Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Matthews Arena in Boston, Massachusetts. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at the fans filling the rows of seats around the building. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Matthews Arena in Boston, Massachusetts and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

Amanda prances out onto the center stage, dressed like Peggy Bundy; a red, beehive wig, floral print blouse and neon blue stretch pants with uber high heels. She holds a box of Godiva bon-bons in one hand, and the microphone in the other. As the music begins to play, the performance to kick things off begins.

Amanda: I was watching my TV one night when they broke in with a special report
About some devastating earthquake in Peru
There we're thirty thousand crushed to death, even more we're buried alive
On the Richter scale it measured 8.2

And I said, "God, please answer me one question?"
"Why'd they have to interrupt 'The Simpsons' just for this?"
What a drag, 'cause I was taping it and everything
And now I'll have to wait for the rerun to see the part of the show I missed

Why does this always happen?
Why does this always happen to me?
Why does this always happen?
(Why) Why does this always happen to me?

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba

I was driving down the highway when all the traffic slowed to a crawl
There was a twelve-car pile-up, everybody dead
And I saw brains and guts and vital organs splattered everywhere
As well as my friend Robert's disembodied head

And I thought - Poor Rob, I just had lunch with him
Hey, wait a minute, he still owes me money - what a jerk
Well, there's five bucks that I'm never gonna see again
Plus now, on top of everything else, it looks like I'm gonna be late to work

Why does this always happen?
Why does this always happen to me?
Why does this always happen?
(Why) Why does this always happen to me?

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba
Ba ba ba ba, ba ba

Oh, the other day, my boss said we we're running low on toner
And he told me I should buy another case
Well, I told him I was busy, but he still just kept on asking
So, I turned around and stabbed him in the face (right in the face)

Oh, and wouldn't you know it, my knife got stuck
I guess that's probably bound to happen now and then
But I'm afraid I may have bent the tip a little
And I know that blade will never ever be quite as sharp again (quite as sharp again)
Oh, tell me

Why does this always happen?
Why does this always happen to me?
Why does this always happen?
Why does this always happen to me?

The song cuts out and Amanda takes a sweeping bow, before opening her box of bob-bons and popping one into her mouth as the spotlight winks out. The fans cheer and applaud!

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to Boston, Massachusetts at the Matthews Arena for SCW Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone!

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams! And we're just two weeks away from Into the Void VI!

Simone: That we are and things are already heating up! Tonight we determine the finalists for the Blast From the Past finals and just who will walk into New York City as the World Heavyweight Champion!

Adams: We also see a new face in the men's Roulette division when Kris Halc faces Steve Ramone in the opener!

Simone: Last week we found out that Mark Ward had inserted the former Internet and Tag Champion into the title match at Into the Void VI.

Adams: Steve's made it known that Kris doesn't belong in 'his division' and wants to use this match to prove it!

Simone: The Members of the Elders have gone on record stating that the tag division has gone downhill ever since they lost the World Tag Team titles. They've even gone on to insult two men who have wanted those very titles to call their own, Dmitri and James Tuscini.

Adams: Yeah but talk is cheap! Now the Elders have to face the Unholy Alliance in an actual match!

Simone: Which will show whether or not Eyesnsane and Jon Dough can back up those brash words towards two men who have singles title shots on the horizon.

Adams: Kris Halc isn't the only one who's gotten Mark Ward on his good side! Chelsea Payne has too as the boss has let us all know Chelsea will be in the Bombshell Roulette championship match at Into the Void VI!

Simone: And like the men, the women in that match are not happy, especially Veronica Taylor! Christian Underwood promised Veronica her title match in New York.

Adams: Yeah, unfortunately for Ronnie, Mark just added a little something to it. A little something called Chelsea Payne!

Simone: Then in singles competition, the leader of the Mean Girls, Celeste North, faces one of her biggest detractors in one-half of the Fallen, Gothika!

Adams: Its a Clash of the She-Titans!

Simone: And remember! Christian Underwood has stated if Gothika doesn't win, then its the Fallen's ally, Jeremiah Hardin, that will suffer for it!

Adams: Then its the first Blast From the Past Semi-Final match of the night! Max Burke and Mercedes Vargas takes on Samantha Marlowe and Ben Jordan!

Simone: It all comes down to this where it started off with sixteen teams, and is down to four! Who will be the first to move on to the finals in New York City?

Adams: Then we got the first title match of the night! Mikah makes her first defense of the Internet Championship since winning it from Polly Playtime!

Simone: And she is defending against a familiar face, 'the Siren' Kate Steele!

Adams: Right! These two have met before! And if things turn out differently than the last time...

Simone: We'll have a brand new Internet Champion!

Adams: The it's the second and last semi-Final match in the Blast From the Past! The Internet Champion Lord Raab and one-half of the World Bombshell tag Champs, Evie Baang, take on Nicolas Blair and the Bombshell Roulette Champion, Jessie Salco!

Simone: No championships are up for grabs in that match, but there is still much at stake!

Adams: Too right! A spot in the finals at Into the Void VI and guaranteed World title matches for the overall winners!

Simone: And speaking of World title matches, that brings us to the Main Event! Just a few weeks ago, we witnessed a monumental upset when Jeremiah Hardin defeated Rage in his first defense to claim the world title! Now some might say that Jeremiah had some help...

Adams: Some? Psht! Anyone could see that someone lent Jeremiah a hand!

Simone: Be that as it may, due to the controversy, Mark and Christian had ordered an immediate rematch between Jeremiah and Rage for the gold, right here! Tonight!

Adams: Rage has the chance to correct what he calls a HUGE travesty!

Simone: And Jeremiah gets the opportunity to prove his win was by no means a fluke!

Adams: And we get started ..... NOW!

LIVE! 05/14/2017
From the Carnesecca Arena in New York City!


Moments after the opening seg with Amanda Hugginkiss we see "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone arriving at the arena with his entourage apparently having just arrived even though he is competing in tonight's opening match against Kris Halc.

Simone: You know the old phrase "if looks could kill"? Well if that we're true every person in the arena would be dead just from the look on Steve?s face.

Adams: No kidding, I'd hate to be Kris tonight!

Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches Steve trying to get a word in but he doesn't stop instead brushing right past her as do Cyrus and Andreas, the only person who stops is Kaylee who turns to Rocky.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Finally, I was hoping to talk to Steve about his match tonight...

Kaylee: Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but Steve isn't in the mood to talk to a corporate stooge like you!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Corporate stooge? I'm an interviewer! I've never been in the SCW HQ!

Kaylee: Maybe but I wouldn't be surprised if Mark occasionally invited you into his office for a game of naughty secretary! Look, all you need to know is that Steve is not messing around tonight and if I where the moron that he?s facing I would?ve already booked a return flight to Vegas by now and I?d be on my way back there!

Kaylee says before running off to catch up with her fiance and his bodyguards.

"I wish it could ALWAYS be Playtime."

A girly laugh can be heard and "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched begins to play. After a few seconds Polly Playtime appears from the backstage area, wearing the SCW World Bombshell Championship belt proudly around her waist, and her "Saving The World One Game At A Time" hooded sweatshirt, unzipped. Polly chooses to just stand on the stage for a few moments, letting it all sink in. The men in the crowd swoon as all the ladies in the crowd boo their hearts out. Polly comes back to it and winks her left green eye. The camera gets a really good close look at that, sensing that Polly is ready to potentially do something evil.

Justin: "Making her way down the aisle, from Panguitch, Utah, she is the NEW SCW World Bombshell Champion... POLLY PLAYTIIIIME!!!"

As her name is being announced, Polly then grins and skips off of the stage and down the wrestler ramp. She gets down to the ring and skips one lap around the outside of it before hopping up onto the ring apron. She winks her left eye again and wears a maniacal grin before she slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Once inside the ring she stands back up and looks right over at Justin Decent, again with evil intentions. She licks her chops and nods a few times as she stands in the middle of the ring, her entrance music just now beginning to fade out. As it does she gestures for Justin to come stand next to her. He slowly and nervously does so. The moment that he's there, she takes his microphone from him before gently shoving him to the left. Justin takes the hint and gets out of the ring, leaving Polly in the spotlight.

Adams: "Now this is going to be an interesting way to start out Climax Control here tonight. We are graced by the presence of our brand new World Bombshell Champion! I TOLD you she could do it Belinda!"

Simone: "Honestly I didn't think she was ready. Clearly I was wrong."

Adams: "Say it again. Come on. Say it again!"

Simone: "No."

Polly: "Hi guys and girls! As you can tell, I'm REALLY excited tonight, as I am now YOUR World Bombshell Champion!"

Polly smiles the widest she probably ever has. The guys in the arena stand and clap for her, but the girls are all again wholeheartedly booing.

Polly: "Thanks guys. But awww, girls, there really isn't a reason to boo me. Besides, tonight I was going to give two of you here an opportunity. You see, I gave someone undeserving already an opportunity, so why not, I'm going to do it again here TONIGHT! I'm not waiting until later on tonight either. We're doing this right here, RIGHT NOW! I'm going to give two of you girls in the crowd here tonight a chance against me, not to win my SCW World Bombshell Championship, but to win? and I'm being VERY generous here? one thousand dollars! So, who's in and wants to join me in the ring?"

Simone: "Is this even signed off on?"

Polly looks out at the crowd and picks two girls, both of whom are standing right next to one another in the first row.

Polly: "You two will do. Come on into the ring. We're going to play a little game everyone, my favorite!"

Both of them enter the ring, and both seem to be about Polly's age. She has one stand to the right of her and one stand to her left before getting back on the microphone.

Polly: "Okay girls, tell the world both of your names. Actually, nix that. I have both of your name tags right here!"

From the pocket of her hooded sweatshirt Polly pulls out two name tags and sticks them right to the tops of both girls, one of the name tags reading "Mikah" and the other "Melody".

Simone: "Oh dear."

Adams: "Stop acting like the world is going to end. I believe the words are right on our World Bombshell Champion's back. She is SAVING the world one game at a time, and I for one am going to enjoy this! It's just a harmless game that Polly wants to play Belinda. Lighten up. Obviously Mark and Christian have, otherwise one or both of them would be out here. Duh."

Both girls look at one another before both looking at Polly.

Polly: "Let me explain. Both of you have to EARN the opportunity at the one thousand dollars. First you will go through each other, then the winner will go on to LOSE? TO? ME!!! Either way, neither of you will be getting anything! Not a penny. First thing first, let's all watch the two of you embarrass yourselves. I'll be the referee. Timekeeper? Ring the bell!"

Adams: "Alright, not one impromptu match, but TWO!! This is awesome!"

Simone: "I have no words. If either of them gets hurt, it should be on Polly, not on Sin City Wrestling."

Adams: "I'm pretty sure Polly's got it handled Belinda. She would have handled Mikah if it wasn't for those brass knuckles. Of course Mikah didn't realize at the time that she was only aiding this night to happen!"

The bell rings and the two selected girls, who clearly know one another, are very unsure about themselves. Polly stands back and yawns as the two girls just circle one another. Both finally do tie up, but neither gets any sort of advantage. Polly yawns again, this time loudly and into the microphone.

Polly: "Booooring! Booooring!"

As the two just look at one another Polly grows tired of it and trips up "Melody", knocking her down to one knee. Polly then goes behind "Mikah" and shoves her down, which puts "Melody" down flat on her back on the mat, leaving "Mikah" on top of her. Polly does a fast three count and Polly calls for the bell.

Polly: "Thankfully that snooze-fest is over. Here is your winner, but soon to be loser? MIKAH! "Melody", leave the SCW World Bombshell Champion's presence at once. You aren't deserving enough to have the honor of losing to me."

"Melody" rolls out of the ring and steps back over the crowd barrier, sitting back in her seat, dejected.

Polly: "Alright, it's now time for your main event. And it begins? right now!"

Polly leaps into the air and drills "Mikah" with a dropkick right to the chest. "Mikah" goes down, as does Polly. Polly gets right back up though and drags "Mikah" to her feet by the hair. Polly looks around, grinning the evilest of grins before dropping "Mikah" face first with the Polly Pop.

Adams: "The Polly Pop! What a treat! None of Polly's money will be exchanging hands, as per usual!"

Simone: "All I can do is sigh. She's basically just mocking Melody and Mikah. Hopefully that poor girl isn't hurt. If she is, it's on Polly's hands!"

Adams: "She understands that, I'm sure."

Polly rolls "Mikah" over, but instead of going for a pin, she sits down on the face of "Mikah" and wiggles as much as she can. The girls in the crowd boo like crazy. The poor girl that's been assigned to be "Mikah" taps out quickly, but Polly doesn't dismount. She rubs salt in the wound by not stopping, so the girl keeps tapping until Polly finally gets off of her. One of the Sin City Wrestling referees finally comes down the ramp and slides in, checking on the fan. Polly stays away from them, innocently holding her hands up before speaking into Justin Decent's microphone.

Polly: "Oh please. She isn't hurt. I've made my point. This time around there will be no freebie opportunities at me, thus NO WAY of someone like Mikah cheap shotting me with a weapon that could have KILLED me! In fact, I will guarantee to you all that Mikah will NEVER get a shot at THIS as long as I'm Champion!"

Polly points down at the World Bombshell Championship, which is still sitting comfortably around her waist.

Polly: "As far as the SCW Bombshell Internet Championship goes, she won't wear it much longer. I know I can't wear two championships at once due to the championship rule, but I'm sure her best friend Chelsa Payne would LOVE a shot at that championship! I'm all for that. Meanwhile I'll be a step above the both of them, reigning as the most interesting World Bombshell Champion that Sin City Wrestling, and the rest of the world, has ever had!"

"As far as Melody Grace goes, I know she'll be getting her contracted return match against me and probably at Into The Void. She's going to on that night find out what she already knows, that her one win against me a small while back was a fluke. She got lucky for three seconds. If she gets her scheduled rematch at Into The Void, there won't be that kink in this third round of our game. In this third round, she'll be turned away twice in a row, with the words YOU LOST resonating in her head for the rest of her life."

Polly nods her head a few times as the Melody Grace fans in the crowd are booing. A lot of the guys still look mesmerized though, and quite in love with Polly. She winks at everyone before talking back into the microphone, tying up the loose ends.

Polly: "For tonight, to all of you here, I've saved you all with our little game. I'd stick around for the whole night, but sadly the rest of the locker room still needs to compete, including a man that I will leave an olive branch for in the backstage area before I completely go for the night. That's you Kris, as I don't want to bicker with you. I'm the SCW World Bombshell Champion, and you sure as heck are more than capable of becoming our SCW Men's Roulette Champion. Consider my olive branch a gift. As for you the SCW fans, I'll see you all soon. I promise. Moi!"

Polly blows a huge kiss before she daintily sets the microphone down in the ring. She waves out at the whole crowd as "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched plays once again, the SCW World Bombshell Championship belt glistening the whole time. After a bit of her music is done playing, Polly slides carefully out of the ring and begins to head to the back, grinning and with her green eyes being seen by the cameras.

The scene comes back in backstage. The Angels of the Fallen are walking with the men of R.O.A.R., heading towards the locker rooms. Jeremiah kisses Diamond and Dark Tiger kisses Darknyss before they part ways, and the camera continues to follow the Bombshells. They are about to enter the Bombshell locker room when they're approached by Pussy Willow. She seems eager to speak with them.

Pussy Willow: Oh my gosh! I was just about to come looking for you guys! I wanted to talk to you Gothika!

Everyone stops and Gothika steps up with a bit of an agitated look on her face. She takes a deep breath and nods slowly.

Gothika: Alright Pussy. Let's talk.

Pussy Willow holds up her microphone and swipes a stray hair from her face.

Pussy Willow: Gothika, this past week you and your friends executed a heroic rescue of Michael Argento. How are you feeling knowing that he's out of the hands of his abductors?

Gothika shrugs as Pussy Willow holds the mic out to her.

Gothika: Well, to be honest, I'm relieved. I know that whomever had him can't hurt him anymore, but I'm still pissed as fuck. How in the hell do you expect me to feel? Do you think that I should be all happy happy joy joy cause he's no longer being tormented and tortured, possibly because of me? Michael went through HELL!! Both of his shoulders we're dislocated, one of his legs was broken where he apparently tried to escape, and he was covered in bite marks and cuts all over his body. Knowing that all of this happened is driving me up the walls! I had to leave him in the hospital because we flew him to where the doctors had to put him into a medically induced coma so he can heal. If it hadn't been for Diamond's potions, he would have died before we could get him help! You have no idea how it felt to walk into that room and see him hanging there, strung up like a piece of meat in a butcher's shop.

Pussy puts her hand over her mouth, gasping.

Pussy Willow: Oh my gosh! Did they find the person who did this to him?

Gothika shakes her head, running a hand through her hair.

Gothika: As much as I would love to be able to say that they caught the fucker who did this, that piece of dung is still out there.

Pussy Willow: Are you worried about Michael's security where you left him?

Gothika grabs the mic from Pussy Willow and holds it to her lips.

Gothika: Hell naw I'm not worried about his security! Michael is being protected by not just Raynin's friends, but there's also Jeremiah's friends as well as the slayers who helped us to rescue him, and a protection detail from the Council! He has twenty four hour protection.

Gothika turns towards the camera and gets right up close to it. Her eyes slowly turn from their normal brown to ice blue while she speaks.

Gothika: I just want the fuck face who took Michael to know something. You have not escaped me yet! We have your cohorts! As we speak, the Council is interrogating each and every one of the vampires who helped you. They are closing in on your identity, and once they find out who you are, you will WISH you'd NEVER BEEN TURNED!!

Gothika's fangs slowly extend as she moves closer to the camera.

Gothika: And as for you Celeste... You really like running that mouth of yours. I'm going to really enjoy sticking my foot so far down your throat, every meal you eat then throw up for the next month will taste of my boot leather. But don't you worry. I'll make sure to wear my low calorie boots so they won't screw up your diet.

Gothika hands Pussy Willow back the microphone, and leans in close to her, inhaling her scent as she licks her lips slowly.

Gothika: You know Miss Willow, I have been simply thirsting for a drink. Maybe I can meet you later and I can...

At that moment, Gothika stops and sniffs the air, turning away from Pussy Willow and looking down the hallway. A grin breaks onto her face and she whispers a single word.

Gothika: Dmitri!

The camera turns to follow her gaze and Dmitri walks around the corner at the end of the hall with James Tuscini and his uncle Pinky. They have a serious look on their faces, but Dmitri sniffs the air and a smile hits his face as he looks over to where Gothika is standing. He picks up the pace and after only a few moments, he grabs her, kissing her as he lifts her off of her feet. Pussy Willow watches and starts to fan herself off as she feels the heat of their passion.

Pussy Willow: DAMN!! I wish someone would kiss me like that!

Pinky clears his throat and steps forward with his arms open, but Pussy makes a disgusted face and steps back, holding her hand up in his face.

Pussy Willow: Eww!! Not you!!

Pussy Willow walks off and Darknyss's phone rings. She answers it.

Darknyss: Hey. You guys here?... Good, we've been cleared for Conference Room B for the rest of the night. DT and Jeremiah will be meeting us there in a few. Yeah, I can't wait either. We'll see you in fifteen.

Gothika looks over her shoulder and Darknyss gives her a thumbs up as she's typing out a text message, so she turns back to Dmitri, James Tuscini and Pinky.

Gothika: It seems everything is a go. We'll meet you in Conference Room B once we've gotten ready. This is gonna be epic!

James frowns and grumbles.

James: It's not gonna hurt is it?

Dmitri rolls his eyes and puts his arm around Jame's shoulders.

Dmitri: Not that!! The other thing!!

James scratches his head, then Pinky leans over and whispers in his ear and James' eyebrows go up and he nods.

James: Ooooohh!! That!! Yeah, you're right. Epic is a good word for it. Stupendous even!

Gothika chuckles and kisses Dmitri once more before she pulls back from his arms reluctantly as the scene switches out.

Justin: Our opening match is a Singles match with Roulette Rules pitting Kris Halc against Steve Ramone.

Simone:This match could be a main event on any card. What a way to open Climax Control 179. Steve Ramone is determined to obtain the Roulette Title Belt again and Kris Halc should be thrilled to be placed into the Roulette Title match at Into The Void VI. However both wrestlers have to get through this match first to make it to Into The Void VI.

Adams: I'm not sure who I would give the advantage to in this match. On one hand you have a three-time Roulette Champion in Steve Ramone and on the other hand you have Kris Halc who has been requesting to challenge for the Roulette Championship for some time. With the recent injury to Ramone, with him also suffering a low blow at the hands of Pinky del Ferrando last week, I have to question is Ramone has enough left in him to get over on Halc.

Justin: Our first participant in this Roulette Rules match hails from San Diego, California, and he stands in at 6 feet one inch and 199 pounds, please give a warm Washington DC welcome to Kris Halc!

The lights cut off leaving the inside of the arena pitch black. Suddenly white pyros go off around the screen atop the stage and "Pure Morning" by Placebo starts to blast through the arena speakers. As the smoke around the screen fades the word "PURE" can be seen flashing across it in big black letters against a white background. Kris steps through the curtain, his eyes down at the ground, and out onto the stage as the words of the song start. The lights around the edge of the stage send bright white pillars of light up to the ceiling of the arena, and he stops between them at the top of the ramp.

The cameras come up the ramp as Kris finally raises his eyes to look out at the arena. It passes him circling around his side to see the black letters on his white shorts reading "KRIS" down his right leg. We get behind him as he starts walking down the ramp the back of his jacket displaying the exact same message at the screen above him. He makes his way down the center of the ramp not making eye contact with any of the fans that reach out for his hand or try to taunt him on his way to the ring. At ringside, he takes two quick steps, rolling under the bottom rope and then hopping up to run across the ring, leaping onto the middle turnbuckle of the furthest corner mid-stride and raising a single fist at the crowd. After playing the crowd he hops off the turnbuckle and leans back into the corner to await the arrival of Steve Ramone.

Justin: Our next participant in this match hails from Queens, New York, and he stands in at 6 feet even and 200 pounds, please give a warm welcome to "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone!

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of The Fearless One Steve Ramone." "I want what's coming to me." "So what's coming to you?" "The world chico, and everything in it"

Following that quote the opening riff to "I Want The World.....and Everything In It" by Battle Beast hits the speakers as the lights dim and the crowd boos as "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone comes out first air guitaring to the song before he is joined by Andreas and Cyrus, the three men ignore the fans at ringside whilst they walk down to the ringside as Steve sings along to the lyrics before they reach the ringside area where Cyrus and Andreas enter the ring first followed by Steve. The trio walk toward Kris Halc in his corner and Referee Holly Wood steps in and she orders Steve, Andreas, and Cyrus, to back off and she also orders Cyrus and Andreas out of the ring to prevent any altercation. Ramone points his finger at Halc, then he laughs, and then Ramone backs into the corner opposite to Kris Halc to await the start of this match.

Simone: There is no height or weight advantage between these two. There is a one inch height advantage on the part of Kris Halc and a one pound weight advantage on the part of Steve Ramone but those stats are meaningless in a match like this.

Adams: If there is any advantage I would have to give it to Kris Halc only because Steve Ramone suffered an injury to his groin recently and with the whack he took from Pinky del Ferrando last week, as we saw the cup Ramone was wearing didn't soften the blow much, there's a chance Ramone is not at 100 percent. Then again he does have Andreas and Cyrus in his corner and they have been known to distract the Referee and cause interference to benefit Steve.

Referee Holly Wood walks over to the side of the ring where the Roulette Wheel is located. She exits the ring and walks up to the wheel and gives it a forceful spin. As the wheel slows down both Kris and Steve are anxious to see what stipulation it lands on. The wheel slows and comes to stop on SUBMISSION ONLY rules. Referee Holly Wood returns to the ring and she informs Kris Halc and Steve Ramone that the only way to win is to make your opponent submit and she stresses that pinfalls, count outs, and disqualifications are not in play. Holly Wood motions to the Timekeeper to ring the bell to officially start the match.




The bell has rung and this match is officially underway.

Holly Wood motions to the wrestlers to get going in action in the match. While Kris Halc is looking out to the crowd Steve runs across the ring to attack him before Kris focuses back on him. As Ramone is approaching the corner Halc glances back and sees Steve coming at him. Kris leaps up onto the turnbuckles on corner and Steve Ramone goes under Kris Halc and Ramone slams hard into the corner. Kris dives off the turnbuckles and on the way down he grabs Steve around his body and flips him over onto his back. With Kris on top of Steve and holding on to Ramone's legs, he goes for a pinfall. Referee Wood steps in, and she reminds Kris that this is a Submission Only match

Adams: Why would Kris go for a pinfall when this is a Submission Only match?

Simone: The adrenaline flows high in wrestling matches and wrestlers react to what is happening in the ring and what their opponents do. In any other type of match the maneuver Kris Halc put on Steve Ramone would be appropriate and could have possibly resulted in a very quick in.

Both wrestlers get to their feet and they face each other. In a surprise gesture we see Steve Ramone acknowledge the nice counter-move on the part of Kris Halc even though attempting a pin doesn't work in this type of match. Kris remains cautious as he knows that Ramone can try to play an opponent to distract them. The two lock up in a collar and elbow and jockey for the advantage. They are pushing each other back and forth around the ring with neither gaining a distinct advantage. Kris finally manages to push Steve into a corner where Referee Holly Wood runs in and demands the break. Kris Halc breaks only long enough to make it a legal break and then he reaches back and lands a hard punch to the side of Steve Ramone's head. Referee Wood issues a warning for the punch. Halc looks at Holly Wood and waves her off. As Kris turns to face Steve in the corner he is hit with a hard punch to the jaw by Ramone. Referee Wood issues a warning to Steve Ramone and Steve tells Holly to allow him and Kris to kick the crap out of each other in this match. Referee Wood shrugs her shoulders and we are not sure if this means she is going to be more lenient or if she doesn't give a damn what the wrestlers think since she is officiating this match.

Adams: This is supposed to be a wrestling match and not a punch fest.

Simone: The Referee's job is to maintain order in the ring and to keep the wrestlers within the rules of the match. However if Holly Wood wants to be a little more lenient and let Kris and Steve get away with more that's her decision to make.

Kris and Steve lock up again. This time Ramone is able to back Halc into the ropes. Kris is working to free himself from the ropes and the grasp of Steve. Holly Wood steps in and demands a break. When Ramone doesn't break Wood steps between the two wrestlers and she pushes Steve back several steps. Ramone starts to argue with Referee Wood and this allows a distraction so that Andreas and Cyrus can do some dirty work. Kris Halc steps away from the ropes but Cyrus and Andreas reach up and each grabs a leg of Kris which causes him to not be able to get away from the ropes. While Halc is struggling to get away from the grasp of the two goons we see James Tuscini and Pinky del Ferrando run out from the backstage area and they run down the ramp to ringside. Andreas and Cyrus let go of the legs of Kris Halc and they charge toward James and Pinky. As Cyrus and Andreas approach James and Pinky smartly return up the ramp causing Andreas and Cyrus to run after them into the backstage area.

Adams: Why would James Tuscini and Pinky del Ferrando come out and distract Andreas and Cyrus like that. From what I've seen they have a dislike for both Ramone and Halc so not logical for them to help Kris out in the match.

:Simone: I believe it has more to do with James and Pinky sending a message to everyone that they will not tolerate interference by anyone not only in their matches but in any match in Sin City Wrestling. Now that they have removed Cyrus and Andreas from the situation both Steve and Kris can get down to business and let's see who can win this match.

Steve Ramone stops arguing with Referee Holly Wood and then Holly turns around to face Kris Halc who is complaining to her about the interference on the part of Andreas and Cyrus. Since Referee Wood doesn't see anyone at ringside she cannot make a ruling on the complaint. Kris is pissed off with Ramone and Wood and we can see the determination on his face that he wants to end this match quickly. Referee Wood steps out of the way and Steve and Kris charge each other and slam into each other. They totally disregard Referee Wood by punching and kicking each other. Steve manages several hard blows that drives Kris to his knees. Halc is quick to stand up and he retaliates with his own hard blows that drives Ramone to his knees. Both wrestlers are slugging it out and driving each other to their knees and we can see it taking a toll on both of them.

Adams: Here we go! It looks like Referee Wood is going to let these two go all-out now.

Simone: Yes and this should be interesting.

The two continue attacking each other as they move around the ring even though it is apparent both are getting tired and the blows from the other are taking a toll. Ramone breaks, steps back, and then he drives into Halc, driving Kris to the mat. Halc has his legs wrapped around Ramone so that although Steve is in the upper position he's not able to get away from the grasp of Kris. We watch as Kris Halc continues to punch the head of Steve Ramone and then he cinches up on the hold and turns it into his Sleepy Time finisher which is a Flying Triangle Choke. Ramone struggles to get free but Halc has the hold locked in tightly while he continues to punch Ramone in the head. Referee Wood steps in to ask Steve Ramone if he wants to submit and he refuses. When Kris Halc continues to hold tightly to the hold, and he is preventing Ramone from reaching the ropes for a break, the next time Holly Wood steps in to ask Ramone if he wants to submit he does and Holly Wood calls for the bell to end the match and she orders Kris Halc to release the hold and he does.

Adams: I have to be honest and say I didn't expect to see that ending to this match.<.font>

Simone: I agree.

Justin: Referee Holly Wood has issued the decision in this match. Your winner, by submission, Kris Halc!

Referee Wood raises the hand of Kris Halc for the victory. She drops his hand and Kris walks over to Steve Ramone. He says a few words to Ramone that we cannot hear but the reaction from Steve indicates he doesn't care for what Kris said to him. Kris Halc leaves the ring and travels up the ramp to return to the backstage area. Steve Ramone also leaves the ring and heads to the backstage area.

Coming back after his match, Kris has a towel around his neck as he works his way back to his locker room. The camera follows from behind him, but he does not address it. It is possible he does not even know it is there. Kris rounds the corner, but as he does, collides with a blonde moving in the opposite direction. He extends his arms to make sure he does not knock her over and goes to apologize when he realizes who it is.

Kris: Oh? well I was going to apologize, but not to you.

Mikah raises an eyebrow before glancing around her then back at Kris and crosses her arms over her chest.

Mikah: And why's that? Because I won't share my husband with you or because of other stupid reasons?

She moves her championship to her right shoulder, adjusting it a bit so it sits pretty on her shoulder. She looks at it before pretending to wipe a smudge off of it. Kris takes a step back, not expecting the two jabs to sound so mean.

Kris: For not being awesome anymore.

He tries to walk around her.

Kris: Like when you stopped hanging out with me and hung around J2H for a while. That kind of lame stuff.

She raises an eyebrow, a smirk playing on her face for a moment.

Mikah: Hmm.

She thinks for a minute, tapping her finger to her chin for a moment.

Mikah: I wasn't aware that I could only have one set of friends. I stopped hanging out with J2H for my husband because he asked me to but I didn't think making a career choice would affect so many people. Drake I understand, but you... Not so much.

She shrugs her shoulders as she looks at him. He shakes his head, and then tries to clarify what he meant.

Kris: Nah, it's cool. I just had this opinion of you that was like...

He raises his hand up to the height of his shoulder, his palm to the ground.

Kris: Somewhere up here, but then I saw some of the people you we're associating with and...

He drops his hand down a full eight inches.

Kris: Now you're somewhere down here. That just isn't high enough to make the cut for an apology anymore. Sorry.

She laughs a bit before pushing her platinum locks out of her face.

Mikah: That's fine. I get it. I get that you don't like J2H and that's fine because everybody has their own opinions of him. But you do realize even less people like me, right...

She re-crosses her arms over her chest as she looks at him.

Mikah: I can count on one hand using probably three fingers of how many people like me. And if you'd really like me to, I can list them off for you.

She presses her lips together for a second before smiling a bit at him. He shakes his head and drops his hand down to his side.

Kris: No. I'm sure you have much better things to be doing. So if you could just apologize for running into me and being mean we can just be on our way. Since we obviously aren't friends anymore.

He tries, and for the most part succeeds, to keep any kind of smile off of his face while he gets through the words. He was never great at pretending to be angry.

Mikah: Excuse me?

She lets out a laugh before rolling her eyes and glancing him over once.

Mikah: I am not giving you an apology because first, you ran into me and secondly, you're holding something against me that had absolutely nothing to do with you.

She stands up a bit straighter and shakes her hair out a bit.

Mikah: And plus, I don't give out apologies to just anybody.

She smirks a bit.

Kris: Okay... have it your way. We will just officially no longer be friends. I am breaking off our friendship, effective right now. You are no better than Keira Fisher to me now.

She scowls at him before rolling her eyes.

Mikah: You do know that saying those two little words that you're looking to hear doesn't mean shit, right?

She raises an eyebrow.

Mikah: Or has nobody ever told you that? We are told at a young age to apologize for doing something that isn't perceived to be nice or hurtful to another person because it's the right thing to do. And I don't think I have anything to.apologize for. But..

She hesitates for a moment.

Mikah: I don't think you're looking for me to apologize for you running into me. I think you're looking for me to apologize to you for aligning myself with J2H a few months ago.

She shrugs again.

Mikah: I'd ask if I was right but you'd probably lie and say I wasn't.

She smiles a bit. He turns slightly, to show her the one word that is printed across the back of his jacket.

Kris: That would kind of go against the whole "Pure" thing right? Truth? Yeah. You threw in with someone who was spending a decent amount of time shitting on Jet City right when you joined the cause. That made me think a lot less of you. But, I guess that's not your problem.

He smiles.

Kris: Have a good night though.

He takes another step away from her. She lets out an exasperated sigh.

Mikah: I don't get all this one-sided thinking that you and some people do. Because for one thing, just because I was aligned with J2H, does not mean that I shared the same viewpoints as he did. Because that's far from the truth but if you had thought more of me, like you supposedly did, you'd have known that wasn't the case. But whatever.

She moves her championship to her other shoulder.

Mikah: I'm not going to explain myself to you because I'm not married to you and don't have that obligatory thing that makes me want to.

She rolls her eyes and hesitates for a moment.

Mikah: I have a match to win. And a championship to retain so I can go home with my husband. So, I'm sorry that you didn't like my career choice a few months ago, but it shouldn't have affected you at all.

Kris keeps moving, but spins so that he is facing her.

Kris: Good luck out there. I'm already done with what I came to do tonight. I have a wife, infant and mini-me waiting on me. Let me know how it goes.

She just makes a face and rolls her eyes.

Mikah: As if you care. I'm sure you can catch the match when it replays.

She shrugs before looking down the opposite way of the hallway.

Mikah: Have fun with the wife and babies.

Backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains stands beside Mercedes Vargas, ready to conduct an interview with the Mean Girl member, who is seen in street clothes as her match was later on tonight.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, tonight is the semifinals of the Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team Tournament and you and Max Burke are one of the final four teams still standing. At Into the Void, you two could possibly be in the finals, but you have to get by Ben Jordan and Samantha Marlowe later tonight. Are you nerv -?

Mercedes funishes Rocky's question.

Mercedes Vargas: I think the word you're looking for is nervous. And the short answer to your question is no.

As she says this, Mercedes smiles at Rocky.

Mercedes Vargas: Sam Marlowe may have beat me in the past, but those were in tag matches - and she never pinned or made me submit. And win or lose tonight, if she catches lightning in a bottle, it still won't change the fact that I'm better than her. You want to know why? Because I've never lost to her one-on-one. As far as tonight goes, she and Benji are facing the only true test in their run so far in the tournament so they better make this worth it. No matter what happens tonight I know Max and I are too good to miss out on competing at Into the Void.

With the interview all but wrapped up, Rocky turns to the camera as does Mercedes.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well there you have it. Confident words from Mercedes ahead of our co-main event which is still come. Now let's send it back out to ringside for more Climax Control.

Ryan Keys (c) vs Steve Ramone vs James Tuscini vs Kris Halc

"Rise" plays over the PA grabbing the attention of the crowd. Chelsea Payne, still dressed in her street clothes. A shirt saying, "Vindication for Coby" and designer jeans, steps out from behind the curtain. The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos. People are not sure whether to hate her or like her based on her recent words.

She confidently makes her way down to the ring and slides in where she is handed a microphone. She waits a minute, gauging the crowd. Then she brings the mic up to her ruby colored lips.

Chelsea: In case you didn't know, I am Chelsea Payne and in two weeks, I will become the newest Roulette champion.

Again the crowd is a mixed reaction.

Chelsea: I have seen all of you asking for a change. You don't want the same old song and dance. You don't want to see another match where the same three people compete for the Roulette title. You don't want to see it constantly rotate between Jessie, Amy and Veronica. Its boring. Its repetitive. You are ready to see change in the bombshell division.

She leans forward, resting her arms on the top rope.

Chelsea: I remember when the bombshell division was just as much of a draw as the men. When women like Roxi Johnson, Misty and Vixen showed that chicks we're tough too. Now... the division is tainted by shallow, vapid former models with mediocre wrestling ability. Granted there are a few...

A picture of Mikah holding the internet title pops up and the crowd boos. Chelsea grins widely.

Chelsea: ...That don't fit that mold. I don't fit into any mold either and I know for a fact that all of you are tired of sitting through yet another pointless Mean Girl promo. Can we all agree that some ideas are better off dead?

The crowd actually cheers this time.

Chelsea: I don't expect any of you to love me like you do Sam...

She curls her lip in disgust when the fans cheer louder for that name than they did just a moment ago.

Chelsea: But I am going to set the example for all future bombshells. Girls are tough. We are capable athletes. They don't need to be models or sex objects.

The crowd actually agree with her words.

Chelsea: And I am not going to hold back on telling everyone what I think about them. I have never backed down from a challenge and I am not starting now. Anyone with an issue with that can kiss my...

She stops, she gives a smile before dropping the mic and blowing a kiss to the crowd. She slips from the under the ropes and down the ramp to the back. The whole time she is sporting a cocky grin.

We cut backstage to the dressing room of James Tuscini and Pinky del Ferrando. We see that James is already changed into his wrestling attire and Pinky is dressed in a light gray business suit. They are having a short discussion as we listen in.

Pinky: James you sure are doing well in your wrestling recently. I mean, come on, your fourth defeat of Ryan Keys in your fourth match against him is like a classic Mafia hit on a rival Mafia member.

James: Yes it felt good to put Ryan Keys in his place again. I don't like cocky pretty boys. Speaking of doing a good job you punching out Andreas last week when he assaulted you was great. Way to go Uncle!

Pinky: Everyone saw what happened. I was simply leaning on the ring apron to try to get Referee Steve Ramone to pay attention and officiate the match properly. It was Andreas who laid hands on me first. It was Andreas who shoved me first. I did the honorable thing and issued him a warning to back off and cease or he will get knocked out but he didn't listen. He decided to try me and he found out that a 64 year old Full-Blooded Sicilian Italian is more than a match for him or anyone else.

James: Tonight I go into a Tag Team match with my Tag Team Partner Dmitri to take on, and take out, the Members of the Elders consisting of Jon Dough and Eyesnsane. This is a team who had a fluke victory to win the Tag Team Title Belts only to lose the Title Belts 28 days later. Pathetic and weak are descriptions that come to mind for that sub-level achievement.

Pinky: Time for us to get going so we're in the staging area for our entrance. This is gonna be a great match and a win for Unholy Alliance. If it takes Unholy Alliance more than 15 minutes to defeat Members of the Elders I'll be surprised.

James and Pinky stand up and high five each other before exiting the dressing room to head off to the entrance staging area

Jacob Summers stands in the ring as Justin Decent gets set to make the introductions for the next match.

Justin: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...!

Mind Crawler hits the entrance way as the arena goes black and a golden spotlight hits on the entrance way as James Tuscini walks to the arena as the fans react to him. Extending their arms as the wrestler looks around and reacts to the crowd as Uncle Pinky walks behind him. The two play the crowd handing out high fives and shaking hands. They reach the ring as Dmitri and Ekaterina emerges and the crowd goes silent for them.

Justin: Accompanied by uncle Pinky and Ekaterina! At a combined weight of five hundred and forty pounds, the team of James Tuscini and Dmitri -- the Unholy Alliance!

Staring down the big vampire as he walks to the ring, ignoring the fans before climbing on the apron and stepping over the ring rope. There he high fives Tuscini before focusing his attention back to the entrance way in the ring

Justin: And their opponents!

IAIN SAYN NUN by OGYOLA X starts to play.

Justin: Coming to the ring and a combine weight of 32 and a half stones. Jon Dough...

We see Jon Dough come from behind the curtains to a crowd pop.

Justin: and his tag team partner Eyesnsane!

Eyesnsane comes the curtain to a shower of boos. Jon pauses to wait for Eyesnsane to catch up to him. the two give a fist bump to each other. The crowd showers them with a mix reaction as the two make there way to the ring. Jon slides in from the bottom ropes while Eyesnsane jumps on to the ring apron and then jump over the top ropes to makes his way in the ring. Eyesnsane and Jon Dough each get on top of a turnbuckle. Eyesnsane raises his arms in the air to a shower of boo. Jon Dough then raises his arms up the air to a shower of cheers. The two get down and meet in the middle of the ring each other a nod while the crowd showers them with a mix reaction.

Simone: Despite what the Elders have come to believe, the tag team scene has not went down the drain since they lost the championship.

Adams: Yeah! The Halcs beat them for the titles and defended the belts against them. Now with the Bad Boys around and Team BJ as champs again, I'd say the tag division is as hot as ever!

Simone: And Dmitri and James may have a lot to say about those claims here tonight.

Per Jacob's instructions, Jon Dough opts to begin for his team, as James Tuscini does the same. The referee then calls for the bell.


At the sound of the bell, James and Jon circle the center of the ring, sizing each other up before they finally move in and lock up in a Greco Roman collar and elbow tie up. They struggle briefly but the stronger Tuscini slowly backs Jon up against the ropes where Jacob calls for a clean break and counts...


And perhaps surprisingly so, James breaks clean. Jon stares at him through his mask and they circle again. They lock up and this time, Jon ducks behind him in a rear waistlock and takes him down to the mat in a smooth amateur wrestling maneuver. Jon retains the waistlock on the mat as Tuscini looks for a counter, moving around on the canvas and Jon moving with him. James sits up, still in the hold with Jon behind him, and they mutually work their way to their feet. James grabs Jon's arm and slowly breaks the waistlock, then twists his arm around into an arm wringer. Tuscini twists the arm around a second time, ducking behind Jon in a hammerlock. Tuscini looks to his corner and nods -- then proceeds to lift Jon up and off of his feet in a flying hammerlock!

Simone: Oh god! The strain that has to be putting on Jon Dough's shoulder!

Jacob moves in to ask Jon if he wants to yield the match but Jon shakes his head no! Tuscini lowers him down, releasing the hammerlock but keeping hold of Jon's arm. Tuscini twists his arm and reels him back into a shoulder block, knocking him to the canvas. James then waits for Jon to get back to his feet and once he does, he dashes into the ropes for a running clothesline but Jon evades it, Matrix style! James puts on the brakes and turns around and right into a number of strike kicks to the sternum courtesy of Jon Dough, each one harder than the last! Jon then jumps and spins in midair to catch Tuscini with a flat footed roundhouse kick, knocking him to the mat!

Adams: That's one way to fight back against a wrestler like James Tuscini!

Holding his shoulder, Jon moves back and tags Eyesnsane into the match. The more unstable member of the Elders moves in and as James gets back to his feet, Eyesnsane grabs his leg from under him and brings him down with a Dragon Screw! Eyesnsane keeps hold of the leg and then repeats the maneuver on the mat, further working on his knee!

Adams: Boy that could do serious damage to James's knee!

Simone: I believe that's what Eyesnsane has in mind.

Right away, Eyesnsane grabs him and tries to lock him in his patented Twisted hold, but James sees it coming and has it scouted! Tuscini scrambles closer to the ropes and grabs them, forcing a break! Eyesnsane reluctantly complies and James scoots to his corner and tags Dmitri!

Adams: I don't know who's crazier! The vampire or the guy who doesn't care that he's in the ring with a vampire!

Dmitri steps OVER the ropes and into the ring and immediately Eyesnsane runs in and begins an all out assault on the much larger man! He lays into Dmitri with open handed palm strikes and then grabs him by the head and brings a knee up into his face, followed by a second! Dmitri is driven back against the ropes and Eyesnsane goes for an Irish whip into the far ropes but Dmitri reverses it! Eyesnsane comes off and is caught by the vampire and driven hard into the canvas with a spinning side slam!

Simone: And that is where Dmitri's size comes into play!

Adams: Kinda makes you wonder how Ekaterina turns him into such a candy arse?

Dmitri with the cover on Eyesnsane!

Eyesnsane kicks out!

Dmitri pulls him up into a seated position and swings a series of clubbing forearms around from behind and into his head and sternum! Dmitri drags him up into a front facelock then lifts him high into the air for a delayed vertical suplex, just holding him upside down in the air!

Simone: The power on display of Dmitri!

But Eyesnsane starts to struggle and uses his knee driven into Dmitri's skull to cause him to let go! Eyesnsane drops around before him and turns it into a Frankensteiner!

Adams: How the hell...???

Simone: Where did that move come from!?

A surprised Dmitri sits up and Eyesnsane comes off the ropes with a baseball sliding kick to the temple! Eyesnsane with the cover!

Dmitri gets a shoulder up!

Eyesnsane drags him over to his corner by the boot and Jon tags himself back in. Eyesnsane holds Dmitri in place by the legs and Jon climbs up to the top and jumps off, landing on top of Dmitri's sternum with a cannonball senton! Eyesnsane ducks out as Jon makes the cover!

Dmitri kicks out!

Jon pulls Dmitri up and uses his body weight to back the larger man into the Elders' own corner. Jon breaks clean at the referee's request, but it's a ruse as he lays in a kick to Dmitri's stomach and Eyesnsane reaches in from the outside and clobbers him in the head.

Adams: The Elders aren't any slouches when it comes to double teaming!

Simone: It is no secret that they want those World tag titles back!

The two double-team the big man but Dmitri starts fighting back with fists, knocking Jon and Eyesnsane away from him! Dmitri turns and punches Eyesnsane, knocking him down to the floor, then turns and charges forward, clotheslining Jon! Dmitri pulls the Jon up effortlessly and bring him over with an overhead belly to belly suplex and covers!

Jon gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Rather than go for the cover, I think the smart thing would have been for Dmitri to go for the tag.

Dmitri pulls him up and tags James in. Dmitri Irish whips Jon into the ropes and catches him in a Tilt-A-Whirl back breaker across his knee! Tuscini then comes off of the middle turnbuckle with a diving elbow to his exposed chest! Jon crumbles to the mat and James goes for the cover!

Eyesnsane runs in and breaks it up!

Simone: It could very well have been all over had it not been for Eyesnsane's intervention!

Adams: Yeah and he broke it up right fast too!

Jacob then ushers Eyesnsane back to his corner as Dmitri grabs Jon and throws him out to the floor where Tuscini awaits. James picks the smaller man up and just drops him throat-first onto the railing.

Simone: The Unholy Alliance knows a thing or two about double teaming as well!

Jon staggers about, clutching his neck and James grabs him and rolls him back inside of the ring where Dmitri tags him back in. James hooks him up for a snap suplex and brings him over, covering him and hooking the leg.

Eyesnsane again breaks it up!

Jacob again orders Eyesnsane from the ring, allowing James to drape Jon's throat over the ropes and holds him up by the feet, Dmitri runs across the apron and delivers a big boot to the side of his head!

James drags Tuscini up and Dmitri holds him from the outside by the arms. James gets a running start and goes for a flying back elbow -- but Jon ducks and Tuscini collides with Dmitri, knocking him off the apron! Shocked at his error, James slowly turns around and Jon connects with a jumping mule kick to the head, flooring him! The hurt Jon then falls back to his corner where Eyesnsane tags himself back into the match!

Adams: There we go!

Eyesnsane barrels right into the ring and clotheslines James, then as Dmitri starts to climb inside of the ring, Eyesnsane baseball slides into him with a low kick! Eyesnsane then grabs both Dmitri and Tuscini by the hair and slams their heads right into each other! Dmitri falls and rolls out under the bottom rope as Eyesnsane sweeps James's legs out from under him and catapults him face-first into the corner! James staggers back and right into a dragon suplex into a bridge!

James kicks out!

Eyesnsane catches him with a reverse back breaker across his bended knee, then turns it into a reverse neck breaker! Eyesnsane pulls him up and goes for a short-arm clothesline but James ducks behind him and grabs him around the waist! Tuscini then runs him into the ropes for a rollup but the smaller Eyesnsane ducks down and James goes sailing right out through the ropes and crashes to the floor!

Simone: Well, I guess there are advantages to size disadvantages!

Eyesnsane reaches over and tags a Jon back in. Jon goes up top as Dmitri is helping Tuscini to his feet and Jon leaps, knocking both men down in a heap with a flying bodypress, bringing the fans to their feet!


Simone: I can't believe that move by Jon Dough!

Adams: I can't believe ... I can't believe that THEY'RE coming out here!

Simone: Who... oh NO!

In the midst of the action, the crowd begins booing as they catch sight of Mickey Carroll, Dax Beckett and Giani Di Luca making their way down to ringside!

Simone: What is going on!? What business have they got out here!?

Adams: No idea! It's not like they bother paying for tickets!

Giani, Dax and Mickey arrive at ringside, and they begin an assault on the men on the outside! Giani, the largest of the Bad Boys, grabs Dmitri from behind and rams him straight into the metal ring steps while Dax and Mickey lay in the boots to Jon Dough and James Tuscini! Jacob has little alternative to call for the bell!

Adams: Noooo!

Eyesnsane sees what's happening and races across the ring and dives through the ropes, crashing straight into Dax! Eyesnsane starts throwing the fists at him when Giani and Mickey turn on him and tear him away from their partner/husband (???) and throw him into the barricade! security rushes out to end this and the Bad Boys beat a hasty retreat, hopping the guard rail and making a get away through the audience as the crowd boos!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! Due to the interference by the Bad Boys, this match has been rules a Double Disqualification!

The crowd boos as both the Elders and Unholy Alliance starts to get to their feet while the Bad Boys laugh and mock them from the safety of the distance between them!

Adams: A double disqualification!? but that's not the fault of either team!

Simone: But you can bet it was deliberate from the Bad Boys in an effort to steal the spotlight from BOTH teams!

The Members of the Elders vs The Bad Boys

"Nightmare"plays over the PA System as Joshua comes out to mainly boos. Joshua is wearing jeans and a T-Shirt taunting fans as he walks slowly down to the ring. He gets into the ring and goes directly to get a microphone.

Acquin: Shut up and cut my music. As you see I am here in Boston wearing no wrestling gear. Lately I have a feeling I have been overlooked for gold. Just about everyone else has gotten there matches and chances for gold. What about me Mark? Have you forgot how close we we're? Remember HSI, where you we're a bad ass and you made Christian your you know what. It seems like you have gotten soft and now you are a push over. Should I talk to Christian about a title shot I am going to get? I am here to demand I get put into a match with SCW Internet Champion Lord Raab or a match with SCW Roulette Champion Ryan Keys. I don't care where I am on anyone's list of contenders because I have been in this ring here in SCW for way too long to worry about where I stack up and I am no rookie here I have paid my dues and taken my bumps. So I am going to wait right here to get my awnser saying I have a title match with one of the two I have said for Into the Void??

"Unbelievable" interrupts Joshua and the crowd boos further as SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood walks out onto the stage with a house mic in hand. He looks around at the capacity crowd booing him and shakes his head before raising the mic.

Christian: Yeah, I love you too.

The crowd boos further and Christian opts to ignore them and turns to address the man inside of the ring.

Christian: Really? A title match? Now far be it from me to be the level headed one around here, given my newfound bitch status, but what the hell exactly have you done to warrant a championship match?

There are scattered boos and some cheers to this as Acquin lifts the mic to respond but Christian holds up his hand to interrupt him.

Christian: Shut it! Now we already had one boner of a title situation when Jeremiah Hardin walked away with the world title, the last thing I need is for Hot Air Mark to rub it in if you we're to do the same thing! And truth be told, you deserve a title shot even less than Hardin did!

Joshua frowns and shouts over the ropes as Christian looks to the fans and shrugs.

Christian: Sorry Joshy, but if you think that this is a democracy, you are very much mistaken. But just because you had the hubris to actually come out here, interrupt MY show to whine and bitch over how life is just SO unfair, then I am going to show you just how unfair it is! You know we just had a newcomer sign a contract? Made a big show of it on twitter...

Christian looks to the crowd and shakes his head.

Christian: No not Devona! No...

He looks back to Joshua.

Christian: I'm talking about our newest Samoan Superstar, Laki!

The crowd cheers as Joshua shakes his head no and shouts!

Christian: Suck it up Buttercup! You want a title shot? Earn the damn thing! And that starts at Into the Void VI!

"Unbelievable" starts up again and Joshua screams obsentities at Christian as the boss vanishes behind the curtains.

The Boston crowd have been incredible hosts as Sin City Wrestling makes it's first visit into one of the nation's oldest cities. The crowd is murmuring amongst themselves as Jason Adams and Belinda Simone are talking about the upcoming pay per view known as Into The Void.

Adams: Man, Into The Void is really shaping up to be an incredible show.

Simone: It sure is Jason and I'm wondering how much bigger it will beco.....

The opening riff of "I'm Back" suddenly comes over the speakers as a hush falls over the audience. Belinda and Jason are thumbing through their notes for the show before looking at each other.

Simone: Did you have any notes on who is coming out right now?

Adams: Nope, I thought you had them underneath your arm.

The song soon morphs into "Blurry" as gold lights begin to light up the room. A rumbling comes through the audiences as the curtains begin to shift behind the large screen. A woman carrying a clipboard in her left arm steps out onto the stage. She stands at the very top before lifting her eyes as a man wearing a custom made suit steps out from behind the curtain.

Adams: I don't believe it.

Simone: It's Travis. He's back.

Travis stops midway down the ramp while taking a microphone out from his hip pocket.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: So this is Boston. I thought it would be a beautiful city. Instead all I see are multiple pieces of crap just glaring at me with their mouths open and flies escaping from all angles.

Travis slowly walks down the ramp while keeping his three billion dollar suit away from a few fans in the front row.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Keep your hands to yourself, you trog or I'll have you escorted out of MY building.

Boos we're beginning to fill the arena as Travis turns the corner and walks up the steel steps.

Simone: Is it just me or is Travis pissed off about something?

Adams: Come on Belinda, this is Travis we are talking about, when isn't he pissed about something?

Simone: Good point.

Travis stands on the ring apron and points his right index finger at Justin Decent.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Don't you even let my name escape from your mouth. In fact, why don't you just get your ugly caveman ass out of my ring.

Justin gulps before exiting the ring as Travis enters it. He takes a minute to gaze around the arena as the boos continue to a soft smirk forms on his face.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Sit down and shut the hell up. I don't remember asking any of you for your opinions on anything. Just like I didn't ask for anyone to comment on twitter. That's the problem with your idiots. You have no respect for me. No one on this roster does even though I have done something no one in that locker room has done. I made Chris Shipman tap not once but twice. Tell me, who in that locker room can proudly say they done that. I bet no one. Not even Goth can say he was able to pull that one off. Yet, I'm still the one who gets zero respect.

Travis pauses for a brief second while looking over at his personal assistant as the crowd was beginning to get louder.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: I don't remember giving you morons permission to speak. Here I thought you people in the Northeast we're supposed to be the smart ones. I guess I should have known better but don't worry. I won't be out here long since I have a plane to catch in a half hour.

Travis looks down at his watch while glancing over at his assistant.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Into The Void is vastly approaching but unfortunately I will not risk my own well being competing for this part of the country. You people can witness the mediocrity that plagues this company but you will not see the man who has carried this company on his back without so much as a thank you. Those morons who are busy trying to kiss each other's ass can talk all that want on twitter but when it comes down to it. I'm the one who continues to evolve while they remain their lousy selves.

The boos begin to get louder as Travis just stares out.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Ryan Keys or whomever is holding MY Roulette Championship after Into The Void. You had better keep it nice and clean because I'm coming to take it back. You assholes out there think I'm just going to demand my title well think again. I'm not demanding. I'm promising that until that belt is firmly around my waist once again, no one will stop me from getting it back. I don't care if you are some homeless egghead looking for a handout. I will slam your face into the mat and make you respect me. Until that day comes, I will be far away from this hell hole.

Travis throws the microphone down as "Blurry" strikes back up again. Travis takes one last look at the faces before exiting the ring.

Backstage the roulette wheel can be seen as Ms Rocky Mountains stands waiting for someone. Suddenly, Chelsea moves into camera view and reaches for the wheel only to have Rocky stop her. Glaring at Rocky Mountains, Chelsea crosses her arms angrily as Veronica Taylor moves into view

Simone: Well, we are ready to see what kind of match we will have between Veronica and Chelsea.

Rocky reaches up and spins the wheel. It spins down and clicks towards the match choice.

Adams: Bra and Pantie? bra and pantie!

Simone: Our bombshells won't be in a bra and pantie match?

The wheel slows even more as Bra and Pantie match starts to appear to be a reality. The final click lands the wheel on bra and pantie but the momentum carries it to the next match type.

Simone: See... told you. The wheel has landed on a paddle on a pole match.

Chelsea smiles as Veronica can't believe the match. Chelsea Payne brushes past Veronica, her shoulder pushing the Mean girl out of her way. Veronica glares after Payne as the view goes back to ringside.

Simone: Tonight one woman will be the one to climb to the Paddle and she will be able to use it to her heart's content.

Adams: Well spank me Belinda, this could be interesting for sure.

Justin climbs into the ring and brings the microphone to his lips.

Justin: The following contest is a Paddle on a pole match?introducing first... from Manhattan New York... Chelsea Payne!

The arena is dark as the beginning of the music starts. A womanly figure appears on the stage as two spotlights circle until settling on the figure. She's dressed in a gold hooded jacket, the hood covering her head as she looks down at her feet. As the tempo picks up, she flips her head back, flashing a brilliant smile to the fans. She unzips the jacket as she starts walking backward with her hands raised and then spins as she reaches the ring. She grabs the bottom rope and uses it to help herself jump up. She throws off the jacket and then flips herself over the top rope into the ring.

Justin: And her opponent from West Palm Beach... Veronica Taylor!

Turn my Swag on by Keri Hilson hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing. A makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it. As, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Simone: This is the number one contender to the Bombshell Roulette title at Into the Void.

Adams: And tonight's match will give her some practice for that match.

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses before raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. She then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. She then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. As, Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly as she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

Simone: And we are ready to the start, we just need the bell... and there it is.

The bell rings as Chelsea doesn't wait and charges towards the corner where the paddle on the pole is. Veronica rushes after her as Chelsea puts her foot on the bottom turnbuckle. Grabbing the back of Chelsea's hair, Veronica pulls her off the turnbuckle and to the mat. Keeping her hand in the hair of Payne, Veronica pulls her out of the corner and into the middle of the ring where she pulls Chelsea downward by the hair and hits a backbeaker that has Chelsea arching in pain as she rolls on the canvas. Veronica gets to her feet and poses for the fans and brushes her feet into the face of Chelsea then sashays towards the corner where the pole is and grabs the top rope ready to climb. Chelsea rolls to her hands and knees and then to her feet as she moves across the ring with her hand holding her back.

Adams: Veronica getting the first advantage in this match taking Chelsea down with a back breaker.

Simone: It is early in the match Jason so we shouldn't count out Veronica.

Veronica has climbed to the second turnbuckle as Chelsea reaches the corner and uses a chick kick on the midsection of Veronica as she reaches up for the paddle. Doubled over in pain, Veronica stays on the turnbuckles as Chelsea grabs her foot. Quickly reaching for the ropes, Veronica tries to kick at Payne to get some distance but Chelsea locks in an ankle lock that forces a scream from Taylor who tries to jump down from the second turnbuckle as Jasmine tells Chelsea to release Veronica who has become tangled in the ropes. Chelsea wrenches the ankle quickly then releases the foot as Jasmine threatens to disqualify her. Backing away with her hands in the air, Chelsea smirks as she leans into the opposite corner and poses.

Simone: Chelsea Payne causing Veronica a few painful minutes with that ankle lock.

Adams: Painful... nice pun Belinda. Actually though, that could be a smart idea to prevent Veronica from climbing to get the paddle.

Veronica manages to get herself untangled and leans into the corner trying to recover. Chelsea watches for a moment then charges across the ring to leap on the thighs of Veronica and monkey flips her to the center of the ring. Rolling to her knees, Chelsea grabs Veronica's leg and rolls her up for a pin.


Simone: A one count on Veronica Taylor. I don't think that Chelsea sees Veronica as a threat Jason. That was a pretty lazy pin if you ask me.

Veronica kicks out and then slaps Chelsea to get some distance. Chelsea rolls away with one hand moving to her face to check her lip for blood as Veronica rolls away to the ropes and pulls herself to her feet. Chelsea rises as well and moves towards Veronica who stands her ground. As Payne gets right in Veronica's face, Taylor levels her with a bitch slap that sends Chelsea staggering away. Veronica quickly follows and then making claws of her hands, rakes her nails down the back of Chelsea making her cry out in pain as her back arches once more.

Adams: Veronica making Chelsea pay for the pin attempt.

Veronica grabs the arm of Chelsea and tries to whip her across the ring but Chelsea blocks it and then reverses the whip so Veronica ends up in the corner back first before flopping to the mat and kicking at the canvas as she puts her hands to her back. Chelsea shakes the cobwebs from her head as she advances towards the corner where Veronica is. Before she can do anything, Veronica comes out of the corner with a running knee lift that surprises Chelsea who is sent to the outside through the ropes.

Simone: Chelsea has been sent to the outside with a vicious running knee lift from Veronica.

Adams: This could give her time to get the paddle. What is she waiting for?

Veronica watches as Chelsea rolls into the barricade then still holding her back, she moves to the corner where the pole is and begins the slow climb upward. Chelsea gets to her feet and moves around the ring on the outside. Veronica is on the second turnbuckle and reaches up for the paddle as Payne gets on the apron and climbs the outside of the same corner. Veronica reaches over to attempt an eye rake but Chelsea slaps her hand away. Veronica sways off balance which Chelsea uses to gain an advantage before climbing over the rope and then bringing the two bombshells down with a reverse bulldog from the second turnbuckle. Both women lay on the canvas as Jasmine checks on both. Veronica holds her head as Chelsea has a hand on her lower back.

Simone: Look in the ring... Veronica is going for a submission attempt .

Veronica rolls enough to catch Chelsea in a triangle choke but Payne is close enough to the ropes to drape one foot over the bottom rope which forces Jasmine St John to tell Veronica to let go of the choke on Chelsea. Veronica rolls away after letting go of Chelsea. Getting to her feet, she reaches down for Payne and pulls her upward. Wrapping herself around Chelsea, Veronica puts her in an abdominal stretch that bends Chelsea painfully to the side. Veronica smirks as she slaps Chelsea in the side then arches back more. Chelsea fights enough to relieve the pressure slightly and pull Veronica over enough to gain some leverage and toss her over her hip. Veronica rolls to the ropes and gets up quickly to super kick Chelsea who falls to the mat.

Adams: Chelsea is out of it. Pin her Veronica!

Simone: Looks like Veronica Taylor has other ideas.

Looking down at Chelsea, Veronica looks like she is going to go for the pin before turning and looking at the pole where the paddle is hanging. Sparing one look at the downed Chelsea, Veronica moves towards the corner and begins to climb. Getting to the top turnbuckle, Veronica manages to pull the paddle off the pole and then holds it up to play to the fans. Jumping down to the mat, Veronica moves towards Chelsea who is getting to her feet. Standing behind her, Veronica swings the paddle and spanks Chelsea who grabs at her rear. Veronica turns to taunt the fans and wave the paddle at them before turning into a chick kick that rocks her head back. Falling to the mat, the paddle skitters across the ring to land in the corner against the ringpost. Chelsea moves to Veronica and picking up her feet, Chelsea tucks her feet under the rear of Veronica as she falls back slingshotting Taylor into the corner. Veronica slams into the turnbuckle then falls to the mat as Chelsea gets to her hands and knees and spies the paddle nearby. Crawling across to it, she picks up the paddle and gets to her feet.

Simone: Will Veronica be on the receiving end of some payback Jason?

Adams: Spanking?Oooo I like it. Think if I ask nicely, I could see more of it?

Simone: Do you think if I ask nicely, Chelsea or Veronica would spank you for even asking that question.

Standing there, Chelsea unconsciously rubs one hand over her rear as she looks at the paddle in her hand then at Veronica who has gotten to her hands and knees. Moving behind Taylor, Chelsea plays to the crowd and brings the paddle down on the rear end of Veronica who screams in surprise and pain.

Adams: I didn't even have to ask Belinda!!

Chelsea once more brings the paddle down on the rear of Veronica Taylor who rushes to stand behind the referee which makes Chelsea stop for a moment before motioning for her to move with the paddle. Jasmine moves but Veronica moves with her. Suddenly, Chelsea tosses the paddle to the side and lunges towards Veronica which Jasmine narrowly avoids being squished between the two. Chelsea whips Veronica into the corner then pulls her back out to stand in the middle of the ring where she sends her to the mat with a spinning heel kick.

Simone: It looks like Chelsea is looking to finish off our number one contender to the Bombshell Roulette title. This looks like the set up for either her Upper Crust or Gold Standard finisher?

With Veronica down, Chelsea rushes to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle and watches as Veronica gets slowly to her feet and turns looking for Payne who launches herself off the top with her Upper crust finisher that Chelsea hits. Reaching back to Veronica's leg, Chelsea sits on her chest as Jasmine drops to the mat and slaps at the canvas.




Jasmine signals for the bell as Chelsea tosses the leg of Veronica away and gets to her feet to hold up her hand as Veronica rolls away and under the bottom ropes. Jasmine holds up the arm of Payne up as Veronica makes her way to the back.

Justin: The winner of the match... CHELSEA PAYNE!!

Simone: Chelsea Payne with the win tonight. What is this going to do for Veronica Taylor's momentum going into the Roulette title match at Into the Void?

Adams: Good question Belinda. I guess we will have to see at the supercard.

Chelsea slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp as Rise plays over the speakers.

??? (c) vs J2H vs Drake Green

Victim of Me by Descendants begins to play over the sounds system, the lights begin to strobe through the venue as Amy appears through the curtain dancing before stopping half way and pushes her hair back to reveal the black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Marshall is written in red and in Japanese, however, she is also wearing a Bad Boys Baseball cap and a Bad Boy T-shirt.

Amy survey the crowd for a moment and shrugs and shakes her head, as she then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, she then climbs into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and moves to the corner and grabs a mic before moving to the centre of the ring.

Amy: As everyone knows... I was partnered with Dax Beckett for this Blast From the past tournament and obviously, we went out last week... But that wasn't before Dax and I made a bet about the outcome. The bet was that if I was pinned I would spend the next month wearing Bad Boys gear and announce that the Bad Boys as the greatest stable in SCW history.

The crowd boos...

Amy: I know I know... I don't like it either but I am keeping to my word. However, Dax has also made a bet and it's for adult eyes only unfortunately kiddies. So let hope that he keep to his word.

Anyway... here is my end of the bet...

Amy shakes her head and rolls her eyes, as she adjusts the baseball cap on her head before raising the mic back to her lips...

Amy: I hereby announce that the greatest stable currently in SCW... are the Bad Boys!

Amy says with very little enthusiasm before dropping the mic, as Victim of Me hits over the p.a once more as Amy removes the baseball cap and flings it into the crowd. Amy then climbs out of the ring and back up the ramp to the backstage area.

Backstage, the face of the company, none other than "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward, stands against a backdrop for Into the Void VI, alongside busty reporter, Miss Rocky Mountains.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Hello everyone. I am joined at this time by 'Hot Stuff' Mark Ward who has told us he wants this time for something important. Mister Ward?

She holds the mic up to him and Mark smiles, holding up a hand.

Hot Stuff: Please luv. I ain't 'that' Hot Stuff any more. For now, it's just Mark. And you're right. I do have something special in mind that needs done, or rather... someone special to introduce.

Mark looks off camera and motions with his hand and onto the set steps a young woman that was seen last week in a special promotional hype video. Dark skin and a lovely smile, and wearing a purple business dress with matching highlights in her long, black hair.

Hot Stuff: Folks, allow me to introduce to you the newest sensation to hit the Bombshell division, and we got Gabriel and Odette to thank for this one too. Devona.

There is applause and light cheers from the fans watching in the crowd, unsure of this new talent. Miss Rocky Mountains turns to Devona with a smile.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Devona, welcome to Sin City Wrestling!

Devona smiles and mutters a light hearted...

Devona: Thank you.

Mark smiles and leans in, cupping a hand to his ear.

Hot Stuff: What was that luv? No need to be shy around here. Won't get very far if you don't speak up with this lot!

Devona clears her throat and tries again.

Devona: Thank you.

Hot Stuff: Better!

Miss Rocky Mountains: Devona, what brings you to Sin City Wrestling?

Devona: What else? Gabriel and Odette, and Mister...

She starts to refer to Mark who arches a brow and she smiles and corrects herself.

Devona: Mark Ward here. I've wanted to wrestle for a long time, and been a fan of SCW so...

She smiles and shrugs.

Devona: Not much else to say.

HS jets a thumb towards the young lady.

Hot Stuff: A real mouthful, this one. But...

He holds up a clipboard with a contract on it.

Hot Stuff: It's time to make this one official, so Devona?

He holds up the clipboard for her and extends the pen, and just as she is about to accept it, another hand reaches out to take it from her. The camera pans to the side and the crowd boos at the sight of none other than Veronica Taylor.

Hot Stuff: Erm, Veronica? We're a bit busy at the moment.

Veronica smiles and nods.

Veronica: Yes, you are. But at least now you're busy with something important.

She looks to Devona and scoffs.

Veronica: You can run along now hunny. No need to use this...

She holds up the pen.

Veronica: And embarrass yourself.

Devona leans back and frowns at the woman, then turns to Mark and shoots a thumb in Taylor's direction.

Devona: Who is this poseur?

Veronica's eyes widen.

Veronica: Poseur!?

Before she can say anything further, Devona reaches over and snatches the pen from Veronica's hand. Veronica responds by hauling back and SLAPPING her across the face! The fans gasp at the audacity! Miss Rocky Mountains steps back and away, and Mark looks ready to insert himself into the situation as Devona rubs her stinging cheek! But it is unwarranted as Devona turns back around to face the smug face and Devona simply PUNCHES her right in the jaw, knocking Veronica back hard against the wall! Veronica is dazed from the force of the shot and Devona turns and grabs the clipboard from Mark's hand and scrawls her name on it, making it official! She then turns to Veronica who is holding her face.

Devona: I 'think' I'll take my chances!

And that being said, she marches off the set, leaving Miss Rocky Mountains and Mark to exchange looks as Veronica starts to seethe!

Justin: The following contest is a Bombshell match scheduled for one fall!!

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yester-year, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 132 pounds... "Queen C"... CEEEEEEEEEELESTE NORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTHHHH!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket. She puckers up her lips as she blows a deadly kiss to the fans, living her Mean Girls fantasy before moving to the corner corner, sinking down as her crew leaves the ringside area.

The lights go out and the screech of a raven fills the air. On the videotron, a large full moon covers the screen, and the silhouette of a bat flies forward and changes into the shadowy silhouette of a woman as the sound of a woman s throaty scream fills the air. The beat of the music suddenly kicks in as the lights start to pulse blood red, as the sounds of Blood by In This Moment fill the air, and the silhouette reveals itself to be Gothika standing on the stage. The lights go back to normal and she stands there unmoving, almost cold and emotionless for a few moments, then she throws her fist in the air as she hisses at the crowd, baring her fangs before she walks slowly down the ramp towards the ring. She slides under the bottom rope, and slithers to the middle of the ring before she climbs to her feet. She then climbs a turnbuckle, throws her fist into the air, hissing at the crowd again. She jumps down and goes across the ring to the other turnbuckle and throws her fist in the air again, hissing at the crowd. She then slowly climbs down and leans against the turnbuckle, waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: Standing in at 5'11 and weighing in at 165 pounds!! Hailing from Detroit, Michigan!!! Gothika!!!!

The bell rings as the two go at it immediately, enough has been said this past week as the two start to grab each other by their heads and hair as they are trying to get some momentum in the beginning of the match. As the much bigger and stronger Gothika finally manages to push Celeste into the turnbuckles and grabs her by the throat and screams at her as Drew is trying to break things up before trying to push himself between the two Bombshells. Giving Celeste the opportunity to blast an open hand across the face of the former champion. Who feels the side of her face with her hand before snapping her head back towards Celeste and charges in on her. Causing Celeste to push her upper body through the ropes as that forces Drew Patton to separate the two bombshells once again.

Simone: I wouldn't want to be Drew when Gothika gets really mad!!!

Adams: Or loses her mind like when she did to Evie Baang a few weeks ago!!

Gothika takes her eyes off of Celeste for a few moments as she is arguing with Drew when suddenly Celeste comes out of the corner and charges in on Gothika with a Lou Thesz Press and drops the Bombshell to the canvas as Celeste is pounding away at the face of Gothika as Drew is starting to use his five count on the Mean Girls member before Celeste stops at the count of four. She grabs the hair of Gothika as she rises her fist up in the air for another punch as Drew is warning her, but Gothika uses her long and strong legs to hook Celeste behind both arms and pulls her back to the canvas as Drew goes for the cover.


Celeste kicks out as she gets up to her feet and gets in the face of Drew, screaming at him for what the hell he is thinking he is doing as Gothika gets to her feet and gets behind Celeste and locks her from behind and delivers a huge German Suplex as that drops Celeste hard on her back as her head bounces off the canvas as Gothika goes for another cover as Drew goes for another three count.


Celeste manages to kick out as Gothika grabs her by the head and lifts her up to her feet before going for an Irish Whip and bends down for a Back Body Drop. But Celeste stops before Gothika and blasts a forwarm across the back of Gothika before grabbing her by the neck and delivers a swinging neckbreaker. Dropping her hard on the canvas as Celeste drops to her knees and starts to choke Gothika with both hands as Drew is warning her to stop the illegal choke before starting to use the five count.


Celeste let's go at the final moment, staring at Drew as the two argue while she drapes her shin across the throat of Gothika out of sight of Drew Patton as the fans boo the Mean Girl for the illegal tactics. Drew gets up and finally sees the move of Celeste as he tells her to let go off of Gothika as she finally does at the count of four. Before going for the ropes and comes off the ropes with an elbow drop to the midsection and follows it up as she repeats the move three times. She stops as she looks around before running to the ropes once more and goes for another Elbow Drop. But this time Gothika rolls out of the way, causing the elbow to hit the canvas. She grabs the head of Celeste and locks her in a sleeper hold on the canvas as Drew is checking on the member of The Mean Girls whether she wants to give up or falls asleep. He grabs her arm and lifts it up in the air and it drops, he lifts it up once more and it drops again.

Simone: If it drops one more time it will be Gothika winning!!

Drew lifts Celeste's arm in the air once again but Celeste maintain it in the air as she grabs the shirt of Drew Patton as that forces Drew to keep the match going. Celeste slowly gets to her feet and elbows Gothika several times before attempting to run to the ropes it is Gothika that follows her to the ropes and drives her shoulder in the midsection for a huge spear. Celeste falls to the outside of the ring throught he middle and top rope as she lands hard on the canvas while clutching on to her midsection as Gothika stares at her from inside the ring.

Adams: Bad break for Gothika that the impact of the move caused Celeste to fall to the outside, or else she would have had it.

Gothika slides out of the ring as she grabs the head of Celeste and pulls her back to her feet and tosses her back in the ring. She then climbs the ring apron where she jumps on the top rope and jumps off for a flying elbow drop to Celeste before going for the cover.


Simone: Three!!

Adams: NO!!! Celeste got her shoulder up on time!!!

Gothika looks up at Drew Patton in shock, not believing that Celeste managed to get her shoulder off the canvas just before the three count. Slapping her hands on the canvas from frustration before turning her attention back to Celeste. Locking her legs in a Texas Cloverleaf and turns her on her stomach before sitting down while pulling hard on the legs. Causing Drew to drop to Celeste as to see whether she wants to give in or not. She is screaming in pain as she shakes her head no all the time, trying to reach out for the ropes as she is just inches away from them to break the hold. She tries to place her hands on the ring apron and press her upper body off the canvas to relief herself from some pressure on her lower back. Then tries to crawl over to the ropes as she grabs the bottom rope and then follows it up with slapping her hand on the canvas afterwards. Gothika hears the tap from her opponent and lets go off the submission hold and holds her arms in the air in believing that she has won.

Simone: Gothika doesn't know that Celeste had her hands on the rope before her tapping!!!

Drew gets in the face of the vampire and tells her what happened, Gothika puts her hands to her face out of disbelief. Telling Patton that she tapped as he tells her that the hand was on the ropes first, causing the tapping not to count. Gothika turns her attention to Celeste once more, clearly frustrated as she believes that she was robbed from the victory. She grabs the head of Celeste as Celeste looks to be seemingly out cold when suddenly out of nowhere she reaches up and locks Gothika in the Triangle Choke submission hold. Drew is checking whether Gothika is going to give in to the submission hold as Celeste has it got locked in tight. Gothika slowly starts to fade as she drops to her knees. Slowly her eyes start to close when Drew grabs her arm and drops it for the first time. He grabs her arm again as suddenly Gothika pushes his hand away before grabbing the waist of Celeste and gets to her feet again before lifting Celeste up again and drops her down hard with a Sit down Powerbomb. Causing Celeste to let go as both bombshells fall down to the canvas on their backs as Drew starts to use the ten count on both of them.


Both bombshells slowly start to stir as they attempt to get to their feet.


Both pull themselves up to their feet by using the ropes. Gothika sees Celeste in the corner as she is trying to shake off the combwebs as Gothika decides to go for a spear as Celeste jumps upwards as that causes Gothika to hit the steel ring post with her shoulder before Celeste goes for a victory roll as she pulls Gothika down on the canvas for the three count as she holds her tights.


Celeste rolls out of the ring as she holds her arms in the air in victory as Gothika looks up in pain and amazement before slowly starts to stand up to her feet

After the match, footage comes on the big screen. We see a big stack of heavy crates on a fork lift has been put in front of a door with a sign with reads 'Conference Room B'. We can hear banging and screaming coming from behind the door.

Adams: Oh my God!! Isn't that where The Fallen said that they we're gonna be with their friends?

Gothika is standing at the ropes, looking at the scene playing out on the big screen confused when Celeste North comes out of nowhere with a steel chair and blasts Gothika in the back of the head. The blow spins Gothika around, but doesn't take her down. Celeste hits her a second time, and it staggers Gothika, but it's the third blow to the head that causes Gothika to hit the mat and hard.


Celeste puts the chair rungs over Gothika's throat and sits down, motioning for the stage hand to toss her a mic as Gothika struggles to breathe. Her legs are kicking and her face is contorted in anger and pain. Celeste brings the mic to her lips.

Celeste: I told you, just like I told the world. You're nothing but trash, and I'm here to take you out!! You and your big mouthed friend the legless wonder!!

Just then, Veronica and Mercedes come out from the back with Darknyss tied to her wheelchair. Darknyss is struggling and cussing up a storm as the two Mean Girls laugh and taunt her while they roll her out on stage.

Simone: They've got Darknyss!! What are they about to do to her?

Adams: I don't know, but from the looks of it, it can't be good!

They get to the edge of the ramp and pretend like they're going to push her over the edge, but instead, they get her to the edge of the ramp and Veronica kicks the back of Darknyss's chair, sending her rolling down at breakneck speed until she crashes into the ring apron, knocking her out of the chair. Gothika gets enough air to yell out.


Celeste leans down and laughs in Gothika's face.

Celeste: No, YOU'RE the dead one! Your style is trash, your skills are garbage, and you're about to end up right where you belong!! In the dump!!

Veronica and Mercedes laugh at Darknyss as she starts trying to crawl away from them, and they start to kick and stomp her as Gothika continues to struggle.


Veronica and Mercedes climb the steps, blowing kisses out to the crowd before they climb into the ring and pull out a makeup case. Celeste laughs and leans down over Gothika's face.

Celeste: Before we leave you to be swept up like the garbage you are, we're going to give you a bit of a make over. Come on girls!!

Veronica pulls out some lipstick and smears it all over Gothika's mouth and cheeks, and writes whore on her forehead as Gothika continues to struggle to breathe. Then Mercedes pulls out a huge powder puff and smashes it into Gothika's face, screwing it around over and over again as the Mean Girls cackle and laugh.

Adams: That's not a make over! I think it's a make under!! This is so humiliating!!

As the Mean Girls continue to torment Gothika with beauty products, Darknyss has reached under the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. She uses it to lever herself up onto her knees, and grabs a hold of the ring apron to grab a hold to the ropes. She somehow manages to pull herself up onto the mat, and rolls inside of the ring near the turnbuckle. She sees Gothika's kicks are getting less frequent as her breathing is obstructed, and she uses the turnbuckles to pull herself up. She uses the ropes to hold herself up almost upright, and she brandishes the kendo stick with her other hand.

Darknyss: LET HER GO!! NOW!!

Celeste looks at Veronica and Mercedes and scratches her head. Veronica frowns and looks back at Darknyss.

Veronica Taylor: I thought she couldn't walk.

Mercedes looks Darknyss up and down and chuckles.

Mercedes Vargas: I don't think she can. Look at her legs. They look like they're about to give out.

Celeste stands up off of the chair and the three Mean Girls start to approach Darknyss who keeps brandishing the kendo stick. Veronica laughs and starts to taunting Darknyss.

Veronica Taylor: Aww, look at that. What are you gonna do? Flop us to death? You can't even stand up straight.

Darknyss: Maybe I can, maybe I can't. But I can still stop you three soulless witches. You want to try me? Let's see what I can do...

Darknyss suddenly pushes off on the ropes and onto her feet, sliding one behind the other in a classic samurai stance. This makes the Mean Girls stop and look at one another. Darknyss starts to swing the kendo stick in intricate movements, then tucks it under her arm and lifts her hand palm up and beckons them towards her.

Darknyss: Bring it on bitches!!

The Mean Girls take a step towards Darknyss, but she whips the kendo stick out and they stop in their tracks. They look at one another, and Darknyss slowly slides her foot forward, taking a step. The Mean Girls take a step back. Darknyss slides her other foot forward, keeping her defensive stance, and the Mean Girls take another step backwards. Darknyss swings the kendo stick in a wide arc, and the Mean Girls scuttle back towards the ropes, trying to stay out of Darknyss's much longer arm range. On the Big Screen, you hear a loud roar, and the wall to the left of the door explodes in a shower of dry wall and wood as we hear Dmitri and Dark Tiger both screaming.

Dmitri: GOTHIKA!!!

Dark Tiger: DARKNYSS!!!

The Mean Girls all duck under the ropes and Darknyss shuffles another step forward, as Gothika finally knocks the chair away from her throat. The Mean Girls take off into the crowd, disappearing as Dakrnyss's legs finally give out and she catches herself as she falls to her knees, and collapses beside Gothika, checking up on her. Dark Tiger and Dmitri run from the backstage area and slide into the ring to check on the Angels as the scene cuts out.

A video package appears on the screen as a small rift from "FAB." begins to play over the speakers.

Simone: Who could this be?

After Belinda asks that question and Jason shrugs his shoulders, a voice cuts through the music.

Voice: SCW universe, are you ready to BOSS your life up?

A slow, steady murmur fills the crowd as the picture of Belinda Warwick and a blank space appears on the screen. The crowd begins to cheer as coming soon appears underneath the photo.

Adams: Oh my god, Belinda Warwick is coming back.

Backstage, Sam Marlowe can be seen standing near catering as one of the make-up lady puts some finishing touches on her lips. She pays no attention to the technicians moving around the area as the make-up lady finishes then moves off. Turning to the table, Sam reaches for a bottle with her right hand as another hand moves into the shot reaching for the tray of goodies on the other side of the water. Pulling her hand away, Sam gives a small smile to Scott Oliver who is bringing a doughnut to his lips.

Sam Marlowe: Oops, sorry about that Scott, didn't see you there.

Scott Oliver: See me where? Oh here. Yeah, no worries, just got a bad case of the munchies, you know how it is. So I needed to find me a snack. What about you?Hungry?

He holds out a second doughnut that he has pulled from the tray towards Sam who holds up a hand and shakes her head.

Sam Marlowe: Thanks Scott but no thanks. My stomach is in knots about the match tonight. Mercedes and Max Burke? I'm nervous. But I am also confident that with my partner Ben, the two of us will be moving on to the finals.

Scott Oliver: Yeah, you think that the two of you will get past Mercedes Vargas and Max Burke? Mercedes has beaten you before. What makes you think that this time will be different?

Sam thinks about what Scott had asked before she replies.

Sam Marlowe: You know, as much as people believe that Mercedes and Max Burke will be moving on, I think that this week I have some really strong motivation to get in that ring and do my best to win this match for our team. Oh don't get me wrong, I know I am in for a fight and I know that I am not the only one on this team either. But win or lose, I am going to be giving it my all and I think that my all will be more than Mercedes will be able to handle tonight.

Sam feels a hand tap her on the shoulder as an intern tells her that her match would be soon. With a small smile of apology, Sam begins to back away and then heads towards the gorilla press area leaving Scott Oliver chewing another bite of doughnut as he watches her disappear.

Drew Patton stands in the ring with Justin Decent as introductions for the next match are set to commence.

Justin: The following contest is a Semi-Final match in the Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team memorial Tournament, scheduled for one fall!

The opening guitar riff to "Blame it on the Boom Boom" by Black Stone Cherry starts to play. The riff repeats itself once more. A British flag appears on the screen, waving with a gray filter and the lyrics kick in.

The familiar face of Ben Jordan appears on the screen. The fans instantly burst in to cheers as a smiling Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in a white shorts with matching knee pads and boots. Ben looks around the crowd, his trademark smile on his face. He turns his head to the left, winking at the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. He moves to the left, running his hand along the fans, high fiving as many as possible, before moving to the right and doing the same. Ben stops in front of a fan with a phone and moves next to them, allowing them to take a selfie with the smiling Englishman

Justin: Making his way down the aisle! From London, England, weighing 220 pounds -- Ben Jordan!

He stands outside the ring, looking up at ring, before moving to the steps and jumping up them. He ducks down and in to the ring through the middle and top rope and spins in to the corner, climbing on the top rope and raising his hands. He quickly jumps down and moves towards the center of the ring, looking for his partner.

Justin: And his tag team partner...

"Do you really want to do this now" is heard before Def Leppard's Let's Go begins to play the image of fire begins to play against the curtain to backstage. Stepping through the curtain of fire, a woman walks out with a smile as she poses at the entrance.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she is the one and only, Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she hugs Ben and chats with him.

Justin: And their opponents...!

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for her partner to arrive.

Justin: And her partner...

The arena quiets down as the house lights drop out and a chilling blue light filters through the crowd. The haunting masterpiece that is David Bowie's Blackstar begins to ring out as 'Pro Wrestling's Pedigree' Max Burke steps out through a fog onto the stage. Standing clad in black trunks with his initials on the front, 'BURKE" written across the back and tall black shiny boots and knee pads, he raises his arm in the air with a finger pointing to the heavens and his signature scowl on his face. He wears his fur jacket with a hood covering his head. The crowd boos as he starts to slowly walk down the ramp.

The crowd continues to boo as Max slowly walks past them. He turns to them and raises his hand in a threatening backhand manner and then chuckles to himself when a few of the fans jump back in fear. He walks up the steel steps and stops for a moment, staring straight up at the sky. He lifts his arm and points to the sky again, his ode to his Uncle Ben, and then very quietly slips into the ring between the top and second rope.

He jumps up on the top rope and squats up there for a moment, before flipping the hood off of his head and posing. He jumps back down into the ring to a chorus of a few more boos and shrugs off his jacket. Max leans up against the ropes and waits for the match to begin.

Simone: Whichever teams wins here tonight makes history as being the first to advance to the finals at Into the Void VI.

Adams: I love tournaments! It's always exciting to see it all start with so many and get narrowed down to just a few!

Sam nods to Ben and steps out onto the apron, and Mercedes rolls her eyes and does the same.

Adams: Looks like the fellas are starting this one tonight.

And Drew calls for the bell to kick the match off.


Ben and Max step out of their corners and start to circle when Max pauses and offers his hand out to Ben in a gesture of good sportsmanship.

Simone: Is Ben seriously considering this?

Adams: Well you know Ben. He likes to think the best of everybody.

Ben looks to the fans who call out "NO!" and in the negative, but Max shows his sincerity by taking Drew the referee's hand and shaking it vigorously.

Simone: Oh yes. Like that's going to prove anything!

Max again holds his hand out to Ben and "crosses his heart," nodding. Ben indeed looks at the offered hand with caution but slowly reaches out to accept, and Max takes it and shakes the hand of the Cockney King without incident.

Adams: Wow. Ben seems to have that effect on everyone.

Satisfied, Max circles the ring with Ben again and finally the two men lock up. They struggle momentarily until Max quickly takes Ben down with an arm drag. Ben slowly sits up and looks at Max who takes a sweeping bow to massive boos from the crowd on hand. Ben pushes himself to his feet and the two men circle again, Max smiling and assured of himself. They lock up once again and this time Max shifts his body and hip tosses Ben over. Ben gets to his knees and looks at Max who is applauding himself and then pats himself on the back. Ben nods and stands up and the two circle again. They lock up a third time and Max scoops Ben up and body slams him hard to the canvas. Ben arches his back and grabs the small of it as Max jumps to the corner turnbuckle and holds his arms out to massive boos!

Simone: Who does that man think he's impressing?

Adams: Himself! Which is all that matters to Max Burke.

Max hops down and turns around to find Ben smiling and applauding him. The two then circle again and ready themselves. They pause and lock up a third time -- when Ben suddenly takes max down with an arm drag! Max jumps to his feet and runs right into a hip toss! Max staggers to his feet and turns right around into a waiting Ben Jordan's arms who scoops him up and body slams him!

Simone: Turn a bout is fair play!

Max grimaces, holding his back and sits up -- only to find Ben with his back turned to the fans and wiggling his backside, back and forth to much fanfare!

Adams: You're not going to show up Ben Jordan in front of a crowd!

Max looks furious but quickly calms himself. He stands up and offers his hand out to Ben a second time. Ben smiles and walks up to accept -- but Max grabs his hand and doubles him over with a kick to the midsection! The crowd boos!

Adams: I knew it wouldn't last.

Max takes quick advantage by raking Ben's eyes, temporarily blinding him. He grabs Jordan in a side headlock and walks him over to the ropes where he grates his handsome features across the top rope. Ben falls back into the corner, holding his face and Max throws three forearms into his chest and then presses a forearm against his throat, choking him as Drew counts!


And Max breaks! He grabs Ben by the arm and Irish whips him into the neutral corner and races in but at the last split moment, Ben dodges aside and Burke crashes chest-first against the turnbuckles! Max staggers around and Ben mounts the middle turnbuckle, pinning him in and starts unloading with shots to the head as the supportive crowd counts along!


Ben hops down and Max staggers over and falls back against the ropes and Ben runs right into him with a clothesline that sends Burke up and over the ropes and to the floor!

Simone: Ben Jordan did not appreciate Max Burke taking those cheap shots at his expense!

Adams: And good ol' Saint Ben still has a bit of that Cockney temper!

Max staggers to his feet and kicks the barricade in frustration as Ben calmly walks over and tags Samantha into the match. Mercedes looks out to Max and rolls her eyes in disgust as she steps inside to meet Ms. Marlowe. The two women circle one another until they lock up and Mercedes snatches Sam into a side headlock, grinding the hold in.

Adams: This is going to be great! A Grand Slam Champion versus a former two-time World Champion!

Sam fights out of the hold, backing Vargas up against the ropes and firing her off to the opposite side. Mercedes rebounds and the two Bombshells collide in a shoulder block with neither moving. Mercedes directs Sam to the ropes and Ms. Marlowe runs into the ropes and Mercedes leap frogs over her as she rebounds. Samantha comes off the ropes again but this time as she does, Mercedes grabs two handfuls of her red tresses and throws her violently to the canvas with a hair pull mat slam! The crowd boos as Sam rolls on the mat, holding her head as Mercedes stands over her with arms held out and a smile on her face.

Simone: Figures a 'Mean Girl' would be proud of a move like that.

Mercedes wastes no time taking advantage, dragging Sam roughly to her feet and snapmaring her over into a seated position. Mercedes then leaps over her with a rolling neck snap. Mercedes covers her.

Samantha kicks out.

Adams: You won't pin Sammy Marlowe like THAT!

Simone: I don't think Mercedes really wanted to. She likes to play with her food first.

Mercedes drags her up again and shoves her back into the corner where she presses a boot against her throat, choking her as Drew counts against her!


Mercedes breaks and sends Samantha into the far corner with an Irish whip. Mercedes follows right in with an attempted spear but Sam leapfrogs up and over her with a sunset flip!

Mercedes kicks out!

Adams: Sam almost caught Mercedes!

Both women jump to their feet and Sam goes for a roundhouse kick but Vargas blocks it by grabbing her leg! Mercedes then lifts her up for a slam but Sam turns it into a Victory roll from out of nowhere!

Mercedes kicks out!

Both women are up again and Sam goes for a clothesline but Mercedes ducks and counters with a discuss clothesline of her own!

Simone: Oh Samantha got knocked flat!

Mercedes with the cover!

Samantha kicks out!

Adams: Nope! Not enough!

Mercedes goes for an Irish whip into the corner but Sam hangs on and reverses it, dropkicking her with nowhere to go! Mercedes sinks down onto her backside and Sam revs up her engine! Ben applauds and the fans cheer as Miss Marlowe jumps in and rides Mercedes with the Bronco Buster! The crowd loves it! Sam grabs her by the boot and drags her out and covers her!

Mercedes gets her shoulder up!

Sam scoots back to her corner and reaches up, tagging Ben back in.

Simone: And back to the men! One-half of the reigning World Tag Champions in Ben Jordan against the former Roulette Champion, Max Burke!

No sooner are the men inside the ring than does Max Burke plow his body straight into that of Ben's, ramming him back against the ropes! With Ben pinned in, Max drives his shoulder into Ben's hard abs over and over, driving the air from his body! Max grabs him by the arm and Irish whips him off the far side and swings for a clothesline but Ben ducks under and grabs him in a rear waistlock and German suplexes him over into a bridge!

Max gets a shoulder up!

Max is back on his feet but Ben runs right over him with a running lariat! Max gets up on wobbly legs and is clotheslined right back down again!

Adams: You'd think after their first scrap Max would have learned not to get short with Ben!

Max staggers to his feet and Ben grabs him in position for an Exploder suplex and throws him up and over! Ben with the cover!

Max kicks out!

Ben glances briefly at the referee, questioningly, then gets to his feet, bringing Burke up along with him. Ben peppers him in the chin with two straight left jabs, then grabs his arm and goes for a short-arm lariat but Max ducks into the hold, wraps Ben's own arms around himself and snaps him over with a straight jacket suplex!

Simone: Did you see the way Ben's head struck the mat with that suplex!?

Adams: See it!? Even I felt it!

Max sits up with a sick smirk on his face as ben lies motionless on his side, holding the back of his head. Max grabs ben and peels him from the mat and sends him into the ropes. On the rebound, he scoops him up and plants the Cockney King with a spine buster! In one fluid motion, Max then sits him up and races off the ropes, coming off and striking Ben down with a Shining Wizard! Ben goes down on his back and Max covers him!

Ben gets a shoulder up!

Adams: Oo! Close call for Saint Ben!

Max kneels and argues briefly with Drew before standing and dragging Ben to his feet from behind. Max runs him into the ropes and pulls him back into a Schoolboy cradle!

Simone: Burke has the tights!

THR-- Ben counters by rolling back and grabbing Max in a Kana Lock from out of nowhere!

Adams: Where did THAT come from!?

The crowd is cheering as Max struggles like a mad man to escape the sudden submission hold! Max uses the ropes then to kick back and he ends up on top of Ben in a pinning predicament!

Ben lets go of the hold to keep from being pinned!

Simone: Another close call!

Ben is slow to get up but he does so and swings but max ducks and brings him back over with a Saito suplex! Max dusts his hands off over Ben and covers him again in a lazy manner.

Ben kicks out!

The fans cheer and rally behind Ben while Max jumps to his feet and starts arguing with Drew!

Adams: Oh yeah! Like it's the referee's fault you covered him like that!

Simone: You will not beat Ben Jordan without hooking a leg!

Max turns back around and starts delivering the boots to Ben before reaching around him from behind and he gouges his eyes! Drew counts!


Max slams him back to the mat! Max drags him up and sends him into the ropes for a big boot but Ben blocks it, grabbing his foot!

Simone: Oh this does not look good for Max Burke!

Max hops on one foot, begging off when Ben just PULLS him leg, causing Max to fall into a split!

Adams: OWWWW!!!!!!

Max's eyes are wide as is his mouth, both in pain! Ben then leaps over him from behind....!

Adams: Natural Selection!

Ben with the cover!

Max gets a shoulder up!

Ben brings him up and Max rakes his eyes! Ben fires back with a forearm shot, knocking him back! Max comes back with a forearm of his own and right before the fans eyes, a brawl erupts between the two Superstars!

Simone: This could be another Saturday night at a West End pub for Ben!

Ben blocks a shot from Max and fires off a number of his own, then head butts him, knocking him back into the ropes! Ben Irish whips him off the far side, scoops him up and drops him into an inverted atomic drop! Ben sends him into the ropes again and right into a high back body drop! Max crashes hard...

Adams: But right into his own corner!

Simone: And close enough for Mercedes to get tagged back in!

Ben looks disappointed as he had Max going but Max just smiles as Vargas runs across the ring and drags Sam through the ropes by the hair! Mercedes Irish whips her into the ropes for a clothesline but Sam evades the blow with a cartwheel! Sam is behind her and jumps up to roll Vargas back into a La Magistral cradle!

Mercedes kicks out!

Sam goes for an Irish whip but Mercedes reverses it and scoops her up for a sidewalk slam -- but Sam scissors her head with her legs and takes her over! Both women bounce back up and Sam jumps on her with the Thesz press, throwing forearms down into Vargas! With Mercedes stunned, Sam quickly jumps off of her and goes up top! She signals to the cheering fans and blows them a kiss!

Simone: She's taking too long!

Mercedes gets to her feet and turns around. Sam flies off for a diving cross body -- but Mercedes uses her momentum to roll through so she's on top and a handful of tights!

THR- Kick out by Samantha!

Adams: Mercedes almost stole one!

Sam tries to recover but Mercedes bludgeons her with hammering overhead blows to the back of her head and back! Mercedes then backs up to the middle turnbuckle in the near corner and as Sam gets up on shaky legs, Vargas leaps off and throws her over with a Hurricanrana! Mercedes with another cover!

Samantha kicks out!

Simone: There's still fight in the former World Champion!

Mercedes shouts at Drew before standing. She reaches down for her opponent when Sam suddenly snatches hold of her in a Guillotine choke!

Adams: Sammi Wrap!

The fans cheer as Mercedes shouts and struggles, reaching for the ropes!

Simone: And with nowhere to go! Sam caught her in the middle of the ring!

Mercedes starts to roll over to get closer to the ropes but that adds Sam's weight atop of her own and still in the hold! Max starts to climb into the ring to break it up but that brings Ben in with fists doubled and a determined look on his face!

Adams: Oh no you are NOT going to get one on one of Ben's pals!

Simone: Especially when that friend is a woman!

Max backs up through the ropes as Drew checks on Mercedes! She has nowhere to go and finally, after several long moments trapped, yield and taps! The crowd cheers as Drew calls for the bell!


Justin: Here are your winners, advancing to the Final Round at Into the Void VI -- Samantha Marlowe and Ben Jordan!

Ben and Sam embrace before Drew raises their hands to cheers, while a disgusted Max Burke ignores his partner and drops to the floor to leave!

I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross begins to blast across the speakers and as it does Crystal Millar makes her way down to the ring. She runs down the entrance ramp and slaps the hands of the hands of the outstretched fans. Crystal nods her head with a grin as she enters the ring in her street clothes. She calls for a microphone and raises it to her mouth.

Crystal Millar: First and foremost what's up Boston!!!!!

Let's Go Crystal!!!!
Crystal sucks!!!!
Let's Go Crystal!!!
Crystal sucks!!!!

Crystal Millar: As much as that sounds like it sucks it's too be expected especially the things that I put this company through most of all what I put you all through. For the Stars and Starlettes that wish to cheer me on. Thank you for your dedication you are the very beings that keep the company moving forward. You are the reason we are here on the East Coast and I am thankful for your undying support. To the people who wish to boo me by all means go for it but I will give you a reason to boo because I will find my way to the spotlight. I will be the top bombshell in this division again. It's not a matter of if it's simply a matter of when. I will get there one way or another.

Crystal pauses as she paces around.

Crystal Millar: Now I can remember it Crystal clear. Last year during this time it was indeed my year. I was building my way up through the ranks I had busted my entire ass to get to the main event. I had won the Blast From The Past with my partner in despy and it was a wild way. There were my share of ups but there was definitely my share of downs, but all along the way you all were there to boo and cheer, and I appreciate that. I realize that without you there wouldn't be the bitch Crystal, without you there wouldn't be determined Crystal. Hell without you everything I accomplished last wouldn't have been possible, but as I would love to talk about the past I rather focus on the future, and that brings me to Polly Playtime.

Crystal nods her head as she continues to speak.

Crystal Millar: Never would I have ever seen her ever coming through with the big win like she did. She overcame Melody Grace and is now sitting down at the top of the SCW bombshell throne but I won't sit back and let her stay up there because part of me knows that I am the one who is meant to sit up there. I am the one who wants to reclaim her throne. Am I worthy of being up there? In all honesty no but I feel that if given the chance. I could be the woman to beat Polly. I could be the woman to beat Melody. I am good enough to regain what I once lost and this time around, I am not doing it so I could assert a certain status or the fame and fortune that comes along with it. I want to do it because I know I have the ability to do so. All I need is the chance to prove myself. That's it nothing less and nothing more. A chance to show how dedicated I am to this business and why I deserve to be in that top spot.

Crystal sighs as she shakes her head.

Crystal Millar: I know this company has missed me and honestly I have missed it. A year ago I was getting my big break out at this show and now a year later it seems like I haven't been involved. It's time to change that aspect about everything. It's time to get right back on the saddle and it's time for Crystal Millar to ride again. There is a reason why I was the woman of the year and I am ready to prove myself once again. So please hear my plea, give me that chance to be golden. Because in a SCW world that seems to be very dark right now, you need that shining light to keep people to remember to keep fighting. Not to fight for someone else but for themselves. This isn't about being a hero or being a villain. It's about proving one's worth and I am ready for that chance. So let it be known that through hell or high water I will get back to where I was one way or another. All hail the SILVER SCREEN QUEEN!!!!!!

The camera cuts elsewhere.

The scene comes back out with a shot of the stage. The crowd is ready for more, and the SCW Universe is not about to make them wait.

Suddenly, the lights go out, and the sound of a rocket flying rips through the air. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy plays over the PA as on the titantron, the four flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness. The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident and dancing to the music. Diamond, Gothika, and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely while Darknyss is sitting center stage in her wheelchair, gesturing out to the crowd. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air. Diamond, Gothika, and Raynin come back to the center of the stage and pose once more with Darknyss, before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring as Darknyss rolls down the ramp slowly. Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Diamond, Raynin and Gothika each walk around till they each are standing in front of one of the sides of the ring. Diamond wiggles her hips a moment, then she lifts her leg high into the air and spins around in a circle before she places it on the ring apron and slithers under the bottom rope. Darknyss stays where she's at, hyping the crowd, as Gothika slides under the bottom rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and grabs the top rope and flips over the rope. Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Diamond leans dances goes from one side of the ring dancing and leaning over the rope, blowing crystal dust at the crowd, and Darknyss rolls around the outside of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding and clapping. Raynin and Gothika jump down and switch corners, trying to hype up the crowd before they jump down and they all come to stand in the center of the ring as stage hands help Darknyss get her and her wheelchair into the ring. Everyone has an excited look on their faces, but it's Darknyss who has a microphone in her hands.

Darknyss: As many of you all know, The Angels of the Fallen have been along for quite a long time. Oh, we've competed under other names like, Cold Blooded... And Heaven Sent...

Upon hearing each of the names, the crowd goes nuts, and she has to wait for the crowd to calm down a bit before she could continue.

Darknyss: We've seen companies rise and companies fall. We've seen the beginnings and the ends of eras in this business. Some of which we started, and many of which we've ended. But no matter what name we we're under, we've always stood for honor, respect, and loyalty.

Diamond takes the mic and brings it to her lips.

Diamond: We've seen members come and go. We've made not just friends but family for life. Sisters and brothers from other mothers unlike none other. We built bonds that can and have stood the test of time. We've built friendships and relationships that last. Unlike most other kinds of groups that you see in this industry, we know that if we needed them for anything... And I do mean anything, they would come running at the drop of a hat. Relationships with members that I'm sure a lot of you folks who recall a pretty intense company back in the day called GXW might remember, or if you knew of another pretty big company called the Alliance Wrestling Order. I'm talking about relationships with members like Lyrique Montgomery and Nyla Dupre.

At the mention of Nyla and Lyrique, the song 'Diva' by Beyonce starts to play over the PA and both Nyla and Lyrique step on stage. They hype up the crowd as they come down to the ring, greeting fans and shaking hands before they climb into the ring and getting hugs all around. Diamond brings the mic back to her lips with a smirk.

Diamond: And of course who could forget Darknyss's little sister, Darkchyld, and her husband, one half of the Twin Tigers, Giant Tiger.

Black Cat by Janet Jackson comes on with the roar of a panther, and from backstage, Darchyld and Giant Tiger come stepping out on stage. Darkchyld wiggles her hips and dances for a minute before she takes Giant Tiger's hand and they walk down to the ring, climbing in and her lifts her up onto his shoulder as they hype the crowd up even higher. Darknyss brings the mic to her lips again.

Darknyss: And who could forget the other Ward... MATT WARD!!

Darknyss brings the mic back to her lips as she continues on.

Darknyss: And of course, there's my future husband, and your current Sin City Wrestling World Champion, The Men of R.O.A.R., Dark Tiger Jeremiah "Big Tiger" Hardin!!!

The Trenches Remix by Pop Evil comes over the PA and the crowd gives a huge pop. Dark Tiger and Jeremiah come out on stage with Jeremiah showing off the title. They go down the ramp, greeting the fans, and Jeremiah leans back to take a selfie with a group of fans before he heads down to the ring. He climbs the ropes and brandishes the title with a roar before he climbs down and starts shaking hands and giving hugs to the friends in the now crowded ring. Gothika brings the microphone to her lips.

Gothika: Now, we asked all of these people here to prove a point. We sit back and we talk about honor, loyalty, and respect, but to most people out there, it's just words. It's another to live it. To breath it. To show it each and every moment of the day. These people we call friends... NO!! We call family... there's one more word we also use. Solidarity. Solidarity is defined as unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest or mutual support within a group. Meaning when it comes to us, we think and feel alike. WE SUPPORT one another. We come together as one when we need to get a job done.

Everyone in the ring nods about that statement, and Gothika continues on.

Gothika: Now, that doesn't mean that we do anything underhanded. We don't cheat to get a win. Au Contraire. It means we encourage each other. We inspire each other. We push each other to be better and greater than we are right at this moment! Our saying, 'Better than Yesterday' is what I'm talking about. We train together, we work together, we build each other up so that we can be better than we we're yesterday, earlier this morning, at lunchtime, an hour ago, a minute ago, a second ago, even a nano second ago... THAT is the kind of support I'm talking about!

Everyone in the ring starts to clap, and you can hear someone yell out, "PREACH SISTA!! PREACH!!" Gothika brings the mic back to her lips.

Gothika: And now, it's time for a new era to begin. It's time to bring in some new blood to this family we've built up over the past fifteen years. It's time for the men of The Unholy Alliance to step into the fold and gain their wings!!

Mind Crawler hits the entrance way as the arena goes black and a golden spotlight hits on the entrance way as James Tuscini walks to the arena as the fans react to him. Extending their ams as the wrestler looks around and reacts to the crowd as Uncle Pinky walks behind him. The two play the crowd handing out high fives and shaking hands. They reach the ring as Dmitri emerges and the crowd goes silent for him. Staring down the big vampire as he walks to the ring, ignoring the fans before climbing on the apron and stepping over the ring rope. There he high fives Tuscini before focussing his attention back to the group around him. The three men wait for some reaction from the group, and it's Dark Tiger who steps up and gives James Tuscini the first handshake as Gothika moves up to kiss Dmitri. The greetings continue around and Gothika brings the mic back to her lips.

Gothika: We brought out our friends to prove a point. And that point is, once an Angel, ALWAYS an Angel!! Even if they're not with the Sin City Wrestling, they're STILL Angels. Angels 4 Life is not just a tatto I've got, it's a motto we live by. We also asked them here to provide the reasons for why we chose the name we did.

Gothika points to the screen, and a pair of blood soaked Angel wings spread across the screen as a crow screeches into the night.


The lights go red and flames shoot up on the stage as the strains of Blood Legion by In This Moment hits the PA as The Fallen, The Unholy Alliance and The Men of R.O.A.R. all take hands and lift them up in the air as the crowd goes nuts. The scene cuts out.

Simone: These past few weeks have seen several title changes most notably the World Heavyweight and World Bombshell Championships and in our next match we'll see if the trend continues as Kate Steele of the Metal and Punk Connection challenges Mikah for the Bombshell Internet Championship.

Adams: Kate has been looking to bounce back from her first-round elimination in this year's Blast from the Past Tournament a couple of weeks ago and winning back the Bombshell Internet Championship would go a long way to getting her back on the right track.

Simone: Unfortunately for her Mikah is a tough cookie, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW Bombshell Internet Championship!

"Grow Up" by Paramore begins to blare all across the sound system and as it does Kate Steele along with her husband Todd Warren begins to emerge from the back curtain. Kate has a huge smile on her face as she stares at the roaring crowd who are all cheering her on. She begins to sprint down the aisle as she claps the hands of outstretched fans.

Justin: Introducing the challenger, from Berkshire, England and representing the Metal and Punk Connection she is "The Siren" Kate Steele!

Kate finally makes it to the ring and she quickly runs up the ring steps as she grabs the turnbuckle as hard as she can. She immediately leap frogs over the ropes and bounces about before she points at the crowd cheering her on. She closes her eyes placing a single finger over her lips offering the Shhhh sound which all the fans follow in. She takes her place in the corner afterwards waiting for the champion to make her entrance.

Simone: Kate never got her rematch after she lost the Bombshell Internet Championship to Polly Playtime last November but this might be the best next thing since Mikah beet Polly at Blaze of Glory for the belt!

Adams: But as you said Belinda, Mikah is one tough cookie and there's a good reason why she held the World Bombshell Championship for so long!

Justin: And her opponent!

The arena fades to black before Dirty Little Girl by Burn Halo begins to play and the arena then flashes with hot pink, neon green, and purple lights. Mikah soon makes her way out onto the stage, one hand on her hip the other by her side. She stops in the middle of the stage before rolling her hips to the left before continuing her way down the ramp. She jeers at the crowd before rolling her eyes at them and ignoring them. She jogs up the stairs before strutting two steps onto the apron then slowly getting into the ring between the bottom and middle rope, dipping her upper body lower than her lower body to make her butt stick out a bit.

Justin: From New York City, she is the Bombshell Internet Champion Mikah!

She then moves to the middle of the ropes and steps on the bottom one before leaning suggestively over the top rope as if to give the crowd a glimpse of her chest but then pulls back and steps down. She moves to the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle.

Simone: This is Mikah's first defense and it goes without saying that the last thing she wants is to have her reign end on the first defense.

Adams: Something that the last four male Roulette Champions can attest too!

Holly calls the Bombshells to the middle of the ring to explain the rules to them, once they nod to confirm that they understand Holly wastes no time in asking for Mikah to hand over the Bombshell Internet Championship being well acquainted with Mikah's tactics by now and Mikah rolls her eyes before handing it over, as soon as the title has left her hands however Mikah goes to slap Kate but Kate catches it causing a brawl to ensue and prompting Holly to call for the bell.

Simone: And the match is underway with a bang!

Adams: I don't think Mikah's usual antics will work on Kate!

Once the surprise from Mikah's blocked cheap shot on Kate has worn off Mikah is able to keep up with the English Bombshell in the brawl for a few minutes before Kate manages to back Mikah up to the ropes at which point Mikah grabs Kate by her waistband and throws her through the second rope and to the outside hoping to use this as an opportunity to catch her breath for a few minutes, unfortunately for Mikah Kate managed to grab a hold of her head on the way out and uses it to pull her out of the ring which her where the brawl continues.

Simone: This is unfamiliar territory for both women, Kate is well known for her high flying and whilst Mikah does resort to cheating occasionally, her technical ability is second to none.

Adams: Doesn't stop her from cheating as you just said and Mikah just demonstrated!

Indeed, Mikah has managed to rake the eyes of Kate stunning the siren for a few seconds whilst Mikah tries to give herself some distance, by the time Holly's count has reached five Mikah goes back to where she left Kate only to find that she is no longer in that spot, the mystery is solved just as quickly as it began as Mikah turns around only to be hit by Kate with a Moonsault off the barricade! Once Holly's count has reached eight Kate rolls Mikah back into the ring and follows her in (barely beating the ten count in the process) where she goes for the first cover of the match.

And Mikah kicks out just in time.

Simone: We almost had a new champ for the third show in a row!

Adams: Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Realizing that it's to early in the match for a move like that to take out a veteran like Mikah Kate changes her tactics by way of going up to the top rope, once she's up on top she leaps going for another Moonsault only this time Mikah has it scouted as she gets the knees up knocking the wind right out of the challenger the moment she lands on them, taking advantage of the opportunity Mikah rolls up Kate grabbing onto her tights for good measure.

And Holly catches Mikah in the act!

Simone: How does the old saying go?

Adams: It's only cheating if you don't get caught, also I would've loved to be Mikah's hand right there and then...


Mikah's inevitable argument with Holly gets cut short when Kate surprises her with a roll-up of her own.

And fortunately for Mikah Kate rolled her up close to the ropes allowing her to grab the nearest bottom rope and break the pin-fall attempt! Kate gets back to her feet clutching her waist as a clear indication that she's still hurting from her failed Moonsault attempt a few minutes ago but she doesn't let that stop her as she picks up Mikah and hoists her up into a Suplex but before she can execute her Brainbuster Mikah drives her knee into Kate's head a couple of times stunning her enough to drop Mikah who, having noticed that the challenger is favoring her midsection, spears her right out of her boots!

Simone: If Kate's midsection wasn't hurting before it certainly is now!

Adams: And this could be bad news for Kate's title aspirations as Mikah's going for a cover!

And Kate still manages to kick out much to Mikah's shock! Mikah starts another argument with Holly this time over a slow count but Holly is having none of it and orders Mikah to continue the match, it takes the champ a couple of minutes but she agrees to do that but unfortunately for her those couple of minutes where enough for Kate to recover enough to hit Mikah with a Pele Kick stunning the champion long enough for Kate to successfully hit her Braiunbuster on her second attempt! Kate goes for a cover!

And Mikah gets the shoulder up barely in time!

Simone: Was that three?!

Adams: No, more like two and three quarters!

Kate is in just as shocked as everyone else that that combo didn't win her the title so she climbs out onto the apron and waits for Mikah to get back to her feet, when she does Kate goes for a Springboard Crossbody but Mikah ducks down causing Kate to crash and burn to the canvas doing more damage to her midsection in the process, rather than go for the cover however Mikah picks up Kate and locks in the Abdominal Stretch submission hold.

Simone: That missed cross body combined with the Abdominal Stretch will put a hurting on Kate's chances to win the title!

Adams: Not to mention any match she gets booked for at Into the Void win or lose, two weeks is a long time in wrestling but will it be enough?

Mikah keeps the submission hold locked on tight but despite the damage done to her midsection Kate refuses to give up, after a few minutes Mikah realizes that this is going nowhere so she switches position and goes for a Pumphandle Powerslam of some kind only for Kate to slip out the back and hit the champion with a dropkick when she turns around! Rather than let Kate go for the cover however Mikah rolls out of the ring to collect her bearings.

Simone: That's the second time that Mikah's retreaded away from Kate is in this match!

Adams: Unfortunately for Mikah Kate is almost as well known for her love of high-flying as she is her love of punk music!

Indeed, just as soon as Mikah stops in her tracks Kate charges across the ring and hits her with a Tope Suicida wiping out both Bombshells in the process! When Holly's count reaches five Kate picks up Mikah and rolls her back into the ring but rather than go for the cover Kate heads to the top rope once more and calls for her finisher.

Simone: Kate is looking to end the match and Mikah's reign with the Silence is Golden!

Adams: If she hits this then silence won't be the only thing that'll be golden about her as she'll be the new Bombshell Internet Champion!

Kate goes for the move but Mikah has it scouted and ducks down causing Kate to crash to the canvas, Mikah uses the opportunity to lock in the Cupid's Chokehold submission hold and as much as Kate tries to resist it she has no choice but to tap!

Justin: Here is your winner and still Bombshell Internet Champion Mikah!

Simone: Mikah retains the title in her first defense!

Adams: I'd hate to be her challenger at Into the Void!

Mikah snatches the title from Holly when she hands it back to her and celebrates as she walks back up the ramp.

A man that the SCW crowd has seen lately is leaning against the wall directly next to the backstage door . He puffs on a cigarette just as Kris Halc and his sidekick Shannon Quint exit through it. When the man exhales, the cloud of smoke catches Kris' eye and he turns to see a familiar face.

Kris: I see you decided to stop stalking me while looking like a homeless person.

He points to the clothes his stalker has chosen for this show. He had typically approached him in a similar style to the street clothes of a broke college student. Today, Kris was crossing his path in a legitimate three piece suit.

Shannon: Who is h---

Kris cuts him off before he can finish the question.

Kris: Nobody important.

The man smirks, taking a final drag before throwing the cigarette to the concrete.

Sweete: Some could say the same of you.

Kris laughs, starting to turn to walk away.

Kris: At least I made the card. I'm not standing outside hoping my brother shows up from vacation to give my life meaning.

He laughs this time.

Sweete: Porter definitely doesn't need me to give him meaning, he was born first and likes to hold that over my head. I don't believe we've met...

He holds out his hand. Kris stops, with Shannon pointing at the man in front of them with his mouth open.

Shannon: Oh! It's the other twin! Swerve!

Kris looks over his shoulder at Shannon. It was a look that the larger man was starting to learn pretty well, and was a silent indication to shut up. Kris takes a step closer to Sweete and shakes his hand.

Kris: I don't know why you'd need to talk to me. I already told your brother everything he wanted to know about the tag division.

Sweete: I'm Killian by the way. Don't ask, our mothers we're odd. And to answer your question, my being here... outside, was simply to have a smoke before I had some business with your boss. You coming out just now was purely coincidental.

Kris nods back towards the building.

Kris: My fan event stuff was before the show. My match was a couple hours ago at this point. I'm just catching an early head start. Got a baby at home.

Kris turns and tosses Shannon his bag. Caught off-guard, Shannon struggles with it, but manages to keep it from hitting the ground. Kris nods off towards the car, and his assistant nods and heads off towards the vehicle. As soon as he is out of earshot, Kris turns back around to Killian.

Kris: Nothing is ever coincidental. Does this mean you two are signed now? That's what he was waiting for, wasn't it?

Killian smirked again.

Killian: I am always fashionably late for a party. I guess I will see you around. Oh and let your wife know, I'm a big fan.

He winks before pulling the outer door open and slips inside. The camera hovers on Kris for a moment, viewers expecting him to have some kind of outburst at the comment. Kris shrugs.

Kris: She is a very talented singer?

Sounds from the crowd are loud enough for Kris to catch the laughter. He turns, jogging to catch up with Shannon as the feed cuts away.

The scene opens backstage at Climax Control where we see one of this year's Blast from the Past Semi-Finalists and SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Jessie Salco hanging out backstage and listening to the album "Contingent" by Pyramaze apparently ready for her upcoming semi-final match against the Internet Champion Lord Raab and one half of the Bombshell Tag Team Champions Evie Baang which will be the first of tonight's Semi-Final Matches, the other being between the teams of Ben Jordan and Sam Marlowe and Max Burke and Mercedes Vargas.

Simone: The team of Nicolas Blair and Jessie Salco made it further than a lot of people expected them too, especially after they we're paired up against Brother Grimm and Misty in the previous round!

Adams: I know a lot of people are expecting this year's winners to either be Ben Jordan and Sam Marlowe or Max Burke and Mercedes Vargas but I think we are looking at a dark horse team in Nicolas and Jessie and they could go all the way!

The album ends and before Jessie can start playing the next album Jessie is approached by Ms. Rocky Mountains ready for an interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jessie, can I have a word?

Jessie: Well, your job is to interview the SCW Superstars and Bombshells so I hope you have more than one word for me!

Rocky rolls her eyes at Jessie's joke.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Yeah, and they are smart ass! Anyway, tonight you and Nicolas are facing Lord Raab and Evie Baang in the first of tonight's Semi-Finals, now after failing three times to make it past the first round this must be amazing for you.

Jessie: Thanks for the reminder, but I will say that it's funny that the best BFTP partner I've had since 2013's tournament was a returning face to the company in Nicolas Blair but we're not stopping at the Semi-Finals, we're going to the finals at Into the Void and from there we're going all the way!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: You're not worried about Raab and Evie? Or either of the teams competing in the second semi-finals?

Jessie: I'm not going to deny that Sam, Evie and Mercedes are great wrestlers, I've got plenty of history with Sam and Mercedes and the fact that Evie has been able to keep up with Odette Stevens all this time speaks for itself but whilst Raab is a monster and Ben and Max are legends in their own right they aren't on Nicolas's level and he will demonstrate that perfectly tonight!

Jessie says before checking the time on her IPhone.

Jessie: Now if you excuse me, I have a slot in this year's Finals to book!

Jessie says before walking off.

Jacob Summers stands in the ring with Justin Decent as introductions for the next match are set to commence.

Justin: The following contest is a Semi-Final match in the Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team memorial Tournament, scheduled for one fall!

The opening riff to "Power Trip" by Chimaira starts ripping over the PA system and as soon as Mark Hunter's opening scream is heard Jessie emerges from the back with Shane and Jake, the trio headbang at the top of the ramp before they make their way down to the ring.

Justin: Introducing, from Miami Florida and representing The Angel Clan, she is the reigning Bombshell Roulette Champion ... "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

Jessie hops onto the apron and enters the ring where she goes over to the nearest turnbuckle before hopping onto the middle turnbuckle, sitting on it and waiting for her tag team partner.

Justin: And her tag team partner! From Hell, weighing 239 pounds ... Nicolas Blair!

A Heavy metal remake of "Tubular Bells" starts blasting over the PA system as Nicolas Blair walks out. He soaks in the reaction from the crowd for a moment as if he's experiencing a triumph just by being there. He walks slowly to the ring and perches himself on a turnbuckle, awaiting what will happen next.

Justin: And their opponents...!

The cameras whirl back around and focus on the top of stage before the lights cut off leaving the arena in darkness. The creepy and spine tickling sounds of an electric guitar come to life over the personal address system followed by a deep heavy drum beat. As "Anthem of the Year 2000" by SilverChair hits, the stage area dimly lights up glowing red. The lights continue to gradually get brighter to expose Evie Baang standing in the middle of the runway with her back to the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring from Victor Harbour, South Australia... Evieeee Baaaang!

Evie turns around slowly and keeps her hoodie over her head before she makes her way down the ramp. She completely ignores the fans as her focus is on the ring in front of her. She slowly walks up the steal steps before stepping into the ring while the lighting gradually returns to normal. Evie walks around the ring pulling on the ropes getting ready for her match while her song slowly dies down to nothing.

Justin: And her tag team partner! From Cologne, Germany, weighing 250 pounds, he is the reigning Internet Champion -- Lord Raab!

Mad Monster by Detroit Metal City plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain with Henry Losak wearing his red and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Masked German Monster on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and wears a black and red stripy mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start with Henry standing outside of the ring.

Adams: And the winners here tonight will meet Ben and Sam in the finals at Into the Void VI!

Simone: And the stakes that evening will be insanely high.

Evie looks ready to go, pacing like a wild animal when she darts across the ring and attacks Jessie who is discussing with Nicolas who should start!

Adams: I guess that answers who's starting tonight for this one!

The bell rings as Raab and Nicolas duck out to their corners.


Evie rakes Jessie's eyes and drives a knee up into her face, then grabs a handful of her locks and runs her head straight into her own corner! Jessie collapses to the mat, caught off guard by this sudden onslaught as Evie dives at her but the Roulette Champion rolls out of the way. Jessie is back on her feet as Evie stands up and the champion dives forward, spearing Baang to the canvas and she starts raining heavy fists down into Evie's skull, one right after the other!

Adams: I can't believe the way Jessie and Evie are going at it from the start!

Simone: Given how Evie decided to set the pace between them, I am not surprised! And Jessie Salco will not back down from a fight!

Jessie grabs Evie and drags her to her feet and goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Evie reverses it! Jessie hits the ropes and jumps to the middle rope and springboards back, catching Baang with a dropkick!

Adams: Jessie isn't the Roulette Champion for nothing!

Jessie goes right after her but Evie sweeps her legs out from under her, causing Salco to fall on her back. Evie then makes a fast cover.

Jessie rolls backwards and ends up on top of Evie with a side headlock on the mat and starts to throw fists at Evie's temple as Baang kicks and struggles! Evie fights her way to her feet, still in the headlock. She lifts Jessie up and brings her down across her knee with a shin breaker, keeping hold of the champion's leg and brings her down with a Dragon Screw leg whip!

Simone: I think that's the first legitimate wrestling move since this started between these two women.

Jessie grabs her knee in pain and Evie shakes her head and tags Raab.

Adams: She had Jessie down and went for the tag?

Simone: Who knows how that woman's mind set works?

Raab steps inside of the ring, as does Nicolas in accordance to the rules and the two men circle briefly before locking up, collar and elbow. The larger "German Monster" Lord Raab forces Nicolas up against the ropes, and begins to pound away on him with right hands, leaving Nicolas with nowhere to go. Jacob is forced to intervene with a count!


And Raab breaks!

Adams: Boy! Lord Raab is starting off against Nicolas just like Evie did Jessie!

Raab then Irish whips Nicolas into the far ropes, and as he bounces back Raab catches him with a powerslam. He hooks a leg.

Nicolas gets his shoulder up!

Lord Raab gets back to his feet. But Nicolas rolls out to the floor, to catch a quick break.

Simone: Blair is no rookie. He's a crafty veteran and a former World Champion.

Lord Raab steps out of the ring, and drops down to the floor. As Nicolas turns around, Lord Raab clotheslines him. He pulls Nicolas back to his feet and goes to Irish whip him into the ring post but Nicolas holds onto Lord Raab arm, twists it, and plants the big man with a DDT on the floor!

Adams: Did you hear the sound his head made???

Simone: I don't care what padding is on the outside! A DDT on the floor is going to do serious damage!

Blair pulls Lord Raab back to his feet, and rolls him into the ring. He rolls in after him and covers the Internet Champion!

THR- Raab gets his shoulder up!

Adams: Boy that was a close one for the champion!

Nicolas pulls Lord Raab back to his feet and whips the big man into the ropes, and then puts on a sleeper hold. Lord Raab quickly runs towards a turnbuckle, turning just in time to crush Nicolas in the corner.

Simone: His head may have suffered some trauma but Raab had enough sense to do that!

Both men are down but Blair is the first to rise to his feet. Nicolas sees Lord Raab start to get back up as well and runs to the other ropes. As he rebounds, Lord Raab almost decapitates him with a big boot to the face!

Adams: I hope Hell has a dental plan!

Lord Raab drops down, and hooks Nicolas's leg.

Nicolas kicks out!

Simone: And the Internet Champion now in control.

After the failed pin attempt, Lord Raab quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from ringside. He climbs back in, just as Nicolas is getting back to his feet on the inside.

Simone: What the hell is he doing!? This isn't a No DQ match!

Adams: I think Raab is getting caught up in the intense action!

As Lord Raab gets in, he goes right at Nicolas with the steel chair. Nicolas quickly reacts and nails a spinning heel kick, sending the chair back into the face of Lord Raab!

Adams: Is that a DQ!?

Simone: I think that's a judgement call on Jacob's part! Raab is the one who tried to attack Nicolas Blair with the chair first!

Nicolas goes for the cover.

THR- Raab gets a shoulder up!

Adams: Even a steel chair to the mush can't keep Lord Raab down!

Nicolas then goes to the corner and climbs up to the top rope, waiting for Raab to0 get to his feet. Nicolas leaps off, but Raab catches him and brings him over with a belly to belly suplex, crushing Blair under him and goes for the immediate cover!

Blair gets a shoulder up!

Simone: These two are so evenly matched that it is not funny!

Adams: Its not? Oh good! I thought I missed a punchline somewhere.

Lord Raab pulls him to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes. As Nicolas rebounds, Lord Raab swings for a clothesline but Nicolas ducks, and waistlocks Lord Raab, taking him over with a German Suplex into a bridge!

Raab kicks out!

Adams: Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if Raab got pinned with a GERMAN suplex???

Nicolas stands up and tags Jessie back in and the Bombshells are ready to take over! The two women leap into the ring and charge! They collide and begin again as they did before, swinging wildly at one another! Evie then ducks and scoops Jessie up around the legs and plows her back into the near corner where she drives her shoulder into Jessie's ribs over and over! Evie steps back and pulls Salco with her. She twist Salco's arm around and knocks her down with a short arm clothesline. Evie keeps a hold on her arm and lifts her back up. She attempts another one but Salco ducks and pulls her down in to a backslide!

Evie kicks out!

Salco springs to her feet first and pulls Baang up to her feet. Salco Irish whips Evie in to the ropes and catches her with a Hot Shot, dropping her throat first across the top rope! Evie rolls to the center of the ring, holding on to her throat and Salco drops a leg across her throat. Salco brings her back up to her feet and goes to whip her opponent into the far corner but Evie reverses it! Jessie runs up the turnbuckles and flies back with a moonsault, crashing into Evie with a cover!

Evie kicks out!

Adams: I think Jessie's wild aerial style is keeping Evie on her toes!

Salco brings Evie back to her feet and tosses her outside of the ring. Salco waits in the ring as Evie gets to her feet. Jessie then races across the ring and goes for a suicide dive through the ropes -- but Evie sees it coming and jumps out of the way!

Adams: Oh my god! Jessie hit the barricade!

Simone: And that is why they call those moves high risk!

Jessie lays on the ringside floor, hurt as Evie smiles and taps her temple with a finger. Meanwhile, the referee is forced to begin his count against the two women.


Evie grabs a beer from a fan's hand and throws some of it down onto Jessie Salco.

Simone: That is disgusting!

Evie takes a gulp of what's left in the plastic cup. She throws it back at the guy she just took it from and turns back to the fallen Roulette Champion.


Evie picks Jessie up and tosses her back in to the ring. Evie lines Jessie up and steps back, waiting for the opponent to get to her feet. As Jessie does, Evie grabs her from behind for a belly to back suplex! Evie brings her to her feet and goes for an Irish whip but Salco manages to hold on and reverse it into the ropes. Evie comes off with a Float Over DDT, planting Salco's head into the canvas! Evie rolls her over and hooks the leg!

THR- Jessie kicks out!

Simone: Evie Baang almost ended this!

Evie then grabs Salco from behind and locks her in a Cobra Clutch!

Adams: She might put her away with this anyway!

Jessie Salco struggles but refuses to give up. Jacob asks her over and over if she'd like to give up but Salco shakes her head fast. Evie drops back to the canvas, forcing more pressure on the hold against Salco. Salco closes her eyes and the referee lifts her arm once but it falls. He lifts it a second time, and it drops limp again. Jacob lifts it a third time but Salco's arm springs up. Evie's eyes widen as she starts to lose a grip on Salco. Salco somehow breaks the hold and forces Evie off her. Salco and Evie get to their feet and start to brawl!

Simone: How is Jessie coming back like this?

Jessie goes the unorthodox route and head butts Evie between the eyes! She jumps into the ropes and springboards back, but Evie catches her and brings her over with a Northern Lights suplex!

Jessie gets a shoulder up!

Evie whips Jessie into the near corner and rushes in and dives for a spear, but Jessie moves and Evie sails through and strikes the ring post!

Adams: That could have separated a shoulder!

Simone: The fight these two teams are putting up! They want to move onto the finals!

Jessie falls and struggles over to her corner where she tags Nicolas Blair back in! Raab spots the tag and is in immediately! As Blair comes after him, Raab catches Blair with a spinning slam, planting Blair down into the canvas! Lord Raab immediately lays the boots to Nicolas, not easing up one bit as each kick landed into his body is harder than the last as Nicolas tries to shield himself from the blows! Lord Raab grabs Blair by the hair and his tights and heaves him up to his feet and throws him hard into the near corner and drives a boot into his stomach, taking the air right out of him. Raab then follows up with a number of boxing punches, lefts and rights to the head and body as Jacob counts to break it up!


Lord Raab breaks the assault and grabs him by the arm and Irish whips him into the ropes and catches him with a spine buster into a jackknife cover!

Nicolas Blair gets his shoulder up!

Nicolas's face grimaces as he clutches the small of his back, fighting his way to his feet! But Lord Raab is still all over him, knocking him back into the ropes with a solid right to the jaw and following up with a European uppercut. Again taking him by the arm, Lord Raab sends him right into the corner, following in with a clothesline direct to the throat! Nicolas stumbles forward, coughing and gasping, and Lord Raab snares him and strikes with a release German suplex! Blair is folded in half and Raab drapes himself across the back of his legs in another cover!

Blair gets his shoulder up!

Adams: Lord Raab wants to end this and move on!

Lord Raab fumes at the count having been broken but forgoes the optional yelling at the official to instead grab Nicolas and once again fires him off into the ropes but Nicolas holds on. Raab charges in after him but Blair pulls the top rope down and the Internet Champion tumbles out and over, down to the hard floor!

Simone: Lord Raab may be tough and a champion but a fall like that has to take its toll!

Lord Raab lays on the ringside floor, struggling to regain his footing and rise. Nicolas darts out to the floor and grabs the now standing Lord Raab by the head and slams his face into the time keeper's table. Nicolas then encircles his arms around the waist of Lord Raab and runs him backwards, driving the champion's back hard against the ring apron.

Adams: Hey! If Blair beats Raab, will that make him a number one challenger?

Simone: If Nicolas Blair accepts Mark Ward's offer.

Nicolas grabs Lord Raab by the arm and sends him hurdling into the metal ring steps, Lord Raab's back striking hard against the steel! Like a serpent stalking it's prey, Nicolas moves in and lands a fist into Lord Raab's head as he tries to get to his feet. Another fist finds it's mark but as Nicolas swings again, Lord Raab suddenly blocks it and punches Nicolas in the face himself, staggering him! Lord Raab head butts him between the eyes, knocking him back against the metal ring post and the champion darts forward but Nicolas swerves the blow and Lord Raab runs right into the steel at full steam and falls to the floor!

Nicolas pulls Lord Raab to his feet and rolls him back inside of the ring. Following, Nicolas covers him and hooks the leg.

Raab kicks out!

Nicolas Irish whips him into the ropes again and leaps, bringing Lord Raab crashing down on the back of his head and neck with a flying neck breaker! Lord Raab rolls over onto his stomach, clutching the back of his head, but Nicolas takes advantage by digging his knees into his back and pulling him back into a bow and arrow submission hold!

Simone: I don't think he'll get Raab to submit but he'll sure as hell weaken him with a hold like this!

Nicolas, realizing the effort for a submission is in vain, lets go of the hold. He instead forces Lord Raab's head through the top and middle rope and starts choking him against the ropes while gouging his eyes while Jacob warns him to break and starts his mandatory count!


Blair quickly breaks at four, only to go right back to the rule infractions. Nicolas then gets up and darts back into the ropes, rebounding and sprinting across towards the prone form of the challenger. Nicolas leaps and springboards over the top rope and lands across the back of Lord Raab's head and neck with a slingshot leg drop! The crowd finds themselves booing all the while applauding the impressive maneuver as Lord Raab slumps back onto the mat while Nicolas scans the capacity crowd and sneers. He rolls back inside of the ring and covers Lord Raab, hooking the leg!

THR-Raab kicks out!

Adams: He almost did it! He almost beat the champion!

Nicolas shakes his head, staring at the referee. Nicolas then drags Lord Raab up and goes for a whip into the ropes hut Raab manages to hang on and reverse it! Nicolas jumps to the middle rope but Lord Raab is right there and grabs him around the waist from behind...


And the champion brings him crashing back with a German suplex from the middle rope!

Simone: What a counter by the Internet Champion!

Lord Raab grabs Blair and Irish whips him into the ropes and leaps, crashing down onto him with the Thesz press and unloading a series of fists to the head! He pulls Blair to his feet and whips him into the far corner and runs in, crushing him with a Stinger splash! Lord Raab then Irish whips Nicolas into the neutral corner and goes for a second Stinger splash but this time it's Blair that moves and Lord Raab lands stomach first on the corner, knocking the air out of himself!

Simone: And this could give Nicolas the chance he needs!

Nicolas moves to his corner and tags Jessie!

Simone: And it does!

And the Bombshells are at it once again, wild and crazy, meeting in the middle of the ring and crashing to the canvas! They roll around, punching and clawing at each other until Jessie ends up on top and throws forearm after forearm down into Evie's exposed head and face! Jessie then drags her to her feet and brings her over with a swift snap suplex! Jessie then goes up top and sails off, crushing Evie beneath her with a swanton bomb! Jessie with the cover!

Evie kicks out!

Jessie grabs Evie and throws her into the corner and jumps in, bringing her out the hard way with a monkey flip! Jessie grabs Evie the tag champion and sends her hard into a neutral corner and goes for a second monkey flip but Evie wraps her arms around the ropes, causing Jessie to fall and strike the back of her head onto the canvas! Evie drops an elbow down onto Jessie and covers her!

Jessie kicks out!

Frustrated, Evie wraps both hands around Jessie's throat and chokes her! Jacob counts!


Evie breaks and drags Jessie to her feet where she grabs her for a cradle capture suplex and throws her over! Evie then backs up into the corner and perches herself onto the middle turnbuckle. She smiles wickedly down at the prone Jessie and jumps -- but Jessie brings her boot up and Evie's face connects with it!

Adams: Oh that just SUCKS!

Evie stands wavering -- out on her feet seemingly! Jessie staggers out to the ring apron and grabs the top rope... she then springboards herself back in, and catches Evie with a Tornado DDT!

Adams: Circle Pit!

Jessie with the cover!

THR-- Evie's foot is on the bottom rope!

Simone: Oh that was a lucky break!

Adams: Lucky Jacob saw it!

Jessie stands up, raising her arms and thinking its over! Jacob pulls her arm down, explaining she did not successfully pin Evie Baang! Jessie proceeds to argue with the official until she finally turns around...

Simone: Svetlana!

A drive by kick right to the face by Evie! Jessie goes down and Evie with the cover!


Simone: They've done it! Evie and Raab move on to the finals!

The bell rings as Nicolas gets into the ring to check on Jessie while Jacob raises the arms of Evie and Lord Raab!

Justin: Here are your winners, advancing to the final round at Into the Void VI -- EVIE BAANG and LORD RAAB!

The crowd boos with a mixture of cheers for the hard fought match!

Adams: Wow! Lord Raab and Evie Baang versus Ben Jordan and Samantha Marlowe! Waitaminute! That means...!

Simone: Ben Jordan versus Evie Baang on opposite teams!

Adams: Ooooo!

Lord Raab and Evie Baang vs Ben Jordan and Samantha Marlowe

As the main event draws near, the man that current World Heavyweight Champion Jeremiah Hardin defeated and is due to face once again in just a short while, Rage, is standing backstage. He's all prepped and ready for the big match, ready to take back what he says was stolen from him. His fiancee, Kittie, is standing with him as the two quietly discuss the match and, because of the grin on his face, perhaps celebratory activities for after the show should he follow through with his promise to regain the World Heavyweight Championship.

As Kittie continues to speak, Rage cracks his knuckles and looks forward, focusing all his thoughts on what he plans to do to Jeremiah Hardin. A few seconds later, he turns his attention to just out of view of the camera and when the camera pans back, Pussy Willow is seen standing with a microphone in hand. He grins at her and lets out a laugh.

Rage: I thought you didn't want to interview me anymore? Changed your mind?

She shrugs and takes a few steps towards him.

Pussy: In a way, perhaps. But, I DO have a job to do. Ms. Rocky is off interviewing others and I thought I would take the opportunity to speak to you. You do have a big match in a little while, after all.

Rage nods and Kittie keeps a close eye on the situation.

Rage: I suppose you're here to prove your bias towards Jeremiah Hardin? Spout off a few words on how you think he's going to retain tonight because you don't like me?

Kittie:: Rage...

Rage turns and gives Kittie a look that says "relax" before he turns his attention back to Pussy Willow. Pussy Willow shakes her head.

Pussy: No, not exactly. I think I speak for everyone else when I say I don't think anyone has ever seen you this motivated before. Even when you we're trying to get a match against J2H last year. This seems to have lit a fire under you.

Rage: Can you blame me?

Pussy: No, I suppose not. I watched the match like everyone else. I saw what happened, and I've also heard the rumblings backstage. That and the whole Rage Got Screwed hashtag on Twitter...

Pussy Willow looks towards Kittie, who is sporting her #RageGotScrewed t-shirt.

Pussy: Your fiancee seems to agree...

Kittie:: Everyone seems to agree, Pussy.

Rage: Because it's the truth. Look, I'm not going to stand here and continue talking about this shit, because I know what happened. Everyone knows what happened. They saw it. They know the truth. Just because Jeremiah Hardin and his band of whores in The Fallen don't seem to agree, doesn't mean shit. Nobody is spreading rumors. Nobody is telling a bunch of lies.

Pussy Willow raises an eyebrow.

Pussy: Lies about what exactly?

Rage laughs and shakes his head.

Rage: No need to be asking questions you already know the answer to, Pussy. All that matters right now is that in just a little while, I'm walking to that ring as the former champ, and I'm walking out as the NEW three time World Heavyweight Champion. Jeremiah Hardin can do whatever he wants to try and stop me. He can think whatever the hell he wants, but he's about to get a huge dose of reality. I'm not just motivated, Pussy. Oh, no. I'm fucking dead set on proving that Jeremiah Hardin didn't deserve to *air quotes* win the title, and he damn sure doesn't deserve to stay in the World title scene after tonight.

Kittie watches on and smirks, proud of her man. Pussy Willow even cracks a smile, impartial as she may be.

Pussy: You know...should you defeat Jeremiah Hardin tonight, he'll have his own rematch clause to invoke.

Rage laughs and shakes his head.

Rage: Jeremiah Hardin can fuck off, Pussy. Once I get MY title back, Jeremiah Hardin will have to stand back in the shadows where he belongs and let the REAL big boys handle the World Title scene. And that's all I have to say so you can just get your ass out of here so I can focus on my match later.

Pussy: But...

Rage narrows his eyes and glares at her. She realizes she would be fighting a losing battle so she tosses her arms up in the air and shakes her head before she walks away. Rage rolls his eyes as she disappears out of sight and he turns his attention back to Kittie and the two get back to their discussion as the scene fades.

The camera cuts to a locker room where a sofa is seen with two people sitting on it. The camera turns around to see J2H and Melody Grace sitting facing a television screen, with tonight's action on it. Simpson stands to one side of the duo and the two converse.

Melody: Babe, do we really have to watch Jeremiah against Rage? Can't we just sneak out early and go get some ice cream?

J2H puts his arm around her shoulder, her head moving towards his chest.

J2H: All in good time. We'll get some after this, but I need to have eyes on this match babe.

Melody: It might be like last time where Hardin could win.

J2H: Fuck that, he ain't got help tonight, but I could....

The door opens and footsteps can be heard walking in to the room. J2H puts his head back to see Hot Stuff Mark Ward in the room, standing behind him.

Melody: Hi boss.

Hot Stuff nods his head towards Melody.

HS: Melody.

J2H turns his head around, looking towards him.

J2H: Don't even knock, huh?

HS: Don't have to cause I'm the boss. One of those perks I get to have when I pay money out for arenas. As long as I can't get sued for it, can walk where I want.

J2H: Well you walked in here for a reason I'm guessing.

Hot Stuff walks around, sitting on the arm of the sofa next to J2H.

HS: Can't get nothing past you, can I? Yes, I came in here for a reason to make sure that you do not go down to that ring and interfere. I'm not gonna sit here and babysit you, I don't need to do that, but I thought I'd come to remind you what's at stake here. You go out to that ring, interfere in any shape or form and your title shot goes out of the window.

J2H smiles at him.

J2H: I'm not going anywhere. I got drinks in the cooler right there.

He points to a cooler on the floor.

J2H: I got pizza on the way, not from Tuscini's place cause that shit sucks and I'm just gonna sit here and watch the match and be a good boy.

A knock on the door is head and Simpson moves towards it.

Melody: I'll make sure he doesn't leave the room.

HS: Good.

Hot Stuff stands up and Simpson returns holding a pizza box in his hands.

HS: I'll hold you to that.

Hot Stuff walks towards the door, opening it and walking outside. He stops as the door shuts, reaching in to his pocket and pulling out a key.

HS: Better safe than sorry.

Hot Stuff locks the door and turns around, only see Pussy Willow.

Pussy Willow: Hey boss, got a minute?

HS: I do, what's up?

Pussy Willow: Last week, you announced so many things, but this week, you've been quiet. Is there anything you can tell me?

Hot Stuff pauses for a second.

HS: I think I can. During the last match, I sat down with a couple of people, we talked and both agreed to sign with SCW. When the ink dries, we will have a brand new tag team here in SCW. You've seen them around before hanging with Kris Halc, but as of now, we're bringing some real twin magic to SCW. For those not following, Killian and Porter Sweete, or Porter and Killian Sweete, I don't know how they wanna be announced and I'll let them deal with that, but they are officially SCW stars and will be at Into The Void VI to talk about that and will be making their debuts on Climax Control 180!

The crowd cheer in the distance.

Pussy Willow: Wow!

HS: Oh Pussy, don't stop me now, cause we're having such a good time.... copyright Queen for that one, but after the way that things have gone tonight, you've seen that Ben Jordan and Sam Marlowe will go up against Lord Raab and Evie Baang, dub that one friends at war or something, but that means Jessie Salco will be free to defend her title against Veronica Taylor and Chelsea Payne, but I think I should give you one more match announcement...

Pussy Willow: What is it boss?

HS: Polly came out here and had a little fun, I dig that chick I do, but I think we should announce that Polly will be defending her title against Melody Grace at Into The Void VI, but most of you probably figured that out, right?

Pussy nods towards Hot Stuff.

HS: But here's a curveball for ya, because here's something Polly didn't bet on, something she has two weeks to get ready for, because there will be a third in that match and she goes by the name of Crystal Millar.

A mixed reaction comes from the arena.

HS: That should be enough, right? Good.

Hot Stuff turns to walk away but quickly turns back to Pussy, handing her a key.

HS: Unlock this door when the referee's hand hits the canvas or someone taps out, not before, you got it?

Pussy nods her head and Hot Stuff walks away with a smile as the camera fades out.

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship... Introducing first....

Jeremiah comes to the ramp as Trenches (Remix) by Pop Evil ft DMC plays and he comes to the ramp with his uncle Dark Tiger by his side.

Jeremiah comes down the ramp and fist bumps with the fans.

Jeremiah roars when the Yeoooowwww! comes and he slides in the ring and then gets on the turnbuckle and roars and the crowd roars with him.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, from Richmond Va being accompanied to the ring by his uncle Dark Tiger, standing six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds. He is the Man of War from the 804. He is the Big Cat from the VA Cap. He is the current SCW world champion... Big Tiger Jeremiah Hardin!!!!!!

And his opponent... residing from Las Vegas... RAGE!!!

Monster by Skillet starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the dangerous form of Rage steps from behind the curtain to a loud round of booing from the crowd. He stares directly at the ring, refusing to acknowledge the fans booing and heckling him as he starts walking slowly down the ramp towards the ring. Once there, he stops just outside the ring and grabs a hold of the second rope. He pulls himself up to the ring apron and then steps over the top rope into the ring. He looks around the crowd with a dark and almost demonic look in his eyes as he turns and stares at Hardin.

The ref checks both men for weapons before indicating for the bell to be rung.


Rage and Hardin lock up and straight away both begin to jostle for position, as Rage pushes Hardin towards the ropes, but Hardin counters and pushes Rage into the turnbuckle, they then move away from the turnbuckle and then break away. Rage shakes his head and glares at Hardin, as they both take several steps around the ring waiting for the first to move. They both move in and then lock up, as Hardin quickly counters and places in Rage into a headlock but Rage shoves Hardin away and into the ropes and when Hardin comes back he tries for a shoulder block but Rage blocks it before and Rage lets out a loud roar proving that he is going to be harder to knock down.

Simone: Rage is being quite reserved here? considering how he lost his title.

Adams: Still early....

Hardin smirks showing that he won't be intimidated by Rage, as they both circle the ring again as Hardin stops in the centre of the ring and offers up a hand for a test of strength, which Rage gleefully accepts and he locks in his first hand, as Hardin then offers up the second, which Rage accepts and he locks that in and from there they test their strength as they go chest to chest and battle it out, as Rage then bends Hardin's fingers and wrist back, but Hardin fights back and kicks Rage's hand forcing the release.

Adams: Well that test of strength was stale mate.

Simone: so far this match is stale... Rage isn't showing his rage in what happened.

Backing away from each other, both men flex their fingers and ponder their next move, taking a few steps around the ring, they go to move in with Rage reading himself but instead Hardin knee's Rage into the gut, before clubbing him across the back a few times before locking in a headlock as he then begins to drive his knee into the face and head of Rage several times all the while keeping the headlock in. Hardin waits for a few moments and then let go and steps back. Rage smiles and shakes his head and moves back and then hits a discus clotheslines taking Hardin down. Rage roars and pounds his chest as he grips the ropes with a smile.

The crowd boo and jeer Rage, as he glares at them.

Simone: That that headlock and knee combo didn't impress Rage and Rage answe'red back with a powerful discus clothesline.

Adams: Rage should now get into this match dominate hard.

Rage turns and approaches Hardin and picks him up before delivering a headbutt, which Hardin falls back against the ropes, Rage then grabs Hardin and whips him into the ropes and as Hardin comes back, Rage tries for a big boot but Hardin holds onto the ropes before exploding from the ropes and hitting a powerful clothesline to Rage.

Adams: Rage should have just started to beat him down... now giving him a chance to get up and move.

With Rage down, Hardin climbs to his knees and crawls to Rage and begins to deliver punch after punch to the face of Rage, before climbing back to his feet and pulling Rage up, but Rage is back on Hardin and thrusts Hard into the corner, where he drives his shoulder into the torso of Hardin over and over and over and over and over again. Rage then backs off, as Hardin stumbles out of the corner and as he does, Rage back away before charging into and clothesline Hardin over the top rope and out of the ring.

Simone: This is the Rage we know.... now Hardin is in for a world of pain.

Adams: we are supposed to be impartial.

Simone: I am? Rage has a lot of pent up anger and frustration and Hardin is going to have his ass kicked.

Adams: Fair enough.

Rage looks down at Hardin and backs off but quickly realises that waiting for the ref to count him out would be no fun and approaches the ropes, as the ref tries to stop him, but Rage pushes the ref aside and climbs out of the ring to where Hardin is. Rage then grabs Hardin, pulling him to his feet, where he drives Hardin's face into the barrier. Rage then picks up Hardin onto his shoulders, where he then hits the Anger Issues (Accordian Rack), Rage then lifts Hardin up and dumps him down onto the guard barrier. The ref begins to count.

Adams: Rage is getting into this match more and more and it isn't looking good for Hardin as the defending champion.


Hardin stays on the barrier for a few seconds before disappearing into the ringside audience. Rage looks at the ref before turning back to where Hardin is and then opts to slide into the ring and breaks the count before sliding back out and to the barrier, where he climbs over the barrier and approaches Hardin who is on his hands and knee's trying to get to his feet. Rage looks down at Hardin and then drops an elbow down across Hardin back.

Simone: Rage needs to get back into that ring before he gets counted out.


Rage climbs back to his feet and proceeds to stomp on Hardin prone body before picking up Hardin and throwing him back over the barrier. Rage then climbs back over and goes straight back to Hardin and again stomps on him.

Adams: The ref is only at four... so plenty of time.


Rage then grabs Hardin, pulling him up, he throws Hardin to the ring and then rolls himself into the ring and goes for a cover...

Simone: Here we go the first pin attempt in this main event.

Thr... Kickout...

Adams: Oh so very close... but Hardin just gets his shoulder up.

Hardin just kicks out, as Rage glares at the ref and argues that it was three but the ref shake their head and Rage attempts another cover...

Simone: Rage thought he had that won and he tries again.


Rage slaps the mat in frustration and argues that it was three but again the ref disagrees and Rage threatens the ref, but Jasmine threaten Rage back with disqualification and tugs on her shirt, but Rage shakes his head and climbs back to his feet and grabs Hardin pulling him to his feet, where he then lifts him up and then onto his shoulder, but as he does Hardin wiggles free and grabs the head of Rage and hits a neckbreaker.

Adams: Rage really want this match finished to reclaim the world title, but he is testing the limits of Jasmine's patience.

Simone: Well if you threaten a ref.... the ref will threaten to disqualify you. Anyway.... Rage tries to go for a Gorilla Press Slam but Hardin manages to wiggle free and hits a neckbreaker to Rage.

Rage rolls away holding his head, as Hardin is unable to capitalise on this and lays on the mat trying to move, but with the beating from Rage it's slowing him down, he rolls himself onto his front and drapes an arm over the torso of Rage.


Simone: A sneaky attempt from Hardin to retain but Rage is aware and kicks out at one.

Rage rolls away a little more and shakes his head, as he grabs the ropes and pulls himself up to his knees as Hardin is getting to his hands and knees before getting up to a single knee, as Rage climbs to his feet and approaches Hardin and pulls him up, but as he does Hardin surprises Rage with a Haymaker, which Rage stumbles back in surprise as Hardin takes another step forward and hits a European uppercut, which again Rage stumbles back and this time into the corner as Hardin takes a moment before charging forward and hits a clothesline, which Rage falls to the mat and slumped in the corner.

Adams: Hardin surprises Rage with a Haymaker and before following it up with an uppercut.

Simone: He is certainly fighting to get back into this match and fighting to retain his title.

Hardin stomps on Rage a few times before putting his boot to the throat of Rage and begins to choke him, however, Jasmine quickly moves in and tells him to stop before getting to two and he releases and puts his hands up but only to move back in and chokes Rage again but this time stops himself before Jasmine can count and then gives Rage a single stomp.

Simone: Hardin getting back at Rage for his stomps.

Adams: And chokes.

Hardin pulls Rage up from the mat and using some of the ropes and turnbuckle for help, he lifts Rage up into a sitting position, where he then climbs some of the ropes and hits Rage with a couple of forearm shots before climbing down again and then placing Rage onto his shoulders.

Adams: Hardin is looking to sew this up.

Getting Rage into a reverse torture rack, Hardin goes for the Eye of the Tiger (Reverse Torture Rack into Black Hole Slam), but as he swings Rage around for the Black Hole Slam, Rage grabs Hardin's arm and bends it back and as Rage hits the mat he fully locks in the Locked In Hell (Kimura Lock) and right away cranks back on the move.

Simone: What a counter!!

Adams: quite impressive as Hardin tries for the Eye of the Tiger but Rage counters it into a Kimura lock.

Rage continues to apply more pressure on Hardin's arm, as Hardin tries to counter or at least escape the move. Rage screams at Hardin to tap, as Hardin grimaces in pain and tries to fight through the pain, however, he decides to tap out to avoid more injury.

Simone: Rage gets his title back.

Justin: The winner of this match and NEEWW Sin City Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.... RAGE!!

Rage's much hits over the p.a, however, Rage keeps the hold in place a few extra second before letting go and slowly making his way to his feet, where he snatches the title from Jasmine. Climbing the turnbuckle Rage raises the belt high above his head.

Simone: Fans! In just two weeks we will join you in New York City for Into the Void VI!

Adams: And we're doing it with a new champion!

Simone: Indeed Rage is now a three time World Heavyweight Champion! See you in New York everyone!

Adams: Byeeeee!

Jeremiah stares daggers into the ring as Rage continues to hold the belt aloft as the credits start to roll....

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Jenny, Annie, The Lord MK, Gerrit, Dustin, Andy, Todd, Kris Halc, Chelsea Payne, Polly, Ro, Acquin, Mercedes. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and everyone who RPed!