The camera picks up immediately with a wide angled shot over the SCW ring where the crowd surrounds the immediate area. The fans comes to life with cheers galore on the Andros Beach Club in Andros as the camera sweeps all angles as the capacity crowd along the beach, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him. He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;

Crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the beach, at all of the fans filling the sand and surf. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to our next stop on the SCW 2019 "Paradise Lost" tour, beautiful Andros Beach Club right here in beautiful Andros, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers and applauds as a spotlight shines center stage, and illuminates Amanda Hugginkiss.The curtains part and she walks out onto the stage carrying the mic in one hand and the performance begins!

Amanda: Is saw a baby drive a truck
Is saw a junkie eat a tuba
Is saw a stripper kiss a duck
Behind a dumpster in Aruba

Is saw this fat, psychotic guy
His underwear was made of crickets
He pawned a skeleton to buy
Some old expired lotto tickets

Is saw a naked vagrant giving
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to his cat
Is probably could have gone my whole life
Without seeing that

With my own eyes
Is see things that'd drive a normal man insane
Wish Is could disconnect my brain
From my own eyes

Is saw a mime get hacked to death
With an imaginary cleaver
Is saw an old man's final breath
Is watched him die from Bieber Fever
Is saw these diabetic chicks
In an abandoned 7-Eleven
Is watched them snorting pixie sticks
While they were belching Stairway To Heaven

Is saw two drag queens trying to see how many crackers
They could shove up each other's nose
Is'd like to erase my mind completely but Is suppose
That's just the way it goes

With my own eyes
Is see things that'd drive a normal man insane
Wish Is could disconnect my brain
From my own eyes (my own eyes)
Those visions haunt my memory
Oh, there's so much Is wish Is could unsee
With my own eyes

Some priest got drunk and stole a circus zebra
And he trained it to massage his back
My guinea pig committed hara-kiri
So we used him to play hacky-sack
My neighbor's kids sold weapons grade plutonium
And frosty ice-cold lemonade
They took MasterCard and sometimes
Human organs in trade, that's how we paid
Is have to say that it was really darn good lemonade

With my own eyes
Is've seen thing that'd drive a normal man insane
Wish Is could disconnect my brain
From my own eyes (my own eyes)
Those visions haunt my memory
Oh, there's so much Is wish Is could unsee
With my own eyes

The crowd hoots and hollers, cheers and applauds, in response to the comedic performance by SCW's Hostess! Amanda smiles and blows kisses all around before stepping back through the curtains. The camera then redirects to ringside and the broadcasters table.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to the Andros Beach Club for this stop in the 2019 "Paradise Lost" tour! And welcome to Sin City Wrestling Climax Control!

Adams: Are you really doing it? Are you REALLY going to do it!?

Simone: ... Yes, Jason. Is accepted Diamond's challenge. Next week she and Is will meet in the ring. First time in fifteen years Is've been in the ring as a competitor.

Adams: Wooo hooo! Go Beli!

Jason spins his chair in circles like a child at play. When he comes to a stop, he holds his head to alleviate the dizzy spell but is all smiles, none the less.

Adams: Do you have any idea how many people want to be in your corner for that?

Simone: So long as Teddy keeps his nose out of my business, Is'll be fine. But this isn't about me. This match is a one time thing. This evening is all about the SCW Universe as we head to Honolulu for High Stakes IX! And tonight we kick things off two young men who will face each other in a Fatal Fourway in Hawaii go one on one when Stephen Callaway takes on Caleb Storms!

Adams: Kate Steele is still trying to get her hubby back ... for some reason. But she has to take a break from THAT because she has Apple Coren in the ring. You know, we may have finally found an opponent that will get the fans to cheer for Apple?

Simone: Says a lot about how many are looking at Kate lately. Bobbie Dahl will challenge Samantha Marlowe for the Roulette Championship at High Stakes IX, but tonight she faces the undefeated Andrea Hernandez in singles competition.

Adams: Austin James Mercer wants to work his way back up to face the World Champion, and the next step is against Kedron Williams!

Simone: Two heavy hitters are in the ring next, two tried and true alpha males going at it one on one when the number one contender for the Roulette title, "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart faces the former World Champion, Fenris!

Adams: And the Main Event is for the World Bombshell title! Alicia Lukas wants to set a new record and to do so, she has to face and beat Jessie Salco!

Simone: All this and more on SCW Climax Control!

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see The Metal Storm Caleb Storms standing beside Ms. Rocky Mountains ready for an interview ahead of tonight's opening match.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Caleb, in just a few moments you are taking on Stephan Callaway in tonight's opening match which you've called a prelude to High Stakes, any last minute thoughts?

Caleb: None that I didn't already state in my promo on Friday morning, but one thing is clear and that's the fact that tonight, I'm ending my long losing streak.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Speaking of High Stakes, have you heard anything related to who the fourth man in the Fatal Four Way is?

Caleb: If I had, then I'm sure you'd know as well, all I do know is that the bosses are announcing all the matches for High Stakes tonight and I'll be keeping a very close eye on the screen for when that gets announced, now if you excuse me, I have a match to win.

Caleb walks off as the scene fades.

Justin: Our opening match tonight pits Caleb Storms against Stephen Callaway. First to make their way to the ring, from Syracuse, New York, at six feet two inches and two hundred twenty pounds, please give a great Bahamas welcome to The Metal Storm, CALEB STORMS!!!

The opening scream for the song TEST YOUR METAL, by Unleash The Archers, is heard over the speakers and the lights start flashing across the arena before Caleb comes out head banging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp. Caleb then makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before sliding into the ring and throwing up the metal horns as he waits for Stephen Callaway.

Justin: The next participant to make their way to the ring, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, at six feet two inches and two hundred thirty-four pounds, STEPHEN CALLAWAY!!!

"Remedy" by Cold plays and Stephen Callaway struts out from the backstage area to a mixed reaction from the fans. As he makes his way across the landing and down the ramp toward the ring he sings along with his music. Stephen does not touch the hands of the fans as they reach out toward him. When Callaway arrives at the ring he taps the ring post with his index finger before walking up the steps and through the ropes. Once in the ring he walks to the corner diagonal from where he came in and climbs to the middle turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the shape of a semi circle. He then jumps off the ropes to the mat, turns around, and glares at Caleb Storms.

Adams: I like Caleb Storms in this match.

Simone: You would. I take a liking to Stephen Callaway as I feel he is the future of Sin City Wrestling.

Referee Jasmine St. John asks both wrestlers to join her in the middle of the ring where she checks them for foreign objects. Satisfied both wrestlers are clean she calls for bell.


Caleb extends his hand to shake with Stephen as a gesture of good sportsmanship. Callaway slaps the hand of Storms to the side. Caleb takes offense to the rude gesture and he clotheslines Stephen to the mat. As Callaway is getting up Storms knees him in the chest. Stephen quickly rolls to the side to the ropes where he places an arm through the ropes and Referee St. John orders Caleb to back off until Stephen comes out of the ropes.

Simone: Great move on the part of Stephen Callaway. Any time your opponent manages to get the upper hand on you getting a break is a smart move.

Adams: So you admit that Caleb Storms got the better of Stephen Callaway in that exchange?

Simone: Just making general wrestling match comments.

Callaway remains in the ropes while Storms is being held back by the Referee. Stephen finally removes himself from the ropes and he maneuvers into a corner. Caleb charges into the corner but he is met by a boot to the face from Stephen. Storms shakes it off and charges Callaway in the corner again with an attempt at a body hit. Stephen dives out of the corner at the last moment and that causes Caleb to go through the ropes in the corner and it appears he may have hit his shoulder on something in the corner as he comes off the corner ropes massaging his shoulder. Callaway then places Storms into a hammer lock hold on the side where the shoulder took a hit then he maneuvers Caleb into a position where he drops him to the mat on the arm he is holding in the hammer lock. Storms yelps out from the pain of both the hammer lock and landing hard on the already hurt shoulder. Stephen applies an arm bar to Caleb to try to get him to submit. When Referee St. John asks Storms if he wants to submit he says NO and the match continues. Stephen is keeping the pressure on the arm of Caleb but Storms is inching his legs close to the ropes. When he is close enough he manages to flip his leg up and it snags the bottom rope eliciting a call for a break from Jasmine St. John. Callaway initially does not want to release the arm bar but the Referee starts a count on him so he releases the hold rather than risk a disqualification.

Adams: Like you said previously it is a smart move on the part of Caleb Storms to break the momentum of his opponent by getting a break.

Simone: So you are finally admitting that Stephen Callaway got the better of Caleb Storms in that exchange?

Adams: Just making general wrestling comments.

Caleb stays on the ropes to prevent Stephen from being allowed to approach him. Each time Storms is about to extricate himself from the ropes Callaway moves toward him and Caleb keeps himself in the ropes. As Referee St. John is talking to Stephen Callaway to make him stay back Caleb Storms exits the ring to the arena floor. Caleb walks around the ring massaging his arm. Storms walks up the ring steps and enters the ring as Jasmine St. John turns around to see him in the ring. She motions to both wrestlers to get back into the action. When Stephen approaches Caleb we see Storms again place part of his body through the ropes to elicit instructions from Referee St. John to tell Callaway to remain back until Caleb removes himself from the ropes. Stephen complains to the Referee to have her order Caleb to get back into the action of the match with the threat of a disqualification count. Jasmine St. John decides to do just that by issuing a count on Caleb Storms to make him get back into the action of the match.

Simone: Ugh! When wrestlers continue to do that to cause a break or delay the match it ticks me off.

After Referee St. John gets to a count of two Caleb Storms pulls himself out of the ropes and leans back into the corner stopping her count on him and Jasmine St. John motions for the action to continue. Stephen Callaway stands back from Caleb Storms motioning for him to come out of the corner. Caleb slowly comes out of the corner making sure he takes everything in so he is not caught by surprise as he was earlier in the match. The two lock up and Callaway knees Storms in the mid-section and Caleb replies with the same. The two trade forearm smashes several times and then Stephen Callaway positions Caleb Storms into a Suplex position but Storms reverses it on Callaway and executes a Suplex on him instead. Instead of going for the pin Caleb drags Stephen up then drops him in a DDT. Again instead of going for the pin Caleb quickly runs to the corner mounting the ropes. He leaps off the ropes and lands a Shooting Star Press then goes for the pin hooking both legs of Stephen Callaway.




Referee St. John calls for the bell to end the match.


Jasmine then orders Caleb Storms to get off Stephen Callaway and he does.

Justin: Here is your winner of this match, by pinfall, The Metal Storm CALEB STORMS!!!

Caleb Storms raises his arms in victory then he quickly exits the ring and heads back to the backstage area. He acknowledges the crowd for their support on his way up to the backstage partition. Stephen Callaway is up and talking to Referee Jasmine St. John and she informs him he lost and he is not happy with the result but he accepts it then exits the ring to return to the backstage area.

"Invincible by Hedley begins to play as a familiar redhead walks out onto the stage of the show where she stops and looks over the crowds who begin to chant her name as Justin brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she has been known as SCW's sweetheart, she is the Bombshell Roulette champion...Sam Marlowe!

Sam makes her way down the aisle, slapping hands and posing with fans. Finally she makes her way to the ring and jumps on the apron.

Adams: Look Belinda, Sam Marlowe is out there in the ring and I am sure she has something to say about Bobbie Dahl and their match at High Stakes.

Sam moves to be handed a microphone before she slides into the ring and stops dead in the center. Her light jacket swings open to reveal the Bombshell Roulette title around her waist. She reaches to unbuckle it then holds it up to the cheers of the fans. She puts it over her shoulder and hugs it gently.

Simone: Sam is a great champion Jason and the fans love her.

Sam Marlowe: Hello y'all and I bet you are wonderin' just what it is that I am here to say. Well, don't let me keep you in suspense, I am here to talk about High Stakes!

The fans start to cheer but Sam holds up her hand to quiet them down.

Sam Marlowe: I know that I am one lucky bombshell to be holdin' this title and I feel blessed to have y'all supporting me. And I know that coming into the supercard, I am not the only one that has the fans support. My opponent Bobbie Dahl also has the support of the fans and what does that mean? It means that both of us are going to be fightin' for the title and the fans will not be able to choose who to support. Heck, if I wasn't on the other side of the ring, I would be cheerin' Bobbie on.

Sam smiles as a chant of "Bobbie" is heard. She joins in for a moment before she speaks again.

Sam Marlowe: Sadly, it has to be Bobbie earning the shot and then having to face an impossible task. She is one heck of a Bombshell and she may think that others underestimate her but I have seen how tough she is and I know she is going to be comin' hard for the title and I will be fightin' just as hard to keep it.

Sam Marlowe: Bobbie, I won't say you won't win...Daddy ssays the sun will shine on a puppy's behind once or twice but in Honolulu, it is not going to be shining for you because I am ready to defend this title to the last breath in my body. And when I take that last breath, it will be with my hand raised as Justin here...

Sam motions at the announcer who smiles.

Sam Marlowe: Says 'the winner and still Bombshell Roulette champion, Sam Marlowe!"

Sam raises the title as she let's the hand holding the microphone drop. The fans rise to their feet as she climbs the turnbuckle to play to the fans after handing the microphone off to Justin. Sliding out of the ring after jumping down from the turnbuckle and heads into the crowd where she is surrounded by fans as the view goes back to the announce table.

Adams: A very confident champion Belinda.

Simone: Confident but also ready to admit that Bobbie is going to be a challenge. What a match for High Stakes.

The screen shot now switches to the backstage area, and the crowd immediately starts to boo as on the screen is none other than the Co-Owner of Sin City Wrestling, Christian Underwood. The SCW's head reporter, the comely Pussy Willow, stands alongside the boss man with microphone in hand and a smile (albeit forced).

Pussy Willow: Christian, in just a few weeks time, we will finally be arriving at the climax on the Paradise Lost tour in Honolulu, Hawaii, for the ninth annual High Stakes Supercard event. You wanted this rare time on camera. What's on your mind?

Christian: Rare time. You spoke accurately there Ms. Willow because the less time I have to spend out here in front of these people, the happier we all are.

The crowd watching on the SCW-Tron boos!

Christian: But you are also correct in that we are going to be holding our ninth ever Supercard, and as everyone knows, High Stakes is, and has always been, the Grand Prix of professional wrestling for SCW. So, I am going to take a cue from the past for this event. A match in particular between Crystal Hilton -- or Christina Rose -- whatever the hell name she goes by now, and Jessie Salco.

Pussy Willow: Jessie has really upped the heat factor between those two with recent attacks on Christina.

Christian has a contemplating expression on his face.

Christian: Yes. I really owe her a fruit basket. Anyway... several years ago we allowed the SCW Universe on Twitter decide the fates of two of our Bombshells where they voted on the stipulation to be decided, and I figured...

He shrugs.

Christian: What the hell! It's our biggest event of the year. Let's do it again! As soon as this show goes on air, a poll will be announced on Twitter deciding the fate of Christina Rose and Jessie Salco for their match at High Stakes IX with four match stipulations the SCW Universe can choose from!

Pussy Willow: And the four stipulations will be...?

Christian smiles wickedly and holds up a hand, counting down...

Christian: Chamber of Extreme cage. Parking Lot Brawl. Straightjacket match. And ... Ambulance match! And between you and me?

He looks both ways and then leans in toward Pussy Willow.

Christian: I'm hoping for straight jacket because Christina.... you know...

He twirls a forefinger around his ear in a universal sign before walking off-camera and leaving Pussy Willow with a wide eyed expression.

Everyone turns to the screen as there's video appeared. The location didn't look like it was anywhere near Andros, in fact, Jake wasn't in a Caribbean country, his face appeared on video with every fan in the crowd watching him as he begins to speak.

Jake Raab: "As you can tell, I'm not in Andros or a Caribbean country, I'm in fact at Indianapolis, Indiana. Hang on; there's a reason as instead of promoting Sin City Wrestling on social media which I refuse to do as I'm not a child, I decided to go another route of promoting the company. Last night, I fought against Selena Frost in Supreme Championship Wrestling's God Of Wrestling tournament. It was open for all companies and wrestlers to compete in. If you didn't listen to my video against Bill Barnhart of me saying this, then shame on you all."

There was a mixed reaction as the crowd are expecting Jake to be here tonight, but at the same time, respected that Jake went other methods to promote the company and with actions than doing it via keyboard methods. He continues.

Jake Raab: "I also wanted to take the time doing this video because of the fatal four-way match coming up. I didn't have time last week to promote it because I had other things to do, but now I have all the time I have to do so. The reason I wanted to do a gauntlet challenge was to challenge myself. You hear people challenging individual wrestlers or doing open challenges for one on one matches which is a common ground these days, but I didn't want to because truth been told, I'm bored of doing one on one matches all the time."

Jake breathes a little bit as he smiles, showing no ounce of being pissed off or grumpy at all and he says this.

Jake Raab: "Nothing wrong with them, but I wanted something fresh for a change, but matches like mud pit and lingerie get off the hook without an issue, but gauntlet matches, damn it's like I killed a puppy. I have no problem with being in a fatal four-way match because that's exactly the kind of challenge I wanted. I wanted to face more than one person so I can do something nobody has had the guts to do, so you and Christian can see me in a new light that actually, Jake has guts to be a man to want to fight in multi-person matches which nobody in wrestling has done, outside gauntlet matches."

Of course, there was another option, but Jake says this in response.

Jake Raab: "I know there was an option of doing tag matches, but to be honest, I can't find a female partner who's willing to team with me. So I went with this route instead and bring on the mystery opponent who's still hiding for some reason along with Caleb Storms and Stephen Callaway. Again, I could be facing a new SCW member or a current roster member or even a legend at this point, but I don't care because I'm ready for you all and come High Stakes PPV, everyone will see exactly what I can do to win the match because I can and I will. See you all soon."

Video feed ends as the screen goes black for a while before the screen comes back on to turn towards elsewhere backstage in the beach club.

The scene opens backstage with lead interviewer Pussy Willow. She's set up at an appropriate area backstage, ready to crank out a few interviews for all comers.

Pussy: Next up we have...oh no...

Pussy Willow's face suddenly drops as she sees who is marching purposely towards her from afar. Dressed like someone from the set of Miami Vice, clearly enjoying the tropical weather appears SCU's Mark "The Dragon" Cross.

The Dragon: Hi Pussy!

Pussy: Why...I thought you went back?

The Dragon: I did go back.

Pussy: So...why are you here?

The Dragon: I mean...the Fire Dragons have already earned number one contendership for the Double Down tag titles, where better to celebrate than the Bahamas?

Pussy: You have too much money if that's how you think. Anything else?

The Dragon: I heard the last of the High Stakes matches were being announced - I came to find out who my opponent is going to be.

Pussy: You're not booked.

The Dragon: How do you know?

Pussy: Look...I don't have the time...I need to go and speak to someone relevant to this show, you know, the reason we all flew out here? Bye.

Mark watches, a little confused as Pussy Willow disappears from frame. Glancing around, he suddenly turns his attention elsewhere.

The Dragon: MS. ROCKY MOUNTAINS! Do you know why I'm not booked for High Sta...OK she's running away...

From the other side of the shot, Mark is nearly walked into by one of the backstage crew, who is staring intently at his clipboard.

Roadie: Whoaaaa sorry my dude...hey I didn't know we had any dark match guys out for this show?

The Dragon: A dark match guy?

Roadie: Yeah, you look like a dark match kinda guy...

The Dragon: Mate I'm a number one contender in SCU right now, a dark match guy!?!

Roadie: Ohhhh an Underground guy...look I've gotta...

The Dragon: Yeah you do that.

Taking his opportunity, the roadie slopes away to get back to whatever important work he was stopped from doing. Mark "The Dragon" Cross storms off in the opposite direction as the scene fades to black.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... hailing from Berkshire, England... 'The Siren' Kate Steele.

Monster by Paramore begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does Kate Steele along with her husband Todd Warren begins to emerge from the back curtain. Kate has a huge smile on her face as she flips off at the booing crowd. She begins to sprint down the aisle as she talks trash to the fans.

Kate finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about as the crowd boos her louder.. She closes her eyes placing a single finger over her lips offering the Shhhh sound which all the fans just roar back.. She takes her place in the corner afterwards waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: and her opponent...

Avril Lavigne's Bad Girl begins to fill the venue as the curtains part and Apple moves to the top of the ramp and stops as she takes in the fans who have risen to their feet. Matching her walk to the beat of the song, she moves towards the ring offering fake smiles to each side before getting to the ring.

Justin: Introducing from England, it is her ladyship, Apple Coren!

Apple climbs the turnbuckle and sits there to taunt the fans as she ignores them to check a hand mirror she pulls from a pocket of the blue leather jacket she is wearing. The referee moves to tell her to come down off the turnbuckle which she does slowly with a sneer before leaning back into the corner to wait for the start of the match.

Patton moves in and checks both women for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Coren and Steele stand face to face as they begin to trade words until Coren sticks her hand in Steele's face and shoves her backwards. Steele stumbles backwards and checks her face for any blood, as Coren tells Steele to come on and Steele moves towards Coren and hits several forearm shots to her chest until Coren retaliates by grabbing Steel and driving a leg into her stomach. Steele doubles over a little but before she can fully react, Coren grabs her hand and whips her into the ropes and as she comes back Coren swings for Steel and Steele ducks and bounces off the ropes and as she comes back Coren lifts her up but Steele counters with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, sending Coren across the ring, as she stumbles to her feet. Leaning against the ropes, Steele approaches Coren and begins to hit some more forearm shots to the chest before grabbing her hand and goes to whip her across the ring but Coren counters and Steele hits the ropes and come back with Coren attempting an arm drag but Steele blocks it and grabs Coren's leg and takes her down before going for a pin...

Simon: Coren starts the match by showing some disrespect towards Steele but Steele doesn't allow Coren to get to her and fires back with some forearm shots, as the action speeds up a little as Steele gets the early upper hand before going for a pin.



Coren kicks out, as they both make their way to their feet, as Coren goes to swing at Steele but Steele ducks and grabs Coren and hits a leg sweep type move into a pin...

Adams: She only get's a two count as they both climb back to their feet only for Steele take Coren back down to the mat with another pin.




Coren kicks out as they both climb back to their feet, as Steele charges at Coren but Coren dodges and Steele ends up in the corner, Coren rushes in but Steele slips through the ropes as Coren stops herself in time as she swings at Steele but Steele ducks and instead drives her shoulder into Coren's stomach before sliding back into the ring though the bottom rope and through Coren's legs. Steele climbs to her feet as she rushes the ropes and bounces off them, as Coren turns around she approaches Steele and using Steele's momentum, she lifts her up as if she was going to hit a tilt a whirl move but instead she drops her on the mat back first.

Simone: She only gets a two count again, as once more they rise to their feet, as Coren tries to rush Steele but Steele has it scouted and Steele ducks a wild swing from Coren and drives a shoulder into her stomach for slipping through the ropes and between Coren's legs before getting to her feet and tries to work on Coren but Coren isn't out of this and she uses Steele's momentum against her.

Steele holds her back, as Coren looks down at her and laughs a little before approaching Steele who is slowly making her way to her feet, Coren grabs Steele's hand and pulls her up to her feet before dragging her in with a short arm clothesline sending Steele to the mat. Coren keeps hold of Steele's hand, as she pulls her up once more before hitting anther short arm clothesline again sending Steele down to the mat. Coren throws Steele's arm down to the mat, as she grin as she move in and mocks Steele and calls her crazy.

Adams: Coren begins to show her ruthless streak, as she pulls Steele up but only to knock her back down with a short arm clothesline, which she follows up with another one and then proceeds to mock Steele and name call her.

Steele grits her teeth as she battle to get to her feet but Coren just clubs her back sending her forward into the ropes. Coren backs up and then charges in and hits a dropkick to Steele's back. Steele screams out in pain, as Coren drags Steele from the ropes and goes for a pin...

Simone: Steele really wants to respond but she doesn't get a chance to as Coren catches Steele across the back before following up with a dropkick to her back and then goes for a pin...




Steele kicks out, as Coren shakes her head before making her way to her feet. Coren grabs Steele and pulls her up, which Steele responds back with a punch to the stomach but Coren responds back with a club to the back, Coren then grabs Steele and pulls her up, where she sets up and locks in an abdominal stretch. Steele screams out in pain as Coren screams at her to tap before driving a couple of shots into Steele's torso.

Adams: Steele kicks out again, as Coren continues to work over Steele and locks her into an abdominal stretch.

Steele grits her teeth as she raises her arm up and bring her elbow down across Coren's knee... Coren doesn't release straight away, as Steele hits several more elbows to Coren's knee, which forces Coren to lesson her hold and Steele frees herself before throwing an elbow backwards to the side of Coren's head forcing her to stumble back, as Steele drops to a knee still feeling the stretch.

Simone: Steele though begins to fight as she drives her elbow into Coren's knee.

Coren moves back in and grabs a handful of Steele's hair and pulls her up but Steele turns and hits a slap across the face of Coren, which stuns Coren and makes her let go of Steele's hair and Steele turns and follows up with a Pele Kick sending Coren down to the mat.

Adams: What a slap from Steele, which stuns Coren enough to give Steele an opening and hits a pele kick.

Steele crawls over to Coren and climbs on top of her and grabs a handful of hair and begins to drive Coren's head into the mat over and over before following up with elbows and then slaps Coren as she screams and shouts at Coren that she isn't crazy as Patton moves in and pulls Steele off Coren, which Steele screams at Patton who backs away a little startled.

Simone: Steele just unleashed on Coren... screaming like a banshee.

Steele takes a moment to calm herself down, as she moves to Coren and stomps on her a couple of time before pulling her up and then whips her into the corner, as she quickly follows up with a yakuza kick. Coren slumps down to the mat, as Steele grabs Coren's leg and drags away from the corner, where she turns and leaps on the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault.

Adams: Steele takes a moment to compose herself before continuing and hits a yakuza and then a moonsault.

Steele drags Coren to the centre of the ring and then proceeds to set Coren up and then lock in the Siren's Song (Triangle Choke), Coren struggles to try and get free but with her airway compromised, she begins to fade and has no choice but to tap out.

Simone: Steele locks in the Siren's Song and Coren can't escape from this.


Steele keeps the choke in place for a few extra seconds before releasing and climbing to her feet.

Justin: The winner of this match via submission... Kate Steele!

Steele's music hits over the p.a as Patton grabs her hand and raises it over her head.

Chanting of some sort if heard from a distance as a camera scrolls along a dim hallway. The chants grow louder and louder as the camera approaches a door that leads to a boiler room.

A loud male is heard screaming from the other said of the door. The chats come to a stop. A loud thump is heard at the door. The door opens up, we see SCU Star Jacob Johnson covered in blood as he has a panic look on his face.

The lights in the hallway go start to flicker from dim to off which scares Jacob even more. A loud bang is heard.

Jacob: Nooo!!!!

Jacob takes off running as we hear some kind of audio with kids chanting. We see Le Coven peeping their heads from out the boiler room door. Celeste lets out a laugh as Jenifer closes the door.

From behind the camera, we can hear Eric Weaver talking on his cell phone.

Eric: Hello? Can you hear me now?

Eric walks past the camera and stops right in front of the boiler room door.

Eric: Hello!?

The boiler room door slowly opens. Just four hands appear to come from the door. They grab Eric and pull him into the boiler room.

Eric: Shit not again... Help!!!!

The chants begin as we hear banging of pipes and screams coming from Eric Weaver.

Backstage, the camera opens up as Bobbie Dahl is walking quickly down the hall, a determined look on her face. As determined as she appears, she also seems to be a little aggravated as she keeps searching for someone. Eventually, she finds who she is looking for and that person is none other than Pussy Willow. Bobbie taps Pussy on her shoulder, nearly startling her and Pussy Willow turns around to face her.

Pussy: Oh, hello Bobbie. W-what's wrong? You look...upset?

Bobbie smiles and lets out a laugh.

Bobbie: Upset? Me? No! I'm not upset. What I am, however, is a little pissed off at the moment! Ask me why. Go ahead! Ask me!

Pussy looks a little surprised at Bobbie's attitude, and almost hesitant to ask, but she obliges anyway.

Pussy: Oh. Ok. W-why are you so angry? I don't think I've ever seen you so...mad.

Bobbie: I'm mad because I've got an opponent tonight that has decided to use everything I said in my last promo, which wasn't even against her, and twisted every damn word! Little miss Andrea tried to use my words to her advantage! Can you believe that?!

Pussy nods nervously.

Pussy: Honestly, yes. I've seen and spoken to everyone else in this locker room at one point or another and they do the same exact thing.

Bobbie: Yeah, but the little twit actually accused me of being a cocky bitch! I mean, really?! Me?! A cocky bitch?! That's NOT what I meant when I said me having any expectations in that Ultimate X match was cocky at all! Overly confident, yes. But cocky?! The hell?!

Pussy Willow can't help but crack a smile the more that Bobbie gets fired up. Bobbie's jaw drops and she narrows her eyes at the busty interviewer.

Bobbie: How can you smile about that?!

Pussy: I'm not smiling at that. I'm smiling at you. I've never seen you so fired up. Especially recently. This is a good thing. This is more of the attitude that you need.

Bobbie: I just don't take kindly to someone I actually a little bit of respect for saying that crap! Well, guess what, every ounce of respect I might have had. Gone right out the window! I wish this match was roulette rules and give her a taste of what this Roulette division is about! THE NERVE!

Pussy Willow is about to respond, but Bobbie turns and rushes off, huffing and puffing on her way back down the hall. Pussy shakes her head and looks into the camera.

Pussy: Artie...buddy...if you're watching. Please come save us from this rollercoaster ride that has been Bobbie Dahl the last month...

She shakes her head before turning around and walking in the opposite direction.

Simone: Also next week is the long awaited rematch for Griffin Hawkins as he FINALLY faces Teddy Warren Steele one on one for the Roulette Title. After weeks of ducking him, finally he's gonna get his hands on Teddy..its as if Christmas came early for him!

Adams: Earlier than what?! They started Christmas before Halloween this year! Santa came to my house yesterday dressed as Dracula!

Simone: Remind me never to go to your neighborhood...but anyways there have been rumors flying for weeks now over who's gonna be the Bombshell in Griffin's corner...some saying it could be his old friends Roxi or Keira...others say it could be Bobbie Dahl who's been wanting to get her hands on Diamond for quite a while...others are saying its gonna be the current Roulette Champion Alicia I heard from somebody while I was eating breakfast today is that Delia Darling is gonna be in his corner for a one night only appearance!

Adams: The list is endless! Griffin has not given any clues over who it's gonna be! All I gotta say is whoever it is that's gonna be in his better be a good one, because we've seen how much of an asset Diamond is when it comes to Teddy. But with how many enemies Diamond has made in the Bombshell locker room, anyone one of them could be in Griffin's corner! This could get so wild, it may turn into a mixed tag match!

Simone: Hold on, I'm getting something backstage...something about, Diamond? Can we get a camera back there please?

We go to the back where Diamond is motioning for the camera man to follow her.

Diamond: Hey, fat boy..follow me! You want to film something? Well this is a Diamond exclusive. We want the world to see matter what happens, you keep filming, got it? good.

She walks down the hall and into the boiler room. Teddy has his arms crossed as he looks down at what appears to be Griffin Hawkins tied to a chair! Griffin looks up at him, defiantly not showing any intimidation.

Teddy: Well, looks like you got yourself in a jam now, don't you Griff? Did you really think I was gonna allow you to walk around here embarrassing us by keeping us in the dark over who's gonna be the mystery Bombshell in your corner for the title match? I don't think so. We figured you'd show your face here tonight, and we came prepared.

Diamond: See, last week...we gave you a chance to come clean. We said that if you don't reveal who your mystery Bombshell is, it would be a long night for everyone in the building. I Diamond Cut every girl who came across me...and I figured that would be enough for you to show some guts for once in your life and tell us what we want to hear..but you only proved that you don't give a damn about anyone but yourself when you chose not to reveal it...and so, I got arrested...and you know who I blame for this? I blame you.

Griffin: And how is this my fault?....I wasn't the one who went on a killing spree..

Diamond: No, but you COULD have prevented it! That was the WORST feeling..the most humiliating experience I ever had happened to me! I was cuffed like a common criminal, had to have my mug shot pictures taken..and had to sit in some cold rotting cell..all because of YOU!

Griffin: Well if you made a new girlfriend in's because of me you got a date...

Angered, Teddy punches Griffin in the face, over and over. Griffin starts bleeding from the mouth when he lets up.

Teddy: ....Got anything funny to say now?...

He spits some blood out.

Griffin: ....did anyone ever tell you your wife hits harder than you?...

He goes to do more damage but Diamond stops him.

Diamond: Just relax..he can't tell us anything if he's unconscious.

Griffin: both are wasting your time, you're not gonna get anything out of me.

Teddy: Oh..I think we will. See, here's what you don't understand.

He grabs the Roulette Title.

Teddy: You're no longer the man around here...I am! I'm the Roulette Champion, and I am the savior of this division! When you were champion, you did nothing but devalue this belt. What I did was drag it out of the mud that it was in when I won it at Summer XXXtreme. And I am gonna be a BETTER champion than you.

Griffin: If you are a better champion...why did you lose to Tony Thorn?...

He grows angry.

Teddy: That was a fluke! It was a fluke and YOU know it! I'm the rightful champion..not you! If I had it my way, you wouldn't be getting a fact, it's bullshit that you get to have a Bombshell in your corner! But all that is gonna be remedied right here..because I want you to admit right now who it is that's the mystery Bombshell..and if you don't, you will be sorry. Now tell us now!

Griffin just laughs.

Diamond: What's so goddamned funny?!

Griffin: You think I'm just gonna show my hand right here just because you two clowns demand it?'re gonna have to wait like everyone do what you gotta do asshole...

Teddy says nothing and grabs what looks to be a Ball Peen Hammer off a nearby table.

Teddy: ...I hope you can play guitar with broken fingers...

Griffin begins to struggle to get out, but Diamond holds him in place as he goes towards him. Just then the lights suddenly go out, there's the sounds of a struggle. Some fists against skin, some glass shattering...none of this can be seen in the dark. After many minutes of darkness and sounds..the camera man quickly turns the light back on...only to see Teddy and Diamond unconscious on the ground...but Griffin is nowhere to be found! We head back to the ring.

Simone: What the hell just happened?!

Adams: Griffin somehow escaped!! He must've used some Ninja type moves to leave Teddy and Diamond laying!

Simone: But that's impossible! He was tied up! It sounded like someone else was in there as the lights went out!

Adams: Could that have been the Bombshell that's gonna be in his corner?!

Simone: I...I don't know!....We got more questions than we do answers now!

Adams: Oh I'm more anxious than ever to see who's gonna be in Griffin's corner!

Seleana: High Stakes...

Halo nods.

Halo: We know a couple of things happenin', don't we Mama Sel?

Seleana nods.

Seleana: Ja, I'm facing Alicia Lukas for the World Bombshell Championship...

Halo nods again.

Halo: Assumin' there ain't no act of God before that, yeah and me, I get Veronica Taylor, unless she somehow shits the bed harder than somebody who stupid enough to try and hit on Angel of Filth when she was already enjoyin' herself in her usual filthy, filthy ways.

Seleana shakes her head.

Seleana: Ja, that just sounds like it would be a very bad idea, Chickie.

Halo nods firmly.

Halo: Veronica Taylor wants to make this personal? "Poor little" me? Y'all right, I ain't got no friends! I got family and y'all ain't want me to call them! Honey, I ain't need to call them to take y'all to the woodshed! I'll even cut the switch for y'all and then I'll start teachin' y'all the manners y'all's mama should have taught y'all in the first place!

Halo glares into the camera as Seleana nods in agreement.

Seleana: And, as you say, assuming there is no act of God before, Alicia vs Seleana 3! I won one, she won the next and now we would be having one more time at the top of the mountain. Alicia Lukas has been a great champion, possibly the best champion SCW has ever seen and I was able to defeat her, but even I will admit, I did not beat her. Maybe I would have, but that opportunity was taken from me. I walked out with the win and the championship but she took it wight back and when we had our rematch proper, she did beat me. Third time is the charm for me?

She pauses and then shrugs.

Seleana: I need to find out and at High Stakes, we will.

Halo raises a fist.

Halo: Keep at it, Mama Sel!

Seleana gives her a fist bump.

Seleana: Kia kaha, Chickie!

Simone: Welcome back to Climax Control and in our next match we will see two bombshells go at it as Andrea Hernandez goes one on one with Bobbie Dahl.

Adams: Andrea made her debut at the start of the tour picking up an impressive win over the Iron Maiden and since then she has remained undefeated and has even beaten SCW Hall of Famer Mercedes Vargas! Bobbie on the other hand has a date with destiny at High Stakes in three weeks' time as she is currently the number one contender for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship!

Simone: It's a safe bet that Sam will be watching this closely, to scout Bobbie and to see if a win for Andrea will affect the match, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

"All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor starts to play through the sound system. The crowd erupts in loud cheers, as Bobbie Dahl bursts through the curtain, wearing a set of large white angel's wings. She no longer carries the microphone she once did as she slowly walks her way to the ring, devoid of any emotion.

Justin: Making her way to the ring! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds! From Coal City, Illinois! Please welcome, the one! The Only! BOBBIE DAHL!!!

Bobbie continues her way to the ring, no longer showing off the fun attitude everyone is so used to seeing. Once she reaches the ring, she removes her angel wings, drops them outside the ring, and walks up the steps. She steps through the ropes and heads to the center of the ring, waiting for the match to begin with a blank expression on her face.

Simone: As you said Jason, Bobbie is set to face Sam Marlowe for the Roulette Championship in three weeks' time at High Stakes but a win for Andrea could affect the match!

Adams: And elevate Andrea's already rising star! Bobbie had better not underestimate her!

Justin: And her opponent!

"Ultranumb" by Blue Stahli hits the venue's soundwaves. Andrea appears on the stage to some strong cheers from the crowd. She acknowledges the positive reaction that she's getting as she makes her way toward the ring, completely focused on the task at hand.

Justin: From Sedona, Arizona, Andrea Hernandez!

She gets up to the ring apron and uses the top rope to slingshot herself into it, continuing to soak in the cheers she gets as she leans against the corner, confidently waiting for what comes next.

Simone: Andrea's been turning heads since her debut earlier this month, not just for her looks but her in ring ability!

Adams: She's even been nominated for the Future Star of the Year Award alongside Bella Madison who debuted the same night, Bobbie had better stay on her toes in this match!

Jacob calls the two women to the middle of the ring and they go nose to nose as Jacob explains the rules to them, whilst they are the same height there is a significant weight difference between Bobbie and Andrea and once it's clear that they understand the rules Jacob calls for the bell.


Simone: This is only the second Bombshell match of a night which promises to be a night of exciting action.

Adams: Andrea's even offering a handshake to start the match, will Bobbie take it!

Bobbie looks at Andrea's outstretched hand skeptically before accepting the handshake and for once there is no funny business on Andrea's end as they break the handshake, once the handshake is done the two women tie up in the middle of the ring but thanks to the weight difference Bobbie is able to take the early advantage by backing up Andrea into the corner, Jacob is quick on his feet as he applies a four count which Bobbie quickly breaks.

Simone: Things are slow in the early going here.

Adams: Not for long, Andrea's heading to the middle rope and Bobbie doesn't even realize it.

Jacob backs off Bobbie just in time for Andrea to attempt a Middle Rope Hurricanrana on her larger opponent, unfortunately for Andrea Bobbie catches her before she can be taken down and pants Andrea into the matt with a sitout Powerbomb! Bobbie goes for the first cover of the match.



And Andrea gets the shoulder up!

Simone: Andrea had the right idea there as she isn't going to beat Bobbie in a power game.

Adams: To be fair, there aren't a lot of Bombshells who can beat Bobbie is a power game.

Bobbie picks up Andrea and goes to whip her off the ropes, she succeeds after Andrea instinctively tries to reverse it to predictable results but on the rebound Andrea ducks her clothesline attempt and hits her with a Handspring back elbow that stumbles Bobbie, realizing that her larger opponent still isn't down Andrea hits Bobbie with a dropkick to the knee which succeeds in dropping Bobbie to one knee and sets her up perfectly for a Floatover DDT! Andrea quickly hooks the leg.



And Bobbie powers out of Andrea's first pin attempt of the match.

Simone: I hope for Sam Marlowe's sake that she's taking notes here as Bobbie won't go down easy as Andrea is demonstrating.

Adams: Then again, depending on what stip the wheel stops on, her notes might not matter in the grand scheme of things!

Andrea steps back and waits for Bobbie to get to her feet as she clearly has a move in mind, Bobbie gets to her feet after a few seconds and Andrea charges looking to catch her with another Hurricanrana after her previous attempt failed but this time Bobbie side steps her and runs to the opposite ropes before (literally) squashing Andrea with a running Cross Body! Bobbie gives Jacob a few seconds to recover from the shock that she was able to pull that off before hooking Andrea's leg.



And Andrea gets the shoulder up.

Simone: You said earlier that there aren't many Bombshells who can beat Bobbie in a power game Jason but what a lot of people forget is that Bobbie can be surprisingly agile when she wants to be.

Adams: Even more surprising is that Andrea managed to kick out of that, but I suppose the few seconds Jacob needed to recover from the shock where enough for Andrea to get enough energy back to kick out.

Bobbie shakes her head as Andrea appears to be out of it and the kickout was on instinct, not to be deterred Bobbie drags Andrea to the corner where she sits her up and signals for the Bronco Buster.

Simone: If you want to know how painful this is, ask Sierra Williams, she experienced this and Bobbie's stink face in the ladder match that Bobbie earned her title opportunity in!

Adams: Either way, unless you're into this kind of thing, this isn't something I'd wish on my worst enemy! And I bet Andrea will share my sentiments if this hits!

Bobbie gets a running start and goes for the Bronco Buster but unfortunately for her (and fortunately for Andrea) Andrea ducks out of the way at the last second causing Bobbie to crash crotch first into the bottom turnbuckle! Andrea backs up to let Bobbie recover for a moment and once Bobbie is out of the turnbuckle Andrea charges and hits Bobbie with the Busaiku Knee to the face knocking her down, Andrea goes for a cover.



And Bobbie kicks out! However, Bobbie isn't moving much, and Andrea decides to take advantage of this by heading to the top rope.

Simone: Could we be about to see the Rise of the Phoenix?

Adams: If yes, get your cameras out folks!

Andrea reaches the top rope and leaps hitting the Phoenix Splash! Andrea hooks the leg for the cover.





Justin: Here is your winner, Andrea Hernandez!

Simone: Andrea picks up another win here on Climax Control, meaning she's potentially undefeated heading into High Stakes!

Adams: What will this mean for the Roulette Title Match?

Andrea celebrates her win whilst Jacob checks on Bobbie.

The camera pans backstage as Mercedes enters the scene dressed casually for her interview as she stands next to Pussy Willow with a level expression.

Pussy Willow: Mercedes, last week didn't exactly go your way as Andrea Hernandez defeated you in what many are calling a huge upset.

Mercedes: Is that what it was, PW? "A huge upset"? I couldn't help but remember what Bobbie Dahl said on Twitter after I told her she got lucky beating me at the go-home show to Summer XXXtreme. She told me that her eliminating me proved that it wasn't a fluke. That I should own up to my loss, and maybe she's right, you know? I'm not perfect. I embrace my flaws and I know I'm still awesome regardless. Maybe I should own up to it that I couldn't get the job done at Summer XXXtreme. In fact, yeah, maybe I'll starting owning up to a lot of things.

Inspired by these words, Mercedes continues.

Mercedes: For starters, I could own up to the fact that Bobbie will be leaving High Stakes the same way she entered, with nothing to show for it. Maybe I'll own up to the fact that Samantha Marlowe isn't a champion, but a placeholder. Or that a Jessie Salco world title reign will never happen despite all her years here. While I'm at it, I'll own up to Andrea Hernandez still having to prove she's legit. Everybody knows that I am. Most of all, I'll own up to the night that when I beat Melody Grace in three weeks, Ill be doing everyone a favor because after High Stakes, we'll never have to see her face again.

The fans respond negatively by her vow.

Mercedes: Melody Grace is an attention seeker. Just like her husband. And you know what, Melly? I didn't lose one ounce of sleep and I didn't feel once ounce of regret when I said to your face two weeks ago, and I sure as hell don't feel any regret by saying it now. You want to shoot, cowgirl? Let's shoot.

Mercedes, now turns her gaze to the camera.

Mercedes: You can downplay my accomplishments all to your little heart's content, sweetheart, but my legacy will never be tarnished. That seems like it should never have to be said, doesn't make it any less true. Everytime I step foot in the ring, I create moments that people remember for a lifetime. That's just what I do. Compared to your husband, how many moments can anyone remember from your career, Melody? How many matches or even title reigns does anybody remember in the time you've been in this company?

Mercedes raises an eyebrow as she shows off her checklist.

Mercedes: In three weeks, I'm going to create a moment, I'm going to create a match, that you, your fans, and your family will remember for a lifetime when I send you off to retirement. SCW has survived and thrived without your husband for three years. Since you've been gone, the women's division is the best it's ever been.

Mercedes points at the checklist with a Sharpie pen at Melody's name.

Mercedes: And it will be even better when I make history, and you become history.

We see Mark Ward with his feet crossed on top of the tables as he leans on his chair.

HS: Just 5 minutes without someone knocking on the door complaining about this or that.

A knock is heard at the door.

HS: Bloody hell... Come in!

The camera stays on Mark as we hear the door creak open. Mark looks at who walks in and cracks a smile.

HS: Well, well, well. I expected you next week with it being a big milestone show.

The camera stays on Mark but zooms out enough to get just a pair of hands and part of a dark grey HanFu robe.


The crowd breaks out in a cheer as the Chinese accent was a dead giveaway it was Master Lilly. She takes a step forward to get in the camera shoot.

HS: Surprise indeed, a good one as always, I hope.

Master Lilly: You expected me here next week and we both know why. Not many companies get to have a show, the biggest show of the year for the company to reach its nine-year. You now for something like that the Elders are open to matches. However, before such a big event you have another, Climax Control 250. Song's not available but the others are if you feel the need to want to give the fans a bit of nostalgia.

HS: Something, something, something........... and something about nostalgia not the same without Song.

Master Lilly: I'm sure she will be around soon, just not at this time.

HS: Well, I'm sure if Chris and I can find something for them then will book them but SCW is as stacked as ever. No promises that I can get any of the Elders in a match. Match or not I'm sure the fans will be happy to see them. They're all invited to the shows, they don't need to be booked in a match to interact with the fans.

Master Lilly: This is very true. I'm sure we may find one or two hanging around in the hallways somewhere in over the next few weeks. Enough about that, I know everyone comes to you asking what you can do for them, what they want, like or don't like. Here's a topic you don't get to talk about often. How are you doing Mr. Mark Ward? How's life treating you over the past two years.

HS: The business always...

Master Lilly walks to the door and opens it up.

Master Lilly: Forgive me, Mark. I wasn't asking about your business, I met Mark Ward himself.

Master Lilly says as she politely moves the cameraman out of the office and closes the door, as she closes the door she tells Mark Ward.

Master Lilly: Away from the cameras as I was asking that more on a friend to friend not wrestling owner to wrestling manager.

Camera's go back to ringside.

Backstage at Climax Control 249, we find our way to Mz Holly Wood who is standing by with the General Manager of Sin City Underground, Thaddeus "Tad" Ezra. Holly raises the microphone to her lips as she smiles brightly.

Holly: Hey boys and girls! It's Mz Holly Wood, your sometimes interviewer, sometimes Sin City Underground wrestler. I'm here with the GM of Underground, Tad Ezra. Tad, what brings you to SCW tonight?

Tad smirks, showing off his pearly whites. He cracks his knuckles, causing his tight SCU t-shirt to get even tighter around his developed chest.

Tad: Business and pleasure. I mean, who wouldn't take the chance to watch Austin James Mercer, Alicia Lukas, and Fenris competing at the Andros Beach Club? Exotic vacation, great action...

Holly: You're telling me. My Grindr is buzzing off the hook.

Tad: Same. Maybe you should stop tapping me.

Holly shrugs her shoulders and gives a faux bashful smile. Tad sighs.

Tad: But I didn't come here to talk about the pleasure. I'd rather do it than talk about it. Tonight is Climax Control 249. Does that ring a bell at all?

Holly goes to speak, but Tad hushes her with a hand over her mouth.

Tad: That means that next week is Climax Control 250. Twoooo-huuuuundred and fifty episodes. That's big. That's a milestone not to snub your nose at. To me, that deserves some celebrating.

Holly: I can think of a few ways to celebrate.

Tad: Me too. It was hinted at on Twitter that there would be a match to determine a challenger for the SCU Combat Championship, before we knew that Javier Gonzalez was going to vacate the title. Due to some requested time off, we're going to alter the plan a little, but we're sticking with it. Sister Ether still needs a competitor, and I have an announcement to make this Thursday on Underground Episode 36 about the men's Combat Championship.

Holly: Interesting. No clue on what that announcement will be?

Tad: Nope. Watch Underground on Thursday at 11:59pm PST to find out. As far as Climax Control 250, Stewart Mason and Winter Elemental will take on Melissa Ruin and, thanks to Alexis Staggs bitching on Twitter about Tim being teamed with another woman, he is being replaced by Eric Weaver. It will be SCW Mixed Tag Team Rules, and all competitors are required to submit promotional videos by SCW rules. The winning team will each get a respective shot at the Combat Championship. So, big news for Climax Control 250.

Holly: That is big news. We look forward to seeing it next week. Thanks for joining me.

Tad nods his head and walks off, whistling to watch the action.

Justin: The following contest is for one fall... Introducing first!

The eerie harmonies of the Devils Waltz courses its path from the sound system and across the spines of those in attendance. Curious onlookers turn their gaze toward the stage as the lights that illuminate the stage, ramp and ring fade from bright white to a disturbing red, and there, on the stage bathed in crimson, stands Kedron Williams, his flesh pale and his eyes almost as much so.

Justin: From Salem, Massachusetts, weighing one hundred and seventy nine pounds, he is Kedron Williams!

There is little reaction from the crowd, neither positive nor negative, as Kedron walks down toward the ring with a purpose; the lights above him beating on and off as if in tune with the beating of a heart. Each time the lights flicker off, once they resume, Kedron is further down the aisle and that much closer to the ring. Once he arrives at ringside, he stares into the ring and smiles, before the lights go completely dark. A mere moment later, they turn back on and Kedron is inside of the ring, sitting cross-legged in the center of the ring.

Justin: And his opponent...

The lights shut off as "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson kicks in, as it builds different lights flash around the arena. As the song builds into the refrain and the guitars kick in a spotlight forms on the stage with Austin standing in the middle.

Justin: From Manhattan, New York, weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds, he is Austin James Mercer!

He makes his way down to the ring before moving around to the steps, he makes his way up and walks across the apron before stepping between the ropes, he stands in the center of the ring as the music shuts off.


The two men circle each other, looking across at each other.

Simone: Both men know a win could push them through the crowd.

Adams: Especially Kedron, could you imagine what a feather in the cap it would be to beat a future Hall of Famer in Austin James Mercer?

The two men quickly lock up, Mercer quickly using his weight advantage and forcing Kedron to his knees. Kedron pushes his way back to his feet and lifts a leg, planting it in to Mercer's knee, forcing his to break the lock up. The crowd boo as Kedron steps in with an elbow, catching Mercer on the jaw and rocking him backwards. Kedron follows in with a punch and forces Mercer back against the ropes before grabbing his wrist and whipping him off the ropes. Kedron moves in to the middle of the ring as Mercer bounces back. Mercer attempts a clothesline but Kedron ducks and drops Mercer down with a neckbreaker, before sitting up and looking around the crowd with a dead look in his eye, drawing boos.

Adams: Kedron is not making any new fans here.

Kedron gets to his feet and pulls Mercer with him,whipping him hard in to the corner, Mercer's weight crashing hard in to the turnbuckle. Mercer drops to the floor and Kedron runs in and jumps over with a cannonball senton!

Simone: It doesn't matter about the huge weight different when you make up for it with the speed!

Kedron returns to his feet as he looks at Mercer, getting on to his knees. Kedron moves in as Mercer gets on to his feet and Kedron moves in. Kedron spins around and crashes in to Mercer with a discus clothesline! Kedron pulls himself on top of of Mercer and Drew drops down to make the count



Mercer kicks out!

Simone: Mercer needs to start using that weight.

Adams: Mercer could be very surprised at how fast this match has started.

Kedron pulls Mercer to his feet, but Mercer nails him with a sharp shot the the jaw, rocking him backwards. Kedron moves back towards Mercer but Mercer nails him with another shot to the jaw and catches him with a sudden snap headbutt and pulls his head in close. He wraps his arm around Kedron's body and throws him across the ring with a belly to belly throw, SCW's witch flying through the air and crashing across the ring. Mercer gets back to his feet and waits for Kedron to get up. As Kedron gets to his knees, Mercer charges at him and plants a knee to the side of his head, knocking Kedron down to the canvas.

Simone: Mercer just rattled Kedron's brains.

Adams: I think he's seeing little dickie birds flying around he head

Simone: Dickie birds?

Kedron slowly gets to his feet and Mercer moves in behind him and picks him up, lifting him over with a German suplex. Kedron rolls, his instinct forcing him back to him feet. Kedron straightens up a little as Mercer takes a few steps back. Mercer charges at Kedron as he turns around, catching him with a ripcord lariat, causing him to flip in the air land face first. Mercer drops to his knees, rolling Kedron on to his back and goes for the pin and Drew drops down to make the count



Kedron forces a shoulder up!

Simone: The Ode To Lisa has knocked a lot of people out.

Mercer picks Kedron up and whips him hard in to the corner before following in with a charging clothesline, but Kedron puts his foot up, and Mercer runs face first in to it before stumbling away. Kedron pulls himself on the second rope and waits for Mercer to turn around and jumps, catching Mercer on the jaw with a missile dropkick!

Adams: Right in the chops!

Mercer hits the canvas hard and Kedron quickly stomps on him and lifts him to his feet and catches him with a hard shot to the jaw, knocking him quickly to the canvas once more. Kedron reaches down, pulling Mercer back to his feet and rakes Mercer's eye, drawing a warning from Drew. Kedron ignores him and Mercer turns his back on Kedron, who quickly punches Mercer in the base of the spine. Kedron stays on the attack, wrapping his arm around Mercer's throat and drops him down with a sleeper neckbreaker!

Adams: Mercer's neck coulda broken right there and then!

Kedron pulls himself on top of Mercer and goes for the cover as Drew drops down to make the count



Mercer just kicks out!

Simone: Kedron was close there.

Kedron pounds the mat in frustration, look out the ring towards his wife. Kedron picks up Mercer and whips him in to the corner. Kedron charges towards Mercer and jumps in the air, attempting a corner splash but Mercer side steps and Kedron crashes in to the corner.

Adams: Quick feet from Mercer, he could have been a dancer.

Simone: Maybe you should suggest that to him.

As Kedron stumbles out, Mercer grabs him from behind and lifts him in a side slam position and drops him down with a pendulem backbreaker, driving Kedron back in to his knee. Mercer sits for a few seconds before bringing himself to his feet and waiting for Kedron to return to his. As he does and moves towards Mercer, Mercer grabs him and drops him with a double A Spinebuster.

Adams: That shook the ring.

Mercer gives Kedron time to get to his feet. As Kedron gets on to his knees, Mercer charges at him and catches him with a leaping shoulder block, knocking Kedron to the floor. Mercer drops an elbow across Kedron's chest as he lays prone on the mat. Mercer pulls himself to his feet and waits for Kedron to return to his feet. As Kedron returns to his feet, Mercer charges him and catches him with a huge claymore kick!

Simone: That could have done some serious damage.

Adams: That was a huge Mercenary Kick from Mercer

Simone: Kedron could be feeling that one for days.

Mercer rolls on top of Kedron and Drew drops down to make the count



Kedron just about forces a shoulder up!

Adams: I can't believe Kedron just did that.

Mercer looks at the referee and pulls himself to his feet. He looks around the crowd and starts to stalk Kedron as he returns to his feet. He grabs Kedron under the arms to lift him for the pop up powerbomb but Kedron hits him hard on the head.

Simone: Kedron just got out of The Legacy Bomb!

Adams: Kedron has Mercer by the head.

Simone: He could be looking for the Pear of Anguish!

Mercer grabs Kedron by the wrist and spins out of the hold. Mercer drops down and catches Kedron with a European Uppercut.

Adams: Mercer is out of the hold.

Kedron stays on his feet, spinning around three hundred and sixty degrees. As he turns back to face Mercer, Mercer lifts him up with a pop up powerbomb!

Simone: Legacy Bomb!

Mercer puts his feet over Kedron's shoulders, going for the cover and Drew drops down to make the count





Justin: The winner of the match..... AUSTIN JAMES MERCER!

Simone: Austin James Mercer wins!

Adams: Kedron gave him more of a challenge than most thought he would but the championship breeding shone through in the end.

We see SCU stars Winter Elemental talking backstage. The SCW crowd give them a mix reaction.

Winter: Andros sure is nice, I'm sure Gail is enjoying herself drinking at the beach with Earl. Winder how Dahlia feels about that, where is she, I don't want any trouble with her. If she still wants to fight I'll fight but after High Stakes IX.

Stewart: Dahlia is waiting to after High Stakes. For now, it's a Canadian thing, just don't screw around.

Winter turns to the camera to address the fans then turns back to Stewart.

Winter: So Stewart, my homie Tim Staggs backed away from getting a Canadian stampede style ass-kicking from you eh bud.

Stewart: This time but our time will come around soon enough. Eric will take it on his behalf. You get Melissa Ruin, someone you faced in tag matches plenty of times.

Winter: Yeah, her anti-Canadain ass is always fun kicking around the ring. She walking into CC250 to take one more.

Stewart: Look, you and I teamed before so I know I can trust you but I also know you like to play games. I'm not going into this match to play games. I'm coming in to win this, going to High Stakes IX for the Combat Title will be fitting.

Winter: Oh fuck yeah bud! You're the only true MMA/Wrestler in SCU. That's why I always like teaming with you. You're the man version of me bud!

Stewart: Hey now, I would never speak that low about myself.

Winter: Hey!

Stewart and Winter share a smile. Winter playfully punches Stewart in his abs then shakes it in pain.

Winter: Ouch, What The Holy F*** Shit!

Winter takes her other hand and places it on Stewart's abs.

Stewart: You're done?

Winter: He-he, sorry Gail!

Stewart: Eric Weaver, you face Javi for the Underground title at High Stakes, I know you also want to get your rematch for the Combat title. The only one will work double duty at High Stakes will be Winter.

Winter: Yep, I'm kicking Merlot's ass then beating Sister Esther for the title!

Stewart: You getting ahead of yourself Winter.

Winter: Oh? You don't think I can do it?

Stewart: Well?

Stewart says as he shrugs his shoulders.

Winter: Really? Do you want to fight bud? I'll kick you down there right now. Don't play with me, Stewart!

Stewart shakes his head with a smirk.

Stewart: Shut it and focus on the task at hand.

Winter: I will, I'm starting the match and ending the match. You'll be just standing at ringside looking sexy and cheering me on.

Stewart: You know, I wouldn't doubt it if you tried doing that. Focus on the win Winter. I'll take care of Eric, let's do what we did before.

The camera zooms out a bit and picks up Melissa Ruin who has been standing there for a while.

Melissa: Just like every other Canadain in this world. You're both stupid if you think you have a chance against me Winter. Stewart, no offense but no one wants to see you in the ring so like Winter said. We will start and finish this match without the help of you and Eric. Only I'll be victories yet again.

Winter: Again? You forgot all those times I kicked your ass in the ring.

Melissa: Look loser, you see this right here on my shoulder. This is the Double Down tag team championship. I'm a champion, you're not, you're a loser!

Stewart: I have a tag team title as well, only I don't need to use it as a clutch to convince people that I'm one of the best in the ring, my performances do it for me.

Winter: Yeah, something Melissa knows nothing about.

Melissa: We will see come Climax Control 250.

Winter: Piss off or you will see what happens to you on Climax Control 249 eh!

Melissa: Whatever, I'm leaving as I'm done talking to the little people, you peasants can go back to being the nothings that you are.

The camera heads in to the office of Hot Stuff Mark Ward. Hot Stuff smiles down the camera as he sits in his desk chair.

HS: I've announced a lot of matches over recent weeks and you've seen people out there building up on stuff they wanna work and now I'm gonna finish it off. I'm tired of the speculation and I'm done with guess work, dirt sheets and all that, and with Climax Control 250 around the corner, tonight is the perfect time to let you all know what you're doing so you can all stop being lazy, get off your arses, show up next week and talk about your matches.

A serious look crosses his face.

HS: Now we know next week, things can change if Griffin Hawkins defeats Teddy Warren to become the new Roulette champion. The winner will face Bill Barnhart at High Stakes IX. Got me thinking about what to do with the other one of you and I got dream match scenarios in my head. Ever since Griffin returned, I wanted to see him face off against Austin James Mercer, should Griffin be unsuccessful, at High Stakes, we will get to see that match. Should Griffin become champion, well Teddy, you're gonna get your arse kicked beyond recognition by Austin James Mercer.

A slight smile crosses Hot Stuff's face.

HS: Now with no title defence planned for next week, I can confirm that Senor Vinnie and Ty West will go one on one, and either Jessie Salco or Alicia Lukas will go up against Seleana Zdunich. Like the match I mentioned before, should Jessie become Bombshell World champion, Alicia, you get the pleasure of beating up Christina Rose again... That shit never gets old for me.

Hot Stuff mouths the word never.

HS: That's something we'll find out by the end of the night. What else we got.... Oh yeah, we've not had Malachi turn up to accept Lachlan's challenge of a cage match, but we're putting that on the card anyway. If I was you Malachi, I'd show up and talk about that, because you're starting to look like a bit of a pussy.

Hot Stuff grins widely.

HS: The other day, I was browsing away on Twitter, skipping past the idiots, and the people just looking to get the parts wet and I saw a tweet from Sierra Williams. I don't have to hide the fact that I am a huge fan of Sierra, that Latina nutcase does something for me professionally, gets me happy that she is part of SCW. She said she can't break through that glass ceiling. I personally think you can and I'm gonna give you a challenge to do so at High Stakes IX. You gotta beat the best to break that glass and we have one of the best female wrestlers in the world here in the form of Roxi Johnson... There's no need for me to sell this match on you Sierra, nor you Roxi. Sierra brings a different challenge to a hero and to break that glass, Sierra, this is your perfect opponent.

Hot Stuff nods his head.

HS: And one more thing. Jake Raab, we've told you that you'd be facing Caleb Storms and Stephen Callaway, I also said a forth. Well, the forth I had planned didn't exactly work out, but I was watching the show earlier and saw someone asking if he was booked for High Stakes IX. Well, you are now, because your forth is none other than Mark Cross. Now the Dragon may end up doing double duty that night for SCW and SCU, but I got faith in ya.... and no, that was not a personal life pun. Don't go too far, you'll also be on Climax Control 250, bring ya boots.

Hot Stuff rubs his chin.

HS: Someone wanna put the card graphic on the screen? In no particular order....

The screen lights up with the High Stakes IX Card.

Senor Vinnie (c) v Ty West - World Championship
Alicia Lukas or Jessie Salco (c) v Seleana Zdunich - Bombshell World Championship
Teddy Warren or Griffin Hawkins (c) v "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart - Roulette title
Sam Marlowe (c) v Bobbie Dahl - Bombshell Roulette title
Culture Shock (c) v London Underground v Amy Santino and Joshua Acquin v ??? - Mixed Tag titles
Ben Jordan v Fenris
Lachlan Kane v Malachi
Mercedes Vargas v Melody Grace
Christina Rose v Jessie Salco or Alicia Lukas
Austin James Mercer v Griffin Hawkins or Teddy Warren
Caleb Storms v Jake Raab v Mark Cross v Stephen Callaway
Andrea Hernandez v Bella Madison
Roxi Johnson v Sierra Williams
Keira Fisher v Diamond

The camera cuts back to Hot Stuff.

HS: Now that is a fucking card! That's not all though. Tad and Donna have both been invited to Climax Control 250 to announce any SCU involvement on the show and I'm sure on Thursday night, they will be talking about plans too, so I suggest you tune in to Underground 36.

Hot Stuff leans back in his chair.

HS: Anyway, we got a couple more matches to go tonight, so go, watch those.

Hot Stuff waves the cameraman out of the door as the scene cuts elsewhere.

Backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains is standing along with the "White Wolf" of SCW, Fenris, who has his brother Aron standing in his usual place, at the side of his sibling.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fenris, in just mere moments you will be out there in the six-sided ring, taking part in what many are already calling a 'Dream Match' here in Sin City Wrestling against "Bulldog" Bill Barnhart. Two Alpha Males. Two of the best fighters. Two of the physically toughest Superstars finally getting a one on one match! Now you said you only recently watched his promo for this match and something about it rubbed you the wrong way?

Fenris snorts back a chuckle, and a smirk creases the corner of his mouth in a half-assed smile.

Fenris: Aron here would ask when does something not rub me the wrong way...

Ms. Rocky Mountains turns briefly to Aron who smiles and nods apologetically.

Fenris: But yes... something about what he and his wife said bothered me. 'Several' somethings, actually.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What could they have said? If you watched the promo, Bill Barnhart spoke very highly of you and listed you as just one of his top three dream matches here in SCW.

Fenris: Yes, and I wonder if that's because he underestimates me and sees me as an easy win to cement his badass status.

Fenris smiles with a darkened expression and shakes his head.

Fenris: If he sees me as anything other than a fight, if he thinks I'm an easy win, then he has not been paying attention. I look at him and pay respect because Gabriel says he deserves it. I look up his history and Bulldog does deserve it, after everything he has done in AWA and already here in SCW! It just pisses me off when I try to show respect even though people call me an arrogant bastard, it comes back to bite me in the ass! But you heard the things he and his wife say in my direction?

Aron: I thought they spoke pretty highly of you personally.

Ms. Rocky Mountains nods in agreement but Fenris rolls his eyes.

Fenris: I thought so too at first but then it seemed more like they used compliments to veil how they really felt! First Bea goes on and says that just because "Bulldog" is bigger than I am, that it gives him an overwhelming advantage?

Fenris frowns in disbelief and shakes his head, holding his hands up.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That just seems like an observation?

Fenris: Well here's an observation for them! A match I had with another of his 'dream opponents' last year!

AA video feed then starts up, showcasing the highlights of a match between then-reigning World Heavyweight Champion Fenris and his challenger, the "Freight Train of Pain" Casey Williams....

Casey throws him over his shoulder for a power slam but Fenris counters! He ;ands on his feet and grabs Casey around the waist from behind...!

Simone: No way!

... and Fenris throws the huge challenger over with a release German suplex!

Adams: OH MY GOD!!!


Simone: How in God's name did Fenris DO that!?

Casey is stunned, shocked, as he rolls over to a seated position and Fenris strikes!

Adams: Wolf's Bane!

Right to the head! Casey is down and Fenris with the cover!





Adams: He did it! Fenris retains!

The crowd stands and cheers the efforts displayed by both men as Jasmine hands the championship belt back to Fenris and raises his arm!

The video feed ends and Fenris's face is in the camera, frowning.

Fenris: Did that LOOK like a disadvantage to you!? Yeah! He beat the shit out of me in that match, but if I wasn't able to take it and give it right back, then I would have been the god damn winner! And as for this quirk of mine, about not being an aerial wrester... what!? Just because I'm what you call a cruiserweight you expect me to have to do those goddamn fancy jumps through the air and risk my body and my life!? Do you think by not doing that, it makes me any less of a competitor!? I don't do aerial maneuvers simply because I don't fucking WANT to! Is that answer enough for you two!? Does it makes SENSE now!? Why the HELL should I put my body and life on the line flying through the air like a goddamn lunatic when I don't need to!?

He then backs up a step and holds his hands up.

Fenris: But that's fine, Bulldog. You go and think what you want about me if that makes you feel better, more confident. Is like you said, everything in Bahamas is better. And nothing will be better than my turning your 'dream match' into a goddamn nightmare!

That being said, Fenris turns and walks off the camera in a determined stride as Aron shrugs helplessly to Ms. Rocky Mountains and follows...

We cut backstage to the dressing room of Bill and Bea Barnhart, and their English Bulldog Iris, at the Andros Beach Club in The Bahamas. Bill is in his wrestling attire and he is holding his glass pink chalice in his hand. Bea is nicely dressed ready for her debut as the Manager for Bill. And, of course, Iris their English Bulldog is adorned with her pink diamond-studded dog collar. The cameraman informs them his camera is live and they launch into their pre-match comments.

Bill: In a short time I will enter the wrestling ring to face off against Fenris. As I mentioned during the week having a match against Fenris fulfills one of my three dream matches I wanted to have in Sin City Wrestling. I know this will be a great match. I know this will be a brutal match. I know this match will go down in history as an epic battle. I understand that Fenris has only one loss but he will have two after tonight. I will, of course, emerge from the match the winner so place your bets accordingly.

Barnhart raises the glass pink chalice into the air.

Bill: I raise my glass pink chalice into the air to designate two things. First is to offer a salute to you, Fenris, for accepting this match against me to fulfill one of my three dream match desires. Second is to celebrate my soon victory over you. People need to keep my face in their minds as I am the face of the future of Sin City Wrestling.

Bea: This is my debut as the Manager for Bill but I am not a stranger to the wrestling world as I have attended most of the events where Bill has wrestled. I am not at ringside to get involved in the match. I am not at ringside to do something to benefit Bill. I am at ringside to offer encouragement and to keep my eyes open for any foul play, rule violations, illegal moves or holds, and interference from others. If you think I cannot handle myself when it comes to keeping all of that out of the match Bill has with Fenris then you are not thinking logically. You simply do not piss of a Filipina by cheating against her man. You also do not piss of Iris our English Bulldog by cheating against her Daddy Bill.

Bill: Damn! Fenris you heard it directly from Bea. Knowing what you just heard I honestly hope you decide to do this match cleanly and legally otherwise I will have to back away and let Bea work her magic with Iris helping her out. The choice is yours to make. Do you do the illegal things that get you hurt or to you toe the line and obey the rules to at least keep most of yourself intact? Think on that during the time remaining until our match begins.

Bea informs the cameraman their comments are done and they have to leave the dressing room to get to the staging area to be ready for their entrance. The cameraman informs the broadcast studio of this and they tell him to keep his camera focused on Bill, Bea, and Iris, until they have left the dressing room. The cameraman obeys his orders and keeps his camera focused on the three until they have left the dressing room and close the door behind them. At that point the screen goes dark.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray begins to play across the building and the crowd turns with anticipation towards the entrance as "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with his younger brother at his side. As Aron looks on, Fenris stands stoically, looking out towards the capacity crowd before dropping to one knee with head bowed. He symbolically crosses his heart and looks 'up' in homage before standing upright and beginning his journey toward the ring with his brother following close behind.

Justin: Making his way toward the ring! Accompanied by Aron Baltasarsson, from Iceland, weighing two hundred and four pounds -- Fenris!

Despite the fans that reach out toward him, Fenris does not reciprocate and his attention is solely on the ring, whereas the smiling Aron good naturedly slaps a hand or two that extends toward him. Fenris climbs the ring steps and walks along the apron, turning towards the fans and extends his arms up and begins the 'Viking Clap.' Slowly but surely, despite any potential misgivings towards the young man, many fans join along with him in the Viking Clap. Aron holds the ropes for his brother, and Fenris steps through and continues the clap from one corner to the next, drawing in the energy of the crowd. Joined by Aron, Fenris returns to his own corner and paces like a wolf stalking his prey, kicking off his slippers to compete barefoot as the claps slowly subside

Justin: And his opponent!!!

Raise Your Glass by Pink hits the speakers and we see Bill Barnhart walk out from the backstage area holding a pink glass chalice in his hand. He is followed his English Bulldog Iris leading her by a pink leash attached to her pink diamond-studded collar. When the song comes to the lyrics RAISE YOUR GLASS Bill Barnhart raises the chalice into the air. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Barnhart. The two make their way to the ring where Bill hands the chalice to a ring attendant to hold onto until the match is over. Bill enters enters the ring then walks around the ring playing the crowd before settling into a corner.

Justin: Standing in at 6'4 and weighing in at 240 pounds!! Hailing from Lawrenceville Georgia!!! The Bulldog!! Bill Barnhart!!!


The bell has rang as both Bill and Fenris are staring at each other and show caution not to start the match with giving the other wrestler the upper hand. Knowing the ability of the other shows the respect that they have for each other. Bill gets in the center of the ring and places his hands on top of his upper legs as he lowers his upper body a bit while awaiting the next move of Fenris, who lifts his hands up a bit for a blocking position before going for a kick to the face of Bill. Only to have Bill move his face out of the way at the final moment and counters with a running clothesline that drops Fenris after he turned around from his spinning kick. Bill immediately grabs the head of Fenris and starts to deliver series of Double Axhandles to the massive back of Fenris. Who is struggling to get to his feet and it takes him a few moments to finally succeed, immediately charges in on Bill as he sends him into one of the many corners of the six sided ring and drives his shoulders into the midsection of the veteran wrestler. He follows it up with series of Muay Thai kicks to the ribs of Bill, who tries to block those kicks by keeping his arms upwards and close to the outside of his body. This gives Fenris the opportunity to deliver MMA punches to the head of Bill, who tries to keep up with the speed of the punches from the former world champion. Fenris grabs Bill by the waist and sets him up for a Belly to Belly Suplex. But that leaves his head open for a series of Bulldog Headbutts to the face of Fenris. Who at first isn't releasing the hold, but another headbutt from Bill forces Fenris to loosen the grip and then Bill follows it up with a short arm clothesline and then goes for the cover


The count stops at one as Fenris quickly kicks out with authority, Bill immediately grabs the head of Fenris and locks it in a reverse chinlock and puts all of his weight on the neck of the former champion. Screaming at Fenris that he better needs to quit or that he will fall asleep.

Simone: I have a hard feeling anyone will make Fenris either submit or let him fall unconscious.

Adams: I agree, especially in the early stages of a match

Fenris is slowly starting to stir, his legs are shaking as he is moving his upper body from left to right in an effort to find any sort of balance for him to get back to his feet. He finally manages to get to a vertical base as he drives some elbows into the ribs of Bill as that frees him. Fenris runs to the ropes and sets himself up for a discuss clothesline. But Bill manages to block it and spins Fenris around before.

Adams: Sweet Dreams!!!

Bill has caught Fenris off guard with his finishing submission hold, he has got his arms locked in tight around the head of Fenris as he is struggling to stay on his feet. But the experience of Bill and his massive girth gives him the upper hand as Fenris is slowly dropping to one knee and then soon followed by the other. Bill is standing over Fenris as he puts more and more weight and pressure on the submission hold as Jasmine is checking if Fenris is capable to continue. Grabbing his arm once and it falls...

Simone: I think we may have found someone that could give the thought of Fenris not passing out to a submission hold to a test!!


But no, Fenris manages to keep his arm in the air after the second time that Jasmine has grabbed it. He quickly grabs the head of Bill with that arm as it quickly is followed by the other. Jasmine is checking if Fenris isn't going to do something illegal but quickly realizes that Bill's hair isn't much of anything to pull on as she lets it continue. Fenris holds on to the head tight with both hands as he slowly gets back to his feet while Bill has the hold still tight on his opponent.

Adams: I wonder what .... Oh wow!!!

Fenris puts a lot of pressure on his legs before pushing his legs off the canvas. Using the momentum in his favor as he manages to use his leg strength and his grip on Bill to jump over him and landing behind Bill while holding on to Bill. The move obviously causes Bill to let go as Fenris follows it up with an overhead Released German Suplex that causes the fans to go nuts.


A replay is shown on the split screen as the emphasis is being put on the leg strength of the former champion. Landing behind Bill as he then follows it up with the German Suplex. Fenris immediately goes for the cover on Bill.



Bill manages to get his shoulder off the canvas as Jasmine went for the count of two. Fenris pushes the upper body of Bill off the canvas as he drives series of knees between the shoulder blades of Bill before getting up and hitting Bill with stiff kicks to the back and the chest area of the veteran. He then measures Bill and sets him up for a round house kick to the face of Bill as that drops him hard on the canvas.

Adams: Good Grief!! We know Fenris is a stiff kicker, but this is a seventy yard fieldgoal!!!




Bill manages to get his shoulder off the canvas to a large shock of Fenris. Looking at Jasmine as she tells him that Bills shoulder got off the canvas in time.

Simone: Not many can claim that they could kick out after that!! We have heard the stories of how tough Bill can be, we are witnessing it right here tonight folks!!

Fenris turns back to Bill as he sits down on top of the veterans chest and starts to lay some heavy punches to the head and body of Bill. Who is trying to cover up as much as possible with both arms up high. Most of the blows hit the body and face of Bill, but the veteran manages to surprise Fenris as he lifts his legs up and locks them around the armpits of the former champion and forces him to fall on his back on the canvas in a pinning combination.



Fenris kicks out as he rolls through and gets to his feet, he charges in on Bill with a head full of steam and goes for a forearm smash to the face of the veteran. But Bill catches the arm and drops Fenris hard on the canvas as Bill catches him in a Fujiwara Armbar in the center of the ring.

Adams: Good grief!! That's a hold you would expect from Fenris!!!

Simone: Bill sure as hell must have done his homework!! And we all know that Bill isn't a stranger to submission holds!! But I have to admit, I can't remember the last time he pulled off a move like that!!!

Jasmine checks on Fenris if he is about to give in to the excruciating pain of the very painful submission hold that is being put on by Bill Barnhart. He has his upper body off the canvas as he leans on the back of Fenris for extra leverage as he pulls on his arm even more. Fenris is reaching for the ropes with his free am, but is too far away. He tries to turn his body in a way that his legs are closer to the ropes as he is attempting to touch the ropes with his feet. But again he is too far away as Bill puts even more pressure on the arm as Jasmine asks Fenris again if he wants to give in to the pain.

Fenris: NEI!!!!!!

Simone: That is Icelandic for no folks, I've picked up a few things in recent weeks.

Adams: He is not interested

Simone: Hey!! It's always good to widen my horizon right?? Besides..., a girl can try

Fenris pushes his upper body off the canvas with his free arm, trying to get to his knees as he manages to roll through and then wrap his legs around the head of Bill in a pair of head scissors.

Adams: Good grief!! Fenris puts Bill in a difficult situation!!!

Bill lets go off the arm that he was holding on to until that moment, grabbing the legs of Fenris while trying to remain in a standing position. Wobbling on his own to feet he tries to get his fingers between the two powerful legs and give himself some breathing space so that he could do some more offence. But the legs are too strong as Bill is slowly dropping to one knee and soon after to his second one as well. Fenris lets go, but quickly follows it up by driving series of forearm smashes to the back of Bill's neck. He then has him on his hands and knees and then sets him up for a stiff kick to the face. But Bill has managed to get out of harms way as he rolls out of the ring.

Simone: Smart veteran move from Bill!!

Adams: But I doubt Fenris is going to give him much breathing space!!

Indeed, Fenris already rolled out of the ring and goes after Bill. He grabs him by the head to roll him back in the ring, but Bill gives him a back elbow to the midsection before driving Fenris face first into the steel steps first before planting him face first into the steel ring post. This causes Fenris to fall backwards as Bill is leaning against the apron and checks his face to see if he is bleeding, but isn't. He slides in and out of the ring to break the ten count from Jasmine and then sets Fenris up for

Adams: Not a Piledriver!!! Not on the concrete!!!

Bill grabs the waist and is about to lift Fenris up, but Fenris uses all of his might to block the move and succeeds. Bill delivers some forearm shots to the back of Fenris and goes for the move once more, but again Fernis blocks it. He then uses all of his might to deliver a Back Body Drop on Bill as Bill lands on the concrete floor and gasps for air. Fenris leans against the apron before rolling in and out of the ring to break the ten count as well. He blasts some elbows to the forehead of Bill before rolling him back in the ring as he follows him into the ring as well. There he measures Bill as he slowly gets to his knees and stares at Fenris. There Fenris quickly follows it up with a straight kick to the face.

Adams: Wolf's Bane!!!

Bill is seemingly out, Fenris quickly covers him as Jasmine goes for the count.




Simone: GOOD GRIEF!!!

Adams: How did he kick out of that??!!!

The crowd is going nuts, realizing that the match is going to continue after Bill got his shoulder barely off the canvas but just on time. Fenris stares at the veteran, whose eyes have rolled back into his head almost before turning his attention to Jasmine. Who tells him that it is a count of two. Fenris can't believe it and turns his attention back to Bill as he knows what he has to do to finish the match off. He measures Bill as Bill slowly gets to his knees and motions for Fenris to bring it.

Simone: Uh oh... are you sure Bill??

Adams: I don't know if this is a wise move Belinda, I...

Fenris goes for another Wolf's Bane, but this time Bill manages to somehow catch the foot and rolls him through with a modified Dragon Screw. He then quickly grabs both legs and sets Fenris up for the figure four leg lock and sits down as he has the hold locked in deep.

Simone: Good Grief!!! How did he pull this off????

Adams: I don't know!! He seemed so out of this!!!!

Fenris his shoulders are on the canvas as Jasmine starts to use the three count



Fenris gets his shoulders off the canvas in time, screaming in agony as he feels the pain through his body because of the punishment that Bill has put him through. Bill's face is covered in blood from the kick and other punishments that he endured during the match. He tightens the grip on the leg as that causes Fenris to fall back on the canvas again.



Fenris sits up and this time he lashes out with a few MMA punches to the face of Bill as that surprises him. This sudden turn of event causes Bill to lose the grip that he has on Fenris. Fenris slowly gets to his knees and pushes himself back to his feet as he hobbles on his painful left leg. Measuring Bill once more as he goes again for a third Wolf's Bane and hits the move again as Bill goes down for the cover.





Justin: The winner of this match by pinfall!! Fenris!!!

Fenris rolls off of Bill as both men are completely worn out from the match. Jasmine checks on both men before lifting Fenris his arm up in the air for the victory as the fans are applauding the effort both men has put on in this fight. Both men are slowly getting back to their senses as Fenris stares into the bloodied face of Bill and extends his fist towards him as a sign of respect as Bill accepts it before Fenris rolls out of the ring.

Simone: This match was brutal, thank goodness it's over!!!

Senor Vinnie can be seen backstage with Pussy Willow, his normal happy demeanor isn't showing while holding the belt on his shoulder.

Pussy: Vinnie, you asked for this interview.... Why??

Senor Vinnie: Why?? I will tell you why, you see people like to say things about me. They like to proclaim things about me on Social Media or in matches. Like Senor Alex last week, when he deliberately got himself disqualified to save face. Telling me how I am this and that...., I am still champion perro... what makes that out of you??

Pussy: Well some people think....

Senor Vinnie: Some people do not concern me Willow, what concerns me is that Alex had the audacity to attack my wife on social media. Making her look bad, nobody does that to my wife and gets away with it. So Alex, be lucky if you do not run into me senor... because if I do? I will finish the job that we started and send you to the hospital.

Pussy: Strong words, but now about your nephew Ty??

Senor Vinnie: Look, I am not going to say anything towards my familia that could be taken out of context. But yeah, I know where Ty is coming from, but the reality is that I have been winning matches left and right on my own. Without the help of others, I even won my belt on my own... Me and Ty are fighters, even though I may be criticized by many for what I have done in the past... But the past is just like that... the past Willow. And the champion is the present and the future of this company. I will fight anyone, anytime and anyplace. And Ty my dear amigo?? I can't wait until we face off and tear down the roof of the arena that will be host to thousands in attendance and millions watching around the world... it will be Salsa time Amigo....

He winks at Willow before walking off

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see tonight's challenger for the SCW World Bombshell Championship Jessie Salco sitting on a crate and looking at a piece of paper in her hands.

Jessie: Three years, that's how long I've been waiting for this moment.

Jessie states before hopping off the crate and holding up the poster revealing it to be an old wrestling poster of Crystal Hilton from when she was the World Bombshell Champion.

Jessie: And now, on the day of my triumph, I have to keep an eye on the woman with many names as she is doing commentary for my title match! As I said on Twitter, I'm not easily distracted like Christina is and I'm not letting her presence at ringside stop me from achieving my goal!

Jessie says before looking at the poster again.

Jessie: Funny isn't it? How the woman who held the title when I started my quest for it three years ago is doing commentary for it, well Christina, if you do stick your nose in the match and cost me the title.........

Jessie suddenly tears the poster to shreds reducing it to tinny bits of paper whilst making sure that the side with Crystal on it is facing the camera so that the symbolism is clear.

Jessie: You can expect that and more at High Stakes! And appropriately enough, that was the cheapest thing on the merch table, hell I'm surprised that they had it in stock, and as for Alicia, I've waited too long to let this opportunity slip through my fingers and tonight you will lose the title to me!

Jessie walks off as the scene fades.

The camera moves to the backstage area where Ben Jordan can be seen standing next to his wife Evie, the couple in conversation when Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches the two.

Evie: Don't you have a wheel to spin somewhere?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Not tonight. I wondered if I could speak to Ben about a rumour that I heard.

Ben and Evie share a look and Ben looks towards Rocky.

Ben: Ah, why not? What's up?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Christian Underwood hinted on social media that you will be facing Ty West next week, and sources have told me the match has been confirmed. Is this true?

Ben: Well the cat's out of the bag. Yeah, next week, Climax Control 250, I will be going one on one with the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. It's something I wanted for a while, he is on the list of five that I would like to get through before considering the big step up of a top level title match and the timing couldn't be better really.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: How so?

Ben: Beating someone like Ty West when you know you're stepping in the ring in three weeks time with a bloke like Fenris, would give me all the confidence I need to go on and do well against a geezer who had the top belt for a while. Beating Ty would give me the confidence to step on up and have a proper go and if I beat those two, world is my oyster.

A laugh can be heard off camera and the camera spins to see Fenris standing near Ben. He walks towards Ben.

Fenris: You know you can't beat me, right?

Ben smiles at Fenris.

Ben: I dunno mate, I mean you looked a bit sluggish out there tonight against Bill Barnhart. Like you decided to have a slap up steak meal before going out there.

Fenris: I'm a vegan.

Ben leans in, and sniffs.

Ben: You sure? I mean I can smell a bit of bull around here.

Fenris smiles towards Ben, knowing that Ben's not being completely serious.

Ben: And now I proper fancy a steak or a whopping great burger, but I did actually get you present in case you won tonight.

Fenris: You did?

Ben: I did.

Ben reaches in to his pocket and pulls something out, throwing it towards Fenris to catch in mid air. Ben taps Fenris on the back.

Ben: Have a good un pal.

Ben smiles as he and Evie walk away. Fenris looks down in his hand.

Fenris: Chapstick...? Oh MOTHERFUC

The camera cuts elsewhere before Fenris can finish his word

Hot Stuff Mark Ward leaves his office, shutting the door behind him but looks up to see a crowd of people in front of him.

HS: Ladies, gents.

The camera turns to show the group in front of him as all four members of London Underground.

HS: Something I can help you with?

Daniel: Actually boss, there is something you can help us with.

Mackenzie: You spoke about everyone else but for weeks, we've wanted to know who the fuck the other team in the match was gonna be and you've said nothing at all about them.

Charlotte: What she means is you've confirmed a card and yet there's still a question mark on it.

Hot Stuff breathes deep, nodding his head softly as he looks at them.

HS: You're actually right. I have sort of stepped away from that a little bit and haven't mentioned it but it was all for good reason. We wanted a certain team to do it, a team worthy of a spot on a supercard in a huge match like that. You look at this card and there's nothing shit about it. There's a ton of great matches, there's legends on there, dream matches the lot.

Mackenzie: You sound like someone who is stalling.

HS: I'm just painting a picture.

Charlotte: The Bob Ross impression is all good and true, but now even Jake Raab knows his 4th, so would be nice if we knew ours.

HS: Here's the thing. We've got a top team coming in, but it took time to put together. We had options all over the place, hell, we coulda come to some agreement with Odette and Gabriel if we wanted to but we had to get the right team for this one. I'll tell ya what, next week, I will call you guys, Joshua Acquin, Amy Santino and Culture Shock to the ring, and introduce you to your forth team in that match.

Daniel: That's not gonna work.

HS: Why not?

Daniel: Because without pissing on your family, Culture Shock turn up less than Gamer Inc did. Unless they're wrestling, they ain't here, yet they take the piss out of us for that, yet they've been here once in the last few weeks without wrestling? And Santino and Acquin, well they turn up less than them when they're not on the card, so they probably won't be in the building at all unless you got them wrestling next week.

Charlotte: But we will be here.

HS: I'll make sure they're all here. If not, they don't get to be in the match, the titles get stripped and you lot face the team I'm bringing in for the match, deal?

Daniel looks around the group and nods before extending his hand to Hot Stuff.

Daniel: Got yourself a deal mate.

Daniel shakes Hot Stuff's hand as the camera goes elsewhere.

The slow church bells of "Unsainted" by Slipknot are heard throughout the arena before the choir starts singing the words, when Corey Taylor joins in and the drumming picks up the the lights flashing across the arena.

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCW World Bombshell Championship Introducing, from Miami, Florida, "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

As the song kicks into high gear with Corey's scream Jessie emerges from the back headbanging along to the song before finishing with the christ pose at the top of the ramp and making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and perches herself on the middle turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: And her opponent the Champion Alicia Lukas!

"Wild Eyes" By Parkway drive hits as Alicia steps out with a black hoodie over her upper half with the hood up over her long blond hair. She makes her way down to the ring and runs up the steps before climbing the ropes on the outside, she flips the hood back before putting her arms out , she smiles at the crowd before leaping into the ring from the outside and taking off the hoodie


Alicia and Jessie just glance at one another as they begin to circle each other around the ring. Jessie looks over at Christina mouthing some words to her before she slowly turns her attention back over to Alicia and it is at this moment that Lukas delivers a very vicious spinning heel kick to the midsection of Jessie. Salco doubles over and Lukas follows up by bringing Salco to the mat with a snapmare and following it up with a sharp kick to the back. Salco howls in pain as Alicia yanks Jessie back up to her feet.

Simone: Big mistake by Salco focusing on Christina and not on the action inside of the ring.

Adams: And Lukas is going to make Salco pay for not focusing.

Christina: Honestly Lukas is the best in the division, and for a woman who hasn't a shot in over two years Jessie should worry about Alicia and not on me.

Jessie is still reaching for her back in pain and that is when Alicia decides to run towards the ropes. She uses them as a springboard and launches herself back at Salco going for a ddt but Salco is able to regain her composure and the moment she does she delivers a vicious knee in the air to Lukas. Alicia drops down to the ground holding her stomach in pain, and that is when Salco follows up and yanks Alicia up to her feet. She tucks her head underneath an arm and without hesitation drops back delivering a very nasty ddt. Alicia grabs at her head in pain as Jessie quickly drops down and hooks a leg.



Simone: Nice counter and chain of moves by Jessie but will it be enough?!

Adams: No! Alicia is easily able to get a shoulder up!

Christina: Alicia is a veteran of this sport. It will take much more than that to keep her down. Salco shouldn't give her any breathing room!

Jessie stands up again as she questions Jacob over the count. It's at this moment that she changes her focus back over to that of Lukas. She tries to bring her back up to her feet and Alicia begins to fight back. The Strong Style beauty quickly delivers a low dropkick to Jessie's knee. Jessie stumbles to her knee as she holds it screaming in pain. As Salco rises back up to her feet Alicia lifts Jessie up and sends her down to the mat with a spinebuster. Salco rolls on the ground holding her back in pain as Alicia looks down at her opponent. She climbs to the top of the ropes and quickly leaps off of them with a frog splash elbow drop. Jessie clutches at her chest and Alicia gets up and looks down at her.

Simone: Alicia is in full control here and she could end this.

Adams: I don't know why she hasn't gone for a pin fall yet.

Christina: She took a survey on Twitter on how to end the match and submission won so she has to have that on her mind.

Alicia begins to stomp on the ankles of Salco as she works them over. Salco screams every time that Lukas stomps on her. She begins to crawl away as she slides herself to the outside of the ring. Alicia just glares at Salco who walks over to the commentating booth and helps pull herself up. Christina just glares at Salco as she tells her to get back in the ring.

Simone: Jessie seems to want to catch her breath after those stiff stomps.

Adams: Jacob Summers is slow in his count.

Christina: She might want to rethink her strategy here against L...

Before Christina can finish her statement Jessie looks at Christina and pushes her causing the Latina to fall back in her chair. Jessie smirks as she turns her attention back over to the ring but by that time Alicia is sprinting towards Jessie and she dives through the ropes right onto Jessie with a suicide dive. The crowd is going absolutely nuts as Alicia stands up and she lifts Jessie off of the floor rolling her to the inside. Alicia follows up as she also slides into the inside of the ring and she helps Jessie back up to her feet.

Simone: Alicia is in full control now.

Adams: Looks like she wants to keep hurting Jessie here.

She stands firmly behind Jessie as she wraps her arms around her waist. She goes to sling her backwards for a german suplex but Jessie is able to quickly drive an elbow backwards nailing Alicia right in the face. Jessie begins to deliver more elbows until she is finally free. Alicia grabs at her face in pain as Jessie takes the moment to turn around. She grabs Lukas tucking her underneath an arm as she slings her over her head for a suplex. Alicia seems to be motionless on the ground as Salco rises back up to her feet. She quickly climbs to the top of the ropes and without hesitation she leaps off of them nailing a swanton bomb right on top of Alicia. It hits flush and Jessie quickly jumps on top of Lukas hooking a leg.

Simone: This could be it here!

Adams: Could we be looking at the new World Bombshell Champion?!



Christina: No! Alicia shows off her ring awareness and is able to grab the bottom rope!

Jacob Summers signals a rope break as Jessie Salco rises up and begins to complain again. She glares out of the ring at Christina and shouts some words at her.

Christina: I don't know why she is focused on me. She has the chance to win the World title focus on Lukas.

Simone: I have to agree with you here. She should be following up with something big.

Adams: I think she decided to do just that.

Salco glares down at Lukas and she quickly begins to sprint. Once she reaches to the other side of the ring she leaps off of the ropes backwards going for a moonsault but Lukas is able to put her knees up and Salco lands chest first against the knees. Jessie yells loudly as she clutches at her chest in pain. Alicia uses the ropes to pull herself up to her feet as she stares down at Salco. Salco slowly stirs as she grabs the ropes to pull herself up. Alicia wraps her arms around Jessie's waist ad she slings her backwards with a beautifully executed Tiger Suplex. She remains bridged for a pin fall.



However before a three count Alicia breaks the hold as a smile escapes her lips.

Simone: Alicia breaks up her own pinning attempt but why?!

Adams: I don't have any answer for that, your guess is as good as mine.

Christina: Like I said earlier she sent a poll out and she is going to do everything in her power to fulfill that result.

Alicia watches Jessie Salco struggle and she walks over to her legs. She begins to turn Jessie over and positions her for her Lioness Bite but Jessie shows some promise as she quickly kicks Alicia in the face and pushes her away. Jessie Salco kips up to her feet and that is when Lukas runs at her. She goes for a rolling forearm but Salco is able to duck underneath it as she continues to run. She springboards off of the ropes and when Alicia runs back Jessie leaps off of those ropes with a vicious clothesline that sends Alicia Lukas to the mat. Jessie smirks as she is back on her feet and glares down at Alicia who is struggling to get back up. Jessie doesn't wait as she quickly sprints towards the ropes. She springboards off of them and grabs Alicia's head on the way down nailing her with a tornado ddt.

Simone: CIRCLE PIT!!!

Christina: We could be looking at a new champion!

Adams: All she needs to do is make a pin!

Jessie goes to put an arm over Alicia but the momentum of the ddt is enough to spin Alicia to the point she is able to roll out of the ring. Jessie gets mad as she watches Alicia fall to the outside of the ring. She holds her hair in her hands as she can't believe it.




Jacob Summers begins to do an out of the ring count and Salco quickly rolls outside of the ring to roll Alicia back into the ring. Jessie begins to think about her next course of action as she slides into the ring but it is at this moment that Salco follows her. Jessie tries to lift Alicia up but Alicia counters by driving a forearm to the face of Salco. Jessie's head snaps back and Alicia grabs Salco and lifts her up onto her shoulders positioning her for her Georgia Drop. She throws Salco into the air but on the way down Jessie grabs Alicia's head and spikes them right against her knees with a Bad Girl.

Simone: Salco just nailed her friend Amy Santno's move!

Adams: We could be looking at a brand new champion!

Salco looks down at Lukas as she slowly begins to go to the top ropes. She finally makes it to the top and straightens herself out. She leaps off going for her Wall of Death but as she comes crashing down Alicia is able to move out of the way at the last second. Alicia stands up and she glares down at Jessie Salco. She places her in her Gorilla Lock and pulls back as hard as she can.

Simone: Lioness Bite!

Adams: Salco is trapped!

Christina: Don't count her out yet she's been fighting all night!

Salco screams as she tries to reach for the ropes but there doesn't seem to be any movement. Salco realizes she is in the middle of the ring and she continues to scream telling Jacob Sumemrs she doesn't give up. Without anywhere to go Salco nods her head to Summers as she screams out her submission.


Justin: The winner of the match and STILL SCW Bombshell World Champion.... ALICIA LUKAS!

Simone: And after a hard fought battle Alicia Lukas retains!

Adams: A great hard fought match between two amazing bombshells.

Christina: Alicia fulfills her poll choice to end the match!

Alicia is handed her title and she begins to celebrate as she raises it high into the air. Alicia nods at Jessie as she exits the ring with the title in her hand. Christina stands up as she holds a microphone in her hand and begins to speak.

Christina: Jessie I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that you are a top tier athlete in this business. You by far are one of the best women to have ever stepped foot in this company. You are definitely the best person who has never held the World Bombshell Championship. You are great but what I don't like is the fact that you have to attack somebody from behind their back. This is the second time you did it. You did it once to Kate to try to steal her briefcase and now you did it to me. What are you hoping to accomplish?

Christina shakes her head with a she continues to speak.

Christina: I know you have been doing everything in your power to try to wake Crystal up but the reality is no matter how much inner conflict that might be between myself. You won't get Crystal because that's a long road of hurting people like Seleana that I will never go back down. Besides me going down that road will only make me look bad. I have worked hard to get the fans to like me again and after hearing Alicia Lukas talk, and hearing Roxi talk about me. it's just not happening. So you can jump me from behind. You can beat me down but I won't stoop to your level. I will just wait until High Stakes to deal with you. See you then.

With that Christina drops the microphone as she glances at a struggling Jessie who looks back at her.

Adams: Alicia has retained and confirmed her spot to defend the championship against Seleana Zdunich at High Stakes IX and Christina has sent a loud and clear message to Jessie Salco.

Simone: And that brings us to the end of another show. Thank you to everyone who joined us tonight, we'll be back next week with the iconic two hundred and fiftieth SCW Climax Control. For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone saying g'night everybody.

The camera fades to Christina looking at Jessie and Alicia holding the title high above her head.

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Todd, The Lord MK, Andy, Gerrit, Jenny, Tad, Griffin, Wong, Mark Cross, Seleana, Fizz, Marge, Mercedes, Le Coven. Also thank you again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed.