Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy on the Morningstar Beach in St. Thomas. The camera scans around the capacity crowd along the beach, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the beach, at all of the fans filling the sand and surf. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to beautiful Morningstar Beach in St. Thomas, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers and applauds as a spotlight shines center stage, and illuminates Amanda Hugginkiss. She is dressed in a lime green sundress with white floral print, a huge sun bonnet, comical sized shades and sandals. She walks out onto the stage carrying the mic in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other and the performance begins!

Amanda: I hear those ice cream bells and I start to drool
Keep a couple quarts in my locker at school
Yeah, but chocolate's gettin' old
Vanilla just leaves me cold

There's just one flavor good enough for me, yeah me
Don't gimme no crummy taste spoon
I know what I need

Baby, I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with me, ow

They tell me ice cream junkies are all the same
All the soda jerkers know my name
When their supply is gone
Then I'll be movin' on

But I'll be back on Monday afternoon, you'll see
Another truck load's comin' in for me, all for me
I'm singin'

I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with me, ow

(oh, make it talk)

When I'm all alone, I just grab myself a cone
And if I get fat and loose my teeth that's fine with me
Just lock me in the freezer and throw away the key

I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with me

I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with

I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with

I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with me

The song ends and Amanda poses as the crowd applauds and cheers. She then blows kisses to the fans along the beach before disappearing behind the curtains atop the stage.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control from the amazing Morningstar Beach, in St Thomas. I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I woke up with sand in my pants without even going to the beach! You can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: Tonight, we have six huge matches and big announcements from Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood.

Adams: Maybe we're getting a shark mascot!

Simone: Doubtful Jason, but let's talk about these six big matches. We start off with two very talented women in the ring, as The Jersey Devil Diva, Joanne Canelli kicks off the show against the equally talented Laura Jackson.

Adams: That's gonna be a great way to kick off the show.

Simone: It get's better, as the SCW Bombshell Roulette title is on the line as Nessa Wall defends her title belt against not only Mercedes Vargas, but former Bombshell Roulette champion and Bombshell champion, Vixen!

Adams: Anyone else thing we should make everyone wrestle in swim suits?

Simone: Just the male population. We have a third straight bombshell match, as Amy Marshall gets in the ring against former Sister Of The Light stable mate, Roxanne.

Adams: The third member of that stable is also involved as Necra Octavian Kane will be guest referee!

Simone: Time for the battle of the egos. Nick Jones wasn't impressed at how things went down at the supercard, and made his feeling clear last week, tonight, he takes on a man with an ego as big as Nick. He will be one on one with Damien Kingston.

Adams: So many have said Kingston has a big future and would take giant leaps if he can defeat Nick Jones tonight.

Simone: Bombshell's back in action again...

Adams: I wonder if Christian, Mark and Erik realized how bombshell heavy this was when they booked this thing?

Simone: Who knows. Either way, Misty returns to the ring with Odette Ryder in her corner to take on Raynin with Gothika and Darknyss in her corner.

Adams: Thank God we have these shows at night, or Misty might get very sunburnt.

Simone: Main event time. Max Burke took away the SCW Roulette championship from Kain in a brutal match, but now Kain has a rematch.

Adams: Jumping around time to fix things that once went wrong.

Simone: What?

Adams: Quantum Leap reference.

Simone: Ok then.... the first outing between these two was one of the most brutal matches I've ever seen. Tonight will be Kain's chance to raise the stakes.

Adams: We know Kain is one of the most brutal on the roster and he'll be looking to show that once more.

Simone: But Max's stock has been constantly on the rise. This is one main event you won't want to miss.

Adams: So let's gooooooooooooooo!

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. Hot Stuff reaches his hand out to Justin for a microphone, and is handed one as the music fades out.

HS: You've seen it teased on Twitter that I have a little announcement. Well it must be your lucky, lucky day, because I have not one, but two announcements, ground shattering announcements. Let's start with one concerning what I said last week. Last week, before that big bald bubble head Rage decided to come down to my ring and talk utter crap, I told you early next year, that I am finished with wrestling. In about six months time, I'm done with kicking everyone's arse all over the world, well tonight, I tell you who my last opponent is gonna be. Ladies and gentlemen, my last ever opponent will be the one.... the only...

Hot Stuff pauses for a second.


The crowd burst in to wild cheers.

Adams: Austin Parker is returning to the ring!

Simone: Huge news!

Hot Stuff waits for the cheers to die down a little.

HS: Yep, the cowboy returns. Now I did say I had two announcements. How do I sit here and top that huge news?

Hot Stuff runs his fingers over his chin.

HS: Well it's been no secret that I had to leave the Islands to take care of some kind of business. I kind of got myself a brand new toy and tonight, I want to show you exactly what is now mine. Are you ready to see it?

The crowd cheer as Hot Stuff looks towards the screen.

HS: Well let me show you....

Hot Stuff points to the big screen as The Stanfield's "Ship To Shore" starts to play.

Adams: Isn't that the....

A logo flashes across the screen.

Simone: That's the All-Pro Championship Wrestling theme and logo.

Adams: What's this all about?

HS: Ladies and gentlemen, my new toy is A.... C.... W!

Simone: WHAT?!?!?

The crowd bursts in the cheers as Hot Stuff looks up at the logo on the screen, a confident look over his face. The music fades out and Hot Stuff raises the mic to his lips.

HS: If you haven't figured this out by now, I now own All Pro Championship Wrestling. It turns out that J.J Dixon is not a good poker player after all. That's why I invited the ACW roster here, that's why you're all standing in the same place right now. Get a camera in that room now.

The scene on the screen cuts from the ACW logo, to a locker room where Traci Patterson, Jade Manendez-Arcador, Emma Rose, Jeremiah Hardin, Ben Jordan, Lukas Von Aelfric, Steve Ramone, Cyrus King, Scott King, Mickey Carroll, Ruby, The Flying Jets and Trauma, caged as usual, along with handlers Fantasy and Nightmare. At the front of the room, an uncomfortable J.J Dixon sits with his head down as eyes burn in to his back.

HS: You lot, you all now work for me. Your contracts have been taken over by me, and it's time to start house hunting in Vegas, because you now work for Sin City Wrestling.

The group look around at each other

HS: But I'm a fair man. If you don't wanna work for me, pack your shit and get the hell out of here, well, except for you J.J.

J.J Dixon looks up at the camera.

HS: You see that juicy contract you gave yourself, to stop people from running power plays on you? That's now mine J.J and that contract will be honored. I'm sure we'll find something around here for you to do. I mean the fans are just crying out for a bit of J.J Dixon, right?

The fans boo but J.J smiles.

HS: Everyone wants to get sold their popcorn by J.J Dixon himself!

J.J's face drops as the fans cheer. He stands up, storming out of the room, leaving his former roster behind him.

HS: The rest of you, you can sit there on the pittance that shark was paying you, or you could sign brand spanking new shiny exclusive SCW contracts. Either way, I don't care, I already own you all. If you don't wanna work for me, don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way. The rest of you, go see Christian, or Erik, or even come to me for your brand new deals and welcome to SCW.

Hot Stuff brings the mic back to his face before he is interrupted by a voice coming from backstage.

JJ: Now hold on just one second, Marky. Just wait one second.

The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as JJ walks out from backstage. Wearing an expensive black designer suit, Italian leather shoes, and a black skinny tie over his white button down shirt. He smiles as he waits for the beach going crowd to finish booing.

JJ: I’ll admit it. I got a little crazy with my controlling interest in All Pro Championship Wrestling. I may have bet it all on two pair. In hindsight, probably not the smartest thing to do.

Adams: I’ll say.

JJ: But if you think for one second I’m gonna sit here and take this kind of crap from a glorified match booker then you better think again, Hot Shit. I ain’t no flash in the pan ring announcer or Manager. I’m JJ Dixon, the baddest wrestling promoter that ever lived. I revolutionized Canadian pro-wrestling and my mere presence in this crappy little promotion of yours puts you on the map. So you-

Hot Stuff interrupts him.

HS: It’s funny ‘cause this crappy little promotion now owns your arse!

The crowd cheers as JJ starts to scream at them.

JJ: Shut up! You don’t even know what talent is when you see it!

HS: So I tell you what, JJ. I’m gonna let you sit in the back while I think of a way to put you to work in me place. And you’ll do whatever, whenever I say. I don’t care if you are wearing those $3,000 shoes. If I tell your arse to get in the mud and tear down this ring at the end of the show, you better get your arse in the mud.

JJ: This ain’t over, Ward. You better believe it ain’t over!

JJ drops the mic on the stage as he walks to the back as the crowd taunts him.

Crowd: Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, GOODBYE!

Adams: Well there you have it folks, Hot Stuff Mark Ward is now the principle owner of All Pro Championship Wrestling! What does this mean for ACW’s titleholders going forward? What does this mean for SCW’s roster?!

Simone: The summer is getting set to come to a crazy end!

Justin Decent: Introducing first, already in the ring from Tampa, Florida... LAURA JACKSON!!!

Laura Jackson is waiting in the ring with Jacob Summers checking her gear and giving last minute instructions.

Justin Decent: And her opponent... from Jersey Shore, New Jersey... “The Jersey Devil Diva”... JOANNE CANELLI!!!

A spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entranceway, "Run This Town" begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words "FULL BLOODED ITALIAN" is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900's, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena's from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her bodyguards. They make their way down the ramp with Joanne in the middle with Reno and Rude on either side, and Scarpaci following behind, , talking among themselves ignoring the crowd around them. When they reach the ring, Reno holds open the ropes for her, as she slips inside, only to follow behind and stand in the middle of the ring, around her. She removes her jacket, and hands it to one of the guys, before they head out of the ring.

Simone: What a way to kick off what promises to be a fantastic show from start to finish. Laura Jackson and The Jersey Devil Diva are two of our finest Bombshells.

Adams: Got to go with the former Bombshell Roulette champion here tonight. The Jersey Devil Diva is ruthless.

Jacob Summers calls for the bell, and the action starts out fast and furious as expected. The two bombshells fire off lefts and rights with reckless abandon to start off the match.

Simone: We’ve got a brawl to kick this match off!

Adams: These ladies pack a punch!

Canelli takes advantage with an eye gouge that temporarily blinds Laura Jackson. Canelli’s “family” watches the match intently. Canelli follows up by digging her nails in and raking them down the back of Laura Jackson. The Jersey Devil Diva throws Laura Jackson shoulder first into the corner. Laura Jackson’s shoulder slams hard into the steel ring post. Laura screams in pain from the impact.

Simone: Laura Jackson is in trouble!

Adams: When flesh meets steel... steel always wins as Laura Jackson just found out courtesy of the Jersey Devil Diva Joanne Canelli!

Canelli taunts the crowd as Laura tries to shake off the damage from the ringpost impact. Canelli turns around and is met with a clothesline from Laura Jackson’s good arm. Canelli goes down, but is quickly back to her feet. Jackson goes for another clothesline, but Joanne Canelli ducks under, and nails Jackson’s injured arm with a hard kick. She fires off three more kicks to the arm, and follows up with a leg sleep. Canelli mounts Laura Jackson and starts firing away with lefts and rights.

Simone: Canelli is mounted, and unleashing hell on Laura Jackson!

Laura attempts some blocks, but some punches sneak through and land rocking Laura. Joanne gets reckless with her punches, and Laura Jackson hauls her down by her head into a front headlock.

Adams: Laura Jackson has a modified version of Nighty Night locked in!

Laura attempts to squeeze the life out of Joanne Canelli, but she can’t get a solid grip due to the injury to her arm from hitting the ring post. Laura keeps squeezing, but The Jersey Devil Diva is finally able to break the grip of Laura Jackson, and crack her with another solid shot, this time an elbow to the face.

Simone: The Jersey Devil Diva’s game plan of weakening the arm of Laura Jackson by driving her into the steel ring post appears to have been brilliant. Laura Jackson just didn’t have the strength in the arm to put her to sleep here tonight.

Joanne pulls Laura to her feet by the hair. Out of nowhere, Laura Jackson catches Joanne with a European Uppercut followed up by her patented spinning heel kick.

Simone: Bedtime!

Reno and Rude start yelling at Laura Jackson, causing a distraction for Jacob Summers who comes over to see what the fuss is about. Canelli takes advantage, whipping out her signature brass knuckles. Laura Jackson makes her way over, and is popped on the chin with a solid shot.


Adams: This could be it!

Laura Jackson is stunned. The Jersey Devil Diva quickly lifts Jackson onto her shoulders as Jacob turns around just in time to see her plant an unnecessary, yet effective knee to the face of Laura Jackson. She falls lifeless to the canvas.

Simone: BULLS EYE!!

Joanne Canelli covers Laura Jackson arrogantly as Jacob Summers drop down to count the pinfall.





Justin Decent: The winner of the match.... Joanne Canelli!

Backstage, Vixen can be seen sitting on equipment boxes as she is approached by Ms Rocky Mountains. Not paying attention to the interviewer, Vixen is holding the ACW women’s belt in her lap, one hand rubbing it gently.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Vixen, can I get a word with you about the ACW title that you hold? Now that you are the last Women’s champion of that federation, and Mark Ward has announced that he has acquired ACW, what is that going to do to the title you hold?

Vixen looks up with a strange look on her face as her hand unconsciously pulls the belt possessively closer to her body.

Vixen: Your guess is as good as mine Rocky. I mean in all seriousness, does that mean that I am the women’s champion anymore? This belt says I am. Does that mean that tonight when I face Nessa Wall and Mercedes, it will be unified with the Bombshell Roulette title? Not unless I win the match.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So unless you win the match tonight, you won’t unify it with the belt?

Vixen: That’s right. This belt says I am the equal to Roxi Johnston doesn’t it. This belt proclaims me the ACW Women’s champion and no one has beaten me for this title so for all intents and purposes that means I am “THE” champ.

Rocky Mountains nods slowly.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So what happens if Mark Ward makes the title match tonight a unifying match out of the blue?

Vixen laughs softly, a menace heard in the chuckle.

Vixen: Then he has just made Mercedes and Nessa two victims that aren’t going to know what hit them.

With that, Vixen jumps off the box and stalks away leaving Rocky Mountains to watch her with concern

The makeshift backstage office of Hot Stuff Mark Ward we go, as the sound of a champagne cork is heard popping in the background. Hot Stuff sits with his feet on the desk, a thick brown folder to one side of his feet. Hot Stuff lifts the bottle of champagne to his lips but stops as he looks up at the glaring faces of Christian Underwood and Erik Staggs.

HS: Champagne?

Christian ignores the offer.

Christian: And when was you gonna tell us about this?

Erik: This is not a small thing.

Hot Stuff looks at Erik.

HS: Unlike the thing that hides in your pants, no, this is not a small thing. I won it playing poker, I won it and SCW gets to benefit.... you're welcome.

Christian: Benefit? I was so shocked, I nearly fell of Scotty's lap!

Erik: Too much info.

HS: Are you two trying to be Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles here? Are you two that blind?

Christian and Erik just stare at Hot Stuff.

HS: Look, ACW built a good reputation, this has shocked the world, but we now have their roster, their staff if we want them, their reputation, it's all ours. I have taken something worth serious money, and added it to our little empire.

Erik nods his head slowly, but Christian continues to stare a hole through Hot Stuff.

Christian: What you've done in brought in a lot of outside talent in one go, that we have to get over.

Erik: A lot of those guys are already over.

HS: The little ferret face is right.

Erik grits his teeth and stares at Hot Stuff.

HS: Ben Jordan, Mickey Carroll, Lukas Von Aelfric, Jade, Emma Rose, all over. Simon Jones, Drake Green, Vixen, all ours. They will work harder instead of being split. I have single handedly kicked every division up the arse, and turned them more competitive just like that.

Christian: Didn't it cross your mind it might upset the current roster?

HS: Nope, motivates them to do better.

Erik: He could have a point. People who slack will now have to pick up their game to keep their spot.

Hot Stuff smirks towards Christian.

HS: He gets it.

Christian: If this blows up, you deal with it.

HS: Please Christian, I got this, you know it, I know it. SCW just got a little more competitive.

Hot Stuff picks up the brown folder and waves it around.

HS: Contracts for our new talent. Let's get them signed up, or we keep paying them what ACW did, or we kick them out of the door.

Hot Stuff smiles as the scene fades out.

Scene fades into the backstage area as Mercedes Vargas is being interviewed ahead of her match. The Argentine Assassin, never one to have a bad day, is unusually vibrant even though she faces two very dangerous opponents in a few moments. A cameraman strikes up a conversation with her.

Cameraman: Mercedes, welcome to Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. How are you? You got Vixen and Nessa Wall in a triple threat match for the Bombshell Roulette Championship tonight.

Mercedes Vargas: Yay! Triple threat matches! Feel like I've been training my entire career for these. You know, the match card may say this is a three-way dance, a triple threat match, but reading between the lines, this is obviously a singles match between Nessa and Vixen. And let's face it, these two absolutely can’t stand one another, and the only thing that’s standing in their way from this being a catfight is me. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, or a blonde thing, but honestly, I couldn't care less about their petty little feud. I didn’t sign up to play babysitter between those two; I’m in this match to win. By the way, does anybody else question how Vixen even got a title shot out of this?

Cameraman: That said, with Nessa and Vixen's rivalry, do you think that gives you an advantage maybe tonight in this match?

Mercedes Vargas: That depends on what you mean by "advantage". Nessa slipped up, she lost the ACW Women’s Championship, got herself a new championship to ease the pain, and now she’s got to defend her title not just against Vixen, but also me. So, advantage? I don't think I need one, but it helps that it's there.

Cameraman: Safe to say your track record in your past title matches haven’t been successful ones, Mercedes. What are you planning on doing differently tonight?

Mercedes Vargas: Thanks for that painful reminder, but yeah, I am 0-2 in Bombshell Roulette Championship title matches, but remember, they were gimmick matches. As for strategy? Well, I guess I could watch my opponents beat each other up and then come in and steal the win, or better yet, I could hang out at the announce table. I think I’ve already made some sort of impression with my fellow Bombshells. Sure would love to hear what Bindy and Jason have to say about me, they have the best seats in the house.

Mercedes lets out a laugh.

Mercedes Vargas: Tonight, I'm going into this match with the same strategy, game plan, every time I hit the ring, and that's to win. The only difference is I have two champions as opponents and I get my pick on who I'm going to beat. Unfortunately, no matter who it is, it all equals to me walking out as the new Bombshell Roulette Champion.

Mercedes backs away going into some tangent of Spanish before she turns to leave as the scene fades.

The scene opens up backstage at Climax Control were we see Jessie Salco walking around backstage apparently waiting for someone, she has her headphones on though it’s not clear what she’s listening too.

Simone: Jessie has to be disappointed following her loss to Vargas last week.

Adams: Especially since Vargas is in tonight’s Roulette Title match!

The camera pans behind in front of her face as we hear footsteps approaching her, eventually the footsteps stop and a pair of male hands cover her eyes.

Shane: Guess who?

Jessie: Shane, if it you hadn’t spoken up my foot would go right up your balls, you know that right?

Jessie says with a grin before turning to Shane.

Jessie: Where we you? I even checked the women’s bathroom?

Shane: I got caught up in a conversation with a certain loud mouthed pervert who’s managing SCW’s newest Bombshell.

Shane said and Jessie rolls her eyes.

Jessie: Let me guess, Marty McFarge? I’m also guessing that the convo wasn’t that pleasant?

Shane: Well….yes and no, you see Lizzie wants another chance to meet you since your meeting with her last week got cut short.

Jessie: Meeting? She interrupted my interview as it was ending!

Shane: Those are just Marty’s words not mine, so what do you say?

Jessie: Ah why the hell not? She can’t be any worse than Matthew!

Lizzie: I’d certainly hope not!

Lizzie says as she walks up to the shorter woman, Shane stands back with his arms folded as Lizzie starts flirting with Jessie again.

Jessie: You realize that I have a boyfriend right?

Lizzie: I’m sure he doesn’t mind, don’t you Shane?

Shane shakes his head and Jessie gets an idea.

Jessie: Let’s see if he minds this.

Jessie says before planting a French kiss on Lizzie’s lips, she returns the favor and the camera pans over to Shane who has an epic look on his face.


The two women break the kiss and grin at each other.

Jessie: I think we should continue this elsewhere.

Lizzie: What about Shane? I’m sure he’d like to join in!

Shane’s jaw practically hits the floor as he follows the two bombshells into a nearby unoccupied locker room and locks the door behind him.

Simone: Well…..that just happened.

Adams:…..I hate Shane.

Simone: Why? He’s a nice guy!

Adams: Because he has two horny bombshells to himself and neither of them are in action tonight! He’s officially the luckiest man in SCW!

The camera drops backstage to where James Huntington-Hawkes III and Giani Di Luca are standing. Both men have their tag titles over their shoulders, but an unhappy look crosses James face.

JHHIII: This is a disgrace I tell you Giani! I mean we're the tag team champions, and they keep us off the show again, to bring in all these third rate wrestlers wrestling out of Canada, taking up our air time!

Giani looks disinterested in James' rant.

JHHIII: And now, we have to wait and listen to what that Underwood guy has to announce about our titles, while all the time, chasing the ACW losers in to contracts when they're taking up our air time!

Giani: Chill bro, Christian is probably just gonna go to the ring, and sit there and say that no one can beat us, so they're pronouncing us as champions forever.

JHHIII: You think so?

James raises an eyebrow at Giani.

Giani: Sure dawg, it's not like those ACW losers can challenge us, and we have beaten every SCW loser they've put in front of us. That announcement is nothing.

JHHIII: I still don't like the fact that all of a sudden, these ACW chumps are appearing and going to try and steal my space on the roster! Screw them, I'm gonna go make it clear that I need to be put first and not these losers!

James storms off, leaving Giani to shake his head.

Giani: That kid needs to chill

The camera switches to show Simon Jones wandering around backstage, when he bumps shoulders with someone walking in the opposite direction; as the other person stops abruptly and turns around, it becomes apparent that Simon has just collided with "The Freight Train of Pain," Casey Williams.

Casey: Hey, watch where you're going!

Casey catches sight of Simon.

Casey: Oh, it's you.

Simon looks up at the taller man.

Simon: Alright Casey. How are you feeling, after what Damien Kingston did to you last week?

Casey: Probably not as bad as you felt a couple of months ago, after I hit you with the Kiss Of Death.

Simon: Touché.

Casey: Or as bad as you've been feeling after losing the SCW Heavyweight Championship at Summer XXXTreme.

Simon: At least I had a title to lose. Remind me Casey, how did you do against Ben Jordan in ACW two weeks ago?

Casey looks at Simon, disgusted, and then, instead of saying anything, Casey decides to attack Simon; Simon tries to defend himself, but Casey overpowers him, throwing him into the wall with ease. Simon gets up, swinging wildly and finally connects with Casey’s chin, which enrages Casey to a new level. Casey, aware that Simon’s left knee was hurt years ago, and then Casey decides to chop block the knee; he stomps on the knee, and follows that by slams it into the wall. Casey then gets in Simon’s face, taunting him; Casey then gets up and picks Simon up, and does a variation of his Lost Crucifix, but instead of doing the torture rack, he wraps Simons left leg behind his neck, causing immense pain to Simon’s knee and then drops him with the gorilla press slam. Casey throws Simon into the wall again, and decides to lock in the Crossroads Chokeout, causing Simon to black out.

Casey: About as good as you just fared to me, you smug son of a bitch.

Casey then cackles as he walks away.

The scene opens up backstage were we see Ms. Rocky Mountains and the reigning SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion standing next to the Roulette Wheel.

Simone: Tonight is Nessa’s first defense of the title and she has a big challenge ahead of her.

Adams: Vixen and Mercedes Vargas want gold and Nessa’s holding it, couldn’t be simpler.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Are you ready Nessa?

Nessa: Spin it!

Rocky nods before spinning the wheel, the reigning champ watches intently as the wheel slows down and at first it looks like it’s going to stop on Bra and Panties match……until it nudges over to the next one.

Nessa: Nice!

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Your first defense will be an Ultimate X Match, good luck!

Simone: Err, we need some time for the Ultimate X structure to be set up, can we cut to commercial break?

*commercial break*

The Ultimate X structure has been set up and the crowd is going nuts from anticipation, just then the lights fade to a pale pink, and the screen comes to life with heavy static, showing a silhouette of a woman moving slowly towards the foreground. Mocking feminine laughter erupts over the speakers, bleeding into the driving guitars of Jet's "She's a Genius". The images on the screen shift, melting away as though doused in acid. Images flash, showing a petite blonde woman dominating both men and women in the wrestling ring.

Justin Decent: The following Roulette Rules has been determined to be an Ultimate X match and is for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship! Introducing first, from Scarborough, Ontario, she is the reigning and defending SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Nessa Well!

Simone: With the recent closing of SCW’s sister fed ACW there’s going to be a lot more talent coming in and champions like Nessa will have to prove themselves!

Adams: Don’t forget Nessa started in ACW so she knows the guys and girls from there like the back of her hand!

They said "Oh, hey there girl, tell me what do you do"
She says "um, nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you"

That girl is a genius
Who o o o o ohw
I think she's serious
Who o o o o ohw

As the driving rock beat of Jet continues to rape every ear drum in attendance, Nessa climbs into the ring and immediately comes to life, sprinting across the ring and jumping up on the turnbuckles in the corner. Thrusting her fist in the air with one hand, she presses her palm to her lips and blows a kiss to the audience with the other before hopping down as her music fades out, she hands the title to Drew Patton who quickly hands it over to the ring attendants so that it can be hung from the cables.

Simone: The Ultimate X rules state that no ladders are allowed, if they want that title they have to climb the cables.

Adams: I can’t wait!

Justin Decent: Introducing the challengers….

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Justin Decent: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing 127 pounds…MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, and then turns her head back as the camera shows her giving Nessa a look of disdain whilst making a belt motion around her waist, whilst that goes on the throbbing beat of You're Going Down by Sick Puppies is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring.

Justin Decent: And finally, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, she represents the New Xtremes VIXEN!

Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Simone: Both Vixen and Vargas got huge wins in their respective matches last week and they have a lot of momentum going into this match!

Adams: And coincidentally Vargas’s match was against Vixen’s stablemate Jessie Salco so you have to figure that she wants to make it two for two against them!

Drew gets in between the three women to instruct them on the rules and they nod once asked if they understand the rules giving Drew the signal to call for the bell, as soon as the bell rings that three Bombshells start brawling with each other with neither of the two Bombshells having a clear advantage over the other.

Simone: And now the match begins!

Adams: This should be awesome.

Eventually Nessa and Vargas decide to double team Vixen and they start stomping away at her eventually forcing her to back up to the ropes, Vargas and Nessa nod to each other and go for a double Clothesline but they waste too much time and get backdropped to the outside by Vixen, they quickly get to their feet only to be met with a suicide dive by Vixen.

Simone: Vargas and Nessa wasted too much time there.

Adams: And now Vixen’s going for the title!

Vixen hops up onto the turnbuckle and grabs onto the ropes before shimmying across to the title, however Vargas gets to her feet and is on the apron by the time Vixen reaches the halfway point and leaps hitting a springboard dropkick that forces Vixen to let go of the ropes, Vargas doesn’t bother going for a cover knowing that it would be pointless instead getting on top of Vixen and firing some shots at the Bombshell’s head.

Simone: Vargas is showing her nasty side.

Adams: Why not? It’s no DQ!

Simone: That’s why not!

Vargas is too busy attacking Vixen to realize that Nessa is making an attempt for the title, not for long though as Vargas sees her and spears her off the cable with enough force to nearly loosen the title from the cable, Vargas, satisfied that Nessa is down for a while, turns her attention to Vixen only to realize that the veteran Bombshell is climbing up the turnbuckle.

Simone: Vixen taking advantage of the situation there.

Adams: But Vargas has seen her!

Vixen realizes that Vargas has seen her and hesitates before getting an idea…..and starts climbing up the support for the cables and does her best impersonation of a tight rope walker.

Simone: Now that’s something I haven’t seen before!

Adams: Not for long! Look at Vargas!

Vargas is following suit but a combination of two things hinder her attempt, the fact that Vixen has better flexibility and the fact that she has been on the ropes for longer, deciding to abandon the “follow the leader approach Vargas gets herself in position gingerly…..

Simone: OH MY GOD!


The crowd erupts in “Holy Shit” chants and it’s clear that that move has taken a lot out of both Bombshells, which is unfortunate for them as Nessa has gotten to her feet gingerly clearly still feeling the effects of the spear earlier, seeing that both of her opponents are down she starts her own attempt at getting the title.

Simone: Nessa’s playing it safe by not climbing on top of the cables.

Adams: That approach is a bit slower, can she make it?

It takes her a few minutes but Nessa is able to get halfway across the cable, however by that time Vargas is back on her feet and has left the ring, by the time Nessa is close to the title Vargas is back in the ring and has hit her with a steel chair to the ribs causing her to let go and clutch her ribs in pain, not to be deterred by this Vargas hits her again with the chair and sets it up under one of the cables.

Simone: What’s she up too now? She’s already broken the rules.

Adams: The only rule is that no ladders are allowed, chairs are fair game!

Vargas backs up a bit before running up the chair and using it as a springboard to grab onto the cable, she made one mistake though and that’s the fact that she positioned the chair the wrong way forcing her to turn around on the cables and giving Vixen enough time to recover and to start climbing the cable as well.

Simone: The two challengers are in a good position here, especially since Nessa is out cold!

Adams: Who will get to the title first!?

It’s very clear that both Bombshells are feeling the effects of the spear earlier but they manage to get close enough to the title at the same time and they start kicking away at each other, Vixen quickly realizes that this is going nowhere and wraps her legs around Vargas’s neck before hitting a hurricanrana sending both Bombshells to the mat.

Simone: So close, yet so far!

Adams: Vixen’s on her feet but so is Nessa.

Vixen is too busy looking towards the cables apparently planning her route to the gold to realize that Nessa’s on her feet until Nessa spins her around and hits her with an emerald fusion sending Vixen to the mat.

Simone: That’s the ironically named Vixen Driver.

Adams: And now Nessa’s going for the title!

Nessa climbs up to the ropes and starts shimmying across to the title, she reaches the halfway point when Vargas gets to her feet only to collapse from the pain of the match allowing Nessa to get to the title and win the match just as Vixen is getting to her feet.

Justin Decent: Here’s your winner and STILL SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion Nessa Wall!

Adams: What a match! Vargas and Vixen came very close to winning but came up short!

Simone: Who will be able to beat Nessa for the title?

Nessa makes her way to the backstage area as “She’s a Genius” plays over the speakers and Vixen and Vargas are recovering in the ring.

The irate James Huntington-Hawkes III walks through the halls, huffing and puffing as he does. He sees someone in the distance who catches his attention.

JHHIII: You! Underwood!

James storms over to where Christian Underwood is standing. Christian turns his head to James, but before Christian can say anything, James starts to rant.

JHHIII: What's the deal with bringing in all these All Pro Crappy Wrestling people coming in, huh? I mean you don't need those guys when you have me on your roster and even then you're dropping the ball by not putting me and Giani on the show more often. We're the superstars here and these people are third rate nobodies! Why are they here Christian? Why are they even needed? They're losers and you should be focusing on having me on the show in the ring!

Christian: Little busy here Pee Wee.

The camera pans out to show Christian Underwood holding a clipboard, standing next to the caged ACW beast that is Trauma. In front of the cage stands the man known as Fantasy, and the female known as Nightmare. James looks around at the group, taking a huge gulp as he stares at the emotionless Trauma, the man chained by his wrists.

JHHIII: Ummmm, ugh, who are these people?

Christian: Meet Trauma, Fantasy and Nightmare.

JHHIII: Yeah, I don't really care. I just wanna know why you're bringing in these people when you already have me!

Nightmare moves closer to James, making him take half a step back as he looks at her.

Nightmare: So innocent.... so breakable.

James lowers his eyebrows.

Nightmare: Did you miss your nap today Junior?

JHHIII: What? I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to him.

James points past Nightmare, and towards Christian.

Christian: I'll give you an extra bonus if you get rid of this guy now.

Nightmare: Now you're speaking my language.

Nightmare steps away from James and towards the caged Trauma. She puts her hand on his chin and whispers in his ear, causing his face to change to pure rage. He starts shaking the cage's bars, rattling them with force. James screams and runs in the opposite direction. A wide smile crosses Christian's face as he holds the clipboard up, and Fantasy moves towards Trauma, his hand on the big man's shoulder, whispering in his ear. Instantly, Trauma's face turns emotionless.

Christian: It's not gonna be his night when I make that tag team announcement.

Christian holds the clipboard towards Nightmare. She takes the pen from the clip and signs her name, before handing it towards Fantasy. Fantasy scribbles his name across the page.

Christian: Welcome to SCW.

The scene fades out.

The scene switches to the "backstage" area. None of the members of The Seven Deadly Sins were booked this evening, but they were in attendance for Mark's announcement. The returning, yet still suspended Sin of Wrath, Rage, is watching a TV monitor with his arms folded across his chest, and his fists clearly clenched. He lets out a loud growl, and just as he is about to storm off, Gabriel steps in front of him.

Gabriel: Going somewhere, baldy?

Rage glares at Gabriel, nostrils flared.

Rage: Yeah, I'm going to finish what I started five months ago! Now get out of my way!

Gabriel shakes his head, refusing to step aside.

Gabriel: I know you're pissed off, bud...

Rage: Gee, ya think?!

Gabriel: But do you really want to be without a job if you go and attack the boss...again?

Rage growls again. He clenches his fists tighter and almost punches the TV monitor, but he somehow stops himself.

Rage: I may as well be out of a job, Gabe! I've been suspended for five damn months! Mark has the power to lift my suspension, but he's clearly too much of a coward to face me!

Gabriel: You do remember that it was Christian who suspended you in the first place, right? I think if anyone has to power to lift your suspension, its him.

Rage: Thats bullshit and you know it. I'm sure Christian would have done that last week, but now that Mark knows I want a shot at him, he's gonna do everything to make sure that doesn't happen!

Gabriel: I'm not sure I agree with ya on that one. If I know Mark like I think I do, I'm sure he has something up his sleeve. But with this stuff with ACW going on tonight, I think he's a little preoccupied...

Rage's temper finally gets the best of him(as if that is anything new!) and he grabs a hold of the TV, and flings it off of the stand it was on. It crashes to the ground, and the screen shatters and sparks.

Rage: I don't give a crap about that shit, Gabe! One way or another, I'm going to finish what I started! To hell with the consequences!

Rage then storms off away from Gabriel. Gabriel looks down at the broken TV, shaking his head. A few moments later, Synn walks up, noticing the broken TV.

Synn: Let me guess...Rage?

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: It's a good thing he has electronics ordered in advance for this stuff. How many does that make this year?

Synn: I've lost count, but I'm guessing with the money he's spent on new electronics, he could have easily used that money to buy a house to get him out of that dreadful apartment.

Gabriel: He still won't give up that place, huh?

Synn shakes his head disappointedly, and Gabriel suddenly gets a wicked smile on his face

Gabriel: Seems like Rage needs some help house-shopping back in Vegas...Who better for the job than...

Gabriel leans in and whispers his plan into Synn's ear. Synn shakes his head, thought a tiny amused smile forms on his face.

Synn: That has disaster written all over it..

Gabriel: That's the point...

Synn shakes his head again and looks back to the broken TV, then back to Gabriel. Gabriel is staring at him, and all Synn can do is shrug in hesitant agreement.

The scene opens up in the ring where we see Marty McFarge standing with the Skar Bros., the sounds of “I Want It All” by Queen can be heard over the PA system but Matthew is nowhere to be seen.

Marty: Last week Matthew Kennedy was unceremoniously fired by Mark Ward and my new client Lizzie Short was hired in her place and whilst I’m sure that Ms. Short will bring me a lot of money Matthew is currently back home in England talking to some lawyers about a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The crowd boos that piece of news and Marty smirks.

Marty: In the meantime let me introduce the newest Bombshell on the SCW Roster “The Prodigy” Lizzie Short!

The guitar intro to “Love Bites” by Halestorm begins to blare over the PA system and once the vocals hit Lizzie Short comes out to a mixed reaction, she makes her way down to the ring whilst ignoring the fans at ringside and climbs into the ring, Marty hands her the microphone and she takes it.

Simone: Lizzie’s dressed for a fight.

Adams: But she’s not on the card.

Lizzie: I’m going to make this short and sweet but don’t worry, I’m sure most men here are used to encounters with women being short and sweet.

The crowd boos that statement and Lizzie smirks.

Lizzie: I am issuing an open challenge to any local wrestler to come down to the ring and fight me in a match!

Lizzie drops the microphone and smirks as she leans against the ringropes, it doesn’t take long for the challenge to be answered as some generic rock music begins to play and a young woman strolls down to the ring, she rolls into the ring and Marty smirks as Lizzie hands him the mic.

Marty: Now tuts, I understand that this is your first time and I promise you that Lizzie won’t be too rough! She’ll take things nice, slow and easy until the climax.

Simone: He is talking about a wrestling match, right?

Marty: What’s your name and can I have your phone number?

Simone: Good grief, he makes you look subtle Jason!

Adams: I know, right……HEY!

Marty puts the mic in the woman’s face and she smirks.

Jessica: My name is Jessica Monroe and this is hardly my first time in a wrestling ring, in fact I’m a five time women’s champion at my local fed!

The crowd pops for that and Marty rolls his eyes.

Jessica: As for the second question…..

Jessica kicks Marty in the balls sending him to the ground, the Skar Bros. help Marty out of the ring and Jessica turns around…..right into a running big boot from Lizzie.

Simone: How was she supposed to prepare for that?!

Adams: I think that’s the point!

Lizzie starts stomping away at Jessica whilst the Skar Bros. start calling for a ref to come down to the ring, eventually Jasmine St. John runs down to the ring and calls for the bell as soon as she enters the ring, she orders Lizzie to back off of Jessica and she does after a couple of more stomps which earns her a firm warning from Jasmine.

Simone: How embarrassing would it be for Marty and Matthew if Matthew’s protégé got disqualified in her first SCW match?

Adams: Pretty embarrassing.

Jasmine goes over to check on Jessica to see if she can continue and whilst her back is turned Marty hops on the apron and starts giving Lizzie advice, she nods after a few minutes and Marty hops off the apron just before Jasmine, who has just helped Jessica to her feet, gives her the all clear, Jessica charges in for a clothesline on Lizzie but Lizzie ducks it with ease, spins her around and…..starts flirting with her.

Simone: Well, now I’ve seen everything.

Adams: And I have a new favorite Bombshell.

Jessica shoves Lizzie away and tries for another clothesline; this time Lizzie reverses it into a vicious looking DDT that drops Jessica right on her head! Lizzie goes for the first cover of the match 1….2…..and pulls Jessica up just before the three count can be applied.

Simone: She had the match won but instead she wants to continue.

Adams: I don’t mind!

Lizzie locks in a Dragon Sleeper on Jessica and keeps it on tight, Jasmine asks Jessica if she wants to continue but rather than let her answer Lizzie lets go off the submission hold and brings her to her feet for…..

Simone: Did she just kiss her?

Adams: Matthew if you’re watching this, NEVER COME BACK!

Lizzie breaks it off after a few seconds and whilst Jessica’s still reeling from the kiss she backs up and goes for another big boot, however she takes too long allowing Jessica to duck under the boot and hit her with a dropkick on the rebound, Lizzie quickly gets to her feet but is met with two arm drags and another drop kick sending her reeling whilst Jessica poses for the cheering crowd.

Simone: What an upset this would be!

Adams: Don’t waste too much time though!

Lizzie is back to her feet and is clearly furious at Jessica’s flurry of offense, Jessica sees this and charges in…..right into a deadly looking superkick.

Simone: I’m being told that she calls that The Future Shock!

Adams: And she’s not done!

Lizzie forces Jessica too her feet and hooks her up for a Fisherman’s Suplex, however once Jessica is in the air she drops her down brainbuster style earning an “OOOOHHHH” from the crowd.

Simone: And she calls that the Short Fuse!

Adams: Is Jessica even conscious?!

Jasmine tries to get the British Bombshell to go for a cover but Lizzie’s having none of it, she drags Jessica’s prone form to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs up to the top rope before hitting a beautiful looking Shooting Star Press.

Simone: And that’s called The Prodigal Daughter!

Adams: How many finishers does she have?!

Lizzie, rather than go for a pin, drags Jessica to the center of the ring and locks in a triangle choke on Jessica, Jasmine doesn’t bother waiting for Jessica to tap out as she is clearly out cold and instead calls for the bell.

Simone: That’s her last finisher and its called The Future is here!

Adams: After that performance I believe it!

“Love Bites” starts playing over the PA system and Lizzie lets go off the hold, Marty snatches the microphone from Justin before he can announce the winner.

Marty: Here’s your winner “The Prodigy” Lizzie Short! Next week we’re issuing another challenge and this time it’s to any active Bombshell on the roster because I guarantee that Lizzie will beat them all!

Marty and the Skars leave with Lizzie as EMTS rush down to check on Jessica.

The scene opens on the backstage area where we find Necra heading down the hallway dressed in a very short ref's shirt and a tight pair of leggings. Her long hair was tied back from her face, and she seemed to be in good spirits as she heads toward the ring. Pussy Willows turns the corner and bumps into her by accident, and Necra falls back into the wall but smiles all the same.

Necra: Miss Willow, I'm sorry I didn't see you. I was just on my way to the ring.

PW: I'm glad I ran into you actually. I wanted to get a few words in before you start to ref the match between Amy and Roxanne.

Necra: Of course. I can imagine a lot of people are wondering where my loyalties lie here tonight.

PW: A lot of people still think this is all an act, but after last week I have a feeling some minds are starting to change including Amy's.

Necra: That's not why I'm doing this Miss Willow. I'm doing this because I want to prove to Amy and the rest of the world that I have changed, and I want to do what is right. It's always hard being labeled the bad guy you know?

PW: I think I get it. Well I better let you go and do what you have to do. I know you're ready to show everyone that you can at least call the match down the middle.

Necra: That's right. I'll be fair, and call it the way I see it.

With that Necra walks off and heads to the ring, as Pussy watches her turn the corner and heads for the ring area.

The opening drums to Five Finger Death Punch’s "I.M.Sin" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"What a fucking poser, that's all you'll ever be!
Don't get any closer, or you'll meet the real me!
I am, who I am, you can't destroy me!
I am, what I am, you can't deny me!

I want out, but I could never surrender.
Try and break me down, but I won’t let you win.
You can call me out, but I know you’re a pretender.
You may think your god, but I know that I am sin!"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

“I am SIN! I am SIN!
I am SIN! I am SIN!

I won’t fucking buy it!
I never have and I never will!
Keep fucking trying!
I'm just waiting for the blood to spill!"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: “Hey Damien, you think you are so tough because you got the better of me at Summer XXXtreme II and laying me out last week? You saw what I did to Simon Jones earlier, and I had no real beef with him prior to tonight. I am not counting my laying him out in that champion vs. champion match in ACW, because he wasn’t my true victim there, Angelo Vialetti was. Simon just happened to be in the match with him, and was in my way. Damien, all you need to do is to remember this; I am like the Boogeyman, I am coming to get you. You don‘t know when, you don‘t know how, but I am coming. The pain I have felt by your hands is minor to the pain you will feel by my hands.“

The crowd boos Casey even louder as he drops the mic and walks to the back and “I.M.Sin“ hits the speakers.

The scene cuts to the backstage area where Nick Jones is seen arriving dressed in regular clothes and with his bag over his shoulder. As he walks into the area, he has his girlfriend Diana Roberts by his side, who is continuing to talk on and on, and looks to be much to the dismay of Nick.

Diana: So then I told her...

Nick puts his hand up, causing Diana to stop talking but giving Nick a bit of a glare in the process.

Nick: Listen, I really want to hear the rest of your story...

Nick cannot help but roll his eyes a bit as he says that and continues on.

Nick: ... but I've got to go, do um... a thing. I'll meet you back up at the locker room, alright? Ok, great... bye.

Nick does not even give Diana a chance to respond, as she goes to speak but Nick has already turned and walked off, shaking his head in disgust in the process as he heads off in the opposite direction he and Diana were initially walking. As he gets further into the backstage area, he runs into the group of his entourage members in Tony, Max and Jimmy. Nick attempts to walk right past them without even acknowledging them, but the group spots him and immediately approach Nick.

Tony: Hey boss.

Nick: Not now.

Nick continues walking on, making it clear he has no interest or intention in talking to the men, but Jimmy quickly steps in front of Nick, blocking his path as he tries to speak.

Jimmy: Nicky, baby...

Nick: Oh, shut the hell up.

Nick then pushes past Jimmy and leaves all three of his entourage members behind as he walks on, with the group all seeming a bit shocked by Nick's poor attitude and lack of patience, even for Nick. Nick continues on and as he makes a turn away from where the group is, he is intercepted by the approaching SCW Reporter Ms. Rocky Mountains, who has a microphone in hand and goes straight up to Nick. However, before she can even say anything, Nick glares at her and puts his hand up to her face.

Nick: Don't even start with me, Mams.

Rocky goes to speak, but as soon as she opens her mouth, Nick simply pulls the microphone from out of her hand and tosses it into a nearby garbage can. Nick then storms off as Rocky watches him leave with a scowl on her face.

RM: What an ass.

Rocky glares at Nick for a bit longer until he disappears off in the distance, before turning and going to retrieve her microphone from back out of the trash as the scene cuts over to continue follow Nick along. Nick then turns a corner and in the process, comes right up to SCW Nurse Zoey Carpenter, who seems to be in a big rush as she is quickly moving with her arms full of various medical supplies. Upon seeing Nick, she does take a quick moment to stop as she approaches him with a smile on her face.

Zoey: Oh, hey Nick. How's it going?

Nick's entire demeanor and expression change as a smile suddenly comes across his face.

Nick: Not too bad. How about you?

Zoey: Glad to hear that, you seemed a bit upset last week. I'm doing good, just been crazy busy. I've got a lot going on, as I'm sure you can tell.

Zoey holds up her arms to show all of the stuff that she's got.

Nick: I certainly can. Well I don't want to hold you up, clearly you've got somewhere you need to be.

Zoey: Yeah, sorry. We'll catch up soon though, ok?

Nick: Sounds great. Catch you later.

Zoey: Bye!

Zoey flashes another smile before quickly moving along in the direction she was heading earlier, as Nick smiles back and watches her leave. A moment later, Ms. Rocky Mountain comes walking by again, and as she does, her and Nick exchange a few glares as Nick's happier demeanor quickly disappeared as Zoey leaves. Nick then turns and heads back off in the opposite direction as the scene cuts away.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Officiating this match is your Goddess of the Dead… NECRA OCTAVIAN KANE!!!

The lights in the arena go out, as a golden spotlight goes over the crowd, and comes to stop at the back of the stage, as "Trip the Darkness" by Lacuna Coil begins to play over the loud speakers filling the arena. A fog rolls over the back area of the stage as a figure appears on the stage. Necra appears out of the mist and she starts down the rampway. As she reaches the ring she climbs the stairs and slips under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. Necra raises her arms and as she brings them down, lightening strikes each of the posts and are set ablaze..

Justin Decent: Introducing first, hailing from Juneau, Alaska, standing at 5 feet 7 inches, and weighing in at 128 pounds, she is “The Punk Princess”… AMY MARSHALLLLLLLL!!!

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the PA.

Whoaa ohh ohhh x 3

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for her opponent.

Justin Decent: And her opponent, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri… Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, weighing in at 230 pounds, she is the Mistress of Pain… ROXANNNNNNE!!!

The sound of a woman chuckling is heard over the PA system, causing both ladies to stop dead in their tracks. The laughing gets a bit louder the opening guitar riff of "Wicked Pussycat" by Danzig begins playing as an emblem of a purple rose with black wings spread from behind it appears on the stage. A purple glow takes over the stage. As the music picks up, Roxanne comes walking out onto the stage, clad in a leather top with a slit up fishnet shirt, leather skirt, and knee high heeled boots. She is accompanied by Electra Blaze and Boy, who is on a leash that Roxanne hands over to Electra. She waves her whip around behind her as she stops at the head of the ramp. She offers a gentle wink before parting her crimson lips to shout out “GET ON YOUR KNEES!” She lashes out with the whip before she and her pets continue on down to the ring. As they get there, the lights return to normal and she climbs onto the ring apron as her pets stay on the outside. She sways her hips as she turns to face the stage. Roxanne then flips upside down hanging from the top rope by her legs, crossing her hands over her chest. She twists downward and crawls under the bottom rope, before crawling to the center of the ring. She gets up to her knees, and then rises, flipping her whip around as she paces back and forth. She then moves to the furthest turnbuckle and flicks her whip out at the audience as she smiles confidently, soaking in the boos and cheers. She flicks her whip around for a moment as she stares at her opponent.


Necra turns directly to Roxanne and moves over to her with a slick smile on her face. She shouts at Roxanne to “spread em”. Roxanne shouts out in protest, but Necra volunteers to disqualify her from the match. Roxanne growls and turns around while Amy points and laughs at her. Necra reaches up and pats down her sides, paying close attention to her boots. Roxanne puts her hands firmly on the turnbuckle, making sure that there is no way she is hiding anything. However, as soon as she is in place, Amy darts over to the corner and clubs her across the back. She uses every trick in her book to keep Roxanne confined to the corner, all to Necra’s amusement. Amy grounds and pounds Roxanne down to her knees, and doesn’t stop there.

Simone: This is where Necra should be shouting “!! 2! 3! 4!”...

Adams: I agree! It’s not fair that we don’t get to see two pairs of ta tas bouncing around here!

Amy stomps, laughing a maniacal laugh as she continues. Electra dashes around the corner, ready to defend her mistress by pulling her out of the ring. Necra leans in over the bottom rope to scold her and threaten disqualification again, but Roxanne rolls out of her own free will with the distraction. Necra throws up a finger in the air, quickly counting Roxanne out. 1!2!3!4!5! Amy taunts Roxanne from the outside, muttering the word “bitch” which makes Roxanne’s eyes light up. She reaches down and trips Amy up, yanking her to the outside. Electra backs up, holding her hands innocently. Roxanne throws Amy into the barrier as hard as she can, causing a loud thud to echo across the beach. Roxanne reaches down to pick Amy up when she tosses a handful of sand into her eyes. Necra turns her head quickly to pretend she hadn’t seen it. Amy rolls back inside of the ring and Necra begins quickly counting again. 6!7!8!9!

Simone: If she were counting any faster, I don’t think we would even understand what she was shouting.

Adams: I got confused after “3!” But a quick save by Roxanne, rolling inside at the last possible second.

Roxanne scurries to her feet, blinded by the sand, but fighting her way through it as she exchanges manly punches with Amy. Amy fires them back just as manly at the much larger Roxanne. Amy flings Roxanne to the ropes, but Roxanne reverses it. As Amy rebounds, Roxanne leans down for a Back Body Drop, but Amy delivers a punt to her chin, causing spit to fly! Roxanne grunts loudly as she holds onto her chin. Amy leans against the ropes for leverage, doing a Springboard forward to catch Roxanne with a nasty elbow to the side of her head and sending her back into the corner.

Adams: I think Roxanne has underestimated the power that Amy brings to the ring. She had better pick it up here.

Simone: I think you are right. After all of the hype surrounding Roxanne and her re-entry into SCW full time, you would think that…

Before she can finish her sentence, Amy attempts a flying Cross Body from the second rope, but Roxanne grabs her in mid air. She kneels down on one knee, dropping her on her ribs across it. She stands back up and does the same with the other knee, alternating them like this twice per knee. She finally tosses Amy up onto her shoulders and darts forward with a Running Powerslam that shakes the ring. Roxanne hesitantly hooks the leg. However, Necra turns around, picking at her nails. Roxanne shouts at her, causing her to slowly turn around as if she were surprised. She drops down and lifts her arm up in the air, just in time for Amy to kick out. Roxanne rolls her eyes before slowly lifting Amy off of the mat. She boots her in the gut, and then plans out a perfectly executed Scissor Kick. She mutters something to Necra, which causes Necra to shout back at her. Roxanne simply flips her off while spitting at Necra’s shoe.

Simone: The animosity between those two looks as if it is about to come to a head here.

Adams: I wonder if they will kiss again. That was hot… Do you remember that Belinda? No?

Belinda groans into her microphone as Roxanne lifts Amy up onto her shoulders in a Torture Rack position. However, Amy uses every bit of energy she has to swing around Roxanne, attempting to land a Whirlybird Leg Scissors, but Roxanne shoves her legs away. However, Amy continues to twirl around Roxanne’s body, almost making her dizzy before finally landing the Leg Scissors on her, sending her across the ring with all of the momentum she had built up. Surprisingly, the fans actually cheer for Amy’s execution of the move. Amy hunches over Roxanne, planting her feet on the middle rope for leverage as she pins her. 1!2! In less time than it would take to make a full count, Roxanne powers out, but is holding onto her head. Amy looks over at Necra with an evil glare, but Necra shrugs her shoulders as if to ask why. Amy shakes her head, muttering curses at Necra as she lifts Roxanne up. She leaps into the air while holding onto Roxanne’s shoulders, planting a Dropkick to her chest. Roxanne stumbles backward, holding onto her chest as Amy dashes forward with a Body Avalanche.

Adams: These two really hate each other. Maybe they should kiss and make up?

Simone: While you are focused on “HLA” Roxanne just caught Amy in mid air again. She is really using her strength advantage now.

Roxanne holds Amy’s squirming body in place for a moment, looking out into the audience with an intense look upon her face. She turns around in a complete circle as Electra and Boy cheer her on from the outside. She tosses Amy up and over with such power that the entire ring shakes upon impact! She looks over at Necra as she places one foot on Amy’s chest. Necra goes to study to make sure both of Amy’s shoulders are down, but Roxanne follows her, using Amy as a step. Amy groans loudly at the pressure from the heel of the boot. Necra scolds her, but Roxanne seems as if she could care less. She holds her arms out to the side, shouting at her loudly.


Adams: Uh oh… that doesn’t sound good at all…

Simone: Actually, it sounds like music to my ears right about now… After all of the garbage Necra has been adding to this match, I wish Roxanne would level her right about now.

Necra goads her along, changing up her direction to avoid Roxanne. This doesn’t stop Roxanne from stalking her like a lioness stalks its prey, but a quick roll up pin from Amy does. Roxanne’s head collides hard with the mat, and Necra leaps down to the ground quicker than lightening, pounding the mat excitedly 1!2! Roxanne throws her shoulder up into the air. She gets up from the mat, taking Amy part of the way with her. She drags Amy up with her, and the two go back to exchanging punches. Roxanne catches one of Amy’s fists and squeezes it, causing her to grit her teeth to endure the pain. She goes to swing her left fist, but Roxanne catches that one as well. She hits a Headbutt between Amy’s eyes, but doesn’t let go. She uses this to get Amy down to her knees. She stares down with a sadistic look upon her face as she shocks the entire audience by leaning down and kissing Amy!

Simone: There you go, Jason… Adams?? Earth to Jason! Are you with us?

Adams: Yeah, yeah… suplexes and stuff…

Simone: We’ve lost him, folks, but it is probably for the best…

Amy screams from underneath. As Roxanne pulls away, blood is dripping from both of their lips. Roxanne spits in disgust. Necra quickly spins Roxanne around, shouting at her for what she’s done. However, Roxanne gives a firm shove to Necra’s right shoulder. Necra shoves her back, and Roxanne shoves her with all of her strength. Before it can go any further, Amy grabs Roxanne from behind, hooking her arms with her own. Necra sends a hard slap across Roxanne’s face as they lower her down to her knees. She repeatedly slaps Roxanne, laughing at her along with Amy. Necra rips Roxanne’s spiked choker from around her neck, wrapping it around her own hand. She raises her fist up into the air as Roxanne powers back to her feet. Amy watches with anticipation as Necra swings… and hits her instead of Roxanne! The crowd cheers as Amy falls down flat onto the mat!

Adams: Bloody hell! Necra just clocked the woman she has been protecting through this entire match!

Simone: And she looks white as a ghost! Roxanne ducked out of the way at the very last second, and Necra just knocked Amy Marshall into next week!

Roxanne lifts Amy up from the mat, snickering with satisfaction. She grabs onto one arm, and then the other, pulling them into a straight jacket position. She rolls back with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, bridging into a pin, a la the Straightjacket Suplex! Necra paces back and forth, unsure of what to do. She hesitantly drops down and slowly counts.




Adams: She did it! I didn’t think she could, but she’s done it!

Justin Decent: Your winner via PINFALL… ROXAAAAAAANNNNNNE!

Roxanne gets up to her feet, holding her arms up in celebration. However, she stares at Necra, ordering that she raise her arm up in victory. Necra grumbles as she walks over to Roxanne, quickly lifting her arm up before dropping it. However, before it even hits her side, Roxanne boots her in the gut. She grabs onto the back of her head and leaps up with the Run Like Hell Bulldog, planting Necra into the ring next to Amy. “Wicked Pussycat” plays as Roxanne pulls herself onto the top turnbuckle, simply admiring her work. Electra and Boy climb onto the apron to help carry her over safely to the apron. She waves sweetly to both ladies as they step down and head to the back.

The Titantron flares to life as we see a limo entering in the building. We are rushed to the side where we see the passenger seat open and Kain comes out, igniting a huge roar of cheers from the audience. He closes the door behind him as he puts a red gymbag over his shoulder. The camera crew are determined to stay on him as he makes his way forward into the backstage, a look of fierce determination on his face.

Adams: His girl is not here at all. She's back at home, looking after his four children as Kain prepares for his match tonight against Max Burke.

Simone: He is not in the mood to sit down and play games against him. But Goth is already looking for him and if he can't find him, then I get the feeling that he'll be addressing Kain sometime tonight. It's going to get pretty ugly!

Adams: Then let's hope that Kain isn't distracted too much by Goth, because he seeks retribution against Max Burke for the match that cost him his title two weeks ago. In Kain's mind, there's going to be hell to pay!

Kain finally reaches his personal dressing room and slams the door shut behind him, startling a few of the backstage personnel as the screen slowly fades to black.

The scene cuts backstage where Nick emerges from the locker room having just finished switching over into his ring gear. As he walks along, his attention is focused entirely on his cell phone until suddenly he notices a large shadowy figure standing over him. Nick stops and then looks up and sees before him the familiar face of his own cousin, Bernard "Big B" Jones. Big B hardly even notices Nick at first, as he was standing there talking to his friend, Despayre, who is there and of course has Angel along with him. Nick, in his recent perpetually annoyed state, glares at B as he speaks to him with an attitude.

Nick: Oh, it's you.

Big B: Hey cuz. Listen, since you're here let me just say, I'm sorry how things worked out for you at Summer XXXTreme.

Nick seems to be taken back a little as his cousin shows him some sympathy. However, it doesn't last as his attitude quickly emerges again.

Nick: Well... yeah, right. I did get screwed out of the title after all. But why would you give a crap anyway?

Big B: Ok, I'm just going to come out and say it. I still don't feel any differently about what happened to us, but I think it's time to move on.

Nick: Oh really? What, you think just because you pulled off some bullshit win over Tony a month ago that it should actually mean something? The only reason you even won that match is due to your little nutjob friend over there.

Nick motions over Despayre, who is standing off to the side and tilts his head to the side a little as he looks at Nick in confusion. B, on the other hand, seems a little upset about Nick's comments from his friends and moves in a little closer to Nick. However, before anything further can happen, emerging from the locker room door right behind Nick is none other than Tony, who moves right up next to Nick and simply stares at Big B without a word as he crosses him arms across his chest.

Big B: Whatever cuz, it's time to just move on. I mean, come on, you're still my cuz!

Nick: Go figure. You put that together all by yourself?

Big B simply laughs at the comment from Nick, which only seems to make Nick more angry as he immediately snaps at his cousin.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up dipshit! You know what, it's not time to move on because this isn't over yet. You got that? It's only over when I say it is! You had your one chance to end this when I told you what this was all about, how it was nothing but taking care of all that Team SCW and Team Erik crap, but no, you wouldn't have any of it. Well now it's too freakin' late for you to back out of it now. You decided not to end it, you decided to have your little match verses Tone, well now it's my turn. Now I get to do what is YEARS overdue and finally teach your stupid ass a lesson. And if he doesn't learn his damn place, maybe a lesson to that psycho friends of yours. Him and that stupid fucking teddy bear of his!

Despayre's status of sitting back and listening comes to a quick end upon hearing that, as the expression on his face turns to one of complete rage and as soon as Nick makes the comment, Despayre comes lunging forward right at Nick. However, before Despayre can get there, Tony quickly steps in between Despy and Nick.

Tony: You's betta' watch yourself ya little freak. Capiche?!?

Tony sticks a finger right into Despayre's face and Despayre immediately resopnds by snapping forward and nearly biting Tony's finger, with Tony just barely managing to pull his hand away just in time to avoid losing it. Tony looks down at his hand in complete shock for a moment before looking up and angrily staring at Despy.

Tony: You's little son of a...

Tony goes to move in to attack Despayre, but before he can Nick grabs Tony from behind and pulls him back.

Nick: Don't waste your damn time with these two. Let's get the hell out of here.

Tony: Le'me just end dis just right here and now, boss. I ain't one to back down.

Nick: Listen, we just need to leave, alright? You know we've got to do that, um... other thing. Now let's go.

Tony seems hesitant but eventually listens to his boss as the two head the other direction, backing away from Big B and Despayre as Nick nervously keeps his eyes on Despayre the entire time. Big B and Despy stand and watch them leave until the scene eventually cuts away.

Suddenly, the beach front ignites with the speakers blasting "Unbelievable" by EMF and the crowd cheers as out onto the stage steps none other than one half of the owners of Sin City Wrestling, Christian Underwood, himself!

Simone: Mark Ward has stated personally that Christian had something to announce in regards to the SCW tag team Championship, and it looks like we're about to find out what he has up his sleeve.

Christian is all smiles as he is greeted by the capacity crowd all along the beach with cheers. he takes a moment to wave at them before he begins his descent down the aisle and towards the ring, slapping a number of hands on each side of the aisle. He arrives at the ringside area where he climbs up onto the ring apron and pauses, pointing out to the crowd who respond enthusiastically. This just eggs to co-owner on and he does a little hip swivel dance along the apron, igniting more cheers, before he slowly bends over to step through the ropes and climb inside of the six-sided ring where he is handed a house microphone by Justin Decent.

Adams: The anticipation is a killer! I love surprises! Hey! Maybe you and I'll be the next challengers for Giani and James, Belinda!

Simone: Somehow I doubt that. Though I admit I do like the notion of slapping the hell out of that little sh-

Christian: Hello everyone!

The crowd cheers!

Adams: Nice save boss!

Christian pauses a moment to give the crowd their moment in the sun, cheering and waving their signs as the camera passes before them. Once the sound slowly subsides, Christian continues on.

Christian: Now a lot of you are aware that there's been an announcement in the works in regards to the SCW Tag team titles for the past few weeks. I had initially been hoping to make that announcement last week in Aruba...

The crowd boos and Christian can not help but smile and he holds up a hand to get the crowd to calm themselves.

Christian: But as you know, circumstances deemed otherwise so here I am, tonight, in St. Thomas on Morningstar Beach!

This statement causes change in the fans' response as they switch from boos to cheers in the blink of an eye and Christian looks into the camera and winks.

Simone: Cheap pop!

Adams: Hey, it worked, didn't it?

Christian: Now a lot of people have been speculating on just what this announcement could possibly mean for the tag team division and more specifically, the tag team champions themselves. Am I taking Erik Staggs up on his suggestion of doing away with the Lethal Lottery tag team concept...?

The crowd boos and Christian looks into the camera.

Christian: Sorry Erik, it ain't happening. The Lethal Lottery division is part of what has made the tag team division here in SCW so exciting, and we've seen a number of new championship reigns kicked off because of that. Brother Grimm and Goth. Our current champions Giani Di Luca and James Huntington-Hawkes III...

The crowd boos as the mentioning of the current champions.

Christian: But this here tonight has nothing to do with the Lethal Lottery. It has more to do with a current tag team and the upcoming Supercard in Trinidad and...

Suddenly Christian is cut off as "Wrecked" plays across the sound system and the fans ignite in boos and jeers as the aforementioned SCW Tag Team Champions, Giani Di Luca and James Huntington-Hawkes III walk out onto the stage.

Simone: Oh what in hell...?

Adams: I can't believe they just interrupted the boss man.

Simone: You can't? Where the hell have you been since these two first showed their faces?

Christian stops talking and simply stands there as Giani and James walk down towards the ring, the tag title belts slung over their shoulders and all but ignoring the fans around them. They arrive at ringside and Giani snatches a microphone from Justin before the champions climb inside of the ring to confront Christian. The crowd continues to boo vehemently at both men. Giani brings the microphone to his lips.

Giani: I...

And the crowd drowns him out and he closes his eyes and silently fumes while James stomps his foot and shouts for everyone to 'shut up' but this only eggs the fans on even further. Christian finally holds a hand up and addresses the crowd.

Christian: You know the longer everyone out there boos, the longer these two will be out here.

This little fact has the desired effect and the boos are brought to a halt and Christian smiles and salutes the fans before turning to Giani who again goes to speak.

Giani: Cute! Real cute! My partner here and I were in the back when we got wind of this little 'announcement' of yours...

Christian: ell then maybe your partner should lay off the broccoli at dinner because it's clearly not agreeing with him if he got wind.

The fans laugh and James frowns and starts to say something but Giani turns to calm him down before addressing Christian again.

Giani: This is serious! I can't believe the lack of respect you're showing your Tag team Champions! You come out here and tell everyone you have some kind of announcement concerning our titles at the next Supercard -- without even consulting us first?

Christian frowns.

Christian: Consulting you? Why in hell would I consult you about anything?

Giani: Because WE'RE the champions!

JHHIII: Yeah! They're our titles and we should be consulted about anything that has to do with them!

Giani pats James on the shoulder and nods as Christian just shakes his head.

Christian: No. You see, much like a neutered dog, neither of you gets it. You may be the champions, but those titles belong to Sin City Wrestling. You may be the champions, but you get absolutely no say in who you have to put the belts on the line against!

Giani and James start to protest but Christian interrupts them.

Christian: You may be the champions, but like it or not, I am YOUR boss!

The crowd cheers and Giani and James are seething.

Christian: You will defend those championships against who I say, when I say, wherever I say! In fact, if I told you right here and now you were going to defend the championship here in St. Thomas tonight, you'd do it! Otherwise, you wouldn't be champions any longer!

The crowd cheers.

JHHIII: You can't do that!

Christian: Oh can't I? Wrong, kiddo! I can ... but I won't.

The crowd boos in disappointment and James and Giani's faces calm down as their anger is somewhat soothed.

Christian: It's like I said before you came out here to interrupt me and spew an authority that neither of you have. This has to do with your challengers for the next Supercard in Trinidad.

Giani: Fine! Fess up!

JHHIII: Yeah! Whose butts do we get to kick before we start getting the respect that we deserve around here?

Christian: Oh I think this match will be the one that will mark your reign as tag champions, guys. This team has been together for a fair number of years. They've held tag team titles everywhere they've gone.

Giani frowns and James leans into the mic.

JHHIII: I... I don't like...

Christian: Don't worry. I'm not talking about TSSA.

Giani rolls his eyes and James looks visibly relieved.

Christian: No, I'm talking about another team that once held those very same titles that you do right now. They held them, but never technically got beat for them.

The fans start to cheer as they begin to figure this out while the champions shake their heads.

Christian: A team that has patiently waited for the return match they never got. A team that set a record for the longest championship reign in Sin City Wrestling! A team that goes on record as being both undefeated in the ring and never having lost the NWA World Tag team Championship...!

The fans are cheering and James is shaking his head 'no' adamantly while Giani starts protesting! The sound system starts playing "Uprising" by Muse and the crowd explodes in wild enthusiasm as out onto the stage steps Gabriel and Despayre, the tag team combination of Sinful Obsession!

Adams: I knew it! I KNEW IT!

Simone: Indeed it is Gabriel and Despayre! The former SCW Tag team Champions, as Christian stated, the undefeated NWA World Tag Team Champions as well! After all this time, they are cashing in their guaranteed return match!

Despayre is bouncing around on the stage in excitement as Gabriel stands stoically on the stage with a smile on his face. He points a thumb and forefinger in the universal 'gun' symbol at both champions inside of the ring, one at a time. James looks quite worried as Giani tries to calm him down and also protest to Christian.

Giani: No way! No damn way! Who the hell have they beaten to deserve a shot at 'our' titles!?

James nods in agreement as Christian turns to them with a perplexed look on his face.

Christian: Uh, everyone?

The crowd cheers as Christian pats James's shoulder and looks at Giani.

Christian: Don't you just love surprises? Good luck boys!

And with that, Christian steps out of the ring, ignoring the fresh wave of protests by the champions as he walks back up the aisle while Gabriel smiles and nods, and Despayre has Angel wave his paw towards the champions.

Adams: What a surprise announcement! That was great!

Simone: The champions certainly don't think so! But we have the first official match for Trinidad, apparently! It's Giani Di Luca and James Huntington-Hawkes III defending the tag team titles against Sinful Obsession!

Behind the scenes on Morningstar Beach, Mickey Carroll is seen holding onto a piece of paper attached to a clipboard in one hand, and a Guinness in the other. He is wearing an NXT t-shirt underneath his opened red and black flannel shirt He looks down at the paper as if it were written in a completely different language. The camera pans out a little bit to see Erik Staggs hovering closely to him with an eager expression on his face, ready to answer any questions Mickey has. Mickey lifts an eyebrow, appearing to be unhappy with something he reads.

Mickey: So let me get this straight. Ye lot are willing to pay me this much to show up and crack a few plonker’s skulls open with Ben?

Erik: Yes, it’s a very generous offer that the board has agreed upon. Not many people see that initially…

Mickey’s mouth hangs open for just a second as he simply stares a hole through Erik. He takes one step in closer to Erik, looking him dead in the eye as his breaths become deeper and harder. Erik puffs out his chest despite the intimidation in his eyes.

Erik: … BUT! Allow me to take these papers back and see what we can do. We want to own the name “Mickey Carroll”…

Mickey: Fuck me, that’s more than we made in ACW, mate… J.J. paid us in Guinness… Or wait… maybe I just spent it all on Guinness, that’s neither here nor there.

Erik takes a deep breath, sighing in relief as he gently pats Mickey’s shoulder. He laughs nervously as Mickey joins in. His jolly Irish laughter causes Erik to lighten up drastically, tilting his head back in a delightful bout with the giggles. Suddenly, Mickey stops and stares right back at Erik, causing him to stop dead in his tracks as well. Mickey looks over to the hand resting on his shoulders, brushing it off firmly yet gently to make his point. Erik clears his throat as he adjusts his tie.

Mickey: I’m gonna let ye in on a little secret, *air quotes* “MR.” Staggs… No matter what a piece of paper might say about me future employment with ye… Nobody, and I literally mean NO BODY owns Mickey Carroll. Anyone stupid enough to think they do had better watch there backs just as much as the roster they “own”… Are we clear, ye duffy old bastard?

Erik refuses to give in to Mickey’s attempts at intimidation as he leans in, taking it upon himself to invade Mickey’s own personal space. He clicks a pen and slides it into Mickey’s hand, smirking at him.

Erik: Crystal…

Mickey looks into Erik’s eyes, feeling a bit less “playful” than he usually is. Instead of continuing to engage him, he simply knees him in the crotch. He smirks, very proud of himself as he leans down hover over Erik who is on one knee, breathing through his teeth. Mickey scribbles his name on the contract and drops it down in front of Erik, standing back up as he starts to walk off.

Erik: You’re… going to pay… for that… Mickey…

Mickey: … is what ye would say if I had waited to crack ye in the cobblers until after I officially signed me contract, right? I thought so, mate. Good doing business with ye…

The audience cheers him on as several backstage fans shout out their support toward Mickey as he walks off, whistling a tune as he goes. Erik grits his teeth as he slowly gets up, dusting the sand off of his knees.

Simone: Yet another ACW star signed to SCW! We now have Ben Jordan AND Mickey Carroll.

Adams: And Mickey Carroll just did what almost every SCW star has wanted to do for the better part of a year!

The scene cuts to Drake Green and his friend and trainer Max in Drake’s backstage dressing room. Drake is rummaging through his big, black duffel bag and Max is standing next to him.

Max: So I’ve heard you’ve been quite the party animal these passed couple of weeks out here.

Drake: Who said that?

Max: You know, people.

Drake: What people?

Max: Some of the crew guys.

Drake: Maxy, are you spying on me?

Max: I’m just worried, D. You’re a little beat up. You shouldn’t be out and about pounding booze every night.

Drake: I’m totally fine, Max.

Drake pulls out a bottle of pills from his bag. He opens it and drops two into his mouth before swallowing with a big gulp.

Max: What was that?

Drake: Just a couple muscle relaxers. To help with the ribs and everything…

Max: You got to be kidding me. You just told me you were fine.

Drake: I am fine.

Max: Yeah, popping pills and drinking a bottle of scotch a night is totally normal, D.

Drake: Look, what I do-

Drake is interrupted by a knock at the door.

Max: Who is that? One of your pill popping buddies?

Drake: Funny. Would you get that?

Max walks over and opens the door and as soon as he does, Hot Stuff Mark Ward pushes right in knocking him back a step. He walks in with a phony-looking smile on his face and Drake doesn’t look entirely thrilled to see him.

HS: Showtime!

Drake: Hello, Mark. You know Max, right?

Max: Hi, Mr. Ward. I actually don’t think we-

Max stretches out his arm to greet Hot Stuff but he ignores him almost completely.

HS: How we doing, Drake? How’re the ribs?

Drake: Good. Healed.

HS: Good. My brain was working and I thought I’d come by and check up on ya. I thought now that ya’d be feeling a bit better that ya would’ve reconsidered what we had talked about the other day.

Drake: Mark, it’s not that I don’t appreciate it. I really do. I love that you have that high of an opinion of me. But I just need to push through on my own for right now. I hope you can understand.

Hot Stuff’s smile fades to a blank look for a moment. His eyes get a bit narrow but then the smile quickly returns.

HS: Showtime. I admire ya. Your devotion to SCW’s fans is what keeps those guys coming back and keeps the quid in me pockets. That’s exactly why I need you with me. And, to show you my appreciation, I got something real special for ya.

Max: Uh oh.

Drake: What’s that?

HS: Oh you’re gonna love this. I had this flown in especially for you.

Drake: Ok, what is it?

HS: Ya ready?

Drake: And waiting.

HS: Come on in, Tessa.

Just then, Tessa Flanagan, in tall black boots and jean shorts cut so short that her pockets stick out of the bottom, walks in. Drake looks at her and then at Mark Ward with a bit of a confused look on his face.

Drake: Umm…

HS: Meet Contessa Flanagan. You’re new…umm…personal assistant.

Tessa: Hello love!

Tessa sticks her hand out and Drake grabs hesitantly grabs it.

Drake: Hello.

HS: Anything you need, Showtime. As long as you are with me, Tessa will take care of your every need. Ain’t that right, sweetheart?

Tessa: Anything in me power, love.

Drake stands for a moment in front of Tessa. He stares her up and down before locking eyes and smiles with her for a minute or so. He snaps out of it and turns to Max and they exchange a few whispers.

Drake: What am I doing here, Maxy?

Max: Is there even a question?

Drake: Right. I should take his deal.

Max: What? No! Just because he trots in a little blondie? We made a commitment. Remember?

Drake: But look at her.

Drake and Max turn back and look Tessa up and down before turning back to one another.

Max: She is hot.

Drake: Could you imagine if she-

Max: No. Snap out of it, D. We can’t do this. This is Hot Stuff Mark Ward. It’s like signing a deal with the devil. He’s like the evil JJ Dixon. And JJ is already evil.

Drake: You’re right.

They turn back to Hot Stuff and Tessa.

Drake: Mark, I still gotta say no.

Tessa: What?

HS: Showtime-

Drake cuts him off.

Drake: I’m sorry guys but I made up my mind. I gotta stay solo for now.

The smile completely disappears from Hot Stuff’s face.

HS: You sure you wanna do this, Drake?

Drake: I appreciate it. I really do. But my answer is no.

Tessa throws her hands up and storms out of the dressing room.

Tessa: I can’t believe this tosser…

Hot Stuff steps in a bit closer to Drake.

HS: You really think you can say no to me, Drake?

Drake: I’m pretty sure I just did. Now if you don’t mind I’ve gotta get ready to go out and address my people. You know, those fans you seem to care so much about.

HS: Right.

Hot Stuff fixes Drake’s collar a bit.

HS: Good luck to ya mate. I’ll be seeing ya around.

Hot Stuff winks and finger pistols Drake with a smug smile on his face before he walks out of the dressing room.

Max: Wow, the ego on that guy.

Drake: I know. Have you seen one that big before?

Max looks over to Drake and smiles.

Drake: Shut up.

In a jam packed arena fans were enjoying another some of the best wrestling that could be provided. All of the sudden the arena lights began to flash colors of white, black, and silver as the opening guitar rifts to "This Is My Life" by Downstait began to fill the arena's speakers. Instantly there was a reaction from the fans in attendance and for the most part it was mostly positive with a few boos in the mix. Moments later Damien Kingston stepped out onto the stage with a half cocked smirk looking out at the fans.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen. Introducing to you at this time from New York City, New York. Weighing in at 238 pounds and is known as the self-proclaimed Man of Liberty, DAAAMMMIIIIENNN KIIIIINGGGSTON!

By now Damien had started making his way down the ramp. At the very bottom of it he stopped and looked around at the fans there in attendance once again. That smirk of his seemed to grow just a little bit as he nodded his head seemingly okay with the reaction he was getting from them. That's when he took a couple steps forward and pulled himself up onto the ring apron. He stepped through the ring ropes and quickly climbed the turnbuckle to the second rope. He threw his hands up into the air and shouted at the top of his lungs getting the crowd behind him a little more. A few seconds later he got down and walked to the opposite corner leaning against it waiting for his opponent to make their way out next with his music slowly fading out.

Justin: His opponent is accompanied to the ring by Diana and Tony of the Entourage! From Los Angeles, California, weighing 251 pounds ... Nick Jones!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the ramp and then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as a cocky smirk comes across his face while he flexes his muscles and Diana rubs his chest. Nick gets up and takes Diana's arm before turning back toward the curtain and waiting as the Entourage's Big B and Tony Capicelli make their way out. The two men flank Nick and Diana as they make their way down the ramp, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans along the way. Nick walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, watching her from behind before quickly walking up behind her, while Big B and Tony wait outside the ring. Nick walks across the apron and steps one leg into the ring, taking a seat onto the middle rope, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there, looking around the arena and has a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring, swinging his other leg into the ring and then walking over to his corner, when Damien suddenly rushes over and attacks Nick from behind, knocking him to his knees!

Simone: Damien obviously doesn't feel like waiting around to get things started!

Diana scurries from the ring as Jasmine quickly calls for the bell!


Damien grabs his ring jacket and wraps it tightly around the throat of Nick, choking his opponent out as Nick struggles wildly and Jasmine is hollering at the top of her lungs, ordering him to break the illegal infraction!

Simone: Damien is taking some awfully big risks, using tactics like these right from the very start!

Adams: Are you kidding? he has to! Loo at who he's in the ring against!

Instead of breaking as the official is demanding, however, Damien uses the jacket as a handle and he snapmares Nick over to the mat twice in rapid succession! Nick digs his fingers into the jacket and kicks his legs when finally Jasmine pries Kingston's fingers from the jacket and frees Nick. Damien gets right in Jasmine's face for physically intervening like that but the head referee does not back down. She instead pokes Damien right in the chest, telling him off.

Adams: That's not the referee Kingston wants to try and intimidate.

But while Damien and Jasmine have words, Nick gets back to his feet and grabs the fallen jacket from the mat. He walks up behind his foe and gives him some payback by quickly wrapping Damien's own jacket around his throat from behind and he throttles him!

Simone: Payback's a bitch, isn't it?

Adams: If Damien thought he could get away with cheating against Nick Jones, then he doesn't know Nick too well, does he?

Now Jasmine is trying to call Nick off as the former two-time Heavyweight champion uses the jacket to spin Damien around on his feet and flings him into the corner. Then, keeping his hands on the jacket, Nick uses his leverage to fling Damien across the ring by the neck with the jacket as a handle!

Simone: I don't think Damien expected this!

Jasmine grabs the jacket away from Nick and quickly drops it to the corner on the outside of the ring. She then reprimands Nick but he brushes right past her and goes right back after his opponent. Damien manages to get to a vertical base again and he plants both hands on Nicks chest and shoves him back a step, calling him out. Nick does not back down and he comes right back in and shoves Damien back against the ropes.

Simone: This is really turning into a pissing contest between these two alpha males!

Damien comes back off of the ropes and he suddenly lets loose with a high kick right to the side of Nick's head! The crowd gasps at the impact and Nick looks completely dazed as Damien delivers a second kick to the side of his head. Nick falls back against the ropes and sinks to one knee as Damien nails him with two more kicks until Nick is on his back. Damien then presses his foot against Nick's throat and chokes him out as Jasmine issues her mandatory count!


Damien breaks but just long enough to keep from getting disqualified! He goes right back to the attack and boots Nick under the ropes and he collapses to the ringside floor on the outside. The crowd boos as Jasmine ushers Damien back away from the ropes and Kingston merely smirks and poses.

Adams: Boy he looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't he?

Tony and Diana are at Nick's side, trying to help him but he jerks his arms away from them and slams his hands on the ring apron, cursing audibly. Nick grabs the ropes and pulls himself up onto the apron. Damien comes rushing up after him but Nick drives a shoulder right into his stomach, stopping him fast. Nick then grabs two handfuls of Damien's hair and drops off the ring apron, catapulting his throat down across the top rope.

Nick wastes no time as he grabs Damien's feet and drags him out to the floor, beneath the bottom rope. Nick slams Damien's face into the ring apron, then runs him straight into the steel barricade!

Simone: Yeah I think Damien's pissed Nick off!

Adams: When is Nick Jones not pissed off?

Nick drags the stunned Damien around the corner of the ring and drives his head into the announcer's table!

Adams: Hey! Watch it!

Paying no mind to the announcers, Nick pulls his opponent away from the table and rolls him back inside of the ring and follows him. Nick drags him back to his feet in a double underhook position and suplexes him over. Nick holds onto Damien, pulls him up smoothly and suplexes him over a second time, then a third, a fourth, and finally a fifth! Nick lets him go and looks to the outside where Diana is smiling brightly and Tony applauds.

Simone: It must be nice to have your own personal cheering section.

Nick then rolls over on top of Damien in a cover and cradles the leg.

Damien shoots his left shoulder up.

On the outside, Tony and Diana both accuse Jasmine of a slow count and Nick stares at her. Nick then drags Damien to his feet and shoots him into the far corner and charges in, but Damien greets him with a roundhouse kick right to the face! Nick goes down like he was shot and Damien slumps back in the corner and waits. Nick slowly recovers and gets back to his feet and once he does, Damien uses the ropes to springboard back into a tornado kick, leveling his opponent! Damien covers him and hooks the leg.

Nick kicks out!

Simone: Another near fall! Neither of these men are wasting any time in trying to put the other away.

Damien pulls Nick to his feet and Irish whips him into the far corner and follows in with a running forearm smash. Nick stumbles out and Damien grabs him in a front facelock and brings him over with a snap suplex. Damien then brings him back up and goes for an Irish whip but Nick comes from out of nowhere with a reversal. Nick swings for a clothesline but Damien ducks behind him and brings him up and over with a bridging German suplex!

3 - No! Nick kicks out!

Adams: He almost had him! He came so close to beating SCW Man of the Year!

Damien glares openly at Jasmine and slaps his hands together three times rapidly. Damien then pulls Nick over towards the nearest corner and then signals to the crowd who boos. Damien climbs to the top of the near corner and leaps off with a guillotine legdrop -- but Nick rolls out of the way and Damien crash lands right on his tailbone!

Adams: Do we sell donut pillows at the concession stands? I think Damien's going to be needing one!

Damien staggers to his feet, bowel legged and his face a mask of pain! Nick gets to his feet as well and he immediately grabs Damien from behind in a Beast Choker! Damien immediately starts struggling wildly and reaching for the ropes but Nick drags him down to the mat and locks in a body scissors with his legs around Kingston's waist!

Simone: He's got him trapped with nowhere to go! Damien might have no choice but to tap!

Jasmine frantically checks on Damien but he refuses to submit or tap! He tries to pry Nick's arms loose but is unable! He tries to break the body scissors but Nick has his legs cinched in tightly.

Adams: Nick Jones is one of the best technical wrestlers in the sport! He has Damien right where he wants him!

Damien leans back and uses his feet to push Nick onto his own back and Jasmine sees Jones's shoulders down!

Nick kicks out but retains the debilitating hold!

Simone: Damien almost caught Nick by surprise there. Not an easy thing to do with a veteran like him.

However luck is on his side as when Nick kicked out, he positioned them close enough to the ropes. Damien rolls over and deposits both of them by the ropes where Kingston is able to wrap his arm around the bottom strand.

Adams: Oh what luck!

Jasmine drops down and orders Nick to break the hold. he refuses at first and she starts to count!


Nick relents and lets go of the hold. The moment he does, Damien rolls to the outside. Damien staggers around the ring and towards the aisle.

Adams: Now where the hell does he think he's going?

Jasmine shouts for him to get back in the ring but Damien turns and waves her order off and continues on his path back up the aisle.

Simone: He's leaving!?

Jasmine turns to Nick who looks even more pissed, pacing the ring like a caged animal, and she has no other alternative but to begin her count.


Damien throws the curtains to the stage open and disappears behind them.


Adams: Aw man!

And Jasmine calls for the bell!


The crowd boos as Jasmine starts to raise Nick's arm but he jerks it free from her grasp as Diana and Tony climb into the ring.

Justin: The winner of the match, as a result of a count out ... Nick Jones!

Diana and Tony attempt to calm Nick down as he points to the back where Damien vanished and is visibly angered.

Simone: I just can not believe Damien Kingston purposely got himself counted out like that!

Backstage of Morningstar Beach, Simon Jones is in the medic tent with Zoey Carpenter. He is sitting on the bench with his feet dangling, in a bit of obvious pain. He remains quiet as Zoey gently feels around his knee, hitting one point that elicits a groan to escape Simon’s lips. Zoey lets go, holding her hands up for a second.

Zoey: Would you mind if I lifted your leg up? We might need to wrap this up, but I don’t think there is any more permanent damage.

Simon nods his head silently. Zoey lifts it up slowly, feeling around the knee as Simon mutters curses under his breath. She slowly lowers his leg when she hears something from behind.

Spike: That…? Was totally avoidable, buddy…

Spike looks to Zoey with a nod of his head and she sighs, nodding in return.

Zoey: I, um… I need to get some wrapping for your knee. I’ll be back in just a moment.

She looks to her watch and stands up straight, walking toward the curtains. She brushes past Spike as she leaves the two men to have a private conversation. Spike stands at the entrance for a moment silently before slowly working his way into the room.

Simon: I know; my mouth doesn't usually get me into that much trouble - unless I've been drinking.

Spike chuckles as he pulls a chair up next to the medic bench. Spike sits on it backwards, facing Simon’s general direction. He nods his head as he slowly turns to face Simon.

Spike: I know somebody like that, but unfortunately for him, he’s drunk more often than not. But the difference between you and him is that he has many friends to watch his back. It comes in handy…

Simon: Perhaps it would've helped if I had been drinking - if I'd had a bottle in my hand, maybe I would've done a better job of defending myself. Still, I guess having someone to keep an eye out for you might be preferable.

Spike: Look, I could beat around the bush all day if I wanted, but I’m just going to cut to the chase… See, I have had eyes on you for a long time, Simon. Even before you won the Heavyweight Championship, I just knew that you would fit in well with the New X-Tremes. My opinion was right when you defied all of the odds and beat Jordan Williams for the title.

Spike scoots in a bit as if he were letting Simon in on the biggest secret in the world. He leans in, bordering on the line of invading Simon’s personal space, as he cups his hand around his mouth.

Spike: And between you and me… you seem like you could use some support, man. That’s what NXT is about, first and foremost.

Simon responds with an uncertain tone of voice.

Simon: I've been in a stable once before - a dozen years ago, back at the at the beginning of my career - and joining that group turned out to be of no benefit to me whatsoever, so what would be different about me being in NXT? Besides - and I don't mean to sound as cocky as my namesake - but you said it yourself, I've already won the Heavyweight Championship, and I did so without the assistance of anyone else in SCW.

Spike: At the risk of sounding like a complete dick, you weren’t on the radar before, at least in SCW. Now that you won the title and the rosters are combined, you still have a decent, Casey Williams sized target on your back. For immediate reference, I know Casey like the back of my hand. Anyone in the New Xtremes has the same experience. We can help you there. Futuristically speaking, any asshole that comes along, and feels like he can use you as a stepping stone, will have another thing coming.

Spike leans back, cracking his back and neck as he continues speaking.

Spike: Not to mention the obvious thing that is on everyone’s mind. You won’t make it back to the Heavyweight title picture if you keep feeling sorry for yourself, not showing up to matches, and trying to commit career suicide by picking a fight with the biggest motherfucker here. You will be lucky if you can retire with all of your limbs still in tact. I would know, I held the belt until Jordan Williams cheated me out of it. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I found a purpose, and that purpose was NXT. It could be yours as well…

Simon: But how would I fit into NXT? I thought the New Xtremes was meant to be a group of young, hungry wrestlers, aiming to work their way to the top of the sport. I'm 34 - it's been a while since anybody referred me as being young.

Spike: Who says you have to be “young” to be hungry? I saw it in your eyes the moment you held that championship up in the air over Jordan Williams. I haven’t seen a hunger that strong since I looked in the mirror about this time last year. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter, Simon…

Simon breaks eye contact, and rubs his chin for a few seconds in contemplation, before looking back at Spike.

Simon:You know, this night has been a lot more eventful than I'd anticipated: the demise of ACW, my altercation with Casey Williams, and now this...

Simon sighs.

Simon: I'm going to need some more time to mull over your offer, before I can give you a definitive response.

Spike nods his head in acceptance. He stands up from the chair, moving it out of the way as Zoey comes back to the tent. He gives her a smile as he heads over toward the door.

Spike: Take all of the time you need. You will know where to find me when you decide…

With that, Spike disappears from view as Zoey unravels the wrapping for Simon’s knee. Simon looks as if he is still contemplating, before sighing and slowly lifting his knee for Zoey..

The night hasn't got better for James, as he storms the halls, bumping in to Simpson.

JHHIII: Watch where you're going you.... oh Simpson.

James looks up, seeing his trusted ally.

Simpson: Sir, are you ok? Mr Di Luca said you stormed off after that announcement.

JHHIII: That damn announcement from Christian Underwood! Who does he think he is Simpson?

Simpson: The boss sir.

JHHIII: Boss or not, he's against me Simpson, but I'm gonna show him, I'll teach him that I can beat anyone at anytime, it doesn't matter if it's some SCW guy, or some ACW guy, or some popcorn seller or the guy that hands out drinks to the unwashed masses. I can beat any one I damn well like Simpson, anyone at all.

The sound of a throat being cleared is heard and Hawkes turns around, former ACW star and current LOW US Champion Cyrus King is standing behind him with his title slung over his shoulder.

Simone: That’s ACW’s Cyrus King!

Adams: Good god, Hawkes may as well be a small child compared to him!

Cyrus: Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cyrus King, ex-military, current LOW US Champion, SCW’s newest signing what with the ACW Merger and all….

Cyrus pauses before grinning.

Cyrus: And I couldn’t help but overhear that you think you can beat me!

Hawkes’s eyes widened and he quickly hides behind Simpson.

Cyrus: You know, hiding behind someone when you’re talking to the person you’re talking too doesn’t really work.

Cyrus adds getting a laugh out of the crowd.

Cyrus: You know what? I’ll make this easy for you!

Cyrus grabs a title card and starts writing on it; once he’s done he puts it back in place and motions Hawkes forward.

Cyrus: All you have to do is read that out loud!

JHHIII: I, James Huntington Hawkes the III, challenge Cyrus King to a No Holds Barred Street Fight next week at Climax Control!

Simone: Oh god…..

Adams: That match may as well be a slaughter!

Hawkes quickly realizes what he has just agreed too and Cyrus pats him on the shoulder with a massive grin on his face.

Cyrus: See you next week champ!

Cyrus walks off leaving Hawkes who, quite honestly, looks like he has just signed his death warrant.

Simone: Well, we have a match set for next week.

Adams: Don’t you mean massacre?

Misty is standing backstage, looking very impatient. She has her Bombshell Tag Team Championship belt draped over her shoulder, and she is looking around. One of the backstage reporters brushes past her, and she quickly stops him.

Misty: Hey, excuse me. Have you see Odette Ryder anywhere? We're supposed to head out to the ring soon, and I need to know where she is.

The worker shakes his head.

Man: I'm sorry, no I haven't.

Misty nods disappointedly and the man gets back on his way to finish his work. Misty takes in a deep breath and shrugs before she walks away, in search of Odette. She looks around everywhere, but Odette seems to be hiding from her. As she is looking for Odette, however, she bumps into two more familiar faces, one of whom doesn't seem happy to see her. Ruby is standing outside another dressing room, with SCW Roulette Champion, Pro Wrestling's Pedigree, Max Burke, standing next to her. Misty focuses her attention on Ruby, happy to see her.

Misty: Ruby! I haven't seen you in days. I was just looking for Odette, but---

Ruby: Well she is clearly not here, so you can continue on your way.

Misty seems taken back by Ruby's attitude towards her, and she looks at Max. He gives her an acknowledging smile.

Misty: Don't tell me you're still mad at me for signing that contract for you, Ruby? Max, how is her training going?

Misty turns her attention to Max now.

Max: She's progressing well. She's definitely a fast and eager learner. I think we have a blue chipper on our hands.

Ruby turns and looks at Max, half glaring at him for his response to Misty. She is just about to respond when backstage reporter, "Stoner" Scott Oliver walks up to the trio with his Stoner smile.

Stoner: Whoa! Three for one special! Sweet!

Ruby turns and glares at him, while Misty looks at him, half amused as she rolls her eyes.

Misty: Mr. Oliver, we're a bit busy at the moment.

Stoner: Cool. I'll make this a quickie then. Boss men just wanted me to get people's thoughts on the big ACW announcement.

Max: Seriously? We've got bigger fish to fry right now Scott.

Stoner: Doesn't this effect your, um...Her?

Stoner points to Ruby, almost nervous to even be around her.

Ruby: No, it does not effect me in the slightest. They may be happy to bring over any ACW Superstars that they want, but I will not be one of them, and I am perfectly fine with that.

Misty and Max both look at Ruby, surprised.

Misty: You're kidding right? You just heard Max. He said your training is going great.

Ruby: Yes, but as I said before...I am not ready.

Max: Well, we won't rush it. There's no rushing perfection. When we are done with you Ruby... you will be ready.

Ruby smiles, thankful that Max is at least on her side, but Misty doesn't seem to go along with that idea.

Misty: While I understand you concern, Ruby, there is no better way to perfect your wrestling, than by just jumping into it. You could beat any one of the Bombshells we have right now no problem. You and I both know it. And so does Max.

Stoner: Me too! You even scare me...

Ruby snarls at Stoner, sending a glare that could burn a hold through his skin.

Ruby: You need to This doesn't concern you!

Max: Okay... everyone relax. To sum it up, we are not concerned with the ACW acquisition. On to tonight, where I have to face once again the King Of Excuses. He's got be short a few screws after what I did to him at Summer XXXtreme II.

Misty: We should be concerned about the ACW acquisition, Max.

Ruby turns and glares at Misty.

Ruby: No, we shouldn't. Max is right. We need to focus on tonight. You have a match shortly as well. You were trying to find Odette, remember?

Misty: Yes, well clearly I'm not going to find her. So why don't we head out to the ring without her..

Ruby shakes her head.

Ruby: I will not be joining you at ringside tonight. Max's match is after yours, and I'll be escorting him instead.

Max: Misty, you and I both know that you cannot be distracted by things outside of our control. Our focus has to be 100% on tonight. You've got to deal with Raynin, and the rest of the freakshow. Ruby, you should have Misty's back out there tonight. It's basically 3 on 1 if she can't find Odette.

Stoner has a confused look on his face, as he's not sure what he is supposed to do. Ask another question or let the three of them talk.

Misty: Raynin will be no problem for me, Max, even if it is three against one with Darknyss and Gothika out there. And I'm sure you'll have no problem dealing with Kain again, and keeping that Roulette title right where it belongs, but if Ruby doesn't want to join me and ringside, I will not try to persuade her. I will try to find Odette again on my way to the ring.

Stoner: I can take you to her.

Misty: You can?

Stoner nods.

Stoner: Sha! I think I saw her sucking face with the magician a little while ago.

Ruby gets a disgusted look on her face.

Ruby: Clearly you are nothing more than a perverted peeping Tom. Why don't you two run off to find the lovely Miss Ryder and leave Max and I alone.

Max: Ok Misty. You go handle your business, and we'll handle ours. Let's go get ready Ruby.

Misty looks to Ruby one last time, hoping she'll change her mind about joining her at ringside, but Ruby doesn't look like she is going to give in, so Misty nods, clearly disappointed again.

Misty: Alright then. Good luck out there, Max. Ruby, you and I will talk later.

Ruby: As you wish.

Max takes Ruby by the hand and leads her away, leaving Misty alone with Stoner for the moment. He's off in his own little world, daydreaming it seems.

Misty: Alright, Scott, lead me away.

Stoner: Huh?

Misty: To Odette! You said you know where she is?

Stoner: I did? Oh! Yeah...I do! She's this way...

Stoner shakes his head, coming back to reality as Misty looks at him, annoyed. She follows off behind him as they head off to find Odette.

The lights turn to a blue filter and we can hear the opening drums from “Burning Down The House” by the Used. The small crowd jumps to their feet and they begin to cheer as “Mr. Showtime” Drake Green steps out on to the stage. He lifts his arms up and down, motioning for the few hundred people on Morningstar Beach to get up on their feet and cheer.

Crowd: POP!

Adams: Saint Thomas has a lot of love for Drake Green.

Simone: I think you have a lot of love for Drake Green.

Green, with a large smile, stands tall in a light khaki suit, brown leather shoes, and an open collared bright blue button up shirt. He raises both arms straight up in the air points toward the sky as the crowd starts to get behind him. Just as the lyrics for the song kick in, Drake makes his way down toward the ring, slapping hands of fans on either side of the railings.

#Watch out
#You might get what you're after
#Cool babies?
#Strange but not a stranger
#Burning down the house

Adams: Last week when SCW was in Aruba for Climax Control, a noticeably hurt Drake Green was able to overcome the behemoth Casey Williams.

Simone: It was an impressive feat given the near 10 inch and 250 pound advantage that Casey had on him.

Adams: We know what prize Drake has in his sights and with a new Heavyweight Champion in Goth being crowned last week in Aruba, anything can happen.

Justin: Please welcome to the ring, he is The Man of the People…“Mr. Showtime”.. Drake Green!.

Drake trades handshakes and hugs with several of the fans in the crowd as he makes his way to the steel steps. He walks up and slides in between top and middle rope. He walks over to the corner and steps up on the second rope and raises his arms again for the crowd. He steps down and walks over to the opposite corner and climbs up again.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

He steps down off of the rope and walks over toward the side of the ring, motioning for the microphone. He goes to speak, but he is overwhelmed by the crowd.

Crowd: Showtime! Showtime! Showtime!

Drake mouths the words “Thank You” a couple of times before motioning for the crowd to quiet down.

Drake: Thank you. Thank you. You have no idea how much your support means to me. This right here is the reason I come out here every night. And for that, I salute you.

The crowd claps and cheers for a moment.

Drake: Now, Helloooo St. Thomas!

Crowd: POP!

Drake: It truly is incredible to be here on Morningstar Beach tonight.

Crowd: Louder POP!

Drake: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....welcome to the show!

Crowd: Even louder POP!

Drake: Are you ready for the most magical, the most fantastical showstopper of all time?! I am your soldier, I am your savior, I am the future Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and I got just one question for ya. What time is it?!

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: No, no, no. I said what time is it?

Crowd: Showtime!

Drake: People of St. Thomas, MY PEOPLE! I know you can do better than that. I asked you WHAT MOTHER FUCKING TIME IT IS?!


Drake: That's what I'm talking about, St. Thomas. You’ve got an incredible spirit with you tonight and I can feel it. Now for whatever reason, the higher ups didn’t book me to get in the ring in front of you amazing fans tonight.

Crowd: BOO!

Drake: But I wanted to make sure I came out here and showed the appreciation that every last one of you deserves. Without all of you-

Drake stops talking mid-sentence when he sees Tessa Flanagan walking dow to ringside. A look of confusion comes over his face as she steps up onto the ring apron and slides in between the ropes, showing her butt off for the fans. She walks right up to Drake in the center of the ring.

Drake: What are you doing out here?

Tessa smiles at Drake and just as he goes to look at her again…


…Tessa smacks Drake right across the face.

Adams: She can’t do that! That’s against SCW policy!

Drake looks back to Tessa but before he can say anything…


…she kicks him right in the gut and then delivers a hard…


She punches him hard into his badly bruised ribs, dropping him to his knees. She slides out of the ring and walks over to where the timekeeper is sitting and grabs an unused steel chair.

Adams: Someone’s gotta stop her!

Simone: Go girl!

Tessa slides back into the ring with the steel chair and then perches, waiting for Drake to look up at her.

Adams: Drake watch out!

As he looks up…


…she hits him square in the face with the chair which drops Drake face first on to the mat and he is out cold.

Adams: She should be suspended!

Simone: Is she even a SCW employee?

Adams: Actually…I don’t know.

Tessa drops the chair next to Drake’s limp body and shuffles out of the ring. She walks back up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

Crowd: BOO!

Hot Stuff walks out from the back, a wide smile on his face as he slowly claps Tessa'a actions. She walks backwards smiling and blowing a kiss toward the lifeless Drake Green as SCW medical staff runs passed her toward the ring.

Adams: I think Drake might have just upset Hot Stuff.

Simone: We've seen him upset before, Drake could have commited career suicide

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, Misty appears from backstage, her Bombshell Tag Team title over her shoulder. She is noticably alone, and she looks to the curtain behind her, waving her hand. A few moments later, her tag team partner, Odette Ryder, appears from backstage, very reluctantly and with little to no enthusiasm what so ever. Misty tries to encourage her, but Odette wants nothing to do with her. Misty shrugs with a disappointed smile as she starts walking to the ring, with Odette following behind her at a distance.

Justin Decent: This contest is a Bombshell’s match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Chicago, IL, being accompanied by Odette Ryder, she is one half of the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions…..Misty!

The crowd cheers both women on, but again, Odette would rather be anywhere else than supporting Misty. Misty walks up the steps and enters the ring, raising the tag team title above her head as the crowd cheers again. She glances over to Odette, who is standing on the outside with her arms folded across her chest not even acknowledging Misty, and she shakes her head disappointedly before she turns toward the backstage entrance, waiting for Raynin to enter.

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

Justin Decent: And her opponent…being accompanied by Gothika and Darknyss, representing ‘The Fallen”….Raynin!

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring. Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk around opposite sides of the ring. Gothika slides under the bottom rope as Darknyss climbs up onto the edge of the apron and steps through the second rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Darknyss stands in the center of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding. Gothika and Darknyss step back down to ringside as Raynin and Misty lock eyes in the center of the ring, waiting for the match to start.


Jacob Summers calls for the bell and Misty runs in and attacks Raynin. She grabs her by her shirt and begins to throw right hands, connecting with every one.

Adams: Whoa! She looks angry.

She pushes Raynin in to one of the turnbuckles but Jacob Summers quickly intervenes and separates them. As Summers backs out of the way Misty inserts her foot in to the gut of Raynin and as her head drops down, she grabs it and pulls her head into the mat with a DDT and then goes for the cover.

One! Two!

Adams: Raynin kicked out!

Simone: That was close!

Adams: Odette Ryder, the other half of the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions, looks on as Misty starts off the match in dominating display of wrestling ability.

Simone: The future Mrs. Gabriel does not seem to be pleased to have to sit out here at ringside in the corner of her partner.

Adams: It certainly is a pairing that seems awkward enough, but when you have the opportunity to hold the prestigious Bombshell Tag Titles, you must find a way to coexist.

Simone: I agree.

Without letting her opponent get up, Misty grabs her by the hair and then applies a headlock while they are still on the mat.

Adams: Tons of aggression coming from the former Three-Time Bombshell Champion.

Simone: Raynin better figure out a way to combat her or this may be a quick one.

Misty pulls Raynin up off of the mat and goes to whip her into the ropes but she reverses sending the former Queen of the Damned bouncing off the ropes. As she comes back in, Raynin catches her hard with a spinning clothesline which drops her down onto her back. She drops down with her and goes for a cover and Jacob

Adams: It could be over in a hurry!

One! Tw-

Misty pushes her off before Summers can drop his hand on the second count.

Adams: It's gonna take a lot more than that to keep The O.B. Down.

Simone: The O.B.?

Adams: You know, the Original Bombshell!

Simone: No. I do not know.

Raynin goes straight in for a choke before Misty can get up. She flails her legs up in the air as Raynin presses down on her throat and the referee starts his count.


Gothika slams her fists down on the apron, egging on her tag team partner as Raynin applies even more pressure to the throat of Misty.


Just before Summers gets to his five count, Raynin releases the hold. She immediately grabs Misty by the top of her corset and begins to interchangeably drop fists, forearms, and elbows on to the skull of her opponent in a viscous fashion.

Crowd: BOO!

Raynin jumps up in response to the crowd's reaction and taunts them a bit before turn back around and kicking Misty square in the jaw.


Adams: Misty may be out!

She drops down for another pinfall attempt and Summers follows.

One! Two!

Simone: Three!

Adams: No! She got a shoulder up.

Raynin sits up and grills Summers with a disapproving look. She pulls Misty up off of the mat and scoops her into a bodyslam. She stands, with her back facing the fallen Misty, and launches her self up in to the air.

Adams: Standing moonsualt!

Simone: Impressive!

Adams: She hooks the leg!

One! Two!

Misty throws her shoulder up again.

Adams: Rayin is looking very impressive here tonight, Simone.

Simone: She clearly wants those tag team titles back in the possession of The Fallen and she seems intent on punishing the former Bombshell Champion for taking them away.

Raynin starts to pick Misty up off of the mat but Misty pulls her down to the mat and rolls her up.

Adams: Small package! Small package!

One! Two! Th-

Adams: Oh so close! Raynin was completely caught off guard by the pin attempt.

Simone: She better pay more attention.

The two Bombshells get up in a hurry and Raynin launches at Misty, but the crafty Tag Team Champion sidesteps and sends her face first into a top turnbuckle. Raynin bounces off and as she slowly turns around in a daze, Misty picks her up and drops her down hard with a sidewalk slam.

Adams: Ouch!

She kneels down on one knee next to Raynin and begins to pummel her as she tries to fight her off.

Adams: Misty getting aggressive now.

Simone: I'm loving it!

Jacob Summers pulls Misty off and backs her up a few feet, allowing Raynin to use the ropes to stumble to her feet. Seeing this, Misty pushes Summers out of the way and runs toward Raynin.


Adams: Oh my god! Misty just speared Raynin right down to ringside!

Simone: Both women are out.

Jacob Summers walks over to the ropes and starts his count.


Misty and Raynin slowly start to roll to their feet.


Seeing each other getting up, they both start swinging. Misty connects with a hard right right and when Raynin goes to return the favor, Misty blocks it, grabs her by the back of the head, and slams her face first into the ring apron and Raynin drops to the floor.

Crowd: Oooh!


Misty pulls herself up on to the apron and holds on to the top rope. She waits patiently for Raynin to get to her feet and as she does, Misty springboards herself off of the ropes and hits a picture perfect Asai moonsault and the two women drop back down to the mat, resetting the Summers’ count.

Simone: Damn that must’ve hurt.

Adams: What a match this is turning out to be.

Misty gets to her feet first as Jacob starts his count again.


Gothika starts to make her way toward Misty and she walks right up in to the face of Raynin’s partner. Raynin uses the distraction to her advantage and slams a forearm in to the back of Misty’s head.

Adams: That couldn’t have felt very good.

Raynin grabs Misty and whips her hard in to the steel steps.


Gothika looks on in approval as Raynin runs over and hits a hard knee strike in the face.


She locks on to Misty;s head with a hard face lock and then slams her head in to the steps. She picks her up and slides her under the bottom rope, and then quickly follows behind her.

Simone: Well at least the action is heading back toward the ring.

Raynin grabs Misty and pulls her up and sets her up for a vertical suplex. She quickly pulls Misty over her head into a snap suplex and then pulls her right back up and does it again.

Adams: Vintage Raynin! She’s going for a third!

Raynin picks Misty up again for a third but this time Misty blocks it and counters with a vertical suplex of her own.

Crowd: POP!

Simone: That’s weird. Did they just cheer for Misty?

Adams: Stranger things have happened, Belinda. Stranger things…

Misty rolls over and goes for the cover and Jacob Summers drops down to the mat.

One! Two!

Adams: Kickout by Raynin!

Misty stands up and drops an elbow on Raynin’s chest before going for another pin.

One! Two!

Raynin throws her shoulder up and Misty shows her disappointment in the speed of the Summers’ count by slapping her hands together three times. She goes to stand up but Raynin pulls her down to the mat, locks up her legs, and crosses her hands over Misty’s face.

Adams: STF! She’s got the STF locked in! Misty’s in the center of the ring.

Raynin tightens the hold and Misty screams out in pain. Over at ringside, Odette seems to show slightly more interest in the match as she sees her tag team partner in a bit of trouble.

Adams: Misty’s gonna tap She’s gonna tap!

Jacob Summers drops down to the mat and starts to ask Misty if she wants to tap. She shakes her wildly and begins to crawl toward the ropes. She inches closer as Raynin tries to apply more pressure but before she can succeed, Misty grabs the bottom rope.

Simone: I don’t know how she did it but she did.

Adams: OB! OB!

Simone: You’re an idiot.

Raynin breaks the hold. She stands up and kicks Misty in the stomach as she still hold on to the bottom rope. Jacob Summers pushes Raynin back and she throws her hands up in the proclaiming her innocence. Misty starts to get up but while the referee’s back is turned, Gothika runs over and kicks Misty in the face, seemingly knocking her out on her feet. Misty falls to the mat and Raynin goes for the cover.

One! Two!

Simone: Three!

Adams: No! She got her shoulder up at the last second!

Summers holds up two fingers and this time it is Raynin showing her anger at the referee. She goes to pick Misty up but in a quick reversal, she pulls Raynin’s arm in and wraps her legs around her neck and head.

Adams: Queen’s Punishment! Queen’s Punishment!

Misty tightens the hold as Summer drops down to the mat again and sees if Raynin wants to tap. She shakes her head no over and over again. Meanwhile, at ringside, Gothika climbs up on to the apron but before she can interfere, Odette runs over and pulls her legs out from underneath her and she smacks her head on apron as she falls to the floor.

Adams: Look at that!

Misty tightens the hold even more and Raynin has no choice but to slap her hand down on the mat.


Adams: She tapped!

Justin Decent: Here is your winner…..Misty!

Raynin rolls out of the ring and her, Gothika, and Darkness make there way back up the ramp in disappointment. Back in the ring, Jacob Summers gives Misty back her tag team title belt and she holds it up for the crowd as they give her a positive cheer. She turns to look at Odette at ringside and when she sees here, they lock eyes. For a moment. Misty gives her a quick nod and Odette returns the nod with an even quicker one of her own before she heads back up the ramp, leaving Misty in the ring.

Laughing to herself, the blonde ruthless Contessa Flannigan parts ways with “Hot Stuff” Mark Ward. She has the cabana in her sights, ready for something tall and strong as she walks across the sparkling white sand. However, she is forced to stop dead in her tracks when Erik Staggs approaches her with paperwork and a few men standing behind him. She rolls her eyes and holds a hand up in his face as she tries to walk off.

Tessa: I already signed yer bloody papers before the show even started. I’m officially an SCW manager, but thanks for trying, love…

She tries to walk past Erik, but the two men step in her way, immediately blocking her from going far. She grunts in displeasure, again rolling her eyes before turning to look at Erik, throwing her hands up in the air in displeasure.

Tessa: Have ye suddenly decided to give me more money because of what I just did to Drake Green out there? That’s very gener…

Erik: I actually need you to sign these other papers regarding your immediate suspension from said contract “love”!

Tessa: WHAT?! Like bloody hell!

Tessa steps forward in Erik’s direction, but the security team behind her grabs onto each of her arms, holding her back while Erik steps up to her, hovering over her. She spits directly in his face, causing him to pause. He gently wipes away at the spit with a handkerchief, placing it back into his pocket as he turns the papers back toward her.

Erik: Sin City Wrestling takes pride in its traditional approach to wrestling while maintaining a safe work environment for our stars and Bombshells to the best of our abilities. I’m sure you have heard that Men are not allowed to hit women, in or outside of the ring, with or without a camera rolling. Such actions are not to be tolerated.

Tessa: Yewww barmey wanker! In case ye didn’t see me tits, I am not a man! Even if Drake Green is the biggest vagina in SCW, I still don’t see yer point.

Erik: You wouldn’t. See, two plus two is four, and women are not allowed to strike men, either. Admittedly, there is a bit of an unfair leniency there that is not mutual, but what you did to Drake Green blows said lenciency well out of the water, Ms. Flannigan. Had Drake retaliated, he would be suspended on the spot, while you were out there wailing on him with a chair, and…

HS: Ahhh, Tess… I see you have met the ferret himself, Erik Staggs. Is there some reason security has her bound like this?

The camera pans out a bit to see “Hot Stuff” standing behind Erik, causing him to turn around a bit. Erik rolls his eyes at Mark and then raises the papers up in the air.

Tessa: Marky… this edjit says I’m suspended. Tell him he can’t do that!

Erik: You obviously saw her blatant disrespect for the rules out there, as you no less encouraged it. Rules are rules, and she is going to have to leave indefinitely, pending further discussion on the matter.

HS: Oh? Mind if I have a look at these papers?

Erik happily hands the papers over to Mark who holds them out as he reads over them. He nods his head as his lips quickly move along with the words on the paper. He scratches his head and looks up at Erik.

HS: I can’t believe it. There is something missing here, Staggs…

Erik: Doubtful, but humor me… What is missing, Mark?

Mark quickly rips the papers up into shreds, letting them fall down to the white sands below their feet. He gasps sarcastically as he cracks a wise smile. Erik’s face goes sour as he rubs at his temples.

HS: The papers… Now, let go of Ms. Flannigan before we get some crass lawsuit about you two having a long look at her bum…

They quickly let her go at the vague mention of sexual harassment and Tessa quickly giggles, running over to Mark to plant a friendly kiss on his cheeks.

HS: Looks like I gotta buy this one a few drinks to convince her not to sue… Nice job you wankers…

Tessa giggles again as Mark holds his arm out. She quickly grabs onto it as the two walk off toward the cabana. Erik shakes his head in disappointment, throwing his hands up in the air in anger before walking off in the opposite direction.

The show opens up as the Titan Tron opens up with the final moments of last weeks World Title match where Goth took advantage of the move Kevin Carter used on him and failed. We can see him drop Carter with the DDT. We see him cover Carter and win the title, after this we hear Goths music hit and the newly crowned champion walks out to the ring with the title over his shoulder.

Adams: Last week we saw Carter lose the title to this man after taking a high risk move, a move that cost him.

Simone: It cost him the title against this veteran that knows when to take his spot and take advantage off it.

Goth gets in the ring and smiles, he looks at the crowd and looks at the championship belt before putting a microphone to his lips and speak.

Goth: What was it again? Oh yes, I remember. I would not be able to achieve anything like I used to. Why?? Because I am too old, I am too slow, my moves are too old fashioned… blah blah blah

The crowd boos as Goth smirks at their reaction

Simone: The fans sure don’t like him

Adams: Perhaps they just have issues admitting he is right.

Goth: But that is all behind us now, because history once again proved that I am a better man that Kevin Carter.

Goth gets silenced by a huge boo from the audience, so loud that it is deafening that it would be useless for him to talk. He awaits the crowd to calm down as he continues to talk.

Goth: Was it my fault that he went to showboat? As if he would not do the same thing if I was so stupid to go for a move that would give you glory, or the unemployment line. I mean seriously, would you want me to rush towards him and nurse him back to health???

The crowd begins to use an asshole chant to the newly crowned champion.

Goth: It is quite normal to see useless bums like you sort to tactics like this, losers like you are often compared to losers you cheer for. Just like that other loser Kain, a man that could not do what I have done before… twice for that matter. Becoming Roulette champion, I mean seriously. Is this a man that is worth being called King?? King of Kings??? A title that is mine to begin with, a title I handed down to him in my federation with the assumption that he would be able to live on the legacy that I created??

Goth: But no, just like he did in AWA. He is unable to achieve to anything, he used to be a tag team champion. And why?? Because his tag team partner carried his back, he used to be…. Almost a great champion. But unlike me, he fails in every attempt that he gets. Unlike me, a man that has held every title that could be held in this federation, he is just a coward little bitch that hides behind a skirt of a woman… like I said Kain… I challenged you, when are you going to REALLY accept?? Not just opening your words, but step foot inside the ring with me… inside the one match that we both claimed to want… and bow down to my feet AFTER!! I beat you… I am no longer waiting for you Kain… I want an answer, I want a place and I want a date… and I want it NOW!!!!

Adams: Oh my God!!! This is huge!!!

Simone: He is putting Kain on the spot for sure, I am sure that Kain will accept.

Adams: He is a coward you know.

Goth puts the microphone to his mouth as he is wanting to say something when suddenly he gets interrupted as we see the Titan Tron open up to the backstage area.

Lies, lies, lies...that's all I ever heard from your mouth on day one. I am not surprised that you say more today.

Adams: Is that...?

Simone:...Kain! But where is he?

The titantron brightens up even more and we see Kain standing in a room of darkness, just glaring at the camera.

Kain: I've been ignoring you for the longest time, Goth. Not because of fear or because I am trying to delay what you seem to be thinking is my fate, to lost against you, but because it has granted me more power over you. For the longest time, I have been getting under your skin, because I kicked your ass so many times in the past and have proven myself to you. Now I no longer need to prove anything to you anymore. I've gotten my revenge, but it still burns me up, what you did to me that day. The day you let me go from the AWA. The day that you took everything away from me.

Goth stands frozen, his eyes solely focused on Kain, snarling with rage as Kain continues to speak.

Kain: But I'm stronger now. Stronger than more. More stronger than you'll ever be, in fact. Just because you hold the greatest prize in SCW now doesn't mean you'll hold on to it forever. I plan on making you my bitch, because you deserve multiple beatings unlike the world has ever seen. You want a preview of what's going to happen to you? Look no further to my confrontation against Max Burke, when I will unleash my rage, anger, and fury upon a man who hurt me badly not too long ago. He's going to die by my hand, Goth. He's going to have NO CHOICE but to submit to my amazing prowess and hand over the SCW Roulette championship. So I'll tell you what - you want the stakes to be a little bit higher? This is what I propose...

Kain claps his hands and rubs them back and forth, grinning widely as the crowd are quietly cheering or booing, depending on who they are going for at this moment in time.

Kain: If I win the SCW Roulette title, then I'm willing to put that title on the line against you. You're gonna have to do the same for the SCW heavyweight championship. If you win, you'll earn both titles and I will have no choice but to call you The King Of Kings. BUT! If I win? I will get both championships and I will, once and for all, make you bow to me like the little bitch you are and finally tell me, tell the world even - that I am the King Of Kings and that I am and was always the better man in our feud. And when do you want it to happen? How about the next PPV? What do you think about that, you worthless bitch?

Goth attempts to bring the microphone up to his lips, to respond, but Kain cuts him off.

Kain: Before you do, I have something to show you.

Kain walks off the screen and Goth waits in anticipation for a few moments. Then his face turns into an expression of shock and furious rage as his woman is shown on the Titantron, as Kain grabs her and holds her close.

Kain: You never wanted to see this happen in your life, did you? You never wanted any man to hold your woman, your queen as you call her? Well, I look at her and she's nothing but a attractive woman, I'll admit, but a complete parasite nonetheless. I bet that you can't stand this sight...this sight of me touching her, don't you?

Kain caresses her cheek and insults Goth by kissing her on the cheek. Goth is furiously shaking with rage as he exits the ring and runs up the ramp, then goes into backstage. Making his way past everyone backstage, he arrives at his dressing room and smashes the door open. Sapphira, his woman, is on her knees, crying profusely as Goth lifts her on her feet and hugs her close. He spies a note on her lips and he slowly tears it away from her lips and then opens it up and reads it, his expression turning into furious anger once more.

"One shall stand. One shall fall."

Goth looks towards the doorway, feeling humiliated as the cameras turn towards Adams and Simone.

Adams: Goth may be the SCW champion now, but Kain is his biggest threat and he has played another mind game with one who is really good at them.

Simone: Make no mistake about it, Goth has wrapped himself in a cloak of anger and he won't take it off until he has Kain in his hands. Will Mark Ward and Christain Underwood accept the terms that Kain made for Goth and make the match for the next PPV? Either way, all hell is going to be unleashed between those two PRETTY SOON...I have a good feeling about that, Adams!

The scene shows Casey Williams walking backstage, and he sees the GWA and AWA legend in Steve Ramone, who also competed with Casey in ACW for a while. Casey walks over to introduce himself.

Casey: “Hey, Steve. My name is Casey Williams, and I am a big fan of yours. Hell, watching your matches when you were in GWA and AWA is what inspired me to work for the AWA, and when I saw you in ACW, I knew that I had to go there, and try to get a chance to meet you. For obvious reasons, that didn’t happen.”

Steve: ”It is a pleasure to meet you Casey. It is nice to hear from a guy who got into the business trying to follow in my footsteps, I know I’m a pretty big legend but I don’t want to have too much of an ego about it.”

Casey: ”Well, that wasn’t the only reason I came over to introduce myself. The other reason I wanted to meet you in ACW was because I wanted to kick the crap out of you inside the ring, prove that you are over the hill, and that your best days are behind you!”

Steve: ”You know what Casey, you are on! I am ready to face you on the next leg of this tour.”

Casey: ”Good, that is what I was hoping you would say!”

Casey then goes to hit Steve with the Kiss of Death but Steve ducks it before walking away, Casey shakes his head as he walks away and the scene fades to black.

The opening chords to Alter Bridge's "I Know It Hurts" starts to blast through the speakers and the lights in the arena drop down slightly. Flashing blue lights hit the entrance ramp as cheers emulate from the fans. Ben Jordan appears at the top of the ramp and looks around at the crowd, his ACW tag title belt around his waist and his ACW World championship over his shoulder. Ben nods his head to the sound of the music, looking around with an approving smile. Ben walks down the ramp, quickly sliding in the ring and looking around at the crowd. Ben asks Justin for a microphone as the music fades out

Ben: Well this is a heavy heart moment if ever I saw one.

Ben runs his hand over his forehead.

Ben: I was as shocked as the rest of you lovely people when I heard that ACW was going, being absolved by SCW, and a million and one emotions hit me at the same time. Now I'm not usually an emotional fella, I'm like this geezer that let's everything flow, but this is like losing a bollock in a way.

Ben pauses, biting his lower lip.

Ben: When I first got in to wrestling, ACW was the only place that would take a chance on this rookie, not only putting me in off the camera matches, but slung me straight in front of the camera and let me fly. To sit there in the back with my other ACW friends, hearing this, a little part of me died. ACW gave me a chance to become a star and I hope I paid them back. They gave me a shot to become the first ever Maritime Junior Heavyweight champion, and I won it, they gave me the chance to become the first ever Tag Team champion, and I did it. They put me in the position to go for the Super J Cup and I beat one of the best in the business, Misty, to win the damn thing. I won that alliance cruiserweight title shot and gave it to Simon Jones, to win and bring home to ACW, and he did just that. ACW grew around me, and if I got to help that along the way, I'm proud to have been that man.

A polite applause breaks out in the crowd.

Ben: Between me, Mickey, Drake and Simon, we took ACW to great heights and made it something special. Brick by brick, we built a legacy for ACW. At Massacre In Moncton, I hit the jackpot, I took the triple crown, and became the World champion. I never thought for a second I'll be standing in this ring, as the last ever World champion, ACW's only tag team champion, the first ACW Maritime Junior Heavyweight champion and ACW's only Super J Cup winner and having to say goodbye to something that turned me in to the geezer you lovely people get to see before ya.

Another polite applause ripple through the crowd.

Ben: I even got to reconnect with someone I might have secretly missed for a long time, but ACW gave me that, so thank you to that ratbag J.J and everyone involved in turning ACW in to a name that won't be forgotten.

An "ACW" chant echoes through the fans.

Ben: Thanks peeps, but it now leads me on to the future. I always wanted to be an SCW star, but I wasn't ready, and now I have the chance to be that. I'm ready to be a star, but do I want to be anymore? It's hard to say goodbye to yesterday, yes people, I did just quote Boyz II Men, but no, I'm not gonna start singing End Of The Road, not unless someone's got twelve pints and a karaoke machine, but now the future. Ben Jordan, ACW World champion, ACW's tag team champion, in SCW?

Ben puts his hand on his chin, as if in thought.

Ben: SCW, The Cockney King says.....

Ben pauses for a few seconds.

Ben: Let's 'ave it! SCW, you've just got the biggest signing you could make!

The fans burst out in cheers.

Adams: Ben Jordan is now an active SCW star!

"I Know It Hurts" blasts through the speakers as Ben hands the mic back to Justin Decent. He takes the ACW Tag Team championship from around his waste and pulls the World title from his shoulder. He holds both titles in his hand, before kissing the tag title and then the world title. Ben lifts both titles above his head.

Simone: That's one proud man of ACW's legacy.

Ben drops to the floor, rolling out of the ring and pulling both titles with him and over his shoulders. As Ben gets to the top of the ramp, Christian Underwood greets him, clipboard in one hand and pen in the other. Ben takes the pen from Christian and signs the contract, before shaking Christian's hand. The duo disappear backstage.

Simone: It's official, ACW World and tag team champion, Ben Jordan has signed for SCW.

Adams: What a big signing that is!

Adams: It's main event time!

Simone: That it is, Jason. Max Burke and Kain are the stars of the night, as Kain is cashing in his rematch clause for the Roulette Championship.

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is tonight's main event and it is a BLINDFOLD MATCH for the SCW Roulette Championship!

The crowd erupts in a huge pop.

Justin Decent: Introducing first is the challenger. From Detroit, Illinois...Weighing in at 240lbs..He is the self-proclaimed King of Kings...KAIN!!

The lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the enter. Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play it's tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's front man, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face. Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him. He makes his way down to the ring, with his love, Ariel, noticeably absent.

Simone: Big congratulations going out to Kain and Ariel on the birth of their twins just last week. I'm sure Ariel is watching from home right now.

Adams: If she's not passed out on the couch. Four kids? Yikes!

Once he gets to the ring, he removes his black robe. Kain is now shown from head to toe as the camera gets a great look at his incredible physique. The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. He hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendant, directly to his right then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a forward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on. Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist in the air and talks trash as multiple cameras flashes from the crowd. Finally, he heads to his corner, kneels briefly, saying a few words to himself before rising up and looking behind as he spies the entrance ramp. Kain now stands still, awaiting his opponent.

Simone: Kain not only wants the Roulette Championship back, he wants to finish off Max Burke once and for all. These two put on a brutal match up at Summer XXXTreme three weeks ago.

Adams: That body bag match was intense!

The arena quiets down as the house lights drop out and a chilling blue light filters through the crowd. The soft opening guitars of Limp Bizkit's 'Behind Blue Eyes' begin to ring out as 'Pro Wrestling's Pedigree' and SCW Roulette Champion Max Burke steps out on to the stage with Ruby a few fight behind him.

Adams: Oh great...the rabid dog is accompanying him to ringside now.

Simone: I thought you said you got a rabies shot, just in case?

Adams: I lied! But clearly I need to if we're going to see more of her!

Justin Decent: Introducing next...from Dorchester, New Brunswick Canada...Weighing in at 220lbs...He is the SCW Roulette Champion...Pro-Wrestling's Pedigree...MAX BURKE!

Standing clad in black tights with 'BURKE" written across the back and tall black shiny boots and knee pads, he raises his arms in the air with an angry look on his face. He wears his leather jacket with a hood covering his head and his SCW Roulette title is fastened firmly around his waist. He lets out a small smile as the crowd boos and then he and Ruby start to slowly walk down the ramp as the lyrics kick in.

Simone: I'm not sure which Ruby I like better. The one that was pining after Misty, or the one we are clearly seeing now with Max.

Adams: She may be hot, but I don't like either. She still scares me.

Once they get to the ring, Ruby stays on the outside as Max walks up the steps and steps through the second rope and into the ring. He glares at Kain, ready to put an end to this war. He unstraps the Roulette Championship from around his waist, handing it over to Jasmine, never once taking his eyes off of his opponent.

Simone: I don't know how either of these men will handle not being able to see the other in this match. This is definately another first for SCW.

Jasmine raises the Roulette title above her head, before she walks it over, handing it to a ring attendant, and he hands her two blindfolds. Jasmine walks over to Max Burke first, ready to put his blindfold on. He looks at the blindfold hesitantly, but Ruby shouts encouraging words to him from the outside of the ring.

Simone: Max is looking a little nervous. I think he knows this isn't going to be easy for him.

Adams: It's not going to be easy for Kain either!

Kain watches from his corner as Jasmine places the blindfold over Max's eyes, stepping behind him to tie it nice and tight. Kain glares at him from across the ring, when he snarls and decides he's not going to wait for Jasmine to finis tying the blindfold. He charges across the ring and slams into Max with a vicious right forearm, and Jasmine just BARELY gets out of the way, as Kain begins attacking Max with a vengeance.

Simone: Kain using his only chance to get at Max before he's blinded. Smart move.

Adams: Smart, but unfair at the same time.

Ruby screams and yells at Jasmine to get Kain away, as Max is vulnerable in his blinded state.

Adams: Can someone shut her up already? She's already annoying me!

Simone: Welcome to my world...

Adams: Hey!

Kain holds on to the top rope for added pressure as he digs his foot into Max's throat, pinning him into the corner, and Jasmine comes at him, ordering him to back away, but her orders fall on deaf ears, as Kain glares down at Max with a sick smile on his face. Jasmine gives him one last warning to back away.

Simone: Kain better back away or he's going to cost himself this match.

Jasmine begins her mandatory count as Kain continues ignoring her. 1..2..3..4...He finally breaks the hold and backs away, holding his arms up as he looks at Max choking and just laughs. Ruby glares at him with a feral hatred in her eyes, as she heads over to the corner to check on Max. Max pulls himself up using the ropes and insists he is fine, as he stands there, still unable to see anything that is going on. Kain charges at him again and delivers a vicious elbow to his face for good measure, and Jasmine quickly gets in between the two, forcing Kain back to his own corner . He finally obliges this time as Jasmine refuses to step away and warns him if he tries it again, he'll be disqualified. Max is doubled over, with his hand covering his mouth and when he pulls it away the first sign of blood is seen from the corner of his mouth.

Adams: Can we go one match without seeing blood?

Simone: In the roulette division, it's very rare to not have blood spilled.

Jasmine is finally able to get the blindfold around Kain's eyes, and as she is tying it, Ruby tells Max now is his chance and encourages him to charge straight forward at Kain across the ring. He quickly regains his composure and smiles, not minding the blood coming from his mouth, and he charges across the ring, hoping his direction is on target. Jasmine is just finishing tying the blindfold and as she sees Max charging at them, she calls for the bell and darts out of the way.

Simone: Here we go!


Kain can only count on his sense of sound as he takes a step forward, but by the time he hears anything, it is too late. Max makes a daring move as he leaps forward, and out of sheer luck, he collides with his foe, sending both men stumbling into the corner. Max puts both his hands out, feeling around clumsily, and the crowd laughs as his hands fumble over Kain's face.

Adams: Oh man I wish I had popcorn. Somehow I have a feeling this is going to be funny.

Max quickly realizes that Kain's face is right in front of him and he wastes no time in balling up a fist, delivering a cheap shot right between the eyes.

Simone: Damn I felt that one!

Kain manages to deliver an uppercut, though it connects awkwardly, scraping against Max's chest then barely against his chin. Kain shoves Max away with great force, then grabs a hold of the ropes, quietly walking away from the corner, and Max has no idea. At least not until Ruby starts shouting which direction he needs to go. Unfortunately for her, the crowd cheering and hollering is drowning out the sound of her voice, and Max can't hear her.

Simone: The crowd keeps getting louder as Ruby tries to help Max. I think I'm going to need a few ibuprofen by the end of the night.

Adams: Marge is writing this one. Ask her for some.

Simone: What?

Both men are waving their arms out around in front of them, trying to feel the their way around as they search for one another. The crowd cheers for Kain, trying to help him out with his sense of direction, as when he faces Max, they cheer louder. He realizes this and uses it to whatever advantage he has, as he and Max get within just inches from one another. They both take a step to their rights, in opposite directions of one another, as the crowd can only laugh in amusement of this most unusual match up.

Simone: I'm not sure we're going to see that many actual wrestling maneuvers in this one, Jason.

Max grabs a hold of the ropes, using them as a guide as he walks around the ring, while Kain spins around, trying to find Max. He bumps right into Jasmine, and, mistaking her for Max he reaches out and, with both hands inappropriately placed, grabs a hold of Jasmine's chest by mistake!

Simone: Umm..that's not Max, Kain!

Adams: Not unless Max grew a nice set of ti--

Simone: JASON!

Kain quickly realizes that is, in fact, NOT Max Burke and he jumps back, stumbling around embarrassed. The crowd is still laughing and Jasmine is even shaking her head with an amused smile and as Kain stumbles back, he bumps right into Max, who quickly ducks, pulling the middle top rope down with him at the right time as Kain spins around trying to deck Max, but he goes sailing over the top rope and to the floor outside!

Simone: Uh oh! This just got a bit more interesting.

Adams: I don't think Max knows that Kain is outside the ring. He's still searching around.

Ruby keeps her distance, but she looks at Kain with a wicked smile, and back in the ring Max doesn't realize that Kain is outside the ring, as he is on his knees feeling around, trying to find Kain. Ruby looks to Max in the ring, watching him feel around in search of Kain and she yells at him that he is outside the ring.

Simone: Max would have a bigger problem if Ruby weren't playing his eyes for the evening.

Kain is slowly getting back to his feet, feeling around the ring apron, and Max turns around feeling his way back to the ropes. Kain is right below him, with his hands on the mat, for guidance and Max moves his foot just enough when he feels one of Kain's hand, and he immediately stomps on it!

Adams: Punishment for grabbing Jasmine's boobies!

Simone: Boobies? What, are you a teenager again?

Adams: No. You just won't let me say ti--

Simone: Family show, Jason!

Adams: TITS! Ow!

Belinda can be heard smacking Jason upside the head, before they turn back to the match.

Kain yanks his hand back, shaking it from the pain and Max continues kicking in front of him, but he is just kicking the air, as Kain has backed away from the ring. Max is clearly getting frustrated, tired of not being able to see.

Adams: Uh oh...Temper tantrum!

Simone: This is no way to act in a situation like this. He's giving away his location to Kain, but he still has no idea where Kain is.

Kain can hear Max's frustrated tantrum, and Ruby yelling at him trying to calm him down, and he lunges forward at the ring. Max's kicks catch him once, but Kain bounces back and grabs a hold of Max's feet, tripping him down to the mat and he pulls him under the bottom rope! Ruby pulls at her hair in frustration as she watches Kain take control of the match!

Adams: Now we're talking! Let's see some fighting!

Simone: I think Kain plans to do just that.

Kain holds on to Max's head, and he delivers punch after punch, then takes a quick step back before he comes back at Max with a raised knee, connecting it with Max's stomach. Max stumbles back and his back bounces off the ring apron, causing him to arch his back in pain. Kain takes him by the arm, using the visual look in his mind to determine is next move.

Simone: What is he going to do? He has no idea what is in front of him.

Adams: Sure he does...the ring is!

He attempts to whip Max into one of the steel ring posts, but Max steps to the ring, and avoids disaster. Ruby cheers, thankful for Max's quick thinking, and Kain is clearly frustrated as he doesn't hear Max collide with the ring post, and the two are back to square one as neither knows where the other is!

Adams: Marco!

Simone: Who the hell is Marco?

Adams: I'm trying to get one of them to shout Polo...You know, like that game you play in the pool?

Simone: Yes, but they don't want to find YOU, idiot.

Jasmine tries to assist both men in making their way back in the ring, but the confusion is more than any of them can handle. On the other side of the ring, Max is feeling his way around the ring apron, and Jasmine walks over to him, telling him to get back inside. He feels around, making sure it is safe, then he slides in under the bottom rope, keeping his hands out in front of him defensively. Ruby runs around the ring to where Max is, reaching in under the rope and taking a hold of his hand. Max quickly realizes it is her and he crawls over to her, where she leans in, whispering something to him.

Simone: That woman is up to no good.

Adams: Does she ever do anything different?

Simone: Fair point, Jason.

Kain finally manages to make his way back into the ring. Ruby runs around to the opposite side of the ring and Max pulls himself back to his feet, as does Kain. When the timing is right, Ruby pulls herself up to the ring apron, acting as though she is going to jump inside the ring and Jasmine quickly darts over to her, trying to stop her. Ruby distracts her, and just as Max is going to pull his blindfold off, the crowd goes wild as running down the ramp is the new SCW Heavyweight Champion, Goth!

Simone: Goth is here! I think he wants some payback for what Kain did to Sapphira earlier!

Adams: I think that is pretty obvious!

Goth slides in under the bottom rope, as Ruby tries desperately to get into the ring, this time for a reason, as she thinks Goth may do something to Max, but he does. He goes straight to Kain, as he spins him around and nails him with the Goth drop! Hearing the commotion, Max removes his blindfold just in time to see Goth drop down to the mat and roll out of the ring with Kain laid out on the mat. He smiles wickedly and Ruby drops down from the ring apron too, still shocked at what she just witness, but Max quickly pulls the blindfold back over his eyes and pretends to struggle to find Kain. He "bumps" into him laying on the mat, then he drops down for the pin, and Jasmine spins back around to check on the situation and drops down for the count.





Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentleman your winner and STILL SCW Roulette Champion....MAX BURKE!

Simone: I don't believe it! Goth just cost Kain the roulette championship!

Adams: I don't think he cares about that. Kain touched his woman. Kain should have known better!

Ruby goes over and yanks Max's Roulette Championship from out of the ring attendants hands, and she slides in under the bottom rope. She walks up to her man, who removes his blindfold and tossed it on the ground, and hands him the title, raising his hand in victory. The two celebrate Max's victory, as Jasmine kneels down over Kain, removing his blindfold and checking on him. He is just coming to, as he sits up and holds his head. Max helps Ruby out of the ring, then follows behind her.

Adams: Kain doesn't know that Goth cost him the match. He couldn't see him!

Simone: Oh he'll find out soon enough, Jason. I'm sure he will watch the match later to see exactly what happened.

Adams: Oh...right.

Max walks around the ring, hand in hand with Ruby, as he glares at Kain with a satisfied and cocky smile. He drapes the title over his shoulder, patting it for good measure as he waves to Kain. Goth is long gone by now, having disappeared to the back, and Kain doesn't look happy at all.

Simone: The war between Kain and Max Burke Might be over, but the war with Goth and Kain is only just beginning! We're out of time here, we'll see you next week from Tortola!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Sam, Maggie, Derek, MK, Kain, Goth, Necra, Simon, Vixen, Craig, Mercedes. Also thanks again to Vixen for the great match banners and to everyone who made this a great show.