Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Ice Arena in San Diego, California. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the building, at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the building itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Ice Arena in San Diego, California, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers and applauds as a spotlight shines center stage, and illuminates Amanda Hugginkiss. She is dressed in a sequined gown with long, cascading hair. The beat of the music starts, as she snaps her fingers along to it.

Amanda: Never know how much I want one
Never know how much I'd spend
When I look down into my panties
I wanna see a warm and fuzzy new friend
I want a beaver

Make it pretty
So I can keep on the light
My new kitty
Wet and pink and hopefully tight

I would lie down on the table
Let them cut my right down the front
I cannot wait until I'm able
To slide a penis in and out of my c***
I need a beaver

Everybody want a hot twat
It makes a lady glamorous
But I don't want no ugly front butt
I want a picture perfect p**s

It's something that I'm set on doing
And you aint' gonna change my mind
Someday soon my man will be screwing
Me in my new vagina
Not the behind
Shiny new beaver

Now man listen when I drink too much and I yell
BEAVER with low mileage
Breathe in that new car smell

My plastic surgeon outta sign
A work of art as fine as this
It's such a great designer vagina
That I feel guilty when I'm taking a piss
I love my beaver

That's what this is right at home in the spotlight
Beaver give it kisses dont'cha worry it doesn't bite
I miss my weiner

Where's my man meat
What a lousy way to learn
Beaver I kept my receipt
Hope it's not too late to return

The song stops and the spotlight fades slowly as the crowd applauds and cheers, whistles and laughs at the performance.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm watching Kitchen Nightmares, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: We're heading towards Summer XXXTreme II, with five big matches.

Adams: I can count them all on one hand

Simone: You can, we're starting off tag team champion, Giani Di Luca, going up against Goth, one on one.

Adams: is the creepy guy and the kid gonna be there?

Simone: Yep

Adams: Oh man, both scare me for different reasons.

Simone: Our next match gives Kain the control as he gets to decide what match Max Burke and Nathaniel Havok get to go to war in.

Adams: Can Kain choose a pillow fight?

Simone: If he wants but don't know why people will want to see that.

Adams: Some would.

Simone: Most wouldn't. The freight train of pain is in action tonight. Casey Williams goes one on one with Jericho Hill

Adams: Casey's always angry, Jericho could be in for a rough ride.

Simone: Next up, Kain's fate is in Max Burke's hands, as he gets to repay the favor to Kain, as Kain goes one on one with Brother Grimm.

Adams: Brother Grimm? You mean he's gonna be back out here? Ah man, he scares me!

Simone: Shadows scare you.

Adams: Well you never know what's hiding in them.

Simone: Our main event tonight sends us nicely in to Summer

XTreme, as the six men involved in the supercard main event, as Jordan Williams teams with Supremacy team mate Nick Jones, to take on SCW heavyweight champion, Simon Jones and Kevin Carter with Gabriel as guest referee and Drake Green as guest enforcer.

Adams: All six of these men will do battle at Summer XXXTreme II, so sooner we get through this, sooner we get on the ship, so let's gooooooooooo


The bell sounds and the camera showcases the six sided ring where Justin Decent stands along with referee Jacob Summers.

Simone: And we are ready to gets things underway.

Justin: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, to be accompanied by Sapphira and Brother Grimm, from Utrecht, The Netherlands, weighing 239 pounds ... Goth!

*Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira and Brother Grimm walks at his side. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and he awaits his opponent.

Justin: His opponent is accompanied by James Huntington-Hawkes III! From Seaside Heights, New Jersey, weighing 285 pounds, he is one-half of the SCW Tag Team Champions ... Giani Di Luca!

A few cameras file through the curtains. “Wrecked” plays when Giani comes down to the ring, accompanied by his tag partner, JHHIII. Giani supplies his own blast of pyros that rain down on him as he pauses, soaking in the boos of the audience. He really gets them going as he flips his hands from under his chin, laughing as they boo. He jumps onto the ring apron and soaks in the audience reaction before climbing under the top rope. He bounces from the ropes, then runs over to the far turnbuckle and raises his fist high in the air for his camera crew. He leaps down and jogs in place while James whispers to him.

Adams: Do you think James is giving him advice?

Simone: On what? The proper way to duck and cover?

Across the ring, Grimm is staring directly at JHHIII who blanches. Grimm takes a step toward him and James takes a hasty step behind Giani.

Simone: What is this morbid fascination Brother Grimm seems to have with James?

Adams: Well you know the Bogeyman do love his children.

Giani steps up but Jacob intervenes and beckons both seconds to exit the ring. James swallows hard and complies, as does Sapphira on the opposite side. Grimm stares after James a moment longer before he too climbs to the outside. Giani leans out to high-five his partner when Goth charges across the ring and ambushes him from behind, sending him through the ropes and to the floor!

Adams: I think we're ready to get this started!

The bell rings!


James tries to check on Giani but Goth steps through the ropes and drops down, driving a clubbing double axehandle across Di Luca's wide back, sending the Brat Prince scattering to his corner. Goth grabs Giani by the arm and drags him to a vertical base and sends him crashing back against the steel barricade with an Irish whip. Giani staggers forward, holding his back and Goth grabs him by the arm again and this time sends him hurdling into the ring steps, sending the Italian Stallion tumbling over them.

Adams: Goth is all over Giani!

Simone: Well he had best be! Giani is one half of the tag champions and he has a considerable size advantage over Goth too.

Goth walks over toward where Giani is trying to recover on the floor and picks up the ring steps.

Adams: This doesn't look promising.

Giani rises to his feet and Goth gets a running start and drives the steps into Giani, knocking them, and him, to the floor!

Adams: Why isn't Jacob doing something? That should have been a disqualification!

Simone: I think since we are so close to Summer XXXTreme II and the stakes are high between these four men, he's allowing a lot more than he would normally.

Goth rolls back inside of the ring and Jacob ushers him back to a neutral corner and he then starts his count.


Giani drags himself up, using the ring apron.


Giani climbs up onto the ring apron and tries to get back inside but Goth dashes over and drives a high knee into him, knocking him back to the floor.

Simone: Smart move, I have to admit. He's going to keep Giani down for as long as he can until he can neutralize him at his own discretion.

Jacob warns Goth to back off and escorts him back to a far corner, but as his back is turned, Giani starts to get up once again and Brother Grimm runs up and clotheslines Giani to the ground! The crowd boos as the Grimm One slides down and avoids the gaze of the referee as Jacob turns back around to restart his count.

Simone: The numbers game is clearly to Goth's advantage.

Adams: What? Giani has James on his side.

Simone: Like I said...


Giani again uses the ring apron to pull himself back up to his feet.


Giani climbs up onto the apron and starts to get inside. Goth goes to run off of the ropes to knock him off again, when JHHIII reaches in and trips Goth to the mat!

Adams: What's fair is fair!

Simone: That's right. Turnabout is fair play.

James turns around with a wide smile, proud of himself, when an enraged Goth gets up and reaches out, grabbing the other half of the tag champs by the hair. James shrieks in fright when Giani rushes up and grabs Goth around the waist from behind and brings him up and over in a release German suplex, right on the back of his head!

Adams: Giani to the rescue!

Giani stands up and yells out in Italian, eliciting a number of boos from the crowd, before he goes back to work on Goth. He grabs Goth and hauls him to his feet before firing him off into the ropes. On the rebound, Giani catches Goth in a military press and just drops him in a slam. Goth curses audibly, struggling to his feet and holding his back. The moment he rises, Giani races right into him with a running clothesline! Goth staggers right back up and Giani clotheslines him right back down a second time. Giani shouts out at the crowd in Italian as James happily cheers him on and applauds his partner's showing.

Simone: Giani has really made a fast comeback!

Giani pulls Goth up by the arm and Irish whips him into the ropes and catches him right in the face with a leaping dropkick!

Adams: For a guy Giani's size, he has one helluva dropkick!

Giani then goes to send Goth into a corner with an Irish whip but Goth is able to reverse it and send him in instead. Giani hits the turnbuckles but comes charging right back out and he dive tackles right into Goth with a spear! Giani immediately covers Goth and hooks his leg as James counts along!

Goth gets his shoulder up!

Adams: James looks surprised Goth got out of that one.

James takes it upon himself to shout in at Jacob, demanding a faster count. Giani grabs hold of Goth and sends him into the near corner and runs in and jumps, intending another dropkick but Goth moves and Giani crashes, landing hard on the back of his head. Goth takes his legs and folds him in half in a pin, putting his feet on the ropes for added leverage!

Jacob sees Goth's feet on the ropes and stops his count.

Simone: Good job there by Jacob.

Adams: Tell that to Goth.

Goth is arguing with Jacob, backing the official up against the ropes as Sapphira climbs up onto the apron as well, distracting the referee. Brother Grimm shoves the time keeper from his seat and grabs his steel folding chair, sliding it into the ring.

Adams: Uh ohhh!

Grimm stands back, wielding the chair as Giani starts to rise. Grimm brings the chair up when James rolls into the ring and pulls the chair from Grimm's hands!

Simone: I cant believe he had the guts to do that!

Grimm looks incensed ad he starts after JHHIII who yelps and dives out of the ring, dropping the chair, and Grimm follows! James races back up the aisle with Grimm in hot pursuit! Sapphira is screeching at Jacob and the referee is trying to force her down from the apron! Goth turns around and Giani doubles him over with a boot to the gut! He then sets him up in position for a pumphandle slam...

Adams: The Jersey Turnpike!


Simone: And right on that steel chair!

Giani goes for the cover and hooks Goth's leg! Sapphira finally drops down and Jacob turns and sees the pin!


Simone: Giani scores one for the champions going into Summer XXXTreme II!

Giani stands up as Jacob raises his arm in victory and the crowd boos.

Justin: Here is your winner ... Giani Di Luca!

Adams: Do you think Brother Grimm caught James?

Simone: Are you kidding? James is probably halfway to the Caribbean by now!

LIVE! From the deck of the Royal Monarch Cruiseliner!

For the first time in SCW history, a father and son will team up!
Synn and Despayre vs. TBA

Backstage, Roxanne is seen standing outside of the Bombshell locker room holding a cup of chocolate pudding and a spoon. She gently scoops some up and places it to her lips. She enjoys it as if it were the ambrosia of the heavens, causing the fans to laugh from within the arena. She looks over to her right to see Electra standing there, watching out for something while Roxanne takes another bite.

Roxanne: Ever since last week, I have been craving chocolate pudding, and I have no idea why…

Roxanne winks at the camera as she takes yet another bite, disposing of the container in a nearby receptacle. She licks the spoon clean before placing it in the can as well. She hears someone clearing their throat from off to the side which puts Electra on the defensive as she wields a lighter. Roxanne smirks as she sees Erik Staggs standing there, and she places her hand on Electra’s shoulder to calm her down. She slides past Electra and then over to Erik with a smirk on her face as she notices a bundle of tickets in his hand. Her grin livens up even more as she places her hand on top of the stack.

Roxanne: How sweet of you to personally deliver my cruise ticket… Though, you really didn’t have to. I could have found my way to your office to pick it up like everyone else…

Erik plasters a smile onto his face as he chuckles nervously. Roxanne’s smile becomes a bit more quizzical as she slowly removes her hand from the boarding passes, hesitantly.

Erik: Well, that’s not exactly why I came to speak with you… See, we are only treating the stars and bombshells who are booked with tickets, and…

Roxanne’s face drains of any sign of joy. She looks down at Erik as he almost seems to cower to her. She places her hand against the wall firmly as she looks into Erik’s eyes as he tries to avoid it.

Roxanne: So, is this your way of telling me that I’m not being booked? Are YOU going to tell me that you got me hired on here to fight bullshit matches against your personal assistant, interviewers, and talentless hacks who don’t know a suplex from a nelson?

Erik: No, but…

Roxanne: But, what?! I missed the cruise last year because I practically bled out on the mat two weeks before the show, putting on an award winning match with Misty. I have bled for this company. I have died for this company. I have done everything for this company, but you are too ball-less to stand up to Mark and give me the recognition I deserve!

Erik: You killed your career and your credibility years ago. You should be thankful that I was able to get you hired on here at all! You deserve to earn your way onto a show like this, just like everyone else.

Electra begins flicking her lighter, sparking it as she inches closer to Erik with his raised voice. Roxanne holds out her hand to block Electra, but she does move in closer to try intimidating Erik a bit more.

Roxanne: I all but killed my career, Erik. I was out, “dead” for five years, and I still came back and put on the best show SCW has seen to date, men or women. I was shelved because I was a liability to the pretty little skanks running around SCW right now because I know how to hurt people effectively. I was allowed to come back, and I led Amy Marshall and Necra Octavian Kane to victory, all by myself. Then, I come back and win a match that I was unaware was going to take place until that blonde bitch had me in a headlock. I then won another match against two women, in a pool of chocolate pudding, with a whale as a referee. I think I have earned my place at Summer XXXTreme…

Roxanne slowly lets up as she has made her point. Erik leans back quickly, cracking his back as he stares at Roxanne. He knows he can’t argue her points, but he refuses to be intimidated by her.

Erik: It was not agreed upon for you to take part in this show. I was outvoted, plain and simple. I can’t change it, but the fact is that you get another three weeks to relax before we go on tour…

Erik brushes past Roxanne, done arguing with one of his few faithful members still intact. She growls as she slowly turns to watch him walk away.

Roxanne: Erik? Tell your new friend, Mark… this is not over. Not by a long shot. If he wants to keep fucking with me, he is going to find out why he is the only boss to ever test my patience.

She sighs in frustration as her eyes grow wide. Erik shrugs his shoulders off in the distance as he disappears around a corner.

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: “Hey Jericho, you think you are good. Well, if you were so good, why didn‘t you even promo against me? I think you are scared of the Freight Train of Pain. I am dangerous, and you must have realized that, so you decided not to say anything, and you will take the beating I am going to dish out to you like a man, hoping I don‘t cause you an injury like the one that BJ Whitmer suffered in his last match. I am going to take back control with my knuckles, and you are just another victim of my domination.”

The crowd boos Casey even louder as he drops the mic and walks to the back and “I Will Not Bow“ hits the speakers.

“Cult of Personality" by Living Color hits on the PA system, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, fairly chilled out in his demeanor. He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, ignoring the hands of fans.

Justin: The following is a Roulette Rules match scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Indianapolis, Indiana weighing in at 242lbs, SCW’s Anti-Christ Nathanial Havok!

Simone: Havok lost his debut match two weeks ago but his impressive showing has turned quite a few heads in SCW.

Adams: Don’t forget that he had the match won but Damien Kingston literally stole the victory from him!

He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out.

Justin: And his opponent….

The ear-piercing opening rift of "Sleeping All December" signals the arrival of Max Burke. Max steps into the spotlight on the entrance as the crowd erupts in a mix of jeers and cheers. Burke makes his way to the ring, punking out several fans along the way.

Justin: From Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, weighing in at 220lbs, Max Burke!

Max steps through the ropes, and scales the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd in attendance, Nathanial tries to go for a sneak attack but the referee for the match, Drew Patton, stops him from getting any closer to his instructing him to wait for the match announcement.

Simone: This isn’t your everyday Roulette Rules match off course, ultimately Kain gets the choice.

Adams: Max Burke will get his choice later on tonight when Kain takes on Brother Grimm but you have to wonder just what Kain has in mind.

???: Okay then, let’s get this over with!

The camera cuts to the tron where we see Kain standing next to the Roulette Rules wheel, Burke shouts some trash talk at his rival but he doesn’t pay any attention as he spins the wheel, both competitors watch intently as the wheel slows down…..and Max’s eyes widen when he sees the stipulation whilst Nathanial grins broadly.

Kain: Looks like you get to compete in a Taipei Deathmatch!

Simone: Oh my god, that’s one of the most brutal match types in all of wrestling!

Adams: They will basically compete with glass taped to their hands!

A stage hand runs down to the ring with a bucket of glue in his hands whilst another follows him with another bucket with glass in it, Drew makes sure to tape both competitors hands up before giving them the go ahead to dip the hands in the buckets.

Simone: Look at the look on Nathanial’s face! He loves this!

Adams: He’s an old rival of Goth, what do you expect?

Max barely has his hands in the bucket before Nathanial charges in and starts delivering some brutal shots to the mid-section winding Max Burke as the ring attendants quickly bail from the ring and Drew signals for the bell officially starting the match, Nathanial changes his targeted area to the head of Max Burke quickly busting him open.

Simone: I think that’s a new record for “time in match spent before someone’s busted open”.

Adams: Somebody call the Guinness Book of Records!

Nathanial continues the assault but Max is eventually able to get the better of the veteran when Nathanial backs him up to the ropes, Nathanial takes a step back and goes for a clothesline but instead gets backdropped over the ropes by Max, Nathanial quickly gets to his feet and turns around to see Max charging at him for a Suicide Dive, however Nathanial runs out of the way at the last second sending Max into the barricade.

Adams: Max may be busted open!

Simone: Jason, he was already busted open!

Nathanial gets on top of Max and starts firing more shots to his head but after a few seconds pass Max is able to block one punch and nail Nathanial with a punch off his own sending Nathanial reeling, Max doesn’t let up though for as soon as he’s on his feet Max starts firing more shots at the head of Nathanial and is only stopped when Nathanial low blows Max.

Simone: Even in a No DQ match that’s still a popular tactic.

Adams: Popular for the guy blowing the other guy you mean.

Simone: Err…..

Adams: Yeah I regretted that sentence the moment it came out of my mouth.

Whilst Max recovers from the Low Blow Nathanial marches over to the announcer’s desk and grabs a steel chair from it, Max comes over to Nathanial to continue the fight and Nathanial swings…..and misses! Nathanial quickly turns around only to get the chair Superkicked into his face from Max Burke who subsequently collapses.

Simone: Max has lost a lot of blood.

Adams: And that Superkick busted Havok open as well!

Drew is clearly unsure of what to do at this point due to the No Countouts rule but Max is the first to his feet, Max wastes no time in punching Havok over and over again causing him to shed quite a bit off blood before rolling him back into the ring and going for a cover 1…..2……KICKOUT!

Simone: How is Havok still in this!

Adams: I’m beginning to see why he and Goth are old rivals!

Max argues with the ref but Drew shakes his head and Max signals for his finisher the Ode to Old School, Max grabs Nathanial and locks in the sleeper hold tight whilst calling for Drew to check on Nathanial’s condition, Drew raises his hand once…..twice…..

Simone: What the hell?!


Nathanial fights his way to his feet and suplexes out of the Sleeper Hold, Nathanial fights his way back to his feet and signals for his own finisher before getting Max into position for the All Killer, No Filler, he hits it successfully but can’t go for a cover due to the blood loss.

Simone: Both men are down.

Adams: Now what?

Drew looks confused as to what to do before administering a ten count, however Max is able to get to his feet breaking up the ten count, Max is clearly in no condition to go for a cover….and too the shock of both Max and Drew Nathanial is back on his feet.

Simone: Oh my god….

Adams: He’s like a Slasher Movie villain!

Nathanial takes one step towards Max…..before collapsing again, Drew checks on him before shaking his head and calling for the bell, he leaves the ring and gives a message to Justin.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen Nathanial is unable to continue due to bloodloss so the winner of the match by knockout Max Burke!

Simone: I’m…..I’m speechless!

Adams: This has got to be a first for SCW, or hell wrestling in general!

Two sets of EMTS rush down to the ring to tend to the wrestlers as the show cuts to commercial.

LIVE! From the deck of the Royal Monarch Cruiseliner!

For the SCW Bombshell Championship!
Roxi Johnson © vs. Amy Marshall vs. Alexis Morrison

Backstage, we find Max Burke. It looks like a scene out of a horrow movie. Nathaniel Havok's blood smeared all over the chiseled physique, and face of Max Burke.

Burke: Well... well... well. What did I tell you?

A sly grin appears on the face of Pro Wrestling's Pedigree.

Burke: I said... tonight I was going to make a statement. When I say something... I follow through. In this case, I followed through even better than I could have expected. It was bloody brilliant.

Burke chuckles to himself. He takes his hand, and wipes away some blood. He stares down at his bloody hand. He admires it for several seconds before continuing.

Burke: Look what I did to Havok. Look at what I did to him! Kain, tonight was simply a glimpse into your future.

Max raises his head, and shoots a death glare at the camera.

Burke: Listen to me. Kain, you're a miserable piece of shit. Tonight is another stop towards the journey to the end. Tonight is another stop towards the end of your reign as Roulette Champion. Tonight I fire the next shot. I'm chipping away at you Kain, day by day, night by night. Enjoy your match... I know I will.

Coming soon! After Summer XXXTreme II!
Sin City Wrestling will tour once again!
This time we will not be hitting new nations and cities, but we will be hitting the finest beaches in all of the Caribbean!

Sin City Wrestling proudly presents;
Caribbean Beach Tour!

St. Lucia

Island of Tortola


St. Thomas



It'll be the most luxurious tour in SCW history!

The cameras happen to return from the backstage area and head right on over to the commentator's booth sitting there with smiles Adams and Simone as the two of them began speaking among themselves.

Simone: Per usual tonight is going great. There's a reason why this company is one of the top promotions in the world right now.

Adams: I can't disagree there, but you know this night isn't going great for everyone. There's quite a few people in the back that I am sure would agree this night sucks for them.

Simone: And it's those people that are selfish...

All of the sudden both of them were cut off when a very familiar theme began to play over the arena's speakers. That theme happened to be "This Is My Life" by Downstait and the theme belonged to none other than Damien Kingston. As one would have expected the fans blew up with boos as this was the last person in the world they wanted to deal wth and the last person in the world they wanted to hear from at this moment.

Adams: Well, well, well looks like we're about to be met with the presence of The Man of Liberty.

Simone: Judging by the crowd reaction they don't want to deal with him and I can't blame them. I don't like this guy anymore than they do.

Adams: Oh c'mon Damien isn't that bad. I think the guy makes some valid points.

By now Kingston had walked out on the stage as he was rocking nothing more than a pair of blue jeans, converse sneakers, and a all black t-shirt. Kingston stood at the top of the ramp as he looked around shaking his head in disgust while the fans continued to boo him heavily. With that being said Kingston started to make his way down the ramp heading right for the ring.

Simone: There's a difference between making valid points and being a complete asshole. This guy is a completely asshole.

Adams: Wow, that's a little much and going too far.

Kingston just happened to be walking up the steel steps at this point as he climbed into the ring. He made his way right to the center looking out at the crowd that was letting it be known they didn't like him at all. Sure enough the feeling was mutual as Kingston reached into his back pocket and pulled out a microphone. Instantly his music cut off as he brought it up to his mouth to speak.

Damien Kingston: Two weeks in a row now I haven't been booked. Two weeks in a row I have been robbed of showing off how good I can be. Two weeks in a row I have been prevented from avenging the business that I live. And for what?

There was a brief pause for him at that moment. Although it was clear that Kingston wasn't a happy man at this particular moment in time.

Damien Kingston: For an all woman show? I could have legally sued the shit out of Sin City Wrestling for keeping me off the show last week just because I'm not a woman. That's sexist and unfair in so many ways. I would have won that lawsuit by a landslide. So much in fact, I'd be the new owner of this place and there wouldn't have been a damn thing anyone could have done about it.

Fans booed heavily at those comments as Kingston kind of smirked a slight bit. As much as that pissed them off he kind of had a point. Granted it likely wouldn't get him anywhere in the long run but it wouldn't stop him from trying.

Damien Kingston: Of course you boo, you boo because you know I'm right. But since we're on the subject of booing, I booed the hell of that show last week. That was horrible. It was another example of what is wrong with professional wrestling. It was nothing more than an excuse for you fat fucks in the crowd to get your jollies off by watching a whole bunch of tits and ass. It was nothing more than a pathetic attempt by the people running things around here to grab ratings that they need.

He shook his head a little more from one side to the other. Was that true? Maybe to some and maybe not to others, but that was technically neither here nor there at the end of the day.

Damien Kingston: It is disrespectful to the business with what happened last week. That show shit on what wrestling is meant to be about. That show disrespected and shit on the legacies of people like Bruno Sammartino, Buddy Rogers, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and even the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. The fact that you people know that disrespected them and this business. The fact the people in the back know the same thing and went on with it anyway makes me sick to my stomach!

From the tone of voice it was quite obvious that Kingston was getting more and more pissed off as the time went by. Of course a lot of people would say that Kingston was taking this far more personal than what he should have but that's just who he was and how he carried himself when it came to this business. He didn't care who did or didn't like it.

Damien Kingston: And what about this week? Why am I not booked this week? Why is Jericho Hill someone whom basically wrestles like he isn't even in the building and someone that I personally pinned two weeks ago booked over me? How is Nathaniel Havok someone who choked earlier in the night and someone that I outsmarted two weeks ago booked over me? Am I that threatening to the roster? Do my words bother people that much? Is my presence that great in the ring that people fear actually facing me?!

Kingston looked out at all of them as if they were going to give him an answer. Instead he was met with a sea of boos and those boos could have had a lot to do with the fact that people felt he did make a big statement and therefore they didn't like the fact he was rubbing it in.

Damien Kingston: It would seem so, but I tell you what Sin City Wrestling. If you want to attempt to block me from getting in this ring. If you want to attempt to hold me down from gaining my ultimate goal which is the avenging the business and taking the SCW Heavyweight Championship.If you want to continue with these shady antics and this bullshit you are pulling then by all means go right ahead... BUT I PROMISE YOU IT WON'T END WELL FOR THIS COMPANY!

He shouted at the top of his lungs and that almost caused the crowd to go silent. It wasn't for long though. Kingston simply glared out at them all as he started to pick up right where he left off. This was the part where people would want to listen to the most because it was going to get serious.

Damien Kingston: I am telling you right now. If I'm not booked next week and if I'm not on the card for Summer XXXTreme II. I will walk my ass into the office of Mark Ward. I will drag his punk ass out here in front of all you people. Then I will beat the ever living piss out of him. I'll make him bleed. I'll break bones. I personally see to it that Mark Ward is never the same man again and that will send the message that I'm not the one you want to piss off or screw over. So, take that as a warning!

Kingston flipped the microphone out of his hand a he let it hit the mat with a huge thud. Boos were ringing out non-stop before his music began to play once again. He had this arrogant little smirk featured on his face as he dropped down and rolled out of the ring before started to make his way up the ramp.

Adams: Damien might not have wanted to go that far...

Simone: See what I mean?!

Adams: Well, I can agree with him not being booked is kind of wrong especially when he defeated Hill and Havok two weeks ago yet they got booked over him. No way shape or form fair, but making that threat might end bad.

Simone: Might end bad? More like it will end bad.

By now Kingston had made his way to the top of the ramp as he stopped and turned around to look at all the booing fans in attendance. He had that same evil yet arrogant smirk featured as he held his hands up into the air causing the crowd to boo him even more. Laughing it off Kingston turned himself around and headed into the back causing the cameras to cut elsewhere for the time being.

Justin: the next match is for one fall coming to the ring first from Valhalla weighing in at 235LBS… Jericho Hill.

Princes of the Universe by Queen Slams over the personal address system and out walks Jericho Hill to a chorus of boos. The mysterious Sin City Wrestling Superstar makes his way down the ramp much to the dismay from the fans. He enters the ring and taunts out to the crowd getting more heat before leaning on the ropes as the lighting and music dies down from the speakers.

Justin: And his opponent from Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing in at 370LBS He is the Freight Train of Pain… Casey Williams!!!

opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Adams: It’s like super villain convention right now Simone.

Simone: So it seems.

Jericho and Casey lock up in the centre of the ring before the much larger Casey is able to get the upper hand picking Jericho up by his bare hands and plummeting him back first into the canvas with a power bomb.

Adams: Casey isn’t mucking around.

Jericho is quick to get back to his feet, shocked that he had been so quickly dominated. Casey who is on his feet also looks over at Mr Hill with a massive smile on his face. Jericho stalks towards Casey and decided to take a swift kick to the side of Casey’s leg. Casey’s body barely moves so Jericho follows it up with another, then another, then another. Growing tired of the games Casey stampedes towards Jericho dropping him to the canvas once more with gigantic clothesline.

Simone: Jericho isn’t going to get to the Freight Train of Pain like that.

Casey gets up and scoops Jericho up in his arms and continues his assault with a fireman carry suplex. Jumping up from the canvas Casey taunts out to the fans who boo him loudly.

Adams: I wonder if I can start a chant?

Simone: and what chant would that be?

Adams: a “No One Likes You” chant?

Simone: Sure, you can try but you can deal with Casey’s revenge by yourself.

Adams: So much for being a team Simone.

Jericho is down but he is stirring, Casey turns around and see this so he walks towards him. bending down to scoop him up Casey drags him to his feet using his hair but Jericho quickly counters with a swift kick to the midsection. Casey doubles over so Jericho hits a perfect DDT. Jericho quickly covers.



Simone: Not even close.

Casey gets the shoulder up and violently pushes Jericho off of him. Getting up to his feet the two giants comes face to face in the middle of the ring before they enter a shoving match. Casey the larger one of the two pushes Jericho right into the ropes and attempts another clothesline but Jericho ducks out of the way and uses the ropes on his rebound as a needed assistance as he brings Casey down to the canvas with a flying cross body. Hooking the leg Jericho Hill goes for his second pin.

Adams: Get him!!!


NO! Casey once again powers out and pushes Jericho off of him. Jericho slaps the matt in fury as he makes it to his feet. Bouncing off the ropes Jericho looks for a leg drop but Casey rolls out of the way just in time. Jericho is gripping at his right leg.

Simone: Jericho might have hurt himself here.

Jericho struggles to pull himself up and Casey is seem coming full steam ahead towards him Jericho quickly drops back down the canvas out of the way as the Freight Train of Pain collects the ropes. Jericho trips the giant up and tries to roll him into a pin fall but instantly Casey kicks out.

Adams: This Jericho fella is sneaky.

Casey’s temper is fuming as he stands up, Jericho staggers up to his feet and attempts to clothesline Casey down, Casey steps out of the way, swinging around to gain some speed the Freight Train of Pain’s fist connects with the side of Jericho’s face.

Simone: Kiss of Death!!!

Adams: He’s done it, Casey’s done it!!

Jericho topples to the canvas and Casey drives down making the cover, that Jacob quickly makes.


Ding, Ding, Ding!!

Justin: Here is your winner… the Freight Train of Pain… Casey Willllllliiiiamsss!!

Casey gets back up to his feet and Jacob raises his hand in victory.

The scene switches to a locker room, where Ms. Rocky Mountains is stood, looking towards the camera; stood alongside her is Simon Jones.

MRM: I'm here with the SCW Heavyweight Champion, Simon Jones.

Ms. Rocky Mountains turns to face Simon.

MRM: Simon, two weeks from tonight, at Summer XXXTreme II, you will defend the heavyweight title for the first time, in a six pack challenge - how do you feel about having to defend your title against five opponents?

Simon: I'm all too aware that a greater number of opponents means an increase in the possibility of me losing the title, but as I've stated previously, I'm ready for whatever challenges that I'm presented with, and so I don't mind how many opponents I have to defend the title against - I'm looking forward to it.

MRM: Before that though, tonight you will be in tag team action, in a contest that will feature all five of your opponents for Summer XXXTreme, as you team with Kevin Carter against the duo of Nick Jones and Jordan Williams, whilst Gabriel and Drake Green will also be involved in the match - do you have anything that you'd like to say to either of the men that you'll face tonight?

Simon: Not really. I mean, both Nick Jones and Jordan Williams do such a good job of talking about themselves that I don't think there's any need for me to contribute anything about them at this instant. No, the only person in the match that I have any comments regarding, is the man that will be my partner for the evening: Kevin Carter.

MRM: And what do you have that you want to say that relates to him?

Simon: So tonight, for Climax Control, SCW is back in San Diego, a city that is fast becoming one of my favourite cities anywhere in the world, having played host to two of the biggest wins of my career. And in the main event, as I look to gain some momentum ahead of Summer XXXTreme, I'm teaming with a man that refers to himself as "The Main Attraction." The two of us may not be friends - unlike our opponents - but to be successful, we don't need to be friends, we just need to be able to co-exist for one match. Kevin has said that if he is the one that is responsible for us winning the match, then he is going to be the one that gets the credit for it - not me.

Simon turns to look directly at the camera.

Simon: Well Kevin, that's fine with me - if we win tonight, and if you're the one that is mainly responsible for the win, then you can have all the credit that you want. Because regardless of what happens tonight, I'll still have something that gives me all of the glory that I need - I'll still have the SCW Heavyweight Championship. And then after tonight, it's on to Summer XXXTreme II, where I'll be doing everything I can to ensure that come the next edition of Climax Control, I'll still be the SCW Heavyweight Champion.

Simon turns back to look at Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Simon: Now, my sister Sylvia is here with me this evening, so if you'll please excuse me, I need to go and track her down, to find out if I've done anything else to annoy her in the five minutes since I last saw her.

The scene cuts away.

Simone: We are back and the next match up is…

Before she can finish, ‘You’re going down’ blares over the speakers as Vixen steps out from behind the curtain and moves towards the ring. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, black army boots and a silvery white man’s button down shirt held together with only two buttons, Vixen stops to snap off a quick salute as a second thought. Normally she slaps the hands of the fans and salutes them before getting to the ring but this time Vixen moved purposely down to the ring and then stopping to look over the crowd, climbs the ring stairs slowly.

Simone: Vixen looks very angry in that ring. And I for one would love to know why.

Adams: I would think it was obvious, she got stripped last week at the Bombshell only show we had at Club Rain. But I don’t think that Vixen should be that angry, she looks damn good in her bra and panties.

Simone: If that is the reason, then sure, but I think it is more the fact that she had the win but thanks to the fact Jasmine St John was knocked out by Parand Ara who then grabbed a chair and used it on Vixen to knock her out then steal the win is what has her angry.

Adams: Well then let’s just let Vixen tell us.

Inside the ring, Vixen tosses her hair over her shoulder as she paces in the ring where Justin Decent is watching. Suddenly she stops, her head hanging low and takes a long slow breath before looking up once more. In the bright lights of the ring, her once again stitched cut stands out in stark relief to the faintly tanned skin.

Vixen: You know, normally I wouldn’t have a problem losing matches…cleanly that is. I mean nothing against any of the bombshells backstage but when it comes to my so called losing streak everyone uses to talk about when they face me, some are legit when they say I have lost against them. And I wouldn’t argue. But when it comes to matches like last week…

Anger makes her pause as she paces slightly, her lips moving as she tries to gain calm.

Vixen: Last week’s match against Parand Ara wasn’t clean. I had that match won if Parand hadn’t knocked out Jasmine St. John with a wild punch and then like any deceitful opportunity seeking cheat, she stepped out of the ring and introduced a chair into the match. And like a thief in the night, stole the win.

Simone: Strong words from Vixen. I wonder how Parand can justify doing what she did?

Vixen: I don’t know about you but I seriously can’t imagine why she wanted to mess with me. Oh so I spilled coffee on her…did that justify slamming my head into a mirror causing this..

Vixen’s finger moves to caress the stitched cut, a slight wince coming as it catches slightly.

Vixen: And then when she decided to attack me on her self-proclaimed jihad vendetta once again…Granted I welcomed it…but she like the devil she is decided to take the low road and CHEAT. Well, I am someone that learns from mistakes and my mistake last week was thinking that she would fight fair. Shame on me for thinking that.

Vixen chuckles slightly as she nods her head. Once more, she has to brush the two toned hair behind her shoulder as she approaches the ropes and leans on them, seeming to pull the fans into her confidence.

Vixen: Between you and me, the next time I get my hands on that woman, I think she just might cheat again. But again, between you and me…I hope she does.

Adams: Vixen is saying she wants Parand to cheat?

Simone: It seems like it. But I think Vixen might have an ulterior motive by saying that.

Adams: Oh you mean like a plan or something?

Simone: Yes Jason…or something.

Inside the ring, Vixen continues to lean on the ring ropes as the fans chant her name for a moment. As the chants fades, Vixen moves to the middle of the ring and holds up her hand.

Vixen: I put it to Parand and Christian and Mark Ward. I want to face her one more time. Only this time I don’t…no, I WON’T hold back anything. So IF the powers that be, and that is Christian and Mark Ward, sanction a match between Parand Ara and myself, that match is going to make the bloody match that Misty and Roxanne had look like a tickle fight when I am done. I want to face Parand in a match so barbaric…so violent that she will realize that deciding to put herself against me was the worse decision in her life.

Simone: Vixen is calling for violence? That doesn’t sound like Vixen at all.

Vixen stops right in the middle of the ring. She looks directly into the camera and with a smile, she leans forward to once again draw fans into her confidence.

Vixen: I want to face Parand Ara in a no disqualification, no countout and no submission match…I WANT to face her in a “last woman standing” match. She wants to be able to play with weapons and cheat, fine. This time when I get into the ring with her, I am going to fight fire with fire.

At her final word, Vixen lets the microphone drop and grins at the cameraman before moving to the corner and climbing the turnbuckle to salute the fans as chants of “Vixen…Vixen” mixes with her theme song as it begins once again.

Simone: Well the challenge has been issued…Vixen wants to face Parand in a last woman standing match. I wonder what Christian and Mark Ward will have to say to that?

Adams: Well we will see won’t we? I hope that they will make the match.

LIVE! From the deck of the Royal Monarch Cruiseliner!

Last Bombshell Standing Match!
Vixen vs. Parand Ara

All of the lights in the building slowly fade out, leaving the arena cloaked in darkness. Then the voices of little girls is heard over the speakers, reciting;

"'B' is for 'Baby' ... 'F' is for 'Fear' Beware for the children ... The evil draws near."

The screen above the ramp then flickers to life with the image of a music box...

The video ends and is replaced by the ominous melodies of O Fortuna (Carmina Burana). A select stage light ignites over the ramp, illuminating the lone figure standing atop the stage, as stoic and pale as an ivory statue. Poised and ready, brother Grimm raises his head and slowly begins the descent towards the ring, paying no mind to the fans who watch with awe in their eyes as this enigmatic figure passes them, leaving a chill to many a spine in his wake.

Justin Decent: The following contest has been scheduled for one fall, and will be contested under No-Strike Rules… Introducing first, hailing from The Other Side of Darkness, standing at 6 feet 4 inches, weighing in at 246 pounds, he is///BRRRRROTHER GRIMMMMMMM!!!

Arriving at ringside, Brother Grimm pauses and casts a sidelong glance at the fans seated at ringside, staring them down until the fans hurriedly break eye contact. Only then does Grimm show the faintest trace of a devlish smirk before he turns back to the ring. Gripping the middle rope with his hand, he hauls himself up onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes. Grimm begins to remove his attire to reveal an ivory-white and muscled upper body adorned with faint scars. He passes his armor and tunic out to the attendant, then turns back, ready to start the match.[/SIZE][/color]

Justin Decent: And his opponent, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, standing at 6 feet 3 inches, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is… KAAAAAAAAAIN!!!

The lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the enter. Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play it's tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain and his love, Ariel. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face. Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him. He feels the warm presence of Ariel's hand as the couple walk, side-by-side, but his mind is focused on the carnage tonight. Once they reach the bottom, Ariel goes behind Ariel, using her hands to untie his black robe and take it off him completely. Kain is now shown from head to toe as the camera gets a great look at his incredible physique. The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. Ariel hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendent, directly to her right, then gets pulled in by Kain, who embraces her in a deep kiss. Ariel returns the kiss and the arena's noise got more louder than before. Kain breaks off the kiss, bows to his queen, then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a foward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on. Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist in the air and talks trash as multiple cameras flashes from the crowd. Finally, he heads to his corner, kneels briefly, saying a few words to himself before rising up and looking behind as he spies the entrance ramp. "Ladies And Gentlemen" as Kain now stands still, eyeballing Grimm.


Kain seems a bit less than pleased as he clinches his fists together, popping his knuckles. He steadies himself for Grimm to come his way, trying to remember the rules. Grimm tries to take advantage of the situation by moving around Kain, hooking him around the waist for a German Suplex. Grimm swings Kain back, but Kain slides out, landing on his feet. He steadies his fist as he prepares to swing at Grimm, but Jasmine St. John shouts out at him, warning him about the strike. The fans cheer him on loudly. He catches himself just in the nick of time as the fans slowly die down. Kain instead hits a surprise DDT on Grimm, leveling him almost instantly.

Adams: This match was almost over as soon as it began! Kain needs to be a bit more careful here.

Simone: There is a reason that Kain is the Roulette Champion. He has the ability to be very versatile in the ring. However, we should give props to Max for taking away well over half of Kain’s arsenal of moves.

Kain stands up, almost as if he is about to take a bow for the audience. It isn’t long before Max Burke makes his way toward the stage, unbeknownst to Kain. The audience roars with boos which catches Kain by surprise. Kain lifts Grimm off of the mat as Max slowly paces back and forth on the stage. Kain wraps his arms around Grimm’s neck, steadying him for a Snap Suplex, but Grimm quickly reverses it into a Crossface, bringing Kain down to the ground. Max claps his hands together as he walks down the ramp toward the ring. Ariel rallies behind Kain as he struggles to get over to the ropes. Grimm wrenches his face, enjoying every bit of the pain he is putting Kain through. Kain inches over toward the ropes as Max stands right in front of his face on the outside. Kain’s hand comes within inches of the bottom rope when Max pulls it back and away from Kain, just a couple of inches.

Simone: Max Burke is determined to make Kain look as bad as possible for this match tonight.

Adams: He sure is, but Jasmine ended that one quickly using her awesome authoritive skills.

Jasmine shouts out at Max to let go, or he will be ejected from ringside, and he reluctantly obeys, giving Kain the rope break he so desperately needs. Grimm lets up, but only temporarily as he violently yanks Kain up from the mat. He sends him ricocheting into the ropes, catching him with a Northern Lights Suplex with amazing force. He hooks the leg for the pin.



Kain breaks free from the pin, causing Max to smack his hands angrily on the apron, all while Ariel claps her hands. Grimm slowly gets up, giving Kain some room while he deliberates what form of torture he will inflict upon Kain next. Kain gets up to his feet, backing against the ropes as he eyeballs Grimm from a distance, taking note of the slight smirk, showing his sinister intentions. Both men slowly circle one another. Kain lunges at Grimm, but Grimm is ready, flinging him into the turnbuckle. As Kain rests in the corner, Grimm surprises him with a Monkey Flip that sends him skidding across the ring. He turns around to face Kain, only to find Kain has Kipped up and is charging right at him with a Spinning Neck Breaker, much to the fans’ delight. Max holds onto his head in disbelief.

Simone: I am starting to dislike Max Burke more and more, and I am finding that I enjoy watching him so upset at his attempts to play on Kain’s weaknesses, only to find Kain meeting the expectations.

Adams: It looks like you will get your chance to tell him that face to face. He is on his way over here now.

As Jason said, Max is on his way over to the announcers table. Meanwhile, Kain is relentless in his newfound offensive stance as he leans down over Grimm, catching him with a Figure Four Leglock. Grimm surprises everyone by making absolutely no sound of pain. He uses his strength to inch over toward the ropes as Jasmine asks him if he gives up. He shakes his head in the negative as he continues to try crawling backward. He reaches back, grazing the bottom rope before Kain moves his way back toward the center of the ring. Grimm pounds the mat to work himself up as he tries to get back to the ropes. Max makes it over to the announcers table, putting a headset on himself.

Max: I know everyone wants to know what my thoughts are on this match, because my opinion matters more than anyone elses.

Simone: And we are being joined by the ever humble Max Burke. Please excuse the sarcasm in my voice.

Adams: But just a second ago, you were saying…


Brother Grimm musters up the strength once again to get near the ropes. He grabs onto the middle rope, clinging to it with everything he has. Jasmine looks over to Kain, shouting at him to break up the hold. Kain refuses, staring right at Max as he shakes his head with an arrogant grin on his face. Jasmine begins a count. 1! 2! 3! 4! BREAK IT UP! Kain finally lets go as he gets up, never breaking eye contact with Max as he does.

Adams: Kain seems to draw energy from you being down here, Max.

Max: He knows that I’m going to take his Roulette Championship at Summer XXXTreme, but his own idiotic denial is making him believe that he isn’t a coward for not coming after me to confront me face to face.

Kain goes to pick Grimm up from the mat, but Grimm rolls him up with a Schoolboy Pin, causing Jasmine to drop down to the mat for the count.




Jasmine holds up two fingers at Grimm who argues back that it was a slow count by smacking his hand down for a quick three count. Jasmine insists that it was a two count. Meanwhile, Kain gets up to his hands and knees, shoving his head under Grimm’s legs from behind, picking him up with a quick Electric Chair Drop that rocks the ring. Kain turns toward Max as he places a foot over Grimm’s chest.

Max: Keep making yourself think that sloppy moves like that are going to beat Wrestling’s Pedigree, you spineless moron.




Grimm kicks out of the weak pin. As much as it should be a given to the fans, they boo. They begin rallying behind him as Ariel leads them along. Kain soaks it in as the ideas of what to do next spiral around in his head. He steps back, arguing with Max, pointing at and taunting him. Max just chuckles through the microphone as Grimm rises up behind Kain. Ariel practically shrieks at Kain to turn around, pointing frantically. He turns around, and Grimm prepares for a Claw Hold, but Kain sidesteps it, hitting the Malice out of nowhere! The fans go crazy as he lies down over Grimm’s lifeless body.



Suddenly, the lights go black in the venue and the fans groan in agony. The lights stay out for about ten seconds as wrestling is heard with one of the announcers headsets. Shortly after that, the lights come back on, and Grimm is nowhere to be seen. Kain is still hunched down on his knees as if he were still pinning Grimm, seeming surprised that he is no longer there. However, he doesn’t notice right away that Max is up from the announcers table with his arm around Ariel’s throat from behind. She struggles to break free as Max shouts out “HEY KAIN!” Kain looks over and sees this and all bets are off. He darts outside of the ring quicker than lightening, but Max holds Ariel between them, pointing to the Roulette title belt that is now around her waist. He then points to his face as if to say it is coming home with him. Kain darts at them, but Max laxes a bit as he pushes Ariel right into him but then he retracts her back into the light choke hold.

Simone: This is just… sickening. I can’t think of another way to describe this. I know Max wants to play mind games with Kain, but this is a whole new low.

Adams: I have to agree with you here. Using a man’s wife against him over a piece of leather and gold is just… despicable in my opinion.

Jasmine has initiated a count, but the drama on the outside drowns it out. 4! 5! 6! Max slides Ariel into the ring, quickly following her as Kain grips onto Max’s ankle! He tries to yank, but Max holds onto Ariel tightly as he fights to pull Kain into the ring apron hard. Jasmine shouts at him to get out of the ring, but he simply follows Ariel, bringing her up as Kain quickly gets inside. Max methodically moves around the ring, feeling his steps as he goes. Finally, he takes a good four steps back against the ropes as Kain steps around, getting his hands ready as Max tightens the choke a bit. Kain moves in quickly, grabbing onto Max’s head, ready to swing at him when Grimm rises up from the canvas out of nowhere! He stalks Kain from behind as he tries to set him up perfectly. Grimm finally rolls over his shoulders with a Sunset Flip pin attempt, but Kain keeps it rolling over, hooking onto Grimm’s legs tightly.




Justin Decent: Your winner via pinfall… KAAAAAAAAIN!!!

Adams: He did it! Kain managed to get the win here tonight!

Simone: Boy, I don’t want to be Max Burke right now though…

Kain quickly gets up from the mat and charges at Max who throws Ariel into Kain before sliding out from under the bottom rope. Kain checks on Ariel, making sure she is okay as “Ladies and Gentlemen” plays over the speakers. However, he surprises everyone by darting out of the ring with a splash right into the unsuspecting Burke! Kain lands on top of him and begins furiously throwing punch after punch as the fans cheer him on. Max slips from under him and gets to his feet quickly, Dropkicking Kain’s head right into the steel railing! Ariel comes out of the ring to check on him as Max holds his arms up in the air as “Sleeping All December” by Death Valley Driver plays over the PA system. The fans boo him as he soaks it all in proudly. He works his way up the ramp, pointing to the belt that is still around Ariel’s waist, then to his own waist before disappearing behind the curtains.

LIVE! From the deck of the Royal Monarch Cruiseliner!

Six Pack Challenge for the SCW Heavyweight Championship!
Simon Jones © vs. Jordan Williams vs. Kevin Carter vs. Gabriel vs. Nick Jones vs. Drake Green!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, the enigmatic figures of Misty and her disciples, fully cloaked in black robes emerge from backstage. Damien, Dante, Sebastian and Zane surround her protectively with Ruby following behind them. They slowly and methodically walk their way to the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd. Once to the ring, Damien, Dante Sebastian and Zane enter the ring first. Misty waits at the bottom of the steps as Ruby walks past her, joining the brothers in the ring. She sits on the 2nd rope as Misty walks up the steps, then enters the ring with Ruby's assistance. Misty walks to the center of the ring, standing in between her disciples and holds her arms out. Ruby walks up behind her and removes Misty's robe, as their Queen looks around the crowd, smiling sadistically without a care. The disciples stand behind Misty obediently, but they trace their eyes around the crowd as the disrespectful booing continues. The corner of Misty's mouth curls up in the beginnings of a smile as she raises the microphone to speak.

Misty: It doesn't happen very often that you people get to go a week without seeing my face on Climax Control, especially when it is as special of an episode as it was last week.

The crowd continues booing, and behind her, Ruby is clearly annoyed, as she fidgets awkwardly where she stands, but she keeps her temper under control for now.

Misty: Last week, I was supposed to face Odette Ryder in what was to be our final battle...the battle that would end this war. It was supposed to be the main event of the night. Odette Ryder and myself would have put on a match that would have truly ended the evening the way such a special show SHOULD have been ended, but sadly, that didn't happen. Your precious Odette Ryder was spared yet again.

The crowd cheers, but Misty shakes her head.

Misty: Due to a family matter, I was unable to attend Sunday Night Seduction last week, and my match against Odette was post-poned. Even though the match was post-poned, I had plans to be at the show and in front of all of you people. I didn't want to let a ladies only show go without the best Bombshell Champion this company has ever had, but that is exactly what happened. I stayed back in Chicago, but I watched Sunday Night Seduction.

Misty lowers the microphone for a second and nods as the crowd boos again.

Misty: I watched that show, and do you know what? It was a disgrace! It was a big disappointment and do you want to know why? Because the Bombshell Division as a whole is turning into a big disappointment, especially with Roxi Johnson as the Bombshell Champion! We have no leaders in this division...except me! Even your beloved Odette Ryder isn't the leader so many people think she can be! She will NEVER be the leader and the competitor that I am and you all know it!

The crowd boos even louder as Misty looks around angrily, but she remains as calm as she can.

Misty: That being said...It is time that this war gets put to an end once and for all. No more more postponing the inevitable. I am out here for one reason and one reason only. To issue the final challenge to Odette Ryder! I want her in a match Summer XXXTreme II if she's not too cowardly to decline the challenge once again. So Odette...

Misty turns her attention to the backstage.

Misty: Get your ass out here and accept this challenge, because if you don't, I'll come find you and MAKE you accept it myself!

But before Misty can continue her tirade any further, the beat of EMF's "Unbelievable" starts to pound across the sound system of the building. The crowd cheers as Misty turns her head toward the entrance stage and finds not Odette Ryder, but rather SCW Co-Owner Christian Underwood, making his presence known with microphone in hand.

Simone: Well that's definitely not Odette Ryder.

Adams: No... unless she had some sort of operation recently. Is Gabriel aware of this?

Christian pauses atop the stage and smiles out at the cheering crowd before he draws his attention back to the six-sided ring and the ones standing inside of it. He raises the microphone in his hand...

Christian: I hope you can forgive me here for a second Misty, I know I wasn't exactly who you were expecting. Well, actually I don't care if you can forgive me. It's just the polite thing to say, you understand where I'm coming from? Anyway, I wanted to come out here first, before Odette, and prevent her from causing a bit of confusion by possibly accepting this challenge of yours.

Misty frowns and mouths the word 'confusion'.

Christian: I can understand wanting another match with Miss Ryder. I mean, the previous times you fought they were main event worthy and helped with sell outs. They were great matches, Misty, I can assure you. But...

Simone: But?

Christian shakes his head.

Christian: But... it's not going to happen.

Misty shouts out toward the boss while her Disciples protest as well, all the while the crowd boos at the notion of not seeing another classic Misty versus Odette battle.

Adams: No way! He's putting Misty-Odette III on ice?

Christian: Much as I would love to see you two tear down the house again, I would have to stress the word 'again'. Misty versus Odette has already happened. twice, as I recall, and I think I have a little something more interesting in mind for Summer XXXTreme.

Christian smiles as Misty sets her hands on her hips in defiance, waiting.

Christian: You see, you two have had your issues. God knows you have had your issues! And you Misty seem to be unwilling to let go of those issues until you somehow, by some miracle, lure Odette to the dark side or whatever else it is that you had planned. But it's like I said before; it's been done, so we're going to go onto that cruise ship and do something that you two have never done before.

Misty shouts 'what's that' toward Christian.

Christian: You two have opposed each other before, but this time, I am going to want the two of you to actually have to work with, not against, one another.

The crowd starts to cheer at the implications.

Adams: Work with each other? is he saying what I think he's saying?

Christian: Ever since they won the championship, Raynin and Gothika have fended off every single challenge that Mark and I have laid out before them, and I think this one could be the best yet. The match that makes the Bombshell tag team division.

The cheers grow louder.

Simone: He is!

Christian: So just allow me to make it official right here and now ladies. At Summer XXXTreme II, Misty will be teaming with Odette Ryder to challenge the Fallen for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Championships!

The crowd explodes in cheers and Misty shakes her head firmly in the negative, screaming 'no'! Christian nods.

Christian: Oh, yes! So you better learn how to get along with Miss Ryder because I think you both know just what Raynin and Gothika are like in that ring when they want to protect their gold! Good luck!

"Unbelievable" kicks up again and Christian turns around and exits through the curtains. After Christian leaves the main stage Misty’s face is shown as she’s shown talking to her disciples. Just as she goes to bring the microphone back up to her lips “Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?” the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system. Misty with her followers are staring up at the run way as out walks Odette Ryder to a mass of cheers from the audience. Swinging the Sin City Wrestling microphone around in her right hand Odette waves out to her fans with her left. Looking around from the top of the ramp the Aussie is all smiles as she is looking down at her new tag team partner. The music cuts from the sound system and Odette wastes no time bringing the microphone up to her glossed lips to speak.

Odette: There’s an old saying Misty… and I can’t stop thinking of how well it suits you right now.

Looking down into the six sided ring Odette giggles into the microphone.

Misty: And what would that be Miss Ryder?

Odette: Does the saying, if you can’t beat them join them sound familiar?

A loud pop from the crowd arises as Misty goes to speak into the microphone furious at Odette’s last words.

Misty: You think…

Odette: SAVE IT!! I think you have said enough for tonight…

A "Yes" chant breaks out in the SCW crowd.

Odette: Let’s get this out in the open from the get go, am I thrilled to be teaming with you? No… in fact I’d rather partake in a Casey Williams concert.

Another pop from the crowd is heard as the Aussie continues.

Odette: But let’s get one thing straight you royal pain in my arse, I plan on giving the Fallen a fight, a fight they won’t forget… so by god, if you screw this up for us milfy… I won’t hesitate in granting you… you’re final match you so desperately cry for, but trust me liver lips, you WON'T be pleased with the outcome…

Misty goes to speak once more but Odette cuts her off before she can.

Odette: I really don’t understand why you continue to torture yourself Misty? You know it as well as I do that I can and will beat you again… but let’s hope that it doesn’t come down to that, let’s hope you can be mature enough to see that we have been handed a golden opportunity and it’s ripe for our taking.

Another cheer breaks out.

Odette: BUT if you even think of double crossing me you spiteful wrench, just like Queen Anne Boleyn… heads will roll.

A playful smirk crosses Odette’s face as she stares down at Misty and her disciples, mocking her "royal highness". Turning her attention to her fans Odette smiles brightly.

Odette: Get excited Rydernites because come Summer XXXTreme two, you’re going to witness Milfy.

Odette points down at Misty who is screwing her face up at being called that.

Odette: And Wifey.

The Aussie proudly displays off her shining engagement ring to the crowd.

Odette: Take the Bombshell Tag Team Championships away from the Fallen… Just like that.

Clicking her fingers together Odette Ryder smiles out into the crowd before turning on her heels and walking backstage leaving Misty in the ring with her disciples.

LIVE! From the deck of the Royal Monarch Cruiseliner!

For the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Championships!
The Fallen © vs. Misty and Odette Ryder

Justin: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT! It is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team contest!

The opening chords to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” starts to blast through the speakers, as the lights drop down. Flashing purple and blue lights flicker through the darkness as the words “You will believe…” covers the big screen. Smoke appears in the ring as the words on the screen changes to “… what I make you believe”.

Justin: Introducing first the special guest referee for the Main Event... GABRIEL!!!

A flash of bright light jumps up from the middle of the ring, and Gabriel is seen standing already in the ring amongst the smoke and lights, wearing black leather pants and a black leather waistcoat, a long chain hanging from his neck, with a huge medallion with the letter G in a circle. He steps back, leaning back against the ropes, looking around the fans with an unfazed look across his face as he removes his jacket to reveal the zebra striped tank top and lifting the heavy chain over his neck and hands it to the ring attendant as the music stops.

Simone: Gabriel has the power tonight during the main event.

Adams: Not all of it! Here comes our special enforcer!

Justin: Introducing the special ringside enforcer for tonight’s contest... “Mr. Showtime”... DRAKE GREEN!!!

Burning Down the House by the Used signals the arrival of “Mr. Showtime”. Drake Green steps out to thunderous cheers. Drake is also sporting a referee shirt, along with a pair of dress pants and designer shoes. He makes his way to ringside, high fiving fans and posing for a few quick pictures.

Justin: And now the participants of tonight’s main event!

The camera pans around the crowd for a bit before focusing on the entrance and the aisle where the fans have flags and banners lined up that say “Marauder-gun”, “Emerald Dragon”, and “Jordan Williams” in Japanese characters, when "Subconscious" hit’s the PA System.

Justin: Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia... he is “The God Of Professional Wrestling”... JORDAN WILLIAMS!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers. The ever ominous Sasha walks out from behind the curtain first, standing with her hands on her hips as she glares at the crowd. Jordan emerges from behind Sasha and the fans reactions grow louder. Jordan throws up the double guns pose as Sasha begins walking down the aisle, with Jordan following behind her. Jordan has his arms up in the air, with his trademark smirk etched across his face.

Simone: The six men that are involved in this match are all former champions in their own right. They all know how to win the big match!

Sasha walks up the steps as Jordan climbs onto the apron. Jordan holds the ropes open for Sasha, but she just glares at him. Jordan shrugs his shoulders, then leaps over the top rope effortlessly. Jordan climbs onto the middle turnbuckle as Sasha climbs into the ring and stands next to Jordan with her arms folded, again glaring at the crowd. Jordan throws the double guns pose up again as the fans rock the arena with thunderous cheers.

Justin: His partner tonight... from Los Angeles, California.... NICK JONES!!!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the ramp and then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as a cocky smirk comes across his face while he flexes his muscles and Diana rubs his chest. Nick gets up and takes Diana's arm before turning back toward the curtain and waiting as the Entourage's Big B and Tony Capicelli make their way out. The two men flank Nick and Diana as they make their way down the ramp, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans along the way. Nick walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, watching her from behind before quickly walking up behind her, while Big B and Tony wait outside the ring.

Simone: Nick Jones always has The Entourage around to watch his back. Sometimes it works... sometimes it backfires.

Nick walks across the apron and steps one leg into the ring, taking a seat onto the middle rope, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there, looking around the arena and has a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring, swinging his other leg into the ring and then walking over to his corner, where Diana now sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back while Diana rubs his shoulders, as he waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

The arena lights begin to dim down until the arena has gone completely dark. Then the opening to "Porn Star Dancing" could be heard playing throughout the arena. This caused the crowd to react a little bit. The moment the lights came back on there stood Kevin Carter at the top of the ramp just looking around the arena with a smug look on his face. It didn't take long for the crowd to start booing him, but he clearly didn't mind as he started to walk towards the ring.

Justin: And their opponents... first... making his way to the ring at this time. He hails from Los Angeles, California. He is the Main Attraction... KEEEEEVINNNNN CAAAAAAAAARTTTTER!

Kevin had made his way up the steps and made his way across the ring apron. In a rather cocky manner he slipped through the ropes and went right to one of the corners. He proceeded to climb it to the second rope and held his hands out at his sides leaning his head back almost as if he was telling the crowd to bow to him. Seconds later he leaped down as he began to remove his jacket tossing it to the outside. That's when he leaned into the corner turning his attention to the entrance way as his music died down.

Justin: And his partner... he is the current SCW Heavyweight Champion... from Birmingham, England... SIMON JONES!!!

The intro of “Simon Says” By Drain STH plays over the arena’s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans. As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans. He raises the SCW Heavyweight Championship high in the air as cameras flash. He hops down, and gives Kevin Carter a quick nod as the rest of the Summer XXXtreme Six Pack Challenge looks on.

Simone: All participants in the Six Pack Challenge are involved in this match.

Adams: It’s a powder keg ready to explode, that’s for damn sure!

Simone: Definitely don’t envy the champ having to defend against these five stellar competitors, all formers champions in their own right. Simon Jones has an uphill battle at Summer XXXtreme II. Looks like we’re going to be starting the match off with Kevin Carter and Jordan Williams.

Gabriel calls for the bell to start the main event!


Carter and Williams make their way to the middle of the ring. Both men get nose to nose, talking smack to each other. Williams drills Carter with an open hand strike to start the match officially!

Simone: Jordan Williams just slapped the taste out Kevin Carter’s mouth.

Adams: And Kevin Carter is having none of it!

Kevin retaliates with a picturesque standing dropkick catching Jordan Williams right on the button, sending him crashing to the mat. Kevin quickly covers! Gabriel drops down to count the pin.


Gabriel: ONE!!!

Gabriel signals the one count as Jordan Williams kicks out with authority! Nick Jones yells at his partner to tag him in, but Jordan shoots him a look and then ignores the request. Kevin and Jordan quickly get back to their feet. The two men tie up, and Jordan takes control by firing Kevin Carter to the far ropes. As Kevin springs back off the ropes, Jordan leaps high in the air catching The Main Attraction with a flying forearm! He pins Carter immediately, but doesn’t hook the leg.


Gabriel: TWO!!!

Gabriel signals that Kevin got his shoulder up at two. Both men get back to their feet, and head to their corners to make tags to their partners. Nick Jones, and the current Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Simon Jones tag into the match for the first time.

Simone: Simon and Nick have tagged in!

Adams: The Jones’ are ready to fight! No relation, of course.

Simone: Thank you for clarifying that...

Adams: You’re welcome!

Simone: And, here we go!

Nick smartly ties up Simon, and uses his size advantage to back the heavyweight champion into his team’s corner. Nick smacks Simon across the face with authority, and backs up slowly with a cocky smirk on his face.


Nick taunts Gabriel distracting him momentarily. Jordan takes advantage by choking the SCW Heavyweight Champion behind Gabriel’s back. Drake Green is on top of it, and rushes around to stop the cheating. Drake Green jumps up on the apron, and admonishes Jordan Williams for the underhanded tactics. Jordan releases the choke as Gabriel turns back around to see Drake giving Jordan hell about something. Simon staggers out from the corner, and is met with Nick Jones’ signature three punch combo. Nick pops off two quick jabs which stun the champ. He tips up Simon’s chin, and goes for the big left hook but Simon has it scouted and dodges it. He slips around the back of Nick Jones’, and tosses him high overhead with a German suplex. Instead of his normal release, Simon hangs on for a bridging pin. Gabriel drops down to make the count!


Simone: NO!!!

Jordan Williams breaks up the count by stomping on the gut of the champion, forcing him to break the bridge. Kevin Carter comes flying into the ring, and clotheslines Jordan over the top to the floor below. Both men crash hard on the floor below, and are both shaken up. Drake Green checks on both Kevin Carter and Jordan Williams as both appear to be unresponsive from the hard landing on the cement. As “Mr. Showtime” Drake Green checks on Jordan Williams, “The God Of Professional Wrestling” shoves the special ringside enforcer away as he shakes out the cobwebs. Both men are slow to get their feet, both feeling the effects of the high impact clothesline by “The Main Attraction” Kevin Carter.

Simone: What a clothesline by Kevin Carter!

Adams: I can’t believe Carter and Williams are back to their feet. That looked nasty!

Simone: That just shows the guts, and passion that all of these competitors have. The Six Pack Challenge is going to be insane at Summer XXXtreme II! I don’t envy Simon Jones one bit having to defend against the five men involved here tonight!

Returning to the action in the ring, Simon Jones and Nick Jones are trading lefts and rights. Both men have success connecting, and blocking the other’s shots. Simon takes a final swing at Nick, but Nick ducks under and locks up Simon’s arms. He lifts Simon high in the air!

Simone: GERMAN!

Nick bridges for the pin. Gabriel drops down to count the pin.


Gabriel: NOOOOO!!! TWOOOO!!!

Gabriel signals that it was only a two count, and Simon Jones was able to kickout before the three. Nick Jones gets up, and is absolutely livid.

Simone: Nick Jones is in the face of Gabriel! He’s absolutely beside himself.

Adams: Nick is adamant it was three! Gabriel is telling him once again it was only two.

Nick continues to argue the fact with special guest referee Gabriel. On the outside, all hell has broken loose.

Simone: Kevin Carter, Jordan Williams AND Drake Green are in an all out brawl on the outside!

The three men are unleashing bombs on the outside. It all broke loose when Jordan Williams suckerpunched the special ringside enforcer.


Gabriel nails Nick with a hard shot of his own, which spins Nick around.



Simon Jones takes advantage of the argument and drops Nick Jones face first into the canvas! Simon pins Nick! Gabriel drops down to make the count!



Simone: No, it wasn’t!

Adams: YES IT WAS!!!


Simone: Simon Jones and Kevin Carter score a huge win!

Adams: But why did Gabriel fast count?

Simone: I don't know but we haven't got time to ask! We'll see you in two weeks at Summer XXXTreme II!

THANK YOU to Chris, Mark, Erik, Court, Derek, MK, Vixen, Maggie, Casey, Kevin Carter and Simon Jones. Also thank you to Vixen again for the great match images and to all you great roleplayers