The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Pyramid Gymnasium in Long Beach, California . The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight then begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;

Crowd: "SCW!"

Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the gymnasium itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Pyramid Gymnasium right here in Long Beach, California and welcome to the third annual Sin City Wrestling "Blast From the Past"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as the lights quickly shut off, and then a brief moment later, a lone spotlight flashes onto the stage, illuminating Amanda in a slinky black Dalmatian print gown and Cruella deVille wig. She takes a puff on from her cigarette holder while snapping her fingers to the beat of the music.

Amanda: Never know how much I want one
Never know how much I'd spend
When I look down into my panties
I wanna see a warm and fuzzy new friend
I want a beaver

Make it pretty
So I can keep on the light
Beaver my new kitty
Wet and pink and hopefully tight

I would lie down on the table
Let them cut my right down the front
I cannot wait until I'm able
To slide a penis in and out of my c*nt
I need a beaver

Everybody want a hot twat
It makes a lady glamorous
But I don't want no ugly front butt
I want a picture perfect puss

It's something that I'm set on doing
And you aint' gonna change my mind
Someday soon my man will be screwing
Me in my new vagina not the behind
Shiny new beaver

Now man listen when I drink too much and I yell
BEAVER with low mileage
Breathe in that new car smell

My plastic surgeon outta sign a
Work of art as fine as this
It's such a great designer vagina
That I feel guilty when I'm taking a piss
I love my beaver

That's what this is right at home in the spotlight
Beaver give it kisses dont'cha worry it doesn't bite
I miss my weiner

Where's my man meat
What a lousy way to learn
Beaver I kept my receipt
Hope it's not too late to return

Why does my vagina burn
Why does my poonanee burn
Why does my new c*nty burn
Why does my cvagona burn

The music ends and the crowd applauds as Amanda gives a coy wink to the crowd and the spotlight turns off, leaving the stage in darkness.

Simone: Hello and welcome to our biggest show of the year, welcome to Blaze Of Glory III! I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I'm listening to Daughtry, but you can call me Jason Adams!

Simone: Thirteen matches tonight, each one as big as the next.

Adams: Like King Kong big!

Simone: Yes Jason, and we start off with a battle royal, to decide the order of the challengers for the SCW Roulette champion. Connor Murphy, Memphiso, Andrew Garcia, Deavon Justice, and a mystery entrant will do battle.

Adams: I could be the mystery guy!

Simone: This is SCW, anything is possible, even the most unlikely stuff. Tag team titles on the line tonight as Lucian Frost and Jon Dough defend against Joshua Acquin and a partner of his choosing. As of now, we have no idea at all who that could be.

Adams: That could be me too! I could be a busy fella tonight!

Simone: You could be. Two of our brightest young bombshells do battle next as England's own Lizzie Short takes on New Zealand native, Emma Rose.

Adams: Emma has Ben Jordan in her corner, Lizzie has Matthew Kennedy in hers. This one could get fun quick!

Simone: Traci Patterson and Mercedes Vargas defeated Emma Rose and Joanne Canelli not so long ago to win the SCW Bombshell tag team titles, but tonight, they face a big challenge in The Freakettes.

Adams: You was thinking of Rock Rose when you said big, right? Cause I was. That chick could press slam me!

Simone: I was. Max Burke seems to be a man with more heat than the sun lately, tonight, he faces a man who is loaded with potential, Guns For Hire member, Landon Axel.

Adams: This one could get brutal. Landon is looking to prove he can go it alone when need be.

Simone: Roulette championship on the line, Brother Grimm has been dominant since winning the title, but Michael Hardy is proving to be a rising star of late, tonight, these two go to war.

Adams: Roulette rules, an extremist and the supernatural. Match made in hell!

Simone: You mean heaven.

Adams: No, you've seen Grimm, right?

Simone: I have, anyway, onwards we go. SCW's Irish warrior, Mickey Carroll teams with running buddy, Jimmy Ringo, but tonight, they're up against one of the oddest combinations in SCW in the form of The Bosom Buddies.

Adams: Bosom means boobies.

Simone: Well aren't you an educated guy?

Adams: Yes, I'm a genies arse.

Simone: You mean genius?

Adams: That's what I said.

Simone: Amy Marshall and Karina Koji have been at war, trying to show that they deserve the number one contenders spot to the SCW Bombshell Roulette title. Tonight, the arguing stops and the fighting begins.

Adams: The winner will be crowned number one contender to the championship.

Simone: Odette Ryder and Steve Ramone team one more time, as they go up against the team of Roxi Johnson and Jeremiah Hardin.

Adams: Roxi has changed so much lately, I'm not sure what Roxi is gonna show up and Odette and Steve have to keep their eyes open for Gabriel.

Simone: ACW Champion, Sean Jackson makes his in ring supercard debut tonight, but this not gonna be an easy ride for him. He and Drake Green have been ripping chunks out of each other for weeks, tonight, the title and the pride of two huge superstars are both on the line.

Adams: I love Drake Green! He is awesome! Man of the people! Drake for President!

Simone: Sorry about all the guy love going on here.

Adams: I'm not!

Simone: The devil came down to California, and scared the life out of Hot Stuff Mark Ward. Hot Stuff has been a very different man since Nicolas L Blair came to SCW. Tonight, this rivalry ends as Hot Stuff bids to finally break the devils grip on him.

Adams: We've got a lot of crazies in SCW, but I truly think Blair is evil. I wouldn't want to be in the ring with him ever.

Simone: Can't say I blame you! Blast From The Past II has been full of twists and turns and it all comes to a head tonight. SCW Heavyweight champion, Simon Jones teams with Brandi Shotze one more time, as they take on Ethan Brody and Delia.

Adams: Darling if you must. So much has been said about Delia's route to the final, Brandi said she has a plan to combat The Mean Girls interference. Plus if Ethan pins Simon, he will become the new SCW Heavyweight champion!

Simone: We love a good main event and tonight, we break the boundaries by giving you an SCW first. For the first time in our history, it's Title Vs Title as Bombshell Roulette champion, Necra Octavian Kane and Bombshell champion Vixen, goes one on one. Winner takes all and creates history!

Adams: I can't wait! I'm like a kid at Christmas! So let's do this!

The opening rift to Busta Rhyme and Ozzy Osbournes???s "This Means War!!" start to blast through the speakers, as red and yellow lights start to flash, the yellow cutting through the red to create a orange effect. The fans start booing as the lyrics kick in.

"Just make sure them, them drums is smackin???
This, means, WAR!!"

Andrew appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"Take a look inside
You can run and you can hide
If you cross my path
I'll make sure you feel my wrath
Give and you receive
Cherish every breath you breathe
Scriptures on the wall
Those who betray all must fall"

Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Honorable Warrior starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp. turns his head to look at the booing crowd, spots a man who eerily looks like Ben Jordan without being Ben, and has his thumbs down, and Andrew decides to spit in his face. Andrew shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, staring around at the fans. Andrew raises his arms as the fans scream at him.

Andrew: Hey boys, you think I care what you have to say? Nope, because I am a mother fucking wrecking ball, and you guys will find out first hand how dangerous I can be while competing under roulette rules, and I don???t care what kind of match we have, so long as I can kick the four of your asses, and get my hands on Brother Grimm first. That is all I care about, getting gold, becoming champion, and putting my mark on this company in a way that nobody has ever seen before. I will steamroll through competition left and right until I get what I want, proving myself in the process as a legit wrestler to all the nay-sayers and show I am born and bred for battle. I know where I have been, and know I am bound for important things here in SCW, just watch and learn how true champions take care of business.

Andrew then walks backstage as the fans boo him for his remarks towards the men in the background.

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the Pyramid Gymnasium to find SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood caught between a very heated debate between the SCW Bombshell Champion, Vixen, and the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion, Necra Octavian Kane. Both women are in their wrestling gear, and Vixen has her championship belt held over her shoulder, as Necra is wearing her own around her waist.

Christian: Now hold on! I...

But the two female champions of Sin City Wrestling all but ignore the boss and their argument continues and grows more heated.

Necra: And just who do you think you are, telling us what kind of match that we're going to be competing under!?

Vixen rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she slips the title belt from her shoulder and holds it up for Necra to see closely.

Vixen: I'm the Bombshell Champion, in case you haven't noticed!

Necra: Bully for you! In case you haven't noticed...

Necra takes off her own championship belt and holds it up in Vixen's face.

Necra: I happen to be the Roulette Champion!

Christian: Ladies, I...

Vixen slings her belt back over her shoulder and mockingly applauds Necra.

Vixen: Congrats, sweety. Maybe if you ever manage to win the big one, you can begin to push your considerable amount of weight around a bit.

Christian's eyes open wide at that dig and he rubs the back of his head.

Necra: You would know about pushing around large amounts of weight, wouldn't you? I mean, we've seen you without the benefit of spandex in the dressing room.

Vixen frowns and steps up toward Necra who meets her nose to nose.

Vixen: You little bi...

Christian: Alright, enough!

Christian's outburst startles both women and he uses his forearms to divide the two Bombshells and separate them from one another before any physical blows can be thrown.

Christian: Save it for the Main Event ladies, okay!? And no that is not a request!

Necra: But she...!

Christian: I am aware! I was here for the entire Bitchfest 2014! The fact is though, she makes a point! As the top Bombshell Champion, she opinion is valued!

Necra frowns as Vixen smiles and pats her palm onto the gold plate of her title belt.

Christian: But...!

Christian turns to face Vixen.

Christian: Necra herself makes a very good point as well.

This time it's Vixen who frowns.

Christian: It doesn't make any damn sense whatsoever for the Roulette title to be defended and it not be under Roulette division rules!

Now it's Necra who smiles and Vixen shakes her head. before she can say anything, however, Christian holds up his hand and cuts both women off from saying another word.

Christian: So here's what we're going to do.

Christian reaches into his pocket and takes out a quarter.

Christian: I'm going to flip. Whoever wins the coin toss, gets the Main Event under their own division rules. Roulette for Necra. Non-Roulette for Vixen.

Christian looks at Necra.

Christian: Call it.

Vixen: Why does she get to call?

Christian: Because I said so, that's why!

Christian tosses the coin in the air...

Necra: Tails!

Christian catches the quarter and drops it onto the back of his hand and...

Christian: Tails.

Vixen fumes under her breath and shakes her head in disbelief with her hands on her hips. Necra winks and turns and walks off camera as Christian looks to the Bombshell Champion.

Christian: Sorry.

And then Vixen turns and storms off.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for Number One Contendership to the SCW Roulette Championship! We will now go backstage to find out what stipulation this Battle Royal will be held under??? Erik?

Backstage, we find Ms. Rocky Mountains standing by with Head of Talent Relations, Erik Staggs. They are standing in front of the large SCW Roulette Wheel. Erik seems more taken in by Rocky???s Mountains than the task at hand. Rocky stares back at Erik with a bit of discomfort and confusion on her face as she clears her throat.

Erik: Well, Rocky??? are you just going to stand there, or are we going to do this?

Erik smiles as Rocky hands him the ball. Erik gives the wheel a fast spin as he drops the ball into the wheel. It spins and spins as many options fly past it in a blur.

Erik: Round and round and round it goes??? where it stops, no??? one??? knows???

The ball bounces as the wheel comes to a stop. The ball bounces back and forth between Pillow Fight and Bra and Panties Match??? back and forth, back and forth. The fans laugh at the two options. Erik gets a sly grin as Ms. Rocky Mountains seems to trip, bumping the table a bit before the ball finally lands on??? XScape Cage Match! The fans cheer loudly as Erik glares at an apologetic Rocky, who simply shrugs sheepishly. Erik rolls his eyes as we fade back to ringside.

Justin Decent: It has been decided as an XScape Cage Match where all five competitors must eliminate opponents by pinfall or submission. The final two must then compete until winner escapes the cage! Now, introducing first, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 185 pounds, he is???CONNNNNNNOR MURRRRRRRPHY!!!

Warrior???s Code by Dropkick Murphys begins to play as Connor Murphy comes out on stage, one arm shaking with the beat over his head as the other pulls his cigarette from his lips while holding a red solo cup. Starting down towards the ring, he jokes and smirks at the fans.

Justin Decent: Introducing next??? from Oakland, California, standing at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing in at 245 pounds, he is ???The Honorable Warrior?????? ANNNDREWWWWWW GARRRCIAAAA!!!

The opening rift to Busta Rhyme and Ozzy Osbournes???s "This Means War!!" start to blast through the speakers, as red and yellow lights start to flash, the yellow cutting through the red to create a orange effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in. Andrew appears at the top of the ramp, with his manager, Casey Williams behind him, the duo looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd. Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Honorable Warrior starts to walk towards the ring slowly with Casey following in tow, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Andrew shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, staring around at the booing fans as Casey climbs over the top rope. Andrew raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Justin Decent: Coming to us from Dallas, Texas, standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 240 pounds, he is???DEEEEEAVON JUSSSSTIIIIICE!!!

South Texas Death Ride hits the speakers as the lights dim out. A solo green spot light shines down on Deavon Justice illuminating him, the crowd erupts with cheers, chanting his name. Deavon makes his way down to the ring with both hands outstreched to the side, touching hands with a few fans but never taking his eyes off the ring. Deavon climbs up in the ring then proceds to stand on the middle rope facing the crowd outstreching his arms again soaking up the crowd cheers. He does this on all six sides of the ring as his music fades out.

Justin Decent: Introducing next, residing in Chicago, Illinois by way of Hiroshima, Japan, standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 233 pounds, he is???DANTE MEPHISSSSSSSSSSSSTO!!!

The Lights throughout the entire Sin City Wrestling arena simultaneously begin to flicker out one by one before finally going completely out, and engulfing the entire arena in darkness, as the arena goes completely dark ???Quantus Tremor Est Futurus??? By Ishikawa Tomohisa begins to blare on out of the PA Sound system and out steps "The Black Rose" Dante Mephisto from behind the black curtains. Dante stands alone in the isle as fans can be heard booing him and making marks of disgust Mephisto soaks in the abhorrence of hatred towards him as if they were cheers of joy as he continued looking out into the darkness that surrounds around him. After a few minutes Dante slowly strides on down to the ring, once at ringside he walks around to the steel steps and walks on up them and enters the ring. Once inside the ring Dante throws out his arms (Viva la Randy Orton)and poses for a few seconds as he looks around to his fellow competitors, awaiting the arrival of the final opponent. There is a long pause as the audience???s boos die down. The four men look to one another, staring up to the cage dangling above the ring.

Simone: There are rumors flying around backstage as to who this mystery entrant could be, and whoever it is, they certainly are making us wait for it.

Adams: I am dying with anticipation! Let???s get to it!

Justin Decent: Introducing last, the mystery opponent??? Standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 240 pounds???.. He hails from Detroit, Michigan?????? He is ???The King of KINGS!?????? KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!

The audience booms with cheers as the lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the enter. Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play it's tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain and his love, Ariel. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face. Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him. He feels the warm presence of Ariel's hand as the couple walk, side-by-side, but his mind is focused on the carnage tonight. Once they reach the bottom, Ariel goes behind Ariel, using her hands to untie his black robe and take it off him completely. Kain is now shown from head to toe as the camera gets a great look at his incredible physique. The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. Ariel hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendent, directly to her right, then gets pulled in by Kain, who embraces her in a deep kiss. Ariel returns the kiss and the arena's noise got more louder than before. Kain breaks off the kiss, bows to his queen, then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a foward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on. Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist in the air and talks trash as multiple cameras flashes from the crowd. Finally, he heads to his corner, kneels briefly, saying a few words to himself before rising up and looking behind as he spies the entrance ramp. "Ladies And Gentlemen" as Kain now stands still, looking at his surprised opponents.


Without missing a beat, Andrew Garcia charges at the nearest person to him, Mephisto, and sandwiches him right against the cage walls before they have fully lowered to the apron! Connor Murphy decides to aid him in this process as both men lay the boot down to him. Deavon Justice refuses to let this go unanswered as he spins Andrew around, crashing a hard fist into the side of his face. Meanwhile, Kain watches the mayhem ensue with a sadistic smile on his face. Connor rests his boot against Mephisto???s throat as Kain charges, leapfrogging over Deavon and Andrew, colliding hard with Connor and Mephisto. Connor falls back and Mephisto tries to capitalize with a pin, but Connor keeps them rolling so that he is on top. As they roll, they crash into Andrew and Deavon, causing a dog pile on top of Mephisto. Kain crawls on top as Jasmine inspects the pile up, finding that only Mephisto???s shoulders are flat on the mat as she counts.




Jasmine: HE???S OUTTA HERE!


Adams: Bye bye, Mephisto??? It has been nice knowing ya!

As the dog pile dissipates, Jasmine leads an angry Mephisto over to the door, unlocking the door to let him out. She latches the chain back together as she returns to the action. Deavon Justice is taking it to Andrew Garcia as they are tied up. He rams knee after knee into Andrew???s stomach, backing him up to the center of the ring. He lifts Andrew up into a Hanging Vertical Suplex that is nearly picture perfect. He lets it hang for an extra moment before dropping Andrew down hard to the mat. He covers Andrew tightly upon impact, and Jasmine drops down.



Simone: Not even a two count! You???re going to have to work harder if you are going to take out someone with the tenacity of the Honorable Warrior???

As Deavon grips his head in dismay, glaring at Jasmine, we move over to the other side of the ring where Connor and Kain are exchanging blows like pros. As Kain fires away a left, Connor comes back with a left. Kain nails a right, and Connor comes back just as hard with a right. When it seems as if the two are at a stalemate, Kain swings for a hook, but Connor ducks underneath it. He picks Kain up with a High Angle Suplex, dropping him crotch first on the turnbuckle. Kain reels from this, but Connor brings him over his shoulders and falls down with something akin to a Tombstone Piledriver. The audience cheers for his inventive maneuver, but Deavon Justice doesn???t quite feel the same way. He picks Connor up onto his own shoulders, looking for an Electric Chair Drop, but much to our surprise, Andrew hops to his feet and nails Justice with a hard clothesline that drops both him and Connor, on top of Kain!




Simone: Kickout by Kain right at 2???

Adams: Now, this is how you start off a show, Belinda! These men are taking it up a notch.

Kain rolls Connor off of him and goes directly for Deavon. Deavon drops down so that Kain passes him up, heading for the ropes. Kain leaps up onto the second rope, climbing to the top rope, before catapulting off toward Justice. Deavon catches him in mid air and drops him back with a Fallaway Slam. Justice turns around just in time to see Connor coming at him with a missile dropkick from the top rope, leveling him. Connor doesn???t have any time to celebrate as Andrew charges forward with a clothesline. Connor ducks it, and catches Andrew with a drop toe hold that plants Andrew???s face smack dab in Deavon???s crotch! Connor then drops down with a splash on top of both men, hooking the pin on Deavon.





Adams: Can???t blame the guy after Hulk???s big orange head collided with his knackers like that??? I???m surprised they didn???t pop out of his gab like Nerf balls???

Simone: I have to agr??? Okay, I just pictured what that would look like??? give me a minute here???

A chuckle is heard coming from Belinda as Jasmine assists an angry Deavon over to the cage door. Deavon looks back and breaks away from Jasmine???s grip. He picks Connor Murphy up by the neck and drags him over to the opened cage door. He trip Connor up and continuously bashes Connor???s head with the cage door as Jasmine tries her best to fight the man off of Connor. Finally, she shoves him off as security comes down to the ring. Justice refuses to leave as Jasmine helps Connor to his feet. He nods to her to let her know that he is okay to continue, but he barely seems coherent. Four security men are finally able to subdue Justice as they lead him over to the cage door. He is about to exit when Connor leaps onto the back of one of the security men and crashes on top of Justice, sending both men tumbling down the ring steps and to the outside.


Connor holds onto his back as he tries to pull himself up the steps. Jasmine scolds him for his actions, but he simply responds with a wicked smile. Connor gets up to his feet and gets ready to step inside of the ring when Justice surprises everyone out of nowhere by smashing the ring steps into Connor???s back, sending him inside of the ring.

Simone: This is sickening. Can we get more security down here to help Deavon Justice find the curtains to just disappear already?

Justice admires his handiwork as Connor lies, writhing on the mat. Jasmine locks the cage tightly to stop any further shenanigans. However, like sharks who smell blood, Andrew and Kain stop their brawling for a moment, looking over to the downed Connor. With an unspoken agreement set up, Kain and Andrew make their way over to Connor and slowly peel him up from the mat. They stand him up and hook their arms around his neck, setting him up for a Double Vertical Suplex. They lift him up into the air, but he surprises everyone by swinging his body down with every last bit of strength he has, landing a Double Swinging DDT!

Fans: FIGHTING IRISH! *Stomp Stomp Stomp* FIGHTING IRISH! *Stomp Stomp Stomp* FIGHTING IRISH! *Stomp Stomp Stomp*

Adams: Just when you think that Connor couldn???t take any more of a beating, he dishes out some arse kicking for the ages!

Simone: This could really be anyone???s game here tonight, but it looks like Connor???s tank is running on empty.

With all three men laid out on the ground, Kain comes to first. He holds onto his head as he crawls over on top of Connor, pressing down on his shoulders. Jasmine drops down for the count.




The audience cheers loudly for Connor???s tenacity. However, it is short lived as Andrew crawls on top of Connor???s legs, shouting at Kain to get the arms. Both men weigh down on Connor, and no matter how much he tries to kick out, they???ve got him.




Justin Decent: CONNOR MURPHY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Remaining competitors can only win by escaping the cage!!!

Adams: That was a little cheap for my tastes, but you can???t blame them for working together in this.

Simone: Fair is fair, Jason, and these two have been rather consistent from beginning to end here.

Jasmine leads Connor over to the doors. He looks back at Kain and Andrew with disdain in his eyes. Andrew and Kain see nothing but each other as they slowly rise to their feet. It makes it rather easy for Connor to crash into them and clash their heads together as he shouts obscenities at them. Jasmine shakes her head and takes a breath, but Connor has made his point and is ready to go. He steps through the door, followed by Jasmine as she locks the door up behind her. Andrew gets up to his feet first, telling us how thick his skull must be. He grabs onto the chain link fence and threatens Connor. This gives Kain enough time to get a running start, catapulting himself up Andrew???s back and up the cage before Andrew ever realizes what???s going on. Kain grabs onto the top of the cage, pulling himself up. However, Andrew grabs onto both of his feet and drops down with all of his weight, causing the cage to bend just a little as they both fall down to the mat.

Simone: Looks like the cage wall has already been damaged a little. That can???t be a good sign.

Adams: Or a VERY good sign for the amusement of the audience, yeah?

Kain gets up and brings Andrew with him, ramming his head into the cage wall violently, causing him to bleed a little. Andrew stops it after about six smashes, and turns it around on Kain, ramming his head into the cage wall. He runs Kain???s face into the cage wall, running it back and forth until Kain is busted open much worse than Andrew. The Honorable Warrior begins climbing the cage as Kain drops down to the mat. He breathes heavily as his forehead bleeds. He uses the ropes as leverage before gripping onto the top of the cage. He pulls himself up as the fans boo him. He waves them off as he dangles his feet over the edge. Kain gets up, but it doesn???t seem to do much good. He shakes the cage with all of his might, trying to rattle Andrew from it. Andrew starts to climb down for the win when the cage wall comes loose on one side. The cage falls partially inside of the ring as Kain rushes out of the way.


Simone: Holy shit! Kain almost knocked his own head off with that one!

Adams: And the look on Andrew???s face is priceless. He almost had this thing won, but now he???s tangled on the teetering cage wall, half way inside of the ring.

Kain pulls himself onto the angled cage wall. Andrew is hugging onto the cage wall, waiting for it to settle in. He slowly gets up and Kain comes after him quickly, balancing himself on the cage wall. Andrew drops down and hits a hard punch to Kain???s gut that drops him to his knees. Garcia shoves Kain???s head between his legs, setting him up for the Dangerous Minds. The audience boos him as he smiles sadistically. He is ready to deliver the move when Kain lifts him up with a Back Body Drop onto the cage, causing it to fall even more, as a complete 45 degree angle. Kain hits the Malice on Andrew, leveling him as he slides down to the hard concrete on the outside!

Justin Decent: Your winner and Number One Contender to the SCW Roulette Championship??? KAAAAAIIIIIN!!!

Adams: He did it! Kain did it!

Simone: Kain proved that, while he might have been gone for almost two months, he has not lost his step a bit!

Jasmine St. John holds Kain???s arm up in the air as he celebrates to the cheering crowd. ???Ladies and Gentlemen??? by Saliva plays over the PA system as Kain looks over to Andrew resting on the slanted cage wall, both men a bloody mess.

Simone: Great way to kick off the show!

Adams: Yeah! That match was awesome!

Simone: Folks, we're being told that something has just hit the internet and we're about to show it to you right now. Sean Jackson has just posted this on his Twitter account

We go backstage to find Angelica and Delia standing next to the catering table backstage, looking at all of the wonderful food that they can???t eat. Angelica starts to reach for a cookie, but Delia raises an eyebrow to her, looking at Angelica???s backside before flipping her hair and looking the other way. Angelica pulls her hand back, sighing as she looks to her backside, agreeing with Delia???s assessment. She leans against the table silently for a moment before breaking the quiet.

Angelica: I can???t believe that she???s actually going to be here tonight. It???s so wild, isn???t it?

Delia: If you say so, darling??? It is just so wonderful to see you back, you know, fully back.

Angelica: I couldn???t have done it without you, honey. I let what happened with Roxanne stop me from being fierce, but now I will rock it as a manager.

Delia fights the temptation as long as she can before picking up a carrot stick, getting just a touch of ranch dip on the tip. She licks it off and then spits it out, savoring the leftover taste in her mouth before eating the carrot. Angelica giggles and hands Delia a bottle of water to rinse the calories away with.

Angelica: That ranch is going to go straight??? to your hips, girl. That???s like fifty sit ups and twenty jumping jacks???

Delia: Come for me all you want, darling. It doesn???t change z???e fact z???at I am z???e most fierce of z???e Mean Girls???

Angelica: Yeah??? for now, maybe.

Before Delia can respond, Angelica giggles and flips her hair, smacking Delia in the face with it as she preens her nails to give the impression that she is no longer paying attention to Delia any longer. The lack of attention seems to give Delia a bit of a fit on the inside as she clinches her jaw.

Delia: For now AND for always, hunty??? Trust it. Now, what is taking Holly so long? She said ten minutes. If she doesn???t hurry up, I might eat, like five more of z???ese carrot sticks???

Angelica: Heaven forbid??? We better go find him and totally sabotage this whole plan because you might pig out?

Delia drags Angelica down the hallway and around the corner, almost quick enough for Angelica to miss the opportunity to sneak a cookie. She stuffs it in her mouth quickly as Delia drags her toward the office of Erik Staggs. She prepares to knock when the door opens and Tessa walks out with Holly following quickly behind. The four ladies stare at one another for a moment Holly looks saddened for a moment as she holds her hands behind her, slumping her shoulders.

Angelica: Oh hell no! I will go in there and???

Holly: You gonna orally persuade him into another contract? Well don???t you worry about me, cause this bitch just got her own damn contract guuuurrrrrllll???


They all scream high pitched as Holly pulls a contract out from behind her back, waving it around. In doing so, he seems to have caused a stampede. All four of the girls hug in closely, jumping up and down as they continue to scream. ???Stoner??? Scott Oliver happens to be walking past and Holly stops, stepping away for a second, snapping her fingers at him.

Holly: ???Scuse me, ???Stoney Scott?????? or ???Stoner Scotty?????? Dude who tries to sell me ganja outside the locker rooms before shows??? You???re like??? an interviewer, right?

Scott: Sha, totally. Sorry if I???m a little slow right now, I just got done??? ya know??? I???m even seeing an Adam???s Apple on you, and with the mams bouncing up and down, I???m???

Holly raises an eyebrow as she stares at Scott for a minute. Once she feels like she???s understood what he is saying, she simply takes the microphone from him.

Scott: Hey, I was kinda on my way to interview???

Scott leans into the microphone, but Holly simply waves him off before putting her hand in his face. She looks over to the camera and taps the microphone against her hand as Angelica, Delia, and Tessa circle around, showing their support.

Holly: Gone and get you a snack, Shaggy??? I got this??? Sin City Wrestling? Your roster just got even more fabulous! That???s right, Holly Wood has just signed a contract with y???all, and shit just got real??? kay?

Holly raises a hand into the air as if making a royal proclamation while Delia, Tessa, and Angelica all pat her shoulders in congratulations. Holly stands there and takes it for a second before continuing.

Holly: Bombshells better count their blessings that I got a lil somethin??? extra downstairs, cause I would maul you basic bitches??? But, the good news for me is that I get to mix it up in the ring with them beefcakes of the Men???s Division??? mmmkay?!

Delia, Angelica, and Tessa all join in with a collective gasp. They all begin talking over each other in argument of why that isn???t fair, but Holly simply shrugs her shoulders, giving a sly look to the camera.

Holly: Hey y???all, I ain???t mad about it... I get to grind up on some studs like ???Hey Ben Jordan??? How you doin??? Jamie Dean? Holla atcha gurl Landon Axel??? You gotta banana in your pants?????? Wait, that???s all the hot guys in SCW??? Sorry ???bout it??? You boys get to find out what it???s really like to get beat by a girl. No, just remember boys??? gone and Sissy That Walk! Werk!

With that, Holly bops her head to her right, staring at the camera for a moment to let them know how serious shit just got. She widens her eyes before dropping the microphone to the ground, flipping her hair with a peace out attitude, walking off camera. The rest of the Mean Girls reluctantly follow after Holly as we fade elsewhere.

Simone: Did I just hear this right? Holly Wood has just signed to our Men???s Roster?

Adams: I can hear the screams of a thousand confused penises crying out across the globe right about now???

Justin: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Tag Team Championship! First, let me introduce the champions. With a combined weight of 310 pounds...JON DOUGH AND LUCIAN FROST!!!!

Jon waits for the lyrics to start and holding a mic in his right hand he walks from behind the curtain singing the lyrics to the song while he high fives as many fans as he can till he hit???s the ring. He then slides from under the button ropes. Gets on his feet and gets on top of one of the turnbuckles and hold the mic up in the air so sing the chous but the music gets cut off. The lights begin to flicker around the room, spot lights scan around the crowd, "Salt in the Wound" begins to play as the crowd looks around to see where he is coming from. Frost appears from one side of the arena and heads through the crowd before climbing over the barricade and slides under the bottom rope.

Justin: And their challenger being joined by a mystery partner. He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighs 227 pounds???.Joshua ACQUIN

???Nightmare??? Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with mixed reaction from the crowd. As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans. Some of them call out asking who is partner is. Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing cheers and boos from the crowd. He looks over at the team of Jon and Frost with a smile, asking for a microphone.

Adams: Oh man I can???t wait to find out, I love a good mystery.

Joshua: My partner for this match is???.Lucian Frost.

Silence falls on the crowd as people try to figure out how that is going to work. Many look confused but Frost doesn???t. He is just nodding his head from behind Jon where he was standing. Than suddenly he kicks Jon in the back and catches him in a falling reverse DDT! The crowd starts booing loudly as Joshua runs over to stomp on the fallen Jon and frost is up quick to help him.


Adams: I think I kind of agree with the fans on this one.

Simone: What a terrible cowardly act???.

Suddenly the arena goes dark for only a moment and then a figure dressed in black appears on a nearby turnbuckle. The figure looks like a modern day ninja.

Adams: Wonder who that is?

Simone: Are you kidding me?

The fans start cheering when they see the Ninja who quickly dropkicks Joshua Acquin in the face causing an even bigger pop from the crowd. The Ninja than turns to Frost who he catches with a roundhouse kick, following it up with a clothesline that knocks Frost out of the ring.

Simone: Ninja just made is debut here and has cleared house.

Adams: He is motioning for the referee to start the match. I think he is going to fight on Jon's team.

Ninja encourges Jon to roll out of the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

Joshua is getting to his feet slowly looking around for Frost and trying to argue with the ref about the match starting. Ninja gets behind Joshua grabbing him and slaming him with a belly to back suplex.

Adams: Man that Ninja guy does not mess around...

Simone: The bell had rung...

Joshua scrambles up as the fan starts cheering on Ninja as he leaps to his feet as well. The two charge at eachother but Ninja gets the upper hand again with a spinning wheel kick that knocks Acquin back down. Joshua quickly rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Ninja is gesturing for him to get back in the ring.

Crowd: Come on Joshua! Come on Joshua!

Simone: Joshua is taking a moment to regroup and he is not liking the crowd. The referee is starting to count him out.

Joshua slips back in the room putting his hands up for Ninja to give him space but Ninja ignores that rushing in. Joshua moves quick and low knocking Ninja off his feet with a chop block. Joshua gets up and heads for the ropes. He rebounds back and hits Ninja with a running knee strike.

Adams: Acquin is getting up, still a little shakey but is reaching for Frost!

Simone: He gets the tag and Frost is out there quick. Ninja is already on his feet.

Frost charges at Ninja hitting him with a running front drop kick. He is up quick and the crowd is starting up another Fuck You Frost chant as he pulls Ninja to his feet. Ninja pushes away from Frost and tries to surprise him with a high kick, but Frost catches it and sweeps Ninjas feet. He is running for the nearest ropes and springboarding back with a splash but Ninja scrambles out of the way.

Adams: You know Frost is kind of like a ninja...he use to wear a mask and stuff.

Simone: I think it takes more than a mask but the action is definatly picking up speed.

Ninja is up first and he grabs Frost setting him up with a tiger suplex. Ninja springs up and makes the tag. Jon Dough runs in with huge support from the crowd. Ninja pulls Frost up and both members of the Five Elders get in front of him. They than both super kick Frost at the same time.

Adams: oh man they nearly took his head clear off.

Simone: Jon is going for the pin...We might have new champions...or champion at least.

2???Acquin runs in to break it up.
...Nearly 3 but Acquin dives in.

Ninja is out there quick to attack Acquin with a big spear followed with a flurry of punches. While the referee is distracted Frost tries for a quick roll up using the ropes for leverage but the ref is too busy trying to break up Ninja and Acquin.

Adams: Frost is going for the pin but nobody is watching.

Frost breaks the hold and quickly rises so that he can get the referee???s attention. Jon uses the opportunity to sneak behind Frost and pull him down in a roll up of his own. Jon Dough going for the quick pin.


Simone: It looks like Acquin and Ninja are finally breaking it up, and letting the legal fighters continue.

Frost and Jon Dough are both up quick. They lock up but Jon quickly slips behind Frost and tries for a suplex, but Frost reverses and slams Jon Dough down with a german suplex. The crowd rewards Frost efforts with boos but he doesn???t seem to notice.

Simone: It is amazing to think that not to long ago Frost was a fan favorite.

Adams: He should put the mask back on, it seems to work for Jon and Ninja. People with mask are cool and mysterious.

Simone: I don???t think that is enough, putting on a mask won???t hide his action. It won???t change the past.

Frost pulls Jon to his feet and whips him into a nearby turnbuckle. Frost charges the corner and hits Jon hard with an elbow strike. He steps back to do another elbow slam but Jon spins out of the way. He knees Frost in the gut and grabs his head performing a stunning tornado DDT. The crowd cheers him on.

Adams: See! When the guy with the mask does something they cheer!

Simone: Can we find a mask that will make you focus on what is really going on with the match.

Adams: And hide this lovely face, no thank you!

Jon turns to the audience while Frost slowly tries to get up. Jon is trying to get the fans even more behind him, waving his arms and getting them more hyped up. Than with sudden focus he runs for the ropes and springboard kicks Frost right as he is getting to his feet. Jon scrambles up quickly and pulls Frost up and over his shoulder. Jon brings Frost down hard with a belly to back piledriver!

Adams: Jon is pointing to the Ninja, I think he is going to make a tag. There is a guy who knows how to entertain.

Simone: Well if he is not careful he is going to entertain away his momentum.

After a bit of a show Jon makes the tag and Ninja is quickly up on the top rope. He tires for a diving moonsault but Frost rolls out of the way at the last second. Both men on the ground now. Frost is up first and he scrambles for the tag.

Adams: And Acquin is in! He looks ready too!

Acquin hits Ninja with a big running clothesline and then proceeds to stomp on him until he is forced to step back. Acquin grabs Ninja, pulling him up and setting him up for a falling neckbreaker. Acquin going for the pin.


Simone: I don???t think Ninja is anywhere close to giving up.

Acquin seems frustrated and pulls Ninja up trying a new tactic, getting him in an abdominal stretch. He has it almost locked in but Ninja powers out of it causing Joshua to stagger back. Ninja responds with a backhand chop and a volley of punches that drives Acquin into the ropes. Ninja tries to pull Acquin off the ropes but Joshua grabs the ropes and uses them for leverage to kick Ninja in the face.

Adams: I don???t think its legal to kick a ninja in the face.

Simone: I don???t Acquin is aware of your made up laws.

Acquin moves quickly over to the fallen Ninja and puts him into a sharpshooter. He gets it locked in and Ninja starts to struggle. He is reaching for the ropes but they are not close enough.

Simone: Out of nowhere Joshua Acquin might just win this match right here.

The crowd starts chanting Ninja and Ninja responds by pushing farther to reach the ropes. He is almost there but every moment it gets harder to fight it but finally he pushes forward and does get ahold of the rope. The referee is telling Joshua to break the hold but he does not relent. Suddenly Jon rushes from his corner and hits Acquin with a forearm smash that causes him to break. Frost rushes in and charges Jon, knocking the ref aside in the process.

Adams: And now its chaos!

While the referee struggles back to their feet Acquin is stomping on Ninja and Frost has caught Jon Dough. Frost slams Jon down with a fireman carry slam, then pulls him up whipping him right into Drew Patton.

Simone: That was a delibrate strike on the official!

Frost turns his attention to Ninja running for the nearest turnbuckle and yelling at Acquin to clear out of the way. Frost is up, twisting in the air and connecting with the Ice Falls.

Adams: It might be a dirty trick but man did that look good.

Now Joshua Acquin pulls Ninja to his feet, it is clear that Ninja is out of it. He sets him up for his version of the killswitch. Acquin hits with the Nightmare and Frost is helping the referee to his feet. Acquin is going for the count.




The bell rings and the fans are booing the new Tag Team Champions!

Simone: As much as I hate to say it we have new tag team champions. They cheated from start to finish but in the end they got the belts.

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

A hush falls over the arena as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the arena. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out throughout the arena...

v/o: "Can you feel it coming? In the air, tonight?"

As soon as the voice over ends, you hear the voice of Phil Collins start up with...

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

The Mental Rapist

Through the crimson mist, a ring of fire can now be seen as the fans can see two people rising up from the floor. The arena erupts into boos and slight cheers as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and the evil jezebeth Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Once both have risen like a phoenix from its ashes, they step out of the ring of fire with Sean completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

Sean takes a deep breath, he still has that serious look on his face making everyone wonder what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese darkling at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring.

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavage while Jackson is dressed in a white shirt with his picture on the front and the NWA logo on the front, blood pouring from the bottom. He is also wearing blue jeans, shoes and has the ACW title belt draped over his shoulder.

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, and he motions for a microphone.

Promptly, one of the ring workers hands him a mic through the ropes and as Sean soaks in the boos from the fans, he raises the mic to his mouth.

Jackson: "Drake Green, approximately one year ago you were the recipient of a title match that was practically handed to you. It was handed to you by that no good son of a bitch Brad Batee and frankly..."

As Sean backs up from the ropes, he continues to address his nemesis.

Jackson: "I resented it. I resented it because he put more faith into a talentless nobody like you, rather than a legitimate super star such as myself."

As he continues to talk, the evil Jezebeth Vanessa begins to stroke his hair, knowing that soon, he will get into the meat of his rant.

Jackson: "But now, we find that the roles are reversed. The roles are reversed because tonight, it is Mark Ward who sees me as the catalyst, as the man who will take the ACW championship to heights never before attained."


Jackson: "Last year at this time, it was you had the element of surprise and was able to work it into a victory for the Empire State Championship. But tonight, tonight it gets to be my turn. I get to be the one with the element of surprise, to have you worry about what I can and will be capable of...."

Full of confidence, Sean begins to address the fans at the ringside area.

Jackson: "To have each and every one of you worry about what Sean Jackson is capable of. Especially with the backing of Hot Stuff Mark Ward...."

Sean is now smiling, his confidence is bubbling over and why not? He DOES have the backing of Mark Ward.

Jackson: "Because it is all your fault that Drake Green is in this predicament to begin with. He wastes all of his time worrying about what you people want, what you people think...."


Jackson: "And frankly, why would anyone want to listen to a bunch of beer swilling, fat bodies from Long Beach who can only roller skate with training wheels and surf in kiddie pools."

The boos get louder

Jackson: "Oh that's right, Drake Green is nothing more than a poster child of what you people are...."

The fans are about to riot.

Jackson: "A bunch of sub standard pieces of whale crap at the bottom of the ocean. A bunch of leeches on society as a whole that should be exterminated with the high knee to the back of the skull..."

Yes Vanessa is enjoying every single word she's hearing.

Jackson: "Just like your hero Drake Green."

Doesn't Sean Jackson understand? you don't talk about Drake Green in that manner. But of course, when has Sean ever worried about what anyone else thought?

Jackson: "You see people, Mark Ward brought me in because he knew what I could do with the ACW title. He knew that I could flip Sin City upside down and in the process, take care of a little personal matter called Drake Green. Well Drake, tonight your little reality show gets cancelled and it gets cancelled by this...."

Sean points down at his right knee. The one that ultimately delivers the finisher called "Lights Out Game Called Due To Darkness".

Jackson: "The most devastating knee in the world today. Now granted, that Showstopper is devastating in its own right. But Drake, no one and I do mean NO ONE delivers a knee finisher like I do."

Not satisfied, Sean continues his fight with the fans by talking about Drake.

Jackson: "You know, it's going to be a shame when poor ole Drake gets put out to pasture. It's going to be a shame when poor ole Drake realizes that his career ended because of you ignorant fans. Because he was worried about what you thought, and about what you wanted. To know that mere seconds after he's gone, you will have forgotten all about him and gone on to yet another fan favorite. Completely forgetting that he even existed...."


Jackson: "Oh yes Drake, just wait. Just wait until your put on the shelf, unable to live up to their lofty standards. Watch as they turn their backs on you as you limp through the airport, or babble on at the counter of your local McDonald's. Watch as they do their damnest to avoid you, watch as they quickly turn the other way if you approach to give them an autograph..."

The arena continues with more boos as the fans act like Sean Jackson is lying. But they boo because he's telling the truth.

Jackson: "Hey, boo me all you want. But you know that I'm telling you the truth. You boo me because you know for a fact that if Drake Green is turned into a vegetable tonight, you wouldn't give him the time of day tomorrow. Isn't that right Vanessa?"

Vanessa nods.

Jackson: "Drake, tonight Showtime comes to an end. But hey, at least you'll still have these fans to support you."

Sean points to a young man several rows back from the ring. He looks to be in his mid 20's.

Jackson: "Why I'm sure you'll wipe Drake's ass for him. Won't you?"

Sean then aims his next question at a young lady around the same age.

Jackson: "Just like I'm sure you'll feed him cream corn through a straw for several hours?"

Planting the seed.

Jackson: "Yep, you both look like you'll give up watching the Real World in order to take care of a retarded Drake Green who has mush for brains? no? I didn't think so. There you go Drake, these so called fans who you think gives a damn about you...."

Sean pauses to smile.

Jackson: "Will turn their backs on you in a heart beat once you become a burden to them. And believe me Drake, after tonight, you WILL be a burden to them. You WILL be a burden to them because a knee crashing through the back of your skull sounds something like this....."


Sean drops the mic onto the mat, the static sound filling the entire arena. At last satisfied, Sean and Vanessa exits the ring as the fans continue to boo.

"Above All" by Newsted begins to play and the crowd boos as "The Lord of SCW" and "Prime Time" Matthew Kennedy steps out with a microphone in his hand.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome "The Lord of SCW" Matthew Kennedy!

Matthew smirks as he puts the mic up to his lips.

Matthew:: It is The Lord's pleasure to introduce a future Bombshell Champion, a woman of many talents, both in and out of the bedroom, and The Lord's protege please welcome, from Watford, England and being accompanied by myself and Marty McFarge, "The Prodigy" Lizzie Short!

The guitar intro to ???Love Bites??? by Halestorm begins to blare over the PA System and once the vocals hit Lizzie Short comes out with Marty McFarge and the Skar Bros. by her side, she joins Matthew on the stage and the two exchange a quick kiss before she marches down to the ring and enters it whilst waiting for the introduction of New Zealand???s Hottest Export, Emma Rose and The Cockney King, Ben Jordan.

Justin: And her opponent. From Dunedin, New Zealand, weighing in at one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is Emma Rose!!!

???Able to Love??? by Benny Benassi plays over the public address as Emma Rose comes out onto the stage with Ben Jordan. She blows a kiss to the fans before working her way down the aisle arm in arm with Ben. Emma gets inside of the ring and walks over to the turnbuckle stepping up on to the second rope with her arm in the air.

Simone: This is a battle of the two of the brightest young stars in the Bombshell Division. As an added bonus for tonight???s match, The Cockney King is accompanying Emma Rose to even the odds a bit here tonight. Ben wants to avoid any shenanigans from Matthew Kennedy???s contingent.

Ben fires up the crowd before the start of the match, pounding the mat and getting the crowd riled up.

Ben & Fans:: EMMA! EMMA! EMMA!

Matthew pops up on the ring apron, and covers Lizzie???s ears from the chants of support for Emma Rose.


Matthew turns around, and yells at a front row fan with a sign. He kicks the bottom rope, and hops down. He snatches the Emma Rose fan???s sign and rips it in half!

Matthew:: Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie!

Jacob Summers, the referee in charge of this contest gives final instructions to both Emma Rose and Lizzie Short before calling for the bell.


The ladies meet in the center of the ring. Words are exchanged as the girls inch closer and closer until they are chest to chest. Lizzie fires the first shot, shoving Emma Rose.

Adams: Oh no she didn???t!

Emma returns fire with a solid shove of her own, knocking Lizzie flat on her ass! Lizzie looks up from the mat with a glare of frustration. Ben high fives a fan in the front row as the Emma chants increase in intensity!


Emma looks down at Lizzie, and blows her a kiss to add insult to injury of her pride. Lizzie quickly pops back to her feet. Lizzie hauls back, and fires off a vicious slap that echoes throughout the arena on impact.


Simone: Lizzie Short just slapped the taste out of Emma Rose as they say!

Adams: She didn???t just slap the taste out of her, she gave her a permanent reminder in the form of her hand imprinted for weeks to come on her cheek.

Lizzie smirks at Emma as Marty, and Matthew cheer her on from ringside. Lizzie loses focus of Emma for a moment as she takes in the jeers from the fans. She turns around, and walks right into a discus clothesline from Emma Rose that sends her crashing to the mat. Emma presses her shoulders to the mat as Jacob drops down to make the count.



Matthew reaches out and grabs the foot of Lizzie Short, placing it on the bottom rope. He yells at Jacob Summers.

Simone: Foot on the rope to break the count with a little assistance from The Lord himself!

Adams: It???s not illegal if you don???t get caught.

Simone: They do like to say that.

Matthew is quite proud of himself for saving the day. He starts to bicker with another fan at ringside as the match continues. Emma picks Lizzie up, and lifts her high in the air. She attempts a scoop slam, but Lizzie rolls her up in a pin attempt.



Emma kicks out just before Jacob hits the canvas!

Simone: That was so close!

Adams: Like two and three quarters! Emma Rose BARELY kicked out of that small package!

Both Bombshells are quickly back to their feet. Lizzie and Emma begin trading open handed chops to each other chests. Chop for chop Lizzie and Emma increase the intensity. Lizzie attempts to sneak in a clothesline, but Emma ducks it. Emma locks her arms around Lizzie, tossing her high overhead.

Simone: Release German suplex by Emma Rose!

Adams: The Prodigy lands on her feet! What agility by Lizzie Short!

Emma Rose spins around to see The Prodigy waiting for her. Lizzie pops off a picture perfect dropkick on the button, sending Emma Rose crashing face first into the mat. Emma???s head bounces off the mat upon impact stunning her momentarily.

Adams: Lizzie might have knocked a tooth or two out of Emma???s mouth with that dropkick! She nailed that right on the kisser!

Lizzie hops up on to the second turnbuckle. She waits for the perfect opportunity. As Emma gets back to her feet, Lizzie leaps.

Simone: Lizzie???s airborne with a beautiful crossbody!

Lizzie soars through the air with grace, but as her body connects with Emma???s, she is caught in the grasp of the lovely Ms. Rose.

Adams: OH! Emma caught her!

Emma staggers back a couple of steps securing her foothold on the canvas. Once Emma is confident, she lifts up Lizzie with a tiny grunt to her shoulders.

Simone: Here we go!

Lizzie struggles to break free to no avail. Emma parades her around to the cheers of the crowd. She spins her around three times, and then drops to her knees.


Emma quickly hooks both legs firmly, wrapping up Lizzie for the pinfall. Jacob Summers is in perfect position, and drops down to make the count.


Emma interlocks her fingers tightly securing an even better grip on the legs of Lizzie Short. Matthew Kennedy attempts to get up on the apron to distract Summers from his count, but he is cut off by Ben Jordan. The Cockney King cracks Matthew Kennedy with a stiff left hand which sends him flying into the arms of the Skar Brothers and Marty! Ben dives off the ring apron to the floor with a suicide dive sending everyone hard to the concrete!

Adams: Emma???s got her all tied up!


Simone: This is it folks!

Lizzie struggles to get a shoulder up before Jacob???s hand slaps the mat for the final time!


Simone: Emma Rose has done it! She???s pinned The Prodigy!

Justin: Here is your winner... New Zealand???s Hottest Export... Emma Rose!

Ben slides into the ring, and wraps up Emma Rose with a big hug. He lifts her off the mat, and spins her around. Jacob Summers raises Emma???s hand in victory as they continue to celebrate the big win overcoming the numbers of Lizzie Short???s cohorts.

The scene opens up with Andrew Garcia and Casey Williams talking in a quiet hallway backstage. They are approached by Max Burke.

Casey:How you feeling Andrew, now you have a few matches under your belt?

Andrew:Really good. Glad to get that first win under my belt at Climax Control a few weeks ago.

Max: Definitely Drew. You're progressing quickly.

Andrew:You guys know I have been busting my ass since joining SCW.

Casey and Max both smile.

Max: You have been. You can really see your passion for this industry, and it's a key factor when you want climb that proverbial ladder.

Casey:We have noticed, and we want to tweak your game plan a little bit more, perfect what we can perfect, and improve what needs to be improved. You are still very green in the ring.

Andrew:I will take your guy???s word on improving my game.

They shake hands with Max, and walk away as the scene fades to black.

Simone: It???s been a great night of action and there are plenty of matches to come yet!

Adams: Coming up next is Bombshell action as The Freakettes challenge the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions Traci Paterson and Mercedes Vargas for the gold???..


Simone: Speaking of the SCW Bombshell Tag Champs here comes a former SCW Bombshell Tag Champion Jessie Salco!

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of "The Art of Partying" by Municipal Waste tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake and her boyfriend Shane, the trio do some headbanging at the top of the ramp before Jessie gets a running start before sliding into the ring, where she???s quickly joined by her male companions, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before grabbing a mic.

Jessie: It???s been a crazy year huh?

Jessie asks getting a pop from the crowd.


Jessie: That???s my name, don???t wear it out!

Jessie jokes getting some laughs out of the crowd.

Jessie: As much as I???d like to be in the finals of Blast from the Past II a certain cheating bitch can???t win a match cleanly to save her life and has somehow managed to weasel her way into the finals, like I said on Twitter, if she wins then I???ll be at the local bar drowning my sorrows.

Simone: Alongside Simon Jones and Steve Ramone!

Adams: Let???s hope she has plenty of money if that does happen!

Jessie: And if anyone wants to join me Jake said that drinks are on him!

Jessie adds and Jake shakes his head.

Jessie: Okay enough stalling, at the end of my promo for my first Blast from the Past match Shane here proposed to me and as I said earlier this week we were going to reveal it in the lead-up to the Supercard???..but I wasn???t booked so I went with plan B, I know the world wants to know whether or not I said yes so???..

Jessie removes her hand from her pocket and holds it up.

Simone: Is that what I think it is?

Adams: No??????.

Jessie: I SAID YES!

Jessie???s declaration gets a loud pop from the crowd as Shane hugs his fianc?? tightly before Jake grabs the mic.

Jake: Now if you excuse us, the lovebirds have some wedding planning to do!


Simone: Never thought I???d hear that chanted at a wrestling show!

Adams: Why are all the good looking ones taken?!

???The Art of Partying??? hits the speakers again as the trio leave Shane and Jessie holding hands as they walk up the ramp!

Adams: And here we go ladies and gentlemen, Bombshell???s tag team titles on the line, right here, right now.

Simone: I???ve been looking forward to this match Jason, It should be fantastic.

The lights dim throughout the arena as the opening bass of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" filters in through the PA system. Rainbow colored fireworks explode in front of the stage as the curtains are abruptly parted. The first figure to enter is the scowling behemoth "Rock" Traci, who pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking herself in the pyro while flexing her bulging biceps before an awestruck crowd. She stomps forth after the brief pause followed by the decidedly more energetic blonde Vargas Fontana, who bounces back and forth, bursting into short dance steps, smiling and seeming to enjoy herself. Arriving at ringside, Traci enters first and holds the ropes open for her diminutive partner who jumps through and promptly climbs to the top rope extending her arms in acknowledgement of the crowd.

Adams: There are the challengers, who are coming into this match off an impressive victory, and look to become the champions here tonight.

Simone: They have an amazing opportunity, they have size and strength, agility, everything required to be champions.

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of ???Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me??? by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas, as per usual, stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on hips, and overlooking the crowd. The bell sounds and the camera pans around the arena once more and then cuts to the ring announcer as he lifts his microphone for the pre-match introductions.

Justin: And their opponents, first, She is one-half of the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions??? Mercedes Vargas!???

Mercedes goes up the steps and walks along the ring apron as she straddles the top rope, facing the crowd as she unbuckles her title from around her waist and raises it in the air while talking trash. She walks the rest of the apron and climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back at the camera as she flips her hair, though the determined expression on her face remains- perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight

Adams: This is an odd combination.

Simone: But they are packing the gold, so something must be clicking.

Here Come The Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Rose and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Rose then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Rose. The pair then walk down to the ring and slap fans hands as they do this. Katie then gets up on the apron and holds the ropes open for Rose. Rose then slips in and walks over to the corner. She then poses on the turnbuckles while Katie claps her. Rose then gets down and opens the ropes for Katie to leave.

Adams: And we???re just about to get underway.

Mercedes and Rose talk a little strategy, while Traci stands in front of Vargas, who sits on the turnbuckle. After a few moments, Rose steps out to the apron, and Mercedes begins testing out the ropes. Traci looks at Vargas, and Traci steps out as well. The bell sounds.

Adams: So, the smaller members of the two teams will start the match.

Felony and Vargas lock up mid-ring, with Vargas quickly using a go-behind into a waistlock on her. Felony backs Vargas to a corner, then fires back two right elbows to the temple. He turns and begins driving knees into Vargas???s gut. After four of these, Jasmine steps in and orders the break. While Jasmine backs Felony away, Rose runs on the apron and levels Vargas with a clothesline! Some of the fans actually cheer. Felony yanks Vargas to his feet and beils her across the ring to a neutral corner! Felony lifts Vargas to his feet and repeats the move, this time causing Vargas to pop up to one knee clutching her back and gasping for air. Felony grabs a handful of hair, lifts her up, and shoves him back into a corner. She grabs the middle rope, then begins driving his right shoulder into the ribcage of Vargas. After four such attacks, Vargas is seated on the mat, her head resting on the bottom buckle. Felony drives her right boot into Vargas???s throat for a second, then walks to the opposite corner. Felony rushes out of the corner, heading toward Vargas, but is cut off by a Traci lariat out of nowhere!

Adams: A little tit for tat there.

Simone: These teams are going to pull all out stops to win.

Cheers are heard, and Jasmine forces Traci back to the apron after the stiff clothesline. Vargas gets to her feet as Felony is on her hands and knees. Vargas runs forward and delivers a loud basement dropkick to the face, drawing the appropriate ???ooh???s from the crowd. Vargas grabs Felony???s hair and drags him to the champion???s corner. Vargas lifts Felony up, grabs the left arm, and delivers a wristlock. She reaches out and slaps the hand of Traci, who enters and delivers a kick to the outstretched arm. Traci applies a standing armbar. She sinks it in, then cranks back and forth, increasing the pressure and forcing Felony to one knee. Traci grabs the wrist and drives her elbow into Mercedes???s. Traci tags Vargas, who slingshots in, grabs the arm, and delivers an armdrag into an armbar. She drives his left knee into Felony???s temple, keeping her grounded. Felony struggles his head from under the knee, then gets to one knee. He pushes his free right hand up into Vargas???s chin and regains a vertical base. He pushes Vargas back into the Challenger???s corner, but Traci wisely enters the ring, distracting Jasmine as Felony tags in Rose. Rose slingshots into the ring, lands on her feet, and slaps her right hand around Vargas???s throat. With Traci back on the apron, Jasmine rushes to Rose and breaks up the Chokeslam attempt. She forces Rose to the apron, but Rose argues. Meanwhile, Vargas grabs the left arm of Felony and drags her to mid-ring, where Traci comes in and assists in a double team stompdown. Vargas outstretches the arm, while Traci bounces off the ropes, leaps up, and delivers a kneedrop to the arm. Vargas steps on the apron. Traci slaps her hands together, making a tagging noise, and when the Jasmine turns around, she gives no warning.

Simone: Another instance of these two teams doing everything they can to win.

Traci lifts Felony to her feet, uses the left arm for an irish whip, but hangs on and yanks the arm back, forcing Felony face-first to the mat. Felony clutches the arm, and Traci uses it to drag her to a neutral corner. He lifts Felony to her feet, drapes the arm over the top rope, and pulls it back in through the middle rope, stretching the arm out over the top! Felony screams in pain, and the ref gives the five count. Traci releases, then knees the arm again. She whips Felony to the ropes and bounces off the opposite ropes. He leaps into the air and collides with the left shoulder, hitting a Diving Shoulderblock! Felony, ever the veteran, fights through the pain and crawls toward his corner, but Traci cuts it off and delivers another full-armdrag-and-twist back to mid-ring. Holding the armbar, he drags Felony back to the challengers??? corner. He tags in Vargas, who climbs to the top rope. Traci hands the back of Felony???s left arm to Vargas, who hooks it and falls off the ropes, hitting a Bulldog onto the arm! Vargas covers.


She covers again.


Vargas grabs the left arm and yanks it out, then drops a leg onto it. Vargas stands and crosses her arms, signaling that the match is over. He lifts Felony up, goes behind her, and lifts her onto her shoulders, preparing for the Black Rose Overdrive but Felony wriggles free and lands behind Mercedes and shoves her off into the ropes. On the rebound, Felony uses his good arm to catch him with a Bossman Slam that takes both women out.

Adams: And now both women are down.

Simone: Felony has got to make that tag. Rose has been waiting the whole match to get in!

The women lay on the mat as Jasmine begins the ten count. At the count of seven, each woman stirs. At the count of eight, Vargas tags Traci. Traci rushes into the ring, but Felony dives to his corner, stretches out her good right hand, and tags in Rose! Rose jumps over the ropes and into the ring to an immense pop. Traci hurries into the ring to meet Rose, but she gets only a right hand. Traci pops back up, but she still gets taken down with a right hand. Vargas gets up to meet Rose, and she gets an Irish Whip across the ring. Rose follows him in and jumps up, Monkey Flipping Vargas across the ring and into his own tag team partner! Mercedes slowly gets back up and walks right into a kick to the gut from Rose. Rose turns her around and locks him in a Dragon Sleeper position. She holds his left hand up in the air for another pop, signaling for the end. Rose spots Traci charging towards him, so she pushes Vargas away. Rose ducks down at the last second and Back Body Drops Traci over the ropes and down onto the floor outside the ring!

Adams: And now Traci is out of the picture!

Vargas charges and walks right into a hand wrapped around her throat And the pop grows even louder when we see Felony who has finally ascended the top turnbuckle. Rose lifts Vargas into the air, and Felony then takes flight and hits a beautiful clothesline!

Adams: There it is! Erotic asphyxiation!

Simone: What a way to go???

Rose, the legal Woman, drops down and covers Vargas!




Adams: We???ve got new champions!

Simone: They did it!

Rose rises off of Vargas as the timekeeper hands Felony the tag team titles. Vargas rolls out of the ring and is collected by Traci who looks upset. The Freakettes hold up the title proudly in celebration.

Simone: Rose proved to be a game changer in this match. Once she got the tag, the tide tured.

Adams: But something tells me, this situation is far from over.

Electric by Shawn Desmond cues up and the crowd gives a huge pop. Out come Electra Styles. She smiles as she walks down the ramp, slapping some hands and smiling. She climbs the apron, entering through the first and second rope. She waves ecstatically. As her music cues down, she's handed a mic

Adams: Electra Styles is in an SCW ring! This is awesome!

Electra: Hello!!! It's so good to be back in this ring! It's been a very long time since you've seen me. I have had so many things keeping me away from this... this which I love so very much and now... with the support of my family and friends, I'm able to come out here and really give it, in the words of my husband, "One Last Run".

The crowd pops for her again and she's smiling from ear to ear

Electra: Even though I didn't sign my contract in time to be booked tonight, I wanted to take an opportunity to come out here and really tell you all how much I appreciate your letters, your emails and your tweets all wishing me well and encouraging me to get back in a ring. It's really because of all of you that I'm really here again. I promise you, nothing is going to hold me back this time. I am ready to take the Bombshell division by storm. I will be victorious this time. This is promise you.

She walks over to one of the turn-buckles and climbs up onto it.

Electra: Thank you!!! I love you all!!

She holds her hand up to the cheers and then jumps down, Exiting the ring and walking up the ramp blowing kisses to the fans as she does

Justin: The following contest is a singles match, introducing first....

???The End??? by Roadrunner United begins to play as the houselights dim, a spotlight shines upon the entrance as Landon Axel steps out to a chorus of cheers, he smiles broadly as he walks down the aisle and walks to the ring steps and climbs them and stands on the ring apron.

Justin: From Galveston, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and sixty four pounds. He is one half of Guns For Hire, he is Landon Axel!

Absorbing the atmosphere for a moment before stepping through the ropes, walking over to the furthest turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, Axel acknowledges the crowd by pounding his chest and lifting his arms up. The music plays as the referee checks his books waist and knuckles for foreign objects before it fades away.

Justin: And his opponent, from Dorchester, New Brunswick...

Tribal Chanting: Ka mate, ka mate

Simone: Oh God... that's not Burke's music.

Twelve very large Samoans make their way onto the stage dressed in traditional tribal war attire. They assemble, and continue in perfect unison.

Tribal Chanting: Ka ora' Ka ora'

Adams: It can't be...

Tribal Chanting: Ka mate, ka mate

Simone: Is it really...

Tribal Chanting: Ka ora Ka ora "

Adams: Is he Burke's mercenary!?

Tribal Chanting: Te-nei te tangata pu-huruhuru

Simone: Look at Landon, he knows who's coming!

Tribal Chanting: Na-na i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra-

Tribal Chanting: A Upane! Ka Upane!

Tribal Chanting: Upane Kaupane"

Adams: Landon is readying himself, but he should be getting out of dodge...

Tribal Chanting: Whiti te ra-,!

Tribal Chanting:Hi-!


Duke lets out a guttural roar, and Landon reacts by spinning around to face him. Tupoi runs his thumb across his throat and plants Landon Axel with a Samoan drop.

Simone: Duke Ata Tupoi is back in Sin City Wrestling!

Duke yanks Landon back to his feet, and lifts him onto his shoulders. He lets out another scream before driving Landon Axel headfirst into the canvas.


Limp Bizkit's 'Behind Blue Eyes' begin to ring out as 'Pro Wrestling's Pedigree' and Max Burke steps out on to the stage with Ruby a few feet behind him. The tribe parts as Max walks out to the front. A sly smirk crawls across the face of Max Burke.

Burke: Welcome home... friend. I'm sorry Landon, but I've been preoccupied with more important things on my mind. We'll have to reschedule. Let's go Duke.

Duke stomps Landon in the side of the head before stepping over him and leaving the ring. Max lets out an evil laugh, and drops the microphone as Duke makes his way up the ramp. The two embrace with a firm handshake and hug. Referee Drew Patton makes his way over to Landon Axel. He throws up the x right away. Ringside physicians enter the ring to check on Landon's condition as Drew speaks with Justin Decent.

Justin: Referee Drew Patton has advised that Landon Axel will be unable to compete in this match due to being attacked before the start of this match. However, your winner per Drew Patton via disqualification is Landon Axel!

The camera cuts to the gorilla position as Max, Ruby, and Duke break through the curtain. Christian Underwood is there to greet them as he chucks his headset down, and storms up to them.

Christian: Burke where do you think you get off!? You don't call the shots around here! You wrestle when WE tell you to wrestle! And right now... SECURITY!

The SCW Security Team make their way over, and surround the three. Duke sneers at one of the guards, and Max just chuckles.

Christian: Security, please escort these three from the building immediately. They are no longer welcome here tonight.

Burke: Fine. We're finished here tonight anyways. Have a good night... boss.

Max throws an arm around Ruby, and happily obliges with Christian's orders as they are escorted from the building.

Simone: Christian just booted Max Burke AND Duke from the building. He was absolutely livid!

The camera shows the roulette wheel, where Pussy Willow stands in front of it. She begins her introduction.

Pussy: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we have a huge Roulette championship match, where champion Brother Grimm will defend the championship against the man to my right, Michael Hardy.

The camera moves to see Michael Hardy standing next to Pussy.

Pussy: It's time to spin the wheel to see what match we will be having tonight. Michael if you would.

Michael Hardy reaches up, spinning the wheel powerfully. It starts to come to a stop before landing on...

Pussy: Brother Grimm will defend the SCW Roulette championship against Michael Hardy in a TLC Pin To Win match!

Michael Hardy nods and smiles.

Pussy: Back to you guys at ringside.

Justin: The following contest is for the SCW Roulette championship, and is a TLC Pin To Win match! Introducing first, the challenger.

The lights went black, completely black in the stadium ready for this three way dance. The fans as quite as they heard the air move around them and people with their nosebleeds. The lighting began to change as the song began to play showing a video so similar to his career???His theme song begins to play."Mayday, mayday this ship is slowly sinking. They think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling. They're all around me circling like vultures. They wanna break me and wash away my colors... wash away my colors!" Just as the final line finished, the song would burst in loudly with guitar and drums coming into one and as they did so, the smoke would circle the stage as the lights hit. Michael would come rushing out from behind the black curtain for the fans to see him and they went ballistic as their favorite enigma was ready to do battle. The new theme would define him and hopefully help the creatures understand he was here for them. After coming out from the back, Michael would immediately stare down the ring from the top of the ramp, he could exactly make eye contact with ring as the announcer

Justin: "Introducing from St. Louis, Missouri!!!! He is The Enigma... MICHAEL! HARDYYYYYY!"

His eyes would wander through the building, spotting the multiple multi-colored signs made in support of Michael Hardy and the career he had. How he saw the Creatures and they were hoping he could pull out the victory here tonight. As Michael continued to make his way to the end of the entrance ramp, he would stop as the ramp formed into the floor around the ring and the Creatures and their chants lead him to the entrance floor. With his head dropped to his chest, he would slowly raise it, ready to fight for everyone and everything who believed in him. Michael would then slowly turn his attention to the steel steps still taking in the fans approval or disapproval whichever the case was. Walking across half of the apron, Michael would step in between the top and middle rope to get inside the ring. Once in the ring, he would quickly turn to his right and walk down the ropes to the bottom right turnbuckle. Using his hands to pull himself up onto the middle turnbuckle, Michael would bring his body up to a full standing position and throw his arms out to his side and stare out into the crowd. This same sequence would occur for all the turnbuckles. Waiting for his music to die down and the Creatures began to chant, "HARDY! HARDY! HARDY!???

Justin: And his opponent....

All of the lights in the building slowly fade out, leaving the arena cloaked in darkness. Then the voices of little girls is heard over the speakers, reciting;

"'B' is for 'Baby' ... 'F' is for 'Fear'
Beware for the children ... The evil draws near."

The screen above the ramp then flickers to life with the image of a music box...

The video ends and are replaced by the ominous melodies of O Fortuna (Carmina Burana). A select stage light ignites over the ramp, illuminating the lone figure standing atop the stage, as stoic and pale as an ivory statue. Poised and ready, brother Grimm raises his head and slowly begins the descent towards the ring, paying no mind to the fans who watch with awe in their eyes as this enigmatic figure passes them, leaving a chill to many a spine in his wake.

Justin: From The Other Side Of Darkness, weighing in at two hundred and forty six pounds, he is the current SCW Roulette champion, he is Brother Grimm!

Arriving at ringside, Brother Grimm pauses and casts a sidelong glance at the fans seated at ringside, staring them down until the fans hurriedly break eye contact. Only then does Grimm show the faintest trace of a devilish smirk before he turns back to the ring. Gripping the middle rope with his hand, he hauls himself up onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes. Grimm begins to remove his attire to reveal an ivory-white and muscled upper body adorned with faint scars. He passes his armor and tunic out to the attendant, then turns back, ready to start the match.

Adams: Michael Hardy's eyes lit up when he saw the match type.

Simone: Seems to be a Hardy speciality.

Grimm looks around the ring as the referee, Jacob Summers, calls for the bell.


Grimm and Hardy circle each other in the ring and Grimm dives towards Hardy, but Hardy moves behind Grimm in a waistlock, but Grimm throws an elbow back towards Hardy and flips him over with a snapmare. Grimm nails Hardy with a boot to the spine. Hardy shuffles forward but Grimm drops down, placing his thumb in to the shoulder and neck muscle of Hardy, pushing it down with a nerve hold. Hardy moves forward, trying to get away from Grimm, but Grimm forces the muscle deeper, putting his other hand on top and pushing harder. Hardy throws a hand backwards, catching Grimm in the face. Hardy does it again, catching Grimm on the nose. Grimm breaks the hold and Hardy gets over on to his knees. Hardy springs to his feet and catches Grimm's head, putting his head underneath the champions jaw and dropping down with a jawbreaker. Hardy rolls outside the ring, picking up two chairs and throwing them over the top rope and in to the ring.

Adams: Hardy isn't wasting any time here.

Hardy rolls in the ring and picks up a chair, waiting for Brother Grimm to return to his feet. Grimm ducks out of the way as Hardy swings the chair wildly towards his head, but Hardy spins three hundred and sixty degrees and catches Grimm in the head as he stands up. Grimm stumbles back in to the corner of the ring, leaning on the ropes. Hardy takes the chair and sets it in to a seated position in front of Brother Grimm. Hardy walks over and picks up the other chair, looking towards Grimm. He starts to charge towards Grimm. He leaps on the chair and jumps in the air, crashing the chair down on Grimm's head! Grimm stumbles out of the corner. Hardy covers Grimm and Jacob drops down to count.


Grimm kicks out!

Simone: Hardy showing his no limits side.

Hardy rolls out of the ring, pulling a ladder up and pushing it under the ropes. He lifts it to a vertical base and turns to face Grimm, but Grimm is already on his feet holding a chair. He swings the chair and cracks Hardy in the top of the head, knocking him down. Grimm takes the chair and places it on Hardy's face. He moves to the ladder and drags it off it's vertical and slams it down on to the chair on Hardy's face. Grimm looks at the other chair and picks it up, moving to the corner. Grimm starts to climb the turnbuckle.

Adams: This is something we've never seen for Grimm.

Simone: The top rope is unfamiliar territory.

Grimm dives off the top rope, putting the chair underneath him. He drops on to the ladder, crushing Hardy under the two chairs and ladder.

Adams: Holy crackers! Grimm just hit an Arabian Facebuster on to the ladder and chair!

Grimm moves the wreckage off of Hardy's face and goes for the cover.


Hardy kicks out!


Grimm gets to his knees, a smile on his face as he looks down at the challenger and puts a thumb in Hardy's eye, a look of sick pleasure across his face.

Simone: The referee can't do anything about this.

Grimm pulls Hardy back to his feet, before lifting him up with a scoop slam and slams him on to the ladder laying down below. Grimm moves to the ropes, stepping through and to the outside of the ring. He lifts a ladder to it's legs and puts it outside the ring. He moves around to a table on the floor and picks it up and places it between the ladder and the ring, resting it on the ring apron and ladder legs.

Adams: I don't wanna know what's going through Grimm's mind at the moment.

Simone: It can't be anything good.

Grimm moves in to the ring but Hardy is on his feet. Grimm moves towards him, but Hardy catches Grimm with a drop toehold, sending him flying in to the ladder face first. Grimm rolls over, holding the top of his pale head. Hardy gets to his feet and pulls Grimm up. He pulls him towards the ladder on the floor and stands on top of it, he grabs Grimm in a front face lock, before spinning him around and dropping him with a twist of fate on the ladder!

Adams: Grimm's gonna need dental work in the morning!

Hardy rolls Grimm on to his back and hooks the leg. Jacob Summers drops down to make the count


Grimm barely gets a shoulder up!

Simone: So close to having a new champion there!

Hardy breathes deeply as he looks around the ring. He moves to the outside of the ring, rolling under the bottom of the rope. He lifts up a table and putting it firmly on four legs outside the ring. He moves back to the inside of the ring and lifts the ladder on to a vertical base, near the ropes. Grimm picks himself up, standing behind Hardy as Hardy turns around. Grimm kicks him in the gut, but Hardy catches his foot. Hardy spins Grimm around in a three sixty and jumps in the air for a hurricanruna but Grimm catches him. Grimm runs towards the ropes where the table is resting on the ring apron and ladder and launches him over the top rope, smashing him against the ladder and crashing him through the table!

Simone: God damn!

Grimm drops to a knee, looking out the ring at the fallen Hardy. His eyes focused on the carnage and wreckage of the table wrapped around Hardy. Grimm rolls out of the ring, picking Hardy up from the wreckage and rolls him in to the ring. Grimm covers Hardy and Jacob drops down to make the count.


Hardy just kicks out!

Simone: Grimm can't believe it!

Grimm's face paints a thousand words of frustration. Grimm pulls a weary Hardy to his feet and catches him with a shot to the jaw. Grimm takes Hardy by the wrist and tosses him towards the ladder, but Hardy leaps up the ladder and jumps backwards, wrapping his legs around Grimm's head and pulling him over with a head scissors, sending Grimm flying towards the ropes and to the outside. Grimm stands back on his feet but Hardy runs at him, diving through the ropes and crashing in to Grimm with a suicide dive.

Adams: Hardy putting it all on the line here!

Hardy gets to his feet and pulls Grimm with him, rolling him on to the table he set up earlier on the outside. Hardy catches Grimm with a shot to the jaw. Hardy rolls back in the ring and points to the ladder, causing a huge cheer from the fans.

Simone: He can't be thinking what I think he's thinking.

Adams: That's too much thinking for me, thinking gives me a headache.

Hardy starts to climb the ladder pulling himself to the top and sitting on the top, looking down at Grimm on the table. He stands on top of the ladder.

Simone: This could end your own career Hardy!

Hardy dives off with a swanton bomb, crashing Grimm through the table!

Adams: The Naked Truth from the top of a ladder, outside the ring, and through a table! Just wow!


Both Hardy and Grimm lay entangled in the pieces of broken table as Jacob Summers slides out of the ring and looks at the two, checking on them both. Hardy sits up first, causing a huge cheer from the crowd.

Simone: Hardy is up! I'm surprised either man can move.

Hardy leans over Grimm, pulling him to his feet and rolling him in to the ring. Hardy pulls himself in to the ring, covering Grimm. The fans count along as Jacob slams down his hand


Adams: No!

Grimm just about kicks out!

Hardy looks shocked as he gets back to his feet, his hands on his head. He looks at Grimm and back at the ladder.

Adams: I think he's thinking about going back up.

Grimm wraps his arms around Hardy's ankle, holding on to him. Hardy tries to pull away but Grimm continues to hold on. Hardy kicks Grimm in the back, releasing the hold around his ankle. Hardy moves to the ladder and starts to climb. He gets half way up but Grimm springs to his feet.

Simone: Grimm was holding his ankle to buy time! He was playing possum all along!

As Hardy turns around, Grimm ducks down and lifts Hardy off the ladder in a powerbomb position. He reaches up and grabs his head, pulling him down and starts to climb the ladder.

Adams: How is he doing that without using his hands to hold on?

Simone: I have no idea!

Grimm walks halfway up the ladder. He drops backwards with a Phoenix Plex.

Adams: Oh my God! The Grimm Reality off the ladder!

Grimm keeps Hardy's shoulders down and Jacob drops down to count.



Justin: The winner of the match AND STILL SCW Roulette champion.... Brother Grimm!

Simone: Michael Hardy gave it everything he possibly had.

Adams: It took The Grimm Reality off a ladder to put him away.

Simone: Something tells me Hardy will be doing all his can to get that title away from Grimm in the near future.

The scene opens backstage on Joshua and Amy talking as Amy prepared for her match against Karina Koji, sharing a brief joke, they were interrupted by Pussy Willow as she shoved the camera in Amy???s face.

Pussy: ???How are the preparations coming along????

Amy: ???How about removing that mic from my face before I shove it your vanilla ass.???

Amy snapped back not appreciating being interrupted.

Pussy: ???Uh sorry.???

Pussy backed off.

Amy: ???Thought so. Now as you can see my preparations are going perfectly fine. I am calm and relaxed.???

Amy said calmly.

Pussy: ???You are calm and relaxed now, however, how calm and relaxed will you be IF you lose the match????

Pussy asked sensing it wasn???t the type of question to ask before a match.

Amy: ???Of course I won???t be calm and relaxed??? I would be pissed off and angry for losing and not getting my rematch that I am rightly owed. And why they hell did you ask this question before my match????

Amy asked a little annoyed as she brushed some hair from her face.

Pussy: ???I just wanted to get your thoughts.???

Amy just rolled her eyes.

Amy: ???How about just asking for my final thoughts going into this match.???

Pussy: ???What are you final thoughts going into this match????

Pussy asked avoiding any further confrontation, as Amy just shook her head before speaking.

Amy: ???Karina??? you think you are so clever and witty??? unfortunately for you that joke about a copy of the Roulette title has been said and done months ago, when I was facing Mercedes.

A big well done there for you Karina??? you obviously never did your homework and still haven???t done your homework. And how do I know this? Well you failed to even mention my Roulette title run and how I beat Mercedes and just to point out that Mercedes is a more credible threat to me than your drunken ass. You clearly haven???t watched my matches when I beat Mercedes and successfully defended it.

I am prepared for whatever the Roulette wheel throws at me but my question to you is??? are you ready?

Because I know what I am getting myself into with all the possible match choices and I???ve done homework??? I???ve watched your matches over and over again ??? and I know that you might have changed but once a drunk always a drunk. A leopard never chances his or her spots not even how they wrestle.

I wish you all the best Karina.???

Amy walks away with Joshua, as she continues her preparations somewhere else without distractions.

Simone: Blaze of Glory III is certainly living up to the standards set by the past ones with five great matches so far and more to come!

Adams: And in our next match the Bosom Buddies will take on the upstart Jimmy Ringo and Mickey Carroll!

Simone: Let???s take it Justin!

Justin: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first!

"Let's fake an answer for the curious
Let's fake it all for the fame
They'll think delivering was easy
Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies"

The immediate beat of the cult classic "Opticon" by Orgy lights up over the sound system and the crowd ignites with a fury of cheers as they know who is about to arrive. The crowd erupts in cheers as the curtains atop the stage are thrust wide open and out steps Synn, as he holds the drapes wide for the next arrival, and onto the stage emerges Big B -- with his tag team partner Despayre riding 'piggy back' astride his wide shoulders, and Angel being held high in Despaye's own hands.

Justin: At a combined weight of 463lbs, Big B, Despayre, Bosom Buddies!

"Message from Opticon
Blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time"

Synn leads the way as the new tag team combination of the 'Bosom Buddies' makes their way down to ringside, Big B continuing to carry Despayre on his shoulders the entire way, while Despayre carries Angel on his own.

"New alien spawn we reinvent the dawn
And no one's style compares
Those neon eyes make mom and dad think
That we've lost our minds
They're just terrified of all new things"

They arrive at ringside and Synn climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open. Big B lowers Despayre so his teammate can climb off and drop to the apron where he scrambles inside of the ring, followed closely by Big B. Despayre grabs the ropes and shakes them while head banging to the beat of the music as B just stands there calmly, watching his little buddy. Synn then steps through the ropes and leads the team over toward their allotted corner while they await the start of the match while the music trails off.

"Message from Option blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Option blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time"

Simone: They???ve only been a team for a few weeks now and whilst Big B lacks experience he has an experienced tag team partner to make up for it!

Adams: But the same can be said for their opponents!

Justin: And their opponents!

???Cream??? by the Wu Tang Clan hits the speakers and the crowd boos the impending arrival of ???Big Money??? Jimmy Ringo as he makes his way down to the ring.

Justin: First from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 245lbs ???Big Money??? Jimmy Ringo!

Jimmy smiles cockily as he enters the ring and stairs down his opponents as he waits for his partner.

Justin: And his partner!

The opening of "Drunken Lullabies" by Flogging Molly plays as Mickey pushes through the curtains. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it on the ground, quickly putting it out.

Justin: From London, England, weighing in at 190lbs, Mickey Carroll!

He looks from side to side, nodding his head at the cheers before pointing out into the audience, starting an "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chant. He dashes straight down the ramp where he leaps up and onto the ring apron. He paces back and forth, stomping along to the beat of the music before climbing inside. He looks up at the ceiling and then signals the trinity, kissing his fingers and then pointing up as he waits for the bell to ring.

Simone: This should be a great match!

Adams: I can???t wait!

Neither can the participants apparently as they don???t even give Jasmine St. John a chance to call for the bell before they start brawling with each other in the middle of the ring Big B is brawling with Jimmy whilst Despayre and Mickey go at it on the other side of the ring,, Jasmine is eventually able to gain some control over the match as Despayre clotheslines Mickey to the floor and follows him out making Big B and Jimmy the legal men by default.

Simone: The wrestlers didn???t even wait for the bell to ring!

Adams: And they are still brawling on the outside and inside of the ring!

Whilst Despayre and Mickey go at it at ringside Big B and Jimmy exchange punches in the middle of the ring though it couldn???t be more obvious that Jimmy has the advantage in terms of experience as opposed to Big B, Jasmine leaves the two men alone to try to restore order outside the ring unintentionally giving Jimmy the chance he needs to sneak in a low blow on Big B.

Adams: Big B???s big BS just got hit by a low blow!

Simone: ???Big B???s big BS??? seriously?!

By the time Jasmine???s restored order at ringside, mostly due to Mickey seeing the low blow and backing away from Mickey, Jimmy has gone for a cover on Big B 1???..2???..and Big B kicks out just in time! Jimmy argues with Jasmine over it but she???s having none of it so Jimmy picks up Big B and drags him over to his team???s corner before tagging in Mickey.

Simone: I???m not surprised he???s doing this! He did attack Lizzie Short after their team was eliminated earlier in the Blast from the Past Tournament!

Adams: You???d think they???d remember that Tom Dudely got suspended for that during last year???s tournament!

Mickey and Jimmy work over Big B in their corner whilst Despayre tries to get in the ring but Jasmine???s not allowing it, however in a strange twist she catches the double team in the act and warns them to let up or risk disqualification so Jimmy goes to the apron whilst Mickey drags Big B to the center of the ring before going for a cover 1???.2???..and Big B kicks out again!

Simone: Give Big B credit he???s not backing down!

Adams: How long that lasts remains to be seen!

Rather than argue with Jasmine about it Mickey picks up Big B but gets surprised by a few punches to the midsection before being whipped off the ropes, Big B goes for a clothesline but Mickey ducks and comes back with a Massive Lariat! Mickey goes for a cover 1???.2???..and Big B kicks out again, Jimmy calls for the tag and Mickey complies tagging him in.

Simone: Solid teamwork from the upstart team here!

Adams: Looks like they???re going for a double suplex???..

No! Big B manages to block the attempt and Suplexes both men over dealing quite a bit of damage to them! Big B crawls over to his team???s corner whilst they are out and by the time they are back on their feet Big B has made the tag!

Simone: Here comes Despayre!

Adams: And Jimmy and Mickey don???t look happy about it!

Jimmy tries to get the jump on Despayre but gets a clothesline for his troubles and Mickey???s attempts at a similar attack gets a back body drop for his troubles! Despayre clotheslines Mickey over the top rope and to the floor once the Irishman???s back on his feet and Jimmy tries for a sneak attack but Despayre catches his arms and hits him with a Northern Lights Bomb!

Simone: Despayre???s cleaning house!

Adams: And going for a cover!

1???.2???..Jimmy quickly kicks out! Before Despayre can hit a follow up move Jimmy breaks free and runs towards the opposite ropes looking for the Bling-Bling but Despayre ducks the clothesline and hits a Superkick on Jimmy! He calls Big B in and he enters the ring before setting him up for a Powerbomb???.

Simone: Looks like they are going for B???s Final Finale!

Adams: And they hit it!

Mickey gets up on the apron but gets knocked back down by a punch from Big B as Despayre goes for a cover on Jimmy 1???.2???.3!

Justin: Here are your winners, Big B, Despayre, the Bosom Buddies!

Simone: Hard fought win for the young team!

Adams: We could be looking at the next tag team champs!

Despayre and Big B leave the ring to celebrate whilst Mickey checks on Jimmy.

The lights in the ring go out as Emphatic???s Bounce begins to play.

Adams: It???s my favorite Bombshell champion coming out to speak to us.

Simone: Which can mean only one thing, someone get me a towel Jason???s starting to drool.

Vixen comes out to the screams and cheers of the fans. Smiling, she shoulders her belt and strides towards the ring. Dressed in a pair of camouflage hot pants and a black tank top knotted at her back, she looks ready to wrestle. Getting to the ringside area, she motions for a microphone before entering the ring.

Vixen: Necra, I know you are listening and really are probably gloating in the back where you are holding court with all your buddies, all two of them. Or you could be there doing what you do best and that is deluding yourself into believing that I am ready to admit defeat and hand you this title on my shoulder here.

Vixen???s hand moves upward to wrap possessively around the belt.

Vixen: Everyone here is probably thinking back to last year when I was in a title defense of the Bombshell championship against my now good friend Misty. That night she took a shortcut, and took the title. But the difference between Blaze of Glory two and tonight is that I am a different Bombshell champion.

Beginning to pace Vixen looks over the fans who are chanting her name.

Vixen: Last year I was na??ve and thought that I didn???t have to worry about beating Misty and then I lost the match and my title. This year, I am not letting that happen again. I know exactly what you will be trying to do Necra and I am ready for it. This belt???

Vixen holds up the title as she pauses for emphasis.

Vixen: Will be soon joined by a second belt and that will be the one that Necra is going to lose. She thinks she knows my weakness???I have taken that weakness and buried it deep and laid it to rest. Tonight there will be no weakness to exploit, no shortcuts to be taken. Tonight when I win the Bombshell roulette title I will be that much closer to cementing my legacy in Sin City wrestling. And there is absolutely nothing you will be able to do about it Necra.

Vixen looks serious

Vixen: Tonight I am here to prove you aren???t a goddess. Tonight???s beating will show the world your mortality, this I promise you.

Dropping the microphone, Vixen mounts the turnbuckle and raises the title high as Bounce begins to play once more.

Simone: Strong words by the Bombshell Champion.

Justin Decent: The following contest has been determined moments ago to be a Dumpster Match, and is for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship! Introducing first, the challenger??? Coming at us from Juneau, Alaska, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 128 pounds! She is??? AAAAAMY MARSHHHHHHALLLLL!!!

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa.

Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for the match to begin.

Justin Decent: And her opponent, hailing from Carpathian Mountains, Romania??? Standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing in at 116 pounds, she is ??? KAAAAARINA KOJIIIIII!!!

The arena goes black, then purple lights fill the arena. ???The Ruler and the Killer??? by Kid Cudi starts to blare from the loudspeaker and soon after it starts Karina Koji enters. She stares at the ring, seemingly unaware of the audience at first. Her oversized hoody hides most of her face and she is dragging a large Crazed bat behind her. When she reaches the ring she lifts up her hoody and smiles to the audience. She tosses the bat aside and enters the ring.


Karina and Amy walk to the center of the ring. They engage in a stare down for nearly a minute until Karina reaches her hand out to Amy. Amy smiles and reaches out and shakes hands with Karina. The crowd cheers at this show of sportsmanship from both ladies until Amy buries her foot in Karina???s stomach. She shrugs her shoulders as she rears her arm back for a serious punch to Karina???s gut. The Crazed Bombshell lets out a hard grunt as Amy sends her flying into the corner. She charges at her, connecting with a high knee to Karina???s face. As Karina falls, Amy stomps away viciously at her.

Adams: I don???t think I have ever seen Amy Marshall so fired up before. This is insane!

Simone: The fans are definitely not on Amy Marshall???s side tonight, for someone who teeters the line of fan friendly and heel.

Marshall lifts Koji up from the corner and flings her to the opposing corner. Karina collides with it, and Amy comes flying after her with a hard clothesline, but Karina ducks it. As Amy connects hard with the corner, Karina spins her around and quickly climbs to the second rope, falling down with a perfectly times Monkey Flip that sends Amy flying over her. Koji capitalizes on the opportunity by raining down with intense boot after boot, now in a blinded rage. She picks Marshall up by the hair, dragging her over toward the dumpster, but Amy stops her short with an elbow to Karina???s midsection. Amy grabs onto Karina???s hair to drag her closer to the dumpster. She goes to pick Karina up, but instead she gets a hard knee to the face. She grabs onto the back of Amy???s head and top, spinning her around in a complete circle until she collides face first with the dumpster. The crowd cheers as Karina dusts her hands off.

Simone: Skull colliding with metal is not a good thing this early on in the match.

Adams: Karina will give it all she???s got to prove why she deserves to be a champion. And what better way to do it than to show intensity from beginning to end?

Karina stalks Amy, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. She leans down, smacking the back of Amy???s head as she mutters words of ???encouragement??? to Amy. As Amy gets closer to her feet, Karina readies herself, leveling her with a dropkick right to Amy???s face. The crowd cheers as Karina heads over to the ropes. She steadies herself in the corner before falling forward with a headbutt. Amy gets to her feet, and Karina catches her with a Superkick that sends Amy reeling. Koji steadies herself, stepping back for the right moment, but Amy shocks everyone by sweeping her off of her feet. Karina tries to hurry back to her feet, but not before Amy delivers a punt to Karina???s jaw. She grabs onto Karina???s shoulders. She grunts loudly as she leans down and headbutts Koji between the eyes. She doesn???t let go and hits another one. Karina leans down and Shoulderbutts Amy, charging her into the corner to release the hold. As Karina prepares herself to do something, Marshall gouges her eyes. She leans down a bit and kicks Karina in the knee, taking her off of her feet.

Simone: Ouch! It looks like The Punk Princess is playing this one smart. She has busted Karina???s knee, taking out one half of Karina???s most valuable assets.

Adams: Not true. She has several very valuable, gorgeous assets???

A slap is heard from the announcer???s booth, probably Belinda???s hand meeting her forehead. Inside of the ring, Amy yanks Karina up, taunting her as she does so. She sends Karina flying toward the ropes, and as she rebounds, Amy looks for a Sidewalk Slam. Instead, Karina uses her damaged leg to punt Amy right on the chin. She bounces back off of the ropes and leaps up, catching Marshall with a Tornado DDT. Karina rolls around, nursing her knee while Amy lays there, blinking and looking up at the ceiling lights. Karina gets up to her feet as Amy tries to find the strength to get up. Karina slowly regains strength in her knee and heads over to Amy, but Amy punches her hard in the gut. Karina falls back into the ropes, and as Amy charges at her, she buries her foot in Amy???s gut, doubling her over. She lifts Amy up with ease for a quick Powerbomb, but Amy reverses it into a Hurricanrana that sends Amy skidding across the mat.

Fans: STD WHORE! *Clap clap clap* STD WHORE! *Clap clap clap* STD WHORE! *Clap clap clap* STD WHORE! *Clap clap clap*

Adams: It seems like Karina is turning this match around, taking it to the Punk Princess.

Simone: Karina Koji always comes to a fight with pure determination. If nothing else, I have to give her that.

Karina picks Amy up from the mat and slams her head against the nearby dumpster. Amy groans before turning it around and slamming Karina???s head into it. Karina falls against the ropes as Amy shakes it off. She backs up a few feet and then charges forward at Karina. As Marshall gets closer, Karina surprises her with a Back Body Drop, sending Amy flying over and into the dumpster. The fans cheer loudly as Karina looks around in celebration.

Simone: Karina! Don???t forget to close the lid! It is the only way to win the match!

Adams: I don???t think she can hear you over these screaming fans, Belinda! As far as she knows, she has it won already.

Karina has her arms raised up in the air as Amy stands up with the help of the ropes. She dusts trash off of herself as she waits for Karina to get close enough. She grabs onto Karina???s top and drags her over the top rope and into the dumpster with her. The fans boo as Amy and Karina duke it out inside of the dumpster. Amy hits Karina with a stiff right that sends her reeling to the edge. Karina grips onto the side carefully as Amy grabs onto the back of her head. She tries to ram it into the side of the dumpster, but Karina stops the collision with her hands. She elbows Amy in the face and then takes her turn, smashing Amy???s head into the side, causing her to fall over.

Adams: Do NOT count Karina out of this one, folks! She???s still got a lot of fight in her tonight.

Simone: It would appear as if Amy is about out of fuel. She can barely bring herself up to a standing position.

Karina is ready to go in for the kill once more, but Amy weakly grabs onto her arm, stopping her from exiting the dumpster. Karina turns around, ready to attack when Amy stops playing possum and cracks a half full bottle of whiskey over Karina???s head, causing her to holler out in pain, gripping at her bleeding forehead and eyes. Amy smiles sadistically as she climbs over the edge of the dumpster, bringing bits of paper with her as she tumbles to the concrete flooring. She breathes heavily as she pulls herself up to a standing position, tossing the lid against Karina???s head. She looks around at the booing audience as she starts to back up the entryway. About half way up, she dashes forward as fast as she can, leaping up with a Flying Senton into the lid!


Simone: What they???re saying! As much as I might not care for the Punk Princess, Amy Marshall has just amazed the audience.

Adams: I have no idea how Karina is still standing there. Amy Kamikaze???d her own body, leaving herself tangled in the ropes, and Karina is still not defeated.

Simone: Both of them are spent, and it is only a matter of time before this match is over.

Karina slowly stirs, wincing at the pain, but fighting through it as her vision starts to return. Amy looks like a fly tangled in a spiders web as she does her best to weakly wiggle free. Karina tosses the lid of the dumpster back as she climbs up onto the apron. Amy gets her leg unwrapped from the ropes, but her arms are still trapped. Karina takes advantage of this by raining down on her with violent punch after punch, hitting her so hard that she knocks her free from the ropes. Amy collapses to the apron, but Karina doesn???t allow this. She picks her up and charges forward with a Bulldog??? right onto the ring steps!


Adams: Amy Marshall has to have a concussion after that one! She???s bleeding almost as badly as Karina is???

Simone: Turnabout is fair play, and the fans are loving it. Just when I want to count these ladies out, they just continue to bring it!

Karina uses every last bit within herself to stand up, tugging on the ring apron on her way up. She spins around as the audience takes in the bloodied sight of her face, blinking at the sting of blood and whiskey. She picks a motionless Amy off of the mat, dragging her over to the dumpster. Amy waivers on her feet as she comes back to. Karina picks her up, one leg at a time and dumps her into the dumpster. She leans against the dumpster as she lifts the lid weakly. She drops it back as the fans cheer. However, she doesn???t notice that Amy???s arm resting on the side has stopped it from fully closing. Drew Patton shouts at her as she starts to collapse. She falls to one knee and tries to shove Amy???s arm though, but Amy grabs onto her hand, yanking her as hard as she can into the dumpster! She shoves the lid open again as Karina looks frustrated. Amy falls over the edge of the dumpster and onto the apron, rolling inside of the ring. Karina follows her in, with just a little bit more energy than Amy.

Adams: This could be the most hardcore bout of the evening. Nothing goes together better than two chicks and hardcore???

Simone: One match??? ONE match without some disgusting comment like that is all I ask???

Karina lifts Amy off of the mat and shoves her into the corner. Amy strikes back, but Karina stops her with a hard set of knees to the gut. She lifts Amy onto the top rope and looks over to the dumpster. Amy rests almost motionless on the top turnbuckle as Karina gets to the outside of the ring. She sets Amy up for a massive Hip Toss toward the dumpster, but Amy holds onto the ropes with her feet. Karina tries again, but Amy again blocks it. She goes for a punch to Amy???s head, but a nearly blinded Amy shoves her back a few steps. She stands up on the top rope and flies off with a precise Headscissor Takedown tp Karina, sending her right into the dumpster once more. She holds onto the side of the dumpster, falling over to the concrete outside. She uses every last bit of energy to slam the lid shut. Drew checks that it is completely closed and then he calls for the bell.

Justin Decent: Your winner and Number One Contender to the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship??? !!!

The audience can???t fully boo Amy for the amazing win. They give off a mixed reaction as Drew holds Amy???s arm up in victory. ???Scream??? by The Misfits plays as Amy allows herself to fall over onto the ground, blinking as she stares at the ceiling lights.

Backstage, Necra Octavian Kane stands in front of the large SCW Roulette wheel alongside Pussy Willow.

PW: Earlier tonight, the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion, Necra Octavian Kane, won the coin toss and it has been determined that the Main Event title versus title match will be contested under Roulette division rules! And now, we are about to find out just what stipulation that match will be fought under. Necra?

The Bombshell Roulette Champion steps up to the roulette wheel and gives it a hefty spin. She then steps back as the wheel goes around and around, passing by several stipulations such as: Scaffold ... Steel Cage ... Coal Miner's Glove ... Singapore Cane ... Barbed Wire ...

Necra: If it lands on Mud Pit I'll never hear the end of it...

The wheel begins to slow down, passing more matches until it finally lands upon...

PW: Pinfalls Count Anywhere!

The crowd cheers from their seats, watching on the SCW-Tron.

Necra: Not bad.

The champion muses as she turns and marches offscreen.

Justin: Ladies and gentleman, the following match is our main event of the evening!

Crowd: POP!

Justin: Introducing first???

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere.

Justin: From Tampa, Florida???she is the ???Superhero??????Roxi Johnson!

She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Justin: And her tag team partner???

The tiger roars, and then Soldiers by Otherwise plays and Jeremiah comes out and looks around at the fans. He then comes down the aisle, fist bumping with the fans, and then he enters the ring and makes the roar and the crowd roars with him.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to the ring, from Washington, D.C., He stands 6' 6" and he weighs in at 245 lbs, he is ???Big Tiger??? Jeremiah Hardin

Adams: One more team to come.

Justin: And their opponents???

???Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe??? as the spine tingling sounds of Linkin Park blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of mixed cheers and boos can be heard but majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite eye candy bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. As the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette???s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side.

Justin: From Queensland, Australia???.Odette Ryder!

Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can???t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette???s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette???s piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her partner.

Justin: And her partner???

"Dangerous" by Within Temptation and Howard Jones hits the speakers and the crowd comes alive for ???The Fearless One??? Steve Ramone, as soon as the vocals hit Steve comes out with his wife Charlotte by his side as he high fives the crowd as he walks down the ramp.

Justin: Accompanied by the lovely Charlotte???from Queens, New York???..???The Fearless One??????.Steve Ramone!

Once they reach the ringside area Steve leaps into the ring through the bottom and middle ropes before holding the middle rope down for his wife as they wait for the bell.

After a few seconds, Steve and Jeremiah step outside of the ring to allow Roxi Johnson and Odette Ryder to start us off. Odette charges immediately but the crafty former Bombshell Champion side steps her and trips her down to the mat. She goes to drop a quick elbow but Ryder moves out of the way quickly and Roxi smashes her elbow down hard against the canvas. Odette grabs Roxi and hits her with a quick DDT and then rolls her over for the cover.



Adams: No! She kicked out!

Roxi kicks out at the last second and Jacob Summers raises up two fingers. Odette pulls Johnson up off of the mat and pulls her head under her arm and lifts her high up in the air before sending her down crashing with an impressive looking vertical suplex. Ryder bounces off the ropes and lands a leg drop across the face of Johnson. She hooks Roxi???s leg again and Summers drops down for the count.



Adams: Again Roxi just gets out of that pin!

Odette peels Johnson up off of the mat again and this time sends her in to the ropes with an Irish whip. Ryder looks for a powerslam but Roxi reverses and kicks her opponent in the gut with her boot. With Ryder bent over, Johnson drops to her knees and then slaps Odette in the face, sending an echo through the arena.

Crowd: Ooooh!

Adams: Finally Roxi Johnson looks alive!

Simone: She needed to do something Jason or otherwise this one could???ve been over quick.

Johnson bounces back up and then spins, hitting a lariat across the neck of Odette. With Ryder down, Johnson begins to stomp at her. In a veteran move, Ryder rolls to her corner, avoiding the boots of Johnson, and over to her partner. She slaps the hand of Steve Ramone and Jacob Summers signals that the tag has been made.

Adams: She made the tag! Roxi has to tag out too!

Simone: Thank you for stating the obvious.

A disappointed Roxi walks over to her corner and tags the former Roulette Champion, Hardin. The ladies in the crowd cheer as Jeremiah takes off his shirt and hurls in into the crowd before sliding through the ropes.

Simone: Yowza???

Adams: Please???he ain???t got nothing on this???

Both Ramone and Hardin meet in the center of the ring. Ramone attacks first landing a hard right hand across the face of Hardin. Jeremiah fires back with a right of his own. Ramone goes for a quick drop toe hold but Harding pushes him off and then knocks him down a hard shoulder block. He bounces off the ropes and runs toward Ramone, hopping over him. As he bounces off the other ropes he gets hit with a spinning heel kick, which knocks him down to the mat. Ramone covers up and Jacob Summers drops down to make the count.



Adams: He barely got a two count!

Simone: Ramone seems to be fired up in there.

Ramone grabs Hardin by the hair and lands a few hard shots to the face of Big Tiger. He bounces up to his feet and wrenches the arm of Hardin, bringing him up to one knee. He goes for a sidekick to the head of Hardin but Jeremiah ducks. As Ramone spins around his met with a hard spine buster, which sends Steve hard down on his back. Jeremiah follows up with a standing splash and then hooks the leg. Summers counts???




Adams: No! Ramone kicked out!

Jacob again holds up two fingers and the match continues. Hardin goes to pick up Steve off of the mat but the Fearless One connects with a fist in to the gut of Jeremiah. He follows it up with an elbow in the same spot. Another elbow???another! Ramone bounces up off of the ropes and charges toward Hardin. He flies through the air going for a cross body in a great display of strength, Hardin grabs him and in impressive fashions spins him around and nails him with a devastating front powerslam.


Adams: This one could be over!

Hardin goes for the cover and Summers counts.



Ramone kicks out and the crowd cheers.

Simone: What a great display of resilience by Steve Ramone!

Adams: I just love this guy???

Hardin stands up and signals for the end. He grabs Ramone and shoves his head in between his legs, setting up for his finisher. As he goes to lift Ramone up, Steve counters and flips Jeremiah up over his head and on to his back with a back body drop.

Adams: Great counter.

Taking advantage of his chance, Ramone dives forward and slaps the hand of Odette. Ryder climbs in the ring and Jacobs makes her hold off as Jeremiah makes his way over and allows Roxi to get in the ring. Johnson steps in and the two former Bombshell champions go after each other. Roxi gets the upper hand by landing a hard shot across the jaw of Ryder.

Adams: That looked like it almost took Odette???s head off of her shoulders!

Roxi goes for another hard shot but Odette ducks out of the way and lands a hard chop across the chest of Roxi Johnson.

Simone: Ouch!

Odette sends Johnson in to the ropes and as Roxi bounces off the ropes, Jeremiah Hardin tags her on the shoulder blade. Not seeing this, Ryder executes a picture perfect Tilt-A-Whirl DDT that knocks Roxi out cold. She goes for the cover and hooks the leg for what could have been the winning pin fall but she looks up when Summers doesn???t drop for the count. She looks over to see Jacob signaling that the tag was made and Hardin smiling. A deflated Odette gets up and as Hardin walks over he arrogantly laughs in her face but doesn???t see the superkick coming???


Ramone had slipped in to the ring and landed his signature superkick and Hardin never saw it coming. Ramone hooks the leg and Jacob counts???




Justin: Here are your winners???.Steve Ramone and Odette Ryder!

Roxi and Jeremiah roll out of the ring. Steve looks towards Justin and moves towards him. The music drops out and Steve grabs Justin???s microphone.

Steve: So, are you looking forward to more Blaze of Glory 3?

Steve asks and the crowd gives him a loud cheer in response.


Steve points the microphone at the audience and they let out an even louder cheer in response.

Steve: Glad to hear it, you???ve paid good money to be here after all, but for me? These past two weeks have been hell! And we only have one person to blame, Gabriel!

The mere mention of Gabriel???s name causes a large amount of boos.


Steve: Couldn???t have put it better myself! But to be honest I think your being too kind to that son of a bitch!

The crowd cheers and Steve shakes his head.

Steve: Admittedly ???Son of a Bitch??? isn???t exactly chantable but when he shows up, because we all know that he can???t get enough of me, I want you chant any one of the following, ???Bastard??? ???Whiny Bitch??? and my personal favorite, ???Emo Boy???!

The crowd cheers in response and Steve frowns.

Steve: Okay, enough messing around! I know the guys in the next match want to kick some ass so I???ll make this quick! Gabriel! I know you???re not cleared for action YET but I have it on good authority that you???ll be in fighting condition just in time for the next Supercard!

Simone: Where did he hear that?!

Adams: I don???t know but it makes sense, the next Supercard is at the end of the African tour in May!

Steve: Gabriel, no cheap special effects! No mind games, none of that bullshit! Get down here and accept my challenge!

Steve drops the mic and paces back and forth in the ring. The lights in the arena completely drop out. The eerie laugh of Gabriel is heard echoing through the arena. The screen lights up with a few words.

???May God have mercy on your soul???. because I won???t???

???Zombie??? by Breed 77 blasts through the speakers, the slow intro playing as the word move on the screen. The eyes of Gabriel appear on the screen, turning red as the heavier guitars kick in. Purple lights cut through the thick smoke starting to fill the entrance ramp.

Adams: Here he comes!

The crowd wait in anticipation, but a blonde woman walks out on the top of the ramp. The figure of Gabriel walks out from behind the dark curtain, the a huge chorus of boos. Gabriel is wearing a leather jacket, down to his heels with a hood attached.

Adams: This is a bad idea Steve.

The blonde walks behind him and pulls the hood back from over his eyes, showing Gabriel???s face. Gabriel???s eyes are focused completely on the ring, his eyes narrowed as he glares at the ring. The blonde walks in front of him, opening his long coat, pulling it apart, he puts his arms to his side and the woman walks behind him and pulls the jacket from Gabriel, removing it from his body. Gabriel turns his head to the woman, with a simple nod, the woman folds the jacket over her arm and Gabriel starts to walk to the ring, leaving the woman on the entrance ramp and his eyes never leaving the ring. He gets outside the ring and puts his hands together, a light burning from his palms. A flash of light engulfs the ring and Gabriel stands inside. Gabriel beckons Justin over with one finger. Justin hands him a microphone from outside the ring as the music fades out.

Gabriel: Well Steve, didn't your balls just grow.

Gabriel pauses, looking behind Steve.

Gabriel: Hello Odette.

Gabriel looks past Steve and at Odette, giving her a wave. Odette turns her head away from Gabriel.

Gabriel: Let me ask you a question, Steve?

Crowd: Fuck him up Steve.... fuck him up!

Gabriel puts his hand out to crowd.

Gabriel: Shut the fuck up you inbred bunch of nobodies.

The crowd boo viciously at Gabriel, but he shakes his head in disgust.

Gabriel: You people get to see genius like me in the ring, and you act like this thick as dog shit nobody!

Gabriel points directly at Steve Ramone, pushing his finger in to Ramone's chest, but Ramone pushes his arm away. Gabriel smiles and steps closer to Steve, lifting the microphone between them.

Gabriel: My question to you Steve, is how stupid are you really? I mean here you are in the ring playing hero, while all along your little girl is nowhere to be seen.

Ramone pulls his head back and headbutts Gabriel in the face!

Simone: Ramone didn't feel like answering his question.

Ramone backs Gabriel against the ropes, firing rights and lefts at his head. Gabriel pushes Ramone off, crashing him in to Odette Ryder, knocking Odette to the canvas!

Adams: I think Steve and Odette clashed heads.

Steve turns around, looking at Odette, but Gabriel smirks, moving behind Steve.

Simone: Watch out Steve!

Ramone turns around, but Gabriel leaps in the air, grabbing Ramone's head and looking for the Believe This! But Ramone pushes him off and lands a superkick on Gabriel's jaw!

Adams: Fearless shot!

Ramone leans over Gabriel, yelling at him before turning towards Odette, looking down on her to check on her. Steve looks to the back, waving towards it, to get Odette medical attention.

Simone: I think Odette is hurt.

Gabriel slowly starts to move in the ring as paramedics reach ringside and moving towards Odette. Gabriel starts to move on the floor, reaching in to his pocket.

Simone: Is that brass knuckles?

Adams: I think it is.

Simone: What the hell happened to him to make him change so much?

Gabriel moves up behind Ramone, Ramone turns around, only to get hit in the side of the head with the brass knuckles!

Adams: Gabriel just put Ramone down.

Gabriel drops the brass knuckles and looks at Odette, who's now in a seated position. Gabriel puts his hand down, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to her feet. Odette starts to back away towards the ropes.

Simone: This looks grim right now.

Adams: This is getting uncomfortable.

As Gabriel keeps moving closer, outside the ring, Cyrus and Roxi are walking towards the back, when Roxi looks up and sees what's going on, and she, in a flash, breaks away from Cyrus and slides into the ring. The fans cheer as Roxi walks towards Gabriel and Odette.

Adams: What is she doing?

Simone: This could get ugly now. Roxi and Gabriel could destroy Odette.

Roxi stops as Gabriel turns and notices her standing there. The two stare at each other, saying nothing, as Roxi slowly walks, almost in between Gabriel and Odette.

Adams: Is she...going to defend Odette from Gabriel?

Simone: Yes! I knew it! I knew it! Roxi knows this is wrong. She's not what Cyrus has been saying she is!

Roxi breaks her gaze from Gabriel and looks at Odette, still trying to collect herself. Then she looks back at Gabriel, but Cyrus, who has been trying to get her attention the whole time, finally does so, and yells for Roxi to leave the ring, and let Gabriel continue.

Cyrus: Hey! Get out of the ring! Come here now!

Roxi looks at Cyrus, then back at Gabriel and Odette. Obviously conflicted, there a moment before she finally, sighs and turns away from Gabriel and Odette and slides back outside the ring with Cyrus. The crowd boos.

Adams: She's...she's leaving?

Simone: I don't believe this.

Cyrus grabs Roxi by the arm and almost has to drag her away from the ring, the whole time scolding her for getting involved. Roxi looks back at the ring and continues to stare at Gabriel.

Adams: This is getting weirder and weirder by the moment.

Finally, Roxi and Cyrus disappear through the curtain.

Adams: I'm just stunned

Behind Gabriel, Steve Ramone starts to move, he puts his hand over the brass knuckles and slowly gets to his feet. He slides the knuckles on to his fingers. The crowd cheer wildly as Ramone readies himself behind Gabriel. Gabriel tilts his head and turns around, as Ramone swings his hand, Gabriel side steps, but Ramone stops inches from Odette's face. He puts up an apologetic hand but Instead of giving Steve time to explain Odette nails Steve up the side of the head with a massive left backhand.

Simone: What just happened?!?!

Adams: The hell?

As Odette???s draws her hand away Steve???s hand comes up to the side of his face, rubbing it the cameras pan in to see a slight cut on his cheek. With her left hand Odette palms Steve???s face the cameras zooming in on the massive rock that lives on Odette ring finger. Odette shoves Steve into the direction of an awaiting Gabriel, the fans are livid hurling boos towards the Aussie Bombshell as her eyes light up as Gabriel lifts Steve up and brings him crashing down the canvas with the ???Believe that.??? Steve is laid out flat on the canvas, Odette walks around him the smile on her face expressing her true emotions as Gabriel and her share a quick smile. Stepping on and over Steve, Odette keeps her eyes locked on Gabriel as she bends down and picks up the microphone that was dropped and hands it over to him. Standing by Gabriel???s side Odette runs her fingers through his hair.

Simone: What a bitch! Odette just turned on Steve Ramone! This was a set up all along!

Gabriel lays on the canvas, a microphone to his lips.

Gabriel: You wanna face me in Africa, Steve, you got it!

The crowd burst in to huge cheers as Gabriel gets to his feet. He takes Odette by the hand and the two move through the ropes. The camera moves to Steve Ramone's face, a smile appearing.

Simone: Is he... smiling?

Adams: I think he knows he just conned the conman in to a match! He took the shots, but got what he wanted!

Simone: I can't believe they played us all for idiots for weeks!

Simon Jones is sitting in a dressing room, having already changed into his usual ring attire of royal-blue trunks and knee pads, and black boots, as well as wearing a replica Birmingham City F.C. shirt. Simon is reading a copy of "The Lion" - the official matchday programme of Millwall F.C. - when he is approached by "Stoner" Scott Oliver.

Stoner: Hey, Simon, um...can I ask you some questions, about your match?

Simon looks up at the reporter.

Simon: Sure; I was just reading the gift that Ben Jordan gave me.

Simon puts the programme down; he then rises to his feet, to stand next to Stoner.

Simon: Speaking of Ben, I guess you must be disappointed that Team Bong didn't make it through to the final of the Blast from the Past tournament.

Stoner sighs.

Stoner: Yeah.

Simon pats Stoner on the shoulder.

Simon: I'm sorry about that, Scott; I had hoped that Brandi and I would face Ben and Song in the final, rather than the semi-final, but I suppose it wasn't mean to be. Anyway, what did you want to know?

Stoner: I wanted to ask, how do you feel about being called a "placeholder" champion by one of your opponents tonight, Delia?

Simon thinks for a moment, before responding.

Simon: She also admitted to being a see you next Tuesday. And she called me boring.

Simon smirks.

Simon: Being a self-professed "mean girl," I would expect nothing less from her; Delia is entitled to her opinion - just like everyone else. People can label me a placeholder champion if they wish, or a transitional champion, or whatever else, but I don't mind - all I'm interested in is being successful. Besides, the operative word is "champion" - and later on, once the match is over, I fully intend to still be the SCW Heavyweight Champion.

Stoner: So you're confident that you and Brandi will beat Delia and Ethan, then?

Simon nods his head.

Simon: Absolutely.

Simon turns to look directly towards the camera.

Simon: Already tonight, here at Blaze Of Glory, we've had a couple of questions answered: the identity of the mystery participant in the opening match has been revealed, as has the identity of Joshua Acquin's partner. However, more questions remain - such as, does Misty really want the fans' final memory of her, to be of her being eliminated from the Blast from the Past tournament, in the first round? Surely Misty would like a better send off than that - surely she has one more match left in her.

Simon tuns back to Stoner.

Simon: Say it with me, Scott: one - more - match.

Stoner silently mouths the words; Simon smiles, then turns to look directly at the camera again.

Simon: Also, why won't Ethan Brody divulge which football team he supports? Is he ashamed? As long as it's not Villa, or Wolves - or West Ham - I don't think anyone around here will mind.

Simon shrugs his shoulders.

Simon: But as for who will win the Blast from the Past tournament, now that's a question that I'm positive I know the answer to; Brandi Shotze and I - or Team Brandon, as Jason Adams recently christened us - haven't come this far in the tournament, just to then lose in the final. Delia should worry more about having to kiss arses, than kicking them. And after tonight, Ethan Brody can concentrate his efforts on trying to regain the tag team titles.

Simon turns to face Stoner once more.

Simon: Now, Scott, if you'll excuse me, please, I have a programme to finish reading, and a mach to get ready for.

The scene cuts away.

Justin: The following contest is for the ACW Championship! Introducing first, the challenger.

The lights turn to a blue filter and we can hear the opening drums from ???Burning Down The House??? by the Used. The crowd jumps to their feet and they begin to cheer as ???Mr. Showtime??? Drake Green steps out on to the stage. He lifts his arms up and down, motioning for the packed beach to get up on their feet and cheer.

Crowd: POP!

Green, with a large smile, stands tall in long blue wrestling tights with three white nautical stars on each leg and blue boots which have blue kick-pads on the front which have the ???Male??? symbol on them in white. He is wearing white wristbands and a black, skin tight, t-shirt with his ???Male Symbol??? logo on the front and ???Man Of The People??? written on the back. He raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings.

#Watch out
#You might get what you're after
#Cool babies?
#Strange but not a stranger
#Burning down the house

Justin: Introducing first???.weighing in at 230 pounds, he is Chicago???s own, he is The Man of the People??????Mr. Showtime???.. Drake Green!.

Drake trades handshakes and hugs with several of the fans in the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring. He walks around the entire rings, making sure he says hello to all the fans at ringside. Finally, he hops onto to the apron and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms again for the crowd. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone.

Drake: Helloooo Long Beach!

Crowd: POP!

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....welcome to the show!

Crowd: Even louder POP!

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am your Main Event Maker and I got just one question for ya. What time is it?!

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: People of Long Beach, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IT IS?!


Drake holds his left arm up and points out to the crowd. He nods his head as he moves his arm, panning through the crowd. He mouths the words ???THANK YOU??? to the crowd before handing the microphone to Justin and his shirt to the referee. He tugs on the ropes two times and eagerly awaits his opponent.

Justin: And his opponent...

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

A hush falls over the arena as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the arena. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out throughout the arena...

v/o: "Can you feel it coming? In the air, tonight?"

As soon as the voice over ends, you hear the voice of Phil Collins start up with...

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

The Mental Rapist

Through the crimson mist, a ring of fire can now be seen as the fans can see two people rising up from the floor. The arena erupts into boos and slight cheers as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and the evil jezebeth Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Once both have risen like a phoenix from its ashes, they step out of the ring of fire with Sean completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

Justin: From Dallas, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is the current ACW champion, he is The Mental Rapist, Sean Jackson!

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

A slight smile forms on his face. Lord only knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese darkling at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring.

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavege while Jackson is dressed in a white shirt with the NWA logo on the front, blood pouring from the bottom. He is also wearing black trunks with gold colored material and outlined in blood red you see "Mental" and on the opposite leg you see "Rapist".

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena.

Adams: These two men can't stand the sight of each other

As both Drake and Sean stand in the middle of the ring, the SCW crowd has already picked out who they would like to see win. A very vocal and loud Drake Green chant starts as the two starts to circle each other in the centre of the ring.

Adams: This is going to be good.

Simone: So much history standing in the middle of the ring Jason.

The referee is quick to call the bell as Drake and Sean comes colliding into one another.

The two don???t even bother with a lock up as they just start flying at each other with stiff right and left hands. Just when you think Drake has the upper hand Sean comes back with a return punch of his own. Sean is finally able to get the upper hand by knocking Drake down to the canvas. Drake makes his was over to the ropes and uses them to help pull himself up. Sean has the referee???s attention while the evil Jezebeth Vanessa gets in a stern slap across Drake???s face.

Simone: What on earth, did you just see that Jason?

Adams: I did Simone, because I too have eyes.

The crowd spits out boos as Jezebeth acts as if she didn???t do anything while Sean stops annoying the referee and walks over to Drake. Pulling Drake up to his feet, Sean looks to scoop Drake up for a slam but Drake is able to push him off him. Pushing Sean into the ring corner, Drake makes his way over towards him unleashing a fury of kicks. Sean tries to get out of the way but Drake???s a man on a mission. Grabbing hold of Sean???s head Drake gets up into his face talking trash before starting a 10 punch count.

Crowd: one??? two??? three??? four??? five??? six???

With every connected punch Jezebeth slaps the ring apron trying to distract Drake.

Crowd: Seven??? eight??? nine??? ten.

On the tenth punch Drake backs up and watched Sean groggily lean back into the ropes. Reaching out the challenger grabs a hold of the champions hand and whips him across the ring. Running behind him Drake stalks him down like a wolf before bringing his hand sup to the back of Sean???s head dropping him with a running bulldog. As Sean groans in pain Drake rolls him over and straddles him before unleashing another round of left and rights.

Simone: Drake is being ruthless here tonight.

Adams: Has Drake never heard that one punch can kill Belinda?

Simone: I don???t think he cares Jason.

Adams: Fair enough!!

The referee is trying to call Drake off of Sean but Drake doesn???t look interested in that, so the five count begins, leaving it to the very last moment Drake gets up off Sean. Rushing towards the closest ropes Drake comes crashing in with a leg drop. Jezebeth can be heard screaming from the sidelines as Sean???s hands come up to his throat holding on to it. Drake spins back to his feet and picks Sean up gaining some momentum the former Champion brings his challengers down with a spinning neck breaker. Drake wastes no time is climbing over Sean and hooking the leg.



NO! Sean gets the shoulder up much to Jezebeth???s happiness. The crowd boo at Sean while Drake doesn???t dwell on it and just makes his way up to his feet. Leaning back down Drake goes to lift Sean up but Sean is able to get a thumb in eye of the challenger, stunting Drakes attack.

Simone: Did you not see that ref?

Adams: Should have gone to spec savers.

While Drake is trying to regain vision in his right eye Sean springs up grabbing the back of Drake???s head he drags him over towards the turnbuckle. Slamming Drake???s face violently down on the top turnbuckle. As Drake stumbles backwards Sean grabs him and lays Drake out with a belly to back suplex. As the challenger is laid out Sean makes his way over to the fallen Drake before looking sinisterly down to him. Quickly turning the champion drops down with a sickening elbow drop to the back Drake???s head and neck. The fans in the arena all gasp as they watch the challenger clutch his neck in pain.

Simone: That sounded horrible.

Adams: I think Drake is seeing stars.

Drake is trying to shake the painful feeling from the back of his head off but Sean doesn???t have time for this, as he gets up to his feet he drags Drake up with him. Slowly the champion looks out into the sea of booing sin city wrestling fans and smiles as he hooks Drake up in a scoop slam before dropping him into the tombstone position.

Adams: He can???t be thinking this can he?

Simone: This is sick.

Adams: Like a dog with a bone, Sean has created an injury and how he is going after it.

As Sean looks as if he is going to drop Drake down onto his head and neck, Drake somehow manages to wiggle himself free. Pushing the back of Sean Drake sends him crashing to the ropes. On the return Sean looks for a monster clothesline but Drake ducks but Sean pivots around and rushes towards Drake taking him out with a spear to the back of the knees. Drake???s face bounce off the canvas but Sean doesn???t give him any breathing time as he rolls the challenger up.


Sean puts his legs up on the rope, while Jezebeth rushes over and holds them down for support.



As the loud chant takes over the referee looks at the ropes and stops the count, telling Sean Jackson to break the pin. The referee cautions Jezebeth but she just fobs him off and makes her way around the ring playing innocent. With all of his game playing Sean has given Drake time to recover, but Sean doesn???t realise that Drake is playing possum until he tries to scoop him back up to his feet. Drake surprises Sean with an almighty punch the midsection doubling the Mental Rapist over.


Drake bursts up to his feet and grabs hold of Sean???s head spinning him around for a spinning neck breaker. As Sean drops to the canvas Drake starts to kick away at his midsection. Sean is rolling around trying to get away from Drake but Mr Showtime stalks his pray. Leaning down Drake scoops Sean up and brings him to his feet. Drake looks out into the sea of his fans and smiles as he sets Sean up for the ???show???s over??? the fans in the arena are alive with excitement as Showtime looks to counter.

Simone: Oh no.

Adams: What do you mean Oh no Belinda? Are you suddenly not a Showtimer?

Simone: A Showtimer?

Adams: Yeah a fan of Showtime?

The Oh No was for Jezebeth who was standing up on the ring apron cat calling Drake trying to save Sean from his faith. Shrugging her attempts off Drake just swings his leg and sends Sean dropping to the canvas with the ???Show???s over.??? Drake waste little time in hooking the leg of the champion and the referee starts the count.


Simone: He has this!!!


Adams: Drake has won the ACW championship!

Just as the hand was about to strike the canvas for three Drake is forced to leg let go of the pinfall as Jezebeth can be seen clawing his legs with her long manicured nails.

Adams: Are you kidding me?

Drake is able to donkey kick Jezebeth away, without actually hurting her. Making his way to his feet Drake starts to mouth off at Jezebeth telling her to stay out of the match. Turning his attention back down towards Sean, the challenger goes to scoop him up once more but is over come with another rake to the eye followed by a quick low blow. As Drake doubles over and drops to his knees on the canvas. Sean staggers up to his feet before dropping Drake down completely with a running high knee to the back of Drake???s head.

Adams: Game called due to darkness!!!

As Drake???s already picked apart head and neck collides with the canvas with a sick thud, Sean takes great pride is dropping down and going for the pin.

Simone: I don???t think we have seen Drake move???



Jezebeth Vanessa runs around and holds onto Sean???s feet helping him as she plays cheerleader.


Ding, ding, ding.

The referee calls for the bell as Justin???s voice hits the airways.

Justin: here is your winner and STILL ACW champion???. Seeeeeaaaaannnn Jacccksooon!

Jezebeth Vanessa makes her way into the ring as Sean takes hold of his ACW championship, holding it high above his head as his theme music blares across the personal address system.

Simone: Can we get someone out here to check on Drake please?

As the Medics pour out from behind the black curtain, Sean sees this as people trying to take away from his moment. Stalking them off from entering the ring Sean turns back to the fallen Drake before punting his right foot directly into the head and neck area of the defeated champion.

Simone: That???s enough, Drake has had enough???

Adams: I can???t believe he did that, what an animal.

Sean finally looks satisfied with his actions and leaves the ring while the medics rush into the ring to check on Drake.

???Amazing??? by Hi Fashion plays over the public address system. The ring crew comes out through the curtains with the make shift runway that is known for Mean Girls. The crowd boos as they attach the runway to the ring apron and disperse. Tessa Flannigan comes out through the curtains first, wearing nothing fancy or special, but her white fur coat and a Pixies tank top underneath. She struts with authority as she makes it to the center of the runway. Next, Holly Wood comes out in a pink slinky dress that hugs her curves, pink rimmed glasses, and a blonde wig with pink highlights through it. She smiles as she places one hand on her hip, raising the other one up to mock waving to the fans. She struts to the center, just a few feet behind Tessa now.

Adams: I swear, there is something about Holly Wood that is so different, but I can???t seem to put my finger on it.

Simone: I???m sure she would like for you to put more than just your finger on it, Jason, but let???s not get into that???

Angelica comes out next, wearing a grey plaid skirt that hugs onto her hips nicely. She is wearing argyle socks that match the skirt, coming up just over her knees, and some fashionable high heel boots with grey fur around the tops. She is wearing a corset that matches the skirt, with black lace tying it together in the front, and a black long sleeve sweater. Her wavy brunette hair bounces as she looks from side to side, starting her own epid strut, like a power executive. Next up, Delia walks out in what shocks us the most??? a plain outfit of a milk colored blazer and skirt to match, a black ruffled blouse, black sheer hose, and nude pumps. Her bangs are to die for tonight, and the bob is stellar. She removes the sunglasses and bites onto one of the ear pieces. She walks several paces behind Angelica before all four ladies make it to the apron. They turn around slowly, and in unison, jutting their hips out to one side as they strike a pose before turning to face the entryway. They sway their hips for all to see before blowing a sarcastic kiss to the audience in all four directions. They slowly enter the ring to show off their ass-ets before entering the ring completely. Angelica takes a microphone, as if she were going to take the lead for once. The girls all speak to each other for a moment before Angelica runs a finger across her throat, cuing for the music to die out. As it does, the fans start a chance.

Fans: HIGH CLASS HOES! *Clap clap clap* HIGH CLASS HOES! *Clap clap clap* HIGH CLASS HOES! *Clap clap clap*

Angelica: High class is right, hunties??? Now, quiet down because important people have things to say now??? Sorry ???bout it???

The fans boo as Angelica shrugs her shoulders. giving a slight smirk as she walks in a slow turn to show off. She flips her hair over her shoulder as she high fives Delia. She raises the microphone back to her lips.

Angelica: Now, as you???ve noticed, our little family has grown by one. Now, she might be socially retarded??? or Irish for those of you who aren???t hip on slang terms??? but she???s our friend, and we love her anyway. Come give mama a hug, darling???

Angelica gives Tessa a sweet smile as she slowly opens her arms. Tessa looks at her as if to ask if she is serious, and Angelica nods her head. Tessa happily trots over to Angelica as they wrap arms around each other. Angelica pats her back to add a sort of bitchy feel to the otherwise emotional moment.

Angelica: Love ya, bitch??? But, even if all of you think we???re just a bunch of C-words, we are much more than that. We are a family... a sisterhood! We are like-minded women who are tired of watching ugly???

Holly: Talentless???

Delia: Generic???

Tessa: Slutty???

Angelica: BASIC BITCHES??? running this place! It is really??? REALLY annoying, T.B.H.

Angelica slaps a finger against her opened palm as they berate the Bombshell roster. The fans continue to shout out at them as their boos ring out. The Mean Girls shrug their shoulders as they gently slap hands in celebration. Angelica turns back out to face the audience as she straightens out her posture once more to address them.

Angelica: We are a family, but we are also a movement. I have put out invitations for any Bombshell to come out and plead their case as to why they should be allowed to stand with us on the War on Ugly, and the War on Ignorance. I heard nothing. And at first I was insulted, but then I realized that no one here thinks they are good enough to hang with Mean Girls??? and they would be right! But, we do have someone we would like to join us. Someone who embodies what we Mean Girls are. Please, come on out here, sister???

Angelica looks as if she is about to cry. Holly pulls a tissue out of her bra and wipes at Angelica???s eye. Angelica takes the tissue and blows her nose lightly, throwing it out toward the audience as she opens her arms for a hug.

Simone: This is one group I would like to see die, not get any larger???

Adams: Who do you think it could be? They have been trying to hint at Mercedes Vargas, but I wonder???

???Chick Habit??? by April March hits the public address as the fans get up on their feet and start booing. This theme music is none other than the music of one Veronica Taylor, the first SCW supermodel. As the camera pans and out steps Veronica wearing a gorgeous black top, and pink skirt, along with a pair of Christian Dior stiletto high heels. Veronica then begins to do her trademark strut before posing, arrogantly to boos at the end of the runway. As Veronica rolled her eyes at the fans as she then entered the ring, before hugging Angelica to loud boos.

Angelica: It is, like, sooo good to see you again, V! The lady responsible for the original Mean Girls, along with myself of course! You look so fab, hunty!

Veronica: Aw, thanks girley though, got to say you look glamorous as always. Now, I know it has been awhile since I been here. So allow me to reintroduce myself I am the first supermodel to ever join this company. Not only that, but I am a woman who had all you little disgusting creeps talking.

Angelica: That???s right. If it wasn???t for this woman, you idiots wouldn???t even know what a Twitter account was, and now you bitches are all over that thing???

Veronica: Aw, thanks to me know all these little basic bitches now have twitter accounts I am still waiting for the emo freak to thank me for it.Now, the first class supermodel is back home., and that is with the Mean Girls. Now why am I back? Well even though I was gone I never stopped aying attention and it was late last year the vision came back. The vision of a world ruled by the beautiful a company that the beautiful reigned over and the uglys would bow at our feet. The Mean Girls were back, and I was seeing not only were they continuing the work me, and Angelica started, they were changing the game.

Delia nods her head and holds her hands up in the air as if to take all of the thanks for this. She walks over to Veronica as if having had enough of not being in the spotlight. She stretches her arms out for a hug.

Delia: Yes, yes??? We went from JC Penny catalog, to Italian Vogue, but it would not be possible without you, darling??? Welcome home.

Both women stare at each other for a moment as if trying to figure each other out. Holly bites at her nail as Delia kisses the air next to Veronica???s face on each side, Veronica returning the same polite, yet empty, gesture.

Veronica: Once again, girl I knew you had it in you to be a mean girl. See we are not only fashionable, not only beautiful, but we are also the envy of every other female out there. I mean like...

Delia: Of course, you forgot to mention z???at we are dominant, as I am in z???e finals for z???e Blast From z???e Past Tournament tonight, and when I win, Mean Girls will have z???e Bombshell Championship!

Delia raises her arms up as the audience boos. She keeps the microphone in her hand as she does so, soaking in the boos. She turns around, rubbing her intentions in the fan???s faces. Suddenly, Veronica smiles and rips the microphone from Delia???s raised hand.

Simone: Uh oh??? do I sense a note of tension here between Delia and Veronica? Neither one seems to like sharing the spotlight???

Veronica: Duh we will even these ???special inferiors??? can understand their heroines have no chance. I mean their jealousy of us knows no bounds. Like Blanda over there just another basic bitch jealous of the power we have.

The girls around her laugh, with Tessa being the one to cut up the most. She leans over Veronica into the microphone, still laughing as she speaks.

Tessa: Blanda? That???s like ???bland-er???, even more bland than bland, yeah?

Tessa holds her hand out for a high five as Angelica looks like she just watched Tessa break a nail. Delia laughs at her stupidity, while Holly looks away, worried that the stupidity might rub off on her. Veronica rolls her eyes and scoffs into the microphone.

Veronica: Okay, now enough about Blanda because really there's a reason she sits there, and we???re in here. Next, it seems this place has gone from bad to worse. Not only do wretched whores run around like they are somebody, but still have the same disgusting, fugly looking freaks that act like they are something in this world. Sorry, this is no lifetime special in the end the mean girls always win.

Delia: Just like I will prove tonight when me and Es???an Brody win z???e tournament!

Delia leans back away from the microphone, causing Veronica to pause in her speaking. Delia snags the microphone from Veronica and prepares to speak. However, Veronica doesn???t take this and rips it back. Delia looks offended as the audience cheers. Veronica turns away from Delia and begins speaking.

Veronica: I know you will doll. Now, listen up basic bitches, freaks, uglies and wretched skanks of all shapes and sizes. The mean girls are back, and no you can not sit with us.

Delia prepares to take the microphone, but Angelica stops her. ???Chick Habit??? hits the PA System as the Mean Girls strike a pose in the center of the ring. Led by Veronica, the five ladies walk through the ropes and march up the runway, showing off their own personal style before meeting at the top of the stage. They stop at the curtains and turn their heads to blow kisses before walking through the curtains together.

The camera focuses again on the ringside area where Justin Decent stands inside of the six-sided ring, alongside referee Drew Patton. The bell sounds a solid three times to signify the next con test.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled for one fall to a finish, is the special Retirement Challenge!

The crowd cheers!

Simone: This match has been building for weeks now, ever since Christian announced who Mark Ward's next 'retirement tour' opponent would be.

The tones of ???Tubular Bells??? start to trickle into the arena, mirroring the sight of smoke beginning to spill out of the entryway. Nicolas Blair walks out, hearing the tumult of the roaring crowd.

Justin: Introducing first, making his way down the aisle! He weighs in at 239 pounds, and he is Nicolas L. Blair!

Nicolas pauses atop the ramp at the forefront of the stage, reaches into his long red coat and pulls out a cigarette and a lighter. After pulling one long drag on his cigarette, he continues his trip down toward the ring.

Simone: The fans here in Long Beach do not know what to make of this mysterious individual. true, he is facing Mark Ward tonight, but still, his very demeanor has the crowd ill at ease.

Adams: Well I sure know what to make of this guy!

Simone: And what's that?

Adams: He freaks me the Hell out... pun intended!

Arriving at ringside, Nicolas withdraws the cigarette from between his lips and flicks it to the arena floor where an attendant hurriedly stamps it out. Blair then slowly walks up the steps of the ring and climbs nonchalantly through the ropes. He allows his ankle-length trench coat slide from his body as he paces back and forth, eyes intent toward the stage, awaiting his opponent.

Justin: His opponent hails from London, England, weighing 240 pounds, he is co-owner of Sin City Wrestling ... "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward!

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo???s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers.

"The night approaches, after dark you have no chance
Ooh, when moonlight takes the sky, you'll feel my dark romance"

"I'm on your footsteps and I wait behind your back
I spread like fire upon the streets I'm ready to attack"

"I'm the only thing you need
Upon your love I feed"

The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro???s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. Hot Stuff is wearing snake skin shorts and matching snake skin boots, both with Union Jack flags on both the shorts and boots with HS on the rear.

"When the clock strikes midnite
I'm on the prowl of love
When the clock strikes midnite
The time is right to call you out"

He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering as the final tones of 'Midnight Tornado' fades.

"When I'm feeling wicked and my blood is running hot
Electric is my touch baby you don't know what you've got"

"Only in the evening at night I come alive
So try to keep your passion deep I need it to survive"

And Mark turns to face his opponent and his stare is hard.

Adams: Will you look at the way Mark is staring holes into Blair?

Simone: I've been an analyst in this business for a long time. I was there the day Mark first laced up a pair of boots, and I can honestly say that I have never seen any opponent get into his head the way that Nicolas Blair has.

Adams: I just hope Mark can set aside these 'Lucifer' issues he has before this starts.

Simone: He had best be able to if he hopes to walk away the winner.

Drew finishes checking Nicolas Blair and then walks over toward the 'boss man' and begins checking him as well, neither man breaking their stare from the other's eyes. Once finished, Drew takes a step back and calls for the bell!


Both HS and Blair step from out of their corner and slowly approach the center of the ring, neither breaking eye contact, nor turning away from the other. They stare for just a moment when they lunge, locking up collar and elbow.

Simone: And it starts.

The two men struggle, straining to gain the advantage over the other, but neither being able to back the other up against the ropes or into a corner. Mark, instead, uses his experience to break and duck behind Blair, grabbing him in a rear waist lock. This lasts only momentarily, as Blair grasps him by the forearm and twists out, ducking behind Mark and trapping him in a standing hammerlock. Mark winces, his face in pain as Blair cranks the pressure of the hold on, jamming Mark's arm even further up his back. Mark then counters, reaching back with his free hand and he grabs Blair around the back of the head and snapmares him over his shoulder, breaking the hold. Blair immediately pivots around to face him and slowly stands up, both engaging in a tense stare down as the fans applaud.

Now the two men begin to circle around the perimeter of the ring, sizing one another up, until they pause and then lock up a second time. As before, they strain for the advantage but this time HS is able to slowly, forcefully, back Blair up against the nearest corner. Drew steps in and asks for a clean break, and surprisingly, Hot Stuff complies.

Adams: Seriously? I was expecting a cheap shot. A poke to the eye or a fist to the chops.

Simone: I think Mark caught everyone off guard that way, his opponent most of all.

Blair smirks as he steps from out of the corner and he goes to tie up a third time, but this time Mark scissors his legs and takes him down to the mat, and immediately pounces, grabbing him in a rear chin lock with both knees digging into Nicolas's back. Mark pulls back, straining to break his opponent, when it a complete switch of tactics, Hot Stuff quickly lets go and rolls Blair over onto his back and pounces atop of him in a cover -- but Blair kicks out before even a one count can be registered by the official.

Mark lunges, going to grab Blair but Nicolas sweeps Ward's legs out from under him and he somersaults over him into a bridging cradle.

Mark shifts and rolls through with Blair pinned in a sunset flip.

Nicolas rolls back and then folds HS over and somersaults into a second bridging jackknife.

Mark kicks out and both men are right up to their feet, squaring off as the crowd cheers and applauds.

Simone: I think the people here are forgetting just how much they despise Hot Stuff Mark Ward and are enjoying what so far has been a great exchange of wrestling talent.

Blair and HS circle one another yet again, but this time before they can lock up, Nicolas ducks the attempt and ensnares HS in a side headlock. Mark backs him into the ropes and goes to Irish whip him off, but Nicolas holds on, and uses the momentum to pull Mark around and now into a front facelock. Blair rolls back, bringing HS along with him. HS ends up in a seated position as Blair sits before him, retaining the front facelock and bending Ward at an awkward angle. Drew leans in to check and ensure that it is not a choke, and asks Mark if he wants to give up but HS refuses.

Adams: Yeah I don't think you could pay ol' Mark to submit and give Blair the satisfaction.

Nicolas shifts his body to a kneeling position, then stands and pulls Ward up along with him. Mark then uses his leverage to bull Blair back against the ropes, but Nicolas twists around and HS ends up pinned back against a corner. Now Drew asks Nicolas for a clean break and after a tense moment, Blair obliges, stepping away.

Simone: Can you believe that?

Nicolas then mocks Mark by taking an elegant bow, but as he stands up, Mark lashes out...

Adams: RED HOT! He hit the Red Hot!

Blair goes down like he was shot and Mark dives on top and cradles the leg tightly!


Simone: What the hell!?

Adams: I think you hit it right there!

Simone: When has ANYBODY ever kicked out after being struck by Mark's favorite finisher!?

Mark is staring wide-eyed in complete shock and disbelief! He turns to Drew who holds up two fingers, saying that it indeed was only a count of two! Mark jumps to his feet and begins laying in the boots to Blair's prone body! Mark turns and climbs up to the top of the nearest corner, then jumps off and crash lands atop of his opponent with a guillotine legdrop!

Adams: That HAS to be it!

Mark covers Blair and hooks BOTH legs in the cover!


Simone: No! Blair manages to kick out a second time!

Adams: Its freaky how much punishment that guy can take!

Blair rolls around on the mat, until he rolls under the bottom rope and collapses to the ringside floor. Mark pushes Drew out of his way and steps through the ropes, going out after his opponent.

Simone: I think its plain to see that some of Mark's confidence is returning.

Mark grabs the fallen Blair and throws three right hands into the man's face, then drags him to his knees and clubs him across the back of the head. HS takes him by the arm and goes to Irish whip him into the steel ring post but Blair ducks under and counters, pulling Mark instead into a crashing halt against the steel barricade. Mark arches his back and staggers forward, and Blair rushes him but Mark quickly catches him with a powerslam right onto the hard gymnasium floor!

Adams: Drew hasn't even started a count yet!

Simone: I don't think he wants to risk this one ending in a count out, or any form of disqualification.

Mark drags Blair up by the head and slams his face into the ring apron before he rolls him back inside of the ring. Mark then climbs up onto the apron and uses the top rope to slingshot himself back inside of the ring, landing on top of Blair with an elbow drop. Mark covers Blair and hooks the near leg.

Blair shoots his shoulder up.

Simone: I'm not sure what its going to take to put either of these men down for the count.

Blair starts to stagger up to his feet and Mark dashes into the ropes and comes flying off with a lariat to the back of the head! Blair collapses and HS uses a leg to fold him in half for another cover!

Again Blair kicks out!

Adams: Boy Mark isn't wasting any time! He's going for a cover every chance he gets.

Simone: It's one of the HallMarks of why he was a multiple champion.

Mark goes to grab Blair but Nicolas swings a right hand up into Mark's ribcage. Mark responds and delivers a swift boot to Nicolas' own ribs. Blair again swings and lands a fist, this time into HS's stomach, but again Mark fights back and brings a knee up into Blair's head, knocking him over. Mark drags Blair up into the nearest corner and drives his shoulder into his midsection, and then lands a heavy forearm to the sternum. Mark goes for an Irish whip into the far corner but Nicolas manages to counter with a reversal and sends him in instead. Nicolas then plows right into him with a running clothesline. Blair grabs him in a headlock and goes for a running bulldog, but HS blocks it and counters by bringing Blair crashing back in a belly to back suplex to the mat!

Adams: There went that comeback!

Mark stomps down onto Blair's body, then goes to climb up the corner when Blair is back on his feet. Nicolas rushes up and shoves Mark from his perch and Hot Stuff goes flying to the outside and crashes down into the guard railing!

Simone: Oh hell! He could have broken some ribs from that!

Blair goes to step out after him but Drew backs him away so he can try to assess Mark's condition on the outside. No sooner does the official turn away to inspect the fallen grappler than Blair climbs through the ropes and drops down to the floor, driving a double axehandle blow to the small of Mark's back. Nicolas then scoops HS up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry and swings him right into the ring post, then dumps him harshly to the floor.

Adams: I think we're starting to see some of Blair's true nature starting to emerge.

Nicolas grabs HS up from where he fell to the floor and rolls him back inside. Blair then follows him in, crawling on hands and knees, stalking HS like wounded prey.

Adams: Creeeepy!

Blair stands up and he begins to stomp down onto the prone body of Hot Stuff, first in the stomach and sternum, then driving his feet down into Mark's legs. Nicolas then grabs Mark by the legs and turns him over into a Texas Cloverleaf!

Simone: We all know damn well Mark Ward will not just submit to any opponent, but I think Nicolas Blair is just enjoying torturing his opponent!

Drew is checking on Mark, asking if he wants to tap but Mark shakes his head 'no' wildly, pounding the mat in pain and yelling out. Mark reaches for the ropes, extending his hand but is just barely out of reach and is thus unable to have the hold broken! Mark yells out again in agony and then uses his forearms to pull himself closer and he finally manages to snag the bottom rope with his arms!

Adams: That's all he needed! Now Blair has to break!

However Nicolas does not break the hold and he cranks it on even tighter, leaning further back as Drew finally starts his count!

And Blair lets go of the hold, dropping HS's legs and he stands upright.

Blair starts laying in the boots to Mark's body, then grabs him by the hair and hauls him to a standing position. Nicolas throws a heavy right fist into the side of Mark's head, then strikes him in the back with a sledgehammer blow. Nicolas then runs into the ropes and comes off, swinging for a clothesline, but Mark suddenly ducks under, hooks him in the arms and drives Blair face first with a Downward Spiral!

Simone: Hot Stuff is on the way to making a comeback!

However Mark is hurt and he struggles to get to his hands and knees. he grabs Blair and rolls him over onto his back for a cover.

Blair gets his shoulder up!

Adams: He didn't hook the leg.

Simone: I'm not certain he would have gotten the pin even if he had.

HS manages to get to his feet and he reaches down to grab hold of Blair, but suddenly Nicolas takes Mark down to the canvas in an STF!

Adams: Whoa! He was playing possum!

Simone: Tricky little devil!

Adams: Literally!

Mark is screaming in pain as Blair cinches the hold in tight! He pulls back hard, contorting Mark's neck and back at an awkward and unnatural angle! Drew drops down, pleading, but still Mark refuses to give in! Mark reaches for the ropes but Blair quickly ensnares his arm and hooks it and retains the hold, now preventing Mark from reaching the ropes.

Simone: Mark may very well have to give up if he just wants to survive this match!

Adams: I think Mark would rather not survive!

Nicolas then switches tactics, retaining the hold on Mark's head and he scissors his waist with his own legs, rolling him over.

Simone: This match has been nothing short of a technical masterpiece on both men's behalf!

Finally realizing that his opponent would not yield, Blair relinquishes the hold and stands up over his foe. Nicolas grabs hold of him and drags him up into a double underhook position, picking him up and driving him down with a Tiger Bomb!

Adams: That's it! That has to be it!

Nicolas then turns to the corner and he begins to climb up to the very top, stalking his downed opponent like a bird of prey. Blair stands up and then launches himself up into the air, and comes right down on top of Mark with a 450 splash!

Adams: It's over! It has to be!

Blair covers Mark and hooks the leg!


Simone: NO! How in HELL did Mark kick out!?

Adams: Blair has put away countless opponents with that!

Despite all animosity towards the boss, the crowd is beginning to slowly rally behind Hot Stuff against this 'outsider'! Nicolas jumps to his feet and glares at Drew who pales and steps back hastily, away from the one Mark coined 'the Uncaged One'. Mark is getting to his feet and Blair hammers his back with a clubbing forearm, driving him back to one knee. Nicolas then dashes into the ropes and swings for a clothesline, but somehow Mark ducks and counters with a bridging German suplex!

3 - No! Blair kicks out!

Adams: God! Another near fall!

Nicolas rolls over and under the bottom rope, then uses the ropes to drag his way back to a vertical base. Mark staggers over to him and the two men begin to swing at one another on opposite sides of the ring ropes, trading shots to each other's heads! Mark then ducks a swing and grabs Blair by the head and drops to the mat, driving Nicolas's throat across the top rope. Nicolas almost topples off the apron but hangs on. Mark grabs him in a front facelock and attempts to suplex him back into the ring, but Blair blocks it! Nicolas then tries to counter and suplex Mark to the floor outside -- but Mark manages to block that! Mark then tries a second time but pulls Nicolas up over the ropes, parallel to the mat, then twists and falls, bringing Blair back inside with a twisting brain buster! Both men lie on the mat, spent!

Simone: If Mark could just cover him, it might very well be over!

Drew stands over both men, laying on the mat, and he finds he has no other choice but to count them both out!


Mark manages to roll over and cover Blair!


Simone: Again! Another near fall!

Mark looks pleadingly toward Drew but the official insists it was ONLY a count of two! Mark grabs at his head, frustrated beyond belief! Mark grabs a handful of Nicolas's hair and drags him roughly to his feet. Mark grabs him into a front facelock and lifts him for a vertical suplex, but Blair kicks free and drops to his feet, pivoting around in a full circle and nailing Mark with a spinning back fist! Mark falls back against the ropes and springs off and he strikes Blair with a roundhouse forearm smash! Both men crash to the canvas!

Adams: These two men are going to end up killing each other to bring this to an end!

Simone: As I recall, that was Blair's plan at one point in time!

Blair is the first to begin to rise, and he drags Mark up in a front facelock, holding him in place. Nicolas then scoops him up for a body slam but Mark shifts his weight and drops down to his feet behind Blair. Mark grabs him around the waist and rolls him back into a Backlund Cradle!


But Blair grabs Mark and rolls HIM back into the same for his own pinfall attempt!

Mark kicks out and gets his shoulder up!

Simone: These two guys are spent! I mean, they are seriously spent!

Mark fends Blair off with a European uppercut! Nicolas staggers back, then strikes at Mark with an open handed chop to the chest! Nicolas grabs at Mark's head and gouges at his eyes with his fingers! Nicolas Irish whips Mark into the far corner and follows right in with a high leg lariat! Before Mark can crumble down to the canvas, Nicolas lifts him up and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Nicolas starts to climb and he sets him into position for a superplex, but Mark holds on. Mark delivers shots to Blair's ribs, trying to fight him off as Nicolas tries to bring him down! Mark then fights fire with fire and he grabs Blair by the face and bites down hard on his forehead!

Adams: I guess whatever it takes to survive!

Mark then grabs two handfuls of Blair's hair and slams his face down into the turnbuckle, then leaps over him and delivers a sunset powerbomb from the corner! Mark jackknifes him in half!


Simone: Oh good god that was close!

Sweats pours off of both men as Mark clutches at his opponent, pulling him to his feet! HS sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip and swings for a clothesline! Nicolas ducks behind and scissors his arms and legs for a Crucifix, then rolls down his back for a sunset flip! Mark holds onto his legs and drops his knees down onto Blair's shoulders!


The crowd explodes in cheers and boos as the bell rings!


Adams: Mark got it! I don't know how but he got it!

Simone: Nicolas Blair beat Mark Ward from pillar to post but in the end, Mark pulled something out of his bag of tricks and has come up the winner!

Drew grasps Mark's arm and raises it in victory!

Justin: Here is your winner ... HOT STUFF MARK WARD!!!

The crowd cheers and boos alike as Mark falls back against the corner, totally spent and hurt, keeping his hands raised as Nicolas rolls to the floor outside.

Simone: These two men gave each other everything possible, kicking out of each other's best maneuvers and neither would give in to the other!

Adams: I think we just witnessed a match of the Year candidate if there ever was one!

Nicolas stares into the ring and proceeds to light up a fresh cigarette. he draws onto it and exhales a thin plume of smoke, then slowly breaks into an ominous smile. Mark stares back at him and does not react as Drew again raises his arm to the rafters.

Simone: What ... was that all about?

Cut to the backstage area where Roxi sits on an anvil case, with her head dropped, as Cyrus walks around the corner.

Cyrus: There you are. You can't run off like that. You know we have enemies everywhere!

Roxi picks up her head, still looking torn and conflicted about the events of earlier tonight.

Cyrus: Don't give me that look now. You know what we're going for, and obviously we have a lot of work to do.

Roxi slowly nods.

Cyrus: You cannot just get involved in things like that. You cannot play the hero, anymore. Those days are over. You have to listen to what I tell you to do!

Roxi looks up at him.

Cyrus: I...I don't mean to yell. But you almost destroyed what we're working towards by doing something so stupid. And I want this to work for you.

Roxi finally speaks.

Roxi: You're right. I...I'm sorry about earlier. I should have listened to you from the beginning.

Cyrus: Good. Now that we have that out of the way, let's go home before anything else happens. I've got your stuff, let's go.

Roxi: Aren't we going to watch the rest of the show?

Cyrus: No. We're leaving now. You can't disobey me, and get perks. We have lots more work to do now. C'mon on.

Roxi: ...Okay. I'm sorry. I'll do better next time.

Roxi gets up off the anvil case, and Cyrus hands her her bag. The two walk away, the two holding hands, with Cyrus leading her by the arm.

Cut back to Adams and Simone.

Adams: What do you make of that?

Simone: It's upsetting. The Roxi Johnson we all know, isn't like this. And I wish she'd realize that. But the more I see her with Cyrus, the more I'm afraid of what could be coming...

The music starts up as the ring crew rushes out with the runway. They carry it down the ramp, fastening it to the ring apron within a short moment. Red lights spin around, surrounding the entryway, flashing quickly as the music picks up. Angelica gets the show started tonight with yellow, orange and red eye make up spreading out like wild flames. Her outfit of tattered yellow, orange and red fabric flows down all around as she seems to cloak herself with it. Her hair sports several small candles, giving the illusion that it is on fire. She walks midway down the ramp and begins to twirl, the fabric appearing to be a spiraling fire before she stops, raising her arms up to show off Phoenix wings amidst a golden gown. She smirks as the fans seem to actually show appreciation for the look tonight.

Simone: I can???t believe it??? I actually like this look, and in no way do I want to throw heavy objects at her head??? Okay, the moment is starting to pass.

The curtains part as Holly Wood and Tessa Flannigan come out. Tessa is dressed in a feminized firefighter???s outfit, and she is carrying a hose, as Holly has an orange wig and a black, backless dress, with flame print coming up the sides and across the entire back of the skirt. Holly walks forward, holding two batons in each hand, as well as the side of her dress. As she walks, the fire fans behind her. She comes to the edge of the walkway before turning around to face Tessa. She holds the two batons up and to the side as Tessa turns on the hose, letting out a small blast of fire that ignites the batons. She turns it off as Holly begins to quickly juggle the batons as she walks down the runway.

Adams: These girls are on fire! Literally, I think we need to get fire extinguishers down here!

Simone: Meh??? I don???t think it would be a major loss to SCW???

The three ladies wait at the edge of the ring, walking onto the apron as Holly continues to juggle. Delia walks through the curtains in a surprising display??? a long, flowing white dress that looks almost like a wedding dress, tailored to show flare around the hip and the left shoulder. The right shoulder is bare, and the white lace from each side work their way up into Delia???s platinum blonde hair. The audience seems confused as Delia slowly walks. As she gets out to the center of the runway, she pulls the white half mask off of her face to show off her own smoky eye make up, swirling across her temple. She tosses the sparkling mask out into the audience before coming to the other girls. They hold the ropes open for Delia as she slowly gets inside. She looks up at the ceiling, pointing upward.

Simone: I admit that I???m confused by the relevancy of her outfit to the apparent ???fire??? theme.

Adams: Maybe it is a reference to white flame, the most intense flame? Hey! I know things sometimes!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the Blast From the Past II Finals! Introducing first, residing in Miami, Florida, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing in at 135 pounds, she is??? Delia!!!

A spotlight comes onto the diva as Delia closes her eyes and she begins to twirl in the center of the ring. She switches direction as the dress soon catches itself on fire, burning embers and ash fly from her body in a small cloud of smoke as the audience is awestruck. The cloud envelopes Delia, causing some concern as no one can see her.

Simone: I admit that we should probably get some fire extinguishers and medics out here now???

Adams: Nah, it worked out in Catching Fire, though it didn???t look so gruesome and smoky there.

The smoke begins to settle as the flames extinguish themselves. As it does, we start to see the outline of Delia standing there in the center of the spotlight. Holly stops juggling, holding the batons firmly as the three girls on the outside seem to be worried for Delia as they get inside of the ring. After a few seconds, we can see Delia standing there in a black one-piece outfit, wrestling boots, and pads. She smirks as we notice the line of black tracing through her hair on each side, making it match the outfit. The audience tries to hold back, but the can???t help cheering her on for a moment.

Fans: THAT WAS AWESOME! *Clap Clap Clap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *Clap Clap Clap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *Clap Clap Clap*

Delia smirks as she watches the fans appreciation. However, she can???t very well allow them to like her for too long before she gives them a resounding middle finger, turning around so that everyone can see the gesture. The cheers quickly turn to boos as Delia chuckles to herself.

Justin: Her tag team partner is from London, England, weighing 252 pounds ... Ethan Brody!

???The End??? by Roadrunner United begins to play as the houselights dim, a spotlight shines upon the entrance as Ethan Brody steps out to a chorus of cheers, he shows little expression on his face as he walks down the aisle and leaps onto the ring apron. He steps through the ropes and walks over to the ropes to acknowledge the crowd by lifting his arms up. The music plays as the referee checks his boots waist and knuckles for foreign objects before it fades away.

Simone: This unlikely pair has come an insanely long way since the opening round, and now even more is at stake as this man here has the chance to walk away with the SCW Heavyweight Championship.

Adams: It makes me wonder if he's going to risk tagging out to his partner when he has a shot at the gold.

Simone: That's actually a very good point, Jason.

Adams: It is? Hunh. I must be slipping.

The opening chords to "Boom Boom" by The LoCash Cowboys blasts through the speakers. As the vocals kick in, Brandi Shotze appears at the top of the ramp, her arm draped in that of the arm of her man, Bo Dreamwolf.

Adams: Bo Dreamwolf!

Justin: Their opponents! First, to be accompanied to the ring by Bo Dreamwolf, from Lynchburg, Tennessee, Brandi Shotze!

Brandi looks around the crowd nodding and the duo starts to walk down the ramp. Bo is the first to climb the ring steps and he holds the ropes open as Brandi herself gets in ring. Brandi walks to the corner and stands on the middle turnbuckle. She raises her arms and jumps down, staring across the ring as the Mean Girls begin objecting to referee Jacob Summers.

Simone: Now what the hell is bugging them? Are they actually objecting to Bo accompanying Brandi to the ring?

Brandi walks over to Jacob and taps him on the shoulder. The official turns around and Brandi smiles and holds up a finger, to him and then to the Mean Girls. Brandi turns around and puts her fingers in her lips and lets out a shrill whistle and beckons toward the back.

Adams: What now?

"Party Girls" by Xelle starts playing over the sound system and the crowd laughs and cheers as the rotund Bombshell, Cookie S'Mores steps out onto the entrance stage. She pauses at the top and smiles knowingly, looking out to the fans. She pulls open her robe to reveal her wrestling lingerie and shakes her chest as she lets the robe fall to her feet.

Adams: Cookie! Cookie S'Mores!

Simone: When Brandi said she was bringing out the reinforcements, she was definitely NOT kidding!

Cookie then struts down to the ring, flirting with the men in the audience and blowing them kisses. She walks up the steps to the ring apron where she slowly stepping through the ropes where she shakes her ample backside for all to see. She then climbs the rest of the way through and high-fives Brandi as the Mean Girls look like they're about to go nuclear!

Simone: Look at Delia! She is throwing an absolute fit saying Cookie and Bo have no business at ringside!

Adams: Funny! Delia has two people at ringside with her and she's now the one bitching about the odds being evened out.

Simone: Boy, you're on fire Jason. That is it exactly! There is no way Angelica and Holly can interfere like usual and Delia does not like that one bit.

Delia shoves Jacob and screams at him but Jacob points to the Mean Girls and tells her that if Bo and Cookie have to go, then so does Angelica and Holly! Delia screeches and stomps her feet!

Justin: And Brandi's tag team partner ... !

The intro of ???Simon Says??? By Drain STH plays over the arena???s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans with the SCW Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder.

Justin: From Birmingham, England, weighing in at 235lbs, he is the reigning SCW Heavyweight Champion Simon Jones!

As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans, he hands the title over to Jacob when Holly snatches it and pretends to hold it around his/her own waist.

Simone: Will you look at that?

Adams: Yeah make the most of it 'girl'! That's the closest you'll get to that title!

Jacob pulls the belt away from Holly and holds it up in the air, showing that the title is on the line and the crowd cheers. Brandi and Simon confer and Simon steps out onto the apron as the seconds for both teams leave.

Simone: Smart move by Simon. His title is at stake so he's going to let the women kick things off.

Across the ring, Ethan shakes his head and curses before stepping out to the apron in his own corner.

Adams: Ethan was thinking the same thing. He really wanted to start this one.

Jacob then calls for the bell.


And the match is underway!

Right away Delia struts up to the center of the ring where Brandi is standing and she gets in the face of the buxom Bombshell and the two begin trading words while Delia pokes her forefinger into Shotze's ample bosom. Brandi looks down at her finger then back up at Delia and she just thrusts her body forward, slamming her huge chest into Delia and knocking her back on her butt!

Adams: I guess that's a Bombshell version of a pissing contest?

Simone: And Brandi came out the winner.

Seething, Delia lunges and grabs Brandi's feet, tripping her to the canvas. Shotze lands on her back and Delia is immediately on top of her, throwing lefts and rights into Brandi's head and face.

Simone: I am surprised that it's Delia, not Brandi, who is immediately roughing things up here.

Brandi then grabs two handfuls of Delia's hair and head butts her right between the eyes, and rolls her over onto her own back with Shotze straddling her form, pinning her down. Brandi grabs a handful of Delia's hair and she just starts throwing the right hands into the side of Delia's head as the crowd and her partner cheers her on.

Adams: There's nothing Brandi loves more than a good brawl!

Simone: And I think Delia was an idiot for thinking she could hang with Shotze in that regard.

Delia squirms and tries to shield herself until Jacob finally gets Brandi off of her and Delia Darling immediately rolls out of the ring, seeking comfort with Angelica and Holly Wood on the outside. But Brandi is having none of that as she climbs through the ropes and drops to the floor, and immediately Delia takes off in a sprint with Brandi hot on her heels! They race around the ring until Delia rolls inside quickly and Brandi follows her right in. Brandi gets to her feet and ducks a charging swing by Delia and Brandi answers with her own swing, clotheslining Delia down to the canvas. Brandi then turns to Ethan Brody and grabs her breasts and jiggles them at the man.

Adams: Did anyone else just see Ethan smile?

Brandi drags Delia up into the corner and lands an open handed chop into her opponent's chest. Delia staggers against the ropes, clutching her bosom, her face masked with pain. Brandi then takes her by the hair, lands a second head butt into her forehead, then a hard forearm shot that knocks Delia down to her butt in the corner. Brandi walks in and she presses a boot into Darling's throat, choking her out as Jacob issues his count.


Jacob finally gets her off of Delia and reprimands her. Brandi brushes past the official and comes in to her opponent, when Delia grabs Shotze by the tights and whips her face-first down into the middle turnbuckle.

Simone: Crafty move there by Delia Darling.

Adams: She's a fast learner.

Delia stands up and takes Jacob's attention away as Holly reaches into the ring and grabs Brandi by the hair, holding her but this doesn't last at all as Bo immediately starts around the ring! Holly sees him coming and backs off, calling out to the referee and Jacob leans through the ropes, ordering Bo back to his corner.

Adams: The Mean Girls really know how to take advantage of the rule book, you have to give them that.

Simone: Only when the same happens to them, they start crying foul.

Delia moves past Jacob an delivers a kick to Brandi's stomach, knocking her over. Delia then forces Brandi's head over the second rope and drapes her leg over the back of her head, choking her on the ropes as Jacob counts again.


Delia steps back before she can be disqualified, and with Jacob turned away, Angelica quickly slaps the taste out of Brandi's mouth! The crowd boos as Cookie now marches over to put an end to this and again Delia hurriedly points this out to Jacob who has to drop to the floor to get Cookie back to her corner. Cookie argues her point but Jacob is adamant and with his back turned, Angelica grabs Brandi from the outside and clotheslines her throat across the top rope.

Simone: Come on Jacob! What the hell is the matter with you!?

Brandi staggers back, holding her throat and gagging, and Delia brings her down with a Hangman's neckbreaker. Delia covers her, hooking the leg. Jacob sees the pin attempt and quickly rolls back inside of the ring for the count!

Brandi kicks out!

The crowd cheers as Delia argues with the official, demanding a faster count.

Adams: Remember that next time you get pinned!

Delia drags Brandi up by the hair and snapmares her over by the tresses. Delia then leapfrogs over her back, runs off of the ropes and comes flying into the seated Brandi with a low dropkick. Delia covers her a second time and this time, hooks the leg.

Brandi gets her shoulder up.

Rather than argue, Delia follows up by ducking behind Brandi and cups her hands under her chin with a knee in the small of her back and she holds her in place, wearing her down.

Simone: I am no fan of Delia Darling or the Mean Girls in particular, but I have to give credit where its due. The woman has improved since her debut.

Jacob asks Brandi if she wants to submit but Brandi shakes her head 'no' and starts to struggle. Brandi forces her way to her feet and drops down, driving the top of her head into Delia's jaw, breaking the hold. Delia staggers around the ring, holding her jaw and checking her teeth, as Brandi stands. Brandi goes right on the offense, throwing forearms into Delia's sternum, driving her back against the ropes. Brandi fires her off with an Irish whip and goes for a backdrop but Delia brings a boot up into her. Brandi clutches her chest and stumbles back, and Delia charges her but Brandi catches her in a swift powerslam and cover!

Delia kicks out!

Brandi makes a move or her opponent but Delia scrambles through her legs and to her own corner where she tags Ethan into the match.

Adams: Time for the men to have their time in the spotlight!

Simone: And its time to see if Ethan can wrestle the championship away from Simon Jones.

Brandi steps outside as her partner, Simon Jones, steps in to meet Ethan. The two men size each other up and Simon offers his hand up in good sportsmanship and not surprisingly, Ethan accepts. The two then split and circle before they finally lock up in the center of the ring. The two struggle to gain the advantage over the other when Ethan grabs the Champion in a side headlock,.The 'challenger' cranks the pressure on until Simon uses the ropes to fire him off, breaking the hold. Ethan comes charging off in a rebound and sends Jones to the canvas with a shoulder block. Ethan then runs off of the ropes and Simon drops down, and Brody runs over him and into the ropes. Ethan rebounds and Simon goes for a dropkick but Ethan blocks it and catches his legs, turning him right over into a Boston crab!

Simone: What an impressive counter!

The crowd cheers as than leans way back, using his weight advantage to put the pressure on Simon's back! Jacob is asking if the champion wants to submit but Simon shakes his head emphatically in the negative.

Adams: Yeah I don't think you're going to get Simon to hand over his title just like that!

Simone: No but this Boston crab is going to take a lot of the fight out of the champion.

Simon struggles to reach for the ropes but Ethan has him dead center in the ring. Simon then props himself up on first his forearms, and then his pals to alleviate the pressure on his back. Simon then tucks in and rolls through, putting Ethan on his back with one leg hooked under his arm...

Ethan kicks out.

Adams: Great reversal by the champion.

Simone: Which is why he is the champion.

Simon gets right to his feet but Ethan doubles him over with a boot to the stomach, then throws a forearm down across his back, sending him to his knees. Ethan grabs him and sends him hard into the corner and charges in after him, but Simon springboards up and lands on the ring apron on the outside. Ethan goes to throw a fist at his opponent but the champion blocks it and nails Ethan with a right hand of his own. Simon then grabs him by the head and runs his face into the near corner, sending Brody staggering back. Simon grabs the top rope and catapults himself inside, crashing into his challenger with a flying clothesline! Simon quickly covers him and hooks the leg!

Ethan kicks out.

Ethan staggers up into a corner where Simon grabs him by the arm and goes to Irish whip him into the neutral corner but Ethan reverses it and sends Simon in instead. Ethan rushes him but Simon dodges him last minute and Brody hits the corner hard. Simon rolls him up from behind in a school boy cover.

Ethan kicks out again.

Both men are right up and Ethan swings wildly at him but Simon catches his arm and ducks behind him, attempting a backslide. Ethan blocks this and spins around and delivers a boot to Simon's gut. Ethan sets the champion up or a vertical suplex but Simon wriggles free and lands on his feet behind Brody. Simon grabs him around the waist and runs him forward into the ropes for a roll up but Ethan hangs on and Simon rolls backwards and jumps to his feet. Now Simon rushes at his challenger and goes for a lariat but Ethan ducks behind the champion, grabs him around the waist and brings him up and over on the back of his head with a release German suplex.

Adams: Right on the back of his head!

Simone: Simon Jones may be out of it! We might have a new champion here and now!

But as Simon rolls over, he finds himself in just the right spot and reaches up and Brandi slaps his hand, tagging in before Ethan could get to him.

Adams: Oh Ethan is pissed about that!

Simone: Small wonder why! He had Simon Jones but just by a stroke of luck, Simon saved his title and tagged out to Brandi!

Ethan curses as he turns away to make the legal tag to Delia but Brandi is not waiting! She dashes right past him and grabs Delia by the hair and drags her forcibly back inside of the ring! Brandi Irish whips her into the ropes at top speed and pounces on her with a Thesz press and rains the fists down into Delia's head!

Simone: And we are right back where we started from between these two hell cats!

Brandi drags her up to a standing position and sends her hard into the near corner. Brandi follows in but Delia brings both feet up and lashes out at Shotze, kicking her hard to the mat. Delia then starts to back up the corner for an aerial attack, but Brandi is back on her feet and she moves in, pulling Delia from her perch and onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry.

Adams: Uhhh ohhh!

Delia struggles but Brandi collapses back, driving Delia hard into the canvas with a Samoan drop! Brandi slaps her own butt cheeks and then rolls over and covers Delia Darling for the pin.

Angelica drapes Delia's foot over the bottom rope, calling the referee's attention to it. Jacob looks up and sees it, and has no other choice but to break up the pin.

Simone: This is getting ridiculous!

Adams: And every time Bo or Cookie try to intervene, Jacob stops them!

Brandi shouts at Jacob for what Angelica did but the official is powerless as he did not see her do it. Brandi then lunges through the ropes and grabs Angelica by the hair and the crowd cheers as seemingly the Mean Girls will get their comeuppance, but Delia drives a running knee into Brandi's back, knocking her out through the ropes and to the floor! Angelica steps closer but this time Jacob sees her and orders her back, ignoring Delia's attempts to distract him yet again. Angelica has no choice but to back away as Delia climbs through the ropes and drops to the floor to follow up on her own. She grabs two big handfuls of Brandi's hair and drags her up and then slams her face into the announcer's table.

Adams: Hey! Watch it! Go do this at the Spanish booth!

Simone: We don't have a Spanish announcer's booth.

Adams: Bueno eso apesta bolas de burro! (Well that sucks donkey balls!)

Delia fluffs her hair, quite proud of herself when Brandi wraps her arms around her waist and bulls her back against the ringside apron. Delia arches her back in pain and Brandi grabs her arm and goes to send her into the steel steps but Delia reverses the Irish whip and Brandi crashes into the steps and tumbles over them to the floor!

Adams: Did you hear that crash!?

Simone: Did you see that fall that Brandi took?

Delia limps over as the count continues, and she grabs Brandi and rolls her back into the ring, then follows in, breaking the referee's count at 'seven'. Delia walks over behind where Brandi lays and grabs two handfuls of her hair and heaves her up, then throws her right back down to the mat. Jacob admonishes her but Delia acts as if the official is just a fly and shimmers past him and she stomps down hard on Shotze's midsection. Delia then pulls her up into a front facelock, throws her arm over her neck and brings her over with a snap suplex. Delia rolls right over smoothly and hooks the near leg.

Brandi kicks out.

Adams: Oh she almost had her!

Simone: But not quite! Brandi is not ready to just give this one up.

Before Brandi can begin to recover, Delia rebounds off the ropes and drops a guillotine legdrop across her throat. Delia hooks the leg again in a cover.

Brandi kicks out.

Delia throws her back down and hooks the leg and a handful of tights!

Brandi kicks out AGAIN!

Delia screams in frustration!

Simone: I think the stress of this match is beginning to wear on Delia!

Adams: Well this is the biggest match she's been in yet so like it or not, the pressure is going to be there!

Delia pulls Brandi up and goes for an Irish whip into the corner but Shotze reverses it. Brandi runs in but Delia brings a boot up, greeting her unceremoniously. Delia then grabs her in a front facelock and perches herself up on the top turnbuckle.

Adams: Tornado DDT?

And as Delia leaps off, Brandi uses her power to block it and she heaves Darling off and dumps her face and chest first to the mat!

Simone: Brandi Shotze is not out of this one yet!

Delia staggers to her feet, and Brandi charges in and clotheslines her right back down! Delia gets back up on unsteady legs and Brandi lays her out with a second running clothesline! Brandi plays to the crowd, juggling her boobs and yelling as Delia starts to crawl toward her corner. Brandi stops her and drags her right up, and with two handfuls of her hair, shoves her face down into her cleavage and rubs her head in hard!

Adams: Its the infamous Knocker Locker!

Simone: Better that than a Stink Face I imagine.

Brandi lets go and doubles Delia over with a boot to the gut. She chicken wings Darling's arms and lifts her into an upside down position and falls forward...

Simone: Implant Buster!

Adams: Thank god Delia didn't do that to Brandi! They'd both bounce clear out of the ring!

Brandi rolls Delia over onto her back and covers her, cradling the near leg!

3 - No! Delia got her shoulder up!

Adams: Look at the look on Brandi's face! She can't believe it!

Simone: Nobody can! I thought Delia was finished!

Brandi pulls Delia up into a side headlock, and Delia brings her against the ropes and fires her off, and both women clothesline the other! Jacob checks first Delia, and then Brandi, and finally has no alternative but to issue his count.


Both women begin inching toward their corners.


Brandi tags Simon Jones!


And Delia tags Ethan!

The two men charge straight at each other and a wild slugfest ignites right in the center of the ring!

Simone: There goes any sense of sportsmanship these two had at the beginning!

Adams: Well who can blame them!? Look at what's at stake!

Ethan and Simon trade bone jarring blows to one another's heads and faces but the hardcore veteran, Brody, gains the upper hand, driving the Heavyweight Champion back against the ropes!

Simone: It was a bad idea for Simon to try and engage Ethan Brody in a fist fight.

Ethan piles Simon back into the corner and he begins driving his shoulder into the champion's midsection, forcefully driving the air from his lungs. Ethan grabs hold of him and Irish whips him into the ropes and ducks down for a back drop but Simon leapfrogs up and over him. Ethan turns around quickly and Simon rushes him but Ethan ducks under the blow and lays him out with a lariat of his own! Ethan covers him and cinches the cradle on the leg tightly!

Simon gets the shoulder up!

Adams: So close!

Simone: Ethan is doing everything he possibly can to strip the gold from Simon Jones!

Ethan hold up three fingers but Jacob shakes his head and holds up only the two. Ethan grabs Simon and sends him into the far corner and comes right in with a body splash. Ethan then sends him into the neutral corner and charges in again, but this time Simon ducks out of the way and Brody hits the turnbuckles! Ethan staggers around and Simon nails him with a high leg lariat, knocking him back into the corner!

Simone: And the Champion is back in this!

Simon climbs up the middle turnbuckle, pinning Ethan in, and he starts pummeling his head with the fans counting along!

Crowd: One! ... Two! ... Three! ... Four! ... Five! ... Six! ... Seven! ... Eight! ...

But Ethan grabs him and brings him from out of the corner for an inverted atomic drop, but Simon blocks it. He kicks Ethan in the stomach and brings him over with a Northern lights suplex and bridge!

Holly reaches in and cuffs Simon's foot, breaking the pin!

Simone: That bitch! Simon may have had him!

Bo Dreamwolf has had enough and he storms over but Holly backs away and turns and runs and Bo goes right after him!

Adams: Get him! Her! Whatever!

Holly dashes around the ring and Angelica steps in Bo's path and Bo almost bowls her over before he can stop! Holly taunts Bo from behind his Mean Girls buddy, blowing him a kiss as Angelica, hands on her hips, reads Bo the riot act.

Simone: She sure as hell is brave, knowing that Bo wouldn't ever hit her!

But Bo is then pushed aside and Cookie gets right in Angelica's face!

Adams: But she will!

Angelica shows no fear and she answers Cookie's harsh words with venom of her own and then slaps Cookie across the face! Cookie glares at her and she hauls off and slaps An gelica right back, knocking her aside! Cookie then grabs two handfuls of Angelica's hair and starts to drag her by force away from the ring!

Simone: Cookie is doing exactly what Brandi asked her to! She's getting that Mean Girl away from ringside and keeping her from causing any more harm!

Inside of the ring, Simon has Ethan in the corner and he crashes into him with a shining wizard knee strike! Simon then grabs him in the corner and begins to position him for Into Oblivion!

Simone: If Simon hits this, it'll be over!

Holly, in a last ditch attempt to save this match for Delia, scrambles up onto the apron and stands on the bottom rope, screeching at Simon. The champion gets distracted by this fresh intrusion and Jacob rushes over to order Holly down! Holly argues with the official when Bo runs over and grabs him by the dress and yanks it down around his ankles!

Adams: My eyes! My eyes!

The crowd loses it and laughs uproariously as Holly loses his balance and tumbles over the ropes and crashes into the ring! Simon immediately grabs hold of him/her, and with a smile on his face, looks out to the cheering crowd!

Simone: Do it!

Simon is about to when Ethan jumps from behind and drives Simon into the mat with a one-handed bulldog! Holly scrambles out of the ring as Ethan pulls Simon up from behind! He wraps his arms around his waist and goes for a dead lift, when Simon suddenly counters into a victory roll and hooks both legs!

Delia dives in to break it up but Brandi grabs her!

The bell rings and the crowd cheers!

Simone: It's over! They did it!

Adams: Simon and Brandi win!

The crowd cheers as Jacob raises the arms of Simon and Brandi as the crowd cheers!

Justin: Here are your winners, and the 2014 Blast From the Past Champions ... Brandi Shotze and the SCW Heavyweight Champion Simon Jones!

The fans cheer as an irate Delia throws an absolute fit in the ring, stomping her feet and dropping to her knees and pounding the mat, screaming bloody murder! A disappointed Ethan Brody never the less shows what kind of man he is and shakes first Simon's hand, and then Brandi's, as the officials bring the large trophy into the ring to present it to the winners, as Bo joins Brandi in the ring and embraces her.


The perturbed Delia???s eyes quickly dark over to the entrance ramp as she leans up from Ethan???s side. She gets up from her knee and narrows her eyes as she stares over at Erik Staggs coming through the curtains. He walks to the edge of the stage as Delia???s eyes widen. She shakes her head and points him back to the back. Erik shrugs his shoulders as he starts walking down to the ring. The audience cheers as he adjusts his pants a bit, teasing Delia. She crosses her arms over her chest and firmly continues to shake her head, refusing. Erik struts up the ring steps, giving his backside a light shake as he climbs each one. Delia nearly gags as she turns away from him. He quickly gets inside of the ring, getting an even louder cheer from the fans.

Erik: Delia, ???darling?????? I expected that you would be a little bit more willing to fulfill your contractual obligations. I thought we could be civil about this???

Delia shakes her head, gazing over her shoulders. Holly Wood and Angelica slide into the ring to assert themselves behind Delia, all three shaking their heads. Erik narrows his eyes, studying all three ladies. He brightens the mood by laughing, holding his stomach as he does so. He breaks it and points to Holly and then Angelica, addressing them respectively.

Erik: You, and you??? Hit the bricks, or else I will have security escort you out of here???

Angelica rolls her eyes as Holly flips her hair over her shoulders. Erik blinks a couple of times as he waits for them to respond.

Erik: Did I FUCKING stutter, ladies? Hit??? the??? road!

Holly and Angelica look to one another before serving him attitude as they oblige. Erik smiles sweetly and waves at them as they exit the ring. Delia still refuses to leave, tapping her feet and waiting for Erik to give it up.

Erik: Now, on to the matter of your soft, puckered lips against my right ass cheek??? I have this little piece of paper here that says you agreed to kiss my ass should you fail to win the Blast From the Past II Tournament, and the Bombshell Championship opportunity you would be granted had you won??? which you didn???t???

The audience cheers as Erik so kindly rubs it in Delia???s face. She grits her teeth before ripping the microphone from his hand, screaming into it.

Delia: YOU STUPID??? stupid man??? Had you been bos???ered to have said letter notarized, z???en maybe I would be obligated??? but you failed to do so, and I am not obligated??? Therefore, I politely decline, Monsieur Staggs.

Delia presents this to him with a fancy hand gesture of dismissal. She takes her turn to shrug her shoulders now and places a hand in Erik???s face. He grabs onto her hand and flings it from his face. Delia reels her hand back and slaps the taste out of his mouth, causing an even bigger chorus of boos from the audience. Erik narrows his eyes as he stares at Delia who dares him to react. He reaches forward and rips the microphone back from her.

Erik: I could easily have you fined for that??? even suspended for that. Hitting a male??? and a boss on top of that??? has some serious consequences. But, I would be willing to drop it, if you just do one simply thing for me.

Delia: I will take z???e fine and suspension, s???ank you very much???

Erik: Well, that is rather unfortunate, because??? I won???t take ???No??? for an answer, ???darling??????

As if on cue, Amy Marshall hops over the railing from the audience and slides inside of the ring. She has what appears to be a dog leash in her hands. She wraps it around Delia???s neck before she even knows Amy is there! She forces Delia down to her knees, choking the life out of her as the audience cheers. Erik smirks as he shouts out to the audience, asking if they are ready.

Simone: This is so disgusting??? but it is like a train wreck that I cannot seem to look away from???

Adams: This is like a storyline from one of Amy???s films??? Chick with a choker begin forced to do unsavory things to a man???s bum by a dominatrix??? Not that I know from experience or anything???

Fans: MAKE HER KISS IT! *Clap Clap Clap* MAKE HER KISS IT! *Clap Clap Clap* MAKE HER KISS IT! *Clap Clap Clap*

Erik shrugs his shoulders as he loosens his belt. He slowly turns around as he unbuttons his pants. He drops the back of his pants and flips his shirt and jacket up just enough for full exposure. Delia chokes as she tries to scream, clawing at Erik and Amy as best she can.

Adams: Bloody disgusting! I see his bangers!

Simone: Still worth it???

Delia tries her best to fight it off as Erik shakes his rump just inches from her face. Amy smiles and laughs as she talks trash to Delia before finally forcing her face between Erik???s cheeks! The audience cheers and laughs as she really rubs it in, savoring every moment of the embarrassment she is inflicting on Delia. She finally lets go of Delia???s hair, and instead hooks the leash onto Delia???s choker and tosses her over the top ropes to the outside. Delia catches her breath while wiping at her face. She screams high pitched as she threatens to get back inside, but Amy seems to welcome her. Delia stops herself and screams even louder and more high pitched, carrying the tune as she disappears through the curtains. Her scream lingers on even longer as ???Scream??? by The Misfits plays. Erik and Amy give each other a high five as we fade backstage.

Backstage, the camera looks at Despayre and Angel. Angel rests upon Despayre's lap, as he taps his friend on the head. The sound of a door opening is heard and Despayre looks up. A smile passes the young man's face as he sees Gabriel and Odette walk in to the room.

Gabriel: Hello brother.

Despayre moves towards Gabriel and wraps his arms around his neck. After a few seconds, Despayre steps back, lifting Angel in his hands.

Despayre: You two did that perfectly!

Gabriel nods his head slowly, a smile on his face as he puts his fingers through Odette's fingers.

Gabriel: Yeah, we did, didn't we?

The camera moves around to show Synn, Shane Boswell, Rage and Fantasia looking on with a surprised look on each other their faces.

Synn: What?

Gabriel and Odette look towards Synn, Gabriel shrugs his shoulders.

Gabriel: What?

Synn steps forward, looking at Gabriel.

Synn: Did it perfectly?

Synn's questioning tone pulls a wide smile out of Gabriel.

Gabriel: Despy knew all along, in fact, he, Odette and I came up with a lot of that stuff.

Despayre: Not the smoke reapers, those were Angel's idea.

Despayre proudly taps Angel on the head.

Rage: Angel's idea?

Despayre: What? You don't think teddy bears have survived battling beasties for almost two hundred years by playing NICE, do you!?

Gabriel nods in agreement, jetting a thumb up towards Angel. Synn looks around at Shane, Rage and Fantasia, each with a confused look upon their faces. Rage turns back to Gabriel and Odette.

Synn: Joshua knew, but I didn???t, why?

Gabriel: Many reasons, but a big reason.

Gabriel reaches in to his pocket and hands Despayre a twenty dollar bill.

Gabriel: No fucking girlfriend contract this time!

Synn nods solemnly, as he look now at Odette.

Synn: We can???t get rid of you, can we?

The Aussie turns her head away before turning it back and looking directly in to Synn's eyes.

Odette: What can I say, he can???t get enough of me.

Synn: He must find something good in you, to keep you around???

Odette: Oh Synn, if you only knew???

The air of arrogance crosses Odette's face, an unfamiliar look for her.

Odette: But it???s okay, if you???re lucky I might just film them for you.

Gabriel: O!!!

Odette: Gabriel, you can???t keep the man in suspense forever???

Synn whispers to Odette

Synn: I will pay handsomely for that tape.

Despayre: Yay! Movie night!

The group all look towards Despayre.

Odette: It???s okay Synn, I???ll have Melody distract Despy??? so you can enjoy movie night alone.

Odette winks at Synn but Gabriel shakes his head. Rage steps forward.

Rage: Hold on one damn minute, how did you stop that bear from letting people know? He couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it.

Rage runs his hand over his head.

Rage: Did I really just talk as if the bear can talk? Damn.

Gabriel: Bribery, every bear has their price.

Despayre: And his is a swimming pool full to the top with Cherry Coke.

Synn: So what is this new you all about?

Gabriel puts his hand on Synn's shoulder.

Gabriel: It's about moving forward, it's about being in the spotlight again, it's about not being stuck in a rut, where people over look who we are. We were once powerful and now we're not. If we can get his shoulder fixed.

Gabriel points towards Rage.

Gabriel: And we get Despy and B in real matches instead of people not good enough to be within ten miles of them, find our prodigal daughter in Kittie, the Sins can be exactly where they deserve to be. Pissing on groups from high above them.

Rage: You forgot the fact that you don't work here anymore magic man.

Gabriel looks at Despayre.

Gabriel: Did you get it done?

Despayre nods, reaching down and in to a bag, pulling out a contract. He hands him a pen also from the bag. Gabriel leans the contract against the wall and signs his name on it before turning to Synn, handing him the contract. Gabriel looks at Rage.

Gabriel: I do now.

Synn looks over the contract handed to him, nodding his head as he reads. He looks up at Gabriel.

Synn: Since when does Joshua negotiate your contracts?

Gabriel: Since he knew and you didn't.

Despayre: I didn't get him that contract, Angel did.

Gabriel: Good job Angel!

Gabriel taps the bear on the head. He turns back to Synn, reaching in to his back pocket and pulling out a thick wad of dollar bills, and hands them to Synn.

Gabriel: Now we have to go, but when ya drop that contract off to Christian, feel free to pay the stupid ass fine he's gonna lay down for Odette smashing Steve up.

Synn looks at the money as Gabriel and Odette turn to walk away hand in hand. Synn calls out.

Synn: Odette, don't forget that tape!

The camera cuts to elsewhere

Justin: The following contest is the main event and is a Falls Count Anywhere match, for both the Bombshell and Bombshell Roulette championship!

The crowd burst in to cheers.

Justin: Introducing first...

The house lights go down, as a golden and black spotlights go over the crowd. ???So Beautiful, So Evil??? begins to play over the loud speaker. The tron comes to life with a bird's eye view of the great Pyramids on the Giza Strip, only to change to what appears to be the interior of a tomb where we see Necra with eyes closed and they open glowing a blue color, as the scene changes to shots from matches, and her title wins.

Justin: From the Isle Of The Gods, Greece, weighing in at one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is the SCW Bombshell Roulette champion, she is Necra Octavian Kane!

Mist starts to roll from around the stage area, as Necra rises up from underneath with Ex at her side, and Sara following behind. Sara has her head lowered never raising her eyes to the crowd. Necra leads a black panther on a leash in front of her, and the Bombshell Roulette Title on her shoulder, as they head down the ramp way. Necra ignores the fans as they start down the ramp way. They reach the ring, and Necra kisses Ex, and hands the leash to Sara, as she bows. Ex helps her up onto the edge of the ring, and opens the ropes for her. She stands in the middle of the ring, and she raises her hands, only to bring them down, as golden sparkles fall onto the crowd.

Justin: And her opponent...

The throbbing beat of Emphatic's 'Bounce' is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Around her waist sits the Bombshell championship.

Justin: From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and twenty eight pounds, she is the SCW Bombshell champion, she is Vixen!

Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Adams: This is what the fans came to see.

Jasmine takes both title belts and holds them in the air. The fans cheer as she hands them to Justin to take outside the ring.

Adams: Falls count anywhere and a writer with a great imagination! This is gonna rock!

Simone: eh?

Jasmine St John calls for the bell!


Necra charges at Vixen, taking the Canadian Bombshell down to the canvas and clubbing her with a vicious shot to the head. Necra leans up and pulls her hand back before catching Vixen with a shot to the jaw. Necra stands up and waits for Vixen to get to her feet. As she does, Necra charges in and hits Vixen in the side of the head with a jarring knee, knocking the Bombshell champion down. Vixen rolls towards the ropes and picks herself up, dragging herself up by using the ropes. Necra charges at her and catches her with a clothesline, knocking Vixen over the top rope and to the floor outside. Necra stands on the ring apron and jumps off, catching Vixen with a double axe handle, knocking Vixen to the floor. Necra steps backwards as Vixen sits up against the ring barricades and charges towards her, aiming a knee toward the blonde's head. Vixen moves out of the way and Necra drives her knee in to the ring barricades. Necra turns to hop away but Vixen gets back to her feet. She grabs Necra's head from behind and drops down with a reverse DDT. Vixen covers Necra outside of the ring, and Jasmine drops down to make the count!


Necra throws a shoulder up.

Simone: Vixen attempts the first pinfall of the match.

Vixen gets back to her feet and leans with her back against the ring. She waits for Necra to return to her feet and charges at her with a clothesline, knocking her over the barricade and in to the fans.

Adams: Better be careful in there or we're getting a lawsuit.

Vixen hops over the barricade and stomps on Necra. She pulls Necra to her feet, in amongst the crowd, and hits her with a straight shot to the jaw sending her stumbling up some steps. Vixen follows her and moves next to her. Vixen hooks her up and drops her face first with a forward Russian legsweep, knocking Necra to the steps. Necra crawls up the steps but Vixen gets to her feet, nailing Necra in the back with a forearm. Necra crawls to the top of the stairs and rolls over. As vixen approaches, Necra kicks her hard in the gut from a seated position. Necra gets to her feet and drops Vixen with a DDT at the top of the stairs. Necra waits for a few seconds, breathing heavy before getting to her feet and dragging Vixen up by the hair and to the closed door. She pulls Vixen's head back and slams it on to the door before pushing her through.

Simone: They're going out to the concessions stands!

Fans scurry away from the two as Necra nails Vixen with a shot to the head. She charges Vixen's head towards a big popcorn maker and slams it on the glass. Vixen falls backwards and Necra goes for the cover. Jasmine drops down to count.


Vixen kicks out!

Adams: Vixen coming close to losing her title.

Necra stands up, pulling a hot dog from a near by fan's hand and uses it as a weapon, hitting Vixen in the face with it.

Simone: Necra is using a wiener to beat on Vixen.

Adams: And somewhere backstage, Marty McFarge is looking for some hand cream.

Necra drags Vixen by the hair to her feet and pulls her away from the popcorn stand, to a hot food counter and throws her over the top, sending the staff scrambling to get out of the way. Necra pulls herself over the counter and drags Vixen by the head, underneath a silver barrel with a tap, the words "nacho cheese" written on it Necra turns the tap, sending the cheese in to the overflow tray and over the top.

Simone: That stuff isn't cold.

Nacho cheese starts to drip on to Vixen, the heat making her jump out of the way.

Adams: That burned in to Vixen's skin!

Necra pulls Vixen up to her feet and catches her with a shot to the jaw, but Vixen grabs a drink from the side and throws it in to Necra's face! Necra spins away but Vixen lifts the lid off of a silver box, doing the same to the box next to it. She cuts off Necra with a knee to the gut and rams her head in to the container full of salsa. She pulls it up and pushes her face in to the second container, containing hot dog relish!

Adams: Double dip!

Vixen pulls Necra's face out of the container and catches her with a shot to the jaw. She moves in again, but Necra grabs Vixen's head and smashes it in to a drinks dispenser. The lights on the dispenser goes out and Necra grabs a paper napkin, wiping the condiments from her eyes. She throws the paper towel down and runs towards Vixen, but Vixen lifts her over her head with a backbody drop and over the counter. Vixen grabs hold of the counter and leaps over. She picks up Necra and hits her with a shot to the head, causing Necra to stumble down the hall. Vixen grabs Necra by the head and charges her towards a garbage can, throwing her in to it and sending trash flying everywhere. Necra crawls towards a door, where a huge security guard stands.

Simone: That's the door to the backstage area!

Necra pulls herself up using the security guard, grabbing at his arms to get to her feet. Vixen charges towards Necra but Necra moves out of the way. Vixen puts her hands up, stopping herself from hitting the security guard but Necra uses the distraction to clothesline Vixen in the side of the head.

Simone: Clever move from Necra.

Necra pushes open the door and grabs Vixen, tossing her through the open door and in to the hallways of the backstage area. She pulls Vixen to her feet and bundles her through a door, and in to the office of Christian Underwood. Christian looks up as Vixen falls towards the desk, knocking papers everywhere. Christian sits back in his seat, watching Necra slam Vixen's head on to his desk. Necra takes Vixen and tosses her in to a file cabinet. Christian watches on as Necra tosses Vixen out of the door and in to the hallway once more.

Adams: Clean up in Christian Underwood's office please.

Necra kicks the crawling Vixen and picks her up. She tries to throw Vixen through another door, but Vixen reverses it and throws Necra through the door instead.

Simone: That's the men's locker room.

Necra stops as she sees Jamie Dean in the room on his own twerking. Jamie turns around.

Jamie: What? Practice makes perfect.

Necra shudders at Jamie, but Vixen nails Necra in the back of the head, sending her flying across the room and head first in to a metal locker. Vixen spins Necra around and starts to lay in shot after shot to her ribs. Necra leans forward and headbutts Vixen on the nose, sending her across the room. Necra follows up and drops low as she gets near Vixen, spinning around and catching her with a sweep kick, taking Vixen off her feet and to the floor of the locker room.

Simone: These two are ripping each other apart.

Necra moves towards a bench, quickly stepping up on to it and diving off with a legdrop, crashing down on Vixen. Necra covers Vixen and Jasmine St John drops down to make the count.


Vixen pushes a shoulder up

Adams: The Bombshell Roulette champion came so close to picking up the Bombshell title too.

Necra looks frustrated at Jasmine, who just holds up two fingers. Necra pulls Vixen to her feet and tosses her out of the door and back in to the hallway. She moves towards Vixen and kicks her hard in the gut, making her jump in the air from all fours, and back down on them. Necra stands away from Vixen but Vixen springs to her feet and charges Necra through a door, and in to a huge room, with a swimming pool.

Simone: A swimming pool?

Adams: That's what he wrote, let's see where he takes this.

Simone: I guess we are in a gymnasium.

Necra and Vixen trade shots, both women hitting hard right hands against each others heads. Both women stop as two well toned men pull themselves out of the water.

Simone: Oh my.

Adams: There's a whole lot of heat heading from Belinda's direction right now.

The two men walk past Necra and Vixen, each waving at the bombshells as water drips from their bodies, but Vixen snaps out of it first and grabs Necra's head and charges towards the water, jumping in with a bulldog in to the water.

Adams: Don't run by pools kids, or bulldog people in to one.

Vixen and Necra disappear under the water, but Vixen appears first, shortly followed by Necra. The two start to swim to the side and pull themselves out of the water.

Adams: Someone better get Marty some more cream, think he might need it.

Vixen gets out of the pool first, moving towards a life preserver. She pulls it from the wall and moves towards Necra. As Necra gets up and out of the water, Vixen drives the life preserver in to her head and knocking her to the floor. Vixen drops down for the cover and Jasmine drops to count.


Necra pushes Vixen off!

Simone: What's it going to take for this match to end?!?!

Vixen runs her hands through her hair, pulling the water off and shaking her hands down. She pulls Necra up and charges her through the door, bouncing her body off the door as it swings open. Vixen pulls Necra down the hallway, throwing her randomly in to the walls. Necra puts a thumb in Vixen's eye and charged at her, catching her with a spear, pushing her through some curtains.

Adams: Yippee, they're at the top of the ramp!

Necra jumps up and stalks Vixen on the top of the ramp and waits for her to get up, as she does, Necra moves in behind Vixen, and wraps her arms around her and lifts her with German Suplex into a back flip, into second German suplex.

Simone: Orca Special!

Necra looks down at Vixen, pulling her to the edge of the ramp and pointing down.

Adams: This is too far.

Necra pulls Vixen to her feet and holds her near the edge and wraps Vixen's arms around her body.

Simone: She's looking for The Mummification!

Vixen throws her head back, catching Necra on the bridge of the nose. Vixen wildly throws her head back again, catching Necra again on the nose. Necra breaks the hold and spins around, but Vixen moves in behind her, ducking her head and grabbing Necra's arms.

Adams: She's looking for The Fall From Grace!

Vixen lifts Necra, but Necra flips backwards, landing on her feet, she grabs hold of Vixen's arms and turns her in to the position for My Fair Lady!

Simone: Necra's going for it!

Before Necra can hit the move, Vixen moves in and lifts Necra on to her back.

Adams: Wow!

Vixen drops down and nails Necra with the Fall From Grace on the top of the ramp!

Simone: Fall From Grace!

Vixen rolls over on top of Necra and Jasmine drops down to count



Justin: The winner of the match, still SCW Bombshell champion AND NEW SCW Bombshell Roulette champion.... VIXEN!!!

Simone: Vixen has done it! She's the first person to ever hold two solo titles at the same time in SCW!

Adams: This was hell for both women.


Simone: The fans are showing great appreciation for two fantastic bombshells who gave us everything they had.

Justin Decent runs up the ramp, handing both the Bombshell and Bombshell Roulette title belts to Jasmine. She looks at Vixen breathing heavy on the floor, but Spike Staggs appears from backstage, helping Vixen to her feet. Jasmine hands the title belts to Vixen.

Adams: This match gave us everything.

The screen lights up, with a shot of the SCW locker room, in a viewing room, standing on their feet and applauding the efforts of both Vixen and Necra.

Simone: The locker room is on their feet, the fans are on their feet and Vixen is a double champion. That's our time done, we will see you in two weeks time for Climax Control!

Adams: Thanks for joining us, bye bye everybody!

The screen fades with Vixen clutching both title belts to her chest.

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Derek, Sam, Court, Roxi, The Lord MK, Aleksei, Casey, Sean Jackson, Electra Styles, Simon Jones, Vixen, Jenny. Thank you also to Derek, Sam and Maggie for helping with the voting. Also thanks to Vixen for the great match banners and to everyone that roleplayed for this show!