Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Vanguard Grand Nightclub in Hollywood, California. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Vanguard Grand Nightclub in Hollywood, California, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda bounces out, dressed to resemble Lucille Ball from the hit sitcom, "I Love Lucy" complete with red hair and a polka dot dress. The music starts to play and the comedic antics of Amanda begins.

Amanda: *giggles*
If a surgeon used a cleaver, to leave me with a beaver
My penis he'd detach
I could serve up quite a luncheon on my hair pie to be munched on
If I only had a snatch

Oh nothing could be finer, than to have my own vagina
I could catch me a pot of cash
Oh I'd be the perfect Venus if my arms would lose that penis
If I only had a snatch

Well you'd pay cash if you want to touch this gash
Sorry! I hate to be so blunt
But a lady of the Millennium has to be up front
So no cash, no c*nt

It would cost a lot of money, but let me tell you honey
I'm gonna get the tits to match
Why not? I'll be on the table. It's cheaper.
For all the money I'd be earning with the tricks I could be turning
If I only had that snatch

But my crotch begins to itch, and then to twitch!
Getting neutered like a dog can really be a bitch!
A snippety snippety snitch!
Why is it all white transsexuals look like Barbara Eden?

Should I substitute erections for the chance at yeast infections?
With no ovaries to hatch?
A hole that's wet and hairy?
I'd have two! That's really scary!
If I got myself that snatch!

And what if I felt nothing with tits of silicone stuffing?
And what if they didn't match?
Oh they'd sag like weeping willows! I'd be stuck with dirty pillows!
If I got myself that snatch!
They're all gonna laugh at me!

Oh I am what I am!
I've never even seen a bearded clam!
So the first vagina that I'd ever taste, would be below my own waist!

For ladies who's just oozing, my manhood I'd be losing!
If I did I'd have to scratch!
So I'll just keep right on tucking
Use my booty for the f**king
If I only had a...
Ding Dong! I'll keep my schlong!
My big fat long and manly schlong!
Yes I'm going to keep my manly ... SCHLONG!

The crowd is in hysterics, laughing uproariously and cheering as Amanda prances about the stage, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd before disappearing behind the stage curtains.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I've got rotten heartburn, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: This is our last show before December 2 Dismember II, so we kick off at a fast pace. The Fearless One Steve Ramone is in action as he goes up against the very talented Eric Steel.

Adams: Steel will be looking to climb the SCW ladder, but Ramone has been impressive in SCW so far.

Simone: Emma Rose has be on fire since her return and she teams up with the very popular Jon Dough, but tonight is not gonna be easy for the popular duo, as Necra Octavian Kane and Aaron Matthew stand in their way.

Adams: Keep a close eye on this one, cause all four of these stars are good enough to break out and head to the top in the near future.

Simone: To say SCW brings you unique matches, is an understatement, and this one is unique as Nick Jones takes on his own blood, in the form of his cousin, Big B.

Adams: Big B is not a trained wrestler, Nick could take him apart here.

Simone: Old rivals Kain and Casey Williams are in action tonight. These two vicious bulls will go one on one.

Adams: These guys have no issues in beating the living daylights out of each other and just in case, we got the clean up crew on standby

Simone: It's been well documented that Giani Di Luca will be facing Goth at December 2 Dismember II, but tonight, Giani takes on former SCW heavyweight champion, Simon Jones.

Adams: Simon Jones and Casey Williams have been involved in a huge rivalry lately, Simon will have one eye on that entrance ramp in case Casey decides to get involved in this one.

Simone: The staff are at it again with their booking style. In two weeks, Roxi Johnson will get her return match against Gothika for the Bombshell title but tonight, they team up, to take on Bombshell tag team champions, Misty and Vixen.

Adams: These four are four of the top female talents in the entire world, I can't wait to see these get it on in the ring. So let's not waste time, let's do this!

New Low starts to play thru the speakers. As the lyrics start we see Jon Dough coming from the curtains as he sings his theme song along with the SCW crowd. Jon Dough is seeing walking down the ramp to the ring.

Jon Dough:

I have no space
No room to move around
And this box is getting smaller
I'm trying to get out

How did I get so far
From where I was
When did I decide
To lose my way
Who have I become

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

I've got a new low
All 52 cards in a row
I see now that I won't let go
Crowd Only: No I won't let go

Well who am I?
A cold shoulder left to cry
You feel bad, well so do I
Yeah so do I

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up, but mostly down

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up, but mostly down

Jon Dough:

I cannot help feeling like
I have so much at stake
So I lock myself inside my head
And I just run in place

So many directions
I don't know which way to go
I'm so busy doing nothing
I got nothing to show

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

I've got a new low
All 52 cards in a row
I see now that I won't let go

SCW Crowd: No I won't let go

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

Well who am I?
A cold shoulder used to cry
You feel bad, well so do I

SCW Crowd: Yeah so do I

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up but mostly down

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up but mostly down

Jon Dough:

I make mistakes
Just like everybody else
But instead of letting go of it
I can't forgive myself

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

Well I did my time
In the window-less box
Like it or not
All I got now is today
Tomorrow ain't here
And yesterday is gone dead on me anyway

Jon Dough & SCW Crowd:

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up, but mostly down

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up, but mostly down

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up, but mostly down

I've been right; I've been left
I've been wrong; I've been left behind
I've been up, but mostly down.

The song goes off as we see Jon Dough in the middle of the ring. Crowd is heard cheering and clapping for Jon Dough. Jon puts the mic closer to his mouth???

Jon Dough: How???s everyone doing tonight here in Hollywood, California?

Crowd pops!!

Jon Dough: Good I'm glad your excited. So am I. See I get the honor to have Emma Rose as my partner for tonight.

Crowd Pops!

Able to Love By Benny Benass starts to play thru the spears. The crowd pops as well as some of the men in the crowd start to whistle. Emma Rose comes out form the curtain. The Crowd gets even louder. Emma walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Justin Decent hands Emma a mic thru the ropes.

Emma Rose: Thanks I feel the same way to.

Jon Dough: So Emma I'm Holding this T-Shirt over my shoulder.

Its the newest hottest item on the SCW market. Should we show them what I'm talking about?

Emma Rose: No, I don't think they want to see it.

Crowd: Yes we do! Yes we do! Yes we do!

Jon Dough: I think I heard a few in the back say Yes I do but I'm not sure as they weren???t loud enough.

Emma Rose: Yea your right. I guess they really don???t want to see the BRAND NEW EMMA ROSE T-Shirt huh?


Jon Dough: Wow know that???s what I'm talking about. Sounds like they want to see it Emma. Want to show them the new hottest T-Shirt around.

Emma Rose: I don't know, I don't think they seem to interested in it if you ask me?

Crowd boos to then cheers very quickly

Emma gently grabs the T-Shirt from Jon shoulder and holds it up in the air for everyone to see.

The crowd starts cheering as the are liking the T-shirt.

Jon Dough: Hey the shirt don't lie. All the guys out here let me ask you a question do you think Emma Rose is the hottest New Zealand export ever?

Crowd: YES! YES! YES!

Jon Dough: I think everybody does.

Emma doesn't say a word as a her cheek glow a soft pink from embarrassment.

Jon Dough: Plus there is something else to right Emma?

Emma Rose: Not quite.

Jon dough unfolds the hat he is holding in his left hand and puts it on.

Jon Dough: Oh yes there is. I'm proud to wear this hat. For those who have been under a rock please Emma tell them what Kia Kaha means.

Emma Rose: forever strong

Jon Dough: A meaningful message that can be applied to the everyday life.

Emma nods her head agreeing with Jon Dough

Jon Dough: Now since Emma and I are teaming together tonight. We have a big offer for you guys. If you buy a Jon Dough T-shirt or the new Emma Rose T-shirt you will get this new Emma rose Kia Kaha hat for free.

The crowd cheers!

Emma Rose: Autographed an all

Emma winks out into the crowd as they let out another loud cheer.

Jon Dough: Emma and I are glad you guys are excited. You see Emma Rose and Jon Dough share something that few here in SCW would openly admit to the SCW fans. The truth is we do this for all of you!

Emma and Jon starting pointing to the crowd

Jon Dough: You see SCW you guys are....are....are

Emma Rose: The best fans in the world

crowd cheers as Jon nods his head.

Jon Dough: Thanks Emma. That???s what I was trying to say. Well look guys we love to stay out here longer but we know you guys are ready to see some action.

Crowd cheers!

Emma Rose: However when you see us in this ring again were gonna be kicking ass and taking names.

Crowd Pops loud as Able to Love by Benny Benassi starts to play in the PA system. Jon holds the ropes like a gentlemen for Emma to exit the ring. Jon exits and the two go up the ramp discussing there plans for tonight???s match.

Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

SCW Roulette Championship
"Big Tiger" Jeremiah Hardin ?? vs. Cyrus King

The scene opens up backstage where we see ???The Fearless One??? Steve Ramone talking with his wife Charlotte whilst his daughter sits down on a crate playing her 3DS and presumably Pok??mon X.

Simone: In a few moments the legend known as ???The Fearless One??? Steve Ramone will go one on one with the young and impressive Eric Steel.

Adams: He???s been on a tear since debuting in SCW and I don???t think this match will be any different.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Steve, do you have a minute?

Steve looks up and nods.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Any final thoughts before your match with Eric?

Steve: Yeah, I know he???s a talented guy and I???m not taking anything away from him but tonight I???ll beat him and move onto the next PPV, I don???t know if I???ll be in action or not but if I am then I will be ready and rearing to kick some ass! Speaking of the match I gotta go, see you!

Steve leaves with Charlotte and Sophie as the scene fades.

Justin: And now for your opening match, please welcome first from Queens New York, weighing in at 200 pounds.... Steve Ramoooooooneeee

???Live it Up??? by Airborne hits the speakers and the crowd comes alive for ???The Fearless One??? Steve Ramone, as soon as the vocals hit Steve comes out with his wife Charlotte by his side as he high fives the crowd as he walks down the ramp, once they reach the ringside area Steve leaps into the ring through the bottom and middle ropes before holding the middle rope down for his wife as they wait for Steve???s opponent.

Justin: and his opponent from Toronto Ontario Canada... weighing in at 219 pounds.... Eriiiiiic Steeeel

???I???m goin??? in??? by Drake and Lil Wayne blasts over the PA system and out walks Eric Steel to a chorus of boos. The new comer does his best and ignores the fans on the way down the ramp, keeping his eyes glued on Steve who is bouncing up and down in the ring stretching. Eric races up the steps and enters the ring before making a bee line for Steve getting right up into his face.

Ding, ding, ding.

The bell sounds and the match is under way. Eric Steel the cocky new comer starts to mock Steve Ramone by shouting at him across the ring. Steve doesn???t seem fazed as he comes running in and the two males lock up in the centre of the ring. As they battle it out to see who is the strongest Steve gets the upper hand and manages to put Eric in a side headlock, Eric is able to capitalize gripping Steve around the waist and lifting him up for a modified Suplex.

Adams: The quick or the dead here tonight Belinda

Simone: Eric is showing up Steve so far.

The men don???t stay down for long as they both spring back up to their feet. Circling one another they two are quick to lock up once more this time Eric is quick to grab for Steve???s neck locking him up in a front headlock before devastatingly dropping Steven face first on the unforgiving canvas with a face plant DDT. Eric doesn???t go for a pin instead he leaps up and uses the ropes as a springboard and he comes crashing in with a Moonsault. This time the new comer hooks the leg of his opponent.



Adams: He???s kidding himself.

Simone: Early pin by Eric

NO! Not even close, Steve kicks out and pushes Eric off of him. The two make it to their feet and instantly engage in a fist fight, the two going back and forth until out of nowhere Steve hits Eric with a spilt leg jaw breaker. While Eric is down on his knees Steve takes the opportunity to come racing in with a running knee collecting the side of Eric???s face on the way through.

Simone: Ramone is gaining momentum

Adams: Eric better find some go juice and fast.

Steve is quick to get straight in on the attack as he topples down on top of Eric and starts hammering away with left and rights. Eric has his hands up covering his face, trying to scoot away across the canvas. Steve gets up picking Eric up by his short hair in the process, backing him up into the nearest corner he sets him up there. Eric is staggering on his two feet as Steve takes a run and looks as if he is going to go for a super kick but Eric ducks out of the way causing Steve to get his leg caught up on the top rope. Eric rapidly turns around and stiffly kicks Steve in the midsection. Grabbing Steve???s other leg Eric ties him up around the top rope. The referee is calling for Eric to back away but Eric just ignores it.

Simone: That???s cheating!!!

Adams: Sit down Belinda, I don???t think Eric cares.

Simone: You think?

Steve is wildly trying to break free as Eric is darting towards the other side of the ring getting a run up as he turns around using the ropes for more force, the new comer is running in hot and he delivers his two boots square in the jaw of Steve with a baseball slide. Steve???s legs unhook form the impact and he falls flat on the canvas like a rag doll. The referee is checking up on Steve while Eric takes his time surveying the damage.

Simone: What a sick animal!

Adams: Good night Steve!!!

After soaking in the chorus of boos Eric drags Steve body to the centre of the ring and proudly pins him effortless with just one arm loosely hung over his shoulders. The referee makes the count.



2... ??.....

NO! Somehow someway Steve is able to get the shoulder up and Eric is pissed. As he starts to wave his hands around at the referee Steve is getting valuable recovery time. Seeing that Steve is trying to make his way up to his feet Eric spins around and grabs a hold of his head bringing him to his feet. A slap is heard around the arena as Eric drives his forearm across Steve chest firmly, followed but another and another. Steve stumbles back but still has fight left in him as he tries to take a swing at Eric, Eric jumps up and looks for the Steel Cutter but Steve side steps it narrowing avoiding it.

Adams: Eric is livid.

As Eric jumps up off the canvas he looks for Steve who is staggering away to the other side of the ring. Eric in hot pursuit grabs hold of Steve???s right arm and spins him around but Steve already has it all figured out as he plants a Fearless Shot right on Eric???s face.

Simone: Fearless shot out of nowhere!!!

Steve stumbles down on top of Eric and hooks his leg.




Adams: He???s done it!


Justin: Here is your winner, Steeeeeeevvvveeeeee Raaaaaammmmmmoooooneeee!

The camera switches backstage to Ben Jordan waiting in the parking lot. He looks down at an expensive watch on his wrist, tapping it a couple of times.

Ben: Come on geez, don't let me down.

Jason Adams and Belinda Simone's voices can be heard talking over Ben.

Simone: Ben Jordan promised to shock the SCW world tonight by bringing back a new tag team partner tonight.

Adams: He's been teasing on Twitter this week, but claims no one has figured out who it is yet.

Ben looks around the parking garage again, watching SCW crew members entering the building.

Simone: Ben's looking slightly nervous.

Adams: I'm sure he's just as excited as us.

Emma Rose walks up behind Ben, putting her arms around him. Ben turns his head to look down at the redheaded New Zealander.

Emma: You're worrying too much.

Ben: Me? Nah, just looking forward to getting this done, and shocking the world. These lucky people are in for a treat and then some.

Ben turns around to Emma.

Ben: People are gonna be well shocked.

Ben puts his hands on Emma's shoulders.

Ben: You should be thinking about your match, and not worried about this.

Emma bites her lip.

Emma: I'm thinking of the match, but I gotta think of you too.

Ben: Awwww, you big softy!

Emma puts her hands on Ben's chest, pushing him away a little in a joking manner.

Emma: You're lucky I l... like you.

Ben: Yeah, I am. Right, let's focus on your match now, and we'll worry about my surprise later.

Emma: He probably just got stuck in traffic anyway.

Ben: Yeah, or found a few women and got distracted.

Adams: Women? Is that another clue?

Emma and Ben smile as the camera fades out.

The Titantron flares to life and the crowd begins to either cheer or boo as they see Kain and Ariel step out of the dressing room and make their way towards the ring. The couple join hands as they talk to each other through whispers as they face each other while continuing to walk. Suddenly, they are stopped by Rocky Mountains, who is calling out Kain's name repeatedly. Growling, he stops and waits for Rocky to catch up from behind. Ariel is also not pleased with this as well as Rocky catches her breath and then regains her composure. Kain lets go of Ariel and folds his arms, staring at the woman.

Rocky: Kain, the entire world wants to know how you feel about Casey not responding to anything you've said and instead as shown up here?

Kain: Really? You have to sit there and waste my time with a question like that? Fine, I'll oblige and answer; I'm pissed. The coward chose to say or do nothing for the entire week, clearly knowing that the match is mine for the taking and yet, here he comes, acting like nothing is happening except just another day in the office, right? It's going to be his time to shine, he's going to dominate, and he's going to walk away and act like it's going to be the biggest win in his career. Well, screw that! Casey Williams is not a man to be afraid of nor to be intimated by! I have no plans on waiting for people to come to me, I'm going to take the fight to them. Casey is going to be tough for a short while, but he's going to be stepped on and destroyed by me. Even if I accepted the fact that this match is booked, it's still pisses me off that I'm given a weak foe to take on before a major PPV is about to happen. After this, Casey better learn his lesson and he better stay out of my pathway. Oh wait, that won't happen because tonight, Rocky? Tonight, I'm going to end that man's career and put him either in a hospital for a long, LONG time or put him down, six feet under! For I am Kain...THE KING OF KINGS! And I...HAVE SPOKEN!

Ariel shakes her head at Rocky with disgust as she takes her man's hand and leads him out of the picture frame as Rocky lowers the microphone and stares after the couple.

Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

SCW Tag Team Championship

This just announced! The vacant tag team titles will be determined in a double ladder match! The tag team title belts will be suspended above the ring and the two men who are able to reach the gold, be they friends or enemies, will become the brand new SCW Tag Team Champions!

Mercedes Vargas: Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

The scene fades and the camera pulls back from a monitor. Mercedes Vargas is seen here watching the previous match from the monitor control room. She is wearing casual clothes as she is not scheduled to compete tonight. She turns away from the monitor and towards the camera.

Mercedes Vargas: I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I even wrote a list.

Mercedes holds up her index finger in a wait a minute gesture as she pulls out a folded piece of paper from out of her jeans pocket. She begins reading from it, looking up at the camera at certain points.

Mercedes Vargas: For starters, I'm thankful for being the amazing and talented wrestler I am, is, and always will be. I am thankful for NOT living in California and ESPECIALLY not in Hollywood.

She smiles.

Mercedes Vargas: I'm thankful for my gorgeous good looks. I am thankful for friends, family, and good health. I am thankful for all of you people paying my bills. I am thankful that when I get time off, like tonight for instance, I don't have to see your ugly faces every single week.

Mercedes pauses and smiles.

Mercedes Vargas: I am thankful that I support a winning team like the New York Football Giants and not godawful teams like the Raiders, or mediocre ones like the Chargers and 49ers. I'm also thankful for Sin City Wrestling, mostly for bringing in perhaps the best Bombshell this company has had in quite some time. I am thankful for my career and the titles I've won, which includes being a two-time world champion, multi-time tag team champion, television champion, and, of course Bombshell Roulette Champion in SCW. But while giving thanks for all these things, there's something that bother's me.

Mercedes folds up the paper and slides it back in her back pocket.

Mercedes Vargas: What about me? What about Mercedes Vargas getting her thanks? I know, I know, it's better to give than to receive, but it has to be asked. Where am I going to get my thanks from Amy Marshall? When is she going to thank me that she's actually holding on to a real singles championship in SCW instead of one of those foam belts she could have ordered from the merch table? She's supposed to be giving her little victory speech or whatever tonight, but honestly, who cares? No, really, who cares? The only reason she's getting publicity right now is because I'm talking about her. Other than that, no one would give her the time of day.

She pauses.

Mercedes Vargas: You're welcome, Amy. You of all people should be THANKING ME. You should be thanking me that you're relevant right now. You should be thanking me that I...

She points to herself.

Mercedes Vargas: I made you a star, I made you important. Yeah, I did that. Because since the day you arrived in SCW you failed to do even that. Prior to last week, it's been over a year since you last won anything resembling a championship in this company. The way I see it, that roulette wheel did you a favor, Amy. You went on Twitter, you said you beat me, when clearly, CLEARLY, that wasn't the case. You didn't pin me, you didn't make me climbed over a cage, that's it. That's all you needed to do. If it was any stipulation that involved pinfalls or submissions, we all know that you wouldn't even be talking about your, what was it, "shiny new belt."

Mercedes holds up hands as if she was done with the matter altogether.

Mercedes Vargas: You know what? I'm over it. I'm not angry, I'm not upset. I'm just looking forward to our match at December to Dismember.

She turns to the bank of monitors on the screen before turning back to the camera.

Mercedes Vargas: A word of advice in your little victory speech tonight...

She smirks as she runs a hand through her hair.

Mercedes Vargas: Don't thank me yet.


Simone: it???s not often that it happens but SCW does book intergender matches!

Adams: The last time it happened was when we had the Blast from the Past Tournament earlier this year which was ultimately won by Odette Ryder and Jordan Williams.

Simone: That changes tonight as in a few minutes we will have a mixed tag team match where Emma Rose teams up with Jon Dough to take on Necra Octavian Kane and Aaron Matthews!

Justin: The following is a mixed tag team match scheduled for one fall!

???New Low??? by Middle Class Rut begins to play as Jon waits for the lyrics to start and holding a mic in his right hand he walks from behind the curtain singing the lyrics to the song while he high fives as many fans as he can till he hit???s the ring. He then slides from under the button ropes. Gets on his feet and gets on top of one of the turnbuckles and hold the mic up in the air while the crowd sings the chorus.

Justin: In the ring, weighing in at 245lbs Jon Dough!

Simone: Jon made his debut a few weeks ago and he has impressed ever since??????Jason, are you singing along with the crowd?

Adams: Sorry!

Justin: And his partner???.

Able to Love by Benny Benassi begins to play and Emma Rose comes out to the cheering crowd, she high fives the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring.

Justin: From Dunedin, New Zealand, she is Emma Rose!

Simone: The same can be said for Emma Rose despite the fact that the New Zealander has been in the company longer than Jon Dough.

Adams: But she hasn???t faced anyone like Necra before!

Justin: And their opponents!

The lights in the arena go out, as a golden spotlight goes over the crowd, and comes to stop at the back of the stage, as "Trip the Darkness" by Lacuna Coil begins to play over the loud speakers filling the arena. A fog rolls over the back area of the stage, as two lines of men and women appear through the mist and stand on either side of the rampway holding banners with her symbol on it. Necra soon appears out of the mist and starts down the rampway dressed in a white and gold toga.

Justin: From the Isle of the Dead in Greece, she is the Goddess of the Dead Necra Octavian Kane!

Simone: At one point Necra was one of the most feared Bombshells on the roster to the point that even Misty needed to hit both of her finishers just to put her away.

Adams: Even without that fear Necra is still one of the most dangerous Bombshells on the roster!

As she passes the servants fall to their knees, as she stares straight ahead, ignoring the crowd around her. As she reaches the ring she climbs the stairs and slips under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. Necra raises her arms and as she brings them down, lightning strikes each of the posts and are set ablaze. Necra removes the golden crown and the longer part of the toga and waits for her partner whilst glaring at the opposite team, all of the sudden the opening beat to MGK's "Wild Boy" was heard over the arena's speakers which caused the crowd to instantly pop. Upon doing so the song began to pick up the beat as the lyrics poured out clear for the crowd to hear. In a matter of seconds Aaron Matthews came out onto the stage. As one would image the crowd lost their minds just a little bit more. Matthews couldn't help but smirk at the reaction he was getting as he raised his arms into the air getting them to cheer a bit more.

Justin: Introducing her partner, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Here to make one hell of an impact on Sin City Wrestling. Put your hands together for the American Tradition, Aaron Matthews!

Simone: Aaron surprised Cyrus King last week by getting the win over him, tonight we???ll see if lightning will strike twice!

Adams: Why does he get his own special introduction anyway?

Simone: From what I heard, that was part of his contract.

By now Matthews had started to make his way down the ramp. All along the way he was slapping hands with the fans, associating with them as much as possible seeing as he was a man of the people. Seconds later Matthews found him walking up the steel steps of the ring before he charged across the apron and made his way up the turnbuckle to the second ring. Once again he lifted his hands above his head and the crowd cheered with all their might. Matthews continued to smirk before he leaped off the turnbuckle and into the ring. He made his way to one of the nearest corners as he leaned against it, Drew calls in all four participants to explain the rules to them.

Drew: Normal Tag Team Rules apply, when either a Bombshell or a male wrestler is tagged in and someone of the opposite sex is tagged in on the opposing team they are given thirty seconds to tag in their partner, failure to do so results in a disqualification, if a male team member attacks a female team member of the opposite team that team is disqualified, any questions?

The two teams shake their heads to confirm that they don???t have any questions and Drew nods before signaling for the bell, the two teams go to the corners and after a few minutes of deliberating the men exit the ring.

Simone: Looks like the Bombshells are kicking things off.

Adams: This is going to be great!

Emma shows no fear of the Amazonian Bombshell as she and Necra quickly lock up, this quickly proves to be a mistake as Necra is able to use her strength to shove Emma backwards and towards the ropes, Necra charges in for a follow up only to get drop toe holded onto the middle rope.

Simone: That???s Emma???s best hope against Necra, to use her speed to her advantage.

Adams: That pretty much sums up most of the Bombshell Roster actually.

Emma doesn???t waste any time in a follow up as she gets onto the apron and hits a running dropkick to the side of Necra???s head knocking her back into the ring, not letting up for a second Emma follows it up with a Springboard Legdrop and goes for the first cover of the match 1???.2???..kickout by Necra, Emma doesn???t let up and follows it up with a Submission Hold.

Simone: Emma???s doing everything she can to keep Necra from getting an advantage.

Adams: This is Necra we???re talking about though, that???s like trying to keep a Bombshell from being sexy!

It doesn???t take Necra long to power out of the submission hold, a grounded headlock, as she stands up with Emma still holding onto the hold which proves to be a big mistake on Emma???s part as she is practically broken in half by a brutal back suplex by Necra! Necra goes for a cover 1???.2???..kickout by Emma!

Simone: The match has just started and both teams have near falls under their belts.

Adams: The men haven???t even been tagged in yet!

Necra shakes her head at the failed pin-fall attempt and pulls Emma up to her feet apparently looking for another move of some kind, we never find out what she was going for however as Emma is able to surprise her with a jawbreaker and a dropkick to the knee before she starts making her way over to her team???s corner obviously looking for a tag.

Simone: A tag to Jon Dough would give both Bombshells a chance to recover!

Adams: Not if Necra has anything to say about it.

Necra has recovered from Emma???s attack and has pulled Emma towards her before hitting her with a Full Nelson Suplex! Necra goes for another cover 1???..2???.Emma barely kicks out in time and Jon can be seen on the outside desperately calling for a tag from Emma!

Simone: Emma needs a tag badly!

Adams: She just needs to get past Necra!

Necra forces Emma to her feet and whips her off the ropes; however Jon is able to get a blind tag in as she rebounds of the ropes which Drew sees but neither of the Bombshells do and Necra practically destroys Emma with a sidewalk slam! Necra goes for a cover but Drew refuses to count pointing out that Jon is now the legal man.

Simone: Some quick thinking by Jon may have saved the match for his team!

Adams: And has given Emma a much needed respite.

Jon is now in the ring and is helping Emma get to their teams corner and Necra frowns before tagging in Aaron not letting her glare escape from Jon for a second even as she exits the ring, Aaron jumps in over the top rope and the two men start exchanging some technical wrestling.

Simone: I think it???s obvious that Emma is thankful for that blind tag.

Adams: I don???t know I???d like to be dominated by Necra!

Simone: Yeah I???m just going to pretend that I didn???t hear that sentence.

The two men eventually come to a standstill and the crowd applauds both men, rather than waste any time Aaron charges in for a clothesline but gets countered with a pair of arm drags by Jon Dough who follows it up with a Belly to Belly Suplex before going for a cover 1???.2???.kickout by Aaron, Jon picks him back up and tries to follow it up with a move of some kind but instead gets dumped out to the outside by Aaron.

Simone: Is Aaron trying to go a count out victory here?

Adams: I don???t think so! He???s waiting for Jon to get to his feet!

Jon quickly gets to his feet and Aaron leaps hitting him with a Corkscrew Cross Body! Drew starts counting both men out but Aaron gets to his feet first and throws Jon back into the ring before following him in and going for a cover 1???.2???.kickout by Jon!

Simone: Aaron almost had the match won for his team!

Adams: And he???s not happy about it!

Aaron spends a couple of seconds arguing with Drew about a slow count but the referee is having none of it and insists that it was a fair pin-fall, Aaron shakes his head before waiting for Jon to get to his feet and when he does???..

Simone: SUPERKICK FROM HELL! That???s how he beat Cyrus King last week!

Adams: Will history repeat itself?

Aaron goes for a cover 1???.2???.KICKOUT BY JON!

Simone: Apparently not!

Adams: Aaron???s speechless!

Aaron protests by slapping his hand three times but Drew is once again having none of it, Aaron decides the best course of action is to hit a second Superkick from Hell and waits for Jon to get to his feet, when he does Aaron goes for his finisher???..

Simone: Jon ducks the Superkick!

Aaron stumbles around and Jon quickly takes advantage hitting a Fame-Asser and following it up with a Triple Powerbomb!

Adams: Lights-Out!

Jon holds on for the pin 1???.2???3!

Justin: Here are your winners, Jon Dough and Emma Rose!

Simone: What a match!

Adams: I hope we get a rematch in the near future!

Emma joins Jon in the ring for a celebration as Necra just shakes her head before leaving the ring without Aaron.

The lights in the Vanguard Club suddenly go out!

Adams: What the hell...?

Adams: Oh no... Hide me!

The screen above the stage flickers to life, a fire in the forefront of the shot. It draws back, and reveals the setting to be a barren one, in the middle of a dread forest void of life. A meager hut is shown, fashioned of wood and clay, but surrounding this abode is a more disturbing view of a fence crafted of human bones, and atop the posts, the skulls of the bones' former 'owners'.

Simone: Jason, get out from under this table this minute!

Baba Yaga: You are insects attempting to do battle with a storm...

A figure moves towards the flames, where a large cauldron of black iron rests atop. Clad in dark robes, her gray hair is about the only thing that sets her form against the night. She reaches to the cauldron and clasps the oak branch that stands up from the interior, an she begins to stir the awful contents.

Baba Yaga: Ignorance. Filth. You have all the tools at your disposal to use to your advantage. To make your little bit of play acting at least somewhat believable, and yet do you make the effort? Do you take the least bit of pride in your deception?

The grizzled witch looks up into the camera with a snarl.

Baba Yaga: You do not. Laziness.

She turns away from the cauldron as the thick sludge inside begins to boil, the viscous mire drawing up gruesome bubbles that 'pop' the moment they reach the surface. On a small stone slab, lies a small ceramic plate with a variety of awful ingredients, the most notable being that of a heart. This, she picks up with her bare hand an she drops it into the thick 'soup' in the cauldron, and she watches it as it slowly sinks.

Baba Yaga: You are children, playing at the acts of men. You think what lies before you is a delightful game, not knowing that within ignorance belies your own foolhardy humiliation.

Again, she takes hold of the pole and starts to stir.

Baba Yaga: Yes. Druids. I have known many Druids. I have fought them countless times. My dears? you are not Druids.

The surface of the cauldron's contents shimmers and inside an image forms; one of familiarity. Stonehenge. Not the one we see and know of in modern times. Not as aged or as withered, but one that appeared on the verge of having just been erected. A fire is lit in the center. People in robes of coarse cloth surround the flames that illuminate the night.

She chuckles.

Baba Yaga: Perhaps you are something akin to what these modern fools refer to as Neo-Druidism. I imagine, that in comparison, it would be comparing a Wiccan to a true witch. What's next, dears? Animal sacrifice? Perhaps you might feel emboldened enough to bring fire to the wicker giant with some poor fool trapped within. Whatever. it doesn't matter. What does matter, however, is your outlandish attempts to use the forbidden for your own personal means. You seek to use something far out of your element in order to make a better name for yourselves, and those of whom support you. Your ... followers, you call them.

Baba Yaga pauses briefly to toss a handful of a powder into the cauldron and for a brief moment, flames dance along the surface of the inside.

Baba Yaga: Thinking to use the one known as Goth to push yourselves further, the moment he emerged as the Champion? That was to be expected. But to then begin drawing the 'Pale One' into your endeavors?

She clucks her tongue and shakes her head in mockery.

Baba Yaga: You are mere brats, ignorant in the ways of the world. Children who have went through life without the hard lessons of your noses being bloodied. You believe you to be above all others, acting out as you will, yet the moment another acts in kind to pay you back? Oh that is unfair. You cry. You pout. And then you pretend that it never happened. Please!

She dips her withered finger into the sludge and brings it up to sniff lightly at her nose. Unsatisfied, she picks up what appears to be the bones of a human finger and drops it into her cauldron.

Baba Yaga: You insult the intelligence of those so far beyond your comprehension, that you make fools of yourselves! To say that Goth and Grimm attacked the wrong people, to say they could not tell the difference in size and appearance, just shows you to be sad little animals that have struggled to make it this far in life. You accuse Goth and Grimm of attacking the wrong people, then to satiate your own egos, you have to hire out your own followers to portray those you wish to ... target. Oh those were the real Goth and Grimm, you say?

She shakes her head and hides a laugh.

Baba Yaga: Please!

Another image forms in the cauldron, this being one from last week;

Goth: This is the locker they told us they saw the druids go in. Look, their cloaks are hanging up, this has to be the right room.

Grimm: You're correct, sounds like they're taking a shower, lets wait for them to come out.

Goth: Lets just go in there right now, they're defenseless, they're obviously not expecting us.

Grimm: While I like that idea, I don't believe it would be a good one, after all, water is slippery and we could risk injuring ourselves, lets wait for them to come out.

Grimm and Goth position themselves on both sides of the shower door with the chairs at the ready. The water turns off and a few moments later, three figures appear at the doorway ready to come out. Goth and Grimm swing their chairs but stop at the last possible moment

3 girls: AHHHHHH who are you, get outta here!

As Grimm and Goth step back we see three very attractive women with towels wrapped around their bodies obviously terrified

Grimm: Whoa, whoa whoa, sorry ladies, our mistake. We were told that we would find The Saviors in this room, but it's only you girls, we apologize and.....well hold on a second, why are you girls in The Saviors locker room?

Redhead Girl: The Saviors? We were told to come here to do some promotional work, they gave us these three cloaks to wear and told us we could shower and get ready in here.

Goth: So, you're not a part of The Saviors clan?

Brunette Girl: Hah no silly, we're models.

The three girls walk over to the cloaks and put them on, then they yank their towels out from underneath and drop them to the floor.

Grimm: Once again, we apologize, we got some wrong information.

Blonde girl: Well, that's ok, but we're not the druids you're looking for!

Upon hearing that, Grimm and Goth give each other a look as if to say "wait a minute, we heard that before."

Goth: Yes, sorry ladies.

The image wavers...

Baba Yaga: The ignorance you display is downright disgusting. Goth and Grimm have been around these parts long enough for anyone to know, that neither would act or speak in such gentile ways. A child in grade school could put on a more convincing performance! Perhaps you would do better to hire one such as they to perform the roles you need to pass convincingly. Oh and while you're at it, be a dear and bring one for me.

A small hand rises from the sludge and a burbled 'cry' comes from beneath the sludge before Baba Yaga shoves it back down where it belongs. She glances up and smiles wickedly.

Baba Yaga: I do get hungry out here, all alone.

The opening drums to Five Finger Death Punch???s "I.M.Sin" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"What a fucking poser, that's all you'll ever be!
Don't get any closer, or you'll meet the real me!
I am, who I am, you can't destroy me!
I am, what I am, you can't deny me!

I want out, but I could never surrender.
Try and break me down, but I won???t let you win.
You can call me out, but I know you???re a pretender.
You may think your god, but I know that I am sin!"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

???I am SIN! I am SIN!
I am SIN! I am SIN!

I won???t fucking buy it!
I never have and I never will!
Keep fucking trying!
I'm just waiting for the blood to spill!"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: ???Hey Kain, we meet again. We all know how our previous matches have tuned out, with you beating me, but remember this, you will fail this time. I am going to plow through you and beat you for once and for all. By the time all is said and done, you will be lying on the ground in defeat, just like a building being hit by a wrecking ball. All I know is that the fans will see a demolition derby tonight, courtesy of the Freight Train of Pain, Casey Williams.???

The crowd boos Casey even louder as he drops the mic and walks to the back and ???I.M.Sin??? hits the speakers.

The lights dim down slightly as white strobes flash quickly above the stage. The opening buzzing to ???Where Eagles Dare??? by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music. Erik pushes his way through the curtains, wearing a Team Erik t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He is carrying a clipboard in his hands as he grins sadistically out at the booing crowd. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the booing as if they power him. He pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his evil smirk before grabbing a microphone. He walks to the table set up inside of it, setting down a clipboard in the center. He looks over to his wrist watch and taps it, shrugging his shoulders as the booing finally dies down. He retrieves a microphone from Justin Decent, slowly paces back and forth as he waits for near silence.

Erik: Ladies and gentlemen??? it is my distinct honor to officiate the contract signing for the Sin City Wrestling??? Heavyweight Championship match at???

Erik pauses as the fans cheer loudly. He sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he slowly shakes his head. As the fans continue to cheer, Erik loudly clears his throat.

Erik: AHHHEMMM! ??? at December 2 Dismember where our esteemed champion, Goth??? defends against a man who wouldn???t be half as great as he is without my firm guidance???

Fans: BOOOOO!!!

Erik shrugs his shoulders with a sly smirk on his face that suggests he is saying this as an irrefutable fact. After a second, the booing dies down and Erik brings the microphone back to his mouth.

Erik: ??? ???The Italian Stallion??? , ???The Reflection of Perfection??? Giani Di Luca!

Fans: *POP!*

Erik: So without further adieu, let us bring out our reigning champion. Everybody give it up for??? GOTH!!!

Darkside hits as Goth walks out to the arena with his trademark Goth robes on. He has the robes opened up, so that we can see the championship belt around his waist. He stares at the fans, who give him a mixed reaction. But mostly booing the now two-time World champion. He just grins as he walks towards the ring, ignoring the few fans that actually wish to touch him. He slowly enters the ring and gets nose to nose with Erik.

Goth: Tell me Erik, how great would your guidance be when I once again beat your boy inside this ring?? Make him look like the little bitch that he is once more? Because when I am done with him, you wished you would have made a man out of him instead???.,

Erik: Now, now??? I can???t say that you???re wrong. He has seemed like he???s been going soft lately, something I never would have allowed under my leadership. My nephew has that effect on people. But??? we can???t get this little party started without our resident party boy, now can we? So how about we bring out the Number One Contender, GIANI DI LUCA!!!


???Wrecked??? by Killbot blasts over the speakers. The fans immediately turn their attention to the entryway. Giani comes down to the ramp, he supplies his own blast of pyros that rain down on him as he pauses, looking from side to side as the cheers form. He looks from side to side once more with a smirk forming on his face. He looks at what seems to be each and every fan before throwing his fist in the air, getting the crowd pumped as he pumps his fists, showing off his NXT arm band as he goes. He is wearing an NXT tee with the arms ripped off, and a pair of black track pants with red stripes down the side. He sprints down the ramp, stopping at the bottom, spinning a complete 360 while leaping one one foot with his arms out at his sides. He comes to the head of the ring and jumps onto the ring apron before climbing under the top rope. He bounces from the ropes, then runs over to the far turnbuckle and raises his fist high in the air for his fans and camera crew. He leaps down and darts to the other side of the ring, working the crowd as he pats his NXT arm band. He jumps down and jogs in place, keeping an eye rested right on Goth as a cocky smirk comes over his face. He stops jogging and confidently approaches the side of the table, opposite of Goth. He mouths a few words at Goth, getting zero response.

Erik: Boys, BOYS! Save it for the Supercard. We don???t want to give it away for free, now???

Fans: BOOO!!!

Erik shrugs his shoulders once again before Giani rips the microphone out of his hand. Erik looks at Giani as if he is shocked by this. Giani rolls his eyes and turns right to Goth, staring him down for almost a full minute, silently. Goth does not back down, even going as far as to take a step closer.

Giani: Ey yo, Alice Cooper??? I like the theatrics as much as the next guy, but don???t act like ya gonna do somethin??? when I already done whooped ya ass more times than I got fingers and toes to count ???em on??? Just sign the damn contract already, aight bro?

Fans: *POP!*

Goth: I guess you somehow forgot that I pinned your ass inside the ring last week. And seeing that you are the number one contender for MY championship belt, makes you in no way or form capable of making any demands little boy. So why don???t we make a deal, you sign first and I will make you regret the day that you even won that number one contenders match for my title.

Giani does his infamous laugh at Goth???s comment, shaking his head as he walks up against the table, refusing to back down from Goth. Goth picks the contract up, but does not stop staring at Giani.

Giani: Oh, is that what ya really think? Then how about ya hand that contract over here, and I???ll sign. I can???t wait to take that title off ya hands, and actually do somethin??? worthwhile with it.

Giani rips the clipboard from Goth???s hand and picks up a pen, scratching his name at the bottom, putting emphasis at the end before shoving the contract back into Goth???s chest. Goth grits his teeth as he looks over the contract, slowly shaking his head.

Goth: You just signed your deathwish Gianni, you see. You are so full of yourself, believing that you are the greatest thing that ever lived. But you know something Gianni?? You allowed me to pick whatever tool I can find to destroy you, it is not going to be a match where pinfalls matters. It is not going to be a match where the last man standing wins. No Gianni, it is going to the biggest match where you don???t want to be the one that is on the losing end. Because the winner of this match is going to be the one that makes the other person utter the words??? I Quit!! And trust me little boy, I have never said the words I quit.. I never will, the words quit isn???t something that exists in my world. I am going to put you through hell, I am going to put you through the most pain in your existende??? and when I am done with you, you wished that Alice Cooper would do the Guilliotine act to sever off your head???. Because when I am done with you, you will never dare to get your stinking face on National Television again??? as you will be remembered as??? Gianni De Luca??? the man that turned into Goth???s little bitch???..

Giani: Ohhhhhhhh, you just said that! Hahahaha! So you wanna embarrass ya???self more than necessary, huh? Alright then, let???s do this, but I???m tellin??? ya up front??? It???s ya funeral, dawg???

With that news, the fans go hysterical as Goth scratches his signature on the contract, slamming the clipboard down on the table. Before Giani knows what hit him, Goth smashes a hard right fist against his face, his rings leaving a small gash on his cheek. Giani looks stunned before firing a right of his own, scraping some of Goth???s face paint off as he retracts it. He steps back, avoiding another punch as he comes around the table. He fires a shot of his own as Erik Staggs tries to interfere. Giani shoves him through the ropes, only to have Goth grab onto Giani???s head, smashing it into the table. He goes for this once more, but Giani retaliates with an elbow to the gut, and then hits a Drop Toe Hold, smashing Goth???s face into the table. Security files down the ramp just as Giani grabs onto the back of Goth???s head, dragging him up. However, he doesn???t notice what Goth has in his hand until???


Goth smacks Giani dead in the face with the SCW Heavyweight Championship, causing Giani to drop to the ground. Goth stands over him, holding the belt around his waist as he looks down at Giani. Security files into the ring just as Giani surprises Goth with a backward roll, causing Goth to tumble through the ropes and to the outside. The fans continue cheering like crazy as Erik frantically calls security over. Goth stands up just in time for Giani to vault himself over the top rope with a Cross Body that levels both men. Their rage gets the better of them as they continue to brawl on the ground as Security finally catches up with them, pulling them apart with the jaws of life. Giani spits as he shouts out at Goth who simply points to the belt around his waist.

Adams: Holy shit, Belinda! I was not expecting to see such animosity from these two right away.

Simone: I figured these two couldn???t wait for December 2 Dismember, but damn! If this is just a hint of what we???re going to see with this ???I Quit??? Match, then we better be prepared for one hell of a fight, Jason!

Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

SCW Bombshell Championship
Gothika ?? vs. Roxi Johnson

Justin Decent: The following contest is is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Tony Capicelli and Diana Roberts, from Las Angeles, California, he is... NICK JONES!!!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the ramp and then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as a cocky smirk comes across his face while he flexes his muscles and Diana rubs his chest. Nick gets up and takes Diana's arm before turning back toward the curtain and waiting as Tony Capicelli makes his way out. The three of them stop and then turn back to the curtain, which opens up once again as they are joined by the Entourage's other team members, Jimmy Mason and Max Goldstein.

Simone: Now what are these two doing out here? Are Tony and Diana not enough already?!?

Adams: Maybe they just wanted to a good view of the match. They're friends with Big B too, ya know.

Simone: Somehow I doubt that.

The smirk on Nick's face grows as the three men surround Nick and Diana as they make their way down the ramp, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans along the way. Nick walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, watching her from behind before quickly walking up behind her, while Tony, Max, and Jimmy all wait outside the ring. Nick walks across the apron and steps one leg into the ring, taking a seat onto the middle rope, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there, looking around the arena and has a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring, swinging his other leg into the ring and then walking over to his corner, where Diana now sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back while Diana rubs his shoulders, as he waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Justin Decent: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Despayre and Angel, from Las Angeles, California, he is... BIG B!!!

"Opticon" by Orgy starts to blast, drawing a burst of cheers from the entire crowd. The curtain opens and out steps Bernard "Big B" Jones, with his good friend Despayre by his side, who has Angel firmly head in his arms. The group quickly stops at the top of the ramp, when just a moment later they are joined by Synn.

Simone: It looks like Nick isn't the only who decided to bring a little extra backup tonight?

Adams: Jeez, it's like he doesn't even trust his own cousin.

Simone: Do you blame him? I think that's been proven to be justified on more than one occasion now, including here tonight with Nick bringing out extra reinforcements. Perhaps Big B isn't quite as dumb as many around here, particularly Nick, make him out to be.

Adams: You really think so?

Simone: Well, let's not get into that. At least we can say one of these three knew better.

Adams: Actually, it's four. Don't forget to count Synn!

Simone: I was actually... you know what? Nevermind.

The group of four make their way down the ramp to plenty of cheers; as they hit the bottom, Synn, Despayre, and Angel go to the opposite side of the ring as where the Entourage is standing. Big B climbs up onto the apron and keeps his eyes firmly locked onto his cousin, as Diana slowly climbs out of the ring and down to the floor to join Tony, Jimmy, and Max. Big B then climbs into the ring and stands back in his corner, watching Nick closely the whole time, as referee Jasmine St. John calls for the bell.

Simone: After a long and rocky road, the Jones' cousins are officially read to face off.

Adams: Oooo, I could go for some rocky road. Yummy.

Simone: Just... watch the match; alright?

Adams: Hey, you're the one who brought it up.

Nick and Big B slowly emerge from their corners and head toward the center of their ring, as B has a very stoic look on his face and Nick is jawing as much as ever, clearly attempting to get into his cousin's head. As the two get close into each other, they go to tie up, but Nick quickly ducks under it and on the way around B, kicks him in the back of the leg. Big B goes stumbling forward from the hit, but Nick opts not to pursue him, instead waiting for B to turn back around and face him, as Nick grins widely back at him and shrugs his shoulders. Big B looks a bit frustrated and this time moves in more quickly at Nick, but Nick ducks it again and this time opts to kick Big B right in the butt, sending B stumbling forward as Nick bursts out into laughter. Big B turns around and glares at Nick, who is still laughing, while B is looking more and more angry by the moment.

Simone: Nick clearly trying to get in his cousin's head here.

Adams: I'm sure there's plenty of room.

Big B moves in once more, and this time they lock up, but Nick again uses his superior ring experience to quickly slide out of the move and get right behind his cousin. Nick has B in a rear waistlock, but quickly releases it and instead simply slaps Big B right across the back of the head. Nick smiles again, but before he can, Big B spins around and in one felt swoop, nails Nick with a roundhouse forearm shot right to the face, laying him flat out on the mat!

Simone: Looks like Nick's arrogance got the best of him that time.

Nick stumbles back to his feet and then quickly backpedals into his own corner, where Diana jumps up onto the apron and checks on him. The entire time, Nick and Big B remain with their eyes locked as B stands in the center of the ring, waiting for Nick to come back out. Nick waves Diana off and then slowly emerges from the corner. They go to tie up once more, but Nick manages to duck behind Big B again, getting him in another rear waistlock. However, the last hit clearly changed Nick's mindset, as this time he takes advantage of the position to sweep Big B's legs out from under him, causing B to crash face-first onto the mat. Nick then slides across B's back and quickly clamps him into a front facelock.

Adams: He might be arrogant, but Nick also certainly has the ring skills when he wants to use them.

Simone: Absolutely, which will be the toughest part of this for Big B to overcome. He may have the size and strength over his cousin, but Nick is a very accomplished and experienced technical wrestler.

Nick cranks the facelock on tighter, trying to keep Big B down on the mat, but B slowly but surely uses his superior strength to start pushing himself up. Big B first gets himself up to his knees, and then eventually to his feet as Nick tries to continue to keep the hold on. B then wraps his arms around Nick and lifts him up off of the ground and tosses Nick off of him. Nick goes flying back but manages to land on his feet, going stumbling back against the ropes. Nick bounces a bit off of the ropes, heading straight back towards Big B who locks right back up with Nick. Nick tries to maneuver out of it, but Big B is careful to keep Nick in front of him and uses his strength to force Nick back. Realizing he is in trouble, Nick quickly reroutes himself and manages to stumble straight back into one of the corners while tied up with Big B. Nick then puts his arms up which brings the referee Jasmine over to call for the break. Jasmine begins her count, but as soon as she gets to one, Big B is quick to concede and lets go of Nick, who immediately takes the opportunity to nail a thumb to Big B's eye.

Simone: It was only a matter of time before it came to this. Nick won't keep from breaking the rules against anyone, even his own flesh and blood.

B grabs his eye in pain and goes stumbling back as Nick quick charges out of the corner and clips B in the back of the knee from behind, knocking him down to the mat. Nick then gets up and starts stomping away on his cousin, until Big B rolls over onto his stomach and tries to cover himself up. Nick then gets in a few slaps to the back of the head of Big B, drawing boos from the crowd and bringing a smile to Nick's face. Nick then pulls Big B to his feet, but before B can even orient himself, drops him right back down to the mat with a DDT! Nick goes for the cover.

Big B kicks out.

Nick gets right up after the failed pin attempt, getting right into Jasmine's face and screaming about the count. Jasmine ignores Nick at first, but as he pursues the matter further, she eventually shoves him back. Nick looks as though he's going to go back at her, but then he suddenly notices Big B starting to get back to his feet and rushes over and drops an elbow onto B's back, knocking him right back down to the mat. Nick then pulls Big B off of the mat and hooks him up for a suplex. Nick then goes to take B over, but is unable to get his much larger cousin over at first. Nick then takes a moment and goes for it again, but this time Big B blocks the move before shoving Nick off with all of his strength. Nick goes flying back and hits off the ropes, bouncing straight back at B. B swings wildly at Nick for a punch, but Nick ducks it, hits the far ropes and bounces back. Just as Big B turns around, Nick leaps up and drills him right in the face with a spinning heel kick. Nick goes for another cover.

Big B throws Nick off of him to break up the count.

Adams: Wow! Did you see that?

Simone: It's that strength which Big B needs to take advantage of if he wants to be able to win this match.

Adams: Yeah, but Nick's making sure to not let B even have a chance to use it.

Nick looks absolutely stunned by what just happened, but shakes it off and gets himself back up to his feet. He goes to pull Big B back up, but B shoves him off and gets himself back up to his feet. Big B charges in at Nick and goes for a clothesline, but Nick ducks it and as the two men turn back towards each other, Nick nails B with a stiff right hand. Nick then follows it up with a second right before winding back for one more, but first stopping to kiss his hand. As Nick turns back for the final shot though, B has shaken off the first hits and instead levels Nick with a big right hand of his own, knocking him right out to the mat!

Adams: What a punch! I know Nick says he's not cocky but...

Simone: But that may have been just the opening Big B needed.

Nick stumbles back to his feet and is immediately met with another right hand from Big B, this one sending Nick stumbling back into the ropes. Big B moves in after him, pushes Nick back against the ropes and then shoots him off with an irish whip. Nick manages to count, sending Big B across the ring and as he bounces back, Nick catches B with a flying leg lariat, knocking him down to the mat.

Simone: It looks like Nick's technical abilities may have saved him once more.

Nick moves right back in at his cousin, but as soon as Nick comes in close, Big B manages to swing at Nick from his spot down on the mat and cracks Nick right in the face, dropping Nick down to the ground in the process. Both men pull themselves back up, but Nick is the first one ready to go and he charges at Big B as he's still getting himself set. However, Big B is quick to react and manages to drill Nick with a clothesline, sending Nick flipping in the area before crashing down on the mat!

Adams: Yikes, he nearly took his freakin' head off!

Big B grabs Nick and pulls him straight up to his feet and then lifts him right up over his head in a body press. Big B holds Nick there for a few seconds as Nick kicks around, but to no avail, as B eventually drops Nick, who goes crashing down to the mat hard. Big B pulls Nick back up and grabs him by the arm, pulling him right back in for a short-arm clothesline. However, B keeps a grip on Nick's arm in the process and uses his strength to pull Nick straight back up to his feet and into a second short-arm clothesline and then does it once more for a third, which lays Nick flat out on the ground, seemingly motionless. Big B goes for the pin and Jasmine slides in to make the count.

Nick barely gets a shoulder up.

Big B gets up and pulls his cousin right back up along with him before dropping him back down with a scoop slam. B then drops an elbow into the chest of Nick. Big B gets up and goes for a second elbow drop, but Nick manages to barely roll out of the way in time. Big B is quick to shake it off and get back up, back in the process Nick manages to roll all the way to the ropes and grip them tightly just as Big B is moving in, causing Jasmine to block Big B's way and stop him from attacking. Nick then rolls out to the floor and regroups, while surrounded by the entirety of his entourage. Synn and Despayre (with, of course, Angel), slowly make their way around the ring, not initiating anything but keeping making their presence felt as the Entourage quickly turns their attention in that direction. Nick avoids any further issue by sliding back into the ring before meeting Big B back in the center. The two tie back up, but this time Big B quickly uses his power to throw Nick back, who goes crashing down on his back. Nick stumbles back to his feet and charges back in at Big B, leaping up at him, but B manages to catch Nick in mid air and then locks him straight into a bear hug. Nick screams out in pain as his cousin cranks the hold on tightly.

Simone: This could be huge here. Could you imagine what would happen if Nick submits to Big B?

Adams: I think it would certainly put an end to all of this once and for all. At least as far as Nick is concerned; he might never even show his face around here again.

Big B continues to squeeze more and more tightly as Nick screams out in pain. Nick eventually attempts to counter by throwing a few punches to the side of the head of Big B. While B manages to keep the hold on, the punches slowly start to get the better of him, so B instead opts to go charging into one of the corners, sandwiching Nick in process! Big B backs off as Nick crumbles to the mat in a heap. Big B goes to move in as Nick gets up to his knees, but as soon as Big B gets there, Nick starts to beg Big B off, pleading with his cousin not to continue on with this.

Simone: I must be seeing things; what is this?!

Big B already had his arm winded back, ready to strike, but seems hesitant as he looks down at his cousin, who is begging on his knees. B stops and lowers his arm, instead looking out to the ringside area where Despayre and Synn are standing. Synn is quick to provide his advice, shouting in encouragement to Big B for him to continue his attack, but B seems hesitant. Eventually, Big B turns his attention back to his cousin, but before he can do any more, Nick tries to get in another thumb to the eye of Big B. However, Big B manages to see it coming and instead catches Nick's hand midway through. Nick gets a look of fear across his face as Big B turns red with anger. B throws Nick backwards into the corner and then moves in and starts to drill Nick with a series of right hands, one after another that send Nick flailing around in the process, but never giving enough time for Nick to go anymore or even fall, as Jasmine rushes in and begins her count.


Big B backs off just before the five count, and in the process Nick falls down to the bottom of the corner in a heap, just barely held up by the bottom turnbuckle. Big B waits only a moment for the count to reset before moving right back in and starting to stomp away on his cousin with serious aggression, as Jasmine counts once again.

Big B is forced back by Jasmine, as he continues to stare down at Nick.

Simone: Big B has Nick reeling here!

Big B goes to rush right back in at Nick, but before he gets there, Tony reaches into the ring and pulls Nick out from under the bottom rope, drawing a huge burst of boos out of the crowd. Big B looks out to the ringside area and starts to scream at Tony, as the rest of the Entourage quickly gather around Nick. At the same time, Despayre and Synn again leave their spots by Big B's corner, but this time clearly ready for a fight as Despayre even leaves Angel behind on the ring apron. As the two go around the ring, as they just about get to the area where Nick and the Entourage is, Tony starts to step away from the group towards the two men, getting ready for a fight. However, before anything can even happen, Diana pushes right back Tony and walks straight up to the two men and begins screaming at them as she shoves her finger into their faces. While Despayre seems a little bit taken back by it, Synn does not react at all to Nick's girlfriend, who is clearly trying to intimidate the two men.

Adams: Someone ought to tell Diana this isn't going to work on Synn.

Simone: I think she's about to learn that very soon.

With Big B's attention having been diverted to what is going on between the others, Nick manages to slide back into the ring behind him and charges up behind him and nails him with a forearm shot to the back of the head, knocking B down to the mat. Nick then quickly drops down onto B's back and starts firing off a series of right hands to the back of his cousin's head. Back on the outside of the ring, Synn finally gets tired of Diana's screaming and simply rolls his eyes and turns to walk away from her. Tony takes the opportunity to push past Diana and nail a cheap shot from behind on Synn, knocking him forward right into the ring post and causing him to drop to the floor in a heap. Tony goes to move in to do more damange, but that doesn't last long as Despayre quickly jumps right onto the back of Tony, screaming in rage as he pounds away on him with a barrage of flailing lefts and rights.

Simone: Oh boy, this messy situation just got even messier.

Adams: Yeah, isn't it great?

Tony starts spinning all around, trying to shake Despayre off of him but is unable to do so. Back in the ring, Nick sees what is going on and gets off of Big B and heads over towards the ropes by where Tony is. Nick reaches through the ropes and tries to grab Despayre from behind to pull him off of Tony, but Despy sees it coming and instead goes to bit at Nick's hand. Nick quickly pulls back in time to avoid it and instead waves it off, opting not to get himself involved any further as he turns his attention back to Big B. Nick goes back to his cousin and pulls him to his feet. Nick then locks him up in a suplex and goes to take him over, but Big B manages to float over Nick and land behind him before grabbing him around the waist and nailing a german suplex on Nick!

Adams: Where the heck did that come from?

Simone: I don't think anyone knew Big B had that in him, including Nick. I guess Despayre and Synn have taught him a thing or two, huh?

Big B is quick to move back in and continue to stomp away on Nick. On the outside, Tony's attempts to get Despayre off continue to fail until finally the hits from Despy have gotten the better of him, and Tony falls to the ground in a heap. Despy lets out a scream as he mounts Tony and goes to continue his onslaught, but his attention is suddenly pulled away as he hears something that grabs his attention.

Jimmy: Hey Despy, baby, over here!!!

Despayre looks up to see Nick's agent, Jimmy Mason, waving his arms to grab his attention from the other side of the ring, by Big B's corner. As Despy looks over, he then sees Jimmy grab Angel and start to wave him in the direction of Despayre. The look on Despayre's face changes from the anger that was already there, to pure rage as he gets up off of Tony. Jimmy sees this and is quick to toss Angel over to Max, who is standing beside him. Max quickly tosses it back to Jimmy, and then Jimmy back to Max. The two then turn to see Despayre coming charging around the ring as Max tosses Angel back to Jimmy one last time. Jimmy instead opts to throw Angel to the ground, and the two Entourage members quickly turn and make a run for it, as they go sprinting up the ramp at full speed on their way to the back. Despayre makes it around the ring just as they get away, and stops just a moment to check on Angel, before picking Angel up and chasing after Jimmy and Max to the back.

Simone: Those two better hope Despayre never finds them.

Adams: No kidding, most of the wrestlers in SCW wouldn't want to get caught doing that, forget an agent and an accountant!

Synn, who has recovered from his earlier attack, sees Despayre running off and attempts to stop him, calling after him as Synn follows him to the point of the ramp, eventually stopping his pursuit as Despayre disappears through the curtain to the back. As soon as he stops, Tony comes rushing back in at Synn from behind. Meanwhile, inside of the ring while Big B was continuing to beat away on Nick as this all went on, he sees Tony coming and immediately turns his attention to that, calling out to Synn to warn him. Synn clearly already saw him coming, as he turns around just in time to drill Tony with a right hand. The two start to go back and forth trading punches on the outside of the ring. With Big B's attention having been pulled away, Diana quickly leaps up onto the ring apron, causing Jasmine to come over and demand she get down, creating the perfect opportunity for Nick. Nick crawls over behind his cousin with him looking outside of the ring, and drills Big B with a low blow!

Simone: You've got to be kidding me!

Having seen the shot occur, Diana quickly hops off of the ring apron to allow Jasmine to turn back to the match. Nick is quick to roll Big B up for the pin and as soon as Jasmine slides into position for the count, Nick grabs a handful of tights out of her view.


Simone: What a cheap and disgusting win.

Adams: Maybe so, but it's still a win.

Nick hops up and is quick to start celebrating, but the ring bell immediately draws the attention of Synn, who had gained the upper hand on Tony on the outside, knocking him down to the floor. As Nick celebrates his victory, Synn climbs into the ring and stares Nick down, causing Nick to end his celebration and back off while very cautiously watching Synn all along. The two stare each other down for a moment, with Synn slowly moving in closer and Nick continues to back off in the process. Nick demeanor is quick to change though, as a smile comes across his face as Tony has recovered and comes back into the ring behind Synn. The happiness is short lived however, as just as Tony is ready to come at Synn from behind, Big B gets back to his feet right in front of Tony, causing Tony to come to quick stop. Synn and Big B stand in the center of the ring, back to back, each one staring down one of their opposition as they all stand still for a moment. Nick then looks past the two men towards Tony, and gives him a quick nod, and as the crowd starts to go wild and Synn and Big B get ready for a fight, both Nick and Tony bail out of the ring to the floor, causing the boos to intensify to even greater volumes. Nick grabs Diana by the hand and makes his way around the ring, as he meets up with Tony at the bottom of the ramp and the three make their way up, keeping their eyes on the ring the entire time. After Big B and Synn watch them leave for a bit, Synn then calls for a microphone as the other three stop at the top of the ramp to hear what Synn has to say.

Synn: You know Nick, you may think yourself the victory, but there is something you need to truly understand; this is not over yet. All tonight did was give me a very good idea on how to truly settle all of this. I think it will work out just great, and I think these SCW fans will ultimately agree with me, too.

The fans loudly cheer as Synn continues on.

Synn: And the best part of it all? I know just the person to go to about it.

Nick looks very uneasy based on what Synn has said, and slowly backs off as a smile comes to Big B's face as Synn pats him across the back, while Nick, Diana and Tony slowly leave.

The scene opens up backstage where we see "The Prodigy" Lizzie Short standing near a vending machine with a water bottle in her hand, she isn't in action tonight but apparently that hasn't stopped her from showing up.

Lizzie: I'm so glad that I was able to distract the guys with that porno, now if only I had someone to chat with.

Lizzie sighs to herself before noticing someone.

Lizzie: Hey, you???re one of the new guys aren't you? Eric Steel right?

Eric Steel looks at the woman as she had his attention. He takes a deep breath as he proceeds to speak.

Eric: Yes, my name is Eric Steel. May I help you with something?

Lizzie smirks before looking him over and walking to Eric.

Lizzie: My name???s Lizzie Short, I???m one of the Bombshells in this company and well???.

Lizzie trails off before looking him over.

Lizzie: I need someone to distract me from my idiotic manager Marty, you doing anything tomorrow?

Eric looks awfully shocked as he tilted his head slightly. He then breaks his silence as he manages to speak.

Eric: My calendar is free, Ms. Short.

Eric takes another deep breath before continuing.

Eric: So tell me... do you want to go somewhere where it's just you and me?

Lizzie: That sounds wonderful Eric.

Lizzie smirks before grabbing a piece of paper and writing down her number on it.

Lizzie: Here, and please just call me Lizzie.

Eric took the number, looking at it up and down.

Eric: Wow... all seven digits...

Eric looked at Lizzie

Eric: Ya know... I've been really impressed with your in ring ability. In fact... let's go somewhere and talk a little more.

Eric and Lizzie leave out together as the scene fades to black.

The SCW Tron turns on and the fans all turn there attention to it. We're backstage in the Fives Elders locker room. We see Lin Ting Lu with Song and Orchid. They are sitting in chairs looking at a 32 inch tv watching tonights action. The camera focuses on Lin Ting Lu.

Master Lily: Hello SCW! As you can see I'm here with Song and Orchid.

Both smile and wave at the camera.

Master Lily: please tell them a little about the Five Elders.

Orchid: Well the original Shaolin Monastery was built on the north side of Shaoshi Mountain, the central peak of Mount Song, one of the Sacred Mountains of China, located in the Henan Province, by Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty in 477A.D. At various times throughout history, the monastery has been destroyed (burned down) for political reasons, and rebuilt many times. It is said that five Shaolin temples existed in various locations throughout Chinese history, although all 5 were rarely active at the same time.

Song: Fives family's have survived militias attacks to there temples. They all swore to teach there Kung fu to there kids. And hope that there kids will do the same. "Son or daughter shall not matter. Let this be the beggining of the 5 Elders." Master Wong Song Li April 20 489A.D.

Master Lily: Between 60 and 62 Generations later (depending on the family) there Kung Fu has improved over the hundreds of years. Two of the Five Elders stand before you. Song and Orchid.

The crowd cheers in the background.

Orchid: We the Five Elders understand that this is not Kung Fu. This is Wrestling.

Song: So while you may see us do a Kung Fu kick here or there....

Orchid: "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting"

Crowd: Those sisters were fast as lighting!

Orchid: haha you guys all so awesome!

Crowd cheers are heard.

Song: Silly Orchid. Like I was saying we are also trained in Wrestling as well.

Orchid: We can't wait to get in the ring and show everyone what we can do.

Song: Till then well just sit back and enjoy the show.

Orchid: Well that's it for now I guess. Bye b-bye

Orchid is soon making silly random faces while say by to the camera man as they leave the locker room.

The cameras switch backstage to the women's locker room area. Misty is standing outside the locker room door, her cell phone to her ear, and she has a very agitate expression on her face. She runs her hand through her long raven hair and lets out a deep sigh.

Misty: Seth, I just don't get why you couldn't at least come back here for one day to be here for support for me. I told you how important this match is to me.

A long pause follows as Seth responds on the other end of the phone. Misty frowns and narrows her eyes as if he can see the look on her face.

Misty: Who cares if it's not a title match? I told you how much I hate losing to these two, and with you here I'd be a little at---

Seth cuts Misty off on the other end, and the frown on her face grows into more of an angry look.

Misty: Maybe I don't need you here, but I want you to be here. I'm sure Frankie wouldn't have a problem...If money is the problem, Seth, you know I would have paid for your plane ticket...So what was all that talk last week that if it weren't for me you wouldn't even be there anymore? Now, when you have a chance to get away to be with me, you suddenly want to stay there?...Seth how can you say that when I just spent two weeks with you in Chicago?!...No, Frankie can wait. Don't hang up...Seth? SETH?!

Misty stares at her phone, disappointed and a little angry to see that Seth actually hung up on her. She growls in frustration, then puts her phone back inside her pocket. Just as she is about to head back into the locker room, Pussy Willow walks up behind her and stops her.

PW: Trouble in paradise already? You really have no luck with relationships lately do you, Misty?

Misty spins around and sighs as she looks at the reporter, eager for an interview.

Misty: Things are just fine, Miss Willow. Not that it's any of your business. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to start getting ready for my match.

PW: You mean your tag team match? Where is your tag team partner? Shouldn't you be talking strategy? After all, you two are taking on the other two top Bombshells.

Misty: Yes, I realize that. Vixen and I will be just fine. We're both on the same page, and we are both plenty capable of facing Gothika and Roxi. I'll be sure to find her before the match to talk to her then.

Pussy Willow nods her head, almost unsure of whether she believes that statement or not. Misty looks at her curiously, then gives the reporter her full attention.

Misty: Oh what is it now? What's on your mind?

PW: Do you really want to know the answer to that question?

Misty nods, giving Pussy Willow full permission to say what she clearly wants to say.

PW: Well, I was just thinking, if you ask me, you and Vixen aren't really acting like much of a tag team are you? Sure, you wrestled together just fine in the last match you had, which you lost, but do you even speak to her outside of the ring? Not much of a tag team feeling is it?

Misty: What more can you expect? We haven't been a team for very long, and neither of us went into this team willingly. Well, I did more so, but I don't exactly blame Vixen if she doesn't want to speak to me outside of the ring.

PW: Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that she's engaged to Spike, and you are his ex-fiancee?

Misty rolls her eyes, then folds her arms across her chest.

Misty: I really wish people would quit bringing that up. My relationship with Spike is water under the bridge. The only thing we have in common anymore is the fact that we share a daughter. We've both moved on. If Vixen has a problem teaming with me because of that, you'll have to ask her, but I can assure you and everybody else, I have no intention of getting back together with Spike or trying to tear those two apart. Not when my daughter could clearly get hurt because of it. Now, are you going to sit here and talk about personal stuff, or do you actually have questions concerning the match tonight? Because if not, like I said, I need to get ready.

PW: Do you think Gothika and Roxi can work together cohesively to face you and Vixen? I mean, Gothika is the Bombshell Champion, and Roxi is getting her return match for the title in two weeks at December to Dismember II.

Misty: Honestly? No, I don't think they can work together as a team. Besides the looney tune Raynin, I don't think any one of the Bombshells can work together with Gothika. She's basically turned into what I used to be...the most hated Bombshell.

Pussy Willow lets out a laugh and smiles.

PW: Mercedes Vargas did just fine a few weeks ago, don't you think?

Misty: That's because Mercedes Vargas is basically an ass-kisser and will try to get along with anyone if it suits her. She's tried to do the same thing to me on Twitter in the past. But anyone who actually matters, can't get along with Gothika. They can't trust Gothika because Gothika wants to taste each and every one of us. I'm sure she'd love to taste you, too, Miss Willow.

Pussy Willow shudders a bit, then rubs at her neck nervously.

Misty: Exactly. The fact is, Miss Willow, I'm not worried going into this match. Vixen and I won't have to do much work, because Roxi knows she can't trust Gothika. She knows she can't trust Gothika's low-life manager, Darknyss or their new porn-star wanna-be friend, Diamond. The ladies of The Fallen do whatever the hell they want, and they simply can not be trusted. Roxi is smart...she knows that. She'll constantly be watching her back the entire match I'm sure, and one or the other will surely cost them the match. Call it a gut feeling.

PW: I don't know, I think they just might surprise all of us. Stranger things have happened after all.

Misty now lets out a laugh and rolls her eyes.

Misty: If you think that, Miss Willow, you really are a dumb blonde. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really need to get ready for this match. I'm done with this interview.

Misty then turns and disappears back inside the locker room to get ready for her match, leaving Pussy Willow without another word. Pussy Willow shrugs then walks away, off to find the next potential interview.

Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

SCW Heavyweight Championship - I QUIT MATCH
Goth ?? vs. Giani Di Luca


The opening drums to Five Finger Death Punch's "I.M.Sin" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"What a fucking poser, that's all you'll ever be!
Don't get any closer, or you'll meet the real me!
I am, who I am, you can't destroy me!
I am, what I am, you can't deny me!

I want out, but I could never surrender.
Try and brake me down, but I won???t let you win.
You can call me out, but I know you???re a pretender.
You may think your god, but I know that I am sin!"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing in at just over three hundred and seventy pounds, he is the freight train of pain??? CASEY??? WILLIAMS!

"I am SIN! I am SIN!
I am SIN! I am SIN!
I won???t fucking buy it!
I never have and I never will!
Keep fucking trying!
I'm just waiting for the blood to spill!"

Simone: if Casey coexisted with his partner, Simon Jones, he would be wearing the SCW Tag Team Championships right now.

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down.

Adams: But he didn???t and doesn???t, those Tag belts will now be decided at the supershow and Casey Williams has a bigger fight on his hands with his opponent tonight!

Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Simone: Kain wants to show the entire SCW, more importantly Goth, that Goliaths are no match when it comes to the king of kings!

As the music fades the lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the enter. Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play its tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain and his love, Ariel. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face.

Justin: And his opponent..

Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him. He feels the warm presence of Ariel's right hand clasped with his left hand as the couple walk, side-by-side, but his mind is focused on the carnage tonight.

Justin: Accompanied by his wife, Ariel. From Detroit, Illinois, weighting in at two hundred and forty pounds, he is the king of kings??? THIS.. IS.. KAIN!

Once they reach the bottom, Ariel goes behind Kain, using her hands to untie his black robe and take it off him completely. Kain is shown from head to toe, with the championship belt around his waist, not to mention the camera getting a great look of his incredible physique. The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. Ariel hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendent, directly to her right, then gets pulled in by Kain, who embraces her in a deep kiss. Ariel returns the kiss and the arena's noise got more louder than before. Kain breaks off the kiss, bows to his queen, then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a foward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on.

Simone: Last week Goth proved why he is our heavyweight champion, despite the controversy shrouding the end of the contest, this week Kain wants to destroy Casey to show his long adversary that he is the rightful king of the SCW

Adams: You half talk some sh-

Simone: -Kain is not only a former Tag Champion but he also reigned supreme in the Roulette Championship division, it won???t be long until Kain gets the honour of being the new SCW Champion!

Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist, with the championship title in hand, in the air and talks trash as multiple cameras flashes from the crowd. Finally, he heads to his corner, kneels briefly, saying a few words to himself before rising up and looking behind as he spies on Casey. "Ladies And Gentlemen" as Kain now turns around and steps forward into the centre of the ring, Casey and Kain glare at each other with Casey looking down into Kains eyes. Referee Drew Patton begins to talk to two men as the crowd feels the electricity between the two before calling for the bell.


Kain and Casey share some words between the two before Kain raises his hand up in anticipation of a test of strength, Casey looks at his hands and sniggers, lifting his hand up out of Kains reach but as Casey smiles Kain leaps up and delivers a pitch perfect Drop Kick, Casey staggers backwards as Kain quickly gets up to his feet, delivering another Drop Kick causing Casey to stand jaded against the ropes. Kain rushes across the ring looking to clothesline the giant to the outside but Casey lifts his left leg up connecting with a big boot. Kain grasps hold of his jaw as Casey leans down grabbing Kain around the neck and lifting up into a choke hold but kain quickly uses his initiative and manages to brake the hold of one of Caseys hands, wrapping his arm quickly around Caseys head and delivering a version of a DDT. The Crowd show their appreciation as Kain gets and begins to stomp on the knee area of the freight train of pain. Casey looks in pain as Kain targets the knee before looking to lock the figure four leg-lock but Casey manages to push Kain off with his free leg forcing Kain to stumble forward into the top turnbuckle. Casey gets up limping on his bad leg as Kain holds his head, turning around to be met by Williams, who manages to lift him up to hit an inch perfect Spine Buster.

Simone: Both men are not going to give in, a championship may not be on the line but it won???t stop both men destroying each other for one sole purpose, Victory!

Adams: You should have had a voice over guy say that, he could of delivered it with such melodramatics, made it into a movie quote line, ya???know

Simone: And they should of replaced you with that talking meerkat that I requested but we don???t always get what we want, Adams.

Kain grasps hold of his back as Casey gets to his feet, shaking his leg to try and get feeling back into it, leaning down to grab hold of kain and lifting him up into a pile-driver position. Casey goes to lift his lower body up but kain shakes his legs to prevent the execution, Casey tries again only to get the same reaction. Kain manages to drop to one knee and punches the back of the weakened knee of Casey who lets go and limps away from his opponent. Kain gets up to see Casey standing in the corner, he rushes over towards him to leap onto the second rope, Kain quickly punches the cranium of Casey Williams with the crowd counting with every right hand. Drew Patton begins to initiate the count, Kain stops the right hands with the crowd cheering, Casey pushes Kain off him and knocks into Drew Patton who falls to the canvas.

Adams: Why do referees get in the way of things?

Simone: Head referee has been knocked to the ground by complete accident, he doesn???t look hurt but having the back of a two hundred plus man thrown at you, it isn???t exactly what Drew Patton signed up for.

Kain looks down at the referee, Casey Williams stumbles out of the corner, kain turns back to see Casey???s fist connecting square on his temple. Casey Williams has just hit the Kiss of Death. Kain lays motionless on the canvas with Casey dropping down to one knee next to him, Drew Patton is facing the opposite way, Casey looks at Kain and rolls to the outside. Justin looks at Casey who pushes him out of the way and grabs hold of his chair, slamming it shut and raising it up in the air to a chorus of boos, Casey turns and begins to walk towards the ring to be confronted by Ariel. Fans ringside cheering on Kain???s other half as she gives the Freight Train of Pain, Casey???s eyes look with rage as he looks to swing the chair towards Ariel, by this time Kain had gingerly got to his feet, climbed onto the ring apron and leaped off it doing a powerful lariat sending the giant to the hard padded floor. Kain gets up and shares an kiss with his wife, lifting Casey up by the head, pulling him over and sliding his opponent and himself back into the ring.

Simone: You don???t think Casey would have stooped so low and break the first amendment of Sin City Wrestling policy.

Adams: We will never find out as Kain intervened

Drew Patton is back up to his feet, Casey is down on all fours, Kain steps back into the corner before running with all his might towards Williams, punting as hard as he can into the head of the giant. Casey falls face first onto the canvas, the crowd sensing the electricity flowing from Kain, cheering him on as he stands over Casey Williams and signals the end. Kain waits for Casey to get to his feet slowly, Kain looks to go for his finisher of Malice, but as Kain leaps Casey manages to duck underneath Kain???s arms and catch him on his shoulders, the fans begin to boo as Casey executes the Lost Crucifix! The crowd cannot believe what they???re witnessing as he hooks the leg of the King of Kings!


The roar of the crowd and the shock on Casey???s face as Drew Patton holds up two fingers to indicate just the two count, Williams gets up and questions the count, Drew doesn???t back down and emphasises it is just two. Kain grabs hold of the ropes to lift himself up, Casey turns around, pulling Kain into the center of the ring and looks to hit either a pile-driver or power-bomb. Casey manages to lift Kain up to try and hit a power-bomb but Kain in mid-air twists his body and executes and one handed Malice to the crowds delight. It wasn???t with full force as Kain only manages to drape one hand onto the fallen body of Casey Williams.


Simone: Two near falls, one for Casey and now one by Kain, whoever wins truly deserves it!

Adams: I still don???t know how Kain hit that Malice, obviously not with full connection, but still very impressive by him and both men are now trying to get their breath back in the middle of the ring!

Drew begins to count with Kain and Casey breathing heavily on the canvas




Kain slowly moves with Casey still motionless



Casey rolls onto his front with Kain managing to get to one knee.



Kain manages to get up to his feet to break the count, Casey has got to all fours, Kain bounces against the ropes to look for another punt but Casey pounces with a Spear. Kain looks in anguish as Casey clenches his fists in anger, looking down at Kain as he wraps his hand around Kains throat, both men get up to their feet with Casey looking to go for a chokeslam. Casey lifts Kain but this time Kain manages to break free and hits a two handed Malice with full connection. Casey Williams looks completely out of it, Kain rolls the giant man onto his back and hooks his arms around one of Casey???s leg and rolls his back onto the giants chest with Drew dropping down to one knee.





Kain lets go and rolls onto the canvas in sheer exhaustion, April reaches into the ring grabbing hold of her husband???s hand, pulling him out of the ring as Drew checks the fallen giant.

Justin: The winner of this match.. KAIN!

In the middle of the ring Kain is celebrating his victory when all of the sudden the buzzing within the crowd started to change. There was a good reason for it as DAMIEN KINGSTON was shown jumping over the barricade with a Kendo Stick in hand. Fans were booing heavily as Kingston slid into the ring and stood behind what appeared to be a rather unsuspecting Kain.

Simone: What? What the hell is he doing here?!

Adams: Your guess is as good as mine. I heard Kingston retired!

Simone: Obviously not!

Adams: And I'm perfectly okay with that, All Hail Kingston!

Simone: ??? Not this again!

Fans continued to show pure hatred for Kingston whom just waved the Kendo Stick around with a sickening little grin spread across his lips. By now Kain was starting to get an understanding of the crowd's outlook causing him a little bit of confusion. Then he turned himself around and as soon as he did.


Kendo shot right to the side of his head. Kain instantly dropped to the mat in pain as he grabbed a hold of his head. He rolled onto his stomach to try to get up to his feet. Kingston wasn't having any of it though. He wrapped both hands aroun the Kendo Stick and swung it down as hard as he could causing the stick to slam against the bare back of Kain. Instantly the man screamed out in pain as Kingston repetitively slammed the stick down against the man's flesh.

Adams: Kingston is swinging for the fences and knocking the ball out of the park like he's Babe Ruth.

Simone: How can you even support something like this? It's sickening!

Adams: Don't hate the player Simone, hate the game!

Kingston had backed up at this point as he was literally just waiting for Kain to get to his feet. Sure enough with the help of the ropes and with the courage within him being the type of man that he is. Kain forced himself right on up to his feet and then stumbled backwards before turning around. That's when the Man of Liberty swung the Kendo Stick forward and slammed it right into the gut of Kain not only knocking the wind out of him but dropping him to his knees. At which point Kingston wasted no time at all grabbing a hold of Kain's head and then lifting him onto his shoulders. Fans booed more hopin that it would do something but as expected it did nothing. That's when Kingston launched Kain off his shoulders.


Kain's head drove into the mat as the rest of his body just crumbled with him onto the mat. Kingston was looking down at the fallen man with that arrogant smirk spread across his lips. That's when he picked up the broken Kendo Stick and placed it over his shoulder before making his way out of the ring. Kingston started to make his way up the ramp with the fans booing him and letting them know how they felt about him by chanting things at him.

Simone: This just makes me so sick to my stomach. Kingston hasn't been seen in months and then all of the sudden he shows up to unleash a brutal assault on Kain!

Adams: It's a good way to remind people of who you are and what you are capable of. I'll say that much!

Simone: You would, you truly would... but I want to know why damnit! I want to know why he did it and I want to know what the hell the purpose was.

Adams: Ha, you and everyone else. If I know Kingston like I think I do. He has a reason and one that he doesn't owe an explanation to anyone.

Simone: The hell if he doesn't!

By this point Kingston was standing at the top of the ramp. He was looking down at the ring where Kain was starting to come to and realize what had happened. Kingston simply smirked and then raised the Kendo Stick into the air showing a sign of his dominance and his confidence. Laying there in the middle of the ring Kain just looked up the ramp with this scowl on his face. It didn't seem to affect Kingston who continued smirking as the cameras cut into the backstage area at that moment to catch up on some action.

We move backstage to the locker room area where Spike Staggs is standing in front of Jessie Salco and Mickey Carroll, who seem a little less than pleased, next to Vixen who seems a little indifferent. Mickey and Jessie look to one another as if to have a silent conversation before Spike clears his throat. Vixen stands firm as she tries to show support to her fianc??e.

Spike: As I???m sure you guys are aware, we???ve added someone to our ranks??? someone who was once one of us, and who turned their backs on us. I???m also aware of how it looks, but I ask that you guys trust me. I???m sure you???ve noticed that our numbers have dwindled down to???

Mickey: AND ye thought ye would ask that bloody Itie to come back to us cause yer desperate fer members? Why can???t ye just admit that we???re never going to get any stronger than this?

Spike holds his breath, tensing up a bit as Mickey Carroll steps forward, almost defying the leader. Spike shoots his icy glare right at Mickey, but he is not alone in his thoughts as Jessie Salco steps forward to back him up.

Jessie: I'm not a big fan of it either, what next? Will we be welcoming Casey back into the ranks? I'm all for giving someone a second chance but Giani has to earn it as far as I'm concerned!

Spike: Now hold on a damn minute here! You???ve trusted me all this time to make the right calls, so why have you chosen now of all times to stand up and spit in my face? Do you have any idea how hard I???ve fought for????

Mickey: For what? Look at us, mate! Take a good look at us and tell me what we???ve gotten fer following yer orders. Vixen???s gotta team with the Ice Queen to hold a championship, Jessie is being overlooked for title opportunities, and I couldn???t even build up enough steam to keep me contract??? No offense, but we???re shite right now???

Vixen rubs on Spike???s arm, sensing that he is getting worked up. He looks down into her eyes and takes a deep breath, collecting himself once more before looking between Mickey and Jessie. Before he can say a word, Giani comes in through the locker room door with a bottle of Smart Water in his hand. He steps lightly as he notices Jessie and Mickey staring right at him as if they would love nothing more than to tear him to pieces.

Mickey: So??? ye decided to change yer mind about socializing with??? what was it? Euro trash? How convenient???

Vixen: And if you ask me, all I have to say is that leopards don???t change their spots since you decided you didn???t need NXT???s help???

Jessie:Or did you get tired of having to carry Hawkes to a win?

Spike: Hey now! Couldn???t we????

Giani steps next to Spike, placing a hand on his shoulder as if to tell him that it???s alright. He bounces lightly from foot to foot, clearing his throat as he looks up from the ground and to his stable mates.

Giani: No??? they???re right. It???s cool, dawg. Hell, if they welcomed me back with open arms, I might have had to rethink my decision. They???re smart. Even the Irish???ed up one in front of the pile of empty booze bottles???

Mickey steps forward, gritting his teeth as he lifts his fists up for an all-out brawl. Spike wraps an arm around his stomach, holding him back as Giani holds his hands up innocently. Jessie glares at Giani.

Jessie:Jessie: Giani, I don't know why Spike is willing to give you a second chance but if you ask me you'll have to earn this chance, something I'm sure Spike agrees with.

Giani: Whoa??? okay, I guess it???s a little too soon for jokin??? around with you guys??? I???ll keep that in mind. I figured that I needed to formally gather with ya???s to explain myself. But, before I do that, I just wanna let you guys know how sorry I am for all the shit I ever did to each and every one-a ya???s??? I already made my amends with Spike, but I was pretty shitty to the rest of ya too???

Giani looks over to Mickey first, folding his hands in front of him as Mickey scowls in his direction. Giani nods his head as he organizes his ideas in his head.

Giani: Mickey, I said some things on Twitter about ya that was kinda wrong. Ya not an alcoholic cause ya Irish Euro trash??? Ya just an alcoholic, someone who needs help??? someone who needs a friend. I know I enjoy the sauce regularly, but not like that. I just want ya to know that I???m here for ya bro.

Mickey: Bollocks??? I want ye to know that if I saw ye in the streets, choking on shite, I wouldn???t waste me breath to save ye, bloody tosser???

Giani: Ohhhkay then??? We got some real unity issues here, but nothin??? that can???t be fixed. I???m gonna prove to ya that I???m sorry for what I done to ya, and I???m gonna make it up to ya, I promise???

Giani turns from Mickey who flips him the bird angrily before turning away from everyone. Giani looks right into Jessie???s eyes, showing his regret through his saddened look.

Giani: Jessie??? I know I said all kinds of mean shit about ya durin??? the team wars when I was on that bitch Erik???s side. I dawged ya pretty damn hard, almost as bad as Spike. I hope ya can forgive me for that. We need this bare bone version of NXT to run like a well oiled machine, and for that to happen, I need to gain ya trust back, and I???m gonna do whatever it takes to do that. Not just with you, but for everyone in this room. I???m really, truly sorry for everythin??? that I ever said or did to ya, Jessie???

Jessie: I know what you mean Giani but words won't be enough for me, back it up with your actions and I'll forgive you!

Giani: Then I will let them show you I am changed and that I can be trusted by you all.

Giani nods his head and turns lastly to Vixen who stands at attention. Her face is solid as stone, showing no emotion one way or the other as he looks into her eyes. He takes a deep breath and then loosens his posture a bit.

Giani: Vixen??? I know we spent part of the week together, but I never got the chance to apologize for anythin?????? I want ya to know, whether ya believe me or not, I really am tryin??? to change. I never really thought that ya was nothin??? more than a??? Ummm???

Vixen: I believe you called me Spike???s ???fuck doll??? if you want to get specific?

Giani blushes a bit in embarrassment as Vixen still seems so nonchalant about Giani???s statement, rubbing the back of his head slowly. He quickly regains his composure before continuing on.

Giani: Yeah??? I said a lot of shit I???m not proud of, and that I didn???t mean. I was tired of standin??? in the shadows, waitin??? for my chance to shine through. It seemed like the only way I could do that was to act like a douchebag to get some eyes on me. Next thing I know, I???m the biggest jackass in the company, and I couldn???t stop myself from getting??? worse and worse. I???m tired of the negative attention, and I???d rather get no attention than negative attention. You was always like family to me from the day I put on the NXT arm band, and I wanna make things up to ya, if you???ll let me?

Vixen: You can thank Spike that I am even letting you attempt to return to NXT. But let me make one thing clear to you Giani. Betray me or him and the fact that Sin City Wrestling doesn???t allow bombshells to face wrestlers doesn't mean that I won???t make you suffer for it.

Giani: Fuhgetaboutit???I???m changing, I swear to ya.

Vixen only narrows her eyes as Giani pats Spike???s shoulder again with a nod and a sick laugh at what he assumes is a joke from Vixen. Turning away from them all, Giani breathes a slow sigh of relief as Spike crosses his arms as he gives the group a glare before catching Vixen???s eye. Walking over to her, he puts his arm around her neck as the view returns to ringside.

Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championship - FOUR CORNER MATCH
Misty and Vixen ?? vs. Azz N Class vs Traci Patterson and Necra Octavian Kane vs The FoShan Bombshells

Ben Jordan stands backstage, leaning on a wall, his hands pressed together in nervous tension. Christian Underwood approaches him.

Christian: Ben, there you are. Been looking for you.

Ben: What's up boss?

Christian: Your mystery guy....

Ben: He's on his way, don't worry about it at all. When Ben Jordan promises something, Ben Jordan delivers. Bit like Pizza Hut.

Christian: We're running out of time here tonight, so we really need to move this along.

Ben: Don't worry, he'll be here, he hasn't let me, or SCW down yet.

Christian: Ah, so it's a former SCW guy.

Christian taps his chin as Ben pulls on his collar.

Ben: Didn't say that.

Christian: Yes you did.

Ben puts his finger up to argue the point, but his phone rings in his pocket. Ben pulls out the phone and quickly answers.

Ben: Hello? You are? Brilliant mate, right, I'll get my arse towards the ring and you come and join me. Blinding, see you soon.

Ben turns to Christian, putting both hands on Christian's shoulders.

Ben: He's here! Time to shock the SCW world!

Ben excitedly walks away, Christian smiles and looks at the camera.

Christian: I think I know who it is..... nah, can't be.

The cameras switch backstage to a corridor, which is deserted, except for Simon Jones. Simon approaches a door, but just as he reaches out to open the door, he is stopped by the sound of Ms. Rocky Mountains calling his name.

MRM: Simon!

The buxom reporter appears into view.

MRM: I'd like to ask you a few questions, if I may.

Simon: Sure.

Simon turns around to face Ms. Rocky Mountains.

MRM: Firstly, how are you feeling, heading into your match later tonight against Giani Di Luca?

Simon: I'm bostin.

A look of confusion becomes etched across the face of Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Simon: Sorry, that's Brummie slang - it means great.

Ms. Rocky Mountains nods her head.

Simon: I've had a good week of training - even if it has been unusual at times - in preparation for the match, and I'm now looking forward to the challenge that Giani Di Luca will present to me; I'm just hoping the effort I've put in over the past six days will deliver the result that I'm after.

MRM: Moving on to another subject, do you have any response to the comments that Kain directed towards you, during his interview with Scott Oliver two weeks ago?

Simon: I will respond to Kain's comments, but not now - tonight, I want to keep my focus solely on Giani Di Luca, so I'll respond to what Kain said at a more appropriate time; the only thing that I'd like to say to Kain now, is to wish him good luck for his match later, against Casey Williams - not that he'll need it.

MRM: And how about Casey - do you have anything to say in response to the statement that he had for you last week?

Simon: Although it has yet to be officially announced, it would appear that Casey and myself are set to collide once more at December To Dismember. And, assuming that is the case, then I will wait until prior to that match before talking about Casey - again, tonight, I want to focus solely on Giani Di Luca.

MRM: Well, what about Ben Jordan's big announcement - do you have any idea who it is that he is bringing into SCW?

Simon sighs.

Simon: Alright, I'll give you an answer to that question.

Simon then shrugs his shoulders.

Simon: Until a few days ago, I was convinced that it would be a fellow ACW alumnus - however, after Misty shared a belief or two of hers, I'm no longer so certain of that. So, to answer your question, I did have a few names in mind as to who the mystery person might be, but I've since had second thoughts - I'm just interested like everyone else, to find out who Benny Bear will reveal as his partner.

Ms. Rocky Mountains frowns.

MRM: "Benny Bear"?

Simon smirks.

Simon: Ask Emma Rose. Now if you'll please excuse me, I need to get changed for my match.

The scene cuts away.

Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

Kain vs. Damien Kingston

Simone: Our next match has the potential to be one hell of a match Jason. Giani Di Luca could use a win as he heads into December to Dismember II to face Goth for the heavyweight title.

Adams: A win over Simon could prove he's championship material. Simon is a former Heavyweight Champion after all!

Justin: Ladies and Gentleman our next match is scheduled for one fall.

The intro of ???Simon Says??? By Drain STH plays over the arena???s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans.

Justin: Introducing first from Birmingham, England...Weighing in at 225lbs...SIMON JONES!!

As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans. Simon jumps down a few moments later just as Giani's music kicks in.


Justin: And introducing his opponent from Seaside Heights, New Jersey...Weighing in at 285lbs...He is the Italian Stallion...GIANI DI LUCA!!

???Wrecked??? by Killbot blasts over the speakers. The fans immediately turn their attention to the entryway. A few cameramen file through the curtains. Giani comes down to the ring accompanied by NXT leader and mentor, Spike Staggs.

Simone: It's always great to see Spike Staggs back here in SCW, though I think many would prefer it be in action instead.

Adams: Yeah! Bring back Spike Staggs damn it!

Simone: Are you going to get that trending on Twitter tonight?

Adams: Oooh..Great idea!

Giani supplies his own blast of pyros that rain down on him as he pauses, looking from side to side as the cheers form. He looks from side to side once more with a smirk forming on his face. He looks at what seems to be each and every fan before throwing his fist in the air, getting the crowd pumped as he pumps his fists. He sprints down the ramp with Spike slowly following behind, stopping at the bottom, spinning a complete 360 while leaping one foot with his arms out at his sides. He comes to the head of the ring and jumps onto the ring apron before climbing under the top rope. He bounces from the ropes, then runs over to the far turnbuckle and raises his fist high in the air for his fans and camera crew. He leaps down and darts to the other side of the ring, working the crowd as he pats his NXT arm band. He jumps down and jogs in place.

Simone: I'm not so sure Spike really agrees with Giani show boating the way he is. Confidence is a good thing, but this is a bit extreme.

Adams: Is it just me or has Giani completely reverted back to how he was before he was a complete arse?

Spike Staggs stands outside the ring in support of Giani, while keeping a close eye on Simon as well. Referee Jasmine St. John stands between the two men, as both are eager to get this match started and as Giani's music finally comes to a close, Jasmine calls for the bell.


As soon as the bell rings, Giani charges across the ring at Simon and is about to take full advantage aggressively, but when he is just inches away from Simon, he quickly stops then extends his hand out to Simon for a friendly handshake. Both Simon and then fans look at him in disbelief until Simon reluctantly and cautiously shakes Giani's hand and no harm is done.

Simone: What the hell was that? I thought we were just about to see a bit of the arrogant Giani come back to life, but that was really unexpected!

Adams: Hey it was a good sign of sportsmanship! Way to go Giani!

Giani backs away as the fans cheer at the handshake, and Simon stares at his hand a little confused. Giani claps his hands and smiles proudly until the two begin circling around the ring, getting a slow start to this match. After a few moments, Giani and Simon charge at one another, locking arms as they both fight to take the early advantage. After a few moments, Giani is the one to take advantage as he overpowers Simon and locks him in a side headlock.

Simone: Giani is able to use his clear sixty pound size advantage over Simon to good use. He's got that headlock locked in pretty good.

Simon fights to break the hold, but Giani only locks it in harder before Simon manages to get the both of them over to the ropes. Both men bounce off the ropes and Simon tries to power out of the headlock, but Giani uses all his strength to keep a hold of the headlock, bringing both he and Simon down to the canvas.

Adams: Damn. Giani does not want to break that headlock!

Simone: No he doesn't. He wants to wear Simon out early on.

On the outside of the ring, Spike seems to be cheering both men on, but he shows more support for Giani at the moment. Simon manages to push himself up, and both men get back to their feet where Simon finally begins to power out of the headlock. He delivers one elbow to Giani's stomach, but that doesn't do the trick. Simon elbows him a second time and Giani begins to loosen his grip, and finally a third elbow to the stomach causes Giani to break the headlock, though he still has his hands placed on top of Simon's head.

Simone: Let's see if Simon can get an upperhand in this match now.

Adams: I'm just getting word that the writer wants everyone to know that writing Belinda's last name, and then Simon is really tricky sometimes.

Simone: Huh? What is this about writer's all the time? What writers?

Adams: I don't know..ask them!

Simon goes to charge at the ropes, but Giani grabs a fistful of hair and slams Simon straight down to the canvas, but he immediately looks around, holding his hands out and apologizing for the move, and the crowd laughs. Spike shakes his head and yells at Giani to focus on the match and quit showing off.

Adams: Giani is having a lot of fun with this match it seems.

Simone: Yeah, but in two weeks it may be a different story when he goes up against Goth. Especially if he really wants to win that title.

Simon quickly sits up, holding his head, and he stares at Giani. Giani charges at the ropes and rebounds back attempting a clothesline against Simon, but Simon ducks it. Giani then rebounds off the opposite set of ropes and when he charges back, Simon does an amazing leapfrog over the top of Giani as the crowds cheering gets louder!

Simone: Things are suddenly getting interesting. This match is beginning to pick up the pace a little.

Adams: Yeah, and I'm starting to get di

y now!

Simon drops down to the canvas, straight on his back and when Giani charges towards him, he can't stop his momentum as Simon gets legs up, using his feet to launch Giani across the ring! and Giani rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring, holding his back.

Simone: What a move by Simon! Smart thinking by the former heavyweight champion!

As Giani has his back turned, Spike tries to get him to pay attention, but he doesn't. Simon runs towards the ropes, quickly grabs a hold of the top rope and pulls back, launching himself over the top rope and to the outside, just as Giani turns around!

Adams: What an amazing flying crossbody by Simon! These fans are definately getting their money's worth tonight with this one.

Simone: That they are Jason. This is quite an amazing match!

As Giani lays on the ground, trying to recover from that move, Simon gets back to his feet, cheering the fans on. He walks over to Giani, then reaches down and pulls him back to his feet before he slides him back into the ring under the bottom rope then does the same. Giani got himself back to a kneeling position as Simon charges at him, but Giani is holding his hands out in front of him, almost begging for mercy.

Simone: Oh what is he doing now?

Adams: I think Spike wants to know the same thing.

Spike: Come on Giani! What the hell are you doing?!

Giani gets back to his feet, once again offering his hand for a handshake. Simon and the crowd, and even Spike, are at a loss for words as Giani takes Simon's hand and shakes it, trying to show another sign of good sportsmanship until he quickly attempts to deliver a boot to Simon's midsection, but Simon quickly and smartly blocks it and delivers a kick of his own. Giani comes back and delivers a hard right fist to Simon's head, as the two begin dueling back and forth with lefts and rights.

Simone: This is any man's game, Jason. Both men are doing a great job of tiring the other out.

Adams: Yeah, and I think Giani is doing a great job of agitating Spike also.

Simon takes control of the match when he takes Giani by the arm and launches him across the ring and when Giani rebounds back he lifts the larger man up delivering a powerful body slam and he drops down for the cover! Jasmine drops down for the count!


2...No! Giani kicks out!

Spike begins slamming his fists on the canvas, trying to encourage Giani to get back in the game. Simon gets back to his feet, pulling Giani with him, and once again he sends Giani across the ring and to the ropes, but at the last second, Giani does a baseball slide under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring once again, trying to regain his composure a bit.

Adams: Oh come on Giani! You're bigger than Simon! He can't be wearing you down already!

Simone: Oh but he clearly is Jason.

Simon stands there, shaking his head for a moment, before he runs at the ropes and follows suit with his own baseball slide to the outside of the ring. He walks up behind Giani and grabs a hold of him by the back of the head, ready to toss him back in the ring, but Giani is able to block it as he delivers a hard elbow to Simon's ribs, then shoves him forward, face first into the steel ring post! Jasmine tries to get both men back inside the ring, but her orders go unanswered and she begins her mandatory count.


Giani has Simon back against the ring post where he is delivering a series of vicious backhands to Simon's chest, the sound echoing throughout the building.

Simone: We may see a double count out here in just a few seconds, Jason.


Giani goes for another backhand, but Simon blocks it, and delivers a hard right to Giani's head followed by a kick to the midsection and Giani temporarily gets the wind knocked out of him, giving Simon the advantage he needs. Simon grabs a hold of Giani's head, and a fistful of his trunks, then sends Giani shoulder first against the ring post as the crowd starts going wild, but for both men!

Adams: The fans are loving this Belinda. Hell I'm loving this!


Spike pays close attention to his protege as Giani holds on to his shoulder, trying to get the feeling back into it.


Simon quickly slides in under the rope, and Spike's eyes widen as he thinks Giani is about to be counted out but just a millisecond before Jasmine counts to ten, Giani slides back in the ring, saving himself and the match continues.

Simone: Damn! Talk about a close one, but I think Giani's arm is still hurting him.

Adams: Your's would be too if it met the steel ring post like that!

Giani is laying on his back, holding his shoulder as Jasmine walks over and checks on him. He insists he is okay, though, and Jasmine has to bolt out of the way as Simon has launched himself against the ropes and rebounds back, delivering a leg drop right across Giani's neck and he hooks the leg and Jasmine drops down for the count.



3- NO! Giani gets his shoulder up at the last second!

Simone: Look at the look on Spike's face. He can't believe it!

Adams: I don' think Simon can either.

Simon shakes his head, slightly disappointed, but he gets back to his feet. He bends down, ready to pull Giani back to his feet also, and just as Giani is almost standing, he delivers a vicious uppercut that sends Simon stumbling back and Giani begins fighting back, sore shoulder and all. He delivers another jab to Simon's face before he grabs him by the arm and sends him against the ropes. Simon rebounds back and Giani delivers a big boot then sends Simon crashing down to the canvas, and this time Giani drops down and hooks the leg!


2..Simon gets his shoulder up!

Giani slams his fist into the canvas, frustrated, but he doesn't lose his cool. He gets back to his feet, bringing Simon with him, where he begins to set him up for the Jersey Turnpike, but Simon tries to fight out of it.

Simone: Simon better thing of something, Jason! If Giani nails that move, it's all over!

Simon manages to fight out of it, but only for a brief second as Giani delivers a hard elbow to the temple, then sets him up once again and moments later, he brings Simon crashing to the mat with pumphandle slam!

Adams: Jersey Turnpike!

Simone: And Giani hooks the leg!





Justin: Ladies and gentleman, you winner by pinfall...GIANI DI LUCA!!!

Jasmine raises Giani's hand in victory before Spike slides into the ring, taking over. He raises Giani's hand and the crowd cheers him on, as Simon Jones slowly starts to get back to his feet, with Jasmine's help. Once he is back to his feet, Giani and Spike look towards him. Giani walks over to him, offering his hand for one final handshake, which Simone gladly accepts this time and the two share a friendly handshake, before Giani then raises Simon's hand, as if displaying that he too is a winner and the crowd cheers loudly for all three men.

Simone: What a match, Jason. You've gotta hand it to both men. They put on one hell of a match and both should be very proud.

The scene opens up backstage in the office of SCW Co-Owner "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward, who seems to be consumed by some work as he goes through some paperwork at his desk. As he works away, there is suddenly a loud slam as the door goes flying open, but it does not seem to particularly distract Mark, as he continues to work away at what he was focused on. Once finally finished, Mark finally looks up to see his old buddy Nick Jones standing in front of his desk with a scowl on his face and his arms crossed across his chest.

HS: Oh, hey yank.

Nick: Don't "hey yank" me, limey! What the hell is this horse shit?!?

HS: So I take it you heard about your December 2 Dismember match, huh?

Nick puts his hands down on the desk of Mark, leaning forward as he stares down his buddy and snapping back at him.

Nick: Oh, you think? What could have possibly given you that idea?!?

HS: Well first it was...

Nick: It was a rhetorical question, you ass!

Hot Stuff cannot help but have a smile on his face, as he clearly enjoys pushing his friends buttons a little, which only intensifies the glare from Nick.

Nick: I'm glad you think this is so funny, but what the hell are you thinking with booking this damn match?!?

Nick waits for an answer, but Mark sits there completely silently. Nick continues to wait, until finally realizing what Mark is doing.

Nick: That one wasn't rhetorical, damnit!

HS: Jeez, make up your mind already, yank. Anyway, I'm not the one who booked that match, but I think you already knew that.

Nick: Yet you still let the damn match happen, didn't you?

HS: Believe it or not, we don't go running back and forth checking with each other on every single match that is booked. Just like he said he would, Synn came up with a match, he went to Christian about it and now it's booked; Nick Jones and Tony Capicelli versus Big B and... Despayre.

Nick gets a bit of a shiver after Mark hesitates and then eventually says Despayre's name. Mark notices it, but doesn't acknowledge it as he simply continues on.

HS: What's the problem anyway, yank? Both you and Tony have wins over Big B, and you and Despayre have had your... whatever you want to call that, going on for quite some time now. I thought you'd appreciate the opportunity to finally get a chance to put all of that to an end.

Nick: The point is this has already put to an end. At least it would have been if it weren't for you clowns trying to keep giving these idiots chance after chance. Just like you said, B has had his chances and he's failed. As far as Despayre... I want nothing to do with that little psychopath, you hear me?

HS: Don't tell me the almighty Nick Jones is scared of getting beaten at the hands of a big idiot and a nutjob.

Nick: Scared? SCARED?!? HA! You must be kidding me, I'm just sick and tired of having to deal with this nonsense when I should be out there winning MY championship back, instead of getting screwed out of it by this big dumb pile of crap and his nutty little friend. I promise you, the only ass-kicking those two will be a part of is the one's they receive in two weeks.

HS: Then perhaps you're not so worried about getting your arse kicked as you are of having it bitten, huh?

Mark chuckles at his own comment, which is referencing back to one of Nick's prior encounters with Despayre, as it simply make the angry look on Nick's face get worse.

Nick: I'm not amused, limey.

HS: Yeah, yeah. Listen, you weren't getting another shot at December 2 Dismember anyway, you already know that's going to Giani, so use this as your opportunity to finally put an end to this once and for all. You go out there and take care of those two in this match, and that should be the last of it. So how about we stop talking about this, and you show everyone else out there what you and I already know, that these two don't measure up when compared to you.

Nick: You know what, limey? You're right. These clowns are nothing and it's time go out there and prove it. Then, all of this crap will finally be over with. And that WILL be the end of it.

Nick turns and goes to leave, but as he's heading out the door, Mark calls back after him.

HS: Just one last piece of advice Nick.

Nick looks back at Mark, who has a big grin on his face as he continues on.

HS: Make sure you don't underestimate these guys, because, you know, it could come back to bite you in the arse.

Mark bursts into laughter as Nick simply glares at Mark, before finally turning and leaving, slamming the door shut behind him as the scene cuts away.

The opening chords to Alter Bridge's "I Know It Hurts" starts to blast through the speakers and the lights in the arena drop down slightly. Flashing blue lights hit the entrance ramp as cheers emulate from the fans. Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp and looks around at the crowd. Ben nods his head to the sound of the music, looking around with an approving smile. Ben walks down the ramp, quickly sliding in the ring and looking around at the crowd. He puts his hand out to Justin Decent, who hands him a microphone as the music fades out. Ben lifts the microphone to his lips.

Ben: Last week, I said I was going to come back and bring someone with me. All week on Twitter, I've been dropping hints like crazy and no one has figured out what I'm going on about. I promised you I was gonna shock the world with what I was planning.

Ben smiles.

Ben: I said I was gonna give you the surprise of a lifetime and now it's time for you good people to be shocked, and told you to bring a change of underwear. Well I hope you listened because now's the time to get excited.

Ben pauses for a few seconds.

Ben: Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling connoisseurs, it's time to introduce you to a man, who blazed a trail in the wrestling world, that allows you to sit in those seats and watch us perform right now. I bring to you a man who has seen it all, done it all, beat more arse then a fella with a spanking fetish. We are truly not worthy of this, but ladies and gents, I give you, the one and only.....

Ben takes the microphone away from his lips and points to the entrance ramp as the lights drop out.

Simone: Who is it?

Adams: I don't know but I'm excited....

The sounds of wind howling and wind chimes are heard blowing over the PA system followed by the sound someone playing the acoustic guitar. After a brief pause, the opening chords to "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi hits as smoke engulfs the entrance. Finally the mystery man walks out to the entrance with his head tilted down. The spotlight shines on him as he slowly lifts his head only to reveal he's wearing a mask. The man slowly makes his way down the aisle. He climbs into the ring and slowly looks around as Ben Jordan nods his head with a huge grin. The music dies down as the fans go quiet in anticipation. The man stands in the middle of the ring and slowly peels the mask of to reveal...


The fans rock the arena with thunderous cheers as Jordan and Ben high five each other. The fans chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!" Jordan and Ben soak in the cheers. As they die down Jordan takes the mic from Ben.

Jordan: "Shocked huh?"

He says that with a smile as the fans burst into more cheers.

Jordan: "When I left SCW just a few short months ago, I thought I was leaving it in good hands. But as the weeks passed, people started leaving one by one. SCW was looking in bad shape. So I reached out a guy who had left too to gage his interest in returning to reignite SCW and its tag team division."

Jordan pauses for a moment before continuing.

Jordan: "Those of you who follow us on Twitter know that Ben and I have a mutual admiration for each other. He reminds me of a certain someone whom I use to tag with back in the day. Ben is The Chosen One. One day he'll be on top in the company but in the meantime we'll wreck this tag division. Why? 'Cause we're too good for ya!"

"Wanted Dead Or Alive" starts to play again as Jordan drops the mic. Jordan and Ben shake hands in the ring.

Simone: I can't believe this! Jordan Williams is back in SCW.

Adams: I don't think anyone could have predicted this. Talk about an early Christmas present.

The lights go out, "Killing in the name" by Rage Against the Machine comes on as strobe lights of all colors flash throughout the arena. The Sin-Tron lights up with simple words......

December 2 Dismember II


Newark, California - Newark Pavilion

Tag Team Grudge Match
Despayre and Big B vs. Nick Jones and Tony Capicelli

Justin: And now ladies and gentlemen for tonight???s Main event.... introducing first from Ottawa Ontario Canada weighing in at 128 pounds she is one half of the Bombshell tag team champions and a member of the New XTremes.... Viiiiiiiiixeeeeeeennnn

The throbbing beat of You're Going Down by Sick Puppies is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Justin: and her tag team partner from Chicago Illinois, weighing in at 130 pounds she is one half of the Bombshell tag team champions MIIIIIIIISSSSSSTTY!!!!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, Misty emerges from behind the curtain to a round of cheering from the crowd, with her half of the Bombshell Tag Team Titles draped over her shoulder. She looks from one side of the ramp to the other, smiling at the fans as they roar with approval, and she slowly starts making her way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans along the way. Once she gets to the ring, she slides the tag title in under the bottom rope, then enters the ring the same way, grabbing a hold of the title once again. She heads over to one of the corner turnbuckles, hopping up to the top rope where she lifts the title high above her, pointing around the crowd with a proud smile. She stands there for several moments before she jumps back down and heads to the center of the ring where she waits as her music dies down.

Justin: Now for their opponents from Tampa Florida, weighing in at 132 pounds, Rooooooxxxxxiiiii Jooohnnnsoooon!

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Justin: and her tag team partner, being accompanied to the ring by Darknyss, hailing from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 165 pounds... she is the Current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion.... Gooooothhhhiiiikaaaa.

The lights go out and eerie organ music starts to play softly accompanied by the screech of a raven. On the videotron, a large full moon covers the screen, and the silhouette of a bat flies forward and changes into the shadowy silhouette of a woman.

'So soft and so tragic
As a slaughterhouse.
You press the knife
Against your heart.
And say,
"I love you, so much you must kill me now."

I love you
So much
You must kill me now.'

The beat of the music suddenly kicks in as the lights start to pulse blood red, and the silhouette reveals itself to be Gothika standing on the stage with Darknyss beside her.

'If I was your vampire,
Certain as the moon,
Instead of killing time,
We'll have each other
Until the sun.
If I was your vampire,
Death waits for no one.
Hold my hands
Across your face,
Because I think
Our time has come.'

The lights go back to normal and she stands there unmoving, almost cold and emotionless for a few moments, then she throws her fist in the air as she hisses at the crowd, baring her fangs before she walks slowly down the ramp towards the ring. She slides under the bottom rope, and slithers to the middle of the ring before she climbs to her feet. She then climbs a turnbuckle, throws her fist into the air, hissing at the crowd again. She jumps down and goes across the ring to the other turnbuckle and throws her fist in the air again, hissing at the crowd. She then slowly climbs down and leans against the turnbuckle, waiting for the match to begin.

All four bombshells are standing in the middle of the ring as they try and work out who is going to start this one off. Misty and Vixen exchange a smile as Vixen takes herself out of the ring while Roxi and Gothika have an awkward exchange but finally Gothika leaves the ring. Ding, ding, ding. The bell tolls and Misty and Roxi exchange a friendly smile before they start to circle one another in the centre of the ring.

Simone: This one should be interesting Jason.

Adams: Can???t talk watching Vixen!

The two bombshells come together in a lock up and the battle of strength begins, Roxi is able to overpower Misty by pushing her back into the turnbuckles. Releasing Misty from the lock up Roxi makes quick work in opening up with a few rounds of body shots before bringing her right shoulder into Misty???s midsection. Misty is trying to fight her way out of it by clubbing the back of the resident superhero but to no avail. Grabbing hold of Misty???s arm Roxi Irish whips her across the ring; Misty slams into the turnbuckle and before she can react Roxi comes flying in pancaking her with a turnbuckle clothesline. Misty staggers forward but Roxi captures her head and swiftly drops the raven hair bombshell to the canvas with a DDT. Roxi tries for a sneaky quick pin.


Adams: Not even close!

Simone: Roxi just trying to ruffle Misty???s feathers here.

NO! Misty gets the shoulder up and Roxi gets back up to her feet, letting Misty get to her feet the two Bombshells circle one another once more before Misty comes in full sped a head tackling Roxi to the ground with a spear. Making her way onto of Roxi???s chest Misty starts to lay lefts and rights on the face of the superhero. Roxi covers up as Misty gets off her to swiftly kick at her midsection three times. Misty bends over and scoops Roxi up for a Suplex before rolling Roxi over for an ankle lock attempt.

Simone: Seems like Misty has been paying close attention to her tag team partner

Misty almost gets the hold locked in but Roxi is able to kick her off her, pushing Misty into the ropes as Misty stumbles forward in the return, Roxi trips her up and rolls her up into a small packages pin.



Simone: Close, so close but Misty is able to kick out.

Adams: I think Roxi is just trying to end this match quickly here tonight so she can get away from Gothika.

Simone: Well that could be an option.

Adams: That would be my plan, imagine being forced to tag with that?

NO! Misty is able to again kick out and the two scramble back up to their feet. Once both girls are up and it???s as if they read each others??? minds as the both go in for a high forearm smash. Misty is able to make contact first sending Roxi stumbling into the ropes. Misty quickly whips Roxi across the ring and as Roxi rebounds off the ropes and tries to counter with a clothesline, Misty ducks down and catches her flipping her up and over her back with a Suplex and pin combination.



Roxi kicks out and the two get to their feet, Misty is quickly back on the attack smashing her forearm into the face of Roxi, Roxi stumbles backwards into her corner and Gothika makes the blind tag. Misty retreats to the centre of the ring as Gothika steps over the middle rope eyeing Roxi up and down in the process.

Adams: Gothika needs to stay focused on her opponents not on her tag team partner

Simone: She???s just sending her a message before the super card Jason.

Gothika pushes past Roxi and stalks towards Misty the two come face to face in the middle of the ring and Gothika snaps her mouth open, showing Misty her fangs that she rolls her tongue over to empathise them. Vixen can be heard shouting out to Gothika from the outside disgusted.

Simone: Misty doesn???t look impressed.

Adams: is it odd I find this strangely hot?

Simone: Your disgusting.

Gothika takes another step towards Misty to intimidate her but Misty fires back by shoving her away from her. Gothika comes ring back into Misty???s space and grabs hold of her shoulder digging her nails into Misty???s skin before shoving her in close for a headlock, Misty starts to fire away with elbow jabs at Gothika???s midsection but Gothika doesn???t let go she just drives Misty back first into the ropes. Letting go of the headlock Gothika slams her open hand across the chest of Misty before whipping her across the ring, Misty leaps off the rope and tries for a cross body on the return but Gothika scoops her up in midair and brings her down with a harsh cross body. Gothika goes for the pin, while eyeing Roxi her tag team partner off across the ring.




Adams: Again Gothika sending Roxi the stink eye.

Simone: I think Gothika is trying to show Roxi ???how it???s done???

Misty kicks out and pushes Gothika off of her. Both Bombshells get off the canvas and make it to their feet Gothika is able to make the first move by whipping Misty across the ring, Gothika is waiting for her return in the centre of the ring with her head down, but Misty sees this and is able to drive a high knee square into the champions jaw, sending Gothika flying. Misty goes straight after Gothika, picking her up she uses the top rope like a clothesline as she drops Gothika???s midsection on it.

Adams: I wonder if Misty can cook and clean as well.

Simone: Huh?

Adams: Well she just hung out the washing, that's wife material.

As Gothika slumps back into the ring Misty starts to unleash a fury of left and right kicks to the Bombshell Champion. Misty scoops Gothika up and brings her high into the sky with a modified chicken wing submission move, the referee ask Gothika if she wants to quit and she just screams at him. Misty drops Gothika face first to the canvas. Misty drags Gothika by her hair over to her corner and tags in Vixen. Vixen waste no time in getting in the ring to pick up the pieces that Misty has left for her, Gothika has been positioned in the turnbuckle allowing Vixen to get to work with swift kicks to her midsection before Vixen very limberly lifts her right foot up to Gothika???s neck choking her.

Simone: Vixen is showing off some yoga skills

Adams: I envy Spike Staggs

Vixen stops the choke and moves away from Gothika before charging at her but Gothika lifts Vixen up and drops her on the metal ring post. Vixen's body goes limp as she falls in to the ring, laying on the canvas, not moving.

Simone: I think Vixen could be knocked out cold here.

Gothika licks her fangs as she pulls Vixen to her feet. Vixen stands in the ring, her eyes glazed over as Gothika charges at the ropes, using the second rope as a spingboard and connecting with a flying scissor kick to Vixen's jaw!

Adams: Pure Domination!

Vixen drops to the floor and Gothika covers.



Misty tries to get in but Darknyss grabs her ankle!



Justin: The winners of the match, Roxi Johnson and Gothika!

Misty kicks away Darknyss and runs in the ring, kneeling beside Vixen and sitting her up. The referee hands the Bombshell title to Gothika, but Roxi enters the ring. Gothika raises the title in Roxi's face as Misty helps Vixen to her feet.

Simone: What an explosive night! Gothika and Roxi will go one on one in two weeks time! Join us then for December 2 Dismember II! Good night everybody!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Court, Craig, Maggie, MK, Our anon match writer, Damien Kingston, Wong, Mete, Casey, Goth, Simon Jones, Mike, Eric Steel, Mercedes Vargas and The Savoirs. Also to Vixen for the great match banners and supercard logo and to all you guys that make SCW worth while! 69 pages, not bad!