Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight then begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;

Crowd: "SCW!"

Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the famous Orleans Arena right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The theme music from the "Star Wars" franchise begins to play as out onto the stage emerges Amanda, dressed as a comical Darth Vader sans helmet and extra large boobs. Accompanied by a George Lucas look-a-like, the music continues as the performance begins...

Amanda: Now and then I think of when I was in power
Like choking people with the Force until they died
But then you told them all my history
And took away my masculinity
And had my character portrayed by subpar actors.

You are now addicted to an overuse of graphics
And making Greedo shoot first? Han shot first.
So when you tried to have the Force make sense
You introduced the midichlorians
And what’s the deal with having me be dubbed over (Noooooooooo!)

But you didn’t have to change it all.
Make ’em like they never happened and the fans are nothing
I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a Bantha and that feels so rough
No you didn’t have to make them blow
Have your friends direct your movies and they’ll turn out better.
You think that you don’t need them though
What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know

What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know
What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know

George Lucas: Now and then I think of all the times I screwed fans over.
I had them believing that the first three films were really done.
But Star Wars will be done my way
I don’t care what you have to say
I think that they should let it go
And they’ll never get the Blu-Ray of the Star Wars that you used to know

Amanda: You didn’t have to change it all.
No more puppets, no more practical effects or nothin’
I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a wampa and that feels so cold.
No you didn’t have to sell your soul
Do we really need to watch them all again in 3D?
Jar Jar was an all time low
What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know

Together: The movies
(I used to know)
The movies
(What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know)

(I used to know)
(That I used to know)
(I used to know)
(That I used to know)

The music fades and the crowd cheers and laughs as Amanda "Force chokes" the George Lucas impersonator as the stage lights wink out.

Simone: Hello everyone, and welcome to the inaugural edition of Climax Control for 2016!

Adams: And the first episode of the New Year, too!

Simone: Well there's one New Year's resolution shot to hell. Anyway, tonight we bring to you a very special edition of Climax Control, as it is the "Queen For A Day" episode!

Adams: Just imagine it! Mercedes Vargas is completely in charge while the bosses Mark and Christian get to sit back and enjoy the show!

Simone: Enjoy the chaos is more like it! And things kick off in true chaotic fashion as Mercedes has thrown four Bombshells with absolutely nothing in common in a Lethal Lottery tag team match!

Adams: Well that *is* what the SCW Lethal Lottery system is all about, but THIS! Traci Patterson and Melanie Gabrielle are on one side!

Simone: While Sam Marlowe and Veronica Taylor are on the other! That side just may spontaneously combust before the match even has a chance to finish!

Adams: Then we have the first of two Triple Threat matches when Casey Williams, CJ Sharpe and Kris Halc go at it... wait... Kris Halc? He's still being booked?

Simone: Funny. He asked the same question on Twitter recently. And to make this one more interesting, it's not going to be decided by the first man to get the pinfall or submission. No, this match is elimination rules and the last man standing will be the victor!

Adams: But there's also a Bombshell Triple Threat next! Jessie Salco! Keira Fisher! And Crystal Hilton, er, Millar!

Simone: Yes and that one will be even more unique as not only do there have to be five count pins, but in order to be the winner, one of those women has to beat each of her opponents at least once!

Adams: Boy I feel for whoever has to write THAT one!

Simone: Pardon? ... You know what, never mind. Simon Jones was originally scheduled to face Andrew watts in singles action but there was a bit of a contract dispute.

Adams: So Mercedes stepped in and booked J2H in Watts's place. J2H has been on a roll so this could be big!

Simone: Then Mercedes herself steps into the ring to accept a challenge made only too recently!

Adams: Yeah! Zuri Chastain appeared from out of nowhere to challenge the Queen For A Day and Mercy has no problems answering that challenge!

Simone: The question being will this match be a precursor to whatever title match Ms. Vargas chooses to take part in? Then we have a big Main Event! A non-title match between the Internet Champion and member of the New Supremacy, 'the Mental Rapist' Sean Jackson, going up against Goth!

Adams: WHY is this a non title match!? Why are any matches with the champions in them non-title!? I say if a champion is competing, then their belt should be up for grabs!

Simone: You make a convincing argument, and that statement alone should get us on the road to kick this show off so I can go have a stiff one!

Adams: That's what she sai-

Simone: DON'T say it!!!

An SCW cameraman is seen walking through a corridor of dressing rooms for the SCW superstars. The cameraman comes to a door titled "Goth" It moves past the green door to another green door titled "Sean Jackson" then it comes to another green door titled "CJ Sharpe" the cameraman knocks on that door.

CJ: Come In.. Its open..

The door opens to reveal CJ Sharpe getting ready for his match. He has his face paint on and a shirt that says "Hit Em With The 2 Piece" on it. He is wrapping his hands as he looks at the cameraman..

CJ: Well.. You just gonna stand there or are you going to sit so that I can start my segment.. Why does this company have to hire dumbasses as Camera men?

The camera man decides to sit so that CJ can get over 28th his segment..

CJ: So Casey.. You think that you can beat me for a second time? Well I have need for you because I'm going to put an and to that thought tonight when I pin you 123 to that mat.. This isn't a game Casey.. You are messing with the most dangerous version of CJ Sharpe.. Lets see if you can handle me.. Bitchhhh...

CJ then points to the door to notify the cameraman that it is time to leave and the camera man does leave..

Fade to black...

Simone: Welcome to the first Climax Control of 2016 and tonight we open things up with the Bombshell division and a long standing tradition here in SCW a Lethal Lottery Tag Team Match!

Adams: That’s right Belinda! The unlikely pairing of Melanie Gabrielle and Traci Paterson will do battle with the even more unlikely pairing of Veronica Taylor and Sam Marlowe! I tell you Belinda, the only way that couple could be any odder is if Jessie Salco was in Sam’s place!

Simone: Pretty sure you just gave Jessie nightmares given her well-documented hatred of anything Mean Girls, anyway let’s take it to Justin!

Justin: The following Lethal Lottery Tag Team Match is scheduled for one fall!

The crowd cheers in response as the lights turn pink, red and purple as "Evil Angel" by: Breaking Benjamin plays. Melanie Gabrielle walks out with her sword in hand. She raises it up into the air and lets out a battle cry.

Justin: Introducing team number one, first from Copenhagen, Denmark she is the Dark Angel Melanie Gabrielle!

Melanie walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers loudly for her. As she gets into the ring, the lights turn off and a spot light is on her. She jumps into the ring and walks into the center. Melanie takes her crown off her head and tosses into the air. She catches it as the lights turn to normal.

Simone: One thing that I forgot to mention was that this match, and pretty much every other match booked tonight, was booked by Mercedes Vargas as part of the stipulation for winning the Queen for a Day Match at December 2 Dismember III!

Adams: You have to wonder what ideas were rejected.

Justin: And her partner!

Here Come the Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Traci and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Traci then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Traci.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by her sister Kate, from Dallas, Texas Traci Paterson!

The pair then walk down to the ring and slap fans hands as they do this. Katie then gets up on the apron and holds the ropes open for Traci. Traci then slips in and walks over to the corner. She then poses on the turnbuckles while Katie claps her. Traci then gets down and opens the ropes for Katie to leave before focusing on her partner whilst Melanie is warming up.

Simone: Both Traci and Melanie have had plenty of success in SCW and they look to continue that success in tonight’s match!

Adams: But in the meantime they have to deal with Veronica’s cheating ways and Sam’s talents!

Justin: And their opponents!

Superficial by Heidi Montang hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing. As, a makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it. As, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She, then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Justin: First, from Los Angeles, California Veronica Taylor!

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before, she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. As, she then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. As, she then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. As, Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly. As she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

Simone: Veronica has had mixed success since the Mean Girls broke up including a win over Melanie’s partner in crime Lucy.

Adams: It wasn’t really a win over her as Lucy had hit the other opponent with her finisher only for Veronica to dump her out of the ring and steal the win.

Justin: And her partner!

“Set Me on Fire” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play the image of fire begins to play against the curtain to backstage. Stepping through the curtain of fire, a woman walks out with a smile as she poses at the entrance.

Justin: Introducing from Houston Texas, she is the one and only…Sam Marlowe!

Sam raises her arms as she is introduced. Heading to the ring, she plays to the fans, slapping hands and posing with others. Finally, she climbs the stairs to the ring apron and lays herself across the middle rope and blows a kiss to the camera and then rolls inside the ring. Walking towards the corner, she unzips her short jacket and pulls it off. Handing it to ringside staff, she turns and begins stretching out for the match as she watches her opponents.

Simone: This should be an interesting match.

Adams: Whether or not Sam and Veronica can get along is another matter entirely.

After a quick discussion Melanie and Traci work out a game plan that allows Melanie to start the match for their team, on the other hand Sam and Veronica spend a good minute and a half arguing over who will start the match before Jacob intervenes in order to get the match underway and Veronica, begrudgingly, agrees to let Sam start the match allowing Jacob to call for the bell.

Simone: It didn’t exactly take long for there to be tension between Veronica and Sam, did it?

Adams: Considering how much of a snob Veronica is I’m surprised that she even showed up for this match in the first place.

Sam and Melanie start circling each other for a good minute before they lock up in the middle of the ring trying to vie for position, after a few minutes Sam hits an Arm Drag and a dropkick on Melanie before going for a cover 1…...and Melanie quickly kicks out, Sam tries to follow this up with a submission hold but all we get instead is a traditional chain wrestling exchange that ends with a stand-off between the two Bombshells earning applause from the crowd and Traci, Veronica on the other hand couldn’t care less.

Simone: I get the feeling that Veronica would be a lot happier teaming with anyone but Sam.

Adams: Even Jessie?

Simone: Let’s not go that far.

The two Bombshells lock up again and this time Melanie takes the advantage by backing her up against the ropes and whipping Sam to the opposite side of the ring near where her team’s corner is, Veronica takes the opportunity to get a blind tag in but neither Sam or Melanie realize this and on the rebound Sam hits Melanie with a Sunset Flip whilst holding on for the pin, however Jacob informs them off the tag which Sam argues with the ref over.

Simone: Sam may not like it but Jacob’s just doing his job out there.

Adams: I don’t think Melanie or Traci are too happy about it either to be honest.

Veronica uses Sam’s unintentional distraction to hit Melanie from behind with a clothesline and stomp the crap out of the former champion much to the disapproval of the fans and Traci, Sam finally relents when she sees her partner cheating behind Jacob’s back and heads to her team’s corner but not before Veronica shouts this at her.

Veronica: Go on you basic, let me show you how a REAL Bombshell wins! Sorry, not sorry!

Sam glares at her before giving her the middle finger much to the crowd’s enjoyment but before Veronica can do anything else Melanie rolls her up in a school girl 1…...2…...and Veronica kicks out, it looks like Veronica is about to shout something else at her probably in relation to the fact that she didn’t even attempt to break up the pin but instead ends up entwined in a brawl with Melanie.

Simone: The Mean Girls may be long gone but Veronica never changed.

Adams: Not that surprising actually.

The brawl is fairly even at first but Melanie’s superior skills soon come into play and Veronica quickly finds herself backed into one of the neutral corners with Melanie wailing away at her, realizing that Jacob doesn’t have a clear view of her Veronica blocks one of Melanie’s shots, rakes her eyes and hits her with an STO that drives her face-first into the middle turnbuckle, Veronica goes for a cover whilst getting her feet up on the ropes for good measure 1….2….and Jacob notices Veronica’s cheating with a little help from Sam.

Simone: Not often that we see someone’s tag team partner alerting the ref to their partner’s cheating ways.

Adams: Then again it’s not like Veronica is going to be getting any Christmas Cards from Sam any time soon.

Once she realizes that Sam alerted Jacob about her cheating Veronica gets up and starts laying into her about not assisting Veronica, however Sam takes the opportunity to tag herself in and before Veronica can object Jacob orders her to her team’s corner whilst Sam hits a springboard dropkick on Melanie allowing her to go for a cover 1…...2….and Melanie kicks out.

Simone: And now the shoes on the other foot.

Adams: But the real question is, can Sam keep up with Melanie and Traci?

Sam shakes her head in response to the failed pin attempt whilst Veronica keeps glaring at her but Sam doesn’t let up instead locking in an arm bar on Melanie whilst Traci cheers her on trying to get her partner to mount a comeback and make the tag to her, sure enough Melanie is able to fight out of the hold and makes the tag to Traci who wastes no time in leveling Sam with a Lariat.

Simone: Traci just entered the match in a big way.

Adams: And according to NASSA Sam’s head just landed on Mars!

Traci goes for a cover on Sam 1…...2…...and Sam kicks out, Traci doesn’t let up on the smaller Bombshell as she picks her up and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex that sends her flying across the ring, Sam just happens to land near her team’s corner and once she realizes this Sam crawls over to the corner to make the tag……only to realize that Veronica is on the outside of the ring checking her make-up.

Simone: How convenient.

Adams: That’s not fair, she could have an eyelash out of place!

Sam yells some choice words at Veronica as she pulls herself up to her feet but Veronica pays no attention to her either because she can’t hear her or, more than likely, doesn’t care and Traci takes the opportunity to hit Sam with a splash in the corner and goes for another corner once Sam plops down to the mat 1…...2…...and Sam kicks out.

Simone: Sam really needs a tag here!

Adams: Unfortunately for her Veronica’s still checking her make-up!

Traci picks up Sam and sets her up for a Powerbomb, however as soon as Sam is in position she starts firing shots to Traci’s head before taking her down with a Hurricanrana that sends Traci flying! Sam quickly goes for the cover 1…...2…...and Traci kicks out of the pin attempt, Sam shakes her head before picking up Traci and goes to whip her off the ropes only for it to be reversed by Traci, on the rebound Sam ducks under Traci’s attempted Discus Clothesline and hits a Lou Thesz Press on Traci before going for another cover 1….2…...and Traci kicks out just as Veronica hops back on the apron.

Simone: So far Sam has been fighting this war on her own.

Adams: That may change with Veronica back on the apron but I doubt it!

Traci starts making her way back to her team’s corner in order to tag Melanie back in whilst Sam, albeit with a lot more reluctance, starts making her way to her team’s corner so that she can tag Veronica back in though Veronica still doesn’t seem that interested, however as soon as Melanie is tagged back in Veronica reaches her hand out so that Sam can tag her back in which she does.

Simone: Veronica is back in the match.

Adams: Something tells me that she’ll tag back out the moment Traci is tagged back in.

However, since Melanie has a head start on the former Mean Girl Veronica ends up taking the brunt of Melanie’s onslaught of Clotheslines and dropkicks until she’s forced to roll out of the ring to get a breather, Melanie lets out a battle cry once her onslaught is done and once she sees that Veronica has left the ring she waits for her to stop pacing around the ring and as soon as she does Melanie charged towards the ropes and hits Veronica with a suicide dive!

Simone: One thing’s for certain and that’s the fact that Veronica is regretting her decision right now.

Adams: And that Sam isn’t regretting her decision!

Melanie rolls Veronica back into the ring and follows her in so that she can go for a pin on Veronica 1…..2…..and Veronica kicks out, Melanie goes to pick her back up only to get her eyes raked again and Veronica takes the opportunity to crawl over to her corner to tag Sam back in, however when she reaches her corner Sam drops off the apron and starts making her way to the back with both middle fingers raised.

Simone: I think Sam just had enough of Veronica’s crap.

Adams: And Veronica looks like she’s just seen a ghost!

Veronica starts begging for Sam to return to the ring but she’s having none of it, by now Melanie has returned to her feet and has realized what has happened, without a second thought Melanie calls Traci over who spins Veronica around and plants her into the matt with the Heart of Texas Sitout Chokebomb, Traci rolls out of the ring whilst Melanie is climbing to the top rope and hits Veronica with her own finisher for good measure.



Melanie goes for the cover 1……2…….3!!!!!

Justin: Here are your winners, the team of Melanie Gabrielle and Traci Paterson!

Simone: What a win for Melanie and Traci!

Adams: But I bet their opponents won’t be too happy with each other!

Traci and Melanie celebrate with Traci’s sister whilst Veronica stairs up at the lights and Sam disappears backstage with a grin on her face.

Casey Williams backstage, leaning against the wall, and looking annoyed and ready to cause destruction inside the ring during this episode of Climax Control. He leans forward and looks at the camera man, wanting to call out CJ Sharpe and Kris Halc, his two opponents.

Casey: Hey CJ and Kris, I will show you no mercy in this match tonight, proving my dominance and why I deserve another shot at the heavyweight title, where I was screwed. I am going to decimate you both, and not lose any sleep over it.

Casey walks away, looking confident in himself as the scene fades to black.

Backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains holds up a microphone and is standing next to the winner of the first-ever Queen for a Day winner, Mercedes Vargas. The Argentine Bombshell proudly shows off her tiara which she holds in her hands.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Welcome back to Climax Control 135 from Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Ms. Rocky Mountains here with former three-time World Bombshell Tag and Roulette Champion, Mercedes Vargas.

Briefly turning away from the interviewer, Mercedes offers a perfect smile at the camera before turning back to Rocky in time for her first question.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, first of all, congratulations at December 2 Dismember III. You overcame the odds against four other Bombshells and walked out of Ottawa the first-ever Queen for a Day winner. Three weeks after the supershow, has the feeling sunk in yet?

Mercedes: You know, Rocky, a lot of people said that I was the overall favorite to win, even Amy Marshall said it in her promos and on Twitter, but I don't believe that for a second. In a battle royal, nothing is guaranteed and you leave nothing to chance. I had three opponents in that match who I have faced many times in SCW and, in most cases, my career, so I wasn't expecting a cakewalk. Even Kahlan brought her A-game and gave me a run for my money in her home country. To get an opportunity to perform in front of your fans is something everyone should experience just once. I mean, I should know, right? Win or lose, I knew Kahlan was good, but she made a believer out of me. She should be here wearing this tiara and taking this interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Now, we know that as the winner of the Queen for a Day battle royal, you not only have an opportunity to challenge any champion in the Bombshells Division, but you also get to play GM on the very first Climax Control of 2016 tonight.

Mercedes: That's right, Rocky. And while choosing tonight's matches wasn't easy and probably nowhere as good as what Despayre has planned next week, I think I did a pretty standout job, if I do say so myself.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Mercedes, you understand that some members of the roster may take issue with their matches. Are you prepared to face the consequences for your decisions tonight?

Mercedes: Well, I sure didn't do it to put a smile on their faces. Darle a la gente lo que quiere, ¿verdad? Anyone who have a problem or concerns, they know where to find me.

Mercedes smiles, but this soon fades as she looks past Rocky and catches something, or, rather, some ONE else. Right away, her eyes narrow. Her words come out through gritted teeth.

Mercedes: Can I help you?

Rocky senses Mercedes' demeanor and turns around, getting startled herself as standing opposite of her is Zuri Chastain. The masked vigilante has a sardonic grin and nods at Rocky before looking down and taking a step towards Mercedes. Now standing directly in her path, the grin disappears and is replaced with a heavy scowl, looking Mercedes dead in her eyes, despite the same height difference. During the staredown, Rocky sneaks the mic between the two rivals.

Zuri: I had hoped you at least considered placing me on the first card. You're too kind.

Mercedes: Not a problem, Z. You have to keep active before comi-con season starts. I mean, you would know more about that than I would.

Mercedes winks at Zuri as she places her tiara neatly on her head.

Mercedes: At first, your name never entered my mind, even though you almost did cost me my match at the supercard. And as a matter of fact, I still haven't gotten over that. So that match? Yeah. The match is off. But if you still want a match tonight? Sure, we can do that. At Climax Control 135, Zuri Chastain, you will go one-on-one with -

Zuri: Not good enough.

Mercedes holds a hand to her heart in mock surprise that her offer was rejected. A broad smile crosses her face as she slowly nods.

Mercedes: You know what? You're right. I can do better. Rumor has it the Bombshell Roulette Championship could be vacated soon, possibly even tonight. Since you never could beat me for it, maybe a contendership match is what you're after? I can easily pencil you in if you wa -

Zuri: Not. Interested. Cut the bullshit, Mercedes. You know what I want. Me and you, you and me, one-on-one. Tonight.

Mercedes, somewhat intimidated, barely looks up at her.

Mercedes: Uh, Zuri, you're kind of all up in my personal space. I'm going to have to ask you to back off.

Zuri: I think there's more than enough reason why you've made it that way. Personal. It may be a new year, but nothing has changed. You've been lucky for far too long. I know I can beat you, Mercedes. You never were one to back down from a challenge before. Unless, of course, that is one of your New Year's resolutions.

Mercedes: Nice try, hun. But I'm not falling for it. We've had three matches already. I beat you in two of them. And the one match you did win, your sister, who I'm surprised isn't with you, had to cheat in order to beat me. Give me one good reason why we should have another match so I can kick your butt again?

Mercedes cuts her off with a raise of her hand, not even bothering to listen.

Mercedes: You know what? Don't bother. I have nothing to prove to you. You're in my rear view mirror now, Zuri, so for you to come out of hiding more than one year to the day since I last beat you, I'm just not into you. Now, if you're done here, run along.

She playfully makes a shooing motion between them as Zuri is the least bit amused.

Mercedes: Well go on, git. Your queen has a show to run.

Before she could react, Zuri rips Mercedes' tiara off her head and throws it to the ground, which gets a audible gasp from the fans in the arena. Mercedes doesn't flinch. Her voice drops to barely a whisper.

Mercedes: You just made a big mistake. Now you're about to make an even bigger one. You want to do this one more time? Fine. Tonight. Climax Control 135. You and me, one more time, for the LAST time.

Zuri: The last time you're walking out with a win, or the last time you'll be walking out at all?

Rocky looks from Zuri to Mercedes with a puzzled look, corncern on her face.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So the match is back on?

Mercedes pulls the microphone to herself.

Mercedes: Not only is it back on, not only is it official, Rocky, but just because I'm a nice person, I'll even let Zuri here pick the stipulation, it's the very least I can do. That way, she only has herself to blame when I beat her at her own game.

Not to be outdone, Zuri forces the microphone her way.

Zuri: Or maybe this time, the game finally plays you. You and me? Prison Chamber match.

The crowd can be heard cheering for the potential match for tonight Mercedes is too stunned to answer. Her eyes widened after hearing that announcement.

Zuri: Feliz año nuevo.

Zuri wiggles her fingers at as she waves and backs away with a satisfied smile now that she got the match she wanted. Rocky stares after her and Mercedes in turn before she shakes her head, mouthing the words, "she just never learns" and our scene fades elsewhere.

Goth can be seen backstage as he bumps into Pussy Willow, he puts down his bag as he looks at the interviewer as she starts to talk.

Willow: Goth, you are about to embark on your first match since the super card where you lost….,

Goth: You mean I was robbed of my championship opportunity and my title Willow???

Willow: Well yeah, I was wondering what we could be expecting from you later tonight???

Goth grins as he looks into the camera for a few moments before putting the microphone at his mouth.

Goth: What we can be expecting Willow?? We can expect fireworks, a clock counting to twelve, the world shifting from the pressure that I will be putting it in. But most importantly, Las Vegas!

The crowd erupts as they hear the obvious cheap pop from the former Roulette champion.

Goth: I know, that was an obvious cheap pop

The crowd laughs as they see Goth wink at them.

Goth: But more importantly, Sean Jackson is going to be expecting a man determined to prove to him why I am not delusional, why I am still relevant as his hotel searching bitch often speaks off. Why I am still the man that is the one that will beat Drake Green for his title when nobody of his lady friends are around to give him a manicure.

Willow wants to ask something as the fans suddenly start to chant Goth’s name

Crowd: Goth!! Goth!!! Goth!! Goth!!!

Goth: Before you once again open up your mouth and ask questions Willow, there is so much more I need to say. I am not here to be the next big hero for the fans to cheer for. But I am the man that doesn’t take BS lightly and I will do anything in my ability to stop Mark Ward and his little bunch of pansies from believing that they are the most powerful stable in this company.

Willow: How….,

Goth grabs the microphone from her hand, causing her not to end her question.

Goth: I can hear you ask me Goth, How would you do that?? Well good question Willow, how?? Well I will tell you how!! Because already I have beaten 2 out of 3 men in this gang. Like the last group of Drake Green, I destroyed them and I keep on doing so. And he can throw in whatever brigade he can beg or do whatever he likes with that pearly white mouth of his. I will go through them and get what I want. Another match with Drake Green for both of those titles on the line once more. And trust me, nobody is going to stop me from doing so. So unless you have another question for me to ask….

Willow: Well, I ….,

Goth: Good, that was fun talking to you Willow. We should do that once again, but I got to prepare myself for the show and who knows… you may see me once more later on before my match. See ya!!!

Goth walks off, leaving Willow wanting to ask another question but is unable to do so.

The opening lyrics and guitar rift to Five Finger Death Punch's "Jekyll and Hyde" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans cheer as the chorus kicks in.

Justin: Introducing first… from Nashua New Hampshire…The freight train of Pain…CASEY WILLIAMS!

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes looking through the crowd. Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the cheering crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey nods his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans cheer louder.

Justin: His opponent…from Oslo Norway…2 Piece…CJ Sharpe

2 Piece by Tech N9ne plays as CJ comes out to deafening boos. He smiles at the entrance ramp before shadow boxing 2 jabs, 1 left and 1 right. He then puts his arms up and in return the fans shower him in boos. He brushes it off and walks to the ring and slides in the ring before getting up and sitting on the top turnbuckle in his corner awaiting the bell watching Casey warily.

Justin: And their opponent, from San Diego California, The Ace of Clubs…Kris Halich!!

The lights dim and fog rolls out in a thick cloud over the entrance area of the stage as the music starts and the fans all on their feet and there is actually a "Ace of Clubs" chant that competing with the boos of some of the people that have known the man longer. The fans are treated with a spotlight that kicks on just under the stage as the lift activates. Kris leans his left side and puts his elbow onto his knee, then through the smoke, his outline is slowly raised until it becomes a black figure standing at the top of the ramp.

As the lift becomes level with the stage, massive blue and purple pyro shoots from the ceiling down to the stage hitting on both sides of the smoke cloud on the stage. The lights are immediately flipped on, and it is as if the cloud never existed. Kris steps forward and is clearly seen in his wrestling attire. His bright purple gloves are the first thing the fans notice. He is wearing black shorts and a black, form-fitting, long-sleeved shirt that reads "K-Halc?" across the front. He reaches ringside and before sliding in the ring, making his way across to his corner.

The bell rings with all three men staring at each other. CJ Sharpe and Kris Halich share a glance then both attack Casey with fists and kicks. Casey uses his fists to push both men into the ropes. Roaring angrily, he charges towards CJ Sharpe and takes him over the ropes with a clothesline. Kris Halich begins to kick at the thigh of Casey who sags against the ropes slightly. Kris rushes to the ropes and using a springboard forearm strike to stagger Casey more. Falling back into the corner, Casey is caught with a shoulder tackle by Halich.

Simone: So far this looks like the match is between Kris Halich and Casey Williams.

Adams: Not so quick Belinda, it looks like CJ Sharpe is getting back into the ring…

Sharpe climbs onto the apron and grabbing the top rope, CJ springboards off the top rope with a drop kick that sends Kris to the mat. Springing back to his feet, CJ mounts Halich and begins to send hard rights into the head. Casey pushes off the ropes and catches CJ by his head to pull him off Halich then whips him into the corner. Following him in, Casey begins to chop Sharpe into the chest. Kris Halich leaps onto Casey’s back to stop the attack on Sharpe. Williams turns and grasping Halich by the back of the neck, he pulls him over his shoulder to slam him to the mat. Halich arches in pain. Casey picks him up and delivers a headbutt to Halich which staggers him towards the opposite side of the ring. Sharpe quickly comes out of the corner to take Casey by surprise with a European uppercut that only makes Casey angry. Backing away from the now angry Williams, Sharpe is caught by Kris with crossbody who desperately grabs at his leg while trying to pin CJ to the mat. He only gets a one count as Casey reaches for him and pulls him into a bear hug that makes Halich scream in pain. Shaking him, Williams watches as his victim slumps into the hold.

Adams: He is going to squeeze the win out of Halich for the first elimination.

Simone: That looks like it is going to happen quicker than you think because Kris is fading fast.

Casey drops Halich but before he can pin Kris, Sharpe hits him with a fameasser that sends him to the mat. Quickly CJ pins Casey who presses him off. Not wasting a moment, Sharpe pins a groggy Halich with a roll up and a handful of tights.

Adams: CJ Sharpe has just eliminated Kris Halich from the match. What is going to happen now that it is between Casey Williams and Sharpe?

Halich is helped to the side of the ring by the referee as CJ Sharpe gets to his feet and celebrates the pin as Casey rolls over to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. Sharpe turns towards Casey who plows through him with a clothesline. Sharpe rolls to the outside and begins to walk away as if giving up. Casey shakes his head and turns his back on CJ who charges quickly back to the ring and climbs onto the apron. Jumping onto the top rope and calling towards Casey who turns and is caught by Sharpe with a springboard DDT that takes Casey to the mat. Quickly turning Casey over, Sharpe manages only a two count.

Simone: Casey needs to be a bit more cautious when it comes to this young man. The way he eliminated Kris, he seems to like to take the easy way out.

Adams: I don’t think that is going to work with Casey

Casey Williams pushes Sharpe off to the side then rolls to his hands and knees only to have Sharpe attempt a dropkick that Casey just bats away. Getting to his feet, Casey grabs for Sharpe and whips him against the ropes then catches him with a big boot that takes Sharpe to the mat. The man rolls to the ropes and pulls himself upwards but stays within the ropes as Williams moves menacingly towards him. Making the referee push Casey back Sharpe motions at the fans who are screaming at the referee to stop. Once Casey moves back with his hands up as CJ moves out of the ropes and taunts Casey. Charging across the ring, Williams reaches for CJ who uses a Roundhouse kick to get him backing up. CJ again tried to use a roundhouse kick but Casey catches is foot. Hopping slightly Sharpe bounced a final time then used an enziguri that staggers Williams. Running towards Casey, CJ launches himself with a crossbody but is caught by Williams and is locked in a bear hug.

Simone: This is a hold that Casey has used effectively before.

Adams: It was used on Kris Halich earlier that gave CJ the opportunity to pin him and eliminate him.

Casey Williams shakes Sharpe who screams in pain and tries to get some relief by sliding his hands down the chest of Williams. Casey squeezes harder which only makes Sharpe arch back in pain once more. Finally he begins to use weak forearms on Casey who barely lets go. Finally CJ gouges at Williams eyes, raking them and forcing him to break the hold. Casey wipes at his eyes as Sharpe falls to the mat. Casey grabs Sharpe and slams his hand on the throat of Sharpe. CJ motions frantically for mercy but Casey pulls him up, lifting him by the throat and chokeslams him. Dropping down, Casey puts a hand on CJ’s chest with a pin for two before CJ throws his shoulder up to break the count. Casey is surprised as the referee motions only a two count. Casey picks Sharpe up and whips him into the ropes. Catching himself, Sharpe is saved from a spear from the big man who lands awkwardly.

Simone: That probably cost Casey

Adams: If it didn’t, I am sure that CJ will be able to capitalize on that mistake.

Lying on his side, CJ manages to take a deep breath and then moves to roll Casey onto his back. Before he can pin Casey, Williams pushes himself to his knees and then hits a half-hearted spear that doubles up Sharpe. Getting to his feet Williams picks up Sharpe and then bending slightly, lifts him into the torture rack.

Adams: This looks like the end for Sharpe.

Simone: Seems to me that he is going to regret taking advantage of Casey earlier.

Casey bounces slightly with Sharpe on his shoulders. Screaming in pain, Sharpe frantically tries to hit Casey on the shoulder and head to break the hold but Casey positions his hands to lift CJ into a gorilla press.

Simone: This is the Lost Crucifix move that Casey has.

Adams: That’s right and what has gone up must come…

Casey slams CJ Sharpe to the mat violently.

Adams: Down…

Casey drops to the mat and picks up Sharpe only to pull him into his legs then picks him up and using a sitdown powerbomb, drops CJ to the mat and rolls him into a pin. His legs weakly move as Casey pins him to the mat for the three.

Justin: The winner of the match…Casey Williams.

Casey tosses CJ Sharpe away and gets to his feet to raise his arms as the referee checks on CJ.

We cut to the backstage area at the Orleans arena and it’s there where we are able to see the one and only Pussy Willow with a microphone locked in their hands.

Pussy Willow: I am Pussy Willow and my guest at this time is a woman who hasn’t ended the last year on a high note. She’s a woman who got married and now stands before you as…

Security: Quiet!!!! A Lister coming through, A Lister coming through. Everyone move back!

Is all you can hear in the background as we are able to see Crystal Millar walking through the backstage area with a tiara on her head. She is wearing her blinder glasses and can’t help but grin as her massive following of photographers and paparazzi begin to snap photos after her. One after another. People trying to shove their 8x10s of her as they want autographs. Crystal can’t help but grin as she turns her attention to Pussy. She lifts her shades up as she looks deep into the reporter’s eyes.

Crystal Millar: Damn it feels good to be a Queen…. The Silver Screen Queen that is.

Pussy Willow: Thank you for the moment of your time Miss Hil

Crystal Millar: MRS. MILLAR…. I AM A MARRIED WOMAN! Can’t you get anything right?!

Pussy Willow: Well how does it feel to be competing on the very first Climax Control of the year.

Crystal Millar: Honestly?! It’s a waste of my time… Everyone knows I am better than both Salco and Fisher for that matter, and now I have to sit here and wrestle in some stupid match that Vargas had to book? Vargas has her head up her own ass if I can be brutally honest. I am a Star. My name should be out there on the grand marquee. I should be the headliner, the one selling out the show tonight, but instead I have to subject myself to wrestling two nobodies who clearly aren’t worth my time. In fact everything is a load of crap. Did you know I couldn’t even get an oscar nomination. Let alone a Sag or a Golden Globe.

Pussy Willow: I didn’t even know that…

Crystal Millar: Everyone is always trying to snub me and you shouldn’t do that to the Silver Screen Queen. I am the best thing on the big screen and I am certainly the best thing that will be competing in that ring tonight. The only thing that’s good about wrestling tonight is that it’s not in some shit hole across seas. It’s right here in Las Vegas and even though none of these people are worthy of seeing me wrestle. Tonight Vargas has the audacity to book this absolution match… Are you kidding me?

Pussy Willow: Sounds like you are complaining a lot.

Crystal Millar: Complaining? You know what this interview is done… I don’t have time to talk to people who just aren’t worth my time… You will see how much respect I get after I destroy both of my opponents tonight.

We work our way backstage to the hallway where we hear the sound of heels clicking against the tile in a very authoritive manner as the camera befalls the office of Mercedes Vargas. The crowd clamors excitedly as there is a knock at the door. After a few seconds, the voice of Mercedes billows from behind the door.

Mercedes: Come in!

It doesn't take long before the door opens up, and the heels begin clicking once again, until they reach the carpeted area around the desk, to which Mercedes has her feet casually kicked up on the desk. However, as soon as her eyes fall on her visitor, she has to do a double take before quickly standing up.

Mercedes: Well, well... look what the cat dragged in...

The camera slowly pans over to see none other than Delia Darling standing in front of Mercedes' desk, dressed to the nines in Versace, and her signature blonde hair flowing down her back, and the infamous sunglasses shading her eyes. However, her glossy lips part into a friendly smile just before her lightly raspy voice escapes.

Delia: Mercy, darling! It has been too long, no?

Mercedes: Or, not long enough. I'm not sure I've decided yet.

There is an almost intense staredown between the French Fatale and Argentine Assassin that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats for a moment, until both ladies crack a smile and chuckle geniunely. Delia leans in, and as is traditional, she plants a polite kiss on each side of Mercedes' face before taking a seat in front of the desk. Mercedes takes her seat, folding her hands as she looks curiously at Delia.

Mercedes: Don't take this the wrong way, but... what brings you back after so much time?

Delia: My contract expired, and after we lost z'e tag titles, I was so angry. Wi's myself... wi's so many people, but never you. I mean, how does one get over such an embarrassment? I take full responsibility for z'at loss, and I needed to come to terms wi's a few s'ings before I showed my face around here. I mean... I lost to *whispers* Z'e Fallen...

As if this were the worst thing that could possibly happen, she stares with urgency at Mercedes, who just stares back at her, waiting for there to be a valid point. Delia closes her eyes from behind her sunglasses as she sighs.

Delia: Look... I know you are a busy woman, and I haven't been z'e best friend in z'e world, so I will make z'is fast. After disappearing for so long, and wi's my... past... I just knew Mark Ward and Christian Underwood wouldn't allow me to return, and...

Mercedes: A friend in need is a friend in deed...

Mercedes sighs as Delia looks down to the desk in shame. After a second, she raises her eyes back to Mercedes with a hopeful half smile on her face.

Delia: I would get down on my knees and beg of you, but we bo's know I'm above such a s'ing. No matter how much I've changed, Delia Darling does not get on her knees for anyone...

Mercedes: Except Drake Green, right?

Zing! The audience laughs at Delia's expense, but she takes it surprisingly well as she leans back slightly in her chair, crossing her legs, lacing her fingers together on her lap.

Delia: I... deserve z'at. It is a much better option z'an JT Midas, I'm afraid, but still. If I'm going to make a mistake, it should at least be someone on our level. But, what do you say?

While Delia's own dig is still fresh off of her lips, there is another knock at the door. However, before Mercedes can invite or reject the visitor, they barge right in. It is Celeste North, lightly bandaged, but she wastes no time in approaching Mercedes' desk angrily.

Celeste: We gotta talk, bitch.

Before Mercedes can even respond, Delia stands up from her chair, looking extremely offended as she removes her sunglasses from her face, setting them gently on her purse.

Delia: Excuse me, Jessie Salco, but can you not see z'at we are busy here?

Celeste: First off, fuck you Frenchie. I'm not Jessie Salco. Secondly, I couldn't care less if you are busy, because guess what? I'm not. And do you want to know why? It's because your questionable friend slash lover here decided not to book me. So, until I get booked in a match, I'm standing right here...

Both Mercedes and Delia stare at Celeste for a moment, and it is made clear that Delia doesn't recognize Celeste at all, both former Mean Girls turn back to facing each other, completely ignoring Celeste.

Delia: I was hoping for one... tiny amendment to my previous contract. You see, I have taken to z'e idea z'at my time in z'e ring is over, but I have so much to offer z'e current generation. I was hoping to sign a managerial contract.

Mercedes: And who would you be managing?

Delia simply shrugs her shoulders.

Delia: Really, anyone would be lucky to have me at ringside wi's z'em. Z'at part does not matter. What matters is z'at z'e fans will no longer be deprived of seeing Delia Darling, and one lucky Star or Bombshell will have z'e pleasure of being under my guidance. It's a win for everyone, no?

Mercedes: Humble as ever. Okay, let's make this happen.

The crowd cheers in delight as Mercedes pulls out a file from the desk, fumbling through it for a blank contract. However, there is one person who isn't delighted at all.

Celeste: Hello?! I'm still here, assholes! I'm serious, I'm not leaving until you give me a match. I don't care that I'm still cut up from my match at December 2 Dismember.

Mercedes: You seem to know me so well. I'm not one who enjoys being brutally honest, but it's a service I provide to delusional people like yourself. Just because you beat Jessie Salco a few weeks ago, it doesn't make you the be all and end all of the Bombshell Division.

Delia: Wait? Jessie Salco... actually defeated Jessie Salco? ha! Did I not call such a s'ing like a year ago?!

Celeste: I beat you, Mercedes, so if I'm such a suck ass, then what does that make you?

Mercedes looks shocked by this news as she taps her finger against her chin, while sliding the contract over to Delia, who wastes no time in signing it, and sending it back over.

Mercedes: I... don't recall that ever happening, but I'll indulge you for just a moment. When did this supposedly happen?

Celeste: Like six weeks ago!!!

Mercedes thinks it over for a second. but it still doesn't register. She shrugs her shoulders, and then mouths the word "Delusional" to Delia, who simply laughs in response.

Celeste: I'm still right here you twats! And I'm going to remain here until I get a match!

Mercedes and Delia look to one another as Mercedes files the new contract. Delia smiles giddily as she quietly claps her hands together. She stands up and sheds her jacket, hanging it on Celeste's head as if she were a coat rack before looking back to Mercedes.

Delia: Why don't you show me around backstage? I'm sure so much has changed since I left...

Mercedes obliges as her and Delia hook arms and go off to explore the backstage area. Celeste simply growls/screeches in anger from behind the coat as we fade.

Backstage at the Orleans Arena, a comical sight is seen on the SCW-Tron above the stage. A large cardboard box is set up as a makeshift desk and the reigning "King For A Day" Despayre is perched behind it. Upon sight of the popular and comical young Superstar, the fans immediately break into a rousing chorus of cheers!

Despayre is obviously taking his role as "king" seriously as draped over his shoulders is an oversized XXXL sized royal cloak of deep purple lined with white 'fur'. And on his head, an elaborate crown about four sizes too large as it is constantly slipping down over his forehead and thus his eyes, prompting him to push it back up again. And on his eyes are his trademark "Mister self-help" glasses with the lenses on backwards, causing his eyes to be magnified about five times their normal size and rendering him blind as a bat.

Angel, the ever popular teddy bear, is also at the "desk", or to be more precise, seated on it. (When you're a teddy bear, you get privileges like that, you see.) Angel has a cloak and crown of his own, ones that fit much better and match Despayre's own.

A small, plastic pale is held in the teddy bear's plush paws and lap, and Despayre calmly reaches into it and draws out a slip of paper with one hand, while his other holds a purple crayon over a small notebook. He unfolds it with his fingers and has a look at it -- or tries to at least with those glasses of his. He blinks, then holds the paper right up against the lenses, then holds it at arm's length, but still no luck.

Despayre: Here, hold this.

Despayre pushes the slip of paper onto Angel's paw and reaches down under the "desk" and picks up a toy microscope and plops it down atop the cardboard surface. He takes the slip of paper and fits it under the microscope's lens and takes a look into the end but shakes his head.

Despayre: Wow! That just makes it worse!

Onto this scene walks backstage reporter, Miss Rocky Mountains. She steps up to the "desk" and its -- occupants, with a smile on her face, quite used by now to Despayre's innocent antics.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Despayre?

Despayre: Hm?

He looks up and turns his head -- in the completely wrong direction.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Over here sweety.

Despayre turns his had the other way and looks up and finds himself staring directly into the comely reporter's more famous of assets.

Miss Rocky Mountains: A little further up, Despy.

Despayre looks up a little higher, then holds his glasses up just a little for a better look and he smiles.

Despayre: Oh! Hi!

He fits the glasses back over his eyes and holds the slip of paper out to her.

Despayre: What's this one say?

Curios, Miss Rocky takes the slip from his fingers and takes a look at it.

Miss Rocky Mountains: It says "Alexis Edwards".

Despayre nods.

Despayre: Ohhhh.

He goes back to scrawl the name on his notebook with the crayon, his face almost pressed down against it so that he can see, mumbling.

Despayre: Boy she's going to be unhappy!

Miss Rocky Mountains: Despy?

Despayre looks up again -- again in the wrong direction.

Despayre: Yo!

Miss Rocky Mountains: Still over here.

Despayre turns his head again to face her and blinks, shaking his head.

Miss Rocky Mountains: What exactly are you doing?

Despayre's face brightens with a smile.

Despayre: I'm booking my show for next week!

Miss Rocky Mountains: ... By drawing the names from a bucket?

Despayre rolls his eyes as if she had just asked the silliest question in history.

Despayre: Well DUH! Just like the pros do it! And as a King, I have to do this all professional like!

Miss Rocky Mountains: You're really looking forward to your show as King, aren't you?

Despayre: Uh huh!

He nods and the crown slips over his eyes again, and he pushes it back up again.

Despayre: I'm going to make sure everyone has FUN! The fans and the wrestlers! That's what this should be all about, so what everyone wants, King Despy will give `em!

Miss Rocky smiles.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Christian says you've been ordering a lot of unique things to be ready for next week.

Despayre: Uh huh! I want to be ready because....

Despayre looks around to ensure that nobody else is paying any attention. Satisfied, he leans in slightly with his hand cupped to the side of his mouth.

Despayre: Don't tell anyone else this, but I've never booked a wrestling show before.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Well, I'm sure you'll do a fine job. Especially with the help of that little fella there.

She motions towards the teddy bear.

Despayre: Who?

Miss Rocky Mountains: Angel, of course.

Despayre turns his head and 'starts' when he lays magnified eyes on the teddy bear.

Despayre: Hey when did you sneak in!?

Chuckling to herself, Miss Rocky tickled Despayre's cheek.

Miss Rocky Mountains: Well, I'll let you get back to work then. I just came to see what you were up to.

Despayre: Bye!

She makes her exit and walks off down the hall, Despayre's eyes following her. The crown slips heavily over his eyes again and he huffs, then turns toward Angel.

Despayre: You know, from this vantage point I wasn't sure which end we were talking to.

Special referee, Holly Wood, steps through the ropes, ready to officiate the next contest. She sashays past Justin Decent, running a forefinger along his jaw line, before taking her position in the near corner for the introductions of this match.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is the special Triple Threat Absolution match! In order to be victorious, one Bombshell must defeat BOTH of her opponents! And in this match, it is special Five Count rules apply!

The crowd cheers for this unique contest!

Adams: This match is going to confuse me!

Simone: Shampoo confuses you, Jason.

Adams: Blame the experts! Wash, rinse, repeat -- but they never say how many times!



I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross begins to blast all across the speakers and as that happens we are able to see Christina Millar emerging through the backstage curtain and the roaring boos of the crowd are deafening. She isn’t alone as her husband Jonathan comes out beside her. Crystal smiles as her grouping of paparazzi gather up in front of the ring and they snag photo after of the Latina beauty. She walks down the ramp as she begins to pie face the crowd. The crowd boos loudly in return as they glance back at the Hollywood hottie, and Jonathan stays attached to his wife.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Jonathan Millar! From Los Angeles, California, weighing 115 pounds -- "The Silver Screen Queen" Crystal Millar!

Her following of paparazzi meet her as does a red carpet. She takes in appeal of the cameras smiling as flashes begin to go off one after another. She then runs up the steps where she walks towards the middle of the apron. She blows kisses out to the crowd before she drops into a split entering the ring. The crowd begins to go nuts and she waits patiently for the match to begin.

Simone: What a change we've seen these past few weeks in the former Crystal Hilton.

Adams: Yeah. She used to be a real baby face and now she's turned into one raging bi-

Simone: Jason?

The opening chords to "Imperium" by Machine Head are heard over the speakers and the lights dim, as the song picks up in speed strobe lightning flashes across the arena to the beat of the drums until....

"HEAR ME NOW!!!!!"

Justin: From Miami, Florida, weighing 120 pounds -- Jessie Salco!

The first lyrics are screamed by Rob Flynn as the lights come back on and the song kicks into high gear and Jessie steps out from the backstage area with her older brother Jake by her side, the crowd boos her but Jessie ignores them as she makes her way down to ringside, Jessie slides into the ring and throws up the horns as she waits for her opponent.

Adams: Will you look at the way Jessie is looking at Crystal?

Simone: I think it is safe to say that Jessie Salco does not like the recent change in attitude from Missus Millar.

"Like a Phoenix" begins to play like normal, but as the spotlight shines on the stage, Keira was absent. The lights come up as the crowd was confused

Justin: And their opponent! From Miami, Florida, weighing 120 pounds, she is one-half of the World Bombshell Tag Team Champions -- Keira Fisher!

Adams: Where's Keira? Did she chicken out?

Simone: No, Keira's never been one to back away from a fight.

All of a sudden, a new theme begins to play. A person, comes out, wearing a all black outfit, black jacket and a black outfit. The person raises it's head and it shows Keira's face. She was dressed like Lemmy from Motorhead as the crowd finds out that Motorhead's Hellraiser begins to play. The crowd cheers and begins to chant Lemmy's name as Keira walks down the ramp

Adams: That's what took Keira so long! She's paying tribute to one of the best Metal Gods in history!

Simone: Yes, Lemmy passed away days ago from Cancer and Keira decided to pay tribute to him by coming out to one of Motorhead's songs. Much respect to Keira for this.

Keira enters the ring and throws up the horns as the crowd continues to chant Lemmy's name. Keira takes off the jacket and the hat last.

Simone: This matches promises to be incredible! Three Bombshells, each either a champion or former champion, and in such a unique event!

Holy finishes checking the third of the women inside of the ring and signals for the opening bell.


The crowd is cheering in favor for both Jessie as well as Keira, and Crystal looks affronted as she screams for them to "shut up" which only makes them chant louder...

Crowd: Let's go Jessie! Let's go Keira! Let's go Jessie! Let's go Keira!

Adams: Does that whole "shut up" routine ever actually work?

Crystal stomps her foot and spins around as the three Bombshells circle around the ring, keeping a wary eye on each other. Suddenly Keira rushes up and delivers a boot to Crystal's midsection, doubling her over! Keira whips her upright and delivers a hard shot to her jaw, knocking her around into Jessie who strikes her with a hard forearm to the chest, knocking her back into Keira who hits her again!

Simone: It's like watching a game of tennis and Crystal is the ball!

Adams: Ha! Crystal... ball... I see what you did there!

Simone: Happy coincidence, I assure you.

Jessie and Keira both take one of Crystal's arms and they send her into the ropes and as she rebounds, they throw her high into the ropes with a back body drop! They look to one another as Crystal slowly gets up, holding her back, and they link hands and dash straight into Millar with a dual clothesline!

Simone: I admit a bit of surprise at seeing this teamwork so early on in the match.

Adams: Goes to show how much these two don't like Crystal's attitude.

Jessie scoops Crystal up from the mat and delivers a hard body slam as Keira rebounds off of the ropes and Jessie picks her up ala wheelbarrow and drops her heavily across Crystal's sternum! Keira remains on top for the cover!

Crystal kicks out!

The moment Keira is kicked off, Jessie dives on top of Crystal for another cover!

Crystal kicks out again!

Crystal's husband, Jonathan, is immediately on the ring apron, protesting the unfair double teaming of his wife, while Holly tries to get him down!

Adams: Unfair!? It's a Triple Threat! Goes with the territory Jonny boy!

Jessie starts to pull Crystal to her feet again when Crystal cuts off her offense with a rake of the eyes, rendering her temporarily blinded. Crystal then turns to the advancing Keira and throws a roundhouse right into her face, knocking her back against the ropes!

Simone: Crystal is back in this one. With her recent `tude change, she'll never live this down if she goes down so fast.

Adams: That's what he said!

Simone: I am SO regretting getting you that Office DVD set for Christmas!

Crystal grabs a handful of Jessie's long hair and runs her face into the corner turnbuckle, then quickly rolls her up into a schoolgirl pin.

Jessie kicks out!

No sooner is Jessie free than Crystal clubs her across the back and throws her down face-first to the mat by the hair! Crystal begins stomping on her when Keira runs into the ropes and uses the middle rope to springboard back into a dropkick, laying Crystal out!

Simone: Seems in her effort to put Jessie down for the count, Crystal forgot about Keira Fisher!

Crystal scrambles back on her posterior and uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, and Keira sails right into her with a high cross body that knocks BOTH women over the top rope! Crystal hits the ringside floor but Keira holds onto the top rope and pulls herself up and over, back inside, much to the fans' delight!

Simone: Listen to these people! They are loving this!

Adams: I think they're loving the fact Keira and Jessie are alone in the ring right now!

Keira turns around and Jessie is right on the attack, delivering a knife edge chop to Fisher's chest and she then snapmares her over. Jessie leapfrogs over her, runs into the ropes and collides into Keira with a baseball slide dropkick! Jessie covers her quickly!

Keira gets her shoulder up!

Simone: One benefit of this Five Count rule... it allows an extra two seconds of rest before kick out. I think these three are taking full advantage of that.

Jessie pulls her to her feet and goes for a second knife edge chop but Keira ducks. Jessie spins around and Keira jumps and connects with an enzugari to the back of Salco's head! Keira rolls her to her back and hooks the leg!

Jessie kicks out!

Adams: Boy with these five counts, it's going to take a lot more to put someone down!

Keira grabs Jessie and sends her into the corner with an Irish whip! Jessie runs right up the turnbuckles and back flips, landing right behind Fisher! Keira turns around and Jessie leaps up and catches her with a Hurricanrana, hooking both legs through!

Keira kicks out!

Simone: So much action already in these opening moments!

Jessie grabs Keira quickly and sets her up into position for a piledriver but Keira blocks it! Jessie tries a second time but Keira blocks it again! Keira then counters and reverses it into a backdrop but Jessie sunset flips her! Keira rolls through before the pin and jumps and dropkicks Salco full in the face! Keira with another cover!

Jessie kicks out!

Keira pulls the stunned Jessie to her feet and goes to send her into the corner but ever resilient, Jessie reverses the Irish whip and sends Fisher in instead! Jessie charges in after her but Keira ducks the incoming clothesline and instead brings both feet up in a kick right to Salco's head! Keira then grabs her into a side headlock, jumps to the middle rope and springs back, and plants her head into the mat with a springboard bulldog!

Adams: Deadly Sin!

Keira quickly covers Jessie!


Keira FISHER -- 01 WIN/00 LOSS
Jessie SALCO -- 00 WIN/01 LOSS

Simone: Keira Fisher scores the first win, and it is a big one over the former Tag Team Champion!

Keira jumps to her feet, celebrating, when suddenly Crystal Millar is back in the ring! She charges Fisher from behind and rolls her up into a reverse cradle!

Adams: Now it's Keira who forgot about Crystal!

Keira starts to kick out but Crystal grabs hold of her tights for added leverage!

Crystal MILLAR -- 01 WIN/00 LOSS
Keira FISHER -- 01 WIN/01 LOSS

Adams: What happened!?

Simone: What happened is Crystal took full advantage of Keira getting that first win and she herself got her own in the process -- and cheated to do it I might add!

Adams: So that means that Crystal...

Simone: Has not been defeated yet and just needs to get a victory over Jessie and she wins this one!

Crystal is on her feet, smiling and posing for the jeering crowd while her husband applauds her from the outside. The crowd hates her with a passion and she starts mocking them before waving off her concern. She turns around and Jessie crashes right into her with a...

Adams: SPEAR!

Jessie covers her!


Keira grabs Jessie by the ankle and drags her off of Crystal, then quickly covers Millar herself!

Jessie grabs Keira by the hair and tears her off of Crystal, preventing the pin!

Adams: So much for that partnership!

Simone: Well it's to be expected! If Keira can get the win over Crystal, then she walks away as the victor!

The two popular Bombshells face off, each arguing with the other about Crystal! Jessie shoves Keira back but Keira retaliates with a forearm shot that sends Jessie staggering back into the ropes! Salco rebounds and sweeps Fisher's legs out from under her, taking her down and she starts raining lefts and rights into Keira's exposed head as the Tag Champion tries unsuccessfully to shield herself!

Simone: Jessie Salco is an incredible high flyer but she does enjoy a good fight!

Adams: She proved that in past matches with Alexis Edwards and Twisted Sister!

Jessie drags her up with a handful of hair and tries to run her face into the corner but Keira blocks it and instead drives her face in instead! Keira then goes on the attack when Crystal runs up from behind and jumps, sandwiching BOTH Keira as well as Jessie in the corner with a leaping avalanche splash!

Simone: Okay I have to hand it to Crystal Millar! That was a beautiful way to use her opponents' position against them!

Crystal throws Keira aside and then climbs to the middle turnbuckle, pinning Jessie in as she screams at her for 'upstaging her'! Crystal then begins throwing fists into her head with the fans unable to resist counting along!

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!...

But before she can do more, Crystal is hauled out of the corner by Jessie who heaves her over her shoulder and Crystal hits the corner with a whiplash effect! Jessie turns around, only to have Keira fly right into her with a high leg lariat!

Adams: This is great!


Adams: That too!

Keira hooks Crystal up and brings her up and over into a bridging butterfly suplex and pinning combination!

Jessie springs off of the ropes and body splashes Keira across her exposed midsection, breaking the pin up!

Simone: Again with a save!

All three women are down on the mat, spent! Holly is checking on all three and starts a count!


Adams: Wait, what happens if she reaches ten? Who wins?

Simone: I have absolutely NO idea!


Keira is the first to her feet and she goes for the Seven Sins on Jessie who is also back up but Jessie ducks! Jessie then takes a wild swing at her but Keira ducks and grabs her into a side headlock!

Adams: She's going for the Deadly Sin again!

Keira runs up the ropes for the bulldog maneuver but Crystal comes up and brings Keira crashing down with a neck breaker, using her own move's momentum against her!

Crowd: Bombshells! Bombshells! Bombshells!

Crystal crawls over to cover Keira...


But Jessie dives over her into a smooth Oklahoma Roll and her own cover!

Crystal gets her shoulder up!

Adams: Soooooo close!

Jessie grabs Crystal and goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Millar reverses it! Jessie jumps onto the middle ropes and springboards back...!

Simone: The Circle Pit!

Jessie covers Crystal!


Jessie SALCO -- 01 WIN/01 LOSS
Crystal MILLAR -- 01 WIN/01 LOSS

Simone: And that ties it up completely! Each Bombshell has one win and one loss!

Adams: The next one to get a win, wins!

Jessie turns over to her hands and knees and starts to rise when Keira sails up and over her into a sunset flip!


Jessie rolls backwards and then folds Keira in half in a jackknife cover!

Keira kicks out!

Both 'faces' rise and a recovering Crystal grabs them both by a handful of hair and drives their skulls together! Keira falls back into the corner and Crystal comes up on her and starts driving her shoulder into her midsection over and over! Crystal backs up a step to charge in again when Jessie leap frogs up and over her, driving her down face-first with a Fame Asser! Jessie then grabs Keira around the legs and deposits her onto the top of the corner! Jessie then starts to climb up...

Simone: Oh this is never good for either competitor!

Jessie tries to set her up for a superplex but Keira starts to fend her off, throwing right hands into her head until Jessie falls down to the mat but lands on her feet! Jessie then grabs the top rope and jumps, striking Keira in the side of the head with her boot! The blow sends Keira toppling from her perch but she catches herself and lands on the apron!

Adams: Oh she's lucky! If she fell all thee way to thee floor...!

Simone: Keira may have lost more than just a match!

Jessie then starts to climb to possibly fly out after her but Crystal is back up! She grabs Salco and attempts a German waist lock suplex but Jessie lands on her feet behind her! Crystal swings her head back, butting Jessie right between the eyes! Jessie staggers back, holding her face, and Crystal grabs her and hits an Asai DDT into a back breaker on her!

Simone: She calls that move That's A Wrap!

Adams: But is it!?

Crystal covers her!


Keira starts to climb through the ropes to break it up when Crystal's husband Jonathan cuffs her foot and TRIPS her!

Adams: Hey!



Justin: Here is your winner .... 'The Silver Screen Queen' -- Crystal MILLAR!

Crystal rolls out of the ring and jumps into Jonathan's arms, celebrating as the crowd voices it's displeasure!

Simone: That bastard! That... Keira would have saved this match but that son of a BITCH actually tripped Keira! Who the HELL does he think he is!?

Crystal and Jonathan back up the aisle, all smiles and celebrating as Keira checks on Jessie but glares at the retreating husband and wife team!

Adams: I don't know who he thinks he is but I bet Christian will have something to say about what he did!

Walking backstage, the SCW Internet Champion Sean Jackson and his attorney Marshall Owens are having a conversation, which to this point is inaudible until 'Stoner' Scott Oliver comes out of nowhere.

Stoner: "Sean, a quick question if I may."

Both Sean and Marshall come to a stop in order not to run the backstage interviewer over. Rolling his eyes, the champion gets ready to say something but Marshall beats him to the punch.

Owens: "Stoner, why must you persist in ambushing people backstage? Why can't you simply leave a request for an interview with my office, so we can be a bit better prepared?"

Hey, it is a legitimate request.

Owens: "Or better yet, let Mark Ward know so there is no element of surprise. I'm sure if you start doing that, my client and I will be a tad more receptive."

'Stoner' shows a bit of frustration as the mic drops to his side. Letting his head drop where his eyes are keyed on the floor, he then regains his composure and raises the mic to continue.

Stoner: "Sean, why the games? why the need to make everyone believe you were targeting Drake and the world championship? just to turn around and join him with Mark Ward and Travis?"

That causes the Internet Champion to crack a smile.

Jackson: "Come on Stoner, are you really that stupid? It is called opportunity my man, it is called getting over on all the idiots who failed to see the warning signs."

Sean turns to face the camera.

Jackson: "Especially the Monstimals, because if anyone should have picked up on the clues, it should have been them. But hey, when you are a minnow in a large pond filled with sharks, you tend to get eaten."

The Mental Rapist taps the faceplate on his Internet Championship.

Jackson: "It is natural selection where only the strong survive and tonight, Goth will fall victim just like Raab did at December 2 Dismember."

Stoner: "I wouldn't consider Goth a minnow Mr. Jackson. Matter of fact, he is..."

'Stoner never gets to finish as the Internet Champion interjects while turning towards Stoner.

Jackson: "Yeah, I know. You are going to tell the world that Goth is a major player in this game, that nobody in Supremacy can handle him. But what you fail to realize is that Goth's time has come and gone. The Monstimals are old news, soon to be forgotten while Mark, Drake, Travis and myself continue to be the class of not only SCW, but the world of professional wrestling as well...."

The Mental Rapist returns his gaze to the camera.

Jackson: "And believe me, that will be made perfectly clear tonight."

He smiles.

Jackson: "Mark my words."

With that, The Internet Champion and his attorney show themselves to be finished by stepping to either side of 'Stoner' because exiting the shot.

Catching the hint, 'Stoner can only watch as the duo walk away.

The lights in the arena go black as “Freak Like Me” by Halestorm plays over the sound system. Red strobe lights shine around and thick smoke fills the entrance. A figure emerges from behind the curtain, dressed in a baggy black hoodie. The crowd in attendance gives off a mixed reaction of boos and cheers as the hooded figure moves to the music before she pulls the hood back revealing herself to be Alexis Edwards. She’s holding the Bombshell Internet Championship at her side, letting it drag against the floor.

Alexis ignores the fans, pretending as though she can’t hear them at all before she dashes her way down to the ring, tossing the Internet Championship into the ring over the top rope and then she slides in under the bottom rope. She jumps up to her feet, raising her right hand in the air and leaves the Internet Championship on the canvas. She Heads over to the ropes and asks for a mic, which is reluctantly handed to her. Alexis heads back to the center of the ring, standing just over her title, but not looking down at it. The crowds booing drowns out any chance of her speaking as she glares around at them.

Simone: Oh joy. She’s going to speak.

Adams: Hashtag sarcasm, right?

Simone: Really, Jason?

Alexis continues to glare around the crowd as they boo her. She snarls for a moment before she raises the microphone to speak.

Alexis: I don’t know about you people, but if you ask me, this show tonight is turning out to be pretty damn boring! I mean, I had a feeling it would be because miss Mercedes Vargas not only booked every single match, but she also has full control of the show. Can’t really expect anything super exciting, am I right?!

Simone: No, Alexis. You’re not.

The crowd seems to disagree as they boo Alexis once again and they follow it up by chanting Mercedes’ name. Alexis rolls her eyes and lets out a laugh before she continues.

Alexis: For those of you who don’t follow Twitter, or follow me for that matter, I’m going to fill you in on something. You see, last week, I was fully expecting to look at the card and find myself booked in a match, but not just ANY match. I knew Mercedes had control because of the Queen for A Day bullshit, so I was expecting to be booked in some shitty match. I mean, that would have been the obvious thing for Mercedes to do, right? To really piss me off?

The crowd this time cheers as they agree with Alexis and she nods.

Alexis: Exactly. That’s what I would have done anyway. But apparently, Miss Vargas had other plans. Or should I say...she had no plans at all for me because the bitch didn’t book me! The bitch didn’t even book any of The Nobodies on this show and she’s using some lame ass excuse saying she was being NICE and giving me another week off. Please, Mercedes...other people might buy that crap, but I sure as shit don’t!

She then reaches down and picks up her Bombshell Internet Championship and drapes it over her shoulder before she turns and looks towards the backstage.

Alexis: Mercedes could have done what EVERYONE was hoping she would do by throwing me in some screwed up match, even making it a title match. She could have stacked the odds against me somehow, but did she? Nope! She proved herself to be a horrible booker and completely passed up a great opportunity. But don’t worry, people. I’m out here to do what Mercedes was too stupid to do.

Simone: What? What is she talking about?

Adams: Does anybody ever know what she is talking about?

The crowd quietly wonders what Alexis is talking about as they’re no longer drowing out the sound of her voice.

Alexis: Mercedes may have control of the show tonight, but you see...I want a damn match. I came here to wrestle, but I’m also doing you all a favor. You see, it’s no secret that when people want to shut up one of the Bombshells, or dish out some serious punishment, there is ONE person they beg the bosses to book them against. One batshit crazy Bombshell…

Simone: Oh my...She’s not talking about who I THINK she is talking about, is she Jason?!

Adams: I think she might be!

The crowd starts cheering as Alexis smiles wickedly and nods.

Alexis: Yeah, I’m sure you’ve all figured it out. The Bombshell I’m talking about is none other than...TWISTED SISTER!

The crowd suddenly goes wild at the thought of Twisted Sister ripping Alexis apart.

Alexis: Surprise, people! Twisted Sister IS here tonight because I went to Christian Underwood earlier this week and requested that she be here. Why? Because I’m going to do what no other Bombshell has the lady balls to do. I’m going to book MYSELF in a match against Twisted Sister, because I’m sick of people acting like that crazy bitch scares me in the slightest. Nothing scares--

Alexis is suddenly cut off as the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what is in store. The opening of “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2 blares across the PA system and the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, one hand on her waist and the other holding a microphone as she looks around the crowd as they cheer her.

Simone: Uh oh! I think Alexis is about to eat her own words!

Adams: And I don’t think they’ll taste very good!

Alexis glares down the ramp at Mercedes who just has a wide smile on her face. Mercedes’ music finally dies down and before she has a chance to say anything, Alexis speaks up.

Alexis: What the hell do YOU want?!

Mercedes smile never fades as she stares at Alexis and brings the microphone up to speak.

Mercedes: Now, now, that any way to speak to your boss for the evening?

The crowd cheers but Alexis just snarls at Mercedes.

Alexis: You may be *air quotes* Queen for a Day, Mercedes, but you are NOT my boss. So how about you jump down from that high horse you just rode in on and get--

Mercedes: If I were you, Alexis, I’d be very careful about how you finish that sentence. In fact, don’t finish it at all, because I have a few things I’d like to say.

Simone: Damn...put that girl in her place, Mercedes!

Alexis wants to speak, that much is clear by the look on her face, but she keeps her mouth shut for the moment as her nostrils flare. Mercedes nods as she raises the microphone to continue to speak.

Mercedes: You know, I really thought I was doing you a favor last week. I was trying to do something nice, because judging by how much you constantly complain, I figured not booking you in a, as you call it, shitty match, would keep you happy and quiet for the week. I also thought as I came out here that I was looking at an empty ring or maybe you were a figment of my imagination or a hologram. You seem so lifelike.

Alexis just shakes her head as she continues to glare at Mercedes.

Mercedes: Apparently I was wrong. So here is what I’m going to do…

Alexis: You think that’s going to fix this, Mercedes? I already said I’m out here to fight Twisted Sister! You can’t just automatically--

Mercedes: I am not deaf, Alexis. I heard every word you said, but you see, YOU are not in charge tonight. I am. So, I’m going to give you your match against Twisted Sister…

Alexis rolls her eyes.

Alexis: Gee, thanks…

Simone: I have a feeling this girl is just digging her grave deeper.

Adams: Yeah, no kidding!

Mercedes: BUT!

Alexis’ face suddenly drops as she hears the dreaded “but.” Mercedes holds up her hand, stopping Alexis from speaking before she can get another word out.

Mercedes: But this is not going to be a regular match, Alexis. Your words and actions have consequences. So tonight, you’ll be facing Twisted Sister in a No Disqualifications Falls Count Anywhere match!

Alexis’ eyes widen, nearly popping out of her head. She is LIVID at this point as she throws her Internet Championship behind her and lunges at the ropes angrily. Just as she is about to raise the microphone and loudly protest, Mercedes has one more thing to say.

Mercedes: Oh and Alexis? If that little tantrum of yours continues, that title you just threw behind you? That’ll be on the line. I’m doing you a favor, but if you push me further, I won’t hesitate to really make you suffer for it. As bad a reputation as I have as a "horrible booker", I'm a whole lot worse personally.

Mercedes smiles at Alexis as she grips the top rope tightly. Her knuckles turn white and she’s fuming, but she has no choice but to stay quiet. Mercedes waves to her as referee Drew Patton appears from behind the curtain and makes his way towards the ring. The crowd is going wild as Alexis remains furious inside the ring and Mercedes disappears backstage.

Simone: You asked for it, Alexis!

Adams: Literally! I don’t know why she’s so mad. She DID say she wasn’t afraid to face Twisted Sister, right?

Simone: She did, but go figure the girl changes her attitude when it’s made a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Alexis heads over to one of the corner turnbuckles as Drew Patton enters the ring. Moments later the rock band Twisted Sister’s anthem of “Burn In Hell” blares across the building and the crowd boos as Twisted Sister is escorted through the stage curtains by professional security, her arms bound around her in a secured straight jacket. She screams wildly, thrashing and kicking her legs as the guards have to practically have to carry her to the ring. At ringside, they carefully unfasten her straight jacket and she quickly climbs into the ring and dashes around, screaming like a lunatic. Alexis keeps a close eye on Twisted Sister, trying her best not to look nervous or even afraid, but once Twisted Sister gets a look at Alexis, all bets are off! She rushes at Alexis madly and Drew quickly calls for the bell!

Simone: There she goes!


As Twisted Sister lunges at Alexis, guns blazing so to speak, Alexis tries to dart out of the way, but Twisted Sister catches her by her hair and yanks her back! She cackles loudly as she drags Alexis away from the corner turnbuckle and the ropes and Alexis is trying mightily to get out of Twisted Sister’s grasp. Alexis eventually loses her footing but Twisted Sister doesn’t let go as she continues just dragging Alexis around the ring by her hair!

Adams: Alexis must be kicking herself for agreeing to this one!

Simone: She must be, but, hell, I am thoroughly enjoying this!

Drew Patton can only allow Twisted Sister to do as she pleases. Eventually, she drops Alexis, but not on purpose as when she looks down a nice chunk of Alexis’ hair is in her hand! The crowd laughs and cheers as Twisted Sister stares down at her hand and Alexis holds her head where her hair was ripped out. She tries to quickly crawl away from the psycho Bombshell but Twisted Sister lets out one wild laugh and is again on the offensive!

Simone: Is Alexis even TRYING right now? It seems she’s more interested in getting away from Twisted Sister than actually fighting her!

Adams: I think Twisted Sister has been too quick for her!

Alexis tries to roll out of the ring to get a reprieve from Twisted Sister’s assault, but Twisted Sister catches her leg and drags her back into the ring! She jumps on top of Alexis and begins going wild on Alexis with a rapid fire series of rights and lefts to Alexis’ face and head! Alexis tries to get her arms up to block the shots, but Twisted Sister counters it, grabbing Alexis’ arms and pinning them to the mat and begins HEADBUTTING the Bombshell Internet Champion furiously! Seeing Alexis’ shoulders pinned to the mat, Drew drops down for the count!



Alexis kicks out!

Simone: And somewhere backstage, every single Bombshell is watching this with smiles on their faces.

Adams: Well...we at least know that Mercedes is!

After Alexis kicks out, Twisted Sister wraps her hands around her throat and begins CHOKING her! Alexis kicks her legs wildly as she can’t breathe, but Drew Patton can’t do anything as it is all legal! Twisted Sister has a wicked smile on her face as she tries to choke Alexis out and just when it looks as though Alexis is about to pass out, she stops! She jumps off of Alexis, dashes out of the ring and begins searching under the ring!

Adams: Oh no...I think we’re about to witness another chainsaw incident!

Simone: Alexis laughed at that incident with Roxi Johnson. Somehow, if the tables were turned on her, I don’t think she’d be laughing.

Adams: I think we’re about to find out…

Twisted Sister is furiously searching under the ring and every few seconds a wild cackle can be heard. Eventually Twisted Sister crawls back out from under the ring, laughing crazily as she pulls out a fire extinguisher! She holds it above her and stares at Alexis in the ring once again letting out a wild cackle! Alexis is just beginning to regain her composure after being nearly choked unconscious and Twisted Sister slides the fire extinguisher into the ring!

Adams: Hey Twisted Sister...there’s no fire here!

Simone: Hey, Jason...I’m sure she’d light a fire just to use it!

Adams: Oh...right…

Twisted Sister slides back into the ring and picks up the fire extinguisher. Alexis has crawled towards the ropes by this point and she has her back turned toward Twisted Sister! Twisted Sister smiles as she THINKS she has the fire extinguisher pointed towards Alexis…

Simone: Uhh...someone needs to tell her that thing is pointed the wrong way!

Adams: I think she’s about to find out the hard way, Belinda.

Alexis pulls herself back to her feet and stumbles around for a moment. When she finally manages to turn towards Twisted Sister, she seems the fire extinguisher just as Twisted Sister pulls the trigger! Alexis holds her hands up expecting to be blasted by the fire extinguishers residue, but Twisted Sister instead gets herself! She immediately drops the fire extinguisher, arms flailing in the air as Alexis stares at her, holding back a laugh.

Adams: Well that backfired…

Simone: Quite literally. And that just gave Alexis the advantage that she needs.

Alexis reaches down and grabs the fire extinguisher, holding it up and pointing it towards Twisted Sister! Once Twisted Sister can see again, she turns and glares at Alexis! She tries to charge at her but Alexis pulls the trigger and AGAIN blasts Twisted Sister with the powdery residue! Alexis tosses the fire extinguisher down before she lunges at Twisted Sister, hitting her with a spear and the two crash through the ropes and to the outside of the ring!

Simone: Things are about to pick up, Jason!

Both women are feeling the effects of that move as Drew Patton steps outside the ring. Alexis reaches up and grabs on to the ring apron, pulling herself back to her feet. Twisted Sister has done the same, but against the steel barricade just in front of the fans in the front row! Alexis turns around as Twisted Sister is looking away and she lunges at Twisted Sister again! Just before she crashes against Twisted Sister, Twisted Sister turns around and sends Alexis flying over the barricade right into the fans laps! Everyone is on their feet at this time as Twisted Sister jumps the barricade and grabs Alexis by her hair AGAIN! She drags the very outspoken Nobody out of the fans’ laps and through the crowd, kicking and screaming! Eventually she stops and suddenly drops Alexis. Alexis’ head bounces off the hard floor as Twisted Sister stands there, staring at something...or someone.

Simone: What is she doing?

Adams: Umm..I think she’s staring at that sign that person is holding up…

Indeed she is! A fan in the crowd is holding up their sign and Twisted Sister has her head tilted, just staring at it! It reads “I’m Looney for Twisted Sister.” Twisted Sister then yanks the sign out of the fan’s hand and begins rolling it up! The fan, meanwhile, is laughing the entire time and Twisted Sister turns around as Alexis has gotten back to her feet and begins beating Alexis with the rolled up sign!

Adams: Well...I think that is officially a first for SCW.

Simone: Not sure that will do much damage, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch.

The rest of the fans laugh and watch on as Twisted Sister beats Alexis with the rolled up sign until it begins to tear to shreds! Once it is of no further use, she tosses it on the ground and reaches down to grab Alexis by her hair again. Alexis is prepared this time and doesn’t let that happen as she kicks Twisted Sister hard in her gut, sending the wild Bombshell stumbling back a bit! Alexis quickly jumps back to her feet but Twisted Sister isn’t affected by that kick for long as she lunges at Alexis, tackling her to the ground with a spear! Alexis’ head and back bounce off the hard floor once again as Twisted Sister slams her head into the floor a couple of times for good measure!

Simone: Damn. Alexis is going to have one serious headache tomorrow.

Adams: Maybe she’ll get Tim Staggs to take care of her…

Alexis is now dazed and confused, having no clue of her surroundings and Twisted Sister looks up for a moment. A wicked grin appears on her face and she shrieks, jumping back to her feet. Drew Patton checks on Alexis for a moment but his attention is torn away when another loud shriek is heard. Everyone stares at her as she approaches Alexis with...a wheelchair?!

Simone: Where the hell did she get that wheelchair?!

Adams: Your guess is as good as mine, Belinda! This woman is nuts!

Twisted Sister parks the wheelchair right next to Alexis. She reaches down and pulls a very dazed and unsteady Alexis back to her feet before she drops her right down into the wheelchair! The fans are going crazy at this point enjoying every second of this impromptu match. Twisted Sister cackles once again as she turns the wheelchair around and quickly dashes away, wheeling Alexis to God only knows where and Drew Patton tries his best to follow behind her!

Simone: This just keeps getting better and better, Jason. As crazy as Twisted Sister is, I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for Alexis. I don’t think anyone does.

Adams: Agreed! How can ANYONE be that stupid, Belinda?

Simone: Pot meet kettle?

Adams: Hey! I resemble that remark!

The cameras open up backstage and everyone watches the screen as Twisted Sister is furiously wheeling Alexis down one of the halls! People are watching the whole thing unfold. Eventually Twisted Sister skids to a halt and lifts the wheelchair forward, dumping Alexis out of it! Alexis hits the ground with a thud and Twisted Sister begins RAMMING the wheelchair right into her!

Simone: Jesus! Is there ANYTHING that woman won’t do?

Adams: And you call ME stupid?

After hitting Alexis several times with the wheelchair, Twisted Sister tosses it to the side and looks at her surroundings. She’s looking for the next weapon to use against Alexis as Alexis is looking around trying to figure out where she is and how she can get away. She’s breathing heavily, exhausted and in a serious amount of pain. Twisted Sister is temporarily distracted with trying to find something to use against Alexis, that Alexis is able to crawl behind a large metal container of some sort and hide for a few moments. She is forced to quickly regain her composure as she pushes herself back to her feet against the wall. Just down the hall, Despayre is seen still seated at the cardboard box in his Mister Self-Help get up.

Simone: Uh oh...I think Despayre is going to be interrupted here very soon!

Adams: Watch out Despy!

When Alexis is back to her feet, she hears a loud shriek from Twisted Sister and turns just in time as Twisted Sister comes flying at her! Alexis ducks and Twisted Sister flies over her, crashing into some more containers right in front of Despayre but he’s none the wiser! Alexis lunges at Twisted Sister and the two brawl around him, crashing into everything and anything BUT Despayre, eventually crashing through a door just down the hall. Despayre then lifts his head and looks left, then right then up and then finally at Angel…

Despayre: Hmm...bees.

He then gets back to what he was doing as everyone in the audience laughs and the cameras open up inside...the men’s locker room!

Simone: Poor guys…

Adams: I wish it was the Bombshell locker room…

Several of the male superstars rush out as Alexis now has a hold of Twisted Sister and sends her crashing against one of the lockers! She’s huffing and puffing, and blood is seeing trickling down her forehead as she starts searching through some duffel bags and suitcase for something to use! She comes up empty handed for the most part until she pulls out a bottle of cologne and gives it a wiff. She shakes her head.

Alexis: This shit STINKS…

Alexis then gets an idea as she turns towards Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister is now charging at her, wide-eyed, which is exactly what Alexis was hoping for. She sprays the cologne right in Twisted Sister’s eyes, attempting to blind her! Twisted Sister shrieks again as Alexis tosses the bottle down but even temporarily blinded, that doesn’t stop Twisted Sister! She swings her arms wildly, catching Alexis right in the jaw and she grabs a hold of Alexis by her head! She swings wildly and eventually whips Alexis across the room, having no idea where she just threw her! Alexis crashes through another door, and we can see steam pouring out of the shower room. Twisted Sister wipes away at her eyes furiously trying to get her vision back.

Simone: Oooh...who’s in the shower?!

Adams: Calm yourself, Belinda! Honestly..and you call ME a pervert?

Simone: Oh shut it, Jason!

Chuckling can be heard as someone is walking out of the shower room. Twisted Sister finally gets most of her vision back and she looks up to see...Connor Murphy! He has only a towel wrapped around him and he looks back at Alexis who has landed just near one of the toilets. He shakes his head when his attention is taken back to Twisted Sister. She’s staring at him and then she lets out a cat call whistle to Connor! He shakes his head and walks past her.

Connor: Do yer thing darlin’...

Connor disappears out of the locker room and Twisted Sister darts into the bathroom. Alexis is trying to get back to her feet just by the toilet when Twisted Sister rushes towards her, grabs her by the head and DUNKS her head right in the toilet! The crowd erupts in loud laughter as Twisted Sister tries to drown Alexis in the toilet!

Simone: I shudder to think how filthy that toilet is…

Twisted Sister then reaches up and FLUSHES the toilet with Alexis’ head still inside!


Alexis struggles wildly until Twisted Sister eventually pulls her out of the toilet and Alexis looks as though she’s going to be sick! Twisted Sister then sends her crashing into the shower and Alexis’ head bounces off the wall and she collapses down to the ground seemingly unconscious! Twisted Sister looks around as Drew Patton rushes to Alexis’ side, checking on her! Twisted Sister rushes out of the bathroom for a moment and begins rummaging around the room looking for something. When she appears back in the bathroom she’s holding a bag of popcorn in her hands!

Simone: What is she doing now?

Twisted Sister stares at Alexis for a moment, and the leading lady of the Nobodies doesn’t even move. Twisted Sister rushes over to her and sits on her stomach, basically covering the fallen Bombshell as Drew drops for the count!





Simone: Wow...I...I can’t believe what we just watched…

Adams: What a way to lose…

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentleman your winner via pinfall….TWISTED SISTER!

Twisted Sister continues eating some of the popcorn before she looks down, holding the bag towards the still unconscious Alexis.

TS: Want some?

The crowd laughs as Twisted Sister offers Alexis some of the popcorn. Twisted Sister’s guards appear inside the locker room ready to lead her away as medical officials come to check on Alexis. She’s slowly regaining consciousness as they urge her not to move. Twisted Sister can be heard cackling and shrieking as she is lead away and out of the locker room.

Adams: Hey! Check that out!

A brunette woman with a vague, disinterested expression on her face is shown sitting in the front row.

Adams: Isn't that the bird that's been tormenting Misty and Tim Staggs on Twitter? Belladonna Grey?

Simone: Yes it is and all I can say is that it's a damn good thing that Misty is not present! You do not go messing with another woman's child!

Belladonna turns to the camera and stands up suddenly and shrieks!

Belladonna: WHERE IS HE!?!?

Simone: Where is who!? And what is WRONG with that woman!?

Adams: Beats me but she's about as unstable as a game of Jenga!

Justin: This match is scheduled for one fall introducing first…from Birmingham, England… SIMON JONES!!

The intro of "Simon Says" By Drain STH plays over the arena's PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans. As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans.

Justin: And his opponent…

"Ooooh... yeah, yeah... oh". The opening repeative line to Kanye West's "Power" starts to blast through the speakers as blue lights but through the now faded darkness in the arena. The image of a closed fist is seen on the screen before the letters 'J2H' appear on the screen

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Mr. J N Ringo...

J2H and Mr J N Ringo appear at the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos from the live crowd. The two look at each other before lifting a fist each, the fist at head height. The two nod to each other and start walking towards the ring. Ringo is wearing a Italian made, expensive looking suit as he walks slightly in front of the shirtless J2H, wearing gold shorts, boots and kneepads with "Power" written on the back of the shorts.

Justin: From Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, he is J2H!

J2H and Ringo reach the ring and J2H slides under the bottom rope while Ringo stands outside. J2H moves towards the middle of the ring, both arms in the air, before walking to the ropes and pulling himself on the middle rope in the center of the ring and raising his arm again.

Both men circle briefly, before locking up in the centre of the ring, however, J2H catches Jones off guard and hits a quick arm drag sending Jones across the ring, as J2H quickly gets to his feet and brags for a moment, raising his hands high with a smirk.

Adams: Brief quick start, but J2H is already playing games.

Simone: That will come back to haunt him.

Jones gets to one knee and looks over at J2H before looking at Jordan, who shrugs, as J2H smirks as he adjusts his attire, as does Jones before getting to his feet, as they again briefly circle before locking up once more but Jones being the heavier on the two, gets J2H into a headlock with J2H fighting to get out of it, Jones backs himself up into the ropes before whipping J2H away, who bounces off the ropes opposite and shoulder blocks Jones, which sends him down to the mat.

Simone: We’re back at a fast pace again, and J2H showing his speed.

J2H then bounces of the ropes, as Jones responds by laying flat on the mat, with J2H jumping over Jones, Jones quickly gets to his feet and tries to swing at J2H, but J2H ducks and bounces off the ropes, and as he comes back, he delivers a kick to the chest of Jones before hitting a standing twisting neckbreaker.

Adams: All that fast pace comes to sudden stop, as J2H hits a neckbreaker and now is going for a cover.

J2H goes for a cover…




Simone: Easy Kickout.

Jones although stunned, kicks out with ease much to the annoyance of J2H who shakes his head and tries his luck again.



Adams: Another easy Kickout… but J2H showing his inexperience.

J2H shakes his head and before flipping Jones onto his front and goes to lock him up in a STF, but Jones acts quickly and places his foot on the ropes, which the ref informs J2H of the rope break. J2H again shakes his head and gets to his feet, where he grabs Jones by the head and pulls him to his feet, where he whips him into the corner and goes to follow up with a splash, but Jones moves and J2H crashes chest first into the turnbuckle.

Simone: Jones showing great ring awareness, and puts a stop to J2H and his submission hold.

Adams: J2H’s frustration is downfall, as he makes a silly error and now gives Jones an opening.

J2H turns and Jones grabs him and hits a belly to belly Suplex on J2H before going for a pin of his own.

Simone: Nice Suplex from Jones and attempts a pin of his own.




J2H also kicks out with ease, as Jones doesn’t complain and but instead grabs J2H and pulls him upright into a sitting position, where Jones then pushes his knee into the back of J2H and then cranks back on the head of J2H, but J2H easily fights out and they make their way to feet, where J2H pushes Jones into the corner before delivering two chops to the chest.

Adams: Jones beginning to get the upper hand here.

Simone: Don’t you dare woo.

Adams: Spoil sport.

Jones quickly counters and delivers a chop of his own, but just a little bit harder, where stings Jones hand and steps away shaking his hand, he then comes back but J2H pokes Jones in the eye, as Jacob summers admonishes him for the illegal move, but J2H shrugs him off and grabs Jones and hits a running bulldog, before rolling Jones onto his front and locks in the cross arm breaker.

Simone: That chop was vicious.

Adams: But unfortunately, while Jones was shaking that off, J2H poked Jones in the eye, which was not called for.

Simone: Gave him an opening to his a bulldog and attempt another submission.

Jones tries to fight out of the move, but again he uses his legs to manoeuvre himself to get his foot onto the ropes, as Jacob Summers informs J2H to let go, but J2H shakes his head no and the Jacob begins to count him out, which eventually forces him to let go of the hold.

Adams: Again great ring awareness from Jones.

Simone: It didn’t help him, as Jacob had to count J2H out.

Jones lays on the mat for a few moments holding his arm, as J2H gets to his feet and mocks the fallen Jones, J2H then begins to stomp on Jones’ prone arm several times, as Jones screams out in pain. J2H then turns and uses the ropes to springboard and hits a leg drop to Jones’ arm.

Simone: J2H zoning in on Jones’ temporary weakness.

Jones again screams out, as J2H again mocks Jones, before turning and climbing the ropes as he signals for the frog splash. Upon reaching the top, he looks down at Jones before leaping off for the 21st Century Splash, but Jones moves at the last moment and J2H hits the mat chest first.

Adams: J2H signalled for the end, however, it severely backfired.

Simone: Backfired is an understatement.

J2H lays on the mat clutching his body from the failed frog splash, while Jones wills some life into his arm, as Jacob Summer’s begins his count…

Adams: Both men down, Jones trying to get his arm moving again and J2H sucking in air.




Jones gets to his knees, as he continues to shake life into his arm, while J2H grabs the bottom ropes and drags himself closer to the ropes, as Jordan cheers Jones on and urges him to get to his feet.

Simone: Jones close to getting back on his feet, J2H not so much.




Jones turns and grabs the ropes and stands to his feet, as he looks over at J2H who barely to his knees, Jones again shakes his arm to get some life into, before heading over to J2H, where he grabs him and pulls him to his feet, where he delivers a knee to J2H’s gut before hitting a snap Suplex.

Adams: Jones back on his feet first, as he drives a knee into J2H before hitting a snap Suplex.

Simone: Just pin him… I don’t think J2H isn’t going to fight back.

Jones quickly gets to his feet, as J2H arches in back in pain, but Jones is back on him and picks him up again and this time hits a belly to belly Suplex as J2H lays on the mat sucking in as much air as possible. Jones then climbs the ropes and hits a shooting star press.

Simone: Jones really not relenting on J2H here.

Jones then goes for a cover...





Adams: How did he kick out?

Simone: I don’t know.

Jones looks at Jacob for answer, who indicates that he kicked out, as Jones shakes his head in disbelief, as he goes for another pin.

Adams: Another pin.




Simone: J2H kicks out with some ease.

J2H kicks out again but not at the last moment, much to Jones continued disbelief, as he realises that he has to do much more and gets to his feet, where he grabs J2H and drags him to his feet, where he picks him up and dumps him upside down in the middle rope.

Simone: What does Jones have in mind here?

Jones climbs the ropes and grabs J2H and prepare him for Into Oblivion (Middle Rope Styles Clash). Once into position, Jones leaps off and hits the Into Oblivion on J2H.

Adams: That’s what he has in mind.

Jones lays on the mat for a moment, holding his arm before using his remaining strength to roll J2H on his back and going for the pin.




Simone: Jones wins.

Justin: Winner of this match… SIMON JOOONNESS.

Jacob helps Jones to his feet, where he raises his arm up in celebration as his music hits over the p.a.

The lights in the arena go black as "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment plays over the speakers. Red lights take over the stage, flashing along to the beat of the music. The fans give off a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. After a few seconds, a figure comes out of the shadows in a black hooded jacket, zipped up, and a pair of black hot pants, down to the knee pads and black faux fur boots. Brown hair falls out of the hood while the face remains covered in shadows. The person is looking down, their hair dangling for a moment. As the chorus comes up, the feminine figure raises her head to reveal Celeste North. She has her hands tucked into the hood of her jacket, walking along as if the venue were empty, paying attention to nobody. She doesn't seem to care one bit as she comes to the end of the ramp. She pulls her hands out of her pockets and darts up to the apron, leaping up. She turns around, holding her hands up in the air for a second, seeming to feel the music. After a moment she turns around and enters the ring. She unzips her hooded jacket, hanging it on the far turnbuckle as she backs into it, eyes locked on the curtains as she puts a foot up on the pad, arms sprawled out on the ropes as she motions for a microphone. It doesn't come right away, so she shouts loudly at Justin Decent, who quickly hands it to her. The lights return to normal as the music slowly fades out. She looks out at the audience, who are starting to dissipate toward the restrooms and concession stands. She growls into the microphone as she pushes herself from the corner.

Celeste: Normally, I'd just roll my eyes at the assinine treatment I get, week in and week out, but I put my body on the line for you ungrateful fucktards at December 2 Dismember. I had to undergo blood transfusions because I literally spilled my blood for you! The disrespect stops, right here, and right now!

The remaining crowd boos loudly as Celeste lowers the microphone, shouting in all directions of the crowd. Once she sees that it's only fueling the disrespect, she holds her breath, closing her eyes as she calms herself down.

Simone: How many of our Bombshells have spilled blood for the fans? It's almost a prerequisite of being a member of our roster.

Adams: To be fair... Jessie and Celeste put it all on the line at December 2 Dismember, and the blood loss rivaled only by a few select Bombshell matches in SCW history.

Celeste: I gave our Queen for a Day the benefit of the doubt, but no matter how nice she tries to play, she's still a Mean Girl at heart. I played nice, and I went with the chain of command around here. You all saw how that played out. Now it's time to take matters into my own hands. I'm pulling a page out of Alexis' book, and I'm going to make a match of my own. But, not just any match. I'm going to take out a legend, just to prove how serious I should be taken.

Simone: A legend? She wouldn't be talking about...?

Adams: Oh, it's so obviously Misty!

Celeste pauses a moment as she paces back and forth, preparing herself, but her pride won't let her back out of this. She turns toward the entryway, staring at the curtains with full focus now.

Celeste: Delia Fucking Darling! I challenge you to a match, right here, and right now!

Crowd: *POP!*

Celeste waits, staring at the curtains intensely. She doesn't budge for a moment as she waits, with no response. This doesn't set well with her as she raises the microphone to her lips once more.

Celeste: I know you're back there, Delia! I can smell your bougie perfume all the way out here. I'll give you a real welcome back party, in the form of an ass kicking.

Celeste doesn't have to wait long as "Amazing" by Hi Fashion begins playing, and the crowd goes nuts. The stands start to fill back up quickly as the fans rush back to their seats. This doesn't set well with Celeste, either. The ring crew quickly files out with a makeshift runway, attaching it to the ring before dispersing. Delia walks out onto the stage, looking from side to side with a smirk on her face as she struts the catwalk like she owns it... because she does. Half way down, she strikes a dramatic pose, as cameras flash all around her. She continues to the ring in her regular clothes, entering the ring as she walks over to Justin Decent. They have a brief conversation before he kindly hands her a microphone, to which she thanks him. She walks to the center of the ring, standing about a foot in front of Celeste as her music dies down.

Crowd: THIS IS AWESOME! *Clap Clap Clap* THIS IS AWESOME! *Clap Clap Clap*

Delia: Yes, yes, it is wonderful to be back, my darlings. Oh how I've missed you all. Well, not all of you...

Delia winks at the camera before jutting her thumb as Celeste, further infuriating the Nobody. The crowd laughs before Delia continues.

Delia: If z'is was a year ago, I would have smeared you across z'e ring, and went on to more important s'ings. Fortunately for you, it is not a year ago. It is now, and as of now, Delia Darling does not wrestle.

Crowd: BOOOO!

Delia: I know, I know... such a travesty. But, I have come out here to share an inspirational message wi's you, Jessie Salco...


Delia: Yes, a year ago, I would have encouraged you to deny who you are, but z'at simply is not me any longer. Embrace yourself, Jessie Salco. Don't let defeating yourself at a Super Card stop you from aiming higher. Not World Bombshell Championship level higher... but maybe Bombshell Roulette level higher.

Celeste: Jessie Salco has held the Bombshell Roulette Championship, you ignorant hag!

Delia: No one can address ones self in z'e s'ird person, unless you are Delia Darling, of course. And while you will never be Delia Darling, dreams are a powerful tool. Z'ey led me to being z'e Longest Reigning World Bombshell Champion until my departure wi's z'e company. Z'ey helped me make it to z'e finals of z'e Blast From z'e Past tournament in 2014, even z'ough I was but a rookie who hadn't ever competed in SCW before, and having only been my s'ird match in professional wrestling. Dreams are responsible for me having z'e longest undefeated streak in SCW to date. So, please... dream. Dream big, Jessie Salco.

Delia turns to the audience with a warm smile as she points to Celeste. They laugh, to which Delia truly doesn't understand. As Delia is distracted, Celeste growls, and tangles her fingers in Delia's hair, ripping the wig right off of her head, revealing a brown stocking cap, and causing Delia to look horrified. She pats at her head as Celeste showboats, with the wig in her possession. Not a wise idea as Delia charges behind her and grabs onto Celeste's hair, yanking her down to the ground where she repeatedly stomps on her. She rips her wig out of Celeste's hands, and places it back on her head, trying her best to adjust it back to the way it was. Not completely successful, but enough to be presentable given the circumstances. Celeste shoots up to her feet, and charges at Delia, who sees it coming on the screen by the stage. She ducks and as Celeste turns around, Delia delivers one of the most firm slaps ever seen in SCW history. Spit flies out from Celeste's mouth as Delia shouts "ENOUGH!" She turns the opposite direction to leave the ring with some form of dignity. However, Celeste doesn't relent. Delia blocks her attempt at a chop, and sends her into the ropes, where she shoulderbutts her to the outside, all while the audience laughs at Celeste.

Simone: Backfiring seems to be the theme of the night for The Nobodies.

Adams: It just keeps getting worse and worse for them.

Celeste smashes the floor mat in anger as she shoves herself up to a standing position. However, before she has time to do anything, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 begins playing over the speakers. Mercedes Vargas comes out onto the stage with microphone in hand as security files out behind her, moving around her to detain Celeste.

Mercedes: Oh no, no, no, no, no. Excuse the interruption. Celeste, you again? Are you trying to piss me off, or are you making a special effort tonight? Funny how you talked about disrespect a little while ago. Last I checked, only one of us has the power to book matches, and it sure as hell isn't you. You and the rest of The Nobodies don't respect the rules. It's your MO, I get that. But I want you to understanding something, pumpkin. By not respecting the rules that I make and I govern, in essense, you're disrespecting me, Celeste. You barged into my office earlier like you owned the place. Now you're picking fights too? Nice job. Judging from the crowd's reaction, I think we know who lost that fight. And with everything that's aleady happened tonight, I think we all needed a good laugh.

Mercedes gestures towards the crowd before she turns to Celeste. She speaks away from her microphone while giving her a mock applause, clapping against her microphone before raising it back up to her mouth.

Mercedes: But the show must go on. I'm a little tight on time, and patience. So, to save you from further embarassment, and from me having to deal with you myself, these lovely gentlemen are going to escourt you from my building. And if you think of laying a finger on any of them, I'll make sure to send you on permanent vacation.

The crowd cheers wildly as Mercedes lowers her microphone, hoping that her message got through to Celeste.

Simone: You said things keep getting worse for The Nobodies, Jason? Celeste lost one fight, and she's about to lose another. Her night is over as Mercedes has just thrown her out of the building.

Adams: Just one less headache we can afford to deal with tonight from The Nobodies.

Mercedes: Now that we've had the comedy segment out of the way, how about a sing-a-long?

At that moment, fans started to sing.

Crowd: Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye! Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

Celeste sneers at the Queen for A Day as security roughly helps her to the backstage area while Delia exits the ring to converse with Mercedes, who wiggles her fingers as she waves at Celeste.

Simone: We may not have seen a match take place between Delia and Celeste, but there were some definite crowd pleasing fireworks!

Adams: Delia said that she will not wrestle again, but that didn't stop her from defending herself from the hungry Nobody. Something tells me this isn't over, though...

Simone: It’s the first Climax Control of the New Year and we have an exciting night of action for you……

Adams: Sorry to interrupt Belinda but I just noticed that there’s a band doing a sound check up near the entrance.

The camera pans over to the stage where, indeed, a band is doing a sound check, anyone who’s familiar with the Power Metal scene would recognize the band as Battle Beast, a Finnish Power Metal Band and the band that performs Steve Ramone’s theme song “I Want The World……And Everything In It” from their most recent album Unholy Savior.

Simone: Did someone not tell them that this isn’t a music venue?

Adams: I’m kinda surprised that they’ve gotten this far without the bosses or Mercedes stopping them.

A few minutes pass and the band members disappear from the stage, this doesn’t last long as the Terminator 2 theme starts to play for the bemused audience, late into the song the drummer takes his position behind the drum kit and starts playing along to the drums at the end of the song before a familiar into starts to play.

“I want what’s coming to me
So what’s coming to you?
The world Chico, and everything in it”

Simone: Wait, is that Battle Beast?

Adams: And we know what that means.

The band starts to play “I Want the World……. And Everything in It” as Noora Louhimo joins her bandmates on stage to perform the song, by the time the band reaches the first chorus Steve comes out being carried by several servants on a throne obviously modeled after the throne from Game of Thrones whilst Andreas walk behind him.

Simone: Two things are certain, Steve’s ego is out of control and George RR Martin is going to sue someone.

Adams: That or kill off another beloved character.

Simone: But that’s beside the point, Steve wasn’t even the runner up in the King for a Day Match though he did come close, what is he up too?

Adams: Knowing him, something hilariously offensive.

The throne reaches the ringside area as the band is wrapping up the song and Steve gets up from his throne, revealing a Motorhead T-Shirt under his robe, and enters the ring with Cyrus and Andreas behind him, he takes the microphone from Justin who leaves the ring as the song ends and the band leaves the stage.

Steve: Give it up for Battle Beast!

Steve screams into the mic and the crowd cheers as Steve stands there.

Steve: Welcome to the first Climax Control of 2016, I am the Fearless One Steve Ramone and whilst a midget might be the king for a day we all know who the real king is!

Steve says before pointing to himself.

Simone: Did he really just call Despayre a midget?!

Adams: Despayre isn’t even that short!

Steve: Now unfortunately there is only one King Steve.

Simone: Thank god for that.

Steve: BUT I will do my kingship proud throughout 2016, also it was my birthday on Thursday and as royal decree I demand EVERYONE in the arena to sing Happy Birthday.

Simone: Err……

Adams: But I got booed off the stage during Karaoke!

The crowd seem equally reluctant to try to sing along but a few angry glares from Andreas and Cyrus soon changes their minds.

Crowd: Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday King Steve!
Happy Birthday to you!


Simone: Can Watts come out and attack him already?

Adams: He’s probably off somewhere wondering just what the hell he’s gotten himself into.

Steve: But as much as I’d like to say that I have a way to give myself a Birthday present in the form of a win tonight, Mercedes didn’t book me for some reason! Your guess is as good as mine but do we really want someone that incompetent as Queen?

Simone: If he won the King for a Day Match I’d be making a Pot Calling the Kettle Black joke right now.

Adams: She isn’t even an official queen!

Steve: But I digress, I have someone to address and that someone is Andrew mother fucking Watts! The guy crazy enough to paint MY LOCKER ROOM DOOR WITH HIS OWN BLOOD! Set fire to the backstage area whilst making some kind of metaphor and I’m pretty sure that he’s strangled a puppy at some point, the point is he seems to have a grudge against me for some reason so I am going to call him out RIGHT NOW!

Simone: Has Andrew even arrived yet?

Adams: Not to my knowledge.

Steve drops the mic and waits for Andrew’s arrival but he never arrives, Cyrus and Andreas laugh it up before Steve picks up the mic.

Steve: Just as I thought, ANDREW WATTS IS A PUSSY!

Simone: Cue Watts in three…...two…...

Adams: Pretty sure he’s not here.

Steve: Seriously though I will be back this time next week and I will await an answer from the king of all pussies and no, I don’t mean the midget who will be in charge next week! In the meantime, I will now head backstage and bask in my glory!

Steve’s theme hits (the recorded version that is) as Steve and his bodyguards leave the ring, Steve sits back on his throne and is carried to the back with Cyrus and Andreas following him.

Simone: Andrew’s not going to be happy when he gets back.

Adams: Understatement of the century.

Man in the box from Alice in Chains hits the sound systems as we see the former Roulette champion Goth emerge for the first time since his match he had with Drake Green. He is holding his stick in his hands to help him walk the rampway as the fans extend their arms and touch his arms. Goth ignores them as he gets to the ring steps and walks up towards the ring as he looks at the crowd, who are booing him but also a lot of cheers for the Gothic One.

Adams: It will be interesting to see what Goth has got to say.

Simone: I’m sure he will have got a lot to talk about the things that happened at December 2 Dismember. And of course for the last Climax Control when the New Supremacy spoke out for the very first time.

Goth looks around the six sided ring before putting a microphone to his mouth as he addresses the crowd.

Goth: Thank you for your kind reaction, it only shows that wrestling fans admire people who aren’t afraid to speak out their mind as well as sticking with what they stand for… right Drake???

The crowd boos as they hear the name of the Showstopper Drake Green, the man that currently is holding both the World and Roulette championship.

Goth: It’s obvious that Mark Ward has got a soft spot for hypocrites, the man that thought that he could buy himself a group as in the Monstimals. Only forgetting the fact that we do our things for one reason, for our own benefits.

The crowd start a small Goth chant as the former Roulette champion raises his hand in recognition for their chants.

Goth: Isn’t it obvious that Drake Green has a tendency to align himself with jokes??? First it was the group of mercenaries that ultimately became nothing more than a mere shadow of that what I am…. And now?? Now he is aligning himself with Travis Nathaniel Andrews… a man that wants to show the world desperately that HE is a relevant object… someone that has issues tying his shoelaces, let alone becoming a champion.

Goth chuckles as the crowd starts to chant Travis Sucks

Goth: And then we have Sean Jackson, the wrestler of the year, the man of the year, the loud mouth of the year, the I am the biggest hypocrite of the year… The man that had an incredible match against Raab. But also a man that never had a match against yours truly, how can a man call himself the Wrestler of the Year without having being face to face with the one man that dominated the ring for seven months… I cannot imagine ….

Suddenly Goth is cut off by……

Voice: "Goth, Goth, Goth..."

Stepping out on the entrance ramp is none other than Supremacy member and SCW Internet Champion Sean Jackson.

Jackson: "When are you going to wise up..."

The Mental Rapist points towards the fans.

Jackson: "And realize that none of these people care about you?"

The fans boo.

Jackson: "Hey, you sheep can boo me all you want. But each and every one of you know it is the truth. Sure Goth, they cheer for you now, but what do you think happens when your eyesight goes and you are forced to retire?"

The Internet Champion cracks that million dollar smirk.

Jackson: "That's right Goth, they forget all about you. While you are stumbling around in total darkness, all these tools will be tweeting about eating too much, or how they are paying too much in taxes, or how they aren't appreciated enough..."

Now the boos are getting louder, much louder.

Jackson: "But yet, there you stand before them, without the Roulette Championship, thinking they really care about you.

The Dallas native taps the faceplate of his Internet title belt.

Jackson: "Meanwhile, I'm standing here as a member of the Supremacy, with championship gold draped over my shoulder. By ignoring these people, by siding with Mark Ward, I am once again a champion. But that's the difference between you and me..."

As Sean speaks, his index finger alternately points to Goth and then to himself.

Jackson: "I choose Mark Ward, Drake Green and TNA over these ham and eggers, which gets me rewarded handsomely. While you choose the fans and those two idiots Raab and Samuel. But I didn't come out here to point out the blind truth to you Goth..."

Sean uses finger quotes on the word blind, using it as an opportunity to get into the head of Goth.

Jackson: "I came out here to point THE truth to you. I won those accolades while not catering to the fans my man, just like I've won everything in my life. While you try to live your life in favor of these people, I live for me...for my family...for Supremacy."

As he is speaking, the Internet Champion is now heading towards the ring. He has an agenda tonight, no doubt about it

Goth: Sometimes it takes a blind man to lead the ignorant fool to make him realize that he is wrong Sean… you see, I never cared about kissing babies… getting cheap pops and making appearances on the Tonight show as many others have done in the past. I don’t give a damn whether they boo me or cheer for me, they just understand that I enter the ring every single night and get the job done…. At least, not like some other ignorant champions in this company that needs their girlfriends to get the job done.

We can see a smirk on the face of Sean Jackson as Goth continues to talk

Goth: You see Sean, there is one thing that I do like about you… you don’t care how you do it, just as long as you do it right??

Sean can be seen saying that’s right.

Goth: Then tell me Sean…, why is it that you have never entered the ring with me until now?? Why has it that you have blinded by your own greed that you never dared to issue a challenge for the Roulette title when I held it?? Is it merely the fact that you were scared to go up against a man that is better than you??? Tell me Sean, has it been worth it to be the lap dog to Drake?? Has it been worth it to be the pet dog to Mark Jackson as you and Travis brought him his newspaper every morning when he barks orders to you?? So that you could remain a champion??

Sean’s face suddenly stops smiling as he is listening to what Goth is saying to him.

Goth: You see Sean, I’ve never denied the fact that you have potential… I’ve never said that you weren’t one of the best. But I guess realizing your shortcomings made you come to terms and accept a role as just being a bystander to Drake Green. Tell me oh Wrestler of the Year… Man of the Year…. And most importantly Bitch of the Year… was it all worth it?? Because if it was, then I’d rather be blind instead of brownnose your way to second place…

With that Goth stares into the eyes of Sean Jackson, who is looking around before answering him.

Jackson: "First off Goth, I have no control over who I am booked against. I guess we've never faced each other until now..."

Now at ringside, preparing to walk up the steps...

Jackson: "Because Mark Ward never considered you worthy to be in the ring with me. But..."

The Internet Champion climbs the steps and finally steps between the ropes.

Jackson: "With that being said, here I am, completely unafraid of you or another other member of the Monstrimals. I never challenged you for the Roulette Championship because frankly, it was beneath me. I chose to set my sights high, not to lower them with the likes of you."

The Dallas native is now a few feet away, the smile slowly disappearing.

Jackson: "And as far as being a lapdog to Drake, well that is a difference of opinion. Because from where I'm standing, he may be the World Heavyweight Champion, but we are equals in this group. Where as you, it wasn't that long ago when Raab came at you with evil intentions and Henry even questioned your loyalty. But that is what happens when a blind man is asked to trust idiots..."


Jackson: "He ends up losing everything..."

The Mental Rapist points an index finger towards the face of Goth.

Jackson: "Except his whore of a wife."

Goth suddenly explodes out of nowhere on the Internet champion, grabbing him by the head and drives several punches to the face. Sean manages to block a punch and knees Goth in the midsection. He grabs him by the hair and whips him in the ropes, going for a clothesline as Goth ducks it and executes a running clothesline himself. Causing Sean Jackson to drop down and roll out of the ring to separate himself from the former Roulette champion.

Goth: Bring it on Sean!!!!!

Sean Jackson and Goth can be seen jaw yapping towards each other as Sean Jackson slowly walks to the back without never losing eye contact. Goth climbs the turnbuckles as he takes off his shirt and throws it in the crowd as he points to Jackson

Simone: This is going to be a major fight tonight between these two!!!

Adams: I’m glad I’m not the referee in this one!!!!

The Prison Chamber is slowly coming down from the ceiling as Justin Decent is standing off to the side. He watches the massive structure make its way down while informing the folks in the audience and at home about what is going to take place.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it will be contested in a Prison Chamber Match

Right after Justin says that, “Pulling Me Back” strikes up as Prison Chamber inventor Dustin Holt comes walking out onto the stage. The crowd is going crazy as he waves at them.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your guest commentator tonight, he is a Pro Wrestling Legend, Dustin Holt

He walks down the ramp, hops up onto the ring apron and enters the ring. He climbs up onto the turnbuckles and gives his predator pose. He jumps off, rolls out of the ring and makes his way over to the announce table.

Adams: Belinda, we are having a guest tonight.

Simone: It’s always a pleasure to have wrestling legend Dustin Holt here with us.

Adams: You can say that again.

Dustin shakes Jason’s hand while giving Belinda a quick hug before putting on his headset.

Holt: When there’s a Prison Chamber Match, you better believe I’m going to be there to call the action.

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Coming down the aisle, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing in at 127 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for Zuri to make her presence

Adams: I thought we had seen the last of this match when Raab and Connor was stuck inside it.

Simone: If you want a rivalry stopped then this is going to be done.

Holt: You got that right Belinda. I can’t tell you how many rivalries ended when I stepped into that unforgiving structure.

The lights drop down as a dark video package begins to circulate on the screen. While the video is playing, one grey colored spotlight lands on the stage as dark fog fills it. The package continues to play as the first few chords of "Remember Everything" begins to play. Once "Dear Mother" is sung, Zuri walks out onto the stage while covering her head with a dark hood. She walks down the ramp while the song is still going on. She stops midway down the ramp as the song reaches the chorus.

Justin: from Webster, South Dakota by way of London, England...please welcome ZURI

She bends down as the leader sing says "remember everything" the second time. She remains bent over until "Dear brother" is said which signals for her to lean back up while throwing the hood off. She starts walking down the ramp toward the ring until "Dear Sister don't blame me" is sung. The moment it is sung, Zuri slides into the ring by the nearest corner. She sits down in the corner while slapping at her own face. She reaches up to the top rope, flips herself onto it and sits on the top turnbuckle. Zuri stays there while looking over her shoulder. The floating camera catches the dark emotionless state in Zuri's eyes as she slowly turns her head back toward the center of the ring. She hops down off the turnbuckle, fixes her gloves while leaning back in the corner just waiting for the match to begin.

Adams: Zuri is looking rather hot tonight.

Holt: If Zuri brings her A game then Mercedes is going to be in for a long night.

Simone: Do you really think Zuri can beat Mercedes?

Holt: No, she can’t even beat me.

The sliding metal door locks into place as Jasmine St John looks at both ladies. Before the bell can sound, Zuri sprints out of her corner and splashes the hell out of Mercedes. As Mercedes is caught up in the ropes, Zuri begins to stomp the hell out of her. The bell does ring because of the no disqualification nature of this match. Zuri backs up a bit before charging at Mercedes again. She waits for the last second before sidestepping Zuri. As Mercedes does this, Zuri smashes head first into the top turnbuckle pad. She wobbles backwards a bit before Mercedes leaps into the air and grabs Zuri by the neck. She lands on the canvas while twisting Zuri around and sending her face first into the canvas.

Holt: What a tornado DDT! Mercedes is going to go up 3-1 in this rivalry.

Adams: Sad thing is, this will be the final match for these two.

Holt: Who knows Mercedes might find a new rival after this

Mercedes quickly rolls Zuri onto her back while laying across her chest. Jasmine waves off the pin attempt.

Holt: Come on Mercedes, you know in order to go for a pinfall, you must have Zuri bleeding.

Simone: I forgot about that rule.

Holt: That’s why this is one of the most dangerous matches out there.

Mercedes smacks the canvas as she quickly exits the ring. She walks along the steel grate while scratching her head. She looks around and notices all the weapons at her disposal. Before she can pull one down, Zuri comes flying over the rope and catches Mercedes with the heel of her boot. Zuri stands back up as the crowd was appreciative of that move. Zuri gives the crowd an up yours gesture before walking over towards the kendo sticks. She yanks one down and twirls it in her fingers.

She gives a devilish grin before hammering down on the back of Mercedes. The sound of the kendo stick echoes throughout the arena as Mercedes screams out in pain. Zuri continues to punish the back of Mercedes before straddling her. Zuri leaps up and drops all of her body weight right down onto her back. Mercedes crumples to the floor as Zuri places the kendo stick underneath her chin and pulls back.

Adams: Ouch!

Holt: Mercedes is going to be feeling all of those shots in the morning.

Simone: Do you miss being in this kind of match Dustin?

Holt chuckles as Zuri grabs Mercedes by her hair and curb stomps her face first into the steel grate. She then grabs a chain link fence gate and props it up against the steel ring steps. She smirks while walking back over to Mercedes. She goes to pick her up as Mercedes catches her with a wicked right elbow. The shot catches Zuri off guard as she stumbles back. Mercedes kips back up to her feet before catching Zuri with a superman punch. Zuri falls to her knees as she holds her jaw.

Mercedes doesn’t let up as she hooks Zuri’s arms behind her before popping her hips and throwing Zuri over her head. The crowd is chanting “This is Awesome” as Mercedes hops up onto the ring apron. She throws her hand up before leaping off the apron and landing with an elbow directly placed into the spine of Zuri. She screams as Mercedes pops back up to her feet. She walks over to the side and pulls out a cat of nine tails whip. She cracks it one time before smirking evilly. Zuri is slowly getting back up to her feet as Mercedes cracks the whip against her back. The jagged nails cut through Zuri’s suit as Mercedes cracks it again. More jagged edges cut the flesh as blood is starting to trickle down her back. Zuri lets out a blood curdling scream before falling to her knees.

Mercedes throws the whip to the side as she pulls down a One Way road sign. She walks it over and slams it right down onto the freshly made cuts on Zuri’s back. Zuri screams again as Mercedes repeats the same action. She tosses the sign away and lifts Zuri back up. Right as she does so, Zuri flings a powdery substance into her face.

Adams: Is that even legal?

Holt: In this type of match yep. The referee’s hand is completely tied.

Simone: Mercedes had the momentum but now it seems Zuri took it back.

Adams: I just hope it’s not the wrong kind of powder.

Both Dustin and Belinda slap their foreheads while looking at Jason. He just shrugs his shoulders as Zuri picks up the whip. The crowd boos as Zuri throws it away and pulls down a bull whip. A shotgun sound can be heard as she cracks it. She then cracks it as the end of the whip catches Mercedes on the flesh of her arm. She continues to crack it as Mercedes screams out loud. Zuri then tosses it away while jumping onto the ring apron herself. She still winces in pain due to the cuts on her back but that doesn’t stop her. She hops over the ring ropes in order to hop back onto the ring apron.

Mercedes is just starting to get back up to her feet but still dealing with the powder as Zuri springs off the ropes. Going off instincts, Mercedes catches Zuri and rams her back first into that fence gate that Zuri had set up earlier. More blood is starting to pour out of Zuri’s back as Mercedes picks her up and tosses her into the ring.

Mercedes slides in as well and quickly goes for the cover.

2…..Zuri just barely gets her shoulder up as Mercedes sits up on her knees. She looks at Jasmine in complete shock.

Adams: Looks like Zuri still has some fight in her.

Mercedes looks down at Zuri, lifts her up a bit and locks in a lotus lock. She squeezes her legs tight while trying to cut the oxygen flow off. Zuri reaches for the ropes but those won’t do any good. Since ropebreaks don’t exist in this type of match. Zuri winces in pain as she slowly starts driving her elbow right onto Mercedes’ knee. She continues to do that as Mercedes lets go of the hold. Zuri rolls back up to her feet as Mercedes is gingerly getting back up to hers. Zuri runs toward Mercedes and slides while cutting her legs out from under her. The force causes Mercedes to hit face first on the canvas.

Zuri grabs a hold of Mercedes’ leg and flings her out of the ring. The force causes the back of Mercedes’ head to hit the ring apron before smacking off the steel grates. Zuri snarls while picking up the same street sign Mercedes introduced into the match and places it right on top of her face. Zuri smirks again while lifting up the ring apron and pulls out a steel chair. She lifts the chair high above her head before driving it across the sign. Mercedes yelps as blood begins to flow out of her nose.

Holt: My god that was heinous.

Adams: Both ladies are bleeding so it’s nearing the end right.

Holt: God I hope so

Zuri throws the chair down followed by a quick stomp to the sign. She flings the sign off as Mercedes is holding her nose. Zuri gives a cut throat symbol as she lifts Mercedes up and throws her into the ring. She gets back up onto the ring apron while motioning for Mercedes to get up. Mercedes is slowly getting to her feet as Zuri is bouncing up and down on the ring apron. The moment Mercedes is upright is when Zuri springs off the ropes, however Mercedes catches her flush with a savate kick from out of nowhere.

Adams: BE STILL MY HEART. I believe she got all of it.

Holt: That was a homerun swing. Now time to put Zuri away.

Simone: Weren’t you two tag partners at one time.

Holt: That’s a story for another time.

As Zuri is lying on the canvas, Mercedes pulls her over to the corner as she climbs up it. She points at Zuri before striking with a picture perfect moonsault. As Mercedes lands on Zuri, she hooks the far leg.


ding ding ding

Justin: Here is your winner….Mercedes Vargas

Mercedes sits up on her knees while running her hands through her hair. Jasmine grabs her by the hand as Mercedes stands up to her feet. The crowd is going crazy as Mercedes celebrates her victory.

Holt: What a wi…

Before Dustin could finish his sentence, “Worth It” strikes up as everyone turns their head toward the stage. Candy Overton and Isabella Kincaid steps out onto the stage as she is holding a microphone. The mood changes as Mercedes is trying to figure out why Candy is out here. Isabella is holding a clipboard as Candy picks it up in her hands.

Candy Overton: It would appear our Queen For The Day, has decided to make herself the center of attention.

Mercedes is telling her to get on with it as Zuri is just getting to her feet.

Candy Overton: These people should watching fresh faces in that ring and not you two has beens. Which brings me to this clipboard. On this clipboard is a list of names of those who I will eliminate and sadly your name is at the top Mercedes. As for you Zuri, you can get out of my ring.

Mercedes cocks an eyebrow as she points at herself.

Candy Overton: Consider yourself warned Mercedes because once I’m finished with rearranging Melanie’s face. I’m coming for you.

The chamber begins to rise as two hooded figures jump over the barricade and starts to stomp the hell out of Zuri and Mercedes. They get out of the ring as Candy has walked toward the middle of the ramp. The two figures drop their hoods back as Hazel and Ashley are laughing. “Worth It” strikes up again as Candy smirks.

Adams: What has gotten into Candy?

Simone: I don’t know but she better get her sweet attitude back.

The New Supremacy was still running strong but it appeared they were down in numbers. Jason Adams and Belinda Simone both noticed that too.

Adams: Where is Travis?

Simone: Rumors were flying around all week that he wasn't going to be here tonight.

Adams: Come on Belinda, you don't believe ever rumor.

Before Simone can respond the sound of a fake cough comes through the speakers.

Travis coughs while trying to get their attention.

Adams: Where is that coming from?

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Up here numbnuts.

The cameras inside the arena pan up to the video screen where Travis is broadcasting from undisclosed location.

Adams: Travis, where are you?

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: That's none of your damn business. Since I'm part of The New Supremacy, I do whatever I want whenever I want.

Simone: Travis, are you at least bit concerned that Goth might look to exact revenge on you? He has been on a tear all night.

Travis chuckles while keeping his sunshades on his face.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: That was almost funny Belinda. Almost being the key term. You see I knew Goth would try something like this. We all know how much of a sore loser he really is and how he can't handle getting the wool pulled over his eyes. I didn't become the must see superstar without being wise. I had this tripped planned for quite some time and since it's the holidays. I decided to take it now.

Travis pauses so he can directly in front of the small camera sitting in front of him.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: I bet you are wondering what my role within The New Supremacy is huh. If you tuned to last week's episode then you would have known my role. You see I am the future of this company. When Drake and Sean finally decide to hang them up, I will be the one who carries the torch. I will be the one who leads SCW. Not those three nomads who call themselves "real men." Samuel can't even speaking English. How can he lead anyone if he can't speak? Not to mention, Raab cares a lot about violence but can't handle it when violence bites him in the ass. Then you got Goth who is so gullible it's pathetic. Did you really think Mark wanted anything to do with you three shitheads? I mean think about it. Mark wanted guys who will go to war, who will grab SCW my the damn throat and choke life out of it. Frankly, you three just didn't fit the bill.

He chuckles while leaning back a bit in his chair while letting a few ladies walk past him. Before leaning forward once again.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Now if you boys want to fight. Then I'm not too hard to find.

He reaches up, removes his sunglasses and let's his piercing blue eyes fill the screen.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: That is if you want a fight. I know how hard it is to find a good sparring partner these days but trust me Goth. When I return to Climax Control next week, you'll get your "fight." It will just be in that very ring under the same rules we faced in the week prior to December 2 Dismember. That is the only way you will ever get me Goth. All of these childish games and backstage attacks won't get you anywhere in life. All it will get you is a long stay in Hell. You may not like it but you will

He pauses while moving closer.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: DEAL WITH IT.

Right after he says that, he places his sunglasses back over his eyes while getting up from his chair. His hand picks up the small camera and shuts it as the screen goes black.

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is our Main Event!!!

Man in the Box hits through the sound system as the arena goes black except for a bright white light that shines through the entire entrance way. On the Titan Tron we see the name Goth appear with the figure of the classic clip of Alice In Chains with the sown shut eyes emerges behind the name. The figure that we know is Goth emerges with Sapphira by his side, holding his stick in his hand for blind and visiual impared as he moves to the ring. He slowly walks up the steps with the stick in front of him, helping hi mto climb the steps. He climbs through the ropes and hands Sapphira his stick before kissing her mout hand watches her walk to the time keeper.

Justin: The first wrestler stands in at 6’4 and weighs in at 240 pounds!! Hailing from New York City, New York!!! Goth!!!!

v/o:: "Las Vegas, Can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?"

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

A hush falls over the stadium as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the stadium. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to filter throughout the arena as the letters finish forming the nickname Mental Rapist.

Through the crimson mist, two very beautiful women from Las Vegas carrying baskets making their way onto the entrance ramp. The arena erupts into whistles and catcalls as both are dressed in very scantily fitted outfits, low cut with lots of leg showing. They get to the edge of the stage before Sean Jackson steps into view. Jackson is motionless, completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look.

His face remains stoic as Vanessa and Marshall Owens step into view, taking up positions behind them. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way down the ramp. As the entourage moves toward the ring, the two women reach into their baskets and begin dropping $100 bills for Sean Jackson to walk on.

Justin: Accompanied to the ring by Marshall Owens and Vanessa! From Dallas, Texas, weighing 220 pounds, he is the Mental Rapist -- Sean Jackson!

The fans closest to the guard rails attempt to reach for the fallen bills, but are unable to so as Sean Jackson and company continue the slow trek towards the ring. Sean has on a black shirt while wearing black trunks with red MRSJ lettering with gold trim, with the Internet Championship belt fastened securely around his waist. Of course, Marshall is in his normal suit and tie.

As both women stop on either side of the ring steps, they continue to drop $100 bills on the steps and toss them in the ring in order for the Dallas, Texas native to continue walking on. Once in the ring, the spotlight continues to bathe Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Marshall and Vanessa, he then begins to pose with the championship belt before hopping down off the turnbuckle. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the stadium.

Simone: The Monstimals vs. The New Supremacy!! This will be going to be physical!!

Adams: We witnessed it a few moments ago when the confrontation between these two ended up in a fight… HERE WE GO!!!!

Goth charges in on Sean Jackson, clearly unable to maintain his patience as he starts to pound away at the face of Sean Jackson. Pushing him in the corner as he continues to beat Jackson in the face until Sean Jackson manages to get his upper body through the top and middle rope, forcing Drew Patton to squeeze between the two wrestlers and pushes Goth away from Sean Jackson. Goth momentarily gets distracted by this, giving Sean Jackson the chance to get momentum from this as he pokes Goth in the eye.

Simone: Oh no, this is really uncalled for!!!

Adams: You can’t take your eyes off this man!!!

Jackson grabs Goth by the hair and runs to the ropes as he jumps over the top rope and drops to the outside as he drops Goth throat first on the top rope. Causing him to drop backwards on the canvas by the impact of the move of Sean Jackson who turns around and looks in the face of Sapphira. He grins as he starts to call her a whore before Sapphira slaps the taste out of his mouth.

Simone: OH MY!!!

Adams: That’s what you get by insulting a married woman!!!

Sean Jackson grins as he feels his jaw after the blow he received before rolling in the ring and grabs Goth by the hair and locks his face sideways between his hands, trying to hyper extend his neck while screaming at the former Roulette champion that he is delirious and a fool. Drew Patton looks on, to see whether Goth wants to give in to the punishment that his neck and head is experiencing from Sean Jackson. Goth puts his hands to the hands of Jackson, trying to loosen the grip, but that causes Jackson to let go off him and drive series of elbows in the neck of Goth before wrapping him in the same hold with his hands. Jackson looks at Sapphira and screams at her.

Jackson: Is this what you want???

Sapphira tries to ignore Jackson and starts to cheer Goth on, trying to get him back in the match as Goth slowly gets to his feet and elbows Sean Jackson in the midsection before running to the ropes as the elbows caused Jackson to let go. Goth comes off he ropes and ducks a clothesline from Jackson, after coming off the ropes again he is met by a picture perfect dropkick from the Internet champion

Simone: So far Jackson has got the number of Goth!!!

Jackson slowly gets to his feet and lifts Goth to his feet before whipping him to the outside, there Jackson slides out of the ring and starts to kick Goth in the ribs, Drew Patton starts to warn Jackson as he starts to use the ten count on them. Jackson slides in the ring at the count of seven as he starts to discuss things with Drew Patton as Marshall starts to kick Goth behind the back of Drew Patton.

Adams: HEY PATTON!!! Look around!!!

Marshall walks to his corner as Jackson slides out of the ring and grabs Goth by the arms and kicks him in the ribs before pulling him up to his feet and going for an Irish Whip into the steel ring steps. But Goth manages to reverse it and whips Jackson into the steps, causing him to hit the steps with his shoulders first. Goth tries to catch his breath as he holds his ribs, he then walks over towards Jackson and grabs him by the head and bashes the back of Jackson’s head into the steps several times before sliding in and out of the ring to break the ten count of Drew Patton. Goth then grabs Jackson and rolls him back in the ring. He then rolls back in the ring and grabs the legs of Sean Jackson who was trying to crawl to the other side of the ring. Goth turns him over to his back and spreads the legs before dropping a head butt to the lower region of Sean Jackson.

Simone: Ouch!! That got to hurt!!!

Adams: That must have been under the belt!!!

Goth grabs the head of Sean Jackson and lifts him up to his feet and sets him up for a Snap Suplex and drops Jackson hard as he goes for the three count

Patton: One!! Two!! Thr…

Jackson gets his shoulder up in time as Goth grabs him by the head and lifts him up before whipping him in the ropes, there he waits for him to level him with a clothesline. But Sean manages to grab the ropes and slides out of the ring, there he taunts Goth to come to the outside of the ring as the former champion slides out of the ring and chases Jackson who decided to run around the ring. There we see Jackson slide in the ring and then drops an elbow in the back of Goth as he followed the champion back in the ring. There Jackson drives series of knees in the side of Goth and into his ribs as Goth screams out in agony before Jackson whips him back to the outside as Goth hits the barricades hard. Jackson slides out of the ring and looks at the screaming fans who are booing him, he grins as spreads his arms and taunts the fans who are booing him. He finally turns his attention back to Goth, who grabs him by the tights and pulls him face first into the barricades. Causing him to hit it with his chest and his throat as Jackson rolls around in pain as he takes hold of his throat area.

Simone: Some counter from Goth!!!

Adams: I think it is a move of desperation on Goth’s part Brnda!!

Goth slowly gets to his feet and slides in and out of the ring as he breaks the ten count of Drew Patton. He lifts up Sean Jackson, before dropping him chest first across the barricades, causing him to roll around in pain even more. Goth grabs Jackson and whips him in the ring and climbs the apron as he enters the ring and goes for the cover.

Patton: One!! Two!!!

Jackson gets his shoulder up as Goth gets up to his feet and locks Jackson in a Camel Clutch submission hold. Patton checks on Jackson, to see whether he wants to submit or not. Jackson has a painful look upon his face as suddenly Samantha gets on the ring apron and screams at the referee as she has untied her shoe.

Simone: What the???

Patton turns around as she distracts the referee, discussing that she is trying to put her shoe back on her feet as behind Patton’s back it is Jackson that is tapping out to the submission hold out of sight from the referee. Goth gets up and is annoyed that Patton didn’t see what happened that he gets in the face of Patton before pointing towards Jackson, who has rolled out of the ring at the same time. Samantha has gotten off the apron as Goth follows Jackson to the outside. There we see Jackson stumble around the corner as Goth follows him and is about to strike him before Jackson pushes Samantha between them.

Adams: Oh man!! That is low!! Even for Jackson!!

Simone: It very well is, he knows that Goth will never hit a woman!!!

Jackson pushes Samantha in the arms of Goth as Goth pushes her aside, only to be levelled by a Sean Jackson kick in the midsection and follows it up with a DDT on the concrete floor. Jackson slowly gets to his feet and rolls in the ring as Patton starts to use the ten count on Goth.

Patton: One!! Two!!! Three!!!

Simone: Don’t let it end this way!!!

Adams: Get up Goth!!!

Goth starts to stir as Patton has reached the count of five

Patton: Five!!! Six!!! Seven!!!

Goth has gotten his hand on the ring apron, pulling himself up as Patton has reached the count of nine. Just in time before the ten count it is Goth that has gotten back in the ring, this only to enrage Sean Jackson who charges in on the hurt Goth and locks him in a standing Suplex position and lifts him up high before crashing down hard. He goes for the cover as Patton starts to use the three count on Goth.

Patton: One!! Two!! Thr….

Goth manages to get his shoulder up in time as Jackson looks up at Patton and starts to question him, in the process he puts his leg across the throat of Goth as he has his face turned to Patton. Causing Patton not to see what is going on as Goth is trying to get the leg off of his throat before Jackson gets up. Jackson slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and slides back in the ring, aiming to blast the chair across the helpless body of Goth as Patton suddenly grabs the chair and warns Jackson that he will disqualify him if he sees him use it. He then turns around and calls for another official to get the chair out of the ring. Giving Jackson enough time to ask Marshall to hand him another chair and gets one. He places a chair in the middle of the ring and sets Goth up for a DDT on the chair behind the back of the referee who is assisting the official to get the original chair to be placed into safety.

Simone: This doesn’t look good for Goth!!

Jackson sets Goth up for the DDT as he points towards Sapphira as he screams towards her that this is one for her as Goth suddenly low blows Jackson. Causing that to free him as he grabs Jackson by the head and delivers series of head butts before lifting him up.

Adams: Blindside!!!

Simone: On the chair!!!

Goth drops Jackson head first hard on the chair before sliding the chair out of the ring, he holds on to his ribs as he slowly covers Jackson as Patton turns around and goes for the cover.

Patton: One!!! Two!!! Thre….

NO!! Goth is in shock as Jackson managed to get his shoulder up in the nick of time, clearly reacting on instinct instead of knowing what is going on. His eyes are glazed as Goth looks amazed at Drew Patton and we can see him ask to the referee whether it wasn’t a count of three as Patton shakes his head and shows him the count of two.

Simone: Oh man!! That was tough for Goth!!!

Goth shakes his head in disbelief and turns his attention towards Jackson as he picks him up and goes for his patented Goth Drop. But Jackson somehow manages to get his senses together and pushes Goth towards a corner, but in the process he pushes Goth into Drew Patterson and that causes the referee to drop down. Goth pushes Sean Jackson off of him and turns around as he sees that Drew Patton is down. He tries to help him back to his feet, giving Jackson the chance to deliver a low blow to Goth as the referee is unable to spot the blatant move that Jackson put on Goth.

Adams: Uh oh….,

Simone: Damnit!!! This can’t be happening!!!

Jackson hooks the legs and covers Goth as Drew shakes off the cobwebs and goes for the three count.

Patton: One!!!

Simone: NO!!!

Patton: Two!!!

Adams: Get up!!!

Patton: Thr….

Goth pushes his shoulder off the canvas at the final moment, this time it is Goth that reacted on instincts as Jackson is in utter shock. He then senses that it is time for him to end it all and walks towards the corner and measures Goth, who is slowly trying to struggle to get to his hands and knees.

Simone: Oh no, not the kick

Sean measures Goth for his finisher Game Called Due to Darkness, just when Goth has his back turned to him on his hands and knees it is Jackson that is about to hit him with it. But when he is about to perform the move, he has his ankle grabbed from the outside.

Simone: Sapphira!!!

Adams: She couldn’t have her husband get finished off with that move!!! Not after all the sneaky things that Jackson did!!

Sean Jackson is enraged, he slides out of the ring and charges after Sapphira who runs to the locker room area but halfway the ramp she trips. Jackson stands over her and grabs her by the hair as he is about to do something terrible to her.

Simone: You got to be kidding me!! Don’t be that low Sean!!!

Sapphira is screaming as Sean Jackson is smiling, wanting to hurt her until suddenly it is Goth that has slid out of the ring and charged in on Jackson. Grabbing him by the arm and kicking him in the midsection. This causes Jackson to let go off Sapphira as Goth executes a Snap Suplex on the entrance way as both men are exhausted from all the pain that they have been through. Goth slowly gets to his feet as we suddenly hear the bell ring.

Simone: What the???

Adams: Both men forgot the ten count and both of them have been counted out!!!

Goth looks at the referee who calls for the bell.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has called for the bell after counting both Goth and Sean Jackson out!! Therefore this match has ended in a count out draw!!!

Goth can be seen cursing as he looks at Jackson and grins as he grabs him by the head and sets him up for another Chaos ADDT as suddenly from out of nowhere it is Drake Green that bashes the world title into the face of Goth as he stands over him and holding the title over his head as the show comes to an end

THANK YOU to Chris, Mark, Annie, The Lord MK, Jenny, Dustin, Sam, Marge, Erik, Gerrit, Casey, Mel, Crystal, CJ, Mike, and special thanks to Mercedes for booking such an awesome card. Also thanks again to Annie for the great match banners and to everyone for being a part of SCW.