The show opens up inside of the crowded Eagles Nest Arena with the fans standing and cheering, waving for the attention of the camera. They hold up their signs that show their support for their favorite SCW superstars and the chant is heard throughout the building;


The holiday mood is in full swing as Christmas trees stand tall in several corners of the building and one giant one stands beside the ring itself. Garland is strung around the ring ropes in all colors and lights twine around the ring posts. The staff themselves are even taken with the holiday mood as both Belinda Simone and Jason Adams are clad in red with the much required Santa hats adorning their scalps.

Ring announcer Justin Decent stands in the ring, bare chested and dressed in a pair of lycra red booty shorts trimmed in white fur and black boots, along with the Santa hat on his head. He waves to the cheering crowd and brings the microphone up to address the crowd.

Justin: Hello everybody and welcome to the California debut of Sin City Wrestling, right here in Los Angeles, California!

The crowd on hand cheers with hearty enthusiasm at the mere mention of their hometown.

Simone: Cheap pop.

Justin: And more importantly, welcome to our grand holiday spectacular, December to Dismember! Tonight, we conclude the tournament to crown the SCW Tag Team Champions! We have the Bombshell and Heavyweight Championships on the line, and a slew of holiday themed matches packed with excitement!

The fans cheer with excitement.

Justin: Now without further ado, may I present to you our holiday hostess, Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer and applaud as the music starts and Amanda sashays out onto the stage, dressed in a classic Mrs. Clause costume, complete with white curly wig and horn rimmed glasses. She waves at the crowd and the performance begins.

Amanda: "Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree, For me.
Been an awful good girl, Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby, a 54 convertible too,
Light blue.
I'll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight


Think of all the fun I've missed,
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be just as good,
If you'll check off my Christmas list,

Santa baby, I wanna yacht,
And really that's not a lot,
Been an angel all year,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa honey, there's one thing I really do need,
The deed
To a platinum mine,
Santa honey, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a duplex,
And checks.
Sign your 'X' on the line,
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany's,
I really do believe in you,
Let's see if you believe in me,

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
A ring.
I don't mean on the phone,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry, tonight."

The fans applaud and Amanda prances around the stage, waving and blowing kisses before vanishing into the back.

Adams: She won't get any luck with Santa tonight!

Simone: And why is that?

Adams: I hear he comes only once a year.

Simone: Sorry I asked.

Adams: Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to December 2 Dismember

Simone: I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: and I'm Jaaaaaaaaaason Adams!

Simone: Sin City Wrestling has gone all out tonight to bring you tonight's supercard, where three championship belts will be on the line

Adams: That's right. Tonight makes history as the first ever Tag Team Champions will be crowned

Simone: Also the Bombshell title will be on the line, as Misty defends against Misty.

Adams: And in tonight's main event, we have a great match.

Simone: That's right Jason, because tonight, we have SCW Heavyweight champion Gabriel and Number 1 contender JT Underwood, squaring off again

Adams: It's been dubbed Gabriel Vs JT Underwood II after their mind blowing time limit draw on Climax control.

Simone: Tonight is going to to be one hell of a night, so do not take your eyes from the screen

Adams: Go out, get ya popcorn, your beer and pop right now, because we're in for a while ride.

Simone: Let's get it started

The scene shows Casey Williams getting ready in his locker room for his Lethal Lottery tag team tournament semifinals match between himself and Blade Alexander, and they are facing the tag team of Rage and Jamie Staggs. Casey turns his attention towards the camera.

Casey: “Rage, Jamie, you guys think you are so tough. Blade and I will show you guys that you guys will amount to nothing in this business. Between Blade and myself, we are the future of this business, and there is nothing that nobody can do to change that. Whether Blade and I win this match or not, we will do whatever it takes to get ahead. You guys think that I am more concerned with my best friend and former tag team partner, Ryan King than I am about this match. I will show the world how focused I am on this match.“

As Casey says this, he finishes getting ready for the match, and grabs his bottle of water, and takes a sip.

Casey: “I know it is the holiday season, yet I am not in the mood to give gifts. The only giving I will do is the gift of helping Blade defeat the losers known as Rage and Jamie Staggs. They will cry because they failed to obtain the tag team gold, due to the fact that they weren’t worthy to obtain them. The only tag team that is worthy of the tag team titles are Blade Alexander and I, where we took out the only team that wasn’t just thrown together in the Surf Boys. We will defeat the sorry excuses of the tag teams remaining in this tournament.”

The scene fades as Casey walks away, heading towards where he has the Harley placed for his ring entrance.

Darkness overtakes the screen as a ruffling noise is heard, followed by a nearly inaudible whisper. A loud bang is heard in what sounds like a locker room. The audience buzzes, until one very familiar voice is heard.

Jamie Staggs: Nobody says that shit about a Staggs and gets away with it. Especially not a hypocrite. This started out as a favor to The Seven Deadly Sins through my tag team partner, Rage, but it turned into something… more. Something that reminds me of my past, and why I know I can take myself lightly.

The sound of a light switch being flipped on echoes through the room as it is immediately flooded by the white fluorescent illumination. What is seen is a much bigger surprise than anyone could have imagine. Jamie’s usual dumbfounded look is now accompanied with a sort of glow in his eyes. The close up on his face remains the focus for the moment.

Jamie: If I figured out who wants to act like a badass with a secret message that involves teddy bears, then anyone could. It isn’t like rocket science or something. It’s cowardly. It’s so many things that this person called me, rolled into one big cliché of the pot calling the kettle black. But, that is what this “anonymous” person does. No one gave a shit about his brief case, so he went and slaughtered some bears. Is he going to slap babies and kick puppies next? I might be a walking parody of myself, but I don’t care what anyone says. I am me, and I will always be me. I will keep on Dickin’. We are so similar, except that I am a joke on purpose. You are, and you don’t even know it…<.font>

Jamie backs up, a different, and twisted sort of smile comes over his face.

Jamie: But know one thing. You don’t really want to fuck with me, because… Well… I am a Staggs, and we’re all a little fucked in the head.

Jamie’s expression flashes back to his usual, empty sort of expression, accompanied by his goofy laugh.

Jamie: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I made a very, very special Dick’d segment for you. Ode to the Cowardly Pussy, I call it. It fits, but that’s what she said! Schwing!

Jamie backs away from the camera slowly, and as he does, it comes into view. It is almost too artistic to be from the mind of Jamie Staggs, but nevertheless, it is. Jamie waves his arms around slowly to show off the variety of dildos and plush penises hanging from nooses attached to the ceiling. Every color of the rainbow is present. Happy penises, and sad penises are all represented in what must be twenty plush and thirty dildos. Written on the mirror in a gross display of white goo, reads, “You Got Dick’d” Jamie chuckles heartily to himself as he walks to the door, opening it. He stops in the door frame and pulls out a stack of papers from his jacket, tossing them in the air behind him. The papers fly in every which direction, but it appears that each of them read the same message as the mirror.

Jamie: Unlike your threat, I plan to face you in a few short minutes. Good luck, because you are going to need it.

As Jamie walks out of the locker room, he spots Rage, who is sporting their Raging Dicks shirt, and his usual scowl. Rage slides his phone back into his pocket as he reaches over to grab onto Jamie’s shirt to shake him down a little.

Rage: Why the hell did you make me come all the way over here when we have to be in the ring in ten minutes?

Jamie points behind him toward the locker room, and Rage peaks inside. His expression lightens up just a touch, almost allowing a sort of smile to shine through, even if it is his usual sadistic glare. He turns around and slaps his hand on Jamie’s shoulder hard, looking at him for just a moment before speaking.

Rage: You are a bit more twisted then I gave you credit for. I think we can make this stupid team work as long as you don’t pull some shit like you did last show.

Jamie: I promise you nothing, dude… Now lets go shut his ass up for good..

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest, scheduled for one fall, is the first match in the semi-finals of the Lethal Lottery tournament to crown the first ever SCW Tag team championship!

The crowd cheers as "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven starts to play over the sound system.

Justin: Introducing first, coming to the ring from parts unknown, weighing 300 pounds -- Rage!

The whole arena goes completely black. A few seconds into the music, Rage appears from behind backstage and stands at the top of the ramp for a few seconds before he starts walking to the ring. As he is walking to the ring, the crowd overpowers Rage’s music, but he doesn’t seem to care as he has a sick smile on his face, showing nothing but evil intentions for his opponent. He enters the ring and stands in the center.

Simone: I have to admit I am greatly surprised that Rage has had any compatability with Jamie Staggs for a tag team partner.

Adams: I'd be surprised at Rage getting along with anyone -- period.

Justin: His partner, coming to the ring from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 pounds -- Jamie Staggs!

"Party Hard" by Andrew W.K. blasts through the speakers, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy. Wasting no time, Jamie shoves his way through the curtains. He raises his arms in the air, pumping up the fans before jogging sideways to the left side of the crowd. He leans back to get a shot with the fans cheering behind him, some pat him on the back. He then dashes over to the other side, slapping hands as hard as possible before jogging down the entrance ramp. He rushes up to the cameraman and purposely bangs his head against the lense before quickly working his way around the ring, playing around with the crowd. He darts up the ring steps, posing before entering the ring, and running all around the ring with airplane arms before stopping in the middle of the ring with one last pose. Rage just shakes his head and walks over to their corner.

Simone: Yeah Rage looks thrilled to have such an airhead for a partner.

Adams: So long as they walk out of this with the belts, I don't think he really cares.

Justin: Their opponents! Introducing first from Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing in at 370 pounds -- Casey Williams!

Casey Williams comes down the ramp on his Harley Davidson Fatboy and as he rides down the ramp, his pyros go off in such a fashion that it looks like the 4th of July fireworks in New York City. Casey rides around the ring and parks his bike on the side of the ramp and climbs into the ring.

Adams: The giant of the ring, right there!

Simone: I don't think any match in this entire tournament has two such mis matched teams as this does right here..

Justin: His partner is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, weighing in at 230 pounds, -- Blade Alexander!

"Birthright" (Birthwrong mix) by Celldweller ft. Blue Stahli plays as Blade Alexander walks down the ramp. The fans boo as he looks either side. Mercedes follows him out on to the ramp, the duo start to walk down the ramp and to the ring. Blade climbs up onto the apron when suddenly Rage charges right over and drags him into the ring, throwing him to the mat! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell!



Blade lands hard on the mat and Rage immediately drops down and assaults him with hammering blows to the head while their respective partners dash out to their corners!

Simone: Damn! I knew the bad blood between these two would spill over but I never thought it would happen so fast!

The referee tries to pry Rage off of Blade but without success as the big man continues to hammer away! The Canadian superstar has no option to get free than by gouging Rage in the eyes, blinding him temporarily. Rage stumbles back, holding his eyes, and Blade dives at the back of his knee, taking his leg out from under him. Rage collapses hard to the mat and Blade starts to kick and stomp away at Rage's leg. He then grabs him by the foot and drops three straight elbows into the worked over knee.

Simone: You have to give Blade credit. if any tactic would work best against a man Rage's size, it'd be to just cut him down to the mat and keep him there.

Adams: Or just avoid the match at all costs.

Simone: There is that.

Blade grabs Rage by the foot and drags him over to the ropes and places his foot on the bottom rope. Blade then jumps up and lands hard on his knee.

Adams: You'd almost think Blade was out to hurt him, wouldn't you?

Simone: No more so than Rage is out to hurt him.

Blade stands on the bottom rope and jumps up to land on him again, but this time Rage plants a boot into Blade's back and uses the momentum to heave him over the ropes and the canadian hits the floor on the outside!

Adams: Nice counter! Never knew the guy had it in him!

Rage stands up and tags in Jamie. The daredevil immediately vaults into the ring and dashes across the ring! he gets to the ropes and in a single leap, he flies over the top and crashes into Blade with a flying senton!

Adams: He took himself out as well as Blade with that one!

The fans are always appreciative with such tactics and chant loudly!


Jamie shakes the cobwebs loose and gets to his feet, slowly dragging Blade along with him. He rolls Blade back inside of the ring. Jamie then kjumps onto the apron and vaults over the top, landing back inside on Blade's chest with a senton. Jamie covers him and hooks the leg.

1.....Blade kicks out.

Simone: Blade doesn't easte any time when he's on his back. He gets out of there in a hurry.

Jamie grabs Blade by the hair and pulls him up. He goes to Irish whip him into the corner but Blade reverses it. Jamie runs up the corner and jumps back for a flying body press but Blade counters, catching him with a clothesline that almost decapitates him!

Simone: I didn't see that counter coming.

Adams: I'm guessing neither did Jamie considering he got nailed by it.

Blade pulls Jamie up by the hair and runs his face into his corner, then reaches over and tags Casey into the match.

Simone: And here comes the big man! I don't care what issues the two might have with one another. Blade lucked out when he got the big man right there for his partner.

Blade holds Jamie in a front facelock as Casey steps over the ropes and inside of the ring, and clobbers Staggs in his exposed back. Blade then steps back out onto the apron as Casey sends Jamie into the ropes with an Irish whip and clotheslines him with such force that Jamie does a complete 360 in the air! Casey holds a fist into the air and lets out a triumphant roar and the crowd watching boos.

Adams: Look at Blade! He's telling Casey to get back to business.

Simone: Oh yeah, their continuity is at peak level.

Adams: That's sarcasm, right?

Casey peels Jamie off of the mat and sends him into the ropes again, this time catching him with a sidewalk slam that drives him into the mat. Casey stays on top and hooks the leg.

2..... Jamie kicks out.

Simone: Judging by the expression on Casey's face, he thought he had that one.

Blade calls Casey over for the tag and Casey looks at him with a snarl and obliges, tagging him into the match. Casey scoops Jamie off of the mat and deposits him with a body slam and Blade drops a leg across his throat from the second turnbuckle. Blade goes for the cover.

2..... Jamie kicks out.

Blade sends Jamie into the corner and charges right in, nailing him with a perfect dropkick flush in the head!

Adams: Nowhere for Jamie to go in the corner from a move like that!

Blade then snapmares Jamie over and runs off of the ropes and comes right off with a Shining Wizard to the head. Jamie goes down and Blade makes the cover, hooking the leg.

2..... Rage kicks Blade in the head and starts assaulting him with clubbing blows!

Simone: I don't know if Rage thought Jamie needed saving or not but it doesn't look like he wants to wait to be tagged in before he gets his hands on Blade again!

The referee grabs Rage and orders him out of the ring! Rage stands up and glowers at the official but this distraction allows Blade to whip Jamie into the corner where Casey wraps an arm around him throat from the outside and he chokes him while Blade lays in repeated thrust kicks to the solar plexus!

Adams: Rage needs to get out of there! He's causing more harm than good!

Simone: Hello? The man's name?

Blade scoops Jamie up and deposits him onto the top turnbuckle.

Adams: Superplex time?

Blade mounts the middle turnbuckle but Jamie starts fighting him off, swinging fists into his mid section. Blade answers back with his own blows but he is in the worst position and Jamie knocks him off balance with a straight shot and Blade tumbles down and hits the canvas hard. Jamie stands up on the top but Casey grabs his foot. Jamie lashes out with his other foot, connecting with the side of the big man's head. Casey stumbles and as Blade stands up, Jamie jumps and hits him with a flying body press -- but Blade's wily skill allows him to use the momentum to roll through and he ends up on top with the cover!

2..... Jamie kicks out!

Blade stands up and Jamie darts right between his legs and jumps, tagging in Rage!

Adams: And this is what we want to see!

Rage climbs through the ropes but Blade doesn't give him the chance and he rushes over and starts clubbing him with stiff shots to the head and back! Rage shoves him off and the two start swinging!

Simone: This all started when Rage took offense to Blade laying claims that Vegas was *his* city and attacked him following a match!

Adams: it doesn't look like Rage's bad ass reputation is doing anything to keep Blade from taking it right to Rage!

Simone: Yeah but I don't know how smart that is. Blade Alexander is a wrestling specialist. He can't think he can beat Rage in a brawl!

Rage drives his knee up into Blade's stomach, doubling him over, then follows up with a headbutt right between the eyes that knocks Blade back against the ropes. Rage grabs him and Irish whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Blade ducks around him and brings him up and over with a bridging Northern Lights suplex!

2..... Rage gets the shoulder up!

Blade takes him by the arm and drags him over to his corner where he tags Casey.

Adams: Oh this is going to be good! The two big men going at it!

Simone: This won't be wrestling here between these two!

Rage breaks free from Blade's holding him and he goes right at Casey and the two collide like two freight trains! They exchange punches until Rage ducks under a wild swing and buries his fist right into Casey's kidney area. Casey arches his back and staggers forward and Rage tags Jamie back in. Jamie goes up top and jumps off, catching Casey with a flying bulldog! Jamie with the cover!

2..... Casey heaves Jamie right off!

Jamie goes right back up top as Casey returns to his feet and he leaps, connecting with a middle dropkick that sends Casey reeling back towards his own corner where Blade forcibly tags himself back into the match!

Simone: Can you believe that? Blade just tagged himself back in.

Adams: I guess he didn't think Casey was handling things good enough?

Casey starts shouting as Blade gets back into the ring. Blade starts for Jamie but Casey grabs him by the arm and pulls him back and shoves his finger in his face, chewing him out. Blade slaps his hand away and argues just as loudly, getting right up to Casey and poking him in the chest.

Adams: Um...

Casey suddenly grabs Blade by the throat and choke slams him with thundering force!

Adams: OH MY...!

Casey fumes and he just steps out over the ropes and drops to the floor. He waves off Blade in the ring and heads back up the aisle!

Simone: Where does he think he's going?

Adams: Well after what he just did... a bar?

Jamie looks down at Blade and then at rage and shrugs. he goes up top and launches, dropping a flying headbutt right into Blade's exposed upper body!

Adams: Dumbass Drop baby!

Jamie covers Blade, hooking one leg with his arm and the other with his leg!


The fans cheer as Jamie springs up and raises both fists into the air as Rage climbs into the ring.

Justin: The winners of thre match, advancing to the championship finals -- Jamie Staggs and Rage!

Simone: Rage and Jamie Staggs advance to the final round but what just happened between Casey and Blade Alexander?

Adams: Oh Blade isn't going to just let this one pass by! Casey just cost him a chance at gold!

Dressed in an all black attire of muscle shirt and black jeans and casual shoes Old skool gestures to a chair opposite him for Ms. Moutains as they sit in her dressing room. It was an odd request but he liked his privacy and if she wanted something which he never really liked doing it would be on his terms.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Thank you for this meeting Old Skool we don’t normally do repoter request that I know of.

She smiles sweetly in appreciation taking out a pen and pad

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Now how would you describe yourself?

Old Skool: Hmmm…multiple personalities…to a degree

smiles with a shrug of his shoulders

Old Skool: I know it sound as it does, but when I’m in the ring this whole new feeling…this rush builds up and all I can do is go with it.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: How do you mean Old Skool? Surely you’re not crazy or psychotic?

Old Skool: Oh! (laughs) No! Nothing like that! But come on! Everyone’s a little crazy in the head just…some more than others I like to believe looking at the state the world is in today.

Ms. Rocky Mountains looks at Old Skool as if contemplating something herself. Old Skool returns her look and smiles as he sees the wheels turning in her head.

Old Skool:’s the voice huh? Yeah I’m a pretty proper talking contradiction of what I appear to be when I get deep about something. Hey, you know what ghetto….don’t like the word much but that’s what I get when in the ring because that’s what the fans love about me. Keeping it real without looking like some idiot.

She blinks unsure of how she should responed

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Er…gh-ghetto? Oh! You mean street tough in other words?

Proud she could use some other term trying not to be offensive to him

Old Skool: Yeeeeaaahhh…I guess you could put it that way but as far as mean streaks go but when I’m angry or in the ring? G-H-E-T-T-O

He spells out softly to her

Old Skool: is how I place it because its go or go home a loser. I won’t be pushed around because of my size and I don’t let anyone tell me I can’t do something without taking in the whole picture. You feel me?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: How would people you know describe you?

She changes the subject. Smart woman

Old Skool: Many people I know personally would consider me a meek person at heart, that I’m more soft hearted than I let on. They might be right but that would be before they saw me in the ring. I work hard, even harder when there an obstacle in my way. Say…an actual opponent.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Do you have any particular views political or otherwise?

Old Skool: Nah…I’m a pretty cut and dry person straight up to a fault. For instance your name?

He raises a brow and smiles really staring at her but not at her particulars

Old Skool: I could learn to like that more in the future but I’m not a guy to bug you at work. So another time?

With that Old Skool gets up and leaves her still sitting in wonder of what he meant. He knows she’ll take it as something sexual most likely but again he liked prey not helpless prey though. Shes not a fighter at heart so she wouldn’t understand even if he put it in words. Closing her door gently he behind him she finally blurts out

Ms. Rocky Mountains: "What about your up and coming tag team match!?"

The SCW logo swooshes by in an elegant cut, into a shot of the very INelegant features of “Big” Steve Scanlon. He’s in front of… something brown. It’s filling up the entire screen- the only thing that’s visible in-frame besides Scanlon himself.

Scanlon holds up an index finger, then makes us wait while he takes a gulp off of his Starbucks. This goes on for a second or two. He then glares at the camera.

Scanlon: What, like YOU get to work the second YOU get there? Whatever. S’up, Sin City- this is “The Providence Steamroller”, the “Third Strike”, the Street Fightin’, Headlinin’, Specimen of MANHOOD- “BIG” Steve- speakin’ to ya from the Lethal Slopes of Mount Scanlon- and I’m here… to tell you a little story.

He pauses a beat. Then starts.

Scanlon: …so this guy walks into a wrestling promoter’s office.
He tells the promoter “I’ve got this tag team- an amazing tag team!”.
The promoter says “Sorry… tag teams are passé. It’s two checks for one performance.”
The guy says “Please- hear me out! I’m sure if you hear about our act, you’re sure to want to book us.”
The promoter says “Alright, alright- what do you do?”
And the guy says:

“OKAY! First, I return this old-timey wrestler’s dog, and he’s so grateful he trains me to wrestle. It’s just amazing, this part- just me and a seventy year old man going at it. It’s really touching- Inspirational- It’s a whole intergenerational bonding thing! Then this rumor goes around that I didn’t “return” the dog, so much as “give it back after I stole it”, and the old guy boots me out on my ass. So, the act starts with my ass, I guess-

So THEN- I go show off what I can do. I do a Kosovo Thigh Press over here, I do the Devil’s Tritone into the Inverted Crab Nebula Hold over there- and now, I’ve gotta take it on the road, ‘cause now I’m running out of sparring partners and 911 stopped coming ‘cause “they warned us all the last time.”

…This act is SO great, by the way- I took it to Memphis and they shut down because, once they saw it, they’d seen all the wrestling they need to see in a lifetime- how’s THAT for ‘givin’ ‘em what they want and sendin’ ’em home happy’? Same thing in Atlanta. “Big Peach” my ass! But I digress….

Now, then my PARTNER comes in…”

The camera pulls back. The brown filling the screen is the closed brown leather duster of “Hangman” Hawkins. He’s THAT big. Even zooming out, it takes a sec to get a face or hands. Scanlon jerks a thumb at Hawkins and continues.

Scanlon: Big Man-mountain of a guy, out of Texas. Second generation wrestler, not much of a childhood outside that. His dad’s this old-time guy. Raised him on the road- weird upbringin’ for anyone, so Hangman grew up to BE a wrestler, not much of anything else. So he does what he does, and he’s a MACHINE. He does half this routine. We’re like Penn and Teller. Hangman’s Teller- well, Edward Teller- ‘cause he goes off like a frickin’ H-Bomb-

Hangman: (interrupting): “I am become DEATH. The destroyer of WORLDS.”

Scanlon: (turns and grins.) “That’s right, big guy!”

(Confides to the camera): Dude’s a couple’a bunnies short of a hutch, but I LOVE it!

and he’s back to the story

“And so now, he’s just taking guys heads off their shoulders, then shoving their heads right into their own faces. (It’s technical. You’ll get it when you see it.).THEN, I do something that got me banned for life from wrestling in Tejas AND Okie-land…Long story.

Hangman: They say he threw a pro-wrestling match he was in.

Scanlon: Dumbest crap you ever saw… and I go off to Chicago run the Mafia clean out of the NWA- Great story, I’ll tell you about it sometime. And while I’m doin’ THAT, Hangman here beats the crap out of every guy that gets in a ten-yard radius. And he’s a craftsman, lemme tell ya!

Hangman: (nodding): I’ve always enjoyed my work.

Scanlon: Damn straight! He goes right into this part of the act where he starts THROWING luchiadores con mascara up in the air, just to see how high he can do it- then uppercuttin’ em on the way down. He calls it “Dance on Air”. And… well, while he’s doin’ THAT, I go showing off move and counterholds the world has never seen, and- if you’re lucky- I got this hold that’s so god-damn awful I can’t SHOW it to you, til the time comes. Hell of a move. And we finish the act by bringing the house down in “Chicago”- then, he goes into “New York”, I go into oh, Canada, and then- THEN, we get to the touching part of the act. We meet up again, I give him this.

Scanlon holds up a flyer for a Sin City show.

“And Hangman says- tell ‘em what you said?”

Hangman: “What’s ‘SNOTY WRESTLING?’”

Scanlon: I know, and I say “It don’t say ‘Snoty’, man! It says “Sin City”!” Funny, huh? Guy’s a maniac I tell ya, he’ll just knock ‘em dead. Well, not legally dead, thank God… just out cold…

Hangman: still looks like ‘SNOTY’, to me…

Scanlon: It’s just the font, Big Guy! So we finish this act by teaming up, beating ten flavors of crap out of everyone, arranging the bodies in a pile, right there in the ring, that reads “SCW”, take as many belts as we can, then, as you can hear the sirends, we stand over the carnage and sing… what was it, again, Hangman?

Hangman: “A Closer Walk with Thee.”

Scanlon: He’s got a real spiritual side too. He thinks real hard about where the souls of guys go when he’s knocked ‘em out- and then, I show my track skills by taking the money and running!

Hangman stares a little, and Scanlon amends it

“Minus a cut.”

Hangman looks mollified.

Scanlon: … and, usually, the place collapses in on itself. Done this act solo, seven times, five times it just plain brings the place down. Now I’ve got a partner… Sky’s the limit.

Hangman: And the Pit is infinite.

And Steve wraps up the story.

Scanlon: So, the guy says: “So, there you go. Tag team. It’s got him, me, family, kids, animals- it’s got physics and emergency medicine, so it’s educational- it’s got a little somethin’ for everyone!” And the promoter says “Sweet, muppety Jesus! What the pluperfect, Technicolor HELL do you CALL an act like that?”
And the guy says: “…THE ARISTOCRATS!”

In unison, Hawkins and Scanlon do an elegant little hand-and-snap “Cha-cha” gesture. Hangman, a little more ‘because I’m supposed to’ than Scanlon, but he’s there nonetheless.


Scanlon: Thought I’d tell a little joke to lighten the mood. See, I may have some jokes, but when it comes to punchlines?

Hangman punches his hand.

Hangman: We’ve got a million of them.

Scanlon: We like this place. We’ll take it.

Scanlon leans into the camera to shut it off, with a wicked little grin on his face, and winks at us before turning it off.


As we return to the ring, "All I do is Win" fades out as Old Skool starts bouncing around in the ring waiting for his opponent.

Justin Decent: "Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is the semi final of the Lethal Lottery tag team tournament, . In the ring standing 5'7" and weighing in at 189lbs he hails from Chicago, IL, he is


A mixed reaction is heard for Old Skool

Justin Decent : "And his partner from Tahlequah, Oklahoma standing 6' and weighing 217 lbs. being accompanied to the ring by Austin Parker, he is


The calls of "Return to Innocence" sounds across the PA system. Between the first chant and the second chant, Dreamwolf appears and stands at the top of the ramp bowing his head, with Austin Parker by his side. Then around the 2nd chant, Dreamwolf marches to the ring, his eyes fixed on the ring and the opponent within. Sliding inside, he then mounts the turnbuckle in the corner and raises a fist to the fans, letting loose with his own war cry to which the fans reply with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Justin Decent: And their opponents, introducing first. hailing from Amerillo, Texas, standing at six foot nine inches and weighing at two-hundred and eighty five pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Tom Dudely, He is...


"Goodtime" by Alan Jackson starts playing from the speakers and Wyatt Peterson bursts through the curtain onto the stage. His Manager, Tom Dudely, is right behind him. They make their way down the ramp to the ring. They both climb into the ring and Wyatt climbs onto the second turnbuckle working the crowd while Tom motions towards him and claps. Wyatt hops down to the mat and Tom climbs out of the ring while calling out a few words of advice and Wyatt waits for Justin Decent to continue

Justin Decent: And his partner, hailing from Philadelphia, PA, weighting in at one hundred and sixty-five pounds....


The lights dim, and then completely shut off. Purple and black pyro fall from the sky, as November 18th blasts through the speakers, the crowd rise to their feet acknowledging Sean, who is standing at the top of the ramp playing to the crowd, he looks both ways before making his way down the ramp towards the ring. Sean hops up on the apron and plays to the crowd again before climbing between the ropes, bouncing off each end.



Bo and Williams start the match. Both men lock and Bo forces Williams to the ropes. Williams pushes Bo back towards the center of the ring, but Bo drops his head and gets behind Williams, wrapping him arms around Williams waist and hooking his hands together, Bo lifts Williams off his feet and slams him down to the canvas face first and spins around him, quickly getting to his feet and dropping a quick elbow across the back of Williams. Bo jumps down and locks on a front facelock and lifts Williams quickly to his feet, snapping him over with a sharp snap suplex. Williams bounces off the mat and rolls over, but Bo is quick on the attack, stopping on the back and shoulders of Williams.

Simone: Bo trying to impress his grandmother there in the front row

Adams: I met her earlier, nice lady, but not the typical grandmother. She didn't have any boiled candies with her

The camera quickly shows Bo's grandmother sitting in the front row, then back to the ring. Bo and Williams are back on their feet, Bo hitting Williams with a hard right hand. Williams backs in to the corner and Bo drives open handed chops in to the chest of Sean Williams. Bo steps back and charges at Williams but Williams jumps up and Bo drives his shoulder in to the ring post. Nightmare jumps over Bo's back and grabs him around the neck, dragging him down with a neckbreaker. Bo rolls towards the ropes, putting his hand on the second rope and dragging himself halfway to his feet, but Williams dropkicks Bo in the back, sending him chest first in to the corner. As Bo returns, Williams quickly pulls him down and goes for the roll up pin.


Bo kicks out

Simone: Too soon for that

Both men get to their feet but Nightmare drops Bo with a drop toe hold and tries to roll through with an STF, but Bo wisely spins himself to his back and kicks Williams off of him. Bo gets to him feet and Williams charges at him, but Bo grabs him and drops him in a sidewalk slam. Bo moves over to his his partner and tags Old Skool in to the ring, who immediately goes on the attack. He pulls Nightmare up to his feet and hits him hard in the head and hooks him up, dropping Williams with a DDT. Old Skool goes for the cover.


Williams gets the shoulder up!

Adams: Old Skool trying to grab a quick win.

Old Skool drags Nightmare to his feet, and whips him in to the ropes. As Nightmare comes back, Old Skool drops his head and Nightmare kicks him in the chest. Nightmare tries to clothesline Old Skool, but he ducks. Both men spin around but Old Skool lifts nightmare in the air and drops him down with a huge spinebuster, rattling the ring. Old Skool gets to his feet and raises his arms as the crowd boo him, but Old Skool ignores them and drops the boots to the chest of Nightmare. Old Skool drags Williams to his feet and puts his head under his arm. Old Skool attempts a swinging neckbreaker, but Williams reverses it and twists Old Skool's arm and leaps up on to his shoulders, from behind. Williams spins around to the front of Old Skool and nails him with a hurricanruna!

Simone: Great reversal from Williams!

Adams: I wish I thought about doing that in my matches, I could have been master of the universe by now

Nightmare moves towards the corner and Wyatt reaches his hand out towards his partner and Nightmare tags him in. Wyatt gets in to the ring and nails Old Skool with a huge right hand, sending him flying to the canvas. Old Skool jumps to his feet and gets nailed again with another right hand. Old Skool gets to his feet and Wyatt picks him up in a military press slam and drops him face first!

Adams: I think they picked up Old Skool on the airport radar!

Wyatt yells out to the fans, causing them to cheer. Wyatt turns around and Old Skool gets back on his knees. Peterson grabs Old Skool and hooks him up from behind in a full nelson. Wyatt picks Old Skool off his feet and slams Old Skool down with a huge full nelson slam! Wyatt drops down for the cover


Old Skool kicks out

Simone: Old Skool getting beaten down

Peterson drags Old Skool to his feet and throws him hard in to the corner. Peterson moves in towards Old Skool, and drives and elbow to the side of his head. Peterson steps back and charges Old Skool, drilling him with a hug elbow to the jaw. Old Skool falls to the mat and Peterson steps back. He runs at Old Skool and nails him with the bronco buster.

Simone: Ride 'em cowboy!

Adams: YEEHAW!

Peterson stands up to cheer of the crowd and Peterson plays up to them. As he turns around, Old Skool is back on his feet. Old Skool lifts Peterson up with a flapjack and drops him across the top rope.

Simone: Rookie mistake from Peterson

Adams: Back to the class room with Professor Tom for you Wyatt

Wyatt stumbles back and Old Skool takes Wyatt down with a huge flying clothesline. Old Skool jumps up on to the second rope and flies off with an elbow drop across the chest of Wyatt. Old Skool quickly jumps up and walks over, tagging Bo in to the ring.

Adams: I remember this game as a kid, Cowboys and Indians!

Simone: Which side was you on?

Adams: I was the totum pole

Simone: Could be worse, you could have been Pocahontis

Adams: I was, but only once

Bo looks down on Wyatt and drops down in a sickle hold, driving his knees deep in to the spine of Wyatt. Drew Patton checks on Wyatt, but Wyatt shakes his head, reaching his long arms out and grabbing on to the rope. Bo breaks the hold and lifts Wyatt to his feet. Bo hooks Wyatt up and drops him in a Russian leg sweep, slamming Wyatt hard to the canvas. Bo picks up Wyatt again and hooks the big man up in a suplex position and lifts him over with a snap suplex, showing his technical skills. Bo lifts Wyatt up throws him in to the ropes, as Wyatt comes back, Bo lifts him over with a hip toss, but keeps hold of his arm and drops a leg across Wyatt's shoulder and hooks him in an arm lock

Simone: Great combo work from Bo!

Wyatt fights to get Bo off and pulls him to his feet. Bo holds on to the lock but Wyatt pulls himself to his feet. Bo slips over Wyatt's back and pulls him over with a sunset flip and in to a pin. Drew Patton drops down for the count


Wyatt kicks out!

Simone: What a close match, anyone can take this one

Bo and Wyatt both return to their feet at the same time and Bo is the quickest to strike with a stinging right hand, but Wyatt drops down and lifts Bo off his feet and drills him backwards in to the corner. Wyatt lifts Bo to the top rope and slaps him across the chest. Bo wobbles back but Peterson gets on the second rope, setting Dreamwolf up in a superplex. Wyatt lifts Bo over and drops him hard from the top rope!

Simone: Peterson going all out for his team.

Both men lay on the canvas but Peterson starts to stir first. Peterson gets to himself to his feet and steps back, leaning against the ropes, waiting for Bo to return to his feet. As Bo does, Peterson charges at him and spears him to the mat! Peterson slowly gets to his feet, pulling Bo with him. Peterson whips Bo off the ropes, and Bo ducks a clothesline on the way back. Dreamwolf bounces off the opposite rope and sprints back at Peterson. As Bo reaches Peterson, both men clash heads, knocking each other to the mat, with a sickening thud echoing around the arena!

Simone: Oh damn!

Adams: That looked hard! Harder then a frog with a gun!

Both men lay still on the floor as the referee checks on the both. After a few seconds, both men start to stir.

Simone: I'm surprised these two men are still awake after that clash

Bo moves towards his corner, as does Wyatt. Both men reach out to their corners and their partners tag themselves in. Both Bo and Wyatt lay on the outside as their respective managers check on their condition, concern on both their faces. In the ring, both Nightmare and Old Skool change at each other. Old Skool takes Nightmare down with a huge clothesline, Nightmare quickly spins and jumps to his feet but Nightmare trips Old Skool, forcing his throat to bounce off the top rope. Nightmare jumps to his feet and drops Old Skool with a reverse DDT. Nightmare raises his arms in the air and looks around.

Simone: I think Nightmare is looking to end it!

Adams: Best time to do so with Bo Dreamwolf down!

Nightmare drags Old Skool to his feet and hooks him up with a suplex and nailing him hard with a Jackhammer

Simone: Self Destruction!

Nightmare hooks the leg and Patton makes the count


Justin Decent: "Your winners by pin fall NIGHTMARE SEAN WILLIAMS AND WYATT PETERSON!!!

Simone: Williams and Peterson advance!

Adams: These two will go on later and have a chance to become the first ever Sin City Wrestling tag team champions. These guys make a great team.

The scene fades into the office of SCW Co-President Christian Underwood's office. Christian is seen sitting at his desk and before another moment can come by, the door bursts open and in walks Nick Jones. Jones walks up to Christian's desk and begins to speak.

Nick: Christian...

Christian doesn't even look up from what he's doing and simply puts up a finger in Nick's direction, signally him to wait. Nick pauses only for a moment as he seems to be caught off guard by this, but that quickly turns to annoyance as he chooses to ignore his bosses gesture and continue on anyway.

Nick: Listen, I came here to...

Christian: You're late.

Nick: What?

Christian looks up from his work for the first time and looks at Nick.

Christian: You called and made an appointment to meet with me. That was supposed to be hours ago. You're late.

Nick: What the hell does that matter? I'm here now.

Christian: That's all fine and dandy, but I've got other things to do. I can't be waiting around all day to talk to you.

Nick: Well I got here as quickly as I could, but I got held up on my way here. What does it matter, we're both here now.

Christian: You seemed to have enough time to make a stop off.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Christian: You had no problem stopping for a chat with Miss Willow, and checking out her... assets.

Christian motions over to the corner, where a monitor is seen which appears to be showing a live feed of the SCW's closed circuit broadcasting.

Nick: Well we can sit here bickering all day about when I got here, or we can take care of this. Bottom line is simple, my pay here is a joke, and you know it. And it needs to be fixed now. This is not what I signed on for, and I'm not going to put up with this crap.

Christian just stares at Nick for a moment without saying a word. He then turns around in his chair and reaches into a file cabient, where he pulls out a folder which can be seen to have Nick's name on the tab. Christian turns back around and places the folder on his desk. He opens it up, pulls out a stack of paper and drops them on the desk in front of Nick. He then points to the top of the page as he speaks to Nick.

Christian: Is that your name?

Nick: You know it is?

Christian: And is that the amount you received on your paycheck?

Nick: Yeah.

Christian: And is that your signature?

Nick looks closer and a grin comes across his face before looking up at Christian and responding.

Nick: Nope.

Christian's expression goes from a confident smile to a look of confusion as he snatches the paper back. He looks at the contract and reads the signature out loud.

Christian: Bernard Jones.

Christian then looks up at Nick with an inquisitive look.

Christian: Bernard.

Nick: Now you know why he just goes by "B". But the point is, that's not my signature.

Christian: But it is your cousin's, and is he not authorized to sign work-related contracts on your behalf?

Nick: Well yeah, but...

Christian: Well that's that then, I think we're done here.

Nick: Listen pal, don't forget who the hell you're talking to. I'm a former World Champion, although I'm sure you wouldn't know anything about that...

Christian: That's a good point, I mean I've only held three World titles myself. How many have you held again Nick?

Nick pauses for a moment as he is unsure of what to say, having only previously held one World title. He stammers before a moment before changing the subject.

Nick: That's not the point! The point is I'm the biggest money draw this company has, and you know it. This sure as hell isn't properly compensating for that. It's time this company starts paying me more.

Christian: Well if you want a raise, there's just one very simple thing that you need to do.

Nick takes a step back and gives Christian a sideways glance as he believes he knows what Christian is inferring.

Nick: Listen buddy, I know that's how "you roll", and trust me, I don't blame you for wanting to get a piece of this, but that's not happening, now or ever. There's no amount of money that you could offer me that would get me to do... that. Some keep dreaming pal.

Christian looks confused for a moment before realizing what Nick is saying. He laughs for a moment before responding?

Christian: Oh, you thought I wanted to do THAT... with YOU? Sorry Nicky, you just aren't my type. That cousin of yours however...

Nick's expression quickly changes, as he seems to be simulatenously both disgusted yet insulted.

Nick: What?!? Are you... you know what, forget it. I really don't want to have this conversation.

Christian: I mean, that might actually be one other way to get a raise, but then again that's a completely different kind of...

Nick: ENOUGH! So what the hell is this one way I can get the money I deserve?

Christian: Simple really... become SCW Champion

Nick: You know what... that's just fine. You and I both know I deserve this money now, but at this point all you're doing is delaying the inevitable. That title was going to be mine soon enough anyway, but now you've given me that much more incentive, and you'll have run out of excuses to pay me my money once I am champion.

Christian: I'm really not concerned about it. IF you win the title, you'll get your money, just as you would have anyway. So maybe instead of bursting in hear and whining to me, you should have been concentrating on that little match of yours. You know, the one with the SCW title shot on the line?

Nick: Well then how about I just go get ready to kick Bruce Hart's ass and get one step closer to that title and money, both of which are rightfully mine.

Christian: If you say so... good luck.

Nick shoots Christian a dirty glance, seemingly unhappy with his lack of confidence in what Nick assumes to be his impending victory. He then turns and walks out of Christian's office into the hallway backstage. As he goes to turn to head back towards his lockerroom, something catches his eye. He turns back towards the other way and starts slowing creeping up behind someone. The scene pans out to show wrestling legend and current manager to Bo Dreamwolf, Austin Parker. Nick gets right up behind him and stops there before speaking in a fake southern accent.

Nick: Ah can't believe muh eyes! If it ain't da one and only Austin Pahkah!

Austin turns around to look and sees his old "friend", Nick Jones, standing behind him, grinning from ear to ear. The expression on Austin's face quickly changes as he just glares at Nick.

Austin: Oh great, ah knew this day would come sooner or later, ah just hoped it wouldn't.

Nick: Oh who are you kidding me? You know you've missed me you silly little inbred. What the hell are you doing here anyway?

Austin: I'm back here managing Bo Dreamwolf and...

Nick: Yeah, yeah... that's great. Listen, I've got a match to go win. But don't you worry, I'm sure we'll see plenty of each other again, pahtnah!

Nick turns to walk away but as he does, nearly walks into Austin's protege, Bo Dreamwolf, who was coming to talk to his manager. Nick stops right in front of him and then suddenly raises his hand.

Nick: HOW!!

Nick smirks to himself before pushing right past Bo and walking off. Bo watches Nick leave with a perplexed look on his face before he turns and looks back at Austin.

Bo: What was that all about?

Austin: Ah really hate that guy.

Austin just shakes his head in the direction which Nick walked off as the scene cuts back to ringside.

Adams: Our next match is another unique SCW original

Simone: You're about to witness the first ever Santa's Bag match

Adams: Shoulda called it Santa's sack.

Simone: Why?

Adams: Cause it's funnier to say. In fact, I'm calling it Santa's sack

Simone: Anyway, in the ring, christmas presents, if a wrestler chooses to open one, they get to use that gift as a weapon

Adams: The winner is the first one one to climb the christmas tree and pull down Santa's sack to get a prize.

Simone: This prize is no ordinary prize, inside that sack is a contract for the winner to get a SCW Heavyweight Title shot, let's throw this one to Justin

Justin Decent: The next contest is a Santa's Bag match. The winner of the match will be the first to grab the bag hanging above the ring thus earing a shot at the Sin City Wrestling's, heavyweight champion. Introducing first, coming at you from Los Angeles, CA, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-one pounds, being accompanied to the ring by The Entourage, I give you....


"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the rampway and then stops for a moment. He then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as, a cocky smirk then comes across his face as he flexes his muscles. Diana rubs Nick's chest as he looks at his muscles, looking rather impressed with himself as the smirk on his face grows. Nick then gets up and takes Diana's arm and turns and looks back at the ramp and waits as Nick's "muscle", Big B and Slick Tony make their way out. The two men flank Nick and Diana as they make their way down the rampway. They all head down the rampway, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans on his way down to the ring, flipping off a few people here and there. Nick then walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, as he watches her from behind, before he quickly walks up them and then walks across the apron, while Big B and Tony wait outside the ring. Nick steps one leg into the ring and then takes a seat onto the middle rope for a moment, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there for a moment, just looking around the arena. He looks at all the people sitting around and just gets a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring. He swings his other leg into the ring and then walks over to his corner, where Diana sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back as Diana rubs his shoulders, as Nick stands there and waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Justin: Introducing his opponent! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 225 pounds,

Blaque Hart Bruce Evans!

"OH CANADA!” starts playing and “Blaque Hart” Bruce Evans steps onto the stage and slowly makes his way to the ring. Once at the ring, he walks up the steel steps and steps through the ropes into the ring. He lowers his shades and gives his opponent a condescending once-over before turning his back to him.



Jones and Evans immediately get in each others faces and trade insults to each other

Simone: Both men need to stay focused, there's a lot riding on this one match

Nick puts the palm of his hand in to Bruce's face and casually pushes the Canadian native away, but Bruce fires back with a huge right hand. Jones stumbles back but Evans tackles him to the ground and starts to lay heavy punches to Jones face. Jones kicks him off and rolls him over, laying heavy punches in to the head of Evans

Simone: If this was two chicks, you'd be screaming Cat Fight.

Adams: Erm, DOG FIGHT!

Evans kicks Nick off. Both men get to their feet and Evans tackles him in to the corner, forcing him against the turnbuckle. Evans tries to fire off a right hand but Jones ducks underneath it and punches Evans in the face. Jones grabs Evans but the head and runs his face along the top rope. Evans stays on the top rope but Nick pulls the ropes back and sends Evans flying backwards with them. Nick walks over to one of the brightly wrapped boxes in the ring and starts to tear off the paper. He rips open the box to find a Christmas wreath. Nick looks in the box with confusion

Jones: What the hell am I gonna do with this? Seriously!

Nick look at Bruce, and slices the wreath sideways across Bruce's forehead. Bruce holds his eyes and turns away. Nick puts the wreath around his elbow and runs at Bruce, hitting him with the wreath and force of his elbow. Nick shakes his head and tosses the wreath in to the crowd.

Simone: Someone's got an early Christmas present

Nick picks Bruce up to his feet and tosses him in to the ropes, as Evans returns, Nick jumps up and nails him with a high leg lariat, perfectly connecting the the veterans chin. Bruce rolls over and outside the ring, and Nick waits inside.

Simone: No count outs or DQs in this one

Nick runs towards the ropes and attempts a baseball slide, but Bruce drags him through the ropes and outside of the ring and nails Nick with a stinging right hand. Bruce grabs Nick's head and slams it in to the ring apron and runs him along the ring and drives Nick in to the ringpost. Bruce looks in to the crowd and takes a bottle of water from a young man and drinks from it, before filling his mouth with water and spitting it in Nick's direction. Nick avoids the water, but Bruce leans in and nails him with the bottle to the side of the head. Nick falls back against the barricades and Bruce charge at him, squashing Nick between himself and the barricade. Bruce grabs Nick's head and slams him down hard against the combination of solid steel and padding. Bruce takes Nick by the wrist and tosses him towards the ring steps. Nick reverses and throws Bruce towards them. Bruce jumps up on the ring steps and jumps backwards, landing a picture perfect flying elbow on to Nick's jaw.

Simone: Nice move from Blaque Hart

Adams: Evans has been around long enough to know how to reverse pretty much everything

Bruce looks at one of the heavy based Christmas trees around ringside and pulls it towards the ring apron. He lifts it up by the base and slides it under the bottom rope. He follows it in to the ring and tries to lift it underneath the sack hanging from the ceiling.

Simone: Bruce looking to grab Santa's sack here.

Adams: I'd like to point out here that there are hundreds of jokes I could use right now, things like about how low Santa's sack is hanging these days, but I promise you, I'm gonna try to keep it clean

Bruce looks up and the sack hanging low, and puts his foot on the first branch. He reaches up to grab on to another branch. Bruce carefully pulls himself up, but a hand grasps the back of his trunks. Nick Jones pulls Bruce down from the tree and back to the ring. Nick grabs hold of Bruce's head and slams him face first in to the tree. Bruce stumbles back, and Nick throws him in to the tree again. Bruce quickly grabs something off the tree and turns around, drilling Nick in the head with an orimental angel from the tree!

Adams: I told you not all angel's are nice. I've seen Supernatural, I know some are harmful

Nick stumbles away and to one of the corners in the 6 sided ring and Bruce heads in the direction of the presents. He takes hold of a long box and starts tearing the paper open. He looks down with a nod and pulls out a candy cane. Bruce walks over to Nick, the candy cane raised high, and slams it down across Nick's back.

Adams: Candy... bad for your teeth and now your back

Bruce lifts up the candy cane again and brings it down once more, shattering it over Nick's back! Nick stumbles backwards and Bruce picks him up and nails him with an atomic drop. Nick holds the base of his spine and Bruce hooks him around the waist. He locks his fingers and nails Nick with a German suplex. Bruce looks at the tree in the middle of the ring and walks towards it, He grabs it by the top and drags it to the corner of the ring, and rests it against the corner. Bruce walks back over to Nick and grabs him by the head, and leads him towards the tree. As Nick goes towards it, he smartly drops down and trips Bruce in to it face first! Nick stands behind Bruce and open handidly slaps Bruce around the back of the head, a cocky, arrogant smirk on his face. Bruce spins around trying to hit Nick with another tree orniment, but Nick ducks nails Bruce with a hard right hand. Bruce stumbles backwards in to the tree, but Nick nails him with a second, bringing Bruce forward. Nick uses his left hand to raise Bruce's chin, then kisses him own right hand and slams it hard in to the side of Bruce's head, leaving him laying against the tree!

Simone: Three punch combo!

Nick walks over to another package and starts to tear at the paper. Once again, he looks at the box in disgust and pulls out a red sweater with a green christmas tree on.

Simone: I'm not sure that's Nick's usual style

Adams: Hey! I got one of those from Grandma last year.... they're so warm!

Nick shrugs and walks towards Bruce and puts the sleeve of the sweater across Blaque Hart's throat, holding him against the tree and choking him. Nick lets go and pulls him off the tree. Nick puts the sweater around Evans face while standing behind him, blocking his view, before pulling Evans down on to his knee, executing a very unique backbreaker.

Simone: I guess awful gifts come in handy after all

Nick throws the sweater down and slides under the bottom rope, lifting another heavy Christmas tree up by the top and dragging it to the ring, he grabs the bottom and rolls it in to the ring.

Adams: The more tired you get the heavier those things get

Nick sets the tree up in the center of the ring and starts to climb, slowly edging his way to the top of the tree. Nick gets close to the top and reaches his hand on, finger tips away from the sack.

Adams: Nick so close to tickling Santa's sack

Simone: I thought you wasn't making any jokes?

Adams: One won't hurt

Nick grabs hold of the sack and starts to pull

Adams: Nick tugging on Santa's sack now, tugging and tugging

Simone: Ahem?

Adams: Two won't hurt

Nick takes another step up the tree, trying to steady himself, but Bruce quickly climbs up beside him and wraps his arms around Nick's neck and jumps backwards, nailing a flashback from the top of the tree!

Adams: One minute you got your hand on Santa's sack, the next you're falling ten feet to the ground. Santa must be disappointed... and three won't hurt before you say anything

Simone: I'm working with an idiot

Both men lay on the floor, breathing heavy but Bruce starts to move over to the presents still in the ring. He gets to his knees and grabs the nearest one. He pulls it open to reveal a transformer toy

Adams: Hey! That's my present!

Simone: For a kid?

Adams: No, for me! I love transformers!

Simone: Why am I not surprised?

Bruce spins around, as Nick gets to his feet and drills the childs toy in to Nick's head. Nick hits the canvas hard and blinks before rolling to his knees. Bruce lines up another shot at Nick, but Nick ducks the transformer toy heading towards his head and grabs Bruce's arm and slams him down with a single armed clothesline. Nick picks Bruce up to his feet and looks at the wrapped boxes on the floor. He hooks Bruce's head up and drops him down on the multi colored wrapped boxes, sending the flying around the ring

Adams: Barbie could have been in one of those boxes, Ken's gonna be very upset that his girl has two sweaty muscle guys on top of her.

Nick gets to his feet, dragging Bruce with him but Bruce drops down and nails Nick with a low blow!

Simone: Low blow

Bruce quickly grabs Nick by the head and puts it between his legs. Bruce picks Nick put and nails him with a powerbomb on the rest of the presents in the ring! Nick rolls over and holds his back as Bruce looks up at the tree, smiling at the prize at the top. Bruce walks over to the branch and starts to climb, taking his first step on the tree. He looks up and pulls himself another step closer, lifting his foot on to another branch. Bruce pulls himself to the top of the tree and waits for a second, taking a quick breather before reaching up and wrapping his hand around the sack. He adds a second hand to it...

Simone: Bruce is going to win the chance at a heavyweight title shot

Bruce grabs at the sack, focused on the prize, but Nick Jones climbs the tree beside him. He hits Bruce with an elbow to the ribs. Bruce lets go of the sack as he doubles over and Nick grabs his head, diving off the top of the tree and dragging Bruce with him with an x factor.

Adams: Better Than You! Nick just hit his Better Than You finisher from the top of the tree

Simone: Bruce could be out of it.

A "this is awesome" chant, mixed with a "SCW" chant echoes around the arena as Nick starts to climb the tree once more, quickly getting past half way and moving towards the top. Nick looks down to see Jasmine St John checking on Bruce. Nick reaches the top of the tree and reaches out, grabbing the sack with both hands and pulling down the prize. The referee calls for the bell as Nick falls out of the tree.

Justin: Here is your winner … NICK JONES!!!

Adams: Nick Jones has won the right to challenge either Gabriel or JT Underwood for the heavyweight title!

Simone: He had to overcome some very good competition here to win this one. I'm surprised the ring held up with so much ego in the ring

Adams: Nick deserved the win but Bruce Evans effort will not have gone unnoticed. This guy will be back stronger then ever

The scene cuts to the backstage area, near the loading docks. A 2008 Black Ducati 848 pulls up alongside a 2012 Harley VSRC V-Rod with a customized paint job. Across the tank and the tail, the black is decked out with a plum colored chinese dragon. The riders rev their engines for a moment before they shut down the bikes. The riders are both dressed from head to toe in black leather pants, jackets, gloves, and helmets with the visors down. The Ducati rider pulls off the helmet and we see it's Raynin. Her hair has been pulled back in a loose ponytail with a black bandana around it to protect it from the helmet. She reaches back and pulls of the bandana and the hair scrunchie and shakes her long hair loose, making it fall down her back as she smiles over at the other rider.

"Man... You ride like a BEAST! I could barely keep up with you!! I couldn't believe it when you took that corner with the bike almost laying down on it's side from how fast you were goin' just to pop out of it at the last minute! Freakin' AWESOME!!"

The other rider pulls off their helmet and Darknyss's face is revealed as she shakes her own loose curls out from under her helmet. She smiles at Raynin and chuckles.

"You're no slacker yourself. I barely made it what with the way you were riding. I saw you slipping in and out of those cars like they were standing still on the highway. And I think that guy in the little Miata convertible about had a heart attack when you blew past him and tickled his ear in the process. You got skills, and not just in the ring either. I'm proud of you kid."

Raynin blushes and ducks her head, tucking her hair behind her ear when a noise behind them catches her attention. The two women look around as a third bike pulls up behind them. This one is a black 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R. The front and sides of the bike are accented with a dark grey flame pattern that is barely noticeable unless in good lighting. The rider is dressed in black patent leather pants and shirt with a corset around her waist. Her long leather trench coat settles around her body as she's leaned forward over the front of the bike, and the black leather gloves she's wearing are gripping the handle bars with an intensity that you can hear the leather crackling as she flexes her fingers. She lifts the visor on the black helmet and all you can see are a pair of eerily piercing ice blue eyes. She doesn't speak, just kicks her kickstand down and stands beside her bike. Raynin looks over her shoulder and chuckles softly.

"Who'd have thought that I'd end up meeting and befriending two of the most Dominant women in Wrestling world today... Man, I feel like I'm around wrestling royalty every time we talk."

Darknyss puts down her kickstand as well and climbs off of her bike, walking around the front of it to pat Raynin on the shoulder.

"I wouldn't say royalty... Maybe something a bit grander."

Raynin and Darknyss start to chuckle and the third rider just stands there almost emotionless, her eyes seeming to glow in the low light. She crosses her arms across her chest and walks over, standing beside Darknyss, standing only a couple of inches shorter than the Amazon-like woman beside her. Darknyss looks between the two of them and shrugs.

"You ready to take on Minerva Soto today?"

Raynin nods slowly as she climbs off of her bike and picks up her saddle bag from off of the back of the bike, slinging it over her shoulder as she holds her helmet in the other hand.

"I was born ready. I'm not about to let this roll I'm on stop. She's going down, and there's nothing that she or anyone else in the back can do to stop it."

Darknyss nods slowly and lifts an eyebrow.

"Good, good. You're confident which can take you far. Do you want us at ringside?"

Raynin shakes her head and reaches up and pats Darknyss on the shoulder.

"Nah, I got this one. But just knowing you two are here makes things a bit easier. I'd forgotten what it meant to actually trust someone to have your back when you need it. Hell, I don't even really know how to handle something like this. It's always just been me and either my Tia Angel or Abuelo and Abuela. It feels... weird. Don't get me wrong, it's a good weird... just... weird to not be out there alone, you know?"

Darknyss nods slowly and slips an arm around each of the two women, guiding them off towards the lockerrooms.

"Weird can be good. Why be normal when weird is so much more fun?"

She throws her head back and starts to laugh maniacally. Raynin looks up at her, looking a bit confused and shakes her head slowly.

"You two are really something else..."

The trio of women head off towards the Bombshell's lockerrooms

The dark beat of "Opticon" by Orgy drums out across the Eagles Nest Arena's sound system and the entire building is cast into darkness.

Let's fake an answer for the curious
Let's fake it all for the fame
They'll think delivering was easy
Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies

Adams: Ohh I know that song! I think we're about to get a visitor! Rock on!

Jason holds up a fist and head bangs while Belinda can only shake her head and hide her eyes behind her hand.

Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time

The crowd waits in silent anticipation as first one single light flashes on above the ring, then more are lit along the entrance until Synn himself, clad in an ankle-length trench coat of black leather and his trademark metallic red shades, is revealed.

Simone: Seems you were right ... for a change. Synn does not grant interviews like this very often so this must be important.

Adams: Considering who just started showing his face in SCW, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what this is about.

Simone: Lucky for you.

Adams: Right! ... What?

A number of the fans boo at his entrance although there is a hardcore following of fans, who cheer him loyally. Synn ignores everyone along his path to the ring, as he walks up the metal ring steps and onto the apron. With one last look out to the "synners," he steps over the top rope and inside of the squared circle.

New alien spawn we reinvent the dawn
And no one's style compares
Those neon eyes make mom and dad think
That we've lost our minds
They're just terrified of all new things

Synn walks over to the ropes and leans out, holding out his hand expectantly as he converses with Justin Decent. The ring announcer passes him the microphone and Synn steps back into the center of the ring where all eyes are firmly on him.

Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time

The music slowly fades away and Synn looks around, his eyes hidden by the shades as the tension grows. The crowd's noise starts to lessen and Synn speaks;

Synn: Last week, we had ourselves something of a surprise. Now, I consider myself a man that has his ways about himself, and truth be told, very little slips past me. This new arrival from out of nowhere did just that, and I do have to admit, I dislike it when there are secrets involving the people under my guidance that I am not privy to. However, this time "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward...

The fans respond to the name of the heelish co-owner of the SCW with scorn but the name also elicits a number of cheers from loyal fans as well. Synn pauses as the crowd gets it out of their system before he continues.

Synn: ... This time, "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward decided to play what will very soon prove to be a dangerous game amidst his gladiators. Now, many of you might know the man I am addressing. Many of you might not. So for the benefit of those not in the know, this is going out to that emo Ronald McDonald reject, Goth!

The crowd boos viciously at the given name of the dangerous and hated spectre.

Simone: I knew it. I knew this would have to do with him.

Synn started to pace about the ring, talking as he did so.

Synn: You know Goth, I can appreciate a man with delusions of grandeur. Mix that with the personality of a habitual liar and deceiver and what do you get? Just look in the mirror, because the answer is clear. Anyone familiar with the past the Seven Sins had in your promotions knows damn well just what one person you've been referring to! Just why do you feel this way? Just why have you had a chip on your shoulder lo this past year? For all those out there who are unaware of this enthralling bit of wrestling history...

Synn sweeps his arm out around the crowd watching.

Synn: The high and mighty Goth got his ass kicked by Despayre!

The fans cheer and applaud.

Simone: I remember the reports when that happened. They say what Despayre did to Goth was sick.

Adams: No foolin'? I always knew Despayre was a few tacos short of a combination plate but Goth must have done something pretty bad to get the little guy to react that strongly.

Synn: And just why did this happen, you might ask? Oh we know Goth neglected to mention just what happened between him and Despayre, and why, but the answer is both simple as well as nauseating.

Synn steps closer to the camera and peers into it, whipping off his shades so that his emerald green eyes are burning into those watching.

Synn: He. Attacked. Angel!

The crowd boos at the mere mention of such a crime against perhaps the most famous teddy bear in the modern world.

Adams: Ooo! I knew it had to be something bad but I can't believe Goth would be that dumb! Everyone knows that bear is off limits!

Simone: Apparently not everyone. If anything would cause Despayre to go unhinged, it would be that.

Synn pauses against the ropes and rubs his jaw as the fans continue to boo the act of such an atrocity. He walks toward the nearest corner and turns his back to it, leaning against the turnbuckles.

Synn: I never thought anyone would dare to commit such a crime. I never pictured someone so stupid. And yet why did this happen? Why did Goth sink to such depths? You see, the truth behind that comes out directly opposed to just about everything Goth has tried to brainwash us with over the course of the past two weeks. The answer is quite simple. despite what Goth wants everyone to believe, he did not control neither Despayre nor Gabriel during their stint in the AWA. Quite the contrary actually. Two months!

Synn held up two fingers.

Synn: Two months Despayre was the AWA International Champion! Just shy of a full month was Gabriel the AWA Television Champion! And for over two months, Gabriel and Despayre dominated the tag team division as the AWA Tag Team Champions!

The fans cheer!

Synn: All talk and no balls, I believe were Goth's words? The simple fact that neither Despayre nor Gabriel suffered a pinfall loss during their stay speaks volumes! The fact that neither of them lost their championships inside of the squared circle, speaks volumes! Goth threw everyone he had at his disposal at us in the vain hopes someone could accomplish what he could not, and never once did he succeed! He even sent his high and mighty Universal champion against Gabriel, yet made sure it was non-title because the end result was pre-ordained. Gabriel pinned the man, and as punishment, Goth stripped him of the TV title.

The crowd boos and Synn nods, looking out to them.

Synn: That was the only way Gabriel could have lost his title, and the same could be said for Despayre. He had his International title stripped for one reason only; he and Gabriel won the tag team titles. Titles that they WALKED OUT of the AWA with! Undefeated as champions!


Synn: No, despite what Goth claims, he did not 'cast us out' nor did he intimidate us into leaving. As I recall, there were heavy negotiations to try and get us to remain, but the simple fact is, we quit. Not because of fear but frustration! Frustration at backstage politics and Goth's repeated attempts to screw us and keep his own in the spotlight! You weren't worth it Goth.

Synn shakes his head.

Synn: Talk as big as you want, but who was it that was left bloodied and laying unconscious in the ring? Who was it that spent weeks as an invalid recovering while Despayre and Gabriel continued their dominance in the ring, your ring? It was you Goth. History cannot be changed, no matter how much you might desire to do so. You can attempt to bolster your ego all you like, but the facts speak for themselves. We were not hiding from you all this time. Had you wanted to find us, it would have been easy. We had no reason to hide. After all, why should we fear what we already dominated?

Adams: Man's got a point.

Synn: No, I was not thrilled that you followed us here, but hey. I can understand the actions of a bruised ego needing a little stroking. For all the bravado you made a habit of putting on, I can't imagine the humiliation you suffered when you realized that you just weren't all that. Just remember; you're not in the AWA any longer! This is Sin territory! You have no pull. You manipulate noone! This time, you're merely a pawn in the greater scheme of things. Nobody said you'd get what you wanted. Nobody said you'd get Despayre. That boy has been through enough thanks to you! You had your chance with him, and you failed. You still have egg on your face from trying to manipulate Gabriel. You ask too much what you simply can't handle. That was proven over a year ago. So let me fill you in on one last little fact. Nothing gets my blood pumping faster than the thought of putting you down for good.

He turns to the side and looks again into the camera.

Synn: Bring it!

"Opticon" starts playing again and Synn just drops the microphone to the mat and climbs through the ropes, dropping to the ringside floor. the fans are now cheering fully as he looks around to all corners of the building. He slips his shades back on and heads back up the aisle.

Justin Decent: "Ladies and Gentleman the following match is a Glass Christmas Ball Bombshell Match. We have filled the ring with glass Christmas ball ornaments and have blocked off from the ring apron to the bottom rope so that none will be kicked out of the ring. Introducing first from Las Vegas, Nevada weighing in at 120lbs she is


Give Me Everything by Pitbull, NeYo, and Nayer plays and Minerva comes to the ramp, and Minerva smiles and then claps with the beat of her theme song and then comes down the ramp and fives the fans. She then slides in the ring and gets on the turnbuckle and looks around the crowd and nods, showing respect for them.

Justin Decent: And her opponent Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada as well weighing in at 145lbs she is


The camera flashes around the crowd, as Because of You by Nickelback plays over the PA, panning in and out, stopping just long enough to get glimpses of excited people in the crowd until it stops finally on the stage where Raynin stands, legs spread slightly, looking out over the audience with a confident smirk. She nods slowly, and then raises her fist high in the air. She brings her fist down into a salute, and then starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring. She jumps onto the apron, and climbs the turnbuckle, and lifts her fist in the air. She brings her hand down and salutes the crowd before she hops down into the ring and goes to another turnbuckle climbs it and throws her fist in the air, then brings it down in a salute. She jumps down into the ring and leans back on the turnbuckle, waiting for the ref to call for the bell and the match to start.



As the last piece of wood is pushed into place to help keep the glass Christmas ball ornaments in the ring, Raynin and Minerva both lock up in the middle of the ring and Raynin takes the early advantage Irish whipping Soto into the corner and runs at her, jumping up onto the second turnbuckle and monkey flips Minerva Soto into the middle of the six sided ring. As both women fall to the ground, the sound of some of the glass ornaments shattering can be heard.

Adams: You broke it, you pay for it!

As Minerva gets up shards of glass can be seen resting loosely in her skin as she locks up with Raynin in the far left side of the ring. Minerva gets the upper hand this go round and delivers a kick to the stomach of Raynin and quickly spring boards off the ropes to deliver a leg drop driving Raynin's face into the glass balls. Minerva follows it up with a pin attempt

1... Kickout by Raynin

Simone: Too soon

Adams: Hehe, balls to the face

Minerva starts delivering kicks to the stomach of Raynin after returning to her feet and drops down with a knee to the sturnam before turning Raynin over and grinding her face into the glass shards. Raynin lets out a scream as she can feel some of the glass cutting into her face. Minerva lets up and starts climbing the turnbuckle but is stopped short by Raynin who is back on her feet and bounces against the ropes, causing Minerva to slip, and allow her feet to get tangled up, her head dangling near the mat.

Adams: Just hanging around there

Raynin starts kicking the midsection of Soto as she holds onto one of the ropes. Grabbing Minerva by the head, Raynin reaches up and untangles her feet and delivers a crashing ddt from the top turnbuckle. Raynin crawls over to Minerva and rolls her over going for a pin.

2... Kickout by Minerva Soto

Simone: Close, but not close enough

Adams: Close enough would be a win, right?

Raynin gets to her feet and quickly climbs the turnbuckles and waits for Minerva to get to her feet. As Minerva finally makes it to a standing position she turns around in time to see Raynin leaping from the top rope with a missile dropkick and ducks out of the way in the last second.

Simone: Fail!

Raynin crashes to the mat hard shattering dozens of glass ornaments in the process. Minerva walks to Raynin and lifts her up and Irish whips her into the ropes and goes for a back body toss, but Raynin leap frogs over and rolls through, pulling Minerva down to the mat and goes for a pin.

1... Minerva gets her left shoulder up.

Minerva climbs to her feet and delivers an enzuguri to Raynin sending her crashing the mat. Minerva scoops Raynin up and hangs her upside down on the ropes with her legs hooking the middle rope.

Simone: Tree of woe.

Adams: I don't like sad trees, I like happy trees, like christmas trees

Minerva runs across and bounces off the ropes to gain momentum as she comes running and jumps into Raynin's face with a baseball slide drop kick slamming Raynin's head against the ply wood blockade on the. To add further insult to injury Minerva drops to her knees and grabs a glass ball and smashes it over Raynin's forehead and grinding the glass shards into her skin, causing blood to start to slowly flow.

Simone: This has turned in to a nasty war.

Adams: Blood, I think I feel quesey

Running over to a corner, Soto climbs it and leaps off with a dropkick directly to Raynin’s right knee and smashes more of the glass balls as she falls to the mat. Raynin starts lifting herself up and untangles her legs from the ropes and falls face first into the shards of glass.

Adams: That's gotta hurt!

Both bombshells start to move and slowly pull themselves up to their feet with the assistance of the ropes. Raynin suddenly runs and drop kicks Minerva in the knees sending her flying face first back down to the mat and smashes her face against a bunch of the Christmas balls. Raynin then gets back up and capitalizes on the fact that the shards of glass are cutting Minerva’s skin by slamming her head into the shards over and over again.

Simone: This is vicious!

Raynin lifts Minerva to her feet, putting Soto’s head between her legs and brings her up for a swift power bomb before quickly jumping to the ropes and jumps off the top turnbuckle landing the Simply Breathtaking finisher. Hooking Minerva’s legs, Raynin goes for the pin.
Kickout by Minerva.

Simone: Wow!

Adams: I did not expect to see anyone kick out of that!

Minerva rolls over to the ropes and desperately tries to get her breath back as Raynin is on her knees in the middle of the ring, getting more and more frustrated not being able to get the pin. In an attempt to get the momentum going in her favor, Minerva bounces off the ropes and drives a new into the face of Raynin. Raynin falls back off her knees smacking her head against the shards of glass.

Simone: We're gonna need a doctor after this match

Adams: and a guy with big glasses to pull out all that glass

Minerva picks Raynin up in a piledriver position and drops her down to the mat. Slowly pulling herself back up to her feet Soto and slowly climbs to the top of the middle ring post and leaps off the top with the Minerva Twister, only to have Raynin get her knees up at the last second causing Minerva to get winded for the second time in the match. Minerva rolls around

Simone: Minerva could be done here

Adams: Height plus knees to the gut equals one hell of an owie!

Raynin and Minerva are both laying on the mat while they attempt to get their second wind going. Each slowly rolls over and starts to get to their knees. Minerva looks at Raynin and quickly delivers a hard right hand punch. Raynin returns the punch with one of her own, beginning a slug fest between the two worn out, battered and bleeding bombshells.

Simone: These two are slugging it out like a couple of heavyweights

Raynin starts to rapidly throw right hand punches into the face of Minerva. Finally, she leaps forward and clotheslines Soto to the mat with a short distance clothesline. Raynin picks Minerva up and Irish whips her into the ropes and back body drops her onto the glass balls. Following up with a springboard leg drop off the middle rope, Raynin moves with painful speed as she leaps to her feet and climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps from it with the “Reach for the Stars” finisher and lands it perfectly on the motionless form of Minerva Soto. Raynin hooks the leg and the ref drops down to count.

Justin Decent: The winner of the match....Raynin!

Simone: Raynin takes this one

Adams: I think that this victory has put her in line now for a shot at the bombshell championship. Very impressive from Raynin.

The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Ready or Not (I’m Coming)" By Oomph! plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage. He is wearing black jeans with the knees ripped and several various chains hanging from them, and a white pyramid studded leather belt, as well as a white muscle shirt with a leather jacket over He smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet. He soaks in the cheers before leaning out to accept a microphone. He brings it to his lips, but pauses for the fans, eventually letting out a primal scream into the microphone. The audience dies down.

Spike: I NEVER thought I would be back in a wrestling ring… Not in a million years. But, sure enough, here I am!”

Spike reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. He waves it around above his head.

Spike: But this piece of paper here has been signed, notarized, and made official. I am a Sin City Wrestling star, and that is something I refuse to take lightly. Even though I was coerced into signing this contract, I refuse to allow that to affect my performance here, for each and every SCW fan. Regardless of what pricks like Blade Alexander have to say about the fans, you guys are the reason we are here, first and foremost.

Spike tucks the contract back into his jacket before he turns toward the entrance ramp, looking at it as if he were expecting someone.

Spike: “Hot Stuff” Mark Ward… Buddy, old pal of mine. You really pulled out all of the stops. You tried to humiliate me with the Mr. Mom apron, and I wore it with pride. You tried threatening me. You beat up my brother, coerced my sister-in-law to attack my wife, had me arrested, and threatened my children. You are a real piece of work. You said you wanted to give my career back, but what you fail to realize is that you never had it. You gave me the opportunity to enjoy my family life, and to nurture my children in an environment that doesn’t involve violence and danger. I gave my career to my children and my soon-to-be wife. What you have done is you have stolen that from them. And I won’t take that lightly either, Mark. I’m here, and I’ve got big plans for you, and that all starts tonight!

Spike pauses, raising the microphone in the air above his head as the fans let out a deafening round of cheers.

Spike: But, in the spirit of the season, I would like to give you a gift. Just like the last one, it’s a gift that will keep on giving. So come on down here and get it you greedy bastard…

Spike smiles and tucks the microphone in his pocket as he leans against the ropes, looking at the entrance ramp. The fans buzz in anticipation as Spike motions for a box wrapped in green pine tree decorated paper with red bows lining it to be lowered from the ceiling, into the middle of the ring. Once it is down, he brings the microphone back to his mouth, ready to talk over the louder buzzing. Just then, “Lay Your Hands On Me” begins playing and Spike smiles his signature sadistic smile, easing his posture. “Hot Stuff” skips the usual show and marches straight down to the ring. He pauses at the bottom of the ramp, staring Spike down, as Spike backs up, motioning for him to peacefully enter the ring. Mark walks up the steps, still reluctant as Spike steps half way across the ring to allow him in. Mark enters the ring, and narrows his eyes at Spike, before allowing a cocky grin to come across his face. He passes by Spike, bumping shoulders with him, giving a chuckle before he walks over to receive another microphone from Justin Decent.

HS: Looks like you got ya balls back, mate. Congrats. You made the right decision signing that contract. Now you can prove to all the fans that you aren’t the worthless piece of trash that I picked up seven years ago off the side of the road. You were nothing, mate. Nothing at all til I GXT made you. Give me a little credit here for…

Spike: Hold on one minute there, Mark. I don’t deny that you rook that mess of a beast, and you created a neat monster out of him. I commend you for that, but… I have this one problem with you. I became better… than… you. And when that happened, you attacked me like a little bitch from behind, and took out my leg.

Upon hearing the word “bitch”, “Hot Stuff” steps forward into Spike’s face, and grabs onto Spike’s jacket, pulling him in closer.

HS: Callin’ me a bitch are ya? Don’t confuse me with your fiance, Spike…

Spike grabs onto Mark’s wrist, smirking as he does so, and he removes it from his jacket, but he keeps just inches from his face.

Spike: Sorry, I thought you were your mother there for a moment, I guess. Silly me.

The two engage in an intense staredown as the fans start a chant.


Spike finally steps back a bit, but their eyes never steer away from each others. Spike firmly plants his hand against the huge box sitting in front of them, and he looks over to Mark.

Spike: Let us not forget that it IS the holiday season, and in the spirit of charity and good faith, I would like to present you with a gift to a foe. Something that I have found deep in my heart, remembering all the good times we had before the bad. That is what this season is truly about. So, for just one brief moment, I would like to set the hard feelings aside, so that I can watch your eyes light up with excitement… and surprise. Would you please do the honors of accepting this gift from me? It’s the least I could do for giving me the apron.

”Hot Stuff” looks over to Spike, then to the gift sitting in the ring. Spike always did have good taste in presents, so he walks over to the box, and tears away at the paper. The fans begin cheering as he gets it all off in one quick motion. Inside the box, is the platform with red flashing lights above it, and a stripper pole in the middle. It is the same one that Angelica was presented to him a few years ago, only this time, there is nothing but a sign. “Hot Stuff: looks at the sign, and then looks to see the grin on Spike’s face. He drops the sign that says “Turn Around”, and once he does, he sees Jordan Williams standing behind him. As if he had seen a ghost, Mark takes a few steps back, bumping into Spike. He tries to hide his look of shock as he approaches Jordan with a questioning look. Jordan responds with a stiff kick to his gut, followed up by the ATL Crusher! Jordan gets up from delivering the solid maneuver, and walks over to Spike, where they shake hands in the center of the ring. They raise their arms in a show of unity as “Smackdown” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins playing.

Simone: Oh my god! Spike has brought back Jordan Williams!

Adams: Not only brought him back, brought him back to go against Hot Stuff!

Goth can be seen standing in a locker room taping his fists as he sees the camera and grins. He motions the camera to come closer and it does as Goth starts to talk

Goth: I know I've been out of it for a while, but I'm here and I'm here to show a piece of shit the way things go in my court. The court of the Goth so to speak. I want to thank you though, for the weeks of preparing msyefl to this matcha nd the weeks of having to listen to the words that have been utttered. I just want you to understand that everyone needs to be put aside for the greater cost. I hope I did not hurt your feelings, realizing that you are not my main goal. accept the fact JC, I'm here for one reason and one reason only.... The destruction of The Deadly Sins....

Goth chuckles as he closes his fists.

Despayre? Gabriel? or even you Synn. I hope you will be watching and why don't you guys come to a tea party with me one day? And exchange some fun memories.... before I will break you and turn you all in just that... Memories...

With that Goth turns around and walks away, as he is ready for his match

Reprobate is seen standing in the ring

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next contest is the Santa's Sleigh Hardcore Match. The winner will be the first one to put one of their opponents on to Santa's sleigh and taken out of the ringside area.

The camera focuses on a sleigh outside the ring.

Justin Decent: Introducing first, to my right, standing at six feet one, weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds, he is...


The fans cheer

Justin Decent: Introducing one of his opponents. Standing at six feet tall, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds, coming to you from Christchurch, New Zealand, He is The Hardcore Phoenix, he is ...


The lights begins to fad as Super Beast by Rob Zombie begins to blast out over the arena, It then all the search lights in the arena glow red and all begin to point towards the entrance way where none other than “The Hardcore Phoenix” JC Bloodstone stands his heavily tattooed upper body exposed his long black greasy hair hangs in front of his face his slowly raises his steely blue eyes looking out onto the crowed slowly he raises both his hands into the air for a moment before he begins to make his way down towards the ring. JC slides into the ring and makes his way over the far side and takes a seat on the top rope completely ignoring the crowd.

Justin Decent: And their opponent, coming from Utrecht in The Netherlands, standing at six foot and four inches, weighing in at two hundred and thirty nine pounds, he is the Gothfather of the AWA, he is....


Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and he stares down his opponents in the ring



The bell rings and JC Bloodstone and Goth immediately double team up on Reprobate forcing him into a corner and taking turns delivering vicious punches to the midsection of Reprobate. JC starts to get into the zone and starts delivering knee strikes that look like they could break some ribs. Goth starts to slowly back up and slips out of the ring and moves methodically over to the big red sled at ring side.

Adams: Seeing that sleigh makes me wanna sing Christmas carols

Simone: I'll give you five bucks of you don't

Goth climbs into the back seat of it and stretches out, watching JC tear into Reprobate with utter force. JC proceeds to lifts Reprobate up onto a turnbuckle and goes to climb the turnbuckles and go for a superplex but Repro counters with punches to the gut and shoves JC off the turnbuckle and jumps off with a diving clothesline, leveling JC to the mat and quickly moves to the ropes and springboards off them with a dropkick.

Adams: Awesome dropkick!

Repro takes a moment to look around for Goth and sees him lounging in the sled and runs across the ring getting momentum and leaps to the top rope and pushes off, landing on Goth in a crossbody maneuver. Both wrestlers fall over the back of the sled and Reprobate quickly jumps back to his feet and starts slamming Goth’s head into the back of the sled.

Simone: When someone designed the sled, I bet they never planned for people to have their heads bashed on it

Reprobate gets back to his feet and starts moving towards the ring but is stopped by Goth who has gotten back to his feet and grabs the back of Reprobates head, slamming it into a one of the steel posts before rolling him into the ring back to JC Bloodstone who has since recovered. JC stalks Repro, waiting for him to get to his feet before leveling him with a spear that could’ve split him in half.

Adams: JC nearly turned Reprobate in to twins

JC then proceeds to deliver punches to the side of Repro’s head and midsection before Goth slid into the ring and spun a huge candy cane that one would normally have in their yard lining the drive way, and slams it down first on Repro and then swings it like a baseball bat at the head of JC Bloodstone. JC rolls off of Reprobate and clutches his head while Goth takes another swing, connecting with JC’s arms.

Adams: Someone's gonna be bruised in the morning

Goth turns his attention back to Reprobate and pulls him to the ropes closest the sled. From there he proceeds to step through the ropes and lifts Repro up, hooking Repro’s head under his arm and suplexing him outside of the ring onto the large red sled. Goth then returns to the ring and starts to kick JC over and over again while JC is attempting to block as many as possible. Goth turns his attention from JC back to Reprobate and slides out of the ring and charges in with a clothesline. Repro ducks it and connects with a neckbreaker on Goth before climbing into the ring to JC Bloodstone.

Simone: Neckbreaker!

JC is starting to get to his feet and sees Reprobate coming back into the ring and quickly Irish whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but once again Reprobate ducks it bounces off the other side and goes for a crossbody but is caught by JC and dropped across JC’s knee with a back breaker. Outside the ring Goth is rummaging through the sack that is in the front of the sled and first pulls out a barbed wire wreath with glass shards all over it, and tosses it into the ring. Goth keeps rummaging through the sack tossing things like a deer crossing sign and a large black belt with a larger gold belt buckle, a kendo stick and trash can lid wrapped to look like candy canes.

Adams: mmmmmm candy canes

Simone: They're not real Jason

Adams: Awwww

Goth starts pushing the sled away from the ring, getting the heavy work out of the way and takes a break as Repro is back on his feet and is laying into JC in the corner. Repro runs to an opposite corner and charges JC, bouncing off the middle rope and connecting with a roundhouse kick sending JC flying over the top rope. Reprobate climb to the top and leaps off with a high crossbody and crashes into JC as Goth finally decides to make his presence known again at ringside and charges into Repro with a vicious boot to the head.

Adams: Ouch!

Goth starts in on JC and lifts him up into what looks like a stalling suplex, only to drop him stomach first on the steel guard rail. By now Reprobate is back up and on his feet and pulls the wreath out of the ring and drops it down over Goth’s head and slides it down his arms capturing him in the wreath of barbwire and glass shards. Goth starts to try to push his arms away from his side but lets out a primal growl as he feels the barbwire and glass shards digging into him. Repro rolls into the ring and grabs the kendo stick and the dear crossing sign and rolls back out. Dropping the sign he swings a grandslam worthy hit to the head of Goth sending him flipping over his own body onto his stomach and then proceeds to take the kendo stick to the body and head of JC Bloodstone. Bloodstone not defending anything takes the beating until Repro stops and places the deer crossing sign over JC’s face.

Simone: I get the feeling this is not gonna be very Christmassy

Reprobate quickly climbs the turnbuckle and jumps from it with an elbow drop directly onto the sign slamming into JC’s face, and causing an edge of the sign to cut into his own arm. Goth is starting to stir at the other end of the ring and is slowly working the wreath off his arms and looks at the two fallen superstars as he gets to his feet. Pyschially exhausted and drained, Goth pushes the wreath down his legs and rubs his arms before moving towards JC Bloodstone. Lifting him up, he irish whips him up to the sled and JC falls short of it, collapsing onto the ramp. Goth then proceeds to grab Reprobate and walks him in a headlock up to the ramp. Whipping Reprobate and holding on, bringing him back, Goth levels Repro with a hard hitting spinebuster directly onto the ramp.

Adams: All he wants for Christmas is a new spine

Simone: I think Santa's all out of them.

Goth then turns his attention back to JC Bloodstone only to get bent over by a kick to the gut and JC powerbombs Goth onto the ramp. Carefully climbing up onto the back of the sled, JC jumps off with a frog splash for Goth, but at the last second Goth rolls out of the way. All three wrestlers are laying on the ground and Goth and Repro start to make it to their feet first. They start trading punches back and forth and Repro whips Goth into the sled after getting the upper hand.

Simone: I never thought I'd ever see a man whipped in a to a sled

Following up Repro runs at Goth, but gets met with a kick to the stomach and the Chaos ADDT. Goth gets up and JC is back on his feet and picking up Reprobate, Goth suplexes him into the sled, and starts to finish pushing him the last few feet to get the sled backstage, but is stopped by JC Bloodstone who whips Goth around and starts throwing punches at Goth. Both men get the same idea and grab a hold of the sled with one hand and grabs the other by the back of the head and attempts to slam the others head into the sled, but result in both men pushing Reprobate and the sled into the backstage area, as the bell is sounded through the arena.

Justin Decent: “Ladies and Gentleman as a result of a draw your winners of this match are GOTH and JC BLOODSTONE.”

Adams: A draw in a triple threat match?

Simone: That's gotta be a first.

Upon hearing the announcement, the two men stand up furious and resume throwing punches at each other. Goth ducks one of JC’s and delivers a knee to the stomach of JC and whips him into the guard rail. Moving JC back down the ramp towards the ring, Goth attempts an Irish whip and JC reverses it and whips Goth right into the ring. JC quickly follows up sliding into the ring and lifts Goth up onto his shoulders and nails Goth with the Chapter 11 finisher. Getting up JC stands over Goth as “Super Beast” by Rob Zombie hits.

Adams:JC getting the upper hand here....

All of a sudden the song, On We March, fills the air with its thumping bass drum and the noise creeps its away in. As the ominous bass-line begins to play, the couple walk out, hand-in-hand.

Adams: Oh my god, it's Kain!

Simone: Former AWA World Champion Kain is in Sin City Wrestling

Adams: Gabriel told me about this guy, he and Gabriel had a huge match a while ago, this guy was a beast!

Simone: How the hell did Mark Ward and Christian Underwood get this guy here?

As the crowd spews their venom towards Kain, he replies back with an angry snarl, his eyes never wavering from the ring. As soon as the couple finishes their walk on the ramp, Ariel steps behind her man, unties the robe and takes it off him, removing his cowl as well. Kain's muscular body is shown from head to foot and while the crowd boos at him, the women cannot help but scream for him while the men cannot help but be jealous of his look and stature, cameras flashing everywhere in the arena. Kain turns to his girl and the two embrace each other in a deep, passionate kiss. Then Kain breaks it off and climbs up the steel steps. He places both hands on the apron and jumps on it. A second later, Kain executes a forward-flip. As he lands into the ring, flaming pyro explodes from all four sides. Kain stares across at Goth, who had just returned to his feet.

Simone: Goth is Kain's former boss!

Adams: Employees strike back

Kain stairs across at Goth and shakes his head. Kain turns to JC BloodStone and jumps in the air, nailing him with a 360 degree tornado kick to the side of the head! JC hits the floor and rolls out of the ring. Goth senses the danger and slides quickly out of the ring. Kain drags JC to his feet and nails him with a sharp diamond cutter. Kain gets back to his feet and stares at Goth.

Simone: Kain just took out JC BloodStone!

Adams: I get the feeling JC will not let Kain get away with this

Simone: That cold stare is haunting

Adams: I think he wanted Goth to have the best seat in the house, to show his former employer he was wrong to let him go. Sin City Wrestling have gained a huge name in Kain!

Simone: Well we're about to head into the ring where SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood has a very special announcement.

Adams: I hope it has something to do with our Christmas bonus. You know what I asked my wife for...?

Simone: I don't want to know!

Adams: No, seriously. I ...

Simone: Seriously, I don't want to know!

Inside of the ring, Christian Underwood stands ready with microphone in hand.

Christian: Ladies and gentlemen, two weeks ago on Climax Control I made the announcement where "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward and I would be holding off a special auction where the winner would land a spot on this very show as the newest member of the SCW roster, whether it be referee, Bombshell or Beefcake!

Simone: Beefcake?

Adams: Well if the babes gotta be Bombshells, I guess the guys hafta be...

Simone: I get it!

Christian: I am pleased to announce here and now, that we have our winner, and we have officially raised, thanks to this event, over thirty thousand dollars!

The fans cheer and applaud the announcement.

Christian: That money will be equally divided, part of it going to benefit Toys For Tots so that children in need get a special bit of Christmas magic, and the rest will go to provide food, clothes and blankets for those in need.

Further applause from the fans.

Simone: A very worthy cause.

Christian: Mark and I would like to formally thank...

"Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
And aim for my heart
If you feel like
And take me away and make it OK
I swear I'll behave

You wanted control
So we waited
I put on a show
Now I make it
You say I'm a kid
My ego is big
I don't give a shit
And it goes like this

Christian turns and frowns in confusion.

Adams: Who in their right mind would interrupt an announcement from the boss?

"Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me 'til you're drunk
And I'll show you

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger"

The lights dim down a little and the opening to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" starts to play. The fan's look towards the entrance ramp as two beautiful women walk out from the backstage area and stands either side of the entrance ramp. A huge man with a bald head appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a suit

Adams: Look at the size of that guy! He's a monster.

The man adjusts his tie and points to the entrance ramp and a shorter, young looking man, maybe in his teens walks through the entrance, much to the amusement of the fans

Simone: Is this some kind of joke? The guy's like five foot nothing

Adams: And looks like he's got school in the morning.

Simone: Must be past his bedtime

James Huntington-Hawkes III stands on the top of the ramp, and the two beautiful young ladies takes an arm each, and lead him down towards the ring, with the big man leading the way.

Simone: They're probably his chaperones or something, he shouldn't be out this late

As the four get to the ring, the bigger man steps up the ring steps and bends open the ropes for James to step up and in to the ring James runs up the steps and in to the ring, The women quickly follows him up the steps and in to the ring, followed by the bigger man.

Adams: This guy looks like he's about a hundred pounds wet.

James steps to the center of the ring and the two women stand behind him and James starts to dance. Moving first to the left, then a step to the right, moving his arms out in the opposite directions then he steps. He takes a two steps forward, dipping his shoulders, before leaning back and doing a 'Jagger strut' and raising his arms. The bigger man hands him a microphone and the music dies down

JHHIII: Quote you noisy people! Someone has something to say that's a little more important then your existance so shut up!

The boos intensify around the arena

JHHIII: Shut up!

He looks at the much larger man

JHHIII: Make them shut up!

The much larger man looks confused but turns around to the crowd anyway, putting his finger on his lips. Causing the crowd to yell louder, much to Christian's amusement. Christian turns to the crowd and places his palms out in front of him, waving them down, the crowd taking notice of the owner.

JHHIII: Good! You should be quiet because I was about to lose my temper! My name is James Huntington-Hawkes the third and I am the latest Sin City Wrestling superstar! YEAH!.

The fan's boo out loud

JHHIII:I was the superstar that won the auction to become the latest superstar and wrestle here for you ungrateful people. I made the biggest bid there was, why? Because I'm so much richer then you people, I'm so much better then you people, I'm so much better then the Sin City Wrestling roster.

The fan's boo loudly

JHHIII: Shut up you peasants! What do you people know anyway? You shop at the dollar store, I shop at only the best places known to man. I'm surprised any of you can afford to even be here.

The boo's get louder and louder as well as "You suck" chants

JHHIII: I don't suck, you people suck!

James's face turns a crimson red as he jumps up and down in the ring, complaining to the much bigger man and the two females.

JHHIII:I can see why you people like this degenerate roster. Because you're all a bunch of degenerate retards too! While I was taking vacations in Milan, you people we taking vacations in a trailer park across town. You're as bad as these wrestlers.

James looks around, looking down his nose at the fans.

JHHIII: Look at these people you half wits look at as heroes. Blade Alexander, a nobody living off his fathers name. Big Bad Casey, clearly the king of originality with that name...not! He just sucks like you people! Rage.... 'Oh I'm big bad and scary, I will win... No you won't. Wyatt Peterson, a stupid hick that was clearly obsessed with rawhide as a child, not smart at all. Bo Dreamwolf, that guy looks like he's a disney character, a completely sucky disney character. Blaque Hart, nothing good ever come out of Canada. You gave the world Celine Dion, that proves my point.

James looks at the big guy and smiles

JHHIII: Your bigger guys are not much better too. Nick Jones isn't good enough to be here and as for JT Underwood. All he does it cry like a baby because he don't win, wah wah wah! Like a baby!

The fans boo loudly

JHHIII: As for the heavyweight champion, all about magic. Hello! I'm 18, not 10, no one's impressed with magic anymore. He doesn't deserve a title, but I do, sadly SCW, just like the fans, those title belts are beneath me, so...

James looks at the bigger man and points to the bag. The big man unzips the leather bag and pulls out a gold title belt and hands it to James.

JHHIII: I brought my own title, which is worth more money then every SCW title there is here, put together!

The fans boo as he lifts the heavy looking title above his head and holds the mic to his lips

JHHIII: The is the Universal title! It's bigger then the world, because I'm bigger then the world and tonight, to prove that, I will put it on the line against whoever you choose from the room of freaks back there to face me.

James looks at Christian

JHHIII: So bring out your first loser so I can defend my title

James looks at Christian

JHHIII:Well now! I haven't got all day!

Christian has a non chalant look about him as he glances back over his shoulder to the fans. He shrugs and speaks again into the microphone.

Christian: It's your funeral.

JHHIII frowns in confusion by the cryptic statement as Christian points to both the big man as well as the two beauties and directs them from the ring. JHHIII blinks, caught unaware as he obviously thought that somehow the big man would remain with him. As they make their forced exit, head referee Jasmine St. John steps into the ring and beckons JHHIII to hand over his belt but he shakes his head, refusing openly.

Simone: What does that little twat think he's doing? If he wants to defend that supposed title of his, he has to hand it over to the official!

JHHIII thinks otherwise and steps up, jaw jacking in Jasmine's face. She frowns and, hands on hips, meets him nose to nose and the obviously intimidated teen backs up a step, flustered.

Adams: Ohh even I know you don't take a `tude with that woman!

Jasmine holds out her hands and JHHIII reluctantly removes the belt from his waist and passes it to her.

JHHIII: Don't get fingerprints on it!

Simone: Anyone else besides me ready to slap this brat silly?

Jasmine holds the belt up high for everyone to see as JHHIII holds his aarms outward, growing more impatient as Christian climbs out of the ring and has a private word with ring announcer Justin Decent.

Simone: Well? Who's it going to be?

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the challenger for James Huntington-Hawkes III's Universal Championship...

Several seconds pass by until the heavy beat of Orgy's 'Opticon' begins to sound over the public address system of the arena. The fans turn their attention to the stage atop the entry ramp to await the entrance of the 'disturbed one' and their wait is rewarded. Despayre steps out onto the stage, holding his teddy bear, Angel, by the fuzzy arm in one hand, he is greeted enthusiastically with cheers.

JHHIII's eyes bug out in shock as the fans laugh and cheer at the surprising arrival.

Adams: Look at the look on his face! I don't think he was expecting this!

Simone: I don't think any of us was! Despayre doesn't like singles matches so who knew he'd take up the challenge?

The gothic mental case briefly holds 'Angel' up in the air to let 'him' bask in the cheers too, and they then start to move along the entry aisle, and closer towards the ring. His movements are slow, methodical, and he avoids being touched by the many hands reaching out to him but allows his bear to greet the fans. Arriving at ringside, he slides "Angel" into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope himself. Again grabbing his 'security' bear, he crawls across the ring on all fours and deposits himself into a neutral corner.

Simone: Look at the brat prince! He's about to have a heart attack!

JHHIII is shouting out at the big, bald man, pointing at Despayre who only has eyes for Angel. The big man starts to step toward the apron but Christian steps right up and shakes his head in the negative.

Simone: Christian's not going to let whoever that is to get involved in this one!

JHHIII turns to Jasmine and quickly grabs his wallet from his back pocket and fishes out a huge wad of cash and offers it over to her, stealing glances over at Despayre who has Angel bouncing on the ropes. The head referee frowns and slaps the bills from his grip.

Adams: Did he just try to bribe her!?

Simone: I believe he did!

She beckons both men to the center of the ring, and has to grab JHHIII's arm to pull him along to the center as Despayre walks up, holding Angel tightly. Jasmine looks at Despayre, points to Angel and then the corner and he shakes his head. He points a finger to his own chest and shakes his head in the negative, then points at Angel and nods.

Adams: What the...?

Despayre holds Angel up high and the fans cheer enthusiastically.

Simone: Oh good god! Are you telling me that the teddy bear is the challenger!?

Suddenly JHHIII looks a lot more optimistic and has a smile that makes his head look like a Pez dispenser.

Adams: Notice how he looks a lot more confident now that it's not Despayre who's wrestling him?

Jasmine confers with Christian through the ropes and he just shrugs and nods. She shakes her head and walks back over to the two men and the bear) and beckons a handshake. Despayre holds Angel's paw out but JHHIII sneers and smacks it away.

Adams: Ohhh bad move! Look at Despayre's face!

Despayre suddenly kicks JHHIII right in the stomach, doubling him over! He shoves Angel in Jasmine's hands and quickly grabs JHHIII in a front facelock, scoops one of his thighs with his free hand, lift him upside down, and then drop to his side or back, driving him to the mat on his neck and shoulders!

The bell rings and Despayre quickly grabs Angel and plops him down onto the prone form of JHHIII and starts bounding up and down, pointing from Jasmine to the pile up!

Adams: Well!? Count!

Jasmine shrugs and drops down to her hands and knees.


The bell rings and the crowd comes alive with cheers and laughter as Despayre snatches Angel and slides from the ring just as the giant enters the ring in a rage! Despayre runs over to where the Universal title is perched and grabs it before taking off to the back at a full sprint!

Simone: Did we just see what I think we saw?

Adams (laughing): I think we did! Angel just beat that kid for his high and mighty Universal championship!

An obviously mirthful Christian whispers to Justin and the ring announcer, having little luck holding back his own amusement, makes it official.

Justin: T-the winner **chuckles** ... of the m-match... and NEW Universal (laughs) champion -- Angel!

The fans cheer wildly as Despayre, Angel and the belt vanish into the back, as the big man scoops an obviously out of it JHHIII up off of the mat from under the arms.

Adams: Not the most successful debut I'd say.

Simone: Before we head to the ring to crown the SCW Tag team Champions, we had a small meeting of the minds if you will backstage before the match.

The camera cuts to a recorded feed backstage where Synn is standing with two men, one on each side of him. Both men are about to go at it for the gold, as Sean Williams stands on his right, and Rage stands on his left. Rage is Synn's protege' in the stable of the seven Deadly Sins, and Sean is Synn's lover. Both Sean and Rage are glaring at one another, each muttering their "threats and promises" over what is about to happen in the ring.

Synn: Hey ... HEY!!!

Synn's bellow stops the debate and both Sean and Rage turn to him.

Synn: Listen to me! This is not going to cause any fractures! This will not tear anything between us apart! You *both* have my loyalty so that is why I am stepping back from this one!

Rage: What!?

Synn: You heard me. I'm not going out there. This gets settled between the two of you. It starts now, and ends in that ring. Make certain that it happens!

Synn looks Rage right in the rye before he turns to Sean and kisses him full on the lips. Rage shakes his head as Sean turns and walks away for the start of the match. Rage starts to walk past him to do the same and Synn slaps him right on the ass. Rage turns and glares at him and Synn just shrugs.

Synn: As firm as ever.

Rage curses explicitly and storms off.

Back to the announcers...

Adams: I think that slap on the ass is going to cost someone.

Simone: Most likely, now let's go to the ring and crown some tag team champions.

The camera goes to the ring where Justin stands in just his candy cane striped thong.

Adams: Think Cookie will ever give him his pants back?

Simone: Doubtful.

Justin: The following contest is the final match in the Lethal Lottery tournament to crown the SCW Tag team Champions!

The crowd applauds as referee Drew Patton steps into the center of the ring with the Tag team belts and holds them up high for everyone to see.

Justin: Introducing first, team number one! At a total combined weight of 450 pounds, the team of Wyatt Peterson and Sean Williams!

The crowd cheers as Sean and Wyatt make their way out towards the ring to "I'm a Boss" by Meek Millz. They walk past the fans holding their hands out, slapping the outstretched hands until they arrive at the ring and climb inside.

Simone: Notice the bosses have the partners coming to the ring together, not seperately like in the earlier rounds. They want unity for the finals.

Justin: Their opponents have a combined weight of 545 pounds, the team of Rage and Jamie Staggs!

"Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven plays and Rage and Jamie Staggs head right out towards the ring. Jamie slaps hands along the way but Rage is all business as he walks directly for the ring, his eyes never leaving the two men waiting inside. Rage climnbs in through the ropes as Jamie rolls beneath the bottom rope and jumps up, and the four men meet in the center of the ring as the fans rally their support.

Simone: This is it! Can you feel the excitement?

Adams: No, did you have beans before the show?

Simone: I said excitement you aomeba, not ex... oh why do I bother?

Adams: I don't know. I'm barely listening.

The officials holds the championship belts to both teams and all four men pat the gold for luck and Drew passes the titles out to Justin and the bell sounds!



Jamie steps out onto the apron as does Wyatt. Rage turns around to start and Sean starts off fast by catching the big man with a dropkick that strikes him down!

Adams: I guess they want to get it out of their systems early, these two men who both have ties to Synn!

Sean goes to send Rage into a corner but Rage reverses it and as the impact ricochets Sean out, Rage scoops him up into a bearhug and swings him around, driving him into the canvas with a suplex maneuver! Rage goes for the early cover, hooking the leg!

2..... Sean kicks out.

Simone: I guess they are.

Growling heavily, Rage stands up and just unloads with a seemingly endless barrage of forearm smashes down across Sean's back, not allowing him to return to his feet. Sean is down on the mat and Rage looks out to the crowd that is clapping and stomping, rallying with the action. Rage drags Sean up and lifts him into the air with a double handed choke before throwing him to the mat.

Simone: rage with the early advantage. Sean is either going to have to make a fast comeback or get the hell out of there and tag Wyatt into the ring.

Rage sends Sean into the corner and charges in after him but Sean kiks both feet up to greet him. Rage catches his feet, then goes to bring both fists down into his stomach but Sean moves his legs and jumps over for a sunset flip. rage tries to remain standing when Sean yanks down the back of his tights much to the fans' amusement!

Adams: I'm blind! I'm blind!

Rage is brought over and the referee makes the count!

2..... Rage kicks out!

Both men are up immediately and Rage kicks him in the stomach. Rage goes for an irish whip but Sean jumps onto the middle rope and sails backward with a flying moonsault!

2..... Rage gets his shoulder up.

Sean grabs him by the arm and twists the limb and tags in Wyatt.

Simone: These two big boys are even in size and temperment.

Adams: You mean they're both big ass holes.

Simone: Right.

Wyatt steps in over the ropes and he brings an elbow down into Rage's exposed arm. he twists the limb as Sean did, then switches, grabbing Rage into a side headlock.

Adams: I wasn't really expecting any wrestling out of these two. I have to admit I'm disappointed.

Rage shoves him off, whipping him into the ropes and they collide in a shoulder block but neither man moves. Rage nods and Wyatt comes running off of the ropes and they collisde again but again neither moves. Rage bellows a challenge and they run off of the ropes and this time they both go for the same maneuver and end up clotheslining each other!

Simone: Better?

Adams: Much!

Neither man goes down. Both stagger back a few steps. they then run off of opposite sides of the ring ropes and clothesline each other again but again, neither goes to the mat. Suddenly their partners are both on opposite corners and they jump off, where Jamie hits Wyatt with a missle dropkick and Sean hits Rage with the same maneuver! This time both men go crashing to the mat and the fans are cheering!

Simone: A surprisingly well coordinated pair of moves!

Adams: Maybe Sean and Jamie should have been a team.

Sean and Jamie both duck out to their corners at the official's incessant demands. Rage is in position and he reaches over and tags in Jamie. Staggs springs over the top rope and lands in the ring and he immediately grabs Wyatt by the legs and he falls back, catapulting Peterson into the ropes. The big Southern boy hits the middle rope throat first. Jamie climbs up to the top of the near corner and jumps, dropping a leg across the back of Wyatt's head and neck, and Jamie falls to the floor as well!

Simone: I think Jamie did more damage to himself than he did Wyatt.

Adams: Well, he is a little nuts with those moves.

Simone: Takes one to know one I guess.

Holding his head, Wyatt rolls out of the ring and goes after Jamie on the floor.

Adams: I know Jamie loves a good fight and he might meet his match here with Bubba.

Simone: Bubba?

Adams: That's the scientific name for men in the South.

Simone: What's the scientific name for men who live in the North?

Adams: I've never met one personally.

Wyatt grabs Jamie by the arm and sends him hurling against the barricade that separates the wrestlers from the fans. Jamie's back greets the steel hard and he staggers out where Wyatt scoops him up and hits a spinebuster right on the floor!

Simone: Oh it might be over fast after that move!

Adams: Not if he doesn't get him back in the ring.

The referee is at the count of six and Wyatt rolls back into the ring, then right back out to break the count. Wyatt pulls Jamie up and swings him into the steel post by the arm. Wyatt then dashes right at him but Jamie ducks down and sends Wyatt into the steel steps with a back body drop!

Adams: Speaking of moves that could end a match!

Wyatt rolls off of the steps, his face a mask of agony. Jamie grabs two handfuls of his hair and slams his head into the steps and heads back into the ring.

Adams: Oh good grief, look!

Wyatt starts to rise and a flow of crimson is coming down his forehead!

Simone: Wyatt Peterson has been busted open! That face slam into the steps has busted him wide open!

Wyatt crawls back into the ring where the referee tries to check on him but Peterson pushes him away and goes right back toward Jamie but Staggs kicks him right in the stomach and slaps on a DDT! Jamie rolls him onto his back and covers him.

2..... Wyatt kicks out!

Simone: Even I have to give the big man credit! A cut like that and he is still fighting!

Jamie tags Rage in and the pair send Wyatt into the ropes and link arms for a double clothesline but Wyatt ducks under the maneuver. Wyatt comes running off of the ropes and jumps and clotheslines both Jamie and Rage, feeling them and the fans are cheering!

Adams: I don't think any of these guys are getting an advantage as far as fan support!

Simone: Not that that makes much of a difference as far as wrestling is concerned.

Wyatt manages to get to his feet and Sean is tagged in! The high flying star is immediately up on the top of the corner and he leaps, taking both Rage and Jamie down with a flying corkscrew senton that brings the crowd to its feet!

Adams: What a beaut!

Sean goes for an Irish whip on the legal man Rage but the bigger man powers it into a reversal and sends Sean into the ropes. Williams comes running off and he literally somersaults right up Rage, scissors his head and brings him over with a Hurricanrana, hooking the leg!

2..... Rage kicks out!

They both jump up and Rage swings wildly but Sean ducks under and brings him down with a backslide!

2..... Rage kicks out!

Rage is on his feet but only temporarily as Sean sweeps his legs out from under him and somersaults over him into a bridging cradle!

2..... Rage gets his shoulder up!

Simone: Sean is the smallest man in this match! This is what he needs to do! Hit and run with the bigger man!

Sean grabs Rage into a front facelock and pulls him into the corner for a Tornado DDT, but Rage powers out and heaves him across the ring, sending him down hard with a splat!

Adams: You were saying?

Simone: Power wins out.

Rage powers Sean back into his corner ans starts driving his shoulder into his stomach, then tags Jamie back into the match. Jamie comes in and just starts assaulting Sean in the corner with fists and kicks, brutalizing him as the referee tries to intervene and issues his mandatory count.


Jamie breaks the assault and pulls Sean into the center of the ring, hauls him into the air and drives him down with a powerbomb, folding him in half!

2..... Wyatt dives in and breaks it up!

Adams: Will you look at him? His face is caked in blood and he's still in there.

Simone: Figuratively.

The referee is forciing Wyatt back out as Jamie has Sean pinned on the mat and he drives four straight fists into the side of his head. Jamie drags him up by the hair and picks him up in a Human Torture Rack and goes to swing him off, but Sean holds on and swings around, rolling Jamie up in a victory roll!

2..... Jamie kicks out!

Sean tries to tag out but Jamie grabs hold of his foot to prevent it. Wyatt reaches and Sean stretches, when Williams kicks up and delivers an inside mule kick that knocks Jamie off of him. Sean springs over and Wyatt is tagged in!

Adams: Bloody as he is, I don't know how god of an idea that was to bring him back in.

Simone: Well who the hell else was Sean going to tag?

Wyatt is right in and he charges over and clotheslines Jamie down to the mat! Jamie gets up and is leveled by a second clothesline! Wyatt turns and heads to Staggs' corner and a big boot knocks Rage off and to the floor! Wyatt irish whips Jamie into the ropes and catches him in a Lou Thesz press, rainign blows down into Jamie's head! Wyatt then brings him up and whips him into the corner. Jamie comes out and Wyatt lifts him high with a military press.

Adams: Them country boys is strong as the smell on a farmhand after a hard week's work!

Simone: Have you been spiking your own water again?

Wyatt holds him up for several seconds when he just lets go, dumping Jamie to the mat face-first! Wyatt drops a leg across the back of his head. Wyatt rolls him over and makes the cover.

2..... Rage breaks the pin up!

Simone: turnabout is fair play I guess.

Adams: Not to see Sean tell the tale.

Sean is protesting inside of the ring and has the referee distracted as the official doesn't see Jamie land a low blow, swinging an uppercut right between Wyatt's legs, followed up by Rage coming off of the ropes and he returns the favor from earlier by hitting him with a big boot right to the face!

Simone: Sean needs to get out of there!

Adams: Gotta admire the teamwork though.

The ref turns around and sees Jamie tags Rage in. Rage grabs Wyatt and starts to turn him upside down in a waistlock...

Simone: Oh my, he's going for the Tombstone Piledriver! Can he get the big man up?

Rage powers him into position and drops him right on his head!

Adams: Is answer question?

Rage covers Wyatt, hooking the leg!


Sean goes to break it up but Jamie cuts him off at the pass!


The bell rings and the fans cheer as the match is over and the champions decided!

Justin: The winners of the match, and the FIRST ever SCW Tag Team Champions -- Rage and Jamie Staggs!

The crowd cheers as Sean checks on Wyatt and the referee presents the championship belts to Rage and Jamie who hoist them into the air for the appreciative crowd.

Simone: Give Jamie Staggs and Rage all the credit in the world! For as unlikely a duo as they make, they did it! They are the first ever Tag team Champions of the SCW!

Adams: And now they have a big target on their backs!

Simone: That they do! All the possible combinations of teams that could target them. If Sean and Wyatt can move past this defeat then they could easily make a case for a rematch.

Wyatt sits up as Sean shows his concern and the new champions exit the ring with the belts now around their waists and their arms in the air.

Justin Decent steps back into the ring with the microphone in hand, a beeming smile on his face.

Simone: Fifty degree weather. We're in the holiday season. Winter galore. How in hell does that guy keep that tan!?

Adams: I can only hope it's spray on.

Simone: What makes you say that?

Adams: Because if he used the sun or a tanning bed that would mean he risked burning his...

Simone: I get it! I get it!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to...

"This is it
It's time for you to go to the wire
You will hit
Cause you got the burnin' desire
It's your time (Time)
You got the horn so why don't you blow it
You are fine (Fine)
You're filthy cute and baby you know it"

The music interrupts Justin's introduction and the ring announcer looks around in stark confusion.

Simone: What on earth...?

Adams: Who dares interrupt the almighty Indecent!?

The answer comes in the form of the newest SCW Bombshell, Cookie S'Mores steps out onto the entrance stage, adorned in a red ankle-length robe lined with white feathers. She pauses at the top and smiles knowingly, looking out to the fans. She pulls open her robe to reveal red lingerie and shakes her chest as she lets the robe fall to her feet.

Simone: Who in hell is that!?

Adams: Have you been living under a rock since we debuted? That there's Cookie S'Mores! The biggest thing in Nevada showgirls!

Simone: Ask a stupid question... Maybe if you shove a dollar in her garter she'll show you her marshmallow filling.

Adams: **gags**

Get on top
You will cop
Don't you stop
Sh-boogie bop"

Wearing a Santa hat with mistletoe on the end, Cookie then struts down to the ring, flirting with the men in the audience and blowing them kisses. She holds a sprig of mistletoe over her head and leans against the railing where a United States soldier smiles and leans in, giving her a peck on the cheek. She dances further towards the ring and makes another stop, holding the mistletoe over the head of a teenage youth by the barricade and she leaves a big, wet lipstick mark on his cheek as his friends applaud and clap him on the shoulders and back.

Adams: I wonder if he'll think it was so great when the pictures get posted on Facebook?

Cookie walks up the steps to the ring apron where she slowly stepping through the ropes where she shakes her ample backside for all to see. She then climbs the rest of the way through and lowers herself to her knees where she crawls on all fours toward Justin, the ring announcer.

"You're so good
Baby there ain't nobody better (Ain't nobody better)
So you should
Never, ever go by the letter (Never ever)
You're so cool (Cool)
Everything you do is success
Make the rules (Rules)
Then break them all 'cause you are the best"

Justin looks more tthan apprehensive as Cookie stands up and rubs herself against him. She points to the mistletoe and puckers up but unfortunately for her, Justin holds his hands up and shakes his head in the negative.

Adams: Yeah I don't think Justin swings that way Cookie!

Simone: That's a given considering the rumors of his interview with Christian.

Cookie never stops smiling as she steps back, winking at Justin and then points down at the mistletoe that just happens to be attached to his belt buckle. She drops to her knees and the crowd starts going wild!

Adams: I told him that was a bad idea!

Justin shakes his head 'no' and turns around to get out of the ring when the amorous Cookie grabs him by the back of his red, lycra shorts and whips them down around his ankles, exposing his little candy cane striped thong!

Simone: Oh my...!

The crowd is going crazy as a shocked Justin leans over, covering himself, and he darts towards the ropes and gets halfway through when Cookie grabs him by the back of his thong and pulls them back... Justin shakes his head no!

Adams: We might be a supercard and live but there are still limits! Don't do it!

Simone: Speak for yourself Adams!

Jason turns and looks at Belinda who shrugs.

Simone: I'm still a woman aren't I?

The fans are cheering and laughing as the helpless Justin decent is bent over the ropes, his backside bare to the world as Cookie looks around to the fans with a wide smile on her face. She then brings her hand back and slaps it with a resounding crack right across his butt! She lets go of his thong and the ring announcer goes tumbling through the ropes and he scrambles to the floor.

Simone: You'd think as a stripper he'd be used to such treatment.

Adams: I don't think he's ever had someone as forth coming, male or female, as that big girl!

Safety isn't an issue as Cookie comes right out of the ring in hot pursuit of Justin and the poor man takes off right up the aisle and to the backstage area with Cookie hot on his heels!

Jason looks at Belinda.

Jason: Who's going to go tell him he has to come back out here?

A few minutes later, Justin in back in the ring

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the SCW BOMBSHELL TITLE! Introducing first! She hails from Henderson, Nevada, weighing 120 pounds, she is the number one challenger to the Bombshell Championship -- Kittie!

The lights in the arena fade out as a blue glow overtakes the stage. Blue whirls take over the screen, and smoke lifts up from the stage. The smoke whirls around, and “Broken Pieces” by Aocalyptica plays. A gust of wind blows papers, and signs across the stage. Kittie walks out onto the stage, holding the stolen SCW Bombshell title. Her black eye liner drips slightly down her face, as if done on purpose. Her face is very solemn as she just stands there. She looks up to the rafters and slowly looks back down. The arena lights come back on, changed to blue, and the smoke rises once more, whirling around. She walks down to the ring, this time, with energy in each step. She gets to the head of the ring, and slides in underneath the bottom rope. She quickly walks to each turnbuckle and glares out into the audience, shouting at each fan who goes out of their way to shout and cat call toward her.

Justin: And her opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 130 pounds, she is the current reigning SCW Bombshell champion -- Misty!

The lights in the arena go out. Several seconds pass, then the beginning to “What You Want” by Evanescence starts to play. Blue and white strobe lights flash to the beat of the music, when Misty appears from backstage. She looks around the crowd, feeding off of their energy. She makes her way to the ring, slowly at first, then goes at a full run. She slides in under the bottom rope. Once in the ring, she jumps onto the corner turnbuckle, pumping her arms to excite the crowd. Once she has their attention, she jumps down and Kittie hands the Bombshell title to referee Jasmine St John.


As the bell rings, via a hand signal from Jasmine St John, Kittie immediately tackles Misty to the ground, pulling on her long dark hair

Simone: This one will not be for the faint hearted

Adams: You thought the men of Sin City Wrestling was brutal, these chicks can rival that

Kittie slaps Misty across the face, hitting her hard with open handed shot across the cheeks. Kittie drags Misty to her feet and grabs hold of her hair, tossing her across the ring. Misty lands hard by the ropes but pulls herself up to her knees. Kittie charges at her and drives a knee in to the side of Misty's head, sending her rolling out of the ring

Simone: Kittie is taking this match right to Misty

Adams: We all love a bit of girl on girl action... well maybe not you Belinda, but I do and so does Vegas!

Kittie follows Misty out of the ring and hits her in the face once more. Misty spins and walks away from Kittie, but Kittie follows Misty and throws her in to the ring. Misty's head leans out from under the bottom rope and Kittie jumps up on to the ring apron. Kittie runs along the apron and drops her leg across Misty's throat and lands perfectly on the outside of the ring, while Misty rolls towards the center of the ring. Kittie gets back in the ring and stalks Misty, waiting for her to get back to her feet. As Misty does, Kittie drives a boot in to the back of Misty's knee, sending her flat on her back. Kittie looks towards the ropes and bounces off, dropping an albow across Misty's chest.

Simone: Kittie just picking Misty apart here

Kittie grabs Misty to her feet and starts to force her backwards against the ropes with fists and elbows connecting to the side of Misty's head. Kittie grabs Misty in a headlock and charges, looking for a bulldog, but Misty puts her hands on Kittie's back and pushes her off, sending her flying across the ring, much to the pleasure of the fans. Misty walks towards Kittie and pulls her up to her feet. Misty nails Kittie with a kick to the gut and hooks up her head, dropping Kittie with a DDT. Misty climbs up to her feet and picks Kittie up with her. Misty runs Kittie to the turnbuckle and slams her head in to the turnbuckle pad. Misty spins Kittie around and leans her in to the corner and fires heavy hits to Kittie's head. Kittie stumbles forward but Misty takes Kittie by the hair and slams the back of her head in to the back of the turnbuckle. Misty lifts Kittie on to the top rope and hits her in face. Misty climbs the to the second rope and wraps her arms around Kittie's waist and lifts her over her head, nailing her with a Northern Lights Suplex from the top rope. Misty bridges on landing and holds Kittie down in a pin.


Kittie kicks out!

Simone: Great move from Misty

Both Misty and Kittie get to their feet at the same time and Misty runs towards Kittie. Misty ducks a clothesline, and bounces off the opposite rope. As Misty comes back, she nails Kittie with a huge spear! Misty waits for Kittie to get to her feet, and when she does, Misty puts her hands on Kittie's shoulders and leaps up, putting her legs on Kittie and nailing her with a hurricaneruna! The crowd cheer as Misty steps back, waiting for Kittie to return to her feet. As she does, Misty charges at her with a massive clothesline!

Simone: Misty nearly took Kittie's head off with that that clothesline

Misty kicks Kittie in the ribs and walks around her, dragging her up by the hair and slapping Kittie across the face. Misty puts Kittie's head between her legs and lifts her up for a huge powerbomb. Kittie slides down Misty's back, grabbing a hand full of hair and drops down.

Adams: Hairbreaker!

Simone: You can't break hair you idiot.

Adams: Erm, ok, hair-tearer!

Kittie smiles and grabs Misty to her feet. She lifts Misty above her head and drops her with a gorilla press slam!

Adams: Where did all that power come from. For a little chick, Kittie has strength

Kittie drops down for the cover


Misty kicks out

Simone: Back and forth match here

Adams: I know, I think I'm getting seasick

Kittie jumps down on Misty and locks her legs around Misty's head, and clinches her in a triangle choke. Misty immediately rolls over and gets to her knees, trying to force Kittie off. Kittie holds on to the hold, but Misty gets both feet planted on the ground. Misty lifts herself up, with Kittie still holding on, and drops straight down, slamming Kittie hard in to the canvas, breaking the hold.

Simone: Show off strength from Misty now

Adams: Gotta love a strong woman

Simone: Is there anything you don't love about women?

Adams: Yes, but I can't say it here or my wife would kill me

Misty gets to her feet first and moves towards Kittie, but Kittie drags her down with a small package, holding Misty's tights.


Misty turns Kittie over


Kittie powers out

Simone: She had a handful of tights!

Adams: But Misty reversed it anyway, so chiiiiiiiill

Both women get to their feet but Kittie puts a thumb in Misty's eye. Misty stumbles away, trying to clear her vision, but Kittie wraps her arms around Misty from behind and nails her with a German Suplex. Kittie releases and Misty rolls towards the corner. She grabs on to the bottom rope and spins around. Kittie charges in and nails Misty in the head with a knee to the skull, snapping Misty's head back and forcing it to bounce off the bottom turnbuckle. Kittie drops to her knees and crawls towards Misty, looking her in the eyes with a twisted look.

Simone: Kittie just mocking Misty on the floor

Adams: Kittie is messed up in the head

Simone: Don't let her hear you say that

Kittie stares in to Misty's eyes and slaps her across the face with a hard shot. Kittie dives at Misty, wrapping her hands around Misty's throat and blatently choking her. The referee uses the five count and gets to four before Kittie lets go. Kittie smiles at the referee and chokes Misty again, but Jasmine St John pulls Kittie off

Simone: Thankfully, we have a tough ref in there

Kittie turns away from the referee and picks Misty up to her feet and hooks her up, lifting her in a suplex position and dropping her down with a huge brainbuster! Kittie goes for the cover.


Misty just gets a shoulder up before the 3 count.

Simone: I thought this one was done! Misty dropped down on her already concussed head

Adams: I made it 2.999999 point 99

Kittie looks disappoint and drags a groggy Misty to her feet. Kittie wraps her arms around Misty, but before Kittie can do anything, Misty drops an elbow to Kittie's head, quickly followed by a second. Kittie release and spins around. Misty jumps up and dropkicks Kittie in the back, sending her through the middle rope crashing hard to the floor and hitting the ringside barrier. Misty leans against the ropes, still groggy from the earlier brainbuster. She holds her head as she looks down at Kittie turning around. Misty bounces off the ropes and runs back towards Kittie, throwing herself through the middle ropes and on the Kittie!

Adams: Suicide dive!

The referee stares out at Misty and Kittie and starts to count


Misty starts to stir and uses the guardrail to pull herself up


Misty moves towards the ring, as Kittie starts to get up


Misty slides in to the ring


Kittie gets to the ring apron


Kittie just gets in the ring in time

Simone: The challenger was almost counted out!

Misty breathes deeply and pulls Kittie to her feet and hits her with a tired hand to the face. Kittie fires a hand back across the cheek of Misty, but Misty steps in and lifts Kittie over with a T bone suplex! Misty looks at the corner and climbs the ropes, looking down at Kittie. Misty spins around and jumps off the top rope with an Asai moonsault!


Misty stays on top for the cover.


Kittie gets a shoulder up!

Adams: So close!

Misty looks on with frustration, unable to put Kittie away. Misty gets to her feet and drags Kittie with her, pulling her away from the ropes. Misty takes Kittie to the center of the ring and kicks her in the gut, doubling Kittie over. Misty hooks up Kittie's head and lifts her up, planting her to the canvas with an implant DDT. Misty looks at the ropes and runs towards them, jumping up on the middle of the second rope, using it as a springboard and lands a springboard legdrop across the chest of Kittie. Misty quickly springs up and bounces off the ropes and plans a legdrop across Kittie's chest. Misty rolls away, tiredness setting in through her body and stands up, he back against the ropes and waits patiently. Kittie slowly makes her way to her feet, Misty charges at her, jumping high in to the air and nailing Kittie with a flying enzeguri kick to the skull. Misty drops down and goes for the pin


Last second kick out from Kittie!

Simone: What does Misty have to do to put Kittie away here?

Adams: Tie her down maybe?

Misty looks at the top rope and starts to climb

Simone: Misty could be looking for The Dream Crusher here

Misty stops and looks towards the entrance ramp from the top rope. A look of shock and horror crosses her face.

Simone: What's she looking at? There's no one there

Adams: It's like she's seen a ghost.

Misty's eyes widen as the camera shows an empty entrance ramp. Fear crosses Misty's face, haunted by a seemingly invisible presence.

Adams: What the hell?

Misty shakes her head and looks back to the ring and raises her arms, and the crowd go wild. Kittie gets to her feet and Misty dives off the top rope with a 360 jump, looking for the Dream Crusher. As Misty gets close, Kittie jumps off the floor and drills Misty in the stomach and hooks her head, nailing her with a twist of fate.

Adams: Eye Of The Kat!

Kittie drops down for the cover

3! NO! Misty sneeks a shoulder up!

Simone: God!

Adams: The referees hand wasn't even an inch away from hitting the canvas there

A look of disbelief crosses Kittie's face as she lays breathing hard on the mat. Misty holds her head and her neck as she rolls over on to her stomach and slowly towards the ropes, trying to drag herself back up to her feet. Kittie sits up and rolls to her knees, slowly pulling herself up to her feet. Kittie gets to her feet just before Misty does and puts Misty in a headlock, but Misty cuts her off with quick elbows to the gut. Kittie jumps backwards and breaks the headlock. Misty grabs Kittie's head and jumps in the air, dropping down and putting her knees under Kittie's jaw, executing a jaw breaker. Kittie bounces back on to her feet and holds on to her chin but Misty quickly gets back up, lifting Kittie in a side slam position and dropping her on to her knee, executing a backbreaker. Misty gets up, leaning against the ropes to try and get air back in to her lungs and Kittie returns to her feet. Misty runs towards Kittie, but Kittie ducks. Before Misty can turn around, Kittie pushes Misty head first in to referee Jasmine St John!

Simone: That was intentional!

Adams: Wrong place, wrong time for the referee!

Misty puts her hands up to the referee, losing focus for a second, but Kittie waits behind her, a twisted smile on her face. As Misty turns around, Kittie kicks Misty in the gut and lifts her up in a fishermans suplex position and lifts her over.

Simone: Kat's Cradle!

Kittie bridges and holds on to the pin



Justin Decent "Your winner and NEW SCW Bombshell Champion.....Kittie!!!!

Adams: Kittie has done it! Kittie is the new Sin City Wrestling Bombshell champion!

The camera shows the referee handing Kittie the title

Simone: Misty gave it her all, but Kittie just kept coming back for more

Adams: What a match!

Inside Hot Stuff Mark Ward's office, he sits at his desk, Angelica by his side, a look of anger on his face.

HS: I just don't believe it! After years, someone digs up Jordan "PS" Williams! Someone finds him and brings him back to go against me!

Angelica: It's desperation from Spike. He knows how close you and Jordan used to be.

HS: Jordan Williams and Austin Parker made me in to the damn superstar I am, and now Jordan returns after flipping burgers for years, or whatever the hell he done, just to get back at me?

Angelica: He knows he had to try and get you back for turning Kittie, for beating the hell out of his snot nose brother, and for getting at his family.

HS: But Jordan Williams? Of all the people he could have thrown in my face, he throws Jordan Williams in my face?

Before anyone else can say anything, the door of the office bursts in and Nick Jones walks in holding a champagne bottle in his hand.

Nick: Celebration time!

Nick pops the cork out of the bottle, spraying champagne all across the desk.

HS: Dude!

Nick: Don't worry over that stuff, it's time to celebrate ya limey bastard!

Hot Stuff looks at Nick

Nick: What? No congratulations? Number one contender to your heavyweight title, it's as good as mine.

HS: Congrats Mr. Number One Contender but I thought you had money issues?

Nick: No, besides, I charged this bottle to you.

HS: Shocker

Nick: What's wrong with you?

HS: Was you asleep earlier? Jordan Williams is back and no longer has our back.

Nick: Who needs that dinosaur watching our back? What is he? Like one hundred and twenty? He's joining the losing team, right here in this room, we have the best half of the old Generation X-Treme standing next to each other. We got the boss, the number one contender and a chick with a nice ass. What more do we need?

HS: Look at you being the voice of reason.

Nick: I've always been the voice of reason, you just never listen. Jordan isn't a threat, do you really think he can get on the top rope anymore to hit that finisher? Do you think he can even get to the ring without someone helping him up the stairs. Now stop working, and let's get the hell out there and party like the old times.

Hot Stuff stands up and tilts his head.

HS: Ok, we'll party but I got one more thing for you to do.

Hot Stuff gets up and walks round the desk and the scene goes back to ringside

The camera returns to the forefront of the ring and Justin Decent stands in the center along with Jasmine St. John.

Simone: And it's time! The main event return match between Heavyweight Champion Gabriel and number one challenger JT Underwood! Two weeks ago these two put on a classic one hour time limit draw and this time, there will be no time limit! There must be a winner!

Jasmine nods to Justin and he brings the microphone up to speak.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is our Main Event of December To Dismember!

The fans cheer!

Justin: It is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit and it is for the SCW Heavyweight Championship!

An electric Guitar, two microphone stands and a large drum set rest on the left side of the stage. On the right side of the stage is a second electric guitar, two microphone stands and a bass guitar. Standing in the ring Justin Decent is preparing to make the announcements for the upcoming match. As Justin is standing in the ring, the lights suddenly go out and Justin’s voice can be heard from the speakers.

Justin: Ladies and Gentleman, as a special surprise for the fans of the next wrestler, we have the band playing a two song set. So help me introduce to the stage at this time… BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE!!!!

As Justin falls silent the opening guitar riffs and drum beats to “Your Betrayal” can be heard ripping through the speakers of the Eagle’s Nest Arena as a number of the fans in attendance start to scream in approval as the lights come on and the lead singer Matt Tuck steps up to the microphone closest to him.

Matt Tuck: LOS ANGELES, are you guys having fun tonight?

The crowd erupts into a uproar of cheers as Matt Tuck smiles and runs his hands through his hair, pushing it all to the back of his head and resumes playing the guitar.

Matt: Let’s bring this roof down!!!

With that Matt Tuck and the rest of the band stop looping the opening to the song, and begin playing it full speed and Matt looks across the arena as he starts to sing.

"Am I going insane (insane)
My blood is boiling inside of my veins
An evil feeling attacks (attacks)
My body’s shaking there’s no turning back
don't take your eyes off the trigger
I’m not to blame if your world turns to black
as your eyes start to blister
there's just no hope for our final embrace
So here we are, I’m in your head
I’m in your heart!

You were told to to run away
soak the place and light the flame
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, Your Betrayal!

I was told to stay away
Those two words I can’t obey
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, Your Betrayal!

Is it my turn to die?
My heart is pounding as I say goodbye
So now I dance in the flames
I love you crying and screaming my name

You said that we’d be forever
How could you kill me and lie to my face
Now that we can’t be together
There’s just no hope for a final embrace
So here we are, I’m in your head
I’m in your heart!

You were told to run away
Soak the place and light the flame
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, Your Betrayal!

I was told to stay away
Those two words I can’t obey
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, Your Betrayal!


So here we are, I’m in your head
I’m in your heart

You were told to to run away
soak the place and light the flame
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, Your Betrayal!!

I was told to stay away
Those two words I can’t obey
Pay the price for your betrayal,
Your Betrayal

As the music starts to fade out, the crowd goes wild and the voice of Matt Tuck can be heard as the crowd dies down.

Matt: Now, allow us to introduce to you the first wrestler for the next match. He is your next Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Residing in the City of Sin Las Vegas, Nevada he is none other than JT UNDERWOOOOD!!!!!

As Tuck says this they instantly kick into Scream, Aim, Fire and and the lights start going crazy flashing on and off as JT Underwood steps out onto the stage. JT walks over to Matt Tuck as the song progresses through its lyrics and starts head banging right along to the song. As the song comes up to the solo part, JT starts walking down to the ring and hi fives the fans hands as he walks past. JT gets to the ring and jumps up onto the ring apron and what sounds like gun fire and a hard slam against the bass drum rings through the arena as he does so. JT then flips over the ropes and starts running the ropes as the song starts coming to an end, and waits for his opponent Gabriel.

Simone: What an entrance by the challenger! I think JT is trying to upstage the champion!

Adams: Be right back!

Simone: Where are you going?

Adams: Are you kidding? I want an autograph!

Simone: Sit down!

Jasmine checks over JT as the introductions continue...

Justin: His opponent is from parts unknown, and weighs in at 230 pounds! He is the current reigning and defending SCW Heavyweight Champion -- Gabriel!

The opening chords to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” starts to blast through the speakers, as the lights drop down. Flashing purple and blue lights flicker through the darkness of the cornered off area, as the words “You will believe…” is heard across the sound system. Smoke appears in the ring as the words continue to “… what I make you believe”.

Simone: This man never fails to impress with his entrances.

A flash of bright light jumps up from the middle of the ring, and right there, seated in the ring nonchalantly, is not the champion but an adult, female, white Siberian tiger!

Adams: KITTY!

Simone: Kitty!? Are you insane!? That's a damn tiger and it's loose inside of the ring!

The tiger yawns mightily as both Jasmine and Justin take several hasty steps back in retreat when the lights dim low, and a spotlight opens up, directed at the roof. heads turn and up there in the rafters stands the SCW Heavyweight Champion, Gabriel! The crowd cheers as he holds his arms out extended at the sides.

Simone: What the hell is he doing!?

Gabriel looks out over the building below him and gifts the fans with a wink before he allows himself to freefall backwards...

Simone: OH MY GOD...!

The lights go completely out as the fans gasp and cry out, but they turn right back on and there standing in place of the tiger is Gabriel! The crowd cheers and applauds as he takes a sweeping bow!

Adams:Bah! I knew it all along!

Simone: Then would you mind letting go of my hand?

Gabriel steps back, leaning back against the ropes, looking around the fans with an unfazed look across his face as he removes his jacket and lifting the heavy chain over his neck.

Adams: He looks almost bored by JT's entrance.

Simone: Considering his own reputation on the stage, he might very well be.

Jasmine walks over to Gabriel as Justin Decent climbs out of the ring. She checks him over and then he passes his gold over to her. Jasmine walks the title over to JT and he pats it for luck before she brings the belt to the center of the ring and holds it up for everyone to see.

The fans are chanting and clapping their hands in anxious antixipation for what is about to take place inside of the ring!


Adams: Listen to them! These people are seriously excited about this one!

Simone: After what these two men gave in their last encounter, can you blame them?

Senior official Jasmine St. John calls for the bell...


And the two men immediately charge straight across the ring at one another and Gabriel leaves his feet and strikes first with a front dropkick to JT that knocks the challenger to the canvas! Gabriel wastes no time, grabbing Underwood and sending him into the ropes at top speed with an Irish whip and JT comes flying off of the ropes where Gabriel connects with a flying wheel kick that has such force behind it that it sends JT gtumbling beneath the ropes and the challenger lands on the floor.

Adams: I don't think this match is going to be able to be contained by that ring!

Gabriel runs right over to the corner where JT landed and he goes right up to the top, perched to strike.

Adams: See?

But JT is right back up and he jumps up onto the ring apron and he grabs Gabriel by the leg and shoulder.

Simone: Oh good god! He wouldn't...!

Gabriel shakes his head no, trying to dissuade JT but the challenger is a man on a mission and he does! He throws Gabriel off of the corner, trying to slam him clear to the floor but only the champion's reflexes allow him to turn just enough to where he is able to shield the landing at least partially!

Simone: Good god! He did it! I can't believe JT just slammed Gabriel from the top of the ring!

Adams: Hey when there's a championship on the line, sometimes you just don't care what you do in order to get that gold around your waist!

JT drops down from the apron where Gabriel is writhing in pain on the ringside floor.

Simone: I don't care if he did try to shield the fall. That was still a drop of over fifteen feet!

Adams: Gabriel is in trouble early on, that's for sure!

JT grabs a handful of Gabriel's hair and drags him up to his feet before rolling him back inside of the ring, then following closely. JT pulls him up and backs him against the ropes, tying Gabriel's arms into the top and middle ropes. JT then runs off of the far side of the ring and collides right with the trapped champion with a clothesline right to the throat. JT then runs off of the ropes a second time and repeats the move, this time with enough force that it knocks Gabriel loose and he sinks to the mat, holding his throat. JT grabs him by the leg and pulls him to the center of the ring, rolling him over onto his stomach and he locks the champion into an STF.

Simone: JT going for the submission early on!

Adams: I think JT knnows full well Gabriel won't submit. I think he's just looking to punish him or weaken him.

Simone: Well that's certainly evident. Look at the position he has Gabriel's back twisted.

Indeed as JT has his arms around Gabriel's head and is pulling back and to the right, twisting his back at an awkward angle. Jasmine is down on one knee in front of the men, asking if Gabrtiel wants to give the match and championship up but Gabriel shouts 'no'. Gabriel instead uses his forearms to start to slowly drag his way towards the ropes, but no sooner does he start to reacch for them, than JT releases the hold, and quickly pulls him back to the center of the ring and he locks the STF back in!

Simone: Oh smart move there by JT!

Gabriel hollers in anger and pain, slamming his fists into the mat but he still refuses to yield at Jasmine's request. Gabriel starts to crawl forward again but JT uses a free arm to quickly trap Gabriel's one limb, holding him in place.

Adams: Man he's had that hold on for like ... forever!

Simone: There's no time limit this time. He can keep that hold on for as long as he wants.

JT finally releases the hold, and pulls Gabriel to his feet. JT sends him into the corner with an Irish whip but Gabriel runs up the corner and jumps back for a flying body press but JT sees it coming and moves aside and the champion hits the mat hard! JT immediately grabs Gabriel's feet and locks him into the Sharpshooter!

Simone: JT Underwood has been dominant since the opening bell! He is showing just how desperately he wants that championship!

JT has Gabriel's legs intertwined and sinks back, sitting on the small of the champion's back. Gabriel yells out and props himself up on his forearms, elevating the intense pressure of the hold. He starts forward, dragging himself to the ropes and stretching, he is able to ensnare the bottom rope with his arm. The fans applaud as Jasmine orders JT to release the hold and evident by the challenger's reluctance, Jasmine starts her count;

4... and JT lets Gabriel go.

JT then stands up and starts laying in the boots to Gabriel's back.

Simone: Gabriel's back hasn't been right since that throw from the top of the corner. And JT is smart going to work on it.

JT pulls him up and throws him into the corner, following in with a Stinger splash! JT Irish whips him into the opposite corner and jumps for a second Stinger splash but this time Gabriel moves and JT hits the corner hard!

Adams: Oh I think his head may have hit the post!

Simone: Grazed it, perhaps, but even that will do its damage. He sure as hell got the wind knocked out of him.

Gabriel finally starts his come back andd he grabs JT and turns him around in the corner and he starts laying in stiff forearm shots to the head, following up with a European uppercut. Jasmine is trying to get them from out of the corner but Gabriel is angry and he kicks JT in the somach and then climbs the turnbuckles, pinning JT in the corner. Gabriel looks out to the cheering fans and he just starts unloading the fists to JT's head with the fans counting right along!

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!"

Gabriel grabs JT by the head and charges across the ring and slams his face right into the top turnbuckle. The fans are rallying and Jasmine scolds the champion but he just glances at her before taking JT by the head and running him right into the next corner. Gabriel continues the momentum he's building as he rams JT's face into a third -- and then a fourth turnbuckle! JT staggers back several steps and Gabriel runs forward and hits him with a flying clothesline that turns the challenger inside out! Gabriel hurries over and makes the cover!

2..... JT kicks out!

Gabriel sits JT right up and he wraps him into a rear chinlock, burying his knee right into the middle of Underwood's back. JT tries to pry his fingers apart but Gabriel holds tight, releasing it only long enough to swing his forearms around into the side of his head and then he wraps the hold back on. He has it on for several seconds when he switches, and instead scissors his legs around JT's waist in a painful body scissors.

Simone: These two men have come into the ring, each with a game plan, and from what we've seen they're startling similiar.

Adams: They've been going to the air, wrestling on the mat, what's next? BREAK OUT THE TABLE!

Simone: Will you stop...?

Adams: Well it's the next logical step isn't it?

Gabriel uses the scissors to his advantage, as he has JT in a precarious position and he starts driving forearms into the side of his head from behind at his leisure. He then leans back on his arms and arches his back, adding even further pressure behind the hold, squeezing the life right out of the challenger. JT starts to rock to the side, trying to struggle out of the hold. He manages to turn himself around so that he is now facing Gabriel. He stands up, holding onto Gabriel's legs, and then falls back in a catapult launch -- only Gabriel counters and somersaults over and is right back on his feet! He runs right back at JT who turns around and is hit with a dropkick right in the back that sends Underwood crashing into the corner!

Simone: Beautiful counter by the champion! I don't think I've ever seen anyone escape a move like that before.

Gabriel pulls JT up to his feet and hauls him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, then heaves him right off and drops Underwood's throat across the top rope. The move ricochets JT back as he gags and holds his throat. Gabriel grabs him in a double underhook and lifts him up and drives him down with a seated powerbomb.

2..... JT gets the shoulder up.

Gabriel quickly gets up, holding onto JT's legs and he locks his legs and turns him over into a Texas cloverleaf.

Simone: JT was spending so much time with the holds, I think the champion might be going for a bit of pay back!

JT clenches his eyes tightly shut and yells out in pain as Gabriel leans back, sitting almost between his shoulder blades in a hold that works both the back as well as the legs. Jasmine is right there and asks JT if he wants to submit but JT forces himself up onto his hands and shakes his head no, bellowing the negative answer!

Adams: Wow, look at the determination on that man's face!

Simone: I don't know who wants this one more. JT to win the title, or Gabriel to keep it.

Gabriel keeps the hold on, and JT tries to lean up onto his arms again to get to the ropes but Gabriel pulls him right back, using the same tactic as his challenger did earlier in the match. Gabriel gets him back to the center of the ring and lets go of one of JT's legs, turning the Cloverleaf into a one-legged crab hold.

Simone: Twenty minutes have already passed in this match. Both men have been through hell so far but I just can't see them going through everything they went through last time.

Adams: Of course not. I don't even think they've fully recovered from that first title match.

Gabriel finally releases the hold and stands up, pulling JT up along with him. Gabriel goes for an Irish whip but JT reverses it. Gabriel jumps onto the middle rope but JT runs right in and dropkicks him in the middle of the back and Gabriel goes right out over the top and hits the floor!

Simone: Again! That's the second time in this match Gabriel has taken a bad spill outside of the ring!

Adams: Not as bad as laast time though! He had hold of the top rope this time and was able to break his fall a bit I think.

Gabriel is hurt on the outside, wincing but is pulling himself to his feet. He turns around to face the ring and JT sails through the ropes in a suicide dive, crashing right into the champion and both men hit the barricade with a loud crash!


Simone: Listen to these people! They know they're seeing something special when these two face one another!

Jasmine is over at the ropes, yelling for both men to get back inside of the ring. JT ignores her as he starts to get to his feet, hurt from his own maneuver. He pulls Gabriel up with him by the hair, then scoops him up and body slams him right onto the hard ringside area.

Simone: That is just padding barely an inch thick out there. That is just more damage done to Gabriel's back!

Jasmine shakes her head and starts her mandatory count.


JT pulls him up again and into a front facelock, and he sets him up for a suplex.

Adams: On the floor!?


JT tries for the suplex but Gabriel blocks it. JT tries again, but again Gabriel blocks the move and instead reverses it and brings JT up and drops him stomach-first onto the barrier!


Simone: He could very easily have broken JT's ribs with that move!


Gabriel rolls under the bottom rope and backs Jasmine away, breaking her count. He steps right back out onto the apron and jumps onto the prone JT with a legdrop across the back of his head, sending him tumbling back over to the floor!

Simone: And this time it looks like it was Gabriel that got hurt by his own move.

Gabriel is indeed on the floor, holding his hip where he landed and kicking his feet in pain, while right at his side, JT is holding the back of his head and neck, unmoving. Jasmine has no other alternative but to begin her count again.


Gabriel rolls back inside of the ring, bringing JT along with him. Gabriel pulls him over to the far corner and tangles him into a reverse Tree of Woe where he is actually facing the corner. Gabriel gets a wicked smile on his face and he grabs JT and picks him up but just lets him go and JT swings down and hits the corner, but is able to shield himself partially. Gabriel then backs up a number of steps and charges forward, hitting a low dropkick to the back of JT's head that breaks him loose from the Tree position. JT topples over and Gabriel has him right back up and he slaps on a DDT! He goes for the cover!

Adams: Oh this has to be it!

3- No! JT kicks out!

Simone: No!?

Gabriel sits up, arms on his knees, and shakes his head in disbelief. He then rolls JT onto his stomach and sits on his back, trapping him in a camel clutch. Jasmine is checking again for the submission but JT yells at her, openly refusing. Gabriel pulls back but JT starts to struggle, pushing himself up on his hands and finally he is able to get a bended knee under him. he then falls back, holding onto Gabriel's legs where the champion is on his back in an inverted pin!

2..... Gabriel kicks out!

Both men get to their feet, tired, winded, and Gabriel hits him with a knife edge chop across the chest, but JT fires right back with a forearm shot to the head. Gabriel falls back into the ropes and comes off, hitting JT with his own stiff forearm. Jt answers again and the fans start cheering heeavily as the champion and cchallenger start exchanging blows right in the center of the ring!

Simone: It was only a matter of time!

Gabriel blocks a swing and goes for his own but JT ducks the forearm and brings Gabriel down with a side Russian legsweep! JT is right back up and peels Gabriel off of the canvas and goes to send him into the corner with an Irish whip but Gabriel reverses it and sends him in instead. Gabriel then runs in and jumps for a monkey flip but JT holds onto the ropes and Gabriel falls back without him and lands right on the back of his head. Gabriel is stunned as he struggles to return to his feet and JT charges right in and nails a front flip piledriver!

Adams: Legacy Destroyer! It's over!

JT covers him!


Adams: OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Gabriel just kicked out of the Legacy Destroyer! I can't believe it!

Simone: YOU can't believe it!? Look at JT!

JT is on his feet and in Jasminee's face, holding up three fingers with a pleading expression of disbelief but she holds up only two fingers, insisting that it was NOT a count of three! JT holds his head, unable to fathom what just happened!

Adams: Thirty five minutes have gone by!

Pissed off now, JT storms right over and grabs Gabriel into a Cravate headlock and starts to drive his knee into Gabriel's head repeatedly!

Simone: Look at those blows! My god he's rocking Gabriel's head! Jesus!

Adams: Could we please not bring up God and Jesus? I mean it it is Christmas time after all.

One final knee into the head sends Gabriel flying back to the mat and he lands right on his back, seemingly out cold! JT grabs him though and gives him no time to recover, Irish whipping him into the ropes. JT goes for a roundhouse kick but Gabriel ducks under! The momentum spins JT around and Gabriel hits...

Simone: Believe This!

Gabriel hooks the leg!


Adams: HOLY SHI....

Simone: Don't say it!

Adams: How can I not!? JT just kicked out of Gabriel's finisher now!

Simone: We are seeing exactly how badly both of these men want this!

Gabriel's eyes are as wide as saucers as he stares in shock at Jasmine who tells him it was only a count of two! He looks lost for a moment before he stands right up and grabs his challenger. Gabriel Irish whips JT face-first into the corner and Avalanche splashes him in the back. Gabriel then grabs him in a full nelson, trying for a dragon suplex but JT blocks it with his foot around the champion's ankle. Gabriel tries again but a second time it gets blocked. JT then kicks both feet up and lashes out at the turnbuckle, knocking both men backward in the dragon suplex. Both mens' shoulders are down as Jasmine makes the count!

JT brings his shoulder up off of the mat.

The fans cheer as both men jump to their feet, raising their arms in victory.

Adams: Wait, what happened? Who won!?

Simone: Both men's shoulders were down but I think...

Jasmine is handed the Heavyweight championship belt, and much to Gabriel's shock, she presents it to JT, raising his arm in victory to the cheers!

Justin: The winner of the match ... and NEW Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion -- JT Underwood!

JT looks deliriously ecstatic as he sinks to his knees with the gold clutched tightly to his chest! Gabriel is pleading his case to the referee, but Jasmine explains to him exactly what happened and Gabriel closes his eyes, unable to believe it and he curses openly and loudly!

Simone: We have a new champion! We have a brand new champion in JT Underwood!

Adams: I thought Gabriel had him down but I guess JT outsmarted him. He got his shoulders up when Gabriel couldn't.

The fans are cheering for the match just put forth by both men and Gabriel steps closer to JT and offers his hand over and JT accepts. The new champion shakes the hand of the now challenger and the pair embrace briefly. Gabriel nods and backs out of the ring to allow JT his moment of glory that he has earned. gabriel exits to the back and Underwood celebrates in the ring, climbing the corner and holding the gold up for everyone to see as Bullet For My Valentine play in the background.

Simone: What a match we have just seen, and history was made! Right there folks! Right there is our new champion! JT Underwood has realized his dream and become...

Adams: Wait! Look!

Nick Jones is inside of the ring and he runs up behind the unsuspecting JT Underwood and grabs him, throwing him off of the corner and to the mat!

Simone: What the hell does he think he's doing!?

Nick starts kicking and stomping away at JT who after such a long, grueling match, is unable to defend himself!

Adams: He won the right to a championship match earlier tonight and he's sending a message to the new champion!

Nick grabs JT and brings him up and hits a spinning fisherman's neckbreaker he dubs Better Than You! The crowd is booing as Nick grabs him up and hits the move a second straight time. JT is out and Nick walks over and grabs the heavyweight belt where it fell and scoops it up.

Simone: Oh what now?

Jasmine tries to stop him from doing any more harm but Nick callously knocks her to the mat, inciting even more boos!

Adams: Oh that is going to cost him!

Simone: And he thought he had money troubles now!

Nick grabs JT and peels him up to where he is on his knees and he swings the belt and blasts him right in the head with the gold! JT goes down like he was shot and Nick stands tall and 'proud' as he holds the belt high in one hand, smiling as the fans show their hatred and scorn! Jasmine comes up and tears the belt out of his hands and Nick spins around and tries to menace her but jasmine stands her ground, unafraid!

Simone: Don't do it Jones! You hit her and your ass will get tossed out of here!

Security pours into the ring and head Nick off as Jasmine glares at the much larger man, and a smile breaks out on his cocky face. Nick points from himself, to JT, and then to the belt she is holding, before he finally climbs out of the ring and heads to the back with a cocky swagger to his walk.

Simone: This has turned in to chaos, but it's time for us to leave you.

Adams: Sadly it's true, thank you all for joining us at this amazing event. Four new champions crowned

Simone: We'll be back with you on Climax Control on January The 7th 2012

Adams: Until then, have a very happy and safe holiday time.

Simone: Merry Christmas from everyone at Sin City Wrestling.

Adams: Good night!

A huge thank you to Chris, Mark, Matt, Craig, Derek, Ted, Erik, Ro, Gerrit, Casey and Clay for contributing to this show, and to all our roleplayers that make the SCW possible.