The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd along the beach, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;

crowd: SCW! SCW! SCW!

Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the beach, at all of the fans filling the sand and surf. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers and applauds as a spotlight shines center stage, and illuminates Amanda Hugginkiss. She is dressed in a sequined feather eye mask, a white top with rhinestones and exposing her bare midriff, matching booty shorts and high heel boots ala the VMA's Lady Gaga. The music is playing and the performance begins!

Amanda: One, two, three

Nowhere, yeah we're going nowhere fast
Maybe this time I'll be yours, you'll be mine
C-c-crazy, ah, get your ass in my bed
Baby, you'll be just my summer boyfriend

Let's get lost, you can take me home
Somewhere nice we can be alone
Bikini tops, coming off

Don't be sad when the sun goes down
You'll wake up and I'm not around
I've got to go, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
We'll still have the summer after all

Sometimes you might start a fight
But I'm happy pretending we're alright

Sun glasses cover up my green eyes
My martini glistens, yeah
While checking out other guys

Let's get lost, you can take me home
Somewhere nice we can be alone
Bikini tops, coming off

Don't be sad when the sun goes down
You'll wake up and I'm not around
I've got to go, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
We'll still have the summer after all

Hey, there summerboy
Let's go for a drive
Take me for a ride
Never gonna close our eyes

Hey, there summerboy
I'm a busy girl
Don't got too much time
Hurry up before I change my mind

Hey, there summerboy
I'm taking off my heels
Let's go for run
Have a little summer fun
Have a little summer fun

Let's get lost, you can take me home
Somewhere nice we can be alone
Bikini tops, coming off

Don't be sad when the sun goes down
You'll wake up and I'm not around
You've got to go, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
We'll still have the summer after all

Let's get lost, you can take me home
Somewhere nice we can be alone
I've got my summer, summerboy

Don't be sad when the sun goes down
You'll wake up and I'm not around
I've got my summer, summerboy
And we'll still have the summer after all

I've got my, yes, I've got my
I've got my summer, summerboy.

The music stops and immediately the crowd cheers and applauds for Amanda. She blows kisses all around before disappearing backstage.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to Reno, Nevada for Sin City Wrestling Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: Do cops tell mute people they have the right to remain silent...?

Simone: **sighs** And this is Jason Adams.

Adams: It is? It is! That's me!

Simone: It is official ladies and gentlemen. Mark Ward has declared the World Tag Team Championships vacant and a tournament begins this week to fill that championship vacancy! The finals will be held aboard the Sun Princess Cruise, for Summer XXXTreme VII!

Adams: Can't wait for that, but tonight Evelyn Welch finds out it's not good to get on Hot Stuff's bad side because after she got involved in the Anthrax versus Liam Ryan match last week, Mark is forcing her into the ring in tonight's opener against Twisted Sister!

Simone: After that carnage, the Mixed Tag Team tournament officially begins, as Jack Asher and Emmie Ward pair up once again to meet the challenge from SCU; Mark Cross and Valentina aka the Fire Dragons!

Adams: We've got three Bombshells in the ring at once in a Triple Threat when it's Kate Steele, Daniela V. Rodgers and Seleana Zdunich fighting it out! The first Bombshell to get the pin or make someone tap is the winner!

Simone: Ty West is slowly working his way back up to title contention, this week he takes on the ring veteran, Ace Hart!

Adams: Then another Mixed Tag tournament match and we find more SCU talent invading when the Good Shepherds take on London Underground! But here's the cool part; after a Twitter challenge, all EIGHT members of BOTH teams are in this one! An eight person mixed tag match and the winning stable advances in this tournament!

Simone: Jake Raab took an immediate disliking to Kedron Williams, not for his beliefs or practices, but for the treatment that Kedron has perpetrated on the popular Ben Jordan who has been on good terms with the Raab family for a long time! Jake issued a challenge last week for Kedron to meet him inside of the ring and that challenge has been accepted for this week!

Adams: Then the Main Event is for the Roulette Championship! Mark Ward gave Caleb Storms a reward for having the stones to face Fenris inside of a cage, and that reward is a shot at Griffin Hawkins' Roulette title in this week's Main Event!

Simone: All in all an incredible card and more to come on this week's Climax Control!

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall... introducing first being accompanied to the ring by Anthrax... TWISTED SISTER!!

The rock band Twisted Sister's anthem of "Burn In Hell" blares across the building and the crowd boos as Twisted Sister is escorted through the stage curtains by professional security, her arms bound around her in a secured straight jacket. She screams wildly, thrashing and kicking her legs as the guards have to practically have to carry her to the ring. At ringside, they carefully unfasten her straight jacket and she quickly climbs into the ring and dashes around, screaming like a lunatic.

Justin: And her opponent making her way to the ring being accompanied by Liam Ryan.... EVELYN WELCH!!!

Obsession hits the speakers and out walks Evelyn Welch with Liam Ryan in tow. The two walk down the ramp, enter the ring and completely ignore everyone around them just focused on the match.

Both Females stand in the middle of the ring while Jacob takes a moment to make sure they are both ready for their match. Evelyn is ready to go and can't wait to get her hands-on Twister Sister while TS is chomping at the bit to lay into Evelyn. The stare off in interrupted by the sound of the bell.


Adams: Here we gooooo!

Simone: Our first match of the night is underway, let's see how this match pans out.

Adams: Evelyn is here with a point to prove and well, Twisted Sister is here because, well she loves violence?

Both women come together in the centre of the ring for a lock up, but Twister Sister over powers Evelyn with ease dropping her down to her knees before she hisses in her face. Evelyn however fires back with a vicious slap across Twister Sister's face. Twister Sister looks away, but the cameras pan on her face to see the hit of evil glimmer in her eyes.

Simone: I probably wouldn't have done that if I was Evelyn.

Adams: The new girl on the scene, just poked the bear.

Evelyn dashes back up to her feet as the two lock up once more, this time Evelyn is able to catch Twisted Sister by surprise as she quickly snaps her over her knee with a snap mare. Reaching down with Twisted Sister on the canvas she pulls both of hand arms back, while she drives her knee into the spine of the crazy one. The look on Twisted Sister's face says it all as she is isn't amused by this at all. Evelyn in creases her hold as she wrenches back on Twisted Sister's arms while Liam cheers her on from the outside.

Adams: Evelyn showing some smarts here, keeping Twisted Sister down... that way she can't go all crazy cat lady on her.

Simone: Impressive to say the least but I don't think Twisted Sister is going to give in as easy as Evelyn may wish?

Twisted Sister starts to slam her legs against the canvas, rallying herself up so she can muster the strength to stand up. Evelyn tries her hardest to keep her grip on Twisted Sister's arms, but Twisted Sister is able to break out with force, before she spins around and pushes Evelyn into the ropes. As Evelyn rebounds back, Twisted Sister catches her in her up for a massive scoop slam. While Evelyn is on the canvas Twisted Sister jumps down on top of her and starts to unleash a rally of left and right explosive punches.

Simone: Evelyn is trying desperately trying to cover up here.

Adams: Look at Twister Sister's speed with those clubbing blows.

Jacob is on the scene and he checks on Evelyn who is yelping out, but she is able to roll onto her side before dragging her self to the safety of the bottom rope. Twisted Sister doesn't stop she makes sure she uses every safe second of Jacob's four count before she stops.

Simone: Twisted Sister almost got her self disqualified.

Adams: Somehow, I don't think that bothers her.

Twisted Sister bends down and drags Evelyn to her feet using her hair, before she swings her around by her long locks before tossing her away as if she was last night's left overs. Evelyn's body bounces off the canvas. Twisted Sister makes the quick dash over towards her dropping down to hook the leg looking to take the victory tonight.



NO! Evelyn fires back by getting the shoulder up and this match is still underway.

Simone: Evelyn's still in it.

Adams: She needs to rebuild, or this could just be the beginning of the end for her.

Both women make it back up to their feet and Twisted Sister makes no haste as she rushes towards Evelyn but Evelyn side steps her and gives her an assisted shove as she tumbles towards the ropes and spear heads herself to the outside.

Simone: Smart move by Evelyn this gives her time to catch her breathe.

Anthrax rushes over to check on Twisted Sister, who is beaming with anger.

Adams: not sure how smart that was looking at that dirty look.

Twister Sister shrugs off her friend as he tries to help her get back to her feet and she slides back into the ring with speed. Twisted Sister rushes towards Evelyn looking to take her down with a spear but Evelyn side steps her again, she turns and helps launch Twisted Sister into the corner. Twisted Sister's shoulder slams into the corner hard and Evelyn quickly snakes up behind her grabbing the legs to roll her up making the pin attempt.



NO! Twisted Sister explodes out of the pinfall.

Adams: This match is still underway.

Simone: Much to Evelyn surprise.

Twisted Sister is back up to her feet and she turns around to look at Evelyn the look on her face says it all, she's on the hunt. Evelyn comes rushes in, but she quickly dropped with a stiff right hook. Twisted sister walks over towards her, before dragging her across the ring into the centre before she scoops her up using her hair. Twisted Sister violently yanks on the long locks of Evelyn before she rags dolls her over her knee with a back breaker. Evelyn falls to the canvas with a thud, but Twisted Sister doesn't drop down for the pin fall she continues her assault as she starts to club her hands repeatedly into the spine of Evelyn. Jacob gives Twisted Sister a warning.

Adams: I give Jacob credit, the man's got balls.

Simone: Someone has to keep Twisted Sister in line.

Twisted Sister drags Evelyn's body into the corner of the ring, but she just uses the top rope as support as she starts to hail down kicks into the neck and spine of Evelyn, Jacob makes the count as Twisted Sister's hands are on the ropes.


Twisted sister continues viciously attacking Evelyn's neck and back.


The attack continues as Twisted Sister appears to have gone into a trance.


Still no sings of her breaking away from Evelyn.


Twisted Sister drops down to her knees breaking the count, but she does the unthinkable, she rolls Evelyn over and takes a chunk of Evelyn's flesh in her mouth by biting down on her nose. Jacob instantly calls for the bell.


Justin: Twisted Sister has been disqualified... your winner of this match Evelyn Welch.

However, the attack doesn't stop as Twisted Sister continues to torment Evelyn, causing Liam to rush into the ring to make the save. Anthrax slides into the ring, to collect Twisted Sister before the two make their way to the back.

Suddenly, the lights in the arena flash then the screen lights up with an image of Sam Marlowe appearing on it. She smiles as she pulls a pair of glasses from the tip of her nose. She is dressed in a University of Nevada shirt and daisy dukes as she leans against a counter where books can be seen open and a large frosty pitcher of a dark amber liquid can be seen. Reaching for the handle, she pours herself a glass of ice tea that she toasts at the camera.

Sam Marlowe: Hey y'all, I wish I was there with you but I am stuck here in Vegas. But I want you to know that I haven't forgot you and I haven't forgotten just what it is that I want in that ring. I get it that Mercedes Vargas has done what she set out to do by beating me for the bombshell roulette title and now she has put me out of her mind.

The crowd reacts as Sam pauses to bring the glass to her lips and takes a sip of the ice tea.

Sam Marlowe: I knew that once she beat me she would write me off as a challenge. Heck, everyone seems to write me off when it comes to SCW...and believe it or not, that is a good thing. See when you write someone off, you put them from your attention and move it to something else.

Sam smiles slightly as she once more takes a sip of her drink then sets it down and once more faces the camera.

Sam Marlowe: You have to know that I am still in contention. I may have lost the title but that doesn't mean I have retired. It doesn't even mean that I have put myself at the back of the line in SCW. Nope, yours truly is still in contention for that title and believe you me, should Mercedes write me off, that will be the moment that I am going to strike and I will take back that title.

Sam Marlowe: I am the most dangerous when people underestimate me. And Mercedes herself should know that, archivist that she is. She could tell you that I am someone that is a spoiler when it comes to title matches at times. And should I get another shot at the Bombshell Roulette title, I am going to take it back.

Sam stops to take a breath, then gets a thoughtful look on her face.

Sam Marlowe: Maybe I need to focus more and trust me, by the next supercard I will be. Or maybe I need to set my sights higher. After all, I had thrown out a challenge to Alicia Lukas who for all her boasting has ignored me as well...

Sam sets a finger against her nose, tapping it slightly.

Sam Marlowe: Well, whatever I decide to do, just know that I am going to be doing it for those that have stood behind me for all my fans. Have a great night and I will be back in the ring very soon.

The screen blinks out as the fans start to chant Sam's name.

Adams: Sam Marlowe with some strong words Belinda.

Simone: Strong words indeed Jason. I just wonder, are they a threat or a promise?

We are taken backstage, where head reporter Pussy Willow can be found standing alongside Mark "The Dragon" Cross ahead of his first Climax Control appearance. He appears to be trying to stifle a laugh as the introduction begins.

Pussy: This is Pussy Willow backstage with Mark the...seriously?

Mark can't hold it in any longer as he starts bickering away to himself.

The Dragon: I'm's just in England...your name...

Pussy: Oh grow up, aren't you 40?

The Dragon: 35...I'm sorry Pussy please continue...

He takes a moment to try and compose himself, getting back into business mode. Ever the professional, Pussy Willow continues on after a not-so-subtle shake of the head.

Pussy: We didn't get to catch up with you at Into the Void, so this is your official welcome to Sin City Wrestling. You've already said that you plan to return to Underground following on from your holiday, any plans to change that with a good showing here?

The Dragon: If we have a title to defend at the end of this run, sure, but I'm here to make a point, and I plan on making that by the time we get off the boat after Summer Xxxtreme.

Pussy: How do you feel about your opponents tonight, Jack Asher and Emmie Ward?

The Dragon: I have to admit, they impressed me in the build-up this week. Asher's more multifaceted than he was made out to be, and Emmie's got a good head on her shoulders for her age. They've prepared better for this than I expected, and it proves what I knew all along, it's going to be a tough contest, but a lot of the things they said were pretty wide of the mark - I think they're in for a surprise or two.

Pussy: Will you take up Emmie's offer of a pint afterwards?

The Dragon: Absolutely. Every opponent gets my respect from minute one, and the war of words before a match is part and parcel of professional wrestling. It's not as fun otherwise, right? Plus, any excuse for a beer...tag along if you want?

Pussy: Absolutely not.

The Dragon: Cool. I'm gonna go prepare for my match then! Thanks Pussy!

With his offer of a drink going down in flames, Mark wastes no time in turning tail and disappearing out of the shot. It seems to catch the reporter a little off-guard.

Pussy: Uhm...thanks? Mark Cross in action tonight as the Fire Dragons, and luckily we only have to deal with him for a month. Back to the action!

We can see Senor Vinnie backstage with Pete in his hands, he is wearing a pink jacket and a matching tie over a greenish shirt. He has his hair pulled back tightly as he has put tons of gel in his hair to make him look "slick" as much as possible. The camera widens as we see Valora West walk into the room that he is in as she kisses him on the cheek and whispers something to Pete.

Valora: Vinnie, I got your message that you wanted to tell me something very important. So here I am, what's on your mind??

Senor Vinnie's smile gets wider and wider and nods his head

Senor Vinnie: Si amor, I do have something to tell you. But it is so important that I need your nephew and Fenris to be there as well. But I have my special moment to put me and my opponent for Summer XXXTreme Main Event in the spotlight where it belongs.

She nods her head as he grabs her hand and kisses her fingers before winking.

Senor Vinnie: But that will all perish in compare to what I have to ask you later on mi amor. Will you wait for me??

Valora: Of course, besides I need to check on Ty in a moment. So I will be with you later sweetie.

She leaves him as they blow kisses to each other before Vinnie turns his attention to the camera crew.

Senor Vinnie: Ladies and Gentleman!!! This is THE moment that you have been waiting for!!!! The Senor Vinnie Karoake Show!!!!

With that he walks off and heads towards the ringside area.

Justin:The following is a mixed tag team match scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

'Made For This' starts causing the crowd to start stomping their feet in their seats. A smoky mist fills the stage as a man in a dark hoodie appears at the top of the ramp. As the chorus begins, he jerks his head skyward and raising his arms to the side to the excited calls of the crowd.

Justin: From Colorado Springs Colorado, Jack Asher!

Jack Asher continues his walk to the ring with a determination not seen in many rookies. Once inside the ring, he removes the hoodie and climbs the turnbuckle. He then tosses it into the excited crowd, raising his arms once more all the while never losing his cocky smile.

Justin: And his partner, from London England, Emmie Ward!

Emmie appears at the top of the ramp dressed in a hoodie, hands crossed in front and head down. She bounces from foot to foot for a few bars of 'Immortals'. As the chorus begins, she flips up the hood the cheers of the crowd. She bounces down the ramp, high fiving the fans. Getting to the apron she jumps up, turns and flips herself over the top rope. She pulls the hoodie off, climbs the turnbuckle and blows kisses to the fans. Once the fans shouts die down, she joins Jack in their corner to discuss strategy.

Adams: This team Belinda is a really rather new team

Simone: Yes it is Jason and its start was rather interesting considering that Jack and Emmie were in a stalker slash stalkee situation and now here we are with them as a team.

Adams: Well, let's find out who they are facing in this match.

Justin: Next, from Canterbury, England, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 225lb, he is... Mark "The Dragon" Crrrrrrrrrosssssss!!!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Never Again" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron as flashes like cameras go across the stage and the audience as the sound accompanies it. "You should see me in a crown" by Billie Eilish begins on the PA as pure beauty walks through the curtains. Her hair blows in the wind as she looks up at the ceiling. She places a hand on her hip as she lets the crowd admire her despite getting a mixed reaction.

Justin: And his partner, please welcome, on her way to the ring from Merida, Spain. She stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 125 pounds, she is pure perfection... Valentinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Once Valentina is officially announced, she turns and begins walking down the ramp. She pushes her hair out of her face as she vogues, showing off her face to it's full capacity. She steps up to the ring steps and looks around with a majestic smile. She takes to the steps as she comes to the apron. She looks around for a moment, stomping her foot in protest as a scantily clad man runs down the ramp and climbs onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope, opening it for her. Valentina then takes off her Loubotins and hands them to the man as she prances barefoot around the ring. She refuses to let go of the spotlight.

Simone: This team from SCU are stepping up in a chance at the mixed tag championship.

Adams: I am looking forward to these matches for sure and here we go...


Emmie motions for Jack to leave the ring as Mark Cross slides between the ropes and Valentina moves to the middle of the ring. The two women begin to circle before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up that neither woman can control as they push and pull each other. Finally, Valentina manages to pull enough for her to lock on a headlock on Emmie who pushes Valentina into the ropes and who is taken off her feet as Emmie puts her arms up for a shoulder block. Emmie looks at the downed Valentina then charges across the ring to rebound off the ropes. Valentina throws herself to the mat forcing Emmie to leap over her and rebound off the opposite ropes. Valentina is quick to her feet and charges to rebound off the opposite ropes to catch Emmie with a springboard cross body that takes her to the mat. Emmie pushes Valentina off her and rolls to the side where she pulls herself up with the ropes. Valentina gets to her feet and then moves towards Emmie who jumps and springboards off the bottom rope with a dropkick that sends Valentina across the ring where she gets to her knees, a hand going to her lips to check for blood. Getting to her feet, she glares at Emmie and before she can go on the attack, Emmie reaches out and tags in Jack who slides between the ropes and smirks at Valentina before motioning for her to tag in Cross. Valentina frowns but tags in Mark Cross who slips between the ropes and into the ring. Emmie and Valentina move to the outside as Asher and Cross begin to circle in the middle of the ring.

Adams: These women have set a blistering pace in this match so far. Makes one wonder if we are going to be in for a high flying back and forth for this match or what.

Jack locks up with Mark in a collar and elbow which is quickly turned into a headlock by Cross before hiptossing Asher over to the mat. With his opponent on the mat, Cross digs against the ear of Jack as he tries to keep him on the mat however, Asher powers him up into a vertical position before picking him up and suplexing him backwards. Cross grabs at the back of his head in pain as Jack rolls to his hands and knees rubbing at the side of his head. Getting to his feet, Jack reaches over and pulls Mark to his feet then grabs at his leg to take him back to the mat with a northern lights suplex. Cross quickly kicks out of the hold as Asher tries to bridge into a pin attempt. Cross rolls across the ring as Jack sits up and slams a hand against the canvas.

Simone: Jack Asher is getting frustrated early in this match. He better not lose it before he...loses it

Getting to his feet, Cross charges across the ring with a tackle on the slowly rising Asher taking him to the corner back first. Keeping him in the corner, Mark Cross grabs the middle rope and drops his shoulder to double over Asher with multiple shoulders in the midsection. The referee comes over and warns Cross to let Jack out of the corner. Mark holds up his hands and backs away with a smile as Jack sags slightly. Mark moves back towards Asher but is surprised with an uppercut that rocks him backwards onto the canvas. Asher moves back into the corner and then climbs the turnbuckles then launches himself towards Cross with diving elbow drop that drives the air from him. Cross clutches at his chest as he rolls to the outside near Valentina. She drops to help Mark who is leaning against the apron catching his breath. Jack stands at the ropes looking down at the pair then pulls downward as Valentina screams and dashes away as Asher comes over the top rope with a slingshot plancha and both men go down in the ringside area. Valentina comes back to help Mark as Emmie drops from the ring apron and moves around the ring to counter Valentina. Each woman helped their partners to their feet and to roll into the ring before being counted out.

Adams: Emmie and Valentina helping their partners to keep this match going.

Simone: From the looks of it, this match is a stalemate from the move and counter of each of these teams.

Emmie rushes across the floor as Valentina gets on the ring apron and reaches in for the tag from Mark. She climbs into the ring and walks along with Jack Asher as he makes his way across the ring. As he is about to tag in Emmie, Valentina climbs on the turnbuckles of the nearest corner and launches herself off with a missile dropkick on Emmie as she climbs into the ring. Emmie goes to the mat hard as Valentina crawls over and rolls her up for a pin but Emmie kicks out then rolls over to her hands and knees. Valentina gets to her feet and rushes over to the closest corner but as she climbs on the turnbuckles, Emmie gets to her feet and rushes the corner and pulls the feet out from under Valentina which drops her off the ropes and backwards on the mat. Emmie leaps over her and then hits a springboard moonsault on Valentina who is prone on the mat. Emmie curls up in pain as Valentina rolls to the outside then flops on the mats on the outside before getting to her hands and knees and begins to crawl towards her corner. Emmie sees her and then rolls out of the ring to stop her. Valentina gets to her feet and shoulder blocks Emmie into the ringsteps with a scream. Emmie lays on the steel steps as Valentina sees the referee counting them out and she rolls into the ring and crawls quickly to tag in Mark Cross. Emmie moves into the ring and then makes her way into her corner to tag in Asher who meets Cross in the middle of the ring where both men begin to trade punches.

Simone: What a fight Jason, both of these women are putting their bodies on the line. But now let's see what will happen because we have seen them tag in their partners.

Mark Cross throws a punch that is avoided by Asher who begins to use hard rights against the head and chest of Cross. The man is moved back towards the opposite corner but each punch doesn't seem to make much for Cross. Jack backs away enough to hit a discus elbow smash that sends Cross backwards into the Dragon's corner clutching his chest. Valentina reaches in thinking that Cross is hurt and tags herself in. Mark looks surprised but sees how fired up Valentina is and slides through the ropes. Valentina points at Emmie across the ring.

Simone: Valentina is on fire and it looks like she wants to end this now.

Asher moves into the corner and tags in Emmie who takes a deep breath and gingerly makes her way into the ring where Valentina rushes her and uses a springboard kick to send Emmie to the mat. Valentina moves to the corner and climbs up to the top after sparing a quick look at the prone Emmie, she stands on the top turnbuckle before launching herself off the top with a moonsault. Emmie pulls her legs up as Valentina lands stomach first across them. Valentina grabs her midsection and rolls on the mat in pain as Emmie rolls to her hands and knees to see Valentina down on the mat. Getting to her feet, Emmie moves to the corner dragging Valentina and climbs to the top rope to hit a shooting star leg drop on Valentina before rolling to the side and pulling Valentina into a pin attempt.

Simone: Emmie hitting the move she has named Kryptonite. Valentina in the pin attempt doesn't seem to be moving at all.


Adams: She better do something quickly or Emmie and Jack will be moving on.


Adams: that a kick out?

Simone: From the looks of it, it is a little too late for Valentina.


Adams: Emmie with the win for her team.

Emmie gets to her feet as Jack slides into the ring. The referee holds their arms up in victory as Mark moves across the ring to check on Valentina,

Simone: What a win for this pair. Step one towards a possible mixed tag championship done for these two tonight.


Justin: The winners of the match, Jack Asher and Emmie Ward!

The two celebrate in the ring as Mark helps Valentina out of the ring and up the ramp.

We come back with Senor Vinnie standing in the ring, he is surrounded by a Karoake machine and microphones. We see Cactus Pete in front of the Karoake Machine and Senor Vinnie is looking proudly around the arena. We already see a hair slowly getting upwards from the tons of gel that he has put in his hair and sticks upwards in a rather funny way.

Senor Vinnie: Gracias for your warm applause, it is as if I am listening to the 30 year anniversary rendition of Senora Madonna of Like a Prayer that goes terribly wrong.

Crowd: Boo!!

Senor Vinnie: Please, I meant to say that you all are like angels playing harps in the hopes of ever being as beautiful as my very own Valora.

Simone: Oh please..... I am starting to hurl

Adams: Am I sensing a jealous tone in your voice??

Senor Vinnie puts his hands down as he is trying to calm

Senor Vinnie: But of course I was joking about the Madonna thing, I mean seriously. This crowd is always evolving into a bundle of energy that us wrestlers want to perform for every single night!!!

The crowd gives a big pop.

Senor Vinnie: Because we know you pay your hard earned money to see us perform and we want to give a performance that will last a lifetime. And in the end, we all want to become a champion in a arena like this and be showered by your appreciation.

Crowd: SC Dub!!! SC Dub!!! SC Dub!!!

Senor Vinnie nods his head as he extends his arm to the crowd as the microphone tries to pick up their cheering. But his arm cannot extend fully as the pink jacket that he is wearing is way too small, causing some of the fiber to break and holes are slowly emerging.

Senor Vinnie: SI!!! And who better than to make you all excited as the man that I will be challenging for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship?? The man that has yet to be beaten, the man that beat the seemingly unbeatable Fenris. The man that holds what I want!! Senor Austin James Mercer!!!

Mercer's music hits as the crowd goes nuts, the camera's turn to the entrance way where they are expecting the champion to emerge.

Simone: Here's the champ!!!!

Mercer walks out to a huge pop from the fans, he is holding the title over his shoulder as he is wearing his street clothes. He turns his attention to the fans for a moment or two, acknowledging their presence before walking to the ring and never taking his eyes of his opponent for the Cruise for the gold. He gets onto the ring apron as Senor Vinnie holds the ropes open by sitting on the middle rope for him to enter, what he reluctantly accepts before stepping foot in the ring. He looks at the surroundings in the ring and scratches the back of his head for a few moments as Senor Vinnie runs to the microphone that is going to be used for the Karaoke show.

Senor Vinnie: Test, Test... Uno Dos...., Test..., Test...., you hear me???

He stares at Pete and then nods his head

Senor Vinnie: Gracias Pete, your ears are always sharp. Talking about sharp...., you look like a million bucks champ.

Mercer: Thanks

Senor Vinnie: Your welcome, you know that in my worldly travels I always manage to find the best tailors to fit me the best of suits like this one.

He turns around for the camera as some of the fans are whistling for his pink jacket and tie with green shirt

Senor Vinnie: And yet, I wonder...., from what type of coultier did you get this ensemble from senor??

Mercer looks at him annoyed.

Senor Vinnie: Was it the GAP??? Was it the local flea market senor?? Or is it merely from

Mercer: Cut the crap Vinnie, the only reason why I am here is because the bosses told me to.

Senor Vinnie gets annoyed, he had not expected this type of answer from the champ.

Senor Vinnie: Now let me get into where I invited you for, as we both are wrestling machines, superstars of the squared circle. I was going to see if you could match my skills on the singing department.

Mercer: I don't think...

Senor Vinnie: Perdoname Senor, Excuse me. I know that you are a man that is of few words. I know that you prefer to have your deeds in the ring do your talking. But that is just oh how should I say???.... non marketable for the entire company to build a future around. I mean, sure you could be a spokesperson for people that are afraid of shaving cream, or perhaps those who have never seen a barber before.

Some chuckle over the comments from Vinnie, but most are just plainly booing him.

Mercer: Vinnie....

Senor Vinnie: It's okay, you are the more of the silent type, perhaps hiding the romantic fool that none of these ladies are expecting of you. But what more could warm a woman's heart by serenating to her.... Like I always do for senorita Valora. I...

Mercer: If you think that I will sing... I

Senor Vinnie: I know you have accepted to sing Senor, that's why you graciously accepted my offer.

Mercer: I did not...

Senor Vinnie: I know you did not expect to finally allow your childhood dream to be a backing vocalist of some musical star like Mick Jagger, Bono Vox and yours truly.

Mercer is slowly grinding his teeth over what Vinnie is telling him but remains cool

Mercer: Are you comparing yourself to those two greats mate???

Senor Vinnie: Oh of course not, I am far more superior than those two. But as long as I do not hold that title, I will graciously accept them in my presence. Just like I accept your title reign a little bit longer.

Mercer grins and shakes his head.

Senor Vinnie: Says a man that could not even beat Jake Raab, what kind of challenge are you to me??

Senor Vinnie looks around shocked, he did not expected this but shakes his head.

Senor Vinnie: It's too soon for going into details now Senor, we have not even checked the song list yet.

Mercer: Don't bother.., I

Senor Vinnie: It's called Don't you want me from the Human League Senor, I know you have been a huge fan of them back in the eighties. I did not know that you were someone that got stuck in an era where the music was highly topped by average singers. But seeing that you are the champ and a simpleton, I have allowed my helper Pete to alter the song list just for you.

Mercer: Wha??

Senor Vinnie: Like Mili Vanilli's Don't you know it's true! A song of a band that actually wasn't much of a twosome to begin with. Playbacking their way to the top, something I clearly can tell by the lack of sophistication to open your mouth for longer than two seconds during this show champ.

Mercer: I'm going to....

Senor Vinnie: But wait!!! There's More!!! What about Push it from Salt 'n Pepa. A song that I know you like, because you like to push the boundaries of being a second rate wrestler. A wrestler that got lucky.

Mercer: Lucky?? Why you...

Vinnie extends his hands in apology as he is backing off from the champion

Senor Vinnie: I just meant to say that you were lucky that you haven't faced me before until Summer XXXTreme senor. Or else your career could have gone a different way. Just like the career of this singer that was the drummer of Genesis. I mean who would have heard of Phil Collins if Peter Gabriel had not let the band and started a solo career, singing songs like Sledgehammer. And I can tell that you build your existence of being a sledge hammer, as you are a tool of destruction. While I am a lover and a star

Mercer: I am leaving if you....

Senor Vinnie: I'm sorry senor, I know you are feeling uncomfortable by my presence and I feel bad about that. But to show you that I am serious, I have one song that should be our theme song. Beastie Boys with Fight For Your Right to Party!!!

The fans go nuts for the classic song as they chant the band's name as Vinnie is gloating over his "successful" option to sing as Mercer gets in the face of Vinnie with a pissed off look on his face.

Mercer: I am the type of guy that lets his actions do the talking, or in this case the singing Senor Vinnie. So unless you don't have anything interesting to say or do, I will walk out of here.

Senor Vinnie realizes that Mercer isn't here to have fun with him. He turns his head to Pete and nods his head.

Senor Vinnie: He sure is Pete.

We can see Mercer tell Vinnie to stop talking to his cactus as the winner of the Golden Briefcase suddenly bashes the microphone into the face of Mercer.

Simone: HERE WE GO!!!

Vinnie pounds away at the face of Mercer with the microphone before going for an Irish Whip and levels the champ with a clothesline. He soaks in the boos from the crowd as he grabs the cactus and turns his attention to the champion and holds the plant high above his head. Measuring the champ for a shot with the cactus to the head, but is surprised by Mercer as he gets to his feet and drives his shoulder into the midsection of Vinnie. He then whips him in the ropes and delivers his finisher

Simone: Legacy Bomb!!!!

Vinnie hits the canvas hard before Mercer grabs his belt and walks to the back with the same intensity that he had when he entered the ring a few moments ago.

We find ourselves backstage and it is there where we are able to see the one and only Kate Steele. She seems fired up as she is in the locker room getting ready for her match. She looks deeply into the lens of the camera as she begins to speak.

Kate: Cheers and thank you for taking this moment to visit me. As you can see tonight I have a huge match that I am getting ready for. I will happily make my way out to that ring and stand face to face with the likes of Seleana and of course Daniela. However I know in order to be relevant you need to keep proving yourself. You need to keep showcasing yourself on an everyday basis and I will fight whoever at any given time.

Kate smirks widely as she continues to speak.

Kate: The truth however is that I already beat Seleana at Into The Void. I beat Jessie Salco and she just somehow got a title opportunity. I have nothing against Salco as she is one of my good friends but the reality everybody knows it should have been me. After all I won my contention match. I should be the next thing that is being looked at and I will have no qualms going out there and proving myself.

Kate smirks as she continues to speak.

Kate: The reality is I have my sight on that of the Roulette Championship. When I had that championship I set the bar. I was a fighting champion and I took down challenger after challenger. I didn't care who was sent my way. I did everything to prove a point that I was simply better than them, and I will continue to prove my point because what I would like is a shot at Mercedes Vargas. She sits there like a walking stat book. She talks up just about everything and I wish to end that rant especially before Sam Marlowe I had the record for longest reign. This was my division and I know for a fact it can be my division again. So watch yourself Vargas because the Siren has got you in her sight.

Kate grins again as she speak some more.

Kate: Now if you would excuse me, I have a match to get ready for.

We are back to the ringside area, where we see Vinnie startled over what just happened earlier on with Austin James Mercer. He is clearly lost and is about to leave the ring when he is stopped by Cactus Pete "calling" for him. He quickly stops and gets back into the ring with a sudden smile upon his face.

Senor Vinnie: Now I may know that what just happened wasn't as I had planned, but this... THIS!! This is actually the moment that I have been waiting or all week!!!

He straightens his tie and then wipes off some sweat from his brow.

Senor Vinnie: I would like to ask mi amor Valora to the ring as well as mi amigo Ty West as well as Fenris.

Valora comes out to the ring with her nephew Ty and Fenris, both Ty and Fenris aren't too keen on getting to the ringside area with Vinnie there but are going there just because of aunt Valora. Valora is being assisted in the ring by Vinnie before he keeps the ropes open for Ty and Fenris... who decide to climb into the ring at another part of the squared circle. Vinnie kisses Valora's hand as he grabs the microphone and is clearly nervous.

Simone: What is this idiot thinking about???

Senor Vinnie: I have been practicing this speech all week long and now when the moment is near, I just realize I have forgotten the words.

Fenris: Well that's great, now can we go now???

Valora: Kris, behave....

Senor Vinnie turns his attention to Ty and Fenris and speaks to them, pleading to stay here for him and Valora as this is very important to him. Reluctantly Ty agrees and is holding Fenris back as he does not like Vinnie.

Senor Vinnie: Senorita Valora, since the first day I met you I have a heart that just goes boom boom boom boom boom when I think of you.

Simone: Oh brother..., do we really have to sit through this??

Senor Vinnie: And that one time that we shared that jacu

i in all of our....

Valora tells him not to finish that sentence as there are children around and he quickly clears his throat.

Senor Vinnie: What I was trying to say is that we have spend so many wonderful moments together that I just cannot stop thinking about spending all my life with you.

The crowd is staring to cheer as they are realizing what is about to be asked by Senor Vinnie, causing Ty West to go out and stop this from happening. Only to be held back by Fenris as Valora is glowing from happiness when Vinnie goes down on a knee.

Senor Vinnie: Valora, I am a man of a few words

Adams: Holy Cow!!!

Senor Vinnie: But will you marry me????

The camera zooms in on the face of Valora as it shows her starting to have tears of happiness on her face before she finally gives an answer to his question.

Valora: yes, I will marry you Vinnie.

The two kiss each other in a passionate embrace while we can see Ty West stand there with a shocked look on his face as he cannot believe what is happening.

Adams: Congratulations!!!!!!

Simone: I'm not so sure if Ty West is so happy with this announcement Jason!!

Simone: Welcome back to Climax Control and coming up next, we have a match that was originally just between Seleana Zdunich and Daniela v Rodgers until Kate Steele got added to the mix making it a Triple Threat Match!

Adams: I do love a threesome! Especially when Bombshells are involved!

Simone: Do I even need to say it? Okay, fine, KEEP IT CLEAN JASON! On that note, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following is a Triple Threat Match, scheduled for one fall!

The arena fades to black as the screen lights up and we are treated to an old school movie countdown image.




Suddenly the countdown is stopped by claws slashing through the image and a cat's roar sounds through the arena. Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" blasts through the speakers and Seleana Zdunich is led through the entranceway by her wife and tag team partner, Crystal Hilton.

Justin: Introducing first, from Halmstad, Sweden, and being accompanied by Crystal Hilton, Seleana Zdunich!

The two make their way to the ring, slapping hands along the way as the crowd cheers them on.

Simone: Seleana looks to get back into the title picture following Mercedes Vargas and Alicia Lukas's successful title defenses against Jessie Salco and Amy Marshall last week!

Adams: Same can be said of her opponents!

Justin: And her opponents!

As Crystal leaves the ring Monster by Paramore begins to blare across the sound system and as it does Kate Steele along with her husband Todd Warren begins to emerge from the back curtain. Kate has a huge smile on her face as she flips off at the booing crowd. She begins to sprint down the aisle as she talks trash to the fans.

Justin: From Berkshire, England, she is "The Siren" Kate Steele!

Kate finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about as the crowd boos her louder. She closes her eyes placing a single finger over her lips offering the Shhhh sound which all the fans just roar back. She takes her place in the corner afterwards waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: Kate looks focused tonight even though she wasn't originally booked for the show.

Adams: And that means bad news for her opponents!

Justin: And their opponent!

"Sometimes" strikes up as blue and cyan colored lights start dancing around the arena. A video package also plays on the screen as Daniela V. Rodgers steps out from behind the curtain with her manager Cheryl Hastings. The crowd is going bananas as Daniela is waving at them. Cheryl is all smiles as they begin their way down the ramp.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, accompanied by Cheryl Hastings, from Trenton, Florida, she is the self-proclaimed "Throwback Princess" Daniela V. Rodgers

Daniela and Cheryl both greet a few fans before Daniela slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Cheryl remains on the floor as Daniela leaps up onto one of the turnbuckles and poses for the crowd. She hops down while waiting for the match.

Simone: Daniela has been impressive since her debut but a win over veterans like Kate and Seleana would propel her to the next level.

Adams: They won't make it that easy for her!

Jasmine calls the three women to the middle of the ring to go over the rules with them, however Kate decides to screw waiting as she charges across the ring and clotheslines Dani into the corner prompting Jasmine to call for the bell.


Simone: Kate isn't wasting any time in attacking Dani here!

Adams: She had better not forget about Seleana!

Jason's words end up being prophetic as the English Bombshell manages to get a few stomps in before Seleana spins her around and nails her with a right hand backing Kate up against the ring ropes, Seleana then goes to clothesline Kaye over the top rope and to the outside but Kate gets free of the ropes and hits Seleana with a Drop Toe Hold draping the Swedish Bombshell across the middle rope! Kate then runs across the ring looking for a move of some kind but doesn't get that far before Dani takes her out with a running dropkick!

Simone: It's like you said Jason! Triple Threats can be chaotic affairs at the best of times and that's when there isn't an extra stipulation added like Falls Count Anywhere!

Adams: At least Falls Count Anywhere Matches give our refs some decent exercise!

Dani gets up but before she can go for a cover, she notices that Seleana has rolled out to the apron so she hits Seleana with a Triangle Dropkick sending Seleana crashing against the barricade, satisfied that Seleana isn't going to be breaking anything up anytime soon Dani goes for the first cover of the match.



And Kate kicks out, rather than follow up on the attack however Dani spots Crystal helping Seleana up on the outside and gets an idea, the Lesbian Couple don't even get a chance to react before Dani dives over the top rope and hits them both with a Suicide Dive that brings the fans to their feet, however she forgot about Kate in the process and the English Bombshell is back on her feet on the inside of the ring.

Simone: Dani showing off her high flying skill against Seleana there!

Adams: But it could backfire now that Kate's back on her feet!

Dani rolls Seleana back into the ring but Kate is right on her case as the English Bombshell hits Dani with a running Baseball Slide Dropkick as she reaches for the middle rope to help her back into the ring sending Dani crashing against the barricade! However, Kate doesn't go for the cover on Seleana right away instead rolling out to the apron and hitting Seleana with a Springboard Leg Drop before hooking the leg for her first pin of the match.



And Seleana kicks out! Rather than be deterred Kate grabs Seleana's legs and locks her in a Boston Crab!

Simone: Kate has that submission locked in tight!

Adams: And Seleana has nowhere to go! Even worse, Dani is in la la land after that collision with the barricade!

After a few minutes it looks like Seleana is going to tap out but her saving grace comes from an unlikely source as Dani hits Kate with a Springboard Dropkick from halfway across the ring sending the British Bombshell flying out of the ring, seeking to take advantage of Seleana's weakened state Dani drags her over to the nearest turnbuckle where she heads to the top rope and goes for a Moonsault, unfortunately for her Dani crashes and burns against the matt as Seleana rolls out of the way.

Simone: That rough landing might hurt Dani's chances in this match!

Adams: And that's good news for Seleana and Kate!

Both Dani and Seleana get back to their feet (whilst Kate seems to be out like a light on the outside), but Dani is still winded from the Moonsault giving Seleana a chance to hit the inexperienced Bombshell with a trio of Suplexes before hitting her with a Standing Moonsault after the third! Not satisfied yet though Seleana then hits a standing 450 Splash for good measure before going for her first cover of the match not realizing that her feet are close to the side of the ring where Kate took her tumble.



And Kate pulls Seleana out of the ring seconds before Jasmine can administer the three count! Kate and Seleana start brawling on the outside but since Kate's had a chance to recover from the dropkick, she has the advantage.

Simone: Kate just saved the match for herself when she pulled Seleana out of the ring!

Adams: Too bad Dani's in no condition to thank her right now!

The brawl continues for a good couple of minutes and at first it looks like we're going to see a repeat of last week's Main Event as Jasmine is getting dangerously close to counting out Seleana and Kate, thankfully that doesn't come to pass as Dani hits them both with a Springboard Crossbody to the outside laying out all three Bombshells in the process! Jasmine restarts her count, but Dani is the first to her feet and she drags Kate up with her before rolling her back into the ring.

Simone: Dani must figure that Seleana's too out of it to interrupt any pin attempts!

Adams: And she might be right, which is bad news for Kate!

Belinda ends up being right as Dani goes for a cover almost as soon as she's in the ring!



And Kate kicks out! Dani gives Jasmine a disbelieving look clearly thinking that that was enough to secure the win, but Jasmine stands her ground before ordering the young Bombshell to continue the match! Unfortunately for Dani Kate uses the distraction to roll her up!


Kate grabs Dani's tights for leverage.


And Seleana comes from out of nowhere to break it up!

Simone: I honestly thought Seleana was out of the match after that Suicide Dive!

Adams: And clearly, Dani and Kate thought the same thing!

Seleana picks up Kate before backing her up to the ropes and going to whip her across, however Kate reverses it and whips her across the ropes instead where she goes for a Clothesline on the rebound which gets ducked under by Seleana who then proceeds to hit Kate with a running Hurricanrana on the rebound! Seleana wastes no time in holding on for the pin!



And Kate kicks out with the momentum sending Seleana into the waiting arms of Dani who hits her with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Dani then picks up Seleana and hits her with a Butterfly Suplex!

Simone: Dani calls that the Flash Forward!

Adams: Seleana's out but Kate's back on her feet!

Seeing that Kate is back up Dani goes for one of her other finishers, namely her Bicycle Kick that she calls the Tigers Stomp! However, Kate ducks out of the way and trips up Dani before locking in her finisher!

Simone: Siren's Song! And Seleana is not around to break up Kate's win attempt this time!

Adams: Stick a fork in Dani, she's done!

Dani does her best to fight off the pain, but she has no choice but to tap out!


Justin: Here is your winner by submission, "The Siren" Kate Steele!

Simone: Kate wins over hungry competition from Dani and Seleana!

Adams: Not bad for someone who wasn't booked originally!

Kate rolls out of the ring to celebrate her win whilst Dani and Seleana's managers check on their respective clients.

The scene opens with a close up shot of the face of Kedron Williams from the side, gazing forward with his ice blue eyes.

Kedron Williams: What will it be tonight, Jake Raab? How will you and I settle things between us? I am feeling pretty generous, so why don't I leave this up to you? you, the much feared mixed martial artist? The man with the name but none of the esteem? Jake Raab, the man fated to be always the bridesmaid but never the bride.

He cracks a smile.

Kedron Williams: Pity then, isn't it, that everything you have in your arsenal, I have little reason to fear. Do you truly think that you can hurt me? Can you put me in such pain that I would be forced to tap out, yielding my pride to you? I have no soul, Jake! I bartered that away years ago! And the pain I have been put through since...?

He shakes his head, eyes wide with wonder and reflection.

Kedron Williams: Nothing you could ever do to me will compare to the torments of Hell. I have bigger things on my mind, Jake. This, and all what will happen between us? You brought this on yourself. You got involved in matters that were none of your concern. When I burn your soul to ashes, there will be nobody left that will be even remotely interested in claiming you as kin.

He looks to the camera at long last.

Kedron Williams: And that will be your fault, and yours alone.

The promo shot is ended, and the camera draws back where Rinoa walks up and joins Kedron, taking his arm in her own.

Hot Stuff: Nicely put.

The main boss man aka "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward says as he walks onto the scene, causing the heads of the Williams' to turn.

Kedron Williams: Can I help you?

Mark smiles, taking note of the sharp tone displayed by the seemingly young warlock but it doesn't faze him a bit.

Hot Stuff: No, but there is something I can, and will, be doing for you. You see, as you know, last week the World Mixed Tag Team titles were vacated, and the tournament begins tonight.

Kedron rolls his eyes with a huff.

Kedron Williams: can we skip the pleasantries and reflections on the failures of Gamers Inc. and get to the part where I am not interested? I have little interest in that title when I could bury Jake Raab tonight and take his place as a contender for Austin James Mercer.

Mark puckers his lips and shakes his head.

Hot Stuff: Well listen to you! Actually, as of right now, you're not in the running for Austin's title, no matter who wins tonight. He was right hen he said there was slew of challengers ahead of you and all of them deserve shots far before you get up there. And for now, you have a partner who is going to need you in your corner...

Mark turns and smiles at Rinoa who blinks, then shares a startled look with Kedron who immediately protests.

Kedron Williams: No.. NO! Absolutely not! My wife is not a wrestler!

Hot Stuff: but she is classified under contract as an SCW Bombshell, and she sure does run her mouth like a wrestler. So since she, in her own words, handled Evie Jordan quite well, then she should have no issues being in your corner as your tag team partner next week.

Kedron is fuming and Mark just clicks his fingers and winks.

Hot Stuff: Don't be late.

The boss turns and walks off the scene, leaving the Williams couple in a state.

The camera opens up backstage just a few feet away from the newest contracted member of SCW. No, not a wrestler, but a valet! Artie, now Bobbie Dahl's official valet, is seen standing as far away from the Bombshell locker room door as possible, and he's on the phone. He looks like he's trying to stay out of site and he's whispering into the phone.

Artie: I...I know, Ronnie. But, Bobbie is my best friend. Mr. And Mrs. Dahl can't be here all the time to support her so it should be me...I-I don't know. We'll figure something out...No. I already told you not to quit your job...The cruise is only a week and then they have the week off afterwards...What? Nothing is going to happen on the cruise!

Artie has to go silent as his girlfriend Ronnie is arguing with him on the other end of the line. The camera pans back a little further and Ms. Rocky Mountains appears in view, microphone in hand. Artie's eyes immediately fall on Ms. Rocky's ample bosom, and his jaw drops open. He's completely ignoring Ronnie until Rocky snaps her fingers and Artie is back to reality.

Artie: Huh?...Oh. Sorry, Ronnie. I-I have to call you back...No, I have an interview with Ms. Rocky's breasts...I mean, Ms. Rocky!...Bye, Ronnie!...Love you!

Ronnie can be heard screaming for a moment before Artie ends the call and quickly puts his phone in his pocket. Ms. Rocky lets out a chuckle, having caught Artie's speaking error just a few moments ago.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Trouble in paradise, Artie?

Artie scratches the top of his scalp and then quickly shakes his head.

Artie: Oh, uh, no. She'll be fine. Work just has her stressed right now and she doesn't really have a good way to...relieve it.

His voice trails off and he looks away, embarrassed. Ms. Rocky grins, getting an idea of what he meant. She, however, does not pressure him further.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well, as you know, everyone is wanting a few words from you regarding your new contract as Bobbie's valet. So here I am. I hope now is a good time?

Artie: Oh. Sure. I mean...I've never been interviewed before. Not like this anyway.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: It shouldn't take that long, Artie. I'd just like to know how you're feeling about officially being Bobbie's valet now. You'll be able to accompany her to the ring and cheer her on out there.

Artie half smiles and scratches the top of his scalp again. He offers Ms. Rocky a shrug before responding.

Artie: Well, I mean...That's cool. Bobbie is really excited. So...I guess I am too. Yeah.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You guess you are, too? That doesn't sound so convincing. My understanding was you didn't even want to sign the contract in the first place. So why did you?

Artie lets out a sigh and looks to the ground, trying to avoid looking directly at Ms. Rocky's mountains. He shrugs again.

Artie: Have YOU ever tried telling Fenris no?

Rocky shakes her head.

Artie: Exactly. He and Bobbie are sorta friends now. He scares me so I signed it. It's ok though. I couldn't so no to Bobbie for too long anyway so I would have signed regardless.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That's basically coercion, Artie. You could get a lawyer to make that null and void in a second.

A panicked look appears on Artie's face and he shakes his head quickly.

Artie: Oh, no. I wouldn't do that. Bobbie would never forgive me!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: And what about Ronnie? Your girlfriend?

Before Artie can respond, a voice from behind them drags their attention away. Bobbie's voice.

Bobbie: She'll just have to accept it! Any woman who would keep a man away from his best friend is not a good girlfriend at all! He'll figure that out!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: And what about a best friend trying to keep said man away from his girlfriend?

Bobbie folds her arms and doesn't say a word.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: This is Artie's interview, Bobbie. You'll get your time later if you'd like.

Bobbie: I think it's over, actually. I have to go to this stupid therapy session!

Artie: So that is your therapy session. Not mine.

Bobbie just yanks Artie by the arm, dragging him away. Ms. Rocky stands there, shaking her head.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Those two just need to get it over with and kiss already.

She then lets out a sigh and heads off down the hall.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see Jessie Salco, fresh off her loss to Mercedes Vargas the previous week, walking down the hallways.

Simone: We just saw Jessie's friend Kate Steele win the Triple Threat Match by submission whilst Jessie has been on a losing streak of late.

Adams: Some might say that's karma for the past year or so!

As Jessie walks down the hallway she is stopped by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Jessie: What? Here to rub in the fact that I was stripped on National TV?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, how long have we known each other by this point?

Jessie sighs before shaking her head.

Jessie: Fine, what do you want?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Just wanted your thoughts on Joshua Acquin joining the Metal and Punk Connection last week, the Hellraisers tag team didn't exactly end well?

Jessie: Gee, you think? Joshua understood that that was just business and whilst I had my doubts as to whether he'd accept the invitation, well, you saw what happened last week and thanks to his addition, the Metal and Punk Connection are stronger than ever.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What does that mean for the Mixed Tag Title situation?

Jessie: You'll have to wait until next week to find that out, even I don't know what the bosses have in store for us next week.

Jessie walks off as the scene fades.

Justin: The following contest is a singles contest and it is for one fall. Introducing first...

The bass kicks up as a heavy fog fills the stage. Yellow and red lights illuminate it until the back of a man is seen through it. The lights vibrate with the base until singing starts and Pretty

Ty West turns, raising his fists into the air to the mixed reaction of the fans.

Justin: Standing 6 feet, 4 inches, weighing 250 lbs, and billed from Tucson, Arizona: he is... PRETTY TY WWWEESSSTTTTT!!

He arrogantly waves them off with a cocky smirk until he reaches the ring. Once in, he climbs the turnbuckle, letting out a primal 'roar' before jumping down, cracking his neck as he bounces from one leg to the other.

Justin: And introducing his opponent...

Hail to the King' by Avenged Sevenfold hits over the P.A. system and the fans rise to their feet as they start booing. Ace Hart walks out in a dimly lit arena as he pauses at the top of the ramp. He pauses at the top and looks down at the steel as different colored lights vibrate over the crowd.

Justin: He stands at 6 feet, 4 inches, weighs 255 lbs, and billed from Las Vegas, Nevada... he is.... AAACCEEE HHHAAARRRTTTT!!

He walks down the ramp staring at Ty the entire way as he makes his way to the ring apron. He steps up on the apron and over the second rope. He walks over to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He flexes on the ropes before stepping down. He looks over at Ty and begins circling the ring while the referee tries to maintain order. The music dies.


The referee signals for the bell as both Ace and Ty lunge to the middle of the ring with a tight hard grapple. Ace can overpower him with the slight edge as he pushes him back into the ropes. Ty bounces off the ropes, but Ace with a thunderous clothesline, nearly beheading him. Ace leans down and lifts Ty up to his feet and he whips him hard into the corner as Ty stumbles out. Ace runs off the ropes and catches him with a high knee facebuster! Ty stumbles back against the ropes, but as he rebounds back to a hard kick to his midsection. He tucks his head between his legs, but as he goes to hook his arms. Ty reverses it with a back body drop! Ace holds his lower back as he works his way up to his feet.

Simone: This match is the battle of the giants. Ace and his lovely wife didn't have the best of luck against the Good Shepard's, but Ace is looking good in his singles' debut.

Adams: Yes, he's surely is. He is starting off with this match with his power and force.

Ty grabs Ace from behind with a strong grapple and takes him down to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Ace rolls over to his stomach and pushes his hands off the mat. He starts to get up, but about halfway up to his feet, Ty grabs him from around the neck and starts delivering hard knee lifts to his sternum. Ace is holding his chest as he staggers backwards. He shakes the cobwebs off and races toward Ty, but Ty runs beneath his arm. He quickly spins around and grabs Ace from behind. He launches him overhead with a German suplex!

Simone: Ace got all of that german suplex and he landed directly on his neck!

Adams: This is definitely one way to stall Ace's strength and power.

Ace holds the back of his neck while lying on the canvas. Ty attempts a standing leg drop, but Ace manages to roll out of his way. Ty holds his botto as he tries to get up to his feet, but he still gets up to his before Ace. He whips Ace into the ropes, but Ace reverses it. As Ty bounces off the ropes, Ace leans down and lifts him up with a huge back body drop. Ty rolls up to his feet and Ace hooks the head between his arms, dropping him down on the mat with a DDT.

Simone: And Ty goes down with a DDT right on his head.

Adams: I don't know who I think is going to win this match. They are pretty neck and neck at this point.

Ty holds his head and Ace tries to roll him over on his back, but Ty can roll out from under the bottom rope. He leans on the apron and holds his head in his arms. Ace walks over to the ropes and he reaches through the second rope. He attempts to grab Ty by his hair, but Ty wraps his hands around the back of Ace's head and drops him across the second rope with a neckbreaker guillotine. Ty pulls him out of the rings by his ankles and he lifts him up. He tries to lift Ace up on his shoulders, but he slips down his back. He turns Ty around and rams his lower back into the apron. He grabs him by his tights and back of neck, throwing him shoulder first into the steel stairs.

Simone: Oh my God, that unforgiving steel is being used as a weapon by Ace.

Adams: He has Ty exactly where he wants him.

Ace takes a moment to catch his breath as he leans on the apron. He stumbles over to Ty who is nursing his shoulder and pulls him up by his wrist. He rolls Ty back inside the ring and pulls himself upon the apron by the ropes. He steps back inside the ring and as Ty staggers up to his feet, still aiding that shoulder, Ace runs up behind him with a chop block to his knee. Ty is taken off his feet and wobbles up to his feet. Ace with a kick to the midsection, but Ty catches his ankle in midair. Ty with a jumping knee strike to the face. Ace nearly falls off his feet. Ty with a sprint and nails him with a big boot!

Simone: Ty just CRUSHED IT! What damage did it have on his knee? It looks like he's favoring it quite much.

Adams: He might have hit Crushed it, but Ace doesn't look quite out of it yet. Come on Ty, follow it up with a bigger move!

Ace is holding his face as he leans against the ropes. Ty stumbles back, still aiding his shoulder. He kneels down in the ring and moans in pain as he tightens his hold on the shoulder. Ace stumbles up while holding onto the ropes. He falls back into the corner and shakes his head. Ace runs out of the ring and as Ty gets up to his feet, he's taken down by the flying knee delivered from Ace. Ace wobbles back and slouches down as he's taunting him to get up to his feet. Ty is to his feet and he rises up with a clothesline but doesn't quite take him off his knee. Ty runs off the side ropes with a swinging neckbreaker!

Simone: What a move! What a move! Ty just needs to be able to rebound from it and finish Ace off.

Adams: It looks like he might be going for a submission move right now, Belinda.

Ty grabs his legs and he's looking to lock in the cloverleaf, but Ace uses his leg strength and kicks him clear against the ring. He stops himself from crashing into the turnbuckle as Ace gets up to his feet. Ty runs out of the corner toward Ace, but Ace goes for a powerslam, but Ty reverses it into an arm drag! Ace gets up to his feet and Ty charges at him, but Ace uses his own speed to throw him chest first into the corner. Ace grabs from behind and lifts him up off the canvas with a back suplex! He pulls his arm up and whisks him off into the ropes.

Simone: I thought he was going to try and make Ace tap, but Ace was not going to have any of it.

Adams: Ace has more lives than a cat in this match, folks.

Ace grabs ahold of Ty and whips him into the ropes. Ty rebounds off the ropes with a kick to the chest. He grabs him by the back of his hair and slams him down with a facebuster. Ace ricochets up off the mat and Ty grabs him with a spinning elbow drop!

Simone: That's it folks! That's it! Ty has just hit the Pretty Dazzling on Ace!

Adams: This one has got to be over!

He hooks the leg as the referee slides down to the canvas:





The referee kneels up off the mat and starts to signal for the bell as Ty kneels up off the mat after covering Ace. He's resting on his knees, still assisting that shoulder as the referee goes to help him up to his feet.

Justin: Here is your winner...TY WWWEEESSSTTT!!

Backstage, Mercedes Vargas is interviewed by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, congratulations on your successful first defense as Bombshell Roulette Champion. Following your win over Jessie Salco, you're one singles win shy of setting the record for the most singles wins ever in SCW history. What did your win over Jessie mean to you?

Mercedes: What it did it mean to me? It simply means that I was able to hand Jessie one more loss than the one hundred she already has in the first place.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: One of the questions everyone has wondered is whether you would accept Crystal Zdunich's challenge for a match at Summer XXXtreme. You flat-out closed the door on that happening last week by your comments last Climax Control, but are you the least bit concerned the lengths Crystal will go to get in the ring with you? She did say that should you refuse, you would hear from her every week until she gets what she wants.

Mercedes: And? Is that supposed to intimidate me? Is her flying all the way to my home country to deface a limited edition poster with my face on it suppose to have me grovel at her feet? Crystal is back to being an attention whore again and the best defense for someone like that is ignoring them. She's just salty because I'm one of the few people who can see through the smoke and mirrors that she's a fake and a phony. It's obvious she loves to hear herself talk so I'll let her.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well, now that you refused to face Crystal, Kelli Torres seemingly has interest to face you based on her interview with Mz. Hollywood. Are you surprised by the comments made by the SCU Women's Combat Champion?

Mercedes: The last few times someone called me out, it didn't particularly end well for them. And even for the one that succeeded and proved me wrong, they actually proved me right about them. As far as Kelli goes, she's a sweet girl who has her heart in the right place. Calling me out to send a message to Delia Darling is just amusing to me.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Amusing? Could you elaborate on that?

Mercedes: Well, I just find it funny that Kelli is calling out someone who is a future Hall of Famer and someone who laid the foundation for people like her to compete here, but good on her on trying to make a name for herself by facing a legend like Delia. I think it says something that she's as relevant today as she was during her career in SCW. I think Delia knew how often Kelli is booked, she just fell for the bait. Whether Delia, Tatsu or Winter accepts her challenge is one thing, but I have a full plate as it is.

Mercedes lightly taps against the plate of her title over her shoulder.

Mercedes: You know, championship responsibilities. Just like Kelli has.

The camera opens up backstage where we find a very disgruntled Bobbie Dahl being led down the hall by Hot Stuff Mark Ward. She's pouting like a five year old would and Hot Stuff just grins.

Bobbie: This is ridiculous, you know?! I don't need therapy, and why'd you make Artie stay behind like that?!

Hot Stuff: You DO need therapy, and lots of it. And I made him stay behind because you nearly had his shoulder pulled out of its socket the way you were dragging him. He doesn't need to be around you 24/7.

Bobbie lets out an audible "Hmph" and follows Hot Stuff anyway. They stop a few moments later just outside a door, and Hot Stuff opens it, smirking at her.

Hot Stuff: Good luck...

Bobbie: Whatever! And to think you were my Boo last week! Traitor!

Bobbie then steps inside the office and Hot Stuff quickly closes the door behind her. She stops, staring at who is in front of her. Despayre, in his Mister Self-Help personae; complete with those funny eye-magnifying glasses, comical oversized bow tie and an XL Bobbie Dahl t shirt, stands there with a bright smile and his arms stretched out invitingly.

Mister Self-Help: Boobie Dahl! Welcome!

Bobbie: It's BOBBIE!

Mister Self-help blinks at her from behind his glasses, then looks down at the note pad in his hand and he shakes his head.

Mister Self-Help: No, it's Boobie. See?

He holds the note pad up to her.

Mister Self-Help: Says so right here.

Bobbie rolls her eyes and folds her arms again.

Bobbie: Maybe if you'd take those ridiculous glasses off you could see better. I think I know my own name, thank you very much!

She stands where she is, refusing to take a seat in the chair in front of Mister Self-Help. Despayre, er, Mister Self-Help that is, looks at her then picks the purple Crayola crayon from his shirt pocket and jots down on the notepad in hand while mumbling just loud enough that she might hear...

Mister Self-Help: Ignores the basics of guest-host relations .... Classic identity crisis symptoms...

He looks over his shoulder at the desk and for the first time, Bobbie sees he is not alone in the room, as perched on the corner of the desk, in a little bite-sized business suit, is Angel.

Mister Self-Help: Boy you weren't kidding when you said this was a big one!

Bobbie: Ex-CUSE me!?

Bobbie takes a step forward finally, looking back and forth between Mister Self-Help and Angel.

Bobbie: Boy! And to think Ty and Fenris thought I wasn't a qualified therapist! Look at what they gave me!

Bobbie plops down on the chair and slaps her knees.

Bobbie: Sooo...tell me. What are YOUR qualifications?!

Mister Self-Help: For what?

Bobbie: For... what do you mean 'for what'!? To be my therapist, that's what!

Mister Self-Help nods knowingly.

Mister Self-Help: Oh THAT!

Bobbie: Yes THAT!

Mister Self-Help stops nodding, then looks at her.

Mister Self-Help: What about it?

Bobbie slaps her forhead with the palm of her hand and jumps up from the chair. She tries to make a run for it out the door, but when she attempts to turn the knob, the door is locked!

Bobbie: What the hell?!

She continues trying to open the door, but no luck. Just on the outside, Hot Stuff is chuckling and walks away, placing the key in his pocket.

We go to the back where Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire are walking with Teddy, talking about the big Supercard, but then Ruby stops a second, noticing someone off camera. They walk further and see Griffin Hawkins reading his copy of Queen of the Damned.

Ruby: What is that lame book you're reading?...

Griffin Hawkins: It's called a novel...I guess it's lost on you because it doesn't have any pretty pictures in it.

Sapphire: Cute very cute although we are Queens of not giving a damn about what you think.

Griffin Hawkins: there any reason why you and your ladies of the night decided to grace me with your presence?..

Teddy can't help but smirk as he looks at Griffin. He runs his hands through his long hair as he glares deeply at the rocker.

Teddy: Besides to prove I am the better rocker actually yes. You see I have Sapphire, an Emerald and even a Ruby, but you want to know what else goes good with those three? Something called Gold. Something you have and I plan to add it to my collection of gems.

He just shakes his head, putting his book aside.

Griffin Hawkins: Bro...I think that face paint has finally seeped into your brain. You think that you're gonna beat me? You must be dreaming. In the last few months I've been defending my gold against guys that would make you run home and hide under your bed. So trust me, you're gonna need more than the Powerpuff Girls here to get you the gold.

Teddy: Oh is that how you treat me friend? Your biggest mistake was befriending my wife and perhaps you might try to reach me in her honor but it is still four on two. I am going to ruin your life and hurt you so badly. You aren't going to know what hit you and the Roulette division will be renamed the Gem Stone division!

Emerald: Face it Griffin, you're a has're yesterday's news. This man right the future, the next Roulette Champion. So I suggest you put away that lame fantasy book..and start reading up on a real life Superhero.

He then gets up, getting in his face.

Griffin Hawkins: Is this what you abandoned your wife for? A bunch of chicks who are just using you for fame and money?..this isn't about the title man, it's about you being too blind to see what's going on. So what I suggest is you dump these hoes..stop behaving like a jackass, and wake up before you lose something you're never gonna get back.

An offended Ruby steps in front of Teddy.

Ruby: Hey...I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you can't talk to him like that, this man is gonna be the next Champion so I suggest you start showing him some respect!

Teddy steps in, calming her down.

Teddy: I love my wife, its is just I am conquering the rock world. Showcasing that I am Hair Metal, I am the best rocker in the business. I am the Gem in the rough and you are simply irrelevant.

Sapphire: You should be praising Teddy. He could make you even greater if you followed his lead.

Griffin Hawkins: Sure..just one thing though. I love my own wife and my kids enough not to fall for these parlor tricks. And if you think I'm irrelevant...then you'll have the chance to prove yourself at Summer XXXtreme..and just maybe I'll beat some damn sense into you.

Emerald: I'm getting bored of this asinine conversation, let's get outta here.

Teddy: See you Griffin hopefully you make it past tonight because if you don't well I have no use for you.

The four walk off, he glares after him as we go to the ring

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is an opening round for the Mixed Tag Team Title Tournament!! And this match will be an eight person Mixed Tag Team Match!!!

"Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum hits as the faction of the Good Shepherds walk out to the ring. Mother and Father Shepherd walk in front of the team as the remainder of the faction walks behind them while being greeted by a chores of boos from the fans.

Justin: The first team to enter is the team of Father and Mother Shepherd!! Esther and David!! The Good Shepherds!!!

The lights in the arena dim slightly as the distinct opening chords of Imagine Dragons "I'm So Sorry" starts to play over the speaker. The drumbeat kicks in as every eye in the area looks towards the entrance ramp. Images of London flashes on the main screen, along with the members of London Underground. The fans boo as Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page and Charlotte Elliot walk on to the ramp.

Justin: From Bethnal Green, East London, England, they are Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page, they are London Underground.

The four stand calmly, Daniel looks around the crowd as the stoned faced, emotionless Osbourne stands behind him. To either side of them, Mackenzie stands focused, while Charlotte stands stone faced. Daniel looks back with a tilt of the head, nodding towards the ring. The four slowly start to walk down the ramp, mostly ignoring the fans as they move along. Daniel gets to the ring first, a picture of calmness on his face as he looks up at the ring and starts to walk up the steps. He lifts his nearest legs to the ropes and steps in the ring, ducking his body and moving in to the ring. He puts his arms out to the fans as the emotionless Osbourne joins him in the ring, just standing in the middle of the ring, his left hand on his right as a smile crosses Daniel's face. Mackenzie and Charlotte join the two in the ring and quickly moves towards the ropes, both women climbing on them, unaffected by their boos. The women jump down and join the men in the middle of the ring.


The bell has rang as Drew Patton tells both teams to get in their respectful corners and have them decide who to start the match. The Good Shepherds have quickly decided that Mother Mavis starts the match, forcing the London Underground to start off the match with one of their bombshells.

Simone: And Mackenzie starts off for London Underground.

Adams: This Good Shepherd team is freaking me out!!

Simone: Even Cactus Pete freaks you out Jason.

The two circle each other before the two lock arms, the larger Mavis pushes Mackenzie into the turnbuckles and holds her there with her hands pushing in the face of Mackenzie. Waiting for the five count from Drew before driving a forearm shot into the face of Mackenzie before grabbing her by the hair and screaming at her before delivering a hair mare that sends Mackenzie in the middle of the ring. there Mavis grabs Mackenzie by the waist from behind and lifts her up before going for a Back suplex and drops her hard. There Mavis tags in Esther as the two go for an Irish Whip that sends Mackenzie in the ropes as Mavis sets her up for a slam and drops her before Esther Jumps of the second rope for a Moonsault. Only to have Mackenzie lift her knees up and hit Esther in the midsection with the impact of the move. Mackenzie grabs the smaller Esther by the head and pulls her up to her feet before delivering some heavy kicks to the now painful ribs of Esther that sends her into the corner of the London Underground. There Mackenzie tags in Charlotte as both women are putting the boots to Esther before stopping at the count of four from Drew.

Adams: You don't want to get yourself dq'ed in an important match like this!!

Esther is being pulled up to her feet by Charlotte, who executes a Snap Suplex and goes for the cover.



Esther kicks out as Charlotte immediately locks her in a sitting side headlock, before sitting down on the lower back of Esther and wrapping her hands around the chin of the member of the Good Shepherds in a submission hold and pulling her head back hard. Forcing Drew to ask Esther if she wants to give in to the submission hold.

Simone: Nice combination from Charlotte, putting pressure on the neck and the head of Esther.

Adams: But this is one way to break that hold!!

Mavis has ran in the ring and kicks Charlotte in the back before getting back on the apron as Drew is warning her. Charlotte pulls Esther to her corner before slapping her hands together as if there was a tag and Mackenzie gets back in the ring.

Simone: Technically that wasn't a tag.

Adams: You want to tell London Underground that???

Mackenzie has gotten Esther to her feet and start to pound forearm shots across the shoulder blades and neck of Esther before locking her in a Powerbomb position and hoists her up in the air. Only to have Esther managing to escape the grip and lands behind Mackenzie. Who quickly turns around and walks straight into a Roundhouse Kick and is followed by a Hairmare, driving the face of Mackenzie into the canvas before driving series of forearm shots to the back of Mackenzie's neck. She then tags in Mavis as Esther has pushed Mackenzie into the turnbuckles and Mavis comes in charging for a spear into the midsection of Mackenzie.

Adams: Good Grief!!!

Mackenzie is rolling around in the ring as Esther has gotten out of the ring and Mavis has gotten in the ring for the cover.




Charlotte has ran in and stops the three count as this causes all four Bombshells to fight it out in the ring. Only to be followed by the superstars of either faction, making it impossible for Drew to maintain any sort of order in this match.

Simone: HERE WE GO!!!!

Adams: I don't envy Drew!! Having two factions that are both dominating in their own right duking it out??? No way you can stop that!!!

Mackenzie and Mavis are trading haymakers with each other while Esther is driving knees into the midsection of Charlotte as the men are duking it out as well. Charlotte then grabs Esther by the leg, blocking another high knee drive and she brings her down with a Dragon Screw! Mackenzie and Mavis have one another in side headlocks and they fall against the ropes and both topple out over the top and onto the ringside floor!

Simone: We all knew with eight people involved in this match, it would be chaos!

The two big men, Father Gerald and Osbourne are trading blows! For the first time, Osbourne being in the ring with a man relatively his own size! Daniel Morgan finds himself in a brawl as well, exchanging blows with Brother David! Brother David rakes the eyes of Daniel, gaining the advantage, but Daniel has no qualms at all by fighting fire with fire and raking the eyes of David right back! Father Gerald bulls his body into Osbourne's own, driving him back into the near corner and he drives his shoulder into Os's thick midsection repeatedly as Osbourne fights him off, throwing heavy blows down into his exposed back!

Simone: How is it these two teams know nothing about each other and they are in there trying to kill one another!?

Adams: Religion does funny things to a person.

Daniel calls to Mackenzie who slams Mavis's head into the ring apron, before she rolls back into the ring. Daniel climbs out onto hi corner just long enough for Mackenzie to tag in the head of London Underground...!

Adams: Now the men are going to tear it up in there!

Simone: Not that they haven't been already! And there goes Mackenzie right back out of the ring and after Mavis!

Daniel comes up from behind Gerald and grabs him around the waist, bringing him off of Osbourne with a release German suplex! Osbourne then steps outside and allows Daniel to tag the big man himself in legally. Osbourne and Daniel both send Gerald into the ropes and link arms for a double clothesline that nearly takes the head of Father Gerald right off! Drew orders Daniel out and as Osbourne is distracted, Brother David comes up from behind and connects with a low blow!

Simone: NO!

David rolls Osbourne up from behind and grabs a handful of trunks!



TH-Charlotte breaks it up!

Adams: But the women aren't supposed to be in there with the men!

Simone: Who the hell is going to be able to keep perfect order!? This match has been everything "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward wanted and MORE!

David is INFURIATED and stalks Charlotte as she dares him to take a swing at her! But now Sister Esther is in the ring and she tackles her, both women going down on the mat! David turns and sees Osbourne start to rise, and he comes off the ropes with a Bicycle kick, driving the big man down face first! Brother David stomps around the ring with his arms out, praising God and Jesus Christ as Father Gerald smiles with pride toward his son!

Adams: Oh come on, it's SUNDAY! Can we not being Jesus into this!?

Brother David then grabs Osbourne and goes to send him into the ropes -- but Osbourne reverses it and nails a spine buster! Osbourne tags Daniel! Daniel comes inside and scoops David up onto his shoulders in a foreman's carry, then heaves him up and over his head and right into a GTS! David staggers back, out and hits his back and Daniel covers him!



Father Gerald breaks it up! Gerald starts throwing shots at Daniel when Osbourne spears him so hard that BOTH men go through the ropes and crash on the ringside floor in a heap!


Adams: Words both offensive and appropriate when it comes to the Good Shepherds!

Brother David attacks Daniel from behind and grabs him for a German suplex, but Daniel reverses it and ducks behind him! David drops down for a counter but Daniel grabs him and hits...

Simone: Proper Brown Bread!

Daniel covers him as all three members of the Good Shepherds try to break it up but all three remaining members of London Underground prevent it!





Justin: Here are the winners, advancing to the Semi-Finals -- LONDON UNDERGROUND!!!

The crowd cheers despite themselves, as London Underground celebrates and the members of the Shepherds protest but to no avail!

And we're back! Much to Booobie, er, BOBBIE Dahl's consternation. She is seated once again, having realized there was no escape, and has succumbed to the most unorthodox of therapy sessions since -- since she performed one for Ty West and Fenris?

Mister Self-Help: So tell me something Miss Dahl...

Mister Self-Help walks around the Fischer Price plastic desk and has a seat opposite her. He smiles and plops his cheek in the palm of his hand -- and his face slides right off and his noodle smacks the surface of the desk. He quickly rights himself...

Mister Self-Help: I meant to do that.

And he clasps his hands together, all business like.

Mister Self-Help: Why are you here? Why does Hot Pants think you need my assistance?

Bobbie raises an eyebrow, and shrugs. She leans back in her chair, hesitant to even answer.

Bobbie: I don't know. You'd have to ask him!

She throws her arms in the air and growls.

Bobbie: I don't need therapy! I keep telling everyone that!!

Mister-Self help completely misunderstands and turns to Angel.

Mister Self-Help: How come she needs us, Angel?

Bobbie frowns and watches as Mister Self-help looks at Angel and nods, as if he is listening to a full on explanation.

Mister Self-Help: Jealous? Really?

He turns and looks at Bobbie.

Mister Self-Help: Jealous for Artie? That's just plain ridiculous!

He shifts in his chair and rolls his eyes.

Mister Self-Help: I've seen Artie!

Bobbie frowns.

Bobbie: Hold on just a minute!

Mister Self-Help turns and looks at her, blinking through the glasses again. Bobbie holds up her index finger.

Bobbie: First off, I am NOT jealous! Artie is JUST MY BEST FRIEND! Nothing to be jealous over!

She raises her hand and holds up a second finger.

Bobbie: And second! What is THAT supposed to mean?! Artie is adorable! Don't be insulting my bestie!

Mister Self-Help again scribbles onto his notepad while mumbling from the side of his mouth for Angel's benefit.

Mister Self-Help: Classic over compensation!

He then reaches down into his Hello Kitty! Briefcase and pulls out a handful of colorful 8x10's.

Mister Self-Help: I can't help you unless you want to help yourself, but since you're the one so hung up on Artie's looks, we're going to do a version of the ink blots test but with guys' pictures. Ready?

Mister Self-Help holds up an image of "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward.

Bobbie blinks for a few moments, hesitant to go along with it, but Mister Self-Help keeps the picture held up, waiting for her.

Bobbie: Fine. That's TRAITOR!

Mister Self-Help all too casually tosses the snapshot back over his shoulder, then holds up an 8x10 of Lachlan Kane.

Bobbie: Oh, hell. I can't go there again! Sierra would throw a fit again! NEXT!

Mister Self-Help: ... `Kay?

Next up? A snapshot of Aron Baltasarsson.

Bobbie smiles.

Bobbie: The straight brother. Who I have a shot with...

Mister Self-Help: Alrighty roo! Next up in your bevvy of bodacious boycakes...

He flips up the next image and its that of .... Gina Osbourne? Mister Self-help sees the expression on Bobbie's face, then looks at the picture. He huffs and turns to Angel.

Mister Self-Help: Oh VERY funny!

Bobbie: Talk about someone needing therapy...

Bobbie points to the picture of Gina.

Bobbie: That one takes the cake!

Mister Self-help smiles at Angel and nods eagerly.

Mister Self-Help: You're right! Cake break!

All of a sudden Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out" blasts all over the speakers. Crystal makes her way down to the ring with a microphone in her hands. She has a wicked grin on her lips as she looks around at the roaring crowd and make she rway into the ring.

Crystal: What's up NEVADA! I just want to say that it pains me to be here right now. Not because I dislike you or anything but I love all of you!

Crystal smiles again.

Crystal: You all pay good money to be here. To see wonderful matches and to get your money worth but there is one woman who came out last show and simply told me no. I tried to hit her up on Twitter every single fucking week about a Hall of Fame showdown and she said no! Vargas said no because I can't always get what I want...

Crystal seems disgusted as she continues to speak.

Crystal: I feel absolutely disgusted because it would have been a great match for all of you fans. You would have loved it and instead we have a huge pussy for a Roulette Champion. I called her ass out and she can't accept a challenge yet she is the same puta who wants to talk shit about me getting World title shots! Listen bitch I earned my way and if you can't be arsed to accept challenges when they come your way what kind of champion are you? I don't like alicia Lukas and I know she hates me. She wants to be done with me but at least I respect her desire. I respect that she is putting the division on notice and she doesn't duck from a challenge. Vargas is completely the opposite and holds onto useless stats instead of actually answering challenges.

Crystal smirks.

Crystal: If Alicia beats me so be it but at least I know she went to the ring ready to kill me. She didn't hide like a little bitch like a certain Buenos Aires little Bitch! Anyway I had a wonderful anniversary last week. It's been a rocky year with Seleana and I am thankful she is my wife. However the honeymoon phase is over and now it's back to business as usual. Since Vargas won't answer the challenge how about some of the newer talent. Gina or maybe Emmie. I want to face new challenges and I want to see how the newer talent step up to a hall of famer. Perhaps a fight with Apple Coren is on the table. Or maybe me and Sam Marlowe could go at it again. Anyway this is a plea to the roster to step up. I am ready for a fight and I want to see who steps out. I want to hear an answer by next week. A match with me at Summer XXXtreme could be amazing right?! See you soon.

With that Crystal blows a kiss to the audience as she throws the microphone and walks away.

The scene opens backstage where we see Caleb Storms walking away from a vending machine with a drink in his hands apparently having brought one from said vending machine, tonight's challenger for the SCW Roulette Championship seems focused on his upcoming match even though there's still some time left before the Main Event.

Simone: Coming up next, we have the Triple Threat Match between Kate Steele, Daniela V Rodgers and Seleana Zdunich but until then we are focusing on tonight's challenger for the Roulette Title Caleb Storms!

Adams: Can Caleb dethrone Griffin? And what'll that mean for Summer XXXTreme?

As Caleb opens the can he is approached by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Caleb, tonight you challenge for the SCW Roulette Championship, any thoughts on the match?

Caleb: Not a lot that I didn't already say in my promo but it's like I said, if that wheel lands on Lions Den I'm going to scream!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Did you watch Griffin's promo?

Caleb: No because I was too busy training but if he's too preoccupied with things he doesn't like about Twitter then I'm walking out of Reno, Nevada the new SCW Roulette Champion!

Caleb walks off as the scene fades.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall.... Introducing first...

Feuer Frei by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Jake comes out through the curtain and he wears black MMA gloves with MMA German flag coloured shorts with his name on it with white arrows printed on his shorts.

Justin: "From Dusseldorf, Germany, he is The Fiery Target, Jake Raab!"

He high fives the fans as he gets into the ring and he does a hold up on the turnbuckle as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a bow and arrow pose towards the camera before waiting for the match to start.

Justin: And his opponent...

The eerie harmonies of the Devils Waltz courses its path from the sound system and across the spines of those in attendance. Curious onlookers turn their gaze toward the stage as the lights that illuminate the stage, ramp and ring fade from bright white to a disturbing red, and there, on the stage bathed in crimson, stands Kedron Williams, his flesh pale and his eyes almost as much so.

Justin: From Salem, Massachusetts, weighing one hundred and seventy nine pounds, he is Kedron Williams!

There is little reaction from the crowd, neither positive nor negative, as Kedron walks down toward the ring with a purpose; the lights above him beating on and off as if in tune with the beating of a heart. Each time the lights flicker off, once they resume, Kedron is further down the aisle and that much closer to the ring. Once he arrives at ringside, he stares into the ring (and at his opponent) and smiles, before the lights go completely dark. A mere moment later, they turn back on and Kedron is inside of the ring, sitting cross-legged in the center of the ring.

The ref moves in and checks both men for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung...


Raab and Williams move around the ring, before locking up in the centre of the ring, however, Williams grabs Raab's wrist and synchs' in a wrist lock, which Raab drops to the mat momentarily before rising up as Williams puts extra pressure on the wrist lock, which Raab drops to the mat and rolls through to release a little bit of pressure and stays on a knee and sweeps Williams legs from underneath and goes for a pin but Williams kicks out before the ref's hand can hit the mat. Raab rolls away and goes to rise to his feet but Williams swipes Raab from his feet and goes for a pin of his own but Raab kicks out before the ref's hand can hit the mat. They both climb to their feet, as Raab swings his leg around for a kick but Williams dodges it and it ends it stalemate, as they both back away with Williams smirking.

Simone: quick start here from both Williams and Raab as they both look to take an early lead in this match, but it simply ends in stalemate.

Rinoa slaps the mat cheering her man on, as Williams and Raab once more circle the ring as they move in, Williams deflects Raab's attempt at locking up and grabs Raab around the waist, which Raab quickly breaks and pulls Williams into a headlock, which forces Williams to a single knee as he looks for a way out. Forcing himself up and putting his hands into Raab's face he forces him against the ropes before grabbing him and pushing him away Raab bounces off the ropes, as Williams swings for him but Raab slides between his legs as Williams stumbles forward against the ropes before turning and again going for Raab but Raab leaps over him and as Raab turns around, Williams hits a punch to the chest, which downs Raab holding his chest.

Adams: The early exchange continue as Williams and Raab both try to get the upper hand, which the table slightly turn in Williams favour.

Williams surveys Raab and smiles, as Raab moves to the ropes, but Williams returns his attention back to Raab and begins to deliver several boots to the chest, as the ref moves in and tells Williams to move away, which he does as Raab moves away from the ropes before getting to a knee, but Williams is back on him and pulls him up before shoving him into the corner and delivers a big loud chop across the chest, which Raab drops to the bottom rope grimacing in pain as Williams moves back in and pulls Raab up and grabs him by the hand and whips him into the corner opposite, which forces Raab backs hard as he stumbles forward Williams follows up with a high knee to the chest again forcing Raab backwards against the turnbuckles before dropping down to the mat.

Simone: Williams is getting more and more into this match as he works on Raab with several boots before continuing with chop and then follows up with a high knee.

Williams turns and drops down for a cover...




Adams: He gets only a two count for his troubles.

Raab kicks out, as he sucks in air and holds his chest. Williams slowly makes his way to his feet and approaches Raab and pulls him back up to his feet and hits another chop to the chest forcing Raab backwards, Williams then grabs Raab by the hand and whips him across the ring, which Raab hits the turnbuckles. Williams goes to follow up with another high knee, but Raab dodges and Williams flies over the top rope and crashes to the mat below.

Simone: Raab is really struggling here... as Williams continue to work on Raab. However, he goes for another high knee but Raab dodges and Williams disappears over the top rope and crashing to the floor.

Adams: I am surprised he didn't do a load of damage to himself.

Raab climbs to his feet and shakes off Williams attacks the best he can, as he watches Rinoa attend to Williams ensuring his ok, as he climbs to his feet. Raab peers through the middle rope yelling at Williams to move as Rinoa turns and delivers a eye watering slap to the face, as Williams follows up by grabbing Raab's head and dropping him down throat first against the ropes, which Raab falls backwards holding his throat, as the ref admonishes Rinoa for getting involved by she just laughs and walks away.

Adams: Surely Rinoa should be ejected for that?

Simone: I don't know but Williams quickly followed up with catching Raab on the ropes, which stuns Raab enough for Williams to come back in.

Williams climbs back into the ring, where he approaches Raab and pulls him up to his feet, which Raab pushes him a little away before hitting a forearm, which Williams trades one back and this continues between the two until Raab jabs Williams in the stomach, which Williams responds back shoving Raab backward against the ropes and comes back at Williams and knocks him down to the mat, which Williams gets back up but only to be knocked back down. Williams climbs back to his feet and goes for a kick but Raab catches his leg and responds with a kick of his own. Williams stumbles back and Raab follows up with swiping the feet out from underneath Williams and as Williams gets to his hands and knees, Raab comes rushing in and hits a knee to the temple.

Simone: William had hoped that Raab would be struggling but Raab fought back and takes the fight to Williams and in the catches Williams with a knee to the temple.

Raab goes for a pin...




Raab shakes his head as he rubs his neck, as he tries again...

Adams: Raab comes close but he tries again.




Adams: And only gets two this time.

Raab grabs Williams' leg and flips him over onto his stomach and then puts Williams leg over his neck for a over the shoulder single leg Boston crab, as Williams grimaces in pain as Raab stands to his feet to add the extra pressure on Williams leg. Williams using his upper body strength pulls himself up into a prone position on Raab shoulders, where he delivers a couple of punches but Raab isn't fazed and hits a powerbomb before going for another cover.




Simone: Interesting Boston crap from Raab here... but look at the upper body strength from Williams.

Adams: But that upper body strength means nothing as he tries to force Raab to release but gets powerbomb for his troubles and Raab again comes close with the win, but Williams kicks out.

Raab slaps the mat in frustration, as he turns his focus back to Williams as he flips him onto his stomach once more and wraps up and locks in a crossface on Williams and forces his head back. Williams grimaces in pain as he reaches out for the ropes, but he is too far away, as the ref checks on Williams and evens ask if he wants to give up but says no.

Simone: Raab again tries for another submission with the Crossface.

Williams grips at Raab's hand, as he uses his legs to slowly but surely pushes himself towards the ropes, as the ref continues to ask but we no luck. Williams reaches his arm out and his fingertips touch the ropes as Rinoa comes around, and grabs Williams hand and pulls him close but the ref kicks her hand away but it's too late and Williams grabs the bottom rope and the ref forces Raab to release the hold.

Adams: Williams fights as he slowly inches himself towards the ropes and he is very close but gets an extra helping hand from his wife.

Simone: Surely she will get thrown out of this match.

Adams: She hasn't but instead the ref kicks her hand away but it's too late and Williams grabs the ropes to get the break.

Raab reluctantly releases the hold, as he climbs to his feet as he turns his focus to the ref and starts a conversation about the interference from William's wife. While Raab has this conversation, Williams slowly moves to the corner to recover. The ref and Raab finish their conversation and Raab turns his attention back to Williams and approaches him and grabs him but Williams grabs Raab instead and rolls him up.

Adams: Raab doesn't look too happy about the interference from Williams' wife and gets into a conversation about this with the ref, which is a big mistake.





Simone: Wow... Williams surprises Raab with a small package roll up and gets the win...

Justin: The winner of this match by pinfall... Kedron Williams.

Williams' music hits over the p.a as he raises to his feet, as his wife comes into the ring and celebrates with him.

And back we go, into the therapy session of one Bobbie Dahl and the expert himself, Mister Self-Help. Only now, both are seated with paper plates on their laps and HUGE servings of chocolate cake. Mister self-Help has chocolate around his lips as he reaches for his glass of milk.

Mister Self-Help: So! Talk to me. If you're not jealous, how come you had Artie signed as your valet?

Bobbie finishes chewing a rather large bite of her piece of cake and shakes her head.

Bobbie: Oh man, this is good! And, that had NOTHING to do with jealousy! Artie has been wanting a valet contract for sometime so I got him one! I want Artie to be happy. I'm not jealous at all!

Mister Self-Help: Oh REALLY? Did Artie come out and actually say he wanted to be a valet?

Bobbie frowns again.

Bobbie: He has a hard time speaking his mind sometimes! I've known him most of my life! I know these things!

She polishes off her cake and puts the empty plate on the desk.

Bobbie: Besides, he would have let Twinkle Tits talk him out of it, if he didn't sign right away!

Mister Self-Help: Is that why you had to resort to getting one of the meanest guys on the roster into THREATENING him into signing that contract?

He shakes his head and cucks his tongue at her.

Mister Self-Help: Tsk tsk tsk! Sounds to me like you were resorting to desperate measures to keep those two apart.

Bobbie shakes her head quickly.

Bobbie: Hey! Fen didn't THREATEN Artie. I'd never let him do that! He just told him very sternly to sign, and he did!

She then points her index finger at Mister Self-Help.

Bobbie: And of course I'm trying to keep them apart! She's all wrong for him! She doesn't even KNOW him like I do!

Mister Self-Help looks at Angel and mouths 'I know!' before he returns his attention to Bobbie.

Mister Self-Help: Didn't you think he was gay for like, twenty years?

Bobbie: Well he never helped his case any! Ya know he never ONCE stared at my tatas like he did Ms. Rocky's earlier?! What was I supposed to think?!

She sinks back into her chair and lets out a sigh.

Bobbie: I may be fat and undesirable in that aspect, but no other straight man has avoided these babies!

Mister Self-Help: Fat and undesirable?

He turns to Angel.

Mister Self-Help: We may need to tack on a few sessions for that. Hm? Oh alright!

He rolls his eyes and huffs, turning back to Bobbie.

Mister Self-Help: Angel said you're a babe and you know it!

Bobbie: Well Artie never said that! But suddenly he's with Twinkle Tits...

Mister-Self help finishes off his own cake, licking the spoon clean before setting the plate down atop of Bobbie's own. He then takes a drink of milk and casually observes.

Mister Self-Help: I've noticed that you've been calling her... that name, a lot. That kind of hostility speaks more than just thinking she's bad for Artie. You don't like her, but from what I've been told, you really don't know her enough to offer that judgment fairly. Sounds like jealousy to me...

He then starts bopping from side to side on his chair and sings.

Mister Self-Help: Artie and Bobbie, sitting in a tree! Having to face reality....

Bobbie throws her arms up in the air again, more frustrated than before.

Bobbie: So what if I am jealous?! Who cares?!

Mister Self-Help jumps up and knocks his seat over, pointing at her.

Mister Self-Help: Ah HA! A breakthrough!

Bobbie claps her hands over her mouth.

We cut backstage to find Lachlan Kane sitting on a bench with his arms laying on his knees and his head down. Sierra bursts through the door with a huge grin on her face.

Sierra: Welp, it's settled, we're in the tournament. We can get in there and mix it up with all the new teams in SCW that just happened to "turn up" when we lost the titles like through some kind of freaking coward magic.

Lachlan: Sierra...

She paces back and forth continuing

Sierra: We can take them back, we should have never have lost them to begin with...

Lachlan: Si.....

Sierra: Gamer INC just went POOF and I'm impressed Mark and Christian did something about it, and we can go right through all of them and

Lachlan: SIERRA!

She finally stopped and turned realizing Lachlan had stood up and raised his voice

Lachlan: Look, I get you're excited but did you think maybe for one moment that I might not want to do this?

Sierra: Why wouldn't you?

Lachlan: I love you, I love teaming with you, but we could have our own careers and then...then you'd be able to succed and not worry about me..

Sierra: Not this again...Lachy...stop blaming yourself. Stop thinking the loss was on you, it was us both...and it was a fluke. Gamer INC are pussies who ran away...and now? we have a real division...real competition...LETS GET OUR TITLES BACK...

She smiles wide, Lachlan laughs to himself and gives her a nod not saying anything else before wrapping an arm around her

Backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains is joined by the reigning SCW Roulette Champion, Griffin Hawkins, as well as his challenger for this evening's Main Event, Caleb Storms. Behind them is the famous, or perhaps, infamous, SCW Roulette Wheel.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fans, in tonight's Main Event, this man, Griffin Hawkins, will be putting the Roulette Championship on the line against Caleb Storms. We are just about to find out what stipulation this championship defense will be contested under. Griffin, do you have any hopes or preferences?

This question is met with a slight shake of the head.

Griffin: Nope, I'm not picky. I'll defend in anything that wheel comes up with.

Ms. Rocky Mountains turns to Caleb.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Caleb? How about you?

Caleb nods his head with a shrug of indifference.

Caleb: Same. Whatever it stops on is fine by me.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Alright then! You two flipped a coin and Caleb won the right to spin the wheel. So Caleb...?

Caleb steps up to the wheel as Griffin watches closely. Caleb grabs the wheel and gives it a hard spin. It goes around and around at a fast speed, and precious seconds later, it begins to slow down. It passes match stipulations such as "Steel Cage" ... "Pinfalls Count Anywhere" ... "Coal Miner's Glove" ... and others. Until it finally slows down to a crawl and stops on....

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Oh my...!

The camera pulls a close up and the end result is .... MUD PIT!?!? Caleb stares wide eyed until he shakes it off and looks to Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Caleb: Do over!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You know the rules. No do overs!

Caleb stares back and forth, between her and the wheel and the buxom reporter shrugs and tries to ease his burden.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well... at least it isn't another Lion's Den match?

Caleb stares at her wide eyed before turning around and walking off camera. Ms. Rocky Mountains turns to Griffin who also stares at the wheel with his hand covering his mouth. He slowly lowers his hand...

Griffin: Me and my big mouth...

And he too walks off the scene.

The camera returns to the ringside area, but not to the ring itself. It focuses just off the side of the entrance stage and on...

Adams: Is this really happening? Are we seriously doing this??

Simone: Last week the Bombshell Roulette title just so happened to get defended in an Evening Gown Match and you said nothing. So keep your trap shut!

Jacob Summers has walked out to the stage area, and shakes his head at the mud pit as the announcements are ready to be made. Justin Decent rises from a folding chair in the same area...

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Mud Pit Match is the Main Event of Climax Control! It is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and is for the Roulette Championship!

The opening scream for the song "Test Your Metal" by Unleash The Archers is heard over the PA and the lights start flashing across the arena before Caleb comes out head banging along to the song before he poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp.

Justin: Introducing the challenger! From Syracuse, New York and weighing in at 220ibs, he is "The Metal Storm" Caleb Storms!

Caleb makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way around the ramp before stopping at the edge of the mud pit and stares down into it and then at Jacob who shrugs and beckons him to climb inside.

Simone: Caleb Storms wanted this title opportunity and this is indeed a big risk where the Roulette Championship comes into play!

Adams: Thank god matches like these don't happen often!

Frustrated, Caleb pauses and sits on the edge of the "ring," to remove his boots, not wanting them to get ruined. He then finally turns and carefully steps into the mud, tights and all, grimacing as he does so and he waits for his opponent.

Justin: And his opponent...!

The lights tun colors from Red to Green to various other colors as "Separate Ways" by Journey begins to fill the air. Fog fills the stage, and emerging from it is none other than Griffin Hawkins!

Justin: From Windsor, Ontario Canada...weighing in at 227 Pounds... he is the reigning and DEFENDING Roulette Champion... put your hands together for Griffin Hawkins!!

The crowd is cheering as he makes his way down to the mud pit, slapping hands with the fans as signs that read "Griffin Rox" and "Rock Soldier" are present. He soaks in the positive reaction as he gets on the side of the mud pit and raises the Devil Horns in the air with both hands, pumping the crowd up. He then opens his leather trench and drops it to the floor to cheers!

Adams: He's in his skivvies!

Simone: He's wearing black boxer briefs! Griffin came prepared!

Griffin winks at the crowd as Caleb just stares in disbelief at his opponent! Suddenly Drake's "Forever" kicks off across the PA system and the crowd boos as Griffin and Caleb's attention is drawn to the stage and none other than Teddy Steele-Warren emerges, accompanied by his Gemstones; Emerald and Ruby!

Simone: Oh what in fresh hell is this!?

Adams: Why is Teddy out here!?

Arm-in-arm with his Gemstones, Teddy struts down the ramp and around the stage until he arrives at the "ringside" area. He lowers his shades on the bridge of his nose and stares at both men, then shakes his head in mocking disdain. Ruby fetches him a chair as Teddy all but ignores the words from both champion and challenger as he takes a seat for a "ringside" view while the Gemstones stand at attention at his sides.

Simone: I suppose it could be worse. he could be sitting with us.

Adams: Shhh! It's like Beetlejuice! Say his name too many times and he appears!

Jacob ensures both Griffin and Caleb are ready and he calls for the bell!


Caleb carefully maneuvers his way through the mud and hurries toward Hawkins' corner, when Griffin jumps from the edge of the mud pit and takes Storms down with a high cross body! Caleb lands on his back with the wet mud splashing everywhere as the pin is counted!


But Caleb kicks out fast!

Both men are right back up, first on their knees as they grab at one another in a lock up, but as they force their way to their feet they engage one another in dual side headlocks! Caleb escapes, landing a sharp elbow into Griffin's ribcage but slips in the mud and goes down. Griffin tries to take advantage but Caleb uses his own legs for a drop toehold and Hawkins lands face first in the mud! Teddy points and laughs from the outside as Caleb opts to use the terrain to his advantage and he grabs Griffin from behind by the neck and long, blonde hair and forces his head into the mud, submerging him! Griffin's arms and legs struggle and kick until Caleb lets him go, just long enough for the mud soaked Hawkins to gasp in a breath before he is shoved right back down! This time Jacob intervenes, issuing a count against Caleb...




But Caleb is a good sort and he lets Griffin go and the champion rises from the mud, coughing and gasping, throwing his mud soaked tresses back to better see!

Adams: Why did Jacob count? Are there actual rules in a mud pit match?

Simone: Your guess is as good as mine.

Griffin wipes at his face and yes and turns around, only for Caleb to jump and lay him out with a standing dropkick, the mud splashing everywhere from both men's landing! Caleb quickly grabs Griffin's legs and somersaults over him into a bridging cover!



Griffin kicks out!

Griffin struggles to his knees as Caleb takes the advantage and waylays on him, throwing repeated overhead forearm shots to Hawkins' exposed back. Caleb then looks to wear the champion down, wrapping an arm around his neck from behind and holds him in a rear chin lock!

Simone: I don't know how long any hold will last in a match like this. both men are just too slippery.

Adams: Words I never hope to hear you utter ever again!

But Griffin fights back, reaching up and grabbing Caleb by the head and snapmaring him over his shoulder, thus breaking the hold. Caleb gets to his feet, only for Griffin to jump and deliver a standing Enzugari strike to the back of the head!

Adams: You'd think Caleb would be used to strikes like that after his fights with Fenris!

Caleb falls to his back and Griffin jumps over and lands on his sternum with a rolling senton aka Heavy Metal Thunder! Hawkins simply lays back across his sternum and hooks a leg.



Caleb suddenly counters, rolling Hawkins back in a crucifix!



Griffin kicks out!

Adams: What a counter by Caleb!

Simone: The challenger almost stole one right there!

Both men are right up and Griffin lashes out with a superkick to the jaw, laying Caleb out!

Adams: Shot In the Dark!

Simone: But he slipped! Griffin lost his footing and did not get it all!

Griffin drops down and hooks the leg with another cover!



TH-Caleb gets a shoulder up!

Simone: There was no way for Griffin to get all he had in that superkick, otherwise this one may have been over.

Griffin wipes the mud from his hair and face and looks out of the mud pit toward Jacob and the official holds up just two fingers while Teddy shouts out to his gemstones and fans...

Teddy: I woulda gotten the pin!

To which his Gemstones readily agree!

Griffin stands up, dragging Caleb up by the arm and the champion goes for a short-arm clothesline -- but Caleb ducks behind him and whips him over from behind with a snap German suplex!

Adams: In the mud!

Simone: There is far less padding under that mud pit than any wrestling ring!

Caleb quickly jackknifes Griffin in half for the pin, trying to get traction with his boots for leverage behind the pin!



Griffin gets a shoulder up!

Caleb brings Griffin up into a front face lock and he tries for a vertical suplex -- but his feet slip out from under him and he lands on his back with a big splash and Griffin on top!



Caleb gets his shoulder up!

Simone: A match like this puts both men at a disadvantage! There is only so little they can do to wear the other down with their arsenal!

Adams: Even basic moves won't work right!

Griffin has the advantage back just like that, and he pulls Caleb to his feet and this time lands the short-arm clothesline. Griffin is not stopping there as he pulls him right back up and goes for a second, but this time Caleb manages to duck behind and bring him down with a backslide pin attempt!



Griffin barely escapes!

Simone: So many near falls in this championship title match!

Adams: They want this over with as fast as possible!

But before Caleb can follow up, Griffin pounces on him, taking him down into the mud on his back and Griffin holds him there in a side headlock with one arm while waylaying on him with fists to the temple with the other! Caleb manages to wriggle free, thanks to the slippery surface, and he pins Hawkins down now and he throws repeated right hands into Griffin!

Adams: This one is getting dirty!

Simone: You were waiting since the start of this match for that chance, weren't you?

Griffin rolls him off but is dazed. he gets to his knees and is in prime position for Caleb to utilize SOME speed and quickness, jumping on him for a low hurricanrana, planting him head-first into the mud!

Simone: I am not sure what the hell that was but it sure worked to Caleb's benefit!

Caleb then stands up over Griffin and faces the crowd, climbing carefully onto the edge of the mud pit. Caleb then jumps back and with a moonsault on top of Hawkins...!!

Adams: Are you KIDDING me!?

But Griffin brings his knees up into Caleb's midsection! Griffin rolls him right up into an inside cradle!



THR-Kick out!

Simone: That was too close! Griffin almost retained!

This time Griffin fights smart, keeping Caleb down in the mud in a seated position and he traps him in a seated abdominal stretch, and brings a series of overhead elbows down into his already sore midsection. Then Griffin switches out to a full body scissors, continuing the pressure on Storms' midsection. Jacob leans in on the mud pit's edge and checks for a submission but Caleb shakes his head no in refusal. Teddy, on the outside, checks his watch and huffs, flopping back in his chair.

Teddy: Will you hurry up!? I got places to be!

Adams: So LEAVE!

Griffin then keeps the hold on but rolls over, bringing Caleb's shoulders down...



Caleb manages to roll over, breaking the count.

Caleb then pushes his boots against the surface of the mud pit and pushes back, pinning Griffin's shoulders down while still in the hold!



Griffin has to break the hold in order to keep from being pinned!

The cold, wet mud is sapping the energy from both men, evident by them taking their time in rising. Griffin then goes for a high leg lariat but Caleb jumps aside, causing Hawkins to land face and chest first! Caleb then jumps on the edge of the pit and jumps off, landing with both feet on Hawkins' back in a Coupe de Grace! Caleb rolls him over onto his back and sits on his chest, holding the leg as he counts along...!



THR-Kick out by Griffin!

The crowd cheers as Caleb looks shocked!

Adams: Griffin does not want to give up that Roulette Championship!

Simone: For such a ridiculous stipulation, these two men are fighting on!

Caleb stands up, clapping his feet and getting ready! He backs up and waits as Hawkins slowly rises. Griffin turns around and Caleb charges forward for a spear -- but Griffin leapfrogs over him! Caleb slides down into the mud, then jumps to his feet and turns around and Griffin hits him with his OWN spear!

Simone: What else are these two going to do to each other in order to get the victory??

Griffin answers this by dragging Caleb up to his feet and doubling him over with a knee to the midsection, followed up by...

Adams: Number 1 Stunner!

Griffin with the cover!





Justin: Here is your winner, and STILL Roulette Champion, Griffin Hawkins!

Jacob passes the Roulette belt over to Griffin and raises his hand as Caleb slowly gets to his feet, and Griffin points at him congratulatory. Teddy rises from his chair and approaches the mud pit, pointing at Griffin and then his belt, rubbing his hands along his waist in the universal sign of things to come.

Simone: Oh please! He hasn't even been named the official number one contender yet!

And Griffin answers this by flicking his hand, sending a splatter of mud into Teddy's face!

Adams: Ooo!

Teddy looks shocked that anyone would DARE...! He storms up to the side of the mud and he and Hawkins engage in a heated exchange! Suddenly Teddy takes a cheap shot, but Griffin catches his arm and arm drags him, sending TEDDY flying into the mud with a splash!


The crowd cheers as teddy splatters and splashes, trying to right himself, as Griffin climbs out of the mud pit, still holding up his belt and celebrating, exchanging a high five with Caleb who is laughing, having seen it all! The Gemstones scramble into the mud to try and help Teddy, getting him to his feet before he slips and falls, bringing the two babes down with him!

Simone: And there is no better way to bring this edition of Climax Control to a close, than by what we just witnessed right there! See you next week in our home city of Las Vegas!

Adams: Bye everybody!

Credits roll...

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, The Lord MK, Annie, Evelyn, Gerrit, Court, Jenny, Griffin, Mark Cross, AJ, Todd, Marge and Mercedes. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!