Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

The first shot of the show that we see is a panning shot of the fans within the Grand Ballroom of the Gold Coast Casino. Men and women, boys and girls, fans of all ages make up the SCW Universe and they are all showing their support for their favorite Superstars and Bombshells!


"SCW Needs J2H!"

"Where On Earth Is Mikah!?"

"Bring Back Amy Santino!"

"Goth Is One Sexay Mutha --!"

"Hug ME Milo Kasey!"

And finally, the camera focuses on a close up shot of Justin Decent, standing inside of SCW's six-sided ring.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome home to the Gold Coast Casino for the three hundredth edition of CLIMAX CONTROL!!!

The fans cheer!

Justin: Now please help me welcome Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda bounces out, dressed like an old fashioned cowgirl; complete with cowgirl hat, plaid shirt and jean dress, boots and a red wig in pigtails and sporting an old guitar. The music starts to play and the comedic antics of Amanda begins.

Amanda: Mama don't make me put on the dress again
I can't stand the way it opens when I spin
Ribbon bows around my shoulder, and I'm only getting older
Mama don't make me put on the dress again

Daddy don't make me fancy dance around
Painted up in that make-up like a clown
If I see another stocking, lord
I swear to God, I'm walking, lord
Daddy don't make me fancy dance around

Well, I'm coming home alone for the hundredth time or so
It gets harder on my hard earned money's dime
To the bottle in my basket, will it answer if I ask it:
Doing right or am I doing time?

Lover don't make me hit the road again
I can barely feel your fingers on my skin
I'm been booking every city
Looking sad, but looking pretty, looking...
Lover don't make me hit the road the again

Brother, don't make me tell you where I've been
Running around in circles made of sin
I've been drinking like my daddy
And he ain't ever had his last one, had he?
Brother, don't make me tell you where I've been

Well, I'm coming home alone for the hundredth time or so
It gets harder on my hard earned money's dime
To the bottle in my basket, will it answer if I ask it:
Doing right or am I doing time?

Farther from my home, the more I wish it
The longer I've been gone, the more I miss it
Ribbon bows around my shoulder, and I swear I'm only getting older
Mama don't make me put on the dress again

Well, I'm coming home alone for the hundredth time or so
It gets harder on my hard earned money's dime
To the bottle in my basket, will it answer if I ask it:
Doing right or am I doing time?
Doing right or am I doing time?

The crowd applauds as Amanda smiles and blows kisses to one and all!

Justin: Now ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome to the stage your Host for this three hundredth edition of Climax Control! Sin City Wrestling Hall of Famer! Grand Slam Champion! This! Is! ... GOTH!!!

The shot turns to the titan tron where we see clips from Goth's impressive wrestling career that has dated all back to the early 2000's in other companies all the way to his memorable battles that he has had in Sin City Wrestling. After the clip has died off we see the name of Goth emerge one letter at a time before Summer Breeze from Type O Negative starts to play and Goth walks out to the arena to a huge pop from the crowd.


Adams: He looks better than ever!!!!

Goth stands on the entrance way, overlookinjg the crowd with a huge smile upon his face before walking to the ring. Wearing black leather pants, a classic Goth shirt of his face painting days that reads "Goth, The Bringer Of Chaos" on the back. He climbs in the ring and climbs the middle turnbuckle that is closest to him and applauds the fans who are cheering him on. He looks at them for a few moments before climbing back into the ring before holding a microphone to his mouth in the middle of the ring as his music dies off.

Goth: I guess you boys and girls missed me huh???

The crowd cheers as that causes Goth to smile

Goth: I know that it was previously announced by Chris Underwood that I would be hosting tonight's show and I can hear you think. Why in the hell did they ask me??

The crowd starts to laugh

Goth: I know what you must be thinking, are they this desperate to bring this old fossil to get a nostalgia pop??? And to be honest?? That was the first thing that crossed my mind.

The laughter increases from the crowd as Goth his smile has increased.

Goth: But then I started to think back to the history of this company and some of the battles that I have had between these six sided rings. And I realized that if I had not hired Despayre and Gabriel into my own company AWA that all of this perhaps wouldn't even had happened.... Or should I have said when they got tired of yours truly and decided to do something that I applaud them for... become even bigger names here than they already were.

The fans applaud the words of Goth who holds his hand in the air to ask them to be silent.

Goth: I have had major battles here, I was the first male superstar to have held all titles that a male superstar could have held at one point. Becoming the first ever Triple Crown Winner.

The fans applaud and cheer Goth on as he acknowledges them

Goth: To this very day I still wonder how none of those excellent competitors could not manage to do such a feat.... But I guess you won't hear me complain about that now will I?? But enough about me, no matter how much you like to see this handsome kisser... You came here for the show am I right??

The crowd pops

Crowd: SC Dub!! SC Dub!!! SC Dub!!!

Goth: Now let me help prevent Christian to get a heart attack and not do a four hour rundown of my career and get to the wrestling card for tonight's show. And the first match is already a match that could very well be a match that those who follow on this card will have a difficult time to match. Two talented young Bombshells go head ahead that could sky rocket their careers into greatness. Because let's face it, neither Azurine Vebbins and Bella Madison will want to look back to this momentous show and realize that they came up short. For sure one of the matches that I am looking forward to see.

The crowd erupts as Goth looks back on the card of matches

Goth: Excuse me for not being a professional, but with my age I am happy if I could remember the groceries list.

The crowd bursts out in laughter

Goth: Secondly a match that is all about respect, respect for a great career. A bombshell that has garnered many things in her life and wanted to have one more match. And what better way to have your final match upon a night like this???

The crowd claps for the second match

Goth: Zuri Chastain wants to wave off to all in front of her loved ones, her friends and peers. But mostly to all of you fans in a match where she will go face to face with Alicia Lukas. And knowing the mentality that these two women have?? I am sure that they have the utmost of respect for each other, but Zuri needs to bring her A-Game. Because Alicia is not going to be handing out victories just like that. To both of these ladies, I wish you all the best and Zuri.... I applaud you for your already great career.

Adams: Some kind words of the man that we have also known to get under the skin of his opponents..

Goth: And now for something completely different, a tag team special attraction match. A match between two Bombshell tag teams that do not need any further introduction. Hall of Fame material wrestlers. Tag team specialists as well as women that have found their mark in both singles and tag team divisions and have set a standard that any other team have to try to match. And seeing I know a thing or two about tag team wrestling?? That isn't easy to do okay??? But I'm rambling, it's one of those matches that people have been dying to see for one more time. To show their kids what they have all been talking about for many years and finally are able to show why Team Hero vs. Metal and Punk Combination is a match that should last forever.

The crowd applauds while chanting the names of both teams in respect.

Goth: I'm just by the third match and the hair on my neck is already standing. I'm loving it!!!

Crowd cheers in agreement to Goth's words.

Goth: Now you have to know I have been in a few grudge matches in my time, the last one wasn't so long ago. I put my son in a headlock for several minutes because he refused to do his homework, I am telling you. These kids are getting cocky

The crowd are laughing to the joke that Goth has made.

Goth: But all kidding aside, when I had learned that Bill's wife has gotten into wrestling I had my concerns. Not whether she could do the moves better than her husband, because let's face it. That old geezer only knows one move and that's smothering you with his oversized belly of his. But all kidding aside, Bea Barnhart has got a huge task ahead of herself when she is facing a woman that could be a champion every single moment of the day if she is given the opportunity to do so. Two women that have the calibre to lead this organization as a back bone wrestler. Two women that love to fight and love to prove the other person wrong. A legend in Sam Marlowe and a legend in the making in Bea Barnhart. I just hope Iris won't crap on the arena floor during this match.

This causes the fans to cheer and start to do an Iris chant

Goth: And then we have a case of family feud..., or should I say tag team turmoil??? It's as if I am back in Global Wrestling Alliance once more. Seeing the Good Shepherds taking on two actual brothers of Fenris and Aron Baltarsson.

The crowd erupts after hearing the names of the two brothers.

Goth: I kinda sympathise for the Good shepherds, seeing how they have dedicated their lives to the ultimate greatness that is what they are all believe in. But I am sure that they need a whole lot more than that to save them from a MMA, alcohol drinking, fist throwing, kicks giving and submission mad mans of this company... and his brother of course. No matter how this match will eventually end on tonight's show. I predict that people are going to get hurt and those who have a weaker heart better look away on this one. Because even though I once called myself the King of Kings... I do not see any of these four men to show any sign of loving they neighbour as you would love yourself.... But that's all when it comes down to biblical lessons form me tonight!!!

The crowd laughs as they chant for Fenris and his brother.

Goth: Did I mention that tonight we have some retired vets coming back to compete for you guys one more time???

The crowd cheers in anticipation.

Goth: Now I have to admit, I am a big draw myself. But I can tell by the names that Mark and Christian have pulled out of their hats to compete tonight are just as impressive. And that's what you get when you ask for a match against no matter who they put in front of you??? Now I got a feeling that this is a request that can't go right. I mean Christina Rose is an established name by herself, a woman that very well be a marque name one day to host CC 600!! But she had got a little bit over confident telling the bosses that it did not matter who it was. And I know from experience, it's best to remain humble. Because you may very well get what you asked for. And I have to applaud the bosses, bringing back Odette Stevens for one more night is what I call a match made in heaven.... And perhaps a nightmare for Christina. Only time will tell if she can back up her own words. But like I have said before on this show, the true winners of tonight are YOU the fans..

Crowd: SCW!!! SCW!!! SCW!!!!

Goth: And the next one?? Just reading the names already gives me a headache. I mean seriously, who has brought these four guys together????

The crowd start to laugh

Goth: I can tell that Mark and Christian were drunk one night and were trying tou figure out the four names that would kick the crap out of each other in a tag team match. And reading those names, I am still baffled that they did not even end up mentioning mine!!!!

The crowd cheers as they applaud Goth

Goth: But I guess aligning J2H

The crowd erupts by just the mention of perhaps the greatest champion in the history of this company

Goth: Mac Bane

Another great response

Goth: Versus Kris Ryans

Goth cheers

Goth: And O'Malley....

The crowd cheers as well for the final name of this tag team match.

Goth: Now before J2H will come out and start to demand things how the should be ran properly, I have to tell you that I am glad that none of these guys aren't cocky, arrogant and possibly the most self-centred individuals that mankind could possibly bring together!!!

The crowd bursts out in laughter

Goth: Good luck to you guys, I'm sure that it will be a tough pill to swallow when one of these two teams will lose that match.

Goth looks at the final match on the card and smiles

Goth: And what a better way to end the show but with having me doing a run down of what I have done in the years that I was gone?? No?? just kidding. But having a world title match, a title match where we end the show the way we started it. Having two Bombshells that once were in the same spot as the two young ladies at the beginning of the show. Having a desire and a dream to be the best and headline shows. And that's what Amber Ryan and Courtney Pierce will be having on this momentous show!! And what a match indeed, a Blast from the Past winner from 2018 that never got her world title shot. Now I would get crazy after a week or so, let alone having to weight three damn years. Now I know that Courtney Will pull out every stop to finalize a dream that she has had for three long years to be the very best of this company. And dreams are meant to either be accomplished or to be broken.

Goth snaps his fingers to put more emphasize on the words that he has spoken

Goth: Three years you believed that you deserved something and never got... And then you have to face a woman that at this moment is on the top of her game and wants to do whatever it takes to hold on to that title... a woman that believes that she deserves it more than Courtney. A battle of wills and desire... a match that will finally make or break a dream..... we just have to wait and see.... But until then... have a wonderful show and enjoy!!!!!!

Mercedes Vargas is seen sitting tall in a director's chair while dressed casually as she's thumbing through her cellphone. As if on cue, the SCW Hall of Famer looks up, unconsciously puts her cellphone away and leans over towards the camera, grinning. Her hair has clearly been done up here too, messy curls pinned back in a half updo and ordained with a black rose tucked on the left side of her hair.

Mercedes: So we finally made it. The 300th episode of Climax Control. Did you think I would miss this night? Not for nothing would I miss this night. It's also Mother's Day. And right now, I can think of a mother who is very proud of her daughter. That's right, my mother couldn't have been more proud of what her daughter has accomplished, especially in SCW. It's no secret I've been apart of history. I've been on the milestone 100th and 200th episodes of Climax Control, but when you're the hardest-working and most accomplished Bombshell in the women's division, you deserve a break now and again. Am I right, or am I right?

Mercedes obnoxiously shrugs her shoulders.

Mercedes: Now it's time for me to be entertained. So for the Superstars and Bombshells on tonight's show, make this night worthwhile.

Simone: It's time for the opening match of Climax Control 300! Azurine Vebbins made her SCW debut two weeks ago with a convincing win over Apple Coren and tonight, she looks to continue her winning ways as she takes on Bella Madison in singles competition!

Adams: This is Bella's first match since she came up short in her Roulette Title Qualifying Match against Mercedes Vargas and Violet Amelia Holt and considering how close she was to winning that match, it's safe to say that Bella is coming into this match with a lot of frustration on her mind!

Simone: This is also Azurine's first real test as a member of the SCW Roster! Let's take it to Justin for tonight's opening match!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Climax Control 300! This is your opening contest of the evening, scheduled for one fall!

As "Radio Gaga" by Queen prominently plays throughout the arena, "Da Adorkable Angel" Azurine Vebbins pirouettes onto the entrance ramp. A solitary spotlight provides an ethereal glow as she begins to descend the ramp like a hustling, bustling housewife practicing aerobics.

Justin: Introducing first! From Los Angeles, California by way of Halo Acres, Pennsylvania, "Da Adorable Angel" Azurine Vebbins!

She performs various other dance steps while making her way to the eastern ring apron. Along the way, she waves, high-fives and hugs certain chanters she encounters. When a chanter puckers up for a kiss, she points to her halo (neck collar) to indicate she's taken. Upon entering the eastern ring apron, she glides between the bottom and middle ropes before awaiting referee instruction and her next opponent.

Simone: Don't let her meek housewife look fool you, Azurine can go in the ring as she demonstrated against Apple Coren!

Adams: But tonight, she faces someone younger and hungrier in Bella Madison!

Justin: And her opponent!

Arena goes dark as the ominous tones of New Year's Day's "Shut up" begins to blare. The entrance lights up as does the video screen that shows, climbing up a set of stairs we see with each step taken a different footwear. Saddle shoes followed by heels followed by Chuck Taylors followed by a pair of wrestling shoes with kickpads.

Justin: From New York, New York, Bella Madison!

The roar comes over the sound system as we see Bella standing on top of the entrance. She stands wearing her wrestling gear along with a ring jacket with the hood up and starts making her way to the ring. Towards the end of the chorus, she hops up on the ring side and climbs to the second rope, drops the hood of the jacket with a smirk and a wink as the song fades out.

Simone: Bella has been in the company for a couple of years now but every time it looks like she's going to achieve some success as a single's star, it gets snatched out of her hands!

Adams: And as I already stated, that was most prevalent during her Roulette Title Qualifier, if she had seen Violet charging in for the Crazy Shot and countered it, this would be her warm up match for that Roulette Title Match!

Dawn goes over the rules with both Bombshells and once they confirm that they understand Azurine, and Bella share a quick handshake as a sign of sportswomanship before Dawn calls for the bell!


Simone: And the first match of what promises to be an exciting night of action is underway!

Adams: This should be good!

Once the bell rings Azurine and Bella lock up in the middle of the ring and Azurine quickly takes the advantage by kneeing Bella in the gut and nailing her with a Snap Suplex! Bella sits up from the impact clutching her lower back in pain and Azurine uses the opportunity to lock in a waist lock on Bella only for the New York Native to fight her way back to her feet and start prying Azurine's fingers, Azurine for her part tries to maintain control by hitting Bella with a release German Suplex but this time Bella lands on her feet causing Azurine to turn around into a big dropkick!

Simone: Real contrast of styles in this match, Azurine is showing her skills at grappling whilst Bella is demonstrating why she's one of SCW's best high fliers!

Adams: That's not to say Bella is purely a high flier, she's proven to be just as good at technical and catch as catch can wrestling!

Bella drops down for a pin on Azurine.



And Azurine gets the shoulder up, for a moment it looks like Bella is going to protest the apparently slow count but thinks better of it before she turns her attention back to Azurine who surprises the younger Bombshell with an uppercut to the jaw sending her stumbling back towards the ring ropes and giving Azurine a chance to fight back as she goes up to Bella and whips her off the ropes, Azurine ducks down for a back drop attempt but Bella leaps over her instead and runs to the opposite ropes, this time though Bella isn't so lucky as she is caught with a Belly to Belly Suplex by Azurine!

Simone: Don't let Azurine's small statue fool you, she has a lot of power as she just demonstrated.

Adams: I think somebody had better check Bella's frequent flier miles after that Suplex!

Bella uses the momentum from the Suplex to roll out of the ring before Azurine can press the advantage, but the older Bombshell follows her out of the ring and gives chase as Bella tries to create some distance, however this ends up being a ploy by Bella as she quickly rolls into the ring before going for a springboard plancha on Azurine but Azurine ducks out of the way in time causing Bella to crash and burn! Azurine rolls Bella back into the ring and follows her in before going for a cover.



Simone: And a kickout from Bella, whose love of high flying very nearly cost her the match!

Adams: It was a good idea in theory but in practice? A veteran like Azurine would've seen that move coming from a mile away!

Azurine shakes her head in disappointment before she picks Bella up and tries for another Suplex, this time a standard vertical Suplex but Bella slips out the back of the Suplex attempt and nails the older Bombshell with a Backstabber causing her to flip onto her back! Bella doesn't go for a cover however, instead applying a Boston Crab submission hold on Azurine prompting Dawn to get into position and ask her if she wants to quit.

Simone: Smart strategy from Bella here, that Backstabber, obviously, hurt Azurine's back and now that Boston Crab will put even more pressure on it!

Adams: Azurine's not giving up the fight that easy though and Bella had better watch out in case she makes it to the ring ropes and forces a rope break!

Just as Jason said, Azurine isn't going to give up the fight that easily as she starts crawling her way over to the ring ropes, realizing this Bella quickly changes tactics transitioning from the Boston Crab to an STF hoping to put even more pressure on Azurine's back in the process but the transition wasn't smooth as it allowed Azurine to cover more ground and she gets to the ring ropes before forcing the rope break just as Bella gets in synched in! Bella growls in frustration before reluctantly letting go off the hold.

Simone: You mentioned Bella's frustration earlier Jason and it's starting to rear its ugly head.

Adams: Which could be a good or bad thing for Azurine, depends on how she channels that frustration!

Bella makes her frustration known by arguing with Dawn but she's having none of Bella's crap and tells her to get back to the match! Bella doesn't get much of a choice in the matter though as she is caught with a surprise School Girl Roll-Up by Azurine!



And it's Bella's turn to make use of a rope break as she grabs the bottom rope to break the pin! Fortunately for her, Dawn catches it in the nick of time and stops her count with seconds to spare pointing it out to Azurine when she asks why Dawn stopped the count.

Simone: Now it's Bella's turn to utilize the rope break, it's any Bombshell's game now!

Adams: I'd say the balls in Bella's court rather than Azurine's as Bella is out on the apron and has something big planned!

Bella measures up Azurine as the older Bombshell starts to regroup and when she turns around Bella nails her with a Springboard Crossbody getting a ton of height in the process! Bella holds on for the pin!



And Azurine kicks out! Both Bombshells scramble to their feet but it's Azurine that takes the advantage this time by hitting Bella with a T-Bone Suplex! Rather than go for a cover however Azurine calls for the finish!

Simone: Azurine is going for what she calls the Pearly Gatekeeper!

Adams: If she hits this, it's lights out and another loss for Bella!

Azurine gets Bella up for the Suplex but Bella manages to slip free before Azurine can transition into the Double Handed Jawbreaker! Bella wastes no time in spinning Azurine around and hitting the Ashes to Ashes!


Adams: Stick a fork in Azurine, she's done darlin'!

Bella goes for the cover.





Justin: Here is your winner, Bella Madison!

Simone: Bella picks up an impressive win heading into our next PPV Into the Void X!

Adams: And after how her last match went, she needed that win! Great effort from Azurine but Bella just wanted it more!

Bella celebrates her win up the ramp as Dawn checks on Azurine!

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control 300 where we see Krystal Wolfe watching the matches on a monitor, she has just finished watching the opening match between Bella Madison and Azurine Vebbins and shakes her head as the show cuts to another part of the arena.

Krystal: One second was all it took, otherwise she would've qualified for the Roulette Title Match against me and Royal Purple.

Krystal comments before turning to the camera.

Krystal: But instead, it's me against Violet Amelia Holt and Royal Purple for the gold at Into the Void X and the way I see it? I'm not walking out of Into the Void X without winning that title! I will admit that Violet and yes, even Royal Purple are great wrestlers who will give me a great fight but it's Roulette Rules which has proven time and again to be a harsh mistress.

Krystal starts to walk off before she turns to the camera again.

Krystal: Violet, Royal Purple, see you girls at Into the Void X where I'll be winning my first championship in SCW!

Krystal walks off as the scene fades.

The cameras cut to a dimly lit area of the back as Zuri Chastain is standing in the shadows.

Zuri: Pride! Pride is one of the deadliest sins a human being can have in their life. Alicia Lukas doesn't think I'm a legend because I never one a championship.

Zuri steps into the light as her eyes are narrowed.

Zuri: That's the difference between this generation and when I first started in this business. If you came before me no matter what you did, then you were labeled a legend. Alicia Lukas is so blinded by what she has done that she can't see past her own nose.

Zuri cracks her knuckles a few times.

Zuri: Tonight, Alicia Lukas comes face to face with the Masked Vigilante. Win or lose, she will understand why I am still a legend here in SCW whether she likes it or not. No one crosses Lady Justice.

Zuri growls while walking out of the shot.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall... is a special retirement match... introducing first hailing from Atlanta, Georgia... Alicia Lukas...

"Wild Eyes" By Parkway drive hits as Alicia steps out with a black hoodie over her upper half with the hood up over her long blond hair. She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps before climbing the ropes on the outside, she flips the hood back before putting her arms out , she smiles at the crowd before leaping into the ring from the outside and taking off the hoodie.

Justin: And her opponent.... Introducing for the final time...

"Don't Cross Justice" echoes through the speakers as the arena goes pitch black. The only lights that appear to be working are the tiny orchid colored light bulbs that line the frame of the giant screen. The bulbs are flickering as a black light shines on the stage with smoke beginning to fill. Slowly more orchid color lights start popping up around the arena as a video begins to play on the screen. "Moments That Matter" finally begins to play as the lights drop down again. The movement of two people are the only signs of life in the darkened room. The black light in the front shines onto the stage as it just shows two silhouettes. A spotlight over head shines down as the back of both ladies can be seen.

Justin: Making her way down the isle, being accompanied to the ring, from Webster, South Dakota by way of London, England, she is the "Masked Vigilante"....Zuri Chastain.

The house lights finally come back up as Zuri has the collar of their jackets popped before turning around. The crowd is going crazy as Zuri's face is covered with her signature mask. Zuri take a few minutes to greet the fans in the front row. Zuri breaks away from the fans while standing back onto the ramp. Her eyes are fixated with the ring as she falls into that stoic trance. Once in this trance, she doesn't notice the fans while making her way toward the ring. She walks around toward the far side and hops up onto the ring apron. Zuri grabs a hold of the ring ropes and takes a minute to pause.

Zuri looks side to side before landing her gaze onto her opponent. Without saying a word, she leaps into the ring while keeping her eyes directly onto her opponent. She walks toward the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle. She throws one arm up into the air before hopping back down. She turns back around and glares at her opponent while unzipping her ring jacket.

The ref moves in and check both for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Lukas and Chastain step forward and shake hands before backing away as they take a moment before moving in as Chastain offers a hand out to Lukas, which Lukas locks up with her briefly before breaking but as they move a little more around the ring Chastain hesitantly reaches out once more but backs away as they then lock up but it's only brief as Lukas counters into a headlock, where she cranks on Chastain's head as she squats down a couple of times as Chastain manages to slip free and grabs Lukas around the wait.

Simone: Lukas and Chastain shake hands as Lukas gives the courtesy of showing respect as then Zuri is a little hesitant at first before they lock up, however, it brief as Lukas get the upper with a head lock, but Chastain isn't in a run and she slips free and grabs Lukas around the waist.

Adams: A hesitant start by Zuri but she is up against Alicia Lukas.

Lukas grabs at Chastain's hands before reaches around and grabbing Chastain's head once again for another headlock before adjusting and changes arms, which against she cranks on Chastain's head. Chastain wraps her arms around Lukas' waist at the same time before dragging her down and goes for a pin...




Adams: Lukas quickly counters and grabs Zuri's head but adjusting her grip. But Zuri drags down Lukas and tries to surprise her with a pin but only gets a two count. Now that would be a turn up for the book if Zuri beats Lukas in her retirement match.

Lukas kicks out before sitting up and with the headlock still in place. Chastain pushes herself up with Lukas assisting and Chastain then breaks Lukas' headlock and counters into a wristlock, but Lukas is quick to seek a way out as she spins around before dropping down and squatting and then turns before rolling forward/kip up, which breaks Chastain's grip. Lukas breaks Chastain's grip before following up with three slaps around Chastain's head and then throwing a kick backwards into Chastain's stomach.

Simone: Every time Zuri gets the upper hand, Lukas is there to counter.

Adams: it's early days in this match... so give her time.

Chastain doubles over and Lukas rushes forward and bounces off the ropes but Chastain follows and she bounces off the ropes and as Lukas makes a u turn back towards Chastain, Chastain leaps up with and hits a hurricanrana sending Lukas across the ring but she manages to stay on her feet and stumbles away and into the nearly corner. Chastain smiles as she takes a moment before positioning herself in the corner opposition Lukas before rushing in but Lukas moves at the last moment and Chastain crashes against the turnbuckles. Lukas then rushes in towards Chastain but as she gets to Chastain, Chastain lifts Lukas up and over the top rope as she lands on the apron and Chastain follows up with a high kick to Lukas' head.

Simone: Zuri with a hurricanrana, which sends Lukas across the ring and Zuri tries to capitalise on it and tries for a splash, but Lukas dodges it and Zuri ends up in the corner. Lukas then tries to rush Zuri but Zuri sends Lukas up and over and to continue her run she catches Lukas with a kick, which stuns her.

Lukas drops down into a seated position on the apron, Chastain looks at Lukas before move across the ring and then she rushes in and hits a running dropkick to the back of Lukas sending her flying from the ring apron to the mat below. Lukas lays on the mat as she sucks in as much air as possible as she tries to get to her feet. Meanwhile Chastain climbs from the ring to the ring apron as she watches Lukas and begs her to get up and as Lukas gets to her feet, Chastain looks to kick Lukas but Lukas grabs Chastain foot before yanking and sending Chastain down to the apron and she hits it hard before rolling off in pain.

Adams: Zuri drop kicks the seated Lukas from the apron... Zuri hasn't missed a step.

Simone: Zuri had hoped to catch Lukas with a kick but Lukas was prepared for it and Zuri eats the ring apron.

Lukas moves forward and grabs Chastain and pulls her up and throws her up against the guard barriers before dropping down into a seated position. The ref shouts at Lukas to bring the action back into the ring, however, it is ignored, and he begins to count...



Simone: Lukas capitalises on this and she grabs Zuri and throws her up against the ring apron.

Lukas then charges in and drive her hip up against Chastain and the barriers.



Lukas moves away from Chastain as she grins before turning and comes back to Chastain, where she grabs her and pulls her up...



Adams: Lukas is making sure that Zuri won't forget this retirement match.

She then throws her back into the ring before following in and climbs to her feet, as Chastain tries to make her way to her feet but Lukas kicks the back of Chastain's head, Chastain holds her head as Lukas kicks her again as Chastain tries to shy away from the kicks but then Lukas stops and she grabs Chastain and picks her up before hitting a snap suplex and then goes for a pin...




Simone: Showing respect earlier on in the match is now oozing disrespect as she kicks Zuri in the head a few times before following up with a snap suplex and a pin... which she gets a two count on.

Chastain sits up holding her back as Lukas merely glares at Chastain as she then rises to her feet and give a hard kick to Chastain's back before grabbing her and pulling her up, where she hits several muay Thai knee shots to Chastain's chest and stomach. Chastain holds her torso and drops to her knee, but Lukas grabs her pulls her up, where she whips her towards the ropes and instead of bouncing off the ropes she holds onto them and Lukas charges in but is met with a high elbow and Lukas stumbles back and Chastain then hits leaps onto the ropes and hits a springboard inverted DDT.

Adams: Chastain is in trouble here.

Simone: Or not... interesting turnaround here but I think it's more of desperation.

Chastain goes for a pin...




Chastain holds her head, as she quickly refocuses and grabs Lukas and rolls her onto her front and then proceeds to lock in the Mind over Matter (Arm Trapped Camel Clutch) and she cranks on Lukas's neck as she hopes she taps out. Lukas grimaces as she shakes her head as she refuses to give up and Chastain notices this and she releases the camel clutch and she rises to her feet before leaping up and hits a double foot stomp to Lukas' back.

Adams: Zuri gets a two count as doesn't give up and she locks in a camel clutch but unfortunately Lukas doesn't kick out.

Simone: and for that Zuri punishes her with a stomp to her back.

Lukas screams out and rolls away holding her back as she crawls to the ropes as Chastain follows her and grabs her and pulls her up, where she sets up the Calling Card (Lifting Double Underhook transitioned into an inverted Samoan Drop), but before she can hit it, Lukas begins to struggle and thrust her leg into Chastain's head.

Simone: Chastain looks to finish off Lukas but Lukas begins to fight back and this forces Chastain to let go of Lukas.

Lukas drops down and hits a spinning back fist, which Chastain stumbles forward and Lukas leaps onto the ropes and hits a springboard DDT. She slowly crawls over to Chastain, where she rolls her onto her back and then she grabs Chastain's legs and sets her up and locks in the Lioness Bite (Gorilla lock, standing cloverleaf ankle lock).

Adams: Chastain has barely fight left following the DDT.

Chastain still groggy from the DDT lightly taps out...

Simone: Unfortunately Zuri taps out.

Lukas keeps the hold locks in for a few seconds extra. She smiles before releasing.


Justin: Winner of this match via submission...Alicia Lukas.

Lukas' music hits over the p.a. Lukas raises her arms in victory before she leaves the ring to leave Zuri in the ring.


Adams: Great respect for Zuri

"Moments That Matter" is playing over the speakers as Zuri Chastain is standing in the center of the ring. The live audience inside the Golden Casino are standing on their feet as she gives each of them a nod of her head. She quietly removes her mask as loud gasps escape from the crowd.

Simone: What a way to go out? Zuri said she wanted to go out on her terms and that is what she did.

Adams: She has nothing to be ashamed of and will always be seen as a legend here in SCW no matter what Alicia says.

Zuri is holding her hands up high in the air as the crowd is going nuts. She hops off the turnbuckles while motioning toward the crowd. She then holds her mask high into the air. Right as she is about to lie it on the mat, "Whistle" suddenly blares as Mr. Chalmers comes walking down the ramp. Zuri turns her head to see him.

Simone: Oh what the hell now?

Before Jason could say anything, three young women comes through the crowd and surrounds the ring. Zuri notices the numbers as the cameras pan around to see the faces.

Adams: Holy cow!!!! Denise Andrews, Shannon Middlebrooks and Kiara surrounding the ring.

Mr. Chalmers stops at the bottom of the ramp while lifting his hand up. This causes the three women to climb up onto the ring apron. Zuri, still feeling the effects of Alicia, looks at all three of them. She takes a deep breath before throwing a punch at Denise. The punch rocks a little but the other two are all over Zuri. Shannon has Zuri's legs wrapped as Kiara is dropping rights and lefts down onto the rib cage. Denise shakes off the punch as she gets into the fray with a few rights of her own.

Adams: Oh come on, someone stop this.

Almost on cue, "Commitment" sounds as Blanca Chastain comes running down the ramp to the roar of the crowd.

Simone: It's Blanca Chastain!!!!! She's here and looking to get some.

Blanca slides into the ring and levels both Kiara and Denise with a double clothesline. She hops back up to her feet and lets out scream while psyching up the crowd. Before she could help her sister, a foot comes out of nowhere and levels her. A sick smirk appears on Mr. Chalmers face as Denise and Kiara are back up and beating the hell out of Blanca. The cameras pan around to see Char Kwan standing in the ring with a cold look on her face. She snaps her fingers and tells them to pick Blanca up.

Adams: Oh what the hell is this about? This is supposed to be a celebration.

Denise and Kiara hoist Blanca up to her feet as Char motions while smacking her leg. She lashes out with another kick to Blanca's face. Blanca falls down as Shannon connects with a gutwrench suplex on Zuri Chastain. Char tells Kiara to go up. The crowd is booing like crazy as Char continues to beat the hell out of Blanca and drops a couple boots onto Zuri.

Simone: Where is the security?

As the four women are continuing the beatdown, "Just For" suddenly blares over the speakers as the crowd pops very loudly. Mr. Chalmers turns his head to see Trinity Jones stepping out onto the stage with Belinda Warwick and Jordan Monroe right beside her. Mr. Chalmers shakes his head as the trio sprints down the ramp. Char and Kiara quickly exits the ring as the trio slide into the ring. Char shakes her head as Jordan connects with a shining wizard on Shannon Middlebrooks. Belinda Warwick drops Denise with a samoan drop as Trinity motions for Char to get back into the ring.

Adams: Who needs security!!!!!! The Boss Ladies and The Dragon have come to the aid of the Chastains.

Simone: What was the point of this Char? Why would you do this?

Char shakes her head while heading up the ramp with Kiara and Mr. Chalmers behind her. Jordan and Belinda help the sisters up to their feet as "Case of The Ex" suddenly blares over the sound system as the five women celebrate with the crowd.

Simone: Episode 300 has been wild but I hope we get answers from Char.

Adams: Don't bet on it.

Outside, a man can be seen standing there, a wreath of smoke curling around his head. The camera slowly moves around him to reveal Connor Murphy with a cigarette in his lips and a bottle of something hanging loosely in his other hand. Spying the camera, the Irishman smirks and pulls the cigarette from his mouth.

Connor Murphy: Well now what have we here? Ya found me enjoyin' a couple of my favourite vices before going back inside. After all, ya know I had to be here for the three hundredth episode of Climax Control. Only thing that is missing is Pu...

As if she heard her name, Pussy Willow appears and spies Connor. She quickly turns to walk away but Murphy sees her and calls out to her.

Connor Murphy: Pussy m'love, wait up. You are one of the reasons I am here tonight.

Pussy stops and then turns slowly as her eyes roll. Connor moves closer then he lays his arm over the shoulder of the interviewer who gives the hug only to escape from under the arm of Connor who then uses that hand to place it over his heart.

Connor Murphy: That is cold Pussy darlin', so cold.

Pussy Willow: Connor Murphy, you are here for the three hundredth episode of Climax Control. Want to tell the fans why you are here??

A bright smile crosses the face of Connor who sips at the bottle then takes a drag from the cigarette before blowing the smoke out causing Pussy to wave her hand in front of her face and back away slightly.

Connor Murphy: Well you know, I wanted to come and maybe see my fan Despy...after all, I am his Gummy Bear Saviour you know. I fixed that gummy bear that Jimmy two aitch broke in twain...

Connor strikes a sloppy superhero pose which has Pussy again rolling her eyes. Connor peeps at her then laughing, he breaks the pose.

Pussy Willow: Really Connor, can't you be serious?

Connor holds his hands up in surrender to offer a flirty smile at Pussy who crosses her arms over her chest.

Connor Murphy: All right ya got me Pussy. I ain't here to see Despy. I am actually here to see little Jimmy in his comeback. What can I say...I miss the little guy.

Connor wipes at a non-existent tear before once more swigging from the bottle.

Connor Murphy: Do you think he missed me too?

Pussy Willow: Knowing J2H, I doubt it.

Connor Murphy: That hurts Pussy. I guess then the only reason I am here is to wish Sin City Wrestling a grand three hundred Climax Control.

Connor holds up the bottle once more and toasts the camera.

Connor Murphy: Slainté

Pussy leaves Connor drinking from the bottle as the camera view heads to another area of the arena where a monitor lights up revealing a very familiar face. Vixen Staggs, her hair pulled back in a knot and wearing a NXT Spike and Vixen tee, smiles at the camera and begins to speak.

Vixen: Sin City Wrestling...celebrating their three hundredth Climax Control. Felicitation SCW. It is a great milestone to have reached and here is to you continuing to week in and week out offer wrestling fans a quality show...well some type of quality.

Vixen smirks slightly as she reaches back to tuck her hands into her back pockets.

Vixen: You would think that I would be bitter and not want to offer my congratulations on the milestone considering that management let this slip away.

As she speaks, she allows one hand to motion up and down her body.

Vixen: After all I gave them the opportunity to sign me. I basically point blank told them to sign me and what did they do? They dropped the ball. Think about it...they could have had me on this show wrestling in front of the fans but no, the only thing they are getting from me is a congratulations on all your shows and a 'here's to many more'.

She stops at that and closes her eyes for a moment before opening them once more and glaring at the camera.

Vixen: Congrats SCW. Maybe you will learn that there is more to Climax Control than letting your first ever Bombshell Hall of Famer get away. I mean, here is to many more Climax Controls.

With a chuckle, Vixen turns and walks away.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control 300 where we see Jessie Salco warming up for the Tag Team Match between Metal and Punk Connection and Team Hero, in the background she has the album "X" by the Danish Thrash Metal Band Artillery playing.

Simone: Jessie has been in the company for most of its existence, and now she teams with Amy Santino one last time against Team Hero.

Adams: I don't know Belinda, it's rare that "last matches" stick.

Jessie finishes warming up just in time for Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches her.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, before we jump onto the topic at hand, Climax Control 300, nearly ten years of SCW, how do you feel?

Jessie gives the album a chance to finish before answering.

Jessie: Old as fuck to be honest, next year will mark my tenth year in SCW after all.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Time flies, huh?

Jessie nods in agreement before Ms. Rocky Mountains continues.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That said, tonight the Metal and Punk Connection goes out for one last mosh pit as you team up with Amy to take on Team Hero, what are your thoughts?

Jessie: I'm conflicted, I'm looking forward to the match but through the Metal and Punk Connection Amy became my best friend in SCW, through our ups and downs, and even when we weren't teaming up, we hanged out together, that said, I can't think of a better match to lay the Metal and Punk Connection to rest with than this tag team match against Team Hero and tonight we'll do it by finally picking up the win over Team Hero.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: One last question, do you know who your opponent for Into the Void X is?

Jessie: I don't even know if I'm booked yet, but I haven't missed competing on an SCW PPV in years and I don't see that changing, same goes for my winning streak on PPV.

Jessie walks off as the scene fades.

Justin:The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

The opening guitar riff of Rush' "Limelight" begin on the PA system. The cameras pan around the arena, and as the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson rushes through the curtain and stops, a huge smile on her face. She soaks in the cheers and treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before climbing up on the apron and looking out at the cheering crowd, before entering the ring and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, turns to the hard camera side and dropping to a knee, and giving the "I love you" in sign language pose. She stands and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

Justin: From Tampa Florida, Roxi Johnson! And her partner, from Miami Florida, Keira Fisher.

"Like a Phoenix" begins to slowly play as the lights go out. Two lights from the stage is seen showing Keira's shadow, raising her arms. The lights come back on as Keira turns and walks down the ring. She slaps a few fans hands as she slides in. She raises her hand and shouts out, "Like a HERO, BABY!" as she waits for her opponent while talking strategy with Candy.

Adams: Keira Fisher teaming with her wife tonight. This is interesting as the two will definitely be on the same page.

Simone: They are Jason after all, Keira is a well known tag team wrestler with her wife Roxi Johnson.

Justin: And their opponents, introducing first,

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Juneau, Alaska, she is Amy Santino.

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes

Justin: And finally, her partner..

Simone: Amy Santino teaming tonight with someone that she knows very well in Jessie Salco, it is the return of the Punk and Metal Connection.

Adams: Gotta love big anniversary shows Belinda. Climax Control Three Hundred and we are witnessing history coming alive in the return of these two.

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the the lights flashing across the arena.

Justin: Introducing, from Miami, Florida, "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and perches herself on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: Introductions made and match is ready to start Jason, all we need is for Jasmine to signal for the bell.

Adams: Which is what she is doing right now.


Jessie motions for Amy to join her in the corner as Roxi tells Keira that she wants to start the match. Keira looks across the ring where she sees Jessie motion Amy out of the ring and nods slowly. Getting out of the ring, Keira picks up the tag rope as Roxi moves towards Jessie who advances on the bombshell. Roxi holds out a hand with a smile that Jessie just taps with a smirk before sending Roxi spinning towards the ropes with a hard slap across her face. Roxi's hand goes to her face in pain then she looks at Jessie with a surprised look on her face. Jessie motions for Roxi to bring it and the two lock up in the middle of the ring with a collar and elbow that Jessie tries to leverage to push Roxi into the corner. Roxi is able to spin at the last second and it is Jessie that lands in the corner. Jessie's arms go up as Roxi pushes herself back away from Jessie who is arguing with Jasmine. Roxi surprises her with a monkey flip to the middle of the ring. Getting to her feet, Roxi bounces along the ropes as Jessie grabs her lower back and moves towards the corner where Amy is. Santino reaches over the ropes to be tagged in herself which makes Jessie smile and the fans scream with support. St. John forces Jessie to the outside as Amy moves into the ring to lock up with Roxi who greets her with an extended handshake. Amy nods her head and then takes Roxi off her feet with a kick to the midsection and a gut wrench suplex.

Adams: These two teams are very familiar with each other but it has been a while since we saw these four face off.

Roxi grabs at her head in pain as she kicks the mat. Amy comes behind her and grabbing more hair, pulls her up only to stomp her face into the mat which has Jasmine admonishing Amy who just waves her away as Roxi rolls to the ropes. Amy gets away from St. John and moves towards Roxi again who has turned and kicked Amy in the midsection then takes her over with a float over suplex that has Santino arching in pain. Roxi gets to her feet slowly and moves to use an enziguri on a rising Amy sending her into the ropes. Moving towards Keira, Roxi is holding her neck as she tags in Keira. Fisher slides through the ropes and then moves towards Amy who quickly turns and uses a spinning roundhouse kick to take her off feet. Amy reaches down and grabs the arm of Keira and uses a somersault arm drag that has Keira calling out. Roxi reaches out for a tag but Amy is able to keep Keira just out of reach. Keira reaches out as Amy taunts Roxi with the hand of Keira who manages to fight back enough to get her arm around Amy to send her into the ropes only to rebound into a dropkick from Fisher. Keira uses the space to roll to the ropes and tags in Roxi who slides between the ropes and rushes towards the downed Amy with a pin attempt but Santino is still too fresh and easily kicks out at one.

Simone: What a back and forth so far in this match Jason. Both teams are looking for the win tonight.

Amy gets to her feet and then quickly moves to her corner where Jessie is mouthing off about the pin attempt. Santino just holds her hand out to Jessie who reaches out and tags herself into the match to the surprise of Amy. Jessie slides between the ropes and into the face of Keira who is seen saying something to Jessie. Jasmine moves to the corner to tell Amy to get to the outside. She finally leaves the ring as Jessie turns to face Keira once more. The pair lock up and this time Jessie whips Keira into the ropes to take her down with a dropkick that sends Roxi to the mat and skidding to the outside. Jessie looks at the downed Keira who is slowly working her way up on the barricade. Jessie rushes off the opposite ropes and charging across the ring, launches herself between the ropes with a suicide dive that takes both bombshells out. Jasmine moves to the ropes as he begins his count. Amy and Roxi both leave their corners as they check on their partners. Amy backs away from Jessie as Roxi helps Keira to her feet and then the pair rolls Jessie into the ring. Keira staggers to the ring steps as Roxi moves to the corner for a tag. Jessie sees Keira slide into the ring and then crawls quickly to tag in Amy. Amy slides into the ring and she and Keira meet in the middle of the ring where they can be seen jawing at each other before beginning to trade punches in the middle of the ring. Keira manages to gain the advantage as Amy begins to protect her head and body from the rights and lefts of Fisher. Finally, Amy is laying on the ropes as Keira moves back slightly as if to offer an escape for Amy. Santino moves off the ropes and moves towards her corner. Keira is quicker and hits a springboard clothesline that takes Amy to the mat. Santino is able to roll to the outside and then leans against the apron. Keira moves towards her and is surprised when Amy grabs her ankles and drags her off her feet. Dragging Keira to the corner, Amy drapes her legs on either side of the ringpost and then violently wraps her leg around the unforgiving steel that has Keira scream out in pain. Santino smiles as she rolls into the ring and then drags Keira up to her feet and whips her across the ring into the ropes. Fisher is able to catch herself and stops as Amy backs towards the ropes to charge across the ring but she is too close to her corner and once more Jessie Salco tags herself into the match.

Adams: Jessie Salco sees the writing on the wall and now she is going to take advantage of the surprise hot tag.

Simone: Either that or she knows that Roxi would be the fresher of the two.

Before Salco can reach Keira, Roxi gets tagged in. Before she can mount an attack, Jessie is quick enough to catch her coming between the ropes and drops her with a DDT on the mat with her legs still on the middle rope. Rolling Roxi over, Jessie manages to get a pin but the foot of Roxi is on the rope and Jasmine motions towards it as she tells Jessie to let the pin go. Jessie picks up Roxi and slams her to the mat. Mounting the corner, Jessie hits the Wall of Death four fifty splash and rolls Roxi up for the pin but Keira dives through the ropes to break the pin. Jessie gets to her feet and into the face of Jasmine as Keira pulls Roxi towards their corner. As Jessie turns around, Keira gets the tag and leaps on the ropes to hit a crossbody on Jessie. Rolling through it, Keira turns and motions for Jessie to get up. As Salco makes it to her feet, Keira attempts to hit the Seven Sins but Salco is quick enough to tag in Amy. Santino gets into the ring only to be surprised by a second Keira Seven Sins that drops Amy like a stone. Dropping, Keira catches the leg and rolls Santino up. Roxi is quickly into the ring to stand between Jessie and the pinned Amy.

Simone: Keira made the save and now we have her pinning Amy after the Seven Sins.


Adams: Amy Santino isn't moving and it looks like Jessie is being blocked from making the save.


Simone: Wait, Amy is moving but I think it is a little too late.


Adams: Keira Fisher Johnson has beaten Amy Santino to win the match for her team.


Justin: The winners of the match, Team Hero...Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher-Johnson

Keira rises off Amy then holds out her hand to help her to her feet as Roxi and Jessie join them in the middle of the ring.

Adams: This could go south really fast Belinda.

Simone: I don't know is a staredown for sure.

All four women look at each other then each raises their arms to the excitement of the fans. Roxi and Amy hug as Keira and Jessie pat each other on the shoulder as Team Hero's theme plays out over the arena.

The scene cuts backstage where Andrea Hernandez happens to find herself in a break room. She's definitely in an amused mood, especially since she's looking right at a table with many bags of Starbucks coffee stacked on it in a pyramid formation. She doesn't give a crap about what the audience thinks of her as she begins to express her thoughts.

Andrea: I'm in one hell of a mood! You know why? Because I got what I wanted and that's a match with Sam Marlowe in two weeks. Of course, Sam has to complete her detour with one Bea Barnhart but she's not important in this matter aside from the fact that I'll be watching that match JUST to do a little scouting on her. ANYWAY, tonight is Sam Marlowe appreciation night! Yeah, I'm being very serious here, Sam! All of this coffee is for you! I know you love coffee, especially when it's splashed right in your face. You can come by and collect all of this coffee once you finish up your match with Bea. But you know something Sam, I've got to stop being sarcastic here. At one point, I DID respect you. When I first came to this company, you WERE one of the Bombshells that I had some admiration for. It wasn't to the level of Roxi Johnson or anything like that but I could at least respect you because you were one of the best. I really, really want to emphasize the usage of the word "were". But that was then, and this is now.

I used to think that you were a shining star of this division and now I just see you as, for the most part, just another bitch on the roster. I'm going to try and really save my words for when they matter here, but I do have some questions that I want you to think about.

What happened?

Why did you suddenly start going down the Jessie Salco and Mercedes Vargas path?

Why did you fall off so damn hard after losing the Roulette title to that one shot wonder bitch in Candy?

Why have you not been able to get back to that level that you were once at?

How did someone who at one point, ended the dominance of Mikah go from a giant killer to a giant JOKE?

Can you think of those questions for me, Sam? Think about them long and hard for your own sake. Yet, I've got to be real up front and real honest with you and this is something that is going to surprise you. I HOPE you win tonight. I mean that. I WANT YOU to beat Bea Barnhart tonight and it's not because I'm suddenly going to be a fan of yours because... ewwww... but it's because I want to see a glimmer of hope from you. I want to at least SEE that the Sam that you once were is still in you because on any given night, Sam Marlowe at her very best would wrestle circles around someone like Bea Barnhart. I WANT to know that you're not gone like Jessie and Mercedes are just yet. I WANT to know that you can still be the most decorated and most successful Roulette Champion of all time. Because at Into the Void? THAT'S the Sam Marlowe I want to face.

I don't want to face the half ass Sam Marlowe, damn it! And if you lose to Bea tonight? I don't know what else I can say to you. If Bea beats you, you might as well not even bother to show up at Into the Void, to be honest. But regardless of whether it's tonight or whether it's at Into the Void, reality WILL hit you in the face... and when it does?

Andrea pauses and scoffs as she picks up one of the bags of Starbucks coffee.

Andrea: Maybe... just maybe... you'll wake up and smell the coffee in regards to your future.

Andrea scoffs and laughs some more as she puts the bag of coffee down. She shows zero remorse for the words that just came out of her mouth as she quickly departs from the scene. Some boos from the audience are heard as the scene fades to black.

Sam Marlowe moves down the hallway towards the gorilla area and is seen stretching out for her match. She looks relaxed in white and silver ring gear with her hair pulled back to cascade down over her shoulders. She is stopped by an approaching Pussy Willow and cameraman who manage to catch her near the SCW logo. Pussy reaches out and catches the hand of Sam and pulls her under the logo and begins to speak.

Pussy Willow: Sam I just have to ask you. In a little bit you are going to be stepping into the ring for an anything goes match against Bea Barnhart whom you have never faced before one on one. Are you ready for this match up?

Sam Marlowe: What a question Pussy. Of course I am ready to step into that ring any night I need to. And tonight I need to because you know that I am not going to let a lying so and so get the better of me in that ring. I think the question you have to ask though Pussy is will Bea Barnhart be ready for me when it comes to defending herself in an anything goes match. An anything goes match seems to be a lot like a roulette match and we both know how good I can be at roulette matches.

Pussy Willow: That's may be true Sam. I also have to ask you if there will be anyone interfering for you like Bea suggests there will be? She seems to think that you won't be able to win on your own.

Sam shakes her head at the nonsense being asked by her friend. Putting a hand on the shoulder of Pussy, Sam smiles.

Sam Marlowe: Well considering that I am walking down to the ring all by myself and when all is said and done I will be walking back from that ring myself with the win no less, she isn't going to say that I had any help to beat her in the ring. But if you will excuse me Pussy, I have a match to get ready for...

Sam turns to walk off and then walks out of view with Pussy turning towards the camera only to have Sam walk back into frame and look directly at the camera.

Sam Marlowe: Oh before I forget, congratulations to Sin City Wrestling on this your three hundredth Climax Control. Cheers!

Sam raises a bottle of water and a toasting motion before sipping it as she once more walks out of frame.

We switch to the dressing room area where we see Bea Barnhart getting ready for her grudge match with Samantha Marlowe. We watch as Bea is stuffing the items she purchased at the curio shop and hardware store into a small cloth bag and she also stuffs several items into her wrestling outfit as her husband, Bill Barnhart, looks on. Unfortunately Bea has made sure the camera person is not able to get a shot of the items she is planning on bringing to the ring to use against Sam.

Bill: What are you doing? You seem to be packing for a long trip.

Bea: I'm taking a trip down ASS KICKING LANE to kick Sam's ass! I figured I'd bring a few items for the match that I purchased at a curio shop and hardware store earlier in the week. After all it is an ANYTHING GOES match so I'm making sure I have anything and everything I need to make this a match Sam will never forget.

Bill: Speaking of a match that remains with you my match against Alex Jones at Climax Control 299 was one of those matches. Although I beat Alex down harder than he did to me he won by a technicality and I accept the Referee's decision. When Alex stood up I speared him which drove him backward into the door of the boiler room. The door popped open and I drove Alex backward and out of the boiler room. The match stipulation was that the first wrestler to exit the boiler room was the winner and, technically, Alex exited the boiler room before I did but I was the one who speared him into the door. That's okay because we, as wrestlers, have to accept what the Referee sees in the match. I feel I damaged Alex Jones significantly so that he'll definitely lose the Roulette Championship at Into the Void X.

Bea: Sam you talked crap about me for weeks. You lied about what happened backstage. You accused me of doing something deliberately when the incident was one hundred percent an accident. Well, Sam, now you got what you wanted right? You got a Grudge Match and in the process of scheduling the Grudge Match our Management decided to make our match an ANYTHING GOES match. The saying goes that you should BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR...YOU MIGHT JUST GET IT. . .and, Sam, you're gonna get it from me when I beat you down without mercy and walk away as the winner. I'll never tolerate being accused of doing something I never did! See you in the ring shortly if you have enough courage left to show up for our match!

Bea continues getting her things ready for her match with Sam. The camera person remains focused on Bea until she looks up at them and asks them to end the video feed and they do and our screen goes black.

Justin: The following match is a special Grudge and anything goes match!!!!

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

Justin: And her opponent!!!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar starts to play and we see Bea Barnhart exit from the backstage area pushing a shopping cart with a few shopping bags inside of it. Staring at Samantha Marlowe as she is smiling to wage war with her.

Simone: I guess Bea came prepared!!!

Adams: I don't want to know what she has bought in those stores.

Bea pushes the card to the ringside area

Justin: And her opponent!! Standing in at 5'5 and weighing in at 130 pounds! Hailing from Lawrenceville, Georgia!! Bea Barnhart!!!

Bea stops at ringside and rolls in the ring as the bell starts to ring.


The bell has rang immediately as Bea had entered the ring after bringing her shopping cart to the ring, she immediately has gotten back to the outside the ring after coming in contact with the six sided ring and taunts Sam to follow her to the outside.

Simone: I wonder whether that is a smart move

Adams: We all know that Sam is just as accomplished in as well on the outside of the ring??

Sam gets to the outside of the ring and follows Bea around the ring until Bea gets to her shopping cart and quickly pushes it into the midsection of Sam who just turned around the corner. Causing her to stop in her tracks and hold on to her midsection before Bea pushes the shopping cart into her face. This causes Sam to fall backwards on the concrete floor as Bea immediately jumps towards Samantha and wraps both hands around her throat as she is starting to choke the former champion as Jacob Summers cannot stop her because of the rules of the match that both women are in. Sam is trying to free herself from the choke that Bea has on her but is unable to break the chokehold with her hands. She finally manages to lift her legs up underneath the arms of Bea and using her leg strength to push Bea off of her before rolling away from Bea and getting quickly to her feet. She immediately goes for a spear as that would drive Bea straight into the shopping cart but Bea sidesteps and pushes Sam into the cart as she hits it head on. Bea grabs the shopping bags and pushes it into the ring before rolling Sam into the ring as well and follows her into the ring. There she ties Sam up into the ropes and turns her attention to the bags and grabs something out of it.

Simone: is that... a... doll???

The camera zooms in on the doll as it has red "hair" and matching gear as Sam

Adams: Does that need to be a voodoo Doll???

Bea gets closer and then she starts to pull out the hair out of the doll, causing Sam to scream in agony as she tries to free her arms to attack Bea. Who grabs the doll and throws it in the air as Sam somehow is making a weird jumping move as well. Bea is ready to do the next move, but Jacob grabs the doll out of her hands as he feels that this is too much even for a Grudge match.

Adams: Can Jacob do that???

Simone: Officially not, but I feel he felt that it's a bit too much for the viewers to watch.

Bea is livid, turning her attention to Jacob as she screams for the doll, giving Sam the opportunity to try and free herself. She eventually does and pretends to still be tied up as she sees Bea turn towards her as she has grabbed a marble of the size of an orange and holds it in her hand to punch into Sam with it. But just as she charges in on Sam it's Sam that frees herself, back body drops Bea out of the ring as she used Bea's own momentum against her as that causes her to land hard on the concrete floor. Sam drops to a knee before rolling out of the ring and forgets the pain that her head is feeling after hitting the shopping cart. There Sam reaches something from underneath the ring and grabs a

Simone: Kendo Stick!!!!!

She looks over her shoulder and smiles, remembering the pain she had endured at the hands of Bea and decides to retaliate. She turns towards Bea and whacks her hard with the kendo stick all across her back, causing Bea to roll around in agonizing pain. She is begging Sam to stop as she receives another whack with the stick across the left arm this time before digging it deep into the midsection of her opponent. She then tosses the kendo stick aside and delivers split legged fist drop to the face of Bea who has turned around on her back. She follows it up with a standing Moonsault on Bea before grabbing her by the head before pulling her up to her feet before whipping Bea into the ring apron.

Adams: I bet Bea does not like this vicious side of Samantha Marlowe!!!

Sam looks around and grabs a cable and turns it into a whip before setting herself up to whip Bea with it. But Bea stops her in her tracks with a big time kick to Sam's head, causing her to stagger backwards as Bea grabs her by the waist and lifts her up for an Atomic Drop and then drops her with a clothesline. The fans boo her as she looks over her fallen opponent before turning her attention to the bags again.

Simone: What will she bring out of the bag this time???

Adams: I don't know, but now she is turning to the bag from the hardware store!!!

Simone: A hammer????

Bea stares at the small sized hammer, smiling at it as she clearly has some evil intentions on her mind. She turns her attention back to Sam as she grabs her hand and drags her towards the steel ring steps and places her hand on top of it.

Simone: STOP THIS!!! This is too much!!!!

Adams: This is too much!!!!!

Bea measures the hammer and goes for the kill, but thankfully Samantha Marlowe has managed to pull her hand away at the final moment. Causing the hammer to hit the steps with a loud thud, making Bea to put her hands to her head because of the loud sound it made. She turns her attention back to Sam after a few moments as her senses has returned to normal and charges in on her with the hammer. Only to be speared successfully this time by Marlowe. Sam drops on her back before jumping to her feet once more to the joy of the fans. She grabs the hardware bag of Bea and bashes the bag with the full remainder of it against the head of Bea. This causes Bea to stagger to the ring apron and she gets rolled back into the ring by Sam who gets on the ring apron. There she measures Bea with jumping the ropes for a Splash, only to have Bea get her knees up on time. Both women are on their backs exhausted as Jacob Summers checks on them to see if they are suffering from internal injuries or anything else serious.

Simone: What a vicious match!!!

Adams: I am glad we just did not get another coffee incident.

We see Bea slowly stir as she crawls over to the ring apron before rolling to the outside. There she gets to the time keeper and starts to argue with him about something.

Simone: What is she doing??

We see Sam stirring as well as we see her get to the outside of the ring where the camera's get to see Bea grabbing a thermos bottle what has coffee inside.

Adams: NOT AGAIN!!!!

But before Bea turns around and is able to pull off the cap from the bottle we see Sam spearing her out of her boots and through the time keepers table. Sam covers Bea on the outside as we see Jacob Summers run to the outside and starts to use the three count





Justin: Ladies and gentlemn!! The winner of this grudge match by pinfall!! Samantha Marlowe!!!!!

Sam's arm is being raised as she stares at her fallen opponent, who has gotten trashed between the remains of the table before turning her back on her and celebrates her victory with he fans.

Sam Marlowe walks backstage and she stops where there is a cameraman. She moves closer and taps him on the shoulder and offers an apologetic smile. She motions to him to follow her to where there is a set of equipment boxes that she sets her ring jacket on then turns to the camera and begins to speak.

Sam Marlowe: I want to address something that seems to be happening lately and that is the absolute annoyance that is Andrea Hernandez. I mean I have done nothing to have her want to demean and belittle and generally put me down. Well, I couldn't really focus on her because I was dealing with something or rather someone else for the moment but as you just saw earlier, that obstacle has been put in my past and now I have nothing to focus on except her.

Sam brushes her hand through her hair, the damp curls hanging by her cheeks. Once more she looks to the camera, her smile widening slightly.

Sam Marlowe: If I was a gambling lady, I would bet that Andrea once more has somehow or someway tried to put me down in the eyes of the fans and management. I keep shaking my head at her futile attempts to get to me on social media. I mean really, this is not a school yard Andrea. So the teasing and taunting doesn't work like that anymore.

You have tried your best to get under my skin by saying all the silly stupid comments like I am going to rise to the bait. Seems to me that it isn't you under my skin but me under yours. I can just imagine how twisted and black your jealousy is inside. You know that I don't have to say anything and you can't help yourself and you just babble and like I keep saying, empty vessels make the most noise and you have been more than noisy enough Andrea.

Sam's head lowers with a shake.

Sam Marlowe: I keep telling myself that I have nothing to prove to anyone but you keep talking and guess I have reached the point that words just aren't going to be enough for you. I have reached the point where I am going to have to prove to you that I don't care what you say, I am very capable in that ring. So at Into the Void, I hope you are going to be ready because I am coming to shut you up Andrea. And once I do, then I am going to earn your respect by doing to you what you don't think I would be able to do and that is beat you in the middle of the ring. My promise to you.

With that, Sam turns, picks up her ring jacket then with a last smile, she leaves the cameraman to film her as she walks away, one hand raised to offer a wave of goodbye.

The cameras cut to an undisclosed location within side the Golden Casino as Shelby Holt and her sister Violet are standing in the center of the location. Her blonde hair is tossed up into pigtails as she is shaking her head.

Violet: I have heard Krystal talking so much about how her destiny to becoming a champion will happen at Into The Void. Royal Purple doesn't seem to be taking me or this match seriously. Krystal thinks it's going to be a cakewalk.

Violet chuckles before changing her expression to that of contempt.

Violet: You two have no idea what kind of hell I can bring. For over a year I have been scratching and clawing to get back what should have been mine a long time ago. I won it at last year's Into The Void and I will look to make history. You two can forget about me. You can be like Bella Madison and Mercedes Vargas because all it takes is one Purple Rainmaker and your day is over.

Violet chuckles some more.

Violet: Consider yourselves warned.

The camera cuts away as sinister laughter escapes from both ladies.

Scene switches to the lockerroom as we see Goth standing there looking a bit confused.

Goth: Well I was told that I was going to get a chance to talk to Bella Madison but she's nowhere to be found-

Suddenly from down the hall there is a ton of commotion as a voice rings through.

Male Voice: I NEED MEDICS!

Cameras follow as a team of medics and trainers run down and as we get closer we hear screaming and crying coming from the ground coming from Bella Madison who is clutching her left knee.

Medic: What happened?

The medics go to check her and just a simple touch causes her to scream out in pain. Suddenly from behind the crowd that has gathered we hear a loud voice boom through.


Backstage Hand: Mr. O'Connell, let the medics do their job.

Medic: Let him to her, maybe he can help calm her down enough.

The crowd parts as Mal rushes to her side and holds her.

Malachi: What happened?

Bella Madison: I...don't know. I was on my way to see Goth and...

The medic moves things around her which causes her leg to move slightly which causes her to scream out in pain. That causes Mal to lunge forward and grab the poor guy by the collar.

Malachi: HEY! How about you NOT do that?

Medic: Sorry, I was just trying to clear things to get a look at it.

Mal lets go to let him get back to what he's there to do as we see that Mark and Christian have now joined the group.

Mark Ward: Did anyone see who did this?

No one speaks up...

Christian Underwood: Apparently we have ninjas. Bella, you didn't happen to see?

Bella shakes her head, taking a deep breath with a death grip on Mal as the Medic put a splint around her leg.

Bella Madison: They hit me from behind, never got a look.

Medic: Let's get that gurney in here!

They help get Bella loaded on to it. Mal turns to Christian and Mark.

Malachi: If you find out who did this to her...

Christian Underwood: Worry about her first.

Mal goes to argue but instead turns on his heels and stays by his wife's side as the wheel her off.

Mark Ward: Keep us updated please.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is schedule for one fall and is a tag team match!

The crowd erupts in a huge pop as all eyes fall on the backstage entrance.

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with his younger brother at his side. As Aron looks on, Fenris stands stoically, looking out towards the capacity crowd before dropping to one knee with head bowed. He symbolically crosses his heart and looks 'up' in homage before standing upright and beginning his journey toward the ring with his brother following close behind.

Justin: Making their way to the ring-from Iceland, weighing a combined weight of three hundred seventy-one pounds -- Fenris and Aron Baltasarrson!!

Simone: Fenris still refuses to accept that his brother was booked in this match. Just look at him!

Adams: I'm afraid to. If I look at him the wrong way, he'll try to kill me!

Simone: Oh, please. It's not that serious, Jason.

While Aron normally played the role of manager to his brother, he, too, is now dressed in ring gear prepared for his in-ring debut for this match. Fenris scowls and is still far from pleased as the fans in attendance cheer excitedly over what is gearing up to be a hell of a match. Aron acknowledges the fans, but Fenris, as always, does not as the two make their way to the ring. As both reach the ring, they engage in Fenris' 'Viking Clap' to get the crowd going. After a few moments, both men settle into their corner, starting up a debate on who should start the match.

Simone: Fenris is shaking his head furiously over there. It seems like Aron wants to start, but Fenris doesn't want him too.

Adams: Wonder who is going to win this argument?

Simone: I think the answer to that should be obvious.

Justin: And introducing their opponents...

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Justin: On their way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds they are Brother David and Father Gerald Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. Gerald and David run out onto the stage. Gerald throws his hands in the air, looking up, as David claps his hands and orders the crowd to look at Gerald. Gerald nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage. He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he shouts out a verse. He and David walk down the ramp as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and runs up them as David jumps onto the apron, walking back and forth Gerald also walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. They get inside of the ring and slowly spin around before settling in a corner and wait for the match to start while discussing strategy.

Simone: It looks like the Shepherds have quickly decided that Father Gerald will start things off, but the debate between Aron and Fenris is still ongoing.

Aron tries to stay in the ring, insisting he start things off, but Fenris blocks him in the corner and practically orders him to get through the ropes. Aron frowns and stares at his brother, and ultimately has no choice.

Adams: Geez, Fenris is so BOSSY!

Simone: He's just being overly protective, but I somehow think that IF Aron gets his chance in the ring, we'll all be pleasantly surprised.

Aron reluctantly steps through the ropes as Fenris steps away from the corner, and Gerald does the same on the opposite side as David steps through the ropes. Fenris shoots one glare in David's direction as he and Gerald step closer to one another with Dawn Barnes standing between them. Once all is clear, Dawn steps back and calls for the bell.


Simone: And here we go!

Fenris and Gerald lunge at one another and quickly come to blows with Fenris showing more aggression. He starts unleashing a quick series of strikes and punches as Gerald does his best to block each hit. Fenris only continues as he then attempts several knee strikes as Gerald backs himself into the corner, still holding his hands up and blocking each hit from the angry White Wolf. Eventually Dawn has to intervene, after David shouts in protest, and orders Fenris to back away. Fenris spits angry words in Icelandic at David but he does as he's told and Father Gerald is finally able to let his guard down.

Adams: Language, Fenris!

Simone: And how do you know what he said?!

Adams: I don't, it's just a gut feeling's Fenris...

Father Gerald is none too pleased and he charges away from the corner, giving Dawn just seconds to dart out of the way before he nails Fenris with a forearm to the side of the head then takes him and whips him into the ropes. He attempts a clothesline, but Fenris ducks and runs against the opposite side of ropes. When he rebounds and charges back Gerald bends forward to go for a back body drop but Fenris leap frogs over him!

Adams: I'm already dizzy..

Simone: It's definitely been back and forth rather quickly, I agree. Wait, what is Fenris doing?! Oh...

Instead of running against the ropes again, Fenris makes a slight detour and runs towards David and sends him flying off the ring apron with a superkick! The fans cheer loudly but when Fenris spins around, Father Gerald kicks him in the gut and delivers a quick DDT that stuns Fenris! Aron watches on and stomps his foot, just waiting to be tagged in.

Adams: That could cost him...

Simone: It was probably worth it to Fenris.

Father Gerald rolls Fenris over and goes for the pin!



Fenris quickly kicks out!

Simone: He lives to fight a little longer.

Adams: Brother David is back!

David has pulled himself back up to the apron, glaring in the ring as Father Gerald now has Fenris by a handful of his hair and is hitting him with a series of hard right shots as he's crouched over him. David shouts at his father and has his hand extended into the ring, but Gerald wants to ensure Fenris is worn down before making the tag. He gets back to his feet, staring down at Fenris and he holds on to the top rope as he starts stomping away. Gerald then reaches over and tags in Brother David, and he darts through the ropes like a bat out of hell!

Simone: He looked like he was shot out of a cannon with as fast as he moved...

Adams: BOOM!

David follows his father's lead, grabs the top rope and begins stomping away furiously at Fenris as he remains down on the mat. But his stomps are quicker and with more aggression, and eventually, he places his boot against Fenris throat, putting just enough pressure on his airway to cut off his oxygen and Dawn orders him to back away, but David refuses!

Simone: Uh oh...This is NOT GOOD...

Adams: Aron is furious! Dawn needs to do something!

Fenris is stomping his feet as he fights for air and Aron is shouting over in his corner for Dawn to do something. Dawn eventually has to pull David away from Fenris, and David is none too thrilled. Dawn warns him not to do this again, and Fenris rolls under the bottom rope, coughing and gasping to fill his lungs. Once Dawn steps away, David heads back towards the ropes.

Simone: I have to give props to Dawn, she must be taking lessons from Jasmine St. John because she's not afraid to pull those men away from each other!

David leans through the second rope, reaches down and grabs Fenris by his hair and starts pulling him up to the apron! He attempts to pull him back into the ring, but Fenris, even though he's still not fully recovered from being nearly choked out, swings his elbow back catching David right in the lower jaw! Fenris then spins around and follows it up with a nasty headbutt that sends David stumbling back! Gerald attempts to come at Fenris, but Fenris hits him with a swift kick to the ribcage that nearly sends the Shepherd family patriarch crashing off the ring apron, but he manages to keep his footing as Fenris gets back inside the ring!

Adams: I can't even guess who is going to win this one, but damn this is entertaining!

Simone: That it is, but I'm just WAITING for Aron's time to shine! If Fenris would stop being such an overprotective--


Aron has his hand extended into the ring, shouting at Fenris to tag him in, but Fenris ignores him! Aron rolls his eyes and shakes his head, but there is nothing he can do as Fenris tries to stay as far away from the corner as possible to prevent the tag. Fenris begins his assault on David, finally getting his hands on him and he swings him across the ring and into the corner where Father Gerald makes the blind tag! As Fenris charges across the ring, Gerald steps through the ropes and he and David each get a boot up as Fenris charges across the ring at him.

Simone: Father and son working together! This isn't good for Fenris! He has to do SOMETHING...

Adams: And Aron is just itching to get into the ring...

Fenris doubles over and Gerald and David each grab a hold of one of Fenris' arms. They move to the center of the ring and attempt to deliver a double suplex, but Fenris begins to fight back! He stomps down hard on each one of their feet then elbows them in their midsections as they each stumble back. As Gerald is the legal man, Dawn tries to get David back to his corner, but Fenris is fighting them BOTH and he doesn't care!

Simone: For God's sake...TAG IN ARON ALREADY!

Although Gerald is the legal man, Fenris is more interested in beating him down than Father Gerald, but Gerald pulls Fenris away from David and shoves him back! Fenris stumbles back just close enough to Aron that his brother reaches in as far as he can and TAGS HIMSELF IN! He wastes no time and he climbs up to the top turnbuckle and...


Simone: And I don't think ANY of us expected that!

Aron leaps off the turnbuckle taking BOTH Gerald and David down in a missile drop kick! Fenris stands back with a shocked look on his face, and Aron quickly gets to work on David by folding his arms and legs in such away that he is literally in a knot! The Celtic Knot!!

Simone: Ya know, I always love that hold. And I hope Christian's photographers get a good angled shot of that...

Adams: Poor David...

The fans are cheering and laughing as Davis literally can't move and Aron pulls his leg back and kicks him right in the ass, hard enough he gets out of the hold and he quickly rolls out of the ring! Fenris then exits the ring, runs around the outside and collides right into David as the two begin brawling on the outside!

Simone: This is getting out of hand quickly...I hope Dawn can get it under control.

Gerald has finally gotten back to his feet and when Aron spins around, Gerald catches him with a cheap shot, but Aron holds his own and stays on his feet! The two begin exchanging blows with Aron surprisingly looking more experienced than his brother ever gave him credit for! Gerald eventually gets a knee up doubling Aron over and he takes him by his arm, whipping him across the ring against the ropes near where David and Fenris are brawling. Aron catches the top rope as Gerald charges at him, attempting to clothesline him over the top rope, but Aron ducks!

Simone: Nice one, Aron! Oh! THERE HE GOES!

Adams: Bye-Bye Daddy Shepherd!!

Aron lifts Gerald up and back body drops him OVER the top rope! Fenris has just sent David flying back and David literally trips over his father. Aron watches everything, contemplating and formulating a plan and as Gerald and David get back to their feet, Aron climbs up to the top turnbuckle AGAIN!


Simone: And Fenris is trying to plead with him not to!

Fenris watches in shock and horror and tries to stop his brother but as soon as Gerald and David turn around, Aron flies off the top turnbuckle and hits both with a stellar moonsault!! And the look on Fenris face says it all!

Simone: This is madness. Absolute madness!

Adams: And I LOVE it!

The scene on the outside of the ring is pure chaos now Fenris helps his brother back to his feet and although he wants to shout something along the lines of "what the hell was that?!" he doesn't as both brothers focus on Gerald and David who are now beginning to stir! And Dawn's orders to get back in the ring are falling on deaf ears so she is forced to start her count!





Simone: None of them even have a clue that Dawn is counting.

Adams: I don't even remember who the legal men are at this point, either...

As Aron and Fenris pull David back to his feet first and David fights back, Gerald has gotten back to his feet and pulls Fenris away by his hair. All four men are fighting tooth and nail, with no regard for Dawn's continuing count!





Simone: There's no way they can save this one...There's not enough time.

The situation is literally out of control at this point and Aron leaps at Gerald as he has his back turned to Aron and David and Aron helps his brother out, if only for the moment.




Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been ruled a DOUBLE COUNT OUT!

Dawn signals to the backstage as both the Shepherds and brothers Baltasarrson continue to brawl outside the ring, and SCW security and staff quickly diverge on ringside to break it all up. Aron and Gerald need little warning to finally back away, but Fenris and David are another story!

Simone: What a match! It may not have ended like we thought it would, but the tension between these men is!

Adams: And it's nowhere near over! That is for sure!

Aron works with security to hold his brothe back and calm him down as Father Gerald and the rest of security lead David backstage.

The scene cuts backstage to SCW Bombshells Internet Champion Myra Rivers. She confidently holds the title with her knowing that things are continuing to go well for her. Walking down the hallway, she happens to run into Holly Wood who is ready to interview her. As per usual, she does not seem to mind.

Holly: Myra! Hello! It's not a surprise that the longest reigning champion in the history of the Bombshells division would make her presence known here at Climax Control 300! Obviously, this is a big milestone for the company. But it wasn't too long ago when you celebrated a milestone yourself... namely the one year anniversary of the start of your career here in Sin City Wrestling.

Myra takes this in stride, obviously being happy about this. She nods, acknowledging Holly's point.

Holly: Did you think that one year in, you'd be where you are now? I know you're not a record chaser nor do you really like to acknowledge things, but tomorrow, you will, indeed, stand alone as the longest reigning champion of ALL the Bombshells championships, not just the Internet title.

Myra: Obviously, I didn't imagine this. These things are unpredictable. I am blessed that my time here has been amazing and that it's just about everything that I could've ever wanted up to this point. I'm very fortunate that just about everything has gone my way. Of course, I don't take for granted the fact that my career here in Sin City Wrestling could've been the exact opposite way too. Everything could've gone wrong for me and maybe I'm not here right now if that was the case. I don't want to dwell on the negatives or anything, but as I've said before, I'm not taking ANY of this for granted. It's a hell of an honor to be here and to have made the history that I have made since being here. You bring up the records and you're right. I don't chase them. Breaking the record for most defenses and longest reign with my title was pretty cool and something to be proud of. But having the longest Bombshells title reign of ALL the titles in this division? I'm blown away by that, honestly. But, I'm not going to let that get to my head. I haven't because as you mentioned, I haven't been focusing so much on the records. I've been the Internet Champion as long as I have because I've maintained the focus to where it needs to be. It's easy to be tempted and see my upcoming title defense as an opportunity to be the first Bombshell in SCW history to have a 300 day title reign... which it IS... but I'm not getting caught up in that and I'm not going to make it the primary focus, especially against a competitor like Roxi. All I can really say about the stats and the records is that I'll really reflect on them when this reign is over. Still, I don't plan on it being over at Into the Void.

Holly: Where do you draw the inspiration from to be... you know... you?

Myra: Wow... well...

Myra takes a moment to reflect and she does get a tad emotional, though not over the top. Considering what today is, she's really in a deep reflection as she answers the question.

Myra: My mother. It's fitting that you ask me that on a day like today. My mother, who was a wrestler in her own right, is always where I drew my inspiration from. Of course, I'm a mother myself and of course that's another source of inspiration, but it all started with my own mother. I've gathered so much strength and wisdom from her and in this moment, I'll take it to honor her and everything because without her, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now. She's been with me every single time I've been in this ring and of course, she's going to be in there with me in one form or another at Into the Void. She would be so damn proud of me for how far I've come over the years, especially in the year that I've been a part of the Sin City Wrestling roster. It really has been one hell of a ride and the main thing that I am going to show come Into the Void is that the best... is yet to come!

Myra confidently walks away from Holly at this point, having said all that she's needed to say. This confidence stays with her as she leaves the scene.

The crowd boos viciously as the SCW-Tron showcases the vastly annoying Troll, walking backstage with a cocky and confident strut to his step.

Pussy Willow: Troll? Excuse me, Troll?

The man named at birth as Gabriel Wank, but more commonly known as the Troll, turns and his eyes gravitate right to the infamous and buxom cleavage of the head reporter for all things SCW, Pussy Willow. She openly shudders by the attention.

Pussy Willow: Why couldn't it have been Miles Kasey...?

The Troll: What?

Pussy Willow: N-nothing. I just wanted to get a word to you about what you recently said about Fenris and his brother Aron...

The Troll sighs, eyes closed and he shakes his head.

The Troll: They AREN'T brothers! How many times do I have to tell you people these facts before you get it through your heads!? I know what I am talking about!

Pussy Willow: But that's what I'm talking about. Apparently Fenris got wind of what you said and it quite literally enraged him.

The Troll: Oh please!

He sneers, walking backwards as he continues this "interview."

The Troll: Do you think I'm afraid of that hairball? The man glues the hair on his legs for god's sake! And he's not as tough as he wants everyone to think! As much as SCW wants you to think! That whole MMA reputation is fabricated. It's fake! Just a storyline, and furthermore...

The Troll then runs backwards into a proverbial brick wall,' stopping himself short. Pussy Willow's eyes grow wide as the Troll s-l-o-w-l-y turns around to find himself staring into the burning blue gaze of -- Fenris!

The Troll: ***GASSSSSPS!!!***


And the doors to the Gold Coast Casino fly open and paramedics hurriedly wheel a bruised, beaten, battered AND bloody Troll out on a gurney and into the waiting ambulance outside!

Backstage time and the cameras manage to catch up with none other than the Bombshells World Champion herself, the Painted Hurricane and all round kinda terrible person mostly, Amber Ryan.

Dressed and presumably as ready as one might consider she can be for her main event title defense against Courtney Pierce, her attentions are more so distracted- not by the task at hand, but by a looming figure nearby surrounded by backstage hands and a few fans who were granted some backstage access.

Even being relatively new, all things considered and in comparison to most, in the company - even she can recognize the figure of Hall Of Famer and all round decorated SCW Alumni The Gothic One.

Goth: There you go guys and girls, your personal autographed picture of yours truly. Now I hope you are going to enjoy the remainder of the show. Just stay away from Bill Barnhart's farting dog okay??

Goth and the fans are sharing a laugh before they walk off happily, Goth turns his attention towards the Bombshell champion and nods his head.

Goth: I think we have not been introduced, I am Goth...

He extends his hand towards the Bombshell champion before remembering Covid protocol and chuckles as he stares at Amber.

With a knowing nod of her own, Amber waves a hand- if only cause social protocols are still a little off putting at times.

Amber: That you are, that you are indeed. Name's Amber, but I'll respond Red and, well most profanities as well... I trust it took plenty of 'negotiations' to get you to come out for such an event, even one of this grandeur... All those accolades make you quite the commodity.

With the term 'negotiations' Amber raises an eyebrow in insinuation of monetary compensation, rather than a love of showing up for applause.

Goth chuckles, nodding his head as he recognizes the cynical respond from the champ that stands in front of him. He pushes some hair out of his face as his dark brown eyes stare at her.

Goth: Ouch, is that how I thought of wrestlers that were past their prime when I was your age?? But I can understand why you assume this, the next generation of superstars don't want the old folks taking their time right?? Don't worry kid, it was nothing as I actually missed being here. And with all the money i have made, i did it for free... who do you think I am?? Money bags J2H???

He says with a huge grin on his face. Amber, with a mischievous smile watches Goth intently.

Amber: ... and here I was thinking it'd take far more to get a reaction from someone of your, hmmmm status? I mean no offense, and don't believe I'd make such a crass assumption- I'm not a rookie but nor am I stupid enough to think myself a legend either. I just like to figure out what makes people tick...

Readjusting the belt on her shoulder, there's a pause of tension between them despite the exchange of smiles.

Amber: Now, I trust you'll enjoy the rest of the show. From whatever perspective you like to see it from...

Goth pouts his lips for a few moments, before shaking his head and looks at Amber in amusment

Goth: I like your attitude Amber, it is what it takes to

He stares at the championship belt for a few moments before turning his attention back to her

Goth: To be a champion and to stay on top. It's what I enjoyed being in this industry the most, to be on top and to do whatever it takes to remain on top. Who knows, we may see each other down the road very soon.... But until then..., I will gladly enjoy watch you defend that championship belt tonight.

His smile has returned as he nods his head in respect of the champion as the two stare each other down some more. With a small bow, Amber flashes one final sly grin as she goes to move by and allow Goth to enjoy the attention of those lavishing it in his direction.

Amber: We both will... now if you'll excuse me. Do enjoy, you know, all this...

She gestures towards the now once again gathering fan base, those same fans giving the redhead a wide berth given her rather caustic reputation as she disappears down the corridor leaving Goth to his deserved glory.

Goth: I sure hate to be the one facing her tonight

He says with a smile before taking some more pictures with the fans as the night isn't over yet.

"Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?" as the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. "Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me" as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette's dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette's skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation.

Justin: From Queensland, Australia, weighing in at one hundred and twenty six pounds, she is Odette Stevens!

Her black ripped jeans hug so tightly to her glittery skin as the lighting in the arena slowly starts to return back to normal. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can't help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette's super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette's piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her opponent as 'Blood in my eyes' fades from the Pa system.

Justin: And her opponent....

Meganerd by YTcracker begins to blast all across the speakers as it does so Christina Rose makes her way from the back curtain with her wife Seleana Zdunich.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Seleana Zdunich, she is Christina Rose!

Christina smiles as she blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring. She slaps the outstretched hands of all of the roaring fans. She quickly slides into the ring and kips up to her feet as she waves her hands in the air getting the crowd behind her. She jumps around a bit as she tosses her eye glasses to her wife. Seleana smiles as she catches them as she claps for her future wife.

Adams: Here we go, two former world champions!

Simone: This should be a good one.


Christina Rose and Odette Stevens stare at each other for what seems like years as the referee slowly backs out of the way. The two competitors both nod as if psyching themselves up before locking up in a traditional collar and elbow tie-up. The two jockey for position with an intensity that few have seen before. Odette starts to maneuver Christina toward the corner and Christina spins to try to fend it off. Odette compensates and maneuvers Christina towards the corner, moving the Blossoming Rose up against the turnbuckles. As the referee starts to call for a break, Odette releases her grip[ and snaps off a reverse knife-edge chop to the chest. Christina revouls from the impact and Odette hits her with a second chop. Christina starts to turn away and Odette grabs her for a bridging German suplex.




Odette grabs Christina from behind in a rear chinlock, making sure to keep the energetic woman more grounded. Christina grimaces in the hold while Odette looks over her opponent, searching for more openings to victory. Christina struggles and tries to force her way to her feet but Odette switches to a rear naked choke and pulls Christina back to the mat. Christina's right foot falls onto the ropes and the referee starts to count for a break. Odette releases her grip and then as Chistina starts to roll off, coughing and clutching at her throat, Odette rolls her into a cradle.




Odette takes a chinlock again and Christina grimaces in pain, looking out to the audience to try and find one ounce of strength to latch onto to get her out of this predicament. Odette grinds on the hold and then rolls her feet up under Christina's armpits to take her over for a bridging pin attempt.




Adams: Christina Rose isn't doing much blossoming in this one at all!

Simone: Odette is showing right now why this match was such a big deal for this episode of Climax Control!.

The two competitors rise to their feet and Odette clotheslines Christina down. Christina hits the mat hard and Odette jumps right back on her, going back to the chinlock. Christina rolls over and gets onto all fours with Odette somehow managing to maintain her group around Christina's neck. Odette rides Christina as she tries to get out from under the hold and only seems to succeed in crawling around with Odette on her back. Christina tries to throw Odette off but Odette holds on for dear life as if losing her grip means all is lost. Odette goes to roll into a side cradle but Christina holds on and inadvertently executes one of her own on Odette.




Odette reverses into the cradle she had originally intended on Christina.




Christina tries to get away and Odette grabs her around the waist again. Christina executes a standing switch and goes for a german suplex of her own. However, Odette reverses into a victory roll.




As Odette gets up to her feet, Christina runs into her back, shoves her into the ropes and rolls back into an O'Connor roll.




Adams: Christina making her comeback!

Simone: I don't know if that is actually the case. She's doing better and getting some flurries but it's not really a true comeback. Odette is still owning her in this match..

Christina is propelled by the kick out into the ropes. She jumps onto them and springboards back into a moonsault that takes Odette back to the mat and into a pin attempt.




Christina rolls away and runs to the far ropes. She rebounds off the ropes and comes running back towards Odette. Odette catches her for a rolling crab and then spins into an STF. Christina reaches out for the ropes, screaming in pain. Odette pulls back while Christina somehow pulls herself forward even while screaming out from the pain. In agony, she pulls herself closer to the ropes, little by little, inch by inch. With every little movement, Christina cries out again, the pain rising exponentially. Nearing the ropes, Christina prepares to give herself one last shove when Oette releases her grip, jumps up and stomps on Christina's right ankle. Christina clutches at her ankle and Odette stomps on her left shoulder. Christina cries out in pain and Odette gets her up and takes her into a backslide.




Christina rolls over onto her face and Odette jumps on looking for a crossface. Christina pulls away and into the ropes. The calls for the break and Odette backs off. Christina pulls herself up on the ropes and Odette clotheslines her over the top to the apron. Odette backs up and waits as Christina pulls herself back to her feet again on the outside. Odette moves in to try for a punch but Christina ducks it and gives her a shoulder block to the midsection. Odette doubles over and Christina launches herself over into a sunset flip.




Odette rolls back and reverses into a modified roll-up on Christina. Christina keeps rolling, gets to her feet and hits a dropkick to the face of Odette sending the legendary former champion to the mat. Christina goes to the corner and climbs to the top. Odette gets back up and meets her there. Odette and Christina start to trade shots until Odette hooks her head and takes Christina off the top for a giant superplex. Odette rolls over into a cover.





Adams: That was the closest one all night!

Simone: Odette's gotta capitalize now or she'll leave the back door wide open for Christina to slip one out on her.

Odette staggers up and grabs Christina by the hair. As she goes to pull her up, Christina pulls her down into a mall package.




Odette gets up and angrily punches Christina in the face. Christina is staggered and Odette grabs her, looking for what seems to be a hangman's neckbreaker. Christina spins out of it and into a front facelock, looking for the Rock & Roll ddt. Odette reverses into a bridging northern lights suplex.




Odette gets up and tries for a big superkick but Christina spins away from it and hits the Flashing Lights. Odette goes down and Christina runs to the ropes, coming back for the Smell the Roses.





Christina pulls up Odette and rears back. Odette blocks the punch and hits a big forearm smash of her own. Christina stumbles back a step and Odette grabs her in a front facelock. Christina kicks back and hits Odette in the face. Odette releases her grip. Christina kicks her in the gut and hooks her for the Rock & Roll DDT. Odette goes down like she's been shot and Christina covers, hooking the leg.





Justin: Your winner of this match, CHRISTINA ROSE!

Adams: Christina got her! She pinned Odette!

Simone: They showed us all what it means to be the world champion here in SCW! This is what this show was supposed to be!

The sounds "Wasted" by Panic Era signal the arrival of SCW World Champion Jack Washington, who does not look like he is a celebratory mood as he marches down to the ring the SCW world championship slung over his shoulder. He enters the ring, and as per usual, snatches the microphone from Justin Decent before ordering him out of the ring. More boos than usual reign in on the champion.

Jack: Look, I don't need any former anything to interview me. I can do it myself. I've seen it all day, walking around here. It's the 300th episode of this show and all this sentimental garbage is making me sick back there.


Jack: Everybody is smiling and hugging and everybody's one big family back there, because they all want to toe the line in hopes it will get them somewhere. It's a bunch of BS and everybody knows it. It's as fake as you can get. Don't let any of them fool you, they're only being cordial because of this night. Next week, they'll go back to hating each other and stabbing each other in the back, because that's who they really are.

More boos.

Jack: Me? I've been straight up with you people from day 1. I'm an asshole, and you can love me, or you can hate, but I am, who I am. Now, you got all these old-timers back there, and people who just can't seem to walk away, despite the fact that nobody needs them around here anymore. The fact is, I am the star of this company, I am the face of this franchise, and I don't need bitter, jealous people trying to bring me down.

More boos.

Jack: Now, Mark Cross, you have been warned, but let me make this perfectly clear to you, right now. You have a very limited time remaining to stand in my spotlight. And very soon, that time will be up, and you will suffer the beating of your life. You have shown yourself to be nothing more than an annoyance, and at Into the Void, I will remove you from the championship picture, and you can join the rest of the losers I have crushed along my path. You are living in my world, and you are punching way above your weight class, and I'm going to prove it to you, in very, very short time.

Even more boos.

Jack: So, in closing, just remember to those watching and thinking about this night. It's been 300 episodes, and by the time we get to 300 more... I will still be the main reason you tune in. I am YOUR SCW world champion, learn to love it!

Jack holds up the SCW championship, and then departs with a satisfied look on his face.

The brand new Internet Champion O'Malley is walking throughout the backstage hall, alongside his wife Darcy, with a very disgruntled and annoyed expression on his face.

Darcy: Luv, calm down.

O'Malley: I'll calm down when I find that horn dog brother of mine! I can't believe he wandered off the moment we turned our backs!

Darcy: He's not a prisoner...

O'Malley: No, but he IS a guest and he's supposed to watch Owen when we're at ringside and he can't do that when he's shut up in a closet, probably with Carter again!

Darcy: You don't know that!

O'Malley: You're right. It could be any one of the members of the roster; male or female!

Darcy: No, I mean... maybe he just went to get something to eat?

O'Malley stops in front of a random closet door and arches an eyebrow toward his wife.

O'Malley: Oh yeah?

O'Malley grasps the door handle to the closet and whips it open, and indeed there stands his brother Alastair, hair mussed and his impeccably tailored suit looking unkept. Darcy closes her eyes and shakes her head, as O'Malley silently fumes. Contrary to this, Alastair smiles brilliantly despite the fact he was just caught with his pants down - pun intended.

Alastair: Shane, what a surprise!

O'Malley: Yeah, yeah! I wish I could reciprocate! Now get out of there!

O'Malley grabs Alastair by the arm and pulls him from the closet, then calmly snaps his fingers.

O'Malley: You too, Carter!

Alastair: Erm, Shane?

O'Malley: I know you're in there too, Carter! C'mon out!

But before anything further can happen, the crowd ignites in cheers as onto the scene steps a smiling "Cockney King" Ben Jordan! O'Malley looks completely caught off guard at this unannounced arrival as the two Superstars stare at one another!

O'Malley: Ben! What the bloody hell are ye doin' here!?

Ben smiles brilliantly and jets a thumb toward the closet.

Ben: Mutual situation.

Ben then reaches into the closet and pulls out -- JAMIE DEAN -- by the ear! Ben looks his longtime friend over and shakes his head in mock dismay.

Ben: This is why we can't have nice things.

And he walks off-camera, pulling Jamie along by the ear! O'Malley's eyes are as wide as his mouth as he slowly turns his head toward his brother who does a double take and shrugs.

Alastair: What?

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome back to the stage -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda bounces out, dressed to resemble Lucille Ball from the hit sitcom, "I Love Lucy" complete with red hair and a polka dot dress. The music starts to play and the comedic antics of Amanda begins.

Amanda: *giggles*
If a surgeon used a cleaver, to leave me with a beaver
My penis he'd detach
I could serve up quite a luncheon on my hair pie to be munched on
If I only had a snatch

Oh nothing could be finer, than to have my own vagina
I could catch me a pot of cash
Oh I'd be the perfect Venus if my arms would lose that penis
If I only had a snatch

Well you'd pay cash if you want to touch this gash
Sorry! I hate to be so blunt
But a lady of the Millennium has to be up front
So no cash, no c*nt

It would cost a lot of money, but let me tell you honey
I'm gonna get the tits to match
Why not? I'll be on the table. It's cheaper.
For all the money I'd be earning with the tricks I could be turning
If I only had that snatch

But my crotch begins to itch, and then to twitch!
Getting neutered like a dog can really be a bitch!
A snippety snippety snitch!
Why is it all white transsexuals look like Barbara Eden?

Should I substitute erections for the chance at yeast infections?
With no ovaries to hatch?
A hole that's wet and hairy?
I'd have two! That's really scary!
If I got myself that snatch!

And what if I felt nothing with tits of silicone stuffing?
And what if they didn't match?
Oh they'd sag like weeping willows! I'd be stuck with dirty pillows!
If I got myself that snatch!
They're all gonna laugh at me!

Oh I am what I am!
I've never even seen a bearded clam!
So the first vagina that I'd ever taste, would be below my own waist!

For ladies who's just oozing, my manhood I'd be losing!
If I did I'd have to scratch!
So I'll just keep right on tucking
Use my booty for the f**king
If I only had a...
Ding Dong! I'll keep my schlong!
My big fat long and manly schlong!
Yes I'm going to keep my manly ... SCHLONG!

The crowd is in hysterics, laughing uproariously and cheering as Amanda prances about the stage, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd before disappearing behind the stage curtains.

Senior SCW official Jasmine St. John steps inside of the ring, ducking between the bottom and middle ropes. She surveys the scene around her as she receives a hearty dose of cheers, contrary to the reaction may referees garner. She then takes her place in the near corner as Justin Decent begins his introductions...

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following is the very special attraction tag team match, scheduled for one fall to a finish!

The lights in the arena die down as the opening riffs of Gothic Celtic Music Shadow Wisps starts to play. The lights stay out for several seconds before dark green and white strobe lights start shining all around, and fog fills the entrance and along the ramp. Moments later , O'Malley steps through the curtain wearing a long black leather trench coat, joined by Darcy. They stand at the entrance for several moments before O'Malley takes the first step on their way to the ring, and Darcy follows closely behind.

Justin: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Darcy! From Dublin, Ireland...Weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds... he is the reigning Internet Champion...O'MALLEY!!

Once he makes it to the ring, he lets Darcy walk up the steps and follows behind her. He holds the ropes open for her, and she steps through, and he enters after her. They stand in the center of the ring where Darcy removes O'Malley's coat. She then leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek before making her way to the outside, as his music dies down.

Simone: Normally champions enter last, but I understand O'Malley insisted on being out here first. To make a statement to the SCW Universe. To his tag team partner. But most of all, to his and Kris Ryans' opponents.

Adams: Like winning the championship wasn't enough?

The lights shut off leaving the entire arena pitch black. The screen at the top of the ramp flashes to life with the words: DO YOU BELIEVE? Knowing what is coming the fans roar to life just as the PA blasts out the opening lyrics to the theme in the most booming fashion. Two spotlights shine down on the stage as a remixed version of 30 Seconds to Mars "Walk on Water" plays through the PA system. Standing in the middle of the stage where the lights intersect is Kristopher Ryans with the SCW World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist, albeit upside down so that when he looks down it faces him.

Justin: His tag team partner is from Jet City, please welcome back!!!! KRISTOPHER RYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYANS!

The fans erupt with applause as he makes his way down the ramp. The white club symbol appears on the screen behind him. As he gets down to the bottom of the ramp, the camera passes him, circling around his side to see the orange letters on his white shorts reading "MIRACLE" down his right leg. We get behind him as he ascends the stairs, seeing that the back of his jacket displays the KR logo in the same shade of orange. He walks one side of the ring before stepping between the ropes before pulling on the strap of his championship to triumphantly raise it up to the cheering crowd.


Adams: The fans sure are glad to see Kris back in the ring!

Simone: The same can't be said for O'Malley. If looks could kill...

The opening for "No Good Bastards" by Tom MacDonald begins to play and the crowd is instantly on their feet booing the big Texan. He stands there soaking it in and allowing their hate to energize him as he stands on the stage.

They only get louder as he makes his way towards the ring, he walks slowly, jawing with the occasional fan who's decided he's a tough guy. Mac simply laughs and continues down towards the ring.

Justin: Introducing their opponents! First, from Port Arthur, Texas, weighing two hundred and eighty pounds ... MAC BANE!!

Finally he reaches the ringsteps and makes his way into the ring.

He approaches the center of the ring and raises both arms into the air. Then extending the middle fingers on both hands he laughs at the chorus of boos that rains down on him from the crowd.

Simone: The number one contender to the Internet Championship, and the man that will challenge O'Malley for the gold in a matter of weeks!

Adams: And did he ever draw the attention of the SCW Universe when J2H came out of nowhere to choose him for his tag team partner!

Simone: Speaking of....!

Justin: And his tag team partner...!

The lights in the arena drop out to pitch black, before gold and blue lights flash around the top of the entrance ramp as a heavy guitar rift. P.O.D's "Lights Out" plays and as the lyrics "It goes one for the money homie, two for the show. We tore the roof off this mother now it's time to blow." is sung, J2H confidently walks out on to the stage with Austin Parker.

Justin: Being Accompanied to the ring by Austin Parker. From Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, welcome back to SCW -- J2H!

Austin is wearing faded blue jeans, a plaid shirt, cowboy boots and hat, as he walks slightly in front of the shirtless J2H, wearing gold shorts, boots and kneepads with "J2H" written on the back of the shorts. The SCW World Heavyweight championship sits around his waist. J2H looks around the crowd before he walks towards the ring with, a confident look on his face. The lights brighten slightly as he gets closer to the ring, stepping up the steps and through the middle of the ropes and in to the ring. He moves towards the center of the ring, putting his arms to either side as gold pyros spit up from the turnbuckles. J2H look to the sky before looking down and round the fan, cockiness dripping from the young man. He turns to his opponents, looking them up and down before the match starts.

Simone: Will you look at the way J2H is milking the attention he is receiving from the fans the world over?

Adams: Because he can! The fans are blowing the roof off for the return of J2H!

While J2H talks things over with Mac, across the ring O'Malley and Kris are arguing between themselves over who is going to start this match.

Simone: How are they going to even be on the same page to win this match if they're fighting like this just on who gets to start???

O'Malley finally yields, backing up a step and Kris turns around to kick things off, staring at none other than the big man, Mac Bane himself. Jasmine calls for the bell...


... when suddenly O'Malley pushes Kris back against the corner and rushes across the ring to begin the match himself!

Simone: What on earth...?? I thought Kris was starting...

Adams: I'm sure that's what O'Malley wanted us to think! ... And Kris!

Mac sees him coming and brings up a big boot to greet him the hard way but O'Malley ducks under it! O'Malley rebounds off of the ropes as Mac turns around and the champion leaps at him! Mac attempts to catch him in a bear hug but instead O'Malley counters with a guillotine choke!

Simone: I don't think the start of this match is working out as Mac Bane intended!

Adams: O'Malley wants to end this fast I bet to serve notice to his challenger AND to J2H!

Simone: J2H was taking it out of him in his promo, wasn't he?

O'Malley has the pressure applied, weakening Mac but it is far too early for this hold to be more than moderately successful and Mac utilizes his power edge and he lifts him up for a suplex but O'Malley shifts his weight and drops on his feet behind him! O'Malley races into the ropes and Mac swings for a big time clothesline but O'Malley catches his arm and attempts to wrangle the big Texan down into a Fujiwara armbar but Mac puts on the brakes and blocks it! Mac then buries a knee up into his midsection, driving the wind right out of him. Mac then Irish whips the champion into the ropes and scoops him up for a sidewalk slam but O'Malley counters first into a swinging headscissors, transitioning into an Octopus submission hold!

Simone: We are seeing a perfect example of the GO Gym training and why O'Malley currently reigns as the Internet champion!

But before the damage of the hold can take full effect, Mac slowly powers out and lifts O'Malley up across his shoulder! He gets a running start for a powerslam but O'Malley drops down behind him. O'Malley then races into the ropes again -- Mac misses a clothesline -- but on the rebound he catches the champion with an overhead suplex that sends the champion sliding the length of the ring!

Adams: At least he landed close enough to make the tag!

O'Malley pulls himself up and reaches for the tag but Kris just shrugs and looks the other way, citing "You wanted to start, then start!"

Adams: He didn't take the tag!?

O'Malley shouts and turns around and mac careens right into him with a train wreck splash! Mac then drags the champion to his feet and sends him across the ring AGAIN, this time with a biel throw! J2H then calls for the tag and the crowd lights it up as Mac obliges, tagging the Hall of Famer in! The fans CHEER!

Simone: Listen to these people!

Mac holds O'Malley up as J2H springboards over the top and dropkicks him, sending O'Malley tumbling back head over heels! J2H then moves to follow up -- but then smiles and wags his finger. He points at O'Malley, and THEN at Kris!

Simone: He doesn't want O'Malley! J2H wants Kris in the ring!

O'Malley shoots the dirtiest look toward J2H as he backs up, and from behind, Kris tags himself in.

Simone: Oh NOW Kris takes the tag!

Adams: Why not!? This is what the fans want! Kris Ryans versus J2H!

The fans cheer as J2H and Kris circle the ring, sizing one another up as the fans take sides!

Crowd: Let's go Kris!

Crowd: J2H!

Crowd: Let's go Kris!

Crowd: J2H!

The two finally lock up and J2H quickly whips Kris over with an arm drag! Kris rolls to bended knee, staring as the cocky legend takes a sweeping bow and drawing in more cheers! Kris rises and they lock up a second time, and this time J2H shifts and throws him over with a hip toss! Kris rolls over, gritting his teeth and holding the small of his back as J2H turns full circle, extending his arms out and drawing in rave cheers.

Adams: So far it doesn't look like J2H has missed a step.

J2H turns around and Kris applauds sarcastically before the two men square off once again. They lock up as before and suddenly Kris throws J2H over with an armdrag! J2H leaps to his feet and runs right into a hiptoss of Ryans' own! No sooner does J2H stand up than Kris connects with a dropkick that sends J2H falling back against the ropes! J2H shakes the cobwebs and looks up as Kris mocks him, performing a sweeping bow of his own!

Adams: Ooo!

Simone: Oh if there is anything J2H hates, it is being mocked!

J2H slowly stands, clearly and obviously upset, and Kris backs up with a smile, and O'Malley reaches and tags himself in! Kris turns around in surprise as O'Malley steps into the ring and 'shoos' Kris aside. Kris grabs O'Malley and spins him around and shoves him! O'Malley answers back with a shove of his own!

Simone: Come ON you two! You have a match! Settle it another time!

Jasmine has to get in between the pair and forcibly separate them! She orders Kris out of the ring and as he complies, J2H comes up from behind and leaps on O'Malley, going for a crucifix and transitioning into a prawn!



O'Malley kicks out!

Adams: J2H almost caught the Internet champ by surprise!

O'Malley is back on his feet and J2H stops him fast with a gouge to the eyes. O'Malley stumbles back and J2H sweeps his legs out from under him and falls back, catapulting him face-first into his own corner where he tags in Mac Bane. Mac enters the ring and J2H illegally holds O'Malley from the outside as Bane pulverizes the champion with heavy forearm blows and stiff knee strikes! Jasmine reaches the count of four when Mac breaks and pulls him from the corner into a short-arm clothesline! Mac then peels him off of the mat and wraps his arms around him for a Belly-To-Bane suplex! Mac hooks the inside leg!



O'Malley kicks out!

Simone: Say what you will about O'Malley, but the man has heart and a lot of fight inside of him.

Mac then drags him up and shoves him back into his corner once again. J2H holds onto him as Mac backs up and gets a running start for a big boot, but O'Malley drives an elbow back into J2H and ducks, causing Mac to post himself! The Internet champion rolls through and tags Kris into the match willingly! Kris vaults over the top rope as J2H tags himself in and meets him! Kris and J2H greet one another in the center of the ring, trading forearm blows to each others' heads! J2H tries the same tactic as before; raking at Kris's eyes but Kris blocks it and he in turn returns the favor, gouging at J2H's eyes!

Simone: Fighting fire with fire!

Adams: We all knew Kris was capable but I doubt J2H expected it!

Kris then whips around and delivers a spinning back kick to J2H's midsection that drops him to his knees! Kris races into the ropes and comes off, striking fast with Natural Selection! Kris rolls J2H over and covers him!



Kick out!

Simone: No, J2H is not going to go down with one maneuver. You're going to have to give him more than that!

Adams: CONSIDERABLY more than that!

Kris peels the record setting champion up and goes for an Irish whip into his corner but J2H reverses it! Kris jumps onto the turnbuckles and springboards off, catching J2H with a Tornado DDT! J2H is planted! Kris with the cover!



TH-J2H kicks out!

Kris drags J2H over and O'Malley tags himself in! O'Malley brings him up and over with a bridging Northern Lights suplex!



J2H gets his shoulder up!

J2H starts to get to his feet, only for O'Malley to sweep his legs out from under him. He grapevines his legs and turns him over into the Cloverleaf!

Simone: O'Malley going for the submission! Oh what a feather in his cap it would be if he can make J2H tap!

J2H's face is clear evidence he feels every ounce of pain from the hold! The former champion attempts to drag himself closer to the ropes and extends an arm, reaching -- until O'Malley drags himself back to the center of the ring and sinks right back into the hold! Kris feigns getting into the ring, which causes Mac to jump the gun and step inside! This distracts Jasmine long enough that Kris DOES jump inside and while O'Malley has J2H tied up in the Cloverleaf, Kris adds insult to injury by trapping him in a crossface on the other end!

Adams: Poor J2H!

Simone: What a predicament they have the young legend in!

Jasmine finally gets Mac out and she sees the double team! She immediately counts to break it up!





Kris breaks and rolls out to his corner but Jasmine orders a protesting O'Malley to break his hold as well!

Adams: She's making O'Malley break too!

Simone: She is making the right call!

Finally O'Malley does but Kris is back inside! O'Malley holds J2H as Kris goes up top! Kris jumps for a Hurricanrana, but J2H breaks and ducks and Kris catches O'Malley with the maneuver instead! J2H takes this opportunity to tag Mac!

Adams: HEEEERE comes the big man!

Mac charges in and clotheslines O'Malley to the mat! Kris starts to rise but Mac bulldozes right into him with a spear! Mac scoops O'Malley into an upside down bearhug and runs him right into the corner! Mac backs up a step and Kris jumps on him from behind, landing clubbing forearm blows! Kris spins him around when O'Malley is back up and he goes to attack, but Mac moves and O'Malley lays Kris out!

Simone: OHH! Their teamwork is DEFINITELY not working out!

Adams: That's TWICE now they've hit each other!

O'Malley looks shocked and pissed at the error! He checks on Kris as behind his back, Mac tags J2H back in! O'Malley helps Kris to his feet -- when Kris SUPERKICKS O'MALLEY!!!

Adams: What the hell!?

Simone: Looks like one mistake too many for Kris!

Adams: But it was an accident!

Kris drops and rolls out of the ring as the blow sends O'Malley around and J2H grabs and connects with...!

Adams: Kiss This!

J2H with the cover!





Justin: Here are your winners -- Mac Bane and J2H!!!

The crowd cheers (with a few boos) as Jasmine raises the arms of Mac and J2H as Kris stares from ringside as O'Malley rolls over to his side, holding his jaw and shoots Ryans the filthiest of expressions!

Simone: J2H made his return a triumphant one with Mac Bane at his side, but make no mistake! The hard feelings between O'Malley and Kris Ryans is what cost them this match!

J2H stands in the corner, celebrating to cheers as Mac looks into the camera and motions his hands around his waist as O'Malley rolls to the outside, greeted by Darcy!

The cameras show Trinity Jones and The Boss Ladies are standing in catering as Zuri and Blanca are being checked by the medical staff. Pussy Willow notices the three ladies and walks into the picture.

Pussy Willow: Oh my GOD!!!!!! You guys are here.

Belinda looks at her puzzled.

Belinda Warwick: What is she talking about JoJo?

Jordan Monroe shrugs her shoulders.

Jordan: I got no earthly idea. I thought this was a celebration.

Trinity just laughs as she places her arm around Pussy's shoulders.

Trinity: It's soooo goood to see you Pussy. Me and the girls here were just enjoying ourselves when some party poopers decided to make it all about them. Zuri Chastain is a legend in this company. I can name several legends off the top of my head who did absolutely nothing in another wrestling company but they are still legends. Char Kwan and her new found goon squad found out The Dragon still has what it takes to be in that ring.

Trinity smirks.

Trinity: So if you idgets want to throw down then let us know. We'll be glad to pummel you into dust.

The three ladies smile while returning to their conversation as the cameras fade.

Simone: Well I'll be ... Jason! Look who's here!

Adams: Who??? WhoWhoWho!?

The camera pans to the ringside area and right there in front row is none other than former SCW Bombshell and Internet Champion - Devona! She waves her arms and hams it up for the camera from her ringside seat, as joining her on each side are her "brothers from another mother," Beauty and Beast! The two brothers full on cuddle with Devona and wave to the camera as she is all smiles!

Adams: Oh I bet Christina Rose is just gonna plotz!

The scene opens backstage where we see one of the contenders for Alex Jones' Roulette Title Caleb Storms about to be interviewed by Pussy Willow.

Pussy: Caleb, in two weeks you challenge Alex Jones alongside Miles Kasey for the Roulette Title at Into the Void X, any last thoughts heading into this match?

Caleb: Alex and Miles are both great wrestlers, but the Roulette Wheel can be a harsh mistress, for all we know it could land on a stip that greatly favours Alex rather than myself or Miles but as we saw with Johanna Krieger at Inception IV, that doesn't mean that the champ retaining is a sure thing.

Pussy: Speaking of retaining, last week Alex successfully retained the Roulette Title against Bill Barnhart in a Boiler Room Brawl, you seemed unhappy with the situation in a seg that aired before Rocky spun the wheel, care to explain?

Caleb: What's there to explain? I've beaten Bill in three straight matches including my Roulette Title qualifier and yet Bill gets the shot before me? At least give it to someone who has picked up a win as of late!

Pussy: Like you?

Caleb: More like literally anyone else on the roster! But no worries, come Into the Void, I'll be a two time Roulette Champion!

Caleb walks off as the scene fades.

Justin: The following contest is your main event of the evening and is for the SCW WOrld Bombshell Championship, introducing first, the challenger.

The giggle from the start of Kehlani's "Gangsta" floods the arena PA as the lights in the arena go out one by one. By the time the first words of the song start, energizing the small but vocal audience, the arena is pitch black. Purple and white spotlights above the stage start to pulse to the sound of the music. The screen at the top of the stage lights up, writing out five letters in pace with the flow of the music: C O U R T.

Justin: Making her way to the ring the 2018 Blast From The Past Tournament winner, Courtney Pierce!

As the beat of the song finally kicks in, the SCW Bombshell comes out from behind the curtain and out onto the stage to a huge pop from the crowd welcoming her. She stops at the top of the ramp, crosses her ankles, her purple ring gear shimmering with all of the camera flashes around the arena, and takes a slight bow to the crowd with her arms out to her sides. Court makes her way to ringside, and carefully makes her way up the ringside stairs and onto the apron. She ducks down between the bottom and middle rope and into the ring.

Justin: And her opponent...

Pulsing, red lights rolls over the crowd like a rising tide to the opening echoing thudding stomp and clap of 'Dust And Bone' by Syd Duran, fluctuating in time with the heavy beat as it continues into the opening vocals.

Justin: From Atlantic City, New Jersey, she is the SCW World Bombshell champion, she is Amber Ryan!

Most cheer in anticipation, but there are few who still jeer due to affiliations or just the fickle nature of a wrestling crowd on any given night. Atop the ramp, the lithe silhouette of the Distorted Angel seems to have materialised, soaking up the crowds reaction and energy. Fans reach out for acknowledgement and wave signs in the same way that others lean out over the rail as much as they dare to yell expletives and empty threats- some get a perceptive nod, a sly wink or perhaps even a kiss blown in sarcasm towards the most derisive. Fluidly, Amber circles the ring- beelining for a camera person before trying to mess with them or talking some shit down into the camera lens.

Slipping under the rope, Amber doesn't call for fanfare nor adulation, just making her way to the closest turnbuckle so that she might leisurely perch herself on the top with hands clasped and elbows resting on her knees in rather non-plussed outside of the trademark sly smirk seemingly ever-present on her features.

Jacob Summers is standing in the middle of the ring as he is holding the SCW World Bombshell Championship. Amber Ryan and Courtney Pierce are in their respective corners waiting for the bell to sound. Jacob shows each of them the championship one last time as he reaches through the ring ropes and hands the title over to the ringside technician. Jacob looks over his shoulder before giving the time keeper the go ahead.


Jacob returns to the center as Amber and Courtney both step out of their corners. They proceed to circle each other while Jacob watches them carefully. They rotate for the third before emerging into the center with a collar elbow tie up. Neither woman seems to have the advantage as they continue to jockey for position. Amber decides to break up the hold with a quick stomp to Courtney's foot. Courtney loosens her grip as Amber slips her arm around her neck and throws her over her own hip before landing across her chest. Courtney didn't quite expect that as Amber maintains a nice grip on Courtney's arm. She places it between her own legs before falling down with all her weight across it.

Courtney shouts as Amber keeps control over the arm. She uses it to pull Courtney up to her feet before snapping off a very quick arm drag sending Courtney halfway across the ring. Amber kips up to her feet immediately as she doesn't give Courtney a second to breathe. Amber grabs a hold of the damaged limb and starts laying in multiple rights into the bicep area of the arm. Courtney is trying to block each blow but Amber continues to keep firm control on the arm.

Simone: Amber softening up that arm.

Adams: That is a sound strategy for Amber.

Amber twirls the arm over her head before shooting Courtney off towards the ring ropes. Courtney bounces off them but ducks under a clothesline attempt. Amber loses her balance just a little as Courtney rebounds off the other side and comes back with a swinging heel kick. The side of Courtney's boot catches Amber flush against the face as she drops. Courtney quickly goes for a cover.



Courtney almost gets a two count as Amber slips her shoulder up. Courtney just shakes her head and pops back up to her feet. She pulls Amber up to hers and shoots her off toward the corner. Amber strikes the turnbuckles hard as Courtney comes flying at her and lands a spinning heel kick. The heel of her boot sends Amber crumpling in the corner as Courtney bounces off the ropes and strikes with a vicious facewash. She does it a few more times before grabbing ahold of both legs, lifting Amber up into the air then dropping down into a seated position while placing her legs over her arms.




Amber kicks out after the count of two as she counters the pinning combination into one of her own.



Courtney changes positions as she once again as Amber pinned.



Amber counters again but doesn't keep it locked in as she kicks Courtney right between the shoulders. Courtney bows out a bit as Amber bounces off the ropes and connects with a sliding knee to the back. Amber then pushes Courtney down and glides her forearm over Courtney's face while pinning her to the canvas.



That doesn't seem to do the trick as Amber looks over at Summers who is telling her it was a one count.

Simone: Both ladies have been trading pinfall attempts.

Adams: Who is going to gain the upper hand?

Amber gets up to her feet, walks around while grabbing Courtney's arms and pulling them up. Amber's feet are standing on top of Courtney's hair as she yanks on the arms causing Courtney to scream in pain. Summers tells to stop as she feigns like she was going to stop before applying a little more pressure.





Amber lets go as she holds her hand up toward Summers face and tells him she knows the rules. She goes back to grab the arm again but Courtney gives her a swift kick instead. The kick rocks Amber a bit as Courtney strikes with a couple more before getting back up to her feet. Amber goes to swing but Courtney ducks while scooping Amber up into her arms. She takes a few steps forward before dropping Amber tailbone first right across her knee. Amber immediately places her hand on her butt as Courtney jumps into the arm and lands a picture perfect dropkick.

Simone: What a combination Courtney just pulled off! First she lands a very well executed atomic drop then follows it up with a beautiful standing dropkick.

Adams: Courtney has been very impressive recently but can she take the title off of Amber tonight.

Courtney picks Amber up off the canvas, she hooks her arms around the waist before throwing her over head and sending Amber across the ring. Amber bounces up as Courtney strikes with a sliding knee of her own. Courtney doesn't go for the cover right away as she picks Amber up and connects with a second belly to belly suplex sending Amber across the ring again. Amber is still down as Courtney picks her legs up, steps through them before rolling through and causing Amber's head to smack off the canvas.

Courtney once again goes for a cover.




Right as Jacob was coming down for a three count, Amber reaches her hand out and touches the bottom rope. Jacob sees it and stops the count. Courtney seems more upset with herself that she didn't notice the placement.

Simone: Tough break right there for Courtney.

Adams: Amber knew she was close to the ropes so instead of spending energy she just touched the ropes.

Courtney picks Amber up then drills her with a sharp forearm across the face. She lands a few more forearms before hooking Amber by the tights and using the ropes a springboard to send Amber over her head with a suplex. Courtney keeps control of the arm and pulls Amber up before sending her across the ring with a monkey flip. Amber lands hard on her face as Courtney takes this opportunity to bounce off the ropes and strike with a basement style dropkick. The sole of her boots sends Amber backwards as Courtney goes for a quick leg drop. Amber just does roll out of the way as Courtney lands on her own tailbone.

Courtney rubs her backside as Amber slowly gets back up to her feet. Amber bounces off the ropes but Courtney drops down in front of her. Amber steps over her and runs toward the other side. Courtney quickly hops back up to her feet. She is looking for a leapfrog but Amber catches her in mid move and drops her with a very quick Samoan drop.

Amber stays on top of Courtney as she goes for a cover.




Courtney just does shoot her shoulder off the canvas Amber is looking at the referee. Before she could get up, Courtney hooks her arms in a crucifix style hold then rolls her over onto her shoulders.




Amber kicks her legs out as both ladies slowly make it back up to their feet.

Simone: Both of these ladies are so evenly matched.

Adams: It's going to come down to who makes a mistake.

Courtney is the first to throw the first punch as she staggers Amber a bit. Amber fires back with a punch of her own as both ladies are just trading blow after blow. Courtney manages to gain the upper hand as she catches Amber's arm and snaps off several arm drags. One after the other as Amber continues to be used as a ragdoll.

Amber decides to stop the trend as she lands on her feet following the last arm drag Courtney attempted. Courtney couldn't believe it as she came running at her. Amber ducks then catches Courtney on the rebound with a very quick powerslam. Amber doesn't go for the cover right away as she steps through the ropes. She stands on the apron with both hands gripping the top rope. She is waiting for Courtney to get back up to her feet. As soon as she is standing up, Amber leaps up onto the top rope and comes flying off toward Courtney.

Courtney sees Amber out of the corner of her eye and manages to catch her with a double knee jawbreaker. Amber flails on her back as Courtney jumps back up to her feet and motions that the match is almost over. Courtney picks Amber up and sends her toward the ropes. As Amber rebounds, Courtney ducks her head at first thinking Amber would try for a clothesline. This, however, proved to be a mistake as Amber stops, hooks both arms in a double underhook before kicking her leg out then dropping Courtney right down onto her head.

Simone: ORIGINAL SIN!!!!!!! This one is over.

Courtney flops over onto her back as Amber goes for the quick cover.




Right as Jacob slams the canvas for a third time, Courtney sticks her foot onto the bottom rope as Jacob doesn't notice it. He signals for the bell.


Justin: Here is your winner and still SCW World bombshell champion....Amber Ryan

Amber Ryan quickly rolls out of the ring as she is handed her championship.

Simone: Amber did it. However, I do believe Courtney is going to have a gripe as her foot was on the bottom rope.

Adams: I'm sure we are going to hear about it.

Simone: Controversial or not, that is all we have time for tonight. Join us in two weeks time for Into The Void X! For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying goodnight everybody!

The scene fades to Courtney questioning the referee as Amber raises the championship high above her head!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, The Lord MK, Annie, Marge, Gerrit, Jen, Ryan, Dustin, Andy, Jazz, Laura, JJ, Mercedes, and Jeremy. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed, and got us through this many shows.