The crowd is alive with energy inside of the RIMAC Arena in San Diego, California. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring as the camera turns to the commentary table, where Belinda Simone and Jason Adams sits.

Simone: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here, we're live with you at Into The Void II coming at you live from San Diego, California! I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jaaaaaaaaaason Adams!

Simone: Fifteen matches tonight and we can not wait to bring them to you.

Adams: Yeah! Can we do it now?

Simone: That would be lazy Jason.

Adams: I like lazy!

Simone: Tough! Tonight, we kick things off hoping and praying that this is the last time we see Jason Burnside in SCW, as he takes on Jake Salco!

Adams: Go Salco! It's your birthday! Sometime this year anyway.

Simone: Four corners, four women, roulette rules and a chance to challenge for the Bombshell Roulette title as Mercedes Vargas, Ambrosia Grey, Joanne Canelli and Laura Jackson square off. Who's gonna win Jason?

Adams: The fans.

Simone: Good answer. A war has been brewing between fun loving Romanian, Aleksei Koji and former prodigy Max Burke, tonight they go one on one.

Adams: Wouldn't wanna be the ref in that one.

Simone: Roulette title on the line next up as we crown a new champion, two men and a big prize at the end as Kain takes on Matthew Kennedy.

Adams: We got cleaners on standby for that one.

Simone: Amy Marshall switched from Team Erik to Team on my own, as soon as Hot Stuff offered a title shot to the first one to leave Team Erik. Hot Stuff has stayed true to his word as tonight, Amy takes on Bombshell Roulette champ, Necra Octavian Kane.

Adams: Sometimes, getting what you wish for isn't that great.

Simone: Tag title on the line as Goth and Brother Grimm honor the match made my Erik Staggs, as they take on Team Erik's James Huntington-Hawkes III and Giani Di Luca.

Adams: If you listen closely, you can hear James crying backstage.

Simone: Referee war! Finally in a legit match, Jasmine St John gets to get her hands on Drew Patton.

Adams: I hope Drew wears trainers, cause he'll be running a lot.

Simone: Vixen and Jessie Salco have a chance for gold tonight, as they look to challenge two of Team Erik's top women, and current Bombshell Tag Team Champions, The Fallen.

Adams: Two hungry young challengers, the champs will have to be on their guard.

Simone: David Vs Goliath has never took on a truer word, as the monster of SCW, Casey Williams, takes on the man off mystery, the man with the mask, the very talented former Roulette and tag champion Lucian Frost.

Adams: I hear Spiderman has a Lucian Frost mask.

Simone: Two top teams, one with a high ranking in SCW, one with a high ranking in ACW meet in the ring tonight as Sinful Obsession take on Guns For Hire.

Adams: This is tag team wrestling fans dream match

Simone: Jericho Hill and Drake Green are both new arrivals, both clearly talented, both up for a fight. Tonight they get to set themselves on the right path, as the rivalry that started on Twitter has spilled in to an SCW ring.

Adams: Twitter can be evil. I want one, but can't find out where to go and get one. I looked in all the shops and everything.

Simone: Keep looking Jason. For weeks, there's been more than a few harsh words said between Amanda Cortez and Odette Ryder. Tonight, the words stop and the fighting takes place as these two angry women will be in the ring.

Adams: Another fans win!

Simone: SCW Bombshell title on the line. Long time champion Misty is in action tonight, against Roxi Johnson. Misty believes Roxi isn't good enough. Will Roxi make Misty eat her words?

Adams: Lovely with a bit of salt and vinegar.

Simone: Simon Jones earned his right to be in the heavyweight title match tonight, as he defeated opponent after opponent in a battle royal. Tonight, he faces his biggest challenge yet, the legend that holds the gold, Jordan Williams, looks to stop Jones' dream.

Adams: Jones is not gonna make this an easy night for Jordan.

Simone: Never has a match had more meaning for so many people, tonight, the fate of the company is in the hands of just four men, the two victors will hand their team full control of SCW.

Adams: Come tomorrow, we could all be working for Erik Staggs, or Mark Ward and Christian Underwood.

Simone: That's right. If Nick Jones and Tom Dudely defeat Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood, Sin City Wrestling, will be owned by Erik Staggs.

Adams: Lock, stock and barrel.

Simone: Everything rests on one match.

Adams: So lets be a fat kid at the top of a hill and get rolling.

The scene opens up in the parking lot of the RIMAC Arena in San Diego, California, the site of Into The Void II, where we see Jessie Salco arriving with her brother and an unknown male, the male has shoulder length black hair, blue eyes and has a goatee, generally the look of a typical metalhead.

Simone: Both Jessie and Jake have big matches tonight.

Adams: But who’s the other guy?

They enter the arena and are stopped by “Stoner” Scott Oliver.

Stoner: Guys, can I ask you some questions about your matches tonight?

Jessie: Sure.

Jake: What she said.

Stoner: Jessie, any final thoughts before your match tonight?

Jessie: I know how tough The Fallen are but I’m not backing down from them, if there’s one thing I’ve learned since this whole debacle is that if you back down from an enemy they’ve already won.

Jake: As for my match, it’s my first one but I’ve been taught well over these past two weeks, Jason Burnside is in for a fight!

Stoner: One last thing, who’s he?

Scott says as he points to the unknown male.

Jessie: That’s my new boyfriend Shane Croswell, we met through a dating site and we hit it off after our first date.

Shane: Babe, mind if I say a few words?

Jessie shrugs her shoulders and steps aside for her boyfriend to speak his mind.

Shane: Hi SCW, I know I’m probably the envy of every male, and some female, fan in the audience but I’m her boyfriend, I’ve been a fan of wrestling and heavy metal my whole life but I never imagined that I would actually date a wrestler, Jake gave me the standard big brother warning, you know, “break her heart and I’ll break you” that kind of thing but I’m looking forward to being on the road with her, hey Jake, isn’t your match starting soon?

Jake: Oh crap it is!

The three metalheads quickly leave leaving Scott in the dust.

Simone: Well, Jessie finally has a boyfriend.

Adams: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

“I Want Out” by Helloween hits the speakers and the crowd cheers as Jake Salco makes his way down to the ringside area, he slaps hands with a couple of fans before sliding into the ring.

Justin: The following is your opening contest for Into the Void II, introducing first, from Miami, Florida weighing in at 250lbs he is Jessie Salco’s older brother Jake!

Adams: I bet Jake never thought he’d be opening up a supercard for his debut match.

Simone: Yeah well, we never thought that we’d see Jason Burnside again!

Jake raises his hands in response to his name being announced before grabbing Drew Patton by his referee’s shirt.

Jake: I just want to be clear on something, Burnside isn’t with Team Erik or Team SCW and I’m only a member of Team SCW by affiliation with Jessie, that said try to screw me over and I’ll be looking to cash in on that bounty!

Drew gulps and quickly nods still feeling the effects from when Jake practically clotheslined him out of his boots, Jake lets go as “Beyond the Pale” by Exodus hits the speakers.

Justin: And his opponent, weighing in at 290lbs Jason Burnside!

Simone: Here he comes!

Adams: Err, where is he?

Jake waits in the ring for Jason but doesn’t realize that he’s entering via the crowd with a crowbar in hand until Drew points it out and Jake ducks under the crowbar shot before hitting Burnside with several rights and lefts and following that up with a clothesline to the outside!

Simone: Burnside tried to get the jump on Jake but it failed!

Adams: And now Drew’s calling for the bell!

Jason quickly rolls into the ring and starts brawling with Jake, since neither of them are experienced wrestlers neither of them have any clear advantage until Jason low blows Jake!

Simone: We all knew he was going to resort to that.

Adams: Oh no, he’s going for a powerbomb already!

Jason motions for the end before setting Jake up but Jake backdrops out of the powerbomb attempt and follows it up with a clothesline before going for a cover 1….2….Jason kicks out and Jake quickly puts the boots to Burnside.

Simone: It’s clear that Jake has picked up quite a few tips since he became Jessie’s manager.

Adams: Jason may be regretting his decision!

Drew orders Jake to back off as Jason rolls out of the ring; Jake complies and goes after Jason…..only to be blasted over the head with the crowbar.

Simone: Jason just disqualified himself!

Adams: If we were that lucky Jason would still be in jail!

Jason is threatening Drew into not disqualifying him and Drew reluctantly complies as Jason rolls into the ring, hits Jake with the crowbar two more times and goes for a cover 1…..2…..Jake kicks out! Jason gets in Drew’s face about a slow count but Drew, despite clearly being terrified of Burnside, complies, Jason signals for another Powerbomb before turning around……into a sick chairshot from Jake!

Simone: What a shot!

Adams: And Drew’s letting it slide!

Jake goes for a cover 1….2…..kickout by Burnside and Jake gets back on his feet, he grabs the chair again and goes for another shot once Jason is on his knees, it hits but Burnside refuses to go down so Jake repeats the process before breaking the chair over Jason’s head! He goes for a cover 1…..2…..3!

Justin: Here’s your winner Jake Salco!

Simone: He’s done it! We’ll never see Burnside again!

Adams: What a way to kick things off.

Jake rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp whilst holding his ribs whilst a medical team rushes to tend to Burnside.

Adams: Thank you Jake, you have done SCW a huge favor! Someone give that man a cookie!

Our scene opens backstage in the parking lot area as Mercedes Vargas arrives into RIMAC Arena. Easing her Porsche 911 into a parking space between an SUV and pickup truck, there is a momentary pause before the car door opens and out steps the Argentine Assassin, hidden under a pair of aviator sunglasses. A few fans are on hand to greet her, though she only gets a moderate reaction with a few catcalls, shrills whistles and the occasional heckler or two.

Pulling out a rolling tote bag, Mercedes sets it on the ground before she slams the car door, checking into the rear view mirror before turning towards the venue, ignoring the jeering directed at her. She doesn't even get halfway across the lot before a camera person strikes up a conversation with her.

Cameraman: Mercedes, heading into the four-way contendership match for the Bombshell Roulette Championship tonight, how nervous are you right now in your pay-per-view debut?

Against her better judgment, Mercedes forces a smile as she slowly raises her sunglasses over her head.

Mercedes Vargas:: I’m sorry, “nervous”? Does this face look nervous to you? This whole setup might as well be a post-match interview because there is only one person who is going to be challenging for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship, and you’re looking at her. When you see me out there, you’re going to see a woman among women. No, wait, calling them that would be giving them respect. You're going to see a woman among a few witches who are about to become famous after they’re added to the hall of shame that is my checklist.

Cameraman: Any last words you want to get out before you go?

Mercedes Vargas:: This may be a four corners match under roulette rules or whatever, but I’ll have you know that I've pretty much been in every stipulation you can name – barring a few exceptions. Doesn't matter what a silly roulette wheel may have in store, the outcome will be no different tonight. I just hope Laura, Ambrosia, and Joanne remember one thing: I’m not in that ring with them; they’re in that ring (points at self) with me.

Mercedes mouths the words, “are we done here?” before she again smiles at the camera. The scene fades on her as she is turning to leave, walking the rest of the way before she opens the door of the arena and disappears backstage.

The scene opens backstage where we find Stoner Scott Oliver. standing by one of the locker room doors. Scott steps up to the door and gets ready to knock when the door swings open. We see Joanne standing on the other side of it, and she looks Scott up and down, before she leans against the door.

Joanne: Can I help you?

Stoner: Yeah, just the woman I wanted to see.

Joanne: I bet I am. Now what do you want?

Stoner: I wanted to get a few words from you before your match tonight. I mean you're walking into the ring with three other women that have said some strong words against you.

Joanne looks down at the floor and smiles to herself before looking back up at Scott.

Joanne: Please, I've been in matches where there was 8 of us, and I still managed to come out on top. I've been in this business a long time, and I've been through hell and back in one match. Do you think this one is any different for me?

Stoner: Not really. Mercedes had a lot to say, and even got a little personal by calling you Jo. I'm sure you'll be gunning for her tonight more than anyone right?

Joanne: There has been only person that has called me Jo and it was a special thin' between us. She had no right, but that's not why I'm goin' after her. She stands in my way of gettin' a shot at the Bombshell Roulette Title, along with Laura, and Ambrosia. If they stand between me and a title then they are goin' to be out on the mat, while I walk away with the chance at the Bombshell Roulette Title.

Stoner: If you do manage to beat the other three women that are in the ring with you, how much of a chance do you think you'll have against Necra if she retains the title here tonight?

Joanne: If and when I win this match I'll go on to face Necra and that match will be nothin' more than a match of respect. I watched that kid grow up, and she is a woman that can handle her own in the ring, but I know that the match will be one that no one will forget. Now if that's it, I have to get ready for my match.

Stoner: Of course. Good luck out there tonight!.

Joanne: Thanks but I don't need it. My opponents will thought.

With that Joanne smiles and closes the door on Scott

Stoner: That chika is bad ass, but smells like strawberries

With a nod, Scott walks away as the scene fades back to the arena.

Justin: The following matchup is a first blood match, introducing first from Seattle…. Ambrosia Grey!!!

You can hear a rev of an engine. The Lights go dim and "Take Me Home Tonight" By Hinder hits. Smoke fills the stage and out walks Ambrosia with an evil smirk on her face. Most of the fans do cheer for her. Others have their reservations about her. As she reaches ringside she slaps a few hands and kissing one lucky fans cheek. She climbs up the steps and over the bottom rope. Ambrosia dashes to the ropes and leans over the ropes pointing to the crowd with a smile. Stepping off the ropes she dashes to the other side to do the same thing. The crowd is going wild of this vivacious beauty. Finally as she has the fans in the palm of her hands she looks toward the ramp for her opponent as she stretches a little more.

Justin: and her first opponent from Jersey Shore, New Jersey… Joanne Canelli!!!

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as "Run This Town" begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words "FULL BLOODED ITALIAN" is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900's, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena's from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards. They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, , talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring.

Justin: thirdly please welcome from Tampa Florida… Laura Jackson!!!

Dick Dale – Misirlou hits the personal address system and out walks Laura Jackson as she walks down the ramp she avoids the fans just making a beeline towards the six sided ring.

Justin: last but not least… from Buenos Aires, Argentina…MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd. Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes simply looks down at her opponents with disdain before looking out towards the crowd.

As all four women stand together in the centre of the ring, they all look over their shoulders seeing that the turnbuckles have been packed with trash cans filled with weapons.

Adams: Oh boy this can’t be good.

Without delay the four women turn to each other once more before they each leap colliding into one another. Hair, slaps, screams and punches are flying let right and centre as all four lock up. Mercedes has her hands on Laura - Joanne is kicking the living daylights out of Ambrosia. Jacob Summers isn’t sure what to do so he stands back with his hands up in the air.


Joanne drops Ambrosia to the mat like a sack of potatoes and quickly darts off towards the closest corner, rummaging through the trash can Canelli pulls out a kendo stick. Swinging the stick around Joanne walks back towards Ambrosia slashing it violently against her spine.

Simone: I think china heard that strike.

Meanwhile Mercedes is slamming Laura’s face into the trash can over and over again. Jackson stumbles back and Mercedes delivers a shattering kick to her midsection before reaching into the trash can pulling out a set of knuckle dusters.

Adams: Well I think Laura is about to get opened up like a tin of sardines.

Mercedes takes a monstrous swing in Laura’s direction but Laura ducks out of the way before spinning around swiftly dropping Mercedes to the canvas with a shoulder block. While Mercedes is down on the canvas she slips the knuckle dusters into her pocket.

Simone: I don’t know where to look.

Ambrosia has managed to steal the kendo stick from Joanne and now she is trying the spilt the mafia Bombshell’s head open. Sickening cracks echo through the arena as the cane unforgivingly slaps painfully across her forehead. Jacob rushes over to check on Canelli but the match continues as she is still far from opened up. Taking a step backwards Ambrosia bumps into Laura who now has a hammer in her hands. The two Bombshells eye each other up and down before Laura starts swinging towards her like a mad man.

Adams: It’s not the size of the tool it’s how you use it…

Simone: That’s not what your wife told me.

Adams: HEY

Simone: I’m kidding…

Ambrosia drops her stick and sticks her fists up ready for an all-out fight. Mercedes regroups and charges in towards both of them taking them down with a double running bull dog. Joanne is back in on the action with a street sign in hand. Swinging wildly at Mercedes, Canelli misses but ends up collecting Laura Jackson. Ambrosia takes Joanne down to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Now all four Bombshells are on the canvas, Mercedes and Ambrosia are exchanging left and rights while Joanne is trying to grind Laura’s face into the fallen cane.

Adams: So much hair flying around.

Ambrosia slaps Mercedes firmly across the face, Jacobs is running around checking for any signs of blood. Laura has managed to fight back tackling Joanne, the two tumble out of the ring to the outside. Ambrosia and Mercedes make it back to their feet and they are both searching for something to assist in opening each other up.

Adams: Scavenger hunt!!!

THUD! Laura’s back has just been violently introduced to the steel steps on the outside. Joanne starts to stomp away on her face, trying to bust her nose.

Simone: Joanne is one tough bitch!

Ambrosia takes it to Mercedes, hooking her neck she drops her face first with an DDT. Ambrosia gets to her feet and stumbles over towards the corner of the ring tossing weapons out left right and centre, until she finds a bit of ply wood wrapped with barbed wire.

Adams: This will do it…

Simone: Good night Mercedes.

Mercedes is slowly making it to her feet but is concealing her right hand. Ambrosia comes charging in, lifting the stick above her head she looks as if she is about to knight Mercedes, but Miss Vargas levels Ambrosia with a punch to the midsection. Doubling over Ambrosia drops her weapon as now exposed on Mercedes right hand it the knuckle dusters.

Adams: Smart move!!

Getting up to her feet Mercedes now grabs the barbed wire covered stick, holding it up proudly in the air she goes to swing it towards Ambrosia’s back. Just as the stick is about to make contact Mercedes drops it and instead clobbers Ambrosia fair in the mouth with the knuckle duster. Jacob is on the scene and he calls for the bell as Ambrosia is now pouring blood from a spilt lip.

Simone: Mercedes has done it!!!!

Justin: Here is your winner Mercedes Vargas!!!!!!!

Adams: She got her right in the kisser…

Simone: With a fairly decent punch as well.

Adams: Mercedes is now the number one contender to the Bombshell Roulette title

Kain can be seen standing in his locker room, preparing him for his match when suddenly his door opens and Goth enters. He has the Tag title over his shoulder while grinning at Kain. Kain wants to take a punch in the direction of Goth, but the man shows a contract in the face of Kain.

Goth: Remember this Kain? No physical contact until our match in the future. If you hit me? You will be fired, stripped of everything you own and I am going to be the True King of Kings in here and AWA and everywhere else.

Kain: What do you want Goth???

The two men stare at each other before Goth chuckles again, he pats his title over his shoulder and points at Kain.

Goth: I just wanted to wish you luck in your match, you seem to be lost without a championship Kain. I wonder if you still got it, perhaps you should just.... Quit???

The two stare at each other before the shot fades back to ringside

Justin: Our next match is scheduled for one fall!

The house lights go out. The ear-piercing opening screams of Chester Bennington on STP's "Out Of Time" signals the arrival of Max Burke.

Justin: Introducing first... from Dorchester... New Brunswick... Canada!

Longing is the animal inside you when you bleed
Suffering is critical in finding what you need
Deliverance is evidence there's more than what you say
Pain is there the moment that you wake up from your dreams

A bright spotlight illuminates the stage. Max steps into the spotlight on the entrance as the crowd erupts in a mix of jeers and cheers.

Justin: Weighing in tonight at 220 pounds...

Oh, I know you can't tithe
Oh, when you look inside yourself
You've got to cross that line
Yeah, you're running out of time

Burke makes his way to the ring, punking out several fans along the way.

Justin: He is the self-proclaimed... “Pro Wrestling’s Pedigree”...

Loneliness is beautiful, it leads you home again
Happiness is overrated, joy is infinite
Liberate the hate you feel before it's permanent
Smile when it hurts, it works like mother's medicine

Burke stops at the bottom of the ring steps, and looks around at the crowd. He throws a devilish smirk at few ringside ladies.

Justin: … MAX BURKE!!!

Oh, I know you can't tithe
Oh, when you look inside yourself
You've got to cross that line
Yeah, you're running out of time

Burke takes a couple of steps up the ring steps, and then pauses to soak in the boos from the crowd.

You've got to learn your lesson to see what you've been missing
You've got to cross that line

Max steps through the ropes, and scales the turnbuckles to pose.

Yeah, you've got to look inside
Yeah, it's time that you decide
Yeah, you've got to cross that line
Yeah, you're running out of time

Justin: And his opponent... he hails from Bucharest... Romania...

"Wonderlust King" starts to play all throughout the area. Spotlights hit the ramp and for a long moment they stay in that position waiting for Aleksei to make his entrance. He does not appear to be coming.

Justin: Weighing in at 255 pounds...

The spot lights start to search the crowd and find that Aleksei is in the audience having a drink.

Justin: He is ALEKSEI KOJI!!!

He starts to move through the crowd towards the ring. As he is about to climb over the rail he hands his flask to a nearby fan and then climbs in. Jacob Summers gives some last minute instructions, and calls for the bell to start the match.


Max and Aleksei both storm to the center of the ring. Aleksei gets right in Max’s face and throws out what can only be some serious trash talk... but, it’s all in Romanian.

Simone: Max Burke has been talking a lot of trash leading up to this match with Aleksei tonight. Aleksei is returning the favor, but he’s doing it in his native tongue. I don’t think Max has a clue what he’s saying.

Adams: None of us can. But, can you blame him? He’s been out of action for weeks thanks to Aleksei. If it wasn’t for Aleksei and his lack of focus as Max likes to put it... Max would never have gotten taken out by Kain.

Simone: You are not seriously drinking the kool-aid are you?

Max slaps the taste out of Aleksei’s mouth with a jaw jacking open palm strike.

Adams: Max made some valid points. He was treated like the black sheep of the Party Horde because he wasn’t a partier like his partner, Koji, or the rest of the Koji clan.

Aleksei fires back with a flurry of wild strikes. Max is reeling from the attack.

Simone: Aleksei’s a brawler. It’s what he does best. He packs a whallop.

Adams: Aleksei might have the brawn, but Max is a thinking man’s wrestler. He’s got wrestling in his blood. His family has been in this business for generations.

Max regains his composure. He starts ducking, and diving with great head movement to avoid the remainder of the strikes from the Romanian.

Simone: You call him a thinking man’s wrestler... but he’s showing his true colors lately, and I don’t like them.

Out of nowhere, Max sticks a thumb into the eye of his former mentor, buying himself some precious seconds of recovery.

Simone: As I was saying!

Adams: What? That was a beauty of a jab from Pro Wrestling’s Pedigree! He stuck it perfectly, and blinded him with a precision strike.

Simone: More like a precision thumb to the eye!

Adams: Pfft... totally a jab.

Aleksei swings blindly at Max.

Adams: Aleksei’s firing away!

Max expertly avoids the wild swings, and starts smacking with repeated open hand strikes, taunting Aleksei with nothing but insulting slaps.

Simone: Max on the defensive, and he’s doing a spectacular job of blocking those shots!

Max slips behind Aleksei, and hooks him around the waist. Max launches Aleksei high in the air!

Adams: Saito Suplex by Max Burke!

As the back of Aleksei’s head bounces off the canvas, Max floats over expertly and grabs Aleksei’s arm.

Simone: Right into a Jujigatame! Aleksei’s in trouble!

Aleksei struggles to break the submission. He thrashes back and forth, and quickly locks his fingers before Max can hyperextend the arm. Max yanks violently on the arm of the Romanian trying to break his grip.

Adams: Foot on the ropes! Burke is forced to break the submission.

Simone: Great ring positioning by Aleksei.

Adams: Lucky break you mean. Max would have sent Aleksei’s arm back to Mama Koji if he hadn’t gotten to the ropes.

Summers calls for the break, but Max takes full advantage of the five count. He breaks Aleksei’s grip, and hyperextends it. Aleksei yells out in pain!

Koji: ARGH!!!!!!!

Summers: ONE!

Summers: TWO!

Summers: THREE!

Summers: FOUR!



Burke releases the arm as requested with a sly smirk. He quickly flips over, and gets to his feet. Aleksei shakes out the damage of his arm, and gets to his feet. Max hooks on a front facelock, and squeezes. Burke quickly transitions Aleksei’s head to his shoulder.

Simone: Neckbreaker coming?

Burke snaps Aleksei over, and plants him head first into the canvas!



Max covers Aleksei, who is out cold.


Adams: THREE!!! Max Burke has just defeated Aleksei Koji!

Justin: Your winner... “Pro Wrestling’s Pedigree”... MAX BURKE!!!

Max snatches the microphone out of Justin Decent’s hand, and takes a seat next to the fallen body of Aleksei Koji.

Burke: How’d you like that you big dumb bastard? Take two and call me in the morning. Nighty night sunshine.

Max throws the microphone down on the chest of Aleksei Koji. Max gets back to his feet, and plant a foot on the chest of Koji as he poses in victory.

Stoner: Kain, Kain! A word with you!

The camera pans back to see Kain stopping in his tracks. The crowd goes nuts seeing him as he glares at Scott Oliver, who rushes to his side. Ariel is not pleased with this unexpected development as she also glares at the interviewer.

Stoner: What is your strategy going into this match with Matthew Kennedy and the unnamed challenger?

For a few moments, Kain continues to stare down Scott, the whole audience waiting on its collective breath. He brings up the microphone to his lips and then brings himself closer to Scott's face.

Kain: Pain. Lots and lots of pain.

Kain walks away from him, as does Ariel, leaving Stoner confused as he watches them disappear. The camera returns to Adams and Simone.

Adams: It doesn't matter if you are someone like Batman or Superman, Kain will tear down Hell itself for the Roulette championship. He's all business tonight.

Simone: No doubt about it. Matthew Kennedy may have promised to be the champ, but Kain isn't going to let that happen anytime soon. If I were Matthew Kennedy, I would be praying for a miracle.

The lights in the arena flicker on and off as a whirring sound echoes through the speakers. The sound gets louder and louder as the fans look around in amazement. The lights begin to blink and red stage lights cross over the crowd until…


”Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins playing, and the fans go into a cheering frenzy. However, no one comes to the stage. The cheers slow down as nearly a minute goes by with nothing. The New X-Tremes video plays on the screen, showing off various high points. Suddenly, the video breaks off to show a tombstone lowering from the ceiling and into the ring. The cameras get closer to reveal “NXT, 2011-2013”. The crowd boos now, figuring it to be a cruel joke until someone bursts through the curtains. It is none other than Spike Staggs! He is wearing what looks like a leather version of a business suit with his usual sunglasses covering his eyes. He spins around in a circle very energetically as the fans give him a warm welcome. He jogs down the ramp, slapping hands on both sides alternately before dashing in under the bottom rope. He works the nearest turnbuckle, raising his hands up in the air. He jogs to the other side, avoiding the tombstone, and he rips off his sunglasses, tossing them out into the audience before giving his signature pose. He steps down, getting a microphone from Justin as the audience is still roaring with cheers. However, he wastes no time in beginning.


Crowd: *POP*

Spike: I bet you thought I was going to miss the show tonight, didn’t you? I have been at every Sin City Wrestling Supercard since High Stakes. Truth be told, I really thought this would be my first. After certain things went down at a certain event where certain words like “The” “Ring” “Of” and “Lord” comprised the title, and a certain JACKASS defamed me… I just wasn’t sure I would be in the mood to step inside of another ring…


Spike nods his head as he circles around this headstone. The audience is still wondering what the catch might be, but Spike continues on.

Spike: But, I decided that I should come out here and address a few rumors that have been circulating around the indy circuits. First off, no… I did not vacate the title, or plan to give Nick Jones an easy win. I might not have been at the top of my game, but I never roll over and play dead. Secondly, I never whined or cried about it. Police arrived at my door one day and confiscated their title from me, then the next thing I know, I am being banned for life, and hearing that I simply gave up. I don’t know how to give up without a fight. Which brings me to my last point. Is NXT dead?

Spike slowly looks over to the tombstone as the fans wait to see what Spike is going to do to it. He simply unhooks the rope from it, allowing the headstone to stand in the middle of the ring. Spike leans on it and looks out into the audience.

Spike: We haven’t heard much of anything about NXT since this whole Team Wars started between Mark and Christian, and my uncle. I removed myself from the equation, and stated that the only thing I will represent from here on out IS NXT! And I meant it! However, I am starting to doubt that my NXT “family” shares the same passion as I do. So, instead of coming out here and promising some new incarnation of NXT, and promising you fans will see our name live on… I think it is time to just put this thing to rest.

Spike gives the headstone a gentle pat before hooking the rope back onto it. He gives the rope a couple tugs and it slowly lifts into the air. “Smack Down” begins playing once again as the screen shows random clips of NXT members, past and present, from the inception until now. Spike looks up at the headstone and signs the Trinity before placing his hands together and to his lips. The fans boo a bit as Spike makes his way to the ropes. He flips over, doing a one handed stand on the apron before letting himself to the outside. The fans cheer for him, patting him on his back as he walks up the ramp.

We move to the stage where the Roulette wheel has been moved. Standing in front of it is Erik Staggs. He holds a microphone in one hand as his lovely assistant Michelle Andretti stands, blowing kisses to the booing crowd and waving. Erik quickly brings the microphone to his lips, cutting off the crowd before they can get going.

Erik: Ladies and gentlemen, it is ime to spin the wheel to find out the special rules of tonight’s Roulette Championship match! To assist me is the lovely Michelle Andretti!

She jumps up and down in an attempt to get the audience ito the action. She shouts out in excitement as she does so. Erik places a hand on her shoulder, slowing her down as she nods. She places her hand on the wheel, and sets up the silver ball. With as much force as she can muster up, she sends the wheel into a frenzy.

Adams: Round and round, and round she goes… Where she stops, nobody knows!

The wheel continues to spin, but slows down. The ball finally locks in place as the wheel comes to a halt. Erik looks down at it with a grimace. Michelle looks a bit bummed out as well as the camera zooms in to see the result.

Simone: Normal match? Seriously?

Erik: The wheel has spoken! It looks like this match will be contested under normal rules.

The audience boos loudly as Erik shockingly agrees with them. He shakes his head from side to side as he and Michelle confer with one another.

Erik: Not that I normally agree with a group of people whose combined I.Q. is still less than mine, but… I think we should re-spin the wheel, just this once! Normal match is being overruled by me!

The audience reacts strangely with a mixture of joy and anger. Erik looks to Michelle once more as she sets the wheel in motion. She drops the ball, and the wheel spins around furiously. The ball finally stops and a wide grin appears on Erik’s face.

Erik: The following contest will be… TAI PEI DEATH MATCH RULES!!!

Adams: I think I LOVE this guy… Well, maybe not, but what a BRUTAL match type we have!

The audience roars in approval. Erik smirks as he and Michelle exit the ring. Justin Decent steps inside of the ring with a microphone in hand, waiting a bit for the fans cheers to die down. Meanwhile, ring attendants bring out a table and a couple bowls. Justin takes center stage as they set things up around him.

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following Tai Pei Death Match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SCW Roulette Championship! Introducing first, from Detroit Michigan, standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 240 pounds, he is… The KING of KINGS… KAAAAAAIIIIN!!!

The lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the enter. Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play it's tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain and his love, Ariel. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face. Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him. He feels the warm presence of Ariel's hand as the couple walk, side-by-side, but his mind is focused on the carnage tonight. Once they reach the bottom, Ariel goes behind Ariel, using her hands to untie his black robe and take it off him completely. Kain is now shown from head to toe as the camera gets a great look at his incredible physique. The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. Ariel hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendent, directly to her right, then gets pulled in by Kain, who embraces her in a deep kiss. Ariel returns the kiss and the arena's noise got more louder than before. Kain breaks off the kiss, bows to his queen, then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a foward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on. Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist in the air and talks trash as multiple cameras flashes from the crowd. Finally, he heads to his corner, kneels briefly, saying a few words to himself before rising up and looking behind as he spies the entrance ramp. "Ladies And Gentlemen" as Kain now stands, getting his fists taped, awaiting his opponent.

Justin Decent: And his opponent… Hailing from London, England… standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is… ”PRRRRIMETIMMMME” … MATTHEEEEEEW KENNNNNEDY!!!

The arena lights go dark as a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", soon afterwords the intro to "I Want It All" by Queen is heard and Matthew struts out as Freddie Mercury starts singing with Marty McFarge and the Skar Brothers by his side, as Matthew walks down to the ring he starts singing the chorus to the song until he reaches the ringside area where an attendant removes his jacket, once it's off Matthew hops onto the apron and looks out to the crowd with disdain before stepping through the ropes. He and Kain stare each other down as the ring attendants begin wrapping Matthew’s wrists. He two men mouth at each other before Kennedy angrily dunks his fists into the bowl full of glue. He pull them out, and Kain dunks his fists in them just as hard, only with a wicked smile on his face. He quickly dunks them into the broken glass in the next bowl. He rolls them around, getting them covered up very nicely. He pulls them out and blows on them in an exaggerated manner to let Kennedy know that he can’t wait to get this thing started. Kennedy rolls his fists around in the glass as well, making sure it is coated well. Kain scoffs at him and then rolls his eyes. With the momentary distraction, Kennedy flings a bunch of the leftover glass into Kain’s face, causing him to try batting it away.


Simone: What a cheap move from Matthew to start things off…

Adams: Did you expect anything better from him, luv?

Matthew takes advantage of the distraction as he begins hitting several shots to Kain’s face, instantly drawing blood! Some fans cheer for the blood while others boo because it was Kennedy who drew it. Kennedy backs Kain against the ropes where Marty McFarge grabs onto his ankles. Jacob Summers scolds him, leaning through the ropes to shout at him. With the second distraction, Kennedy hits a monstrous low blow, digging the glass into Kain’s crotch! Marty acts obedient as he holds his arms up innocently. Kennedy chases off the ring crew who is trying to clear the ring. He tosses the glue in the faces of anyone getting within a foot of the ring. He stomps around like a spoiled brat as he shouts at them. Meanwhile, Kain rolls around on the ground. Kennedy picks up the large bowl filled with the shards of glass. He raises them up above his head, ready to dump them down on Kain, who instead hits a devastating low blow of his own to Kennedy, bringing him down to his knees. Kain forces himself up to his knees and hits a jab to Kennedy’s abdomen. He gets up to one knee and then cracks the bowl over Kennedy’s head, getting glass everywhere.

Adams: I thought after that proper knock to Kain’s bollocks, he would be out of this one, but he just keeps coming back.

Simone: Did you expect any less from Kain? It doesn’t feel so nice, does it?

Kain kicks the glass, spreading it out as much as he can. He flings the table across the ring and picks Kennedy up from the mat. He rolls behind Kennedy and hits a picture perfect German Suplex, right onto the glass! Kennedy writhes in pain. Kain dusts some of the glass from his own back as he takes a few steps away. He shouts defamatory remarks at Kennedy, waving his arms in the air. As Kennedy gets to his hands and knees, Kain charges forward, punting his head nearly off and into the crowd. Kennedy rolls toward the edge of the ring, trying to escape, but Kain isn’t having it. He pulls Kennedy by the ankle back toward the center of the ring. He tries to get an ankle lock on, but Kennedy leaps up with a surprise Enziguri. Kain holds the side of his jaw as Kennedy crawls back to his feet, bleeding down his back and his chest.

Adams: Did somebody order this match raw? It’s freaking bloody as hell, and we are only a couple minutes into this thing…

Simone: I don’t think we’ve even begun to see the blood, Jason…

Kennedy scoops up as much glass as he can and throws it down over Kain. He uses his own body to shove them into Kain’s chest as he leans down for the cover.




Kain kicks out with power just barely after two. Jacob holds up two fingers for the audience and then he gets up. Kennedy’s eyes flare open as he begins repeatedly smashing Kain in the face, tearing him up. Kain gets his own shots in, equalizing things as he tears away at Kennedy’s flesh. He rolls over Kennedy onto his back and begins hitting one blow after another before pinning his shoulders down to the mat.




Simone: And Kennedy barely gets a shoulder up from the mat, but just enough to slide away from Kain.

Adams: Did you expect anything less from… *THWAP* Okay, I’ll stop… But with so much on the line, neither man is going to give up that quickly.

Kain gets up from the mat quickly, putting some distance between he and Kennedy. He measures him up for a Spear, but Kennedy side steps him and flings him through the table that is jaggedly set up in the corner. Kain practically flips through it as Kennedy follows up with a European Uppercut that sends a solid slice up Kain’s back. Kain lies down in the mess of the broken table as Kennedy points out the wreckage to the audience. He treats it like some sort of proof that he is the best in the world, much to the disagreement of the audience. He stomps around the ring, showing off his battered and bloodied physique. He turns around and runs toward Kain, but he ducks under the ropes. As Kennedy tries to steady himself, Kain has a piece of the broken table and he whacks Kennedy over the back of the head with it before jabbing him in the back. Marty tries to come in for the save, but Kain tosses the wood in his direction. Marty catches it and laughs, only to see Kain fly off of the apron with an Axe Kick. He slides back into the ring as Ariel claps and gets the audience behind Kain. Kain walks over to Kennedy and swipes both of his fists down Kennedy’s back, leaving two lines of torn flesh on his back.

Adams: This is starting to border sickening. Both men are leaving a lot of blood around the ring.

Simone: Yes, but both men are refusing to give up, and are far too willing to leave more blood strewn about the ring. This is dedication, and either man deserves a victory here, as much as I hate to admit that about Matthew…

Matthew clutches his back, shouting out in pain. Kain comes in for another blow when Kennedy turns around in a rage. He hits several hard, rapid punches to Kain’s stomach, causing the former street fighter to let out his own painful screams. Kennedy gets to his feet, but Kain quickly hits a Whirlwind Fist that sends blood and saliva flying from Kennedy’s face. He goes in for a DDT, but Kennedy quickly tries to lock on for the Primetime Cancellation. Kain hits an elbow back at Kennedy, knocking him back. He goes for the Malice, but Kennedy shoves him forward. Marty McFarge tries to climb onto the apron, but Ariel hits him with the piece of the broken table, knocking him down. Kain leaps onto the second rope, using it to catapult himself off of the apron with The Quickening to an unsuspecting Kennedy. The audience cheers loudly as Kain quickly covers the unconscious Primetime. Jacob Summers drops down for the count.




Justin Decent: Your winner and NEW SCW ROULETTE CHAMPION… KAAAAAIIIN!!!

Adams: HE DID IT! Kain won the title!

Simone: It was definitely earned. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the title after tonight’s display.

Kain is barely able to get up as shards of glass fall from his back. Ariel rolls inside of the ring with the Roulette title in her hands. Referee Jacob Summers holds his right arm up as Ariel holds his left arm up. She then places the belt around his waist as they celebrate inside of the ring to the fans delight.

The camera switches backstage, where James Huntington-Hawkes III is seen looking in the mirror, talking to himself.

JHHIII: Nothing to be scared of, they're just silly men in silly facepaint, they're just people and people can be hurt.

James balls his fist up, a confident nod on his face.

JHHIII: You have got this, you are not scared!

A hand rests upon James' shoulder.


James jumps around with his eyes closed, but his hands up in a karate fashion. The camera spins to show Giani Di Luca.

Giani: Bro! What's wrong?

James opens his eye to see Giani standing there.

JHHIII: Oh thank God, I thought you was him.

Giani: Who dawg?

JHHIII: The Boge.... never mind.

Giani scratches his head

Giani: You ok bro?

JHHIII: Those nightmares...

Giani: I feel ya Little J, but I worked this one out.

JHHIII: You have?

Giani: I have. We're totally getting these, because we allowed those two freakazoids to get in our heads, but now we know how to get rid of them.

JHHIII: We do?

James looks confused.

Giani: Yeah bro, easy, all we have to do is go down to that ring, beat those two face painted freaks, we take their titles and then they disappear.

JHHIII: Right! They're not real, just men!

Giani: Yeah J Dawg and there ain't a man alive that can step up to this.

Giani puts his hand on James' shoulder.

Giani: We got this dawg!

JHHIII: Yeah! Not supernatural, just men.

James nods confidently, and he and Giani turn around, the camera focuses on the mirror, where the smiling faces of Goth and Brother Grimm appear...

Justin: The following contest is for the Bombshell Roulette championship. Introducing the challenger...

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa.

Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

Justin: From Juneau, Alaska, weighing in at one hundred and twenty eight pounds, she is the punk princess, she is Amy Marshall!

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for the match to begin.

Justin: And now, introducing the champion

The lights in the arena go out, as a golden spotlight goes over the crowd, and comes to stop at the back of the stage, as "Black and Silver" by Xandria begins to play over the speakers.

Justin: From The Isle of the Gods, Greece, weighing in at one hundred and twenty seven pounds. She is the reigning SCW Bombshell Roulette champion, she is Necra Octavian Kane!

A black mist begins to roll over the stage and rampway, as two lines of men and women walk down to the ramp, and line either side, holding flags with a strange symbol on them. At the back of the stage,a golden barge appears with 4 very built men wearing masks of Anubis, Osiris, Ma'at, and Apep on the four corners. Behind the barge is a man wearing a skull for a mask follows behind. They reach the ring, and the skull faced man moves to the side of the barge, removing the golden death mask from the Goddess of the Dead. She opens her eyes as she is helped up, and heads to the ring, as her followers fall to their knees. She walks up the stairs, and steps into the ring. She raises her hands, as flames shoot up from each of the posts, as the lights go up.

Adams: Let's head backstage to Scott Oliver with the wheel.

The screen flickers and Scott Oliver is seen standing next to the standing wheel.

Scott: Dude, am I on yet?

Adams: Yes Scott.

Scott: Who said that?

Adams: It's Jason Adams.

Scott: Awesome. Hey Jason!

Adams: Hey Scott!

Simone: Can you two idiots shut up and get on with it?

Scott looks around confused

Scott: Whoa! Evil voice is back. I better spin this thing!

Scott spins the wheel and everyone watches to see what kind of match it lands on. The wheel stops spinning and lands on a sarcophagus match! The fans cheer as Stoner scratches his head in confusion

Scott: Totally can't say that word!

Simone: Sarcophagus match Scott.

Scott: Yeah! What the voice in my head said!

The screen fades as two men push a sarcophagus towards ringside and leaves it outside the ring. Amy looks at it with confusion, but a wide smile crosses Necra's face. She hands the title belt to Jacob Summers, who holds it up for the fans to see. Jacob hands the belt to Justin and calls for the bell.


Simone: This is one of the most unique matches I've ever seen.

Adams: I'm scared! Hold me!

Simone: Not if you paid me!

As Amy moves towards the ropes, looking at the sarcophagus, Necra attacks from behind, putting a forearm in to Amy's back. As Amy stumbles forward, Necra spins, swinging her leg and crashing Amy down with a sweep kick, taking her off her feet and watching her land on her back. Necra looks menacingly down at Amy and puts her boot across the throat of the punk princess, looking at referee Jacob Summers, knowing he can't do anything to stop this. Amy pushes Necra's boot off of her throat and crawls towards the ropes, but Necra drops to her knees, holding Amy's throat across the bottom rope and forcing herself down, putting all her weight on it. Necra stands up as the crowd boo, but pulls Amy up with her, her hands on the side of Amy's head, yelling at her, but Amy grabs Necra's head and drops down with a jawbreaker.

Adams: How'd she do that with that funky hair?

Necra falls backwards and Amy rolls on to her knees, looking outside at the flat laying sarcophagus outside the ring. Amy shudders as she stands up, moving towards Necra and kicking her in the ribs before pulling her back to her feet. Amy slaps Necra across the face, sending the sound echoing around the arena.

Simone: Ouch.

Adams: That's gonna add some red to those cheeks without the need for make up.

Amy grabs Necra by the hair, also knowing hair grabbing is legal and pulls Necra to the center of the ring, before grabbing her head and dropping her in a snap DDT, bouncing Necra's head off the floor. Necra moves towards the ropes, but Amy sits on her back, slamming Necra's head in to the canvas with pure force. Amy does it a second time before standing up. Amy yells at the referee and points to the sarcophagus. Jacob nods and steps out of the ring. Amy instructs him to lift the lid and reluctantly, he does to show empty space.

Adams: Oh thank god, thought a clown was gonna pop out.

Simone: Idiot.

Adams: Not an idiot, a clown.

Amy lifts Necra up, lifting her in a scoop slam position and holding her on her shoulder. She starts to run towards the ropes, but Necra slides down her back and takes her by the hair, charging her towards the rope, throwing Amy over and towards the sarcophagus, but Amy grabs the bottom rope and rolls back in the ring. Necra kicks Amy towards the open sarcophagus but Amy moves back in to the ring.

Adams: Maybe Amy is as scared of it as I am.

Necra pulls Amy to her knees but drives a knee of her own to Amy's jaw, knocking her halfway thought the ropes, but Amy clings on. Necra grabs Amy's legs and pulls her while Amy holds on and slams her down in to the canvas. Amy bounces hard but Necra stays on the attack, reaching down and lifting Amy up to her feet. Necra moves behind Amy and lifts her over in a release German suplex, sending her crashing across the ring. Necra moves in, picking Amy up again and catching her with a quick shot to the jaw, but Amy swings an elbow back, catching Necra in the side of the head. Amy grabs hold of Necra's long dark hair and charges to the ropes, throwing Necra over the top towards the sarcophagus, but Necra holds on to the ropes with both hands before using the sarcophagus to push herself over the ropes again and back it to the ring. Necra turns around but Amy clotheslines Necra over the top rope! Necra twists her body in mid air and lands on the floor, just a mere foot or two away from the open sarcophagus.

Adams: That was close!

Simone: Amy nearly had this one!

Amy waits for Necra to get to her feet and grabs the top rope, using it to propel herself over, but Necra catches her in midair and starts to walk her towards the sarcophagus.

Simone: This could be it.

As Necra puts Amy near the edge, Amy uses her feet to push on the edge and fly over Necra and slams her down with a sunset flip, crashing Necra on to the floor outside. Amy stands up, pulling Necra with her and slamming her head on to the apron. Necra bounces back and towards the sarcophagus as Amy turns around. Necra puts her hands up to it, stepping away.

Adams: Now that's not very Egyptian, is it?

Simone: What do you mean?

Adams: I thought Egyptians love those things enough, they sleep in them.

Simone: I think you're thinking of Vampires and coffins Jason.

Adams: So what do Egyptians do in those?

Simone: They're laid to rest in them.

Adams: Everything I thought about Egyptians before, I am now doubting.

Necra turns around and Amy charges at Necra with a clothesline but Necra ducks and forces Amy towards the sarcophagus, but Amy grabs Necra's head and drops backwards with a Russian legsweep!

Simone: Neither of these women want to go in there.

Adams: Neither does this man!

Amy moves towards the apron and climbs back up, but Necra is right on her tail, also climbing to the apron. Necra throws an elbow at Amy, but Amy throws one back. Amy grabs Necra head and jumps off the apron, trying to slam Necra in to the sarcophagus, but Necra pulls Amy tight and both women fly in to the sarcophagus!

Simone: Both women are inside.

Adams: Who wins this?

A hand reaches out of the sarcophagus and pulls themselves out, crashing to the floor as the lid slams down. Jacob Summers calls for the bell.


Adams: Who won?

Two hands rest on top of the sarcophagus and Necra Octavian Kane stand up!

Simone: Oh my god!

Adams: It's Necra Octavian Kane!

Justin: The winner of the match STILL SCW Bombshell Roulette champion... NECRA OCTAVIAN KANE!

Simone: What a great match but Necra is still the Bombshell Roulette champion!

Adams: This was a war and both of these will be hurting tomorrow.

Simone: But only Necra will be smiling through the pain.

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: “Hey Lucian, you talk about David vs. Goliath like every opponent I have faced in the past, and it is pretty old. I will show you that David will fall in the hands of Goliath, the way it should be, and unlike the original story from the bible, there is nothing that you can use to take me out. You have not seen the full wrath of Casey Williams, and therefore, know not of what I am capable of, and you soon will. When I eliminate you, I will be one step closer to the SCW Heavyweight Title, where I rightfully deserve. Don‘t think I forgot about that chair shot at Climax Control, you dumb son of a bitch.”

As Casey pauses, the crowd boos him loudly for trashing Lucian. Casey then focuses on Hot Stuff Mark Ward.

Casey: “Hey Mark, don’t think I forgot about your attack on me either. Know that regardless of what Tom and Nick do to you, that will be mild to the pain you will experience by me. You hear me, I am coming to kick the everlasting shit out of you, and there is nothing that you can do to stop me, and if you try, that will make me want to come even harder at you.”

The crowd boos Casey even louder as he drops the mic and walks to the back and “I Will Not Bow“ hits the speakers.

The ringside bell sounds!


Justin: Thee following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Championship!

The crowd cheers!

A few cameras file through the curtains. “Wrecked” plays when Giani comes down to the ring, he supplies his own blast of pyros that rain down on him as he pauses, soaking in the boos of the audience. He really gets them going as he flips his hands from under his chin, laughing as they boo. He jumps onto the ring apron and soaks in the audience reaction before climbing under the top rope. He bounces from the ropes, then runs over to the far turnbuckle and raises his fist high in the air for his camera crew. He leaps down and jogs in place.

Justin: Currently in the ring, one half of the challengers! From Seaside Heights, New Jersey, weighing 285 pounds ... Giani Di Luca!

The crowd boos!

Justin: And his tag team partner...!

The lights dim down a little and the opening to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" starts to play. The fan's look towards the entrance ramp as two beautiful women walk out from the backstage area and stands either side of the entrance ramp. A huge man with a bald head, Simpson, appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a suit. The man adjusts his tie and points to the entrance ramp and a shorter, young looking man, maybe in his teens walks through the entrance, much to the amusement of the fans. James Huntington-Hawkes III stands on the top of the ramp, and the two beautiful young ladies takes an arm each, and lead him down towards the ring, with the big man leading the way.

Justin: Coming down the aisle... from Beverly Hills, California, weighing 155 pounds ... James Huntington-Hawkes III!

As the four get to the ring, Simpson steps up the ring steps and bends open the ropes for James to step up and in to the ring James runs up the steps and in to the ring, The women quickly follows him up the steps and in to the ring, followed by Simpson. James steps to the center of the ring and the two women stand behind him and James starts to dance. Moving first to the left, then a step to the right, moving his arms out in the opposite directions then he steps. He takes a two steps forward, dipping his shoulders, before leaning back and doing a 'Jagger strut' and raising his arms.

Justin: And their opponents, introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Sapphira, from Utrecht, The Netherlands, weighing in at two hundred and thirty nine pounds, he is one half of the SCW Tag Team Champions, he is Goth!

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and he stares down his opponent in the ring

Justin: And his partner, from the Other Side Of Darkness. Weighing in at two hundred and forty six pounds, he is one half of the SCW tag team champions, he is Brother Grimm!

All of the lights in the building slowly fade out, leaving the arena cloaked in darkness. Then the voices of little girls is heard over the speakers, reciting;

"'B' is for 'Baby' ... 'F' is for 'Fear'
Beware for the children ... The evil draws near."

The screen above the ramp then flickers to life with the image of a music box...

The video ends and are replaced by the ominous melodies of O Fortuna (Carmina Burana). A select stage light ignites over the ramp, illuminating the lone figure standing atop the stage, as stoic and pale as an ivory statue. Poised and ready, brother Grimm raises his head and slowly begins the descent towards the ring, paying no mind to the fans who watch with awe in their eyes as this enigmatic figure passes them, leaving a chill to many a spine in his wake.

Arriving at ringside, Brother Grimm pauses and casts a sidelong glance at the fans seated at ringside, staring them down until the fans hurriedly break eye contact. Only then does Grimm show the faintest trace of a devilish smirk before he turns back to the ring. Gripping the middle rope with his hand, he hauls himself up onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes. Grimm begins to remove his attire to reveal an ivory-white and muscled upper body adorned with faint scars. He passes his armor and tunic out to the attendant, then turns back, ready to start the match.

Both Goth and BG pass the tag team title belts over to the referee, who in turn shows them to the eager challengers, and then holds them high for all to see.

Simone: And that's what it's all about, the SCW Tag Team titles!

Adams: And will you look at how Brother Grimm is staring at James? Like he's something good to eat!

Simone: I'm sure he feels the same way, exactly.

Giani raises his brow as a confident James nods, insisting on beginning the match. He then turns around and spots Brother Grimm on the opposite side, ready to begin for the champions as well, and James hurriedly scurries through the ropes and to the apron.

Adams: I guess the kid isn't so high on the idea of kicking things off.

Simone: Probably one of the only smart things that he's ever done.

Giani steps inside and pats a shaken James on the shoulder, insisting that he's got this -- when Grimm suddenly attacks him from behind!

Adams: Maybe he doesn't have it!

The bell rings!


Brother Grimm slams hard into the back of Giani with a running high knee, sending him into his own corner heavily! BG then makes a mad grab for James but JHIII squeaks in fright and drops to the floor, avoiding him!

Simone: I don't understand Grimm's fascination with James but he needs to focus on Giani! He's the legal man in the ring!

Grimm pulls Giani around with his back in the corner and he drives three heavy back elbows into the side of his head, and then leans down and drives two shoulder blocks into his stomach, taking the wind right out of his body!

Simone: This one is going to be wild! We have two teams here, neither of which has any qualms about breaking the rules!

Adams: They all cheat a lot too!

Grimm grabs Giani by the head and grates his face across the top rope, eliciting a sharp howl of pain from the Italian Stallion! Only now that they are out of the corner does JHHIII climb back up onto the apron, in his corner. Grimm goes to send Giani into the ropes but Giani cuts him off with a reversal. As Grimm comes off the far side, Giani runs right into him with an elbow, sending him down to the canvas. Grimm almost immediately climbs back to a standing position and Giani doubles him over with a boot to the stomach. Giani then knocks him back against the ropes with a heavy forearm shot. Giani then goes for an Irish whip of his own but this time it's Grimm who reverses it and as Di Luca comes off the ropes, Grimm sends him up and over with a high back body drop! Grimm stares down at him for a brief moment before he turns around and dashes toward James and the Brat prince drops to the floor to get away!

Simone: Grimm needs to stop targeting James when Giani is the one he's in the ring with!

Giani starts to get to his feet and Grimm turns around and clotheslines him, sending him backward through the ropes where he falls heavily to the floor! The fans boo and jeer the champions as Grimm stands there in the center of the ring, smiling in a most sinister manner. The official walks over to him and tries to stay between Grimm and Giani on the outside, but while he's distracted, Goth drops to the floor and he walks over and starts laying in the boots to the downed Di Luca!

Adams: If Giani is in trouble this early, do you think he's actually going to try to tag that punk in?

Simone: Well if he doesn't then there goes any hopes they have of walking away with the titles!

The referee finally turns around and spots Goth's attack on the outside and he hurries over to order him back to his corner, but the damage has already been done. Goth first grabs Giani and rolls him back inside of the ring before he finally complies. Grimm kicks Di Luca in the ribs, then delivers a fist down into the back of his head. Grimm grabs him in a front facelock and drags him backwards to his own corner where Goth tags himself in legally. Grimm holds Giani tightly by the head and arm while Goth steps inside and delivers a hard kick to his ribs. Giani staggers back, holding his ribcage, and Goth charges right at him and clotheslines him down to the mat. Goth then makes a cover, hooking the leg.

2..... Giani kicks out!

Goth pulls Giani up but Di Luca, from out of nowhere, picks him up around the legs and delivers a wicked spine buster!

Simone: Now's Giani's chance! He needs to tag James!

Adams: Are you out of your mind!?

But Giani has the very same idea and he staggers over and tags James, who seems somewhat reluctant to get inside of the ring with Goth! But get inside he does and he runs over to where Goth is laying on the mat, stunned from Giani's sudden offense, and JHHIII starts kicking away at the prone grappler. James then drops to his knees and grabs Goth by the head and starts throwing punches into his head.

Adams: You call those punches?

Simone: Who are you talking to this time?

Goth then gets a surge of strength and shoves James back, sending the kid stumbling and falling on his backside. James, never the less, gets back up and grabs Goth by the arm. He goes to send him into the near corner but Goth reverses it. Goth charges in and James yells in fright and tries to scramble up the corner, and Goth crashes as a result! Somehow JHHIII gets stuck, perched on Goth's shoulders...

Simone: What in hell...?

And James loses his balance and topples forward, bringing Goth along with him in a victory roll! James thinks fast and grabs Goth's legs, hooking them!

2..... Goth kicks out!

Adams: Did that twerp actually pull off a successful wrestling maneuver!?

Simone: And he almost pinned Goth as a result!

James is all smiles at his move and he grabs Goth, freshly confident, but Goth snatches him suddenly by the throat and drags him over to his corner where he tags in Grimm! James starts freaking out and struggling, and he manages to squirm free and he dashes over to his own corner and hurriedly tags Giani into the match! Grimm and Giani both climb inside but before Grimm can do anything, Giani hits him with a standing dropkick!

Simone: I have to admit a big man like Giani always amazes me when he can pull off such maneuvers!

Giani wastes no time, going on the offense as he grabs Grimm and shoots him off into the ropes, catching him with a powerslam and into a cover!

2..... Grimm kicks out!

Giani pulls him up quickly and sends him into the ropes again, this time catching him with a gorilla press over his head and he dumps the Bogeyman to the mat! Giani drops one elbow, then another, right down into Grimm's chest cavity! Giani then looks to James and nods, pointing at the downed Grimm! James looks apprehensive but reaches his hand out and accepts the tag! Giani then drags Grimm up and holds him from behind. James runs up and jumps, landing a low dropkick to Grimm's stomach and Giani lets go, allowing Grimm to fall to the canvas.

Adams: Gotta admit the brat is trying. Not too many can nail a dreaded dropkick to the bread basket. Most people aim about two feet higher.

Giani steps out and James covers Brother Grimm, hooking his leg.

2..... Grimm powerfully kicks out, throwing James right off of him!

Before the shocked James can run over and tag out, Grimm snatches him by the ankle, stopping him!

Simone: Oh he finally got his hands on him!

James is flaying like mad, struggling and trying to reach Giani! Grimm however has other plans and he grabs James by the throat and drags the terrified kid up to his feet! Grimm draws him closer smiling in his face. Grimm then picks him up for a choke slam but Giani is right inside, dive tackling Grimm in the back of the knees! Grimm falls back and crashes with James right on top of him!

2..... Grimm gets his shoulder up!

The moment the pin doesn't take, James is up and he runs over and tags Giani back in!

Giani comes in quickly but Grimm surprises him with an open hand uppercut right to the throat! Giani grabs his throat, gagging, and staggers around as Grimm manages to tag in Goth. Goth climbs inside and he brings a fist up into Giani's chin, knocking him upright. Goth then swings again, delivering a hard shot, but Giani backs up off of the ropes and delivers one of his own! Goth is knocked back into the ropes as well and he comes off, punching Di Luca! Giani rebounds off of the ropes yet again and he swings, but Goth ducks and as Giani's momentum spins him around, Goth delivers the Unprettier, driving the back of Giani's head into the mat! Goth makes the cover, hooking the leg!

2..... JHHIII wastes no time in running in and kicking feebly at Goth's head, breaking the pin! James then runs back out as the official reprimands him.

Goth shakes the cobwebs free and he goes back to work on Giani, grabbing him from behind and bringing him back down to the mat in a Beast Choker submission!

Adams: This might be it! Get that bell ready!

Both Giani fights, showing his desire and pride, rocking back and forth until he's on his hands and knees with Goth on his back. Giani then slowly powers his way to his feet, Goth hanging onto his wide back like an insect.

Simone: Look at the strength being displayed by Giani!

And Giani collapses back, driving Goth to the mat with his own full weight on top of him! Giani slowly stands up and rebounds off of the ropes and goes for a legdrop, but Goth rolls out of the way and Giani crashes on his tailbone! Giani sits in pain, and Goth quickly rebounds off of the ropes himself and baseball slides into him with a low lariat! Goth gets back to his feet and runs off of the ropes and delivers his own legdrop, right across Di Luca's throat. Goth with the cover!

2..... Giani kicks out!

Goth then grabs him by the throat and starts choking him and the official starts to count!


Goth breaks! Goth then pulls Giani up and delivers a body slam. Goth slices a thumb across his throat and backs himself toward the corner and slowly goes to the top.

Simone: This is unfamiliar territory for Goth!

Goth starts to stand, but James starts shaking the ropes from the outside and Goth loses his balance and he topples over and crashes hard to the mat!

Adams: I can't believe James was smart enough to think of that!

Simone: I hate to admit it but that kid has a shrewd mind!

Giani fights his way to his feet, as does Goth! Goth stands up and Giani charges forward and clotheslines him right back down! Goth gets up and Giani clotheslines him right back down a second time! Giani storms around the ring, flexing and bellowing at the top of his lungs! Giani sends Goth into the ropes with an Irish whip and he scoops him upside down over his shoulder, spins around twice, and drives him right down to the mat! Giani covers him and hooks the leg!

2..... Grimm is right inside and he breaks up the pin!

Grimm smirks at the referee as he is ordered back to his corner. Giani Irish whips Goth into the ropes and goes for a big boot, but Goth blocks it, grabbing his foot and he delivers a dragon screw!

Simone: That move could have dislocated Giani's knee!

Goth tags Grimm in as Giani slowly rises, holding his knee. Grimm comes right in at him and backs him into the ropes, hammering away at his stomach and upper body with fists! Grimm goes for an Irish whip but Giani reverses it! Giani swings for a lariat but Grimm ducks under and grabs him around the throat from behind! Grimm then starts to spin around, until Giani leaves his feet in a tail spin! Grimm lets go and Di Luca crashes to the mat!

Simone: The strength of Brother Grimm never ceases to amaze me!

Grimm then crawls over toward him on hands and knees, slowly covering him!

2..... James runs in and pulls on Grimm's foot, breaking the pin!

Grim slowly looks up at James who immediately turns several shades of white!

Adams: Uhhh ohhh!

Grimm stands up, staring at James who seems paralyzed with fear! Grimm takes one step toward him and James turns around to run but Grimm immediately has him around the throat! Then, mimicking the move he just used on Giani, Grimm starts to swing JHHIII around in the rear choke spin! James's fee are entirely off the mat in a horizontal spin and Grimm simply lets go, and James goes flying, his small body crashing right at his own corner! Suddenly the fans start cheering!

Adams: What's going on?

Simone: Look who's coming!

The camera catches Kain coming down the aisle!

Adams: Oh this can't be good!

Kain arrives at ringside and grabs Goth by the foot and pulls him down off of the apron! No sooner does Goth hit his feet, than a slug fest erupts between the two men!

Simone: Oh my god! We have a brawl at ringside between two members of Team SCW!

Adams: This isn't about Team SCW between these two! This goes back years!

Inside of the ring, Grimm is smiling at his handiwork on James but has forgotten about Giani! Grimm turns around and Giani kicks him in the midsection, then delivers a devastating pump handle slam!

Adams: The Jersey Turnpike!

Giani then reaches through the ropes and tags the downed James in himself! Giani grabs James and practically carries him over and dumps him down onto Grimm! Giani points at the ref and then the pileup and the official drops to count!

Simone: I don't believe this!


The crowd boos as a jubilant Giani Di Luca holds his fists into the air as the bell sounds!


Justin: Here are your winners, and NEW Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Champions ... Giani Di Luca and James Huntington-Hawkes III!

The crowd boos as Giani tears the belts from the ref's hands and holds them up high in the air! The fight comes to a screeching halt on the outside as Goth stares into the ring, stunned! He turns around swiftly to spot a smirking Kain backing up the aisle, pointing from himself, to Goth! In the ring, Brother Grimm slowly rolls out of the ring and slides to the floor where a smile is seen on his face.

Simone: He just lost the tag titles and he's smiling? That man is weird!

James is still hurt, disoriented, as Giani slings a belt over his own shoulder and helps his partner to his feet, forcing the second belt on his own slim shoulder.

Simone: I can't believe that we have new tag team champions!

Adams: I can't believe that James just pinned the Bogeyman!

Backstage, Vixen can be seen with Spike and Eden as she relaxes near the catering table. Eden is sitting on an equipment box beside Spike and laying her head against the man’s shoulder as Vixen listens to Spike talk.

Spike Staggs: Okay babe, here is what we are going to do when you and Jessie face the Fallen for the titles. You gotta keep them on your side of the ring. Quick tags and don’t give them any weakness to exploit.

Vixen: Don’t worry Spike, I got this.

Eden lifts her head from Spike’s shoulder. She reaches for Vixen as Ruby can be seen at the corner, her eyes focused on the trio, her body language indicating her anger held in strong check. Vixen holds out her arms and Eden tosses herself into the open embrace. Ruby glares, remaining out of view of the small family unit standing there, listening to them.

Spike Staggs: Don’t get cocky Vixen. You have to be ready for these people. And I am not going to be able to do anything…

With Eden in her arms, Vixen reaches up and pulling him downwards, giving Spike a kiss to stop his lecture. Pulling away slowly at a giggle from Eden; Vixen smiles up into Spike’s eyes as she caresses his cheek.

Vixen: Like I said Spike, I got this. Eden told me I do so between the two of us, just wish me luck and take this monkey back to the locker room.

Vixen is hugged tightly by Eden.

Eden: Tell her good luck Daddy!

Spike can’t help but laugh and holds his hands up in surrender.

Spike Staggs: Okay, I know when I am beat. Good luck babe.

He kisses Vixen’s lips slowly before Eden pushes him off.

Eden: My turn daddy. Good luck Mommie Vixen…love you much!!

The little girl hugs Vixen tight as Ruby simmers in the shadows. Spike and Eden turn towards the locker room as Vixen heads right towards where Ruby is standing. Grinning, Ruby flexes her fingers and then begins to follow Vixen, evil intent written all over her now feral grin.

The camera is once again on the SCW's six-sided ring. Jacob Summers, the sanctioned official for this contest, is standing inside of the ring alongside Justin Decent. They confer for a moment when Justin steps back into the center of the ring.

"I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
buy all of the things I never had
uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
smiling next to Oprah and the Queen"

"Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
for when I'm a billionaire"

The crowd boos as Drew Patton steps out onto the stage and the bell sounds to signify the next match!


Justin: The following contest is the Referee match, scheduled for one fall! Coming down the aisle ... here is Drew Patton!

"Yeah I would have a show like Oprah
I would be the host of, everyday Christmas
give Travie a wish list
I'd probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt
and adopt a bunch of babies that ain't never had sh-t
give away a few Mercedes like here lady have this
and last but not least grant somebody their last wish
its been a couple months since I've single so
you can call me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho
get it, hehe, I'd probably visit where Katrina hit
and damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did
yeah can't forget about me stupid
everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music"

The crowd boos as the picture of confidence, Drew Patton, walks down to the ringside area. He is clad in a "Team Erik" t shirt, black and white striped shorts and sneakers.

"Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
for when I'm a billionaire
oh oooh oh oooh for when I'm a Billionaire
oh oooh oh oooh for when I'm a Billionaire"

Drew pauses at ringside and sneers at a heckling fan before waving her off and then starts up the ring steps. He looks out once more at the jeering crowd before he shakes his head and steps through the ropes. Once inside, he struts around the perimeter of the ring with his arms extended out and a smile on his face.

Adams: I don't see why he's feeling so confident. Jasmine kicked his ass already on more than one occasion.

Drew then pokes Jacob in his chest, attempting to intimidate the rookie referee, before walking over to his corner and leaning back, confident and relaxed.

Justin: And his opponent...!

"Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin' my peers
Puttin' suckers in fear"

LL Cool J plays out across the sound system as Jasmine steps out onto the stage and she is greeted by the cheers of the crowd!

Justin: Please welcome ... Jasmine St. John!

"Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom
Explosion, overpowerin'
Over the competition, I'm towerin'
Records shock
When I drop these lyrics
That'll make you call the cops"

Jasmine walks straight down the aisle and towards the ring, staring right at Drew the entire way. She is wearing a black, leather vest over a black sports bra, and red, spandex tights with black boots.

Adams: Drew looks like he's set for a walk in the park. Jasmine is dressed for business!

Simone: She's dressed ready to kick some ass!

"Don't you dare stare You betta move Don't ever compare me to the rest They'll all get sliced and diced Competition's payin' the price"

Jasmine slaps a hand or two from the fans as she walks up the ring and she climbs up onto the apron and rolls inside, beneath the bottom rope.

"I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out
I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out"

Jasmine paced back and forth, staring over at Drew with no expression on her face.

Adams: Will you check her out? She's like a caged lioness, ready to pounce!

Drew pushes himself from his corner and struts over toward the center of the ring and Jasmine meets him there, hands on her own hips. Drew is talking some smack,n pointing toward himself, then he places both hands on Jasmine's shoulders and shoves her back!

Simone: What an arrogant ass!

The crowd boos Drew's actions as Jasmine looks out toward them for a moment. She then turns back around and kicks her leg right up between Drew's own! The crowd starts cheering!

Adams: OHHHHHH!!!

Simone: And the bell hasn't even rung! She can't get disqualified!

Drew's eyes and mouth are open wide in surprise and agony as he bends at the waist, clutching himself! Jacob has no other alternative *but* to signal for the bell, starting the match!


No sooner does the bell ring than Jasmine dive tackles Drew, taking him down to the mat! The crowd is cheering wildly for the female referee as she lays into Drew with repeated right hand shots to the head, over and over! Drew is in a fetal position, trying to shield himself from the barrage of hammering blows but Jasmine is relentless and continues to bludgeon him with her fists! Finally, Jacob is able to get her off of his co-worker and as Jasmine stands up, Drew hastily scrambles out of the ring.

Simone: Coward!

Drew staggers around ringside, holding onto the railing while fans taunt him and he tries to clear the cobwebs. Jasmine tires of his avoiding her and she brushes past Jacob and steps out through the ropes and drops to the floor. Drew slowly turns around when POW! Jasmine lands a solid right to his jaw, knocking him back against the railing!

Adams: What a shot! She's got a better right hook than half the men!

Jasmine delivers a hard forearm to Drew's chest but Drew, desperate, fights back and he shoves Jasmine hard back against the steel barricade! He then hastily struggles up onto the ring apron, but Jasmine shakes off his brief assault and she grabs his foot, pulls it out from under him and Drew falls and his head smacks the ring apron!

Simone: Oh hell! That was a bad fall!

Adams: yeah, it was great, wasn't it?

Jasmine grabs two handfuls of Drew's hair and drags him up off of the ringside floor and pulls him over toward the announcer's table...

Adams: Ohhh this is never good!

And Jasmine uses her grip on Drew's hair as a handle to slam his head into the table over and over, with the fans counting along!


And at the count of ten, Jasmine stops and Drew just staggers back, seemingly out on his feet! Jasmine moves in, scoops him up -- and body slams him hard right on the gymnasium's floor!

Adams: Have you noticed that Jacob hasn't even started to count?

Simone: I don't think he has the guts to count Jasmine out of this match!

Adams: That or he just wants her punishment of Drew to go on for as long as possible.

Jasmine reaches down and grabs hold of Drew, peeling him off of the floor before she rolls him back inside of the ring, yielding to Jacob's pleas and she climbs in as well. Once inside, Jasmine pulls him to his unsteady feet and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip and upon the rebound, she sends him into a tailspin with a hard clothesline, right to the throat!

Adams: Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh my God! This would so be going on youtube if it wasn't in written format!

Jasmine then pulls him up to a vertical base, yet again, trapping him in a front facelock. She looks about to the cheering crowd and then falls back...

Simone: DDT!

Jasmine rolls Drew over onto his back and covers him, hooking the leg!


The crowd cheers as the bell sounds and Jacob raises Jasmine's arm in victory!

Justin: Here is your winner ... Jasmine St. John!

The crowd cheers as Jasmine then steps back away from Jacob and grabs Drew from where he is laying flat on his back, out like a light. She grasps him by the back of his shirt and shorts, hauls him up and dumps him through the ropes and to the outside! She then stands at the ropes and points out toward him, shouting at him!

Simone: Jasmine St. John is indeed your winner, defeating Drew Patton and showing why she, not he, is the premiere official here in Sin City Wrestling!

Adams: Defeated him? Jasmine DESTROYED Drew! It was great!

Backstage, a technician finds a pile of skids tossed all over. He reaches the pile about to pick them up when a loud groan is heard as the pile shifts to reveal Vixen trying to get to her feet.

Simone: My GOD that’s Vixen in that pile of wood. This doesn’t look good for the woman who is trying to get a shot at the tag titles tonight. I don’t think she is going to be ready to compete. And the match is only a few minutes away.

Vixen slowly gets to her hands and knees as the medical team reaches her urging her to remain still while they check on her.

Adams: That woman looks good for having all those bruises and scratches.

Simone: That is all well and good but I don’t think that the medics are going to let her into the ring later.

Vixen pushes the medics away and fights to her feet. They surround her once more, checking on her as she sways slightly then staggers towards the arena bowl. Spike Staggs can be seen moving towards Vixen, fighting to get to her and stop her progress.

Spike Staggs: Vixen, stop, you can’t go out there.

Vixen: Spike…I said I got this. There is no way I am going to let Team Eric continue to hold the Bombshell titles hostage. Let me do this.

Looking at Vixen and the determination in her eyes, Spike nods ever so slightly and then putting his arm around her and lifting her own arm over his shoulder, he helps walk her slowly towards the gorilla position.

Simone: He is as crazy as she is!

Adams: You mean crazy like a fox…Hey…I made a funny!

Simone only shoots her commentary partner a glare as Justin Decent slides into the ring to announce the match.

We cut to backstage again, where we find Ruby walking down the hall, heading back to Misty's locker room. She has a satisfied and arrogant grin on her face, knowing what she did to Vixen just a short while ago, and as she rounds the corner just near the locker rooms, she isn't watching where she is going, and bumps right into Max Burke! Although, he is partially at fault too, as he wasn't paying attention either, clearly thrilled about his victory over Aleksei Koji earlier. Ruby nearly falls to the floor after bumping into Max, but he quickly reaches out and grabs a hold of her, catching her before she falls. He pulls her in a little too close for comfort, at least where Ruby is concerned, as he looks down at her with a cocky grin.

Ruby: Get your hands off me, and try watching where you are walking!

Max chuckles, but keeps the grin on his face as he lets go of Ruby, allowing her to take a step back. He eyes her up and down, clearly liking what he sees, and she glares at him, apparently not pleased with his staring.

Ruby: Just what are you staring at?

Max shrugs and stands tall and confident. Ruby dusts herself off and stares at him, waiting for his response.

Max: I think I'm looking at the hot woman who is going to join me for a celebratory drink tonight. What do you say?

Ruby lets out an annoyed laugh and folds her arms across her chest.

Ruby: I say, thanks but no thanks. I don't know who you think you are but--

Max: I'm the guy who just had a hell of a victory over Aleksei Koji out there, and being out with me tonight would make the other ladies quite jealous.

Max grins and continues to stare at Ruby. Ruby quickly darts her eyes to Max's chiseled and now sweaty chest, but averts her eyes just as quickly hoping Max didn't notice. Too bad for her he did, causing his grin to get even larger.

Ruby: Right, because a victory over Aleksei Koji is cause for a big celebration, Mr. Burke. I'm not interested, so kindly step aside as I need to get back to...

Max: Your Queen?

Ruby glares up at Max as he takes a step forward, getting closer to her.

Ruby: You are trying my patience, Mr. Burke...

Ruby speaks through gritted teeth and almost snarls, as she is clearly not intimidated by Max's advances. He grins again, placing his hand against the wall and blocking her from walking away.

Max: You know, you don't have to pretend like you didn't just steal a glance at me. You don't have to keep pining over Misty.

Ruby lets out an awkward laugh as she takes a step back and around Max.

Ruby: I don't know what you're talking about, Mr. Burke, but you're clearly mistaken. If you'll excuse me, the answer is still no.

Ruby brushes past Max and is about to continue her way to the locker rooms, when Misty appears in front of her, a curious look on her face. Ruby seems surprised to see her.

Ruby: My Queen...I apologize for my delay...

Misty holds her hand up, silencing Ruby.

Misty: No need to apologize...Hello, Max. Am I interrupting something here?

Max turns around to face the two women. He shrugs, but Ruby is quick to shake her head in response.

Ruby: Hardly, my Queen. Mr. Burke was just leaving and I was on my way back to the locker room.

Misty: You sure about that, Ruby?

Ruby nods, but the fact that she refuses to look back towards Max tells another story. Misty cracks a smile, looks at Max, then back to Ruby.

Misty: Ruby, why don't you head on back to the locker room. I'll be right there.

Ruby looks up, surprised. She tries to protest, but Misty shakes her head.

Misty: Go, Ruby. I need a word with Mr. Burke for a moment.

Ruby steals another quick glance at Max, before looking down at bowing her head at Misty. She steps aside and heads off back to the locker room, leaving Misty with Max. Misty turns to face Max, now cracking an even wider smile on her face.

Misty: You, Mr. Burke, have done something I didn't think was possible.

Max: Oh yeah? And what is that?

Misty folds her arms across her chest with an impressed look on her face.

Misty: You have gotten to Ruby...I've never seen her be so civil towards any man before, with the exception of the Brothers.

Max: You call that civil?

Misty laughs and nods.

Misty: Compared to her normal behavior, yes. I'll tell you what...I think I can offer you my assistance. It may take some time, but I think with a bit of patience, we can get her to crack. What do you say?

Max thinks about it for a minute, and then nods. He extends his hand for a shake, which Misty accepts.

Max: I say you have a deal, Misty. I'm looking forward to this...

Misty: As am I, Mr. Burke...As am I.

Misty can't wipe the smile off her face as she and Max shake hands before the scene fades away.

Justin: The following Match is for one fall and it is for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Championships… introducing first the challengers… weighing in at 128 pounds from Ottawa Ontario Canada… she is a member of NXT…. VIXEN!!!!!

The throbbing beat of You're Going Down by Sick Puppies is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Justin: And her partner weighing in at 120 pounds from Miami Florida… she is also a member of NXT… Jesssssie Salco!!!!!

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of "I Want Out" by Helloween tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake, the two do some headbanging at the top of the ramp before Jessie gets a running start before sliding into the ring, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before showing off her NXT armband and waiting for her opponent.

Justin: And now… introducing the Current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions… at a combined weight of 300 pounds being accompanied to the ring by Darknyss… The Fallen!!!

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul

Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

The Sky
Will Break
Black Fire
Will Wake

Fly On Through The Night
We Built An Allience
Our Numbers Are Strong

We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools What Lunitics
They Must Think Of Us

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring.

But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight

Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackend Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain

Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk around opposite sides of the ring. Gothika slides under the bottom rope as Darknyss climbs up onto the edge of the apron and steps through the second rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and grabs the top rope and flips over the rope.

Dangerous Creatures
Those That Oppose Us
Raped All Their Power
Bartered With Warlocks
Cheated The Demons
For Ancient Spells
The Blackened Fire
Waits To Consume Us

Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Darknyss stands in the center of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding. Raynin and Gothika jump down and switch corners, trying to hype up the crowd before they jump down and stand beside Darknyss, waiting for the match to begin.

All four opponents are in the ring, the four exchange some heated words before Gothika takes it to Jessie knocking the young NXT member to the unforgiving canvas. Vixen launches towards Raynin and the two spill to the outside of the ring. Gothika stalks the fallen Salco before picking her up by her long hair. Gothika attempts a hair toss snap mare but Jessie counters with a jawbreaker. Gothika is laid out and Jessie springs to her feet, spring boarding off the middle rope she goes for a Moonsault but veteran Gothika gets her knees up.

Adams: Oh boy that’s gotta hurt

Simone: Jessie was looking to gain momentum early.

Jessie’s is rolling around clutching her stomach, while Gothika stands to her feet walking over Jessie the vampiric bombshell bends down and starts screaming into the face of Jessie. Gothika starts to toy with Jessie, slapping her face and pushing her face into the canvas.

Adams: Gothika looks as if she is playing with her food here.

Gothika runs her tongue across her fang getting a chorus of boos to erupt from the crowd. Dragging Salco up to her feet, Gothika hits her with a stiff upper cut followed with a fury of punches. As Gothika swings back for a hard right hand Jessie ducks, only to spin around and counter with a discus clothesline.

Simone: Go Jessie Go!

Jessie straddles the waste of Gothika and gets her pay back throwing left and rights square into the face of Gothika. Gothika is hissing out in frustration, her legs kicking up and down trying to overpower the younger Salco. The referee orders Jessie to back off, Jessie gets up and runs towards the opposing ropes, bouncing off them she charges back in towards Gothika kicking her fair in the temple with a baseball slide.

Adams: Jessie is showing a lot of aggression here tonight.

Simone: With one half of the Bombshell Tag Team championship in her grips she is willing to do anything to take it home.

Bonding off the Canvas Jessie splashes down onto Gothika hooking her leg for the pin fall.




Raynin runs in and breaks up the pin fall clubbing both of her hands straight into the spine of Jessie. Vixen is trying to run in but the referee is trying to usher her outside of the ring. While the referee isn’t watching Raynin and Gothika get in some quick team work. Raynin has Jessie pinned with her back towards her chest in a chicken wing, while Gothika is kicking the crap out of her midsection.

Simone: Team Erik playing dirty here.

Adams: Surprise, surprise…

Gothika and Raynin look as if they’re going to deliver a double face plant to Jessie but out of nowhere Jessie with desperation counter double clotheslines her foes. Gothika drops to the canvas while Raynin does the same but rolls out of ring. Holding her midsection Jessie staggers over to the corner, climbing the ropes she makes it to the top. Looking down at the fallen Gothika Jessie makes her leap and hits a Swanton bomb onto Gothika.

Simone: I think that might have been a mistake.

Jessie didn’t hit the move as smoothly as she would have liked, but regardless she fights through the pain to put an arm over Gothika.



NO! Gothika is able to get her shoulder off the hard canvas. Jessie retracts her arm and starts to crawl across the matt heading in Vixen’s direction.

Adams: Both Jessie and Gothika are trying to make the tag, the first one that does will have the advantage.

Jessie gets to Vixen first and in bounds the Canadian. Vixen races towards Gothika but Gothika leaps up just in the nick of time to tag in Raynin.

Simone: Here we go.

Vixen continues to race in towards Raynin knocking her into the ropes as soon as she enters the ring. Bounding off the ropes Vixen catches Raynin’s head for a running bulldog; Vixen is down on top for a pin.


NO! Raynin gets the shoulder up with ease. Not fazed by it Vixen drags Raynin up to her feet and starts to pop out some knife edge chops, backing Raynin into the ropes. Raynin is trying to cover up; the Canadian brings down Raynin with a quick snap mare before locking her into a double arm bar. Vixen drives her knee into the spine of Raynin as she yanks her arms backwards. Gothika is hissing from the side lines trying to encourage Raynin.

Adams: Make her give up Vixen!!!

Raynin is too strong and she is able to fight her way to a standing position, bringing her arms up and over Vixen’s head Raynin drives a stiff boot into her chest. Vixen drops to one knee so Raynin kicks her firmly again dropping her to her other knee. Letting go of Vixen’s arms Raynin takes a few step backwards before running towards her, just as she is about to punt her knee into the temple of Vixen. Vixen counters taking out Raynin’s other legs with her arms. Raynin face plants the canvas and Vixen is straight on to the attack attempting an ankle lock but Raynin kicks her back and away from her.

Simone: Raynin wasn’t going to take any part in that.

Raynin is quick to her feet trash talking Vixen. Vixen doesn’t back down the two rush towards each other but Raynin in the one who makes contact first with a colossal clothesline.

Adams: I think Vixen’s brains might have just been scrambled on the impact of that hit alone.

Raynin stops and turns back at her handy work smiling, stalking the fallen fan favourite. Crouching down one half of the current Bombshell Tag Team Champions spitting foul language into Vixen’s face Raynin scoops her up by the hair. Picking her up like a rag doll Raynin spins her around for a swinging side slam. Instead of hooking the leg Raynin pushes Vixen’s body away from her. Getting up to her feet Raynin parades over to Jessie telling her to watch this.

Simone: Raynin is having way to much fun out here tonight.

As Vixen is getting back up to her feet staggering, Raynin runs at her and attempts the Whisky Tango Foxtrot but Vixen ducks just in the nick of time, but as she turns Raynin was already waiting for her this time successfully planting her boot to the side of her face. Raynin jumps down onto of Vixen for the pin.



Jessie attempts to run in but Gothika has run around the ring and is holding her back.



Ding, ding, ding.

Justin: Here are you winners and STILL Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions… the team of Gothika and Raynin…. Thhhheeee Fallllen!!!

Simone: Raynin and Gothika retain the titles.

Adams: These two are unstoppable, it's hard to see who will stop them

Backstage we find "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward, heading back to his office to do some last minute things before his big match tonight. He seems quite calm and confident, given everything that is at stake, and as he approaches his office and reaches for the handle, he notices the door is cracked open just a bit. Given the events over the last couple of months, he is all too cautious as he very slowly opens the door, not sure what, or who, he expects to find inside.

HS: Alright, which one of you arse kissing lackies is in here?

He peeks his head inside, looking behind the door and all around him, but finds no one inside. He raises an eyebrow before swinging the door open and stepping inside, confused but checking things out to make sure. Nothing seems to be out of place and no one is inside ready to attack, but one thing catches his eye. An envelope sitting on his desk.

HS: I know THAT wasn't there when I left...

Hot Stuff cautiously walks over to his desk, looking behind him every so often, knowing full well this could be a trap. He reaches down and grabs the envelope, which is addressed to him, but he doesn't open it right away. After studying the handwriting for a minute or two, he doesn't recognize the writing and opens the envelope to see what is inside. He pulls out a folded sheet of paper with a short note written on it, and he narrows his eyes with a mixed look of confusion and anger written all over his face.

HS: You'll remember me very soon...

Hot Stuff reads the note outloud, and shakes his head. He tosses the note on his desk, and seems more confused than before.

HS: Didn't think I was forgetting anyone. Ah well...this should be bloody fun.

Hot Stuff then walks over to his office door and closes it, ready to focus on his upcoming match.

Simone: This next match is truly going to be a David versus Goliath encounter! The stakes are high though as either of these two men could be vaulted into the top tier of Sin City Wrestling!

The bell sounds!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Justin: Our next contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first! From Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing 370 pounds ... the Freight Train of Pain ... Casey Williams!

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Justin: His opponent is from the Far Reaches of sanity, weighing 165 pounds ... Lucian Frost!

The lights begin to flicker around the room, spot lights scan around the crowd, "Salt in the Wound" begins to play as the crowd looks around to see where he is coming from. Frost appears from one side of the arena and heads through the crowd before climbing over the barricade and slides under the bottom rope.

Jacob finishes checking Casey, and then walks over and does the same to Frost. Satisfied, Jacob calls for the bell...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

When suddenly the huge Casey Williams barrels past Jacob and crushes the smaller Frost in the corner with a running avalanche!

Frost tumbles from the corner, clutching his upper body and Casey makes the immediate cover!

Simone: This could be over fast!

Frost gets his shoulder up!

The gargantuan Casey Williams pins Frost in the corner and is just mauling the stunned grappler with lefts and rights, driving him down onto his backside in toe corner where he continues the assault. Casey stomps on his already injured sternum, then literally just stands on his chest, pressing all his 370 plus pounds down into his form

Simone: Casey Williams has at least a two hundred pound advantage on Frost, and all of that weight in bearing right down into him!

Adams: He doesn't just have the weight advantage but over a foot in height! I don't know who booked this one but he must have some grudge against Frost!

Indeed Casey has no intention of letting up on Frost as he forces his huge foot against his throat, choking him blatantly in front of the Jacob! The official starts counting...

4... but Casey breaks at four, then starts in again.

Grabbing a handful of Frost's mask, he jerks the smaller man up and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip and catches him on the rebound with a spine buster into an immediate cover!

Frost shoots his shoulder up.

Simone: Frost has a lot of fight in him! That's the only explanation as to how he got his shoulder up!

Adams: If frost doesn't start fighting back soon, though, Casey will have this one won.

Casey grabs Frost and pulls him to his knees, sending him face-first to the mat with a clubbing forearm blow to the back. He grabs him and sends him into the corner and charges in but Frost brings both feet up into his face, causing Casey to stagger backwards, grabbing his jaw. Frost hops up onto the middle rope and jumps off, connecting with missile dropkick that staggers Casey back!

Simone: The big man isn't taken off his feet!

Frost jumps back up onto the top of the corner and hits a second missile dropkick...!

Adams: He's still on his feet!

The fans are rallying behind Frost and the masked junior heavyweight climbs to the top and jumps, hitting a corkscrew plancha dive onto Casey Williams...!

Adams: TIMBER!

And the big man *finally* goes down! Yet instead of pinning Casey, Frost goes on the assault, returning the favor from earlier and he starts throwing fists into the giant's head!

Simone: I told you Casey wasn't going to have an easy time with Frost.

Adams: Aw I knew that all along.

Simone: But you were just testing me?

Adams: GOOD!

Frost gets up off of the mat, pulling Casey up along with him.

Simone: I don't know how smart that is, bringing Casey back up to his feet!

Frost sets him up for an Irish whip but the move is reversed and Frost comes flying off, countering a clothesline with a float-over DDT!

Adams: he used Casey's weight against him there!

Frost makes the cover!

And Casey kicks out with a powerful force, throwing Frost almost on top of the referee.

Frost is right up though and starts laying in the boots onto Casey --landing a martial arts kick to his back. Frost then grabs him by the head and pulls him up, then Irish whips him into the ropes and connects with a dropkick right into the chest. Casey falls back into the ropes, keeping him from collapsing. Frost gets a running start but Casey sees him coming and connects with a lariat that turns his foe inside out!

Adams: You may as well ring the bell now after that lariat!

Casey pulls Frost to him by the arm and hits him with a knee to the midsection. Casey then grabs him around the waist and delivers a belly to belly suplex, sending Frost crashing so hard that the ring shakes!

Simone: That could spell the end right there for Frost!

Casey scoops Frost up and plants him with a powerful scoop slam, following up with a legdrop right across the face. Casey then climbs up to the second rope and jumps off, crushing Frost with a big splash! Casey rises to his knees with a sick, twisted smile on his face, looking out at the booking fans and then at his downed opponent. Casey covers him, without hooking a leg.

3- Frost gets his shoulder up!

Adams: Wow! I am amazed! How did Frost kick out!?

Simone: Frost might be small but he's got one of the biggest hearts!

Casey glares at Jacob staring at the referee in anger and disbelief! He holds up three fingers, but Jacob holds up only two! Casey sends Frost into the ropes yet again, however this time on the rebound he scoops him up into his vice-like arms in a bearhug! Frost yells out in pain as Casey secures his grip and squeezes the air from his body.

Adams: You know Frost isn't strong enough to break Casey's grip!

Simone: Frost's ribs were hurt at the very start of this match and now Casey is looking to break the man in half!

A game Lucian Frost tries to fight free with two fists to Casey's head but Casey tightens his grip, causing the wind and fight to be squeezed out of his opponent. Jacob heads to check on Frost, raising his arm once, and it falls. He raises it again, and again it falls.

Simone: One more time and it's over!

The third and final time, he raises his arm and this time Frost brings it down into a fist right into Casey's nose, then bell claps him in the ears, stunning Casey! Casey drops frost to the mat and he staggers back, holding his hands against his ears in pain!

Adams: That move is so 1980's but it works!

Trying to fight to recover, Frost runs off of the ropes and jumps, dropkicking Casey in the stomach, doubling him over. Frost then hops up onto the closest middle turnbuckle and leaps off, using his legs to deliver a Fameasser across the back of Casey's head, flooring him! The crowd cheers as Frost rolls him over into a cover!

Casey gets the shoulder up!

Adams: Oh I thought he had him! That was so close!

Frost pulls him to his feet and tries an Irish whip but again the larger Casey reverses it! Frost comes off this time and Casey scoops him up onto his huge shoulder but Frost counters, sliding off and bringing the giant down with a neckbreaker! Frost gets to his feet and climbs to the top turnbuckle, then jumps for the senton splash but Casey sees it coming and rolls out of the way and Frost crashes in a heap!

Simone: Casey may be huge but he's no less smart! He's a veteran and saw that one coming!

An angry Casey Williams gets up, pulling Frost with him. Scooping him into position for a body slam, Casey drops Frost down across his knee in a guillotine back breaker. He does not let go though and shows some power by picking him up again and delivering the same move, then a third time before throwing him to the mat. Casey then grabs him and scoops him up onto his shoulders, backing up across the ring.

Simone: Looks like the big man's going for a powerslam.

Casey gets a running start and starts to throw Frost off of his shoulder, but as he brings him down, Frost hooks a leg with his arm and rolls Casey over in one fluid movement into a surprise cover!


The cheers as the bell rings!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Justin: Here is your winner ... Lucian Frost!

Frost rolls out of the ring and backs against the barrier and several fans converge to pat his back and shoulder! Casey is sitting up, eyes wide in shock as Jacob jumps from the ring to raise Frost's arm in victory, eliciting more cheers!

Adams: Look at Casey! He doesn't know what the hell just happened!

Simone: I barely know, myself! It all happened so damn fast! Casey was in total control and the next thing you know, Frost came from out of nowhere with that roll up and win! Way to go Lucian Frost! That win has to shoot him up in the rankings!

We open up backstage inside the locker room belonging to the Seven Deadly Sins. Inside we find Gabriel and Despayre, collectively known as Sinful Obsession, finishing getting ready for their match, ready to head out to the ring. Synn is waiting for them by the door, and sitting just a few feet away, their prodigal son in many ways, the Sin of Wrath, Rage! He's got his arms folded across his chest, appearing to be his usual grumpy self, an Synn gives him a stern look.

Synn: I understand you're not thrilled, but you need to stay back here, Rage. You're still suspended, and I don't want you accidentally bumping into Mark if you go wandering around the building. You're not even supposed to be here.

Rage: So? Like I give a crap! Mark has more important things to be worrying about anyway than bumping into me.

Gabriel: I still say Shane should have been here. Clearly baldy needs a babysitter.

Rage shoots a glare at Gabriel.

Rage: Shut it, Gabe. I don't need a damn babysitter!

Gabriel: Oh really? So you mean to tell me you're going to stay here like a good little boy until we get back?

Rage: I've got nothing better to do!

Despayre looks back and forth between the bickering men, then looks down to Angel, grasped firmly in his arms.

Despayre: I know, Angel! I agree!

Rage looks to Despayre, as do Gabriel and Synn.

Synn: What do you agree with, Joshua?

Despayre shrugs, but looks at Rage innocently.

Despayre: Angel said we need to make a new jar for Rage...A Lie Jar, because Rage is lying...

Gabriel and Synn each let out an amused chuckle, but Rage shakes his head and lets out a huff.

Rage: Oh whatever! Would you guys just get out to the ring and leave me alone already? I'm not lying!

Despayre: There's another one!

Despayre then skips off out of the room, with Gabriel following behind him, shaking his head and laughing. Synn turns and looks at Rage one last time, pointing a finger at him.

Synn: For your sake, I hope you stay put!

Synn shakes his head before turning and walking out, not noticing Rage rolling his eyes, much like a child would. After a good amount of time has passed, Rage stands up from his chair, walks over to the door and peeks outside, looking down the hall in both directions to check if the coast is clear, and he smiles evilly.

Rage: Like I'm going to sit on my ass during this match? Ha! I better hurry before that damn bear finds out.

Rage then quickly takes off down the hall, his destination unknown.

The video screen above the entrance stage flickers to life and a highlight reel begins to air, show casing the history between Hot Stuff Mark Ward, Christian Underwood, and one Erik Staggs. The lies and deceit that followed. The back stabbing play for power. The kidnapping to blackmail Mark into handing controlling interest in SCW over to Erik. And it all comes down to tonight's main event...

In turn, each of their pictures appears on the screen...
Hot Stuff Mark Ward...
Christian Underwood...
Nick Jones...
Tom Dudely...
And yes, Erik Staggs...

For sole control and ownership of Sin City Wrestling...

The Brawl For It All!

Justin: The following contest is a tag team match, introducing first...

“The End” by Roadrunner United begins to play as the houselights dim.

Justin: at a combined weight of five hundred and sixteen pounds, from Galveston, Texas and Cambridge, England, Ethan Brody, Landon Axel... Guns For Hire!

Axel and Brody step out to a chorus of cheers, the two stand on the stage looking around at the audience. After a moment they turn to one another, raising their arms up and slap hands as the two glare at one another, the two then step away and walk down the aisle way with Axel acknowledging the crowd more than Brody. Ethan steps up onto the ring apron whilst Axel climbs the steps and walks along the apron to the opposite apron, Brody steps in as Axel climbs the rungs of the turnbuckle and points out at the crowd with Brody standing near the ropes with his arms raised, Axel steps on the top rope and jumps into the ring. The two step into their assigned corner as the referee walks over to them as the music slowly fades away.

Justin: And their opponents

"The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
The transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs
Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around
So come on!

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Synn and Angel, at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty six pounds, from London, England and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Gabriel And Despayre.... Sinful Obsession!

Another promise, another scene, another
A package not to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
So come on!

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious"

The pulsating beat of Muse's "Uprising" suddenly begins to play over the public address system of the arena and the crowd is on it's feet as atop the stage appears the tag team of Sinful Obsession aka Gabriel and Despayre, accompanied by the enigmatic Synn. Gabriel raises his hands up to the rafters as Despayre holds his teddy bear Angel up for everyone to see.

The group begins their descent down the ramp and towards the squared circle as the multitude of fans reach out to them on all sides. Gabriel slaps a hand or two along the way but his intent is solely on the ring ahead while Despayre holds Angel's paws and uses them to slap the hands reaching out to him, avoiding the touch himself. Synn hops up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open for both of his men to step through and then sets foot inside himself. Synn then takes both men and escorts them to center ring where the lights dim down. He then sets foot in front of them and points right at the pair and an explosion of red pyros go off.

Synn then brings Gabriel and Despayre back to their corner to wait for the start of the match.


Gabriel starts in the ring with Ethan Brody. Gabriel puts out a hand and Brody low fives it.

Adams: Two sets of fan favorites here.

Both men lock up and Gabriel moves behind Brody, in a waist lock before dropping to the side of Brody, dropping down and wrapping his leg around Brody's and takes him down with a drop toehold. Brody lands on his face and Gabriel gets to his feet, dropping an elbow on to the small of Brody's wide back. Gabriel gets back to his feet and pulls Brody back up, connecting with a European uppercut. Brody stumbles away from Gabriel, but Gabriel steps in, lifting Brody over in a German suplex, lifting him over and dropping him on the back of the head. Gabriel quickly bounces off the ropes and drops a leg across the chest of Brody before jumping back to his feet. Gabriel stalks behind Brody and waits for him to get to his feet. As Brody does, Gabriel steps in to his side and lines him up for a Russian legsweep, but Brody counters with an elbow to his fellow Englishman's face. Gabriel stumbles away but Brody waits patiently. As Gabriel turns back around, Brody lifts his leg and cracks Gabriel in the jaw with a superkick.

Simone: Right to the side of the jaw.

Gabriel drops to the floor, on to his back and Brody wipes his head, turning towards Gabriel, waiting for him to pull himself back to his feet. As he does, Brody lifts Gabriel and drops him down with a spinebuster, crashing his back to the canvas. Brody quickly jumps back to his feet, looking down at the magician and pulls him to his feet. Brody lifts Gabriel off his feet and holds him in a fireman's carry and slams him to the canvas. Brody leans over Gabriel and hooks the leg as Jasmine St John drops down to count.


Gabriel kicks out!

Adams: Gabriel doesn't get dominated this much, but Brody's having a good go.

Brody pulls Gabriel to his feet, catching him with a sharp elbow to Gabriel's jaw. Brody pulls Gabriel over to his corner and take in Axel, who quickly steps between the ropes and catches Gabriel with a shot to the jaw. Gabriel stumbles away, but Axel grabs him by the back of the head and gets Gabriel in a sleeper hold, before dropping him down in a neckbreaker. Gabriel rolls over, holding the back of his head but Axel stomps on the magicians head. Gabriel rolls away but Axel waits for Gabriel to return to his feet. As Gabriel does, he attempts a clothesline, but Gabriel ducks. As Axel turns around, Gabriel leaps up and nails Axel in the side of the head with an enziguri, the force dropping Axel to his knees.

Simone: Did you hear the sound of that?

Gabriel crawls over to Despayre, as Despayre reaches out his hand. Gabriel tags Despayre in, and Despayre jumps between the ropes, charging in toward Axel while he sits on his knees. Despayre jumps up and catches Axel with a dropkick to the chest. Axel rolls over and Despayre picks him to his feet. Despayre kicks Axel in the gut and drops him down with an X Factor. Despayre rolls Axel over and quickly goes for the cover.


Axel kicks out.

Adams: Despayre taking it to Landon Axel.

Axel and Despayre both return to their feet and Despayre jumps up, wrapping his legs around Axel's head and spins around with a spinning head scissors, sending Axel flying across the ring. Despayre gets up first, but Axel isn't too far behind him, getting back to his feet too. Despayre gets behind Axel, jumping up in the air and catching him with a headbutt, stumbling him forward. Before Axel can turn around, Despayre grabs him, jumping in the air and wrapping his arm around Landon's throat and dropping him down with a zig zag. Despayre looks focused at Landon as he waits for him to get to his feet. As he does, Despayre moves in closer to him, jumping in the air with a hurricanruna, but Landon slams him down with a powerbomb!

Simone: Despayre almost got powerbombed through the canvas!

Despayre rolls around holding the back of his head, but Axel moves towards him and stomps on the back of Despayre's head, before picking the young Canadian from the canvas. Landon moves behind Despayre and lifts him up, dropping him down with an atomic drop! Despayre hops around, turning in towards Axel, but Axel quickly nails Despayre with a clothesline. Despayre rolls over, but Landon steps forward, pulling Despayre to his feet before dropping him on his head with an evenflow DDT. Landon rolls Despayre over and goes for the cover


Despayre kicks out.

Adams: Guns For Hire came to play tonight.

Landon walks over and tags in Brody. The experienced Brody moves in towards Despayre and picks him up. Brody spins Despayre around and lifts him up in a powerslam position and slams Despayre down face first. Despayre rolls toward Gabriel, reaching out his hand but Brody pulls him away and lifts him back to his feet, but before Brody can do anything, Despayre bites him on the shoulder!

Adams: Poor little fella must be hungry!

Despayre spins around and tags in Gabriel! Gabriel quickly springs in the ring and fires shots towards Brody's head, forcing him back against the ropes, Gabriel takes Brody by the wrist and fires him in to the opposite rope. As Brody comes back, Gabriel jumps forward and catches Brody with a high legged clothesline. Brody quickly gets back to his feet but Gabriel jumps at him for a monkey flip, but Brody pushes him off and desperately jumps for his corner and tags in Landon Axel.

Simone: Axel in!

Gabriel gets back to his feet and Landon charges at him and Gabriel runs towards Landon, but Gabriel ducks Landon's clothesline attempt as Gabriel continues to run, sliding down with a baseball slide and kicking Brody off the ring as he lays on the canvas trying to recover.

Adams: Smart move from Gabriel!

Landon looks around for Gabriel, but Gabriel is already on his feet and charging towards Landon, jumping in the air and taking him down with a one handed bulldog. Gabriel gets up and looks at Despayre, reaching out his hand and tagging in his partner. Despayre enters the ring to cheers as Gabriel directs traffic. Gabriel points to the top rope and Despayre starts to climb. Gabriel lifts Axel's legs and locks him in a sharpshooter, rolling him over. Despayre reaches the top and dives off, nailing Landon with a legdrop across the head. Gabriel breaks the sharpshooter and Despayre rolls Landon over, going for the cover and Jasmine St John drops to count.



Justin: The winner of the match.... Sinful Obsession!

Adams: Sinful Obsession's march continues.

Simone: I think the tag team champions will be looking over their shoulders.

The camera switches to Stoner standing with Drake Green.

Stoner: Drake, are you ready for your debut singles match in SCW against Jericho Hill?

Drake: What? Are you ready to put down the joint?

Stoner: Umm...

Drake grabs the microphone out of Stoner's hand.

Drake: This one isn't for me. This one isn't for you Jerry. This one is for the fans. For the people who deserve to watch their champion raise his hand in victory at least one more time. To stand over you and watch the look on your face...

As Drake talks three masked men are seen behind him they push Stoner to the ground and quickly grab a hold of Drake's arms and head. A whistling can be heard as the camera moves to follow it we see Jericho with his face paint on literally skipping towards Drake.

Jericho: Oh how deliriously happy I am to hear about the fans. The same people who will do nothing but sit on their asses while the match is going on. The same people who have no say in the outcome of anything.

As Drake goes to respond to Jericho the man behind him tightens his grip around Drake’s throat leaving him unable to speak.

Jericho: I wonder what would happen if I broke one of your legs right now? Do you think the fans would still cheer for you Showtime? Do you still think they’d care about you when you’re at home. No, they’d just find a new hero, most likely a better one than you in all honesty.

Drake fights against the men who are holding but it’s to no avail, there are just too many of them. Jericho laughs at his failed attempts.

Jericho: I won’t do that though, not really my style. I like doing things in grand fashion, not in a backstage beat down. You’re not good enough for me to take a cheap shot on. In fact, you’re not close. Let me phrase this perfectly so you get it.

Jericho moves in whispering in Drake’s ear.

Jericho: I’m going to save you, whether you like it or not.

With that Jericho laughs and skips off the screen again as the three men toss Drake to the ground harshly and then kick him a few times as they quickly dispense.

Justin: The following contest is a singles match. Introducing first...

“Here we are, born to be kings
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers”

Justin: From Valhalla, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, he is Jericho Hill!

The camera is backstage as Jericho walks out of the locker room. He’s wearing a long red robe with a golden dragon on one side and a golden snake and staff on the other. He’s wearing a red mask that covers the entirety of his face

And here we are
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting for survival
We've come to be the rulers of you all

Jericho makes his way down through the corridor into a back entrance as the shot changes to the arena where a huge genie lamp is on stage. A beautiful young brunette comes on stages wearing a short black dress. She dances around the lamp twirling before turning towards it.

I am immortal
I have inside me blood of kings (Yeah, yeah!)
I have no rival
No man can be my equal
Take me to the future of you all

The young woman walks over and starts rubbing the lamp, a red smoke emits from the lamp and starts to fill up the stage as the woman looks on in amazement. As she backs away the door flies open and men in masks start pouring out of the lamp. They line the ramp way standing at attention

Born to be kings, princes of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
We were born to be princes of the universe

Lastly, Jericho walks out of the lamp and onto the ramp way. As he gets to the top of the stage all of the masked men bow as well as the young lady. Jericho walks down the aisle, no one daring to lift their head a he goes by.

No man could understand
My power is in my own hands
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
People talk about you
People say you've had your day
I'm a man that will go far
Fly the moon and reach for the stars
With my sword and head held high
Got to pass the test first time, yeah
I know that people talk about me
I hear it every day
But I can prove them wrong 'cause I'm right first time
Yeah yeah

Jericho reaches the ring and looks up at the apron, with one jump he goes from the floor to the apron and then jumps over the top rope into the ring. He does a spin before kneeling in the middle of the ring.

Alright, let's go, let's go
Haha! this man fly
Bring on the girls
C'mon C'mon C'mon!
Here we are (here we are)
Born to be kings, we're princes of the universe
Here will we belong

Jericho quickly removes the mask to expose his painted face, Jericho turns to the aisle and nods, As he does this the other masked men and young lady start up the aisle and into the back.

Born to be kings, princes of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
We were born to be princes of the universe

Jericho slowly removes his robe and tosses it to the floor before walking over, hopping up on the top turn buckle, and waiting for Drake.

Justin: And his opponent...

Before Justin can continue, Drake Green charges down the ramp and in to the ring, lifting Jericho off his feet, slamming him to the ground and punching him in the head.

Simone: Drake Green isn't wasting any time.

Adams: Clearly not happy with what happened earlier.

The referee calls for the bell


Drake slams hard fists in to Jericho's head, throwing hard shots. Jericho rolls Drake over and nails him with an elbow to the head. The quick thinking Jericho forces his way back up to his feet at the same time Drake gets up and him Drake in the mid section. Jericho takes Drake by the head and runs him in to the ropes, holding Drake's hair while running his head along the top rope. Drake stumbles away but Jericho stays on the attack running at the partially blinded Drake from behind and dropping him down with a bulldog! Jericho stands up with his arms out.

Simone: Does he think he's the new Messiah or something?

Drake crawls towards the ropes, but Jericho steps in, kicking Drake in the ribs

Adams: No love lost here between these two.

Jericho leans over Drake, stepping over him while he's on his knees and starts to land clubbing blows to the back of Drake's head, pummeling down forearm shots. Drake pulls his hands back, wrapping his right arm around Jericho's leg and sweeping him off his feet. Drake turns around on his knees but Jericho springs back up to his feet and drives a boot to Drake's chest. Jericho picks up the ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight champion and forces him back against the ropes. Jericho takes hold of Drake's hand and whips him in the ropes. As Drake returns, Jericho lifts him in the air, and steps back, crashing Drake down with a free falling flapjack! Drake rolls towards the ropes to pick himself up, reaching a hand to the second rope and pulls himself up. Jericho charges towards Drake but Drake wisely drops Jericho with a drop toehold, sending him throat first across the top rope. Drake quickly jumps to his feet and jumps over the top rope, grabbing Jericho's head and pulling it down over the top rope and sending Jericho flying backwards in to the ring. Drake lands on his feet and walks towards the fans, high fiving a young fan in the front row.

Adams: Drake is a man of the people.

Simone: He does love the fans.

Drake walks back towards the ring, but Jericho tries to meet him with a baseball slide. Drake steps out of the way and Jericho lands on his feet. Drake spins him around and catches him with a shot to the jaw before taking him by the head and rolling him back in to the ring. Drake leaves Jericho's head out and plants an elbow on top of it. Drake jumps back on to the apron and quickly drops a leg on Jericho's neck. Jericho rolls back in to the ring, holding his throat and Drake rolls in behind him. Drake waits for Jericho to return to his feet and hooks his arms around him from behind, lifting him over with a belly to back suplex, sending Jericho crashing. Drake pulls Jericho on to his back and goes for the cover. Jasmine St John drops to make the count.


Jericho kicks out

Adams: Drake starting to pick up momentum.

Drake pulls Jericho back to his feet, but Jericho pulls Drake in closer and pokes a thumb in the Chicago natives eye.

Adams: Me and my big mouth

Jericho smiles as the crowd boo, but Jericho ignores them, grabbing Drake by the head and hooking him up for a reverse DDT, dropping him down. Jericho gets back to his feet and looks around, pulling Drake back with him and catching him with a quick forearm uppercut to the jaw. As Drake stumbles, Jericho grabs him by the head and kicks him in the gut. Jericho gets Drake in a piledriver position and lifts him up, before dropping him on his head!

Adams: Drake's brains are like the eggs I had this morning.... scrambled!

Jericho rolls Drake on his back and goes for the cover, Jasmine drops down to count.


Drake gets a shoulder up as the fans cheer.

Simone: Jericho looks surprised.

Adams: That move has been the downfall of many wrestlers in the past.

Jericho pulls Drake to his feet, grabbing Mr Showtime by the head and spinning him around with a swinging neckbreaker, slamming his head hard in to the canvas. Jericho looks up at the top rope and walks over to the turnbuckle and pulls himself up on to the rope. Jericho looks down at Drake and flies off with a diving elbow drop, but Drake rolls out of the way and Jericho slams down hard on the canvas. Drake rolls on to his knees and back on to his feet. Jericho returns to his feet, his back to Drake, but Drake grabs his arm and pulls it through his leg before lifting him up in a pumphandle slam! Drake holds Jericho down and goes for the cover.


Jericho kicks out!

Adams: Back and forth, like one of those fairground boat things that make me feel queasy.

Drake gets back to his feet and bounces off the ropes, dropping down with a legdrop on Jericho. Drake looks down at Jericho and rolls over him and starts to punch him wildly in the head!

Simone: Drake showing some fire!

Adams: Maybe he remembered all those war of words on Twitter lately!

Jericho grabs hold of Drake and rolls him over and starts to pound heavy shots on Drake, but Drake kicks him off, the pace lifting as Drake gets to his feet. Drake instantly charges at Jericho and nails him with a spear, knocking him to the canvas. Drake gets back to his feet and waits for Jericho to get to his. As Jericho does, Drake jumps up with a Showstopper but Jericho pushes him away and in to the corner, the power taking Drake backwards and hitting the back of his head on the steel ring post!

Simone: Did you hear that thump?

Adams: Skull on steel will never be a nice sound.

Drake falls forward in to the center of the ring, and a wide smile crosses the painted face of Jericho Hill.

Simone: I think Jericho liked that sound of Drake's head bouncing off the ring post.

Jericho waits for Drake to return back to his feet. As he does, Jericho charges at him, jumping through the air and catching Drake in the side of the head with a Busaiku knee!

Simone: He just nearly took Drake's head off with that move!

Jericho moves towards Drake and pulls him off the floor, pulling his legs between his head and waving his hands out in front of him.

Adams: Jericho Hill could be looking for the Illustro!

Jericho lifts one of Drake's arms but Drake wiggles his head out and takes control of Jericho's arm and spins around, jumping in the arm, grabbing Jericho's head and nailing him with the Showstopper!

Simone: Showstopper from nowhere.

Jericho bounces back on to his feet and Drake rolls though fast and gets to his feet and moves behind Jericho. Drake grabs Jericho's arm and pulls him to the canvas, wrapping his legs around Jericho's head!

Adams: Rated-R Chokehold!

Jericho tries to fight his way out of it, but Drake squeezes his legs tighter, forcing Jericho to tap out furiously!


Justin: The winner of the match.... Drake Green!

Simone: Drake Green has defeated Jericho Hill!

Adams: This could be the start of a huge SCW solo career for Drake Green, but the bosses have to be impressed with the obvious talents of Jericho Hill! What a match!

The scene opens on the backstage area of the arena. We soon see Misty and her followers making their way down the hallway. The lights start to flicker, and Misty stops, and laughs slightly. The lights go out completely and all that is heard is a laugh filling the hallway.

Misty: Very funny Necra! I know you're behind this!

As the lights come back up, Misty's loyal disciples are out cold on the floor. As Misty looks around she sees Necra at the end of the hallway. The lights start to flicker once again, and each time that they flicker Necra is just a bit closer to Misty.

Misty: If you touch me, you'll regret it! You're going to pay for this!

Necra: Am I? It's time to claim that bounty on your head Misty!

Misty: Really now? Collecting a bounty on a fellow Team Erik member? Somehow I doubt Mark Ward will give you a single penny!

Necra is heard laughing once again and the lights go out again. A struggle is heard coming from the darkness. As the lights go up, Misty is on the floor, and Necra is standing over her with a smile on her face. She walks off down the hall once again, laughing all the while, as the scene fades back to the arena.

Justin: The following contest is a bombshell match.

The song "Feuer frei" by Rammstein is played and the revving of a Harley can be heard.

Justin: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds. She is Amanda Cortez!

Slowly Amanda drives down to the ring, dressed in a really short and tattered jeans shorts, a belly free top and some really high heeled stripper sandals. The fans are booing at her, but it seems that she doesn't care what anybody thinks about her. As she reaches the ring, she shuts off her bike and slowly gets down from it. The fans are still booing, but Amanda only flips them the bird. Then she slides into the ring and kicks her shoes out of the ring. She jumps on the ropes in the corner, raises her arms in victory and yells some insults at the fans. Still both arms in the air, she makes the devil sign and then she jumps down from the ropes again. Now she rests her arms on the top rope and one foot on the bottom rope and waits for her opponent to come to the ring. It seems that she's completely relaxed and doesn't care about what happens here, but as she sees her opponent come down to the ring, a cold and deadly glare comes into her pretty face. She's completely focused and willing to destroy her enemy completely.

Justin: And her opponent, from Queensland, Australia....

“Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?”

Justin: Weighing in at one hundred and twenty six pounds, she is Odette Ryder!

As the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. “Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me” as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette’s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette’s skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can’t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette’s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette’s piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her opponent as ‘Blood in my eyes’ fades from the PA system.


As the bell rings, Odette wastes no time taking Amanda off her feet with a shoot and slamming her to the ground. Odette takes a handful of Amanda's hair and starts to slam it in to the canvas, smashing her hard against the mat. The referee tries to step in but Odette pushes him away.

Adams: Odette better be careful.

Simone: Jason, if Amanda said those things she said to Odette, but about me, I'd be trying to rip her tattooed head off too.

Adams: These two have been involved in a war of words the last couple of week.

Jacob pulls Odette off, giving Amanda chance to recover and sneak back to her feet. Odette turns back around, but Amanda cuts her off with a knee to the gut. Odette doubles over and Amanda charges her in to the turnbuckle, bouncing the young Aussie's head off from it. As Odette stumbles out, Amanda jumps on the second rope, looking at Odette and waiting for her to turn around. As she turns around, Amanda leaps off the ropes, crashing in to Odette with a high cross body. Amanda attempts to stay on top of Odette, but Odette rolls her through and springs to her feet. Amanda rolls on to her feet too, but Odette jumps backwards, catching Amanda on the side of the head with a Pele kick, sending Amanda crashing to the canvas. The fans cheer as Odette springs up to her feet and waits for Amanda to return to hers. Odette runs to the ropes, bouncing off and charging back towards Amanda. Amanda has her back towards Odette as Odette jumps over, flipping through the air and grabbing Amanda's head as she flies over, planting her face first with a flipping neckbreaker and crashing Amanda's face to the canvas. Amanda rolls on to her back and Odette gets to her feet, running towards the ropes. Odette jumps, landing on the second rope and flying backwards, and crashing down on Amanda with a lionsault! Odette hooks the leg and goes for the pin. Jacob Summers drops down to count.


Amanda kicks out

Simone: First attempt from Odette Ryder.

Odette gets back to her feet first, standing up and looking for Amanda to get to hers. Amanda gets to her feet and Odette swings a kick, catching Amanda on the back of the leg. Odette tries a second, but Amanda catches it and quickly jumps over Odette's leg and catches her with a spinning wheel kick! Odette hits the ground and rolls but Amanda springs to her feet. The Puerto Rico born bombshell jumps and hits Odette with a low dropkick in the chest, folding Odette back in two, her legs folded under her as she lays on her back.

Adams: All that yoga playing off for Odette there. My legs hurt just looking at that!

Amanda stands up and waits for Odette to move back on to her knees, before planting a kick across the Aussie's chest. Amanda pulls Odette to her feet and puts her hands on her shoulders, before jumping in the air, wrapping her legs around Odette's neck and pulling her over with a hurricanruna! As Odette crashes, Amanda pulls Odette's legs back and keeps her shoulders down for a pin. Jacob drops down to count.


Odette rolls her backwards, in to a sunset flip pin!


Amanda pushes Odette off

Adams: More rolls than a bakery here.

Both women get to their feet, but Amanda jumps up and catches Odette with an Enziguri to the side of the head, knocking the Aussie to her knees. Amanda runs against the ropes and back, planting a knee in Odette's spine. Odette falls forward and Amanda moves towards the ropes, climbing to the top as she picks one from her high flying catalogue. Odette rolls to her back as Amanda looks down. Amanda leaps off the ropes with a senton splash, but Odette rolls out of the way and Amanda crashes hard!

Simone: Nobody home!

Adams: Don't you just hate that when you call round unexpectedly, and nobodies home?

Amanda rolls, holding her back but Odette quickly gets to her feet and looks down at Amanda. Odette waits for Amanda to get to her feet, and as she does, Odette swings her leg and catches Amanda on the side of the head with a chick kick! Amanda crumbles to the canvas and Odette goes for the cover. Jacob drops down to make the count.


Amanda kicks out.

Odette sits up, before standing on her feet and leans back against the rope, looking down at Amanda as Amanda rolls towards the ropes, using them to pull herself on to her feet. Odette charges at Amanda with a clothesline, but Amanda ducks and charges towards the opposite rope, Amanda bounces back, as Odette runs off the opposite rope. The two meet in the middle, and Amanda crashes in to Odette with a huge clothesline!

Simone: Strike Of A Goddess!

Odette's body goes limp as Amanda rolls her over and goes for the cover.


Odette just gets a shoulder up!

Simone: That was close!

Adams: So close you could smell the body odor!

Odette smartly rolls towards the ropes, rolling outside the ring. Amanda gets to her feet and looks around for Odette, seeing that she's outside of the ring. Amanda bounces off the ropes and dives through the middle rope and crashes in to Odette with a suicide dive!

Simone: Amanda is taking this fight to Odette!

Adams: Both have made it clear that they don't like each other.

Both women fall to the floor outside the ring, and Jacob checks on both before starting his ten count


Amanda gets to her feet and pulls Odette back to her feet too, taking her by the wrist and whipping her towards the ring apron, but Odette spins it around, sending Amanda crashing in to the ring apron instead


Amanda doubles over and Odette runs at her, pressing her hands on Amanda's back and jumping up on it, planting her feet on it.

Simone: Wow!

Odette stands on Amanda's back and leaps towards the ropes, bouncing on the second rope before using it as a springboard and jumping backwards, planting a leg over Amanda's head and dropping her with a famasser!

Adams: Holy potatoes Batman!


Odette gets to her feet, the fans cheering her as she pulls Amanda up with her and rolls her in to the ring. Odette pulls herself on to the ring apron and holds on to the top rope, looking over at Amanda. Odette holds the top rope and springboards herself over, dropping a leg across Amanda's chest! Odette pulls Amanda back to her feet and throws her in to the corner. Odette follows in but Amanda moves out of the way, sending Odette crashing in to the corner chest first. Amanda ducks through the middle rope and rolls backwards, kicking Odette in the back of the head! Amanda slides back through the ropes and spins Odette around, lifting her in to a seated position on the top rope. Amanda steps on to the second rope and puts her hand on Odette's shoulder.

Simone: Amanda looking for a huge move here.

Amanda jumps up and wraps her legs around Odette's neck for a super hurricanruna, but Odette throws Amanda off the top with a huge powerbomb, while seated on the rope! Odette stands up and steps on to the top rope, looking down at the tattooed goddess. Odette does the sign of the cross in from of her before jumping around on the top rope and jumping backwards, moonsaulting her way to a double foot stomp on the chest of Amanda, landing perfectly!

Adams: O Ryder!

Before Odette can go for the cover, the bell rings.

Simone: What the hell?

Jacob puts his hands out in innocence and looks towards Justin. Jacob walks over, listening to Justin and nods.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, the time limit as expires, therefore, this match has become a time limit draw!

Odette shakes her head in disbelief.

Simone: This is crap, Odette could have had this won.

Adams: Amanda could have easily turned this around.

The fans boo in discontent.

Simone: The fans aren't happy here.

Adams: I don't blame them.

Simone: I hope the people in the back see sense and let these ladies do it one more time.

Simon Jones is sitting in a dressing room, lacing his boots, when "Stoner" Scott Oliver appears.

Stoner: Hey, dude, mind if I ask you some, uh...questions?

Simon looks up and nods his head.

Simon: Okay.

Simon gets up from his seat.

Stoner: Jordan Williams has said that he is "uber confident" that he is going to retain his title tonight.

Simon: That's more of a statement, than a question. Look, Jordan Williams can tell the world and his wife that he is going to beat me, but that doesn't mean that it's actually going to happen.

Stoner: So you think you'll beat him, then?

Simon shrugs his shoulders.

Simon: I don't know. Despite what Jordan says, I know that I'm capable of beating him. But, as arrogant as he is, he's a very good wrestler, and the match could go either way. So, will I win? Well, we'll all find out soon enough.

Stoner opens his mouth, but before he can ask another question, Simon interrupts him.

Simon: And he doesn't need to worry about what effect a loss will have on me - I've lost matches before, and I'm bound to lose again at some point, because that's the nature of wrestling: everyone loses eventually; but I know how to cope with it. Besides, Michael Jordan - one of the greatest athletes of all time, in any sport - lost almost 300 games in his career, and it didn't do him any harm.

Stoner: Did you just compare yourself to Michael Jordan?

Simon: No, although my opponent this evening probably would compare himself to Michael Jordan - I was just using him as an example of someone that encountered failure many times in his career, and still succeeded.

Stoner: Okay, so, um...anything else that you want to add?

Simon: Just that if this is going to be the final title reign of Jordan Williams' career, then hopefully I can send him into early retirement.

The scene cuts away.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCW BOMBSHELL CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger, from Tampa, Florida… Standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing in at 132 pounds, she is… ROXI… JOHHHHHNSSSSSONNNN!!!

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Justin Decent: And her opponent, hailing fro Chicago, Illinois, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing it at 130 pounds, she is your Bombshell Champion, “QUEEN OF THE DAMNED”… MISSSSSTYYYYYY!!!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, the enigmatic figures of Misty and her disciples, fully cloaked in black robes emerge from backstage. Damien, Dante, Sebastian and Zane surround her protectively with Ruby following behind them. They slowly and methodically walk their way to the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd. Once to the ring, Damien, Dante Sebastian and Zane enter the ring first. Misty waits at the bottom of the steps as Ruby walks past her, joining the brothers in the ring. She sits on the 2nd rope as Misty walks up the steps, then enters the ring with Ruby's assistance. Misty walks to the center of the ring, standing in between her disciples and holds her arms out. Ruby walks up behind her and removes Misty's robe, as their Queen looks around the crowd, smiling sadistically without a care. Misty's disciples bow to their leader, before exiting the ring, standing around the ring in support of their queen, as her music dies down and the lights return.


Before the bell can officially start the match off, the opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. Hot Stuff is wearing snake skin shorts and matching snake skin boots, both with Union Jack flags on both the shorts and boots with HS on the rear. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. He looks over at Roxi who is keeping an eye out for the looming disciples. HS looks to Justin and graciously accepts the microphone from him and wastes no more time.

HS: I knew you all couldn’t get enough of me, San Diego! But that isn’t the only reason I’m out here right this second. See, part of the reason these two are meeting up again is because the last time didn’t leave a good feeling with me. See, it all comes down to the five people who don’t belong at ringside, and their tendency to get their hands dirty every damned time Misty steps in the ring. But I’m got a solution, and it involves all give of you gettin’ ya pasty white arses away from my ring!

The fans cheer loudly as Misty throws her arms up in the air, angrily. She protests Mark’s decision. He is about to address her when the lights dim down slightly as white strobes flash quickly above the stage. The opening buzzing to “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music. Erik pushes his way through the curtains, wearing a Team Erik t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He is carrying a clipboard in his hands as he grins sadistically out at the booing crowd. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the booing as if they power him. He pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his evil smirk before grabbing a microphone. He pauses in the center of the ring, waving his arms out at the sides, asking the fans to keep it coming. He looks over to his wrist watch and taps it, shrugging his shoulders as the booing finally dies down. He rips the microphone out of Mark’s hand. HS’s eyes flare up, but Erik holds a hand up as the disciples loom in closer, ready to defend Erik upon Misty’s command.

Erik: What in the blue hell gives you the right to make these calls? YOU need a majority ruling, and as it stands, I am the only one out here who has the power to make such decisions. And after tonight, you will be lucky if you are even qualified to fetch my coffee!

Simone: Boy, somebody is even more full of himself than usual…

The fans boo as Misty laughs in Mark’s direction. Erik holds Misty close, showing his protection over her, and his blatant nepotism. Before anyone can bring it up, he brings the mic back to his lips.

Erik: You all want to talk about dealing with the consequences for our actions, but you fail to see that Team Erik has been fairing pretty damn well tonight. Who is to say that you two will even stand a chance? THEN who is going to have to deal with the consequences of spitting in my freaking face every time I turn around? Hm? Why don’t you get your sorry ass out of MY ring!?

Mark shakes his head negatively with a cocky smirk on his face. Erik’s eyes flare open and he stomps his foot angrily. He points toward the entryway once more, angry before Mark shakes his head again. He rips the microphone from Erik’s hand.

HS: Are ya deaf, geez? I… said… NO!

Erik rips the microphone back and gives Mark a slight shove.

Erik: Are you an idiot, Mr. Ward? Get out of my face before…

”Why don’t you do us all a favor, and stop making an ass of yourself Erik?”

Erik pauses in his tracks as Christian appears over the tron. He is smiling sweetly as the fans go into an uproar. He waves at Erik with his little “gift” gyrating his crotch toward Christian’s face. Somehow, Christian is able to contain himself long enough to say his piece.

Christian: I’m not going to argue with you… I have more… important… things to deal with at the moment, other than competing in the Main Event tonight… So, I will make this short. Mark needs majority vote to get those low-lifes out of the ring, then I second his decision. Seventy percent beats thirty, Erik. Accept it an move out of the ring so Roxi can properly kick Misty’s ass tonight, or else we might have to strip her of the title and give it to Roxi…

The baby blue pouch of the g-string gets closer to Christian as the screen fades out. Erik stomps his feet angrily as Misty goes back to protesting. Erik throws his clipboard down on the mat and kicks it out into the crowd. He exits the ring with the disciples following. Misty growls out loud as Roxi and Mark wave to Erik. The fans cheer their support until Misty blindsides Roxi. Referee Jacob Summers steps out of the way as Mark bails from the ring. He signals for the bell.


Misty repeatedly clubs at Roxi, backing her into a corner when Jacob Summers tries to interfere. Misty scoffs at him, but Roxi nails a Headbutt between Misty’s eyes. She grabs onto Misty’s head and nails another one, allowing some distance between her and Misty now. Roxi immediately brings it by jumping onto the top rope and falling down with a Rolling Neck Breaker that has devastating results! Misty holds onto her neck as Roxi goes in for a quick pin. Before Jacob can get down to his knees to raise his hand, Misty shoves Roxi off of her.

Simone: Oh, how silly of Roxi Johnson… Even I know you can put Misty away so easily.

Adams: I really wish you could. It gets so tiring hearing her talk all of this Queen mumbo jumbo…

Misty lets out a screech and breaks away from Roxi’s attack. She slaps Roxi across the face, shouting at her, only for Roxi to slap her right back. Misty refuses to take it and she slaps her right back. Roxi spins around, and on the rebound gets Misty right back just as ferociously. Misty reaches around and rakes at Roxi’s eyes. As Roxi grips her face in agony, Misty grabs onto her hair, tangling her fingers in it. She shakes Misty around from side to side as Referee Jacob Summers tells her to break it. Misty looks over at him and spits at him before taking Roxi and tossing her across the ring with a Hair Biel. She rakes the hair from between her fingers. As Roxi gets up, Misty charges at her with a clothesline. As Roxi gets back up, Misty hits another, and then another. On the last one, she drops down and begins hammering away at Roxi. She gives up and resorts to choking Roxi. Roxi grabs onto the ropes for a break, despite the illegal maneuver, but Misty won’t give up. Jacob tries his best to get Misty off of Roxi, but the champion just refuses.

Simone: Misty refuses to let go of her hatred for anyone who dares to think she isn’t the best there is to offer.

Adams: I almost don’t think Misty cares at this point… Wait a minute! Roxi reverses it into a roll up pin!




Misty claps her thighs together, crushing Roxi’s head in the process. She rolls backwards and both women get to their feet. Misty goes for another Clothesline, but Roxi ducks it and swings around with Crucifix Pin attempt. Misty stumbles, but crashes into the nearest turnbuckle back first. Roxi falls down, and Misty backs away, feeling a little too close for comfort. She picks Roxi up and flings her toward the ropes. Roxi bounces off of the ropes, but Misty picks her up into the air. Roxi clings on and swings down with Whirly Bird Head Scissors that sends Misty rolling across the ring. Misty holds onto her back as Roxi walks over to Misty. She bends down to pick Misty up, but Misty trips her up, landing her across the middle rope. Misty quickly gets up and steps back a few paces. She charges forward and drops her knee over the back of Roxi’s head. She grinds down on Roxi, choking her on the rope. Jacob tries to break the hold, but Misty shoves him back!

Simone: Ohhhh, bad move there by our *air quote* Queen…

Adams: Never piss off the referee.

Misty looks up at the ceiling laughing. Jacob scolds her and Misty rears her hand back to slap Jacob, but Roxi is right there to stop her. She spins Misty around, but Misty catches her with a chop. She sends Roxi flying across the ring with an Irish Whip, and then she rebounds, Misty comes flying off of the ropes with a Flying Plancha to Roxi that levels both competitors. Misty instinctively hooks the leg and Jacob drops down for the count.




Adams: The champion is getting a little hopeful here, but she just doesn’t realize that this isn’t any regular opponent. This girl fights scum like her in and out of the ring!

Simone: Roxi came so close to defeating Misty last time they met, but without the disciples there to save her, Misty truly has her hands full here.

Roxi takes a few steps back, never taking her eyes off of Misty, but Misty does the same, stalking her prey. Misty charges toward Roxi, but Roxi lifts her into the air. As Misty rises up, she breaks free of Roxi’s grip and flips back, planting a Dropkick to Roxi’s chest and sending her backwards. Roxi slides to the edge of the ring, sliding out for just a second to collect her thoughts. Roxi holds her head, but Misty charges at her, readying herself to launch over the top rope. She sees Roxi moving, so she stops, but Roxi climbs onto the apron. They both exchange blows to each other, getting the fans riled up around them. Roxi hits a shoulderbutt to Misty. Misty returns with a club to the back of Roxi. She hits one more and then tries lifting Roxi up for a Vertical Suplex. Roxi kicks her legs, landing back on the apron. She tries to repeat the maneuver to Misty, but Misty only gets half way up before grounding herself. She knees Roxi in the stomach and tries one more time, lifting Roxi up into the picture perfect Vertical Suplex position, only for Roxi to flip back. Misty growls and turns around with an elbow, but Roxi does the splits, avoiding it.

Adams: So agile… No wonder she decided to become a superhero on the side

Simone: You are gross, Jason. What more can I say? We have one of the best Bombshell match ups taking place in front of us, and you focus on… Okay, I lost him, folks…

As Misty spins around, Roxi tucks her head between Misty’s legs. She flips up and surprises everyone by taking her down with a Hurricanrana. The fans cheer loudly for the superheroine. Roxi looks around and then flies back with a Standing Moonsault. She connects, but that isn’t enough. She stands at attention and then walks over to the ropes, climbing the turnbuckles to head up to the top. She poses for the fans, saluting them. This distraction gives Misty just enough time to get up and run over to the corner. She runs up the turnbuckles and surprises Roxi when she hits a Shining Wizard that sends Roxi falling backwards. Misty looks pleased with herself. She dusts her hands off and then paces around the ring happily. Jacob is frantic as Roxi barely moves. He nods his head and he backs away from the ropes to let her catch her breath.

Simone: Do we need to get a medic out here? She looks seriously hurt here!

Adams: It is all part of the sport, Belinda. I’m sure she is fine.

Simone: The way she landed did NOT look safe to me, but, she appears to be getting herself collected here.

Roxi slowly gets to her hands and knees, pushing herself to get up. As she looks up, she can’t react fast enough as Misty catapults herself over the top rope, colliding with Roxi, but Misty and Roxi roll around on the ground, resorting to an all out catfight. As much as she tries to hide it, Misty is enjoying every bit of pain she puts Roxi through. Jacob starts the count.




Both women soon begin throwing fists, resorting to any form of violence either one can inflict upon the other. The fans are on their feet watching to two Bombshells rolling back and forth, cheering on the action.





Simone: These two have had quite the war of words. Roxi finds Misty to be overrated, and Misty thinks Roxi is a flash in the pan and the claws are coming out here.

Adams: That’s right, it’s another… CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT!



Misty kicks Roxi off of her and then goes to plant her with a DDT to the concrete. Roxi spears her back into the apron as hard as she can. She does it once more to break it up and rolls inside of the ring as Misty holds onto her back.


Misty rolls in at the last second, only to be met by a hard boot from Roxi. She picks Misty up and sends her into the ropes with such force, but both women are starting to wear down a bit. As Misty comes off of the ropes, Roxi leaps up for another headscissors, but Misty spins her back around for what almost appears to be a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. Roxi keeps the momentum going, spinning around Misty twice before using the momentum to finish off a continuous Reverse Tornado DDT. The fans are in amazement as Roxi takes a deep breath. She holds her hands up in the air in an almost victorious fashion. She reaches down and pins Misty’s shoulders firmly against the mat.



2 ½!


Adams: I can’t believe Misty was able to kick out of something that intense!

Simone: Love her or hate her, she is definitely no push over inside of the ring, so it is no surprise that she just keeps on coming at Roxi like that.

Roxi pounds the mat in frustration. She steps back to the nearest corner before doing a Springboard into a Rolling Senton Splash on Misty. The resilient Queen of the Damned somehow capitalizing by holding onto Roxi’s tights and rolls her up into a pin.




Roxi rolls out of it, using her legs to twist her body around to flips Misty into a pin of her own.




Misty rolls backward and goes to tackle a downed Roxi, but Roxi trips her up, leaving her down on the mat. She crawls over to the ropes to pull herself up. Both women are worn down and feeling the effects of this match. Roxi rests on the ropes as Misty gets up to her feet. She charges at Roxi, but Roxi leaps off with the Reality Bites right to Misty’s face! She falls down on top of Misty, hooking the leg as Jacob Summers goes down for the count.




Justin Decent: Your winner and NEW SCW Bombshell Champion… ROXI… JOHHHHHHHNSSSSSSON!!!

Justin Decent hands over the belt to Jacob Summers who in turn hands the belt over to Roxi Johnson. Roxi catches her breath as he holds it high into the air with pride. Jacob officially raises her hand up in victory as “Outsider” begins playing again. Misty slowly comes to and realizes what has happened, and she is steaming. Her disciples quickly rush to the ring to help her up, but she shoves them all away from her. She stomps her feet angrily and then shrieks like a banshee as they prevent her from attacking Roxi. Roxi watches on with joy as she saunters out of the ring and toward the back. Misty growls loudly as the fans cheer. She leans over the ropes to taunt them as we fade out.

Backstage, medics are rapidly trying to calm someone down, but things aren’t going as they planned. A hissing sound echoes off of the walls as Giani Di Luca and James Huntington-Hawkes III are seen. James is practically jumping on one leg as Giani helps support his friend. He has a bright smile on his face as he shoves the medics away.

Medic 1: Mr. Di Luca, we really need Zoey Carpenter to take a look at his knee, and…

Giani: Whaddaya talkin’ about?! The kid’s fine, he just got his first serious taste of ya average wrestling pains. Nothin’ he can’t handle after a celebration drin… I mean shower… no… WHATEVER! Get the fuck offa my nuts, dawg!

He shoves past the medics one last time as James winces a bit. Giani’s anger toward the medic fades in a split second as he gets a few feet from them. He rests James against the wall, still breathing heavily with excitement. He paces back and forth a bit, letting things soak in before running his hands over his face and letting out a celebratory shout. He looks back to James who has a pained look on his face, and he grabs onto his hand, holding it out for a high five.

Giani: WOOOOO! We did it, bro. I told you we would. I told everyone that we would whoop their asses in that ring tonight, and we did!

JHHIII: Why didn’t you pin him? He was right there, knocked out and you could have easily gotten the glory you wanted from this match.

Giani: I coulda, but what better way to work out bein’ Tag Team Champions than to show a little team work and sacrifice? That shit is what makes a team stick together, dawg. We got this, and ain’t nobody out there good enough to beat…

Out of the corner of their eyes, they spot someone coming up to them in a hurry. Erik Staggs nearly collides with them in his own excitement. He grabs onto Giani’s hand and shakes it wildly before grabbing onto James’ face and kissing his cheek in an exaggerated fashion. James looks disgusted as he wipes at his cheek, seeming a little less in pain from the match.

Erik: If there was anyone I trusted to bring gold to Team Erik to set the tone for when we win tonight… it was you two! Dean and I practically jumped out of our seats when we saw what happened.

Giani scoffs at Erik, rolling his eyes as he props the tag team title belt up on his shoulder. He takes a step closer to the excited Erik.

Giani: What? Like you ever really had a doubt? This Team Wars bullshit is so stupid cause we are the only ones who actually care about the cause. Us and Misty. Everyone else just wants to ride ya nuts to get title shots, and when they realize that’s what we’re fightin’ against, they piss off. It’s okay though, cause the other team ain’t much better, attackin’ each other and such. Nobody is as dedicated a team as me and James, and that’s why we might as well have been handed the belts.

James: No, because then I wouldn’t have been able to pin that gross scary guy and show everyone that I’m not just some spoiled rich kid. I’m a spoiled rich kid who can wrestle, and nobody better ever try to mess with me now!

James tries to make a muscle, as Erik and Giani look at each other with smiles, trying not to laugh in front of him. James stumbles off of the wall, trying to walk off the pain so that he seems even more tough. Erik and Giani follow after him as they trek down the hall to meet up with Simpson and Dean.

Justin: The following contest is for the SCW Heavyweight championship!

The fans cheer wildly.

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger

The intro of “Simon Says” By Drain STH plays over the arena’s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans.

Justin: From Birmingham, England, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, he is... Simon Jones!

As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans.

Justin: And his opponent... being accompanied to the ring by Sasha.

The camera pans around the crowd for a bit when "Subconcious" hit’s the PA System. The crowd erupts into a mixture of cheers and boos.

Justin: From Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds, he is the current SCW Heavyweight champion, he is.... Jordan Williams!

The ever ominous Sasha walks out from behind the curtain first, standing with her hands on her hips as she glares at the crowd. Jordan emerges from behind Sasha and the fans reactions grow louder. Jordan has the SCW Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist as he pushes his duster back, showing it off proudly. Sasha begins walking down the aisle, with Jordan following behind her. Jordan has his arms up in the air, with his trademark smirk etched across his face. Sasha walks up the steps as Jordan climbs onto the apron. Jordan holds the ropes open for Sasha, but she just glares at him. Jordan shrugs his shoulders, then leaps over the top rope effortlessly. Jordan climbs onto the middle turnbuckle as Sasha climbs into the ring and stands next to Jordan with her arms folded, again glaring at the crowd. Jordan takes off the SCW Heavyweight Championship and holds it proudly over his head as the fans shower him with cheers and boos. Jordan leaps off the turnbuckle and hands the title to Sasha.


Jordan Williams and Simon Jones look across the ring at each other as the fans cheer and step towards the center of the ring, locking up. Jordan forces Simon to a knee, but Simon fights his way back up and forces Jordan to a knee. Jordan pushes himself back up and Simon forces him back against the ropes. Jasmine St John calls for the break and Simon releases Jordan, his hands up and steps back in to the middle of the ring. Jordan steps forward too, and as the two step in to lock up, Jordan quickly moves in behind Simon Jones and lifts him off his feet with a belly to back slam. Jordan springs back to his feet and Simon rolls on to his knees and quickly on to a vertical base but Jordan nails him with hard lariat!

Adams: Jordan nearly took Simon's head off with that Tramp Stamp.

Jordan pulls Simon back to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, lifting him over with a backbody drop, the Birmingham, England native crashes hard to the canvas, and Jordan turns around, instantly staying on the attack.

Simone: I think Jordan knows he has to stay on top of Simon Jones if he wants to be successful here.

Jordan picks Simon back to his feet and catches him with a hard European uppercut, sending the British born star against the ropes. Jordan charges at Simon, but Simon lifts him up in the air with a flapjack. Jordan flies through the air and lands stomach first across the top rope. Simon lifts Jordan's legs and places a boot in to Jordan's gut as he hangs over the top rope, before pulling the champion off the top with a sit down wheelbarrow facebuster! Simon rolls Jordan over and rolls on top, hooking the leg for a pin attempt, Jasmine St John drops down to count.


Jordan kicks out

Simone: Simon going for the quick win, but still a lot left in Jordan's tank.

Adams: How would you know? It's not like we have energy bars like Mortal Kombat. Jordan might have gone on a five mile run today and might be sleepy.

Simon picks Jordan back to his feet and wraps his arms around him, before lifting him over with a belly to belly suplex. Jordan crashes hard and rolls to the ropes, pulling himself outside to grab a little recovery time. Jordan steps away but Simon is up on his feet in the ring. Simon charges towards the ropes and dives through with a suicide dive, crashing his body in to Jordan's and sending Jordan in to the guardrail!

Adams: Simon is willing to put his body on the line for this one!

Simone: Simon has made no secret of his desire to make up for lost time in the wrestling business, and defeating one of the greats will go a long way.

Simon gets to his feet as Jordan lays crumbled against the guardrail. Jasmine starts her ten count


Simon gets back on the ring apron, waiting for Jordan to get back on his feet. As Jordan does, Simon runs along the apron and jumps off with a high cross body, but Jordan catches him and drops him face first on the rail, sending Simon stumbling towards the ring.


Adams: I hope when Simon signed that contract, he checked to see if there was a dental plan, cause I hear metal on teeth can be bad for the mouth.

Jordan charges at Simon and clotheslines him against the ring apron


Jordan grabs Simon's head and rolls him in the ring before climbing back on the ring apron himself, breaking the referee's count. Simon rolls in to the middle of the ring and Jordan moves to the ring post from the outside, climbing to the top and looking down on Simon laying prone in the ring.

Adams: Jordan looking to take this high risk.

Jordan dives off the top rope with a flying legdrop, crushing his leg across Simon's chest. Jordan rolls on top of Simon and Jasmine drops to make the count


The challenger gets his shoulder up!

Simone: The champion nearly got the win there.

Jordan looks around and stands up, pulling Simon to his feet as he goes, and catches him with a short jab to the jaw. Simon turns his back on Jordan and Jordan grabs his head, hooking the challenger up and dropping him down with a reverse driving DDT, crashing Simon Jones' head in to the canvas. Jordan sits up, but before he can cover Simon, Simon rolls away, rolling towards the ropes. Jordan stands up, stalking Simon as Simon gets slowly back on to his feet. Jordan moves in, trying to wrap his arms around Simon in a full Nelson, but Simon spins and moves behind Jordan. Simon puts his hands around Jordan's chin and jumps in the air, pulling the champion down on to his knees with a lung blower!

Adams: Simon Jones won't give up!

Simon pulls Jordan back to his feet and quickly hooks the champion up, lifting him over with a quick snap suplex before looking towards the top rope. Simon moves towards the corner and pulls himself on to the top rope, looking down at Jordan as he turn around, jumping through the air, Simon crashes down on Jordan with a huge shooting star press!

Adams: Holy hell!

Simon hooks Jordan's leg.


Jordan gets a shoulder up, to the fans shock and disbelief.

Simone: Wow!

Simon looks around with a surprised look on his face, but quickly shakes it off, pulling Jordan back to his feet. Simon puts Jordan's head between his legs and lifts him up, dropping Jordan down with a package piledriver! Simon quickly rolls Jordan over and covers as the fans count along


Jordan kicks out at the last second! The arena exhale in surprise!

Adams: Jordan just won't stay down, this is unbelievable!

Simon sits next to Jordan, his hands on his head. Simon stands up, pulling Jordan to his feet and pulling him in to the corner. Simon steps on to the middle rope and pulls Jordan with him.

Simone: Simon could be looking for the Into Oblivion!

Simon pulls Jordan closer, but Sasha jump up, grabbing Simon by the leg.

Simone: Someone tell that woman to stay out of the match!

Adams: I'm not doing it! She'll eat me for breakfast. She's like the chick out of Futurama who wants snu snu!

Sasha's distraction gives Jordan time to recover. Jordan lifts Simon off the ropes, and carries him to the center of the ring. Jordan hooks up Simon's head and drops him with an almighty Dreamer Driver! Jordan hooks Simon's leg and Jasmine St John drops down to make the count.


Simon gets a shoulder up!

Simone: I'm running out of words here!

Adams: This is unbelievable!

Both men lay breathing heavy in the middle of the ring, both laying still as the crowd start to cheer them on, trying to get behind them to rise to their feet. A steady clapping noise from the fans echo around the arena as Jordan is the first to sit up, but Simon also start to stir. Both men make it to their knees, and Jordan fires a shot at Simon, but Simon throws one back. Jordan and Simon fight to one knee, trading shots at each other. Both get to their feet, and Simon throws a shot at Jordan, but Jordan grabs Simon's arm and drops him to the canvas, wrapping his legs around Simon's arm and locking him in the Lebell Lock!

Simone: Simon's got nowhere to go!

Simon tries to get his free hand towards Jordan's hand, but fails as the champion pulls back tighter on the hold. Simon moves his arms towards the ropes, the pain covering his face as he forces himself to one knee and thrust forward. Jordan shakes his head and tries to pull back further, but Simon pushes his body closer to the ropes, his hand just inches from the rope. Simon reaches out a little more, his finger tips flicking the rope, forcing the rope to bounce back towards him, just enough for him to grab hold of it! Jasmine calls for the break!

Adams: Williams was so close to making Jones take out there.

Jordan breaks the hold, standing up and moving towards the center of the ring. Jordan starts to tap his knee.

Simone: We've seen this before.

Adams: Jordan thinks it's time for the Boma Ye!

Simon gets to his knees and Jordan charges at him, but Simon moves his head back and sweeps Jordan's leg away, sending him on to his back. Simon grabs hold of Jordan's legs as he stands up, crossing one over the other and stepping over Jordan!

Simone: Texas Cloverleaf!

Simon pulls back on Jordan's legs, forcing him to yell in pain, as Simon nods his head confidently.

Adams: Jordan could tap out here!

Jordan grits his teeth as he wiggles his body, his hand hovering above the canvas. Jordan tries to pull himself towards the ropes, but Simon holds firm.

Adams: Now Jordan has nowhere to go!

Jordan grits his teeth hard as he wiggles around, Jordan presses his fists in to the canvas and with all his strength, twists his body and forces Simon Jones off and crashing to the canvas.

Simone: Where did Jordan find the strength for that?

Adams: I don't know but if he could figure that one out, he could sell it by the bottle!

Jordan and Simon both get to their feet at the same time, but Jordan lowers his body and forces Simon in to the turnbuckle with a shoulder thrust. Jordan pulls away again and thrusts his shoulder in to Simon again. Jordan steps back and charges low a third time but Simon puts up a knee, catching Jordan in the jaw! Jordan stumbles but Simon grabs Jordan's head as he moves away. Simon starts to climb the second rope, lifting Jordan with him and wrapping his legs around Jordan's arms!

Simone: He's going for it! He's going for Into Oblivion!

The fans cheer as Simon dives off the second rope, planting Jordan.

Adams: Into Oblivion!

Simon tiredly rolls over, pinning Jordan's shoulders to the canvas and Jasmine drops down to count



Justin: The winner of the match AND NEW SCW Heavyweight champion.... Simon Jones!

Simone: He did it! We have a new heavyweight champion! Simon Jones now leads SCW!

Justin slides the title back in to the ring and Jordan picks up the belt, looking at the gold. Jordan turns to Simon and looks them in the eye, before handing the title belt over. Jordan taps Simon on the shoulder, before raising the belt high in the air for the fans to see.

Adams: A great show of sportsmanship from two classy wrestlers, I hope this is not the last we see of those two in the ring against each other, because that was amazing.

Opening up backstage we find Odette Ryder standing beside Scott Stoner Oliver, to say that Odette looks angry and uncomfortable is a huge understatement. Scott brings his microphone up to his lips and wastes no time in starting the interview.

Stoner: I’m standing here beside Odette Ryder, and I have one question to ask…

Scott takes a slight pause collecting his ‘thoughts’ before speaking.

Stoner: Here goes… why don’t you answer my calls?

Choking back a laugh, Odette goes to reach out to comfort Stoner but decides against it.

Odette: Oh Honey, we’re no longer together… in fact… we were never together…

Double blinking towards her Stoner adjusts the microphone in his hands.

Stoner: Oh… nuts!

Patting him sympathetically on his right shoulder the Aussie was trying her best to ‘comfort’ Stoner. In true Stoner style Scott shuffles Odette’s hand off his shoulder and his recovery mode.

Stoner: Well in that case can I get your thoughts on Amanda almost breaking your singles streak... how does that make you feel?

Shoving the microphone up into her face Odette raises an eyebrow looking at him.

Odette: How does that make me feel? Oh boy… Sure Amanda got close tonight, but close enough sure as hell isn’t good enough… all that streak bullshit to the side… I think we know what the fans want to see next… and that’s match number three… So Amanda I know you’re watching this… consider this your tie breaker… but read my lips, next time… I won’t let you get away.

Stoner: So what you’re saying is that you want to face her again?

Looking to Scott, Odette just smiles.

Odette: You can bet your balls I want to face her again, any time, any place tickle bitch… you name it, I’ll be there… this is FAR from over…

Without any more words to be said Odette walks off, leaving Stoner to just stare off into the distance.

The camera returns to the central shot of the ringside area with the six sided ring of the SCW front and center. Inside of the ring, in the furthest corner, stands referee Drew Patton who is looking severely bruised and beaten up...

Simone: I can not fathom how in Hell that two faced jackass managed to weasel his way into officiating this match! How in God's name can Mark or Christian have any hope of coming out on top?

Adams: Well there is that...

The fans applaud as Jasmine St. John approaches the ringside area and stations herself in a neutral corner. She stares hard at Drew and he can only look severely apprehensive and avoid eye contact.

In the center of the ring, is Justin Decent himself, holding the house microphone. He brings it up to his lips and he begins the beginning introductions...

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Main Event of 'Into the Void II'! It is scheduled for one fall, and it is ... the Brawl For It All tag team match!

The crowd cheers and applauds this announcement!

"Kamikaze" by Five Iron Frenzy blasts throughout the arena and Tom Dudely soon bursts out to the top of the ramp, greeted by a chorus of venomous boos. Clad in a "Team Erik" t shirt, along with tight jeans and boots, Tom is clad in a state where anything can happen!

Justin: Introducing first! From Dudelyville, California, weighing 215 pounds ... Tom Dudely!

Tom feeds off of the crowd's negative energy as he makes his way to the ring, taunting the fans and pulling his hand away from those he teasingly offers it to. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, Tom gets a running start and slides into the ring. He hops to his feet and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to work the crowd before hopping down.

Justin: His partner is accompanied by Tony and Diana! From Los Angeles, California, weighing 251 pounds ... Nick Jones!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the ramp and then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as a cocky smirk comes across his face while he flexes his muscles and Diana rubs his chest. Nick gets up and takes Diana's arm before turning back toward the curtain and waiting as Tony Capicelli makes his way out. Tony follows Nick and Diana as they make their way down the ramp, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans along the way. Nick walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, watching her from behind before quickly walking up behind her, while Tony waits outside the ring. Nick walks across the apron and steps one leg into the ring, taking a seat onto the middle rope, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there, looking around the arena and has a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring, swinging his other leg into the ring and then walking over to his corner, where Diana now sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back while Diana rubs his shoulders, as he waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Justin: And their opponents!...

The crowd quiets down in anticipation, and the opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage.

Justin: Introducing first! From London, England, weighing 240 pounds ... Hot Stuff Mark Ward!

HS points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. Hot Stuff is wearing snake skin shorts and matching snake skin boots, both with Union Jack flags on both the shorts and boots with HS on the rear. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering.

Mark then smiles and holds both hands up to give his opponents pause... then turns slightly at the waist and points to the backstage area...

Justin: And his tag team partner...!

The lights slowly fade out, leaving the building in darkness when a lone spotlight of a hot pink color tone ignites, illuminating the entrance...

"Hi Barbie
Hi Ken!
Do you wanna go for a ride?
Sure Ken!
Jump in...

Adams: Oh no...

"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let's go party!"

And the crowd cheers as out onto the stage steps Christian Underwood in his Pink Flamingo personae!

Adams: Oh my.... GOD!

Simone: Wow! He has gone old school! That is not the Christian Underwood SCW has known sine its inception! That there is the Pink Flamingo!

"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation"

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Delicious! From San Francisco, California, weighing 202 pounds ... 'the Pink Flamingo' Christian Underwood!

Christian steps out onto the stage, his dark blonde hair dyed hot pink, and with 'Rico-style' pink and purple glitter makeup on his face and lips, Christian steps out wearing a hot pink, long sleeve lycra shirt above the waist to display his 'six pack', matching booty shorts laced up the sides and knee-high boots with violet tassels. With a bright pink robe lined with violet fathered boas, Christian holds his arms as out as the aptly named Delicious parades around him in a wide circle, and the two then begin their trek down towards the ringside area!

Adams: Ha ha ha! Look at the looks on Nick and Tom's faces! Ha ha!

"I'm a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world
Dress me up, make it tight, I'm your dolly
You're my doll, rock'n'roll, feel the glamour in pink,
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky...
You can touch, you can play, if you say: "I'm always yours"

Arriving at ringside, Delicious is the first up the steps as Mark quickly (and predictably) holds the ropes open for her, while Christian lets his robe slide off to the floor and he then slinks under the bottom rope and to the inside of the ring. he crawls on all fours until he poses between Mark's own legs, staring at Nick and Tom. Mark looks down and jumps, moving away and shaking a forefinger at Christian in reprimand.

"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation...

The music fades slowly and the excitement building for this winner take all match is building up greatly, when the crowd begins to boo...

Simone: Oh what in hell is *he* doing out here!?

The camera picks up Erik Staggs arriving at ringside and taking a spot by the corner of Nick and Tom, just aside from where Diana and Tony are standing.

Adams: Now Team Erik really do have the deck stacked in their favor!

Nick and Tom discuss things briefly and nick steps out onto the ring apron. On the opposing side, Mark points to himself and Christian nods. ark turns to face off against Tom and Christian steps outside, but not before giving Mark a 'good luck' slap on his firm ass. Mark closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and opens them again. The seconds also leave the ring and Drew steps back and calls for the bell!


Simone: And here we go! Sin City Wrestling's fate is on the line!

The match is now underway! HS and Tom walk from out of their respective corners, fierce determination etched on each of their faces! They circle the ring, sizing one another up while talking smack. They then pause in the center of the ring and lock up! They struggle for a mere moment when Mark breaks the tie up and grabs Tom in a grinding side headlock. Tom does not remain in this hold for long as he uses the ropes to fire HS off into the far side of the ring. Mark comes flying off and slams right into Tom with a shoulder tackle that sends him crashing down to the canvas! Mark then runs off of the far side and Tom drops down to the mat on his chest. Mark runs over him and as he comes off, Tom jumps up and connects with a high dropkick, right to Hot Stuff's handsome face! Mark is immediately to his feet however and Tom catches him with an arm drag, throwing him over to the canvas!

Adams: God this one has already started off fast paced!

But as both men are immediately back to their feet, Tom moves in and Mark arm drags him over, returning the favor from earlier! They're back up and Mark attempts a hip toss but Tom blocks it, then ducks behind Mark to attempt a neck breaker and that is blocked! Mark then swings around behind Tom and rolls him up into a school boy cradle! Drew drops down...

And Tom immediately kicks Mark off!

Simone: My eyes must be playing tricks on me. For a second there it looked like Drew made a legit count against Tom.

Both Tom and mark gets to their feet and face off for a moment before Tom turns and tags Nick into the match!

Adams: Ohhh and here's what everyone has wanted to see!

Simone: The two former best friends facing off in the ring!

But as Nick steps inside, he waves Mark off and points over toward Christian/the Pink Flamingo!

Adams: Nick actually *wants* to wrestle wrestling's answer to Pepto Bismol!?

HS points back at Christian, looking out at the fans and the crowd cheers enthusiastically! Mark then walks over and holds his hand out and the Flamingo accepts the tag. The fans clap as Christian steps inside of the ring, and with his hands on his hips, sashays around the ring, looking Nick up and down with a smile on his face, liking what he is seeing.

Simone: Judging by the look on Nick's face, I think he's regretting not wanting Mark in the ring already.

Nick yells "Come on!", wanting to get things started! Flamingo struts right up to him with a smile on his face -- and slaps Nick right across his own! Fuming, an angry Nick starts forward towards Christian but Christian tip toes back away from Jones, holding his hands up in innocence.

Simone: I don't think Nick knows quite how to handle this character!

Adams: Yeah Christian is making Hope Heelcum look like Kain when it comes to masculinity!

The two begin to circle and go for a lock up, but Christian ducks behind him and grabs him in a rear waist lock. Nick realizes the position he's in and he counters and ducks behind Flamingo instead, grabbing him in a rear waistlock. The moment he does so, the Pink Flamingo bends at the waist and grabs his ankles!

Simone: Oh my...!

Nick looks down and releases Christian, jumping back and literally freaking out, screaming at Drew to do something! Christian, on the other hand, is just strutting about, fluffing his hair while waiting calmly for Nick to calm himself. Nick reacts instead by tagging a reluctant Tom Dudely and hurriedly stepping back outside. Tom frowns at his partner and then in at Christian who waves to him and blows him a kiss. Tom cringes before he is forced to step into the ring.

Adams: Maybe Tom will have better luck with this... well, with Christian?

Tom steps toward him, then thinks better of it and steps back. The two circle and then when they go for a lock up, Tom thinks quickly and doubles him over with a kick to the stomach. Tom then stands him upright and back hand chops him across the sternum, sending Christian staggering back a step. Tom grabs a handful of his colored hair and then runs his head right into the near corner.

Simone: Okay so Dudely is having a bit better luck.

Tom then sends him into the far corner with an Irish whip -- but Christian does a Ric Flair flip in the corner, landing on the ring apron. Tom charges right at him and goes for a shoulder block but Christian uses the top rope to spring into the ring behind Dudely. Christian grabs him around the waist and runs him into the ropes, rolling him back into a cradle!


Tom grabs a handful of his trunks and reverses it, pulling him back into his own cradle!


But Christian grabs two handfuls of Tom's ass and squeezes hard -- making Tom jump off of him and dart away, breaking the pin himself! The crowd is in hysterics as Tom complains to Nick while Christian just lays on the mat on his side, posing and winking at Tom.

Adams: Look at Mark! Ha ha!

Mark is practically lying on the corner, laughing hysterically at Christian's mind games! Tom turns around and he charges the prone Christian who suddenly uses his own legs to take Tom to the mat with a drop toe hold! Christian then springs on Tom's back in a horsey ride! Tom scrambles around the ring while Christian slaps his backside, egging him on! Christian then quickly jumps off and grabs Tom by the arm and twists him into an arm wring and tags Mark back in!

Simone: Now perhaps it's time for things to get a little more serious!

Christian holds Tom by the arm and Mark comes in and kicks the prone Tom in the stomach, then grabs the arm and twists it twice until he has him in an overhead arm lock. Tom shouts at Drew that Mark is pulling his hair, but the moment the referee goes around to check, Tom grabs a handful of Mark's own hair and slams him back to the mat! However the veteran Hot Stuff counters with a reversal, turning it into a hammerlock on Tom, face down to the mat! Tom pounds the mat and hollers out in pain and Mark pushes his arm up his back. Tom then slowly is able to push his way to his feet and he uses his free arm to reach back and grab Mark in a headlock, breaking the hammerlock.

Simone: We're starting to see some great chain wrestling here, now.

Adams: Well love him or hate him, Tom is a great athlete, a former world champion in his own right.

Tom cranks the pressure on HS but Mark backs him into the ropes and fires him off where they collide in a shoulder block. Mark kicks Tom in the stomach and knife edge chops him across the chest. Mark then goes for an Irish whip but Tom reverses it. HS comes off the far side and Tom goes for a hip toss but Mark reverses it and hip tosses Dudely over himself. Tom grabs his back and staggers into a corner where HS greets him with a solid boot to the gut. Mark then Irish whips him into the far corner but Tom leapfrogs up and over him. Tom dashes over to the near corner as HS pursues and Tom flies back, crashing into HS with a flying body press! He quickly hooks the leg!

Mark kicks out!

Simone: Well...?

Adams: Nope. You were right. Drew *has* been making even counts.

Tom acts quickly and grabs Mark, running his head into his own corner where he is able to tag Nick into the match. Tom wraps Mark's arm around the top rope and holds him as Nick steps inside and buries a knee into HS's stomach. Tom then climbs out and Nick chops Mark across the chest! Nick Irish whips Mark off into the ropes and jumps, catching him with a leaping clothesline!

Simone: It was only a matter of time before Team Erik was able to wrest control of this match from Mark and Christian.

Nick then grabs Mark and pulls him up into a double underhook. Nick suplexes him over, but retains the double underhook and traps him in a seated position, going for the submission. Drew leans in and asks Mark who shakes his head 'no' vigorously. From the outside, Erik slams his hands on the apron and calls out for the time keeper to ring the bell, accusing Mark of submitting!

Adams: He did not!

Erik marches over and grabs the hammer used on the bell and goes to ring it himself when Jasmine runs over and tears it out of his grasp! Erik, infuriated, gets right in her face when Drew ducks out of the ring and arrives on the floor. He gets between Jasmine and Erik. Drew points to Erik, and then to the back! The fans cheer!

Adams: Oh my god! Is he doing what I think he's doing!?

Erik looks shocked! Absolutely stunned! He starts arguing with Drew who points vehemently to the back!

Simone: He is! Drew is sending Erik to the back! What the hell has gotten into him!?

Erik is arguing with Drew quite verbally, demanding that *he* is the boss and can not be thrown out! Drew then points inside of the ring and threatens to disqualify Nick and Tom if he *doesn't* leave! The crowd cheers!

Simone: I am thinking Jasmine knocked some sense into Drew in their match earlier!

Adams: I think he's scared of pissing her off again, myself!

Drew starts to count and reaches four when Erik turns around and swears audibly, stomping away and heading for the back!

Inside of the ring, HS is still refusing to yield and Nick lets the hold go but drags him up and tags Tom back into the match. Nick body slams Mark and holds him down as Tom uses the top rope to vault himself inside and he lands atop the prone Hot Stuff with a corkscrew cannon ball!

Tom hooks the leg and Drew slides back inside to make the count!

Mark kicks out!

Tom the jumps up and over Mark and uses the middle rope to springboard back into a Lionsault on HS, but Mark brings his knees up and Tom lands across them!

Simone: Mark has got to tag Christian and get out of there!

Tom rolls around on the mat, clutching his stomach, and Mark dives and tags Christian! The flamboyant 'Pink Flamingo' quickly goes up top as Tom struggles to get to his feet! The moment he does so and turns around, Christian jumps off of the top and catches Tom with a beautiful Hurricanrana!

Adams: What a move!

Christian splashes Tom and hooks the leg!

Tom kicks out!

Simone: But it wasn't enough!

Christian quickly pulls him up and goes to send him into the corner but Tom manages to reverse it! Christian runs right up the corner and jumps off with a moonsault onto the standing Tom, bringing him down and hooking the leg!

Tom gets the shoulder up!

Christian grabs Tom and twists his arm into an arm wringer. He goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Tom holds on and reverses it! The moment Christian hits the ropes, Diana reaches in and hooks his ankle, tripping him to the mat! Tom immediately runs off the ropes and drops a leg down across the back of his head! Tom rolls him over onto his back and covers him, hooking the leg!

Christian kicks out!

Adams: Uh oh! Delicious is not happy!

Delicious aka Selena storms over to confront Diana but Tony steps between them, shielding her while Diana taunts her. Drew leans through the ropes and orders Delicious back to her corner which she reluctantly does so.

Adams: Diana's not the bravest of individuals, is she?

Simone: Well she'll interfere in Nick's matches if she has to but she doesn't waste any time getting away from trouble like that, that much is for sure!

Tom grabs two handfuls of Flamingo's hair and drags him the hard way to his corner where he tags Nick into the match! Tom then pulls Christian up and he and Nick set Christian up and bring him up and over with a double suplex. Tom quickly steps outside as Nick throws Christian to his back and makes the cover!

Christian kicks out!

Nick sits Christian up and swings three forearms around from behind, into his face. Nick then cups his hands under his chin and buries a knee into Flamingos back, pulling hard! From the outside, Delicious slaps the apron and Mark claps and stomps, rallying he crowd behind Christian! Diana shouts for the fans to keep quiet and holds her hands over her ears! Drew asks Christian if he wants to give up but Christian groans 'no' and shakes his head!

Nick finally lets go of the hold and pulls Christian to his feet. Nick Irish whips him into the ropes, scoops him up into his arms on the rebound and drops him in a back breaker, right across his bended knee! Nick dumps him off and covers him again, once again hooking the leg!

Mark runs in and grabs Nick by the ankle and pulls him off of Christian!

Simone: Smart move by Hot Stuff! That could have been the end of the match and their time as the owners of Sin City Wrestling!

Nick is on his feet, shouting at Drew and pointing at Mark! Drew is over there, reprimanding Mark, and this distraction allows Nick to bull Christian back into his own corner where Tom wraps the tag rope around Underwood's throat and chokes him while Nick grabs both of his legs and pulls!

Adams: Turn AROUND Drew!

Drew finally gets Mark out of the ring and indeed does turn around and he sees the double teaming! Drew runs over to break it up but Nick and Tom end it themselves and Nick calmly tags Tom. Tom steps inside and pulls Christian from the corner and levels him with a short arm clothesline. Tom pulls him up by the arm and does it a second time. Tom makes the cover, not hooking the leg!

Christian gets the shoulder up!

Tom pauses, staring at Drew and asking "What the hell is up with you man!?"

Simone: Whatever the hell's got into Drew has clearly caught Nick and Tom off guard as well!

Tom, shaking his head in disbelief and cursing, stands up and pulls Christian up along with him. Tom Irish whips him into the ropes and jumps for a Hurricanrana but Christian simply drops him in a modified powerbomb!

Adams: And that is how you counter a hurricanrana, ladies and gentlemen!

Now both men are flat on their backs, gulping in the oxygen, as Drew has to begin his mandatory count!


Tom rolls over and starts over for his corner!

Christian starts dragging himself towards his own corner!

Tom tags Nick's outstretched hand!

And Christian tags Hot Stuff!

The crowd cheers as Hot Stuff *jumps* into the ring and charges over, meeting Nick with a clothesline that knocks him to the mat! Tom steps back inside of the ring but halfway through, Mark clotheslines him as well, sending him right back out!

Simone: The fresh Hot Stuff is on fire!

Nick tries to sneak up on Mark but HS kicks back into Jones's stomach, stopping his advance! Mark then grabs his arm and goes for an Irish whip but Nick reverses it! Mark comes off and ducks behind Nick and...

Adams: German suplex!

Into a bridge!

Nick kicks out!

Mark grabs Nick to further the punishment but Nick stops him fast with a thumb to the eye! Mark staggers back, holding his eyes, temporarily blinded. Nick then grabs Mark and tags Tom back into the match. Tom lands two fists into Mark's stomach, and then brings him to the center of the ring and attempts a vertical suplex but it gets blocked. Mark then reverses it and brings Tom up and over with a suplex of his own! Mark then points out to the crowd and tags Christian! Christian begins to ascend to the top! He is perched on the very top turnbuckle, sizing the downed Tom Dudely up -- when Diana climbs up onto the apron and shoves the Pink Flamingo off, sending him flying down to the mat with a crash!

Simone: Oh that bitch!

Diana drops to the floor and smiles and waves at the jeering fans -- when suddenly delicious dashes around the corner of the ring and tackles her, taking her to the ground! The crowd is going absolutely wild as Delicious slaps back and forth at Diana's face as Diana kicks and struggles, trying to get this hell cat off of her!


Simone: I was waiting for you to say that!

Delicious grabs two handfuls of Dana's hair and starts slamming the back of her head into the floor when Tony grabs the petite blonde up and tears her off of Diana! The crowd boos!

Simone: Get his hands off of her!

Delicious kicks and struggles, but Tony holds her still as Diana gets to her feet! Suddenly the crowd starts cheering as someone else comes running down the aisle!

Adams: Oh Hell! Oh Hell! It's Big B!

Big B runs around the ring and he grabs Tony from behind, forcing him to drop Delicious! Tony turns around and Big B punches him right in the head! Tony returns the shot and suddenly there's a wild brawl between the two big man erupting on the outside and the two women head for cover!

Inside of the ring, Tom grabs Christian and holds him, calling for Nick to get into the ring while Drew jumps outside to try to get Tony and Big B separated! Nick climbs in as Mark shouts from the corner! Tom holds Christian tightly as Nick sins around to deliver a discus lariat -- and he clotheslines ... TOM!!!

Simone: What the Hell!?

Nick drops down and rolls out of the ring and stands there as a groggy Tom slowly staggers to his feet! Hot Stuff climbs into the ring behind him and stalks him, sizing him up!

Adams: I do not know what the hell is going on but I think Nick just played EVERYONE!

Erik Staggs storms down to ringside again and he spins Nick around and starts shouting at him but Nick gets right back in his face, shouting back!

Inside the ring, Tom turns around and Mark nails him with the Red Hot superkick! Tom is out on his feet, staggering back! Christian comes back around and he swings his boot...!

Adams: D!ck Kick!

Tom crashes to his back, out cold! Mark points to Christian and then to the prone Tom! Christian aka the Pink Flamingo, stands over Tom's head and does a hip grind -- then drops down into the Summer of 69 pinning combination! Drew sees the pin and slides back inside of the ring!

Erik tries to get inside to stop this but Nick grabs his foot and pulls him right back out!

The crowd explodes in cheers as Mark grabs Christian's arm and helps him up and they raise their arms in victory!

Justin: Here is your winners, and the SOLE owners of Sin City Wrestling ... 'the Pink Flamingo' Christian Underwood and 'Hot Stuff' Mark Ward!

The crowd cheers!

Adams: Yes! YES! They did it! Mark and Christian have done it!

Simone: I still want to know what the hell just happened with Nick Jones, but yes! They did indeed do it! Mark and Christian are once again the sole owners of Sin City Wrestling!

Delicious climbs inside of the ring and runs up to Christian and fiercely embraces her best friend! She then steps back and Mark takes it upon himself to get a hug from the blonde diva for his own! Drew steps between them and raises both men's arms in victory as Delicious applauds!

Erik is halfway in the ring, his eyes and mouth open wide in horrified shock! His reign of terror over!

Simone: Look long and live with it Staggs! Your attempt to usurp control of Sin City Wrestling has come to an end! Team Erik is no more!

The camera closes out on the shot of Mark and Christian inside of the ring, the two grabbing one another in a friendly embrace of congratulations as the SCW is once again theirs -- and only theirs!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Courtney, Derek, MK, Mercedes Vargas, Casey, Magz, Goth, Maggie, Simon Jones, Necra, Vixen, Mete, Also thanks again to Vixen for the great match banners and to our great roleplayers.