The Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nevada is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, the cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their computers.

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

The camera passes along fans who hold up signs, supporting their favorite Bombshells and superstars. Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands up with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcome to Climax Control!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: We are just two weeks away from the grand spectacular 'Into the Void' where all championships will be up for grabs and all eyes of the NWA will be on Sin City Wrestling! Now without further ado, please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

Standing on the stage is none other than Alastair, the brother of O'Malley, dressed in a tasteful suit and SCW Superstar, Miles "Milo" Kasey in his wrestling gear. The fans cheer as Amanda struts out in heels, dressed in a long sleeve white dress and long, red wig. She sashays toward the front of the stage as her 'backup dancers' approach from behind - Mz. Holly Wood, Helluva Bottom Carter and Ariana Angelos! The song begins as Amanda performs around the men onstage, using them as big, sexy props.

Amanda: You're my love, you're my sweetest thing
Don't shy away, don't shy away
Every night makes me hate the days
Can't get enough of your love

Am I wrong? Am I so unkind
Show me the way
Don't turn away
I can't hide all these thoughts in my mind
Every moment, I'm just thinking of you

(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
You know what I'm looking for
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
I'll give you love you can't ignore

Feeling good let's go all the way
It's got to be set me free
But tonight let my body say
Take it slow, don't let it go

How can I prove my love to you
Baby please, you're all I need
Like a child but it's born out of phase
Could act the angel but it wouldn't be true

(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
You know what I'm looking for
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
I'll give you love you can't ignore

What can you do for me
Oh what can you do
'Cause I feel, so alive
I feel your love inside ohhhh

(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
You know what I'm looking for
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
I'll give you love you can't ignore
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
You know what I'm looking for
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
(Ooh Aah) A little bit more
(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit
I'll give you love you can't ignore

Just a little bit
A little bit more
Just a little bit
A little bit more
Just a little bit
A little bit more

The crowd cheers as the stage empties and the show can officially begin!

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome back to the Cox Pavilion for Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: ... And he STILL won't tell me how he knows when it's time to tune his bagpipes... Oh, I'm Jason Adams!

Simone: Seven matches tonight, and we begin the countdown to Into the Void X by determining three challengers for championship matches at that historic event!

Adams: But tonight we kick things off with Mac Bane stepping inside of the ring against the Troll! I hear Christian Underwood has a special announcement concerning Mac!

Simone: And we will find out just what that announcement is, later this evening. Next up, we determine one of two challengers for the men's Roulette Championship at Into the Void when Lincoln Daniels takes on Miles Kasey! The winner advances to the championship contest at the Supercard!

Adams: Johanna Krieger is back after what seems like for-EVER, and she's looking to put Courtney Pierce right back on her losing streak!

Simone: Three Bombshells then compete in a Triple Threat match for the first of two challenger spots at High Stakes; Candy returns! Bea Barnhart gets her big chance, and Krystal Wolfe looks to break her losing streak! Winner advances to face the Roulette Champion in six weeks!

Adams: Andrea Hernandez is FINALLY back in the ring! She's not happy about being left out of the Gauntlet tonight, but she's facing someone else; the Blast From the Past Champion AND Number One Contender, Ruby Steele!

Simone: In Non-Title action, the NEW Internet Champion Agostino Romano goes one-on-one with the former Roulette Champion, Brother David Shepherd!

Adams: And what a Main Event! A Gauntlet Match to decide the challenger for Myra Rivers at Into the Void X! Keira Fisher-Johnson! Alicia Lukas! Sammi Marlowe! Roxi Johnson! Lucy Seraphina! And Seleana Zdunich! Last woman standing faces the champ!

Simone: All this and more on Climax Control!

As promised in the preview, the lights go down to the familiar almost stomping opening to 'Dust and Bone' signifying the appearance of the new Bombshells Champion.

Unlike most weeks though, the audience reaction is far more split evenly- those who still jeer and boo seem to do so for disagreement with the indiscretions of the past and perhaps the interesting circumstances that lead to the Supercard main event conclusion. Those who sheer though seem to be a mix of those appreciative of the work having been put in to earn the title, those who have always been fans of gratuitous violence and unsanctioned honesty- and those who really just didn't like the former champion and cheer loudly out of spite.

Amber Ryan, for her part, takes her time to soak it all in. Moving very gingerly despite the passage of time, makeup concealing the darkened bruises that remain from what little exposed skin there is- and the Bombshells title rests proudly on her shoulder as though it were always just meant to fit there. At surprising ease, she gives a slight appreciative nod to those who stomp and clap, those who sing along rather obnoxiously and those who yell out encouragements and praise to drown out the less than courteous.

Dressed smarter than maybe anyone in SCW has ever seen, her black blazer is rolled to the elbows, the white t-shirt underneath is plain and without obscenities and even her black jeans are without holes or gratuitous amounts of pockets. Maybe if she didn't limp, she;d have even worn high heels but for now her usual odd paired converse sneakers would have to suffice. All in all, it's fairly safe to assume that being a champion is something that actually means alot to the usually stoic and sarcastic redhead.

Very slowly, and with an obvious grimace that passes beneath her emotion killing radar, she slips beneath the bottom rope, never losing contact with the title that she'd worked so damn hard to earn- and with a deliberate lap around the ring, title still pride of place- the champion calls for a microphone and waits for the crowd to hush.

Amber Ryan: First off- don't worry. I promise I'm not gonna be out here all night. I'm not sure if you guys realize this about me- but I'm not one for 20 minute monologues telling you all how great I think I am, there's no confetti gonna fall from the ceiling or string quartet to play in the background while I weave a tale of triumph for you all to fall asleep to...

A couple of chuckles emanate, but Amber continues with a small smile.

Amber Ryan: Now I know there's people out there, and in the back, who probably still think I'm a piece of shit. Maybe now more than ever- but I've said time and time again... I may be a lot of things, most of them terrible, but a liar... A liar I am not. I said from the get go that I was coming for this title and only this title- I made a promise that I was gonna go out and relieve this title of it's duty as a secondary trinket in everyone else's personal affairs.

Christina Rose might have brought it, but in her heart- she only wanted this for bragging rights, for pride of place, for a damn spotlight- and maybe she hit like a truck, and I have plenty of marks to prove it, but thats been long proven not to be enough to slow me down when I want something.

Truth is in all of this, you don't have to like me. I'm not gonna lose sleep over anyone telling me how shitty of a person I am- hell, you don't even have to respect me. I don't demand it simply because I show up and do what I do- and do it well. Have whatever opinion helps you sleep- but just know this... I wanted the title more than I wanted to argue over who is 'better'. I want the target on my back cause this belt should be something we're all clamouring over each others broken bodies for, I want everyone to look at this title and want it for what it represents.

Amber paces as she speaks, perhaps not exactly used to being in such a role.

Amber Ryan: So here's the way I see it... You want a shot. Earn it. You wanna dethrone me, by all means you're welcome to try- but show some goddamn respect and come for the title instead of bringing petty, personal gripes into it. You wanna throw down over personal differences, the title stays out of it. No longer is this simply the second prize in a pissing match, no longer does it take a backseat to whatever bullshit you've got going on.

I'll be honest- I don't like to mix business with personal- however I also have no issues stomping anyone in the parking lot who wants to play otherwise. By all means, feel free to call me on my shit- but don't expect that I'm putting the gold on the line out of stupid pride unless you've actually done the work to get there. In the end ladies- you wanna be the champion- by all means come and earn it. Those who've been in the ring with me know what I'm willing to do to win- so just have a think about what I'd be willing to do to keep this...

Storing the face plate gently, Amber readjusts her title on her shoulder gently.

Amber Ryan: That being said... you beat me fair- and I'll be the first person to raise your hand and call you champion. Of course, you have to beat me first...

Amber goes to drop the mic with an almost confident smile, genuine and proud but pauses before it leaves her hand.

Amber Ryan: ... Ruby Steele. I promise I haven't forgotten about you- I'll be seeing you real soon... darl.

With that, the mic falls from the redheads hand as 'Dust and Bone' resumes with a faint echo from a small portion of the crowd who get a brief acknowledgement and playful shrug as Amber departs- giving everyone one last real good look at the Bombshells title that has already become so dear, before disappearing back through the curtain.

Simone: Welcome to Climax Control and our opening match! At Blaze of Glory IX Mac Bane's months long winning streak was brought to an end in the Blast from the Past finals by Mark Cross who became the first two time male winner in the process but in this opening match Mac has a chance to bounce back against Gabriel Thomas Wank, better known as The Troll!

Adams: Whilst Mac has cemented himself as a future all time great with that winning streak, The Troll has done the exact opposite, tasting defeat at the hands of Tony Thorn and Miles Kasey in two back to back matches! One must wonder what The Troll did to piss off the bosses by getting this match!

Simone: The answer to that is simple, he's the troll! Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is your opening match of the evening scheduled for one fall!

Denis Leary's "I'm An Asshole" plays and the crowd boos as the rotund and hyperactive "know-it-all" of professional wrestling, the Troll, runs onto the stage as fast as he can (which altogether isn't that fast). He has an annoying, excited look on his face as he pumps his arms, greeted by the boos of the fans.

Justin: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, weighing 252 pounds - the Troll!

The Troll points into the ring, taking offense at the "lies" about his grandiose weight being made public. He then "jogs" down to the ring, holding his hands out for high-fives but receives none. He struggles up onto the ring apron and climbs through the ropes, catching his shoe on the middle rope and face plants in the ring, much to the laughter of the crowd. The Troll then gets to his feet and pumps his arms again until he is herded back to his corner.

Simone: The Troll from Parts Unknown, otherwise known as his mother's basement! Many are waiting for the day the bosses put him against Fenris!

Adams: That depends Belinda, are the bosses really prepared to put on a murder on live TV?

Justin: And his opponent!

The opening for "No Good Bastards" by Tom MacDonald begins to play and the crowd is instantly on their feet booing the big Texan. He stands there soaking it in and allowing their hate to energize him as he stands on the stage. They only get louder as he makes his way towards the ring, he walks slowly, jawing with the occasional fan who's decided he's a tough guy. Mac simply laughs and continues down towards the ring.

Justin: From Port Arthur, Texas, weighing in at 280lbs, Mac Bane!

Finally, he reaches the ringsteps and makes his way into the ring. He approaches the centre of the ring and raises both arms into the air. Then extending the middle fingers on both hands he laughs at the chorus of boos that rains down on him from the crowd.

Simone: Mac Bane might not be the most popular member of the roster, but he is Team Hero compared to The Troll!

Adams: I want to stress before I say this that I don't normally engage in body shaming, that being said, whilst both men are technically heavyweights, well, just look at the difference in body types! Saying that The Troll's a little overweight is like saying that Jessie Salco is a casual metal fan whilst Mac is in the best shape of his life!

Dawn calls the two men to the middle of the ring to go over the rules with them, however The Troll ignores her and tries to bodyslam Mac right off the bat, with predictable results as Dawn calls for the bell.


Simone: Okay, I know the guy trained himself by watching YouTube videos but what the hell is The Troll thinking trying to bodyslam Mac?!

Adams: Well, this is The Troll's first time facing someone bigger than him! His first opponent was Tony Thorn who weighs in at 220lbs whilst his opponent at Blaze of Glory was the 185lbs Miles Kasey!

Say what you will about The Troll, he is persistent in his efforts to bodyslam Mac Bane but these attempts take their toll on The Troll as he lets go of Mac, who has spent the last few minutes with a "what the hell is this guy" look on his face, to grasp his back in pain apparently having hurt himself in the process, Mac then proceeds to give a very helpful demonstration to The Troll on how to bodyslam someone, unfortunately for The Troll he finds himself being volunteered as the test subject.

Simone: I never thought we'd get a lesson on a basic move like a bodyslam on Climax Control, but Mac just provided such a service to The Troll.

Adams: I don't think that's what Jessie Salco meant when she said that she was looking forward to Mac slamming The Troll through the matt.

The Troll quickly scrambles to his feet and retreats to a nearby corner where Mac follows him and starts laying in some heavy blows to the heavyset man before Dawn forces him to back off to give The Troll some breathing room, after a few seconds Mac tries to go back on the attack on The Troll but nails Mac with a low blow whilst the ref's back is turned and takes Mac down with the worst small package ever.

Simone: SCW is coming up to it's tenth birthday and I can safely say that that is the worst Small Package I've seen in all my years as a commentator!

Adams: To be fair, he taught himself to wrestle but either way, The Troll has Mac down for a pin with that.......thing posing as a Small Package!



And Mac easily kicks out! The Troll glares at Dawn apparently feeling that that was enough for the three count, but Dawn is having none of it, and only becomes incensed when The Troll yells at her to get back in the kitchen.

Simone: Good god, can you imagine that idiot saying that to the likes of Alicia Lukas or Amber Ryan?!

Adams: If he does, can you get me popcorn for the inevitable aftermath?

Simone: Only if you get me and Mac some popcorn as well!

Fortunately for The Troll, he doesn't have top put up with Dawn's yelling for much longer, unfortunately for him, it's because Mac is back on his feet and when The Troll backs into his larger foe he turns around and tries to go for a Big Boot, emphasis on tries as he only gets up as high as Mac's stomach before Mac catches the boot and slams him down with a one-armed spinebuster that shakes the ring! Mac goes for the pin!



And somehow, The Troll kicks out! Mac picks up The Troll but The Troll resorts to his old cheating ways again by gouging Mac's eyes but this time it gets caught by Dawn and The Troll gets reprimanded for it! The Troll ignores Dawn however as he bounces off the ropes and, somehow, takes Mac down with a spear!

Simone: The Troll is in control of Mac Bane, which was not a sentence I was expecting to say when I woke up this morning!

Adams: And The Troll's going for a cover!



And Mac kicks out! Dawn confirms that it was a fair pin-fall as The Troll gives her a disbelieving look before he heads up to the top rope!

Simone: What is the Troll up too?!

Adams: About five feet in the air! As far as his plans for coming off that turnbuckle, I don't know!

The Troll, somehow, gets some impressive air time as he leaps off the top rope and goes for a Cross Body on Mac, emphasis on goes as The Troll is caught in mid-air by Mac who hoists him up into the powerbomb position before slamming him down.

Simone: Somebody had better call The Troll's mother and tell him that he will need in ice-pack or ten when he returns home!

Adams: I volunteer! Because she's a lovely woman, unlike her son!

Mac goes for the pin!



And The Troll kicks out! Mac turns around for a brief second as The Troll is getting to his feet, but this gives The Troll a chance to hit Mac with a chopblock and he keeps the offense up as he trips Mac up and goes for a running Big Splash.

Simone: The Troll calls this, and I'm not kidding here, the Flight of the Troll!

Adams: Are we about to see The Troll get his first win?!

The answer is no as Mac gets his knees up at the last second knocking the wind out of The Troll! Mac gets back to his feet first and measures up The Troll before locking in The Claw!

Simone: Mac has the Snake Bite locked in! But can he get The Troll up for the slam!?

Adams: If he can, we should have someone check the Richter scale, but not before sticking a fork in The Troll because he's done either way!

This time, the answer is yes as Mac effortlessly picks up The Troll and slams him down for the Snake Bite! Mac goes for the pin!





Justin: Here is your winner, Mac Bane!

Simone: Mac Bane bounces back from the first loss of his SCW career with an impressive win over The Troll!

Adams: Guess it's back to the drawing board for The Troll, and that's if his mom let him put it up!

Mac celebrates his win as Dawn checks on The Troll.

The Troll staggers back through the curtains at the gorilla position, looking every bit of the battered, beaten and bruised mess that he is -- thanks in part to Mac Bane.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Troll? Excuse me... Troll??

The Troll leans heavily against the wall, then bends at the waist with his hands on his knees as he tries desperately to catch his breath. At the sound of his ring name being called, The Troll stands upright and finds his face smack dab in the "calling cards" of backstage reporter, Ms. Rocky Mountains. He blinks -- fixes his glasses for an eye full, then blinks again. The reporter clears her throat, causing him to stand upright quickly and he attempts (without success) to suck in his gut.

The Troll: (voice breaks) Yes!? Er, I mean... (deep voice) Yes?

Ms. Rocky Mountains rolls her eyes before she continues.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I was just wondering after what had to be your third straight defeat, do you think you're going to tone down the trash talking you do? ... At all?

The Troll draws in a deep breath with hands on his rotund waist, but at the sound of what she just said and asked, he frowns and fixes his glasses before he answers.

The Troll: Oh come on, not you too! I thought you were supposed to be a respected investigative reporter! I mean, did you lose your brains somewhere in your overly ample bosom?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: EXCUSE me...?

The Troll: You're all just in on it together! Not a shocker considering Mark Ward and Christian Underwood foot your bills, but everybody out there SAW me do to Mac Bane EXACTLY what I said I was going to do! I won! ME! Not Mac! I am all about the TRUTH, and...!

Something, or someone, catches his attention a little further down the hall and the Troll holds up a finger and nods.

The Troll: And I am about to prove it right now! I told you the truth Tempest is not who - or what - she says she is! So just WATCH!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What are you...?

But the Troll marches right past her with a confident and cocky stride. The camera picks up the amazon Tempest standing down the hall with her back turned. The Troll, with that stupid smirk on his face, marches right up and reaches for her hair....


And the doors to the Cox Pavilion fly open and paramedics hurriedly wheel a bruised, beaten, battered AND bloody Troll out on a gurney and into the waiting ambulance outside!

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see Caleb Storms watching the action on a backstage monitor following the opening match between The Troll and Mac Bane when he is approached by Pussy Willow.

Pussy: Caleb, at Blaze of Glory IX you lost the Internet Title back to Agostino Romano in the Ladder Match you requested, do you plan on challenging Agostino again?

Caleb: No.

Pussy: Well, there you have it, Caleb is not.........wait, what?!

Caleb's answer catches Pussy off guard as she turns to him.

Caleb: You heard me, look, the reason I challenged Agostino to that rematch at the start of the last cycle was to prove that I could win it legitimately, I did just that and it's time I moved on.

Pussy: To what, exactly?

Caleb: I don't know to be honest! It could be a while before I get another title shot for all I know, Internet, Roulette, World, even the Mixed Tag Team Titles if I can find a partner, right now I'm focussed on getting back on the winning track and hopefully, that starts next week.

Pussy nods before she walks off as the scene fades.

Drew Patton is in the ring watching up the ramp as Justin brings the microphone to his lips for the introductions.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

A video package starts playing on the screen as "Go Hard" suddenly blasts through the sound system. Blue and green lights start to float around the arena as Lincoln Daniels steps through the curtain with his wife Zania right by his side. Lincoln takes one look at the audience before holding his arms out wide. A small set of pyro goes off behind him as they slowly make their way down the ramp.

Justin: Making his way down the aisle, being accompanied to the ring by Zania Daniels, from Valdosta, Georgia, he stands six feet two inches tall. He weighs two hundred forty one pounds. He is "Mr. Incredible" Lincoln Daniels

Lincoln gets half way down the ramp before leaving his wife's side and sliding into the ring. He stands on the far turnbuckle while holding his arms out wide while mouthing out towards the audience.

Adams: Lincoln Daniels is ready for what is to come. Well, it is going to be one heck of a challenge in my mind. Let's go back to Justin for that intro.

Justin: And his opponent...

Simone: Here we go...the challenge that might just be too much for Lincoln.

Justin: From Manchester England, Miles Kasey!

"Firestarter" by The Prodigy starts pumping through the speakers as Miles Kasey bops out onto the ramp in rhythm with the beat. He bounces in place twice before bolting towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, running into the adjacent ropes and handstand springboarding backwards into a superhero pose as the fans go crazy!

Simone: The fans in this arena love to see Miles.

Adams: And there is the bell. This match is underway.


Lincoln moves to the middle of the ring where he is checked by Drew Patton while watching as Miles Kasey moves close. Drew motions for both to begin the match. The two begin to circle before locking up in a collar and elbow lock up that neither man can take advantage of. Lincoln manages to shift Kasey enough to roll the collar and elbow into a headlock. Miles pushes Lincoln off and into the ropes where he rebounds then takes Miles off his feet with a clothesline that sends him to the mat. Lincoln stops for only a moment before he charges towards the opposite ropes to rebound again. Miles throws himself to the mat forcing Daniels to leap over him. Rebounding off the ropes again, Lincoln is taken to the mat with a dropkick from Miles. Daniels rolls towards the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. Miles follows him in but is surprised with an exploder clothesline that takes Kasey to the mat himself. Lincoln moves to pick him up then spins him around. Catching him by the midsection in an attempted german suplex, Lincoln pulls him up while Miles reaches out for the ropes to prevent himself from being suplexed. Lincoln tries to pry him free but Kasey puts a foot over the bottom rope as well forcing Drew to tell Lincoln to release the hold. Reluctantly, Daniels lets go of Miles and backs away to the center of the ring with his hands held up proving he had released the hold.

Adams: Wow, what a start to the match. Both men had and lost the advantage. Let's start again.

Once more the two circle in the middle of the ring. Miles lunges towards Lincoln who avoids the hold by ducking under it then turning quickly, grabs Miles around the midsection and german suplexes him to the mat. Releasing his midsection, Lincoln rolls to his hands and knees as Miles clutches at the back of his head. Lincoln gets to his feet and smirks to the crowd and then turns to pick up Kasey who has made it to his hands and knees. Grabbing him by the neck, Daniels stands up Miles and then surprises him with a drop kick that sends Miles stumbling backwards into the corner. Kipping to his feet, Daniels rushes in and clotheslines Miles. Kasey takes the hit and slumps into the corner. Drew moves in and forces Daniels to allow Miles to get to his feet. Kasey straightens up as Daniels is talking to Patton. Kasey uses the slight distraction to climb onto the middle rope then balances on the top rope to fly off with a missile dropkick that sends Daniels through the ropes to the floor. Miles Kasey kips to his feet and moves to the ropes. He looks down at the man slowly working his way to his feet. As he rises, Miles grabs the top rope then slingshots himself over the top rope and lands on Daniels to send both men down to the floor. Daniels is clutching his head as Miles gets to his feet and slides into the ring.

Simone: Miles managing to use some high flying to take the advantage after Lincoln had the ability to control the match at the start of the match. But Miles better be on his toes, Lincoln isn't someone to underestimate.

Inside the ring, Miles gets to his feet again and moves to the ropes as Daniels gets to his feet. Grabbing the top rope, Miles looks like he is going to sling shot himself again which has Lincoln scrambling away. Kasey doesn't leap as Lincoln moves around the ringsteps. Kasey follows him inside the ring. Lincoln sees him coming and then reaches in quickly to grab the feet of Miles and pulls him to the mat. Kasey is helpless as Daniels pulls him towards the ringpost. Drew is warning Daniels as Miles tries to fight off the hold. Daniels slams the knee of Miles against the ringpost giving him some time to roll into the ring and break the count. Miles clutches his knee as Daniels drops and then grabs the leg and still in the ring, he bends it around the steel to punish Kasey. Drew warns him again and begins his five count. At four, Lincoln releases the hold and Miles pulls himself away from the ringpost and fights his way to his feet. Gingerly he tries putting weight on the leg that had been wrapped around the steel. Lincoln moves towards him as he limps towards the corner. Daniels moves closer and then reaches for the leg that Miles is trying to protect. Unable to grab it, he uses a haymaker to send Kasey to the mat. Grabbing Miles, Daniels pulls him up and then catches the leg to use it in a delayed fisherman's suplex that has Miles' shoulders to the mat. Drew drops to make the count but Kasey kicks out with a scream of pain. Lincoln slams his hands on the mat as he gets to his knees then rises up as Miles rolls towards the outside. Daniels reaches for him over the ropes as Miles tries to straighten up on the ring apron.

Adams: Lincoln Daniels as taken the wheel out from under Miles Kasey.

Simone: And escaping to the apron might not have been a smart move for Kasey.

Grabbing the back of the neck of Daniels, Kasey drops to the floor and hangs Lincoln on the top rope. Daniels is shot backwards clutching at his throat as he fights to breath. Miles gets to his feet and then rolls under the bottom rope before pulling himself upwards and trying to shake the pain from his leg. Leaning into the corner, he pulls himself upward and then sits on the top turnbuckle as Lincoln who has recovered and moves towards him. Miles leaps off the middle rope with a lou thesz press on Daniels which takes him to the mat. Miles rolls through the move then to his feet. Turning to watch Lincoln roll to his stomach then hands and knees, Miles levels a kick to the midsection of Daniels which sends him to the mat once more clutching his midsection. Miles kips up and staggers as weight is put on his leg. Clutching it, he moves towards the corner once more to climb to the top turnbuckle to launch himself at Daniels with a flying elbow that Kasey drives into the chest of Lincoln before trying to roll him up into a pin attempt that Daniels kicks out of at two.

Simone: Lincoln is still fighting Jason. What is Miles Kasey going to need to do for the win?

Miles Kasey makes it to his feet as Lincoln rolls to his stomach. Rising slowly, Lincoln motions for Kasey to bring it while still clutching at his chest. Miles looks around then charges at Lincoln who attempts a dropkick on Kasey but Miles is able to bat the attempt away. Reaching down, Miles pulls Lincoln to his feet then whips him chest first into the corner. Slamming hard into the turnbuckles, Lincoln staggers out into a reverse frankensteiner from Miles who takes Daniels to the mat. Miles kips up and then stands over the prone Lincoln Daniels. Reaching down, Miles pulls him to his feet then between the legs. Catching up his arms, Miles pulls him upwards to land on his shoulder. With Daniels still stunned, Kasey looks around the Cox Pavilion and then hits his Hail to the Queen move on Lincoln which drives him hard to the canvas. Rolling towards Lincoln who is laid out on the mat, Kasey reaches for the leg and rolls him up for the pin. Drew drops to the mat to make the count on the prone Daniels.

Simone: Miles Kasey hits his finisher and from the looks of it, Lincoln Daniels is finished.


Adams: Miles Kasey is not going to let this match end without the win.


Adams: Lincoln Daniels is beginning to struggle to escape the pin but Kasey is has him down for the pin and he is going nowhere.

Simone: Drew is about to count the finish now so I think that Lincoln will just miss out this time.


Adams: And there it is...the pin that got the three.


Justin: The winner of the match, Miles Kasey!

Miles rolls away from Daniels and gets to his feet to pose like a superhero. Drew holds up his hand in victory then checks on the Lincoln Daniels who has rolled to the ropes where he is met by his wife and helped from the ring.

Adams: What a win by Miles Kasey! Lincoln Daniels put up a really good fight but it wasn't enough to beat Miles Kasey tonight.

Simone: Miles Kasey continuing to celebrate his win here on Climax Control.

Miles climbs the turnbuckles to celebrate as Firestarter begins to play as Miles moves across the ring to climb the opposite corner to hold his arms up in victory.

Sam Marlowe is stretching out backstage when she is approached by Pussy Willow who is dragging a cameraman with her. Sam straightens up and offers a smile at the pair.

Pussy Willow: Hey Sam, I was looking for you because I had a couple of questions to ask you about tonight.

Sam lowers her head a bit then looks back at her friend.

Sam Marlowe: Ohhh okay? What would you like to ask?

Pussy Willow: I wanted to ask about how you managed to make it into the six person gauntlet rumble match that is tonight's main event.

Sam Marlowe: What? You don't think that I deserve to be in the match?

Pussy Willow: I do Sam, I do! But with all the talk out there about you being handed things...

Sam just shakes her head sadly as she crosses her arms before replying.

Sam Marlowe: Wow...this is surprising Pussy coming from you. Normally you don't listen to the hype about how I get handed things. See this is what really makes what I am trying to do in SCW so difficult. I earn something, people say it is handed to me. If I manage to earn a shot, others think that I am just a throw away competitor if I lose. I am getting sick and tired of the way some of the wrestlers and bombshells treat me. I respect everyone for what they can do or what they have achieved but no, there are Bombshells that don't respect me or even care that I have done just the same as they have and sometimes even more.

Pussy Willow: Sam, whoa, hold on. That isn't what I wanted to ...

Sam Marlowe: No, times up Pussy. All I am going to say is that I am going into the match at the end of the night and I am going to earn peoples respect for what I do in that match and if I win, it is because I was ready to do what I needed to. And if I don't, it won't be for lack of trying.

Sam stops then looks directly at the camera then instead of speaking, she walks off with a angered look on her face leaving Pussy speechless.

We cut to the backstage area and it is there where we are able to see the aqua haired but loveable Ruby Steele. She is all smiles as she looks at the camera and begins to speak.

Ruby: Hello everybody and I just want to say that you are officially looking at your 2021 Blast From The Past Champion!!! So many thoughts are running through my head but can I just say that this feeling is truly outrageous?! I never imagined I would even be in this position right now.

Ruby seems very excited and it isn't long before Pussy Willow walks into the shot. She is smiling as well as she glances right at Ruby.

Pussy: Amazing and you were really great too! We know you are over the moon about being able to win the tournament but what else is going through your head right now?!

Ruby points at herself as an even bigger grin escapes her lips.

Ruby: To be honest I am very blessed. I am super thankful for people like my cousin Kate who believed in me. I am grateful for Mikah for training this mess of a woman and for Kris for opening his doors so I could find a place where I could train a new kraft and be successful at it. There are so many reasons I am happy to be in this position but the biggest person who has been pushing me on would be that of my new girlfriend. I love me some Courtney Pierce, she has been instrumental in being my biggest cheerleader and after this week she will also be my official manager so I am happy for that.

Pussy: The real question I think everybody wants to know is how do you feel about Amber Ryan?!

Ruby takes a long deep breath before looking right at the camera.

Ruby: To be honest I can't really look that far ahead. Tonight I have a huge match with Andrea Hernandez and I know that will require all of my attention. She is a tough competitor and is by far one of the best of the best. I have an undefeated streak going but there will come a point where all good things come to an end. I need to just keep building myself up so it doesn't happen. If Andrea beats me it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Ruby continues to smile.

Ruby: So Amber will be there at some point. There's no telling if she will even be the champion by that match. The only thing on my mind right now is enjoying the moment. Once I know who is in that main event with me I can focus on it, but for now... This is the era of a future star. This is the era for the rookie of the year... Hopefully if they bring the award back, and most importantly this is the era where everything will be TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!! Now if you would excuse me I have a match to get ready for...

With that Ruby skips away as we go elsewhere.

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the lights flashing across the arena.

Simone: It looks like we're being joined by Jessie Salco who is coming off a big win over Char Kwan at Blaze of Glory IX.

Adams: That was her fourth straight win on PPV since last year's Summer XXXTreme, it's safe to say that Jessie has something to say about that.

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the Christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring before taking a mic from a stage hand.

Jessie: What's a girl gotta do to get noticed around here?

Jessie asks rhetorically as she paces around the ring.

Jessie: Here's some facts folks, I haven't lost a match on PPV since I challenged Seleana Zdunich for the Roulette Title at Summer XXXTreme VIII alongside Maki and Keira Fisher, and it's not like I beat the likes of Twisted Sister or Apple Coren in those matches either, in fact, let's list off those names: first up was the aforementioned Maki who couldn't handle the fact that she was eliminated alongside me during an elimination match!

Jessie says as she holds up her index finger with her free hand.

Jessie: That was certainly an interesting time in my life but let's move onto High Stakes X, shall we? Where I faced Violet Amelia Holt.

Jessie holds up another finger.

Jessie: A nothing match that I got thrown in because Johanna threw her toys out of the pram after I beat her for the Roulette Title and Christian deciding that I'm not allowed to have nice things for some fucking reason but let's move on! Now everyone predicted that my next opponent would be the end of this little streak of mine would end with my next opponent, someone who is a multiple time champion like me, someone who graduated from the Go Gym, that's right, that someone is Evie Jordan!

Jessie holds up a third finger.

Jessie: And what the fuck do you know? I proved everyone wrong when I beat her at Inception IV, and where has Evie been since then, I wonder? It's almost like she's too embarrassed to show her face! And that brings me to two weeks ago at Blaze of Glory IX.

Jessie holds up the fourth finger.

Jessie: I don't think I need to bring everyone up to speed on this one, Char Kwan couldn't handle the fact that I cost her a match that she stood no chance in hell of winning and let a Simpsons character talk her into confronting me after my match against Courtney Pierce, it may have been Falls Count Anywhere, but it wouldn't have mattered where in the arena I beat Char because in the end, a win's a win.

Jessie says before holding up the fifth finger.

Jessie: That just begs the question, who will be the fifth Bombshell to taste defeat at my hands on PPV? Just to make things clear, whilst I certainly could use this as a campaign tool for a World Bombshell Title Shot at Into the Void X, that's not what I'm out here for! I'm out here to make a statement.

Jessie says as she gets into the camera.

Jessie: That statement is simple, like it or not, my stocks on the rise and sooner or later, the bosses will have to take notice!

Jessie drops the mic as Unsainted starts to play and she leaves the ring.

Simone: Strong words from Jessie!

Adams: Will be interesting to see if anyone steps up to the plate to challenge her to a match at Into the Void X

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... hailing from Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany... Johanna Krieger...

Cut Throat by Kittie hits as the lights in the arena go out and a single red spotlight appears on stage, in the center Johanna Krieger stands there with a black leather jacket over the top. She makes her way down to the ring as the spotlight follows her, she slides in the ring and crawls to the corner before staying on her knees with her arms back holding onto the middle rope as the house lights come up.

Justin: And her opponent...

The giggle from the start of Kehlani's "Gangsta" floods the arena PA as the lights in the arena go out one by one. By the time the first words of the song start, energizing the small but vocal audience, the arena is pitch black. Purple and white spotlights above the stage start to pulse to the sound of the music. The screen at the top of the stage lights up, writing out five letters in pace with the flow of the music: C O U R T.

Justin: Making her way to the ring the 2018 Blast From The Past Tournament winner, Courtney Pierce!

As the beat of the song finally kicks in, the SCW Bombshell comes out from behind the curtain and out onto the stage to a huge pop from the crowd welcoming her. She stops at the top of the ramp, crosses her ankles, her purple ring gear shimmering with all of the camera flashes around the arena, and takes a slight bow to the crowd with her arms out to her sides. Court makes her way to ringside, and carefully makes her way up the ringside stairs and onto the apron. She ducks down between the bottom and middle rope and into the ring.

The ref moves in and check both for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Krieger and Pierce circle the ring before moving in and then locking up in centre of the ring, where they jostle briefly, where Krieger pulls Pierce towards her and locks in a headlock before taking her down to the mat with the headlock still in place. Pierce flays her legs about as she tries to break Krieger's grip with little success and instead she bring her legs around but Krieger put's a stop to Pierce's attempted freedom and she climbs to her feet taking Pierce with her as Pierce tries to break Krieger's grip, but Krieger merely responds by take Pierce back down to the mat with the headlock still locked in.

Simone: Early domination from Krieger at the beginning of this match as she locks in a headlock.

Adams: Pierce tries to fight out of the headlock but Krieger climbs to her feet and then just drop back down to the mat.

Again, Pierce kicks her legs about, as Krieger gets Pierces shoulders pinned, which the ref moves in and spots...




Adams: Ref spots the brief pin but Pierce gets her shoulder up.

Pierce pushes her arm up into the air breaking the pin, as she moves her legs about, but Krieger continues to focus on Pierce and she climbs to her feet, dragging Pierce up as well as Pierce again tries to break the headlock but instead she bring her foot up and places it behind Krieger's knee and forces her down to a knee, which allows Pierce to slip free as she grabs Krieger's arm and locks in a hammerlock before shifting into a headlock of her own.

Simone: Krieger pulls Pierce up to her feet and Pierce begins her fight back at she takes Krieger down to a knee before slipping free and slips in a hammerlock before shifting it into a headlock.

Giving Krieger a taste of her own medicine, Pierce drags Krieger down to the mat with the headlock still in place, as the ref moves in and check on Krieger's shoulders for any possible pin. Krieger now seeks to find a way out as she tries to break Pierce's grip before swinging her legs around, which Pierce then climbs to her feet only to take Krieger down to the mat again and once more the ref checks for any pins.

Adams: I am getting the feeling neither want to make a big move. As Pierce locks in a headlock on Krieger and effectively copies what Krieger did.

Krieger takes a moment before shifting her legs again as she forces Pierce to get to her feet, which she does and Krieger does a gentle swing and manages to break free form the headlock and counters by grabbing Pierce's arm and brings it back and locks in a wrist lock. Pierce grimaces in pain a little as she begins to think about how to escape before twisting and breaking Krieger's grip before countering into a wrist lock and then a hammer lock, but Krieger takes a moment before countering into a hammerlock on Pierce.

Simone: It's Krieger's turn now to break free, as she locks in a wrist lock, but Pierce take a moment before escaping and again another counter from first Pierce and then from Krieger.

Before Pierce can contemplate her next move Krieger quickly breaks the lock and instead locks in a wrist lock, Krieger quickly twists and turns putting more pressure on the wrist lock, which drops Pierce to her knee's as she takes a moment before climbing to her feet, where she grabs Krieger's wrist and then breaks Krieger's lock and counters into her own wrist lock, which she tweaks a few times, which Krieger grimaces before doing a cartwheel to break Pierce's grip and counter.

Adams: More countering... which this time Krieger sends Pierce down to her knees but Pierce climbs back to her feet and counters yet again. I don't know about you but I want more actual wrestling here.

Pierce, however, is quick to make her escape as she rolls forward... but she continues with two more forward rolls and on the third she climbs to her feet as Krieger looks at Pierce shaking her head in disbelief as Pierce brags a little before they both reset and move back to the centre of the ring.

Simone: Well... we sort have some proper wrestling with Pierce escaping Krieger's grip.

Pierce and Krieger move forward and lock up in the centre of the ring bit Krieger overpowers Pierce and drives her into the corner, where the ref moves in and begins to count and gets to five and Krieger releases just as the ref goes to force her back. Krieger takes a step back before taking a wild swing at Pierce and connecting, which stuns Pierce. Krieger steps forward and grabs Pierce by the hair and drags her from the corner before tossing her across the ring.

Adams: Ah ha... some wrestling. Pierce and Krieger lock up in the centre, however Krieger overpowers Pierce and sends her into the corner. Krieger takes her time to release her hold and when she does she unleashes a vicious right hand on Pierce which stuns her.

Simone: Krieger is certainly flirting with disqualification here.

Pierce gets to her feet and stumbles a little away, but Krieger is back on her as she approaches before pushing Pierce up against the ropes and goes for an illegal choke. The ref moves in and gets t a four count before releasing at the ref admonishes her for that choke. Krieger moves back as Pierce drags herself from the ropes holding her neck as she coughs a few times as crawls away, however, Krieger moves back in and grabs a handful of Pierce hair before driving her face into the mat.

Simone: Pierce is in trouble here after a promising early exchange with Krieger. Krieger with another illegal move and again is told off by the ref but she just ignore it before refocusing on Pierce and grabs a handful of hair and drivers her into the mat.

Pierce holds her face as she tries to get up but Krieger is back on her and gives a firm kick to Pierce ribs who just rolls on her side holding her body. Pierce slides herself towards the ropes as Krieger once more approaches and pulls Pierce up to her feet and then drags her across the ring and throws her out of the ring.

Adams: Pierce needs to get back into this match as Krieger throws her out of the ring.

Krieger climbs out of the ring and moves around the ring to where Pierce landed, Krieger approaches Pierce and grabs her by the hair but Pierce begins to fight back and as she drives a fist into Krieger stomach, Krieger ignores it and pulls Pierce up but Pierce drives several elbows into Krieger's torso and this forces Krieger to release and Pierce takes a step back before leaping up and hitting a standing dropkick, which Krieger drops to her knees. The ref who given up shouting to bring the action back into the ring is now up to 5 in his count. Pierce looks at the ref before returning her attention to Krieger and moves in and hits the "Scrambled" - Snap DDT.


Simone: Krieger sends Pierce out of the ring, however, Pierce begins to fight again as she drives a fist into Krieger's stomach, which briefly stops her but what stops her is the elbows, the dropkick and then the snap DDT.

Adams: the ref is up to six and Pierce realises this and rolls herself into the ring to break it before back out again.

Pierce climbs to her feet, where she approaches the ring and she slides in to break the ref's count before sliding back out, where she moves to Krieger who still lays on the mat dazed. Pierce grabs Krieger by the hair and pulls her up, and rolls her back into the ring and follows close behind, where she attempt a pin...




Adams: Pierce attempts a pin on Krieger but only get a two count.

Pierce shakes her head, as she climbs to her feet, where she rolls Krieger onto her back and then attempts to lock in the 'Over It' (Haas of Pain) but Krieger lifts herself up and drives at the ropes and grabs the bottom rope and stops Pierce. Pierce releases and backs away as she watches Krieger very carefully. Krieger grabs the ropes and pulls herself up to her feet as Pierce turns and leaps onto the ropes and goes for a Springboard crossbody and Krieger catches her and then dumps her onto her back.

Simone: Pierce watches and waits and then hits a crossbody but Krieger catches her and then dumps her on her back.

Krieger turns and approaches Pierce, where she reaches down and goes to grab Pierce but instead Pierce grabs Krieger and rolls her up into a tight surprise package.

Adams: Pierce grabs Krieger and rolls her up.




Simone: Pierce pulls off a surprise win.


Justin: Winner of this match via pinfall... Courtney Pierce.

Pierce's music hits over the p.a as she quickly releases the pin and rolls herself from the ring to the outside to avoid the wrath of Johanna Krieger. The ref follows her out and raises her arm in victory.

Prior to her match, Andrea Hernandez is focused, determined and of course angry as she hangs out in the hallway. Not even her win over Seleana Zdunich is making her all that happy and the fact that Pussy Willow of all people is walking up to her with a microphone in her hands doesn't make this any better for her at all. Andrea gives a bit of a side eye to her, trying to pretend as if she isn't there, but this ultimately doesn't work.

Pussy: You're in quite a mood, Andrea...

Andrea rolls her eyes and says nothing.

Pussy: You think that beating Seleana at Blaze of Glory and getting a chance to face the Blast from the Past winner would make you... you know... not grumpy.

Andrea gives Pussy Willow a disapproving look, sighing with reluctance.

Andrea: Tomorrow, it's the one year anniversary of my world championship victory and you think that makes me happy? It doesn't. It's just there and a tease of a reminder of how overshadowed and underrated I've become. It's just a reminder of how much this company doesn't appreciate me while they constantly give LOSERS like Sam Marlowe and Seleana Zdunich title shot after title shot. Now, as far as Ruby goes... I'll get to her in a bit, but first, I have to say what needs to be said. I am one of the few REAL Bombshells in this company. Yeah, I may be what I am, but at least I am HONEST! I am a ROLE MODEL of what this generation of Bombshells needs to be! I am not flip flopping between what is right and what is wrong unlike SOME bitches around here. I am not spewing the same old crap and bashing other women when they're not facing them and then turn around and blast them to other people when they're NOT facing them unlike SOME women around here that need to get it through their fucking skull that this division doesn't revolve around them anymore. I am NOT itching for a fight against someone, only to run and hide, unlike a certain bitch that I just beat. Unlike most of this locker room, I carry myself with class, dignity, grace, elegance and sophistication! I don't get by on being a total tramp. I don't get by, by making my image all about some same sex significant other many people want to shove down the throat on social media... I am not, in any way, against the idea... but MY GOD, do you know how many women in this company, heck, this industry, base their entire image off of who they're married to? It's RIDICULOUS... and dime a dozen...

I don't need to do that because I STAND OUT from the crowd...

Pussy: Well... um...

Andrea: I am talking to an EXAMPLE of what is wrong with this company. What kind of name is PUSSY WILLOW anyway? God! That's terrible. What is your real name? I mean... it CAN'T be that... BUT, onto my point... you know who's another two faced bitch in the back? Ruby Steele. It's funny... one day, she's bashing Sam Marlowe as someone that's over the hill, and the next day on social media, she's educating someone on what Sam Marlowe has done... almost as if she's standing up for her. Throughout the entire Blast from the Past tournament, she's talking ALL of this shit, being the most arrogant, two-faced Cinderella story in professional wrestling history acting like she's better than everyone else... and when she turns on the camera and starts talking about me, she's acting all humble and gracious and acting as if she wasn't that arrogant, conceited, piece of shit that thinks she's better than everyone. Give me a BREAK! NOW she wants to act as the nice girl?

Pussy: Isn't that what you did when you first got here?

Andrea: Allow me to let you in on a little open secret here... yes, I DID do that... and it made me sick. I have ALWAYS been someone who has felt like I should be the center of attention of this division! They shouldn't be talking about Ruby, or Myra, or Keira, or Roxi... they should be talking about ME! I'm the UNIQUE one! I'm the SPECIAL BREED! Everything I've done, I've done it MY way: by being ME... which half of the bitches in this locker room don't know how to be! From the day I walked into this company, I've ALWAYS made it a mission to make it about ME! Those sob stories I told about how HARD I had it growing up and how HARD I had it when I first started doing this? That was just to sucker a bunch of second rate, social rejects into buying into my story... but I don't need them anymore. I was sick of being so FAKE...

And Ruby.... Well... she can come in with her fake attitude, fake humility, fake modesty.... Because as we ALL know... she's full of shit... and she can come in with her false delusion of grandeur and her delusion that she's anything special... and she can try to throw it in my face all she wants to but the truth is... I'm throwing something she's never experienced right back: REALITY! Because the REALITY is... Ruby's not going to beat Amber. Myra versus Amber would've been a WAY more interesting match but we settle for THIS... merely because Daniel Morgan lacked a set of BALLS to continue with this tournament and she got a GIFT by the powers that be in the form of Malcolm Cross when in REALITY... Mikah and Lachlan should've been awarded the match by forfeit. The REALITY is that Ruby's 'magic' is running out... and by the time Amber's done with her,she's going to go back to being not just any other face on the roster, but being just another bitch with the last name Steele. She hasn't been exposed yet... but she will be... and I'm going to show this company why I should NEVER be overlooked again when I CRUSH their precious, new crown jewel who will soon be exposed as FOOL'S GOLD!

Now get out of my face. Someone with such a trashy identity like yours shouldn't be interviewing SCW's definition of CLASS!

Pussy doesn't react before she quietly walks away from an angry Andrea, who makes it clear that she's just about had it with other women, and not her, having all the spotlight in Sin City Wrestling. She rolls her eyes as the scene cuts out.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see one of the three women competing for a chance at the Roulette Title at Into the Void X Krystal Wolfe working out ahead of that match.

Ariana: Are you ready for the match?

Krystal looks up and spots Ari walking up to her, she grins before standing up.

Krystal: Ready as I'll ever be to finally end this winless streak in one of the best ways possible! Can't let Carter have all the title fun, can we?

Ariana: I hear that!

Ariana responds with a grin as Krystal leans against the wall.

Ariana: How are things between you and Makayla by the way? I know you had that argument with her on Sunday and things were not great during the D&D session.

Krystal: I'd like to say that we literally kissed and made up, but she still lives in Australia and won't be moving to America until this Covid shit clears up!

Ariana: Hopefully, that will be soon.

Krystal: Hopefully! But aside from that, we're back on good terms! She knows how frustrated I've been since my main roster debut and after all she's done for me, I couldn't stay mad at her.

Ariana: Glad to hear it, by the way I passed Rocky on the way over, looks like she's interviewing you next.

Almost on cue Ms. Rocky Mountains steps into view and Krystal steps forward.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Sorry to interrupt but Krystal, your match against Candy and Bea Barnhart is next, any last minute thoughts?

Krystal: Yeah, don't you have a wheel to spin?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: The matches might be for a shot at the mens and womens Roulette Titles, but they aren't under Roulette Rules, had to confirm that with Christian myself.

Krystal: Right, right, and as for my match?

Ariana steps aside to give Krystal some room.

Krystal: Candy and Bea have been here a lot longer than me but I'm not about to let that stop me from winning! Candy's second Roulette Title reign is going to have to wait a bit longer and Bea's first reign, if that ever happens, will wait even longer! And at the end of the night, either Bea or Candy will be brought down by the Down Under Thunderbomb courtesy of "Down Under Thunder" Krystal Wolfe!

Ariana: Because she will go the distance!

Krystal momentarily glances over at Ari before chuckling.

Krystal: You know what? I'm not going to complain because I like that kind of punny word play! Just look at my finisher name!

Rocky walks off leaving the two women to chat amongst themselves as the scene fades.

We hear Bea's entrance music HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT hit the speakers and the fans rise up in a loud murmur. Their attention is directed to the entrance area where Bea Barnhart steps out from the backstage area where she walks to center of the landing and raises a mic to her mouth then her entrance music dies down.

Bea: Thanks for giving me your full attention. Oh do I have an easy match tonight! I face a wannabe Barbie Girl and a girl from Down Under who probably spends more time under a table giving favors than knowing how to conduct herself in the wrestling ring. I'm the Alpha Female in this match and my two opponents are going to find out what a royal beat down feels like. I'll walk away as the winner and I'll be assigned to the Bombshell Roulette Championship match at Into The Void X. Hope you two girls can have fun in this match because I'm damn sure gonna have fun beating you two down hard!

Bea throws the mic to the landing and she turns and walks back into the backstage area as the crowd rises up in a chorus of boos.

Justin: The following contest is a Triple Threat Roulette Qualifying match!

The guitar intro to "When Destinies Align" by Lovebites hits the speakers and Krystal makes her way onto the entrance ramp wearing a black t-shirt with the words "Critical Hit" companied with a D20 that has landed on a Natural Twenty over her ring gear.

Justin: Introducing first, from Adelaide, Australia, she is "Down Under Thunder" Krystal Wolfe!

Krystal makes her way down the ramp whilst occasionally slapping hands with the fans before she rolls into the ring and poses for the fans, as her music fades she removes her shirt and hands it to a ring attendant as she waits for her opponent.

Simone: Krystal has had the worst luck here on the Main Roster since moving up from SCU. Tonight she hopes to break this losing streak.

Adams: And get a shot at the Roulette Championship at Into the Void X!

The lights dim as pink fog starts to take over the entrance ramp. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard begins to play over the speakers as the lights brighten up. Pink pyro begins to cascade down from the tron as Candy comes bouncing out holding Fluffy.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Fluffy! From Malibu Beach, California - Candy!

She skips her way down to the ring. Outside the ring, she hands Fluffy to stagehand before getting in the ring and bouncing around some more.

Adams: "Accompanied" by Fluffy? Boy has SCW went downhill in regards to managers and valets!

Simone: Candy has been away for some time due to personal issues. Tonight she makes her return in a match with much potential for the winner.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar starts to play and we see Bea Barnhart exit from the backstage area dancing to her entrance music. She is dressed in black leather pants, a white pullover type tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket, which is basically a tough street girl look.

Justin: And from Lawrenceville, Georgia - Bea Barnhart!

As the music continues Bea makes her way down to the ring where she climbs the ring steps then ducks through the ropes into the ring. She plays the crowd for a bit before running across the ring leaping up into the corner then after playing the crowd she jumps down and settles into the corner to wait for the match to start.

Adams: Bea comes to the ring with all sorts of `tude, doesn't she?

Simone: Indeed she does! Bea Barnhart has pulled off some wins in her short career and a win tonight would propel her straight to the title shot at Into the Void X!

Referee Jacob Summers checks with all three young women before he calls for the bell.


At the sound of the opening bell, Bea marches right up to both Candy and Krystal and starts jawing at them, talking down to both ladies while pointing a finger in their faces. Krystal frowns and slaps Bea's hand away, and Bea looks absolutely insulted!

Adams: Did she actually expect Krystal to just stand there and take it?

Fuming, Bea shoves Krystal back and then turns her attention to Candy who looks at her with wide eyed innocence like "what did I do?" etched on her face. Bea then shoves HER back!

Simone: Bea is NOT making any friends in that ring! She had better be careful with this attitude of hers.

Adams: Yeah, she needs to remember that she has TWO opponents to deal with.

Bea then turns around with a scowl on her face, and Krystal slaps the taste right out of her mouth! The shock of the sting sends Bea stumbling around and Candy strikes with a forearm smash, knocking her back into Krystal who lands a head butt between her eyes!

Adams: They're using Bea like a pinball machine!

Bea falls to the mat, holding her head and she rolls outside of the ring to escape the onslaught that she had created for herself, and Krystal looks like she's about to go out after her when Candy rolls her up from behind!



Krystal kicks out!

Krystal stands up, a look of surprise on her face as Candy smiles at her and just offers a light, innocent shrug.

Simone: Candy is not as air headed as people think. The woman IS a former Roulette Champion, after all.

Krystal nods, a look of appreciative respect on her face as she and Candy circle the ring. They look to lock up when Bea comes in from behind and shoves Candy hard into Krystal! The impact sends Krystal tumbling through the ropes and to the outside, and Bea has Candy in a waist lock from behind. She runs Candy into the ropes and rolls her up into a Backlund cradle!



Candy kicks out!

Simone: That's twice now we've seen these women try to sneak in a quick win.

Adams: In a Triple Threat, it's about the easiest way to get a win without someone breaking it up.

Before Candy can rise and properly recover, Bea charges into her with a running clothesline, knocking her right back down. Candy rolls over to her hands and knees and Bea starts to show her aggressive side, grabbing Candy by the back of her head and she slams her head into the mat once, twice, then a third time! Bea then drags her up by the hair and whips her back against the near corner where Bea starts burying a barrage of knee strikes into Candy's exposed midsection and ribs. Bea then sends her into the neutral corner with an Irish whip and charges in, but Candy leapfrogs up and over her and rolls her up with a sunset flip!



Krystal breaks it up, dragging Candy out of the ring and she sends her careening into the barricade!

Simone: Remember; there are no count outs or disqualifications in Triple Threat matches.

Candy holds her back in pain as she struggles to her feet, and Krystal races right at her on the floor for a running clothesline but Candy sees it coming and she sends Krystal up and over with a back body drop right onto the hard floor, just BARELY missing the ring steps!

Adams: That was a little aggressive, even for Candy! I didn't know she had it in her!

Simone: I think she did that more by instinct than by design!

Candy looks surprised at herself for performing such a maneuver on the outside, but as she turns around, a recovered Bea Barnhart sails off of the ring apron with a senton, wiping Candy out! Bea tears Candy up by the hair and tights and she hurriedly rolls her back inside of the ring! Bea follows in and comes off the far side with a running knee strike to the head! Bea with the cover!



TH-Candy kicks out!

Adams: There's still life in Candy!

Simone: She knows what is at stake! She wants that title opportunity!

Bea drags her back into the corner and she just starts waylaying on Candy with forearm shots to the chest and then she snapmares her over. Bea sends her into the ropes again and she scoops her up for a sidewalk slam but Candy counters with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, throwing Bea clear out of the ring! On the outside, a recovered Krystal is waiting for this and she grabs Bea and pulls her to her feet but Candy sails through the ropes and crashes into BOTH Bombshells with a plancha dive, bringing the fans to their feet!

Fans: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Simone: This time away seems to have done wonders for Candy! She is confident and rejuvenated!

Candy quickly picks Krystal to follow up on and she rolls her back inside of the ring! Candy rolls inside and drags Krystal up in a front face lock, hooks a leg and brings her over with a bridging Fisherman suplex!



Krystal kicks out!

Candy brings her to her feet and she Irish whips Krystal into the far corner and runs in after her, but the GO Gym grad runs right up the turnbuckles and jumps off, landing a missile dropkick right to a surprised Candy! Candy is sent tumbling head over heels and Krystal dives on top of the back of her bended knees for the cover!



TH-Candy kicks out!

Krystal then sends Candy into the corner and charges in for a spear but Candy moves and Krystal flies through and crashes into the turnbuckles and post! Candy looks stunned and goes to check on her poor, poor opponent, when Bea is back in the match and levels her from behind!

Adams: Candy has got to stop showing concern for her opponents like that!

Bea scoops Candy up from behind and drops her in a Saito suplex! Bea then walks over and drags Krystal back into the ring and she starts laying the boots to Wolfe until she's driven down to the corner on her backside!

Simone: Bea has completely taken over this match!

Adams: Well she knew with her attitude, she'd have to go to the extreme to win this!

Bea then drags Krystal up and picks her up, setting her on the top of the corner. Bea then starts to climb, attempting a superplex but Candy runs up the ropes and she performs a DAZZLING sunset powerbomb!

Adams: Where did THAT come from!?



THR-Krystal comes off the top with a senton on BOTH women, breaking it up!!

Simone: No! Not yet! They had forgotten about Krystal!

Adams: BIG mistake!

Krystal rolls Candy over and attempts the cover!



Candy kicks out!

Krystal then scrambles to make the cover on Bea!



Bea kicks out!

Simone: There is still so much fight left in both of these women!

Krystal goes to work on Bea, but Candy strikes with an Enzugari kick to the back of her head, sending her sprawling to the canvas! Candy then pulls Krystal up into a front face lock and calls out to the SCW Universe who responds in kind - but Krystal ducks out of the hold and super kicks Candy! The blow sends Candy tumbling to the floor but before Krystal can follow up, Bea spins her around, scoops her up around the knees and pivots into a spine buster and cover!



Krystal kicks out!

Bea screams, pounding the mat! She drags her opponent up and sends her into the ropes! Bea attempts a clothesline but Krystal ducks and counters into a crucifix, turned into a sunset flip but Bea drops her knees to her shoulders!



Krystal counters with her legs, pulling Bea back into a sunset flip!



Candy tries to break it up...



Justin: Here is your winner, advancing to the Roulette Championship match at Into the Void X - Krystal Wolfe!

Simone: Krystal has done it! She has broken her losing streak!

Adams: And earned a championship match for herself at the same time!

Candy looks vastly disappointed as Bea is INCENSED! As Krystal celebrates, on the outside, her teammates Ariana Angelos and Helluva Bottom Carter are right there in front row, with smiles and applauding her big win!

There is a brief moment where the crowd dies down and that is when "Wasted" by Panic Era begins. Soon enough, Jack Washington parts the curtain. He wears the SCW World championship over his shoulder, and wears a nice dress top, slacks & shoes. He holds up the championship as he walks to the ring and walks up the stairs and into the ring. He places the championship on the corner turnbuckle and points at Justin Descent and speaks to him. Justin shakes his head, and shrugs.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Washington.

Jack smirks and then snatches the microphone from Justin and orders him from the ring. The announcement draws a mixed reaction, mostly boos however. Jack waits until they die down before he begins.

Jack: You heard it right, I am STILL the SCW World champion, who would have thunk it? Now, some of you may be upset with the fact that O'Malley thinks he won a couple of weeks ago and he just didn't get his hand raised. And that, is just too bad.


Jack: I have told you from day 1, by hook, or by crook I will get what I want. You ain't gotta like what I do, or how I do it, because at the end of the day, all that matters to me, is me and what's mine. O'Malley, is now in my rear-view mirror. He's old news and I'm past that now. Hopefully, now, O'Malley gets his life together, before he EVER tries to come at me ever again.

More boos, some cheers though.

Jack: Now, As I have taken back what is mine, and I am firmly established as the face of this franchise, I move on to the next man in line for this championship, Mark Cross.

A nice reaction for the mention of Cross's name.

Jack: You know Mark, as I stand here, thinking about how you have this major accomplishment of winning the Blast From the Past tournament twice, two years in a row, in fact, It annoys me. You think you're special, don't you? Well, I'm here to tell you Mark, that you have just jumped headlong into the ocean with the biggest, baddest shark in the water, and when you walk down that aisle and you stand in the ring with me, you better understand, I am going to eat you alive. I already made the mistake of letting my guard down once, and this championship was stolen from me. Now... it's not happening ever again.

Jack goes over to the championship and picks it up, placing it over his shoulder.

Jack: So this is the first warning to you, Mark Cross. You had better be ready, because I am not the one you mess with. If you think it's all fun and games, you are about to be in for a rude awakening. See you soon, chump.

With that, Jack simply tosses the microphone to Justin and departs.

A still upset and angry Bea Barnhart walks through the backstage hallway along with her husband, "Bulldog" Bill. She is fuming, shaking her head in disbelief at the win she had let slip through her fingers earlier when she finds "Little Miss Sunshine" Samantha Marlowe standing in her path with a cup of steaming coffee in her hand. Sam looks sympathetic and she approaches, placing a hand gently on Bea's shoulder.

Samantha: Are you alright...?

Bea stares at her. She looks at the hand on her shoulder, then snatches the coffee from Samantha's hands and THROWS the SCALDING contents in Sammi Marlowe's face! Poor Samantha screams in pain as Bea smiles in grim satisfaction and "Bulldog" quickly leads her away as backstage personnel come running....!

Backstage is Mercedes Vargas, dressed casually while wearing a mask covering her face. As if on cue, Ms. Rocky Mountains rolls up for an interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, congratulations on your win at Blaze of Glory and locking up your first win in 2021. Leading up to the supercard, you certainly had a chip on your shoulder and a lot to prove.

Mercedes readily agrees with a nod, not oblivious to the fact.

Mercedes: Rocky, you might not see it, but I'm all smiles behind this mask. I've already dropped my first few matches to begin the year and I'm sure everyone was wondering how I can turn this around. But as far as proving myself, I think I've moved beyond that. I've practically accomplished everything there is to accomplish in Sin City Wrestling. I'm a 12-time champion, a two-time World Bombshell Champion, a SCW Hall of Famer, a multiple-time Bombshell Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion, I'm at or near the top of pretty much every statistical category in the women's division if not the company and I've broken numerous records since I joined the roster. Proving myself is justified. I've practically done it all, so I think the question you really want to ask is what exactly keeps me getting up every weekend and continuing to perfect my legacy? What could possibly motivate a person to continue to go through that grind after already accomplishing so much and building quite the legacy along the way?

Mercedes unconsciously brushes away strands of her brown hair out of her face as she continues.

Mercedes: An unquenchable fire. More specifically a fire inside of me that just wants to see me standing over someone and my hand raised in victory. Time and again, I've proven that I'm still a threat in the women's division. Before my prime, in my prime, past my prime, it doesn't matter. Sunday was about making a statement. It was about sending a message that I take a backseat to no one, and Violet Amelia Holt was just the first of many who learned that lesson the hard way. I ruined Violet's Blaze of Glory moment, and I'm not the least bit sorry for it. The way I see it, I guess you can say Vivi made a little bit of history too, by ending up on my checklist.

The vivacious Argentine turns to the camera and then lifts her sunglasses up to rest above her forehead.

Mercedes: Long before she knew, and long after she'll remember.

Justin Decent: The following match is scheduled for one fall...introducing first

"Waking the Demon" by Bullet for my Valentine hits the venue's soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong boos from the crowd. Andrea scoffs at the crowd and doesn't pay them any attention at all otherwise as she is completely focused on the task at hand. She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, ignoring the crowd even further as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

Justin Decent: Now in the ring, standing 5'4 and weighing in at 126 pounds from Phoenix Arizona...ANDREA HERRRRNANDEZ

I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston begins to blast all across the speakers and as it does we are able to see Ruby Steele emerging from the curtain. She is clad in a sparkling ruby glow in the dark jacket. The jacket shines brightly and she excitedly sprints to the ring slapping the hands of the roaring fans. She does some cartwheels before finishing up with one massive backflip. She giggles before she slowly slides into the ring. She nips up to her feet and blows kisses to the crowd before she bounces about waiting for the match to begin.

Justin Decent: And her opponent, standing 5'3 and weighing in at 112 pounds from LONDON ENGLAND....Ruby STEEEEELE


Ruby smiles and waves at the fans as the bell rings, Andrea sees this as her opportunity and runs across the ring blasting Ruby with a hard forearm to the back of her head. Ruby hits the corner turnbuckle and Andrea right away starts laying in hard right hands over and over again. She then whips Ruby across the ring into an opposite corner, she gets a run up and does a handspring into a back elbow, as Ruby stumbles from the corner Andrea jumps to the second rop and leaps off with a bulldog taking Ruby right down to the mat. Andrea is on fire grounding the English grappler grabbing her arm and spinning into a fujiwara armbar. Ruby scrambles and thrashes to the side crawling over to the ropes hooking her arm over the bottom one. The referee starts the count and Andrea lets go at 4 getting to her feet telling Ruby to get up.

Adams: Andrea blindsided Ruby before she was ready.; Then again did we expect anything different?

Simone: The bell rang, just because Ruby was more concerned about smiling and waving to the fans we have in attendance doesn't mean Andrea should wait does it?. Be on your guard!

Adams: I know it wasn't strictly illegal but it was sure not in the spirit of pro wrestling and the honor that goes with it

Ruby gets to her feet and shakes out her arm, Andrea smirks and tells her to come at her. Ruby steps forward and thew two lock up proper. Andrea throws Rubys arms up and hits a standing switch into a reverse waistlock, Andrea goes to lift Ruby but Ruby blocks it, hooks her leg around Andreas and reverses into a reverse waitlock of her own, Andrea runs to the ropes and grabs the top rope pushing Ruby off her, Ruby rolls back and pops back to her feet, Andrea turns and runs at Ruby who hooks her arm and hits a japanese arm drag before popping up back to her feet, Andrea runs at her again and again Ruby hits a second Japanese arm drag, Andrea gets to her feet and this time rolls from the ring looking frustrated. She walks around the outside telling a loud fan next to her to shut up.

Ruby doesn't want to give Andrea time to recover, she hits the ropes and flies from the ring with a suicide dive, but it was all a ruse from Andrea who seemed to know what Ruby was about to do, Andrea meets Ruby as she is coming through the ropes and cold cocks her with a hard right hand!. Ruby hangs on the middle rope limply and Andrea shoves Ruby back into the ring, she follows and as Ru8by gets up Andrea runs at her and floats over landing down with a DDT spiking Ruby hard onto the mat. She rolls Ruby over and hooks her leg.



Ruby kicks out..

Simone: Ruby got some momentum but Andrea shut that dows fast. Both of these women are athletic and I think Ruby might be the better high flyer of the two but Andrea seems smarter

Adams: Andrea Hernandez has proved herself to be shrewd and vicious. She knows how to exploit her opponents weaknesses.

Andrea stays on the attack after Ruby kicks out, she pulls her head back in a reverse chinlock pulling Rubys neck back against her knee. Ruby reaches up and starts to get the crowd on her side as they start to clap over and over again, Ruby rocks from side to side and is able to get to her feet, she turns sideways and elbows Andrea in the stomach, Andrea doubles over but keeps hold of Rubys head, Ruby hits her again and again, Andrea releases the hold and Ruby hits the ropes to get some momentum, Andrea though jumps and blasts Ruby with a Busaiku knee!. Ruby is down and Andrea covers her again.



Ruby kicks out. Andrea shakes her head looking frustrated that Ruby just won't stay down. She pulls Ruby up and grabs her face holding her jaw yelling at her. She hits a scoop slam on Ruby and looks to the corner, she climbs up to the top rope facing the outside getting ready to go for the Rise of the Phoenix. She jumps and flips but Ruby rolls back towards the corner causing Andrea to crash and burn landing on her stomach in the middle of the ring, Andrea holds her ribs getting to her feet and Ruby hits a dropkick taking her down, both women get up and Ruby looks to keep the pace quick hitting another dropkick and a third before backing Andrea into the ropes and whipping her across the ring, Ruby hits her slingblade taking Andrea down and dives on her for the pin



Andrea kicks out!

Simone: That was so close! Ruby was able to get this match moving faster, that gave Andrea less time to think and Ruby was all over her, that is the key to this for Ruby she has to keep up the pace

Adams: But with how good Andrea is that might be hard, Andrea can slow this down and just pick Ruby apart...

Ruby moves to the corner climbing to the top rope, she measures Andrea up and leaps off with a frog splash, Andrea gets her knees up and Ruby lands hard, she holds her stomach and rolls around, Andrea drags herself up and shakes her head looking at Ruby, she pulls Ruby up and runs her into the corner face first before stomping Ruby down over and o0ver, Andrea backs up and then sprints forward leaping in the air hitting a hesitation dropkick right to the chest of Ruby, she then pulls Ruby up and sits her on the top rope, Andrea climbs up and goes for a hurricanrana off the top, but Ruby throws Andrea backwards, Andrea lands on her feet and stays on the battack with Ruby but Ruby kicks Andrea backwards before leaping off the middle rope with a blockbuster. Ruby breathes heavily and gets some distance between them.

She measures Andrea up and goes for her shining wizard, but Andrea catches Ruby, stands up and drops her down in a powerbomb. Ruby bounces off the mat and both women are down. Referee Drew Patton starts the count.




Andrea sits up and slides back to the ropes.



Andrea grabs the ropes and starts to get up, Ruby rolls over to her stomach and drags herself towards the ropes on the opposite side of the ring.



Andrea is to her feet, Ruby is on one knee



Both women are up and staring at each other from across the ring, Andrea shakes her head looking angry that Ruby again refuses to stay down, Ruby smirks and nods as the two women then move to the center and explode at each other with hard right hands in a hockey fight

Simone: Here we go! It's broken down into a street fight!

Adams: Fists are flying!

The fists fly as both women connect over and over again, Andrea though gets the upper hand and backs Ruby into the ropes, Andrea whips Ruby across the ring and goes for another knee strike, she connects and Ruby goes down, Andrea looks at the corner and quickly gets up there throwing herself back with the Rise of the Phoenix connecting! She pins!





Justin: Here is your winner... ANDREEEEEEEEEA HERNANDEEEEEEEZ!

Simone: Someone's winning streak had to come to an end tonight and Andrea shows that little bit more desire to win.

Adams: Andrea just beat the Blast From The Past winner... That's gotta push her straight up the rankings here in SCW.

On the SCW-Tron, the crowd sees Fenris power walking through the backstage hallway, and they cheer at the sight of the "White Wolf!" He is throwing open random doors and shouting in his native tongue as he does so...

Fenris: Davíð! Ég veit að þú ert hér!

Fenris finds himself at the makeup station and he throws aside the clothes rack, earning a cry of protest from Janet the Makeup Lady but Fenris has a one track mind and pays little to no attention at the SCW employee now on her knees, picking up the fallen costumes and garments used by the SCW Superstars and Bombshells for their photo shoots. Fenris looks around and then looks - down - and seemingly notices her for the first time.

Fenris: Hvar er hann!? Hvar er Davíð !?

Janet slowly looks up with wide eyes and gives her head a shake.

Janet the Makeup Lady: Um, excuse me? I don't speak ... Icelandic.

Fenris closes his eyes. He is so lost in his temper that he had subconsciously slipped back into his native Icelandic without even realizing. One of the old habits that seems to be resurfacing without his brother Aron being around to correct him. He draws in a deep breath and then opens his eyes.

Fenris: Where ... is David Shepherd?

Janet shakes her head.

Janet the Makeup Lady: I ... don't know, although I'd like to know myself. He's competing tonight and hasn't shown up for his fitting! If you see him...

Fenris: If I do ... won't be enough left of him to fit in anything!

Just then, the crowd boos as we see Father Gerald Shepherd come up from behind Fenris, his SCU Underground Championship displayed proudly on his shoulder, and he has The Good Book propped open in his hands.

Gerald: But it shall come about, if you do not obey the Lord your God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes with which I charge you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you...

Gerald smirks even as Fenris turns around, seething in anger. Gerald takes one step back, in what seems to be a showing of respect.

Gerald: You can turn a new leaf today, "White Wolf". You CAN be saved. Little known fact, the Shepherd's Flock is growing. Men are professing their sins to His Highest, seeking forgiveness, and being flooded with strength.

Gerald flips a page, and he is about to speak more, but Fenris knocks the book right out of Gerald's hands and to the floor as he mutters in Icelandic. Gerald puffs his chest out, ready to defend himself if necessary.

Gerald: This is one of the things I'm talking about. You are flooded with rage, and there is no justification for it. Last night on Underground, I had justification, because two members of my flock were taken out by masked cowards. I acted out, but immediately asked for His forgiveness. For what it's worth, I am working hard to counsel my son to let go of his rage, amongst other things.

Gerald goes to put a comforting hand on Fenris' shoulder, but Fenris smacks it away and gets in Gerald's face, though Gerald does not flinch. He simply lowers his arm.

Gerald: You have many flaws, son. But you are not above redemption. I know David acted out, and left you worse for wear at Blaze of Glory, but let me tell you that this was the product of so much confusion inside of him, just as it is for you. I do wish that you two would see this and work on bettering yourselves from this.

Fenris smirks and simply shakes his head, turning away from the Patriarch of the Shepherds Clan - when he suddenly wheels around and PUNCHES Gerald right full on in the face! The blow staggers Father Gerald and knocks him back against the wall, and he finds himself thrown over onto the hard building floor with his wrist bent backwards against the floor and elbow pointed up, and Fenris standing right on the back of his hand, staring down at him!

Fenris: Give your son this message!

But right before he can deliver the Shayna Baszler arm stomp, Brother David Shepherd is there, striking Fenris from behind with a steel folding chair, and thus, saving his father from possibly having his elbow and shoulder dislocated! Fenris goes down and lands hard on his hands and knees as David brings the chair down across his back over and over until the seat busts right off! Father Gerald stands and directs traffic for his son as David puts the boots to Fenris, and soon enough, Father Gerald joins in! Father Gerald then drags Fenris up and holds him by his arms so that his son David has free reign to bury his fists into Fenris's body and face without the need to worry about Fenris fighting back! David then grabs Fenris by the face, cupping his chin with one hand and stares hard into his blue eyes. David's sneer turns into a smirk and he delivers an insulting slap right across the face as Gerald throws Fenris to the floor! Security, having been alerted by Janet's screams, rushes onto the scene and ushers both father and son away as Fenris coughs and chokes, favoring his back from David and Gerald's two on one onslaught!

The Good Shepherds back away, David staring down at Fenris as the paramedics check on him, while Gerald smiles with pride, patting his boy on the shoulder as they retreat.

The scene opens to Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing backstage. A few moments later, SCU interviewer Gemma Frost appears in the scene.

Gemma: So, Sin City Wrestling have their own backstage interviewers...

The Dragon: You know my heart will always be in SCU Gemma. Besides, nobody really gets to the heart of a matter like you do.

Gemma: Oh is that so?

The Dragon: Yeah...and Dev wouldn't answer my calls.

Gemma: He's still pretty salty about all that Fire Dragons stuff...all those pranks you played on him...

The Dragon: Valentina also won't answer my calls! There's no Fire Dragons stuff to even worry about.

Gemma: Wow, the most popular guy in the building then. Although...I hear you've cut a few ties of your own?

The Dragon: Block buttons are incredible inventions Gemma, I can tell you that much.

Gemma: OK - So for the viewers at home, you have Ruby and Courtney blocked on Twitter right now following the fallout from Blast from the Past...but you've not been known to hold back on your opponents yourself, have you?

The Dragon: That's true, past opponents probably have a completely different opinion of me to people I meet in passing. I have lost friends over it, and I'll probably lose more...but everything that comes out of my mouth I whole-heartedly believe, and I live and die by that. The difference though? When it's all over and done with, I give my opponent the respect they deserve, for the challenge they gave me, for making me work for it. I don't have any interest in dragging anything out, I'm already onto the next challenge. If they want to grab a beer afterwards? Great. If they don't want to shake my hand because of what I said in the build-up? Well, I probably deserved that. Kicking someone while they're down, after they've just been through a war with you? Lack of respect, lack of class, lack of experience, and all that comes back in some respects to me.

Gemma: So what you're saying is it's OK for you to destroy your own reputation, but Ruby can't?

The Dragon: Pretty much. Look, as I say, if I make my own bed, I lay in it, that's fine, but I've talked about longevity in this business before. Conduct and professionalism are just as important as winning matches. Any partner of mine, whether it was planned or we were pushed together, needs to understand who else they're affecting. If she's saying that in public, what kind of conversations are we having behind closed doors? That's anyone's guess.

Gemma: So why the block, couldn't you have just let it lay?

The Dragon: I just want to move on from it honestly. Blast from the Past this year? Nowhere near as much fun as the year before. I felt the pressure of trying to go two straight weighing heavy, I held on too tight, and with how my partner decided to behave? Straw that broke the camel's back. Having that child and her silly little girlfriend, who from what I remember literally couldn't buy herself a win before Blaze of Glory, piping up on the timeline is just another reminder of an experience I was glad to see come to an end. I've got bigger fish to fry.

Gemma: And in going two straight, maybe getting that monkey off your back about being carried by Evie.

The Dragon: You know, I didn't even get a sarcastic Tweet from Evie. Kinda disappointed...but you're right. There was a lot riding on it, obviously, and as well as being able to put any talk of anyone being carried to bed, it also gives me the opportunity to right a wrong that's needed correcting for a while. It's time I captured my first title on the main brand.

Gemma: You said you were holding on too tight, assuming you'll be putting that right before your title shot?

The Dragon: Exactly. I forgot to have fun for a few months. I didn't try to make anyone wear a silly t-shirt, I didn't even try and bring another marching band backstage. I'll still train hard every day, Jack knows I won't be going easy on him in the build-up, but let's face it...this job, this position I'm in? It's the dream of literally so many aspiring wrestlers out there, I wouldn't even like to count. The way I see it? If I'm walking around like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders the whole time, I'm doing every single one of them a disservice when they'd give their right arm to be here.

Gemma: ...and you're starting this from next week? So I know to be on my toes?

The Dragon: Absolutely. Oh, and Gemma, to thank you for coming all the way out here, there's a present waiting for you in the women's locker room.

Gemma: Aww you shouldn't have!

Suddenly, a barking can be heard from out of shot.


A black and white fluffy dog, that looks like a border collie at first glance, bounds across the screen, a large pink bow around their collar. In hot pursuit are two members of the backstage team.


The Dragon:'t worry Gemma, I'll get your present back!

He disappears out of shot in pursuit.

Gemma: You've gotta be f...Your number one contender for the SCW World Heavyweight champion everybody. Mark "The Dragon" Cross. Can you imagine how unbearable he's gonna be if he wins?

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the lights flashing across the arena.

Simone: This is the second time tonight that Jessie has come out, has she changed her mind from the previous time about using her streak of PPV wins to get a title shot?

Adams: I think she learned her lesson from the title shot ban.

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the Christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and takes the mic from the stage hand.

Jessie: Yep, I'm back again, because you can't get enough of me!

Jessie says as she paces around the ring.

Jessie: Now I would say that I'm going to make this quick, but I'd be lying, see a certain anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, say the 300th episode of Climax Control?

The crowd pops as Jessie says that.

Jessie: Now granted, the fact that I'm one of the few members of the roster who has been with the company since the Climax Controls were in the double digits makes me feel old as fuck but that's not why I'm out here, Keira Fisher of Team Hero issued a challenge for one last match between the Metal and Punk Connection and Team Hero and whilst I am out here to say that off course I fucking accept, well, I didn't come alone.

Simone: She doesn't mean?

Adams: We haven't seen her since the first round of the Blast from the Past Tournament!

Jessie: Isn't that right, Amy?

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Santino is written in red and in Japanese.

Amy surveys the crowd for a moment giving a little smile.

She then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and takes a mic before moving to join Jessie.

Amy: Miss me?

The crowd roar with approval as again Amy smiles as she places her mask in her pocket.

Amy: It's no secret that Team Hero vs Metal & Punk Connection has been mentioned a few times on twitter ever since the mention of Climax Control 300. Obviously at first, I was a little apprehensive because of my break and how long it would come back fitness etc... following my pregnancy. I am fit and heathy... it's obvious I didn't miss a step at blast from the past tournament... even though the outcome wasn't in my favour.

Amy shrugs in disappointment before continuing.

Amy: Anyway... It would be an honour and pleasure to join Jessie and face off against Keira and Roxi – Team Hero.

Jessie offers Amy a fistbump and the hall of famer readily gives Jessie one before Jessie goes up to the ring ropes facing the entrance ramp.

Jessie: I guess there's only one thing left to do, isn't there?

Jessie asks rhetorically and Amy nods in agreement.

Jessie: Roxi, Keira, we understand that you guys are a little busy tonight, what with the main event for a shot at the Bombshell Internet Championship and all, but I think you can make time for this, come out here and make this official!

It is at that point that "Limelight" By Rush starts and Team Hero parts the curtain, both Roxi and Keira marching down the aisle and entering the ring, the faceoff with The Metal and Punk Connection causing several flashes of camera phones. There is a smile on both Roxi and Keira's faces.

Roxi: Ladies, we've been planning this for a long time. Team Hero vs. Metal and Punk one more time, just for old times' sake? CC 300? It's a date. We gladly accept.


Keira: We wouldn't miss it for the world. We'll see you guys in a couple of weeks, and we'll have one more dance.

Jessie: Well then, it's official.

Jessie says before she and Amy offer Team Hero handshakes and Roxi and Keira accept.

Jessie: See you at Climax Control 300!

The crowd goes nuts as "Wolves of War" by Burn Halo, the first Metal and Punk Connection theme, plays and the two teams stare each other down.

Simone: We are looking at a Match of the Year contender here!

Adams: I can't wait!

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is set for one fall...

Justin stops to see what the crowd is looking at. ON the rampway we see GRIME Nightmare Champion Omasa Tazu walking down the rampway as she heads towards the ring. Omasa gets in the ring and asks Justin for his microphone.

Simone: Looks like Omasa Tazu from GRIME is here.

Adams: Uh oh, never a good sign when GRIME is here.

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the crowd boos as the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. The lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp with a black folder in her hand.

Simone: Now Mercedes Vargas is here? What is going on?

Cheers, boos, and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her lengthy hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps before pointing at the folder then turning to Omasa. Mercedes walks up to Justin as he hands her the microphone instead of Omasa.

Mercedes: Before you bother with calling out anyone, I have something for you. Telling Gianni your intentions ahead of time only prepared him. In my hand is a folder with a GRIME Nightmare Championship match. You'll see under approval has Gianni's signature. Here take a look to see who signed the dotted line under the challenger.

Adams: Are we gonna have?

Simone: It looks like it.

Omasa smacks the contracts from Mercedes's hand. Omasa then quickly takes her GRIME title off her waist. SCW referee Jasmine slides in the ring to get between them. She asks Mercedes to go to the opposite side of the ring. Justin picks up the folder and hands it to Jasmine to check the paperwork. She shows it to Omasa, who doesn't care to look. Omasa passes her title to Jasmine to start the match instead.

Justin: This match is a GRIME Rules match for the GRIME Nightmare Championship!!! Already in the ring, first the Champion from GRIME Wrestling... Omasa Tazuuuu!!!

And her opponent...

Omasa slides out of the ring and heads to the timekeeper table as she decides to ring the bell herself to start the match.


The bell sounds off as Omasa slides back in the ring and stands at her corner as Justin shoots her a dirty look as he leaves the ring. Mercedes walks over to her, running her mouth along the way. Mercedes gets close enough for Omasa to land a straight punch to Mercedes' chin. Mercedes steps back, holding her jaw. Omasa stays put; Mercedes steps in and goes to grab Omasa. Omasa swings her arms to smack Mercedes' arms away as she also gets her leg up to land a hard kick to the chest.

Adams: That's a rib cracker right there.

Mercedes drops to her knees as she holds her chest. Omasa spins around as she goes for a spin kick to the head, but Mercedes grabs Omasa's foot to counter and lock in an ankle lock hold.

Simone: Omasa could tap right here and we'll have a new GRIME champion!

Omasa uses her free leg to kick Mercedes in the chest. The kick gets Mercedes to let go of the hold. Omasa goes to her corner to pick up her wooden sword as Mercedes gets back up from her knees. Mercedes gets her hands up and steps back. Mercedes walks backward till she gets to the ropes then exits the ring. She walks up the ramp but stops halfway to wave Omasa to follow.

Adams: Mercedes seems to be trying to get Omasa to follow.

Simone: Anyone who knows how smart Mercedes is, would know following her could lead to disaster.

Mercedes keeps walking up the ramp as Omasa leaves the ring to follow Mercedes to the back.

Simone: This is gonna get messy real quick.

Omasa makes it backstage to see Mercedes standing there holding a lead pipe.

Adams: Clean up crew, get ready!

The two start to swing at each other, with the two blocking every swing. Mercedes goes for a stiff kick, but Omasa blocks the kick as the two keep swinging their weapons.

Simone: This is chaos!

Omasa side steps to move out of the way from a swing of the lead pipe. Omasa lands a stiff kick to the back of Mercedes' knee. Mercedes drops to her knees while getting her lead pipe over her head to block an overhead swing from Omasa.

Adams: This is like Star Wars!

Mercedes takes her free hand and swings it around to wrap around Omasa's leg to trip her up. Omasa lands on her free hand to push herself off the ground to land on her feet. Mercedes perfectly times a throw of her lead pipe to hit Omasa in the nose.

Simone: Oh my God, that was sickening!

Omasa drops down, the back of her head hitting the hard floor. Mercedes gets to her feet and stomps on her face. Mercedes turns Omasa's face to the side as she puts her foot on Omasa's face and holds it there as the ref counts.





Justin: Your winner of the match, and the NEW GRIME Nightmare Champion... Mercedes Vargasssssss!!!!!!

Jasmine hands the title over to Mercedes who looks over it fondly then looks down at the still unconscious Omasa. Satisfied with her handiwork, Mercedes keeps her foot on top of the former champ and poses, raising the Nightmare Championship in the air.

Adams: SCU has a new GRIME Nightmare champion in the form of SCW's Mercedes Vargas!

"All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor begins to play on the sound system and the crowd in attendance erupts in a huge pop. The music plays through the first few lines of the chorus before the returning Bombshell herself, Bobbie Dahl, bursts through the curtain with her number one fella, Artie, by her side! She dances awkwardly for a few moments and Artie just shakes his head before the duo starts making their way to the ring.

Adams: She's baaaaaack! Again! After several months off, at least from the active roster, Bobbie Dahl is back!

Simone: That she is! And we're about to find out a little more about her surprising return two weeks ago at Blaze of Glory! She's been relatively quiet on Twitter since she came back, but hopefully we'll learn more about why she helped Bella and Courtney.

Once they make it to the ring, Bobbie steps aside and actually lets Artie walk up the steps first! He looks confused for a moment, but shrugs it off before walking up the steps. As soon as he does, everyone learns just why Bobbie let him go first! She playfully smacks his ass, causing Artie to jump a little, and he just shakes his head as he enters the ring with Bobbie following behind him.

Simone: It may be just my opinion, but I don't think Artie really has much of a behind to be deserving of that little smack. each their own.

Adams: He must have something, or Bobbie wouldn't have done it!

Simone: Yes, she would have.

Artie walks over and grabs a microphone for his loving lady before walking back over to her and handing it to her. She blows him a kiss and then winks to him as her music dies down and the two stand in the center of the ring. The crowd quiets down, allowing her a few moments to prepare her explanation. She doesn't need that long, however as she looks around at all the fans and smiles.

Bobbie: Hot damn, it feels good to be back! I gotta admit, for a while there, I wasn't sure if I was actually going to bite the bullet and come back, but here I am! And there all of you lovely people are so it's back to business people!!

The crowd cheers again and she smiles, taking a few moments to soak it all in.

Bobbie: Now, I'm not going to stand here and waste too much time rambling on about a bunch of other stuff, because from what I understand, ya'll want some answers! So, I'm out here to give them to you! Well, you want just one answer in particular, so let's cut to the chase shall we? Blaze of Glory IX. One of the biggest shows of the year for SCW, and what a show it was. Not many people even knew I was at the show!

She smiles and shrugs innocently. Artie nods in agreement before she continues speaking.

Bobbie: Me and Artie were just hanging out backstage, having a good time watching the show. We were looking forward to watching Fenris paralyze Mercer for what the bastard did to Aron on more than one occasion. If I'm honest, I had no intention of returning to active competition when we came to the show two weeks ago. But...that all changed in one instant.

Bobbie looks at Artie. He just shrugs, having nothing to add and Bobbie sighs before looking back around the crowd.

Bobbie: Bella and Courtney...they put on a hell of a match. Both those girls are highly underrated if you ask me and after a great match, someone decided to butt in for no apparent reason, and the second I saw what was happening...I bolted out of the room. I sprang to action and did what should have been done a while ago!

Adams: She still hasn't said why...

Simone: Relax, Jason. She's getting there.

Bobbie lowers the microphone for a few moments, as she thinks about her next words. The crowd cheers her on, and she just nods before raising the microphone again.

Bobbie: But...why? That's the question everyone has been asking me the last two weeks. The one question I haven't been able to escape. And here I thought the answer was, or should have been obvious, but I guess not. So I'll make it nice and clear right here...right now! The reason that I came out and saved Bella and Courtney from that vicious attack by Tempest? Easy...

She pauses but only briefly and her smile fades, becoming more serious.

Bobbie: Because it was the RIGHT thing to do!

Adams: That...That's it? There's not more to it?

Simone: Does there need to be? That seems like a damn good reason!

Bobbie nods as the crowd chatters amongst themselves and she looks over to Artie, still a very serious look on her face. He has a slight smile on his face, proud of her.

Bobbie: That's it. That's all. There has been no one else to really stand up to what Tempest has been doing off and on since she first landed here in SCW, and I just couldn't sit back and let it continue any longer! It has nothing to do with someone closer to her size standing up to her like I'm sure some of you may think was the reason. Even if I was skinnier I would have done it! Even if I was weaker, I would have done it! Because it was the right thing to do! And if Tempest wants to continue barging out to the ring after every Bombshell match and trying to break these women in half?

She pauses again and stares directly into the camera with a fiery determination and almost warning to Tempest.

Bobbie: Then I will CONTINUE coming out to stop her! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! That's not a warning, either.

She leans in closer to the camera and narrows her eyes quickly.

Bobbie: That's a PROMISE! The choice is yours, Tempest. I hope you'll make the right one.

Bobbie then drops the microphone and takes Artie's hand. Her music starts playing once again as the two exit the ring and start heading backstage once again.

Simone: Well there you have it! Short, sweet and to the point!

Adams: I hope for Bobbie's sake that Tempest wasn't watching backstage...

The show cuts to the SCW Bombshells Internet Champion Myra Rivers as she sits in the locker room with her title around her waist. She's in a mixed mood. There's still some hints of dejection from Blaze of Glory, but nothing that is overwhelming. Even in the face of that, she's being as strong as she can possibly be as she begins to express some of the thoughts that are going through her mind.

Myra: It goes without saying that the Blast from the Past finals did not go the way I wanted them to go. It's also no secret that I was ultimately disappointed with the way things turned out. I'm not going to lie to you all and say that the 'so close, yet so far' feeling that I've experienced millions of times before in recent years didn't hurt, because it did. Nobody's harder on myself then well... me. I've always had that mindset that 'close don't mean shit'. But on the other side of it, it's like I've said before, I've always learned from my shortcomings and that's what my entire run here in Sin City Wrestling has been and as the Internet Champion, I've been able to prove that I've learned from these shortcomings over and over and over again, retaining and defending this title against any and all comers that they've thrown against me. Like I said, Blaze of Glory wasn't the end, it was the beginning... the beginning of the next phase of my career in this company. This next phase of my SCW career? Yeah, I know what's going to happen. It's going to get tougher.

Coming off of an incredible Blast from the Past run? That spotlight on me is going to be bigger.

The scrutiny on me is going to be bigger.

The locker room critics and the armchair quarterbacks are going to start being harder on me with their opinions about me and my reign... and suffice to say, that's already started.

False narratives based on these opinions from these armchair quarterbacks are going to be spoken of by those that just want to do little more than discredit me and take that title from me. And yeah, I know that before in my career, I've handled all of this poorly... but any time I've been in the situation that I'm describing now, I've never been as strong of a person and I've never been as great of a professional wrestler than I am right now and I KNOW that regardless of all that noise and all of that TMZ style nonsense, I WILL rise above it and it WILL be different because not only am I NOT going to crack and shatter under all of that spotlight, scrutiny and pressure like I have in the past, I'm going to finally do the one thing I haven't done and that's reach my fullest potential as a professional wrestler. And while I'm not wrestling tonight, I already know that this next phase of my SCW career has already started... and that's because of the main event tonight that I have an obvious, vested interest in...

Whatever signs of dejection Myra had when she began to speak are gone as she's back to business. She signifies this by draping the title over her shoulder.

Myra: Six women are going to get the chance to challenge for this title. And even though I've already faced and retained the title against two of the women in this match, I already know that it's going to be a brutal, tough challenge... perhaps the toughest of my reign, regardless of who it winds up being. I'm not going to sit here and run down every single one of them. I'm not going to sit here and make predictions as far as who is going to win. I'm not going to say 'I hope this person wins' or 'I hope this person doesn't win' because I'm not the type of champion that worries about these things. At the end of the day, I can't control who I face. I will, however, say this...

To whomever DOES win this thing, just know that you're not going to easily take this from me as you may think you do. You can say whatever opinions you want about me and my reign as the champion, but the bottom line is what happens between us in that ring and what the outcome is going to be. I've never been the type of person that runs away from a challenge, no matter who it is... and this situation is going to be no different.

So to my challenger, whomever this may be...

To the increased spotlight, increased pressure and increased scrutiny...

And to any other obstacle in the way as I enter this next phase of my SCW run...

Bring in on! Because the one thing I've learned since I've come to this company is that there's nothing that will stand in my way that I can't overcome, regardless of who or what it is!

Myra remains composed and confident, making it clear that she's not letting Blast from the Past nor any obstacle that may come in her way, slow her down. The scene fades as she stands up and exits the scene...

O'Malley and Darcy are seen walking hand in hand backstage. Darcy seems to be in brighter spirits than O'Malley, as he has almost a blank expression on his face as the two walk, unsure of where exactly they are headed. As they continue walking, they are suddenly stopped by Pussy Willow, microphone in hand and eager for some form of an interview.

PW: O'Malley. Darcy. Good to see the both of you here tonight. Decided not to stay home for the evening?

O'Malley shrugs but Darcy is all too happy to answer.

Darcy: Well, he might not have been booked in a match this evening, but his work is not finished. Regardless of whether or not he is booked, we'll always find a reason for him to be here.

Pussy Willow nods and O'Malley lets out a sigh. Darcy nudges him lightly, trying to get him to cheer up it seems, and Pussy Willow can't help but notice.

PW: You don't seem very interested in being here, O'Malley?

O'Malley: It is what it is, love. I'm here, so it don't really matter, does it?

Pussy Willow almost scratches her head and Darcy just sighs.

PW: Is this whole lack of enthusiasm because of your loss to Jack Washington at Blaze of Glory? Judging by your attitude, I'm assuming you' up?

O'Malley cracks an annoyed smile and shrugs.

O'Malley: Not much point, is there? Jack beat me. He was the better man that night, wasn't he? I mean, the bastard cheated to win and while I have every reason to continue me fight fer the World Heavyweight Championship, there's not much point to do so this cycle, is there?

Darcy: O'Malley, stop...

O'Malley shakes his head, but he doesn't seem at all angry. He just accepts what is.

O'Malley: Nah, love. Ye know, I really need to congratulate Jack Washington on that win. He did what he had to do to hold on to his title, and it worked. Well done, kid. And now he gets to move on to fight a fella that last year did absolutely nothin' after he won the Blast From The Past tournament.

PW: You sound kind of bitter.

He shakes his head.

O'Malley: I ain't bitter. I don't really care, honestly. Mark Cross will do the same damn thing as he did last year. He'll go feckin' silent because all he wanted was a stupid tournament win, but when it comes to selling the win and hyping the big prize ye get fer it, he'll do nothin'. And Jack Washington cheated to beat me, yet ye know what's gonna happen? People are gonna give me hell and continue to call me a loser because I still didn't win. It's a bunch of bullshite and I'm sick of it.

PW: So, where do you go next then?

He shrugs.

O'Malley: That...ain't up to me, is it? I ain't gonna do what so many others do and fail at winnin' one title, only to try and go fer another. Nah. My future in SCW ain't up to me. Where I go from here in SCW is up to the bosses, because clearly I clearly have no feckin' clue what I deserve or what I'm capable of.

PW: That seems a bit harsh to say about yourself, don't you think?

O'Malley laughs and shakes his head.

O'Malley: Clearly not, love. Shite don't work out the way I want it to lately, so I'm done tryna decide fer meself. It's time to roll with the punches and just deal with where ever I go from here. And I'll just continue to prove everyone else right when they say shite about me. It was nice chattin' with ye, Pussy. Have a good night.

Darcy quietly mouths "I'm sorry" to Pussy Willow before she and O'Malley continue on their way down the hall. Pussy Willow stands back for a few moments, dumbfounded at what just happened as the scene cuts away to elsewhere in the building.

The camera switches back to ringside where Justin Decent is waiting for the next match to begin.

Justin: Our following contest is scheduled for one fall!

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Feel Invincible" by Skillet begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Justin: Introducing first! On his way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma he is 6'4" and weighed in this morning at 245lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds he is Brother David Shepherd!

Simone: If I were David, I'd be on the lookout for Fenris tonight. He clearly wasn't smart enough to pay attention to the last couple of months as Fenris battled with Austin James Mercer!

Adams: Or...he just didn't care?

And the boos become louder. David walks out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up. He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage. He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he comes to the center of the stage. He walks down the aisle as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and jumps up onto the apron. He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and bounces off of the ropes multiple times with high, angry energy as he waits for the match to start.

Justin: And his opponent...

The crowd erupts into a huge pop as all eyes fall on the entrance...

Fragments Of Insanity by Necrodeath plays over the sounds system as Agostino Romano comes out with James Brown from the curtain, wearing green and yellow wrestling trousers with green and yellow elbow pads and green and yellow boots, having his fists in the air with James Brown following behind him.

Justin: Making his way to the ring! Weighing in at 215 pounds! From Milan, Italy, he is the SCW Internet Champion! Agostino Romano!

Agostino does high fives to the crowd before seeing a kid in the front row which he pulls funny faces at along with giving them a hat from his Global Bike Championship days. He then goes inside of the ring and waves at the fans with the crowd cheering for him while James claps from outside of the ring before Agostino stares across the ring at Brother David, waiting for the match to begin.

Adams: Is it just me, or is anyone else glad the Internet Championship isn't on the line tonight? The game of pass the title is making me dizzy!

Simone: You and everyone else I believe.

Referee Dawn Barnes stands between both Agostino and Brother David as the crowd gets louder, ready for this next match to start. A few moments later, Dawn calls for the bell!


Once the bell rings, Agostino charges at David, trying to use his speed to outsmart David. David goes for a quick clothesline, but Agostino drops down and slides past his legs before jumping back to his feet and spinning around to meet David once again. David spins and is met with a quick forearm that sends him stumbling back, but Agostino keeps on the offensive. He delivers a few right shows, backing David into the corner and trying to wear him down. David gets his arms up, trying to block each shot and eventually Dawn has to intervene and get Agostino to back off or face disqualification.

Simone: Agostino making the right decision there. I'm sure had the tables been turned, Brother David wouldn't have!

Adams: Are you kidding?! He follows the Lord! He never cheats!

Simone: You're terrible at sarcasm.

Adams: I wasn't being sarcastic...

Agostino holds his hands up, not wanting to be disqualified and he does as he is told. David shakes his head for a moment and then glares at Agostino, clearly frustrated already and before Dawn has a chance to check on David, David lunges at Agostino, taking him down with a spear that nearly takes Dawn out in the process! She jumps to the side as David begins pummeling away at Agostino, holding on to a fistful of his hair as he hits him with closed fist shots to the temple one after the other.

Simone: And there is the David we all know and love to hate.

Adams: So mean, Belinda.

Once Agostino is seeing stars, David stands up and does a quick but effective stomp to the head as the crowd starts booing loudly, but the son of Father Gerald Shepherd doesn't care. He glares around and steps away for a moment, proud of himself.

Simone: Mean or not, Brother David has no sense of right or wrong. None of The Shepherds do.

Adams: But...they're--

Simone: Stop right there, because I don't want to hear it.

Agostino rolls and then gets to his hands and knees, giving the perfect opportunity for David to get back on the offensive. David steps forward and delivers a hard kick to the ribs, causing Agostino to double over. He holds his rib cage and tries to get away but David reaches down and pulls Agostino back to his feet. He takes his arm and then whips him across the ring into the corner turnbuckle. David backs up into the turnbuckle just behind him, watching as Agostino's back crashes into the turnbuckles on the opposite side.

Adams: That had to hurt.

Simone: And I think what David is going to do next is going to hurt worse.

David grabs a hold of the ropes on either side of him and thinking he has Agostino in a vulnerable spot, he charges across the ring! He runs at full speed and right before he goes flying into Agostino, Agostino ducks and David instead flies chest first into the turnbuckles. He stumbles back and Agostino grabs a hold of his head, taking him down in a neckbreaker! He immediately goes for the pin and Dawn drops down!

Simone: That backfired!



David kicks out!

Adams: But it didn't end it!

Simone: Not yet, anyway.

David tries to roll away quickly, holding both his chest and the back of his head. Agostino gets back to his feet. As David is trying to push himself to his hands and knees, Agostino launches himself at the ropes and springboards back with a leg drop over the back of David's head! David crashes back down and again tries to roll away!

Simone: Brother David in a tough spot right now. Agostino is bulldozing right through him.

Adams: He's the Internet Champion! You make it sound like he's not worthy of beating Brother David?!

Simone: Don't put words in my mouth, Jason.

Agostino tries to keep on David and before David can attempt to get back to his feet, Aagostino crouches over him and locks him into a Boston Crab submission hold, causing David to yell out in pain immediately but he's not close enough to the ropes to get Agostino to break the hold.

Adams: Oh my back!

Simone: Oh, Brother David's back! This is not looking good for him!

Adams: Can you imagine what his father will do or say if he loses this match?!

David shakes his head as Dawn checks on him and asks him if he wants to give up! He continues shaking his head even as Agostino locks it in more! He reaches for the bottom rope but isn't close enough!

Adams: Close but yet so far!

Knowing he has to do something to save himself, and keep the match going, David plants both of his palms against the mat and uses his upper body strength to push himself up just enough to move forward little by little! He reaches forward each time, still not close enough and fighting through the pain as Agostino refuses to break the hold and David refuses to tap out!

Simone: I don't know if David refusing to tap is commendable or downright stupid. The longer that hold is locked in, the worse his back will feel!

Realizing that David is getting closer and closer to the ropes, Agostino begins shaking his head, but before he can drag David away, David reaches with one last ditch effort and finally gets a hold of the bottom rope! Dawn immediately orders Agostino to break the hold, and he does, backing away quickly!

Simone: Finally! But that took a lot out of him!

Adams: He's going to need some serious painkillers and a heating pad tonight...

David is clearly in an intense amount of pain and he rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring, trying to catch his breath and regain some of his strength. Dawn orders Agostino to stand back and when she turns to go check on David and try to get him back into the ring, Agostino waits for a moment. David ignores Dawn and walks slowly outside the ring, holding his lower back as he does.

Agostino watches David's every move and as David keeps walking, Agostino formulates a plan. As David walks and doesn't pay attention to Agostino, Agostino backs against the ropes and then charges across the ring just as David approaches the opposite side! When the crowd cheers, David turns just as Agostino flies through the second rope in a suicide dive, and he ducks, causing Agostino to go flying into the barricade, momentarily stunning him!

Simone: Well...that didn't go the way he planned!

Adams: I saw that one coming...

David leans against the ring apron with his hand up and holding on to the edge of the mat for support. He glares at Agostino as the former motorcycling racer shakes away the stars. David does everything he can and powers through the pain, getting back to his feet and pulling Agostino with him. He whips the Internet Champion right into the ringpost and Agostino drops right back down!

Adams: Oof! I'm seeing stars!

David walks over and pulls Agostino up, rolling him back into the ring under the bottom rope before Dawn starts her count and Agostino rolls away, trying to recover. David pulls himself up to the ring apron, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle, keeping his eyes on Agostino the entire time!

Simone: Brother David is going to go flying!

David waits for the right moment and when Agostino is back on his feet with his back turned, when he turns around, David launches himself off the top rope taking Agostino right back down with a flying high cross body! He immediately hooks the leg and Dawn drops down!



Th-No! Agostino gets his shoulder up!

Adams: Agostino JUST gets his shoulder up! That was close!

David slams his fists against the canvas in frustration but Dawn insists it was a two count! He is now more determined than before to finish Agostino off and he gets back to his feet. When he reaches down to pull Agostino back up to his feet and prepare to finish him off, Agostino gets one good shot in, stunning the former Roulette Champion! Agostino then kips up back to his feet!

Simone: Agostino is proving very clearly tonight why he is the Internet Champion.

Adams: And Brother David proving why he is a future champion!

David turns and Agostino hits him with a boot to the gut, knocking the wind out of him and that is just the advantage he needs! He sets David up for the snapmare neckbreaker, wasting little time in delivering his finishing move!

Simone: Whoa! That all changed quickly!

Adams: And it's all over!!

He drapes an arm over David and Dawn drops down!





Justin: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner....AGOSTINO ROMANO!!

Simone: Interesting match up. Brother David's slump continues and hopefully he will snap out of it soon!

Adams: Or the wrath of his Father will continue!

Agostino celebrates as Brother David rolls out of the ring and starts heading backstage. He glares at Agostino before he disappears backstage and the scene cuts away.

The comely riving reporter, Pussy Willow, is standing backstage against the large emblem backdrop of the next Sin City Wrestling Supercard; Into the Void X.

Pussy Willow: Fans, I am joined at this time by one of the Co-Owners of Sin City Wrestling, Christian Underwood.

And onto the scene steps the aforementioned boss man.

Pussy Willow: Christian, thank you for joining us. You wanted this time I understand because you told everyone that you had a very special announcement concerning none other than Mac Bane. Can you give us any insight as to what that announcement is?

Christian: Insight, nothing. I'll do better than that. I'm just here to tell you, and everybody else out there - ESPECIALLY Mac Bane, just what is in store for him. And... I'd like to stress that this was ALLL the idea of one Mark Ward. He was going to deliver the news himself but he's off somewhere here in the building, with a curry hangover I suspect. Anyway, Mac Bane's path in SCW is clear. At least to Mark and myself. He earned a win tonight for himself...

Pussy Willow: Against the Troll?

Christian: True, but a win is still a win. But more importantly, the man went almost the entire distance in the 2021 Blast From the Past tournament. Making it to the finals is a big deal, so as the mens' runner up, Mark thought Mac deserved a reward. A little recognition, if you will.

Pussy Willow: And that would be...?

Christian: Well the challenger for the World Heavyweight title is set. And the challengers for the Roulette title are being determined, still -- that leaves one championship that has yet to have a challenger named or decided.

Pussy Willow: You mean...?

Christian: I mean... that on May 23, at Into the Void X -- Mac Bane will challenger for the Internet Championship against WHOMEVER the reigning champion is!

Christian turns and looks into the camera.

Christian: Good enough, Mac?

That being said, Christian turns and walks off camera as Pussy Willow silently mouths "Wow!"

We are taken to a backstage area and it is there where we are able to see Christina Rose. She is clad in a fancy dress with a pair of heels. She is wearing her eye glasses to complete her nerdy look. The backstage area looks like a Garden as Christina is sitting down in a luxurious chair that looks like a rose. She takes a long deep breath as she begins to speak.

Christina: Hello everyone and welcome to an exciting edition of the Rose Garden. It has been a long time since I have done this but I have one major topic that I wished to discuss. Okay so maybe that was a lie. I have two things that I want to bring up and the first being Amber Ryan.

Christina takes a deep breath as she continues to speak.

Christina: First of all Amber and I tore the roof off of the Golden Ring Casino. It was definitely quite the battle but at the end of it all she managed to get the best of me. Amber I know you particularly don't care for me but you have nothing but my respect. You were the better woman and I know you will make the championship the must have talent. I guess I was part of the reason why you came here trying to push you and Roxi to fight. If you and I could do our battle all over again. I wouldn't have gone down the route of attacking you or destroying your bicycle. I guess I just got caught up in everything and how intense I felt things were getting. That was very shallow on my part and more importantly I went to a level I simply shouldn't have gone.

Christina shakes her head as she speaks some more.

Christina: I wasn't a good role model to my daughter, and what makes matters worse is in getting so wrapped up in our feud. I ruined your chance to win the Blast From The Past tournament On top of that I ruined Despy's chance to win and I even got physical with him. I didn't like doing any of that. I was just so obsessed in trying to get to you. I know words won't atone for my sins but I officially apologize to you Amber. I hope you can forgive me and we can move on...

Christina shrugs her shoulders as she slowly takes her glasses off and continues to speak.

Christina: Anyway I guess we have to focus on what is next for me. I will admit that it gets very depressing watching everyone just hate me. Even if I am stable there is just this overall hate for me. I love this company. I love this business and SCW will always be home for me. As far as where do I go from here I feel like I need to just get this off of my chest. I am a five time World Bombshell Champion. I am a Hall of Famer and I have done everything there is to accomplish in this company. I have been doing some thinking and honestly I think maybe it's time to step back from SCW. I think I would be better off going right back into a journalistic role and writing about SCW from the sideline. I love all of you but I am burnt out.

Christina has tears flowing from her eyes as she shares more of her heart.

Christina: I know all of the bombshell will take this company to new heights but as far as I go... I think it's time that I actually retire from in ring competition here and...

However before she can even finish her statement she is attacked with a Makihouse Kick that sends Christina to the floor. The blue haired woman is unconscious as the taller Maki hovers over her. She just looks down at Christina before yanking her up and throwing her against the luxury chair. The chair flips over with Christina in it as she crumbles to the ground. She lifts Christina up and sends her face first right into a concrete wall.

Simone: I don't know what the meaning of this is but Maki just attacked Christina Rose.

Adams: Christina is busted open and she is going to need medical attention.

Christina is unconscious as she is picked back up and Maki smashes her head against the wall over and over again. More blood just flows from her head as the former champion is defenseless as the demoness licks her face slowly, tasting her blood, and sticks her blood soaked tongue out. Maki doesn't say a word as she drags Christina throughout the backstage area as she brings her to an area with a table and a metal folding chair. She places Christina on the table and yanks her so her feet are the only thing holding her up. She underhooks her arms and hovers over the folding chair.

Simone: My God someone needs to stop this.

Adams: People might not like Christina but she doesn't deserve any of this. She definitely has to have a concussion.

Maki looks down at Christina and smirks, as she undoes a rucksack she must have left earlier and its...barbwire gloves. Maki places them over her hands and starts to carve the letter M into Christina's forehead with the barbwire as Christina tries to battle but is helpless. She uses the barbwire to slice into her neck and shoulder and laughs maniacally. She grins before driving Crystal head first against the chair with her Brighton Bomb. Christina spasms on the floor before she slowly stops moving. Maki smiles but suddenly she is pushed by Christina's daughter Brittany. The twenty year old wrestler pushes Maki hard as she looks down at her mother.

Brittany: What the hell is your problem?! Leave her alone!!!

Maki stares at Brittany and then hits her with a vicious Makihouse Kick which sends the daughter of Christina flying against a wall, she slumps to the ground. Maki grabs Christina again and throws her through the glass window of the head of security's office. She grabs some cable and starts to throttle her in a crossface chickenwing, which we know she calls Land of Hope and Glory. Christina is helpless. The once blue haired woman now has blood in her hair which makes it look purple. It isn't long before security quickly rups Maki off of the former champion. Christina is on the floor unconscious and is a bloody mess. Maki walks away with a smile on her face as EMTs quickly rush to the scene to take care of Christina as we go elsewhere.

Simone: wait - wait! Something is happening in the back! Get a camera back there!

Adams: What is it!? Whatwhatwhat!?

The camera quickly cuts to backstage to find absolute CHAOS as Bobbie Dahl and Tempest are in an absolutely HELLACIOUS brawl! The two She-Titans are colliding against one another, swinging clubbing blows and pulverizing fists into one another's heads and bodies! They fall back against the wall! Against tables and chairs as the fight continues! backstage personnel tries without success to break this up as many of THEM get scattered in the process! That is when a number of security officials swarm the area to separate the two brawling Bombshells! Even some of THEM get knocked aside but eventually ... they do - DO IT! It takes a good number of them but they FINALLY manage to pry Bobbie and Tempest apart as Mark Ward orders them to separate areas of the backstage!

All four SCW officials are at ringside, each standing at a strategic corner as Justin Decent stands inside of the ring.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! This is the Main Event of the Evening, and it is the Gauntlet Match!

The crowd cheers.

Justin: Here are the rules! Two Bombshells will begin this match. Every two minutes another Bombshell will enter the match. Eliminations occur when a wrestler is thrown out over the top rope and to the floor. When the final two are left, they will compete to determine the Number One Contender for the Internet Championship at Into the Void X!


"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing entrant number one! From Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

Simone: Samantha Marlowe has drawn the unenviable task of number one. She must go through five other women if she wants this title opportunity!

Adams: And she still has those coffee burns thanks to Bea Barnhart. That can't be helping.

"Wild Eyes" By Parkway drive hits as Alicia steps out with a black hoodie over her upper half with the hood up over her long blond hair.

Justin: Entrant number two! From Atlanta, Georgia - Alicia Lukas!

She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps before climbing the ropes on the outside, she flips the hood back before putting her arms out , she smiles at the crowd before leaping into the ring from the outside and taking off the hoodie.

Adams: Alicia isn't in much better of a spot than what Sammi is.

Simone: But she wants to scratch and claw her way back to the top. If she can outlast this one, mission accomplished!

Both Alicia and Samantha stand ready, staring at one another as senior referee Jasmine St. John calls for the bell!


Alicia and Samantha charge each other at the sound of the bell, but Samantha jumps and brings Alicia crashing down with a high cross body! Samantha grabs her and pulls her roughly to her feet and forces her toward the ropes and she tries to lift her out over the top at the earliest moment! Alicia fends her off, throwing overhead forearm blows down into Samantha's back until she let go! Alicia spins around and delivers a spinning heel kick to Ms. Marlowe's midsection, dropping her to one knee. Alicia then tries to lift Samantha over the top!

Adams: Both of these Bombshells are trying to eliminate the other right away!

Simone: Not only would it scratch one name off the list, but it would also give them a breather before number three enters this match.

Alicia has Sam bent halfway out over the top when Samantha uses her free boot to kick Alicia away! Samantha grabs her by the arm and sends her into the near corner and jumps in for a monkey flip, but Alicia blocks it and turns around, depositing her on the top turnbuckle. Samantha tries to kick her away again but Alicia blocks it and delivers a high kick that sends Samantha tumbling over the top...!

Adams: She's out!

Simone: No! She caught the top rope!

Samantha pulls her up as Alicia charges to shoulder tackle her off, but Sam jumps aside and delivers a hard knee to the side of Alicia's head! Alicia falls back into the ring as Samantha climbs to the top from the outside. Alicia turns around and Samantha jumps for a missile dropkick - but Alicia moves and Sammi crashes!

Adams: Hard luck for Sammi--

"Liar Liar" starts to play as soon as the chorus hits Lucy jumps out from the stage and tosses her cloak off.

Simone: Lucy Seraphina is entrant number three!

Lucy looks around and starts to swiftly moves down the ramp. Lucy jumps onto the stairs and climbs over the turnbuckle. She flips herself in and goes to the center. She screams loudly and charges right into Alicia with a spear, just as Lukas was going after the downed Samantha!

Adams: DAAAAMN! Lucy could have caved a rib with that spear!

Samantha uses the ropes to drag herself to her feet and Lucy grabs two handfuls of her long, red hair and she THROWS her across the ring in a tailspin! Lucy then grabs Alicia by the arm and pulls her into a short-arm clothesline! Lucy pulls her back to her feet and hits a second! The mysterious Lucy then grabs Samantha by the arm and repeats the process with her, delivering two back-to-back short-arm clotheslines!

Adams: Lucy is DOMINATING!

Simone: Well sure, after Alicia and Samantha spent all that time beating the hell out of each other!

Lucy then grabs Alicia by the legs and she falls back, catapulting her out over the top -- but NO!! Alicia holds on by a thread, her feet dangling INCHES from the floor!

Simone: Lucy thinks she's done it!

Adams: She should pay attention and try to finish the job!

But instead she goes after Samantha who she pulls up and Sam starts to fight her off with three straight forearm shots that drive Lucy back! But Lucy head butts her, knocking her back against the ropes! Lucy then works to throw Samantha out over the top as Sam holds on! Behind them, Alicia pulls herself back up and into the ring the hard way! She then runs behind Lucy and DUMPS the surprised Seraphina out over the top!

Adams: She's gone!


Alicia wastes no time and she tries to deliver a kick to Samantha but Sam blocks it and sweeps her legs, causing Lukas to drop to the mat in a split!

Simone: THAT hurt!

Samantha then runs into the ropes and dropkicks her just as...

The arena fades to black as the screen lights up and we are treated to an old school movie countdown image.




Suddenly the countdown is stopped by claws slashing through the image and a cat's roar sounds through the arena. Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" blasts through the speakers and Seleana Zdunich steps through the entranceway ...!

Adams: Here comes Seleana!

Simone: And conspicuous by her absence is Christina Rose!

Seleana breaks into a sprint and slides inside of the ring! Wasting no time, she runs up and dropkicks Samantha! Alicia rises only to get knocked right back down by another dropkick by Seleana! Seleana sends Alicia into the corner and runs in with a rubbing Meteora! She then goes to work on Samantha, sending her into another corner! Samantha stumbles out as Seleana comes off the ropes and she delivers a one-handed bulldog! Seleana then kips up, drawing rave cheers from the fans!

Simone: The longer this match goes, the more entrants that come to the ring, the harder it will be for Alicia and Samantha who were out here first!

Seleana pulls her to her feet and twists her arm into an extended wrist lock. Seleana then runs up the corner and jumps onto -- and OFF of -- the ropes to throw her over in an arm drag!

Adams: THAT was risky! It would have been easy to have eliminated Sel right then and there!

Seleana sells her momentum when Alicia suddenly has her around the waist from behind and brings her over with a German suplex! Alicia holds onto the rear waist lock and drags her up and tries for a second, only for Seleana to block it! But this gives Samantha the chance to run up and hit a double knee face breaker on Seleana! Samantha then turns around to find Alicia staring at her and the two Bombshells start swinging!

Simone: They are still in this! The first two entrants!

But they fail to see Seleana mount the top turnbuckle! Samantha and Alicia turn and Seleana flies and connects with a DOUBLE missile dropkick!!!

Adams: WHOA! What! A! Move!

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Alicia is the first to her feet and Seleana runs up and jumps for a hurricanrana, but Alicia puts on the brakes! Alicia then tries to dump Sel over the top but Seleana holds on -- and pulls Alicia over along with her!

Simone: This is a bad spot for either woman to be in!

Both women trade blows on the ring apron, rising from their knees to a standing position...

"Like a Phoenix" begins to slowly play as the lights go out. Two lights from the stage is seen showing Keira's shadow, raising her arms. The lights come back on as Keira turns and runs down to the ring!

Simone: Keira is Number Five!

Adams: Then we know who the final entrant is!

Keira rolls into the ring and races right toward the two fighting Bombshells! Keira goes for a big boot on Alicia - but Alicia moves and instead Keira strikes Seleana and knocks her to the floor!


Adams: I don't think Keira meant to do that!

Simone: Judging by her shocked reaction, I would say not! But it IS every woman for herself!

Keira then goes to attack Alicia but Alicia blocks her blow and knocks her back and right into a roundhouse kick from Samantha! As Alicia climbs back inside, Samantha whips Keira into the far corner and runs in with a dropkick with nowhere for Keira to go! Keira sinks to her backside and Samantha jumps around excitedly, signaling for the Bronco Buster as the fans cheer her on! Samantha then gets a running start - only for Alicia to catch her with a Double A Spinebuster! Alicia turns around and -- SPEAR!

Adams: Keira almost sent Alicia's boots flying!

Keira then grabs Alicia by her feet and steps through, turning her over into a Sharpshooter!

Adams: What good does this do!? There are no submissions!

Simone: But this hold will weaken Alicia enough to eliminate her!

Alicia yells out, her face a mask of pain as Keira sinks the hold in! When suddenly Samantha jumps over Keira from behind and delivers Natural Selection!

Adams: Where did Sammi come from!?

Simone: I'm sure that's a question Keira would love the answer to!

Now all three Bombshells lay on the mat, hurt and spent! They all fight to rise and continue this match as backstage...

Internet Champion Myra Rivers stands watching the monitor with much interest.

...Keira is the first to stand but Alicia knocks her back against the ropes with a straight head butt right between the eyes, dazing Keira! Alicia turns around and Samantha pounces on her with a Thesz press and the fans cheer as Sammi throws a barrage of forearms down into Lukas's exposed and vulnerable head!

Adams: The Tigress is loose! Me-OW!

Simone: Never do that again...

Alicia manages to throw her off and Samantha stands and turns around -- and right into a discus clothesline from Keira! Keira drags Alicia up and goes to throw her over the top but Alicia holds on and counters! She reverses the whip and now both she and Keira are hanging halfway over the top, trying to eliminate each other! Samantha is back on her feet and she comes up from behind with a dropkick on both women! Both dangle precariously when Samantha lends a helping hand...!

Simone: Alicia is gone!

Alicia lands on her back, not her feet - but SCW rules!


Sammi wastes no time! She grabs the dangerously close Keira to try and get her out as well...

The opening guitar riff of Rush' "Limelight" begin on the PA system. The cameras pan around the arena, and as the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson rushes through the curtain and stops, a huge smile on her face.

Adams: Uhhh OHHH!!!

Simone: Here comes to cavalry!

She soaks in the cheers and seeing Keira's predicament, breaks into a hard dash! Roxi rolls into the ring and comes up from behind - but a split second TOO late!


Adams: And we have our final two!

Simone: Roxi can't believe it! She tried to save Keira but was just a split second too late!

Roxi stares in shock and disappointment outside of the ring as Samantha turns around, leaning heavily against the ropes!

Simone: I can not believe Samantha is still in this!

Adams: From position number ONE!

Jasmine climbs inside of the ring and calls for the bell!


Simone: And we are about to discover WHO challenges Myra Rivers at Into the Void X!

Roxi dives right at her but Samantha jumps over her with a sunset flip!



Roxi kicks out!

Roxi stands and Samantha dives behind her for a roll up!



Roxi kicks out!

Before Roxi can rise, Samantha rolls her up in a La Magistral cradle!



Roxi kicks out AGAIN!

Adams: Sammi Marlowe is trying SO HARD to put Roxi away!

Simone: She is exhausted! Her body is already screaming with pain and Roxi is fresh!

Roxi is back on her feet and Samantha runs at her, but Roxi catches her in a flying cross arm breaker! Samantha clasps her hands, trying to keep from having her arm extended but Roxi leverages and has the hold locked in! Samantha cries out in pain, fighting and struggling but REFUSING to tap out as Jasmine asks! Samantha moves and drags herself, and she finally manages to reach the bottom rope with her boot, forcing the break!

Adams: Sammi is still in this!

Roxi breaks the hold, albeit reluctantly. She pulls Samantha to her feet and twists her arm into extended position and steps over, nailing her full on with a heel kick! Sam is flat on her back and Roxi comes off the ropes with Rolling Thunder -- but Samantha brings her knees up into the small of Roxi's back and kidneys!

Adams: Oh that HURT!

And in prime position for Samantha to roll her back into a Crucifix!



THR-Kick out by Roxi!!!

Simone: NO! Not yet!

Adams: Samantha is so disappointed! She's hurt but she keeps trying!

Simone: That is Samantha Marlowe for you! She just keeps trying!

Samantha stands and brings Roxi up along with her! She Irish whips Roxi into the corner but Roxi jumps off the middle turnbuckle and strikes...!

Adams: Ray of Hope!

From out of nowhere! Roxi with the cover, hooking BOTH legs!





Justin: Here is your winner of the Gauntlet -- ROXI JOHNSON!!!

Roxi stands and Jasmine raises her arms as the crowd cheers!

Simone: Roxi Johnson wins and it IS official! She will challenge Myra Rivers for the Internet Championship at Into the Void X!

Adams: But WHAT a showing by Sammi Marlowe! She went the absolute distance!

Inside the ring, Roxi points to Samantha and applauds the valiant effort shown! Samantha smiles, albeit with disappointment, and raises Roxi's arm herself as the SCW Universe looks on and cheers! Samantha then takes her leave as Roxi celebrates inside of the ring!

Simone: Fans, we are out of time! But what a show we have for you next week as we determine the final two challengers for the Roulette championships!

Adams: And looks who's out here now!

Internet Champion Myra Rivers stands on the stage, staring into the ring at her future challenger!

Simone: A sign of things to come! For Jason Adams, I am Belinda Simone! Good night, everybody!

Myra applauds and then strips the belt from around her waist and raises it up high as Roxi stands and nods, pointing at her from inside of the ring as the credits begin to roll....

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, AJ, The Lord MK, Wong, Marge, Annie, Jenny, Andy, Jazz, Mercedes, Todd, Jeremy, Shad, Mark Cross, JJ, Erik. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!