The opening shot of Bootham Crescent shows the capacity crowd on its feet, cheering and waving towards the cameras! Many are holding up signs to show their support for their favorite SCW Superstars and Bombshells, among them:

"Welcome to SCW Tallyn"


"Down with no shows!"

"Rhino's Number One Fan"

"Travis Levitt Goes Up In Flames"

"Boobie Dahl? HA!"

And many, many others! The cheers continue as the camera switches to a long-view of the six-sided ring and comes to a slowly drawn close up where Justin Decent is standing center ring.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome Sin City Wrestling's Hostess With the Mostess -- Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda struts out in a Playboy Bunny costume, complete with black swimsuit and heels, fluffy white tail and matching ears.

Amanda: Now the folk singer came from America to sing at the Albert Hall,
He sang his songs of protest and fair shares for all.
He sang how the poor were much too poor and the rich too rich by far,
Then he drove back to his penthouse in his brand new Rolls Royce car.

What a world, (what a world) what a place, (what a place)
Ain't you glad you're a member of the human race.

Now, Sally Simon's time at the burger factory was all too brief.
She fell into the grinder, and got chopped up with the beef.
The Winstons makers man came round the factory, and kicked up such a racket.
To apply to all the trades, they added her to the packet.

What a world, (what a world) what a place, (what a place)
Ain't you glad you're a member of the human race.

Now, six-foot-six Miss Whiplash married Charlie Pitts.
He was four foot two, and no one knew who put him up to it.
He came home one night assaulted and fell down into a heap
You must be whacked, He said, I'd rather go to sleep.

What a world, (what a world) what a place, (what a place)
Ain't you glad you're a member of the human race.

Now, a Jessup boy got stranded on a mountain in the fog.
To avoid starvation he had to eat his dog.
He looked down at the pile of bones and murmured as he rose.
"It's a pity Rover isn't here, he'd love to have chewed on those."

What a world, (what a world) what a place, (what a place)
Ain't you glad you're a member of the human race.

Now, the button was pressed, the world destroyed, leaving just one solitary man,
And at the top of the Empire State Building, his lonely existence began,
But his loneliness was too much so he jumped, and he fell like a bird with one wing,
And as he passed the seventh floor, he heard the telephone ring.

What a world, (what a world) what a place, (what a place)
Ain't you glad you're a member of the human race.

The crowd stands and applauds as Amanda blows kisses to all corners before vanishing backstage behind the curtains!,/P>

Simone: Hello everyone, and welcome to the home town of none other than Apple Coren in York, England for SCW Climax Control!

Adams: Where Apple will be the very first person to get booed by their hometown.

Simone: We don't know that! ... Although it is entirely possible. Tonight, we close out the opening round of the 2020 Blast from the past so that next week, we will begin the Quarter-Finals!

Adams: With the Elite Eight!

Simone: And we kick things off with an opening round match, when the debuting Tallyn, Team GO's newest graduate, teams with Jack Washington to go up against Bobbie Dahl and the returning Casey Williams!

Adams: Alex Rush must have gotten lost again, because he showed up for SCW and not SCU and he's got a match against Malachi as a result!

Simone: In another opening round match, the brother of Fenris and two-time Manager of the Year Aron Baltarsarsson, teams with Mother Mavis Shepherd to go against GRIME representative Hitamashii and the mixed tag expert, Sierra Williams!

Adams: Then another first round match has Travis Levitt teaming with Bea Barnhart to take on Denise Andrews and Jake Raab!

Simone: Mercedes Vargas is in action next, looking to prove once again her in-ring superiority. Her opposition is Apple Coren, who calls York her home, but may be the first person since this tour started to not have the support of the hometown crowd.

Adams: Then the last of the opening round matches! Evie Jordan is back (against her will) and she's teaming with the SCU Underground Champion Mark Cross! They go against the returning Travis Nathaniel Andrews and Jessie Salco!

Simone: And in the Main Event, Austin James Mercer won the vacant Internet Championship at My Bloody Valentine III and immediately set about to be a defending champion. He laid out an open challenge and it was Caleb Storms, one of the men in that ladder match, who answered. And for all the negativity Austin has laid out in Caleb's path, it would be humiliating for the champion were he to lose his title so soon against a man he has no respect for! All this and more on SCW Climax Control!

Cleaner: Careful around here Miss, the floor's a little wet.

He turns away for a moment to retrieve his bright yellow "Wet Floor" sign from his cart, taking his eye off the ball just as Mark "The Dragon" Cross rounds the corner, striding with purpose as he approached.

Cleaner: Sir be careful it's...

...too late. Mark's boot hits a patch of water, sending him off balance as his two arms start windmilling to stop himself from going down hard. In the struggle, he loses grip on the coffee cup in his hand, launching it forward in the direction he was headed.

A scream of surprise and maybe slight annoyance is heard and there stands Tallyn, drenched in Mark Cross' coffee. She stands there, her arms out t outlook her sides and she is looking down at the now stained t-shirt that she was sporting over her ring attire.

Tallyn: What. The. Fuck.

She looks up, slowly to see Mark Cross standing there, in surprise himself. She looks down at her ruined shirt before looking at him again.

Tallyn: ...Is there something wrong with you!?

The Dragon: so sorry...honestly this wasn't some plan to ra

the rookie or anything like that, they really need to put out a sign or something...

He glances sideways at the cleaner, who has watced the whole event unfold, reaching into the pocket of his jeans for a 20 pound note.

The Dragon: Look...let me pay your cleaning bill, or a new shirt or something, and you can have this for the time being, it says Fire Dragons 2.0 on it but it's better than nothing...

He approaches, holding out the bagged shirt he'd been carrying in his other hand, with the cash on top

She looks at him, the hesitation written in her eyes. She was not sure about him or anything else in this place.

Tallyn: You really think I want to wear a shirt that is supporting you and Evie in this tournament?

Tallyn raises an eyebrow at him before looking at his outstretched arm.

Tallyn: Evie is great, don't get me wrong.

She then looks at him again, with a raised eyebrow.

Tallyn: But I should be supporting my own team in the Blast From the Past.

She then takes the wet shirt off and grimaces a bit as it sticks to her skin and proves to be harder to take off.

Tallyn: I can get a new shirt. Can you like fix your clumsiness?

The Dragon: Do you guys have your own merch already? I thought I was ahead of the curve on that one...

Mark lowers the shirt back down to his side, stepping out of the path of the cleaner who was having to do his work here all over again.

The Dragon: Hey I didn't anticipate the wet floor, there should have been a sign or something, AND I didn't hit the deck. Don't think there's really much to fix! I'll be sure to take your feedback on board though.

Tallyn just gives him a look of slight irritation but tries to hold her tongue.

Tallyn: Jack and I don't need our own merch, we're going to let our talent speak for itself.

Tallyn flips her hair over her shoulder and looks at Mark.

Tallyn: It doesn't sound like you anticipate anything, does it?

She raises an eyebrow at him.

The Dragon: ex-wife used to tell me that...probably one of the reasons that didn't work out huh?

Mark scratches the back of his head as he mulls that over for a moment.

The Dragon: Oh well, never mind! You let that talent do the talking then, and I'll look forward to knocking you guys out in the Final!

Tallyn laughs before looking him over. She shakes her head at him.

Tallyn: I might be a rookie and new to SCW...

She raises an eyebrow at him with an unimpressed look on her face.

Tallyn: But I'm still better than you. At least I don't go around and dump drinks on people.

The Dragon: Well luckily the ability to keep hold of a drink shows little to nothing about wrestling ability, otherwise I'd be SCREWED. Best of luck out there rookie, I'm off to find some more caffeine!

Mark turns on his heel, heading back in the opposite direction towards catering, tip-toeing carefully over the wet patch he nearly stacked it on a few moments before.

Justin:The following is a Blast from the Past opening round match up scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

"Wasted" begins, and there is a brief murmuring of fans. As the song picks up, Jack Washington parts the curtain, a look of focus and minor indifference on his face. He shows very little emotion, walking to the ring in his hooded sweatshirt, tights and boots. He hits the ring, uses the ropes the stretch, and then sits on the top turnbuckle, mentally preparing himself to wrestle.

Justin: From Philadelphia Pennsylvania, he is Jack Washington!

The arena goes dark for about three seconds before the lights flicker on three times before "NIGHTMARE" by Halsey begins to play over the sound system.

Justin: And his partner, she is from Orlando Florida, Tallyn!

A moment or two later, Tallyn walks out onto the stage, strutting a little before she stops in the center of the stage and looks around before smirking before walking down the ramp, the same strut in her step. She stops at the bottom of the ramp and places her hands on her hips before looking to her left and then to her right before she walks to her right and walks around the right side of the ring. She picks a side and hops up onto the edge of the ring, sitting for a moment with one foot on the ring and one dangling before standing up and dipping down low under the middle rope and getting into the ring. She steps into the middle of the ring and just smirks, her hands back on her hips.

Simone: Newcomer Tallyn in her debut match and it is in the first round of the Blast from the Past.

Adams: And she is teamed with another newcomer to SCW, Jack Washington.

Justin: And their opponents, first...

All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor starts to play through the sound system. The crowd erupts in loud cheers, as Bobbie Dahl bursts through the curtain, sans her once signature angel wings. Her eyes are narrowed as she stares down to the ring.

Justin: Making her way to the ring! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds! From Coal City, Illinois! Please welcome, the one! The Only! BOBBIE DAHL!!!

Bobbie continues her way to the ring, no longer showing off the fun attitude everyone was so used to seeing. She now carries a much serious and determined demeanor as she walks alone, stomping her way to the ring. Once she reaches the ring, she walks up the steel steps and enters through the ropes heading to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin with a fiery look in her eyes.

Adams: A very dangerous Bobbie Dahl is ready for a fight it looks like.

Justin: And her partner from Nashua New Hampshire, Casey Williams!

The opening guitar rifts and drums hit, then the lyrics of "Trouble" by Five Finger Death Punch start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, reflecting off of mirrors that are set up at the top of the stage, and they go black, and when the lights come back on, Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes looking at the mirror into his conflicted self.

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused and intense. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the conflicted crowd, their faces showing that they do not know what to make of Casey William's new found aggressiveness. Casey nods his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the fans, some cheering and some booing.

Simone: Bobbie Dahl and Casey Williams as a team might just the be odds on favorites to win this given their size and strengths.

Adams: Don't worry Belinda, I won't tell Bobbie that you called her fat. Besides, there is the bell, this match is underway now.


Bobbie moves to the middle of the ring as Tallyn and Jack discussed who would start. Seeing Bobbie standing there, Tallyn moved to meet her as Jack and Casey slid out of the ring. Tallyn and Bobbie begin to circle before locking up in a collar and elbow that Bobbie quickly turns into a hairwhip to the mat. Drew admonishes her as she brushes past him to grab the hair of Tallyn to pull her up to her feet. Grabbing at the hand of Bobbie, Tallyn is pulled by the hair and thrown across the ring. Rolling up to the ropes, Tallyn got looked at an advancing Bobbie. Quickly she slides out of the ring and backs away. Bobbie gets to the ropes where Tallyn reaches into the ring trying to pull her off her feet but Bobbie is too hard to pull down so Tallyn releases the ankle of Bobbie then rushes around the ring where she rolls back into the ring to rush Dahl and takes her off her feet with a lou thesz press. Bobbie pushes Tallyn off and rolls over to her hands and knees. Tallyn gets to her feet faster and dropkicks Bobbie to the mat once more. Bobbie slams her hands on the mat and quickly gets to her feet. Charging at Tallyn, Bobbie uses a scoop slam to send Tallyn to the mat. Arching in pain, Tallyn moves quickly to roll to her corner and tags in Jack Washington. Bobbie moves forward only to be stopped by Drew who points to Casey and tells her to tag in her partner.

Adams: Looks like Bobbie was going to face Jack Washington. That isn't something that she can do.

Bobbie moves across the ring and tags in Casey Williams who steps in the ring. He and Jack circle and lock up in a collar and elbow that Casey uses to leverage Washington into the ropes. Drew moves to separate the two. Backing away from Jack, Casey motions for him to attack which Jack does with a spinning heel kick that staggered Casey. Straightening up, Casey turned and kicking Jack in the midsection, pulled him in and lifts him in a suplex. Holding him upside down, Casey walks around the ring before falling back with a suplex. Jack arches in pain as his hand moves to his lower back. Casey gets to his feet and moves to pull Jack up and then scoops him up and puts him on his shoulder to hit a fallaway slam that once more has Jack arching in pain. Rolling quickly to his stomach, Jack clutches his back and gets to one knee. Casey stands and then moves to grab Jack only to have him respond with a discus clothesline against the chest of Casey who stops and grabs his chest as Jack grabs him by the back of the neck and pulls Casey's head against his chest then lifts him with a suplex and tries to hold him up but falls backwards to drop Casey on his back. Casey is near his corner and as he gets to his feet, Bobbie reaches into the ring and tags herself in.

Simone: It looks like Bobbie doesn't like the fact that the big man was suplexed and she is taking this match over.

Casey looks at Bobbie who slides between the ropes and into the ring where she motions for Tallyn to come into the ring. Jack shakes his head and moves to tag in his partner. Tallyn slides into the ring and then moves towards Bobbie who catches her in a bear hug once she straightens up. Tallyn cries out in pain as she tries to fight the hold. Putting her hands down to try and break the hold, Tallyn is forced to scream as Bobbie squeezes her tightly. Arching in pain, Tallyn puts her hand on the face of Bobbie to try and force a break. Bobbie begins to ragdoll her opponent and then tosses her to the side. Tallyn lays on the mat as she fights to breath and work the pain out of her back. Bobbie advances only to be stopped by Drew as Tallyn grabs the ropes to pull herself up. Bobbie argues with Patton who motions her back. Tallyn is on her feet and as Bobbie brushes past Drew, Tallyn meets her with a spear that takes Dahl to the mat clutching her midsection. Tallyn rises on her knees and then crawls across the ring to Dahl to lock in an armbar. Bobbie reaches for her arm and tries to pull Tallyn to the ropes to break the hold. Tallyn shakes her head and rears back on the hold as Bobbie rolls enough to get to her knees and then gets to her feet. Tallyn is pushed into the ropes and Bobbie uses the ropes to attack her with clubbing forearms that breaks the armbar. Bobbie then catches Tallyn around her waist and then uses a belly to belly suplex to drive her into the mat. Bobbie gets to her feet then climbs the turnbuckles to launch herself with a diving splash on Tallyn who manages to pull her knees up that drives the air from the lungs of Bobbie. Laying on the mat, Bobbie gasps for breath as Tallyn rolls over to her stomach and begins a crawl to her corner.

Adams: Both Bobbie and Tallyn are hurting right now Belinda and need to make a tag.

Bobbie gets to her feet and then moves to grab Tallyn by the hair before she can tag in Jack Washington who has his arms stretched out for the tag. Pulling Tallyn back towards her own corner, Bobbie gets a sadistic look on her face and then once more picks up Tallyn into an accordian rack hold. Tallyn screams in pain as Jack moves to come into the ring. Drew stops him as Bobbie shakes Tallyn who then struggles enough to reach down and slaps at the back of Bobbie just as Drew turns. Thinking that Casey had tagged his partner, he forces Bobbie to release Tallyn and motions for Casey to come into the ring. Bobbie argues with Patton as Tallyn crawls to her corner where Jack has come into the ring. Patton finally gets Bobbie out of the ring as Casey comes in. Jack rushes towards the bigger man and gets the drop on him with a springboard clothesline that staggers Williams but doesn't take him off his feet. Angered by the attack, Casey charges across the ring at Jack. Catching him, he whips him across the ring and as Washington rebounds off the ropes, Casey uses a powerslam on Washington. Rolling him over, Casey attempts a pin but Jack pushes his shoulder up quickly. Casey gets to his feet and then whips Jack into the ropes again but this time, Washington takes Casey down with a snap DDT as he ducks for a back body drop. On the mat, Casey is holding his head as Jack gets to his feet. He fights to pick up Williams who is staggered. Jack pushes Williams into the ropes and then begins to use a flurry of punches on Casey who tries to cover his head. Finally, Jack hits him with a left hook that staggers Casey then kicks him in the midsection. Catching him closer, Jack then locks Casey into position for a fisherman's buster that he hits on the bigger man. Turning quickly, Jack crawls over and grabs both legs of Williams and rolls him up for the pin.

Simone: Pin on Casey by Jack Washington after the fisherman's buster that Jack calls the "All Jacked up" and Casey definitely was.


Adams: Jack Washington is going to fight to win this match for he and his partner.


Adams: Bobbie is trying to break the count but she is being held off by Tallyn.

Simone: Casey is moving but it is a little too late now.


Adams: What a debut for Jack Washington and Tallyn. They move on in the Blast from the Past tournament.

Simone: This match is over and from the look on Bobbie's face, she isn't happy.


Justin: The winners of the match, Jack Washington and Tallyn!

Jack lets the legs of Casey Williams go as he rises and moves to the ropes where he holds his arms up in victory and is joined by Tallyn who also holds up her arms. Bobbie slides into the ring where she glares as the winners leave the ring and Drew moves to check on Casey.

Adams: Drew Patton is checking on Casey who is slowly getting to a sitting position.

Simone: Wait a minute...what is Bobbie doing?

Drew stands after checking on Casey who has rolled to the outside and heads up the ramp. Turning Drew is surprised as Bobbie hits him with a roundhouse that sends him to the mat.

Adams: Oh wow!

Bobbie walks over and demands a microphone, which is reluctantly handed to her. She stops in the center of the ring as Drew Patton remains laying out cold on the mat. The crowd boos her viciously, and she has a sick smile on her face as she raises the microphone to speak.

Bobbie: You know, for the last two weeks I've had to deal with people throwing shade at me not only for losing to Roxi Johnson, but also for me voicing my intentions to walk away from this company and the bullshit. It's getting pretty damn tiring, if you ask me.

Simone: Boo freaking hoo, Bobbie. Geez, she needs to put on some big girl panties and deal with it.

The crowd boos again, but she just shakes her head, not caring.

Bobbie: I don't need any of you telling me what I should or shouldn't do, or giving me hell for making a decision for MY life and what is best for ME. If I think walking away from SCW is in my best interest is what's best for me, then I'm going to freaking do it! It's just that simple!

As she says this, the crowd then begins a chant of "Bye-Bye Bobbie!" and she takes a moment to look around, soaking it in. After a moment she holds up a finger and smiles, continuing to speak.

Bobbie: THAT being said, I thought about it long and hard and the decision was pretty easy to make.

She stops briefly and her smile grows wider.

Bobbie: And I am NOT quitting! Did you people really think I was going to give you all the satisfaction of being rid of me?! Did you really believe I was SERIOUS with all that crap I was saying on Twitter?! You people are stupid! I'm NOT giving up! I'm NOT walking away! And just because I haven't become a champion, yet, doesn't mean I won't! And it certainly doesn't mean that I'm going to stop walking in here and pissing you all off week after week! Because that is just what-

The crowd immediately erupts in cheers and Bobbie looks to the backstage curtain. A group of security guards is storming down to the ring and SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood is standing at the curtain now, microphone in hand! Bobbie glares down at him as the security guards enter the ring.

Simone: Uhhhh oh. Bobbie is in trouble now!

Adams: I think she's about to hit the unemployment line anyway!

Christian: I warned you, Bobbie. I told you last week on Twitter that you better be in Scotland, but you ignored my warning anyway. And your actions just now? Laying a hand on an SCW Official?

Bobbie: If any of these assholes so much as lay a hand on me...

Christian: Oh they're about to. And they're about to escort your ass out of my ring and out of this park! You don't need to quit, Bobbie, because you're officially suspended! Gentleman, get her the hell out of here!

Bobbie throws the microphone down and goes nuts! The security guards surround her and despite being prepared to fight, they are simply too strong for her to overpower and they take hold of her and DRAG her out of the ring! They force her up the ramp, kicking and screaming and Christian Underwood smiles and waves as they drag her past. Before they get backstage, several medical staff rush past, having the all clear to check on Drew Patton. Christian raises his microphone as Bobbie glares at him.

Christian: Na Na Na Na! Na Na Na Na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!

The crowd sings along as Bobbie is forced backstage, and even after, and then they follow it up with cheers.

Adams: Good riddance!

Simone: I'd say the same, but somehow I don't think that is the last time we'll see Bobbie Dahl. But, at least we all get a break from her miserable moanings!

Inside the ring, Drew is helped back to his feet and assisted backstage to get a further medical evaluation.

Off in a quiet corner of the backstage area, Malachi can be seen in his gear, stretching as he prepared for his match. Beside him, Bella Madison was sitting on a production crate, shamelessly eyeing him up. When he noticed this, he just shook his head with a little grin. They heard footsteps approaching them, and they turned to see Candy skipping up to them holding Fluffy and something else in her arms. Malachi rolled his eyes and subtly tried to move behind Bella as the bubbly Women's Roulette Champion approached them.

Candy: MALACHI!!! Just the guy I wanted to see!

She bounced up to him and stopped, a huge grin on her face. She put Fluffy down and extended out a medium size box, wrapped in bright pink glittery paper, with an oversized bow that was covered in pink sequins.

Candy: I got you a present! A token of our friendship!

Malachi eyed her warily.

Malachi: Yeah, I remember the last time you got us a "gift". Took me almost a whole week to get all that glitter shit off me. And I'm still finding it in my-

Bella Madison: MALACHI!

Mal rolled his eyes again, but took the box from Candy. He winced as he pulled the lid off the box, but when nothing happened, he peeked inside of it. He got a confused look on his face as he pulled a black plastic pot out, overflowing with gold coins.

Malachi: What the hell...?

Candy: When we were in your hometown last week, I went on this amazing treasure hunt and I found the leprechaun's gold! And I wanted to give it to you! Cause I really, really want us to be best friends!

Malachi is struck speechless as he stares at the pot, now realizing that the "coins" are just foil-wrapped chocolate. Bella took that moment to jump in.

Bella Madison: What a sweet, thoughtful gift Candy! Mal just loves it, don't you Mal?

She elbowed him in the side sharply and he looked up at Candy, gritting his teeth together so tightly a vein was throbbing in his temple.

Malachi: Yes...thank you Candy.

With an excited little squeal, Candy leaned in and gave Mal a big hug before picking up Fluffy and skipping off down the hallway. Malachi slammed the plastic pot down onto the crate, spilling gold "coins" everywhere while he snarled.

Malachi: I swear to God, one day I will do.....SOMETHING to that brainless twit!

Bella Madison: Mal, she's just trying to be nice to you.


Bella Madison: least she got your name right.

Malachi gave Bella a side-eye glare while she just shrugged her shoulders, and he shook his head while he grabbed his jacket and headed to the gorilla position for his match.

The camera moves backstage to see Mikah once again walking into Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood's office. This week she is sporting a black business like short skirt that she's paired with a white button up shirt. She smiles at Hot Stuff Mark Ward as he is sitting behind his desk again. He rubs his temples a little as Mikah interrupts whatever he was doing.

Mikah: I know, I know. I've been busy tonight. You haven't seen that much of me and I'm sorry, I know that I'm your favorite person.

She pouts her bottom lip out at him again before moving around and leaning against his desk next to him.

Mikah: But....we do have a problem..

He looks up at her and raises an eyebrow.

HS: We as in Christian and myself? Or we as in you and yourself?

She makes a face at him before leaning down just a little to be eye-to-eye with him.

Mikah: You have employees spilling hot coffee on your Blast From the Past competitors. You're lucky that they won't sue you.

Hot Stuff frowns a little and then Mikah hands him another paper to sign.

Mikah: So LUCKILY for you! I have a fool proof plan to prevent that!

She points to the dashed line again with her perfectly manicured index finger.

Mikah: Just sign here and I'll go deliver the paper to the idiot who can't control his liquids.

HS: And you'll leave me alone?

Mikah shrugs.

Mikah: For a little bit, probably.

HS sighs before scrawling his name out on the line and handing her back the paper. She smiles and stands back up straight.

Mikah: See, easy peasy. I'll be back in a bit!

Mikah turns and walks out of the office, leaving HS to himself for the time being.

The fans rush to their feet as Bad Girl begins to play. Expecting Apple to come out onto the ramp and down to the ring, they are disappointed as the screen lights up to reveal Apple sitting on a throne like chair backstage. She smirks as the loud cheering changes to boos as she rolls her eyes.

Apple Coren: Really, how could I come out there when I am not ready to. But the owners of this company dictated that since we are in my hometown I needed to say something about being here and welcome Climax Control. Now as much as you know that I am your favourite here in York, I can't say that I welcome some of the people in this company here. Oh I am welcoming the ones that like which is very few and I am gracious enough to realize that you plebes like the wrestlers of Sin City Wrestling.

The fans start cheering again, names of wrestlers being shouted from the crowd. As if she can hear it, she rolls her eyes once more and then leans forward.

Apple Coren: If you don't want to listen to me provide a welcome then why should I bother to continue talking to you...So welcome to my hometown of York...You are welcome.

With that comment, she waves at the camera before sitting back and crossing her legs as she steeples her fingers over her midsection and Ivy leans in to run a make up brush over the cheek of Apple.

Simone: It's time for something a little bit different now.

Adams: A match made on Twitter, well not a match, but a drinking contest.

Simone: After the card went up last week, SCW World Heavyweight champion, Ben Jordan told the world he needed something to do this week, tired of being a champion on the sidelines and SCW General manager Brooke Saxon gave him something to do.

Adams: A drinking contest against none other than his long time friend and one time rival, Mickey Carroll.

The camera switch from Belinda and Jason to the backstage area where Justin stands next to and empty table. The camera moves around to see SCU's Ariana Angelos, Alex Rush - holding a guitar - and JT Midas, crossover superstar Mark Cross, GRIME's Abaddon, Hot Stuff's self appointed PA Mikah, SCW's Dani Weston, Daniel Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for a drinking contest. Introducing first, Mickey Carroll!

Mickey Carroll walks on to the scene as most of the people around clap him.

Justin: And his opponent, SCW World Heavyweight champion, Ben Jordan!

More claps as Ben Jordan walks on to the camera, title belt over his shoulder. He looks at Mickey and puts his hand out for Mickey to shake before both men sit at on opposite sides of the table. Mickey looks towards Justin.

Mickey: You better shufty ya arse back to the ring, you got a match to announce next.

Ben: Yeah, this one is gonna take a while, might wanna go picture in picture or something.

Justin nods his head and darts off camera but Pussy Willow appears.

Pussy: Before you guys get started, how about a quick question?

Ben: Go on then.

Pussy: How do you prepare for something like this?

Ben: Eat a lot, drink lots of water and get mentally ready.

Pussy looks at Mickey.

Mickey: I got absolutely wankered last night.

Ben nods his head.

Ben: Nice, build up the tolerance. This is something we're used to anyway Pussy, this could be one hell of a long night.

Mickey: Yeh, seven days a week at times.

Pussy: Why?

Ben: Well, there was Monday club of course, few of the lads in on a Monday.

Mickey: Then there was Tuesday because it was Tuesday.

Ben: Then hump day celebrations on Wednesday.

Mickey: Then Thirsty Thursdays.

Ben: Then it was Friday cause everyone goes out partying on a Friday back home.

Mickey: Then the football on Saturday, had have a pint and watch the game, couldn't watch the games and not get plastered.

Ben: Then Sunday, gotta have a chill out booze up on a Sunday, cause Monday is right around the corner and no one likes Mondays.

Ben looks at Mickey.

Ben: Good times mate.

Mickey nods in agreement.

Mickey: All your yacking is costing us valuable drinking time.

Ben: Got a point. Someone play some music and get the beers in.

Right on cue, Alex Rush starts strumming at the guitar, his song of choice, Eye of the Tiger. A pint of lager appears in front of Ben and a pint of Guinness in front of Mickey. The two look towards the server to see Winter Elemental place the beers in front of them. Ben and Mickey pick the pint glasses off and knock them together before taking a huge gulp. Ben looks towards the camera.

Ben: Come check on us later, gonna take a while.

Ben looks back towards Mickey as the camera goes elsewhere.

Justin: Our next match is a Standard Rules Singles match between Malachi and Alex Rush. First to make his way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada, originally from Waterford, Ireland, standing in at five feet ten inches and one hundred eighty pounds, please give a warm welcome to PURE MALACE MALACHI!!!

The crowd from England immediately rises up in such a loud negative reaction to the announcement of a wrestler from Ireland we can barely hear ourselves think. The quiet beginning of Blood//Water" begins playing through the speakers as Malachi exits the backstage area where he walks across the landing and stops before the ramp starts. He simply stares around at the crowd with a look of utter disdain at their disrespect of him as Irish as he takes off down the ramp towards the ring. He climbs the steps and steps through the ropes. He climbs a turnbuckle and throws his arms to the side while staring out at the crowd again as his music fades away but the negative crowd reaction increases.

Simone: That is so mean of the crowd to disrespect a talented wrestler based solely on their ethnic background. That is discrimination.

Adams: If this event was in Ireland then the fans would disrespect a wrestler from England so it evens out in the end.

Simone: So that justifies bad behavior on the part of the England crowd?

Justin: The next to make his way to the ring, from Westminster, London, England, standing in at six feet one inch and two hundred ten pounds, please give a warm welcome to ALEX RUSH!!!

The crowd erupts in a loud positive reaction to the hometown wrestler Alex Rush. Gold stars start to flash around the stage entrance as the arena lights start to drop out and a voice is heard saying DO YOU WANNA GET ROCKED? The name Alex Rush appears on the screen and the fans get louder in their cheering Def Leppard Let's Get Rocked blasts through the speakers. Smoke appears at the top of the ramp as a spotlight hits the entrance way to see the back of a long haired man with one hand in the air holding up the devil horns sign. He turns around to more cheers as the spotlight shines on the face of Alex Rush! A line of security is seen either side of him as the lights brighten to show fans held back by security at the top of the ramp. Alex is wearing black leather pants with a red stripe down either side, a white shirt with the devil horns hand sign on in a faded gray color. Around his wrist, a multi colored scarf is tied. He looks to the held back fans and waves a hand at them in a presidential fashion, much to their delight, before making his way down to the ringside area. Alex walks up the steps and through the middle and top rope and in to the center of the ring, his arms in the air with the devil horns sign as gold sparks fall from the roof. Alex reaches down, removing his shirt and throws it to the crowd. Alex takes up residence in the corner opposite of where Malachi is located and simply stares at him.

Adams: Alex Rush is extremely popular here in England.

Simone: Thanks to the crowd that does not like the Irish wrestler.

Adams: You seem to be stuck in a rut with that complaint.

Referee Jacob Summers walks to each wrestler to inform them of the rules of this match and to check them for foreign objects. Satisfied that both wrestlers understand the rules of the match, and they are both clean of weapons or foreign objects, Summers motions to the Timekeeper to ring the bell to start the match.


Malachi charges out of his corner but he stops in the middle of the ring when he realizes Alex Rush is still leaning back in his corner not taking into account he is in a wrestling match with him. When Alex looks up Malachi motions for Rush to come out of the corner. Rush ignores the taunt and remains relaxing leaning back in his corner. This causes Malachi to be upset and he takes off in a run to land into Alex in the corner. At the last moment Rush drops down and Malachi misses the hit and slams into the corner of the ring instead. Alex Rush then grabs Malachi around the neck with his arm and drags him backward to the mat where he attempts a pin.


Malachi easily kicks out of the pin attempt but he is frustrated that Alex got the upper hand on him early in the match. Malachi gets to his feet and so does Alex Rush. He glares into the eyes of Alex but he does not get the reaction he thought he would get. Rush taunts Malachi putting his thumb to his nose and wiggling his fingers in a taunt. Alex then points two fingers toward his own eyes and then he points those same fingers at the eyes of Malachi.

Adams: It appears the easy going simplistic wrestling style of Alex Rush is causing confusion on the part of Malachi.

Simone: More like causing Malachi to get more upset and determined.

Adams: We will see as the match progresses.

Malachi reaches out and grabs Alex by the throat and lifts him off the mat and choke slams him hard into the mat. He then grabs Alex by the hair and drags him to his feet where he hits him with a short clothesline again knocking Rush to the mat. Rush begins fighting off the assault then he drops to his knees and head butts Malachi in the midsection. Alex gets to his feet and he lands several blows and manages to stagger Malachi a bit. Alex believes he has the advantage for the win and he runs toward a corner where he jumps up on the top ropes of the corner and waits for Malachi to turn around to face him.

Adams: This may be the end of Malachi in this match.

Simone: Or the end of Alex Rush in this match.

Malachi turns to look where Alex is located. He sees Rush on the top ropes of the corner. The moment he realizes Rush is on the top ropes we watch Alex leap off the corner ropes, high into the air, to execute a maneuver on Malachi. Alex, unfortunately, did not plan on what would happen if Malachi was aware he was leaping off the ropes. Not able to change his trajectory after launching himself into the air he comes down where Malachi is waiting for him. Malachi manages to catch Alex on his way down and he spins around and slams Rush into the mat with himself on top of Alex for the pin.


Malachi lifts Alex off the mat so the pin attempt only received a one count.

Adams: I do not understand why Malachi stopped his pin on Rush at a one count.

Simone: Do not question his strategy.

Malachi drags Alex to his feet and stands him up a short distance from the ring ropes. Malachi lands several forearm smashes to the upper both and neck and head of Alex. Malachi then exits the ring, grabs the ropes, and catapults himself over the ropes where he grabs Alex Rush and executes a Slingshot Cutter driving Rush hard into the mat. Malachi covers Alex for the pin.





The bell rings to signal the end of this match. Referee Summers orders Malachi to get of Alex Rush and he does as the crowd erupts in an extremely loud negative reaction to the win by Malachi.

Justin: Here is your winner of this match, by pinfall, MALACHI!!!

Simone: It is sad to see the English crowd disrespect Malachi who is originally from Ireland.

Adams: That behavior is seen everywhere not just in England.

Referee Jacob Summers raises the hand of Malachi for the win and the crowd gets so loud with their negative reaction to Malachi our ears are hurting. Summers drops the hand of Malachi and we watch Malachi exit the ring and make his way toward the backstage area. He plays the crowd on his way to the backstage area but that only makes the fans more irate. As soon as Malachi steps into the backstage area our attention is returned to the ring. Alex Rush appears to be physically okay but he is asking Referee Summers what happened in the match and Summers informs him he lost due to pinfall. Alex shrugs his shoulders then exits the ring. As he is making his way to the backstage area he waves to the crowd and they give him a loud positive reaction for being the hometown favorite. Alex steps into the backstage area but the crowd continues with their cheers for a time after Rush has disappeared backstage.

Mikah is seen once again walking through the hallways, holding a folded up piece of paper in her right hand. She turns a corner and smirks when she see Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing at the opposite end of the hallway. She walks down the hallway, the heels of her Louboutins click-clacking against the tiled floor. She walks up behind him and smirks before clearing her throat.

Mikah: So, I hear that you're dumping hot drinks on the new Bombshells now...

Mark threw his head back, sighing heavily, and making no attempt to cover it up either. He was starting to recognise that voice, drilling into the back of his skull. Besides, he'd gotten a fresh coffee, and managed to keep it safely in his hands.

The Dragon: That was a one-time thing!

She raises an eyebrow and shakes her head at him.

Mikah: Nothing is ever a one time thing with you, I'm beginning to believe.

She hands him the paper and offers him a faux nice smile.

Mikah: Here you go. Another notice.

She watches his face as he reads over the document.

Mikah: It states that from now on, any beverage you bring into this building has to be in a cup with a spill proof lid. Like a sippy cup.

She smirks at him.

Mikah: I don't want Mark Ward or Christian Underwood to get sued because of your recklessness.

Mark's eyes scan the notice. Thankfully this was a lot shorter than the last one...but it didn't leave much room for interpretation either. Again, he sighed heavily. The spill-proof mugs he'd tried in the past never fit in the cup holders of a car...exactly when you don't want hot liquid spilling everywhere.

The Dragon: ...Fine. Have you at least provided the adult sippy cup?

Mikah lets out a laugh and shakes her head.

Mikah: Nope. I don't give out freebies to the poor.

She turns to walk away but stops and turns back to face him.

Mikah: I'd wish you good luck but luck is for losers and I actually like Evie and want her to go far, so. I'm not going to jinx you. Just don't fuck it up, mmkay?

She gives him a pointed look before turning to walk away.

Mark stood, opened mouthed for a second, for some reason he still hadn't gotten used to this girl...but one thing was for sure, she was a total pain.

The Dragon: I'm not poor, I drive an Aston Martin! Nothing fits in the cup holders! Hey! HEY!

Aron is standing backstage, in an area cordoned off from the rest of the building for the use of the wrestlers making their final preparations. He is hopping up and down lightly on the balls of his feet and jabbing his fists into the open palms of Fenris who is trying to help him get ready as Pussy Willow approaches from down the hall.

Fenris: Fuck's sake, not again!

Aron: What? What is it?

Fenris: I can't seem to go anywhere without one of them wanting to interrupt with their fucking questions!

Aron turns his head to see who his brother is referencing, then rolls his eyes and turns back to him.

Aron: You know, there is always the chance that she may be coming to talk to me.

Fenris frowns and shakes his head, not digesting mentally what Aron is inferring.

Aron: K, I'm the one with the match tonight! You know, she just might want to speak with me, not you?

Fenris makes a face as Aron turns to the approaching Pussy Willow.

Pussy Willow: Aron, you have got to be excited! This isn't just your first wrestling match for Sin City Wrestling, but your first match -- ever!

Aron smiles, despite himself, and offers a good natured shrug of the shoulders.

Aron: Excited. Nervous...

He places a hand on his washboard midsection and frowns.

Aron: Feeling like I'm about to toss my cookies...

He then turns his head sidelong to smile at the reporter.

Aron: But mostly excited. I went through the same wrestling training that my brother here did at the GO Gym and I owe so much to Gabriel and Odette both for putting up with my clumsy butt. I think I fell through the ropes more times than I fell in the ring.

Pussy Willow giggles while behind Aron, Fenris nods with wide eyes.

Aron: And I don't know why I jumped to sign up for this, but I just felt like it was time to see if I could do it. You know? Mother Mavis is going to be a great partner, and I know Sierra Williams is going to be tough for her to go up against. Sierra is tough for anyone to go up against.

Pussy Willow: And the man you drew on the opposing team? Sierra's partner, Hitamashii?

Aron's eyes are wide as he exhales sharply through pursed lips.

Aron: They don't play favorites, that's for sure. But I'm going in there and I'm going to do my best. What else can be expected? And I just plan to hold up my end of the team and help Mother Mavis and I get to the next round.

Pussy Willow: Thank you, Aron. And good luck.

Climax Control cuts to the back as Andrea Hernandez, who isn't scheduled to compete tonight, sits at a table largely minding her own business. The crowd cheers her as she scrolls through her phone doing the usual thing she typically does as she keeps to herself. The Blast from the Past tournament isn't something that's on her mind at the moment but she doesn't get to keep to herself much longer as she notices someone approaching her. Standing up to meet the person in the eye, she puts away her phone to address them.

Andrea: Yes?

The person in question is that of Christina Rose Zdunich. She has her blue hair wrapped into a ponytail. She smiles clad in a Andrea Hernandez Phoenix t shirt.

Christina: Hey there... You seem awfully busy doing nothing. Didn't take you as a woman to frequent catering that much.

Christina giggles in return as she glares back at the Mexican. She extends her hands out to her. Andrea appears to be skeptical at first but nonetheless, she grabs them for a brief time before continuing the conversation.

Andrea: Yeah, not much to do. I don't have to worry about Blast from the Past tonight. I'm just glad I got past the first round considering I didn't get the greatest draw in the world for that. Fortunately for me, Bella Madison got a worse draw than I did. It feels really wrong teaming up with someone I can't stand...

Christina smirks.

Christina: Hey you made it past the first round and that's all that matters. I remember competing in the Blast From The Past and working as hard as I could to make it past round through round and eventually won the entire tournament. You have the potential to do the same exact thing just keep at it. You will get there.

Andrea: Yeah... thanks. I know you won it before... with Despayre and all... but I'd much rather have him than Bill Barnhart. Seriously.

Andrea takes a pause, sort of regretting what she just said.

Andrea: I'm sorry, I really shouldn't be so negative about the whole thing. Yeah, we got by the first round and that's great but I also know that it's not going to get any easier. Plus... I've been around negativity so much in my career it's just far too easy to be skeptical about everything and everybody. I know I shouldn't be like that... but I can't help it. It's kind of hard to think differently when your own family just beats outdated ideologies into your skull over and over again...

Christina nods her head.

Christina: I understand that. Anyway speaking of family let me show you part of mine. I was going through my stuff and I came across one of my dad wrestling someone in Mexico named Hernandez. I was wondering if they looked familiar to you especially considering the little rivalry we have.

Christina smiles handing Andrea the picture.

Christina: Look familiar to you?

Andrea: Wait... is that?

Andrea looks like she's in confused denial for a moment.

Andrea: that my dad? What?

Her eyes widen a bit once the realization sets in.

Andrea: He never told me about this...

Christina: Wait so that is your dad! I knew there was a reason I was drawn to you. Dad told me this was a picture of his biggest rival and friend from wrestling. Daddy Pedro told me he had many matches with him. It's interesting how small the world is right?

Christina smirks again.

Christina: I just wanted to say we had ourselves a nice match with one another and maybe we should carry our families legacy. Perhaps we could become friends.

Andrea: Yeah... we did have a hell of a match... no denying that. That definitely could have gone either way. I admit, I was surprised that you didn't try to pull anything because you know... old reputations. You've earned the benefit of the doubt from me on that front. Still...

Andrea turns around and begins to walk away, but she pauses and turns back around toward Christina.

Andrea: ...maybe we could... you know... become friends. Time will tell... sorry, it just... you know... takes a lot for me to trust anyone these days.

Christina nods her head.

Christina: Yeah... It's takes a while but I think we could get there eventually. Just keep up the great work with wrestling. I will want another match with you down the line too... I have to even the series can't let you sit on that win for too long...

Christina giggles as she walks in the opposite direction. Andrea takes in what she just heard for a little bit before she turns again. This time, she does walk away and this brings the scene to a close.

Justin: The following contest is an opening round match in the Blast From the Past 20202 Memorial! Introducing first...!

"Alga" by Ignea begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as Aron walks out from behind the curtains with his older brother at his side. Aron looks out and about the building with a smile on his face. Aron is wearing loose white shorts with gold trim and Celtic emblems, white boots and a matching open ring jacket. He begins his journey toward the ring with his brother following close behind.

Justin: Making his way toward the ring! Accompanied by Fenris, from Iceland, weighing one hundred and sixty seven pounds -- Aron Baltasarsson!

The smiling Aron good naturedly slaps the hands that extends toward him. He climbs the ring steps and walks along the apron, turning towards the fans and finally steps through and enters the ring. Joined by Fenris, Aron returns to his own corner as the cheers subside.

Adams: I can't believe that Aron is actually competing. I mean, Fenris's brother has never lifted his hand to fight since the brothers have been in SCW!

Simone: I think the one most surprised is Aron's own brother. I understand Fenris did everything possible to talk him out of this but Gabriel Stevens insisted he went through the same training as everyone else at the GO Gym.

Fenris pulls Aron over to the corner to talk to his nervous looking brother.

Justin: And his tag team partner...!

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up.

Justin: On her way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma she is 5'10" and weighed in this morning at 145lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds she is Mother Mavis Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. Mavis, accompanied by her husband, Father Gerald Shepherd, walks out onto the stage, folding her hands in front of her, making sure to show off the cross hanging from her neck. She looks around the crowd, her eyes narrow and piercing. She keeps her hands folded as she walks down the aisle with Father Gerald leading the way. At the end, she walks up to the apron and climbs up onto it while Gerald remains standing at ringside, his eyes and those of Fenris locking. She raises her hands to the air as the white light shines down on her. For a second she smiles and then she lowers her hat to the apron. Aron takes the initiative to hold the ropes open for her, giving her pause before she steps inside of the ring and walks back and forth while she waits for the match to start.

Simone: Aron is probably one of the friendliest men in SCW, and I'm not sure if Mother Mavis knows quite how to react to such a gentleman.

Adams: Yeah, especially when you consider her husband is a right...

Simone: Jason...!

Justin: And their opponents...!

The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Kingingiseisha "Hitamashii" Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos.

Justin: From Himeji, Japan, weighing 192 pounds ... Hitamashii!

Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

Simone: This man may have had a slow start when he first signed to SCW, but once he ventured to SCU? He really hit his stride and even became a singles champion for a time.

Adams: And now that he's with GRIME, he's even more dangerous than ever before!

Justin: His tag team partner...!

"The realist killaz" by 2 Pac and 50 Cent blares out as strobe lights hit the entrance in time with the music. Sierra steps out with a black bandana over her face as she throws up her hands and makes her way down to the ring talking trash about her opponent

Justin: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing one hundred and forty-five pounds ... Sierra Williams!

Sierra steps inside of the ring with arms raised and basks in the crowd's reaction, both positive and negative.

Adams: Notice that Hitamashii didn't hold the ropes open for her the way Aron did Mother Mavis?

Simone: Knowing Sierra, she probably wouldn't have wanted him to. She is and has always been her own woman.

Mavis is speaking to Aron and pointing to the apron, while Fenris steps outside. Aron then steps through the ropes, as does Hitamashii...

Simone: I think Aron had hoped to start things off but Mother Mavis has taken charge of their team. And the Bombshells are starting this one off.

Adams: I'm surprised Hitamashii was so willing to not start.

Jasmine St. John calls for the bell.


Mavis and Sierra circle the ring before they lock up, and Mavis immediately grabs Sierra into a side headlock. Sierra tries to break free by sending her off of the ropes, but the wily Mother Mavis keeps hold of her thanks to a handful of hair. Sierra shouts for the rule infraction but Mavis denies any wrong doing when confronted by Jasmine. Sierra tries again to send her into the ropes and AGAIN Mother Mavis hangs on by the hair, pulling her back into the headlock. Jasmine steps up but Mavis denies everything while Hitamashii shouts from the outside, and Father Gerald 'orders' Jasmine to leave his wife be. Sierra then starts throwing fists into Mavis's midsection, then backs her into the ropes and finally sends her off the far side. Mavis comes back and shoulder tackles Sierra to the mat. Mavis then comes off the near side but Sierra catches her with a double leg takedown and rolls right onto her back in a straddle position and she starts slamming Mavis's head into the canvas with two big handfuls of hair!

Adams: If the Shepherds thought Sierra would just take that...!

Simone: Sierra is fully prepared to fight fire with fire if she has to!

Sierra rolls off of Mavis who tries to escape through the ropes but Sierra drags her right back into the center of the ring and pulls her to her feet. Sierra lands a forearm shot to the side of the head, followed up by a European uppercut! Sierra goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Mavis reverses it. Mavis scoops her up but Sierra counters and throws her over with an arm drag take down. Mavis falls into a corner and uses the ropes to pull herself back to a standing position when Sierra comes launching herself in with a leaping forearm smash. Mother Mavis staggers out of the corner and Sierra brings her over with a Northern Lights suplex and bridge!



Mavis gets her right shoulder up!

Sierra pulls her up and delivers a roundhouse kick to the midsection, taking the wind from her sails. Sierra goes to send her into the ropes but Mavis counters with a reversal and she scoops the former Mixed Tag Champion up and drops her throat-first across the top rope!

Adams: Advantage, Mother Mavis!

Simone: You don't take a shot like that and just get up and walk away.

Sierra holds her throat, and Mavis begins laying in the boots, driving her into the corner where she presses a boot to Sierra's throat! Jasmine counts against her...





... Mavis breaks before she can get her team disqualified. Mavis then drags her up forcefully by the hair and drives Sierra face-first into the corner. Mavis then picks her up and brings her down hard with a high-angle belly to back suplex! Mavis rolls over and into a cover.



Sierra kicks out!

Mavis and Father Gerald BOTH protest to Jasmine, accusing her of a slow count while the referee insists that it was only two. Mavis Irish whips her into the ropes and catches her with a sidewalk slam, and another cover!



Sierra kicks out again!

Simone: Mavis is getting frustrated she can't keep Sierra Williams down.

Adams: She should ask Lachlan Kane for a few tips.

After getting in Jasmine's face again, Mavis drags Sierra up and sends her into the ropes, but Sierra comes off with a Slingblade! Mavis goes down and Sierra rolls across the ring to tag the outstretched hand of Hitamashii!

Adams: HERE'S what I waited to see!

Simone: You and everyone else! Aron has to get into the ring!

Adams: And look at the look of concern on Fenris's face!

Hitamashii steps inside, as does Aron. Aron readies himself for the lock up when Hitamashii plows forward suddenly, driving the rookie into the corner where he just starts pulverizing him with stiff body blows and kicks! Aron uses his forearms to try to shield himself but it leaves his body exposed for the next shot! One kick to the stomach and poor Aron falls to his knees, completely winded! Hitamashii then starts playing with him, driving the flat of his boot against Aron's head like a common bully.

Simone: Will you look at that? he's toying with Aron like he's helpless.

Hitamashii slaps him in the back of the head and laughs as Aron swings but misses. Hitamashii brings Aron to his feet and is surprised when Aron throws a forearm into the side of his head that knocks Hitamashii back a step. Hitamashii quickly rakes his eyes to stop him, then sends him into the ropes. Hitamashii swings for a roundhouse kick but Aron ducks, rebounds and takes Hitamashii down with a high cross body!


Hitamashii kicks out!

With Fenris pounding the apron for his brother, Aron looks to him as if lost for a moment, then pulls his opponent to his feet. He tries to send Hitamashii into the near corner but it's reversed! Hitamashii comes charging in but Aron leapfrogs up and over him with a sunset flip!



Hitamashii kicks out!

Adams: Aron's not doing too bad so far!

Simone: You can tell he has the rookie jitters though! Nobody is perfect in their debut!

Aron grabs for him but Hitamashii sweeps his legs out from under him and immediately has Aron in a Boston crab!

Simone: This would be bad if Hitamashii makes Aron tap in his first match!

Aron is clearly in pain, but he refuses to tap as Jasmine asks! Aron stretches an arm for the ropes but Hitamashii drags him back to the center of the ring and resumes the hold! But just when things look their bleakest, Aron suddenly uses his legs to roll Hitamashii over and onto his back with Aron's own knees on his shoulders!



Hitamashii kicks out and Aron tags Mother Mavis back in.

Sierra sees this and comes charging in as well, but Mavis cuts her off with a spear that damn near takes her out of her boots! Mavis drags her up by two BIG handfuls of hair and she starts to hairmare her across the ring, one mare right after the other! Mavis then stands on Sierra's hair and pulls her arms as Jasmine counts!




And Sierra uses her legs to counter with a victory roll pin!



Mavis kicks out!

Sierra drags her upright and twists her arm into a wrist lock. Sierra then runs up the corner and scales the top rope, jumping off and into a Hurricanrana aka Ode to Mexico! Mavis rolls out of the ring, to try and get some space and breathing room from Sierra's onslaught, but as she turns around, Sierra Suicide dives right THROUGH the ropes and crashes into her! Both Bombshells are down on the ringside floor as their male tag team partners call out to them. Jasmine starts to issue her count...








Sierra is up first and she rolls Mother Mavis back inside of the ring. Sierra then climbs up onto the apron and prepares to climb back inside, when Father Gerald walks up and starts berating her! Sierra shouts back and the distraction is costly enough as Mavis delivers a bicycle kick to the back of the head that topples Sierra back inside.

Adams: Father Gerald needs to keep his nose out of this match!

Simone: His distraction did its job, unfortunately.

Mavis covers Sierra and grabs a BIG handful of tights!



Sierra gets her shoulder up!

Mavis screams in frustration and beats the mat with her fists! Mavis finally grabs Sierra and goes to Irish whip her into the far corner but Sierra reverses it and follows in with a hesitation dropkick! Sierra backs up to resume the attack when Hitamashii tags himself in!

Adams: What did he do that for?? Sierra was in control!

Simone: And Sierra does not look happy about that!

Sierra protests and glares daggers at her partner, when Hitamashii turns around and is flattened by a running dropkick from Aron! Aron sends him into the ropes for a second dropkick but Hitamashii holds onto the rope and Aron lands hard on his back! Immediately Hitamashii has the rookie in a double under hook cross face, trying for another submission! But like before, Aron refuses! Aron uses his forearms to drag himself closer to the ropes and REACHES -- stretching -- and he finally grabs the bottom rope, forcing the break! Aron gets himself into a seated position and Hitamashii unloads a powerful kick to his back, the thud reverberating throughout the arena!

Adams: What. A. Shot!

Kimura scoop slams Aron, then he climbs up to the top of the corner. Hitamashii smirks and shouts something in Japanese to Fenris before he leaps for a 630 senton, but Aron rolls out of the way and Hitamashii crashes hard! Aron is up and he comes off the ropes with a senton right across the back! Aron pulls him up and Hitamashii takes a wild swing but Aron ducks under and rolls him back and to the canvas in a Lightning Lock Omega!

Adams: Where the bloody hell did THAT come from!?

Simone: That right there has Gabriel and Fenris written all over it!

Aron has Hitamashii tied up and Jasmine is asking for the submission but Hitamashii will not! Aron finally releases him and sends him into the corner where he leaps up and on him with the Koronco Buster! Aron flips back, lands on his feet and brings him out with a monkey flip! Aron then backs up the corner and waits for Hitamashii to rise. The Japanese Superstar slowly stands up and turns around, and Aron leaps with a Meteora, hooking both legs under his arms!



TH-Kick out by Hitamashii!

Adams: Ohhh! Aron almost had him!

Hitamashii rolls to his back and Aron climbs up to the top and steadies himself before flying back for a moonsault -- only Hitamashii brings his knees up and Aron lands right on them!

Simone: That just might cost him the match!

Adams: wait! What's happening outside!?

Esther, daughter to Mother Mavis and Father Gerald, arrives at ringside with her husband Andrey! The husband and wife confront Gerald on the outside and Mother Mavis climbs down from the apron and she and her husband confront their daughter and son-in-law on the outside!

Simone: What is that little tart doing out here!? We have a match going on!

Adams: It looks like she's trying to help her GRIME teammate and cost her mom a win!

The debate grows heated and Jasmine is forced to climb outside to try and separate them, and eject Esther and Andrey from the ringside area! Inside, Hitamashii brings the hurt Aron up and delivers a fisherman's suplex!, signaling for the end!

Adams: Wait, look at Fenris!

Fenris is inside of the ring and the moment Hitamashii turns around -- BOOM!

Simone: Wolf's Bane!

Hitamashii goes down like he was shot and Fenris drags Aron on top of him and dives out of the ring! Jasmine turns and spots the pin and quickly rolls inside!





Justin: Here are your winners, advancing to the QuarterFinals -- Aron Baltasarsson and Mother Mavis!

The commotion on the outside halts as Mavis is surprised and Esther looks horrified!

Adams: Yeah I don't think that worked out the way Esther planned!

Simone: Thanks to Fenris!

Security finally arrive to escort Esther and Andrey away from ringside as Gerald escorts Mavis to the back. Fenris is helping Aron out of the ring when Aron suddenly pulls away from his brother and stares at him! Fenris holds his arms out innocently but Aron glares, shaking his head and walking away as Fenris hurries after him!

Backstage, the camera crew catches Fenris trying to catch up with his brother Aron who is clearly disgruntled over what had just occurred in his match.

Fenris: A, wait! Wait up! Damn it, Aron--

Fenris grabs Aron by the shoulder to turn him around but Aron shrugs his grip off and spins around to face his older brother, with a very uncharacteristic expression on his face. Aron points in the direction of the gorilla position, and thus toward the arena.

Aron: What was that all about!? Why did you do that!?

Fenris all but ignores Aron's questioning accusation, and instead tries to steer him around.

Fenris: Come on, you haven't let go of your stomach since you landed on that fucker's knees. WE should...!

But this time an upset Aron practically slapped Fenris's hands off of him, and to say Fenris was surprised would be a vast understatement.

Aron: Stop changing the subject, Kristjan! And answer me! Why did you do that!?

Fenris holds his hands out.

Fenris: I was just trying to help!

Aron: Who said I wanted you to!? If someone interfered in your matches you'd be going crazy, wanting to beat them down for 'helping!'

Aron 'air quotes' but Fenris just rolls his eyes.

Fenris: You're overreacting, Aron! He had you beat!

Aron's face goes from angry to stricken and he just nods.

Aron: Thanks, K. I'm glad to know you have as much confidence in me that I have in you.

Aron spins about on his heel and walks off toward the dressing room, but not before he turns back and offers one last parting shot.

Aron: And for the record, I'd rather be an honest loser than a winning cheat!

And that being said, Aron marches off with Fenris calling after him.

Fenris: A-Aron! ... Aron?

But no answer from his younger sibling who vanishes around the corner and Fenris just exhales sharply.

We cut to the backstage area and we see Scott Oliver standing with Bea Barnhart. Bea is in her wrestling attire and she is ready for her Blast From The Past Tournament match.

Scott: Bea you did not fare well last week against Seleana Zdunich as you took a loss to her. Is that loss going to affect how you perform in your Blast From The Past Tournament match tonight?

Bea: As I publicly stated in my comments during the week my match with Seleana was an amazing and grueling match. Both of us had many pin attempts during the match and either of us could have achieved the win. In the end Seleana was able to take advantage of a mistake I made and she got the win. I have no hard feelings over an opponent who gets a legal win over me. As far as me and my partner Travis Levitt in our match tonight we will easily defeat the team of Denise Andrews and Jake Raab.

Scott: Do you have any issues with Bill being teamed with Andrea Hernandez in the Tournament and they won their match and advanced?

Bea: I already said I admire an opponent who gets a nice clean win over me and Andrea got a clean win over me. I am happy Bill has a great partner in Andrea for the Tournament.

Scott: Anything else you wish to add before your match starts?

Bea: I want the fans to watch me and Travis Levitt in our match. You will be watching the team that will end up winning the Blast From The Past Tournament.

Scott: There you have it. A confident Bea Barnhart ready to go for her Blast From The Past Tournament match. Thanks for your time for this interview.

Bea: The pleasure is always mine Scott.

Simone: Welcome back to Climax Control and the latest Blast from the Past match! Last week's show saw Bill Barnhart advance to the quarter finals and now we'll see if his wife joins him as Bea teams up with Travis Levitt to take on Denise Andrews and Jake Raab!

Adams: The quarter finals are shaping up nicely but there's still two more qualifying matches to go.

Simone: This should be a good match! Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following is a first round match of the Blast from the Past Tournament scheduled for one fall!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar starts to play and we see Bea Barnhart exit from the backstage area dancing to her entrance music where she is joined by Travis Levitt.

Justin: Introducing team number one, Bea Barnhart and Travis Levitt!

She is dressed in black leather pants, a white pullover type tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket, which is basically a tough street girl look. As the music continues Bea makes her way down to the ring where she climbs the ring steps then ducks through the ropes into the ring. She plays the crowd for a bit before running across the ring leaping up into the corner then executing a backflip landing on her feet. Travis joins his partner in the ring and Bea then settles into a corner to wait for the match to start where Travis joins her to discuss strategy.

Simone: Can you imagine if Bea's team won tonight and they met Bill's team in the next round?

Adams: Good lord! Bill would be sleeping on the couch for the rest of the year if his team won!

Justin: And their opponents!

Feuer Frei by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Jake and Denise comes out through the curtain and he wears black MMA gloves with MMA German flag colored shorts with his name on it with white arrows printed on his shorts, Denise on the other hand is dressed more stylishly.

Justin: The team of Jake Raab and Denise Andrews.

He high fives the fans as he gets into the ring and he does a hold up on the turnbuckle as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a bow and arrow pose towards the camera before waiting for the match to start.

Simone: Jake is a former world champion and is looking to get another shot at the title.

Adams: Denise is one of several SCU wrestlers competing in this tournament, but she has an impressive track record down there!

Once Drew goes over the rules with both teams, he instructs them to decide who will be starting, that doesn't take long as both Bea and Denise agree to start the match prompting Drew to call for the bell.

Simone: The ladies are kicking things off in this match.

Adams: Both women are fairly inexperienced so this should be interesting.


As soon as the bell rings Denise bulrushes Bea and hits her with a Clothesline before stomping away at her, naturally this prompts Travis to complain to Drew but that's all he can do due to the rules of the tournament whilst Jake just watches on with an unreadable expression on his face, after a few minutes Denise picks up Bea and Irish whips her off the ropes only for Bea to hit her with a Lou Thesz Press before reigning down some blows of her own.

Simone: Denise tried to seize the early advantage, but Bea turned it around on her.

Adams: At least Travis has less to complain about, and Jake is watching his partner closely.

Bea eventually gets off Denise and hits the younger competitor with a pair of knee shots before she goes for the first pin of the match.



And Denise gets the shoulder up, Jake went to enter the ring to break it up on instinct but Drew catches him and admonishes him from it, unfortunately for Bea Denise uses the distraction to her advantage by raking Bea's eyes as she tries to pick her up.

Simone: Jake's distraction did nothing but hurt Bea in the end and Travis isn't happy about it.

Adams: Denise on the other hand couldn't be happier.

When Drew does turn around he sees Denise whipping Bea of the ropes again and this time it doesn't backfire on Denise as the petite Bombshell hits Bea with a Hurricanrana on the rebound but Bea rolls out of the ring before Denise can press the advantage, this too backfires on Bea as Denise charges at the ropes and hits Bill's wife with a dropkick through the ropes knocking her down and restarting Drew's count before it can really get going, Denise rolls Bea back into the ring before going for her team's first pin of the match.



And Bea gets the shoulder up, Denise glares up at Drew apparently believing the count to be a slow one but as per usual Drew isn't having any of it.

Simone: Normally I'd say that she should know better, but Denise is an SCU wrestler and I don't know if the SCU referees have the same zero tolerance for crap as the SCW refs do.

Adams: You'd have thought Jake would've told her in the weeks since their team was announced but, in the meantime, Travis wants Bea to tag him in!

Travis is indeed calling for Bea to tag him in and let the men take over the match but Denise isn't having any of it as she grabs a hold of the taller Bombshell's leg and refuses to let go, unfortunately for Denise she doesn't get a choice in the matter as Bea hits her with a one legged dropkick with enough force to send Denise flying back towards her own corner, Bea makes the leap and tags in Travis and Jake uses the opportunity to blind tag himself in letting the two men have an all out brawl in the middle of the ring whilst Bea and Denise take up their positions on the ring apron (with some reluctance on Denise's part).

Simone: Now the men take center stage.

Adams: I think Denise wanted some of Travis which isn't surprising considering how lax SCU is with intergender violence but when Bea tagged out Jake had no choice but to tag himself in!

Whilst their female partners cheer them on Travis and Jake exchange blows in the middle of the ring and the crowd cheers them on, it ends up being Jake that takes the early advantage this time as he manages to kick Travis in the midsection before hitting him with a Snap DDT! Rather than go for the pin right away however Jake mounts Travis and starts reigning down MMA Punches onto his opponent who covers up his face on instinct.

Adams: Been a long time since I saw a man mount another man and blow on him like that!

Simone: Yeah, I'm not even going to start listing how many ways that sounds wrong, either way Jake has the advantage on Travis and Denise loves it, Bea less so!

Eventually Travis transitions from the mounted position into a pin combination by grabbing one of Travis's legs and pinning down his shoulders.



And Travis gets the shoulder up just in time, Jake shakes his head before picking up Travis only to get hit with a European Uppercut and a release German Suplex that sends him flying across the ring! Denise hops off the apron whilst Travis goes for a pin!



And Drew breaks it up after realizing that Jake's foot is on the ropes, not realizing that Denise, who pointed it out to him, put Jake's foot on the ropes herself.

Simone: If Drew had been paying attention, he could've disqualified Jake and Denise for that!

Adams: Two disqualifications in BFTP matches in back to back weeks? Do you want the bosses to have aneurisms? In any case, here comes Bea to help out Travis!

Denise doesn't get a chance to do much else as Bea takes her out with a running senton off the apron but whilst that goes in outside the ring, inside the ring Travis mounts Jake and tries to give him a taste of his own medicine with some punches of his own but Jake grabs Travis's arm on the fourth attempt and gets him in a Triangle Choke.

Simone: The Raab Vice! Jake has it locked in!

Adams: Unless Travis can reach the ropes, stick a fork in him and Bea, they're done, and Jake and Denise will go through to the next round!

Travis tries to reach the ropes, but Jake rolls him away from them leaving Travis with no choice but to tap!


Justin: Here are your winners by submission, Denise Andrews and Jake Raab!

Simone: Denise and Jake go through to the next round but if Denise hadn't interfered, I think Bea and Travis would be going through instead.

Adams: They almost had it but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

Denise celebrates with Jake whilst Bea checks on Travis with Drew.

The shot turns to a disco where we see lots of people dance to music from the seventies and dressed in sentries clothing as the night has a sentries theme. Dancing to ABBA's classic. We see the camera move through the crowd when suddenly we see in the center of the dance floor Iris the Bulldog and Cactus Pete.

Crowd: PETE!!! PETE!!! PETE!!!!

Simone: I cannot understand why this plant is so popular with the crowd, I mean seriously... it's a PLANT!!!

Pete is dressed in a classic John Travolta outfit from the legendary Saturday Night Fever. The pot is bouncing across the dance floor thanks to the loud bass pumping the beat through the dance floor as Iris is hobbling around as that is her way of "dancing"

Adams: It's so romantic to see how these two have found each other

Simone: Give me a break!!

Adams: You are just sour because you turned Pete down, now you can't handle the fact he has found true love???

The sleeves of Pete's jacket swing wildly in the air due to the bouncing of the pot, swinging from left to right as that is the direction Pete is heading thanks to the bass. Due to the bass and his hobbling makes the sleeves look lPete is doing the classic dance where Travolta is fingers before his eyes while dancing.

Adams: Look Pete Go!!! I wonder if he has more dance moves like this??

Simone: I am not even going to respond to that

Iris suddenly gets hit by one of the sleeves from Pete, causing her to lose control over her feet and rolls on her back, but she rolls through luckily as she finally gets back on her feet. This causes her to get angr at Pete and starts to bark and growl towards the plant, who stands there just having the sleeves swing around due to the beat.

Adams: Uh oh... Pete!! Try to make it up to her!!! It's Womans day remember!!!!

But Iris has enough, she charges in on Pete and knocks hikm over as the impact sends him all the way across the dance floor. Causing the camera to follow it while managing to avoid being hit by dancing feet from everyone. He ultimately hits the juke boxm causing one of his sleeves to hit a button on the jukebox and a different record starts to play.

Simone: OH God no...

Adams: Do you think I am sexy from Rod Steward!! Go for it Pete!!!

The shot fades as Pete slowly gets back to a vertical base on his pot while staring at the growling Iris

We can see Dmitri bakcstage, listening to some Mozart in his own personal room when Wilow walks into the shot and pats him on the shoulder

Dmitri: Well hello Willow, how pleasant to meet you here??

Pussy: Cut the crap Dmitri, you asked me to do an interview iwht you. So here I am

Dmitri nods his head and smiles

Dmitri: Well I guess you are right, I did ask for your moment of your usually busy schedule. I wanted to publicalyy announce that I feel sorry that me and my partner for this years BFTP tournament got eliminated so quickly. And I did not want to exit the SCW on such a low note.

So what I came up with is this..., I want to issue an open challenge to any of hte roster to a fight... anytime... any place. And no, i am not issuing a challenge for a title just yet..., I just want to fight... I have been told there are tough men around here... and I just can't wait....

Dmitri looks at Willow and smiles

Dmitri: Now you may leave....

Backstage, the live crowd cheers as Ms. Rocky Mountains is seen holding up a microphone. Standing next to her is SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas for an interview segment.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, you were one of the six competitors in the ladder match at My Bloody Valentine to determine the winner of the reinstated Bombshell Internet Championship. Suffice to say, you came up short three Sundays ago. What are your thoughts?

Mercedes gives a slight grin at the interviewer, then adjusts her fingerloop glove over the length of one arm.

Mercedes: Well you're not wrong. I was this close, this close, from making history as the first-ever two-time Bombshell Internet Champion and my 13th championship, but congrats to Kate Steele. Who would have thought history would repeat itself at My Bloody Valentine? I think she probably has a new gimmick here: winner of vacant titles. It should be a thing. I guess since I fell short, that sends me to the back of the line, and I'm okay with that, Rocky. See, the girls here shouldn't be worried about me working my way back up to contention. They should be worried when I get there. History wasn't denied, just delayed.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Changing the subject for a moment, a number of weeks ago Crystal Zdunich's Rose Garden came out and she had some thoughts about you in her blog. What are your thoughts on what your fellow Hall of Famer had to say?

Mercedes: I beg your pardon, I never asked her for a rose garden. No self-respecting woman who works in this company should ever read that piece of garbage and I'm almost sure nobody takes stock in what Christina says anyway. I am surprised it got published though, Rocky, because like her fake retirements, you never know if she was going go through with it.

As everyone should know, I was the first-ever, and still am, the only ten-time champion, male or female, in the company, I'm the first and only female wrestler to hold every championship in the women's division, the only wrestler to be a multi-time Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion, an SCW Hall of Famer, and the winningest female wrestler in history. Matter of fact, I have twice as many wins as Christina does in all the time she's been in SCW. Pretty sure that means I've back up my words aplenty. But then again, alter ego or not, when is Christina not being an idiot? She wants to know if after everything I said and not getting the job done, did it pay off? I could be asking her the same thing. Now, Rocky, who ended up on their back counting the arena lights again?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Christina did, but you can't say that she didn't fight out there.

Mercedes: No, I can't say that, Rocky. But what I can say is that Christina hasn't won a pay-per-view match closing to ten months now, since London Brawling II back in May of last year. Since she lost the World Bombshell Championship to Mikah, hasn't held a championship. Now, granted, going on two years without a title wouldn't be that big a deal for most people, but Christina is not most people. Ella un perdedor. She's a loser, Rocky. If anything, she has no room to talk about not backing up what they say.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Speaking of that, I'm sure Apple Coren will be doing just that tonight. It's you and Apple one-on-one in her hometown. You have to think with the crowd behind her that gives her an advantage.

Mercedes: I don't know about you, but I call BS on that one. Anybody care that we're in York, England? Nobody cares about that. Or cares if Apple were to win in front of the hometown fans. The question isn't whether she proves me's whether she proves me wrong. She's about to be wrong again tonight.

Mercedes turns to the camera.

Mercedes: Mucho antes de que ella supieras, y de que ella recordaras.

Long before she knew, and long after she'll remember.

Justin Decent: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first

Avril Lavigne's Bad Girl begins to fill the venue as the curtains part and Apple moves to the top of the ramp and stops as she takes in the fans who have risen to their feet. Matching her walk to the beat of the song, she moves towards the ring offering fake smiles to each side before getting to the ring..

Justin Decent: Introducing from England, it is her ladyship, Apple Coren!

Apple climbs the turnbuckle and sits there to taunt the fans as she ignores them to check a hand mirror she pulls from a pocket of the blue leather jacket she is wearing. The referee moves to tell her to come down off the turnbuckle which she does slowly with a sneer before leaning back into the corner to wait for the start of the match.

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glow of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin Decent: Making her way to the ring (or depending on where Mercedes is when the ring announcer begins the introduction, Coming down the aisle, About to enter the ring, or Currently in the ring), from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes


The bell rings and Apple and Mercedes circle around each other, Vargas smirks and bounces on the balls of her feet, they go to lock up but Vargas ducks down, trips Apple up so she lands face first, Vargas slides around and keeps Apple down with a front facelock laughing and shaking her head as Apple struggles to move. Vargas yells to the crowd who boo the veteran, Apple pushes to all fours, Vargas adjusts her grip and tries to lock in a guillotine, Apple is able to use the moment to spin out and away from Mercedes who just laughs and shrugs her shoulders Apple shakes her head and tries not to get angry as she moves around Mercedes, Mercedes though uses her slender frame and speed to slide down, pick Apple's leg and trip her up sending her forward again, this time Mercedes spins over Apple and then paint brushes her on the back of the head. The crowd boos again

Adams: Oh come on that's just disrespectful.

Simone: Mercedes has had the wood over Apple since Apple came into SCW.But her ladyship wants us all to forget that....

Adams: Mercedes is a great competitor, she has been a champion many times over

Apple seems to be angered by this and lunges at Mercedes grabbing her but Mercedes slides back against the ropes, the referee slides in and starts counting reminding Apple that Mercedes made it to one of the six sides and she needs to let her go. Apple pushes Mercedes and steps back frustrated telling Mercy to "bring it on" Mercedes moves around the outside of the ring and Apple goes at her again but again Mercedes hooks her leg around the rope with a smirk causing the break, the crowd boos yet again as Mercedes uses the frustration strategy. Apple paces back and forth and Mercedes moves out before diving down trying to pick one of Apple's long legs again, this time though Apple steps in catching Mercedes, Apple slams her forearm across Mercedes back, his a knee to her stomach and then hits a snap suplex floating over for a pin.



Mercedes kicks out and scrambles away from Apple out of the ring under the bottom rope, Apple goes to follow but the referee steps in front of her to stop her. Mercedes slides back in the ring and Apple grabs Mercedes but Mercedes is again close to the ropes and the referee gets between the women to get Apple back but the second the referees back is turned Mercedes hits a thumb to Apple's eye, the crowd again reigns down boos on her

Adams: Oh come on that was cheap

Simone: Hey there's what you did and what you can prove, and Apple and you and everyone else can whine about it but the referee saw NOTHING

Adams: Slippery slope Belinda

Mercedes hits a kick to Apples stomach, hits a snapmare taking her down and then jumps over with a rolling neck snap, Mercedes stays on the attack hitting the ropes before doing a handspring moonsault landing hard on Apples stomach. Instead of going for the pin though Mercedes gets to her feet and struts around the ring with an arrogant smile, she then stops and takes a bow, Apple pulls herself up and Mercedes turns to stay on the attack, she hits a low spinning heel kick to Apples stomach doubling her over, Mercedes then kicks Apple in the chest standing her up before Vargas goes for the bu

saw roundhouse, Apple though ducks it and hits the ropes, she comes off and slams into Mercedes with a clothesline, Mercedes gets up but Apple starts to roll with a dropkick, then another dropkick, Mercedes gets up holding the ropes, Apple runs in and clothesline Vargas over the top rope both women falling out of the ring to the floor.

Simone: Oh damn both of them landing on the apron!

Adams: That had to have been painful! The apron is the hardest part of the ring Belinda...

Simone: Really? You don't say....

Apple gets to her feet and runs tackling Mercedes into the steel steps, Apple hits a few hard right hands before pulling Mercedes up and throwing her by her hair sideways into the side of the ring, Mercedes landing on the floor with a thud, the fans erupt as Apple seems to have had enough of Mercedes antics and disrespect. Apple pulls Mercedes up and slides her into the ring, she climbs up and between the ropes as Mercedes seems to not know where she is after the sickening thud on the outside. Apple calls for the family tradition, she grabs Mercedes head and goes to run up the ropes but Mercedes shoves Apple off into the top turnbuckle, Apple's throat hits the corner and she coughs and sputters falling to the mat, the referee looks concerned as Mercedes looks over on all fours with a laugh thinking she has incapacitated Apple.

Adams: Oh no, Apple's throat hit the turnbuckle, she can't breathe!.

Simone: This is Vargas' chance to really take a hold of this match

Mercedes gets to her feet looking down at Apple, she reaches down pulling her up by her long blonde hair she slams in a hard forearm and another and another before hitting a snapmare takedown hitting the ropes and hitting a low angle dropkick right to Apple's face, Mercedes then goes for the pin.



Apple kicks out and Mercedes seems a little frustrated, she pulls herself up and starts berating Apple before kicking her in the stomach, Apple starts to get up and Mercedes grabs her by the hair again, Apple hits a low punch to Mercedes stomach, and then another fighting her off hitting rights and lefts to Mercy's midsection, but Mercedes steps forward yanking Apple down to the mat by her hair.

Adams:Apple is showing how stubborn she is, but how is this crowd cheering for Apple? Is Mercedes that hated?, but she is refusing to stay down and she has had to put up with so much, Mercedes's antics, the thumb to the eye, the throat to the turnbuckle...

Simone:Oh jesus christ, look Apple has guts, we know this, she's also a bitch, we know this but Mercedes Vargas is a hall of fame legend, a former champion, a woman who deserves respect and she is showing she will do whatever it takes, she has killer instinct

Mercedes moves around Apple who seems out of it after her head hit the mat, she reaches down and grabs Apples wrist, she pulls her up to her knees and kicks Apple in the face a few times showing even more disrespect before yanking her up, she twists under Apples arm hitting the hook kick to her face hitting the two to tango, Apple goes down and Mercedes covers telling the referee to "count it"



Apple kicks out again, Mercedes sits up slamming her fist on the mat and getting to her feet stomping across the ring, she shakes her head and mouths "that's it". She pulls Apple up and onto her shoulders going for the black rose overdrive on her shorter opponent, Apple though kicks her legs and lands down behind Mercedes grabbing Mercedes by the head with a bulldog down onto the mat, the fans pop as both women lay on the mat now.

Adams: Apple is alive!

Simone: She was able to get out of a move that would have ended it, the black rose overdrive would have been the final nail in the coffin

Adams:Both women are down!

The crowd begins clapping as both women start to get to their feet, they lock at each other and Mercedes slides forward hooking Apple for the sto backbreaker, Apple slams her fist into the side of Mercedes head and tries to set her up for the Cyanide Drop, Mercedes though hits a hard shot to Apples ribs, as Apple staggers back Mercedes picks her up and this time hits the black rose overdrive!, she goes for the pin




Justin: Here is your winner.... Mercedes Vargas!

The crowd viciously boo as Mercedes arm is raised.

Simone: Another hometown hero has fallen.

Adams: People are not having the best of luck in their hometowns.

Scene switches to the back area as we see SCW Head interviewer, Pussy Willow standing by.

Pussy: So just a few weeks ago, we saw perhaps one of the craziest matches in Bombshell history when Candy successfully defend her Roulette Title against my guest at this time. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Bella Madison.

Bella steps into the shot, wearing street clothes with her long blonde hair pulled back. She gives a quick pinky wave to the camera and smiles at Miss Willow.

Bella Madison: Hey there, PW. Thanks for this time.

Pussy: Of course! Let's go back to that hellacious match that you and Candy had at My Bloody Valentine 3. Barbed wire around the ring and even a glitter bomb. A lot of time has passed since then, how are you feeling now?

Bella Madison: It was absolutely insane to be a part of that match, I have these awesome scars now too that I am not afraid to show off. I feel amazing, I felt amazing last week in my tag match in the Blast From the Past, even though my partner completely screwed it up.

Pussy: Well, now that you are out of that, are you looking to perhaps work your way back to facing Candy again?

Bella Madison: Oh, I would love to face Candy any day of the week and perhaps this time win that Roulette Championship. We took each other to a limit that I didn't think I was even capable of and it has made me realize that I need to quit limiting myself. So while in singles competition I am focused on earning my way back to that, getting a taste of what the mixed tag division was like recently has peaked my interest.

Pussy: What are you saying?

Bella smirks towards Willow.

Bella Madison: That means, after discussing it in length with Malachi, we are officially putting the Mixed Tag Division on notice. We don't care who it is, come hell or high water, Malachi and I will make an impact and who knows? ...maybe rock a little title gold before summer ends. Thanks for this time, Miss Willow!

Without another word Bella turns on her heels and leaves Pussy Willow standing there in awe.

There is a break in the action and the giant Tron screen fires up and we see a shot of Bill Barnhart on the screen. Everyone is surprised that since Bill is not performing at this edition of Climax Control why he is presenting something on the screen.

Bill: I am not in England for Climax Control 262 as I am not performing at this event. The reason I remained at home in Lawrenceville, Georgia, is to ensure that when Bea and Travis win their Blast From The Past Tournament match nobody can use the excuse that I got involved to sway the match in their favor. Hard for me to interfere in a match when I am a bit over 4,000 miles away from York, England.

Bill gives a thumbs up sign.

Bill: My reason for showing up remotely is to wish the best to Bea and Travis in their Blast From The Past Tournament match. I also wish to clarify what happened at Climax Control 261 in my Blast From The Past Tournament match with Andrea Hernandez against Chris Crippler and Bella Madison. Yes my partner Andrea had Bella in a submission hold and I am not denying or disputing that. What everyone missed, but I did not miss, is that I saw Chris Crippler starting to get into the ring. Since he was not the legal wrestler in the ring that could only mean he was going to try to break the submission hold Andrea had on Bella. In a split second I had a decision to make. I could just rush into the ring and stop Chris from breaking up the submission hold Andrea had on Bella. In that split second of decision making I realized that even though Crippler got into the ring before I did there was a chance the Referee might call a disqualification on me. So I took the legal way to get into the ring to stop Chris from interfering with Andrea and Bella. I reached into the ring and tagged Andrea and the Referee saw it. Then it was me and Chris as the two legally in the ring. I got the pin on Chris and we won the match. Yes, Andrea, I realize you are a bit upset with the decision I made but I feel you would not have liked the decision had I not tagged in and the Referee determined I violated the rules and they issued a disqualification on me and we would have lost the match. Sorry the way it happened but I assure you something like that will not happen again. Thanks for understanding.

Bill waves into the camera and the giant Tron screen goes black leaving the crowd murmuring over his comments.

Simone: Our drinking contest is still going on backstage, let's see how that's going.

The cameras cut back to Ben and Mickey, both men visibly drunk as shot glasses and empty pint glasses line the table. Ben turns his head and bursts out in fits of laughing as he points toward Abaddon.

Ben: Look at that man's face!

Mickey: I think itsha mask.

Ben moves in to look at Abaddon a little closer.

Ben: Whicsh one? I can see three of them.

Abaddon turns his head, cranking his neck, causing a loud cracking sound to come from him, causing Ben to wince.

Ben: That didn't shound to healthy.

Mickey: He needs to shee a doctor, when the docs done with hish neck, he should check out that face.

The two burst in to giggles as they pick up another shot glass, knocking it together and drinking back quickly.

Ben: I just had a thought.

Mickey: Did it hurt?

Ben: Only for a second, but I'm thinking right, if you beat me, you should be the World Champion tonight.

Mickey: I'm gonna beat ya, you're already fading, the one of the left is already asleep, the one on the right is yawning, just need to beat the one in the middle.

Ben: Am I the one in the middle?

Mickey: Fooked if I know, wave.

Ben lifts his hand with a drunken wave towards Mickey.

Mickey: Not right, they all waved at me. More drinks!

While the drinks are being poured, a less than pleased wife of Ben Jordan, Evie moves next to him.

Ben: 'Ello sexy, where you been all my life?

Evie shakes her head as she looks at her drunk husband.

Evie: Ben, you said you wouldn't get this bad before my match. My match is up next and you're pissed out of your skull.

Ben: Don't worry baaaaaaaaaaaaby, there's a TV right there and I'm gonna watch you beat Sessie Jalco.

Evie raises her eyebrow at Ben.

Ben: I mean, Messie Alco!

Evie puts her hand on her hips.

Ben: You know, the one who thought Ben didn't deserve better but Ben did deserve better, cause Ben's the world champion and Nessie is not.

Ben fires a goofy smile towards his wife who leans in angry.

Evie: You got me here, you better watch the match.

Evie turns and walks away as Ben looks back to Mickey.

Ben: I did get her here, I paid for the cab.

The two burst out in drunken laughter but Mickey waves his finger at Ben.

Mickey: Wait a second, didn't she use to be a ginger and be much, much nicer?

Ben shrugs his shoulders as he picks up the shots places in front of him by Winter.

Ben: Who knows. Cheers!

The two hit the glasses together and drink as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Bouncing lightly from foot-to-foot at the mouth of the tunnel, waiting for his cue stands Mark "The Dragon" Cross. He goes through his usual pre-entrance routine, checking his hand wraps one last time, keeping his feet moving.

Without even turning his head to acknowledge them, he feels a presence appear to the side of him.

The Dragon: Decided to show up after all then?

The camera pans towards the side showing a returning Evie Jordan. She doesn't say a word she just looks down at him, her eyes telling the story. She didn't want to be there, but yet here she was just moments away from her return match.

The Dragon: Cat got your tongue?

Trying his hardest to break the ice, Mark let's out a chuckle. Evie just scrunches up her face to mock him, before turning to look away from him. As if the sight of him alone was enough to make her sick. Mark just rolls his eyes before he fires back.

The Dragon: Alright then. Hey, nice ring gear, would be a shame if you only got to wear that once huh? Gotta go...

The sound of "Never Again" hitting the PA was Mark's signal to get out there, the cheers of the crowd picking up as he sprinted down the tunnel and into view.

Justin: The following contest is a Blast From The Past Match! Introducing first.... from Canterbury, England, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 225lb, he is the SCU Underground champion, he is... Mark "The Dragon" Crrrrrrrrrosssssss!!!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Never Again" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

Justin: And his partner....

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Jordan standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Victor Harbour, South Australia... Evieeee Jooooordan.

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans as her focus is on the ring in front of her. She slowly walks up the steal steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring pulling on the ropes getting ready for her match while her song slowly dies down to nothing.

Justin: And their opponents

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the the lights flashing across the arena.

Justin: Introducing, from Miami, Florida, "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and perches herself on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: And her partner.

The arena lights drop down as one single golden spotlight shines down onto the stage. Boos are beginning to grow as a video package begins to play on the screen. The boos get a little louder as "I'm Back" strikes up over the speakers. Several gold lights begin to flicker throughout the arena as Travis Nathaniel Andrews steps through the curtain wearing his signature golden trench coat with his trademark sunglasses over his eyes. Not to far behind him is his personal assistant Shawna Jennings who is carrying her trusty clipboard. Both individuals stop at the top of the ramp while basking in the loud chorus of boos. Travis as his arms stretched out towards the ceiling while showing off a smile.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring being accompanied by his personal assistant Shawna Jennings, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he weighed in at two hundred and thirty seven pounds. He stands six feet two inches tall, he is the Must See Superstar and the true Mr. SCW, please welcome TRAVIS NATHANIEL ANDREWS

Travis continues to smirk while walking shoulder to shoulder with his assistant down the ramp. Every other step she looks up from her clipboard and scowls toward the audience. Travis, however, is basking in the negative responses. He hops up onto the ring apron as Shawna uses the ring steps. He enters the ring followed by her. He walks toward the far turnbuckle, stands on it while opening his arms up while mouthing "You're welcome" which garners more boos. He turns around, removes his trench coat and proceeds to lie across the turnbuckle while waiting.

Adams: This could be the match of the night.

While Jessie and Travis talk about who's is gonna start, Evie makes the choice by stepping out of the ring and dropping to the floor. She walks around the ring and grabs a chair before moving back to her corner and putting the chair down and sitting down.

Adams: Looks like Evie's made up her mind who's starting this.

Simone: She clearly don't wanna be here, doesn't want to wrestle, and her husband is getting drunk in the back.

Jessie steps outside the ring and Jasmine calls for the bell.


Cross looks towards Evie, but Travis takes advantage by hitting him in the back with a forearm. Cross stumbles foward but Travis moves in and scratches his hands down Cross' back with a back rake and quickly hooks him up in a half nelson before dropping him with a half nelson bulldog. Travis springs to his feet and looks around breathing deep and purposefully.

Adams: Looks like Travis hasn't lost a step.

Simone: Looks like he hasn't lost his arrogance either.

Travis pulls Mark to his feet and catches him with a sharp forearm to the jaw before pulling him in with a snap suplex, Mark's back hitting the canvas hard. Mark rolls over and Travis lifts his leg and slams it hard in to the canvas, driving his knee down. Mark moves towards his corner, but Evie just looks at him from the outside. Mark pulls himself up by the ropes and moves in to the corner but Travis quickly charges at him and catches him with a corner splash.

Adams: Acne trouble!

Cross falls to the canvas and Travis drops on top of him. Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Cross throws a shoulder up.

Adams: Travis picking Mark Cross apart.

As Travis pulls Cross to his feet, Cross catches Travis in the gut with a back elbow, before blasting him in the knee with a kick, sending Travis down to one knee. Cross slams a huge kick in to Travis chest followed by another one.

Simone: Cross showing his strong style training.

Cross quickly runs towards the ropes and bounces off, catching Travis with a shining wizard! Travis crumbles backwards and Cross jumps on top of him, looking for the cover. Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Travis just kicks out.

Adams: I think Mark Cross knows Evie is not wanting to help and he's trying to get this one finished.

Cross picks Travis back to his feet and throws a chop across Travis chest. Travis bounces his back off the rope and Cross takes a step forward and jumps up with a shotgun dropkick! Travis hits the ropes again and drops to the canvas. The fans cheer Cross on as he gets on to the second rope and looks down at Travis before jumping off with a senton across the must see superstars chest. Cross looks towards his corner, moving towards it and looking at Evie, putting his hand out but the Aussie Bombshell shakes her head. Cross breathes deep and turns around only to be hit with a spear from Travis!

Simone: Take your eye off the ball...

Travis stands up and looks at Evie before smirking, slowly walking over to the corner and putting his hand out and tagging Jessie in to the ring.

Adams: Evie has to get in the ring now.

Jasmine calls for Evie to get in the ring but Evie shakes her head. Jasmine puts her hand up and starts the count.




Simone: Evie can get counted out here.



Mark Cross yells at Evie to get in the ring, but Evie stands up and looks towards the back.



Adams: Evie is gonna get counted out.



Evie quickly turns around and runs at the ring, sliding in just before the ten count! Mark Cross sighs of relief. Jessie moves in but Evie stops and puts her hand up. Evie lays on the floor and waves at Jessie to cover her.

Simone: Is Evie asking to be pinned?

Evie waves at her again and Jessie drops down for the cover and Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Evie puts her shoulder up at two and a half.

Adams: I think Mark Cross just had a heart attack.

Evie rolls away from Jessie and stands up, smirking at Mark Cross who holds his chest but Jessie quickly pulls Evie down in a schoolboy pin and Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Evie powers out!

Simone: Smart thinking from Jessie!

Both Evie and Jessie get back to their feet and an angry Evie charges at Jessie and nails her with a clothesline, causing her to flip in mid air. Evie moves over Jessie and starts to nail her with heavy shots to her head, the anger and agression flowing from her. Evie pulls Jessie roughly to her feet and puts her in a pump handle position before lifting her up and throwing her over with a pump handle fallaway slam. Jessie moves in to the corner but Evie doesn't wait to charge in with a huge knee to the face, Jessie's head bounces off the back of the turnbuckle.

Adams: Evie is so aggressive tonight.

Simone: Can you blame her?

Evie pulls Jessie to her feet and lifts her with a swinging side slam! Evie goes for the cover and Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Jessie kicks out!

Adams: Evie really taking her issues out on Jessie.

Jessie pulls herself up in the corner but Evie charges at her. Jessie lifts her legs up to catch Evie on the jaw before jumping up on the second rope. As Evie stumbles in, Jessie grabs Evie's head and jumps over, flipping Evie over with a destroyer!

Simone: God damn!

Jessie sits for a few seconds before standing next to Evie and jumping over with a standing moonsault. Evie quickly pushes her off before Jasmine can count and Jessie gets to her feet. Jessie waits for Evie to get back to her feet and as she does, Jessie charges at her and jumps up with a flying head scissors. Evie flies across the ring and pulls herself on to the middle rope and Jessie runs at her. She uses Evie's back as a springboard and jumps over the top rope, dropping a leg across Evie's back. Evie moves in to the middle of the ring and Jessie pulls herself to the top rope and jumps off with missile dropkick, nailing Evie in the chest. Jessie goes for the cover. Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Evie kicks out!

Adams: Jessie was so close then.

Both get to their feet and but Evie strikes first with a boot to the gut. She quickly takes Jessie down with a slingblade and hooks her leg. Jasmine drops down for the pin.



Jessie just kicks out!

Simone: Evie nearly shocked Jessie then!

Evie gets to her feet and walks towards Mark Cross, and tags him in by hitting him on the head.

Adams: That's one way to do it.

Evie jumps outside the ring and looks up the ramp. Mark Cross and Travis Nathaniel Andrews get in the ring and charge towards each other. Cross ducks a clothesline attempted from Travis and grabs his head for a neckbreaker, but Travis turns him around and drops Cross with an elevated DDT. Travis stalks Mark Cross. As Cross gets to his feet, Travis hooks him in a full nelson as Evie looks back at the ring.

Simone: It looks like Travis is looking to end it.

Evie smirks and starts to walk up the ramp, but Cross wiggles out, he spins Travis around, kicks him in the gut. He hooks up both Travis arms before dropping him with the Tiger Driver 91!

Simone: Ketteiteki Desaki

Adams: Erm.... That move he does!

Cross hooks the leg and Jasmine drops down for the pin.





Evie smirks as she walks up the ramp.

Justin: Here are your winners.... Mark Cross and Evie Jordan!

Evie face changes as she looks back at the ring, but Mark Cross says something to Justin.

Justin: Correction, Here are your winners, Fire Dragons 2.0!

Evie shakes her head as she walks up the ramp and away.

Simone: Evie might not be happy but she's is through to the next round of the Blast From The Past!

Adams: Fire Dragons 2.0 live on!

We come back to the disco where we see Iris running around a table and looking up every now and then as the camera moves up to the table and we see Pete on top of it dancing. He has taken off his jacket and starts to hobble around to Rasputin from Boney M. Several ladies have gathered around the table and giggle while poinging at Pete as this does not sit well with Iris.

Adams: Iris is jealous!!!

Simone: Seriously Jason?? It's a dog and a plant??

Iris is barking at the ladies, who look at her with a filthy look and try to get her away with shushing at her. But the British Bulldog has none of it and jumps up on her short legs and barks at them, one of the ladies walks off and is insulted

Lady: I have never been this insulted!! A dog?? Please!!!

Iris turns her attention to Pete and notices a chair, she jumps on top of it before jumping on the table and charges in on Pete. Who at that moment has been doing a pole dance act with the table lamp to impress a woman. Iris jumps at him and pushes him and the lamp and herself off the table and come crashing down hard on the floor. Causing the lamp to break and security walk up to the two and escort them to the outside as that ends their second date.

Simone: Good Grief!!!!

Adams: Ah man!! I was wondering what would happen next... I guess we have to wait for next week

Simone: Wait.., what?? There's more???

Simone: Well, we got one more match left so we better go check in on Ben Jordan and Mickey Carroll.

The camera cuts backstage to see both Ben and Mickey passed out on the table, neither man moving.

Adams: Who won?

Simone: I have no idea.

The crowd of wrestlers have now gone, just Fenris standing looking at them. Fresh from her match, Evie walks past the them.

Evie: Oh for fucks sake! I bet he even passed out before I even got in the ring.

Evie looks at Fenris.

Evie: You can take care of him tonight, cause he ain't coming back with me!

Fenris looks at Ben as Evie storms off.

Simone: Looks like we'll never know who won that drinking contest.

Adams: I know one thing for sure, I know who lost that.... Their livers.

The camera cuts away.

Apple Coren can be seen walking along the hallway angrily. She is about to walk past the catering table where she grabs a bottle of water when she is stopped by a hand on her arm. Turning she is surprised to see Alex Rush who gives her a cheeky grin as he leans in.

Alex Rush: 'cuse me darlin' but I couldn't help but hear that Justin bloke said you was a lady.

Apple Coren: Yes, I am. My father is a lord so I am Lady Apple Coren.

Alex's grin widens as he puts an arm over the shoulder of Apple which causes her to glare at the offending limb then at Alex who leans again.

Alex Rush: Tell me Appletini, do you know the Duke of Earl?

Apple Coren: Who?

Alex Rush: The Duke of Earl...Du du du Duke of Earl, duke duke Duke of Earl. Don't you

Apple Coren: I do not know whom you are speaking of.

Alex gets a sad look on his face before it brightens again.

Alex Rush: Then you have to know the Duke of York

Apple Coren: Of course I know the Du...

Alex Rush: The one with the ten thousand men...that Duke of York?

Apple Coren: Ten thousand men?

Alex Rush: Yeah...he marched em up a hill Appletini. I has some questions about that. First off, what hill? Do you know what hill?

Apple Coren: I...

Alex doesn't let her speak as he continues.

Alex Rush: He marched em up to the top of the hill and he marched em down again. I still want to know what hill he marched em up. And why didn't they slide down, seems to me would be more fun.

Apple Coren: Are you serious? What are you on about?

Alex Rush: Then you have to explain to me about when they were up they were up...and when they were down them was down. Did this Duke of York give his ten thousand men medicants...were they high? Or depressed? I would be depressed if I was marched up a hill and not allowed to slide down.

Apple Coren: You are doing my head in. I don't need to listen to this drivel.

Apple walks away leaving Alex Rush standing there as he watches the departing bombshell. Pussy Willow joins Alex who is left scratching his head.

Alex Rush: She didn't let me finish my questions. I also wanted to know if they were only half way up, were they sober or not? I suppose I am going to have to go and find someone else to tell me. I wonder if God Mummy Madge would know...What's new Pussy Cat.

Alex smiles as he puts an arm over Pussy Willow's shoulders as she gives him a quizzical look. He begins to lead the interviewer off as he once more begins to explain his questions.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Sin City Wrestling Internet Championship.... Introducing first the champion.... Hailing from Manhatten, New York... Austin James Mercer...

The lights shut off as "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson kicks in, as it builds different lights flash around the arena. As the song builds into the refrain and the guitars kick in a spotlight forms on the stage with Austin standing in the middle. He makes his way down to the ring before moving around to the steps, he makes his way up and walks across the apron before stepping between the ropes, he stands in the center of the ring as the music shuts off and he raises the belt above his head before moving to the corner.

Justin: And his opponent...

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing accross the arena before Caleb comes out headbanging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: Introducing, from Syracuse, New York and weighing in at 220ibs, he is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for the match to start.

The ref moves in and check both men for weapons before taking the Internet Championship from AJM and raises it up and then shows Storms before moving to corner to hand it off before indicating for bell to be rung...


Mercer and Storms stare at each other with Storms more than ready to go but doesn't want to blink first. Mercer and Storms then move in and lock up in the centre of the ring, but Mercer overpowers him and pushes Storms into the corner and continues to push until the ref intervenes and forces Mercer back. Mercer gives him an extra shove and gives him a few choice words before allowing Storms to move out from the corner. Storms looks at Mercer a little unsure before moving away from the corner and Mercer to the other side of the ring.

Simone: Storms seems a little hesitant to start this match as he and Mercer move in, where they jockey for position, however, Mercer is too strong.

Adams: There is a lot at steak and Storms doesn't want to blow it. But Mercer is a strong champion, which Storm has to overcome.

Storms readies himself as Mercer turns and moves towards Storms putting his fists up as he readies himself too. They then moves in and lock up in the centre of the ring, where they jockey for position as Storms tries to overpower Mercer as he begins to push but Mercer responds by forcing Storms down to the mat, which Storms hits the mat hard and rolls away holding his face, as Mercer watches him.

Adams: They lock up once more with again Mercer gaining the upper hand as he forces Storms to the mat face first.

Storms moves to the corner as he stares at Mercer before moving from the corner and approaches Mercer, who tries to grab him but Storms ducks and catches Mercer with a jab, which Mercer steps back a little surprised as Storms skips past him getting ready for the backlash. Mercer approaches and takes a wild swing but Storms dodges and does another jab on Mercer, and while Mercer is taken aback by the jab, Storms does a small jump and grabs Mercer around the head and locks in a headlock.

Simone: Storms isn't out of it though, as he is back to his feet and catches Mercer with a couple of jabs before grabbing Mercer into a headlock.

Storms cranks on Mercer's head, as Mercer tries to lift up Storms to release the hold but with little luck and instead Mercer moves to the ropes and goes to push Storms away, but Storms keeps a hold of the headlock, dropping to a knee in the process but raising back up as he continues to keep the head lock in place as Mercer does his best to escape. Storms drops down and tries for a headlock take down but Mercer blocks and grabs Storms by the legs and picks him and tries to thrown him but Storms lands on his feet and bounces off the ropes and as he comes back Mercer shoulder blocks him down to the mat.

Adams: Mercer does his best to try and escape the headlock, but it isn't until Storms tries for a headlock take down that Mercer blocks it and Mercer lifts him up to discard him like a ragdoll, but Storms lands on his feet and goes to follow up with something that he is met with a shoulder block.

Mercer turns to Storms just as he rises to his feet and grabs him around the head and takes him down with a headlock takedown, as Storms struggles to find a way out, as Mercer grabs one of Storms arms and hooks it under his leg. Storms continues to find a way out as he frees his arm and grabs Mercer around the head and grips his hands together putting pressure on Mercer. But Mercer isn't too bothered and makes his way to feet keeping the headlock in as Storms continues to figure a way out as he pushes Mercer against the ropes and pushes him away, who bounces off the ropes as Storms lays himself flat, which Mercer leaps over him before hitting the ropes the other side. Storms rises back to his feet and leaps over the approaching Mercer, Mercer bounces off the other ropes only to be met by a dropkick and Mercer stumbles back against the ropes as Storms moves forward but Mercer powers forward and hits a shoulder charge sending Storms down to the mat again.

Simone: Its Storms turn to be a headlock but unfortunately for him he can't wiggle free.

Adams: Storms battle back though and forces Mercer to his feet, as they go thorough the motions until Storms catches Mercer with a dropkick. That dropkick surprises Mercer for a moment but he powers back with a shoulder charge.

Storms on all fours catching his breath for a moment, as Mercer approaches Storms is instantly back to his feet and delivers a chop to Mercer's chest before quickly following up with a few more chops but Mercer puts a stop to it and drives a knee into Storms stomach. Storms drops to the mat, as Mercer moves in and grabs Storms around the head before rising up and lifting up storms and hitting a suplex.

Adams: Storms goes down but its only for a brief moment as he catches his breath, as he pops up and surprises Mercer with a few chops to the chest but Mercer puts an end to it and drives a knee into Storms stomach before pulling him up and hitting a suplex.

Simone: Mercer showing impressive strength there.

Mercer then drops down and goes for a cover...



Mercer looks at Storms and quickly rises back to his feet, where he grabs Storms by the hair and pulls his up, where he whips him into the corner and goes to follow up with The Mercenary kick (claymore), but Storms dodges and Mercer gets nothing but air. Storms quickly climbs the ropes and leaps off for a stomp but Mercer himself rolls out of the ring and Storms lands on his feet and rolls through back to his feet.

Simone: Mercer goes for a cover and gets only a one count, as he pulls Storms p to his feet and tries for a claymore kick, but Storms dodges it.

Adams: Storms tries to follow up on a move himself, but Mercer takes the easy route and rolls out of the ring.

Storms turns to see where Mercer is and Mercer has decided that he has had enough and grabs the Internet championship and starts to leave, as Storms places his hands on his and shakes his head as the ref begins to count.



Adams: Where is he going?

Simone: He doesn't think Caleb is a challenge... but from what I have seen so far Caleb has put up a fight and giving him a battle, but I guess he wants a even bigger and harder challenge other than Caleb.

Not wanting to win via count out, Storms climbs out of the ring, which breaks the count and forces the ref to restart.



Storms charges at Mercer and clubs the back of Mercer who stumbles forward and drops the Internet Championship. Storms approaches once more and chop blocks the knee of Mercer sending him down to a knee, which Storms takes advantage of and hits a superkick to the side of Mercers head.

Adams: Storms not happy about Mercer leaving chases after Mercer and catches him across the back before taking him down to a single knee and then following up with a superkick. Beautiful combination but he needs to bring it back into the ring.




Storms grabs Mercer and pulls him up and drags him towards the ring, where he drives Mercers face into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring...




Storms follows close behind and rolls Mercer on his back and goes for a cover...

Simone: The referee gets to an eight count and Storms gets into the ring in the nick of time before going for a cover.



Thr... kickout!

Storms holds his head in shock, as he looks to the ref before going for another pin attempt...




Adams: Storms comes close with the first pin attempt and he can't believe it and I think everyone else can't believe it. He tries again but only get a two count the second time.

Storms lets out a sign, as he climbs to his feet and stomps on Mercer a couple of times before turning and climbs the ropes, where he looks to finish this match. Storms goes for the Metal Storm (Shooting Star Press) and as he leaps off Mercer gets his knees up and Storms lands on them. Storms rolls away holding her body gasping for air, as Mercer remains on the mat trying to recover, as the ref move in and check both men before starting their count.



Simone: Storms looks to go for the Metal Storm but Mercer gets his knees up and Storms crashes onto them.

Storms holds his torso as he sucks in as much as possible, as Mercer slowly sits up and shuffles himself backward into the corner, as he looks to shake off the superkick as well as check his knee following the chop block.

Adams: both men are down for now but they are beginning to stir and fight through the pain.



Storms grabs the ropes and pulls himself up into a seated position, as Mercer grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, as he check the stability of his knee before shaking his head removing any cobwebs. He moves from the corner and moves to where Storms is and grabs him by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, but Storms is quick to fight as he delivers a flurry of punches to Mercer's torso, which staggers Mercer backwards. Storms moves in for another superkick by Mercer grabs his foot. Storms hops on the spot, as Mercer pulls Storms close before dropping his foot and hitting a European uppercut.

Simone: Mercer is first to his feet, where he approaches Storms and grabs him but Storms briefly fights but it isn't enough and Mercer grabs Storms foot before giving him a European uppercut.

Storms stumbles backwards but Mercer is back on him and grabs his hand and hits the "Ode to lisa" (Ripcord Lariat AKA the rainmaker). Instead of going for the cover, Mercer grabs Storms legs and proceeds to tie him in the figure four leg lock before applying the pressure.

Adams: The uppercut stuns Storms enough and Mercer grabs Storms and hits a Lariat before grabbing Storms legs and locks in The Legacy Lock.

Storms tries to fight out of the move but has no choice to tap out.

Simone: Storms taps and Mercer retains.


Mercer releases the hold and rises to his feet, as the ref is handed the Internet Championship, who turns hands it to Mercer.

Justin: The winner of this match and STILL Sin City Wrestling Internet Champion... Austin James Mercer.

Mercers music this over the p.a as he takes the title from the ref and raises it into the air celebrating his successful title defence.

Simone: What a night and what a way to end it. Austin James Mercer retains the championship.

Adams: And he's back in action next week in his quest to be Blast From The Past winner.

Simone: But this is all we have time for tonight. Join us again next week when we are live from Kent, home of The Dragon himself, Mark Cross. For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying goodnight everybody!

The scene fades to Austin James Mercer raising the SCW Internet championship above his head.

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Andy, AJ, The Lord MK, Annie, Jenny, Mercedes, Todd, Andrea, Marge, Mark Cross, Court, Gerrit, Britt, Laura, Julie, Meg. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!