Climax Control

The Redwood Empire Ice Arena in Santa Rosa, California is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, the cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions.


Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands in the center of the ring with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Santa Rosa, California, and welcome to Climax Control!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda hobbles out, dressed much like Mama from the 80's sitcom, "Mama's Family", complete with stuffed dress for added padding and a gray wig and hose rolled down below the knee. The music starts and Amanda starts waving her cane about to begin her performance.

Amanda:You know I'm getting older and I've gained some weight, too.
In my imagination I am just twenty-two.
I'm way too busy to do Jenny, Weight Watchers, too.
The fast food is to blame, cholesteral's through the roof.

If there's a camera up in here, that's taking photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement right here, telling you, what to do.
'Cause if you run the pics you got without the use of photoshop, I will hunt you down!
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth.
Don't even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Sketch me some more.
Take off sixty pounds, then take of ten more.
Retouch my body.
Resize my head, clean up my skin.
Please tone done the red.
Retouch my body.
Lipo my thighs, with your computer mouse.
I'm as big as a house.
Retouch my body.
Remove every curve.
I'm going to the mall, to get a soft serve.

Give me a tiny waist, because I eat like a slob.
Remove a chin or two, and how's about a nose job?
Erase under my eyes, where it is wrinkled and dark.
Your resume says that you worked on Jurassic Park.
If there's a camera up in here, that's taking photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement in blood, or else you, will get sued.
'Cause if I end up on Perez Hilton looking like a Lez, I will hunt you down.
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth.
Don't even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Don't wanna look tragic.
So call Industrial, Light and Magic.
Retouch my body.
Make me look lean.
Like fat-ass Oprah, on "O" magazine.
Retouch my body.
Even at my tits.
And make sure this au couture size two fits.
Retouch my body.
Blur it some more.
Come on and give me what I'm paying you for!
Retouch my body.

I just want some Gummy Bears.
I refuse to take the stairs.
Make me fucking young and sweet.
Get rid of my cellulite.
I don't want no photo, boy.
I want an oil painting.

Retouch my body.
Don't cause any trouble.
I am in denial.
Don't you burst my bubble.
Retouch my body.
Just look at Madonna.
In real life she looks like an ancient iguana.
Retouch my body.
And if you can, of course,
Try and make me look like less of a horse.
Retouch my body.
I've no other choice.
I only wish you could retouch my voice.

Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.

Retouch my fucking body!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda waves her cane around and then makes her exit backstage, vanishing behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I learned shots give you serious heartburn, but you can call me Jason Adams

Simone: We have six great matches lined up tonight and we start with two debuting Bombshells as La Paloma takes on Welsh bombshell, Natalie McKinley

Adams: I've been looking forward to this one all week, can't wait to see this one!

Simone: Two new teams make their in ring debuts as Dying Breed takes on Best Of British.

Adams: This match can potentially springboard these new teams right in to the limelight and in to the mix for the tag titles.

Simone: The last of our debuting bunch in action tonight sees newcomers Gabriel Aser takes on the talented Kris Halc.

Adams: These two guys have come to SCW with a big reputations and tonight, one of these two will make an immediate impact.

Simone: Trishelle Jordan is in action tonight after her impressive win at our last supercard, but tonight she is not in for an easy ride as she takes on Joanne Canelli.

Adams: Joanne is not known for playing nice and I wouldn't expect her to be tonight.

Simone: SCW Roulette title is on the line as Equinox defends against the newly reinstated Horace Jackson.

Adams: It's common knowledge that Steve Ramone is next in line and his eyes will be glued to this one.

Simone: Main event time as The Mean Girls, Liz Smalls and Veronica Taylor, gets a chance to prove they're ready for some gold, as the take on the Metal and Punk Connection, Jessie Salco and Amy Marshall in a non title match.

Adams: If The Mean Girls are successful, they will put themselves as number one contenders to the Bombshell Tag Team titles. I can't wait, so lets start this show!

The attention of the cameras switch to the SCW-Tron, above the stage, and the fans cheer, as Simon Jones appears on the screen. Simon is sat on a sofa, looking down at his seven month old daughter, Matilda, who he has in his arms; Simon then raises his head, to look at the camera.

Simon: Before any of you get your hopes up, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not in Santa Rosa, or anywhere even close to the venue for tonight's show - I'm speaking to you from my home, in the UK. And this is being recorded in advance, as by the time Climax Control airs, it will be the early hours of Monday morning here.

Simon feigns tiredness, pretending to yawn.

Simon: I'll keep this short - as a now former member of the roster, I don't want to take up too much time; I just want the opportunity to say a few things. Firstly, I want to repeat something that I tweeted the day after Into The Void - for anyone that didn't see it - which is to say thank you to everyone connected with SCW, that helped make my time in SCW, the best period of my career; in particular, I want to thank you, the fans.

Simon sighs.

Simon: Secondly, I want to reiterate that at some pint, you will see me compete again inside the six-sided ring. Since Into The Void, I've seen a number of people mention my name and the word "retirement" in the same breath - well, if I'm supposed to be retired, someone forgot to tell me. So I shall say it again: you have not seen the last of me inside the six-sided ring.

Simon takes a quick glance down at his daughter, before continuing.

Simon: And finally, I would like to quickly mention someone that will shortly be making her SCW debut: Natalie McKinley; I want to ask all of you to get behind her, and to give her the same level of support that you gave me.

Simon smiles.

Simon: Well, that's more than enough from me, for now; goodnight, SCW.

The cameras then cut away from the SCW-Tron, and switch backstage, to the locker room of the New XTremes, where Spike Staggs and other members of NXT can be seen, conversing with one another. However, the congenial atmosphere in the room is spoiled by the noise of what sounds like someone vomiting. That sound is then followed by a toilet being flushed, and a moment later, Natalie McKinley walks into view. Spike approaches Natalie, a look of concern on his face.

Spike: Natalie? Are you okay?

Natalie nods her head, trying to convince Spike that she is fine.

Natalie: Yeah, I'm okay - just pre-match nerves, I guess; I'll be alright, once I get out there.

Spike: Trust me when I say that you will. I can remember my first match, and what you just did? Add about three more times, and that was me. I'm surprised I made it to the ring without looking like the Exorcist.

This clearly doesn?t help Natalie feel much better, and Spike can see this. He clears his throat and straightens up his posture to shrug the story off.

Spike: My point is... you will do just fine out there. We've been training all week, and you can clearly handle yourself inside of the ring. Don't let some little girls on Twitter, or your own self doubt, get to you. That's what they want, and you don't want them to win. Just... keep that in mind and hopefully it makes you feel a little better.

Natalie takes a deep breath, and nods her head, as she takes Spike's words on board.

Natalie: Okay, Spike; thanks.

The scene then cuts away.

The lights turn to a blue filter and we can hear the opening drums from "Burning Down The House" by the Used. The crowd jumps to their feet and they begin to cheer as "Mr. Showtime" Drake Green steps out on to the stage. He stands there for a moment smiling; his SCW Heavyweight title belt draped over his left shoulder, and raises his right arm motioning for the crowd to make some noise.

Crowd: POP!

Green, with a large smile, stands tall in a dark navy suit, light brown shoes, and a neatly pressed white shirt with the color open showing his neckline. He raises right arm straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings.
#Watch out
#You might get what you're after
#Cool babies?#Strange but not a stranger
#Burning down the house

Justin: Please welcome to the ring, he is the NEEEEEEEEW Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion???he is The Man of the People..."Mr. Showtime"??? Drake Green!

Drake trades handshakes and hugs with several of the fans in the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring. He walks around the entire rings, making sure he says hello to all the fans at ringside. Finally, he hops onto to the apron and steps up on the second rope and raises his championship belt for the crowd. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone. He accepts the mic from Justin and drapes his belt over his left shoulder again.

Drake: Helloooo California!

Crowd: POP!

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....welcome to the show!

Crowd: Even louder POP!

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am your SCW Heavyweight Champion and I got just one question for ya. What time is it?!

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: People of Santa Rosa, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IS IT?!


Drake holds his left arm up and points out to the crowd. He nods his head as he moves his arm, panning through the crowd. He smiles as the crowd chants his name before bringing up his left arm and holding just his pointer finger up in the air.

Drake: One word???Champion. Your champion???


Drake: Together we accomplished what everyone said we couldn???t. What everyone said was impossible. It is because of you that I stand here in front of you the SCW Heavyweight Champion and the man on top of the world!

Drake pats the title belt on his shoulder.

Drake: Last time this prize sat on this shoulder it was taken away from by forces I couldn???t control, by things that were out of my hands. Well I???m here tonight to tell you that nothing is going to stand in our way this time. No one is gonna hold back the Show, not Mark Ward, not Sean Jackson, not Gene Banton Junior???nobody-

Monster by Skillet starts to play over the sound system, cutting Drake off.

Crowd: BOO!

The music plays for several seconds before the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. He has a microphone in hand and he???s glaring right at Drake, as Drake has now turned his attention to the Sin of Wrath. Rage has an arrogant smile on his face as the crowd boos him and once his music dies down, he raises the microphone to speak, though the booing from the crowd drowns him out quite a bit.

Rage: Drake. Drake, Drake, Drake. Nice shiny new belt ya got there. It???s really too bad for you it was all a waste because you won???t be keeping it for very long???

Drake: Why? Are there any worthy challengers in the building? I mean, there certainly aren???t any in the arena right now so???

The crowd cheers for Drake, but Rage shakes his head and narrows his eyes at the champion. He looks around the crowd, trying not to show his annoyance at their loyalty for Drake.

Rage: You know, you say that an awful lot don???t you, Showtime? That time off after your neck injury must have fried your brain a bit because there is definitely one worthy challenger for that belt of yours and you???re looking at him. Unlike the rest of the dumb asses in the back, I???ve proven more than enough that it???s my time to be champion once again. And I don???t even have to kiss the asses of all these people to do it.

Crowd: BOO!

Drake: I keep hearing this from you about all the stuff you???ve done to warrant a shot at MY title but...I???ll tell you what. I???m willing to listen to reason. I???m willing to...despite how boring you are???

Crowd: POP!

Drake:...I???m willing to hear you out.

Rage laughs and shakes his head. He raises the microphone and starts taking a few steps towards the ring as some fans seated along the ramp start to taunt him, but he just glares at them from the corner of his eye and focuses on Drake.

Rage: It???s really quite simple, Showtime. Time and time again, I???ve beaten those assholes in the back. I???ve never backed down from one single fight, and yet it???s been two years...Two damn years since I???ve had that belt and you wanna know why?

Rage stops walking as he is just a few feet away from the ring. Drake looks at him, waiting for an answer.

Rage: Because I don???t do what the fans think I should do and I certainly don???t do what Mark Ward, Christian Underwood or Erik Staggs think I should do. I play my own fucking game and I get passed over for idiots that do as they???re told. Or do shit to please the fans. People like you, Drake. And I???m sick and fucking tired of standing back and letting it happen.

Drake: I???m sorry did you just say something? I fell asleep there for a second...weird.

He shakes his head.

Drake: Look, Rage, I know you mean well and I know you believe deep down in your heart that you deserve this. I know you believe deep inside that you are the rightful number one contender so I???m gonna do one better. I???m gonna let the people decide. So...people of Santa Rosa...MY you think that Rage should be the number one contender? Yes or no?

Crowd: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Drake shakes his head at Rage with a smile on his face.

Drake: Looks like you???ve got your answer so if you wouldn???t mind, before you came out here and turned this into a snoozefest, we were having a little bit of a celebration!

Crowd: POP!

Rage shakes his head again, narrowing his eyes even more as he continues walking towards the ring. He grabs a hold of one of the ropes and pulls himself up to the apron, keeping his eyes locked on Drake.

Rage: You think I give a shit what you were doing out here, Showtime? Do you really think I give a rat???s ass if these people think I should be the number one contender to that title? I got news for you, Showtime???

Rage enters the ring by stepping over the top rope. He stands a few feet away from Drake, keeping a safe distance between the two...for now.

Rage:...I don???t! If decisions were made based on what these losers in the seats wanted, this place would be in the fucking ground. It???d be worthless. You think it???s your time, Showtime? Not for much longer, because I am the only one here who can apparently get rid of you for good. And I???m gonna do just that and take that precious title of yours...MY title...away from you.

Drake???s smile fades a bit as he adjusts the title belt that is still sitting on his left shoulder. He steps up closer to Rage and then lifts the belt up in his left hand before bringing the microphone back up to his lips.

Drake: Let???s get one thing don???t deserve it, you haven???t earned it, and if for some reason you actually got the not good enough to take it from me.

Rage moves his neck side to side, cracking it. He clenches his free fist at his side and glares down at Drake as his breathing intensifies.

Rage: Is that so?

Drake nods and the crowd cheers him on.

Rage: You do realize all it would take to finish you off...right here, right now...Is one Death Drop. One piledriver to your neck and you???re finished, Drake. I wouldn???t even give you a chance to kiss that title goodbye. So...I???d think long and hard about how you choose to continue, because in all reality...I???m doing you a fucking favor. It???s all up to you, Showtime.

Drake turns to face the fans and then turns back to Rage. He takes a step back and then lays his brand new title belt on the canvas in between them.

Drake: Just because I don???t think you???re worth it doesn???t mean I won???t beat your ass all over Santa Rosa, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Crowd: Huge POP!

Drake lays the title belt down on the mat between them. He throws down the microphone rips off his suit jacket, tossing it down to ringside. He throws up his hands and yells at Rage.

Drake: Come on!

The crowd cheers wildly as their champion begs for a fight but Rage simply smirks at Green and shakes his head. He turns around and heads fort he ropes. Drake smirks himself as he watches Rage walk over to exit the ring and then before bends over to pick up his Heavyweight title belt???
Rage runs in with a knee to Drake???s face as the champion is bent over picking up his belt.

Crowd: BOO!

The behemoth grabs Drake with both hands by the throat and lifts him up, tossing him in to the corner. He runs and lands a corner splash that pretty much knocks Drake out on his feet. He pulls him in toward the center of the ring, scoops him up, and then drops him on his head with a devastating tombstone piledriver.


Simone: Rage just crushed Drake???s neck???.

As Green lays limp in the center of the six-sided ring, Rage lets out a small chuckle. He reaches down and picks up Drake???s Heavyweight title belt, staring at it for a moment. He looks down at Drake and then back at the gold face plate before lifting the title belt high in the air to a chorus of boos.

Crowd: BOO!

Rage then angrily throws the felt down on top of the lifeless Drake Green as Monster by Skillet begins to play again. He laughs as he slips out of the ring and taunts the fans, pointing back at their fallen Champion and reassuring them he???ll do this again. As he walks back up the ramp, the SCW medical staff rushes past him to tend to Green. Rage gets to the stage and turns around raising his arms to one final push of boos.

Crowd: BOO!

He cuts backstage as the medical team finally help Green to his feet.

The camera comes into the ring where Justin Decent is standing with a smile on his face. He has the microphone up towards his mouth as he begins to speak.

Justin: The following contest is a Bombshells bout and is scheduled for one fall!!!

The lights fade out as two spotlights hit the entrance curtain as it does Run The Show (Spanish Version) by Kat Deluna begin???s to blast all across the speakers. The Latin beat begins to blare loudly and that is when Pedro Lopez emerges from the curtain. He smiles as he points at the curtain and that is when the masked Luchadora La Paloma sprints through the ropes greeted by multiple pyros. She smiles as she takes in the cheers of the crowd.

Justin: Introducing to the ring being accompanied by her father Pedro Lopez she hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. ???La Paloma???!!!

La Paloma sprints down the ring slapping the hands of the fans that her cheering her on. She jumps up onto the apron and immediately leap frogs over them. She runs to the corner turnbuckle and quickly ascends all the way to the top. She starts moving her hands about like a dove before she does a back flip off of the ropes.

As "Undegpedwar" by Y Niwl begins to play over the PA system, a nervous-looking Natalie McKinley steps through the curtains, and out onto the stage. After taking a moment to scan the crowd, Natalie walks slowly towards the ring, and as she does so, she slaps the hands of some of the fans that reach out to her.

Justin: And introducing her opponent, from Cardiff, Wales??? Natalie McKinley!

Once she arrives at the ringside area, Natalie slides into the ring, under the bottom rope, and after getting to her feet, she takes another look at the crowd, before turning her focus towards her opponent.

As the bell rings, both women look across at one another. Neither woman goes to start the match as the fans begin to cheer. Natalie slowly steps towards La Paloma and extends her right hand. The show of camaraderie somewhat baffles Paloma. After thinking it over for a second, she extends her right hand out and takes McKinley???s gesture. Paloma slowly lets go of Natalie???s hand. Suddenly, Natalie lunges forward and wraps her arms up with Paloma???s as the two women lock up.

Simone: Locking up with Natalie isn???t a good idea.

Adams: Look at those arms, they???re huge.

Simone: Definitely bigger than all the Mean Girl???s brains combined.

McKinley has the clear advantage in the tie up. She uses her strength to force Paloma???s head down and wraps her massive arms around it. Natalie puts pressure on the headlock! As she holds onto the smaller woman???s head, she then drops down to the mat causing Paloma to fall over with her. She keeps the hold applied on the mat as Paloma begins to fight out of it.

Adams: Natalie is in firm control of this thing at the moment.

Simone: Those arms could probably pop Paloma???s head wide open!

Paloma begins to deliver heavy elbow shots into the side of Natalie. After about four shots, Natalie lets go of Paloma???s head giving her a break from the hold. McKinley is quickly up to her feet, but is followed by Paloma. McKinley takes a few steps back as Paloma is quickly on the offensive. She runs towards Natalie, but Natalie extends her right arm. Paloma ducks under Natalie???s arm and rebounds off of the ropes. On her way back, Natalie catches her under her right arm. As she has her in backbreaker position, Paloma squirms and picks her legs up towards Natalie???s neck. Once she locks them, she swings her body out from under McKinley???s arm and takes her down to the mat with a headscissors takedown.

Simone: What a beautiful move there by Paloma!

Adams: She wiggled her way out of there better than Lauryn Hill did with her taxes.

Once Paloma hits the mat, she is back up to her feet. Natalie is soon to follow as she is slightly stunned by the move that was just performed. Once Natalie is back up to her vertical base, Paloma runs at her. Throwing herself in the air, she hits McKinley with both of her boots with a beautiful standing dropkick. The dropkick sends Natalie falling back into the ropes. As she rests against them, Paloma gets back up to her feet. She quickly runs over to her dazed opponent. As she is running, Natalie spins herself out of the ropes and extends her right arm. Her right arm catches Paloma in the throat with a beautiful discus clothesline. The powerful clothesline takes Paloma down and sends Natalie down quickly to make the cover. Official Jacob Summers falls down to the mat to begin the count.



Paloma forces her shoulder off of the mat after Jacob gets his hand off the mat from the two count. Natalie slowly makes her way up to her feet as she looks down at her opponent. As she waits for her to get up to her feet, she looks over at the crowd. The crowd is clearly divided as they cheer on both competitors. As Paloma makes her way up to her feet, Natalie stays on the defensive. She quickly kicks Paloma in the stomach with her right foot. As she is in a bending position, she places her left arm over her opponents head. McKinley then picks her up from the mat and holds her in the air. As the fans begin to cheer McKinley, she drops Paloma onto the mat on her back with a beautiful delayed vertical suplex. As Paloma lays on the mat once again, McKinley stands up to her feet. Natalie walks over to Paloma and picks her up off of the mat.

Adams: You know, I really thought that suplex was beautiful, like Liz Smalls!

Simone: Please do not compare Liz Smalls to that suplex. That???s like comparing steak to spam.

Adam: See, I always knew you liked Liz! Spam is delicious!

Once Paloma is up to her feet, Natalie takes two handfuls of her opponent???s hair. She forces Paloma???s head down and places it between her legs. She then slowly wraps her arms around Paloma???s waist and lifts her up. Once Paloma is rested on her neck, Paloma quickly falls back taking McKinley down with a beautiful hurricanruna. As McKinley falls down to the mat, Paloma stays on top of her for the cover.



McKinley powers out and throws Paloma down to the mat! Once Paloma is back up to her feet, McKinley starts to follow suit! Before Natalie can fully get back up to her feet, Paloma drives her boots into her face once more with another dropkick. Natalie falls back down to the mat as Paloma makes her way back up. As fans begin to cheer, Natalie starts to get up from the mat. Paloma sees this and runs towards the ropes where McKinley is closest. She quickly jumps onto the second rope and jumps back twisting her body. As she goes for the springboard, Natalie gets back up to her feet. Once she jumps back, she lands right into the arms of Natalie. As the fans stand silent, Natalie uses her strength to hoist Paloma onto her shoulders. As she does a smile comes over her face as she takes her right arm and forces Paloma off of her shoulders and down to the mat. As Paloma lays out on the mat, Natalie quickly goes for the cover.


Simone: She calls that move the ???Taff Valley Driver!???




As the bell sounds, ???Undegpedwar??? starts over the PA system. Natalie stands up to her feet with a smile on her face. The fans are cheering as Jacob Summers raises her right arm up into the air. She smiles at the fans before she slides out of the ring.

Backstage, we find ourselves inside of what appears to be a locker room that has been converted to an audition room. There is a giant ???Mean Girls??? banner hanging from the wall to the left, and six pink directors chairs with the same logo printed on the front of them. Tessa walks in first, wearing a fur jacket, about ten bracelets on each arm, tight jeans, and a black ???Pixies??? tank top. She has a handful of papers as she sits in the closest chair. Next, Angelica comes in, wearing her hair hanging in waves down the shoulders of her white sweater, and a tasteful black skirt with black and silver open toed shoes. She sits down next to Tessa, popping some gum in her mouth. Holly Wood is next, wearing a big blonde wig with hot pink and sky blue highlights weaving through. She is wearing a cotton candy toned catsuit that hugs onto her curves. Veronica is next as she is wearing a tight fitting black slinky dress and matching pumps with red on the bottom. Liz Smalls is dressed in self promotion, wearing a one shouldered dress, with one of her magazine covers as the theme. The black and white dress is complemented by expensive but fashionable black open toed heels, Liz showing off her glossy white Nails by Liz mani/pedi. Delia comes in wearing a black beret over her shoulder length blonde wig, tilted to the side slightly. She is wearing a women???s business skirt and jacket in white, and a black blouse, with black gloves. She takes a seat next to Liz as she crosses her legs, forcing her dark red lips into a fake smile. Tessa fumbles through some papers on her clipboard, getting things in order.

Liz Smalls: Soooo this could either be REALLY good or REALLY bad. I don???t think ANY of them are gonna have what it takes to sit with us. We have like every avenue covered already. Delia has like magazine covers in every major fashion capital in the world. I???m the proud one behind Nails by Liz and I???m in like major movies coming out. Veronica can talk about her weight loss, Angelica is just Angelica, Holly is the strongest Mean Girl ever and Tessa makes sure the rest of us look good by looking like such a mess. What do we even need a NEW mean girl for?

Delia: Well, we???ve been accused of being too exclusive, so we???re proving a point here. By the end of the night, someone new will be sitting with us???

Veronica takes a look at herself in the mirror before speaking in her normal tone.

Veronica: Also, you can thank me and Angelica now if you want, or later up to you. And, honey I am more than just a weight loss story I am LA???s resident first class model but we all know that.

Angelica: Obviously??? We???re all just amazing!!!

As Angelica says this, the other girls almost squeal, seeming to get over the cattiness of the first comment quickly. They all lock hands and bounce up and down happily, except Tessa, who is going over the paperwork. She sighs and then looks at them as if they are nuts before clearing her throat.

Tessa: So, like??? the first girl is already here. Should we get started? We could do like two and then take a break so we can get waters???

Delia: Umm, I s???ink you meant z???at you will get us waters. It???s okay, Z???e English language can be tricky???

Tessa nods her head, sighing as she runs a pen down the front of the page. She taps the pen against the page as she tries to compose herself again.

Tessa: So, we???ve got some girl named Daphne Rollins from Des Moines, Iowa???

Veronica: So, Iowa such a basic state, and that name hopefully she???s better looking than that or we are in trouble.

Daphne walks into the room, her auburn hair waves behind her as she walks. She looks attractive, with a cute smile as she waves it behind herself. She comes to the center of the room and places her hand behind her back, ready to talk when Delia rolls her eyes and waves at the girl.

Delia: Ugh??? NEXT!

Daphne cracks a smirk and prepares to talk when Angelica stares at her, her mouth gaping open. She slowly blinks and then finally offers Daphne a scoff.

Angelica: Honey, she???s trying to be nice, but there???s no fricken way you???re sitting with us??? Heh, sorry bout it.

Liz: OMG stop saying that! It sounds sooooo much better when I say it...Sorry Not Sorry.

Liz smirks confidently, flipping her hair back and then running her manicured fingers through it. Angelica glares at Liz, very calculated as she is ready to say something. She blinks slowly before being cut off by Veronica.

Veronica: Ugh can someone give this girl a mask or something. No way in hell is she sitting with us. Now hit the bricks sorry bout it butch.

Liz: VERONICA! LANGUAGE!!! You know my mommy always told me that I don???t have to tolerate curse words. OMG I have to tell you like everyday. Ugh now I???m like soooo uncomfortable. Delia, I need a break. Pleeeease?

Veronica scoffs before saying???

Veronica: Ugh good god girl get a grip. Seriously this is not mommy???s club.

Delia: She???s right. We need to get these done anyway. Like, we have so many people to get through. Just give a few more minutes??? Who do we have next, Tessa?

Delia stares down at Tessa who has the papers in line. She runs her pen over the paper and then claps her hands together.

Tessa: Next up, we have a fitness model from Daytona Beach, Florida. Her name is Stacy Sheffield.

Stacy steps up smiling. One thing strikes all of the Mean Girls right away, she doesn???t have blonde hair. Liz puts a hand over her mouth in horror but Stacy smiles confidently.

Liz: Waaaait...I really neeed a break now. Stacy, those teeth...I???m like not sure if you???re trying to be a Mean Girl or trying to eat us. Those chompers are like really big. GA-ROSS???

Liz looks to the other Mean Girls for approval at her comments. Veronica looks at Stacy with a look of disgust, before looking towards Liz flipping her hair. Then she returns her attention to Stacy.

Veronica: Ugh, not only those teeth, but you call yourself a model? Please, not with the way you are looking??? UGH NEXT!

Delia: Z???is is z???e last time we put Tessa in charge of lining up auditions. Can we get someone who could actually be a Mean Girl?

Angelica: Seriously??? I told you guys that this wasn???t a job for her??? It???s not as easy as fetching water and booking flights.

Tessa: Okay, well next up, we???ve got Amber Philmore from right here in Las Vegas.

Tessa is clearly getting her fill of being talked about as if she weren???t there. She quickly waves in the next person. Amber walks into the room, and she elicits cheers from the fans. She is wearing a pink dress that hugs onto her curves, with white open toed heels. She is wearing white Nails By Liz polish on her fingers and toes. Immediately, she gets a nod of approval from Liz. Her hair is a perfect mess of tight ebony curls. She smiles as she walks into the room, flipping her hair from out of her face so that they can see her gorgeous features.

Amber: Hiyeee??? I???m Amber, and I???m an aspiring wrestler AND and aspiring R&B singer. I love your group because you???re so fabulous???

By comparison, these girls can???t find anything wrong with Amber. They whisper amongst themselves as they continue to look over at her. Tessa smirks, proud of herself as she gives Amber a friendly wink. Finally, Delia looks over toward Amber as the Mean Girls slowly quiet down.

Delia: What do you love most about us?

Amber: Well, you ladies all have your own unique styles, as do I??? Sooooo, I was thinking that I would fit in perfectly. You???re all pretty, you draw heat on social media, and even though people claim to hate you, they can???t help but talk about you.

Holly: That is so true, hunty. People love to talk, so we give them something to talk about.

Angelica: UGH! SO true! I like you???

Amber does an excited curtsy as Angelica points to Amber with authority. Holly nods her head, clapping her hands slowly to feign interest. She leans forward properly in her seat and crosses her legs, and folds her hands in her lap.

Holly: Where did you get that gorgeous outfit?

Amber: Well, I got this old thing from the thrift store. I???m a baller on a budget, baby!

In unison, the Mean Girls all gag and roll their eyes, shouting ???NEXT!??? Amber laughs as if they are joking, when they clearly are not. They wave her out so that she finally gets the point. She looks stunned at being dismissed as she simply walks out.

Angelica: I don???t know what I should be more appalled by??? the fact that she admitted that came from a thrift store, or the fact that you thought that was a cute outfit, Holly. Sorry bout it...

Angelica rolls her eyes as she stares past Holly and down to Liz, Veronica, and Delia in a display of embarrassment. Holly shrugs her shoulders and rolls her eyes as she waves them all off, pulling her phone out as the scene fades.

The SCW Tron turns on and we see Lin Ting Lu appear on screen.

Master Lily: Hello everyone. As most of you know Jon Dough was hit by a car last week after his match. Jon Dough is doing fine. Jon ended up spraining his wrist. He will only be out of action for a few weeks while we watch how his wrist heals. Normally we would not make a big deal but since this is the same wrist he injured a few months back when he was sitting on the turn buckle and collapsed we just want to make sure it heals 100%.

Crowd: get well Jon! Get well Jon! get well Jon!

Master Lily: Thank you for the kinds words am sure as Jon is watching at home right now he has a smile and can't wait to be back in the ring.

Ok now that the bad news is out of the way. While Jon Dough may not be able to compete next week he will be here live for a one on one interview with one of the SCW reporters. While we have yet to be informed on which reporter will be doing the interview it's safe to say this should be a must see.

Crowd is heard cheering.

Master Lily: Ok for even more news. I know it's very early but I'm just so excited that I can't hold this in. Ninja has been selected to star in an upcoming blockbuster movie here in China. When Jon Dough Returns Ninja will be leaving, however since President Jinping for the Republic of China will only allow two stars form the dojo to compete in SCW at the same time we will still provide you with such. So while Ninja will be away for a few weeks in his return we offer SCW to decide.

Who does SCW want to see, my son who has yet to debut in SCW the Blasted Monk or one of the FoShan Bombshells Song or Orchid.

Crowd: we want Song!.... We want Orchid! We want Song! We want Orchid.

Simone: Wow Jason sounds like the crowd is split down the middle. Who would you rather have comeback Song or Orchid?

Adams: Well as much as I'd like to get In between two hot Asian women. I think I'll play this one safe and say I would like to see this Blasted Monk debut in SCW and see what he is all about.

The scene opens up backstage at Climax Control where we see ???The Fearless One??? Steve Ramone walking around backstage with his wife Charlotte and his daughter Sophie alongside him, Steve is in his street clothes and we can see the contract that he won at Into the Void III under his right shoulder.

Simone: Many people think Steve is over the hill but he proved to be the King of the Hill at Into the Void III!

Adams: And you call my puns bad?!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Steve, do you have a moment?

Steve looks up and sees SCW???s resident interview Ms. Rocky Mountains standing by with a microphone in her hand.

Steve: You guys go on ahead, I???ll catch up.

Steve tells Sophie and Charlotte and Charlotte nods before walking off with Sophie.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Steve, you won a guaranteed Roulette Title shot at Into the Void III and whilst you???re not in action tonight the Roulette Title match between Equinox and Horace Jackson certainly has your interest.

Steve: That it does Rocky, you see what people don???t realize is that whilst Horace is the number one contender and is getting his shot tonight, I am next in line and I can cash it in at any time! If I wanted too I could grab a ref, go down to ring, let you do your thing on the wheel and win my title!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: If?

Steve: Yeah, that would be the cowardly thing to do and if there???s one thing that my feud with Gabriel proved it???s that I???m no coward! Boys, you had better sleep with one eye open because I???ll be there any time ready for my Roulette Title Shot but until then I???m liking the sound of ???The Fearless King??? Steve Ramone, but until the day comes when I get my shot just remember that there is nothing to fear but fear itself and no one to fear but ???The Fearless King??? Steve Ramone!

Steve walks off with a cocky expression on his face as the camera cuts to ringside for the next match.

The opening rift to Five Finger Death Punch???s "Wrecking Ball" start to blast through the speakers, as red and gold lights flash across the building, synchronized to the beat of the drums. The fans look confused as the lyrics kick in.

"Sliced up, shot down
Everybody bows down
Kill em all, let em fall
God'll sort em out
Ripped up, zip it up
Really never gave a fuck
Wrecking ball, fuck em all
Never had a doubt???

Justin Decent: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Casey Williams. They weigh in at a total combined weight of 472 pounds.... Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell... Dying Breed!

???I'm (never gonna be the one)
I'm (always gonna say what I feel)
I'm (always do what I do)
Sick of all the bullshit"

Casey Williams walks out first, followed by Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell, and the trio look out upon the crowd.

"Why should I
Always be the one to back away
Why should I
Have to be the one to not say what's on my mind
I'm a mother fucking wrecking
I'm a mother fucking wrecking ball

Andrew lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Orange Hulk and Ivan starts to walk towards the ring slowly with Casey following in tow, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning their heads to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Andrew and Ivan shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Andrew puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps between the middle and top rope, Ivan climbs into the ring as the duo staring around at the booing fans as Casey climbs over the top rope. Andrew and Ivan raise their arms as the fans boo louder.

Justin Decent: Their opponents... weighing in tonight at total combined weight of 401 pounds... Rupert Royston-Fellowes and Nigel Kensington III... they are Best of British!

As 'Rule Britannia' plays, Rupert and Nigel step out looking very smug and haughty. The crowd immediately showers them with boos, but they don't seem to mind, simply strutting down to the ring with their cocky smirks intact. Once inside the squared circle, they continue to show off to the crowd, opening their arms wide to show how handsome they are. The reception is of course less than warm, but still the two remain unfazed. Before the bell, Rupert walks up to Ivan and offers a handshake, only to remove the hand at the last second. The crowd jeers this disrespectful act, as the two Chelsea boys merely point and laugh at Dying Breed. Jasmine St. John calls for the bell to kick off the match.


Rupert, and Ivan start things off for their respective teams. Ivan charges, and takes down Rupert with a double leg transitioning to a full mount. Ivan unloads on Rupert with hard elbows as Rupert tries to block the majority of the shots.

Simone: Ivan Darrell didn???t take too kindly to the disrespect by Best of British!

Ivan attempts a haymaker of a hammerfist, and Rupert uses his momentum against him to flip Ivan off. Rupert scrambles back to his feet, and cracks Ivan with a European uppercut.

Adams: That???ll rattle your jaw when done right!

Rupert rolls to his corner, and makes a quick tag to Nigel. Ivan comes at Nigel who uses the ropes to slingshot himself at Ivan. He catches Ivan flush with a clothesline sending him to the canvas. Nigel gets back to his feet just as Ivan makes the tag to Garcia!

Simone: Hot tag to Garcia! They shouldn???t have made him mad!

Garcia flies at Nigel, and runs him over with a shoulder block. Andrew nails Nigel again when he gets back to his feet. Garcia grabs hold of Nigel, and tosses him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Garcia floats over, and makes the pin.



Simone: Rupert breaks up the pin before Jasmine can count the three!

Jasmine escorts Rupert back to his corner admonishing him for the interference. Rupert smirks at her, and throws his hands up in the air. Nigel uses the distracted Jasmine wisely, raking the eyes of Andrew Garcia to buy himself some much needed recovery time. Nigel and Andrew tag their respective partners into the match. Ivan and Rupert both make their way into the ring. Ivan leaps in the air with a flying knee aimed at Rupert telegraphs it, and side steps it. Ivan and Rupert fire away with lefts and rights. Ivan drills Rupert with a stiff right hand that sends Rupert into his corner. Nigel slaps the back of Rupert, tagging himself in.

Simone: Dropkick on the button by Rupert! Ivan is flat on his back!

Adams: Nigel is airborne!

Simone: Picture perfect moonsault by Nigel on Ivan Darrell!

Nigel hooks both of Ivan???s legs, as Jasmine drops down to the count the pinfall!


As Garcia steps through the ropes to try and stop the pinfall, Rupert slams into him sending him to the floor!


Simone: They call that ???Rule Britannia???!

Adams: It???s effective!


Simone: Best of British are successful in their debut here tonight!

Justin Decent:Here are your winners by pinfall... Best of British!

Once again we find our way backstage to the Mean Girls locker room/audition area. Delia is yawning as she searches through her phone as Liz admires her nails in the light. Veronica adjusts her shirt to properly show off her chest in the best display possible. Holly and Angelica are softly chatting with one another, apparently having made up from their misunderstanding earlier. Tessa flips her papers over as she looks to the spot the next name on her list. She smirks and looks down the line to all of the others and rolls her eyes.

Tessa: Okay, we might as well skip this name because she???s clearly basic??? Angela Moore???

Tessa goes to drag her pen across the paper, dismissing this lady before even setting eyes on her. However, Delia and Veronica get wide grins on their faces. Veronica nods her head once firmly as Delia returns her glance down to Tessa.

Delia: You shouldn???t be so hasty to dismiss z???is one, Tessa. Do you s???ink you would be a member if we dismissed people so easily?

Liz: But Delia! She???s so ga-ross! Like I can???t even understand why we???re even talking about letting her.

Tessa doesn???t know what to do as she lets the pen tip rest against the paper. Liz and Delia appear to be in a standoff, but since Delia is facing Tessa, she gives a gesture to allow her in. Tessa gets up from her seat and walks over to the door. Leaning outside, she motions for someone to come inside. She quickly walks back to her chair and takes a seat. Our attention is drawn toward the door where a woman in a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots stands. There is a yellow stain on the shirt from wayward mustard or cheese. Her hair is done up in a grown out ginger faux hawk. Nothing about her even hints that she???s a lady other than her ample bosom. She slowly walks into the room, removing a toothpick from her mouth as she butchily addresses the ladies.

Angela: Sup?

Angela sniffs as she tucks the toothpick behind her ear. She moves from side to side, adjusting herself uncomfortably as she stands there. Her blue eyes wander from each of the Mean Girls, from Tessa on down to Delia. As she moves along, a grin grows wider and wider across her face. Delia narrows her eyes, despite an amused smile upon her face.

Delia: Please state your name, sir???

Delia???s eyes twinkle with delight from her quip as she shares a laugh with the other Mean Girls. Angelica just stares at her, apparently zoning out on Delia???s gorgeous frame. Delia snaps her fingers to draw Angela???s attention back to the conversation.

Angela: Oh, yeah. Sorry, I get easily stunned by beautiful ladies such as yourselves. My name is Angela Moore, and I???m Mean Girls number one fan. I wanna get into the Mean Girls, but even just in one of them would be fine.

Veronica: Ugh!

Liz: Ga-ross!

Holly: I don???t think you???ve got the proper ???equipment??? to get inside of a Mean Girl, hun-ty??? I do like your attitude though??? We could be friend.

Angelica: NO! Disgusting. You???re like teetering on the edge of ???basic??? and ???masic???. You???re like an androgynous mindfuck, so why should we let you sit with us?

Angelica flicks her tongue at Angelica and nods her head. Tessa looks uncomfortable, but Delia only offers a hearty chuckle. This surprises everyone, even Angela, who turns to Delia and folds hand hands in front of herself. She bobs from side to side as she purses her lips.

Angela: Well, gorgeous, I just feel like you need a strong manly figure around to keep the riff raff out of your perfectly styled hair.

Delia: We have Gabriel Asar for z???at, s???ank you???

Angela chuckles as she scratches at her eyes, shaking her head from side to side as if Delia has just told a funny joke.

Angela: If you say so, Ms. Darling. The truth is that Gabriel is a ball-less piece of shit who lives on the rag more than any of us in this room combined. He bitches and moans more than anyone I???ve ever met. If you ladies trust him to protect you, then you are about as dumb as the people say you are. Sorry about it.

There is a resounding scoff from every member of Mean Girls simultaneously, followed by grumbling that all overrides one another. Angela doesn???t seem amused either. She licks her fingers and fixes the tip of her faux hawk.

Angelica: Kay, so first off? We???re NOT dumb! Second, you???re a gross slob. Even if you did have a penis, you still dress like an auto mechanic. You smell like Cheetohs and cheap cigarettes. You???re not good enough to pump our gas.

Angela: I ain???t known for pumping gas, sweetheart. Why don???t you let me show you what I???m known for pumping?

Veronica: This is a waste of time. Can???t we get someone who might be close to good enough to sit with us? This girl is a joke.

There is a twinkle in Delia???s eyes as she enjoys watching Angela embarrass herself. She taps her fingers together, contemplating letting this go on longer. However, she finally rolls her eyes and waves Angela away.

Delia: You can go stick your head in an oven now, Angela??? You are not good enough to lick Tessa???s boots, let alone stand in our presence for any longer. Basic be gone???

Liz: OMG that could totally be like a new catch phrase!

Holly: I need a break. I???m going to walk around the men's locker room??? Care to join me, Angela?

Holly stands up and urges Angela in the direction of the door. Angela cringes, but takes the hint as she shrugs her shoulders. Walking with a bit of swagger in her step, she walks out of the room as the Mean Girls wave their hands in front of their noses. Veronica pulls out a bottle of Veronica???s Secret, giving a few sprays, waving it around as we fade out.

"Zombie" by Breed 77 blasts through the speakers, the slow intro playing as the word move on the screen. The eyes of Gabriel appear on the screen, turning red as the heavier guitars kick in. Purple lights cut through the thick smoke starting to fill the entrance ramp. The crowd wait in anticipation, but Odette Stevens walks out on the top of the ramp. The figure of Gabriel walks out from behind the dark curtain, the a huge chorus of boos. Gabriel is wearing a leather jacket, down to his heels with a hood attached. Odette walks behind him and pulls the hood back from over his eyes, showing Gabriel's face. Gabriel's eyes are focused completely on the ring, his eyes narrowed as he glares at the ring. Odette walks in front of him, opening his long coat, pulling it apart, he puts his arms to his side and Odette runs her hands down his body. Gabriel turns his head to her, with a simple nod, they start to walk to the ring. Gabriel gets outside the ring and puts his hands together, a light burning from his palms. A flash of light engulfs the ring and Gabriel and Odette stands inside. Gabriel turns to Justin and pulls the mic out of his hands. The music fades out.

Gabriel: Well, we're in a place full of fake tan, fake tits and phony people, you people should be damn glad we are actually here in front of you.

The fans boo loudly at Gabriel, but Gabriel shakes his head.

Gabriel: The only damn reason we're here is because that stupid son of a bitch, Christian Underwood has told us to be here so he can look like he has power, give us a little talking to, make himself look like he's something special. He's gonna try and distract you from the fact that he is a crooked bastard that only cares about his little friends.

Crowd: You're an asshole! You're an asshole!

Gabriel: Shut the fuck up and open your eyes!

The crowd viciously boo at Gabriel.

Gabriel: So come on Christian, get ya little guide dog out to bring you to the ring and act like you're actually a boss and that you care about more people than you actually do.

Gabriel moves towards the ropes and leans across the top, waiting.

Adams: Christian did demand that Gabriel and Odette be out here tonight. Now that they are, what will he do?

Suddenly EMF's "Unbelievable" blares across the gymnasium's sound system! Heads turn toward the entrance as SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood, with a pair of dark shades over his eyes, steps out onto the stage and is immediately greeted with cheers and fanfare by the capacity crowd in Santa Rosa!

Simone: It looks like we're about to find out!

Gabriel looks unimpressed as Christian walks down from the stage and heads straight for the ring, no posturing or playing to the fans at all. His eyes are indeed hidden behind the pair of dark glasses, but the grim line of his mouth and scowl of his brow speak volumes enough. Hands reach out but are passed by as Christian arrives at ringside, where Gabriel playfully holds the ropes open for the boss, given his 'disability'.

Simone: Oh who does he think he's kidding?

As Christian stands on the steps, staring at him, Gabriel finally breaks into a wide grin and backs up a few steps to allow him to enter. Christian finishes his trek up the steps and starts to climb through the top and middle rope with caution, when Gabriel quickly reaches over and snatches the glasses from his face!

Adams: Oh what an ass! Christian's eyes are hurt!

Gabriel backs up to where his beaming bride is standing with an arrogant smirk on her own face. Gabriel hands the shades to Odette who simply tosses them from the ring. They pause in wait and Christian brings his had up with his eyes wide open, and although he is in far better condition than when he had been blinded, his eyes are still recovering. Gabriel frowns and leans into his mic, pointing at the boss.

Gabriel: You know, I'd say either your eyes are still damaged, or Scotty must have spooged in your eyes.

The crowd boos as Gabriel smirks and Christian just stares ahead at him.

Gabriel: Tell me something. Does it really burn as bad as they say it does?

Simone: That is one sick son of a bitch!

Christian looks out to the fans who are subsiding from their jeers directed at Gabriel when he holds up his own mic to respond in kind.

Christian: I'd say you could just ask your little woman but at least she was smart enough to wear protective goggles with all the guys in the locker room.

Adams: Burn!

The crowd laughs and cheers as Gabriel bites down on his inside cheek to refrain just yet. Odette's eyes widen and she starts to come toward Christian but Gabriel holds his arm out to block her path. He raises his mic.

Gabriel: Is that why you brought us out here tonight? Hm? To throw those mediocre zingers and try to brain wash everyone into thinking you're clever?

Christian sighs audibly and shakes his head.

Christian: No. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not out here for a laugh. If the fans here want to get a good laugh, all they have to do is look back at your career ever since you hooked up with the douche bag over there.

Gabriel immediately turns towards Odette to try and keep her calm at the insult while the crowd laughs and cheers. He turns back to start in again but Christian holds up a hand and cuts him off.

Christian: You know, it's funny how you come out here and on Twitter, making all your little jokes and accusations, claiming I'm only here to protect my friends or whatever other delusions you seem to be finding yourself under. What happened, Gabe? You try hypnotizing your wife into believing what a great lover you are, only to screw yourself? I mean, seriously? So far the only name I've heard brought up is Gene Banton Junior, and correct me if I'm wrong... but Geno Junior did, in fact, earn his championship match by beating Max Burke.

Gabriel: So what! Max Burke could be alone in the goddamn ring and still end up losing a match!

Christian: And yet in both cases, it's still relatively more than you've accomplished in a long time! Okay, so Junior was found in my office, butt bare to the world. So what? I may be a boss, but I'm not blind! And it's still relatively tame compared to what ol' "Hot Stuff" has been known to do in his time here!

Gabriel: We're not talking about Mark Ward! We're talking about you!"

Christian: Are we Gabe? Are we really? Because deep down, I think the root of the problem is that we just might be talking about you. Oh don't get me wrong.

Christian takes a few steps back and paces a step or two before continuing.

Christian: Your actions over the past few months have gotten your name back in the spotlight, not that it ever really was straying that far to begin with. The things you've been doing since this new, uh, attitude change of yours? Well it's sure as hell gotten people talking. That's for sure! The last two or three matches that you've had...

Gabriel: That I've won!

Christian: That you've won. All you've been doing is bitch and moan and whine about the lack of competition. Yet I'm willing to bet that if I gave you what you wanted, and one of our top stars beat you into the mat, you'd be doing the exact same thing. Only this time crying about how you weren't ready or I was trying to sabotage you by booking you in a match that was over your head. But you know something? I didn't want you out here so I could explain myself to you. I didn't tell you and ... her ... to be here tonight so I could justify myself for anything you might not agree with that I've done over the past few months. No, I wanted you out here instead to actually discuss your future in Sin City Wrestling. Or rather, the lack there of.

Gabriel frowns and the crowd starts to murmur.

Adams: What does he mean 'lack there of'?

Simone: Well quiet down and we'll hopefully find out!

Christian: I'm going to step past the elephant in the room...

Christian leans over at the side and winks at Odette.

Christian: Pun intended...

The fans laugh as Christian straightens back up.

Christian: And we're going to discuss a few hard truths! The fact of the matter is, you can call me biased all you want, but at least I'm not a gutless coward who's balls were clearly left at the chapel altar! You're standing here with me face to face, but it's plain to see you haven't even tried taking a swing at me, now that my back isn't turned! You must really b wishing right about now that you had brought a chair to the ring for extra protection. You're probably thinking in the back of your mind, wondering if Odette has any more of that expensive toilet film, er, I mean water, in that purse of her's in case you need a little assistance! No. What you should be wondering is how STUPID you had to have been to pull a stunt like that with the man that controls your damn future in this company!

the crowd is cheering as Gabriel stares right at him with a stoic, calm expression at first, but then he slowly breaks into a grin.

Gabriel: Oh that's what it comes down to, hm? The old 'threaten the bad guys with their jobs' routine. Jesus! I had like zero respect for you Miss priss, but now I've down graded my opinion! You know damn well that you and this whole junk heap of a promotion needs us more than we need you!

The crowd boos as Odette nods in agreement.

Gabriel: You know that without us, you have nothing! Odette is the top Bombshell in that whole jacked up division and she proved it when...

Christian: Odette didn't prove anything! The only reason she even got that title shot was because of that little stunt she pulled with Vixen! Otherwise, she wouldn't have been anywhere close to the main event or the title! And what happened when she did get what she asked for? Hm? What happened? Oh that's right! She choked! She lost to Vixen, right in the center of the ring! And you? You won your match, that I admit. But dude, if you thought I was just going to turn the other cheek for almost blinding me...

Gabriel takes a step forward, getting right in Christian's face.

Gabriel: Go ahead. I dare you. Fire me! Bitch, you don't have the guts!

Christian takes that last step to be nose to nose.

Christian: I. Already. Did!

The crowd explodes in cheers!

Adams: Wa... what!?

Simone: He... he fired them!?

Gabriel frowns and takes a step back as Odette grasps him by the arm.

Christian: Yeah. You don't believe me? Go back and ask Erik. Ask Mark! Right now, our copies of your contracts are lining my cat's litter box! I could have fined you for what you two did. I could have suspended you both! But no.

He shakes his head.

Christian: Why bother? Why prolong the inevitable? You're not worth it! So go on! GET OUT!

Christian this time takes that step forward and is right in Gabriel's face!

Christian: YOU'RE BOTH FIRED!!!

And Gabriel suddenly dives right into Christian, taking him to the mat! Gabriel swings wildly at the boss with fists as Odette cheers him on, but this time Christian fights back! Christian rolls him over and starts throwing lefts and rights, right back at Gabriel! security swarms from the back and inside of the ring! Odette tries to escape but two guards grab her by the arms and she starts shrieking and struggling! Three more pry Gabriel and Christian away from one another!

Gabriel: Get off her! let me go you sons a bitches! LET ME GO!!!

Simone: I can't believe this! I can't believe what we're seeing right here! Right now!

The crowd is cheering as the security personnel redouble their efforts to subdue Gabriel and Odette and Christian grabs his fallen microphone and continues his verbal tirade!

Christian: Get them out of there! Out of this ring! Out of this damn BUILDING! You're both done! FINISHED!

The fans are on their feet, cheering as the security on the inside of the ring and more on the outside, pull Gabriel and Odette forcibly from the ring! It takes five of them to finally lift Gabriel off of his feet and they carry him towards the back as three more drag a screaming Odette along in their wake while Christian brings up the rear!

Adams: I don't believe this! I CAN'T believe it! Out of everything I thought might happen here tonight, this I never expected! Christian Underwood has FIRED Gabriel and Odette!

Simone: Believe it, Jason! The reign of terror that the Stevens have inflicted over Sin City Wrestling, has come to an end!

The crowd continues to cheer as the security and their targets vanish behind the stage curtains, and Christian follows right after!

Simone: There???s always a buzz that follows a Supercard such as Into the Void III and that buzz has led to several new wrestlers signing up for SCW.

Adams: We just saw two new Bombshells, Natalie McKinley and La Paloma go at it as well as the new tag team Best of British take on two of Casey Williams???s proteges Ivan Darrell and the Orange Hulk himself Andrew Garcia and now we???ll see two other debuts as Gabriel Asar takes on Kris Halc!

Simone: Let???s take it to Justin for the introductions!

Justin: The following singles contest is scheduled for one fall and will be contested between two new wrestlers!

That announcement creates a buzz throughout the crowd as ???I Will Not Bow??? by Breaking Benjamin floods through the sound system, draining out the mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd. Gabriel Asar, in his black jeans and matching boots, steps out from behind the curtain and onto the stage. His eyes pan across the arena at the rowdy crowd, forcing the corner of his lips to twist into the faintest of smirks.

Justin: Introducing first, from Newark, New Jersey, weighing in at 217lbs, Gabriel Asar!

Simone: Wasn???t that Casey???s last theme before he retired?

Adams: No rule against a new wrestler using a former wrestler???s theme! And besides, he may be a new guy in SCW but he was friends with the likes of Amy Marshall, Delia Darling, Jamie Dean, Liz Smalls, Misty and Roxi Johnson before he made his debut here so he???s got friends on the roster.

Simone: And one enemy in Equinox, this should be interesting career for this young man!

He tightens his elbow pads and begins his descent down the ramp. He is instantly met with the humid smell of body odor and his skin being slapped by the flailing arms of the fans that were desperate to cop. Approaching the bottom of the ramp, he takes a deep breath, and then rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands and rolls his arms across the balls of his shoulders, loosening up his muscles. Gabriel backs himself into the turnbuckle as his music dies down and casually leans into it, ready to get on with business as usual.

Justin: And his opponent!

The lights dim and fog rolls out in a thick cloud over the entrance area of the stage as the music starts and the fans all on their feet and there is actually a "Ace of Clubs" chant that is overpowering the boos of some of the people that have known the man longer. The fans are treated with a spotlight that kicks on just under the stage as the lift activates. Kris leans his left side and puts his elbow onto his knee, then through the smoke, his outline is slowly raised until it becomes a black figure standing at the top of the ramp.

Justin: From San Diego, California, weighing in at 217lbs he is The Ace of Clubs Kris Halc!

Simone: Not much of a weight difference between these two men.

Adams: It???ll come down to who wants it more from the look of things!

As the lift becomes level with the stage, massive blue and purple pyro shoots from the ceiling down to the stage hitting on both sides of the smoke cloud on the stage. The lights are immediately flipped on, and it is as if the cloud never existed. Kris steps forward and is clearly seen in his wrestling attire. His bright purple gloves are the first thing the fans notice. He is wearing black pants and a black shirt that reads "K-Halc?" across the front.

He reaches ringside and before sliding in the ring takes off his shirt and tosses it into the crowd as he stares down Gabriel, Drew calls the two men to the center of the ring to try to explain the rules of the match to them but Kris is having none of it so he instead charges in for a cheap shot on Gabriel, Gabriel sees it coming however and catches him with an arm drag take down prompting Drew to call for the bell.

Simone: Neither man is wasting any time here!

Adams: That???s key if you want to make an impact in SCW!

Kris quickly gets back to his feet and charges in only to get hit with a dropkick to the chin sending him sprawling to the ropes, Gabriel keeps up the attack and goes to whip Kris off to the opposite ropes as soon as he???s back on his feet but Kris reverses whipping Gabriel to the ropes instead, Gabriel goes for a clothesline on the rebound but Kris ducks under it.

Simone: Gabriel drops down to the mat and Kris leaps over him, looks like he???s going for a backdrop or a leapfrog!

Adams: No! Kris grabs his head and drops him down with a swift but deadly DDT!

Kris rolls Gabriel onto his back and goes for the first cover of the match 1???.2???..and Gabriel kicks out just before the three count, Kris argues with Drew about a slow count but quickly learns that SCW Refs don???t take that crap in the ring and it almost costs him as it gives Gabriel enough time to recover and roll him up 1???.2???.and Kris is able to kick out in time!

Simone: Two near falls within a few seconds of each other and both men are clearly interested in giving it their all.

Adams: And in Kris???s case that includes cheap shots, he just soccer punted Gabriel in the balls before he could get back to his feet!

Drew warns Kris over the kick to the balls but Kris blows him off before going for a cocky cover on Gabriel 1???..2???..and Gabriel easily kicks out in time, Kris once again argues with Drew but Drew ignores his arguments for the second time, this time Kris turns his attention back to Gabriel before he can recover and locks in an armbar.

Simone: Kris knows he has the advantage and he doesn???t want to lose it!

Adams: That???s the kind of tactic that gets you noticed by the higher ups, smart strategy!

Gabriel starts to fight out of it but rather than let him get back to his feet Kris changes holds to a sleeper hold as soon as Gabriel is in a sitting position, Kris keeps it locked in tight as Drew gets into position and checks to see if Gabriel is still in the match, he raises Gabriel???s hand once and it drops, he does so again and gets the same result.

Simone: If Gabriel???s hand drops for a third time this match is over.

Adams: I hope not, this match hasn???t been going on for very long!

Drew raises Gabriel???s hand a third time but this time it stays up and he starts to fight back to his feet, Kris tries desperately to keep him down but it???s not working as Gabriel is able to get back to his feet and elbows Kris in the stomach twice before getting behind Kris and hitting a back suplex that drives Kris to the mat, however the match has taken his toll on Gabriel as well as he is unable to follow it up with anything, let alone a cover!

Simone: Both men are down and Drew???s starting the count!

Adams: And the crowd is counting along with him, they haven???t seen these men wrestle before but they are definitely impressing the crowd tonight!

Drew reaches a count of seven before both men start to stir and are able to get back to their feet, Kris is the first one to attack as he is clearly looking to regain control of the match but Gabriel, who is leaning against the ropes, is ready for him as Gabriel ducks down at the last second bringing the top rope down with him causing Kris to take a tumble to the outside.

Simone: Kris telegraphed that move and it may have cost him!

Adams: And Gabriel???s getting ready to fly!

Kris slams his hands against the barricade in frustration not aware that Gabriel is bouncing up and down in the ring getting himself ready for a suicide dive, when Kris turns around Gabriel runs towards the ropes, bounces off them and hits a flipping over the ropes suicide dive before Kris can move out of the way, Drew starts his count again on as both men are down on the outside.

Simone: These men are keeping Drew busy in this match!

Adams: At least he???s earning his paycheck!

Drew reaches a count of eight before Gabriel has recovered enough to pick up Kris and rolls him back into the ring before following him in just in time and going for a cover 1,???.2???.and Kris quickly kicks out! The frustration is extremely evident on Gabriel???s face but unlike his opponent he doesn???t argue with Drew over a slow count and instead he picks up Kris.

Simone: It looks like Gabriel is going for his finisher he calls this the Fantaisie Improntu!

Adams: If Gabriel hits this it???s all over!

Gabriel gets Kris onto his shoulders but Kris is able to slip out the back, before Gabriel even realizes what is happening Kris gives him a hard shove pushing him into Drew???s path before he has a chance to react knocking the referee down.

Simone: And now Drew???s down!

Adams: Well he has had a busy night I think he deserves a rest!


Gabriel quickly realizes what has happened and tries to wake up Drew to no avail and he turns around only to be hit with another soccer punt to the balls by Kris!

Simone: This time Kris waited until Drew was out cold!

Adams: And now Kris has Gabriel up on his shoulders!

Simone: He calls that the Club Trump! Come on Drew don???t end a great match this way!

Kris holds on for the cover as Drew comes to???.

Simone: 1???..2???..


Kris sits there with a look off shock on his face as he realizes that the pinning attempt didn???t work, he gets in Drew???s face again and this time he doesn???t back down from the ref or his accusations of a slow count!

Simone: Kris had better watch out! Gabriel???s back on his feet!

Gabriel spins Kris around and this time it???s his turn to get Kris onto his shoulders???..

Adams: Fantaisie Improntu! This one has to be over!


Justin: Here???s your winner, Gabriel Asar!

Simone: Great match and a fantastic showing by these two rookies!

Adams: I can see them both going far!

Gabriel leaves the ring as ???I Will Not Bow??? blares out and Kris recovers in the ring.

We find our way backstage to find the Mean Girls, Delia, Liz, Veronica, Holly, Angelica, and Tessa, all sitting in pink directors chairs with their logo printed on the back. All six of them have clipboards in their hands as they sigh. Delia looks at her watch while Liz taps her foot impatiently. Veronica runs her fingers through her hair while Holly preens at her french manicured nails. Angelica stares blankly ahead, and Tessa is fumbling through all of the papers, frantically trying to keep the thousands of applicants in order. She is clearly stressing out as Delia glares down from the opposite end of the line, pursing her lips together angrily.

Delia: Which girl will be z???e next one? It???s not like we have all night???

Angelica: Ughuhhh??? right? It???s like, you???ve got one effin??? job to do, and you can???t even do it right???

Tessa: Yeah??? sorry. Looks like we got??? shit, can???t read it...

Tessa looks down, disappointed in herself as she runs her finger across the sheet of paper. Holly reaches over Angelica and gently rub Tessa???s hand to calm her down with a sweet smirk. Veronica continues to look in the mirror, fixing her already perfect hair when the door swings open. Liz lets out a scoff as she quietly mutters ???Uhhh, finally?????? to Delia who nods and flips her hair over her shoulder.

Liz: Ummm are you serious? She can???t read a freaking NAME off of a paper? You DO know that I have to be on the set of my movie in like a few hours right?

Holly: Good gawd girls??? get a grip. She???s doin??? the best she can.

Tessa: Marcie George! Her name is Marcie George. Sounds kind of pretty???

Liz: Marcie? I think we should like totally turn her away NOW. Anyone with a name like THAT has nooooo business sitting with us.

Veronica: It sounds pretty I mean it can???t be worse than the others right?

Mean Girl hopeful, Marcie George then walks in the room, dressed to perfection for this audition. Her beautiful blonde hair is perfectly styled as it flows down past her shoulders, and she has hoop earrings in. She???s wearing a pink knee length skirt, showing off her gorgeous tan, completing her ensemble with a white blouse with ruffles on the front and her eyes are hidden by a pair of designer shades.

Like...O..M..G...This is suuuch an honor to meet you guys! I???m soooo excited!

Veronica:We know, we know but thank you.

Delia: Since we???ve got a mentally challenged person reading names over z???ere??? Please state your name???

Marcie: Marcie Georce...It???s not as like awesome as your name but I looove it!

Angelica: Obvs not as pretty as our names. Except Tessa, it???s about as pretty as that??? Now what do you do exactly? I mean, why should we let you sit with us?

Angelica narrows her eyes, watching closely as she stares directly at Marcie. She is picking her apart quickly as a half smirk comes across her face, waiting on a response. Marcie bites her bottom lip, thinking her answer over carefully.

Marcie: Well...I mean...I???m TOTALLY better than all the ordinary disgusting people...They, like, make me sooo sick. And...I realllly want to help you take out that horrible crazy emo person???.

Delia: Right? Oh my gawd??? z???at crazy person attacked us wi???s a baseball bat. She???s such a nut job???

Veronica: Ugh, I know she almost messed up my hair. Like what kind of person acts like that?

Liz: ALMOST messed up your hair? She TOTALLY had one of her crusty fingers in miiiiine!

Liz looks at Delia with utter fear on her face.

And then...she caused me to have a panic attack. I couldn???t talk for like 2 minutes! I???m still traumatized!

Marcie: It was suuuch a travesty! I, like, wish I could have been there to totally give her a piece of my mind because it was sooo uncalled for! She should be locked away in the looney bin!

The corner of Marcie???s mouth turns up in the hint of a smile, but it quickly disappears before any of the Mean Girls notice. She flips her hair and looks around at every one of the Mean Girls. Angelica crinkles her nose playfully as she giggles. Delia and Liz just nod their heads in agreement as they listen.

Holly: So what are some of your favorite activities? We need to know if you???re gonna be a good fit for us.

Marcie: Well...I loooove shopping! I can???t tell you how many pairs of shoes I have in my closet right now and I have to wear a different pair with eeeevery outfit! Parties are a must because I???m a total party girl and I love to have fun and laugh at all the basic people trying to be cool when they neeever will. Like ever.

Marcie giggles, almost exaggerating it a bit as she flips her hair again, and she looks towards Angelica, noticing her keeping a watchful eye on her.

Liz: OMG yasssss! I like you already because you???re so right??? even if your name is kind of basic el oh el.

Marcie: It may be basic but it, like, totally suits me!

Angelica: Obviously??? I mean, it might even understate your basicness???

Marcie keeps her eyes on Angelica, and you can almost see her eyebrows narrowing from behind her sunglasses, but she keeps a smile on her face.

Marcie: Well that???s why I???m here! I, like, need more lessons on how to be as amaaazing as you ladies are. I can???t help it if I grew up with ratchet ordinary parents. They???re so gross???

Veronica: Well if you like the party hopefully you can handle your alcohol. The last thing we need is another lightweight. Now, if your parents were basic, and you were surrounded by basic people what makes you different? I mean we have had many basics try to be mean girls, but what makes you mean girl material?

Delia: Yeah, z???at is such a good question???

Marcie: I haaaated being in such a basic lifestyle! I mean, I wanted nothing more than to be amaaazing and fantastic and beautiful...Like all of the models you see in the magazines and stuff! I wouldn???t allow myself to have basic friends. Only the BEST were allowed???

Delia: Such a heartwarming story, darling. I??? I can actually sympathize, and I s???ink Liz can too. Clearly you know z???at her and I are covergirls, no? I mean, if you want to be as fabulous as you claim???

Delia wipes away a tear from her eye as Marcie nods and smiles excitedly.

Liz: O-M-G Delia DON???T cry...if I see one more tear in your eye I???m soooo gonna start crying too!

Marcie: Of course! I???ve especially been following your career, Delia! I mean, you???re soooo perfect! I have, like, every magazine you???ve ever been in! And I have your posters on my wall and everything!

They all adjust their hair to look their prettiest as Marcie flashes a smirk to all of them. However, Angelica uncrosses her legs, smiling sweetly as she leans forward, gripping onto the handles of the chair as if she were about to get up. However, her mouth hangs open for a moment as she gives a smartass look to Marcie.

Angelica: So??? *air quotes* Marcie??? Are you done wasting our time now. It???s been really cute and all, but???

Delia: Angelica! Darling, let z???e girl speak???

Liz: Stop interrupting Angelica! You like ALWAYS do that. She was JUST about to tell us how much she looks up to MEEEEE now???.

Delia gives a nod to Holly who gently pushes Angelica back into her chair. All of the Mean Girls give her a strange look as Holly places a hand over Angelica???s mouth in a half playful, half serious manner to quiet her down. They all turn their attention back to Marcie, who is quickly wiping away a grin from her face.

Marcie: Ummm...I hardly consider what I was about to say???*air quotes* wasting your time. I mean, I thought Delia here would just loooove to hear that I use her beautiful posters as my own personal dart board???

The Mean Girls all look to ???Marcie??? in shock as she smiles wickedly and removes her sunglasses and blonde wig to reveal none other than Misty standing before them.

Misty: Gee...who would have thought the smartest one from the group would be the sluttiest one...Bravo, Angelica...Bravo???

Misty offers Angelica a slow clap as she glares at her. Holly slowly removes her hand from Angelica???s mouth, placing it over her own in shock as Liz grips onto Delia???s hand firmly, looking like a deer in headlights. Delia blinks for a second, as if it hadn???t fully sunken in yet. She slowly removes her black beret and sets it down on the top of her seat as she gets up calmly from her chair. She slowly straightens out her skirt and blouse before running her fingers through her hair, wiping it to the side. Once she has fully composed herself, she shocks everyone by letting out a primal growl as she lunges after Misty. However, Holly is quick on her feet and she grabs onto Delia, spinning her around as she tries to claw at Misty. With the distraction, Misty dives over and tackles Angelica to the ground, knocking her backward and out of her chair. Liz and Tessa look shocked as Veronica watches on, having fun as the ??? two ladies roll around on the floor in a good old fashioned cat fight! Holly is losing control of Delia as she looks back and shouts at Tessa.

Holly: Hey Ireland! Could ya get that emo bitch the fuck outta here already?!

He regains control over Delia as Tessa reaches down and pulls Misty off of Angelica. Angelica stands up, ready to fight her but quickly calms herself as she helps Tessa pull Misty toward the door by her hair.


Angelica: Security?! Get this nasty ass hooker out of our sight???Kay, thanks!

As the two Mean Girls toss Misty out of the room, slamming the door, Mist can be heard banging at it wildly, shouting through it at them until security comes through and handles her. The fans are going wild out in the seating as the Mean Girls look at one another, trying to calm themselves down.

Adams: Misty just stuck it to the Mean Girls right there! No one was expecting that one!

Simone: Not that I didn???t enjoy every second of that, but Misty is clearly losing it! Going into the lion???s den all by herself, could have turned out much worse for her than that!

Adams: I guess the auditions continue!

Simone: Yeah??? lucky us??? *sigh*

The scene opens with Sean Jackson walking in the backstage area. Because he's not scheduled to wrestle, he's wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans, and his logo HSI shirt. Walking alongside is the evil Jezebeth Vanessa who is wearing a low cut white dress that barely extends halfway between her butt knees.

Without saying a word, backstage reporter "Stoner" Scott Oliver ambushes him by thrusting a microphone into Sean's face, causing them both to stop in mid-step.

Oliver:"Mr. Jackson, can I get a comment from you over what happened at In The Void 3?"

Taking a deep breath, Sean turns his head into the direction of Scott Oliver and exhales.

Jackson: "Why would I want to comment on that for? My partner had the match won, but that fraud Jamie Dean ended up getting involved, and cost us the match."

Oliver:"Now wait a minute Sean, isn't that a little harsh? calling him a fraud?"

Sean rolls his eyes.

Jackson: "So let me see if I've got this straight. You believe that it's acceptable for a man, to put his hands on a woman, in the ring, causing her to lose the match?"

Oliver:"I don't beli..."

Jackson: "Or better yet, do you think it's acceptable for someone who claims to be a good guy to cheat his way to victory? I mean, is THAT what you would teach your kids? to cheat in order to win?"


Jackson: "I didn't think so."

Scott quickly changes subjects. Well, sort of.

Oliver:"Also at the In The Void 3 pay per view, you showed a softer side of your persona when you allowed a little girl named April to get a pin on you..."

Sean again rolls his eyes.

Jackson: "You must have been mistaken."

Oliver:"Come on Sean, you even placed the NWA wor..."

Jackson: "Look you burn out, I said you were mistaken. I didn't do no such thing and unless you want to be Jesse Ventura'd, I would advise you to find something else to talk about, OR get the hell out of my way."

Oliver:"Oh kay, how about not being on the card tonight after losing two straight matches?"

Jackson: "You know something Scott, you must think you're invincible. You must think that you can shove a mic in someone's face, ask whatever questions you want, and not have to worry about ramifications of your actions..."

Sean Jackson leaves little doubt that he's upset with the line of questioning.

Jackson: "But unless you've recently become a member of Hot Stuff International, then maybe you should worry about that line of questioning."

Sean takes a deep breath and again, releases it slowly.

Jackson: "But I'll answer the question anyway. You see, as a card carrying member of Hot Stuff International, I'm not concerned with wins and losses. I'm not concerned with standing, because as a member of HSI, we're always in front of everyone else. But, since you want to bring up the two losses, I know that you are referring to Drake Green."

Oliver:"Well, yes I was ab..."

Jackson: (mockingly) "Well yes, I was going to bring up..."

Sean goes back to his regular voice.

Jackson: "Of course you were burnout, you're just as much in love with Mr. Green as the rest of these uninformed, uneducated, California fraud lovers."

Oliver:"Well I don't..."

Jackson: "You don't what? love that fraud Drake Green? Come on Scott, you're just as much a fraud lover as the rest of these half wits, who wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped you in the face. No, you want to love guys like Drake Green because he tells you what you want to hear...."

Sean points towards no place in particular, but what he's about to say is aimed at the fans.

Jackson: "Even tho, it's nowhere close to the truth. When Drake Green sees a fat lady with three chins, he tells her she's beautiful. When Drake Green sees some retarded kid at a Make A Wish function, he does whatever he can to make the kid seem smart..."

Oliver:"Well, what's wrong with that Sean? he's..."

Jackson: "He's lying to them Scott, pure and simple. Is Drake Green going to marry that fat cow? hell no he isn't. Is Drake Green going to let some retard balance his checkbook? no, of course he isn't. In other words, Drake Green is a fraud, pure and simple."

Oliver:"You know Sean, I wanted to approach you, to tell you that what you did for little April at the In The Void pay..."

Jackson: "Look you son of a bitch, I've done told you that I didn't do anything at In The Void 3 for some little girl named April. The only backstage segment that I had was when I tried to get backstage. However, a bunch of sicko, welfare leeching kids was there and once again, the SCW camera crew made Drake Green out to be some knight in shining armour. But of course, what else is new?"

Oliver:"Hey, Drake Green is a shining beacon of hope to those young kids. You could be as well if you gave a darn about anything else but..."

Jackson: "Gave a darn about who? a bunch of kids who can't do a damn thing for me? Look Scott, I'm only going to say this once, so pay attention. You're right, I don't care about anything or anyone but myself, Vanessa, and Hot Stuff International. Mark Ward has paid me a lot of money, and unlike those sad sack leeches on society, Mr. Ward has made me a wealthy man. I can come and go as I please, and I can hurt anyone that I want, completely unchecked. The fact that Drake Green is the SCW heavyweight champion is only because Mr. Ward allows it..."

Sean Jackson's voice gets serious.

Jackson: "The mere fact that you're still standing here, giving an interview is because Mark Ward allows it. But Scott Oliver, and I want to be perfectly clear here. The only reason why ANYONE is here, is because Hot Stuff International allows it. But, the moment that Mr. Ward wants someone gone. The moment that Mr. Ward wants someone's lights knocked out, he knows right where to come."

With that, Sean smiles and walks away.

Backstage, the rear door of the building is suddenly flung open! The building and SCW security emerge from the interior of the Redwood Empire Ice Arena into the parking lot!


The personnel simply release both Stevens and send them tumbling to the pavement of the large garage! Gabriel helps Odette to her feet and looks ready to go right back after not just Christian, but the guards themselves!

Christian: Play it smart ass hole! We can do this the easy way, or the fun way! Get the hell OFF this property and I mean NOW! Synn isn't going to step in and intervene this time! You're done! BOTH of you! Now get the HELL out of here before I call the police and have your asses arrested for trespassing!

By now, Odette has to grab her husband's arms to restrain him from even TRYING to target the guards and/or Christian! Gabriel slowly raises his hand and points straight at the SCW Co-Owner.

Gabriel: Bitch! You're not going to get away with this!

Christian pauses en route to entering the building with the door held open.

Christian: Bitch! I just did!

And that being said, Christian slams the door shut on Gabriel and Odette, leaving the husband and wife duo in a fuming but stunned silence!

The camera returns to ringside with Jacob Summers standing ready to officiate. Justin Decent steps forward to begin the introductions.

Justin: Our following contest features Bombshell action, and it is scheduled for one fall!

The sounds of Cheryl Cole???s ???Sexy Den A Mutha??? has made its presence felt over the public announce system. The Buxom beauty has made her way from behind the curtain, She places her hands on her hips as she nods her head in approval to the fans that are cheering for her, Trishelle begins her walk down the ramp.

Justin: Introducing first, making her way down the aisle! From Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 120 pounds ... Trishelle JORDAN!

At the sound of her name Trishelle throws her hand in the air and shows her teach in a very confident smile, she puts her arms back down to her hips as she does the smile on her face. Trishelle continues to walk down the ramp.

Trishelle continues her walk down the ramp as she does the fans continue to praise her with their cheers as ???Sexy Den A Mutha??? continues to play, she finally makes her way down to ringside. She walks about half way to the ring before making a cut towards the stairs, Trishelle walks over to the stairs and drops her hands from her hips, as she makes her way up the ring stairs, getting to the third she puts her hands on the turnbuckle post as she makes her way up to the ring apron. At the ring apron Trishelle places her left hand on the top rope, she walks towards the center of the apron as she does she removes her hand and enters the ring under the middle rope as she does. She walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rung of the turnbuckle, she throws her hands into the air with confidence she nods her head as the fans continue to cheer she jumps down when the sounds of ???Sexy Den A Mutha??? fades out.

Simone: Trishelle came out ahead at Into the Void III in her SCW debut against two other women, but she might have her work cut out for her even more tonight as she is set to face the 'Jersey Devil Diva' herself.

Adams: And to think she actually ASKED for this match!

Simone: Not in so many words, but she did ask to be pitted against a top Bombshell and naturally the bosses thought of Joanne Canelli, a feat that Trishelle may come to regret.

Justin: Her opponent hails from Jersey Shore, New Jersey, weighing 135 pounds... she is the 'Jersey Devil Diva' ... JOANNE CANELLI!

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as "Bang Bang"(My Baby Shot Me Down)" by Nico Vega begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words "FULL BLOODED ITALIAN" is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900's, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena's from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards. They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, , talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring.

Simone: What more needs to be said about Joanne Canelli? Former Tag Team Champion. Former Roulette Champion.

Adams: One step away from Triple Crown glory.

Jacob checks both women and calls for the bell.


Both young women come from out of their corners and circle the ring, sizing the other up. They pause at the center of the ring and Trishelle moves in for the tie up, but the crafty 'Jersey Devil Diva' greets her unceremoniously with a boot to the stomach, stopping her quickly. Trishelle falls to her knees, winded and surprised, and Joanne grabs her by the hair and yanks her to her feet and lays in an open handed slap to the face, sending her staggering. Canelli then kicks her in the side, causing Trishelle to stumble against the ropes where her opponent follows in with a European uppercut, then rakes her nails right down across her chest.

Adams: Boy, Joanne Canelli is starting right off, roughing things up, isn't she?

Simone: Joanne Canelli is a fierce competitor to say the least. Popular though she may be, she does tend to favor roughing things up.

Joanne starts to unload a heavy barrage of forearms into Trishelle's chest and head, knocking the SCW newcomer down to her backside where Canelli immediately starts to put the boots to her, much to Jacob's consternation. Jacob steps in and finds himself forced to issue his mandatory count!


Joanne breaks just long enough to pull Trishelle to her feet and deliver a head butt that knocks Jordan back against the ropes. Canelli Irish whips her into the ropes and attempts a lariat, but Trishelle under and comes off the far side in a rebound. Joanne scoops her up for a back breaker but Trishelle catches her by surprise with a whirlybird head scissors takedown!

Adams: It looks like Trishelle is still alive with this one!

Joanne jumps right back up to a vertical base but Trishelle sends her right back to the canvas with a single leg dropkick. Trishelle grabs her and pulls her up, going for an Irish whip but Joanne reverses it. Trishelle jumps right onto the middle rope and springboards back into a high cross body for the cover!

Joanne gets her shoulder up.

Adams: I think Trishelle has caught Joanne by surprise with this comeback.

Trishelle pulls her opponent to her feet and sends her hard into the near corner. Trishelle then runs in and pounces, going for a monkey flip but the veteran Canelli blocks it and turns her around, sitting Jordan on the top turnbuckle. Joanne then lands a vicious shot to the jaw that almost sends Trishelle toppling from her perch, to the outside. Joanne then mounts the second turnbuckle and grabs at her opponent, but Trishelle starts fighting back, throwing shots to her head until she shoves her and Canelli crash lands hard to the canvas.

Simone: Now Trishelle Jordan is going up top.

Trishelle stands up on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Joanne to rise to her feet. The moment she does, Trishelle leaps and connects with a missile dropkick, sending Canelli tumbling back head over heels! Trishelle pounces on her with a cover, hooking the leg!

Joanne kicks out!

Adams: Ohhh! She almost caught her!

Simone: Oh it's not over! Not by a long shot!

Trishelle pulls her up and Irish whips Joanne into the far corner. Trishelle rallies the crowd and they respond in kind, then she runs in and attempts the handspring elbow, but Joanne moves out of the way at the last moment and Trishelle crashes against the corner. Joanne then grabs a handful of hair and plants her opponent face-first with a one-handed bulldog! Joanne then grabs two handfuls of her hair and begins shaking her head wildly, slamming Trishelle's face into the canvas!

Adams: Oh yeah! The Jersey Devil Diva is riled up!

Simone: You THINK!?

Joanne gets right to her feet and grabs her opponent by the legs. Stepping through and crossing Jordan's legs over and under her arm, Joanne turns her over into a sharpshooter! Trishelle yells out in pain, her face showing her condition as Jacob checks on her for the possible submission but Trishelle refuses to yield! Instead, she uses her forearms to slowly drag herself toward the ropes and reaches out, but Joanne drags her right back to the center of the ring and sinks the hold in even deeper!

Adams: Listen to those screams! This one could be over for Trishelle Jordan! Joanne really wants to hurt her!

Simone: Joanne Canelli has never been one to discriminate against any opponent when it comes to inflicting pain.

Realizing that her opponent was not going to tap, Joanne releases her from the sharpshooter and stands up, dragging Jordan up along with her. Joanne scoops her up and plants her hard with a scoop slam. She then mounts Trishelle's midsection and begins firing off right handed fists to the side of her head as Jacob counts...!


Quickly Trishelle uses her legs to sunset flip Joanne back into a pinning situation!

3 - No! Joanne kicks out!

Simone: She almost caught Joanne Canelli by surprise there!

Trishelle gets to her feet but runs right into a shot to the stomach, doubling her over. Joanne then comes off of the ropes with a boot to the side of the head ala the Mob Hit!

Adams: And she's paying for it!

Joanne tucks her head into a front facelock and nails a snap DDT! Joanne rolls her over onto her back and covers her!

Trishelle's foot is on the bottom rope!

Simone: But Joanne thinks she's won it!

Indeed as Joanne stands up, raising her arms in celebration! She steps up onto the bottom rope, holding her hands aloft when Trishelle slowly returns to her feet, holding her head. Trishelle then runs up behind Joanne and dropkicks her in the back, sending the Jersey Devil Diva toppling out to the ringside floor!

Simone: Now where is she going?

Trishelle climbs the corner and waits as a dazed Joanne pulls herself to her feet. Canelli turns and Trishelle launches herself into a flying body press to the outside, laying Joanne Canelli out!

Adams: What a move! It's always great when the Bombshells take the fight to the outside!

Both young women are laid out on the floor, and Jacob has little choice but to begin his mandatory count outside of the ring!


Trishelle pushes herself back to her feet and rolls Joanne back into the ring, following right in after. Trishelle pulls her up and brings her over into a Northern Lights suplex.

Joanne kicks out!

Trishelle pulls her up and goes for an Irish whip but Joanne reverses it. She attempts to send her into the ropes but Trishelle counters, forcing her into the ropes and pulling her back into a rolling bridge cover.

Joanne gets her shoulder up!

Trishelle then goes for a short-arm clothesline but Joanne ducks under and scoops her up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Before Trishelle can counter, Joanne heaves her right off and into...

Adams: Bull's Eye!

The 'go to sleep' maneuver lays Trishelle out and Joanne straddles her body in the cover!


The bell rings as "Bang Bang"(My Baby Shot Me Down)" starts playing once again and Joanne rolls off of Trishelle's body.

Simone: And just that quickly, it's all over!

Jacob steps up and raises Joanne's arm as the crowd cheers, rallying behind both women's efforts.

Justin: Here is your winner, the 'Jersey Devil Diva' Joanne Canelli!

The crowd cheers as Jacob goes to check on Trishelle as Joanne exits the ring and makes her way back up ringside.

Once again, we find ourselves backstage where Tessa is fumbling through the thick stack of papers attached to her clipboard. She is clearly a mess while Veronica, Liz, and Delia converse at the other end of the row of seats. Angelica files her nails, occasionally glaring over at Tessa, sighing loudly to get the point across that she is bored. Holly is casually bopping her head from side to side as she listens to some dance music through her iPod. Tessa squints down at the paper, ready to speak when she is cut off by Angelica, popping gum in her mouth loudly.

Angelica: I???ve been nice about this, like??? all night, but I???m seriously tired of sitting around while you attempt to read your own chicken scratch handwriting. Give it to me and like??? go get us more waters or something that requires less of a thought process, kay?

Tessa: Oh em gee, Angie! Why are ye being such a plonker to me tonight? It???s not me fault yer stuck in here at this end of things.

Angelica: Uhhhhguhhhhh! Seriously, what is so hard to comprehend? Water! Now! You go get! Go- get-o agua por favor en Espanol!

Angelica firmly rips the clipboard from Tessa???s hands and points toward the door. Holly is still in her own world with the music, but Liz, Veronica, and Delia all glare down in her general direction. They blink at the sudden outburst as Tessa storms outside in a huff. Angelica adjusts herself in her seat as she flips over the page. She squints, trying to read, but instantly gives up, tossing the papers behind her.

Angelica: NEEEEEEEEXT! Let???s just get this over with, seriously. I???m like soooo over this right now, so this will be the last one???

A petite young brunette with a tan that makes the Jersey Shore girls look pale, wearing baby blue shorts and a white sports bra walks into the room. Angelica fluffs her hair with her fingers before cupping her hands around her mouth.

Angelica: NOOOOO! You???re like some kind of fitness model, or spray tan professional sales lady or something, right?

Girl: Hi, I???m Casey, and???

Delia: We don???t really care who you are. We???re bored of z???is entire s???ing already. You???re just not what we???re looking for. S???ank you and goodbye???

Delia leads the group in a wave that shows they couldn???t care less if they appear interested or not. Casey stands there for a moment, smiling in confusion as if expecting this to be a joke. They all lean forward in unison, waving at her with a little more sarcasm implied and Casey just rolls her eyes.

Delia: It has been so nice, Cassie???

Casey: But my name is Cas???

Veronica: So nice???

Liz: You guys are so nice, trying not to hurt her feelings like that. She was clearly basic, but you made her feel special.

Casey: Nice??? you couldn???t even wait for me to leave the room to say that, huh?

Liz narrows her eyes as she stares at Casey. Casey looks as if she is going to try something, so Holly slowly gets out of her chair and walks over to Casey. She smiles sweetly and then points over to the door.

Holly: The door is over there. That???s the thing you walk through to leave a room??? Helpful Holly Hints.

Holly winks and sweetens her smile as she slowly leads Casey toward the door. Tessa comes back into the room with an arm full of water bottles, staring at Casey as she leaves the room. Tessa starts to say something once more, and then is cut off again, this time by Liz.

Liz: Delia, she just wasted our whole night booking basics to come in here! Why did we even let her book this? You know I start shooting my movie Strange Nights tomorrow???

Delia: I should have known better??? I???m sorry Tessa isn???t as well versed in beauty as z???e rest of us???

Tessa stomps her foot and tosses the bottles of water onto the ground in a huff. She is about to speak when Veronica gives her a soft smile, standing up and walking over to her.

Veronica: They weren???t that bad, honey. Don???t let them tell you otherwise. But, they weren???t good enough to sit with us. You understand right? It was a good try though.

Tessa smiles and slowly nods her head. She gently scoots the bottles of water around on the floor before walking toward her chair. As she is about to folds it up, she hears someone clearing their throat from the door frame.

???: Hey, is it too late for auditions? I just walked by some girl who was crying uncontrollably. Guess she didn't have what it takes, huh? I almost feel bad for her. Almost.

Liz is the first one to look up, and she doesn???t seem to recognize the face standing there. Delia looks up next, and a sort of playful look comes across her face as she bites at her bottom lip. Liz leans over to whisper for a second before Delia nods and winks toward the door.

Delia: Who have we here? Oh, how delightful! Did someone decide to take my advice, or do we have another ???Marcie??? situation on our hands?

Delia reacts calmly while the others take a defensive stance in their seats, ready for a fight.

???: Marcie? Who's Marcie? Is that the girl who just left here? Put your claws away, girls. I???m not here to start any trouble. I just want to know if you have room for one more audition.

Mercedes sets her sunglasses on the top of her head and waits for an answer, then places a hand on her waist. Delia grins as she looks to the rest of the ladies. They almost seem to have a silent conversation before they all turn and face forward. Delia gently waves Mercedes into the room.

Delia: I must say, z???is is quite unexpected. I s???ought you hated me for z???e s???ings I said to you on Twitter. I guess I???m just so used to people hating me, I sort of expect it???

Delia smirks as Mercedes walks into the room, taking the cue set up in the center of the room, a pink ???X??? taped on the floor. Delia looks down the line before looking back to Mercedes.

Mercedes: That???s your problem. You care what people think too much. I???m willing to forgive you though, to a fault. So, what are you looking for in an Mean Girl?

Liz: Excuuuuse me, but we ask the questions here, so you might want to???

Delia is quite intrigued as she narrows her eyes, listening. She gently places a hand on her young protege???s shoulder to calm her down before offering an answer in a tone that suggests she is being kind in doing so.

Delia: We are looking for strong, beautiful women z???at know how to carry z???emselves wis???out looking like ratchet whores. Now, allow me to counter wi???s a question, no? What can you do for Mean Girls? Like, why should we allow you to sit wi???s us, darling?

Mercedes pauses, giving a matter-of-fact glance at the girls, waiting for their answer.

Mercedes: Well?

Upon Mercedes??? inquiry, Delia simply stares on, cold and s: The question isn???t what I can do for the Mean Girls, but how I can help the Mean Girls. Have you seen the Bombshells division lately, it???s a hot mess, and I think the entire division is in need of a total makeover. I think I???m the only one qualified to sit with you guys because not only do I pride myself in my looks, but I???m dangerous, if you don???t already know.

calculating. She thinks it over for a second before looking down toward Angelica and Veronica for their input. They don???t quite know what to say, so Delia calmly folds her hands in her lap.

Delia: You are completely right, darling??? Z???is entire place is a mess, and I???m afraid I almost find it irreparable at z???is point??? Such a travesty??? However, I have openly admitted on Twitter z???at if any SCW Bombshell would ever join Mean Girls, it would be you or Emma Rose, and she has like freckles and stuff under her make up???

Mercedes: If it???s not me. I hope it???s Emma. There???s only so much Proactive can do, right?

Delia points into her mouth, making a gagging noise before slowly rolling her eyes. There is a brief silence, and Delia glares down to the rest of the Mean Girls who slowly start up a short-lived round of laughter. Delia now looks pleased as she turns back to Mercedes.

Delia: But, I???m not completely convinced. I mean, we did have someone who claimed to be a perfect fit, and z???en she like??? attacked us! We can???t be too careful, as I???m sure you understand?

Mercedes: Really? I can understand why this audition is such a tough choice for you. Well, if I were to attack you, I would tell you before I do it. You???ll get no surprises from me. Next question?

Delia smirks yet again, only this time, it is genuine, and accompanied by a soft chuckle. Without allowing anyone else to jump in and ask questions, Delia narrows her eyes slightly as she watches Mercedes carefully.

Delia: Z???ere is an 80???s s???emed party hosted at Krave night club in Vegas, and you have to grab only items from your closet??? what do you wear?

Mercedes: Well, that depends if I want go out looking like a Valley girl, a diva, or a groupie. I???m going to have go with a chain belt, glovettes, and power hair. You can???t go wrong with power hair.

Delia softly claps her hands together, a proud look on her face as she looks to the other girls. They all join in, however, the questioning is not yet complete. Liz Smalls leans forward, asking a question of her own.

Liz: Soooo??? you???re like standing backstage by the catering table, and I don???t know, Gene Banton Junior comes up to you and says he thinks you???re hot? Like, what would you say to him?

Liz looks to Delia, expecting a nod of approval. Delia simply rolls her eyes, but returns her attention to Mercedes, awaiting an answer.

Mercedes: Who? Gene Banton Junior? He still has a job?

Delia: While I couldn???t agree wi???s you more??? we do have masics, or basic men, who try to hit on us all z???e time. We just want to make sure z???at you know how to properly react. Because??? if you get accepted into Mean Girls, it will happen, like??? a lot!

Delia nods her head as the others join in, acting as if this were such an inconvenience to them.

Mercedes: Guess that can???t be helped. I guess you can???t help it easier. People desire things that they???ll never get. Don???t you just love being a temptress? I find it fun, and funny. Any more questions for me?

Delia thinks it over for a second before looking down to her Mean Girl companions. They are either bored with the audition process, or they are genuinely in like with Mercedes as they quickly shake their heads in the negative, giddy smiles upon their faces. Delia plays it much more cool as she simply turns back to Mercedes with a half smirk on her face.

Delia: No, I s???ink we???ve come to a decision, darling???

Mercedes:Whatever it is, I hope is a good one. So, what will it be?

Once again, all of the Mean Girls look to each other, having a quick, yet silent conversation amongst themselves. Tessa gives a soft nod, as does Angelica and Holly. Veronica simply looks over to Liz, who returns the attention to Delia. Delia moves her lips into a full, almost sinister smile as she answers.

Delia: We wear pink on Wednesday???s, and sweat pants are only allowed on Friday??? Welcome aboard, Mercy, darling!

Delia slowly stands up from her seat and walks over to Mercedes. She gives her a gentle hug as the rest of the Mean Girls squeal excitedly from their seats. Delia walks to the corner of the room and picks up a seventh pink Mean Girls directors chair and gently sets it up to her right. She motions for Mercedes to officially sit with them, both literally and figuratively.

Mercedes: Delia, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Delia: Darling??? you have no idea???

Delia pats the empty seat next to her as she smiles, nodding her head. Mercedes walks over to the chair, taking her seat with the Mean Girls proudly.

Simone: I never saw that coming! I can???t believe that Mercedes Vargas has just joined the Mean Girls!

Adams: And I can???t believe I forgot to wear pink last Wednesday! Hashtag Jason Facts!

Pussy Willow is standing in the Gorilla position as Horace Jackson is preparing for his match.

Pussy Willow: Tonight is the big night Horace. It is your first match since Chaos in Cape Town. How do you feel?

Horace Jackson: It feels great Pussy. The fans are excited to see the Darth Knight once again.

Pussy Willow: This match is still big since it's a title match. What are your thoughts on Equinox?

Horace Jackson: Equinox, is another lost soul in search for the light. However the light can't be found right away. You see The Soulless One is here to claim the SCW ROULETTE Championship. This match will be one of those sleeper matches. Equinox, The Empire Salutes You.

Pussy Willow: Thanks for your time Horace.

Horace Jackson: No problem

The scene fades back into the arena.

Backstage, Vixen can be seen, scratches and faded bruises appearing on her face and exposed skin. Walking towards the catering table, she is approached by Scott Oliver.

Scott Oliver: Oh my god...they told me you were deformed Vix.

Vixen: Who told you I was deformed?

Scott Oliver: The Mean Girls. They gave me their sympathies and told me that I should really reconsider being your fan because you went from ugly to fugly after your barbed wire match.

Vixen shakes her head.

Vixen: Well they are wrong Scott. They are just a bunch of sophomoric nobodies that aren???t even on my radar. But if they want to get on it, all they have to do is keep messing with my family. And if they hadn???t seen what I did to Odette in the ring at the supercard, I will be more than happy to show them in person.

Vixen smiles before leaning closer to Scott.

Vixen: And after what they have been doing to Timmy and Spike and our family, I will be even happier showing them up close and personal.

Scott Oliver: But they have done nothing but show interest in Timmy. They are actually being his friend.

Vixen scoffs as she crosses her arms over her chest and glares at Scott.

Vixen: With friends like that, who needed enemies huh?

Before Scott can answer, Vixen turns and walks away muttering to herself.

Simone: And now we get to see some gold on the line as Equinox takes on ???The Soulless One??? Horace Jackson!

Adams: And we find our way to the back as the champion spins the wheel! Take it Rocky!

We find our way backstage, just behind the curtains where Ms. Rocky Mountains is standing by with Equinox, who is twirling his umbrella. Rocky hands him the ball and then raises the microphone to her lips.

Rocky: Tonight, our Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion, Equinox, will be defending against Horace Jackson, who has had a long awaited title opportunity waiting for him since Chaos In Cape Town! But, the champion has offered to spin the wheel tonight to determine the match type of this match. Equinox?

Equinox gives the wheel a hard spin before dropping the ball into the wheel. A sick smiles comes across his face as he watches the ball bounce around inside, mulling over the possibilities.

Equinox: Round and round and round it goes. Where it will stop? Nobody knows??? Cage, or ladder, or ambulance match? No one leaves the ring without a scratch. There is only one thing that is for sure. The Jokers will scream, begging for more...Round and round and round it goes??? Where it will stop?

The wheel slowly comes to a stop as the ball bounces around, teasing its final stop before landing on ???Lights Out???. Equinox rubs his hands together around the umbrella, turning it as he lets out a sinister laugh, backing away. Ms. Rocky Mountains stares at him, blinking her eyes as she tries to think of a way to address the camera. Instead, she just shrugs and forces a smile onto her face.

Rocky: There you have it, folks. We have a Lights Out match! Back to you Belinda and Jason???

The arena goes pitch black as the sounds of goblins and druids fill the sound system. Dark red smoke fills the arena as black lights and flood lights with a red filter shine throughout the arena. A video package starts playing as the instrumental version of "Close My Eyes Forever" begins to play as a woman in an amazon princess outfit walks out from behind the curtains. The music slowly fades as "The High Life" strikes up. As the songs are mashed together, Horace Jackson walks out with his face covered in red and black face paint. He stands on the stage as the smoke raises higher.

Justin Decent: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Tornado Alley, Texas, standing at 6 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 365 pounds. He is accompanied to the ring by Bridgette Jackson. Please welcome??? "The Soulless One" HOOOOOORAAAAAAAAACE JAAAAAAACKSSSSOOOOOOOONNN!!!

Horace walks down the ramp very slowly as the crowd is chanting his name. He stops at the ring and pulls himself up onto the ring apron. He holds the ropes open for his wife to enter the ring first. He follows her by stepping over the top rope. He walks to the center of the ring, lifts his arms into the air and drops them causing fire to escape all four corners and the stage. He turns his body toward the stage as he prepares for his match.

Justin Decent: And his opponent???!

The lights go black, completely black in the stadium ready for this big match up. The fans as quite as they hear the air move around them and people with their nosebleeds. The lighting begins to change as the song begins to play showing a video as lights begin to change to blue lighting as the song begins to come over the PA System where also Equinox's laugh can be heard loudly.Fog begins to appear as a man slowly emerges shrouded by a black and white umbrella twirling about, as he twirls it away from his body and onto his left shoulder revealing his new black slacks and shirt to go with a silver tie and his signature black coat and a mask upon his face where several dreadlocks are formed. The fans cheering as the ring announcer announces this unknown figure.

Justin Decent: From St. Louis, Missouri, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing in at 235 pounds??? he is the defending SCW Roulette Champion???.the Enigmatic???.EQUINOOOOOOOOX!!!!

Equinox slowly folds in the Umbrella holding it firmly in his hand running down the ramp frantically as he takes a sharp turn to the steel steps running over to them hopping handing the ref the umbrella. He hopped down and landed in the arms of the fans cackling evil as they let him go as he clapped the hands of all the fans before heading back up the steel steps and proceeds to slap the steel steps before pulling up to the ring apron and cackling at the thoughts of the chaos that could be caused. Once he is in the ring he begins to unbutton his jacket revealing his new shirt which can be found on several exclusive promotions as he lets out a bloody scream. He hands the belt over to referee Drew Patton as the lights waiver on and off, getting the crowd pumped.


Horace stares intensely at Equinox, sizing up the much smaller opponent. Equinox returns nothing as they come to the center of the ring. Referee Drew Patton stands between them and then gives the official start. Both men step back a bit, sizing each other up as they circle one another. Horace goes for a quick lunge, but stops short as Equinox prepares for it. Horace takes a few steps backward as they continue to circle one another.

Adams: For as much hype and build up coming from Horace, these guys sure are making this a slow start.

Simone: Both men want to take this win. Horace and Equinox are both known for their ability to conserve energy for the proper moment.

With the constant circling, Equinox is caught off guard for the slightest of moments when Horace is suddenly behind him. He goes to swing backward, but Horace carries him back with a float over suplex, landing him hard against the mat. He bounces off of the ropes and then comes crashing down with a legdrop to the chest of Equinox. He lifts his stunned opponent, and then whips him across the ring. As he rebounds, Horace goes for a back body drop, but Equinox comes across hard with a kick to his chin. As he stumbles back, Equinox lunges forward for a clothesline that levels Horace. The crowd cheers for the rambunctious Equinox, who is leaping up in a quick display of celebration.

Simone: It is unlike Equinox to celebrate, but when you are getting over on the last Heavyweight Champion, it???s hard not to.

Adams: But there is a reason Equinox isn???t one to do such a thing when...


Simone: And here we go! This is what a Lights Out match is all about. That ten to twenty seconds the lights go completely out.

Adams: It???s so random, but I???ve learned with how often the lights go out, to bring a small flashlight with me. Look, I can almost see past the desk!

The lights come back on, and the crowd cheers louder and louder until Equinox turns into a hard Spinning Heel Kick that nearly knocks the taste out of his mouth. The Soulless one was ready for the darkness, and a smile comes across his face.. Equinox holds onto his mask as he spins around in a full circle. As he comes back, Horace hits a hard European Uppercut, and then moves behind him and plants him hard against the mat with a nearly perfect German Suplex that he hooks on for a pin.

Simone: We could be in for an early victory here from Horace.




Adams: And we almost saw a new champion here tonight! But the fans are happy to see this continue.

Nearly a three count, Equinox slips his shoulder off of the mat! As he rolls out and Horace gets up, Equinox darts forward with a barrage of heavy punches and kicks on the much larger Jackson. He uses this surprise attack to his advantage as he backs him into a corner. He hits a hard knee to the gut, and then sizes Horace up for a knife???s edge chop to his chest. The crowd echoes a resounding ???oooh!??? before Equinox hits another. He looks around in satisfaction, nodding his head to the audience and their support.

Adams: This guy sure knows how to deliver a chop. You could probably hear those outside of the building tonight!

Simone: I agree with you there, Jason. Equinox is showing a bit of versatility against the challenger tonight! And the Jokers are going wild here with their support.

Adams: He needs to stay on top of his game though, because...


Simone: This part is always the game changer. One second, you could be in complete control, and the next?

Adams: You could find yourself on your back, staring up at the blinding lights as they come back on!

After a long twenty seconds, the lights come back on. With that distraction, Horace slips from out of the corner, holding onto his chest for a moment. He stands directly behind Equinox before he even realizes that The Soulless One has even escaped the corner. The crowd looks stunned as Horace wraps his arm around Equinox???s throat and twists over with a spinning neckbreaker. It isn???t long before Horace drops an elbow down onto Equinox???s chest, standing up and repeating the process quickly two more times. He drapes over Equinox who is staring up at the ceiling almost seeming a bit confused as his brain is shaken. He is then dragged to his feet by the confident challenger and thrown over to the corner with precision. Horace looks around for a moment and then crashes into Equinox with what is supposed to be a spear, but Equinox drops down quickly, causing Horace to collide with the top turnbuckle. He wastes no time this time around as he rolls Horace up into a schoolboy pin.



Simone: Excellent form, but the execution was just a bit premature, not even getting a two count for Equinox there..

Adams: There is definitely no lack of guts or determination from Equinox. You have to give him that at least.


Simone: Horace just got his shoulder up before the lights went out.

Adams: This is so exciting, Belinda! I just don???t know what to expect from these two, who seem awfully comfortable facing off in the dark.

As the lights come back on, Horace is standing directly in front of the champion. He delivers a hard kick to Equinox, right in the gut. He grips onto his arms and lifts him up, shoving his head between his legs. He looks around quickly and then lifts Equinox up into a powerbomb position. Equinox flails to try getting free, even trying for a punch to Horace???s face. It is all for nothing as Horace sends him down to the mat in a maneuver that shakes the entire ring, and the building as the cheers are nearly deafening. Horace drops down for a pin.




Equinox gets his shoulders up just in the nick of time. The crowd cheers, however, only since the match is continuing. Equinox goes into the lion???s den as he places his own head between Horace???s legs again, only to flip upward, taking Horace over with a surprise Hurricanrana! Equinox slaps his leg in just a bit of frustration before getting back up to his feet. He picks Horace up off of the mat and then flings him into the ropes. As he rebounds, Equinox goes for a back body drop, but Horace lunges forward with a Flying Lariat that causes the young Equinox to stumble backward. Horace bounces off of the ropes and comes forward, but Equinox finally gets that back body drop he was seeking moments ago. Horace flops against the mat and rolls around holding his back. Equinox darts over to the nearest corner and quickly climbs to the top. Equinox looks around at the audience, watching as they are getting pumped up. As he turns around, Horace has made it to his feet. He clubs Equinox, causing him to fall split down the middle.

Adams: This is one helluva match with unending twists and turns.

Simone: Crowd support is important, but in moderation. Equinox needs to get his head in the game here or else he won???t stand a chance against a seasoned veteran such as Horace Jacks...


Simone: Here we go again, just as Equinox has found himself in a very??? vulnerable??? situation.

Adams: He looked like he was about to puke up his gooley???s. We might have missed them popping outta his mouth life Nerf balls!

The lights come back on as Horace hooks the arm of Equinox and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. Equinox fights back with a jab to Horace???s face. He fires back, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. The two men balance there, fighting back and forth with punches, until Horace gets the upper hand. He hooks his arm around Equinox???s neck and then sets him up for a Superplex. Equinox hooks his leg around Horace???s, nearly tripping the two up. He shoves Horace off, but Horace still has hold of Equinox???s arm, and he swings him over in a mid-air armdrag that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Both men lie out on the ground for a moment, rolling around in their own forms of pain. The audience pulls behind Equinox, trying to coax him up to his feet. They slowly work their way there, Equinox getting there first. They exchange a few weary punches, both men a tad bit groggy. Equinox gets the upper hand, sending a hard right, following it up with a swift left.


Simone: Equinox, Equinox, Equinox... The chants are fueling that drive to win, causing it to kick in and take control.

Adams: And every fist he delivers to Horace???s face as well. Though, the fans are just as excited to see Horace try to fight back.

Equinox grabs onto Horace to send him into the ropes, but Horace falls to one knee. As he does, he tugs Equinox forward with a shoulderbutt. Horace stands up and then drags Equinox forward into another. This time, Equinox follows it up with an offensive maneuver of his own, hitting an Axe Handle Smash across Horace???s back. He pulls him forward with a Belly-to-Back Suplex. He stands up, taking a deep breath as he stumbles back a few paces, leaning onto the turnbuckle to catch his breath. He shakes it off quickly and then darts forward, looking for an Elbow Smash, but Horace quickly moves out of the way. Equinox holds onto his elbow as he rolls back up to his feet.

Simone: Oh, that one looked like it hurt. Horace is very good at playing opossum.

Adams:It looks like these two are about to engage in a serious staredown. They both know that the end is near, and they are ready to fight for that victory.

Horace drives an elbow right into Equinox???s face, knocking him back a few steps. He repeats this as the fans begin to boo. Horace grabs onto Equinox???s head and then sets him up for the High Lifer finisher, but Equinox wrestles his way out of it and boots Horace in the gut. He tries to set him up for the Ice Breaker, but Horace dodges and then punches him in the ribs.


Simone Oh and so close! Both men are struggling to get the upper hand here, and both men are getting tired.

Adams: It makes it easier to get sleepy when the lights keep going out. But, the Roulette Championship is a great motivator to dig deep..

The lights come back on, and both men are tied up, groggily trading blows. Horace breaks free but Equinox is right there with a clothesline. Horace falls down to the mat hard. Equinox climbs the turnbuckle and tries for his finisher, the Frozen Breeze, but Horace waits for the right opportunity and rolls out of the way at the last possible second. He waits to the side as Equinox struggles on the mat to finally get up. Horace goes for a hard clothesline, but Equinox ducks underneath it and catches The Soulless One Reverse Twist of Fate that drops Horace down to the mat. He rushes over to the top ropes, leaping up, and before anyone can even cheer for him, Equinox comes crashing down with the Joker???s Way, hooking the leg for the pin





Justin Decent: Your winner and STILL SCW Roulette Champion... EEEEEEEQUINOOOOXXXXXX!!!

Simone: And another hard fought victory for the champion!.

Adams: But the challenger didn???t hesitate giving Equinox the fight of his life here tonight. I don???t think we???ve seen the last of Horace Jackson in this title picture!

Equinox slowly gets up from the mat as Drew Patton hands him the belt. He hugs onto it slowly as he rises up. He stumbles back into the corner, holding it up in the air as the fans cheer. Horace slowly blinks as he stares up at the ceiling. He grabs onto his head as Equinox celebrates, rising up to the turnbuckle. Horace slowly rises to his feet, staring at Equinox. He watches the champion celebrate as he walks over toward the ropes. He starts to exit, but keeps his eyes on Equinox. He just stares before finally leaving the ring, walking backwards as his eyes rest firmly on the Roulette Championship. Equinox moves across the ring, holding the belt up for the opposite side as the fans cheer again. He notices Horace staring at him, and gives a simple nod before letting out an evil cackle before we fade.

The cameras cut to Zuri Chastain's locker room as she isn't wearing her mask.

Zuri Chastain: Out of all the females on the roster, there are three women I have a problem with these days. All of you bimbos have no idea why I wear this mask. Some of you think I am hiding something. Some think I don't have good features. However the reason is my own personal mission.

She steps out of her locker room and stands next to the wall .

Zuri Chastain: Liz Smalls, I can't wait til I get my hands wrapped around that pretty neck of yours. You think being a pompous bitch makes you better than everyone. Well, I hope the powers that be place you in the ring with me. That way I can show thee entire world how much of a fraud you really are.

Blanca walks around the corner and joins her sister.

Blanca Chastain: Zuri, you should focus on Mercedes Vargas first. Mercedes has jumped you from behind and you jumped her. It's time that you put that bitch out of her misery. Then we can turn our attention to The Mean Girls.

Zuri Chastain: You're right sis. Mercedes Vargas, if you are paying attention then pull your fucking face away from your mirror and listen up. I say at the next big show, you and me settle this once and for all. So what do you say Mercedes? Are you in or out? As for you Liz Smalls, you better keep your head on a swivel. Because once I am done with Mercedes then I am coming for you. Remember ladies, No GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.

Blanca chuckles.

Blanca Chastain: We RUN THIS TOWN bitch.

The scene slowly begins to fade to black.

Simone: What a night so far right Jason?

Adams: That's true Belinda. A week ago titles exchanged hands, and I have to say there were some major surprises on that show. Now up next we...

The house lights go down, as a golden and black spotlights go over the crowd. "So Beautiful, So Evil" begins to play over the loud speaker. The tron comes to life with a bird's eye view of the great Pyramids on the Giza Strip, only to change to what appears to be the interior of a tomb where we see Necra with eyes closed and they open glowing a blue color, as the scene changes to shots from matches, and her title wins. Necra appears on the stage out of the mist, with the Roulette Bombshell Title over her shoulder. The crowd cheers loudly mixed with boos coming from some of them. Necra just smirks, as she makes her way down to the ring.

Simone: There she is, the new Roulette Bombshell Champion.

Adams: Once again Necra holds the title. I wonder why she's out here?

Simone: I don't know, but I think we're going to find out.

She climbs the stairs and slips under the ropes, and calls for a mic. Her music dies down, and she stands in the middle of the ring with a smirk on her face. She raises the mic to her lips and smiles.

Necra: Hello Santa Rosa California! Are you having a good time?

The crowd cheers loudly and she smiles adjusting the title on her arm.

Necra: I'm glad to hear it! Now last week I walked away from Into the Void with the Roulette Bombshell title on my arm. Now I know there are a few Bombshells back there that would like to get their hands on this and start to make a name for themselves. Let me tell you something no one is going to get their hands on this title not again. I will hold on to it as long as I can. If anyone one of you little wannabes want to try and take it from me you better think again.

Simone: I knew it would be a matter of time before she would let the power go to her head.

Adams: When does it never go to her head?

Necra: Now if any of you think you can step to me then come out here right now! Stand before me and look me dead in the eye and challenge me for my title! Or you can stay in the back like the little bitches you are and cower in fear of the Goddess that stands before you!

Necra turns and faces the entrance way, waiting for someone to come out from the back. Necra smirks, and adjusts the title once more.

Necra: That's what I thought! You're not even at my level! That's why you are all hiding in the back and waiting for the big bad Goddess to walk away, and leave the ring. If anyone has the guts to challenge me then say it. I'm not afraid of any of you!

Simone: Those are some strong words coming from the Goddess of Death tonight.

Adams: She is one of the biggest Bombshells that we have in the SCW, and she knows that if anyone does stand to her, it's going to be a slaughter.

Necra: There has to be someone back there that isn't afraid of me... But then again...I shouldn't be surprised if no one will take the challenge. When you do face me, it just means that you are privileged enough to stand in the ring with me. I am the Goddess of Death, Queen of the Dead, the Black Lady, the Reaper of Souls, and a child of lust! Fear me; for when you look upon me you will see your death! See you soon!

She laughs an evil laugh, and the lights go out, and as they come up Necra is gone, and her symbol appears on the tron and then fades as the lights come back on.

Simone: No matter how many times I see it, it still creeps me out.

Adams: I know what you mean. Necra has tossed out a challenge but who knows if anyone will answer it.

Simone: Who knows but when they do it'll be one of the biggest mistakes they make.

Adams: We'll be back after this.

The scene opens up backstage were we see Jessie warming up whilst ???Valhalla??? by Heaven Shall Burn is playing on her laptop serving as her warm-up music and Jake and Shane watch on.

Simone: Jessie, Jake and Shane will be going to Bloodstock next week alongside Steve Ramone and his family but that hasn???t stopped her from commenting on Germany???s Wacken Festival on Twitter.

Adams: Still can???t get the mental image of the bald tattooed man in pink underwear playing ping pong with the guy in the green robe on stage out of my head.

Simone: Its official I???ve heard every strange sentence in wrestling.

The song finishes and Jessie walks over to her laptop to look over the remaining choices for workout music, Shane taps her on the shoulder and Jessie looks up before grinning.

Jessie: Hey Amy, ready for tonight?

Amy: Ready as i can possibly be. How about you?

Amy asked adjusting the Bombshell tag team title that rests on her shoulder.

Jessie: Same here, I???ve wanted to get my hands on that bitch since she joined, my only regret is that it???s not a one on one match, or a handicap match for that matter.

Shane: I???m pretty sure that if it was a handicap match they???d still be scraping Liz???s remains off of the mat whilst we???re at Bloodstock.

Jake: Considering that she was in a Hardcore Match earlier this week that may end up happening anyway.

Jessie: And that???s exactly why I stick to one fed, namely SCW.

Jessie adds before picking up her title and turning to Amy.

Jessie: Anyway, this may be a non-title match but we can???t afford to take the Mean Whores lightly even if Liz is injured, after all that idiot has managed a few fluke wins in the past, any ideas for how we can prevent that?

Amy: If possible would Jake and Shane be able to come and stand at ringside, stop any cheating. But also single Veronica out and beat on her. Stop Lizzy getting into the match.

Amy asks looking at Jake and Shane and then back at Jessie.

Jake: We???ll see what we can do, I already have a manager???s license since I manage Jessie but Shane doesn???t.

Shane: That and unlike you guys I???ve never wrestled in a match.

Jessie: As for Liz, considering she???s still banged up from that hardcore match wouldn???t it make more sense to focus on her instead?

Amy shakes her head.

Amy: It does make sense. But i think a few high impact moves would dispatch her pretty quickly.

Amy makes her own suggestion.

Jessie: Sounds good, anyway the match is starting in a few minutes so we???d better get going.

Jessie adds and Amy nods before walking off.

Simone: Well it's time for the main event of the evening.

Adams: More bombshells woohoo, I will die one happy man.

???Amazing??? by Hi Fashion hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena. The fans boo loudly as the camera pans over to the stage. Veronica Taylor and Liz Smalls emerge from behind the curtains with arrogant smirks on their faces. Angelica follows closely behind. As the fans boo them, Veronica yells at them to shut up before striking a series of arrogant model poses with Liz doing the same. This brings in some cat calls from the men but mostly loud boos. Once they finish their poses, they keep walking the run way strut down to the ring stopping in front of the steps, and again they taunt the fans and show off with some poses. Veronica is showing off her sizzling ring attire and entrance jacket as Liz pulls her hood back, before climbing the ring stairs and stands on the ring side doing more arrogant model poses. Liz enters the ring as Veronica whips off her boots and then orders the ref to hold the ring rope down which he does. She then enters the ring walking around with her hands in the air posing some more yelling at the fans to shut their disgusting mouths and take a look at true beauty and class. Liz smiles as she waves at the fans, bringing in more boos as she waves her hand in front of her nose. As they wait for their opponents, Veronica takes off her necklace and places it in the corner she then stands by it leaning on the rope as the music cuts off and they discuss strategy.

Justin Decent: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first being accompanied to the ring by Angelica at a combined weight of 251 pounds. Please welcome Liz Smalls and Veronica Taylor...The Mean Girls!!!!!

Simone: Veronica and Liz look to be really confident that they can beat the current tag team champions.

Adams: Doesn't Liz look extra stellar tonight?

Simone: Oh brother.

???Wolves of War??? by Burn Halo starts to play and the lights dim down , the titantron shows footage of several mosh pits from both Punk and Metal shows intercut with footage of Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco wrestling before the two women make their way down to ringside, Jessie gets a running start before jumping into the ring and Amy follows her in as the two women wait for their opponents.

Justin Decent: and their opponents at a combined weight of 248 pounds. They are the current SCW Bombshell Tag team Champions, Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco....Metal and Punk Connection!!!!!

Adams: Ohh la la, have I ever said that metal chicks are hot?

Simone: The champs have a huge test ahead of them with Liz Smalls and Veronica Taylor.

Amy and Jessie take off their tag title belts and begin talking strategy. Liz and Veronica are standing in their corner checking their makeup. Amy and Jessie look over at the Mean Girls as the bell sounds. Without saying one word, Amy charges into their corner and lands a stinger splash on both girls. Jessie shrugs her shoulders and follows up with a low dropkick to the face of Liz Smalls. Amy is raining right after right into the head of Veronica.

Simone: Holy shit, Amy wasted very little time in getting the action started.

Adams: Amy warned them if they worried about their makeup then she would strike. Boy, she didn't disappoint.

Amy continues the assault as Jessie is on the outside tossing Liz around by her hair. Amy lifts Veronica up to her feet and Irish whips her into the opposite corner. Jessie hops up onto the ring apron and lands a stiff kick to the side of Veronica's head. Amy tags Jessie into the match as they both stomp a mudhole into Veronica. Angelica is on the outside making sure Liz's hair is still okay. Jessie drapes Veronica across the ring ropes and places her leg across the back of her neck. Jessie then pulls the ring ropes up while adding pressure to the throat. Veronica is choking as Jasmine forces Jessie back.

Simone: A completely different side of Jessie. It's been well documented the hatred she has for The Mean Girls.

Adams: This is completely wrong. Jessie should know better than that. Veronica is an international ambassador.

While the ref is with Jessie, Amy drops down to the arena floor while adding additional pressure to the throat of Veronica before striking her with an open palm slap. The slap echoes throughout the arena as a satisfied smile comes across Amy's face. Veronica grabs at her face as Jessie grabs her in front facelock. Amy jumps back up onto the apron and tags back in. Jessie keeps the front facelock applied as Amy delivers a stiff kick to the ribcage of Veronica. Jessie lets go of the facelock as Amy wraps her hands around the waist of Veronica. With her hands firmly around Veronica's waist, she lifts her high into the air and drops her over head with a spine jarring German suplex. Amy keeps the tight grip as she swings her hips and gets back to a vertical base. Amy slides her hands up to the throat of Veronica again while moving to the side. Amy gets right in the face of Veronica before swinging her leg up then driving her face into the canvas. Amy takes this chance to go for the quick pin. Amy hooks the near leg as Jasmine drops to start the count. She strikes the mat once before Veronica kicks out.

Adams: Amy is not letting up the aggression.

Simone: Veronica kicks out after that face plant.

Adams: It's not sitting well with Amy though and look at Liz. She wants in this match bad.

Simone: Yeah, Liz knows Veronica needs to make a tag.

Amy smacks the canvas while grabbing Veronica by her hair. Amy drags Veronica over to the corner and tags in Jessie. Amy then lifts her up while placing her knee in the back. Jessie comes in and delivers a stiff stomp to the chest of Veronica. Amy gets out of the ring as Jessie lifts Veronica back up to her feet. Jessie brushes Veronica's hair out of her face before wrapping it around her own knuckles. Jessie gives a smirk to Veronica before flinging halfway across the ring by her hair. Veronica's head snaps back off the canvas while Jessie shows strands of hair that she just pulled out of the head of Veronica.

Adams: Good God, Jessie is giving Veronica an extreme makeover.

Simone: Veronica needs to make a tag.

Jessie walks over to Veronica and lifts her back up to her feet. She whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Veronica manages to duck the clothesline attempt as Liz manages to tag herself in without Jessie knowing. Jessie catches Veronica on the rebound with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and goes for the pin. Jasmine is trying to tell Jessie that there was a tag made. She questions the ref as Amy is trying to get Jessie's attention. Jessie slowly turns around as Liz springs off the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Liz then charges toward the corner, springs off the ropes and connects with a dropkick that drops Amy off the apron.

Adams: What a veteran move by Liz! She was able to tag herself in without Jessie knowing.

Simone: Liz is a ball of fire but was it wise to piss off Amy Marshall.

Liz looks down at Amy and chuckles before turning her focus onto Jessie. Jessie is getting back up to her feet as Liz connects with a boot to the gut. She then grabs a handful of Jessie's hair and tosses her down in a snapmare like maneuver. Liz doesn't let go as she begins to drag Jessie around the ring by the hair. Liz stops as Angelica decides to take a picture. Liz pulls Jessie's head up while keeping a tight grip of her hair and delivers a ground breaking slap to her face. She lets go of her hair as Veronica tags back into the match.

Simone: Now the Mean Girls are going to do some teamwork.

Adams: What a slap! Liz is trying to slap some fashion sense into Jessie.

Veronica gets a handful of hair, lifts Jessie up and drives her head first into the mat. Veronica lifts Jessie back up to her feet and doubles her over with a boot to the gut. Veronica tags Liz back in while lifting Jessie up onto her shoulders. Liz climbs up to the top rope, springs off and connects with a Hurricanrana. Liz drops down on top of Jessie while going for the pin. Jasmine slides into position and begins to count the pin fall. Jasmine has struck the mat twice with her hand but Jessie manages to roll a shoulder up before the count of three.

Adams: How in the hell did Jessie kick out of that.

Simone: I'm going to say it was pure instinct.

Liz can't believe and begins to argue with the referee. Jasmine tells her it was two and it drives Liz even crazier. Liz begins to stomp repeatedly while screaming at the top of her lungs. Liz lifts Jessie up while driving her knee into the back and wrenching her neck back. Liz tells Jessie to give up. Amy is pounding on the top turnbuckle and motivating the crowd to get behind Jessie. The fans begins to chant Jessie's name and she starts getting fired up. Jessie manages to lift Liz's hands up and flings her forward. Liz rolls onto her feet as Jessie gets to hers. Liz charges at Jessie but gets struck with a dropkick instead. Both ladies are down as Amy is urging Jessie to tag in. Liz and Jessie begin to drag themselves to their respective corners.

Adams: This could be the turning point in this match.

Simone: I completely agree with you. Whoever gets the tag first will have the advantage.

Adams: Hold the phone, did you just agree with me Simone?

Simone: Yes and I regret saying it.

Liz manages to reach her corner face and tags in Veronica. Veronica gets into the ring and immediately grabs a hold of Jessie's leg. She looks at Amy while laughing her head off. Jessie kips up to her feet and lands an enziguri to the back of Veronica's head. Veronica falls to her knees which allows Jessie to leap across the ring and tag in Amy. Amy comes in like a ball of fire and drops Veronica with a hard clothesline. She catches Liz coming in with a back kick sending her out of the ring. Jessie shakes the cobwebs loose, bounces off the ropes and connects with a top rope plancha and lands on top of Liz. Amy bends down to pick Veronica up off the canvas and does so. She then flings her into the corner and follows it up with a stiff shining wizard to the sternum. Amy doesn't let Veronica drop into corner as she lifts her up to the top turnbuckle instead. Meanwhile Jessie is stomping away at Liz on the outside.

Simone: This one has broken down again.

Adams: There is a lot of raging hormones in that ring tonight.

Simone: Will you stop?

Adams: Stop what?

Back in the ring, Amy climbs up onto the second turnbuckle while delivering right after right to the head of Veronica. Amy places Veronica in a front facelock then lifts one arm in the air. The crowd is going crazy as she tosses Veronica's arm over her shoulder while hooking her tights. Amy then climbs up to the top turnbuckle before connecting with a superplex which sends both ladies crashing to the canvas.

Adams: OH MY GOD!!!! Amy damn near suplexed Veronica through the canvas.

Simone: Amy Marshall superplexed Veronica. Never knew she had that in her arsenal.

Adams: Can we get some EMTs out here? Veronica is going to need mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Jasmine begins to count as both ladies are still out. Meanwhile, Angelica as managed to steal the attention from Liz as Jessie begins to chase her. Liz uses the distraction to dig into her purse at ringside and pull something out. Angelica passes Liz again as she sticks a leg out to trip Jessie up. The trip works as Jessie smashes her head into the steel steps. Liz takes the opportunity to put furry hand cuffs on Jessie and handcuff her to the ring post.

Adams: Genius, pure genius.

Simone: Oh I knew these two broads couldn't win cleanly.

Adams: What are you talking about Liz just took out Jessie?

Simone: Vintage Mean Girls.

Angelica dangles the key in front of Jessie as she just realized what has happened and tries to get the key. Angelica walks away from Jessie as she hops up on the far side of the ring apron and gets the ref's attention. Angelica is arguing that Amy smells very bad. The distraction works as Liz connects with the Legend Maker across the back of Amy. Liz manages to roll Amy over onto her back then drapes Veronica's arm across Amy's chest. Angelica quickly hops down off the ring apron as Liz is beating the hell out of Jessie. Jasmine drops to her knees and counts the three.


Justin Decent: Here are your winners, Liz Smalls and Veronica Taylor....The Mean Girls.

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "Mz Hyde" by Halestorm begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, Misty emerges from behind the curtain to a round of cheering from the crowd.

Simone: We're about to hear from our three time former Bombshell champion and two time Woman of the Year, Misty. A lot has been going on the past several weeks on Twitter leading up to Misty's return just two weeks ago at Into The Void III.

Adams: Yeah, she's been all over the place lately. Look at what she did earlier, crashing the Mean Girls' auditions like that. She's losing her mind!

Misty looks from one side of the ramp to the other, smiling at the fans as they roar with approval, and she slowly starts making her way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans along the way.

Adams: Speaking of the auditions from earlier...What happened to Misty's tan that she had going on? She's back to pale face...

Simone: You'll have to ask her that.

Adams: No thanks...

Once she gets to the ring, she slides in under the bottom rope where she heads over to one of the corner turnbuckles, hopping up to the top rope pointing around the crowd with a proud smile. She stands there for several moments before she jumps back down and heads over to where Justin Decent is standing on the outside of the ring. He hands her a microphone and she heads to the center of the ring as her music dies down. The crowd keeps cheering her on before the begin a chant that brings a smile to her face.

Crowd: Welcome back Misty! Welcome back Misty!

Simone: If this isn't proof enough to her that people are glad she is back, I don't know what is.

Misty holds up her hand and the crowd quiets down just enough so she can talk.

Misty: Wow...thank you so much. I have to say, it's really great to be back. Even under the circumstances, it's just amazing to be back in this ring in front of all you amazing fans.

The crowd cheers loudly for her before the quiet down once again. Misty nods as she takes a couple steps around the ring, looking around the crowd.

Misty: I have to admit, when I made the decision to leave several months ago, I didn't expect to change my mind. I wasn't expecting to ever step foot back inside this six-sided ring to wrestle in front of you people because, to be quiet honest, I was burnt out. I was growing mentally and physically exhausted, which is why I left.

Misty receives a mixed reaction from the crowd as they aren't too sure what to think of her confession.

Adams: I think she's still mentally exhausted. Look at those dark circles under her eyes.

Simone: Yes, if you ask me, Misty is battling some serious demons right now, but she's been insisting she's just fine.

Adams: So getting arrested a couple of weeks ago for assault is just fine? I don't think so!

Misty: You know, one of our wonderful bosses, Mark Ward, wasn't holding back on his thoughts on Twitter. He kept trying to say that I just walked away, but I still don't see it that way. And do you want to know why?

Crowd: YES!

Misty: Because had I chosen to retire the right way...Had I decided on my final match here in SCW, I don't think I could have given you people...give myself...that one amazing final match. I would have disappointed not only myself, but all you fans in my last match and there was no way I was going to let that happen. So I left quietly.

Misty frowns, disappointed in herself as the crowd remains silent.

Simone: She wasn't very quiet on Twitter though was she?

Misty: Now...all that being said, I've had a lot of questions from people about the current situation surrounding my return. I don't think it was much of a surprise that I came back when I did, given all the drama and craziness on Twitter these days, but let me sum it up for all of you, okay? I came back to make sure that the division that I helped build...the bar that I set...I came back to rebuild what The Mean Girls are destroying. They can run their mouths all they want and say that they saved it...that they are the **air quotes** future of this division, but I think we all know that they NEVER will be.

Crowd: POP!

Misty turns and faces the backstage as the crowd continues to cheer.

Misty: For months I've had to sit back and watch The Mean Girls run around and terrorize everybody and anybody, and I'm tired of it! For months, I've had to watch them bully people on Twitter...backstage...YOU the fans...and I am SICK and TIRED of it! I'm tired of this stranglehold those bitches have on this division...on this company...and I am going to put a stop to it!

Crowd: HUGE POP!

Simone: I don't think Misty understands what she is getting herself into. She's only one person...

Adams: I don't think she cares. It seems to be she'll risk killing herself to get rid of the Mean Girls.

Misty nods as she keeps her eyes focused on the backstage.

Misty: So I want all of you skanks to listen up and listen up close. I've said it once and I'll say it a million times more. Your time is over, huntys...

The crowd laughs as Misty mocks the Mean Girls, using one of their signature words.

Misty: I might have the support and the backing from several of the other Bombshells in the back, but I'm telling you all this right now...I'm handling all you skanks by myself. One by one by one I'm going to take each and every one of you down, and I'm not going to need any help doing it. I'm coming after every damn one of you on my own. Don't think I can't do it either, because I'm capable of a lot more than you bitches give me credit for!

Misty narrows her eyes angrily as if speaking directly to The Mean Girls. The crowd cheers and claps for a while as Misty lowers the microphone for a moment. Just as Misty is about to continue speaking, the crowd goes crazy, booing and trying to warn her. She heeds their warning, but just as she spins around, she can't defend herself. Every single one of the Mean Girls, minus Holly Wood of course, ambushes the former Bombshell and Bombshell tag team champion.

Simone: Oh isn't this just lovely! Someone get out here and stop this!

Tessa, Angelica, Veronica, Liz, Mercedes and Delia all swarm into the ring and attack Misty. Delia is wielding a pink baseball bat and has a vicious look in her eyes. Tessa stands back a few feet, almost reluctant to get involved as Angelica and Veronica stomp away to the back of Misty's head. Misty tries to block their kicks but she is outnumbered. Delia screams at Tessa to help them out and only then Tessa doesn't hesitate. She jumps on to Misty's back and begins slamming her head into the canvas, screaming like a banshee.

Adams: What's gotten into Tessa?

Simone: I don't know, but Misty is getting the brunt of her wrath that's for damn sure.

The rest of the Mean Girls watch and smile proudly as Tessa goes to town on Misty, but Delia finally orders her to stop and she listens. Tessa and Angelica each then grab one of Misty's arms, pulling her up. Angelica grab's Misty's hair and yanks her head back so she can watch what is about to happen to her.

Simone: This is absolutely sickening. Where is security?!

Misty's nose is bloodied and she's almost barely conscious as Liz slowly approaches her with a smile on her face. Liz wave to Misty before she hauls back and *WHAP!*, she slaps Misty hard across the face! Misty's face slumps back down before Angelica asks for her shot, asking Liz to hold Misty. Liz shakes her head then orders Veronica to do it instead. Veronica is hesitant, but she does it anyway.

Adams: I think Misty might regret going after the Mean Girls alone...They might not give her that chance.

Angelica lifts Misty's head back up and screams in her face before she, too, hauls back and slaps Misty across the face! Delia taps Angelica's shoulders, ordering her to step aside, and she looks to Mercedes telling her to watch and learn. Mercedes smiles and they all stand back as Delia stands a few feet away from Misty, doing the "batter up" stance, getting the bat ready.

Simone: Oh no...Oh, she's not going to do that!

Adams: I think she is...

Misty is absolutely helpless to stop this an a few seconds later, Delia swings and *BAM!* nails Misty in her ribcage with the bat! Misty screams out in and slumps forward, but Tessa and Veronica keep a hold on her.

Delia: How does z'at feel, darling?!

Simone: This is going way to far...Somebody needs to help her!

Angelica wastes no time in pulling the bat back, swinging and nailing Misty in the ribs once again! She smiles wickedly and Tessa and Veronica then toss Misty down, but the damage has already been done. Just as Angelica is going to bring the bat crashing down against Misty's back, the crowd erupts in a huge pop as help is on it's way!

Adams: The cavalry has arrived!

Amy Marshall, Jessie Salco, Vixen and Electra Styles are all dashing down the ramp towards the ring! Delia and Liz are trying to quickly escape through the crowd but they are stopped short as Roxi Johnson and Zuri Justice come running through the crowd, stopping them!

Simone: Oh boy...the numbers just evened up I'd say. What are the Mean Girls going to do now?

All hell breaks lose outside the ring, however, as Mercedes Vargas goes after Zuri and the two begin battling it out. Delia attempts to hit Roxi with the baseball bat, but the superhero manages to knock the bat out of Delia's hands and she tackles the french one to the ground. Still injured, Liz tries escaping but she's stopped by Amy Marshall and Jessie Salco, who are clobbered from behind by Veronica Taylor and Vixen and Electra handle Angelica and Tessa inside the ring. The crowd is going absolutely wild from this mess as Bombshells are beating each other up everywhere!

Adams: This is absolutely...amazing!

Simone: It's chaos is what it is...

Adams: Still amazing!

It doesn't take long for the entire security team and ring officials to dash down to the ring to try and break up this mess, but it is more difficult than they thought. Amy and Jessie have to be held back from going after Liz and Veronica again but the two quickly make their retreat, waving at the Bombshell Tag champions. Once everyone has been separated, every member of the Mean Girls meets up in the middle of the ramp, as Roxi, Vixen, Electra, Zuri, Amy and Jessie all head into the ring to check on Misty, as does a member or two of the medical staff.

Simone: Misty is in a lot of pain. She can barely even sit up on her own...

Adams: I'd say she's got some busted ribs after that...

Vixen and Roxi help Misty back to her feet, but the three time former Bombshell champ is definitely in a lot of pain. That doesn't stop her from pushing herself away from the two, however, but she stumbles forward and trips against the ropes, glaring right at the Mean Girls. They are all pointing and laughing at her, proud of their handy work, but Misty points right at Delia.

Misty: You're mine, bitch! This isn't over!

Vixen and Roxi approach Misty again, encouraging her to accept their help. She has no other choice but to listen as the Mean Girls disappear behind the curtain, and Misty is helped out of the ring and slowly backstage.

Simone: That's all the time we have for tonight folks. We hope to have an update on Misty's condition soon!

Adams: Until next week, I'm Jason Adams...

Simone: And I'm Belinda Simone. We'll see you all next week!

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Erik, Horace, Trishelle, Derek, The Lord MK, Sean Jackson, Sam, Maggie, Vixen, Necra, Wong, Jenny, Simon Jones. Also thank you to Vixen for the great match banners and to everyone who roleplayed for this show!