The crowd is alive with energy inside of the TCC Arena in Tucson, Arizona. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight then begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the TCC Arena right here in Tucson, Arizona, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda prances out dressed as a German serving wench with a little extra padding for a whole lotta extra pounds perceived. The sounds of polka music plays across the sound system, and with beer and tray in hand, Amanda starts her performance.

Amanda: Here's a silly ditty,
You can sing it right away
Now, here is what you say
So sing it while you may

Here's a silly jingle,
You can sing it night or noon
Here's the words, that's all you need
'Cause I just sang the tune:

Oh, I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her, you can have her,
She's too fat for me
She's too fat
She's too fat
She's too fat for me

I get dizzy
I get numbo
When I'm dancing
With my Jum-Jum-Jumbo

I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat
She's too fat
She's too fat for me

Can she prance up a hill?
No, no, no, no, no
Can she dance a quadrille?
No, no, no, no, no
Does she fit in your coupe?
By herself she's a group
Could she possibly
Sit upon your knee?
No, no, no

We don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
And she's too fat for me
But she's just right for me
We don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
Yeah, she's too fat,
Much too fat
But she's just right for me

She's so charming
And she's so winning
But it's alarming
When she goes in swimming

We don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
But she's just right for me
So I sure want her, you can't have her
She's just right for me
But she's too fat!
She's not too fat!
She's just right for me!

She's a twosome,
She's a foursome
If she'd lose some
I would like her more some

I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat
Much too fat
She's too fat for me

The music ends and the fans applaud as Amanda prances about the stage, waving and blowing kisses before walking off stage.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone and this is Jason Adams!

Adams: Wheeeee!

Simone: We are just two weeks past our historic ninth annual High Stakes and tonight we will assuredly see the fallout from that event in Honolulu! A huge announcement concerning December 2 Dismember IV, plus the debuts of two new Bombshells!

Adams: The first new Bombshell is Candy... no last name. Like Cher or Madonna! And she's up against Apple Coren in the opener! Go on and give us a Candy Apple joke... I'll wait!

Simone: You'll be waiting a long time for that to happen. Our next new Bombshell is Amelia Hogan as she goes up against the maniacal Iron maiden who just may have Anthrax and Twisted Sister at ringside with her!

Adams: Lachlan Kane is back to singles competition and he faces a member of the Good Shepherds, Brother David! Funny how they won't work on Halloween but will work on a Sunday?

Simone: A rematch from several weeks ago between "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart and none other than Mark Cross who pulls double duty alongside Sin City Underground!

Adams: The World Champion Alicia Lukas who won all those 2019 awards, including the first-ever female Wrestler of the Year, is in a non-title match against the unbeaten Andrea Hernandez!

Simone: A mixed tag team grudge match where a challenge was issued between Kate Steele and Teddy Warren and the reigning Roulette Champion Griffin Hawkins and Alice Knight! Right after this was announced, Teddy and Kate started to play nice, but we'll see if griffin and Alice fall for that age old tactic!

Adams: And the main event we all saw coming from a mile away! Alex Jones confronted Senor Vinnie at the end of High Stakes IX and staked a claim to a shot at the championship! Alex was disqualified in their last match and tonight? There are no DQs, count outs or time limits! There has to be a winner!

Simone: And that all begins right here, right now!

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo's explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro's to explode behind him and the fans react louder.

Justin: Please welcome SCW co-owner, Hot Stuff Mark Ward!

He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering.

Adams: Looks like we don't have to wait for that huge announcement.

Simone: This is gonna be one hell of a way to kick off our show.

As Hot Stuff jumps down, and the music cuts, Justin hands the boss a microphone.

HS: Ladies and Gentlemen, High Stakes IX lived up to the hype and then some, went past the expectations of so many people, and it got me thinking, thinking about how we can top that. We saw both Vinnie and Alicia overcome two huge challenges and let's be honest about it, made it look easy. I sat there and scratched my head and knew that Christian and I had to challenge both champions, we had to come up with a way to stop them from being bored as well as giving them a chance to cement their legacies in SCW, and to do that, you need something... big.

Hot Stuff pauses for a second.

HS: But this announcement is way to big to do it alone so welcome down to the ring, my fellow co-owner, cat lover, wine drinker, guy with the best surgeon in town on speed dial, Mr Christian Underwood.

EMF's "Unbelievable" suddenly blares across the stadium's sound system and the crowd ignites in jeers and boos while all eyes turn to the stage atop the entrance aisle! Christian Underwood steps out onto the stage and is immediately greeted with louder boos and he looks out across the capacity crowd in the TCC Arena and he rolls his eyes in open disdain before he makes his way down the aisle. He then climbs up the steps and once on the ring apron, he beckons for a microphone and Justin hurriedly obliges, passing him another. Only then does Christian step through the ropes and join Mark in the ring. He eyes "Hot Stuff" up and down and shakes his head.

Christian: That's funny, Mark. All those jokes about my having had plastic surgery to look younger.

Mark just smiles and nods, proud of the never ending string of jokes at his business partner's expense.

Christian: I could always say the same but the funny thing about that would be that your surgeon obviously was drunk and got things backwards. You're the only person I know of that went from looking in his mid twenties to mid forties overnight.

Christian raises his eyebrows as Mark just smiles, taking it all in stride.

Christian: Incidentally, that was impressive, you still being able to leap over the ropes like that. Especially considering every time you stand up in the office your knees sound like the doors from your average haunted house.

Hot Stuff smiles at Christian and raises the mic to his lips.

HS: You joke all you want, but I think these people really wanna know what we have cooked up for them.

The crowd cheer.

HS: To challenge both Vinnie and Alicia, we needed to go big, we needed to think about what can keep them on their toes, who can keep them on their toes and to be honest, neither Christian or I could agree on one single name. So we picked multiple names. We don't really have many supercard in December, but it just so happens that this year, the scheduling God's have got us to have one so on December 15th December 2 Dismember returns with December 2 Dismember IV.

The crowd cheer as Hot Stuff looks at Christian.

HS: I really dislike that name, we must have been high coming up with that.

Christian: Well you said no to Seasons Beatings.

HS: Cheese Christian, cheese.

Hot Stuff shakes his head and continues.

HS: Anyway, so we decided that a lot of people will get a chance, so I picked ten men worthy of a chance to face Senor Vinnie, and Christian, well he couldn't decide on ten women, so he narrowed it down to twelve. There will be five qualifying matches each side, two triple threats with the ladies, and the winners will go on to face the champions at December 2 Dismember IV.

The crowd cheer loudly.

HS: Now when we have all names confirmed, then we will tell you what kind of match it will be but I will say that Vinnie, Alicia, five opponents, your biggest challenge yet, I know you will be ready for it, but I'm sure you want some names, right? Well, ladies first.

Hot Stuff points to Christian. Christian narrows his eyes at Mark and shakes a finger in his direction.

Christian: Don't think I didn't get that dig.

Hot Stuff makes a face that practically screams "Duh!" but Christian opts to ignore it (for now).

Christian: But the names of the twelve Bombshells competing for a spot in the main events of December 2 Dismember IV are... Roxi Johnson! Keira Fisher-Johnson! Christina Rose! Alice Knight! Bobbie Dahl! Jessie Salco! Sierra Williams! Bella Madison! Andrea Hernandez! Samantha Marlowe! Seleana Zdunich! And Mercedes Vargas!

The crowd cheer as Christian looks towards Hot Stuff.

HS: I can see why you had a tough time getting down to ten, but I managed to do that. Let's not get fancy about it, five of Bulldog Bill Barnhart, Caleb Storms, Ben Jordan, Mark Cross, Stephen Callaway, Austin James Mercer, Griffin Hawkins, Lachlan Kane and if we can get his arse back from Iceland, Fenris, will all be part of the qualifying matches to see who makes it to face off against the champion.

Christian: That's only nine.

HS: I know, I mean I know I've been talking about Vinnie as champion right now, but Vinnie may not be the champion at the end of the night, we could be looking at Alex Jones as champion, so I don't know who my tenth name will be, because I don't know who the champion is, but I'm pretty sure you guys can work out my tenth is either Senor Vinnie or Alex Jones, right?

Hot Stuff looks around the crowd, who cheer loudly.

HS: See, they knew.

Christian shakes his head with a sneer.

Christian: Don't act so proud for them. These people debate whether it's macaroni and cheese or cheese and macaroni!

The crowd boos and Christian looks out to them with a frown.

Christian: Yeah, I feel the same!

He looks to Hot Stuff then inquisitively.

Christian: Can I go now?

HS: Yes, please! The longer you're out here, the worse our ratings get!

Christian puckers his lips at Hot Stuff and exits the ring to "Unbelievable" as Mark looks out to the fans and can only shake his head.

Simone: What a historic announcement! December 15! Las Vegas, Nevada! December 2 Dismember IV! Two Six Pack Survival matches for the World Championships of Sin City Wrestling!

Adams: And the qualifying matches begin next week!

Justin: Our second match for this evening is Standard Rules with one fall for the win. First to make their way to the ring, from York, England, at five feet five inches and one hundred twenty-six pounds, please give a warm welcome to APPLE COREN!!!

Bad Girl by Avril Lavigne begins to fill the venue as Apple Coren exits from the backstage area. She walks across the landing and stops before the ramp. She looks around at the fans for attention but the Tucson fans are giving her a mixed reaction. Apple then starts to walk down the ramp toward the ring matching her walk to the beat of the song. Apple climbs the turnbuckle and sits there to taunt the fans as she checks a hand mirror she pulled from a pocket of the blue leather jacket she is wearing. The referee moves to tell her to come down off the turnbuckle which she does slowly with a sneer before leaning back into the corner to wait for the start of the match.

Justin: The next wrestler to make their way to the ring, from Malibu Beach, California, at five feet six inches and one hundred twenty-five pounds, please give a warm welcome to CANDY!!!

The lights dim as pink fog starts to take over the entrance ramp. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard hits the speakers as the lights brighten up. Pink pyros begin to cascade down from the Tron as Candy comes bouncing out holding Fluffy. She kisses her then places Fluffy on the landing. Fluffy flits around as Candy skips across the landing, down the ramp, and to the ring. She picks Fluffy up an hand the dog off to a ring attendant before getting in the ring and bouncing around some more as the crowd gives a favorable reaction to her.

Adams: I like Candy and as a new person to Sin City Wrestling I feel she will bring some reality and dignity to the Federation.

Simone: Apple Coren is going to destroy her.

Adams: She seems to be accomplished in the sport and, after all, she is from Malibu.

Simone: I can already think of a dozen air head jokes about people from Malibu.

Referee Drew Patton calls the two wrestlers to join him in the middle of the ring where he checks them to ensure they do not have foreign objects or foreign substances on them. Satisfied both are clean Patton motions to the Timekeeper for the bell.


Apple and Candy start trading blows with Coren getting the upper hand early. She knees Candy in the midsection and when Candy bends over from the blow she hits her with a knee to the face which caused Candy to become upright again. Apple throws a few elbow smashes to the chest of Candy and then she runs across the ring, rebounds off the ropes, and charges Candy in what appears to be a tackle. Candy sees is coming and she side-steps the attempted tackle which causes Apple Coren to fly through the ropes and onto the arena floor. Drew Patton orders Candy to stay back so as not to interfere with his count on Coren on the outside of the ring.



Adams: You said Apple Coren was going to destroy Candy but she has to catch her first.

Simone: This match just started. Do not get your hopes up.

Coren is on her feet and she is walking toward the ring steps. She reaches the steps and walks up the steps and then along the ring apron.



Apple steps through the ropes to return inside the ring. Candy approaches and Coren steps back onto the ring apron and complains to the Referee that she is being confronted before she was legally back inside the ring. Referee Patton reprimands Candy for the move and orders her to remain back until Apple Coren is back inside the ring and he motions for the action to continue. Candy steps back a distance and Coren returns inside the ring maneuvering to a corner where she leans back into the corner.

Adams: Why would Apple Coren get back into the ring and then back herself into a corner? That appears to be a defensive move and it gives the indication she is worried about the assaults from Candy.

Simone: Apparently you have not heard the term that a lot of times a great defense is a great offense. Apple is not a newbie to the sport of wrestling so she knows what she is doing.

Candy, seeing Apple in the corner, charges into the corner to launch an assault on Coren. Apple dived out of the corner at the last moment causing Candy to hit the corner hard and when she rebounds back from the corner she is pulled down and rolled up into a pin by Apple Coren.



Candy manages to get a shoulder up to break the count at two. Apple is upset she did not get the pinfall and she lets Referee Drew Patton know she is upset over his count. Patton shrugs off the insult as Apple decides to turn Candy over and place her in a Boston Crab. She leans back applying pressure to the lower back of Candy. Referee Patton steps in to ask Candy if she wants to submit and she says NO so the match continues. Candy claws at the mat, and gets on her hands to crawl, toward the ropes to cause a break. Apple is trying hard to keep Candy from reaching the ropes but she cannot and Candy grabs the ropes and Drew Patton demands a break from Coren. Apple releases the hold but decides to land a stomp to the lower back of Candy before she backs off. This causes Referee Patton to get in the face of Apple and issue a stern warning that if she violates the rules one more time he will issue a disqualification on her.

Adams: Now Apple Coren is doubting the officiating abilities of the Referee and insulting him on threatening her with a disqualification for violating the rules.

Simone: She knows how far she can go without getting disqualified.

When Referee Patton turns around to face Candy he is grabbed by the shoulder by Apple Coren so he spins around and gets in her face about touching him while he is officiating a match. Coren is so livid she does not care that she is verbally assaulting the Referee. Apple is so involved in arguing with Drew Patton she does not realize that Candy has maneuvered behind her and is ready to attack. The Referee sees Candy behind Apple but he does not say anything. Candy walks up and taps Apple on the shoulder and Coren shrugs it off and continues arguing with the Referee. Again Candy taps Apple on the shoulder and still Apple stays focused on the Referee.

Adams: This is the type of behavior that loses matches for wrestlers.

Simone: Do not put the cart before the horse.

Candy spins Apple around to face her. The look at the face of Coren is one of surprise as she did not know Candy was behind her. She throws a punch at Candy and the blow is blocked. Candy knees Apple in the midsection and when she bends over she hits her with a quick DDT driving the head of Apple hard into the mat. Candy drags Coren to her feet. She lashes out with a kick attempt but Candy grabs her leg then hits Apple with an Enziguri. Candy is quick to get to her feet and then she drags Apple to her feet and hits her with her Death by Chocolate Mick Kick. Coren drops to the mat and Candy places her into a pin and she hooks both legs.




Adams: Those series of kicks to Candy dropped Coren like, well you know, like an apple from the tree.

Simone:> That joke is so lame it deserves to have a handicapped parking permit.

Referee Patton calls for the bell and Candy gets off Coren and she dances around the ring to celebrate her victory. She does not remain in the ring but exits the ring and grabs her dog and starts dancing around at ringside while the crowd celebrates her victory.


Justin: Here is your winner of this match, by pinfall, CANDY!!!

Candy dances and skips up the ramp and returns into the backstage area. When our attention is returned to the ring we see Referee Drew Patton informing Apple Coren she lost the match to Candy. Coren slams her fists on the mat before she exits the ring an slowly makes her way to the backstage area to a mostly negative reaction from the crowd.

Bobbie Dahl and Artie are seen backstage, standing close to one another and deep in a conversation the camera can't quite pick up on. Bobbie whispers something to Artie and his eyes go a little wide and Bobbie grins. The camera pans back a few seconds later to see Pussy Willow approaching them, a friendly smile on her face.

Pussy: Well it's about time. Look at the two of you. Looking happier than ever before.

Bobbie turns and looks at Pussy, almost angry for a moment, but she puts a smile on her face.

Bobbie: And look at you, being all sneaky trying to eavesdrop on private conversations! But hello to you, too, Pussy!

Pussy looks taken back for a moment, but thinks nothing of it. Artie just smiles awkwardly and waves to Pussy.

Pussy: Apologies. I was actually hoping to get a few words with you on the fallout from High Stakes IX. You haven't really said much since the show.

Bobbie looks confused.

Bobbie: Fallout? What fallout exactly, Pussy?!

Pussy: Well. You lost, again, to Sam Marlowe. That makes three times in a row, and two straight Roulette Championship opportunities you've failed to capitalize on. Everyone saw how difficult you-

Bobbie holds up her hand, silencing Pussy almost immediately. Artie looks down at the floor, trying to keep his eyes off of Pussy's ample assets.

Bobbie: For your information, I haven't really bothered to think about that until just now! I've been trying to enjoy the last couple weeks with my little cutie here, Artie, instead of focusing on what I didn't win at High Stakes, but I'll tell you what. If you all are so interested in hearing about how I'm feeling and where I'm going from here, I'll address everyone in the ring, personally! C'mon, Artie, let's go!

Bobbie takes Artie by the hand and then drags him away. Pussy stands by, highly confused, but shrugs as the camera cuts away.

The camera then catches a ringside shot of two graduates of the Gabriel and Odette Stevens training academy; Helluva Bottom Carter and Ariana Angelos of Sin City Underground! The crowd around both young rookies cheer and lean in toward them for poses as they smile and wave to the camera before Carter wraps his arms around Ariana for a cuddle.

Justin Decent climbs the ring steps and slides into the ring where he brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin:The following match is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...from Toronto Canada...Amelia Hogan!

"Painless" by Fozzy plays throughout the arena as Amelia Hogan comes through the top of the crowd and waves to everyone. She runs down slapping the hands of any fan wanting one. She rolls into the ring and waves to the fans again before awaiting her opponent to join her inside the ring.

Justin: And her opponent,

Hollywood Undead's "Day Of The Dead" begins to play and the crowd hushes as they turn their attention towards the stage. The curtains fly open and the first to appear is Anthrax who is riding -- a child's tricycle!? And HE is pulling behind him, riding in a litle red wagon, the violently psychotic tandem of the Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, known collectively as Heavy Metal Mania.

Adams: Just in time for Halloween...the lunatics of the Asylum.

Simone: Tonight rookie Amelia Hogan is facing Iron Maiden and I am not in any way jealous of her at the moment.

Justin: Introducing from the Asylum! Accompanied by Twisted Sister and Anthrax, Iron Maiden!

The fans stare with wide eyed awe at these lunatics as they arrive at ringside. The two women shriek at the top of their lungs and laugh as they are herded by the 'good doctor' from their ride and towards the ring. The women screech and lunge at the fans, causing the crowd to jump back, before the finally roll into the ring. Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden run around the ring, hitting the ropes and the corner, screaming and laughing while Anthrax flops onto his chest and stomach, chin on his curled fingers while he kicks his legs idly and watches the opposition.

Simone: If I was in Amelia's shoes, I would be worried about those others on the outside.

Adams: From your mouth to her ears Belinda. But time for worry has just hit because there is the bell.


Both Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden rush toward Amelia with bad intentions but the referee stops them as Amelia throws herself out of the ring to safety. The Heavy Metal Maniacs are looking at the referee who is motioning for Twisted Sister to leave the ring. Shaking her head, Twisted makes her way towards Amelia again but the referee gets in front of her once more, warning her that she needs to get out of the ring asap so the match can start. Angrily she pouts and heads towards Anthrax and drops in the corner to roll out of the ring. The referee motions for Amelia to get back into the ring where Iron Maiden is waiting for her, her hands curling in invite before she rushes to the ropes and sits on the middle rope to hold it open for Hogan who slides through them warily. Once she is inside the ring, Iron Maiden claps her hands in glee before steamrolling over Amelia with a clothesline. Amelia rolls to the ropes as Iron Maiden comes over to offer her a hand to rise. Amelia shakes her head as the referee moves to push Iron Maiden back that allows Amelia to get to her feet.

Adams: I don't think that Iron Maiden has any idea that she is in a match that means that she is the opponent of Amelia when she is offering to help her up. Unless she is crazy...crazy like a fox that is.

Amelia rises and the pair begin to circle in the middle of the ring before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up that sees Iron Maiden turn it into a headlock. Rubbing a knuckle along the head of Hogan, Maiden forces a scream of pain from her opponent before being launched into the ropes by Amelia who throws herself to the mat forcing the psycho to leap over her. Getting to her feet, Amelia catches a rebounding Maiden with an arm drag that she turns into an arm bar. Iron Maiden sits on the canvas bouncing slightly as she maniacally laughs. Rolling to her feet, Iron Maiden whips Amelia into the ropes and lowers her head. Amelia stops and uses a float over ddt on Maiden driving her head into the mat. Maiden rolls over and Amelia drops for a pin but Maiden turns it and the shoulders of Amelia are down for the one count before Iron Maiden actually rolls her back to the pin playfully. Amelia gets to her knees and backs away from Maiden, gets to her feet then pulls maiden to hers and whips her into the corner where she collapses to the mat. Following her in, Hogan hits a double knee drop on Iron Maiden as she sags in the corner. Pulling her to the middle of the ring, Amelia moves to the turnbuckle climbing them and attempting a somersault senton but Maiden rolls towards the turnbuckles and Amelia lands on the canvas to curl up in a fetal position clutching at her midsection.

Simone: Amelia had control of the match but went one move too many. That had to hurt.

Iron Maiden uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet then looks at the fans and plays up to the taunts and jeers as she imitates Hulk Hogan by calling on the fans to cheer then posing. When she turns around to see a slow rising Amelia, she rushes towards her and then grabbing her by the hair, whips her around the ring in a circle holding onto the handfuls of hair before releasing her to send her into the corner. Sagging in the corner, Amelia is barely able to cover her head as Iron Maiden comes into the corner and begins to maul the young woman. The referee comes in to break up the mauling and is surprised by a growling Iron Maiden who backs him off. But as she does, Amelia manages to grab a second wind and bounces off the ropes to hit a springboard hurricanrana on Maiden as she approaches once more.

Adams: I bet you that Iron Maiden wasn't expecting that.

Simone: Maybe not but it doesn't seem to have phased her at all. Is Iron Maiden laughing?

Amelia gets to her feet to see Maiden laying on the mat kicking and laughing as on the outside, Twisted Sister is clapping wildly and screaming at Maiden who nods finally and sits up. Amelia moves towards the seated woman and tries to lock on a wristlock as she fights to pull Maiden to her feet and whip her into the corner. Maiden reverses it and it is Amelia who is sent into the turnbuckles chest first and is sent sagging to her rear. Iron Maiden comes in and placing a knee on the throat of Hogan, is leaning in and enters a screaming match with Twisted Sister about the rest of the match. The referee is giving Maiden his five count and at four she releases Amelia and walks the referee out of the way as Twisted Sister grabs the leg of Hogan and pulls her out of the ring and whips her into the ringpost that spins her around and to the mat behind the referee's back.

Simone: That is cheating! The referee is going to need eyes in the back of his head if he is going to be able to watch both of these maniacs.

The referee moves to the ropes as Amelia slowly works her way to her feet and then using the ring apron manages to pull herself up to roll under the bottom rope and into the ring where Iron Maiden is waiting. Picking up Amelia, Iron Maiden lays her on the ropes then rushes the opposite side to bounce off the ropes and charges towards Amelia to deliver a clothesline. Hogan grabs the top rope and pulls it down sending Maiden to the outside. Iron Maiden rolls up against the barricade in a heap that has Twisted Sister running over to slap the face of Iron Maiden to get her revived. Inside the ring, Amelia is across the ring resting against the ropes to try to regain her breath. Iron Maiden gets to her feet and then shakes her head before rushing the ring and sliding under the ropes. Getting to her feet, Maiden is surprised by a pele kick from Hogan. Iron Maiden clutches at her head as Amelia quickly rolls her over and then rolls up Maiden on the mat. On the outside, Twisted Sister is slamming her fists on the apron as the referee drops to make the count.

Simone: Amelia Hogan going for the pin and Twisted Sister is not happy.


Adams: But I don't think that Iron Maiden is down for the count.


Adams: Told you so!

Getting her shoulder up, Iron Maiden breaks the count then forces Amelia to let the pin go. Amelia gets to her feet and then backs away as Maiden crawls to the corner to pull herself up by the turnbuckles. Hogan rushes in with a step up enziguri that has Maiden falling face first to the canvas once more. Clutching at her head, she is surprised as Amelia pulls her to the middle of the ring and locks on the Amelia lock. Twisted Sister gets on the apron and the referee has to move to tell her to get down as Iron Maiden screams in pain. Finally Twisted Sister drops to the floor and the referee moves to check on Maiden whose eyes are rolling up in her head as she finally taps out. Amelia releases the hold and rolls to her feet as the referee signals for the bell then holds her hand up in victory.

Adams: Amelia has submitted Iron Maiden! I never would have thought that psycho would tap.


Justin: The winner of the match, Amelia HOGAN!

Twisted Sister rushes the ring as Amelia celebrates. Hogan sees her coming and drops to the canvas to escape up the ramp as Anthrax checks on Iron Maiden.

Adams: Amelia Hogan wins her first SCW match and against one hell of an opponent.

Simone: She can only go up from here Jason.

Amelia continues to celebrate at the top of the ramp as her music plays.

Backstage, Sam Marlowe can be seen, the Bombshell Roulette title over her shoulder as she is wearing a Sam tee with a pair of dark denim jeans and cowboy boots. She turns at the sound of someone calling her name as Pussy Willow approaches with her hand behind her back.

Pussy Willow: Sam! I am so sorry that I forgot! I don't normally do that so I brought you something to make it up to you. Happy belated birthday to you!

Pulling the hand around, she reveals a small cupcake with a candle burning on it. Sam ducks her head with a small grin before looking back up at Pussy.

Sam Marlowe: Y'all shouldn't have Pussy. It ain't like I like getting older you know. Bsides, I already got a great birthday present from Mark Ward and Christian Underwood when they announced my name earlier tonight.

Pussy Willow: That is exciting too but cupcake...birthday...blow it out and make a wish?

Sam Marlowe: Oh yeah...

Sam closes her eyes and then appears to be thinking before they open once more and she sends a soft breath of air across the candle to blow it out.

Pussy Willow: So whatcha wish for?

Sam Marlowe: Now y'all know I can't tell ya that, then it won't come true.

With that, Sam takes the cupcake and with a wave and smile walks off as she bites at the pastry leaving Pussy to watch her go.

We cut backstage to see Scott Oliver standing outside the dressing room of Bill Barnhart where he is about to conduct a pre-match interview session with Bill and Bea Barnhart. Bill and Bea are standing there waiting for the questions Scott has for them while Iris sniffs around in the hallway. Fortunately she cannot go far since Bea has a grasp on her leash.

Scott: How do you feel going into your match against Mark Cross the guy who handed you a loss in your debut match in Sin City Wrestling?

Bill: Fantastic!

Scott: What? Just a one-word response?

Bill: Yes.

Scott: So you feel you will defeat Mark Cross and you expect it to be an easy victory?

Bill: Absolutely!

Scott: So far this interview session is not going quite the way I expected it to go. Maybe I will ask questions of both you and Bea in hopes of receiving more detailed responses. Bea how do you feel going into this match with Bill facing an opponent who gave him a loss in his debut match in Sin City Wrestling?

Bea: Great!

Scott: Oh, no, not one-word responses from you also.

Bea: Yes.

Scott: Is there anything I can say, or any way to rephrase my questions, so that I can elicit more than a one-word response from you two?

Bill: No.

Bea: No.

Scott: I honestly have to give up on this interview. Hope your match goes well and your desires be fulfilled in your match.

Bill: Thanks.

Bea: Bye!

Bill and Bea turn to head down the hallway to get to the staging area to be ready to make their entrance for their match. Iris follows along as Bea pulls on her leash. Scott Oliver watches them disappear down the hallway as does he cameraman. When they turn and disappear around the corner Scott makes final comments.

Scott: In all my time as an interviewer I cannot remember a more bizarre interview session than the one I just had with Bill and Bea Barnhart.

The cameras pan back to ringside to focus on Adams and Simone who are trying to wrap their heads around what just happened before "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction slams over the personal address system and without any delay, the black curtains part and out runs Dani Weston. The SCW fans cheer out towards her.

Adams: It's Dani Weston.

Simone: This is such a lovely surprise.

Adams: We haven't seen her in months and the fans are going wild over her tonight.

She makes her way to the centre of the stage to wave towards the fans, before she starts to walk down the runway. Stopping to high five the fans along the way.

Adams: I wonder what she is doing here?

Simone: I'm sure she will tell us, soon. Let a girl get into the ring first.

She continues to smile out to the fans, before she makes her way over towards the ring. Sliding into it under the bottom rope, she leaps up to her feet to wave out to the people before her theme song slowly dies off the speaker system as Justin hands her a microphone. The fans start a slight Dani chant that brings a smile to her face.

Dani: Oh my god, it's been a minute.

The fans cheer towards her, welcoming her back to the ring.

Dani: So, its not news to any of you that I have been away from the ring, nursing an injury back to good health... it's also not breaking news that a month ago I was cleared to head back into the ring and start training again.

The crowd let off a pop of cheers.

Dani: However, I wanted to come out here tonight to give you alllll a little update.

Dani has a bright smile on her face.

Dani: Not only am I cleared to start training again, but as of this afternoon I was given the seal of approval to start competing again...

The fans shout out in approval, giving Dani a gush of satisfaction.

Dani: So, as of next week... at Climax Control Mark your calendars because it's time for this little girl to start her climb back up towards the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship.

The crowd burst into cheers.

Dani: I know it's going to be a hard slog to get back to the top but trust me, I've been down and out for so long that it will be worth the hard work... it will be worth the sleepless nights, the blood, sweat and tears because when it's all said and done the year twenty twenty is going to be MY year.

She smiles towards the fans before she wrapped this one up.

Dani: scratch that... twenty twenty is going to be OUR YEAR.

With that said and done, Dani dropped the microphone as One Direction blared over the PA system. The former champion left the ring to celebrate her good news with the fans at ring side.

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall....Introducing first

A white light flashes over the crowd that is almost blinding. It returns to a more tolerable brightness as "Feel Invincible" by Skillet begins to play through the arena. The crowd boos and gets louder when the announcer speaks up

Justin: On his way to the ring from Tulsa, Oklahoma he is 6'4" and weighed in this morning at 245lb. Representing The Church of The Good Shepherds he is Brother David Shepherd!

And the boos become louder. David walks out onto the stage, throwing his hands in the air, looking up. He nods his head and smiles when he goes back and forth across the stage. He holds His Holy Word in his hand as he comes to the center of the stage. He walks down the aisle as he continues to read. He sits it on the ring steps and jumps up onto the apron. He walks across the apron as he seeks His praise. He gets inside of the ring and bounces off of the ropes multiple times with high, angry energy as he waits for the match to start

As the lights in the arena cut to black, the speakers come to life with the sound of "You Ain't Ready" by Skillet. The lights begin to flash in an array of white and red as smoke fills the entrance stage. Strolling out to an overwhelming chorus of cheers, Lachlan Kane smiles out at the crowd and throws a couple of phantom punches before making his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way. He runs up the steel steps and bounces against the ropes on the outside of the ring on the apron's edge before stepping through the ropes into the centre of the ring. He grins again before throwing his hands up to the deafening roar of the crowd. As his music fades away, he takes off his jacket and hands it off to the ring announcer and throws a few more punches to ready himself.

Justin: Now standing in the ring, from Waterford Scotland he stands 5'11 and weighed in at 190 pounds, LACHLAN KANE


The bell rings and Lachlan turns running across the ring before leaping up and hitting the shotgun dropkick right to Davids chest sending the bigger man back and out between the ropes to the floor.

Adams: WHOA, What a start!. Lachlan Kane has said he needs to restart and show that more aggressive side.

Simone: Lachlan was on the verge of superstardom. He was close to becoming the Roulette champion until he got distracted by the way with his brother.

Adams: People tend to forget he was one half of the mixed tag team champions.

David Shepherd stumbles around the outside of the ring, Lachlan hits the opposite ropes and throws himself over the top rope to the floor with a summersault plancha onto Shepherd, the fans start to cheer and a few try to get Lchlans attention but Lachlan ignores them and pulls David up running him into the barricade, Lachlan backs up and then sprints leaping off the steel steps hitting another dropkick to Shepherd outside the ring before having to slide back in and back out to break the count, he grabs a hold of David and rolls him back into the ring sliding up onto the apron grabbing the top rope, as David gets up Lachlan goes for a springboard crossbody, David though is able to catch Lachlan and slam him down with a scoop slam.

Simone: Impressive strength shown by David Shepherd, the rest of his family isn't here so he needs to show it. He's up here from SCU which of curse is a company we are closely affiliated with.

Adams: Styles make fights. And Lachlan is a fast moving high flying athlete with David Shepherd being taller and stronger but nowhere near as fast. For Lachlan to win he needs to hit and move, strike and run...he can't let himself get caught

Simone: Like he just did?

Adams: Yes...

Shepherd shakes off the attacks from Lachlan who holds his back and starts to get up, David grab Lachlan and hits a german suplex, he rolls his hips and hits a second then his third driving Lachlan on the back of his neck and head releasing the hold, Shepherd then calls for the ray of light, Lachlan starts to pull himself up and David goes for it, Lachlan shoves David Shepherd forward and away, Shepherd turns and Lachlan grabs him hitting a few european uppercuts before whipping David across the ring, he then leaps up hitting a calf kick sending Shepherd down, Lachlan slides over and hooks the leg.



David Shepherd kicks out. Lachlan shakes his head and creates some distance between them, David gets to his feet and Lachlan hits the slingblade, David goes down right into position for the double foot stomp. Lachlan looks around and the fans start to get riled up.

Simone: We've seen that look before

Adams: Lachlan might be looking to end this

Lachlan climbs to the top rope and measures David Shepherd up, he leaps off for the stomp but Shepherd is able to roll away, Lachlan lands on his feet and seems to tweak his knee, David Shepherd uses the opportunity to hit a devastating spear turning Lachlan inside out. Shepherd smiles and the crowd boos as he takes a moment to collect himself. He then is able to get a hold of Lachlan as Lach tries to get to hiss feet and sets up the irish grappler for the crucifix powerbomb, Shepherd holds Lachlan up and then throws him across the ring causing Lachlan to crash against the mat, Shepherd goes for the pin.



Lachlan kicks out, Shepherd gets angry and frustrated getting up and into the referee's face. This distraction allows Lachlan to get to his feet, Shepherd notices and goes for his ray of light again and again Lachlan avoids it, this time stepping back and sliding from the ring to the floor, Shepherd goes out and follows him, Lachlan moves and slides around the ring and back in the opposite side, as Shepherd slides in Lachlan comes flying from the side with a low dropkick to the ride of David Shepherds head stunning the bigger man. Lachlan pulls him up hooking his leg and goes for his lifting ddt, but Shepherd plants his feet and blocks it before grabbing Lachlan and throwing him up and overhead with a backbody drop.

Adams: David Shepherd just showed the huge advantage he has over Lachlan with that power...

Simone: Lachlan thought he would be able to his his Dying breed, but David was too aware and honestly he's so much bigger than Lachlan

Shepherd stays in control and hits a few hard right hands to the top of Lachlans head, over and over, but Lachlan fights his way up with a few shots to David's stomach, Kane turns and hits the ropes but he runs right into a stiff lariat from Shepherd who again turns the popular wrestler inside out and face first to the floor. A "let's go Lachlan" chant starting as Shepherd looks around and tells the fans to shut up, Lachlan shakes his head as Shepherd grabs him by the hair pulling him to his feet. Shepherd hits a powerbomb on Lachlan but keeps his hands locked, he then lifts him back up with impressive power, turns Lachlan around in the air into a firemans carry position and drops back with a samoan drop, David pins again.



Lachlan kicks out and this causes David Shepherd to get to hi9s feet and stomp around the ring in anger unable to put Lachlan away, Lachlan pulls himself up in the corner and Shepherd runs in with a head of steam, Lachlan grabs the top rope, slides to the apron and is able to hit a step up gamenguri to Shepherds face as he crashes in. Shepherd stumbles back and Lachlan springboards off with a huge clothesline sending him down.

Adams: This may have been a huge misstep by Shepherd.

Simone: It's allowed Lachlan to regain control, you don't want Lachlan able to move and quicken the pace of the match...

Lachlan calls for Shepherd to get up, he spins and hits a corkscrew roundhouse connecting with the bigger man sending him down, Lachlan is able to pop to his feet and climb to the top rope, he looks down at David and leaps off hitting the Lach down!, he connects and hooks a leg.





Justin: The winner of the match, Lachlan Kane!

Simone: That's two wins out of the last two matches for Lachlan Kane!

Adams: And with that big announcement earlier tonight, you gotta think Lachlan will be one of the faves to make it to the six way match at December 2 Dismember IV!

We are taken backstage to the Tucson Arena where the camera focusses on Faith "The Future" Simpson, an independent booking the night before leaving her in town to see her mentor duke it out against "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart later in the evening. She is casually chatting away to one of the ring technicians when she's nearly knocked flying by Andy, his accountant, who comes skidding to a halt in front of them.

Tech: Is the Dragon bringing his whole entourage with him now, what the hell man?

The ring tech throws his hands up in the air, turns on his heels, and leaves. Andy has clearly been running for some time and is visibly out of breath, his hands resting on his knees.

Andy: Faith...I'm so made it...I need...your help...

Faith: Sure thing Andy, is Mark OK?

Andy: He...will be...with your help..ugh I need to hit the gym...

Faith rests her hand lightly on Andy's shoulder.

Faith: Don't die on me now buddy! What do you need?

Andy: Matilda's here - I need you to keep her away from Mark before his match...and before I can get him out of here...

As the air starts to return to Andy's lungs he pushes himself back up to standing, his hands now resting on the small of his back.

Faith: YAY MATILDA!! Wait, why is she here? And why can't she see Mark?

Andy: Because she's here to cause trouble...I tried to get them back together and it backfired...

Faith: You did WHAT? I adored Matilda, we still Skype sometimes, but...why!?!

Andy: I just thought she was going to be stability for Mark after his career took an upturn - I was wrong. She's going to ruin everything. Look, I know you've always been great at staying well clear of his personal life...

Faith: Damn right I have!

Andy: I'm going to need some lessons in that...and he shouldn't have to suffer before I get the chance to fix this. Please Faith!

Faith looks at the floor for a few seconds, thinking it over. Her leg kicks out at a folding chair just at the edge of the screen, which makes Andy jump as the chair clatters away out of the frame and down the corridor.

Faith: Fine. Where is she now?

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

Simone: We expected to see Ben Jordan take on Fenris at High Stakes IX but the match never happened.

Adams: We've been trying to find out what happened for two weeks, but no one has said a word, tonight we hear that Ben is gonna let us in on everything.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a silver suit and light blue shirt. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

Justin: Making his way down the aisle, please welcome Ben Jordan!

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising his hands. He quickly jumps down and moves towards the center of the ring, as Justin hands him a microphone and the music fades.

Ben: Alright people!

Ben listens for the cheer and waits for it to die down.

Ben: I guess I got a little explaining to do and I sat back there thinking about how to word it all and sugarcoat it, but I ain't gonna do that. You're no mugs, you know that a lot goes on behind those curtains that you're not meant to know but with the internet these days, you know a lot more than most of the people behind that curtain.

Ben points up the entrance ramp to the curtain.

Ben: So I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, so you can tweet me and tell me the internet has told you differently, I'm gonna tell you direct from the horses mouth why you were promised a match thatt didn't happen and it's all surrounds one man that you won't see in an SCW ring again, Ty West.

Ben grits his teeth.

Simone: What's Ty West got to do with anything?

Ben: I shouldn't mention his name, because I ain't wanting to give him some unearned exposure here, but he is the reason you never got to see me and Fenris rip it up for you at High Stakes IX.

Ben runs his hand across his chin.

Ben: If you saw Ty West's promo, you saw that his little friend Effie Bingham had some things to say about me. Now, it might flash up on your screen that it's...

Ben air quotes the next two words.

Ben: "Off camera" but nothing is ever off camera or you wouldn't see it. It's not how this game works, everyone sees and hears everything, accept it and stop moaning about it.

Ben looks at the camera holding up four fingers.

Ben: Forth wall broken.

He smiles.

Ben: So it didn't take long before the messages started flooding to me to say Effie Bingham accused me of faking cancer. I mean how low can you swoop to try and make yourself look important?

The fans boo at the reminder of what was said.

Ben: The woman is lower than a snakes bollocks for that and the fact that SCW let that rubbish air frankly pissed me off.

Adams: Wow! Ben said a swear word, he never says that.

Ben: But it didn't only piss me off, it pissed off two men backstage that happen to own this company, and I went to them and I told them I couldn't work for a place that allowed gutter trash like Effie Bingham on their screens. I mean take away from the fact that Ty West used every other character known to man in his promos because he wasn't that interesting, Effie Bingham was and is the most vile person he could have had on his time to see a match with someone who wasn't me. So I told them that I couldn't work for a place that would allow that load of old bollocks on their screen and that was that. I was done. I know SCW had some crazy characters over the years but that took the piss. Allowing that on the screens was the last straw.

Ben shakes his head.

Ben: Little miss failed marriage who had to run to SCU cause she couldn't cut it in SCW being in that promo, spewing nothing but lies robbed you off that match there and then, until a couple of days later, I got a call from Mark Ward. The convo went a bit like this. "Ben, it's Mark...." And I hung up. I didn't want to deal with that. Then I got a call from Christian starting "Don't hang up..." and he explained to me that Effie Bingham will no longer be allowed on SCW screens, he said sorry for her actions, and said that he knew it wasn't bullshit, he'd seen the medical records and he would not tollerate that, asked me to reconsider the match and I did, it was on again.

The fans cheer.

Ben: But the problem was that person who is to blame for this had to stop it again. Now I'm not gonna tell you what happened with Ty and Fenris for two reasons, one, that's not my story to tell, and two, I don't know what happened there to be honest, but Ty was Ty, Fenris had gone back to Iceland and the match was off again.

The fans now boo.

Ben: Pretty much because Ty West was basically jealous of Fenris having friends that wasn't his friends. He was great with the likes of Bobbie Dahl for example, because she was a friend of both, but heaven forbid Fenris has a friend that didn't wanna be your friend, cause the lets get our friends to accuse them of stuff side kicks in. Fact is, I couldn't be Ty's friend, because frankly, he was a little bitch.

The crowd cheer loudly.

Simone: I really hope Despy isn't around with his swear jar.

Ben: I'm a cockney, we have banter, we rib each other in good fun and when you get offended being called lover boy.... You ain't my kinda people, but there's the truth ladies and gentlemen, Ty West cost you the match you wanted to see.

The crowd boo loudly as Ben shrugs, but Ben raises a finger.

Ben: But the thing is, Ty West isn't part of SCW anymore, I am until the end of the year at least, and Fenris, although MIA, his contract is still binding judging by what Mark Ward said earlier. Clearly, the staff thought better to have a guy who has spent the best part of his career here, and the guy who held the World championship for the most part of last year, was more valuable than a two time failure when it comes to the top belt, who used his friends in promos more than himself, and decided to get rid of the cause of SCW drama, rather than people less generic and worth a damn, so I think it's time to pay you all back for being patient.

Ben turns his head to look in to the camera.

Ben: Now I know Mark Ward and Christian Underwood announced at the top of the show that many people are getting their chance to be in the big matches at the next supercard and Fenris and I have a chance to qualify for that, but...

Ben taps the camera.

Ben: I know you're at home watching this Fenris and if you're not, I'm sure that as soon as people hear this, your phone is gonna be blowing up like crazy. A while ago, you played me and called me out, I don't wanna play you, so I'm making this clear Fenris in plain Icelandic - Berjist vio mig.... I seriously hope I got that right, been practicing that all day but for the one's who don't understand that, it simple means, fight me. I don't know if it will be at the next supercard, or the one after Fenris, I'm calling you out to face me one on one. Me against you, not the potential of four other men in the ring, one on one.

The crowd cheer.

Ben: Now I know you're sitting at home in Iceland, but I also know that if I tell the fans to do this, they will.... Ladies and gents, get out your phones now and load up your Twitter and tweet @FenrisMMA and tell him he has one hour, just one hour to get back to me, or I'm getting on a plane and heading to Iceland for a cup of tea and a chat. Go on, have at it.

Ben looks around the crowd, watching people pull out their phone, furiously tapping things in to their keypads.

Ben: Well people, I'm gonna leave you to do your thing, thank you for having a listen, you now know the real reason things never happened, but I am pretty sure they will happen in the future.

Ben nods to the crowd.

Ben: Laters people.

Simone: Well, that makes it all a lot clearer and frankly, I understand why Ben decided he couldn't be here.

Adams: I'm just glad he came back and there's a chance we could see Fenris take on Ben Jordan.

Simone: But could it be for more than just pride?

Bobbie and Artie are once again seen backstage, this time standing near a monitor. Bobbie is leaning against the wall with her arms folded. Artie stands just beside her with a confused look on his face.

Artie: Are we just going to stand here the rest of the night? I thought you wanted to go out to the ring??

Bobbie: Oh, we will! I just...need a few minutes!

Something is obviously on her mind, but Artie simply shrugs and leaves her be. A few moments later, Bobbie's head shoots up and she looks off in front of her. The camera pans back just as Dani Weston approaches them, a bright smile on her face.

Dani: Oh, hey Bobs! Hey Artie! So good to see you guys again...and together!

Artie waves to her.

Artie: Hi Dani.

Bobbie: Hey, girl!! Good to see you again, too! I saw what you said a little while ago. Finally cleared to return, huh?!

Dani smiles and nods.

Dani: Yes! It feels great, too. I'm really looking forw--

Before Dani can even finish that sentence, Bobbie grabs her by her hair and tosses her into the wall opposite them! Dani's shoulder takes the brunt of the hit as she bounces off the wall, and it pops!

Simone: What the...?! Bobbie just attacked Dani Weston for no reason!

Adams: Poor Dani looks to be hurting now...

She falls down to the floor, now holding her shoulder as Artie turns and looks at Bobbie, a shocked confusion written all over his face! Bobbie, meanwhile, keeps smiling as she looks down at Dani.

Bobbie: C'mon, Artie! We can head to the ring now!

Artie looks up as Bobbie walks away. He wants to stay and help Dani, but Bobbie calls after him again.

Bobbie: Artie!!

Artie: I...I'm sorry, Dani...

Artie rushes off to catch up to Bobbie as the camera focuses on Dani still holding and favoring her shoulder with a pained look on her face.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


Simone: ..... Don't. You ever.. Do that. AGAIN!

Adams: .... sorry

Justin: From Canterbury, England, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 225lb, he is... Mark "The Dragon" Crrrrrrrrrosssssss!!!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Never Again" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

Simone: This is a rematch of sorts. These two met once before during Bill Barnhart's SCW debut and Mark Cross did come out ahead.

Adams: And mark won the big Fatal Fourway at High Stakes IX.

Simone: We'll see if he can keep his momentum going.

Raise Your Glass by Pink hits the speakers and we see Bill Barnhart walk out from the backstage area holding a pink glass chalice in his hand. He is followed by his wife and Manager, Bea Barnhart, who is leading their English Bulldog Iris by a pink leash attached to her pink diamond-studded collar. When the song comes to the lyrics RAISE YOUR GLASS Bill Barnhart raises the chalice into the air. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Barnhart.

Justin: His opponent is accompanied by Bea Barnhart and Iris! From Lawrenceville, Georgia, weighing 240 pounds -- "the Bulldog" Bill Barnhart!

The three make their way to the ring where Bill hands the chalice to Bea so she can keep watch on it until the match is over. Bill enters the ring then walks around the ring playing the crowd before settling into a corner.

Adams: Bill there came closer than anyone to beating Griffin Hawkins for the Roulette title at High Stakes IX!

Simone: And he'd like nothing more than to get another chance to show the younger roster just who is in charge of the SCW superstars!

Jasmine calls for the bell!


The bell rings and the veteran "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart takes immediate charge of the match as he rushes forward and plows right into Cross, driving him hard back into the far corner! With Cross pinned in, Bill drives his shoulder into Cross's ribcage over and over until Jasmine finally manages to relieve him of the fast attack or else risk disqualification! "Bulldog" breaks only long enough to appease the official before he pulls him from out of the corner and Irish whips him into the ropes at high speed and clotheslines him!

Adams: Whoa! "Bulldog" sent Cross into a tailspin!

"Bulldog" goes for an early cover!


Mark Cross kicks out!

Simone: No way!! Too soon and you need to do a lot more to keep Mark Cross down for the count! He's already proven that!

"Bulldog" pulls him up and punches him in the head twice, but Mark uses his arm to block the third strike and he answers back with an uppercut palm strike that surprises Barnhart, following up by doubling Bill over with a roundhouse kick to the mid-section! Mark goes for an Irish whip but "Bulldog" reverses it and tries another clothesline attempt but Mark catches his arm and takes him straight down to the mat in a Fujiwara armbar!

Adams: He can either get a submission from "Bulldog" pop that arm of Bill's right out of joint if he won't tap!

Simone: This is a reason why Mark Cross has been so successful! He is a brilliant 'strong style' artist!

Jasmine asks Bill if he wants to yield but the proud veteran refuses and stretches toward the ropes, extending his boot until finally he drapes it over the bottom rope, forcing a break! Mark reluctantly obliges as Bill holds his arm, the hold clearly done its damage. But the brave grappler fumes and charges his opponent, resulting in Mark armdragging him over! Bulldog pounds the canvas and gets up, only for Cross to hip toss him off of his feet and right into a knee strike to the head that sends Barnhart down to the canvas! Mark then pulls him up into a side headlock but "Bulldog" back suplexes him on his head!

Adams: More evidence to how tough Bulldog is! A shot like he just took and still had it in him to deliver that suplex to Mark!

Barnhart then throws him out of the ring and he then comes out and attacks him! Bill scoops him up and delivers a strong body slam to the hard floor of the TCC! Mark's back arches in pain, but Bill doesn't ease up as he pulls him right back to his feet, lifts him up a second time and drops him across the steel barricade!

Simone: Bill Barnhart showing everyone he does enjoy roughing his opponents up so they know who the 'big dog' is in SCW!

"Bulldog" then pulls him up and throws him back into the ring. "Bulldog" whips him into the ropes and spins on his feet, connecting with a discus lariat right flush in the throat! Mark goes down and "Bulldog" folds him in half in a jackknife cover!



Mark kicks out!

"Bulldog" picks the top contender upside down and drops him in a package piledriver! He makes another cover,



Mark again kicks out!

Simone: Mark's showing us just how resilient he is!

"Bulldog" pulls him down onto the mat in a rear chinlock and holds him down. Mark fights his way to his feet and "Bulldog" drives a knee into his stomach, before picking him up off of his feet and stomach breaks him. "Bulldog" then goes up top...

Simone: What the hell does he think he's doing?? "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart is not known for going up top!

Mark Cross then shows he is playing possum and kicks up and dropkicks Barnhart, sending him out to the floor!

Adams: Oh god! A man Bulldog's size... that was a nasty fall!

Mark climbs up top and flying bodypresses Bill, knocking him down hard to the floor and the back of "Bulldog"'s head strikes the guard railing!

Simone: Mark is making a comeback!

Mark gets behind "Bulldog" and shows off his own strength and back suplexes him on the hard concrete. Mark rolls Bill back into the ring and hits a knee strike into Bulldog's face, knocking him upward and right into a Judas Effect! Bill goes down like he was shot and mark collapses on top of him in the cover!



Cross kicks out!

Mark then lands a kick to "Bulldog"'s head and goes up top, sizes his man up and leaps for a frog splash but Cross brings his knees right up into Mark's stomach!

Adams: Now we may see what Mark Cross had for dinner at the buffet!

Simone: A sickening thought.

Bulldog pulls him immediately into an inside cradle!



Cross kicks out!

Mark rolls around on the mat, holding his stomach in agony when Bill sets him up for Snake Eyes but Mark fights his way out of it and lands on his feet behind "Bulldog" with a roll up cover!



"Bulldog" kicks out!

Mark backs "Bulldog" into the corner and starts to nail him with hard chops but "Bulldog" then turns it around by pulling him into the corner and starts to chop him across the sternum, leaving deep, red prints. Bill then starts pounding away with strong forearm blows that drives Mark Cross down in the corner on his backside! "Bulldog" pulls him up to his feet and Irish whips Mark out of the corner but Mark reverses it and "Bulldog" goes crashing into the far turnbuckle chest-first. As he staggers out backward, Mark springboards off of the ropes and delivers a kick to Barnhart, knocking him down! mark crawls over him and covers his opponent! Mark with the cover!



Simone: Bulldog kicks out!

Adams: We're talking about the same man that took two Wolf's Bane kicks from Fenris before he finally went down!

Mark Irish whips "Bulldog" into the ropes and leaps for a Hurricanrana but Bill catches him and the crafty veteran drives him straight down with a sit out powerbomb!



TH-NO! Mark kicks out!

Bill then stands over the fallen Cross and wraps his arms around his waistline and dead lifts him up and into a gut wrench suplex! Bill holds on, however, and turns the maneuver into a seated abdominal stretch!

Simone: "Bulldog" Barnhart knows his way around submissions as well as anyone!

But when it looks like Mark won't submit, Bill swings repeated clubbing forearms from behind into his sternum! "Bulldog" then whips Mark into the far corner and charges in but Mark brings his boot right up into Cross's face, knocking him back several steps! Mark shoves him away and Bill goes for a second charge but this time Mark catches him and lifts him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry and heaves him off -- and right into the Go 2 Sleep! Bill stumbles back, stunned and lights out, and Mark sets him up in a double underhook, lifts him upside down....

Adams: It's the Kettle Disaster.... no. The Karny Diss...

Simone: It's that move he does!

Adams: Yes! That!

Mark jackknifes him!





Justin: Here is your winner ... Mark Cross!

Siimone: Mark Cross with the win here in Tucson but good Lord did Bill Barnhart make him earn it!

Pussy Willow can be seen rushing towards a departing Apple Coren who reaches for the door of a vehicle that is idling there.

Pussy Willow: Apple...Apple, I was wondering if I could get your reaction to your...

Apple Coren: Don't say it Ms Willow. I am fully aware of my loss tonight and I would rather not talk about it considering that it was to a nobody like Candy.

She again tries to open the door as Pussy speaks up.

Pussy Willow: I have to ask then, you certainly don't have a winning record when it comes to SCW. Does this mean that you are...

Apple Coren: Ms Willow!

Pussy stops talking for a moment, surprised as Apple puts up a hand to interrupt her.

Apple Coren: What this means Ms Willow is that I am leaving tonight's Climax Control with the intent to prepare further for what I have planned. And before you ask, it is a secret so 'fraid I can't share what it is.

Before Pussy can pull the microphone back, Apple enters the car and slams the door in the face of Pussy allowing it to begin to leave the arena. Pussy waves her hand in front of her face as the exhaust surrounds her.

The camera cut to a shot of the SCW Mixed Tag Team Championships, the camera slowly moving backwards to show them sitting on a desk. The the camera gets wider, you can see the four members of London Underground. Daniel sits behind the desk, with Mackenzie to his left, Charlotte to his right and Osbourne standing directly behind him.

Daniel: We said we were gonna bring these things home and we did just that, we brought them back with us, as well as getting rid of Culture Shock in the process, pretty sure that made High Stakes IX one hell of a night.

Daniel nods his head firmly, his calm demenour filling the air.

Daniel: One might be in rehab for getting a nasty whack on the head, the other might be in a different kind of rehab but they ain't here anymore. Which reminds me, anyone think that Jack intentionally hurt himself because he didn't wanna be in the match?

Daniel looks at both women nodding.

Daniel: Bottle clearly went there, but to say it pissed me off that they happened to leave so early makes me wonder how much they paid the ref to let them go early.

Daniel shrugs.

Daniel: But the past is the past and these title belts are ours now, and it's time to look to the future, and see who is willing to step up for them. It can't have escaped your notice that we're very light on teams again, so we're calling for any of you to find yourself a partner and come on down to take us on, I don't care if you're a champion already, I don't care if you have the best or the worst record here, we're willing to let anyone have a go at these.

Daniel points to the championship belts.

Daniel: Going from the announcements earlier, there's gonna be a lot of disappointed people out there who just don't make it to the big matches at December 2 Dismember IV, so we're here to give you the chance to come get yourself a free shot at the best Tag Team that's ever walked in an SCW ring. I worked my bollocks off, Charley, Kenz and Os worked bloody hard to get you all to take an interest in this division, so I'm giving every wrestler in SCW the chance to keep the good work going, just do us one little favour.

Daniel raises his finger.

Daniel: Don't keep us waiting, we're fighting champs and will defend these belts in SCW, SCU or anywhere else for that matter. Step on up, cause we're willing to knock you down.

Daniel nods his head as the cameras cut elsewhere.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see Caleb Storms arriving backstage even though he isn't scheduled to compete tonight, behind him is Caleb's wife Katie and as they enter the arena Caleb is stopped by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Caleb: Go on ahead Katie, I'll catch up later.

Caleb informs his wife who nods before heading further into the arena.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Caleb, at High Stakes IX your winning streak was broken in the Fatal Four Way.......

Caleb: Sorry to interrupt Rocky but I don't remember getting pinned in that match! I was taken out for sure, but the official record says that Stephan Callaway was pinned by Mark Cross to win the match, myself and Jake Raab weren't pinned.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So, your saying that your winning streak is still alive?

Caleb: Alive and well! Hell, I almost joined Jessie in Vegas this week to compete in that Battle Royal but scheduling conflicts got in the way, I may not be competing tonight but next week, I want a match, simple as that! Anyone on the male roster, hell I'll even take on Fenris!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Really?

Caleb: Okay maybe not Fenris, I still have nightmares from that Lions Den Match! In any case, I want to keep this winning streak going and next week I'll do just that!

Caleb walks off as the scene fades.

"All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor starts to play on the sound system. A few moments into the lyrics, Bobbie and Artie burst through the curtain, hand-in-hand. Bobbie is still smiling and Artie, as supportive as he is of Bobbie, still has a concerned look on his face. The crowd boos, at least for Bobbie, but she either doesn't seem to notice, or simply doesn't care.

Simone: I have to wonder what Bobbie could possibly have to say for herself after what she did to Dani. Dani was all set to return to the ring next week, but that could all be up in the air now following that attack.

Adams: Considering the pop that I heard from that shoulder all the way at ringside...I'd say it's now cancelled!

Bobbie and Artie walk up the steel steps and into the ring as the fans continue to boo. Artie remains in the center of the ring as Bobbie heads over and grabs a mic from Justin, then returns to stand beside her man. She looks around the crowd and smiles as her music dies down. They, however, do not stop booing.

Bobbie: What's that I hear?! You all are booing me?! What for?! What did I ever do to any of you, other than put on entertaining matches week in and week out?!

More boos. Bobbie thinks for a moment before the light bulb goes off in her mind.

Bobbie: Ohhhh! I know! You all saw...and heard...poor little Dani's shoulder get thrown against the wall backstage, huh?!

Again more boos. Artie looks up and goes to say something to Bobbie, but she quickly continues speaking and he is left helpless.

Bobbie: I bet you all want an explanation, right?! You all want to know why I did that to Dani, considering she's done nothing to me, right? You want to know why?!

More boos but the crowd quiets down.

Simone: Hello, Captain Obvious. I'm sure Dani would like an explanation as well.

Bobbie: It's true. Dani hasn't done anything to me to deserve what I did back there. At least not...personally! You see, that was all business! Because Artie and I...we watched as she made her quick little speech out here, announcing to you all that she had been cleared to compete and would be doing so next week! But..

Adams: Why is there always a but?

Simone: Because that is just how things go, Jason.

Bobbie holds up her hand waving her index finger from side to side as she moves to her next point.

Bobbie: I just couldn't let that happen, because I know EXACTLY what would happen the minute she makes her return. Little miss Dani would get a World Bombshell Championship shot right off the bat! I've seen it happen before- hello, Roxi Johnson, anyone?! And I'm sure it'll happen again! Well, guess what?! I'm tired of it!!

Bobbie's smile suddenly fades and she turns serious and slightly angry. Artie takes a few steps back, giving her some space.

Bobbie: It's no secret that I've had two Bombshell Roulette Championship opportunities recently...and yeah, I've failed both, but do you people honestly even care?! No! Because for some reason you'd rather see the sickeningly sweet Samantha Marlowe continue to hold the title! Oh, don't mistake this for me quitting or me giving up, because that is NOT what I am doing. What I AM moving on to better things.

The crowd boos louder now and Bobbie grins.

Bobbie: You see, I'm better than the Roulette Championship! I don't need some rigged Roulette Wheel determine how I'm going to fight my matches..Yes, I said rigged. Funny how those stipulations change to some weird choices when it puts one person at a disadvantage, right? Oh, and FYI, I never tapped out to Samantha Marlowe at High Stakes, but moving on...

Simone: Boy, and I thought the heartbroken and lonely Bobbie was annoying to watch. Angry Bobbie? Sheesh...

Adams: This doesn't look good for the Bombshell roster!

Bobbie takes a minute to gather her words before bringing the mic back to her lips to speak.

Bobbie: I'll admit, after that last "loss" to Sammie Cakes...I didn't want to do it anymore. I wanted to leave. But you know what happened? I had a few people tell me, just be like Jessie Salco! She's lost how many title matches, but she doesn't give up!

Bobbie lets out a loud HA! and looks around the crowd.

Bobbie: Who the hell wants to be compared to or be more like Jessie Salco in any way shape or form?! So that got me to thinking real hard. Got me thinking that it was time for a change, because we all know Jessie Salco hasn't changed a bit. Her attitude, maybe, but in the ring? Still the same loser she's always been, but I'll be damned if that's gonna be me!

Bobbie grins as the crowd again boos her. She closes her eyes and soaks them in before opening them a few moments later.

Bobbie: So what I did to Dani was the start of that change! I don't care what I have to do or how long it takes me...I'm going to do whatever the bell I need to do to get what I want! I may need to keep a close eye on Andrea Hernandez, it seems. She may have beat me once, but word has it that her match against Alicia could have a big reward if she manages to beat her. SERIOUSLY?!

Bobbie's eyes narrow and she glares into the camera.

Bobbie: I have four straight wins...they put me in Roulette title contention. Little miss Andrea has four in a row and they're already talking World Bombshell title contention?! How the hell is that fair?!

Artie takes a step towards Bobbie, sensing her growing frustration, but she takes a step forward, putting the space right back between them.

Bobbie: Well, I'll be keeping a very close eye on this match coming up next, because I'm sick of being overlooked! I'm sick of busting my butt and people STILL thinking I'm the damn underdog! Things are about to change in the Bombshell Division and every damn one of those bitches backstage better take notice! It's nothing personal...Just damn business! Bad Bobbie is here, and she's here to stay!!

Bobbie then tosses the mic down. She turns around and takes Artie by the hand, leading him out of the ring and backstage as the crowd boos her loudly yet again.

Adams: Bad Bobbie...not good!!

Simone: Apparently Artie being gone was not the problem after all. And now Bobbie has put the entire Bombshell roster on notice...

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a non title match... introducing first. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia... she is the current SCW Bombshell champion.... Alicia Lukas.

"Wild Eyes" By Parkway drive hits as Alicia steps out with a black hoodie over her upper half with the hood up over her long blond hair. She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps before climbing the ropes on the outside, she flips the hood back before putting her arms out , she smiles at the crowd before leaping into the ring from the outside and taking off the hoodie.

Justin: And her opponent... hailing from Sedona, Arizona... Andrea Hernandez.

"Ultranumb" by Blue Stahli hits the venue's soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong cheers from the crowd. She she acknowledges the positive reaction that she's getting as she makes her way toward the ring, completely focused on the task at hand. She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, continuing to soak in the cheers she gets as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

The ref moves in and checks both women for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Hernandez and Lukas move and lock up in a collar and tie lock, where they jockey for position as Hernandez pushes that little bit harder and they jockey for position up against the ropes and continue up against the ropes, as Lukas drags herself and Hernandez to the centre of the ring and Lukas breaks away from the lock up and steps backwards. They both then circle the ring as they decide on the next move, which is that they both move back in and lock up but Lukas right away breaks the hold and grabs Hernandez's arm into an armbar and gives it a twist before bending Hernandez's wrist backwards forcing Hernandez down to the mat. While on the mat Hernandez adjusts herself releasing some of the pressure on her wrist and the armbar before climbing to her feet, which forces Lukas to her feet.

Simone: Good back and forth action here as Andrea Hernandez looks to score an upset in his match.

Adams: It would be a massive upset if Andrea beats Alicia here tonight, however, its only early exchanges and it could all change.

Lukas tries to return that pressure with a hard tweak, however, Hernandez has other ideas and brings her arm around behind her before lifting her foot up behind her and breaking some of Lukas' hold before grabbing Lukas' hand and goes for a reverse go behind wrapping her arms around Lukas' waist, which Lukas grapples at Hernandez's hands trying to break her grip. Pushing on Hernandez's hands, she breaks the hold and grabs one of Hernandez's hands and locks in a wrist lock, as Hernandez grimaces in pain, however, she thinks about her next move and brings her arm around her back, where she lowers herself down to the mat forcing Lukas down, she then rolls herself onto her back and breaking Lukas's hold and in turn counters and Hernandez climbs to her feet with Lukas' wrist in a wrist lock.

Adams: Neither woman is getting the upper hand int this match or even using their skill set to their advantage.

Simone: It's pretty much early exchanges and figuring out how each other work.

Lukas grimaces in pain herself, as she stands to her feet and proceeds to counter Hernandez's wrist lock by squatting down and bridging herself backwards before twisting and then kipping up, which forces Hernandez to adjust her grip, which gives Lukas an opening to counter again, however, Hernandez roly polys through again forcing Lukas to adjust but as Hernandez rolls through once more it breaks Lukas' hold and into a stalemate.

Simone: And stalemate.

Adams: It's building... just a matter of time.

Lukas and Hernandez nod at each other in appreciation as they circle the ring and adjust themselves before moving back in as Hernandez offers up a handshake, which Lukas looks at suspiciously as she hesitantly raises her hand up but Hernandez grabs Lukas' hand and drags her in and locks in a headlock, which Lukas quickly counters into a hammerlock and then into a headlock takedown, which Hernandez gets her legs up and around Lukas' head and into a head scissors.

Simone: Lukas and Hernandez show each other appreciation but that quickly sours and Hernandez looks to catch Lukas off guard.

With the head scissors locked in, Lukas takes a moment and begins to rocks her herself side to side before twisting herself into a kneeled position between Hernandez's knees before moving to her feet and moves away as Hernandez looks at Lukas bemused as Lukas smirks until Hernandez swipes Lukas' feet from underneath of her and goes for a pin...




Adams: Interesting escape from Alicia as she escape the head scissors, however, Andrea surprises Alicia and goes for a pin and gets a two count.

Lukas kicks out, as Hernandez quickly makes her way to her feet as Lukas sits on the mat a little stunned at the near fall. Hernandez grins and indicates that it was close, but Lukas says nothing, as Hernandez rushes Lukas and hits a couple of forearm shots, which Lukas trades some back and it breaks down at they begin to brawl as they trade forearm shots over and over until Lukas gets the upper hand as she hits several punches to Hernandez's body startling her before following up with a kick to the leg.

Simone: Lukas was quite surprised by that attempted pin, but she just gets on with things, as things break down and she and Hernandez brawl.

Hernandez holds her leg, as Lukas turns and bounces off the ropes and comes back at Hernandez with a high knee to her chest, which sends her to the mat. Lukas turns and grabs Hernandez and pulls her up, where she hits an uppercut, which Hernandez stumbles back into the ropes and Lukas follows up with a clothesline sending Hernandez out of the ring. Hernandez lands on the outside before stumbles backwards up against the guard barrier. Lukas turns to see where Hernandez is and turns and bounces off the ropes before diving through the middle rope for a suicide dive, but Hernandez moves at the last moment and Lukas hits the barrier hard.

Adams: Lukas gets the upper hand, as she unleashes a few MMA moves before catching Hernandez with a uppercut before sending her out of the ring.

Simone: Unfortunately, the suicide dive failed and Lukas crashes into the barrier.

Hernandez slumps down as she tries to shake off the uppercut and clotheslines, while Lukas lays on the mat catch her breath. The ref looks down on both and begins to count...




Hernandez is the first to move as she crawls towards the ring and grabs the ring apron, while Lukas slowly begins to move.

Simone: Hernandez is the first to move but if I was her, I would climb back in and have Alicia get counted out and win that way.




Hernandez pulls herself up to her feet and rolls herself into the ring and stops and hesitate for a moment before rolling back out and in turn breaking the count. Hernandez moves to where Lukas is and grabs her and pulls her up the hair and throws her back into the ring.



Adams: Hernandez thought about staying in the ring and allowing the ref to count Lukas out but she changed her mind.

Simone: perhaps not wanting to win that way and instead she wants to pin Lukas and prove something.

Hernandez follows close behind and rolls Lukas onto her back and goes for a pin...



Thr... kickout!

Simone: Hernandez gets a three count... I think that hesitate from Hernandez perhaps helped Lukas there to stay in the match.

Lukas kicks out, as Hernandez holds her face in shock as she looks at the ref and has a brief conversation about it but doesn't pursue it and she returns her focus to Lukas and she climbs on top of Lukas and begins to punch and hit forearms to the of Lukas as she tries to cover up with little success, as Hernandez climbs off Lukas, as she bends down and grabs Lukas by the hair and pulls her up to her feet, where she whips her into the corner and follows up with a splash. Hernandez pulls Lukas out from the corner as she leaps onto the ropes and hits a springboard bulldog.

Adams: Hernandez has Lukas on the ropes here. She is certainly making a point and a name for herself here.

Hernandez looks down at Lukas before positioning her away from the ropes a little as Hernandez turns and begins to climb the ropes as she looks to hit the Rise of the Phoenix, as she leaps off Lukas gets her knees up and Hernandez lands on Lukas' knee.

Simone: Hernandez looks to finish this but ends up crashing down ono Lukas' knee, which knocks the wind from her.

Hernandez rolls away holding her ribs, while Lukas holds her legs from the sudden impact of Hernandez's body. Stretching her legs, Lukas looks over to Hernandez and crawls over to her and goes for a pin...

Adams: It will certainly stop you dead, as Lukas tries to capitalise on this with a cheap pin.




Lukas shakes her head as she powers through the pain, as she stands to her feet and stands over Hernandez and she stomps on her a couple of time for payback, as she then grabs Hernandez by the hair and pulls her up and grabs her around the waste and hits a snap suplex. Hernandez arches her back, as Lukas grabs Hernandez once more and sits her up and proceeds to hit Muay Thai kicks to her back, Lukas stops and follows up with a knee to the back of the skull.

Simone: Lukas gets only a two count from that, as she goes to work on Hernandez with suplex and then unleashes some MMA moves to her.

Adams: That kick to the back of the skull was vicious.

Hernandez falls sideways holding her head. Lukas then grabs Hernandez and begins to set up and lock in the Lioness Bite (Gorilla lock, standing cloverleaf ankle lock). Hernandez, who is barely with it, doesn't bother try to fight and simply taps out from the pain.


Adams: Hernandez put up a brave fight but she is done.

Justin: Winner of this match via submission... Alicia Lukas.

Lukas' music hits over the p.a, as she releases the hold and raises her arms in victory.

Simone: Andrea's winnign streak comes to an end.

Adams: But she will get a chance to earn a shot at that Bombshell championship over the coming weeks as she now has to focus on qualifying for that huge supercard match.

The camera cuts to backstage where we find Bobbie watching a TV monitor, having just seen Alicia's win over Andrea. Artie is still in an awkward silence, and Bobbie grins.

Bobbie: About damn time. Maybe that'll finally bring little Miss Andrea down a damn notch! To the back of the line, honey!

Bobbie laughs and as she turns around she rolls her eyes. Pussy Willow has found them again, but Bobbie puts on her biggest(and most sarcastic) smile.

Bobbie: Pussy! Sweetie! Long time no see! Oh...wait...

She laughs but Pussy doesn't find the humor.

Pussy: Judging by your in ring rant just before Alicia and Andrea's match, I had a hunch you hadn't heard the announcement earlier. I thought I'd be the one to come break it to you...

Bobbie: Announcement? What announcement?!

Pussy Willow smiles.

Pussy: You're quest to the World Bombshell Championship might prove a little more challenging than your attempts at Roulette Championship, sweetie. You see, Alicia Lukas is going to have FIVE challengers at December 2 Dismember, and to be one of those five....Well..

Bobbie's eyes widen and she takes a step closer towards Pussy.

Bobbie: Are you KIDDING me?! How the hell are there even FIVE other women who deserve at shot at her?!

Pussy: Well...there aren't. Yet. There's going to be a bit of a tournament if you will. Twelve bombshells. Three singles and two triple threat matches. Want to face Alicia? Beat your opponent...or opponents.

Bobbie stands there fuming. Her fists are clenched at her side and she takes in a few deep breaths until she lets out a loud snarl and storms off. Pussy Willow smiles and then looks to Artie.

Pussy: What on earth has gotten into that woman? Besides you, of course...

Artie's cheeks go bright red, and he shrugs.

Artie: I...have no idea.

Artie then walks off to go find Bobbie. Once again leaving Pussy Willow standing there confused.

Simone: Before we get to more action...earlier this week, Ms.Rocky Mountains conducted a special face interview with the reigning and defending Roulette Champion, Griffin Hawkins at his home. Here's how it all went down!

We cut to what looks to be Ms. Rocky Mountains sitting in a chair as Griffin Hawkins is sitting on his couch, looking ready for the interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Griffin..I'd like to thank you for allowing us, the members of the SCW Universe into your home for this special interview.

Griffin: It's no problem, I'm always willing to speak to the people. I am not afraid to answer any hard hitting questions, fire away!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Griffin, you are without a doubt one of the most exciting athletes in Sin City Wrestling today. I don't think I've seen an athlete like you come down the pike in a long time..what is it that drives you?

Griffin: What drives me is my willingness to go out there and steal the show. And I know this may sound cocky...but no one can go out and electrify the crowd like I can. Before I go out there for a match...I ask myself what can I do tonight to make those people come out of their seats? What can I show these people that they haven't seen? What can I do to make sure that when the fans of SCW file out of the arena...the one thing that sticks in their mind is Griffin Hawkins? I just do what comes natural..whether it be a crazy entrance that lights up the arena..or a death defying match that will keep them talking for years to come. It doesn't matter if I am opening the card..or closing it. As long as the name Griffin Hawkins is on the marquee...the fans are in for the show of a lifetime. That is what drives me.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: It almost didn't were surprised to see you come back and be in the mix of things at Blaze of Glory VII in a Fatal Four Way Match between Alex Jones, Travis Levitt, Fenris and Jake were chosen to be the Special Guest Referee. Did you think you'd see yourself back here?

Griffin: To be As SCW went on its hiatus years ago, I wished everyone well and told them to keep doing what they are doing. In the last company I worked for..which shall remain nameless...certain people were handed things they didn't deserve..certain Champions were protected by higher ups from facing threats to their reign...things didn't work out for me there. Then I got a call from Christian Underwood at midnight..he told me he heard about how things are going with me, and offered me a chance to come back. It's and him did not get along the last time I was here..and it was surprising to hear from him. He told me despite the things that went down between us..he respected me, and he wants to see me back in Sin City. I told him I wanted to sleep on it and I'll get back to him in the morning..and 9:00 AM...we talked on the phone and he updated me on everything and told me the guys in SCW would love to have me back..I talked it over with my wife Taylor...and we both agreed that the time was right for me to come back. I boarded the plane to Las Vegas Nevada where I met Christian and Mark..and signed a brand new 5 year contract. Looking back..I can say it was the right decision.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: When you came back picked up right where you left off in your last title reign when you captured the Roulette Title for the first time ever. Course there were many whispers in the locker room from people such as Travis Levitt who said that the business had passed you if to say you're over the hill and you should retire..did that bother you?

Griffin: Not really. I get this every time I've gone to a new company. There's always jealousy among certain members...most times they are insecure that they are gonna lose their spot now that someone's coming back. But I didn't get upset. I'm not Jake Raab who goes to pieces whenever someone says something bad about him. I ignored all the haters and critics and continued on..having a dominant reign over the summer as Roulette Champion, even recapturing it for the second time. If anything I proved that I am not washed up, I'm not past my prime..I'm still kicking ass and winning titles everywhere I go. Anyone else who wants to test that theory...can step on up.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: One recent example is Teddy the past few months he had been trying to prove himself to SCW. Even making bold claims that he was better than you and he was here to replace you. It's obvious he was trying to make a name for himself at your expense.

Griffin: He's not the first...and he probably won't be the last. When you have worked hard, accomplishing things all around the're always gonna have people looking to knock you off your perch just so they can lay claim to taking out a big name. In the last few weeks he tried as hard as hell to make sure that I become nothing but a memory in SCW as he takes my spot...but as you can see, it didn't work. And Kate Steele can make all the excuses she wants saying if it weren't for Alice Knight, Teddy would still be Champion...that's bullshit. To an extent she did help, but it was only to make sure that she keeps her out of the match while I take care of Teddy. I'm the new Roulette Champion...and her and Teddy can't change that.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: But recently he said that he's been wanting to move on..wanting to put all the drama behind him after your upcoming tag match, do you believe him in the slightest bit?

Griffin: To be After his wife got exposed, suddenly we're supposed to believe he turned over a new leaf? That suddenly he's sorry for everything he and his wife ever done to me? I don't think so. I'm not stupid..and neither are the fans of SCW, or the members of the SCW locker room. I've thought about it...and I'm beginning to have second thoughts. I don't think a tag match is gonna settle things between us. See..he beat me for the title...I beat him right back, and took back my title, we both have a victory over one another..a rubber match needs to happen if he wants to move on.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Sounds to me you're asking for another crack at Teddy.

Griffin: You're damn right I am. He seems to think he can just walk away after all the bullshit he put me through..I don't think so. A mixed tag...that's not gonna settle things. What I one match. If he doesn't want another shot at my title, that's fine..I've already proven who the rightful champion between us is anyway. The gold won't be on the line. This match...I want it to be one on Alice at ringside, no Kate at ringside. Just on one in the ring. After that..that's it. So he can either be a man for once and accept my challenge so we can put this rivalry to an end once and for all, or he can do what he does best...and run from me. The ball is in his court.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Let's talk about things from here on out. You are no doubt one of the most decorated superstars in SCW history...Undefeated Internet Champion, Two Time Roulette Champion, 2019 Most Popular, you have quite the resume. But what does the future hold for Griffin Hawkins in SCW?

Griffin: Well, anyone who knows me, knows I strive to be the best, to be the man in the company. I have had quite a good 2019...won some titles and done things that people told me I'd never accomplish years ago. thing I want is to be the face of SCW. I want to be THE Guy. For that to happen...I have to become the World Heavyweight Champion. In the time I've been here, I never really had a shot at the gold, but I've been patient enough to wait my turn as others have their chance to run with the ball. I'm hoping to eventually have my shot at the World Champion one day...and whether it'd be Vinnie, Fenris, Alex, or Mercer...I want to have my one chance. But I'm not expecting it to be handed to me, I'm gonna work for it. Until then, I will continue to defend my Roulette Title against anyone who steps up..because this is what I was born to do.

The clip ends as we go back to ringside.

Adams: There is no doubt Griffin Hawkins is a very popular athlete in SCW and has done quite a lot...but him as World Heavyweight that possible?

Simone: You can never say never in SCW...especially when it comes to an athlete like Griffin Hawkins.

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the lights flashing across the arena.

Simone: Jessie emerged victorious over Christina Rose at High Stakes IX in a brutal Chamber of Extreme match and went on to compete in the Open Invitational Battle Royal on SCU Underground this past week!

Adams: Jessie was eventually eliminated by newcomer Ariana Angelos after Jessie had eliminated her and whilst Ariana has been quite active on Social Media since that match, same can't be said for Jessie.

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the Christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and takes the mic from Justin.

Jessie: Nineteen stitches, fuck knows how much blood I lost, and this is the thanks I get from management for shutting up Christina Rose? Left off the first Climax Control of the last Supercard period of the year and having to make a five hour car trip from my home in California to Las Vegas to compete in an Open Invitational Battle Royal hosted by SCU just so I wouldn't get bored this week? And for those who didn't watch this past Thursday's episode of SCU Underground, here's a quick reminder of how I did in that match!

The titentron shows footage from the Battle Royal, namely Jessie eliminating Ariana Angelos following the elimination of Earl Lockyer only to be subsequently eliminated herself by Ariana, the footage ends and the camera cuts back to Jessie in the ring.

Jessie: The things I do for my wrestling career, get myself booked into a brutal match, wrestle in a Jason Vorhees costume, get eliminated by a rookie in a cheap Wonder Woman costume, get way to up close with Dax "what's a razor" Backatt's never regions, all this and I'm told by management to stop complaining and wait for some vague announcement?

Jessie asks before shaking her head.

Jessie: Ariana, if you are watching tonight, do yourself a favor and stay in SCU because I don't forget and forgive easily! And as for the New Year? It's simple, 2020 will be the year of Jessie Salco!

Jessie drops the mic and heads to the back as the scene fades.

We cut to the backstage area and it is there where we are able to see the likes of Pussy Willow smiling as she is holding a microphone in her hands. She smiles passionately as she looks into the camera.

Pussy: Hello everybody my name is Pussy Willow and tonight there is a huge mixed tag team match booked as we will see the likes of Griffin Hawkins and Alice Knight taking on Teddy Warren and Kate Steele, and joining me at this time is none other than Kate Steele and...

Before she can finish saying what she wanted to we can hear the loud sounds of some singing in the background.

It is at that moment when we are able to see the likes of the returning Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire appear in front of the camera. They all can't help but smirk as their hair seems to be done 80s style. Ruby is sporting green hair, Emerald sporting pink hair, and Sapphire has orange hair. One has an electric guitar, one is on drums, and the other on bass guitar. Each seem to have microphones as Pussy is taken back.


They continue to sing and that's when we can see a woman sporting Blue Hair holding a microphone running down the hallway. She slides right into the sight of the camera as she smirks looking right into the camera.



The women continue to sing as Diamond takes the microphone as she glares at Pussy Willow and without thinking twice she delivers a very wicked Diamond Cutter to Pussy as her band continues to play music. She bounces her head up and down as she begins to speak.

Diamond: Feel free to boo as much as you want! Because my name is Diamond and I am the queen of all music, and you bloody damn well respect me. You see I know what the question that everybody wants answered. Why would Teddy and I do what we did?! The truth is nobody respected my husband and these past months were about getting him the respect he deserved. He did just that and he became your villain. He became the most hated man in all of wrestling and that is something that you can't take away from him. Somewhere Christian is probably running his fucking mouth on a Twitter account stating how we are turning but who said anything about a turn?! The only turn we will be taking is stating that he can finally live his wet fucking dream now because at December 2 Dismember with the Steeles back together we are officially challenging London Underground to a Mixed Tag Team title match. Yet it's either all or nothing...

Diamond smiles as she nods her head.

Diamond: We are going to do it on our terms and it's a go for broke situation. Christian really likes us together but Teddy never got his change to redeem himself and I still have unfinished business so it's all on the line. It's us challenging London Underground to a match in which if we lose we will not be challenging London Underground or being involved in any mixed tag team championship matches as long as they are champions. This isn't a get all giddy because the Steeles are teaming up. This isn't a get excited because the division is picking up. This is Teddy and I telling everyone they can personally go kiss our arses and fuck off you stupid blokes!

Diamond smirks as she continues to speak.

Diamond: Speaking of such tonight is the last time you will see us dubbed as Teddy and Kate because after that match I am officially "The Mistress of the Microphone" Diamond Steele and as far as Teddy goes well....

At that moment we can see the likes of someone clicking some heels in the background. The cameras showcase a "woman" standing there clad in a skirt, blouse, and a pair of heels. Their hair is straighten and this "woman" is wearing a lot of makeup and lipstick. That woman however is none other than "Teddy Steele"!

Teddy: Hello to my beautiful pumpkins out there. You see I told Griffy that I wanted to move on after tonight because this will be the last time you see Teddy Steele in an SCW ring. My name is Lady Steele and since the last super card I have been taken some shots of estrogen and I have something I really wish to accomplish. The Golden Ring Casino will be hosting a Drag Queen competition and of course I am going to do everything in my power to win it which means starting as of now you all get to witness the birth of Lady Steele which is me! I have so much to do. I need to make sure my mani and pedi is on point, and all of these dead ends in this hair need to go. I am your most hated person in SCW but I think we can build beyond that. I will win that competition with Diamond and the Gem Stones behind me!

Lady Steele smirks as she makes sure "she" moves up her push up bra.

Lady Steele: Lady Steele will dominate all of you disgusting filth who call yourselves men. I will straight up smack and slap a bitch is they try to change who I am or who I wish to become. I was trained to be an amazing wrestler by the legendary Kate Steele and I will not let her down. A individual like myself will not let anybody down especially with Diamond and the Gem Stones behind me.

Diamond: You all fell for the rouse. You think I would have broken any of the arms of these lovely Gem Stones?! You think Teddy really would put a restraining order on his own wife?! We used every resource of our newly acquired movie studio. Everybody was a paid actress to make Teddy look like the awful villain which won him an award and of course this damsel in distress was really the puppet master and she was pulling the strings just about as awesome as I play my guitar. This is our mixed team and if you don't like it too bad. I bet this is not what you were expecting but we will live out our dream on our terms. We will help Lady Steele win the competition, and as far as what to call us...

Lady Steele: Best Hair Friends 2.0 will work. Don't touch the hair.... See you bitches!

Diamond and Lady Steele walk away to the loud sounds of music from the Gem Stones.

Simone: Over the last month, Teddy Warren had been causing chaos all over Sin City Wrestling alongside Diamond, including an attack on me by Diamond! Whilst this was going on, Kate Steele had seemingly taken a backseat to the action since losing her opportunity for a Roulette Title Shot until High Stakes IX when she was revealed to be the woman under the Diamond mask! Now the Warrens team up to take on the reigning Roulette Champion Griffin Hawkins and the returning Alice Knight in our semi-main event!

Adams: Griffin took the Roulette Title back from Teddy at Climax Control 250 and went on to successfully defend it against Bill Barnhart whilst Alice picked up the win in her return match against Twisted Sister, the Warrens weren't as lucky however as Teddy wasn't on the show and still managed to win the Most Hated award whilst Kate lost the match to Kiera and the Diamond mask! This should make for an interesting match to say the last.

Adams: On any other card, this would've easily been the main event! But we still have one huge match to come! Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following Mixed Tag Team Match is scheduled for one fall.

The lights tun colors from Red to Green to various other colors as "Made In Hell" by Rob Halford begins to fill the air. Fog fills the stage and emerging from it is none other than Griffin Hawkins!

Justin: Making his way to the ring...from Windsor, Ontario Canada...weighing in at 227 Pounds...put your hands together for Griffin Hawkins!!

The crowd is cheering as he makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as signs that read "Griffin Rox" and "Rock Soldier" are present. He soaks in the positive reaction as he walks up the steps and steps between the ropes. He gets on the turnbuckles and raises the Devil Horns in the air with both hands, pumping the crowd up. He gets down, taking off his leather jacket before getting out of the ring. He sees a young little boy in the front row as he takes off his silver aviator shades. He places his sunglasses on the young fan who looks excited to be here, smiling as he puts him on the head. He rolls back into the ring and kicks his feet up ropes in the corner of the ring and leans across the turnbuckle like it's a hammock, waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: Griffin is two for two in the wins column after winning the title back from Teddy at Climax Control 250 and his successful title defense against Bill Barnhart at High Stakes IX!

Adams: Teddy is looking to avenge that loss however!

Justin: And his partner!

"Electrified" by Dressy Bessy begins to play as the fans turn and cheer. She makes her way out of the face tunnel and heads to the ring with a bubbly demeanor. She enters into the ring and kind of skips around for no apparent reason.

Justin: From Bethel, New York, making her return to Climax Control, please welcome Alice Knight!

She rushes the ropes and heads to the middle turnbuckle and waves to the fans as her music fades out.

Simone: Alice left the company after it went on hiatus last year but now, she's back with a vengeance!

Adams: We don't know if she has Christian's credit card or not though!

Justin: And their opponents!

Monster by Paramore begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does Kate Steele along with her husband Teddy Steele Warren begins to emerge from the back curtain. Kate has a huge smile on her face as she flips off at the booing crowd. She begins to sprint down the aisle as she talks trash to the fans.

Justin: Diamond and Teddy Steele Warren!

Kate finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about as the crowd boos her louder. She closes her eyes placing a single finger over her lips offering the Shhhh sound which all the fans just roar back. She takes her place in the corner afterwards waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: It boggles the mind as to why Kate, or Diamond as it were, did the things she did in the leadup to High Stakes IX but.........

Adams: Sorry to interrupt you Belinda but the wrestlers aren't wasting any time here!

Indeed, Drew didn't even get a chance to call the two teams to the middle of the ring before Diamond and Alice start brawling and Griffin and Teddy start brawling, it isn't until Kate and Alice's brawl takes them to the outside that Drew finally calls for the bell.


Simone: And this match is off to a crazy start already!

Adams: Teddy and Griffin I was expecting but Alice and Diamond? Not so much!

Even after the bell rings Drew has trouble maintaining order as Griffin and Teddy continue their wild brawl in the middle of the ring whilst Alice and Diamond manage to get separated from each other and head back to their respective corners, after a few minutes it looks like it's just going to be a stalemate until Diamond attempts to enter the ring only to be cut off by Drew who is alerted to this by Alice, unfortunately for Griffin this ends up being a ploy by the Warrens as Teddy uses the distraction to kick Griffin in the balls.

Simone: Honestly, I'm surprised that it took Teddy and Diamond that long to resort to underhanded tactics.

Adams: Alice isn't happy about it and Griffin, well he just got kicked in the balls, how do you think he feels?

Griffin drops to his knees allowing Teddy to drop him with a DDT before going for the first cover of the match.



And Griffin gets the shoulder up! Teddy shakes his head in disappointment though Diamond is considerably more vocal in her opposition arguing that it was a slow count, naturally this falls on deaf ears as Drew just ignores Diamond and Teddy picks up the reigning Roulette Champion only to be surprised by a roll up.



And Teddy kicks out! Both men get to their feet and Griffin almost immediately goes for the Shot in the Dark Superkick but Teddy ducks under it and connects with a release German Suplex that sends Griffin flying across the ring! Teddy doesn't get a chance to follow up the Suplex with a pin however as Griffin rolls out onto the apron, Diamond tries to interfere again by grabbing onto Griffin's ankle but Alice cuts her off with a Lou Thesz Press followed by a series of punches but this distraction still proves to be costly for Griffin as Teddy uses it to Springboard to the top rope and hit Griffin with a Hurricanrana.

Simone: What a move by Teddy!

Adams: Even if that move was only possible thanks to Diamond's distraction, that was still a hell of a move!

Teddy rolls Griffin back into the ring on the count of four and follows him in to break up the count out before going for another pin.



And Griffin gets the shoulder up! Whilst this is going on the ladies separate though this time around it's because Diamond gouged at Alice's eyes whilst Drew's attention was on the action inside the ring and this gives both ladies the chance to return to their respective corners all though Alice is still favoring her eye, Teddy takes a moment to regroup and to think of what to do next as Griffin gets back to his feet before grabbing Griffin by his waste from behind and going for another German Suplex, this time however Griffin flips out of it and nails Teddy with a Standing Shooting Star Press.

Simone: Griffin from out of nowhere with that Standing Shooting Star Press!

Adams: And he's going for the pin on Teddy by sitting on his stomach and grabbing both legs, I could've sworn I saw a position like that in a movie I watched the other night.......




And Teddy kicks out! But Griffin is able to use the momentum to tag in Alice who is all to ready to get in the action!

Simone: Now it's the ladies turn to go at it!

Adams: Something I said during a different portion of that movie!

Belinda just shakes her head as Teddy quickly tags in Diamond and the English Bombshell charges Alice who, rather than come straight in, heads to the top rope and catches that charging Diamond with a Missile Dropkick that causes Diamond to do a backflip! Alice then goes for a quick cover.



And Diamond gets out of it! Alice picks up Diamond only to be surprised by a Jawbreaker that sends her stumbling backwards towards a neutral corner where Diamond hits Alice with a Corner Yakuza Kick to the face! Alice seems to be out on her feet but just to be sure Diamond follows that up with a Tornado DDT using the ring ropes to give herself a little more momentum in the process! Alice lands in the middle of the ring and Diamond uses the opportunity to go for a cover.



And Alice kicks out!

Simone: I see Diamond picked up a few tricks from Jessie Salco during their brief alliance!

Adams: Glad I wasn't the only one reminded of Jessie's Circle Pit variation of that move!

Diamond pounds the matt in frustration and Teddy drops off the apron before telling her to calm down and focus on the match! His advice ends there however as Griffin hits a running Suicide Dive onto Teddy the wipes out both men and Alice surprises Diamond with a roll up.



And Diamond kicks out! Alice is the first one to her feet and calls out for her finisher as she drags up Diamond.

Simone: It could be Apache time!

Adams: If Alice hits this it's over!

Alice gets Diamond into the headlock and goes to grab the arms, but Diamond reverses out of it and nails her with the Diamond Cutter!

Simone: DIAMOND CUTTER! From out of nowhere!

Adams: Stick a fork in Alice, she's done!

Diamond goes for the cover.





Justin: Here are your winners, Diamond and Teddy Warren!

Simone: Teddy has got his win back over Griffin with his wife's help!

Adams: I know he said on twitter that he was taking a break after this match, but this win might change his mind!

Diamond and Teddy celebrate up the ramp whilst Griffin checks on Alice!

Bobbie has just walked up outside Christian Underwood's office. She closes her eyes and takes in a few deep breaths before she starts POUNDING on the door.

Bobbie: Christian! Mr. Underwood! We NEED to talk!

A laugh can be heard from inside the office but the door remains shut. Bobbie AGAIN pounds, and she keeps pounding until Christian has no other choice but to face her.

Christian: Bobbie. To what do I owe the displeasure...

Bobbie smiles sarcastically and lets out a half laugh.

Bobbie: Haha, very funny. About this little announcement earlier...I want to know who I'm facing!

Christian starts laughing and when he looks at Bobbie again, goes quiet.

Christian: Oh. I'm sorry. You were being serious?

Bobbie: Duh!

Christian frowns.

Christian: Nice try, but no. You'll find out when everyone else does. Good luck!

He leans out the door and whispers to her.

Christian: You're gonna need it...

He then disappears back into his office with a big grin and slams the door closed right in Bobbie's face! She stands there, shocked and even angrier than before, when Artie walks up to her.

Artie: Bobbie...we need to

Before he can finish that though and before Bobbie can say anything, Bobbie takes his arm and YANKS him away, letting out another frustrated snarl.

Senor Vinnie can be seen standing backstage as he is preparing for his match

Senor Vinnie: Hola amigo's, tonight will be a special night. A night where I will beat and shut the mouth of Alex Jones and move on to bigger things. And YOU Alex?? Well you can spend your misery on social media. Not bad for a fake champ huh??

He grins as the shot goes back to ringside

We cut to ringside and "The final episode" by Asking Alexandria hits, a mixture of cheers and boos hits as Sierra Williams emerges from the back, a black cap on her head, a bandana over her face and a leather jacket over a black band shirt and jeans as she storms down to the ring, she moves around to the announce desk and looks down at Belinda Simone who just stays silent, Sierra grabs a mic and walks up the steps and into the ring, she pulls down the bandana and the music dies down

Sierra Williams: So, a few weeks ago, this company held it's biggest event of the year. It's where issues are put to rest, it's where you can make a name for yourself and High Stakes is where you become a legend in SCW. And you know, I feel as if, even though I lost, my stock rose in this six sided world.

She pauses a moment and slides a hand into her front pocket with a sigh

Sierra Williams: I lost to Roxi Johnson, who over the last month or so seems to have regained her mojo, winning a title in another company and then stepping in the ring with me and showing why she is a legend. And I can tell you this, Roxi Johnson, I will face you again and I will make damn sure next time everything is different. But it wasn't all negative...

Sierra laughs to herself and moves around the ring.

Sierra Williams: See I won an award, I won future star of the year. Iy shows that people believe Sierra Williams is going to be at the top very soon...atleast...that's what I thought....But here we are, the first show after High Stakes and I'm not even allowed to have a chance to show why I won the damn award. So, I thought I would come out here to vent my frustrations and make a statement. And...a challenge. Next week, I want SCW to find anyone. ANYONE in the back, ANYONE who has EVER wrestled for SCW or SCU to put me in the ring I can show you all what this future star can do...

"The final episode" hits again and Sierra drops the mic and shakes her head mouthing off at the camera before turning around and sliding from the ring to the floor and back up the ramp to the back

The camera cuts backstage to where Ben Jordan and his wife Evie stand, looking directly at a phone. Ben shakes his head disappointly.

Evie: Well, that's an hour and no word from Fenris.

Ben frowns.

Ben: That's disappointing, I really expected him to to at least send a message to tell me to stop getting people tweeting at him.

Ben looks up at the camera.

Ben: @FenrisMMA.

Ben winks before turning to Evie.

Ben: Well babe, it looks like it's time to pack those bags again, because we're off to Iceland.

Evie smiles, putting her arm around Ben's arm, but Despayre drifts on to the camera.

Despayre: Ahem.

Despayre points down and the camera moves down to where he holds a jar with a sticker on it, with the words Swear Jar written across it in bold black letters.

Ben: Ah cobblers.

Despayre: I don't know if that's a swear word, so I'll only charge you half for that.

The camera fades to Ben reaching in to his pocket.

"Chasing Glory" by Feed her to the sharks hits and as the lyrics of the intro cut into the guitar Alex steps out wearing a black and red "wolfslair" t-shirt and his wrestling gear. He makes his way down to the ring with an arrogant sneer before leaping up onto the ring apron.

Simone: The last time Alex Jones challenged Senor Vinnie for the World Heavyweight title, Alex let his emotions get the best of him and it cost him the championship.

Adams: He did make a point though. Vinnie wasn't able to pin or tap him out.

Simone: The same could be said for Alex, being unable to do the same to Vinnie.

The crowd is in anticipation of the arrival of the next wrestler as the lights go out and a huge cactus emerges upon the Titan Tron. We hear Epic from Metalachi hit the sound system as a big figure emerges in the dark, he slowly turns around as he stares at the Titan Tron where a large picture of Pete the Cactus emerges. His eyes are fixed on it before turning around and enters the ring. The spotlight shines upon the man as he looks up towards the ring, mumbling something while walking towards the ring. There he crawls over towards the center of the ring and stares at the fans at the front row seats. He then slowly walks towards the neutral corner and sits down and ignores his opponent currently in the ring.

Adams: Vinnie waited long enough for his chance to become the World Champion and now that he is? I don't know who is going to be able to take the title off of him!

Simone: If anyone can, you're looking at the man right there; Alex Jones from the Wolfslair!

The crowd quiets down as Justin decent is set to begin the in ring introductions.

Justin: The following contest is the Main Event of Climax Control! It is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: In this match there are no disqualifications! No count outs! And no time limit! There must be a winner!

The crowd cheers further at the predicted carnage as Vinnie looks stoically toward the challenger while Alex just smirks and nods.

Justin: Introducing the challenger! From Dallas, Texas, weighing two hundred and twenty five pounds -- Alex Jones!

The majority of the crowd boos but there remains a heavy fan base for the cocky Superstar who greets him with cheers!

Justin: His opponent stands in at 6'8 and weighing in at 280 pounds!! Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico!! He is the reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion -- Senor Vinnie!!!!

Vinnie holds the world title belt up to collective cheers and some scattered boos, as both men have both heir supporters and detractors. Vinnie passes the belt to Jasmine's hands who shows it to Alex who rubs the center plate for luck. Jasmine then holds the championship up high for one and all to see and appreciate! Vinnie casts a quick glance towards the referee, but not too quick to escape the attention of his opponent, Alex Jones, who takes advantage of the subtle distraction, and nails Vinnie with a solid right to the chin, knocking him to the mat!

Adams: Well that didn't take long!

Jasmine hurriedly passes the belt out to Justin and calls for the bell!


Vinnie rolls on the canvas, scrambles to his feet, and is clocked by a standing drop kick, which sends him right back down. Vinnie rises to his feet and Alex immediately tears into him with a flurry of fists and kicks, stunning him and knocking him back into the ropes! Vinnie grabs him and pulls him back into the ropes and lets loose with his own attack of fists and forearms but a quick rake of the eyes stops the onslaught!

Simone: Jasmine warning Alex about his tactics but this time there is literally nothing she can do!

Adams: She's just here to count the pin or acknowledge a tap out!

Alex grabs the larger champion by the hair and back of the tights and whirls around on his feet and dumps him out onto the arena floor. Alex moves to go out after him but Jasmine tries to convince him to keep it in the ring.

Adams: C'mon Jasmine. Just let them fight and get it out of their systems!

Simone: We all knew this one wouldn't be the prettiest match ever wrestled!

As Vinnie pulls himself back to a vertical base and recovers on the ringside floor, he is surprised by the flying form of Alex Jones as he sails over the ropes and crashes into him with a springboard high cross body, flattening the champion on the concrete!

Adams: Alex practically went right over Jasmine's head to do that!

Simone: He is perhaps one of the greatest all around athletes SCW has!

On the outside, Alex smiles as he drags the champion up by the hair and slams his face first into the ring apron, then over to the announcer's table where he bounces his skull off of! Alex then takes him by the arm and goes to send him careening into the ring post but Vinnie hangs on and sends Alex into the unforgiving steel instead! Alex strikes hard and stumbles around full circle and Vinnie comes running and connects with a big boot! Alex is floored so hard that he falls back over the ring steps and tumbles hard to the floor! Vinnie stalks the ringside area and grabs a power cord on the floor and wraps it around the challenger's neck, choking him!

Adams: Boy these two aren't wasting the lack of rules, are they!?

Simone: No indeed! They are going to use anything and everything to their advantage without fear of reprisal!

Alex chokes and gags, tearing away at the cable with his fingers but Vinnie tightens his grip and thrashes him from side to side! Alex's fingers wrap around the legs of a steel folding chair and he desperately swings it up and clobbers the champion in the head with it! Vinnie releases Alex and collapses to his hands and knees, and a gasping Alex tears the cable from his throat and swings the steel chair down into the champion's exposed back! Jasmine is on the floor, reprimanding Alex who smiles at her.

Alex: What are you going to do!? Disqualify me!?

Simone: Unfortunately the man has a very valid point!

Alex slides the chair into the ring, then after a few quick fists to the head softens Vinnie up for an unceremonious return to the ring. Alex follows him in and plants a quick kick to the lower back, then follows that up by grabbing his battered foe and putting him into a seated position. Alex shoves the chair into his hands and comes off the ropes with a dropkick, driving it back into Vinnie's sternum! Alex covers him!



Vinnie kicks out!

Alex throws the chair to the mat and lifts Vinnie up into the air, showing some strength by lifting the near 280 pounder for a vertical suplex right onto the chair! Hooking the leg, Alex makes the cover for the second straight time!



Vinnie kicks out!

Alex is on his knees, rubbing his face with both hands and staring hard at Jasmine!

Simone: First those chair shots on the outside, then two more on the inside and still not enough to beat the champion!

Adams: Hey Vinnie may be a crack pot of the highest order but the man can take punishment!

Alex drops a fist to Vinnie's head, then pulls him up to his feet. He twists the right arm, then unloads on his exposed upper body with a number of stiff martial arts kicks! Alex presses his advantage by setting his foe up against the ropes and kicking away at him. Vinnie sinks to one knee and Alex connects with a step up Enzugari. Vinnie slowly sinks over to his back and Alex grabs the chair from earlier in the match and sets it down onto Vinnie's exposed upper body. Alex then winks at Jasmine before climbing the near corner, facing out against the crowd.

Simone: What on earth is he up to? Surely he's not...

Alex leaps backward in a picture perfect moonsault...

Adams: Oh yes he is!

But Vinnie rolls out of the way, throwing the chair up into the free falling form of the challenger! Alex crashes hard with the steel chair between him and the canvas!

Simone: And that mistake right there may cost Alex Jones the match!

Vinnie slides beneath the ropes to the floor, grabs a hold of Alex's ankle and he drags him out just far enough to where the knee extends just beyond the edge of the mat, and slams it against to apron. Again and again, Vinnie slams the back of Alex Jones's knee against the edge of the apron, resulting in Alex yelling out in agony and grabbing the damaged limb! Vinnie pulls Alex all of the way out, and nails him with a wicked right cross, which staggers him, then follows up with a short arm clothesline that turns the challenger inside out!

Simone: Alex has had control of most of this match so far but now it looks like the champion has taken over control!

Vinnie grabs him by the arm and sends him hurdling into the barricade with enough velocity that it sends Jones toppling up and over and right into the laps of the fans at ringside!

Simone: Not what most fans expect or want when sitting this close to the action!

Adams: Oh I don't know. That guy right there doesn't seem too heart broken.

Vinnie climbs over the barrier to pursue his advantage, and he grabs an offered plastic cup of beer from a fan and has a drink, then throws the remainder in the eyes and face of Alex! Alex sputters and staggers around, grabbing at his eyes, and Vinnie takes him by the head and shoulder and plows him into a throng of chairs, sending the and the fans around scattering to the winds!

Simone: I really think Alex should have tried to keep this match on the inside of the ring! Out there I think Vinnie has too big of an advantage!

Vinnie just starts grabbing chair after chair and throwing it down on top of Alex's prone body, one right after the other! Vinnie then climbs up onto the nearby steps that lead to the higher seat section and jumps off, landing with a double foot stomp right on the pile! The crowd gasps in shock as Vinnie scatters the chairs aside and drags the limp form of the challenger up and onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Vinnie then military presses him above his head and HEAVES him right into the sound stage equipment! Alex tumbles over the speakers and sound system and falls hard to the floor on the opposite side!

Adams: You know, you may have a point Beli!

Vinnie moves around the mass of fans that security separates, and grabs Alex, dragging him up roughly by the hair and throws him up onto the stage by the entrance! Vinnie climbs up and starts throwing hammering overhead blows into Alex's head and back. Vinnie pulls him upright and Alex tries fighting back with a right hand but Vinnie responds simply with a direct head butt right between the eyes, sending Alex toppling back in a falling arch! Vinnie drags him up by the arm and goes for a back suplex on the stage, but Alex lands on his feet behind him and dives, taking Vinnie flying off the stage and through a table with a flying bulldog!

Simone: OH DEAR GOD!


Adams: I couldn't have put it any better!

Jasmine as well as security and paramedics are immediately at the scene of the carnage! The crowd quiets down as the camera is amidst the wreckage, both men down and seriously hurt! Both men stir but only in the slightest sense, before Alex slowly rolls over and drops his arm across Vinnie's upper body.

Adams: Wait, do pins count outside of the ring?

Jasmine looks to the officials and medics, then shrugs and makes the count...



THR-Vinnie gets his shoulder up!

Simone: I suppose so... but ... HOW!?

The crowd cheers both the resiliency of the champion as well as the match continuing! Alex slowly forces his way back up onto unsteady legs. The medics try to keep him steady but Alex shoves them roughly to the floor and grabs Vinnie by the hair, dragging him upright....

Adams: Oh hell! That bulldog opened Vinnie right up! His forehead is a gusher!

Simone: Alex did not escape it either! His ribs and left arm are cut and bleeding!

Somehow, in some miraculous way, Alex Jones manages to direct the champion clear back to the ringside area and he rolls him back into the six-sided ring!

Simone: Something tells me that Alex's pride will accept nothing less than the victory to be inside of the ring!

Alex rolls inside as well, then as Vinnie sits up, Alex careens right into him with a running knee strike! Vinnie is laid out and Alex signals for the end!

Adams: He has it all sewn up!

Alex drags the prone form of Vinnie into a double arm chicken wing with his head tucked between his legs, directing him back to where the steel chair remains!

Simone: Oh god, not the Dragon Sleeps on the chair!

Adams: That's how determined he is to be the champion!

Alex tries for his patented finisher, but Vinnie somehow blocks it! Alex tries a second time, but again he can't quite lift the 280 pounder up! Then Vinnie is somehow able to pick Alex up -- but Alex slides down his back with a sunset flip!



Vinnie has the chair and swings it right into Alex's face!

Adams: What a shot!

Alex lies flat on his back, stunned! Vinnie staggers to his feet, peeling the challenger up along with him in a front facelock and ...

Simone: Face the Cactus!

A DDT right into the chair! Alex's body goes stiff, upside down, then slowly crumbles to his back and Vinnie falls back over him!





Justin: Here is your winner, and STILL World Heavyweight Champion -- Senor Vinnie!

The crowd is on its feet, cheering and applauding the efforts of not just the champion but the challenger as well! Jasmine takes the belt and presents it to Vinnie, but he can only wrap an arm over it as she raises his other arm in victory! Both men remain down and out on the canvas!

Simone: Vinnie has won! He has overcome his harshest critic in Alex Jones and he remains the World Heavyweight Champion!

Adams: Oh my god but did you see the fight Alex Jones put up!? I;d say he had control of most of that match!

Simone: Which just goes to show everyone that Vinnie is right where he belongs at the top of the SCW hierarchy! I don't think even Alex Jones will be able to claim Vinnie is anything close to a "fake champion" after that match both men put on!

Inside of the ring, the paramedics and both Mark Ward and Christian Underwood are checking on the health and well being of both competitors as the fans watch on closely and applaud!

Simone: Fans, we are out of time! Tune in next week when we hit Phoenix, Arizona where we will have the first five qualifying matches for the Six pack Survivals at December 2 Dismember II! For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone!

Adams: Bye all!

The camera closes out on the in-ring aftermath as both men are slowly helped to their feet as the credits roll.

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Andy, AJ, The Lord MK, Annie, Jenny, Court, Marge, Gerrit, Griffin, Mark Cross and Todd. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!