The sun is setting over the sea aboard the Royal Monarch, giving everyone the unique experience of this, the first-ever wrestling program hosted on a luxury ocean cruise liner. A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage, bare chested with white lycra pants with gold stripe down the side, black neck tie and a sailor hat with gold anchor detail on the front. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the ship at all of the fans filling the seats. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the SCW's second annual Royal Monarch Cruise, welcome to Sin City Wrestling and welcome to "Summer XXXTreme II"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd watching cheers as the ever-outgoing Amanda Hugginkiss prances to the top of the stage, bearing a sun dress covered with Ken dolls. She whips out an umbrella and pops it open, revealing that it too, is lined with Barbie's on-again/off-again. The music begins, as does Amanda's 'performance'.

Amanda: Hi - Hi! We're your Weather Girls - Ah-huh -
And have we got news for you - You better listen!
Get ready, all you lonely girls
And leave those umbrellas at home. - Alright! -

Humidity is rising - Barometer's getting low
According to all sources, the street's the place to go
Cause tonight for the first time
Just about half-past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men.

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!
I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet!
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!
It's Raining Men! Every Specimen!
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean

God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!
It's Raining Men! Ame---------nnnn!

I feel stormy weather / Moving in about to begin
Hear the thunder / Don't you lose your head
Rip off the roof and stay in bed

God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy
It's Raining Men! Yeah!

Humidity is rising - Barometer's getting low
According to all sources, the street's the place to go
Cause tonight for the first time
Just about half-past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men.

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men! Amen!
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! - It's Raining Men!

The song fades and the fans applaud as Amanda moves about the stage, blowing kisses to all corners of the ship.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Summer XXXTreme II, I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I'm enjoying the sea breeze! You can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: Tonight is all about raging wars and huge matches and we kick things off with a rivalry that's been going on for a while, as the tag team titles are on the line as champions Giani Di Luca and James Huntington-Hawkes III defend the titles against their closest rivals and former champions, Goth and Brother Grimm.

Adams: I'm not sure Giani's mind is gonna be in this one, he has his mind somewhere else. It's in a very strange place, I don't get it, but then again, I don't get a lot.

Simone: Like revolving doors.

Adams: Why should a door go round and round! It's a door, open, close, easy!

Simone: Back on track, Damien Kingston has been begging to be on an SCW show and management took it on their own shoulders to give Damien the biggest we have to offer, as Damien goes one on one with Casey Williams.

Adams: Even if this is punishment, Damien has a chance to show them he means business.

Simone: Our second annual X Pool Party is here today with the Bombshell Roulette title on the line. Champion Necra Octavian Kane, has some of the best from both SCW and ACW as Mercedes Vargas, Laura Jackson, and Jessie Salco attack from the SCW side, and Nessa Wall and Emma Rose will be trying to take the SCW Bombshell Roulette championship back to ACW.

Adams: The rules are simple, stay out of the pool!

Simone: Jericho Hill has one more chance to impress here, as he takes on Matthew Kennedy. Kennedy could be the man to end Jericho's SCW career, and push himself toward the main goal, to become SCW Heavyweight champion.

Adams: Could you imagine Matthew's ego if he does get rid of Jericho Hill? SCW could become unbarable.

Simone: Kain and Max Burke's way has been spilling over in SCW and now it's in to the high seas, as Kain and Max Burke finally get their hands on each other, roulette rules and Kain's Roulette title will be on the line.

Adams: This could get very violent.

Simone: Despayre gets his dream match tonight, a shocking match choice as he teams with a man who hasn't wrestled in many years, his father Synn. Synn was an accomplished wrestler, and now for the first time in years, you see him back in the ring, going against The Surf Boys.

Adams: Can anyone else see Despayre and The Surf Boys playing rock, paper, scissors in the middle of the ring?

Simone: Hell to pay in the next match, as Vixen gets her hands on Parand Ara. These two have been at each others throats for a long time, and tonight, only one will walk away.

Adams: Last Bombshell standing and two women after blood. One not for the weak of heart.

Simone: Bombshell title on the line! Champion Roxi Johnson has been stalked constantly by Alexis Morrison. Tonight, Roxi has a chance to stop the evil that is Alexis, but a wildcard has been added to this match. After Amy Marshall pinned Alexis at Sunday Night Seduction, Christian Underwood has deemed fit to add Amy to the match.

Adams: Amy is determined. I bumped in to her backstage before this show and this is a woman who is in the mood to cause a big upset.

Simone: We have a huge Bombshell tag team title match tonight. Argueably four of the best talents in the world are in the ring tonight, as The Fallen defend their titles against Misty and Odette Ryder.

Adams: Or Milfy And Wifey as Odette has mentioned. Neither Misty or Odette are thrilled at Christian's idea to put them together, but the fans are!

Simone: Main event time follows that and it will have to be a good one to live up to the hype, but we have six men, one prize on the line. Simon Jones went against the odds to pick up the SCW Heavyweight championship, but he is against five men.

Adams: Three are former SCW heavyweight champions and two big time up and comers in SCW.

Simone: Jordan Williams, Nick Jones, Gabriel, Drake Green and Kevin Carter will be trying to get that title from Simon Jones, but Simon will not give up without a fight.

Adams: Too right he won't! So now let's stop talking and let's get to the action. Time to kick off Summer XXXTreme II!

Justin: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Championship! Introducing first the challengers… Coming out first from The Other Side Of Darkness weighting in a 246Pounds.. Brother Grimm

All of the lights in the building slowly fade out, leaving the arena cloaked in darkness. Then the voices of little girls is heard over the speakers, reciting;

"'B' is for 'Baby' ... 'F' is for 'Fear'
Beware for the children ... The evil draws near."

The screen above the ramp then flickers to life with the image of a music box...

The video ends and are replaced by the ominous melodies of O Fortuna (Carmina Burana). A select stage light ignites over the ramp, illuminating the lone figure standing atop the stage, as stoic and pale as an ivory statue. Poised and ready, brother Grimm raises his head and slowly begins the descent towards the ring, paying no mind to the fans who watch with awe in their eyes as this enigmatic figure passes them, leaving a chill to many a spine in his wake.

Arriving at ringside, Brother Grimm pauses and casts a sidelong glance at the fans seated at ringside, staring them down until the fans hurriedly break eye contact. Only then does Grimm show the faintest trace of a devlish smirk before he turns back to the ring. Gripping the middle rope with his hand, he hauls himself up onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes. Grimm begins to remove his attire to reveal an ivory-white and muscled upper body adorned with faint scars. He passes his armor and tunic out to the attendant, then turns back, ready to start the match.

Justin: And his partner… from Utrecht, The Netherlands weighting in at 239 Pounds… GOOOOTHHH!!

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and awaits for his opponents.

Justin: And the Champions… From Beverley Hills, California… Weighing in at 155 Pounds… James Huntington-Hawkes the third!!!!!

The lights dim down a little and the opening to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" starts to play. The fan's look towards the entrance ramp as two beautiful women walk out from the backstage area and stands either side of the entrance ramp. A huge man with a bald head, Simpson, appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a suit. The man adjusts his tie and points to the entrance ramp and a shorter, young looking man, maybe in his teens walks through the entrance, much to the amusement of the fans. James Huntington-Hawkes III stands on the top of the ramp, and the two beautiful young ladies takes an arm each, and lead him down towards the ring, with the big man leading the way. As the four get to the ring, Simpson steps up the ring steps and bends open the ropes for James to step up and in to the ring James runs up the steps and in to the ring, The women quickly follows him up the steps and in to the ring, followed by Simpson. James steps to the center of the ring and the two women stand behind him and James starts to dance. Moving first to the left, then a step to the right, moving his arms out in the opposite directions then he steps. He takes a two steps forward, dipping his shoulders, before leaning back and doing a 'Jagger strut' and raising his arms.

Justin: and his Partner from Seaside Heights, New Jersey… weighting in at 285 Pounds… he is the Italian Stallion… Giaaaaaaaannnniii!

A few cameras file through the curtains. “Wrecked” plays when Giani comes down to the ring, he supplies his own blast of pyros that rain down on him as he pauses, soaking in the boos of the audience. He really gets them going as he flips his hands from under his chin, laughing as they boo. He jumps onto the ring apron and soaks in the audience reaction before climbing under the top rope. He bounces from the ropes, then runs over to the far turnbuckle and raises his fist high in the air for his camera crew. He leaps down and jogs in place.

After all the opponent’s get into the ring the referee gives them a run-down of the match up before displaying one of the tag belts high above his head. Dropping the belt to his side her signals for the bell an Giani and Brother Grimm look to start this one off.

Adams: James didn’t even give Giani a choice, he just exited stage left.

Simone: Did you expect anything different from the Brat Prince?

Giani and Brother Grimm start to circle one another in the middle of the ring, they both reach out and their fingers touch but Giani skips back ways. Pointing to the side of his head as if to say he was too smart to get caught up in a lock up. The giants of the match up circle one another again this time Brother Grim walks in to get closer but Giani disrespectfully slaps the pale face man right across the face. Brother Grimm’s face turns slightly but he the creature of the night doesn’t bat and eyelid as he turns his head slowly back to the front to stare unamused into the eyes of Giani.

Simone: Giani looks as if he has seen a ghost.

Talking a step forward Brother Grimm rolls his head on his shoulders before lashing out towards Giani the two finally locking up in the centre of the ring. Giani is quick the slip out of the hold before brutally introducing his elbow to the side of Brother Grimm’s face.

Adams: Slippery little sucker!!

Grimm rocks back standing up straight to the disbelief of Giani. Taking a run at the mysterious Brother Grimm, Giani takes him down to the matt with a massive spear and the two begin to trade left and rights. Giani scrambles to his feet and takes a run up and looks as if he is going to punt Brother Grimm fair in the head but Grimm is able to trip the Italian Stallion up. Giani falls to the hard canvas his head bouncing off it in the process. Brother Grim is now to his feet he swiftly scoops Giani up to his before knocking him back into the ropes with a stiff uppercut palm strike. Giani is just a few inches away from James so he reaches out for a tag but Grimm steps in the way scooping him up for a scoop slam.

Simone: I bet James’ loving the fact he missed out on that tag.

Stalking the fallen Giani Brother Grimm waits patiently as the party boy Giani slowly makes it to his feet stumbling around he turns only to be knocked back down my a powerful clothesline.

Adams: Giani is getting Boogeyman handled here tonight Simone.

Grabbing him forcefully Grimm reaps Giani up to his feet and sets him up for a side walk slam, Giani wiggles around in Grimm’s hands trying to break free. Giani manages to slip out of Grimm’s hands, landing on his feet the Italian Stallion pushes Brother Grimm away from him before running at him pushing him further into the ropes with a running drop kick. Giani doesn’t go back on the attack as he holds his head and stumbles over to make the tag to James who has a look of horror across his face.

Simone: James looks as if he is about to cry.

Brother Grimm gets back up to his feet and James’ eyes grow wider as he steps over the middle rope reluctantly getting into the ring. Grimm rubs his hands together and goes to walks towards the young millionaire but out of nowhere Goth tags himself in much to the dismay of Grimm. Goth leaps over the top rope, pushing Grimm out of his way and charges towards James knocking the inexperience wrestler to the canvas with a stiff shoulder barge.

Adams: The Goth train just rolled on through.

Simone: The Goth train?

Adams: Yeah… choooo choooo!!

Giani is livid on the outside screaming at James to get up. Goth drops down and goes for the pin.


No! James gets the shoulder up and Giani takes a sigh of relief as he is not stalking the ring apron. James pushes Goth off him and gets to his feet, dusting himself off.

Simone: Oh boy that Brat has some issues.

Goth tries to come at James again but James is able to duck out of the way but his quick thinking alone. Rebounding off the ropes James comes in for cross body but Goth catches him in mid-air. Goth swings James up above his head and looks as if he is going to a roll out fireman carry slam but James resourcefully sticks a thumb in Goth’s eye. Goth drops James to the canvas and holds his face.

Adams: Smart move by James.

Simone: Smart? He just got dumped on his arse from the fall!

While Goth is holding his eye James sweeps his legs out from underneath him, jumping up to his feet he claps to himself before charging towards the ropes, rebounding off them James comes back hard and fast with a very sloppy looking but effect rolling thunder.


Simone: OH Lord, Hawkes just hit a rolling thunder on Goth.. it was a bit sloppy but well I’m impressed.

Hooking the leg James goes for the pin.


Goth kicks out and James is furious, the Brat Prince starts to yell at the ref before smashing his fists into the canvas. Getting up off the matt James walks over Goth and heads to Giani making a tag.

Simone: James’ getting out here!!

Adams: Give the kid a break, you know children TV stars can only work for short periods of time before needing a milk break.

Giani gets back into the ring and gets straight onto the attack, taking the stumbling Goth down with a shoulder barging spear before leaping up to his feet. Scooping Goth up in his hands Giani pancakes Goth with a power bomb. Showing his diversity Giani turns around and fist pumps the crowd, but they just boo him before executing a perfect looking standing Moonsault.

Adams: I wonder if he pulled that move in the bedroom with Misty?

Giani hooks the leg.


No! Goth is saved by Brother Grimm who has run in to drag Giani off of Goth. James goes to run into the ring but holts as he gets a few inches away from Brother Grimm. Giani distracts the referee holding his ankle.

Adams: Giani is injured

Simone: He’s faking!!!

Nailing Brother Grimm from behind with a cheap shot to the back of the head with the tag team championships, Simpson quickly rolls out of the ring. The referee can’t call for the bell because he didn’t see it. James acts as if he did it by kicking Brother Grimm out of the ring.

Adams: and that kids is called cheating 101.

Goth runs towards James and knocks him out of the ring before trying to explain to the referee what happened, but while he is complaining Giani make sit back up to his feet walking over towards Goth Giani taps him on the shoulder, Goth turns around but is meet with a fist full of fast jabs, Giani’s feet are shufflin’ on the canvas while he does so. After a few rounds the Jersey Devil flattens Goth with fierce hard right hook to the side of the head.

Adams: Everyday I’m SHHHHHHUUUUFFFLLLLIN’ Yeah Bro!!!

Giani hooks the leg.


Ding, ding, ding. The bell tolls as James and Simpson run back into the ring with the tag team championships in hand. Simpson hands Giani’s his and the three stand in the middle of the ring with their arms raised in victory.

Adams: Splendid!!!

Simone: I still can’t believe James hit a rolling thunder.

Justin: Here are your winners and STILL Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Champions…. The team of Giani and James Huntington Hawkes….

The opening drums to Five Finger Death Punch’s "I.M.Sin" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"What a fucking poser, that's all you'll ever be!
Don't get any closer, or you'll meet the real me!
I am, who I am, you can't destroy me!
I am, what I am, you can't deny me!

I want out, but I could never surrender.
Try and brake me down, but I won’t let you win.
You can call me out, but I know you’re a pretender.
You may think your god, but I know that I am sin!"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

“I am SIN! I am SIN!
I am SIN! I am SIN!

I won’t fucking buy it!
I never have and I never will!
Keep fucking trying!
I'm just waiting for the blood to spill!"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: “Hey Damien, you bitch and moan about how you weren’t booked after your debut match here in SCW, and when you get the chance to compete, you hardly show your face to cut a promo, and when you do, you didn’t mention much about me. I think you are intimidated by my sheer size, my presence, and the fact that I am the Freight Train of Pain. The fact that I have ended people’s careers, and that the very same could be done to you, if you are foolish enough to get in the ring with me and find out just how good I am, and no matter how good you are, I will expose you as the scared little BITCH that you are. I will make the bombshells look stronger than you by the time I get done with you. ”

The crowd boos Casey even louder as he drops the mic and walks to the back and “I.M.Sin“ hits the speakers.

Cameras just happen to catch Damien Kingston walking out of his room all dressed up in his gear for the night. He couldn't even begin to walk down the hall before he was cut off by Ms. Rocky Mountains. No real surprise either considering the fact she had been a pain in the rear end since he had signed. Kingston stopped in his tracks and folded his arms across his chest.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Damien, can I have a moment with you?

Damien Kingston: Why bother asking? You know damn well you aren't going to leave me alone till I give you what you want anyway. So let's go ahead and save yourself the shame of trying to use your body and your fake ass breasts to your advantage. Because one, I don't find you attractive and two I don't have all night to deal with this shit. So ask your stupid little questions.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That's a lie everyone finds me attractive, but I'm not going to bother having that argument with you right now. With that being said tonight, you are set to face Casey Williams. It seems that both Mark Ward and Christian Underwood have hand chosen Casey in order to teach you a lesson for running your mouth the way you did a few weeks back. How do you feel about them making this a punishment rather than just a match?

Damien Kingston: It doesn't bother me. It never has. It never will. This isn't the first time an owner or a promoter has tried to make me 'pay' for my comments. This isn't the first time someone has tried to 'punish' me for something I did. It won't be the last time. Only problem that it creates is that Ward and Underwood are going to be looking stupid in the end. Because this isn't a punishment for me. This isn't going to make me pay and in the end I'll be left standing tall.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You are aware of how big and how powerful Casey Williams truly is right? They don't call him the Freight Train of Pain for nothing at all.

Damien Kingston: That I am aware of how big and how powerful he supposedly is. But that doesn't mean anything to me at all. It never has, because in this business. It doesn't matter if you are the biggest or the strongest. All that matter is who has the ability to wrestle and who knows how to get the job done when it matters. Well, I'm that guy. I can wrestle circles around anyone in this locker room and I know how to get the job done. Tonight is nothing more than a walk in the park for me. Casey Williams will be brought down with liberty, and he will be defeated by me. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Maybe in your world, but I gotta ask...

Damien Kingston: No, don't even bother. I'm done answering your questions. I'm done letting you bother me. So, why don't you take your old ass somewhere else? I have a match to win!

Kingston proceeded to turn his back on her and head off down the hall of the ship. Ms. Rocky Mountains stood there watching him walk away from her. From his facial features it didn't seem like she was too pleased with the way she had been talked too. What was done was done though as the cameras cut back out to the ring for the next match of the night.

Justin Decent is standing inside of the ring with Jasmine St. John, the referee for the next contest. The 'hawt' ring announcer' indeed appears hot as he smiles out at the fans while fanning himself with his intro card, his tanned body glistening with a light perspiration. He then stops and holds the microphone up to speak.

Justin: Okay, you're all going to have to give me a moment. It's getting pretty warm out here and I'd like to make myself a little more comfortable.

Justin hands the card and microphone to Jasmine and then steps up to the center of the ring and turns his back to the primary camera. He fits his thumbs in the waistline of his lycra white booty shorts and slowly bends at the waist while peeling the shorts down...

Adams: Oh good god!

Simone: Jason you took the words right out of my mouth.

Jason was truly teasing and tormenting the fans, at least the women (and some of the men we bet!) as he was completely bent over and sliding the shorts down along his bare legs, exposing a gold thong and showing off a perfect view of his bare backside! The crowd is whistling and cheering (again, the women and yes, some of the men), as Justin stands back upright and kicks the shorts clear of the ring, remaining in just the micro small gold thong!

Jasmine looks out to the cheering crowd with a smile. She fishes around in her top and pulls out a twenty and walks right up to Justin and stuffs it down into his garment, or lack there of!

Adams: Do most strippers get their tips tucked that deeply in their g-strings?

Even Justin seems surprised and then smiles as Jasmine steps back to her corner and Justin shakes his head with a smile and readies to start the introductions.

Adams: Wait. he's not going to spend the rest of the show like that, is he?

Simone: If there's a God in Heaven he is!

The scene opens up in the cafeteria of the Summer

XTreme Cruise Liner where we see Jessie Salco and all five off her siblings alongside Johnny’s girlfriend Sophie and Jessie’s boyfriend enjoying a nice meal ahead of Jessie’s match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship.

Craig: Still can’t believe it’s been a whole year since you joined NXT Jess.

Jessie: Yeah but it’s been a fun year with several ups and downs, who knows maybe by this time next year I’ll be the Bombshell Champ?

Johnny: Here’s hoping, so Shane, you treating Jessie right?

Shane: Well considering she has two older male siblings that can kick my ass and you, yeah I am.

Shane said as he ate his food getting a laugh out of everyone else.

???: Don’t forget about me!

Jessie and her siblings look up and see their dad standing behind them, they immediately stop eating so that they can hug him.

Jessie: Dad! I didn’t think you’d make it.

Jessie's dad: And miss this family reunion? Not a chance! Besides I’m winning the battle with cancer so I aint done yet!

Jessie: That’s a relief!

Jessie's siblings: Definitely!

Jessie's dad: Enough talk, let’s eat, oh and Jess?

Jessie: Yeah dad?

Jessie's dad: Win the title tonight okay?

Jessie: You got it.

Jessie said before they resumed eating.

The opening drums to Five Finger Death Punch's "I.M.Sin" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

Justin: Introducing first, from Nashua, New Hampshire. Standing 7 feet tall, and weighing in tonight at 370 pounds... “The Freight Train Of Pain” Casey Williams!!!

"What a fucking poser, that's all you'll ever be!
Don't get any closer, or you'll meet the real me!
I am, who I am, you can't destroy me!
I am, what I am, you can't deny me!

I want out, but I could never surrender.
Try and break me down, but I won’t let you win.
You can call me out, but I know you’re a pretender.
You may think your god, but I know that I am sin!"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"I am SIN! I am SIN!
I am SIN! I am SIN!

I won’t fucking buy it!
I never have and I never will!
Keep fucking trying!
I'm just waiting for the blood to spill!"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up onto the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

All of the sudden the arena lights begin to flash colors of white, black, and silver as the opening guitar riffs to "This Is My Life" by Downstait begin to fill the speakers. Instantly there is a reaction from the fans in attendance and for the most part it is mostly positive with a few boos in the mix. Damien Kingston steps out onto the stage with a half cocked smirk looking out at the fans.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen. introducing to you at this time from New York City, New York. Weighing in at 238 pounds and is known as the self-proclaimed Man of Liberty, DAAAMMMIIIIENNN KIIIIINGGGSTON!"

Damien starts making his way down the ramp. At the very bottom of it he stops and looks around at the fans there in attendance once again. That smirk of his seems to grow just a little bit as he nods his head seemingly okay with the reaction he is getting from them. That's when he takes a couple steps forward and pulls himself up onto the ring apron. He steps through the ring ropes and quickly climbs the turnbuckle to the second rope. He throws his hands up into the air and shouts at the top of his lungs getting the crowd behind him a little more. A few seconds later he gets down and walks to the opposite corner leaning against it waiting for the match to start as his music slowly fading out.

Simone: Right now we’ve got “The Man Of Liberty” Damien Kingston squaring off against “The Freight Train Of Pain” Casey Williams.

Adams: This is the perfect opportunity for Casey Williams to face someone that is of similar build, and has some similarities to his ACW opponent, “The Cockey King” Ben Jordan. He’s got a chance at ACW’s Atlantic Championship next Sunday when he steps inside a Steel Cage against Jordan.

Jasmine St. John calls for the bell to start the match. The men meet in the middle of the ring and talk some trash to each other. “The Freight Train Of Pain” fires the first shot with a wicked headbutt that staggers Damien Kingston back a couple of steps. Casey Williams follows up with a couple of hard lefts and rights before sending Damien Kingston to the far ropes with an Irish Whip.

Simone: “The Freight Train Of Pain” Casey Williams fires off some vicious shots to kick this match off.

Adams: When Casey Williams hits you... you damn well know it.

Damien Kingston comes off the ropes like a bullet, and nails Casey Williams with a running forearm smash that staggers the big man. He’s staggered, but he doesn’t go down. Damien unleashes with a combination of kicks, and punches showcasing his MMA skills. Damien rushes towards the far ropes while he has Casey Williams stunned momentarily. Casey tries to clear the cobwebs from the onslaught of offense by Damien Kingston.

Simone: Very smart strategy by Damien Kingston. Employing a stick and move offense is a brilliant idea when you’re taking on someone with the size and power advantage like “The Freight Train Of Pain” Casey Williams has.

Adams: Damien’s going big!

Damien Kingston leaps to the top rope, and uses his momentum to fly through the air with a springboard crossbody attempt.

Simone: No! Casey’s caught him!

Casey Williams snatches Damien Kingston out of midair. He walks him around the ring showcasing his strength for everyone to see. He steps up towards the ropes, and then tosses Kingston overhead with a fallaway slam.

Adams: The power of Casey Williams on display!

Casey Williams stalks over to where Damien Kingston, and begins to stomp a mudhole in him holding on to the ropes for extra leverage. Along with the stomps, “The Freight Train Of Pain” drives some knees into the head and midsection of Damien Kingston. Jasmine St. John calls for the break as Damien Kingston is under the bottom rope. Casey keeps firing away ignoring the warnings.

St. John: ONE!!!

St. John: TWO!!!

St. John: THREE!!!


Casey Williams drops two more knees before finally backing away before Jasmine St. John reaches the five count.

Simone: Casey Williams using every bit of the five count to absolutely destroy Damien Kingston with those stomps and knees.

Adams: Casey is no dummy. He knows how to work the rules to his advantage. He’ll do it every single time too.

Casey Williams marches back over to Damien Kingston. He grabs Damien by the neck, and yanks him to his feet. Casey parades Damien around who is still recovering from the earlier blows. Casey whips Damien Kingston to the far ropes. Damien rebounds and unexpectedly dropkicks Casey’s knees. The big man goes down, and drops to both knees in pain.

Simone: Damien Kingston just chopped down that big oak tree! You take a man’s knees out, you even the odds instantly. Damien has to take advantage while he can.

Damien Kingston follows up with an array of left hands that rock the beast. Damien Kingston locks his hands behind the neck of Casey Williams, and begins to deliver crushing muay thai knees over and over and over again to the face of Casey Williams.

Simone: Damien Kingston is shifting the momentum with those knees! He’s rocking the big man with those.

Adams: Casey Williams needs to block those, or he’s going to be in a world of hurt.

Simone: Easier said than done. Damien has his grip locked in, and he’s not letting up.

Damien lands one more knee, and throws Casey down who crumples to the mat. Kingston covers him.


Simone: NO! Huge kickout by “The Freight Train Of Pain”!

Adams: There’s still a ton of fight left in Casey Williams.

Casey is obviously still rocked from those muay thai knees, but he has the wherewithal to press Damien Kingston off him with authority before Jasmine St. John can make it to the count of three. Casey slowly picks himself up to his feet. Damien quickly goes on the offensive, but Casey quickly locks him up in a bearhug. Casey Williams lifts him up so that his feet is no longer on the mat. He squeezes Damien Kingston tightly trying to take away any momentum that Damien thought he had. Jasmine St. John checks on the severity of the situation.

St. John: Do you want to give up!?

Kingston: NO!

Casey squeezes even tighter, and you can see the pain on the face of “The Man Of Liberty”. He shakes his head violently signalling to Jasmine St. John that he refuses to quit. Casey cinches up the submission even tighter, and begins to ragdoll Damien Kingston putting even more pressure on the ribs of his opponent. Jasmin St. John checks on Damien Kingston one more time.

St. John: What do you say Kingston!?

Kingston:Kingston: DAMMIT! NO!

Simone: Damien Kingston showing his fortitude here. He refuses to submit even though Casey is squeezing the life out of him.

Damien starts to fire back trying to break the hold. Damien nails Casey with three consecutive bell claps to the ears. Damien fires off a few forearm shots. Casey still will not break the hold. Out of desperation, Damien rakes the eyes of the big man and follows up by biting the forehead of Casey Williams. This finally causes Casey Williams to break the bearhug and drop Damien Kingston.

Simone: Damien Kingston knew he had to use any means necessary to get out of that bearhug.

Adams: You’re damn right he knew he had to get out of that. They don’t call Casey “The Freight Train Of Pain” for nothing! He was going to break his ribs.

Damien Kingston drills Casey Williams with a roaring elbow that sends Casey back two steps, and into the ropes. Casey catches himself on the top rope for support.

Simone: What a back and forth battle this is tonight. Neither man is holding anything back.

Damien rushes in, but is met with a huge boot to the face by “The Freight Train Of Pain”! Casey falls on top of Damien for the cover.


Simone: Foot on the rope! Kingston is still in this one!

Adams: Not for long! Casey’s got him by the throat!

Casey pulls Damien back to his feet, and grips him tightly around the throat. Casey lifts him in the air for a chokeslam, but Damien breaks Casey’s grip and drops down behind him. Damien hits Casey with a perfect dropkick.

Simone: Another great reversal by Damien Kingston!

Damien leaps off the middle rope and flies through the air at Casey. The springboard clothesline is reversed into a tremendous spinebuster. Casey pins Damien Kingston.


Simone: Kingston gets a shoulder up!

Casey stares a hole through Jasmine for what he considers a slow count. Casey gets back to his feet and sticks Damien’s head between his legs.

Simone: Casey’s signalling for Broken Soul!

Casey whips Damien high into the air, but powerbomb is reversed as Damien flips over the top and hauls Casey down into a pin attempt.


Adams: Damien Kingston has done it! “The Man Of Liberty” has picked up a huge win over “The Freight Of Pain”!

After the bell had sounded Damien Kingston slowly made it to his feet. It was visible he was sore and he was a little tired. None the less though, he came out with a victory. As soon as he got to his feet he walked over to the side of the ring and demanded for a microphone be handed to him. It didn't long before he had one in his hands. Leaning against the ropes a little worn out he lifted the microphone up to his mouth to speak.

Damien Kingston: Did you see that? Huh? Did you see what I just did?!

He pushed himself off the ropes as he looked directly into the hard-cam. Those that were watching all over the world and those that were in attendance for tonight's amazing show. Kingston was going to let how he felt be heard.

Damien Kingston: I took on the 'Freight Train of Pain' and I won. I took on the monster of this company and I put him in his place. I defeated the 'odds' that were attempted to be stacked against me. I did what you people thought I couldn't do, what the people in the back thought I couldn't do, and what even Mark Ward thought that I couldn't do. How stupid do you all feel now?

As expected there were some boos coming from the fans. They never did take too kindly to being insulted and what not. Of course that didn't make a difference to Kingston at all. He said what he wanted when he wanted and that's all there is to it.

Damien Kingston: I want you people to hear me out and more so I want the people in the back to hear me out. You keep lining up these sorry pieces of trash and I'm going to keep running right through them. Until I get what I want and what I want isn't a secret. I want the SCW Heavyweight Championship. As I've said before there's not a single person that can stop me from getting what I want. So, if I were Mark Ward. I'd be listening up real careful and if I was one of the members of the six Pack Challenge. I'd be listening up as well. Because this is all important. More important than anything else in your life!

Boos continued to ring out from the fans, but Kingston ignored them. They were irrelevant to him. Their opinions didn't matter. Their boos didn't phase him. Honestly they never did. On that note though Kingston looked right up at the cameras to deliver what he would consider his important message.

Damien Kingston: It is all a matter of time until I get what I want. It is all a matter of time until I earn what I deserve. It is all a matter of time till I find myself in the ring with one of you with the title on the line. When that day comes I won't fail. I won't slip up. I won't make a single mistake. Instead I'm going to knock you the hell out. I'm going to take the SCW Heavyweight Championship and I will take hostage of that championship until I have restored honor, respect, and liberty back into the Wrestling Business. One way or another I will avenge the business that I love and not a single fucking person will stop me!

With that being said Kingston let the microphone fall out of his hand and it hit the mat with a thud. He turned around and saw that Casey Williams was getting to his feet in a groggy manner. That's when Kingston snuck up behind Casey and spun him around. Somehow someway Kingston managed to get the seven foot three hundred pounder on his shoulders. He held him there for a moment as he glared out into the audience before flipping Casey off his shoulders and connecting with FALLING FROM THE EMPIRE slamming Casey head first into the mat with everything he had. Kingston managed to get right back up to his feet with this evil little grin spread across his lips as he dropped down and rolled out of the ring. That's when the cameras cut elsewhere for the time being.

Our scene opens up aboard the deck of the Royal Monarch cruiseliner where interviewer Pussy Willow is standing by.

Pussy Willow: We’re just moments away from the X Rules Pool Party match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship, and with me at this time is another Bombshell in this match, Mercedes Vargas.

Wearing a silver halterneck bikini, Mercedes enters the shot with a serious expression on her face. She wore her sunglasses on top of her head.

Pussy Willow: Mercedes, tonight you get another opportunity to challenge for the Bombshell Roulette Championship at Summer XXXtreme, though this isn’t going to be easy this time around with five other challengers in your way, including the champion herself, Necra Kane, who we heard comments from a little while ago.

Mercedes Vargas: You know, now that you mentioned it, I kinda find myself in an interesting predicament tonight: Do I go for the championship like everybody else is doing, or should I make Necra's life a living hell? Decisions, decisions.

Mercedes smiles and rubs her hands together expectantly.

Mercedes Vargas: It’s like I said in my promos. For me, this isn’t about the Bombshell Roulette Championship but the person who holds it, PW. This is personal between me and Necra Kane, and I’m going to deal with her. Personally. She may have started it, but I'm damn sure going to be the one who ends it, and if it means walking out of this match and Summer XXXtreme with her championship, well, that’s just icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t forgotten about the competition, and while they have their reasons why they want to prove Necra wrong and end her reign, they’re all after the same thing. Since you're the one asking the questions, what do you say to a little role reversal?

Pussy Willow: Sure, go for it.

Mercedes Vargas: If Necra accidentally falls overboard, provided she knows how to swim, and no one cared, does that still count as an elimination?

Mercedes laughs then turns and walks away, leaving Pussy Willow to look after her until she was gone. Shrugging her shoulders, the interviewer turns to the camera again, addressing the audience.

Pussy Willow: The X Rules Pool Party match is next at Summer XXXtreme II.

The scene opens in a suite somewhere on the ship. We soon see Miss Rocky Mountains heading down the long hallway. She soon stops in front of a door, and Sara opens it. She smiles and bows slightly as Necra appears behind her.

Necra: Miss Rocky Mountains, and what do I owe the pleasure?

Ms Rocky Mountains: I came to get a few words from you about your match tonight. You are up against some really big odds, and have a chance of losing this match.

Necra: That's not going to happen. You see none of them are even a threat to me, let alone able to stand at my level. Mercedes can talk a big game, but she can't handle me. The last time she got a chance to take my title what did she do? She lost, and tonight won't be any different.

Ms Rocky Mountains: Strong words for Mercedes. What about Jessie and the others?

Necra: Jesse I have faced before and she's also lost to me. Laura is the only one that has shown me any respect through this whole ordeal, while the two ladies from ACW don't know when to shut up. They think they can come into the SCW and take my title away from me they better think again. I'm not going to let anyone take my title away unless they are worthy enough to do so. And none of them are.

Ms Rocky Mountains: Very strong words. Tonight will be a show that no one will ever forget. Good luck with your match.

With that Miss Rocky Mountains walks out the door, as Necra just smiles at the camera. Her eyes seem to flick from their normal color to a bright red before shifting once again, as the scene fades back to the main arena.

In the backstage area of the Royal Monarch, one of the SCW's amorous reporters, miss Pussy Willow, stands with a microphone in hand. The crowd watching on the screen cheers at the sight of the comely 'bombshell' in a hot pink bikini that shows off her buxom figure to maximum potential.

PW: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is indeed a big night for everyone here as not only will the Heavyweight title be decided in a six pack challenge event, but history will be made when father and son team up for the first time, as Synn teams with Despayre. My guests at this time...

The camera pans out to reveal at her side, Synn, Despayre and Gabriel. The crowd cheers for the popular tandem of Synn and Sinful Obsession. Despayre leans over to Pussy Willow and whispers something to her.

PW: Oh and ladies and gentlemen, accompanying them, Angel.

Despayre holds his teddy bear up with a smile and the cheers re ignite further.

PW: Synn, as I said, history will be made tonight as you make your return to the ring for the first time in what has to be ten or more years to team with your son against the Surf Boys. Might I ask how this match came about?

Synn: I am sure by now that everyone here is now aware that we have Despayre here to thank for this one.

Synn gripped Despayre's shoulder and the little guy stood straighter with a hint of pride while Gabriel smiled and nodded.

Synn: Like Gabriel, he earned a dream match as a member of Team SCW and out of anything else he could have asked for, he asked to be teamed with me.

PW: Were you surprised?

Synn: That's putting it mildly! But then I got to thinking and like Gabriel and I discussed, it was fate. This was only a matter of time before father and son teamed together and I could not be happier, nor prouder, that he asked for this.

PW: And Despayre, I bet you're excited to get to team with your dad on such a huge event.

She holds the microphone to Despayre but he's busy watching as Angel has seemingly become entranced by Pussy Willow's massive cleavage. Despayre takes his teddy bear by the had and turns his attention aside and starts to answer.

Despayre: Yeah! I... Angel! Stop that!

And Angel's eyes are right back on Pussy Willow's breasts. This time with a good natured grin, Gabriel reaches over and nudges Angel's head away, prompting Despayre to laugh merrily.

Despayre: I'm very excited! And we're going to win! Just like my best friend Gabriel here is going to win the title!

Despayre nods enthusiastically and this is her cue to turn to Gabriel.

PW: Gabriel, the very first SW Heavyweight Champion, and after almost two years, you are one again making a bid for that title that was once around your waist. How does it feel?

Gabriel looks at Pussy, just smiling. Pussy clears her throat

PW: Well gentlemen, and Angel...

Despayre: Hey he's a gentleman too! Or... a gentlebear!

Pussy Willow nods and smiles.

PW: Good luck to all three of you! Synn and Despayre, good luck teaming together tonight, and Gabriel, good luck in the Six Pack Challenge for the Heavyweight Championship!

The three men (and a bear) walk off the set.

The camera switches to the opposite side of the ship, where the ship's pool has been set up for the next match. Four large poles are set up at the corners of the pool, with the Bombshel Roulette Title hanging from the poles, high above the pool. Trampolines surround the pool as well as a variety of different weapons. The six Bombshells involved in this match are already surrounding the pool, each one eyeing the Roulette Title hanging above the pool. The camera focuses on ACW's Nessa Wall, and the crowd cheers.

Justin: The following contest is our X Rules Pool Party Match, and it is for the Bombshell Roulette Championship! Once a competitor falls into the pool, she will be eliminated and the last dry Bombshell to retrieve the title will be crowned the champion. Introducing first, one of our challengers. Hailing from San Diego, California. Weighing in at 110lbs...Representing ACW...NESSA WALL!

The crowd cheers, and the male population whistles and cheers for Nessa.

Justin: Introducing the next challenger from Dunedin, New Zealand...Weighing in at 128lbs..Also representing ACW...EMMA ROSE!

Emma Rose steps forward smiling at the crowd and blows them a kiss. She looks around with a confident smile.

Justin: And the next challenger from Tampa, Florida...Weighing in at 135lbs...LAURA JACKSON!

Laura receives a mixed reaction from the crowd as she looks up and eyes the Roulette Championship. She looks towards the two ACW women whom she has never faced, giving them a stern look.

Justin: The next challenger hails from Queens, New York...She weighs in at 127lbs...MERCEDES VARGAS!

The crowd boos loudly for Mercedes as she steps forward confidently and with determination in her eyes.

Justin: Our last challenger hails from Miami, Florida...Weighing in at 120lbs...JESSIE SALCO!

The crowd cheers loudly as Jessie jumps forward getting herself pumped up for the match. She jumps up and down, getting the crowd excited as well.

Justin: And last but not least..Hailing from The Isle of The Gods, Greece..Weighing in at 127lbs...She is the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion...NECRA OCTAVIAN KANE!

Necra takes an eerie step forward as the crowd cheers her on. She looks up at the title...her title...and looks around at all of the women who want to take it from her, eyeing each of them with an evil look.


Adams: Wooohooo! We're about to see every man's fantasy here, Belinda!

Simone: Oh lovely...I'm jumping for joy.

Referee Drew Patton calls for the bell on the outside and it's a bombshell free for all. The ladies of Nessa Wall and Jessie Salco immediately lock up as Emma goes after the champion, Necra, and Laura and Mercedes collide. Nessa Wall has Jessie by her hair and is about to whip her right into the pool, but Jessie elbows Nessa in the side, saving herself from elimination!

The two dangle ominously close to the edge of the pool. Laura and Mercedes have fought their way over to one of the trampolines, crashing down on to it, as they roll around engaged in quite the fist fight.

Adams: Oh boy! Catfight on the trampoline! This is awesome.

Simone: You never aged past puberty did you, Jason?

The brawl on the trampoline makes for an interesting fight to watch as the two struggle to make a move. Necra has Emma's head between her legs, setting her up for a powerbomb, right into the pool, but Emma counters it and lifts Necra up in a back body drop, right onto the trampoline! The sudden added bounce causes Mercedes and Laura to stumble back, but it is Laura Jackson who crashes into the pool!

Justin: Laura Jackson has been eliminated!

Laura's head pops out of the water and she is FURIOUS. Mercedes manages to save herself from falling into the pool. She looks at Laura and smirks before she turns around and gets back to the match at hand. Emma has made her way over to Nessa and Jessie, as they continue to battle it out near the pool. On the ground just beside her to find two aluminum trash can lids. She picks them up, and looks at them getting an idea in her head, before she smiles wickedly.

Adams: I think Emma is going to make a little music!

Simone: Maybe, and Nessa and Jessie better turn around and pay attention!

Back on the trampoline, Mercedes is standing just feet away from Necra. She uses this as her opportunity to try and eliminate the champion. She charges at Necra, hitting her with a spear, but when the spear has little effect as the two quickly bounce back(literally) right to their feet!

Simone: Perhaps fighting on the trampoline isn't such a good idea...

Adams: What? No! It's a great idea!

Nessa and Jessie nearly topple into the pool at the same time, and finally take a few steps back, only to be met with a double clap to the head with the trash can lids from Emma Rose! Both women crumble to the ground, but Emma has her sites on Nessa. She tosses the trash can lids down and grabs Nessa, pulling her back up to her feet.

Adams: I bet Nessa and Jessie have a headache after that one.

Simone: Interesting move by Emma there.

As Emma starts laying in the punches, Jessie shakes off the effects of the hit to the head, turns and checks on the situation. She growls then looks next to her, where another trampoline is set up. She quickly steps on to it, then starts jumping, building momentum with each bounce. When she is high enough, she launces herself at Emma and Nessa and the three go crashing against the ground!

Necra has thrown Mercedes off of the trampoline and gotten away from the dangerous situation herself. She clutches her foot down on Mercedes throat, but Mercedes quickly reverses it, tripping the champion. Necra's back crashes against the ground below her with a sickening thud.

Simone: Jesus, that had to hurt!

Mercedes kneels over Necra, looking around at the weapons surrounding them. She raises an eyebrow but shrugs as she grabs a hold of a "flipper" shoe. She smacks Necra over the head with it, when the brawling trio of Jessie, Nessa and Emma come crashing against them! Mercedes rolls off of Necra, but manages to stop herself just short of rolling into the pool, but she is dangerously close. All hell has broken lose as the four women brawl right before Mercedes eyes. Necra and Emma are somehow back on the feet, exchanging clubbing blows when Necra kicks Emma hard in the stomach. Emma stumbles back against Mercedes, and just as Mercedes is about to fall into the pool, she grabs a hold of Emma, bringing her crashing into the pool with her!

Adams: Double elimination!!

Justin: Mercedes Vargas and Emma Rose have been eliminated!

Simone: We're down to three left, Jason. It's anyone's game!

Necra smiles wickedly, proud of herself, when she senses the situation behind her. Jessie is coming at her from behind. Necra ducks and counters, nailing Jessie with a spinning heel kick that sends Jessie crashing back against Nessa. Nessa surprise with a vicious uppercut before she grabs her and sets her up for a powerbomb. Necra takes the opportunity to make a dash for the title while Nessa is distracted with Jessie.

Adams: Looks like Necra is going to let those two eliminate themselves.

Simone: It's not going to be that easy, Jason. Both of these ladies want the title just as much as Necra wants to keep it.

Nessa attempts the powerbomb, but she doesn't see Jessie reach down and grab a hold of a boat paddle, before she reverses the powerbomb in a back body drop. Jessie goes to hit Nessa with the paddle, but Nessa takes her down in a drop toe hold and Jessie falls face first into the pool!

Justin: Jessie Salco has been eliminated!

Adams: And it is down to two! Come on ladies!

Necra walks over to where her roulette championship is hanging above the pool, trying to figure out the safest way to get this done. She begins climbing one of the poles when Nessa runs and leaps on one of the trampolines, launching herself at Necra!

Adams: Flying Boobies!

Simone: Jason!

Adams: Bombshell...I meant Bombshell!

Somehow, someway, Nessa manages to grasp a hold of the rope from which the Roulette Championship is dangling, and holds on for dear life. She nearly falls into the pool below, but saves herself, and Necra holds herself up with the pole before she grabs a hold of the rope and starts making her way towards the title as well as Nessa. Both women are in a dangerous situation.

Simone: One has to eliminate the other. It doesn't matter who grabs the title, the only way to be eliminated is by landing into the pool.

Necra and Nessa(ha! say that five times fast!) both get within just inches of the title. Each one reaches carefully for the belt, grabbing a hold of it, and glaring at one another as a struggle begins. They swing wildly from the rope, kicking and pulling on the belt trying to get the other to release their hold and hopefully fall into the pool. Nessa suddenly pulls her legs up and wraps them around the rope, then legs go of her hands so she is dangling just by her legs!

Adams: WHOA!

Simone: Brave move by Nessa! What is she doing?!

Nessa begins swinging herself, inching closer to Necra, when she grabs a hold of the champions legs, grasping them tightly! Necra tries to kick or do something...anything, that will help her, but with one great pull, Nessa pulls Necra away from the ropes, and Necra goes crashing into the pool below! Nessa pulls herself up and grabs the Roulette Title!


Justin: Necra Octavian Kane has been eliminated! Here is your winner and the NEW SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion....NESSA WALL!!

Simone: Nessa Wall has done it! She is the new Bombshell Roulette Champion!

Nessa holds the roulette title in one hand, while still holding onto the rope with the other. She looks down below as Drew Patton helps Necra out of the pool, and to celebrate, she lets go of the rope and lets herself fall into the pool! She resurfaces moments later, holding the Roulette Title high above her as she celebrates and is helped out of the water moments later.

The camera opens up backstage. The hallway is rather quiet, considering the events thus far in the show, but down the hall, the camera spots new "friends" Max Burke and Ruby, standing outside a dressing room, involved in a conversation. Ruby is leaning against the wall, with Max standing in front of her with a big grin on his face.

Ruby: You might want to focus on your upcoming match up, Max. I'd hate to be the reason you get your mind distracted from the task at hand.

Max: Don't worry. I'm focused. He pays for all of the bullshit tonight. Kain is going to get a taste of his own medicine. At the end of the night, Kain is in our rear-view mirror. Tonight, you're going to be hanging out with the new Roulette Champion. I've got this.

Ruby smiles just a bit, though she tries to hide it. Too bad for her, Max notices.

Ruby: Confidence is a great quality, Max, but don't get overly confident. That's where mistakes can happen.

Max: I'm not. Kain is a beast. He took me out once. I know that. But, there's a big difference between Kain and I.

Ruby: That is?

Max: Heart. I'm determined to make him pay for everything. This is our night... not his.

Ruby tilts her head to the side, thinking about what he just said. She raises an eyebrow and looks him in the eye.

Ruby: Our night, Max? You are the one with the match tonight...

Max: I didn't stutter. You are a big reason I'm in the mental place that I am. This is going to be just as much your win as it is mine.

Ruby smiles again, not bothering to hide her delight in this.

Ruby: Do you think that the only way to impress me is by winning a title? I'm afraid I'm not like the rest of those gold-digging whores we are surrounded by.

Max: Not in the least my dear. I impressed you with my rugged good looks and chiseled physique. The title is just a bonus.

The smile quickly fades from Ruby's face as she glares at Max, unimpressed.

Max: I'm joking... really...

Ruby: Now is not the time for joking, Max. The roulette wheel holds your fate, and I can only imagine what is in store for you tonight.

She runs her finger up and down his arm, tracing his well toned muscles.

Ruby: For all you know, you might not have your rugged good looks after tonight.

Max: Wounds heal. Tonight, I make history.

Ruby: Just don't hurt yourself too bad. I'm not sure I'm up for playing your version of nurse just yet...

Ruby smiles innocently, giving away in the look in her eyes that she wouldn't mind, and the scene fades away.

Justin: The following match is for one fall, already in the ring weighting in at 235 pounds, from Olympus… Jericho Hill!!!

Jericho Hill is shown in the ring looking up the runway for his opponent.

Justin: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 Pounds from London, England… Primetime Matthew Kennedy!!!!

The arena lights go dark as a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", soon afterwords the intro to "I Want It All" by Queen is heard and Matthew struts out as Freddie Mercury starts singing with Marty McFarge and the Skar Brothers by his side, as Matthew walks down to the ring he starts singing the chorus to the song until he reaches the ringside area where an attendant removes his jacket, once it's off Matthew hops onto the apron and looks out to the crowd with disdain before stepping through the ropes and turning to face Jericho Hill.

As the two men stand toe to toe in the centre of the ring the SCW crowd start a “SCW” chant. Matthew is quick to strike first locking up with Jericho. Jericho tries to power our but Matthew hooks him up with a side headlock, Jericho starts taking swings at his midsection trying to push the Brit off him.

Adams: Jericho is hitting more air then a fan.

Simone: That doesn’t even make any sense!!!

Jericho is finally successful and he is quick to attack Matthew with left and right fists. Primetime stumbles back into the ropes and Jericho reaches forward and drops Kennedy head first to the canvas with a DDT. Hooking the leg he attempts to get a pin fall.


No! Matthew kicks out.

Adams: Lucky!

Simone: How so?

Adams: Lucky he kicked out… because no one likes a minute man.

Simone: JASON!

Adams: What Lil Kim just told me.

Jericho gets up to his feet and swings around picking Kennedy up connecting swiftly with a reverse elbow, Matthew stumbles back into the ropes and Mr Hill starts to stalk towards him. Jericho reaches out to grab Matthew but Kennedy steps out of the way and trips Jericho into the ropes. Jericho is hanging over the middle one so Matthew runs to the other side of the ring, rebounding off the ropes her gathers some speed before slamming into the back of Jericho with a vicious running knee. Jericho falls to his back and now Matthew makes a pin.


Jericho managers to get a foot up on the bottom rope breaking the pin. Matthew gets up and in a fit of anger goes after the referee while he is cussing at him Jericho rolls him up in a school boy pin.


Matthew kicks out and leaps up to his feet. Running towards Jericho Matthew drops him to the canvas with a huge clothesline. Jericho pops back up to his feet and charges towards Matthew, Matthew catches him and flips him over with a beautiful Belly to Belly Suplex.

Simone: Kennedy getting some momentum here.

Matthew is quickly back up to his feet and her scoops Jericho Hill up for a vertical delayed suplex, but Jericho counters with a magnificent modified DDT.

Adams: Holy Moley!!!

Jericho hooks the left leg looking might confident.


Marty is able to sneakily put Matthew’s foot on the bottom rope saving him. Jericho is forced to break the Pin and he stalks the ropes throwing verbal shots at Marty who is playing innocent. Jericho turns around to see a staggering Kennedy trying to get back to his feet, walking up to him Jericho hill cops sly low blow from Matthew.

Simone: Dirty cheat!!!

The White knight drops to his knees holding his package and Matthew Kennedy Jumps up to his feet. Running to the rope he comes back and delivers a monstrous kick to the back of Jericho’s head.

Adams: Goodnight Irene.

But Matthew doesn’t stop there picking up the limb Jericho Hill her signals to the Sin City Wrestling fans that this one is over. Positioning him up for the Prime Time Special Matthew Kennedy takes his sweet time soaking in the chorus of boos from the fans, after a few moments her finally drops the White Knight head first to the canvas with a poisonous Package Piledriver. Jericho Hill falls to the canvas like a star fish and Kennedy crawls over towards him just putting one hand over his chest, leaning back in a cocky manner as the referee makes the count.


Matthew Kennedy lifts up two fingers and counts along with the referee.


Before the bell can be tolled Marty is already in the ring lifting Matthew’s hand up in victory. The referee makes the call, while a bunch of medics run out to check up on Jericho Hill.

Justin: Here is your winner… Matthew Primetime Kennedy!!!!!

The titantron roars to life as the crowd as cheering. Suddenly, the cheering grows extra loud as we see Kain's dressing room somewhere in the cruise. Suddenly, it gets kicked down from the inside, as Kain enters the hallway, followed by Ariel. Grabbing her hand, he is headed towards the ring when he is stopped by one of the reporters from the organization, Scott Oliver!

Oliver: Kain, wait!

Kain and Ariel stops dead in their tracks and Kain looks over his left shoulder as Scott rushes to his side, breathing heavily. He then regains his composure and turns to face Kain, who isn't looking at him at all.

Oliver: I'm sure you heard Max Burke's response to your second promo. It seems like he is intent on winning the SCW Roulette championship away from you. What is your response and how are you

The last three words slowly came out of his mouth as he sees Kain glaring at him icily, Scott not able to do anything else but cower himself. Kain slowly raises the microphone to his lips, not leaving his glare at Scott.

Kain: You want to know how I feel? Watch me tonight and see what I can REALLY do in tonight's match!

Shoving the microphone away, pushing it into Oliver's chest, Oliver staggers back and tries to maintain his balance as Ariel gives him a look of disgust before the couple depart. Scott can't do anything but stare after the pair as the cameras switch to Belinda Simone and Jason Adams as they look at each other.

Simone: Kain is all business tonight. No fun and games at all.

Adams: Can you blame the guy? A man named Max Burke got a hold of his wife and that sparked a rage unlike anything I've ever seen from Kain. Whatever the results may be at the end, Kain is going to go through hell and back to destroy Max and put him in his place!

Backstage, we find the lovely miss Pussy Willow standing with the challenger to tonight's Roulette Championship match, Pro Wrestling's Pedigree, Max Burke. They are standing next to SCW's Roulette Wheel, ready to determine the stipulation. Max is rubbing his hands together, eagerly waiting to get this show on the road.

PW: Hello ladies and gentleman, I'm standing by with the challenger to--

Max holds his hand up and interrupts her.

Max: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We already know who I am. Let's just get this show on the road so I can find out how I get to take Kain's title from him.

PW: Well somebody is a bit impatient.

Max doesn't waste anymore time with idle chit chat as he takes a hold of the wheel and gives it a furious spin. He keeps an eye on every stipulation it passes, waiting for it to stop.

Adams: Round and round she goes...Where she stop no one...OH MY GOD! Did it just land on...?

Simone: Well this is definately a first for SCW, and from the look on Max's face, he couldn't be more pleased.

The camera focuses in on the Roulette Wheel that has come to a complete stop on "BODY BAG MATCH". Max looks at the stipulation with a sick smile, nodding in approval.

Max: Well this is going to be perfect.

Max turns and walks away, heading out to the ring as Pussy Willow stares at the Roulette Wheel in disbelief.

Simone: Well this next match is sure to be a wild one, Jason! Our first ever Body Bag Match.

Adams: Medics better be on standby for this one!

Simone: Seems to be a fitting way to end this war between Kain and Max Burke. Neither will disappoint I'm sure!

Justin: Ladies and Gentleman, our next match is for the SCW Roulette Championship and it is a Body Bag Match!

The crowd cheers and hollers in anticipation.

Justin: The rules are fairly simple...There are none! In order to win, one of these men must get the other into the body bag and then zip it shut to be carted away!

Simone: I don't believe what we are about to witness, Jason.

Adams: This could be worse than the Misty versus Roxanne bloodbath last year...

Justin: Introducing first is the challenger. Weighing in at 220lbs, from Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada...Pro-Wrestling's Pedigree...MAX BURKE!

The lights are killed. The crowd is suddenly illuminated in strobe lights that flash violently. A fog engulfs the entrance.


"Get Up!" by Korn featuring Skrillrex signals the arrival of only one man. Pro Wrestling's Pedigree appears head bowed on the entrance and is engulfed by his own strobe spotlight and the fog.

Simone: Max Burke seems fired up and ready to go. He wants to beat Kain with a passion!

Adams: I think the feeling is mutual...


Burke bounces on the entrance a couple of times loosening up. He cracks his neck from side to side. He steps forward and then down the ramp.


Max steps through the ropes, and scales the turnbuckles to pose. Burke lifts his head, flipping his hood off to reveal his face. Max jumps down from the turnbuckles a few seconds later as the crowd boos him, and his music dies down.

The lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the enter.

Justin: Introducing his opponent...Weighing in at 240lbs from Detroit, Illinois...He is the self-proclaimed King of Kings and the SCW Roulette Champion...KAIN!

Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play it's tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain and his love, Ariel. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face. Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him.

Adams: I'm glad I'm not Max Burke right now...

He feels the warm presence of Ariel's right hand clasped with his left hand as the couple walk, side-by-side, but his mind is focused on the carnage tonight. Once they reach the bottom, Ariel goes behind Kain, using her hands to untie his black robe and take it off him completely. Kain is shown from head to toe, with the championship belt around his waist, not to mention the camera getting a great look of his incredible physique. The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. Ariel hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendent, directly to her right, then gets pulled in by Kain, who embraces her in a deep kiss.

Simone: Look at Max grinning at Kain and Ariel.

Adams: He must still be thinking about what he did to Ariel a couple of weeks ago!

Ariel returns the kiss and the arena's noise got more louder than before. Kain breaks off the kiss, bows to his queen, then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a foward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on. Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist, with the championship title in hand, and before he can jump back down, Max Burke attacks him from behind!

Simone: What a cowardly move by Max! He had to wait until Kain had his back turned!

Adams: I'd say that was a smart move.

Max furiously stomps away at the back of the fallen Kain's head, showing a fiery intensity and determination in his eyes. He grasps the ropes for added strength and shoves his foot against Kain's neck, choking the life out of him. Jasmine orders him away, but he doesn't listen.

Simone: Jasmine hasn't even rung that damn bell yet! Come on Max, back off!

Adams: That's not the point of this match, Jasmine.

Simone: I know that, idiot!

Max lifts his head proudly and with a sick smile, as Jasmine again continues to order him to back off, reminding him the bell hasn't been rung yet. Max turns and glares at her.

Max: Ring the damn bell then!

Simone: Bad idea, ordering Jasmine around like that Max...Bad idea indeed!

Jasmine will not stand for being ordered around so grabs a hold of his ear, forcefully pulling him away from Kain, as the crowd laughs.

Adams: Did Jasmine just pull Max away by his ear?! Who does that anymore?!

Simone: Apparently she does. It worked, didn't it?

Max is none to pleased with her show of authority and he takes a menancing step towards her, but she reminds him who is in charge. Meanwhile, Ariel goes to check on her man, talking words of encouragement to him as he tries to catch his breath and get back to his feet. Ariel's presence seems to speed the process along, as he gets a burst of adrenaline and he pulls himself back to his feet, turning and glaring to Max Burke, with pure hatred in his eyes. Jasmine stands in between the two, and she checks on Kain. He nods and the minute Jasmine calls for the bell she has to dart out of the way as all bets are off!


Max attempts to take Kain down with a spear, but Kain gets his knee up just before Max connects with the spear, and instead connects with Kain's knee. He flips over, landing on his back and Kain begins delivering vicious kicks of his own! The Roulette title is still laying on the mat over in the corner. Kain kneels down over Max, holding his head with one hand and begins delivering a series of hard rights to his temple, trying to disorient Max early on. He slams Max's head down into the mat hard, and stands up just as Ariel slides the Roulette title closer towards him. Kain takes the roulette title and leans down shoving it in Max's face.

Kain: This is as close as you're going to get to MY title, boy!

Adams: It might be a little early for that, Kain.

Kain stands up once again, grasping the roulette title in his hands. He backs off for a few moments, stalking Max, waiting for him to get back to his feet. Max slowly begins crawling over to the ropes, grasping each one and pulling himself to his feet. Right behind him, Kain is about to strike.

Simone: It's about to be lights out for Max Burke!

Max shakes his head, trying to shake off the stars he's seeing and when he spins around, Kain lunges at him with the roulette title, but Max's quick thinking causes the move to backfire on the champion, as he nails Kain with a superkick that sends the roulette title smashing against Kain's face instead! Kain stumbles back against the ropes and drops the title, but he somehow manages to stay on his feet. Max charges across the ring and spears Kain, and both men go crashing through the ropes and to the ground below, as the crowd goes wild!

Adams: And this is where the fun begins, folks!

Simone: I think this is where the HELL begins, actually.

Ariel tries to check on the situation from afar, keeping a safe distance due to her delicate condition and the dangerous match this is shaping up to be. After crashing to the outside of the ring, Max and Kain both collided with the steel barricades protecting the fans in the front row, both feeling equal effects from the manuever. Kain pushes himself up slightly, sitting in an awkward position, and Max is on his knees. Upon closer inspection of Kain, we see his head has been busted open, presumably from being hit in the head with his own championship belt.

Adams: And we have first blood! Kain is busted open.

Simone: Max will be bragging about that one no doubt.

The wound seems to be a smaller one, however, as just a thin line of blood trickles its way down Kain's head. He sees Max right in front of him and he kicks him right in the face, not once, but twice and Max stumbles back again, just by the ring apron. Kain makes his way over to the ring apron, pulling it up and looking for anything he can use to hurt Max. He tosses out a fews, such as the typical fire extinguisher, kindo stick and a steel chair, then a wicked smile appears on his face as he reaches further in and comes back out with...

Adams: Barbed wire?! Since when do we leave barbed wire under the ring?!

Simone: Probably since they added Body Bag Match to the roulette wheel...

Ariel looks on proudly as Kain appears to have the upperhand, not realizing that Max has feeling around under the ring for a weapon he can use himself, and pretending to be more worn out than he really is. Kain carefully unwraps the barbed wire, getting a good length out for whatever he is planning. He points at his own throat, giving away is sick plan and the crowd goes crazy!

Simone: He's not...He wouldn't really? Would he?

Adams: I think that is exactly what he is planning to do, Belinda! This is not good for Max!

Suddenly, before Kain can make his next move, his knee gives out from beneath him, as Max has just nailed him with a sledgehammer! Kain crashes down, dropping the barbed wire and holds his knee, trying to move it and get feeling back into it, and Max takes full advantage of the situation. He uses the handle from the sledgehammer and holds it against Kain's neck, once again choking him as he tries to break him down. Kain fights the hold, but Max increases the pressure.

Simone: That look on Max's face is downright scary...He doesn't care what he's doing to Kain at all!

Kain struggles around for the barbed wire, until he finds it, grabbing a hold of the rolled up end. He looks up towards Max as well as he can given his current predicament, and with one solid adrenaline fueled punch, he nails Max in the temple with the barbed wire! Max drops the sledgehammer, then crumbles to the ground, seemingly out cold, and we can see the blood already covering his head!

Adams: Jesus! This could be it! This could be the end of Max Burke!

Kain chokes once again, gasping for air, as he slowly gets to his knees. Jasmine St. John stands by, keeping a close eye on the situation, and as Max remains motionless, Kain glances at him and makes the signal! A few seconds later, an EMT appears from backstage, rolling a stretcher with a body bag attached to it, down the ramp. The crowd starts cheering even louder as the EMT leaves the stretcher at ringside, taking a few steps back but stands by. Kain keeps a hold of the barbed wire, however, and he gets back to his feet looking down at the lifeless Max Burke.

Simone: He's done, Kain! Just put him in the body bag and get this match over with!

Adams: I don't think Kain is finished yet...

Indeed he is not. He looks to the barbed wire, covered in Max's blood, then looks at Max. He unravels more of the wire, then kneels down over Max, rolling him over on to his back. Just as he is about to wrap the barbed wire around Max's neck, the crowd starts booing viciously as making her way down the ramp, is none other than Ruby!

Simone: What the hell is she doing here?

Adams: My guess is trying to save her man.

Simone: I thought she carried a torch for Misty?

Adams: Don't you pay attention, Belinda? Max and Ruby have been getting hot and heavy with the flirting lately!

Kain looks up, temporarily distracted as Ruby makes her way to ringside. He watches with confusion, then anger, as Ruby slowly starts walking her way around the ring, headed straight towards Ariel! Ruby is stalking her with a sadistic look on her face, and this pulls Kain's attention away from Max, as he jumps to his feet and quickly heads over to the situation. Ariel can normally take care of herself, but being pregnant clearly holds her at a disadvantage in this situation. Kain walks up behind Ruby as she stalks Ariel, and he grabs a hold of her, and spins her around, giving her a vicious warning glare. Ruby just laughs, not intimidated by the larger Kain.

Simone: Everyone knows there is a strict policy with regards to men and women fighting in SCW, but I think in this case, Mark and Christian should make an exception! Smack her silly, Kain!

Kain seems to be seriously considering doing just that as Ruby doesn't back down. She keeps Kain distracted as long as she can, until she rolls her eyes and lets out a maniacal laugh before brushing past Kain, purposely bumping into his side. He turns his head and watches her walk around the ring, before he turns to Ariel checking to make sure she is alright. Ariel gives her husband a loving nod and he turns to head back to Max, but sees Ruby standing over where he left him, looking around confused.

Ruby: Max? MAX?!

Kain rushes over, as Ruby is frantically looking around for Max, but he is gone! He is nowhere to be seen Kain looks around absolutely livid. As worried as Ruby is, however, she seems to be quite proud and Kain turns and glares at her.

Kain: Where is he?!

Ruby plays innocent, saying she has no idea. Kain is furious, so much so, he grabs a hold of Ruby, tightly by the arm. He shakes her, demanding she tell him where Max is, but she doesn't say a word. She just keeps that wicked grin on her face, and as Kain gets more threatening, she spits in his face!

Adams: Well that was just gross...

Kain wipes away at his eyes as Ruby laughs, then moments later, a ladder comes flying out from under the ring, right into Kain's side! Kain crashes against the steel barricage once again as Max darts out from under the ring, with a long steel chain thrown over his shoulder. Even though his face is covered in blood, he has a burst of energy as he charges at Kain, and he wraps the chain around his neck! Ruby watches on with a sick satisfaction as Max drags Kain around the ring by the steel chain. Max pulls Kain to his feet, then sends him flying into the ring steps, but he never lets go of his end of the chain. He slides in under the bottom rope, yanking on the chain, as Kain's face begins to turn blue.

Simone: Max is definately showing his vicious side tonight, Jason. He wants the Roulette Title bad.

Adams: I think he wants to destory Kain worse. The Roulette Title is just an added bonus.

Max pulls back on the chain just enough to lift Kain off the ground! He has Kain literally hanging outside the ring as his air supply gets further cut off, and his struggling fades more and more! Ruby takes it upon herself to walk around and grab the stretcher, bringing it around just in front of Max and Kain! Ariel is none to pleased about this and she heads over to Ruby, screaming at her. Ruby shakes her head and laughs, when Ariel spins her around and smacks her hard across her face! Ruby's face whips back, but she quickly looks back at Ariel with a look of vengeance in her eyes. She looks down at Ariel's growing belly and takes a few menancing steps forward. Ariel starts backing away slowly, as it is the only way to protect herself. She is forced to watch as Max pulls Kain onto the stretcher and positions him inside the body bag.

Simone: This is just sickening...absolutely sickening!

The blood loss is clearly starting to get to Max, but with whatever strength he has left, he zips the body bag shut, and collapses to the mat. Jasmine calls for the bell as the EMT on standby heads over to the stretcher, and begins wheeling it to the back, and Ariel quickly follows.


Justin: Ladies and gentleman, here is your winner and the NEW SCW Roulette Champion....MAX BURKE!!!!

Ruby slides into the ring to check on Max, and as Jasmine is about to hand the belt over to Max, Ruby yanks it from her grasp. She kneels down over Max, placing her arm around him, and helps him to his feet. He staggers a bit, and seems vaguely aware of what is going on, but Ruby holds the belt out to him. He takes the belt in his grasp, clutching it tight against his chest, before he stands up proudly, face full of blood and all, and raises the Roulette title with one hand, and Ruby's arm with the other.

Simone: These two were apparently made for each other..both threatening a pregnant woman.

Adams: We may be seeing our future power couple in SCW, Belinda!

Ruby then helps Max out of the ring and backstage as quickly as she can as the blood continues to pour from his head.

Opening up backstage, err underneath a dinner table in the main dining hall the SCW cameras pick up on Radical, Narly and Melody who are deep in match conversation.

Narly: Right dude, dudette… how do we win tonight?

Radical: Yeah Manager dudette, what’s the game plan?

Narly: I like games dude

Radical: Sha I know!

Clearing her throat Melody catches the boys attention.

Melody: Okay the plan is, not to hurt Synn or Despy..

Radical: No way dudette

Narly: Sha no way

Melody: We want to see a clean fair fight!!

Radical: Squeaky clean!!

Narly: Sha!

Melody: Then after the match we get victory ice creams.

All three clap at the same time before Melody speaks up again.

Melody: Okay, let’s go out there and win this.

Narly: Okay Dudette…

Radical: Dude, did she even tell us the game plan?

Narly: No way Dude…

Melody: I’m right here… and HEY, just do what you two always do, okay?

Narly: Saving Chickens?

Radical: Sha!

Melody: Totes…

The three stare at each other for a while before Radical chimes in.

Radical: So no hurting Synn?

Melody: Correct

Narly: No hurting Despy?

Melody: correct again amigo.

Radical: ummm

Narly: How do we win then…

A smile twinkles on Melody’s face as she brings her hand together in a clap.

Melody: We can win with kindness…

Radical looks at Narly while Narly is looking at his shoe lace

Radical: uh, Okay… yes… they’ll never see it coming..

Narly: Good plan dudette…

Melody: Okay let’s get out there and kick some…

Narly: Coconuts

Radical: Crabs

Melody: Close enough, let’s just go… I think our secret meeting spot has been compromised.

Melody looks over at the camera man who is under the table and shakes her head.

Radical: Hey, how did you find us?

Narly reaches out and covers the lens of the camera and the scene fades out!

In a dark corner of the ship, the soft sounds of a fist hitting metal can be heard. The cameraman approaches with Pussy Willow who calls out into the darkness.

PW: Helllooooo?!? I’m here like I was asked to be.

Footsteps sound along the deck as Vixen steps out of the darkness, a serious look on her face and a hand wrapped in white tap with only the faintest spots of red on the knuckles showing. Pussy gasps as Vixen brings the hand up to push her hair out of her eyes.

PW: Oh My GOD, did you get into a fight or something Vixen? Did you already beat up Parand and leave her back there?

Pussy tries to look over the shoulder of Vixen expecting to see a prone body. Vixen holds her back and a sadistic smile crosses her face.

Vixen: As much as I wish I could say that it was Parand on the receiving end of those punches you heard, I have to tell you that it was just me getting ready for the match and calming myself down.

PW: Calming down? It sounded like you were beating someone against the ship wall.

Vixen ignores that comment as she looks at the camera, her head tilting a little to the left.

Vixen: Could I borrow him for a few minutes? Just to send a message to my opponent?

PW: I guess…

Vixen: Good, won’t be long.

Grasping the cameraman’s lapel, Vixen drags him towards the shadows.

At ringside, Simone and Adams just shake their heads.

Simone: This is a different side to Vixen. Parand Ara has certainly gotten under her skin.

Adams: I would love to get…

Simone: Don’t even think it or say it.

Justin: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

Surfer Boys start to play and the Surf Boys, Narly and Radical appear dressed in Bermuda shorts, sandals and holding surfboards under their arms. At their side is their 'manager' Melody Grace, dressed in a red one piece swimsuit and white t ala Baywatch. Narly and Radical turn around high fiving each other, and then Melody. They walk to the ring high fiving the fans and when they get to the ring, the Surf Boys throw the boards under the ropes and climbs in as the fans cheer and then hold the ropes for Melody.

Justin: Currently entering the ring, they are accompanied by Melody Grace! At a combined weight of 365 pounds, Narly and Radical ... the Surf Boys!

They put their boards in middle of the ring and jump on them "ring surfing" as the fans cheer.

Justin: And their opponents!

Let's fake an answer for the curious
Let's fake it all for the fame
They'll think delivering was easy
Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies

Justin: Accompanied by Angel and Big B! At a combined weight of 458 pounds, teaming together for the first time, the son and father combination of Despayre and Synn!

The dark beat of "Opticon" by Orgy drums out across the ship. The crowd cheers in anticipation as out onto the stage, along with Big B, steps Synn himself, clad in an ankle-length trench coat of black leather and his trademark metallic red shades. At his side is a jubilant and energetic Despayre who holds Angel in his hands and he bounces all over the stage and around Synn.

Adams: I'd say Despy is excited about this match, wouldn't you?

Simone: I can imagine so. He's teaming with his father, after all. I could be mistaken but this might be one of the very first father and son tag team matches in wrestling history.

Message from Opticon
Blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time

The fans cheer as Despayre holds 'Angel' up in the air to let 'him' bask in the cheers too, and they then start to move along the entry aisle, and closer towards the ring. Despayre holds back personally but allows the fans to 'high five' Angel's paws as Big B too slaps a few hands. Synn, however, is all business and heads straight for the ring. Arriving at ringside, Despayre runs over to where his mother and grandma are seated in front row and hugs both women before hurrying back. He slides "Angel" into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope himself. Synn jumps up onto the ring apron and vaults over the top rope and into the ring, as Big B climbs through the ropes himself.

On the opposite side of the ring, Melody waves 'hello' enthusiastically to Despayre who smiles and waves back. Referee Jacob Summers then steps up and begins to check the athletes, beginning with Synn.

Adams: With trunks as small as what Synn wears, where's he going to hide a foreign object? ... Forget I asked that.

The official finishes checking all four wrestlers and calls for the start. Melody climbs to the outside, as does Big B who Despayre passes Angel to. Radical climbs out to the apron, and after a smiling nod from Despayre, Synn does the same. Jacob turns and calls for the bell.


Despayre bounces around as Narly moves in. The two men then lock up and immediately Narly grabs Despayre into a side headlock and pulls him back towards his corner. Before he can reach Radical, the smaller Despayre squirms free and laughs, wagging a finger at his friend and opposition.

Simone: We heard what the Surf Boys wanted to do from their promo, isolate Despayre and try to keep Synn from tagging in. They just tried to start right there.

Adams: Yeah but it didn't work. That's the bad thing about talking strategy during promos. Anybody can read them.

Simone: You mean watch them.

Adams: Meh. You say beer, I say lager.

Narly looks to Radical and then turns back to Despayre and they lock up again. This time Narly grabs Despayre by the arm and twists it into an arm wringer. Narly again drags Despayre over to his corner and this time he manages to hold on and successfully tag Radical into the ring. Despayre struggles to free himself as Radical climbs up to the top while Narly holds him by the arm. Radical jumps off for an axe handle blow, but Despayre dodges it by somersaulting over. Despayre then spins around in the arm wringer and kips up, bringing Narly over with a monkey flip. The crowd applauds as Despayre grabs Radical by the arm and goes to send him into the ropes but Radical reverses it and Despayre comes off, knocking Radical down with a dropkick. Radical scrambles to return to his feet but Despayre runs off the ropes again and hits him with a second dropkick, followed up by a third.

Adams: Despy's not letting Radical recover at all.

Despayre quickly covers Radical and hooks the near leg.

Radical shoots his shoulder up.

Despayre grabs him by the arm and pulls him up and twists his arm into an arm wringer, then grabs him in a headlock. Radical fends him off, sending him off into the ropes and the two collide in a shoulder tackle that sends both men staggering back a few steps. Despayre darts off into the ropes and Radical tries to catch him but Despayre ducks under and rebounds off the ropes. Radical turns around and Despayre jumps, grabs him by the head and plants him face first with a spinning horizontal bulldog.

Adams: That rattled his brains I bet.

Simone: Shampoo instructions could rattle the Surf Boys's brains.

Rather than go for the pin, Despayre grabs Radical and pulls him over to his corner and the crowd cheers as he tags his dad into the match.

Adams: Yes. This is what I want to see. It's been years since Synn's wrestled!

Simone: It's not what Radical wanted to see. Look.

Radical fought and struggled until he got free from Despayre's grip and he runs over and tags Narly into the ring as Synn steps through the ropes.

Simone: Neither Surf Boy sounded enthused about stepping into the ring with Synn but it doesn't look like they have much of a choice.

Narly looks down at Melody who shrugs and he reluctantly steps into the ring, holding one hand in front of his 'goods' and the other over his backside while watching Synn warily.

Adams: Protecting the packaging. Very smart move.

Simone: Only you would ever say something those two twits ever did was smart.

Narly slowly walks up to 'Despy dad' and holds a hand out, offering a handshake. Synn looks at it without an expression, and then extends his own hand. No sooner do they clasp hands than Synn lashes out, delivering a hard boot to Narly's stomach.

Adams: Well we all knew that Synn wasn't a saint coming into this match.

Synn then sends Narly into the near corner with enough force that it causes him to stagger out and Synn floors him with a stiff clothesline. Narly's eyes are wide open and he shakes the cobwebs as the much larger Synn grabs him and plows him back into the near corner. Synn drives him shoulder into Narly's stomach three times and then lays in a hard forearm to the chest that almost knocks the Surf Boy to his backside.

Simone: Look at Despayre's face. I think even he's a little surprised by how intense his father is inside of the ring.

Synn grabs Narly and Irish whips him into the ropes. He ducks down for a back body drop but Narly tries a counter, turning around, but the move flipped Narly overhead and the Surf Boy accidentally rolled Synn up into an unorthodox pin.

Synn kicks out.

Adams: Oh that would have been embarrassing!

Simone: I think Narly surprised himself with that. He doesn't know how to follow up.

Synn gets to his feet with an angry look on his face. Narly runs off of the ropes and Synn swings wildly but the Surf Boy ducks under the blow, rebounds off the ropes and runs right into a big boot. Synn grabs him and peels him up off the canvas. Synn lifts him for a back suplex but Narly lands on his feet and jumps on Synn's wide back, grabbing him in a sleeper.

Simone: Did Narly just actually pull off a legitimate wrestling counter?

Adams: I know, I'm as surprised as you are.

This does not last as Synn turns his back to his corner and runs Narly right into it, crushing him beneath his near 280 plus pounds. Synn tags Despayre and body slams Narly while his son goes up top. Despayre jumps for a back senton but Narly has the presence of mind (!?) to roll out of the way and Despayre hits the mat hard on his back.

Adams: Oh bad mistake there by Despy.

Simone: This is the opening the Surf Boys need. If they want to isolate Despayre away from Synn, this is their opportunity.

Narly grabs Despayre by the foot and drags him over to his corner and tags Radical into the ring. Both Surf Boys send Despayre into the ropes with an Irish whip and they greet him with a double dropkick that knocks him silly. They then pull him up and bring Despayre up and over with a double vertical suplex as Synn and Big B both shout at Jacob to end the double teaming!

Simone: this is indeed where the Surf Boys may actually have the advantage in the match. They are an experienced tag team and Despayre has never before tamed with Synn.

Narly quickly climbs out of the ring at Jacob's admonishing and Radical snapmares Despayre over, then runs off of the ropes and careens into him with a baseball sliding dropkick. Radical covers Despayre, hooking the leg.

Despayre kicks out.

Radical tags Narly back in and the two Irish whip Despayre into the far corner. Radical grabs his partner's arm and sends him right into the corner, back splashing Despayre. Despayre sinks down to his butt and Radical runs in and somersault sentons into the seated Despayre's prone body. Synn starts to step inside but Jacob rushes over, stopping him.

Simone: We all know Synn's temper! I can't imagine how pissed he's being at this happening to his son!

Radical rolls outside and Narly pulls Despayre from the corner by the foot and covers him.

Despayre gets his shoulder up.

Narly pulls him up and sends him into the ropes, but on the rebound Despayre jumps and brings Narly over with a Hurricanrana, sitting on his chest in the cover.

Narly kicks out.

Despayre tries to crawl over to tag Synn but Narly grabs his foot and pulls him back to his corner and tags Radical again.

Simone: I am surprised by how well the Surf Boys's plan to cut Despayre off from his father has worked so far.

Narly holds Despayre in a front facelock as Radical climbs up to the top and brings a double axe handle down into Despayre's hurt back. Despayre sinks down and Radical grabs him by the legs and turns him over into a Boston crab.

Simone: He's got the Boston crab locked in. This could be over.

Adams: Now can we actually call it a 'Boston' crab since we're technically not in Massachusetts? ... What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Jacob is asking Despayre if he wants to give up but Despayre shakes his head no fiercely. Despayre reaches for the ropes but is in the center of the ring. He then pushes himself up on his forearms and tucks his head down and rolls out of the crab, rolling Radical up into a cover.

Radical kicks out.

Despayre again tries to get to his corner but Radical grabs him and pulls him back to his corner as Despayre cries out in alarm. Radical tags Narly and the two Surf Boys send Despayre into the near corner but Despayre jumps up to the middle turnbuckle and jumps, double drop kicking Narly and Radical both! The crowd cheers as Despayre scrambles over and jumps, tagging Synn in!

Adams: And heeeere we go!

Simone: And daddy dearest looks pissed!

But before Synn can step fully into the ring, both Surf Boys run over and grab him by the arms, pulling him the rest of the way in. They Irish whip Synn into the ropes and link hands for a double clothesline, but Synn ducks, rebounds and brings them down with his own double clothesline!

Simone: Synn damn near took the heads off both Narly and Radical!

Synn pulls the two up and sends them into the ropes again with a double whip and he attempts a second double clothesline but Narly and Radical duck, rebound off of the ropes themselves, and they fell the big man with a double dropkick! Radical grabs Synn by the arm and tries an Irish whip but Synn reverses it. radical comes off the ropes with a high cross body but Synn catches him! Narly runs up and jumps on his partner's back to attempt to help, but Synn catches him as well!

Simone: Look at that power display!

And Synn jumps drops them, dumping both Surf Boys to the mat and Narly is crushed under the weight of his own partner. Both Surf Boys roll around in pain and stagger to their feet against the ropes. Synn comes charging and clotheslines them both over the top and to the outside floor below! Synn stomps around the ring, yelling as Despayre jumps around on the apron in excitement. Narly and Radical slowly get to their feet on the outside and Synn sizes them up...

Simone: What is he planning to do?

The moment they stand up, Synn runs off of the ropes at top speed and dives over the top rope ala Mike Awesome and crashes into both Surf Boys! The crowd is on it's feet!


Adams: Holy shit!

Simone: A move like that from a 280 pounder!

Adams: Yes I heard Synn was a 'pounder'.

Simone: You sick mother fu..

Synn grabs Narly by the hair and rolls him back inside of the ring. He then grabs radical and throws him over the barricade and into the laps of the fans in the front row. Synn rolls inside of the ring and grabs Narly, pulling him off the mat. Synn sends him into the corner and charges in but Narly brings both feet up into his chest, sending Synn staggering back. Narly climbs to the middle turnbuckle and jumps off for a flying head scissors, but Synn catches him and drives him down with a powerbomb. Synn then displays his strength again by lifting Narly's dead weight and drives him down a second time. Synn peels him off the mat a third time and holds him high in the air before dropping him in a sit down powerbomb!

Simone: What a display of raw power!

Adams: I've known Synn longer than almost anyone and this guy is scary!

Narly lies motionless as Synn tags Despayre. 'Despy' climbs to the top and Synn grabs him and lends a helping hand, giving him an added boost as Despayre frog splashes Narly! Despayre remains atop of him and hooks the leg.


The bell rings!

Simone: And the father and son team have come out successful!

The fans cheer as Big B climbs into the ring and Despayre jumps into his father's arms, hugging him tightly.

Justin: Here are your winners ... Despayre and Synn!

The crowd cheers as Despayre drops from Synn's arms and Big B hands his buddy Angel. Melody and Radical climb into the ring to check on Narly who slowly recovers while the winners exit the ring and begin their trek back up the aisle.

Simone: I am receiving something…Seems Vixen has the cameraman backstage and she has a message for Parand.

The image of Vixen can be seen sitting on the prow of the boat, legs swinging in the air like she hasn’t a care in the world. Dressed in what looks like fatigues with her hair pulled back into a braid Vixen looks like she is ready for a battle.

Vixen: Parand Ara, tonight we go to war. Tonight the two of us are going to tear into each other like there is going to be no tomorrow. For one of us, that might just be fact. Tonight we are in a last woman standing match. It isn’t for gold and it isn’t because we want to kill each other. This war is about respect, something you need to learn when it comes to me. I don’t have an agenda when it comes to the bombshells of Sin City Wrestling. Sure I am two thirds away from the first ever grandslam championship but more than that, I am a veteran of the squared circle that has paid her dues and worked her way up the ranks. Unlike a certain bigot who thinks that because she is representative of the Muslim womanhood ideal, she should have respect given to her just because.

Vixen closes her eyes, sniffing at the breeze that is ruffling her bangs slightly.

Vixen: I can smell it Parand. The warm wind is calling for revenge. It is whispering at me, telling me that tonight I am going to be spilling your blood. Tonight Parand, I will BEAT respect into you.

Vixen swings her legs over the railing and lightly drops to the deck. Taking one last look at the camera, her smile gets more sadistic.

Vixen: And there is nothing you can do about saving yourself.

Snapping off an abrupt salute, Vixen passes the cameraman who turns to film her walking towards the area where the ring has been set up.

The scene fades in to Drake Green's state room. He is sitting on the bed, wearing black Nike gym shorts and tall, almost knee high, black socks. Max, wearing a black suit and a blue shirt with an open collar is standing in the corner of the room as the SCW staff doctor is looking over Drake's rib area.

Doc: I gotta say, Drake. I'm very impressed. You can't even tell where the bruising was.

Drake: That's good news right?

Doc: I'd say so. Let me just see. Does this hurt?

The doctor pokes pretty hard a few times at the ribs on the right side of Drake's body.

Drake: Not at all.

Doc: Great! Looks like we're all set here.

Drake: Sounds good, Doc.

Doc: Hopefully I won't have to see you after the match.

He smiles and Drake forces out an awkward smile back at him.

Doc: Good luck tonight!

Drake: Thanks.

Max walks over to walk the doctor out and close the door behind him.

Max: Thanks again, Dr. I appreciate you coming by.

Doc: My pleasure.

The two men shake hands as the doctor walks out and Max closes the door. He turns back to Drake and smiles.

Drake: FUCK! Why the fuck did he have to poke so hard?

Max: Still hurts huh?

Drake: Yeah. Real funny.

Max: It's not too late to cancel.

Drake: Not gonna happen.

Max: Just doing my job as your trainer, D. Giving you your options.

Drake: I know.

Drake stands up and starts to pull out his gear from black duffel bag.

Drake: So what do you think?

Max: I think you've got a good shot. You gotta keep your ribs covered but other than that there is no reason why you can't take this home.

Drake pulls on his long blue wrestling tights.

Drake: No matter what happens, I just wanted to say thanks, Maxy.

Max: You don't have to thank me, D.

Drake: No I do. Six months ago I was wasting away, getting hammered in a strip club every day. Look at where we are now. I couldn't have done this with out you. I mean that.

Max: It's been a pleasure, D. It really has. But I have to ask. What happens if you don’t win tonight? What happens if you lose?

Drake: Maxy…you know that-

Max cuts him off.

Max: I don’t know shit, D. The only thing for sure I know is that one day I ain’t gonna wake up in the morning. I need to know that if you go out there tonight and you give it your all and it doesn’t end up going our way…I need to know you’re gonna be ok.

Drake: Maxy-

Max cuts him off again.

Max: I’m serious, D. I need to know.

Drake: I’m gonna be ok. We’ll soldier on. Like we always do.

Max: Good ‘cause I-

Interrupting Max, Barry bursts through the door. His ear length blonde hair is a mess, his white button down shirt is half un-tucked and his gray blazer is all wrinkled.

Drake: What the fuck happened to you?

Barry: Where’s the toilet?

Max: You ok?

Barry grabs Max by the shirt color.

Barry: Where’s the fucking toilet?!

Max: Over there, dammit man.

Barry runs over to the bathroom and flings open the door. He drops to his knees and shoves his head inside the toilet bowl.


Max: Geez, Barry. You ok?

Barry: Do I look like I am fucking ok?! I hate these cruise ships! Never again! You hear me you two assholes?! Never again! Oh….oh no… AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLAAAAAAFFFFFFF!

Max turns back to Drake.

Max: I guess he can’t handle the boat.

Drake: I guess not.

Max: Listen. I’m proud of you. No matter what happens.

Drake: I know.

Max: No matter what.

Drake: Don’t worry about me, Maxy. I’m good. But to be honest, I’m winning that fucking belt.


Drake and Max laugh as they both walk over to see if Barry needs any help.

Backstage, the curtains fly open and a jubilant Despayre pops through with Angel and Big B, followed at once by Despayre. Standing there to greet them are Gabriel and Odette Ryder. Despayre hurriedly hugs Gabriel who has his eyes right on Synn and shaking his head in impressed disbelief.

Gabriel: What was that? I mean....

Synn smiles at Gabriel. Tapping on the shoulder

Synn: That is why you're as good as you are.

Synn smiles again at Gabriel and walks away

Justin: The following contest is a last bombshell standing match. Introducing first...

Dale Oliver's "Arabic Dancer" begins to play over the speakers of the building and the crowd boos as the Syrian Bombshell, Parand Ara, steps out onto the top of the stage with supreme confidence.

Justin: From Damascus, Syria, weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds, she is Parand Ara!

She looks out at the fans briefly with obvious indifference towards their scorn and she begins her calm walk down toward the ring. If any hands reach out toward her, she pulls away, not desiring to be touched by the 'pigs' in the crowd. She arrives at ringside where she slowly climbs up the steps and enters between the top and middle ropes. She slowly removes her outer abaya and passes it to a ringside attendant before turning to wait for her opponent.

Justin: And her opponent....

The throbbing beat of You're Going Down by Sick Puppies is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring.

Justin: From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and twenty eight pounds, she is Vixen!

Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.


As the bell rings, Vixen immediately charges at Parand and knocks her through the ropes with a spear, both bombshells tumbling to to floor.

Simone: Vixen not wasting time.

Adams: There's no countouts in this one. This match can end anywhere.

Vixen lands on top of Parand, drilling her on top of the head. Vixen gets to her feet, anger on her face. She pulls Parand back to her feet and takes the Syrian by the wrist and throws her against the ring barricades. Parand lands hard and Vixen charges at her, diving down with another spear, driving Parand through the barricades!

Adams: Holy macerony!

The fans chant "Holy shit." in disbelief as both ladies lay in the crowd, the fans moving away from them as they lay. Drew looks at the two and starts to count both ladies down.


Vixen rolls to her stomach.


Parand also gets on her stomach, pushing herself to her knees. Drew continues the count for Vixen.


Vixen gets to her knees and Drew stops the count. Parand get to get feet first, but as Vixen gets to hers, Parand takes her down with a droptoe hold, sending the Canadian falling face first in to an empty seat. The crowd boo as Parand gets to her feet and Vixen crawls. Parand steps back and plants a solid boot in the ribs of Vixen, sending her rolling over and crawling towards the steps leading up. Parand let's Vixen get to her feet, before grabbing a drink from someone in the crowd and hitting Vixen in the head with it, sending drink flying in to Vixen's eyes. Parand charges at Vixen, lifting her off of her feet and ramming her backwards in to the step. Parand steps back and kicks Vixen hard in the chest. The crowd boo as Parand pulls Vixen up, pulling her up the steps leading up a deck. Slamming her head against the rail.

Adams: These two are not keeping it in the ring.

On the deck above, through the fans on the top deck, Parand continues to lay shots in to Vixen's head.

Adams: They thought they were in the cheap seats and now they're involved.

Vixen stumbles away, but Parand charges at her but Vixen ducks her head, lifting Parand over with a backbody drop, dropping her on the hard deck at the top of the steps. Parand's head lays over the top step and Vixen viciously stomps on it. Vixen leans down, putting an elbow in to the top of Parand's head, forcing Parand's neck back.

Simone: There's a vicious side to Vixen we haven't seen before.

Vixen gets to the top of the steps, pulling Parand to her feet and leading her to a jacuzzi, that's been cornered off. Vixen slams Parand's head on the barricade before throwing her through it, the wooden planks making up the blockade, snapping in two. Parand crawls, but Vixen drops down to her knees, alongside Parand and grabs her head, thrusting it under the jacuzzi water!

Adams: Ok, this is getting a little crazy.

Vixen holds Parand's head under the water, causing concern from Drew Patton, he yells at Vixen, but she ignore him. Drew looks concerned.

Adams: Parand's been under that water for a while now.

Vixen pulls Parand's head up, yelling at her for a few seconds, before putting her head under the water again!

Simone: Ok, someone might have to come out here and stop this.

Vixen holds Parand under the water again, but Drew steps in. Drew grabs hold of Vixen's arm, but Vixen pushes Drew away.

Adams: We do need this stopped.

Drew gets up, trying to pull Vixen off again, but Vixen holds on. From out of nowhere, Spike Staggs appears, calling after Vixen. Vixen turns her head, the distraction just enough to allow Drew to pull Vixen off. Drew reaches for Parand's head, pulling it out of the water, while Vixen gets to her feet, looking at Spike.

Simone: Spike could have saved that ladies life there.

Spike and Vixen argue, while Parand shakes her head, the water dripping from her hood. Spike tries to calm Vixen down, his hands on her shoulders, talking to her but Vixen turns around. Vixen moves to Parand, but Parand sweeps her off her feet, sending Vixen's head crashing backwards on to the wooden decks. Parand jumps in the air and crashes a hard boot on to the top of Vixen's head, crushing her head between wood and leather. Drew steps in, ordering Spike away from the action as Parand pulls Vixen up, hitting her hard in the jaw and knocking her backwards towards a door. Parand opens the door and throws Vixen through, to a catering area.

Adams: Can someone bring me back some pigs in blankets? Pretty please

A table of food is seen set up as the two end up nearby, Vixen stumbles near the table, but Parand stays on the attack, striking Vixen and sending her sitting on the table. Parand comes close but Vixen cuts her off with a shot to the chin, Vixen moves down and grabs a silver platter with some kind of meat on it. She swings the platter around and nails Parand in the head.

Adams: I hope that wasn't pork, or someone's getting sued.

Parand stumbles away but Vixen stands up, nailing her again on the head with the silver platter. The sound echos around the catering area. Vixen grabs Parand by the head and throws her on the table. Vixen takes Parand, and runs her along the table, sending things flying and crashing. Vixen stops short of a big silver coffee urn.

Simone: I smell justice.

Vixen smiles, grabbing Parand by the head and driving her face first in to the hot urn! Parand screams out in pain. She rolls off the table, but Vixen picks her off the floor and rams her face first in to the coffee pot again. Parand howls in pain as she falls away, but grabs something from the table as she does.

Simone: What's Parand got?

Adams: Probably one of those mini sandwiches. Those things are out of this world.

As Vixen bends down, Parand lifts up a coffee cup and nails the former bombshell champion right in the head, shattering it everywhere. Vixen falls to the floor, a cut appearing on her head.

Simone: Vixen's bleeding.

Parand stands up, looking at the bleeding Vixen and pulls her to her knees. She puts Vixen between her legs and gets ready for a powerbomb. She lifts Vixen up and drives her through the table, breaking the table in pieces! Drew looks down at starts his count.


Vixen lays motionless.


Vixen starts to stir, pushing things out of the way.


Vixen gets to her knees, pulling herself through the wreckage, slowly getting to her knees. Drew stops his count and Parand pulls Vixen to her feet, slamming her head against the wall before throwing her through a door. Chef's turn around in surprise as they see the two brawlers in one of the many kitchens on board. People turn around as Vixen lands against a cupboard, and Parand charges at her, clotheslining her against it. As Vixen stumbles out, Parand picks up a plate and slams it down on the back of Vixen, shattering it. Vixen falls forward and starts to craw through the kitchen, but Parand followers her and kicks her in the back. Vixen rolls over, sitting up with her back against an oven. Parand steps back and charges at Vixen, jumping through the air with a knee aimed towards Vixen's head, but Vixen rolls out of the way and Parand drives her knee in to the oven, denting it with the impact!

Adams: Boy are we gonna get one hell of a bill for this trip!

Vixen springs to her feet, grabbing a frying pan from the top of the oven and slamming it down across Parada's head, sending her crashing to the floor!

Simone: Vixen's really showing off a new side here.

Parand lays flat out on the floor and Drew starts to count.


Parand starts to stir.

Adams: I see what you did there, kitchen, pan, stir.

Simone: What?

Parand sits back up, her hand gripping the oven door, but Vixen pulls on the door and brings it down on Parand's head. Parand falls backwards, but Vixen pulls her back up, slamming her head on to a wall before throwing her in to a big metal door. Vixen follows Parand out on to the side of the deck, but Parand, sticks a thumb in Vixen's eye and charges her towards a pole, with a life preserver ring on top of it. Parand rams Vixen's head in to it and watches the former bombshell, tag team and current ACW woman's champion, fall to the floor. Parand takes the life preserver from the pole and waits behind Vixen. Vixen gets to her feet and Parand lifts the life preserver in the air, pulling it down over Vixen's upper body, trapping her arms in the ring. Vixen struggles to get it off, but Parand mocks Vixen, by picking a punch and catching Vixen on the jaw. Parand moves around, faking a punch to mock Vixen, but quickly drills her with a sharp shot, and knocking Vixen down. Parand puts her boot on Vixen's bloodied head and pushes down. Vixen kicks her legs in the air as she struggles to get free. Parada pulls her foot off and moves to the side of Vixen. Parand grabs hold of Vixen's long hair and pulls her to her feet, but as soon as she gets to her feet, Vixen nails Parand with a vicious headbutt!

Simone: Headbutt! Where did that come from?

Adams: It comes from tightening your neck muscles and swinging your head forward in a short, sharp motion.

Parand falls to the floor, and Vixen struggles to get the life preserver off, but with the help of Drew, the preserver ring falls to the floor. Vixen leans down, picking up the preserver ring and lifts it in the air and slams it down on Parand's head with vicious force! Parand hit the the deck and Vixen stumbles back, leaning against a wall. Vixen breathes heavy and looks at Parand, as Parand uses the rail, overlooking the ocean, to pull herself back up. Vixen stands straight against the wall and looks at Parand before charging at her and clotheslines Parand over the side of the boat! The force taking Vixen over the side!

Simone: Oh my god!

Adams: Woman overboard!

Simone: Someone check they're ok!

The camera moves over the side to see both Parand and Vixen inside a life boat, ten feet below the side of the deck, both laying on top of a blue cover. Drew looks down and starts to count.


Neither bombshell moves.


Still neither move.


Vixen starts to stir, pulling her arm over the side of the side of the life boat. Parand lays still.


Vixen pulls herself to her feet, wobbling around.



Justin: The winner of the match.... VIXEN!

Simone: Vixen has done it! She's overcome her biggest rival!

Adams: It took her a lot of blood sweat and tears for her to do it.

Vixen climbs the ladder, pulling herself on the deck. Drew raises her hand in the air as Parand lays motionless in the life boat.

The crowd is excited and the boat is practically rocking as everyone is anxious to see what will happen next. The Angels of the Fallen don't disappoint as they come stepping from the backstage area. Darknyss looks like she's gotten into the spirit as she's dressed in a light blue shiny bikini with a flowered sarong around her hips, and a flowered lai around her neck. She's waving to the crowd and grinning from ear to ear as she hula's down the ramp to the beat to their theme music... which just seems kind of weird and creepy. Gothika and Raynin are decked out in their ring attire and are basically silent as they glare around at the crowd, holding their Bombshell Tag Team Championship belts high. They climb into the ring and Darknyss signals for their music to be cut short and grabs a mic from a stage hand, bringing it to her lips.

Darknyss: "You will have to excuse my friends tonight... They're not in a very talkative mood, as they have their minds set on one thing, and one thing only... and that is the complete and utter destruction of their opponents."

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as some people boo, some people cheer, and some people start chanting, 'We Want Action!!' Darknyss keeps the sacchirinely sweet grin on her face and ignores the crowd as she continues to speak.

Darknyss: "Now, We normally don't come out here and run our mouths off like some of our... quote, unquote, "esteemed colleagues" do. And that is because we're all firm believers in it's our actions that define us... not our words. People mock us... they belittle us... they try to keep us down because quite frankly, they just don't understand us. They think that we do what we do as a game... or that it's makebelieve and pretend, or we're playing dress up... And I know it's because their close mindedness and ignorance just can't seem to wrap their feeble minds around the fact that... well, monsters are real. They do exist, and they're all around us every day."

The crowd's negative reactions keep going, as the booing becomes louder along with the chants of 'We Want Action!', but Darknyss keeps ignoring them, holding up a hand and just speaking louder.

Darknyss: "In fact, we all have a little bit of monster in us... Some just more than others... Some just different types of monsters... We've just accepted our monsters, and are using them to our advantage. Some have tried to say that it's unfair.... that Gothika has an unfair advantage because her fangs can be used as a weapon, and Raynin has an unfair advantage because she has a license to kill, and can choose to use it, anyplace and at any time... But these are things that can't be changed. Raynin can't stop being a marine and doing her civic duty... Sure she's on inactive duty now, but she's given her time, her energy, her body, mind and soul to protecting our great country... the U. S. of A!!! And she's getting faulted for being partiotic and saving our rights and freedoms? How wrong is that??!!! And Gothika... she can't stop being a vampire... Her fangs are not fakes she can just take out and put back in on a whim... They weren't purchased at the 99 cents store and glow in the dark..."

Gothika hisses, baring her fangs which slowly elongate as everyone is watching. Her eyes lighten from their normal dark brown to an eerie almost glowing ice blue. There's an audible gasp throughout the crowd and people go a bit quieter.

Darknyss: "Her fangs can't be removed like some part of a costume. This isn't a trick... and yet we've been called fakes and charlatains... And told that we should relinquish our titles... Because if... IF we are what we say we are... then we have an unfair physical advantage over everyone else in the division... So my question is... which is it? Either we are what we are, and we should lose, or we are lying, and we should lose... What's the logic in that?"

The crowd is strangely silent for the first time since the trio of Angels stepped into the ring. Darknyss lifts a finger and cocks her head to the side.

Darknyss: "There is no logic in what they're saying, it's simply fear... Fear in knowing that the Angels of the Fallen are the most dominant force in this company... We have ripped through any and every obstacle that has been put before us and tonight... TONIGHT will be no exception. Tonight, I will accompany my two sisters from other misters down to this very ring, and cheer them on as I watch them prove once again just why we are the best of the best in this company. We will stand in this ring and face off against 2 of the most intensely competitive Bobmshells in the Sin City Wrestling, and we will put them down, just like the rest!"

The crowd erupts in cheers and chants of "Misty! Misty! Misty!" and 'Odette! Odette! Odette!' and 'Raynin! Gothika! Raynin! Gothika! Raynin! Gothika!' and Darknyss stands there for a minute, letting the crowd calm down on it's own before she speaks again.

Darknyss: "That's right... We will take on two fan favorites... The Queen of the Damned herself, Misty and the Future Mrs. Gabriel, Odette Ryder. And I have to say... I was confused as to why Christian decided to put them in a tag team together when they simply couldnt' stand each other... But then, it dawned on me... They'd tried just about every other combination of Bombshells, even pairing these two up with other people, and watched us decimate our competition, over and over again. And we all know that the Powers that Be simply don't want us holding onto these titles much longer... They've been trying to get them off of us since we won them. And they've finally gotten so desperate that they will put two people who hate each other and will probably try to kill each other once they're in the ring with one another in an attempt to stop us from keeping these titles... well, I say this..."

Darknyss motions for the cameraman to zoom in on her friend's faces and then her own.

Darknyss: "We don't care what you throw at us... You could throw a tap dancing cow wearing a tutu at us, and it still wouldn't matter... Oh... wait... you've already done that when you put Misty in this match.... Back to my point... It still wouldn't matter because we will destroy anyone and everyone you put in our way. Let them take the titles from us... We dare for them to do it... Because if they do, they will bring down a righteous fury the likes of which has never been seen before, right on their heads! You see... what we've done in this company so far has been small potatoes... We've been playing it nice and sweet... Even while whoopin' everybody's asses, we've still not let our monsters take over. But we've decided that as of now, things change... and the kid gloves come off, and they won't be going back on."

Darknyss's jaw clenches and her nostrils flare as you can finally see the barely contained emotions on her face.

Darknyss: "As of tonight... The monsters come out to play... And the women in the Bombshell Division have just officially become our playthings. Win, lose, or draw... all of you can expect one thing from us... And that is to be put through an exorbitant amout of pain... And for those of you who don't understand my 32 dollar words, exorbitant means extremely highly priced... So, call this a warning... Call it being put on notice... Call it a proclaimation from the highest authority... We don't care how you put it as long as you know... You're all getting One Way Tickets to Painville... And there are no refunds."

Darknyss steps back and looks at her friends, and they all smile evilly. Darknyss grabs their hands and lifts them high, and her two friends hold up the Tag Team Title belts aloft as their music hits.

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area; she pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere.

Justin: The following Triple Threat match is scheduled for one fall and if for the SCW Bombshell Championship! Introducing first, she is the reigning and defending SCW Bombshell Champion Roxi Johnson!

Simone: Since beating Misty for the Bombshell Championship Roxi has faced some tough competition but has beaten them all!

Adams: And now she faces possible her toughest test to date, Alexis Morrison and Amy Marshall!

She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Justin: Introducing the challengers….

Lights go off throughout the arena as music from Damage by Fit for Rivals plays on the sound speaker. The light scopes start searching seats and the entire arena looking for Alexis Morrison, she finally emerges from the upper bottom bleachers wearing her wrestling attire looking around before walking down the stairs meeting a series of boos coming from everywhere, she reaches near the barricade and flashes a smirk to the cameras then jumps over.

Justin: First, from Santa Monica, California, Alexis Morrison!

Simone: Since she made her return a few weeks ago Alexis has made it clear that she wants the Bombshell Championship!

Adams: I don’t normally say this about a Bombshell match but I don’t envy the ref!

Morrison slides her hand through her locks and climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring, where she goes to the far corner and props herself on the turnbuckle ropes, she glares at Roxi who tries to get a jump start on the action but is stopped by Jacob Summers.

Simone: I have to agree! Roxi definitely wants to get her hands on Alexis for all the attacks she’s inflicted on Roxi these past few weeks.

As Jacob tries to restore order the opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa.

Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for the match to begin and Jacob signals for the bell.

Simone: And here we go!

Adams: This is going to be good!

As soon as the bell rings Alexis and Roxi immediately start brawling with each other apparently completely ignoring the presence of Amy in the match, this quickly changes though as Amy has enough of them ignoring her and subsequently head-butt’s them together, Roxi rolls out of the ring whilst Amy follows it up with a Reverse DDT.

Simone: That’s one way to get attention.

Adams: And the first pin of the match.

Amy goes for a pin on Alexis


Kickout by Alexis, Amy doesn’t let up however as she forces Alexis to her feet and hits her with a knee to her exposed stomach followed up by a Snap DDT and another cover 1….2….Roxi dives in and breaks it up just in time! Roxi starts brewing with Amy and they eventually reach the ropes trading blows with each other.

Simone: Now the champ and the challenger are going at it!

Adams: But don’t forget about Alexis!

Alexis is back on her feet and charges at the other two Bombshells trying to gain an advantage over them, Roxi sees her coming and ducks under Alexis’s attempted clothesline but Amy isn’t so lucky as the clothesline sends both challengers to the floor, Roxi waits for them to get to their feet and when they do Roxi gets a running start before hitting them both with an over the ropes suicide dive!

Simone: What great action we’ve had in this match!

Adams: And it’s only going to get hotter…..something it shares with the heat and the Bombshells!

Roxi is the first Bombshell to get back to her feet and she rolls Alexis into the ring, she follows her in and goes for a cover 1….2….kickout by Alexis! Roxi just shakes her head rather than argue with Jacob about it and goes to the top rope looking for a move of some kind; however Amy’s back on her feet and shoves the Bombshell Champion off of the top rope to the floor!

Simone: Ouch! Roxi took a nasty fall there!

Adams: And Amy’s back in the match!

Amy climbs the top rope and leaps hitting Alexis with a hurricanrana once she’s on her feet! Amy holds on for the pin


Alexis reverses it into a pin off her own!


Kickout by Amy! Alexis pounds the matt in frustration before turning her attention to Amy and going for a suplex…..

Simone: Violent Disregard! I can’t remember the last time Alexis used that move!

Adams: And here’s a cover!


Amy kicks out at literally the last second, Alexis is furious now and she gets in Jacob’s face accusing him of biased officiating, Jacob’s having none of it however and orders Alexis to focus on the match only for her to not listen to him…..until Amy surprises her with a roll-up 1….2….which is subsequently broken up by Roxi!

Simone: What a timely recovery by Roxi! She may have just saved herself the title!

Adams: And I don’t think the fans want this match to end!

Jason is right as there are several dueling Alexis, Amy and Roxi chants from the crowd as the three Bombshells start a three-way brawl, eventually Alexis is able to duck under a wild right hand by Roxi and goes to hit her with her Mask of Death finisher but Roxi sees it coming and ducks under it….leaving Amy to take the finisher instead!

Simone: Amy just got flattened by the Mask of Death!

Adams: But Alexis isn’t going for the cover! Does she want to actually beat the champ to win the title?

Amy rolls out of the ring whilst the other two Bombshells go back and forth for a few minutes, eventually Alexis is able to duck under one right hand from Roxi which ends up catching Jacob instead knocking him loopy, Alexis seizes the opportunity and locks in the Bloody Tears on Roxi!

Simone: Bloody Tears! And Roxi is tapping out!

Adams: But there’s no ref to see it!

Alexis lets go after a few minutes and tries to revive Jacob so that she can lock it in again and win the title, however since her back is turned she doesn’t see a fan jumping the barricade and entering the ring!

Simone: Where the hell is security!?

Adams: Don’t they remember the last time a fan jumped the barricade? Jason Burnside returned!

The fan, who’s face is covered with a hood but is clearly a woman, charges in and hits Alexis with, off all things, the Run Like Hell Bulldog!

Simone: That’s Roxanne’s finisher!

Adams: Does that mean?

The fan removes her hood revealing it to be Roxanne herself, the crowd goes crazy at the site of the controversial Bombshell as she quickly leaves the ring as Jacob and Roxi are getting to their feet.

Simone: I don’t believe it! Roxanne may have just cost Alexis the title!

Adams: And Roxi’s going up high!

Roxi has climbed the turnbuckle and signals for the end before leaping……and hitting Roxanne with a suicide dive!

Simone: It’s pretty clear that Roxi has realized what just happened!

Adams: And she’s not happy about it!

Roxi, despite her clear reservations about the finish, climbs back in the ring and locks in the Justice Lock on Alexis! Alexis screams in pain as she tries to break free but can’t and is eventually forced to tap out to the submission hold!

Justin: Your winner by submission and STILL SCW Bombshell Champion Roxi Johnson!

Simone: What a match! Pity about the end though!

Adams: Does this mean that Roxanne wants a shot at Roxi?

Roxi leaves the ring whilst glaring at Roxanne and celebrates with her title.

The scene switches to backstage where Misty is standing outside her dressing room by herself. She is looking around, wondering where Ruby is. She has a very impatient look on her face and is about to leave, when she spots Ruby down the hall, heading towards her.

Misty: There you are! I was about to head to the ring by myself. Jesus, you're covered in blood. How is Max?

Misty looks to Ruby's shirt, and indeed, there are several blood stains, as Ruby helped Max backstage following his match. Ruby looks down to her shirt, not even realizing the blood was there.

Ruby: He is okay for now. The medics are cleaning him up right now. I didn't even notice the blood on my shirt. I'll go change real quick.

Misty: You better hurry up, my match is coming up and I have to get out there.

Ruby: Of course.

Ruby then quickly disappears into Misty's dressing room to go change her shirt. Misty stands outside, waiting patiently, when who should walk up to her but backstage reporter, and thorn in Misty's side, Pussy Willow. The busty blonde has an eager smile on her face, though Misty doesn't return to smile.

Misty: You're a little late, don't you think? I'm heading out to the ring in just a minute.

PW: Good. Then you won't mind saying a quick few words before you leave.

Misty: I always mind, Miss Willow. What do you want?

PW: How are you feeling about teaming with Odette? Do you think you two will be able to get along long enough to win the titles?

Misty laughs and shakes her head.

Misty: Do you not pay attention to anything Miss Willow? I've made it quite clear over the last couple of weeks how I feel about teaming with Odette. But regardless of that fact, I think I'd like to see those two egotistical freaks, The Fallen, taken down much more than I hate Odette.

PW: So you're saying you're going to be on your best behavior out there and play nice with Odette?

Misty: No that is not what I'm saying.

Misty rolls her eyes.

Misty: I'm saying that, I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of beating the shit out of Raynin and Gothika and taking their titles. I'm saying that even if Odette pisses me off, which I know she will, I'm going to focus on what needs to be done and that is beating The Fallen. I'm saying...that I'm just a little pissed off right now, and that isn't a good sign for Raynin and Gothika. Do you understand? Or do I need to dumb it down a bit for your blonde brain to comprehend?

PW: No...I think I understand...But why the sudden change of heart? You've never been interested in the tag team titles before? Why now?

Misty: Why now? I'll tell you why now. It's because for months I've had to sit back and listen to The Fallen brag about how they are the best...about how they are the real leaders of the Bombshell Division and it makes me sick. They don't lead shit. They don't have people lining up to face them, do they? And it sure as hell isn't because they are scared of them. It is because nobody wants to face the Fallen. The Fallen don't challenge people to do their best...Misty does...Odette Ryder does. WE are who everyone wants to face.

Pussy Willow blinks, trying to take in every word Misty is saying.

Misty: Have you noticed what happened to the tag team division after The Fallen won it? Have you?

PW: Well...

Misty interrupts her before she can continue.

Misty: Nothing...Absolutely nothing happen. No one cared when they won the titles. Nobody gave a shit because the Fallen...They aren't exciting. The same thing happened when Roxi Johnson took the Bombshell Title from me. Odette and I...we are what makes this division, and regardless if we like each other, we'll prove that tonight. Why else do you think that the tag team championship match is the main event for the Bombshells tonight? It is because Misty and Odette are in it...

Just then Ruby walks back out of the dressing room with a clean shirt on. She spots Pussy Willow and growls.

Misty: Now...if you'll excuse me, Miss Willow. Ruby and I need to head out to the ring. Next time you see me, I'll be one half of the tag team champions.

Misty then shoves her way past Pussy Willow with Ruby following behind her.

Misty: You were a good luck charm for Max tonight, Ruby. Let's see if you can be mine as well.

Ruby doesn't respond, but follows obediently behind Misty as the two make their way to the deck and out to the ring.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen… The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCW BOMBSHELL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS… Introducing first, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing in at 130 pounds… Accompanied to the ring by Ruby, she is… MISSSSTY!!!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, the enigmatic figures of Misty and Ruby appear. Misty waits at the bottom of the steps as Ruby walks past her. She sits on the 2nd rope as Misty walks up the steps, then enters the ring with Ruby's assistance. Misty walks to the center of the ring, standing in between her disciples and holds her arms out. Ruby walks up behind her and removes Misty's robe, as their Queen looks around the crowd, smiling sadistically without a care. Misty's disciple bows to her leader, before exiting the ring, standing by the ring in support of her queen, as her music dies down and the lights return.

Justin Decent: And her partner… from Queensland Australia, standing at 5 feet 5inches and weighing in at 126 pounds, she is… OOODETTTTTE RYYYYYYYYDER!!!

“Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?” as the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. “Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me” as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette’s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette’s skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation. Her black ripped jeans hug so tightly to her glittery skin as the lighting in the arena slowly starts to return back to normal. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can’t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette’s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette’s piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her opponent as ‘Blood in my eyes’ fades from the Pa system.

Justin Decent: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 300 pounds, and led to the ring by Darknyss. They are the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions… Raynin, and Gothika… THE FALLEN!!!

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul

Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

The Sky
Will Break
Black Fire
Will Wake

Fly On Through The Night
We Built An Allience
Our Numbers Are Strong

We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools What Lunitics
They Must Think Of Us

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring.

But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight

Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackend Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain

Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk around opposite sides of the ring. Gothika slides under the bottom rope as Darknyss climbs up onto the edge of the apron and steps through the second rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and grabs the top rope and flips over the rope.

Dangerous Creatures
Those That Oppose Us
Raped All Their Power
Bartered With Warlocks
Cheated The Demons
For Ancient Spells
The Blackened Fire
Waits To Consume Us

Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Darknyss stands in the center of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding. Raynin and Gothika jump down and switch corners, trying to hype up the crowd before they jump down and stand beside Darknyss, waiting for the match to begin.


Odette and Misty reluctantly discuss in their corner exactly what they are going to do. After a brief moment, once they reach their decision, they are both smashed into the corner by a Body Avalanche from Raynin. Her and Gothika stomp away at the two Bombshells, grinding them into the corner. Raynin continues stomping away as Gothika backs up just a bit. Gothika dashes forward, landing a Dropkick to the opposing team as Raynin moves out of the way. On the outside, Darknyss shouts out in her approval. Raynin picks Odette off of the mat and Gothika peels Misty from the corner. They pull them a few feet apart before cracking their skulls together to a round of cheers. Referee Drew Patton tries enforcing himself, but Gothika does not heed his warning. Instead, she grabs Misty and tosses her hard to the outside of the ring.

Simone: The Fallen are not ready to give up their Bombshell Tag titles, and they know this s one of their toughest challenges yet. So they have sought out destruction right off the bat.

Adams: That is their style. They didn’t get taken so seriously by sitting around and waiting to get noticed. They went out there and got noticed.

Raynin and Odette get the official one-on-one start as Raynin lifts the slightly smaller Odette off of the mat. To assert herself, she lifts Odette up into a Military Press Slam and drops her behind like a bad habit! In an almost cocky sort of display, Raynin kicks Odette, rolling her over onto her back and she places a boot on top of her chest for a pin. Drew drops down for the count.




Adams: This is the first time Odette has acted like she was even a part of this match.

Simone: How can she help it when The Fallen immediately jumped at her like that. Besides, she kicked out with force. It looks like she is in for a fight.

Raynin steps off of Ms. Ryder and walks a few paces back, walking around to show off a bit. She soaks in the fans boos before coming back to Ms. Ryder, picking her up from the mat. As she does, Ms. Ryder hits a Hiptoss across the ring and quickly turns around to face Raynin. As she does, Raynin hits a monstrous Clothesline that comes out of nowhere. She picks Odette off of the mat and shoves her between her legs, lifting her up for a Powerbomb to assert dominance. She lets out an adrenaline induced roar before turning around. She is too late though, as Odette rolls backward with a very powerful Hurricanrana, hooking Raynin’s legs for the pin.




Simone: That one was barely a two count, as the fans breathe a sigh of relief. Not that they don’t love Odette, but this match promises to be a possible show stealer.

Adams: Gothika came in for the save on her partner, but Misty Spears her down to the mat before she even has the chance.

Misty gets up and dusts her hands off, seeming as if she rather enjoyed watching Odette getting manhandled in the beginning there. Her face shows something different now as she pulls Odette off of the mat, giving her a shout of “encouragement”. Odette gives Misty a shove back toward their corner which leaves her open for a clubbing to the back by Raynin. She grabs onto the back of Odette’s head and drags her by the hair over to the corner where Gothika eagerly awaits. Raynin gives her a quick tag, and hooks her arms under Odette’s. However, Odette leaps up in the air and Dropkick’s Gothika off of the apron while using the force to send Raynin backward. She rolls off of Raynin and hits a leg drop. She picks Raynin up and tosses her over the top rope and to the hard wooden deck of the ship. She backs up a few feet as Darknyss confers with her ladies and Drew continues his count. 3! 4! 5! 6! Gothika looks up to see Odette taunting her, and she doesn’t stick around to hear Darknyss’s plan. She slides in under the ropes and springs up to her feet. She goes for a Clothesline, but Odette ducks it and as Gothika turns around, she hits a swift Chick Kick to her foe.

Simone: So, Jason… you were saying?

Adams: Nevermind that! Odette is on fire now! Go on and get her, girl!

The two ladies circle each other as the bubbly Odette almost seems to be using her movements to goad the Vampyric Angel. The crowd starts an NXT chant throughout as Odette fist pumps to keep the support coming. As she does this, Gothika tries to take advantage by charging Odette with a clothesline. Odette sees this coming and she ducks the move and connects with an elbow to Gothika’s face. She immediately nails a dropkick to the small of Gothika’s back. As Gothika falls down, Odette goes for a standing moonsault. Gothika rolls out of the way at the last possible second and Odette lands on her back. Gothika crawls on top of Odette and begins laying in punch after punch on the spunky bombshell.

Adams: Gothika is hell bent on keeping those titles around hers and Raynin’s waists.

Simone: Even if this wasn’t a title match, Gothika would still relish this moment, inflicting pain upon anyone and everyone on the opposite side of the battle.

As Gothika hammers away at Odette, she receives an elbow to the face. As she is stunned, Odette hammers another elbow and another until she shoves Gothika off of her. Odette takes a few steps back and as Gothika lunges at her, growling in frustration, Odette sidesteps her. She falls with her neck across the bottom rope. Odette takes a moment to assess the damage and then she leaps over the top rope with a guillotine leg drop. Odette stops and poses before standing back up. She gets the NXT chant going once again. The crowd goes wild as Odette rolls back inside.

Simone: AMAZING athleticism shown by the Thunder from Down Under, Odette Ryder!

Adams: Athleticism amongst many other things, Belinda…

Odette blows out a kiss toward Misty, causing her to growl and then she leaps onto the top turnbuckle. She looks out into the audience before flipping off with a corkscrew moonsault that barely connects at all. Gothika pulls herself up, and as Odette holds her back in pain, Gothika gets a kick to the gut. She begins shouting at Odette as the crowd boos. Gothika turns around and screams at them before returning her attention back to Odette. Gothika grabs Odette in a headlock and raises her up to a standing position. She taunts the audience, shouting out at them before she runs forward with what should be a Springboard Stunner, otherwise known as The Long Kiss Goodnight. Odette shoves off with her feet, causing both ladies to topple over on the mat, laying there motionless.

Simone: Odette has overextended herself in this match, and it is starting to show.

Adams: And Misty has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal a tag from Odette. It would have been wise for Odette to be a team player in this match.

Misty leans over as Odette slowly slides over toward her. Misty clutches the tag rope, trying her best to move closer and closer within legal limits. Odette reaches forward as she climbs, but Gothika grabs onto her foot from the mat, grounding her weight. Odette struggles to shake it free, but to no avail. Gothika pulls herself up Odette’s body, hugging her from behind as she tries to ground her further. She shifts Odette’s head to the side and quickly sinks her fangs in, causing Odette to scream loudly. Her fist clinches as she begins punching Gothika to break free, but it doesn’t work. She uses every bit of strength she has left to lean over and slap Misty’s hand. Misty gets inside of the ring faster than lightening as she punt’s Gothika in the side of the head. This doesn’t help Odette’s pain factor, but it does make Gothika let go, tearing at Odette’s flesh in the process. Odette rolls to the outside as Misty lights a fire to this match. Gothika comes up from the mat and Misty puts her right back down with a clothesline. Gothika gets up again, and Misty puts her down… again! Raynin climbs inside of the ring despite weak protests from Drew, and she spins Misty around, only to catch a boot to the gut, leveling Raynin with a Tornado Bulldog.

Simone: Misty is not giving up here. She is sparing nothing in this match which she quite obviously didn’t want to be a part of to begin with.

Adams: Gold is gold… It doesn’t matter. Besides, Misty has never had a real shot at Tag gold before, except for her similar feud with Vixen when the titles were first introduced.

Misty comes up to her hands and knees, but Gothika is on her, clubbing her back as hard as she can, and laying in a few stomps for good measure. Darknyss and Raynin cheer her on from the outside. Misty clutches onto her back as Gothika turns her over onto her back, pulling her legs up to set up the Cloverleaf. However, Misty uses the strength in her legs to kick Gothika backward and into the ropes. As Gothika rebounds, Misty rolls around her back and hooks Gothika for a German Suplex. She flings her back and lands the move, hooking it for a quick pin.



Adams: Ohhh, not even close!

Simone: For someone who was the Bombshell Champion three times, and has held it longer than any Bombshell… you would think she would know better than to try putting Gothika down so soon.

Misty lets go of the pin attempt, but has Gothika’s legs in position for a modified Boston Crab. She laughs maniacally as Gothika shouts out in pain. However, Gothika is just close enough to the ropes to grab on. Drew informs Misty of this hoping she will let go, but she doesn’t. Drew is more forceful, trying to get her off, but Misty laughs in his face. Drew’s eyes widen in anger and he forcefully begins counting rapidly. 1!2!3!4! Misty drops Gothika’s legs at the last second and she gets in his face, shouting at him.

Simone: Misty is clearly not with it right now as she raises up a hand toward Drew’s face. This time, he doesn’t back down from her.

With a rare cheer from the audience, Misty seems rather proud of herself. She relishes in Drew’s angry face, but perhaps for a second too long. Gothika is up to her feet and she surprises Misty with a quick but powerful Russian Leg Sweep. As Misty holds onto the back of her head, Gothika mounts her and begins throwing fist after fist at the unstable Queen. As Misty gets her arms up to protect her face, Gothika growls before leaning in to bite Misty’s neck! However, Misty doesn’t let her have the chance this time as she elbows her in the face. This time it is Misty who sinks her teeth into Gothika’s neck!

Simone: Payback is a bitch!

Adams: Misty is enjoying this way too much, Belinda! And the audience is too!!!

Drew begins a count on Misty while he frantically tries to pull her off of Gothika. Gothika scurries over to the corner of the ring with a strange look on her face. This is when Ruby decides to get in a cheap choke, stealing a beach towel from a nearby fan. She flings it around Gothika’s neck, pressing her foot to the ring post as she chokes her, shouting at her about payback. However, the much taller Darknyss spins her around and levels her with an Evenflow DDT right to the deck of the ship!

Adams: Maybe Ruby has learned her lesson about getting involved in matches, do ya think?

Simone: It is very doubtful, Jason. But maybe she learned a lesson about stepping up to The Fallen…

Feeling a bit spent, Gothika rushes over to her corner where she eagerly tags Raynin. Raynin step in the ring as Misty spits and wipes the blood of Raynin’s partner from her mouth, pointing the fact out to Raynin. Raynin gets a smug look on her face as she outright slaps Misty across the face. Misty chuckles before returning the favor. Raynin hits a Spinning Haymaker on Misty, using the momentum to hit Misty with a Neckbreaker. With Misty down on the ground, she leans over her with a firm choke as Darknyss cheers her on. Odette angrily shouts at Drew to do his job, reminding him to count meekly. 1… 2… 3… Raynin finally lets up and backs up a bit. Misty grabs onto her throat, coughing a bit as she gets up. However, as soon as she does, Raynin goes for the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Right before she connects, Misty ducks it and hits a Jawbreaker on Raynin. She quickly takes advantage by locking on The Queen’s Punishment. The fans go crazy as Gothika gets in the ring. Odette quickly ascends the top roe, flying over to her with the O Ryder! Darknyss grabs onto the bell, ready to save her girls’ titles, but Ruby jumps onto her back, choking her with everything she’s got, screaming like a banshee in the meantime. Drew orders Odette out of the ring, and she politely obliges. Raynin has no other choice but to…


Justin Decent: Your winners and NEW SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions… ODETTE RYDER AND MISSSSTY!!!

Adams: They… They did it?

Simone: They did it! I don’t believe it! We have new champions and… wait, what is going on here?

Misty shouts out an order at Ruby as Drew holds her and Odette’s arms up. Odette raises an eyebrow and Ruby slides in with the belts. She hands them over to Misty before grabbing on to the weakened Odette. As Odette struggles to get free, Misty gets a twisted smile on her face. She slings one belt over her shoulder and brandishes the other belt, ready to smack Odette with it. Ruby shows her support, beckoning her Queen to do it. Misty rears it back and swings forward, but stops just an inch from Odette’s face. Ruby looks at her questioningly when Misty’s face softens. She sighs and throws her hand up in the air, telling Ruby to let go. Everyone seems confused around them, but Ruby obliges, arguing with Misty as she lies the belt down in front of a bloody Odette. “The World Belongs To Me” by My Darkest Days plays over the speakers as Misty departs from ringside swiftly.

With the cameras cutting elsewhere they happen to discover Kevin Carter on the other side of the ship away from anyone else and everything else that was going on. He just looked out at the water and the night time sky minding his own business. That was until he heard a familiar voice and turned around to see fellow SCW Star and his finacee, Amy Marshall approaching him. A small smile was exchanged between the two.

Amy Marshall: There you are... I've been looking all over for you.

Kevin Carter: I needed to step away from all the chaos to get my head together for tonight.

Amy Marshall: Are you still obsessing about the Six Pack Challenge?

Kevin Carter: I wouldn't call it an obsession Amy. It's called being aware of what I am up against. It's called being focused. It's called being prepared.

Amy Marshall: Yes, that's true Kev. But you've got the match. You've got the shot you want. You're in the position that you've always wanted to be in. There's no point in obsessing this much about a situation.

Kevin looked at Amy raising his eyebrow just a little bit. He couldn't understand why she was so up in his business about this and saying the things that she was. Before he could respond though Amy had added her two cents in there a little more.

Amy Marshall: I am just trying to look out for you is all babe. You are taking things too literal and obsessing too much. It could end up costing you everything you ever wanted. If you continue to let this get to yo that's what's going to happen.

Kevin Carter: Maybe that is the case and maybe it is isn't the case. With all due respect Amy, I have been doing this a long time now. I know what I need to do and what I don't need to do. I know when pressure is too much pressure. This is how I cope with things. This is how I prepare. Let me handle it, please.

Amy Marshall: That's fine Kev. I'll step back and let you handle it. But just know no matter what happens out there tonight. I'm still going to love you. I'm still going to support you. The fans are going to do the same.

Kevin Carter: You know that's the second time you've said that Amy. It's almost like you don't think I can do it. It's almost like you don't think I can win. It's almost like you don't think I can win the Championship.

Amy Marshall: It isn't...

Kevin Carter: Just save it Amy, if THAT is what you're thinking. If THAT is what you BELIEVE then you're in for a surprise like the others that doubt me. Cause somehow someway, I'm leaving with the belt around my waist... but I don't have time to discuss this. I've got things to handle before the main event.

Before Amy could get another word in Kevin turned his back on her and walked away. Amy had this look of shock on her face as she didn't mean for her words to come off the way they had to Kevin. Sadly what had happened had happened and there was nothing she could do to make it right with him walking off and making up his mind. That's when the cameras cut elsewhere.

The camera returns to the six-sided ring where Justin Decent stands in the center with the microphone, while referee Jasmine St. John stands in the far corner with her arms crossed, patiently waiting.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Main Event of Summer XXXTreme II!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: It is the Six Pack Challenge, scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!

The lights on the ship dim down low and we can hear the opening drums from “Burning Down The House” by the Used. The small crowd jumps to their feet and a loud pop of a cheer erupts on the deck as “Mr. Showtime” Drake Green steps out from the entrance. He lifts his arms up and down, motioning for the people in the audience to get up on their feet and cheer.

The crowd pops!

Simone: Heellloooo Drake...

Green, with a large smile, stands in long blue wrestling tights with three white nautical stars on each leg and blue boots which have blue kick-pads on the front which have the “Male” symbol on them in white. He is wearing white wristbands and a black, skin tight, t-shirt with his “Male Symbol” logo on the front and “Greatest Show On Earth” written on the back. Wearing is his ACW Maritime title, he raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings.

#Watch out
#You might get what you're after
#Cool babies
#Strange but not a stranger
#Burning down the house

Adams: Even on the open seas they love Mr. Showtime

Simone: I certainly love that ass in those tights...

Justin: Introducing first. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at 230 pounds. He is the reigning ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight Champion, “Mr. Showtime”.. Drake Green!

He gets near the ring and walks up the steel steps and slides in between top and middle rope. He walks over to the corner and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms again for the crowd. He jumps down and walks over to the opposite corner and jumps up again, this time unsnapping his title and raising it high in the air for the crowd to see.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He jumps down off of the rope, drops his title belt on his shoulder, and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone.

Drake: Hello, Sin City Wrestling fans!

The crowd pops.

Drake: It feels great to be on this Royal Monarch Cruiseliner with you tonight...

The crowd pops even louder!

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....welcome to the show!

The crowd pops even louder!

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am the next and future best SCW Heavyweight Champion and I just gotta ask you one thing. What time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: People, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IT IS?!


Drake: That's what I'm talking about. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, you're about to witness one of the greatest matches in Pro Wrestling history.

Crowd: WHAT?

Drake: Tonight, on the open sea...

Crowd: WHAT?

Drake: Mr. Showtime will not only beat one man...

Crowd: WHAT?

Drake: He will not beat two men...

Crowd: WHAT?

Drake: He will prove to all in attendance, the millions watching at home, and the few hundred thousand watching the SCW Home Video DVD 'Stopping the Show' due out next fall..

Drake winks at the camera.

Simone: That's a shameless plug if I've ever seen one.

Adams: It's Showtime.

Drake: Tonight will be the most memorable night in the history of this classy federation as it will mark the start of the reign of the people. It will start the reign of Showtime.

The crowd pops again!

Drake raises the microphone in the air and the crowd stands up and cheers once more for him. He walks over to the side of the ring and tosses back the microphone to Justin. He takes off his t-shirt and hands it, along with his title belt, to the referee. He checks the ropes, tugs on them two times, and then waits for his five opponents to be introduced.

Justin: Introducing from London, England! Weighing 230 pounds ... Gabriel!

The opening chords to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” starts to blast through the speakers, as the lights drop down. Flashing purple and blue lights flicker through the darkness as the words “You will believe…” covers the big screen. Smoke appears in the ring as the words on the screen changes to “… what I make you believe”. A flash of bright light jumps up from the middle of the ring, and Gabriel is seen standing already in the ring amongst the smoke and lights, wearing black leather pants and a black leather waistcoat, a long chain hanging from his neck, with a huge medallion with the letter G in a circle. He steps back, leaning back against the ropes, looking around the fans with an unfazed look across his face as he removes his jacket and lifting the heavy chain over his neck and hands it to the referee as the music stops.

Simone: There he is, the first ever SCW Heavyweight Champion! After dropping the belt, he never again made a go for the title until tonight.

Adams: And according to Drake there, there were reasons why.

Simone: Yes, Drake didn't have very many kind things to say about Gabriel.

Justin: from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 250 pounds ... Jordan Williams!

The camera pans around the crowd for a bit before focusing on the entrance and the aisle where the fans have flags and banners lined up that say “Marauder-gun”, “Emerald Dragon”, and “Jordan Williams” in Japanese characters, when "Subconscious" hit’s the PA System. The crowd erupts into cheers. The ever ominous Sasha walks out from behind the curtain first, standing with her hands on her hips as she glares at the crowd. Jordan emerges from behind Sasha and the fans reactions grow louder. Jordan throws up the double guns pose as Sasha begins walking down the aisle, with Jordan following behind her. Jordan has his arms up in the air, with his trademark smirk etched across his face. Sasha walks up the steps as Jordan climbs onto the apron. Jordan holds the ropes open for Sasha, but she just glares at him. Jordan shrugs his shoulders, then leaps over the top rope effortlessly. Jordan climbs onto the middle turnbuckle as Sasha climbs into the ring and stands next to Jordan with her arms folded, again glaring at the crowd. Jordan throws the double guns pose up again as the fans rock the arena with thunderous cheers.

Simone: There he is, the man that Simon Jones bested for the SCW Heavyweight Championship.

Adams: Do you think Jordan meant it when he said he'd retire if he didn't win tonight?

Simone: I dearly hope not. The odds are stacked against each man and SCW would be poorer for having lost him if it was the case.

Justin: From Los Angeles, California, weighing 225 pounds ... Kevin Carter!

The arena lights begin to dim down until the arena has gone completely dark. Then the opening to "Porn Star Dancing" could be heard playing throughout the arena. This caused the crowd to react a little bit. The moment the lights came back on there stood Kevin Carter at the top of the ramp just looking around the arena with a smug look on his face. It didn't take long for the crowd to start booing him, but he clearly didn't mind as he started to walk towards the ring. Kevin had made his way up the steps and made his way across the ring apron. In a rather cocky manner he slipped through the ropes and went right to one of the corners. He proceeded to climb it to the second rope and held his hands out at his sides leaning his head back almost as if he was telling the crowd to bow to him. Seconds later he leaped down as he began to remove his jacket tossing it to the outside. That's when he leaned into the corner turning his attention to the entrance way as his music died down.

Simone: How many months ago was it where Kevin Carter won the number one challenger spot for the Heavyweight title? All this time and he has yet to cash that chance in but here he is tonight, finally making a go for it.

Adams: It's all or nothing for him after waiting so long to challenge for the gold.

Justin: Accompanied by Diana and Tony! From Los Angeles, California, weighing 251 pounds ... Nick Jones!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the ramp and then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as a cocky smirk comes across his face while he flexes his muscles and Diana rubs his chest. Nick gets up and takes Diana's arm before turning back toward the curtain and waiting as Tony Capicelli makes his way out. Tony flanks Nick and Diana as they make their way down the ramp, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans along the way. Nick walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, watching her from behind before quickly walking up behind her, while Tony waits outside the ring. Nick walks across the apron and steps one leg into the ring, taking a seat onto the middle rope, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there, looking around the arena and has a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring, swinging his other leg into the ring and then walking over to his corner, where Diana now sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back while Diana rubs his shoulders, as he waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Adams: I guess it was only natural that we see Nick Jones in this match.

Simone: Well he may not hold the title currently but Nick Jones has still been racking up a number of big wins in recent weeks. Two time champion, Wrestler of the Year as well as Man of the Year? If anyone deserves to be in this match, it's Nick Jones.

Adams: Shh! Don't let him hear you admit that!

Justin: Introducing the Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion! From Birmingham, England, weighing 225 pounds ... Simon Jones!

The intro of “Simon Says” By Drain STH plays over the arena’s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans. As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans.

Simone: I think we were all shocked when that man right there walked into SCW and defeated Jordan Williams from out of nowhere for the SCW Heavyweight gold.

Adams: nobody more so than Jordan himself.

Simone: True, and now it's put up or shut up time for Simon as he defends the title for the first time, and against not one but all five of these men.

Adams: Anyone could walk away as the champion here!

Simon hands the belt to Jasmine who shows it around to all five challengers before holding it up in the air for all to see. The crowd cheers! She passes the belt out to Justin and calls for the bell!


Simone: And here we go! The SCW Heavyweight Championship!

Starting right off, Drake Green and Gabriel approach one another and get in each other's faces over the words Drake had for the former singles and tag champion. They trade vicious barbs when Drake shoves Gabriel back a step. Gabriel turns back and answers in kind, shoving Drake right back while the other four men watch in amusement. Drake steps back up and slaps Gabriel right across the face.

Simone: What an insult!

And Gabriel returns fire with a stiff forearm shot right to the head, knocking Green down to one knee. This immediately kicks things off and the remaining four men each pick a target and attack as Nick Jones charges Kevin Carter and Simon Jones and the man he defeated for the title, Jordan Williams, begin exchanging forearm shots to one another's heads!

Adams: And it's already chaos! Ha!

Drake sends Gabriel staggering back with a heavy shot to the side of the head and he holds his arms out, egging Gabriel on. Gabriel then kicks him right in the stomach, doubling Drake Green over and follows up with a European uppercut that knocks Green against the ropes. Gabriel grabs him by the arm and goes to send him into the ropes with an Irish whip but Drake counters with a reversal and pulls him right back down to the canvas in a Fujiwara armbar.

Simone: Great bit of counter wrestling there on the part of Drake Green.

Adams: Well he didn't get the spot in this match by clipping coupons.

Nick Jones bulls Kevin carter back into the corner and he begins driving his shoulder into Carter's stomach once - twice - three times. Nick then knife edge chops him across the sternum area.

Crowd: Wooo!

Simone: Must they do that? Every. Time!

Nick goes for a forearm shot but Kevin dodges it, moving out of the way and Nick ends up back against the corner. Kevin backs up and runs into Nick with a high knee, then snapmares the former two-time champion over to the mat. Kevin runs off of the ropes and collides against the back of Nick's head with a leg lariat. Nick rolls over onto his back, holding the back of his head and neck, and Kevin dives off of the ropes with a speedy legdrop across Nick's head and neck. Kevin covers him and hooks the leg.

Nick kicks out.

Simone: The first pinfall attempt of the match and it is unsuccessful.

Simon Jones goes for an Irish whip against Jordan Williams, but Jordan reverses it and sends the current Heavyweight Champion into the ropes instead. Simon comes rocketing off and Jordan scoops him up for a sidewalk slam but Simon scissors Jordan's head and takes him over with a flying headscissors. Jordan, stunned, staggers to his feet and Simon grabs him around the waist from behind and brings him up and over with a release German suplex.

Adams: It's been all action here so far!

Simone: Given the nature of the match itself, I doubt we'll be seeing many holds and wear down maneuvers. The first man to score the pin gets the title so these guys are going to want to end this thing as soon as possible.

Simon quickly dives down atop of Jordan and hooks the leg!

Jordan kicks out!

Simon pulls Jordan to his feet and runs into the ropes, rebounding off and jumping onto Williams's shoulders for a Hurricanarana but Jordan counters by dropping him into a powerbomb and jackknife cover!

Drake Green and Gabriel both stop what they're doing to break the pin up!

Simone: That's what they are going to have to do if they want to walk out of here with the SCW gold tonight! Keep a sharp look out for pin attempts.

Jordan gets up and gets in Gabriel's face, shoving him in answer to his interfering with his pin attempt. Gabriel smiles, hands on his hips, then hauls off and bitch slaps Jordan across the face.

Adams: Whoa! Insult!

Jordan then slaps Gabriel right back when Drake dropkicks Jordan in the back, knocking him right into Gabriel. Gabriel goes down and Drake rolls Jordan up into a cover.

Simon dives into Drake, knocking him off of Jordan.

Kevin grabs Nick and pulls him to his feet. he goes for an Irish whip but Nick reverses it. Nick drops down and Kevin comes off the ropes, running over him. Nick jumps up and Carter rebounds and goes for a leapfrog but Nick catches him and drops him in an inverted atomic drop. Nick then locks his head and arm up and brings him over with a suplex. Nick then grabs his arm and twists it, dragging him to his feet into an overhead hammerlock and Nick suplexes him over a second time. Nick covers Kevin and hooks the leg.

Gabriel breaks it up!

Nick gets right up and rather than mince words, he buries a knee into Gabriel's stomach. Nick takes a handful of his hair and throws Gabriel out over the top rope. Nick turns and smiles, taunting the fans, but doesn't see Gabriel held on. Gabriel pulls himself back up and Nick turns around and Gabriel scissors his head and pulls him out over the top and to the floor. Gabriel looks to take advantage but Tony steps over and stands in front of Nick, blocking Gabriel's path.

Simone: Now this isn't right! Tony has no business getting involved!

Gabriel looks out to the crowd and smiles and then jumps anyway, dropkicking Tony from the apron to the outside!

Adams: Well Gabriel could always do that!

Gabriel by passes Tony and grabs Nick as Diana screams at Nick to fight. Gabriel slams Nick's head into the ring apron and then goes to send his head into the ring apron but Nick blocks it and drives his elbow back into Gabriel's stomach. Nick then slams Gabriel's head into the apron, then hooks him up into a front facelock and brings him over with a vertical suplex.

Simone: A suplex on the hard deck floor of this ship! Nick Jones is pulling out all the stops to try and win this match!

Inside of the ring, Simon Jones comes up behind Drake Green and attempts a side Russian Legsweep but Kevin carter grabs Simon instead, from behind, and German suplexes him up and over into a bridge!

Simon kicks out!

Kevin pulls him up to his feet and hits a standing dropkick on the champion, knocking him back into a corner. Kevin takes him by the arm and Irish whips him into the far neutral corner and runs in, jumping and slamming into him with an Avalanche splash. Simon staggers out and Kevin comes off of the ropes with a one handed bulldog! Kevin covers him and hooks the leg!

Simon gets the shoulder up.

Adams: This match has been incredible so far!

Simone: It has to be! It's the main event and it's for the top prize for the Superstars of SCW!

Jordan sends Drake into the ropes and goes for a hiptoss but Drake counters and reverses it with a hiptoss of his own. Jordan is right back up and swings wildly but Drake ducks behind him and nails a belly to back suplex, dumping Jordan right on the back of his head. Drake then grabs Jordan's legs and sets him up for a sharpshooter. Jordan struggles wildly to prevent it but eventually Drake turns him over -- but the hold doesn't last long as Nick Jones rolls back inside of the ring and clubs Green from behind, knocking him off of his teammate.

Adams: Nick saved Jordan there.

Simone: Yeah but one has to wonder; did he do it to save his friend or to keep Drake from winning the title?

Adams: Eh. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Kevin goes for an Irish whip into the corner but Simon reverses it and sends Carter in instead. Kevin jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and leaps back, hitting the champion with a springboard flying bodypress. The momentum, however, allows Simon to roll through where he is on top and he hooks the leg.

Carter kicks out.

Simon pulls Kevin to his feet and goes for an Irish whip into the corner but Kevin reverses it. Kevin charges in but Simon brings a knee up into his face. Simon then hops up onto the top turnbuckle, keeping hold of Kevin in a front facelock. Simon then jumps off and plants him!

Adams: Tornado DDT!

Simon covers Kevin, hooking the leg!

Gabriel springboards over the top rope and guillotine legdrops Simon across the back of the head, breaking the pin up!

Simone: Simon almost retained his title had it not been for Gabriel!

Nick stomps down onto Drake Green's body and Jordan returns to his feet and is doing the same, lending a hand (or a foot) to his teammate. Jordan and Nick drags Drake up to his feet and fire him off into the ropes and greet him with a double elbow smash to the sternum, knocking him to the mat. Jordan pulls Drake up and delivers a scoop slam. Nick runs off of the ropes and Jordan scoops him up by the legs and spins him around, dropping Nick down across Green's prone body with a pancake maneuver. Nick hooks the leg tightly for the cover.

Jordan pulls Nick off by the foot and covers Drake himself!

Adams: What the hell...?

Nick grabs Jordan's foot and drags Jordan off! Jordan stands up and he and Nick begin to argue, pointing down to Drake.

Simone: This was bound to happen! Teammates are fine and dandy but this match is every man for himself!

Nick and Jordan both fight to calm themselves. They smirk and nod and much to the chagrin of the crowd, they hug right in the center of the ring. Suddenly Jordan ducks behind Nick and rolls him up into a schoolboy!

Nick kicks out!

Adams: Holy...! Jordan just tried to pin his own teammate!

Simone: Jordan is a sneaky son of a...

Nick gets up quickly, looking pissed, and Jordan just smiles and holds up his hands innocently as if to claim 'Hey I had to try!' Nick shakes his head and smirks and holds his hand out in good sportsmanship. Jordan smiles and nods and accepts, and Nick drags him into a small package!

Jordan kicks out!

Jordan jumps up and immediately shoves Nick!

Simone: Apparently Jordan thought it was fine if he tried it with Nick but not the other way around.

The crowd is cheering, hoping to see these two teammates go at it -- when Drake comes racing up from behind them and hits Jordan with a running dropkick, knocking him out through the ropes! Nick looks out and almost smiles that he wasn't hit when he turns around, and finds the eyes of Drake Green, Simon Jones, Kevin Carter, and Gabriel all on him!

Adams: Ohhhh his does NOT look good!

Simone: Especially for Nick!

Nick looks around, seeking an escape route, but the four men have effectively cut him off! Nick tries to get through the ropes and to the outside when Kevin drags him right back in and all four men go to town, waylaying on Nick with clubbing forearms and fists as Tony and Diana shout at them for the quadruple teaming!

Simone: I guess Nick is paying the price for his high level of unpopularity!

Nick is beaten down into the mat by the four men when Gabriel drops down to his knees and he starts peppering Nick's head with fists until Kevin grabs him and lays him out with a double hammerlock DDT! Kevin quickly covers him!

Jordan grabs Kevin by the arm and drags him to the outside, breaking the pin up!

Jordan grabs Kevin in a double chickenwing and hauls him up into the air and...

Simone: Oh dear god! A dragonbomb right on the floor!

And the crowd is loving it!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Jordan rolls into the ring and he pulls Gabriel up to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes and he goes for a roundhouse kick but Gabriel ducks under -- only for Jordan to counter and use his *other* leg to nail the roundhouse kick! Jordan drags Gabriel over to the nearest corner by the arm and leg, then springboards off of the corner with a split legged moonsault onto the magician and he hooks the leg!

Gabriel kicks out!

Jordan pulls him to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes and nails him with a flying forearm! Jordan then kips up and sets him up for the PS sting when Drake grabs him from behind and hits a German suplex!

Simon hurries over an pulls Gabriel to his feet but as soon as he grabs him, Gabriel jumps and scissors his arm, rolling him over into a Triangle arm hold! Simon yells out as Gabriel strains, putting his all into the hold but the champion won't give up and Nick breaks it up, colliding into them both! Nick pulls Gabriel up and goes to send him into the corner but Gabriel reverses it and follows in, nailing Nick with a running high leg. Before Nick can sink down, Gabriel scoops him up and traps him in the corner in a Tree of Woe. Gabriel signals and rallies the crowd behind him! He runs in a wide circle, building up steam, and goes for a low baseball slide but Simon spears him from out of nowhere!

Simone: How in hell can any of these men get anything done, let alone win, when they keep up such a frantic pace!?

Adams: That's what's making this match so damn great!

Simon pulls the dazed Gabriel up to his feet, tucks his head between his knees and lifts him upside down and drops him...

Adams: Cradle piledriver!

No sooner does the champion return to his feet than Drake Green grabs him and nails the Code Breaker! Jordan makes his comeback and hits Drake from behind with a high angle dropkick! Jordan then Irish whips him into the ropes and brings him down with the Slingblade!

Simone: 2G4U!

Jordan jumps to his feet with a wide smile and turns around -- and a recovered Kevin carter kicks him in the stomach and nails the Main Attraction ala Canadian Destroyer!

Simone: What the hell is going on here!?

Kevin jumps up and Nick Jones spins him around and grabs him in a front facelock and lays him out with the Best of All spinning fisherman neckbreaker!

Adams: Things have definitely picked up here!

Nick stands up, dragging Carter up along with him, when Gabriel low blows him from behind! Nick drops Kevin and lurches over at the waist, howling in agony!

Adams: And there went Diana's plans for after the show!

Gabriel spins Nick around and nails the Facebuster ala X Factor! Now all six men are down and hurt, sucking in the oxygen as the crowd is on its feet and going wild!

Simone: Listen to these people! Tell me now this is not a Match of the Year candidate!

Jasmine is unable to begin a count as all the men are down and hurt, and there has to be a winner! She goes around, checking on each man, as they begin to struggle to recover, and pull themselves up, forcing their way to their feet!

Simone: God how much more are these men willing to put themselves through!?

Kevin Carter comes up toward Gabriel but the magician tries to kick him but Carter grabs his foot. Carter smiles and shakes his head and Gabriel wipes the smile off of his face with an enzugari! Gabriel scoops him up and drives him down with a body slam before he starts to mount the corner. Gabriel sizes him up, readying for a top rope legdrop -- when Jordan runs right up the corner and brings Gabriel flying off with a top rope exploder suplex!


Jordan crawls over and covers Gabriel!

Simon drags Jordan off and t his feet and brings him right back down with a side Russian Legsweep!

Simon peels Jordan off the mat and into a front facelock before bringing him over with a snap suplex! Simon then points up to the top and the crowd cheers!

Adams: I think the champ is looking to end things here and now!

Simon climbs to the top, calling for the Shooting Star Press! he stands up when Nick Jones hits the ropes and makes Simon fall and straddle the corner!

Simone: Men everywhere just crossed their legs!

Adams: I know I did!

Nick quickly climbs to the top and drags Simon up to a vertical position! Nick them smiles out to Diana and then leaps back and drives the champion face first into the mat...!

Adams: Better Than You! It's over! It's over!

The X Factor from the top rope has finished Simon off! Nick goes to make the cover when Kevin Carter hits him from behind and throws him from the ring! Kevin then covers Simon!

Simone: What!?

Drake Green dives to make the save!

The crowd boos as the bell rings!


Adams: Oh my god! Oh my god!

Simone: We have a winner! We have a brand new Heavyweight Champion!

Jasmine grabs the belt from Justin and presents it to Kevin Carter who yells out in triumph as he raises the title high over his head as the others look incredibly pissed off and disappointed!

Justin: Here is your winner, and NEWWW Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion ... KEVIN CARTER!

The crowd boos as Jasmine straps the belt on around Kevin's waist and then raises his arm in victory! Gabriel slams his hands into the mat and rolls out of the ring. Jordan curses audibly and shakes his head before stepping through the ropes and dropping to the floor. Drake stares a burning hole right through the new champion before he too exits the ring.

Adams: Boy will you look at the expression on the face of Nick Jones!?

Nick is still at ringside, absolutely glaring with unbridled rage into the ring and right at Kevin while Tony and Diana try to get him to leave the area.

Simone: It's no wonder why! Nick Jones had this. He had this match won and Kevin Carter stole it right out from under him!

Everyone leaves the ringside area as the new Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Carter, continues to celebrate inside of the ring as fireworks begin to go off above the sea in the night air.

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Court, Maggie, Derek, MK, Drake, Vixen, Kevin Carter, Ro, Casey and Mercedes. Also to Vixen for the great match banners and to all you great roleplayers, that made this show so damn good.