Climax Control

The sun is setting over the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena in Stateline, Nevada, giving everyone inside of the stadium the experience of an exciting wrestling program beneath the open sky. A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Delhi University Sports Complex, in Stateline, Nevada, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda comes out dressed in a cheesy waitress outfit, accompanied by a young male fan wearing a cowboy hat to much laughter and applause. With a table set up on the stage, the youth has a seat and the performance begins.

Amanda: Well, I was sitting in a roadhouse down on Highway 41
You were wiping off some ketchup on a table that was done
I knew you didn't see me
I was in a corner booth
Of course, you weren't my waitress
Mine was missing her front tooth
So I flagged you down for coffee, but I couldn't say a thing
But I'm in love with you, baby, and I don't even know your name

I'm in love with you, baby
I don't even know your name
I've never been too good at all those sexual games
So maybe it's just better if we leave it this way
I'm in love with you, baby, and I don't even know your name

So I ordered straight tequila
A little courage in a shot
I asked you for a date and then I asked to tie the knot
I got a little wasted
Yeah, I went a little far
But I finally got to hug you when you helped me to my car
The last thing I remember, I heard myself say
I'm in love with you, baby, and I don't even know your name'

I'm in love with you, baby
I don't even know your name
I've never been too good at all those sexual games
So maybe it's just better if we leave it this way
I'm in love with you, baby, and I don't even know your name

The next thing I remember, I was hearing wedding bells
Standing by a woman in a long white lacy veil
I raised the veil, she smiled at me without her left front tooth
And I said 'Where the hell am I and just who the hell are you?'
She said 'I was your waitress and our last name's now the same,
Cause I'm married to you, baby, and I don't even know your name'

I'm married to a waitress, I don't even know her name
I've never been too good at all those sexual games
I never thought my love life would quite turn out this way
Hey, I'm married to a waitress and I don't even know her name

The crowd laughs and applauds as the youth gets up from his chair and runs off the stage with Amanda giving chase. A moment later, they reappear with Amanda carrying the youth slung over her shoulder and they disappear on the other side, both waving to generous applause.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to Sin City Wrestling Climax Control at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena! I am Belinda Simone...

Jason turns and grasps Belinda's hand and shakes it vigorously.

Adams: Hey there Belli! Glad to meetcha!

Belinda pulls her hand free and Jason smiles cheesy at the camera.

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams!

Simone: Tonight we get one step closer to Violent Conduct IV in Las Vegas! We already crowned a brand new World Heavyweight Champion in Calvin Harris last week, and tonight...

Adams: We crown a new Internet Champion!

Simone: Thank you, Jason. Mark Ward and Christian Underwood did not want to allow any time to be wasted with vacant titles, and I personally can't wait to see who will walk away as the new Internet Champion this evening!

Adams: I can't wait to see our FIRST match! Griffin Hawkins is back in the ring to rock things out!

Simone: But things won't be as easy this week for the rock n roll Superstar as they were last time around. Samuel Devereux is bigger, stronger, and back!

Adams: Whoever moves on after this one is going to really impress the championship committee!

Jason leans over to whisper.

Adams: Do we have a championship committee?

Belinda shakes her head no.

Simone: Then "The Dragon" Trinity Jones is back in action, but she faces a larger test this time around...

Adams: Larger than Bobbie Dahl!?

Simone: Indeed as she faces the Hall of Famer and Grand Slam Champion, Amy Marshall!

Adams: Amy really wants to work her way back into contention for a championship!

Simone: And she's making good progress, but if she wants to go any further, she is going to have to get past Trinity.

Adams: This night is just full of the Bombshells, because Bobbie Dahl is back and in a partying mood!

Simone: How long that mood will last though is anyone's guess because she's up against another of the true greats, Mercedes Vargas!

Adams: And just like Amy, Mercedes wants to be back on top!

Simone: Well she has her work cut out for her because Bobbie Dahl is a big road block to get past.

Adams: *SNONK!*

Simone: Oh grow up Jason!

Adams: Then we got a non-title match! Sammy Marlowe is just one of the five names listed in Polly Playtime's List, and she's next to last to face the Player!

Simone: The... Player... not sure how Polly will like that nickname. Anyway, Polly is indeed nearly complete with her list and we know she has her sights set on Evie Baang's World title, but right now she has another champion in her path; the Roulette Champion Samantha Marlowe!

Adams: This is Polly's toughest one yet! She's yet to face a reigning champion in her list of challenges and Sammy Marlowe earned that gold!

Simone: We found out that at Violent Conduct IV, the Bad Boys, reigning World Tag Team Champions, would defend their gold against Killian and Porter Sweete, aka Black Sheep! But you know the bosses. They always like to give the fans a sample of what's to come.

Adams: Exactamundo! That's why they split the two teams up tonight and are having a singles match! Bad Boy against Black Sheep! Mickey Carroll against Killian Sweete with their partners at ringside!

Simone: Which puts the numbers advantage to the Bad Boys, as usual.

Adams: Then it's time to crown a new Internet Champion! A Fatal Fourway Elimination! I love matches like this! I love seeing new champions crowned!

Simone: Then tonight is certainly your night then, Jason, as the four men in this match is certain to make it a night to remember!

Adams: You bet it will be! James Tuscini! Steve Ramone! Eyesnsane! ...

Simone: One note, however. Samuel McPherson had originally been scheduled to take part in this title thanks in part to his role in last week's World title match. However, due to personal reasons, Samuel had to step back for now, and in his spot is none other than Ryan Keys!

Adams: And to all those on social media who complain we don't give Ryan Keys a chance...

Jason raises up his right arm and hand and...

Simone: JASON ADAMS YOU STOP THAT THIS INSTANT! Where did you pick up such a rude hand gesture!?

Adams: From you when we're driving together on the interstate!

Simone: ... Oh. Well in our Main Event, we have World title gold on the line! Evie Baang puts her newly won championship up for grabs!

Adams: Jessie Salco has been making noise for a title shot for some time! The bosses didn't think Jessie deserved one but apparently Evie did!

Simone: Apparently! She basically told the higher ups that if they didn't grant the title match to Jessie, then Evie herself would! And the bosses relented and that tonight is how we are closing out the show! Evie Baang versus Jessie Salco!

Adams: And the sooner we get to starting the show, the sooner we can end it! .... Wait. That didn't sound right.

After the opening to the show had settled down and everyone was looking forward to the first bit of action of the night. It was at that particular moment that the arena lights had dimmed down. This proceeded to get the crowd a little excited. The excitement just surging throughout the entire arena. In that very moment the big titantron that was known for playing video packages and what not proceeded to come to life. In coming to life though the Sin City Wrestling fans were met with a familiar face. One they didn't care which is why the energy changed and the boos began to ring out. Standing right there on the tron was none other than Calvin Harris. There was this smug smirk spread across his lips. In that moment the man's voice could be heard as he began to address the entire crowd.

Calvin Harris: Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Calvin Harris. Also known as the Martyr of Professional Wrestling. But as of last week each and every single one of you can call me YOUR Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

With those words coming out of his mouth. Calvin proceeded to lift his right hand up in the air which had the SCW Heavyweight Championship in it. Lifting the title up with ease, he tossed the championship over his shoulder and let that smirk of his grow a little bit more. His eyes zeroed in right on the camera that was recording his every move.

Calvin Harris: Now, I know that most of you are a little upset that I cannot be there tonight. Which to be honest with you? I don't give a fuck if you are upset or not. I've got more important matters at hand. You know because unlike some people. I'm a family man and my family comes first. My son's birth definitely means more to me than being around you stinky, sweaty, overweight, trail trash park raised people.

As one would have expected at that very second the fans found themselves losing it. They had already been booing, but getting insulted by a man that disliked more than most was not something they were going to take. Nearly every single person in the building was booing and letting it be known exactly how they felt about him.

Calvin Harris: At the same time though, I realize that I do have some duties to fulfill as the brand spanking new champion. Therefore you get to hear from me via satellite. In that being said it appears that I've got to address a specific matter at hand. You see last week I hadn't even been the SCW Heavyweight Champion for a full minute. Before it was pretty much a signed deal where I'll be forced to defend MY Championship at Violent Conduct IV against none other than the man that I defeated in the middle of that ring to become champion. Yes, I'm talking about Dmitri!

Hearing the name of Dmitri. It appeared to bring some life into the crowd. They went from booing to cheering, which made a ton of sense in this specific situation.

Calvin Harris: Oh I could only imagine how crazy the lot of you are going at this very moment by the simple fact of me mentioning his name. Thankfully, I don't have to hear your reactions. Nevertheless though, the fact that the match was booked the moment that I held the championship above my head, it shows the type of favoritism that Christian Underwood and Mark Ward show towards Dmitri. The man lost fair and square. I pinned his shoulders to the mat. It was as simple as one, two, and three. Yet for some reason despite losing clean. They've decided to thrust him right back into the limelight. For whatever reason they've decided that Dmitri is more deserving of a title shot than other people on the roster... But I bet money no one will go on social media and bitch about HOW UNFAIR that is.

He paused for that moment. Making sure to make eye contact with the cameras. For that brief moment it seemed pretty obvious that there was a hidden "message" behind what he was saying.

Calvin Harris: People can whine and cry about how unfair it is for me to get a shot at the title over other people. Yet no one is going to do the same when it's clear that Dmitri is being forced down their throats.

As soon as those words came out of his mouth. Calvin let a wink consume him for that brief moment. If anything that was a direct shot at more than one person. It was a direct shot at the fans. It was a direct shot at the roster. It was a direct shot at people that did nothing better than complain on twitter despite not even working for the company. Shots fired all around from a guy that held SCW in the palm of his hands.

Calvin Harris: Ah well. There's no point in saying anything about it right? After all it isn't going to change the match. Christian and Mark aren't going to change their minds. They're not going to strip him of the shot. They're not going to find another contender. Though, I do have to say this much. It cracks me up that they're going to put him in the ring with me for a third time. First time they put him in the ring me. As much as he tried. As much as he gave it everything he had. As much as he did what he could to keep me down. In the end it wasn't good enough. In the end we had to be pulled apart by security. And then last week, as much as he gave it everything he had. As much as he tried. As much as he wanted to be the champion. In the end, it was the Art of Betrayal that sealed his fate. It won me the championship and I proved without a doubt I was better than him.

He let his eyesight break from the cameras long enough to look at the gold hanging on his shoulder. That said pretty much everything that it needed to say. Calvin's eyes shifted back towards the cameras at that moment. Letting that smirk of his return to his face.

Calvin Harris: So, they think the man deserves a third shot at me despite two times before he proved he couldn't get the job done. What does Mark, Christian, and Dmitri all have the mindset that the third time is going to be the charm? Because if that's what they're betting on. Then they're sadly going to be let down in the end. See, because this isn't going to be a cliche situation. The third time isn't going to be a charm. This isn't going to be the fairytale ending. I assure you Dmitri isn't Cinderella. This Heavyweight Championship isn't a glass slipper and it isn't going to be a perfect match!

Shaking his head from side to side. Hearing that just got under the skin of the fans which is why they were back to booing as loud as they possibly could.

Calvin Harris: That being said Dmitri. You've got yourself some time and in that time. I hope you do the right thing. I hope you sit yourself down in the coffin you sleep in at night and you tell yourself what you need to hear. I hope you tell yourself that you are not good enough to be in the ring with me. I hope you tell yourself that you're not good enough to compete for the SCW Heavyweight Championship. I hope you tell yourself that you're not good enough to defeat me, which means at the same time you're not good enough to hold this championship. Because it's what you need to hear. It's what you need to tell yourself. It's the only way that you're going to be able to cope with the loss that's going to happen.

Fans were continuing to boo as they didn't like what they were hearing. Not only did they not like what they were hearing. They were honestly hoping that it wasn't something that would be true in the end. That was something that they just couldn't deal with, but at the same time it was a real possibility. Keeping his eyes on the camera, Calvin had that serious look in those eyes.

Calvin Harris: But at the same time Dmitri. If you don't do what's best for you and you come into this match assuming that you're going to take what I've worked my entire career to hold. Then I assure you that you're going to be a broken man in every sense of the word. Because there's not a chance on God's green earth. You're taking this from me. And just in case you're wondering why. Well it's simple it's because I am BETTER than you!

In one fluid motion Calvin lifted the SCW Heavyweight Championship off his shoulder and proceeded to hold it up to the camera. Making sure that there was a nice close up of the championship and specifically where his name was placed on the nameplate. As the cameras found themselves getting more and more upset by the Martyr just rubbing it in. It was at that point the titantron proceeded to fade out with the champion disappearing for now. Even with that being the case, it didn't change how the fans were feeling. It was perfectly clear that every single SCW fan was already sick of Calvin's reign as the SCW Heavyweight Champion, but now the show was left to continue.

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of The Fearless One Steve Ramone."

Simone: It seems that Steve is joining us!

Adams: He did have some strong words for Griffin last week and Griffin is set to take on Samuel Devereux in our opening match in just a few minutes but what could he want.

"I want what's coming to me."
"So, what's coming to you?"
"The world chico, and everything in it"

Following that quote the opening riff to "I Want The World.....and Everything In It" by Battle Beast hits the speakers as the lights dim and the crowd boos as "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone comes out first air guitaring to the song before he is joined by Andreas and Cyrus, the three men ignore the fans at ringside whilst they walk down to the ringside as Steve sings along to the lyrics before they reach the ringside area where Cyrus and Andreas enter the ring first followed by Steve, they pose for the crowd before Steve takes Justin's mic.

Steve: YET AGAIN! Yet again I was robbed last week of my destiny! I swear to god, if this company did background checks occasionally, they'd have an empty roster! But I'm not here to rant about that, not when I have the Internet Championship to win tonight! Instead I'm focusing on two things, the Internet Championship and Griffin Hawkins!

Steve says before walking up to the ropes.

Steve: Griffin! Not only did you steal my metalhead gimmick but your presence in the building cost me my match last week! Get out here, now!

The opening of "Rock You" by Helix kicks in as the fans sing along to the lyrics. Griffin Hawkins steps out the ramp, listening to the loud positive reaction and smiling as the fans are cheering. He waits for the music to end before speaking to the mic in hand.

Hawkins: Now...before I come down there and slap the bitch outta you...I gotta ask man, what exactly is your malfunction? I swear. You are worse than a week of yellow shit storms. Last week you threaten me, then you trash my locker room when I'm not around, and now you're out here blaming me for this...blaming me for that. Man, next thing you know you'll be blaming me for ruining your 5th Birthday Party!

He begins pacing as he continues his promo.

Hawkins: But you know what I hear other than all this bitching and moaning Steve? The world's smallest violin...and it's playing your song! You think if you step to me, your problems are gonna end? I got news for ya pal. Your problems are gonna get a hell of a lot worse. You wanna blame someone for your downfall...why don't you go in the back, look in the mirror and blame yourself?

Steve: Why would I blame myself when I'm the best wrestler alive! Besides, as far as I'm concerned, it's only a matter of time before I get back to my winning ways.

Steve says before leaving the ring and getting in Griffin's face.

Steve: And it starts with you, punk!

Griffin just grins, taking off his orange tinted aviator shades.

Hawkins: You know...where I'm from, we have an old saying, it's called...shut up and fight!

With that he delivers a hard-right hand, Steve delivers it back and it looks like we're having an old-fashioned slugfest! The crowd is losing it at these two are throwing wild punches at one another at security guards scramble from the back trying to break it up. Chants of "Let them fight!" ring out as they are keeping them apart. Steve glares at Griffin as we go to a break.

Simone: Last week was full of surprises but the most surprising off all was the long-awaited debut of Griffin Hawkins, or rather how quickly he made an enemy in SCW in the form of Steve Ramone.

Adams: Steve felt that Griffin's debut was overshadowing what he felt was a destined win in last week's Battle Royal to determine the new SCW World Heavyweight Champion and now Steve is claiming that Griffin cost him the match in spirit! However last week also saw the return of the Angel Clan's Melanie Gabrielle and Samuel Devereux and they brought with them their daughter Athena, even though Athena should really be a year old.

Simone: It's probably best that you don't think on that too hard Jason! In any case Griffin and Samuel are set to do battle in tonight's opening contest, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall!

The opening instrumental for "Tired" and the lights turn purple. Sam comes out from behind the curtain. He takes out a card and throws it, sticking it to the middle of the ramp. He slowly walks down the ramp with a smile on his face. Sam picks up the card and shows it to be the Queen of hearts.

Justin: Making his return to Sin City Wrestling, from Odessa, Denmark, weighing in at 245lbs, he is Denmark's Gambit and represents the Angel Clan, Samuel Devereux!

He kisses it pockets it. Samuel jumps up on the steps and looks around as the crowd cheers for him. Samuel gets into the ring and climbs onto one of the turnbuckles absorbing the crowd's energy.

Simone: Sam is looking to kick off his second SCW run with a win but Griffin is no pushover!

Adams: And you just know Steve's going to watch this one closely!

Justin: And his opponent!

The opening chords of "Rock You" by Helix ring through the air as the crowd sings along to the track. As the music picks up, Griffin Hawkins arrives on the entrance ramp as the crowd goes wild.

Justin: Making his way to the ring...from Windsor, Ontario Canada...weighing in at 227 Pounds...put your hands together for Griffin Hawkins!!

The crowd is cheering as he makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as signs that read "Griffin Rox" and "Rock Soldier" are present. He soaks in the positive reaction as he walks up the steps and steps between the ropes. He gets on the turnbuckles and raises the Devil Horns in the air with both hands, pumping the crowd up.

He gets down, taking off his leather jacket before getting out of the ring. He sees a young little boy in the front row as he takes off his silver aviator shades. He places his sunglasses on the young fan who looks excited to be here, smiling as he pats him on the head. He rolls back into the ring, and kicks his feet up ropes in the corner of the ring and leans across the turnbuckle like it's a hammock, waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: If you've never seen that man wrestle before, you're in for a treat!

Adams: This should be a great match!

Holly calls the two men to the middle of the ring to go over the rules with them, both men nod to confirm that they understand and Holly calls for the bell.


Simone: And here we go!

Adams: Griffin had better keep an eye out for Steve, that guy can hold a grudge like no other!

The two men shake hands as a sign of respect for each other just after the bell rings before they lock up and start exchanging submission holds in the middle of the ring, however neither man can maintain the advantage long enough for Holly to check on their opponent until Griffin manages to break the stalemate with an arm drag followed by a dropkick and then follows that up with a Standing Shooting Star Press! Griffin goes for the first cover of the match.



And Samuel kicks out at the count of two!

Simone: Some impressive athleticism on display by Griffin just now but it's far too early in the match to get a win over a competitor like Samuel!

Adams: True but kicking out forced Samuel to expend energy that he could've used later in the match!

Griffin shakes his head in disappointment at the failed pin attempt before picking up Sam and hitting a series of jabs to Sam's head before going for a discuss clothesline only for Sam to duck under the clothesline at the last second and hit Griffin with a Fireman's Carry Facebuster planting Griffin in the middle of the ring, Sam then goes for a cover of his own on Griffin.



And Griffin kicks out, rather than pick up Griffin however Sam decides to take to the air as he heads out to the apron and hits Griffin with a Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault that brings the fans to their feet! Sam goes for another cover on Griffin!



And Griffin kicks out! Rather than go for another pin attempt however Sam decides to change tactics by locking in a Sleeper Hold!

Simone: Sam's trying to put Griffin to sleep here!

Adams: If he wanted to do that he could've made him watch a Veronica Taylor match!

Holly gets into position as Griffin tries to fight off the submission hold but after a few minutes it becomes obvious that Griffin is fading away until he stops moving, Holly raises Griffin's arm once and it falls, the second time around the same thing happens but when the third time comes around Griffin gets a second wind and starts fighting his way back to his feet before he jams his elbows into Sam's ribs forcing him to break the hold and allowing Griffin to hit him with a Hurricanrana! Griffin holds on for a cover!



And Samuel kicks out! Rather than be deterred Griffin decides to go for another Hurricanrana this time from the top rope as soon as Sam gets back to his feet but this time around Sam has Griffin scouted countering the Hurricanrana into a Turnbuckle Powerbomb that sends Griffin back first into the turnbuckle he leapt from! Sam then goes for another cover on Griffin!



And Griffin kicks out!

Simone: The action between these two men has been fast and furious so far!

Adams: It's clear that both men feel that they have something to prove!

Both men get to their feet and Sam's the first to make a move going for a running lariat which Griffin ducks under before spinning him around and planting him with a DDT! Griffin then goes for a cover on Sam!



And Sam kicks out! Rather than be deterred Griffin then calls out for his finisher!

Simone: I think Griffin is going for his Shot in the Dark Superkick, that's the move that he put Damien Payne away with last week on Climax Control and if he hits this then it's claimed another victim!

Adams: Wait, what's she doing out here?

Kaylee Saunders has come out of nowhere to hop on the apron and distract Holly but neither Griffin nor Sam notice her, mostly because Sam's too busy counting the ceiling lights after being hit with the Shot in the Dark and Griffin has gone for a cover not realizing that Holly isn't around to count it, the fans are counting the pin-fall but with Holly's back turned she can't do a thing about it!

Simone: Turn around Holly!

Adams: I don't think she can hear you!

Griffin gets up and looks towards Holly just as Steve slides into the ring wearing a Bloodstock 2016 shirt and jeans whilst he waits for Griffin to turn around, when Griffin does Steve levels him with his own version of the Superkick before quickly leaving the ring as Sam starts to come too.

Simone: Steve may have just cost Griffin the match!

Adams: And he's about to say something into the camera.

Kaylee joins Steve in the audience before he grabs a camera.

Steve: To my fellow metalheads in the UK, see you at Bloodstock! To Griffin, see you when I get back!

Steve heads to the backstage area just as Sam goes for a cover on Griffin.





Justin: Here is your winner, Denmark's Gambit Samuel Devereux!

Simone: Griffin has lost his first match in SCW and he only has one man to blame for that and that's Steve!

Adams: I think it's safe to say that things aren't over between them!

Both men are left licking their wounds in the ring whilst Holly raises Sam's hand in victory.

The cameras cut backstage again, where one of the two Sweete twins is leaning against the wall next to the entrance to the locker room. He is already dressed to compete, the blue tights with his last name down the leg sparkling in the overhead lighting of the hallway. He adjusts the pads on his elbows as Pussy Willow approaches him with a camera.

Pussy Willow: Killian, can I get a moment of your time?

The question gets a mere roll of his eyes. He does not answer otherwise, rolling his shoulders and adjusting the way that the Black Sheep shirt hangs on his shoulders. Thinking that he has maybe just not heard her, Pussy fires off a second question.

Pussy Willow: This is your first singles match in SCW, are you nervous at all?

Again, the twin does not answer, instead looking away as his identical copy, wearing the exact same outfit, comes out of the locker room. He makes eye contact with his brother, before looking at Pussy. The man leaning against the wall finally speaks up.

Porter: She has some questions for you, but asked me for some reason.

Killian shakes his head gently.

Killian: I mean it is pretty easy to tell us apart Miss Willows but you can get a free pass this time.

Porter rolls his eyes again but can't help the smirk that comes over his lips.

Killian: But to answer your questions Pussy, yes, you can have a moment but I will time you and no...?

He gives her a confused look.

Killian: Should I be nervous of a man who didn't have enough balls to say a word about our match? Pretty obvious who the nervous one is.

Porter brings his hand up, interrupting his brother.

Porter: I'm not sure about nervous, but maybe he is still spending all his time crying that Ben Jordan doesn't love him. Either way, it means he is not focused on this match, and that's all the advantage The Black Sheep need. Their numbers advantage means nothing when they have a guy not paying attention.

Killian nods and looks down at his naked wrist like he has a watch.

Killian: 30 seconds Pussy, better make your next question a good one.

She does not miss a beat, immediately having an answer for him.

Pussy Willow: There is a significant numbers advantage for The Bad Boys though. They have Tim Staggs, Mickey, Dax, Giani, and now even Eyensane. How can the two of you hope to overcome that?

It makes Porter chuckle, and draws Pussy's attention from Killian. He offers her a shrug.

Porter: There are more than just the two of us in The Black Sheep. Have you forgotten about that?

Killian: Remember my dear, quality over quantity. They keep adding people but it isn't making them less of a joke or more talented.

Killian chucks her under the chin like a child and walks away leaving Porter alone to finish up.

Porter: ...and that's why they are going to lose this match, and then their titles soon enough.

Before Pussy can respond, Porter follows his brother down the hallway, leaving her alone in the hallway as the feed cuts away.

Shots of last week's main event are shown on the titan tron where in the end it is Dmitri that eliminated his tag team partner James Tuscini. Making the final two to be him and Calvin Harris... there are several moments shown during the match until the end comes that Harris has pinned Dmitri and becoming the new SCW heavyweight champion. After that final shot we see the arena go black as Dmitri's music starts to play and the vampire suddenly is shown inside the ring as a spotlight is shown upon him. His face is cold, but his eyes reveal a rage inside of him that he is trying to control before his eyes lift up to the camera that zooms in on him.

Dmitri: Last week I was THIS close to redeem myself, last week I was THIS close to fulfill a dream that was taken away from me several times in a span of 8 months to a year max... I was prepared..., I was ready to be the one that took the honor of holding that championship belt that J2H did.... Being the only one that could take him to the level and beyond and made him RESPECT ME!!

His anger is brewing inside of him as he is swallowing his anger and breathes heavy before turning his attention back to the camera and to the crowd that is listening and watching

Dmitri: And yet I failed, everything was in line for me to do the unthinkable, I had to wait for so long. I had to bite my tongue when I saw lesser beings fail miserable.. I had to realize that I could do anything in my power and yet I could not take that final step to challenge J2H once more.... Not ever again as long as he held on to that belt... And now?? Now I have to wait until the next big show to challenge the man that beat me.... Yes .... Beat me.......

Dmitri: When is it going to be enough?? When is it going to stop?? I have taken steps of ridding myself of everything that ever did HOLD ME BACK!! Now I only can step forward as I can't sink deeper into the anger that is building inside of me.... And the fact that you aren't here Harris makes me sick!!! You will know who I am when we will face one more time...., you will understand what made J2H suffer, you will understand what it is like to face a man that has got nothing to gain and everything to lose.... Everything except the one person that truly believes in me....

With that Gothika walks up to him and puts her arms around him as the number one contender for the world title stares into the camera with an evil look in his eyes

Dmitri: I will break you, I will haunt you, I will terrorize you until I get what I want.... You think your life is now perfect??? Your life is just going to be a miserable HELL and I will be the gate keeper to make sure that you will remain damned... enjoy that belt Harris... because when I'm done with you, you wished you never could have held on to that fucking thing....

With that Dmitri drops the microphone as he kisses Gothika before the lights go dark and when it comes back on again the two have vanished.

Justin: Our next match is a Standard Rules match. Coming to the match first she hails from Juneau, Alaska, and she stands in at five feet seven inches and one hundred twenty-eight pounds, she is known as the "PUNK PRINCESS" please give a warm welcome for AMY MARSHALL!

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system and the crowd erupts in a mostly positive reaction for the announcement of Amy Marshall. The lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Marshall is written in red and in Japanese. The crowd continues their mostly favorable reaction as Amy surveys the crowd for a moment. After the pause Amy continues down the ramp as she slaps the hands of the awaiting fans. When she arrives at the ring Amy climbs into the ring where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the nearest corner. Amy removes her mask and waits for the arrival of Trinity Jones.

Justin: Our next wrestler for this match hails from Maui, Hawaii, and she stands in at five feet seven inches and one hundred forty pounds, she is "THE DRAGON" TRINITY JONES!!!

The crowd also erupts with a mostly favorable reaction to the announcement of Trinity Jones. "The Enemy You Need" by Blameshift hits the speakers as strobe lights begin to float around the arena. The curtain draws back as Trinity Jones comes walking out with Felicity Oswald right beside her. The dark stare from Trinity moves from side to side as the crowd is giving her a lot of respect. She descends down the ramp while keeping her eyes fixated on the ring. Trinity smirks while bumping knuckles with a fan or two at ringside. She fist bumps Felicity before sliding into the ring. She remains on the canvas for three seconds before popping up to her feet and jumping onto the nearest turnbuckle. She lets out a roar while looking around the ring. She hops back down while removing the long trench coat and handing it to Felicity. She then backs into a corner opposite of where Amy Marshall is located and she waits for the match to begin.

Simone: With both wrestlers at five feet seven inches, with the only difference being Trinity Jones has 12 pounds more weight, we have an extremely equally matched wrestling match. The only difference that might play into this match is that Amy Marshall is a High-Flyer wrestler who enjoys taking it Hardcore and Trinity Jones is a brawler and works well with submissions. She can also take it high flying and hard-hitting. We will have to wait to see which style of wrestling comes out on top in this match.

Adams: Well stated. I'm ready for this match to start to see how each wrestler approaches this match and what they do to counter the other and take advantage of them.

Referee Drew Patton motions for both wrestlers to join him in the middle of the ring. He informs the two this is a Standard Rules match and he will not tolerate cheating and illegal maneuver and holds. Satisfied that both wrestlers understand him and the rules of this match he motions for the Timekeeper to ring the bell to officially start this match.


Both wrestlers fly out of their corners and slam into each other in the center of the ring. They lock up and both are working hard to gain the advantage. Although they are inching each other back and forth neither has a clear advantage. As they continue to struggle Trinity Jones maneuvers her leg around the leg of Amy Marshall. She pulls Amy's leg toward her while shoving Amy back which causes Any to drop to the mat. Trinity wastes no time in rolling on top of Amy to attempt an early pin.



Amy kicks out of the pin attempt breaking the count at two. Trinity rolls off and gets to her feet and Amy Marshall also gets to her feet. Marshall leans against the ropes for a moment causing Jones to come at her with an attempted clothesline to flip her out of the ring. Amy sees the move coming and she drops to the mat as Trinity approaches which causes Jones to miss the clothesline and she is the one who flies over the ropes to the arena floor. Trinity hits the floor hard but she doesn't appear to be injured to the point of not being able to continue. Referee Patton orders Amy to step back and not interfere with his count on Trinity and she steps back and starts to celebrate her ability to out-think Trinity Jones.

Adams: If that back and forth interaction is any indication of how this match is going to go then we are in for non-stop action.

Simone: That's the type of match you expect with two evenly matched wrestlers.

The count on Trinity Jones on the outside of the ring begins.



Trinity Jones shakes off the landing on the arena floor. She walks over to the ring and makes her way up the ring steps. She stops short of the ring apron to look into the ring to see where Amy Marshall is located.



Amy Marshall stays back to allow time for Trinity Jones to return inside the ring. Trinity steps up on the ring apron and she is about to duck through the ropes when Amy Marshall rushes up and tries to get at her. Trinity backs out of the ropes while Referee Patton turns around to admonish Amy for interfering with Trinity returning inside the ring. Marshall is complaining to Drew Patton that she wasn't trying to interfere with Trinity reentering the ring she was only getting close to make sure when she returned inside the ring she would be there to continue the action. The two continue arguing and while moving around during the argument we now have Amy Marshall with her back to the corner where Trinity Jones is located. Patton continues arguing the point with Marshall and we see Jones climb up to the top turnbuckle in the corner. She stands up waiting for a chance to launch a strike. Referee Patton had enough of arguing with Amy so he tells her to be quiet and return to the action in the ring. When Amy turns around to face the corner we watch as Trinity launch herself off the top corner ropes where she dives toward Marshall hitting her with a vicious shoulder block. Trinity slowly gets to her feet and she walks over to Amy. She reaches down to drag Amy to her feet but Marshall rolls her up for a pin.


Trinity Jones gets a shoulder up. Amy gets to her feet and drags Trinity to her feet. Amy runs to the ropes, rebounds, and goes for a forearm smash. Trinity blocks the move, knees Amy in the midsection, and when Marshall doubles over she drops her quickly with a DDT and goes for the cover.



The count stops when Referee Patton sees the leg of Amy Marshall on the ropes. He demands a break from Trinity Jones who breaks the hold but we can tell she's not happy about not getting the pinfall.

Adams: Not often we get to see this much back and forth action in a wrestling match. Trinity and Amy are not backing down from each other.

Simone: This is one of those matches that can go for a long time or end suddenly if a mistake is made. Nice to see Any and Trinity being aggressive in this match.

Trinity releases the hold and backs off a short distance to allow Amy to get off the ropes. Amy removes her leg from the ropes but smartly keeps her arm through the ropes as she gets to her feet to prevent Trinity from grabbing her. Once Amy is on her feet she walks along the ropes toward the corner. When Jones makes a move toward her Marshall ducks through the ropes and motions for Referee Patton to keep Trinity away from her as she is in the ropes. Patton does so and Trinity is not happy about the tactic Amy is using.

Adams: Gotta love a good game of Cat and Mouse.

Amy has reached the corner where she extracts herself out of the ropes and she turns to face Trinity. Jones wastes no time in lunging into the corner and pulling Marshall out of the corner by flipping her over her head. As Amy lands on the mat Trinity leaps up on the ropes in the corner and she jumps off the ropes toward Amy. Marshall dives out of the way and Jones lands hard on the mat and it appears she may have injured her knee on the landing. Amy stands up and looks over at Trinity who is holding her knee giving her the indication she injured her knee on the hard landing on the missed maneuver. Amy walks over to Trinity and grabs her by the hair and drags her to her feet.

Simone: It looks like Amy Marshall is confident that with a hurt knee Trinity Jones will not be able to launch a successful counter-attack.

Amy Marshall is about to begin an attack on Trinity Jones when Trinity starts throwing punches into the body of Amy to try to get her to let go of her head. Marshall holds tightly to the head of Trinity who continues laying punches to the body of Amy. We see Marshall quickly launch into a double knee facebreaker and when the two land the face of Jones slams hard into the knees of Marshall. Trinity bounces off the knees of Amy and lands on the mat. Amy quickly dives on top of Trinity for the pin and she firmly hooks the legs of Jones.




Amy Marshall has won by pinfall and the Timekeeper rings the bell to signal the end of the match while Referee Drew Patton orders Amy Marshall to get off Trinity Jones and she does.


Justin: Here is your winner in this match, by pinfall, give it up for the "PUNK PRINCESS" AMY MARSHALL!!!

Simone: That's a perfect example of what I said before the match started. It was going to come down to the wrestler who could take a quick advantage of the situation will be the winner of this match and that's what Amy Marshall did.

Adams: I remember Excedrin aspirin commercials where they numbered the types of headaches people endure and that Excedrin will cure. That facebreaker maneuver by Amy Marshall just gave Trinity Jones an Excedrin Headache but it may take more than Excedrin brand aspirin to make the pain subside.

Referee Drew Patton raises the hand of Amy Marshall for the win. He drops her hand and Amy slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp to return to the backstage area. She shows her appreciation for the fans by shaking hands, slapping high fives, and blowing kisses to them, before reaching the landing at the top of the entrance ramp and then she disappears behind the backstage partition. Our attention is taken back to the ring where Felicity Oswald has helped Trinity Jones exit the ring. She helps Trinity return up the ramp and the crowd gives a fairly good reaction for her performance in this match. The camera stays focused on the two until they return to the backstage area.

The cameras cut backstage where we are following someone. The camera is positioned at the center of their back, and we cannot see anything but the red cotton material of the hooded sweatshirt the person is wearing. The person stops, and the camera comes around their side. It first reveals the Roulette Championship draped over Kris, shoulder, before backing off to show the champion, dressed as if were fresh out of a time machine from two years ago. The zipped up dark red hoodie gets applause of its own, which Kris seems to be able to hear from the backstage area. His head turns in the direction of the arena, and he smirks, but continues on his path. However, further impeding his progress is "Stoner" Scott Oliver. Seemingly up in the clouds, with red eyes, Stoner seems pleasantly surprised to see Kris.

Stoner: Kris! How you doing? Where you been? It's been forever!

Kris immediately takes a step backwards, covering his nose and mouth.

Kris: Pretty ripe there, Stoner. I thought you weren't supposed to be smoking that shit backstage anymore. There's like a cloud that follows you.

Stoner looks around, literally trying to spot an actual cloud. When he finds nothing, he shakes the thought away and turns back to Kris, pointing at the hoodie.

Stoner: Throwback threads, huh? Brings back memories.

This actually gets a laugh from the Roulette Champion, but he seems impressed nonetheless.

Kris: I was under the impression you didn't have much left in the form of long term memory.... Or short term memory for that matter.

Unbothered by the jab, Stoner seems to completely ignore it.

Stoner: So what are you up to? No Kris and Mikah Show this week. No Mikah anywhere in sight. No match. What are you doing with your time?

Kris shrugs, and struggles to keep the semi-cheery expression on his face.

Kris: I'm the longest reigning champion of all the guys on this roster. I kind of have to show up. Fan events would be super boring without me.

Stoner does not seem to buy it at all.

Stoner: Since when do you care about fan events? Back when you used to dress like this, it was all about a paycheck and getting out after your match.

Kris nods, seriously becoming impressed with how many of their conversations Stoner seems to remember.

Kris: True, but I was a useless junkie then. Everyone know that. I'm better than that now. Everyone knows that. I like hanging out with the fans, even if half of them smell terrible, and are a little rough to look at. It makes them happy, and gives them an autograph to try and sell on ebay. I like keep track of what my signature is going for these days, so I have to keep the supply up.

He reaches out and pats Stoner on the shoulder with a chuckle. The thing was, it was not unlike Kris even if it was not just a joke. He starts to walk away, but Stoner stops him with a last question.

Stoner: The Bad Boys versus The Black Sheep match later on... you're going to go out there and level things off for your team, aren't you? That's the real reason that you came. They are walking into a three, four, or even five against two situation. You're looking out for them.

Kris does not stop his progress, walking away from Stoner, but turning back to face him with a shrug. He keeps walking backwards down the hallway, offering a wink.

Kris: It's not my group.

Before Stoner can respond, Kris turns back around, and rounds the corner, disappearing down an adjacent hallway as the camera fades.

Justin: The following contest is for one fall. Introducing first...

"Barbie Girl" by Aqua starts to play through the sound system. The crowd erupts in loud cheers, as Bobbie Dahl bursts through the curtain, wearing a set of large white angel's wing and holding a microphone in hand. She is dancing obnoxiously and without care to the beat of the music as the crowd cheers and claps for her!

Justin: Making her way to the ring! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds! She is from every boy's fantasy and every girl's nightmare! Please welcome wrestling's very own...BOBBIE DAHL!!!

Bobbie continues dancing her way to the ring, holding the microphone up and lip-syncing along to the music! Once to the ring, she walks up the steps and stops on the ring apron, looking out to the audience as she puts on the lip-syncing performance of a lifetime and the crowd is loving it! She removes her signature angel wings and hands them off to a ring crew member before stepping through the ropes and dancing to the center of the ring! She shimmies and shakes a few moments longer until her music dies down and she waits for the match to begin.

Justin: And her opponent....

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for the match to start.


The bell rings and Bobbie runs at Mercedes like a bull loose in a China shop. Mercedes ducks under what is sure to be a vicious clothesline and starts delivering quick kicks to Bobbie's shins and calves. Mercedes jumps onto a nearby turnbuckle and attempts a quick cross body but is met by the grasp of Bobbie's arms. Holding onto Mercedes, Bobbie jumps up and falls to the mat, crushing Mercedes in the process. Bobbie goes for the pin.



Mercedes kicks out!

Simone: Too early for that.

Adams: Well Bobbie is the excitable type, so maybe she was excited there that she could surprise a former champion.

Mercedes proceeds to roll away from Bobbie, sliding out of the ring. Bobbie gives chase to Mercedes as the ref starts the 10 count, only for Mercedes to slide back into the ring and run against the far ropes and come running at Bobbie with a baseball slide while Bobbie is trying to climb onto the ring apron. Mercedes lands outside of the ring and raises her arms to the booing crowd.




Mercedes rolls back in to the ring and stands up as Bobbie leans against the ring barrier.

Adams: That barrier stopped Bobbie from landing on her booty!

Bobbie stumbles off the barrier, and Mercedes repeats, bouncing off the ropes and attempting a second baseball slide. Bobbie however spins slowly out of the way and Mercedes slides right out of the ring onto the floor. Picking Mercedes up Bobbie proceeds to scoop her up, and charges the ring, slamming Mercedes back first into the ring apron. With both Mercedes and Bobbie outside, the ref starts the count up again.



Bobbie picks Mercedes up and rolls her back into the ring.



Bobbie walks over to the steps and walks up them as the ref's count increases to six and she steps back into the ring. Mercedes is back onto her feet and both women run at each other, Mercedes side steps allowing Bobbie to go straight past her, and bounces off the ropes and missile drop kicks Bobbies legs out from under her. Bobbie falls to her knees, and Mercedes comes bouncing off the ropes in front of her and delivers a powerful shoulder block sending Bobbie to the mat.

Adams: Mercedes is using her noggin here, sticking to her strengths of speed and agility.

Mercedes grabs Bobbie by the hair and pulls her off her back and on to her feet. Mercedes grabs Bobbie's head and steps in with a back elbow to the jaw. Bobbie holds her face but Mercedes grabs her head and hooks her in a front facelock before spinning around and dropping Bobbie with a spinning neckbreaker. Mercedes goes for the cover but Bobbie instantly pushes her off and gets back to a knee.

Simone: Not even a one count.

Mercedes springs to her feet looking shocked and kicks Bobbie in the shoulder. Bobbie holds her arm, but Mercedes drags Bobbie back to her feet, forcing the bigger woman back in to the corner. Mercedes steps back and runs towards Bobbie, jumping up in the air and nailing the big woman with a huge dropkick across Bobbie's chest. Bobbie stumbles out and Mercedes steps back, throwing an elbow towards Bobbie, but Bobbie grabs her and spins her around and plants Mercedes in the corner. Bobbie turns around and uses her size advantage to jump backwards and squash Mercedes in the corner.

Adams: Pancake!

Bobbie turns around and steps out of turns back to back Mercedes in the corner. Bobbie charges at Mercedes, jumping in the air and landing with a huge splash, crushing Mercedes in the corner! Mercedes drops down to a seated position and Bobbie steps out of the corner and sees Mercedes down on the floor, Bobbie steps backwards, moving her rear close to Mercedes, but Mercedes smartly rolls out of the corner and out of the way

Adams: Very smart from Mercedes

Simone: It could have been the smartest thing Mercedes has done in her wrestling career to date.

Adams: And it's been a long career!

Mercedes quickly pulls herself up the ropes and waits for Bobbie to turn around. As Bobbie turns around, Mercedes jumps up and nails her with a spinning heel kick, right on the jaw of Bobbie. Mercedes quickly springs back to her feet and runs towards Bobbie, jumping in the air and catching her with a flying spinning back elbow. Bobbie crashes down to the canvas and Mercedes jumps up, standing next to her. Mercedes turns her back on Bobbie, standing next to her and jumps backward with a standing moonsault! Mercedes stays on top for the pin.



Bobbie throws a shoulder up!

Adams: Bobbie getting out of that at the last second

Mercedes picks Bobbie back to her feet, and throws Bobbie towards the ropes, but Bobbie reverses it and sends Mercedes flying in to the ropes. As Mercedes returns, Bobbie drops her head and Mercedes tries for a sunset flip. As Mercedes lands on her back, Bobbie drops down, crushing Mercedes's chest under her weight!

Simone: Ouch!

Adams: I think Bobbie just knocked Mercedes boobies wonky!

Bobbie gets off Mercedes and lifts her to her feet and scoops Mercedes up and drops her with a bodyslam. Mercedes rolls over, holding her chest from the earlier move. Mercedes rolls towards the ropes, but Bobbie quickly follows her and pulls Mercedes to her feet again. Bobbie wraps her arms around Mercedes and jumps over with a huge belly to belly suplex

Adams: Any more moves like that and Mercedes will be paper thin

Bobbie gets to her feet and waves her arms up at the fans, causing the fans to cheer. Mercedes gets to her feet and Bobbie runs towards her, Mercedes ducks out of the way and Bobbie steps past. As she moves past Mercedes, Mercedes kicks Bobbie in the back of the knee, forcing her down to both knees. Mercedes ateps back and spins her leg and nails Bobbie with a vicious bu

saw kick to the back of the head, causing Bobbie to fall forward, holding her head. Mercedes gets up and stands with her back to the ropes, As Bobbie gets up, Mercedes pounces and nails Bobbie with a spinning DDT

Simone: Spinning DDT!

Adams: I like spinning things, especially my chair, which you will not take away from me Belly!

Simone: Call me Belly again and we'll see about that.

Mercedes goes for a cover



Bobbie barely kicks out!

Adams: I thought she was toast then..... mmmmmm toast!

Simone: It's the simple things in life that pleases you, isn't it.

Bobbie pulls herself up to her feet and Mercedes pounces on Bobbie, but Bobbie lifts her up in the air and drops Mercedes across the top rope, catching her throat first. Mercedes bounces backwards and Bobbie catches Mercedes from behind and round the throat. She chokes Mercedes before spinning her around and throwing her across the ring. Mercedes lands hard on her back and rolls towards the corner. Bobbie charger towards her, and jumps in the air, attempting bronco buster, but Mercedes jumps out of the way at the last second, causing Bobbie to slam in to the bottom rope.

Adams: I know ladies have no hanging fruit there, but that's still gotta hurt.

Mercedes quickly stands up, leaning back away from Bobbie and waits for her to get back to her feet. As Bobbie untangles herself and stands up. She slowly turns around only for Mercedes to drop her with a STO backbreaker followed into a reverse STO

Adams: Red Curtain!

Simone: Cortina Roja!

Adams: That'a what I said.

Mercedes goes for the cover





Justin: The winner of the match....Mercedes Vargas!

Simone: Mercedes has just gone through one big road block on her way back to the top.

Adams: I see what you did there.

Simone: I'll ignore that Jason. Mercedes has picked up the win her tonight and done it in impressive fashion. The sky's the limit for her.

The scene opens backstage, where we see Miss Rocky Mountains standing in front of the roulette wheel. Standing beside her is the challenger of Sam Marlowe, Polly Playtime.

Ms Rocky Mountains: Ladies and Gentlemen... it's time for the spin of the Roulette Wheel to determine the match stipulation for tonight's match between Samantha Marlowe and Polly Playtime. And here with me to spin the wheel is... Polly Playtime.

Polly smiles but doesn't say anything.

Ms Rocky Mountains: In your own time... spin the wheel to decide your fate.

Polly: Alright.

Polly grabs the wheel and gives it a hard pull and the wheel begins to spin as the pointer zips past hardcore match, singapore cane, item on a pole match etc... the wheel soon begins to slow and eventually stops and it stops on...

Ms Rocky Mountains: This match will be contested as falls count anywhere match... Good Luck Polly.

Polly nods and walks away to prepare for the match, as Ms Rocky Mountains stands aside and the camera fades out on the words... falls count anywhere match.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a fall count anywhere match... introducing first...

"Do you really want to do this now" is heard before Def Leppard's Let's Go begins to play the image of fire begins to play against the curtain to backstage. Stepping through the curtain of fire, a woman walks out with a smile as she poses at the entrance.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she is the one and only, Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponent.

Justin: And her opponent...

"I wish it could ALWAYS be Playtime."

A girly laugh can be heard and "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched begins to play. After a few seconds Polly Playtime appears from the backstage area and chooses to just stand on the stage for a few moments, letting it all sink in. The men in the crowd swoon as all the ladies in the crowd boo their hearts out. Polly comes back to it and winks her left green eye. The camera gets a really good close look at that, sensing that Polly is ready to potentially do something evil.

Justin: "Making her way down the aisle, from Panguitch, Utah, she is the girl that loves to play... POLLY PLAYTIIIIME!!!"

As her name is being announced, Polly then grins and skips off of the stage and down the wrestler ramp. She gets down to the ring and skips one lap around the outside of it before hopping up onto the ring apron. She winks her left eye again and wears a maniacal grin before she slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Once inside the ring she stands back up and looks right over at the referee, again with evil intentions. She licks her chops and nods a few times as she stands in the middle of the ring, her entrance music just now beginning to fade out.

The ref indicates for the bell to be rung...


Polly and Sam lock up in the centre of the ring, as Sam quickly grabs Polly's arm and gives it a twist but Polly counters as she rolls out before cartwheeling, which changes the grip between the two women, where Polly twists Sam's arm before giving it a yank but Sam somehow breaks Polly's grip and goes behind Polly and wraps her arms around her waist but Polly counters and does the same move behind Sam, Sam right away grabs at Polly's hands as she then uses her free leg and wraps it around the back of Polly's leg and takes her down to mat, before rolling her over onto her shoulder and goes for a sneaky pin.

Simone: Slow start to this match considering it's a fall count anywhere match.


Polly kicks out, as she quickly makes her way to her feet as does Sam, and Polly goes after Sam and swings her arm at her but Sam ducks and goes to Swing for Polly but Polly ducks and backs away and dives against the ropes. Sam turns and shakes her head as she approaches Polly but the ref forces Sam back.

Adams: Sneaky pin from Sam, but Polly kicks out with ease and back to the early exchanges once again.

Sam backs away reluctantly as Polly moves back into the ring as she moves back towards Polly, where Sam goes to swing at Polly but Polly ducks and grabs Sam around the waist before changing and getting her into a headlock, Polly cranks on the move as Sam fights to get out of the move as she swings her elbow into the side of Polly, which forces Polly to lesson her grip and Sam is able to counter and put Polly into a headlock, Polly however, pushes Sam into the ropes but as some comes back she body check Polly, sending her down to the mat.

Simone: The match is slowly upping it's pace, but they have to remember that anything goes since it's fall count anywhere match.

Sam looks down at Polly, before turning bounces off the ropes, but Polly gets to her feet only to lay herself down flat on the match in which Sam hops over her and as Sam hits the ropes on the other side, Polly hits a hip toss to Sam. Sam climbs back to her feet, where she goes after Polly, but Polly ducks and grabs Sam and then lifts her up and pushes her into the turnbuckle face first.

Adams: Sam's poor face.

Sam rolls out of the ring holding her face, as Polly turns and attempts to grab her but isn't quick enough. Polly climbs out of the ring and goes straight to Sam and rolls her onto her back and goes for a pin...




Simone: First legit pin here as Polly tries to capitalise on Sam's collision with the turnbuckle, and Sam kicks out easily.

Polly looks at the ref before attempting another one...



Polly slaps the mat and climbs back to her feet, where she moves to where the bell ringer sits and forces the person to move and grabs their chair, she heads back to Sam and she lifts the chair up above her head and brings it down but Sam moves and Polly hits the mat. Polly tries again but again Sam moves and Polly has to drop the chair as the shock hurts her hands.

Adams: Polly second attempt at a pin fails as she decided to make this match more interesting and brings in a chair.

Simone: Polly swings twice... and misses twice as the vibrations shock her hands.

Sam climbs back to her feet, as she shakes off the pain from her face connecting with the turnbuckle, Polly moves to Sam and grabs Sam but Sam pushes Polly away but Polly comes back at Sam but Sam stops Polly with a knee to the stomach and then grabs Polly by the hair and throws her into the ring post.

Simone: Oh my god... the sounds of Polly connecting with the ring is sickening.

Adams: Anything goes and Sam has to do anything to win.

Sam drops down and covers Polly...



THR-... Kickout...

Adams: How did Polly kick out of that?

Sam looks at the ref and says it was three but informs it was close but she kicked out. Sam nods accepting it as takes a moment before climb backing to her feet, where she grabs Polly and pulls her up to her feet, where she whips Polly into the barrier before throwing her back into the ring. Grabbing the chair that lay by her feet and she slides that into ring next to Polly's.

Simone: Wonder what Sam has planned here.

Sam climbs back into the ring and picks up the chair, where she stomps on Polly a few times before placing the chair on Polly's body, where she then turns and climbs the ropes as she prepares for the Sammisault. Leaping off the rope, Polly moves at the last second and Sam hits the mat hard.

Adams: Sam was so close... but somehow Polly moved and Sam hit's the mat hard.

Polly and Sam lay on the mat, as Sam arches her back in pain, while Polly just lays on the mat not moving, as the ref checks on both but doesn't start a count as its falls count anywhere. The fans begin to cheer for Sam, as they try to will her to move etc...

Simone: The fans are willing for Sam to move and get this match going again.

Sam begins to move and gets to her hands and knees holding her back as she crawls to the ropes, while Polly also begins to move as she rolls to her side and then slowly also crawls towards the ropes. Sam gets to the ropes and uses them to make her way to her feet, as she takes a moment to stretch before stumbling over to Polly, where she grabs Polly and pulls her up, Polly shoves her away and climbs out of the ring.

Adams: Where is Polly going?

Simone: I don't know but she seems to have forgotten that she can't get counted out.

Dropping down onto the mat, Polly uses the apron to steady herself as she heads towards the ramp. Meanwhile Sam grabs the chair from the mat and climbs out of the ring, where she quickly stumbles towards Polly. Polly turns to see where Sam is, Sam swings the chair but Polly ducks and kicks Sam in the stomach, which Sam drops the chair and Polly follows up with a slap to the face.

Simone: Sam tries to surprise Polly with a chair but Polly has it scouted and surprises Sam with a slap to the face.

Sam stumbles back a little, but Polly moves forward and slaps her once more before grabbing Sam's hair and pulls on it, as she tries to toss her on the ramp, but Sam blocks it as she punches Polly arms and then stomach, which forces Polly to release the hold.

Sam hits a forearm to the side of Polly's head before grabbing Polly and sets up for the Samwich Press (Killswitch) and hits it.

Adams: It's over... Sam just hit the Samwich Press.

Sam then goes for the pin...




Simone: Sam has beaten Polly.


Justin: Winner of this match... your current Roulette champion... Sam Marlowe!

The ref helps Sam up to her feet and raises her arm in victory.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control and we see a familiar scene as Jessie Salco is sitting down on a crate listening to a heavy metal album, this time the album she's listening too is "The Rise of Chaos" by Accept as she gets ready to challenge Evie Baang for the World Bombshell Championship.

Simone: This could be the day were Jessie finally wins the World Bombshell Championship and becomes a triple crown champion!

Adams: That's easier said than done though, just look at her opponent!

The album ends and Jessie hops off the crate apparently ready for her title match already when Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches her.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well Jessie, it's clear that you're ready for your title match but do you think you can win?

Jessie: Think? Rocky, I know I can win! Evie will give me a hell of a fight later tonight but there's only one way I'm leaving Stateline, Nevada tonight and that's as champion! Also, stick around and wait for me after the show, will you?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Why?

Jessie: So, I can have some interview footage for next week's Climax Control where I'm not in a tent at Bloodstock! Now if you excuse me, I've got a title to win!

Jessie walks off as the scene cuts to ringside.

Backstage, roving reporter Pussy Willow is standing alongside the rookie sensation, Devona. Devona, clad in her street attire of a purple, off-the-shoulder blouse and jeans, stands with hands tucked into her pockets and biting her lower lip as the interview begins.

Pussy Willow: Devona, you just came from a meeting with Mark Ward and Christian Underwood, and I understand that they had some rather good news for you.

Devona seems almost shy to speak in front of the camera, or at least discuss what was said behind closed doors. She smiles and offers a light shrug of the shoulders.

Devona: You could say that, yes. It was more like an evaluation meeting of sorts. They seemed happy with my work, and the wins I've been getting. They even said that because I got wins against women like Mercedes Vargas and Amy Marshall, I may be in line for a title match sooner than I think.

Pussy Willow: Well that's great to hear! It's news that every wrestler wants to hear.

Devona nods.

Devona: It really is! I'm still new to wrestling, but that's never stopped others in this great sport and I see no reason why it should stop me. So if Mark and Christian (mainly Mark) thinks I should make an attempt at some gold...

Before Devona can continue, she glances up at movement off camera, as does Pussy Willow. The camera widens the shot and into the scene steps reigning Internet Champion, Mikah. The fans boo at the sight of the heelish diva on-screen. Mikah, with the Internet championship belt slung over her shoulder, sports her perpetual smile of arrogance on her lovely face. Devona's eyebrows rise as Mikah looks her over with seeming disdain.

Mikah: Really? A championship match? You?

Mikah scoffs and runs her fingers along the plate of her championship belt.

Mikah: Do you really think you're ready for... this?

Devona looks into the air and shakes her head, holding her hand up.

Devona: I'm sorry, did I at any point give any reason for you to think I was addressing you? Or referring to YOUR championship in particular?

Mikah chuckles.

Mikah: What? Not good enough for you? Maybe you think so highly of yourself that maybe you want Evie and her world title? Oh wait. That's right. Evie is your school chum, and Gabriel and Odette's favorite. Last time I checked? You just aren't ready to hold that title.

Devona: Well, last time I checked, it's been over two years since YOU'VE been anywhere close to that title.

The crowd "Ooos!" as Mikah bites her lower lip. She then calms herself and smiles once again.

Mikah: And yet I still held it. For a record setting amount of time I might add. But you?

She scoffs.

Mikah: Maybe you should relegate yourself to the roulette title, but something tells me that you're beneath even that.

Devona takes a step forward to confront the champion, when Mark Ward hurriedly intervenes, stepping in between both women!

Hot Stuff: Hold on, hold on! Now did I hear right? You think this one...

He jets a thumb back towards Devona.

Hot Stuff: ... Isn't ready for a title match? particularly, your title?

Mikah looks at Mark as if he is crazy and nods.

Mikah: Um, duh? Seriously! Who has she beaten?

Hot Stuff: Well, in your own words, duh! Try two Grand Slam Champions, a feat you've yet to reach, including a Hall of Famer. Oh and a former Tag Team and Roulette Champion. Seems to me that she's on a bit of a streak and if we can't reward that, then what's the point of hard work?

Mikah: Look, I know you're trying to be the "nice boss," but really. Enough is enough. This...

She sticks her finger past Mark and into Devona's face.

Mikah: Is not ready for a title match.

Devona: Get your finger out of my face.

Hot Stuff: Well see that's the sticky situation then, isn't it Mik, er, Mikah? You don't decide who deserves title matches around here. You don't decide who you defend YOUR title against. You are not our boss, I am YOURS! So how about this?

Mark claps his hands together and rubs them briskly as if in deep contemplation.

Hot Stuff: Since it's been awhile since you've deigned to defend your title, and Devona here has done so well for herself, and Christian and me think she deserves a little reward, how about we go ahead and give her that title match? And how about we give it to her, next week? And...

He points at the Internet belt and Mikah frowns.

Hot Stuff: How about we make it for that beauty, right there?

The fans cheer as Devona just nods, while Mikah seems less than thrilled.

Mikah: You've got to be JOKING! I have no problems defending my title... MY title ... but seriously!?

Mikah has her finger up in Devona's business again.

Mikah: Against HER??

Devona: I said. Get. Your. Finger. Out. Of. My. Face!

Mikah turns her attention to the rookie.

Mikah: Or what?

And to answer that, Devona hauls off and SLAPS the taste right out of Mikah's mouth so hard it knocks the title belt from her grasp and to the floor!

Mikah: Are you KIDDING me!?

Mikah turns and goes right after Devona who doesn't back down! Mark is right between the two women as they struggle to reach the other while Mark holds them apart!

Hot Stuff: Enough! ENOUGH! Security!

And the security force backstage hurries in to intervene and they separate Mikah and Devona! They usher Devona back further as Mikah reaches down to grab her fallen title belt. Mark looks back and forth between the two women and shakes his head.

Hot Stuff: Save it for next week! Until then, get out of here. Both of you!

Devona turns and takes her leave as Mikah stares hard after her and sneers before she too exits.

The ring announcer moves into the ring and bring the microphone up to speak.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first, from London England and accompanied to the ring by Dax Beckett...weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds...Mickey CARROLL!

The opening of "Drunken Lullabies" by Flogging Molly plays as Mickey pushes through the curtains. He is wearing his Bad Boys hooded jacket, but the hood is not up. Dax Beckett is at his side. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it on the ground, quickly putting it. He looks from side to side, nodding his head at the jeers before pointing out into the audience, starting an almost resentful "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chant. He dashes straight down the ramp where he leaps up and onto the ring apron. Dax joins him, posing in front of him. He paces back and forth, stomping along to the beat of the music before climbing inside. He looks up at the ceiling and then signals the trinity, kissing his fingers and then pointing up as he waits for his opponents.

Justin: And his opponent from Montreal Quebec Canada...weighing two hundred twenty five pounds...

All the lights in the arena go out as "Black Sheep" starts to play. Through the build up of the song a thin red line write a single word on the titantron: SWEETE. Just before the words start a pyrotechnic explosion of red blasts all around the giant screen at the top of the stage. Two men come from behind the curtains, and stop at the center of the stage. Porter is on Killian's left and the look out at the crowd for a moment, soaking in their reaction.

Justin: And accompanied by his brother Porter Sweete...Killian SWEETE!

They make their way down the ramp, mostly ignoring everyone reaching out to them, and talking back and forth with one another. The last few steps to the ring, Porter takes at a run and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Killian instead chooses to take a different route, climbing the ring side stairs and walking along the apron before stepping between the ropes and entering the ring. Porter is met in the center of the ring by his brother as their music fades.

Simone: Here we go Jason, the match that pits Mickey Carroll of the Bad Boys, the current tag champion against one of his contenders in singles action.

Adams: What a preview for their upcoming match for the SCW Tag titles. I can't wait.

Simone: Neither can the rest of us. Because there is Drew signalling to get the match started as Porter and Dax exit the ring.


Killian Sweete and Mickey Carroll lock up in the middle of the ring with Carroll turning Sweete into a headlock then tucking his hip under the midsection and hip tosses him to the mat keeping the headlock on and grounding him to the canvas. Killian Sweete turns and gets to his hands and knees then forces Mickey to his feet and pushes him into the ropes. Mickey bounces off and slams into Killian with a shoulder block that takes him off his feet. Mickey looks down at him then charges towards the ropes to rebound and leaps over Sweete who throws himself to the canvas. Bounding off the opposite ropes, Mickey is caught by Killian who hits him with a tilt a whirl back breaker that has Carroll arching in pain on the mat as Sweete gets to his feet. Reaching down, Killian pulls Mickey to his feet and then move to his side and throwing Mickey's arm over his shoulder, Killian takes him off his feet with a Russian leg sweep near the ropes.

Simone: Killian going for the pin on Mickey but I don't think that he really can think that he will get the win that quickly on the champ.


Adams: From the looks of it he does but I think that Mickey has other ideas.

Carroll throws his foot over the rope as Killian shakes his head and tells the referee to continue the count. Drew shakes his head negatively and motions for the fight to continue. Killian gets to his feet and into the face of Drew Patton. Mickey uses the ropes and pulls himself up. Killian turns and is met with a European upper cut that staggers him backwards into the middle of the ring. Carroll follows him and then catching his arm, whips him off the ropes and bends down to send Killian to the mat with a backbody drop. Sweete's hand moves to clutch at his back in pain as Mickey grabs him and straightens him up. With a smirk, Mickey hits a backhand chop against the chest of Killian that makes him double up in pain grasping at his chest. Straightening Sweete up once more, Mickey backhand chops him once more sending him sagging into the corner.

Adams: The champion looks like he has taken control of this match with each chop. Killian I am sure isn't going to feel all that good tomorrow.

Simone: With those chops Jason, Mickey is asserting his dominance and setting Sweete up in the corner for more punishment.

Killian holds onto the ropes in the corner as Mickey moves towards him with lariat that rocks his head back. Throwing Sweete's arm over his shoulder, Mickey catches his left leg and uses an exploder suplex to send Killian skidding across the canvas. Killian covers his head as he rolls to his stomach. Mickey rolls and crawls towards the downed Sweete to roll him over and pins him to the mat.


Simone: Now Mickey is going for the pin but I don't think that he has Killian down for the count.

Killian quickly shoots his shoulder off the mat and stops the count. Mickey shakes his head and getting to his feet moves towards a neutral corner where he climbs the turnbuckle as Killian lays on the mat. At the top, Mickey glances back at the prone Sweete before launching himself off the top rope. Killian throws himself towards the corner leaving Carroll to land awkwardly. Killian lays on the bottom rope as Mickey clutches his midsection and kicks at the canvas. Pulling himself up, Sweete moves towards Mickey and pulling him up, grabs his leg and flips him with a northern lights suplex into a pin.

Adams: Killian Sweete has Mickey down and this time he has the hold in tight.


Simone: The champion is down! This is unexpected.


Mickey kicks out and rolls to the ropes and pulls himself to his knees as Killian kips up and rushes in with a single running knee to the head of Carroll in the corner. Dropping and clutching at his head, Mickey rolls to the outside to recover. Killian charges towards the ropes and is about to pull Mickey into the ring but Carroll catches him by the back of the neck and drops off the apron hanging Killian off the top rope. Killian stumbles away from the ropes as Carroll recovers more. Sliding under the bottom rope, Carroll makes it to his feet as Sweete shakes off the results of the top rope hanging. Mickey rushes towards him and catches him in a belly to belly suplex but Killian blocks the attempt and slams a forearm into the head which has Mickey release the hold. Killian back out of the grip then levels a kick to the midsection of Mickey. As Carroll is doubled over, Killian rushes to bounce off the ropes and bring Mickey to the mat with a one handed bulldog.

Simone: That is going to leave a mark for sure. Mickey just might be in trouble here.

Mickey grabs his head and rolls towards the ropes as Killian gets to his feet faster and reaches down for Mickey's head and pulls him to his feet. Killian holds the head of Carroll and guides him towards the corner where he slams the face of Mickey into the turnbuckle. The fans begin to count as Killian continues to force Mickey face first into the turnbuckle. At ten, Sweete tosses Mickey backwards to the mat. Carroll holds his head as he gets to his knees. Killian sees Mickey getting to his feet and with a sadistic smile spins looking to connect with a discus punch but Mickey ducks under the swing then catches Sweete around the waist and hits a desperation belly to back suplex. Both men are laying on the mat trying to recover as Drew checks on both.

Adams: Both men are down and Drew is checking on them. Wouldn't it be a kicker to have this match end in a double countout ?

Simone: I don't think that Drew will allow that to happen Jason. Not here in SCW.

Mickey moves to his hands and knees as Killian rolls to the ropes and pulls himself up. Carroll gets to one knee as Killian launches himself off the ropes where he had been leaning and hits a big boot to the head of Mickey which sends him rolling through the ropes and to the outside. Getting to his feet, Mickey drops and rolls to the outside where he moves towards Killian but is stopped by Porter who shakes his head. Dax moves towards the pair as Drew leans through the ropes and warns everyone to bring it back into the ring. Mickey sneers as he turns to push Dax back and tells him that he has got this. From behind, Killian pushes past his brother and slams a forearm into the back of Mickey's head sending him into the barricade then grabbing him by the back of his neck, Sweete whips Mickey into the apron then picking up his legs, Killian tosses him into the ring then slides under the ropes and pins him to the mat, his feet on the middle ropes. Drew sees this and refuses to count the pin and warns Killian to let Mickey go.

Adams: Drew Patton calling it right down the middle. He isn't going to let Killian get the cheap win.

Simone: What was Sweete thinking by trying that?

Killian releases Mickey with a glare at Patton as he gets to his feet, one hand pulling Mickey up by the hair. Pulling Mickey in front of him, Killian kicks him in the midsection which has Carroll doubled over. Locking one arm behind his back, Killian reaches for the other arm of Mickey but is surprised by a back body drop from the Bad Boy. On the outside of the ring, Dax cheers for Mickey who slumps to his knees. Porter calls to his brother who has grabbed his back as he rolls to the side and gets to his feet.

Simone: Tide has turned once more and Mickey is in control.

Mickey moves towards Sweete and whips him hard into the corner that once more sends Killian to the mat clutching his back. Picking up Killian, Mickey tosses Sweete's arm over his neck and then picks him up with a vertical suplex, staggering slightly as he drops Killian on the top rope and then down to the mat. Rolling with the Drunken Lullabies suplex, Mickey goes to pin Killian.

Adams: Tag champ with the pin on the challenger.


Simone: You realize that this is a singles match right?


Adams: Of course I do Belly. But Mickey is the tag champion right?

Simone: Yes...

Adams: And Killian is part of the team that will be challenging for that title right?

Simone: Where are you going with this Jason?

Adams: I am prerecording my comments for that match. You know, just practicing.

Killian kicks out at the very last minute frustrating Mickey who slams his fists onto the canvas as he gets to feet and reaches down to pull Killian up once more but Carroll is surprised as Killian levels him with a kick to the head. Mickey staggers away shaking his head as Sweete gets to his feet. Moving behind Carroll, Killian catches Mickey with a full nelson that he uses to drive Mickey face first into the canvas.

Simone: Killian is setting up Mickey Carroll for the end of this match. Mickey better hope that he can block...

Adams: I don't think so Belinda...LOOK!

Killian gets to his feet and then pulls a dazed Mickey up and hits the Sweetest Thing that lays out Mickey. Rolling him over, Killian grabs his leg and rolls him up.


Simone: Killian hit his finisher on Mickey.


Adams: I don't think that Mickey is going to be able to kick out of this.

Mickey struggles as he tries to pull his shoulder up but Sweete rolls further on the chest of Carroll keeping his shoulder to the mat.


Adams: This match is over.

Simone: Killian Sweete manages to keep control of the pin and Mickey Carroll picks up the loss.

Killian tosses the legs of Mickey away from him and then rolls to his feet and climbs the corner as Dax rolls into the ring to check on Mickey and Drew signals for the bell.


Justin: The winner of the match...Killian SWEETE!!

Simone: This match is over and Killian Sweete manages to get the pin on the Tag champ.

Adams: Is this something that is going to foreshadow their match for the Tag Titles?

Simone: We will just have to see Jason.

Mickey and Dax roll out of the ring as The Sweete twins celebrate in the ring as their music plays.

We cut to the backstage area again, where Kris is seen, pushing open the door to the locker room. The camera follows him into the empty room, and he tosses his Roulette Championship into a chair before crossing to the couch. He sits down, dejected, not appearing to notice that there was a camera following him until he is seated. Immediately, the look on his face twists into annoyance, and he raises a hand, shooing it away. The door to the private rest room opens and Kris' Manager, dressed professionally in a pencil skirt and short sleeved blouse, steps through. Her face instantly changes from neutral to annoyed.

Kali: Kris. I have everything you need in the folder there.

She points toward his bag where a red folder neatly sits. He looks over at it, but does not linger, watching Kali cross the room.

Kris: I didn't think you were going to be here. Seems like something a text or email could have said. I'm supposed to be busy being happy alone, right?

Her face changes again to regret, it's obvious that she's chewing the inside of her cheek.

Kali: For the first time Kris, I regret something I have said.

He nods, but does not give in much in the way of his expression or softening the tone of his voice.

Kris: It's not easy to deal with me, Heather, or this business. I get it. Shit happens. I'm glad you decided to stick around though.

She nods, taking a few steps forward so that she can sit beside him.

Kali: In all the time I kept my distance from you, I had time to remember what life was like before I met you both. I started looking for another position but the idea of not seeing you two was not something I wanted. I might just be addicted.

She gives a hint of a smile in his direction.

Kali: Regardless of how bratty you both can be.

He chuckles, still not letting the wall between them break entirely.

Kris: You mean to tell me that recovering addicts, one who hits people for a living, and the other who is a recorded artist, are a little diva-ish? Surprising.

Kali full out smiles this time.

Kali: I'm sorry for losing my temper with you. I realize now that it was a stupid thing to be upset about.

He shakes his head, they had all been given two weeks to think about the blow up they had with one another.

Kris: It's kind of strange that we were all arguing with one another, and we were all wrong. That's gotta be a unique thing that normal people don't have to deal with.

He manages to actually look over at her now, giving her a small smile.

Kris: It might have been the first, but definitely not the last.

She reaches over to take his hand.

Kali: To err is human; forgive divine.

She leans her head over to rest on his shoulder. He rests his head on top of hers, but in doing so happens to catch the camera out of the corner of his eye. He raises his head from Kali's, his brow furrowing.

Kris: You're still here?

He shakes his head, raising his hand to point at the door.

Kris: Out with you, eavesdropper! There is no scoop for you here! This is not going to turn into a sex tape leak. Do I look like Steve Ramone?

The camera droops, looking at the floor, an indication of the shame the operator feels after being scolding. We see the feet of the man carrying the camera as he takes small shuffled steps towards the door, turning into the hallway to the sounds of muffled laughter from the two.

We see James Tuscini, Pinky del Ferrando, and Dmitri, standing with "Stoner" Scott Oliver outside the dressing room of James Tuscini. We listen in as Scott Oliver speaks with them.

Scott: James tonight you have a golden opportunity to obtain Title gold again in the form of the Internet Title Belt. What are your thoughts going into this match?

James: Everyone knows the saying IT WILL BE AS EASY AS SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL. That's what my win tonight will be like. I have three fish, Eyesnsane, Steve Ramone, and Ryan Keys, and they are in a barrel. They cannot run away from me. They cannot escape. They can only swim around waiting for their demise. But I promise them I will make my win as quick as possible so that the amount of their humiliation will be reduced. I honestly feel like I'm facing The Three Stooges.

Scott: If you don't mind I would like to ask Dmitri a question.

Pinky: Although we don't mind you asking questions to someone other than myself or James we ask that you make it quick because this interview session is about James and not someone else.

Scott: Is that any way to treat a friend and stable-mate?

Pinky: Tonight James will become Internet Champion and that's the most important thing you need to discuss. So please ask your question to Dmitri, and make it quick, so we can get back to what's really important here.

Scott: Dmitri how do you feel seeing James come up short in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Climax Control 186 only to see him in the Internet Championship match tonight, at Climax Control 187, with a 99.9 percent chance he will win and become the Champion?

Dmitri: I didn't win the World Heavyweight Championship match either Scott so I don't feel I should comment on James being the fourth wrestler eliminated in the match. What it comes down to is Calvin Harris took advantage of a minor distraction and now that match is history and Harris is the World Heavyweight Champion. I will have my revenge at Violent Conduct IV and the world will see me defeat Calvin Harris I will walk out of the match as the World Heavyweight Champion. As far as what James is going to accomplish tonight I fully support James and I'm sure he'll easily win his match. Am I jealous that he will be holding a Singles Title Belt before I do? Yeah a little bit. But I don't let stuff like that come between us as friends.

Scott: Thanks for your responses Dmitri. So James and Pinky is there anything else you want to say to your opponents and the fans before we end this interview session?

James: I got this Uncle. Tonight you will see history made. Tonight I obtain the Internet Title Belt which will be my second Title Belt of the four available which puts me half way to a Grand Slam. I'll not only win against Keys, Ramone, and Eyesnsane, I'll win decisively and quickly. There is going to be a new era, a new domination, in Sin City Wrestling, and it starts tonight when I win the Internet Championship. I could use the statement that we will blow the roof off the arena but since we are performing at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena there is no roof to blow off so take it as a figure of speech. Thanks for the interview Scott.

Scott: There you have it straight from James Tuscini. He is 99.9 percent sure he will win the Internet Championship and with odds like that he can't lose.

Justin: The following contest is the Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the Vacated Internet Championship belt!!! The way to win this match is by eliminating your opponent, either by pinfall, submission or disqualification or count out!! The last remaining superstar will be crowned the NEW SCW Internet Champion!!!

"I pledge alliegence, to the flag, of The Fearless One Steve Ramone."

"I want what's coming to me."
"So what's coming to you?"
"The world chico, and everything in it"

Following that quote the opening riff to "I Want The World.....and Everything In It" by Battle Beast hits the speakers as the lights dim and the crowd boos as "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone comes out first air guitaring to the song before he is joined by Andreas and Cyrus, the three men ignore the fans at ringside whilst they walk down to the ringside as Steve sings along to the lyrics before they reach the ringside area where Cyrus and Andreas enter the ring first followed by Steve, they pose for the crowd before they turn to the ramp in anticipation for Steve's opponent.

Justin: Currently in the ring!! Standing in at 6 foot tall and weighs in at 200 pounds!! Hailing from Queens, New York!! Steve Ramone!!!

"I'm made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?" by A Day to Remember plays while blue and white lights strobe over the stage. As Ryan's entrance video is shown in the titantron the man himself walks out to take center stage. With a bright smile playing on his lips he does a confident pose before slowly making his way down the ramp. Ryan's wearing a Black tight tank top with Key Style lettering, and under it is his small wet look ring trunk. His "Key hole" designed knee high boots and arm bands with the words "Ryan" in one and "Keys" on the other showed off his style.

Slapping the hands of the fans to his side he jogs closer to the ring until he slides in through the bottom ropes. As he makes way up the corner ring post he stops and looks around to hear the cheers of the crowd as he teases them with tearing off his shirt and tossing it to the side. Showing the same confident pose as before he hops down and extends his leg over the ring post to stretch them out and show his flexibility before the match starts.

Justin: His opponent!! Standing in at 5ft 11 inches and weighing in at 180 pounds!! Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada!! Ryan Keys!!

Get me by Twista hits as Eyesnsane steps out from behind the curtain and stops. He looks to the left and then the right. He then slowly walks down the aisle until he gets next to the ring where he looks to the left and the right once more before walking to the stairs. He climbs the stairs and enters the ring and walks to the opposite corner climbs up on the second turn buckle and folds his arms in front of him as he looks out at the crowd.

Justin: Standing in at 6 ft 3 inches and weighing in at 230 pounds!! Hailing from Chicago, Illionois!! Eyesnsane!!!!

Confident" by Demi Lovato begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. We watch as red, white, and green, spotlights flash around the entrance area. James Tuscini, along with his Uncle Pinky del Ferrando, who doubles as his Manager, step out from the backstage area and James plays the crowd by waving and flexing his muscles. James and Pinky make their way across the landing and then they head down the ramp to the wrestling ring. Along the way James acknowledges the crowd by giving high fives and shaking hands while Uncle Pinky flirts with the older ring rats. When James and Pinky arrive at the ring James climbs up the ring steps, then he walks along the ring apron, then he ducks through the ropes into the ring. When the lyrics of the song come to "What's wrong with being...what's wrong with being...what's wrong with being confident?" James mouths the words as the song plays. Tuscini them makes a trip aroudn the ring to play the crowd some more before settling into a corner to await the start of the match as the entrance music dies out. His Manager, Pinky del Ferrando, takes a chair at ringside.

Justin: And the final wrestler to have entered the ring!! Standing in at 6 ft 4 inches!! Hailing from Duluth, Georgia!! James Tuscini!!!


Simone: Tonight the final superstar title will be decided as we will crown a new Internet champion!!

Adams: All four men are capable of winning titles, it may just be coming down who is the luckiest in this type of match!!

The match gets under way as the match starts off with Eyesnsane and Ryan Keys, the crowd is booing the former member of the Elders as they are chanting asshole to him, causing him to turn around and bad mouth the fans that once stood behind him. Causing even bigger reactions from the fans before he turns around and is met by a Ryan Keys Running Hurricanrana as that drops the former member of the Elders down hard on the canvas with his head. Jasmine drops down to the canvas for the count.



Eyesnsane manages to kick out, looks in shock at the Jasmine the referee as she shows him that it was a fair two count. Not believing his luck he turns around and is met by a dropkick from Ryan, who later follows it up with a spring board moonsault off the second rope and connects on Eyesnsane as Jasmine goes for another three count.



Again Eyesnsane kicks out as the two wrestlers get to their feet, Ryan sets him up for an Irish Whip. But gets reversed by Eyesnsane, who follows it up with a big time clothesline. Dropping Keys before going for a cover.



Ryan gets his shoulder up on time, causing Jasmine to stop the three count as Eyesnsane pulls him up to his feet by grabbing the hair. He sets him up for a Body Slam as he lifts him up and sets him up for a slam, but Ryan escapes the grip when Eyesnsane is on a downward movement as he drops Eyesnsane with a modified Jawbreaker. Causing Eyesnsane to drop backwards and holds on to his jaw as Ryan Keys immediately goes after the kill as he covers the former member of the Elders.




Justin: The first wrestler to be eliminated!! Eyesnsane!!!

Simone: That's the first competitor eliminated!!

Adams: We are down to three men!! And here comes Tuscini!!

Ryan Keys is celebrating the fact that he has eliminated Eyesnsane as he slides out of the ring and gets booed at by the fans who used to cheer for the former member of the Elders. Ryan turns around and is met by a running clothesline from James Tuscini, who has ran in the ring. Tuscini grabs Keys by the head as he drops him with a closed fist to the face as Jasmine can't do anything except look on as Tuscini grabs Keys by the head and sets him up for a Neckbreaker but Keys manages to reverse the hold into a backslide as he drops Tuscini to the canvas while holding down his shoulders as Jasmine goes for the three count.



Tuscini kicks out at the count of two, both men get up at the same time as Keys ducks a clothesline and runs to the other side of the ring. Where he gets tagged out of the match by Ramone as he got close to the Fearless One. Keys didn't notice it as he executes a cross body block on Tuscini, who catches him and walks around the ring with him.

Simone: Ramone is the legal man!!

Adams: Neither men know Brenda!!

Tuscini turns towards where Ramone is standing on the turnbuckles as he comes off the turnbuckles with a missile dropkick. Sending Tuscini down with Keys on top of him as Ramone grabs Keys by the head and whips him to the outside before going for the cover.




Tuscini kicks out as Ramone runs to the ropes and comes off the ropes with a running leg drop across the throat of Tuscini before going for another cover.



Tuscini powers out as Ramone wants to keep the advantage as he jumps up the top turnbuckle and measures Tuscini, who is slowly getting back to his feet before Ramone jumps off for a Hurricanrana off the top turnbuckles. Trying to use the momentum in his favor to drop Tuscini, but the much stronger wrestler catches Ramone by the waist as he lifts him up again and drops him with a sit down Powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Jasmine drops to the canvas for the three count.




Another kick out as Tuscini looks up at Jasmine, who shows it is a count of two.

Simone: That was a great counter from Tuscini, that could have been his elimination if Ramone had hit that move!!

Adams: Indeed Brenda, but you have to admire the fact that Ramone kicked out at that final moment from that sudden Sit Down Powerbomb!

Tuscini sits up and gets to his feet, grabbing the long hair of Ramone and drives elbows into the back before whipping him in the ropes. There he sets him up for a boot to the face of Ramone, but Ramone manages to avoid the big boot as he does a matrix like move as Tuscini kicks into thin air. Ramone's flexible body causes him to get him back to his feet rather quickly and dropkicks Tuscini into the corner where Ryan Keys is at. Who tags himself in on the shoulder of Tuscini, who isn't happy about that and grabs Keys by the head and drops him hard with a reverse neckbreaker before exiting the ring to be met by a chorus of boos from the fans

Simone: What the?? Why did Tuscini do that???

Adams: I'm sure that Tuscini didn't like the fact that he got played by Ramone and then got tagged out of the match!!

Ramone wastes no moment and goes for a cover, hooking both legs from Ryan Keys as Jasmine goes for the three count


Simone: Kick out!


Adams: Kick out!


Justin: The second wrestler to be eliminated is Ryan Keys!!

Adams: We are down to the final two Belinda!!

Ramone grins as he kicks Ryan Keys out of the ring as he turns around and this time walks straight into the big boot from Tuscini that he ducked earlier the match. Tuscini goes for the cover as the Jasmine goes for the three count.




Ramone kicks out as Tuscini grabs Ramone by the head and wraps his arm around the chin of Ramone and puts all of his weight around the neck. Trying to take away the oxygen from Ramone as Ramone is trying to reach for the ropes but is too far away from them. Trying to reach his arms up to the head of Tuscini and holds him to his hair with one hand and bashes to the temple with the other. The closed fist hits the temple several times before driving a knee into the skull of Tuscini. This causes Tuscini to let go off Ramone as The Fearless One gets to his feet and executes a drop toe hold. Sending Tuscini down on the canvas hard as he delivers several high jump elbows on the lower back of Tuscini as that causes him to hold on to his lower back in pain. Ramone Jumps up the ropes and comes down with a springboard Moonsault on the lower back of Tuscini before rolling him up and hooking both legs as Jasmine starts to use the three count.




Simone: Kickout!!

Ramone can't believe it, he looks up at Jasmine as she shows him that it was a count of two and nothing else. Ramone wipes away some of his hair as he feels his lower back that is still bothering him from the Sit Down Powerbomb earlier the match. He slowly gets to his feet and lifts Tuscini to his feet as well before kicking him in the midsection, then he jumps on the back of Tuscini, hooking his legs across the arms of the former Roulette champion and places his hands on the canvas as he pushes him off the canvas before elevating himself for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb and hooks him for the three count as Jasmine drops down for the count




Adams: NO!!!

Simone: How did Tuscini kick out of that????

Ramone can't believe it, he is pounding his fists off the canvas in outrage as we see Tuscini slowly start to stir towards the ropes. He rests against the middle rope, trying to catch his breath before Ramone measures him for another high risk move when suddenly we hear.....

Simone: Isn't that the music from Griffin Hawkins???

Adams: Why is his music playing??

Ramone turns around, staring at the ring entrance as we see Griffin Hawkins walk up the entrance way as he stares at Ramone who is challenging him to get in the ring. Hawkins just stands there smiling as Ramone goes ballistic, not paying attention to James Tuscini, who has gotten to his feet and spins Ramone around before locking him in his finisher.

Adams: Mafia Hit!!!

He has Ramone in his patented submission hold as he puts pressure shoulder and arm in the hammerlock that he has on him while lifting him off the canvas. Ramone is struggling and screaming he won't submit until thirty seconds later taps out to the pressure as he is being released by James Tuscini!


Justin: Steve Ramone is the final man to be eliminated in this Fatal Four Way Elimination Match!! Therefore your winner and NEW!! SCW INTERNET CHAMPION!! JAMES TUSCINI!!

Jasmine hands Tuscini the championship belt before holding his arm up in victory as we see Griffin Hawkins walking away smiling as Ramone is in pain.

Cameras found themselves in the backstage area. Literally they were just moments away from headed back to the ring for the main event of the evening. Right there at one of the backstage monitors one of the newer additions to the roster in that of Cadence Carter could be seen standing there with her eyes focused on that monitor. It was at that particular moment that one of the more known faces within SCW. Specifically a known face that came with a microphone in her hand aka Ms. Rocky Mountains was shown approaching Cadence.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Cadence...

It caught the blonde by surprise it seemed as she jumped for that brief moment. Turning her head to see the woman and a warm smile crossing her purple lipstick covered lips.

Cadence Carter: Oh hi there!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hope I'm not interrupting anything here.

Cadence Carter: Gosh no. Not at all. I was just about to take a moment here and watch the World Bombshell Championship match.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Yeah, I kind of picked up on that. Makes me wonder...

Cadence Carter: Wonder? Wonder about what?

Cocking her head to the side just a little bit. Cadence had this adorable confused expression spread across her entire face. Like she was trying to wrap her mind around it.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well, do you have a specific interest of some kind in this match?

Cadence Carter: I suppose you could say that.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You suppose?

Cadence Carter: Mhm... Way I see it Ms. Mountains. Every single girl on this roster should always have an interest in every match that takes place for our division. Especially when it comes to the World Bombshell Championship. We all thrive to one day hold that championship. We all thrive to one day be at the top of our division.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: That is a pretty accurate statement. I am just not sure that most of the women on the roster share your same outlook.

Cadence Carter: And I think that's the biggest problem this divison has. The women aren't as motivated as they should be. Maybe, I don't have a lot of room to talk. But Crystal Miller was one of the worst champion's that Sin City Wrestling has ever seen. Evie Bang is practically begging for someone to step up and provide a challenge to her. Sure, she's been a little disrespectful about it but you're the champion of a division where people don't want it. I get the frustration setting in.

Ms. Rocky Mountain: So, you're saying that it's alright for Evvie to carry herself the way she has been?

Cadence Carter: Nope, I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that I understand the frustration. However, if the time and place ever comes where I find myself in the ring with Evvie. Best believe I'll give her what she's asking for and then some.

There was a small bit of confidence that was oozing out of the young girl in that very moment. She had a smile spread across her lips a little. Now the look that Ms. Mountains gave her made one assume that Cadence might be biting off a little more than she could chew. That being said it was at that moment the monitor came back to live television was about to air the Main Event of the evening. Cueing Cadence's attention back to the monitor and the cameras headed back out to the arena.

Holly Wood climbs into the ring, and the crowd's buzz falls to a hush as the official for the upcoming Main Event takes her position in the neutral corner. Justin Decent steps up to begin the introductions.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is the Main Event of Climax Control! It is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the World Bombshell Championship!

The opening riff to "Power Trip" by Chimaira starts ripping over the PA system and as soon as Mark Hunter's opening scream is heard Jessie emerges from the back with Shane and Jake, the trio headbang at the top of the ramp before they make their way down to the ring.

Justin: Introducing first the challenger! Accompanied to the ring by Shane and Jake! From Miami Florida and representing The Angel Clan ... "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

Jessie hops onto the apron and enters the ring where she goes over to the nearest turnbuckle before hopping onto the middle turnbuckle, sitting on it and waiting for her opponent.

Adams: Boy she sure looks ready, doesn't she?

Simone: She had better be. A chance at the World title doesn't come along every day. But Jessie Salco knows what it's like to have championship gold around her waist.

Adams: And if she wins tonight, she'll also be a Grand Slam Champion!

Justin: And her opponent...!

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Baang standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Victor Harbour, South Australia, she is the reigning and defending World Bombshell Champion ... Evieeee Baaaang!

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans as her focus is on the ring in front of her. She slowly walks up the steal steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring pulling on the ropes getting ready for her match while her song slowly dies down to nothing.

Simone: Many felt it was only a matter of time before Evie won world title gold, considering her trainers and mentors, Gabriel and Odette Stevens, both held the same.

Adams: And she did it! She beat one of the best! Crystal Millar! Right in the center of the ring!

Simone: Now the question is how long can she hold onto it?

Evie shoves the world title belt into the hands of Holly Wood who shows it off to the challenger. Jessie slaps a hand over it, then Holly holds the belt up high for all to see. The crowd cheers!

Adams: Nothing more exciting than a world title match!

Holly hands the belt out to Justin and signals for the bell.


And no sooner does the bell ring, than the champion Evie charges across the ring and spears Jessie right back into her corner!

Adams: Evie's starting off hard and fast!

Evie is all over Jessie, who has fallen to her backside, waylaying on the challenger with lefts and rights to the head, then wraps both hands around her throat and chokes her as Holly counts against her!


And Baang breaks before she can be disqualified! Evie then goes back on the attack, standing up and stomping down on Jessie's sternum over and over, then presses her boot into Salco's throat, choking her and prompting another count!


And again Evie breaks before the count of five!

Simone: Say what you will about her loose cannon nature, but Evie knows full well how dangerous Jessie Salco can be and is taking it to her right from the start!

Evie reaches down and drags Jessie to her feet, then rope burns her forehead across the top rope!

Adams: Oo! Nasty!

Evie grabs Jessie and fires her off into the ropes with an Irish whip, then crashes headlong into her with a flying reverse elbow! Evie makes an early cover, taking time to hook the inside leg.



Jessie kicks out!

Simone: It has been all Evie Baang from the very start.

Evie grabs two handfuls of Jessie's hair and drags her to her feet, when Jessie digs her nails into Evie's face and rakes her!

Adams: Until now that is!

Jessie knocks Evie's hands away and the champion grabs at her own eyes, and Jessie suddenly unloads on the World Champion with right hand after right hand, knocking her back several steps! Jessie then grabs her arm and sends her into the corner where she runs in and crushes Baang beneath her body weight with a back avalanche! With the fans solidly behind her, Jessie then opts to fight fire with fire and return the treatment from earlier and she grabs a handful of hair and snapmares Evie over once, twice -- THREE times, using her tresses as the handle! Jessie then STANDS on Evie's hair and grabs her arms and PULLS her up in a standing hair pull!

Adams: Evie is gonna need hair extensions after this!

Simone: I was going to say! If Evie thought she;d run rough over Jessie Salco without payback, she was sadly mistaken!

Holly counts against Jessie this time!


Jessie breaks and Evie quickly scrambles away and ducks through the ropes for a breather, but Jessie is not about to give it to her! Jessie reaches over the top rope and grabs her again with two handfuls of hair and pulls her back and backwards!

Adams: Jessie is showing she can and will fight just as dirty as Evie Baang! And Evie did start it!

Evie is SCREAMING in pain from the hair pull and screeching for the referee to get Jessie off of her and Holly counts!


Jessie breaks just soon enough! Holly reprimands her but Jessie brushes her aside and goes back after her opponent. Evie lashes a boot out, connecting with her midsection and doubles her over! Evie then grabs her by the tights and dumps her through the ropes and to the outside of the ring!

Simone: Bit of a breather now for the champion.

Evie turns around and looks down at Jessie who is pulling herself to her feet. Evie grabs the top rope and slingshots herself out over the top and she crashes headlong into her challenger!

Adams: She's not taking any breather! Evie is going right out after her!

Evie Baang grabs the fallen Salco and drags her up to her feet and slams her forehead into the ring apron! She then grabs her by the arm and sends her running into the steel barricade, separating the wrestlers from the fans!

Adams: Well we all knew there was going to be a rough one with two Bombshells like them fighting over the world title!

Evie takes Jessie by the arm and goes to send her into the barricade again, but this time Salco reverses the attempt and sends Baang into the guardrail instead, striking her sternum! Evie staggers backward and turns around, clutching her chest and Jessie barrels right into her with a drive-by kick that floors the champ! Jessie takes a handful of her hair and trunks and slides her back inside of the ring and follows!

Simone: A match between two such volatile women, they may have been better served to just remain outside.

With Jake and Shane cheering her on, Jessie Irish whips Evie into the ropes and sets up for a Flapjack maneuver but Evie shifts her weight, causing Salco to crash down onto her back with Baang's own weight landing right on top of Salco's chest! Evie rolls off and Jessie begins to sit up where Baang delivers a hard soccer kick to her kidney area! Evie then races off of the ropes and slides right into Jessie, connecting with a Shining wizard knee strike to the side of the head! Evie with the cover!



Jessie kicks out!

Evie then pulls her up into a seated position and wraps her arm around her chin from behind in a rear chin lock!

Simone: There is one thing we have to give credit where it is due. Despite Baang or Jessie's hardcore level, both women are exceptionally skilled athletes!

Jessie puts up a struggle to escape the hold, but before she can successfully do so, Baang switches tactics, as well as holds, by releasing the chin lock but not before she wraps her legs around her waist in a full body scissors.

Simone: I'm certain Gabriel and Odette told Evie she can't rely solely on overwhelming her opposition. She has to be able to wrestle as well.

Adams: And she's showing us she can, right here!

Teeth clenched, Jessie struggles as Baang's legs force the air out of her. Jessie looks from the left to the right, seeking a means of escape, until she twirks her body around to where she is still caught in the hold, but facing Evie. Slowly Jessie fights her way to her feet, then reaches down, grabs two handfuls of Baang's hair and picks her right up before dumping her to the canvas!

Adams: Well that's one easy way to counter!

Jessie grabs Baang and hauls her onto her feet and fires a right handed shot to the forehead, followed up by another, and then goes for an Irish whip into the far corner but Evie reverses it! Jessie jumps to the top turnbuckle and flies back, crashing into Baang with a flying high cross body!



Evie kicks out!

Jessie grabs Evie by the head and drives her face right down into the canvas! Baang rolls into the ropes where Jessie takes advantage and sits down on the small of her back and wraps her arms over the ropes and under her chin, pulling Evie back in a tangled version of the camel clutch in the ropes!

Simone: Okay, that's new!

Adams: Jessie's taking advantage of her veteran status. Evie made a rookie boo boo!


Jessie relents at the Holly's demand and gets off of Baang, but only long enough to drag her back into the center of the ring and sit back down on her back, drape her arms over her knees and right back into a LEGAL camel clutch.

Simone: Jessie is known primarily as a high flyer but she's showing she can wrestle too!

Jessie slams a fist down into the side of Baang's temple before releasing her, then returning the favor from mere moments ago and pulling her back into her own body scissors! Jessie leans back on her hands, putting all of her strength into the hold, squeezing her opponent with everything she's worth, as Baang's face darkens and she grits her teeth. Evie then props up her legs and leans back, pinning Jessie's shoulders down to the mat...



Jessie kicks her off!

Jessie rolls over but Baang is quicker and grabs her by the arms from behind and plants a foot right behind the neck, and she curb stomps her face into the mat!

Simone: That was a NASTY way to get the advantage back by Evie Baang!

Evie grabs the stunned Jessie and drags her up where she hits a Pumphandle Fallaway slam! Jessie rolls across the canvas and Evie catches her and covers her!



Jessie gets her shoulder up!

Baang pulls her up and sets for an Irish whip into the ropes, however Jessie runs right into her and grabs her around the neck and leg and suplexes her over capture style!

Adams: And just like that, the advantage is back to Jessie Salco!

Jessie Irish whips her into the ropes again and this time hits her with a dropkick!

Jessie then drags her up and over toward the corner where she sets her up for another capture suplex, but this time throws her over into the corner with the suplex maneuver, dumping her in a heap! Evie crumbles to her head and upper body. Jessie drags her out of the corner and covers her, hooking the near leg!



Evie kicks out!

Simone: This match is so closely contested between these two Bombshells!

Jessie gets up and grabs her by the legs, stepping through and he turns her over into a sharpshooter and sinks down into the hold!

Simone: It looks as though Salco really wants the satisfaction of a submission victory! She is working the champion over big time!

Holly leans down and checks in as Baang, hollering in pain, shakes her head "no" at the referee's request! Jessie keeps the hold on anyway, securing it as Evie slowly drags herself closer toward the ropes and just manages to grab them!

Adams: Now she has to break!

Indeed Salco does so, but then goes right back to work on the champion. Jessie swings wildly at Baang who ducks out of the way of the intended blow and sweeps Salco's legs out from under her! She immediately puts her into a half crab, then switches into an STF! Jessie's yells are heard quite clearly as Baang has her body contorted into a painful position, both her neck, back and leg looking ready to snap at any given moment!

Simone: I don't know how Jessie is hanging in there! The human body is not meant to bend that way!

Evie lets go of the hold and grabs her around the waist from behind and pulls her to her feet and lifts her up and over into a bridging German suplex!



Jessie kicks out!

Evie drags Salco up and brings her over into a Northern Lights suplex and bridge, pinning her for the second straight time!



Jessie gets her shoulder up!

Evie pulls Jessie up and body slams her, then proceeds to climb the corner until she is perched on the top. She waits and licks her lips, eyeing her prey as Salco struggles to her feet. Jessie looks for her opposition, then turns around and Evie leaps off the top, crashing into Salco with a flying lariat!

Adams: OH!!! Did you see her almost take Jessie's head off!?

Evie with the cover and she hooks the leg!



THR-Jessie kicks out!

Adams: How did she...?

Simone: That's what Evie is asking herself, I'm sure!

Evie is right on her feet and in Holly's face, arguing with the referee about the supposed slow count!

Simone: Forget the referee! Get back to work on your challenger!

Evie, fuming, goes back and grabs Jessie, dragging her up by the hair from behind. She goes for a belly to back suplex but Jessie lands on her feet behind her! Jessie then grabs her around the waist and runs her into the ropes for a Backlund cradle!



Evie reverses it into her OWN Backlund cradle, grabbing two handfuls of tights for added measure!

Adams: Holly... Holly!



THR-Jessie gets her shoulder up!

Evie screams in wild frustration as she pounds her fists into the canvas!

Simone: Calm DOWN girl!

Adams: She can't! If she bottles it up, it might come back out in more embarrassing ways!

Evie grabs Jessie and sets her up onto the top of the corner, then climbs up after her. She sets her up for a superplex but Jessie sees it coming and starts fighting her off! The two women are standing and exchanging blows in the precarious position, when Jessie suddenly slams Evie's head down into the corner, then LEAPS up and over her with a flying sunset flip and pulls her off with a powerbomb! The crowd is on it's feet!


Jessie crawls over to her to make the cover!



TH-Evie gets her shoulder up!

Adams: We almost had a new champ!

Jessie sets her up for a whip into the corner but Evie reverses it! Jessie flips up and over onto the apron ala Ric Flair, then springboards back in, catching Evie with a clothesline, turning her inside out! Jessie with another cover!



Evie kicks out!

Jessie sits there and stares holes into the Holly while Jake and Shane cheer her on! Jessie grabs the hurt champion and hurls her into the corner. Jessie charges in but Evie brings an elbow up to greet Salco the hard way! Jessie staggers back and Evie leaps at her but Jessie catches her in a spinning belly to belly! Jessie signals to the crowd and they all stand as Salco mounts the corner and climbs to the top!

Adams: Is she going for the Wall of Death!?

Simone: If she is, and she hits it, then it's curtains for Evie Baang's reign!

As Jessie gets perched, Holly leans in to check on Evie. Evie suddenly grabs Holly by the belt and pulls her into the ropes! The referee stumbles into the ropes, causing Jessie to lose her balance and fall, crashing heavily into the mat! The crowd boos HEAVILY!

Simone: I don't believe it! She put her hands on an SCW referee!

Adams: Ooo! Is THAT going to cost her!

Jessie writhes on the mat in pain as Jake and Shane protest! The crowd boos as Holly yells at Evie who just smiles at her own action! She turns slowly to wait for Jessie to start to rise, then careens into her with a Drive By kick!

Adams: Svetlana!

Jessie goes down like she was shot and Evie makes the cover!





Justin: Here is your winner, and STILL World Bombshell Champion -- EVIE BAANG!!!

The crowd boos as Evie RIPS the belt from Holly's hands and holds it up high!

Simone: Evie Baang retains the title but not without a little controversy!

Adams: A little? She used the referee against Jessie Salco! That's more than just a LITTLE controversy!

Jake and Shane assist Jessie from the ring as Evie continues to celebrate, when...

"I wish it could ALWAYS be Playtime."

Adams: What...?

A girly laugh can be heard and "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched begins to play. After a few seconds Polly Playtime appears on the stage and simply stands there, staring at the champion!

Simone: Polly Playtime! The former champion is out here!

Adams: And Evie doesn't like that she's trying to upstage her win!

Evie is screaming at Polly from the ring as Playtime just stands there with a light smirk on her face. Evie throws the belt down and beckons Polly to the ring, BEGGING her almost!

Adams: Oh she REALLY wants a piece of Polly!

Evie then sits on the ropes and holds them for her, but Polly just smiles at her from the stage. Polly then motions the belt around her waist, then waves bye to her before turning her back on the champion and vanishing behind the curtains.

Simone: Does that make it official? Is Polly staking her claim to Evie's championship?

Polly's dismissal drives Evie up the wall and the champion snatches her belt from the mat and jumps through the ropes!

Adams: Watch out now!

Simone: Evie Baang wants Polly Playtime now! And that's all the time we have this week! For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone!

Adams: So long!

And Evie races up the aisle and vanishes behind the curtains, as the credits begin to appear...

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Gerrit, Andy, Annie, The Lord MK, Jenny, Kris, Calvin Harris, Griffin Hawkins. Also thanks again to Annie for the great match banners and everyone who roleplayed!