The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Star of the Desert Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at the fans filling the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Star of the Desert Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda is escorted out onto the stage by two handsome and muscular young men. Amanda is dressed in a gown made of blue and black feathers and the two men are wearing muscle shirts and skin-tight jeans. The music starts to play and the hunks perform the dance moves right alongside Amanda's left and right sides.

Amanda: Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Meeting Mr. Right, the man of my dreams
The one and only true love or at least it seems
With brown coco skin and curly black hair
It's just the way he looks at me, that gentle lovin' stare

Finally you come along
The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong
If you only knew the way I feel about you
I just can't describe him oh no no

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

It seemed so many times he seemed to be the one
But all he ever wanted was to have a little fun
But now you've come along and brightened up my world
In my heart I feel it I'm that special kind of girl

Finally you come along
The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong
If you only knew the way I feel about you
I just can't describe him oh no no

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Ooooooooh finally yeah yeah

True love, a feelin' I never knew
Until you came into my life and now it's real
I never knew that I would find the time
Before you I thought love was blind

And my life was coastin' out my emotion
Too strong for words, you're set for devotion
A-pushin' me from mutual attraction
True love, the chemical reaction

Then my actions
Reflect those of a way to makin' this a better love
A never ending plan like man and wife
Flavourful to my life like a spice

Summon me to death, you're my big mean of protection
My one and only source of affection
So I'm puttin' all games behind me
I've been lookin' for the key to love and I've found it finally

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

The music stops and Amanda poses with her arms held out and the two men each take a hand and kiss it as the crowd applauds.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone, and beside me, Jason Adams!

Jason smiles goofy and waves.

Adams: It's almost here! The first Supercard of 2021!

Simone: Indeed, and that makes tonight's show from the Star of the Desert Arena the "Staying Home" show! Seven matches and we get a mere taste of what's to come when Inception IV hits the Golden Ring Casino!

Adams: And it's not just ladies first, it's WHO is first! Courtney Pierce is still looking for that first win and tonight she opens things up when she goes one on one against the returning Maki!

Simone: Then it's a champions versus challengers mixed tag team match when the reigning Internet Champions Myra Rivers and Caleb Storms go up against their Inception IV challengers, Candy and Agostino Romano!

Adams: Then it's a dream Bombshell match that we've all been dying to see! Former SCW Bombshell Song returns for an epic match against the Great One, Mercedes Vargas!

Simone: Alicia Lukas is determined to work her way back to the top, from the bottom up. That speaks nothing on her opponent this week, Alice Knight, who could very well upset the 2019 Wrestler of the Year's plans and send her crashing right back down to the bottom.

Adams: It's been awhile since Ben Jordan's been in the ring and now "Bulldog" Bill thinks because of that, he's going to be able to beat the Cockney King "easily." That didn't set too well with Ben so we'll see if Bulldog can do what he says!

Simone: Evie Jordan sent a message to Jessie Salco with a brutal attack last week, when they are set to meet in two weeks at Inception IV in a Chamber of Extreme Match. But this week Evie gets a taste of what's to come when she faces Char Kwan in a Streetfight. Evie can NOT underestimate Char Kwan who has pulled off some surprise wins and could very well pull off one here, tonight!

Adams: And in the Main Event! A Bombshell tag team match where it's not just World Champion against her Inception challenger, but also wives versus wives! Team Hero reunites together, and they are set to go against Keira's Inception IV challenger Christina Rose and Seleana Zdunich! AND ... Roxi's own opponent Andrea Hernandez is the special guest referee!

Simone: All this and more on the "Staying Home" edition of Climax Control!


Violet Amelia Holt v Samantha Marlowe v Tempest

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where Jessie Salco is arriving at the arena ready for tonight's show.

Simone: It's good to see Jessie back on her feet after last week's attack from Evie.

Adams: She did say that she was going to be in attendance tonight despite just being discharged and well, she stuck to her word.

As Jessie is walking down the hallway, she is stopped by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, first off, how are you feeling after last week?

Jessie: A hell of a lot better, not that that's saying much, but I'll be ready for Evie at Inception IV.

Jessie adds before holding up a brand new iPhone.

Jessie: Speaking off, that bitch owes me the money I paid for this new phone, maybe I'll talk to the bosses about getting that stip added to the Chamber of Extreme match? Either way, when she wrestles Char Kwon tonight, her eyes had better be wide open.

Jessie walks off without another word as the scene fades.

In the ring, Jasmine St. John can be seen checking the ropes as she waits for the match to be introduced.

Simone: Tonight's opening match has Courtney Pierce facing Maki. I hope that Courtney won't be scared by Maki who looks quite intimidating.

Justin Decent moves to the ring and climbing the ring stairs, he slides between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring.

Adams: I have to agree Belinda and let's go to Justin for the introductions.

Justin:The following contest is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

The giggle from the start of Kehlani's "Gangsta" floods the arena PA as the lights in the arena go out one by one. By the time the first words of the song start, energizing the small but vocal audience, the arena is pitch black. Purple and white spotlights above the stage start to pulse to the sound of the music. The screen at the top of the stage lights up, writing out five letters in pace with the flow of the music: C O U R T.

Justin: Making her way to the ring the 2018 Blast From The Past Tournament winner, Courtney Pierce!

As the beat of the song finally kicks in, the SCW Bombshell comes out from behind the curtain and out onto the stage to a huge pop from the crowd welcoming her. She stops at the top of the ramp, crosses her ankles, her purple ring gear shimmering with all of the camera flashes around the arena, and takes a slight bow to the crowd with her arms out to her sides. Court makes her way to ringside, and carefully makes her way up the ringside stairs and onto the apron. She ducks down between the bottom and middle rope and into the ring.

Justin: And her opponent...from Brighton England...Maki!

Adams: Courtney Pierce looks ready for tonight and this match.

Simone: Just wait comes her opponent.

The lights go out, a loud sound like a giant heartbeat sounds every second, the lights flash around the arena, then a red spotlight hits the entrance way as Halestorms's Sick I individual hits. The light hits Maki with her back to the audience. She is on her hands and knees, she slowly crawls her way to the ring. She slowly crawls to the ring, with her hair down to her shoulders, her white face paint, with scribbles on her body of 'Help' She crawls to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Her tongue is sticking out as she whispers Korean to herself as she waits for the match to start.

Simone: Well, both women are in the ring and both look ready for the match.

Adams: I would hope so, Jasmine just called for the bell.


Maki remains still, the soft sounds of Korean heard from her as Courtney watches her cautiously. Jasmine motions for both women to move to the center of the ring and Pierce joins St John. Maki doesn't move which has Courtney getting angry. She turns and points to Maki as she argues with Jasmine who just shakes her head and motions for the match to start. Without Courtney seeing her, Maki slithers closer and is right in front of Pierce as she turns around. Courtney stumbles backwards in fright at the sinister grin of Maki. Laughing now, Maki moves closer to Courtney who uses a roundhouse kick to put some distance between them. Maki ducks under it and catches Pierce with a spinning forearm that sends her to the mat. Maki watches as Pierce backs up and then rolls to her feet. Maki moves towards Courtney who is near the ropes and is caught with a drop toe hold that Courtney rolls through to turn into a single leg boston crab. Maki reaches out and is able to grab at the bottom rope nearby. Jasmine motions for Courtney to release the hold but Pierce keeps it held in forcing Jasmine to begin a five count. At four, she releases it and then moves away from Maki.

Adams: Courtney Pierce with the early advantage but Maki was able to force the break.

Maki hasn't moved from the ropes but her body is shaking for some reason. Courtney turns to attack once more but Maki lifts her face to Pierce showing a sickening grin as a faint whistle of laughter escapes her. Courtney angrily attacks Maki but the young woman strikes out with a forearm that catches Courtney on the chest and forces her backwards slightly. Maki follows with more forearms that drives Pierce into the corner. Sagging against the ropes in the corner, Pierce is unable to protect herself from the rights and lefts thrown by Maki until she is driven to the mat. Maki is told to back away from the downed Courtney by Jasmine who checks on Pierce. Maki brushes by St John and pulls Courtney to her feet and into the middle of the ring once more. Jasmine admonishes Maki who just laughs and once again begins to pepper Pierce with rights and lefts that rock her back. One final spinning forearm sends her to the mat. Courtney quickly rolls to the ropes and then to the outside where she moves away from the ring.

Simone: Courtney making some space to recover from those hard shots from Maki.

Adams: Those strikes must have been very painful for Courtney.

Simone: Well she better look out because there comes Maki!

Maki drops to the mat and then rolls out of the ring where he begins to stalk towards Courtney who moves away from her. Maki speeds up slightly as Courtney moves around the ring post and toward the ringsteps. Pierce turns quickly as Maki lunges towards her. Using a drop toe hold, Courtney sends Maki face first into the steel steps. Grabbing her face, Maki stumbles away as Courtney gets to her feet. Walking up to Maki, Courtney wraps her hand in the hair of Maki and slams her face first onto the ring apron. Pulling her head up again, Courtney taunts her before slamming it on the steel then pulling her over and tossing her into the ring. Crawling in after her, Courtney grabs her leg and rolls her up for a pin. Catching the tights, Courtney watches as Jasmine drops to count but sees the hold on the tights. Jasmine admonishes Courtney to release the pin but Pierce just shakes her head no.

Simone: First pin of the match and already we have the threat of a disqualification because Jasmine has seen the hold that Courtney has on the tights of Maki.

Jasmine begins a five count which Courtney ignores until the four count then tosses the leg of Maki to the side to get into the face of Jasmine St John who warns her off. Courtney reaches down and pulls Maki up by the hair. Using the fistful of hair, Pierce whips Maki into the corner and charges in. Leaping on the thighs of Maki, Pierce sends her skidding into the middle of the ring with a monkey flip. Maki grabs at the back of her neck as Courtney rolls over and crawls over to make another pin. This time Jasmine gets a one count. Maki reaches up in desperation which takes her shoulder off the mat. Courtney sees that and then pulls the head of Maki up before wrapping her legs around the head of Maki in a figure four headscissors that has Maki kicking hard to try and escape. Courtney taunts Maki with soft slaps against her head. Maki strikes out at Pierce fighting her off balance. Leaning upward, Maki forces the shoulders of Courtney to the mat. Quickly Pierce releases the hold and rolls away from Maki who clutches at her throat trying to catch her breath.

Simone: Another near fall. What must Courtney do to put Maki away?

Courtney gets to her feet and moves to pull Maki up too. Slapping her across the face, Courtney whips her across the ring and into the corner. Maki lays back against the turnbuckles. Courtney thinks she has the advantage and saunters towards the corner where Maki is. Grabbing Courtney in a surprise move, Maki spins her into the corner and begins to level hard punches and kicks against the body of Courtney who fights to protect herself. Maki finally manages to drop Pierce to the mat. Courtney tries to escape under the bottom rope but Maki catches her by the foot and pulls her back into the ring. Courtney kicks out at Maki who bats away the kicks with ease. Maki pulls her to her feet where Courtney swings a fist at the head of Maki. The woman shakes her head at Pierce and then hits a mule kick into the midsection of Courtney who is staggered backward. Maki moves closers as Pierce straightens up and levels her once more with a spinning heel kick that sends her into the corner hard. Courtney puts a hand up to her head as she shakes it trying to get the cobwebs out. Maki moves back and half turns her back on Pierce who lunges out towards Maki. Suddenly out of nowhere, Maki hits a superkick on Pierce that rocks her head back and sends her to the mat.

Adams: Did you see that Belinda? What a kick!

Courtney grabs her head and rolls to her stomach kicking at the canvas as Maki smirks and then drops to the mat. She crawls towards Courtney who sees her advancing and rolls away but isn't quick enough as Maki lunges at her and catches her by the hair. Pulling her in, Maki locks in a crossface chicken wing on Courtney that makes her scream in pain. She tries to fight her way to the ropes but Maki sees her trying then rolls backwards to keep her in the hold. Courtney is desperate to get out of the hold but can't as Maki locks it in tight. Courtney has no where to go and taps out which makes Jasmine point to the timekeeper to ring the bell.


Justin: The winner of the match, Maki!

Adams: Maki forcing Courtney Pierce to tap out to her Land of Hope and Glory finisher.

Simone: Courtney did manage to give her some trouble but still Maki was too much for her in the end.

Maki smiles as she keeps Courtney in the hold for a few more moments then tosses her away as Jasmine reaches to hold her hand up in victory before going to check on Pierce who is laying on the mat in pain. Maki gets to her feet after sliding out of the ring. Looking at Courtney who is slowly sitting up, Maki makes her wway back up the ramp while holding her arms up and taunting Courtney with a sinister smile while her music plays.

Adams: What an opening match Belinda. What a start to our go home show for Inception. I cant wait to see what else happens tonight.

Maki stops at the top of the ramp to watch as Courtney is helped out of the ring by Jasmine and begins to walk up the ramp only to stop at the top of the ramp where Maki is standing with a vicious grin. There is a stand off as the camera moves back to the ring.


Ruby Steele v Krystal Wolfe

Prior to her match, SCW Bombshells Internet Champion Myra Rivers is looking at what appears to be an old 8 by 10 photo of her. There's a date on the picture that says 7-18-2004. Her wrestling attire back then was colorful and Myra's body language at the time was much more lighthearted than it is right now. She sets it aside for the moment with the image facing up and she goes into a bit of a reflection for the moment. She's not too aware of the fact that Holly Wood is approaching her, but even with this, she doesn't seem to mind her presence once she is able to notice her. Holly of course, is looking right at the old picture of Myra.

Holly: WOW! Is that you?

Myra is caught by surprise, realizing that she left her old picture face up. She quickly takes it and puts it on her lap.

Myra: Yeah. That's me. It was on my 20th birthday when I was pretty much fresh out of training and really getting into the whole Independent scene. God, it feels like an eternity ago.

Holly: So... Do you mind wondering what's with the sudden trip down Nostalgia Avenue?

Myra: Candy has really had me thinking, you know? We all know the type of personality that she is. There are some in the locker room that can't stand it, but I sure as hell can appreciate it. I meant what I said when I said that she reminds me of a younger me. When I was 20 years old, I was incredibly outgoing. I had a carefree, bubbly attitude! All I cared about was realizing my big dream inside of the ring and being such a troublemaker out of it. I was at an age where aside from my career, I really didn't care much about anything. I was so much more relaxed. Obviously, when I was 20, I wasn't ready for the big time yet... but looking back? I have a greater appreciation for the innocence that I once had.

Holly: What changed?

Myra: Holly, you're going to need me to take up the entire Inception pre-show time to get into that. All I know is that seeing Team Glitter Bomb or whatever they want to call themselves carry themselves as they do, it just had me thinking about the past a little. They're going to have more chemistry by default than Caleb and I, I'm not going to sugar coat that, especially since this is going to be my first tag team match of any kind in Sin City Wrestling. But, I know what Caleb and I are capable of. Sure, they have the chemistry, but we're the ones with the championships. This match is ANYONE'S game and momentum is on the line!

Holly: You're absolutely right about that, but as far as momentum goes, there are few in this company that have more momentum than you right now with this incredible run you've been on as the Internet Champion.

Myra: You know what they say: momentum is only as good as your last match. I'm not saying that losing this one would make all of the momentum I've built up to this point go away because it won't. I'm not that type of wrestler that would let ONE setback just screw up everything. Do I look like Andrea Hernandez to you? But, this is a must win match for me because if Caleb and I don't win, it's the challengers that go into Inception with the momentum advantage at the end of the day and that's something I can ill afford to face right now. Ultimately, regardless of what happens tonight, I'm maintaining a strong confidence that not only will I have an even better 2021 than I did 2020, but that two weeks from tonight, I'll retain the Internet Championship.

Holly: You do realize that your next defense would be a record breaker, right?

Myra: I'm not focused on that. One step at a time, and tonight's the first step to the 2021 that I'm highly optimistic about coming to fruition.

Myra maintains her confidence as she grabs her old 8 by 10 and walks out of the shot. Once Holly is left alone, the scene cuts out.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see the reigning Internet Champion Caleb Storms watching footage of Agostino Romano wrestling on his phone whilst the action continues that is until Pussy Willow walks up to him.

Pussy: Caleb, tonight you are taking on your first challenger Agostino Romano and Candy along with your fellow Internet Champion Myra Rivers, any last minute thoughts?

Caleb: Nothing that I didn't already cover in my promo, this match is a double preview for Inception IV because we have two sets of champions and challengers in the same ring together! And it'll preview at least one result from Inception IV.

Pussy: And that result is?

Caleb holds up the Internet Championship.

Caleb: Me pinning Agostino Romano in the middle of that ring!

Caleb walks off as the scene fades.

The camera cuts backstage to Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood's office to see one half of the mixed tag team champions, Mikah standing outside of the door with a black sharpie in hand and it is clear that she was writing something underneath the names of Hot Stuff Mard Ward and Christian Underwood. When she steps back to admire her work, the camera focuses in on the words "and Hot Stuff Mark Wards favorite Bombshell Mikah" written underneath it in Mikah's perfect, neat handwriting.

Mikah: Perfect.

She jumps when the door opens and Hot Stuff Mark Ward goes to step outside and comes face to face with Mikah. She holds a startled look on her face for a few seconds before quickly turning it to a mischievous one.

HS: What are you...never mind. Could you move?

Mikah: Why would I want to do that?

Mikah tilts her head to the side as she looks up at him. He looks down at her and raises an eyebrow at her.

HS: Because I'm your boss and I asked you to.

Mikah shrugs her shoulders as she doesn't move out of his way, adjusting the skirt of her short black lace, backless dress.

Mikah: Or did you come out here to see me?

A smirk settles on her face as she looks at him and she watches his face change for a moment and he takes a step closer to her. She resists the urge to step backwards as he basically leaves a very small space between them.

HS: How did you know?

Mikah raises an eyebrow as she looks up at him.

Mikah: I mean, I just figured. . .

He smirks down at her as she looks up at him.

HS: Figured what?

She raises an eyebrow at him.

Mikah: After last week, you'd be wanting more.

He smirks at her before leaning down slightly and using his right hand to move her chin up slightly.

HS: More of what? This?

He leans down and kisses her, much of the same like last week. She is surprised for a second or two before she returns the favor before he pulls back.

Mikah: Maybe...

He just laughs before shaking his head at her but before he can say anything.

Mikah: I actually just came to talk to Christian. But thanks for that, you still got it.

She winks at him before walking into the office, leaving him standing there.

Mikah: I'd like to sign up for that stupid tournament.

Justin: The following contest is a mixed tag team match, introducing first....

The lights dim as pink fog starts to take over the entrance ramp. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard begins to play over the speakers as the lights brighten up. Pink pyro begins to cascade down from the tron as Candy comes bouncing out holding Fluffy.

Justin: From Malibu Beach, California, weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds, she is Candy!

She skips her way down to the ring. Outside the ring, she hands Fluffy to stagehand before getting in the ring and bouncing around some more.

Justin: And her partner.

Fragments Of Insanity by Necrodeath plays over the sounds system as Agostino Romano comes out with James Brown from the curtain, wearing green and yellow wrestling trousers with green and yellow elbow pads and green and yellow boots, having his fists in the air with James Brown following behind him.

Justin: "From Milan, Italy, he is Agostino Romano!"

Agostino does high fives to the crowd before seeing a kid in the front row which he pulls funny faces at along with giving them a hat from his Global Bike Championship days. He then goes inside of the ring and waves at the fans with the crowd cheering for him while James claps from outside of the ring before Agostino waits for his opponent to come out to the ring with James standing at ringside.

Justin: And their opponents.

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing accross the arena before Caleb comes out headbanging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: Introducing, from Syracuse, New York and weighing in at 220lbs, he is the SCW Internet champion, he is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for his opponent.

Justin: And his partner.

"Come to Life" by Alter Bridge hits the speakers and the crowd lets out a strong reaction of support as Myra Rivers appears on the stage, already looking to take care of business. She heads down the ramp momentarily pausing at the bottom to give a quick smile at anyone nearby that is letting her know that they are behind her.

Justin: From Miami, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds, she is the SCW Bombshell Internet Champion, she is Myra Rivers!

Once the chorus starts, she gets inside of the ring and walks up to the opposite corner, adjacent to the ring announcer. She leans against the corner, focused and determined for her upcoming match, reveling in the continued showering of love the crowd is raining upon her.

Caleb Storms and Romano are standing in the respective corners as Jacob Summers positions himself in the center of the ring. He questions both teams before signalling toward the time keeper.


Once the bell sounds, Storms and Romano step out of their corners and proceeds to circle each other like a couple of vultures. Around the third rotation, the meet in the middle with a collar elbow tie up. Both men are jockeying for position as neither one appears to have gained the upper hand. Storms uses his height difference to his advantage by backing Romano up against the ring ropes. The moment his back touches them, Summers starts a quick five count. Storms breaks at the count of three as Romano is keeping his hands up. Storms lowers his hand as Romano looks at him. They resume circling each other until Romano catches him with a running calf kick.

The bottom of his left boot catches Storms flush on the face as he drops to the canvas. Romano follows it up with a quick standing moonsault. He doesn't go for the pin attempt right away as he rolls back onto one knee. He waits as Storms is getting right back up to a vertical base only to rise up like a phoenix and strikes with a picture perfect dropkick. Storms goes back down as Romano strikes with a sliding knee across the jaw. He then proceeds to go for a quick pin attempt.


Storms powers his shoulder out before the count of one. Romano knew it would take more than to put the bigger man down. Romano is quickly back up to his feet then picks Storms up off the canvas. Romano takes a hold of Storms right arm and looks to fling him toward the corner. He tries two times before Storms counters with a heavy whip of his own.

Simone: Caleb and Romano are showing us why they are the future of this company.

Adams: I think the ladies would love to see some action.

Romano bounces off the turnbuckle hard as he staggers forward. Storms follows it up with a running sleeper slam. The back of Romano's head bounces off the canvas as Storms follows it up with a quick leg drop. Storms continues to press the action as he lifts Romano up off the canvas before shooting him across the ring with a swift belly to belly suplex. Fortunately for Romano, the throw landed him next to Candy. Candy uses the bottom rope to stand on while reaching her hand out for a tag. Romano notices the gesture and obliges Candy with a quick tag of her hand.

Summers confirms the tag as Candy steps into the ring through the bottom rope. Myra enters the ring as Storms exits. The two ladies first meet in the center and give each other a handshake. Right as they finish the handshake, Candy catches Myra off guard with a left hook right to her gut. Myra stumbles backward a bit as Candy follows it up with a right jab. Myra continues to stagger as Candy throws another left. Right as she is about to throw a roundhouse kick, Myra ducks it and takes the opportunity to sweep the leg out from under Candy.

Candy falls down as Myra grabs a hold of the leg she just swept and steps over it. She then drops all over her weight right down on top of the leg. Candy lets out a scream as Myra stands back up while keeping control of the leg. She proceeds to drop her elbow down across the inside of Candy's leg.

Simone: Myra is really working over that leg.

Adams: That's sound strategy. Candy can't fly around the ring with one bad wing.

Myra reaches down and picks Candy up off the canvas. She looks to shoot her off but Candy counters with a short arm enziguri. The shot knocks Myra down as Candy quickly gets her up and shoots her off into the corner. Myra hits the turnbuckles and as Candy is coming towards her, she moves out of the way causing Candy to strike knee first into the turnbuckle. Candy staggers a little until Myra comes bouncing off the ropes. Candy ducks the clothesline attempt and leaps toward her corner. Romano tags himself in as Candy rolls out of the ring. Myra nods her head as Storms returns to the ring.

Romano springs off the ropes and catches Storms with another dropkick followed by a back handspring body splash. Storms gets up to a knee as Romano comes running at him. Storms manages to catch one of Romano's feet but he somehow misses the other one as it strikes the back of his head. Caleb falls forward as Romano once again goes for a quick pin attempt.



Caleb manages to get his shoulder up. Romano smacks the canvas one time before running towards the ropes. As he is about to rebound, Caleb kips himself up and catches Romano flush with an enziguri of his own. Romano rolls to the outside as Caleb sees the opportunity to sprint towards the ropes and dives through them while sending Romano back first into the steel guardrail. Romano grunts as Storms stands up and begins to rain multiple rights and lefts down on to Romano's face. Romano is trying to cover up but to no avail.

Storms then grabs Romano by the arm and flings him shoulder first into the steel ring steps. The steps don't move as Romano is slumped against them. Caleb follows it up with a running knee pinning Romano's head against the steps. Caleb then picks him up and throws him back into the ring. Romano works his way back onto his hands and knees as Caleb hops up onto the ring apron. Romano slowly rises to his feet as Caleb springs off the ropes and catches Romano with another knee. The knee nearly turns Romano inside out.

Caleb looks at his corner then down at Romano and decides to go for a cover.



Romano just manages to get his shoulder up before the count of two. Caleb shakes his head as he runs toward the ropes again. He bounces off them looking for a clothesline but Romano catches him with a spinning heel kick. Both men are down on the canvas as both ladies are clamoring to get back into the ring.

Simone: This is a major turning point in the match. Who is going to get the tag first?

Adams: If Romano wasn't the number one contender for the Internet championship then he should be if his team pulls out the victory.

Romano and Caleb are crawling toward the corners. They both tag their partners right around the same time. Candy leaps over the ropes just as Myra is getting back into the ring. Candy strikes first with a lou thesz press followed by standing shooting star press. Candy doesn't take the foot off the gas as she bounces off the ropes again just to land a sliding dropkick to the side of Myra's face. Candy stands back a bit while motioning for the end. Myra is slowly getting back up to her feet as Candy goes for her patent kick. Right as she does, Myra ducks causing Candy to lose her balance. As Candy is off, Myra comes running at her and catches her with a corkscrew neckbreaker.

Adams: Spirit Breaker!!!!!

Myra quickly goes for the cover as Summers slides into position.




Romano finally slides back into the ring just as Summers hand hits the canvas for a third time.


Justin: Here are you winners, Caleb Storms and Myra Rivers

Myra and Caleb are standing in the ring both holding their championships. Romano is checking on Candy as Myra does the same.

Simone: Myra picked up the win over her challenger but will this be the scene come Inception.

Adams: This was one heck of a match.

We cut to the backstage area and it is at that moment we are treated to the sight of Christina Rose. She is wearing her traditional mega man t shirt glasses and a pair of jeans. She smiles as she runs her hands through her long blue hair and looks right at the camera.

Christina: Tonight I have a feeling is going to be a wonderful night. We are going to be treated to a huge match between Team Hero and of course the Hollywood Angels. Now when it comes to Roxi and Keira I have so much respect for the both of them. They are wonderful people. They are fantastic mothers and are really top notch human beings and wrestlers. Truthfully words can't express how I view you as friends and for that I am thankful.

Christina takes a moment to shake her head as she continues to speak.

Christina: However tonight's match is a bunch of bullshit because we can't even have a great tag team match with one another. We have to have a third party involved in it and it's a woman who would happily wish to screw both sides over. That's not even cool by any means. We have to worry about a woman who is obsessed on trying to do everything she possibly can to stand out. A woman who I had broken down emotionally and physically to the point she had to quit the match.

Christina shrugs her shoulders.

Christina: However when it comes to tonight regardless of what is going on with Andrea as the referee we will showcase that the Zdunichs are top notch athletes and we are also an amazing couple. That means we ae going to walk right into this match and prove to the world that we have what it takes to compete with the very best of everyone! You see tonight is not only about showcasing our union as a couple but it's about proving to Keira that come hell or high water I will be ready to challenge her at Inception.

Christina smirks.

Christina: I can sit here talking about what's going to happen but in all honesty I don't have to say much. Keira wewill do battle and it's going to be a great match between friends. Let's rock the house shall we?! Anyway we have a match to prepare for tonight so let's go do what we do shall we?!

With that Christina walks away as we fade out on this image.

Cameras go to Song as we see her sitting on a table, her legs spread apart 180 degrees along the table. Her hands in a praying position. As the camera looks on SCW Champion Kris appears on the shot. He stops and looks at Song.

Kris: Why So Serious?

Song: Mentally preparing young grasshopper!

Kris pulls an adjacent table closer to Song in order to be face-to-face with her.

Kris: Count me in!

He unstraps the championship belt from his waist and attempts to mimic her position on the table without much success.

Kris: I'm ready to learn whatever it is you are doing. You know, the art of Iron Claw or Tiger Fist, or BigFoot kicks.

Song: Bigfoot kicks... I know you're a smartass, but to be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if there was a "master somewhere who teaches the art of Bigfoot, you know!

Without hesitation, Kris nods.

Kris: Grandmaster Larry out in Arkansas.

Song's mouth falls open in disbelief. It was too quick of an answer for him to have made it up. Still, she wasn't just going to trust his word for it.

Song: Shut up...

Kris shakes his head, either being totally honest or doing his best to sell her the lie.

Kris: His brother Larry is a master in the art of the Kola Punch.

At this point, Song can't possibly suspend belief enough to follow Kris down his ludicrous rabbit hole.

Song: Wait, Larry's brother's name is Larry?

He nods again.

Kris: Correct. The Brothers Larry. Easy to remember their names, confusing when you're trying to just get one's attention.

Song has lost all sense of focus, which was probably Kris' intention all along. Instead of ignoring him though, she takes the bait.

Song: Do you hold on to these thoughts, or do you actually from up with this shit on the fly?

Kris pulls out his phone. He opens up his Facebook app and scrolls down to Larry and Larry's shared Facebook page.

Kris: Look for yourself.

Song opens her eyes and looks at his phone. She looks at Kris.

Kris: To answer your question. I'm too busy to hold onto these random thoughts. I'm all about on the fly.

Kris finally gives up trying to bend himself into position on the table and drops back down to the floor.

Song: Smartass... Leave me alone; you're throwing me off my game, you know!

He scoops up his championship belt and drapes it over his shoulder with a smile on his face.

Kris: Then my job here is done, till next time Song.

Song shakes her head, laughing. He gives her a wink before heading off towards the door.

Song: See you later, my friend.

We cut to the backstage area. Mark "The Dragon" Cross can be seen perching on the edge of a folding steel chair, regaling a couple of willing backstage staff with some stories of the glory days.

The Dragon: So we're in Russia right, and we get put in this mixed tag match against two absolute beasts...Olympic wrestling champions or something...

Ring Tech: Sounds like a setup.

The Dragon: Exactly. So I take the tag and this guy full-on CHARGES me, manage to swerve it, get him down to one knee...Shining Wizard...knocks the guy old COLD. Their hometown star...

At that moment, the platinum Bombshell Mikah was walking past and she stops with a frown on her face as she hears his voice. She stops for a second and turns in his direction.

Mikah: Do you ever just not talk?

She looks at him, an irritated look on her face.

The Dragon: When I'm sleeping, or training.

He turns his head up towards Mikah, disappointed to have his story interrupted.

The Dragon: Do you ever not set out to ruin my day?

She raises an eyebrow at him and folds her arms over her chest.

Mikah: Are you ever not annoying?

She was quick to shoot the question back at him with no worries.

Mikah: I need to make the Boss put a noise ordinance in. Because your voice is just as annoying as the resident nut job.

The Dragon: What's the secret, it's like you're the only one immune to the British accent around here...

The two staff members start to scoot away, feeling like they've outstayed their welcome.

The Dragon: Guys wait, I haven't finished the story!

Mikah smirks as they all walk off, leaving it to her and Cross to be alone.

Mikah: Oh look. You've irritated them enough to make them leave. Seems typical.

She shakes her head at him before toying with the skirt of her dress and then smoothing it down.

Mikah: Aren't you under lockdown?

The Dragon: Or maybe it's because you make people uncomfortable.

He shrugs.

The Dragon: I would be if I went back to the UK between shows. Luckily Miami isn't off-limits yet!

She looks at him and shakes her head.

Mikah: I doubt it. They're used to me being around and clearly respect me more than you.

She smirks a little.

Mikah: It comes with the territory. Maybe you should go to London then.

The Dragon: Haaaaaaaaa. I've heard it all now. I don't like London. Why don't you go back to NYC and stay there cause you love it so much?

Mark leans back on the chair a little more forcefully than planned. It seems to teeter in slow motion for a few seconds before tipping all the way back, dumping him to the floor with a metallic clang.

The Dragon: Well I guess that's karma...

She laughs as he lands on the floor and she shakes her head at him.

Mikah: As long as you stay out of NYC, I'd go back there in a heartbeat. Maybe you should stay out of Vegas too.

She cracks a grin at him before nudging him with her stiletto clad foot.

Mikah: That's where you deserve to be.

He holds his hand up towards her.

The Dragon: Err...lil help?

She raises her eyebrows at him.

Mikah: Really?

She pushes his hand away.

Mikah: Have fun on the floor, it's where you belong.

She smirks before turning to walk away.

The Dragon: Thaaaaaaaanks!

Justin Decent: Please welcome former world champion Austin James Mercer

Kemmis a conversation with death pays as Austin Jamers Mercer emerages. His arm in a sling, his body obviously sore. Alex Jones makes his way down to the ring with Austin as they both step into the ring. The crowd boos as Austin grabs a microphone and shakes his head. .

Austin James Mercer: Oh how everything turns and changes. How the world and its perception shifts when you make decisions. Decisions. We all make them, every single day. And my decisions as of late seem to have ruffled feathers. .Gotten under everyone's skin...

He pauses for a moment and shakes his head with a deep sigh before looking at his arm

Austin James Mercer: You all want to crucify me. You want to sit there and judge me and act like I'm a horrible person. And why?. I walked out to this ring and I exposed the stupidity of this company. Championships handed to people who do not deserve them. And all I did, what expose it and try asnd make it right. Then Fenris, he got in my way and he got in my business. So, I decided to send a message, a simple one. Using his brother. And what did I really do eh?. I beat him down a little, hit him a few times...a few weeks he'll be fine...and what was the response?

He pauses again and shakes his head.

Austin James Mercer: Fenris attacked me, despite the fact Christian and Mark had talked about us being in a match Fenris came after me and has injured me. Aron can do his job, from a wheelchair....but me? I get paid and work by being able to get in the ring and do what I need to...something I can't do right now

Simone: The hell is he talking about?

Adams: Anyone hear a violin?

Austin James Mercer: See, Fenris attacked me and now I can't get in the ring with him...and I have proof

Austin opens his jacket and pulls out a piece of paper

Austin James Mercer: This is from my doctor. It says I am unable to compete at the supercard. It says I cannot get in the Fenris will have to wait for his revenge....but...he will still have a match

Adams: What?

Austin James Mercer: See, I don't want to disappoint people because of Fenris being selfish. So...he will be in the ring...against Alex...

Alex Jones looks up and shakes his head, Austin smiles and as his music hits Austin lowers the mic and talks to him. Alex shakes his head looking angry and confused as Austin rubs his shoulder and smirks.

Justin Decent: The following match is scheduled for one fall...introducing first

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd..

Justin Decent: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her opponent to arrive.

Song's theme starts to play we see Song walking down the ramp. She gets half way down and pauses. Song bows and then proceeds to walk to ringside. Song jumps and lands on the apron. Song puts her hands on the ropes and flip over to get inside the ring. The fans Boo with a few cheers and we see Song bowing to the fans.

Justin Decent:And now in the ring, from Fashon China, weighing in at 120 pounds and standing 5.5 inches tall....she is...SONG


Song and Mercedes circle around one another, Mercedes smirks and bounces on the balls of her feet with a smirk as Song just trails her sideways keeping her studied glare. They go to lock up, Mercedes uses her speed and drops down cooking song by calm and throwing her over with in a drag. Mercedes pops back to her feet and points out at the fans in attendance with a smile. Song shakes her head and gets to her feet looking annoyed at Mercedes arrogance. They are each other up and down and it goes to lock up again, and again Mercedes drops down and pulls song over with them and drag before keeping up to her feet and throwing her arms out to the side. Song rolls her eyes and gets to one knee before cracking her knuckles and her neck looking at Mercedes who is still smiling arrogantly.

Mercedes motions to get another collar and elbow tie up, song gives a small nod and as they move in and go for it Mercedes turns and drops trying to hook Song by the arm again and throw Song across the ring, Song though is able to stop and plant her feet catching Mercedes before sliding her right arm around Mercedes head and pulling her into a dragon sleeper dropping down to the mat holding it tight, Mercedes kicks her legs and panics before being able to slide over and put her foot on the bottom rope initiating a break. The referee Drew Patton separates them and Mercedes shakes her head looking angry Song would dare put a submission on her. Song on the other hand smiles and shows some real emotion for the first time.

Adams: Styles make fights, and while Song is someone who is a balanced competitor she has roots in martial arts and submissions. Where as Mercedes Vargas is...

Simone: One of the best high flyers in the company even as she is close to 41....Incredible Mercedes has that kind of longevity, but Song looks like a world beater.

Adams: This match could steal the show tonight...not even gonna lie.

Mercedes looks to be angry that Song was able to get one up on her and lock in a submission, she moves forward and as Song goes for what she believes is another collar and elbow Mercedes hits a hard forearm, Song stumbles back against the ropes and Mercedes hits a few more forearms and backs Song up into the ropes before whipping her across the ring, Mercedes jumps down and Song jumps over, as Mercedes gets up she then leapfrogs Song and turns around leaping in the air with a picture perfect dropkick sending Song down and out of the ring, Mercedes hits the ropes and Song turns and gets blasted with a suicide dive. Vargas pops up and laughs looking at the fans at ringside before pulling Song up and running her into the steel steps. Song drops down and looks around obviously in pain, Mercedes stays on the attack pulling Song up by her hair and throwing her back into the ring. Mercedes follows up onto the apron and grabs the top rope waiting for Song to get to her feet. As she does Mercedes gets to the top rope and leaps off with a crossbody, she lands on Song and hooks the far leg.



Song kicks out. Vargas sneers and moves around waiting for Song to get up, as she does Mercedes grabs Son by the head and runs up the corner hitting a tilt a whirl DDT spiking Song into the mat. Mercedes gets hyped up, she calls for the Be still my heart savate kick, Song gets up and as Mercedes launches herself sideways Song ducks it and then hits her down superkick the perfect melody, Mercedes crumples to the mat and Song drops to her knees feeling the effect of the DDT before crawling over and going for the pin.



Mercedes kicks out and Song looks frustrated.

Simone: That was so close, the perfect Melody hit flush and Mercedes was down.

Adams: But Song is still out of it after that tornado DDT, she wasn't with it in time to make the cover and Mercedes had time to recover. Vegas seems to be in charge but Song is showing us all the heart each member of the elders was famous for.

Song holds her hand to the side and as Mercedes gets to her feet Song goes for the Ninja death drip, but Mercedes grabs Song by the wrist and blocks the hold struggling with her, Song pushes forward and her hand gets closer to her neck, Mercedes ducks up and under Songs arm and goes for the Tango for two, she kicks her leg back and Song ducks it and hits a hard roundhouse kick, Mercedes stumbles and Song hits a high roundhouse dropkick, Mercedes goes down and Song gets riles up before lifting her hand in the air begging Mercedes to get up, she then steps forward and locks in the song of pain million dollar dream, Mercedes struggles against it and tries to get to the ropes again, Song pulls her back and away from the ropes but Mercedes keeps fighting, she then is able to get to the corner and walk up the turnbuckle and flip back into a pin.



Song has to let go to kick out..

Simone: Vargas almost got Song there, the wiley veteran with an amazing move using Songs own move against her

Adams: It was so close and Song was faced with a choice, let go of the hold and survive or keep it locked in and lose....

Both women get to their feet, Song goes for a lariat but Mercedes is able to duck it, she then hooks Song by the arm and spins up and under it before finally hitting the two to tango!, Song goes down and Mercedes moves to the corner, she looks out of it but stares at Song who is trying to get to her feet. As she does Mercedes leaps in the air and connects with the be still my heart, Song goes down and Mercedes leaps over for the pin hooking the leg.



Song kicks out and Mercedes punches the mat in frustration and anger Mercedes gets to her feet with a sneer on her face, she pulls Song up to her feet and goes for the black rose overdrive, Song struggles and before Mercedes can flip her over to finish the move Song struggles and drops down behind Mercedes, she then goes to lock in the Song of Pain again, she does and drops down pulling Mercedes to the mat wrapping her legs around the former Champion, Mercedes struggles valiantly getting close to the ropes. Mercedes though can't reach, Song pulls back harder on the hold and Mercedes taps!


Justin: Here is your winner.... Song!


Adams:That was an incredible match, Mercedes did everything she could but Song proved she still has it, lets hope she stays in SCW and becomes a contender


Kris Ryans (c) v Jack Washington v O'Malley

The scene fades in on Andrea Hernandez who has a referee's shirt on and is more amused than anything at the events that are taking place tonight. This amusement is staying with her for the time being, but she knows that once she gets out there, it's all business. She has her familiar focus in her eyes as she begins to express her thoughts.

Andrea: I LOVE this! I've loved every bit of this ever since this match was announced in the first place. And you know what the best part is? You have four triggered snowflakes in there that all decided to mouth off of me in their pathetic little promos leading into this match in some shape or form. They're even giving it on social media whether it's that coward Seleana Zdunich hiding behind her native language or Keira Fisher with her pathetic "Karen" label toward me in the latest line of yawn inducing slanders. What's interesting about the social media part is that Roxi appears to be the one person that ISN'T partaking in this. I find this... interesting... is Roxi a coward too? She sure was vocal about all this. But this match... SO many possibilities... I have POWER over every single one of them and in some way, shape or form, they know that... and they can't STAND it! You've got four of the best wrestlers in this division in the main event and that alone SHOULD be hype enough... but they're NOT talking about ANY of them. You know who they ARE talking about?


I'M the one in the damn spotlight.

They're all so focused on ME that it's unreal!

I mean... what DO I even have to gain from this? I hate every single one of them equally! It's guaranteed that two bitches that I hate are going to lose...

Andrea pauses and gives off a bit of a scoff to this. But then, her amusement turns into anger.

Andrea: But then again... that also means that two bitches that I hate are also going to win... hmm... maybe this won't be as fun as I thought. Whatever... I'm going to make the most of it because that's what I do. Roxi... I noticed that you were talking about the tape that I spared for the time being last week. I'm glad that you're curious. But, I want to let you know something. It's nothing scandalous. There won't be any controversy generated. So don't worry... it's not like I caught you having sex on camera with someone either than Keira or something... GOD!

But what I'm going to do is warn you... and Keira... not to cross me. Seleana may have been a mouthy little bitch about this match but Keira's the one that's pushed my buttons more than any of the four in this match. You may want to keep your bitch in check, alright? Because I don't give a shit about how you people feel about me... even though it's amusing as hell that I've become practically the most HATED Bombshell on the whole roster since basically the moment that I beat you for the world championship! But... I want to lay a few ground rules before we start this match...

Andrea pauses and pulls out a folded piece of paper. She opens it and begins to read aloud from it.

Andrea: The following will get you INSTANTLY DISQUALIFIED:

Breathing on me.

In the case of Crystaltina Flopovich... touching me in ANY way...

In the case of Roxi Johnson... using a closed fist...

In the case of Seleana Zdunich... speaking a language other than English to me...

In the case of Keira Johnson... touching MY SCW Bombshells World Championship while the match is in progress...

In the case of every single one of you: giving me a dirty look, flipping me off, touching my hair, spitting in my direction, not doing what I say, and disobeying the five count.

Any action outside of the ring is a FIVE COUNT instead of a TEN COUNT

The touching of ANYTHING considered a weapon is considered an instant disqualification.

The use of the word "Karen" in my direction is an instant disqualification.

There is an official limit of THREE armbars per wrestler! Exceeding this limit? Instant disqualification!

Are we clear?

Andrea amuses herself with a scoff as she folds up the list and puts it back in her pocket.

Andrea: I want a good, clean match where... oh fuck it... just don't break any of my rules and we're all good! Get it? Got it? GOOD! Keep on hating me bitches! You KNOW I love it!

Andrea lets out one last scoff as she exits the scene, incredibly amused by her own predicament as the scene fades out.

The scene opens backstage where we see Krystal Wolfe watching the action on a monitor backstage, the Australian Bombshell is sitting on a steel chair as she watches the previous seg before she spots the camera.

Krystal: Managed to go all night without running into Ruby, that's fine by me.

Krystal comments as she stands up.

Krystal: The sooner I can kick her ass in Inception IV, the sooner that outrageously annoying idiot is out of my hair! I'm not in action tonight but I will have eyes wide open for any word from Ruby as the night continues, until then, I'll see her at Inception IV.

Krystal sits back down as the scene fades.

We are taken to ringside at the Star of the Desert Arena as we gear up to watch Alice Knight vs Alicia Lucas up next. The camera focuses on Royal Purple, working her way through the crowd to an empty chair. Finding one she takes a seat, immediately holding up a giant sign with the words "ALICE SUCKS" scribbled on it in big letters, much to the frustration of the fans sitting immediately behind.

Adams: Well, that's original!

Fan: I can't fuckin' see...

The girl next to him reaches forward, tapping Royal Purple on the shoulder.

Fan's Girlfriend: Hey can you put your sign down?

Royal Purple: Take your fingers off my shoulder or I'm breaking them off your hand...

Fan: Hey don't talk to my girl like that!

The fan gets up out of his seat, trying to grab the sign out of Royal Purple's hands. Within a second, all three of them are up on their feet, pushing each other around.

Simone: Royal Purple looks to be getting into a shoving match with a couple of fans over here...

Adams: GRIME just can't keep their stars under control...

Simone: But security can, looks like they're making their way out here to break it up now.

Royal Purple is distracted from her tug o' war for the sign, this time from a hand on each shoulder from two security guards as the fans really start to get on her back.


Royal Purple: FUCK YOU FIRST DUDE! Get off me!

Using their distinct size advantage, the two security staff lift Royal Purple clean off the ground under each arm, her legs flailing helplessly as she tries to get some purchase. The boo's ring out in force as the masked GRIME competitor is forcibly dragged to the backstage area.

Adams: A short cameo from Royal Purple - but let's get back to the real business!

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first...Bethel, New York.... Alice Knight...

"Electrified" by Dressy Bessy begins to play as the fans turn and cheer. She makes her way out of the face tunnel and heads to the ring with a bubbly demeanour. She enters into the ring and kind of skips around for no apparent reason. She rushes the ropes and heads to the middle turnbuckle and waves to the fans as her music fades out.

Justin: And her opponent...hailing from Atlanta, Georgia... Alicia Lukas...

"Wild Eyes" By Parkway drive hits as Alicia steps out with a black hoodie over her upper half with the hood up over her long blond hair. She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps before climbing the ropes on the outside, she flips the hood back before putting her arms out, she smiles at the crowd before leaping into the ring from the outside and taking off the hoodie.

Both stand in the corner as the ref moves in and checks both for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Knight and Lukas stare at each other, as Lukas takes a few extra moments to stretch before she and Knight move in and lock up in the centre of the ring, where they jockey for position, but Lukas waste no time in overpowering Knight and pushes her up against the ropes, which the ref moves in and tells Lukas to back up, which she breaks her hold and then taps Knight on the shoulders sharing a few words with her before moving back a little more. Knight looks as Lukas and smirks and shakes her head, as Lukas jogs on the spot waiting for Knight.

Simone: This match all the makings to be great with the fans being equally divided in who to cheer as they jockey for position with Lukas momentarily getting the upper hand but is quickly forced back by the ref.

Knight steps away from the ropes and walks past Lukas, as they circle once more with Lukas continuing to stretch. They both move in once more and lock up and jockey for position as Lukas briefly overpowers Knight, but Knight reverses and overpowers Lukas as they up in the corner and once again the ref moves in and forces Knight to break the hold, which she does and slowly moves away but not before copy Lukas and tapping her on the shoulder but a little harder before moving backwards with a smirking almost mocking Lukas.

Adams: Knight showing that isn't threatened or even intimidated by Lukas, as they both return back to the centre of the ring.

Lukas glares at Knight who moves away before Knight tells Lukas to bring it and she steps out from the corner and they move around the ring and watch each other before moving in, where Knight prepares to lock up but Lukas dodges and grabs Knight around the waist, which Knight tries to break her grip but Lukas counters into a headlock and cranks on Knights head, as she briefly dops to a knee but rises back up as Knight inches herself and Lukas towards the ropes but Lukas puts a stop to Knights plan and rushes forward dropping to a knee, which forces Knight to a knee.

Simone: Knight is indeed feeling pretty confident against Lukas as they prepare to lock up once more, but Lukas catches Knight into a headlock.

Knight grimaces more at the awkward angle than the headlock itself, but it's only brief as Lukas rises back to her feet and pulls Knight up, as she cranks back Knights head a little, which Knight responds back with punches to Lukas' stomach/side, which Lukas' grip lesson and Knight pushes Lukas away breaking the headlock and Lukas bounces off the ropes and she and Knight bump shoulders. Knight is momentarily stunned but she responds back with a shoulder barge that sends Lukas down to the mat.

Adams: Lukas continues to work on the neck, as Knight tries to fight back but Lukas cranks on it, however, Knight fights back and gives Lukas stomach/side a couple of jabs.

Simone: This breaks Lukas' grip and Knight pushes her away and Lukas comes back she tries to shoulder block Knight down to the mat, but Knight doesn't move, and she simply responds back with a shoulder barge of her own, which catches Lukas off guard and sends her down to the mat.

Lukas stays grounded as Knight goes to turn but Lukas grabs Knight's foot and sends her down to the mat and Lukas quickly rushes to her feet and Knights gets to her hands and knees, Lukas grabs Knight and rolls through and goes for a pin...



Simone: Knight tries to follow up, but Lukas grabs her foot and sends her down to the mat before going for a pin but only gets a two count.

As Knight kicks out she sits up and grabs Lukas around the head for a headlock of her own and with Lukas' shoulder briefly pinned the ref counts it.



Lukas manages to twist and rolls Knight over and on her back, where she pins her...



Adams: So many near falls it's hard to keep up here.

Knight kicks out and quickly counters grabbing Lukas into a headlock before adjusting and rolling Lukas onto her back for another pin...



Simone: It's still very back and forth isn't it. Neither wants to make big moves.

Knight and Lukas quickly climb back to their feet and Lukas moves in and delivers a boot to Knight's stomach, who doubles over but Lukas grabs her hand and goes to whip her toward the turnbuckle. Knight grabs the top of the turnbuckle and leaps up as Lukas rushes in but Knight leaps over her before turning and bounces off the ropes as Lukas follows and drops down to the mat, which Knight leaps over her flat body and hits the ropes opposite and Lukas climbs to her feet and pushes past Knight who against bounces off the ropes but this time she drops to the mat and dries to drag Lukas down to the mat but Lukas is ready and she turns and drops down pins Knight's shoulders to the mat but before the ref can count, Knight counters and grabs Lukas arms and pins her...


Lukas herself then counters into a pin...

Adams: Lukas with a big boot on Knight and goes to whip her into the ropes but Knight is ready, and he leaps up and over the incoming Lukas before Knight bounces off the ropes and Lukas dodges that before climb back to her feet as Knight tries to drag Lukas to the mat, but it doesn't work out too well and Lukas drop down for another pin but again only gets the one count.


Lukas breaks the hold and climbs back to her feet, as Knight takes a little long but as Lukas approaches Knight drives a boot into her stomach, which doubles Lukas over before grabbing her and hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Knight doesn't go for the pin and instead she climbs on top of Lukas and begins to unleash a series of slaps and forearms before climbing off and back to her feet where she grabs Lukas' legs and goes for a Boston Crab.

Simone: Knight counters and gets a one count as they both get back to their feet, where this time Knight delivers a boot of her own and then catches Lukas with a swinging neckbreaker. She then delivers some slaps and forearm shots before following up by locking in a Boston Crab.

Lukas cries out as she reaches for the ropes, but she is just to far, as Knight get a little lower as Lukas grimaces in pain as she pushes her arms up and pulls herself towards the ropes, which forces Knight backwards. Lukas drops for a moment before going for one last push and she grabs the bottom rope. Knight releases straight away and backs away as Lukas pulls herself towards the ropes some more and holds onto them to avoid Knight.

Adams: Lukas maybe in trouble here, but she is fighting to get free from the Boston Crab.

Simone: She gets free and keeps a hold of the ropes to avoid Knight.

Lukas gets herself into a seated position, as Knight approaches but Lukas tells the ref to keep her back, which the ref does. Lukas using the middle rope slowly pulls herself onto her feet and as she stretches her neck and back. She then steps away from the ropes and moves to the centre of the ring, where she and Knight lock up and jockey for position until Lukas overpower Knight and pushes her into the corner but before the ref can tell her to break, she does it and steps back and drives a boot into Knight's stomach. Knight doubles over and Lukas grabs Knight's head and proceeds to her knee into Knights face and chest.

Simone: Lukas recovers enough and begins to fight back as she and Knight lock up but it's Lukas overpower Knight and pushes her into the corner and from there Lukas is unforgiving with boots and kicks and Knight simply can't respond back.

Knight tries to cover up the best she can, but it isn't possible as Lukas delivers a kick to the chest of Knight who pops up and Lukas follows up with a spinning heel kick, which Knight drops to a knee sucks in as much as air as possible. Lukas grabs a handful of Knight's hair and pulls her up and grabs Knight's gear and hits a snap suplex. Lukas climbs back to her feet, where she leaps up and hits a leg drop over the throat of Knight before climbing to her feet once more. Grabbing Knight, she pulls her up and hoists her onto her shoulders and then hits The Georgia Drop (The GTS).

Adams: Knight tries to cover up but it's no use and Lukas just continues to work her over and eventually hits The Georgia Drop and Knight is done.

Lukas then goes for a pin...





Simone: Lukas win.

Justin: The winner of this match via pinfall... Alicia Lukas.

Lukas climbs to her feet as her music hits over the p.a and she raises her arms in victory.

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Making her way to the ring, Sam seems intent on something as she slides between the ropes and holds out her hand for a microphone. Once it is handed to her, she turns to look over the few fans in the venue.

Adams: Sam Marlowe is out here and she doesn't look too happy. I wonder what she has to say.

Inside the ring, Sam begins to pace.

Simone: Let's listen Jason.

Sam Marlowe: Hey y'all, I need to come out to this ring and I need to get something off my chest. See I have had a couple of really bad weeks lately and it is all because of a pair of women that I need to respond to.

Sam stops speaking as she looks down for a moment fighting emotion

Sam Marlowe: For the past month or so, I have had the worst luck when it comes to matches but I ain't worried so much about that. Yeah, I understand that wins and losses happen but I am talking about what happens after the matches. Seems that I have someone that is trying to make a name for themselves by attacking me. Yes, I am talking to you Tempest. I get that you are a big woman and you want to use me as some kind of stepping stone because you can't rely on your own skills, I am dang tired of the attacks. You want to face me, then fine, y'all just made the worse mistake of your career. Just because you came out of the GO Gym doesn't mean that I am worried about what you can do. But I am sure that you are going to use that as some kind of stick to beat me down. So, let's put that to the test huh? You want to attack me, at least be woman enough to come at me face to face instead of attacking me after a match. And speaking of attacking from behind, don't think that I have forgotten you Violet.

Sam shakes her head and pauses.

Sam Marlowe: Last week, Tempest attacked me then you came to the rescue Violet. You helped me get rid of Tempest but then you did the unthinkable and slapped me in your own attack. But I hope you realized that with that slap, it made me fight back and trust me when you know that I am coming at you, I am going to do whatever it takes to make those who attack me realize they caught a tiger by the tail.

Sam looks directly into the camera and speaks slowly.

Sam Marlowe: That is what the two of you did Tempest and Violet. You caught the attention of someone who is tired of being the punching bag of the bombshells who want to make themselves look better. So you know what...I am done. I am coming for both of you at Inception and I am going to look forward to it. You have some real karma coming your way and I am just the woman to deliver it. See you then.

With that, Sam drops the microphone and slides out of the ring. She moves up the ramp, her hands slapped by fans as she moves along the aisle before disappearing behind the curtain.

Simone: Someone has really angered our sweetheart Sam Marlowe. And from the way she was talking, I don't think that she is going to be much of a sweetheart at Inception.

Adams: But you know she is facing Tempest and Violet?

Simone: Yes, but I have to they know who they are up against?

The camera moves backstage to the Black Sheep's locker room to see Mikah standing with her arms crossed over her chest, dressed in a black lace, backless short dress. She is standing directly in front of Coby Quik, who has his arms wrapped around his half of the mixed tag team championships.

Mikah: You don't share well.

She knew that it was a bold statement to make and she even herself had made statements like that before about herself. Her own mixed tag team title seemed to be missing from the locker room.

Coby: I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to be sharing exactly?

Of course, he knew exactly what she meant. She had been adamant that he turn over the Mixed Tag Team Championship that Kris had entrusted to him. Fortunately for Coby, after six years of dealing with Kris, he was prepared for this kind of behavior.

Coby: Plus, you don't even have yours?! How could I trust you with another one?

She narrows her eyes at him as she looks him over. She pauses before smirking at him.

Mikah: It's here. In the building somewhere. Its location isn't important.

She shakes her head, flipping her waves over one of her shoulders.

Mikah: I wasn't 100% sure that you wouldn't steal my belt. So I've placed it in a secure location.

She looks around the locker room before looking back at him.

Mikah: And you DO know what I'm not talking about. You are not incompetent.

He shrugs.

Coby: Chelsea would have divorced me by now if I was dumb....

His eyes narrow on her though.

Coby: It does seem a little weird that you think I would take yours. Like you expect me to be running around and stealing things. I almost think I should be offended.

He makes a disappointing clicking sound with his tongue against his cheek.

Coby: Shame on you!

She rolls her eyes at him and places her hands on her hips.

Mikah: Oh please. Don't even think about going there.

She looks at him again, tilting her head to the side as she smirks at him.

Mikah: Shame on you for thinking I'd be like that. After all, I have been dealing with Kristopher for all this time. I think my tolerance is pretty high for people.

Without hesitation Coby has an answer for that as well.

Coby: That is because he will do anything you want if you take off your clothes. We all know it. That won't work on me. You'll have to keep your bits to yourself....

Although, as he speaks he comes up with a new theory.

Coby: ...or maybe that is why you want it so bad. You can manipulate Kris with all your womanly charms. I'm your first real actual tag partner.

She looks offended as she stands in front of him.

Mikah: Excuse you?!

Her voice is slightly clipped as she looks at him.

Mikah: I don't think that you get to claim that. You and I haven't won anything together. Whereas Kristopher and I have done it all. We are the ones that put in the work.

She smirks as she looks him over.

Mikah: And my record by itself is self explanatory. Just think you could have been stuck with somebody who is clearly not as good as I am. Or the same caliber in the ring.

She smirks again.

Mikah: Plus me and the Boss are like this.

She crosses her fingers.

Coby: Is that the same boss that said I was one of the signings he was most excited about this year? Because I think you overestimate how much he likes you....

He could tell her was not getting anywhere this way, so he tries a different angle.

Coby: Look, Kris could have vacated his title. Either The Black Sheep would have to give them up, or they give you a Lethal Lottery type partner. I was the best option. Obviously he thought The Black Sheep still have work to do in the Mixed Tag division and he thought I was the best option to help you with that.

He was hoping some part of it was sinking in, even if he wasn't holding his breath for that outcome.

Coby: It's not like you can hang onto them alone. At least you have me as a partner instead of anyone else on the roster. Word is they don't like you as much as I do.

She looks at him, raising an eyebrow at him before sighing.

Mikah: Whether they like me or not, they can't deny that I'm the best in that ring. And chances are, I don't like them much either.

It was clear that she didn't like very many people either.

Mikah: And as for the boss, you very clearly didn't pay attention last week at all. I'm obviously his favorite.

She smirks again at him.

Mikah: And I'm definitely not disappointed in you as my partner. I never said that.

He seems legitimately surprised by her last comment, and appears to relax slightly.

Coby: Well... That's Whats Up!

He seems hesitant, but pitches her his own plan.

Coby: So I'll hang onto this one. We can go get yours, and then go talk to our favorite boss about Inception and The Black Sheep's continued dominance in this division....

He shrugs, not knowing what to expect.

Coby: What do you say?

Mikah shrugs her shoulders.

Mikah: Or the belt cab stay where it's at and we don't have to worry about it.

She wasn't worried about carrying it around.

Mikah: But yes, let's go talk to Marky Mark. He'll be so glad to see me for a second time..

The camera cuts to the back as Lincoln Daniels is standing next to his wife while watching a monitor. As they are slowly conversing, Pussy Willow steps up to them.

Pussy: Lincoln, do you have a minute?

Lincoln turns his head and shakes it.

Lincoln: You people just can't leave well enough alone. If this is about my decision to enter the BFTP then move along.

Pussy looks at him dumbfounded.

Zania: Do you have cotton stuck in your ears or something? He said get to stepping bitch.

Pussy walks away as the two love birds resume watching the monitors.

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The giant Tron screen fires up and Bill Barnhart comes on the screen. He is in his wrestling attire and next to him is his wife and Manager Bea Barnhart.

Bill: To everyone in the arena, and those watching on television, be prepared to be dazzled and amazed by my performance against Ben Jordan. When I walk away with the win you'll be in awe, you'll be astonished, you'll be shocked, but the end result remains the same that I defeated Ben Jordan.

The crowd in the arena rise up in a chorus of boos but Bill doesn't care what they think.

Bill: Boo all you want. You only boo me because you're jealous. Jealousy is an evil task master. Shortly I'll step in the wrestling ring and I'll exit my match the winner. There's nothing you or Ben Jordan can to do prevent that.

The giant Tron screen cuts off and that leaves the crowd murmuring again.

Jasmine St. John steps through the ropes to enter the ring, ready to officiate the upcoming contest.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...!

Raise Your Glass by Pink hits the speakers and we see Bill Barnhart walk out from the backstage area holding a pink glass chalice in his hand. He is followed by his wife and Manager, Bea Barnhart, who is leading their English Bulldog Iris by a pink leash attached to her pink diamond-studded collar.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Bea Barnhart and Iris the bulldog! From Lawrenceville, Georgia, weighing two hundred and forty pounds, "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart!

When the song comes to the lyrics RAISE YOUR GLASS Bill Barnhart raises the chalice into the air. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Barnhart. The three make their way to the ring where Bill hands the chalice to Bea so she can keep watch on it until the match is over. Bill enters the ring then walks around the ring playing the crowd before settling into a corner.

Justin: And his opponent...!

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a white shorts with matching knee pads and boots. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman.

Justin: Making his way down the aisle! From London, England, weighing 220 pounds -- Ben Jordan!

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising his hands. He quickly jumps down and moves towards his corner...

Adams: Look out!

"Bulldog" Bill charges early but Ben sees it from his peripheral vision and dodges aside, causing Bill to crash chest-first into the corner!


Adams: I guess THAT'S how Bulldog planned to beat Ben quick and easy?

But Ben ducks behind Bulldog and rolls him up into a schoolboy pin!



Barnhart kicks out!

No sooner are the two men on their feet than does Ben grab hold of Bill and pull him down into an inside cradle!



Bill kicks out!

Pissed off now, Bill is on his feet and swings wildly but Ben catches his arm, ducks behind and brings him down with a backslide!



Bill kicks out!

Before Bill knows what is happening, Ben twists his arm and jumps over him and into an Oklahoma roll!



Bill kicks out and quickly rolls out of the ring! Bill kicks the barricade and complains to Jasmine as Bea comes over to check on her husband and calm him down!

Simone: So much for Bill ending this one quickly. I think Ben Jordan did all that just to show him up.

Bill and Bea turn to face the ring and find a smiling Ben down on one knee, looking right at Bill and holding a thumb and forefinger close together. Ben then stands upright and takes a seat on the middle rope, holding it and with a wave of the arm, invites Barnhart back inside of the ring.

Adams: Oooo!

Bulldog glares at Ben as he marches around the ring, ignoring his "invite," while Bea follows after him. Ben looks to the fans and shrugs with a smile, as Bulldog slowly climbs back inside of the ring. He and Ben meet in the center of the ring and begin an exchange of words, and Bill pokes Ben in the chest, only for Ben to swat his hand away. Bulldog then unloads a forearm blow to the side of Ben's head, staggering him -- only for Ben to recover and answer back with a European uppercut that knocks Bill back against the ropes. Ben then goes for an Irish whip but Bulldog reverses it. Ben comes off the ropes into a shoulder block and it is the Cockney King who gets knocked flat on his back! Bulldog raises both arms in the air to a mass of jeers from the crowd.

Simone: Will you look at him? He's acting like that one move won him the match!

Bill then dashes into the ropes as ben regains his footing and Bulldog hits a flying shoulder tackle that is powerful enough that it sends Ben Jordan through the ropes and he hits the mat on the outside!

Simone: We never said that Bulldog Bill Barnhart wasn't a credible threat. We just said he won't defeat Ben Jordan as easily as he might think.

Bea stands nearby and points at Ben, taunting him, as the Cockney King regains his standing base. He looks up -- and finds Bill seated on the middle rope and waving him back inside of the ring!

Adams: Oo! Insult!

Ben smiles, hands on hips, and obliges his opponent by climbing on the ring apron and makes to step through the offered ropes -- but instead catapults himself over the top and lands fluidly back inside of the ring. Bill stands up, stone faced, and the two men circle the ring, eyes on the other. They finally lock up and an intense power struggle ensues!

Simone: Which is the stronger Superstar? Bulldog Bill Barnhart is built like a Sherman tank but Ben Jordan is solid muscle. Look at the man!

Adams: You're starting to remind me of Jamie Dean when you say that.

Slowly, Ben leverages Bulldog back against the ropes. Jasmine moves in and asks for a clean break -- when Bill grabs Ben by the back of the tights and pulls him around against the ropes and he begins to assault Ben with a flurry of brutal forearm blows to the head and upper body!

Simone: It looks like Bill Barnhart is done playing around.

Ben is driven down to the mat on his backside and Bill begins to stomp a (ready for it?) mud hole right into his upper body as Jasmine repeatedly orders Bulldog to ease up and back off! He refuses and that begins Jasmine's count!





And Bill finally relents, rather than be disqualified! He turns around on the referee and begins arguing with her, but she does not back down!

Adams: Er, Bill? You're not going to intimidate THAT official!

Bill then turns his back to Jasmine and goes to deliver another stomp down to Ben, but Ben swiftly grabs his boot to block the blow! Ben then slowly returns to his feet as Bill hops on one foot with both hands held out... and Ben drops and brings him down with a Dragon Screw, jarring his opponent's knee!

Simone: That move could very well have blown out Bill's knee!

Ben then steps inside of his held leg and traps Barnhart in the Figure Four!

Adams: And that could do even worse!

Especially when Ben props himself on his hands and arches his back, turning it into the Figure Eight! It looks like Bulldog might actually tap - when the ring ropes are pushed far enough inside by Bea for him to latch onto with both hands!

Adams: Oh come on!

Jasmine sees Bill with the ropes and forces the break! Unlike his opponent, ben readily complies but he's no fool. He saw what happened and he stands up by the ropes and points to Bea who feigns innocence!

Simone: Stand by your man my ass! She interfered, plain as day!

Adams: I wonder if Evie saw that?

Ben argues briefly with Bea whose distraction is enough for Bulldog to stand and come up from behind Ben and clotheslines him in the back of the head! Ben goes down like he was shot, and Bill drags him up, picks him upside down and drops him in a piledriver! Bill throws Ben over onto his back and covers him, hooking the inside leg!



Ben kicks out!

Simone: Still not so easy to beat Ben Jordan, is it Bulldog?

Overhearing this, Bea marches over to the broadcasters table and she begins lecturing Belinda who stands up and the two women argue as Jason tries to calm them down!

Adams: Ladies -- c-calm down! There's a show here! Don't say anything either one of you might regret! ... Like THAT Belinda!

Seeing his wife on the outside arguing with Belinda, Bill rolls to the outside and marches up to the table at her side and he begins to side with his wife, but that brings Jason to a standing position, protective of "his Beli!" Jasmine exits the ring and she breaks this confrontation up, ordering Bulldog to return to the ring and Bea to return to her corner! Bea does so, nose in the air, and Bulldog turns around to comply -- when Ben suicide dives out through the ropes and wipes Bulldog out! Jasmine jumps out of the way JUST in time!

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Ben slowly recovers and stands up, pulling Barnhart up along with him and rolls him back inside of the ring. Ben climbs up onto the apron as Bill stands up. ben then uses the top rope as a slingshot back into the ring -- and Bulldog sends him into a tailspin, meeting him midair with a clothesline! Now BOTH men lay on the mat with Jasmine checking on them! She ensures both can continue, then steps back and begins her count!




Both men stir...




Bulldog starts to force himself up to his feet...



And Ben does the same! Bulldog moves in and swings a right hand, and Ben returns the shot! Both Superstars are now swinging and trading clubbing blows back and forth until Bill blocks a shot and head butts Ben, staggering him! Bill then lifts Ben up over his shoulder, making for the Barnhart Shoulder Breaker but ben slides off his shoulder behind him! Bill turns around and ben doubles him over with a boot to the bread basket! Ben then sets him up...

Adams: That Hadta Hurt!

Ben with the cover!





Justin: Here is your winner - Ben Jordan!

But there is no time to celebrate! Almost IMMEDIATELY a third slides into the ring!

Adams: It's Vinnie! Senor Vinnie!

Simone: Bill Barnhart's friend and tag team partner!

Ben turns around and Vinnie FLATTENS him with a big boot to the chops! The crowd boos as Vinnie and a now recovered Bulldog joins in and the two beat Ben down with fists and forearms and finally boots as the bell rings and rings!

Simone: Someone stop this!

Adams: Fenris would have but he's barred from the building!

Vinnie peels Ben up and holds him by the arms as Bill unloads on him with kicks and fists -- when suddenly the lights go out!

Simone: What on earth....!?


A hush falls over the arena when the lights come back on -- and standing behind Vinnie....

Simone: Kedron! Kedron Williams!

Adams: Well I was CLOSE!

Vinnie turns around and suddenly he gets hit with a fireball to the face!

Simone: Good lord!

Adams: Wrong choice of words with THAT bloke!

Vinnie goes down, clutching at his burned face as a smiling Kedron looks down to him, then up to Barnhart! Bill throws Ben down and goes after the Son of Salem when Kedron spews a sudden green mist into his eyes! Bill grabs at his eyes and face, falling to the ropes and Bea runs to him as security enters the ring!

Simone: As usual, too little, too late!

Vinnie and Bill are helped from the ring, one burnt and one blinded, and Ben shakes off the attack and rises, sore, then jerks when he sees who is in the ring with him. The two former enemies stare at one another -- Ben in shock and Kedron just with an icy smirk. Kedron then, without explanation, falls back through the ropes and to the floor, leaving Ben standing there in the ring as he takes his leave!

Simone: What on earth was THAT about!? I can't believe what we just witnessed!

Adams: Kedron Williams came to the aid of Ben Jordan!? What's next!?

Immediately afterwards, the "Son of Salem" Kedron Williams is power walking backstage at the Star of the Desert Arena. Several stars and many staff watch in amazement, having just seen what transpired unexpectedly at the conclusion of the Ben Jordan/"Bulldog" Bill Barnhart match.

Pussy Willow: Kedron, please! Kedron, a moment!

Pussy Willow hurries onto the scene, trying her best to catch up with Kedron but having a difficult time of it with her high heels.

Pussy Willow: Kedron, please! This is about what you just did to help Ben Jordan...!

Still, he does not respond nor does he slow down. He passes a corner where the media room is and there meets his wife Rinoa who in a single fluid movement, slides her hand into his arm and they go on their way and toward the door marked "Exit."

Pussy Willow: Kedron, please! Why did you save Ben Jordan just now?? You owe the SCW Universe an explanation!

Kedron opens the door and holds it for Rinoa to take her leave from the building, but before he does the same, the "Son of Salem" casts a glance toward the comely reporter and smirks.

Kedron: I think you'll find that I quite disagree.

Kedron then says no more. he steps out into the night and allows the door to close behind him, leaving Pussy Willow speechless and without explanation.

We are back in the arena and there is a moment of silence before "Limelight" by Rush begins, and soon enough, Roxi Johnson appears from behind the curtain. She pauses at the entrance way and smiles, making her way to the ring, fist bumping a few fans along the way before she enters the ring, politely taking the microphone from Justin Decent.

Roxi: Hi everybody.


Roxi: I just had a couple of things to say and then we can get back to the great action you've come to expect from everyone at SCW. First, I just want to say how excited I am to be part of the SCW Blast from the past tournament. Now, the first time I entered it, I made it all the way to the finals. And I'm very proud of that. And to be honest, it has been the most elusive accomplishment to me. I've won pretty much every championship, I'm in the hall of fame, and the blast from the past would be... a very nice thing to have. While not the end of the world, I am pushing hard to win this, it only comes once a year and I'd like to win. So, I look forward to seeing who my partner is, and how far we can go.


Roxi: However, the other reason I'm out here is to address the elephant in the room. Andrea Hernandez has had an issue with me for... some time, apparently, and has made it known. That's fine, Andrea isn't the first, and she won't be the last, but let me just say this about this whole situation. I have respect for Andrea as a wrestler, as I do everyone. I am always greatly appreciative of any fan I've ever had, and Andrea was a fan of mine at one point. So, I am appreciative of her, if I no longer have that support, that's okay, but it's obvious at this point, we're past the point of being civilized about this, since that mug that shattered on my head proves. So, at Inception, we will settle this, and Andrea will learn, she has a lot left to learn.


Roxi: As far as tonight goes, I have a pretty good idea of how the refereeing will go, so I apologize in advance if she ruins it. But I promise that Team Hero will do their best to give you, the show you deserve. Thank you and see you later tonight!

With that, Roxi hands the microphone back to the Justin and departs.


Senor Vinnie and "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart v Ben Jordan and Kedron Williams

We cut to the backstage area and it is there where we are able to see Ruby Steele. The blue haired beauty smiles as she looks deeply into the lens of the camera.

Ruby: Hi!!! To all of you out there... I just want to say that it feels super amazing to be the most OUTRAGEOUS person on the entire roster. Inception is going to be a night of a lot of fun and I can't wait to step into the ring and showcase what exactly I have learned from Jet City South. I will say that it is totally unfair that I didn't get a chance to be in that four way Roulette Championship contenders match. Purple somehow won to be the contender but I BEAT HER! It just goes to show you that Christian Underwood is not fun! He has something against me and his booking is completely RIDICULOUS!!!

Ruby shakes her head with a smirk.

Ruby: But honestly it's okay because I will be featured so much more! I am the protégé of Mikah! You know the woman who is the GREATEST bombshell of all time, and I will not let her or Kris Ryans down because I signed up to be in the Blast From The Past so sooner or later I might actually become a contender for the World Bombshell Championship. If everything works out right I could be teamed up with somebody amazing and we can go about actually winning the championship. That is something that isn't so outrageous! I will do whatever it takes to make my presence known and I will not be a letdown to my band, my school, Mikah, or even my country so bring it all on!

Ruby smiles as she continues to speak.

Ruby: Anyway there is one woman who has been on my absolute nerves. One woman who would rather stick her nose in a video game than she would actually fighting me and I have no issue in doing what is necessary to beat her down! She probably thinks this will be some fairy tale bur let me explain something. I will proudly beat her to oblivion. A Nat 20 won't help her escape from what I am about to do to her because I will happily carry the tune. It will be a rhythmic beat down and one where I show her that this Gem will shine brightly and the power of a Wolfe won't really get her that far... I mean when does the big bad wolf actually win?! Well in the version I read of Little Red Riding Hood he drowns, in the three little pigs he gets boiled to death.

Ruby smiles again.

Ruby: The moral of the story is I might be much smaller than you but you can never count out the little one. At Inception I am going to happily end you once and for all. This might be a battle between competing gyms but for me it's about making my mark and showcasing that nothing will stop me from shining brightly. See you soon Krystal... You definitely will need the good luck because you need it... Now if you would excuse me... I have things to do.

With that Ruby walks away with a grin as we go elsewhere.

Outside the office of Mark Ward and Christian Underwood, Pussy Willow anxiously waits in anticipation- the sound of muffled conversation devolving into pleasantries as an uneven gait approaches the door, before it swings open to capture the last few precious sound bytes.

Amber: I'm glad we're in such agreeance. It's always a pleasure doing...

It's at the second to last syllable that 'The Distorted Angel' Amber Ryan catches a glimpse of the now studious Pussy Willow very much anticipating a moment of the redheads time. Closing the door very deliberately behind her, the last word of her sentence falls off her tongue with a lot less enthusiasm and vigor- falling flat as her expression softens into something very much amused.

Amber: ... business.

Pussy: Amber, I was hoping...

Amber throws up a hand lazily, the universal sign of cutting someone off before they start tripping over their own words.

Amber: Tut, tut, tut- let me guess... You were hoping to get an exclusive right? Tell me, have you been waiting out here the whole time in anticipation of a juicy tidbit of gossip... Something to get the fans absolutely salivating over?

Amber leans in slightly, her smile like that of a smug crocodile.

Amber: Gotta justify your existence somehow I suppose- tell me, Ms Willow... Why do you think I was in there, what's your best estimate of what you seem so very eager to know...

It might have been an invitation, but something about it strongly led towards the rhetoric- not that Pussy Willow seemed at all bothered by that.

Pussy: Word has it that you signed up for the Blast From The Past, however you haven't been seen in an SCW ring since High Stakes and the match against Roxi where she...

A harsh chuckle emanates from the redhead as she places a hand on Pussy Willows shoulder.

Amber: Ah yes, where she swung a fucking hammer at my knee... Fiercely heroic Roxi Johnson, brave and noble Roxi Johnson 'stooping to my level' despite always claiming she didn't need to. Yeah, that match... lets all just take a moment to remember how that turned out...

Amber squeezes Pussy Willows shoulder before continuing.

Amber: ... and while you aren't necessarily 'wrong', the truth is far more eloquent and simple Ms Willow. See, patience is a virtue and I've been a very patient little solider- so you, and everyone else sticking their nose where it's bound to be snapped off, can wait just a little longer. Before the end of the night, I'll answer all your questions- even the ones you never even thought to ask...

With a knowing smile, Amber deliberately slowly removes her hand and stalks away- still with a noticeable limp and a smile that might be the last that some poor unfortunate bastard ever sees.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Bombshell Street Fight!!

The crowd erupts in a huge pop!

Simone: Interesting match choice for these two bombshells as there have been no issues between the two as of tonight.

Adams: You don't need an excuse for a street fight!

The arena goes dark as red strobe lights begin to shine. A Japanese Flag appears on the screen as "Whistle" suddenly begins to play over the sound system. A big man steps out from behind the curtain followed by two women. The crowd seems confused as he steps to the side and Char Kwan takes center stage with her hair in a large braid. Her eyes are narrowed towards the ring while completely ignoring the crowd altogether.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, accompanied by Mr. Chalmers and Kiara, from Walnut Creek, California by way of Kyoto, Japan. She is the self proclaimed "Japanese Siren" Char Kwan.

Char Kwan walks down the ramp with her entourage as the crowd is really letting her know how they feel about her. She ignores them while walking right up to the ring. She hops up onto the ring apron, and just before she is about to enter the ring, the crowd starts going crazy!

Simone: It's Evie! She wants to get this match started now!

Adams: You were saying about no issues?

Simone: I think she just wants to beat the hell out of someone...

Evie Jordan is bolting down the ramp! She grabs a hold of Char's foot and pulls her down off the apron, apparently ready to get this match started now! Char's face bounces off the ring apron and Evie begins laying in a fury of closed fist shots! Char's "entourage" are livid and trying to get Drew to do something and as Drew tries to stop Evie, Evie shoots him a nasty glare and orders him to ring the bell! She refuses to get inside the ring, and due to the nature of the match, Drew has no choice and finally rings the bell!


Simone: This has to be the quickest start to a match we've ever seen.

Adams: And we may witness an even quicker end.

Evie takes Char by her hair and starts dragging her up the ramp as Drew exits the ring and has to follow behind them. Halfway up the ramp, Evie has a hold of Char's hair with both her hands, then just whips Char forward with a powerful hair pull toss! Char's back bounces off the ramp and she is almost helpless early on as Evie is absolutely fired up and out to inflict some serious pain, which she has already done thus far! Fighting through that pain, though, Char tries to crawl away quickly, at least to regain her barings and fight back against Evie.

Simone: Evie is unleashing a brutal assault on Char. Char asked for a match, and she certainly got one.

Adams: I think she may be regretting that right now.

Evie walks slowly behind Char, smiling wickedly and laughing at what she intends to do to Char. And while she is more than capable of getting back on the assault now, she actually...waits. She gives Char the opportunity to get back to her feet and just stares at her with a furious look in her eyes. Char turns around and makes eye contact with Evie for a split second. Evie smiles wickedly again and this sets Char off and Char charges at Evie, tackling her to the ground! She lays in a several right shots as the two begin brawling on the ramp!

Adams: Char's fighting back!

Simone: That might be smart. Or very stupid.

Evie gets her arms up quickly, blocking any further shots from Char, and eventually she shoves Char to the side, rolling over and straddling her chest where she begins fighting back! Only she fights with more aggression and dirtier than Char as she gets her hands on Char's throat and starts choking her!! Char kicks and stomps her legs, quickly running out of oxygen in her lungs, but she's helpless at the moment! Mr. Chalmers and Kiara look around for ANY way they can help their girl, but they have to think fast!

Simone: This could be it! If Evie chokes her out, this match is done!

Char is beginning to fade and Evie is focused solely on choking her out! Drew can't do anything about it and eventually, Mr. Chalmers finds a set of brass knucks under the ring! He steps towards Char and her flailing arms are quickly fading as she is losing consciousness! He slides the brass knucks to her and she somehow manages to grab them and without even securing them over her knuckles, hits Evie in the side of the head before her arm drops! Evie breaks the choke and stumbles off Char, holding the side of her head now!

Adams: Not exactly full brunt shot, but effective!

Simone: Yeah, with an assist from Mr. Chalmers!

Char coughs and gasps for air, filling her lungs as quickly as he can as Evie looks around and spots the brass knucks!! Furious, she lunges to try and grab them, but Char quickly slides them away from her and both women get back to their feet! Char is breathing heavily, fighting through nearly passing out and Evie is shaking away the few stars she's seeing after being partially hit by the brass knucks! Char fights back and as she hits Evie repeatedly, the two start fighting their way backstage. Char eventually delivers a big kick to the gut and Evie stumbles back and falls through the curtain, and the camera switches to just backstage as Char walks through the curtain to join her again. Just as she does, Evie swings a leather whip towards her, but Char jumps and the whip swings just under her!

Adams: Where the hell did that whip come from?!

Simone: You never know what interesting weapons you'll find on a night a street fight is scheduled...

Adams: At least it wasn't a glitter bomb...

Simone: I really hop Candy didn't hear that.

Evie jumps back to her feet, still holding the whip, and when she swings again, Char catches it! The two begin a bit of tug-o-war, each trying to get the whip for themselves but eventually Char gets the better of Evie and swings the whip over her, wrapping it around her neck and yanking Evie towards her! It is now Char who is choking Evie, with the accomplished Bombshell quickly fading down to her knees! Just when it looks like she's out for the count, Drew grabs her arm, starting his count, but Char doesn't release the whip! Drew lifts Evie's arm and lets it drop!

Simone: Evie in trouble here!

Adams: Trouble?! She's passed out!


Not so much as a movement from Evie. Drew takes her arm again, and repeats the process. Again, her arm drops down a second time!


Adams: Bye bye Evie...

Char smiles, thinking she's got this one won, as Drew takes Evie's arm again, lifting it up. He holds it up for a second, almost expecting it to drop a third time, but when he lets it drop...

Thr- NO! Her hand suddenly shoots right back up and she reaches behind her, grabbing Char and flipping her over the back of her!

Simone: You were saying, Jason?

Adams: What? What was I saying? I forgot!

Evie takes a moment to fill her lungs, but she fights back moments later as when Char begins to stand up, Evie places a boot on her backside and kicks her forward! Char flies forward and her head bounces off a large equipment box and she crumbles to the floor, dazed! Evie stalks back over to her, reaching down and pulling her back up to her feet. She lays Char over the top of the equipment box, nailing her with an elbow across the throat for good measure as she searches around for a moment. There is a steel chair propped up against the wall just a few feet in front of her and she walks over and grabs it!

Simone: This isn't good for Char! She better think fast!!

Evie folds the steel chair and heads back over to Char, still laying across the equipment box, trying to recover! She swings the chair back and when she is about to bring it crashing back down across Char's midsection, Char rolls off the equipment box, and the chair hits the box with a loud bang! And not only that, but the effect of the steel against the box sends a painful sensation right back to Evie! She drops the chair and shakes her arms, hopping away for a few moments, as Char grabs the chair!

Adams: She thought fast! That had to hurt Evie...

Simone: Ya think?! Didn't you hear the echo from here?!

As Evie has her back turned to Char, Char takes the chair and swings it, crashing it across Evie's back! Evie stumbles forward, letting out a pained scream but she fights through it, getting back to her feet and taking a few steps forward as they head down the hall. Char swings the chair again, hitting Evie a second time before she drops the chair, and grabs a fistful of Evie's hair where she sets her up for a DDT directly over the chair!

Simone: Don't do it, Char! You'll break her neck!

Adams: And I think Jessie wants to do that [email protected]&

Char hesitates for a moment, and it's a moment that Evie needs! Evie grabs Char's legs, sweeping them out from under her and Char falls backwards! Her back bounces off the steel chair, leaving her stunned as pain shoots up and down her spine, and Evie quickly follows it up with an Elbow drop over the steel chair where she hooks Char's leg and Drew drops down for the count!

Simone: Nice counter by Evie! Char in trouble now!



Th-No! Char kicks out!

Adams: And the match continues...

Char is still in a considerable amount of pain, as is Evie, but Evie is fired up and furious that she hasn't been able to finish off Char as of yet. She slowly stands up, wincing momentarily. She looks around for anything else she can use against Char as a weapon and she smiles wickedly as she spots a picture frame propped on the wall! She walks up to it, studying for a moment, but just as she is about to take it off the wall, Char comes up behind her, having fought back to her feet, and slams Evie face first into the picture frame! Her face breaks the glass, but doesn't shatter it as Evie leans against the wall now, seemingly out of it!

Simone: Oh my God! Evie's head just cracked that picture frame!

Adams: Or..the picture frame cracked her head..

As the camera gets a closer look, blood can be seen pooling down the picture frame, signaling Evie has been busted open! But Char drops back down herself, exhaustion setting in quickly! Evie takes a few steps back from the picture frame and drops down to her knees when Jessie Salco appears out of nowhere, nailing her with a knee to the side of the face!

Adams: Jessie's here!!

Simone: And things just got worse for Evie!!

Evie falls down and Jessie immediately begins assaulting the former Bombshell Champion with vicious closed fist shots! She doesn't let up and once Evie is worn down a fair amount, Jessie hops back to her feet, searching and tossing things aside for something! She's on a mission and isn't stopping until it's accomplished!

Adams: Drew needs to stop her!!

Simone: He can't! Everything is legal in a street fight! Even outside interference!

Evie is trying to get back to her feet, but is only moving her legs for the moment. Jessie meanwhile has found a baseball bat, but when she rushes back to continue her assault on Evie, Char doesn't give her the chance! She has pulled Evie back to her feet and drags her over to the equipment box, laying her over the top of it just as Evie had done. Jessie stands back and watches, waiting for another opportunity. Char takes the equipment box, and begins rolling it down the hall, picking up pace the further she goes. Once she is ready, she releases it and sends it coasting forward until it crashes against the wall, rebounding slightly back, but Evie rolls off the top landing on the floor between the equipment box and the wall!

Simone: Evie is taking beating tonight!

Adams: Yet she always gets up! Ben Jordan is going to be playing doctor tonight...

Jessie laughs from where she is watching, and Char takes the opportunity to gather herself. There is still no sign of Evie and once Char is ready, she walks over to the equipment box, and begins to move it out of the way. Once it's moved, she looks around, confused and when the camera looks down, Evie is nowhere to be found!

Simone: What the hell?! Where did she go?!

Adams: She learned a magic trick from Gabriel!!

Jessie is even dumbfounded and begins making her way back towards the two. But Char is quickly stunned as a large glass plate of some sort comes crashing down over the top of her head! Before Char can collapse to the ground, Evie takes her and sets her up for a power bomb! With Jessie quickly approaching Evie delivers the powerbomb right to the concrete floor! She immediately drops for the cover as Jessienis racing towards her with the baseball bat, as Drew has begun the count!

Simone: Jessie is on her way to break up the count!

Adams: But she's not moving fast enough!!



Jessie swings the bat as Drew's hand slaps the concrete!



Jessie cracks the bat over Evie's back not once. Not twice. But THREE times. Evie is trying to army crawl herself away, but despite Drew trying to stop Jessie, she's too pissed off and out for revenge! She throws the bat down, and pulls Evie back to her feet.

Simone: Someone stop this! Evie will never make it to their grudge match at Inception!

Adams: I think that is what Jessie is planning.

Evie's face is bloodied from going head first into the picture frame earlier. She's unsteady on her feet but through it all, she a wicked smile appears on her face as Jessie begins laying another fury of hard right fists. She drags Evie down the hall and sees a set of glass doors up ahead...

Simone: Oh..Oh no!

Jessie stops just short of the glass doors and stands Evie up straight. She's very unsteady and once Jessie gets a good look at her, and Evie's pearly whites are seen through her blood covered face, Jessie hits her with a superkick that sends her flying back and crashing through the plate glass doors!!!

Adams: GOOD GOD!

Simone: Jessie just...I can't believe what we've just witnessed!

Jessie tries to go for more but SCW officials and referees finally stop her as a medical team rushes on to the scene to help Evie. Jessie is led away, proud of what she's done, but she can no longer see Evie through the swarm of EMTs surrounding her.

Simone: I'd hate to think of the state of Evie Jordan right now but hopefully we will get an update later.


Mikah and Coby Quik (c) v Maki and Miles "Milo" Kasey

We return to the backstage area where Violet can be seen pacing back and forth. Her baby sister Shelby is sitting on a milk crate as her father was standing next to the wall.

Violet: Last week, I made my presence felt. Tempest is nothing more than a walking idiot and Samantha is just a glutton for punishment. So I made both of them understand who is going to be the alpha bitch come Inception.

She pauses and looks toward the camera.

Violet: The Five Feet of Crazy is coming and no one is going to stop her.

The cameras cut to the backstage area where Ben Jordan is seen leaving the medical room, looking more than banged up. Pussy Willow quickly approaches him.

Pussy: Ben, are you ok?

Ben closes his eyes sharply before reopening them.

Ben: Feel like I've just been walloped with a baseball bat or something.

Pussy: What was that all about?

Ben: The attack? I have no idea, maybe Bulldog is off his meds, maybe Vinnie wanted to get a little revenge on me for being the champion after him in that match he could have claimed injury in before Austin James Mercer took him out. Maybe they saw me as a way to make a statement, I don't have a Scooby to be fair, but whatever their reasons, I'm sure they're bloody stupid.

Pussy: Well I've been told you have a chance for revenge, because at Inception IV, you will be going against Bill Barnhart and Senor Vinnie, in a tag team match, with Kedron Williams as your partner.

Ben raises an eyebrow as he looks towards Pussy.

Ben: Tonight was the first time I've seen Kedron Williams in God knows how long. I honestly have no idea what his intentions were, but I need to find out. I need to find my wife after that brutal match she just had, then I need to find Kedron Williams and ask him what the hell.

Pussy: Well your wife will probably be coming here to be checked out, but Kedron won't be around. He left.

Ben sighs as he shakes his head and looks down the camera.

Ben: Kedron, me and you need to have a chat and a cuppa.

Ben looks back at Pussy.

Ben: Better go find the missus, she did just go through a plate glass.

With that, Ben rushes off camera.

Thudding and heavy, the opening chords to 'Dust And Bone' echo as the crowds mixed reaction thunders forth to meet it- theres little delay or fanfare as the 'Distorted Angel' Amber Ryan materializes atop the ramp with her usual amused smirk. Theres a limp that's still very prominent in her step, but no visible supports or crutches suggest that she's either ready to return or continuing to play mind games with anyone who dares buy in.

Sliding beneath the bottom rope slowly, she does a lap of the ring while the camera focuses briefly on a sign in the crowd for Roxi Johnson that Amber subtly and almost knowingly smiles at.

Simone: Last time Amber Ryan was in an SCW ring, it was arguably the end of the war raging between herself and Roxi Johnson that spanned months while potentially taking years off both their careers.

Adams: I dunno, while both of them still wrestle in the company- their paths will continue to cross, maybe it won't be right away, but I have no doubt that things aren't as settled as we think between those two.

Amber gestures for a mic that's slid across the ring towards her, a brief moment of visible annoyance at the inconvenience dissipates the moment the mic reaches her lips.

Amber: Just when you thought it was safe to go and play, huh? Let me be blunt cause you didn't pay to listen to me try disingenuous flattery to try and win you over, you came here to see skulls get cracked and the wrestling world shift before your very eyes...Blast from the Past right?

Amber takes a moment to clear her throat as she paces slowly.

Amber: Premier and pride of place on the SCW calender, and I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I wasn't more than just a little interested- but you already knew that, the dirt sheets knew that, the fucking janitors cleaning the toilets who really don't give a shit about wrestling knew that...

She lets her voice echo and die amid the crowd noise, them gauging her as much as she does them.

Amber: However, what if I told you that I wasn't content waiting on the off-chance for that Bombshells title shot to just fall into my lap. See, I've been a patient little soldier, I've waited my turn and watched the ungrateful and undeserving alike get their shot cause they had the gall to demand it.

The Distorted Angel stops as the crowd clues on to where this is going, their mixed reaction growing louder and more raucous.

Amber: See, I come out here and night after fucking night I have walked that walk- so now I'm standing here talking the talk. Ladies and gentleman, I won't stand by and watch, I won't wait a moment longer while the dregs feast where the valkyries rightfully should... In truth, it really won't matter who the champion is after Inception cause the result remains the same- a noble, valiant champion will fight, they'll bleed, they'll scratch and they'll claw at my shin until inevitability crashes down on them and their delusional ambitions. Fact is kiddies, I've earned my shot- so I dare you to show me a list of anyone you think deserves it more and I'll take every one of them and put them in the fucking ground.

Leaning closer to the camera, Amber takes a moment to personally address those watching- her voice falling to a scratchy, personal whisper.

Amber: Keira. Christina. It's never been a worse time to stand atop the mountain... Mother Nature doesn't care what you did to get there or how much you think you deserve to stay- in the end she wipes the slate clean all the same.

With the last syllable, the mic falls from her hand as she slips from the ring with as much flourish as she arrived. A faint swagger in her uneven step and her mouth running despite the fact the camera can't quite pick up what she says over the crowd noise- only that it seems rather venomous.

O'Malley and Darcy are seen backstage just down the hall from the locker rooms. O'Malley is taking a few drinks from a bottle of water, while Darcy is taking a quick break and resting in a chair. The camera suddenly pans back and Pussy Willow approaches them with a friendly smile on her face.

O'Malley: Hey, Pussy, how's it goin', love?

Pussy: seem to be in a rather good mood. I'm assuming you've heard the news?

O'Malley and Darcy look at one another, confused.

O'Malley: I've got nothin' to be in a bad mood about if I'm honest. But, what news are ye talkin' about?

Pussy: Oh. So you haven't heard.

Darcy: Heard what? Stop beating around the bush and just tell us...

Pussy stares at them and she realizes that they genuinely do not know. She shrugs and finally spills the beans.

Pussy: Well, it seems as though you've been added to the World Title match at Inception. You'll know be facing Jack Washington and Kris Ryans for the World Heavyweight Championship.

O'Malley grins and Darcy jumps up excitedly.

O'Malley: Is that so? Well, looks like the bosses did the right thing. I was almost expecting a different match if I'm honest. That just made me night even better.

Pussy: What do you mean you were expecting a different match?

O'Malley chuckles and sets his bottle of water down.

O'Malley: Why would the bosses want me in this match, Pussy? I've had a bit of a rough couple o' months, and to be fair, I challenged Jack, not Kris. Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Darcy: Nonsense, O'Malley! You've been going back and forth with Kris for months! And your match against him never even took place.

Pussy Willow nods.

Pussy: She's right you know. I understand what you're saying, but this could settle the issues you have with both men.

O'Malley: Maybe. Maybe not. It's triple threat which presents its own challenges, am I right?

Pussy nods again.

Pussy: That it does. And there is also one more thing you might like to know...This is no ordinary match.

O'Malley raises an eyebrow.

O'Malley: I'm listening...

Pussy: Well...this is a first for SCW, honestly. It''s a two out of four falls match. This has never been done in a triple threat situation before.

O'Malley takes a few moments to let the news sink in. He seems intrigued but can only just...nod slowly.

O'Malley: Interesting indeed. Well, I ain't about to let that discourage me. If excites me. Last year, I wasn't ready when I accepted Ben Jordan's open challenge. Now, though? I'm as ready as I'll ever be. It's time to settle two scores and have the GO Gym represent SCW as the top champ. It's already shapin' up to be a fantastic year..

Pussy: Aren't you worried about Jack and Kris eliminating you from the equation early on? Both men hate you...

O'Malley: I'll worry about that later, Pussy. I've got two weeks to prepare fer whatever they throw at me. And I'm not gonna stand here and waste me words against them. I'm not gonna waste this opportunity, either.

Pussy looks back and forth between O'Malley and Darcy, neither one having anything left to say. She nods and smiles one last time.

Pussy: Alright. Well thank you for your time. And for what it's worth, good luck...

O'Malley: Luck is on me side, Pussy. But thank ye...

Pussy then turns and walks away, leaving O'Malley and Darcy to quietly, but excitedly, talk between themselves as the scene fades away.


Seleana Zdunich v Amber Ryan

Simone: It's time for tonight's Main Event! And if this next match is called down the middle then I'm eating my headset as Team Hero takes on the team of Seleana Zdunich and Christina Rose WITH ANDREA HERMANDEZ AS THE SPECIAL GUEST REFERREE!

Adams: I have it on good authority that the bosses are watching this match with bags of popcorn in their hands! Andrea hates both teams, but she's really taken a shine to Team Hero and especially Roxi Johnson as of late! Throw in the fact that Christina is Keira's challenger for Inception IV, and we have a potential recipe for disaster!

Simone: Not to be confused with Ariana Angelos's YouTube Channel! Let's take it to Justin!


"Waking the Demon" by Bullet for my Valentine hits the venue's soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong boos from the crowd while wearing a female referee's outfit.

Justin: Introducing your Special Guest Referee, Andrea Hernandez!

Andrea scoffs at the crowd and doesn't pay them any attention at all otherwise as she is completely focused on the task at hand. She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, ignoring the crowd even further as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

Adams: Man, what a week it's been for Andrea, first she beats off Sam Marlowe and now she's getting to screw four women at once!


"Like a Phoenix" begins to slowly play as the lights go out. Two lights from the stage are seen showing Keira's shadow, raising her arms as Roxi joins her.

Justin: Introducing first, Roxi Johnson and the reigning World Bombshell Champion Keira Fisher collectively known as Team Hero!

The lights come back on as Team Hero turn and walks down the ring. They slap a few fans hands as they slide in. Keira raises her hand and shouts out, "Like a HERO, BABY!" as she waits for their opponents whilst Roxi keeps her eye on Andrea.

Simone: If looks could kill, Andrea would be six feet under by now!

Adams: Question is, which member of Team Hero would take the credit? They are both giving her some nasty glares!

At one point Keira goes to attack Andrea but Roxi holds her back as Meganerd by YTcracker begins to blast across the speakers as it does so Christina Rose makes her way from the back curtain with her fiancée Seleana Zdunich. Christina smiles as she blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way down to the ring.

Justin: And their opponents, Christina Rose and Seleana Zdunich!

She slaps the outstretched hands of all the roaring fans. She quickly slides into the ring and kips up to her feet as she waves her hands in the air getting the crowd behind her. Seleana joins her in the ring and joins in with Team Hero with glaring at Andrea.

Simone: Has there ever been a more unpopular Special Guest Referee than Andrea?

Adams: Maybe Steve Ramone when he did those Steve's Rules Matches?

Andrea keeps her eyes on both teams as they decide who starts before settling on Roxi for Team Hero and Seleana for Team Zdunich, Andrea motions for the two women to meet in the centre of the ring but as soon as Roxi takes two steps towards her Andrea blasts her with a running knee strike to the face! Keira quickly makes her displeasure known but gets a middle finger from Andrea for her troubles whilst the Zdunichs share uneasy looks, as Andrea calls for the bell.


Simone: OH, COME ON! The bosses had to know that Andrea would pull something like that!

Adams: Why do you think they made their tag team match?!

Once the bell rings Andrea motions to Seleana to go for the pin on Roxi but Seleana hesitates clearly not wanting to win the match like that, however after a few seconds Seleana reluctantly goes for the pin and Andrea quickly drops down for the pin.



And Roxi kicks out.

Simone: That must be the fastest two count in SCW history!

Adams: And all because Andrea hates Team Hero more than she hates Seleana and Christina!

Even though it was in their favour, Christina and Seleana give Andrea dirty looks whilst Roxi regains her bearings and Keira looks ready to step in and attack Andrea but the special guest referee puts her hands up defensively as if to say, "I'm just doing my job" and Seleana doesn't even get much of a chance to react before Roxi rolls her up from behind.



And Andrea gets a notification on her phone, causing her to immediately stop her count to check the phone.

Simone: Who brings their phone with them to a match that they are refereeing?!

Adams: The kinda ref who has hate boners for both teams but hates one team more than the other?

Roxi gets back to her feet and spins Andrea around before slapping the phone right out of her hand! Andrea acts shocked and threatens to disqualify Team Hero if they put their hands on a referee again but the look Roxi gives her says it all! However, before anything else can happen Seleana spins Roxi around (giving Andrea not only a chance to get out of the way but retrieve her phone) and starts firing off shots to Roxi's face before whipping her off the ropes and hitting Roxi with a dropkick on the rebound! Roxi retreats to the outside of the ring and Andrea doesn't even wait for Roxi's feet to hit the ground before starting her ten count!

Simone: Okay, I know this is up to referee's discretion and all, but Andrea's ten count could give Usain Bolt a run for his money!

Adams: She's already up to five! If Seleana and Christina don't do something soon Team Hero will be counted out!

Seleana quickly realises Andrea's game plan and runs to the ropes before hitting Roxi with a Suicide Dive! This forces Andrea to restart her ten count and when she starts again it's a regular ten count, by the time the restarted count reaches five Seleana is back on her feet and rolls Roxi back into the ring before following her in and going for a pin attempt!



And Roxi kicks out of yet another fast count! Seleana is clearly getting angry at this point but that gives Roxi a chance to hit her with a jawbreaker stunning the blonde bombshell long enough for Roxi to tag in the World Bombshell Champion, except..........

Simone: I don't normally use strong language like this BUT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Andrea didn't see Roxi's tag because she was checking her phone?!

Adams: I don't know, she could've been tweeting! Either way, I think Seleana and Christina are just as unhappy about this as Team Hero!

Unfortunately, as Andrea didn't see the tag it doesn't count and she forces Keira back to her corner, but not before Keira slaps the phone out of Andrea's hands and sends it flying into the audience.

Simone: Between Jessie's phone last week and Andrea's phone this week, this hasn't been a good fortnight to be a phone in the possession of an SCW wrestler!

Adams: I think Andrea's phone landed in the cheap seats!

Andrea threatens to disqualify Team Hero again but doesn't go through with her threats mostly because Roxi and Seleana start brawling in the middle of the ring and try as she might, the action is to fast and furious for Andrea to catch any closed fists on Roxi's part as the two former World Bombshell Champions go back and forth, eventually a stiff shot sends Seleana reeling against the ring ropes allowing Roxi to catch her with a Superkick on the rebound! Roxi quickly goes for a cover keeping her eyes fixed squarely on Andrea the whole time.



And even with Roxi's eyes on her, Andrea still manages to find a way to screw with Team Hero, this time by stopping mid-count to do up her boot laces.

Simone: Andrea may as well have a big neon sign above her head that reads "I hate both teams, but I hate Team Hero more than Seleana and Christina" at this point!

Adams: And the bosses are loving every minute of it I bet!

Roxi doesn't say anything but the look Roxi gives Andrea says it all as she picks up Seleana and backs her to the ring ropes before whipping her off, however Seleana ducks the clothesline attempt and on the rebound both Bombshells go the same move, a cross body, which ends about as well as you'd expect as they collide mid-air! Keira and Christina quickly outstretch their hands wanting to finally be let in the match whilst Andrea starts her count.

Simone: Gee, I wonder how Andrea will try to screw Team Hero this time?

Adams: I don't know Belinda, Roxi's close to her corner but so is Seleana and she's in a prime position to tag in Christina!

Unfortunately for Andrea (and fortunately for everyone else) the two teams make the tag simultaneously leaving her with little choice but to let Keira into the match as the champ goes toe to toe with her challenger for Inception IV and their partners recover on the apron! After a few minutes Christina hits Keira with a pair of Japanese Arm Drags and a dropkick to the jaw before connecting with a standing moonsault and going for the pin.



And Keira gets the shoulder up!

Simone: I'm surprised Andrea's still being this blatant considering the war she had with Christina at High Stakes X!

Adams: As brutal as that I Quit Match was, Andrea's hatred for Team Hero is burning brighter than her hatred for Christina and Seleana!

Christina just shakes her head at the referee's antics having gotten used to them from watching her wife wrestle in this Tag Team Match so instead of arguing, Christina heads to the top rope of a neutral corner and waits for Keira to get back to her feet, when the champ does her future challenger goes for a Top Rope Hurricanrana, but Keira reverses it into a powerbomb that practically drives Christina through the matt! Keira then follows Roxi's lead by going for a pin whilst keeping an eye on Andrea!



And Andrea still manages to mess with Keira, this time by feigning a sprained wrist and being overdramatic about it!

Adams: I haven't seen this much overreacting since the last time I watched a soccer match!

Simone: Only in that game, it's the players that are overreacting and not the ref!

Keira has clearly had enough at this point and grabs Andrea by her "sprained" wrist! Andrea quickly pulls her "injured" arm away and threatens to disqualify Team Hero in tis keeps up but before Keira can do anything else Christina rolls up Keira.



And Keira kicks out!

Adams: Andrea's wrist is all better! What a miraculous recovery!

Simone: I hope to god that that was sarcasm Jason!

Neither Christina nor Keira gets much of a chance to interact with Andrea beyond an annoyed glare before they are right back in the action with Keira and Christina not even waiting until they are back on their feet before they start exchanging punches, however mid-brawl Andrea spontaneously leaves the ring and grabs the World Bombshell Championship from the time keeper.

Adams: Well, Andrea just threw all subtlety out of the window!

Simone: If Andrea was being subtle then I'm Amanda Hugginkiss!

Andrea rolls back into the ring and measures up Keira for a shot with the title to the back of the head, however Roxi warns her wife about Andrea and the champ ducks at the last second causing Andrea to blast Christina in the face with the title! Andrea gets another idea and goes to disqualify Team Hero for outside interference but Roxi's having none of it as she steps into the ring and hits Andrea with the Ray of Hope! Seleana goes to intervene but gets dropkicked out of the ring by Roxi as Keira hits Christina with the Deadly Sin just to be sure!

Simone: DEADLY SIN! IT'S OVER! Or it would be if Andrea were conscious!

Adams: Stick a fork in Christina AND Andrea, their done!

Keira goes for a cover whilst Roxi uses Andrea's arm to apply the count.


Simone: Does this count?


Adams: I'm being told that the bosses are willing to let this count, so yeah, it counts.



Justin: Here are your winners, Team Hero!

Simone: Team Hero pick up the win in one of the most controversial matches of the year!

Adams: And we're only two shows into the year!

Team Hero celebrate the win whilst Seleana checks on her wife and everyone ignores Andrea.

Simone: What a way to end the stay home show as we now look at our final path to Inception IV, join us in two weeks time for that but in the meantime, SCU and GRIME will keep you entertained! For now, we bid you adieu. For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying goodnight everybody!

The camera fades to Team Hero celebrating.

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, AJ, The Lord MK, Dustin, Jenny, Marge, Annie, Andy, Mark Cross, Jass, Britt, Todd, Jay, JJ, Jeremy. Also again to Annie for the great match banner, supercard banner and T-shirt. Also to you amazing roleplayers!