Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Glyfada Indoor Hall in Athens, Greece. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites. The energy is at an obvious fever pitch when Justin Decent, standing inside of the ring alongside famed Greek singer, Anna Vissi.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Christian Underwood, Mark Ward, Erik Staggs and everyone in Sin City Wrestling, we would like to welcome you to the famed Glyfada Indoor Hall in Athens, Greece for this very special Easter edition of Climax Control!

The fans in attendance cheer!

Justin: Now to sing the Greek National Anthem, please help me welcome ... Anna Vissi!

The fans are on their feet, cheering the famed Greek recording artist! Justin passes the house microphone to his and as the music begins to play, Anna opens the show...

Anna: Se gnoriso apo tin kopsi,
Tou spathiou tin tromeri,
Se gnoriso apo tin opsi,
Pou me via metra tin yi.
Ap' ta kokala vialmeni,
Ton Ellinon ta iera,
Ke san prota andriomeni,
Haire, o haire, Eleftheria!
Ke san prota andriomeni,
Haire, o haire, Eleftheria!
Ke san prota andriomeni,
Haire, o haire, Eleftheria!
Ke san prota andriomeni,
Haire, o haire, Eleftheria!

The song ends and the crowd cheers! Anna smiles and takes a bow before she passes the house mic back to the hands of Justin Decent and is assisted from the ring as the show is set to begin!

Simone: Hello and happy easter. Welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone...

Adams: And I can dress as a bunny today and not look stupid, cause it's Easter, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: Seven matches have been made for your entertainment tonight here in Athens, and we start with one of the most strangest we have.

Adams: Correct as Twisted Sister will be in action tonight and she will be up against Azz N Class member Torielle Jackson. Jackson has been out of the ring for a while, I'm not sure she knows what she's getting herself in to tonight.

Simone: Highly rated Kris Halc is in action tonight too.

Adams: He is, but his opponent is the debutting Mikey Impact. It's always tough to face new people because you don't know what to expect, but Halc is one hell of a talent. If he can cope with the unknown, his stock in SCW will rise.

Simone: ROAR have made it clear they want a piece of Dying Breed, but tonight they need to be focused on their opponents tonight.

Adams: Correct Bindy! Tonight, they face Roulette Champion, Alex Kaelin and the man who will face Gabriel for the World Heavyweight title, Andrew Watts. Teams do not come more daunting than The Renegades. ROAR will have be be a million percent focused

Simone: The long awaited debut of Kimberly Evans will take place tonight.

Adams: It will, but she will not be having an easy start because she is gonna be in the ring with the returning Traci Patterson! Traci can not wait to get back to action and reboot her SCW career, but Kimberly Evans shocked the world by winning the ASW Women's title. This could be a good one!

Simone: Jessie Salco may have her eyes set on Roxi Johnson's title, but tonight, she has a whole new challenge.

Adams: Crystal Hilton has come here with a big reputation and if the rumors are to be believed, a certain boss has said that she could lead the Bombshell division in the near future. If she gets past the highly decorated Salco tonight, she could be making the step up sooner rather than later

Simone: Keira Fisher has been going through Mean Girls for fun, tonight, she has another one to deal with.

Adams: Some believe Mercedes Vargas is the heartbeat of the Mean Girls, due to the impressive records she's set in SCW, including amazing title runs, Keira takes vast amounts of pleasure in taking apart Mean Girls. For Keira to defeat Mercedes, it will be a big feather in her cap. Problem is, not many people defeat Mercedes...

Simone: Main event tonight is gonna be special. Bombshell title on the line, Amy Marshall takes on The Fallen's Raynin.

Adams: Amy came out last week to prove she is a fighting champion, she came out and said she'll take on anyone. Raynin put up her hand and tonight, we bring that to you live in the beautiful city of Athens, and this show, with this main event, will not disappoint. So less talk, more action!

A close up shot of an African American Bratz doll is seen in front of the camera. The very same doll that was last seen in the promo by Twisted Sister. Its generic toy clothing has been altered slightly to now resemble the same style outfit that is worn typically by Twisted Sister's opposition this evening, miss Torielle Jackson. A soft murmur of someone singing is heard...

Twisted Sister: Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc
as she came riding through the dark;
no moon to keep her armour bright,
no man to get her through this very smoky night.

The hands of Twisted Sister are now seen in the shot with a long piece of string, twisting about the doll and binding it to a doll stand as the singing continues...

Twisted Sister: She said, "I'm tired of the war,
I want the kind of work I had before,
a wedding dress or something white
to wear upon my swollen appetite."

As the maniac continues to 'play' as the camera pulls back, seeing in the background, Doctor Kraven Moorehead watching on and 'Stoner' Scott Oliver approaching him from the side with a perplexed frown on his face.

Doctor Kraven Moorehead: Can I help you?

Stoner: Well I was sent to get a word with you about ... 'her' ... match coming up but...

Stoner takes a drag and exhales a plume of rancid smoke, prompting the good doctor to fan it briskly away from his person. All the while Twisted Sister reaches back behind her into a travel sack, her eyes never leaving the "Torielle Jackson" doll that is tied to the doll stand.

Stoner: What is she doing?

Twisted Sister pulls a blow torch from the bag and aims it directly at the doll, and in mere seconds, the doll is being consumed by flames as Twisted Sister screams in delight!

Doctor Kraven Moorehead: Playing 'Joan of Arc', what else?

"Stoner" Scott Oliver simply turns around and walks away, rather quickly.

Simone: Last week in a shocking turn of events Twisted Sister brutally attacked Delia Darling.

Adams: Wait, it's shocking that that maniac attacked someone brutally?

Simone: No, it's shocking because no one's been able to attack Delia like that, anyway Twisted Sister's manager managed to weasel his way out of a suspension for Twisted Sister and tonight she is taking on Torielle Jackson of Azz N' Class, let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following Bombshell Match is scheduled for one fall!

"Red Lipstick" begins playing as the lights lower on the stage. White lights strobe as Torielle shoves her way through the curtains. She takes a few steps out to the cheering fans, throwing a fist in the air. She looks back to see no one following her so she stomps over to the curtains and shouts pointing. Just then Chanelle Martinez comes out facing backward letting her "A

" enter first.

Justin: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Chantelle Martinez, from Queens, New York she is one half of Azz N' Class Torielle Jackson!

The cheers get louder as the two argue back and forth. Chanelle puts a hand in Torielle's face much to her displeasure and they walk down to the ring. They crawl onto the apron and look at each other, kissing their cheeks before bending to get in the ring. They pause for a second shaking their moneymakers to the music before getting inside of the ring crossing turnbuckles to blow kisses to the fans.

Simone: This is a single's match but Chantelle must be out here to make sure Twisted Sister doesn't attack Torielle with a weapon.

Adams: Easier said than done!

Chantelle talks strategy with Torielle before leaving the ring as the rock band Twisted Sister's anthem of "Burn in Hell" blares across the building and the crowd boos as Twisted Sister is escorted through the stage curtains by professional security, her arms bound around her in a secured straight jacket.

Justin: And her opponent, from Los Angeles, California she is Twisted Sister!

Simone: Despite the fact that Twisted Sister is one of the most insane Bombshells we've had in SCW...

Adams: And that's saying something!

Simone: She hasn't had much luck in the ring against any of her opponents, let's see if things change tonight.

She screams wildly, thrashing and kicking her legs as the guards have to practically have to carry her to the ring. At ringside, they carefully unfasten her straight jacket and she quickly climbs into the ring and dashes around, screaming like a lunatic.

Adams: I have to wonder just where Mark found this woman.

Simone: Well you can ask him next week since he's taking over next week's Climax Control.

Drew Patton tried to control the insane woman so that he can explain the rules to her but it's clear that Twisted Sister could care less about the rules and instead bulrushes Torielle spearing her to the ground before wailing on her with rights and lefts as Drew calls for the bell.

Simone: That's one way to start the match.

Adams: I'd hate to imagine what she could do in the Bombshell Roulette Division!

Simone: Don't give her ideas!

The element of surprise has worn off on Torielle and this allows her to start fighting back against Twisted Sister as the two Bombshells roll around on the matt trading punches and trying to get the upper hand, it soon becomes clear that Twisted Sister is the most inexperienced of the two wrestlers however and Torielle is eventually able to counter one of her punch attempts with an armbar.

Simone: And that's one way to stop a brawl.

Adams: I was kind of expecting Drew to get run over by the brawling Bombshells.

Simone: If that did happen I'd be conflicted about whether he was lucky or not.

Twisted Sister frantically scrambles across the ring trying to find some way to get out of Torielle's submission hold and the taller Bombshell has to struggle to keep her submission hold locked in tight for that reason, eventually Twisted Sister is somehow able to get to the nearest set of ropes and wraps her legs tightly around them forcing Torielle to break the hold.

Simone: Not sure if that was ring awareness or dumb luck.

Adams: If you want to ask her be my guest.

Simone: I'll pass thank you.

Torielle argues with the ref not believing that Twisted Sister could have made it to the ropes in time but Drew's having none of it and orders her to continue the match, unfortunately this has the side effect of giving Twisted Sister enough time to recover and she bulrushes Torielle again this time shoving her into the corner and delivering punch after punch to Torielle's midsection.

Simone: Nothing pretty about Twisted Sister's offence so far.

Adams: Nothing pretty about her period.

Simone: Do you want to tell her that?

Adams: Do I look suicidal?

Drew has to intervene after a few minutes in order to give Torielle a chance to recover and maybe, just maybe explain the rules to Twisted Sister as Torielle slumps down in the corner, this goes about as well as you'd expect as Twisted Sister shoves her way past Drew and tries to keep up the offensive on Torielle but once Twisted Sister is close enough Torielle grabs her by her pants and throws her face-first into the middle turnbuckle.

Simone: And now Torielle's back in control.

Adams: I guess Torielle wants to beat her at her own game.

Torielle gets out the turnbuckle whilst Twisted Sister recovers but Torielle isn't interested in letting her recover and hits her with a German Suplex whilst bridging for a pin 1....2....and Twisted Sister kicks out just in time, Torielle doesn't let up and gets back to her feet dragging Twisted Sister up with her and tries for another German Suplex but Twisted Sister surprises her (and everyone else) by countering the German Suplex attempt with a roll-up midmove 1....2....and Torielle kicks out.

Simone: Wow, she actually knows a wrestling move?

Adams: Who'd have thought it?

Twisted Sister gets to her feet and Torielle follows her up, Twisted Sister resorts to her old bull rushing tactics but this time Torielle is ready for her as she moves out of the way of Twisted Sister and when she turns around Torielle nails her with a massive lariat.

Simone: Maybe that lariat knocked some sense into Twisted Sister?

Adams: Let's be realistic, Torielle's a good wrestler but she's not a miracle worker!

Torielle goes for a cover 1....2....and Twisted Sister somehow kicks out, Torielle shakes her head before signalling for the end.

Simone: Looks like Torielle's ready to finish this match!

Adams: Since when has signalling for the end of a match worked well for anyone?

Torielle sets Twisted Sister up for a Suplex but Twisted Sister slips out the back and spins Torielle around before hitting her with an Omega Driver.

Simone: Holy.....

Adams: I think that's called the Twisted Blister!

Twisted Sister goes for a cover 1....2....3!!!!

Justin: Here's your winner, Twisted Sister!

Simone: Twisted Sister has won her first match in SCW!

Adams: The rest of the Bombshell roster is on notice.

Chanelle enters the ring to check on Torielle but Twisted Sister's clearly not done as she grabs a barbed wire baseball bat from under the ring before setting it on fire.

Simone: Someone get that thing away from her!

Adams: Or alternatively get Azz N Class out of there!

Fortunately Twisted Sister's insane cackling alerts Chantelle and she is able to get Torielle out of the ring whilst warning Drew who, understandably, high tails it out of there, fortunately for everyone else the guards who accompanied Twisted Sister is able to restrain her and put out the fire before dragging her backstage..

Simone: Thank god.

Adams: I'd rather have a smoking hot Bombshell than a Bombshell who's on fire.

The camera's cut to the backstage area, where we see Amy Marshall standing by a big SCW tour poster, the bombshell title sitting on her shoulder, as it catches the light a few times, as she stares down the camera, as Miss Rocky Mountains stands beside her.

Ms Rocky Mountains: "Ladies and Gentlemen... I have at this time... the second ever Triple Crown winner and current Bombshell champion... Amy Marshall."

Amy smiles and nods...

Ms Rocky Mountains: "Tonight you are main eventing against one half of The Fallen tag team... Raynin. How have you prepared yourself for this match?"

Rocky asked.

Amy:"Lots of time inside a local gym, running the streets of Athens and just ignoring all possible conflicts???. Though that's pretty easy since Raynin doesn't have twitter."

Amy shrugged.

Ms Rocky Mountains: "The Fallen are renowned to pick up wins and titles???. how will you prevent Raynin from doing so?"

Rocky continued, as she put a downer on things.

Amy:"Just have to match her strength for strength and failing that??? always DQ'ing myself, which is a pretty low thing to do, but I'm just not ready to give up this title quite yet. However, if she does win??? I have a rematch clause and I will enforce it."

Amy said.

Ms Rocky Mountains: "So with the possibility of an upset, do you have any final thoughts going into this match?"

Rocky asked.

Amy:"I do."

Amy adjusts the bombshell title on her shoulder.

Amy:"Raynin... I knew what I was getting myself into when I issued that open challenge, I knew that anyone could challenge me and I wasn't actually surprised that you jumped at the opportunity. And while you can threaten me all you like... you don't actually scare me... I am ready to take you on and ready to defend my title successfully regardless of your reputation to walk in and take titles just like that.

And as I said a few days ago... you are going to have prize this piece of gold from cold dead hands.

But IF you do win... I'll be right back in your face and I will enforce my rematch clause and take back what I rightfully is mine and own."

Amy turns and leaves and heads back to her locker room to make the final preparations, as the camera's fades out on the SCW world tour poster.

Backstage we find the Mean Girls, Angelica, Veronica Taylor, Mercedes Vargas, and Amanda Cortez, all standing outside of their private locker room, looking to one another as if having a silent conversation for a moment. They don't seem ready to hear the flack they will surely be getting for not only being one member short, but looking weakened after last week. Angelica gently nibbles on her index finger as her green eyes sparkle, betraying her wickedness. Veronica flips her hair as Amanda looks down at her wrist as if she were wearing an invisible watch. Mercedes just looks at her sisters and shakes her head in dismay.

Mercedes: I guess I'll be the one to mention the elephant in the room. And no, I'm not talking about Keira Fisher's gigantic ass either. I'm talking about the fact that Dee...

Angelica: Ugh, don't even say it. I know what you're thinking, but don't.

Amanda: Yeah, Delia is just taking some time for herself to think. It's not like she's...

Veronica: ... been maimed by a psychopath? Yeah hunty, she has, and I don't blame her for acting out like this. If my perfect face were ruined that way, you better believe I would be on the phone with my lawyers to sue Twisted Sister for all two pennies that she has to her name, and I would own Sin City Wrestling. She's so much nicer than me...

Veronica flips her hair and scoffs as she looks around at her surroundings, namely the person who is approaching the group. Angelica holds her nose and whines a bit.

Angelica: Guh-ross... It smells like a dead skunk fart in here. Sorry bout it.

Just then, "Stoner" Scott Oliver comes around the corner with a microphone in his hand, and a hopeful smile. The Mean Girls all look at him with distaste, rolling their eyes as they all pinch their noses in unison, except for Amanda, who seems opens her mouth to ask Scott for a favor of her own. However, Veronica places a hand in front of Amanda's mouth, and she looks over at Veronica with daggers. Mercedes steps forward with her nose still pinched, talking in a nasally tone.

Mercedes: May we help you Tommy Chong?

Scott: No freakin' way! THE Chong is here? He's like... my idol. Can you wait here while I get an autograph?

Mercedes: No, I was... Oh forget it.

Scott: Forget what? Hey, when did you guys get here? Did you hear Cheech was here?

Amanda: Whatever this idiot is on, I want some hehe.

Veronica: Trust me, hunty, no you do not. I think somebody snuck into the Easter Grass before the show.

Scott: Sha I did. Before, and... wait, I was supposed to ask you some super important shit, but I don't even remember what it was.

Scott's smile fades as he scratches his head in utter befuddlement. Narrowing one eye, he looks up at the ceiling as if expecting the question to fall from out of the sky, but it doesn't.

Angelica: Don't beat around the bush, Scotty. Just come out and ask it. "Where is Delia Darling?" Well, obviously she's not here, and no it is not because she's weakened, or embarrassed.

Scott: That wasn't it, but we'll go with that. It sounds like a super important question.

Mercedes: Delia Darling is not going to be broken so easily. She just...

Mercedes' eyes light up as she stares over Scott's shoulder. The rest of the Mean Girls do the same as they seem to notice something. Scott waits for a second for Mercedes to continue, but when she doesn't, he gasps and flicks at his ears.

Scott: Oh my god, I think I just went deaf! That is freaking... awesome!

"You have not gone deaf, you silly stoner fuck...

Scott turns around to see what the other Mean Girls are staring at, and he looks almost like he's seen a ghost. His face goes completely pale as he studders on his words. He is not given the chance to get over it as Delia Darling approaches sideways, hiding her face from the camera's view. She takes the microphone from Scott's hand as she tilts her head back slightly, refusing to bow it in shame, though the fans still don't get to see.

Delia: Don't look so surprised to see me, darlings... As Mercy said moments ago, I will not be broken so easily. Besides, I couldn't let z'e Jealous Janis group feel as z'ough z'ey have seen my demise. But, I bet each and everyone here, fans and talent alike, are just dying to see my face, no?

Scott: It doesn't even look human... You're seriously tripping my shit up, Deelz...

Delia: You are a moron Scott, and your presence is no longer needed, nor wanted...

Scott looks at her, as if he hadn't heard a word she'd said. Delia raises a hand up toward him in a violent threat. Scott takes a few steps back in a cowering motion. Delia leans in toward him and growls almost animalistically.

Delia: LEAVE! NOW! Don't force me to send you to z'e infirmary just as I did wi's Holly Wood and Azz n Class, because my pocket book is bottomless, and SCW isn't stupid enough to try my patience.

Scott: Okay, but I need my microffff...

Delia grabs onto Scott's shirt collar and his belt loop on the back of his pants as she gives hima wedgie, flinging him out of the camera's shot. She dusts her hands off and then holds them out toward Veronica, who reaches into her purse to pull out hand sanitizer. She squirts some into Delia's palm, and Delia rubs it in before bringing the microphone back to her lips.

Delia: As I was saying... would it please you sick individuals to see my face? Would it give you a s'rill to see Twisted Sister's handiwork?

Crowd: *POP!*

Delia: Would it make your day to see z'e permament damage she inflicted upon me?

Crowd: *LOUDER POP!*

Delia tilts her head back and chuckles as she mutters "Well..." under her breath as she turns around. Sitting upon her face is a half mask of black, fitted perfectly against her skin. It sparkles with sequins as the blonde former World Bombshell Champion looks deep into the camera with venom on the tip of her tongue.

Delia: Well z'at is just too FUCKING bad! I wouldn't give you cretins z'e satisfaction of looking at my face wes'er I had a scar or not. After z'e way everyone reacted to my deformity, you don't deserve to see my face, period! What happened last week... will never happen again. And, if any of you have any bright ideas about trying z'is again... you may want to watch later tonight, because I am confident you will change your minds. We are z'e Mean Girls, and nobody messes wi's us and gets away wi's it. Mercedes declared open season on you ladies two weeks ago, but right now? I am z'e buckshot coming from z'e smoking barrel, and all of you nasty bitches are in my way. Take cover, ladies...

And with that, Delia drops the microphone. She steps back with her sisters and they each raise their hands to the lips, blowing a kiss to the camera before giggling with wicked intent as they walk out of the shot.

Justin: This next match is scheduled for one fall.

The lights dim and fog rolls out in a thick cloud over the entrance area of the stage as the music starts and the fans all on their feet and there is actually a "Ace of Clubs" chant that competing with the boos of some of the people that have known the man longer. The fans are treated with a spotlight that kicks on just under the stage as the lift activates. Kris leans his left side and puts his elbow onto his knee, then through the smoke, his outline is slowly raised until it becomes a black figure standing at the top of the ramp.

Justin: First making his way to the ring. He resides in Los Angeles, CA and weights in tonight at 217lbs. He is the Ace of Clubsssssss Kris Halccccccccc!!!!!!!!!

As the lift becomes level with the stage, massive blue and purple pyro shoots from the ceiling down to the stage hitting on both sides of the smoke cloud on the stage. The lights are immediately flipped on, and it is as if the cloud never existed. Kris steps forward and is clearly seen in his wrestling attire. His bright purple gloves are the first thing the fans notice. He is wearing black shorts and a black, form-fitting, long-sleeved shirt that reads "K-Halc?" across the front. He reaches ringside and before sliding in the ring, making his way across to his corner where he waits for his opponent.

Justin: And his opponent, from Staten Island, New York.

Between Angels & Insects - Papa Roach hits the PA system as green and white pyros go off on the stage. Mikey Impact comes out pausing for a second looking around the arena with a grin on his face before making his way down the ramp. Mikey then begins his walk down to the ring slapping the hands of his fans then sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. He heads to the turnbuckle, jumping up on the middle buckle while raises his arms to the crowd.

Justin: He weights in tonight at 191lbs, He is The One???. The Only???.. Mikey Impactttttt!!!!!!!!!

Jacob goes to Kris and pats him down.

Adams: What's Jacob doing?

Simone: Looks like he is patting them down to make sure they don't have any weapons. Not something we see here often in SCW.

Jacob then goes to pat down Mikey. Jacob finds nothing on both men and heads to the middle of the ring were he then signals for the bell.


Kris and Mikey circle each other, waiting for the right moment to strike. Both men lock up in the center of the ring and struggle for position. Kris lands a quick knee to the mid-section and goes behind Mikey, locking his arms around Mikey's waist. Mikey reverses the hold and goes behind Kris but Kris quickly reverses it back again. Mikey charges towards the ropes ducking to allow Mikey to fly over him through the middle rope and crash to the outside. Kris slowly gets to his feet and Kris holds his head in pain. Suddenly Mikey charges off the ropes and flies out of the ring with a suicide dive, landing on Kris. The fans boo as Mikey stands and possess in front of them. Mikey grabs Kris by the hair and rolls him in the ring and follows. Mikey pushes Kris on his back and covers...

Adams: Its over!!!



Simone: No its not, don't get ahead of yourself.

Referee Jacob Summers stops the count as he notices Kris's foot on the bottom rope. Mikey picks Kris up and Irish whips him into the corner with great impact. Kris falls to the mat in agony but Mikey is quick with his next attack. Mikey pushes Kris into the corner and starts unleashing vicious chops to the chest. Mikey goes for one final chop but Kris ducks and pushes Mikey into the corner. Kris delivers a series of chops of his own along with some kicks and hard shots to the head. Kris stops for an instant and taunts cockishly to the crowd. Mikey will have none of it and reverses the position once again, this time climbing up to the second rope and beginning the ten punch count, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..Kris grabs Mikey by the legs and drops him on his right knee with the modified Spine Buster. Kris jumps on Mikey and hooks the leg...

Adams: Its Over!!!!



Simone: Jason it takes more than that to finish Mikey.

Referee Jacob Summers counts only two as Mikey kicks out to the dismay of Kris. Kris gets up and immediately goes for Mikey's left arm by landing some stomps. Kris drops down and locks in a fujiwara armbar.

Simone: There's something you don't see every day by Kris.

Adams: I bet it hurts a lot to!

Mikey frantically scrambles to get out of the hold but Kris has already locked it in. Jacob Summers is flat on his stomach checking if Mikey is willing to continue and Kris grabs the second rope for more leverage. Mikey screams in pain as Jacobs asks him does he want to quit. Mikey shakes him off and Jacob checks up at Kris who has released his grip on the rope. Kris stretches the arm back even further as Jacob turns his attention back to Mikey. Kris slowly eases his arm back and grabs the rope once again. Mikey rives in agony again but this time Jacob sees Kris's arm and starts the five count. Jacob gets to four before Kris lets go and argues with Jacob. While Kris is distracted Mikey somehow rolls through and wraps Kris up with a small package...

Adams: Its Over!!!



Simone: Well you stop that already. It's not over

Jacob stops at two as Kris barely breaks the count as the entire crowd thought Mikey had the three. Both men stand simultaneously and begin trading blows back and forth.

Adams: Back to square one.

Simone: I believe so Jason. Let's see how this plays out.

Mikey jumps looking for the enziguri but misses as Kris ducks. Kris takes advantage and hoists Mikey up for a modified judo hip toss. Kris gets on top of Mikey and lands a few elbows to the head. Mikey manages to push Kris off of him. Mikey scrambles to the outside for a breather as Jacob starts to count the ten count. Kris quickly slides out of the ring and follows behind. Mikey sees Kris coming and both start to run around the ring. Mikey turns the final corner and rolls into the ring. Kris also gets in the ring but is met with a drop kick from Mikey. Mikey goes down for the pin on Kris

Adams: Its Over!!



Simone: Really Jason if you keep this up I'll have you replaced by Scott Oliver or Pussy Willow.

Jacob stops at two as Kris kicks out. Mikey raises an almost depleted Kris and signals for the end. Mikey goes for a sleeper hold but Kris breaks free, Kris turns around and kicks Mikey in the stomach and delivers a DDT. Kris goes for the cover.

Adams: Its Ov.....

Simone puts her hand over Jason's mouth to shut him up.



Jacob stops at three as Mikey kicks out. Kris has a burst of energy stomping the living heck out of Mikey. Kris quickly lifts Mikey and sends him to the ropes .Mikey rebounds and is met with a hellacious shoulder tackle from Kris. Kris refuses to go for the pin goes up the turnbuckle. Kris jumps off hitting his Smack Shot (Front Flipping Diving Leg Drop). Kris yet again refuses to pin Mikey and instead lifts him up and gets behind Mikey. Kris grabs Mikey's arms from between his legs and preforms a Club Trump (Cross-Leg Sitout Scoopslam Piledriver) Kris keeps it locked in for the pin.




Adams looks at Simone.

Simone: Go ahead you know you want to.

Adams: Its Over!!!!!

Kris lets go and gets up. Jacob grabs Kris's hand and raises it up in the air. Mikey is seen not moving at all and Jacob calls from the medical team to ring side to check on Mikey.

Justin: the winner of this match. The Ace of Clubs Kris Halccccc!!!!!!!

Backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains is alone in front of the camera and is holding up a microphone, just about introducing her next interview.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Happy Easter, everyone from SCW! Ladies and gentlemen at this time, please welcome --

Mercedes: OK. You, shut your face.

Mercedes Vargas enters the scene confronting Rocky Mountains and snatches the microphone away from her and turns to the camera.

Mercedes: Last week was something, wasn't it? It's gotten to the point where people have gone out out of there way to actually thank Twisted Sister after what she did last week. Belinda Simone on commentary, Jessie Salco on Twitter, Keira Fisher in her promo, hell, even the number one contender, Raynin, though I bet she's also thanking Amy Marshall for her opportunity tonight. You all want to thank Twisted Sister? Go right on ahead. You ALL can thank her for putting every single bitch in this company on NOTICE! I don't care who you are, what you've done, where you've been or where you're going, when you got here or why you're here, whether you're a name here or a nobody, newcomer or veteran, champion or not, whether you've been here a day, two weeks, three months, five years....EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU HAVE A TARGET ON YOUR BACK NOW! EVERY! SINGLE! ONE! But for the person I'm about to knock into next week, they're getting the worse of it.

The camera zooms in on a close of shot on her face. Mercedes is struggling to even hold up the microphone with how pissed off she is right now.

Mercedes: Yeah, talking about you, Keira Fisher Price. It's going to be me and you inside the ring later tonight, and yeah, I won't need the rest of the Mean Girls to wipe the floor with you. Roxi is confident you can take care of yourself? Well, let's hope you've convinced her to stay in the back. You wouldn't want her to fight all of your battles for you, now would you? Holly Wood, Torielle Jackson, Chantelle Martinez are just the start. The Mean Girls will not stop, we will not break, and we will not surrender until we get the justice we deserve. It's Easter Sunday, but don't expect the Easter Bunny to come around these parts tonight. No, no, no.

Mercedes shakes her head firmly, with a sick, twisted smile on her face.

Mercedes: Bodies are going to start piling up in that ring, one by stinking one, until the Mean Girls get our hands on Twister Sister and avenge for what she did to Delia! But for now, Keira, guess what? Tonight, Athens, Greece is owned by the Mean Girls, and you just walked into the bad part of town. MERCY CITY, BITCH!

The camera pulls back to frame Mercedes and Rocky Mountains who now steps closer to her.. Mercedes shoves the microphone at her and storms off as our scene fades.

The camera goes backstage with "Stoner" Scott Oliver standing by with Kris Halich. The fans boo mildly as the two come onto the screen in the arena, which makes Kris smile.

Scott Oliver: So, Kris, you asked for some time, here we are, what is it you would like to say?

Kris bites the inside of his mouth, looking back and forth between the camera and the interviewer several times.

Kris: One hell of an introduction there Stoner. You sound really happy to be here man. Am I keeping you from something more important?

Stoner shakes his head and fumbles around for words, having not meant to insult Kris.

Scott Oliver: Well... uh... I.. uh..

Kris: Lemme just go ahead and cut you off because that is the very reason that I wanted to talk to you. I mean every week I go out, or I do some silly segment back here, or I rant and rave on twitter about SCW and I am pretty sure there is only one person on the roster that even knows I am here, and that is Amy Marshall.

Stoner seems to keep fumbling. This kind of reaction is not typical of how their last interviews have gone.

Scott Oliver: So you are saying you are overlooked?

Kris: It isn't even that I am overlooked or undervalued. It is so much more than that. The problem is...

As Kris is about to finish his thought, former World Bombshell Champion, Delia Darling walks into the shot, her half mask firmly in place, but otherwise looking as fabulous as ever. She takes a glance at Kris Halich and then sneers before turning to Stoner.

Delia: Ugh, why are you interviewing stagehands?

Scott Oliver: I'm not, I'm interviewing Kris Halich, and...

Delia: Whatever... Hey, I have somes'ing z'at you won't want to miss, like "scoop of a lifetime" big. Come, darling...

Delia gives Kris one last scrutinizing glare before starting to walk off.

Delia: Who must I talk to about upgrading z'e staff's wardrobe to somes'ing less... drab? So masic...

Stoner doesn't bother even turn back to Kris, instead, motioning with the camera to come with him as he follows Delia down the hallway. The camera turns to Kris as the trio move away, and catch him shaking his head.

Kris: Way to prove my point man...

Adams: In just a few moments we will see Andrew Watts and Alex Kaelin of the Renegades team up to take on ROAR, Dark Tiger and Jeremiah where dominant in their tag team victory last week so let's see if they can break Andrew's winning.....

Before Jason can finish his sentence the lights in the arena shut off leaving the arena in total darkness.

Adams: Did someone forget to pay the electricity bill?

Simone: I doubt it since every electric device except the lights are working.

After a few moments the following movie quote is heard:

"Come on God, answer me. For years I'm asking you why?
Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive?
Where is Justice? Where is Punishment?
Or have you already answered? Have you already said to the world:
"Here is Justice? Here is Punishment! Here, in Me?"

Adams: Isn't that from that 1980s Punisher Movie?

Simone: There was a 1980s Punisher movie?!

As the quote ends the riff to "Punishment" by the NYCH band Biohazard starts playing over the PA System as the lights slowly come on and a video depicting Steve Ramone during his GWA days is played showing the highlights of his career, the song gets as far as the quote that ends the intro to the song as the vid shows Steve's induction into the AWA Hall of Fame.

"I question not me, it only happens to others
I can't deny reality as life gets smothered"

Simone: That's the quote Steve tweeted a few weeks ago.

Adams: But what does it mean? There's no image on the titentron like last week.

Simone: Wait, look!

Jason turns around as do most of the fans behind them as they realize that, during the brief blackout, a giant banner has been erected behind them (with the fans in other parts of the arena seeing it on the titentron, the banner has the following message on it:


Simone: I should've known he was behind this.

Adams: Where is he anyway?

The cameramen see Steve in the front row with Andreas and Cyrus again, they are admiring the banner with big grins on their faces as Steve exchanges fist bumps with the two larger men.

Simone: This is getting ridiculous, what extent will Steve go to in order to get reinstated?

Adams: Great question!

Justin: The following contest is a Tag Team match... and it is scheduled for one fall...

Adams: I love me a good Tag Team match!

A spotlight is shone on the ramp as Dark Tiger and Jeremiah stand on the ramp, and they head down the ring. The Fans go wild for them, and Jeremiah fist bumps with the fans.

Justin: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Diamond... weighing in at a combined weight of of 535 lbs. "Big Tiger" Jeremiah Hardin, "the Beast of Darkness" Dark Tiger, they are Rebels on a Rampage... R.O.A.R!

Simone: R.O.A.R. has been a bit iffy as of late when it comes to getting the W, but they have never gone down once without a fight!

Adams: You can say that again, a true veteran tag team here in SCW!

Dark Tiger steps over the ring ropes and Jeremiah lowers the ropes for Diamond as she enters and he enters the ring and they get in the ring, and Diamond rips off Jeremiah's camo pants to reveal his wrestling gear and she kisses Jeremiah and she leaves the ring. Dark Tiger pats Jeremiah on the back as they wait on their opponents

Simone: These two are just monsters, I can't wait to see how this match goes.

Adams: I always enjoy watching R.O.A.R. in the ring, they are truly a great combination together.

Justin: And their opponents...

The arena goes pitch black and the crowd begins to bu

when the opening chords of Renegade - Head Pe blast over the sound system and the crowd instantly jumps to it's feet. When the music kicks into gear the lights come back on as The Notorious Alex Kaelin and Mr. Highlight Andrew Watts walk out onto the entrance stage. The crowd is mixed between women screaming for them and the men heckling them. Watts and Kaelin look at each other, nodding their heads as they begin to walk down the entrance ramp. Fans along the aisle reach out, some trying to get a high five, others throw out fingers and other gestures towards the Renegades. Watts and Kaelin basically ignore everyone.

Justin: Making their way to the ring, from the West Side of Reject City! Weighing in at a combined weight of 448 pounds! The co-founders of the REJECTS! "Mr. Highlight" Andrew Watts, "the Notorious" Alex Kaelin! The Renegades!

Simone: We have yet to see these two team up together...

Adams: But we have seen them both in singles competition, and teaming with others and well... we know that they know how to work it in the ring.

Watts and Kaelin smirk as they are announced, as both of them hop up onto the apron at the same time, Kaelin enters the ring through the middle rope as Watts shows off his athleticism and hops over the top rope. The two meet in the center of the ring, where they share a high five with each other and then walk to opposite turnbuckles, both climbing the turnbuckle and throwing an arm up into the air. They stay like this for a few seconds, before hopping back down to the apron and meeting in the center of the ring.

Simone: I can't wait to see the Renegades in action together, finally... and what better of a way to debut as a Tag Team in SCW than against the Rebels on a Rampage?

Adams: You can say that again.... neither Renegade has EVER been pinned in SCW... Alex Kaelin is the SCW Roulette Champion and Andrew Watts is the Number One Contender for the Main Gold!

Simone: But you can not count out the Tigers, because... well, we all know why.

Kaelin and Jeremiah start things off as their partners exit onto the apron. Referee Jasmine St. John walks over to Kaelin, checking him, making sure that he is okay??? she then has a few words with him as well. We all know Kaelin loves to fight dirty, and we are sure this is what Jasmine is going over with him. Kaelin just rolls his eyes, ignoring Jasmine as he turns his head to Watts and begins to speak to him. Jasmine walks away from Kaelin with frustration, not even worrying about checking Jeremiah as she signals for the bell...


Adams: Here we go!

Simone: Renegades... Rebels on a Rampage... this is great!

As the bell sounds Kaelin and Jeremiah stare at each other from across the ring. Kaelin is a pretty decent sized competitor, but compared to Jeremiah, he looks quite undersized. The two move in towards each other, locking hands and Jeremiah of course getting the better as he quickly locks Kaelin into a headlock! Jeremiah squeezes it tight as Kaelin tries to fight back quickly, throwing a few elbows to the mid section of Jeremiah who loses his grip as Kaelin slips out. Kaelin throws a right hand to the face of Jeremiah and then runs across the ring as he bounces off of the ropes and comes back to hit Jeremiah with a huge running clothesline??? but Jeremiah is quick to get up! Kaelin is a bit shocked as Jeremiah runs at him and looks for a running big boot but Kaelin slides under and goes for a quick roll up, Kaelin has the tights...

...Jasmine notices the tights and she quickly tells Kaelin to break the pin.

Simone: Wow, Kaelin almost stole one there...

Adams: Yeah, good eye by Jasmine

Kaelin shakes his head as Jeremiah quickly rolls backwards out of the roll up and hits Kaelin with a kick to the side of the head! Kaelin was still on his knees from the roll up and he is quickly sent to the ground. Jeremiah walks over to Kaelin, grabbing him by the hair, and as he starts to lift him up, Kaelin hits a quick poke to the eye that staggers Jeremiah, sending Jeremiah staggering backwards as Kaelin runs at him and hits a nice jumping forearm to the face that sends Jeremiah straight to the canvas. Kaelin throws his arms in the air, taunting Jeremiah and then taunting towards the crowd as the boo the Roulette Champion! Kaelin walks over to Jeremiah, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him up. Kaelin hits a knee to the gut of Jeremiah, followed by a vicious roaring elbow that sends Jeremiah right into the turnbuckle. Kaelin turns around, throwing his arms in the air once again!

Adams: Wow, Kaelin just seems to be manhandling Jeremiah so far!

Simone: He has had the upper hand for quite some time now.

Kaelin finally stops taunting as he runs at Jeremiah who is still in the turnbuckle, looking for a body splash! Jeremiah moves! Kaelin bounces chest first off of the top turnbuckle and then nearly has his head taken off by a giant clothesline from Jeremiah! Kaelin nearly flips in mid air as Jeremiah falls to the ground next to him, and the crowd begins to chant for Jeremiah to get up! Watts is slapping the turnbuckle, signaling for Kaelin to get up and tag him, as is Dark Tiger for Jeremiah! Jeremiah gets up to his feet and Kaelin is only to a knee. Kaelin makes his way to his feet and throws a right hand, Jeremiah replies with a right hand of his own! Kaelin throws another, and Jeremiah throws another! Kaelin throws a third, but Jeremiah throws a third, fourth, and fifth, backing Kaelin up into the ropes! Jeremiah grabs Kaelin and whips him across the ring as Kaelin bounces off of the ropes and comes back to be met by a huge big boot to the face! The cover...

...Kickout by Kaelin!

Simone: Wow, I thought that was the match!

Adams: Not just yet, but the tables have really turned here!

Jeremiah stands up, pulling Kaelin up by his hair and walking over towards Dark Tiger, still holding Kaelin by the hair as he tags Dark Tiger into the ring. Dark Tiger enters, and man is he big! He makes Jeremiah looks small! The giant enters the ring and is quick to hit a big boot to the face of Kaelin as well. Jeremiah nods his head as he exits onto the ring apron and Dark Tiger goes for the cover this time...

...Kaelin once again kicks out!

Dark Tiger pulls Kaelin up, Watts still waiting for the tag, getting a bit frustrated. Dark Tiger whips Kaelin across the ring and goes for yet another big boot, but Kaelin ducks it! Kaelin ducks under the big boot, spinning Dark Tiger around, hitting him with a side chop to the throat, causing the big man to take a few steps backwards, letting out a slight cough! Kaelin runs at Dark Tiger but he is caught by Dark Tiger who hits a huge spinebuster chokeslam on Kaelin! Dark Tiger stands up, roaring as he throws his arms in the air. Dark Tiger grabs Kaelin, lifting him up like he is a little kid, displaying his power as he whips Kaelin into the turnbuckle Watts is in! Dark Tiger runs at Kaelin, going for a huge clothesline but Kaelin rolls out of the way. Dark Tiger bounces chest first off of the turnbuckle and is then hit by a huge rebound lariet from Kaelin! Kaelin reaches his arm up, hurting still but super close as Watts reaches over the ropes and is tagged in!

Simone: And here comes the Original Renegade!

Adams: Watts looking to take control after Kaelin turned the tables there!

Watts is quick to run at Dark Tiger who is just making his way to his feet, hitting three straight right hands to the face of Dark Tiger and backing him up into the turnbuckle. Watts runs at Dark Tiger and hits a huge clothesline, Dark Tiger being sandwiched between Watts and the turnbuckle! Watts is on fire as he runs behind Dark Tiger and hits a huge running bulldog on the big man, sending him face first into the canvas!

Adams: Wow Watts is on fire!

Simone: You can say that again...

Watts stands up, throwing his arms in the air and out of nowhere is a discus clothesline from Jeremiah that sends Watts flipping onto his back and straight to the canvas! Jeremiah raises his arms into the air as he lets out a roar! But Kaelin comes running at him out of nowhere with right hands! Kaelin backs him up to the ring ropes. Kaelin runs across the ring, bouncing off of the ropes and heading towards Jeremiah, but Jeremiah bends down, throwing Kaelin over his shoulder and flipping over the top rope!

Adams: Oh my...

Simone: Talk about going flying...

But what nobody realizes is that yes, Kaelin flipped over the top rope... however he landed right on his feet! Talk about agility, balance, and athleticism! Kaelin turns around, grabbing Jeremiah's feet, and dragging him straight out of the ring as Jeremiah falls face first on the canvas from the drag. Kaelin drags him right out as Jeremiah looks for a right hand, Kaelin ducks it, spinning Jeremiah around, only to be met by a big boot to the face from Jeremiah! Kaelin staggers backwards, and then is clotheslined straight into the turnbuckle pole! Kaelin's head and back bounce off of the pole as he staggers forward towards Jeremiah, and somehow Kaelin finds the energy to hit a kick to the gut and...




Kaelin sends Jeremiah's face straight off of the arena floor as Kaelin falls to the ground as well!

Adams: Wow, Jeremiah, meet the floor of Greece!

Simone: Talk about getting stomped, and out of nowhere... what a move by Kaelin!

Meanwhile in the ring, both Watts and Dark Tiger are making their way to their feet. They stagger to the center of the ring as Dark Tiger hits Watts with a huge right hand. Watts staggers back, bouncing off of the rope and coming back as Dark Tiger goes for a bit boot, Watts slides right under it, quickly popping up behind Dark Tiger who turns around...




Connects! Watts with possibly the biggest Highlight he has ever hit, at least, opponent height wise??? Dark Tiger goes smashing face first into the canvas and Watts is quick to make the cover, Jasmine for the count...



Justin: Here are your winners... Alex Kaelin, Andrew Watts... the Renegades!

Adams: Wow, the Renegades have officially lost their Tag Team virginity, and what a way to start, by winning.

Simone: Virginity? Really? You couldn't think of anything better to say?

Adams: Hey, it makes sense... these two are on a roll here, neither has been pinned, Watts is 10 and 0... Kaelin is the Roulette Champion... talk about a dominant team.

Simone: That, that I have to agree on...

The scene shows Dying Breed members Ivan Darrell and Andrew Garcia pacing back and forth backstage, still fuming on their loss two weeks ago to the Surf Boys, who took the tag titles from them.

Andrew: What the hell man, we are better than the Surf Boys!!!

Ivan: I know, but they got lucky. Whomever they face will beat them.

Andrew: What-It won't be R.O.A.R., I can tell you that much.

Ivan: Why do you say that?

Andrew: Casey went to Mark Ward and demanded a match between us at the next super card, especially after that attack after we lost the titles.

Ivan: They are just bitter because they choked again when it mattered most.

The scene ends as Ivan goes to the bathroom.

An image suddenly fills the screen...

Adams: Ten bucks says Christian got hold of google again.

Simone: That's a fool's bet.

Justin: The following contest is a bombshell match, introducing first...

"Do it like a dude" by Jessie J starts to play in the building which sends the fans into a chorus of cheers as after a few seconds pass by Kimberly Evans appears at the top of the stage in her tight pink and black leather attire. She stands there for a second or two waving and smiling at the fans before taking her walk to the ring.

Justin: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and thirty five pounds, she is Kimberly Evans!

She slaps hands with the fans as she walks down the aisle and around the ring before walking up the steps. As she stands there she playfully demands Justin Decent hold the ring ropes open for her which he does with a smile on his face. She enters the ring and walks around acknowledging the crowd for a few seconds as her theme dies out.

Justin: And her opponent...

Here Come The Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Traci and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Traci then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Traci.

Justin: From Dallas, Texas, weighing in at one hundred and forty three pounds, she is Traci Patterson!

The pair then walk down to the ring and slap fans hands as they do this. Katie then gets up on the apron and holds the ropes open for Traci. Traci then slips in and walks over to the corner. She then poses on the turnbuckles while Katie claps her. Traci then gets down and opens the ropes for Katie to leave before focusing on her opponent.


Kimberly Evans and Traci Patterson leave their respective corners and begin to circle each other as the bell sounds. They meet in the center of the ring with a collar-elbow tie up. Kimberly gets the early advantage as she places Traci in a side headlock. Kimberly keeps the pressure tight as Traci tries to fight out of it. Traci manages to throw a couple of forearms into Kimberly's ribcage as her grip is loosened. Traci strikes with one more forearm as Kimberly completely lets go of her. Traci runs toward the ropes, rebounds off them while connecting with a shoulder block. Kimberly lands hard on the canvas as Traci runs to the other side of the ring.

Simone: Kimberly had the early advantage

Adams: I sense Traci Patterson will turn this match around.

Traci bounces off the ropes as Kimberly remains on the canvas. Traci skips over her while running to the other side. Kimberly springs up to her feet while Traci grabs a hold of the ropes as Kimberly fails to connect with a dropkick. Traci walks over, picks her up and whips her into the corner. Traci follows up with a corner clothesline. Before Kimberly can slump down, Traci picks her up and repeatedly drives her shoulder into Kimberly's midsection.

Simone: Traci is driving her shoulder into Kimberly.

Adams: I bet that's the only driving Kimberly will ever get again.

Traci whips Kimberly across the ring into another corner as Kimberly strikes hard. Kimberly is slouching against the turnbuckles as Traci comes running towards her. She leaps into the air before crashing down with a Texas size Stinger Splash. Traci backs up quite a bit as Kimberly stumbles out of the corner. Traci wraps both her hands around Kimberly's neck then lifts her high into the air.

Adams: Kimberly literally just got lifted off her feet.

Simone: Traci has something in mind.

Traci falls into a sitting position while driving Kimberly's head and neck into the mat.


Traci moves her legs over Kimberly's shoulders as Holly Wood slides into position. She pounds the canvas.




The bell sounds as Traci rolls off of Kimberly.

Adams: Traci has done it. She knocked off Kimberly Evans.

Simone: Ever since getting dumped on live television, Kimberly hasn't been the same.

"Here comes the boom" sounds Traci celebrates with her sister while walking up the ramp.

We find ourselves backstage once more to find... a trail of jelly beans on the ground? We spot a hand picking them up from the ground, followed by loud munching noises. After a few seconds, we see Twisted Sister following the trail, picking up the jelly beans and stuffing them in her mouth, making moaning noises at the flavorful candies she's gorging on. She rounds the corner to find more and her face lights up with joy and greed as she continues to follow them all the way down to the end where she spots a large Easter Basket set up, but it's empty shy of the grass and a stuffed rabbit.. Twisted Sister looks inside, picking up the rabbit. As she does, she feels a weird numbness with residual burning and loss of most motor skills. She begins to shake a bit before she is met with a crashing blow from behind. The rabbit drops to the ground, and Amanda Cortez is seen standing over Twisted Sister, stomping away at her. She is joined by Veronica Taylor, who swings a loaded make up case against her face.

Veronica: Sorry bout it, hunty, but at least we know your mug couldn't get any uglier...

Next up, Mercedes Vargas comes in with a belt, lashing away at Twisted Sister's body as Amanda continues to stomp away. After a moment, she wraps the belt around Twisted Sister's neck and pulls it tightly as she mounts her back. Mercedes bends her almost in half as she pulls on the belt. She leans in and whispers something with a wicked grin on her face. Twisted Sister gargles as she tries to escape, but Amanda and Veronica hold her tightly in place as we hear a clicking of a lighter as well as clicking of heels against the concrete.

Delia: Twisted Sister... what a pleasant surprise, running into you like z'is... Why, I never would have expected it.

Delia takes a long drag from her cigarette. She pulls a chair up in front of Twisted Sister, and sits on it backward, looking just a few inches down into her eyes. Delia exhales the smoke right into Twisted Sister's face.

Delia: I felt it was most imperitive z'at we have a little chat. Z'ough, of course, I will be doing all of z'e talking, and you will do all of z'e listening. You see, you did somes'ing very bad last week. Somes'ing z'at is completely unforgivable. I don't s'ink you understand exactly what you've done. And while I don't believe you have z'e capabilities of understanding what I'm saying, I do hope you will humor me, darling?

Twisted Sister struggles again, gargling as she tries to escape from Mercedes' grasp, but Delia gives a soothing shush as she gently pats Sister's face.

Delia: Z'e more you struggle, z'e sooner it is until you pass out, and z'at does neiz'er one of us any good. No, I want you to hear me out. You see, I can forgive you for smashing my face wi's z'e mirror. Perhaps I was a bit irrational when I told you to make way for your superior. I wouldn't want to be reminded z'at someone was better z'an me... of course, I don't know what z'at is like, but I do have a vivid imagination...

Delia takes another drag from her cigarette as she looks up at the ceiling, tapping the butt of her cigarette until the ashes fall down upon Twisted Sister. She looks down as she exhales once more.

Delia: You know, I can even forgive you for burning my face. Jealous is an ugly s'ing reserved for ugly people such as yourself. I am a big woman, of course figuratively. I don't sport your Lizzy z'e Lezzy figure. But, I digress. I, hereby, forgive you Twisted Sister. I do. I really do.

Delia once against takes a deep drag from her cigarette as she holds it up, looking at it curiously.

Delia: I am a generous person, and I do mean it from z'e bottom of my heart. But, you see, z'ere is one tiny s'ing which I cannot forgive you for? You see, you've given z'e Jealous Janis girls a shred of hope. We have not heard z'e end of it from z'em lately. Z'ey really s'ink z'at we are weak, and z'ey laughed at our war cry. You've caused us all a great deal of a headache, and for z'at, I am afraid we are left wi's no choice but to take an eye for an eye, a too's for a too's.

With that, Delia shoves her cigarette into Twisted Sister's face, burning her as Mercedes loosens up slightly, just enough for Sister's painful screech to echo through the halls. Delia repeats this rapidly as she speaks, emphasizing each word with a burn.

Delia: We, are, not, weak. We, still, run, this FUCKING SHOW!

Delia allows the cigarette to burn at Twisted SIster's flesh for a moment before looking down with remorse on her face.

Delia: Aww, I'm helping... I'm helping...

And with that, the rest of the Mean Girls laugh and mock her screeches from last week, insisting that they are "helping" her. However, after a second, Delia picks Twisted Sister up by the hair, relieving Mercedes of her duties. She flings Twisted Sister into the wall, bouncing her off like a ping pong ball, before repeating this down the rest of the hallway. She comes to a window leading into the stars and bombshells lounge, and with a violent growl, she slams Twisted Sister's face through it, dusting her hands as she sighs in relief of all of the rage that has left her body.

Delia: It was no mirror, but do you ladies s'ink she will appreciate z'e irony of it?

Delia chuckles, and the others join in. They grip hands together tightly, swinging them in joy as they walk along down the hallway as we fade back to ringside.

Simone: I think I retract my statement on Twitter from earlier this week. That woman is vile.

Adams: I hate to say it, but payback is a... Delia Darling! Can we get some help back there for Twisted Sister?

"Undegpedwar" by Y Niwl begins to play over the PA system of Glyfada Indoor Hall, and to a cheer from the fans, Natalie McKinley walks through the curtains, carrying the SCW bombshell roulette title over her right shoulder. Smiling broadly, Natalie takes a moment to scan the cheering crowd, before making her way towards the ring, and as she does so, she slaps the hands of the fans that reach out to her. After clambering into the ring, Natalie walks to the side nearest the camera, looks out at the crowd, and holds aloft the bombshell roulette title, to further cheers and applause from the fans; she then turns around and walks to the opposite side of the ring, before again raising her title, to more cheers and applause. Natalie then places the title back over her shoulder, collects a microphone from Justin Decent, and waits for her music to cease playing.

Natalie: Helllloooooo Athens!!!

This elicits a loud cheer from the crowd.

Natalie: Last week in Bucharest, I defended the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship for the first time since winning it at Blaze of Glory IV. And following a keenly fought contest, in which Jessie Salco pushed me right until the end - as I expected she would - I emerged as still the Bombshell Roulette Champion.

The fans cheer again.

Natalie: From what I can gather, though, Jessie isn't too happy about the type of match that we were placed in last Sunday: a submission only match. Now, Jessie, I know that you have your sights set on Roxi Johnson, and the internet title, but like I told the woman that is your opponent this evening - Crystal Hilton - I would have no issues with doing battle with you again, and so I will happily give you another shot at this title, if you want it.

Natalie looks down at the bombshell roulette title for a moment; she then looks back to the crowd.

Natalie: Two weeks ago, when SCW was in Munich, Mercedes Vargas declared open season on the rest of the bombshells. However, it appears that "open season" does not apply to at least one bombshell: me.

Natalie's smile briefly becomes a smirk.

Natalie: On that same night, in Munich, I stood in this ring and stated that I wanted another one-on-one, roulette rules match against Mercedes Vargas - preferably a match that can only be won by pinfall or submission, so that I could defeat Mercedes decisively in a match in which my title is at stake. And how did Mercedes respond? By ducking me.

Boos can be heard from the crowd.

Natalie: After the outcome of our last two matches, I can understand Mercedes being reluctant to want to set foot in the ring with me again. But as for her saying that, the Mean Girls don't come to us, we have to go to them, well, so much for it being open season.

Natalie shrugs her shoulders.

Natalie: I've said previously, "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it;" if you want me to come to you Mercedes, then perhaps I will do just that.

The fans cheer Natalie, while she readjusts the bombshell roulette title.

Natalie: Four weeks have passed since Blaze Of Glory, and in four weeks from tonight, the next SCW supercard will be staged, in Morocco. So who will be the challenger for my title, on that night? Well, that is something that remains to be seen, but whomever it is, I look forward to defending my title again, and continuing to show all and sundry just how much I deserve to be...

Natalie raises her voice slightly.

Natalie: ...the SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion!

Natalie takes the title off her shoulder, and raises it into the air, to cheers from the crowd, as "Undegpedwar" by Y Niwl begins to play once more. Natalie holds the title in the air for a moment or two, before putting it back on her shoulder; she then hands the microphone back to Justin Decent, following which she steps through the ropes, and as she heads backstage, she again slaps hands with some of the fans.

Another image fills the screen...

Simone: Can somebody please get Christian OUT of the production truck!?

All of a sudden "Superstar" by Lupe fiasco starts playing all over the Pa system. Two lights are pointed at the entrance way. Crystal Emerges through the curtains and is greeted by multiple pyros that start shooting off one by one. The crowd roars at her with a loud ovation of cheers and she slowly makes her way out walking down the aisle.

Justin: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California....CRYSTAL HILTON!

Crystal cracks a grin as her photographers line up to take a picture of her. She finally makes it to the ring and places one foot on the apron and stretches the other one on the apron as well. She does a split to enter the ring and she finally makes it to her feet. She smiles bouncing around a bit as she awaits her opponent to come out.

"Revenge, is a meal Best Served Cold..."

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of ""Like Angels Weeping (the dark)" by Kataklysym tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake, the two do some head banging at the top of the ramp before Jessie takes off down the ramp.

Justin: And her opponent...the "Heavy Metal Bombshell".....JESSIE SALCO!

She gets a running start before sliding into the ring, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before showing off her NXT armband and waits for the bell.


Jessie immediately runs across the ring and lands a hard forearm smash across the face of Hilton that drops the Rose Goddess down to the mat. Jessie instantly drops to one knee, grabs Hilton by her hair, and begins to pummel her face. After a few hard blows she jumps up and screams out to the Greek crowd who responds with a thunderous cheer.

Adams: They certainly love Salco in the Mediterranean.

She runs back over and lands a hard kick across the face of Crystal before dropping down and going for the match's first pin fall attempt. As she does, Drew Patton drops for the count.


Simone: Crystal Hilton powers out with authority.

Looking to keep her advantage over her opponent, Jessie grabs Hilton and picks her up off of the mat. She lands a couple of hard shots into her gut before setting her up for a quick snap suplex. She pops again and jumps up into the air landing a hard looking double leg drop across her chest before going for another pin fall attempt. Drew Patton counts...



Simone: Another kick out by Crystal Hilton.

Adams: Jessie Salco is certainly trying to take an advantage early here and she appears to be looking for a decisive victory.

Jessie gets up and stomps into Hilton's mid-section a few times before peeling her up off of the mat once again. She goes to whip her into the ropes but at the last second, Hilton reverses. She sends Jessie back hard into the ropes, so hard that she flies over them and flips down to ringside.

Crowd: Ooooh!

Hilton steps through the ropes and on to the apron, waiting for Salco to get to her feet. As she does, Hilton launches off the ropes and connects with an impactful missile dropkick that sends Jessie back first into the steel guardrail. Crystal gets to her feet and goes to get on the attack as Drew Patton starts his count.


She grabs Salco by the hair and slams her face into the guard rail. She picks her up and sends her face first into one of the steel ring posts and Jessie bounces off like a rubber ball, falling down hard onto the concrete. Crystal continues her advantage by landing a few hard kicks into the mid-section of her opponent.


She grabs Jessie and goes to fling her into the steel steps but the crafty former Roulette and Tag Team Champion reverse mid-swing and sends Hilton shoulder first into the hard steps.


Jessie, trying to regain her confidence, goes after Hilton. She picks her up and scoops her into a slam, dropping her on to her back on the concrete floor.


She picks Crystal Hilton up off of the floor and drags her over to the ring, picking her up and tossing her back into the six-sided ring from underneath the bottom rope. As Hilton lays lifelessly on the canvas, Jessie decided to climb up to the top rope.

Adams: I think we're about to get a little aerial here, Belinda.

Jessie Salco stands up tall on top of the turnbuckle and screams out to the crowd. The onlookers cheer as Jessie pushes off the top rope and flies through the air in an attempt to land a 450 splash.


Adams: NO!

At the last second, Hilton sticks her knees into the air and a powerless Jessie crashes right into them. She writhes a bit in pain, clutching her stomach, as Hilton strikes. She grabs Salco by the legs and sits her into an elevated boston crab.

Simone: The WITHERING ROSE! She's got it locked in and Jessie Salco's got nowhere to go!

Drew Patton drops to the canvas and asks Jessie if she wants to submit. She violently shakes her head back and forth, screaming no. She uses all of her might and pushes up with her arms. She screams out one more time and she pushes violently, sending Crystal Hilton flying head first into the ring post. She stumbles backwards and Jessie rolls her up.

Simone: School boy!




Just before Drew Patton's hand can slam down on to the mat for a third time Crystal throws her shoulder up into the air.

Adams: What a show of resiliency by Hilton.

As both ladies get to their feet, Jessie surprises everyone when she leaps up into the air and kicks Crystal in the back of the head with an enziguri kick. Hilton falls down to the mat and Salco looks a bit disorientated as well.

Simone: I think both women look hurt, Jason.

Jessie, seeing her opponent still knocked out on the mat, crawls over to the ropes. She grabs hold of the middle rope and pulls herself up. She steps to the outside, grabbing the top rope, and waits for Crystal Hilton to start to climb to her feet. As she does, Jessie leaps up into the air and springboards herself into a tornado DDT.

Simone: CIRCLE PIT! CIRCLE PIT! Salco's going for the cover!

Drew Patton drops down for the count after Jessie hits her signature maneuver.





Justin: Here is your winner???.JESSIE SALCO!

Candy Overton is standing in the backstage area when Pussy Willow walks up to her.

Pussy: Candy, last week you almost beat The Mean Girls for the tag team championships. What are your plans now?

Candy: My plans Pussy is that I will get a new tag team partner and resume my original plan.

Pussy: Which is what exactly?

Candy: My plan to eliminate The Mean Girls from Sin City Wrestling.

Pussy: That's a pretty tough task. How you going to do it? Who will be your tag partner?

Candy: That is for me to know and for everyone to find out. Until then, toodles.

Candy walks away from Pussy who is left more confused than ever before.

Pretending they do not exist does not make them any less real.

12th April, 2015...

They're coming. Are you scared? You should be...

Scene opens with "Stoner" Scott Oliver standing backstage with Sean Jackson. Once he receives the cue to begin, Scott turns to the former world champion.

Scott: Sean, last week you lost a two out of three fall match to the world champion Gabriel Stevens. After months of accusations, of him being a weak champion...

You can see the frown developing.

Scott: Did he finally change your mind?

Sean goes to answer, but stops.

Scott: Sean?

Again, he goes to answer the question. But stops before the words can come out.

Scott: Sean?

Sean closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and tilts his head back slowly. After a brief moment, he finally forms an adequate answer in his brain and as that thought makes its way to his mouth....

Scott: Sean?

His eyes open as he turns to face the camera. His mouth opens, the formulated words are ready to come out...

Sean: .....

Without saying a word, Sean Jackson simply walks off camera, leaving Scott Oliver to ponder what the former champion was going to say. A couple of seconds later, he too faces the camera.

Scott: Belinda, Jason...back to you.

Justin: The following contest is a bombshell match, introducing first...

Sinner plays as Keira comes out and smiles to the crowd.

Justin: From Miami, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is Keira Fisher!

She walks down, slapping a few of the fans hands before she slides into the ring. She turns and waits

Justin: And her opponent...

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing 127 pounds, MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight. Mercedes vaults into the ring and walks over to the opposite corner where she relaxes along the corner ropes while waiting for the match to start


Keira looks Mercedes up and down, a smirk on her face as she locks up with the former Bombshell Roulette champion. Mercedes uses pure force and pushes Keira back

Simone: Keira isn't being pushed around

Keira looks surprised as she gets to her feet and quickly tackles Mercedes to the ground, pulling on her hair and bouncing her off the floor. Keira rears back and drops a fist towards Mercedes's face, but Mercedes moves her head quickly and Keira hits the canvas. Mercedes kicks Keira off and rolls out of the way while Keira shakes her hand. Mercedes quickly jumps to her feet and Keira turns around to be met with a roundhouse kick! Keira rolls over on the floor holding her face and Mercedes steps back. As Keira stops on her back, Mercedes runs at her and nails her with a rolling Thunder. Mercedes goes for the cover and referee Jasmine St John drops down for the count.


Keira kicks out.

Adams: This young lady doesn't mess around

Mercedes gets to her feet and pulls Keira with her, but Keira pokes Mercedes in the eye. Keira grabs Mercedes by the hair and drops to her knees, slamming Mercedes's face in to the canvas. Keira pulls Mercedes back to her feet by her hair and tosses her across the ring, releasing the hair and watching Mercedes fly across the ring. Keira walks towards Mercedes and lift her to her feet, slapping her across the face!

Adams: She really doesn't like the Mean Girls

Simone: She almost slapped the hair off her head

Adams: Thought I was meant to be the funny one around here

While Jason sulks, Keira grabs Mercedes by the head, putting her in a front face lock and dropping her down with a DDT. Keira goes for the cover


Mercedes kicks out.

Adams: I think Keira may be taking Mercedes lightly

Simone: Well done detective...?

Adams: Holmes!

Keira grabs Mercedes back to her feet and throws her in to the turnbuckle and unloads three huge punches on to the face of Mercedes, but Mercedes flips her around and chops Keira across the chest. Keira stumbles out of the corner and Mercedes jumps on her shoulders, dropping backwards and flipping her in a reverse hurricanruna, causing the crowd to cheer.

Adams:Great move from Mercedes

Mercedes quickly goes for the pin on Keira


Keira kicks up.

Mercedes jumps up and pulls Keira to her feet and bounces off the ropes and springs back to Keira, but Keira lifts her in the air and drops her across the top rope. Mercedes stumbles back but Keira locks her head up and drops her with a flashback. Keira grabs Mercedes by the hair and lifts her up backwards to her feet and wraps and arm around her neck from behind. Keira moves around Mercedes, holding her in a headlock and runs at the ropes, jumping up on the second rop and spinning around, dropping Mercedes down in springboard bulldog. Keira lays on the floor posing for the fans at ringside. She rolls over and goes for the pin


Mercedes kicks out

Keira drags Mercedes to her feet and tosses her in to the ropes. As Mercedes returns, Keira lifts her over her head and drops her hard with a huge back body drop. Mercedes rolls over hold her back in pain. Keira continues the attack by kicking Mercedes in the small of the back. Keira pulls Mercedes back up, but Mercedes reaches down and sweeps the legs away, sending Keira crashing down, flat on her back. Mercedes bends down and cradles Keira's legs, before rolling over in a Boston crab attempt. Keira kicks Mercedes away and scrambles to her feet, but as she does, Mercedes charges at Keira, jumps up and hooks her in a head scissors, rolling through and sending Keira flying across the ring. Keira looks shaken as Mercedes waits for her to get up. As she does, Mercedes runs at her and jumps up, crashing her with a high knee under the chin. Mercedes goes for the cover.


Keira kicks out

Adams: Close count this time

Mercedes shakes her head slowly at Keira's resiliance, and gets to her feet, pulling Keira up with her. She hooks Keira's arms and attempts a tiger suplex, but Keira kicks her in the the knee twice. After a few seconds, Mercedes breaks the hold and stumbles backwards. Keira steps back and quickly drops down with a low dropkick to the knee, sending Mercedes flipping over and landing on her back .Keira takes advantage by grabbing Mercedes's leg and dropping heavy boots behind the knee. Keira hooks Mercedes's leg under her and and pulls her over in the half crab. Mercedes looks towards the ropes and reaches out to them, just a little out of reach. Mercedes digs her elbows in to the canvas and pulls herself slightly closer, reaching out. Mercedes digs in once more and gets herself within reaching distance, grabbing the bottom rope. The referee forces Keira to break the hold, much to her displeasure. Mercedes rolls over holding her knee, but Keira quickly grabs her to her feet. Keira grabs hold of her hair and jumps up, attempting a monkey flip but Mercedes pushes her off and across the ring. Keira quickly jumps back to her feet, slightly startled, only to be met with a hangman clothesline from Mercedes. Mercedes holds Keira down by the chest and leaps up in the air, dropping a leg across Keira's chest. Mercedes looks at the top rope and walks towards it.

Simone: This little high flyer is gonna fly!

Mercedes turns her back on the ring and jumps off with a moonsault, but Keira rolls out of the way and gets to her feet. As Mercedes gets up, Keira spins her leg and nails Mercedes with a chick kick!

Adams:Seven Sins!

Keira goes for the pin


Justin: The winner of the match, by pinfall....Keira Fisher!

Simone: That has to be one of the biggest upsets we've ever seen in SCW!

Adams: Mercedes was strong favorite coming in but Keira is fast becoming a thorn in the Mean Girls side!

As the cameras cut to the backstage area were we are welcomed to that of a video shot from behind the back of a man in a well made, tailored suit as he sits alone in a director style chair. He can be seen he can be seen eating what looks to be a delicious looking chocolate chip cookie he got off of one of the catering tables here in the backstage area.

As the man in question is welcomed into Sin City Wrestling, the person welcoming him into the promotion can be seen being none other then the gorgeous and talented backstage reporter Pussy Willow of Sin City Wrestling. Willow can be seen dressed in what looks to be a luxurious pink colored business suit skirt as she takes a seat across from him.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and gentlemen I am joined tonight by one of Sin City Wrestling's latest signee's that man being none other the Thaddeus Stone who recently just signed the dotted line with Sin.

Willow says as she introduces Stone to the fans of the SCW. as she does Stone smiles.

Thaddeus Stone: Thanks Willow for that warm welcoming...

Pussy Willow: So lets get straight to the questions shall we Thad?

Willow questions Thaddeus as she does, he nods in agreement with her.

Pussy Willow: So why Sin City Wrestling Thaddeus and not some other wrestling promotion out there, why here?

Thaddeus Stone: Um...

Before Thaddeus can even speak or get a word out, he's interrupted by Travis Nathaniel Andrews. Travis Nathaniel Andrews enters the shot wearing an Armani sports jacket over a t-shirt while wearing top of the line designer jeans and boots.

He is flanked by his personal assistant Shawna Jennings and his best friend sometimes lacky Ralph Lorenzo. Pussy looks at Travis a bit stunned to see him. He looks at her then over toward the new guy then back at her. He snaps a finger as Shawna speaks up.

Shawna Jennings: Madam Pussy, this time now belongs to the man who has been screwed more than once in this company. This time now belongs to Travis Nathaniel Andrews.

Pussy looks at Thaddeus then back at Travis who stands in front of the youngster.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Sin City Wrestling needs to understand something. Last week was a fucking joke. That stupid punk got damn lucky against me. I don't blame my tag team partner. I blame Romania. That country has always held me down. They have always hated me. Why are we still in this disgusting place? We need to get back to the United States. I am missing valuable screen time with some very important directors.

Ralph taps Travis on the shoulder then points at Thaddeus.

Ralph Lorenzo: Who is that?

Travis looks at Thaddeus and shrugs his shoulders. As Travis does, Thaddeus introduces himself.

Thaddeus Stone: Name's Thaddeus, Thaddeus Stone maybe you heard of me?

Travis looks at Thaddeus through his sunglasses and chuckles.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Sorry junior, I haven't heard of you and quite frankly I'm glad for it. Mr. TNA only talks to those who belong in the A List and by the looks of it. You are just a C Lister at best.

Shawna is writing something down on a clipboard as Travis turns his gaze back to Pussy Willow.

Thaddeus Stone: What? 'Critical Chaos?' 'Citizen Stone?' 'Bloodline?' Any of them don't ring a bell and I'm no junior, junior!

Travis looks at Thaddeus while shaking his head.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Why should they ring a damn bell? I don't watch anything below an A performance and from how you look. I can safely say you are nowhere near being an A Lister. I say you are a junior. If you don't like that then fine. I have a new one for ya. You will be fetch. Like go fetch me some water while the true star of the show is standing in his spotlight.

With that being said Thaddeus stares down Travis with intensity in his eyes. Travis looks back at Thaddeus and gives him a smirk.

Travis Nathaniel Andrews: Take a picture junior will last you longer. I know you are in the presence of greatness. It's only fitting for you to feel jealous but I just have to say DEAL WITH IT. Come on guys, it's starting to smell really bad here. Shawna give junior here a present from me to him.

Travis brushes right past Thaddeus as he slams his shoulder into Thaddeus' chest. Shawna hands him an autographed 8 x 10 of Travis on set of the latest Terminator movie.

Shawna Jennings: Good day

She follows suit as Ralph Lorenzo just laughs at Thaddeus before leaving with Travis, as Travis leaves the area of Stone and Pussy Willow the Stone turns towards Willow and speaks.

Thaddeus Stone: You believe the nerve of that guy?

Stone says before walking off towards the locker room area.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Sin City Wrestling's "Hostess With the Mostess" -- miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda steps out onto the stage, dressed in a rapper style outfit of baggy shirt and jean skirt, a leather cap worn backwards and insanely high heels. Accompanying Amanda is Holly Wood, joining her for the performance, dressed as a Playboy bunny. Rap music with a beat to it begins to play and the comical performance begins...

Amanda: I'll get you, wabbit! Yo!!
I'm taking you to school,
Call me the professor.
You're sexually confused,
'Cause you're a cwossdwessa.
You wike to kiss men,
And that's weal funny.
Call up Hugh Hefner,
You're a gay boy bunny.
You're wost on this stage,
You need a map, Junkie.
You made a wong weft turn
At Albuquerque.
One mo'! One mo'!
I'm a pimp 'cause my hunting appeal's hot, son,
I do a dwive by on your hole
With my double bawweled shotgun!

Holly: I know that you call me a "Wascally Wabbit".
You say your R's like W's,
That's a really bad habit.
It's room not womb,
Trees not twees.
You replace so many R's,
I thought that you was Chinese.
You're so stuck on yourself,
I'll call you Elmer's Glue.
I got you some coffee,
One lump or two?

Amanda: Two?

Holly smack Amanda on the head two times with a toy mallet.

Holly: I only dress like a girl,
To prove that you're gay.
Would you like a kiss, handsome?

Amanda: Weally? Okay.

Holly: Elmer packs Phudd,
You heard what I said.
He's so bald,
I'll put a hare on his head.
I'll sit down on your head just like I was the Thinker.
Hmm. (farts) Ain't I a stinker?

The rap battle comes to an end and both Holly and Amanda take bows before exiting past the curtains, leaving the stage.

Adams: Holly Wood has more costume changes than Cher!

The scene opens up in the parking lot of the arena moments before the Main Event between Amy Marshall and Raynin is set to take place, the parking lot is mostly deserted with a handful of fans loitering about and scalpers still trying to sell tickets to the event but there are three men who are instantly recognizable.

Cyrus: Steve, are you sure about this? This is Amy's first defense?

Cyrus says as he and Andreas catch up to Steve who is approaching his rent-a-car.

Steve: We've made the impact we wanted too and after that stunt we pulled earlier the rent-a-cops were going to kick us out eventually anyway, besides I have an online petition to start and I can catch the replay tomorrow and see who won.

Andreas: Guys, we have company.

Andreas's Swedish accent rang out and the older men looked up.

Steve: Let me guess, Rent-A-Cops?

Andreas: Last I checked rent-a-cops weren't built like bodybuilders.

Andreas responded and the other two men look up seeing recent SCW signee Dark Defender, holding his axe handle in his right hand.

Steve: You must be the Dark Dildo.

Cyrus: Defender.

Steve: Do I look like I give a fuck? Well big guy, you've found me and you've met my friends.

Steve adds as he nods towards Andreas and Cyrus who start cracking their knuckles.

Steve: If you want to beat me up for mocking your stupid nickname your welcome to try, you just have to get through them!

Immediately Cyrus runs in to attack Damian the Dark Defender but he is met with the axe handle in his gut. Andreas slams him in the back of the head with his forearm which knocks him down to the ground. Bergfalk goes to stomp on him the Defender plants a boot into his groin. He kicks up and slams his palm into the chin of Andreas which sends him flying back into a parked car. As he turns back toward where Steve is standing....


...he is met with a superkick which drops him to the mat. Steve leans over him smiling.

Steve: You're not much of a defender after all aren't ya?

Steve asks mockingly as Cyrus helps Andreas up.

Steve: Cyrus, Andreas, pick him up!

Steve instructs them and they nod before picking Dark Defender's limp form and Steve grabs Dark Defender's axe handle which he holds like a baseball bat, before he can swing it though...

???: Hey, what's going on here?

A Greek accent rings out and they look up seeing a few local security guards enter the parking lot, Steve shakes his head before hitting Dark Defender busting him open, Andreas and Cyrus let him go and Steve spits at Dark Defender's limp form before dropping the handle and storming off.

Andreas: You realize that there's no way they missed that right?

Steve: Let me worry about that, are you guys hurt?

Cyrus shakes his head.

Cyrus: I'm fine, all he was able to do was knock the wind out of me, not sure about Andreas.

Andreas reaches behind his head and frowns as his hand comes back with a little blood on it.

Andreas: This must be from when he sent me flying into that car.

Steve: I'll get you stitched up at the local hospital, for now let's get out of here.

Steve adds before they enter his car and Steve drives off.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Main Event of Climax Control!

The Greek crowd cheers!

Justin: This contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship!

The camera flashes around the crowd, as Lose Control by Evanessence plays over the PA, panning in and out, stopping just long enough to get glimpses of excited people in the crowd until it stops finally on the stage where Raynin stands, legs spread slightly, looking out over the audience with a confident smirk.

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger! From Austin Texas, weighing 145 pounds -- Raynin!

She nods slowly, then raises her fist high in the air. She brings her fist down into a salute, then starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring. She jumps onto the apron, and climbs the turnbuckle, and lifts her fist in the air. She brings her hand down and salutes the crowd before She hops down into the ring and goes to another turnbuckle climbs it and throws her fist in the air, then brings it down in a salute. She jumps down into the ring and leans back on the turnbuckle, waiting on her opponent.

Simone: A golden opportunity for Raynin here tonight as She steps back into the title picture, challenging Amy Marshall for the World Championship.

Adams: Raynin hasn't had that title around her waist for over two years! She's waited a L-O-N-G time for this one!

The arena goes suddenly dark, as a child's voice plays over the p.a, as her words also flash up on the screen in red.

I can shear you breathing
Nobody here in the cradle does that anymore
How did you get in?
Will you help me?

The bassy sounds of the drums begins to play as the cello then kicks in over the p.a and finally the guitar kicks in as green lights swirls around the entrance.

"The boogie
The boogie
The boogie
The boogie
The boogie Man"

The song then kicks in and Amy rushes out holding her face and then suddenly stops half way down the ramp to reveal her face. She wears a black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Marshall is written in red and in Japanese.

Justin: her opponent is the current reigning and defending World Bombshell Champion! From Juneau, Alaska, weighing 128 pounds -- AMY MARSHALL!

Amy then continues down the ramp, as slaps the hands of the awaiting fans, She then climbs into the ring, where She then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where She takes off the mask and waits for the match to start.

Simone: Amy Marshall has got her work cut out for her this evening.

Adams: Yeah Raynin's a tough bird but Amy beat Delia. Nobody else has ever done that so that puts her on a whole new level of Bombshell.

Simone: We'll just have to see. Either way, we're about to see a titanic struggle for the world title.

Amy hands the championship belt over to Jacob Summers who walks it over to Raynin who rubs it for good luck. Jacob then takes center ring and holds the title up to all four corners of the building and is greeted by cheers.

Adams: I am always on pins and needles when we're about to see a title match!

Simone: You didn't take all the pins out of those new jeans you bought, did you?

Adams: .... Oh that would explain so much.

Jacob passes the belt to the outside and calls for the bell.


The bell sounds to initiate the contest and the match is underway. Both Bombshells come from out of their corners and the first thing Amy does is offer her hand to Raynin. The former world champion looks at it for a moment before She accepts Amy's hand into her own for a firm handshake, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Simone: We just do not see enough sportsmanship like that these days.

Adams: No what we usually see is a handshake followed by a kick in the teeth.

Amy and Raynin then lock up in a Greco-Roman collar and elbow tie up. Both women struggle to take the advantage over the other, when Raynin switches tactics and grabs Amy into a side headlock. Amy shoves Raynin off and into the ropes. Raynin comes running off and collides with Amy in a shoulder block, knocking Marshall down to her back! Raynin runs off of the ropes on the neutral side and Amy jumps to her feet. Raynin comes off of the ropes and Amy leapfrogs up and over her. Raynin again comes running off of the ropes but this time she runs right into a Japanese armdrag from Marshall!

Simone: Very nice timing there by the champion.

Amy then gets up and rushes over to where Raynin is returning to her feet but Raynin fluidly sweeps her legs right out from under her and drops down on top of her in a fast cover!

Amy kicks out!

Simone: Too fast.

Adams: Is it true that was your nickname in high school?

Simone: I could ask the same of you.

Adams: Ahh, touche'!

Before Raynin can follow up, Amy grabs her and twists her arm into an arm wringer and holds her at bay with a wristlock. Raynin winces as Amy pumps the hold twice. Raynin then counters, performing a cartwheel to break the hold and takes Amy over in a fireman's carry takedown.

Simone: We're actually seeing some good wrestling abilities here by both Bombshells.

Adams: It won't stay that way for very long. Wait until one of them loses her temper.

Raynin returns the favor from earlier, grabbing Amy's hand and twisting it into a painful hammerlock, but Amy also returns an earlier favor by ensnaring Raynin into her own side headlock. Amy keeps the hold held on tightly, squeezing Raynin's head and neck for all she's worth, holding her at bay. Amy then releases the headlock and quickly ducks behind Raynin in a hammerlock, then reaches down and pulls her leg out from under her and dives down, grabbing her right back into a side headlock on the mat.

Simone: Amy Marshall is showing us just why she's the reigning champion.

Raynin struggles in the hold, fighting to get to a better positioning as Amy makes sure to keep the hold secured. Putting an arm against Amy's head, Raynin forces her further down and uses her legs to grab Amy around the head in a head scissors, thus breaking the headlock.

Adams: Raynin is no slouch when it comes to mat wrestling Either.

Simone: No she is not. Raynin is a ring veteran.

Amy bucks and kicks but Raynin's leg strength holds her tightly and Marshall find she can't escape by that route. Amy then rolls to first her right, and then her left, and finally onto her hands and knees, searching for an escape. Still secured in the head scissors, Amy leans up on her head into a handstand, then somersaults over on top of Raynin, breaking the hold and landing into a body cover!

Raynin bridges up and off the mat.

Simone: What neck and back strength there by Raynin!

The crowd applauds the display and Raynin rises and turns it around, taking Amy over in a backslide!

Amy kicks out!

Both women quickly scramble to their feet but before Amy can mount an offense, Raynin lands an open handed chop across her chest, the stinging echo heard thru the arena! She then chops her again, then a third time!

Crowd: Wooo!

Adams: You don't have to say it Belinda. You hate that.

Raynin's assault backs Amy against the ropes. She grabs Marshall by the arm and Irish whips her into the far side. Amy comes running off and Raynin goes for a hiptoss but Amy counters, lands on her feet and turns it into a monkey flip, throwing Raynin across the ring!

Adams: Oh that was slick!

Raynin returns to her feet fast and Amy runs over and leaps, going for another monkey flip, but Raynin counters, throwing her over with a backdrop attempt, but Amy turns it into a sunset flip! Raynin struggles to stay upright but loses her balance and goes down in the sunset flip!

2.....Raynin kicks out!

Raynin jumps up before Amy can follow up and she clotheslines her right down! Grabbing a handful of Marshall's hair, Raynin pulls her to her feet where she scoops her up and deposits her with a body slam! Amy rolls over, clutching her back but in a bad position as Raynin sits on the small of her back, drapes her arms over her knees and traps her in a camel clutch, pulling back on her chin and wrenching Amy's spine.

Simone: This one could be over already. Look at the position Raynin has Amy's back in.

Jacob kneels down in front of Amy, asking the champion if she wants to concede the match but Marshall shakes her head "no," refusing to give Raynin the satisfaction of a submission victory over her! Raynin, her hands cupped under Amy's chin, pulls back even further, but quickly switches, rolling over and encircling her legs around Amy's waist, turning the camel clutch into a full body scissors.

Simone: I have to admit surprise. Both of these women are well known for being heavy hitters when they need to be but all we've seen has been a clean, scientific encounter.

Adams: maybe they both feel they have something to prove? Amy as champion and Raynin as challenger?

Raynin leans up onto her hands, adding increased pressure on the hold, working on Amy's ribs and forcing the air from her lungs! Again Jacob asks Amy if she wants to submit and again he gets a heated refusal for an answer! Instead, Amy throws her body over, turning around in the hold so that she's facing Raynin. Amy pushes herself up to her feet and falls to her back, sending Raynin catapulting across the ring! Raynin however thinks quickly and somersaults on the mat and jumps back up to her feet! She runs over and jumps for a dropkick but Amy moves and Raynin lands hard! Amy then jumps up for a diving elbow but Raynin rolls out of the way and Marshall misses!

Simone: These women are just throwing everything at each other to pick up this win.

Marshall gets up, holding her elbow, as at the same time, Raynin returns to her feet, holding her back. Raynin walks right up to Amy and with both hands to the chest, shoves her! Amy, refusing to back down, shoves Raynin right back!

Adams: Tempers are starting to flare!

Raynin steps right back up and BITCH slaps Amy across the face! The crowd reacts in a "Ohhh!" manner but Amy rears back and BITCH slaps her right back!

Simone: Flare hell! Their tempers are turning into a raging inferno!

Raynin then lashes out with a boot to the mid-section, doubling Amy over! She Irish whips her into the ropes and swings, aiming for a lariat, but Amy ducks the blow and comes running off of the far side, jumps on the middle rope and takes Raynin down with a springboard body press!

Raynin kicks out!

Amy pulls Raynin up to her feet and lifts her up for a back suplex but Raynin lands on her feet behind her! Raynin grabs her around the waist and runs her forward into the ropes for a rollup but Amy holds onto the top rope and throws Raynin back. Raynin gets right back up however and as Amy turns around, she's nailed by a clothesline that sends her tumbling over the top rope and to the floor below!

Adams: And here's where business is about to pick up!

Raynin nudges right past the protesting referee and climbs out thru the ropes and drops to the floor! She grabs Amy by the arm and Irish whips her hard into the security railing back-first!

Simone: Now we're seeing what these two women can do in a fight!

Amy staggers out, her face grimacing in pain. Instead of following through, Raynin rolls back inside of the ring and holds her arms out and her fan base cheers her on! However what she doesn't see as the referee reprimands her is that Amy is back on the ring apron behind her! Amy grabs hold of the top rope and uses it as a springboard and she dropkicks Raynin right in the back, sending her sprawling across the ring! The crowd cheers! Amy grabs Raynin and brings her over with a leaping reverse STO and a cover!

Raynin kicks out!

Amy bodyslams her opponent and steps out onto the apron and ascends to the top! Raynin gets up and turns around and Amy jumps for a missile dropkick but Raynin moves! Amy crash lands right on her back and Raynin immediately capitalizes, grabbing Amy up around the waist from behind and German suplexes her into a bridge!

Amy gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Raynin almost had that one right there! That was a costly mistake by Amy Marshall.

Raynin Irish whips Amy into the corner and Marshall back hits hard into the turnbuckles! Amy stumbles out and Raynin runs off of the ropes and plants her with a jumping bulldog! Raynin brings her back up and goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Amy reverses it! Raynin jumps to the middle rope and vaults back into a corkscrew moonsault onto Amy! She hooks the leg!

3-NO! Amy gets the shoulder up!

Simone: She almost had her! That was so close!

Raynin grabs Amy by the head and buries a series of forearm shots to the back, working the already tender area. She then stands on the back of Amy's knees, interlocking their legs. She grabs her opponent's hands and rears back, pulling Amy up into the air in a Mexican surfboard as the fans applaud the display!

Simone: And again with a submission attempt! I tell you Raynin would love nothing more than to win in this manner!

Amy however still won't give in and Raynin lowers her down to her knees, then grabs her by the head and tucks her chin under her arm, bending her back almost in half! The crowd is stunned at the painful positioning of Amy's back!

Simone: Good god the human body just isn't meant to bend that way!

Adams: That's not what Shipman tells me.

Raynin finally lets go of the hold and throws Amy back to the canvas face-first. She returns to her feet, pulling Amy up along with her and sets her head between her knees, positioning her for a powerbomb. She lifts her up but Amy uses the momentum to land on her feet in front of Raynin. Amy swings at her but Raynin ducks and Amy turns around and Raynin answers right back with a clothesline of her own, knocking Amy again to her back! Raynin grabs her and pulls her to her feet, then lifts her up onto her shoulder and deposits her in the corner on the top turnbuckle, climbing right up along with her!

Simone: Somehow this doesn't seem to bode well for Amy Marshall!

Raynin is going for a superplex! Raynin pulls, but Amy blocks it! She pulls again but again the maneuver is blocked! Amy then starts fighting Raynin off of her, landing solid shots to Raynin's stomach! Raynin lets go, and Amy lands two solid fists right to her challenger's head, sending her off balance and Raynin falls, landing hard on the mat on her back! Amy then stands up onto the top turnbuckle and jumps off, landing squarely on Raynin's throat with a shooting star press! Amy with the cover!

3-NO! Raynin shoots her shoulder off of the mat!

Adams: How did she kick out of that!?

Amy Irish whips Raynin into the ropes but Raynin handsprings right off and back into a flying elbow smash right to Amy's face! Raynin grabs her again in position for a vertical suplex but hooks a leg and turns it into a fisherman's suplex and bridge!

Amy gets the shoulder up!

Raynin Irish whips her into the far corner but Amy somersaults over to the ring apron ala Ric Flair and lands right on her feet! Raynin runs at her but in a fluid movement, Amy sweeps her legs out from under her and springboards over into a cannonball splash! Amy hooks the leg!

Jacob stops the count, noticing Raynin's foot draped across the bottom rope!

Simone: Raynin took a bump but still knew right where she was to break up the count.

Amy goes for a whip into the corner but Raynin reverses it and follows right in but ends up meeting Amy's boot right to the head! Raynin stumbles back and Amy springs up onto the top rope and leaps off!

Simone: Hurricanrana!

Amy dives on top of her opponent and hooks the near leg!

3-NO! Kickout by Raynin!

Adams: NO!

Simone: Amy looks a tad frustrated there.

Amy body slams Raynin with as much authority as she can and then once again goes up top and jumps off for a splash but makes no contact as Raynin rolls out of the way! Raynin immediately grabs Amy and powerbombs her right into a folded jackknife position!

3-NO! Amy just manages to escape!

Simone: Oh my god that was close!

Adams: Both of these Bombshells want to walk away the champion!

Raynin stares at Jacob Summers, a look of disdain on her face, finding it hard to believe Amy kicked out. Instead of arguing, Raynin grabs Amy and pulls her up from behind and goes for a full nelson, only Amy drops down and uses her legs to roll Raynin up into a lightning quick cover!

Raynin gets a shoulder up!

Both women then jump up and rush each other with arms extended -- double clothesline!

Adams: Yeah. Who didn't see that one coming? Show of hands?

Jacob stands over both women who are literally exhausted, their bodies racked with pain from this hard fought contest. The official then starts his mandatory count.


Simone: Get up! It'd be a damn shame to see such a hard fought match end like this!


Amy uses the ropes to start to bring herself back to her feet.


Raynin pushes herself up from her knees to her feet. Amy comes up to her but Raynin kicks her in the stomach, stopping her in her tracks. Raynin forearms her across the chest and headbutts her!

Simone: Things are getting rough.

Adams: 'Getting' rough? Where've you been?

Raynin grabs her opponent and goes for an Irish whip but Amy reverses it and lashes out with a superkick right to the jaw, knocking her right out over the top rope and to the ringside floor unceremoniously! Amy backs off as per the referee's demands and allows Raynin time to struggle back up to her feet, but as the official begins his mandatory count, Amy sizes the situation up, runs back off of the rope, sprints across the ring and uses the top rope as a springboard, somersaulting over the top and crashing right into Raynin with a Suicide Dive! The crowd is immediately on it's feet, roaring in deafening approval!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Simone: My god Amy has to be insane to attempt something like that! She could have killed herself!

Adams: She does not want to lose her title so soon!

Both women are down on the outside of the ring, Raynin flat on her back and Amy holding the back of her head and grimacing in pain! The referee begins his count!


Both women begin to stir...


Amy forces herself to her feet and grabs Raynin, rolling her back inside of the ring, beneath the bottom rope!


Amy follows and the count is broken.

Amy goes back up to the top turnbuckle and jumps off for a corkscrew dive-bomber but Raynin rolls out of the way and Amy lands right on her back and shoulder! Raynin crawls over and covers the hurt Amy Marshall!

3-NO! Amy's shoulder comes up off of the mat!

Simone: I can't believe it! Amy kicked out!

Adams: Raynin can't believe it Either!

Raynin pounds the mat in frustration, her eyes are wide as saucers as she stares at the referee, holding up three fingers, questioning the referee who holds up only two!


Adams: That says it all!

Raynin drags the hurt champion up with a handful of her falling mohawk. Raynin positions herself and lashes out with a martial arts boot to Amy's sternum! Amy staggers back, stunned and hurt, and Raynin lands another that sends Marshall right to the mat! Raynin pulls her up by the arm and lays her out with a short-arm clothesline. She pulls her up for a second but this time Amy ducks and attempts a straight jacket suplex, but Raynin drives the back of her head into Amy's face, breaking up the attempt! Raynin then goes for an Irish whip but Amy manages another reversal and sends her challenger into the corner. Raynin, however, runs up the corner and jumps off with a back twist into...

Adams: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Raynin with the cover!


Adams: She did it!

The crowd cheers as Raynin slowly removes herself from Amy, looking at the referee and Jacob raises her arm! Raynin pumps a fist in ecstasy as the crowd cheers!

Justin: Here is your winner, and NEW World Bombshell Champion -- Raynin!

The fans cheer as Jacob goes to deliver the belt to the new champion but Amy pulls the gold from the official's grasp!

Simone: What's this?

Amy looks forlornly at the title, then at Raynin -- and holds the title out to her. Cheers are drawn from the fans as Raynin nods and accepts the title and Amy grabs her arm and raises it herself!

Simone: What a display of sportsmanship!

Adams: Amy Marshall taking it on herself to present the title to the new champion! That is what being a Bombshell is all about!

Simone: That's all we got time for this week, join us next week when we head to Italy!

Thank you! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Sam, Wong, Dustin, The Lord MK, Andy, Sean Jackson, Natalie McKinley, Thaddeus Stone, Jenny, Mercedes, Kris Halc. Also thanks to Vixen for the great match banners and to everyone who is a part of SCW! Happy Easter!