Climax Control

The first thing seen is the office of the SCW staff backstage, and in it is none other than 'Hot Stuff' Mark Ward, clad in perfect replica of a Roman Gladiator costume, complete with tunic, body armor with attached cape, shoulder guard, arm bands, wrist guards, shin guards, headband and medallion. The capacity crowd watching this scene unfold on the SCW-Tron above the stage immediately greets the sight of the Co-Owner of Sin City Wrestling with a chorus of venomous jeering!

Mark is leaning back against the desk in the office he shares with Christian Underwood and Erik Staggs, his backside propped on the edge of the desk and a clipboard in his hands. He is busy reading over a contract when the door to the office slams open with a loud bang, startling him into almost dropping the clipboard and none other than the Mistress of the Dark Elvira comes waltzing him, mad as a hornet.

Elvira: Alright Hot Stuff, and I use that term loosely appropriately, what's this business about me not being allowed to perform tonight!?

HS: Perform nothing! You weren't even supposed to be allowed in the stadium, period!

Mark looks her up and down with a frown.

HS: Do you always wear the same dress?

Elvira: No, sometimes I like to wear something low cut and sexy.

Elvira then sets her hands on her hips and stares Mark down.

Elvira: Have you any idea how many security guards I had to show my boobs too in order to get in here?

HS: Well if that's the case then I'm going to have to give those poor idiots a raise for having to look at something that fake to begin with.

Elvira: Fake!?

Elvira advances on Hot Stuff, bending him over at the waist against the desk and she pokes him in the chest.

Elvira: Listen Hot Pants...

HS: Hot Stuff!

Elvira: I call `em as I see `em! These things right here?

She points to her prize winning boobs, then pokes Mark again in the chest.

Elvira: Factory originals! You are looking at the Santa Clause of Halloween! Now I didn't fly all the way out here from LA just to get turned away! I'm an invited guest and I demand to be treated with courtesy! I demand respect! I demand you take me into that closet and give me a strip search!

Mark slaps the clipboard down onto the desk and marches up to Elvira, backing her up against the wall.

HS: Listen Boobs McGee! You and I are going to get one thing straight, and then you're going to hop on that broom of yours or turn into a bat and fly on out of here because I have a show to do!

Elvira swallows hard, looks down and then back up into Mark's eyes and shrugs.

Elvira: Yeah, you should watch it with that thing. You might end up putting someone's eye out.

Mark glances 'down', then his brow furrows into one of annoyance and he looks back at the Halloween Icon.

HS: Maybe your mind is starting to play tricks on you. At your age it's probably even hard to tell where your chest ends and stomach begins. But get this, and get it straight! You are not ever, E-V-E-R -- EVER -- appearing on MY show tonight!

Elvira smiles.

Elvira: Well, it's a little too late for that sweet pea.

Mark frowns in confusion until Elvira points towards the camera and snaps her gum. Mark slowly turns his head toward the camera and...

HS: SON OF A....

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome the Mistress of the Dark ... ELVIRA!

The sound of a church bell clangs!

The clap of thunder!

An ancient pipe organ begins to play!

A garish green light on the stage turns on and there is a zombie chorus standing there with Frankenstein's Monster at the center of the stage. Elvira arrives on the stage to much cheers, (were)wolf whistles and Halloween fanfare! She waves and blows kisses and then puts on hand on her cheek and points offstage...

Chorus: Here Comes The Bride The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira:Oh, here she comes now.
And she looks

And down the aisle approaches Amanda Hugginkiss, dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein!

Chorus: Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!

Elvira: She came waltzin' down the isle,
in a dress so torn and vile.
The man of her dreams was a nightmare too!
As she gave a shreak and a ghastly smile.

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: Who we talkin' bout goul's?

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: The preacher said, "Speak up now, or forever hold your peace."
Well, Dr. Frank opened the latch and held up a piece
he forgot to attach!!!!

Chorus: (neah neah neah neah,
neah neah neah neah neah!

Elvira: Here comes the bride!
The Bride Of Frankenstein
Here comes the bride!
The Bride Of Frankenstein
Here comes the bride!
The Bride Of Frankenstein
Here comes the bride!
The Bride Of Frankenstein

Your's Cruelly came in basic black,
with gift-wrapped witches curses.
The wolves and hounds bayed merrily
as the guest arrived in hearses!!

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: Who we talkin' bout goul's?

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: A delightful chill to the awful swamp
pierced us to the heart.
The bride broke down in tears of joy.
Well umm...actually she...fell apart.

Chorus: (neah neah neah neah,
neah neah neah neah neah!

Elvira: Here comes the bride!

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: Here comes the bride!

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: Here comes the bride!

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Elvira: Here comes the bride!

Chorus: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Lady: Mmmm there were some yummy guys catering the reception.

Elvira: Yeah too bad the living dead ate 'em! And they didn't even save ME a piece! THE PIGS!!

Man: Uhhhh this ice chest is a mess, excuse me. Could you move that brain and pass me a diet soda?

Chorus: Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!

Elvira: The Bride of Frankenstein

Chorus: Here comes the bride!

Elvira: The Bride Of Frankenstein

Sewn together for a wedding,
who's that gal that we're all dreading?
She's so and pale.
Who's that nightmare in the veil?!

Yeah! That's the one! Yeah right! Uh!
The Bride of Frankenstein! DUUUH!!

He's one bad muther f-

Chorus: Shut your mouth

Elvira: We'll I'm just talkin' about Frankenstein.....

The music ends and the crowd stands and gives Elvira a roaring ovation, throwing black roses to her as Justin, clad in a devil costume with horns on his head and red booty shorts with a tail and matching boots, approaches her with a bouquet of black roses to present her with. Elvira puts on her 'For me?' routine and accepts them, giving the handsome ring announcer a peck on the cheek before she drapes her free arm around his waist and waves at the camera, blowing it a kiss.

The camera moves to the commentary table where Belinda Simone, dressed as a gothic Raggidy Anne, sits next to a white toga clad, and matching laurel leaved head band, Jason Adams

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, our very last before we head to High Stakes IV, I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm wearing a toga and not telling you if I'm wearing any underwear, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: Seven Halloween themed matches lead us towards High Stakes IV, and we start with a debut, the debut of the familiar face of Melody Grace.

Adams: Hey! That rhymed! Melody gets to go one on one with the very well trained Orchid.

Simone: Four men entertain you next on this spooky night, Gene Banton Jr, Blaque Hart Bruce Evans, Kris Halc and Vincent Peterson go to war before your very eyes.

Adams: It's like polor opposites here, Halc and Peterson are the silent types, while Evans and Banton love their sound of their own voices, but all four men share the fact that they're all well versed wrestling superstars.

Simone: Most intellengent thing you've ever said in an intro on Climax Control.

Adams: One good comment in ninty eight shows isn't bad.

Simone: Rolling on, three bombshells are up next, Angelia Corazon, Traci Patterson and Crystal Hilton will do battle in the six sided ring.

Adams: I so hope they draw a pumpkin juice match! Purely for the scientific research aspect of it.

Simone: What scientific aspect?

Adams: One where we can finally find out if pumpkin juice is good for the skin, or if it will just make you look like you were in an explosion in a fake tan factory

Simone: Despayre is in action tonight in a very rare solo match. Tonight, he takes on one half of R.O.A.R, Dark Tiger Sebastian Hardin. Both Jeremiah Hardin and Big B will both be at ringside.

Adams: You've seen David Vs Goliath battles before but none like this. Dark Tiger is so much bigger than Despayre, it's like a tent trying to have a fight with a skyscraper

Simone: That made no sense.

Adams: Neither did Lord Of The Rings, but Christian still made me watch those.

Simone: Two of the biggest men in terms of size will be entering the SCW ring tonight, and this one will be brutal as Horace Jackson and Rage go one on one and we're joined by Blaque Hart Bruce Evans.

Adams: That's the French guy, right?

Simone: Canadian

Adams: Close enough. If you like to see two men beat the hell out of each other, this would be the match to watch.

Simone: At High Stakes IV, we will see Veronica Taylor and unwilling partner, Joanne Canelli defend their SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championship against Jessie Salco and The Nurse Cynthia Warren. Tonight we get a taste of that action as Veronica is set to go one on one with Jessie Salco, with their partners at ringside.

Adams: Jessie has made it clear she will do anything to get one over The Mean Girls, but Veronica has improved no end lately and will be looking to keep the momentum going in to the supercard.

Simone: Our main event has the potential to be one of the most explosive we've seen on Climax Control as Equinox goes up against Sean Jackson. If that's not explosive enough, in the corner of Equinox, you have SCW heavyweight champion Drake Green and Giani Di Luca and backing Sean Jackson up, you have Mr J.N Ringo and J2H.

Adams: There's a lot of hate in and around that ring, and one simple spark could light this place up! I wanna see that happen, so let's get this show going!

v/o: "Ft. Bragg, Can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?"

The lights shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark. Brilliant flashes of light start to burst throughout, acting as it were streaks of lightning. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

A hush falls over the stadium as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the club. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out...

"I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

"The Mental Rapist"

Through the crimson mist, the fans can see two people making their way onto the entrance ramp. The arena erupts into mostly boos, but some cheers as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Sean is completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips.

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

His face remains stoic as only God knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese beauty at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring.

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavege while Jackson is dressed in a black shirt with the HSI logo on the front. He is also wearing black trunks with gold colored material and outlined in blood red you see "HSI".

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena.He then asks for and receives a house mic, which he slowly raises to his mouth.

Jackson: You know, last week I stood in this very ring and I proved why I'm the one to dethrone Drake Green.


Jackson: Giani Di Luca, a former SCW heavyweight champion. A man who was touted as one of the best ever, was left in the middle of this very ring, a beaten man at my hands.

More boos.

Jackson: Wait, not just beaten, destroyed. I hit that Jersey trash with a Hook em Horns driver from hell, had him blabbering like Katherine Hepburn with tourettes.

That doesn't go over very well with the fans in the stadium. But since when does he care what the fans think?

Jackson: By the time I was done, he was laying in this ring, flopping around like Christopher Reeve. Hey wait a minute, Giani, that's it. You can go trick or treating as Christopher Reeve.

More boos. Now he's gone entirely too far.

Jackson: That's means Equinox can be....

His mind draws a blank.

Jackson: Can be....

Sean begins to pace in the ring, honestly trying to think of a sidekick for the Christopher Reeve character Superman. But since he didn't have one, Sean calls it exactly like it is???

Jackson: A freaking nobody, just like that poser Drake Green.

Yep, that's not going to go over well. You can hear the entire base of Ft. Bragg booing now.

Jackson: Oh come on now, you know damn good and well that I'm right. I send Jamie Dean to pasture and how am I rewarded? I'm given a match against Jon Dough. Then as I dispatch that loser, they feed me Giani Di Luca.

The pacing stops, you can see that Sean Jackson isn't happy. Hell, he hasn't been happy since dropping the ball against Simon Jones.

Jackson: Now don't get me wrong, I wanted the SCW heavyweight champion. But never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned them giving me a former has been. I mean, when I saw the name Giani Di Luca, I thought I was going to get a man who could test me....

Sean throws his hands up, contempt in his voice.

Jackson: Not a man who had his testicles removed by some woman named Dirty Waters....

He then acts all surprised, as if he mis-spoke.

Jackson: Uhh, I meant Dixie Waters

Now it sounds like all of North Carolina is booing him.

Jackson: Hey, it was an honest mistake. Lord knows you people know all about dirty water, you know what I mean?

He winks as the boos continue. Looks like he's going for the record. Again.

Jackson: Oh sorry Equinox, I didn't mean to forget about you so soon. I had better mention your name several more times before Scott Oliver gets all butt hurt over it.

Somewhere, Scott Oliver is rolling his eyes and saying that he isn't butt hurt.

Jackson: Or better yet, why don't I just Christopher Reeve you tonight, just like I did Giani last week? that way, the SCW hierarchy can stop playing hide the Drake and hand deliver him to me, once and for all.


Jackson: That way, I can personally deliver the SCW heavyweight title to Mark Ward, and Hot Stuff International. Where it belongs.

The camera pans in tight, Sean's eyes are dark, his face focused.

Jackson: Equinox, if I was you, I wouldn't even bother coming to the ring tonight. Just like Giani last week, you're preventing me from getting my rightful title shot TONIGHT. Instead of drilling my knee into the back of Drake's skull, I have to bother myself with YOU. Well Equinox, I'm not going to be any more responsible for my actions tonight as I was responsible last week. Oh, and speaking of last week Drake....

His face is getting red, veins sticking out from his neck.

Jackson: How dare you stick your nose into my business? What happened between Ermy and myself didn't concern you, didn't have anything to do with you. But once again, you just couldn't help yourself. You just had to come out and play the part of hero, where a hero simply wasn't needed. But that's okay Drake because your time is coming, and it's coming soon. Even that old hag Elvira has to be somewhere close by, so she can lay witness to your demise.

His face screams of hatred for everything Drake Green. But for once, he can sense the day coming, where he can finally succeed in doing what he was brought to SCW to get rid of Drake Green AND return the heavyweight title to HSI.

Jackson: Tis the season Drake, tis the season.

Just then "Burning Down the House" by the Used starts playing, interrupting Sean, and the crowd jumps to their feet. Out walks Drake Green in his long black tights, his "SHOWTIME" t-shirt, and his SCW Heavyweight title firmly fastened around his waist. In his left hand is a microphone which he brings up to his lips as he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Drake: I don't know about the people of North Carolina, MY PEOPLE, but I'm sure as hell sick of listening to you bitch and moan every week about the same thing. Over and over again. I think it's about time you let the lawyer go on his merry way and you and I got right down to it...RIGHT HERE IN FORT BRAGG!

Massive POP!

Of course, as usual Sean gets that look of bitter contempt on his face. Just when he gets rolling on running down Drake Green, he has to come down and ruin everything.

Jackson: Yea, you would love that wouldn't you? You would love to step into this ring, take my total concentration while Equinox and Giani jump me from behind, thus once again protecting that title you unjustly walk around with.

As Sean speaks, he also backs up, keeping a healthy distance between the two of them. Despite his tough talk, he knows that Drake already has a couple of wins over him.

Jackson: But I tell you what. You step into this ring and I will give Jamie Dean and Justin Halliwell another room mate in the hospital.

Drake chuckles a bit as he gets closer to the ring.

Drake: Again you start make an excuse, Sean. I've learned something about you over the past couple of years. You talk a big game. You come out here with your skanky woman and your two-faced lawyer and you talk. In fact, you talk so much that sometimes I even forget what you're talking about. But what I've can't back it up???.and you know it. So when I step in this ring???

Green walks up the steps.

Drake: ... I know you're scared.

Jackson: Scared? of what? Of you? I'm not scared, I'm not scared of anyone or anything. It's just that if you step through those ropes, I'll have to drop you where you stand and that will give Christian Underwood and Eric Staggs the reason they need to suspend me. Thus taking away another title shot that I so richly deserve.

Sean has backed up so far, he can feel the ring ropes on his back. He looks back dramatically, thinking that someone is behind him. Realizing that it's the ropes, he tries to play it off. But does a very poor job and Drake begins to openly laugh as he steps through the ropes.

Drake: Are you serious Sean? You can't even stand in the same ring with me without getting paranoid. But I tell you what...I always considered myself a fighting champion...a MAN OF THE PEOPLE???

Massive cheers as Drake unsnaps his title belts holds it above his head for a bit, getting closer to Sean and making him seem a bit more uncomfortable.

Drake: I'll put this on the line any time you feel like the man I know you aren't, Sean. Any time, any place.

The crowd cheers again as Drake drops the title belt over his shoulder. Sean follows the belt with his eyes, with pure jealousy filling his face. Yes, the belt that has eluded him all this time, the belt that he wants more than anything in this world. The belt that now rests on the shoulder of his biggest nemesis in Sin City.

Jackson: Just stop Drake, stop the damn lying. You might be able to fool the cowards in this damn stadium, but you can't fool me. You know damn good and well that Christian Underwood wouldn't let you put that title on the line tonight. Christian can't stand me, Staggs would love to walk down that ramp to fire me...but I tell you what Drake, had that belt been put on the line tonight, you would lose it...and you would lose it???.

Sean snaps his fingers.

Jackson: Just like that. But because the SCW hierarchy is set on protecting you, it won't happen. No matter what you tell these mindless robots.

Drake: You always talk about being in this non-existent...extinct???"Hot Stuff International"...where's Mark Ward? If Ward was really in your corner then none of this would even matter. There is no Hot Stuff international, Sean. There is no special privileged that you claim to have because if there'd be a man and face me right here, right now.

You can see the blood boiling in Sean's face. Drake is right, Hot Stuff International isn't what it was several months ago and it's eating at him. But as long as Mark Ward is still present, still in an ownership position, then Sean's going to defend it. Well verbally that is while Drake Green is so close.

Jackson: You would like that, wouldn't you? But as much as I would love to take that belt from you tonight, none of these ham and eggers are worthy to see me take that belt from you. No Drake, this isn't Dallas and NONE of these people are Sean Jackson fans, so to hell with them. But I will tell you this much Drake, Hot Stuff International is alive and well...and I will prove that when I lift that title belt from you.

Drake: Like I said, Sean. Whenever you feel like...

Owens: Um, pardon the interruption Mr. Green....

As Marshall Owens interrupts, he comes from behind the curtain and steps out onto the entrance ramp. In doing so, he captures the attention of everyone, including Drake Green.

Owens: But I think there's one thing you're forgetting about?

Drake: What's that, Marshall?

From behind, Sean gives a double ax handle to the back of Drake's head, knocking him down.

Owens: (laughing) That Sean Jackson doesn't jump when a low lifer like yourself says so. He operates on his own time???.

Sean starts laying the boots to Drake, but quickly bails when Drake begins to fight his way up. Marshall jumps to the side as security flies to the ring in order to break the two up. The two try to go after each other a bit but the security guards keep them apart from one another. The crowd begins to boo as Sean and Vanessa make their way up the ramp to meet Marshall. In the ring, Drake shrugs off a few security guards and picks up his title, slinging it over his shoulder, before picking up the microphone again.

Drake: No, no, no Sean. You ain't getting off that easy. In two New York... at High Stakes IV I'm kicking your fucking ass for the last time. This ends in West Point.

As Marshall smiles, Sean motions with his hands in front of his abdomen, the universal signal that he will leave High Stakes IV with the title.

Jackson: Drake, Drake. You still think that you're calling the shots. All it takes is for you to lose track of me for one moment...for ONE FREAKING MOMENT. One distraction and one high knee later, you will lose Drake. You'll lose that title, you'll lose your standing, and you'll lose these moronic fans. Just as I've planned it.

Drake: Bring it on, Sean. But when you walk down that ramp in two weeks, when you step in this ring with me, I want you to ask yourself one question...WHAT TIME IS IT?!


"Burning Down The House" by the Used starts to play again as Drake stares at the trio walking up the ramp.

Backstage of the Hedrick Stadium in Fort Bragg, the crowd cheers as the SCW-Tron showcases one-half of the Tag Team Champions, Despayre, standing with his big buddy and championship partner, the aptly nicknamed Big B. Both men are clad in Halloween costumes as Big B is dressed as He-Man from the Masters of the Universe fandom, and Despayre has a unique costume where an outfit fashioned over him makes him resemble a ventriloquist's dummy and Angel, who is obviously perched on Despayre's shoulders, is in the position of the ventriloquist himself. Both Despayre and Big B, as well as Angel, are holding large white pillow cases, ready to kick off this yearly tradition into high gear.

Despayre: Okay, you know the drill! We split up and knock on as many doors as possible to get as much candy as we can!

Big B: Right!

Big B and Despayre high-five, and the 'blow' knocks Despayre off-camera and Big B hurries off-screen to help his buddy up!

West Point, New York - Michie Stadium

We cut to the backstage area where Elvira is seen standing holding a plastic pumpkin.

Elvira: Good evening creatures of the night, the time is upon us to start the show. Match number one and who do I have first to put their hand in my pumpkin, but young Melody Grace.

Melody appears next to Elvira.

Elvira: Grab firmly.

Elvira points down to the pumpkin and Melody puts her hand in, pulling out a piece of paper and handing it back to Elvira. Elvira peers down at the paper.

Elvira: Your first match of the night will be.... a Lights Out match!

Melody jumps up and down excitedly before turning and walking away from Elvira, only to bump in to a pair of familiar faces, Odette Stevens and Ivy Bayley.

Melody: Did you hear that, my first match is going to be a lights out match.

Melody was basically jumping up and down out of her skin, while Odette and Ivy had a more serious look upon theirs. The blonde stopped jumping up and down as she noticed her friends seemed to look more concerned than over joyed.

Melody: What's wrong?

Odette: Nothing is wrong Melody, I'm excited for you??? it's just??? I don't want you to go out there alone tonight??? I want to come with you.

Melody's big smile grew bigger as she loved how Odette was looking out for her, reaching out the blonde put her hands on top of her best friends shoulders and squeezed them.

Melody: O, you can't come out there with me??? you have a bun to protect and just think what Gabriel would say when he sees you backstage after the match??? he won't be happy.

Odette: Gabriel will understand.

Melody shook her head from side to side, while Odette looked down at her friend concerned.

Melody: I get you want to protect me O, but I have to do this on my own or everyone will just say I'm that girl that tags along with Odette, everyone will say I'm just that little girl who can't do anything without the backing of the Sins. I need to do this alone, I promise you??? you'll be the first person I come backstage and find after my match??? win or lose.

Ivy nodded her head, and grabbed onto Odette's arm, motioning for them to leave Melody but Odette couldn't move.

Odette: Are you sure Mel?

Melody: I'm positive, plus the fans will boo you and I don't want to be booed.

Melody flashed Odette a smile so she knew that she was joking. A sly smile crawled across the face of the resident SCW Aussie as she agreed.

Odette: I guess you're right.

Melody crashed into Odette for a hug, holding onto her body tightly the blonde started to jump up and down.

Odette: Okay, you better get out there???

Melody: You better get you butt back to the locker room so you can witness this totally rainbow goodness unfold.

With that said and done the three ladies exchanged a hug and kiss before Melody took off and disappeared. The Cameras turned back to Odette to find her the happy look on her face gone. Turning to Ivy the Aussie barked out strict instructions.

Odette: We don't leave this spot and if at any stage she looks like she's in trouble??? we make our move.

Ivy just licked her lips, looking like a caged animal wanting nothing more than to break free and attack as the cameras faded to ring side.


Justin: The following contest is a Lights Out match.... introducing first...

"Orchid Theme Song" starts to play we see Song and Orchid walking down the ramp. They get half way down and pause.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Song, from FoShan, China, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, she is Orchid!

They both bow and then proceed to walk to ringside. They both jump get land on the apron. they both put there hands on the ropes and flip over to get inside the ring. The fans cheer and we see song and Orchid bowing to the fans.

Justin: And her opponent...

The cameras scan back to ring side while the lighting in the arena dims down to nothing. In the background a techno bass drum solo comes to life on the personal address system, before an array of bright coloured lights start flickering sporadically. "I'm laid back, I'm feeling this" sounds, alerting the crowd to the beginning of let's get ridiculous by Red Foo. As the arena comes to life with a night club vibe the lighting at the top of the ramp picks up. The lighting picks up the movement of the black curtains being pushed to the side and out walks two large muscular men. The men are dressed only in a pair of white shiny pants, while their shoes are made out to be horse hooves on top of their heads in a large Unicorn head hiding their identity. As the two shirtless giants make their way onto the stage, it's brought to everyone attention that they're each dragging a long thick piece of white rope. As the two men continue down the walkway, the item that they are pulling finally pops out from behind the curtain.

Justin: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and twenty nine pounds??? from St. Helena California??? she is Sin City Wrestling's Little Miss Sunshine??? Meeeeeellloooody Grrraaaaacee!!!

The fans come to life with cheers as now on top of the stage Melody is seen sitting on top of a carnival ride. She's seated on a large white Unicorn who is sliding up and down a golden pole; similar to a merry go round. Sitting side saddle in-between the wings of the unicorn Pegasus Melody starts waving adoringly to her fans, who are cheering her on. The two giant men drag the Carnival ride to the middle of the ramp way before each setting down their ropes and making their way towards the moving horned horse. Both men reach up and grab onto Melody's delicate figure and help her down from the unicorn. Giving each of the boys a firm hug the bubbly blonde takes off towards the ring slapping the fans hands along her way. While the men drag her noble steed back up the ramp, Melody finally reaches the ring steps that she quickly runs up. Walking along the ring apron giving the fans a little shake of her tail feathers before stepping over the middle rope Mel enters the ring. Making her way around the six sided ring Melody is waving wildly at the fans, while dancing unable to contain her excitement. As her theme dies down of the personal address system Melody makes her way over to her corner and takes off her furry hood making sure that she puts it down gently.

The duo each move to a corner, where members of the SCW crew start to cover both women in glow in the dark paint.

Adams: I bet if either woman could pick what face paint they wanted, Melody would be a cat, and Orchid would be Spiderman.

After a minute of paint application, Jacob calls the women to the center of the ring and calls for the bell as Song leaves the ring.


Orchid and Melody circle the ring, their bodies covered in glow in the dark paint. Orchid strikes first, planting a kick to Melody's thigh, causing her to crumble. Orchid uses her martial arts skills to plant another kick, this time to Melody's arm. As Melody holds her arm, Orchid dives in and sweeps Melody off her feet and starts to catch her with shots to the face. Melody forces her off, pushing her on to her back, and scrambles to her feet. Orchid flips back to her feet and catches Melody with a thrust kick to the jaw, knocking her down.


Adams: It's like a psychedelic trip from the sixties.

The luminous paint shows someone leaning over another, presumably Orchid leaning over Melody. She picks her up, whipping her towards the ropes. The painted figure charges back, causing a clash of color in the middle of the ring. The lights returns on to see Orchid standing over Melody.

Simone: I would love to tell you what happened there, but we see what you see at home.

Orchid picks up Melody and pulls her hand back, nailing the debuting star with a knife edge chop across Melody's chest, sending her backwards in to the corner. Orchid charges in and jumps up on the ropes, using it as a springboard and catches Melody with a knee to the jaw. As Melody stumbles out of the corner, Orchid bounces herself on to the turnbuckle's middle rope and jumps up with a dropkick to the back of Melody. Orchid rolls her over, and goes for the cover as Jacob drops down to count


Melody kicks out!

Simone: Nearly a quick debut by Melody.

The camera cuts backstage to Odette Stevens and Ivy Bayley, watching the match.

Odette: I have to get out there!

Ivy shakes her head as Orchid picks Melody up, but Melody surprises her with a split legged jaw breaker! Melody runs to the ropes and charges back, nailing Orchid with a rolling thunder, much to the surprise of Odette. The camera goes back to ringside as Melody pulls Orchid to her feet and nailing her with hard shots to the face. Orchid ducks but Melody spins around, catching her with a chick kick to the head. Melody drops to the floor, locking on a Kimura lock.


Adams: Now how will we see if Orchid taps out?

The clash of different colors merge on the floor as what looks like an arm being thrown towards Melody is seen. The two break apart and fight to their feet, one knocking the other to the canvas and moving towards the corner. The colors get higher in the ring as one climbs the ropes and comes flying off, causing an explosion of color clashes in the middle of the ring!

Simone: Who did that?

The lights come back on to see Melody on top of Orchid! Jacob drops down to count


Orchid gets a shoulder up!

Adams: That was a nice... erm.... I'd like to say splash?

Simone: That could have been anything, no one will know.

Adams: Oh someone will...

Melody pulls Orchid to her feet and catches Orchid with a forearm smash to the face, making her stumble backwards and against the ropes. She lifts Orchid up in a scoop slam and ties Orchid's feet up in the ropes and leaves her hanging upside down. Melody drops to her knees and starts to tickle Orchid!

Adams: Tickle Tickle!

Orchid laughs uncontrollably as Jacob looks confused. Melody moves away from Orchid and Jacob pulls on the top rope, trying to untangle Orchid's feet. Orchid drops to the floor with a thump. Orchid gets to her feet and charges towards Melody. Melody leapfrogs her and attempts a sweep kick but Orchid jumps out of the way of the swinging leg and Melody spins around. Orchid hooks Melody up and lifts her over with a German suplex with a bridge, holding her to the canvas. Jacob drops down to count


Melody rolls out!

Simone: This is turning in to one hell of a battle between these two.

Orchid pulls Melody back to her feet and hooks her up in a suplex position before lifting her over with a very quick snap suplex, taking her down to the canvas. He gets back to her feet as quickly as possible and bounces off the ropes before dropping down with a legdrop across Melody's chest. Orchid moves behind Melody, locking her in a rear facelock, but the twenty year old forces her way back on to her feet, waving her arms around, but Orchid drops down with a sleeper hold drop!

Adams: Orchid is like playing a games system.

Simone: What?

Adams: You know... in control.


Adams: Gah! Why does that keep happening?

Simone: Cause it's a lights out match.

Adams: Oh yeah.

Once again the glow in the dark paint lights up the ring as one figure rises to her feet and pulls the second one up. She pulls her in and drops her down with a DDT. The figure in control returns to their feet and pulls the other up, but the secondary figure turns around and moves behind the other. The lights come back on to see Melody Grace standing behind Orchid. Orchid looks for Melody but Melody jumps on her shoulders and rolls forward with a Victory Roll! Jacob drops down to count


Orchid kicks out!

Adams: Melody showing no signs of inexperience here at all.

Melody and Orchid both return to their feet at the same time, both swinging shots towards each other, but Melody takes advantage. She throws Orchid in to the corner, and follows in, climbing on the second rope as she moves Orchid around, she grabs hold of the member of the Five Elders and jumps off with a tornado DDT! Melody gets to her feet, jumping up and down with excitement.

Simone: I think Melody might be thinking about ending this one.

Melody pulls Orchid to her feet, but Orchid plants a quick kick to the back of Melody's knee, doubling her over. She hooks up Melody's head in a front facelock and spins.

Adams: The Orchid Drop!

Simone: No!

As Orchid spins, Melody pulls her head away, leaving Orchid standing with her back towards Melody. Melody takes both Orchid's arms and spins her around before dropping her on her face.

Adams: Rainbow Sparkles!

Melody rolls Orchid on to her back, and goes for the cover. Jacob drops down to count



Justin: The winner of the match.... Melody Grace!

Simone: Successful debut from Melody Grace.

Adams: It was a tough fight, but it's a winning start for Odette's bestie!

Melody jumps up and down in celebration, as the camera cuts back to an impressed looking Odette Stevens.

After the match Melody runs around the six sided ring overjoyed, before rushing over to grab her furry unicorn hood. Putting it back on her head, she flattens out her hair before making it to the middle of the ring. The lighting in the arena dies down to nothing before it starts to pulse with red, mimicking a heartbeat. The arena starts to fill with a thick smoke that starts at the top of the stairways, running down the stairs engulfing the whole area. The lights picked up Melody's face which is full of fear.

Adams: What's going on here?

Simone: If I was Melody I would be getting out of that ring.

With a loud clap of thunder, the lights in the arena were cut off completely sending the fans into frenzy. Another loud clap of thunder was heard and the lights dimmed to find a mob of people wearing cloaks standing behind Melody in the ring.

Simone: Oh Lord, Melody get out of the ring NOW!!

Adams: This is bad like really bad, she is outnumbered??? even if her friends in the Sins were to run out to try and save her??? they would be outnumbered.

One of the large figures standing behind Melody reaches out to tap her on the shoulder, turning around she stumbles backwards into the giant man before the lights get cut off once more. A fumble can be heard in the ring, causing the fans to gasp.

Adams: That's it I'm going down there.

Jason rips off his microphone and heads off towards the ring in his toga, as the lights flicker back on. The sound of a wolf howling alerts everyone in the crowd, before the familiar sound of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson slams over the PA system.

Simone: What is going on here?

As the beat picks up Jason who was walking to the ring now starts to stagger towards it like a zombie walking, before the mob in the ring including Melody starts the famous Thriller dance.

Simone: Is this what I think it is?

As the Mob and Melody dance in cue to Thriller, Jason makes his way up the steps and into the ring to join. Picking Melody up he twirls her around before putting her back down on her feet and the young blonde gets straight back into the choreography.

Simone: Is this?

As Jason and Melody lead the ring full of ghastly figures, that are dressed as zombies, vampires, werewolves everything you can think of. People start pouring into the ring from the crowd joining, in to the point where the ring is too full and Halloween characters are packing in around the outside of the ring and up the ramp.

Simone: It can't be???

Justin has now made his way to the front of the pack standing to the left of Melody. The three resident Sin City Wrestling superstars lead the pack in the dance.

Simone: it's a Sin City Wrestling flash mob.

As everyone has their paws up they dance to the left before turning to the right. The fans in the arena are egged on as the characters in the ring rile them up. Running down the ramp Narly and Radical can be seen, as they trip and fumble but spring back up to join in on the fun.

Simone: The fans love this.

As the song goes to an end, the lights in the arena cut only to come back finding only Jason, Justin, Narly, Radical and Melody in the ring. All five hold hands and take a bow as the crowd claps them on. Before dispersing Melody high fives them all and gives them all a big kiss on the cheek and a hug. Jason fakes a faint much to Melody's delight as Narly and Radical starts to perform some sort of CPR on him. Justin rallies the fans as Jason wiggles to break free from the Surf Boys as the shenanigans continue in the ring the footage fades to backstage.

We find our way backstage once again as Despayre is seen holding a pumpkin pail in one hand, and Angel in the other. He knocks on a locker room door that most wouldn't dare approach, with a sign reading "Mean Girls". A few seconds later, the door opens up and Angelica peaks her head out, scoffing.

Angelica: Ugh, Delia! Your weird friend or whatever is at the door???

Despayre tilts his head to the side questioningly as Angelica steps back inside of the room. A few seconds later, Delia walks to the door, wearing a black wig, as she is apparently getting dressed for Halloween still. She smiles, showing her teeth as she has a sucker in her mouth, biting down on the stick.

Delia: Despy! Oh what a marvelous costume. Is z'at supposed to be????

Despayre: Yes! Angel is a ventriloquist and I'm a dummy!

Despayre blinks and glances up where Angel's face is on the joint costume.

Despayre:What's so funny?

Delia: Oh I should have known someone such as yourself would pick somes'ing as stylish as such.

Delia leans in for a hug, planting a friendly kiss on each of Despayre's cheeks, doing the same to Angel as she gasps. She walks back inside of the locker room and she pulls out a matching pumpkin pail, nearly overflowing with candy. She holds it out for Despayre, who takes it, staring at the contents with a smile on his face.

Despayre:Woooow! You got everything! Snickers! Starburst! *gasps* Tropical Skittles! Look, Angel! Delia found Sour Skittles!

Despayre held the pail up so that the teddy bear could have a closeup view of the contents. Delia's voice drew his attention back to her as he lowered the pail down.

Delia: Goodness, help yourself darling, I???

Despayre:Really!? Gee, thanks!

And saying no more, Despayre holds open his bag and turns the pail upside down, dumping the entirety of the contents down into it, making it bulge even more than it already is.

Delia stops, looking almost shocked as her jaw drops. She scoffs, turning her head to the side as she narrows her eyes at a delighted Despayre.

Delia: Ugh, I s'ink you missed one???

Despayre looks down at the pail with a quizzical expression, then turns it upside down and gives it a shake but nothing comes out. He turns it right and looks at Delia but shakes his head.

Despayre:No, you keep that one. It looks like you're enjoying it. I assume it's tropical fruit flavored? Besides...

Despayre leans in towards Delia for a conspiratorial whisper.

Despayre: Angel says its the time of the month where Veronica really wants her chocolate. We must be gentlemen!

Delia rolls her eyes, though there is a slight smirk on her face as she turns away, trying to remain stoic as usual. She is about to speak when Pussy Willow approaches the two, looking a little confused as she stops by Delia, who turns her head, sneering at the backstage reporter.

Delia: Ummm, can I help you? No, scratch z'at, you are beyond help in z'at atrocity you call an outfit, darling???

Despayre:Oh it's not so bad! Lots of people are wearing that these days. Why, I saw three women and one very confused boy in the lobby wearing that very same outfit before the show.

Pussy: Actually, yes, you can help me. I have a burning question that is on everyone's mind.

Delia: Oh, pray tell? I mean, it must have been ras'er important if you so rudely interrupted a conversation between two friends, and all??? If only Despy hadn't emptied z'e bucket, I might have been able to pull out some manners for you???

Depsayre snickers as he snaps his fingers at Delia's quip. Spotting an opportunity for more candy, Despayre slowly exits while Delia is distracted, glaring at Pussy Willow. Pussy stays silent for a second as she tries to think of how to respond to this.

Pussy: Well, I'd probably tell you to keep them, because you need them way more than I do. But, please??? do tell everyone at home why you are so nice to Despayre, when you tend to be rather??? catty??? to anyone not in your usual social circle.

Delia tilts her head to the side as she stares vehemently at Pussy, almost appalled by her question. She looks downright disgusted as she looks down the hall to Despayre, knocking on someone's door and then she begins forcefully adjusting Pussy's collar, making the reporter just as uncomfortable as she feels by the question.

Delia: My usual social circle? What ever do you mean by z'at, Ms. Willow?

Pussy: Well, you tend to keep a certain??? type??? of company, and Despayre doesn't fit that at all.

Delia lets this sink in for a second as she retracts her hand. She places it on her shoulder, letting it sink down to her heart, as the disgust stays plastered across her face. She places her hands on her hips as she tilts her head to the opposite side now.

Delia: Oh? Z'is is news to me. I wasn't aware z'at I was only allowed to have a certain kind of friend. Please, do explain, darling??? What type of person am I supposed to hang out wi's? Hm?

Pussy: You hang out with the perfect, pretty people, and???

Delia: Ohhhhhhhhhh??? I see, so Despayre is *air quotes* imperfect? Despayre is not *air quotes* pretty? Is he not a person? Please, continue to dig yourself deeper???

Pussy: No, no, no??? that isn't what I meant.

Delia narrows her eyes as she takes a step closer to Pussy, looking down her nose at the reporter, her nostrils flaring out as she does so. She bumps chest with Pussy, knocking her back a step in a showing of dominance.

Pussy: I know exactly what you meant, Pussy??? and quite frankly, I'm disgusted by your ignorance. You, just like everyone else in z'is cesspool known as Nor's Carolina, look at Despayre, and you see someone who is mentally fragile, damaged??? You see a freak, and you wonder why someone such as myself would *air quotes* waste her time??? wi's someone like him? Please, do correct me if I'm off base.

Pussy: No, I???

Delia: Don't insult my intelligence, Pussy. You've already insulted a friend of mine, which should earn you a kick in z'e ass, but I'm feeling generous tonight??? Cast your judgment on poor Despayre all you like, bitch. Call me out for calling a spade a spade on Twitter, while you feign innocence, despite z'is disgusting attempt at an interview which proves os'erwise??? Als'ough I shouldn't even dignify your question wi's an answer, I will go on record as explaining z'at Depsayre is a friend of mine, genuinely. I am not looking to gain anys'ing from z'is friendship. I surround myself wi's people who s'ink differently. I celebrate individuality, and not based on some passing trend. I enjoy his unique perspective on life, and we do not judge one anos'er, which is a pleasant change from z'e rest of z'e world??? Now, if you will excuse me, I have a performance to get ready for???

Delia winks, though there is venom in every word she speaks. Pussy holds her hands up in surrender, as Delia shakes her head disgustedly. She turns around and walks into her locker room, muttering obscenities in French, slamming the door behind her. Pussy raises her eyebrows as she takes a deep breath and we fade elsewhere.

The scene opens on the backstage area where we find Joanne in her locker room getting ready for her match. The door was opened a crack and a knock comes to the door. She looks up, and smiles seeing Zuri and Blanca at the door.

Joanne: Hey. Come on in.

Zuri and Blanca walks into the room. Blanca jumps up on one of the counters as Zuri leans against the wall.

Zuri: What's up Joanne?

Blanca: Are you ready for Jessie Salco?

Joanne: Of course I'm ready for her. Funny thin' though... I haven't seen my partner tonight or Necra for that matter.

As Joanne turns around, her cell phone bu

es and she sighs. She picks it up and smiles.

Joanne: It's from Necra. She says she wishes she could be here tonight, but she is busy doing something, and not to worry about her.

Zuri: You should know Necra will appear when you least expect it but we can continue the Daughters of Darkness plan of removing the cancer that is plaguing this company.

Blanca chuckles as she pops open a bottle of coke.

Blanca: As for your partner, that should be a good thing. I mean hell that stupid bitch smells worse than Mr. Carlson. I am sure Veronica is trying her hardest to get stay away from you but don't worry. We will make sure she will not get involved in this match.

Joanne nods, and smiles softly setting down the phone once again.

Joanne: Yeah you're right about that Zuri, Necra always seems to show up when you lease expect her. As for Veronica keep her at bay, along with Jessie's partner. I don't need her interferin' with this one. I want this win no matter what I have to do.

Zuri and Blanca nods together.

Zuri: Bet on it. Cindy Warren and Veronica will not be involved at all.

Blanca: Then everyone will know the Daughters of Darkness truly runs this town.

Joanne: Damn right we will. The Daughters of Darkness runs this town, and anyone that stands in our way, will answer to us, and fear us in every aspect of the word. Now if you excuse me I have to get ready for my match. I'll see you out there hopefully. Don't let security stop you. Besides my boys will be out there too.

Zuri and Blanca get up and nod, as they head out of the locker room, leaving Joanne alone once again. As the scene fades out, we see two burning red eyes coming from a dark corridor as Zuri and Blanca walk by as the scene fades back to the main arena.



The scene opens up backstage at the Halloween edition of Climax Control where we see Vincent Peterson, Kris Halc, Geno Banton Jr. and Bruce Evans standing by the Roulette Wheel which now has Halloween themed matches on it but Ms. Rocky Mountains is nowhere to be seen.

Simone: Those four men are competing next and they are waiting to see what spooky stipulation they will fight under.

Adams: Why are they waiting there?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hi...

The four men look up and their eyes nearly pop out of their skull when they see Rocky basically wearing a sexy witch's costume and somehow looking more gorgeous than usual.

Adams: I have lost the ability to speak coherently, please restart Jason Adams.

Simone: Grow up Jason!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Guys, it's the Halloween show, you need to see her to get your match stips.

Rocky points to one side and Elvira waves at the now slightly disappointed men. Bruce and Geno stands looking at Rocky, but Vince strolls over to Elvira. Before she can start her intro, Vince reaches his hand in to the bucket, pulls out a strip of paper and places it down Elvira's clevage before walking off.

Adams: I guess Elvira just met evil Vince.

Elvira takes the paper and clear her throat.

Elvira: The next match will be a Graveyard match!

Drew runs up to them and tells them to follow him in his car, the four men nod before following him off camera which stays on Elvira for a few seconds before fading to commercial.

*after commercial break*

Simone: Welcome back folks to Climax Control and moments ago the Fatal Four Way between Vincent Peterson, Kris Halc and Geno Banton Jr. was determined to be a Graveyard Match!

Adams: It's basically a battle royal in a cemetery only to win you have to toss the opponent in an empty grave, don't expect a Technical Wrestling Master class here folks!

Simone: Since this is happening outside the ring Justin isn't bothering with introductions so let's get to it!

The camera cuts to a local cemetery where we see Drew call for the bell and all four men go at it, Kris and Vincent are trading blows near an empty grave whilst Geno and Bruce are going at it further up the hill and away from any of the empty graves which are all further down the hill, Geno and Bruce seem to be pretty evenly matched whilst Vincent has the clear advantage over Kris thanks to the latter's recent shitty luck.

Simone: You have to wonder why Kris keeps showing up for SCW events like this.

Adams: Yeah, I think Mark has it out for him, why else would he keep getting booked in matches like this!

Vincent backs off a bit and tries for a clothesline on the dazed Kris but Kris ducks under it and delivers a quick dropkick to Vincent's knee that brings him down to his knees, Kris initially goes for a DDT but he forgoes that idea and removes the headstone from the empty grave.

Simone: Those things are heavy! Don't tell me Kris is going to whack Vincent over the head with it!

Adams: Well who knows? Maybe it'll knock some sense into his personalities!

Kris does seem to be going to hit Vincent over the head with the tombstone but Bruce spears him to the ground forcing him to drop the tombstone, Geno soon joins in and as soon as Vincent has his wits about him he joins in basically turning the makeshift battle royal into a three on one assault.

Adams: What happened to this being everyman for himself?

Simone: I guess even assholes like Bruce and Geno didn't want to see a man's head get caved in.

Kris tries to fight back but it's, obviously, of no use and in a bit of irony Vincent ends his tenure in the match by delivering a DDT onto the tombstone and throwing him into the empty grave.

Justin: Kris Halc has been eliminated!

Adams: Oh now his mic's working!

Simone: Regardless Kris's recent bad luck continues tonight!

Bruce and Geno nod to each other before they try to bum rush Vincent but unlike Kris Vincent sees them coming, backdropping Bruce mid charge and meeting Geno with a superkick, rather than try to eliminate Geno though Vincent mounts him and starts laying into him with rights and lefts which Geno does his best to block but to no avail.

Simone: Well now we know their real reason for helping Vincent!

Adams: Yeah, working together to eliminate the competition! Doesn't seem to be working to well on Vincent though!

Vincent eventually gives up punching Geno and instead locks in a Camel Clutch on Geno, Drew points out that submissions don't count but Vincent doesn't seem to care only caring about wearing down Geno to make for an easier elimination, around this time Bruce has gotten back to his feet and sees what Vincent is doing.

Simone: Vincent's strategy is sound but he didn't backdrop Bruce into an empty grave!

Adams: There isn't even an empty grave on that level!

Realizing that Vincent is softening up Geno for him Bruce stands back and lets him wear him down for him until Vincent lets go off the hold at which point Bruce charges up to him and hits an enziguri to the back of Vincent's head stunning him just long enough for Bruce to hit him with???.

Simone: Blaque Out! Bruce has hit the Blaque Out into an empty grave!

Adams: Unfortunately for him the next empty grave is at the bottom of the hill!

Justin: Vincent Peterson has been eliminated!

Bruce doesn't have long to celebrate as he realizes that the last empty grave is at the bottom of the hill which means potentially dragging Geno to the bottom of the hill, however he doesn't even get that far as Geno spins him around and starts wailing on him with rights and lefts and, once the element of surprise has worn off, Bruce starts fighting back as the two temporary allies turned enemies duke it out.

Simone: And now they are back to square one!

Adams: With those two egos I'm surprised that the partnership didn't implode sooner!

The brawl takes both men down the hill and to the last empty grave and Bruce, despite the fact that he's facing away from it, realizes this first and low blows Geno after ducking under a wild right hand.

Simone: Someone call Geno Banton Sr. and tell him not to expect any grandkids any time soon.

Adams: Let's leave that to Kris, he hasn't had enough bad luck yet!

Simone: You're kidding, right?

However Bruce spends way too much time gloating about his win before actually winning the match giving Geno more than enough time to recover, eventually Bruce does pick Geno back up and sets him up for the Blaque Hart in an attempt to seal the deal but Geno gives him his own unique low blow that leaves Bruce screaming.

Simone: Did???..did Geno just bite Bruce on the balls?!

Adams: OW! MY PENIS!

Bruce is, naturally, left in no condition to fight after that unique attack from Geno who picks him up and takes him over to the grave, however despite just enduring every man's worst nightmare Bruce is able to fight back and goes for the Blaque Out again, however Geno reverses out of it with an inverted backdrop before picking up Bruce and hitting the Open Revolt sending him into the grave.

Justin: Bruce Evans has been eliminated the winner of the match is Geno Banton Jr.

Simone: Well that was unique!

Adams: Geno has probably made a lot of enemies with that elimination!

Geno celebrates as he leaves the cemetery whilst the others start making their way out of the graves that they've been thrown into.

Big B walks down the hallway until he arrives at a dressing room door marked 'Ladies'. He raps on the door and calls out...

Big B: Trick or Treat!

But there is no answer. he frowns and knocks again, but the power behind his strength jars the door open and he blinks, looking into the dressing room. He hears what seems to be a shower going on and leans past the door frame.

Big B: hello? Trick or Treat!

Still nothing. Big B, the loveable goof that he is, can only assume whoever is around didn't hear him because of the shower running so he figures he'll do what any smart person would do... he walks straight into the dressing room and right into the shower...

Big B: Trick or...


The sound of a woman screaming bloody murder ensues and Big B comes running out of the shower area, eyes wide and face flushed with embarrassment! He pauses a moment, then turns back and leans back into the shower...

Big B: Sorry!


And B high tails it out!

Despayre: Thank you!

Janet the makeup lady smiles and pinches Despayre's cheek, much to his annoyance but she always gives out those giant candy bars so he lets it pass. One of the many prices to pay when you have such pinchable cheeks. he turns and walks down further in the hallway until he comes upon the office door of the SCW Staff and he knocks on it.

Despayre: Trick or Treat!

The door opens and it's Erik Staggs who leans out and the head of Talent Relations smirks, then pauses. He leans out further and glances 'up', full well remembering the previous year when Christian thought to have some fun and ended up getting slimed as a result. Satisfied everything was alright, Erik turned and looked back to the young man and his teddy bear.

Erik: Pretty impressive costume you and that bear of yours has there.

Despayre: Thanks!

Despayre holds his and Angel's bags out.

Despayre: Trick or Treat!

Erik nods and leans back into the office for a brief moment and then returns and deposits some candy into the two pillow cases and nods.

Erik: Enjoy!

Despayre: We will! Thank you!

The office door closes and Despayre opens the pillow case up and peers inside, then frowns and looks up at Angel.

Despayre: He gave us black licorice?

Inside of the office, Erik is about to return to his meeting with Mark and Christian when there's another knock at the office door. Erik turns around and answers it, pulling the door open...

Erik: Yeah? What...?

SPLAT! And Erik gets creamed by a giant blueberry cream pie right to the kisser! Uproarious laughter is heard from inside of the office!

Christian: I WARNED you to go back to the store and get something good!

The cameras switch backstage, just inside the dressing room of the Seven Deadly Sins. Rage is seen seated in a chair with his large arms folded across his chest and clutching his cell phone in his hand. Kittie is standing a few feet away from him, staring at him curiously for a while until his silence finally gets to her and she throws her hands up in the air.


For the first time ever perhaps, Rage is nearly startled out of his seat as Kittie shouts at him. He looks up at her with a confused look.

Rage: Fuck, what the hell was that for?!

Kittie: You've barely said a damn word since Friday and I have no idea why! Not to mention you keep looking at your phone like you're expecting a damn phone call!

Rage glances down at his phone, not realizing how often he was doing so. He puts the phone back in his pocket and folds his arms again.

Kittie: Seriously, Rage???what the hell is going on now?

Before Rage can answer that question, the door to the dressing room bursts open and Melody Grace comes crashing through, jumping up and down excitedly. Rage and Kittie stare at her, confused as ever.


Rage: Jesus chris???WHAT?!

Melody Grace frowns, but it fades quickly.

Melody: Geez, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed AGAIN!

Rage: Melody???what the hell do you want?!

Melody: Huh? Oh! Right! Rage-Face I got a hugely fantastic amazeballs idea!

Kittie can't help but laugh and shake her head as Melody approaches Rage. Rage shakes his head, not having the slightest clue what Melody is so excited about.

Rage: And it has to do with me, how exactly?

Melody smiles brightly as she jumps up and down once again.

Melody: Because you're like the only one I know that would love to beat up that mean doggie bag, Bruce Evans!

Rage: Douchebag, Melody. He's a douchebag.

Melody: Yeah but you said it was the same thing!

Rage looks down and shakes his head as Kittie continues laughing to herself, unable to say a word. Melody looks confused for a moment before her mind takes her back to what brought her here.

Melody: I'd pay you your weight in gold if you took out Bruce. And not take him out like on a date, unless you're into that sorta thing..But take him out like beat him up! You love to beat people up for fun, right?

Rage looks up at Melody with a raised eyebrow. Melody continues smiling, hoping he'll take her offer, but Rage just looks over to Kittie. She holds her hands up, saying this is all him, but she has quite the amused look on her face.

Rage: Fun? Not really. But I'm not wasting my time with that piece of crap, Bruce Evans. And I'm not taking your money either.

Melody frowns disappointedly.

Rage: What? As tempting as the thought is, I really have no desire to deal with the wrath of Gabriel and Odette raining down on me for taking your money. So the answer is no.

Melody: What if they don't find out about it?

Rage thinks for a moment, honestly considering the idea but a smack to the back of the head from Kittie snaps him out of it.

Rage: Ow!

Kittie: Sorry, Melody, but they'd find out one way or another. This is Gabe and Odette you're talking about here.

Rage: I don't see why it matters anyway. It's her damn money in the first place!

Melody: Right! Wait???so does that mean you're gonna do it?!

Rage goes to answer, but Kittie again smacks the back of his head. She turns to Melody and shakes her head.

Kittie: No, he's not going to do it! At least, not if you pay him. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to do it for free, though.

Melody bounces with excitement even more but Rage stands up. He glares down at Kittie and growls.

Rage: Forget this shit! I'm not doing it either way now!

He then storms out of the dressing room as Kittie stands there shaking his head. Melody frowns for a moment before she turns to Kittie.

Melody: Boy, wait until he finds out about the blind date me and Despy set up for him???

Melody giggles before she turns and heads out of the dressing room. Kittie stands there, shocked for a moment, before she lets out a laugh and heads out to find Rage.

Backstage of the Hedrick Stadium, Elvira is lounging on her gothic, black and red couch as two well muscled men wearing devil masks and shiny red briefs fan her with large, black feather fans. She picks a bon-bon from a box on the table in front of her when Traci Patterson and her sister, Katie set foot into the scene. Upon their appearance on the SCW-Tron, the crowd in the stands cheers.

Elvira: Well ghouls, I bet I know why you're here. But, uh, you can't borrow my boys.

Elvira looks back up at the two 'devils' and gives them a sultry smile before looking to Traci and her sister.

Elvira: Sorry!

Traci: Yeah. Don't worry about it.

She points to the plastic pumpkin on the table beside the chocolates.

Traci: Can we do this?

Elvira: Alright. Straight to business. I can respect that.

Elvira picks up the plastic pumpkin and holds it out to Traci.

Elvira: *muttering* May not like it, but I can respect it.

Traci sticks her hand into the pumpkin and swirls her hand around the small slips of paper that have the many Halloween-themed stipulations written down on them. She draws one out and opens it up, and takes one look at it, before crumbling it up and throwing it to the floor! Without a word, Traci turns and stomps off.

Katie: Traci...

Katie looks down at the discarded paper and picks it up, then opens it up herself to have a look.

Katie: Pumpkin Juice....

Katie exhales sharply through her pursed lips before starting to make her exit. She pauses long enough to turn back and look at the 'Mistress of the Dark.'

Katie: Thank you!

And she turns back and hurries after her sister, leaving Elvira to smile that smile of hers and coyly wave 'goodbye'.

The camera opens up with a close up shot of a tarp lined kiddie pool where three stage hands are pouring large buckets filled with thick, sticky pumpkin juice. The pool's edge is decorated with purple, black and orange garland with plastic skulls adorning it.

Adams: Oh boy! Oh boy! Now THIS is how a man celebrates Halloween!

Simone: Then it should be a man in the damn match.

The bell rings and the noise of the capacity crowd in the stands slowly subsides.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Triple Threat event is the Pumpkin Juice match!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Your referee ... Holly Wood!

The crowd applauds as the newest SCW official waves, standing at poolside.

All of a sudden "Superstar" by Lupe fiasco starts playing all over the Pa system. Two lights are pointed at the entrance way.

Justin: Introducing first! Originally hailing from Detroit, Michigan, but she currently resides in Los Angeles, California, weighing 115 pounds ... 'the Rose Goddess' Crystal HILTON!!!

Crystal emerges through the curtains and is greeted by multiple pyros that start shooting off one by one. The crowd roars at her with a loud ovation of cheers and she slowly makes her way out walking down the aisle. Crystal cracks a grin as her photographers line up to take a picture of her. She finally makes it to the end of the aisle where she turns and walks to side-stage where the pumpkin juice filled pool is set up. She places one foot in the pool and stretches the other one on the side as well. She does a split to enter the pool and she finally makes it to her feet. She smiles bouncing around a bit as she awaits her opponent to come out.

Justin: Her opponent is accompanied by Katie Patterson! From Dallas, Texas, weighing 143 pounds ... TRACI PATTERSON!

Here Come The Boom - POD starts to play over the PA System and the fans get up to their feet. With that Traci and Katie walk out from behind the curtain. Traci then poses on the top of the stage with Katie points at Traci. Traci looks down off the stage and shakes her head in disgust at the pool before she walks down the steps and approaches the poolside, followed by her sister. Traci then steps in and carefully walks over to the corner where she poses while Katie claps her.

Adams: Boy Traci doesn't look happy, does she?

Simone: Why should she? For God's sake! This isn't WWE where their divas would wrestle in pudding and evening gown matches to determine championships! This is SCW! Our Bombshells are as good as any male wrestler out there!

The teasing throb of Halestorm's I Get Off begins to fill the room. As the lyric "To stand here in the light" is heard, a bright spotlight reveals a posed figure at the top of the aisle. Strobes start as the figure turns and heads towards the pool.

Justin: Hailing from the City of Angels, The scene stealer herself???ANGELIA CORAZON!

The house lights come up as Angelia slowly makes her way to the pool. Strutting along the side of the pool, she makes herself comfortable along the side, ignoring the referee and opponents while her theme plays. When it stops playing she rolls into the pool and leans against the side waiting for the bell to ring.

Holly Wood makes sure all three women are ready and calls for the bell!


All three Bombshells carefully make their way from the edges of the pool so as not to slip and fall. They meet in the center when Crystal Hilton takes the chance and jumps up and dropkicks the much larger Traci, knocking her off balance and into the pumpkin juice with a heavy splash! Immediately Crystal and Angelia converge on Traci and start ganging up on her, each throwing lefts and rights down into her wide back, working on weakening her!

Adams: Well Crystal and Angelia might not like each other but they have to get past that if they want to get past Traci! The woman's an amazon!

The two women continue to work on Traci until Patterson grabs Crystal by the foot and sweeps her leg out from under her, causing her to fall with a splash. Traci then places both hands on Angelia's midsection and shoves her clear back in a power display, knocking her into the sticky substance.

Simone: Well that didn't last long.

But Crystal is right back up and she dives into Traci as Patterson is attempting to return to her feet and tackles her, taking her down and Hilton and Angelia are working her over once again.

Adams: Do you think Crystal and Angelia worked on a strategy before the match?

Simone: It's possible but it'll only last so long. This is every Bombshell for herself.

Crystal and Angelia have Traci weakened and down, and the two Bombshells stand up and celebrate, right until Angelia sucker punches Hilton in her belly.

Simone: And so it ends right there.

Angelia grabs Crystal by the arm and twists it, then pulls her into a short arm clothesline. Angelia then grabs her from behind with two handfuls of hair and uses the leverage against the poolside by trapping Hilton in a Hangman's choke! Holly warns Angelia to let her go but is ignored so Wood issues her count!


But before Angelia can start to break, Crystal reaches up behind her and grabs two handfuls of her opponents hair and snapmares her off over her shoulder, sending pumpkin juice splashing everywhere! Before Angelia can regain her senses, Crystal dives atop of her back and grabs her by the head and shoves her head under the juice and holds her there as Angelia's arms and legs flay, splashing juice everywhere!

Adams: I think Angelia just might have pissed Crystal off!

Crystal pulls her head up at Holly's urging just long enough for Angelia to shriek and she gets her head shoved right back under the pumpkin juice again! She holds her down again and counts along as Holly counts...


And Traci, back on her feet, grabs Crystal and tears her off of Angelia and flings her hard back into the juice! Traci peels Angelia up and scoops her up into her arms and dumps her down with a splash courtesy of a belly to belly suplex! Traci gets up and Crystal attempts to rush her but Traci dives into the charge, countering with a spear!

Adams: Traci is on fire, isn't she?

Simone: There is only so much these women can do in a match environment such as this but they are making the most out of all they can!

Traci grabs the downed Crystal and scoops her up for a body slam but Hilton kicks her legs, throwing Patterson off balance and Traci slips and falls to her back with Crystal on top! Holly spots the pinning predicament and makes a count against the side of the pool!

Traci manages to kick out!

Angelia comes along and drops a clubbing double axe handle down across the back of Crystal's head and throws her aside by the hair. Traci starts to get up and Angelia brings her right back down with an axe kick across the back of her head! Angelia hurriedly rolls Patterson over onto her back and tries a cover for herself.

Before Traci can kick out, Crystal grabs Angelia by her soaked tresses and tears her up off of Patterson!

She then uses Angelia's hair for a handle and snapmares her over into the pumpkin juice, then stands in front of her and hits her with a low dropkick to the head! Angelia hits her back and Crystal covers her, hooking her leg!

Angelia gets her shoulder up!

Crystal stands up but before she can follow up against the downed Angelia, Traci grabs her around the waist from behind and lifts her up off of her feet in a crushing bear hug!

Simone: Love Ya!

Adams: Awww! I love you to...

Simone: Not you, you twit!

Traci puts all the pressure of the hold into Crystal's ribs, squeezing the air out of her but does not even wait for a possible submission! Instead, she steps closer to the pool's edge and dumps Hilton over it and onto the turf of the stadium! Traci turns around as she sees Angelia return to her feet and Patterson spins around and almost decapitates her with a discus clothesline!

Adams: Oh I think that move just about finished Angelia!

Traci then drags her opponent up with both hands around her neck and hauls her off of her feet...

Simone: No but I think this one just might!

And Traci hits the Heart of Texas with a loud and messy splash! Traci simply remains seated and retains the cover as Holly Wood counts!


The bell rings and the crowd on hand cheers as Traci stands up, looking out at the crowd while Holly raises her arm and Katie applauds.

Justin: Here is your winner ... TRACI PATTERSON!

The crowd continues to cheer as Traci climbs over the side of the pool and joins her sister as a disgruntled Crystal watches on. Holly checks on Angelia who is coming to while the Patterson sisters make their exit.

Simone: Well look who's here...

The camera picks up the SCW Tag Team Champions, Despayre (and Angel) and Big B, making their way out into the crowd with their bags, gathering teats from the many soldiers and fans in attendance. They make their way over towards Justin Decent who drops bags of Hersheys Kisses into their pillow cases, then they walk over to the announcer's table nearby.

Despayre and Big B: Trick or Treat!

Belinda picks out a small handful of Blow Pops and drops them in their bags. Jason, however, stands up with a big bag of Starburst and Skittles and dumps the entirety into all three bags! After giving their thanks, the Tag Champions go back to the crowd for more and Belinda turns and stares at Jason.

Adams: Hey don't look at me like that! I've seen what Despy does when they don't get good candy!

The fans in the Hedrick Stadium in North Carolina rise to their feet as the American National anthem blares loudly over the speakers. Nearly all holding their hands over their chests as a sign of respect. On the S.C.W. tron the American flag waves proudly behind the lyrics to the song. The camera pans around the stadium showing the service men and women singing along to the anthem before panning back over the stage. After a few seconds pass by, a masked man approaches the top of the stage to a monster pop from the crowd. He dawns an American flag mask, white trunks with the American flag draped down the right side, and red white and blue boots and is carrying the American flag. He salutes the crowd as he walks down the ramp slapping hands with the proud service man. As he approaches the ring steps he looks around at the fans and then slides under the bottom ropes entering the ring. The national anthem of America comes to a stop as the fans are still standing and applauding very loudly as the masked man walks around the ring proudly waving the American flag. The masked man is handed a microphone from a member of the S.C.W. ring crew as he hands the crew member the flag. He looks around nodding his head in approval as he places the microphone to his mouth, and is a deep voice begins to speak


The fans join him in the chants of USA USA USA as the camera pans around the stadium showing the crowd holding their signs, most of which are praises to America

Masked Man: I was asked to come here tonight on this Halloween edition of Climax Control on behalf of the make a wish foundation. To grant a very special wish for a very special child.

The masked man pauses again as the cheers from the fans again begins to pick up

Masked Man: This very special kid, 8 year old Christina Clay suffers from down syndrome.

The masked man pauses as he holds his head down is sadness

Masked Man: It's been a wish of hers to attend an S.C.W. event and meet the superstars that make this company the best company in the world!

Fans: S.C.W. S.C.W. S.C.W. S.C.W. S.C.W

Masked Man: Yea that's right. So at this time I would like to bring out ladies and gentlemen. My special guest, Christina Clay!!!

Huge pop from the crowd as out from the back walks a fat young white girl showing all the signs of down syndrome on her face, still gracing a huge smile as she waves at the cheering crowd. She walks down the ramp and quickly climbs the ring steps still with that huge smile on her face. The masked man holds the ropes down as to let Christina inside the ring. She wears an S.C.W. shirt with brown slacks and black shoes, her hair in a ponytail. The freckle faced girl walks to the masked man and the two share a hug. The fans cheering loudly as the masked man begins clapping for Christina with them

Masked Man: Christina, it is an honor to have you here. I hear you've been a fan of Sin City Wrestling for the past few years and this is your first time to one of their shows...

The masked man holds the microphone to Christina's mouth as the fans start chants of "You're Amazing!". The youngster blushes

Christina: Yea. I love S.C.W. my mom and dad sometimes let me watch it.... when it's not too violent.

The girl laughs as do the fans

Masked Man: So Christina, who here in Sin City Wrestling is your favorite wrestler?

Christina looks around at the fans for a couple of seconds before placing her mouth towards the microphone

Christina:Well I like Drake Green because he's the champion and nobody can beat him, and I like the boy with the teddy bear....

The masked man quickly grabs the microphone from the young girl

Masked Man: Whoa Whoa Whoa!

The masked man clears his throat, and as he begins to speak, his voice is suddenly not so deep

Masked Man: You little bitch, I will take this microphone and straighten up that face that God obviously was in a rush to make!!!

The entire stadium erupts into not only shock but an astonishing round of boos as Christina looks at the masked man, tears beginning to form in her eyes

Masked Man: You little kids think just because you have some kind of deformity that the whole world is supposed to kneel at your feet and worship the pathetic grounds you walk on. Well, I'll kneel for you sick people when you kneel and bow and worship the greatest country in the world..... CANADA!!!

The place continues to boo and chants of USA start back up as the masked man kneels in front of Christina and holds the mic back to his mouth, Christina nearly in tears

Masked Man: Now one more time, I'll give you one more chance. Who is your favorite wrestler in S.C.W?

Masked man holding the microphone to the girls mouth again, as she stutters, tears running down her cheeks

Christina: Dra......

Before Christina can even finish, the masked man pushes her down. The stadium goes wild as S.C.W. staff rush the ring. Some of them attending to the young girl, the rest grabbing the masked man. The security quickly take the masked man and get him out of the ring as they begin their way to the back. Fans begin throwing trash at the masked man, unintentionally hitting the guards as well. As the guards and the masked man approach the top of the stage, the masked man stops and mouths off something to the security as he reaches for his mask, slowing removing it. Revealing himself to be none other than Blaque Hart Bruce Evans. The trash continues to hit the stage, Bruce, and Security as Bruce with a smirk on his face holds the microphone to his mouth

BHBE: Happy Halloween America!!!

As the boos are now at an all time high, Bruce drops the mic as security hurry and take him to the back

The crowd comes alive in anticipation as the eerie music starts up. The lights go out completely as flashes of light go in tune with the music before the screen comes alive with the picture of a full moon with clouds slowly floating in front of it. The lyrics to the music appear underneath it in bold white lettering.

I went looking for trouble and boy, I found her

The fans anticipation fades slowly as the ring crew quickly carries out the Mean Girls signature runway, making excellent timing as they attach it before the music really picks up. As they quickly disperse, the curtains are shoved aside as a single leg, adorned in fishnet stockings and a black leather boot, steps through, though we have a good idea of who the owner is. Delia comes through, though she isn't quite as one would expect. She is wearing long black lace gloves, and a leather dress that leaves little to the imagination as it is opened in the front, down to her navel, with chains connecting the buttons loosely. She is carrying a simple orange pumpkin pale at her side. Her hair is a mess of wavy raven black locks hanging loosely down her shoulders and back. She tangles her hands in her hair, ruffling it up lightly as she sashays to the runway, stopping to look to both sides.

She's in love with herself, she loves the dark,
On her milk white neck, the devil's mark
Now it's all Hallow's Eve, the moon is full
Will she trick or treat? I bet she will

Delia looks moves the hair over to her left, revealing a vampire bite mark that appears to be slowly bleeding as we speak. She sways her hips to the music as a red spotlight comes on to show an organ player live just to the left of the stage. The light flickers back off as Delia steps onto the runway as she reaches into the pale, pulling out a Blow Pop. She slides it into her mouth seductively, wrapper still intact. She pulls it out bare and then spits the wrapper into the audience before replacing it in her mouth as she continues to move forward slowly.

She will, Happy Halloween, baby
She's got a date at midnight with Nosferatu

As Delia moves down the runway, a man dressed as Nosferatu creeps from the shadows and slowly wraps an arm around her, tilting her head to the side as he bares his fangs. Delia closes her eyes as he sinks them into her neck. Seconds later, she opens her eyes to see someone dressed as Lilly Munster walk into the shadows, looking jealous of the scene. Delia shrugs her shoulders as she walks from his embrace, shoving past her as the spotlight continues to follow her.

Oh baby, Lilly Munster, ain't got nothing on you
Well when I called her evil, she just laughed

Delia comes to the ropes where she quickly enters the ring. As she does, she comes up to a boiling cauldron with a broom sticking out of it. She grabs onto it seductively as she slowly begins to stir the pot, thrusting her bosom into it as she does so. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes it and she jumps back as it catches fire, illuminating the ring.

Well cast that spell on me, boo bitch craft
Yeah you wanna go out 'cause it's raining and blowing
You can't go out 'cause your roots are showing

Delia dances seductively with the broom as she spins it around in the cauldron, throwing her hair around to the music, swaying her hips, and biting on her bottom lip as she leans down, running her tongue up the broomstick before hissing.

Dye 'em black, dye 'em black
Black, black, black, black No. 1
Black, black, black, black No. 1

Little wolf skin boots, and clove cigarettes
An erotic funeral for which she's dressed
Her perfume smells like burning leaves
Everyday is Halloween

Delia moves down to the ground, crawling as she is luring in each and every fan within her line of sight. She comes over to the ropes, pulling herself up as she places one leg over the middle rope, grinding to the music as she throws her hair around.

Yeah you wanna go out 'cause it's raining and blowing
You can't go out 'cause your roots are showing

Dye 'em black, dye 'em black
Black, black, black, black No. 1
She dyes 'em black, black, black, black No. 1

With this, a tombstone rises up from the cauldron slowly, smoking as it comes up. Delia walks over to it slowly as she mounts it. She lies back on it, dangling her hair back as her chest heaves. She runs her fingers over the rosary beads hanging from her neck, letting them slip through her fingers slowly.

Loving you, loving you, love
Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you, loving you, love, love
Loving you was like, loving the dead

Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead

Delia turns over on her stomach, slithering across the tombstone, she hangs onto the edge as she flicks her hair up into the air. As it slowly falls over her face, she breathes heavily as the music has slowed down. She sinks down to her knees, turning around to hug onto the tombstone, throwing her head and hair around to the music as it continues.

Sacre bleu

Loving you, loving you, love
Loving you was like loving the dead
Was like fucking the dead

Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead
Loving you was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead

Loving you, loving you, loving you
Loving you, loving you, loving you
Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead
Was like loving the dead

Delia stands up, her hair a mess around her face as she slowly snaps her fingers in time with the music, as they echo through the speakers. When the music picks back up, Delia continues dancing around the ring, shimmying and shaking what she's got like a much less dignified woman than usual. Black, black, black, black No. 1
She dye's 'em black, black, black, black No. 1
Ooh yeah

As the music fades out, Delia stands still, running her fingers through her hair, tracing them down her face slowly to accentuate her dark make up and black lipstick as the fans stare in awe. She winks as she has gotten them worked up, and she works her way back to the runway as the music fades.



The camera cuts back to Elvira, holding a pumpkin in her hands.

Elvira: And we're back ghouls and goblins, and up next we have another match and with me at this time, we have the lovable, yet different looking Despayre.

Despayre wanders on to the screen, holding Angel in his fingers.

Despayre: Why does everybody keep saying I look different?

Despayre's eyes widen as he looks towards the pumpkin.

Despayre: Ok, I'll ask Angel. Real or fake?

Elvira: The pumpkin is fake.

Despayre looks at Angel, then back to Elvira.

Despayre: Angel said he didn't mean the pumpkin...

Despayre hold Angel in front of his face, looking at the teddy bear with a tilted head and raised eyebrows.

Despayre: What's that supposed to mean?

Elvira: Young Despayre, the show must go on, please reach in and take a good firm grab.

Despayre whispers to Angel.

Despayre: A firm grab of what.... oh, in the pumpkin.

Despayre reaches in to the pumpkin, pulling out a slip of paper. He hands it to Elvira, who looks at the paper.

Elvira: The next contest will be.... a coffin match.

A look of fear crosses Despayre's face and he shakes his head as the camera cuts back to ringside as a coffin is rolled down the ramp.


Justin: The following contest is for one fall and is a Coffin match, introducing first being accompanied by Jeremiah Hardin and Diamond...

A spotlight is shone on the ramp as Dark Tiger and Jeremiah stand on the ramp, and they head down the ring. The Fans go wild for them, and Jeremiah fist bumps with the fans.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and ninety pounds, he is Dark Tiger Sebastian Hardin!

Dark Tiger steps over the ring ropes and Jeremiah lowers the ropes for Diamond as she enters and he enters the ring and they get in the ring. Dark Tiger pats Jeremiah on the back as he waits for his opponent.

Justin: And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Big B, Synn and Angel...

"Let's fake an answer for the curious
Let's fake it all for the fame
They'll think delivering was easy
Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies"

The immediate beat of the cult classic "Opticon" by Orgy lights up over the sound system and the crowd ignites with a fury of cheers as they know who is about to arrive. The crowd erupts in cheers as the curtains atop the stage are thrust wide open and out steps Synn, as he holds the drapes wide for the next arrival, and onto the stage emerges Big B -- with his tag team partner Despayre riding 'piggy back' astride his wide shoulders, and Angel being held high in Despayre's own hands.

Justin: Weighing in at one hundred and seventy six pounds, he is one half of the SCW tag team champions, he is Despayre!

"Message from Opticon
Blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time"

Synn leads the way as the new tag team combination of the 'Bosom Buddies' makes their way down to ringside, Big B continuing to carry Despayre on his shoulders the entire way, while Despayre carries Angel on his own.

"New alien spawn we reinvent the dawn
And no one's style compares
Those neon eyes make mom and dad think
That we've lost our minds
They're just terrified of all new things"

They arrive at ringside and Synn climbs up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open. Big B lowers Despayre so his teammate can climb off and drop to the apron where he scrambles inside of the ring, followed closely by Big B. Despayre grabs the ropes and shakes them while head banging to the beat of the music as B just stands there calmly, watching his little buddy. Synn then steps through the ropes and leads the team over toward their allotted corner while they await the start of the match while the music trails off.

"Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time
Message from Opticon blast from the fashion bomb
So helpless
Guess what you're out of time"


Despayre looks up at Dark Tiger, scratching his head at the much bigger man.

Adams: I don't think Despayre will be nailing any body slams on him.

He looks nervously at the coffin outside the ring, backing away from it, but Dark Tiger moves in towards Despayre. Despayre grabs hold of Dark Tiger's leg, trying to lift him off his feet, but Tiger puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head as Despayre struggles to lift him. Dark Tiger taps Despayre on the head, forcing Despayre to look up. Dark Tiger shakes his head at Despayre, his palms out.

Simone: A lot of respect between those two teams.

Despayre steps back, a coy look on his face before raising his finger, as if he has an idea, and dives at Dark Tiger and sinking his teeth in to Tiger's thigh!

Adams: You know the old saying. If you can't lift 'em, bite 'em!

Dark Tiger hops around as Despayre sinks his teeth in to his leg, but Tiger lifts his hand and drops it hard on Despayre's head, knocking the young man to the canvas. Tiger shakes his leg, trying to shake off the effect of the bite, as he moves over to a dazed Despayre, pulling him back to his feet and clubbing him with a huge blow to the top of the head. Despayre hits the canvas and Dark Tiger moves towards him. He stands next to Despayre and puts a boot on his chest before stepping over him, crushing Despayre to the canvas. Dark Tiger moves to the side of Despayre and drops down with an elbow drop across his chest, before rolling away and on to his knees.

Simone: Dark Tiger in full control right now.

Tiger picks himself up, and pulls Despayre up by the head and whips him hard in to the corner, following in with a huge clothesline. As Despayre stumbles out of the corner, Dark Tiger puts his hand on to Despayre's wrist and pulls him in to a short arm clothesline, the impact making Despayre flip in the air!

Adams: Holy moly!

Dark Tiger looks at the open coffin outside the ring and pulls Despayre to his feet. He lifts Despayre in the air with a military press and walks him towards the ropes, holding Despayre over the coffin. Despayre looks down and starts to kick his legs wildly with fear. Despayre kicks hard enough to fall behind Dark Tiger, and lands on his feet. Despayre jumps quickly and nails Dark Tiger with a dropkick to the back, sending him through the middle of the ropes. He grabs on to the rope to stop himself falling in to the coffin, but Despayre springs to his feet and runs towards the ropes, jumping on the middle rope as a springboard and kicking Dark Tiger in the head. Tiger rocks back and forth, teetering over the coffin, but falls flat on the ring apron. Dark Tiger quickly pulls himself in to the ring and away from the coffin.

Simone: Dark Tiger doing the smart thing and staying away from danger.

Despayre gets to his feet first and Dark Tiger quickly follows, Despayre runs at him, sliding under his legs and jumping to his feet. He jumps in the air as high as he can and wraps his arms around Dark Tiger's neck and drops him down with a zig zag! Despayre moves towards the corner and quickly pulls himself on the top rope. He looks down at the fallen Dark Tiger and jumps off the top rope with a double foot stomp to his stomach and bounces off him. Despayre moves to Dark Tiger's legs and lifts them in the air before dropping down with a double leg drop across the groin!

Simone: All legal in this match.

Adams: Jacob Summers is basically a bystander in there. He's like a fan with the best and most dangerous seat in the house.

Despayre gets to his feet as Dark Tiger gets to his knees. Despayre wraps his arms around Dark Tiger's neck, before dropping in down in a guillotine chokehold, barely getting his legs around Dark Tiger.

Simone: It doesn't matter if Dark Tiger taps out, it won't give Despayre the win.

Adams: It's a lot easier pushing an unconscious giant in to a coffin, then an awake and gonna rip your head off giant in to a coffin.

Despayre keeps the hold on and starts to roll Dark Tiger towards the coffin on the outside.

Adams: That's unique.

As Despayre gets Dark Tiger towards the coffin, Tiger wraps his legs around the ropes, stopping Despayre from moving him any further. Despayre breaks the hold and quickly moves towards the ropes. He springs up in one quick attempt and turns around. Dark Tiger stands with his back towards Despayre, who jumps off and lands on his shoulders. Despayre raises his hand in the air, raising a finger as he counts '1.. 2... 3... 4' like a musician counting in a song. As he says 4, Despayre starts to drum on Dark Tiger's head with open palms like a drum.

Simone: He's using his head for a bongo

Adams: Yeah! Yeah! Play that funky music Desssssspy!

The fans cheer along and Despayre puts his finger in his mouth before putting it in Dark Tiger's ear.

Simone: Never thought I'd say this but Despayre just gave Dark Tiger a wet willy!

Adams: In England, that means something completely different.

A scowl crosses Dark Tiger's face and puts his hands on Despayre's legs and throws him off with a sit down face first powerbomb!

Adams: Fun time over

Dark Tiger gets to his feet, pulling Despayre with him and throws him hard in to the corner before following in with a hard clothesline. As Despayre stumbles out of the corner, Dark Tiger picks up Despayre and drops him in a sidewalk slam. Tiger look towards the open coffin outside the ring and lifts Despayre to his feet, lifting him over his shoulder in a scoop slam and charges Despayre towards it, tossing him over the top rope, but Despayre grabs hold of the top rope as Dark Tiger releases him. Despayre's legs dangle over the coffin as he holds on for dear life.

Simone: This could be over if Despayre can't hold on.

Dark Tiger moves over to Despayre pulling at his hands but Despayre pulls his legs up, hooking them around Dark Tiger's head and pulls him over the top rope and in to the coffin. The impact of the huge man shakes the coffin, forcing the lid to drop down closed. Jacob call for the bell!


Justin: The winner of the match.... Despayre!

Despayre pulls himself back in to the ring and scrambles towards the other corner, as far away from the coffin as possible.

Simone: This was fuel to the fire, because at High Stakes IV, Despayre's tag title will be on the line as Despayre and Big B takes on Dark Tiger and Jeremiah Hardin.

Adams: I get the feeling this match has just made R.O.A.R more determined to take the gold.

Scene opens with "Stoner" Scott Oliver standing in the doorway to the locker room area. As he raises the microphone to his mouth, the camera pans outward, revealing Sean Jackson to be standing next to him with Marshall Owens and Vanessa.

Scott: Sean, there seemed to be a little bit of confusion during this past week. Can you please explain what happened?

Sean Jackson doesn't hesitate to shoot Scott a look of displeasure about the question. However, it isn't a secret to anyone that somehow, he thought that the match tonight was a six man tag team match.

Jackson: Look, it was an honest mistake. I had my mind on Drake Green and the SCW title and thought that it was a tag match. But never the less, it IS a singles match and I'm fully ready for Equinox tonight.

Scott: Well Sean, Equinox isn't a push over by any means, and has been the Roulette Champion now for a very long time. He is one of the top stars here and can definitely derail your push for Drake's title.

Sean rolls his eyes. He is a member of Hot Stuff International, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega to all things Sin City Wrestling related.

Jackson: Look Scott, I understand your need to live up to the nick name that you've given yourself, but I've got Equinox's number, pure and simple. The fact that the match tonight is a singles match changes nothing, it just means that he has to fend for himself out there tonight against a bonafide super star in this sport.

Sean changes his attention from Scott Oliver and to the camera in front of him.

Jackson: Which means, as soon as Equinox is out of the way, I will have my sights set on Drake Green and that title belt.

Scott goes to say something but is cut off by Marshall Owens.

Marshall: Face it Scott, the SCW is lucky to have a man like Sean Jackson on it's active roster. The mere fact that Sean would even lower himself to step into the ring with Equinox, speaks volumes on what type of person that he is.

Marshall rubs his chin, before stepping closer to Scott.

Marshall: But while we're here, and it's clear that you obviously have an agenda with that question. Let me just say this Scott. If you have a problem with my client, then by all means, stop hiding behind supposed questions and just say whatever it is that you've got to say.

Scott Oliver is taken aback. He immediately tries to deflect the accusation.

Scott: Wait, hold on Mr. Owens. I was just trying to guage your clients frame of mind after realizing his mistake.

Marshall: No, you wanted to act like my client was the President and you could be the member of the Press Corps who got to expose him. Well I believe I should be the one to caution you Scott, because my client doesn't take kindly to being embarrassed by the likes of you, or have you already forgotten what happened to Justin Halliwell and Jamie Dean?

Scott: Again Mr. Owens, I didn't me...

Marshall: Oh but you did Scott, you had every intention on embarrassing my client right here in front of the world. So you're lucky that he hasn't dropped you where you stand...

Marshall then turns his attention to the camera.

Marshall: But since my client would get into trouble for putting his hands on another non wrestler, he'll just have to be satisfied with taking his frustrations out on Equinox.

A smile forms on Marshall's face.

Marshall: Equinox, you are the Roulette Champion. Have been for quite some time now, but tonight you're going to step into the ring with a man who's on a mission. A mission of stepping over everyone placed in front of him, until there is no one left. No one but Drake Green himself.

Scott: Marshall, don't you think it's a tad disrespectful to be concentrating so much on Drake...

Marshall: You see, there you go again Scott. It's not being disrespectful when we're standing here, mentioning Equinox. Jesus, what do you want? Do you want every other word that comes out of my mouth to be Equinox?


Marshall: Okay Scott, we'll do this JUST to make you happy. Hey Equinox, how is the weather Equinox? Equinox, I hear that St. Louis is in Missouri. Equinox...

Scott takes a breath and rolls his eyes. He knows sarcasm when he hears it.

Marshall: Do you think Missouri is ebola free?

Scott: Okay, I???

Marshall: Hey Equinox, have they had any school shootings there lately?

Scott: Okay, I ge...

Marshall: By the way Equinox, do you think Stoner here has heard your name enough?

Scott: I get it.

Marshall: Equinox, Equinox, Equinox, Equinox.

Clearly frustrated, Scott Oliver simply walks away, leaving the trio standing there. After a split second, Marshall looks over at Sean and smiles.

Marshall: You think it was something I said?

The scene then shifts to Belinda and Jason.

Simone: What a show so far tonight!

Adams: That it has, and we still have more matches to come folks.

Simone: I'm surprised we haven't heard anything from the leader of the Daughters of Darkness tonight.

Adams: I haven't seen her at all tonight... Usually that's not a good thing.

Simone: She's one freaky woman... I mean...

The light start to flicker off and on, as "Requim for a Dream" begins to play over the loud speakers. The lights go out, as a red light goes over the crowd, and flame roll across the backstage, and down either side of the rampway. As the spotlight goes to the back of the stage we see a set of red eyes appear on the tron. In the blood red spotlight we see Necra standing there.

Adams: Speak of the devil, and they appear.

Simone: I think you're right.

She makes her way down the rampway as the crowd mixes of cheers and boos. She doesn't look at anyone but stares straight ahead, and makes her way to the ring. She walks up the steps and slips under the ropes, and raises her arms when she steps into the middle of the ring. She brings them down as flames shoot up from the corner of the ring, as flashes go off in the crowd. She calls for a mic as her music fades out.

Necra: I know it's early, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

The crowd cheers loudly, as she smiles pacing around the ring. The long black toga drags behind her as she does.

Necra: I know I'm not booked tonight, but I have come with a warning for those that stand in our way. The Mean Girls think they own this ring, but they don't. The Daughters of Darkness have come to stop their evil reign and begin our own. There is nothing or none that can stop us no matter what you do. We are always watching you from the shadows, and from the darkness that surrounds you.

Simone: That's not creepy or nothing is it?

Adams: N-N-Not at all... Is it getting cold in here?

Necra: Tonight Joanne, my sister in Darkness has a match against one half of what use to be the Metal and Punk connection, and her new partner Cindy Warren. Of course you know that we will not let Warren interfere with that match or the Mean Girls to cost us that match, so we will be at ring side in a way that no one will ever see. In the shadows we will remain until she needs us, and then we shall come into the light, but only long enough to have our revenge, and nothing more. I will warn you once Veronica... Stay out of the match unless you want something bad to befall you. And the same goes for the rest of the Mean Girls.

The crowd is once against divided, as Necra smirks. She knew the crowd would always be at odds, and that's what made it worth while.

Necra: Just remember ladies, we're all around you.

Necra drops the mic, and the lights start to flicker off an on once again. Necra begins to laugh, and the lights go out. When they come back up Necra is gone, and the smell of sulfur fills the air.

Simone: What an exit.

Adams: I have to say she has the theatrics if nothing else.

Simone: I don't know, but there's something off about her tonight. And what a warning to the Mean Girls... Do you think they'll listen?

Adams: I hope so because knowing Necra she'll stick to what she said. The Mean Girls might end up cursed!

Simone: Maybe... We'll be back after this.



The cameras switch backstage where we see the lovely(?) Elvira waiting with a devilish smile on her face. A few moments later Rage and Kittie walk up to her, ready to find out which type of match he will be facing Horace in.

Elvira: Here to play with my pumpkins big fella?

Rage rolls his eyes but Kittie chuckles behind him.

Rage: Yeah, no thanks. But I'm sure whatever is on your mind is right up Shipman's alley.

Elvira: Oh you don't even want to know.

Rage: You're right, I really don't so let's just get this over with.

Elvira holds up her pumpkin, full of various tricks or treats and Rage reaches in, pulling out a stipulation. He hands it to Elvira as she sets the pumpkin down and he and Kittie wait eagerly to find out.

Kittie: You were supposed to say trick or treat, idiot!

Rage glares back at Kittie, but she just laughs it off.

Elvira: Looks like you've got Horace Jackson in a Haunted House match.

Rage sighs and shakes his head.

Rage: Why does that surprise me? Gabriel and Despy got that stipulation two years ago!

Kittie: Oh quit bitching, peanut head and get over it! It's better than pumpkin juice, isn't it?!

Rage thinks for a moment before he shrugs in agreement.

Elvira: Good luck!

Rage lets out a sarcastic laugh before he and Kittie walk off.

Simone: Well we're about set for one of the most favorite events here during the Halloween edition of Climax Control, and that is the Haunted House Match!

Adams: Yeah, and that's making the chills even worse than normal! Brrr!

Simone: Oh stop being such a chicken! Both Rage as well as Horace Jackson will start things off in the Haunted Hall of Horrors, and then make it out of the grounds to win the match!

Adams: First man out the gate and past Jasmine wins!

Simone: And it is time for the Haunted House match! A Halloween tradition in SCW!

Adams: OooOOOooOOOooo!

Simone: And we are joined by the man who will be meeting Horace Jackson at High Stakes IV, Blaque Hart Bruce Evans!

BHBE: Trust me when I say the pleasure is all yours.

The opening shot inside of the Haunted Hall is of a long, dark hallway with virtually no light to illuminate the path that Horace Jackson finds himself on, the first of the two Superstars entered into this hauntedly unusual event. The only light is that of the flickering candles in a candelabra set in iron against the wall. The wall itself shows itself to be old and worn, the wallpaper faded from what was once a bright, vibrant color to a now dingy gray. It is peeled away in several places, showing the underside to be crafted of old wood, rotted with moisture and pests.

At his personal stature, Horace finds the hall to be something of a tight fit, but it also allows him to navigate through the hall without bumping into anything unseemly. He brushes his hand against a blood red curtain that blocks a door frame and pulls it aside, and finds the door covered in decayed spider webs, long since abandoned by the insects that once used it to entrap its meals. Showing no hesitancy, Horace uses his bare arm to swipe the webbing aside and he moves into what can now be seen as a parlor; the same aged wallpaper as in the hall but with less wear and tear. There are creepy, haunted portraits hanging on the walls in elaborate, ornate frames.

One such picture, Horace leans in to examine of a young couple in Victorian attire. A handsome young man with his hair greased back and a young woman with blond curls piled atop her head. Outside of a window set against the wall, there is a flash of silent lightning, illuminating the painting and for a brief moment, it is changed to Horace's eyes; the young woman's face has become ghoulish... evil. And the young man's eyes are lifeless and a large gash is open across his throat. Horace steps back and examines the walls of this room, noting that bloody streaks and hand prints are covering several spots.

Adams: I think whoever did my wife's aunts' decorating did this place up.

Ghostess: Oh well, hello!

Horace spins around and finds himself looking at a woman who had appeared out of nowhere. Her hair is unkept, black but streaked with gray and eyes sunken. Open sores and skin peeled away pocket her face, neck and hands, the only flesh seen from her black lace outfit that she is adorned in.

Ghostess: You MUST be Horace Jackson! We were told to expect a very distinguished ghost, er, guest. It IS a pleasure to meet you!

As she clasps Horace's unwilling hand to shake, a scream emits from somewhere in the hall and she leans back, eyes closed, in a seemingly dream-like state.

Ghostess: Oh such beautiful music they make! But I am sure you understand why you're here. Now, please feel free to look around but do be mindful. If you're mistaken for one of our patients, we can not be held accountable.

The ghostess takes Horace by the arms and steers him around and towards an open door that she directs him through. No sooner does he set foot inside than the bookcase beside it slides across, blocking the exit. The ghostess then leans back against it and giggles maniacally, ignoring the thumbs from the other side.

BHBE: You have to be kidding me! Who the hell in their right mind would get conned into a situation like that?

Simone: Nobody ever said Horace Jackson was a man in his right mind.

Adams: People used to say the same about me.

BHBE: The hell you say.


The other participant of this encounter, Rage, is walking down another corridor, slightly more well lit than the one Horace found himself in initially. In this corridor, there was no wall paper, only worn, bare wooden walls with torn open areas where the dry wall and base had been either rotted away or torn apart. Gothic wall mounts were stationed in strategic spots along the wall, each with a single black candle lit for illumination as the Sin of Wrath maneuvered his way along the hall, seeking a path outside.

Fog started to creep in through the broken spots on the wall, a mist that was as thick as it was gray, basking the area in its shroud as Rage found his vision slowly distorted despite the light of the candles' flames dancing along the darkness. He passed one door that was far different than the surrounding walls as it was made of metal. He grasped the handle and tried to turn it but it was sealed with lack of use and dark red rust. He tried a second time when something hit the door from the other side, making it shudder and Rage took a hasty step back, staring at the door -- then at the handle that itself started to jiggle. The handle twisted two more times, then stopped as whatever was inside was as unable to get out as Rage had been to get in ... perhaps a good thing...

Rage turns and starts to walk further down the hall towards the end where there is a corner and a path that turns, when a hand reaches through one of the broken areas and grabs Rage by the neck. Rage curses audibly and starts to pull away but the hand holds firm and attempts to retain him in that spot as a spot on the wall slides up and a large figure slowly steps out with a shuffled limp.

Adams: Eep.

Simone: I had a nightmare start like this once.

His face looks decayed, as withered as the surroundings, but he is wearing a chef's hat and apron, his entire uniform stained with blood. Holding a meat cleaver, his blank eyes slowly look up and he starts to move towards Rage who is being held as a second hand slips through a crack and grabs his wrist!

Adams: Hey! What do you know? Rage has a fan! They can't keep their hands off of him!

BHBE: Rage can't keep his hands off himself, if you get my drift.

Simone: You're lucky he can't hear you from where he is.

BHBE: Psht! Like I'm afraid of that troglodyte!


Horace turns away from the back of the book case that had trapped him further in the haunted house. He turns around and finds himself facing a ghoulish woman clad in a nurse's uniform. She stares silently up at him, then makes a rasping noise from her throat which through the miracles of makeup (we hope) has a large hole in it. Her red rimmed eyes look to him, then at the door behind her in the passage and she stumbles through and Horace finds himself with little alternative but to follow.

BHBE: Oh yeah. Make my job at High Stakes IV easier for me.

He steps foot inside of the room, and immediately wishes he had not as he finds himself in a ghastly combination between hospital surgery room and some sort of nightmarish meat processing plant. All along the floor were gurneys with butchered forms atop of them and in some cases, still wet and ... fresh. There are three 'doctors' working over three different spots, but each is wearing a pig's mask with the surgical mask over the snout, and all three slowly look up at the new arrival, or in more appropriate terms ... the fresh meat. Only then does Horace look up and spot the stomach turning sight of what appears to be slabs of meat in unnatural forms hanging from the hooks along the walls.

Adams: Eeeewww!

The three masked 'doctors' stand upright, each one of an impressive stature of well over six feet, and each holding a meat cleaver in one hand, and a scalpel in the other. They walk as one around their respective gurneys and start toward Horace as the nurse steps closer, now holding a straight jacket in her hands...


The Slasher approaches Rage who is still being held and the Sin of Wrath suddenly finds his bearings and lashes out with a boot, driving it into the midsection of the approaching man, knocking him back hard against the wall! Rage then turns and takes a page out of his teammate Despayre's playbook by grabbing the hand holding his shoulder and biting down HARD on it! A shriek emanates from within the walls and the hand lets go, and Rage turns and punches the wall, driving a hole in it and clobbering one of his 'attackers' behind it!

A creak of a floorboard turns Rage's head around and he sees the ghoulish 'chef' standing back up, and he starts to shuffle towards Rage again, yet this time moving slightly faster but with the same limp. He brings the meat cleaver up but Rage blocks his arm and bends it over his own shoulder and forces him to release the weapon! Rage then bulls his body back, slamming the 'chef' against the wall and now the morbid hands reach through the walls and grab at the chef, tearing at his uniform and apron! The chef screeches in a wailing moan and staggers away from the wall, and Rage grabs him by the throat and lifts him up and choke slams him into the floor! Rage stumbles back and watches as several more hands reach through a large hole in the bottom of the wall and grab at the chef's uniform and drags him slowly toward the hole until his body vanishes through it... and moments later, a steady flow of blood starts to seep through and run down the floor boards, seeping into the cracks.

Rage moves away before his shoes can be touched by the blood, real or not, and he turns and hurries toward the edge of the hall. he turns the sharp corner and rushes towards a boarded up exit when he hears a sharp bark behind him. Slowly he turns around and frowns at the sight of what appears to be a Doberman, or a Doberman that more so looks as if it has been turned inside out! The zombie canine stares straight at Rage, barking and growling, red spittle dripping from it's jaw...

Adams: Doggy!


The three doctors jump on Horace and they proceed to wrestle him to the floor, using their combined weight to bear him down as he struggles to escape from their clutches! The nurse giggles like a mad woman as she comes up behind him and throws the straight jacket over his head and one of the 'surgeons' grabs it and helps her slip the sleeves over Horace's arms by force while the two others restrain him! They get his arms into the sleeves and the nurse wraps the sleeves around his back and starts to tie them into a knot to trap him when Horace props his feet against a wall and shoves back, throwing all four away from him!

One 'doctor' gets up and charges him but Horace brings a big boot up an clobbers him in the masked face, sending him to the floor! Horace then starts to struggle and finally tears the knot open and releases his arms and clotheslines another doctor to the ground! The nurse emits a blood curdling scream and jumps on his back but he flips her off over his shoulder and onto one of the gurneys where he grabs the restraints and straps her in, leaving her kicking and flaying, frothing at the mouth! The fourth and final 'attacker' gets up and waves about on his feet, staring Horace down and he starts to giggle like a lunatic. Then he simply rushes Horace, arms flaying about and screaming and Jackson reacts by instinct and grabs one of the hanging slabs of meat (!?) and swings it into the man's body, clobbering him and sending him sprawling to the floor!

Horace turns and spots a door hanging off of its hinges and knocks it open, hurrying through!...


Rage backs up as the zombie Doberman slowly approaches and he lets out a bellowing roar of surprise, cursing as a trap door opens beneath his feet and swallows him whole! The door slams shut just as the Doberman pounces at the edge and snarls and sniffs at where its prey had just vanished!

A door chute slides open at the edge of the house and Rage tumbles out, cussing like a sailor and lands in the midst of a red bank of fog! Shaking the cobwebs and taking his time to stand up, somewhat rattled by the drop, Rage dust himself off and looks around, finding himself in a small gothic graveyard where only the tops of the tombstones can be seen over the bank of fog. In the distance there is a gated fence and Rage starts to move towards the sight when a robed figure rises from behind a mausoleum... draped in black and the face hidden in the recesses of a dark hood, the specter turns slowly to face Rage and slowly the scythe in its skeletal hands comes into view...


Horace maneuvers himself down the hall with just a single torch bearing light in the darkness. Just down the hall, shrouded by the inky blackness, Horace maneuvers closer to the shattered window, when a roaring sound tears out of the silence behind him and Jackson spins around to come face-to-face with Leatherface wielding a tearing chainsaw. Jackson yells out and lands a hard right hand to the movie maniac, sending the chainsaw flying down into the wall and Leatherface goes down like he was shot! The chainsaw dies out and Horace stands over the maniacal stalker.

Adams: Now why the hell couldn't the kids in the movie think to do that!?

Horace then goes to the window and spots the gate in the distance and he hurriedly steps through the first floor window and drops down into the fog bank. He lands with a wet splash, finding himself ankle deep in a slimy muddy substance, and finds the difficult task in getting past the haunted bog when moans alert him to a new presence and he looks up, seeing at least ten zombies closing in on the surrounding area...


The grim reaper comes towards Rage and brings the curved 'blade' down toward him but Rage dodges it and the weapon strikes a nearby tombstone! Rage then dives forward and tackles the robed figure, knocking it aside and right smack dab into a nearby open grave plot! Rage turns and moves on, making for the fence where the gate would be, and impending victory...


Horace struggles but makes it to the edge of the bog and with a slurping sound, tears his feet from the messy 'swamp' and darts forward, just barely missing the pawing grasping hands of the zombies baring down on him! One manages to grasp his short but Horace swings an elbow back, sending the decomposing figure to the ground and darts between a series of carved monuments to the departed before he arrives at an open spot on the grounds where the gate could be seen!

Horace runs right for it, and can see referee Jasmine St. John standing at the gate, waiting to declare the victor when Rage comes up from behind and clobbers him with a lariat to the back of the head, sending him crashing into the ground!

Rage stomps down into the body of Horace and goes to bring him up to his feet but Jackson grabs him by the belt line of his pants and throws him against a nearby headstone, sending him tumbling over it!!

Rage crumbles to the ground and holds his head as Horace gets back to his standing position, still holding himself and advances on his opponent. Horace grabs Rage but the Sin of Wrath bulls his body forward and plows right into Jackson and the two titans engage in a melee, slugging each others' heads and bodies with bone jarring blows! They tumble to the ground, rolling around in the dirt and brawling on the ground in front of the gates where the SCW referee waits!

Rage ends up on top of his opponent and has Horace pinned down and is hammering his head with fists. The former Heavyweight Champion grabs him and pulls him up, setting up to throw him against the gated fence but Horace reverses the Irish whip attempt and sends Rage hard against the large double-gate with a heavy crash! Rage turns around, holding his chest, and with a throaty roar from inside, Jackson charges forward and spears Rage, sending him back hard enough into the gate that the lock shatters and Rage goes flying thru it!


Immediately the referee calls for the bell!


Justin: Here is your winner ... RAGE!!!

Horace stands up, stunned at what had just occurred! His spear on Rage had knocked his opponent through the gate -- inadvertently aiding his own opponent in being declared the winner! Horace begins cursing audibly as Rage stands up, raising his own arm in victory as Jackson glares at him!

Simone: Oh I bet Horace is just kicking himself for that!

Back to Elvira....

Elvira: A spooky night to be had so far but time to spook it up a little bit more, and there's nothing spookier than metal music on Halloween. I am joined by Sin City's heavy metal Bombshell, Jessie Salco.

Jessie Salco moves next to Elvira and reaches in to the pumpkin, pulling out a card and handing it to Elvira. Elvira looks excited as she announces the match

Elvira: What's Halloween without a zombie attack? You're match will be a Zombie Apocalypse match.

Jessie looks at Elvira confused.

Jessie: What the hell is that?

Elvira: Just go with my friend here and all will be explained.

Frankenstein's monster walks across the screen as Elvira beckons a wary Jessie to go with him. With a raised eyebrow, Jessie walks away with the bigger man. Elvira looks down the camera.

Elvira: Now, while Ms Salco gets taken to an unknown world, we'll let you go and see some more mischievious SCW antics.

The lights dim down slightly as white strobes flash quickly above the stage. The opening buzzing to "Where Eagles Dare" by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music. Erik pushes his way through the curtains, wearing a n SCW logo polo shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He is carrying a clipboard in his hands as he smirks out at the cheering crowd. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the cheers as if they power him. He pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his signature smirk before grabbing a microphone. He pauses in the center of the ring, waving his arms out at the sides, asking the fans to keep it coming. He looks over to his wrist watch and taps it, shrugging his shoulders as the cheering finally dies down. He slowly paces back and forth as he laughs, still not used to being cheered so much. He sets the clipboard down on the table inside of the ring where three chairs are perched up. He rests against the table, smiling as he raises the microphone up to his lips.

Erik: Yes, I am amazing, and I know it??? You see, I know what you, the fans want. I know what you need. I've been in this business for far too long not to deliver some of the hottest matches SCW has ever seen for our upcoming Super Card??? High Stakes 4???

Crowd: *POP!*

Erik: I always enjoy thinking of things not seen before. Sometimes??? the ideas fall flat. Other times, they become Match of the Year, such as the Bombshells All-In Title match last year at Hostile Takeover. Well, it is my pleasure to announce two of the hottest matches anyone could have ever dreamed of. We have a contract signing for one of them, but let's address another situation first.

Erik Staggs strokes his chin in thought as he ponders the thought. The fans eagerly await with anticipation before a smile crosses Erik's face and he looks out across the audience.

Erik: See, we've got two people running around as if they were on some sort of power trip. Two returning stars that I??? regrettably helped to bring back. In my defense, I was hoping to give you guys something to laugh at. But instead, J2H and J.N. Ringo targeted a champion in Equinox. They want to take one of your favorite champions out. Well, unfortunately for them??? the Roulette Championship needs to be defended. But, I am a fair man. I plead for a solution that should make everyone happy.

Simone: What does he mean by that?

Adams: Maybe if you learned to be patient, you'd find out sooner???

Erik: Yes, at High Stakes 4, we will see J2H and J.N. Ringo facing Equinox for the Roulette Championship.


Erik: BUT??? with a twist! See, we're going to see the Roulette Championship defended in a way it has never been defended before??? in a TAG TEAM match! I'll give you one guess as to who Equinox's partner will be???


A cheesy grin crosses Erik's face as he slowly nods his head, simmering in the cheers from the audience.

Erik: We'll see how united these two young punks are when they have gold dangled in front of their faces. I bet they turn on each other quicker than two mangy dogs with a steak in between them??? because, whoever is to become the champion, has to pin the champion! That's right boys, there can be only one champion, so have fun with that??? In other words, we've got a contract to sign!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

Erik: That's right. We've got one of the most anticipated Bombshell Championship matches looming in the near future, as we see the "Original Bombshell" Misty, taking on Delia??? darling because I must??? So, without further adieu, let's bring the ladies out so we can get this thing finalized!

Crowd: *POP!!!!!!!*

The fans stand at attention when "Mz. Hyde" plays over the speakers. Inside of the ring, Erik claps his hands together, though Misty wastes zero time in coming down the ramp. She doesn't play to the fans one bit, as her attention is set on the table inside of the ring. She glares through Erik, and through the camera crew running about. She reaches the half way point of the ramp and then dashes down the rest of the way, sliding in under the bottom rope. The fans continue to cheer for her, and chant her name as they admire her tenacity. Erik extends the microphone out toward her, but she refuses, shaking her head from side to side as she points directly at the contract on the table. Erik shrugs his shoulders and then nudges his head in the direction of the clipboard. Misty flips right to the back and picks up a pen, scrolling her name by the "X". She slams the pen down and crosses her arms over her chest as she turns to the entrance ramp. The music fades out as Erik has a grin a mile wide. He turns back to the entryway, silently awaiting the champion.

Simone: Misty wasted no time in putting her name on that contract, but one has to wonder if she is more eager about getting a shot at the title, or getting her hands on Delia.

Adams: Oooh! Oooh! The last one, the last one! She's been trying to do that for the last 4 months. You would know that if you followed them on Twitter, Belinda???

The theme of the night "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All)" by Type O Negative blasts over the speakers as the lights on the stage flash. Giving it a few moments to linger, the fans are left booing Delia Darling in her absence. They don't have to wait long to boo her straight to her face as she pushes the curtain to the side, still wearing the black fishnet stockings and leather knee high boots, as well as the tight, revealing leather dress. She has the same pumpkin pail in her hand, but her Bombshell Championship is perched on her shoulder as her long, black hair, in two side tails, falls down her back. She has a microphone in her hand as she smirks before whipping her hair around to the music in a seductive manner, stopping some of the booing. Misty smiles wickedly as she steps one leg through the ropes, but she stops when two police officers step through the curtains behind Delia. Her smile fades as Delia's widens. She pulls a sucker out of her mouth and drops it into the empty pumpkin pail and then she raises the microphone to her lips.

Delia: You missed me, didn't you darlings?!?


Delia: Awww, if I didn't know any better, I would s'ink you guys were starting to dislike me???


Delia looks shocked, though her slight chuckle lets us know she is only feigning shock. She places her neatly black manicured nails against her bare cleavage before rolling her eyes, flipping the fans off immediately afterward.

Delia: I am world class, z'ough??? But, I'm not out here to listen to you guys boo me, and shout obscenities at me. Z'at is so last week. No, I am out here to address Sin City Wrestling management, and??? Misty??? Ugh???

Misty sits down on the bottom rope, pretending to be interested in what Delia has to say. Delia winks once more, patting the police officers on their well toned chests, whispering to them as they take a few steps back through the curtains. She returns her glare down to the ring.

Delia: You must s'ink z'at you are punishing me for what Angelica did last week. As you will see, Angelica is here tonight, and it is because of z'e discussion I had wi's z'e two bosses who matter. You see, rules are in place for a reason. Z'e chair you received, Erik? As much as I begged her not to do it, and to stop once she did??? she wanted to prove a point. If men can walk around her intimidating z'e women, z'en z'e women should be able to defend z'emselves??? Sorry bout it???

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

Delia: I s'ink z'e rules will be enforced more thoroughly from no one, yet you still wish to subject me to unsafe work environments? Are you trying to get fired, Erik? Seriously??? I know Mark and Christian will also agree z'at I should not be forced to fight someone who I have a restraining order against. Z'at's just stupid, and it's not going to happen. Sorry bout it again???


Delia: Ummm, I am not scared of her. She just proved how unstable she is, and I refuse to reward her actions wi's a title match. Z'ere are consequences for attacking people in z'eir personal lives, and attacking z'em violently from behind???

Erik: You want to talk about personal? Let's talk about how you used my great niece against Misty AND my family, shall we?

Delia squints her eyes as she smiles. She leans her head back, thinking it over as she taps her chin. She looks down at Erik with the sickeningly sweet smile on her face.

Delia: Well??? let's not bring up z'e past??? Besides, z'at is totally old news. I already explained myself, and she is fine??? Well, except for having such terrible genetics of course el oh el??? No, see, you don't get to speak. Neis'er of you get to. Z'is is my time to speak, and you are fortunate enough to get to listen. See, z'is match will not be happening. S'rough your best at me for High Stakes 4, but I will not be facing Misty. I'll defeat Roxi Johnson again for z'e million time. Sorry bout it yet again.

Erik: Oh, you will be facing Misty. See, she is the Number One Contender to your title.

Delia: Well??? I have a restraining order, so no. It will not be happening. If you are bored of seeing me defeat Roxi, I'm sure you can scrape z'e bottom of z'e shallowest barrel known as z'e SCW Bombshell Division. What about Necra? How about Orchid or Crystal Hilton? Spin it however you like. I'm not facing Misty, for z'e for's time tonight, I'm not facing z'at train wreck, case closed.

Erik: Okay, you don't have to.

Crowd: WHAT?!?

Erik looks around, confused by the reaction. He shrugs his shoulders as Misty glares back at him, mouthing something to Erik. He shrugs his shoulders as he steps up next to Misty, glaring right out at Delia.

Erik: I know we can't force you to go against your restraining order. Well played. Check and mate, right? *Pause* ??? Wrong! You see, Misty is competing for the Bombshell Champion at High Stakes 4??? Sorry bout it??? yet again???

Delia: Let me explain to you how z'is restraining order s'ing works???

Erik: Oh, no need??? See, if you, as our Bombshell Champion, refuse to face your Number One Challenger, then you can, and will, be stripped of said title. Maybe Misty will take Necra, Orchid, or Crystal as a consolation prize?

Misty shakes her head as she almost starts to scream at Erik. He holds a hand out, calming her down as he stays locked on Delia. Delia's jaw drops open as she scoffs loudly into the microphone.

Delia: You will be hearing from my lawyer tomorrow morning, Erik??? For z'e last time, I will not be facing her, and I will walk into, and out of, High Stakes 4 as z'e Bombshell Champion??? Sorry bout it???

Delia does a classic mic drop before slowly turning around. "Black No. 1" begins playing once again as she slowly walks toward the curtains, sashaying in the process, giving the fans a look at her backside. However, she also gives Misty an opportunity to jump out of the ring, and dash up the ramp as the fans cheer her on. She has a steel chair in her hands as she goes. Before Delia reaches the curtains, Misty clobbers the champion with the chair, causing her to scream in pain as she collapses to the stage. Misty growls as she talks down to Delia, raining down chair shots. Erik places his hands on his head as he shakes it in disappointment. Misty drops the chair and picks Delia up, smashing her into the stage as Delia shrieks. Before Misty can get in another hit, the police officers step back through the curtains, tackling Misty as they cuff her. Delia stomps around, screaming in pain and anger. She limps, proving a point by still standing as she points to Misty.


Simone: I know people have a hard time not slapping the taste out of Delia's mouth, but seriously Misty?

Adams: If Delia didn't have a case before, she does now??? That was a stupid move by the challenger???

Erik drops out of the ring and starts following after as the police cart Misty off, all while Delia continues limping and screaming at her and about her. We fade elsewhere.

The cameras open up backstage to find Odette and Gabriel standing alone in one of the many back hallways in the arena. The excited crowd quickly turn to boss while the husband and wife team just smirk it off, not taking their eyes off each other.

Gabriel: Since Mel's match is done??? we can get the hell out of this shit hole right?

Odette hugged into Gabriel's side holding onto him for dear life.

Odette: That we can.

Gabriel: Great, let's go get our stuff and leave??? I don't want you or our baby to be subjected to this environment for a moment longer.

Holding onto his wife he pulls her into his side closer, if that was even possible.

Gabriel: Speaking of which, what's this I heard about you wanting to go out to the ring with Melody?

His voice was stern as he spoke while Odette just rolled her eyes, since announcing her pregnancy he had become far more protective over her.

Odette: I thought she might like the support that's all.

Gabriel: She handled herself perfectly out there O???

Lifting her index finger she placed it on her husband's lips silencing him.

Odette: Don't continue??? stop right there... I won't hear a word of it??? I won't hear that she can do this without me??? she will need me, she has to need me???

Odette's green eyes welled up as Gabriel sensed where this was going, she was emotional she had been up and down for the last few weeks.

Gabriel: O, she will need you??? but not in a physical let's go to the ring form. She won't want you or???

Gabriel reached down and rubbed Odette's belly with a smile.

Gabriel: Her fairy God children in harm's way???

Odette brushed it off, before trying to hide her concern with a light chuckle.

Odette: No one could hurt me, they would have to go through you first and that's impossible.

Gabriel returned the smile with a wink as if to agree with her.

Gabriel: You might feel a bit useless now O, but trust me you can't be her hero all the time, she will need to learn by herself.

Odette: I just feel like I'm not doing anything???

Gabriel turned and looked into her eyes stealing her full attention.

Gabriel: Bullshit, you're far from doing nothing, you're growing our family inside you and you're protecting the future of the Stevens family??? you're doing the furthest thing from nothing??? stop feeling so useless and start enjoying your freedom O, you're allowed to???

She nodded as if to agree with him, as he wiped the stray tear that rolled won her cheek away.

Gabriel: Now let's get you out of here??? so I can see what Halloween treats you have in store for me at home.

Smiling up at him Odette's doubts seemed to wash away, as she stepped up on her tippy toes to press her warm red lips against his. As the two continued to tongue tangle the footage scanned elsewhere.

Simone: The upcoming match should be a rather strange one.

Adams: Brains! I need brains.

Hordes upon hordes of Zombies are roaming throughout Raliegh, North Carolina. The zombies have trapped several fans inside a hardware store. The zombies are trying to get into the store when the sound of a motorcycle distracts them. The motorcycle slides into the group of zombies as the rider removes her helmet. Jessie Salco starts smashing several zombies with her helmet while looking around for Joanne Canelli. The nurse comes running down the road as zombies are following her. Cindy slides down as Jessie knocks the head off of one zombie.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Zombie Apocalypse singles match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Cindy Warren....please welcome the "Metal Goddess" Jessie Salco.

Simone: I'm wondering if these zombies are going to cause some problems for Joanne and Jessie.

Adams: Are we calling a match or a zombie attack?

Simone: I have no idea.

Veronica Taylor stumbles into the same area as Jessie Salco turns her head and sees the walking parasite. At the same time, ten zombies notice the walking meal ticket as they begin stomping towards her. Three zombie heads begin rolling down the street as Joanne, Zuri and Blanca are walking down the road together. Veronica shoves a couple more zombies toward the Daughters of Darkness. The daughters manages to kick the heads off the zombies as Joanne and Jessie lock eyes.

Justin Decent: and her opponent represent the Daughters of Darkness..please welcome Joanne "New Jersey Devil" Canelli

Adams: This is going to be interesting.

Simone: Why are Blanca and Zuri here?

Adams: Duh, they are fearless. They are probably here to keep the zombies at bay.

Drew Patton calls for both ladies to meet him in the middle of the street as he signals toward the arena to sound the bell. Jessie immediately charges at Joanne and drops her with a stiff yakuza kick to Joanne's chest. Joanne slides across the street as her butt gets mud all over it. More zombies continue to come from the alleys as Joanne kips up to her feet. She motions for Jessie to bring it. Jessie shakes her head and motions for Joanne to move towards her. Joanne doesn't waste a second as she sprints toward Jessie. A zombie pops up in front of her causing her to stop in her tracks.

Simone: I knew this was going to happen.

Adams: Zombies! Zombies everywhere. Did someone leave open a gate for the undead to roam free?

Joanne doesn't hesitate kicking the zombie in it's undead scones as Jessie comes running behind the zombie. Joanne ducks as Jessie stumbles after the wild shot. Jessie turns into a hard shot to her jaw as Joanne stands back up. Jessie stumbles more as Joanne continues to connect with rights and lefts to her face. Joanne takes a hold of Jessie's arm and whips her into a metal pole holding up a roof. Jessie's back smacks hard off the pole as Joanne kicks her hard in the head. Jessie falls onto her side as Joanne gets her into the mount position. Joanne begins to rain rights and lefts down onto the face of Jessie. Veronica starts moving closer with the motorcycle helmet when Blanca spears into a glass window of an abandoned shop.

Simone: Holy crap, I hope Veronica and Blanca are okay.

Adams: That was stupid. Noise attracts Zombies.

The sound of glass shattering makes Joanne to lift her head a bit causing Jessie to land a headbutt into the sternum of Joanne. She falls off of Jessie as a zombie peers his head around the corner. Jessie kicks at the zombie before rolling over onto her hands and knees. Joanne takes the position to run the toe of her boot into the rib cage of Jessie. Joanne doesn't waste time by kicking the zombie's head clean off his body. The zombie falls down as Joanne picks up the zombie head. She motions for Jessie to get up while holding the head in her hands. Cindy Warren tries to get involved but a zombie gets in her way. Jessie finally gets up, slowly turns around and gets blasted with the zombie head. She falls back down as Joanne continues to smash the zombie head into the body of Jessie.

Adams: That's one way to use a zombie.

Simone: This match is getting brutal.

Jessie leans up a little as blood is slowly trickling down her face as Joanne stands up. She starts kicking Jessie with the sole of her boot basically trying to open that wound even more. More zombies continue to move toward the two of them as Joanne lifts Jessie up off the ground and places her onto her shoulders. Joanne then brings Jessie down while connecting with a spike DDT. Zuri comes from out of nowhere and kicks Jessie in the face as Joanne drops down into a pinning attempt. Drew Patton gets into position as he pounds the pavement three times.

Justin: Here is your winner Joanne Canelli

Veronica steps out of the shop with shards of glass covering her body. She starts screaming at Joanne for allowing Blanca to attack her. Joanne rolls her eyes as Zuri connects with a yakuza kick of her own. The kick knocks Veronica out as the Daughters of Darkness leave the scene.

Coffins are wheeled out for the next match. The ring announcer prepares to announce the match. Suddenly, the lights go black out in the arena, and a red spotlight centers on the ring. Smoke begins to fill the ring, and a dark figure emerges, bursting through the ring. The camera moves in closer to show off a man wearing a red and green striped shirt. He is wearing a hat, guarding his face from being seen. He then moves his arms into the air, showing off two sets of razor sharp claws. He looks up and gives an infamous smile. Could it really be?


Simone: This night just keeps getting stranger, and stranger! I thought Robert Englund was dead.

He walks over to the ropes and reaches through to grab a microphone. He looks around, as the audience is chattering amongst themselves.


He then pauses for a moment, as cheers are heard throughout the arena. He smiles again, before looking back to the camera.

Freddy: Since tonight is one of the....

The lights stay dimmed down as "What If" by Creedplays. Freddy looks to the ramp with a pissed off look on his face. He begins to walk to the ropes. Ashe does so, someone pops up from under the ring, and slides in slowly. They are carrying a knife, as they walk into the spotlight.


Simone: SCREAM? What the hell is this bozo doing?

Ghostface walks up slowly, preparing to lay the knife into Freddy's back, until Freddy turns around, slashing one of the tattered sleeves right off. The knife goes flying. Freddy holds his claws up to the neck of the Ghostface. He shakes his head, pleading with Freddy. Then, out of nowhere, A man in a hockey mask pops up with a machete. He quickly slices Freddy's hands off. Freddy hops up and begins writhing, until he sees that it is...


Jason and Freddy begin fighting back and forth. Seeing as they don't have weapons, they simply brawl back and forth with lefts and rights. Ghostface begins to stir a little. He soon gets involved in the action. They all three trade blows, Freddy with his bleeding nubs. They are getting really intense when the "Halloween" theme begins to play. Everyone looks around, including the horror villains in the ring. They each looks at one end of the arena. Freddy begins to shout into the crowd, knowing the person who has been lingering around the arena. Then, from above, Michael Meyers begins to slowly descend. A mixed reaction from the crowd occurs as he finally reaches the ring. He is wielding a fire extinguisher, rather than the shank. He blasts Ghostface with it, then Jason, then Freddy. The entire ringside area is misted as the bell rings.


As Justin finishes the announcement, Michael Meyers is shoving Jason into the last coffin. No sooner than the bell has rung, the bell rings again. Three coffins are closed, each wielding a picture of their respective tenant. Michael picks up the machete, and shoves it through Ghostface's coffin. He then pulls out the crimson blade, and shoves it through the Freddy coffin. He twists, then pulls it out. He then walks over to the Jason coffin. He pauses for a moment.

Adams: This is just weird.... And sickening... Why are we allowing this to occur?!

He then shoves the machete into Jason's coffin, and leaves it there. The Halloween Theme plays again as Michael walks up to the fourth coffin. He closes the coffin up, as ring technicians rush down to the ring. The lights return to normal. They pop open Ghostface's coffin to find no one. Another technician opens up Freddy's, and another gets Jason's... No one is there. They walk over to Michael's, and they find nothing but the fire extinguisher.

Simone: That was more than just a little strange. We, at least, Michael go into his coffin. And, where did the crimson stains come from?

Adams: I don't know if I want to be here anymore. The good looking guy is always next.

Just then, a small figure in a white dressing gown emerges from beneath the announcer's table -- the pasty faced girl from The grudge! Jason shrieks in surprise/fear and tumbles backwards out of his chair!

Simone: Good GOD why the hell didn't you wear underwear!?

The Grudge girl scrambles over the barricade and runs along the ringside area, lovingly caressing the sealed coffins as Michael Myers watches on. The Grudge girl then runs back up along the aisle and vanishes behind the curtains and into the backstage area.

Adams: Wow! if I were wearing underwear, I totally would have soiled them right now!

Simone: Burn that chair!

The crowd goes crazy in the arena as "Mz. Hyde" by Halestorm blasts over the speakers. They stand on their feet and begin clapping, shouting, and whistling for the Original Bombshell to make her entrance. The fans are sorely disappointed when the ring crew brings out the Mean Girls patented runway, fastening it to the ring apron. The fans even begin booing when a figure appears on the stage. They don't know exactly what else to do as a purple light flashes on the stage. Hunched over in a black tank top with pendulous bags hanging from the chest, down to her ankles, is Misty? The long black hair is a mess, with streaks of grey appearing throughout. She looks up through her cat-like eye liner to reveal piercing, glowing blue eyes. She places her hands on her hips, but immediately slumps over again, holding onto her back. She groans and waves as a stagehand brings out a walker. "Misty" breathes heavily as she begins walking down the runway, letting a bloated stomach costume piece rest on the walker. Half way down, she stops and begins gasping for air as the fans boo her.

Adams: Boy, Misty has really let herself go, hasn't she?

Simone: Clearly that's Delia Darling in another Halloween themed entrance, and a poor one at that.

"Misty" hunches over limply over the walker as she struggles to turn around and sit on the rest, looking back to the curtains as the music fades. "Like Angels Weeping (the dark)" by Kataklysym plays as the curtains are quickly shoved aside. Walking out from the back is Tessa Flannigan, dressed in a Slayer tank top, dirt rubbed over her bare arms and face, with messy, greasy brown hair that is matted and sticking up all over the place. She headbangs to the music as she dances out toward Delia, who shakes her head in disgust, holding a thumb out toward "Jessie" as she looks out to the audience. The music fades out. "Help is on the way" by Rise Against plays over the speakers as Angelica walks out onto the stage. She is wearing a pair of tattered jeans and a worn black tank top. The most unflattering piece of the costume is the padding around her face that forms a large, exaggerated and broad chin. She poses like a superhero before running down toward "Misty", brushing right past Jessie as if she didn't even notice her there. She goes to high five "Misty", only to get a snubbed up nose in her direction. "Roxi" shrugs her shoulders as her music fades out. "Bang Bang"(My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nico Vega begins playing as, with very little build up, a woman pushes herself through the curtains, wearing a business suit, dressed very manly other than chestnut tresses that fall out from under a fedora. She has a stoic look on her face, before opening her mouth to smile. She shows off a pair of messed up teeth before opening her jacket to show off a Tag Team Championship belt. She unhooks it as she looks around at the booing audience, talking to them as if they could hear her.

Simone: Purely disgusting. This whole display.

Adams: Halloween is the one night a year where a Mean Girl can dress up like a Jealous Janis, and no one can say anything about it.

Simone: I thought it was "dress like a slut???"

Adams: Same difference???

"Joanne" pauses in front of the crowd, glaring out at them before raising a tag title into the air. She lets it rest next to her shoulder before raising a finger into the air. She quickly walks back to the curtains where she grabs an oxygen tank and mask. She rushes it over to "Misty", trying to help place it over her face when Misty rips it out of "Joanne's" hand, gasping as she places it over her own face, muttering at "Joanne". Joanne shrugs and rolls her eyes before raising her arms in the air to draw in some cheers.

Simone: These girls really are teetering a fine line tonight.

Adams: I find it hilarious honestly! It's our Halloween show, and at least they've used their imaginations for our amusement.

By the time Joanne's music fades, "Run This Town" by Jay Z and Rihanna hits the PA and the crowd has suddenly found its voice again as they know whose music this belongs to. After a moment's delay, our costumed vigilante, Zuri Justice, appears wearing superhero garb. And by "garb", that's pretty much whatever Goodwill Store was willing to donate to complete this tasteless aberration of an outfit. Although most of the crowd voice their displeasure, a few fans are really getting a kick out of it so far. The camera cuts briefly to two fans pointing and laughing while a third fan on either side gets out his picture phone. "Zuri" is showered with boos for what reason she doesn't know but thinks nothing of it as she waves and gives an awkward double thumbs up.

Simone: What the hell is this? Are we supposed to believe that's Zuri Chastain? Oh, come on!

Adams: Aaargh! My eyes! The goggles do nothing! Looks like Zuri has hit rock bottom or she committed the crime of the century. And if it's the latter, I don't think anyone could mistake her in a lineup with that getup.

Simone: That's not Zuri, that's Mercedes Vargas. I think this charade has gone too far.

Adams: I don't see what the problem is, Bindy. Lighten up, it's Halloween! Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

"Zuri" spins around and begins a slight trot while pandering to the fans in her bright orange costume, complete with mask and a cape that drapes on the floor, which was more of a deterrent than a staple of her wardrobe. She nearly trips and falls a couple of times and joins "Misty" and "Joanne" on the ramp. She again offers an awkward double thumbs up.

Once all three women are together half way down the runway, they begin their journey to the ring. "Zuri" flexes her muscles as she sits down on the bottom rope, allowing "Misty" to enter the ring. She slowly climbs through the ropes, tripping on the bottom rope as Joanne helps her off of the ground. She nods her head, but scowls at Joanne as she pulls her hand away. She nudges into "Zuri" and walks over to the ropes, demanding a microphone from Justin Decent as the fans boo. She limps to the center of the ring and then looks out to the audience as she raises the microphone to her lips.


The crowd boos as Delia screams this very sarcastically. She smushes her face up, eyebrows furled as she huffs and puffs into the microphone.

Delia: ??? almost as much as I love myself. But hey, at least I am willing to give you guys z'e scraps, riiiight? Unlike z'at bitch, Delia. She only cares about her clothes??? and her friends, and her boyfriend... and ruining people's lives. Like, as if any of z'at was important. I mean, obviously *I* don't care what I look like, or I might have worn a bra wi's better support in my younger years.


Delia: UGH! SHUT UP IT'S MYYYYYY TURN TO TALK! ??? I'M z'e original Bombshell!. I had z'e Bombshell Championship s'ree times! In 2012, I was z'e greatest s'ing going! I don't care if it is 2014 now. I mean, just because z'ere are prettier Bombshells now, who are even more talented z'an I am, it doesn't make me irrelevant. Just because I attacked z'e most popular girls in SCW when I returned from z'e retirement home, doesn't mean I'm irrelevant. I??? ohhh!

Delia falls down to the ground, holding onto her back. Veronica reaches down and pulls Delia off of the ground in a friendly gesture. Delia yanks her arm away and angrily stares at Veronica, stomping her feet in a temper tantrum.

Delia: I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP JOANNE!!! I'm a former champion! Z'at is z'e same s'ing, right? Will you stroke my ego JOANNE? I need people to constantly validate my past accomplishments because I can't admit z'at I am over z'e hill. But you fucking idiots continue to cheer me like it was two years ago, because you're all morons who can't see how selfish I really am. I mean, I only left because no one was paying attention to me anymore, but z'ey still remembered what I did. Z'en, z'e Mean Girls came around, and people started forgetting. People stopped talking about what I did, so I came back when people started doing it better z'an I ever could have. I didn't come back for you. I didn't come back to spend five minutes in front of idiots who defend capitalist fascist rights, willing to die for a country who sees z'em as expendable. Sorry bout it, but I didn't. I came back for myself. For my glory. I hate to burst your bubble, but you will still continue to cheer for me, because you seem to like ugly, washed up s'ings, or my *air quotes* friends here wouldn't have a job, right?

Delia continues speaking as the fans throw trash at her inside of the ring. She smiles wickedly, sneering as she drops a truth bomb on the troops. She shrugs her shoulders, having drawn adequate heat before she hands the microphone over to Veronica.

Veronica: Wait, people are actually like listening to what I have to say? Are you serious, Misty? That's a first! I'm so grateful that we were able to come out here, dressed in our disgusting clothes that make us look old???

Veronica points over to "Misty" who crabs at her from across the ring, putting the oxygen mask over her face once more to catch her breath.

Veronica: ??? or ridiculous, like a Roxi Johnson wannabe, like who would want to be that mess anyway???

Veronica rolls her eyes as she points over to "Zuri" and "Roxi" who looks disappointed in hearing this. Veronica shakes her head in disgust as "Zuri" stands on a turnbuckle, pointing to herself so that people know she's being talked about. Veronica stares at this and then returns her attention back to the microphone.

Veronica: ??? or manish like me. I mean, down to my man jaw, I look like a dude with boobs, right? But let's not talk about the atrocity that is known as my fashion sense. Instead, lets focus on this championship I somehow won. Oh yeah, that's only because the totally freaking fab Veronica Taylor dropkicked the crusty dusty Necra off of the ring apron, eliminating her. Ugh, she's such a babe, isn't she? Anyway, I guess I'm supposed to say something about my match, but most of you wouldn't even know what I was talking about since no one pays attention to me. I mean I'm the "Jersey Devil Diva", a mob boss. I have to remind people, because I sometimes think they forget. I'm gonna repeat the same old boring speech about how I'm going to make people bleed, and crack open their skulls. I'm going to win because I'm God's gift to wrestling or whatever. But really, Veronica is going to carry me to a tag title defense, the way Emma Rose used to during our short run??? But, that's all I got. I didn't think you guys would be very interested in hearing more than two seconds from even a look a like of Joanne Canelli??? sorry bout it.

Mercedes and Delia snicker as Veronica holds the microphone out. "Jessie" goes to accept the microphone, but Veronica pulls the microphone back.

Veronica: Oh my gawd, Jessie! This is Jealous Janis time, and all, but do we really want to give the fans a bathroom break? People care even less what you have to say than they do what I have to say???

Tessa snickers while trying to act hurt by this. Veronica holds the mic out for Angelica to accept, but doing her best Roxi impression, she puts her hands on her hips and nods for Mercedes to accept, staying silent. The Argentine Assassin wastes no time in getting into her Zuri impression.

Mercedes: See what happens when you forget to take your Metamucil? For me, though, I don't drink protein shakes, or protein bars, or anything like that. I'm Zuri Chastain - that's Lady Justice to all of you - and I'm a badass. And I'm sooooooo badass that I needed three people to help me beat up a Mean Girl. After last week that'll teach Veronica, yeah! And I'm so badass that I attacked Mercedes just to teach her a lesson and remind all of you people out there that bullying is the only way to solve your problems. I may be a coward, but what else is new? Just to prove how desperate and pathetic I am, I needed to invite my siblings to back me up, because Lord knows I'll never be able to beat Mercedes on my own.

The arena fills with boos as Mercedes shows indifference toward them. "You suck" chants can be heard growing faint at first, then becoming louder. Mercedes nods, acknowledging their pleas.

Mercedes: That's right, I do suck, but you people already knew that. You know what doesn't suck? Halloween. In fact, Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday of the year, and why shouldn't it? Isn't it fun dressing up as a fairy or a vampire or an an Egyptian goddess? Fun right? It's fun pretending to be something you're not, but we get to do that one night out the year; I'm wearing my costume 365 days out of the year. Every year at about this time things aren't what they seem, and many are fooled into thinking that they are for real. You would be surprised to know that it's not just kids who are pretending to be something there are not, but adults too. More often than not, it's not always about the candy.

Mercedes tugs at the front part of her mask as she continues.

Mercedes:A lot of you may be asking yourselves why am I even wearing this mask? It's not because I'm keeping a secret identity or anything.. Well, I'll tell you:. I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed of admitting the truth, that I'm living a lie. A lie that I've been keeping from all of you, but then you're no better than I am. I mean, you people lie every day: to your kids, to your spouses and neighbors and bosses. It's part of human nature. One of the other things I like about Halloween is trick or treating, and these last few weeks I've been telling everyone who would listen that I will finally beat Mercedes, but just like the kids, I'm only pretending. Pretending to be a challenge to Mercedes when I'm not. Pretending that I actually earned a shot at the Bombshell Roulette Championship even though my sister did all the work, not to mention she used a pair of brass knuckles to get the job done. It took two people to beat Mercedes, but who cares, right? The question is, why do I wear this mask? Is it because I'm scared? Is it because I'm dishonest? Is it because I'm hiding my true self from the world? It's all three. Because an honest person doesn't hide behind a mask, a person with integrity doesn't pretend to be something they're not. Only thieves, robbers, people hiding dirty little secrets conceal themselves behind masks. Tonight, we just happen to be in good company. The Daughters of Darkness are one step closer to reclaiming the Bombshells Division from those stupid fashion rejects once and for all and I can't wait to tell Rory and Blanca and everyone in my family when I beat Mercedes. They will be SOOOOOO proud of me.

Once Mercedes is finished, Delia graciously accepts the microphone back. She smiles wickedly as she paces back and forth, dropping the "Misty" act. She flings the fake sagging breasts over her shoulders before stopping and looking right out into the audience, slowly removing the oxygen mask.

Delia: You know, it's so sad and depressing out here tonight. It's our Halloween show, but it feels as if z'e crowd has taken a handful of valiums. Could it be because z'e Mean Girls have grown tired of performing in front of a bunch of ungrateful war pigs? Could it be because we are not booked, so you mindless killer drones have nos'ing to get excited about? Or??? did I just Hiroshima your asses wi's z'at tru's bomb? How is it knowing z'at you cannot deny being z'e dumbest group of individuals alive? Fighting for a country which allows a man to be immortalized for attempting to strip a cop of his gun, only to get shot. Your president sends representatives to his funeral, yet z'e police who protect your rights, who die in z'e line of fire daily, barely get a line in z'e news, and???

Delia's face drains of any color. and it isn't the white Misty face paint??? The audience begins throwing chairs inside of the ring. The Mean Girls have to dodge dangerously heavy items being thrown into the ring. They shout as drinks, food, chairs, boots, and other items are thrown inside of the ring. They are saved by a humiliating, yet gracious move as the lights flicker off. When they come back on, we see buckets of red liquid raining down over the Mean Girls. This causes the dangerously heavy objects from being thrown into the ring. The crowd laughs wickedly as ring security comes down to the ring, escorting the ladies out of the ring as they are clearly shaken up.

Simone: That was way over the line, ladies. They put us in danger with that stunt, Jason.

Adams: I don't often see ring security come out to stop a simple in ring promo. With any luck, these girls, who I've given my support, will find their arses in the unemployment line???

Crowd: GET THE FUCK OUT! *Clap clap clap* GET THE FUCK OUT! *Clap clap clap* GET THE FUCK OUT! *Clap clap clap*

Mercedes and Veronica look highly displeased with Delia, who hangs her head low in shame, as they are ushered to the curtains, and pushed forcefully through as the fans keep throwing trash at the curtains, even after the Mean Girls are gone.



If Equinox is pinned, he loses the championship!

Back to Elvira and her pumpkin we go again, as she stands waiting.

Elvira: We've had a great night of Halloweenie action tonight, but now we're here for the main event and this time, I'm joined by the very spooky looking, Equinox.

Equinox looks at Elvira, looking her up and down.

Elvira: Very Halloween face paint, you'd fit in well in my local haunts.

Equinox doesn't say a word as he reaches in to the pumpkin, pulling out a slip of paper and handing it to tonight's host. She looks down at the paper with a smile.

Elvira: OOOOOOOOOOOH I love it, lots of hot men dressed up. Tonight's main event is.... A Masquerade Brawl Hardcore Match! Just fabulous!

The camera cuts back to ringside.

Justin Decent: The following contest is your MAIN EVENT and has been determined to be a Masquerade Brawl Hardcore Match! Pre-determined weapon based moves must be hit in order for their back up to come out to ringside???

The fans cheer in approval as Justin pauses for a moment. He looks around the crowd before turning to the entryway, pointing with authority.

Justin Decent: Iiiiiiiiintroducing first! Hailing from Dallas, Texas, standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is "The Mental Rapist??? SEEEEEAAAAAAN JAAAAAAAAAAAACKSOOOOOOOONNN!!!

v/o: "Fort Bragg, Can you feel it coming, in the air tonight?"

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as bright flashes start to burst through out, acting as it were streaks of lighting. A dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

Simone: What a Main Event we have ahead of us here tonight. We've got Drake Green and Sean Jackson in the same vicinity, as well as Equinox and Giani, with J2H and Ringo. And what's worse, is that there are no rules! Anything goes!

Adams: I hate to be a stickler, but Jackson and Equinox have to hit unknown secret moves to allow their back up out at ringside, so we might not see any of that???

A hush falls over the park as the crimson mist pours off the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Without warning, crimson colored lights explode throughout the arena. A video explodes on the screen as you can see the letters slowly fade in, and as it does a very well known theme begins to filter out throughout the arena...

v/o: "I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord"

As the popular Phil Collins song "In The Air Tonight" begins to play, the letters on the big screen finish forming with a nickname now well known with this theme....

[The Mental Rapist]

Through the crimson mist, the fans can see two people making their way onto the entrance ramp. The arena erupts into boos as the two people are quickly recognized as Sean Jackson and the evil jezebeth Vanessa. Jackson is motionless while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop. Sean is completely focused, his face adorned with a serious look, well as serious as one can look when dressed up as the Devil??? while Vanessa runs her hands down the curves of her body and to her hips, wearing a sexy black cat costume.

v/o: "Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord."

His face remains stoic as only God knows what's floating around in that screwed up head of his, especially with the Vietnamese darkling at his side. After soaking up the reaction for a few moments, he motions that it's finally time to make their way to the ring.

Simone: Jackson is just loving the hate that is raining down upon him, isn't he?

Adams: Is that a rhe??? rhet??? Whatever. Of course he's loving it, he's Sean Jackson!

They begin the slow walk down to the ring as the crimson spot lights glisten off of Vanessa's dark Vietnamese skin and cast a pale reflection on Jackson. Vanessa wearing a low cut blood red dress with a long slit showing off her well toned legs and cleavage while Jackson is dressed in a black shirt with the HSI logo on the front. He is also wearing black trunks with red HSI lettering with gold trim.

Simone: I must say, that is an interesting attire choice by Jackson tonight. I thought the contestants were supposed to dress in costumes tonight.

Adams: It is a costume. He's got red body paint, horns on his head, a forked tail, and??? Ohhhhhh, I see what you did there, Lindy! Classic!

As soon as they enter the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to the turnbuckles and slowly climbs up. As he sets foot on the middle turnbuckle, the ring is surrounded in falling pyro on all sides of the rings as he peers out at the fans at ringside. Much to the approval of a clapping Vanessa, he then hops down off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes. As the pyro dies out, the lights come back on, returning the light to the arena. The fans continue to boo him as he raises his plastic pitchfork into the air, keeping them coming.

The lights went black, completely black in the stadium ready for this match between himself and his revealed opponent. The fans as quite as they heard the air move around them and they were patiently waiting for something new. The lighting began to change as the song begins to play over the PA System???The crowd screams towards the entrance way in cheers now, "Now I own you" having just started to pound itself through the P.A. system. As the song picked up power, and rocks out hard the arena goes near pitch black. In the flashing of a strobe like white light at the entrance way we can see fans rush to the safety barricade and wait as the lights begin to flicker in a strobe like state of multi-colors with the song's thumping opening. The lights continue to go "wild" as they flash erratically as the starting lyric announces...

All I see is shattered pieces
I can't keep it hidden like a secret
I can't look away!
From all this pain in a world we made!

Everyday you need a bulletproof vest
To save yourself from what you could never guess!
Am I safe today?
When I step outside in the wars we wage!

Our future's here and now,
Here comes the countdown!

Sound it off, this is the call!
Rise in revolution!
It's our time to change it all,
Rise in revolution!
Unite and fight, to make a better life!
Everybody one for all,
Sound off, this is the call, tonight we rise!

Tonight we rise
Tonight we rise!

As it begins to play over the pa system and the lighting changes, bathing the entire arena in an eerie purple glow. The stage, as well as the ringside area, slowly begins to fill up with green smoke as the crowd watches in anticipation. Suddenly, something began to rise out of the stage, as if rising from the depths of hell itself. The fans began to erupt as Equinox hidden underneath the umbrella rises out of the stage, as if he's here for them. To preform for them.

Fog began to appear as an umbrella can be seen twirling and twirling as it slowly rises and a man slowly emerged shrouded by a black and white umbrella twirling about over his head slowly, as he twirled it away from his body and onto his left shoulder as "The Superman of Insanity" Equinox comes creeping out through the reveal from the Umbrella. Equinox is clad in oversized black dress shoes, purple dress pants, and a matching purple jacket. His face hidden behind his eccentric, Joker face paint. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces enigmatic insanity.

Justin Decent: And his opponent??? From St. Louis, Missouri, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing in at 235 pounds, he is.... EEEEEEEEEEEEQUINOOOOOOOOOXXX!!!

Equinox slowly folded in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella.

Like a hand grenade thrown in a hurricane,
Spinning in chaos, trying to escape the flame,
Yesterday is gone!
Faster than the blast of a car bomb!

And when the scars heal, the pain passes,
As hope burns, we rise from the ashes!
Darkness fades away!
And the light shines on a brave new day!

Our future's here and now,
Here comes the countdown!

Sound it off, this is the call!
Rise in revolution!
It's our time to change it all,
Rise in revolution!
Unite and fight to make a better life!
Everybody one for all,
Sound off, this is the call, tonight we rise!

Tonight we rise
Tonight we rise!

In a world gone mad,
In a place so sad!
Sometimes it's crazy
To fight for what you believe!
But you can't give up,
If you wanna keep what you love!
Keep what you love
Keep what you love
(Keep what you love)
Keep what you love
Never give up, no!!!

Rise in revolution
Rise in revolution

Everybody one for all,
Sound off, this is the call!

Like we're alive
Tonight we rise
Make a better life
Tonight we rise!

Rise, rise, rise in revolution
Rise, rise, rise in revolution

He hopped down and landed in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeded to slap the steel steps. Before walking up the steps and walking along the left ring apron. Sticking one leg inside between the ring ropes and cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused as the song starts to finish.

Simone: Again, I thought this was a costume based match, yet both men seem to be cleverly disguised as what they truly are.

Adams: I guess Giani's going to come out dressed as a horse, and Drake Green, as Mickey Carroll?

Simone: Ha! I don't know how the audience would react if there were three cat costumes out here though, so hopefully J2H and Ringo are more creative than that???

Adams: Cats? What exactly are you getting at here?

Belinda can be heard snickering. Once Equinox was in the ring he began to unbutton his jacket revealing a green vest with an oversized yellow flower on the chest. You can plain see the energy etched over his face as he gazes the crowd, Equinox then jumps in a single leap from the mat to the second turnbuckle of the nearest corner as the music continues playing loudly. His hair flying around in a color mess as the Joker's begin cheering as begins thrashing his neck and head about as he lets his arms fly out as he cackles. He repeats this for the rest of turnbuckles before hopping down to meet the competition. Once done, He cackles in his enigmatic facepaint to all the Joker's in the arena in the night to see as the Revolution begins. As he turns to hold his arms up into the air, Sean Jackson, the Devil himself, charges up behind Equinox, bashing him over the head his his pitchfork, much to the dismay of the audience.


Simone: Oh, what a shocker??? It appears that Sean Jackson has gotten a cheap shot on Equinox before the bell even rings???

Adams: Jasmine St. John is already screaming at Jackson, but he doesn't seem to care one bit. Of course, there isn't much that she can do here.

Jackson pounds down with clubbing blows to The Joker's back, bringing him down to his knees. He rears back his leg as he bounces off of the ropes, flying forward, looking for a knee to the skull. However, Equinox ducks down, letting Jackson fly past him before hitting a low Shoulderbutt to his knee. Jackson falls down to the mat, but before Equinox can continue form a solid offense, Vanessa jumps on his back, screaming like a banshee as she tries clawing at his face. Equinox spins around, trying to shake Vanessa off, but it doesn't work. Jackson gets back up to his feet, and Vanessa drops off of Equinox just in time for Sean to charge forward with a Spear that brings both men sliding under the bottom rope, rolling to the outside.


Simone: What a sticky situation for Equinox. Should he retaliate against Vanessa, he could be fined, stripped of his belt, suspended??? or all three!

Adams: Jackson is wasting no time in digging under the ring for weapons???

Jackson pulls out a chair and a table. He sets the table up and props the chair against it. As he turns around, Equinox is there to meet him with an upward thrust to the throat. Jackson holds onto his throat as he gasps for air. Equinox pounds Jackson's face into the opened table before Vanessa leaps off of the ring apron and back onto Equinox's back. She shrieks as she chokes the Roulette Champion, just long enough for Jackson to regain his bearings. She drops down just in time for Jackson to toss the chair to Equinox. He catches it, just in time to get a mouthful of steel by way of a Spinning Heel Kick from Jackson, followed up immediately by a Spinebuster right through the table. Two consecutive alarms blare over the speakers as red lights flash on the stage. "Power" by Kanye West briefly plays over the speakers. Clad in riot gear, J2H and Ringo come charging down the ramp with their shields held firmly in hand.

Simone: Ohhhh, Equinox is screwwwwwwwwwed???

Adams: It looks like a chairshot and a table maneuver were the first two keys. If we thought there was no chance for Equinox to form an offense before, there sure isn't now.

Jackson, Vanessa, Ringo, and Hawkes box in the fallen Equinox, stomping away at him furiously as he tries to come back from the vicious Spinebuster. He rolls over onto his stomach, and climbs up Jackson, only for J2H and Ringo to pound on him with their shields, sending him back down to the ground. He covers his head as the kicks rain down on him, and the crowd boos at a deafening volume. Equinox uses Vanessa to crawl up, only to find his way into a harsh slap that causes spit to fly from his mouth. As he turns around, Ringo and J2H bash him with their shields, almost like playing Ping Pong with the Joker. Jackson laughs as he sits back and watches. Ringo and J2H join in with the laughter as they taunt Equinox. Finally, Equinox stops himself between them and points over toward Sean Jackson. Both men sneer as they look over at him. Equinox cackles wickedly as he sprays Jackson in the face with the flower on his chest. Jackson holds onto his face as Equinox drops a smoke bomb on the ground.


Simone: Ha! It looks like the champion to the Kingdom of Jokers came to this battle prepared!

Adams: I can't see anything, Belinda! What's going on? All I hear is that sickening laughter???

As the purple smoke slowly clears, the crowd bursts into cheers as Jackson, J2H, Ringo, and Vanessa all look around for the champion. They don't see him standing atop a ladder. He whistles, drawing their attention in his direction as he leaps off with a Flying Senton that topples all four over. Another alarm blares as red lights flash. "Party Rock Anthem" plays over the speakers. Charging down the ramp with a serious look on his face, despite the laughter from the audience, Giani Di Luca is wearing a fairly revealing Spartan costume that leaves little to the imagination. He has a shield wielded on one arm and a plastic sword in the other as a red cape flaps behind him. He lifts Ringo from the ground and immediately sends him flying into ring post, following it up with a Spear, using his shield to increase the impact. He turns around just in time to see J2H rising up, and he Spears him into the barricade, causing a huge ovation from the audience!

Simone: Giani is on fire out here, neutralizing Sean Jackson's unfair advantage almost immediately.

Adams: I wouldn't say that. Jackson's still got his ace in the hole with Vanessa. But, Equinox seems to be handling it on his own at the moment.

Equinox holds onto his chest as he stumbles forward, lifting Jackson off of the ground. He rolls him inside of the ring before stumbling back over to the ladder. He climbs up the ladder and signals out to the audience before reaching the top. He is about to leap off when Vanessa crashes into the ladder. However, it is just a second too late as he connects with a Corkscrew Suicide Plancha that shakes the ring. Equinox hooks Jackson's leg as Jasmine drops down for the first pinfall of the match.




Crowd: WHAT?!?

Simone: I'm with them on this one! How the heck did Jackson get up from that one?!

Adams: I'm willing to bet that it was the same way that Equinox got up from the brutal four way attack from Jackson and Co. Pure determination!

Giani and J2H roll around on the ground, each one gaining temporary momentum until Ringo pulls Giani off, smashing him in the face with his riot shield, busting the Italian Stallion's nose open in the process. James gets back up and rams a knee into the small of Giani's back, sending him down to the ground. Inside of the ring, Equinox is shocked as he holds onto his long green hair, looking at Jasmine who hesitantly holds up two fingers. He shakes his head and then stands back up. As he does, he goes to pick Jackson up, but Jackson hits a low blow to Equinox, very blatantly as he stares at Jasmine with a wicked smile on his face. As Equinox falls to one knee, Jackson punches him in the face with all of his might. He lifts Equinox's chin up and talks trash to his face before hitting another one. This time, we see blood trickle from his already red lips. Jackson rams his knee into Equinox's chin, flooring him. Jackson picks him up and sends him into the ropes where he nails a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Despite this, the fans cheer as, on the outside, Giani has leveled the barricade with a Double Spear to J2H and Ringo. The crowd clears out of the way as the siren blares once more on the stage. They seem a little confused this time as the lights flash. "Burnin' Down the House" by The Used plays briefly as Drake Green comes out onto the stage. He is wearing a pair of jeans, a Drake Green t-shirt, and an oversized magnet around his neck, with cats hanging from it. The crowd laughs as Drake is set on Jackson immediately.

Simone: I guess the back up could also trigger the weapon based move that would allow the next back up to come out?

Adams: I can't focus on anything but Drake's costume! Get it? He's a pussy magnet!

Simone: Yeah??? I think anyone with an IQ above single digits got that???

Jackson looks over his shoulder as he leans down and picks Equinox up. He rams his face into the turnbuckle, and then points to Drake, and then to his own waist. Jackson hits an Uppercut, and then runs his knee into Equinox's face, grinding his knee pad into it, tearing the champion open further. Drake smirks as he continues down the ramp. Jackson lifts Equinox up onto the Turnbuckle, taking the time out to point to Drake. He lets it linger a moment too long as Equinox begins hammering away at his side. Jackson breaks his stare with Drake long enough to smash his forearm against Equinox's head. He hits the Unsportsmanlike Conduct against the top turnbuckle. As he pulls himself up with the ropes, he waves Drake inside of the ring. Drake's smirk widens as he steps closer. Jackson sits on the middle rope, inviting him inside once more. Jasmine taps Sean's shoulder and pleads with him to stop. Drake uses the distraction to slide in under the bottom ropes and both men begin trading blows, sending the crowd into a frenzy.


Simone: Sean Jackson is making a huge mistake here. Not only is he going face to face with Drake, but he's turning his own back on Equinox, totally abandoning this match to do so.

Adams: Arrogance looks good at the moment, but it is usually followed by an awful lot of regret. Though, this match has been as unpredictable as they come, so we'll see, won't we, Lindy?

Drake gains the upper hand as he hits three hard rights, followed by a very animated wind up left that sends Jackson spinning around in a complete 360. Drake picks Jackson up for an Atomic Drop, but Jackson gouges Green's eyes, causing the champion to drop him. Jackson scores a kick between the legs that doubles Drake over. Jackson adjusts his knee pad with a twisted smile on his face as he smacks at his knee. Drake lifts his head and Jackson winds up, ready to hit the Game Called Due to Darkness! The crowd boos until Giani Di Luca steps inside of the ring. He reaches through Jackson's legs, and grabs onto his arm, setting him up for the Jersey Turnpike, a Pumphandle Slam. The crowd goes crazy as Giani shakes the ring with the final product. He stomps around the ring, shouting "FUHGEDDABOUD???UMPH!" J2H hits the Solid Gold kick to the back of his head. To add insult to injury, Ringo hits the Kneel In Honor, crashing Giani's face into the mat to make sure he stays down. As Ringo turns around, he spots J2H lying out on the ground, with Drake Green standing over him. Before he can react, Drake lies him out with the Showstopper!

Simone: Okay, this isn't a match, it's a clusterfu???

Adams: Shhhh! The Great Pumpkin might be watching, and you don't want to upset The Great Pumpkin, Belinda Simone!

Drake Green dusts his hands off as he turns around just in time to see Equinox stirring. Before he can do much of anything, Vanessa rolls inside of the ring with a camera cord in her hands. She chokes Equinox with it, smiling as she knows she's untouchable inside of the ring. She digs the cord into Equinox's neck, hoping to bide Jackson some time to come to. She taunts Drake to try something, but it isn't Drake who answers the call??? but Jasmine St. John herself! She rips Vanessa off of the Roulette Champion, by the hair and yanks her to a standing position. She lifts Vanessa up into a Military Press Slam that sends the audience into a frenzy, dropping her hard to the mat, where she rolls outside, holding onto her back! Drake gives her a high five as Equinox sits up in the corner, breathing heavily as he sputters blood from his lips. His eyes search the ring as he notices the ladder leaning against the ropes still. All of the carnage cluttering the ring puts a smile on his face as he cackles, raising his arm into the air as he slowly stands up. He stumbles toward the ladder, but is caught off guard when Jackson clutches onto his ankle.

Simone: How?! That's all I have to say here???

Adams: Well, if we're on the same page, and I think we are??? when a man and a woman love each other??? very much??? they gather together in their bedroom, sometimes other places like a hot tub??? and???

Simone: Please don't finish that thought.

Adams: Since when is calling the stork a touchy subject for you?

Jackson begins tugging on Equinox's leg, stopping him from getting any closer to the ladder he's seeking. Jackson stands up slowly as Equinox hops on one leg, trying to inch his way closer. He looks for a spinning back heel to Sean's face, but Sean ducks under it, just in time to get a mouth full of Equinox's dress shoe, sending him falling backward as Equinox dashes forward, grabbing onto the ladder. He pulls it over the top rope as he falls down to the mat, causing the ladder to topple over on him. He slowly rolls over and pushes the ladder off of himself. Getting back to his feet, he sets the ladder up and darts up to the top with every last bit of energy that he has. He signals out to all of the Joker's in the crowd, holding his hand up in the air before pointing down at Jackson, giving his flower a few squirts as he cackles before standing directly on the top rung of the ladder, springing himself off with The Laughing Matter, but Jackson rolls out of the way at the very last second. Once Equinox lands hard on the mat, Jackson lifts him up by the vest and suit pants, flinging him with all of his might into the turnbuckle, then rolling him up. Jasmine drops down for the count, not seeing Ringo and J2H holding onto Equinox's legs. Drake Green tries to come in to make the save, but Vanessa has a hold of his leg, stopping him.





Drake breaks free and punts Ringo in the face, causing him to spin around in a complete circle. J2H rolls inside of the ring as Drake welcomes the challenge. However, Ringo follows shortly after, and Jackson rises to his feet. The three men turn their attention to Drake, who swings wildly at all three, fighting them off for only a few seconds before they start stomping him into the mat. J2H and Ringo get their shots in before turning to Equinox who is livid at being cheated out of his win. They are ready to go at it when Giani rolls inside of the ring, meeting them both with a Double Clothesline as Drake and Sean go at it. Equinox jumps onto Giani's shoulders and leaps off with The Laughing Matter atop both J2H and Ringo, while Sean exits the ring, seeing Equinox and Giani also turning toward him. The three fan favorites stand united as Jackson talks trash, backing up the ramp with Vanessa, smiling.

Simone: It has been a long time since we've seen the faces of SCW get the upper hand on the bad guys! Hopefully this is a sign of what is to come at High Stakes 4 in just two short weeks.

Adams: Coming to us from SCW's biggest venue yet! It looks like we're all out of time, but we'll see you at West Point! I'm Jason Adams, alongside Belinda Simone, signing off!

Thank you! to Chris, Mark, Erik, The Lord MK, Horace Jackson, Court, Marge, Joanne Canelli, Mercedes Vargas, Blaque Hart, Sean Jackson, Sam, also to Vixen for the great match banners and supercard logo, and to everyone who made this show one of our best