigarette between his teeth and slips out a silver flask from inside his expensive suit jacket. He twists the cap off and takes a swig. He takes another pull of of the cigarette and then extends the flask out to Alexis as he exhales.

Drake: Don't worry, it's alcohol. It kills all the germs.

He smiles as he waits for her to take it. She glances to the flask, but reluctantly declines.

Alexis: Normally, I'd have no problem, but...I don't want to build up a reputation that a certain other bombshell has for herself. I don't drink before matches so...Thanks, but no thanks.

She takes in the last pull of her cigarette before she flicks the butt outside and then exhales.

Drake: Suit yourself.

He takes another sip before putting it away.

Drake: So I gotta ask....why so miserable?

She folds her arms across her chest and rolls her eyes before looking to him.

Alexis: Why does everyone think I'm so miserable all the time? Just because I don't trust many people, doesn't mean I'm miserable ALL the time.

She lets out a sigh.

Alexis: And besides...what's it to you anyway?

Drake: Look...I don't shit about you and what you do all the time. But right're definitely miserable. You look like you've had a bad couple of days is all.

She lets out a laugh.

Alexis: Yeah, pretty sure you'd look miserable too if you'd spent three days in a damn jail cell. But...I'm done trying to explain myself to everybody, because even if I have good reason to be pissed off, I'm still in the wrong. So...whatever.

He flicks his cigarette and then moves to stand next to her, leaning up against the same wall as she is.

Drake: I'm not asking you to explain yourself. I'm just letting you know it's ok to just be miserable sometimes....just make sure you use that to punch someone in the face really fucking hard.

She lets out another laugh and nods.

Alexis: Oh, you mean like I plan to do to Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher Johnson tonight? Yeah, I think I already knew that.

Drake: Good. Because...none of that other shit matters, man. I know you're...

He looks her over.

Drake: ...not sure of something. What that something is I have no fucking clue but I know people and you very obviously look like a confused person. And I know I'm this way older dude with a sling on my shoulder and who didn't even recognize you's ok to drop the walls around you, man. It's ok to let yourself out of whatever cage you think you need to put yourself into.

She stares at him, confusion written all over her face.

Alexis: Seriously, dude?

She pushes herself away from the wall and just stares at him.

Alexis: You really seem to think you have me all figured out, huh? You think I look like a *air quotes* confused person? How the hell so? Because, I'm really not. I know who I am. I'm not confused about shit.

He raises his one hand in the air as if to say ?I give up'.

Drake: I just say what I see. Here.

He pulls out his flask and holds it out for her to take.

Drake: For after the match. You're either going to have a very good or a very bad reason to drink it.

She shakes her head, declining it again, but she reaches into her pocket, pulling out her own flask and waving it at him.

Alexis: Already got my own, dude. But, thanks. Again, why are you even trying to help me at all? Aren't you supposed to be all self-centered these days and only giving a shit about yourself?

He smiles and puts his flask away.

Drake: You know you're the second person to ask me that in like an hour. Do I really come off like that big of a dick?

She nods.

Alexis: Yeah, sort of. That, and you kinda have a reputation anyway. I hear things. We all do.

Drake: Well it's probably only half true...

He thinks for a second.

Drake: Maybe three quarters. Look, I'm not trying to help you. I'm just talking here. You look like a nice....ok maybe not nice....but you look like someone who needs a friend. That's all I'm saying. Hey...have you seen Travis Andrews anywhere? I'm here to see him and I can't find him anywhere.

She laughs and rolls her eyes again.

Alexis: First off, I have all the friends I need. I got Tim, Celeste, Tessa and Connor...ya know, the guy who's gonna beat that guy you're looking for? And that should answer your question because why would I have seen that loser anywhere?

Drake pushes off the wall.

Drake: Yeah...I see how all those friends are working out for you. Good luck to your friend Connor tonight, it should be a good one.

He goes to walk past her.

Drake: Oh...

He smiles.

Drake: Tell Tessa I say hi.

He starts to walk down the hall but stops after a moment and turns back to look at her.

Drake: I don't care if you like me or trust me or whatever...and to be honest...we may never speak again because who knows. But trust yourself and be honest with yourself. Make sure you're doing what's right for you. That's all the advice I got for tonight. Good luck in your match.

He turns back around and heads down the hall. Alexis narrows her eyes as she watches him walk away and once he's out of sight she just snorts.

Alexis: Right, because I'd ever take advice from Mr. Showtime?

She rolls her eyes before she heads off down the hall, heading back to find the rest of The Nobodies.

Pussy Willow can be seen on the outside of the locker room door of Dmitri, she is nervous for doing an interview with the vampire wrestler of the AWA.

Pussy Willow: We are just outside the locker room of Dmitri, the very strange man that has made a name by knocking off Tim Staggs in his debut match. Now he has a chance to perform in the Internet title match in his only second match. Something that the world wants to know more of him as I....,

She cannot finish her sentence as suddenly the door opens up and Dmitri walks out with a flower in his hand.

Pussy Willow: Uh, oh uhm Dmitri... I didn't expected you this early. I..., well thank you. I...,

Dmitri shakes his head no as he puts the flower to his lips and lets the thorns run across his lips and his cheek before staring at Willow.

Dmitri: Oh no, you do not understand Willow. I do not perform under a time table expectations of others. Neither on the expectations of just walking out there and take home what everyone else wants to obtain.

Pussy Willow: Uh...

Dmitri: Are you say....

Dmitri puts his finger up the mouth of Willow as he let's his face come close to hers, his teeth coming inches to her skin as she starts to sweat.

Dmitri: I hunt in the night, that's my game. I hunt for the price that I have in front of me and that I can almost taste. Others are searching for their price, I have promised the one that I came for a much bigger price my pretty. Something that needs to be spread throughout the annals of this successful cesspool of sins. Three other names, a championship belt and a predator all combined in one on the internet. What a better way to proceed your plan to maim isn't it my pretty??

Willow does not answer as she is scared of the vampire as he smiles sadistic

Dmitri: I have tasted blood already my pretty and I do not seek something that is helpless and defenceless. No, the price is much larger and much more a feast for me to devour when I enter that ring. So until then my Willow, I suggest you to run.

With that the man with the flower walks off as we see Willow motionless out of fear

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...!

The lights in the arena go out as the beat to "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers. As the electric organ picks up, a red light flashes across the screen as random faces begin to show on the screen. As the words start up, men and women in masks and hoodies file out through the curtains. The lights come on at a dim tone, flashing as the seven figures make it down to the ringside area. As the music picks up, one of the figures pulls his hood back, yanking his mask off to reveal Tim Staggs.

Justin: Introducing first! From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing one hundred and ninety five pounds ... TIM STAGGS!

He jumps onto the ring apron, focused as he steps through the ropes. He paces back and forth, and the lights turn up some as he looks up. He then removes his jacket and tears away his black pants to reveal his wrestling outfit. He jogs backward and rests in one of the far corners, sinking down to a seated position as he contemplates.

Simone: Tim Staggs is not looking particularly comfortable there inside of the ring.

Adams: Well what did you expect? This is the last thing he ever wanted to find himself doing!

Simone: He is a professional wrestler, and more importantly, a Staggs! Matches like this come with the territory!

Adams: But he's facing Brother Grimm! The guy who's been terrorizing him for months! It's like waking up and still having the nightmare!

Tim closes his eyes and draws in a breath.

Justin: And his opponent...!

The lights slowly winked out, as if they had been suddenly extinguished by a gust of wind.

Adams: Oh I hate this part...!

But just as quickly as they had went out, the lights came back on and the crowd cried out in alarm and warning -- Brother Grimm was inside of the ring and standing directly in front of a suddenly alarmed Tim Staggs!

Simone: What the hell...!?

Adams: How did he... GET OUT OF THERE TIM!

But Tim Staggs was boxed in the corner he had placed himself in, trapped by his own design! The expression of Tim's young face spoke volumes as he stared wide eyed into the eyes of his "personal demon" who simply stared back with his own amber gaze, until a sick smile spread on his black lips and he took a step forward, beckoning Tim to come closer with a wag of his forefinger.

Adams: Tim, get out of the ring!

Simone: Or at least fight! FIGHT BACK! Christ! He's frozen! He's not moving!

Tim was indeed paralyzed in shock and Brother Grimm was enjoying every moment of this psychological torment. He took another step towards Tim, slow and deliberate, when suddenly the entirety of the audience erupted into a frenzied cheer!

Adams: What's going on!?

And suddenly from down the entrance aisle raced Spike Staggs, Tim's father! The wrestling legend and SCW Hall of Famer dashed to ringside at incredible speed and slid right inside of the ring, beneath the bottom rope! Grimm turned around just in time to get speared almost out of his boots and Spike went on the attack, throwing rapid fists into Grimm's skull as the crowd went wild!

Simone: YES!

Adams: Hot DAYUM!

Simone: Spike Staggs has had enough!

Grimm attempted to fend Spike off but Staggs was a man possessed, attacking the specter that has been torturing his son! Spike grabbed Grimm by his snow white hair and brought a head butt crashing down between his eyes and threw another punch, when Grimm suddenly had Spike by his throat with a free hand!

Adams: Uh OH!

Grimm forced Spike off of his upper body and slowly stood, a vengeful glare on his pale face with a trail of crimson trickling down from his hairline!

Simone: I think Spike Staggs goes down in history as being the first to ever draw blood on Brother Grimm!

Adams: Well protecting your son is a hell of a lot of motivation!

Spike tries to pry Grimm's hand loose from his throat but Grimm holds on tight and he goes to throw Spike out over the top when Tim miraculously runs up and clubs Grimm in the back!

Adams: Alright, Tim!

Grimm turns his head, distracted just enough for Spike to reverse the momentum and he dumps Grimm out over the top and onto the ring apron! Grimm holds onto Spike, however, and the two engage in a tug of war, throwing blows at one another's heads until Grimm comes out the winner and he drags Spike over the top, flipping him over and the two tumble onto the floor, both men landing on their feet!

Simone: This match hasn't even started!

Adams: Do you EXPECT it to!?

Simone: No but we need to get these two apart!

Grimm throws three hammering fists into the back of Spike's head and Spike uses his leverage to force his weight forward, driving Grimm back hard against the barricade!

Simone: This is what the hell happens when you torture another man's flesh and blood!

Grimm and Spike are locked together, throwing blows at one another's bodies when security for both SCW and the arena itself are on the scene! Tim is still standing at the ropes, staring at his father as he and Grimm are pried apart by strength of numbers -- as if Tim is shocked at his father's actions!

Adams: I can't believe what's happening!

Simone: It's pretty apparent that Tim can't either!

Just as Brother Grimm and Spike get pulled far enough away and around separate sides of the ring, Grimm breaks loose and surges forward and dives into the group of security restraining Spike, taking them all to the ground! Grimm scratches and claws, trying to tear away at Spike who grits his teeth in a savage snarl and fights back, but they are once again pulled apart! Grabbing each man in multiple restraining holds, Spike and Grimm are slowly dragged away from the ringside area and towards the back as Tim slowly follows the path of his father!

Simone: Please tell me that is the end of this!

The cameras once again cut to the back as Travis Nathaniel Andrews is still wearing his business suit. Pussy Willow is standing beside him while holding the microphone.

Pussy Willow: Travis, how nervous are you for tonight?

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Nervous? Is that really your question? What you should have asked me is how confident am I? That should be your line of questions for me Pussy. The only ones who should be nervous are J2H and Connor Murphy.

Pussy Willow: Why is that?

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Wow, you have gotten dumb over the years. J2H and Connor view me as a pushover but tonight they get a different look. Tonight, those two will be questioning their own existence after I walk out of this forgetful place. The people of Phoenix have nothing to be proud of but tonight they will have a reason to live. That reason is watching the must see superstar, the real Mr. SCW finally take his place at the top. Haters are going to hate but tonight they can do one thing.

Pussy Willow: And that would b......

Travis places a hand in front of her face while looking into the camera.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: DEAL WITH IT.

Travis narrows his gaze while walking out of the shot. Pussy is left standing there while throwing both hands into the air.

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the GCU Arena and Brother Grimm and Spike Staggs are at it again! Both men, having broke free of the security holding them, are throwing each other against the walls of the hallway, battering away at one another with bone jarring blows as security fights in vain to restore order!

SCW Co-Owners Christian Underwood and "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward are now involved, shouting instructions and orders and the dressing room of the Superstars empties as several male competitors surface onto the scene to lend a hand! Connor Murphy and Ben Jordan, along with Jamie Dean and others are assisting in dragging Spike Staggs aside and into the dressing room, as behemoths such as Rage and Synn and others have Grimm held back and are assisting security in dragging him away down the hall!

Justin: The following match is for one fall and it is for the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championships.... introducing first the challengers... from The Streets.... Aleeeeeexisssssssssssss Edwards.....

The lights in the arena go black as "Freak Like Me" by Halestorm plays over the sound system. Red strobe lights shine around and thick smoke fills the entrance. A figure emerges from behind the curtain, dressed in a baggy black hoodie. The crowd in attendance gives off a mixed reaction of boos and cheers as the hooded figure moves to the music before she pulls the hood back revealing herself to be Alexis Edwards. She ignores the fans, pretending as though she can't hear them at all before she dashes her way down to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope. She jumps up to her feet, raising her right hand in the air as she unzips her hoodie with her left then removes it, tossing it across the ring where it lands on the top rope. She makes her way over to one of the corner turnbuckles as her music dies down and she stares towards the backstage curtain, waiting for her partner.

Justin: And her partner from Beverly Hills California.... she is Celeeeeesteeeee NORTH!!!

The lights in the arena go black as "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment plays over the speakers. Red lights take over the stage, flashing along to the beat of the music. The fans give off a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. After a few seconds, a figure comes out of the shadows in a black hooded jacket, zipped up, and a pair of black hot pants, down to the knee pads and black faux fur boots. Brown hair falls out of the hood while the face remains covered in shadows. The person is looking down, their hair dangling for a moment. As the chorus comes up, the feminine figure raises her head to reveal Celeste North. She has her hands tucked into the hood of her jacket, walking along as if the venue were empty, paying attention to nobody. She doesn't seem to care one bit as she comes to the end of the ramp. She pulls her hands out of her pockets and darts up to the apron, leaping up. She turns around, holding her hands up in the air for a second, seeming to feel the music. After a moment she turns around and enters the ring. She unzips her hooded jacket, hanging it on the far turnbuckle as she backs into it, eyes locked on the curtains as she puts a foot up on the pad, arms sprawled out on the ropes as she waits.

Justin: And now... introducing one half of the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions.... from Miami Florida... Keeeeeeirrrrraaaaa Joooohnsssson

"Like a Phoenix" begins to slowly play as the lights go out. Two lights from the stage is seen showing Keira's shadow, raising her arms. The lights come back on as Keira turns and walks down the ring. She slaps a few fans hands as she slides in. She raises her hand and shouts out, "Like a HERO, BABY!" as she waits for her wife.

Justin: And her partner... from Tampa Florida.... Roxxxxxxxxiiiii Johhhhhnnnsoooooon.

"Help is on the Way" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.


As all four ladies are in the middle of the ring they are looking to see who will kick this one off here tonight but Alexis has other ideas as the nobody comes crashing in to Keira. Celeste and Roxi have no other choice but the leave the ring while Alexis and Keira start this one off. Alexis isn't playing around as the challenger starts to kick the fall Keira around like she is a toy, Keira tries to make it up to her feet but Alexis just comes crashing back in with an elbow drop planting the champion face first into the canvas. Alexis makes it up to her feet but is quick to react as she comes back at Keira with a baseball slide drop kick taking the champion back to the canvas.

Adams: Whoa, someone royally pissed Alexis off today.

Simone: No I think she just hates Keira.

Alexis pulls Keira up to her feet and the two bombshells start to trade left and rights as Keira is trying to fight her way back into this match she looks for a big forearm smash but Alexis ducks it and comes back at the champion with a swinging neck breaker. Keira falls the canvas hard and Alexis drives down on top of her looking for the pin.



NO! Keira gets the shoulder up and Alexis doesn't look pleased.

Adams: It's going to be a lot harder to put team hero away than that Alexis.

Simone: Maybe she was hoping for the surprise win.

Alexis gets back up to her feet and the challengers rushes towards the other side of the ring before she bounces off the ropes using them to help her speed up - the nobody comes racing across the ring looking for the punt kick but Keira sees it and ducks out of the way just in the nick of time. Keira leaps up to her feet and one half of the Bombshell Tag Team Champions leaps into the air and connects to her opponent with a beautiful standing drop kick. Alexis doesn't stay down for long as she pops straight back up but she walks into another splendid drop kick by the champ. Keira rushes on over to the fallen Alexis and scoops her up for a snap Suplex before the champ now makes the cover.



No! Alexis gets the shoulder up saving the match.

Simone: Both girls are trying to end this one early.

Roxi and Celeste are on the outside cheering their team members on trying to get them to rally up a fight. Keira and Alexis make it back to their feet and they quickly come head to head in the centre of the six sided ring and they start to brawl with left and right fists of rage. Hair is flying everywhere and the SCW fans are loving it. Alexis quickly snaps Keira into a side headlock and looks for a bulldog but Keira pushes her off of her and into the ropes, Keira looks like she is going for a backbreaker on Alexis but all she cops is a massive elbow into her face. Keira is covering her nose in pain while Alexis turns around swiftly and nails her opponent in the head with a big boot. Keira is laid up and Alexis goes for the victory.



NO! Keira's foot finds the bottom rope breaking the pin fall.

Adams: I don't know if Alexis looks livid or just sad.

Alexis drags herself back up to her feet and she sees that Celeste is looking for the tag, she quickly picks up Keira with a hand full of her hair and she drags the champion over to her teams' corner before making the tag to Celeste. Celeste and Alexis tag advantage of the four second window and plant the champion with a double over hook Suplex.

Simone: Beautiful team work by the nobodies.

Adams: Poor Keira...

Keira's body bounces off the canvas and Roxi is desperately looking for the tag in. Celeste starts to mock Roxi by offering to let Keira crawl over to her wife trying to tag her in but just as their hands go to touch Celeste drags the champion back into the centre of the ring. Keira is still reaching out for Roxi but Celeste just comes around and stomps on her hand. Keira yells out in pain while Roxi is stalking the ring apron like a caged animal wanting to get her hands on Celeste. Celeste waste little time in going to work on Keira as she stomps away at her before scooping her up, she power house in Celeste pushes Keira into a nearby corner and she starts to offload left and right punches to her body. Keira is covering up while Celeste darts back and looks to come crashing in with a body splash but Keira drives out of the way, the champ is now just inches away from making the tag to Roxi but Celeste catches her and spears her to the canvas.

Adams: I have to say the nobodies have a smart game plan here.

Simone: Yeah pick poor Keira apart and don't let her tag in her partner.

Adams: in all fairness I think if Roxi started this match this would still be their game plan.

Celeste picks up Keira and looks for an uppercut but Keira is able to block it and she quickly slams Celeste down hard with a jawbreaker. Keira now with a spurt of energy makes her way over to her corner and she tags in her wife Roxi Johnson. The Fans exploded into a cheer as Roxi flies into the ring and drives straight onto Celeste. Roxi opens up with left and a right before she hooks Celeste up in a lock up but instead of fighting for power Roxi just over powers Celeste and sends the challenger to the canvas with a thud. Roxi runs towards the ropes using them as a springboard she flies in with a beautiful Moonsault. Roxi hooks the leg.



No! Celeste gets the shoulder up but Roxi doesn't complain, she just gets back up to her feet dragging Celeste with her. She drops the challenger down with a DDT before she makes her way around her looking to set her up for Triangle Choke however Celeste knows what is coming and she kicks Roxi away before making her way back up to her feet. The two lock up in the centre of the ring and Celeste gets the upper hand as she starts to unleash upper cuts onto the champ, Roxi stumbles back into the ropes and Celeste uses them to fling Roxi across he ring but the champ comes flying back with a cross body once again she hooks the leg for the pin.



No! Celeste reverses the pin into a pin of her own.



NO! Roxi does the same now she has Celeste pinned on the canvas.



No! Celeste gets the shoulder up and the two make their way back up to their feet.

Adams: That was a set of close falls.

Simone: Both of these ladies want to win, what an accomplishment that would be for The Nobodies.

Adams: However I don't see Team Hero just wanting to hand this one over.

Roxi and Celeste step up toe to toe again but Celeste ducks out of the way before Roxi can grab on to her and she takes the champion down with a scoop slam before she picks her up from the canvas and hits her with a side slam. Celeste goes to go for the pin fall but she stops as she has something else in mind.

Adams: What is she doing?

Picking up the champion once more Celeste gets up into her face as she plants her right hand straight into Roxi's temple followed by an uppercut.

Simone: She's going for the Homicidal

Just as she is about to drag Roxi across the ring with a bulldog, Roxi pushes Celeste off her she runs towards the ropes she jumps off them and she comes flying in with The Ray of Hope. Roxi makes quick work in making the cover.



Alexis is in the ring now looking to break up the pin but Keira runs across the ring and takes her down with a spear.


Ding, ding, ding.

Justin: Here are your winners AND STILL Sin City Wrestling's BOMBSHELL Tag Team Champions.... TEAAAAAAMM HEEEEEEROOOOO!!

Roxi's theme song plays over the PA system as the referee hands over their belt Team Hero celebrate in the ring much to the fans delight.

Casey Williams is shown backstage, leaning against the wall outside his locker room, and he wants to call out someone who has been running his mouth about Casey as of late, James Tuscini.

Casey: James, you may think you are all tough by running your mouth about me, but trust me, when I do eventually get my hands on you, I will make Nancy Pelosi look like a tougher Italian than you.

Casey then turns his attention to those men he is facing for the vacant Internet Championship, starting with Frost.

Casey: Frost, you think that because you chose not to cut a promo that you could avoid my wrath, think again. I will destroy you, and make sure you are an afterthought in this match.

Casey then turns his attention to Rage.

Casey: Rage, since you returned, you have been trying to get a world title shot, yet you have failed to do so, and I got one before you, because I deserved it more than you, and will prove it again tonight, and as Five Finger Death Punch said in the song Salvation:

"You monkey see, you monkey do
You're always doing what they tell you to
You're such a puppet on string
You don't get it!
I won't bow to something that I've never seen
I can't believe in something that doesn't believe in me
I'm not blood of your blood, I'm no son of your god
I've no faith in your fate
Still I find salvation"

Meaning that you are worthless, and your are just going through the motions, a shell of your former self, when you were a legit threat in SCW.

Casey smiles, cackles then turns his attention to Dmitri.

Casey: Dmitri, you may look at me as being dangerous, and you should know how dangerous I am, I mean, as I am the only man in this match you have faced, you know what I am capable of. You know very well how dominant I can be, and that dominance will continue tonight when I defeat three men and be crowned the NEW Internet Champion.

Casey walks away, looking intense and confident in himself, cackling as the scene fades to black.

The camera opens up just outside the men's locker room backstage. Kittie is standing just outside the door, leaning against the wall with her arms folded across her chest. She has an impatient look on her face, and after a few moments, she balls her hand up into a fist and pounds on the door.

Kittie: Rage! Come on! Your match is coming up! We gotta go!

A loud growl is hear from inside the room and Kittie rolls her eyes impatiently. Rage continues to take his time and before he walks out, Pussy Willow walks up to Kittie with a smile on her face, and Kittie laughs.

Kittie: Oh great, someone else to waste our time. He's not even going to make it to the damn ring at this point. Whatever...I don't care.

PW: Don't worry, I just want to get a quick word with him before his match.

The door then swings open and Rage steps out. He lets out a sigh as he sees Pussy Willow standing next to Kittie.

Rage: If you couldn't tell, blondie, I don't have time. I need to head out to the ring right now.

PW: I know. That's why I wanted to come get your final thoughts on your match before it starts.

Rage laughs and takes a step towards Pussy Willow.

Rage: You want my final thoughts, blondie?

Pussy Willow nods and Rage just shakes his head and puts up one finger

Rage: Alright. Here's what I see happening. Let's start with the man who does the disappearing act better than one of Gabriel's tricks....Lucian Frost. Frost is probably out there, hiding up in the rafters like he's been known to do. He's probably been watching the show from the start, waiting for the match to start, but if that asshole is smart? He'll stay up in those rafters and not even bother coming down to the fucking ring, because he didn't even have the brains to speak up about this match anyway. Guy is given a title shot and treats it like it's fucking nothing.

Pussy Willow just blinks and Kittie taps her foot impatiently and Rage raises a second finger.

Rage: Then we have Casey Williams. The self-proclaimed Freight Train of Pain who can't seem to get it through that brainless head of his that he's incapable of inflicting ANY amount of pain on anyone he faces. He honestly thinks he's got a good shot at walking out of this match as the new Internet Champion, but that's just fucking laughable and there's no way in hell I'd let a worthless piece of shit like him, walk out with any title because he just...doesn't deserve it, and he can't get the job done.

He raises up a third and final finger.

Rage: And finally...that blood-sucking freak who thinks he has everything figured out. Good ?ol Dmitri. He can spout of whatever bullshit he wants, but if he keeps doing what he's doing...He ain't gonna get anywhere in this damn company, and he sure as shit won't walk out as the new Internet Champion. It seems to me he's too damn focused on Casey Williams to truly give a shit about this match and the title, and that's gonna prove to be his biggest mistake. He's wasting his time doing anything with Casey Williams, but hey...that's on him. I'm gonna do what I came here to do and walk out as the new Internet Champion and prove each one of the idiots wrong that actually voted for Casey or Dmitri in Tommy Knocks' poll on Twitter earlier. Tonight, blondie...The Sin of Wrath is walking out of here with the Internet Championship. Any other outcome just ain't happening.

He turns his attention to Kittie.

Rage: I'm done here, Kittie. Let's get out to the ring.

Kittie: About friggin time! Outta my way, Pussy.

Rage then walks off, and Kittie shoves past Pussy Willow, following closely behind Rage as the two head to the ring.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Fatal Fourway for the vacant Internet Championship!!!

The lights go out and we can hear acoustic guitars start to play Devil???s Work through the arena and later followed by the double singing of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats when Dmitri walks out to the arena, all dressed in black or brown leather pants, a white blouse with his top buttons opened up. We see a candle burn on the titan tron as his name emerges. His eyes is piercing through the entire arena, as if he is searching for someone to drain his bloo from.

Justin: From Moscow, Russia, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, he is Dmitri!

Lights emerge throughout the crowd as he starts to walk towards the ring, everywhere he walks the spotlight follows him. Allowing him to be the only one that is in the light while the rest of the arena is in complete darkness (except for the lights from the crowd). He finally gets on the ring apron as he once again looks through the entire crowd before entering the ring and stand in the middle of the ring awaiting his opponent as his music dies out.

Justin: And his opponent...

The opening lyrics and guitar rift to Five Finger Death Punch's "Jekyll and Hyde" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans cheer as the chorus kicks in.

Justin: From Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing in at three hundred and seventy pounds, he is Casey Williams!

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes looking through the crowd. Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the cheering crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey nods his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans cheer louder.

Justin: And their opponent...

The lights begin to flicker around the room, spot lights scan around the crowd, "Salt in the Wound" begins to play as the crowd looks around to see where he is coming from.

Justin: From the Far Reaches of Sanity, weighing in at one hundred and sixty five pounds, he is Lucian Frost!

Frost appears from one side of the arena and heads through the crowd before climbing over the barricade and slides under the bottom rope.

Justin: And their opponent...

Monster by Skillet starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. His manager, Synn, stands on one side of him, while his valet, and fellow Seven Deadly Sins stablemate, Kittie, stands on the other.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Kittie. Residing in Las Vegas, and weighing in at three hundred pounds, he is Rage!

They stand at the entrance for a few moments before Rage raises his clenched fist above him, eliciting several cheers from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring with a dark almost demonic look on his face. Once he gets to the ring, he pulls himself up to the apron, using the second rope, then steps over the top rope to enter the ring. Synn and Kittie take their place on the outside of the ring as Rage looks to the backstage entrance. His music dies down and he waits for his opponent to enter.

Simone: Four men, three former champions and a newcomer battling it out for the vacated Internet Championship that was in the possession of Goth before retiring a few weeks ago.

Adams: It will be interesting whom of these freaks are going to win it!!


The bell rings as the match gets under way with Dmitri seizing up the bigger Casey Williams, the two men that have had a past in a different company get chest to chest as Rage stares down the smaller Lucian Frost. Holly Wood is trying to get the four men to get it on as she mentions them that the bell has rung. Causing Dmitri kicking Casey in the midsection before hitting him with series of right hands. Locking him up for a Suplex, only to be blocked by the bigger man with a powerful blow to the back. Casey whips Dmitri to the outside as he is being send through the ropes and comes crashing down hard on the outside. Casey turns around as he sees that Rage executes an Irish Whip on Frost towards the big giant as Casey wants to deliver the big boot to the former champion. Only to have Frost duck it and executing a shot block in the back of Casey's knee. Causing him to drop to his knee as he gets nailed in the face with a boot from Rage as he goes for the cover quickly.

Simone: That would be a quick victory...

Adams: No!!

Just before Casey could do anything it is Frost that jumps towards Rage and breaks the three count with a double axhandle to the back of Rage's neck. Frost grabs him by the head in a headlock while hammering with forearms on his back when Rage pushes him off with one arm, causing Frost to be pushed into the ropes where he falls to the outside where Dmitri had pulled down the top rope.

Simone: Good God!! Frost never expected that one!!

Dmitri stares at the fallen opponent before turning his attention back to the ring, where he stares into the waiting eyes of Rage as the newcomer grabs the top rope and pulls himself on the ring apron. There he climbs into the ring where Rage storms into him and starts to pound away at his back before going for an Irish Whip and blasts Dmitri with a clothesline and sends the vampire down to the canvas. Rage turns around towards Dmitri when he gets speared almost out of his boots by Casey as the big giant has surprised him. He grabs Rage by the throat and lifts him up for a chokeslam and plants him down on the canvas hard.

Adams: Good grief!!!! What a chokeslam!!!

Casey signals for the end to be near as he goes for the cover, hooks the leg as Holly slaps her hand on the canvas for the three count but only gets a count of two as Dmitri breaks the count up with a boot to Casey's head. Casey looks up at the newcomer as he slowly rises to his feet and steps over Rage, only to get nose to nose with Dmitri as the vampire looks up at him with a cold look in his eyes as Casey starts to warn Dmitri that he will destroy him. He raises his left arm to strike Dmitri as the vampire blocks him and drives a knee in the midsection of Casey. Following it up with massive rights to the face, that causes the giant to stagger into the ropes as Dmitri tries to go for an Irish Whip, only to have Casey reverse the move. There he prepares himself for a back body drop as Dmitri sidesteps the giant and runs to the other side of the ropes and nails Casey with a huge running clothesline when he has turned around.

Simone: Nosferatu!!!

Adams: We saw him hit that move on Staggs a few weeks ago!!!

Casey stumbles towards the ropes because of the impact and falls through the ropes to the outside. The crowd react by jumping up and down as they never saw anyone manhandle the 7ft, 300+ pound giant like that before. Dmitri stares at Casey with a cold look in his eyes before getting nailed by a Tornado DDT by Frost, who jumps out of nowhere and hits the move on the vampire as he has grabbed his head and drops him hard. Dmitri then gets rolled over on his back before Frost goes for the three count.

Holly: One!!! Two!!! Thr....

Dmitri somehow manages to get his shoulder up in time, causing the masked wrestler to be in shock as the move didn't work. Looking up at Holly, who gives him the signal for the two count before he decides to climb the turnbuckles once again and prepares himself for a moonsault on top of the vampire, but just as he leaps off the turnbuckles he gets caught in mid air by Rage. Rage then walks around the ring and delivers a running powerslam on Frost before going for the cover.

Holly: One!! Two!!! Thre.....

In a shocker Frost gets his shoulder off the canvas just in time as Rage looks up at Holly in amazement. Not believing that this wasn't a three count as he stares at the back of Dmitri, who has gotten back to his feet. There he charges into the vampire with a running boot in the back and that sends Dmitri to the outside. There he falls down and right into the arms of Casey, who has gotten to his feet and locks Dmitri in a bearhug. Squeezing the life out of the newcomer that tries to break himself free out of the clutches of the giant.

Adams: This freak has been talking about giants and monsters and other fictional charactrs!! Let's see if he can slay the giant!!!

Simone: This is one guy I wouldn't hold in my arms for sure!!!

Dmitri tries to break the hold by slapping both arms across the temple of Casey, but the monster squeezes harder. This causes Dmitri to stop the onslaught as he feels the pain of the hold being tightened. Until he suddenly surprises Casey

Simone: Vampire Bite!!!

Dmitri manages to put the Tongan Deathgrip on his larger opponent. Causing Casey to stagger and his grip loosening around the waist of the vampire. Dmitri then grabs the bald head of Casey while holding onto the grip and blasts him face first into the steel ring post. Meanwhile inside the ring we can see Rage slowly getting to his senses, staring around the ring as to see where his opponents are when suddenly Frost jumps off the top ropes and hits a Hurricanrana on his much larger opponent. Holly gets to the canvas for the three count.

Holly: One!! Two!!! Thr...

The strong legs of Rage causes him to kick out at the final moment, the fans are cheering the action as it is fast paced and everywhere in the ring something is happening as well as on the outside. We see Frost point towards the turnbuckles as he stares back at Rage and measures him before jumping on the top turnbuckles and stares at Rage. Who is slowly rising to his feet groggily and jumps off with a flying cross body block on the bigger man. Who catches him and manages to stay on his feet and delivers a Samoan Drop on the canvas before going for the three count. Holly starts the three count, but only gets a count of two as Frost manages to kick out.

Simone: Good God!! That one was close!!!

On the outside we see Dmitri grabbing a steel chair and turns around to swing it at the face of Casey, but hits the steel ring post as Casey ducks at the final moment. Then he grabs Dmitri by the neck and bashes Dmitri face first into the steel ring post before turning his attention to what is going on in the ring. There he sees Rage run to the ropes for a move on Frost, there he blasts the chair that he has grabbed from Dmitri and blasts Rage into the back. There he climbs in the ring as he grabs Rage by the head and sets him up for another Choke slam. He lifts him up in the air and keeps him there for a few moments before dropping him hard. He goes for the cover as Holly goes for the three count.

Holly: One!! Two!! Thr....

Suddenly out of nowhere it is Dmitri that pulls Casey to the outside of the ring, his face battered and bruised as blood pours from his nose. He sets Casey up for an Irish Whip and sends the big man into the security railing before following it up with a clothesline that sends him to the outside. Dmitri turns towards the carnage inside the ring and smiles as he turns his attention back to Casey.

Simone: What the?? Isn't he interested in winning the gold???

Dmitri climbs to the outside and starts to pound away at Casey with closed fists as in the ring we see Rage slowly get to his feet as well as Frost. Frost turns around and walks straight into a spear from the 6'8 monster. Who hooks the leg of Frost as Holly starts to use the three count on him.

Holly: One!! Two!! Three!!!

Rage's music hits as Holly finally hands him the Internet championship belt. The fans cheer as we turn our attention to the spot where Dmitri and Casey are trading blows, not caring fro the result of the match as suddenly Casey grabs Dmitri and chokeslams him on the concrete while staring at Dmitri as we turn to the ring where Rage is celebrating his victory.

Simone: Rage is the new Internet Champion!

Adams: Let's hope he holds on to it and this title will never go vacant again.

Simone: Rage has been trying to earn his way to a higher title, could this be the victory that catapults him up to the highs he was at before?

Backstage, Miss Rocky Mountains is walking down the hall when she happens across the recreation area, the usual hangout for the enigmatic and endearing Superstar, Despayre. Knowing this was his own habit, Miss Rocky knew where to look when she wanted a word with one of the more unique personalities that SCW has to offer.

Curiously, Despayre is having a bit of a conversation with his best pal Angel, the popular teddy bear who is currently wearing a tuxedo in honor of Blaze of Glory V.

Despayre: Well I don't know where she is, Angel. I'm not Crystal's keeper! I imagine she's in the ladies locker room.

He sets his hands on his hips and shakes his head.

Despayre: No I am not going to go peek in there to see if she's almost ready! I... really?

He blinks and looks around for any witnesses who might overhear. He then turns back and leans in to ask in a hushed tone.

Despayre: Really? Why would anyone want to drill a hole that big in the wall?

Miss Rocky took that as her cue to approach.

Miss Rocky: Is everything alright Despayre?

Despayre: Eep!

Despayre stands straight up, completely rigid, and stares at the comely reporter with wide eyes, as if he had just been caught doing something of the guilty persuasion.

Despayre: I'm fine! I mean, we're fine!

Miss Rocky: Are you looking forward to the big Blast From the Past IV finals?

Despayre just stares at her. Miss Rocky frowns, never having this troublesome of a time getting a man to open up to her.

Miss Rocky: How do you feel about your partner? You and Crystal have done extremely well getting this far, haven't you?

Still nothing, as Despayre just stares. Rocky clears her throat.

Miss Rocky: Um, how do you feel about your chances inside of the ring against a Hall of Famer like Spike Staggs?

Despayre blinks, and shifts back on a foot. Miss Rocky looks around, now unsure of herself as she adjusts her glasses and runs her fingers through her done up tresses.

Miss Rocky: With the possible chance to wrestle the winner of tonight's main event as a reward for the world title, will you be...?


And he grabs Angel and turns and runs off down the hall as fast as his legs can carry him! Rocky, startled, blinks back her surprise and turns a perplexed expression to the cameras.

Miss Rocky: Did that just happen?

The camera cuts to backstage to where Drake Green is walking in the hallways, smiling and shaking hands of some of the backstage crewmembers. As he turns the corner he sees 'Hot Stuff' Mark Ward waiting for him with a big smile on his face.

HS: Drake! Welcome back.

Drake, with his left arm still in a sling, reaches out his right hand toward Mark with a giant smile of his own spread across his face.

Drake:'s good to be back, boss man.

They shake hands.

HS: The place ain't the same without ya, mate. I gotta tell you though...Travis has been doing a fine job. Got himself booked in the main event of Blaze of Glory. Not too bad if I say so me self.

They're still shaking hands.

Drake: Yeah I know. I was looking for Travis. I wanted to congratulate him but I haven't seen him. I stopped by his dressing room and sent him a text but I haven't heard anything. Have you seen him?

Mark ignores his question and continues to shake Drake's hand.

HS: How's that bum shoulder of yours? Healing up yet?

Drake: Not bad.

He starts to notice Mark won't stop shaking his hand.

Drake: I should be able to get this sling off next week and start hitting the gym and lifting again next month. Doc Andrews says I should be able to get back in the ring by July...maybe even June.

HS: Is that so?

Drake: Yeah, it is.

Green tries to pull his hand out of Mark's grasp but Hot Stuff doesn't let go.

Drake: You wanna let go of my hand?

HS: Tell me Drake....what are you gonna do when ya realize there ain't a place for ya.

Hot Stuff grins at Drake and before Green can ask him what he means....


Travis Nathaniel Andrews runs in from behind with a forearm to the back of Drake's head. Green collapse to the floor and TNA kicks him wildly. He reaches down rips off Drake's sling and then proceeds to mud hole stomp on top of Drake's surgically repaired shoulder. Drake screams out in pain as Andrews peels him up off of the floor and hurls across the hall, right into a craft services set up. A few Bombshells who are off screen and in the hall scream when they hear the loud noise. Travis dumps Drake back on the floor, grabs him by the hair, and then pummels him in the face with his right fist. Drake's face splits open and blood begins to pour all over his gray Hugo Boss suit. Mark Ward can be heard chuckling as TNA finally lets up and shoves Drake's head back on to the concrete floor.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Who said you can come back to my show huh Drake? While you were off playing the injured soldier, I've been busting my ass. I am going to do the one thing you never could. I am going to take MY SPOTLIGHT because I am no longer going to be taking a back seat to everyone. The New Supremacy was never about you Drake. It was never about Sean Jackson. It's always been about me. You should have stayed home Drake.

As Travis backs off, Hot Stuff kneels down over Drake.

HS: This was never an alliance, Drake. This was me using you for ticket sales and then dropping you like the bad habit you are when you no longer proved yourself useful. I can't fire you...thanks to Christian's contract...but I can make sure you stay on the shelf until you retire. Have a good night.

He stands up and he and Travis joke to themselves as Drake's eyes roll into the back of his head.

Justin: The following contest is for one fall and is the Blast From The Past IV Final!

The crowd cheer!

Justin: Introducing first!

"Assassin" by: Muse starts to play as soon as the chorus hits Lucy jumps out from the stage and tosses her cloak off. Lucy looks around and starts to swiftly moves down the ramp.

Justin: From Moscow, Russia, weighing in at one hundred and twenty one pounds, she is Lucy Seraphina!

Lucy jumps onto the stairs and climbs over the turnbuckle. She flips herself in and goes to the center. She screams loudly and gets ready to fight.

Justin: And her partner...


The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Get Up" by Korn and Skrillex plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage.

Justin: From St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds, he is Spike Staggs!

He smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet. He bounces between the ropes as he waits for his opponent

Justin: And their opponents...



I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross begins to blast all across the speakers and as that happens we are able to see Christina Millar emerging through the backstage curtain and the roaring boos of the crowd are deafening. She isn't alone as her husband Jonathan comes out beside her. Crystal smiles as her grouping of papara

i gather up in front of the ring and they snag photo after of the Latina beauty. She walks down the ramp as she begins to pie face the crowd. The crowd boos loudly in return as they glance back at the Hollywood hottie, and Jonathan stays attached to his wife.

Justin: Being accompanied by her husband, Johnathan, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, she is Crystal Millar!

Her following of paparazzi meet her as does a red carpet. She takes in appeal of the cameras smiling as flashes begin to go off one after another. She then runs up the steps where she walks towards the middle of the apron. She blows kisses out to the crowd before she drops into a split entering the ring. The crowd begins to go nuts and she waits patiently for the match to begin.

Justin: And her partner...

The pulsating beat of Orgy's "Opticon" begins to sound over the public address system of the arena. The fans turn their attention to the stage atop the entry ramp and their wait is soon rewarded. Accompanied by Synn, Despayre steps out onto the stage, holding his teddy bear, Angel, by the fuzzy arm in one hand, with Synn at his side and they are greeted enthusiastically with cheers.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Angel and Synn! From Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing 168 pounds -- Despayre!

Despayre holds his teddy bear pal up for the fans, and is rewarded with cheers and chants of "Angel!" "Angel!", and the "trio" begin their descent towards the ring.

Synn climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open for Despayre to carefully climb through, then the father figure steps inside himself. Despayre holds Angel up high over his head until Synn escorts him over to his respective corner for the start of the match.


Simone: This is what it comes down to.

Adams: Sixteen teams wittled down to just two.

Crystal and Lucy leave the ring and the fans scream out in cheers as Spike Staggs and Despayre circle each other. The two lock up and Spike instantly takes advantage, pushing Despayre to his knees using his superior size and strength. Despayre pushes himself to his feet somehow but Spike spins around him, moving in behind Despayre and lifts him up with an atomic drop. Despayre straightens up and turns around to face Spike, but Spike nails him with a jaw jarring clothesline. Despayre hits the canvas hard and Spike quickly moves in to stop on him. Spike pulls Despayre to his feet and whips him hard in to the corner, Despayre's back hitting it hard. Spike charges at Despayre and nails him between the eyes with a running forearm, causing Despayre to drop to the canvas. Spike turns and walks out of the corner before charging back at Despayre and catching him with a knee to the head, Despayre's head bouncing off the middle turnbuckle. Spike bends down, pulling Despayre to his feet and drags him in to the center of the ring. He kicks Despayre in the gut and pulls his head between his legs before lifting him up and dropping him with a piledriver!

Simone: Despayre's head just got flattened!

Adams: It's so flat now, you could carry beers over on it!

Spike rolls Despayre over on to his back and goes for the pin. Jasmine drops down to make the count...


Despayre gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Not many kick out of piledrivers.

Adams: Not many walk after piledrivers.

Spike pulls Despayre to his feet and whips him at the ropes but as Despayre comes back, he slides under Spike's legs. Spike turns around, only for Despayre to stooge poke him in the eye before biting him on the nose!

Adams: Tastes like chicken!

Spike wiggles his arms around before nailing Despayre with a shot to the head, forcing him to break it. Spike throws a punch at Despayre, but Despayre ducks out of the way and moves to the side of Spike, wrapping his arms around Spike from the side and lifting him over with a side German suplex, planting Spike in to the canvas. Despayre springs to his feet and waits for Spike to get to his. As he does, Despayre moves in behind him and jumps on to his shoulders, his legs hanging down Spike as he sites on his shoulders. Despayre drops backwards and pulls Spike with him, planting him with a poisoned frankensteiner! Spike's head bounces off the canvas and instinctively sits up looking dazed. Despayre gets to his feet and quickly runs to the ropes. He bounces back and connects with a shining wizard, his knee connecting to Spike's jaw! Spike flops backwards as the crowd cheer Despayre. Spike rolls out of the ring, standing up but Despayre charges at him, diving through the ropes and crashing on to Spike with a suicide dive!

Simone: Despayre putting it all on the line!

Adams: It's Blast From The Past finals, it's all or nothing.

Despayre pulls himself to his feet and rolls Spike back in to the ring and pulls himself on to the apron. Despayre grabs the top rope and slingshots himself over, landing with a senton splash on Spike. Despayre scrambles over Spike and Jasmine drops down to make the count...


Spike kicks out!

Simone: The determination of Spike keeps him going in this one.

Despayre stands up and walks to his corner, reaching out his hand and tagging in Crystal Millar.

Adams: It's time for the biggest name in SCW.

Simone: Don't say that, it will only boost her ego.

Adams: No, I mean it. Her real name is Christina Rose Lopez Hilton-Millar. That's a biiiiiiig name.

Lucy jumps in to the ring on the other side as the two men exit. Crystal charges at Lucy, ducking her clothesline and jumping on the middle rope, springboarding back and spinning backwards, catching Lucy's arm and taking her over in a springboard armdrag. Lucy rolls and quickly gets to her feet but Crystal charges against and jumps up, taking Lucy over with a flying head scissiors takedown. Lucy gets to her feet but Crystal takes a handful of hair and throws Lucy across the ring, before raising her arms to the fans and soaking in the boos.

Simone: Posing won't win you matches.

Adams: But will win you a lot more male fans.

Crystal moves in towards Lucy and picks her up and throws her to the canvas with a body slam. She stands next to Lucy and jumps in the air, planting a leg drop against the Moscow born bombshell. Crystal waits for Lucy to return to her feet and swings a leg, catching her on the jaw with a chick kick!

Simone: Flashing Lights.

Crystal moves to the corner and pulls herself on to the ropes, pulling herself to the top and turns. Crystal jumps off the top rope with a corkscrew splash!

Simone: Wow!

Crystal stays on top and Jasmine drops down to make the count...


Lucy forces her way out!

Adams: What a move from Crystal and she still couldn't put Lucy away.

Crystal pulls Lucy to her feet but as Lucy stands up, she nails Crystal with a vicious headbutt, sending Crystal rocking backwards.

Simone: That was one hell of a headbutt

Adams: Sure fire way to get back in the match.

Lucy nails Crystal with a hard shot, sending he to the canvas. She reaches down, pulling Crystal back to her feet, hooking her up and lifting her over with a T-Bone suplex. Crystal lands hard on her head but Lucy stands up, stomping on Crystal's midsection. Crystal sits up and Lucy moves in behind her. Lucy pulls her leg back and swings a strong kick in to Crystal's spine, forcing the movie star to straighten up, Lucy pulls her leg back again and plants a second boot in the base of her opponents spine. Lucy pulls Crystal to her feet and grabs her wrist, winding her up in an arm bar before nailing her with a short arm clothesline, knocking Crystal to the canvas.

Simone: Lucy is very methodical in her approach tonight.

Lucy forces Crystal against the ropes and pulls her arm back, nailing her with an almighty chop across the chest before whipping her against the ropes. Lucy steps forward and catches Crystal with a back elbow to the jaw. Lucy pulls Crystal to her feet and hooks her up in a fisherman's suplex, lifting her over and crashing her to the canvas. Lucy arches her back hooks her fingers and Jasmine drops down to make the count...


Crystal breaks the pin!

Simone: All four of these are giving it their all tonight.

Adams: So much at stake.

Lucy returns to her feet and moves to her corner, reaching out and tagging in Spike.

Simone: Back to the men.

Spike and Despayre charge in to the ring, Despayre quickly jumping around Spike's back and taking him down with a cruifix, Spike rolls through before Despayre can keep his shoulders to the canvas and Despayre breaks the hold. Both men scramble to their feet but Despayre strikes first, kicking Spike in the midsection and doubling him over. Despayre grabs his head and drops him down in a facebuster! The crowd cheer as Despayre gets to his feet and waits for Spike to returns to his. As Spike does, Despayre charges at him and grabs his arm, floating around him and taking him over with a float around arm drag. Both men get to their feet but Despayre jumps and nails Spike with a dropkick to the jaw, sending the SCW legend to the canvas. Spike pulls himself to the corner and Despayre charges at him, jumping in the air and crashing in to him with a double knee avalanche! Spike stumbles out and falls to the canvas and Despayre climbs the ropes. He looks down at Spike before jumping off with a 630 senton splash, landing on top of Spike!

Simone: Oh my God!

Despayre stays on top and Jasmine drops down to make the count...


Spike gets a shoulder up at the last second!

Simone: Wow!

Adams: That was so close!

Despayre pulls Spike to his feet and moves behind him. Despayre starts to hook him up.

Adams: Despayre could be looking for the Beware The Stare.

Before Despayre can lift him, Spike spins out of it and wraps his hands around Despayre's throat and lifts him in the air.

Simone: Spike going for the Spikey Plummet!

Despayre swings his arms wildly at Spike, clubbing him hard on the head and forcing him to drop Despayre! Despayre swings a wild arm, but Spike ducks it, moving behind Despayre and hooking him up. Spike lifts Despayre over with a strong German suplex!

Adams: He nearly drove Despayre through the ring!

Spike roughly pulls Despayre to his feet and goes on the attack. He clubs Despayre with hard, heavy blows to the head and sends him backwards in to the corner. Spike nails Despayre with a European uppercut before grabbing his head and turning him around. Spike climbs to the second rope and jumps off, nailing Despayre with a tornado DDT. Despayre's head bounces hard off the floor but Spike continues to move aggressively, moving to his feet quickly and pulling Despayre with him. Spike puts one hand behind Despayre's head and nails him with a hard shot to the jaw, keeping him standing in place and nails him with another. Spike moves behind Despayre, hooking up his head and dropping him down in a reverse DDT. He stands up and moves in to the corner, looks at Despayre and waiting. As Despayre gets to his feet, Spike charges across the ring and smashes in to Despayre with an hellacious spear!

Simone: What a hit!

Adams: There's some hockey players who hit softer than that!

Spike pulls himself over Despayre and Jasmine drops down to make the count...


Despayre barely gets his shoulder up! The fans look on in shock

Adams: The fans are as shocked as I am!

Spike pulls Despayre to his feet and looks up his arms for the Bloody Tears, but before Spike can strike, Despayre starts to headbutt Spike!

Simone: Despayre beating him to the punch... Ummm headbutt.

Spike releases Despayre who jumps up with an enziguri, connecting with Spike's head and sending him backwards in to Lucy, who tags herself in.

Adams: Let's hear it for the girls. Sorry, was listening to 80s music earlier.

Lucy and Crystal charge in to the ring, exchanging shot after shot. The two women brawl in the middle of the ring with Lucy taking the upper hand. Lucy plants a sharp elbow to Crystal's jaw, before moving to Crystal's side and jumping up, catching her on the jaw with a shuffle side kick. Crystal hits the canvas hard. Lucy leans over Crystal but Crystal fires a punch at Lucy before getting to her feet. Crystal puts her close and jumps up for a hurricanruna, and drops back, pulling Lucy over and sending her flying in to the ropes, her upper body lying across the middle rope. Crystal runs towards Lucy and jumps on her back, over the top rope to the outside and drops a leg over Lucy's head.

Simone: Unique style from Crystal.

Lucy pulls herself up as Crystal stands on the outside. Crystal throws a punch but Lucy grabs her head and hangs her on the top rope. Crystal holds on to the top rope but Lucy hooks up her head and lifts her over in a suplex before dropping her with a Brainbuster!

Adams: That hurt my head from here!

Lucy picks Crystal up from behind and grabs a handful of hair.

Simone: Lucy could be looking for The Fallen Sorrow.

Before Lucy can drop, Crystal pushes her body back against Lucy's, hooking up her head and flipping over with an Asai DDT in to a backstabber!

Simone: Crystal just turned it on to That's A Wrap!

Crystal flips Lucy on her back and goes for the cover. Jasmine drops down to make the count...



Justin: The winner of the match and Blast From The Past IV winners.... Crystal Millar and Despayre!

Simone: Sixteen teams down to one, ended with a move out of nowhere

Adams: Everyone thought Lucy was about to put Crystal away, but Crystal was thinking fast!

Despayre joins Crystal in the ring, the two celebrate as confetti falls from the sky.

Simone: There's gotta be some uneasy feeling champions and contenders backstage right now.

Adams: Let's not jump ahead of ourselves. Blast From The Past has been amazing. Congratulations to Despayre and Crystal Millar, The 2016 winners!

We open up once again backstage to inside J2H's locker room the Champ is found sitting on his comfy lounge chair while he is playing play station as Simpson is trying to tell him that his match is up soon so he needs to get ready. J2H however ignores him and he doesn't hear the sound of his locker room door opening and closing, suddenly long legs are seen beside him that he sees out of the corner of his eye. Looking at the legs from the ground up James face goes from game time to gobsmacked. The cameras trace up the female's body to see that it's Melody Grace in her ring gear still; however the young blonde has the added addition of a bag filled with ice on her neck that she is holding up with her right hand and a chocolate victory milkshake in her left hand. J2H quickly double blinks at Melody taking in her new ring attire up close and personal before he speaks.

J2H: What brings you to my awesome locker room this time Melody?

Waddling up behind Melody, Dexter the Duck can be seen but James has noticed him as his eyes are too focused on the blonde in front of him right now.

Melody: I just wanted to come see you and say, break a leg out there tonight Jam... like don't really break leg but you know... saying good luck gives a bad vibe apparently.

J2H puts the play station controller down to his side before he stands up, so he can look Melody directly in her eyes.

J2H: I won't need luck Mel, I've got this in the bag.

Melody just playfully sucks on her bottom lip before replying.

Melody: Oh I know, I believe in you... I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and stuff.

She starts to sway innocently but James knows that look in her eye all too well.

J2H: What are you up to?

She gasps out in horror as if she has just been found with her hand in the cookie jar.

Melody: Me up to something? Never!! We just wanted to wish you all the best.

The champions right eyebrow raises as he hears the word "we"

J2H: We?

Melody: Yeah Dexter and I, say good luck to daddy Dexter.

Dexter peers out behind Melody's legs and on cue Quacks up at J2H who now has a furious look on his face.

J2H: I hate that damn duck and I'm not his father.

Melody: I mean you could be.

With a sly little wink Melody takes the straw of her milkshake into her mouth and takes a sip.

Melody: and HEY that's not nice, Dexter loves you... he even made you a duck feet painting.

J2H just grumbles as he looks at Dexter who just slowly pops back behind Melody's legs as if he was sensing the hate coming from him. Melody chooses to ignore the cranky James as she continues to suck down her milkshake sip by sip.

J2H: How delightful, now if you don't mind...

Before James can continue he notices a stray streak of water pour out from the ice bag that Melody has resting on her neck, the streak starts to roll down her neck and heads straight for her cleavage that gets the SCW fans in attendances attention also. As the camera pans into they let out an almighty cheer but Melody just shrugs it off as she doesn't know what's happening. James quickly lifts his eyes once he notices that he has been staring for a while.

J2H: You need to go shower.

Melody: What why? I'll miss your match.

J2H doesn't care as he starts to fumble away with his words.

J2H: You just had a match like an hour ago and you smell.

Melody: I do not smell if anything I smell like heaven because of the YSL perfume. I don't know what your problem is?

J2H watches another droplet of water pour from the bag and he quickly shakes his head.

J2H: We might need to get you back to the docs because your nose just isn't right.

Melody frowns at him before she bites back.

Melody: I have a ten thousand dollar nose on my face, thanks to Candy... so I'm pretty sure it's perfect.

J2H: How about you just go shower and after tonight is over, we can go grab a bite to eat?

Melody's jaw almost hits the floor in shock.

Melody: Are you asking me out on a date?

James eyes says it all he regrets saying it like that now, he quickly shakes his head and goes to reject Melody again but at the last minute he bites his tongue.

J2H: Ahh sure why not, I mean anything to get you to change out of your smelly ring gear.

Melody: Okay fine....

Melody looks at him and she knows that he is up to something but she can't put her finger on it but she quickly gives him a kiss on the cheek before she twirls around and leaves his locker room with Dexter in tow. With that said and done the scene fades to else where

The camera cuts backstage to see Alex Rush standing with two women in tight tops, one with red hair, the other with blonde. The crowd cheer at the rockstars presence as he talks to them.

Alex: So yeah, I woke up next to an orange, a caged monkey and the lead singer from Halestorm and I don't have a clue what happened there.

He looks down at the blondes chest.

Alex: I've seen some wicked pairs in me time but those two airbags are way up there.

He looks at the redheads chest

Alex: Those two ain't too bad either. What we need to do is like get some white T-shirts on you and get some fella with lots of water and make it fun. I'm sure there's a few fellas out there that can help.

A huge cheer comes from the male population of the crowd. Alex lifts his head to the side, his eyes wide.

Alex: Oh bloody hell!

Alex jumps up and down excitedly as Horace Jackson appears on the scene, dressed in his Darth Vader from Star Wars, clothes. Alex runs over to him as the fans cheer at seeing the former SCW star.

Alex: Mate, mate, mate, mate, mate! I'm like ya biggest fan mate! I wanna know where I can get one of those huge space ship thingys. I always wanted to go to space, and have like all that room so I could have everything in there. Did like Dominos deliver there? What did you do when ya wanted a night out? Did ya hop in like a shuttle cab thing to take ya to the nearest planet? Man I got so many questions.

Horace just stands looking at him.

Alex: Like what happens if say someone blocks your bog? Do you have like a plumber on board to fix it? Or how to you clean the windows if you run in to a giant bug? How do you get new music up there? When ya warp speed thing goes funny, where do ya get another one? If ya wardrobe falls apart, is there an Ikea in space?

Horace holds his hand up, stopping Alex.

Horace Jackson: I have no idea what you are talking about sir. Now if you don't mind, I have places to be and people to see that isn't you. Just remember, the force is strong in you

Alex looks disappointed as Horace walks past him. Alex sniffs his armpits.

Alex: Me force ain't that strong, I put on deodorant.

He looks at the two women.

Alex: What a rude fella he was! I ain't every watching Star Trek again!

The crowd laugh at Alex thinking Horace was from Star Trek and not Star Wars, as the camera cuts elsewhere

Simone: It's time for one of the two Main Events of the evening and this match is a potential match of the year candidate as Melanie Gabrielle is challenger Samantha Marlowe for the World Bombshell Championship!

Adams: We saw Melanie's teammates in Jessie Salco and Lucy Seraphina compete earlier in the night and they both had great matches, let's see if Melanie can continue the trend!

Simone: Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Bombshell Championship!

The crowd cheers in response as the lights turn pink, red and purple as "Evil Angel" by: Breaking Benjamin plays. Melanie Gabrielle walks out with her sword in hand.

Justin: Introducing the challenger, from Copenhagen, Denmark, representing The Angel Clan she is the "Dark Angel" Melanie Gabrielle!

She raises it up into the air and lets out a battle cry. Melanie walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers loudly for her. As she gets into the ring, the lights turn off and a spot light is on her. She jumps into the ring and walks into the center. Melanie takes her crown off her head and tosses into the air. She catches it as the lights turn to normal.

Simone: Melanie got this title shot after her impressive performance in the Blast from the Past Tournament despite the fact that her team was eliminated in the Semi-Finals.

Adams: If you ask me she would've gotten this shot regardless, she's one of the best Bombshells to come along in recent years!

Justin: And her opponent!

"Set Me on Fire" by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play the image of fire begins to play against the curtain to backstage. Stepping through the curtain of fire, a woman walks out with a smile as she poses at the entrance.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she is the reigning and defending World Bombshell Champion Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally, she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

Simone: The fans are eager for this match to begin!

Adams: Their not the only ones!

Jacob calls the two Bombshells to the middle of the ring to discuss the rules with them, once they understand that it is a normal match for the World Bombshell Championship Jacob holds the belt up high before handing it to a stage hand and calling for the bell so that the match can begin.


However as soon as the bell rings fists start swinging as Melanie and Sam start going at it in the middle of the ring kicking the match off with an intense brawl.

Simone: And it seems that Sam and Melanie couldn't wait to get this match started either.

Adams: I wouldn't want to be Jacob right now, that's for sure!

Jacob tries to regain control of the match but after a few minutes it becomes obvious to him that any attempts at this would be futile so he just stands back and waits for the brawl to end on its own, after a few minutes Melanie's superior wrestling experience appears to pay off as she is able to back Sam up to the ropes forcing Jacob to intervene and cause a break, Melanie backs up for a minute but as soon as Jacob backs off she charges at Sam only to get backdropped to the outside of the ring.

Simone: Sam may not be as experienced as Melanie but that hasn't stopped her in this match.

Adams: We're still early in the match though, anything can happen and it looks like Sam's going to take flight.

Sam bounces up and down on the spot for a few seconds to get warmed up whilst Melanie fights her way back to her feet on the outside, the Danish Bombshell is back on her feet by the count of six but before she can even think about getting back in the ring Sam runs to the opposite ropes and on the rebound she dives through the top and middle ropes in a suicide dive attempt only for Melanie to duck out of the way at the last minute sending Sam flying into the barricade.

Simone: OH MY GOD!

Adams: I'm surprised Sam is still conscious after that head-on collision with the barricade!

Jacob stops his count and immediately leaves the ring to check on Sam following the failed suicide dive attempt, two things quickly become apparent as a result of this and they are the facts that 1: Sam is still conscious and 2: Sam busted herself open upon colliding with the barricade and it looks like she cut herself open badly at that.

Adams: All that blood and it's not even Sam's time of the month!

Simone: I should smack you upside the head for making a period joke but I don't want to get in trouble with the bosses!

Jason lets out an audible gulp in response to Belinda's comment whilst Sam confirms that she still wants to continue the match, once she gets the confirmation from Jacob Melanie picks up Sam and whips her back into the ring before following her in and going for a cover all though the pin fall is delayed by a few seconds due to Jacob being the last one to enter the ring 1......2......and Sam kicks out just in time.

Simone: First pin fall of the match and Melanie's in control.

Adams: I think it's safe to say that that cut on Sam's forehead will play a part later in the match, she's lost quite a bit of blood already!

Rather than argue with Jacob over a slow count Melanie picks up Sam only to be hit with a jawbreaker by Sam sending her stumbling backwards whilst Sam uses the spare time to wipe some blood from her eyes before she gets back to her feet and starts laying into Melanie with rights and lefts to her face backing her up to the corner, Sam backs off on Jacob's orders but once she's in the clear she charges in for a Stinger Splash but stops herself when she realizes that Melanie used the time brought for her by Jacob to duck out of the ring to give herself a breather, however once Sam sees that there isn't a barricade behind Melanie this time Sam gets ready for another Suicide Dive attempt.

Simone: Sam's not really going to try this again, is she?

Adams: Suicide Dives are risky enough normally but with that cut to her forehead Sam's vision has got to be impeded due to blood getting in her eyes!

Sam charges towards the ropes and dives through the middle and top rope again, this time however she surprises everyone, Jacob included, when she grabs Melanie's head mid-dive and turns the Suicide Dive into a Tornado DDT on the outside bringing the fans to their feet whilst both Bombshells lay on the outside of the ring.

Simone: What a move by Sam Marlowe!

Adams: But can she answer Jacob's ten count?

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

By the time Jacob's count reached five the Bombshells start to stir and, whilst a close-up of Melanie's face reveals that Sam's move busted her open as well, it's Sam that gets to her feet first and she's able to roll Melanie back into the ring and follow her in just before Jacob can count them both out, Sam goes for a cover on Melanie 1......2......and Melanie kicks out at the count of two, rather than argue about it Sam tries to lock in a submission of some kind but due to her inexperience with submissions she leaves an opening for Melanie to roll her up 1......2......and Sam kicks out again.

Simone: Sam and Melanie are both busted open but that hasn't stopped them from giving it their all.

Adams: And it's not even their time of the month!

Simone: Okay, screw it, I'll deal with the backlash from Christian and Mark later!

Adams: OW!

Another submission is applied and this time it's by Melanie who had grabbed Sam's arm as soon as it shot up to indicate the kick out and locked in an arm bar hoping to slow the match down to her pace, Jacob quickly gets in position to ask Sam if she wants to tap but she refuses and after a few minutes she's able to make her way over to the ring ropes, rather than break it up however Melanie decides to drag Sam back to the middle of the ring and lock in a Sleeper Hold.

Adams: Normally I'd make a joke about this never working but considering how much blood Sam has lost since the beginning of the match we might be seeing a first in wrestling history.

Simone: Not to mention an anti-climactic ending to one of the main events for Blaze of Glory!

Jacob gets into position again to check on Sam but it quickly becomes apparent that the combination of the Sleeper Hold and the blood loss has left her in a precarious position so he immediately starts checking to see if she's still conscious whilst Melanie cranks up the pressure on the Sleeper Hold, Jacob lifts up Sam's arm once and it falls, he lifts up her arm again and once again it falls but on the third attempt.......

Simone: Sam's still in this!

Adams: And she just saved Mark and Christian a heart attack because I'm pretty sure that there would've been a lot of refund requests if that Sleeper Hold had ended the match!

Sam starts to fight her way back to her feet whilst Melanie tries desperately to keep the defending champion grounded but it proves to be a fruitless endeavor as Sam gets back to her feet and starts firing shots into Melanie's midsection to break the hold before using a Back Suplex to get out of the hold, however the combination of Blood Loss and the long match has left neither Bombshell in any condition to continue.

Simone: This match has taken a lot out of both Bombshells and I'm not just talking about the blood!

Adams: I'd make a period joke but I don't want to get smacked again!

Jacob starts the count as the crowd counts long as both Bombshells lay motionless in the middle of the ring, by the time Jacob's count reaches seven Sam starts to stir and she lays her arm across Melanie's chest in a pin attempt 1......2......and Melanie kicks out just before the three count, Sam and Melanie slowly get to their feet and once they are back on their feet Melanie takes the first swing at Sam who quickly returns the favor and both Bombshells resume their earlier brawl but with a lot less energy behind their punches due to the toll that the match has taken on them.

Simone: And we're back to where this match started!

Adams: I don't think this'll last long!

Jason's prediction ends up being true as Melanie is able to duck under a wild right hand by Sam, get behind her and nail her with a bridging German Suplex! 1......2......and Sam kicks out again! Melanie screams in frustration at not being able to put the champion down for the three count and punches the matt before getting to her feet and going to pick up Sam only to be surprised with a Roll-Up 1......2.........and Melanie kicks out!

Simone: Melanie's frustration just brought Sam the time she needed to recover enough to hit her with that roll-up.

Adams: And now Sam's getting frustrated!

Indeed, a close-up of Sam's bloodied face reveals a look of frustration on it as both Bombshells get to their feet, Sam tries to get the jump on Melanie but Melanie trips her up and goes for the Royal Execution submission hold.

Simone: Melanie's going for the Royal Execution!

Adams: That move got Mercedes Vargas to submit in the opening round of the Blast from the Past Tournament, if that move defeated someone like Mercedes what can does Sam have?

Fortunately for Sam we never find out the answer to Jason's question as Sam is able to get her legs free from Melanie's grasp and manages to hit Melanie with a Hurricanrana from the ground! Sam goes for a cover 1......2......and Melanie kicks out at the count of two, both Bombshells get back to their feet and Sam goes for a clothesline on Melanie only for Melanie to duck under it and hit Sam with a Superkick when she turns around! Melanie goes for a cover 1......2......and Sam kicks out!

Simone: Another near fall and neither Bombshell is giving up!

Adams: If Melanie can get the Royal Execution locked in that might end up being false!

Melanie gets to her feet first and sees that Sam is still out from the Superkick, seeing an opportunity to end the match and win the title Melanie climbs up to the top rope and calls out for her finisher!

Simone: Melanie's about to come down From the Heavens!

Adams: And as bad as that pun was if Melanie can hit this we'll have a new champion!

Melanie goes for the 630 Splash....... but Sam gets her knees up just in time!

Simone: Was Sam playing possum?!

Adams: Your guess is as good as mine but now Sam's reading to the top rope which means we could see the Sammisault soon!

Sam reaches the top rope and she takes a moment to wipe the blood from her eyes after steadying herself and hits the Sammisault! Sam hooks the leg 1......2.......3!!!!!!!

Justin: Here is your winner and STILL the SCW World Bombshell Champion Sam Marlowe!

Simone: What a match! We could've just witnessed a match of the year candidate here!

Adams: I'll give all the credit in the world to Melanie but Sam wanted it just a bit more tonight!

Jacob hands over the title to Sam whilst medics tend to her head wound, seeing that Melanie is starting to stir Sam goes up to her and offers her hand to The Angel Clan member, Melanie takes it and Sam helps her up before raising their hands in celebration.

Simone: Great show of sportsmanship from Sam.

Adams: Wonder if this will lead to Sam vs. Melanie II at the next Supercard!

Sam and Melanie leave the ring together whilst medics tend to their head wounds.

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Sam barely makes it backstage before she grabs at an equipment box to hold herself up. Her face is unrecognizable as it is covered with blood that can be seen pumping slightly from her forehead. Rushing to her side, an EMT begins to look at the cut then guides her towards a guerney sitting nearby. Taking a pen light from his pocket, he leans forward to flash it into the eyes of Sam.

EMT: You look a little worse for wear Sam. Can you tell me how many fingers I am holding up?

The EMT holds up three fingers as Sam tries to blink the blood out of her eyes.

Sam Marlowe: You're holding up fingers? Seriously you are holding up three.

EMT: Good good...that cut over your eye is going to probably need closing up. Let's get a look at it.

The EMT wipes at the blood and cleans it off enough to see that it is going to require a couple of staples. He lets Sam know then reaches for his bag and a needle with a local anesthetic that he injects before he reaches for the staple gun.

EMT: This isn't going to hurt a bit...

Sam Marlowe: For now anyways but I am sure you aren't going to guarantee it won't hurt tomorrow.

EMT: You're right... There, only needed about seven staples. I'll put a dressing on it for you and then you can finish cleaning yourself up.

As he works, Ben Jordan joins them. Ben lays the Bombshell Title on the guerny.

Ben Jordan: How is she?

EMT: She'll be fine but to be on the safe side, she is going to need to stay awake for a while?

Sam Marlowe: No sleep for Sammi, whatever shall I do?

She giggles slightly as the EMT wipes at the blood more. Suddenly the sound of a bell is heard as the camera changes to show Justin Decent in the ring.

The camera opens up in J2H's luxury dressing room, minutes before the main event. The SCW World Heavyweight champion has the title belt around his waist as Austin Parker stands in front of him.

Austin: Ah ya ready?

J2H breathes deeply.

J2H: I'm more than ready.

Austin: Ah want everything out of ya mind, ah want ya focused. Ah don't want ya thinkin' 'bout what Casey Williams was after with Melody.

J2H: I'll deal with Casey at some point in the very near future.

Austin: Ah don't want you thinking about Despayre winning Blast From The Past.

J2H: I'm not worried about Despayre, I've owed him a beating for a long time and let's just say people got in my ear and asked me not to.

Austin: Ah don't want you thinking of Melody.

J2H: I'm all about this match.

Austin: And Ah don't want you thinkin' 'bout Rage.

A wide smile crosses J2H's face.

J2H: He doesn't even enter my mind, still waiting for the bobble headed freak to come be face to face with me tonight like he said he would last week, just a lying, whingy bitch probably crying in his dressing room that he couldn't win Blast From The Past but his stable mate could.

Austin: Ah don't want ya thinkin' bout that! Ah want ya focused on Connor Murphy and Travis Nathaniel Andrews.

J2H: I'm more than focused on those two. I'm not worried in the slightest, Travis won't have a damn chance because he can't jump me like he did with Drake Green earlier, he's gotta come at me face to face and we all know Travis just can't do that as for Connor, he's probably too busy in a dark room bouncing a ball so he's not focused on me. I'm gonna take them apart and do what Tommy Knocks predicted on the Hotwire, I'm gonna keep hold of my belt for a long time.

A proud smile crosses Austin's face.

Austin: Let's do this.

J2H nods and he and Austin leave the room as the camera cuts back to ringside.

The camera returns to ringside as the crowd is abuzz with excitement! Referee Drew Patton climbs through the ropes and shakes the hand of Justin Decent before taking his spot in the far corner.

Adams: Oh boy! Oh boy! It's time! It's Main Event time!

Simone: And what's more important -- it's time for the World Heavyweight Championship match!

The bell chimes at ringside as Justin steps up to the center of the ring...

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Main Event of Blaze of Glory V, and it is the Triple Threat Match for the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd cheers!

Warrior's Code by the Dropkick Murphys begins to play as Connor Murphy comes out on stage, one arm shaking with the beat over his head as the other pulls his cigarette from his lips while holding a red solo cup. Starting down towards the ring, he jokes and smirks at the fans. Connor stops part way around the ring at the announcers table to take one final puff of his cigarette then looks for something to put it out in. With a smirk and a nod at Belinda, he motions putting out the cigarette in her drink only to wave it off and put his glass down on the table and drop the butt into it. Climbing into the ring, he wipes at his nose then smirks for the fans again.

Simone: Connor Murphy with the biggest opportunity of his SCW career so far!

Adams: Yeah he's been the World Tag Champion but now he's going for the big prize!

Three golden spotlights shine down on the stage as a video package begins to play on the screen. Golden smoke fills the entrance way as "Las Vegas" blares through the sound system. Travis Nathaniel Andrews walks through the golden smoke wearing a golden colored trench coat over white tights with gold designs. He stands on the stage, throws his arms high into the air while soaking in the loud boos from the crowd. His eyes are covered by his trademark sunglasses while his signature smirk is firmly planted across his face. Travis starts to make his way down the ramp while smiling at the negative reactions he is receiving. He reaches the bottom of the ramp, goes to walk toward the steel steps before cutting back toward the ring apron. He hops up onto the ring apron, tilts his sunglasses a bit before standing to his feet. He quickly enters the ring, steps into the center of the ring and throws his arms high into the air again. "Las Vegas" continues to play as Travis unzips both sleeves before removing his trench coat.

Adams: A lot of people are saying Mister TNA is only in this main event because of the champion's open challenge to the entire roster.

Simone: And if those fools believe that then they don't know just how much talent this man has inside of him! Travis not only has the right to be in this match, but he has all the skill to possibly walk away as the brand new champion.

"Ooooh... yeah, yeah... oh". The opening repeative line to Kanye West's "Power" starts to blast through the speakers as blue lights but through the now faded darkness in the arena. The image of a closed fist is seen on the screen before the letters 'J2H' appear on the screen. J2H and Austin Parker appear at the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos from the live crowd. The two nod to each other and start walking towards the ring. Austin is wearing faded blue jeans, a plaid shirt, cowboy boots and hat, as he walks slightly in front of the shirtless J2H, wearing gold shorts, boots and kneepads with "Power" written on the back of the shorts. Around his waist sits the SCW World championship title belt. J2H and Parker reach the ring and J2H slides under the bottom rope while Austin stands outside. J2H moves towards the middle of the ring, both arms in the air, lifting the title above his head, before walking to the ropes and pulling himself on the middle rope in the center of the ring and raising the championship belt again.

Adams: Da champ is in da house!

Simone: J2H came from out of nowhere to walk away from My Bloody Valentine II to win the World Championship and shock the wrestling community!

Adams: Yeah and now he's out to prove to everyone he's the best and he's willing to take on every man in Sin City Wrestling to do it!

The camera focuses on the ring as the introductions are about to be made...

Justin: Introducing first the challenger! From Ottowa, Ontario, Canada, weighing one hundred and ninety five pounds -- Connor Murphy!

The crowd cheers as Connor holds his right fist up!

Justin: Introducing challenger number two...!

Adams: Ha! He called TNA number two!

Justin: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing two hundred and forty one pounds ... 'Mister TNA' Travis Nathaniel Andrews!

Travis is greeted by deafening boos as he just smiles smugly with his arms held out, basking in the jeers!

Justin: And their opponent is the reigning and defending Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion! Accompanied to the ring by Austin Parker, he is from Beverly Hills, California, weighing one hundred and seventy five pounds -- J2H!

J2H is greeted by boos and scattered applause as he holds the World title belt high in the air, stepping up into the center of the ring and right in the faces of BOTH challengers!

Adams: Oo! Gutsy!

J2H steps back and passes the belt over to Drew Patton who holds the gold up high for all to see!

Simone: And that is the prize right there for the winner of this match! The man who scores the victory is the World Heavyweight Champion!

Drew passes the title belt to the outside of the ring and calls for the bell!


Adams: And heeeere we go!

And at the sound of the opening bell, it is clear that the first person to be targeted is the champion himself, as both Connor and Travis inch their way from out of their corners, maneuvering around the ring in separate directions and attempting to box J2H into a corner! J2H is obviously cautious as Travis gets the closest to him first, and the smug and smiling Mister TNA insults the younger Superstar by reaching out and patting him on the head, 'consoling' him in a mocking manner.

Adams: Oh yeah, that's going to settle well with the champion.

And J2H quickly swipes Travis's arm away from him with a bat of his own arm, and he throws a right forearm shot to the side of his head, knocking him back into the ropes! Connor tries to take quick advantage of the situation and ambush J2H, but the champion sees him coming and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, knocking the wind out of him. J2H grabs Connor by his arm and uses him as a human battering ram, Irish whipping him into Travis, knocking TNA to the mat and almost sending him through the ropes but Andrews hangs on and prevents a nasty fall to the outside! Connor turns around, caught off guard and J2H springboards off of the ropes and catches Murphy with a flying clothesline!

Simone: Well whatever strategy that Connor and Travis came into this match with to gang up on the champion is not paying off thus far!

Adams: Yeah but that won't last! It can't with a triple threat!

Now having recovered, Travis is back on his feet and angry! He charges the champion but J2H jumps and performs a flying roll on the challenger, taking him straight over into a cross arm breaker!

Adams: What a move from out of nowhere! Will we have a tap out!?

Connor goes to break it up with a guillotine leg drop but J2H lets go and rolls aside and Connor instead lands on Travis!

Adams: Clean up on aisle one!

J2H grabs Connor and Irish whips him into the far corner and charges right in after him, but Connor brings a boot up into the champion's face, greeting him unceremoniously! Connor then hops up onto the top turnbuckle to follow up right away but J2H beats him to the punch by using the ropes as a launching pad and he dropkicks Murphy, sending his one of two challengers tumbling off backwards and Murphy hits the ringside floor!

Simone: Oh no! That was a nasty fall!

Adams: Connor could be out of this one now!

Simone: This would be the chance that J2H and Travis need to end this without interruption!

J2H then turns his attention to the other man in the ring, Travis as Mister TNA pulls himself to his feet! J2H races right at him and Travis swings for a clothesline but the champion ducks and rebounds off of the ropes! As he comes charging, Travis scoops him up and delivers a back breaker across his knee!

Simone: Smart counter there by the challenger!

Travis dumps J2H to the canvas and dusts his hands off before making the cover!

J2H kicks out!

Adams: Too soon!

Simone: Yes, J2H is not about to go down so easily after everything he's been through.

Travis stares hard at Drew as if the kick out was the official's fault before he gets to his feet and begins delivering some hard stomps down onto the champion's body!

Simone: J2H had full control earlier but now it's all Travis Nathaniel Andrews!

The impact from Travis's shots drove J2H over into the corner where he is met with more stomps before Travis presses his boot hard into the champion's throat! J2H coughs and gags as Drew counts against the challenger!


And Travis breaks before he can risk disqualification. He struts back around the ring, wearing that smirk that would make Betty White take a swing at him, before he turns about face and dashes in, driving a running knee into J2H's skull! Travis then mocks him with an audible "AWWWW!" and pats him on the head before dumping him out of the corner and onto his back for another cover!

And another kick out by the champion!

Simone: Travis is taking full advantage of Connor being incapacitated!

Adams: Yeah and he's really going for the win while he's on the outside, too!

Simone: Sometimes I really don't believe my ears!

Adams: Did you ever consider having them pinned back?

Simone: .....

Adams: OW!

Travis pulls the champion up and sends him into the ropes for a back body drop but J2H turns around at the last moment and uses the maneuver's momentum to land on his feet behind Travis! A surprised TNA spins about and J2H jumps and nails Travis with a standing Enzugari! J2H then stands over the downed Andrews and returns the favor from earlier, mocking him with a pat on the head -- when Connor Murphy grabs him from behind and brings him back over onto his head with a belly to back suplex!

Simone: Connor Murphy is back in this one!

Adams: And he dumped J2H right on his head!

Connor drags J2H up to his feet and he unloads a heavy barrage of lefts and rights into his head and body! Connor then sends him crashing hard into the far corner and comes off of the ropes, catching the champion with a one handed bulldog! Connor gets back up and ducks a charging Travis, catching him by the arm and wheeling Andrews back around into a short arm clothesline!

Adams: Boy Connor has stolen control of this match!

Connor runs off of the ropes and comes back with an elbow smash down deep into Travis's sternum! Connor gets up and J2H dropkicks him from behind! J2H returns to a vertical base and goes for a running attack on Murphy but Connor sees him coming and drops to the mat, pulling the ring ropes down with him and the champion goes sailing to the outside!

Adams: Oh that's not good for the champion!

Simone: No it is not because now Travis or Connor can end this without the champion being involved!

Connor gets up, but is unable to dodge Travis who plows into him, driving him back into the corner! Travis then gets a head of steam and rushes in but Connor moves and Mister TNA crashes against the turnbuckles! Connor proceeds to pick Travis up one leg at a time and straddle him over the ropes ala Shattered Dreams!

Adams: Oh this is going to suck for Travis!

Simone: Yeah like he ever uses those things.

Travis begs off, shaking his head with wide eyes as Drew tries warning Connor off! Connor looks out to the cheering crowd and he runs in and feigns a kick! Travis shouts in alarm -- but Connor puts on the brakes and instead delivers a boot to the exposed stomach of his fellow challenger and he slaps on a spiked DDT from the precarious position!

Adams: He psyched Travis out!

Simone: He psyched us all out and now Travis is down and possibly out!

Connor drags Travis from the corner and rolls him over onto his back for the cover!

Travis gets his shoulder up!

Simone: Mad props to Travis for being able to fight back from that one!

Connor wipes his jaw and looks at the official, but then goes to make a move for Travis who ends up poking him in the eye.

Simone: Typical Travis Nathaniel Andrews tactics!

Connor staggers back, holding his eyes, and Travis shakes off the debilitating effects of the DDT and brings Murphy crashing down with a side Russian leg sweep, rolling through the move and trapping Connor on the mat with a bridging cross face submission!

Adams: I can't believe TNA came back from that DDT!

Simone: And he just might force Connor Murphy to tap out!

But as Drew is checking on whether or not Connor wants to give, J2H is back inside of the ring and he jumps on TNA's exposed back and locks in a modified dragon sleeper!

Simone: A double submission situation!

Adams: Quick! Drew! Put one on J2H and make it a complete set!

The crowd is on its collective feet, cheering with wild abandon despite the heel status of two of the competitors! Drew is on his feet, checking with first Connor, then Travis, and back and forth again but nobody is willing to give up the chance at winning the World Heavyweight Championship! Finally J2H releases his hold to seek another method towards hopeful success, and delivers a stomp to Travis's back, also forcing him to release Connor! J2H opts to target Connor now and he drags Murphy up to his feet and goes for an Irish whip but Connor reverses it! Connor goes for a hip toss but J2H lands on his feet and counters that into a monkey flip, rolling through so he is kneeling on Murphy's shoulders for the pin!

Travis dives from behind and slams J2H face first into the mat with Natural Selection!

Travis quickly goes for the cover himself, hooking J2H's leg!

Connor jumps on them both, breaking it up!

Adams: No! Another near fall being stopped!

Simone: These three men have their work cut out for them if they want to walk away the winners of this match!

Connor peels Travis up off of the champion and hooks him into a front face lock and attempts a vertical suplex but Travis blocks it! A second attempt is also blocked until J2H hurries up and grabs Travis as well and he and Connor BOTH suplex Mister TNA over! Connor delivers a hard boot to the seated Travis's back and J2H comes flying off of the ropes with a shining wizard!

Adams: NOW we're seeing some team work!

Simone: Yes and it's happening at the expense of Travis!

Adams: Meh. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Connor drags Travis up and performs a scoop slam hard onto the mat, as J2H scales the corner to the very top! Connor holds Travis down and J2H jumps, landing hard across TNA's head and neck with a somersault leg drop! J2H goes for the cover!

Connor drags him off by the leg!

Adams: Well that partnership didn't last!

J2H gets to his feet slowly, confronting Connor and shoving him but Connor responds by shoving the champion right back! J2H swings and clips Murphy in the jaw with a right hand and again, Connor answers back in kind with a right of his own! Almost immediately a brawl erupts right there in the middle of the ring, both champion and challenger trading lefts and rights until Connor gets the upper hand and sends J2H reeling back with a number of hard shots! Connor sends J2H into the ropes and catches him with a spine buster, jackknifing him for the cover!

J2H gets his shoulder up!

Simone: Lucky for Travis J2H was resilient!

Connor drags him up and he picks J2H and deposits him onto the top of the corner! Connor climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and prepares for a superplex but J2H blocks it! Connor starts to try again when Mister TNA comes up from behind both men and turns about, grabbing Connor and as he powerbombs Connor from the top -- so does he also cause J2H to get superplexed!

Adams: Oh my GAWD!

The crowd is on its feet, cheering!


Travis goes for the cover on Connor!

3 - NO! Connor gets his shoulder up!

Travis scrambles over to cover J2H now instead!

3 - NO! J2H kicks out!


Travis is on his feet, his fist in the referee's shirt but with a pleading expression of disbelief on his face! Drew holds up two fingers, insisting that the count was close but only two!

Simone: This match right here, right now, is proving why Blaze of Glory is the greatest show for Sin City Wrestling all year!

Angry and frustrated, Travis grabs J2H and dumps him out through the ropes, but J2H holds on and lands on the apron! Travis goes for the Penthouse Crash but Connor puts on the brakes, grabbing the ropes and Travis crashes back to the mat on the back of his head! Mister TNA staggers to his feet and is hauled up onto the shoulders of Connor Murphy who heaves him off and right into...

Simone: Veritas! It's over!

Travis is out on his feet and Connor gets up, but J2H sails from the top rope and crashes into him from behind with a missile dropkick! Connor goes flying through the ropes and J2H grabs Travis by the arm and hits Kiss This! Travis crashes back onto the canvas and J2H covers him!

Connor tries to get into the ring to break it up but...!

The bell rings and the crowd is on its feet for the effort of all three of these men!

Justin: Here is your winner, and STILL Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion -- J2H!!!

The crowd cheers and boos alike, as Austin Parker brings the championship belt into the ring and hands it back to J2H and raises his arm to the rafters!

Adams: And he did it! J2H is still the champion!

Simone: Yes he is and he proved tonight that his open challenge is only serving to prove just how credible of a champion Sin City Wrestling has for its Superstar roster!

As Austin leans down and picks J2H up onto his shoulders and the champion holds the gold up high, Connor Murphy slides back out of the ring and an upset Travis slams a fist into the mat before making his own exit!

Simone: But make no mistake! Neither Connor Murphy nor Travis Nathaniel Andrews have ANYTHING to be ashamed over! They took J2H and each other to the absolute limit!

Austin holds J2H up as J2H slings the belt back over his shoulder and holds a fist up high into the air as fireworks begin going off and confetti rains down from high above in celebration!

Simone: ladies and gentlemen, it has been a historic evening! On behalf of Jason Adams and myself, thank you for joining us here in Phoenix for Blaze of Glory V! See you all in two weeks for Climax Control!

Adams: In Japan! BYE!

The camera slowly fades to the credits!

Thank you! To Chris, Mark, Annie, Court, Dustin, The Lord MK, Gerrit, Jenny, Sam, Mikah, Marge, Andrew, Casey, Simon Jones, Mercedes, Ryan Keys, Fizz and to everyone who posted a roleplay. Also to Annie for the great match banners! We thank you deeply for being a part of SCW!