The opening shot is inside of the Earl E Wilson Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage, clad in his sexy 'Chippendales' uniform of black spandex pants and matching boots, white collar with black tie and white cuffs. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants.

Fans: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Justin: Hello, and welcome to the Earl E Wilson Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada for Sin City Wrestling Climax Control!

Those in attendance applaud and cheer enthusiastically.

Justin: Now please welcome to the stage, SCW's own 'Hostess With the Mostess,' Amanda Hugginkiss!

The music begins as Amanda struts out onto the stage in high heels, wearing a Vegas showgirls costume, with a blue, green and silver peacock theme.

Amanda: Now you know (mm-hmm)
When a diva is so fabulous that she must have been sent by the mermaid goddesses of the ocean,
honey (ooo, tell it sister), we call that FISH (like Nemo!)
Let me tell you 'bout it (ha!)

This mix for them fly chicks, that's tongue-poppin' them lipsticks
So glam, like hot damn, got a hundred thousand follows on Instagram
Workin', twerkin', call me Deadliest Catch
My shape right, I'm out tonight, baby girl is on some snatch

I'm so fish! (Yes gawd) Gotta serve me up on a platter, babe
So fish! (Yes gawd) Can't handle me, it don't matter, babe
So fish! (Yes gawd) Say my name, it's Wadley baby
So fish! (Yes gawd) Every girl's about that money

Break it down

Gays singin hallelu'
Gays singin hallelu'
Gays singin hallelu'
Cause Uptown Fish gonna give it to you
Cause Uptown Fish gonna give it to you
Cause Uptown Fish gonna give it to you
Wednesday night, too many shots, get yo hands off my crotch! (Hao!)
Fish! Get yo hands off my crotch
Fish! Get yo hands off my crotch
Fish! Get yo hands off my crotch
Get yo hands off my crotch
Get yo hands off my crotch
Hey! Hey! Hey! Heeeey!

Stop! Wait a minute, (what?) lost yo weave, put some glue in it
Swing ya hips, shake ya ass, Felicia, pack the bags (girl!)

Gigs in Vegas, Amsterdam, even at the Taj Mahal,
Oh Lawdy, turn the party
Supermodel like my name RuPaul (Chantè!)

I'm so fish! (Yes gawd) Gotta serve me up on a platter, babe
So fish! (Yes gawd) Can't handle me, it don't matter, babe
So fish! (Yes gawd) Say my name, it's Wadley baby
So fish! (Yes gawd) Every girl's about that money

Break it down

Gays singin hallelu'
Gays singin hallelu'
Gays singin hallelu'
Cause Uptown Fish gonna give it to you
Cause Uptown Fish gonna give it to you
Cause Uptown Fish gonna give it to you
Wednesday night, too many shots, get yo hands off my crotch! (Hao!)
Fish! Get yo hands off my crotch
Fish! Get yo hands off my crotch
Fish! Get yo hands off my crotch
Get yo hands off my crotch
Get yo hands off my crotch
Hey! Hey! Hey! Heeeey!

Mmm Now this one's dedicated to the girls on the block that be turnin' it (ooh)
Uptown fish too much, Uptown fish too much (x4)
Bounce, and turn it, you hot tonight, gon' burn it
You butter, baby, so churn it
You want the dollar, then earn it
Bounce, and turn it, you hot tonight, gon' burn it
Wednesday night, too many shots, caviar, fish and tuna baby
Hao! Come on baby!
Alright, yes hao
(Get it girl) Get yo hands off my crotch
Get yo hands off my crotch
Get yo hands off my crotch
Hey! Hey! Hey! Heeeey!

(Servin' it up, servin' it up, servin' it up like candy)

Work it, turn it, twerk it, burn it! Catfish! Hao!

Amanda does a hand on hip, look back over the shoulder pose and wink as the spotlight fades off.

And we return to ringside to join Belinda Simone and Jason Adams.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to the "Going Home" edition of Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: And I'm.... I'm...

Simone: Jason. Adams!

Adams: Well I would have gotten it eventually.

Simone: Of that I have no doubt. We are two weeks away from our arrival at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for Violent Conduct VI!

Adams: The most extreme show of the year!

Simone: That it is, and tonight we get things started with the return of Pandora Bates as she sets foot inside of the ring with the rotten Apple Coren!

Adams: The best of the best! That's what the Bombshells of SCW are all about, and it's what the next match is all about when Keira Fisher-Johnson goes up against Andrea Hernandez!

Simone: Caleb Storms is NOT happy about being left out of the Internet title picture at Violent Conduct VI, but he has other things ahead of him, namely his next opponent in Stephen Callaway!

Adams: We're going to find out who is challenging Seleana Zdunich for the Roulette title in two weeks, when we have a Triple Threat match between Mercedes Vargas, Johanna Krieger and Bea Barnhart! The winner moves on to face Seleana at Violent Comduct VI! And yes! This match is under roulette division rules!

Simone: Then Kate Steele gets the chance she has been asking for, to prove herself against the very best! And they get no better than the World Champion Evie Jordan in this non-title match!

Adams: Then its Champions versus Challengers in the Main Event! All three singles champions for the Superstars, Alex Jones, Teddy Steele Warren and O'Malley take on the men they'll be defending against at Ceaser's palace, namely Jack Washington, Senor Vinnie and Miles Kasey!

Simone: All this and more on SCW Climax Control!

We are backstage and Team Hero has arrived, walking through the hallway.

Roxi: Look, just worry about your match tonight. Just go out there and do your best.

Keira: I will.

Roxi: No matter what I –

Roxi stops mid-sentence, and looks up, seeing Amber Ryan standing at the end of the hallway glaring at both of them. Roxi instantly drops her bags and begins moving towards Amber, who does the same in kind. The two meet and exchange punches to start. Neither is giving an inch as Amber and Roxi tie up and Amber slams Roxi into the wall a few times, but as they continue to tussle, they end up near catering Roxi slams Amber’s back into the lunch counter and she stumbles away, but Roxi tackles her, and then grabs the stack of food trays and dumps them on Amber. Amber fights back, pushing Roxi away and then tossing a drink in her face to blind her. Amber grabs Roxi and then fight behind the food service area and Amber slams Roxi’s head against the stove. Roxi yelps at the stove is still hot and it burns her. Amber goes to move back in and Roxi kicks her in the knee. Amber tries to use the stove to balance herself, but burns her own hand on the burner. She backpedals, holding her hand.

Amber: Aw… shit!

Amber is shaking her hand out but doesn’t have too long before Roxi is back up and charges her, tackling them both over the food counter and then go through a table and chairs set up for the wrestlers to eat. The two are still punching each other until FINALLY the security is able to break them up, and subdue both of them, who are reaching trying to get at each other. Christian Underwood is there and he tries to calm them both down.

Christian: ENOUGH. You two are NOT going to destroy the building. For the rest of the night, you are both confined to separate rooms!

Security finally is able to get them far enough away from each other and Roxi and Keira is soon together in one room, and Amber is taken away to another. Christian walks up to the room where Roxi and Keira are with a security guard.

Christian: Stand guard here. Roxi is not leaving this room. You hear anything, you radio for backup to keep her in that room! Do you understand?!

Security Guard: Yes, sir.

Christian marches down the hallway, clearly annoyed as Amber is soon corralled into a room herself.

Christian: Keep watch here too! They are not coming out unless it’s for business. I don’t care what else they need or ask for!

Security Guard #2: Yes, sir.

Christian walks away rubbing his face.

O’Malley is seen walking backstage with his duffel bag, Underground and Roulette titles in tow. Darcy is once again noticeably absent, but he appears to be in better spirits tonight. As is usual, he not only has a match tonight on Climax Control, but later on SCU Underground as well. As exhausting as that may seem, he’s grown accustomed to it. As he searches for his locker room, he’s stopped by Pussy Willow.

PW: Someone is looking in a good mood tonight.

O’Malley nods with a smile.

O’Malley: I don’t have much to complain about tonight, Pussy. That’s always a good thing, right?

PW: I certainly would agree with that. You’re a part of the main event tonight, and that is also always a plus.

O’Malley again nods, but he them shrugs, thinking about the Champions versus Challengers main event match tonight.

O’Malley: Well, yes and no. When yer put in a situation like I am tonight, it ain’t always a good thing. But, I’m gonna make the best of it. And, hopefully, get the win fer me team.

PW: Situation? What situation?

O’Malley: Teamin’ with two fellas I generally can’t stand, and who probably can’t stand me, either. Well, at least Alex don’t. Teddy Warren is so God damn hot and cold, it’s hard to tell.

Pussy Willow nods with an amused smile.

PW: His words in his promo this week were rather...interesting.

O’Malley: Interesting? That’s puttin’ it lightly. Was he braggin’ about bein’ champ, or talkin’ himself down because Vinnie lost to him knowing how chaotic and unpredictable he’s been in the past? And then he says he’s gonna be carried by me and Alex? Well, at least he got that right.

PW: And what about Alex? He is, admittedly, the top dog so to speak in SCW.

O’Malley rolls his eyes and chuckles.

O’Malley: Self-proclaimed, but let’s be honest, Pussy. Alex Jones got just as lucky at winning the World Heavyweight title as Teddy did winning the Internet title. Griffin Hawkins underestimated him. Thought he was being given an easy win, and look what happened? He lost, and then he tucked his tail between his legs and went somewhere else like a bitch.

PW: That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

O’Malley shakes his head.

O’Malley: Nope. Not at all, Pussy. Griffin could have beaten Alex but he slacked off and it cost him. And now thanks to that, we have to deal with Alex Jones actin’ like he’s hot shit around here, when he’s not. And come Violent Conduct, I can’t wait to watch Jack Washinton smack him around like the annoying pissant he is. Hell, I’m even gonna enjoy it tonight.

PW: And what about your opponents? Any final words for them?

O’Malley: To Jack and Vinnie, sure. I’m not gonna waste too much on Miles, because I’m savin’ all that fee Violent Conduct, but Jack and Vinnie, and anyone else who agrees with them, are gonna get one final reminder that I’m not some pussy-whipped bitch who needs me wife to win. Not sure if either of them noticed but, Darcy hasn’t been around fer a couple weeks. And not sure when she’ll be back around if I’m honest. I speak fer meself. I make decisions fer meself. And I win by meself. After tonight, all of ye sayin’ otherwise, need to shut the feck up and move on.

Pussy Willow just blinks, processing every word O’Malley has just spoken. She nods slowly.

PW: Well, I guess all that’s left to say is good luck tonight. And, for what it’s worth, hopefully things work out with Darcy…

O’Malley shrugs very non-chalantly.

O’Malley: That remains to be seen, darlin’. But thanks all the same. Time fer me to go get ready. Catch ye later, Pussy.

O’Malley then walks away, once again in search of his locker room. Pussy Willow watches for a moment before the scene fades.

Justin:The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

Avril Lavigne's Bad Girl begins to fill the venue as the curtains part and Apple moves to the top of the ramp and stops as she takes in the fans who have risen to their feet. Matching her walk to the beat of the song, she moves towards the ring offering fake smiles to each side before getting to the ring.

Justin:Introducing from England, it is her ladyship, Apple Coren!

Apple climbs the turnbuckle and sits there to taunt the fans as she ignores them to check a hand mirror she pulls from a pocket of the blue leather jacket she is wearing. The referee moves to tell her to come down off the turnbuckle which she does slowly with a sneer before leaning back into the corner to wait for the start of the match.

The lights go completely out leaving the entire audience in suspense as the song "One for the money" By Escape the Fate hits the speakers. The fans instantly know exactly who's coming out to the ring. Suddenly a single spotlight hits the stage and standing there in a spiked jacket with the hood pulled up over her head happens to be the self-proclaimed Scream Queen. She smirks out peering from under the hood looking out at all the faces before she begins to make her way down the rampway.

As soon as she reaches the ramp, she turns sideways and skips down the steel ramp ignoring all the fans attempting to reach out to her. The black-haired beauty chuckles as she finally reaches the end of the ramp and walks up the steel steps along the side of the ring. She stops in the middle of the ropes and looks out at the crowd before tossing her head back removing the hood and letting out a scream before finally climbing into the ring through the middle and bottom ring rope.

Pandora makes her way towards the side turnbuckle and easily pulls herself up to sit on the top one crossing her legs and proceeds to wait on her opponent to make their appearance.

Justin: and her opponent, standing at 5‘7“ tall and wearing it at 115 pounds from Penwortham Lancashire England, Pandora Barrett!


The match begins with both women sizing each other up. Apple being slightly shorter but more built than Miss Barrett. Barrett smiles and tilts her head looking at Apple corn up and down, Apple on the other hand sneers as if looking down her nose at Pandora. They lock up, Apple though pushes back on Pandora who lets her go and laughs. They go to lock up again and this time Pandora ducks down, grabs a hold of Apple’s leg and trips her down face first spinning over Apple’s back into a front headlock before popping to her feet with another smile obviously happy that she’s been able to out wrestle Apple.

Apple moves to her knees and gets to her feet calling for another lock up, but as they come in apple slams a hard right hand into Pandora’s cheek, Pandora stumbles back and Apple goes straight on the attack, she hits some hard forearms backing Pandora into the ropes, she then whips Pandora across the ring and has Pandora comes back Apple hits a Japanese arm drag and keeps up from the mat to her feet throwing her arms out to the side to strap around the ring. Pandora slowly gets up and shakes her head as the two women go back to eyeing each other down right back to where we started.

Adams: these two are feeling each other out, and the thing is I don’t think there is any respect here.

Simone: Lady Apple Coren does not respect anyone.

Adams: Clearly. But it’s a great battle between these two English women to start tonight.

Pandora moves around Apple, they go at it and this time it is Pandora who lashes out before they lock up kicking apple in the stomach as Apple doubles over Pandora grabs her into a front headlock throwing her arm over her shoulder and picking her straight up and down with a vertical snap suplex. Apple hold her back and rolls over trying to get up, but Pandora is already to her feet she leaps forward hitting a super kick right to Apple’s face as she is on her knees, Apple goes down and Pandora dives on her hooking her leg



Apple kicks out!

Pandora smiles and grabs Apples arms crossing them over around her chest pulling her back against her knee in a straight jacket hold on the ground. Apple starts to fight to her feet and as they get up Pandora lifts her up in the air and slams her down with a straitjacket slam. Apple bounces off the mat and holds her back again as Pandora stands above her with a grin. She reaches down and pulls Apple up by her hair, Pandora then pushes Apple into the ropes before whipping her across the ring she ducks down going to lift Apple up for a spine buster. Apple hooks her arm around Pandora's head swings her legs back down and pulls Pandora down into a DDT spiking her headfirst..

Simone: Wow that was impressive, Pandora landed right on her head and her spine seem to collapse with that DDT!

Adams: that is a concussion waiting to happen, Pandora looks out of that but Apple needs to get on the attack. She still seems to be struggling after being hit by that super kick!

Apple struggles to get up to her feet, it gives Pandora time to get to her feet as well. Apple though steps forward grabs Pandora by her hair and lays in a stiff looking European uppercut. Pandoras had snaps back and she looks out of it as Apple steps in and hit a second one and a third, Apple steps forward wraps her arms around Pandoras waste put her head under Pandoras arm and throws Pandora up and over her body bridging into a northern lights Suplex for a pin.



Pandora kicks out.

Apple is the first one to her feet again she ducks down as Pandora steps forward and is able to grab Pandoras like stripping her back down to the mat Apple then grabs Pandora by the leg, spins her over and hooks her into a single leg Boston crab pulling back on her knee. Pandora struggles towards the closest side of the ring and he’s able to get her head around the bottom row. The referee calls for the clean break and as Apple let’s go of Pandoras like she gets in the referees face yelling.

Simone: What the hell is Apple doing? She has paint or down. She should stay on her instead of arguing with the referee.

Adams: This is what happens when you are arrogant. No one has ever accused Apple of being humble.

Pandora uses this time to recover and get her feet, Apple turns around and walks right into a float over DDT from Pandora. Apple’s face slams against the mat and she looks to be dazed. Pandora stays on the attack and steps back calling for Apple to get to her feet, as she does Pandora runs in and jumps in the air hitting the heroes rising sling blade taking Apple to the mat. Pandora pops back to her feet again as she moves around with all of the momentum. Apple struggles to her feet again and Pandora it’s her up and slams her down in the decay sidewalk slam walking her leg into a pin.



Apple kicks out.

Pandora shakes her head and looks up at the referee. Apple seems to be in a tremendous amount of pain, Pandora stands up and looks over at the corner, she walks over and starts to climb up calling for the one for all. Pandora leaps off going for the double foot stomp. But Apple is able to roll out of the way. Pandora slams her feet on the mat and jams her knee limping a little, Apple is able to notice this and dives forward hitting a chop block to the side of Pandoras like taking her down.

Simone: Pandora point for her finishing move, that double.. But she hit them at heart and that sent a shockwave all the way up through her legs

Adams: That’s why whenever you go up top your call it high risk.

Apple pools Pandora to her feet she signals for the Cyanide drop going to lift Pandora up, Pandora those flights are off hitting apple in the ribs over and over again Apple steps back and Pandora steps forward head-butting apple in the side of the face, Apple stumbles back against the ropes as she steps forward Pandora box down and picks Apple up into a spine buster Apple bounces off the mat and Pandora rolls to the corner, has she gets to her feet Apple rolls onto her stomach and goes to get up as well, Pandora jumps in the air and hits the happy ending curb stomp slamming apple face first into the mat. Apple looks to be completely out and Pandora covers hooking the leg





Justin: Here is your winner -- Pandora Barret!

Somewhere in the annals of the Earl E Wilson Stadium, SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood is seated in the makeshift office reserved for both "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward and himself. He is seated behind the desk, staring at the screen on his laptop. All but ignoring the goings on currently out in the field in the six-sided ring (he's leaving that for Mister Ward), Christian huffs in annoyance as he types something on the keys.

Christian: (muttering) Ten to one says even though we said not everybody would be on the lineup, we still get complaints...

Just then, there is a knock on the office door and Christian huffs and rolls his eyes.

Christian: Of. Course.

He looks up over the screen and to the closed door and calls aloud.

Christian: Come in if you have to!

The door opens and in steps Caleb Storms with his wife Katie behind him, though Caleb seems to be in his own world right now as he’s working on his next song parody.

Caleb: Okay, only thing to sort out is whether to go with the Hamilton parody or the Greatest Show Parody.

Katie: Err, Caleb?

Caleb’s train of thought gets interrupted by Katie and he looks up, once he remembers what he’s there for Caleb pockets the notes he was reading as he entered the room before walking up to Christian’s desk.

Caleb: Look, before you suggest it, I’m not here to demand that I get added to the Internet Title Match even though I’ve spent the last few weeks under the impression that I was getting the next shot at Teddy.

Caleb states for the record before leaning forward.

Caleb: All I want is a little clarification, why did no one tell me that I wasn’t getting the shot at Teddy leaving me to find out via this week’s card?

Christian raises his eyebrow.

Christian: Common sense?

Christian leans back in his desk chair and shakes his head.

Christian: I know that's not your strong suit, what with all that head banging shaking things loose in there, but let me try to make it as simple as I possibly can...

He shrugs.

Christian: Why would you be getting a shot at Teddy? Why should you be? You answered an open challenge for Senor Vinnie when he was the champion, not Teddy. Or do I have to remind you of how you tried to push your way into that title opportunity and asked for it to be made a Triple Threat, even though Teddy beat you to it? You answered Vinnie's challenge, not Teddy's. You were set to challenge Vinnie for the title, not Teddy. When Teddy won the title, surprise, surprise! Your 'open challenge'...?

Christian whistles and jets a thumb back over his shoulder.

Christian: Out the window. Or... can you possibly explain to me why you think you should be ahead of the former champion in a title match? Especially a title match at a Supercard?

Caleb thinks for a minute before getting his notes out.

Caleb: The whole song parody idea has been my most creatively fulfilling period since I made my debut.

Christian: And?

Caleb: And if you put me in this title match, my song parody at Violent Conduct will be the most epic yet! CGI, extras, on location shoots in different countries………

Katie: Whilst the world is in the grip of the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Caleb: ………. okay, maybe not that last part, trust me Christian if you do this then I will create a segment that people will be talking about for years to come!

Christian: Oh yes, a song parody is much more important than proving yourself inside of the ring where it actually matters.

The boss man huffs in annoyance, staring at Caleb.

Christian: I'm not going to put you into this title match because of a song parody, but I tell you what I will do. You want in the Teddy-Vinnie match?

Caleb nods.

Christian: Then win.

Caleb: Excuse me?

Christian: Tonight. in your match with Callaway. You want a title opportunity? Try winning a match and earning it.

Caleb scoffs.

Caleb: And here I thought you were going to give me something difficult!

Katie: Maybe not give him ideas about replacing Callaway with Fenris?

Caleb gulps before nodding.

Caleb: Good point, now if you excuse me boss man, I have a Scot’s arse to kick!

Before Caleb can leave the office, Christian clears his throat.

Christian: Hold on.

He shakes his head with a smile growing on his face.

Christian: I wasn't finished. I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't have one more thing to add to this whole stipulation.

Caleb: What? If Stephen wins, he gets put into the the title match?

Christian scrunches his nose and shakes his head.

Christian: Not exactly. You see, like Mark, I'm getting a little fed up with this "me, me, me" era in SCW. How everyone comes to us with title requests and not doing a damn thing to deserve them. So, like I said. if you win tonight, you get your title shot. But, if you lose...

Caleb: If I lose ... what...?

Christian: If you lose, then I am going to put you on a title ban that will make Jessie Salco's look like paradise by comparison.

Caleb: You got it! And by the time I’m done with Stephan, he will probably hate you for making me that much more motivated to beat him.

Caleb and Katie walk off as the scene fades.

The giggle from the start of Kehlani’s “Gangsta” floods the arena PA as the lights in the arena go out one by one. By the time the first words of the song start, energizing the small but vocal audience, the arena is pitch black. Purple and white spotlights above the stage start to pulse to the sound of the music. The screen at the top of the stage lights up, writing out five letters in pace with the flow of the music: C O U R T.

Adams: Looks like the rumors are true!

Simone: We’ve seen her in the crowd for a few shows, backstage last week, but now Courtney Pierce is on her way back to the Sin City Wrestling ring!

As the beat of the song finally kicks in, the SCW Bombshell comes out from behind the curtain and out onto the stage to a huge pop from the crowd welcoming her back to the place where her career started two years ago. She stops at the top of the ramp, crosses her ankles, the straps of her purple heels shimmering with all of the camera flashes around the arena, and takes a slight bow to the crowd with her arms out to her sides.

Justin: Making her return to Sin City, the 2018 Blast From The Past Tournament winner, Courtney Pierce!

Court isn’t dressed to compete, sporting tight black leather pants that go all the way down to heels much too steep for any kind of fight once she gets to the ring. The sleeveless purple top cuts off almost too high on her abdomen with only a single strap over her left shoulder.

Adams: Court was on a tear before injuries cut her time in SCW short back in 2018.

Simone: She recently informed SCW management that she was going to be ready to go, and then quickly accepted the open challenge made by Kate Steele last week.

Court makes her way to ringside, and carefully makes her way up the ringside stairs and onto the apron. She ducks down between the bottom and middle rope and into the ring before being handed a microphone of her own. The music cuts off and the arena lights start to come back on, now that the bombshell is standing in the center of the ring.

Courtney: Ladies and gentlemen of the Sin City fan base, let me introduce myself….

She says the words with a wide smile on her face and the crowd explodes. Those were the first words she ever said to them more than two years ago, and from their reaction, she knew that she hadn’t been forgotten.

Courtney: I am the 2018 Blast From The Past Winner!

Again, the fans cheer wildly, and she pauses long enough to really soak in the positive reaction before continuing.

Courtney: I am the single most successful prospect to come out of Jet City Sports Labs.

Another pop, but this time there are scattered boos at the reference to the polarizing Kris Ryans.

Courtney: ...I’m Courtney Pierce, and I’m making my return at Violent Conduct by accepting Kate Steele’s open challenge.

The limited crowd breaks into 'Welcome Back' chants and Court pauses, almost taken aback by the show of support.

Courtney: I know last time didn't work out the best. It was injury after injury until I was almost ready to give up entirely….

It was a surprising show of honesty from the rookie who had been borderline arrogant throughout the entire Blast from the Past tournament two years ago.

Courtney: I realized that maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought I was back then. I had more to learn. I had to get better. So after I was back to 100% that's exactly what I got to work doing. I knew that this day would come. I needed to make sure I could handle it when I got back to this ring.

She looks down and the fans break into cheers again. It is clear that this had been something she had been focused on for the last couple of years.

Courtney: ….I intend to prove that I am ready, and better than ever at Violent Conduct. It's long past time to pick up right where I left off.

With that, she drops the microphone and her new theme blasts through the PA system as the fans explode with cheers. As she exits the ring, the cameras cut elsewhere in the arena.

The show cuts to the back where Pussy Willow was standing in the interview area

Pussy Willow: Hello,SCW fans. I am here because we are supposed to get an update from Candy on her condition and if she is going to be cleared to wrestle for Violent Conduct VI. But… she must be running a little late. This is… unusual.

She looked around, hoping to see Candy come around the corner any minute.

Pussy Willow: Uh… ok… I guess you guys can cut and I’ll see if I can find her. Excuse me.

She walked out of camera shot, where a different camera continued to roll. She walked up to a stagehand.

Pussy Willow: Any word from Candy? We had an interview set up and she isn’t here.

Stagehand: Uh… no I haven’t seen or heard anything from her.

Pussy Willow: Strange… well, if you see her come get me.

The stagehand nodded his head. She turned to walk away as the cameras cut.

The scene cuts backstage to Andrea Hernandez minutes before her match against Keira Fisher is set to begin. She’s dressed to compete, but her level of determination is a lot different than it was last week. While last week, she was down in the dumps and seemingly on the verge of just giving it all up, this week, she’s got a different kind of fire to her. She’s definitely in a good mood as she sends a text message. Awaiting a response, Andrea’s good mood disappears quickly when she notices that Holly Wood is approaching her.

Andrea: Don’t even start with your bullshit…

Holly is frozen in her tracks, stunned by Andrea’s sudden anger.

Andrea: The media department in this company is so predictable that I already know what you’re going to ask me. You’re going to ask about my sudden change in demeanor from last week to this week, right?

Holly says nothing, knowing that Andrea has her read perfectly.

Andrea: So I answer that question and then you’re going to follow up with some general comment about how I went too far when I said what I said to Keira Fisher…

Because Keira, a few weeks ago, claiming that the battle royal’s existence was my fault, WASN’T going too far right?

Because ALL of the times I was the one getting blamed for the world championship ‘losing prestige’ because of all the title changes that were happening at the time wasn’t going too far right?

I don’t understand what it is with the hypocrisy around here. If it’s ME saying it about someone else… oh it’s SO BAD and I’m going TOO FAR and I’m WRONG and this and that and I’m the biggest bitch in the locker room. But if it’s the OTHER way around… someone saying it about me… then they’re SO RIGHT and they’re RIGHT ON and it’s GOSPEL. I’m so sick and tired of this passive aggressive bullshit from most of the locker room. Why can’t there be one woman around here with the balls to just say that I’m one of the most hated women in the locker room and just get it over with? It’s CLEARLY true… and YOU don’t have the right to say otherwise…

Holly Wood:… yes, I was going to ask you about the sudden fire for tonight against Keira but… I wasn’t going to comment on all that. But with everything you just said there… don’t you think that just maybe…

Andrea: ...maybe… what? I’m overthinking it and I need to calm down? No! I’ve had it! I’m fed up with the bullshit around here! And you’re not at my level to be having ANY sort of opinion about me, you got that?

Holly Wood: But what am I doing to you personally to be taking all of this heat from you?

Andrea: ...I can ask the entire bombshell locker room that same question… except just put them in my place and me in yours.

Holly Wood: You know what… have it your way! Sorry for bothering you!

Holly leaves the scene, but Andrea doesn’t appear to be sad about this at all.

Andrea: That’s the most sensible thing you’ve done lately…

SCW Internet Bombshells Champion Myra Rivers enters the scene behind her, though she doesn’t know it yet.

Andrea: ...what a bitch…

Myra: Yeah, you’ve been a big one lately…

Andrea turns around and spots Myra, one of the two women that she had cited last week that actually gave a damn about her.

Andrea: Nobody asked you. Shouldn’t you be busy caring about that title you have a lot more than you’ve been caring about me lately?

Myra: I understand you’ve been dealing with a lot, but really? You’re better than this. I’m just trying to look out for you. Don’t you see that? I’ve been there for you during all of this. Now you just want to let a bunch of silly nonsense affect you this much? What would your dad think about all this?

Andrea seems to calm down a little bit, as if she’s realizing that her anger is becoming a little too much. She sighs, expressing at least a small modicum of guilt.

Andrea: Yeah… thanks for reminding me. He wouldn’t like this at all. I’m sorry… it’s just… you know. I know I’ve been… out of it… in more ways than one… but tonight, I’m going to get it back! I know I can beat Keira again and I’m not going to let all the stupid, silly little things she said bring me down at all. I know too well what happens when I do that… and I’m not letting it happen again. I get that you’re looking out for me and I’m sorry that I’ve been ignoring you lately.

Andrea pauses and sighs.

Andrea: I’m just going to take a back to basics approach to this tonight and focus on what I got to do! I’ll see you around…

Andrea bolts from the scene, but Myra doesn’t seem to be too pleased with what Andrea said, expressing some skepticism on her face as the scene cuts out.

We are backstage again, with the guards stationed outside of Roxi and Keira’s dressing room, and the door opens.

Security Guard: Whoa, on me!

A bunch of security hurry to the area, where Keira comes out of the door. She looks at all the security guards, annoyed.

Keira: I have a match.

The guards give her space as Keira closes the door and walks past them. She turns back and looks at the guards still outside the door.

Keira: You’re probably going to need more.

Keira shrugs as she heads to ring for her match, and a few seconds later the door swings open and Roxi dashes out trying to break through the group of guards, and sure enough, they do need more, Roxi is clawing at the ground trying to get away but eventually more guards come and they are able to force Roxi back into the room and close the door.

Simone: Welcome back to Climax Control! Coming up next, we have a former World Bombshell Champion in action against a Hall of Famer who never held the title as Andrea Hernandez takes on Keira Fisher!

Adams: These two ladies have proven themselves in the ring time and again and tonight they’ll get a chance to show off what they can do on the Go Home Show before Violent Conduct!

Simone: This should be a great match! Let’s take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

“Ultranumb” by Blue Stahli hits the venue’s soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong cheers from the crowd. She acknowledges the positive reaction that she's getting as she makes her way toward the ring, completely focused on the task at hand.

Justin: Introducing first, from Sedona, Arizona, Andrea Hernandez!

She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, continuing to soak in the cheers she gets as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

Simone: Andrea has only been in SCW for a little over a year but in that time, she has accomplished things that many Bombshells who have been here for years haven’t.

Adams: And I can think of a few who are rather annoyed by that!

Justin: And her opponent!

"Like a Phoenix" begins to slowly play as the lights go out. Two lights from the stage is seen showing Keira's shadow, raising her arms.

Justin: From Miami, Florida and representing Team Hero, Keira Fisher!

The lights come back on as Keira turns and walks down the ring. She slaps a few fans hands as she slides in. She raises her hand and shouts out, "Like a HERO, BABY!" as she waits for the match to start.

Simone: Keira is a Bombshell who needs no introduction at this point.

Adams: Remember, we said the same thing about her wife two weeks ago when she faced off against Johanna Krieger, a match that Roxi lost, maybe it’s just me but saying that about a member of Team Hero seems to be jinxing them!

Andrea and Keira share a handshake to start the match and Jacob calls for the bell.

Simone: And the second match of the night is underway!

Adams: This should be a good one!

Once the bell rings Andrea and Keira circle each other for a bit before they lock up in the middle of the ring, Keira takes the early advantage with an Arm Drag followed by an Arm Bar but Andrea quickly gets out of the submission hold by hitting Keira with an Enziguri to force her to break the hold, this drops Keira to her knees and Andrea uses the opportunity to hit Keira with a kneeling Hurricanrana! Andrea goes for the first pin of the match.



And Keira gets the shoulder up.

Simone: Andrea with the first pin-fall of the match.

Adams: It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time they’ve wrestled, Andrea faced Keira in a Qualifying match for the Six Pack Challenge at last year’s December 2 Dismember and Andrea won that match!

Andrea shakes her head in disappointment at the failed pin attempt before she picks Keira up looking to follow that up with something else, however we never find out what she had in mind as Keira hits Andrea in the jaw with an Uppercut before dropping Andrea with a Powerbomb in the middle of the ring! Keira doesn’t go for the cover however, instead grabbing Andrea’s legs and locking her in a Sharpshooter.

Simone: I thought Keira was going to go for a cover there.

Adams: She wants to wear down Andrea first and that Sharpshooter might just be the ticket!

Jacob gets into position and asks Andrea if she wants to submit to the Sharpshooter and Andrea adamantly refuses before she starts crawling over to the ring ropes, Keira quickly realizes what Andrea is up to and tries to prevent her from reaching the ring ropes at one point abandoning the Sharpshooter idea and transitioning into an STF but Andrea still refuses to give up the fight and eventually makes it to the ring ropes forcing Keira to let go of her submission hold.

Simone: Keira should know from her past matches against Andrea that she doesn’t give up easily.

Adams: Maybe but being subjected to two painful submission holds in rapid succession will hurt Andrea in the long run, look Keira’s going for the Sharpshooter again!

Indeed, Keira has dragged Andrea back to the centre of the ring to try the Sharpshooter again, but she doesn’t even get a chance to cross Andrea’s legs across her leg before Andrea counters it with a Hurricanrana from the ground! Andrea is slow to get to her feet due to the submission holds she endured, and Keira takes advantage of this by rolling up Andrea.



And Andrea kicks out.

Simone: Andrea may have countered Keira’s second attempt at the Sharpshooter, but she wasn’t able to capitalize on it.

Adams: And considering that she beat Keira with a surprise roll up in their first match that would’ve been an ironic defeat for Andrea!

Keira shoots Jacob a disbelieving look but before she can say anything it’s Keira’s turn to be surprised with a roll-up by Andrea.



And Keira gets the shoulder up!

Keira gets to her knees whilst Andrea gets to her feet and nearly folds the veteran Bombshell in half with a running dropkick to the face! Keira rolls out of the ring rather than let Andrea press the advantage or go for another pin attempt and once she sees this Andrea measures up Keira before hitting her with a running Somersault Plancha to the outside that brings the fans to their feet!

Simone: Keira fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book there!

Adams: And given that she’s a member of Team Hero, you’d think that she would be wise to such tactics from Andrea.

Jacob restarts the count (which barely had time to hit four before Andrea hit her suicide dive) before Andrea picks up Keira and rolls her back into the ring, Andrea gets up on the apron and waits for Keira to get back to her feet, when she does Andrea leaps to the top rope and goes for a Springboard Hurricanrana but Keira sidesteps the attempt and whilst Andrea lands on her feet she doesn’t stay on her feet for very long before Keira hits her with a German Suplex.

Simone: It looked like Andrea was back in control but now Keira has taken over the match!

Adams: Not to mention Andrea herself with that German Suplex! And Keira’s bridging for the pin!



And Andrea gets the shoulder up!

Keira doesn’t let up however as she rolls over Andrea before going for another German Suplex, but this time Andrea reverses it into a roll-up!



And Keira gets the shoulder up!

Both women get to their feet and Keira is the first to make a move going for a running Spear but Andrea leapfrogs over it before running to the opposite ropes and nearly taking Keira’s head off with the Busaiku Knee! Andrea doesn’t go for the cover however instead dragging Keira’s prone form over to the nearest turnbuckle and heading to the top rope where she goes for a Shooting Star Press, unfortunately for her Keira gets the knees up causing Andrea to crash and burn.

Simone: They call it high risk offence for a reason as Andrea just found out!

Adams: And Keira looks set to end this!

Keira goes for the Deadly Sin but Andrea ducks under it before hitting Keira with a Sitout Facebuster! Andrea doesn’t go for the pin however instead heading up to the top rope once more and hitting her finisher!

Simone: Rise of the Phoenix! Andrea hits it!

Adams: Stick a fork in Keira, she’s done!

Andrea hooks the leg for the pin attempt!





Justin: Here is your winner, Andrea Hernandez!

Simone: Andrea picks up a huge win going into Violent Conduct!

Adams: I wouldn’t want to face her in the near future, that’s for sure!

Andrea celebrates her win whilst Jacob checks on Keira.

Pussy Willow can be seen standing in front of the logo for Climax Control as the cameraman points at her to indicate that she was live.

Pussy Willow: I am here to talk to the woman that wants to be challenging for the Bombshell Internet title at Violent Conduct Six…Ladies and Gentlemen, Sam Marlowe.

The camera view moves back as Sam Marlowe moves into view. Not dressed to wrestle, Sam looks comfortable in a pair of light jeans, dark doc martins and an Archie Andrews tee from Riverdale. She smiles at Pussy then the camera.

Pussy Willow: Sam, we have heard the challenge you put out to Myra Rivers and we have heard that Myra is in favor of the match but I do have to ask you Sam, we have not heard one way or another that you will be challenging for Myra’s title. Does that worry you?

Sam Marlowe: To be honest, yes it does worry me. Oh I know I made the challenge because of two reasons, the first being that Myra is someone that I respect and want to face and the second is that the Bombshell Internet title is the only active title that I have not claimed in my short career here in Sin City Wrestling. So hopefully it will be confirmed that I will have my shot at the supercard. I hope to hear from Christian Underwood or Mark Ward soon…

As if saying his name was some kind of clarion call, Christian Underwood appears in the camera’s view on the other side of Pussy. He smirks as he nods slowly at the interviewer and Sam Marlowe.

Pussy Willow: Christian, can you give us the exclusive answer that everyone wants to know…

Christian Underwood: I am sure that wanting to know if Mark Ward is a boxer or briefs man is that important right now Pussy. Suffice it to say that I will keep everyone guessing about that.

Sam Marlowe: I think Mr. Underwood, the question is whether or not I will be challenging for the Bombshell Internet title at Violent Conduct six.

Christian Underwood: Oh yes, Samantha’s challenge for that title. Well I don’t really know considering her record so far this year but given that she did make the challenge, who am I to deny her. Yes Samantha, you will be challenging for the Bombshell Internet title at Violent Conduct. I would wish you good luck but then again, I don’t want to appear biased or anything you know. I have a reputation to keep up.

Sam Marlowe: I know…and thank you for the opportunity for the title match.

Christian offers her a whatever wave of his hand as he smirks in dismissal then turns to walk out of the shot. Pussy watches him go as Sam calls out softly.

Sam Marlowe: Yeehaw!

Pussy Willow: Well Sam, I guess then it is official that you will be facing Myra Rivers for her Bombshell Internet title at Violent Conduct six. What do you have to say to that?

Sam Marlowe: Say Pussy..I have to say that I am so looking forward to facing Myra Rivers. I admit that I was a bit nervous about getting the shot but now that it is confirmed…I just want to wish Myra good luck and tell her that I am looking forward to the match. I can’t wait Pussy, this match could make me a grand slam champion in Sin City Wrestling. I so gotta go get ready. It has been great talking to you.

Excitedly, Sam turns and heads out of the shot as Pussy faces the camera.

Pussy Willow: You heard it here live, straight from the mouth of SCW co owner Christian Underwood. Sam Marlowe will challenge for the title currently held by Myra Rivers at the supercard Violent Conduct.

The scene moves back to ringside where Belinda Simone speaks.

Simone: That is quite the announcement Jason, Sam Marlowe getting the chance to make herself a Bombshell Internet title holder and Grand slam champion. Only spoiler is that she is facing Myra Rivers.

Myra Rivers is shown backstage watching a match from last week’s show. This match in particular is Christina Rose taking on Samantha Marlowe. The Bombshells Internet Champion is certainly scouting her competition closely and she watches with a curious intent. She doesn’t express much emotion when she watches Christina defeat Sam and she shuts off the monitor, obviously making some mental notes. Holly Wood, a bit shaken up from her earlier encounter with Andrea Hernandez, approaches her.

Myra: Hey…

Holly doesn’t say anything as their proper interview begins.

Myra: I’m really sorry about Andrea earlier. I don’t know what’s gotten into her.

Holly Wood: Don’t worry about it. It happens. I understand that people go through stuff and they’re just not in the mood to talk. Anyway, let’s get to the gist of things. Last week, you main evented CC 279 in a champions versus champions match against Seleana Zdunich in which you pulled off the victory. Your reactions to that and how do you feel it builds up some momentum going into an imminent Internet title defense?

Myra: It was a great victory for me, that’s for sure. Seleana is a tough competitor and is the Roulette Champion for a reason but as I’ve been saying, the girl lets the doubts get to her head too much and I was able to do exactly what I needed to do to take advantage of that and gain the victory. She did push me to the limit, I will give her that. Blow for blow, armdrag for armdrag, kick for kick, suplex for suplex, she matched me pretty damn well! But psychologically, it was clear who was stronger in that given match and that made all the difference in the world. As for the momentum? Yeah, it’ll help. But I didn’t fight last week’s match for momentum. I fought it to win on a big stage against a big name opponent. In a company like Sin City Wrestling, momentum comes and goes far too quickly that those not psychologically equipped to deal with the roller coaster fall off the map pretty fast. I’m not going to successfully defend my title just because I beat Seleana.

Holly Wood: Someone who WASN’T able to get any momentum last week was Sam Marlowe, who fought Christina Rose last week and lost. How do you think that will psychologically affect her?

Myra: It’s not my place to comment on that.

Holly Wood: I understand, but it’s going to leave a lot of people questioning whether she would even deserve a shot at the Internet Championship over someone like… say… Christina.

Myra: Fair… but to be even MORE fair… it would’ve been fair to question whether I deserved a shot at the Bombshells Internet Championship considering I had fought like what… three matches at the point that became a possibility? I was only coming off of a win against Amber Ryan and a lot of people thought that was a fluke.

Holly Wood: But even you have to admit that Sam has had a difficult 2020…

Myra: I’m not going to downplay that, but the fact of the matter is, Sam Marlowe is Sam Marlowe no matter what and there isn’t a person that’s going to take that away from her, not even me. All it takes is one match… one spark… for everything to turn around and be right again and for me, Into the Void was that match. We can debate who deserves what all night long and that’s fine with me… but when Sam said that she wanted to be considered for the Internet Championship and specifically stated that she would rather fight me than fight Kate, I took that as a challenge… and it’s a challenge that I accepted because that’s the type of champion that I am. I’m not going to back down or change my mind just because she lost to Christina last week… or because things have been a bit on the harder side for her ever since she lost the Roulette Championship to Candy a few months back. I’m a fighting champion, I’m not going to turn someone away just because they’ve had a bumpier than normal time of things lately.

Holly Wood: That’s very noble of you for sure.

Myra: The only thing I ask of Sam Marlowe at this point is that when this title match happens, that she brings her best. That’s it. I’m not worrying about the past, her past, any struggles she’s had… I’m not going to laser focus on that. I’m not going to treat her as the wrestler that’s gone through all that, I’m going to focus on the wrestler that is one of the most decorated champions in SCW history and the woman that ended the dominant world championship reign of Mikah when she was at the hottest she’d ever been in this company. I respect her too much to do so otherwise and if the roles were reversed, I know she’d do the same with me.

Holly Wood: Thanks for the chat, Myra…

Myra: Anytime!

Myra flashes a quick, confident smile before she turns and leaves the scene, poised and confident as always as the scene fades.

The cameras cut back to the ring, where a table has been set up. A black table cloth draped over it, as there are two leather chairs set up on opposite sides of it. In the middle lies a closed black and gold leather booklet with two shiny gold pens.

Adams: We’re going to have a good old fashion contract signing Belinda.

Simone: I can’t wait for the chaos to unfold.

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Jordan standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, YOUR Current World Bombshell Champion… Evieeee Jordan.

Adams: This ought to be good… Evie and Alicia always bring the heat.

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans as her focus is on the ring in front of her. She slowly walks up the steel steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring showing off her prized World Bombshell Championship that is draped over her shoulder to the crowd. The Aussie is met with a sea of boos but she ignores them as she takes a step back towards Justin and takes one of the microphones he has on offer. Evie brings the microphone up to her lips as she turns her attention towards the cameras.

Evie: Last week, I offered Alicia the golden opportunity to select our match type going into Violent Conduct, I even spoke about her needing the secret advantage… however, we all know that that was a joke right?

The champion paused to let the fans react, they did with boos.

Evie: You see it doesn’t matter what match type Alicia comes up with, the outcome will remain the same… when the bell tolls on our match at VC… I’ll still be the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion.

The arena ripples with boos, that brings a smile to Evie’s face.

Evie: It’s not because I don’t respect Alicia, because I do… it’s just knowing that this sight right here.

She lifted the Bombshell Championship up high into the air with her left hand. Showing it off.

Evie: This sight right here… brings you all soooo much misery, why would I want to give that up? Why would I want to just let my chance to annoy the fuck out of you slip through my fingers?

The fans booed again, but Evie chose to ignore it.

Evie: I enjoy being your World Bombshell Champion, because I enjoy bringing back the pristine and top caliber matches that this title requires and if that means I have to let my opponent’s choice my matches every now and then to prove to you all that I am the most worthy champion, so fucking be it.

Evie turned her attention towards the runway.

Evie: Now let’s bring her out… let’s bring out the challenger, let’s bring out Alicia Lukas… let’s see…

Before Evie could continue she was cut off, by the sound of music. Wild Eyes by parkway drive hits and Alicia steps out from the back with a small smile on her face. She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps stopping on the apron to lean on the top rope. She laughs and steps into the six sided ring picking up a microphone as her music dies down.

Alicia: Jeez Evie. Here I thought it would just be a nice mellow contract signing. But instead you seem to want to talk all the way to Violent Conduct.

She pauses for a moment fingering the edges of the contract before slowly opening it.

Adams: What stipulation will Alicia and Evie have?

Simone: I don’t know but I’m sure it’ll be something ultra violent!

Alicia: Everyone else seems to want a extreme or hardcore stipulation added to their match. But you and I need something different. See you take out the triple threat match where Andrea was involved and in our’re left with two matches between us.

Alicia pauses for a moment and opens the contract.

Alicia: I won one. And you won one. So, I want to make sure we get a definitive winner. So. For 30 minutes you and I are going to go at it. An ironwoman match Evie....30 minutes, most falls at the end walks away with that championship..

Alicia smiles and places the microphone down, she scribbles something on the contract then signs it before sliding it towards Evie. Evie grabs hold of the contract, before picking up the remaining gold pen and without any hesitation she signs her signature along the dotted line. She slams the cover of the contract shut and slides it back across the table towards Alicia.

Justin: There you have it folks, it’s signed sealed and delivered Evie Jordan will defend the SCW World Bombshell Championship against Alicia Lukas in a 30 minute ironwoman match in two weeks time at Violent Conduct.

Adams: Oh man, and not one of them threatened to toss the table? Or throw a chair?

Evie and Alicia came almost nose to nose but maintained a social distance acceptable in the world of Wrestling and the two exchanged a heated glance and a few choice words before Alicia took her leave. Once Alicia was halfway up the ramp, Evie Waited for her music to hit before she left the ring.

The cameras cut to the back where Marcus Cage was walking around the back with Fluffy.

Marcus Cage: Fluffy… I have a weird feeling. I haven’t seen Candy in several hours…

Fluffy barked and spun in a circle. Marcus reached into his back pocket and takes out his phone. He dials Candy’s number and waits as it rings… and rings… and rings… He lowers the phone and looks around.

Marcus Cage: I don’t like this… I really don’t like this… Fluffy… can you sniff her out?

Fluffy barked excitedly and spun around twice before taking off down the hall. Marcus quickly followed before the cameras cut.

The show cuts backstage to a shot of one of the hallway floors. Very quickly they find a pair of custom orange PF Flyers. As the camera raises, we see that those shoes are attached to none other than Kristopher Ryans, who is perched in front of a door marked with O’Malley’s name. The cameras close in on Kris, who is whistling innocently as he places a label on the door, covering the name of the Roulette Champion. It now reads “Pussy Whipped Bitch”. Still whistling, Kris drops his hand back into his pocket and produces another smaller label. As he pushes it to the door under the first, cameras close in on it to see that it is a subheading for the champion reading “(who probably needs his wife with him to win)”. Kris smiles as the cheers from the crowd echo through the halls approving of his improvement to the door. He turns to walk away, but abruptly freezes mid-turn and the whistling stops. The innocent act fades off of his face and a smug smile forms in its place. The camera shot widens to see the Roulette Champion himself standing face-to-face with The Miracle. O’Malley’s eyes move past Kris, seeing the changes he has made to the door behind him. Before he can say anything, Kris holds up a hand to stop him.

Kris: No need to thank me…

O’Malley’s mouth opens for him to respond, but Kris beats him to the punch.

Kris: I heard you talking, saw that you were having trouble finding your locker room, so I fixed it for you.

O’Malley shakes his head, the frustration with the Grand Slam Champion of full display from his body language. Kris senses O’Malley’s restraint and continues pushing his buttons.

Kris: ...and now here you are! Looks like I helped.

O’Malley sets his duffel bag down on the floor very slowly, then lays both of his titles on top of it. He looks back up to Kris, and takes in a very deep annoyed breath and cracks his neck from side to side.

O’Malley: Ye see, I was havin’ meself a good evening, but leave it to ye to go and start to ruin it. I knew exactly where to find me locker room, but all ye’ve gone and done is piss me off again. Ye must want Violent Conduct to come a little early.

O’Malley steps forward, almost threatening Kris, but he stops when Kris holds his hand up. He clenches his hands into fists.

O’Malley: I’m really sick of yer shit, fella.

Kris laughs, definitely not the reaction that O'Malley wanted in response.

Kris: You make this too easy, you know that right?

O'Malley makes another attempt to actually respond to Kris, but gets cut off once more.

Kris: I get it. You don't like me. Look how hurt my feelings are about it….

The Miracle uses his index finger to point up to his own smiling face.

Kris: ...and I think you're an insufferable stick-in-the-mud.

O'Malley is done listening to the onslaught of verbal jabs, and takes a step forward, but Kris holds both of his hands out defensively. He speaks quickly, hoping to get to the point before O'Malley is out of patience.

Kris: Now any other time I would say we could go out to the ring, throw out the rules, and work out all the negativity until one of us doesn't walk away…

O'Malley relaxes slightly, not the least bit bothered by that course of action. Getting his hands on Kris didn't seem like a bad thing at all. It was listening to him talk that was frustrating.

Kris: ….but you got a main event that I would feel bad ruining. Then come time for Violent Conduct I could technically interfere and cost you a title, but you could do the same when Mikah and I take on Bitch n Moan. So here's what I'm thinking…

O’Malley quickly cuts him off before he can get another word out.

O’Malley: Christ, ye must love hearin’ the sound of yer own voice because ye never shut the feck up, do ye?

Kris shrugs.

O’Malley: But I’m gonna stop ye there, because I can figure out what yer thinkin’ already. I won’t get involved and cost ye the match against Bella and Malachi- I’ll let ye two lose all on yer own.

Kris goes to comment on that, but O’Malley holds his hand up and stops him before he can start rambling again.

O’Malley: Yeah, yeah. I get it. Ye and Mikah are just so damn amazin’ and unstoppable and all that shite. I don’t care. Point is, I won’t get involved in yer’s, and ye won’t cost me my title against Miles, because right now, what I want more than kickin’ yer arse all over this arena, is to keep that title around me waist long enough to at least break Griffin’s record. That about sum it up?

Kris’ mouth opens and closes a few times without producing any sounds. It was almost as if he hadn’t expected anything O’Malley said to affect his words, but something in what he had said got the wheels spinning.

Kris: ...hmm…. Beat Griffin’s record…. I can get behind that. Yeah.

Realizing that he was painfully close to sounding supportive of the human size pain in his ass, Kris backtracks off of the idea and back to what he had been trying to say previously.

Kris: Let’s call it a month’s hate vacation. I won’t mess things up for you even though you jumped me like some kind of.. Well…

He points back over his shoulder to the door with his new labels for the Roulette Champion.

Kris: ...and you stay the hell away from me and my mixed tag team championship match. Then when that first Climax Control after Violent Conduct rolls around, we can settle this, and you can lose to me for a third time.

Kris extends his hand for the two men to shake on it. Although they seemed to have reached some sort of agreement O’Malley looks down at The Miracle’s hand and shakes his head.

O’Malley: Never gonna happen.

Kris shrugs his shoulders and moves away from the Roulette Champion.

Kris: Maybe next time…

With that, Kris turns down the hall, and O’Malley rips the labels off of his door before pushing it open.

O’Malley: Not likely.

As the two men disappear from the camera’s view, we cut to elsewhere in the arena.

In the ring, Jasmine St John can be seen waiting for the match to be introduced as she looks up at the entranceway.

Simone: This next match is pitting two men against each other that have two very different points of view. And there is Justin moving to the ring to get this thing started.

Justin Decent moves to the ring and climbing the ring stairs, he slides between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring.

Adams: Let’s go to Justin for the introductions.

Justin:The following contest is scheduled for one fall…Introducing first…From Hamilton South Lanarkshire…He is Stephen Callaway.

"Remedy" by Cold plays and Stephen Callaway struts to the ring singing along with his music. He never touches hands with the fans. He taps the ringpost with his index finger before walking up the steps and through the ropes. Once in the ring he walks to the corner diagonal from where he came in and climbs to the middle turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the shape of a semi circle as the opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing across the arena before Caleb comes out headbanging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: Introducing, from Syracuse, New York and weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds, he is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms!!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for the match to start.

Adams: Both men look ready to fight tonight Belinda. Caleb Storms of course playing to the crowd as he usually does.

Simone: And the arrogance of Stephen Callaway on full display here tonight.

Jasmine motions for both men to join her in the middle of the ring where she begins to explain about the match.

Simone: Jasmine St John laying down the law for these two Jason.

Adams: And just in time too, there goes the bell.


Caleb nods at Stephen who just smirks. At the sound of the bell, Caleb prepares to lock up with Callaway but Stephen reaches out and sends Caleb stumbling away with a hard right hand to the side of his head. Staggering towards the ropes, Storms’ hand moves to his head as he shakes the hit off. Turning to Callaway, Storms lunges into the middle of the ring where he locks up with Stephen Callaway before twisting him into a headlock. Grindng down on the ear of Callaway, Caleb tries to prevent the scot from pushing him off into the ropes. Callaway manages to force the release of his head as he pushes Storms into the ropes. Caleb rebounds off and takes down Stephen with a shoulder block. Looking down at Callaway, Storms rushes to the opposite ropes. Callaway throws himself stomach first in front of Caleb who leaps over the body. Stephen gets to his feet and catches the rebounding Caleb with a boot to the midsection and then catches the doubled over Storms in a reverse headlock before pulling him upward into a suplex that he holds for a few moments then falls backwards to the mat. Caleb arches in pain as his hand moves to his lower back.

Adams: Starting out to be an interesting match Belinda with this quick move and counter move from Callaway and Storms.

Stephen gets to his feet as does Caleb. Storms moves gingerly as he rubs at his lower back. Callaway motions for him to bring it as Caleb begins to circle. Callaway watches and then backs towards the ropes which has Caleb slowing then stopping to watch as Stephen moves to take Caleb down with a sorry Malcolm slingblade that rocks Storms to the mat. Callaway rolls to his feet then quickly rushes to pin Caleb. Jasmine drops to the mat but only gets a one count as Caleb kicks out. Stephen sits back on his heels to demand Jasmine count faster as Caleb rolls towards the ropes. Callaway gets to his feet and stalks towards Caleb who is on one knee as he holds the ropes to pull himself to a vertical base. Seeing Stephen moving towards him, Caleb explodes off the ropes with a clothesline that rocks Callaway out of his boots. Clutching at his chest, Stephen rolls to the side of the ring. Caleb fights to his feet and moves towards Callaway who is slower to his feet. As he moves closer, Callaway slips his upper body between the ropes and motions for Jasmine to move Storms off. Jasmine gets between the two and forces Caleb to step back. Callaway smirks as he adds his voice to Jasmine’s telling Storms to back away. Jasmine turns to Stephen and motions for him to get into the ring.

Simone: Smart move there by Stephen Callaway to slow the pace down.

Stephen nods with a smile for the referee as he begins to slide back into the ring. Caleb moves towards him which only prompts Stephen to straighten up between the ropes once more which forces Jasmine to again back Caleb off. As she does so, Callaway follows her to take Caleb down with a clothesline as St John admonishes him. Callaway shrugs as he says that was what she had wanted him to do. Caleb fights to his feet and reaches for Callaway. Stephen catches his arm and then irish whips Caleb only to hold on and take him down with a short armed clothesline. Making a very nonchalant cover, Callaway is surprised as Caleb kicks out. Storms is trying to roll away from Callaway who pulls him back into another pin only to have Caleb kick out once more. Callaway angrily gets to his feet and then grabs the leg of Storms and rolls him over into a half crab that has Caleb arching in pain. Storms holds out his hand towards the ropes which are tantalizingly close but just out of reach. Putting his hands on the mat, Storms tries to arch out of the hold but Stephen leans back on it forcing him to the mat. Clutching at his head, Caleb screams no as Jasmine checks to see if he submits.

Adams: That has to hurt Belinda. Caleb Storms is almost bent in half the wrong way.

Simone: Stephen Callaway is playing it smart by taking out the lower back of Caleb to prevent him from using any power moves in this match.

Caleb slams his hands on the canvas and arches up once more, this time he fights to move closer to the ropes. Stephen can be seen mouthing at him telling him to submit while he arches back to force Caleb to the mat. Reaching out, Caleb is closer to the ropes and once more begins to fight his way to the bottom rope and with one final desperate lunge manages to catch it with his hand. St John moves to the front of Callaway and tells him to release the hold as Storms had made it to the ropes. Angrily, Callaway flings the leg of Storms down and gets in the face of Jasmine who warns him off. Caleb uses the time to roll out of the ring and leans up against the apron of the ring where he is shaking his leg to fight off the affects of the half crab. Stephen turns to see Caleb on the outside and moves towards the ropes to reach through in an attempt to catch Storms by the hair. Grabbing a handful of it, Callaway tries to pull Storms onto the apron. Caleb counters with a hard punch to the head of Callaway. As Stephen staggers slightly, Caleb reaches under the ropes and pulls the feet out from under the scot.

Simone: It looks like Caleb Storms is turning the tide of the match Jason. Pulling Callaway off his feet, I wonder what Caleb has in mind.

Storms pulls Callaway along the canvas and towards the ringpost by the feet. Once at the ringpost, Caleb moves to put each foot one either side of it. Stephen rises up, his hands held up in surrender as he tries to convince Storms not to hurt him. Caleb looks around at the fans then pulls hard on the legs of Callaway to bring him hard against the unforgiving steel. Clutching himself Callaway pulls himself away from the ring post as Caleb again reaches for his feet. Pulling them around the ring post, Caleb is surprised when Callaway grabs the ring ropes and pulls himself backwards bringing Caleb face first into the steel. Clutching his face, Storms staggers away as Stephen pulls himself into the ring and then lays on his side in a fetal position as he fights the pain in his midsection. Caleb leans on the ringsteps as Callaway rolls to his hands and knees then gingerly to his feet. Seeing Storms leaning on the steps, Callaway moves to the corner and slowly pulls himself upward before attempting a plancha that misses as Caleb throws himself to the side.

Simone: What a mistake Jason. Callaway is laid out on the mats here at ringside. But Caleb can’t get in the ring either.

Both men lay on the mats recovering as Jasmine moves to the ropes and begins her ten count. At five, Caleb pulls himself to the ring apron and upwards. Callaway is rolling to his stomach and crawling to the ringstairs to pick himself up. Caleb rolls under the bottom rope at eight then gets to his feet to stagger slightly as Jasmine checks him then moves to check on Callaway who is crawling up the ringstairs. Callaway pulls himself up and is using the ropes to move along the apron. Storms rushes towards the ropes and pulls Callaway into the ring over the top rope. Landing on his back, Callaway is unable to save himself as Storms moves to pull him upward. As Stephen is standing there, Caleb takes two quick steps backwards then charges to take him down with a spear. With the air driven from his lungs, Callaway is rolling on the mat in pain. Storms gets to his feet and then rushes to the corner. Climbing the turnbuckles, he launches himself off the top to hit the Metal Storm. Once he hits it, he rolls up Callaway for the pin.

Adams: The Metal STORM….this could be over right here.


Adams: Caleb Storms has him down for the count. I don’t think that Callaway will be able to kick out after the Metal Storm.


Adams: No movement at all from Stephen Callaway.


Adams: It is all over!


Justin: The winner of the match, Caleb Storms!

Caleb gets to his feet and shoots the devil’s horns at the fans in celebration as he rushes to the corner to climb the turnbuckles. Jasmine checks on Callaway in the ring who is slowly beginning to move. Caleb jumps down from the turnbuckles and moves across the ring ignoring Jasmine and Stephen who are exiting the ring.

Adams: Your winner tonight, Caleb Storms. What a win going into the supercard.

Simone: Storms is looking strong but you have to admit that Stephen Callaway also looked strong so it will be interesting to see what is going to come from this matchup Jason.

Caleb drops to the mat and then rolls out of the ring to celebrate along the aisle towards the entrance as his music plays.

Backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains is seen holding up a microphone. Standing next to her is SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas for an interview segment ahead of her match.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, you came up short in the World Bombshell Championship number one contender's battle royal, which Alicia Lukas won. Your thoughts on the setback?

Mercedes: My thoughts? Sure, why not? Most people would be disappointed about not winning the battle royal two weeks ago. But then again, I'm not most people. When you’ve done this for 11 years at the highest level, when you've been successful as I have in this company over eight years, winning and losing matches is all part of the game. Alicia can say that I didn't deserve to be in the match, but you know what? I'm glad she won. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. That just gives me another chance to watch her fall on her face again to Evie in two weeks at Violent Conduct.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Speaking of, tonight you're set to take on Bea Barnhart and Johanna Krieger. One of you could walk out tonight with an opportunity for the Bombshell Roulette Championship, and I'm sure Seleana Zdunich will be watching this match closely.

Mercedes: As she should. She should also pray that Bea Barnhart wins because that's the only way she's walking out of Violent Conduct with her title. Bea challenged for the title before at Blaze of Glory, and she lost. As for Johanna, she's never been in a Roulette Rules match, until tonight. Beatrice and JoJo are going to realize that I'm not in that ring with them, they're in that ring with me. I've been in over 40 Roulette Rules matches so there isn't a stipulation out there I haven't been in. So, this match can go one of three ways, Rocky.

Mercedes holds up three fingers.

Mercedes: Either Bea sneaks out a win, we'll find out if Johanna can back up her words. Or....

Mercedes raises an index finger in a wait-a-minute gesture.

Mercedes: Or, I guess I'll be booking my trip to Caesars Palace and make history with my 13th championship win and end Seleana's sham of a title reign to become la primera vez cinco veces Campeon de la ruleta bombazo SCW. The first-ever five-time Bombshell Roulette Champion...

Mercedes rubs her hands together slowly accompanied with a smug smile as she turns to the camera.

Mercedes: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

The cameras follow that of Teddy Warren and he is jumping about excitedly as he raises the Internet Championship high above his head. He isn’t alone as he is followed by his sister in law Cynthia Warren. She smiles clapping for Teddy as he could be seen jumping onto a table raising the belt high above his head.

Teddy: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO welcome to the Teddy Warren look at me I AM THE CHAMPION SEGMENT CAMERA TIME!!!!!!!! You see I am the champion and I am going to lift this title to a different level. Look at how I am raising it!

Teddy raises the title high into the air as Cindy smiles looking at him.

Cindy: Don’t worry if he like falls off of the table or something there is a nurse here on staff and I will take care of my brother in law!

Teddy nods his head with a chuckle.

Teddy: That’s right I got a nurse baby! Which means a sponge bath, it also means relaxation. It also means I am on top of the moon because yours truly is in the MAINNNNNNNNNNNNN EVENT TONIGHT!!!!Senor Vinnie and I will be facing at Violent Conduct and you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to be going at all cylinders. I can’t let Vinnie beat me and James I hope you are watching Buddy because at High Stakes there won’t be any more running. It’s finally going to be you and I fighting one another with all of the marbles on the table. Let’s make something special of it. I might have wet myself….

Cindy: Ahem… Vote for Teddy pee’s on himself moment of the year…

Teddy: Sis you aren’t helping!

Cindy: Hey somebody has to build you up and considering your wife was too much focused on herself I figured I do my job as your manager. On top of that be careful I don’t know if that catering table is all that stable and…

As Teddy is standing on the table that is when we are able to see the blue haired beauty she can’t help but crack a very wide grin as she looks at the catering setup and screams out at the top of her lungs.


Diamond and Ruby: OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Both of the British women scream as loudly as they can and it is at that moment that they rush the table. Teddy loses his balance and falls right down into a cake. Teddy seems upset as he sighs.

Teddy: Damn it!!! These embarrassing moments need to stop! First it was wetting myself and now falling into a cake!

Cindy: Hey what do you two think you are doing… My CLIENT was in the middle of a segment.

Ruby rolls her eyes.

Ruby: Right… Well me and my client want a bite to eat and you are being too RIDICULOUS!!!

Diamond: Cheers besides my husband will understand. Violent Conduct is in a few weeks and I have just signed on a deal to be a teacher at Jet City South. I get to be in the forefront of watching some of the most up and coming students rise up to get into the business, but I think what I am looking forward to the most is watching the Gems becoming wrestlers, but there is one woman I want to fight. One woman looking to make a return. So I want her to just make the challenge. I see a lot of me in her and Courtney Pierce let’s tear it up shall we.

Ruby: Not only that but tonight you and Evie. You have a chance to really control your career.

Diamond: True. We are going to tear one another a part but in all honesty I have nothing but respect for her. She is a top tier athlete and among the best of the best. We will be going to war and may the best woman win. See all of you soon cheers all.

With that the two Gems walk away as Teddy cleans the cake off of his face. Cindy sighs as we go elsewhere.

Bea Barnhart has just exited her dressing room area and she has stepped into the hallway where Sin City Wrestling’s Scott Oliver is waiting for her.

Scott: I’m here with Bea Barnhart who is a short time away from her Roulette Rules match against Mercedes Vargas and Johanna Krieger with the winner facing Seleana Zdunich at Violent Conduct VI for the Roulette Championship. How are you feeling for this match Bea?

Bea: I feel great and I hope the Roulette Wheel lands on a violent match or something with no rules so anything goes. I want to show what I’m capable of and I don’t want a match type with weak and wimpy stipulations that restricts what I can do during the match.

Scott: Do you realize what you are asking for? Matches like that can lead to serious injury.

Bea: Yeah! Serious injury for my two opponents! Scott I’m not here to make life easy for opponents. I’m here to kick ass and rise to the top to shine as a Champion. Mercedes and Johanna are merely stepping stones on my walk of success.

Scott: Okay. If you say so. I wish you the best of luck in your match.

Bea: Ha ha ha! I damn sure don’t need luck when I have the skills to get the job done. Watch me make quick work of Mercedes and Johanna and move on to Violent Conduct VI to defeat Seleana Zdunich to become Roulette Champion.

Scott: Wow! An extremely confident Bea Barnhart. This is going to be a hell of an exciting match.

Cut Throat by Kittie hits as the lights in the arena go out and a single red spotlight appears on stage, in the center Johanna Krieger stands there with a black leather jacket over the top. She makes her way down to the ring as the spotlight follows her, she slides in the ring and crawls to the corner before staying on her knees with her arms back holding onto the middle rope as the house lights come up

Justin: Currently in the ring from the Wolfslair!! Johanna Krieger!!!

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her final opponent to arrive.

Raise Your Glass by Pink hits as Bea Barnhart walks to the ring accompanied by Bill and Iris, when she gets to the ring she kisses Bill who goes to the back with Iris as Bea gets in the ring and stares down her opponents.

Justin: And their opponent!! Bea Barnhart!!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell has rang as the three Bombshells stare at each other, Mercedes mocks both ladies as she is far more experienced in the ring than both of them combined. Causing Bea and Krieger to look at each other before turning their attention to Mercedes Vargas and both Bombshells charge in on her.

Simone: With all her experience, I think she made a mistake of mocking both Bea and Krieger.

Bea locks and Krieger push Mercedes in the corner as both of them grab her by the arms and whip her into the corner on the other side of the ring. Krieger grabs Bea and whips her into Mercedes as this causes Bea to hit an avalanche on the veteran Mercedes, Bea hits a nice uppercut and turns around to see where Krieger is at. Only to see that Krieger has gotten behind her and wraps her arms around the midsection of Bea and hits a big time Belly to Belly suplex before locking her leg for the three count.



Mercedes pulls on Johanna Kriegers leg as that drags her off Bea and lifts the leg up that she grabbed and slams it hard on the canvas as that causes Krieger to grab her by the painful leg and rolls around the canvas. Mercedes grabs the leg and sets Krieger up for a single leg grapevine, but has forgotten about Bea Barnhart. Who has gotten behind her and grabs Mercedes from behind and pulls her off Krieger by pulling her hair. She drags her to the centre of the ring before executing a hairmare and then follows it up with a knee drop to the face of Mercedes. Bea goes for the cover as Drew goes for the three count


But it won’t get farther than one as Krieger charges in with an elbow drop as she aimed for Bea, who saw it coming and moved out of the way. Causing Krieger to hit the elbow on top of Mercedes and looks up before getting kicked in the face. Bea grabs Krieger by the hair and sends her through the ropes to the outside before turning her attention back to Mercedes. She drags her to the corner and pulls out brass knucks out of her outfit and puts it on her hand and aims it to the face of Mercedes.

Adams: Ohh!! Bea may just draw first blood!!!

Bea measures and goes for the punch, but Mercedes manages to kick Bea in the midsection before grabbing her by the head and bashes her face into the turnbuckles. She then executes a leg sweep that sends Bea to the canvas. She rolls out of the ring and reaches from underneath the ring and manages to grab a….

Simone: Good Grief!!!

Adams: Is that what I think it is???

Mercedes gets up and has a glove in her hands with glass on it. She puts on the glove and turns around to where Krieger should have been, but gets kicked in the midsection by Krieger who has crept up behind her. She grabs Mercedes by the hair and slams her face first into the steel ring steps before looking around and grabs a steel cable. She turns around and sees the glove on the hand of Mercedes and immediately wraps the cord around the wrist before tying Mercedes against the steel ring post.

Adams: That’s how you get someone very vulnerable in a first blood triple threat match!!!!

Simone: Good grief!! I can only wonder what Johanna has got in store for Mercedes!!

Adams: If the weapons that Mercedes and Bea had in mind prior to Johanna??? It doesn’t bold well I suppose!!

Johanna looks underneath the ring and comes back up with a steel chair in her hands, smiling as she looks over towards Mercedes who attempts to untie her wrist against the steel ring post before turning towards Krieger and begs her to stop. Krieger lifts the chair up in the air and measures Mercedes before being surprised by Bea who has ran to the ropes and grabs the top rope with her hands and swings her legs between the top and middle rope and kicks the chair into the face of Krieger (as in Rey Mysterio’s 619).

Fans: Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!!

Simone: You can say that again!!!!

We see a replay of the move that Bea executed on Krieger as in an attempt to make sure that the match would continue or even hoping that it would cause Krieger to draw first blood. Patton checks on Johanna, but signals to the time keeper that the match needs to continue. Bea grabs the chair and places it on the concrete padded floor and grabs Krieger by the head. Pulling her up to her feet as Krieger is clearly dazed and moves her over towards the steel chair before setting her up to be DDT’ed on the steel chair. Bea looks over to Mercedes and grins confidently, knowing that Mercedes would be unable to do anything about it.

Adams: Don’t waste too much time Bea!!!!

Bea then turns back her attention on Krieger and tightens the grip she has on Krieger before setting her up for the DDT. But Krieger manages to wrap her arms around the waist of Bea and spins her around before driving Bea spine first into the barricade. This causes Bea to let go off the hold on Krieger’s head and this gives Krieger the opportunity to rebound and grabs the chair once more and measures Bea with it. She whacks the chair towards Bea when suddenly

Adams: Mercedes!!!!

Simone: How did she got loose??!!!!

Mercedes can be seen suddenly out of nowhere hitting a dropkick on the chair as that causes to drop out of the hands of Johanna. Mercedes then grabs Krieger by waist and drives her into the steel ring post, causing the back of the head to bounce off the steel ring post. Mercedes then grabs the chair and sets it up to hit Krieger in the face, but it’s Bea that grabs the chair from behind and the two Bombshells start to put on a tug of war of trying to get hold of the chair.

Simone: All three want to be the number one contender for the Bombshell Roulette Title!! And are willing to go very far to get there!!!

Mercedes kicks Bea in the midsection to get sole possession of the chair, whacks it in the back of Bea as that causes Bea to drop on the canvas. Mercedes holds the chair high above her head and measures it to slam it into the side of the head of Bea before being grabbed from behind by a semi dazed Krieger and hits a German overhead released Suplex on the concrete floor. Causing the chair to be dropped on the ground by the sudden impact and Mercedes hits the back of head hard on the concrete padded floor. Patton checks on all three ladies as all three are dazed and not moving… well except for Johanna Krieger, who has gotten up first. She grabs the brass Knucks that Bea had dropped earlier and then stares at bea Barnhart with a smile on her face. She puts it on and grabs the head of Bea and pulls her up to a sitting position. Holding the head with her free hand while driving series of punches into the face before we see blood emerge from the nose of Bea Barnhart as this causes Drew Patton to call for the bell

Justin: The winner of this match by drawing first blood!!! Becoming the NEW Number Contender for the Bombshell Roulette Champiosnhip!! Johanna Krieger!!!

Simone: Johanna rebounded from losing the tag titles to challenge for the Roulette championship!! Who will win???!!!!

Johanna rolls out of the ring and walks to the back.

The cameras cut back to the hallway where Fluffy was walking down the hall sniffing, followed closely by Marcus. He has his phone in his hand and he dials Candy’s phone number once more. The faint sound of her ringtone can be heard. Fluffy lets out a few yips and runs off around the corner. The sound of the phone gets louder.

Marcus Cage: Where is it…

They continue down the hall and he sees laying in the middle of the hallway. He puts his phone in his pocket and picks it up, looking it over.

Marcus Cage: Candy… where are you?

Fluffy barks a few times and a muffled voice can be heard. Marcus looks around and can tell which direction the voice is coming from. He sees a door that appears to be barricaded with a heavy trunk. The door was moving slightly, as if some one was pounding on it.

Marcus Cage: CANDY??? IS THAT YOU???

From inside the door, a female voice could be heard yelling “HELP!”. Marcus scrambles over quickly and uses all his might to push the trunk out of the way. He tries to open the door, but it’s locked.

Marcus Cage: Hold on Candy! It’s locked!!!

He sees a maintenance guy walking down the hall and calls him over. The maintenance guy unlocks the door. Marcus opens the door and an almost panic riddled Candy rushes out and wraps her arms around Marcus. She was clearly upset, her face streaked with tears, as Marcus embraces her, sending the show to a commercial.

Scene switches to the back as we see a room set up special, with a large screen TV and small couch. From off camera we hear the door open and shut as we see the team of Sass n Bash, Bella Madison and Malachi walk in and carefully sit. Mal reaches over and turns on the TV and a video begins to play highlighting what has been the last 9 months of the Mixed Tag Team Division. Camera swings around as we see them both watching it intently. Bella leans back and looks up at Malachi with a smirk.

Bella: Ya know what I find funny?

Malachi: The Trenton Tigers?

Bella rolls her eyes at him.

Bella: Besides that.

Malachi: I’m at a loss.

Bella: That since we entered the Mixed Tag Team scene that there seems to be a lot of these teams that made their way out of the woodwork. I know I’ve already said this but it wasn’t until we claimed our stake that suddenly it seems like there is a lot of people suddenly paying attention. Not holding anything against our predecessors, Wolfslair was a tough team to beat.

Malachi: Which we did.

Bella: Yes, we did. But it still feels like we are still defending ourselves time and time again about our path.

Malachi: Busting our asses, putting it all on the line and it paid off. We backed up everything we set out to do.

Bella: And has it paid off?

They both bring up their Mixed Tag Titles with a smile on each of their faces.

Malachi: You tell us?

Bella: So right now we sit here, waiting for a chance to once again face off with the team known as The Black Sheep.

Malachi: You shitheels have been talking quite a bit trash. And yeah, you beat us. Fool us once...shame on you.

Bella: Fool us twice??? There won’t be a second time.

Malachi: So we’re here because with Violent Conduct knocking on the door, the match is set as you two will get your shot to take these titles that we have worked so hard for.

Bella: But it’s not going to be that simple. See, we are in the spirit of the show....we are looking at something a bit different. Not a typical match...oh no.

Malachi: We’re not using that fuckin’ wheel. I’ll burn that son of a bitch.

Bella: Oh, agreed. So Black Sheep, just know that there is a world of hurt, especially after our last confrontation. Even after all these weeks, I’m still feeling especially salty towards that cow Mikah.

Malachi: And Kris, don’t let the O’Malley distraction make you forget that you two started this war.

Bella: We’re not here to bitch.

Malachi: We’re not here to moan.

Bella: We’re not out to entertain you.

Malachi: We’re just going to kick your arses.

We open up from the backstage area and it is there where we are able to see Christina Zdunich. She crosses her arms as a camera pans in on her face. She takes a long deep breath as she begins to speak.

Christina: Hello everyone my name is Christina Rose Hilton Lopez-Zdunich. I know my name has come up a lot over social media and it has been shed in a negative light but I feel I just need to use some sort of platform to really voice my opinion. I will admit my comments this past week were a little out of line. I didn’t mean to upset the entire world. I was merely watching a sports game on television and wanted to focus on simply that. It wasn’t meant as anything else. As a performer and a wrestler it is my job to help people escape the harsh realities of whatever they are going through. For the three hours that we run our program it’s so you the viewers can enjoy the competition of what us wrestlers put our bodies though.

Christina takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

Christina: Who am I as a person?! I am a proud woman who is half African American and of course Half Mexican. I am a proud Afro-Latina and I love my heritage like none other. I have come from a poor background of being in Detroit Michigan and was part of a household where my Aunt adopted me because my biological father wasn’t around little did I know he was some big wrestling shot in Mexico and of course my biological mother was a junkie who couldn’t bother raising me. So she left me on her sister’s doorstep and I was adopted to be raised alongside her four other children with no father figure in the house. It was hard being a home full of people who don’t completely look like you. They were fully black and I just constantly got ridiculed for being mixed or as people in school would call me a half breed. It was so vain, vile, and vulgar. It hurt me every single day of my life…

Christina begins to cry as she begins to cry a bit.

Christina: It cut me in ways I could never imagine and it was that constant bullying that caused me to run away from Detroit. Forget the teenage pregnancy or trying to find to find love in a guy. I felt I had to leave because of what I was going through. Not once did I ever think it was because of my skin color or anything like that. I am proud of who I am and I love all of me. I might say stupid stuff but who doesn’t?! At the end of the day I am not a bad person and i would never make fun of anybody for what they believe in that’s just not me. I might say something when in regards to how you go about wrestling but not something on the scale that it was portrayed on. Anyway I am sincerely sorry for any trouble I might have caused. I am also thankful for SCW, and people like Christian and Mark having my back. I know I am not the easiest person to deal with on a roster but I am a go getter. I am passionate about this business and I would do anything for it. If you need me to be the biggest bitch in a company I can do that. Need me to be that sweetheart I can do that. I just love wrestling no matter what…

Christina takes a deep breath as she continues to speak.

Christina: Anyway last week was weird for me with what went down with Keira and I… A lot of this bad stuff left me and I don’t know what to feel. What I do know is that there are some things I wish to address and the first being that I have been telling the world that I wanted to get right into the thick and thin of the Internet division. After all it’s something I never lost but I just beat the woman who wanted a shot, so what does it say that I managed to beat her in front of the entire world?! I think I made a great claim on my part and I hope Chris would consider that for the future. As far as my next part of business goes. I will be watching Andrea and Keira tonight.

Christina nods her head speaking some more.

Christina: Andrea really reminds me of who I used to be. She has some spunk and I just want her to stay focused onto the task. Keira is a very tough competitor to be in the ring with and I can’t wait to see what happens when they lock up with one another. I know for a fact it’s going to be amazing. Anyway everybody take care and remember to watch Violent Conduct in a few weeks. Evie and Alicia will be epic!!! Take care and may your roses never wither away…

With that Christina walks away as we fade out on this image.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a non title match… introducing first…

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Jordan standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Victor Harbour, South Australia... Evieeee Jordan.

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans as her focus is on the ring in front of her. She slowly walks up the steal steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring pulling on the ropes getting ready for her match while her song slowly dies down to nothing.

Justin: And her opponent… hailing from London England… Diamond Steele….

Diamond and the Gem Stones begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does we are able to see the likes of the Gem Stones playing on a tron. Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire are all playing various instruments as we are able to see Diamond Steele emerging from the curtain with a microphone in her hand. She sings as loudly as she can to the sound of roaring cheers. Kate smirks as she just sings loudly which results in even more cheers. Diamond finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she points at the crowd who cheers louder than before. She waves at them off as she throws the microphone to the side. She smirks as she opens up a pocket mirror and takes a moment to admire how beautiful her hair is as she waits for the match to begin.

The ref moves in and check both ladies for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung…


Jordan and Steele circle the ring before locking up, however, Jordan quickly overpowers Steele and pushes her right up against the ropes, but the ref is quickly to move in and forces Jordan to release. She backs away holding her hands up, as Steele moves away from the ropes unimpressed with Jordan, however, they right get back into it and lock up once again as they time Steele uses all her strength and pushes Jordan up against the ropes, which this time the ref forces Steele back and she releases pretty quickly and takes several steps back.

Simone: Good early exchange as Jordan takes a control briefly but Steele rallies back and does the exact same thing and it ends up a stalemate between the two.

Jordan shakes her head, as she steps away from the ropes as they once more circle the ring, as Steele readies herself to lock up with Jordan but Jordan drives a her leg into Steele’s torso, sending Steele down to the mat. Jordan then grabs Steele who is slowly rising to her feet, where she then whips her into the ropes and as Steele comes back, she leaps up and Jordan grabs her but Steele rolls through and pins Jordan…

Adams: Steele is prepared to lock up again, but Jordan isn’t, and she drives her leg into Steele’s torso.

Simone: Jordan pulls Steele to her feet and whips her into the ropes, but Steele is ready and as she tries for a surprise pin…




Jordan gets her shoulders up and quickly counters and rolls Steele onto her back and goes for a pin…




Simone: She only gets a two count before Jordan quickly counters and she gets only a two count for her troubles.

Steele kicks out and pushes Jordan away, as they both get to their feet, however, Steele is to pounce first as she spins backwards and kicks Jordan in the stomach. Jordan drops to a single knee as Steele turns and bounces off the ropes, however, as she comes back Jordan pops and boots Steele in the face sending her down to the mat.

Adams: Steele is quick to react first, as both ladies are back to their feet as she boots Jordan in the stomach, however, Jordan isn’t a champion for nothing as she rallies back as Steele turns and bounces off the rope to capitalise on the downed Jordan but Jordan pops up and boots Steele in the face.

Steele holds her face, as Jordan drops down and pins Steele…




Jordan shakes her head, as she makes her way to feet, where she bends down and grabs Steele pulling her up to her feet but then promptly headbutts her sending her back down to the mat. Steele and Jordan both hold their head but Jordan shakes it off quickly and returns her focus back to Steele as she approaches her once more and grabs her pulling her up to her feet, where she whips her into the corner hard. Steele bounces off the turnbuckles and then drops down, Jordan smirks as she places a boot across Steele’s throat and begins to choke her, as the ref moves in and tells Jordan to back away but she doesn’t and instead begins to stomp on Steele’s chest as the ref continues to chastise and demand her to move away. She gives a few extra stomps before backing away putting her hands up.

Simone: Jordan gets another two count on Steele; however, Jordan again isn’t put off and she grabs Steele and then headbutts her.

Adams: Jordan is punishing Steele hard here, as she whips her into the turnbuckle hard before putting a boot up against her throat and choking her.

Simone: She briefly flirts with disqualification, but changes it up with boots to Steele’s chest, as the ref tries to get Jordan to move away. She ignores him but quickly moves away.

Adams: Jordan is making sure that Steele isn’t getting into this match as well as showing that she is a dominate champion.

Steele grabs middle rope as she tries to get up, however, Jordan approaches yet again and grabs her and pulls to her to feet, where she lifts her up and then drops her down with a body slam before doing for a pin…




Steele sits up holding her back, as Jordan climbs back to her feet, where she gives Steele’s back a kick, which Steele cries out in pain, as Jordan moves in again and drives a knee into her spine grabbing her arms and pulling them back as Steele grimaces in pain as Jordan smirks.

Simone: Jordan gets a two count as Jordan hits a body slam, but she isn’t done and she drives a knee into her spine as she looks to make Steele submit.

Evie: Ask her!!

The ref drops to a single knee, as she as Steele if she wants to give up but she shakes her head and says no… before crying out again as Jordan puts more pressure on her. The ref asks again but shakes her head, as she moves her legs and begins her fight to get free and get back into this match. Steele gets to a single knee, where forces Jordan to remove her own from Steele’s back. Steele pushes herself up to her feet, which Jordan follows suit before Steele twists and turns as she comes face to face with Jordan and then delivers a headbutt to the bridge of Jordan nose.

Adams: Jordan demands the ref to ask Steele if she want to give up. But Steele doesn’t and she rallies back, as she fights to get to feet.

Simone: Steele gives Jordan a taste of her own medicine and headbutts Jordan, which stuns her.

Jordan releases her grip and stumbles back holding her face, but Steele takes a step forward and hits a pele kick sending Jordan down to the mat. Steele lays on the mat for a moment before crawling over to Jordan and goes for a pin…




Simone: Steele hits a Pele kick on Jordan and goes for a pin, but Jordan just about kicks out.

Steele sits up and shakes her head and expels some air, as she twists and stretches herself before turning to Jordan, where she rolls Jordan onto her front, she clubs Jordan’s back a few times before grabbing Jordan’s ankle and latches in an ankle lock before slowly making her way to her feet for a better attack on Jordan’s ankle. Jordan screams out in pain as she pushes herself up off the mat, but it doesn’t help, and she drops down as she looks around for the nearest set of ropes. Jordan then begins to pull herself towards the ropes.

Adams: Steele does a little stretch as she still feels the knee of Jordan, however, she quickly returns her focus back to Jordan and grabs Jordan ankle and locks in an ankle before rising to her feet for that extra leverage.

Reaching out her fingertips graze the ropes before going for one last push and she grabs them, the ref moves in and forces Steele to release the hold, which she does as Jordan lets go of the ropes and holds her ankle, as Steele turns and bounces off the ropes and hits a baseball slide onto Jordan sending her out of the ring to the mat below.

Simone: Steele smells blood.

Adams: She smells future championship gold.

Jordan lays on the floor still holding her ankle, as Steele paces the ring as the ref starts a count but Steele climbs out of the ring and moves towards Jordan, where she grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet, as she looks at the ref who shouts at her to bring the action back in the ring but she doesn’t and they begin their count, while Steele pushes Jordan up against the ring and delivers a series of kicks to the thighs and punches to Jordan’s torso who tries to cover up the best she can.

Adams: Steele showing why she is a great contender here… as she dumps Jordan from the ring, however, she gets a little impatient and decided to leave the ring and continue to work over Jordan, as she unleashes some martial arts moves.


Steele follows up with a European uppercut before grabbing Jordan around the waist and hitting a release belly to belly suplex and Jordan goes crashing into the barriers.

Simone: Jordan is in trouble here…

Adams: In trouble is an understatement… she could be injured here.


Steele makes her way to feet as she look up at the ref…


Steele climbs into the ring and back out again breaking the count. She moves to Jordan and grabs her by the hair and pulls her up and rolls her into the ring before following close behind. Rolling Jordan onto her back, Steele goes for a pin…

Adams: Steele takes her time on deciding her next move, as she grabs Jordan and rolls her into the ring.



Thr - Kickout!

Steele looks at the ref shocked before trying again…

Simone: Jordan kicks out at two and a bit… close but no cigar for Steele.




Steele lets out a heavy breath, as she looks at Jordan and shakes her head, wondering how she can keep Jordan down. Climbing to her feet, she grab Jordan and drags her to the corner of the ring, as she drapes Jordan’s over the top rope to keep her standing, Steele then climbs the ropes to the top as she looks to hit the Silence is golden, as she leaps off Jordan holds right on the ropes and Steele lands on her back.

Adams: Steele tries to finish this match with the top rope blockbuster, but Jordan blocks it and Steele lands on the mat hard winding herself.

Jordan turns around and looks at Steele, who lays on the mat winded. Jordan climbs to the middle rope before leaping off and hitting an elbow drop onto Steele. Jordan then covers Steele…




Simone: It gives Jordan an opening as she leaps off the ropes and hits an elbow drop but only gets a two count on Steele.

Steele kicks out, as Jordan rolls away as she and Steele crawl to the ropes and as they both grab them and then sit up, as the ref checks on both women, as Steele is the first to get to her knees, as Jordan takes a little more time. The ref begins another count…


Adams: Steele is the first up.

Steele pushes herself up to her feet and stumbles over to Jordan and grabs her pulling her up but Jordan shoves Steele backwards, Jordan takes a step forward and grabs Steele’s arm and hits a judo throw. Steele sits up a little surprised, as Jordan backs up and then rushes in with the Svetlana: (Drive By Kick).

Simone: Jordan catches Steele with a judo throw, which leaves Steele a little dazed, however, what follows floors her.

She then goes for a pin…


Adams: Evie Jordan wins… Steele put in a good show but wasn’t enough.


Justin: Winner of this match… Evie Jordan.

Jordan’s music hits over the p.a, as the ref helps her to feet and raises her arm in victory as she yanks it away and take the title from the ref before climbing out of the ring.

A black mini cooper screeches to a halt on the parking lot. Out steps Melissa Aki who strangely had her match with Roxi Johnson pulled last week. She has her hair up in pigtails, overelaborate blue eyeliner. She is wearing a short denim mini skirt with a purple tank top. She looks at the crew hovering around as a very striking indian woman comes out of the other door of the car holding a metallic briefcase.

Maki: Let’s go, Harminder.

The lady nods at Maki and they walk through the rear of the building. Maki walks ahead and glares at people as they stare at them. One such young female wrestler walks toward Maki smiling but soon that smile would be frozen in a moment of time as she was given a Makihouse kick and went flying over a crate of electrical equipment.

Finally they stopped in front of a door marked “Mark Ward.” Harminder pulled Maki back from entering. Bemused, Maki turned to her and raised her eyebrows like Roxi had just had her latest botox session.

Maki: What?

Harminder: Are you really sure you want to do this?

Maki: Shut up and do the job I pay you for. After they did nothing about Jessie running me over with her car they deserve to be served.

She opens the door and barges in but instead of seeing Mark on the other side of the desk she sees Jessie Salco. Her mouth gaped open but then she smiled. Cruel intentions were on her mind.

Maki: Oh it's the perennial failure herself. This is too perfect. Harminder serve her the notice of litigation.

Jessie rolls her eyes in response to Maki’s statement.

Jessie: Litigation? Please, I thought you had been in the business long enough to know that we settle shit like that in the ring?

Jessie responds and Maki goes to respond.

Jessie: Tell me, Ms. Demon of Hell 2019, did you see that challenge I issued last week? Whilst you were hiding at home?

Jessie then walks up to Harminder.

Jessie: Or are you content to hide behind the curry lawyer here?

Harminder looked furious and was about to say something but Maki held her back and laughed right in the face of Jessie.

Maki: Oh so you’re totally up front with your racism and stereotyping. Good to know. I saw your challenge which is interesting. Seeing as you cannot beat a bag of chips from the local chippie you want to face me in a cage with weapons? You’re really a glutton for punishment. I agree with it, sunshine. You’ll be in my world.

She turns to Harminder who opens the briefcase and Maki turns her back on Jessie. She seems to put something on her hands and then throws the paper from behind her at Jessie and then turns around wearing barbwire covered gloves.

Maki:I think these count as weapons, don’t you, Jess?

With that her demeanour changed. Her face went pale and her veins popped up all over her body, blood poured from her eyes

Jessie: Is that supposed to scare me? Here’s some homework for you Maki, High Stakes IX, 20th of October 2019, that’s the date of the last Chamber of Extreme Match in SCW which I also competed in, and won.

Jessie adds cockily before glancing towards a window in Mark’s makeshift office.

Jessie: And that racism thing? Please, I was just messing with your lawyer, besides what’s the worst she can do? Make me eat inedible food?

Jessie says before getting in Maki’s face who just smirks as her eyes turn black

Jessie: Oh, and one more thing, lovely weather, isn’t it?

Before Maki can respond Jessie grabs her head and throws her through the window, Harminder quickly goes to Maki’s side as Jessie walks off.

Jessie: See you at Violent Conduct Maki.

Harminder was in shock as she looked out of the broken window. Maki turned to her, shards of glass jutting out of her face. She ripped them out and licked the blood off her fingers.

Maki: Jessie just made the worst error of her life. Get out of here you pesky human before I reap your soul as well!

She turned to Harminder as she said it and ran out screaming. Jessie wanted to face the demoness? Well now she will get the full force of Daniela at the beautifully titled violent conduct.

We cut away as Maki was busy sucking the blood off her hand and eating the shards of glass.

We are in the ringside area and there is a moment of anticipation before “Roots” picks up over the speakers

Adams: Wait… That’s Amber Ryan’s music!

Simone: She must have gotten out the locker room!

Amber indeed parts the curtain, a sly grin on her face as she hurries to the ring and takes the microphone.

Amber: Roxi! Come out and play! You’re not going to let some guards stop you, are you? what we’re doing? It’s shouldn’t be stopped! I know you can do it…

Adams: We saw that Roxi earlier tried to get out but she got stopped.

Simone: It must be killing her to be stuck back there.

Backstage, the door to where Roxi was being kept is still closed. Then there is a loud amount of noise that comes from behind the door. Keira appears in front of the door as the guards stand there, and she opens the door wide, and Roxi is gone from the room.

Adams: Wait… where’s Roxi?

Simone: She vanished… I mean, we heard the noise…

Keira looks around and then closes the door behind her.

Amber: I’m getting tired of waiting Roxi…

It is at that instant, that the lights go out. We can hear Amber practically giggle in the darkness.

Simone: Ask and you shall receive!

Adams: This is going to get ugly.

“Limelight” by Rush starts and there is only a lone spotlight illuminating the ring. Where Amber stands, slowly looking around. She leans against the ropes to anticipate Roxi’s arrival. And soon enough she does, in the darkness, Roxi has repelled from the ceiling!

Adams: Whoa!

Roxi lands, unhooking the harness she was attached to. The lights come up and Amber turns, a bit taken aback, but she smiles, and instantly the two begins to brawl again!

Adams: And now they’re at it again.

Simone: They won’t be stopped from trying to kill each other!

The two brawl trade punches until Roxi tackles Amber to the ground. She mounts Amber with blows until security swarms the ring and separates them again. Christian Underwood hit the ring, furious at the situation and microphone in hand.

Christian: Dammit! That’s enough from the both of you! Both of you are going to be fined for your actions tonight! Now, if you two want to fight so badly, it’s going to happen at Violent Conduct, not tonight! This will NOT continue tonight! This is DONE! Get them to their rooms. If this happens again… the match is off! If you think I’m just talking… call my bluff… I dare you!

Simone: And Christian finally getting some control over this situation.

Adams: Well, if he didn’t, these two would still be fighting!

The situation is relaxed, but Amber is still smirking at the situation, and she and Roxi are soon escorted away.

Andrea Hernandez is shown again in the locker room, but this time, it’s a bit of a different story. She’s freshened up after her match, having dressed out and all. Her mood is at least better than it was earlier in the night and she’s focusing on the future ahead having competed in her match against Keira earlier in the night. Having gathered up her things, Andrea places them in her locker for the time being. When she turns to leave, she spots Christina Rose walking in. This draws a positive reaction from Andrea who smiles at her as she walks in.

Andrea: HEY!

Christina: Hey!

The two approach each other and Andrea surprises Christina with a sudden embrace that Christina doesn’t hesitate to return.

Andrea: Am I glad to see you!

Christina: Yeah, of course. Everything okay?

Andrea nods.

Andrea: Yeah, I’m fine.

Christina: Are you sure?

Andrea: ...positive…

Andrea has a bit of a concerned look on her face, seemingly not liking this too much.

Christina: I’m just saying because I saw you had a bit of an attitude with Holly earlier tonight.

This mention causes Andrea to sigh as her face expresses some guilt.

Christina: Then the stuff you said to Keira…

Andrea expresses some remorse on her face, uncomfortable with all this.

Andrea: I know… but… you of all people know that we in the Hernandez family? Yeah, we have quite the temper…

Christina: Don’t I know it…

Christina laughs as she lets Andrea talk.

Andrea: It’s just… I’ve been dealing with a lot. You know this. I know that a lot of what I’m going through… I brought it on myself. I kind of understand all the locker room hate toward me but some people really do take it too far.

Christina: Why do you care so much about it?

Andrea: I just… I can’t help myself. I take things to heart too much sometimes. You know how it is. You put in all the work and passion and heart into something you love and then someone and or everyone walks in and shits all over it and tries to tell you a whole bunch of shit that is either exaggerated or completely untrue.

Christina: You did the same thing to me a few months ago.

Andrea: I know I know… and… I’m sorry, I really am. You know that. It happens when you have all this pressure on you from the jump and everything.

Christina: I get it…

Andrea: I know you do! You understand me more than anyone in this locker room ever could and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I value you so much as a friend. You’ve been there! You’ve been criticized to hell and back over and over and over and it DOES get tiring. With Holly and with Keira… it was never anything personal. Honest. I’m still trying to find my way after my dad you know. But you know what… I’m going to make up for all that. I’m determined to! If people are going to hate me, they’re going to hate me and it’s time I stopped caring about that.

Christina: Great! Because that’s the way it should be.

Andrea: I haven’t completely made up for it with you and… you know… I do want to change that! Seriously! I do! We should actually do stuff together, you know? There’s SO much stuff we can do together and… I turned you off before because I wasn’t ready to make friends around here… but I am now! Whatever it is you want to do… I’m SO game for it! We can even start tonight if you’d like?

Christina: Yeah! Of course! I’d love to do that! What is it that you have in mind?

Andrea: Actually, I thought I’d leave that up to you! It’s only fair after all… considering the way I’ve treated you in the past...

Christina: Fair. Okay… give me some time to think about it and I’ll get back to you, alright?

Andrea: Yeah. Of course.

Andrea flashes a happy smirk in Christina’s direction before she walks out of the locker room, seemingly excited about what’s to come.

Andrea: I’m so glad that there’s at least ONE person here that understands me…

Andrea sighs, lamenting some old regrets as far as Christina Rose is concerned, before she leaves and the scene fades to black.

The cameras cut to the back in the catering area where Marcus had Candy sitting at a table. She was still very visibly shaken and scared. He gave her a bottle of water.

Marcus Cage: Do you remember what happened?

Candy: I was in the hallway, getting ready to go and get my makeup touched up so I could go to my interview with Miss Willow about my condition. I was on my phone and I saw this funny picture of a kitty cat and I was gonna send it to you and Keira cuz it was SOOOOOOO cute! And then I felt some one shove me from behind, and before I knew it they threw me in that closet and locked the door and I couldn’t get out!

She took a sip of the water and looked at Marcus.

Marcus Cage: Did you see who it was?

Candy: No. I don’t know. They came from behind and pushed me into the closet, by time I turned around the door was closed. It was so dark in there, and when they pushed me I dropped my phone. I yelled for help for like 15 minutes until my throat was dry but no one came to help me.

She looked sad and Marcus embraced her.

Marcus Cage: It’s ok, you are safe now. We will find out who it was. I promise.

With that, the cameras cut to ringside.

Pussy Willow: Tonight in our main event it is a Violent Conduct preview of 3 big title matches as it’s champions versus challengers. Right now I am joined by one of the challengers, he is the number one contender for the Roulette Championship, and he’ll be facing O’Malley at Violent Conduct. Please welcome, Miles Kasey!

Miles steps into the shot, finishing up his tape on his wrist.

Miles Kasey: Ms. Willow.

Pussy Willow: Miles, last week you faced your first loss here in SCW at the hands of Augostino Romero, that finish looked really brutal considering that just a couple weeks ago you were in that crash. Now, we’re told you have complete clearance to compete here tonight. You passed all the protocols needed but how are you feeling personally?

Miles Kasey: Well, if I’m going to be completely honest with everyone....I feel great. Yeah, the ole noggin has taken quite a beating lately but honestly I have never been accused of using my brain all that much. All I know is that I’m here, I have use of all my functions, I see one of a gorgeous you and I am beyond ready to make some statements tonight.

Pussy Willow: This is perhaps one of the biggest matches of your short career, we know you are gunning for O’Malley but are you at all intimidated by facing off with the likes of the SCW Heavyweight Champ, Alex Jones or the Internet Champion Teddy Warren-Steele?

Miles Kasey: Pussy, do I look intimidated? I mean, honestly, I’m more intimidated by standing here than I am by going out there and showing them all that despite the series of unfortunate events that has been my life lately, that I am not backin down from this challenge tonight or any other night from here on out. I just hope that Jack Washington and Senor Vinnie are just as ready as I am for this as I am.

Pussy Willow: Well Miles, good luck tonight with the match and with your match at Violent Conduct.

Miles Kasey: Thanks Ms. Willow. Good talkin to ya.

He smirks at her before walking away

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is the Main Event of Climax Control, and it is the Six-Man "Champions versus Challengers" tag team match!

The fans cheer!

“Firestarter” by The Prodigy starts pumping through the speakers as Miles Kasey bops out onto the ramp in rhythm with the beat.

Justin: From Manchester, United Kingdom, weighing one hundred and eighty-five pounds -- Miles Kasey!

He bounces in place twice before bolting towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, running into the adjacent ropes and handstand spring boarding backwards into a superhero pose as the fans go crazy!

Justin: Introducing his tag team partner...!

The crowd is in anticipation of the arrival of the next wrestler as the lights go out and a huge cactus emerges upon the Titan Tron. We hear Epic from Metalachi hit the sound system as a big figure emerges in the dark, he slowly turns around as he stares at the Titan Tron where a large picture of Pete the Cactus emerges. His eyes are fixed on it before turning around and enters the ring.

Justin: Coming down the aisle, standing in at 6’8 and weighing in at 280 pounds!! Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico!! Senor Vinnie!!!!

The spotlight shines upon the man as he looks up towards the ring, mumbling something while walking towards the ring. There he crawls over towards the center of the ring and stares at the fans at the front row seats. He then slowly walks towards the neutral corner and sits down and ignores the music of the next entrant/ignores his opponent currently in the ring.

Justin: And their tag team partner...!

"Wasted" begins, and there is a brief murmuring of fans. As the song picks up, Jack Washington parts the curtain, a look of focus and minor indifference on his face.

Justin: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing two hundred and thirty-five pounds -- Jack Washington!

He shows very little emotion, walking to the ring in his hooded sweatshirt, tights and boots. He hits the ring, uses the ropes the stretch, and then sits on the top turnbuckle, mentally preparing himself to wrestle.

Simone: Given his attitude toward both this match and his tag team partners, I half expected Jack Washington to not show up.

Adams: Well sure if he wants to go into his world title match with Alex Jones with a loss against him.

Justin: And their opponents...!

The lights in the arena die down as the opening riffs of Gothic Celtic Music Shadow Wisps starts to play. The lights stay out for several seconds before dark green and white strobe lights start shining all around, and fog fills the entrance and along the ramp. Moments later , O’Malley steps through the curtain wearing a long black leather trench coat. He has the SCW Roulette Championship secured around his waist, and the SCU Underground Championship over his shoulder. He stands at the entrance for several moments before O’Malley takes the first step on the way to the ring.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring! From Dublin, Ireland...Weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds...He is the SCU Underground and SCW Roulette Champions...O’MALLEY!!

Once he makes it to the ring, he enters between the top and middle rope. He stands in the center of the ring and removes his coat and the Underground Championship from his shoulder, before unhooking the Roulette title from his waist as his music dies down.

Justin: Introducing his tag team partner...!

The spotlight hits the curtain as it does the loud sounds of Let Go Control” by Saosin begins to blast across the speakers. The moment it does “The Lyrical One” Teddy emerges from the curtains with a smile on his face accompanied by his wife Diamond.

Justin: Accompanied by Diamond! He is the reigning Internet Champion! Teddy Steele-Warren!

He smirks as he slowly enter into the ring and takes his robe off. The crowd cheers him loudly and he smirks at them. Diamond smiles clapping for her man.

Justin: And their tag team partner...!

"Chasing Glory" by Feed her to the sharks hits and as the lyrics of the intro cut into the guitar Alex steps out wearing a black and red "wolfslair" t-shirt and his wrestling gear.

Justin: from Dallas, Texas, weighing two hundred and twenty-five pounds! He is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion -- Alex Jones!

He makes his way down to the ring with an arrogant sneer before leaping up onto the ring apron.

Simone: Neither of his teammates look very impressed by Alex.

Adams: They should, he's the World Champion!

Both teams of three converge to discuss who is going to start. On the challengers' side, Jack Washington all but blows his teammates off and steps out onto the apron without a care, leaving Vinnie and Miles to play a rousing game of 'rock, paper, scissors - to which Miles comes out on top.

Simone: So Miles Kasey starts for the challengers!

Adams: But which champion will begin?

That side of the ring is not so agreeable as each champion thinks they should begin the match. Jasmine St. John orders them to decide ands when they are unable, she does so for them and says as World Champion, Alex Jones gets to start!

Simone: leave it to Jasmine to take charge when it's needed.

Disgruntled, both O'Malley and Teddy step out onto the apron, with Alex smirking at them. Jasmine then calls for the bell.


And right away, O'Malley reaches and tags himself into the match!

Simone: What...?

Alex looks wide eyed shocked as O'Malley steps through the ropes with a smile and 'shoos' the world champion out. Alex gets right in the Roulette Champion's face, nose to nose and chest to chest as the pair bicker!

Adams: Oh yeah, this match is off to a GREAT start for the champions!

But the tag had been made and Jasmine orders an infuriated Alex Jones out of the ring! And no sooner does O'Malley turn to begin -- THAN TEDDY WARREN-STEELE TAGS HIMSELF IN!

Simone: Oh for the love of...!

teddy vaults over the ropes and does a "Shane McMahon" boxing dance, while shooing O'Malley out of the ring and the fans are laughing at it!

Adams: How hated does O'Malley have to be when Teddy gets a cheer at his expense?

O'Malley walks up and SHOVES Teddy back! Teddy stumbles against the ropes but he walks right back and shoves the Irishman! Before O'Malley can retaliate, or Jasmine can break it up, Miles takes matters into his own hands -- or feet -- as he races up and lays BOTH men out with a dropkick!

Simone: FINALLY!

Miles grabs Teddy and goes to Irish whip him into the ropes but Teddy reverses it! Miles jumps onto the middle rope and he catapults himself back and with a high cross body, catching Teddy by surprise!


Teddy kicks out!

Miles then tries sending Teddy into the far corner and again it gets reversed! Teddy comes racing in but Miles leapfrogs back over the champ! Miles handsprings back into the center of the ring and jumps to his feet -- and right into a super kick from Teddy, laying him out! Teddy drags Miles up by the hair and tights and flings him into his corner and Teddy starts to lay in the boots, pulverizing the Roulette challenger! O'Malley then forcibly tags himself in, and Teddy has to exit as O'Malley takes over where he left off, stomping a mud hole into Miles! O'Malley then presses his boot deep against Kasey's throat in a choke as Jasmine issues her count!


And O'Malley breaks, right before Alex tags himself in!

Simone: if they want their time in the ring, they really need to change corners!

O'Malley curses audibly as Alex climbs in and he whips Miles over with a snap suplex! Miles sits upright, clearly caught off guard, and Alex lets loose with a stiff martial arts kick to first his back -- then he wheels around to deliver a back kick to his sternum! Alex then stands over Miles with his arms held out, basking in the boos of the crowd!

Adams: And to think HE calls O'Malley cocky!

Alex then grabs Miles by the boot and steps in for a Figure Four, but as he reaches down, Miles pulls him into a small package!



Alex kicks out!

Both are up now and Alex attempts a standing Enzugari, but Miles ducks and Alex crashes face and chest first! Alex gets back to a vertical base and Miles tries to reach his corner -- but Alex grabs him by the boot! Miles jumps and delivers a nasty mule kick, sending Jones reeling -- and Miles jumps and tags Vinnie!

Adams: The biggest man is in the ring now!

Simone: The craziest man, you mean!

Adams: Big, crazy man?

Simone: Good enough, I just wonder if its Good or Bad Vinnie their opponents have to deal with!

Alex is back and turns around -- and right into a big boot right to the face! Alex is wiped out! Vinnie peels him off of the mat by the throat and lifts him up off of his feet...!

Adams: Does that answer your question???

Jasmine counts!


And Vinnie dumps him down to the mat! Vinnie drags him up again and sends Alex into the ropes at top speed and catches him with the End of Days! Vinnie rolls him over and hooks the leg!



Alex kicks out!

Adams: It takes a lot more than that to put the World Champion Alex Jones down!

Vinnie is back to his feet and he comes off of the ropes for an intended guillotine leg drop, but Alex rolls out of the way and Vinnie crashes on his tailbone! Alex then comes off the ropes himself and lays Vinnie out with a shining wizard knee strike!

Simone: NOW Alex realizes the importance of this match as he's going for the tag!

Both O'Malley and Teddy reach out and it is O'Malley who gets the tag! As Vinnie sits up, O'Malley careens right into him with a rolling neck breaker! O'Malley pulls the larger man up and strikes with a European uppercut. Vinnie shrugs the blow off and he swings wildly but O'Malley ducks and goes for a feint wheel kick, only to sweep Vinnie's legs out from under him! O'Malley then grabs him into a front face lock and attempts a suplex...

Adams: No way....

But Vinnie powers O'Malley off, throwing him up into the air and face-first to the mat! O'Malley stumbles to his feet and Vinnie rushes him for a clothesline, but O'Malley somersaults over to avoid the blow! Vinnie spins around and now Jack FINALLY tags himself in!

Simone: Well it's about time!

Adams: I think Jack was tired of watching his partners not do well enough in his eyes and he wants to show them how its really done!

As O'Malley jumps to his feet, Jack springboards off the top rope and into a clothesline that turns O'Malley inside out! Jack Irish whips O'Malley into the ropes for a spinning heel kick, but O'Malley grabs his leg to block it! Only Jack jumps and scissors his head and throws him over! O'Malley stumbles to his feet and falls into the corner, and Jack launches himself in and crushes O'Malley face first with an avalanche splash! Jack then grabs him around the waist and lifts him up and over into a bridging German suplex!



O'Malley kicks out!

Jack attempts an Irish whip into the ropes and goes for a discus lariat, but O'Malley catches his arm and takes him down into a Fujiwara arm bar!

Simone: None of these men have been able to maintain an advantage over the others!

Adams: That is going to make their Supercard title matches off the charts!

O'Malley then somersaults over into a bridged version, and now Jack is REALLY frantic about making the tag!

Adams: O'Malley is going to break Jack's arm off!

Simone: That might very well be the idea!

And he may very well have succeeded but Vinnie dashes into the ring and frog splashes O'Malley, breaking it up! Despite all animosity and indifference, Bad Vinnie helps jack back to the corner but before he can tag in, Miles Kasey gets the honors first! Miles springs to the top rope and leaps at O'Malley, but O'Malley rolls away and Miles lands on his feet!

Simone: And this match right here is one to look forward to at Violent Conduct VI!

Miles swings but O'Malley ducks and attempts a belly to back suplex, but Miles lands on his feet behind him! Miles then jumps and connects with a reverse Frankensteiner, spiking O'Malley's head! Miles with the cover!



Alex Jones and Teddy Warren BOTH break it up!

Adams: I don't know if O'Malley needed the help but they weren't taking any chances!

Jack and Vinnie try to intervene but that causes Jasmine to head them off! With the official's back turned, Teddy comes racing in and grabs the surprised Miles and lands a reverse DDT! Alex shoves Teddy aside and he lands the V-Trigger onto Kasey!

Simone: Turn around Jasmine!

Shockingly, teamwork is the answer as Alex and Teddy send Miles into the ropes and they go for a double clothesline -- but Jack Washington flies off the top rope and wipes BOTH men out!


Taking over, Jack grabs the downed O'Malley and holds him as Miles goes right back up top! Miles jumps for a missile dropkick -- but O'Malley moves and Miles dropkicks his own partner!

Adams: Oopsy doodle!

Miles crawls toward his corner, reaching for the tag as Vinnie extends his arm -- only for Alex Jones to pull Vinnie off of the apron! Jack rolls to the outside and glares at Miles in the ring -- then he waves him off and starts walking up the aisle...!

Adams: Where is he going???

Simone: He's abandoning his team!

O'Malley sweeps Miles' legs out from under him and turns him over into the reverse cloverleaf!

Adams: Celtic Crush!

Miles fights the pain and reaches for the ropes but he is too far away! Vinnie tries to get into the ring to break it up but both Alex AND Teddy have him by the legs and drag him back out! Miles finally has no choice and he slaps the mat!

Adams: He did it, he tapped!


Justin: Here are your winners -- O'Malley! Teddy Steele-Warren! And Alex Jones!

The crowd boos for the most part as teddy jumps up and down around the ring, while O'Malley stands and holds the Roulette title aloft!

Simone: And the champions draw first blood as we go into Violent Conduct VI!

And Alex Jones steps right in front of O'Malley and the camera, holding the world title up with one hand!

Adams: Alex is acting like HE won the match!

Simone: To be fair, so is Teddy!

O'Malley shoves Alex out of his way and he and Jones get nose to nose once again, trading threats and insults as Teddy is all excited, jumping in between them, still celebrating! Alex and O'Malley then turn and shove Teddy to the mat!

Simone: Whoa!

Teddy jumps up and he shoves Alex, then turns to do the same to O'Malley who BITCH slaps him!

Simone: These three men have the biggest egos in SCW and they put them in a tag team!?

Adams: This was bound to happen!

Simone: And in two weeks, things get even more heated as each man's title is on the line! For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone!

Officials rush out with security to keep the three men from tearing each other apart as the credits begin to roll!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Gerrit, Andy, AJ, Jenny, Marge, The Lord MK, Todd, Jay, Britt, Annie, Jeremy, Keira, Amber, Candy, Bella, Malachi, Court, Maki, Andrea, Mercedes. Also thanks again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!