The crowd is alive with energy inside of the McCamish Pavilion in Atlanta, Georgia. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight then begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the McCamish Pavilion right here in Atlanta, Georgia, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda struts out onto the stage which has been adorned with a red carpet. Paparazzi (two, actually) emerge after her, snapping pictures of her in her shimmering gown and Britney Spears wig. Holding a purse in one hand with a toy dog in it, and the microphone in the other, Amanda does a twirl and her performance begins...

Amanda: Well, I stare at myself in the mirror
When I wake up every morn
And I marvel at how great I've been
Since the day that I was born

I've made so many albums
I've run out of things to name 'em
My fans all want to be like me
And really, who can blame 'em

Teenage groupies all surround me
I guess I know why
No one else can match my charm
Why do they even try

All the girls in college
Turned me down for other fellas
But I know why, it seems to me
They're just insanely jealous
Who wouldn't be

Some people call it self-indulgence
But they just don't understand
That it's hard to be too humble
When you know that you're so grand

And I'm not trying to say I'm perfect
I just want you to see
That I've never met a person
Who's as wonderful as me

Now, I'm not arrogant or haughty
And I'm certainly not conceited
But anyone trying to match my wits
Is very soon defeated

I'm a marvelous human being
I'm just one big hunk of man
Sometimes I have to marvel
At how very great I am

Some people call it self-indulgence
But they just don't understand
That it's hard to be too humble
When you know that you're so grand

And I'm not trying to say I'm perfect
I just want you to see
That I've never met a person
Who's as marvelous, spectacular
Fantastic and terrific
And so very great and wonderful as me

The crowd cheers as Amanda ends the song with a flamboyant pose and the spotlight over her winks out.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to the first stop in the 2020 "Going Home" tour! From now until 2021, each and every stop on our tour will be the hometown of an SCW Superstar and/or Bombshell! This gives everyone of our hard workers stars a chance to shine as the hometown hero in front of family and friends!

Adams: We'll be everywhere from Mayberry USA to Europe and everywhere in between! Hoo hoo hoo!

Simone: And as 2019 came to a close, it did so successfully as we have TWO brand new World Champions in Roxi Johnson who became a three-time champion and Ben Jordan in his first reign! And tonight, we kick the action off here in Atlanta with two brand new signings when Maddox Ayres goes up against Link Rexx!

Adams: I just love Link Rexx! I have his video game the Legend of Zelda at home! Then two brand new BOMBSHELLS debut against one another when the wife of "Bulldog" Bill -- Bea Barnhart -- goes up against Violet Amelia Holt!

Simone: She may be the ring veteran's wife but in no way does she want to be known as simply Bill's wife, and this is her chance to begin to step out from her husband's shadow. And speaking of ring veterans, Chris Crippler has returned to SCW and steps back inside of the ring for the first time in almost two years to take on Stephen Callaway who was himself successful in his outing at December 2 Dismember IV against Anthrax!

Adams: There's a new member of Wolfslair lurking about and her name is Johanna Krieger! we've all heard about what she is capable of and tonight she gets the chance to prove it against Bella Madison who impressed a LOT of people in the Bombshell World title match last month!

Simone: Travis Levitt is another Superstar who returns to Sin City Wrestling, but his first test back is by no means a sure deal as he faces off against the young rocker, Caleb Storms!

Adams: Bobbie Dahl and Mercedes Vargas faced each other once before, and tonight they get to do it again! Bobbie won their last match, maybe Mercedes can correct that tonight?

Simone: And in the Main Event for the Bombshell Roulette Championship, we see a rematch take place from December 2 Dismember IV when the longest reigning Roulette Champion, Sam Marlowe, again puts her gold on the line against Candy! Candy so impressed the higher ups at December 2 Dismember IV that they signed this rematch almost immediately and we will see if Sam's dominance will continue or if Candy will be able to take advantage of the higher ups' generosity and walk away with her first SCW championship! All this and more on SCW Climax Control!

The fans in the area become restless as they wait for the next bit of action. Then they just to their feet when "Limelight" by Rush begins. As the voice of Geddy Lee begins, The SCW bombshell's champion hits the stage. Roxi wears a giant smile as there is applause and a standing ovation. She takes a bow and then unstraps the Bombshell's championship and holds it up, drawing a bigger response as she milks this for all it's worth.

Adams: The Bombshell's champion is in the house!

Simone: She went through a war at December to Dismember, now we'll find out what's next!

She tosses the championship on her shoulder and begins to walk to the ring. She begins slapping the fans five as she heads around the ring itself, slapping as many fans five as she possibly could. After making a loop around the ring, she headS up the steps and enters the ring, holding the championship aloft to another large reaction. The music eventually cuts out as Roxi accepts the microphone.

Roxi: Hi.

A loud cheer erupts as Roxi smiles.

Roxi: Hello, Atlanta.

Another cheer for the cheap pop

Roxi: Alright, alright, I don't want to take up all the time, so let's just get down to business. 2019 did not go exactly smooth for me. It was a rough and trying time, no question about it. But at December to Dismember, there was a long, hard fought battle over this little beauty on my shoulder. And at the end, this championship, is now free!

A cheer for this as well.

Roxi: But, I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to thank everyone in that match for giving their all. It was truly an honor to be in that ring, and a bigger honor to walk out the champion.

Another Cheer

Roxi: But, now, after all the time on break, the question now becomes... what's next? Well, I have heard many people complain that I haven't said anything or issued any challenges or decrees or made any judgements on anything. And there are really two reasons for that. One, is that, it was the holidays, and there are more important things than wrestling. But number two, and more importantly, I am not a dictator. I am not here to rule over the Bombshell's with an iron fist or try and tell the division how and what they need to do. This, is the best women's division in the world.


Roxi: And it has the most talented women in the world. And I am excited to be part of it, and to be the champion. Your champion, the people's... well, you get my point. But here's the thing. There are many of these ladies, I do not know, and haven't had the pleasure of getting into the ring with. And I want to get that experience. And I know they are all gunning for me, I've been here before, I know how it works. I won't be hard to find and you can challenge me all you want. I want those challenges. I thrive in those battles. I want all new ones, I want old ones. I want them all! That's what SCW is about! Come in, and earn you opportunity! I want you to! Everybody. And that even includes my wife. I'm challenging ALL of you. I want you to come and face me, and we will continue the tradition of setting the standard for women's wrestling!

Another loud cheer.

Roxi: You earn your shot, I'll be waiting. Let's do this, Bombshell's.

With that, Roxi hands the microphone back, holds up the championship one last time before departing.

Adams: Roxi just challenged the whole locker room!

Simone: Not... exactly, but she wants competition. She wants everyone to do their best.

"Wild Eyes" by Parkway Drive hits as the Atlanta crowd pops loud for former Bombshells champion Alicia Lukas. She steps out with her right arm in a sling. She smiles wide and nods at the crowd before making her way to the ring high diving fans with her free arm. Alicia walls up the steps and into the ring grabbing a mic as the music dies down.

Alicia Lukas: Atlanta how are we doing tonight?

The crowd rules even louder Alicia smiles as they start the chant "Ali-cia" and "Welcome Home" she she's her head and clears her throat

Alicia Lukas: it's great to be home. No matter where I go in the world, if I visit Japan where I spent so many years or if I go to where I live right now in New York City there is still no place like Georgia and dam sure no place like Atlanta. But I have a few things to get through tonight. I'm sure some of you have noticed my arm in the sling and the fact I do not have the championship around my shoulder or waist...

She pauses as the crowd goes silent with a boo to signify their displeasure at both of these situations.

Alicia Lukas: so, first off, here is the deal when it comes to my shoulder. After the match I realise that my right arm is a little bit numb, a tingled a little and there was a pain. I went to the doctor and I found out there was a little bit of damage but, while I don't get to perform for any of you tonight which is very unfortunate and I'm really annoyed, I will be back in action in two weeks time.

Alicia hold up two fingers the crowd seems to be happy about this and starts to chat Alicia's name once again.

Alicia Lukas: now onto the second piece of business. The fact that I am no longer the SCW bombshells champion. Now, Roxi Johnson Is the new champion she came out that horrendous match to be the champion and we should all respect that. With that being said Roxi, you have to realise that I'm coming for that championship. I was beaten by losing in a match like that just proved my point the one on one nobody, and I mean nobody, can touch me"

Alicia seems fired up as she groups the microphone hard staring straight into the camera at bright blue eyes fiery with passion.

Alicia Lukas: I am sure there are many people who thought that after the match I was gonna disappear. Some people who honestly believe December to dismember when I lost my championship that I was gonna come out here announce my retirement and I was gonna walk off into the sunset. But I'm not going anywhere that title is coming home and I'm gonna break my own records."

The crowd pops again as Alicia raises her fist in the air holding the microphone and wild eyes hits again but those chairs turned booze as Alicia is hit from behind by none other than Bobbie Dahl.

Adams: HEY! Bobbie what are you doing?!?

Bobbie grabs Alicia by the hair throwing her from the brain to the floor Alicia lands hard on the right arm and screams in pain. Bobbie stomp down on Alicia over and over again before pulling Alicia up and ramming her shoulder first into the ring post Alicia drops to her knees in pain as Bobbie simply laughs and chases away and official few tries to stop her.

Simone: come on Bobbie this isn't right!

Bobbie rips the sling off of Alicia's right arm and throws her into the steps Alicia is on hits the steps and lands in between The steel steps and the ring post Bobbie's new years runs at the steps before kicking them as hard as she can back against the ring post crushing Alicia's right shoulder in the process Alicia screams in pain and rolls around the outside of the brain as official rush down to stop any more damage being done.

Adams: We need some help out here right now!

Bobbie is pushed to the back by the officials has Alicia lays on the mat outside the ring with specials and medical staff around her they call for help as they pick her up off the mat her right arm dangling as they try to stabilise it taking her off the ramp to the back leaving the Atlanta fans stunned at what they've just witnessed

Justin Decent moves into the ring to the cheers of the fans. Standing in the middle of the ring, he brings the microphone to his lips and begins to speak.

Justin:The following contest is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

The lights dim in the arena with several purple beams of light turning on. "Courtesy Call" by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play through the speakers. As 'hey-o' is said in the song and the music kicks in, Maddox Ayres runs out onto the stage to a loud pop from the crowd. He stands on the stage with a huge smirk on his face.

Maddox begins to make his way to the ring, interacting with the fans along the way. He spots a kid that's a fan of his leaning over the barricade and takes the shirt off his back and hands it to him. After doing so, he continues to make his way to the ring.

Justin: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds... From Orlando, Florida... MADDOXXXXX AYYRRESSSS!

Adams: Newcomer Maddox Ayres looks like he is going to be a fan favorite here in SCW.

Simone: The crowd seems to like him very well by the sound of it.

As his name is being announced, Maddox slides into the ring and immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle. He makes a finger gun and points it at the crowd with a huge smile on his face before jumping back down and waiting patiently for the bell to ring.

Adams: With Ayres in the ring, now we should go to Justin to introduce his opponent.

Justin: Introducing from Kansas City Missouri weighing in at two hundred thirty five pounds...

The lights in the arena go out as a blue spotlight shines on the stage. The beat to "Tokyo Ghoul" by Highly Suspect blares as the lyrics kick in.

Justin: LINK REXX!

As the music picks up we see Link Rexx in a prayer position as the fans boo. He stands up smirking as he walks down the ramp taunting the fans. He slides in the ring as the lights come back up.

Simone: Another newcomer to SCW Jason and I can't wait to see what both men are capable of.

Adams: You and me both Belinda and there is the bell.


Maddox and Link meet in the middle of the ring where Jacob Summers advises both men about a clean fight as the bell rings. Before they can lock up, Link slaps Ayres across the face with a sneer. Maddox stumbles slightly to the side but then turns back quickly to lock up with Rexx in a collar and elbow that both men try to take advantage of. Link gets enough leverage to power Maddox into a corner where he uses the turnbuckle to bend Ayres back enough to slam a forearm on the chest of Ayres. Clutching at his chest, Maddox tries to fight out of the corner but is battered back again into the corner. Link moves enough to give him the advantage to level Ayres with a superkick into the turnbuckles. Falling forwards with a bit of help from a cocky shove from Rexx, Maddox lays on the mat recovering as Link plays to the fans who are booing him. Climbing up on the turnbuckle, Rexx checks on Maddox then prepares for a moonsault. Maddox sees the man on the top rope and quickly rolls into the corner as Rexx launches himself off the top. Landing on his stomach, Link grabs his midsection and curls into a fetal position as his foot kicks at the canvas. Maddox pulls himself up on the ropes and then leans into the corner as Link gets to his hands and knees. Before he can get to his feet, Ayres takes him down once more with a lariat.

Adams: What a lariat to take Link off his feet. This match started out a barn burner and now we are seeing a wildfire from these two.

Link rolls to the ropes and then slides beneath the bottom rope to the outside. Maddox watches then charges across the ring towards the ropes. Seeing him coming, Rexx moves to the side to avoid Ayres who leaps on the apron then uses a springboard moonsault from the apron that has both men on the floor on the outside. Rexx crawls towards the ringsteps as Maddox pulls himself up on the ring apron. Rexx moves to pull himself up as Maddox rushes to the ringsteps with a yakuza kick that sends Rexx over the steel to the floor once more. In the ring, Jacob is telling the two to get back into the ring and is making a ten count. Maddox gets to Rexx and then whips him into the ring where he rolls to the middle and lays on his stomach catching his breath. Ayres climbs into the ring and then sliding between the ropes, he reaches down to pull Rexx to his feet before throwing the arm of Link over his shoulder and picking him up for a vertical suplex. Maddox spins then drops backwards to lay out Link on the canvas before rolling over and catching at his leg to roll him up for a pin. Rexx quickly kicks out and rolls to the ropes as Ayres checks with Summers on the count. Summers holds up two fingers that has Maddox slapping his hands on the canvas in frustration.

Simone: First pin of the match and only a two count for Maddox Ayres. What is it going to take to pin Link Rexx?

Maddox moves towards the ropes where Link is resting. Surprising Ayres with a kick to the midsection, Rexx whips Maddox across the ring then catches him with another kick to the midsection then catching Ayres by the head and pulling his head between the arm and chest of Rexx, Ayres is picked up and hit with a snap suplex that has him catching the back of his neck in pain as he rolls quickly to his stomach to prevent a pin from Rexx. Link gets to his feet and then picking up Ayres again, Link pulls the head into position then suplexes him to the mat. Rolling to his feet, Link once more plays to the fans as Maddox rolls trying to get to his feet. Reaching down, Rexx picks up the legs of Maddox and rolling him into a sharpshooter, Link sits back into the hold forcing a scream of pain from Ayres who reaches desperately for the ropes that are near to hand. Summers checks on Ayres who is reaching and then edging himself closer to the ropes. Link tells Maddox to submit before he is injured. Maddox screams no and then fights towards the ropes again. Link leans further into the hold as Maddox clutches at his head in pain before fighting the last few inches to the ropes and catching at them with his hand and forces the break. Link refuses to let the hold go as Summers admonishes him then counts.

Adams: Link Rexx bending Maddox Ayres in half and almost making him submit to a sharpshooter.

Simone: Maddox must be feeling the pain of that hold. What will he have left in the tank or will he lose out to this cocky rookie?

At four, Rexx releases the hold on the legs of Maddox who pulls himself over the bottom rope and holds it as Link leers over Summers who warns him again before going to check on Ayres. Rexx moves to the ropes where Maddox is and pulls him off the ropes. Rushing to the corner, Link leaps on the top ropes for a moonsault but Maddox had gotten to his feet and as Rexx comes off the ropes, Maddox levels him with a dropkick. Laying on the mat, Link appears out of it as Maddox also lays on the mat recovering. Summers checks on both men who are slowly starting to move and fight to their feet. Maddox is able to get to his feet first as Rexx is once more in a vertical position. Maddox sways slightly as Link moves far enough to attempt a superkick that Maddox ducks under then springboards off the bottom rope with a moonsault that has both men back on the mat. Maddox rolls enough to grab the leg of Rexx to roll him up for a one count which is reversed by Rexx who rolls Maddox over for a one count of his own. Kicking back out of it, Maddox gets to his feet then pulls Rexx to his feet and into a vertical suplex that he turns into his lost in the echo move. Arching in pain, Rexx rolls on the mat to the ropes. Springing to his feet, Maddox moves towards the ropes and his downed opponent before picking him up and whipping him across the ring. Rebounding off the ropes, Rexx is met with a kick to the midsection then pulls the head of Rexx forward before hitting him with a DDT on the mat. Rexx is sprawled on the canvas as Maddox sits up then turning, rolls Rexx onto his back and pins him. Rexx weakly kicks out at two. Getting to his feet once more, Maddox watches as Rexx staggers to a vertical before hitting the comatose on Link who drops like a sack of bricks. Rolling him up, Maddox watches as Jacob slaps the canvas.

Simone: There is no movement at all from Link Rexx.


Adams: Stick a fork in him, I think he is done.


Adams: Wait, was that movement...will the fight continue?

Simone: It is too little too late as there is the three!


Adams: And there is the bell...let's go to Justin for the call.


Justin: The winner of the match, Maddox AYRES!!!

Getting to his feet, Maddox rushes to the corner to climb the turnbuckles in celebration as Summers once more checks on Rexx.

Adams: Maddox Ayres with a powerful debut here in SCW. But Link Rexx shouldn't be ashamed of the way he almost won.

Simone: Both men were on the edge of winning tonight Jason and I expect we will see great things from them in the future.

Rexx is helped from the ring as Maddox climbs a second turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans.

The scene opens backstage just after Climax Control kicks off where we see Caleb Storms arriving at the arena with Katie in toe, however Caleb has a four legged friend with him as attached to his lead is the couple's new Labrador puppy Lemmy who happily running out in front of them, as they walk through the hallways of the arena Lemmy stops to look at something just off camera and Caleb and Katie look up.

Katie: Well, you did say you wanted to introduce him to other dogs.

The camera pans over to show Fluffy, the White Pomeranian belonging to SCW Bombshell Candy getting to know Lemmy as the two dogs sniff each other, and just ahead of the two dogs is Candy herself. Candy squeals in excitement when she sees the dog and drops to her knees to pet the pooch.

Candy: He is so cute!!! What's his name?

Caleb: Lemmy, after the Motorhead front man?

Candy: Oh yeah! Great name for a dog!

Candy scratches behind the pup's ears with an absolute smile on her face.

Candy: He is so sweet. We should have a puppy party some time!!

Caleb: Lemmy would love that.

Katie: And so would we.

Candy stands up and picks up Fluffy.

Candy: Well, I gotta go now. Thanks for letting me pet your puppy. See ya later!!!

Caleb: No problem, and good luck against Sam in the Main Event.

Candy: Thanks, I appreciate it!

She then waved and skipped off down the hallway, Fluffy in her arms.

The door to Violet Amelia Holt's locker room opens as she, Shelby Holt and her father steps out into the hallway. Dustin is silently speaking to his daughters about her strategy when Pussy Willow walks up to them.

Pussy Willow: Hi Dustin, it's a pleasure to see you again.

Dustin turns his head and smiles.

Dustin: Good evening Ms. Willow, I hope your new year is going well.

Pussy Willow: It couldn't get any worse. Are you excited about your debut Violet?

Violet nods her head.

Violet: I'm excited and nervous. Bea Barnhart has spoken an awful lot about her skills but she kind of overlooked one key ingredient in this entire ordeal.

Pussy looks at her.

Pussy Willow: What ingredient is that?

Violet: That ingredient is my resilience and perseverance. You see I'm not going to back down from a Barnhart so she had better bring everything she's got because I'm out to prove that I belong.

Pussy turns her attention to Shelby. Shelby holds up her hand.

Shelby: If you are going to ask me about Shannon then let me clarify something. The New Foundation is back and we aren't going to wait for opportunities. Shannon just reminded the world that we shouldn't be overlooked. As far as Ivory and I are concerned, we going to pick up where we left off.

Dustin places an arm around both of his daughters.

Dustin: We love to stay and chat but there's work to be done. Catch ya later.

Before Pussy could respond, the trio walks off.

We cut backstage to see Bea Barnhart, along with her husband Bill Barnhart and their English Bulldog Iris, standing in the hallway outside their dressing room where Bea is being interviewed by Scott Oliver. Bea is dressed in her wrestling attire while Bill is in regular attire since he is not wrestling on this card tonight.

Scott: It is my pleasure to have this pre-match interview with you Bea. I have watched Bill wrestle for a long time and now it is your turn. Are you ready for your match against Violet Holt?

Bea: I am ready to take on Violet, give my home town fans a great match, and walk away with the win.

Scott: Nice to see you are confident going into your match. What about you Bill? You said you would be in the corner for Bea to offer encouragement. You are not planning on serving as her Manager are you? And for sure I hope you are not planning any funny business or interference.

Bill: Scott you know I do not do stuff like that. This is the first match for Bea and I feel she would be more comfortable having me and Iris in her corner. After she gets used to being in the ring and wrestling effectively I no longer attend her to the ring for her matches. I will be find watching her matches from our dressing room instead of being at ringside with her. After all I am not officially her Manager so this is only a temporary thing. Well that and the fact that me and Iris can gorge ourselves with tons of food and drinks in our dressing room while Bea is wrestling.

Scott: Bea is there anything you want to add before you make you way to the entrance area to make your entrance for your match?

Bea: I want Violet Holt to know I am not an easy mark. I am in this match to win. I have been well trained and I step into the ring knowing I can do anything against anyone and walk away the winner. Violet will come into this match blue like a Violet and she will leave the match black and blue. The best advice I can give to Violet is to remember that bully girl in the Philippines that I stood up to and set her straight.

Scott: Thanks for your time for this interview. Best to you in your match.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall introducing first...

The lights softly die down as a countdown clock appears on the screen. Once the clock hits zero, "Straight Up" strikes up as a young woman with blonde hair steps through the curtains with an older gentleman and another young woman alongside her. The crowd is mixed with their reactions.

Justin: Making her way to the ring being accompanied by her father Dustin Holt and sister Shelby Holt, from Port Charlotte, Florida. Standing five feet two inches tall and weighing 128 pounds. Please welcome Violet Amelia Holt

Violet somberly walks down the ramp while whispering to her little sister. She then slides into the ring and throws up a hand gesture which gets people going crazy. She walks to a corner and waits.

Justin: And her opponent...hailing from Lawrenceville, Georgia.... Bea Barnhart.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar starts to play and we see Bea Barnhart exit from the backstage area dancing to her entrance music. She is dressed in black leather pants, a white pullover type tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket, which is basically a tough street girl look. Bill Barnhart is following behind Bea to act as her unofficial Manager for her match. Iris, their English Bulldog, is not around as she is not part of the wrestling persona of Bea Barnhart. As the music continues Bea makes her way down to the ring where she climbs the ring steps then ducks through the ropes into the ring. She plays the crowd for a bit before running across the ring leaping up into the corner then executing a backflip landing on her feet. Bea then settles into a corner to wait for the match to start. Meanwhile Bill Barnhart takes up residence in a folding metal chair at ringside in her corner.

The ref moves in and checks both women for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Barnhart and Holt circle the ring as they both eye each other up, as they quickly move in and lock up in the centre of the ring, where they jockey for position before it breaks down and they begin to spin around, while keeping a grip on each other before breaking apart and taking a few steps back. As they both show appreciation toward one another before shaking hands. They both circle the ring once more as they stop, and Holt raises her arm up offering a test of strength, which Barnhart takes before Holt raises her other arm up and Barnhart takes that one and then they proceed to go shoulder to shoulder, until Holt hooks her leg around Barnhart's and then proceeds to bend Barnhart backwards over her knee. She holds her there for a few seconds before Barnhart fights back and begins to rise back up and she counters and forces Holt backwards.

Simone: Interesting start from Barnhart and Holt, as they feel each other out in their early exchange.

Adams: It maybe a good early exchange but they are here to make a name and make an impact, which I and the fans are not seeing.

Barnhart holds her there for a few seconds before Holt brings herself back up before unhooking her leg before going back to shoulder and shoulder until Holt drops down onto her back, where she raises her feet up into Barnhart's stomach to leave her hanging, however, Barnhart wriggles free, where she pulls Holt up to her feet, where she then leaps up and hits a monkey flip on her back but they both keep hold of each other's hands before Barnhart rolls herself backwards onto Holt and pins her hands down.




Adams: Both ladies very flexible, as they both show their technical abilities before Holt hits a monkey flip and then rolls herself onto Barnhart and goes for a pin but only gets a two count before Barnhart pushes her arms up.

Holt pushes her arms up, but Barnhart pushes them back down...




Simone: She tries again but another two count.

Holt pushes one arm this time but again Barnhart forces Holt's arms down for another pin...




Holt pushes her body up, which forces Barnhart off as Holt then rolls herself backwards as she momentarily pins Barnhart...

Adams: And she tries for a third time but no luck as Holt pushes Barnhart off and tries for a pin herself and only gets a one count.



Barnhart powers out but Holt grabs Barnhart into a headlock as Barnhart gets to her knees, which forces Holt to her feet, as Barnhart tries to figure a way out as she climbs to her feet, as Holt cranks on her neck as Barnhart continues to seeks a way out of the move as she adjusts her stance before driving her arm into Holts stomach before pushing her away. Holt heads towards the ropes and she bounces off the ropes back towards Barnhart, Barnhart grabs her but Holt counters and lands behind Barnhart before shoving her away into the ropes, which Barnhart bounces off them herself and shoulder blocks Holt down to the mat.

Simone: Barnhart kicks out of the pin before Holt locks in a headlock, which Barnhart looks for a way out of the move and she eventually des, as she fights out of the move and after bit of shoving and bouncing Barnhart shoulders blocks Holt down to the mat.

Barnhart looks down at Holt for a moment, as she then turns and bounces off the ropes, which Holt adjust herself and lays herself flat, as Barnhart leaps over Holt, Holt climbs to her feet and meets Barnhart in the centre, where she stops her and grabs her arm and locks in a brief wristlock before going behind and wrapping her arms around her waist.

Adams: Neither woman here has it a big move as yet, but I guess why rush in your debut.

Holt grabs at Barnhart's hands trying to break them but she quickly changes her mind and throws an elbow backwards, but Holt sees it come and ducks as Barnhart pushes her away, which Barnhart bounces off the ropes and as she comes back, Holt tries to lift her up into a sidewalk slam but Barnhart counters and hits a head scissors takedown, which sends her down to the mat.

Barnhart climbs to her feet as she spots Holt in a seated position, where she tries for a kick but Holt ducks and grabs Barnhart and goes for a pin...



Simone: Holt seeks a way of Barnhart's grip as she grabs at Holts hand before throwing an elbow back, which doesn't connect. Instead Barnhart pushes Holt away and on the rebound Barnhart avoid the possible sidewalk slam and counters into a head scissors take down. Barnhart climbs to her feet and tries for a kick but Holt ducks and grabs Barnhart and gets a one count for her troubles.

Both ladies quickly climb to their feet as they rush each other, as Barnhart takes a wild swing but Holt ducks and grabs Barnhart and goes for a quick pin...




Barnhart quicks out with ease, as they both climbs to their feet as Barnhart rushes Holt but Holt catches Barnhart with a kick to the stomach. Barnhart stumbles back holding her stomach, but Holt approaches and delivers a knee to the face but before Barnhart falls backwards Holt grabs her and then hits a snap suplex. Keeping hold of Barnhart, Holt rolls backwards and mounts Barnhart, where she delivers several forearm shots to her face. Holt quickly stops and climbs to her feet, where she jumps up and hits a double foot stomp.

Adams: Barnhart kicks out, as they both quickly climb to their feet, where Holt surprises Barnhart with a kick to the stomach. Holt from there continues her attack and as she drives a knee into the face of Barnhart before following up with a snap suplex.

Simone: Holt is on roll here as she gets the upper hand.

Barnhart holds her torso as she tries to roll away from harms way, but Holt is back on her as she hits a elbow drop to Barnhart's back before climbing back to her feet, where she rolls Barnhart onto her front and then grabs her leg and locks in an ankle lock.

Barnhart screams out in pain as she pushes her body up off the mat, as she then bit by bit inches her way towards the ropes. Reaching out her fingers grave the bottom rope, but she puts in one last effort and grabs the bottom rope and the ref forces Holt to release the hold, which she does and backs away, while Barnhart grabs the bottom rope tight and holds her ankle.

Simone: Holt isn't letting up against Barnhart as she hits an elbow drop before locking in an ankle lock.

Adams: Barnhart screams out in pain, but she manages to get to the ropes and grab them, which forces her to release the hold.

Simone: Now sure how Barnhart can recover from that.

Holt moves in and goes to grab Barnhart but again the ref sends her back, as Barnhart takes a few moments before grabbing the top rope and pulls herself up to her feet as Holt brushes past the ref and charges at Barnhart, but Barnhart gets a elbow up catching Holt. Holt stumbles back as Barnhart moves away from the ropes and hits a dropkick sending Holt down to the mat. Barnhart quickly crawls over to Holt, where she throws punches and forearm shots before locking in the Sleeping Pill (sleeper hold) and wraps her legs around Holts body.

Adams: Barnhart keeps a hold of the ropes to give her a few extra moments, however, Holt gets a little impatient and rushes Barnhart but she gets an elbow up, which gives Barnhart an opening, where she hits a dropkick followed up by some face shots.

Simone: She then locks in the Sleeping Pill.

Holt tries fight but Barnhart grips tighter and Holt has no choice but to tap out.

Simone: Barnhart wins and has a success debut.


Justin: The winner of this match via submission... Bea Barnhart.

Barnhart's music hits over the p.a as she releases her grip around Holt before climbing to her feet, as the ref grabs Barnhart's arm and raises it up in victory.

Bobbie is seen heading down the hall backstage, twirling the sling she stole following the attack on Alicia Lukas earlier. She's grinning from ear to ear as people turn and stare at her, appalled at her actions, but she seems more than proud. She stops a few moments later when Pussy Willow appears in the camera view.

Pussy Willow: Well look at you. So proud of you heinous actions yet again. You could have very well ended Alicia's career out there, you know.

Bobbie shrugs and continues smiling and she tosses the sling over her shoulder, treating it as some sort of title she won.

Bobbie: Being overly dramatic, aren't we, Pussy? Something tells me that poor Alicia will just be on an extended break, and she'll come back later on down the line and try to target me. Kinda like I'm expecting Dani Weston to do.

Pussy Willow: What happened to you, Bobbie? As wild as your antics may have been before, I really liked you. I rooted for you, but now?

Bobbie grins. Pussy is about to continue, but Bobbie's attention turns to behind her. The camera pans back a little to see the new World Bombshell Champion, Roxi Johnson, walk up. Bobbie's eyes look towards the World Bombshell Championship over Roxi's shoulder, and then to Roxi herself.

Bobbie: Well hey there, champ. Congrats on such a *air quotes* well deserved win.

Bobbie laughs and rolls her eyes, letting sarcasm overtake for the moment. Pussy Willow takes the moment to slowly back out of view of the camera and sneak away.

Roxi: Well thanks, Bobbie. Hey, I have been meaning to ask, have you been trying to tell me something? I feel like I missed a whole lot after December to Dismember.

Before Bobbie can answer, Roxi snickers, but holds her hand up.

Roxi: I'm kidding, but I've been paying attention to you. I've been listening to every word. You have the same chance that every other woman in this division has. You want a shot at the championship, then just get in line. It's that easy. Taking out Alicia is just a cowardly act. You think it impresses anybody, you are sadly mistaken.

Bobbie laughs and folds her arms. She glares at Roxi, doing her best to keep her temper in check.

Bobbie: You're the one who is mistaken, Roxi. You see, I have more chance than any other bombshell on the roster has, and I'm going to prove it. I've been at the front of the line for quite some time and it's everyone else who better stand behind me. I took out Alicia because I could. Because she was the dumbass who let herself lose the title to you of all people. But I'm glad you've been paying attention and listening to every word I've been saying. Guess you're not so stupid after all.

Bobbie chuckles.

Bobbie: You better enjoy that title reign while you can, because it won't be very long. I know people don't think that I'll get my shot at you, but I will. There's nothing anyone can do to stop me. Your wife tried to stop me, and look how that turned out. You and the other lumberjills tried to stop me from beating her and look how that turned out. None of you will be able to stop me.

Roxi simply adjusts the championship on her shoulder and smiles at Bobbie.

Roxi: I'm not hard to find Bobbie. I'll be waiting for you.

Bobbie looks at the World Bombshell Championship one last time, then goes so far as to pat it as it lays over Roxi's shoulder. She gives Roxi a smug grin.

Bobbie: Make sure to keep that title shined up real nice for me. It'll be mine soon enough.

Roxi isn't intimidated in the slightest and Bobbie takes a step back and walks around Roxi. Roxi shakes her head and doesn't look back at Bobbie as the two walk their separate ways.

"Made in Hell" kicks in as Griffin emerges from the ramp in his street clothes and the Roulette Title around his shoulder. He has a look of determination as he walks down the ring.

Simone: The reigning and defending Roulette Champion has arrived! As you can see he's not dressed for combat, but he's here to call out the man who left him laying in the final supercard of the year, Travis Levitt!

Adams: He's been saying for weeks that he's gonna call out Levitt for a face to face confrontation, and now the moment is finally here!

Simone: Honestly...I never thought I'd see Levitt's face in SCW again! After his loss to Griffin, he went into obscurity..he was MIA, no one knew where he was or what he was doing, and now he's finally shown his face after so long, and chose December 2 Dismember to reveal himself!

After Griffin gets in the ring, he grabs a microphone.

Griffin Hawkins: Cut the music! *the music ends* ..I guess you can say I had...quite the 2019, been a lot of places, had some good dream matches, won some titles in various companies including this Roulette title. I figured I would end the year on a positive note after a hard fought victory over a hell of an opponent in the name of Mark Cross. That man is the future of this company and it was indeed an honor to share the ring with him...but of course, somebody decided to cut in on my celebratory dance, and that man is Travis Levitt.

The crowd begins to boo.

Griffin Hawkins: I dunno about you guys, but I honestly thought that I seen the last of him..but he decides right then and there to make his presence known, and jump me like a coward when the lights go out. Where I'm from..that's considered a bitch move. But you know what?..I'm done talking about it, I wanna do something about it. Travis Levitt..I know you're here tonight, so you need to man up and get your ass out here so we can settle this like men!

The crowd is cheering in anticipation for the fight to commence.

Simone: You knew this was coming!

Adams: This isn't gonna be a wrestling match, it's gonna be an old fashioned fight!

The lights suddenly go out.

Simone: Oh no not again! We've already seen this before!

The lights come back on, but only Griffin is in the ring..this time he is still standing, his leather jacket is off and the title is on the mat as he's looking around, waiting for Travis to show himself...but he is nowhere to be seen. Griffin picks the mic back up.

Griffin Hawkins: I knew it..I knew you wouldn't have the balls to come out here and fight me. I guess what I'm gonna have to do is come back there and tear the locker room apart until find you!

Just then, Travis appears on the big tron.

Travis Levitt: Hey hey! Griff! Why don't you shut up for five seconds and let someone else speak for a change?

Griffin Hawkins: this is what the big badass Phoenix has been reduced to? Hiding backstage in some dark alcove instead of addressing his problems in the ring? If you're not gonna come out here and deal with me face to face, then I'm gonna have to drag you out of wherever your hiding and get some answers myself to why you attacked me!

Travis Levitt: You're not gonna find me Hawkins! By the time you get here, I'll be long gone. You really think that I'm afraid of you? Don't make me laugh.

Griffin Hawkins: Okay, so if you won't come out here, fine..but give me an answer to why you did what you did at December 2 Dismember, you owe me that much.

Travis Levitt: I don't owe you a goddamned thing, but this is the season and all that, so I'll give you what you want. I will give you just a little better understanding. Let me ask you you remember that night in London? The night you beat me in the middle of that ring? All you could focus on after was the title. Thats all that mattered to you. Meanwhile, I had to drag myself to the back, and try to pick up the pieces. You went on to parade around with that title, the title that belonged to me, while I went off to try and get myself better. Gear myself up for another run at you. But it wasn't in the cards for me. You know what was in the cards? Failure. Collapse. Relapse. Everywhere I turned, everything was falling apart. PCWA folded. xWo shut down. I went from being the very best, to hitting rock bottom, and then tumbling sideways and falling some more. And you know whose fault it was, Griff? It was YOURS.

Griffin Hawkins: You blame me?!...seriously, how hard did I hit you? How is all this my fault?

Travis Levitt: It isn't how hard you hit me, Hawkins. Its how hard you pulled. So focused on that win....on that title, you just didn't care what it would cost so long as you got it. YOU put me out, Hawkins. For the last few months I had to sit in a plain and simple room, focused on just two things. Rehabbing myself, and coming back for you. Watching you run around with my title made me SICK. I can't take it ruined my life, now I'm gonna ruin yours.

Griffin Hawkins: Are you trying to say I didn't beat you fairly?

Travis Levitt: You sure as hell did not beat me fairly!

Griffin Hawkins: Here's the reality're not what's important, the fans are. *The crowd cheers* So you can sit there and point the finger of blame at anybody and everybody, but at the end of the day..all you have to blame for this is yourself. I out-wrestled you, I outsmarted you, and I beat you. I'm the champion, and that's a fact.

Travis Levitt: The only reason you are champion is because I have been gone for months. You act as if you're this virtuous knight in shining armor who does everything the right way..when in reality, you're use people. You used Alice Knight to help you get that belt hide behind the protection of the Co-Owners from getting back in the ring with someone like me..and you lie to these sheep who hang on to your every word. What I am looking to to expose you for the fraud that you really are.

Griffin Hawkins: That's kinda funny dude...because last time you were here, you said that I was a has been and the business had passed me by, that I was washed up and didn't belong here...

He goes and picks up the Roulette belt and holds it up.

Griffin Hawkins: This title right here says otherwise! For the last eight months I've been kicking ass and putting this belt on the line against anyone who thought they could take me, and it all started with you when I made you tap out in the middle of the ring! Sure, I've had a hiccup along the way..Teddy Steele won the belt off me, but I kicked his ass and won it right back. If anything, I've proved that I am still the fastest gun in the west. And if you still think I'm some kind of has been..then you're welcome to come down here and try me again.

Travis Levitt: Believe me...I've been waiting for this for months now. And honestly, there is nothing stopping me from going down there and dropping you where you stand and showing all those puppets out there who the REAL man is...but I'm not gonna do it tonight, oh no...we are gonna do this on MY terms, not yours. I got a match with Caleb Storms, and I am looking to make an example out of him. But here's a little something for you to think about Griffin...the world knows about your past before you got here to SCW, how you walked out on your family..on your rich gilded lifestyle, well..I'm gonna do a favor for your pretty little wife and your kids. You took months out of my career, Hawkins. You sent me away right when I was at the peak of my own career. But you didn't finish the job, and thats going to come back and cost you. You're gonna get the chance to be the man that your Father couldn't be for you...because I will finish what you started. I will break you, and I will end your career, and I will send you home to be a real husband and father...while I reclaim what's rightfully mine, the Roulette Title.

He smiles and gets up, leaving the room as Griffin is just glaring at the tron, seething as we go to a break.

Backstage we see Chris Crippler walking down a hallway, wearing his black wrestling attire with his wrestling gown draped over his left forearm, he gingerly creaks his neck to the side before stopping abruptly. Pussy Willow stands before him holding an SCW microphone.

Pussy Willow: I don't think we'd ever see the 'British Sensation' back in an SCW ring, yet tonight we'll see you face Stephen Callaway in your return match, what is going through your mind mere moments before you step back out there?

Chris smiles politely.

Chris Crippler: Tonight is just a match that I need to win, Miss Willow. It doesn't have any significance to championships, seeking revenge or retaliation of an attack or something as simple as an insult. No. Tonight is about showing everyone that I am back and more deadlier than before.

Chris rakes his hair with his free hand.

Chris Crippler: Stephen Callaway and myself have shared the ring together 3 years ago. I was the top dog and you can argue that because Stephen has been an active competitor that the roles have reversed, that I am now in his shadow looking to break free, Stephen couldn't do that three years ago so if the roles are reversed then I'll show him HOW to do it.

Pussy Willow: Having spent so long on the side-lines with a career-ending neck injury..

Chris holds his hand up to stop her talking.

Chris Crippler: Do you really think I want that to be an excuse? My neck is better than ever before. I feel reinvigorated! I want to prove to myself and everyone in SCW that I deserve my spot here. That I deserve to challenge for titles, deserve to wrestle the best, no matter how big or how little they are in stature or position. Chris Crippler is back in Sin City and Stephen Callaway will be the first to fall!

Before Pussy Willow could ask anything else, Chris Crippler brushes past her with a look of distain on his face towards the lead interviewer, walking off camera as Pussy lowers her arm that is holding the microphone and looks despondent.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

The lights in the auditorium switch off as "Last Man Standing" by Hammerfall begins to play over the PA system, as soon as the guitar rift kicks in, the spotlights goes around the audience and the stage lights illuminate as Chris Crippler steps out from behind the curtain.

Justin: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Colchester, Essex, England. Weighing in at two hundred and fifty six pounds. He is CHRIS CRIPPLER!

He casually strolls down the aisle way, ignoring the fans ringside, stepping up the ring steps to the apron and walking along to the middle. He gazes out at the crowd in attendance with a look of disgust before stepping through the ropes, Chris walks over to the opposite side of the ring, adjusting his wrist tape as he presses his back against the turnbuckles. The referee checks him for foreign objects as his music fades away.

Justin: And his opponent, hailing from Hamilton, South Lanakshire. Weighing in at two hundred and thirty four pounds. He is Stephen Callaway!

"Remedy" by Cold plays and Stephen Callaway struts to the ring singing along with his music. He never touches hands with the fans. He taps the ringpost with his index finger before walking up the steps and through the ropes. Once in the ring he walks to the corner diagonal from where he came in and climbs to the middle turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the shape of a semi circle

Adams: These two men are almost philosophically opposed. Its a battle of youthful arrogance versus veteran knowledge night.

Simone: And lets not forget, Chris has made his intentions for the year clear. He wants a shot at the Roulette Title. You would have to think whoever wins this match, would get a boost towards earning themselves a shot.


With the bell having rung, in the ring Callaway is straight away out of his corner, bouncing towards Crippler, but the Englishman isn't in as much of a rush, his eyes staying on Callaway as he pulls at the ropes and stretches his arms some more, before moving in towards Callaway, and throwing a hand up in the air, calling for a test of strength. Stephen looks up at the outstretched hand, shuffles in, and then slaps Crippler across the face. Crippler reals back, shock evident in every one of his features as he stares at the rookie upstart, who spreads his arms wide and starts taunting Crippler loudly.

Adams: Whoa! What a sign of disrespect from Stephen Callaway!

Simone: Callaway has no respect for his opponents, but beyond that, he's not as stupid as he might seem. Crippler has twenty pounds on him, there was no way he was winning a test of strength.

Crippler steps back out of the corner again, and Callaway chuckles as he moves in towards him. As they get closer, Callaway tries to use his youthful speed and dives forward for a collar and elbow, but Crippler is ready for it, and he dives low, grabbing one of Callaways ankles and tripping him up. Crippler rolls with the impact, wrapping an arm around Stephen's head, the Hamilton rookie grimacing in the hold and trying to squirm his way free. Crippler just squeezes harder, but finally Callaway is able to roll enough to plant his feet on the mat and pushes up. Crippler tries to force him down, but even with his weight advantage he can't keep Callaway down. Slowly the younger ma manages to climb to his feet, and uses his momentum to try and push Crippler off and towards the ropes. His head pops free but instead of hitting the ropes, Crippler turns around, and slaps Callaway right across the jaw! Crippler's expression is gleeful as he stares at the angry Callaway, and holds his arms wide while barking out his own taunts at the younger man.

Adams: Do I get a wage bonus if I guess what Crippler just said?

Simone: Some variant of 'How do you like it' probably. And well deserved too.

Callaway chuckles as he rubs at his jaw, slightly lowering his head and then suddenly pops up to fire off a fist right into Crippler's jaw. Crippler isn't going to taking that laying down though, and the two men quickly start scrapping and throwing hands, before the veteran realises uses his experience, the frenzied blows obstructing the referee's view and leaving him open for a poke right to Callaway's eye, that sends the younger man stumbling backwards and into a corner. Crippler follows in, opening up his opponents chest with some nasty backhanded chops that echo loud enough to be heard all around Atlanta. Crippler grips Callaway by his arm, whipping him across the ring and then charging across for something, but instead of slumping, Callaway hits the corner and bounces back, catching the charging Crippler with a Sorry Malcolm! He sits up on his knees holding up a single finger, noting its the first of the night.

Adams: And Callaway uses his speed, catching Crippler before he could see it coming.

Callaway climbs to his feet, turning to see Crippler is rolling away to try and push himself up, and Callaway gives him a hand, dragging him up, and then hooks him up for a suplex. He starts to lift Crippler up, but the Englishman squirms free, landing behind Callaway, and wrapping his arms around Callaway's waist for a German Suplex, that sends Callaway crashing down right on his head. Now its Crippler's turn to look happy and smug, as he climbs up, sauntering over and dropping a knee to the back of Callaway's neck. He follows with a second, this time keeping the knee pressed against Callaway's neck and pinning him to the mat, while he raises a hand high, and then does an over-the-top British wave including a bow.

Simone: Crippler has control right now, and he's giving these Atlantians a taste of his British sense of humor.

Adams: Should have left it at home with the tea.

Crippler climbs to his feet, seizing Stephen by his ponytail and dragging him up. Drew Patton sees the hair pulling though, coming over and slapping away Crippler's hands. The veteran raises his hands in faux ignorance, quickly reaching over to grab Stephen again, but Callaway sweeps The Crippler's legs out, stacking them up and going for a pin, quickly throwing his feet on the ropes for added leverage.



Drew Patton stops the count as he spots Callaway's feet, pushing them off the ropes, and now its Callaway's turn to claim ignorance. Callaway throws his arms wide, proclaiming he had the win, but Patton is having none of it. Callaway's distraction is just the chance Crippler needs, and he rolls Callaway up with a schoolboy, getting a heavy handful of his tights as well.



And again Drew Patton stops a count, as he spots the handful of tights!

Adams: This is like a battle of the dirty tactics. Which of these men can cheat the best?

Simone: It's not working for either man right now. Drew Patton is right on top of it.

Crippler sits up on his knees, hands raised as he concedes having cheated. Running a hand through his hair, he reaches down to pull Callaway up, while Patton is still telling him off, and with Patton focused on talking to Crippler's face, Callaway spots his chance and launches a quick uppercut right between Crippler's legs. Half of the Georgia crowd lets out a loud groan at that one, but Patton has completely missed it and it gives Callaway the perfect chance to climb up, and then pick up Crippler and send him crashing to the mat with an Olympic Slam! Callaway covers and hooks both the legs as Patton slides into position.



And Crippler forces a shoulder up! Callaway climbs to his feet now, staring down at the weakened veteran and shaking his head in disbelief. Callaway reaches down to drag Crippler up, waving an arm to call for the finish, and he knees Crippler in the midsection, doubling him over before hitting the ropes to go for his Powercut, but as he bounces back, Crippler grabs Patton and yanks him between them, forcing Callaway to stop his momentum.

Adams: What the hell is Crippler playing at! He just laid his hands on an official! Surely thats a fine!

Simone: Alls fair in war, Adams. Neither of these men have exactly got a friendship with the rule book.

Crippler hides behind Patton for an extra moment, and then pushes him aside. Callaway quickly seizes his chance, firing off a Calsi Kick, only for Crippler to drop him with a square kick right in the nutsack. Patton turns around just in time to see Crippler dragging Callaway in for a headlock, then lifting him head and dropping him head first to the mat with a Crippler DDT! Crippler hooks both the legs as Patton slides in.





Justin: Your winner, by pinfall, CHRIS CRIPPLER!

Crippler rolls out of the ring as 'Last Man Standing' by Hammerfall hits the PA system. Drew Patton comes out to hold his hand high, while in the ring Stephen Callaway can only roll over, one hand clutching at his wounded balls and stare daggers out at the retreating, and grinning, Crippler.

Adams: It doesn't matter how old you might be, a quick kick to the balls is the eternal equaliser.

Simone: It wasn't just that, Jason. Crippler has been around long enough, that he knew just when to go for the nut shot. Thats experience there.

Adams: Too true, Belinda. If I was Griffin Hawkins, I'd be watching this man very closely. Chris Crippler just made a big statement tonight.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see Jessie Salco walking down the hallways of the arena before she is stopped by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, it's a New Year and many are looking at it as a fresh start, what are your plans for the New Year?

Jessie: Same shit, different year.

Jessie leaves without another word as the scene fades.

The scene opens backstage where we see Caleb's new puppy Lemmy running around with his lead trailing behind him, we then see Caleb himself chasing after Lemmy apparently having lost grip of the lead.

Simone: Well, this will be good exercise for the match against Travis later, I guess!

Adams: Oh my god that puppy is so cute!

Belinda shakes her head as Caleb gives chase before the dog turns a corner just out of site of Caleb, Caleb turns that corner and stops in his tracks.

Caleb: Fenris?!

Lemmy is at the feet of none other than the "White Wolf" Fenris and his brother Aron. The pup looks up at the proverbial thron in his owner's side and barks happily, tail wagging and just begging for attention. Fenris's cold, blue eyes find themselves on Caleb first, then he stares down at the happy puppy. Fenris slowly lowers himself down on bended knee and entends his hand for the curious Lemmy to sniff, then tail starts swinging and Fenris scoops the puppy into his arms and holds him close.

Fenris: Who is good boy?

Fenris puckers his lips and Caleb stares in shock as Lemmy freely gives Fenris doggy kisses.

Fenris: Lemmy, correct?

Caleb: Yeah, he's been a handful since we got him from the shelter last month.

Fenris: He should meet my dog Kyssa.

Caleb: You have a dog?

Fenris nods before handing Lemmy back to Caleb before getting his iPhone out and showing Caleb a pic of a female White Siberian Husky.

Fenris: She's three years old, had her since she was a puppy, still acts like one.

Caleb: Yeah, Lemmy isn't my first Labrador and I know from experience that they can get like that as they get older.

Fenris: Worth it though.

Caleb: Definitely, dogs are a man's best friend after all.

Fenris: Lemmy should meet Kyssa.

Caleb: Well, we were talking about introducing him to other dogs and he's already met Candy's Pomeranian Fluffy.

Fenris: Perfect! I look forward to it.

Fenris strokes Lemmy one last time before he and Aron start to walk off.

Fenris: Good luck against Travis tonight.

Caleb: Thanks, I know he'll be a tough opponent.

Fenris walks off with Aron as the scene fades.

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a silver suit with black shirt, the SCW World Championship over his shoulder. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

Justin: Making his way down the aisle! From London, England, he is your SCW World Heavyweight Champion -- Ben Jordan!

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising the SCW World Heavyweight Championship above his head. He quickly jumps down and moves towards the center of the ring, where Justin hands him a microphone.

Adams: I'm still not sure he can believe he is the World Champion.

Ben looks down at the SCW World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, his free hand on the front of it as he listens to the crowd.

Crowd: You deserve it *clap*clap*clap*clap* You deserve it *clap*clap*clap*clap*

Ben slowly raises the microphone to his lips

Ben: Wow.

A smiles starts to break out on his face.

Ben: Hearing that means the world to me when we all know that there's more than a few people in the back who would disagree with you but let's start this thing right.

Ben clears his throat.

Ben: Alright people!

The crowd burst in to cheers as he looks around with a smile.

Ben: Welcome to 2020, I hope your new year is gonna be a good un. It's amazing how going in to a new year can give people optimism they haven't seen within the rest of the year. It's amazing how certain things can lift us and going in to a new decade can certainly do that. Going in to a new decade with this can blow ya mind.

Ben points to the SCW World Championship over his shoulder as the fans cheer.

Ben: The last few weeks have been an insane whirlwind, my phone has stayed quiet at all. Everything from congratulation messages, to offers to be on shows, and talk to a lot of people about it, it has been insane. I was told it was gonna happen. I mean after that match at December 2 Dismember IV, I know it's not surprising but I did have a pint with a certain Austin James Mercer, I know, two wrestlers in a match having a pint afterwards. This ain't the fifties anymore, this is twenty twenty and it happens and while Lachlan was in the back doubting if he can be good enough anymore, for your information Lachlan, you are good enough, and while Caleb was sitting there disappointed he never ended the year as champion, while Senor Vinnie was making every excuse under the sun on why he got eliminated early.

Ben looks at the camera and nods.

Ben: And while Fenris was turning the air blue with language that would make a nun's ears bleed, because let's face it, he's a competitive fish lipped fella, not because I had won, because he had lost.... And trust me, I could hear him use the F word, followed by an O word while I was still in the ring in shock, Austin James Mercer was the bigger man, the man who took it on the chin and shook my hand and had a pint or two with me and he gave me some advice, he told me that my life was gonna become insane and he wasn't joking. He told me that everyone is gonna looking at me to lead and if I screw up, he'd be right there to take that belt from me and show me how it's done.

Ben holds his finger up.

Ben: Now that is something you can believe and I respected that from him. This day and age, wrestlers are like that, I pick no bones out of the fact that I have a lot of friends in this business. I mean without my wife Evie, Jamie Dean, Sam Marlowe and Amy Santino, I couldn't have had a giggle with that whole Christmas Carol promo I did. They took the time to be around me to do that, but it ain't always like that.

Ben shakes his head.

Ben: I know as much as there's some good people back there willing to help, I've heard whispers of people not seeing me as a good champion, before I've had a chance to even prove that I can be as good as Austin James Mercer, than I can be as good as Fenris. I know from the second some people got eliminated, they were all set with their excuses on why they never won, why they should get an instant match against me. I don't deal with built in excuses very well and it got to me a little.

Ben slowly looks to the ground.

Ben: The thought crossed my mind that if this belt means that much to them, maybe I should walk down to this ring, lay it on the ground and let the first person to come and pick it up become the new SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd boo at that thought.

Ben: I mean I was having fun facing Jon Dough, Eyesnsane, Casey Williams, Kedron Williams, Equinox, people like that over the years and there was no World titles on the line to me, I didn't need to validate myself by having this thing so if there's people in the back that need this belt to feel all special, then I could have given them just what they wanted and laid it in the middle of the ring and let you have it.

The fans boo again as Ben shrugs.

Ben: I know people back there think I'm gonna bugger off if Fenris beats me at the next supercard. That's how little some think of me as a champion, they think I might get lucky to hold on to this thing to even get as far as defending it against Fenris, so in their eyes, I don't deserve this.

Ben looks at the belt as the crowd chant starts again.

Crowd: You deserve it *clap*clap*clap*clap* You deserve it *clap*clap*clap*clap*

Ben waits for a few seconds.

Ben: There's only one way to show that I do deserve it. Hell, I tried to make it clear on social media that I would be willing to go one on one with anyone I faced at December 2 Dismember IV, and obviously, Caleb Storms bit quicker than Jaws chasing a swimmers leg, but it hit me when I watched tweets this past couple of weeks from the other side of the fence, from Roxi Johnson's side of the fence, when I watched Bobbie Dahl sit there with her entitled bratty arse talking about becoming women's champion, and frankly, that's an old song, that I've seen a million times from a million different wrestlers. I've seen the entitled sort and I've seen how Christian and Mark deal with that, I've seen them basically ignore the entitled to prove to them they ain't all that, but it did get me thinking.

Ben lifts the title over his shoulder a little more.

Ben: You see this is my division now, this division is to be shaped how I wanna shape it and I don't wanna listen to this division talk utter entitled dross like Bobbie Dahl, I'm gonna be up front with you all and say if you feel like you can take this from me, if you feel like you'll make a better champion than me, then walk your arse to this ring and tell me.

The crowd cheer loudly as Ben smiles.

Ben: I don't mean no silly little interview backstage, or by video link, or via an SCU show or social media, I mean walk to this ring and say Ben, I want to face you one on one and like the genie in the bottle, I'll grant your wishes.

Ben grins as he looks around.

Ben: I don't care if I'm fighting on every single card till I get to Fenris at the next supercard, I don't care if you're someone in the match, I don't care if you've just returned like that British wrestling legend that every Brit wrestler admires in Chris Crippler, I don't mind if you were close to being in that six way match like Mark Cross...

Ben pauses and raises his finger.

Ben: Congrats by the way Mark.... I believe that's two Englishmen holding the top male titles in SCW and SCU now.

Ben winks at the camera.

Ben: I don't care if you're a tag wrestler, or even from SCU, if you're often overlooked like Alex Jones or Jake Raab, I don't care if Bill Barnhart wants to walk down this aisle and call me out, as long as you got a pair between your legs and the ability to step up those steps and say Ben, I wanna take you on, I'll be happy to defend as soon as possible.

Ben points to the World title over his shoulder.

Ben: See, this is my division and if you feel entitled, just come take your shot and if I beat ya, just walk away, no excuses, no calls for another match cause of something like ya shoe lace being untied. I'm willing to open myself up to everyone so this division don't have people who feel they should be handed something. So everyone back there, get ya walking boots on, get to this ring and come give me a challenge cause I'm telling ya, you don't think I deserve this?

Ben waves his hand at the camera, the camera zooming closer.

Ben: I'm gonna prove you wrong, week after week.

The camera zooms out as Ben looks around the crowd.

Ben: Anyway, I've taken up enough of your time out here, so I'll let you get on with the show.

Ben nods his head.

Ben: Laters people.

Blame It On The Boom Boom plays as the camera turns towards Jason and Belinda.

Simone: Ben Jordan has offered championship matches to anyone who wants them.

Adams: I'd expect nothing less from Ben, and it's certainly one way to stop entitlement.

Simone: I'm sure the Vegas bookies are setting odds on who will be the first to take him up on his offer.

Adams: I know where my money is going.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Germany, she is Johanna Krieger

Cut Throat by Kittie hits as the lights in the arena go out and a single red spotlight appears on stage, in the center Johanna Krieger stands there with a black leather jacket over the top. She makes her way down to the ring as the spotlight follows her, she slides in the ring and crawls to the corner before staying on her knees with her arms back holding onto the middle rope as the house lights come up.

Justin: and her opponent from New York, New York, please welcome Bella Madison

Arena goes dark as the ominous tones of New Years Day's "Shut up" begins to blare.

The entrance lights up as does the video screen that shows, climbing up a set of stairs we see with each step taken a different footwear. Saddle shoes followed by heels followed by Chuck Taylors followed by a pair of wrestling shoes with kickpads.

The roar comes over the sound system as we see Bella standing on top of the entrance. She stands wearing her wrestling gear along with a ring jacket with the hood up and starts making her way to the ring.

Towards the end of the chorus she hops up on the ring side and climbs to the second rope, drops the hood of the jacket with a smirk and a wink as the song fades out.

The crowd is still going crazy as Jacob Summers is checking both Bella and Johanna making sure they aren't packing any illegal objects. After finding nothing, he walks back towards the center and signals the time keeper. The bell sounds as Bella and Johanna start circling each other.


After three complete circles, they meet together with a collar elbow tie up. Both ladies are jockeying for position as the crowd is slowly quieting down. Johanna gains the early advantage as she places Bella inside a tight headlock while keeping her own balance.

Adams: This crowd is very unpredictable.

Simone: Bella and Johanna still have lots to prove.

Bella slams her forearm into Johanna's rib cage before shooting her off towards the ring ropes. Johanna comes bouncing off the ropes and slams into Bella with a shoulder block. Bella lands onto the mat as Johanna runs toward the other side. She leaps over Bella who drops down in front of her. Johanna rebounds once again but gets caught with a deep arm drag from Bella. Bella follows the arm drag up with a swift front drop kick which knocks Johanna back down.

As Johanna is getting back up onto one knee, Bella locks in a headlock. Johanna gets up to her feet and throws Bella off with snapmare. Johanna follows the snapmare with a corkscrew elbow to the back of Bella. As Bella is grimacing, Johanna is grabbing a handful of hair while pulling her back up. Johanna continues to hold Bella by the hair before letting her go and landing a massive chop across her chest. The chop itself sounded like a gunshot as the crowd reacts in admiration.

Adams: Anyone see where the bullet went

Simone: That wasn't a real gunshot.

Bella holds her chest as Johanna leans her up before landing another chop in the same spot. Johanna smirks before whipping Bella into the corner. Bella smacks the turnbuckle as Johanna comes running in and lands a stiff forearm across her face. Johanna continues to land multiple chops while screaming in Bella's face. Johanna twists Bella arm before shooting her off but Bella counters with a quick arm drag. Bella connects with another arm drag. Bella follows the arm drag up with a hammerlock before connecting with a leg sweep. Johanna lands hard on her arm as Bella transitions into an arm bar. Jacob checks to see if Johanna wants to give up but she shakes her head. Bella pulls back as Johanna grinds her teeth into her bottom lip.

Simone: Bella is really taking control.

Johanna starts getting back onto her feet but Bella flings her back down with another deep arm drag. Johanna rocks back onto one knee before getting smashed in the face with a shining wizard. Bella quickly yanks Johanna away from the ropes before going for the cover. Jacob slides into position.



Johanna kicks her lower half up before Jacob's hand struck the mat for a second time. Bella quickly gets up to her feet and runs toward the ropes. She springs off the middle rope right into Johanna's arms who then strikes with a quick bodyslam.

Simone: Johanna is battling back.

Adams: That's nice.

Johanna bounces off the ropes before landing an elbow drop. She then pulls Bella back up before popping her hips while snapping off a quick Suplex. Johanna keeps a strong hold of Bella's head before standing back up to their feet. Johanna growls before striking with multiple knees to Bella's head. Bella staggers a little as Johanna strikes with beautiful dropkick. Bella goes down as Johanna looks to go for a pin. That was the plan until Bella slips out of the ring.

Simone: I guess Bella needs a breather.

Adams: Should I get her an inhaler?

Belinda just shakes her head as Johanna gets out after Bella. Bella strikes with a quick chop but Johanna retaliates with a chop of her own. Bella staggers a bit as Johanna follows her around the ring. The crowd is beginning to get rowdy again as Johanna grabs Bella by the hair and rams her face into the barricade. Bella holds her face as Johanna strikes with a strong forearm across Bella's back. Bella stumbles forward as Johanna strikes with another forearm as Bella falls face first onto the floor. Johanna shakes her head as Jacob is telling them to get back into the ring. Jacob yells out five as Johanna slides into the ring then right back out.

Bella slowly gets back up to her feet as Johanna grabs her by the hair. She then throws Bella back into the ring. Johanna hops onto the apron. As she steps through the ropes, Bella bounces off the ropes before connecting with a sharp kick to the side of Johanna's head. Bella follows it up with a sharp moonsault across Johanna's back. Johanna groans as Bella shoots the half and goes for another cover. Jacob once again slides into position.



Johanna kicks out before the count of two. The crowd is clearly behind Bella as they can't believe how tough Johanna is on this night. Bella gets back up to her feet, runs toward the ropes and bounces off them. Johanna gets up to one knee as Bella connects with standing blockbuster. The crowd oohs as Bella follows it up with a standing moonsault.

Simone: Bella is really pulling out some flashy moves.

Bella doesn't go for the cover as she stands back up. She grabs Johanna by the neck and pulls her up. Bella holds Johanna by a headlock but Johanna lands an open hand slap across Bella's stomach. Bella yells as Johanna breaks the hold and hits a standing enzuigiri. The tip of her toe slams behind Bella's ear. Bella drops to one knee as Johanna connects with a quick DDT. Johanna goes for her first cover of the night. Jacob drops down into position.



Bella kicks which angers Johanna who strikes with a vicious headbutt before going for another cover.




Bella kicks out yet again as Johanna screams at Jacob in her native tongue. He tells her that the count was two but she wanted a faster count.

Simone: Johanna is not happy with Jacob's officiating.

Adams: According to her profile on, she's an angry individual.

Johanna gets in a mount position as she starts delivering hard shots to Bella's face. Bella is trying hard to cover up with very little success. Johanna picks Bella's head up before driving back down into the canvas. Johanna stands back up before stomping a mud hole into Bella. Johanna bounces off the ropes as she lands a leg drop across Bella's throat. Johanna once again goes for the cover.




Bella barely kicks out as Johanna can't believe it. Johanna bends down to pick Bella back up but gets a straight to the top of her head. Johanna stumbles as Bella rolls onto her knees. She blocks a right hand while connecting with a right of her own. Johanna staggers as Bella continues to fight back. Bella strikes with a hard chop across Johanna's chest as she hunches forward. Bella looks to hit another move as she bounces off the ropes.

As she is on the rebound, Johanna catches flush on the chin with a super kick. Bella falls down as Johanna goes for the cover.




Jacob signals for the bell as Johanna growls while the crowd boos heavily.


Justin: Here is your winner, Johanna Krieger

Johanna yells at Jacob to raise her hand as she looks down at the fallen Bella Madison.

Simone: Johanna pulls out the win in a very good match.

Adams: I wouldn't mind a rematch between these two down the road.

Coming in March of 2020--

A video pops up onto the screen with Shawna Jennings holding her trusty clipboard while Carter King is sitting on a steel folding chair with a cigar sticking out of his mouth. Denise Andrews and Ella Singleton are playing a game of war. They are paying no attention to the camera until Travis places his hand on the lens and pans toward him.

TNA: Well, well, well, it's a new year for SCW which means a time to make resolutions. Resolutions that no one is going to keep. 2020 is going to be the year for The Society and myself.

Travis smirks as the fans in Atlanta are confused.

TNA: Blast From The Past is coming and that means I have one more chance to achieve my greatest achievement and that is the SCW Championship. I don't know who my partner will be but know this I plan on winning it this year.

Before Travis can finish, Denise gets up from her seat and stands in front of her father.

Denise: This upcoming Underground I will be facing the once popular Alexis Skaggs formerly known as Alexis Edwards. She used to be a force but now she is nothing. I will make her life a living nightmare before Ella and I make our presence known in the tag team division. 2020 will be The Society's year.

Travis hugs his daughter.

TNA: If you got a problem with that then you can cry a fucking river, build a damn bridge and DEAL WITH IT.

The video cuts out as loud boos fill the arena.

The scene opens backstage where we see Ms. Rocky Mountains standing by ready for an interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Joining me at this time is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms.........

Rocky stops midsentence as we hear a small bark from off camera before the camera pans down to show a gorgeous Golden Labrador puppy sitting at Rocky's feet with his tail wagging.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: And his puppy Lemmy.

The camera pans up to show Caleb holding onto Lemmy's lead with one hand, it doesn't take Rocky long to give into temptation as she picks up Lemmy and strokes him, Lemmy gives her a couple of puppy kisses before Rocky hands him over to Katie.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Spent nearly an hour in the makeup chair, came off in seconds thanks to a dog's tongue.

Katie: Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Anyway, Caleb tonight you are going one on one with Travis Levitt in your first match of the year, any further thoughts on your match?

Caleb: None that I didn't discuss in my promo on Friday, but my point still stands, Travis may have returned by attacking Griffin but that doesn't mean he'll get first crack at the title, not if I have anything to say about it.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Isn't it the bosses that have the final say?

Caleb: True but losing his first match back will send him sliding down the totem pole faster than you can say "Caleb got a new puppy for Christmas"!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Point taken, well good luck tonight, I have to get back to the make-up chair so I will be ready to spin the wheel for tonight's Main Event!

The trio go their separate ways as the scene fades.

Justin: Our next match is a Standard Rules singles match pitting Caleb Storms against Travis Levitt. First to make his way to the ring, hailing from Syracuse, New York, and standing in at six feet two inches and two hundred twenty pounds, give a great Atlanta welcome to CALEB STORMS!!!

The opening scream for the song TEST YOUR METAL by Unleash The Archers is heard over the speakers and the lights start flashing across the arena before Caleb comes out head banging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp with spotlights on him to highlight him. After the posing Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He dives up on the ring apron and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He quickly stands up and throws up the metal horns as he waits for his opponent to make their entrance.

Adams: Seems to be a lot of Metal fans here in Atlanta.

Simone: Metal fans are everywhere. The question is whether they are cheering the Metal or cheering Caleb Storms.

Justin: The next to make his way to the ring, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, standing in at six feet five inches and two hundred fifty pounds, please give a great Atlanta welcome to THE PHOENIX TRAVIS LEVITT!!!

The heavy guitar riff kick in through the PA and 'Essence of Datum' starts to echo around the arena. A small fog starting to slip from the stage, just as the music hits its first crescendo, from the back out stalks 'The Phoenix' Travis Levitt, and a few feet to his side is Valentina. The two pause at the top of the ramp, each sharing a look around at the crowd, before looking at each other. They share a nod, and then Valentina heads towards the ring with Levitt a step behind her. Reaching ringside, Valentina goes for the steps, while Travis hops up onto the apron, standing up, and stepping onto the middle rope while pulling at the top rope to let Valentina in. Levitt hops over the top rope and into the ring himself, heading for the far side and staring out at the crowd, gauging their reaction, before slipping off his jacket and handing it to Valentina. Levitt then retreats to a neutral corner, getting a few last minute words of advice from Valentina, before she leaves the ring, and Travis gets ready for his fight.

Adams: Travis Levitt appears to be intently focused on this match. I expect this to be one of those epic matches the fans enjoy.

Simone: What I believe the fans like to see is a match that devolves quickly into a slug fest where even the Referee has a difficult time controlling the action.

Referee Jasmine St. John calls both wrestlers to join them in the center of the ring. They check both wrestlers to ensure they are clean of foreign objects. Satisfied both are clean Referee St. John sends both to a corner to wait for the bell to officially start the match.

Adams: I noticed that some Referees check wrestlers for foreign or banned objects before a match and some do not. I see that Referee St. John decided to do that with Caleb and Travis.

Simone: That is because Jasmine St. John is the Senior Referee, she is no nonsense, and she sets the example for the other Referees and keeps the wrestlers within the rules.


The bell rings and this match is officially underway. Both wrestlers strut to the center of the ring and we have a stare down. Caleb is trying to intimidate Travis but Levitt stands there staring at Caleb as if his eyes are lasers and the laser beams shooting from his eyes are burning a hole through Storms. Caleb is upset he is not getting the reaction he expected from the stare down so he raises his hands and flashes a Metal sign in the face of Travis. Again there is no reaction from Travis so Caleb turns and starts to walk away. With that opening Travis Levitt charges at Caleb Storms but Storms spins around as the last moment and blocks the attempted hit by Levitt. Caleb kicks Travis in the midsection and when Levitt doubles over he executes a DDT on him driving him into the mat. Storms quickly turns Levitt on his back and goes for the cover.


Travis Levitt shoves Caleb Storms off of him and Referee St. John holds up one finger to indicate that this pin attempt obtained only a one count.

Simone: Although that was quick thinking on the part of Caleb Storms it is way too early in the match for either wrestler to obtain a pinfall win.

Adams: This is one of those rare times when I agree with you.

Both wrestlers get to their feet and lock up and work to get the advantage on the other. Travis manages to back Caleb into the corner where Jasmine St. John steps in and demands a break. Levitt is reluctant to break so St. John starts a count on him so he breaks and backs off a few steps. This causes Storms to charge out of the corner but Travis grabs him and throws him back into the corner. Caleb turns it on Travis and he has Levitt in the corner. Storms mounts the ropes so he is towering over Travis and he is laying punches on him and Referee St. John steps in and demands a break. Caleb waits until a four count before jumping off the ropes to break.

Adams: Caleb waited a long time before making the break. If these two keep waiting until the last moment to break one of them may wait a second too long and be disqualified.

Simone: I do not think either of them will allow that to happen.

Travis gets in the face of Caleb and he is scolding him concerning illegal punches and not breaking quickly enough when the Referee ordered it. Storms stares at Levitt as if he is looking beyond him as if he does not even exist. Travis shrugs it off and leans against the ropes taunting Caleb to try something. Storms is quick to charge Levitt on the ropes and it is clear he is going for a clothesline to knock Travis out of the ring but Levitt ducks down pulling the ropes down with him and Storms missing the clothesline flying over the ropes to the arena floor. Caleb is rolling around on the arena floor due to the hard landing. Referee Jasmine St. John orders Travis to stay back from the ropes to allow her to perform a legitimate count on Caleb on the outside of the ring. Levitt walks to the center of the ring while the Referee is counting on Storms.




Caleb Storms is up on his feet and he starts to slowly walk toward the ring.

Adams: I wonder if Travis will remain inside the ring and hope for a count out victory over Caleb.

Simone: I believe your question is about to be answered.

No sooner are the comments made that we watch Travis Levitt run toward the ropes on the side of the ring where Caleb Storms is located. He dives over the ropes and slams into Storms knocking Caleb to the arena floor but it also appears Travis landed hard and may have hurt himself in the process. Both wrestlers are rolling around on the arena floor trying to regain their composure. Referee St. John starts her count over this time counting on both Caleb and Travis on the outside of the ring.


Caleb Storms is the first to get to his feet but it is apparent he is wobbly on his feet.


Travis Levitt gets to his feet and he is also wobbly from the hard landing on the arena floor.


Travis is snarling at Caleb and he is motioning with his hands for Storms to bring the fight to him. Caleb is cautious as he knows Travis is likely trying to draw him into a trap.

Adams: I hope Caleb Storms does not fall for something that will cause him to lose this match.

Simone: If it is a trap Travis is setting for Caleb and Storms falls for it that is his fault and not the fault of Levitt.


Caleb is not taking the bait so Travis goes aggressive on Storms by rushing him and trying to muscle him to the arena floor. Caleb stands his ground and wraps his arms around the body of Travis and then he drives him backward where the back of Levitt slams hard into the ring apron. Travis drops to the arena floor holding his back from the blow on the ring apron.

Adams: Just as you see in many Cowboy movies acting the tough guy only works if you can back it up. In this case Travis fell just a bit short of backing it up.

Simone: Now it will be interesting to see who does what next.


Storms take advantage of the situation by diving under the bottom rope into the ring where Referee Jasmine St. John stops her count out on him but she continues her count out on Levitt who is still outside the ring on the arena floor.


Caleb Storms wisely stays back to prevent the Referee from stopping the count on Travis and then having to start over. Travis gets to his feet and he hears the count Referee St. John is putting on him.


Travis Levitt walks to the ring steps, climbs up the steps, and he stands on the ring apron near the corner ring post. He tells Referee St. John to keep Caleb Storms away from him so he can legally return inside the ring without being attacked or hindered by Storms. Referee St. John looks over at Caleb Storms who is calmly holding back then she continues her count on Travis Levitt.


Travis decides to climb the ropes in the corner when he gets on top of the corner and stands up on the top ropes. Travis then yells to Referee St. John that Caleb is running across the ring to try to attack him when he is not legally inside the ring. The Referee turns and confronts Storms and Caleb profusely argues with her that he is not doing anything wrong. As the two argue Caleb ends up with his back turned to the corner where Travis is located. Finally tired of arguing with Referee Jasmine St. John we see Caleb Storms turn to face the corner where Travis Levitt is located and Travis leaps off the ropes and comes down on Caleb driving him hard into the mat and Storms appears to be out. Levitt grabs Caleb and wraps him up in a pin position holding him tightly to prevent him from getting out of the pin.

Adams: Well this does not look good for Storms.

Simone: I told you so.




The Referee calls for the bell and orders Travis to get off Caleb and he does.


Justin: Here is your winner of this match, by submission, THE PHOENIX TRAVIS LEVITT!!!

Referee St. John raises the hand of Travis in victory and when she releases his hand Levitt exits the ring and joins his Manager Valentina and the two strut up the ramp to return to the backstage area. Storms is getting to his feet and he is informed he lost the match to due pinfall. He slowly exits the ring and returns up the ramp to the dressing room area backstage.

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam moves down to the ring where she shoulders the Bombshell Roulette title and climbs the steps before laying herself across the middle rope to blow a kiss to the fans.

Adams: It is the current Bombshell Roulette champion Sam Marlowe out here to address the fans. I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Rolling into the ring, Sam reaches for the microphone that Justin is holding out to her. Dressed ready to wrestle, she stops and smiles at the fans.

Simone: Let's listen shall we?

Sam Marlowe: Hey y'all, I thought that tonight I would come out and talk directly to the people that I am here for and that is you fans.

The crowds begin to scream and cheer as Sam waits for it to quiet down. Once they do, she begins to speak again.

Sam Marlowe: Firstly, I want to congratulate my friend Ben on winning the Heavyweight title at December to Dismember. About time if I am honest. And I want to congratulate Roxi Johnson for winning against Alicia Lukas and once more becoming the Bombshell champion.

The fans begin to chant Ben's and Roxi's names. Sam lets it happen for a moment before holding her hand up.

Sam Marlowe: I also want to address the situation with myself and the title defense I have tonight against my opponent from December to Dismember, Candy. Now most people would say that once you lose a title match, you need to step to the back of the line and in all honesty, after what happened at the supercard, I was sure that is where I was going to be but I managed to call up enough fight to pull Candy away from the turnbuckle and if you believe her, steal the win and retained my title. So yes, tonight she deserves the title match rematch. And because the both o us put on a great match at the supercard, one has to wonder how we are going to top that.

Simone: Sam is right Jason, both women are no stranger to each other anymore and Sam could be on the losing end tonight. I hope she is confident.

Sam pauses to pull the belt off her shoulder and holds it up to look at it then at the fans.

Sam Marlowe: This title right here, this title is what we are going to be fighting for and I know that Candy wants to make a name for herself by taking this and I want to continue to retain and be YOUR Bombshell Roulette champion. So tonight I am bringing all I have to the match and because of that, I am sorry to say that tonight will be a repeat of the supercard with me retaining the title and Candy losing. But win or lose Candy, you have totally earned my respect. So good luck tonight.

With that, Sam's music once more plays out over the venue as she poses with the belt held high.

Simone: Sam Marlowe laying it out on the line for Candy while still showing her the respect she has earned.

Adams: Our main event tonight is looking like it is going to be match of the night.

Sam rolls out of the ring and heads back up the ramp slapping the hands of her fans as she does before turning to hold up the title once more then disappears behind the curtain.

Two tiger paws appear on the screen with two silhouettes positioned beside it. The crowd seems confused as COMING SOON appears underneath the paw.

Simone: What the hell?

Adams: Are we advertising a zoo ad?

The paw disappears as DVR are the first three letters to flash before the screen goes dark.

Adams: I'm confused.

Simone: So am I.

We cut backstage where Ms. Rocky Mountains stands with Mercedes Vargas in the interview area.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I'm standing by with SCW Hall of Famer, Mercedes Vargas. Mercedes, it's the first Climax Control of 2020 and tonight you go one-on-one with Bobbie Dahl, someone you know all too well. From her words in her video submission ahead of your match, she definitely seems to be on the warpath for the World Bombshell Championship. Not to mention that she didn't exactly had the nicest things to say about you.

Mercedes: Well, there goes my plans to send her my new year's gift basket out the window. I had a gift card for this new yoga studio that just opened up in town. Bobbie definitely needs some yoga in her life. I passed her down the hall and she had smoke coming out of ears. She gets any madder, she might spontaneously combust.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Bobbie hasn't taken kindly to being labeled a bully, but you can't ignore her change of attitude lately and showing a more aggressive side in her matches. Are you concerned at the danger you could possibly face from Bobbie's mean streak?

Mercedes: Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger.

Mercedes laughs in determination.

Mercedes: If this is the part of the interview where I start shaking in my boots, watch my life flash before me and go all existential-like, then I think you're interviewing the wrong Bombshell, sweetheart. What "My Size Bobbie" seems to forget is that I already beat her once. She's not in my head, and I'm not to be messed with.

Mercedes turns to the camera.

Mercedes: I'm not a Mean Girl anymore or Delia's hanger-on or whatever it is you think about me. What I am, though, is the gatekeeper of the women's division. And that's not arrogance talking, that's not a threat, that's not a warning, that's a fact. Just accept it. Embrace it. Make it a reality. Know what else is reality? The day I retire is the day you become a nun, or Jessie Salco becomes World Bombshell Champion, whichever comes first.

She crosses her arms across her chest.

Mercedes: It's going to take a lot more than a mean streak to stop this momentum. I am everything that you're not, everything you claim to be, and everything you wish you could be. Bully or not, Bobbie, you're gonna have to step through the ropes, step into MY ring, and prove that you're championship material, and that goes beyond whatever happens tonight.

Mercedes offers a hint of a smile.

Mercedes: Long before you knew, and long after you'll remember.

Drew Patton enters the six-sided ring, ready to officiate the upcoming contest in the Bombshell division.

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her opponent to arrive.

Simone: What more can be said about Mercedes Vargas that hasn't been said already? She recently came off a win over Jessie Salco at December 2 Dismember IV. A Hall of Famer and Grand Slam Champion.

Adams: And she's let everyone know she'll be a champion again in 2020.

Simone: And judging by her reputation, it'd be a fool's bet to place against her.

All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor starts to play through the sound system. The crowd erupts in loud cheers, as Bobbie Dahl bursts through the curtain, sans her once signature angel wings. Her eyes are narrowed as she stares down to the ring, and Artie joins her moments later.

Justin: Making her way to the ring! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds! From Coal City, Illinois! Please welcome, the one! The Only! BOBBIE DAHL!!!

Bobbie continues her way to the ring, no longer showing off the fun attitude everyone was so used to seeing. She now carries a much serious and determined demeanor as she walks alone, stomping her way to the ring. Once she reaches the ring, she walks up the steel steps and enters through the ropes heading to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin with a fiery look in her eyes as she stares across the ring at Mercedes!

Simone: Long gone are the days where Bobbie's only thoughts were to entertain the fans. Now it's all about what she believes she both wants and deserves.

Adams: And she's coming off a big win too, against Keira Fisher-Johnson!

Simone: Indeed, and Bobbie has publicly stated that 2020 will be the year she becomes the World Bombshell Champion -- but first she must get past Mercedes Vargas.

And referee Drew Patton calls for the bell!


Bobbie and Mercedes emerge from their corners and circle the ring, sizing one another up. Mercedes is confident as always but carefully wary over the clear size advantage of her opponent as Bobbie effectively cuts the ring in half. The two finally tie up in the center of the ring, and immediately Bobbie showed her strength advantage by throwing Mercedes to the mat, head over heel. Mercedes slowly rises, staring her larger opponent down before the two go to lock up again, but Mercedes opts to strike first and fast, delivering quick kicks to Bobbie's leg, weakening her lower extremities.

Adams: If anyone knows how to take away someone's size advantage, it's Mercedes!

Simone: She is a ring veteran and a crafty one at that.

Mercedes then throws hammering forearm blows into Bobbie's head, driving her back two steps before Bobbie suddenly begins fighting back and she grabs Mercedes and head butts her, sending her stumbling back toward the near corner. Mercedes uses the ropes to pul herself to her feet but Bobbie is right there, returning the favor from earlier by throwing her own punishing barrage of forearms and right handed fists into Vargas's head! Bobbie then buries a fist into Mercedes's midsection, driving the wind out of her body. Bobbie then grabbed two handfuls of Mercedes hair and brought her out of the corner the hard way, throwing her clear across the ring in a 360 tailspin!

Simone: By the hair!

Adams: Hair plugs, aisle one! Hair plugs, aisle one!

Mercedes sits up, holding her stinging scalp, and Bobbie lift her to her feet and sends her into the corner where she charges ahead for an avalanche but Mercedes dodges out of the way at the last split second and Bobbie ends up knocking the air out of herself! She turns around, winded, and Mercedes climbs to the middle turnbuckle, pinning her in -- and she starts throwing right handed bows into her exposed head as the fans count along!....


Bobbie grabs her around the legs and brings her out of the corner, but Mercedes reaches down and claws at her eyes, prompting Bobbie to cry out in pain and surprise!

Simone: make no mistake! Mercedes Vargas is no saint where the rulebook is concerned, even if she is the lesser of two evils in this contest!

Bobbie loses her grip and Mercedes slides down her back in a sunset flip attempt -- but Bobbie puts on the brakes! Bobbie looks around with an expression of contempt -- then jumps for a seated splash but Mercedes moves and Bobbie crash lands on her tailbone! Mercedes is back on her feet and comes racing off of the ropes and delivers a running big boot to the side of Dahl's head, sending her over to her side and back! Mercedes with the cover, hooking the inside leg!


Bobbie gets her shoulder up!

Adams: Bobbie will never forgive herself if she loses tonight after getting such a big win in Las Vegas!

Mercedes attempts a follow up but Bobbie shoves her away, rising to her knees. Mercedes moves in quickly and she delivers a somersault cutter, planting Dahl face-first into the canvas! Mercedes rolls her over onto her back for the second straight cover!



Bobbie kicks out!

Simone: Mercedes Vargas is all over Bobbie in an attempt to circumvent her size and strength advantage but how long can that last?

Mercedes tries to drag Bobbie to her feet for an Irish whip but Bobbie refuses to budge, planting her feet and shaking her head in the negative. Bobbie then reverses the attempt and sends Vargas into the ropes instead for a clothesline but Mercedes ducks under and scissors her arms for a crucifix -- but Bobbie stands there! She shoulders Mercedes into a fireman's carry and falls back, squashing her with a Samoan drop!

Adams: Turns out, not long at all!

Bobbie simply lays back across Mercedes's sternum for a rather lazy cover...



Mercedes gets her ight shoulder up!

Simone: Very lazy cover on Bobbie's part.

Adams: Funny, Chris said the same thing.

Simone: What?

Bobbie drags Vargas up by the hair and sends her hard into the corner where she follows in quickly with a running avalanche, sandwiching her opponent between herself and the ring corner. Bobbie holds onto the top ropes and splashes Mercedes again two more times before she brings her out and to the canvas in a belly to belly suplex. Bobbie drags her up and fires her off into the ropes with an Irish whip, nearly sending her into a spin with a clothesline! Bobbie then backs up a step, jumps and SPLASHES Mercedes!



TH-Mercedes gets her shoulder up!

Bobbie's eyes are wide as she is on her knees, staring at Drew open mouthed!

Bobbie: Seriously!?

Adams: Yes, seriously!

Bobbie throws Mercedes back down and tries to pin her again.



Mercedes kicks out again!

Bobbie immediately flops to her back and throws a tantrum, kicking and thrashing her legs and arms!

Adams: Allllllrighty then!

Drew manages to calm her down long enough to continue the match, as Bobbie fumes. She drags Mercedes up and sends her into the ropes, catching her in a military press -- holding her high over her head!

Simone: Do not let Bobbie dahl's plus size fool you; the woman is STRONG!

But as Bobbie parades her opponent around the ring, mouthing off to the jeering fans, Mercedes suddenly counters by sliding loose and throwing Dahl over in an arm drag! Bobbie slams her fists into the canvas and she charges, screaming like a lunatic, but Mercedes drops down and pulls the ring ropes down at the last moment, causing Bobbie to topple over and spill hard to the outside of the ring!

Simone: The bigger they are...!

Adams: The bigger pot holes they make when they land!

Despite her heel status, the crowd is in full support of Mercedes as she stands while Bobbie recovers on the outside! Bobbie slowly forces herself to a vertical base and Mercedes uses the top rope to catapult herself into a plancha to the outside, crashing headlong into Dahl and wiping her out!


Mercedes is the first back up and she tries to drag Bobbie back up to her own feet, but Bobbie plows her back into the ring steps! Bobbie then lets loose a battle cry and charges forward but Mercedes catches her with a drop toe hold, causing her to fall and strike her head into the steps! Mercedes rolls back inside as Drew has to begin his count again...










But Bobbie makes it back inside!

Adams: Is ... is she bleeding!?

Simone: She is indeed! That fall into the steps has busted Bobbie Dahl open!

Bobbie's blonde hairline is stained crimson as a trickle of blood runs down her face as Mercedes looks to take advantage! Mercedes has her down from behind and trapped in a grounded sleeper! Bobbie is disoriented and struggles but Mercedes has her locked in tight! Drew asks if she wants to give up but Bobbie jams her middle finger right up in the official's face!

Adams: Rude!

Bobbie then starts to rise, but Mercedes hangs on and hops on her wide back for the added leverage! Bobbie then tries to run her back into the corner but Mercedes manages to hop up to avoid it and she brings dahl over with a victory roll into a short-leg scissors! Bobbie struggles and is close enough to reach the bottom rope, forcing a break! Mercedes tries to follow up, but Drew forces her back to give Bobbie some breathing room...

Simone: Hold on, what is she doing?

The camera catches Bobbie reaching into her top...

Adams: Maybe her underwire is cutting into her left one?

Mercedes is trying to get to her as Drew holds her back, and Bobbie has pulled out a thin length of chain! She wraps it around her fist as Mercedes shoves Drew away and marches up! She grabs Bobbie who spins around and POW! Mercedes goes down like she is shot and Bobbie throws the chain out of the ring before Drew can spot it! Bobbie covers Mercedes as the referee turns and sees the cover!

Adams: No Drew, no!





Justin: Here is your winner -- BOBBIE DAHL!

Simone: And Bobbie Dahl's path to Roxi Johnson just got a little bt shorter!

Bobbie rolls out of the ring and pretends innocence at the accusing fans as Drew checks on the unconscious Mercedes Vargas!

We go backstage to see SCU TV Champion/SCW reporter Mz HollyWood standing with SCU Combat Champion Kelli Torres.

Holly Wood: Been a long time since we did this.

Kelli: Yes, last time was when you took the Combat title from Eric Weaver. Just took it from him in the locker room. You told him if he wanted it back he had to take it from you.

Holly Wood: He waited to I wasn't looking to steal it back like a punk.

Kelli: Now this Thursday you main event against Eric for that TV title.

Holly Wood: Like you, I'm going to be kicking ass to retain.

Kelli: I know you will, this is your time. In fact, go ahead, you do not need to interview me. You have the main event match this week. I am off that night. I will be right here watching.

Kelli moves to the side away from any camera angles. She smiles at Holly Wood and encourages him on.

Holly Wood: The way I won this title may be questionable. I don't control the choices the boss makes. I can however, go out to every Underground show and do my best to be the best TV champion I can be.

Holly Wood looks at Kelli or a second. Holly Wood does a dramatic turn to look at the camera.

Holly Wood: On second thought. Donna has allowed security to run around and not protect her wrestlers, We have members of the roster who decided to make there own locker room. They want to gang attack SCU, they want to break all the rules while security just looks on. Donna didn't do much but she did something. She bought the SCU TV title back to SCU and it's staying with us. Halo is not scared of you, Kelli also doesn't fear you. I'm just itching to get more matches in the company. If that means I have to take you all out every week then so be it. I am the new SCU TV Champion. Get ready to see a whole lot more of me!

Holly Wood takes a second to catch his breath.

Holly Wood: It starts with you Eric Weaver, this Thursday you return after some weeks off. After our match get ready for more weeks off.

Holly Wood looks up and down at the camera, in Holly Wood sassy way he says.

Holly Wood: Okay!

The camera switches to the backstage area where SCW Mixed Tag Team champions, London Underground can be seen talking amongst themselves, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page stand with the championship belts over their shoulder. Pussy Willow approaches them.

Pussy Willow: Hey guys!

The group turn to the reporter as she stands in front of them.

Pussy Willow: Happy New Year!

Daniel smiles politely at her.

Daniel: And to you and yours.

He nods his head to her.

Pussy Willow: What are you guys hoping to get from 2020?

Mackenzie narrows her eyes as she looks at Pussy.

Mackenzie: Some peace, quiet and hopefully no stupid questions.

Pussy looks uncomfortable as she looks towards Daniel.

Daniel: We talking SCW wise?

Pussy Willow: Sure.

Daniel takes a second to think about it.

Daniel: A challenge would be nice love.

Charlotte: It would, I mean we've seen off every single tag team we've come up against, Team Eggplant, are they still around?

Mackenzie: Sierra is, but I think Lachlan is doing the bitch thing, lose a match and question his future, so I don't think so.

Charlotte: Gamer Inc, disappeared in to the abyss it seems.

Daniel: Even those Steele's have come out and said they ain't interested in running for our title belts anymore, which frankly is a good thing, cause those pair of plums ain't good enough, so we have to look at what's in front of us that may be a bit of a challenge, like the Barnhart's for example.

Mackenzie: Oh fuck off, that Bea bird barely got through the match tonight.

Daniel: What about those people on the roster we say, the Trenton Tigers?

Charlotte: Who?

Mackenzie: They sound like a piss poor amateur hockey team.

Daniel: Been hints that Alice Knight and Griffin Hawkins are considering being a team.

Charlotte: Does she even work here anymore? I mean her name is on the roster but...

Mackenzie: She drifts in and out like the tides. Fuck knows why she's still on the roster.

Daniel looks at Pussy.

Daniel: You see Pussy, that leaves us with just a couple that could be challenging, any combination of Wolfslair could be interesting, now those guys, they're like us, they work as a unit, they think as one. They could step up, even the new woman.

Mackenzie: Are you sure that's a woman?

Daniel: Apparently so, her and either Austin James Mercer or Alex Jones could be a challenge, but there's another team on the roster, a team that has had a little success down there in SCU, in fact they are current the SCU Hardcore Tag Team Champions, the Good Shepherds.

Pussy Willow: So you're challenging Wolfslair and The Good Shepherds?

Daniel: No, what we're doing is telling each team out there that there is a golden opportunity waiting for them right here, should any team feel the need, or the urge to come and take their chances.

Mackenzie: But we both know the only teams outside us worth shit is Wolfslair and The Good Shepherds.

Daniel: Right. We're just making it known that we are willing to put these belts on the line against anyone in SCW, hell, anyone in SCU, trust me, you won't have to ask us twice. Anyway, there's a main event about to start so...

Pussy nods her head as the cameras cut elsewhere.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see the competitors in tonight's Main Event between Candy and Sam Marlowe for the Bombshell Roulette Title waiting for Ms. Rocky Mountains to spin the wheel.

Simone: Candy and Sam faced off at December to Dismember IV and Sam won that title match, now Candy's getting her return match.

Adams: We saw both World Titles change hands at the PPV, will Candy make it a trifecta tonight?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ready ladies?

Candy and Sam nod before Rocky spins the wheel, it takes a few moments for it to stop and when it does both Candy and Sam do double takes.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Tonight's Main Event will be a 2 out of 3 Falls Match!

Simone: The rules couldn't be simpler, first Bombshell to pin her opponent twice wins.

Adams: But knowing how good Sam and Candy are, it won't be as easy as you make it sound!

Sam and Candy leave to get ready for the match.

Simone: Welcome back to Climax Control and in our Main Event the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship is on the line as Sam Marlowe defends against Candy!

Adams: This is a rematch from December to Dismember IV where Sam retained the title, but can Candy make up for that performance?

Simone: One way to find out, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is your main event of the evening and is a Roulette Rules Match for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship! Thanks to a spin of the wheel we know that it'll be a 2 out of 3 Falls Match!

The lights dim as pink fog starts to take over the entrance ramp. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard begins to play over the speakers as the lights brighten up. Pink pyro begins to cascade down from the tron as Candy comes bouncing out holding Fluffy.

Justin: Introducing the challenger, from Malibu Beach California, Candy!

She skips her way down to the ring. Outside the ring, she hands Fluffy to stagehand before getting in the ring and bouncing around some more.

Simone: Candy's getting a second chance at the title tonight!

Adams: And that doesn't happen often!

Justin: And her opponent!

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart and is the reigning and defending SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion, she is Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally, she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

Simone: This is Sam's third defense and the first of the year!

Adams: Will the third time be the charm?

Once Jacob goes over the rules with Sam and Candy, they share a handshake to show some sportsmanship before Jacob calls for the bell.


Simone: First title defense of the year is underway.

Adams: And you can bet that a good chunk of the Bombshell Roster are watching this!

Sam Marlowe attempts to get the early advantage by charging Candy but she reverses the charge into a roll up.




Justin: The winner of the first fall is Candy!

Simone: Wow, if this was a regular match then that would set a record for shortest match in SCW history!

Adams: Not to mention shortest title defense!

Sam quickly scrambles to her feet with a stunned look on her face as it dawns on her what just happened, fortunately for Sam she remembers that it's a Two out of Three Falls match and quickly recovers from the shock (whilst mouthing "won't work the second time" to Candy as she stands back up) before the two women lock up in the center of the ring, Sam manages to take the early advantage without it backfiring this time and takes Candy down with a pair or arm drags before locking in an arm bar.

Simone: Sam has recovered nicely from losing the first fall so quickly!

Adams: But can Candy get a second pin fall? It's pretty obvious from where I stand that the first pin was a fluke on Candy's part!

Candy starts fighting out of the hold and manages to get back to her feet before backing Sam up to the ropes and whipping her off the ropes, on the rebound Candy goes for a clothesline but Sam ducks under it, goes out to the apron and hits a Springboard Clothesline on Candy before following that up with a Standing Moonsault, not satisfied with that however Sam picks Candy up but Candy reverses the move she had planned with a jawbreaker.

Simone: Sam missed an opportunity to go for a pin there!

Adams: And in this match, you need as many pins as possible! Especially with Candy already leading by one!

Sam stumbles back towards the turnbuckle and Candy charges in with a running Clothesline before hitting a Bulldog, however Candy doesn't go for the immediate pin rather going to the top rope and waiting for Sam to get back to her feet going for a High Cross Body when the defending champion does, however Sam's able to reverse the crossbody into a roll-up of her own.




Justin: The winner of the second fall is Sam Marlowe!

Simone: And just like that, Sam and Candy are at one pin-fall apiece.

Adams: Both women have proven that all it can take is one slip up to end a match prematurely! Good thing this is Two out of Three Falls!

Sam rolls away from the challenger and now it's Candy's turn to look on in shock as what just happened dawns on her, however the shock wears off just as quickly as both pin-falls in this match happened as Sam and Candy start brawling in the middle of the ring with the fans divided on who to cheer for and Jacob electing to just sit back and wait for either of them to gain the advantage over the other, however it is not clear who will gain that advantage.

Simone: Seems they were holding back until they got a pin-fall apiece.

Adams: Makes sense for Sam and Candy to conserve energy like that in a match like this! Wait, is that......

Whilst the brawl is going on the camera cuts to the top of the ramp where Jessie Salco has stepped out, however she remains at the top of the ramp with her arms crossed surveying the action.

Simone: Well, you did say earlier that the rest of the roster will be watching this match, but I guess Jessie wanted to get a closer look.

Adams: Let's hope that that's all she's here to do.

Jessie's appearance has gone unnoticed by either of the competitors in the match even as Sam and Candy's brawl starts to cool down and Candy shoves Sam off to the ropes before rolling her into a small package.



And Sam reverses it into a roll-up of her own.



And Candy kicks out! Both women get to their feet and go for simultaneous cross bodies but all that manages to do is knock each other out.

Simone: Sam and Candy are out!

Adams: And Jessie still hasn't budged, what is she thinking?

Jacob starts the ten count but it isn't until the count of seven that one of the Bombshells in the ting, namely Sam, starts to stir and she still doesn't see Jessie at the top of the ramp as she is focused on her match against Candy, speaking of Candy, Candy gets back to her feet as well and goes for a Suplex on Sam only for it to be reversed into a Snap Suplex by Sam who then floats over and hits Candy with a Northern Lights Bomb before holding on for the cover.



And Candy gets the shoulder up! Sam and Candy get back to their feet, but Candy doesn't let Sam stand for long before hitting her with a Hurricanrana and holding on for a pin.



And Sam kicks out!

Simone: Both Sam and Candy were facing the ramp on their last pin attempts, so they must've seen Jessie up there.

Adams: If they did, they're not letting her presence distract them.

Both women are slow to get back to their feet as they are clearly tired from the long match, but they aren't about to let that stop them from putting on a hell of a match for the fans, Sam goes for the Samwhich Press but Candy pushes out of it only to get hit by a Superkick by Sam! Sam then goes for the cover.



And Candy kicks out! However, Sam has apparently had enough of this match as she heads to the top rope and calls out for her finisher!

Simone: Sam's looking for the Sammisault!

Adams: Sam's put a lot of Bombshells away with this move, will Candy be added to that list?

Sam goes for the Shooting Star Press.........but Candy rolls out of the way! Candy rolls out to the apron before heading to the top rope as Sam recovers only to be hit by Candy's finisher!

Simone: The Gumdrop! Do we have a new champion!?

Candy goes for the cover.






Simone: Candy did it! She has won her first title in SCW!

Adams: That's three title changes in a row! First the World Titles and now the Bombshell Roulette Title, what next?

Jessie shakes her head before heading to the back whilst Candy celebrates her win!

Simone: 2020 has started on a championship changing hands, we are now in the Roulette era of Candy!

Adams: This is gonna be sweet!

Simone: Ugh! And on that cheesy Jason Adams line, we've run out of time. Thank you all for joining us tonight, we'll be back next week just down the road in Lawrenceville, Georgia, home of Bill and Bea Barnhart. For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying goodnight everybody!

The credits start to roll as Candy excitedly raises the SCW Bombshell Roulette championship above her head.

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, The Lord MK, Andy, Ace, Dustin, Annie, Jenny, Griffin, AJ, Mercedes, Marge, Roxi, Candy, Kelli Torres, Also again to Annie again for the great match banners and everyone who roleplayed!