The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage, clad in a sexy Roman soldier's uniform complete with red undershirt tunic with an attached faux leather armor and cape, wrist guards, shin guards, and helmet. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

Justin is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the Grand Ballroom at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the ring and ballroom itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring where he removes his helmet and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Into The Void III"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda walks out onto the stage, dressed as a frumpy housewife, complete with flannel bathrobe, hair in curlers, a mudpack on her face, slippers and holding a rolling pin. She brings the microphone up to her mouth with her free hand and the performance begins...

Amanda: Eve you wicked woman, you done put your curse on me
Why didn't you just leave that apple hangin' in the tree
You make us hate our husbands, our lovers and our boss
Why I can't even count the good friends I've already lost
Cause of PMS blues, PMS blues
I don't even like myself, but it's something I can't help
I got those God almighty, slap somebody PMS blues

Most times I'm easy going, some say I'm good as gold
But when I'm PMS I tell ya, I turn mean and cold
Those not afflicted with it are affected just the same
You poor old men didn't have to grin and say "I feel your pain"
PMS blues, PMS blues
You know you must forgive us cause we care not what we do
I got those can't stop crying, dishes flying PMS blues

But you know we can't help it
We don't even know the cause
But as soon as this part's over, then comes the menopause
Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord
We're going to always be a heap of fun
Like the devil taking over my body, suffering, suffering, suffering
Everybody's suffering, huh?

But a woman had to write this song, a man would be scared to
Lest he be called a chauvenist or just fall victim to
Those PMS blues
You know we'd kill for less than that
PMS blues

You don't want to cross my path
Cause a pitbull ain't no match
For these teeth a clenchin', fluid retention
Head a swellin', can't stop yellin'
Got no patience, I'm so hateful
PMS blues, premenstrual syndrome

Got those moods a swingin', tears a slingin'
Nothin' fits me when it hits me
Rantin', ravin', misbehavin'
PMS blues

It's the only time in my life I ever think about wishing I'd been a man
But you know that only means one thing
If I'd have been a man, I'd be somewhere right this very minute
With some old cranky, naggin', raggin' hateful woman
With those old PMS blues
PMS blues

I don't want to talk about it, we both could do without it
Got those treat your kids bad, don't you talk back
Gone ballistic, unrealistic
Awful lowdown, bitch to be around
PMS blues

The song ends and the fans cheer as Amanda takes a bow. A stagehand then walks past her and Amanda starts to chase him to the back with the rolling pin raised, ready to strike!

Simone: Hello and welcome to Into The Void III, I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I'm sweating alcohol and got some serious heartburn, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: It's finally here, fourteen matches, all titles defended and we kick off with a tag team title match. The Bosom Buddies are defending the tag titles against former champions, Joshua Acquin and Lucian Frost.

Adams: This match is something the fans wanted to see, and it will kick off this show in a great way.

Simone: No doubt about that. We have Bombshells up next, three women, triple threat rules. Tiami Tyler steps in the ring, against Lady Justice, Zuri Chastain and the debuting Trishelle Jordan.

Adams: I love bombshells, and I can't wait to see these three in action.

Simone: King Of The Hill match is up next as four men fight for a contract for the Roulette title. Vince Peterson, Jericho Hill, Chris Crimson and Steve Ramone will all do battle.

Adams: We all know Horace Jackson is the number one contender to the title, but can not go for it until his suspension is lifted, so one of these men has a chance to jump the line.

Simone: Liz Smalls has got a lot of people interested in her for the wrong reasons lately, but tonight, the focus will be on her wrestling skills as she teams with fellow Mean Girl, Veronica Taylor, to face Azz N Class.

Adams: The Mean Girls have been on a roll lately, can they continue to dominate the Bombshell division tonight?

Simone: The very unorthodox Equinox is in action tonight as he defends the Roulette title against the technically gifted Andrew Garcia.

Adams: Orange hulk has been in a bad mood lately and he is looking to take it out on Equinox, after he has been a thorn in the side of Garcia's stable, HSI.

Simone: Bombshell tag team titles are on the line! New champions Mercedes Vargas and Traci Patterson defend against new team The Metal and Punk Connection.

Adams: Jessie Salco and Amy Marshall have championship quality, this could be a looooooong night for the champs.

Simone: The most hated man in SCW right now, Gabriel is in action. Tonight he takes on NXT member Jon Dough.

Adams: Gabriel's new aggressive side has annoyed so many people in SCW, especially after he and his wife blinded SCW owner, Christian Underwood. Everyone will be hoping Jon Dough puts him in his place.

Simone: Simon Jones has made it clear that tonight will be his last match in SCW, tonight, he teams with friend and fellow countryman Ben Jordan. The two will be facing Big Tiger Jeremiah Hardin and a mystery opponent.

Adams: Ben said he'll do all he can for Simon to go out with a win, but mystery partners are tough to prepare for. This match could steal the show.

Simone: Long reigning Bombshell roulette champion Emma Rose is defending her gold tonight, but her opponent is a former roulette champion, Necra Octavian Kane.

Adams: Necra is a seasoned Roulette wrestler. This could be Emma's biggest challenge to date.

Simone: Jamie Dean is in mixed tag team action tonight, as he teams with Katherine Kensington, to take on an equally unlikely duo in the form of Sean Jackson and Marisol Hawkes.

Adams: Jamie and Sean have been involved in a bitter rivalry and tonight they will settle their differences.

Simone: Rage and TJ Codair have been beating the daylights out of each other. Tonight they're gonna do it again in a falls count anywhere match.

Adams: That one won't be for the faint of heart. These two are gonna beat the hell outta each other.

Simone: Up next, two women who are living proof that SCW has the best female division around as former Bombshell champion Roxi Johnson, takes on a woman fast rising in SCW, Delia Darling.

Adams: A win for either of these two can put them right back in to the bombshell title picture, so they will be pulling out all the stops.

Simone: On to the double main event as we start with the men. Drake Green returned to earn his way back to the top of SCW with a win over old rival, Sean Jackson. Now Drake has the chance to become an SCW champion as he takes on Gene Banton Jr!

Adams: Geno has beaten everyone that's been put in front of him. Drake will have to be at his very best to come close to taking that title away from Geno Jr.

Simone: Closing the show tonight, we have the Bombshell title on the line in a Barbed Wire match. Odette Stevens stole the title right after Vixen won it. Vixen has been in a vicious mood since, tonight, these two ladies will go one on one, the winner will walk out with the Bombshell championship.

Adams: Both these women are experienced wrestlers, but throw in sharp wire and anything can happen.

Simone: We have all this in our special Make A Wish show, and so much more.

Adams: So let's goooooooooooooo!

Justin: The following contest is the opening match of INTO THE VOID III!

The crowd cheer!

Justin: And it's for the tag team championship! Introducing the challengers!

The lights begin to flicker around the room, spot lights scan around the crowd, "Salt in the Wound" begins to play as the crowd looks around to see where he is coming from.

Justin: From the Far Reaches Of Sanity, weighing in at one hundred and sixty five pounds, he is Lucian Frost!

Frost appears from one side of the arena and heads through the crowd before climbing over the barricade and slides under the bottom rope.

Justin: And his partner...

"Nightmare" Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.

Justin: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds, he is Joshua Acquin!

As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans. Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms

Justin: And their opponents.

"Let's fake an answer for the curious
Let's fake it all for the fame
They'll think delivering was easy
Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies"

The immediate beat of the cult classic "Opticon" by Orgy lights up over the sound system and the crowd ignites with a fury of cheers as they know who is about to arrive. The crowd erupts in cheers as the curtains atop the stage are thrust wide open and out steps Synn, as he holds the drapes wide for the next arrival, and onto the stage emerges Big B -- with his tag team partner Despayre riding 'piggy back' astride his wide shoulders, and Angel being held high in Despaye's own hands.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Synn and Angel. Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty three pounds, they are the current SCW tag team champions, they are Despayre and Big B, The Bosom Buddies!

"Message from Opticon
Blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time"

Synn leads the way as the new tag team combination of the 'Bosom Buddies' makes their way down to ringside, Big B continuing to carry Despayre on his shoulders the entire way, while Despayre carries Angel on his own.

"New alien spawn we reinvent the dawn
And no one's style compares
Those neon eyes make mom and dad think
That we've lost our minds
They're just terrified of all new things"

They arrive at ringside and Synn climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open. Big B lowers Despayre so his teammate can climb off and drop to the apron where he scrambles inside of the ring, followed closely by Big B. Despayre grabs the ropes and shakes them while head banging to the beat of the music as B just stands there calmly, watching his little buddy. Synn then steps through the ropes and leads the team over toward their allotted corner while they await the start of the match while the music trails off.

"Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time"

Jasmine calls for the bell!


Acquin and Big B start off in the ring, Despayre and Frost both exiting. Both men move close to each other but Acquin plants an elbow to Big B's eye unexpectedly, stumbling Big B back against the ropes. Acquin immediately jumps in towards Big B and starts to pound him with heave shots to the face. Big B lifts a hand up and pushes Acquin away, but Acquin quickly jumps back in towards him again, throwing more shots towards Big B's face. Acquin grabs Big B by the head and runs him face first along the top rope, wiping his eyes on them. Acquin pulls Big B away towards the center of the ring and kicks him in the back of the leg before hooking him up in a front face lock and dropping him with a short DDT. Acquin looks around the fans with an arrogant smirk on his face and casually rolls Big B on to his back, dropping down for the cover


Big B powers out

Acquin gets back to his feet and stomps on Big B's huge chest before moving over to Big B's head, picking the much larger man to his feet. Acquin kicks him in the gut and steps back. Acquin puts his hand on Big B's back and jumps in the air, placing his leg on Big B's neck and dropping him down with a famasser. Big B lands hard face first and Acquin gets to his feet, stomping again on Big B as he walks past.

Adams: Is that the way to keep him down?

Acquin pulls Big B to his feet but Big B throws a wild headbutt, catching Acquin on the head and knocking him down to the ground to the cheer of the fans. Big B shakes his head and Acquin rolls on to his knees, getting back on to his feet. As Acquin returns to his feet, Big B takes him down with a huge wild clothesline, almost taking his head off his shoulders. The fans cheer as Big B stands next to the fallen Acquin and puts a foot on his chest, stepping over the smaller man. Big B stops, turns around and steps over Acquin again, putting all his weight on Acquin's chest. Big B reaches down and wraps two large hands around Acquin's throat and just pulls him up, lifting him above his head before tossing him across the ring. Acquin lands hard and scrambles with his back to the ropes while sitting down, but Big B moves in and grabs Acquin by the ankles. Acquin grabs the middle rope but Big B pulls Acquin and slams him down as his grip on the middle rope loosens. Big B drops down on Acquin for the cover


Acquin kicks out

Simone: Big B showing an aggressive side.

Big B reaches down and pulls Acquin to his feet but Frost moves in to the ring. The referee turns to face Frost and Acquin kicks Big B low and hard

Adams: Low blow!

Acquin grabs Big B's head and pulls him over towards Frost Jones, slamming Big B's head in to the turnbuckle and tagging in Frost. Frost takes control in the ring, smashing Big B's head in to the turnbuckle. Frost pulls Big B away and drops him with a huge uppercut. Big B falls to the ground and Frost stomps on him before pulling him back to his feet. Frost slides to the side of Big B and hooks him up, slamming him backwards with a Russian leg sweep. Big B crashes hard and Frost rolls to his side.

Frost gets back to his feet, putting his boot on the back of Big B's head and pressing it in to the canvas.

Simone: Unique move from Frost.

Frost pulls Big B back to his feet and nails Big B with a quick shot, followed by a second. Frost jumps up and kicks B with an enziguri to the back of his head. Frost goes for the cover


Big B kicks out

Adams: Big B might need to tag out soon.

Frost pulls Big B to his feet but Big B cuts him off with an elbow to the gut. Frost wraps Big B in a side headlock, but Big B lifts Frost off his feet in to a belly to back suplex. Big B crawls towards his corner, but Frost grabs hold of his legs. Big B rolls on to his back and blasts Frost with a kick in the face before reaching out and tagging in Despayre as the crowd go crazy.

Simone: Despayre is in the ring!

Despayre waits for Frost to stand up, and as he does, Despayre charges, taking Frost back off his feet and slamming hard shots to his face and head, throwing huge lefts and rights to Frost's face. Frost kicks Despayre off and scrambles to his feet but Despayre charges towards him. Frost ducks a clothesline attempt but Despayre stops directly behind him and spins around, just waiting on Frost to turn around. Frost raises an eyebrow and spins around with a tornado punch, but Despayre ducks it and jumps in the air, grabbing Frost's head and spinning around with a standing tornado DDT, dropping Frost's head in to the canvas. Despayre stands up to the cheer of the fans and moves towards the turnbuckle, quickly scrambling on the second rope and jumping off with a flying legdrop, catching Frost across the neck. Despayre goes for the cover.


Frost kicks out

Adams: Despayre's going crazy

Simone: Going?

Despayre pulls Frost to his feet, throwing jabs towards the heavyweight champions head. Frost stumbles away from Despayre but Despayre grabs Frost by the head and throws him in to the turnbuckle. Acquin gets in to the ring, causing Despayre to turn around. Jasmine yells at Acquin to leave

Simone: Acquin trying to turn the tide back to his teams favor

The distraction gives Frost time to grab Despayre's head and hook him up in a reverse DDT position, Frost swings and nails Despayre with a swinging reverse neckbreaker! Frost leans down on Despayre, catching him with a right hand before getting to his feet, pulling Despayre up with him. Frost hooks Despayre up and lifts him over with a thunderous T bone suplex, sending Despayre flying across the ring. Frost walks over to Despayre and lifts up his legs, crossing one over the other.

Adams: Frost going for a submission.

Frost tries to roll Despayre over but Despayre uses strength to lift himself up in a sit up and punch Frost right between the eyes, forcing him to drop Despayre. Despayre gets to his feet as Frost tries to clear the cobwebs and runs towards him but Frost lifts him up and nails Despayre with a spinebuster! Frost pulls Despayre towards his corner and tags in Acquin. Acquin knocks Despayre down with a solid shot and puts Despayre's head and neck over the bottom rope and Frost steps outside the ring. Acquin yells towards B, causing him to run in. Jasmine turns to stop B and Frost puts his foot on Despayre's neck and crushes it across the bottom rope.

Simone: Come on ref, look behind you.

Acquin walks over to Despayre as Big B is forced out of the ring. Acquin lifts Despayre to his feet and cracks him under the jaw with a heavy right hand, sending him back to the ground. Acquin quickly picks Despayre up and wraps his arms around Despayre, lifting him over his head with a release belly to belly suplex. Acquin walks over to Despayre and stomps on his head. As Acquin lifts Despayre to his feet, Despayre grabs Acquin by the head and quickly drops him down with a desperation DDT!

Simone: That was out of nowhere.

Despayre quickly moves to Big B, reaching out his hand as Acquin crawls towards Frost. Both men make the tag at the same time and both Big B and Frost charge in to the ring. Big B takes down Frost with a huge clothesline. Frost bounces back to his feet and Big B catches him again with a second huge clothesline. As Frost returns to his feet for the third time, Big B lifts him up in an almighty flapjack, throwing Frost ten feet in the air.

Adams: Woooooooooooow!

Acquin gets to his feet and nails Big B with a shot to the back of the head, causing him to stumble back in to Despayre, just getting to his feet. Despayre makes a blind tag.

Simone: I think Despayre just tagged himself in to the match.

Big B steps back around and nails Acquin with a discus punch, knocking him to the canvas. Acquin rolls out of the ring and Despayre climbs the top rope. Frost lays on the canvas and Big B reaches over to Despayre, throwing him off the top rope and sending him crashing on to Frost with an assisted frog splash.

Simone: The Buddy System!

Despayre stays on top and Jasmine drops down to count.



Justin: The winner of the match, The Bosom Buddies!

Simone: Despayre and Big B retain the gold!

Adams: What a way to start the supercard!

~~ This is surrender
To a war-torn life I've lived.
Scars and stripes forever
In need of change I can't resist ~~

Blanca Chastain is seen with two twin boys wearing a make a wish t-shirts. A smile is on her face as she lets one of the boys wear her mask. She high fives the other boy. The twin boys huddle together as Blanca curiously cocks her head to the side. She gets down on one knee as the boys pretend to give her a double clothesline. The play pin her as they celebrate. She sits up and laughs with the kids. She gives them a hug as tears slowly stream down her face and we fade.

~~ No need to hide anything anymore
Can't return to who I was before ~~

Tessa Flannigan is seen standing next to a young girl who is wearing an NXT t-shirt and a bandana to cover up her head. Tessa smiles and poses for pictures with the little girl, showing off a few amateur modeling poses. Despite her normally arrogant attitude, she seems softened by the brave spirit of this little girl. They make kissy faces for the cameras one more before Tessa wraps her arms around the little girl, giving her a long hug, talking to her as she tries to hold back tears of her own and we fade again.

~~ I can finally breathe
Suddenly alive
I can finally move
The world feels revived ~~

Jamie Staggs comes into view with a young kid, barely at the age of 10. They are both wearing matching ?I?m A Mean Girl? t-shirts and laughing about it. Jamie points to the kid, who points back to him. Jamie shakes his head, denying it. The kid argues harder, in good fun, as Jamie begins running from him. The kid chases him around the ring until Jamie reverses position, scooping the kid up and placing him up on his shoulders. Jamie continues to run around the ring, mouthing ?I?m a Mean Girl!? at the screen as the kid on his shoulders laughs uncontrollably, and we fade again.

~~ This long of a struggle
Finally opened up my eyes
Revolution?s not easy
With a Civil War on the Inside ~~

Bridgette Jackson and Vivian Langley are walking down the hallway as they are giving a kid a tour. They are swinging the kid with smiles on their faces. Bridgette stops and gives him a kiss. While Vivian gives him a hug. The kid even gives Vivian's husband a high five. We fade out once more.

~~ No need to hide anything anymore
Can?t return to who I was before?~~

Erik Staggs is seen sitting at his desk, filing through some paperwork. The camera approaches him, though it is quite a bit lower to the ground than it normally would be. He stops and looks, rolling his eyes at the camera, however he does a double take and his face lights up. He smiles and waves as it comes closer. He can be seen joking with the ?cameraman? as he reaches out a hand. From behind the camera, a smaller hand reaches out and gives him a handshake. Suddenly, the camera lifts up as Erik picks up the little one behind the camera, raising him up into his arms so he can wave and be seen by the camera before fading.

~~ I can finally breathe
Suddenly alive
I can finally move
?Cause I realize ~~

We come to the make up table to find Angelica standing with a young girl. Her normally bitchy expression is replaced with a calm and sweet smile. She is fixing the little girl?s hair, all while they are engaged in girl talk. Angelica nods and then waves the little girls comment off, retorting with one of her own. They both laugh as Angelica gets the curls of the girl?s hair to bounce just right. The little girl looks so excited as she turns around and hugs Angelica as we fade.

~~ I can finally breathe
Suddenly Alive
I can?t finally move
The world feels revived ~~

Former SCW star, Mickey Carroll comes into the shot with a group of kids around him. He is seen laughing with them as he leans against the wall. One of the kids hugs onto him, causing him to stumble. This causes another kid to jump on top of him. Before you know it, the kids playfully form a dog pile on top of him. He crawls out from under them, laughing as he sarcastically calls out for help, reaching toward the camera as the kids laugh, trying to bury him once more, and we fade.

~~ ~~ I can finally breathe
Suddenly Alive
I can finally move
Cause I realize ~~


We are treated to a special guest spot as former SCW Heavyweight Champion Giani Di Luca is seen standing next to a kid. Both of them are dressed identical, from the white sneakers, skinny jeans, and NXT armband and tank top sets. The only difference is the pair of sunglasses resting on top of Giani?s head. They both turn to the camera from the front row of seats. Giani shows the kid how to flex his muscles. The kid does his best impression and that causes Giani to strike another pose that the kid tries to imitate. Finally, Giani shakes his head. He takes the sunglasses off of his head and places it on the kid?s head. The kid tries again and Giani nods his head in approval, giving him two thumbs up before ruffling the kid?s faux hawk, and we fade.

~~ I can finally breathe
Suddenly Alive
I can?t finally move
The world feels revived ~~

We come in to find Lexi Styles standing next to the NXT locker room. She holds her index finger up to her lips as she peeks inside of the door. She turns back around quickly before waving a few kids over. They snicker on the outside as Lexi pushes the door open, waving the kids inside. The kids get a preview of the locker room as Lexi smiles, letting the kids greet their favorite NXT members from Connor Murphy to Jon Dough and Spike Staggs. She seems surprised when one little girl tugs on her skirt and tells her that she wants to meet her. It brings a warm expression to her face as she leans down and speaks to the girl. And we fade again.

~~Whooooaaaa oh, whoaaaa oh oh oh
Whooooaaaa oh, whoaaaa oh oh oh ~~

There is a young girl who looks lost backstage. She continues to search around until finally she turns to the catering table. She lifts up the tablecloth and Kittie jumps out laughing. The little girl tags her and begins running off. Kittie chases after her, playfully bantering as the little girl escapes. As Kittie passes the camera, she offers a sweet smile before catching up to the little girl picking her up and spinning around as we fade.

~~ I can finally breeeeeeeathe
I can finally moooooooooove
?Cause I realize
I can finally breeeeeeeathe
I can finally moooooooooove
World feels revived~~

We come back around to see Spike Staggs standing inside of the ring with a couple kids. He looks stern as he is giving them wrestling advice. He kneels down and waves one of them closer. The kid charges forward and lands a Clothesline that causes Spike to ?fall? back to the mat. He continues speaking as one of the other kids leaps up for a standing Frog Splash that causes Spike?s eyes to bulge a bit. He smirks at the camera as Jasmine St. John drops down for a quick three count. She raises the kids arms up as she pronounces them the winners of the match. Justin Decent comes in and hands them each replica Tag Team Championship belts. Spike comes up for a sneak attack, sweeping both kids up, but he holds them up high with the belts as the music slowly fades out along with the video package.

Backstage, we see Trishelle Jordan. The beautiful debutante stands to the side of the corridor stretching as she awaits her match. As she does this, many members of the SCW crew walk by. She isn?t paying attention to any of them as she slowly bends her torso down placing her hands on the floor as she stretches. She holds the stretch for a few moments before she slowly raises herself up. As she does, a smile comes over her face. After a moment of smiling, she begins to speak.

Trishelle Jordan: Well, it?s nice to meet you? in the flesh that is.

Standing over her is the number one contender for the SCW Heavyweight title, Drake Green. He stands there with a small smirk on his face.

Drake: I saw you stretching and I just had to come over and say hello.

Trishelle smiles at Drake as she crosses her arms over her chest. She looks at him for a moment before she speaks again.

Trishelle Jordan: Oh, so you saw me stretching and just had to come over and say hello? I guess that was just like perfect timing right? At least I wasn?t stuffing my face with junk food.

Drake: Depends on the junk food?

Trishelle lets out a soft chuckle. As she uncrosses her arms, she places her hands on her hips. After a moment of silence, she responds.

Trishelle Jordan: I love all kinds of junk food, it?s just not pretty when you watch people eat it. So, this is SCW? I couldn?t wait all week, and now I?m here. It?s very? overwhelming.

Drake: You get used to it.

Drake unbuttons his suit jacket and reaches in to his inside pocket. He pulls out a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar coin.

Drake: It?s probably silly but a friend of mine gave this to me before my first match in Japan years ago, said it was to remember where I came from. Again, it?s probably kinda dumb but I always thought it carried a bit of luck. Lately I feel like my luck has run it?s course so?why not?

He hands the coin to Trishelle. She looks up at him with a smile as she takes the coin into her hands.

Trishelle Jordan: Well, this is a sweet gesture, it really is. I don?t deserve this, but if you think it?ll bring me half the luck it?s brought you, I can?t object to it. Thanks Drake.

Drake: Well I was hoping it would at least make you smile.

She again lets out a small chuckle. After looking down at the ground for a few seconds, she looks back up at him with a smile on her face. Her hands are firmly placed on her hips as she looks at Drake.

Trishelle Jordan: Was that smile good enough for you?

Drake: No. But I was hoping maybe tomorrow I could get a bigger one. You know...if you don?t have any plans.

Trishelle smiles at Drake before she diverts her eyes to the coin in her hand. She looks back up at him and smiles. She tosses the coin in the air and catches it as it?s coming down. With her hand closed over the coin, she slowly opens it. She inspects the coin for a few moments before letting out a soft chuckle. She looks up at Drake smiling once more.

Trishelle Jordan: I guess tomorrow is going to be your lucky day. Turns out, my plans for tomorrow just got sidelined.

Drake: Great, looking forward to it.

Drake smiles as he turns to walk away but quickly spins back around, holding his finger up.

Drake: One thing. If by chance I end up in the hospital or anything like that...can I take a rain check?

Trishelle smiles at Drake. She walks closer to him and places her right hand on his shoulder.

Trishelle Jordan: Yes, you?ll get your rain check, but I don?t think you?ll need it. Good luck tonight, champ.

Drake: Fair enough. Good luck to you too, welcome to Vegas.

Trishelle smiles as she takes her hand off his shoulder.

Trishelle Jordan: Thanks, I?ll see you soon.

She walks away with a smile on her face. Drake watches her walk away with a smile on his face as someone walks over and puts their arm around him. He turns quickly to see his agent, Barry Goldstein.

Barry: Now that?

Barry points toward Trishelle with his free hand.

Barry: an ass!

Drake: You really have a way with words, Barry.

Barry: You should see what I can do with my-

Drake: Jesus!

Drake cuts him off and shakes Barry?s arm off of his shoulders.

Barry: What? I was gonna say my pen. I?m an agent?

Drake laughs.

Drake: Come on, let?s go find my dressing room.

They start to walk away.

Barry: Ok, by got dibs on that girl.

Drake: What? You can?t call dibs.

Barry: You?re right, I?m sorry. Shotgun!

Drake shakes his head as they both share a laugh.

Justin: The following contest is a bombshell Triple Threat match. Introducing first...

"Loud Twin Stars" by Doll$Box start to blast from the speakers

Justin: Weighing in at one hundred and nineteen pounds, she is Tiami Tyler.

Tiami appears at the top of the ramp, to a mixed reaction. She walks down to the ring focused and climbs the steps. She steps through the ropes and raises her arms.

Justin: And her opponent.

The arena goes dark as a voice comes across the sound system saying "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED." After that phrase dies down, "Case of the Ex" starts up. As the song starts with the few beats, the lights come up with an orchid and cyan tint to them. Right as Mya starts the first verse, Zuri Justice walks out onto the stage with her butler and her twin sister right behind her. She motions toward her twin sister to walk down first as Zuri follows right behind her. Zuri slowly walks down the ramp basically ignoring the fans as her butler carries her fighting gloves and mask on a silver tray.

Justin: Coming down the aisle, currently residing in Webster, South Dakota. Weighing in around 142 lbs accompanied by Mr. Carlson and Blanca Chastain. "Lady Justice" Zuri Chastain

Zuri slides into the ring at the same time as her twin sister. The butler walks up the steel ring steps and stands on the ring apron as Zuri stands on the middle turnbuckle and basically glaring down the entire crowd. She hops down off the turnbuckle, walks over to her butler and begins putting on the rest of her ring equipment while waiting for her opponent to arrive.

Justin: And their opponent...

The sounds of Cheryl Cole?s ?Sexy Den A Mutha? has made its presence felt over the public announce system. The Buxom beauty has made her way from behind the curtain, She places her hands on her hips as she nods her head in approval to the fans that are cheering for her, Trishelle begins her walk down the ramp.

Justin: From Atlanta, Georgia. Weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is Trishelle Jordan!

At the sound of her name Trishelle throws her hand in the air and shows her teach in a very confident smile, she puts her arms back down to her hips as she does the smile on her face. Trishelle continues to walk down the ramp.

Trishelle continues her walk down the ramp as she does the fans continue to praise her with their cheers , as ?Sexy Den A Mutha? continues to play, she finally makes her way down to ringside. She walks about half way to the ring before making a cut towards the stairs, Trishelle walks over to the stairs and drops her hands from her hips, as she makes her way up the ring stairs, getting to the third she puts her hands on the turnbuckle post as she makes her way up to the ring apron. At the ring apron Trishelle places her left hand on the top rope, she walks towards the center of the apron as she does she removes her hand and enters the ring under the middle rope as she does. She walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rung of the turnbuckle, she throws her hands into the air with confidence she nods her head as the fans continue to cheer she jumps down when the sounds of ?Sexy Den A Mutha? fades out.

Jacob Summers calls for the bell!


Trishelle, Zuri and Tiami circle each other, with Zuri making the first move to strike at Tiami! Zuri catches Tiami with a shot to the head and quickly forces her in to the corner, planting shot on Tiami's head. Zuri turns out of the corner only to be met with a clothesline from Trishelle, Zuri rolls through and Trishelle waits for Lady Justice to return to her feet. As she does, Trishelle waits for Zuri to charge before lifting her up in the air with a flapjack, dropping her on her chest. Trishelle returns to her feet but Tiami moves in behind her and wraps her arms around her, lifting her over with a release German suplex, sending Trishelle crashing to the canvas.

Adams: This one's like Roadrunner!

Simone: Eh?

Adams: Hard to keep up with.

Trishelle rolls under the ropes and Tiami focuses on Zuri. Tiami pulls her to her feet and plants her with a kick to the gut before grabbing her head and dropping her down with a DDT! Tiami rolls Zuri over and goes for the cover. Jacob drops down to make the count.


Zuri kicks out!

Adams: First pin attempt, yippee!

Tiami pulls Zuri to her feet and puts a hand on her head before jumping in the air and catching her with a perfect standing dropkick. Zuri rolls towards the rope and gets on to her knees, but Tiami reaches for her, grabbing her hair and lifting her to her feet. As Zuri gets on her feet, she quickly take Tiami by surprise with an uppercut to the jaw, rocking Tiami backwards across the ring. Tiami charges back towards Zuri but Zuri quickly drops down and catches Tiami with a dropkick to the knee, sending her dropping across the middle rope. Zuri stands next to her and jumps on the middle rope next to Tiami and spins in the air, dropping both legs across Tiami's back.

Simone: Unique springboard legdrop from Zuri.

Zuri stands up but Trishelle charges from behind and grabs Zuri's head and drops her face first with a single handed bulldog. Trishelle rolls over and a surprised Zuri gets to her feet at the same time, but Trishelle jumps up in the air and catches her with a hurricanruna, sending Zuri flying across the ring. Zuri pulls herself back to her feet and Trishelle charges, jumping in the air with a flipping clothesline, catching Zuri on the chin and knocking her to the canvas. As Zuri once again returns to her feet, Trishelle grabs her head and lifts her over with a floatover snap suplex. Jacob drops down to make the count.


Zuri gets her shoulder up!

Adams: New bombshell on fire!

Simone: But Zuri will not quit here!

As Trishelle gets back to her feet, Tiami moves in from behind but Trishelle fires a back elbow towards Tiami. Trishelle turns around, planting an elbow on the top of Tiami's head but Tiami fires a shot back. Zuri pulls herself under the ropes and pulls herself up on the outside as the other two bombshells brawl. Zuri holds the top rope and jumps up on the top rope, jumping up and balancing.

Simone: What balance from Zuri!

Trishelle and Tiami turn around, and Zuri bounces off the ropes and takes both ladies down with a flying high cross body, pinning them both to the canvas! Jacob drops down to make the count.


Both push Zuri off!

Adams: That was insane!

Tiami rolls towards the corner an Zuri picks Trishelle up. She gauges her in the eye before grabbing her hair and dropping her in to a backbreaker!

Simone: Pink Eye Censored!

Zuri looks down at Trishelle but before she can react, Tiami nails Zuri with a spear! The force sending her flying out of the ring!

Adams: Holy potatoes!

Tiami moves towards Trishelle and pulls the newcomer to her knees, before putting her head in a powerbomb position. She lifts Trishelle up and nails her with a hard powerbomb, crashing her in to the canvas. Tiami goes for the cover and Jacob drops down to make the count.


Trishelle powers out!

Simone: That was close!

Tiami runs her hands through her hair as she gets to her feet, planning her next move. She stands next to Trishelle, turning her back towards her and jumping backwards with a standing moonsault, crashing her body on to Trishelle. Tiami gets towards Trishelle leg and picks it up and leaning forward pulling her leg back.

Simone: Tiami could be looking for the Ice Pick.

Tiami tries to turn Trishelle over. She reaches in, ducking her head and Trishelle reaches up, rolling Tiami over with a small package. Jacob drops down to make the count.


Tiami just kicks out!

Adams: Tiami nearly got caught by surprise!

Tiami gets to her feet as does Trishelle. Trishelle quickly spins to Tiami's side and drops her with a quick Russian legsweep and locks on an octopus hold. Trishelle pulls deep but Zuri quickly gets on the top rope. She dives off the top rope with an elbow drop across Trishelle's chest!

Simone: Zuri just saved Tiami from tapping out!

Adams: They're all paying for it now.

All three women start to stir from the canvas. Trishelle gets to her feet first, quickly followed by Tiami and Zuri. She jumps up, catching Zuri in the side of the head with an enziguri, knocking her forwards. Tiami moves in from behind and lifts Trishelle up belly to back, but as Tiami lifts Trishelle up, Trishelle moves over her back, flipping backwards and landing on her feet. Trishelle wraps her arm around Tiami's head and drops her down with a Final cut style reverse DDT!

Simone: Back Down To Jordan!

Trishelle goes for the cover.



Justin: The winner of the match.... Trishelle Jordan!

Simone: What a great debut for Trishelle.

Adams: We could be looking at a future champion here!

Vince Peterson is sitting down with a bunch of kids backstage because of the Make a Wish foundation. He has a box filled with gifts for them with their names on it.

Good Vince: Let?s see, oh this is for Mary, now who is my dear friend Mary???

A girl raises her hand as she is being helped towards Vince. He hands her the gift as she slowly starts to open it and finds a replica of the bombshell championship belt. He sees her smile from ear to ear as he gives her a hug and has his picture taken with her.

Good Vince: Ok, now who is next?. Oh that?s right. Its Jim. Where is Jimbo???

A kid with a hat on covering his bald head is being pushed in his wheelchair to the SCW wrestler. He has a Good Vince/Evil Vince shirt on as Vince gives him a high five.

Good Vince: So you are a fan huh??

Jim: Only from Evil Vince.

Evil Vince: Good kiddo

Good Vince: Why???

Evil Vince: Don?t ask why you numbnut, cant you see he has taste?? So what do you think I have for ya champ???

The kid thinks for a few moments before shrugging

Jim: A signed autograph??

Evil Vince: Son, you will get that. But no, I have something much better. I have a personalized Evil Vince just kicked Good Vince ass shirt!! Just for you son.

Vince hands the kid the shirt and the kid gets a big smile on his face. He then whispers into the ear of Vince

Jim: I wish you could kick his ass.

Evil Vince: Don?t worry kid. I will see you after the match when I kick the asses out of everyone, including Good Vince.

The two hug as Vince hands out gifts to everyone as we head backstage.

A montage of little kids circulate on the screen as one kid becomes the front runner. A father appears on the screen with tears running down his face.

David Petraeus: Hi SCW World my name is David Petraeus. My son Harvey Petraeus is a six year old boy who was born with an aggressive gene of leukemia. He has baffled the doctors since his birth until the gene got more aggressive. Harvey, has been going through radiation and chemotherapy. The doctors have given my son less than a year to live.

David wipes his face with a loin cloth.

David Petraeus: When I heard about Sin City Wrestling granting wishes for sick kids, I was very excited. So I called the SCW front office and asked if Horace Jackson was going to be there. They told me yes and I nearly cried happy tears. Horace Jackson is Harvey's favorite superstar.

A minivan pulls out front of the arena hosting Into the Void 3. The sliding side door opens as David and Harvey Petraeus hop out. Pussy Willow meets the father and son duo out front.

Pussy Willow: You must be the Petraeus family. I'm going to be your guide this evening. So who are you here to see.

Harvey Petraeus: Horace Jackson.

Pussy kneels down to look the little guy in the eye. A smile comes across her face.

Pussy Willow: Let's go see if he is inside.

Pussy Willow takes Harvey's hand and walks them through front door. They enter through the backstage area as several superstars and bombshells are greeting other children. They finally come to Horace Jackson's changing room. Pussy motions for Harvey to knock on the door. The little boy knocks on the door as he smiles up at his dad. The door opens as Bridgette Jackson is standing there with a smile on her face.

Bridgette Jackson: Hi Pussy, who is your friend?

Pussy Willow: Bridgette, this is Harvey Petraeus and his father. He is here to see Horace Jackson.

Bridgette kneels down and looks at Harvey.

Bridgette Jackson: Are you a big fan of my husband?

Harvey nods his head as she takes his hand. Pussy follows them in while standing beside Harvey's father. Vivian walks out from her dressing room as she sees Harvey.

Vivian Langley: Aren't you a cute kid? What's your name?

Harvey Petraeus: Harvey Petraeus. I am a big fan of Darth Vader.

Bridgette and Vivian look at each other. They then look back toward Pussy and motion for her to open the backroom door. Pussy nods her head and quietly walks behind Harvey so she can open the door. She opens the door as Horace Jackson quietly walks into the room.

Bridgette Jackson: Harvey, how much do want to meet Horace Jackson?

Harvey Petraeus: I want to meet him more than anything.

The breathe tank opens as Horace startles Harvey.

Horace Jackson: The Empire welcomes you my son.

Harvey spins around to see Horace Jackson standing there in his Darth Vader costume. Horace kneels down as Harvey gives him a giant hug.

Harvey Petraeus: You are my favorite superstar.

Horace Jackson: Thank you. What do you think of the SCW?

Harvey Petraeus: The SCW is amazing but wish you were on the card.

Horace Jackson: We all can't be in a match. Sometimes we have to sit in our locker rooms just to be on standby. You know maybe Vivian and Bridgette can give you a first class backstage tour. Would like an autograph and a picture first?

Harvey smiles as Horace takes a poster of himself, signs it and gives it to Harvey. Pussy takes David's camera as they stand with Horace and his family. She snaps a couple of pics before handing back to him.

Horace Jackson: Remember Harvey Petraeus, the force is strong in you. Don't let life get you down. For The Empire is always watching over you.

Harvey hugs Horace again before leaving the room with Vivian and Bridgette. Pussy follows them out as the door closes behind them.

Into the Void III continues as Simone and Adams are sitting ringside preparing for the upcoming match.

Simone: Can you believe it Jason? We are about to crown a brand new #1 contender for the SCW Roulette Championship.

Adams: I still don?t see why this match needs to take place. Horace Jackson is still the number 1 contender.

Simone: Have you been paying attention the last few weeks? Horace Jackson hasn?t been able to in a match. He?s been on the suspended list for a long time.

Adams: I still believe this match is a waste of time.

The cameras pan away from them as it shows Justin standing in the ring.

Justin Decent: The following is the King of the Hill match and the rules are as follows. The first man to climb the pole positioned in the corner and pull down the clipboard will become the new #1 contender for the SCW Roulette Championship.

The faint sounds of My Darkest Days slams the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet, with only a few jeers generating from the back of the building. The entire ring turns red, with smoke filling up the black curtains to the delight of the fans. The subtle white strobe light flashed over the concrete aisle, as the black boots of Chris Crimson stepped out through the smoke, the visuals hiding the figure of Chris Crimson. The smoke would instantly be engulfed with the color red, while it poured out from the curtains. With a brief pause, the black outline of Crimson was seen from the small light show on the entrance aisle. One boot tapped against the concrete in unison with the catchy entrance music, just before the man broke through the smoke to show his face to the hail of boos that rained down.

Justin Decent: Introducing first, he hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and weighs in at 229 lbs. Please welcome ?Your Favorite Shade of Red? CHRRRRRRRIS CRRRRRRRRRRRIMMMMSOOOOOOON!!!

Chris Crimson kept a relaxed expression on his face, as water dripped from his long locks of hair. With a steady approach to the ring, Crimson made his way onto the apron by climbing up using the ropes for leverage. Quickly turning around to embrace the fans who seemed to dislike him, Crimson almost showed a tiny flash of a grin. Stepping through the ropes, Your Favorite Shade of Red would make no movements to taunt or acknowledge the audience whatsoever. With a slow nod of his head to his music, the theme would die out slowly as the lights in the entire building returned to normal.

Simone: Chris doesn?t look to be all impressed by all of the glitz and glamour here in SCW.

Adams: I really don?t think Chris as a decent bone in his body.

"Dangerous" by Within Temptation and Howard Jones hits the speakers and the crowd comes alive for "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone, as soon as the vocals hit Steve comes out with his wife Charlotte by his side as he high fives the crowd as he walks down the ramp, once they reach the ringside area Steve leaps into the ring through the bottom and middle ropes before holding the middle rope down for his wife as they wait for Steve's opponent.

Justin Decent: and his opponents, first from Queens, New York. Weighing in at 200 lbs and being accompanied to the ring by Charlotte. Please welcome ?The Fearless One? STEEEEEVE RAMOOOOOONE!!!

A siren goes off siren goes off as an ambulance backs to the side of the stage. The back doors fly open. Two men in white outfits come out of the ambulance and pull a gurney out of the back where we see Jericho handcuff to the gurney with a muzzle on his mouth lashing his head out towards the men in outfits.

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, agreed politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything

You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Get ready 'cause I've had enough
I see it all, I see it now

Justin Decent: and the opponent from Valhalla, weighing in at 235 lbs, please welcome Jericho Hill.

They quickly uncuff Jericho and run into the ambulance before taking off. Jericho stalks his way down the ramp. Slowly reaching up and ripping at the muzzle until it falls from his face. When the muzzle comes off Jericho storms the ring sliding under the bottom rope, and starts bouncing off the ropes waiting for the bell.

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion and you?re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am a champion and you?re gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You?re gonna hear me roar

Simone: This guy is off his damn rocker.

Adams: This is three but where is the fourth.

Right as Adams says that, Vincent Peterson comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Justin Decent: and the final opponent in this match, please welcome VIIIIIIIIIINCE PEEEEEEEETERRRRRRSOOOOOOON!!!


The match is underway as all four men have paired off. Vincent and Steve are literally beating the hell out of each other. On the other side of the ring, Chris Crimson has Jericho Hill firmly in the corner and peppering his midsection with his shoulder.

Adams: The battle is already underway and we haven?t even cut the cake yet.

Simone: Cake? What cake? There is no cake.

Adams: There is always cake Simone.

Steve and Vincent have fought their way onto the ring apron as neither one wants to give up. Chris uses this momentary lapse of judgment on both men as he dropkicks them off of the ring apron. As a result, Steve nearly lands on the lap of Adams as Vincent falls back first onto the arena floor. Chris smirks as he looks up towards the contract.

Simone: You okay Adams?

Adams: Uh?

Simone: Looks like Chris is going to be the first to go for the contract.

Chris climbs up the corner and tries to reach for the contract. He forgets that Jericho is still in the ring. Jericho grabs Chris by his tights and flings him down onto the ring ropes. Chris lands groin first onto the top turnbuckle as Steve finally rolls off of Adams. Vincent uses the ring apron to get back to his feet as he and Steve resume their bar room brawl.

Adams: That was not cool.

Simone: I believe Chris Crimson will be singing soprano for a while.

Adams: I would love to hire a Soprano to chop Ramone in half.

Jericho continues to stomp a mudhole into Chris. He brings Chris back up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Jericho follows him into the corner and jumps toward him. Chris sidesteps as Jericho?s head snaps back after slamming into the top turnbuckle. Chris bounces off the ropes and connects with a stiff clothesline. Meanwhile Steve has Vincent by his legs and catapults him into the ring post. Vincent?s head snaps violently back as he lands on his side.

Simone: Good god, Vincent?s brain could be scrambled after that shot.

Adams: Oh please, that can only happen if Vincent had any brains to begin with.

Steve kips up to his feet and re-enters the ring. Jericho comes charging at Steve but gets tossed out of the ring. Steve gives Chris a sharp kick to the face as it nearly knocks him out. With this major opening Steve decides to scale up the ring and try going for the contract. Right as Steve reaches up for the contract; Vincent comes in and dropkicks Steve in the back. Steve falls off the top landing hard on his back. Vincent scans the rest of his adversaries and slowly climbs up toward the contract. He is slowly on his way there when Chris dashes inside of the ring. As Vince goes to grab at the contract, Chris drops him down with a vicious Powerbomb!

Simone: Oh! So close, and yet still so far away?

Adams: I could feel the vibrato from that Powerbomb all the way over here!

Chris is quick to turns back around and walk toward the contract hanging in the corner. He is then met by Jericho Hill and Steve Ramone who have made their way back inside of the ring. Both men are brawling with one another, going back and forth with punches, but neither finding themselves better off than the other. Chris Crimson rushes over to both, smashing them into the corner with all of his might. As the three men tumble down to the ground, Vince starts to stir on the mat. He grabs hold of the ropes as he slowly pulls himself up. A sadistic smile is on his face as he stumbles toward the three men. Chris gets up first, ready to meet Vince. As Vince charges forward, looking for a high knee, Chris uses this momentum to boost Vince into the air. Vince reaches out toward the contract, but he is just a few inches short as he collides face first with the pole with a sickening thud!

Simone: That man can?t take much more damage to the brain! He?s already as nutty as they come!

Adams: Who knows, it could very well knock some sense into him!

As Vince falls on top of Steve and Jericho, Chris climbs over the stack of bodies to make it to the turnbuckle. He gives each man a kick as he climbs over them. However, he is not expecting Steve Ramone to grab onto his foot, tripping him up. Chris kicks at him, but the determined Ramone just doesn?t want to give up. He yanks Chris down and the two men begin to brawl, rolling around on the mat as each one jockeys for top position. This gives Jericho enough time to slowly pull himself up. He knocks Vince off of him and begins to wrap his hands around each rope until he?s standing, barely. He begins climbing up each turnbuckle. As he makes it to the second one, Steve sees this and tries to escape Chris?s grip. He shouts at Chris and both men immediately cease fire, jumping up to their feet to grab onto Jericho?s tights. They dispose of him over the top rope and to the outside with a Double Powerbomb!


Adams: I agree with the fans! Is Jericho Hill even alive after that?

Simone: He just turned over onto his side, so I think he is, but just barely!

Chris immediately rocks Steve in the face with a hard right that busts his nose open! He uses the distraction to climb up the ropes quickly. However, Vince grabs onto his ankle, stopping him from gripping onto the contract. Vince pulls himself up, quickly, and both men grab onto the contract at the same time, nearly tearing it! Vince nails Chris with a Headbutt to the nose that knocks him off and to the outside, blood flowing from his nose as he lands hard. Vince goes to pull the contract off, but Steve runs up the corner and nails Vince with a hard make shift version of a Shining Wizard that knocks him off balance, crashing into the barricade. All while he has a hold of the pole, grabbing the contract off of it as the bell rings!

Justin Decent: Here is your winner and the new #1 Contender for the SCW Roulette Championship?.STEEEEEEEEEVE RAAMOOOOOOOONE!!!

Adams: Boo, this guy needs a spray tan.

Simone: Well he did it.

Adams: I still believe Horace Jackson should be included in this match.

Steve is breathing heavily, almost in shock that he?s got the contract in his hand. He steps out of the ring quickly before even celebrating. He marches over to the announce table and shuffles their papers around. He picks up a pen and signs his name on the dotted line quickly. Only then does he raise his arms into the air in celebration as his music plays.

Vince sits in the corner after losing the match, he is upset over the loss. He then looks around in the crowd and sees Jim sitting there in the wheelchair, wearing the shirt he got from him. That causes him to smile, causing him to forget the loss. He slides out of the ring and gets to him, they high five before Vince asks his father something who nods. He pulls the kid out of the wheelchair and puts him over his shoulder and asks for the mic.

Evil Vince: Now I know I am the lunatic of the two Vince's, but this kid is the real champion out there. Give these kids an applause folks!!!!

The crowd cheers and applauds Jim and the other kids as Vince takes him to the back with his father following them.

The opening rift to Busta Rhyme and Ozzy Osbournes?s "This Means War!!" start to blast through the speakers, as red and yellow lights start to flash, the yellow cutting through the red to create a orange effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Just make sure them, them drums is smackin?
This, means, WAR!!"

Andrew appears at the top of the ramp with his manager, Casey Williams behind him, the duo looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"Take a look inside
You can run and you can hide
If you cross my path
I'll make sure you feel my wrath
Give and you receive
Cherish every breath you breathe
Scriptures on the wall
Those who betray all must fall"

Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Honorable Warrior starts to walk towards the ring slowly with Casey following in tow, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Andrew shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, staring around at the booing fans as Casey climbs over the top rope. Andrew raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Andrew: So, Equinox, you think that you are better than me because you sneak attacked me? Well, think again. If you remember correctly, the 2 matches we?ve had against each other. I either defeated you or advanced farther than you, which means that I am better than you! Later on tonight, I will prove my dominance over you once again when I defeat you and take that Roulette Championship from you. I will end your little crusade to end HSI once and for all. I will show you how good I really am, and that your sneak attack was your only chance to get the upper hand on me. I know we haven?t faced one-on-one before, but in every encounter we have had against each other, I have either been victorious, or gone farther in the match against you. There is nothing you can do to stop me from continuing that run tonight, because I am hungry for the Roulette Title!

Andrew and Casey then walks backstage as the fans boo him for his remarks.

The screen cuts to a video from earlier in the day. The Gold Coast Casino and Hotel is buzzing with excitement as the SCW Superstars and Bombshells have a great time meeting and spending time with special little children through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Even former three-time Bombshell Champion, Misty, is attending this special event, as she wouldn?t pass up the chance to make the day that much more special for a child, and little did she know that one little girl wishing to meet her would be special to her in a whole different way.

Misty is seated at a table in one of the meet and greet areas. She?s got various gifts and merchandise for the children. A little girl walks up to the table wearing a pink Chicago Cubs hate and holding a stuffed giraffe toy.

Misty: Well hello there, sweetie. How are you doing today?

In a shy moment, the little girl hides behind her mother, clutching the giraffe tightly. Misty smiles, and looks at the girl?s mother.

Mother: She?s had a rough couple of days, but she?s feeling a little better today. Leah, sweetie, don?t be shy.

When Misty hears the little girl?s name, her eyes widen and she looks at the little girl, almost speechless.

Misty: I?m sorry?What did you say her name is?

The little girl then steps out from behind her mother, her attention focused on Misty.

Leah: My name is Leah.

Misty brings her hand and covers her mouth in surprise. Her eyes tear up a bit, and she walks around the table, getting down to eye level with Leah. She smiles.

Misty: Can I tell you something, Leah?

Leah nods her head and cracks a curious smile, starting to come around to Misty.

Misty: You are my new favorite person because my grandma?s name was Leah and not only did she love Giraffes, like I?m betting you do, but she was also a huge Chicago Cubs fan.

Leah smiles and looks up at her mother, who returns the smile.

Misty: You know what? I just got a great idea and I'm hoping you can do something for me. I need your help with something.

Leah: What? What is it?!

Misty: Well, a little later during the show, I need to go out to the ring and make a little statement, and I'd like you to help me issue it. Would you like that?

Leah looks up at her mother, overjoyed and excited. She smiles in delight and looks back to Misty, quickly nodding her head.

Leah: Yeah! I want to!

Misty: Okay then we have ourselves a deal. As long as your mommy doesn't have a problem?

Misty and Leah both look up to her mother. Her mother nods, equally as delighted as her daughter.

Mother: Of course it's okay with me. This is your day, Leah. You make the best of it and have fun out there.

Leah squeals excitedly before wrapping her little arms around Misty in a hug. Misty returns the embrace, gently squeezing the little girl, before she lets go. Misty then walks back around the table, and rummages through some things, looking for more gifts and merchandise she can give to her new little friend.

We go back to the ring where ring announcer Justin Decent is standing in the center. He has the microphone firmly placed in the center of his chest. Slowly he raises the microphone up towards his mouth, and begins to speak.

Justin Decent:The following contest is Bombshell tag team action and is scheduled for one fall!

?Amazing? by Hi Fashion hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena. The fans boo loudly as the camera pans over to the stage. Veronica Taylor and Liz Smalls emerge from behind the curtains with arrogant smirks on their faces. Angelica follows closely behind. As the fans boo them, Veronica yells at them to shut up before striking a series of arrogant model poses with Liz doing the same. This brings in some cat calls from the men but mostly loud boos.

Justin Decent: Introducing team number one, being accompanied to the ring by Holly Wood. They weigh in at a total combined weight of two hundred and fifty one pounds. They are members of the Mean Girls, Liz Smalls and Veronica Taylor!

Once they finish their poses, they keep walking the run way strut down to the ring stopping in front of the steps, and again they taunt the fans and show off with some poses. Veronica is showing off her sizzling ring attire and entrance jacket as Liz pulls her hood back, before climbing the ring stairs and stands on the ring side doing more arrogant model poses. Liz enters the ring as Veronica whips off her boots and then orders the ref to hold the ring rope down which he does. She then enters the ring walking around with her hands in the air posing some more yelling at the fans to shut their disgusting mouths and take a look at true beauty and class. Liz smiles as she waves at the fans, bringing in more boos as she waves her hand in front of her nose. As they wait for their opponents, Veronica takes off her necklace and places it in the corner she then stands by it leaning on the rope as the music cuts off and they discuss strategy.

"Red Lipstick" begins playing as the lights lower on the stage. White lights strobe as Torielle shoves her way through the curtains. She takes a few steps out to the cheering fans, throwing a fist in the air. She looks back to see no one following her so she stomps over to the curtains and shouts pointing. Just then Chanelle Martinez comes out facing backward letting her "Azz" enter first.

Justin Decent: Introducing their opponents, they hail from Queens, New York. They weigh in at two hundred and seventy five pounds. They are the team of Torielle Jackson and Chanelle Martinez? Azz N Class!

The cheers get louder as the two argue back and forth. Chanelle puts a hand in Torielle's face much to her displeasure and they walk down to the ring. They crawl onto the apron and look at each other, kissing their cheeks before bending to get in the ring. They pause for a second shaking their moneymakers to the music before getting inside of the ring crossing turnbuckles to blow kisses to the fans.


Official Jacob Summers calls for the bell. Both teams stand across from the other in the ring. It seems like no member openly wants to leave the ring. Torielle and Chanelle take steps forward towards the center of the ring. They inch closer to Liz and Veronica, as Liz quickly backs away to the turnbuckle. She exits the ring leaving Veronica in by herself. Jacob quickly backs the members of ?Azz n Class? away from Veronica urging one of them to exit the ring. Complying with his demands, Torielle exits the ring leaving Chanelle by her lonesome. Veronica takes a few steps forward towards Chanelle, and her opponent does the same. Once they meet in the center, Chanelle quickly lunges forward at Taylor and the two lock up. The fans begin to cheer as Chanelle is clearly getting the better of the hold. She maneuvers herself and pushes Veronica down holding her head under her right arm in a headlock. The screams of Veronica can be heard through the arena.

Simone: Is she seriously screaming head off because of a headlock? What in the hell is wrong with these Mean Girls?

Adams: It may be a basic hold, but it doesn?t mean it hurts any less. I?m sure that Chanelle is putting a lot of pressure on Veronica?s head right now.

Simone: Maybe she?ll squeeze some sense into her.

Veronica quickly begins to elbow Martinez in the gut. After about four big shots to the gut, she is able to push herself out of the hold with enough force to send Chanelle running towards the ropes. As she rebounds off of them, she runs back towards Veronica. As she makes it close enough, Veronica quickly extends her right arm out knocking Chanelle down to the mat with a clothesline. Chanelle lands flat on her back and hits her head on the mat. Immediately, she places her hands behind her head as the fans begin to boo Veronica having the upper hand in the match. As the fans boo, Veronica gives them a big smirk. She bends down and grabs a handful of Chanelle?s black hair and begins to pull. Martinez screams as she is being dragged across the ring into Mean Girl territory. Taylor pulls Chanelle up to her feet and untangles her hands from her hair. She quickly pushes Chanelle into the turnbuckle as she reaches her hand over and tags in Liz Smalls.

Simone: Oh great, here comes Liz Smalls.

Adams: This is Liz?s first time in this match? hashtag Liz Smalls fact.

Simone: Would you please stop with that?

Liz quickly enters the ring as Veronica holds Chanelle back against the turnbuckle. Smalls quickly picks up her right leg and forcefully drives her foot into the gut of her opponent. Veronica lets go of Chanelle as she exits the ring. Liz quickly grabs a handful of Chanelle?s hair and steps forward flipping Chanelle down to the mat with a hair-mare. As Martinez lands on her bum, Liz quickly follows up behind her, she gets onto her knees and places her arms around her neck for a rear naked choke. As fans boo, Liz continues to hold Chanelle in the submission. As Torielle starts to clap her hands and stomp her feet on the mat, the fans do the same. The solidarity shown for Chanelle begins to encourage her as she starts to fight back at Liz. She slowly starts to muster up the strength to begin to get up to her feet. As she slowly makes her way up, Liz follows. Once both women have made it back up to their feet, Liz quickly releases the hold and take hold of Chanelle?s hair. She pulls it taking Martinez down to the mat. The fans again begin to boo smalls as she continues her attack.

Simone: Seriously, can Liz go one match without these stupid dirty tactics?

Adams: Hey, maybe she was trying to pull some lent out of Chanelle?s hair. I don?t think that she would do something like that on purpose? hashtag Liz Smalls fact.

Simone: Jesus Jason, stop it!

As Martinez lays on the ground, Liz backs away from Chanelle. Once Chanelle starts to make it back up to her feet, Liz backs up into the ring ropes. Once Martinez is fully up to her feet, Liz runs towards her and throws her body towards Chanelle. Outsmarting her, Chanelle throws herself down to the mat causing Liz to miss her attempt at a running crossbody. Liz falls down to the mat and holds onto her stomach. She begins to moan loudly as if she had hurt herself. Chanelle makes her way back up to her feet and walks towards the downed Liz Smalls. Realizing what was about to happen, Liz quickly rolls a bit to the point in which she falls out of the ring. The fans boo as Liz quickly begins to crawl to the other side of the ring. As Chanelle looks at her crawling outside, Liz quickly stands up to her feet and slides into the ring. As she stands up from the mat, she quickly taps the shoulder of Veronica Taylor.

Simone: Look at the cowardice shown by Liz, she couldn?t handle the heat!

Adams: Maybe she had enough, it was time for Veronica to come into the match anyway.

Simone: I?m sure you?d think that, but why tag her like that.

Adams: I don?t think that Liz wants to have hand to hand contact, like Howie Mandel? hashtag Liz Smalls fact.

As Veronica looks visibly shocked by what Liz had did, Smalls dips under the ropes at the same moment that Chanelle walks over. As two of the members of the Mean Girls look at each other, Chanelle reaches over and grabs a handful of both women?s hair. As the fans cheer, Chanelle pulls the two?s heads together causing a meeting of the minds. Liz falls to the ring apron and then down to the floor. Veronica stays standing leaning against the turnbuckle. Chanelle takes advantage, she grabs more of Veronica?s hair and yanks her up. She grabs under Veronica?s right arm and throws her into the ring. Veronica is quickly up to her feet and is rocked by a beautifully executed clothesline at the hands of Chanelle. After falling to the mat from the clothesline, Veronica is trying to get back to her feet. Before she can get up on her own, Chanelle grabs a hold to her right hand. She pulls Veronica to her feet, then throws her across the ring to the corner of Azz N Class.

Adams: I think that Veronica is definitely in the wrong corner.

Simone: Maybe it?s time that we see the other member of Azz N Class coming in.

As Taylor hits the corner, she rests upon it. Chanelle quickly runs across the ring and jumps up into the air and lands against Taylor. After the splash, Veronica falls down to the mat. Chanelle quickly reaches over and tags in her partner Torielle Jackson. The fans erupt as Torielle is tagged into the match for the first time. Torielle quickly gets into the ring through the middle and top ropes. As she stands in the ring, she looks down at Veronica Taylor who is starting to get back up to her feet. Once Taylor makes it up to her feet, she turns around to see Jackson standing there. Before she can run to her corner, Torielle grabs her by her hair and throws her into the corner of Azz N Class. She then walks over and grabs onto the left hand of Taylor with her left. She uses her strength to pull Veronica out of the corner and knock her in the neck with a short arm clothesline. Veronica falls back first onto the mat as Torielle quickly follows and goes for the cover.



Simone: Only a two there. Torielle isn?t playing any games here.

Adams: I don?t think she ever does, I?m very very scared of this woman.

Simone: I?m sure that Liz Smalls is too.

Veronica forces her right shoulder up from the mat. Torielle looks up at Jacob Summers for a second before popping back up to her feet. She takes her time to bend over and grab on the left arm of Veronica Taylor. She begins to pull up on the Mean Girls member in an attempt to get her up to her feet. Suddenly, Veronica lifts her left leg up and knocks Torielle in the face with her knee. The shot causes Jackson to let go of Taylor and fall to the mat. Taylor pops up with a look of confidence on her face as the fans begin to boo. She walks over to Torielle and grabs two big handfuls of her hair. She pulls on it causing Torielle to stand up from the mat. Once standing, Veronica kicks Jackson in the gut causing her to bend over. Using force, Veronica flings Torielle by the hair causing her to lift from the mat. She lets go of Torielle?s hair causing her to hit her face on the mat from a vicious hair beel.

Simone: Leave it to a Mean Girl to pull hair in a wrestling match.

Adams: It may not be a liked tactic, but it?s not exactly illegal though.

Torielle holds her face with her right hand as Veronica stays on the offensive. Veronica goes over to Torielle and begins to stomp her on her back. The vicious boots cause the fans to begin to boo once again. Taylor shows no signs of stopping as Jacob intervenes. He pushes Veronica away and begins to admonish her. Suddenly, Liz Smalls enters the ring. She quickly goes over to the downed Torielle and begins to yank her by the hair. Torielle begins to scream as Liz sends her head flying back and forth. After a few seconds she viciously throws her head down to the mat. Liz quickly slides under the bottom rope as Jacob lets Veronica go. Veronica quickly walks over to Torielle and pulls her up off of the mat. She grabs onto Jackson?s right arm and tosses her into the corner of the Mean Girls. As Torielle rests her back on the turnbuckle, Veronica tags in a fresh Liz Smalls. Liz enters the ring as both women grab onto an arm of Torielle. They walk her out of the corner and bend her over. The fans boos become louder as Both women place their respective right and left arms over the head of Torielle. Both members of the Mean Girls then place Torielle?s arms over their heads and lift her up. As the two go to drop back with the double suplex attempt, Torielle begins to fight out of it. After a moment of struggling in the air, Torielle falls back down to the mat causing both members of the Mean Girls to get implanted with a vicious double DDT!

Simone: What a beautiful DDT by Torielle!

Adams: I?m sure that?s going to hurt in the morning?

Simone: Let me guess, hashtag Liz Smalls fact?

Adams: No, but looked at you? even you?re saying it!

As all three women lay on the mat, the fans start to cheer. Suddenly, Torielle begins to move as she starts the crawl across the ring to her partner who is anxiously waiting for the tag. As Jackson makes it halfway across the ring, Liz makes her way to her feet. She runs across the ring and takes hold the right foot of Torielle. Torielle flips onto her back and uses her left leg to kick Liz in the gut. The force from the kick sends Liz flying across the ring. Torielle quickly springs up and tags in her partner!

Adams: Oh my? here comes the azz!

Simone: Well, that azz is about to beat the hell out of some Mean Girls!

Chanelle slips into the ring and quickly charges at Liz Smalls. She jumps on top of Liz with a beautiful Lou Thez Press. As she lands on her knees, she begins to lay down punches onto the face of Liz Smalls. As Chanelle viciously attacks Liz, Veronica quickly goes to them and pulls on Chanelle?s hair. The fans boo as Veronica forcefully pulls Chanelle off of her partner. As Chanelle hits the mat, out of nowhere Torielle comes into the ring. She runs towards Taylor and takes her down with a forceful spear. Both of the illegal participants in the match continue to brawl with each other until they both fall out of the ring. Chanelle stands up from the mat and takes hold to Liz?s trunks.

Simone: Chanelle is truly on fire here!

Adams: This doesn?t bode well for Liz? hashtag Liz Smalls fact.

Simone: Now that?s a fact I can get behind.

Martinez then reaches over and grabs Liz by the hair and begins to pull her up from the mat. As the fans continue to cheer for Chanelle, she whips Liz into the turnbuckle. Following behind her closely, she climbs up to the second rung of the turnbuckle. She then takes her tie and begins to hit Liz in the face with big punches. The fans begin to count along with each punch. ?Three? Four? Five? Six? Se??

Simone: That?s how you pound a Mean Girl!

Adams: Hey, that?s gonna leave a bruise on the cover girl?s face!

Simone: No one is going to buy her magazine?s anyway!

Suddenly Liz reaches under her Chanelle and takes a handful of her pants. She tugs down causing Martinez to hit her head on the mat from a powerbomb like move. Liz falls on top of her and Summer?s goes down for the count. 1?

Liz quickly places her feet on the middle rope to gain leverage.




Simone: You?ve got to be kidding me!

Adams: Hashtag Liz Smalls wins! Hashtag Liz Smalls wins! Hashtag?

Simone: Oh my God, shut up!

The sounds of Hi Fashion fills the arena as Liz Smalls quickly drops her legs off of the rope and slides out of the ring. As she falls down to the floor of the casino, she crawls towards Veronica and Holly Wood. As all three slowly make their way towards the entrance way, the voice of Justin Decent is heard.

Justin Decent: Here are your winners, Veronica Taylor and Liz Smalls? the Mean Girls!

Holly Wood raises the hands of both Liz and Veronica as the scene fades out.

As the sound of the slot machines get fainter and fainter, Sean Jackson finds himself walking with a purpose. He couldn?t believe how idiotic those people were, coming to the Gold Coast Casino, spending their hard earned money in hopes of striking it rich. But not only that, but to bring their leech of society, snot nosed kids for sympathy no less. Yes, the very people that the Mental Rapist despised the most.

Jackson: Idiots, each and every one of them. Nothing more than food stamp card carrying, welfare recipient leeches who deserve everything they get.

But as he prepares to round the corner, Sean hears a different kind of noise. This time it is the chatter of people, most notably younger kids.

Jackson: Oh great, here we?

As he is speaking, mainly to himself. The kids all turn around to see the Sin City star mere feet away from them.

1st Kid: Hey, it?s Sean Jackson.

Some of the kids cheer, just because it?s a wrestler. To them, it doesn?t matter whether he?s a heel or a face, just that they are getting to be a part of something special. These kids, some are leukemia patients, others are fighting everything from cancer to the worst kind of childhood diseases. But for some reason, that doesn?t seem to matter to him.

Jackson: Oh great. More leeches.

2nd Kid: ?Sir, can we have?

Jackson: ?My blood? not hardly. Why don?t you little money suckers go some place else and leave us important people alone.

As the little kids hang their heads, a savior to the masses is on the way. As soon as he too, rounds the corner, their night is about to be made.

3rd Kid: Hey, it?s Drake Green!!!

Just the mention of Drake?s name causes a lump in Sean?s throat. His stomach begins to tie in knots, for just being in the same state makes him want to hurl. The whole goody two shoes bit, the whole kids cheering in the stands crap. It literally made Sean Jackson physically ill. So imagine his surprise to turn around and see Mr. Showtime standing behind him.

Jackson: Terrific, just when you think a night can?t get any worse.

Drake merely smiles and shrugs his shoulders. He doesn?t know that just seconds before, Sean was insulting these kids before him, special guests of Sin City Wrestling.

Jackson: There you are leeches, a real fake to harass, a real fraud to beg money from. I bet he?ll even give you that cheap ass watch on his wrist

Drake: Really Sean? You?ve lowered yourself to insulting children now?

Jackson: Oh sure, defend the little rats. How noble of Sin City?s resident fraud. To defend a bunch of know nothing kids who don?t know any better.

Drake: Yes, that?s exactly what I would do. Innocent kids don?t deserve to be brought down to your level, Sean. I thought even you would see that.

Jackson: (dryly) Please, give me a break. Brought down to my level? you mean they wish?.

Jackson uses his hand to motion their head level, to his.

Jackson: They could come up to my level. Face it Drake, they?re just as much losers as you?ll be?.

Drake shakes his head.

Drake: You really are something else Sean. You can?t just let it go can you? So what, I win or lose tonight, I?m still better than you.

Sean?s eyes squint together tightly. Oh yes, Drake Green can always manage to get under his skin.

Jackson: Better than me? better than me?

He looks down at the kids, with contempt.

Jackson: Oh that?s right, you must keep up the appearance for the spoiled brats. These leeches on society that get everything they want, just because of their woe is me garbage. How about letting them earn something on their own, instead of handing them every damn thing.

Drake: Listen to yourself. You?re pathetic. These kids right here are the reason I do what I do at the level that I do it. It?s all for them, man. When did you lose sight of that? When did you become such a whiny, pathetic excuse for a man?

Jackson: Pathetic? pathetic? Just who in the hell do you think you are to call ME pathetic? I?ve had to practically earn everything that I?ve gotten in this business. But let me ask you Drake. Where were these bright little kids that you?re so proud of when a man by the name of Jason Jousma injured me in May of 2010? where were these little snot nosed runts when I was out of this business for two years? That?s right, they were in some liberal to do shack shop like Make A Wish, sucking up my tax dollars whether I was working or not. But yet, YOU want to call ME pathetic? As far as I?m concerned, you and them can kiss my?.

Drake: That?s enough. No one came running to you when you were out of the game because of the way that you are. Remember that Sean, there comes a time when you?re gonna have to look in the mirror and pay the piper. No one cares about you because you don?t care about anyone else and you make damn sure that everyone around you knows about it. You want to be a miserable bastard? Fine, go ahead, but I?ll be damned if I?m gonna let you make these sick kids feel bad about wanting to feel good for just a few hours. Shame on you Sean Jackson, shame on you.

Jackson: Shame on me? no Drake, shame on you. You see Drake, I?m a member of Hot Stuff International, and I don?t need anyone. Back in 2010, I wasn?t anything like what I am now. Which is why I didn?t accomplish crap. But now, now I?m on top of the world. I can have the SCW Heavyweight title any time that I want, and maybe, just maybe I?ll pay extra close attention to your title match tonight.

Sean looks down at the kids.

Jackson: Hey, you want to see Drake Green become the champion tonight?

The kids all nod their heads in approval.

Jackson: Aww, that?s too bad. Because I hear he isn?t going to win squat tonight. Isn?t that right Drake?

Without waiting for an answer, Sean pushes his way passed and enters into the center housing Into The Void 3 pay per view. Drake stares at Sean as he walks away with a look of disgust before turning to some of the kids and signing autographs.

The scene opens up backstage at Into the Void III where we see Jessie stretching about ready for her tag team match against Mercedes and Traci which will be taking place later tonight.

Simone: Amy and Jessie haven?t been teaming up for very long but you wouldn?t know it based on their teamwork.

Adams: It?s like their slogan says, when Metal and Punk Collide they are the only ones left standing!

Jessie stops stretching when she sees her fianc? and Jake approach her and she shares a quick kiss with Shane before turning to Jake.

Jessie: So?.is she here?

Jake: She just arrived with her parents she wouldn?t miss this for the world.

Shane: Come on babe, you said you wanted to meet her in the parking lot.

Jessie nods before following her male companions to the Gold Coast Casino?s parking lot, she waits outside the door whilst Shane and Jake enter the parking lot.

Simone: Wonder who she?s talking about?

Adams: I don?t know, maybe it?s a family member or? that the guy who was featured in her first promo?

Jessie grins recognizing the man as Hannah?s dad accompanied by a woman who is presumably his wife and her grin grows wider when she sees the girl herself.

Hannah: Jessie, I am so happy!

The mechanical voice from Hannah?s speech machine rings out as she runs up to the metalhead Bombshell, Jessie hugs her and we can see the others wiping their eyes.

Jessie: Come on, you didn?t think I?d let you miss this would you?

Jessie asks as she stands up, we can now see that Hannah and her parents are wearing backstage passes around their necks.

Jessie: Come on, why don?t I introduce you to the other NXT members?

Hannah: I?d love that!

Hannah responded as the six of them enter the building.

Adams: I??I think I have something in my eye.

Simone: Yeah tears don?t worry, I feel the same.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the SCW Roulette Championship.

Crowd: POP!

Justin: Justin: Introducing first, the challenger?

The opening rift to Busta Rhyme and Ozzy Osbournes? "This Means War!!" start to blast through the speakers, as red and yellow lights start to flash, the yellow cutting through the red to create a orange effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Just make sure them, them drums is smackin?


This, means, WAR!!"

Andrew appears at the top of the ramp, with his manager, Casey Williams behind him, the duo looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

Justin: Justin: From Oakland, California?Andrew Gaaaarciiiia!!!

"Take a look inside You can run and you can hide If you cross my path I'll make sure you feel my wrath Give and you receive Cherish every breath you breathe Scriptures on the wall Those who betray all must fall"

Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Honorable Warrior starts to walk towards the ring slowly with Casey following in tow, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Andrew shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, staring around at the booing fans as Casey climbs over the top rope. Andrew raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Justin: Justin: And his opponent?

The lights go black, completely black in the stadium ready for this big match up. The fans as quite as they hear the air move around them and people with their nosebleeds. The lighting begins to change as the song begins to play showing a video as lights begin to change to blue lighting as the song begins to come over the PA System where also Equinox's laugh can be heard loudly.

Fog begins to appear as a man slowly emerges shrouded by a black and white umbrella twirling about, as he twirls it away from his body and onto his left shoulder revealing his new black slacks and shirt to go with a silver tie and his signature black coat and a mask upon his face where several dreadlocks are formed. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces this unknown figure.

Justin: Justin: From St. Louis, Missouri? he is the reining and defending SCW Roulette Champion?.the Enigmatic?.EQUINOOOOOOOOX!!!!

Equinox slowly folds in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella. He hopped down and landed in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeds to slap the steel steps before pulling up to the ring apron and cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused.

Once he is in the ring he begins to unbutton his jacket revealing his new shirt which can be found on several exclusive promotions as he lets out a bloody scream. He hands his Roulette title to Jasmine St. John as we get set for the spin of the Roulette wheel.

Justin: In accordance with SCW Roulette division rules, I will now spin the roulette wheel to determine tonight?s stipulation.

Justin spins the wheel as both Max and Steve pay close attention to where it lands. It slows down, clicks a few times, and finally stops.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight in Las Vegas, the SCW Roulette Championship will be defended? a Ladder Match!

Crowd: POP!

Adams: Did you hear that reaction from this sold out crowd?

Simone: I sure did, Jason. The Gold Coast crowd is out of their seats with anticipation as the Roulette title is being hung high above the six-sided ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Garcia and Equinox go right after each other with Garcia winning the initial battle, wrapping up Equinox?s head in a side headlock. He tightens his hold before Equinox pushes him off. Garcia bounces off the ropes and charges towards the champion who drops to the mat, allowing Garcia to hop over him as he runs by. Again Garcia bounces off the ropes and when he comes back, the Enigmatic one does a split high in the air as Garcia runs by again. A third time Andrew comes bouncing off of the ropes and this time Equinox executes a beautifully perfect spinning heel kick, knocking the Oakland native down to the canvas.

Adams: What a picture perfect heel kick by the Champion

Equinox kicks up to his feet and immediately turns his attention back towards Garcia who is starting to get to his knees. He lands two back to back kicks across the chest of the kneeled Garcia before bouncing himself off of the ropes and flying in with a dropkick right to the face of the former Champion.

Crowd: POP!

Equinox gets to his feet and acknowledges his ?Jokers? in the crowd before going to work on Garcia. He lands several hard shots across the face of Andrew before picking him and hitting a snap suplex. He then slides out of the ring, dragging Garcia toward the apron, and drops an elbow on Andrew?s throat. He backs up a few feet and then dives in with a boot to the side of his opponent?s skull.

Simone: The Champion is looking over aggressive tonight.

Adams: He looks like a man possessed, Belinda.

With Garcia reeling, Equinox pulls the first ladder of the evening out from underneath the ring. He picks it up and with a devilish grin, slams the top of it in to Andrew?s skull for good measure. He then slides the ladder under the bottom rope and climbs up to the apron. He sneaks in between the ropes and goes straight ahead to setting up the ladder. Garcia starts to come to just as Equinox gets the ladder all set and begins to climb. Andrew runs over and pulls Equinox down off the third rung and the two begin to trade heavy blows.

Simone: Finally Andrew Garcia is starting to show some fight in him.

Equinox goes to whip Andrew in to the corner but Garcia counter, sending the Roulette Champion face first in to the ladder. As Equniox bounces off, Garcia grabs him and lifts him powerfully up and over his head with a nasty looking German suplex. Garcia jumps to his feet and waits for Equinox to start to show some signs of life. As he starts to get up....


Garcia kicks Equinox straight in the face and the reigning Champion falls face first in to the canvas. Andrew, seizing his opportunity, grabs the ladder and positions it under the hanging Roulette title. He slowly starts to climb as Equinox tries to get to his feet. Garcia gets about half way up the ladder when the Champion interferes. Launching out of nowhere, presumably off a top rope or a springboard, Equinox flies in and dropkicks the knee of Andrew, who in turn falls off the ladder and knocks the ladder over on to it?s side, resting on the rope, in the process.

Adams: Where did he come from?

Simone: I have no idea, Jason. That was some crazy ****.

Both men get to their feet at the same time, although Garcia hobbles a bit and seems to have hurt his knee. The two trade blows but Equinox quickly gets the upper hand. He grabs Garcia and whips him in to the ropes and quickly flies in with a hard hitting clothesline that sends Andrew toppling over the ropes and down to ringside. The crowd gets behind Equinox as he calls out to them. He waits patiently for Garcia to get to his feet and when he does, Equinox runs towards the ropes at full speed.

Adams: Holy?

Equinox springboards up high in to the air and flips over graciously. He comes crashing down right on the face of Garcia, landing a picture perfect Swanton to standing Andrew.

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Equinox jumps to his feet and throws his hands in the air as the ?Jokers? in the crowd shower him with their praise. He grabs Garcia and picks him before slapping him hard with a chop across the chest. He slams Andrew?s face on the apron before throwing him under the rope and back in to the ring. Equinox climbs up to the top turnbuckle and waits perched, as Andrew stands up the Champion launches in a high cross body but Andrew catches him mid air. Equinox shakes his head out of fear but Garcia quickly drops him in a front backbreaker and then tosses him aside like a ragdoll.

Simone: Pound for pound, the strongest man in SCW.

As Equinox lays on the mat, Andrew stomps on him repeatedly. He picks him up and then drops him with a scoop slam. He walks over to the ladder and sets it upright in the center of the ring and begins to climb. He gets about three quarters of the way up and turns around to face Equinox who is just starting to get to his feet. As Equinox gets up and turns to face the ladder, Andrew launches at him off of the ladder and nails him right in the face with a double axe handle smash. Starting to gain some serious confidence, Andrew peels Equinox up off of the mat. He shoves his head in between his legs and sets him up in powerbomb position.

Simone: What?s he going to do now?

Adams: I don?t know but it can?t be good for the Roulette Champ.

Andrew lifts Equniox up in to the air and holds up on his shoulders for a moment. He takes a step toward the corner and then starts to run, thrusting Equinox forward in to a nasty looking turnbuckle powerbomb. He immediately runs in with a corner splash and Equinox is hurt. Andrew simply laughs in his face. He takes his right hand and shoves him on the very front of his mask and Equinox, who is out on his feet, falls right to the canvas. Garcia turns around and raises his arms up in victory to thunderous boos. He sets the ladder up again and begins to climb up.

Simone: This could be the opening that Andrew Garcia needed.

Andrew begins his ascent up the ladder with Equinox still out on the canvas. He takes his time, feeling as though he?s already won, with a smile on his face and laughing at the crowd. He gets near the top of the ladder and grabs for the title but he isn?t quite there. He takes another step and just as he can reach the title a loud pop comes from the audience.

Adams: Equinox is pulling the ladder out from underneath Garcia!

Equinox completely pulls the ladder out from underneath Garcia, throwing it down on top of the ropes again but it?s too late. Garcia is hanging in mid-air, clutched to the Roulette title belt. Garcia desperately tries to pull himself up a bit, just far enough to unhook the belt, but he can?t quite there.

Adams: We?re gonna have a new champion!

Simone: I?m not sure just yet, Jason.

Equinox runs over to where the fallen ladder is sitting on the top rope. He slides to the outside apron and then pulls himself up on top of the ladder.

Adams: What is this maniac doing?!

He launches himself and the ladder up by push off the top rope just far enough so he can lunge off the ladder and grab Andrew by the waist. Now both men are hanging above the ring, Andrew by the belt and Equinox by Garcia?s waist. As Andrew still tries to unhook the belt, Equinox starts to pull himself up on Andrew and the ?Jokers? in the crowd go nuts. He grabs Andrew by the shoulder and pulls himself up on to the Roulette title too.

Simone: Both men are now dangling from the Roulette title. This is pandemonium in the Gold Coast!

The two men start trading blows. One after another, thunderous hard right hands hit each man?s skull. After a minute, Garcia goes to land a wild haymaker and misses. Equinox capitalizes and lands a hard shot right to the throat of Andrew and Garcia drops ten plus feet to the canvas.

Simone: Garcia fell to the canvas! Equinox is hanging by the belt!

Equinox reaches up with his free hand and unhooks the belt, dropping to the canvas with the belt clutched in his arms.

Adams: He did it! He did it!

Justin: Your winner and STILL SCW Roulette Champion?..Equinoooooooooxxxx!!!!!

Fading backstage, the camera focuses in on the form of a jean clad woman. Blonde hair up in a pony tail as she walks down the hall. She seems to be looking for someone and stops at one of the dressing room doors. Turning you can see that it's Lexi Styles. There is a large pop from the crowd watching in the arena as she looks up at the door. There's some noise that startles her from knocking and she furrows her brow to look at the commotion. She then walks over to where a crate has fallen over to see the back of a smaller girl running away. Lexi takes off after her, grabbing her by the shoulder and spinning her around.

Lexi: Mind telling me why you were spying on me?

The woman looks up from a curtain of blond. Contessa rolls her eyes.

Tessa: I don't have to tell ye anything, sweets!

Lexi rolls her eyes this time.

Lexi: Look... I'm tired of all the bullshit that you and your fearless leader are pushing about. obviously she's sent you on this fools errand to track me down and find out what i"m doing back. You can go back to her and tell her that I'm not going to be leaving again anytime soon.

There are more massive pops from the crowd

Tessa: I don't really give a dogs bollock what ye do, luv.

Lexi looks at her a few moments when Tessa pulls at her shirt that Lexi still has a hold of.

Tessa: Mind lettin go of me shirt there princess...

Lexi: You know, you're a lot better than how they treat you. They don't respect you or give you any respect. I mean look, I'm not trying to play devils advocate here I'm just trying to do the right thing. They brought in Liz Smalls before they gave you any kind of recognition. Heck they even accepted that french photographer guy more than they did you. Don't you think you can do so much better than that? You're more than just some lap dog.

Tessa pulls her shirt away forcefully

Tessa: I don't need ya tellin me anything. What are ye some super hero like yer friend? Trying to save the helpless or some shite?

Lexi shakes her head.

Lexi: No. I'm not Roxi. I don't go looking for trouble, I just see a vulnerable young girl that's getting taken advantage of. Something I"m all too familiar with.

Tessa: Oh right cuz ye were... ummm?

She stops, her face going a little red and then she looks away. Lexi is used to people feeling awkward about her past.

Lexi: Don't worry Tessa, You won't offend me. It's part of who I am, who I was. I have taken what life has given me and just gotten stronger from it, as I think you can too. I see so much potential just being wasted.

Tessa: Piss off. I don't need yer little goodie two-shoes charity, I ain't one of these make a wish kids

Lexi: You can view it any way you want but just know I am being completely genuine.

Lexi sees a clipboard hanging off a wall. she grabs it, tears off a strip of paper from the bottom and uses the attached pen to write something down. She then folds it. Grabbing Tessa's hand she puts the paper in the open palm and closes it. Looking up she gives her a genuine smile.

Lexi: if you ever need someone to talk to, you call me. I mean it. I don't think you're like them at all Tessa. You're so much more and better. I can wait until you see reason. In the mean time, take care of yourself hun.

Lexi pats her closed hand and walks away. Tessa looks up and watches, an unreadable expression on her face. the camera happens to catch the name on the door as Lexi passes and it reads, "Vixen"

v/o: "Las Vegas, can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?"

Belinda Simone lets out a deep sigh as Jason Adams tosses his pencil in the air. Every time Sean Jackson comes to the ring, he does something to get perverted with Belinda.

Simone: "If he comes over here tonight, he'll get an unhealthy dose of mace, guaranteed."

The lights in the gym shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

Adams: "Straight for the eyes, spray straight for the eyes."

A hush falls over the center as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the arena. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out throughout the building...

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

The Mental Rapist

Through the crimson mist, the fans can see two people making their way onto the entrance ramp. The center erupts into boos as well as cheers as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and the evil jezebeth Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Sean is completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

His face remains stoic as only God knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese darkling at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark Vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavage while Jackson is dressed in a black shirt with the HSI logo on the front. He is also wearing black trunks with gold colored material which is outlined in blood red you see "HSI".<./font>

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena.

He is then handed a house mic, which he slowly raises to his mouth.

Jackson: "When you're a professional wrestler like me, the risks are minimal. When you're a professional wrestler of my caliber, and you step between these ropes, awesome things happen, it's just a fact of life. It's also a fact of life that when you get a group of pill pushers and prostitutes in the same room...."

Sean begins to point towards the fans at ringside.

Jackson: "Much like what I see here tonight...."


Jackson: "Come on now, don't be like that. Especially since I'm the only one here with the courage to tell you people the truth."

Sean points specifically towards one woman about two rows deep. She has a male companion and two kids sitting with her.

Jackson: "Especially you. No, no. Don't shake your head like you don't know what I'm talking about. I clearly saw you standing on a street corner prostituting as I arrived here earlier."

The man takes offense, but keeps his seat.

Jackson: "Hey don't start dude. Instead of pimping her on the corner, why not go and get a real job yourself?"

The man goes to argue back, but can't be heard clearly. Sean then turns his attention to other things.

Jackson: "But enough about the whore, the pimp, and the bastard kids. Right now I want to address the real reason you people are here, and in this building."

Sean begins to pace.

Jackson: "It's because you're all nothing more than food stamp carrying, welfare receiving, leeches on society. You come into places like this, hoping to strike it rich, while spending other people's money."

More boos

Jackson: "Sure, you boo me because you can't stomach the truth..."

Sean then points his venom towards a heavy set older male, four rows deep.

Jackson: "Which stuns the hell out of me because it's obvious that this man can stomach just about anything shoved into his mouth."

The man flips Sean off.

Jackson: "In your dreams fatso. Maybe Jamie Dean will oblige you..."

Without missing a beat, Sean zooms right on course with his nemesis for tonight.

Jackson: "But not me, because I've got standards."

Sean stops pacing, his eyes focused squarely on the backstage area.

Jackson: "Which is something that little ole Jamie doesn't seem to have. Isn't that right Jamie?"

Sean smiles as he goes back to pacing back and forth in front of the evil Jezebeth Vanessa.

Jackson: "I've heard the stories. That there was nothing too gross, nothing too dirty for the likes of the human toothpick named Jamie Dean."

Inhale. exhale

Jackson: "I also heard that you didn't have very many female co-stars. Is that true Jamie?"

Sean flips his hand side to side, several times in an obvious gesture towards Jamie's sexuality. Which rubs the wrestling fans inside of the complex the wrong way.

Jackson: "But I guess that means Katherine won't have much to worry about. Maybe that means daddy won't have to worry about his little girl playing hide the salami with the porn star, or hiding much of anything else with Jamie Dean...."

More boos

Jackson: "Oh give me a break, really people? You're going to boo me for telling the truth? Oh that's right, you people aren't too keen on hearing the truth. You would much rather live your lives in a fantasy world, cracked out on powder cocaine, and riding unicorns over make believe rainbows."

Yep, more boos

Jackson: "Instead of living in the real world like me, you want to follow frauds in make believe land. You want to follow the known liars such as Simon Jones, Drake Green, and Jamie Dean. Instead of being a real life winner like me, you losers choose to follow adult film stars like Jamie Dean who want to corrupt your children. Who want to lead your daughters to an industry that destroys self esteem, rather than building it up."

He then turns his attention to Katherine Kensington, Jamie Dean's tag team partner.

Jackson: "Katherine, you KNOW daddy isn't going to approve. You KNOW daddy isn't going to be happy with you rubbing elbows with the scourge of the earth, especially here in a place called the Gold Coast Casino."

Sean fakes concern.

Jackson: "Mr. Kensington, I know how shocked you must be. Knowing that later on tonight, your sweet little girl is going to be stepping into this ring, with a piece of crap like Jamie Dean..."

kid's voice: "Hey, leave them alone!!!"

Sean is surprised as the little girl's voice echoes over the loud speakers. As he looks around, he finally sees an eight year old girl standing next to one of the VIP reps for the Gold Coast Casino. The little girl, named April is an avid wrestling fan who has leukemia. Her favorite wrestlers are Simon Jones, Drake Green, and Vixen. When her parents heard about Make a Wish working with Sin City Wrestling, an idea was born.

Jackson: Whoa, whoa. Now what do we have here?"

Sean takes a couple of steps back as April and the VIP rep begin to make their way towards the ring.

April: "You leave them alone before I come in there and teach you a lesson."

Sean continues to step back towards the middle of the ring as April enters the ring along with one of the SCW security personnel. As April is now mere feet away from him, Sean drops to his knees in front of her.

Jackson: "Teach me a lesson? teach me a lesson? Little girl please. The only thing you could teach me is how to fake an illness..."

More boos

Jackson: "I heard your favorite wrestlers were those losers Simon Jones, Drake Green, and Vixen."

April: "That's right, they're my favorites."

Sean now begins to laugh.

Jackson: "That's about right, a little loser who follows bigger losers. What a concept? Well you know what? I've beaten up each and every one of them. Matter of fact, I'm the one who put your beloved Drake Green on the shelf. Did you know that?"

April shakes her head no

Jackson: "That's right, I've beaten Simon Jones. I've left Drake Green for dead, and more than a year ago I beat Vixen. So that means your heroes are all losers."

April: "No they're not, they're winners. Just like me."

Jackson: "What? just like you? who have you beaten?"

April: "Leukemia"

Jackson: "Leukemia? little girl you can't even beat m...."

As he's speaking, Sean gives April a slight little signal, the signal is for her to hit him. She obliges with a tiny punch to the chin of Sean Jackson who goes down like a shot. Immediately a ref slides into the ring as April goes for the cover.




Simone: "Oh my God!!!!...."

Adams: "She beat Sean Jackson!!!"

Simone: "She knocked him out with one punch!!!"

Vanessa takes offense and as she confronts little April, the girl shoves her down, further drawing cheers from the fans.

Adams: "And she just knocked Vanessa down."

Simone: "Way to go April, she just took down two SCW superstars in one night."

As April's hand is raised, everyone stands and applauds. Even Sean Jackson and Vanessa break character as they give the little girl a hug. He even motions for Marshall Owens, who was seated at ring side to bring something into the ring.

As soon as Marshall enters the ring, everyone recognizes the object as the NWA World Heavyweight Title belt. Marshall hands the belt over to Sean Jackson, who fastens the belt around the waist of little April. He then picks up the mic....

Jackson: "And the newwwwwwwwwww NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Aprilllllllllll"

Sean then lifts the little girl up and sets her down on his shoulder. As he parades around the ring, everyone continues clapping, as there's barely a dry eye in the building. After a few minutes of April getting her picture taken with the belt, Sean kneels down and removes her from his shoulder.

Jackson: "You're the greatest, champ. Now go beat that evil Leukemia the same way."

He then raises April's hand up high and with his free hand, points towards the belt.

The scene then shifts to Belinda Simone and Jason Adams.

The camera returns from the brief break to find referee Drew Patton inside of the six-sided ring alongside ring announcer Justin Decent.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championship!

The crowd cheers for some more championship action!

Justin: Introducing the challengers! At a total combined weight of 248 pounds, from Juneau, Alaska and Miami, Florida respectively, Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco ... THE METAL AND PUNK CONNECTION!

?Wolves of War? by Burn Halo starts to play and the lights dim down , the titantron shows footage of several mosh pits from both Punk and Metal shows intercut with footage of Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco wrestling before the two women make their way down to ringside, Jessie gets a running start before jumping into the ring and Amy follows her in as the two women wait for their opponents.

Adams: Boy! Amy and Jessie really look ready for this one, don't they?

Simone: They had certainly better. They're challenging the only two-time Bombshell Tag Champions in SCW history in Traci and Mercedes so that speaks volumes in itself. Jessie and Amy bested Marisol Hawkes and Tiami Tyler in a Number One Challengers match only recently so they earned this spot.

The camera focuses briefly on Amy and Jessie conferring in their corner, then showcases Justin once again.

Justin: Their opponents are the current reigning and defending SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions! At a total combined weight of 270 pounds, first to be accompanied by Katie Patterson, from Dallas, Texas ... TRACI Patterson!

Here Come The Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Traci and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Traci then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Traci. The pair then walk down to the ring and slap fans hands as they do this. Katie then gets up on the apron and holds the ropes open for Traci. Traci then slips in and walks over to the corner. She then poses on the turnbuckles while Katie claps her. Traci then gets down and opens the ropes for Katie to leave before focusing on the entrance of her tag team partner.

Justin: And her partner! From Buenos Aires, Argentina ... MERCEDES VARGAS!

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd. Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where Traci awaits.

Adams: Maybe it's just me but you'd think that as champs, they'd come to the ring together instead of making separate entrances.

Simone: I have to say I agree. It would definitely show more unity on the part of the champions, but the fact that they ARE the champions speaks for itself.

The champions hand their title belts over to Drew who walks them over to show them off to Amy and Jessie who rub them for good luck. Drew then holds the title belts up high for all corners to see, eliciting much fanfare.

Adams: I love championship matches!

Drew passes the gold out to Justin as Traci Patterson and Amy Marshall step out onto the apron in their respective corners. Drew then calls for the bell!


And immediately at the sound of the opening bell, Jessie Salco races across the ring and leaps, catching Vargas by surprise with a high cross body into the immediate cover!

Mercedes kicks out straight away!

Jessie grabs Mercedes and hauls her to her feet, firing her off into the ropes with an Irish whip and catching her with a dropkick!

Simone: Jessie is all over the tag champion!

Jessie pulls her opponent up a second time and sends her into the ropes again, going for a second dropkick, but Vargas holds onto the top rope, causing Jessie to crash to the canvas unceremoniously! Mercedes grabs two handfuls of Jessie's long tresses and she throws her the length of the ring, using only her hair as a handle!

Adams: Boy Mercedes Vargas isn't too shy about bending a few rules, is she?

Simone: Not when it means retaining her tag team title, it doesn't.

Mercedes continues to take it to Jessie, having gained the advantage over the challenger, connecting with an Irish whip into the ropes where she catches her with a discus clothesline, leveling Jessie! Salco goes down and Mercedes quickly covers her and hooks the leg!

Jessie kicks out!

Simone: Mercedes very wisely hooks the leg.

Adams: Yeah but it's still too early.

Mercedes takes quick advantage by bringing Jessie to her feet and hammering a fist into her head and sending her into the corner of the Tag Team Champions where she tags in Traci. Mercedes holds Jessie trapped in a front facelock as Traci sets foot inside of the ring. Drew Patton wards off an interfering Amy, allowing Traci to come off of the ropes and into Jessie with a spear! Traci goes for the cover as Mercedes ducks out. The official turns around and sees the pinfall being made,

2.....Jessie gets the shoulder up!

Adams: Traci's not as open to breaking the rules as her partner is.

Simone: That doesn't mean she's any less anxious about possibly losing the tag team titles either.

Traci brings Jessie up against the ropes and hammers two forearms into her sternum, then sends her into the ropes. Jessie rebounds off and Traci swings for a hard clothesline but Jessie ducks under the decapitating maneuver and comes rebounding off the far side. Traci scoops her up for a sidewalk slam but Jessie scissors her head and brings her over to the mat in a dazzling maneuver!

Adams: What a counter!

Simone: Jessie Salco is no fool. She's a seasoned wrestler and knows full well how to take advantage of a size disadvantage. She uses her leverage and down went the larger Traci Patterson.

Jessie grabs Traci by the foot and drags her over to her corner where she tags in Amy Marshall. Jessie and Amy send Traci into the ropes and land a double Flapjack, planting the tag team champion face-first into the canvas! Traci rolls over onto her back, but that is a bad decision as Jessie comes off the ropes with a lightning quick legdrop and then Amy hits a senton on her sternum!

Jessie heads out then as Amy takes over, grabbing an arm of Traci's, wringing it and jerking her into a short-arm clothesline, staggering the amazon. Amy doesn't end it there as she grabs her again and sets her up for another short-arm clothesline, but Traci ducks under the blow and swings herself, only to have Amy duck right into the move and bring her down hard with a leaping reverse STO! Amy rolls her over onto her back and hooks the leg.

Traci powers out!

Adams: The champions are having a bit of a rough start here. Do you think they took the Metal and Punk Connection lightly?

Simone: They had better not have. Not after seeing them emerge victorious over Tiami Tyler and Marisol Hawkes.

Amy grabs Traci into a standing side-headlock and runs up the corner, using it as a catapult for a swinging bulldog! Patterson is driven face-first but instead of going for an immediate cover, Amy opts instead to straddle her back, drape her arms over her knees and pull back into a camel clutch. She stretches the frame of the champion back as far as she can as Drew leans in close in case Traci wants to yield but Patterson shakes her head in a definitive 'no'.

Simone: You'd have to carry Traci Patterson from the ring before she'd ever submit her gold away to another woman.

Amy realizes that she will not make her tap out, so the hold is released and Amy adds insult to injury by slapping Traci upside of the head, taunting her.

Simone: Not sure if trying to piss the champions off is such a smart tactic.

Adams: Could throw them off their game plan.

Simone: It could also backfire and cost them the match.

Amy grabs her and sends her into the ropes and jumps for a cross body but Traci catches her in midair and powerslams her!

Adams: Now THAT was a counter!

Simone: Traci Patterson is definitely one of the most powerful female wrestlers in the entire sport!

Traci starts to crawl towards her corner, intending for the tag as Mercedes reaches out, extending her hand as far as she might! Jessie, however, races in and grabs Patterson by the feet and pulls her back and away.

Simone: Smart tactics on the part of the challengers. They have one of the champions weakened so they need to keep the fresh woman out of the ring.

Traci rolls over onto her back and uses her sheer power by throwing her legs forward, sending Jessie flying back into her own partner and sending the challengers sprawling to the mat! Traci staggers to her feet as Amy gets up and jumps at her, but Traci catches her in a foreman's carry and swings her around, using her as a bartering ram against her own partner! Traci then dumps Amy to the mat and finally manages to tag in Vargas!

Adams: Well so much for that strategy!

The fresh Vargas charges into the ring and lays out Amy with a running clothesline! With no mercy to the fallen Jessie Salco, Mercedes grabs her too and sends Jessie out through the ropes and right onto the carpeted floor!

Adams: Oh yeah! Mercedes has regained control of this for the champions!

Amy gets up onto her feet and Mercedes turns around, only to get nailed by a high leg lariat on the part of the Punk Princess! Amy grabs Mercedes and sends her into the ropes, courtesy of an Irish whip, but Mercedes jumps onto the middle rope and springboards back into a plancha dive onto Marshall, wiping her out! Vargas with the cover!

Amy gets her shoulder up!

Simone: What a comeback by the champions!

Adams: But Mercedes didn't hook the leg.

Simone: That's true. She may very well have brought this one to a close had she only hooked the leg.

Mercedes sends her into the ropes again but Amy comes charging off the far side, swinging wildly! Mercedes performs the Matrix Move, dodging the blow! Amy turns around and Vargas hits the Axe Kick, sending her to the canvas. Mercedes then grabs her by the arm and rolls her over with the La Magistral cradle!

3 - No! Amy kicks out!

Adams: Boy she had her tied up in a knot!

Simone: And almost put her away as a result!

Mercedes drags Amy up and tries to send her into the ropes, only to have Amy reverse it but Vargas comes off with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT!

Adams: Oh she just PLANTED her!

Mercedes makes the cover!

Amy gets a shoulder up!

Simone: VERY close!

Mercedes reaches over and tags Traci back into the match. The champions send Amy into the ropes and Vargas lands a boot to the mid-section, doubling her over. They then hook her up in position for a suplex and bring her over in a dual version!

Simone: The challengers were double teaming earlier, so what's good for the goose..

Adams: Usually makes for a fine Christmas dinner.

Simone: I really need to ask for that raise for putting up with this.

Mercedes rolls outside as Traci scoops Amy up onto her shoulder. Traci then gets a running start and nails a running powerslam!

Jessie runs in and dropkicks Traci in the head to break it up!

Mercedes tries to come in but now it's she who is blocked by Drew Patton as Jessie jumps out onto the apron and uses the top rope to catapult herself inside of the ring and collides with Traci with a springboard lariat! Jessie steps back out onto her corner just long enough for Amy to make the tag and Salco comes right back inside and grabs Traci and goes to send her into the near corner but Traci reverses it and Patterson jumps in, crushing her with an avalanche splash. Traci pulls her out and then displays her raw power by military pressing Jessie over her head but Jessie starts to struggle until Patterson loses her grip and Jessie slides down her back and catches her in a quick Crucifix roll up!

Traci kicks out!

Adams: Pretty slick counter there!

Simone: This match has been going back and forth since the opening bell.

Adams: hey hey hey!

Simone: I guess this means all bets are off in this one.

Jessie Salco grabs Traci from behind for a belly-to-back suplex...

Simone: I am not sure how wise this attempt is, given the size difference.

And Traci grabs Jessie's hands and literally tears her grip apart and then swings an elbow back into Salco's head, knocking her aside. Traci then hauls the 'Heavy Metal Maiden' up across her shoulder in an inverted body vice. Rather than attempt a submission, Traci begins to spin around and around in rapid circles until she lets go and Salco is flung and crashes hard onto the canvas! Traci covers her and hooks the near leg!


Amy runs in but Mercedes is waiting and she pounces on Marshall with a Thesz press!

Simone: All hell is breaking loose!

Mercedes has Amy pinned down to the mat and is pounding away on her with lefts and rights but Amy grabs her by both sides of the head and head butts her right between the eyes, knocking her loose! Amy then throws her over and pins her down and returns the favor by assaulting her with much of the same!

Adams: I love a good brawl between Bombshells! I hope Drew never breaks it up!

Traci and Jessie are on their feet, trading wild blows to each other's heads and bodies with he larger Traci gaining the upper hand! Mercedes and Amy roll about the mat until they fall to the floor under the bottom rope! Mercedes grabs her and goes to ram her head into the barricade but Amy blocks it and instead it's Vargas's head that greets the steel! Drew Patton is trying to separate them but to no avail as Amy pulls Mercedes away and goes for a whip into the steel steps and Mercedes crashes!

Adams: Did you hear that crash!

Inside of the ring, Traci has gained the upper hand against Jessie and drops her to her knees with a clubbing forearm across the back of her neck, then pulls her up and sends her reeling with a European uppercut. Amy slides inside of the ring as Traci goes for an Irish whip but Jessie reverses into the move and sweeps Patterson's legs out from under her, just as Amy strikes with a high kick!

Simone: They call that Violent Dawn!

Jessie covers Traci as Amy slides outside and grabs Mercedes, preventing her from breaking it up!


Adams: New champions! New champions!

The crowd cheers as Mercedes pounds the apron as Amy jumps into the ring and into Jessie's arms!

Justin: Here are your winners and NEW SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions ... THE METAL AND PUNK CONNECTION!!!

The crowd cheers as Drew presents the title belts to Jessie and Amy and raises their arms in victory as Traci rolls out to join her sister and Mercedes on the floor.

Simone: They did it! Amy and Jessie have lived their dream together and are the brand new Tag Team Champions of the Bombshell division!

We find our way backstage to see Spike Staggs walking through the hallways. He looks a little bit nervous as he fiddles around in his pocket. He takes a deep breath as he walks over toward the NXT locker room door. He places his hand on the handle, but hesitates to open it. He pauses as he thinks for a second, and then finally he decides to just open it. As he walks inside, we see Misty and Vixen speaking softly with Connor Murphy and Jon Dough off in the corner. Jamie Staggs is playing with Eden as he stops in the center of the room. Everyone stops what they are doing to stare at him for a second. He looks to each of them, with a sense of urgency on his face. He stops and gazes at Vixen for a moment before speaking.

Spike: Vix? can I talk to you out in the hallway? We need to talk about things. I?m tired of dancing around it?

Vixen: Ummm sure Spike?We do need to talk.

Vixen nervously wrings her hands as she looks at Misty for direction then nods as she moves towards Spike, passing him with a sideways glance. Reaching for the door handle, she twists it and moves outside. A few paces from the door, she turns to watch as Spike moves towards her.

Vixen: What is it that you want to talk to me about? If it is about the twitter tweet, I do really believe you are the best dad for Eden and Timmy. So don't let Delia get to you about that.

Spike looks caught off guard as he gives a questioning glance. He then realizes what she means and shakes his head.

Spike: Oh, no, no? not that. Those girls can talk all they want. I have a past, and they can embellish it all they want. But this isn?t about them. This is about you and I?

Spike looks down into her eyes, deeply staring into them with a look of intensity spread out across his face.

Returning the intensity of the gaze, Vixen swallows visibly.

Vixen: What about you and me Spike. I thought I made it plain that you need to figure out where I stand in your life. Does this mean you are you saying that we are fin?

Unable to finish her comment and still look up at Spike, Vixen lets her head fall forward as emotion chokes her. Spike sighs as he reaches into his pocket, pulling out the ring. He looks at it and sighs before lowering it toward the ground.

Spike: I just? I can?t keep holding onto this thing. It is a constant reminder of what once was, and I?ve just stared at it since I got back in town. What am I supposed to do with this?

Spike seems almost captured by the sparkling diamond. He tries to look away, but it takes him a moment to do so. Finally, he glances up to Vixen, a bit of sadness in his eyes.

Vixen: What do you want to do with it Spike? I love you however, I can?t tell you what to do with it.

Vixen slowly brings her head up to look at Spike then moves closer to him, her hand moving to caress along his cheek. She offers him a watery smile.

Vixen: I know what I would like to tell you, what I tried so hard to tell you. Besides, my finger has felt really naked?

Her teasing tone has its own touch of sadness in it. Spike nods his head, sighing softly as he fiddles around with it between his fingers.

Spike: I could bring it to a pawn shop and get a little bit of money for it? I could throw it away? I mean, I was so mad when you gave me back that ring? I couldn?t understand why. I was told by Devlin that I was smothering you after your loss to Roxi Johnson. So I backed off, and then suddenly I?m not showing you enough attention? It was a complete mindfuck?

Spike stops fiddling with the ring. Though she is playful in her tone, Spike is far from it. He takes in a deep, painful breath.

Spike: I came here to tell you that I wanted you to do as you pleased with the ring, because I had no use for it. I can?t go through another situation like I did with Misty. It took so much for her and I to be able to coexist in the same room, let alone be friendly like we are now. I don?t want that animosity between us, Vix?

Vixen: I?m NOT Misty Spike. I would never do to you what she did. I love you too much for that. And as for Devlin, what does he know about me huh? We weren?t a family while I was in the foster system. I needed you and I felt that you weren?t there. Is that so hard to understand?

Tears begin to flow only to have Vixen wipe them away angrily.

Vixen: If you asked me right now, I would walk out of this arena, give up my title match and marry you at the first chapel we could find. And maybe I screwed that up when I gave you the ultimatum but that is how much I love you!

Vixen?s words move through him like a warm knife through butter. He can?t help but shed a single tear. He looks into her eyes, and instead of finding the solace he normally finds, he only becomes slightly more upset. He wraps his arms around her tightly, holding her close to him. After a second, he leans down and kisses her briefly. Before she even knows what is happening, he falls down to one knee.

Spike: I had to know? I had to. I?ve never felt this way with anyone before. I?ve known the familiarity of another, but I?ve never wanted so badly to run from an emotion. Because I?ve never truly felt it. For the first time in my life, I?m scared, and excited, and happy, and I know that I couldn?t handle not asking for your hand in marriage, Vixen?

Spike looks up into Vixen?s eyes as she can?t believe the turn of events. She stifles back a tear as Spike grasps onto her hand, rubbing the top of it gently.

Spike: Vixen? will you marry me? In two weeks time, I want you to be my wife?

Vixen: Yes! Of course I will, Spike!

Spike slides the ring onto her finger gently, however he is startled as Eden squeals happily from the doorway. The rest of NXT is standing by, watching this with a smile on their faces as they slowly clap and cheer for the re-engaged couple.

The lights go down as ?Applause? by Lady Gaga begins playing over the speakers. The fans begin to boo loudly as the ring crew quickly brings out the signature Mean Girls runway stage. They quickly attach it to the ring apron before dispersing to the side. The fans continue booing until a pink shadow box appears through the curtains. Their booing slows a bit as the woman dances on the inside, slowly swaying her hips to the music. Before the song really gets started, she bursts through the pink paper. Holly Wood is seen wearing a white shell top and a turquoise mermaid synched dress that flares out like fins at the bottom. Her red hair is blown out, looking stylishly messy. She steps out slowly running her hands over her pink box before stepping down totally. She has a microphone in her hands as she raises it to her lips, though it is a classic lip sync, and honey, she is L-I-V-I-N-G!

Holly: I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong to crash the critics saying
Is it right or is it wrong?
If only Fame had an IV
Baby could I bear
being away from you I found the vein, put it in here? PLEASE welcome out Olivia, Jessica, and April!

Just then, three little girls who are done up in similar outfits, though much less revealing, come rushing out onto the stage. Olivia is in purple, with matching sheer crystal top and blonde hair claps her hands above her head and the audience quickly changes their tune, cheering. Jessica is wearing ruby red fin dress with a fire engine red wig, and red crystal sheer top. April is wearing a blonde wig, pink crystal sheer top with shells, and a pink fin dress. They take sides with Holly and dance to the music.

Holly: I live for the Applause, Applause, Applause
I live for the Applause-plause
Live for the Applause-plause
Live for the way that you cheer and scream for me
The applause, applause, applause

Holly steps out of the way as Olivia takes center stage. For such a young girl, maybe the age of 8, she looks as if she is belting out the following words.

Olivia: Give me the thing that I love
(I'll turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make 'em touch
(make it real loud)
Give me the thing that I love
(I'll turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make 'em touch
(make it real loud)

Once Olivia has practically taken us to church, the others step forward, using their arms to spell out the following word?


Holly steps back up and playfully looks to the other girls as if she was about to school them in the art of lip synching. She flips her head from the side as she struts down the runway, and the others follow behind her.

Holly: Make it real loud
Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch
Make it real loud
Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch

Jessica stands on the apron of the ring and turns around, looking a little shy. However, once her words come up, she pulls out of her shell, dancing to the music as she sings.

Jessica: I've overheard your theory
"Nostalgia's for geeks"
I guess sir, if you say so
Some of us just like to read
One second I'm a K?nts, then suddenly the K?nts is me
Pop culture was an art, now art's in pop culture in me

The girls all get inside of the ring, using it as their new stage. April comes to the center of the ring, and she preaches it to us, serving face better than Holly, as she does a Death Drop that would make the most seasoned drag queen squeal, all while still singing.

April: I live for the Applause, Applause, Applause
I live for the Applause-plause
Live for the Applause-plause
Live for the way that you cheer and scream for me
The applause, applause, applause

April crawls back up to her feet, breathing heavily as Olivia waves her off. Holly snaps her fingers and flips her hair as she points to this. Olivia stands in the center as she belts it out once more.

Olivia: Give me the thing that I love
(I'll turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make 'em touch
(make it real loud) <./font>

Jessica is not about to be upstaged by these other girls. She jumps up and lands in the splits position as she looks up to the ceiling, and you could almost swear God was in our presence as she prrreaches!

Jessica: Give me the thing that I love
(I'll turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make 'em touch
(make it real loud)

April saunters around the ring, pointing to every member of the audience it seems as she reels them in, making her rounds, but her expression has so much soul to it, Holly almost blushes in modesty.

April: A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E
Make it real loud
Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch
Make it real loud

Holly throws her hands up in the air, shaking her head in ?disgust?. She steps to the center of the ring to reclaim this. She glares a hole into every audience member as she throws her free hand up, calling for more cheers.

Holly: Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch
Touch touch Ah ooooh!

Olivia steps in front of Holly, claiming the spotlight for herself now.

Olivia: Touch touch now

Jessica steps in front of Olivia, flipping her hair into Olivia?s face as she howls out the next notes.

Jessica: Ah ohhohhhohhhohhh!

April skips in front of Jessica and belts it out just as hard as Jessica, or so it would seem if this weren?t a lip sync.

April: Ah ohhohhhhohhhohhh!

Holly seems as if she gives up, tilting her head as she turns around and melts down to her knees, belting out the following.

Holly: Ah ohhohhhhohhhohhh!

Olivia steps out of the shadows as she rounds the ring quickly, pointing and throwing her free arm into the air, calling for the cheers go rain down.

Olivia: I live for the Applause, Applause, Applause
I live for the Applause-plause
Live for the Applause-plause
Live for the way that you cheer and scream for me
The applause, applause, applause

Jessica playfully pushes April from in front of her and kicks her legs up into the air, one at a time, clapping in between her words.

Jessica: Give me the thing that I love
(I'll turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make 'em touch
(make it real loud)

April rolls her eyes at Jessica as she tosses her head from side to side as she dances back and forth, from one side of the ring, calling for the fans to cheer her the most. The fans can?t get over the cuteness factor of any of them as they cheer, especially the kids who are awe struck.

April: Give me the thing that I love
(I'll turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make 'em touch
(make it real loud)

The girls are starting to look tired from the energy, but Holly calls for one last burst. The girls give it up as they circle the ring, calling for the cheers. We see another sashay from Jessica, a Death Drop from Olivia, and a splits from April as Holly climbs the turnbuckle,


Make it real loud
Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch
Make it real loud
Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch

The girls seem to have reached their capacity as they flip their wigs off of their head, tossing them out to the adoring audience as Holly drops to the ground gracefully, however oddly contorted as she might be lying. She raises the microphone to her lips and mutters the final notes?

Holly: A- R -T- P- O- P?

In an unusual display, the audience actually cheers with Holly inside of the ring. He stands up as she, and the other girls take the center stage. The lighting returns to normal as the four of them catch their breath. Holly raises the microphone to her lips, still seeming out of breath.

Holly: Ladies and gentlemen? Tonight I shared the stage with three of the bravest lil gurls in the world? I usually leave the lip syncs to Amanda, but these three wanted to be Holly Wood for a day. Save for, certain activities? they got the full effect, baby. To everyone watching at home, be generous and donate to the Make A Wish Foundation so that we can help make more wishes come true, cause ?I believe the children are our future...?

Holly teases a second song by putting on a sing-song voice before sneering sarcastically as the fans cheering slows down. She waves them off, sucking at her teeth for a moment before looking back to the kids.

Holly: Aaaaaanywayzzz? Don?t be stingy y?all sittin? at home? But at the very least, please give Olivia, Jessica, and April one last round of applause?

Holly joins in as the audience gives them another cheer. ?Applause? begins playing again as the girls take one last bow. Holly leads them back over to the runway, Sitting on the middle rope to let the girls out. They all walk back to the wrecked pink box, where they pause and turn to blow a Mean Girls style kiss to the audience before disappearing behind the curtains.

Jacob Summers stands in the far corner of the ring as Justin prepares to make the upcoming introductions.

Justin: Our next contest at 'Into the Void III' is scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first, to be accompanied by Master Lily. From Parts Unknown, weighing 225 pounds ... JON DOUGH!

Jon waits for the lyrics to "New Low" by Middle Class Rut to start and, holding a mic in his right hand, he walks from behind the curtain, singing the lyrics to the song. He high fives as many fans as he can until he hits the ring. Master Lily remains on the outside as Jon slides inside from under the button ropes. He then gets on his feet and gets on top of one of the turnbuckles and hold the mic up in the air while the crowd sings the chorus.

Adams: Sin City Wrestling - the Musical!

Simone: I think I preferred the Super Terrific Happy Show suggestion.

Adams: *sings* And should you decide to stay behind, you show me yours, and I'll show you...

Belinda reaches over and cuts Jason's song off by giving him a spin on his swivel chair.

Adams: Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Justin: His opponent is accompanied by Odette Stevens! From London, England, weighing 230 pounds ... Gabriel!

Zombie by Breed 77 blasts through the speakers, the slow intro playing as the word move on the screen. The eyes of Gabriel appear on the screen, turning red as the heavier guitars kick in. Purple lights cut through the thick smoke starting to fill the entrance ramp. The crowd wait in anticipation, but Odette Stevens walks out on the top of the ramp. The figure of Gabriel walks out from behind the dark curtain, the a huge chorus of boos. Gabriel is wearing a leather jacket, down to his heels with a hood attached. Odette walks behind him and pulls the hood back from over his eyes, showing Gabriel's face. Gabriel s eyes are focused completely on the ring, his eyes narrowed as he glares at the ring. Odette walks in front of him, opening his long coat, pulling it apart, he puts his arms to his side and Odette runs her hands down his body. Gabriel turns his head to her, with a simple nod, they start to walk to the ring. Gabriel gets outside the ring and puts his hands together, a light burning from his palms. A flash of light engulfs the ring and Gabriel and Odette stands inside.

Simone: perhaps the single most despised couple here in Sin City Wrestling, and yet their track record of success speaks for itself.

Adams: You bet! Gabriel's been unbeaten since he's returned with this new `tude, and His wife is main eventing for the gold tonight!

Simone: If any male-female combination could be declared the First Couple of SCW, I believe we are looking at them right here.

Adams: But if anyone can put a dent in Gabriel's road to success, it's Jon! Trained by a dojo master like Master Lily, former two-time tag champ... you don't win any championship in Sin City Wrestling if you're not top notch.

Simone: Three words: James. Huntington. Hawkes. ... III.

Adams: Four words... and point made.

Inside of the ring, Gabriel holds the ropes for Odette to exit by, and Jon shares an exchange with Master Lily and Jacob calls for the bell.


Ever the fan friendly grappler, Jon Dough claps as he circles the ring against Gabriel, inciting the crowd to rally behind him by clapping themselves. Gabriel swerves around and shouts for the crowd to "SHUT UP!" but of course the fans are in no mind to do as instructed by the formerly beloved Superstar.

Simone: Does anyone actually believe the fans will really do as they say?

Jon starts to stomp the mat and pump his fist, getting the crowd worked up, as Gabriel turns to him and they proceed to lock up in the center of the ring. The two men struggle when Gabriel slowly but surely backs Jon up against the ropes. Jacob calls for the clean break. The official starts to count but before you know it, Gabriel steps back with his hands held out, giving the referee clearly what he demanded.

Simone: A clean break from Gabriel? I do not believe it.

Adams: Well hang me upside down and paint me blue.

Gabriel mocks Jon by taking a sweeping bow in front of him before standing back upright as the match continues. The pair lock up a second time and this time it is Jon who manages to back his opponent against the ropes. Again Jacob calls for a clean break, and Jon is about to give it to him when Gabriel grabs a handful of his mask and pulls him around and against the ropes. With a sneer, Gabriel slaps Jon upside of the head, then shoves him with both hands against the chest. Jacob warns Gabriel off but the magician simply shoves Jon a second time, and he goes to slap him again as well but Jon suddenly blocks it and kicks his foot up and right into the side of Gabriel's head with a martial arts blow!

Adams: Oh! What a shot!

Gabriel is stunned on his feet as Jon delivers a second kick that knocks Gabriel back against the ropes and he topples between the top and middle rope and falls to the floor where he is met by his wife.

Simone: I don't think Gabriel was ready for Jon to fight back in a manner like that.

Adams: Man, his feet are about as dangerous as the average man's fists.

Gabriel shakes off the cobwebs that resulted from Jon's kicks and climbs back up onto the apron. He starts through the ropes but Jon grabs him and drags him the rest of the way inside. Jon goes to Irish whip Gabriel into the ropes but Gabriel reverses it. Jon comes off in a rebound and the two collide in a shoulder block but neither man moves. Gabriel then dashes into the ropes and they collide again, but again nobody moves. Gabriel then switches tactics to foul by raking Jon's eyes, then he snapmares Jon over. Gabriel leapfrogs over the back of his head and runs into the ropes, coming off for a low dropkick but Jon rolls out of the way. Jon jumps to his feet as Gabriel kips up and Jon uses his own legs to sweep Gabriel's out from under him. Jon then goes for a standing moonsault but Gabriel rolls out of the way but Jon lands on his feet.

Simone: What an athletic display we're seeing on the part of both men!

Both men are right up but Gabriel doubles his opponent over with a boot to the stomach and sends him hard into the near corner. Gabriel then charges in but Jon greets him with a roundhouse kick that almost takes his head off! Odette screams at the referee as Jon drags Gabriel to his feet and brings him over with a belly-to-belly suplex into a cover.

Gabriel kicks out.

Jon buries a knee deep into Gabriel's back and cups his hands under his chin, pulling back. Gabriel struggles to get free and as Jacob asks if he wants to yield the match to Jon, he is answered with an expletive that makes the bosses glad this is a Supercard pay-per-view! Realizing his opponent is not going to submit, Jon releases the rear chinlock and instead wraps him into a full body scissors, adding a double arm chicken wing to the process. Jon rolls Gabriel over into a body scissors pin...

Gabriel rolls out, taking his shoulders up off of the mat.

They roll back to their backsides, Jon retaining the body scissors. Jon leans back on his hands, extending the body scissors at full pressure and the pained expression on Gabriel's face is evident. Gabriel then starts to struggle for a counter, slowly turning at the waist until he remains in the painful predicament, but on his knees and facing Dough.

Adams: What's he up to?

Gabriel then struggles slowly to his feet, holding onto Jon's legs. Gabriel then falls back, sending Jon flying with a catapult and Jon's face smacks the top turnbuckle in the corner.

Simone: What a unique counter!

Adams: Gabriel is a unique individual!

With Odette now smiling from the outside, Gabriel wastes no time taking advantage of this opportunity by running up from behind and dropkicking Jon in the back. Jon sinks to his knee but Gabriel pulls him back up by the mask and rams his face into the turnbuckle a second time, and then a third. Grabbing his head with both hands, Gabriel then rakes his forehead across the top rope slowly as Jacob orders him to break. Gabriel backs off with a wide smile, mocking the official and giving him a 'courtly' bow.

Simone: The sheer arrogance of that man...!

Gabriel then brushes past the referee and resumes his attack, choking Jon across the top rope, then sending him flying back to the mat with a slingshot. Gabriel runs off of the ropes and brings a legdrop down across Jon's throat. He then leans back over Jon's chest in a lazy cover.

Jon gets his shoulder up.

Adams: Did he really think he was going to pin Jon Dough like that?

Simone: Actually I don't think he intended to pin Jon Dough like that at all.

Gabriel then watches casually as Jon pulls himself to a near corner and the 'magician' moves in and begins stomping a mudhole into Dough, then grabs the top rope and presses a boot into Jon's throat, choking him out as Jacob counts!

1... 2... 3... 4...!

Gabriel breaks and backs off as Jon struggles to recover. Jon pulls himself to his feet with the aid of the ropes, but Gabriel moves right in, driving a knee hard into his midsection. Gabriel then tucks his head under Dough's arm and brings him up and over with a bridging Northern Lights suplex!

Kick out by Jon Dough!

Adams: Everybody can talk about how much Gabriel's attitude has changed but his skills sure haven't!

Simone: No indeed. We are seeing exactly why he holds the honor of being SCW's first Heavyweight Champion.

Jon rolls over onto his stomach but this proves to be a mistake as Gabriel sits on his back and gouges at his nose and eyes from behind, smiling and counting right along with Jacob as the official fights to end the rule infraction!

1... 2... 3... 4...

Gabriel casually releases the gouging, but then goes to work on the mask of Jon Dough!

Adams: What is he...? Is he...?

Simone: Gabriel is trying to remove Jon Dough's mask!

The crowd boos as Jon struggles! Jacob warns Gabriel but Gabriel is now determined as he works on the masks laces, pulling at them to loosen them up! Gabriel stands up, pulling at the mask and digging under the chin, when Jon reaches back and brings Gabriel over his shoulders with a snapmare!

Simone: Why the hell do people feel the need to unmask somebody in the ring!? It always costs them!

Jon works on fixing his mask but Gabriel returns to his feet quickly and tags Jon with a running clothesline! Gabriel drags Jon over to the corner by the mask and then hauls him to his feet. Gabriel lifts him up for a body slam but deposits Dough in the Tree of Woe in the corner, trapping him. Gabriel then mocks the crowd, clapping and stomping as they did for his opponent. Gabriel walks around the length of the ring and then gets a running start and he goes for a dropkick on his opponent, but Jon lifts himself up, causing Gabriel to miss and crash into the corner!

Adams: And Gabriel landed right on his head!

Simone: Good! Maybe that'll knock some sense into him!

Odette screams into the ring at her husband as Gabriel is seemingly out on his feet as he returns to a vertical base. Jon pulls himself up onto the top turnbuckle and as Gabriel turns around, Jon leaps and crashes onto him with a flying body press!

Kick out by Gabriel!

Simone: That would have been embarrassing for Gabriel!

Jon drags him up and twists his arm into an arm wringer, then lifts his own leg over the extended arm and nails him with one... two... three ... FOUR kicks! Jon then goes for a roundhouse but Gabriel blocks it and goes to lift him up in a rear waistlock, but Jon counters and turns it into a victory roll!

Kick out!

Jon goes to send him into the far corner with an Irish whip but Gabriel reverses it! Gabriel charges in but Jon leapfrogs over for a sunset flip but turns over the ropes and grabs Gabriel's legs, trapping him in the Tarantula! Despite the popular nature of the hold, Jacob has no choice but to order the break and issue a count!

1... 2... 3... 4...

Jon lets him go and goes back to work. Jon sends Gabriel into the ropes and jumps, going for a Thesz press but Gabriel counters from out of nowhere with an X Factor!

Adams: Oh he just PLANTED Jon Dough!

Gabriel drags Jon over into the ropes again and AGAIN goes to work on the mask!

Simone: That idiot! He just had him and he goes for the mask again rather than working to end this!?

Adams: But he's not trying to take it off. Look!

Indeed not as Gabriel, rather than trying to tear the mask from Jon's head, he instead pulls it around, turning it backwards and rendering his opponent incapable of seeing!

Simone: Oh my god! That ass! I can't believe he did that!

Adams: That's worse than being unmasked! What an insult!

Gabriel pulls the blinded Jon upside down and nails a Running K Driver!

Adams: Avada Kadavra!

Gabriel folds Jon in a cross leg pin, holding his arms aloft as the referee counts!



Justin: Here is your winner ... Gabriel!!!

The crowd boos as Odette joins Gabriel in the ring as Jon slowly rolls outside where Master Lily awaits to assist him.

Simone: Gabriel wins but my god did Jon make him work for it!

Adams: Yeah he won but I don't think Gabriel was expecting such a hard night's work as what Jon forced out of him.

Gabriel and Odette continue celebrating inside of the ring while the crowd boos! Master Lily and Jon Dough head back up the aisle as Gabriel points to his arm, insisting Jacob raise it again, much to the crowd's displeasure.

The cameras open up backstage where we find Rage walking down the hall with Kittie behind him. The two are heading to the ring for his match and as he turns around a corner, he bumps right into Mr. Showtime, Drake Green. Rage growls and clenches his fist at his side as he looks at Drake.

Rage: Watch where you?re walking asshole!

Drake, still in his street clothes, can?t help but chuckle to himself. He looks back at his agent Barry Goldstein who is standing behind him and then turns back to Rage with a smile.

Drake: Easy guy. Was just walking, that?s all.

Rage glares at Drake, then behind him to Barry Goldstein. He cracks his knuckles and Kittie keeps a close watch on the situation.

Rage: Yeah, you?re lucky to be walking aren?t ya? After tonight you might not be. Too bad that idiot Sean Jackson couldn?t finish you off like he said he was going to.

Again Drake looks back to Barry and then forward to Rage. His smile is still there although it looks a bit crooked now.

Drake: Yeah that must eat at you, huh? You made your big comeback a few months ago, told everyone who would listen that you were gunning for the Heavyweight title...where did that get you? I?m back two matches and you?re back down to the bottom of the card. That must sting. So don?t worry, I won?t hold this little inconvenience against you. Just do me a favor and get the hell out of my way.

Drake goes to step around Rage, but Rage takes a step to the side, blocking his way. Kittie looks on, shaking her head and checking the time, but she doesn?t get involved just yet. Drake looks up at Rage, annoyed, as the big man glares at him.

Rage: Or what, Drake? What are you gonna do about it? You couldn?t stop me if you tried. Just because I?ve had worthless pieces of shit distracting me for the time being, doesn?t mean I?m not still gunning for that title. Don?t you worry, Showtime, after tonight...nothing will be holding me back from going after what is mine. Not even you.

Drake: Or maybe you?re just facing competition at your level...big guy. I?d love to stay and chat but I?ve got something important to get ready for. So why don?t you take your errand girl and go bother someone who actually thinks you?re relevant. Thanks.

Rage refuses to move, standing in Drake?s way. Kittie then finds it necessary to step in between the two, trying to push Rage back a little.

Kittie: Look, I hate to break this little spat up, but Rage your match is starting in a few minutes. You need to get your ass to the ring.

Rage: I?ll get to the ring in time, Kittie. So back off. I just want Mr. Showtime here to realize what he?s getting himself into. IF he manages to get the belt off of that little pissant Geno Jr., he?s going to have one big target on his back. And one big angry monster after him. That?s not something I?d joke about, Drake. But go ahead, keep smirking at your douchebag agent. See where it gets you.

Drake: Is Casey Williams coming back?

Kittie manages to get a laugh out of that one, but Rage doesn?t seem too amused. His nostrils flare and he steps forward, getting right in Drake?s face.

Rage: Aren?t you quite the comedian? I?m a million times more dangerous than Casey Williams ever was or claimed to be, and if you continue to make a joke about it you won?t even make it to your big match tonight, Drake. Sean Jackson might have failed in destroying you, but I sure as hell won?t.

Drake: Yeah, again. You don?t scare me and no amount of bullshit spewing from your mouth is going to change that. So why don?t you run off like your girlfriend says and if you?re lucky?

Drake steps in close to Rage.

Drake: ...I?ll remember this conversation happened and we can continue it when your baby sitter?s not around.

Rage: Why don?t we just continue this right now? Kittie won?t be able to stop me from ending you right here and right now even if she tried. And you?re about two seconds away from feeling my fist connect with your face, Showtime.

Rage cracks his knuckles and Kittie shakes her head. She tries pushing him back, but he stands right where he is, not stepping back.

Rage: So come on, Showtime. Come at me?

Before Drake can respond, Barry Goldstein steps in between the two men.

Barry: Hold it, hold it. We?re not doing this here. You boys wanna beat the hell out of each other that?s gravy to me?.but we don?t fight for free. You wanna do this, we do it in the ring, with a nice paycheck attached.

Rage grins and shakes his head, glaring at Barry then back to Drake.

Rage: That?s just your way of saving your boy, isn?t it Barry? No amount of money can save him if he gets into that ring with me. And that is IF he gets that belt away from Geno tonight. Which...I wouldn?t hold my breath on?

Drake: Don?t worry big guy. AFTER I beat Geno, I?ll only be facing headliners and legitimate contenders. Not guys that can?t get past the mid card. Good luck tonight.

Drake brushes past Rage and smiles at Kittie as he turns the corner. Barry shrugs his shoulders and follows his client down the hall. Rage attempts to go after the two, but Kittie stops him.

Kittie: Not now, peanut head. You?ve got TJ Codair to worry about and we have to go find Synn!

Rage lets a low growl out, but he doesn?t argue. He turns around and starts heading down the hall towards the ring with Kittie following behind him.

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "Mz Hyde" by Halestorm begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, Misty emerges from behind the curtain to a round of cheering from the crowd and standing next to her is her new little friend, and Make-A-Wish child, Leah. Leah is now sporting one of Misty's "The Original Bombshell" T-shirts, and a matching hat as the duo starts making their way to the ring, receiving a loud chorus of cheers.

Simone: Little Leah looks absolutely adorable tonight wearing some Misty merchandise.

Adams: I bet she's having the time of her life, too! What a great thing for Misty to do bringing her out to the ring tonight.

Simone: That it is, and I understand that Misty has some things she would like to say and Leah is going to help her.

Leah and Misty high five fans as they walk down the ramp before they make it to the ring. Leah carefully walks up the steel steps with Misty behind her, and Misty helps the little girl into the ring where Leah heads to the center of the ring. Justin Decent gladly hands Leah a microphone and another to Misty, as Misty's music dies down. The crowd cheers and claps for the two as they look around, Leah with pure excitement in her eyes.

Misty: Everybody, please welcome my little helper tonight...Leah!

Crowd: POP!!

Leah looks around and waves at everybody, patiently waiting for her turn to speak as Misty looks down at her with a smile.

Misty: I had originally planned on coming out here to address a certain situation by myself, but after meeting little Leah here earlier today, I had a feeling she'd be perfect to help me out. Isn't that right Leah?

Leah nods and smiles.

Leah: Yep! We've got something to say and everybody is gonna listen!

Simone: That little girl is too darn cute, Jason.

Misty can't help but laugh a little at Leah's adorable attitude, and the crowd is right there with her. Misty keeps a smile on her face as she continues on to her point.

Misty: You see, I've had a bit of a problem over the past couple of weeks...Well, months maybe, and I can't just sit back and watch any longer. I can't stand back and witness what is happening here, so...Here I am. Leah, would you mind telling everybody who we're out here to discuss?

Leah suddenly scrunches up her nose, almost in mock disgust before she holds the microphone up.


Misty again laughs, as does the crowd, as Leah does her best imitation of the Mean Girls.

Misty: That's right. The Mean Girls. Leah, what do we think about the Mean Girls?

Leah: They're...They're...UGLY!

The crowd erupts in a huge POP! as Leah gets the meanest look on her face that she can manage. Misty nods, still smiling proudly.

Misty: They sure are, Leah. Those Mean Girls, all they've been doing lately is walking around, acting like they own the place, making fun of people left and right, but I think it's high time we put a stop to it.

Leah: Mean Girls are going DOWN!

Misty: Everyone else backstage might be afraid of the Mean Girls. They might be okay with sitting back, letting them treat everyone like trash, but we won't stand for it anymore! The days of The Mean Girls are numbered!

Misty then leans down and whispers something into Leah's ear. Leah smiles and nods excitedly before she raises her microphone to speak.

Leah: One, two...Misty's coming for you! Three, four...Mean Girls will hit the floor!

The crowd cheers and whistles and Leah gets even more excited.

Misty: So...Mean Girls. Tessa...Angelica...Veronica...Liz...Delia. Hell, even Holly Wood...Do you all know what this means? Do you know what the point of all this is?

Misty looks down as Leah looks up to her. Misty nods as if encouraging her or giving her permission to say something.

Leah: Misty...Is....BACK!

Crowd: HUGE POP!

Adams: Did you hear that, Belinda?! Misty's back! She's officially back!

Simone: Yes, I heard, Jason. And, one thing is for sure...This isn't good for The Mean Girls.

Misty: That's right. As of this of right now...I am OUT of retirement and I've got my sights set on five frigid bit...witches! One by'll all fall, ladies. There is nothing you can to do stop me and don't make the mistake of assuming that I'm afraid of any one of you!

Misty then drops the microphone down and looks at Leah, nodding. Leah then tosses her own microphone down and folds her arms across her chest like a tough girl, causing Misty to let out another laugh as Misty's music hits the sounds system once again. The two exit the ring, and walk around, high fiving the fans in the front row as Leah has the time of her life, all with Misty's help.

Justin Decent: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall? Iiintroducing first, from London, England, standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is? BEN JOOOOOORRRRDAAAAAAAAANNN!!!

The opening chords to Alter Bridge's "I Know It Hurts" starts to blast through the speakers and the lights in the arena drop down slightly. Flashing blue lights hit the entrance ramp as cheers emulate from the fans. Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp and looks around at the crowd. Ben nods his head to the sound of the music, looking around with an approving smile. Ben walks down the ramp, quickly sliding in the ring and looking around at the crowd, waiting for the match to start

Justin Decent: And his partner, hailing from Birmingham, England, standing at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing in at 225 pounds, he is? SIIIIIIIIMOOOOON JOOOOOOOOONESSS!!!

The intro of ?Simon Says? By Drain STH plays over the arena?s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans. As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans.

Justin Decent: Aaaand their opponents! Introducing first, from? standing at and weighing in at, he is? ?Big Tiger? JERRRRRRREMIAAAAHHH HARRRRRRRDINNNNN!!!

A few soldiers come down the aisle, and then they break into two lines. The Tiger roars and ?Don?t Tread on Me? by Metallica plays and Jeremiah is in a military uniform. He calls for the soldiers to surround the ring and then he enters the ring. He then takes off the hat and throws it in the ring. He then takes off the jacket, and it reveals he is shirtless underneath, and he rips off the pants, showing his wrestling gear. Jeremiah has a mic in hand.

Jeremiah: Let me let you rest that golden voice there Justin.

the crowd goes wild.

Jeremiah: Y?all are wondering who my tag team partner is don?t you Vegas?

The crowd goes wild again

Jeremiah: Well, why wait any longer. Ladies and gentlemen, my tag team partner has been in this business for well over 20 years, and let me tell you, he is still in his prime. He has held gold everywhere he has been, so he is no stranger to being a champ. He has wrestled in Japan, as well as here. He stands at a towering seven feet, one inch tall. He weighs in at a svelte two hundred and ninety pounds, and I am proud, VERY proud to call him my uncle. He is ?The Beast of Darkness? DARRRRRK TIIIIGGGGEEERRR!!!!!

Then a towering figure comes in a hooded leather trenchvest, and he has a black mask, kind of like what Sub-Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat wears, and he looks up as the cat?s eyes can be seen. The crowd goes nuts and some chants of DT! DT! Can be heard

Simone: He is one hell of a figure.

Adams: And I thought Brother Grimm was scary. Those cat?s eyes are scary, I am afraid of what his teeth are going to look like.


Simone: This is a Farewell Match for Simon Jones, and Ben Jordan has claimed that he wants to make this match last as long as he can to prevent Simon from retiring so soon.

Adams: Luckily for Ben, and the fans, this match was granted a no time limit clause.

As both teams decide who is going to start this off, referee Jasmine St. John checks Jeremiah Hardin for any foreign objects. He holds his hands up in the air to ask if she is serious. She quickly checks Dark Tiger as well as Jeremiah saunters over to the center of the ring where Ben Jordan is standing, ready to fight. Jeremiah mouths off an insult at Ben, and Ben rebuts. Both men are smiling as they begin to circle one another. Ben goes to tie up, but Jeremiah is ready for it, which causes The Cockney King to take a step back, goading ?Big Tiger?. Jeremiah taunts Ben, motioning him forward with his hands.

Adams: The suspense is killing me! I want to see Ben slap the piss outta someone already!

Simone: Trust me, you are not the only one... But Jeremiah Hardin isn?t exactly a heel, you know?

Ben goes in for another attempt, but Jeremiah slides behind him for a German Suplex. Ben reaches his elbow back and gets the first strike on Jeremiah. He turns around for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, but Jeremiah clubs him with both arms, breaking the hold. He sends Ben against the ropes with an Irish whip, looking for a Big Boot, but Ben ducks under it, bouncing off of the opposing ropes. He comes back with a Running Dropkick attempt, but Jeremiah side steps it. Jeremiah goes for a Bulldog on Ben, but Ben sends him flying into the ropes. Ben waits for him to rebound, but Jeremiah grips onto the ropes, using the momentum to shove Jordan down onto the canvas while saving himself from what looks to be a roll up attempt.

Adams: This is a match of pure talent versus pure talent. It is like the Unstoppable Force meeting the Immovable Object.

Simone: Jeremiah Hardin does have a great deal of talent, though I don?t know much about Dark Tiger. But, my respect for Jeremiah doesn?t mean that I can?t wait to watch Ben Jordan knock that cocky grin off of his face.

With Ben down, Jeremiah bounces off of the ropes with a Leg Drop. He gets up from the mat and drags Ben up with him. He taunts the audience before bringing him down with a quick, picture perfect Snap Suplex. He looks over to Dark Tiger with a smile, tossing Ben into his corner. Dark Tiger gets in a few good punches before Jeremiah comes rushing at him with a Body Avalanche. Jeremiah flicks his fingers under his chin at the fallen Ben Jordan. As he turns around, Simon Jones immediately meets him with a massive clothesline. Dark Tiger gets in the ring, but is quickly headed off by Jasmine. She orders him to his corner, threatening him. He waves her off, but she shoves him back to his corner. While Dark contemplates the possibilities, Ben spins him around and flings him over the top rope.

Simone: And Ben Jordan is quickly back in the game!

Adams: It looks like he is a little more concerned about Dark Tiger rather than the legal competitor here. That could be a very big mistake.

Ben is ready to go after Dark when Jeremiah comes up behind him, pulling him back in by the hair. He taunts the audience, pointing to Ben when Ben elbows him in the side. Jeremiah tightens his insulting grip on Ben, pulling him up a little more straight. Ben elbows him again, and again. He finally hits a fourth that causes Jeremiah to nearly double over. He wraps his arm around Jeremiah?s neck, nailing a perfect Spinning Neck Breaker. Jeremiah holds onto his neck and Ben runs to the opposing ropes. He leaps onto the second one, looking for a Springboard Moonsault. Jeremiah moves out of the way, proud of himself. He stumbles to his feet, but he doesn?t notice that Ben has landed on his feet. He laughs and points at a fan in the front row, turning around to find a front facing Atomic Drop that nearly makes his eyes roll back. He turns around, doing his own celebration. He doesn?t notice that Dark has entered the ring. He rushes Ben into his own corner, knocking into Simon Jones!

Adams: Look at Dark Tiger acting like his shit doesn?t stink. He forced the first tag in this match, and Ben isn?t happy about this one bit.

Simone: That was a dumb move, bringing in a fresh opponent when your partner is out on the ground... Wait a minute...

Dark pulls a stunned Simon Jones over the top ropes. He sends Jones into the opposing ropes, charging at him with a Short Arm Clothesline. He brings him back across the ring to the ropes where he repeats the maneuver. Once Jeremiah is up, he sends Jones across the ring to him. Jeremiah hits a Drop Toe Hold over the middle rope and Dark darts across the ring. Jeremiah gives him a bit of a lift as he leaps over with a Guillotine Leg Drop across the back of Simon?s head. Jasmine shouts at Dark for his interference, but he insists that he points to the tag rope he is picking up and grins a devious smile. Jeremiah saunters around the ring, pointing at Jones and laughing. As the boos come through, Jeremiah picks Jones up from the ropes. He picks him up, letting out a roar as he lifts Jones above his head. He turns around, showing this off to everyone in the ring before dropping him down to the ground.

Simone: I hate to admit it, but that is an amazing feat of strength shown by Jeremiah Hardin. He just picked Simon up like it was nothing.

Adams: But look at him... He knows it, and he wants to make sure everyone else does too.

He shrugs his shoulders as he struts across the ring. He watches Jones carefully as he gets up to his hands and knees. As Jones stands up, Jeremiah charges at him with a Big Boot. After connecting with it, he stomps around in a circle, waving his arms up, shouting. Jeremiah struts over to his corner and tags Dark Tiger in. The duo walks over to Jones, picking him up from the mat. They wrap their arms around his neck and bring him over with a double Vertical Suplex, letting him hang in the air for a second. Ben tries to get inside to save his partner, but Jasmine interferes, forcing him outside of the ring. Jeremiah gets in a few good stomps before exiting the ring. Ben argues with the referee while Dark stomps away at Jones. When he is satisfied, he picks Jones off of the ground. He flings him toward the ropes, but Jones reverses it. As Tiger comes off of the ropes, Jones goes for a Back Body Drop. Instead, he is met by a Jawbreaker. He bounces off of the ropes again and catches Jones with a Yakuza Kick that sends him down to the ground. Dark leaps onto the nearest turnbuckle and steadies himself. He is ready to leap off backward for something when Ben Jordan runs over and trips him up, causing him to fall down to the mat hard.

Adams: That one could have been bad for Simon Jones, but his partner was looking out for him.

Simone: Ben seems pretty pleased with himself, but Jeremiah is in his corner fuming. He won?t say anything because he and Dark have been guilty of that the entire match.

Jones gets up to his feet. He watches Dark favoring his ankle, and he gets a grin on his face as he stalks about. He waits for Dark to get to his hands and knees before dashing forward with a punt kick to his jaw. He picks Dark off of the mat for a Scoop Slam, planting him down on his back. He presses down as hard as he can against Dark?s shoulders and Jasmine drops down for the count.



Simone: And a powerful kick out in the first pin attempt of the entire match. Jones had to know that Dark wouldn?t be that easy to put away.

Adams:But Jones is a very powerful competitor on his own. I mean, hello, former SCW Heavyweight Champion and all?

Jones picks Dark off of the mat and sends him at the ropes again. This time, both men have the same idea as they come colliding hard with powerful flying fists to each other?s faces. Both men collapse down on the mat. Dark is crawling over toward his corner. Simon shakes the cobwebs from his head, rebounding quicker as he grabs onto the ankle of Dark Tiger. He pulls Dark back to the center of the ring where he drops down, wrenching Dark?s knee with his elbow. Dark shouts out to Jeremiah for assistance, but Jeremiah sees Jasmine eyeballing him from across the ring. He leans over as Dark tries crawling in that direction. His strength advantage begins to show as he drags Simon along with him. Simon lets go, but drops down with an elbow to the back of Tiger?s head, stopping him dead in his tracks.

Simone: We are seeing some serious fire from Simon Jones here tonight. But, R.O.A.R. is proving to be no laughing matter themselves!

Adams: I kinda like this fresh mean side to Jeremiah Hardin. I bet they could make some tough challengers to Bosom Buddies for the Tag Team Championships!

Dark fusses as he tries to crawl over toward Jeremiah. Simon does a sort of Leapfrog maneuver over Dark and then nails a Dropkick to Jeremiah that knocks him off of the apron! The audience cheers as Simon turns around to see Dark back on his feet, wobbly. Simon flings Dark over into the ropes. He bounces off of the opposing ropes, looking for a clothesline. However, when he turns around, Jeremiah has entered the ring, and he helps Dark Tiger lifts Simon up and over with a Back Body Drop that rocks the ring! Ben comes inside of the ring and catches Dark with a Bulldog. As Jeremiah attempts to save his partner, Ben kips up and catches him with a Headbutt that floors the former Roulette Champion. Ben stomps at him as he rolls to the outside. Ben stares down, taunting him. As he turns around, he is greeted with a Big Boot attempt. Ben ducks under it and lets Dark fly right into the ropes, racking himself in the process. Jasmine orders Ben back to the outside, where he obliges with a sarcastic smirk. He grabs onto the tag rope and waves it at Jasmine.

Adams: This one might as well be Tornado Tag rules because we?ve only seen two tags, and every man has seen his fair share of action.

Simone: It is to be expected with this much at stake here. We?ve got two up and comers looking to make themselves known here in SCW, against someone who has already held the top title once, and a man who came in as an ACW Champion?

It doesn?t take long before Simon stands up. He is clearly winded as he stumbles over toward Ben. Ben holds his hand out for the tag, however, Dark comes charging over toward them. Ben shouts and drops down as Simon gets sandwiched between the post and his opponent. However, in a flash, Simon hits the Into Oblivion, causing the audience to pop loudly. Dark Tiger crashes to the mat as Simon falls right into Ben, making the tag. He breathes heavily as Ben climbs inside of the ring. Jeremiah comes over toward him. Simon catches him, and both men go flying over the ropes and to the outside in a heap. Ben looks down to the prone Dark Tiger and he locks on the Crossing Jordan. The amount of pain causes Dark to come back to. Realizing there is nowhere else to go, he tries reaching for the ropes. They are too far away, and he can?t get Ben to budge. He quickly taps the mat in frustration.

Simone: He?s done it! Ben made Dark Tiger tap out here tonight!

Justin Decent: Here are your winners? BEN JORDAN and SIMON JONES!!!

Adams: Simon Jones and Jeremiah Hardin are back on their feet, but even the fierce streak from Jeremiah has faded as he?s offering Simon a handshake.

The crowd goes wild for Jeremiah?s display, as Simon takes the hand. He shakes it, but Hardin pulls him into a Headbutt! The cheers quickly turn to boos as Ben climbs to the outside. He questions this, but Dark Tiger comes crashing into him with a Baseball Slide that sends him into the barricade! The Hardin?s begin trying to put a beating down on Ben and Simon, but the vets quickly turn it around, flinging both foes into one another, skulls colliding in the process. Ben and Simon high five one another as they admire their handiwork. ?Simon Says? begins playing over the PA system as Ben gives Simon a friendly hug as they talk on the outside. Admiration is written on both of their faces as they hold their arms up in victory.

The scene opens on the backstage area where we find Necra and a few other of the Bombshells with a group of kids from the Children's Miracle Network. They are having their pictures taken, and having autographs signed before they head back to the main part of the arena to watch the rest of the show. One little boys walks toward Necra with two roses in hand. She smiles and takes them, kissing him on the cheek. He blushes and runs off once again. A little girl in the back of the room catches her eye, and Necra knew there was something different about her. Necra moves toward her on silent feet with her long black and silver toga flowing behind her. The little girl looks up, and smiles.

Necra: What's your name little one?

Little Girl: Amanda. I'm the one you gave your kitty bag to.

Necra: You are? Are you taking good care of him?

She shakes her head, and pulls the cat out from behind her. Necra couldn't help but smile, but something was off with Amanda's aura. It was starting to fade.

Amanda: My friends said it was really nice of you to give it to me. But they said that Emma is going to win your match this week Is that true?

Necra: I'll tell you what... If you don't want her to win, then I will do everything that I can to win it just for you!

The girls heavy eyes light up, and wraps her arms around Necra's neck.

Amanda: Thank you! Thank you! I know you can do it! I'm going to cheering for you!

Necra: Then I'll see you out there then.

Amanda: My mom is going to take me back to the hotel and I'm going to watch from there. I'm getting really tired.

Necra smiles and pulls out two gold coins from a small pouch on her side.

Necra: These are for you.

Amanda: I can't take those. Those look really special.

Necra: They are, but I'll tell you what... The next time you see me you can give them back to me ok?

Amanda: Ok. I will. Good luck tonight.

She hugs Necra once again, and runs back to her mother, who from what Necra could see had been crying. Necra could see the pain and heartache within her mother, but soon Amanda would be in a better place. Necra heads back toward Sara, and she sighs.

Sara: Are you all right ma'am?

Necra: I will be. Make sure my calendar is clear for tomorrow evening.

Sara: Yes ma'am, but why?

Necra: I have someone very special to collect tomorrow night. Now come, I have to get ready for my match.

The scene opens up backstage where we first see one half of the SCW Tag Team Champion Bosom Buddies, Bernard "Big B" Jones. Big B is walking down the hallway as the scene pans out to show him that by his side is none other than his cousin Nick Jones, and closely behind them is the entirety of the Entourage, including all of Diana Roberts, Tony Capicelli, Max Goldstein and Jimmy Mason. As they all walk down the hallway, Nick clearly looks quite uneasy and awkward, which eventually draws the attention of Big B, which causes him to stop and turn towards Nick.

Big B: Hey cuz, what's the matter?

Nick: Nothing, it's just... don't worry about it. Let's just do this thing, alright?

Big B: What is it? Is that you don't want to be doing this or something that has you like this?

Nick: Um... yeah, sure, let's go with that.

Nick gets even more nervous, as its pretty apparent that he's lying through his teeth. Big B simply seems confused and literally opts to scratch his head due to that.

Big B: But you told me the other day that you were in for this. What gives?

Nick attempts to put on a tough guy act in the way he presents himself in response, but it isn't very convincing.

Nick: Well you know me, B. This just isn't what I'm about. Let's just do this already, alright?

Big B: Jeez. No need to be like that, but I'm sure the kiddies will change your mind. Come on guys, let's go!

Big B quickly continues on down the hall and the rest of the group goes to follow him, but as they do, Diana quickly comes up from behind Nick and grabs him by the arm to stop him. Nick turns to look back her in confusion and she quietly whispers to him.

Diana: Just hold on a second, I've got a question for you.

Diana waits until the rest of the group is out of earshot before continuing on.

Diana: So what was that all about? Am I supposed to believe that you're too much of a so-called "bad ass" to even want to do this? I'm not buying it. Not even you are THAT much of an ass, and you know I say that as anything but an insult, baby. So what is it with you right now?

Diana stops and looks Nick up and down, when she suddenly seems to come to an epiphany and snaps her fingers as she does.

Diana: I've got it! It has nothing to do with not wanting to do this, does it? What this is really all about is you're just nervous about how you're going to feel seeing those sick kids. That's it, isn't it?

Nick: Well it's complicated. You see, um...

Diana: Don't even bother trying to pull your lying nonsense with me. You know better than to think I'll fall for that crap. Besides, as much as these morons like your cousin may fall for it, you do realize you're a really horrible liar, right? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, I won't be telling any of the other guys what the real deal is.

Nick looks somewhat relieved to be hearing Diana say this, and she simply smiles at her and turns away to follow the rest of the group, before casually throwing out another comment just barely loud enough for Nick to hear.

Diana: After all, we wouldn't want the guys to know what a big pansy their boss is now would we?

Nick's face quickly changes to a scowl as he hears this comment from Diana, watching her walk off for a second. Nick then follows after her, just in time to see her turn into a doorway and sending her out of sight in the same direction as the rest of the Entourage had previously gone. Nick stomps after her and looks just about ready to snap back with some sort of angry retort. However, just as Nick turns into the doorway, his expression completely changes, as the anger flushes away in a moment and he seems to be caught in somewhat of a state of awe for a moment. That look then changes to a smile across Nick's face and it is at that moment the camera pans around to show that there has been a huge area setup by SCW with all sorts of combinations of chairs, couches and tables filled with food and drinks that, most importantly of all, is currently packed in with an unexpected mix of SCW superstars you never thought you'd see near each other that are surrounded by a sea of Make A Wish children. As Nick looks all around the room, he seems to be at a complete loss for words or even actions, when just a moment later, Big B comes rushing up to Nick with a huge smile on his face and a little boy in his arms.

Big B: Hey cuz! Look who I found. Me and Nicky here just met and he was telling me really, really wanted to meet you. And his name is Nicky, just like you, isn't that awesome?

The little boy looks to Nick with wide eyes and a huge smile, as Nick looks to him for a moment and has a big smile come across his face as well.

Nick: Yeah, that really is. You and I both know that all the coolest people have a name like Nicky, right? Nice to meet you man!

Nick raises his hand up and quickly receives a high five in return from his little buddy Nicky, who then finally speaks to Nick for the first time.

Nicky: Wow, this is SO cool. You're like my favorite wrestler EVER, Nick!

Nick is quite clearly taken aback by this comment, as he seems surprised to be hearing this come from such a young child.

Nick: Really, no kidding?

Nicky: Yeah, I thought you were the best ever since the first time I saw you in SCW. You were kicking everyone else's butts from the day you showed up. And then you were champ and everything. You were even the REAL NeWA Champion!

Nick cannot help but laugh out a laugh to hear such a comment from this child.

Nick: That's right, I was. I'm impressed, you really know your stuff. Although you know who the REAL champ is here tonight, right?

Nicky stops to think this over and then seems to have figured it out as he answers while pointing back at B.

Nicky: Oh, you mean Big B, right?

Nick: Well you're close, but that's not quite right.

Nicky seems confused, but before he can muster up another response, Nick quickly looks towards Big B and subtly nods at him. Nick then takes it upon himself to reach around B's waist and unlock his tag team title belt, which B had been wearing at the time, and pull it off of him. Nick then takes the belt and places it right into the arms of Nicky, who is still being held by B.

Nick: It's you big guy!

Nicky: Oh my gosh. Wow, this is SOOOOOO cool!

Nick: Hey, you deserve it, buddy. More than anyone like me or B here ever did.

Big B: You said it Nick!

Nick: And not only that...

Nick gets distracted and suddenly stops as he feels a pulling feeling from down on his pants leg. Nick then looks down to see a little girl standing there, tugging on his pants as she looks up at Nick. Nick crouches down to the level of the girl and looks her right

Nick: Well hello there.

Girl: Hi! I really like you too, ya know!

Nick: That's really great to hear. And I like you too.

Girl: You know what one of my favorite parts is? You've got the best entrance song ever!

Nick is completely baffled by this comment, as is made clear by both the expression on his phase and the tone of his voice.

Nick: Really??

Nick, while still kneeling down in front of the girl, looks up to Big B who simply looks back at Nick and, clearly not getting it either, simply shrugs at him. Nick then looks back to the girl who continues on.

Girl: Yeah, the name of your song is Cocky... and that's just another word for poopy!

The girl then immediately starts to giggle gleefully, and Nicky, still in the arms of Big B, bursts into laughter upon hearing this as well. Nick cannot help but laugh at not only the comment, but the kids themselves, while Big B breaks into a hysterical fit of laughter at the same time.

Big B: Oh my gosh! That's so true! That's great! It's POOPY!!!

Big B continues to laugh hysterically and Nick looks back up at his cousin like he's nuts, but also cannot help but laugh at the scene he's causing.

Nick: I think you're even more cracked up by that one then Nicky there, B.

Big B: It's just SOOOO funny though.

Big B continues on with his laughing fit, drawing more chuckles from Nick. Nick then goes to turn back to the little girl he was talking to, but before he can say anything else to her, someone else who cannot be entirely seen walks up and is now towering over them both. Nick looks up as the shot pans out to show Nick's muscle, Tony Capicelli, standing there with a smirk on his face. Tony then leans down a bit to pat Nick on the back.

Tony: Who knew, I guess you's ain't dat all da time tough guy type I's t'ought, huh?

Nick looks rather annoyed by this, and shoots a quick glare in the direction of Tony before turning his attention back to the girl. however, before he can get a word out, Tony chimes in again.

Tony: I mean jeez boss, I knew you's liked dem young, but come on.

The expression on Nick's face changes to that of pure anger, as he turns back towards Tony and the familiar furious look that so many throughout SCW recognize on Nick's face is staring back at Tony. Upon seeing this, Tony takes the hand that he still had resting on Nick's back and quickly pulls it back. He then puts his hands up as he takes a few steps backward.

Tony: Ya know what, I oughta check on da otha' guys. You's have fun ova' here.

Tony retreats to go join up with the rest of the Entourage who are elsewhere throughout the Make A Wish festivities SCW has setup along with plenty of other superstars and children. Nick then turns his attention back to the little girl, who was still waiting there for him, and within an instant a large smile returns to his face. Nick then scoops the girl up and stands up next to B, as Nick and B are quick to introduce her and Nicky to each other, and all four engage in a gleeful conversation full of child-like jokes that Big B gets the most laughs out of, as the night continues on.

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentleman our next match is for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship!

Adams: Wooohooo! The ladies are back in action!

Simone: Calm down there, boy.

The house lights go down, as a golden and black spotlights go over the crowd. "So Beautiful, So Evil" begins to play over the loud speaker. The tron comes to life with a bird's eye view of the great Pyramids on the Giza Strip, only to change to what appears to be the interior of a tomb where we see Necra with eyes closed and they open glowing a blue color, as the scene changes to shots from matches, and her title wins.

Justin Decent: Introducing first weighing in at one hundred twenty seven pounds...From the Isle of the Gods, Greece...The Goddess of the Dead...NECRA OCTAVIAN KANE!

Simone: Necra is really hoping to regain the Roulette Championship tonight, Jason, but Emma Rose has had a stranglehold on that belt since she won it.

Adams: It's all's been doing with Ben Jordan.

Mist starts to roll from around the stage area, as Necra rises up from underneath with Ex at her side, and Sara following behind. Sara has her head lowered never raising her eyes to the crowd. Necra leads a black panther on a leash in front of her, as they head down the ramp way. Necra ignores the fans as they start down the ramp way. They reach the ring, and Necra kisses Ex, and hands the leash to Sara, as she bows. Ex helps her up onto the edge of the ring, and opens the ropes for her. She stands in the middle of the ring, and she raises her hands, only to bring them down, as golden sparkles fall onto the crowd.

Adams: Is it even legal to have that panther here?

Simone: I'm thinking that Necra doesn't care. But, good thing it's on a leash.

"Nobody's business if I... walk, talk, make love, sing... but I'm able to love... Able to live, able to love." As the electric sounds of "Able to love" by Benny Bennasi trickles from the personal address system the video screen roars to life with a very familiar video of Sin City Wrestling's resident Kiwi, Emma Rose.

Adams: Have I ever mentioned what a lucky man Ben Jordan is?

Simone: Several...and please don't mention it again.

As the camera man zooms in on the screen to highlight her video package the lighting in the arena slightly dims down. Pulling back from the video the camera pans down to the top of the ramp to find Emma Rose standing at the top of it, her back is turned to the audience but the sight of her shadowed body is enough to bring the crowd to life. As her theme continues to play Emma confidently holds her Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship up above her head with both hands.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and twenty eight pounds, from Dunedin New Zealand... she is the current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion... Emmmmmaaaa Rooose....

As Justin finishes announcing her Emma turns on her heels, the lights returning to normal as she does so. Resting her prized championship belt over her right shoulder she runs her nails across it, highlighting her name on the nameplate. Making her way down the ramp the New Zealand Bombshell takes her time soaking in the cheers from the fans. Emma makes her way to the steel steps and climbs them slowly, before walking along the ring apron. Lifting her right leg up and over the middle rope Emma teases the fan with a little display of her bottom before lifting her left leg over. Once inside the right Emma taps her championship belt before making her way around the six sided ring, pointing out to all her fans living it up. As her theme and video starts to wind up Emma makes her way over towards the centre of the ring, getting herself ready for tonight's match.

The Roulette Wheel is placed in the center of the ring, with Emma and Necra on either side. Justin Decent stands next to Emma, still holding her Roulette Championship proudly.

Justin: Alright ladies, it's now time to decide the stipulation for tonight's match. Emma, as the champion, you've been given the pleasure of spinning the wheel. Whenever you're ready...

Emma wastes no time. She places her hand on the wheel and sends it spinning. Round and round it goes, passing every stipulation from Street Fight, Evening Gown Mud Match to Regular Rules. It spins and spins until it finally lands on...

Justin: There you have it! The Bombshell Roulette Championship will be defended in a FIRST BLOOD MATCH!

Adams: Oh boy! A first for SCW! This is going to be good!

Simone: Indeed it should be, Jason. We've seen some great matches come from the Roulette Wheel, but this is the first time the First Blood stipulation has been used.

The crowd erupts in a huge pop. Both Necra and Emma don't seem to mind.

Justin: The rules of this match are simple. The ONLY way to win this match is to be the first to draw blood on your opponent!

The Roulette wheel is then quickly removed from the ring as Emma Rose hands the belt off to Drew Patton. He raises the belt up for a few seconds as the crowd cheers, before he hands it off to a ring official and calls for the bell.


Necra and Emma circle one another. Necra has an almost eerie smile on her face as she keeps her eyes locked on Emma and Emma looks almost nervous. The crowd cheers them on as they approach one another, Necra with the obvious height advantage over Emma. Necra holds her right hand up, encouraging Emma to take it but Emma doesn't look so sure.

Adams: Don't do it Emma!

Simone: I don't think she's going to, Jason.

Emma shakes her head, knowing it's a set up and when she goes to back away, Necra nails her right in the side of the head with a hard right fist. Emma crashes down to the mat, holding her temple and Necra slowly stalks her, plotting her next move. As Emma rolls over and tries to get to her feet, Necra delivers a hard boot to her side and Emma crashes back again. Emma tries again to get up, but Necra repeats this process, until Emma is backed into the corner, trying to get to her feet.

Simone: Necra is not holding back tonight it seems.

Necra goes to kick Emma again but the champion quickly grabs a hold of her ankle, bringing the Goddess of the Dead down to the mat. Necra's face bounces off the canvas and Emma quickly slides under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring!

Adams: The way Necra's face smacked off the ring, she could have busted her nose already!

Simone: I don't think Emma is going to be that lucky tonight, Jason. I'm not seeing any signs of blood yet.

Drew Patton looks down at Necra, checking on her, but Necra looks up, insisting she is fine. She turns her attention to Emma on the outside of the ring, narrowing her eyes and glaring at the Bombshell Roulette Champion before she crawls over to the ropes and slides under the bottom rope right behind Emma! The crowd cheers and tries to get Emma to turn around, but when she does Necra grabs a hold of her long red hair and slams her head right against the ring apron! Emma's head bounces off the ring with a sickening thud before it bounces back and Necra does it again!

Simone: Emma has to be seeing stars after that one. Good lord!

Adams: Yeah, the crazy chick writing this has a headache just thinking about it.

Simone: What?

Necra is wearing Emma down rather quickly, causing the champion to see stars. After a few head shots against the ring apron, Necra holds on to Emma by her hair, dragging her over to the steel ring post where she slams Emma's head off of that as well and Emma crumples down to the floor, trying to shake away the stars but she is completely disoriented and Necra begins searching under the ring for something.

Adams: Here we go, Belinda! it's about to get ugly!

This gives Emma the little time she needs to pull herself back to her feet, all be it unsteadily and when Necra turns back around raising a steel chair in hand, Emma delivers a beautiful superkick that sends the steel chair right against Necra's face! The Goddess of the Dead crashes down to the floor, covering her face and Drew Patton quickly makes his way to the outside to check on her. Emma leans her hands on her knees, trying to regain her strength as Drew checks on Necra.

Simone: Good lord! Is Necra busted open? That was definitely a way to do it!

Adams: I think we're about to find out...

Emma walks over to Necra, leaning down and pulling her up by her hair. Necra shows no-signs of bleeding...yet...but Emma is now on the path to change that. She holds Necra down and begins deliver a few knee shots to the face, hoping to bust her nose...anything to draw blood, but it is all in vain. Emma follows the knee shots up with a nasty DDT and Necra's head bounces off the floor and she immediately goes still!

Adams: And that headache just got worse...Necra is out cold!

Simone: This isn't good for Necra, Jason. All Emma needs to do is find some way to make her bleed and it's all over.

Emma gets back to her feet and looks around for anything she can use to make Necra bleed. The crowd cheers her on as she pulls various things from under the ring as Necra slowly begins to move, rolling over on to her back. Drew checks on her, but Necra seems almost confused as to where she is. There are still no signs of any blood so the match continues.

Adams: Necra has been stupified, Belinda!

Simone: Just like you...

Adams: Hey!

Emma stops rummaging under the ring when and she slowly pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. She holds it up and the crowd goes wild!

Simone: Uh oh...I think NOW things are about to get ugly, Jason.

Adams: That's definitely a good way to make someone bleed...I think tonight is going to be one blood filled night, Belinda.

Emma stands over Necra and raises the bat, prepared to bring it crashing down against Necra, but Necra pulls her leg back and kicks Emma hard in the knee causing the champion to drop the bat and lose her footing! She falls forward, holding her knee and Necra sits up quickly, holding something in her hand! Emma raises her head to look at Necra and just as she does, Necra sprays something in Emma's eyes and Emma cries out in pain, furiously trying to wipe whatever it was out of her eyes!

Adams: Not the eyes! How is she supposed to wrestle if she can't see?!

Simone: Perhaps she should have taken pointers from Damien Cruise...

Adams: A lot of good that would have done...

Necra gets back to her feet and stands over Emma, looking down at her as she fights to get her sight back, but nothing helps. Emma is temporarily blinded and Necra bends down, pulling Emma up to her feet by her hair and she tosses her back into the ring under the bottom rope. Drew Patton slides into the ring, checking on Emma as Necra grabs a few things and tosses them into the ring.

Adams: I wonder what's in that bag she just tossed into the ring...

Simone: Why don't you ask Necra?

Adams: I think I'll wait...

The bat, steel chair, and a small bag of some sort is throw into the ring before Necra slides in under the bottom rope. Necra grabs the barbed wire bat first and slowly stalks her way over to Emma with a devious smile on her face. Emma is still somewhat blinded and the crowd is going crazy, knowing what is about to happen. Necra raises the barbed wire bat and just before she brings it down against Emma and ending the match, Emma manages to get enough of a glimpse to see what is about to happen and she rolls out of the way! The barbed wire sticks to the canvas and Necra yells out in frustration, reaching down and grabbing Emma by the ankle!

Simone: Necra is really taking it to the champion tonight.

Adams: Even if it wasn't a first blood match she'd be out for blood!

Emma fights to get away but Necra has a solid hold on her ankle and she drags her over to the steel chair. She lifts Emma up by the leg then brings her knee crashing down against the steel chair and it almost echoes throughout the room! She does this two more times until Emma is clearly in a considerable amount of pain and Necra grabs the steel chair and the bag just a few inches away from it. She sets the chair right by Emma's head and dumps out the contents onto the chair...Thumb tacks!

Adams: That's not good...

Simone: No, it's not Jason.

Necra pulls Emma up to her feet but Emma still has some fight left in her! The champion, even limping on one leg, shoves Necra away from her and against the ropes and when Necra rebounds back, she goes to deliver a clothesline but her knee gives out and she falls forward against Necra. Necra catches her and goes to set her up for the My Fair Lady but Emma somehow fights her way out of it and delivers a few hard punches to Necra's gut, followed by an uppercut that sends the Goddess of the Dead stumbling back against the ropes.

Simone: Emma refusing to get up despite her injured knee. She's definitely got the heart of a champion.

Adams: But will it be enough?

Emma unsteadily gets back to her feet, favoring her right leg but she looks at Necra, determined not to give up! She dares Necra to come at her and Necra has no problem obliging. The two exchange lefts and rights, all while Emma hops around on one leg, and that steel chair covered in thumb tacks is just inches away from them. Emma fights to stay in this one until Necra takes her by the hair and delivers a vicious headbutt that sends her stumbling back and Necra goes after her, and sets her up for the My Fair Lady!

Adams: My guess is not...

She has her positioned right over the steel chair and thumb tacks and as the crowd erupts in loud boos, she brings Emma's head crashing down against the steel chair and the thumb tacks with the My Fair Lady!

Simone: OH MY...The sound was absolutely sickening!

Adams: I think Emma is done for...

Necra gets back to her feet and uses her leg to roll Emma over. One look at Emma and Drew Patton calls for the bell, as she has blood trickling all down her face where a few thumbtacks are sticking.


Justin: Ladies and Gentleman here is your winner and the NEW SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion....NECRA OCTAVIAN KANE!!!

Necra's music hits the sound system as Drew Patton hands her the Roulette belt and raises her arm in victory. She looks down at a motionless Emma with a sick smile on her face before she exits the ring as medical personnel rush down to check on Emma. Emma starts moving, thankfully, as they help her to her feet.

Adams: How is she even standing after that?

Simone: She's not standing without help that's for damn sure...

They help Emma out of the ring and to the back as the crowd claps and cheers the now former champion on the whole way.

Zuri Chastain is standing beside a vending machine as Bryon Maxwell walks up carrying a small child on his shoulders. Zuri glances over at Bryon and a smile comes across her face.

Zuri Chastain: Who do you got there Bryon?

Bryon Maxwell: This is Oliver Riley. He is six years old and is battling cancer. He is part of the Make a Wish.

Zuri Chastain: Hi Oliver

Oliver Riley: Hi

Bryon puts the kid down as he high fives him. Zuri kneels down and gives him a giant hug.

Zuri Chastain: What can I do for you?

Oliver Riley: I want to hang with the Justice twins.

Zuri Chastain: That can be arranged but first I need to take care of some business. Afterwards, we will take you out to dinner then play putt putt golf.

Oliver smiles as Zuri and Bryon walk off with him.

v/o: "Las Vegas, can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?"

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

A hush falls over the casino as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the arena. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well-known theme begins to filter out throughout the arena...

["I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"]

As the popular Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well-known with this theme....

[The Mental Rapist]

Through the crimson mist, the fans can see two people making their way onto the entrance ramp. The arena erupts into boos as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and the evil jezebeth Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Sean is completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

Justin Decent: The following is a Mixed Tag Team Challenge scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 220ibs, he is The Mental Rapist Sean Jackson!

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

His face remains stoic as only God knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese darkling at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring.

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark Vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well-toned legs and cleavage while Jackson is dressed in a black shirt with the HSI logo on the front. He is also wearing black trunks with red HSI lettering with gold trim.

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside, much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena.

Simone: This should be a great match both teams have some very talented competitors in them!

Adams: I know I can?t wait for the match to start but considering who the male half of the opposing team is I bet Sean can!

Pyro goes off as the chorus of "And We Run" blares through the speakers. Katherine comes out and stands in the center of the stage.

Justin Decent: From Fairborn, Ohio , Marisol Hawkes!

The fans give her a mixed reaction as she walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring and stares up the ramp waiting for the match to start while she stretches and paces the ring.

Simone: Wonder what Sean was just whispering to Marisol?

Adams: Probably asking her to start the match!

Justin Decent: And their opponents!

The lights dim and the heavy beat of "Satisfaction" by Benny Benazzi begins playing across the sound system and the crowd starts clapping along. As the lights return, they find Jamie Dean on his hands and knees, twerking his backside, facing away from the crowd. Jamie then jumps to his feet and calls out to the crowd with his arms held wide. He is wearing dark shades, a black color and hot pink bow tie, black vest lined in hot pink and matching loose pants. Jamie proceeds to walk down the ramp way, slapping hands as he goes.

Justin Decent: First, from Lima, Ohio weighing in at 169lbs from the Waist-down, ?Tyrannosaurus Sex? Jamie Dean!

Adams: And here?s why!

Simone: I think most of us figured that out already!

He walks around the entire ring, slapping hands until he reaches the steps and climbs them quickly to the ring apron. Jamie turns his back to the crowd, and with his hands behind his head, he begins twerking his butt off. He then steps halfway through the ropes and first grinds himself along the middle rope, then starts to 'hump' it vigorously. Jamie steps the rest of the way through and moves about the area of the ring, beckoning to the crowd for louder cheers and calling out to them, Sean Jackson in the meantime has taken the opportunity to leave the ring.

Simone: Hey you were right!

Adams: First time for everything!

He removes his shades and then begins to sway his upper body, sliding his vest off. He points to all corners of the building, and whichever side draws the most cheers, Jamie whips his pants off to reveal his trunks. He whirls his pants in the air over his head while grinding his pelvis towards the crowd, before tossing the pants to the outside making sure to aim them at Sean but they barely miss him and he is ready to begin the match.

Justin Decent: And his partner!

Katherine appears on the platform followed by her father. As the electronic beats of her song play, along with a basic light show, she does a little modeling stance, looking back over her shoulder, and lets her father twirl her by the hand.

Justin Decent: From Kent England, Katherine Kensington!

She then does a couple of club-dance-style hand movements as she starts down the ramp, with her father always following close behind. She will occasionally chat with him as they make their way to the ring.

Simone: Don?t let that woman?s snobby attitude fool you, beneath all that is a talented wrestler.

Adams: The exact opposite of every member of The Mean Girls in other words!

Katherine rolls into the ring and joins Jamie in his corner whilst her father stands opposite Vanessa at ringside, as soon as Katherine is close enough, her father starts whispering up to her about her partner, and Katherine nods her head, letting him know that she understands.

Simone: Katherine hasn?t had the best of luck since she made her debut in Sin City Wrestling, but she did defeat Azz n Class member Torielle Jackson last week!

Adams: Now all that?s left is to decide whose starting.

Jacob tries to call both teams to the center to decide who will start the match but it appears that both teams have already made the decision with Jamie starting for his team and Marisol starting for her team.

Simone: This won?t work, SCW has strict rules against Intergender violence and it won?t matter how flamboyant Jamie is!

Adams: Not that it stopped most of the male competitors in the Blast from the Past Tournament earlier this year.

Jacob tries to get Sean to enter the ring but he refuses insisting that Marisol agreed to start the match a claim that Marisol confirms, Jamie watches the proceedings as he leans against the ring ropes with his arms crossed but this gives Vanessa ample opportunity to pull down the top rope causing Jamie to lose his balance and tumble to the outside.

Simone: That?s one way to get around it!

Adams: No kidding!

Katherine enters the ring to check on her partner as he gets back to his feet, almost immediately Marisol charges in and hits her with a Dropkick to the back of the head knocking her down and prompting Jacob to call for the bell.

Simone: The match hasn?t even started and the tandem of Marisol and Sean are already using questionable tactics.

Adams: And now Marisol is going for the cover!

1?.2?.and Katherine is able to get her foot on the bottom rope just in time to break up the pin-fall attempt, undaunted Marisol drags Katherine to the center of the ring and goes for another cover 1?.2?.and Katherine reverses it into a roll-up 1?.2?..and Marisol kicks out in the nick of time.

Simone: We?re barely five minutes into the match and there?s already been three pinfalls between these Bombshells.

Adams: Jacob?s definitely earning his paycheck tonight!

By now Jamie is back on the ring apron and realizes that there?s nothing he can do for the time being other than cheer on Katherine as she and Marisol start exchanging some technical wrestling holds in the middle of the ring whilst Sean does the same for Marisol, after a few minutes Katherine is able to do a handstand out of a headscissor lock and follows it up with a unique pinfall attempt 1?.2?.and Marisol is able to power out of it whilst holding onto Katherine?s waist and hits her with a Gutwrench Suplex.

Simone: Both Bombshells are showing no signs of slowing down right now.

Adams: And that?s bad news for the men as they clearly want in on the action, well maybe Jamie does at least.

Marisol goes for a cover on Katherine 1?..2?..and Katherine kicks out just in time, Marisol wastes time by arguing with the ref about a slow pin-fall despite the fact that she spent a good couple of minutes taunting the crowd after the Suplex giving Katherine ample time to get back on her feet and surprise Marisol with a Reverse DDT.

Simone: Marisol?s inexperience is showing there.

Adams: I bet if it weren?t for the fact that Jamie was Sean?s opponent Sean wouldn?t rely on Marisol to do the dirty work.

Before Katherine can go for a cover however Marisol rolls out of the ring in an attempt to buy herself some time to recover, Katherine?s having none of that however and as soon as Marisol is back on her feet on the outside Katherine surprises her with a Baseball Slide and a Springboard Cross Body Block to the outside that knocks both Bombshells down.

Adams: Flying Bombshells!

Simone: If the men don?t get involved soon then this may as well had been a singles match between Katherine and Marisol!

Katherine gets to her feet and brings up Marisol with her before rolling the British Bombshell back into the ring and following her in, once she?s back in the ring Katherine wastes no time in going for a cover on Marisol 1?..2?..and Marisol still kicks out.

Simone: Nothing Katherine does seem to be able to keep Marisol down for very long!

Adams: And Sean couldn?t be happier about that fact as it means that he doesn?t have to face Jamie!

Katherine picks up Marisol and goes to whip her off the ropes only to get reversed and Marisol goes for a clothesline on the rebound but Katherine ducks, jumps onto the top rope and hits a springboard moonsault onto Marisol!

Simone: Great move by Katherine.

Adams: And I love her pinning combination, reminds me so much of the 69 Position?.


1?.2?.and Marisol kicks out again, this time neither Bombshell gets up and Jacob starts counting the Bombshells out realizing how exhausted they must be from the action so far in this match, at the count of seven Marisol is the first one to her feet and starts making her way to her team?s corner to make the tag to Sean??which he refuses.

Kensington: What are you doing?!

Jackson: If you tag me in I?ll have to face Jamie, you?ll have to put up with Katherine for the whole match!

Simone: What a great partner he is!

Adams: Well he?d better look up because Katherine?s up and she?s making her way to her team?s corner!

Sean realizes what?s happening and tries to tell Marisol to stop the tag but it?s too late for him as Katherine makes the tag and Jamie jumps into the ring.

Simone: This match just got a lot more flamboyant!

Adams: And Sean?s not happy about it!

Sean reluctantly makes the tag to Marisol and enters the ring whilst Jamie does some twerking in the middle of the ring, by the time Jamie?s finished Sean charges in and nearly takes off Jamie?s head with a massive lariat!

Simone: Looks like Sean had nothing to worry about!

Adams: He clearly does as he?s not wasting any time with that cover!

Sean saunters around, but doesn?t see that Jamie is crawling over to tag out. He is seeing stars, but he finds his way to Katherine, tagging her. The crowd cheers a bit as Katherine gets inside of the ring. Sean looks confused as he watches Marisol get inside of the ring. Marisol dashes right over to Katherine with a clothesline attempt, but Katherine ducks it and rolls Marisol up into a Small Package. Sean gets angry and quickly works his way over to the two females. 1?2? Sean pushes the two over so that Marisol has the pin. As the ref scolds Sean, trying to coax him back over to his corner, Jamie stumbles back inside of the ring. He pushes them over once more as the ref turns around to see the pin. 1? 2? Sean comes in to break it up, but Jamie nails him with a hard kick to the groin? 3!!!

Justin Decent: Here are your winners? KATHERINE KENSINGTON, AND JAMIE DEAN!!!

Simone: Jamie wins and Katherine gets her second SCW win!

Adams: And the opposing team isn?t happy!

Jamie and Katherine leave the ring to celebrate as Sean, Sterling and Vanessa check on Marisol.

The cameras switch backstage, and to a hallway, walking along which can be seen an unexpected trio: the three people are Erik Staggs, Simon Jones, and a previously unseen dark-haired female.

Simon: See, Natalie; I told you that it would be worthwhile for you to come to Vegas, so that you could be here for Into The Void.

"Natalie" is Natalie McKinley - the aspiring wrestler that Simon has being trying to help get a contract with SCW.

Natalie: Well, when you told me that I should be here, I did hope that there was more to it than you simply wanting me to be present to witness your final match in SCW; it's good to find out that my optimism was not unreasonable.

Erik: I admit that I was a little skeptical at hiring someone with no experience in the industry, but when you have people like Simon Jones and my nephew in your corner, it is hard to say no. Now, if we could just find him?

Erik looks around as he walks, obviously distracted by his search. He narrows his eyes, spotting a dark haired man standing at the exit with a cigarette in his hand, sneaking a quick break. Erik rolls his eyes as he speeds up his walk. Finding the man to be someone besides his nephew, his look turns to annoyance as he taps the man on the shoulder.

Erik: No smoking inside of the venue. Please and thank you?

Erik pushes the door open for the man, just in time to see Spike leaned against the outside wall. He is staring off into space, clearly distracted as he doesn?t even notice his uncle standing there. Erik gets right in front of him, drawing his attention back to Earth.

Spike: Oh? hey, um? I just needed some time to think, and?

Erik: Well, you?ve made arrangements to speak with Natalie, and no one could find you.

Spike shakes his head apologetically as he looks over to Simon and Natalie standing in the doorway. He walks over to them both, offering each of them a polite handshake at the same time.

Simon: Good evening, Spike. I hope this isn't a bad time.

Simon is first to shake Spike's hand, followed by a slightly in awe Natalie, who smiles politely at Spike.

Natalie: Wow, Spike Staggs; it's a pleasure to get to meet you.

Spike nods his head to both of them as he pushes a smile onto his nervous face. First he looks over to Simon.

Spike: No, it is perfect timing. I?ve been looking forward to meeting with you both all week. How are you doing, Natalie? The pleasure is all mine?

Spike gives Natalie a warm smile of reassurance, despite his obvious initial flightiness.

Natalie: I'm doing good, thanks - in fact, I'm doing better than good, now that I've signed a contract, to become an SCW bombshell.

Natalie casts a glance towards Simon, before looking back to Spike.

Natalie: And I believe that I have reason to be thankful to you: I'm told that you were partly responsible for me being offered that contract. So thank you, Spike.

Spike: No need to thank me. I?m a man who likes to gamble, and I trust Simon?s judgment. If he thinks you could really be something, then I am inclined to give my stamp of approval.

Erik: Yes, you?re a great manager and trainer. You are underrated here in SCW in that regard given the turnover rate of members in NXT?

Spike looks over at his uncle, not exactly thrilled by hearing the truth. Spike blinks for a moment before nodding his head.

Spike: Yes? that is one reason I?m apprehensive about allowing new members into the ranks, but? I?ve just got a feeling? I do hope that you aren?t afraid to train hard?

Natalie opens her mouth to respond - but Simon beats her to it.

Simon: I don't think that you have anything to worry about there, Spike; I've seen Natalie with weights in the gym, and I've seen her practicing in the ring - the intensity with which she trains is unrelentless.

Natalie smiles, as she nervously tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

Natalie: Um...does that answer your question?

Spike: It certainly does. I tend to be cautious in letting people in, but this gut feeling just says? it?s right. I have an eye for potential, but commitment is where I tend to have a blind spot. I don?t ask much, just that you give 100% all of the time.

Spike smirks as if such a thing should be common place in wrestling. He shrugs his shoulders as he awaits response from Natalie.

Natalie: That, I can promise you.

Natalie again glances at Simon, and then looks back to Spike.

Natalie: Besides, after the effort that you and Simon have gone to, I wouldn't dare give anything less.

Simon: So then, Spike, what do you think - do you think that you can find a place for Natalie, in the New XTremes?

Spike sighs, thinking it over carefully. However, upon cracking a smile, it becomes apparent that it was sarcasm. Spike chuckles before nodding his head to confirm it as he steps forward.

Spike: Of course. As long as she puts forth the effort, I will train her to the best of my abilities. We could be looking at a Bombshell Champion in the making?

Erik smiles, giving Spike a nod that suggests he?s proud of his nephew. Natalie gives Simon a hug, thanking him, before turning to Spike to give him one. She is elated as the four walk inside of the building, and the scene fades out.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Justin: The following is a ?Falls Count Anywhere Match?. Introducing first?

Dread & The Fugitive Mind by Megadeath begins to play as TJ Codair walks out from behind the curtain. He slaps the hands of a few fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Justin: From Boston, Massachusetts?.weighing in at 245 pounds?.TJ CODAAAAAAAAAIR!

TJ jumps up on to the apron and slides between the ropes. He raises his arms as the crowd cheers for him.

Justin: And his opponent?

Monster by Skillet starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. His manager, Synn, stands on one side of him, while his valet, and fellow Seven Deadly Sins stablemate, Kittie, stands on the other. They stand at the entrance for a few moments before Rage raises his clenched fist above him, eliciting massive boos from the crowd.

Justin: From Parts Unknown?.weighing in at 300 pounds?.RAAAAAAAGE!

He makes his way to the ring with a dark almost demonic look on his face. Once he gets to the ring, he pulls himself up to the apron, using the second rope, then steps over the top rope to enter the ring. Synn and Kittie take their place on the outside of the ring as Rage looks to the backstage entrance. His music dies down and he waits for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Rage runs and immediately hits TJ with a hard right hand that knocks the Boston native back a few feet. He follows it up by grabbing the shorter Codair by the neck and flinging him head over heels down to the canvas. TJ tries to jump to his feet quickly but is met with a nasty looking boot to the face which knocks him back down. Rage smiles in an evil way before screaming out to the Vegas crowd.

Crowd: BOO!

Adams: The Gold Coast crowd is rooting for Codair in this one and they?re not afraid to let Rage know about it.

The Sin of Wrath picks TJ up by the hair and drags him over to the corner post, slamming his fist repeatedly on the turnbuckle. His wicked smile returns as he grabs Codair and lifts the 245 pounder up in a Gorilla Press Slam. He presses once?.twice?a third time and then finishes it off by tossing TJ over the top rope and down the concrete floor.

Simone: Oh my god!

Adams: I think Rage wants to kill TJ!

Crowd: BOO!

Rage slips between the ropes and hops down to ringside while Jasmine St. John follows closely behind him. He arrogantly walks over to TJ and picks him up, slamming him back first on to the steel railing. He picks him up to his feet, leans him back over the railing and then slaps him hard across the chest.

Crowd: Woo!

He slaps again before grabbing Codair by the back of the head and sending him flipping through the air, landing with his back across the top of the steel steps. TJ screams out in pain before Rage silences him with a devastating looking leg drop across his throat while he is still lying on top of the steps. Rage rips him off of the steps and onto the concrete floor before dropping down and going for the cover. Jasmine drops for the count.



Adams: No! TJ kicks out!

Rage jumps to his feet angrily and grabs Codair. He picks him up and slams his face on the ring apron. He grabs TJ by the arm and goes to whip him in to the steel barricade but at the last second he pulls Codair back in and lifts him off of his feet with a thunderous clothesline.

Simone: I don?t know how much of this TJ can take.

Rage drops for another pin fall attempt and St. John follows for the count.



Adams: Codair gets his arm up!

A frustrated Sin of Wrath picks TJ up by his head but finally, Codair shows some signs of life by way of slamming a fist in to the gut of Rage. He follows that up with a few harder hitting closed fist shots to the bread basket, which knocks the big man back a few steps. He goes for a big shot but Rage blocks it and grabs him by the head.

Simone: Oh so close?

Rage takes Codair and throws him over the steel barricade and in to the crowd. He hops over himself as Jasmine. St. John follows. He grabs TJ by the arm and drags him across the concrete floor towards an exit door and fans scamper back, afraid of getting caught in the middle of Rage?s wrath. He takes TJ and slams him face first into the wall near the emergency exit. He then takes him slams his head against the steel fire-proof door, swinging it wide open into the back service hallway of the Gold Coast Casino and Hotel.

Adams: This thing is getting crazy!

Simone: The falls are counting everywhere, Jason!

Rage goes to grab TJ but Codair reacts on instinct and trips Rage to the floor. The big man jumps up to his feet but TJ is right there and lands a European uppercut to the chin of Rage which knocks him back into a set of double steel doors. Seizing his moment, TJ launches at Rage with a tackle that sends both men tumbling through the heavy fire doors and rolling in to a commercial kitchen inside of the hotel. Completely surprised and caught off guard, the cooks and dishwashers frantically move out of the way as both men continue to brawl. They trade hard shots, over and over, until TJ grabs a frying pan and smacks Rage across the face.


Adams: Oh that had to hurt!

Rage hunches over and TJ swings the pan again, this time landing across the back of his foe. Rage falls forward and accidentally touches a hot oven, burning his hands.


TJ tries to capitalize by swinging the frying pan for a third time but grabs a handful of flour and chucks it into the eyes of Codair. He swings the pan blindly a bit as he is unable to see Rage, giving the former Heavyweight Champion a chance to recover from the hot oven. He kicks Codair in midsection and then sends him head first through a swinging door in to the middle of a restaurant. They continue to brawl as dinner guests look on in horror as to what they see; Codair covered in flour and Rage with second degree burns on his hands. As they fight on Jasmine apologizes to an old couple for interrupting their meal.

Simone: This is getting out of hand.

Adams: I think TJ looks fantastic like that!

The men push past the patrons and in to the bar. Rage picks up a cocktail tray and slams it over the head of Codair. TJ falls to one knee as Rage brings the tray and knocks him under the chin, knocking him out cold. He staggers for a moment, dropping the tray, and drops to the marble floor to cover him up. Jasmine follows suit and makes the count.




Adams: He?s alive!

Simone: Codair kicked out!

A frustrated Rage rolls his eyes when he realizes he has to keep fighting. He peels TJ up from the floor and goes to the throw him into the bar but at the last second, TJ reverses. He pulls him in tight, lifts him up on his shoulder, and charges straight ahead.

Simone: Wait a second?

Adams: He?s not gonna?.


TJ and Rage fly through a pane glass window into the hallway, outside of the bar. People scream in horror as they watch both men struggle to their feet. Both TJ?s face and Rage?s back are littered with small pieces of glass and bits of blood. Codair clearly looks like he got the worst of what he just carried out. TJ swings wildly and misses and Rage laughs at him. He grabs the Boston native by the throat, lifts him up, and chokeslams him down to the floor. He struts around arrogantly, showing off how he?s won, before putting his foot on TJ?s chest. Jasmine drops down for the count.




Crowd: POP!

Adams: Rage can?t believe it!

Rage angrily grabs Codair by the back of the head and pummels him in the face, over and over and over again. He picks him, punches him in the stomach, and then whips him into an oncoming cocktail waitress. TJ?s momentum takes him through the waitress, sending hr tray of drinks crashing down to the floor. Rage runs over and grabs him but TJ strikes back with a surprise low blow.

Crowd: POP!

Capitalizing on is newly found momentum, TJ grabs Rage and drags him over to a large, steel, slot machine. He takes him by the back of the head and repeatedly slams his head in to the front of the machine.


He pulls back Rage?s head and the Sin of Wrath?s eyes roll back in to his head and blood begins to spew out of his nose. With one more burst of fury, Codair slams Rage?s head one more time on the slot machine prompting the dials to start spinning. One by one they stop moving?


The machine begins to light up and flash and music begins to play. Codair cracks a smile as Rage slumps over.

TJ: Jackpot?bitch.

Crowd: POP!

He grabs Rage and pulls him back, leaning his body forward and setting him up for his patented Spinning Reverse STO.

Simone: It?s ?OBLIVION? time!

Adams: This could be it?!

At the last second, Rage powers out and hits TJ with a make shit backbreaker. He then pulls TJ over to a nearby Roulette table. Rage steps up on to the table and with blood flowing down his face, he screams out one more time.

Adams: Uh oh?

Rage lifts TJ up and sets him up for a tombstone piledriver. He launches up in to the air and crashes down through a roulette wheel, send Codair?s neck in to his spine in the process.


Simone:Oh my god!

Adams: ?THE DEATH DROP?! Right through the table!

Rage, spent from the brawl, slumps over on top of the fallen Codair as Jasmine drops for the count.





Justin: Here is your winner?..RAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!

Simone: Rage may have won, Jason, but I?m not sure there was a winner there.

The scene cuts with the Into the Void ?make a wish? logo and the video section. Roxi Johnson is seated in a chair talking about her experience.

Roxi: I met Angela through make-a-wish a few months ago. When, I was asked by Make-a-wish to come see her. Angela is 7 years old, and she has leukemia.

Photos of the young girl are shown, most of her as an infant with a breathing tube in her nose .

Roxi: Her mother said, she saw it when Angela dropped a lot of weight, and started losing energy, and didn?t act like a little kid. And it broke my heart, to hear about a little girl, not being able to play with her friends, or things like that, it?s a luxury that a lot of people take for granted.

We see Roxi knocking on the door to Angela?s house. Angela?s mother answers the door, and Roxi soon meets Angela and Angela squeals in delight. Clapping her hands and jumping up and down. The two share a big hug.

Roxi: When I met her, I saw the look on her face, the absolute joy in her eyes, it was overwhelming for me. All because I was there. I never in a million years would think I would see a child?s face light up like that.

Roxi watches as Angela plays with toys, does her homework, with Roxi high fiving her after getting a question right.

Roxi: And she was?so cool. You wouldn?t know she has anything wrong with her. She was so nice and upbeat. I was so shocked that she wanted to meet me. I actually asked her why she picked me, and she said? ?Because you help people? And? And I almost broke down and cried right then and there.

Cut to Roxi and Angela running around a playground, having a good time.

Roxi: We spent a lot of time together, we played at the park, and we fought the bad guys and saved the world. Well, she did, I was just so proud to be her sidekick. I actually bought two phones, a special line between the two of us so she can call me, and I?ll do the same for very a few times a week.

Footage of Roxi answering her special phone after a recent match

Roxi: Hi Angela! I miss you!

Back to Roxi in the studio.

Roxi: She went in for her last treatment a few days ago, and she called me, and said ?last one, and then I?m gonna be a superhero like you.? And uh? I said? I said that?s great, but you?re already a superhero.

Tears stream down Roxi's face as we cut to see Roxi knocking on the door of Angela?s house, where Roxi has a question for Angela.

Roxi: Angela, I have a question.

Angela: Okay!

Roxi: Can you help me with something?

Angela: Okay!

Roxi: Okay, well you?re the only one I can trust, so I need you to be my flower girl, can you do that?

Angela: Yes! I?ll help you.

Roxi: Thank you so much! And afterward, I want you, and your parents to come to see SCW on Sunday. I want you to be my guest. Can you do that too?

Angela puts her hands on her hips?

Angela: You?you want a lot!

Roxi bursts into laughter.

We see Roxi?s wedding from last Thursday.

Roxi: It gave me so much joy to see Angela as the flower girl for my wedding. She was so happy, so full of life. And now she knows she?s my superhero. It was a great feeling and? and I uh? I will always cherish it.

Roxi wipes a tear from her eyes. We cut back to live crowd.

Wasting no time, Delia can be heard shouting through a microphone from behind the curtains. The ring crew quickly steps out with the runway, attaching it to the ring apron as the curtain flies to the side. Girls wearing ?Burn Book? printed ninja suits come flipping down the runway. There are six of them. However, about seven more come from different parts of the crowd, eventually making their way to the ring. They crawl inside of the ring and looks around until a red spotlight begins flashing at the ceiling. Delia is seen straddling a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling. She is wearing a pair of revealing fishnets and silver studded boots that gleam in the flashing lights. The motorcycle slowly lowers as Delia shouts into the microphone at the crowd of Mean Ninjas inside of the ring. She is wearing a trench coat that keeps her outfit a secret. The wind blows it around as the bike slowly spins, landing in the center of the crowd. Once she is safe inside of the ring, she is seen wearing a half mask that hides her face, black lip stick, and mostly black hair held into two ponytails. One of her eyes is pure white, while the other is completely black. She is wearing a tiny top hat that is pinned to her head. She looks from side to side before dropping the trench coat to reveal a silver top that shoots out sparks as she roars into the microphone.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall? Making her way to the ring, from Paris, France by way of Miami, Florida... standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing in at 135 pounds, she is? DEEEEEEEEELIIIIIIAAAAAAAA!!!

The audience continues to boo as the minions bow down to her. She is wearing a one piece show girl style black suit, the corset portion is studded silver to match her boots as she glares around at the audience. As she turns, she has a black bow with a silver skull and crossbones on her backside that is only revealed as her cape flutters in the slowing wind. She leans over to face Justin Decent, motioning for a microphone. She paces back and forth, letting the cape continue to wave before speaking in a growling low tone voice that is unlike her own.

Delia: Tonight? I happily play z?e villainess z?at you all have made me out to be. I will take down your precious hero Roxi Johnson, better known as? Lady Bedlam! Yes? You see, tonight, SCW will lose all hope. I will extinguish z?e flame, and you only have yourselves to blame for it? My minions of darkness, disperse and spread z?e terror to z?e backstage area! Z?is is only z?e beginning!

Delia drops the microphone down to the ground as explosions are heard. The 13 ninjas rush backstage, ready to inflict chaos as Delia grins wickedly. She saunters around the ring as the fans boo her. She waves the boos in as she waits for Roxi Johnson to come out.

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage. She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere.

Justin: And her opponent. From Tampa, Florida?she is the ?Superhero??Roxi Johnson!

She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to cheers from the audience.

Simone: Roxi Johnson looks be the first one to knock off the Mean Girl and resident SCW bitch, Delia Darling.

Adams: Why, Belinda, That?s not very nice.

As Drew Patton turns to call for the bell Darling kicks Johnson right in the gut while Roxi isn?t looking.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darling continues to work on the gut of Johnson, kicking and punching the former Bombshell Champion into the corner. As Johnson backs up into the turnbuckle, Delia runs in with a corner splash. Darling whips Johnson into the opposite turnbuckle and this time she runs up and hits a fast hurricanrana, flipping Johnson over before he knows what happened.

Simone: She goes for the quick cover.



Adams: Three!

Simone: No! Roxi kicked out!

Darling kicks Johnson in the face, which knocks her right back down to the ground. She bounces off of the ropes and hits a rolling senton bomb over the mid-section of Johnson.

Adams: Looks like Delia learned how to wrestle!

Simone: Don?t let her Mean Girl ways fool you, Delia is as aggressive in the ring as anyone.

Adams: Who?s fooled? She?s undefeated!

As Roxi gets up, Darling charges at her but she is met with a hard elbow right in the face. As Delia steps back in a quick haze Johnson lunges at her with a hard clothesline that sends the Mean Girl down to the ground. Johnson picks Delia up and throws her into the corner with a hard Irish whip.

Adams: That has to hurt!

As Delia lays up against the turnbuckle, Johnson walks over but the crafty Delia quickly reverses the situation by hitting Roxi with a bitch slap across the face. She throws Johnson in to the corner and puts hers boot on the neck of Roxi and pushes in hard choking her. Drew Patton walks over and starts the count.


Delia breaks the hold just before Drew Patton gets to the five count. She walks back the center of the ring and taunts the crowd.

Crowd: BOO!

She runs back over and kicks Roxi right in the mid-section as she tries to get up off the mat, which sends her right back down. Again Delia taunts the crowd and they shower her with boos. She turns her attention back toward the former Bombshell Champion and waits for her to stumble to her feet. As she does, Delia grabs her and shoves her head between her legs. She lifts her vertical, with Roxi?s feet pointing straight to the sky, and then sends her crashing down on the top of her head with a picture perfect Spike Piledriver.

Adams: What technical prowess!

With Roxi lying limp on the floor, Delia goes to make the cover. Patton drops to the canvas to make the count.


Simone: Roxi kicked out!

At the last second Roxi throws up her shoulder and a pout comes over the face of Delia Darling. She peels Johnson up off of the mat and leads her over to one of the six corners. She slams her head a few times in to the top turnbuckle and then, grabbing her arm, pulls her in for a hellacious looking clothesline. As Roxi drops to the mat with her eyes rolled to the back of her head, Delia strikes a pose for the crowd.

Crowd: BOO!

She picks Johnson up again, this time setting her up for a neckbreaker, She spins her head around and she goes to drop down, Roxi grabs Delia?s hair to block to the move. She tightens her grip and Delia screams out in pain and has no choice but to let go of Roxi. As the Mean Girl turns around, Roxi runs in and hits her with hard flying forearm, which drops her down on her back. Delia gets up in a bit of a daze and Roxi is perched waiting for her. Johnson lifts her up, spins her around, and sends her crashing down to the mat with an impressive looking Blue Thunder Bomb. She pins Delia?s shoulders down to the mat with her feet and Drew Patton drops to his knees to make a count. The crowd counts along with him.


At the last second Delia manages to get her arm free and throw her shoulder up.

Simone: We almost had a quick ending, Jason.

Adams: That?s why I love this sport! It doesn?t get much more exciting than that.

Roxi springs to her feet in time to catch Delia with a boot to her face as she gets to her knees. Roxi sees Delia laid out flat on her back and looks to the crowd, raising her arm up and screaming out to her fans.

Crowd: POP!

She hops over the fallen Delia Darling and launches at the ropes. She springboards herself high up into the air, flipping over and landing across the chest of Delia with a patented Lionsault.

Simone: Wow! Did you see that? This audience is starting to really get behind her!

Roxi hooks the leg, looking to put away her opponent. Drew Patton makes the count.



Crowd: Three!

Simone: No! Delia kicked out again!

Adams: What resilience by the French born Bombshell!

Roxi shows a bit of frustration after Delia kicks out again. She picks Darling up and scoops her in to a body slam before dropping an elbow on her throat. She goes for another quick cover but Delia kicks out immediately. Roxi gets to her feet and picks Delia up by her hair. She stands her up straight up and smacks her across her chest with a swift chop.

Crowd: Wooo!

She grabs Delia by the head and throws her sideways at the ropes, causing Darling to fall through them and down to ringside. Roxi calls out to the crowd before running and flying through the ropes, knocking Delia back down with a suicide dive and crowd goes nuts.

Crowd: POP!

Roxi stumbles to her feet. She grabs Delia who is on one knee and slams her face in to the steel barricade twice. She goes to do it a third time but sees Angelica out of the corner of her eye. She drops Delia and turns her attention toward the Mean Girl valet. As Roxi walks up toward her, Angelica shoves her hand in to her face. Roxi smacks it away and the two get in each other?s face, just in time for Delia to run in and slam a fist in to the back of Johnson?s head. All of this while Drew Patton is counting.
Delia grabs the former Bombshell Champion and slams her face right in to the ring post. As Roxi drops to all fours, Delia launches a boot right in to her mid section and then blows Roxi a kiss as she hunches over in pain. She steps on to Roxi?s face and walks over her, laughing as she pushes her weight down on to her, as Drew Patton continues to count.

Simone: Delia is getting vicious now?

Adams: The more I watch this match, the more I hate her?

Delia picks Roxi up her hair and then throws her up in to the ring. She walks elegantly up the steps and then slip in between the ropes. She steps on the back of Roxi before grabbing her arm and hooks her into a hammerlock and Roxi screams out in pain. Delia arrogantly lets go and then prances around the ring to a chorus of boos.

Crowd: BOO!

As Delia prances around, she waits too long and allows Roxi to get to her feet. She goes in to attack Johnson but Roxi goes for a front kick. Delia grabs her foot, blocking the kick, and waves her finger back and forth to Johnson. Out of anger, Roxi jumps up and flips over, kicking Delia in the back of the head.

Simone: Enziguri kick!

As Delia gets to her feet, Roxi runs over and jumps up, springboarding herself off of the top rope and hitting a flying kick right to the chin of Darling.

Simone: RAY OF HOPE! Roxi?s done it! She?s beaten the undefeated streak!

Roxi runs over and quickly covers up Delia. Just Drew Patton is about to drop for the cover, Angelica hops up on to the apron distracting him. He walks over tell her to get down but she acts innocent. Fed up with her, Roxi gets up and runs over to hit Angelica but she hops down off the apron just in time. An annoyed Roxi turns back around to find Delia?s boot in her stomach.

Adams: What out!

Delia grabs Roxi and shoves her head between her legs. She lifts her up high on to her shoulders in a powerbomb position and then runs toward a corner, launching Johnson in to the turnbuckle.


As Roxi bounces out of the corner Delia lifts her up and flips her over with a beautifully executed Bridging Fall-Away Slam.

Adams: Cutie Special!

Drew drops to the mat for the count.



Justin: Here is your winner and STILL UNDEFEATED!....Deeeeeeeeeeeeeelia Daaaaarling!

Angelica gets in the ring and celebrates with Delia as Roxi can?t believe she just lost.

Adams: The streak lives on folks, for better or for worse.

Simone: For worse, unfortunately.

We find our way backstage in the office area of the Gold Coast Casino of Las Vegas. As we work our way through the halls, we find a door marked ?Hot Stuff Mark Ward?. It is slightly cracked as Mark Ward himself walks up to the door. He takes a second to look at the door curiously before he slowly opens it. His curiosity is answered quickly as he sees three men sitting down around his desk, with stacks upon stacks of papers. He has a cup of coffee in his hand and he takes an obnoxiously loud sip to alert the murmuring tandem of his presence. The first to turn around is Erik Staggs, quickly followed by Horace Jackson and his lawyer, Tony Childress. Mark shakes his head, clearly aggravated by their presence. He walks around and sits down at his desk, ready to become ?all business?.

HS: Do I even need to ask what ya lot are doing in my office? Especially someone I could have thrown out of here because he?s technically suspended?

Erik stops and stares at Mark, and the two look as if they are ready to go to war with one another. Erik narrows his eyes, as does Mark. However, after a few seconds of tension, Erik cracks a smirk as he pounds a folder with a stack of papers inside, right in front of Mark.

Erik: Well, it appears that we?ve got ourselves a negotiation here. I?ve gone over our rulebook here with Mr. Childress for the better part of two weeks, and we?ve found some rather interesting things.

Mark gulps a bit, but does his best not to let on that he is nervous. He takes in a deep breath and then smirks as he casually asks Erik a question.

HS: Yeah? Why don?t ya save us both a bunch of time and tell me what it is ya found? Or else we?ll likely miss the entire show tonight, sitting around reading bullshit rules and regulations.

Erik: Well, that just depends. Do you want me to tell you, or do you feel like getting lawyered tonight?

HS: I always did enjoy a good argument. Might as well have one with a guy who gets paid to do so.

Mark gets a cocky smirk on his face as he slowly turns, letting his eyes rest firmly on Horace in a taunting manner before slowly working his way over to Tony. He cups his hands together and rests his chin on top of them before giving a quick nod for Tony to proceed. Tony Childress glances at Mark Ward before clearing his throat. He looks down at his notes and begins.

Tony Childress: Mr. Ward, are you aware that you didn't have just cause to suspend my client? Did you truly read the fine print from the SCW Roulette #1 contender contract that Horace Jackson had won at Chaos in Cape Town? I also want to know Mr. Ward if you knew the moment you provoked my client you lost all powers to suspend him. Tell Mr. Ward, how long were you going to continue this masquerade ball?

Tony pauses from his notes to glance back up at Mark. Mark narrows his eyes as a smile spreads across his face. He waits for Erik Staggs to interject, but seeing that he?s allowing Tony his time to speak, Mark chuckles.

HS: That?s a lot of fancy talk for saying your boy there violated our policy that supersedes the title contract clause. My ?bullying? had nothing to do with his hot temper that caused him to put my life in danger.

Erik: Yes, but you also decided to encroach on his right to a safe and warm work environment, free of harassment? That is where the issue lies, Mark?

Erik locks eyes with Mark, as if deciding that he was going to press the issue as far as he could now. However, this is when Tony decides to explain things a little more in depth.

Tony Childress: That is where we have an issue Mark Ward. I reviewed the footage from that night and if you watch very closely. You can see your finger jabbing right into my client's chest. Therefore Mr. Ward, my client was only reacting to your inappropriate touching of my client. It also shows that you didn't read your own title contracts. This particular shot can only be revoked if all three members of the front office says so. In other words Mark, you were pissed that my client won his match fair and square. You suspended my client Mark for your own personal gain. It had nothing to do with your policy. In fact, there is nothing in your by laws that gave the just cause to suspend my client.

Tony looks over at Erik before walking over to the water fountain. Erik turns to Mark with a bit of a smirk spread across his face, challenging Mark to come back from that. Mark folds his hands in front of himself on the desk as he glances over to Tony.

HS: He struck me, so I got every right to suspend him. My finger poking his chest is a lot more than him hauling off and hitting me. I could have pressed charges, but I settled for suspending his worthless arse. Do we really need to bring my lawyer into this, or can you just back off and let it be?

Erik: What about Gabriel? He put Christian in the hospital, yet he?s got a match tonight. Do we ever want to get into the obvious favoritism going on here?

Tony closes his notebook and sets on the chair. He then places both of his hands on the desk as he looks directly into Mark Ward's eyes.

Tony Childress: Tell me something Mr. Ward, if my client is so "worthless" then explain all the fan mail Horace gets from fans all over the world. This whole situation isn't because he attacked you. It's because he won his match and was going to be a bigger name than "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward. Odette Stevens also attacked Christian Underwood and she as a title shot. My client barely grazed you and you suspend him without just cause.

Before Tony could finish, Bridgette and Vivian walk into Mark Ward's office. They have little Harvey Petraeus with them. Tony looks at the child then back at Mark.

Tony Childress: Mark, you look that kid in the eye and tell him why his favorite superstar is on the sidelines. You look that kid in the eye and tell him that his favorite superstar is worthless. You look that kid in the eye and tell him that Horace Jackson will never receive his title shot. Mark, why don't you tell all the kids, who look up to Horace Jackson, that he is worthless.

Tony stands back up as little Harvey Petraeus jumps into Horace's arms. The little boy looks at Mark Ward with a hurtful feel in them.

Harvey Petraeus: You are worthless Mr. Ward. My hero did nothing wrong. I wish Horace Jackson and his family would be reinstated.

Harvey buries his face into Horace's shoulder. Tony shakes his head toward Mark.

Tony Childress: I hope your ego is satisfied. I hope HSI is satisfied. I hope your fans don't bail on you after you get what you want.

Horace finally speaks up.

Horace Jackson: Mark, you keep thinking that I am some rookie. You forgot that I have 16 years in this business. You?re not the first egocentric, narcissistic jack-o-lantern who throws his power around like it was an energy ball. The fact is this you were pissed that you lost and you needed a scapegoat. Like my lawyer said, you look Harvey Petraeus in the eyes and tell him that I am worthless.

Tony crosses his arms in front of his chest while glancing over at Erik. Erik clears his throat and gives a quick nod of acknowledgement before he turns to Mark. He is about to speak, when Harvey looks at Mark and says in a very adult tone.

Harvey Petraeus: Please, Mr. Ward? I want to see Horace Jackson back inside of an SCW ring. I didn?t get to submit my wish for tonight, but that is my wish. Horace is my idol, and I want to see him wrestle, just one more time?

The urgency in Harvey?s voice brings a hush over the room. Even Mark can?t sneer at the request, but he remains silent, seeming to not want to budge on his decision. Erik lowers his eyes for a moment before slowly looking Mark in the eye.

Erik: Now come on Mark? You can?t really be so heartless, can you? On tonight of all nights?

HS: Dammit, Staggs? that?s a low blow, mate.

Mark takes in a deep breath as he taps his thumbs together on the desk. He waits for someone to break the silence, giving in, and when that doesn?t happen, he sighs out almost painfully.

HS: Alright then? Let?s discuss terms here?

Harvey gasps in excitement, as he is joined by Erik clapping his hands together loudly. Bridgette and Vivian wrap their arms around Horace in celebration as Mark rolls his eyes. We fade out of the office.

Just outside of the Grand Ballroom in the Gold Coast Casino, where 'Into the Void III' was currently being held, the fans are treated to the familiar faces of the still reigning SCW Tag Team Champions, Despayre and Big B, as they are surrounded by some very familiar faces. Despayre's mother Margaret, and Grandmother Victoria, are joined by the other members of the Sins stable, including Rage, Sxxxy Shane Boswell, Fantasia and Synn himself. While Big B is with his cousin, Nick Jones and the members of Nick's Entourage, Diana, Tony, Max and Jimmy.

Despayre is hopping up and down on the soles of his feet, his pale skin still glistening from the post-match shower following his and Big B's successful championship defense. His excitement is clearly for his personal guests, his mom and grandma.

Despayre: We won, mom! We won! We won! We won!

Margaret laughs as she tries (unsuccessfully) to reign in her 'little boy's enthusiasm. Even after a career that's been a fair few years in length, Despayre gets just as excited by a victory now as when he first started competing.

Margaret: I know sweety. You and your friend did very good out there.

Despayre continues to hop up and down, his face beaming in pride and pleasure at his mom's compliments. His eyes went right to his grandma Victoria and he gave her a most hopeful expression.

Despayre: Did you see? Hm? Did you see us win?

Victoria smiles and reaches forward to caress her grandson's cheek with her fingertips.

Victoria: Of course we did sweetheart. Your mother and I were right there in front row, cheering you on.

Despayre: I bet you cheered the loudest out of everyone! Huh?

Despayre nods and his mother taps him on the shoulder to better get his attention.

Margaret: Joshy? Are you going to introduce us to your friends?

Despayre: Hm? But you already know everyone.

Synn: I think she means...

Synn twirls his forefinger around to get his son to turn around and find the expectant faces of Big B and company. Despayre laughs and claps his hands.

Despayre: Oh yeah! I knew that's what you meant! I was just testing you! Mom! Gramma!

Despayre takes both women by the arms (as a gentleman should) and presents them to a smiling Big B.

Despayre: This hear is my buddy Bernie!

Nick snorts at the use of the nickname that his cousin is none too fond of but hasn't the heart to tell the timid Despayre to end the use of it. Instead, Big B extends a hand towards Margaret and then Victoria.

Big B: You can just call me B. It's easier to remember.

Big B blinks and shakes his head in consideration.

Big B: I know it is for me.

Despayre hops over to B's side and pats him enthusiastically on the back and shoulder with a bright smile.

Despayre: Bernie here is my tag team partner now! Now that Gabriel is gonna take the singles division by storm again!

Diana unceremoniously clears her throat, expecting the rest of them to get an introduction as well, not that she cares. She simply dislikes being ignored. Despayre leans past Big B's thick upper body to look at her with wide eyes and he shakes his head.

Despayre: Do you need me to run to the gift shop for some cough drops?

Not wanting any drama with the two women in Despayre's life present, Synn steps in and motions a hand towards Nick and his group.

Synn: Margaret. Victoria. This is Nick Jones. His lady friend Diana. Tony Capicelli...

Despayre: Bernie and I both beat him in matches!

Tony is about to speak up over Despayre's pointing out the past, but an elbow delivered by Nick to his forearm silences him. Even a wise ass like Nick who cares nothing for what anyone thinks would sass in front of someone's mom or, more importantly, grandma. Synn finishes the introductions.

Synn: And Max and their agent, Jimmy.

Nick suddenly finds his arm snatched by his little nightmare and before he can even cry out a startled protest, Despayre pulls him over to his side and claps an arm around his shoulder, never minding Nick's sudden statue-like posture.

Despayre: Nick here is my buddy too! He can be a little hot headed but he's an okay Joe... even though his name is Nick and not Joe!

Just then, and much to Nick's relief and stress level, Gabriel comes to the unintended rescue as he slips through the gathering and sets a hand on Despayre's shoulder.

Despayre: THERE you are! Where've you been? You didn't miss me and Bernie's match, did you?

Gabriel: `Course not Despy. I saw everything. Knew you and B would have no trouble putting away those clowns.

Gabriel grips his shoulder and gives it an affectionate squeeze while leaning in.

Gabriel: I have a surprise for you Despy.

Despayre's eyes lit up with child-like wonder, always ready to be the recipient of a surprise.

Despayre: For me? For winning?

Gabriel shakes his head.

Gabriel: No. That'll have to come later. This is something a lot more special. Something to do with the charity event. Someone else you might remember wants to see you again and congratulate you.

Despayre: Whooo?

Gabriel: Like I said. It's a surprise. Turn around.

rather than turn around, Despayre instead simply closes his eyes. This prompts a snort from Gabriel who shakes his head.

Gabriel: Noooo! That's not going to work this time, Despy. You peek! Now, turn around.

With a huff, Despayre does as told while everyone else watches on. Gabriel starts to move toward the hall off to the side of the lobby but stops and turns around. Even though Despayre's back was turned, Angel's plush face is peering over Despayre's shoulder and looking right in his direction. Playing along, Gabriel calls out.

Gabriel: You too!

Despayre: Awww!

But Despayre obliges, lowering Angel and turning the teddy bear around in his arms. Everyone watches with interest as Gabriel signals to someone down the hall, and only moments later, their curiosity is answered as a wheelchair is pushed up from the hall where the elevators are. In the wheelchair is a young, pre-teen girl dressed in pink pajama pants and an oversized "Beware the Stare" T-shirt. She is on oxygen and her wheat colored hair is pulled back into two braids at the sides of her head. Those watching can not help but see the certain physical characteristics of one associated with autism or cerebral palsy. An older woman, perhaps her mother, is pushing her and stops just a yard behind where Despayre has his back turned.

Gabriel clears his throat.

Gabriel: Okay Despy. You can look now.

Despayre quickly turns around with an eager smile on his face, and sets eyes on the young girl in the wheelchair. They all watch with anticipation when Despayre's eyes grow wide and his smile even wider. He hops backwards three spaces, then he starts to dance around in a circle, causing the girl to laugh and clap her hands. Despayre stops his circle dance and stares at her with those wide, gray eyes and his mouth wide open. he bends at the waist and hops forward once, then back two more times and resumes his dancing about in a wide circle.

Despayre: It's Becky! Becky Beck Becky!

The little girl continued to laugh and clap as she called out.

Becky: Despayre and Angel! Ha haaa!

Margaret moves in just close enough to whisper to Gabriel as her son rushes up to Becky and gives her a hug.

Margaret: Who is she?

Gabriel answers as Despayre offers Becky a hug from Angel, one she accepts quite quickly!

Gabriel: Becky Nees. We met her and her mother a few years ago when we first started wrestling in the Asylum Wrestling Alliance at our first fan meet. Her mom brought her up to our booth so she could meet him. Despy was terrified of meeting anyone that day... except her. Kid didn't think twice about hugging her or posing for a picture with her.

Victoria: What's wrong with her, if I may ask?

Gabriel: Kid's been through hell. Cerebral palsy, and she was diagnosed with leukemia a year before we met her. As I understand it, she's been in remission for a year now.

Victoria: Bless her heart...

Margaret: And Joshy remembers her?

They turn their heads to see Despayre break away from his third straight hug from Becky to dance around in circles again while the young girl claps and laughs while everyone watches with smiles, even Nick himself. Gabriel smirks.

Gabriel: Yeah. I think he does.

The lights turn to a blue filter and we can hear the opening drums from ?Burning Down The House? by the Used. The crowd jumps to their feet and they begin to cheer as ?Mr. Showtime? Drake Green steps out on to the stage. He lifts his arms up and down, motioning for the packed beach to get up on their feet and cheer.

Crowd: POP!

Adams: Welcome back to Las Vegas, Mr. Showtime!

Green, with a large smile, stands tall in long orange wrestling tights with three black stars on each leg and orange boots with orange kick-pads on the front which have the ?Male? symbol on them in black. He is wearing orange wristbands and a black, skin tight, t-shirt with his ?Male Symbol? logo on the front and ?Greatest Show On Earth? written on the back. He raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings.

#Watch out
#You might get what you're after
#Cool babies?#Strange but not a stranger
#Burning down the house

Adams: Green looks poised here tonight, Belinda.

Simone: He certainly has an air of confidence about him tonight, Jason. That?s for sure.

Adams: Why wouldn?t he, Belinda? He?s the Man of the People!

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCW Heavyweight Championship... Introducing first, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 230 pounds, he is... ?MISSSSTER SHOWWWWTIME? DRRRRRRAKE GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!

Drake trades handshakes and hugs with several of the fans in the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring. He stops at a small child with a ?Make A Wish? t-shirt on and gives him a hug before walking around the entire ring, making sure he says hello to all the fans at ringside. Finally, he hops onto to the apron and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms again for the crowd. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone.

Drake: Helloooo Las Veeeeeegas!

Crowd: POP!

Drake: It?s been a while but let me see if I still got it?Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...welcome to the show!

Crowd: Even louder POP!

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am your Main Event Maker and I got just one question for ya. What time is it?!

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: People of Las Vegas, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IS IT?!


Drake holds his left arm up and balls his hand in to a fist.

Drake: I was told I would never wrestle again. I was told by ?Hot Stuff? Mark Ward that I would never touch the SCW Heavyweight Championship again.

Crowd: BOO!

Drake: Well guess what Las Vegas, look where we are. We?re reaching for the impossible. We?re reaching for the impossible just like some of the members of our audience tonight. There are millions of children who are told every year that they won?t be able to do something. Every day they?re reminded of what they?

Drake holds up air quotes with his free hand.

Drake: ?can?t do. Well I?ll tell you what we can do. We can stand up together, we can unite, and together we can help children all over the world. With just a simple text?you and I can change the world together.

?TEXT ?SCW WISH? TO 99909? comes up on the screen.

Drake: Every year the Make A Wish Foundation helps millions of children all over the world make incredible memories. They do so with the help of great organizations like Sin City Wrestling and the Gold Coast Casino and Hotel, but they can?t do it alone.

Drake holds up his index finger.

Drake: One text. One text with a simple donation can change the life of a child and bring incredible memories to an entire family. One text?to truly stop the show.

Drake points to the screen as a short commercial for the Make A Wish Foundation plays. The crowd gets to their feet and cheers and claps.

Drake: Now? one more time Las Vegas. So Gene Banton Jr can hear you in the back?. WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IS IT?!


Drake flips the microphone back to Justin. He takes off his t-shirt and hops down to give it to the kid in the Make A Wish t-shirt. He hugs the kid one more time and poses for a picture with him before getting back in to the ring and waiting for the Champion to be introduced.

Justin Decent: And his opponent... coming to us from Los Angeles, California... Standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 227 pounds, he is your SCW Heavyweight Champion... GEEEEEEEEEENE BANTOOOOOOOON JUUUUUUUNIOOOORRRRR!!!

The opening chords of 'Magic Man' by Heart heralds a burst of multi-colored pyrotechnics at the head of the ramp. Curious faces bustle towards the railing lining the aisle their collective gaze drawn to the curtains bearing the SCW logo. Trembling briefly the satin grey drapery is parted forcibly by a pair of hands belonging to the Goldenboy Gene Banton Jr. He pauses succinctly, standing between the vibrant illuminations bringing his hands to his hips allowing the crowd to take in the display. Overhead a giant LCD screen dubbed the ?jumbotron? flashes images of the young man performing in the ring, speaking into a microphone and posing with a bevy of bikini clad beauties. Finally, he breaks into a stride, confidently swaggering his way to the ring ignoring the thrusting of outstretched hands, his lips curled into a confident smirk as his gleaming cobalt lenses dial into their destination, the squared circle where his business will be conducted in earnest. His manager and father, Goldenboy Gene Banton follows behind several paces, allowing his son the entirety of the spotlight. Climbing the iron steps and stepping between the ropes, the youngster extends his arms in presentation acknowledging the vociferous reception of the mob.


Junior scowls at Drake Green, spouting off a few bits of trash talk. Drake returns it as they come to the center of the ring. Jacob Summers stands between them and then gives the official start. Both men step back a bit, sizing each other up as they circle one another. Drake goes for a quick lunge, but stops short as Junior prepares for it. Green takes a few steps backward as they continue to circle one another.

Adams: These guys have a lot on the line and I think Drake Green is playing it smart here by not jumping into anything too quickly..

Simone: We know that, as much as much as there is on the line, both men want to take this win. Gene Banton Junior and Drake Green are both known for their ability to conserve energy for the proper moment.

With the constant circling, Junior is caught off guard for the slightest of moments when Green is suddenly behind him. He goes to swing backward, but Drake carries him back with a Float Over Suplex, planting him hard against the mat. He bounces off of the ropes and then comes crashing down with a Legdrop to the chest of ?Golden Boy?. He lifts his stunned opponent, and then whips him across the ring. As he rebounds, Drake goes for a Back Body Drop, but ?Golden Boy? comes across hard with a kick to his chin. As he stumbles back, Gene lunges forward for a clothesline that levels Green. The crowd boos at the rambunctious, egotistical Geno Junior, who is leaping up in a quick display of celebration.

Simone: Many people see this match as a formality to pin the title on Drake Green, but there is a reason Geno holds the belt.

Adams: I never thought that. The champion is already on fire here, and we?re only about two minutes until this match!

The crowd boos louder and louder until Junior turns into a hard Spinning Heel Kick that nearly knocks the taste out of his mouth. He holds onto his jaw as he spins around in a full circle. As he comes back, Green smacks him with a hard right that sends the champion spinning once more. As he comes back for a third time, Drake hits a hard European Uppercut to Gene, and then moves behind him and plants him hard against the mat with a nearly perfect German Suplex that he hooks on for a pin.

Simone: We could be in for an early victory here from Drake Green! He sent the champion spinning three and a half times there!




Adams: Oh, after taking shots like that, Geno is lucky to rebound from that so close to the count of two?

Barely at the two count, Junior slips his shoulder off of the mat. As he rolls out and Green gets up, ?Golden Boy? darts forward with a barrage of heavy punches and kicks on the slightly larger Green. He uses this to his advantage as he backs him into a corner. He hits a hard knee to the gut, and then sizes Drake up for a Knife?s Edge Chop to his chest. The crowd echoes a resounding ?oooh!? before Junior hits another. He looks around in satisfaction, nodding his head to the audience and their booing, welcoming it on.

Adams: This guy sure knows how to deliver a chop. You could probably hear those outside of the building tonight!

Simone: I agree with you there, Jason. Is that a first?

Adams: Yeah, yeah yeah? I say stupid stuff sometimes, but do ya always gotta ask me that?

With that distraction, Drake slips from out of the corner, holding onto his chest for a moment. He stands directly behind Junior before he even realizes that Green had escaped the corner. The crowd looks stunned as Green wraps his arm around Junior?s throat and twists over with a Spinning Neckbreaker. It isn?t long before Drake drops an elbow down onto Gene?s chest, standing up and repeating the process quickly two more times. He drapes over Junior who is staring up at the ceiling almost seeming a bit confused as his brain is shaken. He is then dragged to his feet by the former champion and thrown over to the corner with precision. Green looks around for a moment and then crashes into Junior with what is supposed to be a Flying Body Splash, but Junior drops down quickly, causing Green to collide with the top turnbuckle. He wastes no time this time around as he rolls Drake up into a schoolboy pin.



Simone: Excellent form, but the execution was just a bit premature, not even getting a two count for ?Golden Boy? there..

Adams: There is definitely no lack of guts or determination from Gene Banton Junior tonight. You have to give him that at least.

Before the second count, Green kicks out. He is quick to get to his feet where he quickly grips onto Geno?s arms and lifts him up, shoving his head between his legs. He looks around quickly and then lifts Junior up into a powerbomb position. Green flails to try getting free, even trying for a punch to Drake?s face. It is all for nothing as Green sends him down to the mat in a maneuver that shakes the entire ring, and the building as the cheers are nearly deafening. Drake drops down for another pin of his own.




The crowd is on their feet, ready to celebrate when Geno gets his shoulders up just in the nick of time. The crowd cheers, however, only since the match is continuing. Drake slaps his leg in just a bit of frustration before getting back up to his feet Drake looks over to Jacob as if to question the count, but Jacob insists. This distraction gives Geno the opportunity to hit a low blow that catches the challenger by surprise, and goes unseen by the referee. Geno stands up as Drake falls down. He picks Drake up off of the mat and then flings him into the ropes. As he rebounds, Junior goes for a Back Body Drop, but Green lunges forward with a Flying Lariat that causes the young champion to stumble backward. Green bounces off of the ropes and comes forward, but ?Golden Boy? finally gets that back body drop he was seeking moments ago. Drake flops against the mat and rolls around holding his back. Gene darts over to the nearest corner and quickly climbs to the top. Junior looks around at the audience, watching as they are getting outraged, throwing pieces of trash toward the ring as Gene Senior shouts out at them in disapproval. As Geno turns around, Drake has made it to his feet. He clubs Junior, causing him to fall split down the middle.

Simone: This is the third time in this match that Junior has been distracted with trying to show off. If he hopes to defeat Drake Green and keep his Heavyweight Championship, he?s got to focus his attention on the match more than the risk taking.

Adams: That is a mistake that could very well cost him tonight and if he isn?t careful, it could cost him a future of having a junior Junior. Showboating is important, but in moderation.

Drake hooks the arm of Junior and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. Junior fights back with a jab to Green?s face. He fires back, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. The two men balance there, fighting back and forth with punches, until Green gets the upper hand. He hooks his arm around Junior?s neck and then sets him up for a Superplex. Junior hooks his leg around Drake?s, nearly tripping the two up. He shoves Drake off, but Drake still has hold of Junior?s arm, and he swings him over in a mid-air arm drag that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Both men lie out on the ground for a moment, rolling around in their own forms of pain. The audience pulls behind Drake, trying to coax him up to his feet. They slowly work their way there, ?Golden Boy? getting there first. They exchange a few weary punches, both men a tad bit groggy. Junior gets the upper hand, sending a hard right, following it up with a swift left.

Simone: ?Golden Boy? Gene Banton Junior is letting that drive to win kick in and take control. The determination is written all over his face.

Adams: And every fist he delivers to Drake Green?s face as well. But, Drake doesn?t look like he?s anywhere near ready to admit defeat!

Junior grabs onto Green to send him into the ropes, but Drake falls to one knee. As he does, he tugs Junior forward with a shoulder butt. Drake stands up and then drags Junior forward into another. This time, Gene follows it up with an offensive maneuver of his own, hitting an Axe Handle Smash across Green?s back. He pulls him forward and into a Belly-to-Back Suplex. He stands up, taking a deep breath as he stumbles back a few paces, leaning onto the turnbuckle to catch his breath. He shakes it off quickly and then darts toward the corner. He stands up on the top rope and flies off looking for a 450 Splash, but Drake quickly moves out of the way. Junior lands hard on his back as he rolls around in pain.

Simone: Oh, that one looked like it hurt. Green is very good at playing opossum apparently.

Adams:I think they?re playing a game of ?Who can stare at the ceiling the longest?. I hope they don?t mind if I do it too? Oh, I bet I could win!

Both men do their best to get back toward their feet. It takes the quite a while, but Drake gets there first. Geno is up tone one knee as Drake stumbles over to him. Drake drives an elbow right into Junior?s face, knocking him back a few steps. He repeats this as the fans begin to cheer. Drake grabs onto Junior?s head and then sets him up for the Show?s Over finisher, but Junior wrestles his way out of it and boots Drake in the gut. He tries to set him up for the Octoplex, but Drake punches him in the ribs.

Simone Both men are struggling to get the upper hand here, and both men are getting tired.

Adams: They?ve got their pride on the line and neither one wants to lose this match with the greatest prize in the game on the line.

Drake breaks free but Junior is right there with a clothesline, sending Junior and himself toppling over to the hard flooring on the outside. The fans cheer until Drake holds onto his neck in pain. They audience seems as if they are concerned as Drake lies still.

Simone: Oh my, is Drake Green alright? After the neck surgery, a move like that could really cause some long term damage?

Adams: I don?t know, but he?s definitely feeling it after that one. The champ isn?t fairing much better either, even though he?s sitting up.

Jacob begins his count, causing Geno to stand up. His father coaches him along as he lifts Drake up. He swings Drake into the ring post, causing Drake to crash with a loud thud. He is split open just above the eyebrow, and he appears to be out cold. Junior rolls inside of the ring where he uses the ropes to pull himself up. He stares down at Drake whose eyes are closed.





Simone: Gene Banton Junior is disgusting. There is a fine line between winning and being totally heartless.

Adams: He doesn?t care if he wins by count out, submission, pinfall, disqualification? It?s still a mark in the W column, and he still leaves here with the belt.





With this, Junior turns around, raising his arms in the air in victory. Drake stirs and pulls himself up to his feet. He grabs onto his neck and puts a finger up to his lips. The fans do their best not to cheer any louder as Drake rolls inside right as Jacob prepares to count to ten. The crowd loses control of their cheers as Drake stands up. Geno turns around. Drake kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a Powerbomb. The champion doesn?t let it end that easily as he swings backward with a Hurricanrana that sends both men falling down to the mat. The crowd boos loudly as the match continues on.

Simone: These men are giving the audience their money?s worth just in this one match! Drake is giving his blood, and Geno is pushing his limits.

Adams: You couldn?t be more right here, but both men are down and out! There?s a championship on the line here, and if Drake doesn?t get up, Geno maintains the championship! Summers is starting the count, too?





Geno rolls over onto his stomach, but collapses back to the mat. Senior is standing on the outside of the ring, shouting out words of encouragement that seem to be falling on deaf ears. Drake kicks a foot up blindly, grabbing onto his neck again as the count continues.




Simone: Come on guys! Don?t let it end this way!


Adams: It looks like Geno gets to retain, and? Wait, Drake is getting up!


Drake pulls Geno off of the mat at the last possible second. The crowd goes wild as Drake stumbles on his feet. Geno, however, catching him by surprise and brings him into the Octoplex set up. However, Drake rams him into the corner with all of his might. Once Geno has broken the grip, Drake brings him down with the Show?s Over, a Double Underhook Implant DDT. The audience cheers loudly as Drake collapses on top of the champion, barely bothering to hook the leg as he stares up, blinking.





Justin Decent: Your winner and NEW SCW Heavyweight Champion... DRRRRRRRRRAKE GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!


Adams: We?ve got ourselves a new champion! And the fans are raining down their support so loudly, I can barely hear myself talk!

?Burning Down the House? plays as Drake slowly rises to his feet. Jacob Summers hands him the championship belt. He hugs it tightly to his chest as Jacob raises his arm in the air. The almost deafening cheers seem to energize him somewhat as he walks over to one of the turnbuckles. He climbs it, raising the belt into the air as he points to it, and then to the fans. She walks over to the opposite corner and repeats this. He looks around before finally leaving the ring, walking around the entire ringside area, slapping hands with the fans as he goes along. He stops to shout words of encouragement to the young children in the crowd. He comes over to the announcers table and he climbs on top of it, raising the belt up high for the cheering crowd, eliciting even more cheers.

Simone: It looks like our new champion wants to celebrate with the fans, and they are eating it up!

Adams: They are, but? what? what?s he about to do here?


Drake climbs over the announcers and onto the barricade where he steadies himself. He turns around and falls back into the audience, letting them crowd surf him as they cheer his name loudly!

Zuri Chastain is backstage throwing things into the air while screaming at the top of her lungs.

Zuri Chastain: Mercedes Vargas, when I get my hands around you I will....

Blanca Chastain: Ahem

Zuri stops mid sentence and looks at her sister standing there with two kids.

Zuri Chastain: I will take Mercedes Vargas to a dance.

Blanca Chastain: Nice save

Zuri Chastain: What's going on sis?

Blanca Chastain: Just showing these wonderful kids around. What you doing?

Zuri Chastain: I'm testing the walls. Yep, hard as a rock.

Blanca Chastain: Well. Okay then, we will let you get back to testing the walls.

Zuri looks confused as she watches her sister leave with the kids.

We find our way backstage as Delia is seen with a pale make up on her face, and her natural chestnut brown hair pulled back into a bun. She is staring right at Erik Staggs, her eyes are narrowed as he approaches her. Next to her is Lily Morris, her number one fan, or at least she would be had Delia not wrecked her birthday party about a week ago. The girl looks uncomfortable as she takes a few steps backward.

Erik: I thought we made it clear that you were to stay away from the Make A Wish portion of this show after you pulled the stunt that you did? Lily, are there any other SCW stars or Bombshells you would like to meet?

Delia: No? She is my number on fan, and she chose to spend z?e evening wi?s me?

Erik scoffs at this notion as Lily slowly nods her head. She speaks up as she looks shyly at Erik.

Lily: I wanna meet Misty, and Vixen?

Delia: NO! You don?t! You want to be a Mean Girl tonight. Tell him, Lily!

Delia raises her voice, obviously appearing angry at Lily?s choice to meet people like Vixen. She practically growls through her teeth as Erik simply rolls his eyes. He waves over a couple stagehands who rush over to him.

Erik: Would you gentlemen kindly show Lily to the NXT locker room to meet either Vixen or Misty. Thanks?

Lily looks disappointed as Delia glares in her direction, not saying a word. Erik watches as Lily slowly disappears down the hallway, a sweet smile on his face. As he turns around, the smile turns into a scowl as he looks Delia directly in the eye.

Erik: You?ve really stepped in it, Delia? You?re screwing up with your job, and if you weren?t so damn buddy-buddy with Mark Ward, you would probably have been canned.

Delia narrows her eyes right back, returning the glare twice as hard. She looks him up and down before laughing in his face.

Delia: You?re just mad because I exposed your dysfunctional family on social media. You?re a mental prick. Your nephews are alcoholic child abusers, idiots, and almost as ugly as you?

Erik: Plenty of ladies would disagree with you there, but I don?t really care what you have to say. I want you to leave my nephew out of our little beef, though. I just want?

Just then, we can hear two people laughing, one male and one female. Erik?s eyes shoot directly down the hallway as the camera follows. We see Liz Smalls and Timmy Staggs walking toward them, having a good time. Tim immediately stops laughing when he sees his great uncle standing next to Delia, who is now smiling at Erik?s misery. Tim lowers his head as Liz looks right at Erik.

Liz Smalls: Ummmm is there a REASON you?re staring at me???

Liz looks down at her red, white and blue Nails by Liz polished fingers and then back up at Erik Staggs who is still staring a hole in the young Covergirl.

Liz Smalls: Okay now you?re creeping me out. Delia, what's his deal?

Erik doesn?t even offer a sarcastic laugh to Liz?s accusation. Delia breaks her staring war with Erik to look over to Liz, a satisfied look on her face as she smirks.

Delia: He DOES like z?em young, darling? You are just his type?

Erik: You?ve got to be kidding me here, Timmy? How many times have you been warned about associating with these,these? bitches!?

Liz Smalls: Have you ever wondered WHY your family is soooooo messed up? Maybe its because you have the nerve to curse around this poor, innocent, child. His ears are gonna like need to be cleaned now.

Liz shakes her head and puts a finger in Erik?s face.

Liz Smalls: Like it or not, Timmy and I are like besties now. We went out, partied safely, he even painted my toes for me?.soooooo, get over it?,/p>

Erik?s angry expression says how much he?d like to do the world a favor and rid the world of Smalls, but he simply raises his hand slowly, and gently removes her hand from his face with the back of his hand. He blinks slowly as Timmy shrinks back a little bit. Liz can?t believe that he?s just touched her as she is ready to protest. However, Erik doesn?t give her the chance.

Erik: First off, I kindly ask you to keep your filthy whore hands out of my face? Secondly, my family will have abso-fuckin-lutely nothing to do with you, or Frenchie here gets to find her way back to the Eiffel Tower street corner she came from.

Delia looks shocked that Erik is as forward with his words. The normally agreeable boss has set down the law, but Liz is not about to hear it. Timmy steps up now, ready to speak when Liz holds him back, narrowing her eyes at Erik.

Liz Smalls: How DARE you talk to me or Delia like that, especially in front of Timmy. I have news for you, clean the old wax out of your stupid ears and listen, kayyy? We?re the MEAN GIRLS...we do WHAT we want, WHEN we want. This company is LUCKY to have stars like us. And Timmy, he?s never been this confident in his entire life. Do you know why? Not because of anything you no. But because of how WE treat him.

Liz leans in closer to Erik, smiling arrogantly in his face to push his buttons, all while Delia leans in to hug onto Timmy gently.

Liz Smalls: We treat him like an actual ummm...person. We let him do what he wants. We don?t boss him around and we CERTAINLY don?t curse in front of him. Delia and I are like perfect role models for him, and like it or not...we?re going NOWHERE. Got it?

Liz backs her face away, whispering?

Liz Smalls: Crusty...dusty.

Erik pulls out his cell phone, along with his wallet where he soon pulls out a card with a detective?s number on it. He begins dialing the number from the card as he speaks.

Erik: YOU might not be going anywhere, but the French tart will be very, very soon?

Delia snatches the phone out of Erik?s hand and drops it into a nearby mop bucket, all while narrowing her eyes at him. She snarls at him as she stares up into his face.

Delia: What part of ?Nobody talks to us z?at way? did you not understand, Staggs?! I apologized to Timmy z?e os?er day, and we?ve made up. I want to protect him from z?e crazy family he grew up in, and?

Delia gasps as Erik shoves her out of his face. She stumbles back over the mop bucket and falls into it. She shrieks in pain as she holds onto her ankle. Erik realizes what he?s done and his face twists into fear.

Erik: Delia? I? I?m sorry?

Liz Smalls: OMG!!! What did you do??? You could have like broke her ankle...gimme your phone and I?LL call the police now! This is like...domestic violence of something like that!

Liz looks at her fallen friend and puts a hand gently on her ankle, asking if she needs an ambulance. Delia waves her off, still whimpering as she clutches at her ankle. Liz stands up and places her hands on her hips as Timmy shrinks away again. Erik tries to apologize as Delia slowly stands up. Despite her whimpering, she?s got a wide grin on her face. She lunges forward into a lighting pole, causing it to topple over on top of Erik, knocking him out cold. Immediately, Delia gasps and looks to Timmy, who is just now turning to see what happened.

Delia: Oh my goodness? I, I just tripped and? somebody help!

Delia motions for the stagehands to come over to help. As they do, Delia quickly moves out of the way. She covers her mouth before looking to Liz, motioning for her to move Timmy away from the horrible scene.

Liz Smalls: OMG shouldn?t see this. This is horrible Delia?s in ALOT of pain...lets go!!!

Liz grabs Timmy?s arm, gripping her nails into his wrist a little and is dragging him away from the scene, whispering something to him along the way. Timmy looks to her and mutters, trying to act like he isn?t shaken up by this.

Timmy: I guess I get to go to Baltimore with you now?

As they scurry off, and the stagehands go to find medical assistance, Delia leans down and cradles Erik?s head. She gently brushes the hair out of his face as she sighs, seeming genuinely concerned for him. Once they are all alone, she leans down next to his ear and whispers?

Delia: ? sorry bout it?

Delia chuckles wickedly as the scene fades elsewhere?

Adams: What a night it has been, and now, now? We have a barbed wire match for the bombshell?s title!

Simone: I have a bad feeling about this match. I really do. Both of these women are going to get hurt, tonight.

The barbed wire is now set up, replacing the ropes.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest, is the Barbed Wire match for the SCW Bombshell?s championship!


Justin: In this contest, there are no count outs, and no disqualifications. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission

?Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe? as the spine tingling sounds of Linkin Park blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of mixed cheers and boos can be heard but majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite eye candy bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. As the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette?s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Odette proudly pats the Bombshell?s title around her waist, before eyeing the barbed wire ring, and begins walking around instead of getting in the ring.

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger. From Queensland, Australia, ODETTE STEVENS!


Adams: Don?t let the championship fool you folks. Odette Stevens may have the physical belt, but she is NOT the Bombshell?s champion.

Simone: Don?t let her hear you say that.

The throbbing beat of Emphatic's 'Bounce' is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Also cautiously eyeballing the barbed wire, Vixen slowly slides in under the barbed wire, and complete her entrance. She salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Justin: And her opponent, From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, She is the current, SCW Bombshell?s champion, VIXEN!

Adams: And Vixen, showing a lot of courage, enters the barbed wire first.

Both women have wisely tied their hair back and hands heavily taped for this match, and Jasmine is wearing a long referee shirt, long black pants, and gloves to protect herself. Jasmine has to wait until both women are inside the ring before she can ring the bell, and Odette is still outside of the ring, looking around nervously at the barbed wire. Vixen waits in the ring impatiently, pacing like a caged animal as Odette is in no hurry to get into the ring. Vixen walks towards where Odette is outside the ring, causing Odette to back up, further up the entrance way. She motions for Jasmine to get Odette back, and Jasmine calmly leads Vixen back a few steps, as Vixen motions for Odette to enter the ring.

Adams: Obviously, Odette is not a fan of barbed wire.

Simone: I don?t know anyone who is a fan of barbed wire.

Adams: Vixen doesn?t seem to have any qualm about getting in there.

Odette inches closer to the ring, apparently getting ready to finally enter the ring, but as soon as she tries to enter, Vixen takes one step towards her, and Odette backs up immediately. Odette then looks around, and under the ring, finding the ring crew?s refreshments and grabs a bottle of water, opens it, and takes a swig. The fans start to boo as it seems Odette is making every effort NOT to get into the ring. Odette is soon seemingly psyching herself up to finally get into the ring jumping up and down and shaking her arms out. She seems to be ready, and she makes a dash to the ring, only to stop and gingerly touch the barbed wire before turning her head in disgust.

Adams: This is getting ridiculous. How can Odette not be ready yet!

Finally, a fan gets Odette?s attention outside the ring. She turns away from the ring and begins arguing with him. Vixen has had enough and slowly rolls outside the ring, under the barbed wire and stalks Odette. Odette turns just in time to see Vixen, and the chase begins. Odette runs around the ring with Vixen in hot pursuit.

Odette then trips and turns to see Vixen only a few feet away from her. Odette is able to get to her feet, only to be met by a right hand. Odette stumbles back and eats another right hand. Vixen kicks Odette in the gut and prepares to toss her into the barbed wire, but Odette puts the breaks on and uses her foot on the apron to stop Vixen short. Odette elbows Vixen in the ribs and then delivers a few clubbing blows to Vixen?s back and prepares to throw her into the barbed wire this time. Grabbing the back of Vixen?s head Odette tosses towards the barbed wire, but Vixen hops on the apron then leaps backwards over Odette?s head, landing on the floor, then clotheslining Odette as she turns around! Vixen then mounts Odette on the ground and begins raining down hard right hands.

Adams: Nice counter by Vixen and she is all business here tonight!

Simone: Can you blame her? Odette stole her title, and she?s looking to take Odette down once and for all tonight!

After 10 hard shots, Vixen gets up, drawing cheers from the fans. Odette scrambles towards the steps and uses them to get up. Vixen charges, but Odette executes a drop toe hold, sending Vixen face-first to the bottom step!

Adams: And Vixen tastes the steel! Quick thinking by Odette there.

Odette now is stomping Vixen before taking a step back and waiting. Vixen is one all fours when Odette charges and delivers a stiff kick to the ribs of Vixen, causing her to audibly groan in pain. Odette pulls Vixen to her feet and grabs a front waistlock on Vixen and then rams her back-first into the apron. Vixen drops to her knees, clutching at her back. Odette walks over to the time-keepers area and grabs a steel chair, before walking back over to Vixen who is doubled over trying to get up, and Odette raised the chair above her head and whacks Vixen across the back! Vixen goes back down, and Odette raises the chair again, and brings is down harder on Vixen?s back. Odette pats herself on the back and then uses the chair as a wedge in order to hold the barbed wire up as she carefully rolls into the ring. Odette is proud of herself as she struts around the ring, drawing the ire of the audience.

Adams: And now, Odette is on complete control.

Vixen slowly rises and carefully slides under the barbed wire into the ring. Odette is right there to attack her as Jasmine calls for the bell and the start of the match!

Adams: We?ve have some brutal action, and this match has just now started!

Simone: And I have a feeling it?s only going to get worse.

Odette is all over the back of Vixen, now letting her recover at all. Odette stands and eyes the chair again, picking it up and slapping it like it was a trusty sidekick. Odette brings the chair over her head and approaches Vixen, but Vixen nails her with a shot to the gut. Doubled over, Odette loses control of the chair, and Vixen flips it around and kicks Odette in both legs, causing Odette to fall face-first into the chair on the mat!

Adams: And Vixen eats the chair!

Odette rolls around clutching her face as Vixen uses the chair as a crutch to get back up, still holding her back. Vixen picks the chair up and walks over to Odette who is gingerly pushing the barbed wire to get back up without getting stuck. Vixen then brings the chair across Odette?s back. The audible smack of the chair against Odette?s back causing an ?ohh? to escape the audience. Odette falls back and Vixen makes the cover 1??2?..Odette rolls the shoulder. Odette rolls to her stomach and begins to crawl, trying once again to escape the ring. Vixen is not having it and grabs Odette by the leg and pulls her back to the middle of the ring. However, this is an opening for Odette, who twists onto her back, and uses her leg strength to pull Vixen in, and then shoot her off. Vixen flies backwards onto the mat, landing hard on her back. She clutches it as Odette is getting back to her feet. Odette then walks over to Vixen as Vixen is again on all fours headed towards the corner, and Odette grabs Vixen?s hair and begins pushing Vixen?s face towards the barbed wire!

Adams: Oh no, Vixen may be the first one to feel the barbed wire here!

Simone: She?s blocking though!

Vixen has indeed grabbed the post through the barbed wire and is blocking. Odette is pushing as hard as she can, but Vixen holds fast. Vixen gets to her feet, and pushes back, causing Odette to roll backwards. Vixen grabs the top of the post to steady herself, but Odette is right back on top of her, again trying to push her face into the barbed wire. Odette inches Vixen?s face closer?

Adams: Odette?s got a clear advantage now!


Simone: Vixen is about to be shredded!

Out of desperation, Vixen throws her head backwards, and it catches Odette right in the nose! Odette backs away and drops to her knees holding her face as Vixen is able to get a few seconds. Vixen turns and sees the blood trickling out of Odette?s nose onto the mat. Vixen then runs forwards and connects with a nasty shining wizard! Odette goes down and Vixen again makes the cover! 1?..2?. Odette rolls the shoulder again.

Adams: And Vixen again almost puts this one away.

Simone: I?m actually hoping one of them does quickly, because this is getting ugly now. Odette may have a broken nose now.

Vixen begins stalking Odette, who grabs the barbed wire and uses it to get back up. Vixen starts pushing on the back of Odette?s head attempting to possibly choke her with the barbed wire, but Odette holds onto the barbed wire for dear life. Odette is able to shoot an elbow to the thigh of Vixen. A second on follows and Vixen releases Odette?s head. Odette get up and kicks Vixen in the gut, and hooks her in suplex position. Odette lifts, but Vixen blocks. Another attempt, another block. Vixen this time lifts Odette, and turns her towards the barbed wire ropes, dropping her STOMACH FIRST ACROSS THE BARBED WIRE! The wires instantly give way, and Odette tumbles to the floor!


Simone: I think I?m going to be sick.

Odette is screaming in pain on the floor, with spirts of blood covering her arm, and tiny holes now in her stomach area. Vixen steps over the now mangled section of barbed wire rope and drops to the floor, before picking up Odette and trying to find a way to throw her back into the ring. Odette breaks out of the grasp of Vixen and rakes her eyes. Odette then grabs Vixen and throws her FACE-FIRST INTO THE MANGLED WIRE! Odette then uses the wire to hold Vixen in place. Odette clutches her ribs as she uses the post to climb into the ring, and then LEG DROP VIXEN?S HEAD AS SHE?S STUCK IN THE WIRE!

Adams: Holy Jesus!

Simone: Yup. Gonna lose it?.

Odette wipes the blood from her nose and stomach, as Vixen slumps on the floor, bleeding from her head in several spots. Odette walks over to the mangled section and pulls Vixen up by the hair, and then peels her over the barbed wire, causing some of Vixen?s outfit to instantly tear and get stuck. Odette pulls her out, taking a stray piece of wire with her. Odette wastes no time grabbing it, and as Vixen leans against the corner, Odette ties her arm up with the wire, against a section of non-mangled wire. Blood begins spurting from Vixen?s arm as she yells in pain. Odette then stomps away at Vixen, as Vixen concentrates on not getting her arm sliced open any further as she undoes the wire. Vixen clutches her arm in pain as Odette again takes the barbed wire strand and now begins wrapping it around her right fist. The fans make noise in anticipation.

Adams: Oh no?

Simone: I can?t watch any more of this!

Odette readies herself as Vixen gets up slowly, blood trickling down her head, but really flows from her arm. Odette winds up and throws a bunch, but Vixen blocks, and knees Odette in the gut. Odette reels back, and Vixen dropkicks Odette, sending her BACK-FIRST INTO THE BARBED WIRE! Odette?s eyes widen in horror as she slowly stumbles forward, both arms now sliced open, as well as her back.

Adams: This is sick. These two are bleeding all over the place!

Odette looks at her body with blood seemingly everywhere. Vixen charges her and mows her down with a clothesline. Vixen then removes the barbed wire from Odette?s hand before she hops over the mangled section of barbed wire, to the floor. Vixen begins unhooking the wire from the posts, freeing the section of barbed wire completely. Wiping blood from her eyes, she does the same to the other post, and discards two of the strands. She takes it into the ring, and then begins WHIPPING Odette with the length of barbed wire! Odette cries in pain as portions of her attire instantly tear, and more blood begins spurting off her back.

Adams: I? I don?t know where the hell they go from here!

Simone: I may throw up again?

Jasmine starts to try to reason with Vixen about using the barbed wire, which gives Odette a chance to get back up, and club Vixen from behind. Grabbing a hold of Vixen, Odette tosses her out of the ring, through the empty section of it. Vixen crashes hard ribs first against the barricade. Odette gingerly exits the ring as well, reaching under the ring, and pulling out a table.

Adams: A table?

Odette begins setting up the table, and pulls Vixen up and places her on it. Odette hops back up onto the ring and backs up against the barbed wire, preparing for a big leap, Odette start running, but Vixen simply falls of the table before anything can happen. Odette then hops back down and goes to pick up Vixen, but Vixen springs to life with a series of forearms. Vixen then tosses Odette back inside the ring, and follows her in. Odette is quick to react with a low dropkick that catches Vixen in the head. Odette then eyes the chair still lying in the ring. She gets an angry look on her face and picks it up, as she waits for Vixen to stand. Vixen does so, and Odette charges, and swings, but Vixen rolls out of the way. Odette momentum carries her to the empty section, and she puts the breaks on to avoid falling off and through the table. She turns around, and walks into a kick to the gut. Odette drops the chair, and Vixen hooks her arms, lifts her overhead, and DRIVES Odette to the mat with a ?Fall from Grace!?


Simone: It?s over! It has to be!

Vixen rolls over, and then eyes the table still set up. Vixen exits the ring and folds up the table, and puts it in the ring. She sets it up, then grabs Odette?s lifeless body and puts her on the table. Then Vixen quickly gathers the sections of barbed wire she unhooked earlier, and then begins tying Odette to the table with the barbed wire!

Adams: Oh god? What is she doing?!

Odette starts to come around as Vixen finishing tying her to the table. Odette lets out a horrified scream, as Vixen exits the ring again, and looks around under the ring. Odette cannot escape from the table, as each time she fights, the wire pokes her somewhere. Vixen finds what she?s looking for, in a 8 foot ladder!

Adams: Oh my god! I think you were right Simone, Vixen want to destroy Odette!

Simone: This is ungodly?

Vixen moves back around and slides the ladder into the ring. She then grabs another section of barbed wire and holds it up, drawing more cheers. Vixen then sets up the ladder, and begins climbing it, as Odette struggles to try an escape. Reaching the top. Vixen begins wrapping the barbed wire around her leg! She winces in pain, but then looks into the cheering crowd before leaping off with A BARBED WIRE WRAPPED LEGDROP ACROSS ODETTES FACE!


Adams: Holy?shit.

Simone: I don?t have anything left to vomit up?but it?s coming again!

The table explodes, and Odette and Vixen lay in a heap of wood, and wire. Vixen?s leg is bleeding profusely, and Odette?s head is now losing blood. Vixen uses what energy she has left to make the cover 1??2??3!

Adams: It?s? over?

?Bounce starts up again as referees and medical personnel pour of the locker room, some with wire cutters to free to the two ladies without too much injury. Odette lays lifeless in the ring as Vixen is just about there as well. Vixen then is handed the Bombshell?s title and slowly stands up, blood everywhere as she holds up the title for all to see, before almost crumbling back to the canvas in exhaustion.

Adams: These two ladies?. Just tried to kill each other. That?s all I can say.

Simone: I couldn?t watch half of this match. But I would not want to be the next challenger for the bombshell?s championship, if that?s what the champion will do to keep it!

There are stretchers being wheeled out, as Odette is freed from her barbed wire prison. She is rolled onto one of the stretchers, as medics and trainers tend to her wounds, while wheeling her up the ramp. Vixen has the wire cut from her leg, and she takes her place on the stretcher as well.

Adams: That was the damndest thing I?ve ever seen? Thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us tonight. Vixen retains her Bombshell?s championship in the bloody barbed wire match! Goodnight from Las Vegas?we?ll see you in two weeks!

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark Erik, The Lord MK, Sam, Maggie, Roxi, Trishelle, Horace Jackson, Necra, Craig, Casey, Craig, Simon Jones, Vixen, Sean Jackson, Jeremiah Hardin. Also thank you again to Vixen for the great match banners and to everyone who made this one of our best supercards to date!