Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda bounces out, a dance to her step, and wearing green traditional Irish clothes. The music starts playing to the tune of traditional Irish music and the performance begins.

Amanda: As I walked into a pub one night some whiskey for to buy.
As I staggered to the public bar no one could I spy,
Well I was dissapointed and some angry words I said,
When I heard the sound of a


Amanda: "ahh" right above me head
Yes I heard the sound of a


Amanda: "ahh" right above me head

Well I was quick and I was slick and up them stairs I went,
And I was so surprised to find the governer's wife in bed,
She was with another man, quiet anormous size,
And they were having a


Amanda: Right before me eyes,
Yes they were having a


Amanda: Right before me eyes.

But when the fun was over and done the lady liften her head,
And she was so surprised to find me standing right beside the bed
She said if you would be discrete young man and you would be so kind
You too could have some of the old


Amanda: Whenever you feel inclined
You too could have some of the old


Amanda: Whenever you feel inclined

Now many's the night and many's the dat the govener wasn't at home,
For to buy some whiskey too the public house I'd go,
But not a drop would she give to me but she gave to me instead,
A little bit more of the


Amanda: And sent me home to bed
A little bit more of the


Amanda: And sent me home to bed

Come all ye married men take heed when your going out on the town,
Be sure to leave your wife at home and tie her down,
And don't take any chances and tie her down to the floor
And give her enofe of the old


Amanda: Till she don't want any more
And give her enofe of the old


Amanda: Till she don't want any more.

The music picks up and Amanda does an Irish jig until she brings it to a close and the crowd cheers and applauds as the lights dim down on the stage.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control live from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I'm sneezing like a trooper, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: We have eight matches here tonight, including four Blast From The Past III matches, and a big main event.

Adams: That one's gonna be nasty.

Simone: We tart with a debut tonight, as we expanded the Bombshell division by one to add the very talented Krissy Filapovic to the roster.

Adams: Krissy came highly recommended but she couldn't have asked for a tougher start to her SCW career as she goes up against Texas tough, Traci Patterson.

Simone: Two men returned to SCW action last week, both shocking returns as Kris Halich and Old Skool both appeared on Climax Control.

Adams: No one expected either of these men to end up returning to the SCW spotlight, but now they have, they will be going one on one with each other to remind the fans of the talant they have.

Simone: J2H attacked Gabriel Asar last week along with Power Play, for seemingly no apparent reason, and tonight, J2H is in action.

Adams: I don't think he ever thought he'd find himself in this situation because he will be facing a mysterious opponent in the man known as Sephiroth Du Lac

Simone: Blast From The Past starts here, and a team touted as strong contenders since they were announced, Misty and Andrew Watts start their journey here.

Adams: Watts is over confident, Misty can't remember how to wrestle, and tonight they face Watt's Rejects team mate, Mikah, and a man we can't tell you anything about because we don't know anything about him. All we know is he's called Patient 026.

Simone: Joshua Acquin and Amy Marshall were as happy as possible when they found out they were teaming with each other.

Adams: Until they found out they will be facing none other than other than the technially sound Bo Dreamwolf, and the much decorated Crystal Hilton. This one could be going anyway and with Bo and Joshua in the ring, this could be a technical dream match.

Simone: Jessie Salco made it clear that she didn't want to team with Andrew Garcia. The wrestling Gods were not smiling on her when the draw was made, because she got just that.

Adams: And not only that, she has to go up against the huge Dark Tiger Sebastian Hardin and the unknown quantity of Candy Overton. Jessie must be wondering who she pissed off for this one.

Simone: The Fallen's manager, Darknyss is stepping in the ring. She is a talented wrestler, but she's teaming up with another Patient, this time Patient 078.

Adams: This would have been hard for Darknyss to prepare for but the other team is just as unconventional, as Erik Staggs, head of SCW talent relations, gets in the ring to team with Necra Octavian Kane.

Simone: Tonight's main event will be one of the sickest, most brutal matches we've seen in SCW history. We will witness our first ever Belfast Brawl.

Adams: Most of the ropes will be replaced with barbed wire and Draxel Matheson and Gavin Stephens will be putting their bodies on the line to entertain you all.

Simone: Insanity.

Adams: It is but insanity is good, let's start this show!

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 131 pounds, she is... KRRRRISSSSSSSY FILLLLLLLLAPOVICH!!!

Cherry Pie by Warrant starts up and out steps Krissy Filapovich the newest wrestler to grace the SCW with her humble presence. Krissy begins her way down the ramp. Once she reaches the ring she stops, smiling wide. She enters the ring by sliding under the bottom rope. She gets to her feet, looking around at those who cheer for her. Enjoying the sound of her name as they call it out from their lips.

Justin Decent: Aaaand her opponent! Coming to us from Dallas, Texas... standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 143 pounds, she is... TRRRRRRRRRRRACI PATTERRRRRRRRRSOOOONNN!!!

Here Come The Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Traci and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Traci then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Traci. The pair then walk down to the ring and slap fans hands as they do this. Katie then gets up on the apron and holds the ropes open for Traci. Traci then slips in and walks over to the corner. She then poses on the turnbuckles while Katie claps her. Traci then gets down and opens the ropes for Katie to leave before focusing on her opponent.


Traci scouts out the ring as Krissy strategically follows Traci, keeping her distance, but standing at the ready. Krissy keeps her eyes on the semi newcomer carefully, holding her arms out in an attempt to be ready for anything that might be coming her way. Traci gains some ground as she and Krissy tie up. Traci's technical experience helps her as she rolls behind Krissy and brings her over with a German Suplex. She rolls over, waiting as Krissy bounces back, rolling to her feet and coming in for the attack.

Simone: Traci is coming on strong right out of the gate.

Adams: She has got to keep it up in order to beat someone as sexy... I mean determined... as Krissy Filapovich.

Traci brings Krissy down with a quick Snapmare, quickly following it up with a dropkick to her back. She grabs onto Krissy's hair and pulls her over to the corner where she slowly climbs, lifting her off of the mat as she goes. Krissy tries to fight back as Traci gets to the top rope. Traci hooks her arm around Krissy's neck and gets ready to leap off, but Krissy grabs onto her tights and slams her down hard on the mat.

Simone: A resourceful move by Krissy, but it seems rather desperate to start off.

Adams: You gotta do what you gotta do to stop a move like that from connecting. Plus, it's not illegal. And, do you see the size difference here?.

Krissy takes a moment to stomp on a downed Traci for good measure. She dashes across the ring and comes flying off of the nearest ropes, crashing down with a Rolling Thunder. Krissy holds onto her ribs as she rises up from the mat. She brings Traci with her as she sends the blonde amazon into the ropes. As Traci rebounds off of the ropes, Krissy leans down, looking for some type of slam, but Traci hooks arms with her and goes for a Backslide Pin. However, Krissy reverses it on her and brings her up and over with a reverse Piledriver!

Simone: What an amazing maneuver there from the newcomer, Krissy Filapovich!

Adams: I just love a good reversal or a reversal of a.... Wait, what was I saying here?

Krissy takes a second to breath before leaning over Traci in a set up for a pin. Traci rolls back a little, stretching her legs around Krissy's neck, squeezing as she leans forward. Krissy tries to stand up, taking Traci with her. Traci slides through Krissy's legs, and with a hand stand, she refuses to let go of the hold. Krissy pries Traci's legs from her neck, and tosses her back. However, Traci cartwheels forward and bounces off of the ropes, running at Krissy with a Bulldog that drops her to the ground.

Adams: I like the way Traci Patterson moves, like blonde lightening.

Simone: She has talent, and that is exactly why she is an SCW Bombshell! That's not something anyone should take lightly.

The crowd cheers as Krissy slowly gets up and walks over to Traci. Traci is waiting for her at the ready, but Krissy quickly ducks behind her. She brings her down with a Back Breaker. The crowd cheers as Traci gets her foot on the ropes. Krissy tugs her away, pulling forward to get her away from the ropes... however, this is a golden opportunity for Traci, who is quick to escape. Krissy grabs her by the shoulders to tug her back, but Traci turns around and kicks her in the gut for her troubles. She bounces off of the ropes, doing a Handspring forward, wrapping her legs around Krissy's neck, and takes her down with a swift Headscissors.

Simone: Amazing agility for her size with Traci Patterson here tonight.

Adams: I could think of a few instances where that agility and flexibility could come in handy... like gymnastics for one!

Traci springs up to her feet and she plays to the audience a bit, feeding on their cheers before she begins stalking Krissy a bit. She bounces off of the ropes and times it just as Krissy slowly gets up to a kneeling position. As she does, Traci comes across with a Big Boot that sends her back down to the ground. She drops down for the cover as Jacob makes the count.



Krissy kicks out. The audience cheers for the match to continue.They shout words of encouragement to Traci as she drags Krissy up by her arms. Krissy groans in pain as she comes up to her feet. She elbows Traci in the stomach, and then she tosses her into the corner. As Traci comes out, Krissy Spears her back into it. She steps back, measuring Traci up. She comes up with a hard Clothesline, and then she rolls her backward with a Monkey Flip that sends Traci landing on her back. Krissy runs up the turnbuckle and comes crashing down with a Senton Splash

Simone: Krissy Filapovich is really pulling out all of the stops here tonight, isn't she?.

Adams: When you are facing someone like Traci Patterson, it doesn't matter who you are, ya gotta take her seriously! And being a newcomer, you know the SCW brass will be watching carefully.

Simone: That's what I keep seeing from Traci. She inspires great work in her opponents, as does Krissy so far.

Krissy slowly rolls away from Traci to gain her footing. She then stumbles back over toward Traci. She leans down for the pin. Traci surprises Krissy as she comes down for the pin. She rolls Krissy up into a Small Package



Krissy rolls Traci over, turning the pin attempt onto her.




Traci turns it back over on Krissy. The fans are on the edge of their seats as they watch Jacob's head spin.




Simone: What an impressive showing from both ladies! Traci locked in the pin, only to have it turned around on her, and then regained.

Adams: I can't even keep up with them. I don't know who to cheer for... my head is so confused!

As Jason cries out in frustration, the audience cheers as both ladies find their way up to their feet at the same time. They watch each other carefully as they don't want to make any moves in haste. Krissy leans against the ropes, plotting her next move as Traci goes on the defensive. Krissy charges forward, and Traci goes for a clothesline, but Krissy ducks underneath it. Krissy comes off of the opposing ropes, looking for a Headscissors, but Traci grabs onto her legs and flings them off of her. Krissy finds herself against the ropes, looking for a Handspring Elbow. She connects to Traci's face, causing her to hold onto her right eye. Krissy sends Traci into the corner. As she charges forward, Traci ducks out of the way, letting Krissy delicately turn around. Traci rams a knee into Krissy's stomach. She then ascends the corner and begins hitting punches as the crowd counts along with her.











Simone: Traci has rallied the fans behind her, but truth be told, both of these ladies are putting on a great show for the fans.

As she hits the final blow, she falls down with a Monkey Flip, tossing Krissy up and over to the mat. The crowd goes wild for a brief moment as Traci climbs to the top rope. She looks down to measure Krissy up. Traci leaps off for a Frog Splash that connects hard with Krissy. She grabs onto her ribs as she goes for a pin.




Adams: How are these ladies still going?

Simone: They both want it that much, Jason! Only one can win, but either way, the fans will win with this one!

Traci can't believe that Krissy kicked out of this move. She slowly stands up and leans on the ropes to catch her breath again. She pants a bit, and Krissy gets up to her feet. In one last attempt to gain the advantage, Krissy charges forward with a Spear, but both ladies wind up toppling over the ropes and to the outside. Jacob gives them a second as they tumble to the ground before starting his count.





Krissy stirs a bit as does Traci. Both women are worn down, and as the count gets up there, Traci comes to her feet first. Traci slides into the ring. She walks around waiting for her opponent to get back to her feet. As she does, Traci steps back, inviting her back into the ring. She says something that really inspires Krissy u to bring it, and she charges into the ring. Traci tells her to bring it on, and Krissy charges at her. As she does, Traci dodges a clothesline attempt, but Krissy grabs onto her red locks tightly. She crashes down with a hard bulldog that sends Traci crashing forward and onto the middle rope. Krissy dashes to the other side of the ring, and through the ropes. As she does, she jumps up and nails a West Coast Pop that sends the crowd into a frenzy. She rolls back, and takes a breath before setting Traci up for possibly a Sharpshooter. Traci clicks her heels against Krissy's head. Krissy attempts it once more, garnering the same response. Traci rolls out of the way, getting to her feet quickly. She hits a Discus Clothesline out of nowhere

Simone: Ohhh, she meant business with that one.

Adams: I would say this one is about over...

Traci hooks the leg and Jacob Summers drops down for the cover.



Simone: Filapovich kicks out again! There is just no keeping this one down!

Krissy musters up the strength to get from under the strong hold of Traci Patterson. She lifts Traci from the mat and then signals to the sky. She sets Traci up for a Springboard Bulldog, AKA Flipped! She hooks the leg as Jacob drops down for the count.





Simone: This match could have gone either way, as the experience of Traci Patterson helped her, but Krissy Filapovich gains the victory here tonight.

Krissy stands up and looks down to Traci for a moment. After such a grueling contest between the two, she extends her hand down toward Traci and helps lift her off of the mat. The two share an admirable arm raise, much to the delight of the fans. They then share a handshake in the middle of the ring.

The scene opens on the backstage area, where we find Joanne walking through the hallways with the Internet title over her shoulder. she was heading off to find Necra, and as she rounds the corner she runs into someone.

Joanne: Jesus watch where you're goin'!

The person who she ran into was none other than Veronica Taylor, was busying checking on her appearance, making sure everything was perfect. As she looked she scoffed rolling her eyes.

Veronica Taylor: Well, well look at what the cat dragged in, judging by the rags you are in, I swear your going further and further down since I stopped carrying you. So sad really.

Joanne sighs, and looks at Veronica who was still primping.

Joanne: Really? You really have to go there and insult my 10,000 dollar suit? That is fuckin' childish if nothin' else. Why don't you pull your head from your ass sometime and come up for air?

Veronica fluffed her hair before saying.

Veronica Taylor: 10,000? You paid that for that? Wow that's bad I feel sad for you getting ripped off. Then again even with my expert help I do not think, you would ever be fashionable such a shame really.

Joanne: At least I'm not a dumb bitch that thinks she's perfect when she's nothin' more then a dumb bitch lookin' to have it easy. Tell me Veronica how many times have you spread those long legs to get your way?

Veronica scoffed once again.

Veronica Taylor: Think? No I am prefect duh! Dumb, hunty I am a marketing genius, and a genius on top of that really. And spread my legs really you are just jealous of how hot my man is. Don't blame you or your just jealous that I am more marketable than you are.

Joanne laughs, and leans against the wall with the title catching the light.

Joanne: I hate to tell you but Hunty isn't a word, of course a dumb ass blond bitch wouldn't know that would you? After all it's not like you have any intelligence.

Veronica rolled her eyes.

Veronica Taylor: First of all blonde? Can you not see colors I have blonde highlights major difference duh! Clearly, the only thing dark about you is the light in your head. And, that title? Please hwo did you get in the match to be internet champion when clearly, the hottest thing on the internet is well the Mean Girls.

Joanne looks at the title and laughs once again.

Joanne: The only reason you're the hottest thin's on the internet is because of the simple fact someone found the sex tape you made.

Veronica rolled her eyes.

Veronica Taylor: Um that was that thing who thought she was a Mean Girl, none of us did. But then again your not that smart or pretty for that matter. So clearly dumb, ugly, and non talented the unlucky three.

Joanne grabs her and slams her against the wall causing her to drop the compact she had in her hand.

Joanne: Listen here you no talented, good for nothin' little piece of shit! I've been in this business a hell of a long time, and I've won more gold then you will ever see in your life time. I've been on the cover of penthouse and playboy and sold over 3 million copies in two days world wide. I run half a dozen companies legal and non and make more then you are or will ever be worth to anyone. So don't tell me that I'm unlucky, because the way I see it bitch, after I'm dead and gone people will remember my name for the thin's that I have done, while you fade away into nothin'ness! Get the fuck out of my sight before I do somethin' that you and the heads of the SCW will regret.

Veronica eyed her with a bitchy glare before putting her hand on her hip.

Veronica Taylor: First of all no talented? Please have you not see what I have done in that ring, I mean I already put Zuri whats her face in your group look like the bitch she was. Second of all just because your prehistoric does not mean your careers been any good okay. And Penthouse, and Playboy? Please I been on the cover of Elle, Vogue real magazines. Aww poor girl is gonna lose it again.

Joanne turns and closes her eyes trying to keep her cool. She could feel her hand shake and lets out a deep sigh.

Joanne: I bet every last copy burst into flames when people saw it. Either that or their faces melted off from the horrid visage that they saw. Now if you excuse me I need to and find find my dear friend. So why don't you go and fuck yourself or whatever man happens to be in your way. But then again what man would fuck you... Gawd only knows what kind of disease he would catch. See ya around Ronnie...

Joanne turns and walks off leaving Veronica fuming as the scene fades to black.

The scene comes in backstage, in the Fallen's dressing room. The Angels and the men of R.O.A.R. are all standing around the lone figure of Darknyss who is dressed in her gear and is stretching on the floor, her legs spread wide in the chinese splits as she leans from side to side. The only one who's not standing there is Raynin, who's sitting on the couch, eating peanuts from out of a bag. Darknyss stops moving and looks up at her friends and chuckles.

Darknyss: Would you PLEASE stop looking at me like I'm some kind of invalid who's being taken out to run a triathalon? I'm fine! In fact, I'm better than fine! This is gonna be so much fun for me!

Dark Tiger shakes his head and sighs heavily.

Dark Tiger: You say it's gonna be fun, but I'm the one who has to sit back and watch you go out there and I can't do anything about it. Three years Lady. THREE YEARS it's been since you've been in the ring, and you're going in there against someone who can't stand the sight of you, and another who would like nothing more than to rip you to shreds!

Darknyss looks up at him and raises her eyebrow in curiousity.

Darknyss: And when is that any different from any other time I've been in the ring? The only difference is the amount of time that I've been out of the ring, so just stop your worrying. Win, lose, or draw, I'm just going to enjoy being in the ring. Besides... I think it'll be fun to see what Erik Staggs has up his sleeve. Out of everyone else... He's the one person that I know truly has a reason to try to take me down.

Gothika steps up and takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.

Gothika: Yeah, but we don't know anything about this... Patient 056, or 023, or... Whatever the hell his number is! We don't know a damned thing about him! What if he's a plant, sent in just to try to take you out?! What then?

Darknyss shrugs and chuckles, shaking her head.

Darknyss: We can't live our lives being afraid of the unknown. All we can do is just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep on rolling. I for one, am not about to live in fear. I never have, and I never will. And I've never asked for any of you to live that way either. So all of you... back off!!... Right this instant!!... Or I'll REALLY give you a reason to worry!! Especially YOU DT! You know what I'm capable of, and you know of my skills in the ring! Especially since I've beaten you so many times... This so called FEAR is unwarranted!

Dark Tiger's face turns different shades of red, as he holds his anger back.

Dark Tiger: Because!! This is different!! Back then, you weren't one of the most hated women in the company!!

Darknyss jumps up and gets in his face and shouts at him, staring up in his eyes.

Darknyss: BULLSHIT!! You know DAMN WELL I have always been hated in every company I work in! Even Mark Ward can't say he doesn't hate me! But he respects me!! I've always had respect!! And THAT'S what's been lacking lately, even from all of you! Respect!! You think I don't have what it takes, even though I'm bigger, stronger and faster than damn near every one of you!! You think I've lost my edge!! Well, I'll show you about having what it takes! Get the hell outta my way!!

Darknyss storms out of the room, leaving everyone looking speechless. The room is quiet, until you hear a loud cracking sound. Everyone turns to look at Raynin who is chuckling and shaking her head slowly.

Raynin: Damn, I'm glad I didn't say a word. She's only mad at you all now. Maybe that means she won't be as hard on me during training tomorrow... But you guys... You're gonna GET IT BAD!

Raynin wraps her arms around her stomach and laughs loudly as everyone else groans and shakes their heads.

The scene cuts to commercial...

The lights dim and fog rolls out in a thick cloud over the entrance area of the stage as the music starts and the fans all on their feet and their is actually a "Ace of Clubs" chant that is overpowering the boos of some of the people that have known the man longer. The fans are treated with a spotlight that kicks on just under the stage as the lift activates. Kris leans his left side and puts his elbow onto his knee, then through the smoke, his outline is slowly raised until it becomes a black figure standing at the top of the ramp. Right behind him is his manager, Clarissa Ashford

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, standing at 6 feet 1 inch, and weighing in at 217 pounds, and being accompanied to the ring by Clarissa Ashford, he is... KRRRRRRRRRRRISSSSS HAAAAAAAAAAALICH!!!

As the lift becomes level with the stage, massive blue and purple pyro shoots from the ceiling down to the stage hitting on both sides of the smoke cloud on the stage. The lights are immediately flipped on, and it is as if the cloud never existed. Kris steps forward and is clearly seen in his wrestling attire. His bright purple gloves are the first thing the fans notice. He is wearing black pants and a black shirt that reads "K-Halc?" across the front. He reaches ringside and before sliding in the ring takes off his shirt and tosses it into the crowd as he waits for his opponent.

Justin Decent: Aaaaaand his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, standing at 5 feet 7 inches, and weighing in at 186 pounds, he is... OOLLLLLLLD SKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!

Old Skool make his appearance as his music sounds his arrival to the ring. The sinsational a man of few words but always about the fans when he come out as he high fives and shakes hands with the crowd. Don't get me wrong this man may act the gentleman now but once he gets in that ring no one is his friend when standing against him. Just look at those eyes they went from bright and shiny to dark and ominous.


Simone: OH! And it doesn't take long before Old Skool locks up with Kris Halich.

Adams: Both men are down to business tonight! It's a real power struggle here.

Both men were thinking it, but The Old Skool digs in first as he tosses a hard right knee into Halich's midsection. He holds him back at arms length and Old Skool throws a hard right to the center of Halich's forehead. Clarissa urges Halich on from the outside as Old Skool continues the momentum. He throws Halich against the ropes, and as he rebounds, he lifts him up for a Spinebuster, but Halich catches him with a poke to the eye. Old Skool holds his eye and goes for a blind punch that knocks Halich back a few feet, but Halich lands a stiff kick to Old Skool's left knee, taking him down to a kneeling position. Halich then grabs him by the hair and punches him in the face with three swift blows, following them up with a hard punt to Old Skool's chin. The audience groans in agony for Old Skool.

Adams: I felt that all the way over here so you know that had to smart.

Simone: Taunting this early in the match when it can go either way is a bad move by Halich. We haven't seen enough of Old Skool, but what I do know is that he is willing to do whatever it takes to secure a win.

Halich stalks Old Skool, but he lets his guard up for just a second too long as Old Skool takes him down with a swift leg sweep. He rolls over and locks the ankle, wrenching it as he quickly stomps away at Halich's left knee. Holding onto the leg, he drops down and wrenches the knee further.

Simone: It looks like Old Skool is putting together a strategy here, targeting Halich's left knee.

Adams: Once a body part is injured, it is never the same again.

Halich grunts, but the pain doesn't show in his face. He crawls slowly toward the ropes, inch by inch. Old Skool tries to drag him back to the center, but it is too late. Halich has a hold of the ropes, and he refuses to give in, even though Old Skool won't let go. The referee warns him, but he shakes his head in refusal, so the referee begins shouting out a count.


Adams: Old Skool almost refusing to let go, gives in at the last possible second to avoid a disqualification. Smart man.

It isn't long before Old Skool goes back to the left knee, but Halich kicks him in the knee instead. Halich stands up, limping a bit. He hits a swift and powerful uppercut to Old Skool's throat, sending him back a bit. Halich bounces off of the ropes, and Old Skool forces him to a stop, but Halich drives a hard knee into Old Skool's stomach. He lays an elbow to his back, driving him down to one knee before sending him across the ring with a hard Irish Whip. As he comes back, Halich picks him up and spins for a picture perfect Spinebuster.

Adams: Halich almost broke the ring with that one! Did you see that?

Simone: Even if I didn't I could feel the impact all the way over here.

Halich sizes up Old Skool and drops down with a hard fist drop. He lays over him, pinning him down with every bit of strength.




Old Skool gets a shoulder up. Halich slowly gets up, dragging Old Skool with him. As he does, he sets him up for a Snap Suplex, but Old Skool hooks his leg around Halich's, stopping it. Halich smacks him in the side with a hard jab and then knocks him with a headbutt before trying again. This time, he is successful as Old Skool collides with the mat hard, yet again. On the outside, Clarissa pounds the mat, cheering on her man despite the mixed reaction from the fans. Halich leans down toward Old Skool, but Old Skool smacks him across the face, stunning Halich. Old Skool gets up, and goes to toss Halich into the ropes, but Halich reverses it. As Old Skool comes off of the ropes, Halich goes for a hard clothesline, but Old Skool ducks it. Halich follows after him this time, but Old Skool drops down, holding the top rope and Halich stumbles over them, falling hard to the outside.

Simone: There is Old Skool, thinking on his feet again. That might have really paid off for him.

Adams: He's setting up for something risky here, and it might NOT pay off.

Old Skool watches as Halich slowly moves on the ground outside. Clarissa backs up once she sees the referee is watching her, holding her hands up innocently. Old Skool steps through the ropes, looking down at Halich, waiting for his mark. As soon as Halich is on his knees, Old Skool lands a hard legdrop to the outside! The ref starts his count.



Old Skool gets up and picks Halich up along with him. He sends him flying into the ring steps, crashing hard. He doesn't give up there as he charges in with a running shoulder block.



Halich does his best with a weary chop, but Old Skool returns with one of his own. He turns Halich around and begins repeatedly smashing his head into the steps.

Adams: It looks like Old Skool isn't just out for a victory. He's out for Halich's blood tonight.

Simone: It seems like he is trying to send a strong message to management about how badly he wants to contend with the big dogs.



Halich stops one by planting his foot against the ring steps, smashing a hard elbow into 's face, and then he cracks him with another to the rib. He grabs Old Skool's head and slams it against the steps. Clarissa comes over as if she is about to get involved somehow until she sees the referee looking at her. The referee warns them before continuing his count.



Old Skool slides in under the ropes in hopes of getting an easy count out victory as Halich tries to make it into the ring to save himself.

Adams: Hey, a win is a win, no matter how you get it...


Halich slides back in the ring, just in the nick of time. Old Skool meets him with a hard bicycle kick before Halich can even return to his feet. He lays in a couple of kicks before leaning down to set up a Surfboard Stretch. Halich struggles to escape it, and crawls away before Old Skool can hook the arms.

Simone: Both men are starting to feel the effects of their battle. Old Skool lost a perfect opportunity for a submission victory right there.

Adams: I'm still bummed that we didn't get to see a chick fight on the outside... It might not be too late!

Halich crawls up the corner, dragging himself to a standing position, only to have his foot grabbed by Clarissa from the outside. Old Skool comes crashing hard with a body splash that sends Halich crumbling back to the floor. Old Skool climbs up the turnbuckle and calls out for his finisher, After Skool Special. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as he steadies himself above a still Halich.

Adams: Why doesn't Clarissa keep her nose out of this match? I'd like to see that!

Simone: It looks like it's over here. Halich is out, and the fans are starting to rally behind Old Skool.

Old Skool leaps off, only for Halich to roll out of the way at the last possible second. Old Skool crashes hard against the mat, rolling a few feet away. He rolls around a bit, trying to catch his breath as Halich pulls himself up against the ropes. The crowd boos as Halich stalks Old Skool from afar. He steadies his hand as what might be construed as a smile spreads across his lips slowly. He slowly lessens the distance between himself and , who has lifted up onto his hands and knees. Halich grabs onto his arm and drags him up to his feet. He wraps him into a Cobra Clutch position.

Simone: I wasn't especting something like this from Kris Halich! Old Skool is fighting it, but Halich almost has it... It's locked on!

Adams: That's a painful maneuver, and about impossible to get out of. He's refusing to tap, but if he doesn't get out soon, it won't matter.

The referee waits for a tap out, as he clinches his fist tightly. The audience waits in anticipation as Old Skool resists tapping. His eyes flutter as his struggling slows down. Halich keeps it locked on solid, and the ref checks on him, lifting up his arm and it drops. He throws up a finger and shouts "ONE!" He lifts it up slowly again, and it drops once again. "TWO!" He makes sure the audience sees it before lifting the arm one more time. He lets it linger for a second before dropping it one last time. "THREE!"

Justin Decent: Your winner as a result of a Knock Out...KRIS HALICH!!!

Halich rolls Old Skool over and stands up, holding his own arm up in victory. "Second Heartbeat" blasts through the speakers as he exits the ring to Clarissa Ashford.

Adams: An amazing show by both competitors, but Halich with the win.

Simone: I see potential in Old Skool and I look forward to seeing more of him in the weeks to come.

The cameras switch backstage where we find Misty aimlessly wandering her down the halls, looking for Andrew Watts. She has a confused look on her face as she searches for him, not quite sure just what he looks like and as she turns around a corner, who should she bump into but Andrew Watts himself. She looks up at him apologetically, but doesn't seem to realize it's him.

Misty: Oh crap. I'm sorry! I should have watched where I was going. I'm just looking for my partner, Andrew Watts, but I'm having trouble finding him.

Watts kind of has double take for a second. He doesn't instantly reply, staring down Misty, obviously knowing who she is. He smirks, nodding his head as he looks forward at the clueless Bombshell in front of him.

Watts: Hmm, Andrew Watts huh? He was just around here somewhere actually.

Watts flashes a cocky grin to Misty as he places his hands on his hips. Misty looks at him, then at her surroundings and lets out a sigh.

Misty: Oh. Well he's my partner in this tournament tonight and I wanted to find him and make sure I can trust him. Do you think you can help me find him?

A hopeful smile grows on Misty's face as she looks at him, waiting for him to answer. Watts shrugs a shoulder.

Watts: Yeah it shouldn't be too hard... rumor has it though that he isn't exactly the easiest person to trust. Apparently he sort of shuts down anyone who he feels isn't good enough. Do you think you'll be good enough for Andrew Watts, Misty?

Watts smirks as he stares forward at Misty. She smiles brightly and nods with excitement.

Misty: I think so! Well...I hope so. I mean, I've had everyone tell me how good I am at wrestling so...I should be okay. know who I am, then?!

Watts nods his head.

Watts: Yeah, I actually do... oh and by the way Misty, it's nice to meet you... again...

Watts smirks, extending his hand to Misty.

Watts: My name is Andrew... Andrew Watts.

Watts stares forward confidently, his arm still outstretched towards Misty, a smirk on his face. Misty's jaw drops and her cheeks flush red with embarrassment as she shakes his hand.

Misty: Oh crap...I feel like such an idiot now. Why did you let me ramble on like that?!

Misty laughs off the mistake a little. Watts pulls his hand back to his side after they shake as he shakes his head, letting out a light chuckle.

Watts: I couldn't help myself from playing around a bit... I guess the amnesia really is there huh? That sucks... how is the uh, ring training coming back to you?

Watts raises an eyebrow as he asks this question. Misty makes a weird face as she runs her hand through her hair, trying to figure out how best to answer that question.

Misty: It's...uh...going. Melody has been teaching me a lot. I've caught on to...a few things. I think it should be enough for tonight!

Misty smiles innocently, keeping an optimistic smile on her face. Watts nods his head, not really sure how to feel about her response.

Watts: Well, on the bright side, if it isn't... you have me as a partner, I guess you lucked out a bit there huh? I'll be sure to pick up any slack that there is to pick up...

Watts showing off his cockiness a bit, typical of his personality.

Misty: Oh there won't be any slacking coming from me! I promise! I'm going to try really hard. I just hope your friend Mikah doesn't hate me that much that she'll just try to destroy me or something.

Misty frowns, thinking about all the things Mikah has said about her.

Misty: Why doesn't she like me, anyway?

Watts lets out a light laugh, shaking his head.

Watts: Yeah, Mikah... Mikah doesn't like anyone who isn't named Gavin or Mikah, so don't feel bad or singled out in that situation.

Watts shakes his head.

Watts: Plus, she hasn't been too great in the ring lately, you should be able to handle her... if you are anything like your old self.

Misty smiles and lets out a laugh.

Misty: I hope so! I think it would be awesome if I beat her in my first match...Well, sort of anyway. But, I doubt I'll be able to get the win for our team. I think you're more experienced with that than I am at the moment.

Watts nods his head...

Watts: I am definitely experienced in winning, and if the rumors are true and this "mystery" person is someone named Adam Stone... well, then we have absolutely nothing to worry about in tonight's match.

Watts smirks, obviously knowing a little something about the mystery opponent tonight...maybe a little bit more than anyone else in SCW too. Misty's eyes light up curiously as she stares at Watts.

Misty: Ooh..Do you know him? If you do that would be really helpful if he is the mystery guy!

Watts nods his head.

Watts: Oh, I definitely know the piece of shit... he is just one of those guys that is annoying to be around, and has never...and will never be anything but mediocre in the ring. I doubt anything has changed either.

Misty nods, processing everything in her brain.

Misty: Well, then let's hope the rumors are true and that he is Mr. Mystery Guy! So, if we make it past him and Mikah, do you think we can actually win this tournament?

Watts lets out a cocky chuckle, shaking his head as he smirks confidently.

Watts: Think we can win? I already know that we will win...

Misty, again, smiles excitedly.

Misty: Great! I was hoping you would say that! I know I have to learn everything least right now...but maybe by the time we win I'll have my memory back just in time for me to get my shot at the championship! That would be so great!

Watts nods his head in agreement.

Watts: Hopefully you learn a lot, or have your memory back by then... because don't forget that after the tournament is said and done, you're on your own in the matches.

Misty frowns for a quick moment, not thinking about that until now.

Misty: have a point I guess, but I'll find out soon enough! So...I think it's safe to say that I can trust you, then? You're not going to do anything to cost us this tournament or anything, right?

Watts sort of has a shocked look on his face, shaking his head.

Watts: Me, cost us the tournament? Trust me... that's the last thing you have to worry about. Literally, the last. Anyways Misty, I will see you in the ring tonight, better bring that A game that I have seen you put out in the ring before.

Watts looks ahead at Misty for a few seconds.

Misty: Don't worry, I will!

She smiles and before she turns away, looks at him one last time.

Misty: I better get back to O'Malley before he sends out a search party. Hopefully I remember my way back!

Misty waves to Watts and turns and darts off down the hall, making her way back to O'Malley. Watts nods his head, turning around and making his way in the opposite way.

Bruce Evans is seen walking through the halls backstage talking on his cell phone. He is wearing blue jeans, black boots, and a white tee shirt under a black leather jacket. His hair which is usually in a ponytail flows with each step he takes. The newly created Internet title is draped over his right shoulder. The cameras zoom in on him at an attempt to pick up his phone conversation.

BHBE: Yea that was awesome wasn't it? The look on her face was absolutely priceless, she never seen it coming.

Bruce chuckles as he pauses to listen to whoever is on the other end of the phone before continuing.

BHBE: So we're almost finished with it then right?

He instantly stops talking as he also stops walking and stands right there looking down the halls where he sees Veronica Taylor laughing and joking around with the other members of the Mean Girls. The expression on his face quickly changes from excitement to disappointment as he stares at the women with a huge frown on his face. He disconnects from his phone and puts it in one of the pockets of his jacket. The cameras show the other members of the stable part ways from Veronica and she begins walking towards Bruce, not seeing him as he has ran and hidden around a corner. He waits there waiting for her to approach as he rubs his hands together with a sinister grin on his face. After a few seconds Veronica walks by the corner, chewing her gum and flipping her hair as Bruce jumps out from behind the corner. Veronica jumps out of fear as she puts her hand to her chest. Breathing very hard and with a look of fear on her face she stares a hole through Bruce as he begins to laugh, she doesn't find it funny as she gets in his face, looking as if she wants to strike him.

BHBE: Going somewhere.... Hunty?

Bruce continues to laugh as he teases her by flipping his long hair. Veronica who is still startled attempts to catch her breath before she replies.

Veronica Taylor: Um, yeah your breath is disgusting me. God no wonder your wife does not want to kiss you anymore, or be with you anymore.

Veronica backed away with an arrogant look on her face.

Veronica Taylor: Now, someone seems highly upset. Well maybe if I did not have to carry the whole match by myself, I would of not walked off. I mean, what was the point they paired me with clearly the worst partner in the whole thing.

Bruce begins to get closer to Veronica as the smile from his face diminishes. Now with a serious look on his face he begins to speak.

BHBE: Look here, you little.... Bitch. You cost me a chance at the heavyweight championship. You have screwed with my career, and now you're going to have to pay.

An evil and cocky smirk crosses Evan's face as Veronica again backs away. Veronica moves away as she could not help but roll her eyes in disgust at the man standing in front of her. As she placed one hand on her slender hip. She then begins to speak in her normal bitchy tone.

Veronica Taylor: Aw, no you're screwed yourself by being so terrible. I mean you are clearly the definition of masic, plus you failed to pin a retard. So how is that my fault hunty. And if you put your masic hands on me trust me my boo would destroy you. So go back to pretending you mean something, and I will keep being a star okay?

Bruce pats the Internet championship belt over his shoulder as he again gets directly into the face of Veronica. She begins fanning her nose as a way of saying his breath is not polite. He looks at his newly won title and then back at her.

BHBE: Pretend? This here title says that my days of pretending are over. This belt here says that I am among the elite in this company. This belt here says I am here, and I am the star around here. Now as for you, and what you did last week, trust me when I say this. Sooner than later I'll get ya, you won't know when, and you won't know how.

Bruce attempts to reach into the mouth of Veronica as she begins yelling, he grabs the piece of gum from her mouth and puts it in his mouth beginning to chew it. Veronica looks completely shocked and disgusted as she reaches her hand back around and slaps Bruce across the face. She wipes her mouth and begins to gag.

Veronica Taylor: Ugh, like who the hell do you think you are?! You touch me? You could not even hope to have a woman as hot as me. Like ugh, get the hell away from me you sad pathetic masic loser. And that title? I seen better looking rags at goodwill, than that so called belt. Now if you'll excuse me.

As Veronica turns and begins to walk off Bruce grabs the back of her head and attempts to lean in for a kiss before an arm from behind grabs him. The camera turns to show Kimberly Evans with a very pissed off expression on her face as she grabs Bruce and slaps the taste out of his mouth, the gum from his mouth flying out and his title dropping to the ground. Veronica chuckles as she walks off. Kimberly and Bruce stand there staring at each other with intensity as the cameras fade.

Justin: Our next contest at SCW Climax Control is scheduled for one fall!

"Ooooh... yeah, yeah... oh". The opening repeative line to Kanye West's "Power" starts to blast through the speakers as blue lights but through the now faded darkness in the arena. The image of a closed fist is seen on the screen before the letters 'J2H' appear on the screen

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Mr. J N Ringo...

J2H and Mr J N Ringo appear at the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos from the live crowd. The two look at each other before lifting a fist each, the fist at head height. The two nod to each other and start walking towards the ring. Ringo is wearing a Italian made, expensive looking suit as he walks slightly in front of the shirtless J2H, wearing gold shorts, boots and kneepads with "Power" written on the back of the shorts.

Justin: From Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, he is J2H!

J2H and Ringo reach the ring and J2H slides under the bottom rope while Ringo stands outside. J2H moves towards the middle of the ring, both arms in the air, before walking to the ropes and pulling himself on the middle rope in the center of the ring and raising his arm again.

Justin: His opponent currently resides in Dunwich, New York, weighing 248 pounds ... SEPHIROTH DU Lac!

A red mist hits the entranceway as the lights dim to a blood red all around the arena as "Requiem for a Dream" begins to play. Slowly the figure of Sephiroth steps out from behind the curtain with a glass chalice filled with a blood red liquid in one hand and his trademark cane in the other. Slowly he walks down to the ring head down occasionally sipping from his glass. He walks to the ring steps and slowly climbs sipping his chalice once more before wiping his feet and stepping in the ring. He does not pose instead setting the cane and chalice in the corner and removing his coat before handing it to a ring attendant before turning and no sooner than he lets go, he is nailed by a forearm shot to the head which backs him into the corner.

Simone: And J2H is not wasting any time starting this!

Sephiroth staggers but does not fall, held up by the corner. J2H follows up with a kick to the midsection and hard right hand to the back of the neck, driving the mysterious Du Lac down to one knee. The referee steps in to assert herself but is completely ignored as the smaller J2H seeks a fast and easy advantage. Sephiroth takes advantage of the distraction, no matter how short it may be, and delivers an uppercut to the chin, rocking J2H and forcing him to back off. Sephiroth follows in quickly with a clothesline which violently knocks him to the mat. Du Lac promptly drops to his knees and rains on J2H's parade with a hailstorm of hammering fists. Finally Jasmine has no alternative BUT to call for the opening bell!


Adams: The match has barely started and Jasmine has already lost control!

Simone: J2H was hoping to get a quick advantage and it blew up in his face!

Tired of being ignored, Jasmine wraps her arms around Sephiroth' clenched fist, using her body weight to prevent another shot from being delivered. J2H smartly worms his hand into striking position and jabs a thumb in the eye of Du Lac, then rolls him off. Back to his feet, J2H asserts himself through his feet, kicking away at his prone foe. He assaults him with a flat foot to the side of the head, and boots to the chest. J2Hs pauses, measuring his opponent for double knee drop, following up with kick to the back. J2H drops down into an early cover and cradles the near leg.

Sephiroth kicks out fast!

Simone: He's going to have to work a little harder than that.

Sephiroth is subjected to a hammering assortment of knees, elbows, and fists as J2H continues his onslaught. Grabbing a handful of hair, J2H whips him into the ropes, shooting for a clothesline on the rebound, but Sephiroth ducks, shoots into the air and nails J2H back against the ropes, sending both men spilling onto the floor.

Simone: God they've taken it to the outside already!

Adams: It's always a main event when the action spills to the outside!

Fans bottleneck at the steel railing to get a better glimpse of the action, hands outstretched, voices roaring, and drinks spilling. They cheer madly as J2Hs rises first and doubles Sephiroth over with a kick to the gut. He snags the hand and pivots to whip his foe into the nearby steps, but Sephiroth holds on tight reversing and sends J2H crashing into them instead. He quickly rolls into and back out of the ring to break the referee's standing count at seven, then turns his attention back to J2H. He delivers two stomping boots to the sternum, then spins around, marching for the timekeeper. He grabs the man by his lapels, yanking him to his feet, and freeing up the steel chair on which he sat. He tests the chair against the overturned steps, grinning at the heavy, metallic thud as it reverberates through the arena.

Adams: Oh it is going to SUCK to be J2H here!

Simone: This is not normally Sephiroth's way but I think that pre-match attack on the part of J2H has opened Du Lac's mind for this one!

Sephiroth approaches slowly, his tell tale grin savoring the moment, then lifts the chair high overhead, preparing to deliver the crushing blow. But it does not come. The chair is grabbed and yanked from his hand by Jasmine, who angrily admonishes him. Sephiroth turns to argue, and J2H slowly rises back to his feet. Du Lac turns back to J2H and grabs him by the throat by one hand, choking him in standing position on the outside. Sephiroth then grabs him and sends him against the barricade but J2H counters, jumping up onto the barricade's rim and leaping back onto Du Lac with a springboard high cross body on the outside!

Simone: Okay even I have to admit that was impressive!

J2H grabs Sephiroth and rolls him back inside, following up by climbing to the top of the corner. He watches as Du Lac rises to his feet and J2H leaps and connects with a missile dropkick! Sephiroth hits the canvas and J2H pounces for another cover!

Sephiroth kicks out!

J2H returns to his feet, bringing Sephiroth with him via his long, white hair, and socks him with a hard right cross, which sends him reeling. Sephiroth, however, returns fire and lands an open palm strike to J2H's throat, sending the smaller man staggering back into the ropes. Sephiroth wastes no times, grabbing J2H around the waist and bringing him around and down with a belly to belly suplex, driving the air from J2H's body! Sephiroth then stands up and comes back off of the ropes with a guillotine legdrop down across the prone body of his opponent, then covers him.

J2H gets his shoulder up.

Sephiroth peels J2H up and deposits him on the top of the corner and starts to follow him up to continue the punishment but J2H fights back, throwing fists at the 'boogey man' and shoving him from his perch. Sephiroth lands on his feet however and gets a running start and brings a big boot up into J2H, knocking him from the top of the corner and the smaller man tumbles off and hits the arena floor!

Simone: Oh god that was a bad fall!

Adams: J2H might be hurt!

Sephiroth paces the ring like a caged tiger as JN Ringo checks on the fallen form of his friend and teammate, while Jasmine orders him away and back to his corner. Ringo then spots Sephiroth getting a running start and the scary man shows some aerial process, jumping over Jasmine and he crashes into the rising body of J2H with a Deadman's Dive!

Adams: Holy sh...!

Simone: Don't say it!

The crowd is on its feet at that death defying maneuver from Du Lac, cheering and chanting!

Crowd: That was awesome! That was awesome!

The back of J2H's head hit the barricade, knocking him senseless, as Jasmine starts her count against both men.


Sephiroth ignores the fallen form of his opponent and goes to re-enter the ring but from out of the referee's sight, JN Ringo crawls to where he is standing and grabs Du Lac's leg, preventing him from doing so!

Simone: What the hell does he think he's doing!?

Du Lac pulls and struggles but can't free his leg from Ringo's grip!

Adams: I'd say he was costing Du Lac the win!


The bell rings and immediately Ringo lets go!


The crowd boos as Sephiroth turns his head slowly to stare at Ringo who was now busying himself, helping J2H who was recovering to his feet!

Adams: Ohhhh! Sephiroth looks peeved!

Simone: And why wouldn't he be? Ringo caused him to get counted out of the ring just like J2H was!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both men outside of the ring. This match has been declared a double count out!

The crowd boos as Sephiroth starts toward Ringo and J2H but Jasmine quickly rolls out of the ring and gets in his path, holding both hands up to ward him away!

Adams: Please don't hit her! Please don't hit her!

Simone: He won't, of that I am sure. Sephiroth Du Lac is not the friendliest of competitors inside of the ring but he has morals -- to a degree. He is not going to strike a woman, no matter how angry he is.

Du Lac argues with her, pointing past her and towards the retreating forms of Ringo and J2H but Jasmine is forced to tell him she saw nothing so she can't call it! Du Lac fumes and starts grabbing tables at ringside and throwing them over, along with chairs, sending staff scattering!

Adams: Hey, whoa!

Du Lac stands there, hands on his hips and staring coldly to where J2H and Ringo vanished to the backstage area and he slowly begins to follow.

As Scott Oliver is standing backstage, a banner with the SCW logo hangs in the backdrop as he raises the microphone to his lips. While his arm is moving upward, former SCW heavyweight champion Sean Jackson and his wife Pamela Duke-Jackson steps into view.

Sean Jackson is wearing a dress shirt and slacks while Pamela is wearing a business suit of her own.

Scott: Sean, I know you have to be bitterly disappointed with losing the...

Sean rolls his eyes as he looks up at the ceiling. However, Pamela is going to derail this before it ever gets started. She immediately raises her hand, fingers up and directly in Scott's face.

Pamela: Your name is Scott, right?

Scott nods

Pamela: Good. Scott, we aren't going to skirt the facts with your obvious bias towards the truth. The fact of the matter is that my husband didn't lose anything, he defeated Drake Green for the heavyweight title and then had to watch as it was stolen from underneath him.

Scott: Well actually Mrs. Jackson, from what I saw of the match. Gabriel became the heavyweight champion by pinning Drake Green...

Pamela: But Drake wasn't the heavyweight champion Scott, my husband was. But I like how Gabriel Stevens was able to slither his way into the title picture, without ever earning it in the first place.

As Pamela is speaking, Sean stands there, a frown on his face. Even though he defeated Jon Dough last week in Scotland, it didn't take away the sting of losing the belt in a fashion where he was never pinned.

Scott: Well in all fairness Mrs. Jackson, Gabriel was the first ever SCW heavyweight champion back when the company first opened in 2011. So...

Pamela laughs.

Pamela: Oh please, give me a break. Because he was champion in 2011, that gives him the right to stick his nose in my husband's business in 2015? So because Sean was champion, that gives him the right to do the same thing in say...2015, 2016, 2017?

Scott stops himself from answering, not wanting to get caught up in a blatant double standard. But just because Scott refuses to answer, doesn't mean that Sean will.

Jackson: Come on, admit it Scott. You are just like the rest of them here in Sin City. You are jealous of my capabilities both inside the ring and out. You look for ways to keep me out of the title picture and even if it means lowering your morales a bit, you will have no problem doing so.

Taking a deep breath, Sean attempts to keep his composure.

Jackson: You know, when I was first brought here, I thought that some master plan was in place. I thought that the plan was to rid SCW of Drake Green, and to bring the heavyweight title back to Hot Stuff International...

Pamela gives way as Sean continues to speak.

Jackson: But the moment I accomplish both, all of a sudden, in swoops Gabriel Stevens unannounced.

Now Sean turns his attention to the camera.

Jackson: Gabriel, I didn't have a problem with you jumping Drake Green. Matter of fact, I don't have a problem with anyone who decides to use him as a human punching bag. But never did I think that you would step over that fine line, to secretly use it as a means of sneaking into the title picture. Well Gabriel, now you have a problem...

A smile begins to form.

Jackson: Because I now have you firmly in the crosshairs. I have made the ultimate decision that I'm no longer satisfied with just taking the heavyweight title from you. Now I want to take everything from you...

He holds up one finger.

Jackson: Your career...

Two fingers.

Jackson: Your livlihood...

Three fingers.

Jackson: Your family.

He nods.

Jackson: Yes Gabriel, you're about to find out that there are consequences to your actions. Deep, and lasting consequences.

With that, Sean and Pamela walk away, leaving Scott Oliver standing alone.

We head backstage where we find Mercedes Vargas standing in front of an SCW backdrop backstage. She's in her ring gear for this sixty second spot.

Mercedes: Hi, this is SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Mercedes Vargas reminding you to mark your calenders for SCW World Tour 2015. You heard right, SCW is going around the world and no, this won't take eighty days, that I promise you. So look out, because you just never know when we might be coming to your town. Don't miss out on your chance to experience SCW Live and see your favorite Superstars and Bombshells in action, including current SCW World Champion Gabriel, Sean Jackson, Melody Grace, current SCW Bombshell World Champion Delia Darling, Andrew Watts, current SCW Roulette Champion Alex Kaelin, Misty, current SCW Internet Champion Blaque Hart Bruce Evans, current SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions The Fallen, current SCW Bombshell Internet Champion Joanne Canelli, current SCW Tag Team Champions the Players Club, the lovely Bombshells and, well, the Mean Girls, of course. Sorry, not sorry.

She smiles.

Mercedes: And certainly we've had a great time so far in the UK. We've already been to Birmingham, we've been to Glasgow, we're in Belfast tonight. Sadly, all good things must come to an end as we say goodbye next week.

A nifty graphic appears on the screen showing a map of Western Europe, with various cities highlighted as Mercedes continues.

Mercedes: The final stop of the UK leg of the tour concludes in Cardiff, Wales as SCW comes to you live next week from the Sport Wales National Centre. The day after Valentines, the Scandinavian leg of the tour kicks-off on February 15 at Furuset Forum in Oslo, Norway. Then on February 22, we'll see you in Stockholm, Sweden at the Hovet. And then on March 8, it's the big one. SCW returns to pay-per-view for Blaze of Glory IV live from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The graphic disappears and we return to Mercedes.

Mercedes: Tickets are on sell and they're going fast, so get yours right now. Additional fees may apply. Card is subject to change. Be sure to keep checking back on for more information. Don't miss any of the action on the road to Blaze of Glory IV. We'll see you there.

The scene opens up on Amy Marshall standing alone outside the changing room wearing her ring gear, where she leans on the door as she looks down at the camera...

Amy: Tonight... Joshua and I step inside the Climax Control wrestling ring as partners... the last time we inside the ring together was 2009 back when we were in WCWF. Now I can't remember if it was as opponents or partners, however, I do remember that we have been friends since then... Six long year and its like nothing has changed when he arrived in Sin City Wrestling, except for growing up and running our business and winning titles. Anyway as for Crystal, I've known her coming up to five years.

Time certainly flies and people change, grow and mature... and as Crystal has happily pointed out, that she and I have changed from the time that we have first met up until today. Yes I disliked Crystal for what she was... a drunk, a poor mother, a bad influence, false idol for teenagers and narcissistic... and while she had certainly changed... so has my perception of her... however, I still dislike her ex husband.

Anyway... while both of us are kissing each other's ass right now... as you stated Crystal, I won't be taking this respect for granted, you see... I never have beaten you in singles or tag team competition... so beating you in this tournament will be only the start this year... beating you will prepare me for any future matches and bragging rights against you.

So when you look into my eyes across the ring... you will see hunger, fire and desire all rolled into one... just be ready to watch Joshua and I advance to the next round.

Good luck Crystal.

Amy straightens up and turns and heads back into the changing room, to continue her preparation for the tag team match, as she waits for Joshua to come and talk tatics.

The bell rings with a shot of the newest member of the SCW roster, Adam Stone aka Patient 026, standing in the six sided ring.

Justin: The following contest is a first round match in the Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team Tournament! Currently in the ring, making his Sin City Wrestling debut... Adam Stone!

The crowd both cheers and boos for the newcomer, not knowing what to expect from him as he stares hard out at the capacity crowd.

Adams: I don't know what to make of this new guy here.

Simone: Jason, nobody knows what to make of Adam Stone. Not his tag team partner, and certainly not his opposition in this opening round match.

Justin: And his tag team partner is from New York, City, weighing 110 pounds ... Mikah!

The arena fades to black before Dirty Little Girl by Burn Halo begins to play and the arena then flashes with hot pink, neon green, and purple lights. Mikah soon makes her way out onto the stage, one hand on her hip the other by her side. She stops in the middle of the stage before rolling her hips to the left before continuing her way down the ramp. She jeers at the crowd before rolling her eyes at them and ignoring them. She jogs up the stairs before strutting two steps onto the apron then slowly getting into the ring between the bottom and middle rope, dipping her upper body lower than her lower body to make her butt stick out a bit.

She then moves to the middle of the ropes and steps on the bottom one before leaning suggestively over the top rope as if to give the crowd a glimpse of her chest but then pulls back and steps down. She moves to the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle.

Simone: Mikah is not low on confidence, is she?

Adams: That chick isn't low on anything.

Simone: She's been on a roll since her debut, undefeated thus far. But she has her work cut out for her against the former three-time Bombshell Champion.

Adams: Yeah if Misty can remember how to wrestle, that is.

Love the Way You Hate Me - Like a Storm bursts over the speaker system, the arena instantly livens up as the crowd stand to their feet, some booing, some cheering, but all of them respecting. The arena lights slightly dim as an explosion of sparks and mini fireworks erupt at the top of the entrance ramp. As the explosion fades Andrew Watts comes walking down the entrance ramp, Watts has a look of confidence on his face, as he sets for his following match. Watts smirks as he makes his way down the entrance ramp, staring ahead at the ring.

Justin: Making his way to the ring, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 248 pounds, The Outlaw, Andrew Watts!

Watts makes his way to the ring as he hops up onto the apron. Watts pauses for a second, holding onto the top rope, staring into the ring before he enters in through the middle rope. Watts walks to the center of the ring where he pauses for a second, looking down at the ground for a few seconds, our cameras staring straight at Watts. Watts head shoots up, looking forward, his right arm shooting into the air, his hand in the renegade formation(Kliq sign) as he stands like this for a few seconds, before his music fades and he walks to a nearby corner, ready for his match.

Simone: Many are saying it is only a matter of time before that man right there is wearing championship gold.

Adams: And he's one of the first ones to say it.

Justin: His tag team partner currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 130 pounds ... Misty!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "Ms. Hyde" by Halestorm begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, Misty emerges from behind the curtain to a round of cheering from the crowd. She looks from one side of the ramp to the other, unsure as the fans roar with approval, and she slowly starts making her way to the ring.

Adams: Doesn't look too confident, does she?

Simone: What I can't believe is that she was cleared to compete. The woman's memory is gone and she still gets inside of the ring?

Once she gets to the ring, she enters the ring. She heads over to one of the corner turnbuckles, where her tag team partner waits and he jets a thumb to the outside.

Simone: Looks like Andrew is taking control of this match for his partner from the start. He wants to begin.

Adams: I don't think Mikah has any objections because she just climbed outside too.

Drew calls for the bell.


The men meet in the center of the ring where Adam pushes Andrew, but Andrew pushes him right back. Adam returns with a huge slap across the face of Andrew. Andrew stumbles back and Adam spears him to the ground and starts to hammer him with punches to he face and side of the head. Andrew rolls Adam over and starts to return the punches. Adam looks spurned on and kicks Andrew off of him and springs to his feet. Adam ducks a clothesline and spins around with a big discuss lariat of his own to Andrew. Adam picks Andrew up to his knees and decks him in the head with a closed fist. Drew warns Adam but Adam hits Andrew again with a closed fist. Adam pushes the referee around and Andrew uses his elbow to force Adam away. Andrew gets to his feet and knees Adam in the gut and tosses him to the corner, shoulder first in to the post. Andrew grabs Adam again and tries to ram him shoulder first in to the corner again but Adam springs on to the second rope. Andrew quickly moves in and drops Adam backwards with a high angle suplex. Andrew rolls over and hooks the leg

Adam gets a shoulder up.

Simone: Well so far the newcomer seems to be holding his own.

Adam gets to his knees but the ever cocky Andrew Watts slaps Adam on the back on the head, urging him to get up. Andrew slaps him again and lifts him to his feet. Andrew gets behind Adam and hooks up his head. Andrew spins and hits him with a reverse swinging neckbreaker. Adam holds the back of his head as Andrew turns around taunting the fans who boo him. Andrew gets his attention back to Adam who is on his knees. Andrew kicks Adam hard in the ribs, causing him to roll to the outside of the ring. Andrew waits for Adam to get to his feet and as he does, Andrew runs at him and tries for a baseball slide but Adam avoids it and drags Andrew out of the ring. As Andrew lands on his feet, Adam hits a drop toehold, knocking Andrew face first in to the protective barriers.

Adams: Yeah I'd say he was holding his own!

Adam drags Andrew up to his feet and slams his head in to the barrier. Andrew stumbles back but Adam quickly hits a neckbreaker clothesline, taking Andrew down. Adam slides in the ring to break the count and quickly jumps on the ring apron. He looks down at Andrew on the floor and uses the rope as a springboard and bounces off with a springboard legdrop on to the chest of Andrew!

Simone: Andrew Watts is being caught completely unaware by this onslaught from Adam Stone!

Adams: Well how do you prepare for a guy you know nothing about?

Jason looks into the camera.

Adams: You hear me? Nothing!

Adam gets to his feet and grabs Andrew to his feet and throws him in to the ring steps. Adam slides in and out of the ring again to break the count and gets out to work on Andrew some more.

Simone: He obviously knows how to manipulate the rules to his advantage, that much is for certain.

Andrew gets up and leans against the ring post. Adam pulls an arm back and hits Andrew with a chop against his chest. Andrew holds his chest and Adam reels his arm back again and attempts another but Andrew moves out of the way and Adam's arm crashes hard against the metal post.

Adams: And Andrew knows how to take advantage of someone's mistakes.

Andrew moves around and slams Adam's head in to the post and tosses him in to the ring. Andrew stays outside and grabs Adam by the legs and pulls him around, his legs either side of the post.

Adams: This is never been a good place to be.

Simone: Especially if you're a man.

Andrew pulls Adam down on to the post, crotching him!

Adams: Oh my aching testicular fortitude!

The fans cringe as Adam holds his groin area. Andrew slides in to the ring and looks down on the fallen Adam. Andrew turns around and taunts the fans, causing them to boo him. Andrew ignores them and turns back to Adam. Adam slowly gets up to his feet and Andrew hits him with two right hands and lifts Adam's chin up with his left hand before hitting him with another right hand, completing the three punch combo. Adam stumbles around and Andrew hooks him up for a Russian leg sweep and drops him backwards, floating over into a cradle and hooking the leg.

Adam gets his shoulder up!

Andrew sits on the mat and looks around the ring for a few seconds. He still has the advantage over the newcomer and hooks Adam up and drops him over with a snap suplex. Andrew rolls though and holds on to Adam, lifting him up for a second suplex. Andrew holds Adam up high in the air, in a stalling suplex but Adam slides down the back of him. Andrew turns around but Adam jumps up and hits him with a standing Enzuguri!

Simone: Getting cocky will do that to you!

Andrew rolls over onto his back and holds his hand out and Mikah reaches in and tags herself into the match!

Simone: It looks like we're going to get a look at what Misty remembers to do!

Mikah climbs into the ring and races past her partner and grabs the surprised Misty by the hair and drags her forcibly inside of the ring and throws her roughly to the canvas!

Adams: Apparently that doesn't include how to step through the ropes?

Misty staggers to her feet and Mikah runs right into her, driving her shoulder into Misty's body and taking her back into the corner where she drives her shoulder into Misty's stomach time after time until Drew has to start his count against her!


Mikah then ducks behind Misty and perches herself on the top turnbuckle and wraps an arm around her throat from behind and lifts her from her feet, again forcing the referee to count against her!


Mikah drops her and Misty sinks to her knees, coughing and gagging as Mikah hops down to the mat.

Simone: I can't believe the way Mikah is dominating the former three-time world champion!

Adams: Mikah can. She looks pretty confident.

With Misty on her hands and knees, trying to recover, Mikah leaps over the back of her head, planting her face-first into the canvas. Mikah rolls her over and makes a lazy cover.

Misty gets her shoulder up.

Adams: Well, at least she remembered to kick out of a pin.

Simone: That was more of a struggle to get her shoulders up, as opposed to an actual kick out.

Mikah pulls her into a seated position and stands over her shoulder, with a handful of her hair and she begin taunting Misty.

Simone: That woman has no heart!

Adams: Its like she's making fun of Misty for getting what to do inside of the ring.

Mikah moves around her and stands over her opponent and begins slapping her upside of the head. Misty tries getting to her feet and Mikah shoves her, knocking her right back down.

Adams: Oh what I wouldn't give for Misty to suddenly get her memory back here and now.

Misty starts to get up again and Mikah slaps her in the face once, twice -- three times. Misty stands up and suddenly she hauls off and slaps Mikah right back!

Adams: Yes! Woo hoo!

Mikah holds her cheek, staring wide eyed at Misty who looks absolutely angry! Mikah quickly lashes out with her foot, going for a boot to the midsection, but Misty manages to block it, grabbing her foot! Mikah dances around, hopping on her one foot, holding her hands out to ward Misty off, but Misty takes a swing and decks Mikah right in the chin, sending her straight to her back!

Adams: What a shot!

Before Mikah can recover, Misty pounces on her opponent and she straddles her waist and goes on the onslaught, slapping Mikah back and forth with both hands across the face as Mikah tries unsuccessfully to shield herself! Misty then grabs two handfuls of Mikah's long, blond hair and slams the back of her head hard into the mat over and over!

Simone: I never thought I'd see the day a world caliber wrestler like Misty resort to cat fighting!

Adams: Hey in her case, whatever works!

Mikah struggles to get away and backs toward the ropes! She grabs the middle rope and Misty stands up and grabs her by the feet and pulls her away, causing Mikah to lose her grip and land hard on her tail bone! Misty then grabs her by the legs again and hooks them under her arms, as if going for a Boston crab, but she instead falls back, launching Mikah across the ring with a sling shot! Mikah crashes into her OWN corner face-first, where Adam quickly tags himself in!

Adams: That was a stroke of luck!

Adam starts in and heads right for Misty but Andrew comes flying into the ring, taking Adam down to the mat!

Simone: I guess nobody told Adam that the men did not wrestle the women in these matches.

Andrew drags him up to his feet straight away and fires Adam into the ropes where he attempts a clothesline but Adam ducks under, hooks Watts's own arms into his, then picks him up and drives him straight back with a Gory Bomb!

Simone: Where did that come from?

Adam drops down and hooks Andrew's leg.

3! NO! Andrew gets a shoulder up!

Adams: God Adam almost pulled off the upset out of nowhere!

Adam hammers the floor with frustration and gets to his feet. Adam waits behind Andrew and taunts him to get up. Andrew does and Adam hooks on a full nelson and lifts Andrew over with a full nelson suplex, crashing him down hard!

Andrew kicks out!

Adam rolls over and attempts another but Andrew lifts a leg back and kicks Adam low, just out of the referee's sight. Adam releases the hold and Andrew jumps up to attempt a modified version of a tornado DDT but Adam lifts him over with a northern lights suplex.

Adams: After a nut shot!?

Watts kicks out!

Adams: I guess after a shot to the bojangles, Adam just couldn't hold onto the pin.

Adam gets to his feet, as does Andrew. Adam attempts a superkick but Andrew grabs his foot and sweeps his other leg off the mat. Adam lands on the flat of his back. Andrew grabs Adam's legs and turns him over in a kneeling cloverleaf!

Simone: Say what you will about Andrew Watts's attitude but the man can wrestle!

Adam yells out in pain, keeping his hand on the mat, trying to pull himself towards the ropes. Andrew sinks lower but Adam continues to pull himself along to the ropes. Adam finally lifts a hand above the mat...

Simone: Is he going to tap?

Adam stretches his arm out and grabs hold of the ropes.

Adams: Lucky break!

The referee tells Andrew to break the hold but Andrew shakes his head. Drew starts the mandatory five count...


Andrew finally breaks the hold. He turns back to Adam and lifts him right back to his feet. Andrew whips Adam in to the ropes and ducks his head as Adam bounces back. Adam stops and hooks Andrew up and drops him down with a dragon powerbomb!

Andrew kicks out!

Adams: I thought that was it!

Simone: So did Adam! He is not a happy camper!

Adam is on his feet, in Drew's face, arguing about the 'slow' count that the official made. Adam turns around as Watts slowly gets to his feet and the newcomer charges when Andrew scoops him up lightning quick and powerslams him into an immediate cover!

Adam gets a shoulder up!


Adams: I can't believe the fight these two men are giving each other!

Simone: Let's face it, I don't think Andrew was expecting this kind of fight from the newcomer.

Andrew pulls Adam to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. Adam comes off and Watts drops to the mat. Stone leaps over him and rebounds off the far side and both men jump for high cross bodies and crash in mid air, knocking the other to the canvas!

Adams: Well, at least it wasn't a double clothesline. That's a little mainstream for my tastes.

Both men writhe on the mat as Drew starts his count.


Andrew pulls himself up with the use of the ropes and falls back to his corner where he tags Misty in! Mikah sees this and she jumps through the ropes and charges over but this time Misty is in fast and she sweeps Mikah's legs out from under and pins her to the mat, throwing fists into Mikah's lovely face!

Adams: Oh it looks like Misty doesn't want another poor showing like she had the first time around!

Misty drags her up with two handfuls of that hair of Mikah's, backs her into the corner, and she uses all of her strength to throw Mikah the length of the ring in a 360 tail spin!


Mikah screams, holding her hair and she tries to climb to the outside for a breather but Misty grabs her by the feet and drags her right back in! Misty starts to pull her to her feet when from out of nowhere, Mikah jumps and connects with an Enzuguri kick to the back of the head! Misty's onslaught is stopped fast and she falls to her knees, where Mikah grabs her by her own hair and slams her face-first into the mat!

Simone: Somehow I don't think Mikah appreciated the fact that Misty sought to defend herself.

Adams: The nerve!

Mikah pulls Misty up and lifts her up and onto her shoulders, upside down in a human torture rack!

Adams: Wow Mikah is showing some strength here with that hold!

Simone: And given Misty's vulnerability right now, she may well get the submission!

Misty is crying out in pain as Mikah bends her body backwards, but as she realizes the former champion is not yielding, Mikah drops to her knees, jarring Misty's spinal column and dumps her to the mat. Mikah smiles and leans backwards across Misty's sternum in a model-like pose and cover.


Misty somehow has it in her mind to grab Mikah's arm and scissor her leg and rolls her backwards into a crucifix pin!

3 - No! Mikah gets her shoulder up!

Simone: That cockiness almost cost her!

Misty gets to her feet but Mikah is just a bit quicker and she lunges forward and clotheslines Misty to the mat! Mikah knees over her and starts screaming at her, then throws a punch into her face! Mikah then pulls her up and goes to send her into the ropes but Misty has the presence of mind to hang on and reverse it. Whatever Misty has in mind is not to be as Mikah ducks behind and hits a float over DDT!

Adams: Oh that is it! It has to be!

Mikah rolls her over and covers her, planting both feet on the ropes for additional leverage!

Simone: Drew! Open your eyes!

Drew looks up and sees Mikah's feet on the ropes and he stops counting!

Adams: I'll be damned. A referee saw a use of the ring ropes?

Drew reprimands her and an infuriated Mikah jumps to her feet and gets in the official's face, calling him biased and being unfair! Mikah then drags Misty to her feet roughly by the hair and Irish whips her hard into the corner! Mikah then charges in and leaps, bringing Misty out with a monkey flip! Mikah is right back on her and sends her right back into the same corner. Mikah jumps on her again, pausing to taunt Misty, but as she goes for a second monkey flip, Misty hangs onto the ropes and Mikah falls back, hitting the back of her head! Misty then quickly folds Mikah in half in a jackknife pin, and puts her OWN feet on the ropes this time!


Adams: Payback's a bitch Mikah!

Simone: Misty learned by Mikah's own example and used her own tactics against her to get the win for her team!

The bell rings as Misty is joined in the ring by Watts who raises her arm while Adam and Mikah corner Drew, protesting and screaming in the official's face!

Justin: Here are your winners, advancing to the quarter-finals ... Misty and Andrew Watts!

As the camera focuses on the rear entrance to the Odyssey arena, yelling from multiple individuals can be heard as the door flies open and Sean Jackson comes running thru. Quickly, he slams the door closed and locks it. Gasping for breath, he leans against the door as it is jarred several times as if a large crowd is trying to bang their way in.

Finally gaining his breath, Sean steps away from the door and straightens his dress shirt and slacks. He then turns and faces the door.

Jackson: Yeah that's right bitches, I called you a bunch of skirt wearing whor...

He's interrupted by Scott Oliver who enters the picture.

Scott: Excuse me Mr. Jackson, but what in the world are...

He never gets to finish as Sean spins from the door, in an attack posture.


Seeing that it's Scott Oliver, Sean relaxes. However, the scream scares the hell out of Scott.

Jackson: Oh it's you. I thought y....

Scott: I think I soiled myself.

Turning away from the camera, Scott Oliver grabs the seat of his pants and hurredly walks away.

Jackson: Wait, where you going?

At that moment Pamela walks up and sees that Sean's hands are empty.

Pamela: You didn't get my bag?

He then gets that holy shit look on his face. While in the parking lot to get Pamela's bag, Sean couldn't help but insult the Irish by calling them a bunch of wannabe scots in dresses.

Pamela: You forgot my bag?

The banging once again starts on the outside of the door, forcing a hard swallow from Sean.

Jackson: Uh, maybe I can get it later?

Pamela places her hands on her hips, clearly upset.

Pamela: No, I want it now.

She spins on her heels and walks away. Meanwhile, the pounding on the door gets louder and more forceful.

Jackson: Maybe I can....

Pamela: NOW!!!!!

Sean takes a deep breath and begins to reach for the door, but is stopped by the sound of metallic objects now striking the door. As heavy dents begin to make imprints on his side, he backs away slowly.

Jackson: Screw that, she can get her own damn bag.

Backstage, we find Mercedes Vargas in street clothes roaming around the concession stand area. As she isn't scheduled to compete tonight, the Argentine Mean Girl makes use of her time as she is listening to her iPod. We can also see that one of her hands is under a wrist wrap as a result from her "injury" from last week. A staff person asks her if she was lost, but she assures them she wasn't before asking for the Superstars lockerroom. After being pointed in the right direction, Mercedes smiles, comments the staffer on her outfit and then heads on to her destination.

JT is sitting on a bench in his locker room, texting away on his phone. He notices the door open, and glances up to see Mercedes approaching him with a smile on her face.

Mercedes: Just the person I wanted to see. How are you feeling, tag team partner of mine? Enjoying the sights and sounds of Ireland? I don't know. It's a lot different than what I was reading in the brochures.

JT stands up, apprehensive toward Mercedes, but doesn't say a word. He narrows his eyes, silently questioning her intentions.

Mercedes: Easy, easy. I come in peace, okay? I just wanted to know if you've seen Caleb anywhere?

JT: Why? You gonna try framing him for murder or some shit?

Mercedes laughs this off, then crosses her arms in front of her. She already didn't like where this conversation was going, but she decides to keep the natural conversation going.

Mercedes:Murder? No...I don't think it's that serious. What are you trying to get at?

JT is visibly irritated. Not quite angry, but definitely annoyed. He sighs.

JT: Cut the shit, Mercedes. You faked that injury last night so the referee would think Caleb attacked you. Normally I ain't gonna care how I win a match, but Caleb's my friend and you screwed him. That ain't gonna fly with me, darlin'.

Mercedes: Excuse me? Are you calling me a liar? Do you see this hand, JT?

Mercedes grimaced and looks down at her gloved hand, then meets JT's eyes again.

Mercedes: You know who did this? Caleb Houston did this to me. He injured me. All I want is for him to do the right thing.

Mercedes enunciates her words.

Mercedes: Injured me, JT. And I'll have you know that I have a report from my doctor to prove it.

JT glares at Mercedes as she pleads with him. He isn't buying it, but he realizes there isn't much he can do at this point.

JT: Look, I want to win this thing just as bad as you do, by hook or by crook. I can dig that. But I know Caleb better than anybody else on this planet, and if you're expecting an apology for your bullshit injury, you can forget it.

Mercedes: That's exactly what I want. An apology, from Caleb. And I won't forget it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to make sure that he won't forget it. Because I'm going out to that ring and I'm DEMANDING a public apology from Caleb Houston. Tonight. It's the only way to make this right. Did you know he was going to put his hands on me? Did you see that coming?

JT takes a step toward Mercedes, now wearing a scowl on his face. Mercedes doesn't budge, but she looks nervous as JT leans into her, then flinches as JT reaches out and gent places a hand on her "injured" arm.

Mercedes: Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me!

JT: You may be a Mean Girl, Mercedes...but I'm a bad boy. Now, we're gonna work together in this thing, and we're gonna win it. And if you even think about two-timing me the way you did Caleb...well, you'll see just how bad this boy can be.

JT offers a playful smirk, slapping Mercedes gently on the injured arm before walking away. The scene closes as she glares after him exiting the room while holding her "injured" arm tightly to her chest.

Simone: Last week the Blast from the Past Tournament kicked off and like last year's tournament there was more than enough controversy to make a Reality TV Show out of it!

Adams: Please don't give the bosses ideas.

Simone: This week we're continuing the tournament with four great matches! We've already seen the tandem of Andrew Watts and Misty tear down the house with the mysterious Patient #026 and Mikah and now we're going to see Joshua Acquain and Amy Marshall take on Bo Dreamwolf and Crystal Hilton.

Adams: Hey! I get to say this line for once! Let's take it to Justin!

Justin: The following is a first round contest in the Blast from the Past Tournament! Introducing team number one!

"Nightmare" Hits the PA as Joshua walks out from the back with boos from the crowd.

Justin: From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 227lbs, "SCW's Nightmare" Joshua Acquain!

Simone: If you ask Amy and Josh they'd tell you that they couldn't have been paired up with better partners if Christian tried!

Adams: Even though Christian has repeatedly said that it was luck of the draw.

Simone: Shame that the same can't be said for Amy's partner in the Metal and Punk Connection Jessie Salco.

As he walks slowly to the ring he avoids all contact from fans. Once in the ring he goes up to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd as he holds up his arms.

Justin: And his partner!

The arena goes suddenly dark, as a child's voice plays over the p.a, as her words also flash up on the screen in red.

I can hear you breathing
nobody here in the cradle does that anymore
how did you get in?
Will you help me?

The bassy sounds of the drums begins to play as the cello then kicks in over the p.a and finally the guitar kicks in as green lights swirls around the entrance.

4x the boogie
the boogie
the boogie Man

The song then kicks in and Amy rushes out holding her face and then suddenly stops half way down the ramp to reveal her face. She wears a black leather surgical face mask decorated with a Cheshire Cat Smile and above that Amy Marshall is written in red and in Japanese.

Justin: From Juneau, Alaska, she is one half of the Metal and Punk Connection "the Punk Princess" Amy Marshall!

She then continues down the ramp, as Amy ignores the mixed reaction she gets before climbing into the ring, where she then climbs the turnbuckles and surveys the crowd before climbing back down and heads to the corner, where she takes off the mask and waits for the match to start, Josh and Amy grin at each other before exchanging a fist bump.

Adams: They had better be careful, that might get them disqualified during the match.

Simone: You had to reference the ending to last week's main event didn't you?

Adams: Why not? If a Mean Girl selling a gentle grab of the arm like a football player can get a team disqualified then what can't?

Justin: And their opponents!

All of a sudden "Superstar" by Lupe fiasco starts playing all over the PA system. Two lights are pointed at the entrance way. Crystal Emerges through the curtains and is greeted by multiple pyros that start shooting off one by one. The crowd roars at her with a loud ovation of cheers and she slowly makes her way out walking down the aisle.

Justin: First, from Detroit, Michigan, Crystal Hilton!

Crystal cracks a grin as her photographer's line up to take a picture of her. She finally makes it to the ring and places one foot on the apron and stretches the other one on the apron as well. She does a split to enter the ring and she finally makes it to her feet. She smiles bouncing around a bit as she awaits her partner to come out whilst glaring at Amy.

Justin: And her partner!

The calls of "Return to Innocence" sounds across the PA system. Between the first chant and the second chant, Dreamwolf appears and stands at the top of the ramp bowing his head, then around the 2nd chant, Dreamwolf marches to the ring, his eyes fixed on the ring and the opponents within.

Justin: From Tahlequah, Oklahoma, weighing in at 217lbs, Bo Dreamwolf!

Simone: Bo has been gone from Sin City Wrestling for a long time and we are excited to see him back!

Adams: As crazy as it sounds, when he was originally in SCW we didn't have a Blast from the Past Tournament!

Sliding inside, he then mounts the turnbuckle in the corner and raises a fist to the fans, letting loose with his own war cry to which the fans reply with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Simone: Regardless this should be a great match and Amy is making it clear that she wants to start things off.

Adams: Whilst Crystal is making it clear that she DOESN'T want that to happen!

The decision has clearly been made by the time of Josh and Amy but for the team of Bo and Crystal it's a completely different story as she is arguing with Holly Wood over not wanting to start the match using a tyriad of excuses whilst remaining on the apron, Amy finally has enough and takes matters into her own hands, literally, by marching over and hip tossing Crystal into the ring prompting Holly to call for the bell.

Simone: And this match is starting whether she likes it or not.

Adams: I'm going out on a limb and saying that she doesn't like it, call it a hunch.

Amy doesn't give Crystal time to recover instead pouncing on Crystal and pounding away at her and, despite best efforts by Holly to intervene it's obvious that Amy isn't listening to the ref and only lets up so that she can go for a cover 1....2....and Crystal kicks out.

Simone: Amy's been relentless since the word go.

Crystal tries to get away from Amy so that she can tag in Bo and stop the onslaught but it's clear that Amy has other ideas as she grabs her by the leg, pulls her up and attempts a Back Suplex, however Crystal is able to slip out the back of the Suplex attempt and capitalizes by spinning Amy around and planting her with a quick DDT.

Simone: Say what you will about the company she keeps but it's clear that Crystal is a great wrestler in her own right.

Crystal goes for a quick cover 1....2....and Amy kicks out before the count of three, Crystal shakes her head before taking the unusual step of leaving the ring rather than follow it up with more offense.

Adams: Don't tell me she wants to get counted out by Holly?

Simone: Why not? We had several matches in this tournament end abruptly due to the Mean Girls' bullshit already!

Adams: FORMER Mean Girl....

Holly starts counting out Crystal whilst Bo drops down from the apron to check up on his partner, however whilst this goes on Amy gets back to her feet and seeing the situation outside she calls out to Josh before pointing to their opponents, needless to say Josh quickly gets the idea and enters the ring.

Simone: It looks like Crystal's about to learn why it's never a good idea to leave a ring during an SCW match.

Adams: But how do we explain Bo's mistake?

Holly barely gets a chance to count to five before Amy and Josh rush towards the ropes and hit simultaneous Suicide Dives, Josh on Bo and Amy on Crystal, that take down their opponents and bring the Irish crowd to their feet! Holly barely has time to restart the count before Amy gets to her feet dragging Crystal up with her and tosses her into the ring.

Simone: You joked about that earlier but if the order had been switched around the match would be over already.

Adams: That just shows how stringent the bosses are about intergender violence.

Amy breaks up the ten count by following Crystal into the ring and going for a cover 1....2.....and Crystal kicks out! Amy shakes her head in response as the men return to their team's corners and Amy picks up Crystal only to be surprised with a roll-up 1....2....and Amy kicks out at the count of two.

Simone: And now it's Crystal's turn to surprise Amy.

Adams: Not for long though, Crystal wants out of there in the worst way.

Crystal tries to make a leap of faith for her corner but Amy grabs onto her foot tripping her up in the process Amy attempts to lock in an STF for a follow up but Crystal manages to reverse the attempt into an improvised cover 1....2....and Amy kicks out releasing the hold in the process, both Bombshells get back to their feet at the same time and Crystal, in what is clearly a desperate move at this point, shoves Amy towards the ropes in an attempt to get a chance to tag in Bo, this ends up backfiring big time for Crystal as Amy is able to snap off a beautiful hurricanrana on the rebound.

Simone: What a move by Amy!

Adams: Unfortunately for her the momentum pushed Crystal towards her team's corner, if she had gone for a pin then this wouldn't have happened!

Amy quickly realizes her mistake and tries to prevent the tag but she's too late as Crystal is all too happy to tag in Bo, Amy tries to cheap shot Crystal as she leaves the ring but Holly's having none of it and orders Amy to tag in Joshua and she does so reluctantly.

Simone: And now it's the men's turn to fight.

Adams: And here I thought that the men weren't going to see any action outside of the stereo suicide dives we saw earlier.

As opposed to their partners Josh and Bo forgo any high flying antics in favour of an all-out brawl that excites the crowd to no end, after a few minutes of back and forth brawling Josh is able to take advantage of a mistake by Bo by kicking him in the stomach and nailing him with a DDT, he then rolls Bo onto his back for a cover 1....2....and Bo kicks out.

Simone: Not often that we see these kind of mistakes from a veteran like Bo.

Adams: It must be ring rust, we haven't seen him in an SCW ring in over three years before tonight.

Amy and Crystal cheer on their respective partners from the apron as Joshua locks in a grounded side headlock on Bo rather than give the Native American a chance to recover, the crowd starts cheering on Bo as Joshua transitions into a more traditional Sleeper Hold prompting Holly Wood to check up on Bo.

Simone: It would be pretty embarrassing for Bo to lose like this on his first night back with the company.

Adams: Like I said, ring rust.

Holly raises Bo's arm twice but both times Bo's arm falls to the ground, on the third try though Bo is able to keep his arm up and starts fighting his way back to his feet despite desperate attempts by Josh to prevent this from happening, once Bo is on his feet he slams his elbow into Josh's midsection twice before going for his Somoan Drop finisher but Josh is able to fight out of it.

Simone: Josh has slipped out the back of Bo's attempt at his finisher and he is going for his own finisher, the Nightmare 2.

Adams: NO! Bo shoves out of it!

Josh rebounds off the ropes and is met by a series of Clotheslines by Bo that stun him long enough for Bo to follow it up with several chops and a Capture Suplex with a bridge, Bo holds on for the cover 1...2....and Josh kicks out!

Simone: Bo nearly had the match won for his team there.

Bo and Josh get back to their feet and Bo goes for another Clothesline series but Josh counters it into an armbar, Holly gets into position but before she can check on Bo he arm drags Josh countering the move at the same time, at this point Bo is clearly favouring his arm, presumably hurt by the suicide dive from Josh earlier and Josh tries to follow it up only to run into a Superkick.

Simone: Bo needs to tag in Crystal!

Adams: And I'm pretty sure I just saw Josh's head land in the cheap seats.

Bo grabs Joshua, pulling him to his feet but Joshua moves behind Bo. Josh quickly grabs Bo from behind and goes for his Nightmare finisher, however Bo shoves him off and on the rebound successfully hits the Samoan Drop!

Simone: Samoan Drop!

Adams: He's not done, Rolling Camel Clutch is locked in!

Holly gets into position quickly and, struggle as he might, Josh has no choice but to tap out.

Justin: Here are your winners, Bo Dreamwolf and Crystal Hilton!

Simone: Bo and Crystal advance!

Adams: I can't wait for that second round match!

Amy helps Josh out of the ring and Bo celebrates.

Back from commercial the camera pans around the arena showing the excitement from the crowd as they hold up their signs and merchandise supporting their favorite superstars. Inside the ring, there's a set up like a talk show. There is a brown desk with a black leather chair behind it and a laptop placed in the center. Two red love seats to the left of it, and a few tall plants surrounding in various places around the ring. The normal S.C.W. canvas is now red carpet and behind the desk is a big flat screen television. "Points of Authority" begins to blare over the sound system as the fans erupt into a chorus of boos, some cheer as a cloud of red smoke fills the entrance way. A few seconds pass before Bruce Evans appears on the stage with a huge grin on his face. He's wearing blue jeans, black boots, and a white tee under a black leather jacket. He stands on the stage for a few seconds waving at the fans while rubbing the Internet Championship which is draped over his right shoulder before he begins his walk towards the ring. While walking down the ramp he mouths some insults to some of the fans on the floor seats as he walks up the steps and enters the ring through the middle ropes. As he enters the ring he walks around the set with a huge child like grin on his face before kissing his title and sitting it on the center of the desk. He is then handed a microphone from a random S.C.W. employee as his music begins to fade out and he walks around the ring waiting for the noise to die out. He places the microphone to his mouth and begins to talk as the boos outweigh the cheers.

BHBE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to HART TO HEART!!!

The boos in the building pick up as Bruce stops, looks around, and smirks.

BHBE: And I love you all too. Anyways, I must say what an honor it is that Sin City Wrestling thinks so much of me that they have decided to give me my own talk show. Just goes to show how important I am, how much of an impact I make around this place. So to the guys that run this amazing promotion, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

More boos as he again pauses, looking around before he continues.

BHBE: Now. This show ain't gonna be some "B" rated event. It ain't gonna be a show where only the curtain jerking part of the company are invited. For you see, me being the A-lister that I am I will only invite and allow A-List talent on the show.

"You can't wrestle!" chants start up as Bruce pauses and begins laughing. He walks around the ring again shouting at the crowd before continuing.

BHBE: That's where you're wrong. And that belt sitting on that desk proves it!

He point to the Internet title with a smug look on his face.

BHBE: But anyways, this isn't about me. Folks it's about my guest. My first ever guest. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to him. He is the former Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and if it wasn't for Drake he would still be your champion. Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure, it is my honor, Mr. Sean Jackson!

The place quickly fills up with booing from the crowd as "In The Air Tonight" begins to play by Phil Collins. Stepping onto the stage is the Mental Rapist Sean Jackson wearing slacks and a dress shirt as well as his wife Pamela Duke Jackson who is wearing a female business suit with her brown hair back in a ponytail that hangs down the middle of her back. As they begin to make the slow trek down the ramp, a smiling Sean Jackson points towards Bruce, while nodding his head up and down.

As they get halfway down, Sean stops momentarily to turn his nose up to several of the fans close to the guard rail, before continuing to the ring. Once there, Sean walks up the ring steps first and holds the ropes for his wife Pamela. As they both enter the ring, Sean is also handed a house mic which he wastes no time in turning venom towards the fans.

Jackson: "Wow, and all this time I thought we left Glasgow, Scotland."

Mega boos fill the arena as they are in Belfast, Ireland. Sean then turns his attention to Bruce Evans.

Jackson: "Thanks for the kind words, it's a pleasure to be here."

Bruce shakes hands with Sean and then gives Pamela a hug as he points his hands towards the two love seats next to his desk insisting they take their seats. Sean takes his seat in the chair closest to the desk as Pamela sits in the one next to him. Bruce walks around the desk and takes his place in the black leather chair behind the desk. He waits for the boos to die down before he begins to speak.

BHBE: Okay. First of all thanks Mr. Jackson for being the first ever guest on what will promise to be the most electrifying show since.... well ever! Also if I may add Mrs. Jackson you're looking lovely as always. Now then, Sean let's get right to the elephant in the room. A few weeks ago at Inception you lost your championship to Gabriel. But.... It wasn't your fault, how much has that bothered you?

Sean brings his hand to his chin and it is obvious that the loss at Inception still bothers him. However, because this isn't some bogus show by a no talent curtain jerker, Sean keeps it professional by showing all the respect in the world to Bruce Evans.

Jackson: Well Mr. Evans, again I want to thank you for having me on your show. To be the first guest ever on Hart to Heart is an honor and a privilege...not to be dished to just anybody. But to answer your question, yes...the loss bothers me because of that inept little bitch...

Sean stops himself.

Jackson: I'm good to call Drake Green a bitch right?

Bruce laughs hysterically while nodding his head yes.

BHBE: Of course, we call it as we see it...

Jackson: Good, because that little weasel, that little bitch took the chicken shit way out and made sure that he lost only to that intransitive piece of gutter trash named Gabriel Stevens. As far as I'm concerned, it was a plan concocted between the two of them, and believe me, I don't believe for one second that Gabriel did what he did in order to eliminate Drake from Sin City Wrestling. He got involved in my feud with Drake Green because he saw an opportunity to cheat me out of the title....

As he is speaking, Sean is trying hard to keep his composure...REALLY hard.

Jackson: And believe me, when I get my rematch, I'm going to make him pay for it. I will make them both pay.

Bruce leans back in his chair as he waits for the boos from the crowd to die down before he continues.

BHBE: So I guess the next question is obvious. You do have a rematch clause in your contract I'm assuming. When do you use that? What's your strategy as far as that rematch and your quest to regain that Championship?

The hidden frown quickly turns to a smile, albeit faked, as Sean still hates the fact that HIS championship belt is around the waist of someone else.

Jackson: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a rematch clause in my contract. However, I'm going to hold on to that because much the same way that ingrate Gabriel snuck into my match, catching me completely off guard. I'm going to do the same thing to him. For you see Mr. Evans, I'm not a nice guy...matter of fact, as Justin Halliwell and Jamie Dean can attest, I'm not someone to screw around with. So when I decide to exercise my rematch clause, it will be at my advantage, and when Gabriel will least expect it....

Sean then leans in towards Bruce Evans.

Jackson: Or, I'll just challenge him head up. But either way Bruce, I'll drill my knee through the back of his skull and that SCW heavyweight title WILL come back to me. One way or the other.

Bruce smiles as the crowd's boos picks up. He rubs his hands together in excitement.

BHBE: Okay, well I was gonna say best of luck to ya but I'm sure you're going to do it and you will once again be the Heavyweight champion. Moving on... The current state of this company. We've had a lot of new talent arriving as well as some alumni returning. The roster is stacked, bottom to top the most competitive in the business today. Let me ask you, who are some of the new people or some of the returning talents that you are looking forward to stepping in this ring with?

Leaning back in his seat, Sean is somewhat surprised by the question. In his eyes, there's only one talent in SCW that is worthy to step into the ring with him.

Jackson: Come on now, that one is easy. Out of everyone in Sin City Wrestling, you Mr. Evans are the class that all of those other ingrates could only wish to be. You see Mr. Evans, I've stepped into the ring with just about everyone in SCW, and the only top competition is you. Guys like Drake Green and Gabriel Stevens could only wish to be as talented and skilled as the two of us.

Bruce smirks and nods his head in approval as he looks at the Internet title and then back at Sean. The arena is still full of boos as the crowd doesn't like either of the men.

BHBE: Nice. So Sean. Your lovely wife seems to control you.... Wait that came out wrong. What I meant was your marriage, and I know these things are hard TRUST ME. But does Pamela.... Does she dictate your life, and your career. I have to ask the hard hitting questions here. Are you scared of your wife?

The crowd, in shock begin oohing and awwing

Taking a deep breath and cutting his eyes towards Pamela, he rubs his fingers together as if formulating an answer. This is where Pamela leans forward and answers the question herself, much to the chagrin of Sean Jackson.

Pamela: Mr. Evans, and I do appreciate the compliment. I work hard at maintaining my life, my career, as well as the career of my husband. You see, I was Sean's manager well before ever becoming his wife and although there have been peaks and valleys during his career, all of his success can be attributed to his brawn and my brains. So there really isn't a reason for Sean to be afraid of me.

Exhaling, Sean turns his attention from Pamela and back to Bruce Evans.

Jackson: Mr. Evans, yes you do ask the hard hitting questions and even though Pamela has given her response, don't ever let it be said that I can't answer the difficult questions. The answer is no, no I'm not afraid of my wife. She has been supportive through thick and thin, and even though she is a tough manager, she's also fair.

If no one noticed, while Sean was talking, Pamela did have her hard around the arm of Sean Jackson. Was her fingernails digging in? there isn't a clear angle, so who knows. Bruce opens up the laptop, and to himself he reads something from it. He then looks back up and to the happily married couple next to him.

BHBE: Okay. I have questions from people all over the world via twitter here. First up is.... at queenbitchnasty. It's for you Sean. She writes... Do you think you are the best wrestler in Sin City Wrestling?

Bruce looks to Sean with a cocky grin on his face, as if he thinks he's better than Sean as he pats his Internet Championship. Sean chuckles slightly, especially as Pamela leans in close to him.

Jackson: Well, queenbitchnasty...if that's your real name. Yes, yes I do think that I'm the best wrestler in Sin City. Mr. Evans even said it himself, had it not been for Drake Green, I would still be the heavyweight champion in this company. But, if I had to pick a second best wrestler, it would be Bruce Evans.

Sean gives him a wink and a nod. Bruce lets out a smile, seemingly a fake one as he again looks at the laptop.

BHBE: Okay... Next question....

Bruce pauses, looks at Sean and stands up. His facial expression quickly turning into a frown as he slams the cover to the laptop down and shoves his chair down.

BHBE: Okay ya know what Sean? This is getting old. I'm starting to think you're patronizing me!

Bruce begins yelling as he walks around his desk and stands in front of Sean who sits there with confusion on his face.

BHBE: You're being a prick. Ya sit there and ya praise me when in the back of your mind you're laughing at me. You're an ass Sean! Yea I said it, you're an ass who treated my.... my wife to a night on the town at Inception and if I wasn't a professional I'd hand you your ass right here right now!

The crowd begins to cheer as Bruce grabs his title and drapes it back over his right shoulder while challenging Sean to stand up. Removing Pamela's hand from his arm, Sean does stand...albeit slowly. Once at a vertical base, Sean makes sure to stand between Bruce Evans and Pamela.

Jackson: First off, if you didn't like the answers...then you shouldn't have asked the questions. But it appears to me that you have some insecurities with your wife.

Sean looks at Pamela, before shifting his attention back to Bruce Evans.

Jackson: Which isn't any concern of mine. If you have a reason not to trust your wife, then maybe you should take it up with her. Or maybe, just maybe you can take it up with JJ Dixon because yes, I treated Kimberly to a night on the town, just like I treated you to a skyseat during another wrestling event....I did that so you could experience the finer life of a professional athlete. But in case you haven't noticed MR. EVANS, I have a wife and I can totally trust her.

With that, Sean returns the smile with an even bigger one forming on his face. Yes, Bruce Evans asked for it, and he was only too happy to reciprocate. Bruce lets out a little chuckle as he looks at Sean and his wife, then down at his shoes. He rubs his title and then looks directly into the eyes of Sean.

BHBE: Ya know Sean the only reason I befriended you was because you were the Heavyweight Champion. You were the king of the mountain, Mr. Sean Jackson you were the creme de la creme. I was trying to work my way into getting a title shot. But now, now you're nothing! You're just like the rest of the roster a NOBODY. Truth be told Sean, you make me sick!

Bruce removes the title from his shoulder and holds it up for the crowd as they cheer in response. He then attempts to swing it at Sean's head but it stopped as Pamela blocks it, S.C.W. security quickly rush the ring as the two men attempt to get at each other. Before Sean can swing back, security hits the ring and gets in between both wrestlers. Pamela uses her wits and aids in pulling Sean back, however he still has the mic in his hand and uses it.

Jackson: You know what Bruce, the only reason why I befriended you was because I needed a reminder on how the bottom feeders lived. You think for one second that Internet title can in any way shape, form, or to being the SCW Heavyweight championship? dude, you've lost your freaking mind. But not only that, your wife has been running around as the nineteenth hole to whatever golf course that JJ Dixon is a member of in Tucson.

The arena erupts and goes absolutely crazy as Bruce makes a failed attempt to jump over the security to get at Sean. Security escort Sean and Pamela out of the ring as Bruce is being controlled by the remaining security inside the ring. As Sean walks to the back he looks back at Bruce and laughs at him before he and his wife vanish backstage. Inside the ring Bruce is irate, going crazy as he begins to destroy his own set as the camera cuts away.

The scene comes in with the shot pointing down at a pair of black boots as they move along the corridor. You can hear heavy breathing as the boots move along the hallways. The camera is lifted as it comes to a corner, and the camera slowly peers out around the corner to show the refreshments table. There are alot of bodies moving around, but the camera zooms in on one spot in particular. The conversation can be heard in a mumbled drone, with the heavy breathing covering it all. On the corner of the table, Angel is sitting with a plate in front of him. We hear a feminine sigh of longing as the shot zooms in tighter onto Angel's face. The camera zooms further in on his glassy eyes and the sigh is heard again. The shot stays there for about a minute as the sound of the heavy breathing continues, then the scene cuts to black.

Justin: The following mixed tag team match is an opening round match in the Blast From the Past tournament!

The crowd cheers.

Justin: First from Miami, Florida, weighing 120 pounds ... Jessie Salco!

"Revenge, is a meal Best Served Cold..."

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of ""Like Angels Weeping (the dark)" by Kataklysym tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake, the two do some headbanging at the top of the ramp before Jessie gets a running start before sliding into the ring, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before showing off her NXT armband and waiting for her partner.

Justin: Her tag team partner is accompanied by Casey Williams! From Oakland, California, weighing 245 pounds ... Andrew Garcia!

The opening rift to Busta Rhyme and Ozzy Osbournes's "This Means War!!" start to blast through the speakers, as red and yellow lights start to flash, the yellow cutting through the red to create a orange effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Just make sure them, them drums is smackin'
This, means, WAR!!"

Andrew appears at the top of the ramp, with his manager, Casey Williams behind him, the duo looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"Take a look inside
You can run and you can hide
If you cross my path
I'll make sure you feel my wrath
Give and you receive
Cherish every breath you breathe
Scriptures on the wall
Those who betray all must fall"

Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Honorable Warrior starts to walk towards the ring slowly with Casey following in tow, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Andrew shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, staring around at the booing fans as Casey climbs over the top rope. Andrew raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Simone: Somehow I don't think Jessie is pleased with her tag team partner.

Adams: Well then maybe next time he'll RP!

Simone: What?

The lights remain normal for few seconds until "Falling for You" blasts out of the sound system. Right as the first riff happens, the lights start twinkling purple and silver as Candy Overton walks out twirling her hair around her finger. Inside her mouth is some kind of lollipop. She bends a little at her waist and flirts with crowd.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Please welcome Candy Overton.

She gives a quick wink, leans back up and begins walking down the ramp. She resumes twirling her hair while throwing her lollipop to the ground. She stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks at the crowd. Her expression changes from nice to overly annoyed with everyone. She slides into the ring and acts all sweet again while waiting for her tag team partner.

Simone: A lollipop? Really?

Adams: I dunno. There's something about a woman sucking on a lollipop that I like.

Simone: Jason!

Justin: Her tag team partner is accompanied by his partner in ROAR, Jeremiah Hardin, he stands 7'1" and weighs 290 pounds ... 'Dark Tiger' Sebastian Hardin!

A spotlight is shone on the ramp as Dark Tiger and Jeremiah stand on the ramp, and they head down the ring. The Fans go wild for them, and Jeremiah fist bumps with the fans. Dark Tiger steps over the ring ropes and Jeremiah enters the ring. Dark Tiger pats Jeremiah on the back as he exits the ring, as does Casey.

Adams: Oh yeah! Candy looks pretty happy with her partner.

Simone: Small wonder why! Sebastian Hardin is one of the few men in SCW that is taller than Casey Williams!

Both teams decide that the women are going to start and as Garcia steps through the ropes to his corner, Hardin steps over the ropes to his own. Candy and Jessie eye one another from across the ring and Jacob calls for the bell.


At the sound of the opening bell, Jessie and Candy come from out of their corners and slowly circle the ring, sizing each other up. They pause in the middle of the ring and lock up, collar and elbow. The two struggle before a handful of hair from Overton helps her to back Jessie into the ropes as Salco shouts to the referee about the rule infraction. Jacob calls for a break and Jessie swiftly pulls Candy around into the ropes and Overton starts complaining about a hair pull.

Simone: Oh sure, it was different when it was her doing the hair pulling.

Jessie, riled up from the start over candy's tactics, lands a hard forearm into the side of her head, knocking her to her knees. Jessie pulls her to her feet and goes for an Irish whip but Candy ducks under the attempt and counters with an open hand palm strike that knocks Salco back against the ropes.

Adams: These two women are mixing it up from the start.

Simone: Hey the Bombshells of SCW fight just as rough as the men do.

Candy lands a forearm shot across the back of Jessie's head and immediately grabs her into a side headlock, cranking the pressure on. Jessie fights back, however, whipping Overton into the ropes and on the rebound, Salco collides into her with a shoulder block that knocks Candy to her back. Jessie then races off of the ropes and Candy jumps to her feet. Jessie rebounds and Overton leapfrogs over her opponent. Jessie puts on the breaks and spins Candy around. Jessie takes a swing at her but Candy ducks and as Salco's momentum turns her around, Overton springs up onto her shoulders and takes her over into a victory roll, hooking both of her legs.

Jessie kicks out!

Candy pulls her to her feet and goes for an Irish whip but it is again reversed and Jessie scoops her up. Candy makes to counter with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors but Jessie turns it right around into a sidewalk slam!

Simone: Beautiful counter there by the SCW's resident Metalhead Maiden!

Jessie holds her down and hooks Overton's near leg for the cover!

Candy gets her shoulder up.

Simone: I have to hand it to Candy Overton. She may be new to SCW but she's showing she is not new to putting up fight inside of the ring.

Candy reels on the mat as Jessie quickly goes up top. Overton rises and Jessie flies off, connecting with a corkscrew bodypress, crashing into Overton! Jessie covers her again and hooks the leg a second time.

Candy kicks out!

Adams: Oh yeah! Candy's not done yet.

Jessie grabs Candy and pulls her to her feet, only to stagger her with a jaw breaker, followed straight up with a hard clothesline. Jessie signals to the crowd and they cheer her on as she again climbs to the top. Jessie stands up as Candy slowly gets to her fee, and Jessie leaps for a missile dropkick -- but Candy dodges the maneuver and Jessie crash lands on her back!

Simone: Oh Candy saw that one coming from a mile away!

Adams: Pity Jessie didn't see Candy moving!

Candy smiles down at her opponent who is holding her back in pain. Candy pulls her right back up to her feet, ducks behind her and brings her up and over into a bridging German suplex!

Jessie gets her shoulder up!

Adams: Close one!

Candy snapmares Jessie over to the mat, lands a straight kick to the small of her back, then traps her on the canvas in a seated abdominal stretch.

Adams: Do you think Candy can make Jessie submit?

Simone: I think Jessie would give up every backstage pass to every heavy metal concert from now until dooms day before she submitted.

Candy smiles as she puts her all into the hold, and Jacob asks if Salco wants to tap but is met with refusal. Candy then counters, rolling back and putting Jessie's shoulders onto the canvas.

Jessie kicks out!

Simone: Interesting pinning combination there by Candy Overton.

Adams: Yeah it just didn't keep Jessie down.

Candy gets to her feet, staring briefly at Jacob before she goes back to work on Salco. Candy sends her into the corner hard, and as Jessie staggers out, Candy runs off of the ropes for a bulldog, only Salco counters, driving her down with a sit out powerbomb!

Adams: Talk about your counters!

Jessie rolls over to cover the downed Overton.

Candy gets her shoulder up!

Simone: Both Bombshells are down and need to tag!

Both women crawl towards their corners, ready for a breather, and as Jessie tags Andrew, Sebastian's height allows him to easily reach in and tag Overton.

Adams: Oh this should be good! Two of the hardest hitting studs in SCW!

The two men immediately get into a wild slugfest, just punching away, trading lefts and rights to each others' faces. Dark Tiger gains control, staggering Garcia with a number of hard rights before pressing the advantage with a body slam, slamming his opponent hard into the mat. Sebastian then goes rebounding off of the ropes and attempts a leaping elbow drop, only to have Garcia roll out of the way and Dark Tiger drives the point of his elbow into the canvas. Sebastian rolls over, gritting his teeth in pain and Andrew drops his own elbow across the back of his head and then is quick to lock in a camel clutch.

Adams: Does he really think he's going to get that mountain to submit?

Simone: I think its more like he's doing whatever he can to keep the big man down on the mat.

However Sebastian's size proves too much and he slowly gets to his hands and knees in the hold, then picks Andrew up and drives him back into the near corner, sandwiching him against the turnbuckles. Dark Tiger buries a knee into Garcia's stomach and brutalizes him with a forearm shot. Andrew fights back, however, head butts Hardin right between the eyes! Sebastian steps back to the middle of the ring and Andrew races off of the ropes for a clothesline but Hardin brings a big boot up into his face, almost taking his head off!

Adams: I don't care what you women say! Sometimes size does matter!

Simone: Hear that a lot do you?

Sebastian is quick to grab Andrew and lift him into a suplex. He makes sure to stall it as the fans start counting...

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven...!

And Hardin collapses, letting Andrew drop to the canvas with a tremendous crash! Dark Tiger with the cover!

Andrew kicks out.

Dark Tiger stands back and charges forward with another big boot but Andrew catches his foot and takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip.

Simone: That could have blown the big man's knee out.

Andrew locks in a half crab in the middle of the ring. It takes some time, but Sebastian manages to drag both himself and Andrew atop of him into the ropes, forcing the break. Andrew sends some forearms to the back, but it only seems to stagger the bigger Sebastian Hardin, who sends an elbow upside Andrew's head. Dark Tiger goes for another, which Andrew ducks. With the miss, Dark Tiger is left open for a back suplex from Andrew!

Adams: Wow! I'm amazed Andrew Garcia was able to land that move on a man the Dark Tiger's size!

Simone: Andrew Garcia is a former Roulette Champion and showing just why that is!

Andrew drops a leg across Dark Tiger's throat before going for a cover.

Sebastian HEAVES Andrew up and off of him!

Simone: Wow!

Adams: Now THAT was a kick out!

Both men are to their feet and charge at one another blow for blow. Andrew goes for a punch to the heart, but that doesn't seem to rattle Dark Tiger as he gives Andrew a kick to the gut, then scoops him upside down across his shoulder and brings him down with...

Adams: Eye Of the Tiger!

Sebastian covers Andrew right away and hooks the leg!


Simone: And just like that it's all over!

The bell rings and Sebastian allows Jacob to raise his hand as Candy joins him in the ring while Jessie shakes her head in disgust at Andrew and quickly leaves him to Casey tot end to.

Justin: The winners of the match, advancing to the semi-finals ... 'Dark Tiger' Sebastian Hardin and Candy Overton!

Simone: And will you look at Candy? She's acting as if she won the match for the team.

As the cameras switch backstage, Ms. Rocky Mountains is seen wandering along a corridor, seemingly searching for potential interviewees. Continuing along the corridor, Ms. Rocky Mountains soon comes to a halt, when she spots a familiar face.

MRM: Simon?

The view from the camera widens to show former Heavyweight Champion, Simon Jones.

MRM: What are you doing in Belfast?

Simon: After being in my hometown for Inception, three weeks ago, I'm here relishing another evening of top class wrestling. And after Climax Control is over, I'll then be going to Madison's Hotel, a couple of miles away from here, to attend a Super Bowl party.

Simon rubs his chin.

Simon: But, first and foremost, I'm in Belfast tonight because she asked me to be here.

Turning his attention away from Ms. Rocky Mountains, Simon looks to the other side of him, and as he does so, the view from the camera widens further, to show former SCW Bombshell, Natalie McKinley.

Natalie: Hello again.

Natalie smiles politely, as she looks towards Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Natalie: While Simon played ring announcer at Inception, I enjoyed being backstage, at what was the first SCW show that I had been present for since Violent Conduct II.

Natalie lets out a sigh.

Natalie: In the four and a half months since I left SCW - and in the past three months, in particular - I've come to appreciate something that Simon told me prior to me joining SCW: that no other wrestling promotion would provide me with the platform that SCW can - and that no other promotion would feel like home in the way that SCW does.

Natalie quickly glances at Simon, before looking back to Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Natalie: During last week, I saw a tweet containing the hashtag, "ComeBackHomeSimon." Well, I can't speak for Simon, but after a few months away, I'm here to announce that it's time for me to come "home."

MRM: Does this mean that you're returning to SCW?

Natalie: Yes. And with next week's Climax Control being staged in the capital city of Wales, where better for me to make my return to the six-sided ring, than in my hometown of Cardiff?

Simon nods his head in agreement.

Simon: I don't think that you could pick anywhere better, Natalie.

Ms. Rocky Mountains turns her focus to Simon.

MRM: And what about you Simon - will we get to see you compete in an SCW ring again?

Simon shrugs his shoulders.

Simon: Who knows?

Simon turns to wink at Natalie.

Simon: Never say never.

He then turns back to Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Simon: Now, if you'll please excuse us, I want to locate Melody Grace, to find out when I can expect a visit from her in the coming week, for the cup of tea that I promised her.

The scene cuts away.

Justin: The following contest is a Blast From The Past match. Introducing first...

The arena goes dark, and blue, white, and purple spotlights start swirling around as sirens start blaring. "S&M" by Rhianna begins playing and the spotlights come together on the center stage in blue and purple, to show Darknyss's silhouette standing there with her arms upraised on a screen. Purple and white pyrotechnics go off on her video and the screen appears to disintegrate and she's revealed, posing with her hands in the air. She brings them down to her hips. At her feet kneels a half naked man with a collar on his neck attached to a leash she's holding.

Justin: From Detroit, Michigan. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, she is Darknyss!

The normal lights come up, and Darknyss poses for a moment looking around with a confident smirk, then walks down the ramp to the ring, the man on his hands and knees crawling along beside her. She climbs the steps, dragging the man along with her and climbs into the ring, then up the turnbuckles and stands there, smirking to the crowd, then jumps down and goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, posing as the man follows her. She ties his chain to one of the ringposts and sends him outside to kneel beside the announcers table, then turns, waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: And her partner, from Los Angeles, California.

"Ridicule" by American Head Charge starts to blast from the speakers.

Justin: Weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, he is Harris, he is Joey Harris!

Adams: Joey Harris is Harris Seventy Eight!

Harris charges out of the back, quickly running to the ring and sliding under the ropes. He stands up looking at Darknyss with a crazy look on his face.

Simone: Something ain't right about that guy

Justin: And their opponents. Introducing first...

The house lights go down, as a golden and black spotlights go over the crowd. "So Beautiful, So Evil" begins to play over the loud speaker. The tron comes to life with a bird's eye view of the great Pyramids on the Giza Strip, only to change to what appears to be the interior of a tomb where we see Necra with eyes closed and they open glowing a blue color, as the scene changes to shots from matches, and her title wins. Mist starts to roll from around the stage area, as Necra rises up from underneath with Ex at her side, and Sara following behind.

Justin: From the Isle of The Gods, Greece, weighing in at one hundred and twenty even pounds, she is Necra Octavian Kane!

Sara has her head lowered never raising her eyes to the crowd. Necra leads a black panther on a leash in front of her, as they head down the ramp way. Necra ignores the fans as they start down the ramp way. They reach the ring, and Necra kisses Ex, and hands the leash to Sara, as she bows. Ex helps her up onto the edge of the ring, and opens the ropes for her. She stands in the middle of the ring, ans she raises her hands, only to bring them down, as golden sparkles fall onto the crowd.

Justin: And her partner...

The lights dim down slightly as white strobes flash quickly above the stage. The opening buzzing to "Where Eagles Dare" by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music.

Justin: From St Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, he is Erik Staggs!

Erik pushes his way through the curtains, he smirks out at the cheering crowd. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the cheers as if they power him. He pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his signature smirk. He slowly paces back and forth as he laughs, still not used to being cheered so much.

Harris and Darknyss are busy arguing over who will get the start in this match. Meanwhile on the otherside of the ring, Necra has requested to start first for her team. Erik Staggs is okay with as he steps through the ring ropes and stands on the ring apron. He grabs hold of the tag rope while Necra awaits for Darknyss to get inside the ring. Jasmine St. John will have her hands full as she has no idea how Harris will play with others.


Simone: I do not envy Jasmine one bit.

Adams: Neither do I

Darknyss is still arguing with her tag team partner as Necra grows imHarris with them. She boldly walks over to the other corner, grabs Darknyss by her neck and tosses her over the ring ropes. Jasmine quickly wiggles her finger to the time keeper as the bell rings. Darknyss shoots up to her feet while glaring at Necra. Necra shrugs her shoulders while Darknyss decides to shove her. Necra looks down as she shoves back. The force of her shove sends Darknyss toward the ring ropes. The look on her face kind of tells the story. Darknyss can't believe how much strength Necra has within her tiny frame. Darknyss decides to come running at Necra but gets caught with a drop toe hold. Necra quickly follows up with a leaping leg drop across the back of Darknyss' neck. Darknyss screams out in pain as Necra rolls her over onto her back. Necra drops into a quick pin attempt while Jasmine slides into position.


Darknyss kicks out quickly as Necra gets back up to her feet. Necra steps onto the long hair of Darknyss, smacks her sides so she can get a hold of her arms and decides to pull up. Darknyss is screaming as Necra continues to stand on her hair.

Simone: Oh my god. Necra is punishing Darknyss.

Adams: Could this be her way of telling Darknyss that the Daughters of Darkness could be coming for those tag titles?

Simone: It could be.

Harris is going absolutely crazy on the outside as he paces up and down the apron while yelling at his tag team partner. Necra floats over into a camel clutch while holding Darknyss' head up. She openly mocks her while driving forearm shots across her face. Necra slams her face into the canvas while soaking the boos in from the Belfast crowd. She notices Darknyss is starting to stir as she decides to bounce off the ring ropes. However she went to the wrong side as Harris grabs a nice handful of Necra's hair and yanks her down.

Erik quickly enters the ring but is cut off by Jasmine St John. She is trying to tell him that he needs to wait for a tag. He is pointing toward Harris while reading the riot act to Jasmine. Unfortunately while her back is turned, Harris is holding Necra's neck over the bottom rope. Necra tries to fight his strong grip but he doesn't let go. Erik is finally back on the apron as Jasmine starts to turn around. The Harris has let go of Necra as she is openly coughing trying to get oxygen into her lungs. Darknyss has used this momentary distraction to regain her composure and starts to attack Necra. However the moment she goes to pick Necra off the ground, Harris blind tags himself into the ring.

Adams: This guy needs some help. He blatantly attacked Necra

Simone: Yeah but the referee never saw it.

Adams: I hope Erik destroys him.

Darknyss glares at her partner as he raises a hand into the air. It looks like he was about to smack Darknyss until Erik grabs his hand instead. The mental Harris gets turned around as Erik catches him with a strong right hand to the jaw. The strike causes him to lose his footing as Erik lands a few more right hands and a few lefts. Both ladies have scurried out of the ring as Erik continues to attack this big bad mental Harris. He eventually backs him into a corner. Erik drops his shoulder while grabbing a hold of the ring ropes. He then starts to drive his shoulder into the midsection of this mental Harris. Erik continues to drive his shoulder into his midsection. Erik stops driving his shoulder and backs up a bit. He comes running back at the Harris and leaps into the air.

However the Harris sidesteps Erik and he manages to smack his head off the top turnbuckle. Harris takes this time to repeatedly back hand chop Erik. Each time the Harris's hand strikes Erik's bare chest the crowd cringes along with him. The Harris leans forward while wrapping one hand around Erik's throat, he screams some kind of gibberish before tossing him halfway across the ring. Erik lands on his shoulder in a very awkward position as he immediately grabs at it. He starts rolling around the ring as the Harris stoically walks toward him. His eyes are glued to Erik's injured shoulder.

Adams: Erik could be seriously injured.

Simone: Erik Staggs hasn't wrestled in years so he could be a tad rusty.

Erik tries to plead with this monster but it falls on deaf ears as the Harris grabs a hold of Erik's wrist. He twists it a little before driving it back down into the canvas. The force of the move sends a sharp pain up his arm. Erik is begging for him to stop but the Harris starts to stomp on each part of Erik's arm. Harris exits the ring while reaching into the ring at Erik.


Jasmine St John starts her count as Harris drags Erik over to a neutral corner. He positions Erik's body in front of the ring post. A sick smirk comes across the Harris's face as he quickly pulls Erik into the ring post. Erik's injured shoulder gets most of the impact as he lets out another scream. The Harris seems to love it as he repeats the same action one more time.


The Harris isn't even paying attention to Jasmine's count as he gets back up onto the ring apron. He reaches down at Erik's hair and tries to pull him up. Erik with enough energy grabs the Harris around his neck and drops to a seated position. The Harris's neck bounces off the top rope like in a hot shot. The force of the move causes him to land back first onto the ring apron.

This gives Erik enough time to drag himself over to his corner. While Erik is dragging himself toward his corner, Darknyss comes charging in and leaps toward Necra. Necra reacts instantly by catching Darknyss in mid air and drives her back first into the arena floor. Both ladies are on the ground as Erik reaches his arm out for a hot tag. He didn't know what had happened has he was dragging himself toward the corner. Harris is back up on his feet and quietly stalking Erik. Erik struggles back up to his feet while using his one good shoulder. Harris comes in from behind and strikes Erik in the back.

Simone: Just end this already

Adams: I think Erik would like that

Harris backs up a little looking to splash Erik. Harris comes charging in but Erik instinctively moves out of the way as Harris smacks his head off the ring post instead of the top turnbuckle. Harris falls to one knee as blood is quickly flowing down his face. Erik doesn't waste this opportunity as he strikes quickly with a front dropkick which knocks Harris back into the corner. Without hesistation, Erik quickly moves to the diagonal corner before sprinting toward Harris and striking with a bronco buster

Erik drags Harris out of the corner and quickly jumps up to the top rope. He jumps off and lands with a modified body splash. He immediately hooks the leg as Jasmine drops into position.


Harris throws a shoulder up as Erik shoots up to his feet. He bounces off the ring and hits another low dropkick to the side of Harris's head. Erik goes for the cover again as Jasmine gets back into position.


Harris kicks out again as Erik starts getting frustrated. He gets back up to his feet and reaches down to pick Harris up. However Harris catches Erik in a small package as Jasmine is position.


Erik kicks out at the last possible second. Harris slams his fist into the ground several times before getting into the face of Jasmine. Jasmine is telling it was a two count but he is complaining that it was three.

Simone: Something has got to give

Adams: Why is this idiot arguing when he should be putting Erik away?

Harris turns back away from Jasmine into a blood mist from Erik. Harris swings wildly as Erik ducks once just so he can get behind him. Harris is struggling to get the blood out of his eyes as Erik wraps his hands around Harris's waist. He then lifts him up over his head before landing into a pinning combination.

Simone: What a german suplex

Jasmine gets back into position as Necra holds Darknyss by the ring ropes.


Jasmine calls for the bell.

Adams: Erik has done it

Justin: and your winners who will be advancing into round two are Necra and ERIK STAGGS

Erik starts to celebrate his win while calling down medical personnel to check on his shoulder. Necra just smiles as her team advances.

"Zombie" by Breed 77 blasts through the speakers, the slow intro playing as the word move on the screen. The eyes of Gabriel appear on the screen, turning red as the heavier guitars kick in. Purple lights cut through the thick smoke starting to fill the entrance ramp.

Adams: Gabriel is here!

The crowd wait in anticipation, and the figure of Gabriel walks out from behind the dark curtain, the a huge chorus of boos. Gabriel is wearing a leather jacket, down to his heels with a hood attached. He pulls the hood back from over his eyes, showing his face. Gabriel's eyes are focused completely on the ring, his eyes narrowed as he glares at the ring. He reaches down, opening his long coat, pulling it apart, revealing the SCW Heavyweight title belt. He puts his arms to his side as boos with some scattered cheers fill the arena. Gabriel starts to walk to the ring. Gabriel gets outside the ring and puts his hands together, a light burning from his palms. A flash of light engulfs the ring and Gabriel stands inside. He takes the title belt from his waist and puts it over his shoulder as Justin Decent hands him a mic. "Zombie" fades out and he raises the mic to his mouth.

Gabriel: Another week and still the people at the top have decided that you now WORLD champion isn't in action again, but I've decided you people deserve to see the man at the top.

Boos echo through the arena but Gabriel strolls up and down the ring.

Gabriel: But because I'm not on the show doesn't mean I don't get the chance to sit there and watch every single thing that's going on around me, and well, I noticed something last week and that I, the great man that stands before you, has done something no other man has ever done in wrestling.

Gabriel pauses for a second, a smile passing over his face.

Gabriel: I have managed to break Sean Jackson.

The fans boo again but Gabriel ignores them.

Gabriel: I have managed to take Sean Jackson, get in to the mind of the Mental Rapist and reverse all his little mind games to the point where not even he knows who he is anymore. I have broken the mind of a man who many believed to be unbreakable. He's used to messing with other people's minds but I, Gabriel, have destroyed his.

A proud smile covers the champions face.

Gabriel: That once proud man is now having a moment, where he doesn't know if he's a good guy, or a ba guy, he's turned in to this split personality freak because I have made him that way.

Gabriel moves towards the ropes, leaning against them.

Gabriel: You'd think that I'd be a happy man and yes, part of me is content, but then a thought crosses my mind a little here. What if I can go one step further, what if I could take the mental rapist, and banish him forever from existance, what if I can save Sean Jackson from himself and end his little games once and for all, what if I can hit Sean Jackson so hard, that he will see the light and realize that me having this title is no fluke.

Gabriel leans off the ropes, lifting the mic to his lip.

Gabriel: Which brings me to my point Sean. How much of a fluke do you think it is that I have your World championship?

Gabriel waits for a second, as if he's waiting for an answer

Gabriel: What would you risk to get this title belt back from me once more? Would you risk being hurt bad enough, that you could never compete again? Would you risk it all?

Gabriel moves off the ropes and towards the center of the ring.

Gabriel: You see, I don't just wanna be the man who holds the gold, I want to be the man who takes the Mental Rapist, and how him that my mind is unbreakable, that I am the better man, so here's what I'm thinking.

Gabriel runs his hand over his chin.

Gabriel: On March 8th, live from Copenhagen, Denmark, Blaze Of Glory IV, I will give you one shot, once chance to come and take this title from me.

The fans burst out in to cheers.

Simone: Gabriel is challenging Sean Jackson!

Gabriel: But with great reward Sean, comes great risk, because that will be the night, where your dreams will fade and you will end up in some Danish hospital, repeating the words over and over "This is not a fluke, this is not a fluke" until you're blue in the face. Instead of sitting there and talking shit to a Stoner about taking everything I have, who won't remember your conversation ten minutes after it's done. Instead of having a pissing contest with the second rate champion here, why don't you come and try and follow through with everything you've said. In fact, this one is on me, not on your rematch clause. Instead of talking to potheads, appearing on a piss poor chat show and trying to reclaim your balls from your wife's pocket, come try take MY title back. Or you can sit there and prove me right by showing these people that I have broken the great Sean Jackson. I'll give you one week Sean to make up your mind. May God have mercy on your soul Sean, because I will not

Gabriel throws the microphone over his shoulder as "Zombie" blasts through the speakers. Gabriel lifts the SCW Heavyweight title belt above his head, a smirk on his face, before dropping it back over his shoulder and stepping through the ropes. He walks up the ramp before disappearing out of sight.

Live Thursday 2/5/15 at the Randolph Community Center - ASW SHOWDOWN!

Doors Open at 7 PM


Katie Clarke vs. Daphne "Danger" Demur

Two new ASW Stars battle it out as they look to make names for themselves here in Tucson. Clarke and Demur are relatively new to the ring so it will be interesting to see what they can do.


Andreas Bergfalk vs. Seth Drayton vs. Tim Staggs

Andreas Bergfalk is starting to string together a few victories but so is "The Legacy" Tim Staggs. Throw them in the ring with the unbeaten Seth Drayton and we have the makings of an instant classic on our hands in Tucson, with the winner likely shooting up the standings in the Heavyweight division.

The Masked Man returned on 1/29 to put Eternidad out of action. Will he be making another appearance?


Kimberly Evans vs. Kaysie Sherell

In a rematch from the night that crowned our very first ASW Women's Champion, Kimberly Evans takes on the returning Kaysie Sherell. Kaysie believes she deserves the shot at Ruby and this will be her first step toward proving why to the world. On the other hand, Evans will look to take out Sherell and place Ruby and the gold back in her sights.

Ruby pinned her Number One Contender last week on Thursday Night Showdown in mixed tag team action...will she demand that a new contender be named?


Owen James (c) vs. Chris Mosh

In his very first title defense, the "Awkward One" will take on the hottest fan favorite in Tucson, the "Party Boy" Chris Mosh. Will Owen be able to quiet the crowd and retain his Heavyweight Championship or will ASW's "Golden Boy" rise to the occasion and make history in Tucson?

All this and more on Thursday Night Showdown!

The camera returns to the ringside area after a brief intermission, and the normal six-sided ring of Sin City Wrestling has been transformed into a virtual torture chamber for the main event of the show! The ring ropes have been completely removed, and on three neutral sides, replaced with razor sharp barbed wire! On the three sides without the wire, on the ringside floor lies a sheet of wood with a bed of barbed wire atop of it!

Simone: My god, will you look at that?

Adams: When the bosses promise us a kick ass main event, they don't waste any effort, do they?

Simone: That they do not but what condition will either Drexel Matheson or Gavin Stephens be in after a match such as this?

Adams: Guess we're going to find out because it's about to start!

The camera returns to ringside where Justin stands before the time keeper's table to make the formal introductions as Drew Patton carefully steps into the ring itself.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Main Event of Climax Control! It is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Belfast Brawl!

The crowd cheers!

The arena lights dim when the music of Hanz Zimmer "My Enemy" begins to play, the crowd look towards the entrance ramp in anticipation, the curtain is pulled aside by the sociopathic loner known as Matheson. He stands in front of the entrance with his arms raised up to his side, glancing around at the audience in attendance whilst doing so, Matheson lowers his arms and begins his slow walk towards the ring.

Justin: From the far reaches of the Encephalon, weighing in at 244 pounds, he is the inhuman monster! ... THIS ... IS ... MATH-E-SON!

Matheson walks around the ring before rolling underneath the bottom rope, getting up to his feet he walks over to the side of the ring and raises his arms again, the crowd give him a mixed reaction from that side of the auditorium. Matheson walks across the ring and raises his arms again, the crowd give their reaction towards the inhuman monstrum. He walks over to his corner to take his leather jacket and tied plaid shirt off his waist, handing it to the timekeeper through the ropes before sitting down in corner with his head resting on the second turnbuckle awaiting the start of the match.

Adams: Boy he doesn't look worried at all about this one, does he?

Simone: No he doesn't. He actually looks excited, if anything.

Justin: His opponent is accompanied by Mikah! From Superior, Wisconsin, weighing 223 pounds ... Gavin STEPHENS!

"The Bad Guy" by Bronx Casket Company blared throughout the arena, across the PA systems as slowly on the stage entered Gavin Stephens.. He was flanked by a lovely blonde lady by the name of Mikah, as the two stood on stage. A smokey like substance flowing up around them as he stood there, chewing on his gum and smiling as he slid his arm around her and whispered a few things. Then the couple made their way down the ramp towards the ring, arriving into the ringside area soon after the fans booed. Though - they seemed entirely too preoccupied going over strategies or something, chatting back and forth as they had to come to a stop by the steps. As Mikah remained safely at ringside, Gavin hopped up onto the apron nearby and proceeded to taunt the fans about having been able to do that as he waited for the match to begin. Drew checks to make certain both are ready and calls for the bell!


And immediately from the sound of the opening bell, these two roughhouse bruisers meet in the middle of the ring and they start slugging it out, trading hard lefts and rights to one another's heads, faces and bodies, trying to wear the other down in order to do some real damage with the surrounding area! Drew, the official for this match, is basically powerless to protect either man as he is only there to count the pin or declare the submission victory! Gavin gets the upper hand on Drexel, blocking one of his opponent's strikes and connects with one of his own, sending Drexel reeling backwards a couple of steps!

Adams: This one has already started off hard hitting!

Simone: There's no way these two will last for long in a match like this!

Gavin backs up a step and lands a sharp kick to Drexel's ribcage, then moves in and hits a heavy number of right hands into the side of Matheson's head, knocking him further back toward one of the open sides of the ring! Stephens then makes a move and throws a jab at him, but this time Drexel ducks aside and grabs Gavin in a rear waist lock and tries forcing him over the side of the ring!

Adams: Watch it now!

Simone: If he goes over, he's going to be in for a world of pain!

Gavin puts on the brakes and the two men struggle mightily, as Gavin tries to keep from falling off the ringside and into that nest of barbed wire, as Drexel attempts to do just that to the opposition! Gavin then swings an elbow back into Drexel's head, knocking him loose and freeing Gavin. Gavin then steps up and grabs his opponent in a side headlock and tries to push his head into the barbed wire set up instead of the ropes, but Drexel thinks fast and grabs him in a headlock as well, and attempts to do the same! Gavin grabs hold of the barbed wire to prevent this and kicks back into Drexel's knee. Matheson then tries to pick him up, as if for an atomic drop, and throw him into the wire mesh, but Gavin shifts his weight and lands on his back behind Drexel and dropkicks him in the back, sending Drexel flying into the barbed wire chest first!

Adams: Oh my god!

Simone: And first blood goes to Gavin Stephens!

Literally, as Drexel staggers back, his shirt and pants caught on the barbed wire, and Gavin grabs a handful of his hair and shoves his head into the wire and rakes him against it, tearing him open!

Simone: That man is sick!

Adams: I think he wants to beat Drexel at his own game before Drexel can beat him!

Blood now flows freely down Drexel's face and Gavin rings him down the hard way with a butterfly back breaker. Gavin covers him, hooking the leg.

Drexel kicks out!

Gavin stands up and he starts to systematically stomp down onto the prone and bloodied body of Drexel Matheson. Gavin calls out to Mikah and she opens her purse and pulls out a studded leather belt, rolled up, and throws it into her husband's waiting hands. Gavin holds onto it and goes to send Drexel into the corner but Drexel reverses it and follows in with an avalanche splash! Gavin staggers out, dropping the belt, and the bloodied Drexel throws one, two, three jabs into Gavin's face, then spins around and lays him out with a discus clothesline!

Adams: Where the hell is this coming from!?

Simone: I don't know but given Drexel Matheson credit for coming back after going into the barbed wire the way he did!

Drexel crawls over on top of Gavin and covers him!

Gavin gets his shoulder up.

Drexel leans back on his knees and grabs the fallen belt and proceeds to wrap it around his closed fist and he grabs Gavin by the hair and brings the belt into his face with a closed fist two straight times! Drexel then stands up and loosens the belt and brings it down across Gavin's back three straight times before he wraps it around the throat of Stephens, choking him out as Mikah protests!

Simone: Protest all you want! It's all legal in this type of match!

Adams: And I bet Mikah is really regretting trying to bring that in for her husband now, isn't she?

Drexel uses the belt as a handle to drag Gavin up to his feet and he spins him around on his feet in a wide circle before letting go and Gavin falls back off of the ring apron and lands in one of the beds of barbed wire as Mikah cries out in horror!

Adams: Oh god! OH GOD! Gavin fell! He fell into one of those beds of barbed wire!

Simone: I don't even want to THINK about the type of damage that was just done to him!

Drew carefully climbs down from the ring to try and check on Gavin but is unable to lend him a hand. Drexel is all too eager to do so, however, as he jumps down and walks around to where Gavin lies in pain and Mikah scurries away as Matheson starts kicking away at the prone Gavin Stephens! Drexel then grabs a handful of his opponent's hair and shirt and literally TEARS him off of the bed of barbed wire, dragging him to his feet and he throws a hard fist into Gavin's head!

Simone: I thought Drexel's bleeding was bad enough but Gavin is bleeding on his head, arms AND back!

Gavin, somehow, comes back from this and throws him own fist into Drexel's face, knocking him back!

Adams: I don't know where they can do the most damage! The ring or the floor!

Gavin grabs hold of Drexel's gore soaked hair and slams his face into the ring announcer's table, then grabs hold of Belinda's water glass...

Simone: Hey hey hey! Give that back!

And Gavin swings it around and smashes it against Drexel's head, sending the glass shattering everywhere! Drexel falls to his hands and knees, fresh wounds opened up on his head as Gavin stands over him and brings his taped fist swinging around into his opponent's head from behind repeatedly!

Simone: I can't get over the amount of punishment these two are dealing one another!

Adams: I can't get over how much punishment these two men can take!

Gavin wipes the blood from his face as Mikah cheers her husband on, and he proceeds to drag Drexel up and he goes for another shot but Matheson somehow dodges it and instead brings him crashing against the barricade with a side Russian leg sweep!

Simone: Do you think these two will make it back into the ring?

Adams: Does it even matter at this point?

Gavin holds the back of his head as Drexel fights to his feet, pulling him up along with him and throws him back under the barbed wire 'ropes' and into the ring once again. Drexel looks out to Mikah and gives her a sick, bloody smile as he starts to drag Gavin up once again, setting his head between his knees.

Simone: Oh no, what now!?

Drexel picks him up into the air and POWERBOMBS him off the apron and into the bed of barbed wire!

Adams: Does THAT answer your question!?


Simone: This has gone too far!

Mikah screams and cries at what has just happened to the love of her life and Drexel walks over to the ring apron and looks down at his fallen foe. Drexel looks out to the crowd -- AND THEN LEAPS OFF OF THE RING APRON AND CRASHES ATOP OF GAVIN WITH A SENTON!!!


Adams: This is true!

Drexel lies back atop of Gavin's chest, neither man moving, and Drew shakes his head and makes the count!


Simone: Finally!

The bell rings and immediately paramedics swarm out from the back to attend to both men! Mikah hurries over, tears in her eyes, as she watches the medics slowly roll Drexel off of Gavin and work diligently to remove him from the barbed wire as well!

Justin: Here is your winner ... DREXEL MATHESON!!!

Adams: I see both men staying at the hospital for a good, long while after this one!

Simone: The question is, will we see either man in SCW again -- period!? Anyway, that's all we have time for, we'll see you next week in Cardiff, Wales!

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Erik, Dave, Dustin, Blaque Hart, Mercedes, Joanne, Veronica Taylor, JT Midas, Andy, Marge, Simon Jones, Ro, Jenny. Also thanks to Vixen for the great match banners and to everyone who is a part of SCW