*Please note: Match graphics to be added shortly

The opening shot of Michie Stadium shows the capacity crowd on its feet, cheering and waving towards the cameras! Many are holding up signs to show their support for their favorite SCW Superstars and Bombshells, among them:

"Misty Is The Bombshell Savior!"

"I Want To Have Fun With Shipman In My House!"

"J2H = MRS. J.N. Ringo"

"Necra Is Going To Kill Melody!"


"Give Blaque Hart A Championship Match!"

And many, many others! The cheers continue as the camera switches to a long-view of the six-sided ring and comes to a slowly drawn close up where none other than Christian Underwood is standing center ring, wearing a cream colored business suit, and on his left side stands a young woman in military uniform, and on his right, a young man wearing the same. Both military personnel are holding the American flag for all to see as ring announcer Justin Decent stands from the time keeper's table...

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to ask for you all to please rise as SCW's Co-Owner, Christian Underwood, sings the Star Spangled Banner!

The crowd applauds but stands respectfully. The appropriate music begins to play and Christian starts to sing...

Christian: Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The crowd cheers and applauds as a smiling Christian takes a bow and waves to the many in attendance. He then shakes the hands of both soldiers inside of the ring with him as the camera heads toward the announcer's table with Jason Adams and Belinda Simone.

Simone: Welcome to West Point, New York, where we are live for SCW High Stakes IV! I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I love South Park but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: We are here in front of a SCW record breaking attendance tonight in the Michie Stadium to bring you thirteen matches from the best superstars in the world and we start with two bombshells/

Adams: Love them, all of them, even the evil ones!

Simone: We start with Angelia Corazon, as she opens the show to take on Traci Patterson.

Adams: Both are looking to step up and they get the chance to set the standard of tonight's show.

Simone: Two of the biggest Bombshell teams we've ever seen, square off tonight, one on side of the ring, we have The Fallen, and on the other side, The Freakettes.

Adams: Both are former champions and the winners will be crowned number one contenders to the Bombshell Tag Team championship

Simone: Someone will be buried alive tonight before your very eyes. A few weeks ago, Blaque Hart Bruce Evans and Horace Jackson were a team, but it turned sour quickly with Blaque Hart blaming Jackson for the loss. Tonight, they go one on one.

Adams: Buried Alive matches were never my thing, but I'm looking forward to this one.

Simone: Bombshell Tag Team championship match will be up next as the team of Veronica Taylor and Joanne Canelli defend the titles against Jessie Salco and The Nurse Cynthia Warren.

Adams: These are all experienced solo wrestlers, but these women haven't teamed much together. The champs are at each others throats, can Salco and Warren capitalize on that?

Simone: Melody Grace had a very successful debut, defeating Orchid but tonight, she faces a bigger challenge in the form of multiple time champion, Necra Octavian Kane.

Adams: Necra has years more experience than Melody, but Melody has a bright outlook on everything, tonight though, Necra will be looking to put out Melody's spark and push herself up the rankings.

Simone: Mercedes Vargas and Zuri Chastain have been on a mission lately, a mission to destroy each other. After months of this rivalry boiling, we are at breaking point as Mercedes defends her Bombshell Roulette championship against Zuri.

Adams: These two have been wanting this for a long time and now it's about to happen. This one is not gonna be one for the squeamish.

Simone: Talking of squeamish, the world was surprised when Chris Shipman appeared on SCW television, well tonight, he goes up against a man he knows well from his past, Steve Ramone, in a Shipman's House Of Fun match.

Adams: We have no idea what that is, that could honestly be anything at all. Just like you, we gotta wait and see what it's all about too

Simone: Former tag team champions collide in a very unique match. J2H and Giani Di Luca was once known as Young Money, but they stand on opposite sides of the ring tonight with tag partners. J2H team with new found friend, Mr J.N Ringo while Giani's partner is SCW Roulette champion, Equinox.

Adams: This is a roulette match and the title is on the line. Should Equinox be pinned, he will lose the title to the man pinning him.

Simone: SCW's very own superhero is in action tonight. Roxi Johnson, a woman determined to get herself back to the top of the Bombshell division once more is in action against a woman who has been known to upset the odds, Jade Manendez-Arcador

Adams: Couldn't have put that better. Jade is a woman who will go the extra mile to take names in SCW and Roxi is the next name on her list.

Simone: Ever since R.O.A.R challenged the Bosom Buddies to a tag title rematch, the anticipation has been building. Tonight, the wait is over as the two teams will clash over the SCW Tag Team championship.

Adams: Everyone has been looking forward to this one and I'm part of everyone! I can't wait!

Simone: Rage is always itching for a fight and there's a fight waiting for him in the ring. Jon Dough is a man who doesn't back away and will do anything to entertain the fans and tonight, he will be there to face Rage.

Adams: Rage will take on anyone, anywhere at any time, but Jon Dough is willing to stand up to him. This one could get proper cray cray!

Simone: We have two main events tonight, and we start with the Bombshell title on the line. Misty started a mission to take the SCW Bombshell championship from Delia Darling and tonight, she has the chance to do just that.

Adams: Misty is a bombshell legend here in SCW and she has a chance to add another title reign to her long list.

Simone: Main event two is the CW Heavyweight championship. There has been a lot of history with Drake Green and Sean Jackson ever since Sean Jackson put Drake Green on the shelf. Drake has since returned and captured the heavyweight title.

Adams: Now the gas has been lit once more and these two warriors will be going all out in front of our biggest crowd ever for the biggest prize in the game, the SCW Heavyweight title! Enough talk, the fans are ready, we're ready, everyone at home is ready.... so GO GO GO!

v/o: West Point, Can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?

The lights shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark. Brilliant flashes of light start to burst throughout, acting as it were streaks of lightning. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp. A hush falls over the stadium as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the club. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out...

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

The Mental Rapist

Through the crimson mist, the fans can see two people making their way onto the entrance ramp. The arena erupts into mostly boos, but some cheers as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Sean is completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

His face remains stoic as only God knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese beauty at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring. They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark Vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavage while Jackson is dressed in a suit and tie.

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena. He then asks for and receives a house mic, which he slowly raises to his mouth.

Jackson: Drake Green...

Chants of Showtime begin as Sean hesitates ever so slightly. They must really love Drake Green at West Point.

Jackson: Sure, you all love him. It's as if he can do no wrong in your eyes. In other words, he's the ultimate hero that each of you aspire to be...

However, Sean Jackson isn't so liberal with his love.

Jackson: The hero that I must destroy tonight.


Jackson: Oh, you can boo me all you want. But it's not going to change my resolve in doing what needs to be done. In doing what Mark Ward needs me to do.

He had come close once before. He had put Drake Green on the shelf for several months and had almost placed the heavyweight title firmly into the hands of Hot Stuff, only to fall just short.

Jackson: And that is to force Drake to do what he simply doesn't have the guts to do....


Jackson: And this is quit.

Sean begins to scan the crowd, observing their faces. The looks of *no chance* that Drake would ever leave them. No matter what Sean Jackson says.

Jackson: I injured his neck, totally scaring him to death. But because I didn't finish the job, he believed in you people. He believed in your chants, he believed in your signs, and he believed in your prayers.

Cheers erupt once again as chants of Showtime once again fills the stadium.

Jackson: He believed in them so much that he ignored warnings from the doctors and waltzed back into Sin City as if nothing had happened...

Sean looks down at his right knee. The one he uses to deliver the lights out finisher, the one that he used to put Drake out once before.

Jackson: He waltzed back in, with no regard to the fact that I took great pride in putting him out. With no regard to the fact that it was a slap to my face when he dared to come back. Well now, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Like Sean Jackson could ever be mistaken for a nice guy.

Jackson: Drake, enjoy your last night as a professional wrestler. Enjoy your last night as the SCW heavyweight champion. Hell, enjoy your last night of banging these sluts from West Point...

He is now being peppered by the loudest boos of the night.

Jackson: Matter of fact Drake, maybe I should do you a favor and send you a last meal before your execution.

Sean moves forward and upon leaning on the top rope, starts pointing at a blonde four rows back.

Jackson: Hey, you want to make a quick hundred?

The blonde, completely insulted, shakes her head no. She's insulted because Sean has pretty much called her a prostitute.

Jackson: Come on, we all know that Obama isn't paying you people enough money for what you do.

Sean reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Benjamin. After pulling it taught twice, he holds it out there for her to see.

Jackson: There it is, one hundred dollars. One Benjamin Franklin, to shed that uniform and do what you do best....


Jackson: And that is lay on your back while Drake Green gives you the best three seconds of his life.

Sean breaks into a chuckle, not caring that the female officer is completely insulted. His only mission is to get under Drake's skin.

Jackson: Okay, okay. So maybe one hundred dollars isn't enough to get three seconds out of you. But maybe I'm going in the wrong direction with this....

Sean turns his attention to someone else. Someone a bit close to Drake.

Jackson: Hey Misty, will you give the world a three second money shot for....

Sean pockets the bill and searches for something else. His face lights up as he whips out a dirty penny and holds it up for everyone to see.

Jackson: This?

After holding the penny up for a few moments, a look of disappointment crosses his face as Misty doesn't come out.

Jackson: Oh well, your loss. But then again, a three second barf fest with Drake Green isn't worthy of a rusty penny. Hell, the more I think of it, you aren't worthy either.

Yep, that's how you do it.

Jackson: Now I can see why Drake has been banging these West Point whores instead of you. I mean, look at them.

Sean begins to point at random women.

Jackson: They don't have burnt hair, their faces aren't pasted, their features are natural and not propped up....

He uses his hands to illustrate holding something up at chest level.

Jackson: They look like women, albeit cheap women, but women none the less. They look like cheap versions of the Mean Girls....or better yet, cheap versions of Delia....

Sean knows exactly what he's doing by bringing up Misty's opponent in Delia. He can just imagine the furniture flying as he speaks.

Jackson: You remember Delia, don't you Misty? Of course you do. But since Drake can't land the real Delia again, he has to settle for this New York trash because it STILL looks better than you.

Sean taps his chin several times.

Jackson: Drake, is it really true that Misty reminded you of dead fish? I think you used the term of....

He hesitates for a split second before THAT smile begins to emerge.

Jackson: A lazy lay.

The smile gets larger.

Jackson: That it was like, laying with a block of ice.

Sean shrugs.

Jackson: Hey, I'm just repeating what I heard Misty. So maybe you will want to take that up with Drake before I end his career tonight.

Still holding the penny in his hand, Sean let's it drop to the mat.

Jackson: I know it's actually more than you're worth Misty. But every man facing execution deserves a last meal, even Drake Green.

With that, Sean and Vanessa start to exit the ring when "Burning Down the House" by the Used begins to play over the PA system and the capacity crowd in Michie Stadium goes wild. Sean loses his shit as out steps SCW Heavyweight Champion Drake Green from behind the curtain.

Drake: Cut the music...cut it.

Drake sets a serious tone.

Drake: You just couldn't wait could you, Sean? Two hours away and you just had to come out here and run your mouth. Classic Sean Jackson???

What was a look of disappointment, quickly shifts to shock, then to a slow forming smile. Sean had set the trap and now he was looking at his opponent standing on the entrance ramp.

Jackson: Two hours away? two hours away? I've been waiting for this moment for months Drake and now???.

Sean steps back from the ropes, Vanessa still behind him, giving Drake the offering of stepping through the ropes.

Jackson: Now I'm ready to finish what I started. You stand up there, all smug and proper with that championship belt in your possession. Well enjoy it Drake, because after the main event is over, you won't have it any longer.

Green takes a few steps toward the ring.

Drake: You think I'm gonna let you get under my skin, Sean? How many times have we been here before? How many times have we danced this dance? You can't get to me, Jackson. Your mind games don't work on someone smarter than you.

The smile gets wider.

Jackson: Wow Drake, you really are in denial. I don't know what reality you think you're in, but from where I'm standing, you're standing there on that entrance ramp, completely screwed up. I make mention of Delia and Misty, then like the good little chump you are, out you come???.

Sean shrugs.

Jackson: Just like I knew you would. So stop living in that fantasy world and do exactly what you know these mouth breathers want you to do. Climb in this ring and watch how fast I destroy you in front of that whore you cheated on.

Drake moves closer and his facial expressions change from playful to a bit of anger.

Drake: Nothing would please me more than to get in there and whoop your ass like the little bitch that you are, Sean...but I'm not that dumb. I know what this is. I get in there and one good cheap shot from you or your mail order bride there and you get the advantage you're looking for. By hook or by crook, right Sean? Any way you can.

As Drake moves closer, you can feel the tension in the stadium getting thicker and thicker. The mood has changed, everyone can feel it. The calm is about to explode.

Jackson: Come on Drake, don't be the little coward that everyone here knows you to be. It will be you and me, just you and me, right here in this ring. Or maybe, just maybe I'll need to find someone with some testicles. Maybe Misty will oblige me. What do you think Misty? you have Drake's testicles?

Drake, with now a complete changed attitude, steps up into the ring. He brushes past Vanessa and walks right up to Sean.

Drake: What is it with you, Jackson? Afraid that you might actually have to fight fair tonight? Are you afraid that finally, finally after all the months of you talking your mind numbing trash that the whole world will see you for who you truly are. On the grandest stage of them all, the biggest show of all time...that you're nothing but a coward. Or as the inbred waste of air family of yours in Texas would say...yellow.

The mood completely goes south as it isn't the fun and games that Sean thought he would have before the trap was sprung. Vanessa who was supposed to spring it to begin with is now stuck, watching as is everyone else. Now it is Sean, baited by Drake Green, who is on the defensive. However, he is waiting for her to strike. When that moment doesn't come he tries balling his fist, he tries to throw that first strike, but doesn't. Instead he bails out to the floor and snatches a chair from under the ring.

Jackson: Yellow, I'll show you yellow mother???

Before Sean gets a chance to slide in, security flies from the backstage area and sprints down to the ringside area. Hearing the roar of the fans, Vanessa exits stage right and is on the floor as part of the security team is in the ring, while the other half is on the floor. Both groups, strategically placed in between both Drake and Sean. Upset, Sean throws the chair on the floor, the element of surprise gone.

Jackson: Your title reign ends tonight Drake, do you hear me? It ends tonight.

He then looks at Vanessa, still upset.

Jackson: What in the hell were you thinking? Jesus!!!

Sean storms around the ring, and up the ramp with Vanessa in tow. Meanwhile, Drake is standing in the ring, not taking his eyes off of them until they disappear behind the curtain. After they do, he walks over to the corner and hops up on to the turnbuckle, raising his arms to a thunderous cheer as the camera cuts to back stage.

Backstage at the Michie stadium in the main hall where the staff and talent arrive the crew is prepping Mz. Holly Wood. Making sure her make up is to her liking and that her clothes, very tempting are appropriate for her. She's got on a pair of high heels which makes her look at least 6'6 as she stands there being pampered by the crew while talking on her cell phone. The make up artists finish their work on her, and take off. She finishes her phone conversation and hands her phone to an S.C.W. assistant. The doors to the hall are pushed open. In walks Kimberly and Bruce Evans. Mz. Holly Wood clears her throat as she is handed a microphone from an assistant. Kimberly is pulling luggage with her as is Bruce. Kimberly wearing a tight black dress, red heels, and her tied up in a bun. Bruce wearing blue jeans, black boots, a black shirt, and black leather jacket. They walk through the halls with their luggage talking among themselves as a very ready Holly Wood approaches them running in her heels and tapping Bruce on the shoulder, with a dirty look from Kimberly

Mz. Holly Wood: Excuse me, excuse me. Mr. Evans, can I get a word with you?

Bruce and Kimberly stop walking, both giving Holly Wood strange looks. Kimberly looks at her with a dirty look, Bruce looks UP to her in shock at her tall she is in her heels.

BHBE: Ummmmm...... Who are you?

Kimberly and Bruce begin laughing as Holly Wood, being the professional just keeps a smile on her face, all be it forced

Mz. Holly Wood: Hi, pleasure to meet you, I'm Mz. Holly Wood. Can I ask you a few questions?

Kimberly whispers something into Bruce's ear and the two begin laughing as Kimberly snatches the microphone from Mz. Holly Wood while frowning at her

Kimberly: Look bitch! I don't know who..... or what you are. But me and my man, we've got better things to do than to stand here talking to some.... I don't know. Ru Paul's Drag Race reject!

Kimberly shoves the microphone into the chest of Mz. Holly Wood and puts her hand to her face, Holly Wood's professional smile quickly turns to a frown as Bruce and Kimberly continue walking, she clears her throat as she walks after them

Mz. Holly Wood: Hey, hey hey....

Approaching the couple again, she walks to Kimberly and gets right in her face, Bruce stands there looking up at her still in amazement at her height

Mz. Holly Wood: I don't know who the hell you have been dealing with around here, but let me tell you I am not that one! Bitch? If I ever hear you refer to me with that word again I will dog walk your pasty white ass right back to Canada. Lastly, you show me some respect and apologize to me right now or there will be a problem here, BITCH!

Kimberly stands there looking completely scared as Bruce grabs a hold of her. Holding her back from doing anything she might regret. Bruce whispers in Kimberly's ear as Mz. Holly Wood gets closer holding the microphone to Kimberly's mouth. Kimberly with her lips quivering in what seems fear speaks

Kimberly: I.....I.....I..... I'm sorry!

Holly Wood quickly snatches the microphone away from Kimberly as Bruce and Kimberly take off walking faster down the halls. Looking back at Holly Wood as they get further away. The camera zooms in on Holly Wood who regains that big beautiful professional smile

Mz. Holly Wood: And that.... that is how to put a bitch in check!

As the scene fades Holly Wood is being attended to by the make up crew, ensuring she stays flawless through the night

Justin: The following match is for one fall??? introducing first

The teasing throb of Halestorm's I Get Off begins to fill the room. As the lyric "To stand here in the light" is heard, a bright spotlight reveals a posed figure at the top of the aisle. Strobes start as the figure turns and heads towards the ring.

Justin: Hailing from the City of Angels, The scene stealer herself???ANGELIA CORAZON!

The house lights come up as Angelia slowly makes her way to the ring. Climbing the stairs and strutting along the apron, she makes herself comfortable along the ropes as she lies on the second rope ignoring the referee and opponent while her theme plays. When it stops playing she rolls into the ring and leans against the ropes waiting for the bell to ring.

Justin: And her opponent??? from Dallas Texas... weighing in at 143 pounds.... Traciiiiiii Patttersooon

Here Come The Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Traci and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Traci then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Traci. The pair then walk down to the ring and slap fans hands as they do this. Katie then gets up on the apron and holds the ropes open for Traci. Traci then slips in and walks over to the corner. She then poses on the turnbuckles while Katie claps her. Traci then gets down and opens the ropes for Katie to leave before focusing on her opponent.

As the two Sin City Wrestling Bombshells come together in the centre of the ring the bell tolls opening the match up.


Adams: This one should be interesting here tonight Belinda.

Simone: Traci's a well-known Bombshell in SCW has chance to show new girl Angelia how things are done around here.

Both girls come together in the middle of the ring locking up, before Traci is able to power out of the move with ease. The powerhouse bombshell talks over towards Angelia and grabs on to her hair, spinning her around for a reverse DDT. Traci leaps up to her feet, turning she drags Angelia back up to hers before whipping her across the ring. As Angelia returns off the ropes Traci plants her boot firmly into the new comers face. Traci is quick to make the pin fall attempt, wanting this to end already.


1 ?????

NO! Angelia gets the shoulder up with ease as Traci doesn't bother to stall her attack the bigger Bombshell gets back up to her feet.

Adams: That was a bit keen on Traci's behalf.

Simone: She might have dinner plans Jason?

Adams: Really?

Simone: I don't know I just said that.

Traci lands a massive European upper cut on Angelia's jaw sending a sick sounding crack around the arena.

Adams: I think she broke Angelia's jaw.

The fans are in a frenzy at the first sound of the extreme violence that is no doubt going to take place here tonight. As Traci rounds Angelia up, Angelia backs up into the corner. Traci goes to take another swing at her and the new comer rushes towards the blonde taking her down with a spear. Angelia rolls onto Traci and starts to hammer away at the taller bombshell with left and right hooks.

Simone: Angelia is showing that she can battle with the toughest Bombshells SCW has to offer.

Traci grows tired of being the punching bag so she powers out by pushing Angelia off of her. Angelia leaps to her feet and rushes towards the ropes, jumping up her feet land on the middle rope using it as a springboard the rich girl twirls around and plants her foot into the side of Traci's face. Traci is done but Angelia doesn't go for the pin, in fact she walks over and starts stomping a hole in Traci's back.

Adams: I did not expect that from Angelia!

Angelia is ushered back off of Traci by the referee, flicking her hair out of her face the bad girl attitude comes to light as she fobs off the fans.

Crowd: Angelia sucks, Angelia sucks!

Ignoring them the brunette gets back to work as she charges towards Traci who is making her way to her feet, Traci pops up and takes Angelia down with a surprise running scoop slam. Angelia can be heard screaming in pain on the hard unforgiving canvas while Traci takes this time to regroup.

Simone: This is anyone's game right here Jason.

Both Bombshells slowly make it back to their feet rushing towards each other before thinking the same thing taking each other down with a double clothesline. Somehow in the fall Traci ends up with her arm over Angelia's body and the referee takes that as a pin fall.



NO! Angelia is able to roll out of the pin.

Adams: That was a little bit close.

Simone: Tell me about it.

Adams: I just did geez.

Angelia staggers up to her feet using the ropes for assistance, Traci does the same but Angelia takes control as she jogs towards her taking her down with a bulldog. Angelia gets back up picking Traci up in the process nailing the taller bombshell with a sit out jawbreaker, before hitting a perfect standing moon-sault. Angelia hooks the leg and goes for the win.

Simone: and this one is all over!!

Adams: Goodbye Traci!



NO! Traci gets her foot up on the bottom rope forcing a break in the pin fall. Angelia is angry as she smashes the canvas underneath her palms.

Simone: Well that move isn't going to win you any matches.

Adams: Yeah what did the canvas do to you?

Both Bombshells are back on their feet now as they start to circle one another in the middle of the ring, Angelia fakes a run towards Traci trying to catch her off guard but Traci outsmarts her by rushing towards her knocking her to the canvas with a massive shoulder block. Traci bends down and scoops her up before planting her with a massive German suplex, with a roll of the hips Traci is able to hit another followed by another one. Traci now has the upper hand as she locks Angelia in for a pin fall, wrapping her legs around hers.



2 ?????

NO! Angelia's hand comes up and her thumb digs straight into Traci's eye freeing her from the pinfall. Traci is rubbing her eye while Angelia scrambles out from under her. Rushing to the ropes Angelia takes time to recover. Traci one eye an all gets up off the canvas and runs towards Angelia looking to take her out with a running knee but Angelia counters but moving out of the way but the new bombshell makes sure she pulls down the middle rope tripping Traci up on it. As Traci is trying to re balance Angelia jumps to her feet before setting her up for the Angel's wings!!!

Adams: This one is done!!!

Angelia hooks the legs and goes for the pin fall.



Traci somehow over powers Angelia and rolls her up in a small package pin.




Ding, ding, ding.


Simone: Traci has done it!

Adams: What a way to start the show!

The scene opens on the backstage area where we find Joanne, Necra, Zuri, and Blanca all sitting together, and getting ready for their matches later in the evening. Joanne polishes the title on her lap, and smiles as it shimmers brightly in the lights over head.

Necra: Tonight is the night ladies. The Daughters of Darkness are going to walk away with what is rightfully ours.

Joanne: Damn right. I know that Veronica and I can't stand each other, but we are goin' to do what we have to, to keep our hands on the titles. Jessie and Cynthia don't stand a chance.

Necra: No they don't. And Mercedes doesn't stand a chance against you Zuri. She's held the title long enough and the Mean Girls have to be brought down a peg.

Zuri: This "bully" will enjoy ruining the perfect face of Mercedes Vargas. It's time we prove to the world why The Mean Girls are no longer a threat in this company.

Necra: The Mean Girls time has passed, and the Daughters of Darkness has just begun...

Joanne: And tonight we walk away with everythin' we can get our hands on.

Blanca sits over by herself while her sister continues getting ready for her upcoming battle.

Zuri: I don't really care what kind of match it turns out to be because Mercedes will get her ass kicked.

Necra moves on silent feet toward Blanca, and smiles looking down at her.

Necra: You're awfully quiet tonight my dearest Blanca. How about you give me a kiss for luck tonight.

Necra extends her hand, and helps Blanca to her feet. Blanca leans in to kiss Necra on the cheek, but Necra turns and kisses Blanca with passion. Blanca fights against it for a minute before giving in fully. Joanne and Zuri look at each other and sigh. Blanca stops kissing Necra for a minute to catch her breath. She looks at Necra then at every one else.

Blanca: Wow...just wow. I don't know where I should be for High Stakes IV. My sister will be in a title match, Joanne will be carrying that dumb bimbo to victory and well I am all alone back here. What should I do?

Necra: How about you come and be in my corner for tonight?

Blanca smiles as she slowly runs a finger along Necra's cheek.

Blanca: That sounds like fun. I will protect you from Melody Grace.

Necra smiles and takes Blanca by the hand and heads out of the room. Joanne just sighs, and shakes her head.

Joanne: I'll never understand her... I guess you and I should get ready for our matches then Zuri. WE have titles to defend after all.

Zuri nods, and heads out of the locker room leaving Joanne alone once more as the scene fades back to the main part of the arena.

"Oh Canada" by Classified blares over the speakers and the crowd instantly erupt into a chorus of boos. Red smoke fills the entrance area followed by the lowering of the Canadian flag which sends the crowd into an even louder eruption. A few seconds of the camera panning around the stadium showing the upset fans booing and holding their signs, some waving American flags. Back on the entrance out walks Bruce Evans. He's got a cocky grin on his face as he stands at the top of the stage waving at the fans. Bruce is wearing blue jeans, a black shirt, black boots, and a black leather jacket. Sunglasses cover his eyes and a black Calgary Hitmen cap backwards on his head, ponytail sticking out . Linked arm in arm with Bruce is his wife Kimberly Evans. Huge smile on her face as well. She's wearing a tight black dress, red high heels, and her hair tied up in a bun, with an expensive red and black bag over her left shoulder. The two just stand there taking in the hatred and heat of the crowd as the music continues. Bruce then takes down the Canadian flag and the two begin heading down the aisle towards the ring. They are completely ignoring the obscene comments from the crowd as they talk among themselves. Bruce jumps up on the ring as Kimberly awkwardly attempts to do the same, the crowd laughing at her. Bruce holds the middle ropes open for her and she steps through them. Bruce then steps through the middle ropes. As they enter the ring Kimberly stands there applauding for Bruce as he waves the Canadian flag proudly to chants of USA USA USA which are now very loud as the music dies down. Bruce hands Kimberly the flag as he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a microphone. He looks around laughing, waiting for the noise to simmer down as he holds the microphone to his mouth

BHBE: Hello there NEW YORK, and thank you for that very warm welcome!!!


BHBE: Yes, I know where we are, please don't remind me!

Bruce puts the microphone down to his side as he and Kimberly giggle with each other, before Kimberly whispers something is Bruce's ear

BHBE: In just two days, we celebrate the men and women that proudly serve our countries. Veterans Day! A day to give thanks and show our respect and appreciation for the people that put their very own lives on the line so that we can live in freedom and peace. The problem with that is that in these states of America, there is no freedom and peace!

The fans continue booing as Bruce pauses briefly

BHBE: That's what I mean right there. You talk about your first amendment. Freedom of speech, yet when someone says one bad thing about your precious perfect little country you get offended. I'm just speaking the truth. Face it, this country is, and has been in the shitter for the better part of more than ten years!

The USA chants pick up steam as Kimberly proudly waves the Canadian flag. Bruce whispers something in her ear as she walks over to a staff member standing outside the ring and hands him the flag. She reaches in her bag and pulls out a folded cardboard box and hands it to Bruce. Evans takes it and sits down Indian style in the ring unfolding the cardboard which has "HUNGRY: PLEASE HELP" written on it

BHBE: Maybe this is something you're more familiar with. Maybe if I looked like this you'd understand the problems in this country. You see, since I came to this dump of a place, this is all I've been seeing. Every street corner, every hour of the day. The sad thing is a lot of these people are the very same people that put their lives on the line for you all, and all you do is laugh at them. You mock them. You just simply pass them by. Leaving them dirty and hungry and absolutely pathetic on these mean streets of NEW YORK!

Bruce stands up and throws the cardboard box into the crowd as the boos continue. He walks over to Kimberly as she reaches into her bag and pulls out a very big bulky gold chain. She hands it to Bruce as he places it around his neck. She then reaches in her bag and pulls out a black baseball cap with NY in bold white lettering. She hands that to Bruce as well. He removes his Hitmen cap and puts on the NY cap backwards. He walks around the ring walking like a "gangster" tugging at the bulky chain and grabbing his crotch

BHBE: Or maybe you'll understand me now. Every corner, all hours of the day and night this is the crap I ran into. Wanna be thugs. Rappers. Sagging their pants and grabbing their "piece" as if they're inviting me or something. Maybe if I talk like you idiots you'd understand me more. Yo! I'm from the boogie down Bronx yo! Aye homie, I saw this bad bitch in the club the other night, yo bro she was twerking dat fat ass yo! Ya feel me papi?

Bruce and Kimberly begin laughing hysterically as the fans are having a field day booing them. Bruce takes off the NY cap and tosses it into the crowd. He then removes the gold chain and tosses it into the crowd as well. Putting his Hitmen cap back on

BHBE: The bottom line is this. You people bitch and complain about how bad these other countries are, when in fact your's is no better. Not by a long shot. You're all just pathetic. Almost as pathetic as my opponent tonight. The Star Wars convention attending joke of a man Horace Jackson.

More boos from the crowd

BHBE: He's an American and even he doesn't respect this country. Shame shame shame. Anyway's, I digress. Horace tonight you and I are in the match you requested. A Buried Alive Match. What is this IN YOUR HOUSE 1996? Look Horace. Tonight I'm going to be killing two birds with one stone. Tonight not only will I bury you, but I will bury your poor excuse of a career. Tonight you walk in a broken man, a sad little pitiful man. You walk out the same. Tonight, you dance with greatness. Tonight I do to you what should have been done to this country in 2001, I finish you off for good!

Bruce drops the microphone as "Oh Canada" begins to play over the speakers. He walks over, holds the middle rope open allowing Kim to exit the ring. He follows right behind her. The two hold hands as they walk back up the ramp taunting the crowd and talking down on them. They walk through the back and the camera cuts away, with the boos very intense and chants of USA USA USA picking up again

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Bombshell tag team match is scheduled for one fall, and the winners will be declared the Number One Contenders for the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championship! Your referee -- Holly Wood!

Holly Wood, clad in her referee's uniform of black and white striped belly shirt and black boots shorts with matching high heel boots, poses for the crowd that gives her a warm response.

Simone: It's not that often you have a referee who gets a favorable response from the fans.

Adams: It's not that often you have a referee like Holly Wood.

The lights dim throughout the arena as the opening bass of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" filters in through the PA system. Rainbow colored fireworks explode in front of the stage as the curtains are abruptly parted.

Justin: Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 363 pounds , Felony Fontana and Rochelle 'Rock' Rose ... the Freakettes!

The first figure to enter is the scowling behemoth "Rock" Rose, who pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking herself in the pyro while flexing her bulging biceps before an awestruck crowd. She stomps forth after the brief pause followed by the decidedly more energetic blonde Felony Fontana, who bounces back and forth, bursting into short dance steps, smiling and seeming to enjoy herself. Arriving at ringside, Rose enters first and holds the ropes open for her diminutive partner who jumps through and promptly climbs to the top rope extending her arms in acknowledgement of the crowd.

Simone: This match is about a whole lot more than the Number One Challengers to the tag team titles. This is about what happened just a few weeks ago after the Rock Rose-Gothika match up.

Footage on the SCW-Tron starts to showcase just what is being spoken of...


Rose staggers back from the corner, clutching her shoulder, and Gothika springboards off of the ropes and connects with a scissors kick that fells the giantess!

Adams: Pure Domination!

Gothika forces Rose onto her back and hooks the leg!


The bell rings, signifying the end of the match!


Justin: The winner of the match ... GOTHIKA!!!

The crowd cheers as Gothika stands up and Raynin and Darknyss both enter the ring to raise her arms in victory, all the while Felony leaning into the ring to check on Rose who is coming to, shaking the cobwebs from her head.

Simone: Gothika picks up a very hard fought victory over Rock Rose, and if I'm not mistaken, she becomes the first woman to ever pin Rose's shoulders to the mat!

Adams: And just think! If Rose hasn't made that boo boo in the corner, this match could have turned out the other way around!

Simone: That's very true! Anyone can be beaten on any given day, and that one mistake cost Rose a ...

Anything else Belinda was about to say was cut off as Rock Rose attacked the Fallen from behind with a double clothesline, felling the two partners as well as knocking Darknyss to the mat!

Adams: I think Rock Rose has a temper problem!

Rose snatches Gothika up by the throat and hits a bone jarring choke slam!

Simone: Temper problem my ass! The woman is a sore loser!

Holly is calling for the bell again and it rings but all that is lost on the pissed off giant as Rose grabs Raynin and drives her down with a sit out powerbomb!

Simone: For God's sake! Someone get out here and stop this!

Adams: Who in their right mind would want to try to stop Rock Rose from doing ... anything!?

Rose stands up, still favoring her shoulder, but what she doesn't see if Darknyss sliding back inside of the ring with steel chair in her hand. Felony calls out to her as the Fallen's manager comes up and goes to swing the chair, but Rose greets the seat of the chair with her own fist, knocking it back into Darknyss' head!


Adams: Yeah I think that says it all!

Holly then tries to step in but Rose, by far larger than even he is, grabs him by the throat!

Simone: Don't do it! He's an SCW referee now!

Luckily Felony climbs into the ring in time and grabs Rose's arm and tries to calm her down! Reluctantly, Rose releases Holly and steps back, allowing her girlfriend to escort her from the ring, leaving the members of the Fallen lying in her wake!


The camera then returns to ringside.

Justin: Their opponents are to be accompanied by Darknyss! At a total combined weight of 300 pounds, Raynin and Gothika ... The Fallen!

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls Rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

"Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul"

"Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight"

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

"The Sky
Will Break
Black Fire
Will Wake"

"Fly On Through The Night
We Built An Alliance
Our Numbers Are Strong"

"We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools What Lunatics
They Must Think Of Us"

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring.

"But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight"

"Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackened Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain"

Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk around opposite sides of the ring. Gothika slides under the bottom rope as Darknyss climbs up onto the edge of the apron and steps through the second rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and grabs the top rope and flips over the rope.

"Dangerous Creatures
Those That Oppose Us
Raped All Their Power
Bartered With Warlocks
Cheated The Demons
For Ancient Spells
The Blackened Fire
Waits To Consume Us"

Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Darknyss stands in the center of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding. Raynin and Gothika jump down and switch corners, trying to hype up the crowd before they jump down and stand beside Darknyss, waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: Holly Wood refereed the first match between Rose and Gothika. After what happened, I don't think she was very anxious to officiate again.

Adams: look at the heat between those five women! I bet if I threw a kernel of popcorn in between them, it'd be hot enough to pop!

Darknyss steps outside and to the floor, as Gothika prepares to step outside as well. Rock Rose holds the ropes for her own partner to step out when suddenly both Fallen members race across the ring and catch the unaware Rock Rose with a double clothesline that sends her tumbling through the open ropes and to the outside!

Adams: Ring that bell! This one is starting, ready or not!


Raynin and Gothika each grab the surprised Felony by the hair and drag her back inside of the ring! The fallen send Felony into the ropes at high speed and link arms so that on the rebound, they send the smaller Freakette spinning in midair with a double clothesline!

Adams: Boy this match isn't starting the way the Freakettes had planned!

Simone: Indeed not! I'm certain they wanted to have the much larger, stronger Rock Rose kick things off but the veteran team of Raynin and Gothika decided they were going to focus on the much smaller Felony Fontana instead!

At Holly's insistence, Gothika steps out onto the apron in the fallen's corner as Raynin goes to work on Felony. Raynin grabs a handful of the blond's hair and drags her to her feet and head butts her right between the eyes. Raynin prevents Felony from leaving her feet from the blow and holds her for a second head butt, this time dropping her to the canvas. Felony rolls around on the mat, holding her forehead as Rose manages to climb back on the apron, complaining to both the referee as well as calling encouragement to her partner. Raynin drags Felony to her feet once again and this time runs her face straight into the top turnbuckle in the near corner. Raynin spins Felony around and buries her knee into the smaller woman's ribcage twice, doubling her over.

Adams: Looks like Raynin is sending a message to Rock Rose about what she did to them a few weeks ago, and she's using Felony to do it!

Raynin grabs Felony in a double underhook position and brings her over with a suplex! Raynin holds on, rolls Felony to her feet and double underhook suplexes her a second time, following up with a third! Felony's back hits the mat with impact and Raynin makes the cover, hooking the leg!

Felony gets her shoulder up.

Simone: Felony may be small but she can take a lot of punishment.

Adams: She'd have to be able to! Look at who she's married to!

Raynin tags Gothika and holds her as the near six-foot Bombshell climbs into the ring and the two women set their opponent up for a double slingshot suplex, driving her down with impact! Gothika then rebounds off of the ropes and drops a guillotine leg drop across Felony's throat. She covers Felony, hooking both legs.

Felony kicks out!

Simone: The Fallen are veterans and former champions. They aren't wasting any time. They're going for the pin whenever they can.

Gothika tags Raynin back in, showing fluid teamwork. Raynin picks Felony up and scoop slams her to the mat. Raynin then tucks her head between her knees and lifts her up across her shoulder in a back breaker, but Felony kicks and wriggles free, then rolls down her back, taking the former Bombshell Champion down with a crucifix roll up!

Raynin kicks out!

Adams: Felony better tag out while she has the chance!

Unfortunately Raynin has other ideas as she takes a wild swing at Felony who ducks under the blow and lands a bitch slap across Raynin's face. Felony then goes for an Irish whip into the far corner but Raynin counters with a reversal. Raynin charges in but Felony kicks her legs up, scissoring Raynin's head and takes her down with a swinging head scissors!

Simone: Felony knows what to do inside of the ring, despite what her diminutive stature might suggest! She was trained by Goldenboy Gene Banton, the same man that trained his son, Gene Junior.

Adams: That's the long winded way of saying Felony knows how to kick some BOOTAY!

Felony then forgoes following up as she jumps over Raynin's back and lands in her own corner, tagging in her H-U-G-E partner!

Simone: And this is EXACTLY what Raynin and Gothika did NOT want to allow to happen!

Rock Rose starts to step through the ropes but Raynin is right on her, landing clubbing lefts and rights down into her head and back, knowing she has to work the powerful amazon over if she wants to best her in this match! Rock Rose fights back, however, fending Raynin off by shoving her across the ring with just one arm! Raynin rolls back and jumps back to her feet and charges Rose, leaping into her arms to rain more blows into her -- but Rose pivots around and drives the former champion hard into the corner!

Adams: Damn! You just can't fight that chick on even terms!

Simone: Did you just call Rock Rose a 'chick'?

A hand wrapped around each side of the ropes in the corner, Rose squashes Raynin beneath her 265 plus pounds, taking the air from her body and wearing her down! Rose grabs her by the arm and yanks her straight into a short-arm clothesline. Rose pulls her up and goes for a second, but Raynin ducks it and jumps on Rose's back, grabbing her in a sleeper hold!

Simone: Smooth counter there by Raynin!

Rose struggles to pry Raynin off and opts to simply fall back to the mat, crushing her beneath her body weight! Rock Rose fights off the after effects of Raynin's sleeper before she pulls her opponent up and lifts her high above her head!

Adams: Ooo! Military press!

But when Rose goes to drop her to the mat, the experienced Raynin holds onto her arm and arm drags her down to the mat, using her own hold's momentum and leverage!

Simone: Yet another showcase for Raynin's experience!

Before Rose can get to her feet, Raynin rebounds off of the ropes at top speed and lays into her with a Shining Wizard strike to the head Rose goes down to her back and Raynin makes the cover!

Rose HEAVES Raynin off of her in a display of pure brute strength!

Raynin quickly tags Gothika, bringing the crowd to its feet!

Simone: Oh the fans have been wanting to see this ever since these two titans had that first colossal battle!

Raynin holds the struggling Rock Rose by the legs and Gothika comes off the middle turnbuckles with a senton across the sternum! Raynin ducks outside as Gothika makes the cover!

Felony runs in and stomps on the back of Gothika's head to break up the cover!

Adams: Fair is fair I guess! The Fallen's been double teaming since the start!

Simone: That seems to be what tag team wrestling is all about!

As Holly Wood backs Felony into her corner and reprimands her, Raynin enters the ring again and the Fallen send Rose into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Rock Rose ducks the intended maneuver and when the Fallen turn around, Rock Rose clotheslines them both! Felony is begging for the tag and Rose obliges! Rose picks her partner up as if for an atomic drop but runs her knees right into Gothika's chest as she pulls herself to her feet in the corner! Rose then turns and grabs Raynin and throws her through the ropes and goes outside after her, as Felony mounts the turnbuckles to start throwing right handed fists into Gothika's head as the crowd counts along!

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!...

Gothika shoves Felony off, sending her tumbling unceremoniously to the mat, but the little spitfire jumps right back up and into the corner again, throwing a flurry of more fists!

Adams: Give Felony credit! She's got spunk!

Simone: But it is a severe mistake for her to be trying to brawl with Gothika!

Gothika proves this by grabbing hold of Felony and dumping her over the side, and the smaller Bombshell lands in a heap on the ground below! Gothika ignores the instructions of the referee and climbs to the outside and goes after her opponent!

Simone: Holly Wood has lost control of this match!

There is a pier six brawl on the ringside terrain as Holly begins counting both teams out!


Rock Rose grabs hold of Raynin but Raynin bulls her back against the barricade!


Gothika targets Felony and charges her but Felony leg trips the bigger woman, causing her to fall hard against the ringside steps!


Raynin grabs hold of a steel chair and throws it at Rose's head!


Felony grabs a power cable from the floor and wraps it around Gothika's neck, choking her!

Adams: This is crazy!



The crowd boos as the bell rings, signaling the match has ended in a no contest!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both teams out of the ring! This match is a DOUBLE COUNT OUT!

Simone: A double count out! Neither team wins!

Adams: But what does that mean for who faces the tag champs next?

Simone: Forget that! Both teams are still going at it!

Indeed the brawl continues as Gothika fights to get her throat free from the cord but Felony hops on her back for the added leverage, while Raynin brings the chair across Rose's wide back! Security comes running out and they begin separating the four women from one another, prying Felony off of Gothika so she can free herself, and tearing the chair from Raynin's grasp! This does not deter any of the women as Rose turns on Raynin and tries to grab hold of her but the guards hold her back, struggling to do so! As others also separate Gothika away from Felony!

Adams: I think these four are worried less about the championship and more about laying into one another!

The camera picks up the security escorting the women away from each other and backstage as they struggle to continue their fight!

Simone: I never thought I'd say this but I think you're right! We have not seen the last of these two teams, and what it means for the champions is anyone's guess!

The scene switches to an area of the fans where Ms Rocky Mountains is standing confidently, her smile broad and the fans around her all jubilant that they're near the buxom beauty. She holds the microphone up as it echoes through the Michie Stadium.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Today marks the end of the military tour and we here at Sin City Wrestling want to thank each and every one of you for making this one of our most enjoyable yet!

The fans cheer and begin multiple chants of ???SCW' and ???USA' as Ms. Rocky Mountains steps towards a row of servicemen and women in attendance.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Please welcome some of the men and women who give their lives to protect our freedom and liberty!

A huge ovation for the United States Army as they get up from their seats, they cheer and wave around where they stand, Ms Rocky Mountains places the microphone under near arm and joins in the appreciation. Just as it looks like the scene is about to change a long haired man steps in front of the military men, wearing cut-off jeans a black t-shirt and leather jacket with him gripping hold of something out of the cameras view. Ms. Rocky Mountains grabs the microphone.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Excuse me, can you please move..

The man turns towards her and flicks his head to cause his long brown curly hair back. Ms Rocky Mountains recognizes the man.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I saw you earlier on Twitter. You're???

Before she could say his name, the man snatches the microphone from the buxom lady, pulling the SCW logo off the microphone and throwing it behind him. A young fan in attendance catches it to his and his fathers delight.

Unknown Man: Did you know that the money used towards the unnecessary Iraq war would of paid 220,000 teaches salaries? That the pentagon spends more on war than 50 states spends on health, education, welfare and safety? Another interesting fact is that the yearly cost of one of you stationary soldiers in Iraq could in fact feed more than 60 American households. Yes let's applaud the men and women who are slowly putting the United States in a great recession!

The cheers turn to a sea of boos as the man smirks.

Unknown Man: You boo me but when you lose your jobs and wanting the hand out of the government, you'd get a bag of dirt and a gob full of spit in the face as your money has gone to the billionaire government types and to these soldiers, fighting wars which we shouldn't be a part of in the first place!

The soldiers take offence and start hurling abuse towards the man, who watches each other them in observation, he doesn't retaliate but continues to talk like they were not there.

Unknown Man: Just like here in the SCW, a lot of well-known names have passed through those revolving doors, stating stuff like they're the next heavyweight champion or they're going to do this and that, when in fact they come into this ring and impress for a few matches then go off form and vanish quicker than a cheating husband trying to delete his web history!

The man raises his arm to reveal a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, he points it at several men nearby, they laugh and shout abuse towards him as he looks towards Ms Rocky Mountains.

Unknown Man: You're right, Ms Mountains, you do recognize me from the social networking outlet this promotion seems to thrive upon. My name is Matheson and consider this my introduction to the world of sin!

Matheson raises his arms out to the side to a chorus of boos, the servicemen behind continue to throw abuse, one of them stands nose to nose with the long haired sociopathic loner. Security for the arena come in between them and Matheson slumps backwards with a wayward smile as the scene switches.

The crowd in Michie Stadium is alive and cheering for High Stakes 4, and all of the promises that come along with such an amazing show??? that is, until the girly giggling of Angelica can be heard, along with Delia's lightly raspy chuckle in response. The camera looks around a bit to see all of the Mean Girls arriving at their locker room door with their bags still in hand. Angelica waves the other girls off with a smile on her face as she sets her bag down on the ground, opening the door as she leans down to pick her bag back up off of the ground. She turns the light on and opens her mouth to speak again as she turns into the room.

Angelica: Yeah, so I was lll??? WHAT THE FUCK?!

Angelica freezes in place as Delia and Mercedes push their way inside first. They look around at all of the toilet paper and flooded water all over the floor. Delia freaks out as she kicks a piece of wet toilet paper from her expensive shoes and Mercedes looks up at the ceiling.

Mercedes: Oh, what a nice touch. Seriously, whose idea was it to decorate our room with tampons? Amazingly creative, and so mature???

Delia: Whoever's idea it was can replace my shoes! Z'ese are my favorite Alexander McQueen's bitch like seriously???

Tessa looks around, scoffing as she pulls out her cell phone.

Tessa: I'll call maintenance to clean this up right away. Bloody disgusting???

Veronica: I'll go find Mark so he can make the Bombshells trade locker rooms with us. We shouldn't have to deal with this!

Veronica storms past Tessa who dials a number, disappearing right behind Veronica. Delia sludges around angrily as she walks back toward the door when Mercedes tugs on her sleeve. Delia stops and turns around as Mercedes points over toward the mirror. In pink lipstick, there is a message waiting for the Mean Girls, reading

"I hope you liked my surprise, ladies.
Trust me, you have plenty waiting for you tonight.
Kisses bitch,
-The Mole

Delia glances back as Veronica comes back into the room. She walks up to Mercedes, Angelica, and Delia, ready to tell them something when she catches a glimpse of the message. She gasps as she looks to the three ladies before walking over to the door. She closes it behind her, locking us out as we slowly fade elsewhere.

Mack Andrews and Horace Jackson are seen standing near the Gorilla position as they are going over some last minute strategy.

Mack Andrews: Horace, what are you going to do tonight?

Horace Jackson: Mack, I am going to shut that little punk up once and for all. He wants to call me out well that will be his last mistake.

Mack Andrews: What will be next after this match?

Horace Jackson: I will leave that up to the brass. Right now I must shut Bruce Evans up.

Mack Andrews: Don't worry about him. He will be taking a dirt nap before long.

Horace turns his head to see the camera as a smirk creeps across his face.


Horace and Mack walk towards the Gorilla Position as the cameras cut back inside the ring.

The scene returns to ring side focusing on Belinda and Jason.

Adams: Welcome back to ringside???

Simone: Well Jason the open grave has been staring at us all night and it's time for it to claim its victim.

Adams: You're one hundred per-cent correct Belinda; it's time for the grave to take its desired soul.

Simone: With a helping hand from either Blaque Hart Bruce Evans or the Soulless One Horace Jackson tonight we will witness one of these men get buried alive.

Adams: Let me take you through the rules for this one right here???

Simone: Rules? There are no rules Jason.

Adams: HEY that was my line!!!

Simone: Oops my bad.

Adams: I hate you!

Simone: Well continue with what you were going to say?

Adams: I don't want to, you ruined everything??? let's just head over to Justin and get this match started.

As Jason pouts at Belinda the cameras pan to the middle of the open grave finding Justin standing in it microphone in hand wasting no time the showman starts to talk.

Justin: I don't get paid enough to do this, so I'm going to make this real quick.

The camera pans into the grave, highlighting a headstone that reads "RIP" surrounding the grave are piles of dirt with shovels at the ready for digging.

Justin: Tonight Bruce or Horace will find comfort with the creatures of the deep as one of them will not be walking out of New York. In fact one of them will be buried alive??? these men will belt each other senseless to the point where one of them will have no other way out other than to sleep with the worms??? all I can say is that I hope they have life insurance because after tonight, someone's family is going to need it.

While Justin is talking a crack of thunder is heard from above before the lighting in the open arena starts to flash representing lightening. The thunder continues to roll before a stream of hidden sprinklers start to rain water down on Justin as if it's raining. Justin looks at the camera unamused but he continues his job professionally.

Justin: Let's just get this one underway shall we?

Adams: Where did that storm come from Belinda? From where I'm sitting there's not a cloud in the sky.

Simone: The SCW dramatics department are looking for a pay rise Jason let them have their moment.

Adams: Oh okay, well bang up jobs buddies!

Justin: introducing first???

The opening riff of "Syndrome" comes across the loud speakers as dark lights fill the arena. Two men dressed for a fight walks out from behind the stage. Horace is wearing his in ring attire as Mack is wearing a wife beater. The crowd is still giving Horace a mixed reaction as he and Mack are making their way down the ramp.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Mack Andrews, from The Dark Empire standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing Three Hundred Seventy Nine pounds, he is the "Soulless One" Horace Jackson

Mack and Horace continue down the ramp as he stops at ringside. Mack immediately slides into the ring as Horace pulls himself up onto the ring apron. He swings himself into the ring as he joins Mack in the center of the ring. They raise their arms high in the air as "Syndrome" continues to play.

Horace stalks back and forth in the ring his eyes staying locked on the grave that is only a few metres away.

Justin: And his opponent??? from Calgary, Alberta Canada weighing it at 235 pounds.... Blaque Hart Bruce Evans

"OH CANADA" performed by Rap Artist "Classified" hits the PA system and the fans in the arena start booing the Canadian superstar. A few moments later he steps out from behind the black curtain and walks to centre stage. He starts to make his way down the ramp slowly showing off to the fans.

Bruce doesn't even making it to the ring for the fight to begin as Horace leaps out of the ring a makes a bee line towards him up the ramp. The two Sin City Wrestling superstars come together and collide in the middle of the runway with massive left and right hooks. Both Bruce and Horace are following up their previous punch with a harder and faster one than before. They are desperately trying to get the upper hand on each other both knowing what is fully at stake.

Adams: Oh boy, here we go.

Simone: I wouldn't want to be either of these men right now.

Adams: Me either.

Justin gets out of the grave quickly as the sound of the bell echoes sounding the beginning of the match.

Adams: Well this one has started early.

Simone: They haven't even made it to the ring yet, but like I said there are no rules???

Bruce gets the one up as he drives a high knee into the gut of Horace, causing Horace to double over. Bruce doesn't care, he just acts out of instinct and grabs a handful of Horace's tights pulling him around he forcefully drives his opponents head into the barricade, The fans near the action are screaming in delight, trying to touch both of the men but Bruce just fobs them off before screaming at them not to touch him.

Simone: Well that's not very nice of him.

Bruce stands tall as Horace is holding his head. Horace stumbles back towards Bruce but Bruce catches him with a massive upper cut sending the Soulless on flying backwards into the barricade once again. Horace slides down to backside giving Bruce an opening as he rushes towards him driving his knee firmly into his face planting him against the cold unforgiving steel.

Adams: And we have blood, Horace may have a broken nose.

Bruce looks down at the blood pouring the Horace's nose and laughs. Before bending down scooping him up in his hands Bruce lifts the slightly bigger Horace up on this shoulder. Bruce rushes towards the ring, but doesn't enter it with Horace he turns towards the steel steps and he drops Horace down face first onto them. As Horace's head bounces off the steel Bruce smiles at the camera smugly before turning around, pulling Horace up to his feet the Canadian whips him around with ease driving Horace into the ring steps back first.

Simone: My God, Bruce is destroying him.

Adams: Ha-ha, you sound funny!

Picking up Horace like a rag doll Bruce whips into the barricade again before charging towards him with a clothesline. Horace doesn't go over the barricade but his back bends awkwardly causing Horace to yell out in pain. Bruce doesn't give him a moment to catch his breath as he comes crashing back in with a massive right hand to the face before unleashing a fast round of body shots. Horace stumbles forward as Bruce grabs onto his arm whipping him into the ring, Horace thinks quickly and fires back a mule kick knocking Bruce slightly off balance. Horace is smart enough to grab the bottom ring rope and is able to roll himself up into the ring.

Simone: Horace is looking for some distance here.

Adams: Sadly he's not going to get it.

Bruce holds his torso but he is able to roll into the ring with ease. Horace has made his way up to his feet but he is leaning in the far corner trying to regain his composure. Bruce like a shark that smells blood sees the opportunity and seizes it. Running from the other side of the ring Bruce pancakes Horace in the corner. The cocky Canadian doesn't just do this once; he follows it up with two more. The fans are being very vocal towards Bruce letting him know he isn't welcome here.

Crowd: Bruce sucks, Bruce sucks, Bruce sucks!

Bruce goes for another smack across Horace face but Horace counters with an upper cut before the Soulless leaves the ring, distancing himself from Bruce. Bruce doesn't want a bar of it as he follows Horace of out the ring. Bruce runs towards Horace and looks for a spear but Horace steps out of the way at the last minute, his shoulder abruptly meeting the barricade. The fans are wild now as they clap Horace on barking directions at him so he can get the upper hand. Horace is weakened but he is able to suck it up to fight. Scooping Bruce up Horace plants him face first on the steel barricade, before lifting his legs up and dumping him into the crowd. Bruce is like a fish out of water as some of the fans starts raining trash down upon him, Bruce tries to walk away from them but the mob them. They know that Horace needs some time to recover so the fans are trying to help him.

Adams: That's the smartest move I've seen Horace hit all night.

Simone: What crowd control?

Adams: Whatever works right?

Simone: This is true!

Bruce heads back towards the barricade and Horace is quick to grab onto the back of his neck flipping him over the steel and back to the ring side. Bruce rolls out of the way as Horace looks for a leg drop, Horace now is in a world of pain and Bruce springs to his feet to hit a perfect low drop kick to his opponents face. Bruce grabs onto Horace but out of desperation the Soulless one hits Bruce down low buying himself some time. Horace rolls up to his feet and fumbles his way over to the ring, sliding back into it. Climbing the ropes the high flying side of Horace looks like it's going to come out and play but Bruce is onto this and makes sure that it doesn't happen by grabbing onto Horace's right leg pulling it down catching Horace in the family jewels.

Simone: Well that's pay back

Adams: I have tears in my eye for him!

Bruce takes this time to regroup as Horace slides down from the top rope and into the ring. Bruce takes his time in walking over towards Horace grabbing on to him he drags him up to his feet looking for DDT but Horace counters with a massive jawbreaker. Bruce falls to the canvas and Horace gets back to his feet scooping Bruce up he takes him back down with a scoop slam. Lifting Bruce up once more Horace collects him with a German suplex. Bruce's head bounce off the canvas but Horace doesn't let up as he starts hailing left and high hooks at him. Bruce is trying to cover up but Horace has exploded with power. Bruce rolls out of the way and gets to his feet and charges towards Horace.

Adams: Well I think that's only wrestling were going to see in this match

Simone: This match isn't about moves it's about slogging it out with your opponent that badly you can drop them into an open grave

Adams: Do you just want to take all my lines tonight Belinda?

Horace steps out of the way but grabs onto the top rope pulling it down sending Bruce to the outside. Bruce crashes to the hard unforgiving flooring and Horace jumps over the top rope like a ninja coming down with a massive frog splash. Both competitors are feeling the effects of that one and they both try and catch their breath. Horace is the first move as he gets to his feet slowly before grabbing onto Bruce's head. Both men make their way towards the grave, with Horace in control as he drags Bruce up there.

Simone: Well we knew this time would come; the boys are heading to the grave.

Adams: Why do you sound so excited?

Simone: The grave is the whole point of this match; it's about time it got used.

Both males make their way to the grave as the two come to blows on the top of the ramp exchanging left and rights. Horace knees Bruce in the gut and grabs onto his head trying to sling him into the grave. Bruce turns it around and tries to whip Horace in the open pit but Horace collects him with a drop toe hold. Bruce gets a face full of dirt and Horace grabs onto his legs and tries to drag him to his depths looking for the win. Bruce rolls over and kicks back trying to get Horace off of him. Horace continues to drag him towards the hole but Bruce, reaches out with his right hand and grabs onto a shovel. Bruce looks to hi Horace but Horace jumps back almost sending himself into the grave. Horace holds onto the shovel that Bruce is madly swinging on his back for leverage, the soulless one is able to rip it from his hands. Horace swings the shovel slapping it against Bruce's stomach. Bruce is rolling around in pain while Horace is trying to reclaim his balance. Horace rocks forward while dropping the shovel before taking off towards Bruce who is trying to crawl away holding his belly.


Horace comes in with full intentions to grab onto Bruce's head and drag him toward the grave but Bruce plays dirty and rakes the eyes. Bruce staggers to his feet while Horace is blinded he grabs onto him and pulls him over towards the grave, as Bruce looks as if he is going to finish Horace off with a massive power bomb Horace counters by sliding out of it, putting both men on the side of the grave hanging on for dear life. Both men are hanging on the end of the grave, their feet rocking back and forth as they fight for balance. Without warning Bruce snaps forward before turning in mid-air to flick kick Horace in the face. Horace tumbles back into the grave while Bruce reclaims his footing before heading to the shovels of dirt.

Simone: This isn't over Bruce still need to shovel the dirt.

Adams: Yeah I don't really see Horace making a recovery.

Bruce shovels the dirt, over Horace's fallen lifeless body with a massive smirk on his face. The confident Canadian lifts the shovel up in the air claiming his victory as the fans voice their anger at the result of the match.

Adams: No one is happy about this!!! Except Bruce, he's laughing like a crazy person!

Simone: Well I can't believe he did it, but he did it.

The sound of a deathly church bell tolls signifying the end of the match. As the lighting in the arena flickers and flashes light lightening as Thunder roars over the personal address system and the rain starts to fall once more.

Justin: Here is your winner???. Blaaaqueee Haaaart Bruuuuceeee Evaaaans!

Simone: What a match! Blaque Hart has defeated rival Horace Jackson!

The camera focuses on a smiling Blaque Hart Bruce Evans

The scene opens on the backstage area where we find Veronica getting ready for her match. As she holds her trusty mirror eying her very appearance blowing herself a kiss. She has an arrogant expression on her face as she says.

Veronica Taylor: I am even hotter than ever tonight!

A knock comes to the door, and as she answers it something seemed to be off. It was as if the room had gotten a bit colder even before she opened the door. She opens it and there stood Joanne.

Joanne: Talkin' to yourself again I see.

Veronica rolls her eyes slightly annoyed. Not bothering to lose her glance off of the mirror she spots Joanne behind her.

Joanne: What? Not even a hello? Are you ready for rip Jessie and Cynthia apart? I mean that would be the polite thin' to say? But then again... You're not the polite one are you?

Veronica Taylor: I am just admiring how beautiful and prefect I am. I mean, someone has to be prefect around here.

Veronica, lets out a bitchy giggle before speaking again. Joanne starts to laugh, but it seems strange, and very creepy. She looks up at Veronica with wide eyes and almost what Veronica could assume to be one of someone that has finally gone over the edge. Joanne grabs Veronica by the arm, and continues to laugh. Veronica pushes her off of her looking disgusted at her partner, flipping her hair she says.

Veronica Taylor: Look I am hot, but I am not into girls so sorry bout it. Now, I am tired of facing losers Slow cow could not wrestle her way out of a bag. And Warren, the only thing she will be nursing is a broken heart.

Joanne hits the wall behind her, and shakes her head. She looks at Veronica and puts a hand to her head.

Joanne: What in the hell are you talkin' about now? Of course we're goin' to take them down, but I think you are losin' it.

Veronica rolls her eyes in disgust moving away from her.

Veronica Taylor: I'm losing it? Now I now your nuts.

Joanne: What are you talkin' about? One minute I was sayin' somethin' and then...

Joanne puts a hand to her head, and sits down on one of the chairs in the room. Veronica looks confused before saying.

Veronica Taylor: Um, are you okay? I don't need you going nuts out there tonight kay?

Joanne: Thanks... I didn't know you cared... I'll be fine. Maybe it's just the stress of everythin' you know...

Veronica rolled her eyes.

Veronica Taylor: Um, listen in the end these titles are in the bag for us. Why are you stressing about the loseretts?

Joanne: It's not that... I live a stressful life if you haven't noticed... Of course you haven't. Everyday someone is tryin' to kill you, over throw you, or find a place to put an ice pick.

Veronica Taylor: Um I am busy woman hunty. I do have a modeling career, fashion line, and company I have to deal with daily.

Joanne sighs, and gets up from where she sits.

Joanne: I heard... Listen I'll be fine out there, but I need to know if we're on the same page for tonight? I don't want to go out there and have you screw up and us lose those titles to those two.

Veronica sighed in an arrogant, and annoyed manner.

Joanne: I take it that you understand what I'm sayin' then? That's good.

Veronica Taylor: Me screw up? Please I already carried one troll to the belt.

Joanne: I've never had anyone carry me to a title and I don't plan on doin' so now. I'll see you out there. Enjoy admirin' yourself...

Veronica rolled her eyes, as she returns her glance to her mirror smirking arrogantly. Though, looking confused at Joanne action before saying.

Veronica Taylor: Ugh, yeah now I got to get myself ready, for my photo op.

Joanne shakes her head, and walks out of the locker room, as the scene fades back to the main part of the arena.

The cameras pan backstage to find Bruce and his wife Kimberley standing by the refreshment table as the two are deep in conversation. Melody Grace is seen behind them, not waiting to start a conversation with them both she tries to sneak up behind them. Her hand out reached as she aims for the cinnamon donut that is just ripe for the taking. As her hand finally makes contact with the sugary goodness Melody pulls her hand back quickly and goes to skip away but the sound of Bruce's voice stops her.

BHBE: Going somewhere Melody?

Melody turns on her high heels and looks back at Bruce and his wife with a smile.

Melody: Umm Hi... I umm got a match to get ready for, I... umm... gotta go.

Raising the donut up in the air as she waves, the blonde twirls around on her heels once more looking for a getaway.

BHBE: I'm sure you have two minutes to spare, Melody... I want you to meet somebody.

Turning back around the young blonde puts on her best smile and takes a step towards them.

BHBE: This is my wife Kimberley, Kim this is Melody Grace.

Melody extends her hand but Kim doesn't return the gesture, Melody awkwardly runs her hand through her hair as Bruce stands there looking at her smugly.

Melody: Ohhh this is the woman you said is going to kick the nice out of me, such an honour to finally met you.

Kimberley lets out a wicked giggle as Melody holds onto her cinnamon donut for dear life.

Melody: Well I must be going; it's lovely to meet you...

Turning on her heels she skips off a few steps before the sounds of heavy footsteps beside her stop her in her tracks. Looking to her left she is met with the glaring eyes of Bruce Evans.

BHBE: Come on Melody that wasn't very friendly of you.

Melody: Friendly of me? You think I should want to meet your big bad wife who you have told me several times on twitter that you're training to have her beat me up.

Bruce looks down at Melody with a sarcastic smirk.

BHBE: My wife isn't the only one that wants to beat you Melody, you see everyone does... let me get this through to you... no one likes you... no one wants to see you blossom in SCW because no one can stand you. You think the Sins even want you here? You're a disgrace to their name... let's see you have the Seven Deadly Sins... and this child that's dressed up like a mythical creature. Ha! What a waste of a spot on the Bombshell Roster... you're nothing... and my wife over there is going to continue her training, and one day... one day very soon Melody she is going to snap you like a frail little twig.

As Bruce is talking to Melody he steps up closer towards her, making the young blonde feel uneasy.

BHBE: Enjoy your time on the roster while you can Mel, because it's going to be short lived.

With that said and done Bruce stared down Melody before walking off to be with his wife. The vision goes back to see a very sad looking Melody Grace with tears welling in her eyes.

The scene opens backstage of the West Point military installation in New York, where we see backstage workers running around ensuring the show goes smoothly as possible, there are also a few military personnel also hanging out, watching the show also waiting and hoping to meet their favourite wrestler.

As the camera pans around, we see Jessie Salco with Shane and Jake, talking with one of the personnel of West Point, but before a full conversation is heard, a familiar person comes into shot and hugs Jessie. Shane and Jake.

Panning around a little more, we see the familiar person is in fact Amy Marshall, as soon as the cameraperson realises, he gets the attention of Pussy Willow and she dashes over and rudely interrupts the conversation.

PW: Welcome back Amy??? can I get a few words from you?

Everyone frowns before shaking the hand of the military person before turning their attentions to Pussy Willow.

Amy: No hello??? no sorry guys can I have a few words, no I will allow you to continue your conversation. That is very rude of you Pussy.

Amy crosses her arms.

PW: Sorry???

Pussy says sheepishly

Jessie: No, you should say sorry to Lieutenant Harry Kane. But it's too late now.

Jessie fire back, as Shane and Jake nodded their heads. As Pussy stepped back, wondering if it was a good idea to interrupt the conversation.

Amy: So what do you want Ms Willow?

Amy asks unfurling her arms and removing the sunglasses off her face.

PW: I??? just a few questions about you being here.

Amy: Sure

Amy smiles at Jessie.

PW: Thanks. Firstly how is your sister?

Amy: She is recovering well. She is having rehab and staying with my parents until she is fully recovered.

PW: Good to hear. We were all praying for your sister when we heard the news. So to your appearance here tonight, are you going to stay here and watch Jessie's match or be at ringside cheering her on?

Amy: I'm hoping to be at ringside cheering her and Cynthia on??? if that's ok with Jessie and of course with management.

Amy say with a hopeful smile and shrug.

Jessie: Of course its ok with me??? I would love you to be at ringside.

Jessie said with excitement in her voice.

Amy: Great. I will also be around for the rest of the show, I missed being here.


PW: When are you due back?

Amy: I'll be back next show. I requested a month off; a month has been and gone. I am itching to get back inside the ring and kick some ass.

Amy said with a smile.

PW: Well it's nice to see you back and I let you continue with your catch up with Jessie.

Amy: Thanks.

Pussy smiles before slinking off, as the camera soon fades out on Amy and Jessie as they share a hug and begin to talk about the tag team title match up between Jessie, Cynthia, Veronica and Joanne Canelli.

Justin: The following contest is for the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championships!

The crowd cheer

Justin: Introducing first, the challengers, being accompanied by her husband, James...

"Get Well Soon by Reggie & The Full Effect" blasts all over the speakers. As it does the beautiful Cindy Warren emerges from the back accompanied by her husband James. She smiles as she is wearing a stethoscope around her neck. She holds the end to the crowd to check the life of the crowd and they welcome her with loud cheers.

Justin: From Charlotte, North Carolina. weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is "The Nurse" Cynthia Warren!

She grins as she stretches her arms out and slaps the hands of the people cheering her on. She slides into the ring and slowly rises to her feet. She proudly raises her hands in the air and waits for her partner to come out.

Justin: And her partner, being accompanied by her brother, Jake and Amy Marshall...

The Crowd burst in to cheers at Amy's name being mentioned

"Revenge, is a meal Best Served Cold..."

Justin: From Miami, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is Jessie Salco!

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of ""Like Angels Weeping (the dark)" by Kataklysym tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake and Amy Marshall. The trio do some headbanging at the top of the ramp before Jessie gets a running start before sliding into the ring, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before showing off her NXT armband and waiting for her opponent.

Justin: And their opponents... introducing first, being accompanied by Reno, Rude and Scarpaci...

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as "Bang Bang"(My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nico Vega begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words "FULL BLOODED ITALIAN" is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900's, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena's from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards.

Justin: From Jersey Shore, New Jersey, weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds, she is one half of the SCW Bombshell tag team champions, she is "The Jersey Devil Diva" Joanne Canelli!

They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, , talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring.

Justin: And her partner, being accompanied to the ring by Angelica

Perfect Exceeder By Princess Superstar featuring Mason hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing. As, a makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it. As, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor, with Angelica in tow, with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She, then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Justin: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is one half of the SCW Bombshell, tag team champions, she is Veronica Taylor!

Yeah, that's right, it's the Superstar
Everybody wanna come up when I'm at the bar
All them people wanna try it's like gimme some more
Try a little harder honey I'm like gimme my car
Skip the bra, chill at the spas

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. As, she then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. As, she then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. As, Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly. As she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

Simone: It's like a circus out here with all these people.

Jasmine St John calls for the bell!


Salco and Joanne look at each other across the ring. The bell rings and Joanne walks right up to Salco and slaps her hard across the face. Jessie's face changes as she lifts Joanne off her feet and slams her down, leaping on top of the mean girl and starts to punch her hard and fast in the face. Joanne screams out and Veronica Taylor runs in, pulling Jessie off of her partner, but Cynthia Warren quickly gets back in to the ring and clotheslines Veronica, knocking her down to the ground.

Simone: Referee needs to get some control in there.

Both Veronica and Joanne get to their feet, but both are met with double dropkicks, sending Joanne and Veronica Taylor outside of the ring. Jessie and Cynthia get to their feet, both just staring at each other, with a nod of approval.

Adams: I think these two might be on the same page

The referee orders Cynthia out of the ring as Joanne gets in the ring, Veronica returning to her corner. As Joanne get's to the center of the ring, she plants a thumb in to Jessie's eye. Jessie turns around partially blinded and stumbles with her back towards Joanne. Joanne takes Jessie's head and runs her in to the corner, slamming her face first in to the turnbuckle. Joanne turns Jessie around and pulls her arm back, nailing heavy chops across Jessie's chest. As Jessie stumbles out of the corner, Joanne takes her head and runs forward, looking for a bulldog but Jessie pushes her off, sending her flying across the ring. Joanne lands on her behind and Jessie Salco plants a boot to the back of Joanne, in to the spine. Joanne lays flat but Jessie flips Joanne over to her stomach. She lifts Joanne's leg, placing it in between her leg, and bridges backwards, gripping Joanne's chin with a leg and chin strap

Simone: Unique move from Jessie

Joanne screams out, but Veronica Taylor runs in the ring, breaking up the move with a kick to Jessie's gut. Jessie rolls over and gets to her feet after releasing the hold and lifts Joanne to her feet. Jessie attempts to grab Joanne but Joanne trips Jessie with a drop toe hold. Joanne grabs Jessie by her hair and throws her in to her corner, before turning around and mocking Cynthia Warren. Cynthia gets in the ring but referee Jasmine St John stops her. Behind Jasmine's back, Veronica chokes Jessie, while Joanne puts the boots to her stomach. Veronica releases the hold as the referee turns around. Joanne tags in Veronica.

Simone: Mean Girl in the ring.

Adams: Tra la la la la

Simone: What?

Adams: Doesn't matter, no ones gonna get that one anyway.

Veronica takes Jessie but the hair from behind and drops down with a reverse neckbreaker. Jessie rolls over, holding her head and moves towards her corner, but Veronica grabs hold of Jessie's ankle. Jessie uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, while Veronica holds her foot and jumps up with a huge kick with her standing foot, crashing it behind Veronica's head with an enziguri, Veronica lands directly on her face

Adams:A model landing that hard on her face, equals a few weeks off work.

Jessie scrambles to her feet and tags in Cynthia Warren

Simone: Here comes The Nurse

Cynthia enters the ring and pulls Veronica to her feet, punching her hard in the face

Adams: That was one shell of a shot

Veronica stumbles away as a smile crosses Cynthia's face. Cynthia grabs hold of Veronica's head and nails her with a vicious DDT. Cynthia pulls Veronica back to her feet and whips her off the ropes, catching her with a spinning back elbow as she returns to the center of the ring. Cynthia pulls Veronica back to her feet and skips to her side, dropping Veronica down with a Russian legsweep. Cynthia goes for the cover.


Veronica gets a shoulder up.

Simone: Cynthia going for the first cover in the match.

Cynthia gets back to her feet and waits for Veronica to return to her feet. Cynthia attempts a step up enziguri but Veronica ducks. As Cynthia lands back on her feet, Veronica lifts her up and drops her across the top rope. Cynthia bounces off the top rope holding her chest and turns in to a waiting Veronica Taylor. Veronica grabs her head and lifts her up with an implant DDT! Veronica goes for the cover.


Cynthia kicks out

Simone: Close!

Cynthia looks surprised but Veronica continues the attack, stomping on her. She pulls Cynthia to her feet and throws her hard in to the corner, the force dropping Cynthia down to her behind. Veronica walks in and puts her foot across Cynthia's neck, choking her with her boot. The referee tries to pull her off, Veronica turns around yelling at the referee, taking her attention away from Cynthia returning to her feet. From the outside, Joanne runs along the ring apron, clotheslining Cynthia inside the ring before she returns to her corner. Veronica pushes the referee out of the way and tags in Joanne.

Adams: Joanne now legal

Joanne grabs Cynthia to her feet and pulls her in to the corner, grabbing her head and stepping on to the middle rope, Joanne jumps off with a tornado DDT, crashing Cynthia's head in to the canvas. Joanne walks over towards Jessie on the outside, getting up close to her, but Jessie headbutts Joanne!

Adams: God damn! Jessie must really want her title back

Joanne stumbles backwards in to a running knee lift from Cynthia. Cynthia climbs the top rope.

Simone: Cynthia looking to end it now.

Jessie charges in the ring and pulls Veronica over the top rope, as she lands on her back, Jessie drops a quick leg. Jasmine turns to get Jessie out of the ring, but Angelica quickly jumps up on the ring apron and pushes Cynthia off the top rope.

Adams: Jessie didn't see her partner face plant in the ring!

Joanne moves behind Jessie, taking her by the scruff of the neck and tossing her over the ropes. She turns back to Cynthia, now returning to her feet and lifts her on to her shoulder. She throws her off and connects with the Bulls Eye!

Adams: Boom!

Joanne rolls Cynthia on her back and goes for the cover. Jasmine drops down to count



Justin: The winners of the match, and STILL SCW Bombshell tag team champions, Joanne Canelli and Veronica Taylor!

Simone: They're not the most in sync team on the roster, but they got the job done tonight

Angelica quickly walks to the time keepers table, picking up both titles but Joanne slides out of the ring and pulls one from her hand. Angelica stares hard at Joanne before turning around and giving a title belt to Veronica. A frustrated looking Salco stands in the ring.

Opening up backstage Melody Grace can be found walking the back hallway minding her own business. She quickly looks around her to see if anyone is watching before she places her back up against the wall. Sliding across it she acts as if she's trying to not get caught. As she makes her way up to the nearby corner she pokes her head around the corner. Her eyes falling on Ringo, J2H and Simpson, her eyes lighting up the moment they lay on Simpson. Pulling her head back around the corner, she takes a deep breath in and out before pulling out two candy bars from her pocket. Letting out another exhale the blonde's lips started moving as she was talking to herself.

Melody: You can do this, Melly...

Letting out another soft exhale Mel poked her head around the corner once more, seeing the trio of males still there she quickly took off skipping towards them.

Adams: What are you doing Melly?

Simone: Oh boy, this is not going to end well she's already had a run in with Bruce tonight..

Adams: I'll protect her.

Mel continues to skip down the hallway at pace, the candy bars hidden in her hands before she gets closer to the boys. She closes her eyes and "accidently" slams into Simpson. Simpson doesn't even rock backwards as the blonde bounces back off of him. Looking up at the three she smiles, and dusts herself off. While J2H and Ringo look at her disgusted.

Melody: My apologies kind sir.

Looking up at Simpson she gives him a nod of her head, completely ignoring J2H and Ringo.

Simpson: That's quite alright... Ms..?

Melody: Ms Grace...

Simpson: Oh... right, Ms Grace!

Melody smiles brightly as she fixes her unusual ring attire before swaying back and forth.

Melody: Well apologies again, have a great night.

Taking off in a skip again Melody leaves the scene while J2H and Ringo are left wondering what the hell she is dressed as while Simpson taps his back pockets feeling two candy bars in there. The big bodyguard cracks a half smile before letting out a cough clearing his throat as the scene fades to ringside.

The Tron flickers on to a picture of Delia Darling, Mercedes Vargas, Veronica Taylor, Angelica, and Tessa Flannigan standing closely together with warm smiles on their faces, and the "Mean Girls" logo behind them. The fans boo, but the sound of their disapproval is soon drowned out by light music that has an almost heart warming effect to it. The image fades out to show, in bright white cursive lettering against a black background, the word "Daughter". A soft white light segways us to a scene of Delia sitting on the couch next to her father as the two are clearly catching up on old times. She laughs as she playfully shoves him, which causes another laugh from him. A voiceover of Delia comes up as the scene continues to play out, her thick French accent coming across.

Delia: I'm not just a model. I'm an actual person, just like you, darlings??? I am a daughter???

Delia can be seen helping her father to stand up from the couch as they prepare to walk out of the camera shot. Her father limps slowly, as he clutches on to a cane, one that he has never been seen with before. Delia smiles warmly into the camera before the screen fades to another black screen with another word written??? "Friend".

Delia: I am not just fabulous. I also have an amazing collection of friends who aren't Mean Girls. I'm like??? so nice???

Delia can be seen sitting at a table inside of a workshop, with Despayre and Angel perched in chairs across from her. They are clearly planning something as they scribble small illustrations on the paper. Delia grabs at her hair and says something, which causes Despayre to point and shout back. Delia reaches into her pocket and pulls out a few dollar bills as she slides them over to Angel, gently laughing. Delia looks back over to the camera with another warm smile.

Delia: I am not just flawless. I am very sociable. I'm always willing to talk to fans and wrestlers alike via Twitter. I'm like so warm and friendly, and???

The word "Charitable" comes over the screen before we fade in to see various clips of Delia in front of rainbow flags at LGBT fundraiser's, speaking on behalf of the community, and while we can't hear her actual words, we can only assume they are very pointed and motivating of change.

Delia: I mean??? I totally not gay, but wi'sout z'em, who would be z'e most trusted source for fashion wi's all of z'e ugly girls wi's a gay friend? See, so nice??? Ugh, you should all love me because I'm so relatable and stuff???

We pan in to see Delia sitting in a chair with four other fashionable ladies standing around her, their identities obvious despite the lack of a major "reveal". She is dressed in a pink sweater over a white ruffled blouse, soft pink tones to her lips and eyelids, and a fake smile spread on her face as she takes a deep breath.

Delia: I'm not just z'e Bombshell Champion??? I'm Delia Darling, and???

The camera pans out to reveal the fashionably dressed ladies as??? *GASP!* The Mean Girls! Veronica, Tessa, Angelica, and Mercedes all stand closely in the shot, their hands placed on the back of the seat Delia is sitting in. Delia takes a deep breath and sighs in a friendly manner, looking from side to side quickly.

Delia: ??? and I am a Mean Girl.

Male Voiceover: This message has been brought to you by Davenport Consulting, in conjunction with Mean Girls Incorportated???

The Mean Girls share some friendly, innocent banter together as the screen slowly fades back out, still taking in the boos from the audience in attendance for the evening.

Simone: Oh my god, I think I just puked a little. That was the most insincere piece of crap I've ever watched???

Adams; I don't know, I found it rather awe inspiring???

Simone: Then you're an idiot???

The cameras scan back to ring side while the lighting in the arena dims down to nothing. In the background a techno bass drum solo comes to life on the personal address system, before an array of bright coloured lights start flickering sporadically. "I'm laid back, I'm feeling this" sounds, alerting the crowd to the beginning of let's get ridiculous by Red Foo. As the arena comes to life with a night club vibe the lighting at the top of the ramp picks up. The lighting picks up the movement of the black curtains being pushed to the side and out walks two large muscular men. The men are dressed only in a pair of white shiny pants, while their shoes are made out to be horse hooves on top of their heads in a large Unicorn head hiding their identity. As the two shirtless giants make their way onto the stage, it's brought to everyone attention that they're each dragging a long thick piece of white rope. As the two men continue down the walkway, the item that they are pulling finally pops out from behind the curtain.

Justin Decent: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and twenty nine pounds??? from St. Helena California??? she is Sin City Wrestling's Little Miss Sunshine??? Meeeeeellloooody Grrraaaaacee!!!

The fans come to life with cheers as now on top of the stage Melody is seen sitting on top of a carnival ride. She's seated on a large white Unicorn who is sliding up and down a golden pole; similar to a merry go round. Sitting side saddle in-between the wings of the unicorn Pegasus Melody starts waving adoringly to her fans, who are cheering her on. The two giant men drag the Carnival ride to the middle of the ramp way before each setting down their ropes and making their way towards the moving horned horse. Both men reach up and grab onto Melody's delicate figure and help her down from the unicorn. Giving each of the boys a firm hug the bubbly blonde takes off towards the ring slapping the fans hands along her way. While the men drag her noble steed back up the ramp, Melody finally reaches the ring steps that she quickly runs up. Walking along the ring apron giving the fans a little shake of her tail feathers before stepping over the middle rope Mel enters the ring. Making her way around the six sided ring Melody is waving wildly at the fans, while dancing unable to contain her excitement. As her theme dies down of the personal address system Melody makes her way over to her corner and takes off her furry hood making sure that she puts it down gently.

Justin Decent: And her opponent, from the Isle of the Gods, standing at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing in at 127 pounds??? being accompanied to the ring by Blanca Chastain, she is???NECRRRRRRRRRA OCTAAAAAAAAAAVIAN KAAAAAAAAAANE!!!

The house lights go down, as a golden and black spotlights go over the crowd. "So Beautiful, So Evil" begins to play over the loud speaker. The Tron comes to life with a bird's eye view of the great Pyramids on the Giza Strip, only to change to what appears to be the interior of a tomb where we see Necra with eyes closed and they open glowing a blue color, as the scene changes to shots from matches, and her title wins. Mist starts to roll from around the stage area, as Necra rises up from underneath with Ex at her side, and Blanca and Sara following behind. Sara has her head lowered never raising her eyes to the crowd while Blanca plays to them some. Necra leads a black panther on a leash in front of her, and the Bombshell Roulette Title on her shoulder, as they head down the ramp way. Necra ignores the fans as they start down the ramp way. They reach the ring, and Necra kisses Ex, and hands the leash to Sara, as she bows. Ex helps her up onto the edge of the ring, and opens the ropes for her. She stands in the middle of the ring, and she raises her hands, only to bring them down, as golden sparkles fall onto the crowd.


No sooner than the bell rings does Necra charge at Melody with all of her strength. Melody sidesteps her at the last second and uses the momentum to Irish Whip Necra into the ropes. As she ricochets off of the ropes, Melody comes from the side, leaping onto Necra's shoulders for a Leg scissor takedown. As Melody swings down, Necra uses all of her strength and flips her back up and come crashing down with a powerbomb. Necra gets up from the ground as Melody clutches onto her back. She leans down and locks a Crossface on to Melody, wrenching her arm into Melody.

Simone: Our Bombshells are coming right out of the gate as if she were on fire.

Adams:Necra is just proving why she is a former champion. Melody is going to have to fight harder if she wants to walk out with that mark in the "W" column.

Melody shouts in pain as she works her way over toward the ropes. Necra tries pulling her back, but Melody powers her way slowly to the ropes. Necra holds on, wrapping her legs around Melody's waist as Melody tries getting up to her feet. Necra does her best to ground her weight, making Melody stumble around a bit. Melody turns and allows herself to fall back into the turnbuckle, crushing Necra and loosening the grip. Melody reaches back, grabbing a handful of Necra's hair, flipping her over her shoulder to a sitting position. She hits a low Dropkick to Necra's back and immediately shoves her against the mat, pinning her shoulders down.



Adams: Melody is eager to put Necra down for the count, but she just didn't make it.

Simone: Necra Octavian Kane didn't become the Roulette and Tag Champions for no reason. Melody is going to have to try a lot harder to keep little miss sunshine down.

As Melody gets up, Necra grabs onto Melody's tights and trips her up, slamming her head into the mat. She gets up and stomps away at Melody with a look of anger on her face. She grabs onto Melody's hair and lifts her up from the ground. Necra plants a hard boot to Melody's stomach. She wraps her arms around Melody's neck and leaps up for a tornado DDT, but Melody stops her in the middle of the maneuver and flips her forward once again. Necra slowly rolls over as Melody stalks her.

Simone: Melody is giving it all she's got, but Necra is not going to let her get away with it so easily.

Adams: Huh? I'm sorry, I was watching both ladies nearly popping out of their tops...

Melody catches Necra with a Shining Wizard. Melody leans down to pick Necra up off of the mat, but Necra claws at her eyes. As Melody stumbles backward, Necra gets up, holding her ribs. She kicks Melody in the gut, and then takes her down with a Snap Suplex. She dusts off her hands and then sends the crowd into a roar of cheers and boos simultaneously. She picks Melody up and flips her over with a Snapmare, pressing her knee into Melody's back, pulling her arms back. As Melody screams in pain, Necra taunts her. She pushes Melody face first into the mat, and then she leans over the ropes to taunt a fan up front who is shouting at her. She points to her face, and then nods her head, but Melody comes up from behind and grabs her arms, falling back with a modified Rolling Backbreaker, much to the fan's liking. She rolls Necra off of her and drops down for the cover.



Simone: A very close call after a very unique maneuver by Melody.

Adams: Indeed. These two are so evenly matched, this match could still go either way here.

Necra kicks out, and the crowd calls out in disappointment. Melody takes a few steps back. As Necra gets up, Melody lands a Roundhouse Kick that sends her back down to the mat hard. Melody hits a legdrop and then she runs over to the corner. She dashes up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off with a Corkscrew Moonsault that causes the audience to react in awe and surprise. Their reaction is deafening until Necra rolls out of the way just in time. Both woman lay out on the mat as Referee Drew Patton leans down to check on them. He readies himself for the count until Necra sits up. She pulls herself up against the ropes. She rests there for a moment before leaning off of them and dashing over to Melody. She comes crashing down with an Elbow Drop that misses its mark. Melody slowly stands up and leans against the ropes, but Necra charges at her with a clothesline that sends Melody spinning. As Necra turns around in celebration, Melody is still hanging onto the ropes. She spins herself back inside of the ring and does a handspring toward Necra. As Necra turns around, Melody smashes into her with a back elbow. As Necra reels, holding her face, Melody spins back with a Crescent Kick that lays her out.

Adams: Melody never ceases to amaze me, Belinda. She is just seconds away from putting this match to rest.

Simone: We've thought this in many past matches, but the Bombshells of Sin City Wrestling always have a way of surprising us, Jason...

Melody rushes over to the corner and slowly climbs up to the top rope and she looks out into the audience. She nods her head as she takes in their calls of approval. She perches herself carefully before slowly standing up. She looks down to Necra as she stirs on the mat. She comes flying off with a Frog Splash that sends the audience to their feet, until Necra puts her knees up at the very last second. Both ladies sit there on their backs, Melody is holding her stomach. Necra quickly rolls over, hooking Melody's leg for the count.



Melody shoots her leg up just before the three and the audience goes wild. Necra slams the mat in frustration before picking Melody up off of the mat. She goes to fling her across the ring, but Melody counters the Irish Whip. She goes for a clothesline to the rebounding Necra, but she ducks and bounces off of the other ropes. The crowd can't help but watch on in astonishment as Necra hits a continuous Hurricanrana. As much as they want to boo, they gasp as they are awestruck. Upon landing the move, Necra jumps back up and slowly walks around the ring with a smug look on her face. This gets the audience back to booing as she smiles. She comes back over to Melody and drops down with a knee to her head.

Simone: And Necra is back in control of this match. The Goddess of the Dead is defending what is hers.

Adams: It could still go either way. Melody has got the audience on her side and that can make a huge difference.

Necra goes for another knee, but Melody trips her up before she can even jump up. Melody quickly mounts Necra and begins wailing away with punch after punch. The fire in Melody's eyes shines through with her determination. She finally gets off of Necra, but she pulls her to her feet. She quickly hits a rolling Neckbreaker on Necra and then waits as the feisty Bombshell gets up to her feet. Melody goes for a Yakuza Kick, only to have Necra stop her. She grabs onto Melody's leg and plants an elbow to her knee. She trips Melody up and prepares for some sort of submission lock when Melody wraps both legs around Necra's neck. As she lowers down more, Melody surprises her with the Whirlybird Headscissors.

Adams: That move never ceases to amaze me with her...Each and every time, it is executed with perfection.

Simone: Kiss ass.

Melody looks down at Necra who is struggling to gain distance between the two. Melody grabs a hold of Necra's legs as she struggles as hard as she can. Melody lays in a few good stomps before locking on a figure four leg lock. Necra yells out in pain, doing her best to endure it. She looks over to see the ropes are too far away to reach, and she can't pull out of the tight lock. Melody wrenches the leg tightly, in the center of the ring as Necra inches just a bit closer to the ropes. The referee asks her if she gives up and she furiously shakes her head "no" while shouting at him. Necra gets closer and closer to the ropes, but Melody just breaks the hold herself. She dashes to the other side of the ring as Necra slowly brings herself up to a standing position. She rests on the ropes as Melody goes outside to the apron. She poses for the fans as Necra slowly turns around. As she does, Melody jumps onto the top rope and leaps off, a la West Coast Pop, and hooks the legs in the center of the ring.



Simone: Could this actually be over?

Adams: It's close! It's close! She might have it, NO! Necra is still in this fight!

Necra barely kicks out and the audience cheers. Necra shakes the cobwebs out as Melody backs up and stalks her. She measures her up, but Necra surprises her with an eye rake. As Melody stumbles back, Necra lands punch after punch to her foe, and then she tosses her against the ropes. She lifts Melody up and prepares to drop her, but Melody nails a Hurricanrana that cancels it out. She rolls over, locking Necra in with a Rear Naked Choke. Necra fights it all she can as the referee drops down to check on her. She shakes her head "no" once more as her face shows that she is in a world of pain. The referee checks with her again, and she gives the same answer as she tries to find a way to escape. However, just before his third check, Necra taps the mat. The referee gets to his feet and calls for the bell.

Justin Decent: Your winner, via submission... MELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOODYYYY GRRRRRRRRRRACE!!!

Melody releases the hold as "Ridiculous" by Red Foo begins playing. She excitedly gets up from the ground as Drew Patton raises her hands. She raises them up above her head for the fans as they erupt into cheers! Melody works each side of the crowd, rising to the top turnbuckle, getting the audience pumped with her. She rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. She turns around one last time, holding the her hands up above her head before disappearing through the curtains.

The cameras open up backstage inside Misty's locker room. She's seated on a chair just finishing up lacing her boots as her match against Delia draws nearer. Once she's finished, she stands up, directly in front of a full length mirror, looking herself over. Compared to just recently, she was able to pull herself together, if only for one night.

Misty: Okay, Misty. You can do this. You know what you have to do???

She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath and dusts herself off. Before she opens her eyes, she hears the dreaded familiar voice of her former self staring back at her in the mirror.

"Queen": Yes, you do know what you have to do, but the question remains. Will you do it?

Misty stands there, frozen for a moment before she opens her eyes to see her Queen of the Damned personality staring back at her in the mirror, with a wicked smile none the less. Misty shakes her head.

Misty: You again? You can't be serious???Go away!

The "Queen" laughs wickedly and shakes her head.

"Queen": Oh, please. It's not going to be that easy to get rid of me, sweetheart. Even shattering that other mirror didn't work for long.

Misty: What the hell do you want? Why now? Why tonight of all nights?

The "Queen" pretends to take a moment to think about this. She taps her chin and looks up, acting as though she is trying to figure out an answer before she quickly turns her attention back to Misty with angry eyes.

"Queen": Why do you think?! I want to destroy that French whore and you're going to let me do it!

Misty throws her head back and laughs. She handles this situation better than the last time she was faced with it.

Misty: Umm..No, I'm not actually. I'm going to handle Delia by myself and you're going to stay locked away for good. I don't need you. I never did.

"Queen": Like Hell you didn't! You were weak then and you're even weaker now! Don't think I haven't seen you falling apart the last few weeks. You're pathetic!

Misty: Maybe so, but I'm still standing, aren't I? I'm standing here, staring back at you once again and I'm stronger than the last time and you know it. This match against Delia???it's mine, sweetheart. Get over it and move on. Your time is done!

The "Queen" laughs yet again, shaking her head with disappointment before she responds again.

"Queen": You might be resisting me now, but not for long. All around you, you have constant reminders of everything you've lost and it's eating away at you. What do you think will happen if you lose tonight? Hmmm? What then? Are you going to go running back to that devilishly handsome O'Malley? Mmm, I really hope you do???

Misty glares in the mirror, snarling at the woman she used to be. She takes a step forward, her anger starting to take over.

Misty: Why the hell do you care? From what I can tell O'Malley is one of the few good ones out there???

The "Queen" laughs and shakes her head again.

"Queen": Oh to be so na??ve. Honey, that man is no better than I am. That is the difference between you and me. I can spot a dark soul from a mile away, but you can't. Obviously. Trust me when I say, O'Malley is as dark as they come, sweetie. Hmm???he'd make a great King, if you know what I mean. He's a better choice than that lost cause you just can't seem to get over.

The Queen again starts laughing but Misty has had enough. She grabs a hold of the sides of the mirror and in a strange move, shakes it.

Misty: Shut up! Do you hear me?! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

"Queen": You do realize that shaking this mirror has no effect whatsoever on me, right?

She laughs again and as Misty begins to throw a fit again, the door to the locker room swings open. Misty's sister, Dixie, walks in, staring at her sister very concerned. Misty turns around, frozen.

Dixie: Umm...Are you okay, Misty? Who the hell were you just talking to?

Misty looks around, gathering her composure and looking as innocent as possible. She shakes her head as she looks back to Dixie.

Misty: What? No one. It was just some video on my phone, that's all.

Dixie just stares at Misty, pretending to believe her. She nods slowly.

Dixie: Oookay. Do you have time to talk? I know your match is coming up soon, but I'd really like to talk.

Misty keeps her back towards the mirror and the "Queen" laughs behind her.

"Queen": This one is quite annoying isn't she? I think she must take after her mother???

Misty: No, Dixie. No time at all. I???I've gotta run.

Before Dixie even has a chance to respond, Misty bolts out of the room and down the hall. Dixie stands there, more confused than ever. She walks over to the mirror and looks at it, seeing her own reflection. She shakes her head, then looks down spotting Misty's cell phone in her duffel bag. She picks it up and taps a button, only to realize it's turned off. And it had been the entire time, which proves Misty had been lying???and clearly talking to herself.

Dixie: I really wish I knew how to help you, Misty..

She tosses Misty's cell phone back into the duffel bag and walks away from the mirror shaking her head. As she walks out of the locker room, an eerie laughter is heard, but Dixie apparently can't hear it as she disappears down the opposite hallway.

The camera cuts backstage to a new face in Sin City Wrestling, some fans and a few of his new locker room ???friends' know this young man very well as he stands in front of the camera with one of his trademark blunts in his lips. The young man is decked out in a red and black suit and an smug smirk curls his lips as he takes a slow drag from the smoking object in his lips.

Hydro: Wha's up G's ???n' b*****s?

He slowly exhales the smoke into the camera.

Hydro: That's right ya boi is back in black ???n' back in the habit. I gotta admit this joint is that fire man.. SCW-Sin City Wrestlin'.. I seen a few familiar faces as I made my way through these narrow halls.. ???n' seen a lot of things I liked ???n' didn't like at the same time.

The young man runs his fingers through his goatee as he inhales deeply from his blunt once more.

Hydro: Ya see.. My boiz JT ???n' Caleb are the ones who brought me into this fold. Players Club yo.. ???n' y'all here in SCW have no clue wha ya info. Now I ain't been competin' much myself since Combat Entertainment closed down, but let me let all ya not in the know in on somethin'... I was the face of Combat Entertainment??? When anyone mentioned that company my name was the first one brought up. ???n' I cannot help, but laugh at some of the familiar faces I seen from there that are here and where they stand in this joint. Equinox prime example.. The Roulette Champion.. Man the guy ???n' I put on a clinic back in that company.. We tore the house down.. I won that match I doubt I need to remind him that.. Yet here we are now ???n' SCW just now lookin' at me.

The young man shakes his head and let's out a soft laugh.

Hydro: Funnia still is the fact E.. Know full well what I can do yet did he once try to give me a nod or a shout out to work here? The answer is no??? Pretty funny don't ya think?

Hydro rolls his eyes as he continues to smoke his blunt, a bitter look replacing the smirk that has been on his visage since he first got shown.

Hydro: I put asses in seats. I did the charity thang.. I did ev'rythang the good guy is suppose to do to get noticed and engraved into the hearts and optics of the fans.. Yet since Combat Entertainment closed down I have been nothin', but an after thought??? I got disregarded like some over the hill nobody, chucked in the back of ev'ryone's memory, and all, but forgotten. The mother f***in' front runna of Combat Entertainment ???n' no one in SCW that was there wants to remember. ???n' those who weren't don't want to care???

He takes another hit of his blunt and brushes his shoulder off with his free hand.

Hydro: That's aight.. Cuz my bruhs ???n' I are gon give ya fools some shit to rememba??? We gon take this whole set by storm ???n' set it a blaze. That's what bein' a memba of the Players Club is all about. Ya see??? This is what I do best??? I neva been one fo' trash talkin' not my scene, but in that squared circle I am poetry in motion??? Ya see the reason I am Hydro is what ya lookin' at in my hand right now.

He waves the blunt.

Hydro: But the reason I am rememba'd is this.. When ya in the ring wit me ???n' ya feel yaself losin' control.. ???n' once ya feel the full effects of the Hydroplane ???n' like a car wreck ya crash ???n' burn??? Ya will know to undeniable facts??? First.. Just like my herbal friend here.. I just smoked ya ass??? Secondly ya've been woken up to what time it really is??? Ya been awakened from ya hazy daydreams ???n' world of false Gods ???n' Kings??? Ya'll know it is time... To.. Hail Hydro.

Hydro tosses his blunt at the camera and walks out of view.

The scene opens up backstage at High Stakes IV were we see the two competitors in tonight's Bombshell Roulette Title Match, the champion Mercedes Vargas of the Mean Girls and the challenger Zuri Chastain waiting alongside the Roulette Wheel for the stipulation for their match to be decided.

Simone: Mercedes has been holding on to the title with an iron grip ever since she won it from Necra but tonight Zuri gets her chance to win it from her.

Adams: With Holly Wood as the referee that's easier said than done!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Are you ready ladies?

The two women nod and Ms. Rocky Mountains gives the wheel a spin, both women watch intently waiting for their match to be decided, when it eventually stops Mercedes looks worried whilst Zuri grins broadly.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Tonight's Bombshell Roulette Title Match will be contested under Three Stages of Hell rules!

Simone: That's basically a two out of three falls match with a different stipulation for each fall.

Adams: But how will the falls be decided?

Ms. Rocky Mountains gets a message through an earpiece and nods.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Okay, I've just been told by Mark to spin the wheel three more times to determine the stipulation for each fall, is that clear?

The two wrestlers nod in response and Rocky spins the wheel again.

Simone: And the first fall will be???..

Adams: Last Bombshell Standing!

Simone: That could leave either Bombshell with a big advantage going into the second fall.

Rocky spins the wheel again and the two Bombshells watch on intently waiting for the stipulation to be decided, when it stops Mercedes looks even more worried whilst Zuri's grin grows wider.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Second fall will be contested under First Blood Rules.

Simone: First they have to knock the opponent out to win and now they have to make the opponent bleed to win.

Adams: What will the third fall be?

Rocky spins the wheel one final time and the two Bombshells watch on awaiting the stipulation for the tie-breaker fall, when it eventually stops Mercedes looks like she's about to have a panic attack.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Third and final fall will be Hell in a Cell, however that will only be relevant in the case of a tie-breaker.

Simone: Three brutal stipulations, one match, this is going to be ugly!

Adams: I can't wait!

The two Bombshells part ways as the scene cuts to the ringside area.

Justin: The following contest is a Roulette Rules match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship and it will be contested under three stages of hell rules.

The crowd cheers for the announcement ready for the next match.

Justin: The Bombshell who defeats her opponent in two falls wins the match! The falls are as follows, Last Bombshell Standing, First Blood and Hell in a Cell!

Simone: If it weren't for the Shipman's House of Fun match this would be the most violent match on the card.

Adams: To be fair it is really difficult to top Chris Shipman in terms of violence, for one thing we'd need to find someone crazier than him!

Simone: And I shudder at that thought.

Justin: Introducing the Special Guest Referee for that match, Holly Wood!

"Sissy That Walk" by RuPaul blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. The silhouette of a lovely lady dancing is seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with her feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the lady inside kicks her way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood wearing a referee's t-shirt likely on loan from Jasmine!

Simone: I can't imagine Mercedes is thrilled at all at the former Mean Girl member now officiating her championship match.

Adams: Christian wants to see this called down the middle so I don't think we have to worry about that!

Mz. Wood if you nasty, she flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for the competitors.

Justin: And introducing the challenger!

The lights change to an orchid tint as a voice comes over the loud speakers saying "No good deed goes unpunished" and after the phrase is said, "Case of the Ex" sounds as Zuri Justice comes through the curtain with her twin sister right beside her and Mr. Carlson right behind them holding a trey. Zuri and Blanca run across the stage pumping up the crowd. The rejoin at the top of the ramp and descend down it. They greet the fans in the front row.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, being accompanied by Blanca Chastain and Mr. Carlson. From Webster, South Dakota, she is the voice of the voiceless, the uncanny Anti-Hero, "Lady Justice"....please welcome ZURI CHASTAIN.

Zuri and Blanca sprint down the rest of the ramp and slides into the ring. Zuri hops onto one turnbuckle as Blanca bounces on the ring ropes. Zuri poses for the crowd then hits a flawless backflip as Blanca starts a clapping chant. Zuri walks over to her butler and finishes putting on the rest of her ring gear as she waits for her opponent or match to begin.

Simone: Zuri has been waiting for this match for a long time and if anyone can dethrone Mercedes from her spot as Bombshell Roulette Champion it's her!

Adams: That's a lot easier said than done!

Zuri glares at Holly briefly clearly not trusting the former Mean Girls member but before she can say anything to Holly the crowd boos as suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas, as per usual, stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on hips, and overlooking the crowd. The bell sounds and the camera pans around the arena once more and then cuts to the ring announcer as he lifts his microphone for the pre-match introductions.

Justin: And her opponent, representing the Mean Girls, from Buenos Ares, Argentina she is the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Mercedes Vargas!

Mercedes goes up the steps and walks along the ring apron as she straddles the top rope, facing the crowd as she unbuckles her title from around her waist and raises it in the air while talking trash. She walks the rest of the apron and climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back at the camera as she flips her hair, though the determined expression on her face remains- perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight, she then turns her attention to Zuri ready for the match.

Simone: Just as a reminder, the first fall will be Last Bombshell Standing if one of the Bombshells can't get up by the ten count then her opponent will win the fall.

Adams: And that will give her opponent a huge advantage going into the second fall.

Mercedes hands over the Roulette Title to Holly so that Holly can give it to a ringside attendant but Zuri clearly has no intention of waiting for the bell for as soon as Mercedes turns around Zuri spears her to the ground and starts laying into her forcing Holly to call for the match to start.

Simone: And the match begins! Not really a lot Holly can do to stop Zuri because this is No DQ.

Adams: And I bet Mercedes hates that fact!

Zuri lays into Mercedes who tries to cover up but to no avail, Zuri does eventually let up but it's only so that she can roll to the outside of the ring and start grabbing weapons. By the time Mercedes has recovered from Zuri's initial onslaught the challenger has tossed a lot of weapons into the ring to the point where Holly Wood has bailed from the ring to avoid getting hit.

Simone: Zuri is wasting no time in coming up with ways to hurt Mercedes.

Adams: But the best way to hurt Mercedes applies to all the Mean Girls, steal all their make-up!

Simone: I think at least half of them would have heart attacks if that happened.

Mercedes quickly takes advantage of the situation by grabbing the steel chair that Zuri has just tossed into the ring and turning around ready to meet Zuri??????but she quickly changes her mind when she sees that Zuri has grabbed a barbed wire dildo and bails from the ring.

Simone: What the hell was a barbed wire dildo doing under the ring?!

Adams: Today in sentences I never thought I'd hear on a wrestling program.

Zuri drops the barbed wire dildo in favor of the old tried and true tactic of a Suicide Dive as she runs towards the ropes and dives through the ropes???..right into a chairshot from Mercedes causing Zuri to fall to the floor.

Simone: That was a nasty looking shot Mercedes may have just won the first fall there!

Adams: Speaking of nasty we have confirmation from the back that apparently the dildo belongs to Chris Shipman???..oh dear god.

Simone: Well, I'm not getting any sleep tonight!

Mercedes and Holly slide back into the ring and Holly begins counting out Zuri as the fans cheer her on, Holly reaches the count of seven when Zuri finally gets to her feet and Mercedes gets in her face yelling at Holly to count faster to which Holly can only respond that she's under orders to not help Mercedes in any way, Mercedes grows in frustration and turns around in time to be hit with a Springboard Dropkick from Zuri, Mercedes apparently forgets that she's still holding the chair as she raises her hands to defend herself only to get a face full of steel chair.

Simone: And now the shoe's on the other foot!

Adams: I'm just surprised that neither of these ladies has been busted open yet!

Holly starts the count but it's clear that Zuri doesn't believe that Mercedes is down for the count as she sets up a table in the far corner before picking the barbed wire dildo back up, Mercedes, just as Zuri predicted, gets up at the count of seven and turns around allowing Zuri to swing the dildo like a baseball bat and hit Mercedes's exposed midriff.

Simone: Well, that's a first.

Adams: It's probably not the first time that a woman has ended up on her back after that dildo was used on her???.


Holly, after a quick check to make sure that Mercedes wasn't busted open by the shot which she, miraculously, isn't, goes to start the count but Zuri doesn't give her the chance to instead picking up Mercedes and whipping her towards the table set up in the corner, Mercedes manages to stop herself from going through the table and turns around to see Zuri charging at her apparently intending to spear Mercedes through the table, Mercedes quickly ducks out of the way but this time Zuri is the one who stops just short of going through the table.

Simone: Both Bombshells just narrowly avoided going through the table!

Adams: Not for long, look!

Zuri turns around only to be met with a vicious looking spear from Mercedes driving her through the table, Mercedes smirks as she calls for Holly to start the ten count which she does and, despite encouragement from the fans, Zuri isn't able to get up in time for the ten count.

Justin: The winner of the first fall is Mercedes Vargas the second fall will be First Blood!

Simone: If this was just a Last Bombshell Standing match the match would be over right now but instead there's two more falls to go.

Adams: That's if Zuri is in any condition to compete in this fall.

Mercedes grins cockily clearly thinking that this match is in the bag before grabbing Zuri's foot and dragging her out of the wreckage that was once a table, Mercedes calls Holly over and orders her to check for any blood but is angry when Holly doesn't find any.

Simone: That spear may have been vicious but it clearly wasn't enough to bust Zuri open.

Adams: If it was this would be the fastest First Blood match in wrestling history!

Mercedes decides to, literally, take matters into her own hands by mounting Zuri and laying into her head with rights and lefts for a good ten minutes or so and since this, like the last fall, is No DQ Holly can't do anything to stop her Mean Girls teammate, Mercedes does eventually let up and tells Holly to call for the bell which she refuses.

Mercedes: She has to be busted open from that assault!

Holly: I can see from here that she isn't!

Mercedes looks and realizes that Holly is right before she ducks out of the ring to look for something that she knows will bust Zuri open.

Simone: What could Mercedes possibly be looking for? Zuri practically tossed everything but the Kitchen Sink into the ring!

Adams: Actually I think I see a Kitchen Sink among the weapons in the ring!

Mercedes's search does seem to be fruitless at first but then a giant sadistic grin can be seen on her face as she drops to her hands and knees to get to the weapon that she has found.

Adams: Can the camera please focus on her backside whilst she's on all fours?

Simone: Focus Jason!

Mercedes grabs the weapon that she is looking for and pulls it out of the ring, when the crowd sees it they share a collective gasp and even her Mean Girls teammate seems shocked at the lengths that Mercedes would go to in order to win the match.

Simone: Oh my god, is that a railroad spike?!

Adams: What the hell was THAT doing under the ring?! That could end Zuri's career!

Fortunately Mercedes never gets a chance to use the railroad spike as Zuri leaps through the ropes and hits her with a dropkick sending Mercedes tumbling back towards the security barrier and forcing her to drop it, Mercedes doesn't get long to recover either as Zuri follows that up by going out onto the apron, leaping on the middle rope and hitting a springboard moonsault on Mercedes that brings the crowd to their feet.

Simone: Thank god Zuri got that second wind, I'd hate to imagine what Mercedes would've done with that spike!

Adams: I don't think you'd have to imagine it, now Zuri has the spike in her hands!

Indeed Zuri has spotted the spike and picked it up having realized what Mercedes intends to do with it, Mercedes gets up but immediately starts pleading with Zuri once she sees that Zuri has the railroad spike Mercedes intended to use on her but Zuri shakes her head before tossing it back under the ring.

Simone: Zuri may hate Mercedes but clearly not enough to inflict a potentially life-threatening injury on her.

Adams: I think Mercedes just saw her life flash before her eyes.

Mercedes tries to take advantage of Zuri's generosity with a sneak attack but Zuri sees it coming and ducks out of the way inadvertently sending Mercedes face-first into the ring post in the process, Zuri slides back into the ring and grabs a steel chair ready for Mercedes to enter the ring and when she does she???.tosses the chair to Mercedes.

Simone: What's Zuri thinking?

Adams: There's your answer!

Mercedes looks up just in time for the chair to be Superkicked into her face knocking her down, when Holly checks on her she sees that Mercedes was busted open by the move and calls for the bell.

Justin: The winner of the second fall is Zuri Chastain! The third and final tie-breaker round will be contested inside the Hell in a Cell!

Simone: Both Bombshells have won a round apiece and now we move on to the third and final round, the production crew is rushing down to the ring as we speak to get the cell set up and now it's anyone's game.

Adams: This is exactly the kind of scenario that Mercedes wanted to avoid!

Holly, apparently under orders from Christian, tells Zuri to hold off on her attack until the production crew have finished setting up the cell and relays the same message to Mercedes once the reigning champ is on her feet and realizes that she has lost the second fall, it takes a few minutes but the cell is finally set up and Zuri wastes little time in charging Mercedes but this time Mercedes is ready for her and the two exhausted Bombshells have an all-out brawl.

Simone: You have to wonder what's driving these women at this point I haven't seen such vicious fighting since the last Black Friday!

Adams: Where did you go for Black Friday? Ferguson, Missouri?

Indeed the brawl between the two Bombshells is pretty vicious, eventually Zuri ducks under a wild right hand, grabs Mercedes by the hair and before Mercedes can try to break free throws the champion into the cell wall with enough force to shake the cell.

Simone: If there's one thing for certain it's that both Bombshells want to leave here the champion.

Adams: There's one other thing for certain and that's that neither Bombshell can afford to get pinned, the first two falls tired them out enough!

Zuri goes for a cover 1???2???.and Mercedes is barely able to kick out in time, Mercedes sits up in an attempt to get back to her feet but Zuri pulls her back down and mounts her before hitting Mercedes with punches aimed directly at the head wound that ended the second fall, Holly tries to get Zuri to back off but she reminds her that it's No DQ and that she's not allowed to help Mercedes.

Simone: Mercedes probably hates that she can't rely on her teammates for assistance this time!

Adams: I don't know she's managed to win most of her matches on her own since she joined the Mean Girls.

Mercedes is eventually able to break free by raking Zuri's eyes and uses this opportunity to slide out of the ring, thanks to Zuri's assault she is bleeding pretty badly from the head wound but Mercedes never gets a chance to assess the damage as she is surprised by a Suicide Dive from Zuri that sends her crashing into the cell wall surrounding the ring.

Simone: That was an incredibly risky move by Zuri if she had missed she would've gone flying into the cell wall.

Adams: That just shows how much the Bombshell Roulette Title means to Zuri!

Zuri gets back to her feet first and grabs Mercedes's head before grinding it against the Cell Wall, Mercedes is able to stop the assault thanks to an elbow to gut and sends her flying into the cell door with enough force to knock the door off its hinges, Mercedes leaves the cell and Holly follows her out so that she can count the pin by Mercedes 1???.2???.and Zuri kicks out.

Simone: Once again I have to ask, how are these Bombshells even kicking out at this point?

Adams: I know, right? This match has been going on for twenty minutes by my book!

Mercedes goes for a follow up cover almost immediately but gets the same result, Mercedes pounds the floor in frustration before deciding to throw her into the Cell Wall so she picks her up and throws her but Zuri catches herself and quickly starts ascending the cell, Mercedes is too stunned by the sudden burst of energy to do anything but watch as Zuri nears the top.

Simone: Why is Zuri climbing up the Cell? What could she possibly hope to gain?

Adams: I don't know but if I was Mercedes I'd start following her and quickly!

Almost as if she heard Jason Mercedes starts making her way towards the cell but by this point Zuri has reached the top and her intentions become clear as she positions and straightens herself atop the cell.

Simone: Oh my god, tell me she isn't doing what I think she's doing.

Adams: I thought the railroad spike was career threatening but this makes that idea seem like a simple headlock!

The crowd rises to its feet realizing what's about to happen and so does Mercedes, however Mercedes finds out too late as Zuri leaps off the cell and hits a beautiful moonsault onto Mercedes that sends the crowd into a frenzy!

Simone: OH MY GOD!

Adams: No title is worth putting your body on the line like that!


Holly looks equally as shocked as the announcers but even more so when Zuri stirs and places an arm across Mercedes's chest 1???.2???..


Adams: My god what a match!

Crowd: This is awesome! *clap, clap, clap*

Neither Bombshell is moving at this point as the toll of the match has clearly caught up with them and Holly doesn't seem to know what to do at this point, after a few minutes both Bombshells get to their feet and start going at it again, after a few minutes Zuri gets the upper hand again and tries for her finisher Hall Hath No Fury and gets up to the Springboard Shooting Star Press part, using the crowd rail as a springboard, but???..

Simone: Mercedes got her knees up!

Adams: Look at the look on Zuri's face it's clear that that moonsault did more damage to her midriff than she initially thought!

Indeed Zuri is clearly in a lot of pain and Mercedes seizes her chance and sets her up for the Black Rose Overdrive, however she shakes her head before walking over to the announcers table and hitting her finisher sending Zuri through the table.

Simone: Black Rose Overdrive through the table!

Adams: Can we get the production crew back here so that they can put our table back together?

Mercedes slumps over from exhaustion onto Zuri 1???.2???.3!!!!

Justin: Here's your winner and still the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Mercedes Vargas!

Simone: What a match! Mercedes faced some tough competition and came out on top.

Adams: Who will dethrone her at this point?

Holly grabs the title and helps up Mercedes' arm as EMTS check on Zuri.

Adams: Hey look who's here!

The camera gets a shot of the front row at ringside where none other than wrestling legends, Chippendale and Thunder of the tag team combination 'Twisted Steel & Sex Appeal' are seated with Thunder's son and daughter on both sides of the multiple-time champions.

Simone: Well, I'll be damned!

Many fans pat the two men on the back and arms as they both wave to the cameras as Holly Wood approaches the pair.

Holly: What a surprise! We are joined by tag team legends, TSSA, Chippendale and Thunder and ... wow .. I mean, what brings you to West Point for High Stakes IV?

Chippendale: You just answered your own question. High Stakes IV!

Thunder: And let's face it. New York City is right around the corner and there was no way that 'Hot Stuff' was going to let us not be here. The man knows how to get what he wants.

Holly: Is there any particular match that you're looking forward to seeing?

Thunder pats Chippendale on the shoulder.

Thunder: My man here and I made a career out of tag team wrestling so definitely the tag title matches tonight!

Chippendale:728C00 The men's as well as the women's!

Holly: And being endorsed by men such as yourselves I... I'm sorry. I just have to...

Holly playfully reaches forward and lays her hand on Thunder's massive pecs, and he reacts by playfully making them 'bounce'. Holly immediately staggers back and falls against the ringside apron, fanning herself.

Holly: Back to the show!

We find our way backstage as Angelica is seen leaning against the wall outside of the Mean Girls locker room door. Delia is tapping away at her phone as Angelica talks, but Delia is clearly not paying much attention. Angelica continues on as if Delia were listening.

Angelica: And then, I told her that her shoes did not match her blouse. Like, who is she kidding going out in public like that? Stupid bitch??? Mom's, right?

Delia: Um, yep????

Angelica: I don't care if it's your birthday, I'm not going out in public when you look like your outfit was put together by a blind, retarded two year old???

Delia nods her head, completely tuning Angelica out. Angelica goes to continue on with her horrible story when her attention is drawn to the left of the screen. Her mouth hangs open, but instead of talking, she simply scoffs and rolls her eyes.

Angelica: Seriously? Again?

Angelica flips her long brunette hair over her shoulders as she pushes off of the wall. She stares as someone walks into the camera's view. Coming up the hall is James Nathaniel Ringo, wearing a $5,000 black Hugo Boss suit, a black shirt unbuttoned showing the top of his chiseled chest, and freshly polished black shoes. As he passes Angelica he gives her a slight look but then keeps walking.

Angelica: I didn't order a meatball sub with a side of Noir, gross??? Let me guess, you're here to tell me about Miami Love again?

Angelica rolls her eyes once more as she pulls at a piece of her hair, gently fumbling with it as she looks him up and down, in a calculating manner as her green eyes sparkle with devious intent. Ringo returns the favor, looking her up and down for a moment, before cracking a half of a smile and shaking his head. He turns back forward and keeps walking. Angelica is left almost speechless for a second as she holds a finger up to Delia, who doesn't even notice. She marches up to Ringo, seeming almost offended that he hasn't returned her attention.

Angelica: Ummm??? excuse you? It's really creepy to just check out all of this hotness and not actually saying anything. Are you some kind of weirdo now that you're hanging out with that skinny kid?

Ringo, still walking, pays her absolutely attention. He smiles out of the corner of his mouth where she can't see him because he knows it's irritating her.

Angelica: I said EXCUSE YOURSELF! What are you, retarded? Deaf? Aren't you going to say anything?

Angelica pauses, waiting for a response that never comes. She growls as Ringo just keeps on walking, and she grips onto his arm, surprisingly strong enough to turn him around, but he flings her hand off of him as she addresses him.

Angelica: I'm Angelica, and I won't be ignored by some??? some??? masic!

As if someone flipped a switch inside of him, Ringo slaps away Angelica's hand. He steps closer to her aggressively and she steps back. Every step she takes back, Ringo takes another forward. This continues until he backs Angelica up against the wall and as soon as her back hits, he slams his hand against the concrete brick wall directly next to her head.

Ringo: You think your insignificant insults bother me? You think I really care what some...

He stares her up and down again.

Ringo: ...cheap attention desperate whore thinks of me? You didn't get my attention because you don't deserve my attention. Is that clear?

Angelica shrinks down a little in shock as she stares into his cold, blue eyes. She gulps as she tries to muster up a small amount of courage that she eventually finds deep within.

Angelica: You might want to remove your hand from the wall, and let me walk away, or my boyfriend??? your boss... might not be too happy about this little situation.

Ringo lets out a short, reserved, maniacal laugh for an instant but his face almost immediately goes back to his twisted grin.

Ringo: Boss?

He leans in even closer, about two inches from her face, and whispers to her. As he speaks, Angelica quivers just a bit and she desperately tries to hide it.

Ringo: Do you really think he...or anyone...feels like they are in charge of me? Of us? We are the only voice of reason here. We run this show..whether your "boyfriend" is ready to admit it or not. I own you...

Angelica is almost shaking now, but she quickly ducks under Ringo's arm and her eyes widen in anger as she backs away from Ringo, focused solely on him as she nearly stumbles.

Angelica: Nobody owns me. I'm a Mean Girl, I'm part of a brand that rules SCW, so if anything, I???

Ringo still has his arm on the wall, but he stares to his left at Angelica, smiling almost wickedly, causing Angelica to cut off what she is about to say. She stomps her foot angrily as she glares at him. He steps back from the wall and dusts off his hands. He tilts his neck quickly and cracks it before shooting his cuffs and pulling tight on the lapels of his jacket. He smiles at her and again, shakes his head a bit.

Ringo: Your brand doesn't exist any more. You just don't know it yet.

Angelica wants to argue this point further, but she just scoffs and flips her hair around as she turns and storms off angrily. Ringo laughs as he watches her leave, still taking a moment to admire her rear view before shaking his head and walking off as well. Angelica turns around, having found her courage once more, but when she sees him walking off, she melts a bit, drinking in his physique a bit as her chest heaves. She shakes it off and turns around once more to exit the shot.

Simone: I'm very concerned about this next match, Jason. I???I don't believe what we're seeing right now.

Adams: Isn't it obvious? Hell in a cell!

Simone: Yes, but with a twist apparently. Look at the damn cell!

As the cameras switch to SCW's six-sided ring, it is now completely surrounded for our next match, and Justin Decent is standing in the middle of the ring, with referee Jacob Summers standing next to him.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentleman our next match is the Shipman House of Fun match!

Crowd: POP!

Justin Decent: As you can see, the rules of this match are very similar the Hell in a Cell, but with one very nasty twist. The chain link on the cage has been replaced with...BARBED WIRE! And not only that but there are also several weapons wrapped in barbed wire hanging around the cell for both men to use as they see fit!

The crowd goes absolutely crazy with anticipation for what is sure to turn out as the next blood bath match.

Adams: I really wish I had a hazmat suit right about now???

Simone: I'm not sure even that will protect us from what we're about to witness, Jason.

Justin Decent: Introducing first???

"Dangerous" by Within Temptation and Howard Jones hits the speakers and the crowd comes alive for "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone, as soon as the vocals hit Steve comes out with his wife Charlotte by his side as he high fives the crowd and he walks down the ramp.

Justin Decent: Weighing in at two-hundred pounds, from Queens, New York???He is "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone!!!

Once they reach the outside of the cell, Steve stops and turns to his wife. He points to the backstage, telling her it best she watch this one from backstage. She nods and gives him a kiss, before she walks back up the ramp, disappearing through curtain.

Simone: That was probably the best decision. Chris Shipman is one sick and twisted individual and I have no doubt in my mind that Charlotte could have been seriously hurt had she stayed out here.

Adams: Now she just has to watch backstage as her husband is ripped apart???quite literally!

Steve walks through the door of the cell, then slides in the ring under the bottom rope. He looks around the cell at the various weapons, and his fearless side definitely shows as an anticipated smile grows on his face. His music comes to a close as he waits for his ever so dangerous opponent.

Justin Decent: And introducing his opponent???

The lights go out and a white strobe flashes as "Not Going Away" by Ozzy Osbourne plays.

Justin Decent: Weighing in at two-hundred sixty five pounds???from West London, England??? "The Original Psycho"???CHRIS SHIPMAN!!

A figure appears in front of the white strobe which turns into a steady red light revealing Chris Shipman. He is carrying his trademark barbed wire noose in his hand as he slowly walks to the ring, and inside the cell. He slithers under the bottom rope and taunts the crowd before taking a seat in the corner waiting for the match to start. The music fades and the lights come back on, and Shipman stares at Steve Ramone with a sick anticipation in his eyes.

Simone: I'm not sure Steve knows what he's gotten himself into with this match. The Lion's Den match against Gabriel was bad enough but this???this is absolute insanity!

Shipman gets back to his feet and he turns around, wrapping the end of the barbed wire noose around the top rope. The crowd gets eerily quiet just in time for Jacob Summers to ring the bell.


Shipman and Steve slowly start circling one another; Shipman keeping his eyes on Steve like a hyena stalking its prey. Steve stares at him confidently before he charges at Shipman. Shipman quickly side steps Ramone before he can spear him into the corner and Shipman spins around smiling and laughing wickedly at Ramone. Ramone charges at him again but this time is met by an elbow to the face that sends him stumbling back into the corner.

Shipman rushes over to Ramone, trapping him in the corner. He quickly tries to reach for the barbed wire noose to wrap it around Ramone's neck and the crowd goes crazy, ready for blood!

Simone: Oh no! Shipman is looking to perhaps get an early end to this match with that noose! Steve better do something to save his neck!

Adams: That statement could not be any more literal in this case!

The fans are left disappointed, however as Steve manages to deliver a vicious headbutt to Shipman, allowing him the opening to get away from that corner and the noose. He spins around, grabbing Shipman by his hair, yanking down and sending Shipman down to the canvas. Shipman's head bounces off and Steve kneels over his opponent. He grabs a fistful of hair before he begins laying in a series of hard right shots to Shipman's head.

Adams: I might be hearing things but I can almost hear Shipman laughing right now???almost.

Simone: Yeah, I think you're hearing things.

Steve then stands up and rushes over to the corner, jumping up to the top rope. He stares down at Shipman as he stands tall and "Fearless" before he jumps down, delivering a double foot stomp right to Shipman's chest! He's got an early opportunity to go for pin, but instead he steps through the second rope, looking around at all of the barbed wire wrapped weapons hanging around the cell!

Adams: He has to feel like a kid in a candy store right about now!

Simone: I think that statement would be more appropriately said about Shipman, Jason.

From baseball bats to two by fours, everything is completely wrapped in barbed wire. Steve finally decides on one of the several steel chairs, taking it down from the cell and holding it high above him as the crowd drowns out the stadium in loud cheering! They're cheering soon fades as Shipman has made his way up to the top rope and he's staring down at Steve, waiting for his opportunity!

Adams: For the love of everything, Steve, don't turn around!!

But Steve doesn't hear Jason's pleading. He lowers the chair and turns around just as Shipman flies off the top rope delivering a missile dropkick that sends the barbed wire covered chair flying back into Steve's face! He immediately crumples to the ground and he's rolling around in pure agony. Shipman gets back to his feet and reaches down, picking up the chair, laughing sadistically.


Adams: That's gotta hurt!

Simone: Ya think, Jason? And I'm sure Shipman is only just getting started!

Jacob Summers has made his way to the outside and is checking on Steve. Steve has his hands covering his now bloody face, and Shipman stares down with a sick fascination in his eyes. He brings the chair up and then crashing down right over Steve's ribs and the "Fearless One" starts rolling around in even more pain! Jacob Summers just barely missed being knicked with the chair himself, and Shipman doesn't let up!

Simone: This is absolutely???Sickening! And here I thought that match between Misty and Roxanne two years ago was bad? This could be worse!

Adams: I'm not sure I agree with that just yet.

Shipman hits Steve a total of three times over the ribs with that barbed wire chair before he tosses it to the side. He turns around carefully considering his next weapon of choice as Steve writhes in pain on the ground. Shipman grabs a two by four, staring at it with a dark and twisted look. He walks back over to Steve and just as he is about to kick Steve over on to his stomach, Steve manages to roll out of the way then kicks Shipman's knee, causing his legs to give out!

Steve holds his midsection, still in an obvious amount of pain but he fights through it, as well as his blood soaked eyes. He reaches and grabs a baseball bat from off the cell and when Shipman swings the two by four at him, he ducks just in time before he gets a good grip on the bat and swings, hitting Shipman right in his side! The barbed wire sticks, but Steve yanks it away and Shipman lets out a pained yell, but he seems to be???enjoying it!

Simone: Chris Shipman is one sick, twisted individual!

Adams: Umm???hello?! Where have you been the past several weeks since his return!

Steve tosses the bat down and musters up as much strength as he can to make it back to his feet. He again takes Shipman by the hair and drags him over to the cell, placing his head against the barbed wire!

Simone: Oh God! Don't do it, Steve!

Adams: I think the fans want him to, Belinda.

The fans are going wild, encouraging him to do what he is about to do! He nods and smiles before he wipes Shipman's face across the barbed wire almost like a cheese-grater! He continues to do this, back and forth as the blood begins pouring down Shipman's face and he's yelling in agony, but Steve doesn't care!


Simone: I???I think I'm gonna be sick!

Adams: Lucky for you I brought a spare drool bucket, but you can use it as a sick bucket!

Simone: You're not helping???

Steve finally pulls Shipman away from the wall of the cell, dragging him over to the ring apron. He pulls him back to his feet then slides him back in the ring. Steve then slides in under the bottom rope also, as Jacob Summers follows suit. Steve immediately rolls Shipman on to his back and goes for the pin and Jacob drops down!


2..Shipman kicks out!

Adams: Not gonna be that easy to keep Shipman down!

Both men are now covered in blood and having been bleeding for longer than Shipman, Steve is starting to wear down quickly, but he rolls out of the ring and grabs some plain barbed wire that was hanging from the cell before he rolls back into the ring. He has to stop for a moment to catch his breath as the blood loss is getting to him.

Simone: It definitely isn't a good thing that Steve was the first to be broken open. Shipman wasn't far behind him, but Steve is busted open all over the place and he's losing a lot of blood.

Shipman has gotten himself back to his knees and he brings his hands to his face. When he pulls them away he stares at the blood on his hands and he starts laughing again. Steve pulls himself up using the ropes and stares down at the crazed Shipman as he holds the barbed wire in his hands. He shakes his head, trying to shake away his now blurred vision. Once he's seeing semi-straight he walks behind Shipman and unravels the barbed wire!

Adams: Bloody hell, he's not going to do what I think he is, is he?!

Simone: I think so, Jason!

Steve holds the barbed wire out in front of him, ready to wrap it around Shipman's throat, but when he goes to do just that, Shipman lifts his arm and his hand gets in the way! The barbed wire wraps around his wrist and his hand and he yanks, trying to pull it away from Steve's grasp. In doing so, the other end of the barbed wire catches around Steve's own wrist and the two are now connected by the barbed wire! The crowd is loving every second of this brutal battle!

Adams: Barbed wire tug-o-war! I've never seen such a thing!!

Simone: Well now we have, Jason. But how are either men going to get out of this?!

Steve furiously tries to unwrap the barbed wire from his wrist, but it digs into his skin and more blood starts to our out. Shipman decides to have a little more fun as he yanks on his end of the barbed wire, inflicting more pain on not only Steve but himself as the barbed wire digs further into his own skin as well! Both men get back to their feet, now in an awkward position. Shipman yanks on the barbed wire again, ripping Steve's skin open even more!

Adams: Now I see where the Fun part comes in for Shipman.

In a daring move, Steve turns the tables and he pulls on the wire, pulling Shipman towards him. He spins around, behind Shipman and manages to wrap the barbed wire around Shipman's neck! The barbed wire digs into Shipman's throat as the blood now trickles out from the fresh wounds and Steve tightens the grip on the wire while cutting off Shipman's air supply!

Simone: This is not good for Shipman! Not good at all!

Adams: But it's great for Steve Ramone!

Shipman fades quickly as his head slumps over and his eyes begin to close. Steve holds the barbed wire against his throat as Jacob Summers checks on Shipman. He gets no response from him and he grabs Shipman's free hand. He lifts it up, then releases it and it drops back down.


Jacob grabs Shipman's arm again, lifting it up. Steven watches through his blood soaked eyes as Shipman's arm crashes down a second time.


Steve shouts and Jacob grabs Shipman's arm for the third and final time. The crowd watches wildly as Jacob releases Shipman's hand and I crashes down a third time.



Justin Decent: Ladies and gentleman here is your winner...STEVE RAMONE!

Simone: That was immense. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

Steve Ramone rises to his feet, looking down at Steve Ramone on a bloodied Chris Shipman as he starts to stir. The referee helps Shipman to his feet as the barbed wire cage stars to rise. Steve Ramone nods at Chris Shipman.

Adams: It took that sick match for these two to respect each other.

Shipman leans against the ropes as Steve Ramone leaves the ring. The crowd applaud the effort of the two superstars.

Simone: The crowd are on their feet.

Chris Shipman is taking a breath in the ring after his hard-fought match, as "Party Like A Rock Star" by Shop Boyz starts playing over the PA. The fans chatter among themselves, unsure of what is going on, as Shipman looks on at the ramp in confusion. The fans quickly get louder as they realize what is going on. Walking down through the crowd on camera side is new SCW signee "The Gold Standard" Caleb Houston; opposite him, on the other side of the arena, is "The Wildcard" JT Midas; cutting through the crowd nearest the announcers table is the rookie sensation, Hydro. All three men slowly make their ways through the crowd, which has grown electric with anticipation but isn't quite sure how to react just yet.

Adams: Caleb Houston, JT Midas and Hydro are in the crowd!

Simone: We saw Hydro earlier tonight, but didn't expect to see the others!

Each superstar makes his way over the guard rail, eyes locked on the star in the ring. Shipman exchanges looks from one to the other, still confused and understandably apprehensive. Hydro climbs up onto the apron in front of the announcers' table, while Caleb jumps onto the apron near camera side, and JT quickly perches the nearest turnbuckle, watching Chris Shipman like a hawk. The music has stopped, and fans have gone absolutely crazy. Scattered chants of "Holy shit!", "Caleb Houston!", "JT Midas!," and "Hydro's gonna kill you!" start up, and all eyes are glued on the four stars in the area. Shipman looks at Hydro, then to JT, then to Caleb, then back to Hydro. Hydro smirks, leaning into the ropes toward Shipman as he says softly, "Boo!" Shipman steps back, shaking his head slowly, and is stopped when he bumps into Caleb Houston, who had snuck into the ring when Shipman's back was turned. Caleb spins him around and quickly strikes with a powerful tornado kill that he calls "Down In Flames." The larger Chris Shipman crumbles to his knees, before falling the rest of the way to the mat. Hydro laughs, a huge grin on his face, and JT also smirks, nodding to his friend, who wastes no time as he enters the ring.

Adams: Come on! He's just been through a war! You can't do this!

Hydro bounces up and down in excitement, side to side, as Caleb picks the unconscious Shipman up and holds his arms behind his back. Hydro cups his hands to his mouth, shouting "Hail Hydro!", as he quickly sets his victim up for his signature corkscrew spinning neckbreaker - The Hydroplane. "Boo-yah!", shouts Hydro, as Shipman's body hits the mat with a sickening thud. Caleb and Hydro look up to JT on the turnbuckle, each with a proud grin on their face. A sick laugh escapes "The Wildcard," as he yells to the crowd: "Turn down for what?" He leaps off the top rope, connecting on Chris Shipman with a perfect shooting star press that he affectionately calls "The Rising Tide." JT gets back to his feet, holding his stomach where he landed on Shipman. The three new SCW stars embrace in a group hug, then stand side by side as they look on at what they had just done. They smile at their work, because their work was good, and they had just made an impact in Sin City Wrestling.

Simone: The Sins are here!

Indeed, Synn, Gabriel, Despayre and Rage charge down the ramp. Quickly Caleb, TJ and Hydro exit the ring, skipping over the barricades as The Seven Deadly Sins make it to the ring. Caleb holds up his phone, arrogantly typing away, while TJ and Hydro look up at the ring, smirks on their face. TJ holds up a hand, cockily waving towards The Sins in the ring. The three pose towards the ring, soaking up the boos, while Synn checks on Shipman.

Simone: I know these guys are new, but this could be a war they won't wanna start.

Adams: They don't look to concerned.

The camera shows Caleb, TJ and Hydro still smirking towards the ring, before turning away and heading in to the crowd, as the crowd viciously boo SCW's latest stars.

The scene comes in outside of the Fallen's dressing room. The cameraman goes to open the door, but finds that there's something blocking it and he can only push it open a crack. But that crack is enough for him to be able to hear the conversation going on inside of the room.

Gothika: Oh... My... God... NO!! Why did you have to choose this one!! Couldn't it have been any other one? No way!! I've changed my mind! No, I don't want to do this!!

Diamond: Aww, come on D! It's perfect!! It totally suits you!!

Gothika: But everyone will know who I am... It's a dead give away!!

Darknyss: Chill out girl... No one will know who you are... that's what the mask is for...

Gothika: Of course they'll know who I am... this mask doesn't cover anything!! I mean, look at you!! At least you get a wig!!

Darknyss: Hey!! This is not a wig!! It's one of Diamond's glamour charms. This is all mine baby!! You're just jealous your hair isn't as luxurious as mine.

Gothika: Just because I'm not afraid of a pair of hairdresser's shears doesn't mean my hair isn't luxurious! Michael loves to run his fingers through my hair!

Diamond: Would you two cool it?! Look D... You agreed to do it, so you're doing it! We got what we thought would fit your personality and your personae... It was the closest thing that would work that was in your size Besides... It's so totally you, you know...

The cameraman hears Gothika start to growl low and heavily, then she howls exasperatedly.

Gothika: FINE!! I'll put up with this... Had I known it was going to be so... so... this, I would have made it myself... Look, we better hurry though... Who knows what's happening out there...

The conversation continues and you can hear the sound of Diamond giggling, and the tinkling sound of tiny bells every now and then as the cameraman slowly closes the door and turns and walks away...

The SCW cameras take a break and focus on the backstage area, where Rage and Melody are currently speaking. They stand in a seemingly never ending hallway with doors either side of it. Melody leans against a table with a row of water bottles on top, while Rage, in his ring gear, stands opposite her with folded arms.

Rage: You need to stop disturbing me before my matches, I can't have any distractions tonight. You're too clingy.

Melody: Hey, you always know how to ruin the fun in everything. It's annoying.

Rage: You're annoying.

Melody: Am not.

Melody's eyelashes flutter, her interlocking fingers pulled up to her chest. Rage looks to his left, then scoffs.

Rage: I don't believe it.

Melody: Yay, I knew you'd come.

Melody bounces from the table and hugs Gabriel Asar.

Gabriel Aser: You don't believe what - that Melody isn't annoying or the fact you're more annoying than her? And hey you, I told you I'd be here for High Stakes.

He pulls her in for a hug, sharing a smile. He turns to Rage and extends his arms, but the SCW superstar isn't as friendly as Melody.

Gabriel Aser: I'm only joking, relax. Oh, while I've got you both here, I might as well tell you the big news. I'm back full-time.

Melody: No way.

Gabriel Aser: Way.

Rage shakes his head, scoffing again.

Gabriel Aser: Y'know, you really should have that looked at, it doesn't sound too great.

Rage: Why would we care that you're back? You come over here and???

Gabriel slaps Rage's chest, then presents him with a smile.

Gabriel Aser: Chill out, big guy. I know you're a little nervous because of your not-so-huge match tonight, but don't take it out on me. I once knew a guy who was a stressed out as you, he died a week later.

Melody: Guys, come on now, don't argue.

Gabriel reaches for a bottle of water. He snatches one from the table. Once he unscrews the lid, he presses it against Rage's body. The two of them maintaining eye-contact.

Rage: I'm not thirsty.

Gabriel Aser: Drink. It'll help with whatever's going on in that throat of yours.

Rage smacks the bottle to the floor, then scoffs again.

Rage: I told you I'm not thirsty. Get out of here.

Gabriel Aser: Scoff at me one more time, see what happens.

Melody: This is getting a little out of hand. I don't want to see my friends fighting. Tuck your egos under your big ol' heads and let's go have some fun. It's High Stakes for crying out loud.

She stands between them, looking up. Rage smirks at Gabriel before he nods, then starts to walk away.

Gabriel Aser: Yeah, I'm up for fun. Just as long as this frog-throat prick doesn't bring the whole mood down.

Rage spins on the balls of his feet and throws his fist into Gabriel's chin, sending him flying to the floor.

Melody: Rage!

Before Gabriel can get himself up, Rage grabs him and pulls him to his feet, then throws him into the table. As Gabriel's body smashes through it, bottles of water burst everywhere, soaking Gabriel. He t-shirt rips across the splintered, crushed table. Melody bends down to help him, while Rage laughs at the carnage he caused.

Rage: I don't even know why I'm bothering with an idiot like you, I've got a match to prepare for.

The cameras fade as they return to ringside.


The bell rings, signaling the upcoming championship contest, and the crowd presses against their seats, waiting with anticipation as Justin Decent steps forward to begin the introductions.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Texas Tornado tag team match is for the Sin City Wrestling Roulette Championship!

The crowd cheers!

Simone: History is about to be made as this is the first time in SCW history that the Roulette title will be defended in tag team competition!

The clapping from Kanye West's "Power" can be heard as the audience quickly begins to boo. Out from behind the curtain on to the stage walks James Nathaniel Ringo and his ally J2H. The star formerly known as James Huntington Hawkes is wearing gold trunks, boots, and knee pads with the word "POWER" written on the back of his trunks.. Ringo stands clad in an gaudy black and gold long robe with the name "Mr. Ringo" written on the back. The two stand side by side and as their "Black Fist" logo comes up on the screen behind them, they both raise their left closed fists high in the air in solidarity.


Light pyro blows off on either side of them as they lower their fists and begin to make their way down to the ring.

Justin: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 420 pounds???they are the team of J2H and James Nathaniel Ringo???POWER!

Crowd: Crowd: BOO!

They get to the steps and J2H runs up first, with Ringo slowly following behind him. As Ringo gets in the ring he raises his arms for the crowd and he lets their boos and taunts soak in for a bit. He gives Justin Decent an evil sneer before snatching the microphone out of his hands.

Ringo: My name is James Nathaniel Ringo and I am better than you.

Crowd: Crowd: BOO!

He raises his hand a bit as if to quiet the crowd down.

Ringo: What you're about to witness here tonight, in front of the largest capacity crowd in SCW history, is the dawning of a new era. An era of Power.

J2H nods his head in agreement.

Ringo: For months we have sat back and watched the masked freak known as Equinox defile the very title that my colleague J2H made famous. We watched you???

Ringo points at the crowd.

Ringo: ???you all buy into his maniacal bullshit and his endless spewing of nonsensical statements that none of you even understand. He's a belligerent fool and tonight???tonight we take back what is so precious to him.

Ringo hands the microphone over to J2H.

J2H: Tonight, the record gets set straight, not once, but three damn times and you people get to see it.

The crowd boo as J2H turns around, looking around the stadium.

J2H: Number one, you will see that Equinox is the worst SCW champion that's ever stepped his foot inside this six sided ring. Number two, you will see that Giani Di Luca was always the weak link in Young Money, it was always about be carrying his worthless ass.

A cocky smirk crosses J2H's face

J2H: And three, you're about to see no matter who comes back, no matter how many losers SCW hire, it is, and will always be about us.

J2H hands the microphone back over to Ringo.

Ringo: Tonight???Giani Di Luca and his freak Equinox will kneel before us???they will kneel before POWER!

He arrogantly throws the microphone back over to Justin Decent and slowly unties his robe. He slips it off, unveiling his chiseled physique, and hands it over to the referee. J2H and Ringo exchange a few words and nods as they await their opponents.

Simone: For the past several weeks, these two have been making life a living hell for the reigning Roulette Champion, Equinox!

Adams: Yeah but now things are even because the champ has the Italian Stallion at his back!

Simone: That surprised a great many people when former Heavyweight Champion, Giani Di Luca, came to Equinox's rescue but he couldn't have picked a better time to return to active competition!

"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO blasts over the speakers. The fans immediately turn their attention to the entryway. A few cameramen file through the curtains. Giani comes down to the ring, he supplies his own blast of pyros that rain down on him as he pauses, looking from side to side as the cheers form. He looks from side to side once more with a smirk forming on his face. He looks at what seems to be each and every fan before throwing his fist in the air, getting the crowd pumped as he pumps his fists.

Justin: Introducing their opponents! First, from Seaside Heights, New Jersey, weighing 285 pounds ... Giani Di Luca!

He sprints down the ramp, stopping at the bottom, spinning a complete 360 while leaping on one foot with his arms out at his sides. He comes to the head of the ring and jumps onto the ring apron before climbing under the top rope. He bounces from the ropes, then runs over to the far turnbuckle and raises his fist high in the air for his fans and camera crew. He leaps down and darts to the other side of the ring, working the crowd, pumping his fist in the air. He jumps down and jogs in place.

Justin: And his tag team partner...!

The lights go black, completely black in the building. The fans are quiet as they hear the air move around them and they are patiently waiting for something new. The lighting begins to change as the song begins to play over the PA System???The crowd screams toward the entrance way in cheers now, "Tourniquet" having just started to pound itself through the P.A. system. As the song picked up power, and rocks out hard the arena goes near pitch black. In the flashing of a strobe like white light at the entrance way we see fans rush to the safety barricade and wait as the lights begin to flicker in a strobe like state of multi-colors with the song's thumping opening. The lights continue to go "wild" as they flash erratically as the starting lyric announces...

"She's made of hair and bone and little teeth
and things that cannot speak
she comes on like a crippled plaything
her spine is just a string"

As it begins to play over the PA system and the lighting changes, bathing the entire arena in an eerie purple glow. The stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with green smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. Suddenly, something begins to rise out of the stage, as if rising from the depths of hell itself. The fans begin to erupt as an umbrella can be seen twirling and twirling as it slowly rises and a man slowly emerges shrouded by a black and white umbrella over his head slowly. He twirls it away from his body and onto his left shoulder, revealing his new black slacks and shirt to go with a silver tie and his signature black coat and a mask upon his face where several dreadlocks are formed. The fans cheer as Justin announces enigmatic insanity.

Justin: From St. Louis!!!! Weighing in at 235 lbs.... he is the reigning Roulette Champion ... This is Equinox!!!!!!!

Equinox slowly folds in the umbrella, holding it firmly in his hand, and runs down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps, running over to them, handing the ref the umbrella.

He hops down and lands in the arms of the fans, cackling evil as they let him go as he claps the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps. Equinox proceeds to slap the steel steps before walking up the steps and walking along the left ring apron. Sticking one leg inside between the ring ropes and cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused as the song starts to finish.

Once he is in the ring, he begins to unbutton his jacket, revealing his new shirt as he let out a scream. You can plain see the energy etched over his face as he gazes the crowd, Equinox then jumps in a single leap from the mat to the second turnbuckle of the nearest corner as the music continues playing loudly. His hair flying around in a colorful mess as the Jokers begin cheering as he begins thrashing his neck and head about as he lets his arms fly out as he cackles. He repeats this for the rest of turnbuckles before hopping down to meet the competition. Once done, he climbs up the turnbuckles and sit on the top rope, his lips quirked into a very dark smile beneath his mask as the lights come up. He hops down and removes his trench coat, folding it neatly and handing it to a stage hand, before he steps up to the center of the ring where a smirking pair of J2H and Ringo stands, taunting him.

Adams: Uh oh! This doesn't look good!

Equinox starts arguing with J2H and Ringo, jawing at one another while Giani steps in, trying to calm the champion down and pull him away.

Simone: Don't play peace maker, Giani! Let them tear each other apart!

Adams: Geez! It's like commentating with Sean Penn!

Giani gets in between the three and starts to usher his partner back, when Equinox breaks free and leapfrogs over Giani's wide back, tackling both J2H and Ringo to the mat! The crowd comes alive as the bell rings!


Adams: Hoo hoo hoo! This one is started and FAST!

Simone: And remember! Texas Tornado Rules apply here! All four men are allowed in the ring at the same time!

A brawl has erupted violently inside of the ring as referee Jasmine St. John has little alternative but to stand back and let the four men get it out of their systems! Mr. JN Ringo and Giani trade heavy jarring blows to one another's heads and faces, both alpha males fighting for supremacy between them while wicked shots are exchanged between J2H and the reigning Roulette Champion, Equinox!

Simone: I think it's safe to say that this match will by no means be a technical master piece given the history of these four men!

J2H rakes Equinox's eyes and grabs the champion in a front facelock, his arm directly against the champion's throat, choking him! Equinox fights back, burying a fist into J2H's midsection, fending him off and bulling him back against the far corner! J2H grabs a handful of his mask and turns him around into the corner and lands an uppercut to the jaw, then grabs hold of the ropes and begins burying his shoulder into his opponent's midsection once, twice, three times! J2H steps back for another lunge but the ever resilient Equinox kicks both feet up into his sternum, sending him tumbling back to the canvas!

Against the far side of the ring, Giani's size advantage comes into play as he wraps his arms around Ringo's waist in a bear hug and heaves him up and over into the corner where he assaults him with heavy forearms to the chest, followed with a European uppercut! Giani signals to the champion and Equinox grabs J2H by the arm as Giani holds his respective opponent in a side headlock! Both 'faces' smile and nod to the cheering crowd who rallies behind them!

Simone: Somehow I don't think this is going to turn out well for the challengers!

As Giani goes to run Ringo forward, Equinox goes for an Irish whip but J2H reverses it! Ringo shoves Di Luca off and he and the champion collide in the center of the ring. J2H and Ringo then briefly signal to the crowd and charge at their respective foes, arms extended, but Giani and Equinox duck out of the way and Ringo and J2H clothesline each other!

Adams: Hahahaha!! Bravo! Encore!

The crowd is cheering as JN Ringo and J2H struggle to their feet, using the ropes to pull themselves back up to a vertical base and Giani and Equinox charge forward and clothesline both men, taking them out over the top rope and to the ringside area! The crowd continues to cheer as Giani and Equinox ignore Jasmine's instructions to stay inside and they duck out through the ropes, going after the opposition on the outside!

Adams: And things are about to get goooood!

Simone: It was only a matter of time!

The brawl continues on the outside as Equinox grabs J2H by the hair and slams the young competitor's head into the ring apron, while across from him, Giani lands an uppercut to JN Ringo's chin, knocking him around and Giani clotheslines him from behind, sending him sprawling to the ground! Giani signals to his partner and Equinox climbs back inside of the ring as Giani drags J2H and Ringo to their feet and holds them! Equinox then rebounds off of the far side of the ring and dives through the ropes, wiping the challengers out with a suicide plancha! The crowd is electric!

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Giani pulls the barricade aside and waves the crowd back as he scoops Ringo up and body slams him right in the front row, atop of the recently deserted seats! Equinox Irish whips J2H against the barricade, then dumps him up and over into the front row!

Simone: God now they're fighting in the crowd!

Adams: Well that's the Roulette division, for you!

Giani straddles Ringo's chest on the chairs and grabs a handful of his hair with one hand and rains down sharp blows to his head with the other as the crowd counts along!

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!

The crowd cheers as Giani stands up, dragging JN Ringo along with him and drags him back toward the ring, while Equinox takes J2H by the arm and sends him into another row of chairs, sending them and the fans scattering!

Adams: You think Mr. JN Ringo and J2H are regretting starting all of this with Equinox now?

Simone: I think Ringo and J2H are regretting even waking up this morning!

Giani goes to send Ringo back inside of the ring with an Irish whip, but Ringo pulls out a reversal and sends Giani slamming into the steel ring post, and the former Heavyweight Champion tumbles to the ground! Equinox gets J2H back into the ring and he goes to send him into the corner but J2H reverses it and Equinox runs right up the turnbuckles and flies back off, crashing into J2H with a Rising Revolution! J2H's head makes violent impact on the mat and Equinox covers him!

JN Ringo is inside of the ring and he brings a Fame-Asser down across the back of Equinox's head!

Simone: That may very well have been it had it not been for JN Ringo!

Adams: Mister JN Ringo...

JN Ringo peels Equinox up from the mat and sends him into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker across his knee! Ringo dumps him off and he is about to go for the cover, but the recovered J2H asks to do it instead and Ringo obliges his partner!

Equinox gets his shoulder up!

Giani starts to get to his feet but J2H dashes over and baseball slides under the bottom rope, crashing into Di Luca and sending him scattering to the ground!

Simone: I have to admit that this new strategy of the challengers could pay off! They are keeping the larger, more experienced Giani Di Luca out of the ring so they can work the champion over.

Adams: And possibly cause a new champion to be crowned!

J2H grabs the champion by the legs and then falls back, but hangs on as equinox's throat catches the top rope and he slingshots back and right across J2H's knees! J2H then holds on so Ringo can come off of the ropes and drop a guillotine legdrop across the exposed throat of the champion! This time it's Ringo who goes for the cover while his partner watches his back!

Equinox gets his shoulder up!

Giani climbs up onto the ring apron and J2H races over and dropkicks him, sending the Italian Stallion flying off the apron and he crashes into the ringside barricade!

Simone: if they keep this up, there's no way that Equinox will be able to withstand much more punishment!

Ringo pulls the worked over champion to his feet and fires him off into the corner. Ringo then gets a head of steam and charges in but Equinox brings both feet up, knocking him back to the canvas. Equinox then hops up onto the top rope but J2H heads him off and jumps, delivering a high kick to the side of the champion's head! J2H climbs up to the top rope and flips Equinox off, before jumping, scissoring his head, and bringing the Roulette Champion crashing down with a top rope Hurricanrana!

Simone: I am NEVER going to get over the transformation of the former James Huntington-Hawkes III!

J2H poses as Mr. JN Ringo covers him!

Giani grabs Equinox's foot and drapes it over the bottom rope, prompting the break!

Adams: Oo! Quick thinking by Giani Di Luca!

Angered at the interference, J2H grabs hold of the top rope and catapults himself to the outside -- but Giani catches him in his strong arms!

Adams: Uhhhh OHHH!

J2H struggles and shakes his head and Giani drives J2H down hard on the ground with a body slam! J2H's face contorts in pain and arches his back as Giani climbs up on ringside! Ringo charges at him but Di Luca brings a big boot up into his face, sending him reeling back, head over heels!

Simone: And the Italian Stallion is back in this one!

Wasting no time, Giani drags Ringo to his feet and sends him into the ropes and on the rebound, military presses him high over his head and slams him down with authority! Giani then rebounds off of the ropes and hits a big splash, covering him!

Ringo kicks out!

Equinox is back up and he races off of the far side and Giani scoops him up into a wheelbarrow and drops him down across Ringo's prone form in the second straight cover!

Ringo kicks out again!

Equinox grabs him up from off the mat and Irish whips him into the ropes but Ringo comes off, attempting a clothesline but the champion performs a Bridging Evasion and follows that up with a roundhouse kick that lays JN out! Equinox then lands on his midsection with a double foot stomp.

The crowd shouts warning as J2H is back up and climbing to the top of the corner behind Giani Di Luca. Giani turns around and J2H leaps for a flying body press but Giani catches him and drives him down with a powerslam!

Adams: Oh J2H is finished!

Giani signals to his partner and Equinox scales the corner as the crowd cheers him on! Equinox looks out to the fans, then stands up and jumps, going for the swanton bomb -- but Giani dives in suddenly and catches him across his shoulder!

Simone: What...?

Caught completely unaware, Equinox struggles as Giani holds him upside down in the inverted body vice position and walks him over toward the corner where JN Ringo climbs to the top!

Adams: What the hell is he doing!?

Simone: How the hell should I know!? That's the champion's partner!

Ringo then jumps from his perch and catches Equinox with a flying neckbreaker -- just as Giani drives the champion down with a powerbomb along with it!

Simone: NO!

Equinox is down as the crowd boos! Mr. JN Ringo covers his upper body, as J2H covers his lower, and Giani does a push up with hands on both of their backs as the referee has no choice but to count!


Simone: DAMN IT!

The crowd boos and throws debris at the wrestlers as J2H and JN Ringo are suddenly jumping into a jubilant Giani Di Luca's arms, embracing him as confusion reigns!

Adams: It was a trick! It was a trick the entire time!

Simone: Giani Di Luca was NEVER on Equinox's side! He played Equinox! He played EVERYBODY!

Justin: The winners of the match, and NEW SCW Roulette Champion....!

Jasmine grabs the belt from the outside and starts over but Giani pulls it from her grasp and hands it over to both J2H and Ringo who hold it up high as the crowd boos!

Adams: So ... who IS the new champion?

A screen shot is a close up of what appears to be the top of a graduation cap aimed at the screen. It rises with an audible...

Despayre: Doo doo doo doo doo!

And the shot is of Angel wearing a blue graduation cap and the following scrolls across the screen...

Angel's Definitions #1:
Trigonometry: First you have Trigger; that's a horse. Then you have nom. That's French for name. And you all know what a tree is. So Trigonometry is a book about a French horse up a tree.

Despayre: Yeah I can't believe they say through that whole thing either...

The scene comes back in backstage. A couple of the seamstresses are standing near their workstations and talking as they take a coffee break. Just then, they hear a tinkling sound of bells behind them. The pair of women ignore it for a moment, but the bells tinkle again, and they slowly turn to see where it's coming from...

Standing behind them, is a women in a light blue and black leather harlequin bodysuit, complete with the hood and curled toe shoes with bells. Her face is painted white, with dark blue lipstick, and she's got on a dark blue mask. She's got 2 tiny blue diamonds drawn one under and one over her left eye. She lifts her gloved hand and waves as she giggles. The pair of women look at her confused.

Seamstress 1: Hey... Can we help you with something?

The harlequin lifts her hand and bows gracefully to the women and giggles again. The other seamstress chuckles back.

Seamstress 2: Hey, I think it's Diamond! Hey girl... I wasn't the Halloween show supposed to be last week? why are you dressed like that?

The harlequin doesn't say anything, just giggles again, then starts to hum a tune and dance, swaying back and forth to the music in her head. She takes the Seamstresses hands, and starts to try to get them to dance with her. They chuckle and join in with the harlequin, swaying back and forth and spinning while giggling. They dance about three feet from where they were just standing, when suddenly there's a crash from above, and a huge chunk of ceiling tile comes crashing down, right where they were just standing.

The seamstresses shriek in fear and jump and turn around to look and see what fell, and they both gasp in shock.

Seamstress 1: OH MY GOD!! That came down right where we were! That could have killed us!!

Seamstress 2: She... She saved our lives!! Diamond!! You!! You saved our lives!!

The women turn around to try and thank the harlequin, but she's disappeared. They spin around in a circle, looking for her, but she's no where to be found. The first seamstress gasps and points at her friend's work apron.

Seamstress 1: Dana! Look! Look!!

In the pocket of her friend's work apron is a large blue playing card. She turns it over, and it's an Ace of Diamond's with a harlequin in the center of the ace. Scrawled across the card are the words, "You're Welcome! XoXo Your Friendly Neighborhood Superhero!" The pair of women look from the card to each other and shake their heads, confused.

Seamstress 2: What the hell is going on here? That WAS Diamond... Wasn't it?

Her friend rubs her forehead, looking confused.

Seamstress 1: I have no idea... But al I know is... Thank you random person! Thank you!!

The pair of seamstresses go back to their workstations, looking confused.

The scene opens outside one of the changing rooms inside the West Point facility, where we see Jade standing alone surrounded only by military images from previous wars and with only a cameraman present.

Jade then begins to speak.

Jade: I don't blame you for wanting to beat me, being stuck in a match like this sucks really knocks your confidence, thinking you have done something wrong or pissed off the wrong people. In my case, I'm here to do a job; I'm not really expecting to win titles just here to take big scalps.

Unfortunately for you Roxi, I'm here not to lie down so that you can climb the ladder, but to win what matches I can and sadly for you I'm winning this one.

I hope you have a back up plan Roxi, because you will need one.

Jade walks away from the camera and heads back to the changing room to continue her preparations.

Simone: High Stakes IV has been one strong Bombshell showing. Now we have two candidates who could become the next #1 contender for the Bombshell Championship, should they win.

Adams: Are you kidding me? Jade just pops in and out like a bad pimple on prom night.

Simone: Roxi is a former Bombshell Champion in her own right. Let's see how this match unfolds.

Cameras pan away from Belinda and Jason as it turns to Justin Decent standing in the middle of the ring.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Tampa, Florida....this is ROXI JOHNSON

"Help is on the Way" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Adams: Roxi seems to have put The Mean Girls problems behind her.

Simone: She has been on a roller coaster ride for most of 2014. She has been under Cyrus' spell then becoming a victim of The Mean Girls. Now she must change her focus to the return of Jade Manendez-Arcador

Revolution by Judas Priest hits over the PA as strobe lighting flickers all around the arena, as Jade appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings and soaks in the boos of the crowd.

Justin: and introducing her opponent from Daytona Beach, Florida. This is Jade Manendez-Arcador

Jade smiles before heading down the ramp, ignoring the fans jeers and boos along the way before running and sliding into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckle and kisses her tattoo on wrist before raising the very same arm. Jade then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits in the center of the ring for her opponent.

Adams: It's the battle of Floridians.

Simone: Yes it is and let's see who will be walking away a winner.

Drew Patton pats down both ladies before signaling for the time keeper to ring the bell.

Adams: Here we go

Jason pulls out a tub of popcorn, props his feet up on the announce desk and leans back in his chair. Right as the bell sounds, Jade and Roxi steps out of their respective corners. They slowly start to circle each other and goes for a collar elbow tie up. Right as Roxi goes to wrap her arms around Jade, Jade immediately rakes the eyes of Roxi. Roxi stumbles from the dirty move as Jade clocks her from behind with a hard shot to the back of the head. Roxi drops hard to the canvas as Jade bounces off the ropes and connects with a jumping leg drop across the neck.

Simone: Jade has the early advantage

Adams doesn't say anything due to his mouth being full of popcorn as Jade pulls Roxi up by her hair. She looks directly into Roxi's eyes before dropping back down with a modified snap DDT. Jade quickly shoots the half and goes for the quick cover. Drew Patton drops down into position but doesn't even get a one count as Roxi shoots her arm up.

Simone: Jason are you going to help me call this match?

Adams: Mmhmm...

He licks the buttery goodness of his fingers as the action inside the ring continues. Jade helps Roxi back up to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Jade goes for a clothesline but Roxi ducks it. She bounces off the opposite ropes while coming back with a swinging wheel kick. The force of the kick knocks Jade on her back. Roxi rolls back up to her feet then connects with a front dropkick to the chest of Jade.

Adams: This popcorn is great.

Simone: What about this action Roxi and Jade are giving us?

Adams: Awe, who cares? Popcorn is why more exciting than these two.

Jade rolls out of the ring with hopes of creating some distance between her and Roxi. She walks around the ring while Roxi motions for Jade to get back inside the ring. Drew Patton tells Jade to get back inside the ring but Jade ignores him. He begins his count.



Jade smirks at the cameraman as Roxi runs and jumps over the ropes connecting with a shooting star press on top of Jade. The move stops the count for a split second before Drew begins a new count.




Roxi is the first to get back up to her feet while the crowd is going absolutely crazy. She continues to pump up the crowd as Jade reaches up, grabs a handful of hair and slams Roxi face first into the steel ring post. Roxi's head snaps back as she falls to her side. Jade shrugs her shoulders while ripping the box of popcorn out of Jason Adams' hands.

Adams: Popcorn thief.

Simone: Now maybe you will call this match

Adams: Jade just introduced Roxi's face into the ring post and then stole my innocent popcorn.

Drew Patton continues his count while admonishing Jade from inside the ring.



Roxi uses the barricade to get back up to her feet as blood is starting to flow down her face. Jade walks over to her and slams the box of popcorn up against Roxi's head. She looks at the bright red stain on the box as she drops it. Roxi manages to stay on her feet as Jade rolls in and out of the ring to break the refs count. Drew continues to order both ladies to get back inside the ring as he starts counting again.



Jade wraps one arm around Roxi's neck and begins to drive multiple rights the her open wound. More blood decides to squirt out as Jade bites at the wound. She spits some blood out of her mouth as Roxi is starting to look like a crimson mask. Jade drapes one of Roxi's arms over her shoulder before lifting her up and dropping her chest first across the top of the barricade. Roxi drops to one knee as she tries to regain her composure.





Jade throws her arms out as if she has this match well in hand as she spins around to face the ring. Roxi uses this chance to reach up and slam Jade's face right into the ring apron. She contains a tight grip on Jade's hair and throws her into the ring. Roxi leans against the ring trying to regain some strength.


Simone: Roxi needs to get back into the ring.

Adams: Roxi is going to need a blood transfusion.

Roxi begins pounding her head before jumping up on the ring apron. Drew motions for Roxi to get back inside the ring but she slams the top of the turnbuckle. The crowd is starting to go crazy again as she climbs up to the top. Jade reaches up, grabs a hold of Drew's pants and flings him into the ropes. The illegal causes Roxi to drop to a straddle position on the top turnbuckle but it knocks the referee down in the process. Jade smiles as she quickly jumps up to her feet then climbs up to the top while looking to connect with a frankensteiner. Roxi hooks the top turnbuckle as Jade rolls on to her feet but Roxi connects with a diving Hurricanrana.

Adams: The ref even finds this match boring. He's taking a nap in the middle of it.

Simone: What is your problem? You are usually being a pervert.

Drew Patton is slowly making his way back to his feet as Jade is struggling to get something out of her tights while Roxi is still trying to keep her adrenaline pumping. Jade finally pulls out a bag filled with a white substance as she walks over toward Roxi. Roxi throws one arm up which inadvertently knocks the powder like substance back into Jade's eyes. She stumbles around the ring while Roxi just watches in total confusion. Jade bumps into Drew thinking it's Roxi and sets him up for a DDT. However Roxi uses this to spring off the ropes and connect with a roundhouse kick to the side of Jade's head. Jade falls to the canvas as Roxi quickly goes into the cover.

Simone: This one just might be over. Roxi hit the Ray of hope.

Drew drops down as well and pounds the mat twice. However Jade shoots her shoulder up which shocks everyone. Roxi throws her hands up to her face and wonders what will but Jade away. Jade is still scratching at her eyes as Roxi bounces off the ropes but she gets caught with a swift European uppercut. The sudden strike stops Roxi dead in her tracks as Jade hooks Roxi for a fisherman driver. Jade manages to lift Roxi up but she wiggles loose from Jade's grip. She drops down behind Jade and snaps off an Eye of the Hurricane type move. Without wasting much time, Roxi springs off the ropes with a picture perfect moonsault and lands right on top of Jade. She hooks one of Jade's legs while grapevining the other as Drew Patton drops down into position. He pounds the canvas three times as the bell sounds.

Justin: and here is your winner.....Roxi Johnson

Simone: Roxi did it. This match was brutal for a regular match. Roxi is going to need medical attention.

Adams: Jade owes me a full box of popcorn.

Roxi lets go of Jade as Drew raises her hand as the cameras cut away.

The crowd is immediately turned to boos as "Amazing" by Hi Fashion begins playing. Foregoing the usual grand entrance, the ladies immediately begin filing through the curtains, one at a time. First up, is Delia, followed by Mercedes, Veronica, Tessa, and Angelica following up at the rear. They all have determined looks on their faces as they don't even bother pulling in more boos from the audience. They meet at the ring and pull themselves onto the apron quickly. At the same time, all five ladies enter the ring, and Delia immediately walks over to the ropes where she takes a microphone from Justin Decent. She walks to the center of the ring to join her sisters, but doesn't bother wasting any time as she raises the microphone to her perfectly glossy pink lips as the music fades out.

Delia: We didn't come out here to listen to your boring, monotonous boos. We actually have important s'ings to discuss. As you're all well aware, z'e Mean Girls have a serious mole problem. We've come out here, all of us??? to give z'is pest one final chance to come clean. Was it me, who covered z'e Mean Girls in blood two weeks ago on Climax Control?

Delia slowly begins shaking her head as she utters the rhetorical question. The audience cheers loudly at the mention of the events a few weeks ago. Delia rolls her eyes as she glances over to Mercedes, cold and calculating.

Delia: Was it Mercedes Vargas z'at spread all of z'ose awful rumors about z'e Mean Girls, bo's past and present?

The audience cheers once again as Mercedes shrugs her shoulders, mouthing the words "Sorry not sorry", while shaking her head from side to side. Delia's eye twitches a bit as she looks over to Veronica.

Delia: Was it Veronica Taylor z'at warned Roxi and Misty about our plans to attack z'em bo's during z'e Number One Contender's match a few weeks back?

The cheers only get louder as Veronica preens her nails, rolling her eyes at the accusation. Delia narrows her eyes carefully, but doesn't let this last very long. She walks right up to Tessa, and stares right into her eyes as she tilts her head from side to side.

Delia: Was it Tessa Flannigan who ruined our campaign to destroy Electra Style's name?

The audience boos now at this mention, and Tessa rolls her eyes, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she puts a hand out as if putting it in all of their faces. Delia walks a half circle around her, finding her way to Angelica's face. She raises the microphone to her lips, which is just a few inches from Angelica's lips as well, to the point we can hear her nervous breaths.

Delia: Or was it Angelica who trashed our locker room and tried to bully all of us into s'inking she was z'is selfless manager, when really??? she's just jealous z'at she is z'e least relevant Mean Girl??? except for Tessa of course, el oh el, sorry bout it hunty.

Angelica: Um, excuse yourself, bitch?

Delia: Oh, you heard me loud and clear, because I did not stutter??? I assure??? You're wors'less, Angie, and even you know it. You didn't hide your tracks very well. Even Tessa could have figured it out, right?

Tessa smiles as she nods her head, causing Delia to bump chests with Angelica in a bullying stance. Veronica and Mercedes join her, and soon, all of them are backing Angelica into the corner. Angelica looks worried as she holds her hands up to plead with them, when suddenly, Delia sprays her in the face with Veronica's Secret perfume, blinding Angelica. The rest of the Mean Girls back her into the corner, and prepare to give her the beating of a lifetime. However, before they lay in a punch, Veronica shouts and rips the microphone from Delia's hand.

Veronica: Wait a minute! I think we're making a big mistake, I mean??? Angelica is one of my best friends. Shouldn't we allow her the chance to explain herself? Maybe she has a good reason for trying to trash us, right?

Angelica pleads her case, wiping at her eyes as she nods her head rapidly. She begins grabbing wildly at any and all Mean Girls as she desperately pleads. She grabs onto Tessa, and suddenly, as if she could see crystal clear, she grabs onto Tessa's arms, holding her firmly in place as Veronica hauls back and slaps Tessa across the face. Mercedes walks up next and lands a picture perfect Headbutt to the Irish-Cockney Bombshell, causing her to fall to one knee. Delia reaches into her shirt and pulls out a Jealous Janis tank top, wrapping it around Tessa's neck as she chokes her with it. Angelica lets go, and Delia hits a Snapmare, choking even more tightly as Angelica looks down, slapping Tessa violently and rapidly as she shouts. Once she is done, Veronica kneels down and gets in Tessa's face, almost looking apologetically as she grabs a handful of Tessa's hair, yanking her up to her feet as Delia forces the tank top over Tessa.

Veronica: Ugh, even with your funny accent, you had real potential with us, but you had to go and be all ratchet and busted, working behind our backs? You actually did a good job of hiding it, except for one mistake??? We all use Delizcious Lips by Liz, but because of your jealousy of Liz, you refused to wear it, and you wrote in your own lipstick??? Well, guess what? You can't sit with us, Tessa Flannigan!

Veronica hits the Ex'ed Out on Tessa, leaving her laid out on the mat. Delia and Mercedes lift her off of the ground and dispose of her over the top rope before the four remaining Mean Girls gently wave goodbye to her. "Amazing" begins playing once more as the four girls share a high five, celebrating their victory over the Mole as the fans boo wildly. Tessa slowly starts to move on the outside, coming back to her feet as she stumbles back into the barricade. The fans pat her back firmly as she glares angrily at the inside of the ring, gritting her teeth as she starts to storm the ring. The rest of the girls form a line, inviting her to try, which causes her to stop short. She growls and then storms up the ramp in defeat.

A video package begins to flicker to life on the SCW-Tron above the stage with voice overs...

Equinox reels on the ringside floor, clearly in pain...

HS: They takes their lives into their own hands every time they set foot inside of the ring.

Gabriel takes a bad fall after diving off of the top corner inside of a steel cage...

Christian: There is simply no telling when the simplest of moves can cause the worst of untimely injuries.

Cookie S'Mores drops her ample backside down onto the much smaller Felony Fontana's sternum...

HS: You can try and tell us that it's all fake, but these men and women are trained professionals.

Roxi Johnson plants Delia Darling head-first into the canvas...

Christian: And there are just a great too many things that you simply can not 'fake'.

Sean Jackson brings a steel chair down across Drake Green's head...

The camera switches to Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood standing in front of a SCW logo.

HS: So try to remember...

Christian: Do NOT try this at home!

Mark blinks, frowns, then calmly turns his head to look at his partner.

HS: How the bloody hell are they supposed to write their RPs if not at home ya wanker!?

Christian: Oh very nice! Way to break the fourth wall!

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Sin City Wrestling TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Iiiiiiintroducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 535 pounds, they are being accompanied to the ring by Diamond, they are "Big Tiger" Jeremiah Hardin, "the Beast of Darkness" Dark Tiger??? R.O.A.R.!!!

A spotlight is shone on the ramp as Dark Tiger and Jeremiah stand on the ramp, and they head down the ring.

Adams: Hey, check it out!

Both Sebastian and Jeremiah stop where Chippendale and Thunder of TSSA are seated at ringside and they exchange handshakes with the tag team legends, displaying their respect toward them.

Simone: And that is why R.O.A.R. has one of the most respectful attitudes in Sin City Wrestling.

The Fans go wild for them, and Jeremiah fist bumps with the fans. Dark Tiger steps over the ring ropes and Jeremiah lowers the ropes for Diamond as she enters and he enters the ring and they get in the ring, and Diamond rips off Jeremiah's camo pants to reveal his wrestling gear and she kisses Jeremiah and she leaves the ring. Dark Tiger pats Jeremiah on the back as they wait on their opponents

Justin Decent:Introducing next, the champions.. At a combined weight of 463 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Synn and Angel, they are Despayre and Big B??? BOSOM BUDDIES!!!

Let's fake an answer for the curious
Let's fake it all for the fame
They'll think delivering was easy
Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies

The immediate beat of the cult classic "Opticon" by Orgy lights up over the sound system and the crowd ignites with a fury of cheers as they know who is about to arrive. The crowd erupts in cheers as the curtains atop the stage are thrust wide open and out steps Synn, as he holds the drapes wide for the next arrival, and onto the stage emerges Big B -- with his tag team partner Despayre riding 'piggy back' astride his wide shoulders, and Angel being held high in Despayre's own hands.

Message from Opticon
Blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time

Synn leads the way as the new tag team combination of the 'Bosom Buddies' makes their way down to ringside, Big B continuing to carry Despayre on his shoulders the entire way, while Despayre carries Angel on his own.

New alien spawn we reinvent the dawn
And no one's style compares
Those neon eyes make mom and dad think
That we've lost our minds
They're just terrified of all new things

They arrive at ringside and like their opponents, Big B approaches where TSSA are sitting and he knuckle bumps the pair, and Despayre lowers Angel to Big B's hands so the teddy bear can 'shake hands' with Chippendale and Thunder. Synn climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open. Big B lowers Despayre so his teammate can climb off and drop to the apron where he scrambles inside of the ring, followed closely by Big B. Despayre grabs the ropes and shakes them while head banging to the beat of the music as B just stands there calmly, watching his little buddy. Synn then steps through the ropes and leads the team over toward their allotted corner while they await the start of the match while the music trails off. The champions hand their belts over to Holly Wood, who takes a moment to glare at Big B's backside. She gives it a smack??? for good luck, of course, before calling for the bell.


Sebastian and Big B stand in the middle of the ring, staring each other down, sending the fans into an uproar in this Battle of the Giants. Hardin stops and looks around for a minute, taking a deep breath before both men tie up in a battle of power. The slightly bigger Hardin starts off strong, powering Big B toward the corner, but a knee to his stomach shifts the power back into Big B's favor. He wraps his arm around Hardin' neck, steadying him for a Snap Suplex, but Hardin jabs fierce fists into Big B's side, and they return to a tie up. Hardin butts the crown of his head directly between Big B's eyes and then he shifts a barrage of repeated, alternating knees into Big B, and getting him down to one knee. Hardin hits him with a hard right hook, and Big B comes back with a jab to the stomach. Hardin sucks it up and tosses Big B across the ring and as he comes back. Hardin plants a big boot to Big B's face, nearly taking his head off. He lets out a primal scream before stomping around the ring, much to the fans' delight.

Simone: A strong offense built right off the bat from Sebastian Hardin.

Adams: That won't be enough to stop Big B from taking it right back to Hardin though. When Big B gets in the zone, he is nearly unstoppable.

He goes to pick Big B off of the mat, but Big B swings his leg up and kicks Hardin in the head, sending him stumbling backward. In an excellent display of showmanship, Big B flings Hardin toward the ropes, only this time, Hardin counters it, sending him the other way, until Big B reverses it yet again. As Hardin comes back, Big B goes for a rough hip toss, but Hardin smacks him across the back of the head. While Big B is stunned, Hardin reverses the momentum for a hip toss of his own. Big B stalls it by planting his feet firmly on the ground. From there, he hits a series of fast and furious jabs to Hardin's stomach and face. He stops and bounces off of the nearby ropes, only to have Hardin lift him up into a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. This time, though, Big B wraps his legs around Hardin's neck, stalling it long enough to handstand. The monster, Big B, comes down quickly and tackles Sebastian into the corner, repeatedly hitting Shoulder butts before letting Sebastian fall. Big B stomps away at Hardin who is rolling around on the canvas. Holly Wood comes over to break it up, causing Big B to get a grip, taking deep breaths. Big B takes a few steps back as Hardin slowly gets up to his hands and knees. Big B measures it up carefully and then charges forward, punting Hardin's chin like a football!

Adams: Did you see that? He bent it like Beckham there!

Simone: Big B has really turned it around here.

Big B picks Hardin up from the mat and flings him against the ropes. Hardin ducks a Clothesline attempt, and dives over for a tag to Jeremiah. Jeremiah gets in the ring, but Big B is quick to hit a high kick to the much smaller Jeremiah's head. Big B whips Jeremiah into the ropes, and he runs into the opposing ropes for a clothesline, which Jeremiah ducks, and catches Big B with a hard jab to the ribs. He is quick to land a hard elbow to Big B's back, then another to the back of his head, sending him crashing down to the mat. He goes for a Legdrop on Big B's back, but Big B rolls out of the way, and pulls himself to his feet. As Jeremiah attempts to do the same, Big B grabs onto his hair, and begins laying in punches. The fans cheer as he connects with two, but on his third attempt, Jeremiah grabs his fist. He swings his legs around and brings Big B down in a Triangle Choke Hold. He wrenches Big B's neck, causing him to gasp for breath. He fights to back out of it, but Big B has to steady a hold on him to let go. Big B leans forward, picking himself up as far as he can. This causes Jeremiah to wrench even tighter. In a desperate attempt, Big B reaches as far under Jeremiah as he can, cradling his dead weight, and he lifts him up into position for a Sit Out Powerbomb, which comes crashing down, breaking the hold as both men lay there, stunned.

Adams: Both men are laid out, and Despayre is anxiously reaching out for the tag but...

Simone: Oh! Sebastian remedied that situation right away by hitting a Superkick right from the apron!

Big B is the first one to his feet. He grabs onto Jeremiah's head, falling down with a Neckbreaker. He picks Jeremiah up from the mat, but Jeremiah tosses Big B toward the turnbuckle, but Big B reverses it, sending Jeremiah to the corner instead. As Big B follows, Jeremiah catches himself and he leaps up and over Big B. Jeremiah waits until Big B is turned back around, and he nails him with a backward Shoulder butt. He turns around and as he charges forward, he pounds one knee into Big B's midsection, followed by the other knee. He climbs up over Big B, and initiates a count as the fans count it out for him.










Big B jabs Jeremiah in the most convenient of places, the groin. As Jeremiah's face sours in pain, B shoves him forward in an attempt to get him off. Instead, Jeremiah brings him down in a Monkey Flip, rolling over with it into a pin attempt.



Big B kicks out and Jeremiah stomps his foot in frustration. Jeremiah picks up a prone Big B, and then he wraps his arms around Big B's waist for a German Suplex. The audience cheers as Jeremiah plays up to them, taking a moment to nod with their cheers.

Simone: Jeremiah is really getting the crowd going tonight, but one has to wonder... Is it possible that we could be seeing new Tag Team Champions?

Adams:It seems that Sebastian and Jeremiah have strategizes by isolating Big B and knocking out every attempt to get Despayre into this match.

As soon as the cheers start, Big B slowly starts to pump his fists, starting at his side. He reaches up and begins doing it, and then he brings his elbow, crashing it hard against Jeremiah's head. As Jeremiah stumbles backward, Big B swings around the back and sets up for a Pumphandle Slam. The crowd goes crazy as Big B begins to shout out at them. He lifts Jeremiah up into the air, only to have Jeremiah wrap his legs around his neck for the second Triangle Choke of the match. He brings Big B down to the ground this time, really holding on tight. Big B starts to go limp and Holly comes over to check on him. She lifts his arm, and lets it fall. She throws up one finger and shouts along with it. She does it again, pausing before dropping the limp arm again. She throws up two fingers and shouts "TWO!" She goes to grab onto Big B's arm again, but before she can even lift it, Big B clinches his fist, punching as hard as he can in a furious attempt to escape. Once he has the slightest chance, he tears loose from the hold, only to come crashing back into Holly, knocking her hard against the turnbuckle.


Adams: For the first time in history, Holly Wood, or any referee for that matter, does not fall unconscious!

Holly holds onto her stomach and scolds Big B. Big B helps Holly back to her feet, apologizing before he slowly backs over toward Despayre. Jeremiah clubs him across the back, stopping him short. He grabs onto Big B's leg to drag him back to the center of the ring, but Big B leaps up, hitting an Enziguri. He rolls over and tags Despayre into the match. Despayre charges into the ring, but Sebastian climbs into the ring, lifting the high flyer up into the air with a record setting Back Body Drop. He shouts "That's how you get it done!" Jeremiah nods his head clapping before he picks up one arm and one leg of Despayre. He slings him up into the air and then drops him down hard against the mat. He slings him up and onto his shoulders, ready for a Death Valley Driver. but as he gets close to the ropes, Big B hits a hard high kick to Hardin's face, dropping him down with Despayre on top.



Simone: Jeremiah Hardin just tossed Despayre off of him as if he were light as a feather.

Adams: Hey basically is, Simone! Oh, and Despayre is scrambling to his feet, and it might be possible that we see Despayre's first move in the entire match!

Unfortunately, Sebastian Hardin quickly climbs over the top rope and strikes him down with a Clothesline. He makes his way over to Big B, but Hardin tackles him through the ropes. Both men fight on the outside while Jeremiah shrugs his shoulders. Jeremiah picks Despayre off of the ground. He connects with a Snap Suplex, but isn't finished there. He comes back around with another Snap Suplex. He raises up, bringing Despayre with him, flinging him over with a Fisherman's Suplex, hooking the leg for the pin.




Despayre rolls up, stumbling to his feet as Jeremiah kips up. Jeremiah turns around and Despayre jumps up onto his shoulders, looking for a Hurricanrana. Jeremiah drops him down for a Powerbomb, and then tosses him up onto his shoulders. He looks around, gauging the reaction of the fans before landing with a second and third Powerbomb! He stands up, readying himself for the pin when Sebastian Hardin reaches in for a surprise tag. Jeremiah argues with Sebastian, but Sebastian has a proper plan, and Jeremiah nods before exiting the ring. Sebastian lays in several stomps, picking Despayre up from the mat afterwards. He sends Despayre into the ropes, and as he comes back, Hardin boots him in the gut. He leaps over, spinning Despayre with him to land a Sitdown Powerbomb! He rolls Despayre over for the pin.



Big B comes in and bashes Sebastian from behind with a boot to the back of his head. He flings Sebastian up in a fit of rage, and boots him in the gut. He lays Sebastian out with The B Bomb, dusting his hands off, satisfied with his handiwork. Out of nowhere, Jeremiah hits the Dissension to Darkness on Big B, laying him out on the mat as the fans cheer for the hopeful champions. His adrenaline is pumping through his veins as his nostrils flare. He hasn't noticed that Despayre is back on his feet, and isn't even remotely prepared for...

Adams: LOBOTOMY! And Despayre takes advantage of the downed Sebastian!

Simone: It's like David pinning Goliath!




Adams: They did it!

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentlemen... Your winners and STILL SCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... DESPAYRE and BIG B!!!

The fans roar in appreciation for the awesome match from both teams as Holly brings Big B and Despayre their belts. Big B slowly gets off of the mat, holding onto his head as Holly raises both of their arms. Synn enters the ring to celebrate with them, but Despayre pulls away. He whispers to Big B, who nods his head, and both men help Jeremiah off of the mat. Sebastian comes over to the pair, and both sides lock eyes firmly. Jeremiah jerks away from Despayre's grip, and then??? he grabs onto Despayre's arm and raises it up in the air! Sebastian does the same with Big B's arm as the four men stand united in the center of the ring.

Simone: What can I say about that? It was a hard fought match for both sides here, but the champions just...

Adams: What a match! And what good sportsmanship from both sides here!

The scene comes in backstage again, at the refreshments table. One of the new hairdressers walks over and picks up a water, opening it and taking a long sip. She reaches up and pulls the pins from her hair and shakes out her long blonde hair and sighs heavily as she runs her fingers through it. As she takes another sip of her water, one of the stagehands comes up beside her, looking her up and down like a piece of meat and whistles.

Stagehand Joey: Wow Janice... Look at you!! You let your hair down and you look like a million bucks.

The hairdresser smiles nervously and blushes.

Hairdresser Janice: Um, thanks Joey.

She turns around to pick up a pear, and the stagehand gets close up to her body and slides his hands along her body. She jumps and backs away from him quickly, frowning.

Hairdresser Janice: Hey! What are you doing?

He licks his lips with an evil gleam in his eye, moving closer to her, putting his arms around her, trapping her against the table.

Stagehand Joey: Awww, relax Janice. I'm just... letting you know how good you look. And how much better you'd look with me wrapped around you.

He leans in and tries to kiss her, but she puts her hands on his chest and turns her head.

Hairdresser Janice: Joey... Stop this... You know I have a fiancee.

The stagehand doesn't listen and grabs her roughly, pulling her towards him, making her squeak sharply.

Stagehand Joey: Awww, come on Janice baby... You know he's nothing compared to me. Besides... I know you like it... Just like I know you want more... Come on... I've got a little room at the Hilton with a Jacuzzi, and I can't wait to see you wet and squirming...

She keeps trying to push him off of her, but Joey gets insistent and starts to try to pull her off towards the parking structure.

Hairdresser Janice: Joey... Joey stop it!! No Joey!! What are you doing?!! Leave me alone!! Stop it!!

Suddenly, Joey is stopped in his tracks as he bumps into something. He stops and turns around slowly and sees he's bumped not into something, but into someone. Standing behind him is a tall, well muscled woman in a black latex bodysuit so tight that it looks painted on. It's so tight that it shows off every muscle in her body as he stands there. She's got a white, fur lined collar on, a pair of black leather boots with fur trim around the top, and a pair of black leather gloves with white fur trim around the wrists. Her long hair is platinum white which contrasts with the black cat ears showing at the top of her head, and she's wearing a black mask. She's towering over the stagehand, and she looks down on him with a scowl. She curls her lip in a snarl and she grabs a handful of his shirt.

Stagehand Joey: Hey... You're even hotter than Janice is. I love a little bit of cosplay action every now and then.

The tall woman doesn't say a word. She growls and yanks him up about three inches off of the ground. The hairdresser backs away towards the refreshments table, watching as the tall woman in black throws the stagehand across the hall bodily, sending him slamming into the wall heavily. He staggers up to a standing position and smirks at her, licking his lips.

Stagehand Joey: Ooohhh, so you like it rough huh? Well, this is gonna be fun...

The woman in black whistles shrilly, and security comes rushing over to grab the stagehand. As soon as security shows up, a man in a suit comes up with them. The hairdresser runs over to the man in the suit.

Hairdresser Janice: Leon!! Leon, oh it was awful!! He attacked me!! He was such a masher!!! if it wasn't for this...

The hairdresser turns to look at the woman in black, but she's gone. The hairdresser puts a hand up to her mouth and gasps.

Hairdresser Janice: She... She's gone!! She saved me!!! I wanted to say thank you, but...

She turns towards the refreshments table and there, under her water bottle is a purple playing card. It's an Ace of spades with a picture of a black cat face in the center. She picks it up and written on the card are the words, "Just a bit of help. A Friendly Face" She turns the card over a few times, them looks around.

Hairdresser Janice: Who was she?!!

The shot zooms in on the playing card before it cuts out.

We find our way backstage where the fans find themselves booing almost uncontrollably at the sight of the Sin of Envy, Kittie, who is standing by backstage with Despayre and Delia, who are lightly discussing their business for the evening, the much anticipated collaborated entrance. Meanwhile, Kittie seems bored out of her skull as she is barely even present mentally. Delia mutters something to which Kittie growls and taps Despayre on the shoulder. Turning to her with a smile on his face, waiting for whatever input she might have, he is met with a single dollar bill. He sighs and sticks his fingers in his ears while Kittie places her hands over Angel's ears and looks directly at Delia.

Kittie: FUCK! If I told you that I conspired with the trashy blonde one, would you also kick me out of Mean Girls? I've fucking over this.

Despayre: You owe me another dollar??? Hey, it sounds like I'm under water. Bloooop??? Bloooooooooooooooop???

Delia: Ugh, it's only for one night, kitten. Z'en you can go back to being a fugly emo troll.

Kittie: Ugh, like I can hardly fricken wait, sha hunties???

Delia: No??? just don't talk, it makes you sound mentally challenged, darling.

Kittie sticks her tongue out as she rapidly bops her head from side to side in a teasing manner. As Delia turns back around to Despayre, Kittie removes her hands from Angel, and flips Delia off in an almost violent manner before she backs up, leaving the two to discuss. She looks down at her wristwatch and sighs as she walks over toward the makeup table, where she sets her bag down, pulling out her compact mirror and a few supplies. Her understated make up was Delia's idea, and she planned on fixing that. The thick eye liner is the first to reappear. However, she notices someone approaching her from behind and she just laughs as she continues to apply her make up.

Misty: How??? how could you team with??? with THAT! You know, I always had respect for you, until I heard you were helping that bitch prepare for our match.

Kittie grins widely as she finishes the cat eye that is her signature style, leaving a few smudges on purpose before she straightens up her back, popping it as she places the cap back on the pencil. She opens her bag, and dramatically drops the pencil inside before turning on her heels to face Misty with a wide smirk on her face.

Kittie: You??? you don't respect me, Misty? Awww, I almost gave a shit for a second there???

Kittie laughs as she rolls her eyes, leaning against the makeup table as she stares Misty down, evil clearly still written on her face, peering out of her eyes as she studies Misty closely. Her laugh trails off as she begins preening her nails.

Kittie: No, seriously, I stopped caring what you thought about a year ago. Of course, someone as egocentric as yourself probably thinks I sit in my room every night, crying that we're not best friends ever since I took the Bombshell Championship from you. Well, I hate to break it to you, but I really??? REALLY don't give a shit anymore.

Misty: Oh? It seems to me like you're still holding a grudge since you're helping Satan's Spawn. You know, I really don't even know what to say to you. I don't know why I even approached you.

Kittie: If I were a betting woman, I would say that you thought about smashing my face into that mirror, but then you realized I saw you, and you M.O. for attacking people from behind wouldn't have had the same effect.

Kittie winks at Misty before letting out an almost childlike giggle as she wiggles her sharpened, pointed silver nails. Misty just shakes her head, a bit of pain written on her face as she just sighs.

Misty: I thought you were smarter than this, Kittie. You know, she's just using you, right?

Kittie: *Gasp* Oh no! Haha! Gee, Sherlock, do ya think?! I thought we were going to be best friends, and braid each others hair with ice cream and sleep overs, and whatever bullshit it is that the Mean Girls do??? Why, I thought I was going to be the next Liz Smalls. Thanks for that??? Thanks for shattering my dreams, you twisted fucking bitch!

Kittie cranks her fists next to her eyes before laughing once again, turning around to fumble in her purse for her mascara. She pulls out the tube and then leans in closer to the mirror as she begins applying it. Misty crosses her arms over her chest, trying her best to talk sense into Kittie, or at least find answers.

Misty: If this isn't about me, then why are you doing this? Even when we hated each other, we agreed on one thing??? Mean Girls were disgusting, and we would never have talked to them, let alone helped them. What changed?

Kittie: Well, I realized that Delia is total awesome sauce, and I'm hoping she will share some of her sexy fashion tips with me so I can make all the boys chase me??? No, seriously, she has some dirt on me, and I don't really like you, so I didn't see the harm in it??? I mean, for someone who hasn't ever spent time with you, she's got you down to a tee. Selfish, arrogant, and I mean disgustingly full of yourself. I mean, you're just an older, uglier version of her, except she admits she's a bitch. You act all high and mighty, and it's sickening. It became less about keeping my dirty laundry unaired, and more about watching you get taken down a few notches by a newbie??? Oh, sorry bout it.

Misty shakes her head and lets out an awkward laugh. They had shared more hatred than friendship over the years, this was true, but Kittie was one of the few she had yet to truly make up with. And it was proving to be a difficult task to say the least.

Misty: I know I've done plenty of shit to you in the past, Kittie, but the fact that you're not even giving me the chance to apologize for it. Why don't you just tell me whatever it is that Delia supposedly has on you, because it's probably not even that big a deal. And I might already know about it anyway.

Kittie rolls her eyes very dramatically and laughs.

Kittie: There you go acting like you're Mrs. Cleo again! You don't know everything, bitch, so quit acting like you do. And as for me telling you what she has on me? HA! What do you think I am? Crazy?

Misty tilts her head for a moment and before she can answer, Kittie points at her with a warning glare.

Kittie: Don't even think about answering that!

Misty holds her hands up defensively, but she cracks a slight smile.

Misty: Excuse me for having a bad way of wording things sometimes. I forgot that those of you in the Sins like to run my life and make me talk a certain way to appease you all???

Kittie snarls at Misty's attempt at humor.

Misty: Look, I'm sorry, okay? I get you hate me. I don't blame you. I hate myself most of the time, too. But, seriously? Helping Delia after all the shit she's done? After how she treats everyone. She doesn't care, Kittie. Whatever she has on you, get the hell over it and tell her to fuck off. I still consider you Eden's aunt, whether you consider yourself her aunt or not, so are you really going to continue helping Delia after what she did?

Kittie blinks for a moment, trying not to give in to Misty's pleading. However, clearly her conscience comes into play as she sighs, looking down at the ground. Her face fills with a bit of regret as she tries to think of the best way to respond.

Kittie: Well??? I guess I should go tell Delia that she's on her own now. I'll give her back this ugly fucking pink shirt, and??? Oh, wait, no I won't because I don't give a shit what you consider me, Misty. Haven't you gotten the hint? I??? don't??? CARE! I don't care what you think, and I don't care what the fans think, and any Staggs can go to hell for all I care, even your precious little Mini-Me. My Give-A-Fuck Meter ran out last year, so why don't you save your breath? Besides, even if I did regret helping Delia, which I definitely don't by the way... the worst is already done. Every speck of dirt I ever had on you, she knows. Even some of the moves I took your ass down with, I taught her. Basically, if she doesn't kick your ass, it isn't from a lack of trying on my part. Take that as a giant "Fuck you" from me, and get lost???

Kittie all but yells this through clinched teeth as she bumps shoulders with Misty, walking off from the conversation, having said her piece. Misty stares back at Kittie through narrowed eyes, unsure of exactly how to react to this.

Justin: The following match is for one fall... Introducing first... from Parts Unknown, standing at 6 feet even, and weighing in at 145 pounds, he represents the New X-Tremes, he is??? JOOOOOOOON DOOOOOOOOOOOUGHHHHHHH!!!

Jon waits for the lyrics to start and holding a mic in his right hand he walks from behind the curtain singing the lyrics to the song while he high fives as many fans as he can till he hit's the ring. He then slides from under the button ropes. Gets on his feet and gets on top of one of the turnbuckles and hold the mic up in the air while the crowd sings the chorus. Jon Dough can't contain his excitement and love for the Sin City Wrestling fan base so he starts to encourage them, getting them to start a loud applause.

Justin: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, standing at 6 feet 8 inches, and weighing in at 300 pounds... being accompanied to the ring by Seven Deadly Sins members Synn and Kittie.... he is RAAAAAAAGE!!!

Monster by Skillet starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. His manager, Synn, stands on one side of him, while his valet, and fellow Seven Deadly Sins stable mate, Kittie, stands on the other. They stand at the entrance for a few moments before Rage raises his clenched fist above him, eliciting a mixed reaction from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring with a dark almost demonic look on his face. Once he gets to the ring, he pulls himself up to the apron, using the second rope, then steps over the top rope to enter the ring. Synn and Kittie take their place on the outside of the ring as Rage looks to the backstage entrance. His music dies down and he waits for the match to start.

The two heavyweights stand toe to toe in the centre of the ring. It doesn't take long until the bell sounds and these two giants have locked up. Rage who is bigger has the clear upper hand as he pushes Jon to the floor with ease. Jon springs back to his feet and charges straight towards Rage once more. The two lock up again and Rage once again over powers him. Sending Jon flying across the ring and to the canvas. Little the little train that could Jon gets back up and challenges the big angry giant once more, they lock up. Rage looks to overpower him once more but Jon catches the sin member by surprise with a sit-out jawbreaker. Rage flings back into the ropes, holding his jaw but a sick smirk crossed his face as Jon comes crashing towards him with a flying cross body.

Adams: Here we go, time for speed to meet power.

Simone: Even though Jon is a large force here in SCW he is going to have his work cut out for him here tonight.

Adams: He's going to have a real issue trying to hit him with his power moves...

Simone: Rage is no easy target to move.

Adams: Yeah just don't tell him that, he would take it the wrong way and smash your teeth in.

Jon bounces back up and rushes towards the bent over Rage grabbing his neck hitting the swinging DDT. Rage falls to the canvas with a thud. The referee checks on Rage but he powers back up to his feet but Jon is waiting for him with a spirit kick, his boot meets Rage's temple rocking the big guy back into the ropes. Jon doesn't waste any time rushing towards him planting a clothesline. Rage almost tips over the top rope but his weight keeps him inside the ring.

Adams: Like that was ever going to happen?

Jon runs around the six sided ring looking for momentum as the fans rally behind him.

Crowd: Jon Dough, Jon Dough, Jon Dough!!

Running towards Rage once more Jon looks for the Thesz press but he is caught in midair and dropped on his back with a perfectly executed sit out power bomb. Rage wastes no time in hooking the legs of Jon looking for a quick victory here tonight.



NO! The wounded warrior is able to get the shoulder up. Rage doesn't make a big deal out of it, he just gets back up to his feet dragging Jon up with him. Lifting the ninja up Rage makes this look too easy as he slams Jon's back across his knee with a sickening back breaker. Jon rolls to the canvas but Rage isn't finished with him as he picks him up like a rag doll and tossing him into the ropes. As Jon returns off the rebound Rages drills him to the canvas with a scoop slam. The big guy goes for the victory once more.



NO! Jon gets the shoulder up.

Adams: Rage is trying to get out of New York in a hurry.

Simone: I think it's a smart move by Rage, the more attempts, the more energy Jon has to use to kick out. Rage is wearing him down.

Rage gets up from the canvas and pulls the littler Jon up as well, before whipping him across the ring into the ropes. Jon hits them at full speed, Rage is waiting for him on the return looking for a big boot but Jon ducks out of the way. Running into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring Jon uses them as a springboard, jumping up he launches off the middle rope landing a perfect dashing kick on to the jaw of Rage. Rage stumbles back into the ropes and Jon rushes towards him drilling his knee into Rage's face. Rage drops completely to the canvas and Jon comes soaring across the ring once more, with a front flip leg drop.

Adams: What a move!!!

Simone: He's going for the pin!!

Jon hooks the leg and looks for the win.



NO! Rage gets his bottom leg up on the rope breaking the pin fall. Jon doesn't complain he just gets back up to his feet, and while Rage is trying to get back up to his Jon unleashes a fury of kicks while Rage is down. Rage puts his hands up blocking some of the kicks, but Jon Dough doesn't give up.

Adams: Jon is trying to kick himself to victory.

Simone: Well he is using his wits about him.

Jon backs off and reaches down pulling Rage up to his feet; the ninja wraps his arms around his waist and looks for a belly to back Suplex.

Simone: There is no way this is going to happen.

Adams: What is Jon thinking?

Jon tries his hardest to lift Rage from his feet but the Sin of Wrath stays planted. Rage starts to drive his elbow into the side of Jon's head but Jon holds on to his body for dear life. He goes to lift Rage up once more but Rage stays still. Jon screams out in anger as he tries once more to lift Rage above him but Rage gets out of the hold. Turning around the Sin of Wrath grabs Jon and plants him with a belly to belly Suplex. Jon has taken to the canvas with a sick thud as Rage gets up and circles him. Rage bends down and lifts Jon up with ease by his neck wringing it almost as Jon dangles in the air.

Simone: Rage is trying to choke him out.

Adams: Jon is trying his hardest to break free.

Rage releases one hand and drops the Ninja to the canvas with a choke slam. This time he doesn't go for the pin fall as Rage just sets him up for The Death Drop (Tombstone Pile-driver) the crowd is attendance are trying to cheer Jon on, trying to give him a reason to stay in this.


Bending down Rage scoops up Jon Dough looking for his finishing move. As he lifts Jon up in the air Jon quickly reverses with massive DDT planting the big guy on the ground. Rage jumps up to his feet at the same time as Jon does taken by surprise the Sin of Wrath walks into a shuffle sidekick.

Adams: Holy tacos, I did not see that one coming.

Simone: Neither did Rage!

Kittie and Synn are screaming orders to Rage from the outside, as Jon comes swinging in with a massive leg drop. Jon hooks the leg looking for the win.



NO! Rage powers out sending Jon flying off his body. Rage climbs up to his feet and Jon is already up and gunning for him. Rage slams him to the canvas with a massive right hand before stomping a mud hole into his stomach. Jon is trying to cover up but Rage has snapped stomping him dry. Kittie is clapping on at ringside while Rage loses his cool.

Adams: Oh no!!!

Simone: This doesn't look good.

Synn is remind Rage that he can't win the match this way so Rage snaps out of his fit before scooping Jon Dough up. Flinging him around like a stuffed toy Rage lifts him and sets him up for The Death Drop. Jon tries to wiggle free but Rage is too strong. Slamming his opponents head into the canvas Rage makes the pin.




Ding, ding, ding.

Justin: Here is your winner.... the sin of wrath....RAAAAAAAGGGGEEE!!!!

Rage gets his arm raised in victory by the referee while Synn and Kittie join him in the ring to celebrate. Rage throws his arms down and leaves the ring, walking up the ramp

Adams: Well the big man has never been one for celebrating.

Rage continues up the entrance ramp, the SCW fans to his side persistent with their boos. His head rolls along his shoulders, stretching from side to side until the sound system goes silent. The rowdy crowd's boos grow louder and reverberate around the arena.

Adams: It seems we've got a small issue with the sound system. Hopefully it won't be too long before it's sorted.

Simone: I doubt Delia or Misty wants to come out with no theme music.

Adams: At least Misty won't be welcomed with a wall of angry chanting like Rage is receiving, and most likely Delia, too.

"I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin tears through the roaring disapproval of the fans, enticing them to cheer and stand to their feet. Rage pauses mid-step.

Adams: Ohh, wait a minute, wait a minute. It looks like there's nothing wrong with the sound system at all.

Some lights dim, while others scatter piercing turquoise rays across arena.

Simone: What has Gabriel Asar got in store for Rage? We all saw him get punched and thrown through a table backstage earlier on this evening.

Adams: Why wait until Climax Control to get his revenge? We're at High Stakes IV!

Ready for action, Rage settles himself in an aggressive stance. Nothing happens. The flashing lights make it hard for his eyes to scan the top of the ramp, but he takes a deep breath and stays alert. The music stops and the lights return to normal, forcing disheartened boos to murmur through the crowd.

Simone: A warning? Has Gabriel Asar sent out a warning to the man who attacked him a little while ago? Maybe. I'm sure the whatever mind games he's playing will continue until these two men eventually settle their differences inside the ring.

Rage lets out a long exhale, which turns to a smirk. With a shrug of his shoulders, he strides forward to the top of the ramp, approaching cautiously. A rally of bellowing screams accompany groups of fingers pointing to the titantron. The crowd get on their feet, chanting and cheering.

Adams: It's Gabriel Asar! There he is.

Gabriel, on top of the titantron in just his jeans and boots, dashes across its metal, shaky frame. He pushes off the edge with one final step, propelling him into the air as cameras all around the arena focus in on his free-falling body.

He draws a sharp breath, his arms flailing. Rage's smirk dissipates as he looks up. His eyes widen at the sight of Gabriel Asar descending from the skies above, extending an elbow and honing in on its target. Before Rage can move, Gabriel's elbow pounds into his forehead, sending the bodies of both men crashing to the floor.

Adams: Oh my god, he hit it! He actually hit it.

Rage holds his head, rolling on the ground, but Gabriel wastes no time and quickly straddles him, unleashing a flurry of fists to his face. Rumbles of cheers flood the entire arena. A small group of SCW staff and security dart out from behind the curtain, rushing to where the action is. Gabriel is soon pulled away, Rage delivering a few kicks of his own from the floor.

Both men scurry to their feet trying to get to the other, but both are submerged by the overwhelming number of security guards, Synn and Kittie piling on top of them. Gabriel is carried out backstage, raising his arms in the air, shouting out his adrenaline. Rage breaks through the net of security holding him back and charges after his attacker. Backstage, Rage tries his best to answer with his own entourage of punches but is subdued before he can get to Gabriel. The cameras return ringside with the fans still ecstatic.

Simone: I can't believe we've just witnessed such a spectacle. Gabriel Asar is back, and what an entrance he made. Rage attacked him earlier, Gabriel gets his own back, and it's almost guaranteed emotions will spill over onto Climax Control.

Adams: It's a bird??? It's a plane??? It's Superhero Roxi coming to save the day??? No, wait, it's Gabriel Asar and his flying elbow coming to dish some pain to the skull of Rage.

Simone: And what a sight that was. Everybody here in the arena is still in shock. An astonishing turn of events has literally fallen upon us. Don't go anywhere, because who knows what other surprises Sin City Wrestling has in store. You won't want to miss the action. We'll be right back after a commercial break.

The scene comes in backstage once more, near the loading docks. A group of female interns are walking down the hallway, chatting about nothing in particular. They stop moving as a couple of men start pushing large carts full of heavy equipment down the hallway They stand there and continue to talk as the carts are finishing being unloaded.

One of the interns gets a tingle going down her back and she turns slowly to look behind her. There stands a woman in a black patent leather jacket with a bright blue bat on her chest. She's wearing a matching hood with pointed ears and a mask. She lifts her hands and motions to shoo the interns away from where they're standing. The intern lifts her eyebrow at the woman in black and rolls her eyes.

Intern Vanessa: Like, what are you doing here you freak? Get away from here! This is an A and B conversation, so See your way out.

The intern turns back to the group to continue the conversation, but the woman in black spins her around and starts to make shooing motions with he hands again. The intern grumbles exasperatedly and throws he hands up in the air, then starts to poke the woman in black in the chest as she yells at her.

Intern Vanessa: Look, I told you!! This is a private conversation! So go and wave your hands at somebody else you spazz!!

The intern turns back to the group and continues the conversation. The woman in black reaches out her gloved hand and taps the intern on the shoulder. The intern growls angrily and turns and yells at the woman.

Intern Vanessa: WHAT??!!!

The woman in black throws up her arms and hisses at the interns as fangs suddenly springing from her jaw, turning her mouth into a maw of horror. The interns all shriek and scramble to back away from her. As soon as they're back about five feet, the woman in black suddenly leaps into the air in a high backflip, just as a huge cart of heavy stage equipment comes barreling down the hallway, going right through where the interns were standing. She sails over the equipment, and lands safely as a stagehand goes running around her, screaming at the runaway cart, begging it to stop. The interns all look down the hallway after the runaway cart, then back towards the woman in black.

Intern Vanessa: Oh my God... Did that like... just happen or what? I mean... That cart.. That would have like... killed us! You saved us!!

The woman in black shrugs and nods, still not saying a word. The intern holds out her hand and the woman in black shakes it.

Intern Vanessa: Like... Sorry about the whole spazz comment and everything. I can be a real bitch sometimes.

The woman in black bows with a smirk, then unzips her jacket and pulls out a red playing card, and hands it to the intern, then steps back just as another cart goes barreling down the hallway with another group of stagehands running after it. When the interns look back, the woman in black is gone. The intern looks at the card, and sees that it's an Ace of Hearts, with a picture of a bat with it's wings outspread in the center. On it's written the words, "Just Here To Help!!" The intern flips the card over a few times, and shows it to her friends as her the camera zooms in on the card.

The camera switches back to the backstage area of the Michie Stadium. The camera moves in to the office of Hot Stuff Mark Ward. The boss looks down the camera as it moves closer to him. He drops a pen down on the desk in the office as he looks up.

HS: It's not even worth asking if you're having a good time, because this has already been one hell of a night, but now, I'm gonna make sure it gets a hell of a lot better.

Hot Stuff leans forward, putting his elbows on the desk.

HS: I'm not even talking about the double main event coming up where Sean Jackson is gonna rip Drake Green apart, but I have a huge announcement, just for you.

Hot Stuff takes a deep breath.

HS: For months, I have bugged Christian Underwood and Erik Staggs to take a sit back and let me deal with next years schedule. I have tried on Twitter to get support to this, and now I'm happy to sit here and announce this at High Stakes IV.

A smirk crosses Hot Stuff's face.

HS: Finally, Christian Underwood and Erik Staggs have seen what we can be, thanks to the fact that tonight is the biggest attendance we've ever had, so it's time to take SCW on the road. In 2015, SCW will be going on it's first ever world tour!

Hot Stuff leads back with confident look on his face.

HS: We're talk seven continents, over fifty two weeks starting on 11th January 2015 in Birmingham, England. So make sure your passports are up to date, because SCW is gonna take over the world.

Hot Stuff winks at the camera as we cut back to ringside.


Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following bout is scheduled for one fall and is for the Bombshell Championship!

Crowd: POP!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "Mz Hyde" by Halestorm begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, Misty emerges from behind the curtain to a round of cheering from the crowd. She looks from one side of the ramp to the other, smiling at the fans as they roar with approval, and she slowly starts making her way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans along the way.

Justin: Introducing first???from Chicago, IL???weighing in at 130 pounds???she is the "Original Bombshell"???.Mistyyyyyy!

Once she gets to the ring, she slides in under the bottom rope where she heads over to one of the corner turnbuckles, hopping up to the top rope pointing around the crowd with a proud smile. She stands there for several moments before she jumps back down and heads to the center of the ring where she waits for her opponent as the music dies down.

The dark arena fills with the sound of "Roar" by Katy Perry, and the fans begin to murmur when a spotlight appears on the stage. Green planks begin moving slowly from side to side, mimicking grass swaying in the wind in various spots on the stage. From behind each plank, an arm raises, holding a teddy bear, most likely relatives of Angel. They sway to the beat of the music as the fans cheer. The cheers get even louder as the curtains are pushed aside, and a few people dressed in bear costumes file out, bobbing to the music as well. They begin walking down the entryway as the spotlights show off a forest scene with stars that light up, sparkling all around. The last bear to come out holds a pillow, with Angel resting firmly on it, wearing sunglasses, and a Mean Girls t-shirt. Despite the shirt, the fans still shout out in approval. The bears begin circling the ring as the fans dance along with them.

Simone: I have to admit that this is cute. We could really use this before Misty tears Delia limb from limb???

Adams: Shhhhhh! I'm dancing here, and I can't focus on the music when you're going "blah blah blah"??? kay? Thanks???

As the music reaches a new height, the spotlight returns to the stage where the bears sink back down. In their place, seconds later, stuffed lions appear. They begin waving their hands in the air, gaining a little more of a pop from the audience. After a moment of this, a few people in bee costumes file out, buzzing from side to side as they quickly come down the ramp. Before they get their chance to get the crowd even more into it, Despayre comes through the curtains, dressed in a lion suit, with an orange mane over his painted face. He comes to the head of the ramp and lets out a loud roar as the fans erupt. He turns around and looks at the curtains as he waves his hands. Men and women dressed in similar outfits file out and Despayre firmly marches toward the ring.

Simone: Wow, Delia's image consultant must have really pushed her hard for this one??? I hate to admit that it's working a little???

Adams: I got the eye of the tiger, the fire??? What's next? See what you did? I've lost it permanently now, Lindy??? Thanks a lot!

The fifth lion that comes out is pulling a string, leaving the fans anxiously awaiting what is to follow. They aren't disappointed as a small float, that looks like a miniature ring, containing someone dressed in a tiger suit is throwing wild jabs like a boxer. Circling around the float are several other tigers spinning around in circles. The fans watch silently, but smiling, as Despayre drags Angel to the float. They climb inside while it is still moving. Despayre holds Angel up, waving him to the music as the float begins coming down the ramp. The tiger pauses and looks to Despayre, and they both puff their chests out, tilting their heads back as they let out a vicious roar. The tiger removes the mascot head to reveal none other than Delia Darling!

Justin: And her opponent! Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of Paris, France, standing at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing in at 135 pounds, she is accompanied by the cast of Wizard of Oz??? er??? Despayre and Angel??? she is your Bombshell Champion, she is???DEEEEEEEEEEEELIA DARRRRRRRRRRRRRLING

Delia looks over to Despayre with a smile as she lets her orange and black striped hair fall loosely behind her. She flings the boxing gloves off, and then rips off the tiger suit to reveal a tiger striped one piece bikini, with a tail, and black boots and pads. She loosens up as the float stops right next to the ring. Delia reaches down to one of the tigers who hands her the Bombshell Championship, and Despayre one of the Tag Team Championships. Despayre walks over to the ropes, and in a gentlemanly, he holds both sets of ropes down for Delia to enter the ring. She holds her hand out to Despayre, and both take center stage as Delia glares over with a wicked smile at Misty, who rolls her eyes. She blows Misty a kiss before she and Despayre raise their arms and belts into the air, much to the delight of the fans. Despayre takes a step back and claps for Delia as he exits the ring to join the woodland creatures on the outside, riling them up as a bright spotlight turns the night scene into day as butterfly confetti flutters around the arena. Delia skips around the ring, getting the fans on their feet with Despayre's help. She blows them many kisses with a jovial smile. Making a quick 180, she passes Misty, and tosses her a pregnancy test kit and begins laughing as the woodland creatures begin dancing up the ramp and through the curtains. The cheers turn to boos as Delia backs into her own corner, holding her stomach in laughter before leaning against the ropes. Misty grits her teeth, ready to attack, but the referee Jasmine St. John holds her back as the music slowly fades out. Delia hands Jasmine her belt, and she raises it high into the air.


Adams: And here we go!

Misty runs across the ring and immediately goes after Delia, slamming her with lefts and rights that back the Champion up into the corner. Misty right away, showing her hatred for Delia, applies a naked choke on her foe in the corner drawing the ire of Jasmine St. John. She tries to back her off but when she can't, she starts his five count.


At the last second she lets go of Delia's throat and raises her hands as if she wasn't doing anything wrong. Jasmine gives her a warning and allows the Champion to get some air for a second. After a moment, they meet in the center of the ring again.

Adams: Misty better be careful or she could get disqualified with stunts like that.

Simone: She can't let her emotions get away from her, Jason. Otherwise this could be a short night of work.

As both women circle each other in the ring they lock up, trying to force one another back towards the rope. Trying to use all of their strength, neither woman can force the other backward. The crafty veteran Misty thinks quickly on her feet and lands a knee hard into the gut of Delia, which knocks her back a bit. She knees her again and this time in drops Darling to her knee. Seizing a quick opportunity, Misty grabs Delia in a headlock and flips her over on to her back and immediately applies a chokehold, applying pressure to the neck of her opponent.

Simone: What a great show of wrestling prowess by the former 3-time Champion.

Misty tightens the hold around Delia's neck but Jasmine notices that her arms slipped and is now applying the hold directly on her throat. Again she begins a five count.


This time Misty lets go before Jasmine gets to five. She backs her up again allowing the Champion to get some space. As Delia gets to her feet, Misty attacks again. She whips her hard into the corner and then follows it up with a hard shoulder block in the corner. She grabs her again and goes to whip her into the other corner. As Delia smacks into the turnbuckles again Misty comes flying in for another shoulder block but at the last second Delia moves out of the way and sends Misty shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Adams: Owwwwiiieeeee!

Delia pulls her out of the corner and lifts her up into a scoop slam. As she slams her down she lifts her up into a sitting position and then quickly bounces of the ropes and runs in with a nasty looking baseball slide right to the face of the challenger. She hooks Misty's leg and goes for the cover as Jasmine St. John drops down to the canvas for the count.



Misty throws her shoulder up just as Jasmine counts two. Delia immediately lets go of the cover and swings over to Misty's head. She grabs her by the hair and slams the back of her head repeatedly into the mat. Over and over again, screaming out as she does it. After about a dozen or so head smacks Delia lets go and jumps up to her feet. She raises her arms in her own adulation of herself and prances around the ring as Misty holds the back of her head.

Crowd: BOO!

As Misty starts to get up Delia runs over and lands a hard kick to the side of her head. She immediately grabs her and peels her up off of the mat. She holds her by the shoulder and the waist of her tights and sends her face first through ropes, crashing down to ringside.

Simone: Did you see that? What a vicious move by the Champion!

Delia, still smiling in praise of herself, slips through the ropes and shows off her behind as she does. She prances down the steel steps and walks up to Misty who is trying to crawl to her feet. She kicks her in the gut before grabbing her and in similar fashion sends her flying in to the steel barricade. She follows it up with a knee to the back of her head as Jasmine St. John counts.


Delia picks Misty up by her hair and then spins her around, grabbing her by her waist from behind. She smiles for a second at the camera before lifting her up over head and slamming her down on the back of her neck with a picture perfect German Suplex on the ringside floor.

Adams: German Suplex right on to the concrete floor! Misty could be seriously hurt and Delia is laughing.


Delia brushes her boot across the face Misty before grabbing her and dragging her over to the ring. She picks her up and holds her across her body before slamming her back first into the apron. She does it again before dumping her on top of the apron and shoving her under the bottom rope. She blows a kiss to booing fans at ringside before stepping up and getting back into the ropes.

Adams: Delia Darling has complete control of this one, Belinda. It's only a matter of time now.

Simone: I agree, Jason. If Misty can't mount some sort of offense this could be over in a hurry.

Delia sets Misty up and then slams her face first into the mat with a DDT before rolling her up for another pinfall attempt.




Adams: She kicked out!

Jasmine St. John holds up two fingers as Misty gets her shoulder up. An annoyed Delia peels Misty up off of the mat and sends her running into the ropes. As Misty comes bouncing back she ducks Delia's clothesline attempt and bounces off the opposite ropes. She comes flying in and lands a cross body sending them both down to the mat. Misty, on top of her opponent, hooks the leg and St. John counts.



Adams: Three!

Simone: No! Delia got her shoulder up.

A disappointed Misty pushes off of Delia and gets back to her feet. Delia slowly follows and the two competitors start circling each other. After a few moments of circling they lock up again in the center of the ring. Delia quickly over powers her challenger and pushes toward the ropes. Using the leverage of the ropes Delia land a few hard knees to the gut of Misty and pushes her off. She lands a hard kick to the mid section and then scoops her up. She struts around holding Misty across her body for a few seconds before dropping her hard on across her knee with a hard back breaker. She stands back up and once more for good measure picks her up again and delivers another back breaker which seems to be a crushing blow for the former three time champion.

Simone: Misty is in excruciating pain.

Delia again holds her arms up and asks for praise from the crowd who only returns her requests with a solid chorus of boos. She turns her head and looks over to Misty who is rolling around a bit holding her side. Delia, taking her opportunity, scampers over to the corner and climbs up the corner. As she climbs, she doesn't see Misty struggle to her feet. Just as Delia stands up on the top rope, Misty runs over and knocks her down to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. In a quick fury, she picks Delia up off of the top turnbuckle and holds her in a fireman's carry position. Still standing close to the corner, she flips the Champion over to the side and drops Delia on the back of her neck across her own knee. Delia hits the canvas and she is out.

Adams: What a fantastic move by Misty! Delia is knocked out!

Simone: She better make a cover

Misty, still in pain, drops on top of Delia for the pinfall attempt and Jasmine makes the count.




Simone: Misty has done it! She's beaten Delia!

Adams: Delia has lost! Misty is the first to beat her! And what an award she gets???the Bombshell Championship for the FOURTH time!

Justin: Here is your winner???and NEEEEW Bombshell Champion???.MISTY!

"Mz. Hyde" begins to play again as the crowd gets to their feet. Jasmine St. John walks over to her and hands the title belt over to Misty and the she runs over to the corner and holds it high up in the air. Meanwhile, Delia runs over to Jasmine screaming something at her. The two begin to argue and the crowd starts to boo her.

Adams: I'm not sure what's going on here, Belinda.

Simone: I believe Delia is trying to say she had her foot on the bottom rope.

Adams: Did you see it? I didn't see it???

The replay starts to play on the screen and it clearly shows Delia's foot on the bottom rope as Jasmine makes the count. She continues to plead her case to Jasmine and Justin as Misty stands, propped up in the corner, and waits to see what's going on. After a minute more of arguing, a loud thunderous boo erupts from the crowd as Mark Ward quietly walks out from backstage.

Adams: This can't be good for Misty.

Simone: We'll see here in a moment, Jason.

Mark Ward gets in to the ring and begins to talk to Jasmine St. John and Justin Decent. Ward begins to yell angrily at Jasmine and starts point to Delia and Misty. After a solid minute of reaming St. John, he leaves the ring and starts to walk back up the ramp.

Justin: Ladies and gentleman. Due to an illegal pinfall, this match has been ordered to restart. Misty's pinfall was not within the rules and therefore did not count.


Adams: Well that wasn't a popular decision.

Simone: I didn't think it would be but the replay clearly showed Delia's foot on the bottom rope and the unfortunately, sometimes the rules are the rules.

Misty shakes her head as she hands back over the title to Justin Decent. Both her and Delia step back toward each other in the center of the ring and St. John calls for the bell.


As soon as the bell rings Delia smack Misty hard across the face with an open hand. Misty responds with hard right hand that knocks Delia back a few steps. Angered by getting hit square in the face, Delia dives at Misty and the two fall to the mat. They begin to roll around, exchanging blows as they do so. Delia manages to get on top and she lands a few hard blows before standing up. She picks Misty up and goes to whip her into the ropes. As Misty comes back Delia goes for a clothesline but the former Champion ducks and runs by her as she comes back around she launches in the air and lands a picture perfect spear into Delia's mid-section.

Crowd: POP!

Adams: She just speared Delia in half!

Misty gets up and looks at Delia down on the mat and then looks over to the crowd. She raises her arms in the air and calls out to the crowd.

Simone: She's looking to end this thing.

Misty goes over to the corner and climbs up to the top rope. She stands up there, perched, waiting for Delia to get to her feet. As she does, Misty launches into the air to attempt her Shooting Star DDT finisher.

Simone: It's DREAM CRUSHER time!

As Misty flips around Delia sees her and lands an amazingly timed superkick right to the chin of her challenger that seemingly knocks Misty out cold.


Adams: Did you see that Superkick?! Misty is out!

Simone: Delia's going for the cover

Delia turns her over and goes for the pinfall attempt as Jasmine St. John drops down for the count.




Simone: No! She kicked out!

Crowd: POP!

A frustrated Delia gets in the face of Jasmine and starts screaming about a slow count.

Crowd: BOO!

Simone: Well that's just bad sportsmanship.

After a minute of arguing Delia turns back around to Misty. She walks over to go to attempt to pick her up but Misty surprises. She wraps her leg around Delia's head and pulls her in for a Gogoplata triple chokehold. She tightens the hold and puts all her remaining effort into getting the submission.

Adams: WATERLOCKED! Delia's got nowhere to go! She's in the center of the ring!

Simone: There's no bottom rope for her now.

Misty applies more pressure and Delia starts to wave her arms frantically. What seems like minutes pass by when Delia suddenly has a surge of energy. She uses all her strength to lift Misty up off of the mat. She lifts her high up in the air while Misty still has her locked in the submission and Delia darts for the corner. She launches Misty into the corner with a modified Turnbuckle Powerbomb.

Simone: LE-BITCH BOMB! This could be bad more Misty???

As Misty bounces out of the corner Delia lifts her up and executes her Bridging Fall-Away Slam.

Adams: CUTIE SPECIAL! This one's over, Delia's gonna retain!

Jasmine drops for count.




Crowd: MEGA POP!

Adams: What does Delia have to do to put Misty away? She keeps fighting???you gotta love her heart.

A now irate Delia Darling grabs Misty by the hair and sets her up for another powerbomb. She lifts her up into the air but as she gets her up Misty flips over her head and brings her down in a sunset flip.

Simone: She's got her pinned! This is crazy!




Adams:Delia kicked out!

As Delia kicks out she rolls backward and jumps to her feet and as Misty is still sitting there, Delia lands a hard drop kick right to the face of the challenger.


Right away, to not waste any time, Delia grabs Misty's legs and plants her leg between them. She crosses Misty's legs and then turns her over, grabbing her arms and lifting her up into a modified Scorpion Crosslock a la PTO. Misty screams out in pain as Delia applies a magnitude of pressure to her back.

Adams: Oh no, Misty's trapped. She's got nowhere to go.

Jasmine gets in close and asks Misty if she wants to tap but she shakes her head no as she screams out in pain. Delia clamps down, pressuring her knee into the lower back of Misty. After what seems like an eternity Misty begins to fade a bit.

Adams: I think she's gonna tap out!

Again Jasmine asks Misty if she wants to tap but this time Misty barely responds.

Simone: She's fading. She's fading quickly.

Again Jasmine asks Misty but this time there is no response. St. John leans in to check on her but again she doesn't respond. She is out cold and Jasmine has no choice but to call for the bell.


Adams: What happened?!

Simone: Misty passed out! You've got to give her all the credit in the world???she never gave up.

Justin: Here is your winner???and STILL SCW Bombshell Champion???.DEEEEEELIA DAAAAARLING!!!!

Delia celebrates as Jasmine hands her back her title belt. She leaves the ring and as she walks up the aisle, she turns and blows a kiss to Misty who is just starting to recover in the ring.

The camera shot opens inside of the six-sided ring with Pussy Willow standing in the middle with a bright smile on her lovely face.

PW: Ladies and gentlemen! My guest at this time ... please welcome back to Sin City Wrestling...

She pauses, soaking up the anticipation of the moment, before bringing the mic back to her full, colored lips.


At the very first mention of the name, the crowd ignites with cheers, standing and applauding as the former SCW Roulette Champion, Bo Dreamwolf, emerges on the stage!

Adams: It is! It really is him! It's Bo Dreamwolf!

Simone: Bo Dreamwolf is back in Sin City Wrestling!

"Love - Devotion
Feeling - Emotion
Love - Devotion
Feeling - Emotion"

Clad in a white dress shirt, blue jeans and tanned boots, and his long, black hair adorned with tribal beads and feathers, Bo looks out around the stadium with a bright smile and a sparkle in his warm, brown eyes before he heads down towards the ring, slapping each and every hand that was stretched out toward him, the fans welcoming him back with high-fives, pats to the shoulder and some fond embraces!

"Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence"

Bo steps through the ropes and immediately mounts the corner, standing on the center turnbuckle where he clasps a fist to his heart and then raises it in the air toward the fans who are supporting him!

"If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself don't hide
Just believe in destiny
Don't care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don't give up and use the chance
To return to innocence"

Bo drops from the corner and then begins his traditional 'war dance' around the ring, until he comes full circle toward the side of Pussy Willow! Bo's music slowly subsides, as the cheers of the fans turn appropriately to the chants of...

Crowd: Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!

Bo is all smiles as he signals to the fans, pointing out toward them! The chants slowly draw to a quiet hush as Pussy Willow begins her interview.

PW: Bo, the fans could not have put it any better. It has been nearly two years to the day since you left Sin City Wrestling, and on behalf of everyone here, I would ,like to welcome you back!

This statement is met with supportive cheers and applause as Bo smiles and nods, giving her his thanks.

Bo: Thank you, Miss Willow. Two years is much too long to have been away from Sin City Wrestling, the men who are my peers inside of this ring, and the fans who have supported me since day one.


PW: Bo, I have to ask. Your exit from SCW came so suddenly, from out of the blue. Now that you have returned, can you possibly explain to us why you left?

Bo: Well, the chief reason being was that, contrary to popular belief, I am just a man. Just like any of the men I've competed both with and against during my first run here, but the problem was, I tried to prove otherwise. I thought I could work through injuries that had been accumulating for years. To put it mildly, I failed at that miserably. Just like I failed trying to prove I was above some of the darker sides of this business, and as it turned out, all I managed to accomplish was show I, too, have skeletons in my closet, and I made myself look like a damn fool. I hurt people that were close to me. So, I took the time I had to so that I could heal myself in all aspects hopefully, so that when I returned, I'd be myself again.

PW: Before you left, Bo, you were considered to be one of the top contenders for the Heavyweight Championship here in Sin City Wrestling, currently held by Drake Green. Does your return mean you are having aspirations toward seeking a shot at that very title?

Bo shakes his head in the negative.

Bo: Not yet, no. I admit in the long run I would like to eventually challenge for the championship, but it's like you said; it's been nearly two years since I left. My last match was against Blaque Hart Bruce Evans in a Hardcore match. I can't justify being away for that long and think I'm going to step back inside of the ring and get an immediate shot. When I was away, I had to prove to myself and everyone that I loved that I could do this again, and earn their trust again. Now that I am back, I have to prove to the bosses, the fans and my peers inside of the ring, that I deserve to once again be here. If that means I have to start at the bottom once again, so be it. I did it before, I can do it again.

Bo's confidence is met with a positive response from the crowd as Pussy seeks to draw this interview to a close.

PW: Bo, one final question. You've made mention of your peers. Some of the men you knew are still here, and since you've been gone, there has been an entire new generation of Superstars on the roster. Looking in, are there any men whom you are looking forward to possibly facing inside of the ring?

Bo: I'm not choosy one way or the other. The men that were here before I left and are still here now are the cream of the crop. The newer talent that I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting? I'm looking forward to testing myself against each and every one of them. Equinox. Gene Banton Junior. Gabriel. Sean Jackson. Just get their name on a contract and put it in front of me and I'll be glad to sign it.

PW: Bo, it was such a pleasure to be the one to introduce your return to SCW, and best of luck!

Bo smiles and shakes her hand as "Return To Innocence" strikes up again across the stadium's sound system! Bo waves to the fans before he holds the ropes open for PW to climb through, then follows himself and he high-fives the fans on both sides of the aisle as he turns toward the back!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage ... Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda steps out onto the stage, dressed in a golden Las Vegas showgirl's costume, complete with flamboyant headdress and matching high heels. She sashays around the top of the stage and two buff studs dressed like Roman gladiators in tony gold Speedos pose beside her as the performance begins!

Amanda: If I were a girl even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning and wonder what just happened to me.
Oh no don't tell me they're real.
Yeah I think they're real.
Something else is missing
Where the heck's my PEN15!

If I were a girl would I still look like a guy?
No I wont put on make up but I might just want to give that bra a try.

If I were a girl I could mess with the guys.
No, no not like that I mean
When we get a nice dinner I'll make sure they buy.
I could seduce them.
Show them my nice behind.
Yo Zach check out that A... OMG
Ha gotcha. You totally like guys!

If I were a girl I'd have the nicest legs.
I refuse to cook in the kitchen but I'm pretty dang good with the microwave.
If I were a girl please don't get mad if I'm mean.
I'm not used to my body this monthly thing is kinda new to me.

No I don't really know if I want to change back.
Because I like my new hair and the guys love my
FACE what!

Oh if I were a girl I don't think I'd ever understand
How it feels to be a girl.
God please change me back to a man!
If I were a girl.

The crowd cheers and applauds as the song comes to a close. The two 'gladiators then leer at Amanda and scoop her up onto their shoulders and cart her off of the stage.

Adams: So it all comes down to this...

Simone: These two men have been at each others throats for a long time, it all gets settled here tonight.


Justin: The following contest is the main event and is for the SCW Heavyweight championship!

The crowd cheer loudly.

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger. Being accompanied to the ring by Vanessa...

v/o: "West Point, Can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?"

The lights in the stadium shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

A hush falls over the stadium as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the stadium. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out throughout the arena...

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

The Mental Rapist

Justin: From Dallas, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is The Mental Rapist, he is Sean Jackson!

Through the crimson mist, the fans can see two people making their way onto the entrance ramp. The arena erupts into boos as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Sean is completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

His face remains stoic as only God knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese beauty at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring.

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark Vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavage while Jackson is dressed in a black shirt with the HSI logo on the front. He is also wearing black trunks with red HSI lettering with gold trim.

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena.

Justin: And his opponent.

The lights turn to a blue filter and we can hear the opening drums from "Burning Down The House" by the Used. The crowd jumps to their feet and they begin to cheer as "Mr. Showtime" Drake Green steps out on to the stage. He lifts his arms up and down, motioning for the packed beach to get up on their feet and cheer.

Crowd: POP!

Green, with a large smile, stands tall in long blue wrestling tights with three white stars on each leg and blue boots which have blue kick-pads on the front which have the "Male symbol" on them in white. He is wearing white wristbands and a black, skin tight, t-shirt with his "Male Symbol" logo on the front and "Man Of The People" written on the back. He raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings.

#Watch out
#You might get what you're after
#Cool babies?
#Strange but not a stranger
#Burning down the house

Justin: Weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he is Chicago's own, he is The Man of the People... he is the SCW Heavyweight Champion, he is, "Mr. Showtime".. Drake Green!

Drake trades handshakes and hugs with several of the fans in the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring. He walks around the entire rings, making sure he says hello to all the fans at ringside. Finally, he hops onto to the apron and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms again for the crowd. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone.

Drake: Helloooo West Point!

Crowd: POP!

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....welcome to the show!

Crowd: Even louder POP!

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am your Main Event Maker and I got just one question for ya. What time is it?!

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: People of West Point, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IS IT?!


Drake holds his left arm up and points out to the crowd. He nods his head as he moves his arm, panning through the crowd. He mouths the words "THANK YOU" to the crowd before handing the microphone to Justin and his shirt to the referee. He tugs on the ropes two times and stares his opponent up and down as he waits for the bell.

Simone: You can feel the anticipation in the air.

Drake hands the title to Drew Patton lifts the Heavyweight title above his head for the crowd to see.

Adams: This is what every superstar in SCW wants to hold.

Drew hands the title to Justin and calls for the bell.


Simone: Here we go!

Sean and Drake circle each other in the ring, but Jackson dives towards Drake's legs, attempting a shoot takedown, but Green shakes it off, spinning out of the way and moving around Jackson. Drake attempts one of his own but Sean matches like for like, spinning out of the way of the SCW champion. The two men connect with a tie up, Drake pushing Sean back towards the ropes. Drew calls for the break as Sean's back touches the ropes and Drake lifts his hands up, breaking cleanly, but Jackson puts a thumb in Drake's eye, blinding the champion. Drew warns Jackson, but Sean pushes past him.

Adams: Sean risked an early DQ there.

Jackson nails Drake with a heavy shot to the head, sending him rocking backwards, but Jackson moves in closer, grabbing Green by the chin and hitting him with a hard shot to the side of the head and knocking him down to the canvas. Jackson steps back behind Drake as Drake rolls over and gets back on to his knees and Jackson charges at him, trying to nail him with a knee to the back of the head, but Drake quickly moves his head out of the way.

Simone: Damn! Sean Jackson just tried to end this one early!

Adams: If he would have connected with the Game Called Due To Darkness, this could have been the shortest main event we've ever seen!

Jackson smirks, knowing how close he came to ending it early. Drake sits up as he rolls away, but Jackson charges in and kicks him square in the chest with a powerful boot, the sickening sound echoing around the arena.

Simone: Wow!

Drake lands on his back, a look of pain on his face as he rolls over on to his front. Jackson stands next to Drake and drops a hard knee to the back of his neck, followed by a quick second one. Jackson gets back to his feet and stands next to Drake, before jumping high in the air and dropping a third knee to the back of Drake's neck! Sean rolls Drake on to his back and goes for the cover. Drew drops down to make the count.


Drake kicks out!

Simone: Great start to the match from Jackson.

Jackson gets to his feet before Drake and starts to stomp on the champion before pulling him to his feet and catching him with a quick shot to the jaw. He takes Drake by the wrist and whips him in to the ropes but as Drake returns, he slides under the challengers legs and scrambles to his feet. He wraps his arms around Jackson's waist and lifts him over with a release belly to back suplex, dropping Jackson on to the back of his head. Jackson folds over in two as Green gets to his feet. Drake pulls Jackson to his feet and hooks him up in a double underhook.

Adams: Drake's looking for the Shows Over!

Before Drake can pull it down, Jackson breaks the underhook and sweeps Drake off his feet. Drake rolls over and bounces back to his feet. Jackson charges at him but Drake lifts him over his head with an exploder suplex! The fans burst in to cheers as Drake gets to his feet, quickly followed by a surprised looking Jackson. Jackson charges at Drake with a clothesline attempt but Drake ducks underneath it and moves behind Jackson, lifting him up and dropping him down with a quick atomic drop. Sean straightens up but Drake grabs his head in a reverse DDT position and drops him down with a backbreaker to the knee. Drake stands up straight and runs towards the ropes, jumping on to the middle rope and back over with a springboard moonsault, landing hard on Jackson's upper body! Drake hooks the leg and Drew drops down to make the count.


Jackson forces a shoulder up!

Adams: Perfect moonsault from Drake Green there.

Drake gets to his feet, pulling up Jackson with him. Green nails Sean with a quick shot to the jaw with an uppercut and sends him back against the ropes. Drake walks away, turning his back to Jackson before turning and charging at him, catching him with a clothesline hard enough to send both men tumbling over the ropes.

Simone: Cactus clothesline takes both men to the outside!

Drew quickly gets outside the ring, checking on both men as they get to their feet. Drake takes a hold of Sean's wrist and whips him hard in to the barricades outside the ring. As Drake moves towards him, Drew pleads with him to get in the ring, but Drake ignores him and charges over to Jackson, nailing him with a clothesline. Drew moves over to Drake, pleading with him to get in the ring once more but Drake shakes his head. Drew turns around get in the ring, but Jackson gets to his feet and kicks Drake hard below the belt. Jackson takes a drink from a fan in the front row, before hitting Drake in the head with it and sending him to the mat.

Adams: This is why we need alien refs.

Simone: Why?

Adams: Cause Drew had his back turned and never say this, alien refs would have eyes in the back of their heads.

Drew turns around in the ring to see Jackson in control and starts to count both men out.



Jackson pulls Drake to his feet, pulling him over to the corner of the ring. He hooks Drake up in a suplex position and nails him with a snap suplex across the steel stairs outside the ring!



Jackson moves around to Green and pulls him off the stairs and quickly hoists him on to his shoulders. Jackson steps away from the ring and drops Drake with a death valley driver on the outside of the ring!

Adams: Drake's head just got driven in to the mats on the outside of the ring!

Simone: It will all be for nothing if Jackson and Drake get counted out.



Jackson sits up, and pulls himself to his feet and grabs Drake by the head, moving him towards the ring.



Jackson rolls Drake under the bottom ropes and in to the ring, and follows him in to the ring, breaking Drew's count.

Adams: Drake hasn't moved on his own since Jackson nailed that Death Valley Driver.

Jackson goes for the cover and Drew drops down to make the count.


Drake barely kicks out, causing the fans to burst in to cheers!

Simone: We were so close to having a brand new champion there!

Jackson pounds the canvas in frustration and gets to his feet. He pulls Drake to his feet and grabs the barely standing champion from behind and charges him shoulder first. Sean starts to pound his forearms in to Drake's back and kidney area. Sean lifts Drake's legs, Drake balanced between the top and middle rope, and plants a huge boot to Drake's midsection. Jackson drops Drake's legs and spins him around, before lifting him up on the top rope. Jackson climbs to the second rope and catches Drake with a shot to the head, but out of instinct, Drake fires one back. He grabs Sean's head with both hands and cracks him with a resounding headbutt, making him fall off the second rope. Sean lands on his feet but Drake pulls him in, pulling him on to the bottom rope. Drake moves to the top, pulling Sean on to the middle rope.

Adams: This is like a worn torn country up there, dangerous territory.

Drake pulls Jackson's head between his legs as he stands on the top rope. He lifts Sean up in a powerbomb position, holding him high in the air before jumping off the top rope and planting him to the canvas with a fall forward powerbomb!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Adams: I agree with the crowd!

Drake slowly moves to the side of Jackson and hooks the leg. Drew drops down to make the count.


Drake just gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Drew's hand was a centimeter off the canvas then.

Drake gets back to his feet and pulls Jackson back with him. Drake threads Sean's arm between his own legs and lifts him up, and dropping him with a pumphandle slam. Drake pulls Sean right back to his feet almost immediately and wraps his arm around Jackson with a front facelock and jumps in the air, spinning around and dropping him with a spinning tornado DDT. Drake waits for Sean to return to his feet, half crouched. As Sean does, Drake springs up and grabs Sean's arm, trying to wrap his legs around Sean's neck!

Adams: He's going for the Rated R choke! If he locks it in, this one is over!

Jackson stays on his feet and runs, dropping Green on the back of his head and breaking the hold! Sean wipes the sweat from his forehead and pulls Drake back to his feet but Drake quickly jumps in the air, grabbing hold of Jackson's head, putting his knees on his chest and nailing him with The Showstopper! A smile crosses Drake's face as he steps back, leaning against the ropes behind Jackson and taps his knee.

Simone: Is he calling for the Game Called Due To Darkness?

Adams: He can't! That's a Sean Jackson trademark move!

As Sean starts to stir, Vanessa runs around the ring and grabs hold of Drake's ankle.

Simone: Come on Drew, look at what's going on here!

Drake takes a step in toward the middle of the ring and sliding Vanessa in to the ring. Drake steps out of her hold as she gets on her feet, menace in his eyes as she puts her hands up towards Drake.

Adams: You can't hit her Drake, you know how these bosses like handing out fines!

Behind Drake, Sean gets to his feet and charges at Drake, but Drake catches him out of the corner of his eye and side steps. Sean stops with his hands up in front of Vanessa, but Drake blasts him with a boot to the back of the knee. Vanessa scrambles out of the way as Sean drops to both knees. Drake bounces back a few steps before charging towards Sean and nailing him with a knee to the back of the head!

Adams: Game Called Due To Darkness on Sean Jackson!

Drake rolls Sean on his back and goes for the cover. Drew drops down to make the count.


Sean just about kicks out!

Simone: This is unbelievable! Sean Jackson just had to kick out of his own finishing move.

Adams: And Drake Green can not believe it!

As Jason points out, Drake face is covered with a look of complete and utter shock, matching the look of surprise on the fans faces around ringside. Drake gets to his feet, breathing hard as he leans against the ropes, wiping the sweat from his face. Sean starts to stir and slowly works his way back to his feet. Vanessa quickly jumps up on to the ring apron, taking Drew's attention away.

Simone: Get her off the apron ref!

Behind Drew's back, Drake approaches Sean but Sean swings out a boot and kicks Drake below the belt!

Adams: Second time tonight!

Vanessa jumps off the apron and Drew turns around to see Sean hook Drake up in a double underhook. He drops Drake down with a double underhook implant DDT!

Simone: Show's Over!

Adams: That's Drake's move!

Sean rolls Drake on to his back and goes for the cover. Drew drops down to make the count.


Adams: No!

Somehow, Drake just about gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Drake kicked out!

Adams: I can't believe my eyes!

Crowd: This is fucked up! *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* This is fucked up!

Sean Jackson lays on his back, his hands behind his head as he looks up in disbelief. Jackson sits up, getting himself on to his feet. He takes a deep breath as he pulls a semi conscious Drake to his feet and lifts him up on to his back in a torture rack. Jackson drops Drake with an inverted death valley driver!

Adams: Hook 'Em Horns Driver!

Jackson quickly pulls himself back on to his tired legs and pulls Drake with him, over to the corner of the ring. He lifts Drake up in a vertical suplex in the corner and drops him head first in to the corner turnbuckle!

Adams: Unsportsman Like Conduct!

Simone: This is over!

Jackson tiredly falls on to Drake's body, and pins his shoulders down for Drew drops down to make the count.


Drake get an arm up at two and two thirds!

Adams: Drake got a shoulder up! Drake got a shoulder up!

Simone: I don't usually swear on camera but how the fuck did Drake do that?!?!

The crowd scream out as Sean Jackson closes his eyes in utter disbelief. Sean opens his eyes and crawls towards the ropes, using them to pull himself to his feet and holding on to the top rope for balance.

Adams: Sean has thrown everything he's got at Drake Green, but Drake will not quit.

Sean points to his knee as Drake starts to slowly move on the canvas. Drake gets on to his knees and Sean charges at him, lifting his knee but Drake falls flat and takes Sean down to canvas face first by hooking his planted foot. Drake moves on top of Sean and starts to fire shot after shot after shot in to the back of Sean's head, bouncing his first off his skull.

Simone: Where has Drake got this energy from?

Adams: I don't know but if he could bottle it and sell it, he wouldn't need wrestling anymore.

Drake plants fast and strong forearms on to Sean's head before getting back to his feet. Drake looks down at Sean, breathing heavy. Drake waits patiently for Sean to get to his feet, as he does, Drake kicks him hard in the gut and jumps in the air, placing his leg over Sean's neck and dropping him down with a famasser! Drake sits on the canvas, rubbing his chin and smiling at Sean. Drake gets to his feet and beckons with his hands for Sean to join him. As Sean does Drake jumps in the air and wraps his legs around Sean's neck, trapping his arm!

Adams: Rated R Chokehold! He's got it locked on and Sean has nowhere to go!

Drake tries to tighten the chokehold as Sean tries to wiggle free. Sean tries to use his upper body strength to lift Drake, but Drake tries to make the move tighter. Sean manages to get his knees on the canvas and push himself up. Somehow Sean plants his right foot on the canvas and force Drake's back off the floor enough to plant his right foot on to the canvas.

Simone: How has Sean Jackson still got the strength to do this?

Sean lets out a roar as he pulls himself to his feet while Drake still has the Rated R Chokehold still applied, much to the crowds shock! Sean runs towards the corner and drops forward, dropping the back of Drake's head on the top of the outside metal ring post.

Adams: Oh my god! He missed the turnbuckle and his the metal ring post!

Simone: That is pure solid steel, no padding on that!

Jackson pushes Drake off over his back and to the middle of the ring. Jackson leans on the top ropes, breathing hard as Drake lays face first in the ring behind him. Drake starts to moves, getting on to his knees as Jackson turns his head. In one quick movement, Jackson charges out of the corner and plants a knee in to the back of Drake's head!

Adams: Game Called Due To Darkness!

Sean Jackson falls on to Drake Green, pinning his shoulders to the floor. Drew drops down to make the count.



Justin: The winner of the match AND NEW SCW Heavyweight Champion.... "The Mental Rapist" Sean Jackson!

The fans boo viciously as Sean Jackson is handed the SCW heavyweight championship belt, while laying on the floor.

Simone: This is unreal, we have a brand new SCW Heavyweight Champion!

Adams: We've just entered a brand new era of Sin City Wrestling! The era of Sean Jackson!

Simone: These two men gave you absolutely everything they had.

Adams: And then some.

Simone: We're out of time, we'll see you in two weeks time for Climax Control 99.

Adams: Goodnight everyone!

The camera focuses on a now vertical Sean Jackson, leaning on the ropes, with Vanessa by his side, holding his newly won SCW Heavyweight championship high above his head.

Thank You! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Court, Sam, Marge, Horace Jackson, The Lord MK, Necra, Blaque Hart, Hydro, JT Midas, Gabriel Aser, Sean Jackson, Ro, Matheson, Jenny and to all you guys who make SCW worthwhile!