Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco , California. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the building. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco , California and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda walks out, her hair done up in a tight bun, thick, horn rimmed glasses on her face and wearing an outfit reminiscent of a librarian. Holding a pen in one hand, and a clipboard in the other, she walks out with her nose in the air and the performance begins.

Amanda: Get your program running
Head out to the center
Terminals are waiting
For the data that you'll enter

Everybody says that you're a nerd, but
They should know that you just don't care
Got your Hewlett-Packard on your belt and
Vaseline in your hair

Like a true mommy's child
You were born, born to be mild
When your batteries die
You're always gonna cry
Born to be mild

Pencils in your pocket
Patent leather briefcase
Studying your Fortran
You got pimples on your face

Gotta do your homework
Forget about the prom dance
They think that you're a big jerk
'Cause you wear a pair of flood pants

Every day you wake up
Your oscilloscope is humming
Parties tend to break up
When they find out that you're coming

The crowd cheers and applauds as Amanda adjusts her glasses and sashays back through the curtains. A moment later, she peeks back through, smiling and beckoning the fans to cheer louder, which they happily oblige!

Simone: Hello one and all, and welcome to SCW Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone...

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams -- and I can't wait for Blaze of Glory VI!

Simone: Few can Jason, and you have very little time to wait as we will be right there in Stockton, California for the sixth annual spectacular! But for now, tonight we have eight matches leading up to that grand event, and it all begins when Jeremiah Hardin goes up against Joshua Acquin!

Adams: Both of these lads are big and bad and want back in the championship picture!

Simone: And it won't take much for either to get their wish. Both are former Tag Team as well as Roulette Champions, and both remain a threat to every champion in SCW.

Adams: Then two bad girl Bombshells are going at it with nothing between them but some poor sod official! Chelsea Payne takes on Amy-Jayne!

Simone: And when you pity the referee, you are spot on because neither of these women are going to let the referee, whoever they are, get in their way of winning.

Adams: And getting closer to a championship match!

Simone: And then it all comes down to two women, where it began as four! Raynin and Mikah will meet in the finals of the tournament to determine Polly Playtime's number one challenger to the Internet Championship!

Adams: This one could have been the Main Event! Both women are former World Champions!

Simone: They may say diamonds are a woman's best friend, but in this sport? It's all about the gold!

Adams: Speaking of Polly, she's in action next in a non-title champion versus champion match with the NEW Roulette Champion, Jessie Salco!

Simone: Last week Jessie dethroned Amy Marshall in the second match of their 'Best of Three' series, but she gets no chance to rest on her laurels facing Polly.

Adams: And whichever champ wins goes into Blaze of Glory VI with a lot of momentum in their title defense!

Simone: Then we have a Mixed Tag Team match heralding what's to come in the men's and women's World Tag Team title matches at Blaze of Glory VI!

Adams: One-half of the men's World Tag Team Champions, Jason Halc, teams with one-half of the Bombshell Champions, Alana Allure!

Simone: And they face a pairing compromising just two of the many challengers they are set to face, Jon Dough and Uriella Abbadon!

Adams: We're getting what we wanted! Drake Green has agreed to come back into the six-sided ring to challenge J2H at Blaze of Glory VI for what he believes is rightfully his; the World Heavyweight Championship!

Simone: But we all saw what happened after the contract signing where Rage intervened and laid Drake Green out! So before Drake can get his hands on J2H...

Adams: First he gets his hands on Rage! There may not be anything left of Drake in order to challenge for the title after tonight!

Simone: A fact I'm sure J2H will be all broken up about. And speaking of risky matches, the one we have up next will have serious repercussions going into Blaze of Glory VI!

Adams: That's right! A Shipman's House of Fun match!

Simone: The bitter rivalry between Chris Shipman and Despayre comes to a head here tonight in San Francisco! Shipman refused to acknowledge his defeat at Inception II, and thus issued this challenge for here, tonight, to finally finish things between Despayre and himself!

Adams: And if Shipman has his way, Despayre will be finished before he goes in to defend his Internet title against Xander Bishop and Calvin Harris!

Simone: Then in our Main Event, the World Bombshell Championship is on the line, and never before has the reign of Melody Grace been in such jeopardy!

Adams: Too right! Melly is defending against one of the best, the Grand Slam Champion, Mercedes Vargas!

Simone: And the fact that Mercedes IS a Grand Slam Champion in SCW should tell Melody all she needs to know; that Mercedes knows how to dethrone champions!

Adams: Well what are we waiting for!? The sooner we get started, the closer we get to Blaze of Glory VI!

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

Jeremiah comes to the ramp as Trenches (Remix) by Pop Evil ft DMC plays and he comes to the ramp with his uncle Dark Tiger by his side. Jeremiah comes down the ramp and fist bumps with the fans. Jeremiah roars when the Yeoooowwww! comes and he slides in the ring and then gets on the turnbuckle and roars and the crowd roars with him.

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentlemen, from Richmond Va being accompanied to the ring by his uncle Dark Tiger, standing six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds. He is the Man of War from the 804. He is the Big Cat from the VA Cap. Big Tiger Jeremiah Hardin!!!!!!

Trenches fades as Nightmare Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd. As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans. Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Justin Decent: And his opponent, from Las Vegas Nevada, weighing two hundred twenty seven pounds...Joshua Acquin!!

Simone: Our opening match is between two men that aren't strangers to each other.

Adams: And both men are well able to pull out the win. I think that tonight we are going to see some heavy hitting in this match. And I for one can't wait.

The bell rings as Hardin and Acquin continue to glare and trash talk in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, Acquin uses a wild shove to stagger Hardin backwards before he takes Jeremiah off his feet with a running clothesline. Bouncing off the opposite ropes, Joshua charges back towards Hardin who throws himself to the mat forcing Acquin to leap over him. As Joshua bounces off the opposite ropes, Hardin stands and uses a shoulder tackle to take Joshua off his feet.

Adams: Betcha that knocked the wind out of Acquin's sails.

Simone: Jeremiah using a good strategy to keep Acquin off his feet.

Jeremiah gets to his feet and pulls Acquin upwards and spinning him around, catches him by the midsection and pulls him up and over in a release German suplex. Joshua Acquin clutches at his back in pain. Hardin rolls back and kips up with a smile to the fans before turning around to be caught with a chop block from Acquin that brings him to the mat as well. Joshua moves to catch Hardin by the foot and spinning around his knee, he locks in a figure four leglock that has Jeremiah screaming. Acquin arches back a little which puts more pressure on the knee that forces Hardin to clutch at his head as he tries to fight the pain. Laying back and reaching for the ropes, Hardin has his shoulder to the mat which has Drew Patton counting. At two, Jeremiah forces his shoulder off the mat.

Simone: That was a very close pin for Hardin to escape.

Adams: Drew only had one more slap on the canvas and this match would have been Acquin's.

Hardin reaches towards Acquin who is taunting him. He barely manages to slam his fingers against the cheek of Acquin before Joshua leans back once more. This time, Hardin begins to spin slightly and try to force both of them over to reverse the hold. He finally makes it to his stomach as Acquin feels the pain begin to affect his knees and he releases the hold. Hardin crawls towards the ropes as Joshua gets to his feet and moves towards Jeremiah who manages to use a clothesline to take Joshua off his feet. Rolling to the side, Jeremiah rolls under the bottom rope and leans against the ring apron trying to get feeling back into his legs.

Simone: Jeremiah needs to get back in the game Jason. The way this is going, Joshua Acquin could see a W this week in the record book.

Acquin moves towards Hardin and grabs him through the ropes and pulls him up to the apron. Hardin quickly grabs the back of Joshua's neck and drops to the floor which drags Acquin neck first on the top rope. Choking, Acquin stumbles across the ring as Hardin gets on the apron. Climbing on the top rope, Hardin calls out to Acquin and motions for him to turn. When he does, Jeremiah comes off the top with a flying shoulder tackle that Acquin is barely able to duck and avoid. Jeremiah rolls on the mat to his feet as Acquin moves behind him and pulls him to his feet. Throwing Hardin's arm over his shoulder, Acquin pulls back with an abdominal stretch.

Adams: Just when Hardin starts to get the advantage, Acquin pulls out something else to put him on the defensive.

Simone: Well if you ask me, someone is going to have to check on Acquin looks like he is cheating...

Hardin tries to fight the hold but Acquin slams a hand against the ribs of Jeremiah making him cry out. Drew moves to check on him as Acquin reaches back and grabs the top rope to gain some added leverage to make the hold more painful. Patton quickly gets up to check as Joshua lets go of the rope and puts his hand on the hip of Hardin. Moving back to check on the now pained looking Hardin, Patton looks up to spy Acquin reaching for the top rope and straightens up to move over and slap at the hand of Acquin then begin to count after telling Acquin to release the hold.

Adams: That's our man Drew catching the cheat redhanded.

Simone: But I don't think that he should have put his hand on the wrestlers.

Adams: He probably saw something on the hand of Acquin...

Hardin falls against the ropes as Acquin begins to argue with Drew Patton who motions for him to back away as Jeremiah recovers on the ropes. Acquin moves closer to Hardin and pulls him off the ropes. Hardin grabs the ropes to prevent himself from being pulled off but is forced to let go by a high knee strike from Acquin.

Simone: That is going to leave a mark for sure.

Hanging on the ropes, Hardin is vulnerable as Acquin reaches for him and whips him off the ropes to the opposite side of the ring. After hitting the corner hard Jeremiah drops to the mat as Acquin stalks towards him. Standing over him, Joshua Acquin leaps intent on a jumping knee drop that Hardin manages to roll away from. Acquin rolls on the canvas clutching his leg.

Adams: Joshua Acquin missed with the knee drop. That probably caused some pain to Acquin. I hope he isn't injured.

Simone: From the looks of it, he isn't...

Acquin rolls to the ropes to pull himself up as he begins to limp away from Hardin who himself is getting to his feet. Hardin moves to Acquin and catches him from behind with a release german suplex. The two men both arch in pain as Hardin rolls to his hands and knees and gets to his feet. Acquin rolls to his stomach and Jeremiah is there to catch the slowly rising Joshua and toss his arm over his shoulder. Catching the tights of Acquin, Hardin pulls him up and into a vertical position that has the blood rushing to his head. Taking two steps with Acquin held upright, Hardin manages to fall backward with a vertical suplex that leaves Acquin on the mat. Rolling over, Hardin drapes his arm over Joshua as Patton makes a two count which Acquin kicks out of barely. Hardin gets to his knees where he can grab Joshua and pull him into another suplex. This time, Hardin uses a tiger cross suplex on Acquin after tying him up with what looks like a cloverleaf.

Simone: Hardin is starting to get his second wind and is bringing the fight to Acquin.

Acquin is laying on the mat as Drew checks on him. Hardin moves back against the ropes as Acquin slowly sits up with Patton motioning for the match to start once more. Hardin moves in and grabs Joshua's hand to whip him into the ropes. Dropping against the ropes, Joshua tries to stop but only manages to get caught with a haymaker punch thrown at him by Hardin. Acquin staggers backwards towards the corner. Jeremiah gets to his feet then pulls Acquin out of the corner and pushes his head between Jeremiah's legs. Hoisting him up, Jeremiah drops him on his head with a powerbomb.

Adams: Is he going to end it there? Nope, looks like Hardin is setting something up.

Getting to his feet, Hardin picks up Acquin and turns him around. Leaning over, Hardin catches his opponent by the side and pulls him upwards into a torture rack.

Simone: It looks like the Eye of the Tiger is going to end it.

Hardin spins Acquin off his shoulder and drops him with a black hole slam. Rolling him over, Hardin drops to pin him by pulling his leg upwards and rolling it over his chest. Drew drops and counts to two but Acquin barely manages to kick out of the pin. Hardin can't believe it and then releases Joshua before rolling him to lock in the Tiger Trap. Acquin tries to fight the hold but finally slaps the canvas in submission. Patton signals for the bell as Hardin releases the hold and gets to his feet. Acquin rolls to the side and out of the ring as Hardin celebrates in the ring.

Justin Decent: The winner of the Match by submission...Jeremiah HARDIN!!

Simone: Jeremiah Hardin took it to Joshua Acquin and came out the better man tonight. What do you think Jason?

Adams: I think I am going to need a drink...

Hardin rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp as he slaps the hands of the fans while he does before disappearing behind the curtain.

We see James Tuscini strutting toward the office of Christian Underwood. He reaches the door and is about to knock when he hears...

Christian: Come in Tuscini.

Tuscini opens the door and walks in.

James: How did you know it was me?

Christian: Security cameras James. There's nothing anyone can do without me seeing it. What do you want?

James: Here we are with Climax Control 174 in San Francisco and I'm not assigned to the card? How can you not assign me to wrestle in my home town? My fans were hoping to see me in action.

Christian: Because I run things around here and you don't. I make the decisions and you don't. I didn't want you to wrestle in your home town so deal with it.

James: My fans were expecting me to be wrestling tonight and now they can only see me if I can get face time on the cameras. Why did you do this to me?

Christian: Remember a few weeks ago when you made a comment that you wanted to put the Re-Match Contract you had for the Roulette Championship up for grabs against Xander Bishop at Climax Control 172?

James: Yeah.

Christian: Did you hear me say YES to your request?

James: No. But you didn't say NO either.

Christian: Silence is not an answer James. However even though I believe it was a stupid misunderstanding on your part I'm leaving the Re-Match Contract for the Roulette Championship in the possession of Xander Bishop. And if you ever misunderstand something like this again not only will you not wrestle in your home town you may not wrestle for several weeks.

James: But...

Christian: Who's the boss you or me?

James: You are.

Christian: And what did I just say?

James: Okay! Okay! I got it! Thanks for your time. I'm going to mill around and meet as many home town fans as I can. At least they can meet me in person, shake my hand, and get autographs from me.

James turns and walks toward the door. Before he can open the door and exit into the hallway Christian comments to him.

Christian: I forgot to tell you to have a great night tonight. Bye!

Tuscini exits into the hallway and although he has a strong desire to slam the office door of Christian shut he decides to do the honorable thing and close it lightly and politely.

The scene opens backstage to find The Fallen member Raynin stretching getting ready for her match up against Mikah Green tonight. The fans in attendance let out a loud cheer that brings a smirk to Raynin's face but the cheering fans quickly change to an outstanding boo.

Adams: Oh no.

Simone: Raynin doesn't understand why the fans are booing her right now.

Walking up behind Raynin, the young Aussie known to SCW as Evie Baang can be seen making her way directly towards Raynin. The Fallen member turns around just in the nick of time to see Evie now standing up in her face.

Raynin: Can I help you?

Evie takes her time in replying as she sizes up Raynin who is standing before her.

Raynin: If you don't mind If you're not going to say anything I have a match to get ready for?

Evie licks her lips, as she continues to size up Raynin while Raynin looks on confused as to what is happening.

Raynin: Umm?

Evie: Shut the fuck up...

Adams: Well this isn't going to go well.

Evie's eyes stayed locked on Raynin's before she started to walk around her squaring her up while looking disgusted at what she sees.

Evie: Explain something to me, how the fuck does someone like you... get entered into the Bombshell Internet Championship Tournament and yet I get fucking over looked?

Raynin goes to speak but Evie's cold harsh Australian accent cuts the air.

Evie: In fact, how does one half of The Fallen, the very same Fallen that Odette and I both beat in their return match in Sin City Wrestling... manage to get rewarded for losing... while the winning team gets left in the dark?

Evie continues to circle Raynin before she continues, the vile look on her face hardens.

Evie: It's fucking pathetic, you're fucking pitiable and yet the bossed of Sin City Wrestling want to reward you for being failures. You're who they have in mind when it comes to leading the division? It sickens me. You sicken me...

Before Evie can continue Raynin cuts her off standing right up into Evie's face. Raynin looks deep in to Evie's eyes as Evie smirks. Evie takes a step back, a wide smirk on her face.

Raynin: All talk, no action.

Evie just nods confidently at Raynin as the scene fades

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Bombshell match!!!

Doll Parts" by Hole plays over the PA system as Amy-Jayne steps out from behind the curtain, she bends forwards and then flicks herself back upright causing her hair to flip, she then proceeds down the ramp and starts to pose and flips her hair in her hands, as she reaches ring she does a lap of the ring interacting with the crowd as she did, she then steps up onto the ring apron and then proceeds to do the splits on the ring apron before sliding under the bottom rope and standing back up inside the ring, Amy then does some ballet twirls and flips her hair before proceeding to the turnbuckle stepping to the middle rope and bending forward to mimic the early paet of her entrance on the turnbuckle, she then jumps down from the turnbuckle turns around and starts stretching and jogging on the spot awaiting her opponent

Justin: Currently in the ring!! Standing in at 5'10 and weighing in at 126 pounds!! Hailing from Bucharest Romania!!! Amy Jayne!!!

The arena is dark as the beginning of the music starts. A womanly figure appears on the stage as two spotlights circle until settling on the figure. She?s dressed in a gold hooded jacket, the hood covering her head as she looks down at her feet. As the tempo picks up, she flips her head back, flashing a brilliant smile to the fans. She unzips the jacket as she starts walking backward with her hands raised and then spins as she reaches the ring. She grabs the bottom rope and uses it to help herself jump up. She throws off the jacket and then flips herself over the top rope into the ring.

Justin: Her opponent!! Standing in at 5'6 and weighs in at 115 pounds!! Hailing from SoHo, Manhatten, New York City, New York!! Chelsea Payne!!!

The bell rings as Chelsea Payne charges in on Amy Jayne and grabs her by the head and whips her to the ground before runs to the ropes and comes off the ropes and grabs the head of Amy Jayne while rolling through as that causes the head of Amy Jayne to snap backwards and hits the canvas hard. Chelsea gets to her feet and grabs the head of Amy Jayne and locks her in a side headlock on the canvas as she has her arm right under the chin of Amy. Holly is checking on Amy whether it is a legit chinlock or a choke but signals that the arm is cleanly under the chin.

Simone: Chelsea has come out blazing!! Really wanting to show the world that she wants to win this match!!

Adams: God she's amazing.

Simone: Stop drooling will ya??

We can see Amy slowly get to her hands and knees before slowly standing up and elbows Chelsea in the midsection, causing the hold to be released upon her. She runs to the ropes and is followed by Chelsea, who knees her in the midsection, causing Amy to fall on the canvas before kicking her in the spine and then covers her for the count of three.

Holly: One!! Two!!

Amy gets her shoulder up at the count of two, showing a grimace on her face as Chelsea wraps her legs around the painful midsection of Amy and executes body scissors on her opponent with her strong legs as Amy tries to push her legs open with her hands but is unable to break free. Holly is checking on her if she wants to give in as Amy refuses by screaming no in pain. Chelsea follows it up by grabbing the head of Amy from behind and locks it in a modified Dragon sleeper in combination of the body scissors as Amy tries to sway her arms in the air as in an attempt to grab the head of her opponent.

Simone: Good God!! Chelsea is putting on a wrestling clinic!!

Amy finally manages to grab the hair of Chelsea as Holly pulls the hands off the hair of Chelsea as Amy slaps her hands hard on the canvas and keeps them there as suddenly Chelsea lets go off the hold and holds her arm in the air as she believes that Amy tapped out. Holly tries to convince her that it wasn't a tap out as this causes Chelsea to look on in disbelief.

Chelsea: She tapped out!!!

Chelsea gets in the face of Holly and starts to reason as she can't believe the call that she made, giving Amy the chance to regroup as she gets from behind Chelsea and rolls her up from behind as she locks her in a rollup as Holly goes for the cover and starts to count and counts to the count of two before Chelsea kicks out. Both ladies get up at the same time as Amy ducks a clothesline and jumps up from behind Chelsea and wraps her legs around her arm as she holds on to the other arm and forces Chelsea to drop backwards into a pinning combination as Holly goes for another three count. But again Chelsea manages to kick out at the count of two before getting up to her feet and levelled by an Amy Jayne dropkick. This sends her to the ropes where Amy gets up and grabs Chelsea by the hair and executes an Hair Pull whip, sending Chelsea onto the canvas before running to the other side of the ring and runs towards her as she executes a running dropkick to the face and goes for the cover as Holly goes for the pin.

Holly: One!! Two!!

Simone: NO!!! Chelsea kicks out!!

Adams: Amy is also quite attractive.

Simone: Down boy, down!!!

Amy looks at Holly, questioning her decision. But Holly refuses to give in and shows it was merely a count of two as Holly grabs the hair of Chelsea and locks her in a Dragon Sleeper position before attempting to lift her up for a modified back suplex. But when she hoists her over her shoulder to the back it is Chelasea that somehow manages to land on her feet behind Amy and surprises her with her quickness as she pushes her into the ropes before delivering a shotblock from behind as Amy staggers backwards from the ropes. There Chelsea grabs the painful leg and starts to kick her into the back of her knee before wrapping her leg between hers in a crossed standing leg position before dropping her knees down to the canvas as this causes her weight to hit the knee of Amy as well as the impact of the blow causing her to feel extremely a lot of pain. Amy holds on to her painful knee before Chelsea grabs it again and drives series of elbows into the knee and the upper thigh area of Amy before turning her over for a single leg boston crab. Causing Amy to scream out in pain as she is face down on the canvas as Holly checks on her if she is ready to give up.

Adams: Will she be able to counter this move?? Or reach the ropes???

Simone: She better has to and quick!! I don't know if she can keep this up!! Especially with those painful ribs and midsection.

Amy is trying to reach the ropes with her arms, but her fingertips are just inches away from the ropes as she is trying to crawl over ot the ropes. She finally manages to get to the ropes after being in the hold for an entire minute as Holly forces Chelsea to let go as she starts to use the count of five. Chelsea lets go at the count of four, making sure that she won't be disqualified. Smiling at Amy, who is holding on to the painful and injured knee as she turns her attention to the fans.

Chelsea: You wanted proof that I am the better wrestler!!! Well here's your proof that I'm better than her!!!

With that Chelsea runs to the ropes as she jumps on the second rope and executes a springboard Moonsault and turns it into a leg drop on the face of Amy before going for the cover and hooks the legs.

Adams: Did you see that??!!!

Simone: Did I ever!!!

Holly: One!! Two!! Three!!!

Holly calls for the bell as she then grabs the arm of Chelsea Payne, who continues to jaw yap the crowd before turning her attention towards Amy and trash talks her for a few moments before rolling out of the ring and raising her arms in the air in victory.

Adams: Good God!! What a way to win this match!!!

In the concourse at Climax Control, Sam Marlowe can be seen near the merchandise table wearing a Sam mid riff tee over a pair of dark denim daisy dukes, fishnets and white converse high heels. Moving along the table, she is checking over the merchandise as she is approached by some fans who have cells out and taking pictures of her.

Sam: : Can I help you?

Fan 1: I can't believe it, Sam Marlowe working in crap jobs rather than wrestling in the ring.

Fan 2 offers Sam a look of sympathy as she smacks the shoulder of the first fan.

Fan 2: Back off, she can't help it. Christian Underwood is punishing her for some reason.

Sam nods as she leans her hands against the table top. She offers the fans a smile with her nod.

Sam: : Yeah, I am working my way back to the ring but you would never guess that I am loving working at this table because I get to spend time with the fans like you. So what can I get you?

Both fans look over the wall of tees and merchandise. Fan one smirks as he points up to a J2H tee hanging up in the far corner. Sam looks to where he is pointing then sighs as she grabs a small stepladder to reach it.

Fan 1: Well, I kinda want one of those J2H shirts. That man is amazing considering he's been champion for like a year rather than a flash in the pan like say Ryan Keys.

Fan 2: Oh no you didn't...Ryan Keys is like to die for!

Fan 1 gives his friend a look of disgust as she gets all giddy about Ryan Keys. Sam rolls her eyes at the jealous snort from the first fan before a squeal from the second fan sends her teetering off the small ladder with a soft scream only to be caught by...

Ryan Keys: Whoa... I gotcha.

Ryan had just come by at the right time to see Sam teetering back after a loud squeal, and catches here on time. Not really dressed for action tonight, with simple ripped jeans and a bright blue tank top he holds Sam up with his inked arms before settling her down gently.

Ryan Keys: Hey Sam, I see gravity's working for ya.

He chuckles before a fan catches his attention with the squealing. The annoyed look of the person next to her made it obvious that one was a fan and the other was used to this sort of thing happening.

Fan 2: It's him .....OMG!

From the looks of things this was a normal reaction. He looks back at Sam to make sure she's okay.

Ryan Keys: What me to take over for ya?

Sam dusts herself off and shakes her head slightly with a bit of a grimace. Looking around in case she is being watched, she moves closer to Ryan and leans in to whisper.

Sam: : As much as I would love that, I think that I should stay here and work but y'all are welcome to join me. Matter of fact I think that you might be a good saleman...

Fan 2: Or MODEL!!

Sam: : Or model for some of this stuff. Why don't we see huh...

Sam begins to root through some of the merchandise and tosses a SCW hat and an Alex Rush tee towards Ryan. Turning back she motions to the fan who bought the J2H shirt.

Sam: : That will be twenty dollars.

The second fans can be seen fanning herself and smacking her lips as she watches Ryan pull the tank top over his head before putting on the tee.

Ryan Keys: Tight fit... You sure Rush has men's tee shirts? This one's kinda...

The tee shirts rose up under Ryan's belly button, tightened around his abs and left a huge gap around the chest area. Exposing as much of his skin as possible Fitting the SCW hat on his head he walks over to grab and SCW towel.

Ryan Keys: I'll make it work.

Moving closer to the counter he hops over it to sit on the edge while getting a bright idea from the fan hyperventilating by their side. This was for the sales. Speaking up loudly he tries to catch the attention of everyone around.

Ryan Keys: Alright folks, one day, and one day only! Anything worn by me can be sold and taken off and signed by Sam and Ryan Keys!

This obviously sounded better in his head. Sam crosses her arms over her chest with her left hand moving up with a face palm before having the table surrounded by female fans which hides the pair from the camera's view although Sam's voice can still be heard.

Sam: : Don't rip the merchandise!!

Justin Decent: The following segment has been paid for by Mean Girls Incorporated. Please welcome Ms. Angelica, Veronica Taylor, Mercedes Vargas, and last, but certainly not least... DEEEEEEEEEELIAAAAAA DARRRRRRRRLING!!!

The crowd boos as "Amazing" by Hi Fashion plays over the speakers. Pink lights flash across the arena as a sea of paparazzi surround the ring, their cameras flashing enough to illuminate the Mean Girls already inside of the ring. The four ladies do an extremely insincere Princess Diana style wave, while Delia Darling stands behind a pink podium, dressed in a very sleek pink dress suit, and a matching hat. She looks out across the audience, very demure in her appearance. After a moment, the lights return to normal, but the cameras continue to flash as Delia taps her note cards against the podium, looking out to the rest of the Mean Girls. Rather than waiting for the boos to die down, she instead clears her throat loudly into the microphone.


Delia: I am already z'ere, darlings... San Francisco is z'e Florida of z'e West Coast, where fashion and art goes to die...


Delia: Yes, yes, we've heard z'is a million times, like an Amy Marshall insult. I have taken it upon myself to become z'e spokesperson of not only z'e Mean Girls, but z'e Bombshell's Division as a whole. In z'is way, I have decided to make a State of Z'e Bombshell's Division Address. Frankly? It is in shambles.

Delia looks out into the audience, nodding her head, before turning her attention to her fellow Mean Girls.

Delia: I mean, we have Melody Grace as our World Bombshell's Champion? It could be worse, and it has, but is z'is z'e best z'at SCW has z'ese days? Ugh, apparently... Because we have Polly Playtime, who sounds like a children's toy z'at fits in your pocket, wi's talent of z'e size to match! And Jessie *gags* Salco... I... I can't even... *gags* ...

Delia turns her head as she shields her face from sight with the note cards. Angelica begins waving the air in front of Delia as Mercedes holds onto her hair. Veronica pulls a bottle of Veronica's Secret from her pocket and sprays it around Delia to help clear the foul stench of the audience from around her. Delia shouts at her and waves it away as quickly as she can. She pulls her hair back from Mercedes, and shoves Angelica away from her.

Delia: ENOUGH!!! Z'is is just too much. We have Jess... *gags* z'at puke stain on z'e illustrious history of z'e Bombshell's Division, as a two time Bombshell Roulette Champion? How? Because Amy Marshall *gags* has done exactly what I did for her when I laid down and let her beat me for my Bombshell's Champion, because in a lapse of judgment, I s'ought I could make Amy Mmmm *gags* but instead, I've enabled her to try to make Salco into somes'ing more z'an she is. Z'at is my fault, and I apologize. But z'e state of s'ings in z'e Bombshell's Division does NOT fall on me... It falls on YOU!

Delia turns her attention to Veronica Taylor and Mercedes Vargas, pointing at them. This elicits an unexpected cheer from the crowd as Delia glares angrily at her two friends. They are both stunned as they stare at her, so Delia leans on the podium as she speaks to them, while her back is turned to them.

Delia: I have made z'e Bombshell's Division. I am z'e golden standard for z'is division. However, my fellow millennials don't believe in respect for z'ose who made what z'ey do to be possible. I brought us to a WORLD level of competition. I am z'e Spike Staggs of z'e Bombshell's Division, except much better dressed of course. I... Made... ALL OF YOU! I even made z'e Mean Girls. Did everys'ing exist before I put my hands on it? Yes. I did not create it, I just made it a s'ing. Z'e title z'at z'e Female Elders hold, I made z'em. Z'e title z'at Melody holds? I made it. Z'e Mean Girls? Hennies, you were nos'ing wi'sout me! And guess what? You're back to being nos'ing. I s'ought I could sit back and lead you two. I s'ought I could build an empire, because I had fai's in you two. Well, shame on me!

Delia turns back to see Veronica and Mercedes seething in anger as they glare at her. Angelica shrugs her shoulders as she walks closer to Delia, nodding her head as she points at them, earning the ire of Mercedes and Veronica.

Delia: Well, Darlings... it is your lucky day, because I am willing to let you two ride my coattails once more. You know what z'ey say... If you want somes'ing done right...?

Delia sneers very arrogantly and wickedly as she turns back to the microphone. She takes a deep breath when the lights cut out in the arena. The cheering fans cheer even louder as "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment plays over the speakers. Wasting no time with a show, a spotlight shows Celeste North walking down the ramp with a cigar between her fingers, puffing on it as she sashays toward the ring. She wastes no time in rolling in under the bottom rope as Mercedes and Veronica try to make a barrier between her and Delia. She holds her hands up in surrender, stepping against the ropes as she slowly works her way around toward Justin Decent. She gets a microphone, but continues to hold one hand up in surrender as her music fades out.

Celeste: Damn... I mean, she just told you both that you are as bad as Jessie Salco, and you're still defending her? Fuck, that's sad... If it were me, I promise you that I would tell her to shove it up her narrow ass and choke on it, but that's the difference between us, isn't it? It's the one and only thing that I can respect about Delia. Her and I are leaders, while you two? Expendable followers. Cannon fodder in this war.

Celeste cocks her head to the side, with a smile and a laugh as she points over to Delia, who is nodding her head. Veronica and Mercedes look to one another as they step to the side, leaving a path for Delia. Celeste winks as she saunters ever so slowly toward Delia. However, as she approaches the podium, she pushes it over, causing Delia to leap off of the platform, pointing at Celeste, who simply laughs.

Celeste: You see, Delia... Before the mixed tag match last week, I was prepared to just beat the shit out of you and move on to better things. I was going to simply rest on the fact that I beat you inside of the ring where it matters. In my religion, we believe that what you put out into the universe will always come back to you tenfold. Kind of like karma, I guess. Well, bitch, your comeuppance is here, standing right in front of you. You took my career from me, and I haven't exactly recovered from it. I need to redeem myself, and you need to prove that you are still worth a pot to piss in, because, well... your little Mean Girls Reunion Tour hasn't exactly done that, so...

Delia laughs in response as she steps closer to Celeste, enough so she can speak right into her microphone.

Delia: What makes you s'ink z'at I would come out of retirement for someone as meaningless as you? You are not wor's my time, C. If Melody Grace couldn't pull me out of retirement, what makes you s'ink z'at I would even consider it for you?

Celeste: Oh, I'm so sorry, D... I... I thought that you had grown a set of mams there for a minute, because it seemed like you were about to announce your return to the ring. But, you always have been a pussy, so why should I expect anything different from you now?

Delia: I wish it didn't have to come to z'is, but you are clearly delusional. You s'ink z'ere was some sort of cosmic reason we picked you, z'at you are somehow special, just because your mom slept her way to z'e rock chartssss....

Celeste wastes no time in slapping the taste right out of Delia's mouth. Delia seems stunned, as she shoves Celeste right into Angelica, Mercedes, and Veronica, who hold Celeste back, despite all of the struggling. Delia rips the microphone from Celeste's hand as she gets right in her face.

Delia: You are not special, Celeste, and you will never be. You were just in z'e wrong place at z'e wrong time, and you took z'e bait. I'm sorry if you can't get it s'rough your s'ick skull, but you will never be good enough to face me.

Delia drops the microphone right at Celeste's feet as she raises her arms in the air, soaking in all of the boos. She poses for the paparazzi outside of the ring as they snap pictures of this moment. Finally, she gives a nod as "Amazing" begins playing once more. Angelica, Veronica, and Mercedes let go of Celeste as they walk over to join Delia. They follow her off of the apron and they walk slowly to the back, keeping their eyes on Celeste, who is seething inside of the ring. Delia blows her a kiss before the Mean Girls disappear behind the curtains.

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the Fearless Champion Steve Ramone"

Simone: Haven't had one of these in a while.

Adams: And knowing Steve this won't be good.

One the flag fades a generic guitar riff and drumbeat starts playing as the words "Steve Rocks Rumble 2017" appear on the screen for a few seconds before cutting to Steve Ramone standing in front of the arena doing the cheesiest dance ever.

Steve: This is Steve Ramone and I'm here to say
I have the biggest cock in SCW, that blows the chicks away
Going up against Travis, Chris and Ryan, I won't fumble
I'll laugh all the way to the Steve Rocks Rumble!

The screen then shows Steve in action namely when he's had the most success such as the two times he's won the SCW Roulette Championship and the one time he won the SCW Tag Team Championship, it then briefly cuts to Andreas and Cyrus who are face-palming.

Andreas: Steve Rocks 2017.

Cyrus: Be there!

Before cutting back to Steve in front of a different background wearing a Ryan Keys mask.

Steve: I'm Ryan Keys and I'm really lame
My one Roulette Championship reign will be my only claim to fame
Steve is so much better than me, he doesn't need to be humble
I'll get my ass kicked again at the Steve Rocks Rumble!

The camera then shows more wrestling footage this time showing Ryan Keys at his weakest before ending with the ending to the Roulette Title Match between Chris Shipman and Ryan Keys, once that footage ends we cut to a scene of Kaylee making out with another woman in a backstage area of Climax Control, both women are fully clothed but it's clear that it won't stay that way for long, the two women break their kiss briefly and turn to the camera.

Woman: Steve Rocks 2017.

Kaylee: We'll be there, will you?

The other woman picks up Kaylee and places her on top of a table before climbing atop her, before the make out session can progress any further the camera pans back to Steve wearing a Chris Shipman mask.

Steve: I'm Chris Shipman and wouldn't you know
My hands are so slippery, Travis may as well have been play dough
I had the match won but thanks to a fumble
I won't be winning the title back at the Steve Rocks Rumble!

Steve finishes the rhyme with an unenthusiastic "ow" before it cuts to more wrestling footage showing Chris Shipman at his weakest highlighting when he lost the SCW Roulette Title the weak before this week's Climax Control before cutting to a driveway, Steve's ex-wife Charlotte approaches the camera with an unhappy look on her face.

Charlotte: Steve, get the fuck off my property!

Once she says that the camera cuts back to Steve wearing a Travis Nathanial Andrews mask and the Fearless Championship belt over his shoulder, obviously meant as a stand-in for the Roulette Championship.

Steve: I'm Travis Nathanial Andrews and I'm here to say
I'm the luckiest champion to ever hold a title in SCW by the way
You wouldn't know a good word that rhymes with rumble
Would you? Because I've run out of rhyming ideas for the Steve Rocks Rumble.

The camera then cuts to more wrestling footage again showing Travis at his weakest, once the footage ends the camera cuts to Steve dancing in front of the area where Kaylee is making out with the other woman and based on the clothes thrown about it's clear that both women are naked.

Steve: So, there you have it and now you know
How I'm going to walk out of Blaze of Glory VI the champion yo
Now if you excuse me, I'm going to join in on that make-out session
As I get ready to teach Ryan, Travis and Chris a painful lesson!

The camera cuts to the outside of the arena where Blaze of Glory VI is being held with the words "Steve Rocks 2017" flashing across the screen before the camera cuts to ringside.

Simone: What just happened?

Adams: I think Steve just tried to reclaim his title as whitest man in wrestling.

Simone: Let's take it to a break before my mind melts at how bad that rapping was.

The camera moves backstage to see the former Bombshell Champion, Mikah walking along the hallways in her ring attire, the colors she's chosen for the night is black and white. She runs her fingers through her pin-straight blonde locks as she walks before she is stopped by Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mikah, can I get a minute with you, please?

The blonde vixen shoots the interviewer a look, sizing her up a bit before rolling her eyes.

Mikah: If I say no, will you follow me around like a lost puppy dog?

She tilts her head to the side a bit, still eyeing the interviewer up.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Not exactly but Pussy Willow might bombard you next and I know how much you dislike her.

Mikah makes a face of disgust at the sound of the other lady's name. She makes a waving motion with her hand and rolls her eyes.

Mikah: Go on, if you must then.

Ms. Rocky Mountains opens her mouth to speak but before she can do so, Mikah holds a hand up to stop her.

Mikah: Three questions. That's all you get because I don't have time to waste with you.

Ms. Rocky Mountains nods her head and pushes her glasses up.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: In a little bit, you have a match against Raynin for the number one contendership for the Bombshell Internet Championship, which Polly Playtime is currently holding...

Mikah sighs and crosses her arms over her chest.

Mikah: That's a statement, not a question. Do I seriously need to give you of all people a vocabulary lesson? What is it with these people that Hot Stuff Mark Ward has hired that haven't a clue about what words actually mean?

She looks a bit irritated as she stands there with the dark haired interviewer.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Right. Let me finish, do you have anything you'd like to say to either woman before you go out there?

She moves the microphone over to Mikah's lips.

Mikah: What would I have to say to either woman?

Mikah makes a face at the thought of saying something to either of them.

Mikah: Polly is just holding the championship, a mere stand in until somebody with real stature can take it away from her. And Raynin? I've already beaten her twice before, there's not much else to say other than tap tap tap.

She shrugs her shoulders before looking over at Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: What do you plan on doing if you win your match tonight against Raynin?

Mikah rolls her eyes in irritation again.

Mikah: I'm going to go home with my husband, no matter what the outcome.

She gives Ms. Rocky Mountains a look as if she thought that she was an idiot.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Right. Speaking of your husband, he has a match against Rage tonight after your match. And then he has a match at Blaze of Glory against J2H for the Championship. How do you feel about either of those matches your husband is in?

She moves the microphone over to Mikah once more.

Mikah: I support my husband, 100%. No matter who he's going up against, that's where my loyalty lies. I married him seven months ago aboard that cruise ship and I take those vows very seriously. So my loyalty lies with him, no matter who he is booked against. The only way my heart would ever be torn is if he was in a match against Despy and then it'd be very hard for me to pick either man to win and even then, I'd hope for a draw.

Ms. Rocky Mountains moves the microphone away from Mikah's lips and to her own.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: But if you had to cho--

Mikah cuts her off.

Mikah: Uh-uh, you had your three questions. You don't get to ask another one, lady. You should really learn how to count because you look like an idiot.

Mikah starts to walk away from the brunette woman.

Mikah: I swear most of the people in this place never attended school of any sort. For fucks sake.

The scene opens backstage where we see the newly crowned Bombshell Roulette Champion Jessie Salco sitting on a crate in the backstage area listening to the Kreator album "Gods of Violence" apparently in celebration of the fact that they were announced for Bloodstock on Friday morning whilst wearing her title around her waist.

Simone: Jessie finally won the Roulette Title again almost four years to the day when her first Roulette Title reign started.

Adams: And tonight, she's up against some stiff competition in Polly Playtime, frankly I'm surprised that she's not working out for that match.

The title of the album ends and before the next track "Army of Storms" can start Ms. Rocky Mountains walks up to her, she pauses the album just as the opening riff starts and hops off the crate.

Jessie: Here to talk about my match? Or did Christian complain about my music?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: If he did have a problem with your music, he'd be here don't you think? Later, tonight your up against Polly Playtime in singles competition in what many consider to be a warm-up match for your respective title matches at Blaze of Glory, any final words?

Jessie: Just this, Polly, I didn't get a chance to watch your promo earlier this week because I was too busy working out for our match and my title match against Amy at Blaze of Glory but I'm not going to let that stop me from kicking your ass, I have one goal going into this match and that's too go into my match with Amy with as much momentum as possible and set you up for failure for your match against either Raynin or Mikah and like I said, my money's on Raynin for winning the tournament and ending your reign.

Rocky nods before walking off and Jessie resumes playing the album as the scene fades.

The lights start to strobe, and you hear a sultry feminine voice say 3 words...


The sound of a machine gun rat a tat tats and the lights strobe in time with the sound as Raynin's name forms on the big screen as if it was created by rapid gunfire. The strobe lights continue as the sounds of "Wreak Havoc" by Skylar Grey blares over the speakers, and the crowd is on its feet with excitement. Raynin's name shatters on the screen like it was a piece of glass that's been struck with a hammer, and the lights come up on the stage to Raynin standing there, legs spread slightly, looking out over the audience with a confident smirk. She pulls out what looks to be an automatic rifle and fires it off out over the crowd where it releases large bursts of glitter to fall over the crowd. She nods slowly then raises her fist high in the air. She brings her fist down into a salute and then starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring, still carrying the rifle.

She jumps onto the apron, and climbs the turnbuckle, fires off more rounds of glitter over the crowd, thin lifts her fist in the air. She brings her hand down and salutes the crowd before she hops down into the ring and goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, repeating the process and hyping the crowd up even more. She then jumps down into the ring and places the rifle against the ring post, kissing 2 fingers and placing them on the rifle before she stands back up and leans back on the turnbuckle, waiting on her opponent, as her entrance theme continues to play.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the FINALS in the number one contendership tournament where the winner will move on to Blaze of Glory to take on Polly Playtime for the SCW Bombshell Internet Championship! Introducing first, already in the ring, from Austin, Texas... she is Rayniiiiin!

Adams: Well Belinda, either Raynin or Mikah will be the one to challenge Polly Playtime for the Bombshell Internet Championship at Blaze of Glory in 2 weeks time. And I bet you don't care which one gets the opportunity.

Simone: I'm not biased. I'm going to call it as I see it, even though I don't like the way Polly does things. I'll give her credit for at least wanting fresh challengers and not ducking them.

Adams: Good, you're seeing it from my perspective more.

Simone: Meh. Anyways, I have word that Polly is already watching this from backstage on a monitor, being she competes against Jessie Salco after this one's over.

Adams: I wish she was out here.

Simone: Of course you do.

Raynin's music fades out and at the same time the arena fades to black. "Dirty Little Girl" by Burn Halo begins to play and the arena then flashes with hot pink, neon green, and purple lights. Mikah soon makes her way out onto the stage, one hand on her hip the other by her side. She stops in the middle of the stage before rolling her hips to the left before continuing her way down the ramp. She jeers at the crowd before rolling her eyes at them and ignoring them. She jogs up the stairs before strutting two steps onto the apron then slowly getting into the ring between the bottom and middle rope, dipping her upper body lower than her lower body to make her butt stick out a bit.

She then moves to the middle of the ropes and steps on the bottom one before leaning suggestively over the top rope as if to give the crowd a glimpse of her chest but then pulls back and steps down. She moves to the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle. Referee Jasmine St. John slips into the ring as Mikah's music continues to play. Mikah now for the first time looks over to see Raynin and gives her a huge glare, not taking her eyes off of her. Raynin returns fire and actually takes her eye patch off.

Justin: "And her opponent, from New York City, Mikaaaaah!!!

Simone: We don't see this often, but obviously Raynin is viewing Mikah as an able competitor. The eye patch is off and this one's about to get going.

Mikah's music is shut off the moment after Jasmine calls for the bell.




Mikah comes storming out of her corner and Raynin comes out of hers. The two meet in the middle in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Raynin gains the upper hand and shoves Mikah backwards. She runs at Mikah and connects with a spinning clothesline that throws Mikah for a loop, right into the nearest set of ropes. Raynin meets her there with a spinning heel kick and Mikah goes up and over the top rope, but with her left hand she is able to hold herself on the apron. Mikah skins the cat and quickly gets back into the ring underneath the middle rope. However Raynin meets her by grabbing a hold of her head and executing a swinging neckbreaker, which drops Mikah to the canvas. Raynin goes down and hooks one of Mikah's legs up for the first cover of the match-up.



Mikah puts out her free leg and lays it across the bottom rope, which Jasmine sees and stops the count.

Simone: Hmm, heads up move by Mikah to not exert any energy there and instead put her leg out since they were so close to the ropes. Doubtful that Raynin will make that mistake again.

Raynin stands up and yanks Mikah's leg off the ropes. She attempts to drag Mikah further, but Mikah begins to kick away at her, and eventually is able to break away from Raynin's clutches. Mikah quickly comes to her feet just as Raynin goes for a missile drop kick. Mikah tries to catch Raynin's foot, but it's not in time and Raynin pastes Mikah right back against the ropes. This seems to do nothing but anger Mikah though as she comes off the ropes and drives her head like a battering ram right into the abdomen of Raynin, which doubles Raynin over. The crowd ohs as this happens.

Adams: Ouch! That may have just turned the tides! I bet Raynin wishes she had a patch for her abdomen now instead of her eye!

Mikah gets a hold of Raynin by the head and lifts her right foot up into the air. She then spikes Raynin's head off the canvas with her foot. Mikah then kneels down and drives Raynin's head into the canvas a few times. Jasmine admonishes Mikah and Mikah stands up, sneering at the referee. She then grabs Raynin by the left leg and immediately locks in an Indian Leg Lock.

Adams: Here we go. First submission attempt of the match. Both have quite a few in their arsenal!

Simone: Indeed they do.

Raynin is already fighting to get free of it and luckily for her she isn't far from the ropes. She reaches out one time and just barely reaches touching them. She pulls Mikah with her a couple of inches and the second time it's enough to grab for the bottom rope, so Mikah's forced to break the hold. Yet she doesn't.





Mikah now drops it, but only because of Jasmine intervening, breaking it up due to rope break. Mikah yanks Raynin off the ropes, which again drives Raynin's head to the canvas. The crowd boos Mikah, but she doesn't care in the slightest. Even though Raynin is 35 pounds heavier than her, Mikah reaches down and goes to pick Raynin up. Mikah roars out loud and lifts Raynin fully up into the air and racks her right on her shoulders.

Simone: Oh my god. I didn't think Mikah had that kind of power.

Adams: Apparently she does, and she has Raynin torture racked!

Raynin has her left arm in the air and she looks like she's about to give in to the torture rack, but then uses her strength to pop out of it, sliding down Mikah's back and pulling her down into a roll-up pin.


Mikah's legs are thrashing wildly.



Mikah is able to pop out of it just in the nick of time.

Adams: Oh, that was too close for Mikah right there! Way too close!

Simone: Yeah it was, but this match is still going. Polly's in the back still waiting to see which one of these bombshells will be taking her on.

Mikah is shocked now and turns quite red in the face. She goes to grab for Raynin, but Raynin is able to get a rake of the eyes in on Mikah, just out of vision of Jasmine. Raynin pulls Mikah up and then delivers a scoop slam which puts Mikah back down onto the canvas, back first. Raynin looks around briefly before going to the nearest turnbuckle. The crowd rises to their feet as they are all pretty sure what Raynin's about to go for.

Simone: And this might just BE it for Mikah.

Adams: Yeah, I'm truly thinking Raynin's going to go for the Reach for the Stars.

Simone: Me too. And if she connects, she could be reaching for the Bombshell Internet Championship in two weeks time.

Raynin scales to the top, turns around and flies off with Reach for the Stars. At the last moment possible, Mikah rolls just enough of the way to avoid being plopped down on top of by Raynin. Raynin hits nothing but the mat though and Mikah reaches over and pushes Raynin down on her back. She drops a hand over Raynin and Jasmine counts.



Raynin, by instinct, kicks out. The crowd all yells out "2!" in unison. Mikah just shakes her head and slowly begins to get back up and goes to pull Raynin up too, but Raynin blocks her. Raynin uses her right leg to trip Mikah up and sweep her right back down to the canvas. She immediately goes to lock in a sleeper, coupling it up with a leg lock. Mikah immediately moans out in pain and does her best to reach out forward, but she isn't near the ropes. Jasmine checks on Mikah to see if she's looking to give up. Mikah shakes her head no, but then begins to slowly fade. Raynin's fans in the crowd start to chant for her. Raynin locks in the leg lock portion harder and Mikah looks to almost be out of it. Jasmine looks like she's about to call for the bell when Mikah suddenly reaches her left hand back up, showing she's still conscious. Mikah begins to slowly fight out of it, and as she does, she makes one lunge towards the ropes, throwing herself right there. She comes up a fingertip short and Raynin goes to drag her back in, but before she can Mikah reaches one last time and gets her fingertips on the ropes, forcing the rope break.




Raynin breaks the hold herself, knowing there is no use getting disqualified.

Simone: Mikah just barely avoiding disaster there. We press on.

Adams: But Mikah really looks gassed after that. I think it's only a matter of time here Belinda.

Simone: Maybe.

Mikah lays on the mat in plenty of pain. Raynin sees this and takes her opportunity to scale to the top of the nearest turnbuckle once again. She wastes no time in Reaching for the Stars and lands flush on top of Mikah, but it's still close to the ropes. Jasmine goes to count the pin.



This time Mikah sticks her left foot out so it's underneath the bottom rope.


Jasmine's hand just barely stays off the mat as she realizes it at the last possible moment. Raynin this time turns around and faces Jasmine, looking quite pissed off.

Simone: Keep your focus Raynin. You pretty much have this won.

But Raynin begins to jaw-jack with the referee. This gives Mikah time to collect herself and shake off some of the cobwebs. Slowly she gets up, right behind Raynin. Jasmine backs off some and Raynin turns right around, right into The Mikahangelo. Raynin's head is spiked against the mat, but Mikah doesn't have anything left to make a cover.

Adams: The Mikahangelo! Both bombshells are down though! Who is going to take this?!

Suddenly up on the tron is an image of Polly Playtime, who is watching the match proceedings still on a monitor backstage. Seeing she's on she puts the Bombshell Internet Championship into view.

Polly: Heh, neither of you are going to get it. But who wants the chance to lose more? Who?

Polly winks up on the tron. Both bombshells in the ring clearly hear her and both get to their feet.

Simone: The nerve of that girl.

Adams: Actually I see nothing wrong with that. She is pushing them to pull out all their stops to get to her. What's wrong with that Belinda? She's promoting competition!

As Belinda shakes her head at the announce desk, both bombshells stagger into the ring. Raynin now comes forward after a few seconds and then goes right to the closest set of ropes. She runs up to the nearest turnbuckle and goes to jump off to hit her second version of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, but Mikah is able to stagger enough to get herself out of the way of the dreaded guillotine kick. Raynin can't stop her momentum and crashes to the canvas. Even though Mikah is clearly tired she latches herself onto Raynin like a cobra and locks in as best as she can the Cupid's Chokehold. Mikah doesn't seem to have it fully on, but Raynin is tired as well. Raynin looks around for the ropes, but the two are dead center in the middle of the ring. Raynin battles in the hold, reaching outward, and also trying to reposition herself, but both things fail. Mikah lays back now, collapsing to the mat, which torques Raynin in the wrong way. Raynin immediately cries out and taps. Jasmine calls for the bell.




Justin: Here is your winner and advancing onward to Blaze of Glory, Mikaaaah!!!

Mikah releases her legs, but both bombshells lay there completely exhausted as "Dirty Little Girl" by Burn Halo hits the speakers. No sooner does it do so, everyone's attention is turned to the tron as Scott Oliver has appeared on the scene where Polly Playtime is backstage.

Scott Oliver: Well Polly, now you know. It will be you versus Mikah at Blaze of Glory for the SCW Bombshell Internet Championship.

Polly: And I'll be totally ready for her. She earned it tonight, but she will NOT earn anything at Blaze of Glory. Because in two weeks she'll be playing a game against me, a game that will NEVER end in her favor, no matter which man she chooses to roll with. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an undeserving Bombshell Roulette Champion to defeat.

Scott Oliver: Indeed you do Polly. Good luck.

Polly: Luck isn't needed Scott. Jessie's going to learn for the second time that I'm not one to be messed with. I may not be big, I may not be the strongest, but I am WAY smarter than her and more skilled than her. For Jessie Salco, it's about to be game over. She should just feel lucky that tonight isn't for her championship.

Scott Oliver: She thinks the same towards you.

Polly: Oh, I know. She's going to learn the truth though. In the end, she's going to lose, and all that's coming up... right now! Enjoy!

Polly walks away from Scott, getting ready to come out to the ring.


The next shot is that of comely reporter, Miss Pussy Willow, standing in the center of the ring.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome my guests at this time; former World Tag Team Champions, Jamie Dean and Ben Jordan -- Team BJ!

The strong, pulsating beats of Aerosmith's hit "Love In the Elevator" begins to strike out across the sound system of the arena and the fans begin to look around anxiously as spotlights begin to hit the crowd...

The song continues to rock throughout the building as the cameras finally pick up the members of the former championship team, weaving their way through and around the fans, making their way from the backstage area! The fans are absolutely eating it up that the prestigious former champions are entering this way, being so close to them. They smile and laugh in delight, clapping their hands as Ben leans in to pose with a small child and snap a selfie, giving the young fan a moment to always remember. His tag team partner Jamie has fun in his own way as he pulls a young man up from his seat and plops down into the chair, pulling the fan down into a seated position on his lap as the fan laughs at the his antics.

Ben comes up between two more fans and props his chin on their shoulders, reaching around for another smiling selfie as Jamie jumps over and joins in on the pose with a 'photo bomb', giving the two fans a delightful moment. The two champions pull apart from the fans and continue to make their way through the capacity crowd, patting shoulders and slapping hands offered out to them until they arrive at the barricade at ringside. They enter the ringside area through the corner opening and Ben hops up onto the ring apron before jumping to the corner and holding aloft his half of the tag team belts, and is greeted by applause. Ben then vaults over the top rope and into the ring while his partner, Jamie, slides into the ring beneath the bottom rope. As Ben stands and poses for the fans, Jamie crawls on hands and knees through his partner's legs, smiling for the fans' benefit causing Ben to slowly shake his head and smile. He reaches down to Jamie, grabbing his hand and lifting him to his before the fun loving pair slide up to Pussy Willow, one on each side and they lean in close and smile as Ben extends his reach for a perfect selfie.

Jamie: Pretty as a picture!

Jamie then looks to Pussy Willow and arches a brow.

Jamie: But did you have to throw in that whole 'former' World Tag Team Champions deal?

Pussy Willow: I'm sorry gentlemen, but that fact remains; Team BJ are no longer the champions and haven't been for a matter of months.

The crowd boos the fact, and while Jamie playfully eggs them on, Ben plays the polar opposite by holding his hands up in a mock attempt to get them to let their boos subside. Slowly they do and Pussy Willow resumes her duties.

Pussy Willow: In fact, it was in October of last year where the Members of the Elders defeated Team BJ for the titles, and since then, you two have yet to accept your championship rematch. In fact, it was you passing along one of your two contractual rematches to Jet City that led to new champions being crowned in November. Why now, after all this time?

Jamie jets out his lip and shrugs.

Jamie: Well if you'll allow me a moment of schoolyard logic, but why not? Admittedly, I think both Ben and I were pretty pissed at how our title loss came to happen. Nobody can't say that there wasn't a fair amount of controversy surrounding that pile of bullshit. Plus, as Ben and I've said before time and again, we had some other projects happening. The biggest so far happening in about a week's time.

Pussy Willow: Ben, do you agree with your tag partner's assessment of your title loss? Was there controversy in that match?

Ben: Well it didn't end fairly, did it? Whacked with chairs and what not. You bring a weapon in to it, yeah gonna be controversy, but it's all part of what we do. I mean if there wasn't a talking point or two, this sport would be pretty boring, don't cha think? What happened, happened, there ain't a lot we can do about that stuff now, but we can take that situation and switch it around a bit.

Pussy Willow: But now, at Blaze of Glory VI, you two are going to finally give the fans what they want and make a go of regaining the championship titles. What do you think of your chances walking out of Stockton as two-time World Tag Team Champions?

Jamie: Well, this isn't like any other type of tag team match. It's a Battle Royal! Over the top rope and all that muck!

Jamie looks at Ben.

Jamie: But none of that 'both feet must hit the floor' joke!

Ben and Jamie then turn to the camera and share with the audience a knowing look. Jamie turns back to Pussy Willow.

Jamie: And anything can happen in a Battle Royal. The trick is sticking together and which team has the best sense of teamwork.

Pussy Willow: Ben, who do you think has the best teamwork in this match and why, if I may ask?

Ben: It's a loaded question cause there ain't too many teams that are thrown together like it used to be, this is proper proof on how the division has grown. Jet City are brilliant, that's why they're the champs. Family connection, they're the nuts in the ring because they've worked to be that, but you got The Monstimals, who have worked hard together, The Elders are close, Even Dmitri and James Tuscini are starting to click. This is a match no one knows what's gonna happen. I don't think there's anyone who stands out of having the best team work, cause every team in this match is as solid as a brick wall

Pussy Willow: And what are your chances of you and Jamie here becoming the first ever two-time World Tag Team Champions?

Ben: Bloody hell, really? Didn't know we could be the first team to do that. I'm a bit of a gambler and to be fair, their ain't no favorites in this match, any one of these teams could walk out with the belts, but I will lay a promise out to each and every one watching this match and let's be fair about it, this event is gonna get eyes from all over the world. Jamie and I promise ya right now, that we will do our best to capture the gold. We know Jet City are an amazing team, but we will give it our all to make ya proud of us again.

Jamie smiles and reaches behind Ben and gives him a hard slap across the ass -- to which Ben sighs and runs a hand down his face.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and gentlemen! Quite possibly the next Sin City Wrestling World Tag Team Champions, Team BJ!

The crowd cheers as Ben and Jamie acknowledge their fans with smiles and waves.

Pussy Willow: And coming to you in just two weeks in Stockton, California for Blaze of Glory VI!

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a non-title match.... Introducing first...

The opening riff to "Power Trip" by Chimaira starts ripping over the PA system and as soon as Mark Hunter's opening scream is heard Jessie emerges from the back with Shane and Jake, the trio headbang at the top of the ramp before they make their way down to the ring.

Justin: Introducing, from Miami Florida and representing The Angel Clan "The Heavy Metal Angel" Jessie Salco!

Jessie hops onto the apron and enters the ring where she goes over to the nearest turbuckle before hopping onto the middle turnbuckle, sitting on it and waiting for her opponent.

Justin: and her opponent...

I wish it could ALWAYS be Playtime."

A girly laugh can be heard and "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched begins to play. After a few seconds Polly Playtime appears from the backstage area and chooses to just stand on the stage for a few moments, letting it all sink in. The men in the crowd swoon as all the ladies in the crowd boo their hearts out. Polly comes back to it and winks her left green eye. The camera gets a really good close look at that, sensing that Polly is ready to potentially do something evil.

Justin: "Making her way down the aisle, from Panguitch, Utah, she is the girl that loves to play... POLLY PLAYTIIIIME!!!

As her name is being announced, Polly then grins and skips off of the stage and down the wrestler ramp. She gets down to the ring and skips one lap around the outside of it before hopping up onto the ring apron. She winks her left eye again and wears a maniacal grin before she slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Once inside the ring she stands back up and looks right over at the referee, again with evil intentions. She licks her chops and nods a few times as she stands in the middle of the ring, her entrance music just now beginning to fade out.

As Jacob Summers checks both Jessie and Polly for weapons, Victim of Me By Descendants hits over the p.a as Amy appears at the top of the ramp with a smile, as Jacob, Jessie and Polly look up the ramp wondering why Amy is out there, Amy begins to walk down the ramp and past the ring to the commentary table. Jacob Summers Continues his check and then indicates for the bell to be rung.



Simone: Well this is unexpected... why are you out here?

Marshall: No hello? I'm out here to scout my competition.

Adams: Well it's a pleasure to see you here.

Jessie and Polly lock up in the centre of the ring, but Jessie quickly grabs Polly's arm and twists it a couple of times before grabbing Polly's head and then taking her down. Jessie climbs quickly climbs back onto her feet and bounces off the ropes and hits an spinning elbow to the back of Polly before climbing back to her feet, as Polly sits back up only to be met with Jessie coming back at her with a clothesline. Jessie climbs back to her feet and hits the ropes, but as she comes back Polly quickly climbs to her feet and drives her knee into Jessie stomach. Jessie rolls partially away but Polly follows close behind and trash talks her and pushes her partially into the ropes. Polly then grab Jessie legs and whips her throat first into ropes.

Adams: Great start by Jessie, but Polly just put the brakes on.

Simone: That was vicious from Polly.

Jessie rolls away grasping at her throat and coughing, as Polly approaches and drops down and goes for a pin...

Marshall: Already doesn't look good for Jessie... I just hope she will be fit enough for our final match.

Adams: She will be.




Simone: And Jessie kicks out... she doesn't want to give up quite yet.

Polly doesn't say anything and instead gets to her feet and pulling Jessie up but only to club the back of Jessie, Polly then again grabs Jessie and drags and rams her head into the turnbuckle, before booting Jessie in the stomach a few times, she then pulls Jessie away from the corner, as Jessie briefly fights back with a punch to Polly's stomach, only for Polly to club the back of Jessie again. With Jessie back on her knees, Polly drops to a single knee and grabs Jessie's head and locks in a headlock. Jessie stays where she is, as the ref asks if she wants to submit but she says no before quickly psyching herself up and quickly rises to her feet for only Polly to bring her back down to the mat.

Adams: Polly is back on Jessie and tries to force her to tap out.

Marshall: Jessie won't tap out... especially with a weak submission move like that.

Again Jessie psyches herself up, as Polly trash talks her and trash talks Amy, but Jessie ignores it and slowly makes her way to feet at the same delivering elbows and punches to Polly's midsection, but Polly grabs a handful of Jessie hair and throws her down to the mat, the ref admonishes her but she ignores it and throws her hands up before dropping down and going for another pin on Jessie...

Simone: Polly flirting with the rules here.



Polly shakes her head, as she gets back to her feet, pulling Jessie up by the hair and drags her to the ropes, where she proceeds to choke her against the ropes, as the ref counts but pulls her away a little and again admonishes her for the choke. Polly returns her focus to Jessie and she pulls Jessie away from the ropes and goes for a pin...

Marshall: Come on ref... DQ her.

Adams: unfortunately, that isn't going to happen as Polly goes for another pin.



Polly slaps the mat in frustration before climbing to her feet, where she brings Jessie's head up and screams at her before slapping her face a few times and then goes kick Jesse but Jessie catches her foot. Jessie then rises to her feet, where she uses her strength to lift Polly up into a powerbomb position on her shoulders, Jessie then rushes the turnbuckle and throws Polly into the turnbuckle. Jessie then approaches Polly and picks her up and proceeds to hit forearm smashes, kicks and knee shots to the body of Polly.

Simone: Jessie kicks out with ease and Polly isn't happy about it.

Marshall: Polly is 21 but acts like a petulant five-year-old.

Adams: Well that petulant five-year-old just got schooled by Jessie, that powerbomb into the turnbuckle was just vicious.

Marshall: Also the muay Thai training is coming in handy.

Jessie then pulls Polly away from turnbuckle, as Polly falls to the mat and Jessie follows it up with a springboard legdrop across the throat of Polly. Jessie goes for a pin...

Adams: Nice legdrop across the throat and goes for a pin.




Jessie shakes her head as she rubs her face, still feeling the effects from the slap from Polly, Jessie then climbs back to her feet, where she grabs Polly by the hair and pulls her up, where she goes to whip her into the ropes but Polly counters and sends Jessie into the corner, Polly then charges in but Jessie gets an elbow up into Polly's face, which Polly stumbles away. Jessie then climbs to the second rope but as Polly turns she rushes Jessie and climbs up to the middle rope where they come face to face. They quickly begin to trade shots until Jessie headbutt's the bridge of Polly's nose before shoving Polly off. As Polly is stunned from the headbutt, Jessie leaps off the ropes with a missile dropkick and hits Polly.

Marshall: Jessie needs to work harder to finish Polly off.

Adams: Maybe hitting Polly with a piledriver.

Simone: Well it isn't with a piledriver but instead a headbutt and a dropkick.

Jessie climbs back to her feet before turning and climbs the ropes once more before indicating for the Wall of Death and as she leaps off, Polly gets her knees up and Jessie crashes down onto her knees. Jessie rolls away holding her stomach, as Polly lays on the mat holding her knees.

Adams: Jessie goes for the wall of death, but she instead crashes and burns.

Simone: I bet you are enjoying this?

Marshall: Yes and no... I want Jessie fit and healthy for our final match, but I want her to feel the effects of this match.

The ref checks on Jessie and Polly before beginning their count...




Polly moves her legs about, while Jessie sucks in as much as air as possible.




Jessie crawls to the ropes and grabs them, where she uses them to get to a single knee, as Polly rolls herself onto her knees and proceeds to push herself up onto her feet, where she then goes over to Jessie who is now standing up. As she grabs Jessie, Jessie surprises her with a shove backwards but Polly goes back towards Jessie and slaps her but Jessie responds with a forearm to Polly and they begins to trade shots back and forth until Polly gets the upper hand and drives a knee into the stomach of Jessie.

Simone: Back to the openness of this match.

Marshall: Polly has no clue to wrestle... she just slaps people's faces. She needs to learn to wrestle properly.

Adams: In fairness... she has grown and progressed.

With Jessie doubled over, Polly hits a quick DDT... Polly then backs away and watches and waits for Jessie to at least get to her knees. Several moments pass before Jessie rolls onto her front and to get to her knees and once she is on her knees Polly hits a curb stomp on Jessie. Polly smirks as she looks back at Amy once more and then down at Jessie. Polly rolls Jessie over onto her back using her foot before cockily places a foot onto Jessie, as the ref drops down a for a count...

Adams: See.

Marshall: a couple of moves doesn't make her a wrestler and if she continues to eyeball me and name drop my name, I will be forced to end her career.

Simone: Harsh.




Polly shakes her head and proceeds to stomp on Jessie several times before dropping down with an elbow drop. Polly climbs back to her feet and stomps on Jessie a few more times before dropping down over Jessie face and wriggles around, as Jessie flays flaps her arms and legs about as Jessie then pushes Polly off before roll away gasping for air and wiping her face.

Marshall: Not harsh at all.

Adams: I love this move!!

Simone & Marshall: Pervert.

Polly climbs back to her feet, where she walks over to Jessie and grabs her by the hair and pulling her up, where she yells at her to give up. She then whips Jessie into the ropes and Jessie comes back she ducks a wild swing from Polly as Jessie then bounces off the ropes and then leaps and hits a crossbody to Polly. Jessie climbs back to her feet, where she approaches Polly who is slowly climbing back to her feet and grabs her pulling her up and but Polly surprises Jessie with a uppercut as she then kicks Jessie in the stomach. With Jessie doubled over, Polly grabs Jessie and hits the Polly Pop (Sit-Out face Plant) and then goes for the pin...

Simone: Jessie tries to get back into this match.

Adams: Unfortunately Polly gets the upper hand and goes for a pin...




Marshall: Dammit!

Adams: Polly scores a win against Jessie.

Justin: Winner of this match... the Bombshell Internet Champion... Polly Playtime.

Marshall: Well it's been pleasure... thanks guys.

As Polly rises to her feet to celebrate, Amy meanwhile at the commentary table, take the headset off and stands to her feet where she grabs the Roulette and Internet Championships and a mic before climbing into the ring. Polly turns to see Amy in the ring and backs away a little but demands her title back.

Amy: Polly Polly Polly... Listen up very carefully... if you continue to use my name in your promo's and piggy back off my success, I will be forced to take action against you and you know what it won't be pretty either.

Amy chucks the Internet championship at Polly before turning her attention to Jessie, where she helps Jessie to her feet before raising the Roulette Championship up in front of Jessie and smiles before dropping the title and mic onto the mat, as Amy's music plays over the p.a as she climbs out of the ring and leaves Polly to soak in her win.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where J2H is seen walking out of his dressing room, his SCW World championship over his shoulder when he's approached by Ms. Rocky Mountains. The champion sighs as he looks at the woman approach him.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: J, can I....

He raises his hand, staring at the reporter.

J2H: Have a minute of my time? Ask me a question?

Ms. Rocky Mountains nods her head slowly as she looks at him.

J2H: Let me guess, the question is about Drake Green being here, facing Rage, if I'm gonna be watching him closely?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: The thought did cross my mind.

J2H: Well save yourself the breath, because I will just give you your answer without you having to answer it.

Ms. Rocky Mountains holds a microphone close to his lips.

J2H: I know people out there think that I have played right in to Drake Green's hands, I know they think he was angling for a shot at my gold all the way through this merry little ride. I personally don't give a fuck about if he was or he wasn't, and you know why?

Before Rocky can open her mouth to answer, J2H continues.

J2H: Because I finally get to be the main to destroy this worthless legend of who Drake Green is. I get to take away the illusion of him being a good man, I get to rip to shreads the thoughts that he is a good wrestler when he's nothing more than hype, and not very good hype. The fact I will do it on the grandest stage of all, Blaze of Glory VI, the best wrestling supercard known to mankind, is an added bonus. I've had this belt for over a year, yet I'm still doubted by everyone around, they still think I can't handle it but I've proved them wrong time and time again. Once I destroy Drake Green, once I end SCW's weird obsession with this loser, then I will cement my place in history. I just hope Rage leaves me something I can still beat on. Now fuck off, I got better things to do than talk to you.

With that, J2H pushes past her and moves away as the camera fades out.

The camera opens up backstage to find the "King Of the Hill", Rage, walking down the hall with the briefcase in hand. He has a dark look on his face as he heads down the hall and a few seconds later, his eyes suddenly narrow and he stops walking. The camera pans back to see Pussy Willow eager for an interview. Rage, however, does not show the same eagerness.

Rage: What the hell do you want?

Pussy Willow just keeps a smile on her face as she stands in front of Rage.

PW: What do I always want? I was hoping to get a few words with you before you match against Drake Green.

Rage: You're kinda pushing it don't you think? My match is coming up soon and I don't need you keeping me back here when I should be out there beating the shit out of Drake Green.

Pussy Willow laughs and shakes her head.

PW: No worries, Rage. It will be quick. How do you feel being Drake's first opponent in seven months? His match against Scott Sanders at Summer XXXTreme was billed as his final match, but here we are seven months later and--

Rage holds his hand up in front of Pussy Willow's face. She immediately goes quiet and remains quiet as Rage lowers his hand and glares at her.

Rage: You people honestly didn't see that coming? Your precious "Showtime" Drake Green says he's retiring once and for all, hops on a plane back to Chicago or wherever his annoying needy wife takes him, and we're all rid of him. But that doesn't last long, does it?

Pussy Willow just blinks, unsure of what to say. Rage, however, shakes his head, answering his own question.

Rage: No, it doesn't, because that's Drake Green for you. He doesn't even stay gone a year, and while that blonde bitch Mikah likes to make people think that their marriage is all sunshine and daisies and they're so happy, Drake coming back right now proves that it's not. It proves that Drake is still the Drake we all know and that you all love. He likes to call me boring, but him coming back shows just how bored HE is. He's bored with his life. He's bored with his marriage and he's bored without SCW and the fans pandering to his bullshit. He can lie all he wants and say that isn't true, but just pay attention to him. You'll all know I'm right.

PW: Maybe you're not, though. Drake has always had a huge passion for wrestling and the wrestling fans.

Rage laughs and shakes his head.

Rage: Call it what you want, blondie, but Drake is bored. And tonight, I'm going to show him what a huge mistake he made in coming back. And then at Blaze of Glory in two weeks, J2H will finish him off and send him back to his boring marriage to his attention seeking wife. Plain and simple.

Rage then shoves his way past Pussy Willow, not giving her a chance to say anything back. She stands back, watching him disappear down the hall and the camera fades away.

"I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?" by A Day to Remember plays while blue and white lights strobe over the stage. As Ryan's entrance video is shown in the titantron. Fully recovered and ready for action, Ryan keys steps out with a bright smile and wearing only an scw towel hanging low on his hips. Obviously after the events that happened backstage. Showing off his muscular body and inked arms he has a playful look on his face.

With another towel in his hands he makes his way down the ramp, over towards the ring, exchanging a few slaps with the fans and avoiding anyone that tries to tug his towel. Making it to the ropes he finds a way to get it without revealing much before calling for a microphone.The smile on his lips turns to a smirk as he feels ecstatic to be back. Bringing the microphone up his music dies down, and what was left were whistles and cat calls from the crowd of San Francisco, California.

Ryan Keys: Looks like I caught everyone's attention, HOW YOU DOIN', SAN FRANCISCOOOOO!?

He yells out in a fine tone, showing off that he got his voice back after that vicious match weeks ago. Getting a warm reaction he continues one with it plan tonight.

Ryan Keys: Man, it's great to be back. Though it's a little chillier than I remembered. And as a man that likes to keep his body all warm and ready I'm out here with something in mind that a lot of you might like. And no, I'm not here to talk about Chris Shipman, TNA or Steve Ramone. I'm sure all three would be happy to do that themselves.

He gets the reaction he expected out of that. Which was true. All four of these men love to talk.

Ryan Keys: I'm not even out here to talk about Blaze Of Glory. No. You all deserve something special. I'm sure some of you must be wondering about what I'm going to do,and it's simple. You see, My friend Justin Decent, you all know Justin, right? Good looking guy over there.He and I share something in common. As Vegas performers we both are professional Exotic dancers. And that's something we would like to share with the lot of you, and one lucky fan in particular. Tonight.

The fans cheer as the mature rating at the start of the show makes sense now. Nodding over at Justin out at ring since the handsome ring announcer claps his hands over his head as the audience joins in. Men and women at the crowd waits anxiously as the long blonde haired man scouts out at the audience before picking one lucky young lady, and helps her over the barricade and into the ring. The poor girl is already red when a chair is slipped from under the rope. Ryan talks with her quietly to get her name and if she wants to do this, her excitement means that she does.

Ryan Keys: Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for Alissa! A brave young woman who I hope doesn't have heart problems. She wants to get this show started already, don't you?

As Justin slips in the ring and the fan gets a seat in the middle, Ryan sets the mic down before "Flesh" by Simon Curtis plays. The lights begin to flicker as the song picks up, Ryan and Justin move in-sync to a routine. Swirling their hips around they focus in the fan. Grinding slowly the fans cheer by the performance. They both move the fan's hands over their hard bodies, letting her enjoy as the routine continues. The exotic dancers switch between them as they rest back against the young lady while giving the rest of the San Francisco crowd a good look.

The song is halfway over by the time the two decide on stripping, and showing off the handsome ring announcer. Teasing the crowd Ryan tugs at Justin's shirt and asks asks the audience if they want to see it off. Their response was more that accepting, yet Justin did the same with Ryan's towel earning an even bigger response.

The crowds cheer louder as Ryan helps Justin out of his shirt,tossing a side and smiling at each other. The lights black out, only flashing back slowly as the song continues. Ryan moves over to one side and passes a towel over to Justin.Slowly the handsome blonde undresses under the cover of the towel and steps out of his bottoms, kicking them off. Nodding at each other both Ryan and Justin tug at their towels and encircle around the fan, giving her a free show as the rest of the audience were shielded from the view. Swerving their hips around the music draws to a close and they both move away, covering up their groins only as some pyrotechnic shoot off the corners of the ring. The crowd cheers loudly as the lights die out and the men cover up once more, ending the special lap dance show.

Backstage, Delia Darling is seen sitting on the bench in the Mean Girls locker room. She is getting stares from Mercedes and Veronica as Mercedes stretches out for her title match later this evening. Delia taps her foot against the ground, slowly at first, but soon it picks up until she can't contain it any longer. She stands up and steps next to Veronica, who refuses to look at her. Delia scoffs and then looks over to Mercedes, who turns around and begins stretching in the opposite direction.

Delia: Ughuhhh... Will eis'er of you two say somes'ing? Anys'ing at all? Christ almighty...

Veronica: Oh? Were you asking us something? Because... you might want to answer it yourself if you want it done right...

Mercedes: Oh, Vero, you're such a treat. I think what she's saying is to kiss off, Queen B. Your royal subjects have their own things going on, one of which includes trying to take that title off of Melody Grace, and bringing it back to where it belongs, but you know... we're slacking a bit.

Veronica: You're saying a bunch of words, but basically, you're telling her to kiss our asses, right?

Mercedes nods her head, but doesn't say anything else. Veronica seems satisfied with this, as she goes back to looking at her phone. Delia flips her hair as she walks over to the makeup table. Despite the fact that her makeup is flawless, she picks up a brush, and begins touching up across her face.

Delia: Z'is is exactly what I was talking about. You two need to have s'ick skin, and stop being so easily wounded. I was trying to give you two some tough love, give you a kick in z'e ass to go out and grab what you want. No, what you deserve. I want you two going out z'ere each and every week as if your careers depend on it, z'e way z'at I did when I went completely undefeated for one year. Blaze of Glory is just around z'e corner, and it is time z'at we remind z'ese stupid Bombshells just what we are capable of. You s'ree are my sisters, and I love you very much. I just want what is best for you. So, if you must see me as z'e bitch, z'en I will be just z'at. Now, go out z'ere and make me proud, Mercy...

The two ladies think about this for a moment, but they don't say anything. Delia sighs and places the brush down on the table as she walks out of the room, leaving them to mull it over.

Simone: Well Jason, it's time for our special attraction on this go home show before Blaze of Glory.

Adams: Yes, this is a special taste of what we can expect from the Blast From The Past tournament coming soon.

The cameras regain their focus as "If that ain't country" is playing in the background. Belinda Simone and Jason Adams are fixing their papers as Wallace Jordan is sitting next to them. He quickly gives a rock on hand gesture while looking over the two.

Wallace Jordan: Who's ready for some good ol' wrassling match

Simone: Welcome Wallace to the commentary booth.

Wallace Jordan: You should thank Christian for paying for this appearance.

The lights dim and fog rolls out in a thick cloud over the entrance area of the stage as the music starts and the fans all on their feet and their is actually a "Jack of Hearts" chant that is overpowering the boos of some of the people that have known the man longer. The reaction is overwhelmingly positive as they wait for the man. Then fans are treated with a spotlight that kicks on just under the stage as the lift activates. JHalc leans his left side and puts his elbow onto his knee, then goes almost down to one knee. Through the smoke, his outline is slowly raised until it becomes a black figure standing at the top of the ramp. Feeling the music of his entrance JHalc waves his hand behind his head as he rocks back and forth.

As the lift becomes level with the stage, massive orange and purple pyro shoots from the ceiling down to the stage hitting on both sides of the smoke cloud on the stage. The lights are immediately flipped on, and it is as if the cloud never existed. JHalc steps forward and is clearly seen in his wrestling attire. Black boots and his red and purple shorts are the first thing the fans notice. He is wearing a black shirt that reads "JHalc has arrived" across the front.

Justin: Making his way to the ring and weighing in at 218 lbs, from Jet City he is "The Jack of Hearts, JHalc!

The fans continue their previous chant and now not a boo can be heard from the crowd. The reaction is unanimously positive though far from a babyface's standing ovation. JHalc makes it down the ramp uncharacteristically giving high fives to fans. He reaches ringside and before sliding in the ring takes off his shirt and flips it into the front row.

Jordan: What is this guy on? I just hope Clint doesn't get any of it.

Adams: JHalc has been doing a great job as one half of the tag team champions.

Wallace nods his head as Alana Allure's theme song bursts through the speakers as the fans go from cheering at the top of their lungs to booing at the same rate. Alana walks through the curtain with one half of the tag team championship belts draped over her shoulder as her eyes glance around the arena.

Justin: Introducing his tag team partner, representing The Elders stable, she is one of the Bombshell Tag Team champions.....Alana Allure

Alana bounces onto the ring apron and swings her legs through the ropes. Alana takes one glance at JHalc and gives him a fair warning not to screw her.

Adams: Tensions already rising between the two champions in this match.

Simone: Alana sure likes to bully people huh.

Before Wallace can speak, Jon Dough's music bursts through the speakers as he comes out holding a microphone in his hand while singing a long with the song playing. As he is doing so, his hands are highfiving the audience in the front row.

Justin: And their opponents first, representing The Elders, please welcome Jon Dough.

Jon slides into the ring, hops up onto the turnbuckles and continues to pump up the crowd.

Adams: This should be interesting.

Simone: Tell me about, Alana and Jon are stable mates.

Uriella's theme begins to play as the mysterious Angel Clan comes walking out onto the stage. The fans are going absolutely as she shows a hearty smile. She waves at the crowd before sprinting down the ramp.

Justin: And his tag team partner, representing The Angel Clan, Uriella Abaddon.

Uriella slides into the ring, hops onto the middle rope, bends slightly at the waist before giving the audience a slight wink of her eye.

Jordan: My goodness that is a tall drink of water.

Simone: You said it Wallace, the tallest member of The Angel Clan has returned but she will be teaming with an unknown man in Jon Dough.

Adams: This is going to good.

The referee is checking over the participants when "In The Middle of the night" begins to blare. The crowd gets extremely loud when Belinda Warwick steps through the curtains while wearing something different than her ring attire. She waves at the audience while smiling. Alana noticed her and starts yelling at her. Belinda just shrugs her shoulders while turning the corner.

Adams: Looks like we be getting popular Belinda.

Simone: Yes it does and I have funny reason she is out to scout.

Jordan: Just like I be doing eh

The referee stands in the middle of the ring as Belinda stops short of the commentary booth. The bell sounds as Alana bum rushes Uriella from the start. A fiery of rights and lefts to the unprotected body of Uriella were finding their mark. After the final right, Alana hooks the head and chunks Uriella head over heels with a quick suplex. Uriella bounces hard off the canvas as Alana is quickly back up to her feet. She takes a quick glance over at Belinda who was working on getting her headset untangled.

Alana motions for Belinda to watch as she bounces off the ropes and connects with a front flip leg drop across the throat of Uriella. Uriella grabs at her throat as Alana manages to hook Uriella's between her legs.

Adams: Alana is off to a fast start. Are you okay Belinda?

Simone: I'm fine Jason thanks for askin....

Adams: I was talking to Belinda Warwick

Simone shoots him a mean look as Warwick finally gets her headset untangled and places it over her head. Meanwhile, Alana keeps the pressure turned up a notch as she reaches back and pulls her one foot closer in. Uriella screams out as Jon Dough looks rather impressed with his stable mate as he remains in the corner. Uriella stretches her arm out for the bottom rope but Alana squeezes harder.

Uriella continues to fight it as Alana is beginning to get a little over confident. She repositions herself which allows Uriella to roll over and place Alana in a pinning attempt.


Alana kicks out quickly as she releases the hold and quickly hops back up to her feet. Alana bounces off the ropes, but Uriella manages to duck the clothesline attempt. Alana looks to go for it on the rebound but Uriella catches her with a spinning heel kick which knocks Alana back down.

Jordan: What a kick?

Warwick: Alana shouldn't get too confident before the match is over.

Alana gets back up quickly as Uriella comes barreling through her with a sharp shoulder tackle. Uriella is able to follow up with a leaping knee drop on to the face of Alana. Alana squirms around on the canvas before quickly tapping an unexpected JHalc.

Simone: I don't think Jay was ready for the tag.

Adams: Since he is the legal man then that makes Jon Dough automatically legal.

Uriella shakes her head while stepping through the ring ropes as Jon Dough enters the ring. JHalc first looks at Alana who is sitting on the floor as JHalc springs off the ropes and connects with a flying forearm. He rolls through onto his feet before following up with a quick enziguiri to the back of the head. Jay goes for the quick cover.



Jon Dough kicks out as Jay nods his head. He knew it would take more than those first two strikes as he quickly hops back up to his feet. He quickly bounces off the ropes but Jon is just as quick as he snaps of a quick powerslam before hooking the far leg of Jay.



Jay kicks out as Jon hooks his hands around Jay's waist and proceeds to do a gator roll before deadlifting him up before tossing him with a Gutwrench suplex.

Warwick: JHalc is a ball of energy but Jon is taking that energy out.

Simone: That is an excellent observation and I bet Alana is playing cheerleader for Jon.

That assessment rang true as Alana was clapping for Jon while screaming at Jay to get his act together. Jon is the first one up as he bounces off the ropes and connects with a jaw rocking clothesline as Jay literally gets turned inside out. The crowd is going crazy as Jon bounces off the ropes again before popping off with a running back Senton right across the back of Jay.

JHalc screams out in pain as Jon hooks him a grounded bear hug. Jon continues to squeeze as Jay is trying to fight out of it. Jon manages to get up onto his knees as Jay uses his muscles to roll over and pin Jon's shoulders to the canvas.



Jon breaks the hold as Jay rolls off him. Jay grabs for his sternum as Jon is back up to his feet.

Jordan: This JHalc is in bad shape.

Adams: Yes he is and I believe a tag would help him.

Jon comes walking up to Jay looking to grab his hair but Jay fires off a hard right hand followed by two more rights. The shots rock Jon a bit as Jay goes to bounce off the ropes only for Alana to blind tag herself in. The referee acknowledges the tag as Alana comes through the ropes. Jay just notices as Alana comes in and orders for Jay to vacate her ring.

As her back is turned, Jon retreats back to his corner as Uriella enters the ring again. Uriella takes off for Alana who is still busy reading the riot act to Jay. As she turns around, she gets nearly cut in half as Uriella hits a spine tingling spear. The crowd is going crazy as Belinda Warwick claps from the commentary table.

Warwick: Alana's inexperience is showing in this match. Without Song doing the heavy lifting, Alana is proving she isn't even a challenge after all.

Adams: Do you think her inexperience will cost them at Blaze of Glory?

Uriella wastes little time as she grabs Alana by the hair, hooks her arm around before lifting her up and dropping her directly onto her face. Uriella rolls her over while going for a cover.



Alana just barely rolls her shoulder out as Uriella shakes her head. She gets up to her feet and walks over to a neutral corner. She looks out towards the crowd before seeing Alana getting slowly up. Uriella slaps her leg while waiting for Alana to get up. Alana gets up to her feet as Uriella comes running out of the corner.

Alana slowly turns as Uriella connects with a running bicycle kick. The right boot catches Alana flush as she falls down hard. Uriella is thinking about finishing this match as she goes to climb up to the turnbuckle. As she gets close, Jon tags himself back into the match.

Simone: What in the all is Jon thinking?

Adams: I have no idea.

Warwick: Alana is out cold

Uriella looks at Jon confused as she steps through the ropes. The crowd is booing his decision as she looks at the crowd. Jon shrugs his shoulders while looking at his partner, JHalc sneaks back into the ring and catches Jon Dough in a school boy roll up. As the referee drops into position, JHalc grabs a small handful of Jon's tights.




The referee calls for the bell as JHalc quickly gets out of the ring. Uriella didn't know what just happened as Jon Dough is questioning the decision.

Justin: Here are your winners Alana Allure and JHalc!

JHalc's theme begins to play again as he smiles while raising his half of the tag team titles high in the air. Uriella still doesn't know what happened as Alana is just starting to wake back up.

Simone: JHalc won for his team and got out of dodge quickly.

Adams: He stole this win plain and simple.

Jordan: Now that thur was a dam good wrassling match.

Jon is still questioning the referee's decision as Kris Halc appears on the stage next to his brother. The crowd begins to chant Jet City as they lift their tag team belts high in the air.

We return to ringside where Erik Staggs is standing inside of the ring while "Where Eagles Dare" plays over the speakers. He is dressed in his typical suit and tie, standing in front of a table with a black leather binder with the SCW logo printed on the front. The crowd cheers for a moment before Erik picks up the microphone from the table, looking out into the audience. Before he even has a chance to speak, "Bangarang" by Skrillex blasts over the speakers, causing a look of annoyance to come over his face. Red and white lights flash across the stage as the Bad Boys waste little time in making their presence felt. Giani Di Luca shoves through the curtains first, wearing the Bad Boys signature white hooded jacket and matching white track pants and a ridiculously blinged out cross. Mickey Carroll and Xander Bishop push through next, wearing the jacket as well. Mickey is wearing a black T-Shirt underneath that simply states "F*ck Me, I'm Irish", and a pair of tattered jeans. Xander is wearing a fresh pair of jeans, sagging slightly, and a gold chain that almost puts Giani's to shame. The three work the stage, getting the crowd riled up as they boo the Bad Boys. They laugh it off, as it only drives them more. Soon enough, they charge down the ramp simultaneously. Giani jumps onto the apron, while Mickey and Xander slide underneath the bottom rope. They jump up and lean over the top rope next to Giani, posing for the fans as they shout back in discontent. This brings a smile to the Bad Boys' faces. After a moment of taunting the crowd, they turn their attention to Erik, slowly honing in on him. Mickey takes the lead on this one as he lets his signature bat slide out from his right sleeve. He waves it at his side menacingly as he creeps up on Erik. Erik smiles, almost daring Mickey. As Mickey gets nearly chest to chest with Erik, he instead takes the microphone from him and leans on the bat, almost like a cane. He looks toward the curtains and gives a nod as the music slowly fades out. He then sets his bat down on the table and looks back at the slightly larger Staggs.

Mickey: It's about time we 'ad the respect that we deserve around here. Now, Staggy, why don't ye do us a favor and go back to that rock ye crawled out from, somewhere on the lonely island of obscurity, yeah?

Erik smiles wickedly, letting out a laugh as he pinches the bridge of his nose. He puffs out his chest and presses it right against Mickey's in a show of dominance. Mickey takes a step back, and shouts at Giani and Xander.


Giani and Xander immediately try to save face for Mickey, as they grab onto his shoulders as he struggles to get away from them and get to Erik in an overly exaggerated manner. Erik simply shakes his head and walks over to the contract, flipping it over. He then retrieves a pen from his pocket and places it on the table, offering it up to them.

Mickey: That's better, Staggs. Keep yer distance before ye make me do something that will get me suspended. I'm enough of a loose cannon on me own...


Mickey: Unfortunately, Ms. Willow won't be joining us for this historical moment. Shame, because I love the smell of a fish market on a hot, sunny day...


Mickey: Oh, now suddenly political correctness is a thing around here? Bollocks. Anyway, let's get down to business here. This little contract here needs signing, and I want to waste little time getting that accomplished. So, let's just 'ave a looksy here...

Mickey turns around and shows it to Giani, who lifts his sunglasses up, and Xander. The three look it over gently and nod their heads. Before they can get too far into the specifics, "Your Own Drum" by Sully Urna plays over the speakers. Ivan Darrell and Andrew Garcia step out onto the stage, with Dax Beckett coming out seconds later, bursting right through them as he throws his fist up in the air and "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold plays over the speakers, picking up right at the chorus. Dax bangs his head to the music as Bad Boys share a laugh at the idea. Dax dances around the stage, slapping hands with fans as he gets himself hyped up. He walks backward toward the ring, arms up in the air as he lets the fans shower him with cheers and adoration. Fans slap his shoulder as he goes by. Dying Breed shakes their heads, smiling as they walk along. However, as soon as their eyes meet up with Bad Boys, the smile fades to pure contempt. As Dax turns around, he slides in under the bottom rope, jumps to his feet, and immediately pops Xander in the jaw, and then hits a perfectly imitated Johnny Cage splits followed by a punch to Mickey's nards. The crowd laughs, and as Xander goes to react, Giani grabs him from behind, holding him back as he legitimately struggles to get at Dax. Dax smirks as he gently takes the microphone from Mickey's hand, stepping back as Ivan and Andrew join him in the ring, standing behind him with a glare that dares any and all to come for them. Giani waves the contract in front of Xander, talking him down slowly as the hot headed Bishop paces angrily behind him. The music fades as Dax takes center stage.

Dax: So we got us a good old fashioned contract signing! Center stage, while everyone goes to the bathroom because, let's be honest... nobody cares about Bad Boys. Just like Mean Girls, you're a tired, played out group that just keeps getting shoved down our throats. Well let me tell you that all of that is going to change at Blaze of Glory. You're not gonna get shoved down our throats, because we're going to take out all three of you fuck boys. No more crying that you didn't get a fair shake, because all the rules are out the window, boys! Anything you can throw at us, we can throw right back at you. As much as I respect the rules of this sport... I'm kinda looking forward to the idea of putting you assholes on the shelf. Hell yeah! Where do I sign, Staggs?!

Dax stares at the contract, but Ivan Darrell stops him from signing, reading over his shoulder as they talk about a few of the points. Dax raises an eyebrow as he relays this to the audience.

Dax: The undersigned hereby agree that any sort of physical contact amongst the participants of this match between now and Blaze of Glory on March 19th, 2017 will be suspended... Damn, I guess you'll have to hold off on your nightly circle jerk seshes for a couple weeks, you bad, Bad Boys...

Dax makes a jerking motion with his hand as he stares right at them. The crowd laughs, but Giani stomps toward him, chest puffed out, but it is Mickey and Xander who now hold him back, though everything in them wants to join him in beating up the opposition.

Dax: Looks like I hit a nerve... Alright, "This Six Man Tag Match will be contested under No Disqualification Rules..." I think I've read enough. Let's put our John Hancock's on this thing, shall we boys? Wait... that sounded kinda...

Dax pauses, while Andrew pulls the contract out of Dax's hand and signs it. The crowd cheers as Ivan takes the contract and signs it as well. Dax wastes no time in signing before slamming it down on the table. He holds his fist up in the air once more in celebration, while also taunting Bad Boys. Mickey sighs and picks up the contract and pen, looking it over for a moment before humbly requesting the microphone from Dax. Dax thinks about it for a second before handing it over. Mickey points to something in the contract and then talks it over for a second with Xander and Giani.

Mickey: I'm just a little bit unclear on one thing here... If the undersigned can't attack any of the participants of the match, and we 'aven't signed yet...

Mickey picks Dax up, thrusting him into the air as Xander leaps into the air, grabbing onto his head as he twists, bringing him crashing down through the table. Giani charges toward Darrell and Garcia, as they steady themselves to take him on when the realization of what's to come sinks in. They do the only smart thing and drop to the mat, dragging Dax out under the bottom rope as they try their best to prop him up. Giani grabs onto the top rope to stop his momentum, and he violently stomps as he lets out a loud battle cry of sorts. "Bangarang" plays once more as Xander picks up the contract and signs it, handing it to Mickey, who signs it next. Giani calms down just enough to sign the contract before practically slamming it into Erik Staggs' chest. He raises his fists into the air as Bad Boys celebrate their cunning moment of glory.


Backstage in the rear hallways of the Kezar Pavilion, Miss Rocky Mountains is seen walking straight ahead, microphone in hand as a woman on a mission. She eyes the doors along the hallway carefully, bypassing the ones reserved for the World Champions, and approaches the dressing room reserved for the remainder of the Superstars of Sin City Wrestling; including the Internet and Roulette Champions, and the rest of the talented roster.

Just as Miss Rocky Mountains raises a fist to give a light rap on the door, the door itself swings open and gives her a start.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Oh! Excuse me!

As she finds herself staring face to chest with Synn, the manager of the current Internet Champion, Despayre.

Miss Rocky Mountains: I wasn't expecting you to step out like that, Synn.

Synn: Yes, how silly of me not to check first to see if anyone was about to alert our attention to her presence before setting foot in the hall.

Miss Rocky Mountains seems caught slightly off guard, and runs her fingers through her hair before she clears her throat and tries another tactic.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Have you seen Despayre? I was hoping to get a word with him before his match against Chris Shipman, but I can't seem to find your boy anywhere. I've tried the cotton candy vendor and the popcorn vendor, and the man stationed at the Coke truck said he hasn't seen him.

Synn: Yes, well ... that's because he's in the dressing room. Given the nature of his match tonight and who he's up against, I thought it best he not go wandering off.

Miss Rocky Mountains: How is he doing? Is he nervous?

Synn: Considering that he only too recently found out what exactly a Shipman's House of Fun match is, yes. I would say he's just a touch nervous. Despayre hates cage matches and the violent nature of these types of matches are not his forte. Still... it doesn't make him any less determined.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Do you think I might have a word with him, personally?

Synn: If you can lure him out, more power to you. Now if you'll excuse me...

Synn steps past her and starts to walk down the hall.

Synn: The champion has a craving for some nachos and cheese.

The dressing room door suddenly swings wide open and Despayre leans halfway out.

Despayre: With extra EXTRA cheese!

Synn: Yes, Joshua! I'm well aware how little you need blood rushing to your feet.

Despayre laughs at his dad's sense of humor.

Despayre: Such a kidder!

When he looks up and notices who he is staring nose to boob with and his eyes open wide.

Despayre: Uh oh!

And before Miss Rocky Mountains can utter a word in edgewise, Despayre hurriedly closes the door on her.

Despayre: (from behind the door) You can't come in here! Its for boys only! And it's been quarantined! ... Quick, Angel! Give me a deadly disease! .... What do you mean you don't have a deadly disease!?

Gabriel: (from behind the door) Come on champ. Let's go see what the lady wants.

Despayre: (from behind the door) Nononononono!

But Gabriel did tend to have a manner of getting his way, as the door is again opened and Gabriel steers Despayre out into the hallway, but as he closes the dressing room door behind him, Despayre wrests his shoulders from Gabriel's hands and ducks behind his 'big brothers' back!

Gabriel: Despy...!

Gabriel turns around, but each time he turns on his feet, Despayre turns around as well to avoid behind de-hidden. Gabriel huffs and spins around, so that he's facing the dressing room door and Despayre is facing ...

Despayre: Shhh!

Despayre holds a finger to his lips and whispers to Miss Rocky Mountains.

Despayre: She'll never find me back ... oops!

Gabriel spins around and quickly grabs Despayre around the shoulders with his arm in a friendly one-armed hug and a means to keep him steady.

Gabriel: You wanted to have a word with the champ here, Rocky?

Miss Rocky Mountains smiles at the antics of the little scamp of a champion, who stares at her wide eyed and silent, his body frozen in a rigid state. His usual response whenever dealing with a stranger or a female type person.

Miss Rocky Mountains: I did, thank you. I know in two weeks time, you'll be defending the Internet Championship in a triple threat match against Calvin Harris and Xander Bishop, but tonight you have a match that may have a lot more on the line as you face Chris Shipman in a Shipman's House of Fun match.

Despayre just stares at her.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Despayre? Have you anything to say about your match tonight?

Despayre stares at her -- then glances up at Gabriel and gives him a nudge.

Despayre: Well?

Gabriel: Well, what?

Despayre: She asked you a question, Gabriel. You should answer her.

Gabriel: Me? I'm not Despayre, you are.

Despayre: Yeah but you know I don't like talking like that. Dad always talks for me. Or sometimes Angel does if dad is busy.

Gabriel: Well don't you think it's about time you started talking in these interviews yourself?

Despayre nods.

Despayre: Nope.

Gabriel looks at Miss Rocky Mountains and sighs before turning back to Despayre.

Gabriel: It's easy, Despy. All you have to do is talk about Shipman and the match. Say what you think.

Despayre frowns.

Despayre: Like what?

Gabriel: It's easy, Despy. Something like...

Gabriel clears his throat and looks to Miss Rocky Mountains...

Gabriel: Really? Shipman, again? The man acts all big and bad but isn't man enough to accept the fact that he lost at Inception II, now he's asking for the opportunity to lose again? Despayre's already proven he has Shipman's number. And what has he got to lose except for his dignity when he drops his own personal favorite match to Despayre? Shipman hasn't got anything to win, because he's not going to win. It's all downhill from here once that cage door closes and Shipman finds out that for everything he wants to do to Despayre, Despayre can do to him.

Gabriel turns to Despayre and gives him a wink.

Gabriel: Just like that. Okay?

Despayre nods with a smile.

Despayre: Okey dokey!

Gabriel: Okay then, go on.

Despayre: Go on and what?

Gabriel: Go ahead and say it.

Despayre blinks.

Despayre: But ... you already did.

Gabriel: I know Despy, but that was just for practice. You know, for when the camera gets here.

Despayre motions with his finger for Gabriel to lean closer. Once Gabriel does...

Despayre: PSST!

Gabriel flinches.

Despayre: The camera is already here.

Gabriel frowns, until he follows where Despayre is pointing and sees the camera -- and thus, us the viewer.

Gabriel: Sonofa...

Gabriel marches back into the dressing room as Despayre gives the camera a goofy smile and wave.

Justin: Ladies and gentleman our next match is scheduled for one fall!

The crowd erupts in a single huge pop as all eyes fall on the backstage entrance.

Simone: I have a feeling this match will be nothing short of brutal, Jason.

Adams: You could be right, Belinda!

The lights dim and soft white lights fade back in. The drums from 'Burning Down the House' by the Used begin to play. A bit of smoke trickles over the stage area and the crowd rises to their feet, beginning to cheer. As the guitars kick in heavy, bursts of pyrotechnics go off around the stage that elicits a loud reaction from the crowd.


As the smoke clears, out walks Drake Green with a giant smile on his face. His hair dripping wet and his t-shirt half soaked through. The crowd continues to cheer as Drake's smile only gets wider. He raises his arms up over and over, motioning for the crowd to get up on their feet.

Crowd: Massive cheers.

Simone: It just doesn't matter how long Drake is gone, the fans will always have the same reaction. Listen to them.


Green, still with a large smile, stands tall in long blue tights with his "DG" logo on each leg, a Male Symbol in his waistband, and blue matching kickpads with male symbols on the front. He is wearing white wristbands and his wet black, skin tight, t-shirt has his "Miss Me?" written on the front and "The Show Must Go On" written on the back. He raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. He taps his left fist over his heart twice and points back up to the sky in salute. Just as the chorus the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping the hands fans on either side of the railings but losing his smile a bit as a focused look comes over his face.

Justin: Introducing first...weighing in at 230 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois.......DRAAAAAKE GREEEEEEEN!

Drake acknowledges the fans in the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring. He walks around the entire rings, making sure he says hello to all the fans at ringside. Finally, he hops onto to the apron and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms again for the crowd, taking in the cheers. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, handing his t-shirt to the referee.

Monster by Skillet then starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the dangerous form of Rage steps from behind the curtain to a loud round of booing from the crowd.

Justin: And his opponent...Making his way to the ring weighing in at three hundred pounds. Now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada...RAGE!!!aa

Rage grips the golden King Of the Hill briefcase in his hand as he stares directly at the ring, refusing to acknowledge the fans booing and heckling him. He starts walking slowly down the ramp towards the ring. Once there, he stops just outside the ring, slides the briefcase in the ring under the bottom rope, and grabs a hold of the second rope. He pulls himself up to the ring apron and then steps over the top rope into the ring. He reaches down and picks up the briefcase where he walks it over and hands it to the timekeeper for safekeeping. He looks around the crowd with a dark and almost demonic look in his eyes as he stares across the ring at Drake, waiting for the bell to ring.

Simone: Man you can certainly feel the tension coming from that ring!

Drew Patton stands between the two men as they glare across the ring at one another and the crowd is going absolutely wild with anticipation. A few seconds later, Drew finally calls for the bell and the two head towards one another.


Rage and Drake stand toe to toe with Rage looking slightly down at the three time former World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer. Drake spits off a few words at Rage and Rage just nods, letting it go on. Rage then turns his head and starts laughing and just as it looks like he is going to turn away from Drake, he puts his hand on Drake's face and shoves him back, causing Showtime to fall down to the canvas!

Simone: That...might have been a bad idea.

Adams: Rage is laughing. Do you think he cares?

Rage is, indeed, laughing at what he had done. Drake just glares up at him as Rage keeps his head turned, continuing to laugh. Rage is too caught up in his own arrogance that he barely has enough time to react as Drake springs back to his feet and lunges at the former Sin of Wrath, unleashing a fury of hard right shots, trying to wear him down quickly! The crowd goes wild as Drake unleashes all his anger on the larger Rage and Rage stumbles back against the ropes, trying to block Drake's assault!

Simone: Drake has Rage right where he wants him!

Adams: Who'd have thought that Drake would get the better of Rage so quickly?!

Simone: I did. I mean, Drake does hold a victory over Rage already.

Drake doesn't hold back as he continues firing away at Rage and Drew has to step in with Rage being backed against the ropes. Before he can warn Drake to back off, however, Rage holds his arms up and blocks the next shot and he wraps his hands around Drake's throat! He lifts the former champion up and tosses him away with an amazing display of power and the fans erupt in a sickening display of boos!

Adams: Holy sh...

Simone: Jason! Language!

Adams: What? I was going to say shnitzel!

As Drake tries to quickly recover from being tossed halfway across the ring, Rage stalks over towards him, a demonic look in his eyes. He reaches down and grabs Drake by the throat, attempting to pull him back to his feet. Drake grips Rage's wrist, trying to get him to release his hold, but Rage doesn't let go and starts to pull him back to his feet! Once Drake is back to his feet, Rage prepares to hit him with a chokeslam but Drake starts fighting back and starts hitting Rage with a series of right elbows to the side of Rage's head! Rage doesn't let go right away, but with one final vicious elbow, Drake follows it up by getting his knee up to the big man's gut, Rage releases his hold on Drake!

Adams: It almost looked like Rage was going to finish Drake off early!

Simone: Close but no cigar.

Drake has to recover quickly and he grabs Rage by the head and nails a quick DDT! The fans are cheering loudly as he springs back to his feet. He rushes over to the ropes, quickly steps out to the ring apron and stares back into the ring as Rage is trying to get back to his feet. The big man is on his hands and knees as Drake grips the top rope and moments later, he launches himself over the top rope right at Rage and nails a springboard leg drop to the back of his head! Rage collapses right back down as Drake rolls him over onto his back and covers him!



Rage kicks out, with authority, just before the three count!

Simone: What another display of power by Rage. Drake is by no means a smaller competitor but Rage just tossed him up and off of him!

Adams: Drake doesn't seem phased by it! He's right back on the offensive!

Drake leaps back on top of Rage, grabbing the big man by his head and starts hitting him with a fury of right fists to the head! The fans are one hundred percent behind Drake, fueling his desire to defeat Rage! Once Rage is worn down and seeing stars, Drake gets back to his feet, reaches down and grabs Rage by his head and tries to pull the big man back to his feet. Because of his sheer size and him being almost dead wait, it's more difficult than Drake had expected but he fights anyway. He spins Rage around and drags him over to the corner and slams his head into the top turnbuckle! Rage is still seeing stars as he spins around, but Drake has him trapped in the corner!

Simone: Rage is not in a good spot right now. He may have the size advantage over Drake, but Drake is showing just why he is as accomplished as he is.

Adams: And Rage is looking pretty damn bad right now.

Drake continues his assault as he starts kicking away at Rage's midsection, trying to knock all the air out of him! It appears to be working as Rage starts fading quickly. Drake then drags Rage away from the corner by his head and takes him down with a spinning neckbreaker and he hooks the leg going for the pin!



3-NO! Rage gets his shoulder up!

Adams: That's Drake with two pin attempts and Rage with none. Rage needs to do something and fast. Drake is beating his arse!

Simone: I wouldn't count Rage out just yet.

Drake pulls Rage back up to a seated position and he kneels behind the big man. He wraps his arms around Rage's neck, putting him in a sleeper hold! The fans start cheering louder as Drake locks the sleeper hold in tighter and Rage tries to fight his way out of it!

Adams: You were saying, Belinda? Drake is schooling Rage!

Simone: We've seen Rage in tough spots in the past. Love him or hate him, all it's going to take is one powerful move.

Rage starts fading as Drake locks the sleeper hold in tighter and the fans cheer louder. His eyes begin to flutter and then close and his fighting stops. Drew checks on him and when he doesn't respond, he grabs Rage's arm, lifts it up and then releases it. His hand drops right back down.


Drake is nodding his head as Drew takes Rage's arm again, repeating the process. When he releases it, it drops right back down again.


Drake smiles as he feels the end is near. Drew takes Rage's arm one final time, lifting it up and holding it there for a second. He releases it and prepares to call for the bell, but just before his hand drops down, Rage brings it right back up and his eyes burst open! He starts fighting back as the fans boo and Drake shakes his head! In a display of power, Rage gets back to his feet, with Drake still having the sleeper hold locked in, but Rage reaches back, grabs Drake by his head and then gets him over his shoulder! He takes Drake down in a powerslam but it takes a lot out of both men, as Rage is still recovering from the sleeper hold!

Simone: See...there it is!

Adams: Yeah, but that took a lot out of Rage, too!

As both men are still down and trying to recover, the crowd erupts in a huge round of boos as running down the ring is the World Heavyweight Champion, J2H! Drew Patton is prepared to stop J2H from getting involved, but J2H stops just outside the ring, looks directly and Rage and starts shouting at him!

J2H: Come on Rage! Get your ass up! Finish him off!

Simone: And things just got worse for Drake with J2H being down here.

Adams: What? He just wants to support his J2Hism follower!

Simone: Sure.

J2H starts slamming his hands down on the apron repeatedly, trying to get Rage motivated. It seems to slowly be working, but Drake is also getting back to his feet, as he's pulling himself up by the ropes. Rage is leaning on the opposite side of ropes, staring across the ring at Drake. Drake glances over to J2H, glaring at the man he will be facing in just two weeks time, but he quickly turns his attention back to Rage just as Rage is charging at him! Drake goes to hit him with a superkick, but Rage blocks it and spins Drake around! He grabs Drake by the head and spins him around, going to toss him out through the ropes but Drew Patton somehow gets in the way and Rage sends Drake crashing right into Drew!

Adams: Oh great! The referee is down now!

Simone: How convenient...

Adams: Seriously? That's the worst thing that could happen!

Drake doesn't even realize what happened but Rage turns and looks at J2H. Both men are grinning from ear to ear as J2H rushes over to the timekeepers table, grabbing Rage's golden briefcase!

Simone: What did I tell you? This has now turned into a two on one situation for Drake.

The crowd is on their feet, booing viciously as Rage reaches down and pulls Drake back up. J2H slides into the ring with the briefcase and, making sure that Drew Patton is still unaware of the situation, Rage holds Drake back as J2H grips the briefcase! A few seconds later, he charges across the ring, attempting to hit Drake right over the head with the briefcase, but at the last second Drake drops down and out of Rage's grasp and J2H instead nails Rage with the briefcase!

Adams: Oh no! He hit Rage by mistake!

Simone: Well...I can't say they didn't deserve to have THAT backfire on them.

Rage collapses down, and his eyes go a bit cross-eyed! J2H stares down at Rage, in disbelief over what just happened! Drew Patton is slowly starting to come to and when J2H spins around, Drake is coming right at him, but J2H quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring as the crowd is going crazy! Drake doesn't offer J2H much more attention as he turns back around to the match at hand, and Rage. Rage is trying to shake away the starts to see straight, but Drake doesn't give him the chance as he sets him up and then delivers a double underhook implant ddt!

Simone: Show's Over! He just hit the Show's over!

Drake then slides the briefcase out of the ring as Drew is back to his feet and spins around just as Drake covers Rage and J2H is livid on the outside!





Drake gets back to his feet and Drew Patton holds his hand up.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen your winner via pinfall...DRAKE GREEN!!!

The crowd erupts in loud cheers as Drake's music hits the pa system once again and Drew holds his hand up in victory. Rage rolls out of the ring and slowly heads over to J2H as the two glare at Drake celebrating in the ring.

Simone: What a way to head into Blaze of Glory for Drake Green. He grabs another victory over Rage and now he's moving on to try and dethrone J2H as champion.

Adams: That's going to be a match for the ages!aa

Simone: That it is!

Drake stares down the ramp as Rage and J2H walk back towards the curtain. Drake glares right at J2H and makes a belt motion by his waist. J2H shakes his head as Drake points to him and Rage and J2H finally disappear backstage.


All eyes were on the ring as it appeared that the next bit of action for Sin City Wrestling was about to take place. However it was at that moment the audience was in for a special treat. Because it wasn't the next match. Instead what happened was a video began to air right there on the big screen. Right away it appeared to be a scenery of a beach of some kind. As the cameras panned out a little more. Something else became the focal point. More so someone else became the focal point and that someone else turned out to be "The Martyr" Calvin Harris. The man was lying there with swim shorts on, sunglasses hiding his eyes, and a drink in hand. A small smirk started to cross his lips.

Calvin Harris: Greetings from Italy, Sin City Wrestling.

Reaching up at that moment, he removed the sunglasses from his face and tossed them to the side.

Calvin Harris: Surely, it's going to break your hearts for me not being there tonight. I wish I could apologize for that, but I won't. You see some things are more important than wrestling. In this case my family and our vacation is more important than wrestling. It's more important than me being there tonight. If that's something you don't like, then so be it. It'll be something you have to get over.

There were some boos that could be heard in attendance. Something he couldn't hear, but those few fans had to make sure that their opinions were heard by someone.

Calvin Harris: And to be honest with all of you. I don't think I'd been there even if I wasn't on vacation with my family. Reason being is I don't want to put myself in a position where I had to worry about my championship opportunity at Blaze of Glory being put in jeopardy. Just so happens that I am sure it would have been if I was there. It would have either been put in jeopardy by Despayre or it would have been put in jeopardy by Xander Bishop. The two men that I'll be seeing in just a few weeks when the Internet Championship is on the line.

That triple threat match was slowly starting to gain a lot of attention. Very much could have been a match that ended up stealing the show. In that moment Calvin took the time to take a small sip from his alcoholic beverage.

Calvin Harris: As much as Despayre claims to be a fighting champion. As much as he likes to brag about the reign he's had with that Internet Championship. In the back of his mind he is indeed afraid of this coming match. He's afraid because for the first time during his reign. He's going to have to truly be forced to step up his game. For the first time during his reign. He's in a match where the odds don't favor him. For the first time during his reign, he's in a situation where that Internet Championship could very end up being ripped out of his grasp. But it has nothing to do with the Triple Threat element. In fact it doesn't even have anything to do with Xander Bishop. It has everything to do with me.

Pointing to himself for that brief moment.

Calvin Harris: Despayre looks at me and realizes I am his biggest challenge. Unlike ninety percent of the people he has dealt with in Sin City Wrestling. I haven't let one company define my career. I am the one person he hasn't faced a thousand times over. I'm one of the few people here in Sin City Wrestling that have competed elsewhere, competed all around the globe, and everywhere I went. I made a name for myself. Sometimes, I was the hottest guy in the company and everyone loved me. Other times I was a prick and everyone hated me. Point still is I was making a name for myself. Despayre knows the talent that I come with and even if he won't admit it outloud. Deep down it scares him and deep down, he doesn't want to be in the ring with me. Truthfully, he would have rather it been him and Xander one on one, because then it was a given that he'd end up retaining.

Those comments seemed to upset some of the members in the audience. They didn't appear to care too much for Calvin's remarks about the fighting champion. Course luckily for him he didn't have to listen to those comments. His smirk just remained in tact as he continued.

Calvin Harris: So, had I been there tonight. There's a very good chance that Despayre would have done whatever he could to take me out of the match to put himself in a position where he would have the upperhand. Thing is Despayre, with being the talent that I am and having the mind that I do have. I already know that was a real possibility which means your plans would have backfired. You're not getting out of being in the ring with me. You're not getting out of having to defend that Internet Championship against me. You are going to have to be forced to step out of your comfort zone and you're going to be forced to prove just how good you are. Either, you're going to be a man that rises to the occasion. Or you're going to be the man I pegged you for. You'll fold under the pressure and easily give the championship up to me.

His comments seemed to be very arrogant filled. Again this got under the crowd's skin and a few more boos could be heard starting to ring out through the arena. Though it didn't take very long at all for the Martyr to find himself switching gears.

Calvin Harris: And then there's Xander. You all saw the man piss yellow down his leg a few weeks ago when he had to get in the ring with me in a one on one setting. The only reason he was spitting all that trash talk and doing everything he could to peg me as a man that was racist was because he knew that between those ropes he couldn't hold a candle to me. Xander knew then what he knows now. Inside the ring he is going to be out wrestled. Anytime he's in that ring with me. I make him look bad. Whether it's I last longer than him in a battle royal or I make him stand in my shadow when it's a ladder match. Or even when I take him to the distance to a time limit draw. Nothing that Xander does in that ring is good enough to contest with me. Nor is it good enough to beat me and it pisses him off every single time. He can't stand to be embarrassed, he can't stand to be a joke, but the truth of the matter is... that's all he's ever going to be. A joke!

Then just like that the crowd had flipped. There were quite a few cheers starting to escape their lips. It appeared at that moment that Xander was the worst of the two.

Calvin Harris: I already know if I had been in that arena. He more than Despayre would have been the one to attack me from behind. He'd been the one to jump me with all his homies, because you know they don't fight fair and he knows that he couldn't take me on my own. Xander would have been the one to use every tactic in the book to see to it that I didn't make it to Blaze of Glory. Because he doesn't want to be embarrassed again. He doesn't want to be painted as a joke again. He doesn't want to be the one that ends up getting his shoulders pinned to the mat as I became the champion. He knows that's all a real possibility. His ego simply couldn't take it, but once again. I'm way smarter than Xander wants to give me credit for. I'm not going to give the jackass the chance to do what he wants to do. Instead, I am going to make him once again have to deal with me.

Each word was a big shot at Xander. Making the audience get a little louder with their reactions. Calvin simply smirked seemingly enjoying the direction he was going with things.

Calvin Harris: Let this speak out to you loud and clear, Xander. I don't hate you because you're black. I don't hate you because you're African American. Instead, I hate you because you're ignorant and I hate you because you're trash. This wasn't personal before, but it sure is now. Now more than ever I'm out to make you my bitch. It'll only continue at Blaze of Glory. So, you can call me all the names you want. You can hire all the lawyers you want. You can complain to management as much as you want. Fact remains the same. Results speak louder than words. You're going to get what's coming to you.

Chuckling just a little bit. Calvin proceeded to reach over and bring the sunglasses back over to his direction. He slid them back on the front of his face before he began to speak up again knowing he had the entire attention of the SCW audience.

Calvin Harris: Gentlemen... Mark your calenders down. Because in just a few short weeks, I'm going to add your names to a long list of victims and take what should have been mine all along. I will be your new Internet Champion. Because I am better than both of you!

Those turned out to be his final words. It got some mixed reactions from the fans. More boos than cheers, but the fact remained the same. Calvin truly believed in himself. That's when the big screen cut the video. Leaving the fans to not only what was going to happen at Blaze of Glory. It was also going to give the fans a chance to calm down a little bit and be able to enjoy the rest of the night's show.

The scene opens backstage locating a trashed locker room. There was turned over tables, chairs spread from one end to the other. Shards of glass smashed on the floors a broken mirror. The aftermath of what appears to be a backstage brawl yet no one was in sight.

Adams: What the hell?

Simone: Well Hot Stuff isn't going to like that.

Adams: Whoever is responsible for that is going to cop a HUGE fine.

The cameras move from the locker room down the back hallway finding another path of destruction. However, not a single sole can be found. There are broken monitors, torn curtains, over turned catering tables, food and scraps have been thrown all over the place. There is a trail of blood drops leading down the hallway heading towards the gorilla position.

Adams: I take that back, they are going to get a HUGE HUGE HUGE FINE.

The sounds of booing fans cause the cameras to cut away from the backstage area back to the ring to see Evie Baang dragging a lifeless looking Diamond down the rampway by her hair.

Adams: Scratch that Evie's getting suspended once Hot Stuff sees this.

The fans are pelting boos towards Evie as she viciously drags Diamond down the rampway. Her focus is purely on the ring in front of her. She wastes very little time in making her way towards the ring before she scoops Diamond up and pushes her into the ring under the bottom rope.

Simone: What the hell is this about?

The fans continue to hurl abuse towards her but she completely ignores them as her focus is on the ring in front of her as she stares a hole into Diamond's body in the ring. Evie glides over towards the steel steps floating up them with a slow yet confident aurora around her. Evie steps into the ring between the middle and the top rope before she walks around Diamond's body. She kicks at the fallen, member of The Fallen before she makes her way over towards Justin demanding the microphone.

Adams: Hopefully this will clear things up.

Simone: She has some explaining to do.

Evie brings the microphone up to her dep red lips and as she looks down at Diamond's still body the intenseness of her glare can be just seen under her large wolf like hoodie.

Evie: Do I have your fucking attention now Raynin? Mark Ward? Christian Underwood?

She starts to circle Diamond's body before she continues to speak.

Evie: Oh, and Raynin, Gothika... when you're done getting handouts, I'll be here ready and waiting to put you both six feet deep.

Her focus switches from Diamond to the camera inside the ring, staring it down.

Evie: Here's the reality of the situation...At Blaze of Glory... I'm going to bury each and every member in every fucking female tag team and Odette and I will walk out your NEW Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Champions.

With an evil grin, Evie signs, off with one last thing to say.

Evie: Mark, Christian... you're fucking welcome for breathing life into the tag team match at Blaze of Glory and to The Elders... tick, tick, tick...

Evie drops the microphone and a crunching sound ripples through the microphone before the Aussie looks down at Diamond's body once more. However, she decides to leave Diamond alone before she heads out of the ring and back towards the backstage area as the arena drowns the anti-bombshell in boos.

Cameras go backstage to see two men from The Monstimals of Henry Losak and Samuel McPherson. It's a strange sight to not see Lord Raab amongst the two men, but it's for a reason as they were mainly appearing for the upcoming tag title match as Henry begins to speak with Samuel standing behind him.

Henry Losak: "So obviously, Lord Raab isn't here tonight due to a deal he made with his brother on being in Texas to watch his twin brother Konrad Raab wrestle against Torsten Voigt at Supreme Championship Wrestling Retribution PPV tonight so from the family front, we will Konrad all the best of luck tonight, don't we Samuel?"

Samuel McPherson: "Yaarrp."

Henry Losak: "Of course we aren't here for that, we're here because we want to promote the tag title match at Blaze Of Glory PPV. We heard it's gonna be some sort of battle royal match. Fact is we heard Lord Raab and Samuel McPherson are in it and it's been a while since the last time they teamed up, well obviously because Raab had to deal with Goth at the time."

Henry paused for a minute as he sees notes Samuel wrote down and nodded at him before speaking again.

Henry Losak: "Of course now we got him out of the way along with the unexpected J2H match, we can focus right back on what we focused on in the first place, tag team titles. It's what they've been chasing ever since both Raab and Samuel got here and although they've lost, they've never been out of the running mainly because of their in ring progress, something everyone ignores and what Samuel said, it's becoming about who appears on camera the most and it makes Samuel and Raab sick."

Samuel pretends to wrench on camera as he speaks again.

Henry Losak: "Title shots shouldn't be earned that way, they should be earned by defeating certain teams, not by appearing on camera every week. Did anyone forget about The Monstimals being the first and only team to defeat Unholy Alliance in a tag team match? Of course cos you only focus on stars on camera instead of what they do in the ring. Lord Raab and Samuel don't do that shit, especially the day they got matches cos they are wrestlers, not entertainment camera appearance bullshit."

Samuel McPherson: "Naarrp."

Henry Losak: "Since the announcement, Samuel's been pretty fired up for the match and I know Lord Raab has as well. Lord Raab may get along with Ben Jordan now compared to before, but every other hatred Samuel and Lord Raab have had with The Elders and Unholy Alliance will be the same. Heck, there's even more teams The Monstimals have never faced adding their names to the list, even the champions Jet City Raab nor Samuel have faced."

Samuel shaking his head behind Henry and points out to the notes again as Henry speaks.

Henry Losak: "Samuel said in writing they are coming for those tag team titles no matter what match they've put themselves in and no matter how many times they'll attempt to win the tag titles until they accomplished their goals of being tag champion in SCW. Samuel said he and Raab will be the tag team champions of the world when they eliminate one wrestler after another with weapons to be thrown in too."

Samuel McPherson: "Yaarrp."

Henry Losak: "After all, they are still known for wanting those tag titles bad and they sure as hell are gonna get them one way or another by being the last team standing to finally become the new SCW World Tag Team champions. Guys of whoever teams The Monstimals face, we'll see you in two weeks time with Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab."

Henry and Samuel walk off backstage to find where Ben Jordan is to talk about things going on in Lord Raab's life as the cameras go back at ringside for the next match to take place on Climax Control tonight.

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a special grudge match!! This match will be contested under the special Shipman's House of Fun match!!!!

The fans cheer as others boo because of the danger and the graphic possibilities of this match are endless. Father Williams walks out from behind the curtain and signals for silence before the lights go out as I want it all from Queen hits as we see a golden light emerge as it lights the entrance way as Chris Shipman walks out to the arena wearing a Golden Robe with a cross on the back. He has his arms spread towards the fans as he has his eyes set upon his opponent. He finally gets to the ring as he opens his robe and reveals a golden wrestling tights and boots as he slowly walks up the ramp and stares his opponent down before entering the ring.

Justin: The first wrestler that has entered the ring stands in at 6'5 and weighs in at 265 pounds!! Hailing from West London, England!! "The Original Psycho!!" Chris Shipman!!!

The pulsating beat of Orgy's "Opticon" begins to sound over the public address system of the arena. The fans turn their attention to the stage atop the entry ramp and their wait is soon rewarded. Accompanied by Synn, Despayre steps out onto the stage, holding his teddy bear, Angel, by the fuzzy arm in one hand, with Synn at his side and they are greeted enthusiastically with cheers.

Simone: Former members of the Sins go face to face with each other in this non-title match!

Adams: I don't want to sound like a spoil sport, but I don't think Shipman even cares if it is for the title or not!! He wants to destroy Despayre!!

The bell has rang as Despayre is looking around the ringside area, the weapons that are hanging around or are on the outside of the ring. The cage that is around half of the ring as well as the chains that have replaced the ring ropes. He looks at Synn and tells him to hold on to Angel as he hands it over to him. Causing Shipman the opportunity to charge in onto Despayre from behind. Delivering an axhandle onto the back of Despayre, that causes Despayre to drop to his knees as Shipman grabs the hair of Despayre in his hands as he looks around before starting to pound away at the face of Despayre as Drew Patton can do nothing more than just look on as the Original Psycho pounds on a few more times before kicking Despayre into the chest. That causes the Internet champion to drop hard on the canvas as Shipman stares at Synn before grinning as he turns his attention back to Despayre as he sets him up for an elbow drop in the midsection of the champion, but Despayre manages to roll out at the final moment. Causing Shipman to hit the canvas hard. Despayre looks around the ring as the aggression causes him to be scared as well as upset as his eyes are open wide. He then stares back at Shipman, who slowly starts to get to his knees as Despayre charges in on him and starts to unleash him with quick and uncontrolled hand slaps across the face as well as driving series of fast forearms into the face of Shipman. He hits Shipman with a spinning kick to the face, that causes the bigger man to drop to the canvas as Despayre suddenly stops. Breathing heavy as he brushes his hair out of his face and looks on at the ringside area. His lower lip is trembling, clearly not feeling comfortable at the surroundigns as he suddenly turns to the screaming Synn. He walks over ot him, listening to him as he slowly calms down and turns his attention back to Shipman.

Simone: Clearly this surrounding is Shipman's advantage. Look at Despy!!!

Adams: HE is upset!! He needs to get his fear under control!! Or else this will be your biggest nightmare!!

Despayre runs over to Shipman, he jumps over towards him and hits him with a flying forearm before going for the cover. Only giving Drew the count of one as Shipman benchpresses the smaller and much lighter Despayre off of him. Despayre runs to the turnbuckles and stops as he is used to the ring ropes, but sees the cold and dangerous chains and staggers backwards as he is in trance of some sorts. Giving Shipman the opportunity to get to his feet and charges in on Despayre with a running avalanche from behind. Sending Despayre into the turnbuckles and chains with his sternum. Causing him to slowly drop to his knees in pain as Shipman grabs his first weapon from the cage wall on the left.

Adams: Oh no!! Not the night stick!!!

Shipman holds the night stick as he twirls it around for a few moments as he is waiting for Despayre to get back to his feet and turn around. Slowly the Internet champion uses the ropes to get back to his feet and turns around, only to walk into the night stick into his midsection. Causing him to fall down to the canvas on his hands and knees before Shipman repeatedly blasts the end of the night stick into the back Despayre. Causing him to fall down hard on the canvas and Synn to try to get in the ring as Shipman is warning him to stay out. The anger and hatred in the eyes of Synn is met by the eyes of sadistic pleasure from Shipman. Loving every moment of the torment on the face of Desyare as well as the anguish on the face of Synn. Synn gets back to the ring side area, staring at the two men in the ring as Shipman has his back turned to him. he grabs Despayre by the head as he uses the nightstick as weapon to choke Despayre with it. Before putting the arms of Despayre over his legs and puts him in a Camel Clutch submission hold. But instead of his hands around the face of Despayre, it is the nightstick that he holds in his hands as the night stick is around the throat area of Despayre.

Simone: This is sickening to watch!!!

Adams: I agree with you Belinda, I don't know if Despayre truly knew what he got himself into!!!

Drew Patton is checking on Despayre, asking if he wishes to give up as the champion apparently says no every time that he gets this question asked. Causing Drew to continue the match before Shpman lets go off the night stick around the throat of Despayre and grabs his head by one hand and drives the elbow of his other arm into the forehead of the champion. This causing him to drop to the canvas hard. There Shipman turns his attention to another weapon that is hanging onto the pole in the corner of the ring that seperates a part where at one side is a cage attached and the other side there isn't. His eyes are burning with passion as he stares at the weapon before grabbing it.

Simone: Shipman and a shovel?? Oh my, the horror that he can do with that!!!

Shipman plants the end of the shovel close to him and Despayre, where he then turns his attention towards Despayre and grabs him by the head and takes a few steps back from the shovel before putting Despayre's head between his legs and setting him up for a Powerbomb.

Adams: Oh no!! I think he wants to deliver a powerbomb on the shovel!!

Simone: NO WAY!!!

Shipman measures the distance between him and Despayre towards the shovel. As he points at the end of the shovel and his head as if to say he is going to drop Despayre's head on the end of the shovel. He lifts him up with ease, but Despayre somehow manages to slide out of his grip and lands behind Shipman. On his way down it is Despayre that manages to grab the neck of Shipman and drops him with a modified neck breaker on the canvas. Giving him some time to catch his breath while Shipman is clearly feeling the after effects from the move as Despayre is looking around and suddenly smiles.

Adams: What is he smiling at???

Simone: I don't know, but if he is smiling it means something good!!

Despayre runs to a corner of the ring, where at the pole in the corner hangs a bag with Angel's face pasted to it. He runs to it, grabs the bag and pulls it down as he looks into the bag and his smile grows even bigger as he puts his arm inside the bag, and pulls out.

Adams: Swimming goggles????

He pulls out the swimming goggles that are attached with a snorkel where he puts the mouth piece in his mouth and then pulls a large swim belt. He awaits Shipman to turn around as he puts the swim belt around the arms and waist of Shipjman, enabling him to mount any offence towards Despayre as he suddenly pulls out of the bag a...

Simone: A water gun???

There Despayre blasts some liquid in the eyes of Shipman before blasting the plastic devise into the face of Shipman. There he runs to the ropes and hits a running cross body block on the former Roulette champion and goes for the cover.

Drew: One!! Two!!

Shipman kicks out somehow as his shoulders are clearly difficult to get off the canaas. As he kicks out he tries to roll over to his side before trying to get to his knees. There we see Despayre having a jump rope out of the back and has tossed away the goggles and starts to jump up and down while using the jump rope before he suddenly stops and whacks Shipman with it in the face. This causes Shipman to drop hard on the canvas as we see a replay of the move from Despayre as the rope hit the side of Shipman's face around the cheek of him.

Simone: I know Shipman is a vicious man, but I'm glad it didn't hit his eyes!!!

Despayre celebrates by grabbing the bag and pulls out another teddy bear, similar to Angel, but a little bit different as it holds child like version of he night stick that Shipman used earlier. Despayre hands the bear over to Synn as he now has two and then turns around and stares at Shipman with a fun smile on his face. There he charges in on Shipman and blast the plastic thing into the head and face of Shipman. That clearly has not much effect on him before turning around and screams at the fans he will do it one more time. He runs to the ropes and comes off running towards Shipman, who has gotten to his feet and sidesteps before dropping Despayre with a drop toe hold. Where the sharp edge of the shovel hits the forehead of Despayre. Shipman tells Drew to get the swim belt off of him as Drew finally succeeds. Shipman grabs Despayre, who has barely moved and pulls him up by the hair. As we see a cut above the eyes of Despayre as Shipman starts to pound away on the cut. Causing his blood to drip from the side of his face as the gash has gotten bigger. Shipman then drops him as he suddenly sees barb wire and is mesmerized by it. He grabs the barb wire and instead of wrapping it around his fist, he wraps it around his feet.

Adams: What the???

Simone: IS this the infamous Chris Shipman initiation ritiual to new wrestlers that I have heard rumors off???

Blood flows from his hands and fingers as he has put the sharp object around his boot. He then looks around for another weapon as he sees a kendo stick. He then turns around and blasts Despayre in the face with it, causing his face to bleed some more as his hair is now covered in his blood as well. He then blasts the stick across the back and shoulders of Despayre before rolling him over for the three count.

Drew: One!! Two!! Thre....

Adams: NO!!!

Simone: How does he do it???

Crowd: This is awesome!! This is awesome!!!

Shipman can't believe it, he looks at Patton before looking back at the shovel and to Despayre. He grins as he grabs the shovel and sets the shovel close to the ring apron where the sharp edge of it leans over the apron and then turns back to Despayre. He sees him slowly crawl towards the ring chain ropes to pull himself up to his feet as his forehead is slowly dripping more and more blood. He then grabs a pair of scissors and aims it at the face of Despayre. Causing Synn to get enraged as he wants to climb in the ring and stop Shipman but is stopped when Shipman charges in on with it. Jumping backwards as he starts to warn Shipman not to use it. Shipman laughs at him as he turns around and we see Despayre hit a dropkick on Shpiman. Causing him to stagger backwards in the ropes as he stands over the shovel. We see Despayre regaining his composure as we see Despayre run over to him, he jumps upwards for a flying forear. But shipman catches him and throws him over his head to the outside of the ring. But Desapyre manages to grab the ropes and land on the apron and on top of the sharp end of the shovel as the impact causes the shovel to rise up and hit Shipman right between the family jewels as we see him drop to the canvas hard with a painful expression on his face. We see Despayre standing on the ring apron and jumps off for a springboard 360 splash on Despayre before hooking his legs.

Drew: One!! Two!! Three!!!

Simone: Good Heavens!! This match is over!!!

Adams: Good God!! I jus thope Shipman is alright!! That must have really hurt!!!!

Synn gets in the ring and helps Despayre as medics run into the ring and look after both men as both of them has suffered a lot

Open backstage to where we find Ms. Rocky Mountains holding up a microphone and getting ready to introduce her guest momentarily.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time ...Mercedes Vargas.

As if on cue, the Argentine Mean Girl and former World Bombshell Champion enters the shot to loud boos from the live audience. One only has to see Mercedes' expression to know she was in a jovial mood. Mercedes smiles anticipating Rocky's first question to start off the interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, it's been an interesting few weeks for you ahead of tonight's Climax Control. First, you were defeated by the newcomer Chelsea Payne in what many are calling a huge upset. But we also noticed Zuri Chastain providing commentary during the match, then we've seen you and Celeste North engage in several confrontations before your mixed tag team victory against her last week. What's your reaction to that?

The camera cuts to the arena and a wide shot of the crowd watching the interview on the video wall.

Mercedes Vargas: Really? I'm headlining Climax Control and challenging for the World Bombshell Championship and the first thing you ask me is about Chelsea, Zuri, and Celeste?

The camera now return backstage as Mercedes continues.

Mercedes Vargas: So, I guess if you were covering the SCW Hall of Fame ceremony and you had to interview, say, Misty, naturally your first question would be, "Hey, Misty, do you think Mikah will surpass your legacy as the greatest Bombshell of all time?"

Rocky just stands there as Mercedes raises her eyebrow.

Mercedes Vargas: Let me help you out here because it's obvious you leave people wondering how you still have a job. How about you ask, "Hey, Mercedes, how does it feel to be in your 15th main event of your career?" Or, even better, "Hey, Mercedes, how does it feel to be a soon to be two-time World Bombshell Champion?"

Mercedes waits for Rocky to begin.

Mercedes Vargas: Well? Come on.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, how does it feel to be in yo

Mercedes cuts her off with a gesture of her hand, clearly animated.

Mercedes Vargas: It's about time. I've had to wait four months to get another title match since I beat Crystal Millar in a non-title back on the Halloween Climax Control. Of course, she's no longer champion now, but that's beside the point. I can see why Veronica is upset having to wait in line for her rightful title match for the Bombshell Roulette Championship. Is this how you treat one of the most dominant stables in SCW? Really?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well, Christian Underwood did promise Veronica will be next in line whoever wins the final of the best-of-three series between Jessie Salco and Amy Marshall, but as far as tonight goes, you're facing Melody Grace for her title and she has beaten you in every meeting between you. How do you plan on changing that tonight and walk out the new World Bombshell Champion ahead of Blaze of Glory in two weeks?

Mercedes Vargas: How? Melody knows full well that there are few opponents that can really challenge her these days. She thinks I'm distracted because I'm back with the Mean Girls and helping out the Bad Boys whenever I can, but there's nothing more dangerous than a woman with nothing to lose. But she does. Because when I beat her and reclaim the World Bombshell Championship for the second time, her name will eventually end up on my checklist and she should be worried not just what's about to happen to her but more importantly that the Golden Couple won't be so golden anymore. Nobody on the men's roster can touch her boyfriend, but when desperate times calls for desperate measures, maybe Christian will call in a favor to Despayre and in turn he can convince Angel to challenge J2H so he can beat him for another title.

Mercedes divides her attention between Rocky and the camera.

Mercedes Vargas: Melody says she built her career on fulfilling dreams? Well, I've built mine on shattering hopes and destroying dreams, and I'll be destroying hers. Tonight. I'm no stranger to game changing matches or significant moments, Rocky. I was making history before making history became a thing. Next time you see me, I'll be walking into Blaze of Glory as World Bombshell Champion, so I hope Melody is counting the hours because her six weeks of fame is going to be over and her fairytale is going to come to an end.

Mercedes turns to the camera.

Mercedes Vargas: So, sorry, Chrissy, you won't be facing Melody for the title - at least, not one-on-one. And Vixen? If you're watching the show tonight, I'd hold off on that phone call and give my hopes up for that title dream match with Melody, too. Don't listen to her. Just do yourself and all of us a favor and stay away from SCW like you have been for the past three years. We like you more the less we see you.

Mercedes flips her hair back and then turns from the camera and back to Rocky. They engage in a staredown for a moment before the Argentine takes her leave and walks off as the scene fades back to ringside.

Simone: It has been a great night for SCW action so far but we have word that we will have word from our SCW Bombshell Champion Melody Grace.

Adams: Exciting it's always a pleasure when she comes out. I wonder how she is going to make people smile today.

All of a sudden Let's Get Ridiculous begins to play across the speakers. The moment it does that's when The cameras scan back to ring side while the lighting in the arena dims down to nothing. In the background a techno bass drum solo comes to life on the personal address system, before an array of bright coloured lights start flickering sporadically. "I'm laid back, I'm feeling this" sounds, alerting the crowd to the beginning of let's get ridiculous by Red Foo. As the arena comes to life with a night club vibe the lighting at the top of the ramp picks up. The lighting picks up the movement of the black curtains being pushed to the side and out walks two large muscular men. The men are dressed only in a pair of white shiny pants, while their shoes are made out to be horse hooves on top of their heads in a large Unicorn head hiding their identity. As the two shirtless giants make their way onto the stage, it's brought to everyone attention that they are each dragging a long thick piece of white rope. As the two men continue down the walkway, the item that they are pulling finally pops out from behind the curtain. But when the ride comes out it's not who we think it is.

Simone: What is the meaning of this!

Adams: This is ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!

Crystal Millar emerges from the back with a replica Bombshell championship across her shoulder. Her hair is dyed blonde and she skips to the ring wearing a J2H for President t shirt. She seems to be all smiles as she makes it up to her feet and calls for a microphone.

Crystal: California!!!!!!! Melody Grace is in the house where are my Melephants at?!?!?!

The crowd welcomes her with loud roars of boos and Crystal seems shocked as she paces around.

Crystal: You can't boo me! I am your World Bombshell Champion! I promised the world that every match would be as if I was defending the title EVERY NIGHT and this is the thanks you give me! But I know why all of you are booing it's because I cried and cried for competition the last few months. Even back to when I was the Internet Champion and NOBODY EVER GIVES ME ATTENTION! Why... Why.... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Simone: Somewhere Melody Grace will not be happy with this.

Adams: I don't think ANYONE is happy with this.

Crystal: The truth is I really don't want competition I never did! Because the very moment Crystal Millar answered the challenge I was just like Dexter. I was quick to DUCK the challenge! And call out a bunch of scrubs who don't deserve the title like Vixen!

The crowd begins to boo Crystal louder and she seems to be in shock as she looks at everyone in awe.

Crystal: Don't boo me! Why because I said scrub... Scrub a dub dub.... I want a rubber ducky balloons, and everything so happy! I know why you should be booing though because whenever I hold a championship belt it's like I am a cancer. Nobody wants to fight me, everybody runs away. Do I have bad breath?! I mean...

Crystal blows into her hand as she turns her nose up.

Crystal: GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS I do it's so bad!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really bad... You know though in a serious note everybody knows Melody is ducking me. The world knows it, these people know it! They all want to see me beat the snot out of that bubbly blonde happy go lucky piece of junk and I am the woman destined to do it. Hell it doesn't even matter if she is champion or not. I want my rematch clause and I better damn get it.

Crystal tosses the microphone as she exits the ring and torments the people wearing Melephant shirts.

Bounce by Emphatic can be heard over the speakers. Fans rush to their feet as Jason Adams begins to speak .

Adams: I know that music...that is the music of the one and only Vixen Staggs. I hope she is here!

Simone: Sorry to disappoint you Jason but I don't think that she is...

On a split screen, the image of a wrestling ring can be seen with the words live via Skype flashing in the corner. Suddenly, Vixen Staggs walks into view, her hair matted to her sweaty forehead and dressed in a light tee that is knotted at her midsection over a pair of wrestling tights.

Simone: Vixen Staggs, I guess you are here to answer the challenge put out to you by our current Bombshell champion Melody Grace.

Adams: Please tell me that you are going to accept and that you will be here next time.

Vixen leans on the top rope, her taped hands crossed at the wrists as she begins to speak..

Vixen Staggs: Yes I heard about the dream match challenge from Melody Grace about facing me because she doesn't have anyone that wants to face her.. And you know, part of me misses the ring and the wrestling and of course the fans...

The crowd can be heard to be chanting Vixen's name while she pauses for the effect before speaking again.

Vixen Staggs: And I get it, I really do. I have been watching Climax Control and I have to say that she's right. But I also have to say that I am not convinced that she really wants to face me because she wants to face me. I am convinced it is all a monkey see monkey do when it comes to the Golden couple of SCW. And sitting back, all I can say is...

Vixen brings up her hands and makes air quotes.

Vixen Staggs: Not my circus and definitely not my monkeys. If she needs to be validated by facing a legend just like her little boy toy is, then she picked the wrong legend to challenge because I have nothing to prove. And she has nothing as incentive.

Simone: She's the Bombshell champion Vixen...

Vixen Staggs: Who is saving her title because I heard her last week say that people can't just walk in and get a title shot Belinda. So what incentive would I have to come back. And before you say it, this is not a ploy to get the title shot that I am owed. This is me point blank saying that there is nothing that could motivate me to come back to face Melody...

The fans begin to chant "Come back Vixen" which brings a slow smile to the face of Vixen.

Simone: What about that?

Clutching the top rope of the wrestling ring she is standing in, she leans forward.

Adams: Please come back please come back...

Vixen Staggs: Except that. I put it to you fans...Did you want me to come back and face Melody Grace one on one?

The fans scream yes.

Vixen Staggs: And did you want her to put her title up against me for my rematch clause that I have yet to be given?

The fans again yell yes which brings a smile to the face of Vixen who slowly begins to nod.

Vixen Staggs: The fans have spoken Belinda. I am looking forward to facing Melody Grace in what many would say is a dream match. And if she is woman enough, she'll put her title up too. But seriously from what I have seen...that isn't going to happen I am sure. Let's just say I hope she or someone there surprises me with it being a title shot. I'm ready to sign on the dotted she going to be ready for me when I return...I think not.

With that, the Skype feed fades out as Bounce once more plays over the speakers as the fans chant Vixen's name.

Simone: It looks like your dream will be fulfilled Jason, Vixen is going to come back.

Adams: I just can't wait!!!

The cameras open backstage to find Pussy Willows standing backstage looking for an interview. She looks from left to right looking for anyone, but it appears that the back halls are empty this week.

Adams: Maybe I should go backstage and Pussy could interview me?

Simone: And what interesting items do you have to say?

Adams: I have a lot.

Simone: None that we care for.

As Pussy continues to look for the scoop the fans in the arena bu

to life as the World Bombshell Champion can be seen skipping down the back hallway, her championship proudly wrapped around her waist while in her hands she has a silver tray filled with donuts. As Melody skips on by she passes Pussy before she decides to skip backwards and offer her work Mom a tasty treat.

Melody: Donut mom?

Pussy shakes her head from side to side before she quickly takes advantage of this situation.

Pussy: Melody can I have a quick word with you?

Melody looks at the tray filled with donuts before she turns back to look at Pussy Willow.

Melody: Sure?

Pussy: What are your thoughts about what Crystal is saying about you?

Melody turns from looking at Pussy and back down to her tray with a mountain of donuts on it covered in different colours and toppings. Her eyes widen as she spots a bright pink one with sparkles in it, as her mouth starts to water.

Pussy: Melody... earth to Melody?

Melody continues to eye up her prize before she looks back to Pussy.

Melody: My thoughts? I doesn't matter what my thoughts are and I'm NOT ducking her... I could say yes I could say no she is still entitled to a rematch so let he come... let he act like a crazy, irrational goose why she tries to beg for a match that she is already entitled to. Like I said in my promotional this week, if I make it pass Mercedes and Vixen she is next in line... so she can just pipe down and wait her time. I'm sick of people just walking in and clicking their damn fingers and expecting everyone to drop what they are doing to accommodate them. It's lame and boring, unlike these little beauties in my hands.

Pussy: Melody don't you think you should address Crystal correctly so she can stop threatening everyone in your life?

Melody turns at the camera.

Melody: Crystal, blah, blah, blah... yes, no, yes, no, you smell, I'm the champ blah, blah blah... I'll see you when your number is called now stop acting like a zany cow and get over yourself. Better?

Pussy tries to hide her smile with her next question.

Pussy: Is that all you wish to say?

Melody: For now? Yes because I have a Championship Match up to prepare for which will feel like a maths test AND I have donuts to deliver so, I can't be tied down to nonsense of people mocking me or trying to get under my skin. It's not going to happen, plus they all say the same crud, it's sickening. Now are you sure you don't want one of these?

Melody offers her a donut once again and Pussy finally gives in and starts to look at the goodies on the tray before the footage stops and returns back to the ring.

Hot Stuff Mark Ward sits in his office, when a knock at the door causes him to lift his head up to look towards it.

HS: Come in.

Pussy Willow walks in to the room, looking at the boss as he sits behind his desk.

HS: Yes?

Pussy: Boss, can I ask you a question, concerning the Bombshell championship?

Hot Stuff leans forward on his desk, putting his elbows on the desk.

HS: Go on then.

Pussy: Tonight, Crystal called out Melody again, but Vixen responded to Melody, accepting her match at Blaze Of Glory VI, so who will be facing Melody at Blaze Of Glory VI?

Hot Stuff leans back in his chair, smiling at Pussy.

HS: I know you and everyone in the arena, everyone watching at home, you're all sitting there waiting for me to announce a triple threat match.... Well that is not what you're gonna hear, so sorry to disappoint you all.

Hot Stuff straightens his body up.

HS: Why would I even think for a second of rewarding Crystal Millar with a title shot when she packed up her bags and fucked off, probably wrestling elsewhere, but not here, why should I reward disloyalty with a title shot? Crystal thinks she's this big old star, but she ain't done shit for me lately. She lost and ran away to where ever else, and she thinks she can come here and demand a shot at the title. Sorry sweetheart, it don't work that way. Get in line.

Hot Stuff pauses for just a few seconds.

HS: So what is going on? Well, we have a legend returning to face J2H for the top belt in his division, Vixen was here earlier, do you see where this is going?

A wide smile breaks out on his face.

HS: At Blaze of Glory VI, Melody Grace will defend against another Hall of Famer, in Vixen. That should answer your question.

Pussy smiles at the exclusive as the scene cuts out.


Simone: It's time for the Main Event of the Evening and it is for the World Bombshell Championship as Melody Grace defends against Mercedes Vargas of the Mean Girls.

Adams: Melody will most certainly have her mind focused on her title match at Blaze of Glory against Kate Steele but tonight she has no small task ahead of her as Mercedes is one of the Grand Slam Champions of the Bombshell Division including matching the current record of being a Three Time Bombshell Roulette Champion.

Simone: And tonight, she looks to add to her impressive resumes by beating Melody Grace just barely a month after she won it from Crystal Hilton, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following contest is your Main Event of the evening scheduled for one fall! And it is for the World Bombshell Championship!

The lights in the arena drop down as a pink glow takes over the stage. The fans look on in wonderment. "Amazing" by Hi Fashion hits over the PA system as the lights begin to flash like cameras from all over the arena. The fans give a loud ovation of booing as the camera pans in. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, representing The Mean Girls and accompanied by Delia Darling, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing 125 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Mercedes enters the ring and poses for the crowd who greet her with boos, however the music doesn't even get a chance to stop before Jacob Summers marches over to the ring ropes, points to Delia and then to the back making his intention clear as the crowd goes crazy.

Simone: Jacob isn't even waiting for Melody to make her entrance before he lays down the law!

Adams: And the Mean Girls aren't happy!

Mercedes and Delia start arguing with Jacob but he stands his ground eventually getting Delia to leave the ring (though only after he threatened to throw out the match before it even began and award the win to Melody), as if that wasn't bad enough for Delia as she is making her way up the ramp the cameras scan back to ring side while the lighting in the arena dims down to nothing. In the background a techno bass drum solo comes to life on the personal address system, before an array of bright colored lights start flickering sporadically. "I'm laid back, I'm feeling this" sounds, alerting the crowd to the beginning of let's get ridiculous by Red Foo. As the arena comes to life with a night club vibe the lighting at the top of the ramp picks up. The lighting picks up the movement of the black curtains being pushed to the side and out walks two large muscular men. The men are dressed only in a pair of white shiny pants, while their shoes are made out to be horse hooves on top of their heads in a large Unicorn head hiding their identity. As the two shirtless giants make their way onto the stage, it's brought to everyone attention that they are each dragging a long thick piece of white rope. As the two men continue down the walkway, the item that they are pulling finally pops out from behind the curtain.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-nine pounds, from St. Helena California she is Sin City Wrestling's Little Miss Sunshine and the reigning and defending World Bombshell Champion Meeeeeellloooody Grrraaaaacee!!!

The fans come to life with cheers as now on top of the stage Melody is seen sitting on top of a carnival ride. She's seated on a large white Unicorn who is sliding up and down a golden pole; like a merry go round. Sitting side saddle in-between, the wings of the unicorn Pegasus Melody starts waving adoringly to her fans, who are cheering her on. The two giant men drag the Carnival ride to the middle of the ramp way with Melody taking a moment to wave good-bye to Delia as she makes her way up the ramp before each setting down their ropes and making their way towards the moving horned horse. Both men reach up and grab onto Melody's delicate figure and help her down from the unicorn. Giving each of the boys a firm hug the bubbly blonde takes off towards the ring slapping the fans hands along her way. While the men drag her noble steed back up the ramp, Melody finally reaches the ring steps that she quickly runs up. Walking along the ring apron giving the fans a little shake of her tail feathers but it's then that Mercedes strikes hitting Melody with a forearm smash that sends her flying off the apron.

Simone: Well, that was just uncalled for!

Adams: Jacob just ejected Delia from ringside so I think it's safe to say that Mercedes has a lot of frustration that she wants to take out right now!

Jacob admonishes Mercedes but the challenger ignores him before she slides out of the ring and picks up Melody before slamming her back first into the barricade three times, satisfied with her work Mercedes grabs Melody by her hair and throws her into the ring where she follows the champion in prompting Jacob to call for the bell.

Simone: And the World Bombshell Title Match is underway! Unfortunately for Melody she didn't even get a chance to remove the title from her waist before Mercedes attacked her.

Adams: And Mercedes is pinning her before Melody gets a chance to take it off either!

1.......2.......and Melody kicks out! Mercedes takes a moment to argue with Jacob giving Melody a chance to remove the title belt and slide it out to a waiting stage hand but as soon as the title is held over to the timekeeper Mercedes picks up Melody only to be hit with a jawbreaker stunning her whilst Melody goes to the nearest corner, once Mercedes has recovered she charges in and Melody gets her feet up looking to counter it only for Mercedes to grab her feet, swing her so that her legs are on the middle rope and hits her with a hair-assisted matt slam.

Adams: Melody just showed that she swings both ways!

Simone: Err.........

Adams: I'm going to get fired for that slip, aren't I?

Mercedes goes for her second cover of the match 1.......2.......and Melody kicks out, undaunted Mercedes goes for another cover this time putting her feet on the ropes....... but Jacob catches her almost immediately and stops the count before it even began! At this point, Mercedes gets in Jacob's face accusing him of biased officiating but Jacob stands his ground and ultimately the only thing Mercedes gets from the argument is a roll-up by Melody who used the argument to regain her bearings.

Simone: 1.......2.......

Adams: And Mercedes kicks out! I can only imagine how unhappy Mercedes would've been if her argument had cost her the match!

Both Bombshells get to their feet and Mercedes tries for a clothesline only for Melody to duck under it and hit Mercedes with a German Suplex bridging for the pin in the process 1....2......and Mercedes kicks out! Rather than let Melody press the advantage any further Mercedes rolls out of the ring and whilst Melody does try to follow her out Jacob stops her before resuming his ten count, undaunted Melody climbs the top rope and waits for Mercedes to turn around whilst balancing herself, Mercedes does so once Jacob's count reaches five and Melody leaps.......

Simone: Mercedes caught her off the cross-body attempt!

Adams: This could be bad news for Melody!

Melody tries to break free but it's no use as Mercedes gets a running start and rams her back first into the nearest ring post, rather than leave it at that Mercedes notices that the ring post she picked has steel stairs on them so she drops Melody and proceeds to Powerbomb her onto the steel steps! Mercedes rolls in and out of the ring to break Jacob's count before it can reach the count of ten before rolling Melody back into the ring.

Simone: If Melody's back wasn't hurting before, it is now.

Adams: Am I alone in having flashbacks to Amy Marshall's rematch against Raynin? The one that had to be stopped because the damage to Amy's back had gotten to the point where she couldn't move?

Simone: I'm being reminded of that as well, let's hope that Melody's title reign doesn't end that way!

Mercedes goes for a lazy cover thinking that she has the win, and the title, in the bag 1.......2.......and Melody kicks out! Once again Mercedes gets in Jacob's face about a slow count but Jacob is having none of it and orders Mercedes to continue the match, she does just that picking Melody off the matt before she can even regain her bearings and locks in an Abdomable Stretch putting as much pressure on Melody's back as she can.

Simone: Melody's in a tight spot here!

Adams: But if anyone can fight out of it it's Melody!

Mercedes keeps the pressure on whilst Jacob checks on Melody, sensing an opportunity Mercedes reaches out and grabs the top rope to apply even more pressure but even so Melody still doesn't give up and Mercedes lets go off the ropes just before Jacob goes over to check on it, however as soon as Jacob goes back to Melody Mercedes grabs the top rope again and process repeats until the third time where Jacob catches Mercedes in the act, Mercedes quickly lets go off the top rope and tries to protest her innocence but the distraction gives Melody the chance she needs to reverse Mercedes's submission hold into an Arm Drag which she follows up with a Dropkick.

Simone: And just like that, the tide has turned!

Adams: Or not! Mercedes is retreating to the outside again to stop Melody's momentum in its tracks!

Melody goes to follow Mercedes to the outside but Jacob orders her to back off before leaning between the top and middle ropes to apply his ten count, Melody is having none of this and runs to the opposite side of the ring before leaping over Jacob and going for a Summersault Plancha.........but Mercedes catches her and goes to Powerbomb Melody again this time onto the ring apron, fortunately for Melody she quickly picks up on Mercedes's plan and repeatedly punches her in the face before hitting her with a Hurricanrana!

Simone: Melody's quick thinking might have just saved her career, let alone her title reign!

Adams: At least she'd have J2H around to give her a back message, and other things that I won't get into without being told to keep it clean!

Melody rolls Mercedes back into the ring just in time to break Jacob's ten count before it ended the match and Melody follows her in, rather than go for a cover however Melody climbs to the top rope and waits for Mercedes to get to her feet, when she does Melody goes for a Moonsault Press only for Mercedes to catch her and hoist Melody up.

Simone: Mercedes is looking to end this with the Black Rose Overdrive!

Adams: Melody realizes this as well and she's fighting Mercedes's attempt!

Eventually Melody manages to slip out the back of Mercedes's finisher, trips her up and locks in her finisher.

Simone: Melody has the Quackers locked in!

Adams: That can't be good for her already injured back but Mercedes has nowhere to go!

Mercedes tries to reach the bottom rope but she's too far away so she tries to fight out of it, realizing that it's no use Mercedes has no choice but to tap out.


Simone: A great effort by both women but in the end, Melody was able to retain!

Adams: If that doesn't send a strong message to her challenger at Blaze of Glory VI, nothing will!

Melody lets go off the hold and is given her title by Jacob and, despite clearly favoring her back, she celebrates her win up the ramp.

Simone: And Melody moves on to Blaze of Glory VI as the champion!

Adams: And her championship defense is going to be big! Big! Big! Big!

Simone: The event in its entirety will be big, and it is just two weeks away! For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone!

Adams: See you in Stockton!

Melody holds her championship up high at the top of the ramp as the credits start to roll...

Thank you! To Chris, Mark, The Lord MK, Polly, Marge, Dustin, Annie, Gerrit, Jenny, Mercedes, Todd, Fizz, Andy, Miranda, Erik, Calvin Harris and Court. Also thanks to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed!