The Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, the cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions. Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands up with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back from our tour of Ireland and the United Kingdom, and we are back from London Brawling II! Welcome home to Las Vegas, Nevada's Gold Coast Casino, and welcome to Climax Control!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda hobbles out, dressed much like Mama from the 80's sitcom, "Mama's Family", complete with stuffed dress for added padding and a gray wig and hose rolled down below the knee. The music starts and Amanda starts waving her cane about to begin her performance.

Amanda:You know I'm getting older and I've gained some weight, too.
In my imagination I am just twenty-two.
I'm way too busy to do Jenny, Weight Watchers, too.
The fast food is to blame, cholesterol's through the roof.

If there's a camera up in here, that's taking photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement right here, telling you, what to do.
'Cause if you run the pics you got without the use of photoshop, I will hunt you down!
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth.
Don't even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Sketch me some more.
Take off sixty pounds, then take of ten more.
Retouch my body.
Resize my head, clean up my skin.
Please tone done the red.
Retouch my body.
Lipo my thighs, with your computer mouse.
I'm as big as a house.
Retouch my body.
Remove every curve.
I'm going to the mall, to get a soft serve.

Give me a tiny waist, because I eat like a slob.
Remove a chin or two, and how's about a nose job?
Erase under my eyes, where it is wrinkled and dark.
Your resume says that you worked on Jurassic Park.
If there's a camera up in here, that's taking photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement in blood, or else you, will get sued.
'Cause if I end up on Perez Hilton looking like a Lez, I will hunt you down.
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth.
Don't even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Don't wanna look tragic.
So call Industrial, Light and Magic.
Retouch my body.
Make me look lean.
Like fat-ass Oprah, on "O" magazine.
Retouch my body.
Even at my tits.
And make sure this au couture size two fits.
Retouch my body.
Blur it some more.
Come on and give me what I'm paying you for!
Retouch my body.

I just want some Gummy Bears.
I refuse to take the stairs.
Make me fucking young and sweet.
Get rid of my cellulite.
I don't want no photo, boy.
I want an oil painting.

Retouch my body.
Don't cause any trouble.
I am in denial.
Don't you burst my bubble.
Retouch my body.
Just look at Madonna.
In real life she looks like an ancient iguana.
Retouch my body.
And if you can, of course,
Try and make me look like less of a horse.
Retouch my body.
I've no other choice.
I only wish you could retouch my voice.

Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.

Retouch my fucking body!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda waves her cane around and then makes her exit backstage, vanishing behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome back to SVCW's home territory of Las Vegas, Nevada's Gold Coast Casino for Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: So I said that listening to my wife is like the terms and conditions of a website. I don't understand a thing she's saying but I still agree... I mean I'm Jason Adams!

Simone: And apparently a very well trained husband. We are back from our first successful tour of 2019, and we head toward Into the Void VIII in Phoenix, Arizona! But first we make our first stop here to prepare for that Supercard event!

Adams: Amanda Cortez starts things off tonight, and she's up against Jessie Salco! Neither of these Bombshells have anything good to say about the other and they are going to tear it up in the ring!

Simone: Jake Raab is back from his brief time away from the ring, and his sights are set firmly on the Roulette Championship that is around the waist of Griffin Hawkins for now. But before he cam get the chance to face whomever the champion may be after tonight, first he has to face the SCW original, Blade Alexander!

Adams: Mercedes Vargas has a date with destiny, a guaranteed match against the Bombshell Roulette Champion! Will it be Sammy Marlowe? Won't it be? But first off she has to face another woman who wants what Sam has; Trinity Jones!

Simone: Teddy Steele-Warren makes his long awaited in-ring debut here in SCW, but he couldn't have been booked against a more formidable test as he faces the Hall of Famer and Grand Slam Champion, Goth!

Adams: Griffin Hawkins won the Roulette title at London Brawling II, taking it from Travis Levitt! Well Travis has cashed in his rematch clause immediately and he's looking to get back the belt and become a two-time champion!

Simone: And in the Main Event, four of the top Superstars in the world title picture pair up to see who walks away from Vegas as the dominant pack! World Heavyweight Champion Austin James Mercer and his Wolfslair partner, Alex Jones, take on the "White Wolf" Fenris and his Beta, Ty West! Austin has a big target painted on his back and this match will certainly play out things to come!

Adams: And the only way we'll get to that is to start now so let's go!

Earlier today....

Outside of the Gold Coast Casino, fans gather around the parking garage where the Superstars and Bombshells would be making their entrances to the home territory building for Sin City Wrestling; eager for a simple glimpse, a snapshot and if perhaps they are lucky, a personalized autograph and/or photo op with a personal favorite. And their patience is rewarded as Jessie Salco, recently returned to the good graces of some of the SCW Universe, as well as her former teammate in the Metal and Punk Connection Amy Marshall -- as well as new member, Senor Vinnie, emerges from the rows of vehicles, accompanied by Shane and Jake.

Jessie is pulling her luggage along behind her, and looks up as some fans greet her with cheers, the excitement of seeing an SCW star up close, be they heel or face or somewhere in between, the experience was infectious. Some camera phones are whipped out as Jake holds the rear entrance door open for her to enter first, followed closely by Shane and Jake then enters himself. The backstage area of the Gold Coast was familiar to all SCW stars, and Jessie headed straight for the escalators to take her and the boys upstairs, when there stands a familiar figure at the base of the escalator, dressed casually and arms crossed over his chest. Christian Underwood waiting patiently, perhaps for her arrival.

Christian: Well, well, well! Look at what we have here!

Jessie sighs as she spots one of her bosses and once they are at the bottom of the escalator she turns to the boys.

Jessie: Go on ahead, I'll catch up.

Shane and Jake nod in response and Jessie turns to Christian.

Jessie: Nothing like having a meeting with the boss sprung on you huh? Do you want to discuss this here or in your office?

Christian: Here is fine. It is why I was waiting for you at the bottom of that escalator, after all. We both have too much to do before this show kicks off so let's get it done with, shall we?

Christian takes a few steps around Jessie to lean back against the yellow wall of the exterior hall, and gives her his best smile. One that few would trust.

Christian: It's like this, Jessie. Months ago when Mark hired Seleana Zdunich back and fixed it so that she can't be fired without it going through him, it kind of upset me. You know? So I spent some time thinking to myself, what could I possibly do that might piss Ward off and give myself a bit of a giggle in the process. And then it hit me.

He takes a step closer toward her.

Christian: Long story short; as of now? Your title ban is ended.

At the point that Christian said that Jessie was taking a sip from her water bottle that she had brought in with her, as soon as Christian finishes his sentence Jessie nearly spits out her drink.

Jessie: Your serious? No strings attached? I don't have to beat Mercedes, Alicia and Roxi in a gauntlet match to earn the right or anything crazy like that?

Christian nods in response and Jessie's demeanor quickly takes a 180,

Jessie: Holy shit, thank you! I promise you won't regret this!

Christian: I better not, because there is one catch. And that's as easily as I lifted the title ban, I can place it back. So let's not put ourselves in the same situation that got us banned in the first place, hm?

He winks and turns to step inside of the Ballroom where the show would take place, leaving Jessie on her own to go tell her fellas the great news!

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall Introducing first...

The pounding, heavy riff of "No Friends" by Bleeding Through begins to blare through the speakers and ten seconds into the song "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco" comes out from the back headbanging to the song as she does.

Justin: Introducing first, from Miami Florida she is "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

Following her introduction Jessie throws up the metal horns before making her way down to the ring, she slides into the ring and reacts to the chorus of boos with two middle fingers high in the air as she waits for her opponent.

The song "19 Nagel fur Sophie" by Eisregen is played and the revving of a Harley can be heard. slowly Amanda drives down to the ring, dressed in a really short and tattered jeans shorts, a belly free top and some really high heeled stripper sandals. The fans are cheering at her, but she seems not to notice it. As she reaches the ring, she shuts off her bike and slowly gets down from it. The fans are still cheer and Amanda poses for them, making sure that she really looks cute and sexy. She runs her hands all over her body and swings her hips in a sensual way Then she slides into the ring and kicks her shoes out of the ring. She jumps on the ropes in the corner, raises her arms in victory and blows some kisses into the direction of the fans. Still both arms in the air, she makes the devil sign and then she jumps down from the ropes again. Now she rests her arms on the top rope and one foot on the bottom rope and waits for her opponent to come to the ring. It seems that she's completely relaxed and doesn't care about what happens here, but as she sees her opponent come down to the ring, a cold and deadly glare comes into her pretty face. She's completely focused and willing to destroy her enemy completely.

Justin: Standing 5'3 and weighing in at 110 pounds, she is AMANDA CORTEZ!

Adams: There we go, this match is between two long serving members of the SCW roster. One of which has recently re-joined I might add.

Simone: Both of them had contracts back in 2012, I mean even with SCW's hiatus, that is a long time.

Adams: These two have quite a history too, in fact they added a chapter to that history in the Blast from the past...

Simone: Yeah but Jessie Salco doesn't have a partner this time, it's one on one. And Cortez is looking for payback and to also bounce back and stay relevant in SCW..


The match starts with the women moving around each other sizing each other up, both are very close to the same size as Salco smirks arrogantly with Cortez tilting her head, they go to lock up but Salco steps back and slams her fist into the side of Cortez' face. Amanda stumbles back shocked that Jessie threw a hard right this early. Jessie runs forward and goes for a clothesline, Amanda ducks under it and hits the ropes, she leaps up going for a flying head scissors but Jessie Salco is able to throw her own body forward and bounce off her hands flipping to her feet, Cortez shakes her head as Salco laughs

Adams: Jessie showing the kind of athlete she is. A great way to avoid landing on her back..

Simone: Very true, but Amanda Cortez is no slouch when it comes to athleticism, she's more than just tattoos and huge ti-.

Adams: Belinda!

Simone: What?...I'm being nice.

Now they go to lock up, Salco grabs Amanda Cortez in a top wrist lock then places her foot in the back of Amanda's knee dropping her down in front of her, Amanda rolls forward and turns before kipping up to her feet and reversing the pressure, Salco though is able to drop down and pull on Amanda's leg tripping her up before sliding to the side and Salco goes for a standing moonsault, Amanda though rolls under Salco who hits the mat, as Salco gets to her knees Cortez steps forward and kicks Salco in the chest with a vicious sounding shot. Salco holds her chest and Cortez then pulls her up and hits a DDT, Salco is spiked on the mat and Cortez floats over into the pin.



Salco kicks out

Adams: Cortez going for a pinfall early

Simone: She spiked Salco on her head, the DDT was once a very feared move..

Adams: If done right it still can be, but Salco came too before the referees hand struck three..

Cortez calls for Salco to get up and as Salco does Cortez goes for the twisting kick known as the trouble in paradise, Salco though ducks under it and Cortez hits the mat, Salco is able to grab Cortez and pulls her up hitting a snap suplex, she rolls her hips and then hits a second vertical suplex this time getting all the height crashing down to the mat causing Cortez's body to bounce. Salco then slides from the ring and climbs to the top rope, she throws herself off with a swanton bomb, all her weight landing hard on Cortez, she then turns and hooks the leg.



Amanda kicks out, Salco shakes her head looking annoyed, she holds up three fingers and argues with referee Jacob Summers. Jacob shakes his head as Salco stands up.

Simone: Salco thought she had her!, she landed hard on that swanton bomb, her entire body weight crashed onto Cortez.

Adams: Yeah but Salco is only 120 pounds soaking wet....

Simone: I suppose, and Cortez has a lot of padding on her che-

Adams: Stop it....

Cortez starts to get up and Salco realises she needs to focus back on Amanda. Cortez though is able to jump off her right leg and turns hitting the trouble in paradise kick slamming her leg into the side of Jessie Salco's face, Salco drops to the mat and she rolls from the ring holding her head, Cortez pops to her feet and hits the ropes before throwing herself up and over the top rope to the floor onto Salco, the fans go nuts as Cortez then starts hitting hard right hands as Salco tries to fight her off, Cortez pulls Salco up and runs her backfirst into the barricade. She then rolls Salco back into the ring and climbs to the top rope, she leaps off the top rope going for a crossbody, Salco though leaps in the air and connects with a dropkick right to her chest.

Adams: Wow!, great timing by Jessie Salco there, she was able to leap up and meet Cortez in the air..

Simone: If Amanda had hit the crossbody she may have got the win, I sure hope this apparently "nice" wrestler who is getting cheered doesn't need to resort to brass knuckles or a cheap pin...

Adams: You are very snarky tonight

Simone: The coffee in vegas sucks....

Salco pulls Cortez up and shoves her into the corner, she lifts Cortez to the top rope and follows hitting a top rope hurricanrana, both women crash to the mat and Jessie calls for the wall of death 450. She climbs to the top rope and leaps off, she turns and Amanda moves but Jessie is able to land on her feet, she is able to turn and grab Amanda's head, she runs up the ropes and hits a tornado DDT spiking Cortez hard, she goes for the pin.



Amanda kicks out. Jessie shakes her head and stomps her feet, she pulls Amanda back into the corner and climbs to the top rope again and goes for another wall of death, Amanda gets her knees up and Jessie hits hard, Cortez rolls Salco off her into the center of the ring and Cortez goes for the fade to black spear, Salco leaps in the air to avoid it. Cortez turns around and ducks a right from Salco kicking her in the stomach to hit the #1 Stunna!. Jessie lands hard and Cortez covers.




Justin: Your winner by pinfall...AMANDA CORTEZ!


Simone: Amanda Cortez has picked up a win!

Adams: Could this be the start of the former Mean Girls run to championship gold?

LIVE! From the GCU Arena in Phoenix, Arizona!


The camera opens switches backstage to one of the entrances. The door swings open and bodacious blonde babe walks into the building, appearing to be all about business. She's wearing a white button up dress shirt with a navy blue blazer, complete with the matching navy skirt that falls just above her knees, and black heels. Hanging just over her right arm is her large business handbag and as she walks, she realizes something is missing. She stops and turns to look back towards the door just as it swings open and a lanky looking gentleman stumbles through the door, carrying a couple of bags.

Adams: Why do they look so familiar?!

Simone: Because they are! That's Bobbie Dahl and her geeky little buddy, Artie!

Adams: Bobbie Dahl?! She hasn't been seen here in years!

Simone: Well this just got interesting...

Artie: Did you really...need to bring...your wrestling gear, too?! We're not for that!

Bobbie chuckles as she waits for Artie to catch up. He finally does, and adjusts the duffel bag straps over his shoulders, putting more strain on the poor guy's back.

Bobbie: Oh, Artie! I can never been too prepared! There have been an impromptu match or two before, so ya never know, buddy!

Artie: Oh. Ok then.

Bobbie pats Artie on the back a little too hard. This causes him to drop the duffel bags just as Bobbie continues making her way down the hall. Artie tries to quickly pick up the duffel bags again without her noticing, but he's have quite the hard time.

Bobbie: Artie!

Simone: If she were any sort of friend, she'd help the poor kid out a little.

Artie finally gets the duffel bags off the floor and rushes back to Bobbie.

Artie: S-sorry, Bobbie. You, uh, never told me why you're dressed like that.

Bobbie stands up straight with a proud smile on her face.

Bobbie: Important business, Artie! Very important busi...

Her voice trails off just as one of the many backstage workers walks past them. Of the male variety. Her eyes fall to his backside and she slaps Artie's arm, again a little too hard.

Bobbie: Good Lord almighty, Artie! Did you see that fine piece of ass?!

Artie rubs his arm and then scratches his head.

Artie: Oh...Uh. Sure did. That was a...mighty fine piece...of booty.

Clearly nothing has changed in the last two years and Bobbie places her hand on her chest.

Bobbie: Wonder which one of us gets the lucky shot at tapping that. Mmm mmm mmm...

Artie continues scratching his head, looking genuinely lost for words and a bit uncomfortable. Bobbie has a blank stare on her face for what seems like an eternity before she finally snaps out of it.

Bobbie: Annnnyyyywaayy...Back to business! Bobbie Dahl to the rescue! C'mon, Artie! We don't want to be late!

Artie: Oookay. I-if you say so.

The two then continue on their way down the hall.

Adams: Did she just say Bobbie Dahl to the rescue?! Who needs rescuing?!

Simone: I'm not entirely sure I want to find out.

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 sounds throughout the arena and after a moment's delay, Mercedes Vargas steps out onto the entrance ramp.

Simone: Mercedes Vargas is here and something tells me she's got a lot to smile about tonight.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome SCW Hall of Famer....MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAAGAAAAS!

As her name was announced, Mercedes basks in the moment, turning in place before she makes her way to the ring with an air of superiority given the loud mixed reaction from the crowd that she doesn't even bother to be fazed. She shakes her hair loose than straightens her leather jacket worn over her matching corset top along with stiletto boots.

Adams: Well, why wouldn't she? Let's not take away from the history that was made by Mercedes at London Brawling II. She broke one record simply by showing up.

Simone: Mercedes sets the new record for the longest pay-per-view streak of all time, not to mention the new record for most pay-per-view wins in the division when she defeated Daniela V. Rodgers and Amanda Cortez to become number one contender to the Bombshell Roulette Championship currently held by Sam Marlowe.

Adams: That match will happen next month at Into the Void VIII in Phoenix.

Mercedes is already in the ring as she is handed a microphone from a stagehand. As soon as her entrance music dies down in queue with the lights returning to normal, she raises her sunglasses above her head to take in the scene, then raises her microphone.

Mercedes: Another city, another pay-per-view match, another night where I walked out the same way I came in, a winner. Oops, I did it again!

Mercedes shrugs her shoulders.

Mercedes: So at London Brawling, Samantha Marlowe had a little interview time and she not only congratulated me on my win to become number one contender to her title but she ended that interview by saying that when it comes to making history, she doesn't quote it, she makes it.

Mercedes offers the most sarcastic clap possible against the microphone.

Mercedes: That's cute, really. I mean, Sam, you're not wrong, you're not wrong. But while quoting history is one thing and making history is another, let me humbly remind you that I was here in SCW before you even joined the roster and when it comes to defining moments in this company, sweetheart, I wrote the book on making history.

Mercedes points at herself.

Mercedes: When your good friend Vixen Staggs won her sixth and final title in this company back in 2014, nobody imagined they would ever see that kind of dominance again in the Bombshells Division. That is, until I tied Vixen's record in 2015 then broke it the next year to become the most decorated champion in SCW history. When Vixen won her third and final World Bombshell Championship to become an overall five-time singles champion in this company, it took me less than three years on the roster to match that feat.

Mercedes pauses, raising her index finger as she amended her statement.

Mercedes:Then I went ahead and broke that record too in 2017 just for kicks.

She smiles at the boos directed at her.

Mercedes: Two weeks ago in London, I broke a record that sat for three years and now yours truly have passed Despayre for the most consecutive pay-per-view matches in company history. At this point in my career, I seem to make history nearly every time I step into the ring. Tonight will be no exception when I break my tie with Roxi Johnson and take back my record for the winningest Bombshell on Climax Control. The thing about history though? Like money, you can't have enough.

Mercedes smiles, nodding her head at this inconvenient truth.

Mercedes: See, here's the thing, Sammi. You have everything to lose. And guess what? I have nothing to lose. You want to say I'll need luck to beat you? Here's a newsflash: luck doesn't pay the bills, championships do. And there's not one woman - or man - that has done more than me, past, present, or future!

Mercedes talks over the deafening boos.

Mercedes: So Samantha, after you celebrate becoming the new longest reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion of all time, after you tell all your friends about breaking the records I owned when my last reign ended, after you just beat Trinity Jones for the millionth time just like I'm about to tonight, I'm next in line, I've got you in my sights, I'm taking your title and I will make history as the first-ever fo-fo-fo-four-time Bombshell Roulette Champion.

Mercedes holds up four fingers.

Mercedes: So get ready, sweetheart. Because next month at Into the Void, I'm about to remind you why you're about to step in the ring with the most decorated woman that you will ever face.

With that, Mercedes's theme cues in and she promptly leaves the ring by way of the steel steps.

Adams: Sam Marlowe fired the warning shot and tonight we just heard the response from Mercedes Vargas. These two women will meet in less than a two months in Phoenix with the Bombshell Roulette Championship at stake.

Simone: For now, Mercedes will be in action against someone she's never lost to in Trinity Jones, and she wants to keep it that way.

Adams: Trinity would love to get another shot at the Bombshell Roulette Championship and an upset tonight would definitely get her there. That's easier said than done.

Backstage, Jack Asher looks particularly upset. Jack was not the type of man that liked to sit idly waiting for things to happen. It wasn't clear who he was waiting for but he scanned the people, an assortment of crew and production staff but not the person he was looking for.

He anxiously clenched and unclenched his fists and gritting his teeth. He was so focused on the people that he didn't see the unknown blonde girl sit beside him on the crate.

Woman: Who you looking for?

Jack is startled but doesn't let it show. Her British accent should make her stand out but it doesn't affect the distracted Jack. In fact he doesn't even look at her as he answers her.

Jack: Someone. Someone that can do something about the fact that I am basically being ignored even though I am one of the best talents this place has, I am in line to take the Roulette title from the long hair dolt, but yet I am not even booked tonight...

The woman nods in understanding.

Woman: I get that. I can see how that would drive you bonkers. Why do you want the Roulette title anyway...?

She offers a shrug. Jack finally looks at her. Her blonde hair is pulled up into a ponytail, her brown eyes were large and fully trained on him.

Jack: I don't. It was forced on me. I originally came here to do tag wrestling with my ex-girlfriend Calia. But she... she's a coward that can't accept that someone loves her. So I got put into that three-way battle against two morons. Got my hand burnt...

He holds up is mostly healing hand for emphasis.

Jack: But there was no doubt I was winning that but yet that dolt Griffin can't even talk about his title or the the fact that I am his #1 contender. Then Levitt gets his rubber match right away. You know how frustrating it is to be treated like just a sub around here? So I am waiting for Brooke or Griffin. Someone who can do something about my idleness

The woman nods her head in understanding.

Woman: So if tags is where you really wanna be, why not find another partner?

Jack laughs. He expects it to insult the girl but she seems unphased by his arrogance.

Jack: You can't just find another partner. I have trained with Calia for years, perfecting our ability to work off each other's abilities. You can't just pick a random person off the street for that.

Again the woman shrugs.

Woman: I don't think it takes years to get a partnership going. In fact, I'm of the belief that sometimes the best partner is someone unexpected.

Now it's Jack that is laughing.

Jack: What? You wanna be my partner then? Just some random girl that sits next to me and makes a pest of herself?

He's laughing again and the woman's face breaks into a large grin. She jumps off the crate to stand in front of him.

Woman: I accept!

She takes his hand suddenly and shakes it enthusiastically.

Jack: Wait, what just happened here...?

Jack is confused as the woman takes one step back.

Woman: I'll text you to set up some stuff. We gotta sign the contract and what not. My cuz didn't think I'd get you to agree.

She starts walking away with a wave. Jack stands looking rather confused.

Jack: Wait a second! I was being sarcastic. I don't even know who you are...

She turns half way down the hall and turns, walking backwards.

Woman: Emmie. Emmie Ward.

She waves but before Jack can catch up to her, a group of crew members walk beside her with a large crate, blocking the path and she disappears into the busyness of the groups of passersby people.

Jack: (to himself) Ward... as in Mark Ward? What the hell just happened..

A crew member beside him is staring at him.

Crew: Well, it looks like you have a tag partner to me...

Jack shoots him a look full of daggers

Jack: Shut up.

He then turns and walks away even more frustrated and confused than he was originally.

The cameras cut to a large room on the other side of the Gold Casino. Thousands upon thousands of SCW fans have filled the room. Inside are different arcade style games, console games and a dart board for those who like old bar like games. Standing in the middle of the room is an average size man with flaming orange hair. He is holding a microphone while motioning for the room to get quieter.

Spencer Gosling: Thank you everyone for coming to this glorious occasion. As most of you know, at London Brawling 2 your resident gamers have finally stayed the ultimate boss in the mixed tag team division. They went in with the odds stacked against them and still prevailed. Now, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the reason why we are in this giant room. Please welcome, Jack Stewart, Jimmy Andrews, Sonya Ellington and Char Kwan.

The quartet step through the swinging double doors as the crowd is going absolutely nuts. Jack and Char are hyping them up as Jimmy is high fiving a few of them. Sonya is smiling as Jack takes the microphone out of Spencer's hand.

Jack: Thank you Spence for that wonderful introduction. I'm sure Justin Decent would have loved to do it but we need him to be near the action. We tried to tell you guys that Gamer Inc isn't a team you should fall asleep on. We tried to tell you that we mean business. No one took the time to listen. Team Eggplant don't have anyone to blame but themselves. They were the top team for so long but like all great teams they got complacent. I'm sure they will be clamoing for a rematch but we have different ideas.

Char smiles while taking the microphone from Jack.

Char: Jack is absolutely right. Team Eggplant, you will have to earn your rematch for these belts. We scraped and clawed to get them and we aren't about to let two ungrateful inch worms weasel their way back into a title match. This is our division now and we hold the cards.

Jimmy picks up another microphone of a table from nearby.

Jimmy: Enough about them. Tonight is about celebrating our accomplishment. Tonight we will be bringing the house down. As you can see we have a lot of fans in here and we have a few superstars as well from SCU and a few from other federations around Las Vegas. This is about giving back to the people.

Sonya doesn't pick up a microphone as she walks over to the air hockey table. A few fans join her as Jack smiles.

Jack: So if anyone in SCW wants to join us, come on over. I'm sure we can make room.

Char nods her head.

Char: Game On.

The four all put their fists into the air as the camera slowly cuts to the ring.

Adams: I want to go join their party.

Simone: Oh no you don't Jason. You have a job to do. Gamer Inc has earned their right to party.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall...

In the ring Bob Mitchell takes the mic from Justin Decent.

Bob: Worms of the Unwashed Masses! Feast your eyes on a true Marvel of Professional Wrestling! Both the honored past and unavoidable future all rolled up in one! He is THE SCW Original! He is THE Original Sinner! And he is returned! Now residing in London, England... By way of Atlantic Canada... THIS IS BLAAAAAAADE ALEXANDER!!!!

The guitar wails out the opening of Marilyn Manson's "Tourniquet" as Blade steps out onto the stage. He stands stoically surveying the audience before slowly making his way down to ringside making sure to avoid the errant hands searching out to touch their better. He takes a moment before climbing the steps to the ring apron and ascending to the second rope to again look over the crowd before he stretches both hands out, a savior crucified by a chorus of boos directed at him by the inferior who refuse to accept their better.

Justin: And his opponent...

Feuer Frei by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Jake comes out through the curtain and he wears black MMA gloves with MMA German flag coloured shorts with his name on it with white arrows printed on his shorts.

Justin: "From Dusseldorf, Germany, he is The Fiery Target, Jake Raab!"

He high fives the fans as he gets into the ring and he does a hold up on the turnbuckle as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a bow and arrow pose towards the camera before waiting for the match to start.

Drew Patton check both men for weapons before indicating for the bell to ring.


Both men circle the ring for a moment as Alexander beckons Raab and then points at his chin daring Raab to hit it, Raab moves in and goes to attack Alexander but Alexander grabs Raab and forces him into the corner, where he drives his boot into Raab's stomach over and over and over again, which forces Raab to drop to the mat trying to cover up but Alexander continues with the boots as Drew Patton gets to a three count, which Alexander backs away having a pop at the ref. Alexander backs off for a moment before moving back in as he pulls Raab back up to his feet, where he pushes him against the ropes before whipping him across the ring and as Raab comes back, Alexander shoulder blocks him to the mat.

Simone: Good start here by Blade Alexander, as he goads Raab into hitting him and Raab tries it but fails and Alexander is all over him.

Raab attempts to get up but struggles, as Alexander moves in and goes for a pin...



Adams: Alexander follows up with a pin but only gets a one count from Drew Patton.

Alexander climbs to his feet, where he grabs Raab and pulls him up, where he shoves him into the corner and drives a shoulder into Raab's stomach. Alexander than climbs up to the middle rope and begins to punch Raab's head over and over and over again, as Patton again yells at Alexander but he ignores him as he leaps off and takes a moment as Raab slumps down. Alexander moves back in and grabs Raab's hand and pulls him away from the corner and pushes him into the ropes once more, where he whips Raab across the ring and as Raab comes back, he stops and gives Alexander a kick to the chest. Alexander reels from it as Raab turns and goes to swing at Alexander but he ducks out of the way and Alexander turns and clotheslines Raab out of the ring.

Adams: Raab briefly gets a chance at Alexander with a kick to the chest but isn't enough and Alexander clothesline Raab out of the ring.

Raab lays on the mat for the moment wondering what has just happened, as he shakes off the cobwebs, as he makes his way to his feet, as Alexander climbs out of the ring and goes to approach Raab, but Raab quickly makes his way to feet and slides back into the ring to break the count and stay away from Blade. Meanwhile outside the ring Alexander turns and climbs onto the ring apron to come back into ring, however, before he can climb into the ring, Raab charges and hits a dropkick, which sends Alexander flying.

Simone: Raab is a little shaken from that but he is back on his feet as Alexander goes to the outside in attempt to get to Raab but it's too late as Raab is back in the ring.

Adams: Alexander then is caught with a dropkick, which sends Blade flying.

Raab climbs to his feet before climbing out of the ring and approaches Alexander, where he pulls Alexander up into a seat position and begins to kick the chest of Alexander over and over before following it up with a knee strike to the bridge of the nose. Patton inside the ring demands Raab to bring the action back into the ring but it falls on deaf ears, as Raab grabs Alexander and pulls him up and hits a European uppercut, which Alexander drops to the floor again. Patton meanwhile is up to a three count. Raab picks Alexander up and rolls him back into the ring, where he follows close behind and goes for a pin...

Adams: How did the knee strike not break Alexander's nose.

Simone: I don't know but he will have a headache for the rest of the evening.




Simone: Raab hits an uppercut before rolling Alexander into the ring and goes for a cover, which Alexander just about kicks out.

Adams: I am surprised that Alexander was able to kick out.

Raab tries again with another cover...




Raab slaps the mat, as he climbs to his feet and grabs Alexander and pulls him up, where he locks in the full nelson hold as he looks to finish it, however, Alexander blocks before stomping on Raab's foot. Raab lets go and Alexander throw an elbow backwards at Raab's head before turning and hitting an European uppercut. Raab stumbles away, as Alexander rushes in with a Lariet to the back of Raab's head.

Adams: Raab tries for another pin but against Alexander kicks but this time Alexander isn't totally out of it.

Simone: And with that kickout, Raab tries to finish Alexander but Alexander counters and catches Raab with an elbow before following up with an uppercut and then a vicious lariet to the back of his head and neck.

Both men stay down on the mat, as Raab holds his head while Alexander tries to recover as much as possible. Drew Patton moves in and check on both men before commencing his count.




Alexander is the first to move as he slowly crawls towards Raab.




Alexander pushes Raab onto his back and then drapes an arm over him...

Simone: Patton begins his count, as both men lay on the mat.




Raab barely kicks out as Alexander shakes his head, as he sits up and then slowly moves to his feet, as he touches his nose a couple of times to check for blood but there is none, as Alexander turns his focus to Raab, where he stomps on him a couple of times. Alexander than grabs Raab and pulls him into a seated position, where he drives his knee into Raab's spine before locking in a reverse chinlock and pulling hard.

Adams: Raab gets his shoulder up just... mere inches from losing his match, as Alexander looks to continue his onslaught.

Simone: Alexander locks in a reverse chinlock on Raab.

Raab grips Alexander's hands, as he tries to break the hold with little success, as Patton asks if he wants to give up but he says no and begins to shift himself bit my bit, as he slowly gets to a knee, which forces Alexander to adjust himself. Raab slowly gets to his feet, where he drives an elbow into the stomach of Alexander a couple of times, which forces Alexander to let go and Raab turns and begins to punch, kick and reel off a series of other MMA moves, which stuns Alexander and not knowing where to cover up. Raab then catches Alexander with a kick to the stomach before following up with a stunner.

Simone: Raab fights back and begins to get back into this match. As he unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks and knee strikes.

Adams: Alexander doesn't know how to respond to that.

Simone: Raab finishes him with a stunner.

Raab climbs to his feet and once more grabs Alexander, where he picks him up and sets up and hits a fishermans Brainbuster. Keeping hold of Alexander, Raab sets up and locks in the Raab vice (Arm-trap triangle choke).

Adams: stick a fork in Alexander he is done.

With no where to go and too out of it, Alexander limply taps out.


Justin: Winner of this match via submission.... Jake Raab.

Jake releases the hold, where he climbs to his feet as his music hits over the p.a where he raises his arm in victory.

Austin James Mercer (c) vs Kale Smith

Backstage, Sam Marlowe is seen walking towards the curtain to the arena. Dressed in a pale blue denim skirt and a Sam Marlowe tee, the champ has her hands resting on the belt that is riding low on her hips. Suddenly, Sam is joined by Pussy Willow who brings her microphone to her lips.

Pussy Willow: Hey Sam, tonight you are back home in the States after having to defend your title against Trinity Jones at London Brawling. By the way, congratulation on the win. So now that you have defeated Trinity, what are you going to do.

Sam ducks her head slightly, her hand moving to brush a curl out of her face.

Sam Marlowe: Hey Pussy. Thanks for the congrats about my title win. I have to admit that Trinity is a tough as nails opponent and I am sure she isn't going to let me go with the win at London Brawling. But at the supercard, we also saw a new number one contender be decided.

Pussy Willow: That's right, Mercedes Vargas won the triple threat match to become the new number one contender. Does that worry you at all Sam?

Sam Marlowe: I'd be lying if I said it didn't Pussy. I mean we have a history, Mercedes and I. And I know I gotta be on the top of my game to keep this title when I face her but let me tell you that I ain't going to let history repeat itself. I am a different champion this time and there ain't any way that I am going to let Mercedes Vargas get the better of me.

Sam moves towards the curtain again only this time she is joined by Pussy once more.

Pussy Willow: Are you going out there to scout the match between Trinity Jones and Mercedes Vargas?

Sam Marlowe: No, I am back in the States and once more can start bringing back the Sam's Superstars section. I missed the kids when I went on tour but now that I am back, each Climax Control will once again bring back my superstars and tonight, the first night back, that is where I am going to be.

Sam ducks through the curtain and heads towards a section in the ringside area as her music plays. Once there, she climbs up on the barricade and raises her hands to wave to the cheering fans before sliding down on the other side to sit with her Superstars.

Sam Marlowe:

Adams: Once more we have the Sam's Superstars section. Each Climax Control, Sam Marlowe purchases a section for kids from the local hospital and their families to join her for the show.

Simone: It is no wonder everyone considers her the sweetheart of SCW. But lets get to our next match Jason...

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising his hands. He quickly jumps down and moves towards the center of the ring, and Justin quickly hands him a microphone.

Ben: Alright people!

Adams: Oh thank god, the old Ben is back!

Ben: The last few months have been testing to say the least, from one great high of knowing I'm well enough to be able to stand here in front of you tonight, to getting my jacksy handed to me by a bloke who is clearly auditioning for a male version of Hocus Pocus.

Ben smiles as he looks around the laughing crowd.

Ben: If they can make Ghostbusters with women, they can make Hocus Pocus with Kedron Williams in the lead role there, but seriously.

Ben holds up his hand.

Ben: That man brought the devil out of me and I beat the devil out of him and I would happily do it anytime at all. Not many people get under my skin, but he did and it changed who I was, it made me someone I am not, someone who was constantly fighting three different wars in my own head, someone who made life awkward for those around. Everyone see I wasn't the same, everyone saw the fact I was not that Ben Jordan you know and some of ya love. I became everything dark inside of me because I was punished for what my ancestors done, I was singled out for that reason and I became them, I channelled them, and I can't say I was a fan. I am not them Kedron and you brought it out of me, tried to destroy me for sins of my fathers fathers fathers father, but three people stood there with me, three people constantly chased me down, constantly looked at me and never saw the darkness, three people didn't fall for your plan to destroy me, to make me an outcast, three people saw just Ben and I need to thank those three people.

Ben nods sincerely.

Ben: Jamie Dean, I know you're not here, that you're watching somewhere out there, thank you for being there for me, for being you. Sam Marlowe, I know you're over there ginge, thank you for constantly checking up on me

Ben points to the crowd to Sam Marlowe, and nods his head.

Ben: And to you.

Ben points to the crowd to show his wife Evie Jordan in the front row, looking up at Ben.

Ben: Thank you for not killing me in my sleep for being a complete arse at times, for not walking away in my darkest times, for taking for better or worse seriously.

Ben nods his head to his wife and turns away.

Ben: Without you three, who knows just how far I would I have gone, who knows what version of me would be standing before you.

Adams: What the hell is going on there....

A woman seated behind Evie Jordan suddenly throws her purse strap over her head and around her throat and starts pulling! Choking the life out of her!

Simone: Who the hell is that!?

Adams: Does it matter!? She's attacking Evie!

Evie is immediately struggling, but the shock of the attack from out of nowhere costs her valuable response and her struggles causes the chair beneath her to topple, sending her to the floor and scattering chairs around her! She loses her footing and any traction, and the woman continues to pull on her purse, tightening it around Evie's throat as Evie chokes and tears at the strap with her nails!

Adams: Ben! BEN!

The fans are screaming in alarm and shouting his name, and ben frowns and turns and suddenly spots his wife being attacked! All else is forgotten! Ben throws the mic down to the mat and starts to jump out of the ring! He steps halfway through the ropes when the ring apron is flung up and a hand reaches up and grabs his ankle! Ben's foot is pulled out from under him and Ben falls hard onto the apron and then collapses to the floor!

Simone: What the hell...!?

And Kedron Williams slinks out from beneath the ring, like a snake ready to strike!

Adams: Oh no, not him! I thought Ben Jordan was finished with him!

Dazed from the fall, Ben starts to get up when suddenly Kedron has him by the hair and the back of his slacks and the warlock runs him headlong into the metal ring steps! Ben's skull crashes into the metal with a loud clang, almost knocking them over! With Ben down, Kedron reaches over the barricade and shoves a fan from their seat! He grabs the steel folding chair and wields it menacingly...!!

Adams: Oh no... no! No! No!

But he does! Kedron brings the steel chair down hard across Ben's back with a sickening whack! Ben stumbles forward and to the floor, where Kedron brings the chair down again! And again!

Simone: Ben is bleeding from that run in with the steps! He's been busted open!

With a savage expression on his face, Kedron drags Ben over to the railing by the hair and holds him, forcing him to watch as Evie gasps and chokes for air! She reaches back to try and get at the attacker but the mysterious woman is just out of reach and she can't get her footing with the chairs scattered around her!

Simone: That maniac is forcing Ben Jordan to watch his wife being attacked!

Adams: It's sick! It's twisted!

Security finally is able to force their way through the crowd! They grab this mysterious woman and pry her hands loose from the purse, tearing her away from Evie Jordan who falls to the floor, sucking in oxygen! Kedron immediately releases ben, throwing him to the ground and he jumps over the barricade and jumps on the security team!

Adams: Now he's attacking security!? Who IS she!?

Kedron sends two guards to the floor from his leap, and quickly grabs the woman by the arm! He rushes through the crowd which parts like the Red Sea from the Satanic warlock, pulling the woman along behind him! Part of the team breaks off, giving chase after the two as the remainder checks on Evie who knocks their hands aside so she can get to Ben who is hurt on the other side of the railing!

Simone: What -- what the hell was that all about!?

Across the Gold Coast, the diabolical pair get enough distance and debris between them and the pursuing security to pause at the doors and look back at the carnage! Kedron smiles at what he sees before he ducks through the door, pulling the woman along behind him!

The crowd cheers as on the SCW-Tron above the entrance stage, the popular tandem of Ty West and Fenris are spotted backstage of the Gold Coast, getting in a last minute workout before this evening's Main Event match against the Wolfslair combination of Austin James Mercer and Alex Jones. A punching bag is suspended from the ceiling in a makeshift workout room, and as Ty stands behind it, holding it steady, Fenris stands before it in a boxing stance, lashing out with rapid fists, his gloved hands landing smack against the faux leather.

Fenris: How is your mother? Out of hospital yet?

Ty: Finally. They kept making excuses because of Taryn's Down Syndrome but they're all at home now.

Fenris looks up and past the bag to meet Ty's own eyes and light wisp of a smile.

Fenris: So long as she stops trying to get me to hold the baby, we'll be fine.

Ty: Afraid you might grow to love her? I mean you have fallen for the rest of my female relatives...

Fenris rolls his eyes as the workout resumes. Then a voice calls out.

Pussy Willow: Excuse me, gentlemen?

Ty sees his lover close his eyes and huffs in exasperated annoyance. Fenris mutters in Icelandic...

Fenris: Fuck me....!

Ty grins, seeming to enjoy his partner being uncomfortable. He gives him a compassionate look and takes a step forward to intercept and turn her away nicely, but Pussy Willow approaches, oblivious to Fenris's character "defects". She is all smiles as she stands between the two young men.

Pussy Willow: Hello Ty ... Fenris. I hate to bother you both...

Fenris: But you're going to, aren't you!?

Ty: Jan!

Ty shakes his head.

Ty: A pleasure to see you Miss Willow. I suppose you want a few words about our match tonight.

Pussy Willow nods.

Pussy Willow: Exactly. So coming off that loss at London Brawling, you both head into the ring again with the Champion, Austin James Mercer but this time his partner is his friend, Alex Jones. How do you feel about this match?

Ty: I am pretty confident that Fenris and I are a strong team in that ring. I know that it is going to be tough for Austin or Alex to get either of us pinned.

Fenris seems dissatisfied with that answer.

Fenris: Austin and Alex are friends, but Ty and me? We are more than just that. Has Austin and Alex teamed before? I figure yes, but have we?

He motions back and forth between Ty and himself. He smirks and nods.

Fenris: Yes. Last November, against Senor Vinnie and Jake Raab. And guess what? We won. We know we can win as a team, because we did it before. This match tonight? I not like tag team matches, but if it gets us back to where I belong and what Ty here deserves, we will win again.

Pussy bites her bottom lip.

Pussy Willow: In regards to being more... there have been rumors regarding your relationship, that it's on rocky ground now.

Fenris frowns.

Fenris: Since when the fuck does our personal lives have anything to do with the match tonight!?

Pussy looks rather uncomfortable but pushes through her questions.

Pussy Willow: Well you mentioned your partners being friends...

Ty immediately inserts himself and interrupts, shaking his head.

Ty: Best to leave that subject alone Miss Willow. I appreciate that you are just doing what any reporter would do but let's stay on topic. The match...

Christian: Actually I think she brings up a very good point.

All three heads turn to the approaching co-owner of SCW, Christian Underwood, as she positions himself at the forefront of the gathering so all eyes are on him.

Christian: I've heard the same rumors of a rocky surface. I've also heard a tale or two that you two might have patched things up? But either way, I can't take the chance that you two will be anything other than at your best physically OR mentally from here on out. Now your aunt...

He points at Ty.

Christian: Brought up the subject of therapy so I decided to go with it and call in an expert. Now if you two will please follow me...?

He starts to walk down the hallway, but pauses and turns around, seeing that neither man has started to follow him. Christian raises his eyebrows.

Christian: That was not a request, by the way. Move. Now!

And he turns back and resumes his walk, and a reluctant Ty and Fenris follow. Over his shoulder Ty gives Pussy a reluctant smile.

Ty: Sorry Miss Willow... rain check...

Fenris then pushes his partner forward.

We go backstage to Pussy Willow.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and Gentlemen, at London Brawling II, some new Champions were crowned..including my guest at this time, the NEW Roulette Champion, Griffin Hawkins!

We then see what looks to be a hand holding the title as Griffin comes into the shot, checking his reflection in the belt.

Griffin Hawkins: Damn I'm looking good tonight..

Pussy Willow: Griffin, at London Brawling, you did what you said you were going to do and you left London England the new Roulette Champion, how does it feel?

Griffin Hawkins: I must say...I feel pretty damn good tonight. See, at London Brawling 2, I made a promise to all the Metal Heads in Merry Ole England..and the millions watching from all over the world that The Jukebox Hero is bringing the gold home, and I ALWAYS keep my word. Not to take anything away from Travis Levitt, he earned my respect that night and proved himself as one of the best on the Climax Control brand. I'd like to think I earned his respect as well.

Pussy Willow: Your reign could be short lived as he has chosen to invoke his rematch clause right here tonight..does that worry you?

Griffin Hawkins: A little bit..yes. I mean, my reign could be the shortest one in history. If I were Travis and I just lost my title, I'd want it back as soon as possible too. If Travis wants this back..I invite him to try. But we're in Las Vegas..and on this night, we're gonna see who gets lucky!

Pussy Willow: Just one more thing before you go Griffin..I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask you about the number one contender waiting in the wings, Jack Asher who also won his chance at your title at London Brawling 2. If you manage to make it past Travis tonight..are you prepared for Asher who's been making claims about being the future Roulette Champion?

Griffin Hawkins: I got news for that Jack-Ash. What I got right here is something money and credit cards can't buy. So whenever Richie Rich decides he wants a piece of me, I'll be ready. Why? Because I'm a fighting champion, not certain champions in other companies who win a title, and take advantage of the optional booking and disappear for a few weeks to avoid defending it while management just sits on their hands and does nothing about it. I take on all comers it doesn't matter who...and it all starts with Travis Levitt.

He walks off as we go to the ring.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...introducing first...

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her opponent to arrive.

Simone: Mercedes Vargas is ready to face Trinity tonight. And if you remember, it is Mercedes that has the shot against Sam Marlowe for the Bombshell Roulette

Adams: Do you think that is going to motivate Trinity tonight?

"Just For" suddenly comes over the speakers as strobe lights begin to float around the arena. The curtain draws back as Trinity Jones comes walking out with Felicity Oswald right beside her. The dark stare from Trinity moves from side to side as the crowd is giving her a lot of respect. She descends down the ramp while keeping her eyes fixated on the ring.

Justin: Making her way down the aisle, first accompanied by Felicity Oswald, currently residing in Los Angeles, California by way of Maui, Hawaii, she is "The Dragon" TRINITY JONES

Trinity smirks while bumping knuckles with a fan or two at ringside. She fist bumps Felicity before sliding into the ring. She remains on the canvas for three seconds before popping up to her feet and jumping onto the nearest turnbuckle. She let's out a roar while looking around the ring. She hops back down while removing the long trench coat and handing it to Felicity.

Simone: Hmmm, looks like Trinity is ready to face Vargas.

Adams: And Mercedes is already starting to goad Trinity about the title shot she earned at London Brawling.

Simone: And with Sam spending the time with her Superstars at ringside, she will have a front row seat to this fight.

Adams: Here we go Belinda, Jasmine is going to have her hands full with these two.

Jasmine St John motions for both women to come to the middle of the ring. Mercedes moves forward motioning around her waist as Trinity sneers. Walking towards her, Trinity is surprised by Mercedes with a slap across the face that sends Jones staggering to the side as Jasmine motions for the bell.


Simone: Mercedes Vargas taking advantage quickly in the opening moments of this match.

Adams: And that just made Trinity mad!

Trinity brings a hand to her cheek, checking for blood at the side of her mouth then charges across the ring to lock up with Vargas. The pair is forced into the ropes and the two begin to roll along the ropes as Trinity finally pushes Mercedes into the corner and begins to deliver hard forearm shots into the head of Mercedes who covers up quickly. Jasmine moves between the two to warn Trinity off. Jones reluctantly pulls back to the middle of the ring as Mercedes complains to Jasmine about the attack from Jones. Trinity can't believe what Mercedes is saying and charges towards her once more which has Mercedes hiding behind Jasmine. Trinity stops suddenly only to have Mercedes charge around Jasmine to grab Trinity by the hair and drags her to the opposite corner to slam her face first into the turnbuckle as the fans count each slam. At five, Vargas releases Trinity to let her stagger away as Jasmine gives Mercedes a talking to that Vargas waves off before moving towards Trinity. The pair lock up once more and Trinity is able to turn the collar and elbow tie up into a headlock on Mercedes before hip tossing her to the mat. Spreading her legs to make it difficult for Mercedes to break the hold.

Adams: Between these two, there isn't going to be any holding back on beating your opponent in this match.

Simone: Well right now Trinity has the control in the match.

Mercedes fights her way to her hands and knee then to her feet as she pushes Trinity into the ropes. Jones rebounds and shoulder blocks Vargas to the mat. Seeing her on the canvas, Trinity rushes off the other ropes and leaps over Mercedes who throws herself to the mat. Rebounding again, Trinity is taken off her feet with a discus clothesline that sends her almost out of her boots. Mercedes reaches down and pulls Trinity up by the hair. Mercedes can be seen talking to Trinity as she drags her along the ropes face first. Jones screams in pain as Mercedes lets her go and then primps for the fans. Trinity has a red mark across the bridge of her nose as Mercedes moves to catch her by the hair once more to send her across the ring with a hair whip. Clutching at her head, Trinity rolls out of the ring and to the outside near where Sam Marlowe is sitting. Glaring at Mercedes who is in the ring, Trinity moves to the barricade where she taunts Sam about the fact that she is going to take the belt before Mercedes because Sam knows that she can beat her. Mercedes moves to the ropes as Sam points at her for Trinity to turn around and catch her with a forearm into the leaping Mercedes Vargas that doubles over the bombshell in front of Sam. Picking up Mercedes by the hair, Trinity taunts Sam more before slamming Vargas into the barricade. Sam rises slowly as Trinity steps up to her. While Trinity is distracted by Sam, Mercedes uses the distraction to use a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of Jones' head sending her sprawling on the floor.

Simone: Trinity getting into the face of Bombshell Roulette Champion Sam Marlowe who is out here with her Sam's Superstars.

Adams: Trinity doesn't know when to focus it looks like when it comes to Sam Marlowe.

Mercedes holds her hands up in a who me look before getting in front of Sam Marlowe herself who is on her feet, her title belt resting low on her hips. Mercedes looks at the champion then taps her finger on the belt before motioning it on her midsection. Sam only smiles and shakes her head negatively before Trinity get to her feet and grabbing the back of Mercedes head with a handful of hair and whips her into the ring steps nearby. Sam points at Mercedes as Trinity menaces her before moving back to sit down with her belt prominently displayed which only makes Trinity angry. Moving towards Vargas who is leaning against the ring apron, Trinity tosses her into the ring and slides beneath the bottom rope and then picks Mercedes up. Swaying slightly, Mercedes is taken off her feet into the corner with a standing dropkick from Jones. Trinity follows her in with a clothesline that has Mercedes sagging in the corner. Climbing to the middle turnbuckle, Trinity begins to level hard right hands down on the head of Vargas as the crowd counts each strike. Jumping down after a ten count of punches, Trinity backs away at the urging of Jasmine who checks on Mercedes who shakes her head at Jasmine asking if she wants to quit. Trinity smiles as she moves into the corner to catch Mercedes but is surprised with the spear to the midsection from Vargas that barely takes her off her feet. The two bombshells trade punches and kicks as they roll across the canvas with Mercedes managing to gain the advantage of Jones.

Simone: This back and forth battle shows just how much Trinity and Mercedes wants to prove to Sam that they can take her title anytime they choose.

Adams: Trinity has had shot after shot so I don't think that Sam is worried about her much.

Mercedes levels hard forearm shots to the head of Trinity as she tries to cover up. Mercedes gets to her feet then grabs the legs of Trinity to turn her over. Locking in an Indian heel hook, Vargas grabs the back of Trinity's head and pulls her up viciously forcing her to cry out in pain then Mercedes plants her foot on the back of Jones' head and stomps her face first into the canvas. Trinity covers her face in pain as Mercedes drops to her knees and rolls Jones over for the pin. Trinity kicks out quickly and rolls to her stomach. Vargas gets to her feet and moves behind Trinity who is getting to her hands and knees. On her knees, Trinity is about to get to her feet when Vargas once more uses a somersault cutter on Trinity to drop her face first once more to the mat. Jones rolls out again and leans against the apron. Mercedes bounces off the opposite ropes for an attempted baseball slide but Trinity evades it then catches Mercedes and slams her head against the ring apron before tossing her back inside. Sliding in behind her, Trinity locks on a full nelson camel clutch. Mercedes screams in pain but yells no as Jasmine checks on her.

Simone: Trinity has got the upper hand with a submission hold on Mercedes Vargas.

Mercedes struggles to reach out for the bottom rope and can't get her fingers onto it but fighting the hold she manages to twist her body enough to get her foot on the rope and forces the break. Trinity angrily slams her hands on the canvas as Mercedes moves to the corner to pull herself up. Trinity moves towards her but Mercedes is quicker and then twists Jones into the corner to level hard right hand chops into the chest of Trinity who clutches at her chest. Mercedes grabs her head and forces it back with a hand as she shushes the crowd and levels a hard chop on the chest that can be heard all over the arena. Trinity doubles over and Mercedes shoves her to the mat. Trinity is laying on the canvas with her arms folded over her chest as Vargas catches her second wind. The number one contender moves towards Trinity and picks her up to hold her arm. Wrenching it, she uses a hook kick to the face to send Trinity to the mat. Once more, Mercedes moves to her feet and then catching Trinity she locks her into the red peril. Trinity fights hard to get out of the hold and manages to fight close enough to the ropes to break the hold as she grabs the bottom rope. Mercedes holds the red peril until Jasmine makes it to four before releasing the hold and rolling to her feet. Trinity fights to her knees then to her feet but Mercedes kicks her in the midsection before locking in a Mercy shot that sends Trinity to the mat. Rolling her over, Mercedes attempts a pin but only gets a two count before Trinity forces her shoulder up in desperation. Mercedes gets to her feet and pulls Jones up to lift her over her shoulders and drops her with the black rose overdrive. Rolling Trinity over, Mercedes grabs her leg and holds it as she pins Trinity.

Simone: It looks like Mercedes Vargas has the pin on Trinity.

Adams: And here is the count!





Justin: The winner of the match...Mercedes Vargas!

Simone: Mercedes sending a strong message to Sam Marlowe with this win over Trinity Jones.

Adams: From the looks of it, Sam Marlowe isn't as worried as Mercedes would like her to be.

Mercedes climbs the turnbuckle nearest to Sam who has gotten to her feet. Mercedes points at the champ then motions around her waist where she taunts Sam the belt will be.

Samantha Marlowe (c) vs Mercedes Vargas

We find ourselves backstage and it is there where we are shown an image of Crystal Zdunich along with her wife Seleana. The two are all smiles as they look at one another.

Crystal: Hey babe I just want to say that we have had our series of ups and downs but it finally feels good that we both could have earned a shot at the big title and we did it together and fair. It's better being on the same side cheering you on instead of trying to stab you in the back.

Seleana: Ja! It's good we do it together. I am happy things are better at home. We both have big opportunities ahead of us. Realistically we could be bringing the title home and it can stay there.

Crystal: Yes but we have to get past Alicia Lukas who won't be easy, but we have the ability to do it. We just got to work hard and we will get there.

Seleana: Whatever happens we have each other's back and we support one another. If we fight in the ring it's business but we don't take out the results on one another personally.

Crystal: I love you my Swedish Fish.

Seleana: Te Amo Estrellita!

As the married couple begins saying their I love You's to one another we are shown an image of Brittany Williams walking in the room. She isn't alone as she has her wife Halo beside her, her aunt Jennifer, he step mother Kimberly, and of course her father Todd. Brittany smiles as she grabs her wife and kisses her on the lips as she turns her attention to her mother and stepmother.

Brittany: Isn't this cute... Everybody seems to be in love. As a matter of fact love is in the air but let me explain something. I don't give a damn if it's you.

Brittany says as she gets right in Crystal's face, she then gets in Seleana's face.

Brittany: I don't give a shit if it's you! The fact is despite what Mark Ward or Christian Underwood think I will be leaving the next Super Card as your SCW World Bombshell Champion. I know I am getting ridiculed because I decided to sign up for SCU. It's probably the dumbest decision I have ever made according to people but the thing is I am always looking for competition and a place to grow. SCW never gave me that fucking luxury because as soon as I had an off night against Evie Baang everybody in this company whether it was Christian Underwood or Mark Ward were quickly shitting on me. I know I am an amazing athlete. I know I am among the best of the best and nobody will tell me differently!

Crystal shakes her head.

Crystal: Look we all love you here Brittany. We know you are great and you have the potential to surpass both of us!

Brittany walks over to Crystal and slaps her as hard as she can against the face.

Brittany: Potential?! I already surpassed you and I am going to continue to do so. I am the princess prodigy and the way I see it my time is now. I know Alicia is probably gonna talk up how she will face all challengers and give that boring speech but I don't give a fuck if it's either of you or even Alicia. At the Super Card I am taking the championship for my own and I will rule over this entire company . How's that for building up the main event Mark and Christian?! I AM THE FUCKING MAIN EVENT! Alicia got lucky and she shouldn't even dare try to talk me down when I only have one singles lost in this company. The only time I lost is when I built myself up and didn't deliver on what I wanted, but in matches where I show I want something. I simply take it. I plan to go through the fucking hurdles of both SCU and SCW. Every week you will see me talking down whoever and whenever.

Brittany grins evilly.

Brittany: Book me Christian... Give me a fight. You guys don't think I can hack it, I will show you how much I deserve to be exactly where I am at. Now if you would excuse me I have business to attend to.

With that Brittany and the Dynasty walk away leaving Seleana to comfort her wife as Crystal holds her face in pain.

Christian Underwood stops outside of a closed door in the hall, a large room normally used for speeches and lectures. He turns to Ty and Fenris.

Christian: This will, of course, be a closed door session. Whatever happens or is said behind these doors, will stay there. Understood?

Ty yields with a nod, but Fenris just stares at Christian who leans in with an expectant expression, until he too nods.

Christian: Good.

He opens the door and holds it for the two to enter. Fenris walks in first, follows by Ty, and as the door closes, they stop short at what they see before them. Seated in a rather comfy looking chair across the room, one leg crossed over the other and staring at the both of them is none other than Bobbie Dahl!

Bobbie: Well aren't you two just delicious?

Bobbie stares at them for a long while, slowly licking her lips. After a few moments, she snaps out of her trance, again, and then uncrosses her legs.

Bobbie: Go ahead and have a seat, boys. We have A LOT of work to accomplish...

Fenris takes one look at who is waiting for them, then turns to Ty and shakes his head.

Fenris: I am fucking out of here!

And he moves for the door but Ty's own lightning fast reflexes cuffs his arm and reels him back in!

Ty: Jan. Let's see what she has to say first.

Ty obviously doesn't recognize the woman as a former Bombshell.

Bobbie: Oh, I've got quite a lot to say! The very first being how much a damn tragedy it is that two sexy beefcakes such as yourself bat for the wrong team!

Bobbie lets out a sigh and shakes her head.

Bobbie: Just an FYI, one night with me could change all that. In case you're ever interested.

She looks back and forth between the two of them and winks.

Bobbie: Buuuut....that's not why Mr. Underwood asked me here. So! Let's get down to business shall we?!

She grabs a notepad and a pen from out of her bag on the floor next to her, and tries to be as professional as possible. The two men slowly sinks themselves into the chairs opposite of Miss Bobbie Dahl. Ty has a calm expression on his face, despite whatever misgivings he might be feeling. Fenris, however, is staring hard and cold at the woman opposite him until she rolls her eyes.

Bobbie: ... What?

Fenris: What are your qualifications? Where did you go to school?

Bobbie: Where did I go to school?

She pulls her hand up and sticks her middle finger in the face of a surprised Fenris.

Bobbie: At Screw U!

Fenris turns to Ty with a surprised expression. Ty's face breaks into a wide smile, chuckling in this throat.

Ty: I think I like her.

We open up the backstage area and it there where we are able to see one and only Teddy Steele. He is all smiles as he is wearing his long boxing robe. His long hair is wrapped into a pony tail. He can't help but chuckle as he could be seen shadow boxing as he smiles and alongside him is a woman in heels. Her long blonde hair is draping down her back from the looks of everything she is wearing a skirt and a blouse and has a portfolio in her hands. In front of them is Pussy Willow.

Pussy Willow: Standing in front of me at this time is none other than a man making his debut to this company. A man who has spent his time in Sin City Underground, I give to you the one and only Lyrical One Teddy Steele!

Teddy smiles as he throws some more punches and that is when the short blonde stands in front of Pussy as she begins to speak.

Kath-Lyn: Cheers... You see Mr. Steele is excited for his match tonight. He has been training for this very moment and he will go out there and simply knock out Goth to the bloody hell that he came from.

Pussy Willow: Kate is everything okay you are forcing your English Accent more so than usual.

Kath-Lyn shakes her head as she looks at Teddy before she turns her attention to Pussy.

Kath-Lyn: Cheers mate, that is funny considering I am half English and half Scottish. This accent is more than what you think and I don't know why you are calling me Kate. My name is Kath-Lyn Elizabeth and I am the owner of the Agency of Steele. I am the best manager in all of bloody wrestling today and whatever Mr. Warren needs I will do my best to provide him with the tools to suicide. Speaking of which...

Kath-Lyn reaches into a bag and pulls out a stuffed Teddy bear as she is all grins.

Kath-Lyn: Tired of Angel invading your television? Well you can get the stuffed Teddy Steele bear right now on the SCW Shop Zone, for only 11.79 Pounds you can squeeze and hug the life out of a bear, and feel at peace at night. Just listen to this bear!

She squeezes the bear as it begins to speak.

Stuffed Bear: "I'm The Real Deal Teddy Steele!"

Kath-Lyn smiles as she nods her head.

Kath-Lyn: Such a great item and it's not often that a man debuts with merchandise already. To those looking for a manager the Agency of Steele is open for business! Which means if you need representing come over here and I will do my best.

Pussy Willow: But wait don't you want to address Alicia Lukas and your big main event match at London Brawling or your friendship with London Underground?!

At this moment Teddy throws some punches as she he smiles.

Teddy: I do believe this interview is about me and I just want to say that it finally feels great to be on such an amazing roster. You see I am a chosen one. I am the man that Christian Underwood has single handedly picked out to do great things on this roster. He saw something in me and I know these fans see the world in me. I might be considered a clown to some, an idiot to others, but I am a hardworking man. I represent the American Dream as I have the beautiful wife, the terrific daughter, and I can't do anything without my Miss Elizabeth.

Teddy looks at his manager and kisses her on the lips.

Teddy: This is what it's about and tonight I get to make my debut. Tonight I get to go to that ring and put on the fight of my entire life. I am going to give everything I got to prove myself and Goth is simply the first test among my long career. You see Goth I didn't come here to lose.

Kath-Lyn: He's going to knock you flat on your arse you bloke!

Teddy: Yes what she said... I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to be the best of the best and to ascend up the ladder. So bring me everything you have and I will answer the challenge. It starts with you and from there it's about going further up. SCW are you ready because tonight it's TEDDY TIME!!!

Teddy throws some more punches in the air as Kath-Lyn walks in her heels as she looks at Pussy.

Kath-Lyn: As far as Kate goes. I can tell you on behalf of the Agency of Steele she feels so honoured to have fought in her home country. She will get back to the top. Alicia did great but Kate isn't done yet. It can only be good when Kate and Teddy rule over SCW as the Golden Couple. It's coming. It might be stormy days but after the storm comes the rainbow!

Kath-Lyn reaches into the bag pulling out a shirt that has a huge rainbow on it with a picture of Kate Steele smiling.

Kath-Lyn: And when the rainbow comes it's colours will blind everyone! Things will be bright and SCW will be enchanted by the Siren! Now if you would excuse us Teddy has a match to prepare for. Christian's chosen one!

Teddy throws more punches grinning as the two of them walk away as we go to elsewhere.

We cut backstage to find Ms. Rocky Mountains standing in front of a large SCW sign with a microphone in hand.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the SCW Bombshells world champion, Alicia Lukas...

Alicia Lukas steps into the frame as there is a mixture of cheers and boos in the arena. The SCW Bombshells championship on her shoulder as she smiles wide.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Thank you for joining us Alicia I know tonight you don't have a match but thank you for joining us and congratulations on retaining your championship at London Brawling in a great match against Kate Steele.

Alicia Lukas: Great match...ha...oh you were serious?. Ok well thank you but, honestly, I didn't have any doubt. Kate tried hard but in the end, I needed to stay dominant. I needed to keep this championship to make sure it mattered. See Dani Weston was a great champion, Seleana should never have been champion but me?. I need to keep this....and I will...

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well coming out of London Brawling you now have three new challengers, three names that can lay claim to a title shot against you. Seleana Zdunich, Crystal Zdunich and Brittany Williams, who would you like to face first?

Alicia scoffs and adjusts the title.

Alicia Lukas: First?. Look, I am a fighting champion, it's up to the challengers and Mark, Christian and Brooke to sort it out. The whole golden promise thing and blast from the past but if it was up to me I'd just take them all at once. Crystal never deserves to be involved in a chance at me again, Seleana should be getting a one on one shot and Brit?...well, little miss Brittany is going to find out that falling out of a vagina doesn't make you talented. And truth is I am begging the rest of the division to step up, I would love to face Vargas, Salco, Marshall....but instead I'm stuck against this stupid it's time for me to take them out, whether that is one at a time, or all at once...I don't back down from anyone...

Alicia growls and backs off leaving Ms. Rocky Mountains

Justin: the following match is for one fall... introducing first... from Utrecht, The Netherlands... GOTH!!!

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of darkness who grins and walks further on. In the ring he takes off his robe and he stares towards the entrance way waiting for Teddy.

Justin: and his opponent... being accompanied by his wife... Tedddddddyyyyyy....

The spotlight hit's the curtain as it does the loud sounds of "Forever" by Drake begins to blast across the speakers. The moment it does "The Lyrical One" Teddy emerges from the curtains clad in a United Kingdom Flag robe matching trunks and matching boots. He smiles proudly as his wife Kate Steele-Warren is right beside him. She has a megaphone in her hands as she claps proudly for her husband.

Teddy smiles as he begins to shadow box nodding his head to the beat.


The fans begin to chant with her as he bounces his head to the music. He runs up the stairs and steps into the ring as he bounces about. He takes his robe off and stands in the center of the ring. He is all smiles waiting for the match to start.

Goth and Teddy stand in the middle of the ring staring at each other, Goth starts pacing wanting to get this one underway. Jacob checks with both of the men before he calls for the bell.


Adams: Here we go Belly.

Simone: I thought you had forgotten that nickname.

Adams: I never forget.

As soon as the bell sounds Goth launches himself at Teddy. Teddy side steps but Goth has that calculated as he drives his right elbow back clocking Teddy in the back of the head. Teddy doubles over and Goth plants him with a strong DDT. Whilst on the canvas Goth looks to hook the leg but Teddy rolls out of the way and hugs onto the bottom rope.

Simone: Smart move by Teddy...

Adams: It's odd for anyone to put Smart and Ted's name in the same sentence.

Simone: Much like yours.

Adams: HEY.

Jacob checks on Teddy who let's go of the bottom rope and slowly makes his way back up to his feet. Goth is waiting for him in the centre of the ring and the two lock up. The power struggle begins but it is shortly won with Teddy being able to bring Goth down to one knee. Teddy takes his hot and he drives his knee straight into the face of Goth before he runs in with a double knee attack slamming Goth's back onto the canvas before he hooks the legs looking to get away with an early victory.



NO! Goth kicks out and sends Teddy flying off of him. The two make it back up tho their feet and Goth I straight on the attack as he cuts Teddy in half with an almighty spear. The two fall the the canvas and straight going pound for pound with left and rights. The two are desperate to get the upper hand but they eventually roll towards the ropes and Jacob has no option but to start the DQ count.

Adams: the boys need to separate or they are going to get themselves disqualified.

Simone: You think Goth cares about that? He has been in a feral mood since the Blast from the Past.

Both men part and make it up to their feet, Goth gets in a last right hook however Teddy comes back with an uppercut before he drops Goth down to his knees with a stiff head butt. Teddy runs towards the ropes looking to use them as leverage to come back with a low drop kick. However Goth is able to roll out of the way just in time and Teddy sends himself to the outside of the ring.

Adams: Well that didn't work... it looked cool but it didn't work.

Simone: With Teddy on the outside, that gives Goth time to re-evaluate his position in this match.

Goth doesn't stay in the ring for long as he rolls out and goes in pursuit of Teddy. Teddy is trying to get back to his feet but Goth gets there just in time to help his opponent up before he drives his head into the barricade. Teddy bounces off of it but Goth is right there to catch him as he drags him over towards the ring apron, it looks as if Goth is going to scramble Teddy's brains on the side of the ring but Teddy is able to stop the attack as he plants his hands down on the side of the ring before he shoves an elbow into the side of Goth. Teddy repeats himself over and over before finally Goth stumbles backwards, Teddy goes to slide back into the ring but he stops, turns and plants Goth to the hard floor with a super kick.

Adams: Teddy just has to roll in the ring and he can win this via count out.

Simone: Do you really think he wants to win that way?

Adams: a win is a win, is it not?

Teddy rolls back into the ring to break the count Jacob was well into.

Adams: TOLD YOU he would take my option.

Teddy quickly rolls back out of the ring, walls over towards Goth and scoops him up rolling him back into the ring before he crawls on top of him and hooks his leg.

Simone: You were so sure about that, it was cute.



NO! Goth kicks out just in time keeping this match alive and Teddy can't believe it.

Adams: Well doesn't he feel dumb now for not taking my advice.

Both men make it up to their feet and Goth is livid at Teddy as Teddy tries to sweep Goth's legs out from underneath him Goth slams his elbow directly into the spine of Teddy, dropping the big guy to his knees before Goth slices his forearm against Teddy's chest bringing a squeal out of his lips. Goth doesn't stop at one as he goes again and again, electing Teddy's chest in the process.

Simone: that's going to hurt later.

Adams: sure is.

Goth goes to drive his knee into the face of Teddy, but Teddy drops down to the canvas face first protecting himself before he rolls out of the way. Goth is on the attack still as he desperate to show Teddy who's boss. Goth whips Teddy back to the canvas using his hair before he dives down an make the cover.




Adams: Teddy is still in this thing.

Simone: This thing? You mean match right?

Adams: Why are you always so mean to me?

Goth is livid and he is shouting at Jacob who is reminding Goth that it's not his fault that Teddy kicked out. Teddy however take a few moments to gather himself before he swoops in and rolls Goth up in a small package pin. Take Goth, Jacob and the fans by surprise. Jacob drops down and makes the count.



NO! Goth sends Teddy flying out of the small package pin and his rises to his feet with an evil look across his face.

Adams: Oh no... we have seen that look before.

Simone: Teddy needs to have a clear plan in mind right here right now.

Goth is straight on the attack as he backs Teddy up into the nearest corner and starts to hail down left and right punches. Teddy drops down to the canvas and Jacob checks on him, while Jacobs attention is shifted Goth unties one of the protective turnbuckle covers in the corner.

Simone: HEY ref are you seeing this?

Adams: Should have gone to specsavers!

Goth turns his attention back to Teddy as he pick him up and places him up on one should before he runs forward towards the corner to spear Teddy's forehead on the exposed metal. Jacob sees the blood start to flow and immediately calls for the bell. Yet Goth isn't done as he drags Teddy up to his knee and repeatedly slams his head into the exposed corner.

Adams: Jacob needs to step in here.

Simone: Goth has just snapped.

Jacob tries to get Goth to stop but it takes Goth a while to get the message, dropping Teddy's head he watches him fall to the canvas before he raises his hands in victory, leaving the ring to a chorus of boos.

Simone: poor Teddy.


Justin: Your winner by DQ... Teddy Warren Steele!

Adams: We know this isn't the Goth of old but something inside him just snapped.

Jacob checks on Teddy while the fans look on shocked at what they have just witnessed.

Alicia Lukas (c) vs Brittany Williams

We find ourselves in the medical office and is it there where we can see Crystal being checked on by the ring doctor. Crystal has an ice pack on her face as she sighs and glances over at her wife. She takes the ice pack off as she lets a few tears stream down her face as she looks at her wife.

Crystal: Sh...She really hit me... Why would she hit me?!

Seleana: Felaktig fokusering. Sadly...

Crystal: You really think it's misguided focus... Look babe I am by no means a saint but I have poured so much into that girl. When Kate was acting up I took a stand for her and this is how she treats me?! I guess it's expected though after all she is my daughter so I wouldn't expect anything less than that. It sucks though I just want to be done with all of this. With the fighting and everyone at war over a belt.

Crystal looks at Seleana and sighs again.

Crystal: You know it won't be long until the two of us are both fighting for the same very thing. I really fear for Halo and I hope her and Brittany don't go the same route that we went. They are both very young and shouldn't have to cross those same roads right?!

Seleana shrugs.

Seleana: I meant it was Brittany who has misguided focus, not you. She should be focused on Alicia Lukas, not us. Alicia is the champion and thus defeating her should be Brittany's first worry at the moment. As for Halo, she does not seem to have the same current aspirations as Brit does. She is only just starting in SCU and seems content to be Brit's back-up that way. Her career is only just starting, after all.

Crystal: True but she did have a big singles run already and I really don't know. With the way Brittany vows to continuously show up on both shows there may come a time where Brittany may drag Halo into attacking the both of us. It's going to be hell in our household but we have to stay focused. We have Alicia to think about as well and on top of that I know things haven't been that stable between us. We are getting there but well you know we still have a ways to go. I want to ask you a question and this may be weird hun.

Seleana: Vad ar det dar?

Crystal: If the Annis girls ever attacked me would you have my back. Despite everything would you have my back and be there on my side?!

Seleana's jaw drops.

Seleana: Estrellita... claro que si...

Crystal: Good... That's what I wanted to hear. I have a feeling we haven't heard the end of things yet but we need to be there for each other. I love you so much and I think its time we pay a visit to SCU. Get an up close and personal look of our daughters.

Crystal says with a grin as she looks back at her wife.

The camera cuts to the backstage area just behind the curtain where various wrestlers can be seen getting ready for their matches, the camera moves over towards where the four members of London Underground stand talking amongst themselves. Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches the group.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hey guys.

Daniel: Rocky, a pleasure to see ya. What can we do for ya?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I wanted to get your thoughts on the Mixed Tag division. Two weeks ago, Team Eggplant lost the championships to Gamer Inc, and now SCW sign The Good Sheppards, Teddy Steele signs a contract which I don't think it's a coinsidence.

Mackenzie shakes her head, indicating she knows more than most.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: And now it seems that Amy Santino, Jessie Salco and Senor Vinnie have formed a freebird team, and with Jessie's title ban now over thanks to Christian earlier, they too will be looking at Mixed Tag Team gold.

Mackenzie: What a fucking surprise, we come in as the original freebird team and now Gamer Inc and the three music obsessed dickheads also have a freebird team.

Charlotte: No surprise at all they've gone that way, they're not exactly a force on their own.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: There's also rumors that SCU members will be stepping up as a team too, to step up and it even looks like Jack Asher may have a tag team partner from the Ward family as well as The Metal Maniacs around. Also Team Eggplant can simply call in their rematch any time they want, so I wanna know where London Underground fit in to this explosion of teams.

Daniel: To be proper honest with ya, I'm bloody surprised those muppets at Gamer Inc have a championship, I mean seriously, they are proper planks. What was all that bollocks about having a celebration away from the ring all about. My guess is they were scared any one of those teams you just mentioned were gonna run in and show them up for the useless champs they are. I dunno if they got lucky, or if Team Eggplant was off their rockers that night, maybe Lachlan was too busy thinking about his brother or something, but one thing is for sure, Gamer Inc do not deserve those belts at all.

Mackenzie: Those lot couldn't beat an egg on a normal day and they can't get past us if we stepped up. I don't think they can beat anyone that you just mentioned there.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So does this mean you'll be stepping back in to the tag division?

Charlotte: It was a division we helped to build and to see Gamer Inc as champions is an embarrassment so you can take from that what you will.

The camera cuts elsewhere

The scene opens with Ty already in the middle of speaking.

Ty:... I just wasn't sure what to think. My past relationships always ended with my partner telling me I was too nice...

Bobbie is nodding as she is jotting down a few notes on her notepad, and a quick smirk appears on her face. She lets out a slight laugh before looking up at Fenris and Ty again.

Bobbie: Too nice? Too nice?! Oh, honey, I know deep down there's just a bad boy roaring to be let out. Maybe he just needs a little nudge. Or a big one...

She brings the pen up and chews on the cap as she thinks for a moment before an Aha! moment hits her and she quickly writes something else down.

Bobbie: Am I right or am I right?!

Ty looks at his partner, eyes blinking in surprise at the bluntness of this woman, and knowing Fenris can be just as brutally honest. Did not know what to expect.

Fenris: He is nice. Very nice, yes. But I can honestly say when bedroom door closes, he is possessed! Put my head through my headboard more times than can count. And very charitable.

TY frowns and Bobbie leans forward.

Bobbie: Charitable?

Fenris turns to give Ty a smirk.

Fenris: The man gives `til it hurts.

Ty blushes so deeply that he tries to hide his face in his hands. Bobbie quickly sinks back in her chair, nearly tossing her notepad and pen in the air. She starts fanning herself.

Bobbie: Oh, the image in my mind!

She leans forward just as quickly.

Bobbie: Say, you boys wouldn't mind....No. That's too much. Too inappropriate. Aww hell, Ty, you gotta let that bad boy fly! I mean. Just look at you!

She continues fanning herself, obviously the information Fenris shared being a bit much for her to handle appropriately. Fen leans forward, elbows on his knees, fully enjoying torturing the two.

Fenris: And you know, Ty likes women too...


Bobbie: Good God almighty, you could drown a kid in my panties!!

Bobbie then practically melts off the chair, sinking down to the floor.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see Griffin Hawkins and Travis Levitt standing in front of the Roulette Wheel waiting for their match type to be determined.

Simone: It's now time for Griffin's first Roulette Title defense.

Adams: And if Travis has anything to say about it, his last!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ready gentlemen?

Griffin and Travis nod in response and Rocky gives the wheel a spin, the spin lasts for several seconds before finally stopping on a stipulation that both men seem happy with.

Simone: Can't remember the last time we had a Steel Cage Match in SCW.

Adams: Hey, I'm just glad that it's not a Fans bring the Weapons Match!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Good luck gentlemen!

Griffin and Travis leave to get ready for the match.

Simone: Welcome back to Climax Control live from Sin City! In our next match Griffin Hawkins will defend the Roulette Championship for the first rime against "The Phoenix" Travis Levitt in a Steel Cage Match!

Adams: Some promotions allow for pins and submissions inside the cage but not SCW! Only way to win is to escape the cage!

Simone: Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is Roulette Title Match, scheduled for one fall! Thanks to a spin of the wheel, it has been determined that the title will be defended inside the Steel Cage!

The camera pans up to show the steel cage set up above the ring ready to descend.

Justin: Introducing first!

The lights tun colors from Red to Green to various other colors as "Separate Ways" by Journey begins to fill the air. Fog fills the stage and emerging from it is none other than Griffin Hawkins!

Justin: Making his way to the ring...from Windsor, Ontario Canada...weighing in at 227 Pounds...put your hands together for the reigning and defending SCW Roulette Champion Griffin Hawkins!!"

The crowd is cheering as he makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as signs that read "Griffin Rox" and "Rock Soldier" are present. He soaks in the positive reaction as he walks up the steps and steps between the ropes. He gets on the turnbuckles and raises the Devil Horns in the air with both hands, pumping the crowd up. He gets down, taking off his leather jacket before getting out of the ring. He sees a young little boy in the front row as he takes off his silver aviator shades. He places his sunglasses on the young fan who looks excited to be here, smiling as he pats him on the head. He rolls back into the ring and kicks his feet up ropes in the corner of the ring and leans across the turnbuckle like it's a hammock, waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: Griffin is determined to not join the long list of fluke champions in the company's history.

Adams: But Travis has other ideas!

Justin: Introducing the challenger!

The bass kicks in through the PA and 'Ashes to Ashes' starts to echo around the arena. A small fog starting to slip from the stage, and as the music builds a melancholy atmosphere, from the back stalks 'The Phoenix' Travis Levitt.

Justin: From Richmond, Virginia, weighing in at 250lbs, "The Phoenix" Travis Levitt!

Dressed in his usual long leather jacket, hair cascading around his face as he walks out, and starts to pace down the ramp. The Phoenix reaches the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and propping up onto his knees. Glancing around at the crowd, Levitt's face is one of focus as he slowly rises to his feet before stripping off his jacket and turning to drop it outside the ring to the roadie, before he gets ready for battle.

Simone: Travis earned the right to challenge Griffin at London Brawling II and it did not take long for the match to be signed.

Adams: Setting aside the unusual circumstances surrounding the end of the match between him, Joshua and Blade he has no intention of leaving Sin City without that title!

Once the cage has descended across the ring Drew calls for the bell.


Adams: Why was a cage already set up above the ring anyway?

Simone: You know how unpredictable Roulette Title Matches can be!

As soon as the bell rings Griffin and Travis charge at each other and start brawling and due to the rules of the match Drew can do nothing but stand back and watch the two men go at it, after a few minutes of brawling Travis grabs Griffin by his long hair and throws him face first into the steel cage wall, he does this a few more times but on the fifth try Griffin is able to catch himself on the steel cage wall and starts climbing it.

Simone: Turn around Travis, or this will be the shortest cage match ever!

Adams: And one of the shortest Roulette Title Matches is Griffin has his way.

Travis finally notices that Griffin is making an escape attempt and climbs up after him before catching up with the Canadian Superstar just as he was about to get his leg over the cage wall, Travis starts firing punches with his free hand stunning Griffin long enough for Travis to position himself underneath him and Powerbomb Griffin off the cage wall! Travis instinctively goes for a cover but Drew reminds him off the rules, so he instead mounts Griffin and starts firing punches at his face.

Simone: Griffin is in serious trouble after that Powerbomb!

Adams: And that can only be good news for Travis!

Travis then picks up Griffin and goes for the Phoenix Tear Discuss Clothesline but Griffin ducks under it and runs up the opposite cage wall before leaping off and going for a moonsault, however Travis is one step ahead as he leaps and hits Griffin in the stomach with a Roundhouse Kick causing Griffin to crash and burn to the matt! The crowd is going crazy for what just happened, and Travis starts making his way towards the cage wall thinking that Griffin is out cold.

Simone: We could have a new champion if Griffin doesn't get to his feet.

Adams: And Travis knows it!

Travis starts climbing the cage wall and manages to reach the top, however before he can even think about making an escape Griffin surprises him by catching up and slamming Travis face first into the top of the steel cage knocking the challenger loopy just long enough for Griffin to catch up with him and the two men start exchanging punches atop the cage wall! After a few minutes Travis is able to punch Griffin in the gut knocking the wind out of him before he grans Griffin for a familiar move.

Simone: Is Travis trying to Snap Suplex Griffin onto the top of the cage wall?!

Adams: That could end badly in so many ways!

Fortunately Griffin is able to block the Suplex attempt by clinging onto the cage wall for dear life and after a few more tries Travis realizes that his plan isn't going to work and releases the Suplex hold, Travis then tries for another punch, this time aimed at Griffin's head but Griffin ducks it and throws Travis back into the ring bellow sending him crashing into the matt! Drew quickly checks on Travis but doesn't get a chance to do much else before Griffin leaps off the cage wall with a moonsailt crashing atop Travis's body as the crowd goes crazy!


Adams: But at what cost? Griffin could've easily won the match there but now neither man is getting back to their feet!


Normally Drew would start a ten count at this point but his hands are tied so he can only wait for either Griffin or Travis to get back to their feet, as the Holy Shit chants die down Griffin starts to stir and begins making his way over to the cage wall thinking that Travis is in no position to stop him from making his escape and for a few minutes, he appears to be correct in that assumption, until Travis starts chasing after the champion.

Simone: Don't tell me we're going to have another brawl atop the cage!?

Adams: I can't watch!

Griffin, due to his headstart, gets over the cage wall first but Travis isn't that far behind him and soon both men are fighting on the outside of the cage whilst the fans and Drew watch on with eager anticipation, however eventually both men lose their grip and fall to the outside of the ring, seemingly at the same time and Drew calls for the bell.


Simone: Well, the match is over but who won?!

Adams: Drew seems just as confused as you Belinda!

Once the cage has been raised Drew leaves the ring to asses the situation as both men get into a seating position and argue that they won the match, shaking his head Drew makes a call to the back and a slo motion replay of the final moments of the match plays on the titentron.

Simone: We're talking a difference of literal seconds here people, but it appears Griffin's foot hit the ground before Travis's!

Adams: And I think Drew agrees.

Having seen the replay several times Drew makes the call and raises Griffin's hand in victory.


Simone: Griffin retains the title in his first defense.

Adams: After that finish though? I wouldn't be surprised if we see a rematch down the line!

Griffin celebrates with his title whilst Travis protests the decision.

Griffin Hawkins (c) vs Jack Asher

You see Kingingiseisha "Hitamashii" Shirasu backstage with "Stoner" Scott Oliver.

Stoner: Hey, Hitamashii, it is good to see you again. We haven't seen you since your loss in the Blast From The Past Tournament. What have you been up to?

Hitamashii: I have been busy focusing on myself, and I have had meetings with both Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Tad Ezra over at SCU.

Stoner: Why would you be meeting with Tad Ezra?

Hitamashii: I have been meeting with him because I am interested in joining their roster, and my meeting with both Mark and Tad was to allow me to leave SCW and join SCU, which both men were gracious enough to allow me to do. This will be the last time I show up in SCW outside of the Supercards for a long time.

Stoner: Well, it was a pleasure seeing you perform and being able to interview you on a regular basis.

Stoner extends his hand as he wants to shake Hitamashii's hand, and Hitamashii obliges before walking away as the scene fades to black.

The sound of a fire truck siren can be heard, causing Pussy Willow to look confused as she looks around for someone to interview. The sound gets louder but no fire truck can be seen. Swinging round the corner, Alex Rush can be seen sitting on top of a miniature fire truck, complete with a fireman's helmet and blue flashing light.

Alex: Ner nor, Ner nor.

Alex attempts to make the sound of the fire truck as he stops next to Pussy Willow and looks up.

Alex: You really need to start wearing drawers love, get a chill up ya chimney!

Pussy steps back from Alex, but looks down at him.

Alex: What are you doing here at Underground twenty three? Don't you work for the other place.

Pussy Willow: Alex, you're at Climax Control two hundred and thirty six.

Alex: Oh bugger! That's the second time this week I've done that and ended up at the wrong show.

Pussy Willow: This is not the wrong show, you work here too, you're Kale Smith's hype man.

Alex scrunches up his face and strokes his beard.

Alex: Interesting. Ok, hype man. YAY! Kale is the Blast From The Past dude in the present! Maybe he's The Flash and can time travel, that would be cool, he could get a funky suit and everything, purple! No wait! Green!

Pussy Willow: I think you're going off topic Alex.

Alex: No, cause we was talking about what colour Kale was, right? He's definately green, a shade of leafy green.

Pussy laughs as she looks down at Alex.

Pussy Willow: I see what you did there.

Alex nods his head slowly.

Alex: Cool, cool, ummmm, can you tell me cause I don't know what ya giggling at! OH! Did the wind blow up and give you a tickle? Naughty wind!

Alex waves his hand around, hitting the air.

Alex: Bad wind! There ya go, I sorted it out for you, it will never bother you again.

Pussy Willow: Hmmmm, thanks. You must be happy for Kale.

Alex: I wouldn't say that, he only pulled a six last night. I mean she was alright but in certain lighting, you'd have to ask her what bridge she lived under.

Pussy Willow: I mean about Blast From The Past.

Alex: Oh that, yes, I'm as happy as a sand boy building a sandcastle on the beach. I told everyone he would win it from the start and I was right. People should listen to me more and they'll learn a lot of things, cause I'm a smartie.

Pussy Willow: Ummm, ok. Oh, and congratulations on signing for Sin City Underground.

Alex looks at Pussy confused.

Alex: I did what now?

Pussy Willow: You was on the show last Wednesday, you signed a contract to wrestle for them, you even tweeted about facing Danny Colt.

Alex: Well I'll be a son of a gun.

Pussy laughs at Alex who stays straight faced.

Pussy Willow: I see what you did there too.

Alex: Say what?

Pussy shakes her and rolls her eyes.

Pussy Willow: Never mind. Good luck in your match against Danny Colt.

Alex: Is it next?

Pussy Willow: No, it's on Wednesday.

Alex: Oh good, cause I didn't have me spandex undies on anyway. Gotta dash, there's probably fires to put out somewhere. Ner nor, ner nor. Ta-rah for a bit!

Alex speeds away from Pussy as the busiest person at Climax Control tonight just shakes her head.

And back once again to Bobbie Dahl -- SCW Sex Therapist! Now both Ty West and Fenris are standing up in the middle of the room, with the chairs and all other makeshift furniture pushed up against the walls. Bobbie has set her notepad down and is standing in front of the pair.

Bobbie: Okay, now for you two bodacious beefcakes to fully appreciate one another, you have to be able to trust each other. I'm sure you're familiar with the exercise I'm proposing so let's just get to it, shall we? Now, I'll go first so you can see I trust you, and have absolutely no ulterior motivation about having those arms wrapped around me.

Bobbie steps in front of Fenris in particular and turns her back to him. Bobbie starts to fall backwards...

Ty: Jan...

But Fenris just stands and watches as Bobbie tilts backwards on her heels and falls right to the floor with a crash! Fenris stares down at her and then at Ty.

Fen: What the fuck is up with her?!

Ty shakes his head as he helps the woman to her feet.

Ty: It was showing you what she wanted from us. You're supposed to trust your partner to catch you.

Bobbie grabs Ty's hand and when she stands, she pretends to stumble into Ty's arms.

Bobbie: You really know how to catch a damsel in distress, don't ya?

Then her hand snakes up Ty's arm and she start feeling his bicep, then rushes towards the door, opening it just a crack.

Bobbie: Hey, Artie! You gotta come feel this!

A muffled voice is heard from out in the hall and a few protests from Bobbie later, she shuts the door and turns back around towards them.

Bobbie: I think the poor guy is afraid of pitching a tent pretty damn fast.

She shrugs.

Bobbie: Anywho! Where were we?!

Fenris and Ty are standing there, staring at her. She takes in a deep breath and shrugs.

Bobbie: I think there's only ONE thing left for you two to do. Ya'll just need to kiss and make up, already.

Fenris and Ty look at each other then back to her, just blinking.

Bobbie: No, seriously. Like, now. I need to see that...

Fenris frowns.

Fenris: Why don't you blow it out your diddy bag!?

And Fenris turns and avoids Ty's hand as he reaches the door and yanks it open, startling the smaller man Artie who was obviously listening in on the other side as he spills onto the floor at Fenris's feet. Fenris just steps over him and walks out of the room, leaving Bobbie, Ty (and Artie) behind him!

Ty sighs and then looks back to Bobbie sympathetically.

Ty: I'm sorry Miss Dahl, his temper sets off easily, especially when he's uncomfortable.

Bobbie: He can let that temper fly in front of me anytime, honey. That made me tingly in places I never knew could tingle!

Her whole body shudders for a quick moment before she stands up straight.

Bobbie: was fun! And, like I said, one night with me is a night you'll never forget! The offer always stands!

She winks at him again. Ty smiles. He takes a step toward her and leans down to place a soft kiss on her cheek.

Ty: You're a sweetheart. I hope to see you around more, SCW could use you.

He then takes a step back.

Ty: I better go after him, before he makes a mess. Thank you.

He then turns with a wave and leaves the room, giving Artie a quick nod of polite acknowledgment. When Artie steps in the room, Bobbie is flat on her back on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, fanning her face. He walks over and looks down at her.

Artie: Are...are you okay?

Bobbie: I can't move my legs. The damn things just gave out right under me!

Artie stands there scratching his head as Bobbie tries to compose herself, and the scene fades out.

The camera focuses on the six-sided ring as referee Jasmine St. John steps through the ropes and takes her place in the near corner by Justin Decent, ready to officiate.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following Tag Team match is the Main Event of Climax Control!

The crowd cheers and applauds!

Justin: Introducing first, team number one...!

The bass kicks up as a heavy fog fills the stage. Yellow and red lights illuminate it until the back of a man is seen through it. The lights vibrate with the base until singing starts and "Pretty" Ty West turns, raising his fists into the air to the cheers of the fans! And as he turns to face the crowd on hand at the Gold Coast, he looks to the backstage area and the music is just as quickly replaced by...

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray and "the White Wolf" Fenris emerges from behind the curtains with his younger brother at his side. As Aron looks on, Fenris stands stoically, looking out towards the capacity crowd before dropping to one knee with head bowed. He symbolically crosses his heart and looks 'up' in homage before standing upright and he and Ty begin their journey down toward the ring with Aron following close behind.

Justin: Accompanied by Aron Baltasarsson! At a total combined weight of four hundred and fifty four pounds, the team of Fenris and Ty West!

Despite the fans that reach out toward him, Fenris does not reciprocate and his attention is solely on the ring, whereas the smiling Aron and always good natured Ty West slaps the hands that extends toward him. Fenris climbs the ring steps and walks along the apron, turning towards the fans and extends his arms up and begins the 'Viking Clap.' Slowly but surely, Ty joins in with many fans join along with them in the Viking Clap. Aron holds the ropes for his the two, and Ty and Fenris step through and continues the clap from one corner to the next, drawing in the energy of the crowd. Joined by Aron, Fenris and Aron return to their own corner to await their opponents.

Simone: It speaks volumes these two make a concentrated effort to come out to the ring as a cohesive unit, and not as separate individuals.

Adams: Question is; will Alex Jones and Austin James Mercer do the same?

Justin: And their opponents...!

"Chasing Glory" by Feed her to the sharks hits and as the lyrics of the intro cut into the guitar Alex steps out wearing a black and red "wolfslair" t-shirt and his wrestling gear. He makes his way down to the ring with an arrogant sneer before turning to look back up the aisle and...

The lights shut off as "United Divided" by Voodoo Johnson kicks in, as it builds different lights flash around the arena. As the song builds into the refrain and the guitars kick in a spotlight forms on the stage with Austin standing in the middle. He makes his way down to the ring and joins his partner Alex! As Alex slides inside of the ring, Mercer makes his way up and walks across the apron before stepping between the ropes. The two then stand side-by-side in the center of the ring....

Justin: At a total combined weight of four hundred and ninety pounds, the team of Alex Jones and the World Heavyweight Champion, Austin James Mercer -- Wolfslair!

The crowd is divided by cheers for the reigning World Champion, and some negativity directed toward the perpetually cocky Alex Jones!

Adams: I guess that answers that question!

Simone: It seems only natural that they would. Alex and Austin are both friends and teammates in the Wolfslair faction here in SCW.

Jasmine goes around to all four men, checking each one; Alex cockily wiggling his hips when it is his turn with a smirk on his face. Fenris stares straight ahead at both opponents as Ty whispers to him and ushers him back toward the corner while Alex Jones steps out onto the apron. Fenris finally relents and steps through the ropes, allowing Ty to begin this match.

Simone: I admit surprise that Fenris would allow anyone but himself to begin this match.

Adams: It's the big fellas starting this one off!

Jasmine calls for the bell and the Main Event is underway!


The two big men of the match circle and lock up, each testing the other's strength limits. They struggle and strain for position, but in the end, neither comes out on top and they shove the other away. They stare each other down and lock up again, and this time the champion ducks behind Ty, grabbing him in a rear waist lock. Ty struggles at breaking Mercer's grip, then counters, ducking behind Austin and grabbing him in his own rear waist lock. Now it is Austin who looks for a counter, and he finds it when he rears back and drives an elbow into the side of Ty's head, knocking him loose. Austin quickly grabs Ty in a side headlock, holding the hopeful challenger tight.

Simone: Both Ty West and Austin James Mercer are powerful competitors, but the interesting thing is they both also are quite skilled wresters as well.

Ty finally fends him off, sending Austin into the ropes where the two collide in a shoulder tackle -- but neither man moves!

Adams: Wow!

Austin slaps his shoulder and beckons Ty into the ropes, and West is only too happy to oblige. Ty dashes into the ropes and they collide a second time, and again neither man budges! Ty smiles at Austin and makes his pecs "dance," and a godly portion of the females in attendance whistle and catcall! Ty points to the ropes and this time BOTH men dash into the ropes and come off, but Ty suddenly changes tactics and jumps, catching Austin off guard with a high cross body!


But Austin kicks out quickly!

They're both up and Ty takes a swing at Mercer but the World Champion blocks it and grabs West in a front facelock, wrestling him down to his knees. Slowly, Ty forces his way back up to his feet while Austin retains the hold, and Ty suddenly lifts the surprised Mercer off of his feet in a foreman's carry! But before Ty can follow up, Austin wriggles himself free and lands on his feet! Ty spins around but Austin simply extends an arm and tags Alex in.

Simone: Austin tested the waters with Ty, now its time to see what his partner in the Wolfslair can do.

Alex steps in, but holds his hands up, warding Ty off. Alex instead points over toward Fenris...!

Adams: He wants Fenris in the ring, not Ty?

Simone: We know that Alex and Fenris are on an eventual collision course. They have been ever since Alex signed a contract.

Ty nods and turns to Fenris who extends his own hand and Ty gladly tags him in! Fenris climbs through the ropes and he and Alex step into each others' faces, trading barbs!

Adams: I have a feeling we should be grateful whatever Fenris is saying, it's in Icelandic!

Alex then backs up a step and raises a hand, asking for a test of strength!

Simone: I don't know how smart this is on Alex's part. We've seen Fenris display some uncanny strength by dead lifting men the size of Casey Williams!

But Fenris nods, happy to oblige. He brings his hand up and links fingers with Alex, then they do the same with their other hand, but before they can engage in the test of strength -- Alex STOMPS on Fenris's bare foot!

Adams: I wondered for MONTHS if someone was EVER going to do that!

Fenris crouches in pain, grabbing the hurt foot, and Alex sweeps his other leg out from under him and pounces on the former MMA star, raining blows down into his head with one hand while holding him secure in a side headlock with the other! Alex brings him up, but only long enough to snapmare him over and deliver a soccer kick to the small of the back! Alex steps back and delivers a martial arts kick to Fenris's back, eliciting a gasp from the crowd! Alex then wheels around and lands another in his chest, knocking him to his back! Alex stands over the downed grappler with his arms out proudly, and the fans booing!

Adams: He shouldn't be wasting time bragging like that with Fenris down!

Suddenly Fenris rolls through and uses his legs to trip Alex face-first to the mat and grabs Alex in an ankle lock on the mat!

Simone: A visual aid to prove what you just said to be true!

Alex fights to get to the ropes but Fenris stands up and drags Alex back to the center of the ring, still with the hold applied! Alex manages to get to one foot and Fenris suddenly has him around the waist and lifts him up and over in a release German suplex but Alex lands on his feet! Alex charges, swinging for a clothesline but Fenris ducks! Alex spins around and Fenris immediately begins unloading a barrage of MMA palm strikes to his chest and the side of his head! Fenris's delivers a kick that knocks Alex back into Fenris's own corner where Ty tags in! Ty grabs Alex and brings him over with a gut wrench suplex, then rolls through with the cover!



Alex kick out!

Ty brings him to his feet in a front facelock and holds him in place while delivering knee strikes up into his head and face. Ty then attempts a vertical suplex when suddenly Alex pulls him down into a small package!



Ty kicks out!

Both men attempt strikes but each blocks the others' blows! Alex then makes for a leaping enzugari but Ty ducks! Ty grabs him and runs him into the corner and tags Fenris back in! Fenris Irish whips Alex into the ropes for a spinning heel kick but Alex ducks, comes off the far side and he SPEARS Fenris down!

Adams: He speared Fenris right out of his -- well --- trunks?

Simone: God forbid!

Adams: Well he's not wearing boots!

Alex reaches over and tags Austin into the match! The Wolfslair each send Fenris into the ropes where Austin catches the former champion in a flapjack while Alex comes off the ropes with a guillotine leg drop across the back of his head! Jasmine orders Alex from the ring as Austin sends Fenris right back into the ropes for a lightning quick powerslam and cover! Jasmine turns to spot the pin and she jumps to count!



Fenris kicks out!

Austin brings Fenris up and holds him by the head with both hands to deliver a head butt right between the eyes! The reigning champion then sends Fenris into the ropes and catches him in a Double A spine buster and jackknifes him for the cover!



Fenris gets a shoulder up!

Simone: So very close!

Adams: I love this! Champion against former champion!

Austin then tags Alex back into the match. Alex climbs in and starts to bring Fenris to his feet, when Fenris surprises his opponent by standing up and picking him up in a fireman's carry! But Alex works behind him and brings him down on the back of his head with two handfuls of hair!

Adams: Aw c'mon!

The crowd boos and Ty protests as Jasmine reprimands him for the rule infraction, and Alex all but ignores the official as he puts the boots to his downed opponent! Fenris rolls to his hands and knees and Alex comes off the ropes and brings him down with a spinning neck breaker into another cover!



Fenris gets a shoulder up!

But as soon as Fenris escapes the pin, Alex catches hold of him and locks him in the Koji clutch on the mat!

Adams: He may have him! Alex might force Fenris to tap!

The crowd cheers for Fenris and some for Alex as well, as Alex sinks the hold on tightly! Fenris raises a hand as if to tap but hangs on! Jasmine is down asking if he wants to submit but Fenris refuses! Suddenly Ty has seen enough and he's in the ring and stomps on Alex, breaking the pin up!

Simone: Ty has seen enough!

Adams: Even a Boy Scout can take only so much!

But as Jasmine is in Ty's face (chest), forcing him back to his corner, Alex whips Fenris hard into his corner and Austin climbs in and the two begin delivering the boots to Fenris until he's down on his backside! Jasmine hurries over to force them to break it up, but it's Alex who steps out onto the apron while Austin continues the match!

Adams: But -- there wasn't a tag!

Simone: Since when has that ever mattered now a days?

Austin picks Fenris up and drops him across his knee in a pendulum back breaker, and holds him there, pressing down on his chin and though! But Fenris starts to fight back, bringing his knee up into the side of Austin's head! Austin then clobbers him with a forearm, knocking him to the mat! Austin brings him to his feet and lifts him up in position for a vertical suplex -- and simply holds him there!

Simone: What a display of raw power by the World Champion!

The crowd begins to cheer as Austin hangs him there in the air -- when Fenris starts struggling and delivers a knee to Austin's head! Then another! Austin stumbles and Fenris lands on his feet in front of him! Austin goes for a big boot but Fenris ducks! Austin turns around and...!

Adams: Pele kick!

Now BOTH men are down!

Simone: Both men need to make the tag!

Both are down and hurt, dazed and exhausted! Jasmine begins to make the count against them both...






Austin begins to stir...



Fenris starts crawling toward his corner!


Austin grabs him leg -- but Fenris makes the tag! An eager Ty bounds into the ring over the top rope and lays Austin out with a running clothesline! Austin fights his way back to his feet and hits a second! Austin staggers to his feet and swings at Ty but Ty ducks and picks him up from behind and turns it around into a sit out powerbomb!



Alex breaks it up!

Adams: Payback for earlier!

As Jasmine ushers Alex from the ring, Ty grabs a struggling Austin by the legs on the match for a cloverleaf submission, but Mercer uses his leg strength to kick West down to the mat! Austin is fast enough to tag Alex back into the match and Alex uses the top rope as a springboard to wipe Ty out with a missile dropkick! As Ty starts to get up, Alex runs right into him with a running knee strike!

Simone: The V-Trigger! But I don't think he got it all!

Alex with the cover!



Ty kicks out!

Adams: Apparently not!

Alex then grabs Ty by the arm and twists him into a hammerlock, then whipcords him around for a clothesline -- only Ty blocks it and lands the Rock Bottom! Ty with the cover!



Alex kicks out!

Ty goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Alex reverses it, and as Ty hits the ropes, Austin lands a knee into his mid back from the apron! Jasmine warns Austin and Alex darts back into the ropes to finish him off, when Fenris kicks him in the head from behind!

Adams: Oh this has REALLY broken down now!

Alex staggers forward and Ty plows right into him with a spear! Ty tags Fenris in and now Austin climbs in! Ty and Austin start to trade blows as Jasmine tries in vain to break it up! Fenris looms around Alex as he fights to get to his feet and Fenris lashes out with --

Simone: Wolf's Bane!

Alex hits the mat and Fenris covers him! Jasmine sees the pin and jumps...!



Austin tries to break it up but Ty tackles him!



Justin: Here are your winners -- TY WEST and FENRIS!

The crowd cheers as Ty joins Fenris in the center of the ring as Jasmine raises their arms, while an obviously angry Austin stares hard at the two while he kneels by Alex who is recovering from the kick to the head!

Adams: They did it! Fenris and Ty win!

Simone: But it was a war from start to finish! A VERY rare loss for the Wolfslair and I know we haven't heard the last of the four of these men!

Austin rolls from the ring and helps Alex out, propping him up as Ty and Fenris continue to celebrate inside of thee ring as the fans applaud and cheer!

Simone: That's it for this evening fans! Next week we hit the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada where word is Alicia Lukas will be main eventing with the world championship on the line! Until then, I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: I'm Jason Adams, but you already knew that!

Simone: So long everyone!

Credits roll as the two victors continue their celebration inside of the ring....

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, AJ, The Lord MK, Jenny, Court, Annie, Todd, Griffin, Mercedes, Mandy, Marge, Casey. Also thank you again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!