Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the BeeHoldzil Fighting Scouts Events Center in Fort Defiance, Arizona. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the building itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the BeeHoldzil Fighting Scouts Events Center in Fort Defiance, Arizona and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda walks out dressed in a lovely, pearl-white blouse and dress with her chestnut hair worn down and thick rimmed glasses over her eyes. The 'folk' style music begins to play and the song begins.

Amanda: Oh, listen to the story of a Greek romantic fool,
I fell in love with my teacher when I was at school.
But I knew our love could never be, she could not be mine,
For she was nearly 23, I was 39.

I went to my first dance, and I met sweet Mylene,
She had the loveliest eyes that I have ever seen.
I said, "Within your lovely eyes I could live and die."
She said, "The left one ought to suit you then, 'cause it's got a sty."

One day I was as miserable as I have ever been,
I went into a phone box to try to get in touch with Mylene.
A policeman came and turned me out, I still can hear him yell,
Then he went back into the phone box, and he turned her out as well.

So I took her on a picnic, because our love was pure.
And there we saw a cow getting oh so friendly with a bull.
I said "Oh how I would love to do what that bull's doing now."
She said "Why don't you ask then, she looks a friendly cow."

The fans in the building laugh and applaud as Amanda dances her way off-stage at the number's close.

Simone: Hello everyone and welcome to SCW Climax Control! I am Belinda Simone...!

Adams: And I'm finally off the loo and back to my normal self so I can do these intros again and give Mark a break...

Simone: Oh god... he's doing it again!

Adams: He is? Who? Point `em out! Is someone giving you a hard time!?

Simone: You are!

Adams: Me? Perfect! I know my every move!

Simone: Then go have at it so we can get this show underway. We are just two shows away from Blaze of Glory V and as we whittle away at the remaining teams in the Blast From the Past IV tournament, we also prepare for some epic confrontations at our biggest event of the year.

Adams: Yeah and it starts tonight with the opener when James Tuscini takes on Travis Nathaniel Andrews!

Simone: There have been some butting of the heads already between some of these alpha males in SCW, particularly revolving around the roulette championship, and this match may spell out things to come in Phoenix, Arizona. Then we'll be having a Triple Threat match involving the Bombshells of Sin City Wrestling.

Adams: Who says the Bombshells aren't treated as fairly as the men? They get just as much chance to shine as the blokes!

Simone: I've always thought so, and tonight it's the 'White Rabbit' Jaina Hudson taking on Melody Grace and the third woman in, Jenny Tuck!

Adams: You think Candy Overton will be paying attention to this one?

Simone: Considering what's to come at Blaze of Glory IV, she'd be foolish not to.

Adams: Then we have our first Blast From the Past IV tourney match of the night!

Simone: And it'll be revisiting an old rivalry when Casey Williams and his partner of Roxi Johnson takes on Casey's 'old friend' in Despayre and Crystal Millar. The winner advances to next week's semi-finals.

Adams: And did the temperature just dip a few degrees here in Arizona?

Simone: No, that's just the newcomer Dmitri who'll be making his official in-ring debut, and he has got a test to overcome!

Adams: I'll say! Tim Staggs is a third generation Superstar AND a former World Tag Champion!

Simone: But with the obstacles he's been suffering at the hands of Brother Grimm, can he stay focused on this one?

Adams: Hey we were supposed to see Lord Raab and Drew Stevenson in a match next... wha' hoppon?

Simone: Unfortunately that match has been canceled as both men had travel issues and are unable to make it here tonight.

Adams: They got caught up in that Trump Rally brawl in Tucson, didn't they?

Simone: No comment.

Adams: That means we go straight to the Main Event!

Simone: And the last of the Blast From the Past Quarter-Final matches is in fact the Main Event when the Roulette Champion Steve Ramone and his unwanted teammate of Alexis Edwards take on Melanie Gabrielle and Connor Murphy!

Adams: And awaaaaay we go!

"I pledge allegience to the flag of The Fearless Champion Steve Ramone"

"I want what's coming to me."
"So what's coming to you?"
"The world chico, and everything in it"

Simone: Oh goody, Steve's coming out.

Adams: I thought he was married to Charlotte.

Simone: That wasn't what I meant and besides he's going through a divorce at the moment

Following the quote "I Want The World And Everything In It" by Battle Beast begins to play over the PA System as Steve comes out from the back air guitaring on the championship belt whilst doing his best Malcolm Young impression, Cyrus and Andreas join him on stage as he reaches the middle of the ramp and holds the title high before making his way down to the ring singing along to the song as he does, once he reaches the ringside area he slides the belt into the ring before rolling in and picking it back up and holding it high whilst his bodyguards join him.

Adams: Even so I wonder what he wants.

Simone: My guess? It has to do with James' challenge last week, that or his interference in Joshua Acquin's match against Matt Spears last week.

Steve takes the mic from Justin as his music dies down.

Steve: I've said it once and I'll say it again, I don't do charity cases.

Steve says as he slings the Roulette Title over his shoulder.

Steve: Josh couldn't even beat some scrub called Matt Spears, what chance does he have against me? And James? Who does he think he is calling me out! That said I'm actually out here to call SCW's resident pizza man out!

Simone: Please tell me he didn't say that.

Adams: He did!

Steve: James, get your mafia ass out here, I have an offer for you!

Face Fisted by Dethklok begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. We watch as red, white, and green, spotlights flash around the entrance area. We see James "Guido" Tuscini step out from the backstage area and he plays the crowd by waving and flexing his muscles. James makes his way across the landing and then he heads down the ramp to the wrestling ring, he grabs a mic before entering the ring glaring at Steve the whole time.

James: SCW's resident pizza man? Oh that's rich! Where did you get such an original insult from?

Steve: I came up with it but that's beside the point, do you really think that you have a claim to this?

Steve says as he holds up the Roulette Title with his free hand and James shakes his head.

James: I never said that I wanted a title shot, I just want a match with you anytime, anyplace.

James tries to get in Steve's face but Cyrus and Andreas block him.

Steve: That's all you want? Step aside boys.

Steve instructs his bodyguards and they step aside.

Steve: Provided I somehow lose tonight's main event I say we have a match next week! You, me, one on one, normal rules and more importantly no title on the line! Not only that but if by some miracle you beat me I'll give you a shot at the belt in the near future! What do you say, cagna?

Simone: What did he say?

Adams: Think that was his attempt at Italian.

James: You do realize that you just called me a bitch right?

Steve nods in response.

James: In that case your on!

James says before he leaves the ring and heads up the ramp dropping the mic along the way.

Steve: Oh and James?

James looks up.

Steve: Good luck against Travis, you'll need it!

James shouts back some swear words at Steve as he heads to the back and Steve follows him alongside his bodyguards.

Simone: What did he mean by that?

Adams: I don't know but that match is coming up soon.

The camera focuses on the name plate of the SCW World Championship title belt, reading "J2H" the crowd instantly boo as the camera moves back to show J2H sitting on a sofa again, in his highly expensive looking dressing room once more with the floor is covered with thick red carpet, a long leather, comfortable looking sofa in front of a fifty inch television screen, as well as another thirty two inch screen next to it and the Playstation 4 connected to the bigger screen with a fully stocked mini fridge to his left. The champion pulls his title on to his lap from the sofa cushion and rests it on his shoulder as he looks down the camera.

J2H: I don't know why you're booing, you knew I would be here because I am not a part time champion. Wouldn't expect too many other champions to be here to grace you with their presence. Has Goth or Team Hero or Kate Steele actually been at the shows this past month to talk to you and promote their division?

J2H taps the side of his head.

J2H: Nope, they show up, they wrestle and they go and I wouldn't hold your breath on them talking to you tonight because they are awful champions, but I will come and talk to you because I am the greatest champion this place has ever seen.

An arrogant look crosses J2H's face.

J2H: I'm here to promote my division while these fraud champions want the glory of being a champion without putting the effort in. That is not me, so here's where you all, and by all I mean you so called fans and you people who think you're professional wrestlers backstage here, sit up and listen.

J2H leans forward on the sofa.

J2H: As soon as I got this title belt, I called out everyone on the roster to come and step up to me and only one man opened his mouth. If you lazy bastards bothered to watch promos, you'll know that man is Connor Murphy. Connor's got his eyes on my prize. Someone in SCW has a pair of balls to actually want what I have, but Connor, have you ever wondered why you haven't been past the dire lands of mid card? You associate with nobodies and expect to face a somebody. Throw me beating the whole roster in my face, but you was a man who was too scared to actually be involved. No one is buying your tag titles being more important.

J2H slowly shakes his head.

J2H: No one is buying that at all. Who puts a second rate title in front of the biggest title in the world? No one! Just a piss poor excuse for you not wanting to step up. You beat me before, well done, give yourself the biggest round of applause known to man. You beat me when I couldn't be bothered. Know what happens when I can be bothered?

J2H runs his hand over the World championship belt.

J2H: This happens Connor, I win titles you can only dream of having. I am a fighting champion, so I'm gonna make that choice for you Connor. If you don't win this whole Blast From The Past pointless bullshit, Blaze of Glory V, I will give you your chance at my title. Congrats Connor, one way or the other, you're going to be Cinderella cause you will go to the ball.

J2H holds up his hand.

J2H: But don't get too excited because you're not the only one I'm happy to take on. My offer to the roster stands. If you haven't got a title belt right now, because well, you should be focused on making your own belt worth something rather than looking at mine, then at Blaze of Glory, I will happily give you the chance to main event the biggest show of the year with me and maybe that joke of a nobody Connor Murphy.

J2H grips hold of the title belt.

J2H: So roster, if you're bothering to listen, you have this show and the next to make your intentions clear and get a free, unearned pass to the main event at the biggest show of the year. Champions need no apply, go make ya own belt look good, but me laying down the challegne to everyone, I will prove that I am the best champion out there.

A cocky smile runs across his face.

J2H: I'll be here all night replying to each and every one of you that want to step up. I can't imagine I'll be too busy because let's be honest, you already know by stepping up, you're gaurenteed to have lost before you even make it to Blaze of Glory V. Now, get that camera out of my face...

The camera moves backwards before fading to black.

We see James Tuscini walking down the hallway backstage to get ready for his entrance for the opening match. When he reaches the staging area he is met by backstage reporter "Stoner" Scott Oliver.

Scott: James in just a few minutes you will open this edition of Climax Control against Travis Nathaniel Andrews. You're still new to SCW so maybe you don't know that TNA is a very tough competitor.

James: I take it you're trying to intimidate me into thinking that TNA is a tougher wrestler than me? Not gonna work Scott.

Scott: I'm only here to get a pre-match interview with you and I thought you might want to know that Travis can be a hell of a challenge in the wrestling ring.

James: There you go again Scott. I'm the one considered as a hell of a challenge to everyone on Roster. You hear everyone talk me down right? So if they think I'm such an easy mark why are they not stepping up to ask for a match against me? The reason is that they don't want to step up and make the challenge. They know if they initiate the match then when they lose they only have themselves to blame.

Scott: That's a good response James. How do you feel you will do in your match?

James: I expect a quick win over TNA. I'm focused and I'm someone who can't be intimidated. All the smoke and mirrors, sneering and hissing, and boasting and bragging, by Travis will not be enough for me not to see through his false exterior.

Scott: You mentioned you are expecting a quick win over TNA. Can you tell us how long you think that will take?

James: Nice try Scott but I don't fall for that. If I say I'll do it in 5 minutes and it takes me 6 minutes everyone will claim I didn't get the job done like I said I would. If I tell everyone 10 minutes and I do it in 5 minutes they will claim I cheated. The only thing I'll tell you is that my win over Travis will be so quick and impressive that it will, in fact, set the tone for the rest of this Climax Control. Everyone is gonna find out that James Tuscini is a tough act to follow.

Scott: There you have it direct from James Tuscini who is pumped up, excited, and ready to go for this opening match.

Simone: It's time for tonight's opening match where we'll see James Tuscini take on Travis Nathaniel Andrews in singles competition.

Adams: James has been very impressive since he made his debut a few weeks ago and Travis is looking to bounce back from his recent loss in the Blast from the Past Match, James will have other things on his mind as well as he called out Steve and Casey last week.

Simone: And that's not taking into account the confrontation James had with Steve earlier, let's take it to Justin.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is your opening match of the evening!

The crowd cheers before Face Fisted by Dethklok begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. We watch as red, white, and green, spotlights flash around the entrance area. We see James "Guido" Tuscini step out from the backstage area and he plays the crowd by waving and flexing his muscles. James makes his way across the landing and then he heads down the ramp to the wrestling ring. Along the way he acknowledges the crowd by giving high fives and shaking hands.

Justin: Introducing first, from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 265lbs, here is James "Guido" Tuscini!

When he arrives at the ring James climbs up the ring steps, then he walks along the ring apron, then he ducks through the ropes into the ring where he makes a trip around the ring to play the crowd some more before settling into a corner to await the start of the match.

Justin: And his opponent!

Three golden spotlights shine down on the stage as a video package begins to play on the screen. Golden smoke fills the entrance way as "Las Vegas" blares through the sound system. Travis Nathaniel Andrews walks through the golden smoke wearing a golden colored trench coat over white tights with gold designs. He stands on the stage, throws his arms high into the air while soaking in the loud boos from the crowd. His eyes are covered by his trademark sunglasses while his signature smirk is firmly planted across his face.

Justin: Making his way down the aisle, from Las Vegas, Nevada. He weighs in at two hundred and forty-one pounds. He is SCW's Must See Superstar, please welcome TRAVIS NATHANIEL ANDREWS.

Travis starts to make his way down the ramp while smiling at the negative reactions he is receiving. He reaches the bottom of the ramp, goes to walk toward the steel steps before cutting back toward the ring apron. He hops up onto the ring apron, tilts his sunglasses a bit before standing to his feet. He quickly enters the ring, steps into the center of the ring and throws his arms high into the air again. "Las Vegas" continues to play as Travis unzips both sleeves before removing his trench coat.

Simone: This should be a great match between two hungry young competitors.

Adams: No kidding!

Holly calls the two men to the center of the ring for the obligatory reminder of the rules and once they confirm that they understand the rules Holly calls for the bell, however as soon as the bell rings Travis throws a punch to James' face sending him reeling before the Italian American wrestler returns the favor with a stiff shot to the face and a brawl ensues.


Simone: That's a change, usually the wrestlers don't give the ref a chance to signal for the bell before they start brawling.

Adams: Well to be fair Travis did get a cheap shot in!

Holly tries to regain control of the match but the brawl is too intense so she instead stands back and lets them brawl it out for the moment, James eventually uses his size and strength advantage to gain control of the match by throwing him into the corner and throwing rights and lefts into Travis's face, Holly tries to break up the brawl and Travis uses this to his advantage by raking James eyes before leaving the ring to get a breather.

Simone: Travis's underhanded tactics brought him a minute or two!

Adams: Not even a minute, James is giving chase!

Once James has recovered he rolls out of the ring to chase after Travis, unfortunately for him however Travis has recovered as well and he surprises James with a massive clothesline knocking him to the ground, Travis picks James back up before rolling him in and following him in before Holly can even count to four before Travis goes for a cover 1......2.......and James kicks out!

Simone: First cover of the match!

Adams: And Travis is in control!

Travis grabs onto James's arm and starts to work on it applying an arm bar to James, Holly gets into position to check on James but he refuses to give up before fighting his way back to his feet and backing Travis back into the corner before breaking the armbar with a punch to the face and whips him across the ropes, James charges in and hits Travis with a clothesline of his own before pulling him out of the corner and hitting him with a Northern Lights Suplex and holding on for a cover 1......2.....and Travis kicks out!

Simone: And now we're at one pin-fall apiece!

Adams: Something has to give eventually!

James gets to his feet first and picks up Travis only to be surprised with a Roll-Up 1.....2.....and James kicks out, both men quickly get to their feet and James goes for another clothesline only for Travis to duck under it and try to hit James with the Gambler's Paradise Full Nelson Bulldog, however James is able to fight out of the move and hits him with a Powerslam before going for a cover of his own 1.....2.....and Travis kicks out.

Simone: Two more near falls and neither man have a clear advantage here!

Adams: That can't last too long!

Travis backs up into a corner where he tries to catch his breath but James is on him already driving his shoulder into his stomach before whipping him into the corner not realizing that Holly is in that particular corner until he accidentally whips Travis into her knocking the wind out of her and causing her to slump down into the corner, Travis stumbles out of the corner and James grabs his arm before locking in the Mafia Hit!

Simone: Mafia Hit!

Adams: Travis is tapping but Holly's out cold!

Once he realizes that there is no referee around to call for the bell James lets go off the hold and tries to wake up Holly, however whilst his back is turned he doesn't see Steve Ramone bolting down to the ring with the Roulette Title in hand.

Simone: What's Steve doing here?

Adams: I think we know!

Steve enters the ring and waits for James to turn around, when James does he gets whacked over the head by Steve with the Roulette Title, Steve almost leaves the ring but James is fighting his way back to his feet and when James get to his feet he levels him with the Fearless Shot!

Simone: Fearless Shot!

Adams: This can't end this way!

Steve leaves the ring and Travis goes for the cover as Holly comes too 1.....2......3!!!!!

Justin: Here is your winner Travis Nathaniel Andrews!

Simone: That's the second week in a row that Steve has screwed a rival to his belt out of a win!

Adams: Except this time, he got involved personally!

Steve walks up the ramp with a cocky grin on his face as James glares at him whilst Travis celebrates his win.

The camera switched backstage to where Ben Jordan stands casually talking on the phone.

Ben: Yeah mate, it's been a right bark, but me dog hasn't stopped blowing off in me shell like about being a tag partner. I've had so many offers but nothing feels like the right fit at the moment.

Ben sighs down the phone.

Ben: It's a hard one to work out, they ain't just big shoes to fill, they're bloody clown shoes. I have no bloody clue who to get to give us a hand or if I'm getting a shot at them at Blaze of Glory V for the tag titles or what not, but I am determined to make the tag division look the dogs bollocks again.

Ben listens for a few seconds.

Ben: That's the problem mate, no one trusts no one anymore. I look at the roster and I can make four or five top teams there. I remember watching shows years ago, when world champions were also in teams. Everyone had a partner and it was interesting, now, no one trusts anyone.

Ben listens for a few seconds, but his attention is slightly diverted.

Ben: Look mate, I'm gonna have to call you back, starting to get a bit hot and smokey around here. Yeah, very dragon-like.

Ben pushes a button on the phone as Cyn Marlowe walks in the picture.

Cyn Marlowe: So you do have other friends?

Ben: Ain't you late darling?

Cyn looks confused by the question.

Cyn Marlowe: What do you mean?

Ben: Well I heard you had an audition to be the understudy for one of those dragons in Game of Thrones about now? Better get a move on or ya gonna be late.

Cyn looks at a smiling Ben with narrowed eyes.

Cyn Marlowe: Cute.

Ben: Thanks, I do scrub up well.

Cyn Marlowe: Ugh! Maybe you could follow your phone friend around instead of following my sister around.

Ben: Well, it's nice to have friends to follow around, I know you wouldn't know that being as not many people can stand ya, but there's gotta be someone out there that wants to be your mate. Anyone that wants to be ya friend should hashtag #IWannaBeCynsFriend and you just might have a friend to follow around instead of your sister.

Cyn rolls her eyes at Ben.

Cyn Marlowe: I just want you to stop following my sister around.

Ben: I just want a Dominos pi

a in me living room, but I guess we're both shit out of luck, eh?

Cyn's eye widen at Ben.

Ben: I don't know what your problem is with me.

Cyn Marlowe: You're just after the same thing everyone else is after around here.

Ben: Oh oh oh, I know this one, is it championships? Money? Fame, all that stuff you ain't got right?

Cyn lets out a soft growl

Ben: Listen, me and ya sister, we're mates, we hang out together, we party together, I don't do unspeakable things with her and we have fun. Now I know ya don't know what fun is and I know you think if ya smile, ya face might break but it really won't, so please try it someday, yeah?

Ben puts his fingers to the corners of his lips and presses them up in a smile. Cyn's growl gets louder.

Ben: I gotta get going ya know, I got a champion to go and stalk apparently, but you keep practicing that growl and you'll get that Game Of Thrones dragon understudy gig in no time at all! Laters.

Ben winks at a seething Cyn before walking away

Backstage, "Stoner" Scott Oliver is seen standing against the SCW backdrop logo with none other than Doctor Kraven Moorehead, the care taker and "manager" of the psychotic Bombshell known as Twisted Sister. With an odd, hazy cloud descended around them, Stoner begins his latest of interviews...

Stoner: I'm here with the good doctor, Doctor Kraven Moorehead, who tells me that he's here to answer a challenge issued to his patient earlier...

Doctor Kraven Moorehead: I prefer to think of her as a client.

Stoner: I prefer to think of myself as a god but we all have to settle at some point in time. So tell me ... what's up Doc?

Doctor Kraven Moorehead stares at Scott and shakes his head.

Doctor Kraven Moorehead: If only it were just you who thought that line original. Anyway, yes indeed, I am here to address a certain challenge made to my client. For some reason, Zuri Chastain has taken it upon herself to insert herself into the business of others where she is not concerned.

Stoner: You mean this recent string of events between Roxi Johnson and Twisted Sister?

Doctor Kraven Moorehead: Exactly! Where Zuri Chastain fits into the equation is beyond my comprehension, but did you note that in doing so, she has insulted women such as Roxi, referring to them as 'weak'? I do wonder what Ms. Johnson and the others that have opposed Twisted Sister thinks of such words.

Stoner: Well speaking of those 'words', does this mean that the challenge is going to be accepted?

Doctor Kraven Moorehead fans that hazy smoke from the air as best he can and addresses Scott.

Doctor Kraven Moorehead: Yes, my boy. Yes, that is exactly what that means. If Zuri Chastain is foolish enough to ask for the punishment, then who am I to deny her just that? The challenge is accepted. Twisted Sister against Zuri Chastain! Now, if you will excuse me...

And that being said, the good doctor walks off camera.

We make our way backstage to see Tim walking through the halls. He's clearly in search of something, or someone, but at the same time, there is a sense of nervousness that slows down his walk. He looks like a changed man as he turns the corner, bumping right in to Holly Wood. She is in her referee uniform, but she's obviously looking for a scoop, as she's got a microphone in her hand. She bats her lashes at Tim as she raises the microphone to her lips.

Holly Wood: Well if it isn't a tall, refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade...

Tim: Yeah... still jail bait, but thanks...

Holly: Say what?

Tim stops and narrows his eyes as he stares at Holly. It takes only a moment longer for her to realize who she is staring at. She blushes a bit, and then clicks her tongue as she drinks it all in.

Holly: Shooooot... I knew that. I just come to ask you about your match with Dmitri coming up.

Tim: Hmmm... thoughts... well, I have none, because the match doesn't even register to me. It's nonsense. Had I known what I was going to come up against in SCW, maybe I would have trained under the Winchesters, instead of my dad. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Holly: Five days, and I'll come up with something really inappropriate to say to that.

Tim: Yeah... you do that... I think?

Tim draws his lip back in disgust at the thought of what that could possibly mean. Instead of giving Holly the opportunity to continue her delightful sexual harrassment, Tim turns on the balls of his heels and walks off, still in search of someone. However, in such a short period of time, it would appear that Tim seems to run into just about everyone he isn't looking for. Standing outside of the Bombshell locker room door, Celeste stares at Tim while chewing gum. Tim rolls his eyes, as if he's prepared to keep walking along, but he bites the bullet.

Tim: Celeste? Have you seen Alexis, lately?

Celeste closes one eye, as she sarcastically taps at her chin.

Celeste: Seen... Alexis? Edwards? Little brunette firecracker with a stiff right hook?

Tim: I wouldn't know that, but...

Celeste: Oh? Well, I would, because of a certain power struggle display from a couple weeks back...

Tim: The one you begged me to give you for months on end? The official initiation? Look, never mind. I'll find her myssss...

Celeste: She's just outside of the exit, having a cigarette and avoiding Steve Ramone's idiotic taunting.

Celeste points over to the exit just about twenty feet down the hallway. Tim nods, showing his sincere thanks with it. He marches over to the door, with a million things to say at the ready. However, once his hand wraps around the handlebar, he stops. He takes a deep breath, before pushing the door open. As he does, Alexis is seen standing against the wall, and her eyes ease up some when she sees Tim. Tim smiles awkwardly as he walks over to Alexis. He scoots up next to her on the wall, giving her a gentle, playful jab with his fist.

Tim: Heyyyy there, buddy...

Alexis: Oh... heh, hey Tim.

Tim pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and flips it into his mouth, before lighting it. He takes advantage of the distraction, putting off the inevitable conversation they are about to have.

Tim: So... that thing that happened last Monday... was... something, right? Heat of the moment kind of thing?

Alexis: Yes... No... or maybe a little of both? Look, it was stupid. I had been talking with Celeste, and she had this crazy idea that maybe you liked me in the same way that I liked you, so...

Before Alexis can continue on, Tim chuckles lightly, and leans in, kissing her in the same fashion she had done to him just under a week ago, only he doesn't let go. Instead, he wraps his arms around her, lifting her up as he all but slams her against the wall. She tangles her fingers in the bit of red hair he has left on top of his head as she all but claws at him in a passionate fury. Once they realize that they've got an audience of Holly Wood, Celeste, and a few stagehands, they slow down their roll. Tim sets Alexis back on the ground as they both catch their breath.

Tim: I guess I wanted to let you know that it was mutual... and then some. I got a match to get ready for, but I think we need to... talk... more often.

Having found a bit of confidence, Tim winks and clicks his jaw as he flicks his cigarette out into the parking lot. He walks past Holly and Celeste, only to turn around and give Alexis one last bad boy style stare before disappearing back inside.

The scene opens up backstage at Climax Control where, for the third time tonight, we see Steve Ramone walking down the hallway with his Roulette Title slung over his shoulder.

Simone: I thought we had seen enough of him tonight?

Adams: This isn't going to turn into another Steve Ramone Appreciation Night, right?

Steve continues to walk down the hallway until......

???: Battle Beast sucks!

Steve: WHO THE FUCK SAID......

Steve never gets a chance to finish as Joshua Acquin, who shouted at him, blindsides him and the two men start brawling in the hallway, eventually Steve's bodyguards get involved but even with the extra back-up Josh is able to hold his own.

Simone: Looks like Josh is still sore over the fact that Steve cost him a match last week.

Adams: You think?!

Eventually security pours onto the scene and breaks up the brawl with one group keeping Steve and his bodyguards on one side of the hallway and Josh being kept on the other.



The shouting match continues until the four men are dragged off to cool down.

The cameras appear backstage as Travis is just about to leave for the night when Pussy Willow stops him in mid stride.

Pussy Willow: Travis, where are you going? The show isn't over.

Travis Andrews: So, what's your point?

Pussy Willow: My point is that no one has answered J2H's challenge for the World championship. He said he will face anyone.

Travis takes a minute to think up an answer before looking at the camera.

Travis Andrews: J2H, I heard about your challenge. You said you would defend it against anyone on the roster well let's see if you got the balls to follow through. In other words, I accept your challenge J2H. It's about time someone knocked you off that pedestal. If you don't like me stepping up J2H well then you can just DEAL WITH IT.

Before Pussy can say anything, Travis walks out of the shot.

??? Vs ???

Justin: The following contest is a bombshell triple threat match... Introducing first...

The lights turn dark for a moment and then turn on turning pink across the arena the song Scandalous begins to play as it brings out the woman many call the White Rabbit better known as Jaina Hudson who appears on the ramp with a big smirk in her eyes as she is wearing her nice bunny outfit nice white corset and white shorts very small. As she poses on the ramp doing her theatric pose blowing a kiss.

Justin: Making her way down the aisle from Jacksonville, Florida please welcome bombshell, JAINA HUDSON!

Jaina starts walking toward the ring now as her beautiful hazel eyes wondered both ways looking at the audience and nods her head as she was met to a mix crowd reaction from the audience in attendance Jaina had a small white jacket that was beda

led with small diamonds slowly she removes it and swings it in the air as she holds onto it helps herself up and now steps through the middle rope stepping inside of the SCW ring as she tosses the small jacket to the outside "Scandalous" continues to play as she has this wicked look in her eyes.

Justin: And her opponent...

"Golddigger" plays as Jenny comes out, winking to the crowd. She begins to twirl her body a bit as she faces the ring and walks towards it.

Justin: From Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is Jenny Tuck!

She climbs up the stairs, stops at the edge of the ring. She takes off her jacket and shakes her ass. She enters the ring and waits for her opponent.

Justin: And their opponent....

Simone: This is about to get interesting after Hot Stuff banned Melody's unicorn men.

Adams: I can't wait to see what Melody has up her sleeve. Maybe it's unicorn women?

The cameras scan back to ring side while the lighting in the arena dims down to nothing. In the background a techno bass drum solo comes to life on the personal address system, before an array of bright coloured lights start flickering sporadically. "I'm laid back, I'm feeling this" sounds, alerting the crowd to the beginning of let's get ridiculous by Red Foo. As the arena comes to life with a night club vibe the lighting at the top of the ramp picks up. The lighting picks up the movement of the black curtains being pushed to the side and out walks Melody Grace. Melody is wearing a pair of long black pants and a white t-shirt that is tucked, she is in full serious mode. Making her way to the centre of the ramp she turns around so her back is to the audience before raising her hands to either side of her. Using her hands she flicks her fingers out as if she is doing spirit fingers before she brings them back into her body. Her hands find the middle of her shirt and with one swift movement the bubbly blonde turns around and rips open her white business shirt showing off a VERY tight Red, White and Black under shirt. Removing the shirt completely she twirls it around her head before tossing it out to the crowd. Without wasting any more time Melody grabs onto the hem line of her pants and with a simple tug the rip away from her body and tosses them off to the side. Twirling around Melody displays the rest of her outfit. Melody was now standing in the middle of the ramp in a super hero dress. As she poses a wind machine kicks on and her long following blonde hair and dress starts to fly effortlessly in the wind. In the middle of Melody's chest a large M can be found.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and twenty nine pounds, from St. Helena California she is Sin City Wrestling's Little Miss Sunshine MIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHTTTTTYYY Meeeeeellloooody MOOOOOUSSSSE!!!

The lighting picks up so the fans can see that the colours of Mel's attire match Minnie Mouse colours with cute little spots and all. She goes to walk off down the runway but she stops herself and looks over her shoulder waving to someone out the back. A stage hand rushes out from the back with something in his hands. Melody goes back to her pose with her hands on her hips while puffing up her chest as the stagehand gets into position. Now standing directly behind Melody the stage hand places the item on top of her head. It was a pair of massive Minnie mouse ears. As soon as they are securely on top of head she makes her way down towards the ring. High fiving fans along the way. Melody finally reaches the ring steps that she quickly runs up. She walks along the ring apron before stepping over the middle rope and entering the ring. Making her way around the six sided ring Melody is waving wildly at the fans, while dancing unable to contain her excitement. As her theme dies down off of the personal address system Melody makes her way over to her corner and takes off her Minnie Mouse ears making sure that she puts them down gently.


The three women glance across at each other but Jenny charges at Jaina and nails her with a clubbing blow to the head, sending Jaina to the mat. Melody moves around looking for her opportunity to get involved but Jenny stomps on Jaina's head before picking her up. Jenny whips Jaina off the ropes before catching her with a clothesline. Jaina rolls to her feet and stumbles towards Jenny. Jenny throws a hard right hand towards Jaina but Jaina ducks and kicks Jenny away with a boot to the gut. Jaina charges at Jenny and jumps in the air, wrapping her legs around Jenny's head and pulling her over in a tilt a whirl head scissiors, sending Jenny stumbling across the ring and to the canvas. As Jenny gets to her feet, Melody strikes with a flying head scissiors of her own, taking Jenny to the canvas and sending her rolling to the ring ropes.

Adams: Flying start for Melody.

Melody gets to her feet but is harshly taken down to the canvas by Jaina with a running forearm. Jaina pulls Melody to her feet and lifts her over with a quick snap suplex, driving the young blonde's back in to the canvas. She pulls Melody to her feet and lifts her over with a hair pulls snapmare. Melody sits straight up and Jaina moves back and charges with a kick, but Melody rolls backwards and lifts Jaina over with a monkey flip.

Simone: Unique version of a monkey flip there.

Adams: I've been to a lot of zoos and never seen a monkey do a flip. That would make my life!

Jaina and Melody get to their feet and Melody charges at Jaina. Melody ducks under Jaina's arm and spins, grabbing hold of her head and charging with a running bulldog, planting Jaina face first in to the canvas. Melody keeps the headlock on and pulls Jaina to her feet with her before catching her with a short sharp punch and releasing her. Jaina stumbles around and Melody grabs her head before dropping her with a split legged jawbreaker! Jaina lands backwards and Melody gets to her feet, charging at the ropes and uses them as a springboard, jumping backwards and crashing on Jaina with a lionsault. She looks the leg and Jacob Summers drops down to make the count


Jaina gets her shoulder up

Simone: Melody moving at a fast pace today.

Melody gets to her feet but is instantly met with a spear by Jenny Tuck!

Adams: That's one way to slow the pace down.

Jenny quickly pulls Melody to her feet and whips her in to the corner before charging at her and catching her with a forearm to the jaw. Jenny stays in close and tarts to pummel Melody on the head with hard shots, every forearm blow connecting. Melody falls to the canvas and Jenny puts her boot across Melody's throat, choking her in the corner. Jacob moves in and warns Jenny to break and Jenny breaks at the four count.

Simone: If we've learned anything in Jenny Tuck's time here, we've learned that Jenny don't care.

Adams: I know, have you heard the woman? Swears like a sailor!

Jenny pulls Melody to her feet and puts her in a powerbomb position, lifting her up and slamming her hard in to the canvas. Jenny jackknives Melody, pinning her shoulders down and Jacob Summers drops down to make the count


Melody rolls away

Simone: Jenny was close there.

Jenny pulls Melody to her feet and nails her with a clubbing blow. Jenny charges and nails Melody with an elbow to the head. Jenny turns around but Jaina catches her with a dropkick, knocking backwards against the ropes, but Jenny charges back and shoots towards Jaina, lifting her off the floor and slamming her to the canvas. Jenny pulls Jaina back to her feet and puts her in a suplex position, lifting her up and crashing her in to the mat. Jenny pulls Jaina back to her feet but Jaina quickly grabs Jenny's hair and jumps, slamming her face first in to the mat.

Adams: That turned around quicker than a hiccup after some spicy chilli sauce.

Jaina pulls Jenny to her feet and hooks her up with a Russian legsweep, swinging backwards before shifting moment forward and slamming her face first in to the canvas, Jenny's head bouncing off the floor. Jaina rolls Jenny on to her back and goes for the cover, with Jacob Summers drops down to make the count


Jenny pushes Jaina off.

Simone: Jaina trying to get momentum.

Jaina and Jenny get to their feet but neither see Melody perched on the top rope. Both turn towards Melody, who jumps off the top rope with a flying cross body, taking both women to the canvas.

Adams: Air Melody just took out both bombshells.

Melody focuses on Jenny, pulling her to her feet and lifting her over with a chrisp T-bone suplex, sending her flying across the ring. Melody returns to her feet as Jaina charges at her. Melody leapfrogs Jaina and as she lands, spins her leg and catches her with a sweep kick.

Adams: Melody is... ummm, how do you say those fire emoji things in normal talking?

Melody turns to Jenny who is back on her feet, but Jenny moves quickly to kick Melody in the gut and drives her down with a DDT. Jenny leans over Melody and starts to drive heavy shots in to the top of Melody's head.

Simone: That's an old fashioned beat down.

Jaina gets to her feet and quickly plants a kick to Jenny's spin, straigtening her up before charging to the ropes. Jaina jumps on the middle rope, using it as a springboard and catches a seated Jenny with a springboard back elbow to the jaw, knocking her off Melody.

Adams: My eyes can't keep up with all this action.

Jaina moves next to Jenny and jumps in to a handstand before dropping a leg drop over Jenny's chest.

Adams: As much as I am compelled to make an airbag joke right here, I'm really not allowed to.

Jaina pulls Jenny to her feet and hooks her in a front facelock before lifting her up and driving Jenny face first in to the canvas with a high impact DDT. Jaina stands up but Melody moves in close, wrapping her legs around Jaina's and rolls through, locking her in a calf crusher!

Simone: MGC! Melody has the MGC locked in!

Adams: And Jaina has nowhere to go!

Jaina raises her hand above the mat as Melody locks the move in tighter, pulling on Jaina's leg. Jaina raises her hand, hovering it above the mat before quickly tapping out and forcing Jacob to call for the bell!


Justin: The winner of the match.... Melody Grace!

Simone: Melody has won! Two match in two weeks since her return.

Adams: And somewhere backstage, a certain boss just set off the smoke alarm.

We go backstage to see Hot Stuff standing behind the black curtains waiting patiently. Finally the curtain open and in walks Melody Grace, she is still puffing a little from her match. As she just goes to walk off towards the locker rooms the sound of a slow clap gets her attention. Looking up she finally sees Hot Stuff and her massive smile turns upside down he starts to make his way over towards her.

HS: Well done Rainbows, well done.

Melody just looks back up at him and flashes a fake smile.

HS: You must be so pleased with yourself huh? Thinking you got one over me? You see that's the thing Melody... you didn't and you will never out smart me or out play me...

Melody: You said no unicorns, so I left them at home... like you wanted me to do. I don't understand.

Hot Stuff steps up and is now directly in Melody's personal space, his puffs up his big chest and towers over her with ease.

HS: I'm not surprised that you don't understand... but let me put it to you this way... cut the crap Melody. I'm not running a child care... now either next week you drop the fun and games or I'll take things up a level.

Melody just continues to frown as she runs her right hand through her messy hair.

Melody: Next week?

HS: Yes Rainbows next week, let's see if you can keep this roll going huh?

Melody: Bring it on, I'll take on anyone.

Hot Stuff's smile just grows wider, as he looks down at the naive Melody.

HS: Now are you going to play by my rules? Or do I have to start going after your family and friends?

She just lowers her head and shakes her head as if to say yes, that she will play by his rules.

Melody: Why do you hate me so much?

HS: Hate you? Oh Rainbows I don't hate you... I have plans for you... big plans. Now that's a good girl... it's best to keep Despy, Roxi and Lover boy J2H safe now isn't it?

Looking up at him the pain is written in her eyes, the look on her broken face gets a massive smile from his.

Melody: Can I go now?

HS: You can go...

Melody goes to walk off but Hot Stuff's voice calls her back.

HS: OH and Melody, don't get too comfortable because next week you won't just be in action, you'll be teaming up with Candy...

With that said and done Hot Stuff walks off leaving Melody Grace standing there with a pale face as if she had just seen a ghost. Looking up to the ceiling she cues the biggest dramatic eye roll in the history of SCW before she decides to stroll off in search of a hot shower and a victory milkshake.

Pussy can be seen standing beside bombshell champion Sam Marlowe who has her belt over her shoulder but she's dressed in jeans and a silvery tee.

Pussy: So are you ready for next week Sam? I mean you are in the semi finals of the Blast from the Past tournament and everyone is saying that you are a lock to go all the way.

Sam Marlowe: I was totally surprised myself Pussy. I mean I am a newbie when it comes to this tournament thingie and having to trust a partner like that. But I lucked out with Rage as my partner. I think we have a great chance to win.

As she talks, Cyn arrives growling and muttering angrily to herself. The pair look at the woman who glares back.

Pussy: Hey Cyn, you look angry.

Cyn: Of course I am angry considering that Ben idiot can't take a conversation and warning seriously.

Sam Marlowe: Ben, what just did you say to Ben?

Sam's eye narrow as she looks at Cyn who waves her hand airly as she rolls her eyes.

Cyn: I told him to stop stalking you. He's nothing and you are the Bombshell champion.

Sam Marlowe: Oh my god Cyn, how dare you. You are not my mother or my watch d...

Before she can finish the statement, a hand covers her mouth as Ben comes into the scene.

Ben Jordan: If you'll excuse me Pussy, dragon but I have to talk to the champion here. Stalking means kidnapping and this is a kidnapping...

Pussy laughs as Sam giggles behind the hand and Cyn explodes.

Cyn: Enough you idiot. Come on Sam, you don't need to deal with this childishness.

Ben lets his arm drape over Sam's shoulder as he waves at Cyn who stomps her foot angrily. Sam snickers as she looks at Cyn then at Ben.

Sam Marlowe: I don't know Cyn, Ben said it was a kidnapping and all. I guess I better play along just in case.

Cyn screams slightly then stomps off angrily as the pair of women giggle and Ben leans towards the two of them.

Ben Jordan: I think she is starting to warm up to me.

Pussy raises an eyebrow as Sam just shakes her head. Ben gives her a look of confidence then a shrug as the three of them watch Cyn turn around the corner.

The backstage area of the BeeHoldzil Fighting Scouts Events Center was a hustle of frenzied activity for this edition of Climax Control. Workers hurried about, ensuring cameras were ready and the Superstars and Bombshells were aware of when it would be time to step through the curtains in a timely manner. Backstage directors worked tirelessly to better ensure that all went smoothly throughout the evening for the sake of the fans' enjoyment, while noting preparations for not just tonight's event and the following edition of Climax Control within a week's time, but also the fifth annual Blaze of Glory which would be taking place in less than a month.

Bombshells sat stoically in the chair at the makeup station while Janet the Makeup Lady worked her expertise to ensure those femme fatales of the six-sided ring looked their absolute best, while Superstars worked out last minute strategies for their own matches while ensuring they looked their finest with a last minute workout or rub down with body oil.

Or if you happened to be the innocent and enigmatic Despayre -- you'd be playing with one of those paddles with a rubber ball attached to it. The former World Tag and Internet Champion stood in the media lobby of the backstage area, his father Synn standing off so as to allow his son some space. Despayre had his eyes glued firmly to the ball as it bounced hard off of the paddle while he was apparently trying to get it to hit the bulls eye that was painted red on the flat surface of the paddle. In his free hand, Despayre was holding onto an overflowing bag of hot, buttered popcorn, the fluffy white kernels spilling gently from the bag to the floor while he maintained his focus on the apparent task at hand.

In one of those make up chairs is the overly arrogant but also focused Crystal Millar. A hot comb is being ran through her pink hair. Bright red lipstick is being applied to her lips and she can't help but smile as she is looking like a true Hollywood beauty. The makeup crew has finally stopped working on her and she slowly lifts herself out of her feet smiling as she likes how her reflection looks in the mirror.

Crystal: Perfect simply stunning.

She smiles as she makes her way over to her Blast From The Past Tag Team partner.

Crystal: Well if it isn't my loveable tag team partner. You don't mind sharing that right?

She reaches over to his bag of popcorn and places a few into her mouth as she keeps her eyes locked on him.

Despayre: Oh thank goodness! For a second there I thought you were referring to THIS thing!

He obviously is referring to the toy he was currently enamored with.

Despayre: Help yourself to all the popcorn you want -- because...

He frowns as the ball appears to be picking up both speed as well as impact against the paddle.

Despayre: I'm not entirely sure how to stop this thing!

Frowning, Despayre finally just lets go of the paddle and it seems to smack in midair with itself, the rubber ball against the paddle, before it clatters to the floor. Holding the bag of popcorn protectively against his slim upper body, he shares a look with Crystal before stepping closer to the fallen toy on the tile floor and gives it a ginger kick, as if testing to see if it was wounded or actually done for. Satisfied when it doesn't come back to attack, he looks at Crystal and shakes his head.

Despayre: If I have to be perfectly honest, I'd love to meet the guy who invented that thing! I'm quite frankly insulted he thought so little of my intelligence that I'd be entertained!

Crystal just slowly nods her head in a befuddled sense as she turns her attention back over to him.

Crystal: You could always play something else. One thing I enjoy more than anything is playing my video games. I am totes the video game Queen on the roster. Don't let anyone else try to tell you differently. Keira doesn't have anything on me!

Despayre nods knowingly.

Despayre: I don't play a whole lot of video games, just a few. I like the Resident Evil series but they tend to give me the willies and Angel...

Despayre points out the teddy bear who is seemingly now seated at the makeup station, getting the ?star treatment' from one of the artists...

Despayre: ... He says he goes through enough monsters guarding me at night that he doesn't need to fight them in his down time too. However, just between you and me...!

Despayre leans in a little closer to Crystal in a whisper of conspiracy.

Despayre: I am the undefeated Grand Universal champion of CLUE! That's my favorite game! Dad just got me the new Penny Dreadful edition but so far I haven't had anyone who wanted to play against me.

Crystal: CLUE?! CLUE?! I love clue... Even the movie was amazing as well. We definitely will have to play together some time. However that isn't why I stopped by to talk to you. I just wanted to let you know that it feels amazing having a king for a partner. It goes really well with me being a queen what not. I enjoy everything that you do. Honestly I do so that's always a major plus right?

Crystal smiles warmly as she turns her attention to Angel.

Crystal: I really can be a sweetie when you get to know me but then there's also a dark side you really don't want to know about. The type that get's very angry when things don't go her way. Whatever you saw in a Resident Evil game is nothing compared to what I can be. Sometimes I can be a real bit...bad bad bad person and you don't want to see that right?

Despayre's cheeks had flushed an alarming shade of bright pink in contrast to his fair skin, the same reaction he seems to have whenever a woman pays him any form of compliment. It is simply another piece of his innocent nature. He listens as she describes herself in a not-so-glowing turn of phrase and starts to fidget. After she asks him her question, he looks down, his long black hair shielding the sides of his face.

Despayre: I don't think you're a bad person.

He almost whispers timidly.

Despayre: Everybody gets mad when things don't go their way. It doesn't make you a bad person.

He then looks up and those long, black locks dangle over his shoulders and face and Crystal can see a soft smile creep on his lips.

Despayre: But we don't hafta worry about that! Because tonight is gonna go our way. We're gonna win!

Crystal smiles wider than ever.

Crystal: EXACTLY! That is exactly the spirit! We are winners and let it be a known fact that I don't associate with losers. This is what I like to see. Thank you for not looking down on me like everyone else seems to do.

Crystal pauses for a bit as she wraps her arm around Despayre.

Crystal: And I am quite delighted that you think I am good. That's the first compliment I have had in a very long time! We will win for sure because we make up the awesome team of... Well still working a name but as long as we win. You have me smiling and a believer in everything that you do!

Despayre: Stooooop! You're embarrassing me!

He chides playfully as he offers Crystal some more of his popcorn stash. He then reaches down and carefully picks his paddle back up and starts to give it another whirl.

Despayre: I know you an' Roxi will have a great match! And I'm not worried about Big Bad Casey. He and I've wrestled a lot before and we...

Suddenly the rubber band that attaches the ball to the paddle snaps and the ball rockets off-camera! There is a loud crash, followed up by a shriek of dismay and Despayre's eyes grow extremely wide. He hurriedly passes the paddle into the hands of an employee passing by and scurries off at top speed, scoops Angel up...

Despayre: I don't care if you're not finished! We gotta go!

And he takes off down the hall, with Synn going off after him...

Crystal: Wait... We should go together! We are a team... King Despayre come back here. You can't go anywhere without Queen Christina!!!!!

Crystal makes sure to chase after him but she ends up tripping.

Crystal: Stupid heels!

She takes them off her feet tossing them to the side as she tries to keep up.

Casey Williams is shown backstage, leaning against the wall outside his locker room, and he wants to call out his opponents, starting with his male counterpart in Despayre.

Casey: Despayre, you think that because we have had a storied rivalry stemming back from our time in AWA that this match will be like the rest, but you are going to be sorely mistaken when I pin you in the middle of the ring 1-2-3 and get a victory over you, proving that Goliath can indeed slay David.

Casey cackles as he turns his attention to Despayres partner, Crystal Millar.

Casey: Crystal, you may think I forget about your stories past here in SCW, since you are the former Miss Hilton. I did not forget, I just don't care about you enough to talk about that part of your career.

Casey walks away, looking intense and confident in himself as the scene fades to black.

The camera cuts to J2H sitting in his luxury dressing room, a PS4 controller in his hand. Simpson approaches him from behind.

Simpson: Sir....

J2H pauses his game, looking up at Simpson.

J2H: What Simpson? I was just about to... Nevermind, what do you want anyway?

Simpson: Mr Andrews responded to your challenge.

J2H: Who the fuck is Mr Andrews?

Simpson: Mr Travis Nathaniel Andrews sir.

J2H: He wants a shot at my title?

Simpson: Indeed sir.

J2H bites his lower lip before bursting out in fits of laughter! The laughter gets louder and louder as he starts to hold his aching stomach, the laughter getting louder. He turns to Simpson with tears of laughter in his eyes. His voice visibily higher.

J2H: The guy that only beat James Tuscini tonight because Steve Ramone helped him?

Simpson: The one and the same sir.

J2H bursts out with laughter again, holding his ribs before falling on the floor of the dressing room, the laughter still coming from the champion off camera. He pulls himself up on to the sofa again.

J2H: Stop it, your killing me!

J2H wipes the laughter tears from his eyes, breathing hard.

J2H: We're trying to make it a great main event for Blaze of Glory V and he puts his name down? Just for the comedy value.

J2H bursts out in laughter again, speaking through the laughter again.

J2H: Just get the camera's off me because the thought of him is just gonna have me here laughing for the rest of the night!

The camera faces back to ringside.

Candy Overton Vs Melody Grace

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a quarter final match in the Blast from the Past tournament...Introducing first...from Tampa Florida, she is one half of the Bombshell Tag champions, Roxi Johnson!

The opening keyboard notes of The Touch begin on the PA system. Stan Bush's voice rings out and soon the power chords kick in to begin the song. The cameras pan around the arena, and soon, spotted in amongst the fans, is Roxi Johnson slowly making her way through them, slapping the fans five and getting patted on the shoulders as he moves through the swarm of fans. The fans continuing singing with the song as Roxi continues her journey through them, stopping and singing along with them. She treks onward, seemingly greeting every fan, before she is lifted on top of the fans and they crowd surf her towards the ring, imitating a superhero flying motion. She makes it and lands on her feet on the arena floor to which she high fives the closest fan before climbing up on the apron and climbing the turnbuckle and raising her arms in the air to massive cheers. She jumps down from the top turnbuckle and lands in the ring, and begins jumping up and down in an exercising manner as the music cuts out.

Justin: And introducing her partner, from Nashua New Hampshire, the Freight Train of Pain, Casey Williams

The opening lyrics and guitar rift to Five Finger Death Punch's "Jekyll and Hyde" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans cheer as the chorus kicks in.

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes looking through the crowd. Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the cheering crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey nods his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans cheer louder.

Justin: And their opponents, introducing first, from Los Angeles California, The Silver Screen Queen...Crystal Millar!

I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross begins to blast all across the speakers and as that happens we are able to see Christina Millar emerging through the backstage curtain and the roaring boos of the crowd are deafening. She isn't alone as her husband Jonathan comes out beside her. Crystal smiles as her grouping of paparazzi gather up in front of the ring and they snag photo after of the Latina beauty. She walks down the ramp as she begins to pie face the crowd. The crowd boos loudly in return as they glance back at the Hollywood hottie, and Jonathan stays attached to his wife.

Her following of paparazzi meet her as does a red carpet. She takes in appeal of the cameras smiling as flashes begin to go off one after another. She then runs up the steps where she walks towards the middle of the apron. She blows kisses out to the crowd before she drops into a split entering the ring. The crowd begins to go nuts and she waits patiently for the match to begin.

The pulsating beat of Orgy's "Opticon" begins to sound over the public address system of the arena. The fans turn their attention to the stage atop the entry ramp and their wait is soon rewarded. Accompanied by Synn, Despayre steps out onto the stage, holding his teddy bear, Angel, by the fuzzy arm in one hand, with Synn at his side and they are greeted enthusiastically with cheers.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Angel and Synn! From Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing 168 pounds -- Despayre!

Despayre holds his teddy bear pal up for the fans, and is rewarded with cheers and chants of "Angel!" "Angel!", and the "trio" begin their descent towards the ring.

Synn climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open for Despayre to carefully climb through, then the father figure steps inside himself. Despayre holds Angel up high over his head until Synn escorts him over to his respective corner for the start of the match.

The bell rings as Despy bounces through the ropes and Casey slides between them. Crystal and Roxi move to the center of the ring and in a show of friendship shake hands before beginning to circle each other. Both women lock up with a collar and elbow that Crystal turns into a headlock. Roxi pushes her off into the ropes which Crystal uses to springboard clothesline on an advancing Roxi taking both down to the canvas.

Simone: This match quickly turning into a flying spectacle with Crystal taking Roxi down with a quick high risk move.

Adams: It is too early in the match don't you think? She doesn't want to end it too early you know.

Simone: I don't think that this is going to end it.

Crystal rolls to her feet as does Roxi who grins at her friend and points. The two lock up again and this time Roxi catches Crystal in a headlock before tossing her over her and to the canvas to grind down on Crystal. Letting go of her head, Roxi floats over to catch Crystal's arm and force it behind her back in a hammerlock as Crystal forces her way to her knees. Arched in pain, Crystal looks over her shoulder then rolls under Roxi's arm to reverse the hammerlock. Roxi smirks as she goes to duck under Crystal's arm only to be caught in a clutch that Crystal turns into a body slam by scooping up the tag champ and dumping her on the mat.

Getting back to her feet after rolling across the mat, Roxi moves forward again and offers her hand in a challenge of strength that Crystal accepts. As the pair lock up, Roxi is able to twist Millar's wrists enough to have Crystal cry out with pain. Roxi continues to use the leverage and powers Crystal to the mat. Drew Patton drops and when Crystal's shoulders touch the mat he begins the count only getting a one count before Crystal arches upwards to stop the count. Roxi forces her shoulders down again but this time Crystal moves with the motion and rolls up Roxi in a rather unusual small package that Roxi quickly rolls out of.

Adams: That was innovative use of your opponent by Crystal. She had the chance to reverse the hold Roxi had and she used it creatively.

Simone: I don't think I have ever seen anyone roll up someone like that in a small package style move. I wonder if Crystal even realized what she did. It was a smart move though.

Roxi backs away from Crystal to bounce off the ropes but manages to accidently hit Casey's hand that is on the ropes as he waits for the tag. Drew motions a clean tag as Roxi looks at him in surprise. Drew Patton motions for her to leave the ring and then across the ring at Despy to come into the match. The young man quickly scales the ropes as Casey charges across the ring at him. Reaching for Despayre, Casey is surprised by Despayre hitting a dropkick that barely moves the big man. Shaking it off, he reaches again to catch Despayre and pulls him against his chest in a bear hug.

Adams: This could be bad for Despayre, Casey is not as cuddly as Angel but he has the hold locked in tight.

Simone: Despayre really needs to get out of the hold otherwise this is going to be the night that Casey and Roxi advance in the Blast from the Past tournament.

As Casey tightens the hold on Despayre, the smaller man is struggling to power out of the hold. Casey smirks as he shakes his opponent. Looking a little desperate, Despayre looks around at the fans then back at a smirking Casey. Motioning at Drew then Roxi, Despayre distracts the referee and when Drew moves to check on Roxi, Despayre uses a stooge finger poke in the eye to force Casey to break the hold. Casey drops the smaller man as his hands reach to rub at his injured eyes. Turning his back to Despayre, Casey stumbles as Despayre jumps on his back and scrambles to wrap him up with an octopus hold.

Adams: Look, it's like Despayre is a monkey on Casey's back.

Simone: Didn't you say the same thing the last time

Adams: Yes, yes I did. Same holds true this week.

Despayre moves along the back of Williams and catches him with a crucifix but can't get the big man over onto his back for the pin. Casey turns and backs towards the ropes but Despayre is too high on his shoulders to hit the ropes. Crystal sees Despayre motioning in fear to get her help. Calling over to Casey as she climbs the ropes only to launch herself off with a top rope hurricanrana that takes the three of them to the mat awkwardly. Crystal rolls across the canvas in pain as Despayre and Casey hold their backs and head respectively. Despayre gets to his hands and knees as Casey rolls to his knees. Quickly Despayre fights his way to his feet and as Casey starts to stand kicks him in the chest with a dropkick that sends Casey into the corner. Racing after him, Despayre jumps onto his chest with a Buckingham bounce that he manages to ride out for only a moment before being powered to the mat with a chokeslam that Casey is able to hit. Despayre grabs his back in pain but has the sense to roll to the ropes. Getting to his feet, Despayre sees Casey who grabs him and whips him into the ropes only to catch him with a chop to the chest that doubles Despayre backwards. Crystal sees him in pain and reaches for a tag. Casey grabs at Despy but is stopped by Patton who pushes him back towards the ropes and motions for Roxi to come back into the match. Angered, Casey slides out of the ring and grabs the tag rope as Roxi and Crystal lock up with Roxi catching her with a kick to the midsection then powering her over with a snap suplex. Roxi gets a one count before being pushed off. Getting to her feet as Crystal rolls to her stomach, Roxi runs and bounces off the ropes near Casey who tags himself in as Roxi springboards onto Crystal with her reality bites lionsault.

Simone: Casey Williams tags himself in.

Roxi rolls up Crystal but Drew Patton doesn't count as Casey steps into the ring and then moves across the ring to pull Despayre in over the top rope. Rolling through the move, Despayre leaps on the top rope across the ring then surprises Casey with a quick avalance frankensteiner that takes him off his feet. Despayre moves slowly to scout out the best way to lock in the scorpion crosslock. Locking it in, Despayre tries desperately to pull up enough to get Casey off the mat but when he can't, Despayre moves closer and wrenches in the crosslock deeper and forces Casey further into the mat. Drew Patton checks on Casey who is arched in pain. Shaking his head, Casey denies submitting for as long as he can. Drew keeps checking on his as Roxi screams at Casey to fight it. Finally unable to ignore the pain, Casey taps weakly at his side which makes Patton motion for the bell. Despayre lets Williams go and falls backwards into the ropes as Crystal climbs into the ring and hugs the downed Despayre who struggles in the embrace as Justin Decent announces the winners.

Justin: The winners of the match...Despayre and Crystal Millar.

Opening up backstage we find Melody Grace walking around the back halls with her baby boy - Dexter the Duck. She had since changed after her match is just wearing a pair of super skinny black jeans and a button up red plaid shirt that Dexter sits proudly in the top pocket closest to her heart. The young blonde looks as if she is searching for someone and as she turns a corner her eyes lock on to someone, they grew wide and before she can make a swift exit a loud booming voice can be heard.

Casey: Well, well, well...

Casey Williams now walks on to the screen while Melody just looks intimidated by the pure size of Mr Williams.

Melody: Eeeep.

Going to turn on her heels Melody looks for an exit but Casey blocks her off.

Casey: What's the matter Melody? Can't trash talk in person, need to be behind a phone screen?

She doesn't say anything as she is too busy double blinking and sizing Casey up.

Casey: Haven't got anything to say? Pathetic, I don't even know why Hot Stuff insisted on bringing you back... you have no talent, all you do is complain and you're gutless.

Melody: HEY!!!

Casey leans down and gets into Melody's face as she instantly regrets her outburst.

Casey: What a joke.

Casey continues to get closer to Melody as he glares down at her, she doesn't say anything as she looks away. Growing tired of waiting for a response Casey flexes his strength before walking off leaving Melody withDexter to catch her breath. Mel continues to watch Casey walk off before she turns around and heads off in the opposite direction.

Melody: I feel like there was meant to be an important life lesson learnt from that, I just can't put my finger on it can you Dexter?

Dexter does say a word, I mean he's a duck for crying out loud.

Melody: Oh well... let's just go and find your daddy.

And with that said and done the young blonde skipped out of the scene.

Simone: I think the life lesson is maybe Melody shouldn't be provoking or annoying much bigger powers on Twitter.

Adams: Leave Melly alone she can do no wrong!

And we fade to black.

Backstage we can see Dmitri in his locker room, staring at a picture a the camera cannot see the picture as Dmitri starts to talk.

Dmitri: I have waited for so long and finally I have the opportunity to show the world what I am capable off, but most importantly you. For it is a moment where Dmitri will reveal his side of his affection for you and to show the world how much I can show them what true compassion is. True Compassion of the Nosferatu that nobody wishes to care about!! Well after tonight, I will make Tim Staggs care. I will make him realize that blood is thicker than water.... I just hope for him that I would not need his...

Dmitri has a sickening laugh as he slowly turns around while closing the picture before putting it in the pocket of his blouse.

Dmitri: I will see you in the ring Mr. Staggs, cherish it while you still can.

The cameras switch back to ringside where we're getting set for our next match. Just as Justin Decent is going to speak, the lights go out.

Adams: Ahhh! Who turned out the lights!

Monster by Skillet starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain.

Simone: He did...

Adams: Oh, good. It's not the bogeyman again!

Rage starts making his way to the ring to cheering from the crowd. Fans in the front row extend their hands, hoping for a high five, but the big man ignores it as he's on a mission to the ring. Once he gets to the ring, he grabs a hold of the ropes and pulls himself up to the ring apron and then steps over the top rope and into the ring.

Simone: Rage isn't scheduled tonight. I wonder what he's out here for.

Adams: And where Kittie is! Kittie is almost always with him!

Rage walks over to Justin, holding his hand out. Justin hands him the mic before he steps out of the ring and Rage walks to the center of the ring, waiting for his music to die down. Once it does, he looks around the crowd as they go eerily quiet, waiting for him to speak. He brings the microphone to his lips to speak.

Rage: Things are getting really interesting around this place. Wouldn't you people agree?

The crowd erupts in a huge pop, but he keeps a blank expression on his face and he nods.

Rage: I mean, did you people ever think you'd see J2H as the World Heavyweight Champion? Just a couple of years ago, he was this scrawny, annoying, spoiled little brat! He really made ya want to just knock the shit out of him!

The crowd cheers again and he cracks a smile.

Simone: Oooh...I think I know where this is heading.

Adams: Where?! I wanna know!

Simone: Oh pay attention, Jason!

Rage: But look at him now. He's the top dog in SCW! He's got himself a title that actually means something! He's now got a big target on his back, which several others have already set their sights on. Not only that, but J2H is just walking around, waiting for the next douchebag to challenge him for that title of his. Because beating Casey Williams was such a challenge, right?

Rage laughs and shakes his head as the crowd again cheers.

Rage: You see, I signed up for the Blast From The Past tournament to do what everyone else can't seem to do around here. I could have done what every one of these assholes is doing and laying down challenges here and there, but I'd rather earn my shot the right way!

A huge pop from the crowd follows and Rage starts to grow noticeably more agitated.

Rage: I know J2H is watching backstage. He's watching every single move every guy makes because let's face it...He has to.

Rage turns and faces the backstage entrance, and when he speaks, he speaks directly to J2H.

Rage: J2H, let me make something clear right now. I ain't out here to issue a challenge for that title ya got around your waist...or over your shoulder...Or wherever it is you choose to show it off. No, I'm out here to tell you that soon...very soon...I will get my shot at that title, because week in and week out...I'm busting my ass proving I deserve my shot. Earning my shot. And it doesn't matter what bullshit you want to come back and say about me, you know as well as I do, that compared to the rest of those assholes in the back, I'm the biggest challenge you got!

Simone: Those are some big words.

Adams: Well...Rage is a really big guy!

Rage steps closer to the ropes and leans on the top rope, still looking directly to the backstage entrance.

Rage: You see, I'm still in this Blast From The Past Tournament with Sam Marlowe and I gotta say...I have no intentions of losing. Semi-finals are next week and then it's on to Blaze of Glory V for the finals, but I'm not gonna sit here and guarantee a win. Just because I don't want to lose this thing, I'm not ignoring the fact that some big fucking names are still in it. Spike Staggs being one of them! But J2H, take this as a final warning to you. Regardless of whether or not Sam and I walk away as the Blast From The Past champions, I'm coming after that title one way or another. Win or lose...I've got my eye on the prize that you've got in your possession, and there ain't a damn thing you can do to stop me from coming after it.

Rage backs away from the ropes.

Rage: I'll see you soon, James. Enjoy that title while you have it.

He drops the microphone then steps back over the top rope and jumps down to the outside of the ring as Monster by Skillet starts playing again.

Simone: Oooh boy...I can't wait to hear what J2H has to say about this one.

Rage makes his way back up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain as the crowd cheers.

The camera switches back to J2H's dressing room as he watches the end of Rage's in ring interview. His eyes focus on the screen. Letting out a deep sigh, J2H slowly shakes his head.

J2H: I hope your backstage and listening Rage. I hope you're back there with your ears wide open because I have no intention of repeating myself. You want to sit there and earn your chance to get a shot at my championship, welll congratulations, that makes you one step better than that clowd Travis, who jumped ahead of the line knowing that he will get to ever headline a main event, so I can respect that, but have you ever thought about one little minor detail.

J2H waves a finger at the camera.

J2H: What if you don't actually win your semi final match next week? Then what? Do you come back to me with your tail between your legs and ask to be let in to the Blaze of Glory V main event? You have shot yourself in the foot you big dumb animal.

J2H runs his fingers over his forehead.

J2H: Travis knew he wouldn't get a chance any other way so he appeared but let's be honest, we all know he's a huge let down in every aspect of his life, he's there to make up the numbers and an assist from Steve Ramone to beat a new guy proves nothing. Connor Murphy is smart because what he's done is stepped up to the point where he could earn it through Blast From The Past, but he covered himself here just in case, one way or another, he get's a big match on a huge show but you Rage, you did the opposite of him.

J2H straightens the title belt on his shoulder.

J2H: What you've done cause you want to earn it

J2H air quotes the word "earn".

J2H: You've just put yourself in a pointless supercard match if you don't win next week. If you do and you don't win in the final, you're back to the bottom of the pack cause next cycle round, I'm only dealing with the winner of that stupid tournament. What if it's not you Rage? I mean this is your first mistake, because you think you've already got this one won, but guess what genius? You haven't! Are you really pissing on names like Spike Staggs? Or Despayre who got through earlier? Do you really think you're better than them?

J2H shrugs.

J2H: I don't, the fans don't. Who out there wouldn't like to see Spike Staggs go full circle and find himself on top again? The legend that he is, everyone would love that happy ending, right?

The fans in the arena cheer.

J2H: Or Despayre even. He's a pain in the ass to me but everyone out there has wanted to see that pain in the ass in a supercard main event for a title for a long time, am I right?

Again the fans in the arena cheer.

J2H: And then there's you Rage. A boring old, passed it guy, that is meant to be big and scary, yet bores the pants of people by broadcasting your family around like it's meant to mean something. Sorry pal, the Phillip Show just isn't that interesting, showing you being Kittie's bitch, that's only so so, but the truth is while you think you're at the doorstep to getting what you want from me, the fact is you're so far away, you're on a different continent. You've stumbled in to this claiming you want what's mine, but ya tiny brain didn't come up with a back up plan, so if you lose next week, it will be way too late for you to reverse your words.

A smile breaks out on J2H's face.

J2H: Because when you grab that mic after and tell me you want to be put on my list of opponents for Blaze of Glory V, the answer will simply be no.

J2H waves his hand at the camera as if to shoo something away.

J2H: I won't save you from a mediocre match at Blaze of Glory V. You had your chance to jump in my main event at Blaze of Glory V, but you've lost it now. You don't win that tournament, you will never get a shot at my title, I will never waste my time with you. You could crawl on your hands and knees begging for me to save you from being a piss break match, but I'll walk past you and be beyond you before you know it, just like the glory days you thought you used to have. You should have just done the smart thing and just challenged me straight up like Travis did and you might have been in a better place. But hey, look on the bright side Rage...

Another smile on J2H's face.

J2H: At least I spoke more about you than I did about that loser Travis, read in to that what you want. I'll leave you to go smash something up now to live up to your name. Good luck in that tournament, because there's no other way you'll ever get your hands on my championship.

J2H sits back as the camera cuts elsewhere.

Team Hero - Roxi Johnson and Keira Fisher (c) Vs The Nobodies - Celeste North and Alexis Edwards

Holly Wood steps through the ring ropes, ready to officiate the next contest. She sashays past Justin where she glides her fingers along his jawline until she takes her position in the far corner.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish! Introducing first...!

The lights go out and we can hear acoustic guitars start to play Devil's Work through the arena and later followed by the double singing of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats when Dmitri walks out to the arena, all dressed in black leather pants, a white blouse with his top buttons opened up. We see a candle burn on the titan tron as his name emerges. His eyes is piercing through the entire arena, as if he is searching for someone to drain his blood from.

Justin: From Moscow, weighing two hundred and seventy five pounds, making his SCW in-ring debut -- Dmitri!

Lights emerge throughout the crowd as he starts to walk towards the ring, everywhere he walks the spotlight follows him. Allowing him to be the only one that is in the light while the rest of the arena is in complete darkness (except for the lights from the crowd). He finally gets on the ring apron as he once again looks through the entire crowd before entering the ring and stand in the middle of the ring awaiting his opponent as his music dies out.

Simone: There have been a lot of questions about the man known as Dmitri, leading up to this contest, and his debut promo answered a good deal many!

Adams: Yeah, such as this guy is freaky with a capital WEIRD!

Simone: Someone finally up the fear-o-meter for you where Brother Grimm is concerned?

Adams: I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Simone: Imagine those two together in a match?


he lights in the arena go out as the beat to "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers. As the electric organ picks up, a red light flashes across the screen as random faces begin to show on the screen. As the words start up, men and women in masks and hoodies file out through the curtains. The lights come on at a dim tone, flashing as the seven figures make it down to the ringside area. As the music picks up, one of the figures pulls his hood back, yanking his mask off to reveal Tim Staggs.

Justin: Introducing his opponent! From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing one hundred and ninety five pounds -- Tim Staggs!

He jumps onto the ring apron, focused as he steps through the ropes. He paces back and forth, and the lights turn up some as he looks up. He then removes his jacket and tears away his black pants to reveal his wrestling outfit. He jogs backward and rests in one of the far corners, sinking down to a seated position as he contemplates.

Adams: You gotta feel for that poor bloke, don't ya?

Simone: Tim Staggs has had an awful go of it lately, facing the torment of Brother Grimm's incessant torments, and now facing yet another living nightmare.

Tim then stand back up, cracking his knuckles and neck as he waits for the bell.


At the sound of the opening bell, Tim Staggs emerged from out of his corner, as did his mysterious opponent, both ready to kick start this contest. The two do not circle the ring as is the norm, but instead meet right in the center of the six-sided ring and proceed to lock up, collar and elbow. The moment that they do, Tim Staggs shows off his technical chops by grasping Dmitri's arm and twisting it into an inverted wrist lock, then counters that into a hammerlock, ducking behind his larger opposition. Tim then quickly drops down and rolls Dmitri up into a school boy roll up.

Dmitri quickly kicks out at the count of one!

Dmitri is immediately back on his feet and charges Staggs but Tim ducks behind him, wrapping his arms around Dmitri's waist from behind in a rear waist lock.

Simone: That time in the Staggs Dungeon has really paid off well for Tim, whether he wants to admit it or not. Not even a minute in and he's already out wrestling Dmitri.

But this is where size pays off as Dmitri counters this hold by swinging his elbow back around, connecting hard with the side of Tim's head. Tim is knocked loose and staggers back a step, time enough for Dmitri to turn around and grab Staggs in a half nelson and begin driving a knee straight up into Tim's upper body and face once, twice ... three times! Tim hits the mat on his back, stunned, and Dmitri simply walks over him, stepping on his throat as he passes.

Adams: Bloody hell! This guy is brutal!

Dmitri peels Tim up off of the mat and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip and attempts a big boot, but Tim ducks under the blow. Staggs comes rebounding off of the far side of the ring but runs right into Dmitri who scoops him up into the air and drives him hard into the mat with a body slam! Dmitri then dashes into the ropes and comes off with a guillotine leg drop, but Tim rolls out of the way and Dm9itri crashes on his legs and tailbone!

Adams: Timmy is still in this one!

Simone: It's going to take a lot more to take Tim Staggs out of this match.

Tim then races off of the ropes himself and crashes low into Dmitri with a low spinning heel kick to the face! Dmitri goes down and Tim with another cover!

Dmitri kicks out again, throwing Tim off!

Adams: Dmitri is insanely strong! Stronger than my brother-in-law's coffee!

Dmitri forces his way to his feet and Tim bulls right into him and dives into his body, spearing the larger man and knocking him back into the near corner! Tim follows up, dashing in and laying into Dmitri with a flying avalanche! Tim backs up several steps and signals for a second one...

Adams: Not a good idea...!

And Tim runs in and jumps -- only to have Dmitri catch him in his arms and deliver a spinning belly to belly suplex!

Simone: He went to the well one too many times with Dmitri!

Adams: Dad will be assigning homework after that boo boo!

Dmitri drags Tim up and shoves him halfway through the top and middle ropes, then bends him backwards by the head and delivers four forearm blows to the kidney area. Dmitri then gouges Tim's eyes, digging his nails in as Holly is forced to count against him...


And Dmitri breaks before he can be disqualified.

Simone: Dmitri started this match off sleek and methodical, but now we seem to be seeing his darker side.

Dmitri pulls Tim back inside of the ring and picks him up as if for a body slam, but instead drops him across his knee with a back breaker. Rather than drop him, Dmitri holds on and bends him across his knee, working over his back! Holly checks in and asks Tim if he wants to submit, but Tim shakes his head 'no' and refuses!

Simone: Say what you will about him and his attitude, but Tim Staggs has his father's blood in him. He is a fighter.

Finally Dmitri dumps Tim off of his knee and to the canvas, where he drags him back to a vertical base with a handful of hair. Dmitri Irish whips him into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a spine buster! Dmitri rolls right over into a cover, hooking the near leg!

Tim pops his right shoulder up!

Adams: Love him or hate him, the fans are starting to rally behind Tim against this creepy arse guy, Dmitri!

Dmitri stares at Holly, backing the effeminate referee up a step until he opts to go back to work on his opponent. Dmitri pulls Tim into a seated position and sinks his fingers in deep in Tim's shoulder muscles, working him over in this nerve hold!

Adams: Ouch! I used to HATE having that done to me!

Tim's face is a mask of pain as Dmitri sinks his grip in even tighter as Holly checks to see if he wants to submit, but so far young Staggs refuses! A loud, piercing shriek above the rest of the fans' cheers and jeers starts to attract attention...

Simone: Oh no... will you look who Tim has for a cheering section again!?

The camera catches a front row shot of Tim Staggs' 'stalker', Belladonna Grey, standing up from her front row seat, leaning over the rail and screaming encouragement to Tim!

Adams: Oh I bet Misty is just LOVING that!

Tim's foot begins kicking the canvas and the fans rally along, clapping and stomping as Dmitri snarls, working the nerve hold in deeper! Slowly, Tim begins to position himself on the canvas to get back to his feet. He first gets his knees beneath him and is able to push his way to his feet, still in the hold! Tim then reaches back, grabs Dmitri around the head and drops to his backside, driving the top of his head up into Dmitri's chin with a jaw breaker!

Simone: Slick counter!

Dmitri stumbles back as Tim starts to recover, forcing his way to his feet. Dmitri goes right after him but Tim dropkicks him below the shin, knocking Dmitri off of his feet. Tim stands over his kneeling opponent and throws three right hands into Dmitri's head, then races off of the ropes but Dmitri jumps back up and catches him in a bear hug, running Staggs hard back into the far corner!

Adams: OH! That comeback didn't last very long!

Dmitri grabs him around the throat with both hands and lifts him into the air in a standing choke! Holly counts!


And Dmitri throws him down and back against the corner! Dmitri grabs him and pulls him from the corner and sends him into the ropes! Dmitri swings for a lariat but Tim ducks under and counters with a float over DDT! Dmitri's head is PLANTED into the canvas!

Simone: And Tim is back in this one!

Dmitri rolls over onto his back and Tim wisely crawls over him to make the cover!

Dmitri gets the shoulder up!

Adams: So close!

Tim pulls the bigger man to his feet and goes to Irish whip him into the ropes but Dmitri reverses it. Tim comes off and Dmitri goes for a big boot but Tim grabs his foot, blocking it -- then takes Dmitri down with a dragon screw!

Simone: A move like that could have blown out Dmitri's knee!

Holding onto Dmitri's leg, Tim stands over him and turns him over into the Texas Cloverleaf!

Adams: Now it's Tim going for the submission!

Tim, with Dmitri's legs interlaced, leans back ala a Boston crab, and Holly drops to check on Dmitri but the vampire refuses to 'tap out' to his opposition! Tim then lowers himself to one knee and leans further back, adding even more pressure to Dmitri's back and knees, but still Dmitri won't yield!

Simone: Dmitri is proving himself quite capable of handling a lot of pain!

Going back to his training, as Dmitri refuses to tap, Tim seeks another means of victory. Tim sends Dmitri into the near corner and charges in but Dmitri brings his boot up, greeting Staggs in an unceremonious way! Tim staggers back into the center of the ring as Dmitri comes flying off of the ropes and right into a...

Adams: Clothesline from Hell!

Tim is turned inside out from the impact!

Simone: Dmitri calls that move Nosferatu!

Dmitri makes the cover.


Simone: And just like that, it's all over!


Justin: Here is your winner -- DMITRI!

The crowd boos as Holly tries to hold his arm up but Dmitri pulls it away from her and stalks the ring, looking down at Tim and out at the fans before he exits and heads back up the aisle.

Adams: Dmitri with a HUGE debut win over a former World Tag Champion!

Holly is checking on Tim inside of the ring when the crowd reacts as the stalker Belladonna hops the guard rail and scrambles into the ring!

Simone: What the...?

Belladonna shoves Holly aside and she instead is checking on Tim as security heads out from the back...

Adams: Oh I bet Misty is just LOVING this!

Goth's music hits as the Internet champion walks out to the arena with Sapphira holding his championship belt over her shoulder. The fans are cheering the Internet champion on as he walks towards the ring. He slides in the ring as holds the ropes open for his wife as she slowly gets in the ring. Goth kisses his wife before asking for a microphone and turns his attention towards the fans.

Goth: Last year I returned SCW with a vengeance on my mind, to fulfil some final goals in life and to remove some demons from my past. And to be honest?? I feel that I quite succeeded in that wouldn't you agree???

The crowd cheers as they are applauding Goth.

Goth: Three time Roulette champion, current Internet champion, Tag Team champion as well as a two time world champion. The first ever triple crown winner and the second ever grand slam champion as well as the first to have achieved both goals. And when you achieve everything in life, you are going to reflect on life and what other goals may very well be the most important thing in my life.

Goth turns towards his wife as she smiles towards him as Goth smiles back at his wife.

Goth: Last week Saphira told me that she is currently three months pregnant and....,

Crowd: Baby Goth!!! Baby Goth!! Baby Goth!!!

Both of them smile as they listen to the chant from the crowd as Goth tries to continue his talk.

Goth: That it made me reflect on everything and I have made a decision in my wrestling career. That I have decided to retire and be by my wife's side as she deserves my whole attention. Something that I am sure that all of you can understand. So with great pride I am deciding to relinquish my championship belt and I want to thank you all for a final great run and a future of three.

With that the crowd cheers the two as Goth hugs his wife and the two walk to the back as Goth has made the decision to retire his career in the SCW.

In a quaint little park in the city, SCW Superstar and rock n' roller Alex Rush is casually walking arm-in-arm with Amanda Hugginkiss as the "Benny Hill theme" plays in the background. The pair happen upon 'Ye Old Wishing Well' as they mosey along. As Amanda munches on a pear and looks at the scenery, Alex looks at the Wishing Well, then at Amanda.

Alex then quickly fishes around in his pants pocket and pulls out a quarter and gives it a toss into the well. With a faint 'splash' -- Amanda vanishes on the spot! Alex looks surprised at the spot she just was, then back at the wishing well. Alex reaches into his pocket and pulls out another quarter and gives it a toss into the well and wish a splash...

World Bombshell Champion, Samanatha Marlowe in a leopard bikini pops into existence. Alex looks her over and smiles like a little boy on Christmas morning, rubbing his palms together. He takes her arm and starts to escort her through the park when Samantha puts on the brakes.

Sam turns to the Wishing Well and tosses in a quarter -- and Jamie Dean pops into existence, wearing just a black speedo and leather chaps! Alex folds his arms, pouting openly. Jamie then tosses a quarter into the Wishing Well and ... Samantha vanishes!

Jamie casually walks over to Alex and takes him by the arm and starts to escort him from the scene when Alex hurriedly tosses a quarter into the Well --

And Jamie is quickly replaced once again by Amanda Hugginkiss! Alex breathes a sigh of relief as he takes her by the arm again and escorts her off camera as the scene fades to a close....

Opening up backstage we find J2H and Melody Grace standing side by side, inside his pimped out dressing room. As J2H is adjusting his championship belt he can't help but look at Dexter the Duck who is now fast asleep in Melody's top pocket. Melody on the other hand is toying around with her long blonde hair with one hand whilst holding onto a victory milkshake in the other.

Melody: are you ready to go home?

J2H just looks down at her with a confused look on his face.

J2H: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Melody just rolls her big hazel eyes and sighs.

Melody: You say that... but just you wait till you see what I have planned for you.

James just ignores it while Melody looks at him like a lost little puppy.

J2H: Why are you looking at me like that?

Melody's smile turns into a smirk and before James knew it Melody was now standing in front of him.

Melody: Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let's go and play...

Before Melody can even think about continuing singing one of the many frozen songs J2H lifts his right index finger up and put its over her lips. Silencing her. He take a step forward and ducks his head down and Melody just looks up at him with a gleeful look in her eye hoping for what she thinks is going to come next. J2H finally looks up at Melody's eyes and sees what she is thinking and without a warning he drops his finger away from her lips and walks off. Frowning Melody sighs but she decides to skip off behind him.

Melody: HEY JAMES! You know in the movies when a boy puts his finger on the girls lips to shut her up, they normally kiss. You know that right? Right? You're not playing by the rules J2H!!

James doesn't bother looking back as he replies.

J2H: We need a new rule in this friendship, where you don't come and see me at work.

He continues to walk off while Melody just smiles shamelessly before she skips off behind him. The scene then fades away to ringside.

SCW's own Ms. Rocky Mountains stands beside Mercedes Vargas backstage, ready to conduct an interview with the Argentine Bombshell and still Bombshell Internet Champion.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, congratulations on retaining the Bombshell Internet Championship in the main event of Climax Control 142 in what was a hotly contested match against Melanie Gabrielle in Tucson. How are you feeling right now?

Mercedes Vargas: In a word, Rocky, relieved. I'm glad it's over.

She pauses, breaking out a smile.

Mercedes Vargas: They say the first defense is always the hardest for a reason and that was true again last week. In my mind, Melanie stepped up big time and made me work to keep my reign going and I think we put on one hell of a title match to close the show. She will always have a ton of my respect and if I ever get the honor to step in the ring with her again, I'd accept in a heartbeat.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, you have been in this situation before. Another main event match and a singles first title defense. What about your 11th main event and fourth successful singles first defense stood out to you the most, what was your game plan against Melanie ahead of the match?

Mercedes Vargas: Well, you know, I knew Melanie wasn't going to be an easy opponent. She's so good at what she does and so calculating. She can put anyone away at any given moment. Coming into the match, I didn't want to be overconfident or even underconfident, but I knew that I had to have a Plan B, C, and D against her to win the match and, you know, she took me to the limit and I definitely think she had a few sure pinfalls. They were a few times where I thought I was done. We both wanted to win the title but I wanted it more. In my dozen visits to Arizona, I've lost just three times in my career and I'm fortunate that my first visit in Tucson two years ago was a special moment when Traci Patterson and I became the first-ever two-time World Bombshell Tag Team Champions so the flight from Tucson back to LA this time around made me enjoy this win a little bit more.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I'm sure it was. With Blaze of Glory V three weeks away, Alexis Edwards has yet to act on her rematch against you, but if you had a choice on who gets the next title shot, who would it be?

Mercedes Vargas: Well, I don't have a choice. It doesn't matter to me. I don't feel like that's my call to make. That responsibility falls on Christian Underwood and falls on SCW. My job is to show up and defend the title against whoever, whenever, wherever so it makes no difference to me. Big or small, come one, come all.

Mercedes lifts her championship from over her shoulder and holds it in front of the camera in victory before blowing a kiss to the camera and turning to leave.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, thank you for your time.

Rocky turns to the camera to address the fans.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Your Bombshell Internet Champion, Mercedes Vargas, ladies and gentlemen.

The camera cuts back to ringside

Backstage on an equipment box that reads SCW, Connor Murphy can be seen applauding as he watches a stream of the show on a laptop. With a smirk, he looks into the camera that is focused on him.

Connor Murphy: Something tells me that the hair on Jimmy's balls is coming in more like a peach fuzz than a bush. He's measuring himself against everyone that really cares about being the champion. See, I don't care about the title, I just like making a statement and obviously when I put a comment about him when I talk about my match, I got his attention. Now he wants to invite me to the ball...

Connor chuckles slightly as he shakes his head.

Connor Murphy: I just got two questions for you if that is the case Jimmy. First, are you even going to be ready to face me if I decide that I want that title? I mean really, you didn't care when it wasn't for the title at any point...lying that you didn't want it when you won it. Trust me I listened to the bitchin' But when I say I don't want it, I mean I don't want it, I just want it off you and if I have to beat you to do it, then so be it.

Brushing a hand over his chin, Connor thinks for a moment then smirks more.

Connor Murphy: Second question big boy. Who in their right mind offers another guy an invite to a ball for freakin' sake. Now if that offer of a ball is pretty boy speak for a fight, then you are on Jimmy. Blaze of Glory will see me saving Sin City Wrestling from having a second rate boyband wannabe as it's champion. And before people need to it, you are welcome.

Connor gets off the equipment box and leans towards the camera to smile.

Connor Murphy: Now if you will excuse me, I am on my way to beat Steve Ramone like the chump he is.

Connor walks off towards the gorilla press area as the view goes back to ringside.

Zuri Chastain Vs Twisted Sister

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentleman it is now time for our Main Event of the evening and it is the final Blast From The Past Quarter Final Match!

Crowd: POP!

The lights in the arena go black as "Freak Like Me" by Halestorm plays over the sound system. Red strobe lights shine around and thick smoke fills the entrance. A figure emerges from behind the curtain, dressed in a baggy black hoodie. The crowd in attendance gives off a mixed reaction of boos and cheers as the hooded figure moves to the music before she pulls the hood back revealing herself to be Alexis Edwards.

Justin Decent: Introducing first...Making her way to the ring! Weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds formerly of Phoeniz, Arizona but now calling The Streets her home...Please welcome...ALEXIS EDWARDS!!

Alexis ignores the fans, pretending as though she can't hear them at all before she dashes her way down to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope. She jumps up to her feet, raising her right hand in the air as she unzips her hoodie with her left then removes it, tossing it across the ring where it lands on the top rope. She makes her way over to one of the corner turnbuckles as her music dies down and she stares towards the backstage curtain, waiting for the match to begin.

Simone: I wonder if Alexis and Steve will be able to work as well together as they did a few weeks ago.

Adams: I wouldn't bet on it!

"I pledge alliegence, to the flag, of The Fearless One Steve Ramone."

"I want what's coming to me."
"So what's coming to you?"
"The world chico, and everything in it"

Following that quote the opening riff to "I Want The World.....and Everything In It" by Battle Beast hits the speakers as the lights dim and the crowd boos as "The Fearless One" Steve Ramone comes out first air guitaring to the song before he is joined by Andreas and Cyrus.

Justin Decent: And introducing her tag team partner! Weighing in at two hundred pounds...From Queens, New York! He is the current SCW Roulette Champion...The Fearless One Steve Ramone!!!

The three men ignore the fans at ringside whilst they walk down to the ringside as Steve sings along to the lyrics before they reach the ringside area where Cyrus and Andreas enter the ring first followed by Steve. Alexis glares at all three men as she steps away from her corner and over to Jasmine St. John, where she starts discussing something with her. Steve's music dies down as Cyrus and Andreas make their way to the outside of the ring and Steve walks over towards Alexis.

Simone: Alexis is talking to Jasmine about something. I wonder what's going on?

Adams: My guess? She wants to throw in the towel already!

Simone: I don't think so. She keeps pointing to Cyrus and Andreas, so I can only assume it's about their presence at ringside.

Justin Decent: And their opponents...

The lights turn pink, red and purple as "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin plays. Melanie Gabrielle walks out with her sword in hand. She raises it up into the air and lets out a battle cry.

Justin Decent: Introducing first...Weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds...From Copenhagen, Denmark...She is a member of The Angel Clan...Please welcome...Melanie Gabrielle!!!

Melanie walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers loudly for her. As she gets into the ring, the lights turn off and a spot light is on her. She jumps into the ring and walks into the center. Melanie takes her crown off her head and tosses into the air. She catches it as the lights turn to normal.

Warrior's Code by the Dropkick Murphys begins to play as Connor Murphy comes out on stage, one arm shaking with the beat over his head as the other pulls his cigarette from his lips while holding a red solo cup. Starting down towards the ring, he jokes and smirks at the fans.

Justin Decent: And her partner...Weighing in at one hundred eighty five pounds! Hailing from Ottawa Ontario Canada...Connor MURPHY!!

Connor stops part way around the ring at the announcers table to take one final puff of his cigarette then looks for something to put it out in. With a smirk and a nod at Belinda, he motions putting out the cigarette in her drink only to wave it off and put his glass down on the table and drop the butt into it. Climbing into the ring, he wipes at his nose then smirks for the fans again.

Simone: And it looks like Alexis and Steve are already butting heads over in their corner.

Adams: I think Steve wants Alexis to start the match but she keeps shaking her head and pointing to the center of the ring!

While Connor and Melanie quietly discuss who will start things off, Alexis and Steve are shouting at one another. Eventually, Melanie steps through the ropes and stands on the ring apron, deciding for both teams it seems and Steve doesn't seem to happy as Alexis steps through the ropes. Alexis just laughs it off and looks past Steve at Connor, giving her brother in The Nobodies a quick thumbs up and Jasmine calls for the bell!


Simone: And Connor is off to a flying start...Literally!

Connor launches himself across the ring just as Steven turns around and hits him with a forearm, tackling him to the canvas! Alexis smirks on the outside of the ring and watches as Connor gets to work on his assault against Steve, pummeling him with fist after fist!

Adams: Alexis wasn't kidding when she said she would be cheering for Connor!

Simone: Apparently not. Somehow I don't think Steve is going to be too happy about that.

Connor gets back to his feet, bringing Steve with him by his hair and drags him over to the corner by Alexis where he begins slamming his head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly, much to Alexis' delight! She's laughing and cheering Connor on and takes a step back so Steve doesn't try to blindly tag her in!

Simone: Alexis must think this is all a joke! I'm not a fan of Steve's by any means, but she should at least be supportive her HER partner!

Adams: Well...Connor is her partner in The Nobodies. Doesn't that count for anything?

Simone: Not when they are opponents tonight, no.

Connor follows up his assault with a series of kicks to the gut, increasing with ferocity as he tries to wear down Steve and get the best of him, and it seems to be working, at least temporarily. Eventually Jasmine has to pull Connor away from Steve as her warning him goes unacknowledged and Steve crumples to the canvas, looking dazed and confused!

Adams: I don't think Steve knows where he's at right now!

Connor holds his hands up defensively, nodding as Jasmine warns him again. She steps away and Connor charges right at Steve again, attempting to hit him in the face with his shin, but Steve quickly ducks out of the way and Connor's shin bounces off the steel ringpost! Alexis grimaces at the same time Connor does and Steve jumps back to his feet, spins around grabs Connor by the back of the head and brings him down in neckbreaker! Alexis frowns and when Steve drops down for the pin, he glares up at Alexis and gives her the finger!

Adams: This is a family show, Steve!

Simone: I don't think he cares. He's just showing Alexis what he thinks of how she's acting!

Alexis narrows her eyes as Jasmine drops down for the count!




Connor kicks out! Alexis breathes a sigh of relief but watches carefully as Steve gets back to his feet and stomps away to Connor's head a few times! He works quickly before he steps over to the corner, jumping up to the top turnbuckle and looking down to Connor! Melanie watches on from her corner nervously, waiting for her opportunity to see some ring time against Alexis and just as Steve jumps down towards Connor, Alexis reaches in and makes the blind tag, which Jasmine acknowledges! Steve realizes what happened and lands on his feet and Alexis quickly steps through the ropes, as does Melanie!

Simone: And things just got interesting!

Adams: Steve is not at all happy about that! Alexis tagged him in before he could really do anything against Connor!

Alexis shouts at Steve to get out of the ring and she helps Connor as he rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring! Melanie and Alexis charge at one another and lock arms as Steve reluctantly exits the ring and Connor walks around the outside, back over to his corner. Alexis and Melanie fight for control over the other until Melanie gets the upperhand and shoves Alexis down to the canvas! Alexis rolls backward and gets back to her feet, staring at Melanie who smirks back at her!

Simone: Don't get too big for your britches, Alexis!

Adams: Seriously, Belinda? How old are you?!

Simone: Shaddup, Jason!

Alexis takes a swing at Melanie, but Melanie ducks it, spins around quickly and kicks Alexis in the back of the knee! Alexis falls to her knees and Melanie follows it up with a spinning kick to the side of the head and Alexis falls to her back, holding her head! Melanie launches herself at the ropes and bounces back attempting a beautiful springboard moonsault, but Alexis gets her knees up and Melanie crashes against them, immediately holding her midsection as she collapses down to the canvas and Alexis crawls towards her, making the cover!



2 1/2 - Melanie kicks out!

Simone: And Melanie keeps the match alive!

Adams: Connor looks relieved right about now!

Over in his corner, Steve rolls his eyes as Alexis fails an early pin attempt against Melanie. Alexis doesn't even pay any attention to her tag partner as she grabs on to the ropes and gets back to her feet. Alexis looks to Connor with a grin.

Alexis: Sorry, Con, but today's not your day!

Connor: Oi! Shaddup and pay attention to the match, Lex!

Alexis laughs it off as she reaches down and pulls Melanie back to her feet. She whips her across the ring at the opposite set of ropes and when Melanie rebounds back, she ducks a clothesline attempt by Alexis and runs against the opposite set of ropes. She rebounds back again and Alexis ducks forward to attempt a back body drop but Melanie stops just in front of Alexis and slams Alexis' face into her knee! As Alexis stands up straight, holding her face, Melanie delivers a standing drop kick that sends Alexis stumbling back against the ropes!

Simone: Alexis better calm down if she wants to stand any chance at beating Melanie.

Adams: At least she's having fun. This is a different side to Alexis.

Alexis holds on to the top rope to stop herself from going over and crashing to the outside. Melanie charges at her, but Alexis ducks, bringing the top rope down with her and Melanie flies over but she lands on the ring apron and Alexis doesn't see! Melanie holds on to the top rope as Alexis spins around and she launches herself over the top rope at Alexis and delivers a hurricanrana and she quickly covers Alexis and Jasmine drops down for the count!



3-NO! Alexis gets her shoulder up! Melanie slams her hands on the canvas in frustration, but the match continues.

Simone: And Connor is begging for the tag. I think Melanie wants more ring time, but Connor wants another shot at Steve!

Melanie obliges and tags Connor in and Steve wastes no time in dashing through the ropes! Alexis realizes the men are now the legal ones in the match and she crawls back over to her corner. As Steve dashes over towards Connor, Connor grabs a hold of the top rope and launches himself into the ring, nailing Steve with a flying forearm smash! And the crowd is going wild!

Adams: It's funny that the crowd is cheering for a Nobody and booing his stablemate!

Simone: Well, Connor is teamed with Melanie. And the fans seem to like her, so...I'm not at all surprised. And he's putting up a great performance tonight.

With Steve still down, Connor jumps back to his feet and heads over to one of the corners. He jumps up to the top turnbuckle and quickly leaps off, attempting a frog splash to Steve, but Steve rolls out of the way and Connor crashes against the canvas! Alexis and Melanie both cringe as they watch and Alexis pays close attention to Steve. With Connor now down, Steve uses this opportunity to showcase his own high flying ability as he jumps to the top turnbuckle that Connor was just perched on!

Simone: It's a battle of the high flyers tonight!

Adams: Except for Alexis...She doesn't have any high flying moves in her arsenal!

Simone: She must be afraid to really hurt herself...

Steve balances on the top turnbuckle, staring down at Connor! He doesn't waste any time as he flies off!

Simone: 450 Splash! He just hit a 450 Splash on Connor!

Adams: And he's going for the pin now!

Jasmine drops down for the count and Alexis watches on in a panic! She jumps down from the ring apron as Jasmine starts the count!


Simone: What is Alexis doing?!


Alexis frantically reaches in a puts Connor's foot on the bottom rope and quickly jumps up to the ring apron!

Alexis: Hey ref! PAY ATTENTION!

Jasmine breaks up her count as she spots Connor's foot on the bottom rope and Alexis returns over to her corner! Steve is LIVID, and across the ring, Melanie is even a little shocked!

Simone: Steve is not happy right now. Not happy at all.

Steve gets up to his feet and walks over to his corner, shouting at Alexis. She feigns innocence in the matter but Steve knows otherwise. When he turns around to go and finish off Connor, Alexis once again reaches in and tags him in! Steve stops right where he is at as Alexis dashes into the ring but Jasmine orders him out of the ring! Connor is slowly recovering over in the other corner as Melanie flies at Alexis, nailing her with a spear!

Adams: Man, Melanie sure is getting the best of Alexis tonight. She's taking it to her every chance she gets!

Melanie goes for the pin and Jasmine drops down!



Alexis kicks out!

Simone: I have to say, for someone who doesn't want to win this match, Alexis sure kicks out every chance she gets.

Melanie pulls Alexis back to her feet and she attempts to whip her across the ring, but Alexis reverses it! She goes to whip Melanie into the corner by Steve, but Melanie reverses that and instead sends Alexis into the corner where Steve IMMEDIATELY tags himself into the match!

Adams: These two are self-imploding rather quickly.

Simone: And Steve thought that would happen with The Nobodies tonight...Ha!

Melanie stops immediately as Steve tags himself in, but Alexis spins around and tags him right back as the two begin an impromptu game of tag!

Simone: I'm losing track of who's legal and who's not!

Adams: I think Jasmine is, too!

Jasmine has to break up the bickering between Alexis and Steve and she orders Steve into the ring, much to Alexis' displeasure! Melanie shakes her head and heads back over to her corner and Connor is just idly sitting by in another corner turnbuckle as Alexis and Steve trade spots!

As soon as Steve steps through the ropes Connor stands up on the top turnbuckle and launches himself at Steve! Steve ducks it at the last second, but Connor saves himself as he does a somersault as he lands on the canvas and quickly gets back to his feet. When Steve rushes towards him, he catches him in a side headlock and nails a quick DDT before launching himself at the ropes and rebounding back with a springboard lionsault! As Connor goes for the pin, Alexis drops down from her corner again!

Simone: For God's sake! What is she doing now?!

Jasmine drops down for the count!



Alexis reaches into the ring just as Steve is about to kick out! She grabs a hold of Steve's legs and holds them down, preventing him from kicking out just as he had done to Raynin a few weeks ago!



As soon as Jasmine calls for the bell, Alexis quickly backs away from the ring as Connor jumps to his feet and Melanie dashes into the ring and the two celebrate! Steve sits up, glaring at Alexis who just smiles and waves at him as she heads backstage.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentleman, your winners and advancing to the semi-finals...Connor Murphy and Melanie Gabrielle!!

Steve slams his fist down on the canvas in frustration.

Simone: I guess we shouldn't be surprised at Alexis doing that. She voiced her opinion after Steve essentially helped her pin Raynin in their first round match.

Adams: And now she helped her stablemate pin her own partner.

Alexis disappears backstage as Jasmine raises Connor's and Melanie's hands in victory and Steve rolls out of the ring.

Adams: What a way to end the night!

Simone: Couldn't agree more, Jason. Anyway, that's all the time we have tonight, folks!

Adams: That's too bad...I was hoping for more!

Simone: You'll get more next week. For Jason Adams, I'm Belinda Simone! The Semi-Finals of the Blast From The Past Tournament are coming up next week, and we'll see you all then! Have a great night!

Thank you! to Chris, Mark, Marge, The Lord MK, Dustin, Annie, James Tuscini, Mercedes Vargas, Crystal Millar, Gerrit, Erik, Court, Casey. Also again to Annie for the great match banners and the amazing supercard logo, and to everyone who roleplayed this week!