The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage, clad in a sexy sailor's uniform complete with white lycra shirt, matching pants with gold stripe down the side, black neck tie and a sailor hat with gold anchor detail on the front. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Mandalay Bay Events Center , in Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling and "High Stakes II"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda steps out onto the stage, dressed like an elderly woman with a floral print mumu and a gray beehive hairdo and thick rimmed glasses. Using a cane, she waddles across the stage and the performance begins!

Amanda: Let me tell you sonny... let me tell you straight
You kids today ain't never had it tough
Always had everything handed to you on a silver plate
You lazy brats think nothing's good enough

Well, nobody ever drove me to school when it was ninety degrees below
We had to walk buck naked through forty miles of snow
Worked in the coal mines twenty two hours a day for just half a cent
Had to sell me internal organs just to pay the rent

When I was your age. When I was your age
When I was your age. When I was your age

Let me tell you something, you whiny little snot
There's something wrong with all you kids today
You just don't appreciate all the things you've got
We were hungry, broken and miserable and we liked it fine that way

There were seventy three of us living in a cardboard box
All I got for Christmas was a lousy bag of rocks
Every night for dinner, we had a big 'ol chunk of dirt
If we were really good, we didn't get dessert

When I was your age. When I was your age
When I was your age. When I was your age

Didn't have no telephone, didn't have no FAX machine
All we had was a couple cans and a crummy piece of string
Didn't have no swimming pool when I was just a lad
Our neighbor's septic tank was the closest thing we had
Didn't have no dental floss, had to use old rusty nails
Didn't have Nintendo, we just poured salt on snails
Didn't have no water bed, had to sleep on broken glass
Didn't have no lawnmower, we used our teeth to cut the grass

What's the matter now, sonny, you say you don't believe this junk?
You think my story's wearin' kinda thin?
I tell you one thing, I never was such a disrespectful punk
Back in my time, we had a thing called discipline

Dad would whoop us every night till a quarter after twelve
Then he'd get too tired and he'd make us whoop ourselves
Then he'd chop me into pieces and play frisbee with my brain
And let me tell ya, Junior, you never heard me complain

When I was your age. When I was your age
When I was your age. When I was your age

The song ends and the crowd cheers and applauds as Amanda hobbles around the stage, waving her cane and blowing kisses before vanishing back behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello and welcome to High Stakes II. I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: I'm Jason Adams

Simone: Sin City Wrestling has made it past a year in business, and tonight we celebrate that fact

Adams: Who would have thought it? What a year it's been, we've seen so much action over the past year, and we're kicking off year two with just as much as we bring you twelve matches tonight

Simone: We kick things off with the debut of Amy Marshall, as she takes on the second generation star, Cassie Banton.

Adams: Another debut follows Belinda. SCW fans will get to see The Winter Solider John Void, takes on Nate Diaz

Simone: Our first of six title matches start right here, Trish Newborn and Bianca Solderini defend the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Titles against NXT's Jessie Salco, and Becky "Ragdoll" Jones

Adams: Roulette title on the line as Goth defends his gold against first time challenger and annoying brat, James Huntington-Hawkes III and former champion Argento

Simone: Could you imagine if that brat wins? We'll never hear the end of it/

Adams: Trying not to think about it.

Simone: Moving on, we have a hardcore match on the show as Bo Dreamwolf and Blaque Hart Bruce Evans finally decide who is the better man. We have been told that Bo has accepted Blaque Hart's stipulation, the loser will be leaving SCW

Adams: Our next title match hopes to put the male one to shame as the Bombshell Roulette title is on the line. Alexis Morrison defends the title against not one, but two former champions in Vixen and the returning Karina Koji

Simone: The pale one returns to supercard action, Misty is in action tonight to go off against Laura Jackson. If anyone wants to get Misty something for Christmas, I recommend a spray tan

Adams: Damn, you ruined my surprise!

Simone: The longest serving champions, Sinful Obsession defend the Tag Team Championship against Blade Alexander and DJ "D-Block" Williams.

Adams: A grudge match is on the show too as former stable mates, Jordan Williams and Casey Williams go to war, and believe me, it could be a war.

Simone: The second of Hot Stuff Mark Wards new group will be in action next as Tom Dudely has a pair of tough challengers in former Roulette champion, Prime Time Matthew Kennedy and former heavyweight champion, Rage.

Adams: Now let's talk about four women, and one title. After Mercedes won the Bombshell title and almost instantly put it up for grabs, the women of SCW have scrambled for it and now it's down to four. Odette Ryder, Necra Octavian Kane, Jaya DeCarlo and Amanda Cortez are left. One of these four women will become the new SCW Bombshell champion

Simone: The main event tonight will rival every main event we've ever had as Spike Staggs gets a shot at the gold against defending champion and a man who has dominated the first year of SCW history, Nick Jones

Adams: This is gonna be the best show ever, so why wait to start it. Let's go people! Go go go!

Vixen can be seen walking into the arena, a bag over her denim clad shoulder. The bombshell’s intense look shows that she is determined to be here and compete. She is accosted by by Pussy Willow as she makes her way towards her locker room.

Pussy Willow: Vixen, I have to talk to you. Seems there are some big rumors going around that you and a certain Staggs family member have got things going on and EVERYONE wants to know what is up with that.

Vixen: Listen, I love gossip as much as the next bombshell…

Her eyes roll at that statement as she adjusts the shoulder strap of her bag.

Vixen: But there is nothing to know about Spike and I. The two of us are teammates in NXT. And really, aren’t you like worried that maybe your journalistic integrity might be compromised by doing this kind of gossip and innuendo type of reporting?

Vixen makes to move around Ms Willow who moves with her, a smile on her face.

Pussy Willow: Well then Ms Shutty Mouth, what about this huh?

Ms Willow waves a piece of paper in Vixen’s face before straightening it and coughing slightly to clear her throat.

Pussy Willow: Dear Mr. Ward…As the physician of Ms Vixen Lefebvre, I would like to inform you that Ms Lefebvre has been warned about competition and she should be put on some sort of disability list until she recovers from her previous injuries.

Vixen frowns as she reaches for the piece of paper that the interviewer pulls out of her reach.

Vixen: Give me that. If management sees that, they aren’t going to let me into that match tonight.

The paper is snatched out of Pussy Willow’s hand by none other than “Hot Stuff” Mark Ward who smiles at Vixen as he reads the fax. Ms Willow leaves the two alone. Vixen squares her shoulders, her face set as she looks intently at Hot Stuff.

Vixen: Go ahead, tell me I am not in the match tonight for my title.

HS: Far be it from me to deny you something that you want Vixen.

Vixen: You mean you aren’t going to stop me?

HS: Stop you…I am going to enjoy seeing you get just what you deserve tonight.

Vixen: My title?

Grinning wolfishly, Hot Stuff rips up the fax and hands it to Vixen.

HS: No, the beating that all the losers of NXT deserve. You win the title…that is a good one.

Ward walks off chuckling as Vixen glares at him.

HS: I'm so gonna screw with NXT tonight.

Justin: The following match is for one fall introducing first she is the hometown bombshell , she is…. Cassssssiiiieeee Banton

“I stand alone” by Godsmack slams over the personal address system and out walks the new comer Cassie Banton. Walking out to the top of the Ramp Cassie looks out into the sea of Sin City Wrestling fans that are cheering the hometown girl on but Cassie turns her nose up at them. Strutting her stuff down the ramp Cassie ignores the fans as much as possible before entering the ring underneath the bottom rope. Once in the ring completely Justin continues.

Justin: And her opponent from Juneau, Alaska Ammmmmmyy Marsssshhhaaaallllll

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa.

Whoaa ohh ohhh x 3

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for the match to begin.

Justin quickly leaves the ring as Drew gives the two ladies their run down before signalling for the bell.

Ding, Ding, Ding.


Adams: Please let me say it, please let me say it…

Simone: Fine… go ahead


Charging like a bull out of gate Amy Marshall goes on the attack flying towards Cassie taking her down with a swinging clothesline. Cassie is quick to get back to her feet only to be brought down hard by another perfectly executed swinging clothesline. Cassie quickly jumps back up to her feet but Amy once again is straight on the attack diving towards Banton bringing her down with a running bulldog. While Cassie is face down on the matt Amy starts to deliver stiff kicks to her other bombshell’s spine.

Adams: Amy Marshall is looking to prove a point here tonight

Simone: She definably wants to leave her mark here in Sin City Wrestling and by being a former champion she is doing It the best ways she can… by making an impact

Adams: on my heart…


Drew gives Amy a warning with leads Ms Marshall to back away from Ms Banton and taunting at the fans.

Simone: Lucky for Cassie Drew stepped in there…

Cassie makes it back up to her feet slowly and a little off her balance which Amy is only too happy to capitalise on. Grabbing the back of Cassie’s head Amy brings her down with a jumping face buster and covers for a quick pin.



Cassie just manages to get to shoulder up prompting Amy to slam her open hands on the ring canvas while shouting at Drew telling him to do his job.

Adams: Learn how to count faster Drew….

Simone: seriously?

Pulling Cassie up to her feet while getting up off the ring canvas, Amy locks her in a side headlock, jumping up and down to apply as much pressure as possible. Breaking the headlock after a few moments Amy toys with Cassie and delivers a deafening slap to the side of Banton’s face.

Adams: I think the folks in North Carolina heard that slap

Simone: Amy is showing no signs of slowing down

Scooping Cassie up in her hands Amy delivers a scoop suplex before lifting Cassie slightly to deliver a solid kick to the Vegas local’s spine. As Cassie holds her back in pain Amy takes a quick jog around the ring before baseball sliding her wresting boots into the side of Cassie’s head.

Adams: I didn’t know Amy was interested in baseball

Simone: Poor Cassie isn’t catching a break here tonight…

Lifting Cassie back up off the ring canvas Amy yanks on her left hand and twists it in an arm wrench before violently dropping it down to Cassie’s side. As Cassie holds on to her arm in pain Amy walks backwards and rebounds off the ropes. Using the extra helping hand from the ropes Amy charges towards Cassie and brings her



Simone: What the Hell?

Adams: Impact Simone… it’s all about making a statement…

Before Cassie can kick out or even be pinned Amy pulls her head off the mat showing the crowd that he isn’t done yet. Pulling a seemingly lifeless Cassie Banton up to her groggy feet, Amy taunts towards the crowd. Talking one swift step towards Cassie Amy connects beautifully with her finishing move ‘Bad Girl’ aka a Double knee face breaker. As Cassie falls to the canvas Amy crawls over and covers her body for the pin.

Adams: The New girl has this… well new girl Amy!!!




Simone: What an opening match… what a strong performance from the debuting Amy Marshall.

Adams: I hope the future Bombshell Champion was watching this… because Amy Marshall is destined for the top!

Ding… Ding… Ding

As Drew Signals for the Bell Amy jumps up to her feet and screams in excitement as Scream by the misfits slams over the personal address system.

Justin: Here is your winner…. Ammmmmyyyy Marrrrsssshhhaaalllll…

Drew raises Amy’s hand up in victory as the victorious debuting bombshell soaks in the chorus of boos and cheers that are directed towards her.

Suddenly, the SCW crowd starts to come alive and making commentaries wonder what is going on. Everyone is looking everywhere, then cameras spot SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champion, Trish Newborn slide under the ropes with a steel pipe, laying like a snake would before striking as Amy’s back is turned. Trish launches herself with a powerful clothesline to her sister that connects with the aid of that steel pipe to the throat. The Bombshell Tag Champion demands her sister to get up and when she finally does, Trish Newborn nails her sister with a modified Bad Girl using that pipe between her knees. Trish used Amy’s finisher on her, and the crowd does not like it. Newborn pops up with a grin on her face.

Simone: She just used Bad Girl on Amy! That’s her move, and Trish Newborn just used it violently on her only older sister! She’s going to need to go to the hospital! Someone get out here quick!

Adams: Well, we’ve heard that these two sisters have had bad blood with each other in another company. Death matches, titles matches, these two went to war with each other.

But, the veteran isn’t finished and throws the pipe aside then, Trish hooks the back legs of the fallen Punk Princess and newly signed member of SCW in that backwards cloverleaf with one arm, standing tall and pride. We get a sarcastic look and, a censored hand gesture from the champion before she falls down to the mat pulling the tendons of her sister’s legs tight.


Amy Marshall is screaming in pain while the ring bell sounds over and over. She’s tapping for her life. Trish just looks emotionless at this point. After a few seconds Trish Newborn let’s go of the dangerous submission hold as security rush on the scene pulling her away.

We fade in on Ms. Rocky Mountains standing in front of the High Stakes Pay-Per-View sign. On her left is SCW newcomer John Void. He is wearing a black tee that reads: “Ready for War?”

The crowd stirs out in the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to High Stakes!!!"

The crowd in the arena responds with a deafening roar...!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "Standing beside me right now is SCW newcomer and a man on a mission -- John Void!!"

A hearty pop erupts from the audience...

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "Okay, so tonight John you’re in one of the opening matches against fellow newcomer Nate Diaz, who according to my sources hasn’t even been seen yet in the building yet."

The crowd starts to boo...

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "My question is how do you prepare for a guy who we haven’t heard a peep from all week?"

John Void: "Believe it or not I tried to reach out to Nate Diaz."

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "Really?"

John Void: "Oh yeah. We're both Chicago guys, I figured it'd be easier to get in touch with him. So I called his house and Mama Diaz picked up the phone and I asked if when her son got off his shift at Burger King if he was ready to come get his ass whipped all over Las Vegas!!!"

Laughter spreads through the crowd and they start to get loud again.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "The question I guess is ... what did Mama Diaz say?"

John Void: "What did Mama Diaz say? She didn’t have to say anything. Mama Diaz packed a brown bag lunch, put Nate on the short bus, and told him to keep his mouth shut so he wouldn’t drool down his shirt."

Ms. Rocky Mountains: (Laughing) "Very well, John. Though I should remind you and our audience that you are a newcomer as well and we've yet to see you in action here in the SCW. You’ve got a lot to prove."

John Void: "Let me break it down for you. It doesn’t matter if I am new, if I just woke up out of a coma, if I had a peg leg, I’d still be beating baseheads like Nate Diaz from pillar to post and knocking the stink off his rancid breath."

The crowd starts to laugh again as John looks into the camera...

John Void: "Nate Diaz? You better get ready, you better come get some, cause you’re going to get the ass whuppin’ of a lifetime!!!"

The crowd finally loses it...


Fade out...

Justin: The following match is for one fall introducing first from Chicago Illinois… Naaaaattteeee Diiiaaazzzzzzz….

‘Red Nation’ by the Game slams over the personal address system and out walks Nate Diaz. Walking with a purpose he doesn’t waste any time making his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Adams: Nate must be hoping he can correct his wrong doings last week and walk out this week as the winner.

Flipping the fans off in the ring as his theme music dies off the personal address system Nate paces backwards and forwards as Justin makes his next call.

Justin: and his opponent from Chicago Illinios…. John Wiiinter soilder voooooidddd!!”

The opening guitar wail to Killswitch Engage's "This Fire Burns" erupts through the arena as the fans get to their feet.

Everyone's attention is drawn to the video screen where The Winter Soldier symbol is displayed with the slug line: "War within a breath."

Through the curtains steps John Void. He stands on the stage admiring the size of the crowd, a small smirk on his face. Some members of the crowd react with cheers, others don't know what to think. He walks further down the ramp, drops to one knee as he takes in the sounds, inhales, then shoots to his feet yelling, "Now is the time!" then he leaps up and heads toward the ring.

He's dressed in his wrestling gear and a t-shirt that says, "Ready for War?" John climbs the steel steps and hops up onto the turnbuckle, and extends his arms wide and yells as the crowd screams right back with him.

Justin exits the ring as Drew motions for the bell.

Ding, Ding, Ding


Adams: Here we go time to see what the new guy can bring…

It was as if John could hear what Adams was saying when he launched himself across the ring slamming into Nate with a flying cross body. As the two drop to the canvas John is quick to jump back up to his feet and taunt to the crowd getting them pumped up for his debut match. As Nate gets up off the matt he walks over towards John and the two new Sin City Wrestling superstars lock up. As the two males play tug of war of sorts Nate is able to overpower John. Slapping the back of his hand across John’s chest getting the fans to let out a chorus of wooo’s.

Adams: Woooo Simone Woooooo

Simone: The Winter Soilder is showing everyone why she should be taken seriously here in SCW

John doesn’t waste any time getting back onto the attack locking up once more this time John brings his right knee up to the face of Nate. As Nate goes to cover his nose John slams him down with a neck breaker. Like a cat John is back to his feet and starts to stomp a mud hole on the back on Nate Diaz.

Adams: This looks all too familiar for poor Nate, Simone

Simone: Don’t count Nate Diaz out too soon Jason.

Dropping down to his knees John goes for a quick pin



NO! Nate gets the shoulder up and forcefully pushes John off of his body. Both males are back to their feet where Nate captures John in a belly to back suplex. Nate seems mad as he looks out into the sea of Sin City Wrestling fans. Leaning down to pick John up her drags him to his feet, Nate looks as if he is going to hook John’s arms up for another suplex but John slaps his hands away and starts to off load a barrage of body kicks. John rides the wave of momentum as he attempts to lift Nate for a vertical suplex but is counted with an Irish whip into the ropes. As Nate charges towards John who is just turning around he is met with a boot to the face from a spinning heel kick.

Adams: that’s gotta hurt…

Simone: John is full of beans tonight and won’t stop bouncing around

Standing up quickly John looks around before dropping his right elbow firmly onto the chest of Nate Diaz. Not wasting another second he goes for another pin.



NO! Nate refuses to go down once again getting John a little frustrated as he jumps to his feet. Nate is up as well but John grabs his arm and twists it in an arm wench before pulling him in for a side headlock. The fans in the arena start to chant and cheer for John as he brings Nate down with a snapmare. Dropping to the ring canvas John puts one knee into the back of Nate. Instead of going for a pin John races off towards the nearest turn buckle climbing it he drives from the top rope landing a perfect corkscrew Moonsault.

Adams: He flies… he flies…

Simone: a perfectly hit corkscrew Moonsault…

Adams: this is it Simone.

John Winter Soilder Void goes for the pin and Drew makes the count




Adams: He’s won… Winter Soilder has done it!!!

Simone: What an outstanding match from the new Sin City Wrestling superstar John Void.

Ding, Ding, Ding

After the bell is rung John jumps to his feet as “This fire burns” plays over the speakers. Drew raises the new comers hand up high in victory as Justin makes the announcement

Justin: Here is your winner… Johnnnn ‘Wiiiinterr Soooiiilder…. Voooid’

The camera cuts briefly to the backstage area where Despayre is seen sitting on the floor of the dressing room, Angel in his lap, flanked by his buddy, Big B, and the resident 'fan girl' and Despayre's not-so-secret admirer. Despayre has a large bag of M&Ms in his hands and is struggling to open them, tongue between his lips and his brow furrowed in a deep frown.

Big B: Here! Let me!

Despayre passes the bag over to Big B who gives it a sharp tug and the bag tears open and the M&Ms go spraying everywhere!

Melody: Hooray!

Despayre: Way to go Bernie!

Big B blinks and then frowns, but shakes it off as the trio start to gather the M&Ms up and Despayre starts pointing at them.

Despayre: Hold on. Something's not right here.

Melody: Why? What's wrong?

Despayre: These aren't M&Ms!

Big B: They're not?

Despayre shakes his head in the negative.

Big B: How can you tell?

Despayre: Well look at them! They all have W's on them!

Big B and melody turn their heads to look down at the candy.

Melody: Cheese and crackers! He's right! This is fragrant false advertising!

Big B: We should sue!

Despayre's eyes open wide.

Despayre: Do we dare?

Big B: Why not? I hear Max once tried to sue the producers of the Neverending Story once for false advertising.

Despayre: Noooo!

Big B: Yessss!

Melody: And?

Big B: And... he got laughed out of court.

Despayre: He must have presented a very funny opening argument.

Big B nods at his two snack companions and they turn and again stare down at their ruined candy with a forlorn look in their eyes.

The camera quickly goes to the backstage area, crashes and thumps are heard behind a white door. The camera moves to the right of the door to see Hot Stuff Mark Ward, standing ignoring the crashes and the thumps behind the door. He checks his watch as a staff member walks past, firing Hot Stuff a curious look, before looking at the door and back to Hot Stuff. Hot Stuff shrugs his shoulders and indicates with his hands to move along. Yells and more thumps, the sound of heavy objects crashing in to lesser sturdy objects are heard from behind the door. After a couple more seconds of crashes, the door handle moves down and Jordan Williams walks out, dusting off his hands, shortly followed by Nick Jones, and Tom Dudely. Jordan looks at Hot Stuff and nods and the four walk away. The camera looks inside the room to see Giani Di Luca and Jamie Staggs laying out on the floor, with broken objects all around them.

Justin: The following match is for one fall and it is for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell tag team championships… introducing first… she is a member of the New Xtremes…. From Miami Florida… Jeeeeessssseeeee Salllllllcoooo….


The lights dim as the opening riff for "In Ashes They Shall Reap" by Hatebreed hits the arena speakers and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake nearby, the two siblings do some headbanging before Jessie charges to the ring and slides in, Jake takes up a spot at ringside and Jessie shows off her NXT Armband before waiting for her tag team partner to arrive.

Justin: and her partner… she hails from Portland Oregon…. Beeeeecccckyyy Raaaaggggdolll Jooonees!!!

Becky appears at the top of the entrance ramp wearing an open leather jacket over her ring gear, as she runs to one side punching the air and generally taunting the crowd as she quickly makes her way down the ramp. Once at the ring she hops up onto the side of the ring, before quickly vaulting over the top rope. Now taking off her jacket, she quickly tosses it down to the ring valet as she moves about the ring waiting for her opponents

Justin: And their opponents… the current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell tag team champions….Trish Newborn and Bianca Solderini…. They are Beiii Coooombattteeenntttiiii

“Come Un Italiano” by Mondo Marcio slams of the personal address system and out walks Trish and Bianca. They both have their championship gold draped over their shoulders. The two walk to the ring ignoring the out stretched hands from the SCW fans. The two quickly make it down the ramp and enter the ring reluctantly handing over their title belts to Drew.

Adams: The Champions don’t look as confident as they normally do tonight

Simone: It might have something to do with the fact that the team of Becky and Jessie already have claimed a victory over them Jason.

The music cuts off the speakers as Justin exits the ring. Drew holds the belts up above his head and does a quick rundown with the two opposing teams. After handing the belts off to the stage hand Drew signals for the bell and this one is under way.

Ding, ding, ding


Adams: why is Drew so lucky?

Simone: how is Drew lucky?

Adams: He gets to referee most of the Bombshell matches here, it’s not fair…

Returning back to the ring Jessie and Bianca are already in a lock up as the two bombshells are kicking this one off for their teams. Jessie uses all her strength to bring Bianca down into a headlock that the young NXT member turns into a snap mare. Running quickly towards the ropes Jessie charges down with a rolling thunder. Jessie goes for a quick cover.


No! Bianca gets the shoulder up. Both Bombshells quickly make it back up to their feet and Bianca shoves Jessie away from her. Mouthing off at Miss Salco Bianca flicks her hair getting the crowd to send a chorus of boos in her direction.

Charging straight back towards Bianca, Salco takes her down with a flying clothesline. Sending Bianca back down to the mat and prompting Trish to step inside the ring. Drew tries to restrain Trish but Ms Newborne is able to sneak around behind him grabbing a clump of Salco’s hair Trish looks as if she is going to slam her down to the mat but Becky flies in making the save. Pushing Trish down on her arse Becky mouths off towards her but doesn’t see Bianca coming up beside her. Bianca attempts to spit the green mist from her mouth but at the same time Jessie takes out her legs with a drop toe hold.

Adams: Well that didn’t go to plan

Simone: Bianca has just landed in a pool of her own mist!

Drew tries to regain control of this match sending Becky and Trish back out to their spots on the ring apron while Jessie lifts the mist covered Bianca up off the ring canvas and drags her over towards her corner getting the tag to Becky. Once in the ring Becky grabs a handful of Bianca’s hair and shatters her face to the canvas with an snap DDT. Becky goes for a quick pin



Trish runs in getting Drew’s attention

Adams: This isn’t going to be a fair fight for poor Jessie and Becky

Simone: What the hell are you doing Drew get her out of there.

Since Trish won’t leave without making a scene Jessie Salco jumps back into the ring over the top rope and runs towards the ‘best of the best’ the two exchange slaps and punches as Becky drags Bianca back up to her feet. Bianca gets a thumb to Becky’s eye and guides her over towards the ropes. Drew is still trying to control Jessie and Trish.

Adams: There is hair flying everywhere Simone…

Simone: I can see that

Adams: it’s like college!!! Woooohooooo!!!! Chick fights!!!!

Jessie clotheslines Trish back out of the ring over the top rope and makes her way back over to her corner. Bianca looks as if she is setting Becky up for a suplex but Becky out smart’s her and ducks out of the way. Turning instantly Becky grabs onto Bianca’s arm and tosses her over the top rope sending her crashing to the outside beside Trish. Waving Jessie Salco back into the ring Becky gets down on all fours in front of the ropes where Trish and Bianca have just been thrown over.

Adams: Are planning what I think their planning?

Simone: I think they are Jason!!!

Jessie jumps back into the ring once more, running towards Becky she jumps on her back and uses her as a springboard to drive over the top rope crashing into the recovering Trish and Bianca. The live Sin City Wrestling fans start to chant Jessie’s name and she holds her neck it a slight bit of pain.

Adams: Jessie just flew over the top rope… and demolished Trish and Bianca

Simone: But at what cost?

Becky rolls out of the ring and grabs Bianca rolling her back inside the six sided circle, Becky slides in underneath the bottom rope and goes for the pin.




Becky’s theme music hits as Drew signals for the bell


Becky quickly grabs the championship belts and rolls out of the ring to celebrate with Jessie Salco.

Simone: We have new Bombshell tag team champions! Jessie Salco and Becky Jones are champions!

Trish raises her arms to Bianca, and storms away from her partner

Adams: Trish is not happy with this.

The camera switches to Trish at the top of the ramp, an angry look on her face

Giani Di Luca is seen walking down the hall, out of the NXT locker room. He is sporting a cut on his forehead, a black eye, an angry scowl and a limp. He bumps into a stagehand along the way, and uncharacteristically he doesn’t apologize. He just mutters under his breath as he continues along on his journey. Jamie comes chasing after him, catching up to him due to Giani’s bruised leg. He puts a hand on Giani’s shoulder, but Giani shoots back, knocking it away.

Giani: Get ya hands off me, bro! Don’t fuckin’ touch me!

Jamie: Dude, I tried telling you to curl up into an ass ball and take it, but you…

Giani spins around, his eyes are on fire as he shoves Jamie into the wall. He takes a step back, showing a very small amount of remorse for it, but that doesn’t last long as he begins spouting off at his stable mate.

Giani: Dawg… You have been in ya brother’s shadow for like ya whole life so you are used to getting beat because of his ego. I ain’t used to it, and I’m not gonna take it! Not anymore! Now fuck off er somethin’, just get outta my sight.

Giani watches as Jamie tries to protest. He shakes his head in disgust and scoffs as he turns away from Jamie. He continues limping down the hallway. He reaches a corner where Spike is standing, ready to give an interview with “Stoner” Scott Oliver. Giani shoves Stoner out of the way and gets in Spike’s face

Giani: Yeah, thanks for checkin’ in on me and Jamie, dawg! We’re good, we just got the fuck beat outta us by three dudes. As if being outnumbered wasn’t enough, your retarded brother was like a handicap to me, and all you can do is chase around dudes in robes and promote your own fuckin’ self? Fuck you, bro. Fuck you!

Spike turns to the stunned Scott Oliver and motions for him to give them a minute. Stoner obliges, walking off, with the second set of cameras. Spike straightens up his posture and gets further into Giani’s face.

Spike: Fuck me? Fuck you Giani. If you want to pack up and leave, feel free. The door is about five hundred feet to your right. Piss off with that attitude.

Giani: You think I got a bad attitude now, huh? Just think of how bad it would be if I put up with this shit for another week, or even a month. Then I’d be really pissed off. You haven’t done anything but promote yourself and have NXT as damage control for the last two months. While me and Jamie is out there doing your bitch work, stopping you from letting your mouth get you in too much trouble. You made a lot of promises that you haven’t delivered on, bro.

Spike: First off, Giani… I can only give you the tools to success. It isn’t my fault if you haven’t used those tools to make an impact. You have been happy being my bitch for a paycheck until tonight when it backfired. If you really don’t want to be here, follow my previous instructions to find the door. This isn’t BACW where you can coast through on your reputation…

Giani looks angrier for a second, clinching his fists together, on the verge of shaking in anger. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He takes a few steps back, slowly cooling down in the process.

Giani: You’re right. But I’m not gonna apologize for bein’ pissed off. You came to me and said that I would get somewhere with NXT in exchange for my loyalty. I held up my end of the deal, but what have I done here? I have been in one match where I performed at the top of my game, and that’s it. I got noticed, and they continue to sign a check for appearances, but I don’t wanna sit by and watch you do stuff. I wanna be fighting out there with you, for you. THAT’S what I signed on for, Spike.

Spike: If that is what you truly want, then do it. Go out there and make an impact. Prove why you are X-Treme enough to roll with NXT. Go out there and own the competition like you did in BACW…

Giani takes another deep breath and nods his head. He seems to be getting pumped up by Spike’s words of advice, which brings a satisfied half smirk to Spike’s face. He pats the “Italian Stallion” on the shoulder a couple times for emphasis.

Spike: So, are we good here, G? No more strife?

Giani: Yeah, we’re good bro…

Giani nods his head as he walks off back toward the NXT locker room with Spike.

Argento comes into the arena and is met by Ms. Rocky Mountains

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Argento, a moment of your time sir?

Argento: Alright.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Tonight, you face Goth, and James Huntington-Hawkes III

Argento: The Justin Bieber knockoff kid?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Yes.

Argento: Answer me something. You mean to tell me Justin Bieber hasn’t smacked this kid around just for looking like him? That’s ok, Goth and I will ease Bieber’s mind and do it for him.

Ms Rocky chuckles a bit

Argento: As for Goth, he might have gotten lucky and beat me for the title, but tonight, I plan on taking it back. If nothing further, I have to get ready.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That’s all I got, Argento ladies and gentlemen. Back to you Belinda and Jason

Simone: Two weeks ago on the last Climax Control before tonight’s High Stakes II event the unthinkable happened.

Adams: That’s right Belinda; James Huntington Hawkes won a match.

Simone: And is now in a championship match. x

Adams: Oh yeah, that too.

Simone: That match is up next ladies and gentlemen, be afraid.

Justin: The following contest is a Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW Roulette Championship!

The crowd cheers the announcement as Darkside blasts across the sound system.

Justin: Introducing first, he is the reigning and defending SCW Roulette Champion, from Utrecht in The Netherlands, weighing in at 239lbs, he is Goth!

As Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and he awaits his opponents, he doesn’t have to wait long however because as he is handing the SCW Roulette Championship to Drew Break the Silence by Killswitch Engage plays and Argento comes to the ramp. He looks around the crowd and then he raises an arm, and part of the crowd that respects and cheers for Argento does the same.

Justin: Introducing challenger number 2, coming to the ring, born in Venice Italy, now residing in Orlando, Florida. He stands 6' 7" and he weighs in at 270lbs, he is the Silver Fox, ARGENTO!!!!

Argento comes to the ring and enters it, and makes the same pose and silver pyro comes from the turnbuckles, he spots Goth and quick commences with the trash talking whilst making a belt motion around his waist.

Simone: I’d be worried if I where Goth, Argento did end his first Roulette Championship reign.

Adams: Yeah but now he has one other wrestler to deal with.

As the two men are arguing “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5 begins to torture the ears of the audience.

Justin: And finally, from Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at 155ibs, James Huntington Hawkes the II!

Simone: The weight difference is so massive this may actually count as child abuse.

Adams: Well he does act like a child most…..of……what the?!

Instead of Hawkes’s usual entrance we are treated to the site of a red carpet rolling down the ramp as several cheerleaders make their way out, the cheerleaders are chanting Hawkes’s name as a long stretch limo, Hawkes soon steps out alongside Simpson and needless to say the over the top entrance has caught the attention of his opponents…..and then he starts doing the Jagger strut which Simpson joins in….as do the cheerleaders.

Simone: Oh………god……..

Adams: Congratulations Hawkes, you have officially ruined cheerleaders for me!

Fortunately the mass Jagger strut ends as soon as it began with a massive pyro display before Hawkes and Simpson make their way down to the ringside area, Hawkes enters the ring and turns to Goth and Argento, Goth is too busy facepalming at the over the top entrance to notice whilst Argento is laughing his ass off.

Simone: Either he’s laughing at the thought of Hawkes winning the match and the title or at Hawkes’s entrance.

Adams: I think it’s both!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Alright gentlemen it’s time to decide the match type.

All eyes turn to the titantron where we see Ms. Rocky Mountains next to the Roulette Wheel, she gives it a spin and for a moment it looks like it’s going to stop on a certain stip.

Simone: Is that “Hawkes automatically wins the match”?

Adams: Gee I wonder how THAT got on there.

Goth and Argento shoot accusatory looks towards Hawkes who starts whistling innocently; however to Hawkes’s dismay it doesn’t land on the stip instead landing on Last Man Standing Elimination Match.

Simone: I guess this will be an Elimination match under Last Man Standing Rules.

Adams: I think Hawkes has just seen a ghost.

Hawkes stands there horrified at the stip as the ref signals for the bell, however as he does Hawkes faints.



Adams: What the?!

Simone: I think he’s faking it.

Adams: Oh you mean like all women do?

Simone: Shut up!

Drew isn’t falling for it however and tells Goth and Argento to have their way with Hawkes, what the next few minutes consist off is basically wrestling’s version of the beatdown Loki got from The Hulk in The Avengers.

Adams: I never thought two men double teaming another man could be so exciting.

Simone: Err……

Adams: Yeah I regretted that sentence the moment it came out of my mouth!

Goth and Argento finish the annihilation of Hawkes with a Double DDT but Hawkes roles out of the ring before Drew can start counting, that’s not important however as the two longtime rivals go face to face and they start brawling.

Simone: Now it gets fun!

Adams: Yes, two big muscular men going at it! Grunts and all!

Simone:……I’m not even touching that one.

Goth and Argento trade blows for what feels like an eternity, eventually a powerful shot from Argento sends Goth stumbling back……into a roll up from Hawkes who quickly grabs the tights and puts his feet on the ropes!

Simone: Err…..

Adams: Let’s have Drew handle this one.

Drew drops down for what Hawkes thinks is a three count but instead Drew tries to explain the rules of a Last Man Standing match to Hawkes, Argento meanwhile is laughing his ass off at Hawkes who then tries….humping Goth’s leg.

Simone: I think he’s trying for a submission.

Adams: Think or hope?

Simone: Both.

Drew simply walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and slams his head into it, eventually Goth gets fed up and kicks Hawkes away sending him stumbling…….into a massive clothesline from Argento.

Simone: I think I saw Hawkes’s head land in the cheap seats.

Adams: Actually I think it was sent flying out of the arena.

Hawkes is knocked loopy by the clothesline and finally gets the idea behind the match when Drew starts counting him; he rolls out of the ring at four and approaches Simpson.

Hawkes: Simpson, I want you to beat up those ruffians!

Simone: What?!

Adams: He does realize that they can hear him, right?

Simpson realizes this himself and tries to point out the canyon sized hole in Hawkes’s plan, Hawkes is having none of it and eventually Simpson concedes and grabs a steel chair before rolling into the ring…..only for the chair to be dropkicked into Simpson’s face by Goth and Hawkes rolled back into the ring by Argento. Once inside the ring Argento starts brawling with Goth, eventually Goth sneaks in a low blow and nails Argento with the Chaos ADDT onto the chair, Drew starts the ten count and Argento isn’t able to get back up in time.

Justin: Argento has been eliminated.

Simone: This has to be Hawkes’s worst nightmare.

Adams: No kidding!

Hawkes starts begging of Goth is the champion looms over him, however Simpson charges back into the ring and slams a steel chair into Goth’s head several times in a row, Drew starts the count 1…..2…….3……4……5……

Simone: This isn’t happening.

Adams: Oh dear god!

6……7…..8….9…..10! Drew signals for the bell and Hawkes can’t believe it, he starts jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas Morning as he’s handed the belt.

Justin: The winner and NEEEEEEW SCW ROULETTE CHAMPION…….my god, this is really happening……JAMES HUNTINGTON HAWKES THE II!

Simone: Hawkes……is the new champion.

Adams: I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!

“The Ruler and the Killer” starts up on the speakers and Karina Koji quickly arrives on the ramp. The crowd seems unsure what to make of her. Some of them cheer her on, but fans of Vixen and Alexis Morrison shout out some boos. She appears to be indifferent as she makes her way to the ring, only looking forward. She takes a mike and climbs into the ring. She hardly makes eye contact with anybody as she begins to speak.

Karina: I will keep this short, because I have a match to get ready for. I don’t want to be out here with you people. But this is my last favor for a brother who...well frankly you all have always been too fond of.

The fans cheer at the mention of Aleksei Koji who has been missing for over a month. Karina cringes a little bit at the response and waits impatiently for them to finish.

Karina: Yeah..that guy. Well your party hero had gotten himself into quite a mess after Japan. I tried to stay out of his business with that Indian mobster but you know how family is...most times it is more of a burden than anything else. When I found him he was in some Hong Kong slum, nearly dead. His debts were paid with broken bones....I am sure when he tells the story it will be a grand tale. For me it was just another stupid thing my brother has survived.

The fans start to chant “Party Horde!” Karina looks at them with disgust.

Karina: Oh sure go on and chant for the idiot. His “horde” was not there to pull him from a burning building and get him to hospital. You people only encourage him...and I am tired of it. But it is not my problem. I promised him that I would be here when he came back so lets get this over with.

“I am a Wanderlust King!” hits the speakers and the fans are on there feet! Karina shakes her head and climbs up a turnbuckle to perch as Aleksei comes out. Half his face is bandaged and he has a large cast on one leg. He uses crutches as he makes his way down to the ring. The PARTY HORDE chant starts up again. When he reaches the ring he looks up with concern. He motions for his sister to toss him the microphone. She hops down and comes down to where he stands. She hands him the mike.

Aleksei Koji: Hello Las Vegas! Oh man I missed all of you. Does anybody have a drink?

The fans laugh and Karina snatches the microphone back.

Karina: Quit with the jokes...and quit with that stupid grin. I told you I would be here and I am here. But I am not going to stay and have you act like nothing happened. Tonight I will reborn and win my title back..and..and whoever I get reborn as..I am not doing this anymore. You are on your own.

She shoves the microphone back at Aleksei and storms off. Aleksei seems hurt for a moment until the chanting starts up again. He then grins.

Aleksei: Don’t be too hard on my little sister. She means well...and hey she is right. I did...almost die and all that. The moral of the story is don’t borrow money from gansters..right? But hey I am still standing...sort of. And I am going to heal up. These bones will mend and I will come back someday soon. I will drink again and bust some heads just like before Japan. My horde will rise again and you better believe that my horde is going to help make sure NXT is running this place. In fact I think when I get back I am going to bust up some does that sound?

The crowd goes wild...then interruptions happen. A steady drumbeat starts to blast through, before guitars join in. The lyrics shortly follow

Who's coming with me, to kick a hole in the sky?
I love the whiskey, let's drink that shit til it's dry.
So grab a Jim Beam, JD, whatever you need.
Have a shot from the bottle, doesn't matter to me.
'Nother round, fill 'er up , hammer down, grab a cup, bottoms up!

The heavy rock beats of Nickelback's "Bottoms Up" blasts through the speakers as siluettes of scantily clad women appear on the video screen. The fans look around in confusion until the images of Hot Stuff Mark Ward, Nick Jones, Jordan Williams and Tom Dudely appear on the screen. Huge boos come from the live crowd.

This is what it's all about, no one can slow us down.
We ain't gonna stop until the clock runs out.
(Bottoms up)
Hell can't handle all of us, so get your bottles up.
Drinkin' every drop until it all runs out.
'Nother round, fill 'er up, hammer down, grab a cup, bottoms up!

Hot Stuff, Nick, Jordan and Tom walk from the back, causing more boos to come from the crowd. The four look around, unphased by the boos. All four men have smirks on their faces as they start to move towards the ring. The four get to the ring and climb up on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Each man goes to the four turnbuckles, climbing on to the middle ropes, throwing their arms in the air. Aleksei looks around at the as they all jump down. Hot Stuff leans over the ropes and takes a microphone as the music starts to fade out. Hot Stuff moves towards Aleksei and raises the microphone to his lips

HS: Aleksei, welcome back to SCW, I'm pretty sure a couple of people round here have missed you

The crowd cheer at Hot Stuff's comment.

HS: I figured I'd personally come down here and fill you in with what's been happening since you disappeared. I think it's only right you should know this, being as you're tarred by the same brush here.

Hot Stuff looks at Nick who nods in agreement.

HS: Here's what happened. Once upon a time, there was this man, a man name Spike Staggs, a man you know very well. Spike decided he was gonna do what he wanted around here and get himself involved in stuff that shouldn't really concern him. That made this man a little bit angry. See, this man right here got a little tired of Spike Staggs walking around his show attacking people, this man got a little pissed off at everyone looking out for themselves, little groups like the Dream Chaserz appeared, doing what they wanted till they disappeared and it got to me Aleksei.

Hot Stuff puts his arm around a cautious looking Aleksei.

HS: It got to me that everyone thought they could add stupid numbers to their stable and go out and do whatever they want around here, the biggest culprits of this, happened to be NXT. Everyone just ran around doing what they wanted and I decided to put a stop to that, not by getting more numbers than NXT, but by putting together the right people with the right attitudes to stop the bullshit cancer that's dragging my company down. It's now down to me, to get rid of what's dragging this company down, and right now, that's the dullness of NXT.

Hot Stuff glances across at Aleksei.

HS: And as you're a part of NXT...

Hot Stuff quickly nails Aleksei in the gut with his elbow, double Aleksei over and steps back, and Tom quickly leaps in the air, nailing Aleksei in the back of the head with and Ax kick! Nick, Jordan and Tom start to stomp on Aleksei as he lays face down. Hot Stuff learns against the ropes, watching Nick, Jordan and Tom. After a few seconds, Hot Stuff steps forward and the others step back

HS: Welcome back buddy.

Hot Stuff kicks Aleksei in the face and "Bottom's Up" by Nickelback blasts through the arena, eventually, the four leave the ring as Alexsei looks at them with an angry glare on his face.

Simone: They didn't have to come out here and spoil Aleksei's return, that was uncalled for

Adams: I'm not gonna tell them that, they've already took out The Party Horde tonight, I don't wanna be next.

The crowd cheers as on the screen above the entrance stage, Bo Dreamwolf is seen standing side-by-side with his manager and mentor, Austin Parker. Along with them, the busty backdoor, er, backstage reporter, Miss Rocky Mountains.

RM: I am here with Bo Dreamwolf who in just moments will be stepping into unfamiliar territory against Blaque Hart Bruce Evans in a Hardcore Match. Bo, are there any reservations about agreeing to this match?

She holds the microphone over to Bo.

Bo: Reservations? No. None at all. Facing Blaque Hart is not unfamiliar territory. This will mark the third time that he and I have competed against one another. he won one, I won one. That makes this the rubber match. The third and hopefully, the last time, that we'll ever have to face each other. The only thing that happens to be unfamiliar to me is the fact that Bruce Evans wanted this to be a Hardcore Rules match, something that he refers to as his specialty. Well, do you know just why Hardcore matches are his so-called specialty? Hm?

Bo looks from Rocky, to Austin, and back into the camera.

Bo: It's because he knows that the best chance has to beat me is by cheating. He knows that his chances against me are better when he's allowed to swing a chair or choke me with a power cable. He knows the ball is in his court when he can't get counted out or disqualified for hitting me low or pulling my tights. I mean, that's how he beat me the first time, after all. Remember?

RM: I do remember that, but the Hardcore Rules were not the only challenge that Blaque Hart laid on your door step. he also did a first here in Sin City Wrestling. He wants to make this match a Loser Leaves the SCW match. Have you considered accepting that particular challenge as well?

Bo: That actually makes me wonder just what he has up his sleeve, if he feels confident enough to lay out a challenge with stakes that high. I'd wonder if he's planning to have some friend interfere in this match, but nobody likes the guy so that throws that theory out the window. And if that sleazy little manager tries to get involved...

Bo jets a thumb at the man on his side and Austin simply nods without saying a word. The implication made crystal clear.

Bo: So... yeah. Consider that challenge accepted as well. I might not have any experience in Hardcore Rules matches, but this last time I get my hands on Blaque Hart Bruce Evans, will be his swan song.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a hardcore, loser leaves town match.

The fans cheer

Justin: Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, he is Blaque Hart, Bruce Evans!

"Oh Canada" blasts out of the speaker system and the arrogant Canadian, Blaque Hart Bruce Evans appears at the top of the ramp. The Japanese fans politely applaud Blaque Hart as he looks around at them. Blaque Hart walks down the ramp, rolling his eyes at the non heat he's getting and steps up the ramp and in to the ring.

Justin: And his opponent, from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds, he is Bo Dreamwolf!

The calls of "Return to Innocence" sounds across the PA system. Between the first chant and the second chant, Dreamwolf appears and stands at the top of the ramp bowing his head, then around the 2nd chant, Dreamwolf marches to the ring, his eyes fixed on the ring and the opponent within. Sliding inside, he then mounts the turnbuckle in the corner and raises a fist to the fans, letting loose with his own war cry to which the fans reply with enthusiastic cheers and applause.



As the bell rings, Blaque Hart drops straight down and slides outside the ring, walking to the timekeeper and taking his chair, throwing it inside the ring at Bo. Bo swerves out of the way and the chair flies by his head. Blaque Hart reaches under the ring and throws in a trash can too.

Adams: Blaque Hart looking to make this a real hardcore match. He laid down this Loser Leaves Town clause and he wants to make sure he gets rid of Bo

Simone: A trash can makes this hardcore?

Adams: Does when you hit someone with it. An ice cream becomes a weapon if you poke it in someone's eye.

Blaque Hart slides in the ring but Bo lifts him off his feet and drops him down on the trash can, causing various objects to fly out in all directions.

Simone: This is not a style of match Bo is used to.

Bo picks Blaque Hart to his feet and chops him across the chest, sending Blaque Hart to the ropes. Bo charges him and clotheslines him over the top rope, the momentum carrying both superstars over the top and to the floor. Both men lay for a few seconds but Bo starts to get to his feet first. He pulls Blaque Hart up by the head. Bo moves closer to Blaque Hart, but Evans pokes him in the eye and takes Bo by the wrist and whips him back and shoulder first in to the barricades. Blaque Hart follows up with a knee to Bo's face as he falls to the outside floor. Bo rolls away from Blaque Hart but Blaque Hart continues the attack, hitting Bo in the ribs with his boot. Blaque Hart looks at the fans getting in his face, booing him, while Bo struggles to his feet. Blaque Hart takes a drink from a fan and turns back to Bo, but Bo pushes the drink in to Blaque Hart's face! Bo grabs hold of Blaque Hart's wrist and whips him in to the turnbuckle. Blaque Hart spins back but Bo drops him with a hard right hand. Blaque Hart rolls away, but Bo grabs him by the hair and rolls him in to the ring.

Adams: Bo moving back to the environment that he knows now.

Blaque Hart's head stays out of the ring and Bo plans an elbow on his forehead, knocking the Canadian away and in to the ring, rolling around. Bo rolls in to the ring and picks up the steel chair, looking at Blaque Hart.

Simone: This goes against what Bo is all about.

Adams: If Bo doesn't use it, Blaque Hart will.

Bo looks nervously at Blaque Hart as he stands up and swings the chair at Blaque Hart, but Blaque Hart side steps and kicks Bo in the gut and throws him in to the corner shoulder first. Blaque Hart lifts Bo's legs while he holds on the middle rope. Blaque Hart kicks Bo in the gut before pulling him backwards and slamming him down. Blaque Hart steps through the ropes and jumps to the outside, searching under the ring for a weapon. He pulls out two singapore canes and quickly slides back in to the ring, smirking at Bo as Bo crawls over on his hands and knees. Blaque Hart drops a cane in front of Bo as Bo looks up at him.

Simone: I think Blaque Hart is challenging Bo here

Bo takes a grip on the cane and gets to his feet, while Blaque Hart holds the other cane in his hand. Blaque Hart swings first, but Bo lifts up his cane to block the swing. Bo swings low but Blaque Hart blocks his attempt with his own cane. Blaque Hart swings wildly but Bo ducks out of the way and slams his cane down hard on Blaque Hart's head, sending crashing to the ground. Blaque Hart scrambles away as Bo advances, but Blaque Hart swings his cane from a seated position and slams the cane in to the back of Bo's leg, sending him to the floor. Blaque Hart quickly gets to the side of Bo and holds the cane across Bo's throat. Blaque Hart yells at Drew Patton, telling him Bo's shoulders are down and Drew drops to count.


Bo kicks out

Adams: I don't think I've seen a pin attempt like that before.

Blaque Hart gets to his feet first and slams the cane down across Bo's chest. Bo rolls over and Blaque Hart nails him again with the cane, this time across the native American's back. Bo rolls towards the ropes, forcing Blaque Hart to miss his next shot. Bo wraps his legs around Blaque Hart's ankle, catching him with a drop toehold and sending him face first on to the steal chair. Bo rolls under the ropes and searches under the ring. With an uncomfortable look, Bo pulls out a chain and raises it in the air for the fans to see. Bo slides under the bottom rope and waits for Evans to return to his feet. Bo starts to wrap the chain around his knuckles.

Simone: This has to be instruction from Austin Parker. This is out of Bo's character to be in this environment.

Blaque Hart stands up, his back away from Bo. Blaque Hart slowly spins around but Bo clocks him hard in the head with his chain wrapped knuckles. Blaque Hart hits the canvas and tries to crawl for the ropes but Bo grabs his foot and pulls him back in to the ring, before quickly jumping up and nailing Blaque Hart with a fist drop, chain still wrapped tightly around Bo's hand. Bo gets to his feet, looking around the crowd. Blaque Hart reaches out, grabbing a nearby cane. Bo rolls Blaque Hart over but Blaque Hart swings the cane, and nails a bending Bo directly in the head with it. Bo falls backwards and Evans starts to move to his feet. Bo lays on the canvas, reaching out for a rope to pull himself up. Blaque Hart waits for Bo to return to his feet, swinging the cane towards his head, but Bo ducks and the cane bounces back off the top rope. Blaque Hart moves his head, avoiding contact with the cane, but Bo gets to Blaque Hart's side and grabs hold of the cane, dropping Blaque Hart backwards with a white Russian legsweep!

Adams: Bo imposing his technical awareness in to this match

Bo hooks the leg and goes for the cover.


Blaque Hart kicks out!

Simone: Bo coming close to putting Blaque Hart out of SCW.

Bo stands up and looks around, looking at the bent trashcan still in the ring and picks it up, waiting for Blaque Hart to get up, but with a reluctant look on his pained face. As Evans does Bo slams the trashcan down hard on Evans head, sending him backwards in to the ropes. Bo holds the trashcan up again, but Blaque Hart leans back on the ropes and kicks the trash can in to Bo's face! Blaque Hart stands up, waving his hands to the side, indictating this one being over.

Adams: Blaque Hart wants to finish this and wave goodbye to Bo.

Blaque Hart moves towards the chair and picks it up. Blaque Hart stands the chair up and looks towards Bo but a cheer is heard!

Simone: What is Synn doing out here?

Adams: Synn has made it clear he blames Blaque Hart for Despayre being locked in the coffin on Climax Control. Synn is not a man to let things go easy.

Synn walks at a fast pace towards the ring and jumps up on the ring apron to a confused looking Blaque Hart. Blaque Hart steps towards Synn but before Synn or Blaque Hart can say anything, Synn nails Blaque Hart in the face with a jarring right hand.

Simone: Blaque Hart may need some dental work after that shot!

Blaque Hart stumbles back towards the center of the ring, Bo springs to his feet and wraps his arms around Blaque Hart and lifts him backwards, crashing Blaque Hart through the chair with a German suplex! Bo bridges, keeping Blaque Hart's shoulders down. Drew drops down to count


Ding, ding, ding!

Justin: The winner of the match.... BO DREAMWOLF!

Adams: That's it! Bo wins and Blaque Hart has to leave SCW!

Simone: I won't be missing him.

Blaque Hart lays on the floor, staring out at Synn in shock as the realization sinks in of losing

Simone: Don't forget to turn the lights out on your way out Bruce!

We switch backstage where we find former two-time Bombshell Champion, Misty, along with her five loyal disciples, heading down the halls. As always, the four brothers surround her, and Ruby follows behind them. Misty suddenly hears a familiar voice down the hall, and she stops walking, as do the brothers. She smiles, as Sebastian and Zane step aside, letting her through.

Misty: Oh isn't this just perfect. Ruby, please come with me. Brothers, stay here. Ruby and I will be right back.

All four brothers look at Misty, undeniably against this idea. Damien in particular is strongly against it.

Damien: I'm sorry, my Queen, but I cannot allow this. You must be protected at all times.

Misty: It is not your place to allow it, Damien. I will not be alone. As I said, I am bringing Ruby with me, so I will not be alone.

Damien is about to object again, when Sebastian places a hand on his shoulder, silencing him.

Sebastian: Damien, relax. She is perfectly capable of protecting herself, and Ruby would never let any harm come to our Queen. You know this.

Laughter can be heard coming from down the hall. Misty glances quickly in that direction, then turns her attention back to Damien and the others. Damien's apprehension doesn't ease up, and he shakes his head. Misty takes a moment and approaches Damien, snapping her fingers. Without hesitation, he moves his eyes to look at her, and she looks into his eyes.

Misty: Damien, I will be fine. I won't be gone long. I just have something to take care of, and your protection is not needed. Do you understand?

Misty runs her hand along Damien's cheek, and he immediately relaxes. He bows his head in agreement, and she smiles.

Misty: Very good. We will be back shortly. Come along, Ruby.

Misty snaps her fingers again and Ruby is right on her heels. The brothers turn and watch as they walk away down the hall. Damien shakes his head, but he does as he's told and stays behind. The camera also turns in that direction, hoping to get a glimpse of just who Misty has gone after. The voice and the laughter the former Bombshell Champion is so interested in? Resident Australian Bomshell, Odette Ryder. Odette disappears down another hallway, with Misty and Ruby quietly following behind her.

The view switches over to that of a camcorder. There is some snickering as the camera moves around rapidly. Finally it comes over to catch the battered face of Jamie Staggs. Despite the bruising and busted lip, Jamie is smiling. He is trying not to laugh, but he chokes on the attempt, letting sputter escape his lips. His eyes widen in his signature dumbass expression as he puckers his lips. His vacant expression stays in the view of the camera as he speaks.

Jamie: Guys? Pfft… Shut up, no really… This is gonna be good.

Jamie puts his thumbs up with a smile. He turns the camera around, giving us a first person view as he walks down the hallway. He snickers along the way as he comes to the locker room where Mark Ward and his bunch of egomaniacs has been using this evening. He approaches it slowly, groaning from the pain of the earlier attack. He gently opens the door, peaking around to show that no one is in there.

Jamie: Perfect! The first step is already in action… Let’s get to work on the rest.

Jamie flings a bag down on the ground and looks down into it as he rummages. He pulls out a small string of firecrackers and sets them out to the side. He finds a few quarts of motor oil and begins setting them out. He lifts the camera up once more and walks over to the bathroom portion. He walks up to the first stall and pulls the toilet paper off of the holder. He dunks it into the toilet and then replaces it on the holder. He walks to the next stall and does the same thing. He begins humming a tune as he does this in the third and final stall. He walks out of the bathroom area and picks up the motor oil. He empties one quart onto the floor. He steps back and picks up another. He holds it up for the fans to see that he has chosen Castrol motor oil. He empties this one and does that with a couple more as well. He uses a nearby mop to spread it thin across the floor, laughing all the while. He tosses the mop on the floor and then picks up his bag and the firecrackers and walks outside. He posts the camera in the corner, strategically placing a towel over it so that it is hidden but still capturing the shot. He backs away and does his best to run off. Just moments later, Mark Ward walks into the locker room holding onto his stomach a little. He grimaces a little as he is followed by Nick Jones, Jordan Williams, and Tom Dudely.

Tom: Those chocolates from the fans sucked. I thought the note said they were gourmet.

HS: Actually they said they were grommet, but I just figured it was another idiot trying to get backstage passes or something.

Tom shrugs his shoulders as they walk over toward the bench. Tom starts to walk over toward the bathroom when Mark groans a bit.

HS: Say, don’t you lot have matches to get ready for?

Nick: Well, mine is last, and I bet you have some intern to screw or something. You guys should leave for a minute…

All four men sit silently as their stomachs rumble. By now, they all know the point. Tom is the first to shrug it off and walk toward the bathroom.

Tom: I don’t care if you guys hear me, I’ve got to take a wicked dump…

Nick and Mark sigh and shrug as they prepare to get it over with. They all walk over toward the bathroom and that is when they skid across the floor, landing on the ground. They struggle to get up, but they just keep slipping all over each other. Just then, firecrackers go off, causing them all to look over to the doorway. Jamie Staggs stands there with a big grin on his face. He sniffs around for a second and his face sours.

Jamie: You just got DICK’D! Looks like the T.P. prank was unnecessary though… Ain’t that some… shit?

Jamie chuckles as they all squirm to get up and chase after him. He snatches the camera and darts off out of the room, turning only to watch they shout in his direction.

Justin: The following contest is for the SCW Bombshell Roulette championship and is a ladder match!

The fans cheer as four men bring ladders to the ring, placing them around the outside of the ring

Justin: Introducing first, challenger number one, from the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, weighing in at one hundred and sixteen pounds, she is a former SCW Bombshell Roulette champion, she is KARINA KOJI!

The arena goes black, then purple lights fill the arena. "The Ruler and the Killer" by Kid Cudi starts to blare from the loudspeaker and soon after it starts Karina Koji enters. She stares at the ring, seemingly unaware of the audience at first. Her oversized hoody hides most of her face and she is dragging a large metal bat behind her. When she reaches the ring she lifts up her hoody and smiles to the audience. She tosses the bat aside and enters the ring.

Justin: And her opponent and challenger number two, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and twenty eight pounds, she is also a former SCW Bombshell Roulette champion, she is VIXEN!

The throbbing beat of Light it up by Rev Theory is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Justin: And finally, introducing their opponent, from Santa Monica, California, weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds. She is the reigning SCW Bombshell Roulette champion. Ladies and gentlemen, the dark one herself, ALEXIS MORRISON!

A heavy guitar riff hits throughout the arena before the sudden tranquil chorus from “All Eyes on Me” provided by Maike Holzmann of Voices of Destiny surrounds the airwaves, as the entrance way comes to life. White smoke emerges from the sides of the either entrance post, and out from behind the curtain walks Alexis Morrison smirking as she approaches the ring steps. Strobe lights fill the arena in tune with the beat of the song. Alexis carefully enters the ring watching the referee and heads to the nearest turnbuckle while propping herself and lies on across it her eyes seem to study her opponent.

Adams: These three ladies are set to go in a dangerous match, all for that gold.

Simone: We should point out here that Vixen shouldn't be in this match. She is going against doctors wishes to be here so she doesn't disappoint her fans, but health issues mean she shouldn't be here

Adams: She's a fighter, but her mind has to be on her health

Alexis glares across the ring and hands the title to Drew Patton, who walks to the center of the ring, to put on the hanging rope. He secures the title, then points up, raising the title above the ring. Drew looks to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.


Karina immediately moves towards Vixen, lifting her off the canvas and charging her through the ropes, both women tumbling to the outside of the ring. Karina gets to her feet and stomps on Vixen's chest while Alexis moves out to the other side of the ring, dropping down and picking up one of the four ladders. Alexis slides the ladder under the bottom rope and follows it in to the ring. Alexis stands up and lifts the ladder up, placing it under the title belt and puts her foot on the first rung.

Adams: Alexis clearly not getting paid by the hour here.

Alexis takes a steps on the second rung, but Karina is back in the ring, tugging at Alexis. Alexis kicks backwards but Karina pulls her off the ladder and thumps her under the chin with a huge right hand, cracking her on the jaw. Karina takes Alexis by the head and throws her face first in to the ladder, sending the ladder crashing to the floor. Alexis lands on the ladder and Karina steps backwards before running towards Alexis, jumping in the air and nailing Alexis with a legdrop, crushing her body between flesh and steel. Vixen gets in the ring behind Karina and spins her around. She kicks Karina in the gut and puts her in a DDT position. Vixen picks Karina up for a high angled impaler DDT, but drops her forward, making her land on Alexis, forcing the champions body down on the steel ladder. Vixen picks Karina up and pulls her away from Alexis and jars her jaw with a sharp uppercut, knocking her down. Karina gets up and backs in to the corner. Vixen follows, pulling back her hand and slamming a knife edge chop across Karina's chest. Vixen pulls her hand back for another, slamming it hard against Karina. Vixen grabs hold of Karina's head, spinning her around and jumping on to the second rope. Vixen jumps off the second rope and nails Karina with a tornado DDT.

Simone: Vixen showed up to fight tonight

Vixen rolls under the bottom rope, towards another ladder. Vixen takes hold of the ladder firmly and folds it up, sliding it under the bottom rope. Vixen follows the ladder in and lifts it up, placing it in the corner, before moviing back towards Karina. She lifts Karina to her feet but Karina catches Vixen with a shot to the jaw. She takes Vixen by the wrist and whips her in to the ladder in the corner. Karina moves in towards the ladder and Vixen and takes the Canadian by the head and slams her viciously in to the ladder, once, twice, three times she bounces Vixen's skull off the unforgiving steel ladder. Karina turns around, but Alexis is standing right behind her. As Karina turns around, Alexis grabs her, falling backwards and nailing her with the side effect.

Adams: You need eyes in the back of your head for a match like this.

Alexis moves over, picking up the ladder and charges it towards Vixen, catching her in the gut and knocking her to the floor. She waits for Karina to get back to her feet and clocks her in the head, sending the Romanian bombshell also to the ground. Alexis places the ladder in the center of the ring, beneath the title and looks up. Alexis puts her foot on the bottom rung of the ladder but Vixen moves towards her. As Alexis looks towards Vixen, Vixen jumps high in the air and catches Alexis in the side of the head with an enziguri, knocking Alexis off the rung of the ladder. Vixen looks up at the top and starts to climb. Vixen gets half way up the ladder, reaching up towards the title, but falling short. She takes another step, edging closer to the top but Alexis is up behind her. Alexis grabs hold of Vixen from behind and pulls her off, dropping her with a powerbomb from half way up the ladder!

Simone: Vixen just took a huge fall there

Adams: I didn't know foxes could fly

Simone: They can when you throw them.

Vixen lays hard on the floor, breathing heavy, but Karina is back on her feet. Karina moves towards Alexis and picks her up to her feet, charging her at the standing ladder. Karina bounces Alexis off the ladder, forcing her to fall backwards and on to Vixen. Karina places the ladder on top of both opponents and smiles a crazy smile before walking towards the corner and climbing on the second rope.

Adams: She's not gonna....

Karina jumps off the second rope with a senton splash, crushing both Vixen and Alexis under the ladder, using her own body on the steel ladder.

Simone: Oh my God, Karina put her own body on the line to take out Vixen and Alexis.

Adams: She really is a little crazy!

Simone: A little?

The fans cheer as Karina moves first, moving towards the outside, rolling under the rope and picking up another ladder and throwing it over the top rope and in to the ring. As Karina slides in to the ring, Vixen trips her with a drop toehold, sending her crashing face first on top of the ladder. Vixen moves up and grabs Karina by the head, stinging her jaw with a quick shot to it. Karina falls backwards against the ropes and bounces back to Vixen, who plants another shot to her jaw. Karina bounces backwards against the rope, but as she returns this time, Vixen lifts her up with a flapjack, making her land on top of the ladder below. Karina rolls off holding her ribs and yelling out in pain. Vixen gets back to her feet, but Alexis gets behind her and drops her backwards on to another ladder!

Simone: This is becoming carnage!

Alexis gets to her feet, moving towards a ladder and picking it up, placing it in the middle of the ring, below the title belt. She puts her right foot on the ladder and starts to climb up, but Vixen starts to climb up the opposite side of the ladder, both Bombshells making their way towards the top and towards the title. Both get to the top of the ladder. Vixen throws a shot at Alexis, but Alexis fires one right back at Vixen. Meanwhile Karina is back on her feet, picking up another ladder. Karina moves the ladder next to the ladder both women are fighting on. Karina starts to climb as Alexis and Vixen continue to throw punches. Karina gets to the top of the ladder and steps over, sitting on the top and looking across at the fighting duo.

Adams: Karina has that weird look in her eye

Karina smiles across at Alexis and Vixen, who now notice Karina. Karina dives at the duo, her arms opened wide looking for a double clothesline, but Alexis ducks and Karina takes Vixen off the top of the ladder with a clothesline, the ladder begins to wobble and starts to fall but Alexis jumps over to the second ladder! Alexis starts to climb, putting her hands on the top of the ladder and pulling herself to the top, wrapping her hands around the title belt and pulling it down! Drew Patton calls for the bell!

Ding Ding Ding

Justin: The winner, and STILL SCW Bombshell Roulette champion, Alexis Morrison!

Adams: Alexis has just overcome two of the top contenders for the SCW Bombshell Roulette championship in a hell of a match!

Simone: I can't see Karina or Vixen letting this one go, can you?

Alexis stands on top of the ladder, holding her title belt above her head

James Huntington-Hawkes III and Simpson are seen backstage, with James's newly won SCW Roulette championship title, clutched tightly to James' chest.

JHHIII: I did it! I did it Simpson! I'm the Roulette champion! I'm the Roulette champion!

Simpson: Indeed you are sir. I knew you could do it!

JHHIII: I knew I could do it! I beat those two nobodies and the belt has some credibility at last

Simpson: Yes sir, indeed.

James turns around to a crew member.

JHHIII: I'm the roulette champion!

The crew member nods politely and walks on past. James turns to another crew member

JHHIII: I'm the roulette champion!

The crew member ignores James and walks on past. James looks at Simpson.

JHHIII: Why are they ignoring me? I'm a champion damn it!

James turns around and pokes a man in the chest.

JHHIII: Hey! I'm the roulette champion!

The camera spins around to show the man James just poked in the chest, as Austin Parker, standing next to Bo Dreamwolf. James swallows a gulp hard and looks at Austin, still clutching on to his belt.

Austin steps from Bo's side and looks down at the diminutive grappler who is shaking now, staring back up at the 6'5" ring legend. Austin then leans over slightly to the side to glance over the Roulette title belt, being held protectively by the SCW's "brat prince". Bo is watching this unfold himself with a slight smile on his face. Austin then slowly extends his hand toward James. The new roulette champion stares at the hand, as if he simply is unable to process that anyone would congratulate him on -- anything! JHHIII looks up into Austin's hazel eyes, then back at his hand. James then s-l-o-w-l-y yields and extends his own hand to accept the offered hand. Austin grasps it and gives it a firm pump.

Austin: Good work. You earned it kid.

JHHIII: Thanks. Er, I did, didn't I?

Austin: That you did.

Austin then pulls him hard up close to him, leaning down over him and glaring hard into his eyes, nose to nose.

Austin: But poke me again and ah'll flush you straight down the nearest toilet! Got me?

JHHIII nods quickly, and Austin lets go of his hand. Austin then smirks.

Austin: Seriously, good job.

He looks up at Simpson and nods.

Austin: Get in touch, big man. Because this little punk's going to need all the help he can get, now.

Austin turns and nods to Bo who just smiles and they turn and walk off down the hall, leaving James and Simpson behind them.

Backstage, Vixen is seen pushing open doors and peering inside as she looks for someone.

Vixen: Where are you Spike?

Continuing along the hallway, she marches up to the locker room of Spike Staggs and NXT and pauses to take a deep breath before pushing it open and charging inside. Dressed ready to wrestle, she spies Staggs and moves closer.

Vixen: Spike…we need to talk. I mean seriously talk. The way you are acting out and how you only seem to calm once I get your attention. And after that kiss…

Reaching out a hand, she holds back slightly before bringing her other hand up and shrugging.

Vixen: I don’t know what to think or what is going on and I need to know because everyone is talking. Are you all right?

Spike looks up from his phone, seeming to be a little embarrassed. His cheeks redden up a bit and he averts his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Spike: I have just been so stressed out about NXT and our direction, then Mark showing up with his so-called super group. I haven’t been myself, clearly.

Spike looks back to Vixen’s eyes and all of the awkwardness seems to disappear from his face. His stern expression slowly fades and he sits there silently. Vixen moves and kneels in front of him, eyes locked with his.

Vixen: I know Spike. I had my own run in with Mark earlier. But you can't let him get to you. NXT is stronger than ever and there is nothing that Ward and his band of misfits can do to us.

Vixen smiles, one eyebrow cocking slightly as she tilts her head.

Vixen: Now that we have that out of the have to tell me about that kiss...

Spike: What about it? I let myself go into a rage and I did something stupid. We already established that we’re not going to ever happen, so who cares what people think? Let them focus on all of the other Love Connection contestants of SCW…

Spike looks off, seeming to get a little grumpy and defensive. He pulls out his phone as a distraction, idly messing around on it for the sake of not looking at Vixen.

Spike: I’m a big wreck anyway, I’ve got two exes running around here who enjoy making my life a living hell and you wouldn’t want to get mixed up in that even if there were an interest…

Vixen: I don't think it was stupid Spike. And even raging, you would never do something "stupid".

Vixen puts a hand on the phone, forcing it into Spike's lap as her other hand tips his chin up to look at her.

Vixen: We both agree that no one needs the soap opera bs that usually comes with living your relationships in front of the camera. But Spike the wreck you claim to be, that isn't the person I have gotten to know. And who says I wouldn't want to get mixed up you huh?

It is Spike’s turn to cock an eyebrow up. He almost looks confused, then shocked. Talking to the ladies had never been a strong point of his, as he is a straight shooter. He clears his throat as he stares into Vixen’s deep brown eyes.

Spike: Are you trying to say that you… you would even consider me? Am I even your type? Are you even MY type? Do you have some extreme psychological disorder you aren’t telling me about here?

Spike cracks a smile, causing Vixen to offer a chuckle in response. He licks at the edges of his upper teeth before breaking his gaze with Vixen. He stands up and helps her up as well.

Spike: I am not great at this sort of thing… For once, I am speechless…

Spike tries to think of what to say, but instead he leans down, tilting Vixen’s head back. He gently presses his lips against hers, and they have a proper kiss that lasts much longer than the mess two weeks ago. Vixen’s hands slowly move up Spike’s chest as he continues to rub at her chin. Vixen slowly pulls away, her eyes slowly opening and a slight grin breaks over her lips.

Vixen: For someone that speechless, you said a mouthful.

Spike smiles too and then move back in, sweeping Vixen off of her feet as we fade out.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Tampa, Florida, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 135 pounds, she is one half of Tattooed Goddesses… LAURA JACKSON!!!

”Misirlou” by Dick Dale plays over the speakers. Without wasting any time, Laura Jackson steps out onto the ramp. She walks down the side of the ramp, slapping hands with the fans before sliding inside of the ring, waiting for her opponent.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing in at 130 pounds, she your “Queen of the Damned”… MISTY!!!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, the enigmatic figures of Misty and her disciples, fully cloaked in black robes emerge from backstage. Damien, Dante, Sebastian and Zane surround her protectively with Ruby following behind them. They slowly and methodically walk their way to the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd. Once to the ring, Damien, Dante Sebastian and Zane enter the ring first. Misty waits at the bottom of the steps as Ruby walks past her, joining the brothers in the ring. She sits on the 2nd rope as Misty walks up the steps, then enters the ring with Ruby's assistance. Misty walks to the center of the ring, standing in between her disciples and holds her arms out. Ruby walks up behind her and removes Misty's robe, as their Queen looks around the crowd, smiling sadistically without a care. Misty's disciples bow to their leader, before exiting the ring, standing around the ring in support of their queen, as her music dies down and the lights return.



Laura Jackson adjusts her cuffs as she looks across the ring to Misty who is speaking with her cohorts. Misty turns her head to look at Laura, and they engage in a stare down from across the ring. After pausing for a moment, Misty waves off her disciples and she meets Laura in the center of the ring. She flashes a half smile and then mouths something to Laura, to which she gets a laugh in the face. Misty looks angry at this response and shouts out “BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR QUEEN!!!” Laura continues laughing which prompts Misty to lash out, smacking her across the face. After Laura gets over the shock, she returns with a slap to Misty for posturing. Misty roars with anger as she plants her knee to Laura’s gut. She sends Laura flying toward the ropes, but when Laura rebounds, she hooks onto Misty for a hip toss. Misty reverses into one of her own, but it gets reversed again with Laura taking down the “Queen”. The audience cheers as she mounts Misty, laying in punch after punch to her head.

Belinda: Laura is making an impression on the former two-time Bombshell Champion with a barrage of punches.

Adams: Yeah, an impression of her fists! I haven’t seen Misty take shots like that since her and Roxanne met up in the infamous bloodbath.

Misty’s disciple, Ruby, tries to get onto the ring apron, but the referee quickly cuts her off. With the slight distraction, Misty rolls out from under Laura. She bounces off of the ropes and hits a Running Bulldog on the Tattooed Goddess. Misty stands up and over Jackson as she yanks her up by the hair in a modified Camel Clutch position. Laura gets up to one knee but Misty buries her knee into Laura’s back. She tangles her fist further into Laura’s hair, taunting her for not having bowed down to her. Laura flails, trying to break the unorthodox move until Misty finally shoves her down against the mat. Misty wiggles her fingers, getting the loose hair out of them in the process. She goes for a leg drop to her downed opponent, but Laura gets out of the way, causing Misty to land hard on the mat. Laura rolls to her feet and hits a European Uppercut that sends the “queen” to her back. She wastes no time hitting a Jumping Double Knee Drop, landing right across the chest of Misty. She lies down with a Lateral Press.


1.5! Kickout!

Adams: Not even a two count. Obviously Laura doesn’t know who she is facing if she went for a pin so quickly.

Simone: I am inclined to agree here Jason. Love Misty or hate her, just take a look at her credentials and you have to know “The Queen of the Damned” is certainly no push over.

Adams: Yes, but neither is Laura Jackson, already back on the offense.

Laura has already picked Misty up from the mat. She sends Misty flying to the corner where she collides hard. She holds onto her back as Jackson comes charging at her with a Body Avalanche that rocks the ring. Pinning Misty against the turnbuckle, she continues her assault with left and right hooks. It isn’t until Misty’s disciple, Dante, grabs onto her leg and trips her up that Misty is finally free. He steps back, hardly acting innocent, but enough that the referee doesn’t call it. Misty climbs onto the second rope and hits a legdrop on Jackson. She stands up and grabs onto both of Jackson’s legs, leaning down for the pin.


Misty places both feet on the second rope, using them for leverage with her pin.



The referee is about to slap the mat one last time, but when he sees Misty’s feet on the ropes, he shouts at her. Misty growls in aggravation. She waves him off as she gets back to her feet. She leans down to pick up Laura by the hair, but Laura surprises her with a roll up pin!










Simone: What a display of athleticism from both ladies right there! The fans are on their feet, applauding both ladies for the tremendous show they are putting on here.

Adams: I’ll say! These ladies are on the verge of ripping each other’s clothes off. That’s about the only way this could get better!

Belinda can be heard sighing as both ladies get a little distance to regroup. They charge at each other, colliding in the center of the ring like the unstoppable force and immovable object. Neither one wants to give, vying for position over the other. They lock up, but that is where Jackson gets the advantage with her more ground-based wrestling style. She backs Misty against the ropes where she hits a series of chops. She then flings Misty across the ring. She goes to follow Misty, but Ruby grabs onto her leg, stopping her. Laura turns around and shouts at Ruby who mouths off back at her. With the distraction, Misty rolls back with a Bridging German Suplex pin.




Misty angrily pounds the mat as she gets in the face of the referee. She holds up three fingers and counts them for Drew Patton, but he shakes his head, signaling it was only two. Misty slides her thumb across her throat and screams “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” However, coming in for the save, Laura Jackson swings, but a warning from Misty’s disciples allows her to duck the clothesline that connects with the referee instead. Laura looks stunned at first, and then horrified. She leans down to check on him, but he doesn’t seem to move.

Simone: I swear, referees are always so fragile…

Adams: You must be forgetting about our Senior Referee, Jasmine St. John. That woman is tough as nails!

Misty grabs onto Laura’s hair, laughing almost maniacally as she drags her over toward her disciples. She tosses her over the top rope where she collides hard with the concrete. The disciples stalk her. As she gets up, Zane and Sebastian are the first that she sees and she turns around to run. However, she nearly bumps into Dante and Damian for her trouble. She turns around, looking for a way out as they close in. However, Ruby quickly snags her by the hair. She holds onto her, forcing her up the ring steps. The disciples help keep the feisty Bombshell under control as they force her into the ring. Misty stands by patiently Ruby shouts for Laura to bow before her “queen”, but she shakes her head in protest. Ruby stomps at the back of Laura’s knee, forcing it to buckle. Down on one knee, she refuses to let the other go. Ruby prepares to knock the other one out, but is distracted by the crowd cheering. Spike Staggs comes running down the ramp, holding a flaming baseball bat above his head. He slides into the ring, causing all of the disciples to flea due to his advantage. He swings the bat at them before chasing them to the outside. Misty shouts in protest as Spike exits the ring, chasing the disciples up the ramp and to the back.

Adams: I heard Spike was pissed about what the disciples did on Halloween, but this? Luckily for Laura, because her partner Amanda Cortez is busy in the back and couldn’t break free.

Simone: Now it looks like we’ve got ourselves a fair fight! And Laura Jackson is wasting no time capitalizing on it!

Laura spears Misty to the ground. Still taking advantage of the surprise, she grabs onto Misty’s leg and applies the Indian Deathlock. Misty screams out in pain as she flails her arms. She slowly moves over toward the ropes which she finally gets to. With the referee down, Laura refuses to break the hold. Mockingly, she bows her head at Misty and then laughs about it. Misty screams out in agonizing protest. This seems to get the referee to wake up a bit. He slowly gets up and asks Laura to break the hold. She reluctantly does as Misty rubs at her leg. She watches as Laura signals for the fans that she is about to end things. Again, her inexperience against Misty gets the better of her as Misty rises, limping on her leg before Laura turns around only for Misty to leap up with a Hurricanrana that plants her firmly on the mat. Misty signals with the thumb across her throat. “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” She grabs onto Laura’s arm and tangles herself up with Laura, locking on the Queen’s Punishment chokehold!

Simone: Is that her new catchphrase? Twice in one match!

Adams: Laura is refusing to give up, but she is fading quickly, Belinda…

The referee checks on Laura, who is putting up as much of a fight as she can before finally fading out. The referee raises Laura’s hand once, allowing it to drop. He raises it once more, allowing it to drop. He raises it again, but Misty breaks the hold. She looks down at the lifeless bombshell and simply shakes her head. She lifts Laura up from the mat and drags her over to the corner where she forces the Dream Crusher onto her opponent. She seems pleased enough with this and hooks the leg.




Justin Decent: Your winner via pinfall… MISTY!!!

Misty stands up, raising her arms into the air victoriously. She looks around at the booing audience and shouts in disdain. She exits the ring, leaving Laura out cold in the center of the ring.

Misty is seen backstage walking through the curtains after her match is over. She is looking around as she turns the corner, running into her disciples. She looks annoyed as they seem to almost be in a panic after being chased around by Spike Staggs. She puts her hands on her hips, pursing her lips together for a moment before speaking.

Misty: You idiots! Your stunt could have cost me the match! Do you know how embarrassing it would be to lose to that… that ROOKIE?

Ruby: I’m sorry my queen, but that parasite had a baseball bat, and as you know, he is quite unstable

Misty lightens up her expression a bit as she turns to face Ruby directly. She takes a step forward as Ruby bows her head. Misty gently stroke’s Ruby’s head.

Misty: Dear, sweet Ruby… If I wanted excuses, I would have asked for them. While I respect your loyalty, you better not screw up any future matches… or there will be grave consequences for all of you.

Ruby: Yes my Queen. As you wish. We just felt Laura Jackson was being disrespectful in refusing to bow to her Queen.

Misty: Aww, that sounds like another excuse, Ruby. You must…

Misty stops dead in her tracks as she hears a clicking sound. Her face sours as the disciples turn around to look at the source of the sound. They all take a defensive stance toward the newcomer.

Electra Blaze: So, you found a new bunch of sycophants to boost your already massive ego? Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic… you go and prove me wrong.

Electra walks up closer to the group, continuing to flip her flame decorated Zippo lighter, watching the flame dance for only a second before closing and relighting it. Misty growls and starts pushing her disciples aside in an attempt to get at Electra.

Misty: You little rat…! You can’t even be here, Mark Ward banned your ass months ago, and…

Electra: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am officially signed on as Roxanne’s manager. So I can be here. Speaking of Roxanne…

Misty’s face sours at the mentioning of Roxanne’s name. She balls up her fists, but Electra simply smiles, and that smile gets wider and wider until she starts giggling. Misty is forcefully spun around. Roxanne grabs onto her hair, yanking her head back, looking deep down into her eyes. It isn’t long before Roxanne presses her lips forcefully against Misty’s. Misty struggles, groaning in protest as Roxanne shoves her tongue down her throat. The only thing that break up the lip lock is when Ruby turns around and bites Roxanne’s bare shoulder. Roxanne retracts, closing her eyes with an ecstatic groan. Her lips quiver as she releases Misty. Ruby finally lets go of the bite and prepares to strike Roxanne when Misty grabs onto her wrist and throws her back behind her.

Roxanne: Mmmm ooooh… You know I like it… ruff! See you around my… Queen…

Roxanne offers the slightest of giggles as she pats Misty’s cheek gently. Roxanne flicks her tongue out at Misty before licking her own lips sensually. Electra pushes past the disciples and joins Roxanne, walking off with her. Electra turns around and sticks out her tongue in a raspberry at Misty, causing her to let out a loud growl, followed by an angry, frustrated scream.

Backstage at the NXT locker room, Aleksei Koji hobbles to the door. He is leaning heavily on his one crutch. He knocks on the door and Giani opens up.

Giani: Holy crap bro...your alive. We have been trying to call you for weeks and then I see you down in the ring messing with Mark's goons.

Aleksei: Yeah yeah...I am not known for my smarts...that is why I must rely so much on charm and good looks.

Jamie: Yeah well your not looking so hot either, what the hell happened to you.

Aleksei: Long story...I need to talk to Spike.

Spike walks over obviously preparing for his match. It is hard to tell by his expression how he feels about having Aleksei in the room. Aleksei takes a sip from a flask before talking.

Aleksei: It appears I am not going to be able to fight for a while....and I know I left you all without any notice. Trust me when I say the guys I was messing with would have found ways to hurt you all if you were involved...but man...listen....I want you to know I am still NXT...the party horde is still behind you.

Spike: That is good to here. I am just glad your safe, do you plan to stick around for awhile?

Aleksei: I am not going anywhere...can't move that quick anyways. I may not be able to compete for a while but I can still cause trouble and you better believe I will be making the trouble...I have what you Americans call a shit list...and right now it has four names on you do me favor and beat the crap out of Nick Jones so I have one less thing to do once I recover.

Aleksei shakes Spikes hand then pulls him into a hug that causes him to wince and curse. He hobbles over to a bench and sits down. He takes a long drink.

Aleksei: I will watch from here and start the party early!

Misty and her disciples are just getting backstage following her match against Laura Jackson and her encounter with Roxanne. Misty looks angry. Ruby and the brothers follow behind Misty, as she walks briskly, refusing to allow her men to surround her. She seems to be searching for someone, and her disciples stay on alert as they follow her.

Misty: She must be around here somewhere! Her lover boy's match is about to start so now is the perfect time to catch the little princess alone.

Ruby: Perhaps she is accompanying the Sins to the ring for their match, my Queen?

Misty: No, she's around here somewhere. I can feel it.

Misty looks around and listens carefully. People watch and stare as she looks down every hallway, but just ahead, she spots the person she is looking for. Standing outside a locker room with her number one fan and best friend, Melody Grace, is Odette Ryder. The two are talking and laughing about something. Misty turns around and looks at the brothers.

Misty: Stay here. I'd like to have a word with Miss Ryder alone.

Damien: My Queen...Ruby?

Misty and Damien look towards Ruby. Misty nods her head, and Ruby is at her side in a second. They walk towards Odette and Melody, not trying to be secretive about their presence this time. Melody taps Odette's side, pointing out Misty heading towards them nervously. Odette doesn't appear to show the same hesitation as her best friend does, as she greets Misty with a cheerful smile.

Odette: Misty! Hi! Great match out there!

Misty and Ruby stand directly in front of Odette and Melody. Ruby stares at Melody, almost snarling at her, and Melody is quick to look away. Ruby grins, before looking at Odette, as Misty does.

Misty: Thank you, Miss Ryder. Look at you, though. Confident as ever, which is a great sign. That Bombshell title is as good as yours. Did you know that just one year ago I won the Bombshell Championship for the first time? It is kind of ironic that the title is vacant at the start of this show. Don't you agree?

Odette: It won't be vacant for much longer, because I am about to become a two-time champion.

Misty smiles, nodding her head slowly. Ruby rolls her eyes, but doesn't say a word.

Misty: Ahh, yes, very confident. And should you win tonight, you'd have yet another thing in common with me, Miss Ryder. I won the title at High Stakes last year...I am a two-time Bombshell Champion. I do believe you are trying to outshine all my hard work and accomplishments.

Odette tries to respond, but Ruby hisses at her, causing the cheerful Aussie to jump slightly. Misty places a hand on Ruby's shoulder, getting her to relax, and she turns back to Odette and Melody.

Misty: Please forgive Ruby, Miss Ryder. She does not play well with others. Except me, of course. And, well, she doesn't particularly care for you. She sees you as a threat, Miss Ryder. You've accomplished so much already this year, and SCW regards you as one of the best, if not the best, right? Unfortunately for you, I am back on the scene and I plan to remedy that situation.

Odette looks more confused than before, as Misty takes a step towards her, nearly breathing down her neck.

Misty: I wish you the best of luck, Miss Ryder. Being the Bombshell Champion solidifies your status within this company. No one will doubt you...No one should. Being the champion, you would be the one everyone looks at for a role model. But it also puts that target on your back. A very dangerous target, Miss Ryder. But, you know that of course. I just hope you're ready for it this time around.

Odette: Always! I've never been more prepared!

Misty smiles then takes a step back.

Misty: Very good. I think I've said all I needed to say. We'll leave you alone now. I'd hate to distract that confident little mind of yours with such an important match coming up for you. Ruby, let's return to the brothers now. Again, best of luck Miss Ryder. I do hope things go in your favor.

Ruby turns around first, heading back over to the brothers, and Misty follows suit soon after. Odette and Melody stare at them, and Melody leans in and whispers something to Odette, but no one knows what. Odette smiles and giggles, before the two ladies get back to their conversation.

The camera returns to ringside as D.J. "D-Block" Williams is making his way down the aisle to the scorn of the crowd, pulling his arms away from those few who reach out toward him.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Championship! Coming down the aisle is one-half of the challengers! From Long Beach, California, weighing 235 pounds ... D.J. 'D-Block' Williams!

The crowd boos as "DBlock" climbs through the ropes and into the ring, his entrance music fading out.

Justin: His tag team partner is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, weighing 225 pounds ... Blade Alexander!

“Horse” by James Johnson plays as Blade Alexander walks out to boos. Blade walks down the aisle and slides into the ring as the fans continue to shower him with boos. Blade climbs to the second turnbuckle and berates the crowd before hopping down.

Simone: Well this combination is off to a great start. They can't even find it in themselves to come out as a team. Separate entrances?

Adams: I understand Blade thinks D.J.'s theme music is 'gay'.

Simone: Oh well, that explains everything. Doesn't it?

Justin: And their opponents...

The crowd begins to rumble with cheers!

"The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
The transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs
Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around
So come on!"

"Another promise, another scene, another
A package not to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
So come on!"

"They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious"

The pulsating beat of Muse's "Uprising" suddenly begins to play over the public address system of the arena and the crowd is on it's feet as atop the stage appears the tag team of Sinful Obsession aka Gabriel and Despayre, accompanied by the enigmatic Synn. Gabriel raises his hands up to the rafters as Despayre holds his teddy bear Angel up for everyone to see.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Synn ... and Angel! At a total combined weight of 426 pounds, they are the Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Gabriel and Despayre -- Sinful Obsession!

The group begins their descent down the ramp and towards the squared circle as the multitude of fans reach out to them on all sides. Gabriel slaps a hand or two along the way but his intent is solely on the ring ahead while Despayre holds Angel's paws and uses them to slap the hands reaching out to him, avoiding the touch himself. Despayre then runs over to the barricade where his mother and grandmother are sitting and hugs them both! Synn hops up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open for both of his men to step through and then sets foot inside himself. Synn then takes both men and escorts them to their corner and starts talking to them as D.J. and Blade confer in their own corner.

Adams: Looks to me like they're arguing over who gets to start.

Simone: I don't know how they intend to do the unthinkable and unseat the champions when they can't even agree on who is going to start the match.

Synn pats Gabriel's shoulder and gives Despayre a brief hug before stepping out and dropping to the floor. Despayre then hugs Gabriel fiercely before Gabriel too steps to the apron.

The bell rings!



Suddenly D.J. shoves Blade aside and charges across the ring and slams a forearm into Despayre's back, knocking the little guy to the mat face-first! D.J. grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet, and then runs his head into the corner, sending him crumbling back to the canvas. D.J. then starts assaulting him with stomps to the body.

Simone: Well D-Block's taken an early lead here, which is what he's going to have to do to get the best of the champions.

Adams: Yeah but I bet Blade isn't happy about being shoved like he was.

D.J. sends Despayre into a corner and comes in, connecting with a dropkick to the chest. With nowhere to go, Despayre takes the full brunt of the move and he slowly sinks to his backside. D.J. then pulls him out of the corner and Irish whips him into the ropes. D.J. swings for a clothesline but Despayre handsprings out of the way in a dazzling display! D.J. spins around and Despayre connects with his own dropkick! Despayre then sends D.J. into the ropes and connects with a sleeper slam, then as D.J. staggers to his feet, Despayre hits a second dropkick! D.J. falls back to his corner and reaches to tag out but Blade nonchalantly steps back behind the ring post, not accepting it.

Simone: Oh it looks like Blade wants to teach D.J. a little lesson!

D.J. frowns and not paying attention, is the victim of a jumping bulldog from Despayre! Despayre rolls D.J. over and into a cover.

2..... Blade steps through the ropes and stomps on Despayre, breaking the pin up.

Adams: Blade isn't interested in helping D.J. except to keep him from losing the match.

Despayre grabs D.J. and twists his arm into an arm wringer and tags Gabriel. Gabriel climbs to the top of the corner and takes the offered limb, then uses the top rope like a tightrope.

Adams: Old School!

Gabriel then hops around, drops down onto the top rope and backflips over and into the ring, throwing D.J. over with an armdrag! D.J. lands near his corner again and this time Blade reaches in and tags himself into the match. Blade climbs in and he and Gabriel slowly circle one another, before they lock up -- collar and elbow. Blade slowly backs Gabriel into the ropes and referee Drew Patton calls for the clean break. At the count of three, Blade steps back ... then slaps Gabriel across the face.

Adams: Ooo! Insult!

Gabriel steps off of the ropes and shoves Blade! Now angry, Blade takes a swing at him but Gabriel ducks and he rolls Blade up from behind in a schoolboy!

2..... Blade kicks out!

Gabriel quickly grabs him and goes for an Irish whip but Blade reverses it. Gabriel comes off and Blade goes for a hiptoss but Gabriel turns it around into a monkey flip, throwing Blade over.

Simone: Beautiful!

Blade crashes close to the Sins corner and he staggers to his feet, and Despayre reaches in and decks him with a left to the jaw! Blade stumbles around and Gabriel hits a jumping Enzugari to the back of the head, leveling him. Gabriel with the cover!

2..... Blade kicks out.

Simone: No. No way is Blade Alexander going to let this match slip through his fingers so easily.

Gabriel tags Despayre into the match. The Sins both send Blade into the ropes and they connect with a double leaping lariat! Gabriel ducks out just as Despayre hits a standing moonsault into a cover.

2..... Blade kicks out again.

Despayre then goes for a whip into the ropes but Blade reverses it. Blade swings but Despayre ducks, but just as the tag champion hits the ropes, D.J. pulls the top rope down and Despayre goes tumbling out and he hits the hard floor!

Adams: Oh hell! That was a nasty fall!

Simone: That is sure as hell going to be a turning point!

Gabriel steps into the ring, taking Drew's attention away from the outside where Blade rolls out. He and D.J. then each take one of Despayre's arms and sends him into the barricade. Blade then grabs the crumbled Despayre up and body slams him on the floor before climbing back inside! D.J. moves in when Synn comes storming over but this also distracts Drew who leans out of the ropes and orders Synn back to the champions's corner. D.J. then grabs Despayre and rolls him back inside of the ring. Blade then tags D.J. into the match and the challengers drag the limp body of Despayre up and bring him up and over with a double suplex. Blade steps out to his own corner as D.J. comes running off of the ropes and hits a cannonball legdrop across Despayre's face! D.J. covers him and hooks the leg.

2..... Despayre kicks out.

D.J. brings him back up and sends him into the ropes, scooping him up into a sidewalk slam. D.J. then jumps to the middle rope and leaps off, hitting a senton splash and into a cover.

2..... Gabriel breaks it up with a kick to D.J.'s head.

D.J. cries foul and Drew walks over to reprimand the champion. D.J. throws Despayre into his corner. Blade wraps the tag rope around Despayre's throat as D.J. smiles, slapping Despayre insultingly, inciting the fans' anger. D.J. then tags Blade back in who sets Despayre into a double underhook and suplexes him over into a bridging pin.

Adams: That's a great move! He might have Despayre with that!

2..... Despayre kicks out.

Simone: I don't think I'll ever understand how someone so little can have such fight in him.

Blade rolls Despayre over onto his stomach and sits on his back, trapping him in a camel clutch with a crossface lock.

Simone: Very smart on Blade's part. They already started working on Despayre's back and now he's set to weakening it even more.

Adams: And there's not much Despayre can do to counter. Blade has him outweighed by almost 40 pounds.

Blade then starts yelling in pain as Despayre has his fingers in his mouth and is chomping down on them!

Adams: I stand corrected!

Blade releases the hold and Despayre is on his feet, biting down hard -- until Blade kicks him in the stomach, and then levels him with a clothesline! Blade shakes his hand and tags D.J. in and Williams springs over the top rope and into the ring. D.J. stands over the downed Despayre, a smug smile on his face with his arms held out wide.

Simone: God it just makes you want to bitch slap the smarmy plonker.

Adams: Has Mark been showing you episodes of 'Only Fools and Horses' again?

D.J. grabs a handful of Despayre's long hair and pulls him up into position for a belly to back, but Despayre lands on his feet behind him. Despayre grabs him around the waist and goes to run him into the ropes but D.J. holds on and Despayre rolls back. D.J. then turns around and charges him -- and runs right into two fingers to the eyes!

Adams: The Stooge Poke of Doom!

D.J. swings blindly but Despayre crawls through his legs and tags Gabriel! Gabriel springs to the top of his corner and D.J. turns around and right into a missile dropkick!

Adams: Oh look at Blade! He looks pissed!

Simone: No shit! D.J. just allowed a fresh Gabriel to get tagged into the match!

Gabriel sends D.J. into the ropes at top speed and hits a corkscrew elbow, right in the face! Gabriel then kips up and as a dazed D.J. gets to his feet, Gabriel hits a spinning heel kick! D.J. falls toward his own corner -- when Blade reaches in and punches him!

Simone: What the hell!?

Adams: Blade just struck his own partner! On purpose!

D.J. falls back and Gabriel looks confused as Blade drops down to the floor, seemingly incensed! Gabriel then grabs 'D-Block' and tags Despayre. Gabriel runs D.J.'s head into the corner and then ducks down and scoops 'D-Block' up onto his shoulders. Gabriel turns around and into the middle of the ring where Despayre springboards off of the top rope and he clotheslines D.J. right off of Gabriel's shoulders!

Adams: Holy Hell! What a move!

Simone: A new move in the Sins' tag team arsenal!

Gabriel stands there and counts along with the referee as Despayre covers D.J., hooking both legs!


Simone: I don't know what the hell they call that move but damn was it effective!

The crowd cheers as Synn climbs inside of the ring and raises the arms of the winners while Drew passes them back their tag team belts.

Justin: Here are your winners, and STILL Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Champions ... Sinful Obsession!

The crowd continues to stand an cheer for the champions as they parade around the ring, holding their gold up for everyone to see. Blade then reaches in from the outside and grabs D.J. by the ankle and drags him to the outside!

Adams: Okay, now what!?

Blade drags D.J. out onto the floor and before 'D-Block' knows what's going on, Blade grabs a steel chair from the ringside area and swings it, busting the seat right off over D.J.'s head!

Simone: Goddam! What a shot!

D.J. goes down like he as shot and Blade just starts swinging the chair down into his prone body once, twice, three times!

Adams: D.J. didn't hold up his end of the team and Blade is feeling the need to vent!

Synn and the champions exit the ring and leave the ringside area, without so much as glancing back at the carnage. Blade throws the chair's remains down onto the floor and grabs D.J. who is out cold!

Simone: Oh now what...?

The bell continues to ring as Drew jumps outside, trying to stop this but Blade shoves the official aside! Blade then hooks D.J. up and drops him on the chair...

Adams: The Final Cut! He just hit the Final Cut on the chair!

Simone: We need to get some help out here!

Security has finally made it out to the ringside area and they pull Blade away from his victim! Blade looks down at D.J. with contempt and turns and makes his exit as the security and Drew call to the back for medical attention. Moments later the medical crew is seen making their ay toward ringside with a stretcher...

Simone: Okay we're going to cut back away from this while we get some medical aid to D.J..

The scene opens up backstage just outside the locker room of The Seven Deadly Sins. A single voice is heard coming from inside the room and SCW reporter, Ms. Rocky Mountains walks up outside the door ready for an interview. But, which Sin member does she have in mind? Let's find out, shall we.

Ms. Rocky gently knocks on the door, taking a step back. Loud grumbling and growling can be heard approaching the door, which could only mean one person. The door swings open, and standing in front of Ms. Rocky in all his pissed off glory, is none other than the Sin of Wrath, Rage. He looks at her an his nostrils flare.

Ms.Rocky: Just the person I was looking for. Do you have a spare minute, Rage?

Rage: What the hell do you want?

Ms.Rocky: I was hoping to get in a quick interview with you, and get your thoughts on your match tonight. It's your first match in almost two months and--

Rage takes a menicing step forward towards Ms. Rocky, glaring down at her.

Rage: And what? What, you think I'm a little rusty? You think I'll go out there and lose to either Tom Dudely or Primetime? Is that what you think?!

Ms.Rocky: No, that's not what I was trying to say, or ask. I was just going to ask how you're feeling going into this match?

An dark smile forms at the corner of Rage's mouth, as he keeps his eyes locked on Ms. Rocky's.

Rage: Why is it that you reporters always ask that dumbass question...How are you feeling...As if anyone would honestly say they're nervous...or sick or some shit? Please, find some new questions! I feel fine...Never been better. Now piss off!

Ms.Rocky: Any words about your opponents for this evening?

Rage lets out a sadistic laugh and he cracks his knuckles.

Rage: Oh I've got plenty of words about those two shitheads I'm facing, but quite honestly none of it matters. My opinions on Dudely and Primetime don't matter, because the only thing that matters tonight is what I'm going to do to them in that ring...what they are helpless to stop. Primetime might have a big problem with Tom at the moment, but what he failed to realize is that I've got a problem with both of them.

Ms.Rocky: What problem is that? Neither one of them has done anything to you, so what problem could you possibly have?

Rage takes another step forward, getting right in Ms. Rocky's face. An icy look forms in his eyes as he answers her question.

Rage: They're breathing...But they won't be once I'm done with them.

Rage then turns and disappears back into his locker room. Ms. Rocky quietly approaches the door, placing her ear against it, listening as Rage has begun talking to himself once again.

Justin: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Our first opponent is a member of the New Extremes and the largest athlete in the SCW. He hails from Nashua, New Hampshire. He is the Freight Train of Pain! Casey Williams!!!

As the screeching call of insanity of "All Aboard" hits the speakers, Casey Williams comes out, with the intense look in his face. As the guitar riff plays, Casey walks down the ramp, pauses, pyros go off behind him.

"Crazy,but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate
Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

Then Casey climbs up the apron and over the top rope into the ring, and gives out an angry yell. He moves to the ropes closes to the entrance and just glares.

Justin: Our next fighter is a fighter in his own stable of powerful Egos. He weighs over 250 pounds and is from Atlanta, Georgia. Let me introduce Jordan PS Williams!!!!

"Thugz Passion" by Tupac blast arena speakers as a spotlight is shined on the entrance to show smoke engulfs the area. Suddenly Jordan "PS" Williams emerges from the smoke and the crowd erupts into boos! Jordan stops at the top of the entrance with his head down. Jordan slowly lifts his head up to show his cocky grin and the crowd continues to jeer. The spotlight follows as Jordan walks down the aisle pumped up. Jordan tries to slap hands with the fans but only a few return the favor. Jordan hops into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle. Casey is standing right behind him glaring at him, barely holding back his anger. Jordan senses he is nearby and turns around. He gets right in his face.

Simone: Oh my, I think this match is going to start fast and hard.

Adams: I think your right. Casey looks pretty darn cranky, like he is about to rip Jordans arms off and beat the crap out of him.

Jordan and Casey start exchanging blows and the referee calls for the bell.



At first the big body shots seem to have equal impact. But after the fourth punch in the side Jordan staggers back. Casey keeps hammering him with rights and left until Jordan has crashed into the corner. Casey screams out in rage before delivering a brutal headbutt. The crowd cheers him on.

Adams: Well not quite arm ripping off...but close....yikes!

Simone: Casey has a lot of anger towards Jordan and his friends right now.

Casey grabs Jordan and tosses him into the center of the ring. He grins at Jordan as he struggles to get up then charges for him trying to spear him. Jordan rolls out of the way looking dazed but safe. He turns around and charges at Casey while he is getting his bearings. A well placed shoulder block takes Casey Williams off his feet and onto his knees. Jordan turns back and jumps, kicking Casey hard in the back and toppling the bigger man over.

Simone: Jordan is moving quickly trying to take advantage of any moment he can.

Adams: He better move quickly because Casey is trying to get up.

Jordan hits a standing moonsault on top of Casey while he is still down and then grabbing his right arm into a modified armbar of sorts. Casey yells out in either anger or pain, struggling to get up. Jordan releases the hold right before Casey tries to muscle out of it and “PS” Williams rolls out of the way as Casey starts to rise continuing his war cry.

Simone: Jordan is playing this smart. He is trying to do as much damage as he can but staying out of harms way.

Adams: Yeah well I am not even sure Reno would be far enough out of harms way with the look Casey has on his face.

Casey is on his feet now staring down Jordan. He rubs his arm and grins. He motions for Jordan to come at him. The fans are cheering him on but Jordan is not moving. Casey shrugs and moves towards him. Jordan suddenly moves in quick and drives his knee into Casey gut. Casey is not as winded by it as Jordan expects and responds with a hard elbow strike to Jordans head.

Adams: That rang his bell.

Casey grabs Jordan and has him up high. He brings him down with a spinebuster. Casey does not stop there and starts pounding on Jordan in a fit of rage, the referee is struggling to get him to stop.

Simone: If Casey is not careful he is going to get himself disqualified...

Adams: I am not sure if he cares.

He does stop punching at Jordan but screams at the ref to leave him alone. He is getting up now and picking Jordan up as well. After a hard right hook he is lifting Jordan up into a torture rack. The crowd starts chanting NXT as Jordan struggles to get out of it.

Simone: Jordan is fighting hard, I don’t think Casey can hold on him.

Adams: You’re right, he is falling back and Jordan is landing on top of him. I think it might end up being a pin...

The ref scrambles to count it but Casey power lifts Jordan off him before the first count. Jordan uses this momentum to scramble up before Casey does. He climbs up on the nearest turnbuckle waiting for Casey to stand. He is airborn and hits Casey with an stunning drop kick, the fans are suddenly quiet and Casey falls to his knee.

Adams: He clobbered him right in the head, Casey is a beast! I mean he should be laid out after that.

Jordan scowls at Casey, flips him off and kicks him again in the head. This time Casey does fall back and Jordan gets on top of him locking in a crucifix armbar. The crowd immediately starts to boo and some start chanting Casey name as he struggles in the hold.

Adams: I am not sure if Casey is aware enough to tap out, he just took two hard shots to the head.

Simone: And that is the same arm that Jordan Williams was working on earlier.

It appears that Casey might have to tap out but out of desperation he gets a foot on the rope. The referee is calling for Jordan to break the hold. He does with a great deal of frustration. He gets up off of Casey and goes back to the ropes. This time he quickly tries to hit Casey with a swanton bomb, but Casey finds the strength to roll away at the last moment.

Simone: This match was almost done but now both men are laid out. It looks like Jordan is getting up first.

Jordan gets Casey into a headlock before he is fully on his feet. It looks like he is going for his finisher when Casey breaks out of the hold. Jordan reverses and gets Casey off his feet with a trapped german suplex. His shoulders are down and he is going for the pin....

...nearly 3!!!

Adams: It is not enough. Casey is still in it.

Jordan climbs off Casey kicking him hard and then taking a step back to catch his breath. The NXT chants are starting up again and Jordan is not pleased. He turns to the fans and yells at them to shut up. Someone starts up a “TOO GOOD FOR YA!” chant and that catches Jordan by surprise.

Simone: The fans are taking up one of Jordan Williams catch phrases and using them against him.

Adams: That is pretty damn funny but don’t tell Jordan I said that....he does not look pleased.

Jordan turns back to Casey as he starts to get up. He runs at him trying for another super kick but Casey ducks under that and charges up to his feet. Both men heading for the ropes and charing back to the center of the ring. Casey is going for a spear and Jordan leaps off him and dives over. Casey crashes through the ropes and out of the ring.

Adams: Hes coming right for us!

Casey lands hard right in front of the announcer’s table. Jordan spins around to see what happened to Casey and grins. He charges towards that side of the ring. He quickly climbs up to the closest turnbuckle. He is up in the air with a swanton bomb....

Simone: This time Hotlanta finds its home and Casey looks to be in bad shape.

Jordan climbs off him with a smile on his face. The fans are screaming and booing him but his smile does not fade. He kicks Casey hard and then climbs into the ring as the ref starts to ten count.

Adams: I am not sure if a ten count will be enough for Casey...he might need a thirty.

Simone: Well he does not have thirty but I have seen Casey Williams get up from worse.

5...Casey starts to get up...
6...Casey is on his knees.
8...He starts to use the ring to pull himself up....

Simone: At the last moment Casey is back in the ring.

Jordan is not pleased and is running in to stomp on Casey as he tries to get up. He gets a few shots in before Casey grabs his foot. He swings up and Jordan gets knocked off his feet.

Adams: By the look in his eye I think Casey might pull off a comeback.

Simone: Jordan has to keep control of this match.

Casey is stumbling to his feet as Jordan gets up as well. He grabs Jordan from behind and is about to lift him off his feet when Jordan hits a couple of stiff elbows. Jordan reverses and leads into a reverse DDT.

Simone: That is why Jordan is so hard to stop. He is very fast for someone his size.

Jordan locks in another crucifix armbar on Casey before he can get up. Casey is giving it everything he has but the crowd can tell he is tired. They cheer him on and somehow he is able to muscle out of it.

Adams: I think that might of taken everything Casey had left.

Jordan is fuming as he gets up. Casey has made it to his knees but lacks the strength to get up further. Jordan yells out and runs at Casey slamming his knee into the back of his head. Casey is back down on the canvas.

Simone: That was an Emerald Dragon Strike and it appears he is following that up with the Marauder's Clutch.

Casey is caught in a Inverted Face Lock with an arm lock. He quickly taps out and the referee is calling Jordan the winner.

ding ding ding

Justin: The winner of the match..... Jordan Williams!

Adams: It was just too much for him but Casey gave it his all.

Simone: He did and I am sure that this feud is far from settled.

Jordan gets to his feet and celebrates his victory. Jordan then goes back to Casey and starts rolling him out of the ring. As Casey drops to the arena floor, Jordan acts like he’s kicking dirt on him. Jordan then starts running around the ring with his arms outstretched.

Simone: This is ridiculous. Jordan is doing victory laps, like he won a World Title or something.

The fans keep booing as Jordan continues his obnoxious celebration. Meanwhile, on the outside, Casey begins to get his bearings. Casey sees Jordan’s charade and rolls back into the ring. Jordan is now on the middle turnbuckle, with his back to Casey, still celebrating. Casey walks up to Jordan and yanks him down off the turnbuckles. Jordan puts his arms up, begging off, but Casey grabs Jordan with two hands by the throat and tosses Jordan across the ring!

Simone: The battle may be over, but not the war!

Jordan gets to his knees holding his back as Casey grabs Jordan by the throat again and this time, nails him with a hard right hand to the jaw, that sends Jordan half way across the ring!!

Adams: Jordan looked like he was shot out of a cannon!

Jordan bounces up to his feet and Casey again drills him with a hard right that sends Jordan flying back across the ring!

Simone: Casey Williams is manhandling Jordan Williams right now!

Casey picks Jordan up and then drills him into the mat with the Broken Soul!!!

Simone: He slammed Jordan into the mat with such force!

Casey then slowly picks Jordan up once more and drags Jordan to the turnbuckles nearest the announce table. Casey lays Jordan stomach first across the top turnbuckle and then he steps over the top rope and onto the apron.

Adams: What’s Casey have in mind here?

Casey yells at Simone and Adams to get out of the way as a sadistic grin comes across his face.

Adams: I’m not arguing with the man, let’s move out the way!

Casey grabs Jordan by the throat as he points to the announce table. The fans erupt into cheers and anticipation!

Simone: Oh no! He’s not going to do what I think he’s going to do!?

Casey then grabs cinches Jordan up, then leaps off the apron, chokeslamming Jordan through the announce table!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans start chanting HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT as Casey plays to the crowd.

Spike Staggs looks angry as he walks through the hallways, wielding the flaming bat he was seen with not long ago. The flames have scorched the wooden bat, causing embers to fall behind him as he walks. He pops open a door to his left, looking inside. When he doesn’t find who he is looking for, he moves on down the hallway, opening another door. A female is heard screaming, and Spike closes the door quickly. The anger doesn’t fade from his face as he drags the bat along the wall, leaving a slight black line as he goes. He opens another door, still not satisfied with the results. It isn’t until he reaches the exit, popping the door open, that he is truly happy. He spots the hooded disciples and a sadistic grin spreads over his face as he dashes after them.

Spike: I thought you cowards liked messing with the Staggs boys… I guess you prefer them under aged and untrained, right?

Fueled by his anger, Spike catches up with them a lot quicker than they expected. He swings the bat wildly in all directions, nearly hitting Ruby in the process. Damien grabs onto Spike’s shoulders, but he quickly elbows him in the stomach. He turns around and cracks the bat against Damien’s head. As Damien crumbles to the ground, Spike stomps away at him. Sebastian, Dante, Zane, and Ruby all attempt to lunge at Spike to stop him from the assault. Misty raises up a hand to stop them.

Misty: Halt! He feels brother Damian has wronged him. Let’s give this pathetic man his pathetic revenge…

Ruby: That is very charitable of you, my Queen, but he is really hurting brother Damian…

Misty: I will allow it. Do not get involved, any of you.

Spike continues to assault him until he feels better. Spike raises the bat and points it at the others. His own eyes burn hotter than the bat itself as he slowly steps closer. He breathes heavily as his nostrils flare up.

Spike: I don’t know how many fucking times I have to tell you freaks this! Stay away from me! … Stay away from my family… And stay the hell away from MY children! If any of you, including you Misty, lays a hand on either one of them… I will collect your fucking head on a silver platter. This will look like light-hearted horseplay in comparison… Got it?

Spike stands there, watching them begrudgingly stare back at him. Misty opens her mouth to say something, but Spike simply nods his head and drops the bat on top of Damian. The robe starts to catch on fire as Spike turns his back to walk back toward the venue once again.

Hot Stuff Mark Ward sits behind his desk, his feet resting upon the half paper covered wooden piece of furtinure, holding the weight of his boots. A smug, satisfied smile crosses his face as the door flies over. A man steps in, a long black coat being worn, down to the ground, a hat on his head, the shadow covering his face. Hot Stuff plants his feet on the floor, looking at the man.

HS: Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing just walking in here? You heard of knocking sunshine.

The man stands in front of Hot Stuff, the camera behind this mysterious stranger.

HS: Oi! Are you deaf or something?

Again the man doesn't say a word

HS: I got a supercard to deal with here son, I don't need some idiot staring at me.

Hot Stuff stands up

HS: Now who are you?

Hot Stuff gets close, knocking the man's hat up slightly. Hot Stuff's mouth opens wide, his eyes ever wider as he slumps down in his seat, his face a pale white. The man walks around the desk, his back still to the camera as he stands next to Hot Stuff, bending down next to him. A soft whisper is heard

Man: Did ya miss me?

HS: No

Hot Stuff whispers out his reply as the man whispers back.

Man: Do you think I have seen what's going on around here? I've been watching.... boss... and I thought I'd come back to piss on your little parade tonight.

The man slaps Hot Stuff on the back, Hot Stuff tightens his jaw, anger now creeping across his face

HS: Get out!

A small chuckle is heard

Man: I'll be seeing you and your boys very soon. I think one has a match coming up next, doesn't he?

The man laughs again, turning away from the camera and walking towards the door. Hot Stuff growls under his breath

HS: Why does this son of a bitch keep haunting me!?

Hot Stuff pushes a pile of papers off the desk and hammers his fist down, as the camera goes back to ringside

Justin Decent: The following contest is a Triple Threat, and is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, hailing from London, England, standing at 6 feet 4 inches, and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is… ”PRIMETIME” MATTHEW KENNEDY!!!

The arena lights go dark as a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", as the last word is said the into to "You Got Another Thing Comin'" by Judas Priest hits the arena speakers and Matthew struts down to the ring with Marty McFarge by his side, once he reaches the ringside area he removes his glasses and orders a ringside attendant to remove his jacket only to berate him for the slightest mistake before entering the ring whilst yells down the phone, once in the ring he bounces of the ropes as he waits for his opponent and Marty takes up position at ringside.

Justin Decent: The following contest is a Triple Threat, and is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, hailing from Dudelyville, California, standing at 6 feet, and weighing in at 215 pounds, he is… TOM DUDELY!!!

“Kamikaze” by Five Iron Frenzy blasts throughout the arena and Tom Dudely soon bursts out to the top of the ramp. He feeds off of the crowd’s booing as he makes his way to the ring, passing up as many outstretched hands as he can along the way. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, Tom gets a running start and slides into the ring. He hops to his feet and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to work the crowd before hopping down to face Kennedy.

Justin Decent: The following contest is a Triple Threat, and is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, hailing from Parts Unknown, standing at 6 feet 8 inches, and weighing in at 300 pounds, he is… RAGE!!!

Waking The Demon by Bullet for My Valentine starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. He stands at the entrance for a few moments, as the crowd cheers him on. He begins making his way to the ring. Once to the ring, Rage walks up the steel steps, stepping over the top rope to enter the ring, where he once again hoists his fists above him to the cheering crowd. He steps down and exchanges glares with both of his opponents.



Kennedy wastes no time in sneaking up behind Dudely while his attention is on the booing audience. Kennedy takes him down with a German Suplex, crashing him hard into the mat. The audience cheers, which has to be a first for Kennedy. As he gets up from the mat, Rage is there to answer him with a fist wrapped around his throat. The cheers get even louder as Rage is wearing his signature sadistic smile. He squeezes tighter until Primetime hits a knee to the gut, and another to his groin. Rage falls to one knee, still holding onto Primetime’s throat. Primetime wraps his arm around Rage’s neck, breaking the choke, and crashes down with an Evenflow DDT. He slowly gets up, dusting his hands off before turning around into a Dropkick from Dudely.

Simone: A precise Dropkick from Dudely, applied like a surgeon, and the audience is showing their disapproval.

Adams: He Dropkicked him so hard, he wound up in Dudelyville. Primetime is seeing stars.

Tom makes sure to soak in the boos, strutting around the ring with that smug smile on his face. He shrugs his shoulders before going to work on Rage, who is working his way back to his feet. A stomp, followed by another, and an Irish Whip. As Rage rebounds off of the ropes, Dudely leans down for a back body drop, but he receives the tip of Rage’s boot for his troubles. Rage grabs onto Tom and backs him against the ropes where he lands three consecutive chops. He then Irish Whips Tom with force, but Primetime is there to trip Dudely up with a Drop Toe Hold. He looks over to Rage begrudgingly while stomping on Tom. He shouts over to Rage with some unsavory words that makes Rage growl. He storms over to Primetime who gives him some room. They exchange a few more words before Rage leans down and picks Dudely up. He slings him over his shoulders almost as if setting up for a Tombstone Piledriver. He takes a few steps forward before sprinting, falling down with a Running Powerslam on Dudely. As he gets up, Primetime drops down with several quick punches to Dudely’s head while slinging insults.

Adams: It sounds like Primetime is taking credit for that maneuver on Tom as he trash talks him.

Simone: I don’t care if he makes a pact with God himself to play nice, he is still the same “Primetime” Matthew Kennedy, and he is still going to play by his own rules.

Adams: Yeah, but Rage doesn’t seem to like these rules very much… OH!

Rage grabs a handful of Kennedy’s hair, dragging him up to his feet. Kennedy hits a shoulderbutt to Rage, but Rage smacks him with an open fist. Both men go back and forth, their hits echoing loudly, and get the fans cheering. Rage hits the most insulting of moves as he bitch slaps the taste out of Primetime’s mouth. He wraps his hand around Kennedy’s throat, squeezing tighter and tighter as referee Drew Patton shouts at him for the illegal maneuver. Rage doesn’t pay him any mind as he laughs in Kennedy’s face. The referee begins a count.





Facing disqualification, Rage hoists Kennedy into the air, ready for a Chokeslam from hell. He holds him up before planting him hard against the mat. Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees Dudely on his feet and charging at him. He hoists Dudely up into the air, but Tom rolls around, using his own momentum to come crashing down with a Tornado DDT. He gets up and holds his arms out in celebration. He shakes his head with a smile on his face as he walks over to the ropes. He climbs up them backwards and perches himself on the top turnbuckle. He sizes up his opponents before leaping off with a Frog Splash. With his projection, he lands on top of Matthew Kennedy. He hooks the leg as Drew drops down for the count.



Kennedy lifts his leg onto the bottom rope, and Tom smacks the mat in frustration. He shouts at Patton and smacks the back of his right hand against the palm of his left three consecutive times. Drew shakes his head and holds up two fingers. Tom shakes his head and waves off the referee. He drags Primetime to the center of the ring where he hits a Rolling Senton. He shoots up, bouncing off of the ropes and comes crashing down with a Standing Splash on Kennedy. He hooks the leg once more as Drew drops down for the count. However, before he can even tap the mat once, Rage pulls him off by the ankle. He is about to drop Tom’s leg when his angry glare turns into pure Rage bliss… He twists Dudely’s ankle around before locking on an orthodox Ankle Lock. He laughs maniacally as Tom struggles to escape from it. Tom’s groans of pain only fuel Rage to grind bone against bone, savoring the moment.

Adams: Rage looks a little too happy out there. It’s one thing to be confident, but Rage really seems to be enjoying it.

Simone: How long have you been calling this ape’s matches? Causing pain is the only thing that makes Rage happy, and he’s doing quite a number out there as we speak.

Tom does his best to crawl toward the ropes, slowly inching his way over toward them with everything he’s got. Rage follows along with him, his smile only getting bigger as Tom is within a foot of the ropes. After Tom’s epic battle, Rage pulls him back to the center of the ring, taunting him as the fans cheer him on. Tom buries his face in his arms, trying to mask his painful shouts. He slowly reaches his arm out, trying his best not to tap out. He raises his fist, about to tap when Kennedy comes up from behind Rage. Unseen by the referee, he hits a low blow on Rage and quickly wraps his arms around Rage’s larger frame. He rolls back with a backbreaker as Tom’s face shows the relief. He crawls over to the corner as Primetime stomps away at the massive Rage. He doesn’t stop there, walking over to Tom, he stomps away at his back, working his way down to the ankle that Rage had been working on. He pulls Dudely out of the corner, dropping down, grinding his elbow into the ankle, causing Tom to scream out more. He reaches out, grabbing onto the ropes. Drew shouts at Primetime, but he ignores it, initiating a count.






Kennedy begrudgingly lets up, rolling off of Tom. He stands up and watches as Tom tries to get up on the ankle. He gives it a swift kick before turning back around to Rage. He sits on his back, locking his arms under his chin, lifting up on Rage’s chin in a Camel Clutch. Rage doesn’t take long to crawl over to the ropes, latching onto them as tightly as he can.

Simone: Primetime almost seemed to fade into the background for a minute, but he has made his way back into the fold with a vengeance!

Adams: I kinda think he was letting them beat the hell out of each other so he could come out of the gate like he was on fire. Actually, it worked!

Kennedy holds on until Drew reaches the forth count. He gets up and spins around with an elbow drop to the small of Rage’s back. He steps back as Drew checks on Rage. He acts as if he were going to play nice before stepping onto Rage’s back. He stands there, holding onto the top rope as he bounces up and down. Drew warns him and he steps off as Rage crawls to the corner. Primetime goes for a running knee block, but Rage rolls out of the way. He gets up, clutching at his back. As Primetime turns around, Rage clutches onto his throat once more. He backs him into the corner where he assaults him, alternating knee after knee to the gut. As he backs out of the corner, he lets punch after punch fly. They exchange vicious blows against each other as they work their way to the center of the ring.

Adams: All hell has officially broken loose. Holds and technical maneuvers are out the window now.

Simone: And Tom is trying his best to get up on that ankle, and it doesn’t seem to be working out to well for him.

Rage headbutts Kennedy between the eyes before flinging him toward the ropes, however he brings him back for a short-armed clothesline. Kennedy ducks under it and latches on for a belly to back suplex. Rage reaches behind and latches onto Kennedy’s head, dragging him onto his shoulder. He drops Kennedy down with a Death Valley Driver. As he is rising up, Tom Dudely comes crashing down with his patented Axe Kick! The crowd boos as he rolls Rage over onto his back. He collapses on top of Rage, hooking the leg for the cover.




Justin Decent: And your winner via pinfal… TOM DUDELY!!!

”Kamikaze” plays over the speakers as Tom celebrates but Rage stares at him. Rage attempts to leave the ring, but Tom nails him in the back of the head with a forearm. Kennedy return to their feet and starts to stomp on Rage while he's on the floor. Kennedy and Tom pick up Rage and nails Rage with a double DDT. Both men return to their feet but the lights drop out, causing Tom and Matthew to look at the entrance ramp. A blood red moon appears on the screen, but explodes, blood splattering at the screen, and runs down, revealing the word "KAIN!"

Adams: Oh my God! It was Kain! Kain was in Hot Stuff's office! Kain is here!

The song, On We March, fills the air with its thumping bass drum and the noise creeps its way in. Tom and Kennedy freeze and look at the ramp as Kain, dressed in the long coat seen in Hot Stuff's office, walks out. Fans cheer, happy to see Kain after his absense, but others boo.

Simone: Kain hasn't been seen since Jordan Williams broke his arm!

Kain walks down the ring at a fast pace, running the last few feet and sliding under the bottom rope. Kennedy and Dudely instantly start to stomp on Kain, but Kain fights his way to his feet, nailing Tom with a hard shot, sending him flying backwards. Kain spins around and catches Kennedy with a huge whirlwind fist. Before Kennedy can hit the floor, Kain jumps up and nails him with Malice!

Adams: Malice!

Tom puts his fists up to Kain, but Kain swings at him. Tom drops down and rolls out of the ring, away from Kain as the fans cheer loudly for the returning superstar.

Simone: I can't believe he's back and sending out a clear message to SCW's locker room!

Kain climbs on the middle rope, putting his arms out to the side as he faces Kennedy and Dudely retreating up the ramp.

Adams: I think Kain just sent out a very personal message to Hot Stuff by trying to attack one of his new stable mates.

The camera fades in to Odette Ryder, sitting in the locker room looking focused on her upcoming match. Gabriel's arms wrap around Odette's shoulders. A smile crosses Odette's face as Gabriel kisses her on her cheek. Odette stands up, wrapping her arms around Gabriel.

Odette: Congrats baby!

Gabriel rubs his jaw

Gabriel: Thank you.

Odette wraps her arms tighter around Gabriel.

Gabriel: But now I got rid of those two, should I start fearing Jamie and Giani?

Gabriel smiles as Odette pulls away and punches Gabriel playfully in the arm.

Odette: You know I was only joking when I said that.

Gabriel: I know, I already know you really think that me and Despy would beat those guys anyway.

Gabriel smiles at Odette and Odette smiles back at Gabriel.

Odette: Someone's confident.

Gabriel: Of course gorgeous.

Gabriel kisses Odette softly on the lips and pulls away quickly.

Gabriel: Now it's time for you to get confident, because you'll be coming back here with that title that got stolen from you a while ago.

Odette runs her fingers through Gabriel's hair.

Odette: So no pressure than.

Odette smirks at Gabriel

Gabriel: Nah, no pressure.

The sound of Jaya's music plays in the distance.

Odette: That's my cue.

Gabriel kisses Odette quickly on the lips.

Gabriel: Good luck sweetheart, kick some arse.

Odette nods as she walks out of the room and towards the curtain

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a four way dance to crown a new SCW Bombshell champion!

The fans cheer

Justin: Introducing first, from Philadelphia, PA, weighing in at one hundred and thirty two pounds, she is The Golden Girl... JAYA DECARLO!

"No Church in the Wild" by Jay Z & Kanye West ft. Frank Ocean blasts through the sound system and Jaya DeCarlo makes her way from the back. She walks down the ramp and quickly steps up the steps, raising her arms as she enters the ring, to a chorus of boos

Justin: And her opponent, from Los Angeles, CA, weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds, she is SCW's TickleCutie...

Justin shrugs his shoulders

Justin: She is AMANDA CORTEZ!

The song "Feuer frei" by Rammstein is played and Amanda comes to the stage, dressed in a really short and tattered jeans shorts, a belly free top and some really high heeled stripper sandals and the fans are cheering at her. She waves at them and blows kisses at them while she makes her way down to the ring. Then she slides into the ring, kicks her shoes out of the ring, jumps on the ropes in the corner, raises her arms in victory and blows kisses at the fans again.

Justin: And their opponent, from Queensland, Australia, weighing in at one hundred and twenty six pounds, she is a former SCW Bombshell and Bombshell tag team champion, she is ODETTE RYDER!

“Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?” as the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. “Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me” as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette’s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette’s skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation. Her black ripped jeans hug so tightly to her glittery skin as the lighting in the arena slowly starts to return back to normal. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can’t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette’s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette’s piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her opponent as ‘Blood in my eyes’ fades from the Pa system.

Justin: And their opponent, from the Isle Of The Gods, Greece, weighing in at one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is The Goddess Of Death, she is NECRA OCTAVIAN KANE!

The lights in the arena go out, as a golden spotlight goes oer the crowd, and comes to stop at the back of the stage, as "Black and Silver" by Xandria begins to play over the speakers. A black mist begins to roll over the stage and rampway, as two lines of men and women walk down to the ramp, and line either side, holding flags with a strange symbol on them. At the back of the stage,a golden barge appears with 4 very built men wearing masks of Anubis, Osiris, Ma'at, and Apep on the four corners. Behind the barge is a man wearing a skull for a mask follows behind. They reach the ring, and the skull faced man moves to the side of the barge, removing the golden death mask from the Goddess of the Dead. She opens her eyes as she is helped up, and heads to the ring, as her followers fall to their knees. She walks up the stairs, and steps into the ring. She raises her hands, as flames shoot up from each of the posts, as the lights go up.



The bell rings and Odette instantly swings around and charges at Jaya DeCarlo, taking her down to the canvas and blasting her with huge shots to the head.

Adams: Someone hasn't forgiven someone else for the last Climax Control show.

Odette scrambles off Jaya and pulls her to her feet, backing her off in to the corner as Necra and Amanda simply watch on from across the ring. Odette slams hard forearms to Jaya's head, but Jaya tries to cover up. Odette lifts her to the top rope, sitting her on top and climbs to the middle rope, dropping shots down on to Jaya's head, but Jaya pushes Odette off. Odette lands on her back, but rolls through and charges at Jaya, diverting to the right and using the ropes as a springboard and bounces up, kicking Jaya in the side of the head as she sits down on the top rope. Odette lands on her feet and quickly climbs back to the second rope and rains down shots on Jaya. Necra and Amanda both move towards Odette from behind and put an arm on her each, pulling Odette off the ropes and nailing her with a double spinebuster. Amanda quickly jumps on top of Odette but before the referee can drop down for a cover, Necra pulls Amanda off. Amanda springs up and stands in Necra's face.

Simone: There's no friends in a title match like this.

Necra runs her fingers down Amanda's cheek

Adams: Maybe there is

Necra drills Amanda with a sharp right hand, knocking the German bombshell straight to the canvas. Necra stalks around Amanda.

Simone: Necra wants this title as much as the other three women in this match. I don't think anything that's happened between her and Amanda lately is going to stop her.

Adams: This is not just a battle for the gold, it's a battle of national pride. Four ladies, representing four different countries. American bombshell, Aussie bombshell, Greek bombshell and a Puerto Rican bombshell.

Necra picks up Amanda and gets to her side, hooking her body up and dropping her forward with a front Russian legsweep. Necra stares at Amanda with a cold expression on her face. Necra moves down beside Amanda and puts a claw hold on her head, squeezing down on Amanda's temple, while placing her other hand on top on her first. Jasmine St John asks Amanda if she wants to quit, but before she can answer, Jaya DeCarlo kicks Necra in the back of the head, forcing her to break the hold she has over the Puerto Rican born bombshell. Jaya quickly tugs Necra to her feet and gets her in a front face lock and drops her down with a DDT. Jaya rolls Necra over and quickly goes for the cover.



Odette comes out of nowhere with a legdrop across Jaya's head, breaking the count

Simone: Jaya nearly took the win with that quick DDT.

Before Jaya can turn to Odette, Amanda takes Odette out with a hard clothesline. Jaya turns back to stomp on Necra. Amanda picks up Odette and forces the Aussie bombshell back against the ropes and whips Odette across the ring. As Odette flies back, Amanda jumps in the air and catches her under the chin with a high legged clothesline, knocking Odette to the canvas. Amanda runs to the ropes and uses the middle rope as a springboard and jumps around, spinning in the air and dropping a leg drop across Odette's chest. Odette rolls over and Amanda drops down behind her and locks on a reverse armbar, leaning back across Odette and putting the pressure on her. Odette tries to fight to her knees, but Amanda holds firm. Jasmine St John checks on Odette but Odette shakes her head and gets on to her knees. Odette rolls through, risking injury, but flipping Amanda on to her back, breaking the hold. Amanda gets to her feet first and kicks Odette across the chest. She tries to kick Odette again, but Odette grab her leg and flips her over and off her feet in to an ankle lock!

Adams: The only way Odette can win the title is by submission and she's going for it right now!

Amanda pulls herself towards the ropes, but Odette grapevines Amanda's leg. Necra becomes aware of the situation and kicks Odette in the back, breaking the hold. Necra turns around, only to be met with a single legged dropkick from Jaya.

Simone: So much action going on, hard to see where to look.

Jaya pulls Necra to her feet, but Necra gets behind Jaya and hooks her around the waist, lifting her over with a German suplex in to a backflip. Necra holds on and drops Jaya with a second German suplex.

Adams: Orca special!

Necra leans back and bridges in to a pin


Odette kicks Necra's legs away, breaking the pin.

Simone: Necra was a heartbeat away from becoming SCW Bombshell champion.

Amanda pulls Odette away from Necra and tosses her in the corner. Necra pulls Jaya back to her feet and slams an uppercut in to Jaya's jaw. Necra grabs hold of Jaya, by the hair and holds her throat across the top rope, pushing down on it and choking the youngest bombshell in the match. Necra pulls her by the hair and drops to her knees, slamming Jaya in to the canvas by the back of her hair. Jaya rolls to her stomach but Necra drops down, placing her knee on Jaya's back and pulling back on her hair. Jaya fights to her knees but Necra wraps her arms around Jaya's chin. Jaya stands up and drops backwards, squashing Necra underneath her weight.

Adams: Someone get the ice scraper out.... thanks.

On the other side of the ring, Amanda bounces off the ropes, jumping in the air and wrapping her legs around Odette's head with a flying head scissors, flipping Odette over. Odette rolls and get back to her feet, and Amanda charges at Odette again, attempting a clothesline, but Odette ducks. As Amanda turns around, Odette jumps backwards, nailing Amanda in the face with a huge Pele kick. Amanda hits the mat hard and Odette goes for the cover, but Jasmine shakes her head, under instruction not to count for Odette.

Simone: Thanks to that bast.... ummm, boss man backstage, Odette can only win the title by submission.

Odette punches the ground and gets back to her feet, waiting for Amanda to get back to hers. As she does, Odette jumps in the air and nails Amanda with a hurricanruna. As Amanda gets to her feet again, Odette picks her up and drops her with a swinging backbreaker before moving to her legs and lifting them up. The crowd cheer as Odette steps in and turns Amanda over, locking in a sharpshooter. The fans cheer louder as Amanda raises her hand off the canvas but Necra grabs hold of Odette's head and drops down with a sitout facebuster!

Adams: I think Amanda was gonna tap out there.

Necra leans over Odette and hammers shots in the young Australian's face, a whole new level of aggression creeping through.

Simone: Wow, did Odette insult her mother or something.

Necra straddles over Odette and starts to nail heavy shots on to Odette. Odette covers up and wiggles free, but Necra quickly gets to her feet. Necra grabs Odette with a side headlock and jumps forward with a bulldog. Necra keeps the hold locked in tightly. Odette fights her way to her feet, pulling herself up while Necra keeps the hold locked around Odette's head, but Odette lifts Necra over and slams her back first in to the ground, forcing the hold to be broken. As both women return to their feet, Necra smashes Odette down with another clothesline, quickly dropping to her side and grabbing Odette's head, slamming it hard in to the canvas. Odette fires back two quick punches to Necra's face. Necra drops an elbow on to Odette face and pulls her to her feet. Necra hooks Odette up and lifts her over with a quick snap suplex. Necra pulls Odette to her feet again, but Odette pulls her down in a small package. Odette releases the hold quickly, both quickly getting to their feet. As they do, Odette jumps up and nails Necra with an enziguri, spinning Necra around, and causing a loud thump to echo around the arena.

Adams: Oh damn, Necra's head just nearly made it to the fifth row!

Necra lands on her back, and Odette stands beside her, facing away. Odette jumps in the air and lands on Necra with a flying standing moonsault. Odette gets directly off Necra, knowing she can not win by pin and looks towards the ropes. Odette runs towards them and bounces off the middle rope, using it as a springboard to land a lionsault. Odette flips Necra on her side and pulls her head and legs backward with a bow and arrow lock. Odette rolls on to her back, lifting Necra up high with an elevated bow and arrow lock. Necra lays still on Odette's knees, but Jaya comes out of nowhere with a baseball slide to Odette's ribs. Odette drops Necra and Amanda waits on Jaya turning around.

Simone: Amanda looks ready to pounce.

Adams: Like a tiger!

As Jaya turns around, Amanda pounces with the trouble in paradise, smashing Jaya in the face. Amanda scrambles over Jaya.


Jaya kicks out

Adams: Closer than a hair on my chinny chin chin.

Amanda looks down at Jaya in disappointment and moves to the corner, climbing up the top rope. She looks around the arena before diving off with a swanton bomb, but Jaya moves out of the way at the last second. Amanda crashes hard and Jaya gets to her feet. As Amanda gets back to her feet, Jaya jumps up and nails her in the side of the head with a huge spinning roundhouse kick, catching Amanda on the jaw and knocking her half way across the ring. Jaya smirks at the crowd as she moves towards Amanda, looking down and yelling at her before going to the corner and top rope herself.

Simone: Didn't she learn anything from Amanda's failed top rope attempt

Jaya looks down and dives off the top rope with an almighty frog splash, the impact bouncing her off Amanda. Jaya scrambles on top of Amanda and Jasmine jumps down to make the count.


Amanda kicks out.

Adams: Jaya came close there.

Jaya pulls Amanda to her feet, but Amanda puts a boot up side Jaya head with a huge karate kick, spinning Jaya around. Amanda grabs Jaya by the head and drops her down with a one handed bulldog, bouncing Jaya's skull off the canvas. Amanda picks Jaya off the floor and whips her hard in to the corner, following up and jumping in the air with a splash. Amanda grabs Jaya by the head as she stumbles out and catches her with a monkey flip. Jaya flies through the air and lands hard. Amanda walks towards Jaya but Necra gets behind her and pulls her over with a schoolboy pin


Amanda kicks out

Simone: Necra nearly stole a win there while Amanda was focused on Jaya.

Amanda gets to her feet and nail Necra in the face with a hard shot, knocking the Black Lady down to the ground. Amanda jumps down on to Necra, dropping her knee across the forehead of Necra. Amanda pulls Necra to her feet and moves behind her, wrapping her arms around Necra's head with a sleeper hold before dropping down with a flashback. Amanda pulls herself over Necra and Jasmine drops down to count.


Odette stamps on Amanda, breaking up the pin.

Adams: I can't predict a winner here.

Jaya attacks Odette from behind, knocking here to the canvas. Amanda gets back to her feet, pulling Necra back up but Necra moves behind and lifts Amanda up with a high angle German suplex, Amanda landing hard on the back of her head. Jaya has Odette on the mat, nailing her with huge shots to the forehead. Jaya gets to her feet and charges towards Necra and Amanda as they battle by the ropes, clotheslining Necra over the top rope. Odette charges towards Amanda and Jaya, but Amanda ducks and backbody drops Odette over the top rope, landing on Necra. Jaya turns to face Amanda but Amanda kicks her in the gut. As Jaya ducks down, Amanda grabs her head and nails her with the #1 Stunna!

Simone: #1 Stunna! Amanda could become the new champion!

Amanda covers Jaya


Ding ding ding!

Justin: The winner of the match.... AND NEW SCW Bombshell champion.... Amanda Cortez!

Simone: Amanda Cortez has won the SCW Bombshell title! We have a new face leading the bombshell division!

As the title is handed to Amanda, Laura Jackson runs from the back, wrapping her arms around her friend. Amanda raises the title above her head

The scene opens up backstage, where SCW Heavyweight Champion Nick Jones is seen walking backstage, already fully dressed in his ring gear and with his title belt around his waist, being accompanied by his hired muscle and entourage member, Tony Capicelli. As the two walk down the hall, they carry on their conversation.

Nick: Listen, neither you guys nor anyone else are going to be allowed to get involved, but I still don't trust those scumbags in Spike's little ripoff stable. I can take care of myself, but you keep an eye back here and if you say any of those little shits trying to sneak their way towards the ring, you knock their teeth out. Got me?

Tony: You's don't needs to tell me twice, boss. I ain't need no excuse to punch dems guys face in.

Nick: Glad to hear it. Head back to the lockerroom, I'll be right there behind you, I just need to do one of those stupid interview things first.

Tony: You's got it, boss.

Tony turns and walks off down one of the adjacent hallways as Nick continues on towards the interview area. Nick starts to turn down a hallway and suddenly comes to a quick stop as the expression on his face quickly changes to one of disgust.

Nick: What the hell are YOU doing here?

The scene pans out to show the man standing right in front of Nick as none other than "Beautiful" Billy James, who is wearing a huge smile on his face.

Billy: Who, me? I'm just stopped on by to catch up with some old friends.

Nick: Haven't you learned your lesson from last time? You're not welcome here. You're not even allowed to be back here. It's about time for you to have your ass dragged back out of here once again

Nick then looks away from Billy, facing further down the hall as he puts his hands up around his mouth as he loudly calls down the hall.


Billy: Now, now. No need to get ahead of yourself. I can assure you, I'm more than welcome back here.

Nick: Yeah, we'll see about that.

A moment later, a group of men wearing shirts reading "SCW Security" walk up from behind Billy. One of them turns and looks to Nick.

Security: Something wrong here, sir?

Nick: You're damn right there is. This man needs to be escorted out of the building. He does not work here and has no right to be back here.

Billy: If I could interrupt, as I was trying to explain to Little Nicky here, I actually have a backstage guest pass that I was awarded. I'm not here to cause any trouble, just visiting some old friends I have who work for this company.

Security: Could I see that pass?

Billy: Um, sure, I guess so.

Hearing Billy's hesitant response puts a big smile on Nick's face, which only grows as he sees Billy patting around in his pockets and not coming up with anything.

Nick: Something wrong, Billy? Where's that backstage pass, huh?

Billy does not say a word, but instead just puts one finger up and then suddenly, reaches into his back pocket and pulls out of it, an SCW backstage pass. Upon seeing it, Nick's eyes go wide and a look of anger comes across his face.

Billy: Sorry about that, here you go.

Billy hands the pass over to the security, who looks it over for a few moments before handing it back to Billy. He then turns and looks to Nick.

Security: I'm sorry sir, but as he said, he is authorized to be back here.

Nick: Fine, then I'll just have to take care of him myself.

Nick goes to lunge at Billy, however with security already so close, they are quick to get in between. Nick tries to fight his way through them and swings at Billy, causing Billy to try to get after Nick as well. Security quickly reacts, grabbing both men and pulling them apart, a couple of men restraining each man as they both try to fight away and get at one another. As they get pulled further apart, Nick starts screaming at Billy.

Nick: This is your last chance you son of a bitch! I ever see your face again and I'll beat the living hell out of you. You hear me?!?

Billy: Anytime you little punk!

Realizing he isn't going to get any further forward, Billy then shoves the security guards off of him and turns and walks off in the opposite direction. After just a couple of steps, Billy then suddenly catches a foot in the face that comes flying from off camera, laying him out right in the middle of the hallway. The scene then pans out to show SCW Co-Owner "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward standing over Billy with a huge smile on his face.

Adams: Ouch! That had to hurt!

Simone: More than just that, that Red Hot is the first physical contact we've seen between Mark Ward and Billy James in many, many years. This could have just opened up a whole new can of worms!

Adams: Ew, that sounds gross. Why would you they do that?

Simone: What it means is that this one probably just got kicked up a few notches.

Backstage, SCW Reporter Pussy Willow is seen walking up to the locker room of the Seven Deadly Sins. She knocks on the door and awaits an answer. As the door pops open, the fans are treated to a bit of a surprise as former Bombshell Champion and Bombshell Roulette Champion, Kittie enters the shot from the side. There is an instant round of cheering as she stands there, smiling at the sound. Pussy Willow looks a bit shocked herself as Despayre brushes past her, throwing his arms around Kittie, careful of her “baby bulge”.

Despayre: KITTIE! Look everyone! Look who’s here!

Kittie smirks as Despayre releases his excited hold on her. She pats his back as he tries to pull her into the locker room. As they enter, the rest of the sins let out their own expressions of surprise. Gabriel stands up from his seat for Kittie, but she declines.

Kittie: It feels great to be here, even if I am not competing. I had to make an appearance for the first Supercard anniversary. It was just over a year ago that I almost won the Bombshell Championship against that tart, Misty.

Despite her (rather tame) words, she still wears a smile. She takes a deep breath as she looks over to Pussy Willow.

Kittie: So much has happened within this year, and I just wish I could have completed that year as an active competitor. However, I have been blessed with the gift of life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Pussy: I don’t mean offense with this, but I have never seen you in such a calm state before. Have you had your meds adjusted since you took leave?

Kittie takes a few steps forward. She is wearing a look on her face that almost looks sinister as she wraps an arm around the reporter. She turns to face her, holding on tighter and tighter.

Kittie: And what exactly is that supposed to mean? Did you think I was batshit crazy before, or something?

Pussy: Well, I just meant…

Kittie: I’m just messing with you! Geez… I think aside from the Sins, I have missed you the most, Pussy. We’ve had some fun times, haven’t we?

Pussy looks relieved as an uneasy smile spreads across her face. Kittie releases the hold, and takes a step back. She giggles happily as Pussy clearly eases up.

Kittie: I just wanted to come here, enjoy the ever improving standard in wrestling that is an SCW Supercard, let everyone know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, and catch up with my family here with their big matches tonight. It is so nice to be here!

Pussy: Well, we are glad to see you here tonight. The Sin City Wrestling staff cannot wait to see you make your return to the ring! And good luck to Rage and Sinful Obsession with your matches later tonight.

Over in the corner, Gabriel mutters something under his breath, only for Despyare to retort aloud.

Despayre: Yeah, Kittie is acting weird. Like, really weird!

Gabriel: What? You was all thinking it too…

Shane: I gotta admit, I’m a little scared myself, Kitten…

Kittie: Oh screw you guys…

Rage: Okay, I feel better now…

Kittie rolls her eyes and waves them off before following Pussy Willow out of the locker room.

The camera returns to the ring where Justin Decent is standing in the center, and the head SCW referee, Jasmine St. John, climbs inside.

Adams: Oh man! This is the one I've been looking forward to!

Simone: This is the one that everybody has been looking forward to! The return match between Nick Jones and Spike Staggs with the gold on the line! And thanks to Christian Underwood, this time there'll be no doubts and no excuses!

The crowd murmurs in anticipated suspense and the bell sounds.


Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! It is now time, for the Main Event of High Stakes II!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: And it is for the Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!

The cheers grow louder!


The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Madness" by DJ Nade plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage.

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger! From St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds ... Spike Staggs!

Spike smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet. He bounces between the ropes as he waits for his opponent.

Simone: Spike is ready! You can see it in his eyes!

Adams: I'll say! He's been waiting for this one ever since Mark screwed him out of the last title shot he had against Nick!

Simone: Well that's not going to happen this time! Christian has stepped in and taken every possible precaution to ensure Nick will not receive any aide what-so-ever!

Spike stops his bouncing from the ropes and turns to stare at the entrance.

Justin: His opponent is to be accompanied by the Entourage! From Los Angeles, California, weighing 251 pounds, he is the current reigning, and defending, Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion ... Nick Jones!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the rampway and then stops for a moment. He then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as, a cocky smirk then comes across his face as he flexes his muscles. Diana rubs Nick's chest as he looks at his muscles, looking rather impressed with himself as the smirk on his face grows. Nick then gets up and takes Diana's arm and turns and looks back at the ramp and waits as Nick's "muscle", Big B and Slick Tony make their way out. The two men flank Nick and Diana as they make their way down the rampway. They all head down the rampway, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans on his way down to the ring, flipping off a few people here and there. Nick then walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, as he watches her from behind, before he quickly walks up them and then walks across the apron, while Big B and Tony wait outside the ring. Nick steps one leg into the ring and then takes a seat onto the middle rope for a moment, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there for a moment, just looking around the arena. He looks at all the people sitting around and just gets a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring. He swings his other leg into the ring and then walks over to his corner, where Diana sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back as Diana rubs his shoulders, as Nick stands there and waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Simone: Nick Jones, as arrogant as ever!

Adams: You'd think he'd be nervous considering the rulings against him in this match by Christian.

Simone: Well he's either confident enough in his own skills, or else he has something else in mind to slip away from this challenge.

The crowd starts to cheer.

Adams: Oooh, speak of the Devil!

Co-Owner Christian Underwood is walking down the aisle and towards the ringside area. Nick turns and sees him and a frown crosses his face. He follows the 'other' boss's movement around the ring and glares as Christian pulls up a chair by the time keeper's table and has a seat.

Simone: Doesn't look so confident now.

Adams: Well it's a bit hard to pull shenanigans when the boss is sitting right there, watching.

Jasmine walks over and instructs the Entourage to leave the ring. They do so, begrudgingly, and Nick passes the championship belt over to the official. She then walks it over and holds it out to Spike who pats it in good luck. Jasmine brings the gold to the middle of the ring and holds it up for all to see. The crowd responds with cheers.

Simone: And that right there is what this is all about! The SCW Heavyweight Championship!

Adams: Come on and ring the bell!

Jasmine hands the belt out to Justin and she calls for the opening bell!



The crowd starts clapping and stomping as both champion and challenger come from out of their corners and they circle the ring, staring one another down. They pause briefly and lunge, ready to tie up, but Nick ducks behind Spike and grabs him in a rear waistlock. Spike struggles and tries to pry his hands loose, but Nick uses the leverage to swing Spike over and down, taking him to the mat face-first while retaining the waistlock. The Entourage applauds the display as Nick holds him and Spike struggles first to a sitting position, and then pushes himself up to his feet. Spike grabs at Nick's joined hands and then shifts his weight, breaking free and he ducks behind the champion with his own rear waistlock. Nick shifts his own weight and hiptosses Spike over with Nick on top for a fast cover.

1..... Spike kicks out!

Simone: No way! Too soon for a cover!

Adams: Nick probably did it more for show than anything.

Both men are up, Nick on his feet and Spike on bended knee, with fists raised.

Simone: Only seconds into this one and tempers are already flaring.

Nick then jumps and hits a Shining Wizard strike to the side of Spike's head, from out of nowhere. Spike is knocked to his back and Nick covers him again, hooking the near leg.

1..... Spike kicks out quickly a second time.

Nick brings Spike to his feet and hits him with a stiff forearm shot to the chest, followed up with a European uppercut, knocking the challenger back into the ropes. Nick then goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Spike reverses it. Spike takes a swing at Nick but Nick ducks into it, grabs Spike's arm and takes him forcibly down to the canvas in a Fujiwara armbar.

Simone: I admit surprise! We are seeing some incredible technical wrestling on the part of the champion!

Adams: Well he doesn't have much choice! Any slip ups and it's good-bye to the gold!

Spike is forced down to the mat, but the challenger is able to block the full brunt of the painful hold. Spike then somersaults over and turns it into a hammerlock on the champion, forcing Jones face down to the canvas.

Adams: Nick's not the only one showing his skills. Spike's doing pretty damn good in that category too.

Spike forces Nick's arm up his back and the champion hollers out in pain, pounding the mat with his free hand. Jasmine drops down to check on him and ask for his submission but Nick looks at her as if she is nuts.

Adams: A submission from a hammerlock?

Simone: Especially in a title match of this magnitude?

Nick struggles to change his positioning on the mat, and then maneuvers himself onto his knees. He pushes himself up and reaches behind, grabbing Spike and snapmaring him over to the canvas and into an immediate rear chinlock. Spike grits his teeth tightly, then shifts his own weight, grabs Nick by the arm and arm drags him over. Both men are up to their feet immediately and facing off, the crowd applauding this display.

Adams: Hell I think they're even applauding Nick's showing!

Simone: They'd be crazy not too.

The two begin to circle once again, sizing one another up, before they again lock up. This ends when Spike quickly grabs the champion into a side headlock. Spike cranks the pressure on, and Nick backs him into the ropes and tries to fire him off but Spike holds on and they skid to a halt. Nick starts shouting at Jasmine, as does the members of the Entourage about a 'phantom' hair pull. Nick then lifts Spike up for an atomic drop but Staggs shifts his weight and hiptosses him over and back into the headlock on the mat. Nick's shoulders are down and Jasmine counts!

1..... Nick gets the shoulder up.

Adams: Has anyone ever gotten pinned with a side headlock?

Simone: If they have, nobody'd ever know about it because they'd never show their face again.

Nick grabs Spike around the waist and rolls him back over onto his shoulders.

2..... Spike rolls out and keeps the headlock on.

Nick slowly regains his footing and gets back to his feet. He then runs Spike into the near corner, but Spike uses the turnbuckles to flip over and take Nick right back down to the mat and right back into the headlock! Nick is flaying about on the mat!

Adams: Oo the champ is pissed!

Nick tries to use his legs to grab Spike's head in a scissors but the challenger is just out of reach. The two remain on the mat for several moments until Nick again forces his way back up to a vertical base. Nick then backs towards the ropes and manages to shift hi weight to duck through the ropes and force a break. Jasmine warns Spike to let go of the hold and she starts her count.


Spike starts to break, then grabs the back of Nick's trunks and gives him the Atomic Wedgie from Hell! The crowd cheers and laughs as Nick howls in pained surprise! Spike laughs and grabs the back of his trunks and jerks them even higher up and then slaps Nick hard across his bare keister!

Simone: I think Spike is just having fun at the expense of the champion's dignity!

Adams: Or what's left of it!

The crowd is loving it as a furious Nick Jones takes a swing at Spike who moves and he doubles the champion over with a boot to the gut! Spike then sends him off the ropes and throws him up and over with a high back body drop! Nick crashes heavy on his back! The champions staggers up and falls back against the ropes and Spike nails him with a running clothesline, sending him flying out of the ring and he crashes hard to the arena floor!

Simone: The champion is out!

Adams: Well he needs to get back in if he doesn't want to lose that belt!

Tony and Diana are right over there to help Nick to his feet, but the champion blows past them and starts throwing a fit! He kicks at the barricade and throws a table over before he starts to storm back up the aisle!

Simone: What the hell does he think he's doing!? He'll lose the title if he gets counted out!

Diana runs after him and starts talking to him, pointing to the ring and Nick suddenly looks flustered and he darts back to the ring!

Adams: I think Diana just reminded him.

Nick climbs back onto the apron, and Spike charges at him but Nick drives a shoulder into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Nick then jumps up and over him, attempting a sunset flip but Spike struggles to remain standing. Spike then counters and drops down onto Nick's shoulders for the pin.

2..... Nick uses his legs to sunset flip Spike into his own pin.

2..... Spike rolls backwards and the jumps up and connects with a low clothesline on the champion. Spike covers him and hooks the leg.

2..... Nick kicks out and Spike tumbles under the bottom rope and goes to the floor.

Nick starts to stand up but Spike reaches in, grabs his leg and drags him out of the ring the hard way. Spike clubs a forearm down across Nick's back and then goes for a whip into the barricade when Nick swiftly counters and pulls him back into the ring steps, sending him into the steel so hard that Spike crashes over them and to the floor! Nick rolls into the ring and stands up, distracting Jasmine when Tony starts over toward Spike, when they see Christian stand up from his chair and simply -- watch.

Simone: Oh, no no no! Don't do it fellas unless you want your meal ticket to lose his title!

Tony realizes this and backs away, hands held up innocently. Spike then fights his way back up onto the ring apron, and Nick grabs him and brings him back into the ring with a head and arm suplex! Nick down with the cover.

2..... Spike kicks out!

Nick stands up with a smile on his handsome face.

Adams: Oh now he smiles.

Simone: And why not? He's in control of Spike Staggs for the time being.

Nick leans over Spike and starts to slap him upside of the head, mocking the challenger and degrading him. Nick then pulls him up and fires him off into the ropes, connecting with a flying leg lariat. Nick wastes no time and pulls the challenger back up, and brings him straight back down with a side Russian Legsweep, Nick rolling right through and into a cover.

2..... Spike kicks out!

Nick throws him back down and covers him again!

2..... Spike kicks out!

Frustrated, Nick throws him back down a third time and this time hooks the leg.

2..... Spike still kicks out!

Simone: If he didn't pin him the first time, what the hell makes him think he'll stay down one of the next two!?

Both men are now on their knees. Nick grabs Spike but Staggs punches him in the jaw and slams his face down into the canvas. Spike rolls him over and covers him.

2..... Spike gets the shoulder up.

Spike tries to grab him and pull him to his feet but Nick buries a knee up into his ribs, then uses his hair and trunks to dump him through the ropes and to the outside. Nick plays to the crowd who boo's its displeasure while Spike tries to recover outside of the ring. Jasmine starts her count...


Spike starts to climb onto the apron but Nick runs over and drives a knee into his side, knocking him off and back to the floor! Jasmine backs Nick away who just smiles and shrugs at the official. Jasmine then turns and starts her count again.


Spike rolls under the bottom rope and Nick grabs him and chokes him with his throat against the bottom rope! The referee counts to three and Nick breaks. Nick then presses his knee down against Spike's throat and chokes him again, and again the referee starts to count and gets to four before Nick stops. Jasmine yells at him but Nick sneers.

Nick: Count of four babe!

Simone: Unfortunately, it's true!

Nick pulls Spike up and drives him back into the corner. Nick then drives his shoulder into the challenger's stomach three times. Jasmine starts to break it up and Nick turns to yell at her. Spike hops up onto the top turnbuckle and when Nick turns back around, Spike leaps off and sunset flips him!

2..... Nick kicks out!

Spike grabs him but Nick picks him up and drops him over the top rope, throat first in a Hot Shot maneuver. Nick pulls him to his feet, scoops him up and slams him down hard. Nick then steps out onto the apron and starts to climb to the top.

Simone: Where the hell does he think he's going? That is high risk territory for a man like Nick Jones!

Nick gets distracted for a moment and yells at a ringside fan, when Spike is back on his feet. Spike swings a fist up into Nick's stomach, and then heaves him off, slamming him from the top!

Adams: Especially when that happens!

Spike, exhausted, falls back into the corner while Nick lays on the mat, hurt! The champions rolls over and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He turns around and Spike barrels right into him with a running clothesline! Nick is back up and Spike clotheslines him again! The crowd is now on its feet, cheering as Spike shakes the ropes, building fresh momentum! The Entourage looks nervous as Spike grabs Nick and sets him up for a powerbomb, and drives him straight down to the mat! Spike bellows to the fans and it's now the challenger that climbs to the top rope. He sizes the champion up and then leaps, performing a Shooting Star Press and landing right on top of the champion! Spike with the cover!

3 -- Nick's foot is on the bottom rope!

Adams: Oh my God! Oh my God! Spike almost had it!

Simone: We almost had a new champion!

Adams: Look at the Entourage! They want to step in but they know if they do... they're powerless!

Simone: Oh but *HE* isn't!

The crowd boos as "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward marches out and down to the ringside area! He walks around the ring to where Christian is and his business partner stands up and the two start talking heatedly! Christian telling Mark to go back but Mark refusing. Ward backs up the steps, one step at a time, and he then turns his back to Christian and suddenly undoes his belt and drops his pants, bending over in a tiny black thong! The crowd comes alive!

Adams: Good God! Mark Ward is mooning Christian Underwood!

Even the haters are cheering and whistling at Hot Stuff's sculpted backside in full display and he gives it a shake...

Adams: Look at the look on Christian's face! He can't take his eyes off of Mark's ass! Do you see that Belinda? ... Belinda? I said... uh oh! We lost her!

This is the opening the Entourage is looking for as they all climb up onto the apron! Spike runs over and dropkicks Big B, knocking him right off and to the floor! Spike then goes for Tony but the big Italian grabs Spike's head and drops down, dropping his throat across the top rope! The crowd explodes in cheers as the New Xtremes charge out! This brings out Nick's teammates as well in Jordan William and Tom Dudely!

Simone: Christ we have a battle royal going on at ringside!

Casey Williams and Tom Dudely! Jordan Williams and Aleksei Koji! Big B and Giani Di Luca! Tony and Jamie Staggs! Diana is screaming like a banshee as Vixen and Jessie Salco tear away at her clothes while Nick's squeeze tries to escape! Mark stands upright and points at the melee when Christian grabs him by the back of the thong and pulls it down! The crowd goes wild with cheers!

Adams: Thank God we're on pay-per-view!

Inside of the ring, Nick sends Spike into the corner and crushes him with a Stinger splash! Spike stumbles out of the corner and Nick sends him into the far side and charges in, going to repeat the maneuver but somehow, Spike catches him by the throat!

Simone: What the hell...!?

Spike powers him up and drops him down with a Baldo Bomb!

Adams: Spikey Plummet!

Spike with the cover, and he hooks the leg!


The crowd erupts in cheers!


Simone: We have a new champion! We have a brand new SCW Heavyweight Champion!

The brawls lows at the sound of the bell and the Entourage and Nicks stablemates stare in shock as Jasmine has the belt and is presenting it to -- Spike!

Justin: The winner of the match, and NEW Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion ... SPIKE STAGGS!

Spike stands up, holding the belt up high in the air! In the ensuing confusion, the members of NXT pile into the ring and they rush onto Spike, hugging him en masse! Mark, the rest of the 'unnamed' stable, and the Entourage are too stunned to do much of anything! It's Big B who finally pulls a dazed Nick from the ring and helps him to his feet! Nick stares into the ring and realizes what's happened and he starts screaming Bloody Murder!

Spike Staggs holds the Heavyweight strap high above his head as the fans cheer at a deafening volume. He soaks it in for a moment, but he clearly has something else on his mind. He drapes the belt over his shoulder and leans to the outside, retrieving a microphone from Justin Decent. He comes back to the center of the ring, taking a bow.

Spike Staggs: Thank you, thank you! But I have had a couple things on my mind now for over a week… First off, let me say just one thing. I believe that Sin City Wrestling needs to more carefully screen ALL superstars for drug usage. We saw the Bombshell Tag Championship decision from Violent Conduct get reversed, so why not just go ahead and carefully screen everyone. Why do I say this? Two words, plain and simple… BLADE ALEXANDER.. Are you on crack, dude?! Or are you just a fucking mo-ron?

Spike Staggs pauses for a moment as the fans boo. He nods his head and then a sadistic smile spreads across his face..

Spike Staggs: Yeah, that’s right Blade! I am talking to you. I just took down Nick Jones, but I am taking a moment to address you personally! I heard your little bitch fit you threw last week about how you should be the one in this match instead of me. While I got a fucking good laugh out of that, it made me think of a few things.

Spike Staggs thinks for a second, his smile fading to a look of seriousness. He strokes his chin curiously before continuing.

Spike Staggs: As I asked just moments ago, are you retarded? My nose is obviously not covered in the bosses shit. I just took out one of their golden boys, and the second one just happened to agree that Mark Ward’s favoritism is a travesty in this business. And who the hell do you think you are claiming you deserve anything when you high tailed it out of here several months ago, whereas I have been involved with this company in one form or another since day one, consistently?

Spike shrugs his shoulders, practically spitting into the microphone with disgust. He begins pacing back and forth, trying to make sense of the logic. Finally, he stops and looks out into the crowd.

Spike Staggs: Regardless, I will give you a gift, which of course, you will remain ungrateful over… I am going to step up as the champion, and I am going to take notice of a wannabe. Call me charitable, but I dare you to accept my challenge for this belt. Since day one, I have been dying for a chance to shut you the fuck up, and I am tired of waiting for you to earn a shot at my level of competition… See you next week, if you have the set…

Spike grabs at his crotch for emphasis. The audience cheers loudly as Spike drops the microphone. “Madness” by DJ Nade plays as Spike ascends the nearest turnbuckle, raising the belt high into the air.

Simone: Throw a fit all you like Nick! The bottom line is, there is a brand new Champion here in Sin City Wrestling! And his name is Spike Staggs! We're out of here tonight! We hope you've enjoyed High Stakes II, we'll see you on Climax Control!

THANK YOU: To Chris, Mark, Erik, Courtney, Craig, Aleksei, Matthew Kennedy, Argento, John Void, Maggie, Mike, Stephen, Vixen and to all our SCW roleplayers for making this show a great one