Climax Control

The crowd inside of Las Vegas, Nevada's Club RAIN is loud and boistorous for this very sultry and special edition of SCW Climax Control presents: Sunday Night Seduction! The camera pans around the floor row seating as well as the upper balconies where fans, all of adult age and no children, hold up signs as well as drinks from the various bars inside.


The camera then trails down to the bottom of the stairs where all is dark until a spotlight switches on and illuminates none other than the "Sin of Lust" Fantasia! Clad in a straplass, shimmering red gown slit high up the side and violet gloves, she is the epitome of a sultry seductress.

Melody: She looks just like Jessica Rabbit!

The beat of a familiar tune begins to play and Fantasia steps up to the microphone stand and an apprpriate song for an even more appropriate evening begins...

Fantasia: Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear
You give me fever,

When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever, in the mornin',
A fever all through the night

Sun lights up the day time
Moon lights up the night
I light up when you call my name
And you know I'm gonna treat you right
You give me fever,

When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever, in the mornin'
A fever all through the night

Everybody's got the fever
That is somethin' you all know
Fever isn't such a new thing
Fever started a long ago

Romeo loved Juliet
Juliet she felt the same
When he put his arms around her
He said, "Julie baby you're my flame"
Thou givest fever

When we kisseth
Fever with thy flaming youth
Fever, I'm on fire
Fever yeah I burn forsooth

Captain Smith and Pocahontas
Had a very mad affair
When her daddy tried to kill him
She said, "Daddy oh don't you dare"
He gives me fever

With his kisses
Fever when he holds me tight
Fever, I'm his missus
And daddy won't you treat him right?

Now you've listened to my story
Here's the point that I have made
Chicks were born to give you fever
Be it fahrenheit or centigrade
They give you fever

When we kiss them
Fever if you live you learn
Fever, till you sizzle
Oh what a lovely way to burn
What a lovely way to burn
What a lovely way to burn
And what a lovely way to burn

The crowd whistles and cheers as Fantasia winks into the camera and blows a kiss as the spotlight again fades.

Melody: Yay! I'm commentating on Sunday Night Seduction!

Simone: Ummm, Melody, we're on air now.

Melody: We are? Yay!

Simone: Hello and welcome to a special edition of Climax Control, Sunday Night Seduction! I'm Belinda Simone.

Melody: And I'm not Jason Adams, I'm Melody Grace!

Simone: We have six matches tonight, each a special gimmick match.

Melody: We're raising awareness for breast cancer tonight, so stay tuned!

Simone: We start tonight with the bombshell roulette championship on the line, as Necra Octavian Kane defends the title against number one contender, Mercedes Vargas.

Melody: Necra scares me with the creepy mummy thing going on.

Simone: Scares Jason too, but shadows scare him. Hot Stuff Mark Ward continues to mess with the mind of Roxanne, tonight, she goes against Azz N Class in a handicap match.

Melody: Why is Azz spelt with two z's?

Simone: You'll have to ask them.

Melody: Ok, I'll be back!

Simone: Not now Melody!

Melody: Oh...

Simone: Grudge match on the card tonight as Vixen finally gets her hands on Parand Ara.

Melody: Do you think Parand wears that mask in the shower?

Simone: You'll have to ask her.... but not now. Triple threat action takes the next spot on the card as the returning Alexis Morrison, goes against Amy Marshall and a special treat from ACW, Angela Fallon.

Melody: This one is gonna be super dooper!

Simone: Tag titles on the line, The Fallen are in action against the lethal lottery team of Joanne Canelli and Laura Jackson.

Melody: The Fallen are dominate here, and not very friendly!

Simone: People may agree. The main event tonight, is worthy to headline shows up and down the country, as Roxi Johnson defends the SCW Bombshell championship against SCW's metal head, Jessie Salco.

Melody: This is gonna be so awesome. So let's go for it!

Simone: It's like sitting next to Jason.

Melody: Three, two, one, go!

Simone: And what a way to kick things off this evening! We are about to hear from the boss lady for the evening…

"Pounds The Alarm" by Nicki Minaj plays as Michelle's entrance video begins on the screen. Purple lights flicker on the stage as Michelle comes onto the stage, dressed in a black and white dress with a clipboard in her hand. The fans cheer loudly for her She dances in the lights, jumping up and down, then side to side. She throws her arms in the air and rushes down the right side, slapping hands as she goes by. Then she moves to the left side to slap hands. Once near the ring, she dashes in underneath the ropes. Center stage, she begins to stomp and clap to her song. She pauses and looks around the ring, over to Fangirl Maggie who is standing in the corner. She frantically waves Maggie over who is reluctant at first. Finally, Michelle gets her in the ring and they dance together for a moment. Michelle gives Maggie a hug and then accepts the microphone from her. She looks around the club and blows kisses out to the fans before raising the microphone to her lips.

Michelle: Oh my gawd, hi!!! Like, welcome to Sunday Night Seduction! We’ve got a totally wicked line up for the fans on this special Ladies Only event! What better way to add honor to the show than to do it all for a good cause?! Righ?

Crowd: *POP*

Michelle: You know, I totally thought so. Anyway, I wanted to come out here and thank you all for joining us this evening. We have several very intense matches, pitting some of our top female talents against each other with “Attitude Era” matches, but doing them only the way us Bombshells can! We are taking it to the EXTREME! I wanted to give you all a sneak preview of the special Roulette wheel. So let’s pull that up on the screen there.

A picture of the wheel comes up on the screen above the entryway showing off the wheel. It slowly spins, giving a quick view of bra and panties, jello and cream, costume, trampoline, food fight, lingerie, evening gown, chocolate pudding, pillow fight, oil, paddle on a pole, and mud. The fans cheer loudly at this display as we return to the ring. Michelle kicks a leg up behind her as she jumps in excitement.

Michelle: Cha bitchmuffins! Not only that, but we have some of the best female talents that Sin City has to offer such as Vixen, The Fallen, Amy Marshall, and Roxi Johnson, and even a special guest from Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Angela Fallon. Now, before I get my donk outta this ring, I wanted to introduce to you our fabulous replacement staff. We’ve got the stunning Melody Grace over there at the announcers table with Belinda Simone, and the awesome… like really awesome Fangirl Maggie in the ring with me right now. But…

"Cream" by Prince starts playing over the sound system and the crowd laughs and cheers as the rotund Bombshell, Cookie S'Mores steps out onto the entrance stage, adorned in a violet ankle-length robe lined with feathers. She pauses at the top and smiles knowingly, looking out to the fans. She pulls open her robe to reveal her wrestling lingerie and a tied referee’s shirt and shakes her chest as she lets the robe fall to her feet. Cookie then struts down to the ring, flirting with the men in the audience and blowing them kisses. She walks up the steps to the ring apron where she slowly stepping through the ropes where she shakes her ample backside for all to see. She then climbs the rest of the way through and lowers herself to her knees where she crawls on all fours toward Maggie, the ring announcer. She stands up and prepares to rub herself against him before waving it off with a quick laugh toward Maggie. She turns around before walking to Michelle corner where she waggles her tongue out at the camera. The fans cheer her on The music fades and switches over to the opening chords to "Boom Boom" by The LoCash Cowboys blasts through the speakers. As the vocals kick in, Brandi Shotze appears at the top of the ramp adorning a low-cut, tied referee top. She looks around the crowd nodding and starts to walk down the ramp. She climbs the steps and gets in ring. Brandi walks to the corner and stands on the middle turnbuckle. She raises her arms and jumps down, staring across the ring to join Cookie and Michelle. Cookie hugs her former tag team partner as the crowd cheers them on. They are quickly cut off as "Sleazy" by Ke$ha starts. The image of red devil horns sticking out from behind a golden halo appears on the stage, where a long pole stick up from the stage. Angelica walks out from behind the curtains waving a microphone around in her hands. She slowly places one foot in front of the other, walking this way toward the pole. Once closer, she runs toward it, swinging upside down on it, going around a complete 360, coming down slowly until her back touches the stage. She turns over and slowly crawls to the edge of the stage. She comes up to her knees and then blows a kiss to the audience. She then stands up, but keeps a hold of her ankles. She smiles as she looks around. She swings her hair up as she looks around, and slowly runs her fingers up her legs as she comes up to a standing position. She then walks down the ramp, waving to the fans until she reaches the ring. She pulls herself onto the apron, and then sticks one leg over the second rope, and then she pauses, before getting into the ring. She walks around, making sure to show off her ASSets before joining Michelle, Cookie, and Brandi in the center of the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the fans.

Michelle: We have Cookie and Brandi refereeing this evening with Jasmine St. John, and the… *air quotes* lovely… Angelica will be backstage with the interview team. So strap yourselves in, because tonight is going to be a bumpy ride…

The crowd lets out a loud “OOOOOOOH!” at Michelle’s flirtatious statement followed by a wink. Angelica rolls her eyes as she struts around, gaining a few cat calls as she slowly exits the ring. Cookie and Brandi quickly follow as Michelle walks around the ring, waving to the fans and blowing kisses.

Our scene opens up inside Rain Nightclub at the Palm Casino Resort where we see a DJ wearing headphones and nodding to the music as he works the turntable to a good turnout on the dance floor. The camera pans back to where we find SCW’s own Ms. Rocky Mountains smiling at the camera. She is wearing a headset due to the loud music.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Welcome to Sunday Night Seduction, the special all-Bombshell edition of Sunday Night Climax Control, where tonight is Ladies Night. From Club RAIN in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Bombshells of Sin City Wrestling are here to bring awareness and help support the Breast Cancer Research Fund in their efforts to find a cure. Now, it’s almost a given that the Bombshells sometimes don’t get along. As a matter of fact, they never get along, but when it came to supporting this cause, everyone was on board. In fact, every SCW Superstar decided to fight for this worthy cause and make a difference.

Tonight on Sunday Night Seduction, we have a stacked card featuring feuds, numerous title matches on the line, and plenty of action. I won’t be going anywhere as I’ll be right here giving you the latest backstage scoops as the Bombshells prepare for their matches.

The camera shifts to Mercedes Vargas nearby, who walk into the scene.

Mercedes Vargas: I’m sorry, are you new here? Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your match or something?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Maybe you didn't get that memo, but I’m not a trained wrestler, I’m an interviewer for SCW.

Mercedes Vargas: Really now? You could have fooled me. What was your name again?

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Mercedes Vargas: Oh, I get it. Because you’re from Denver, right. Never been, but I love the Broncos anyway.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: No, I’m not from Denver. Actually, they call me Ms. Rocky Mountains for another reason.

Ms. Rocky Mountains pushes her boobs up and down and Mercedes acknowledges.

Mercedes Vargas: I see. Well, um, you might want to covers those up. We wouldn’t want anyone to mistake you for a streetwalker or anything.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Look who is talking.

Mercedes mouths "oooooh" as she looks into the camera and then back at Rocky Mountains.

Mercedes Vargas: You know, if it wasn’t incredibly loud in here, we would have some issues. But tonight’s show is all about a good cause and I'm in a good mood, so I’m going to pretend I didn't hear that.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So, you’re opening Climax Control tonight against Necra Octavian Kane for the Bombshell Roulette Championship, and you could potentially be walking away as the new SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion. However, some people might say you have your work cut out for you. I have to say, Mercedes, you're still a newcomer to SCW, more or less. What do you have to say to those people and how do you feel ahead of this match?

Mercedes Vargas: I say they are absolutely right. I do have my work cut out for me tonight against Necra and I would be lying if I told you that this is going to be easy. Some people in my position would probably call in sick, others would enlist themselves in Witness Protection. Most people wouldn't even bother to show up, but you know, I'm not some people. I'm not even most people. I'm the Argentine Assassin, Mercedes Vargas, and I don't back down from any challenge by or dead.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Fair enough. Let's not forget that there will be a stipulation added to this match. So far, you've survived a First Blood match in your pay-per-view debut. Are you concerned about what you may have to go through tonight, especially considering the type of competitor Necra is?

Mercedes Vargas: When I won the number one contendership at Into the Void, I knew what I was in for. Tonight, I'm cashing in my tickets and I'm going all-in. People can say that I’m facing long odds to win this thing and a sure bet that Necra will prevent that from happening. You know what they say about Vegas: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, tonight, might be the only exception, Ms. Rocky Mountains, because when I win tonight, what happens tonight will be seen by the entire world.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Well said, Mercedes. Good luck tonight. (as Mercedes takes her leave)

Mercedes Vargas: (shouting back at her offscreen) I don't need luck, I'm already good!

Turning back to the camera, Ms. Rocky Mountains addresses the audience once more.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: We just heard the pre-match comments from the challenger. Now let's send it back out to ringside for our first championship match of the evening: Mercedes Vargas versus Necra Octavian Kane for SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship, and that match starts right now.

Maggie: And for our first match please welcome…

Suddenly, the arena lights turn off and the crowd is hyped up for what was in store. As the opening of “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2 blares across the PA system, the mood of the crowd changes instantly and the arena is under the subtle glowing of the lights. As the lyrics finally kick in, a figure emerges; the highlight of their attire is being under the illusion. Mercedes Vargas stops short of the entrance ramp, hands on waist, and overlooking the crowd.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, weighing 127 pounds…MERCEEEEEDEEEES VAAAARGAAAAS!

Cheers, boos and catcalls soon greet her. Oblivious and yet satisfied with their reaction for several seconds, she flips her long hair, then makes her way to the ring. As she goes up the steps and walks to the end of the ring apron, she climbs to the turnbuckle, then turns her head back as the camera shows her determined expression-perhaps a message that her opponent will be in for a tough fight.

Maggie: And her oppponant she is the current Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion… hailing from The Isle of the Gods Greece weighing in at127LBS… NEEEECRAAA!!!

The lights in the arena go out, as a golden spotlight goes over the crowd, and comes to stop at the back of the stage, as "Trip the Darkness" by Lacuna Coil begins to play over the loud speakers filling the arena. A fog rolls over the back area of the stage, as two lines of men and women appear through the mist and stand on either side of the rampway holding banners with her symbol on it. Necra soon appears out of the mist and starts down the rampway dressed in a white and gold toga. As she passes the servants fall to their knees, as she stares straight ahead, ignoring the crowd around her. As she reaches the ring she climbs the stairs and slips under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. Necra raises her arms and as she brings them down, lightening strikes each of the posts and are set ablaze. Necra removes the golden crown and the longer part of the toga and waits for the match to start.

Melody: I would like to point out that Maggie is doing a wonderful job in remembering her lines tonight…

Simone: She’s only said like two things…

Melody: Now, now don’t be hatin’

As the opening bell rings Mercedes and Necra are quick to lock up. Necra manages to outsmart Mercedes and drives her knee into her midsection. Mercedes doubles over and Necra wastes no time in bringing her fist together clubbing them in the centre of Mercedes’ spine. Mercedes drops face first to the canvas allowing Necra some time to cool off and look over at the paddle on the pole.

Simone: Mercedes is watching the paddle, getting familiar with where it is..

Melody: I don’t know why she’s watching it, it’s not going anywhere… duh!!

Simone: Oh Boy it’s going to be one of those nights.

Necra looks back down at Mercedes as she is starting to get back up to her feet. Assisting her final movements Necra drags Mercedes up to her feet by pulling her hair before dropping her back to the canvas with a swinging shoulder charge. Mercedes doesn’t stay down for long as Necra once again drags her up by the hair before Irish whipping her across the ring, watching on smiling as her opponent collects the turnbuckles.

Melody: Necra is proving to be quiet crazy here tonight.

Simone: she’s proving why she’s the champion.

Melody: Who’s the champion?

Necra comes charging in towards Mercedes but Mercedes’ counters by jumping over the dead bombshell. Once back on her feet Mercedes pushes Necra into the corner and start to kick hard and fast at her stomach. After ten swift kicks Mercedes grabs onto Necra’s arm and whips her across the ring with ease, Necra stops just before she goes to slam into the corner, turning around sharply staring down Mercedes as she comes charging towards her.

Melody: here comes the Mercedes express, chooo chooo!!!

Simone: Mercedes’ gaining some momentum here.

Mercedes continues to run towards Necra and just as she goes to deliver a corner splash Necra drops kicks her fair in the torso, bringing the challenger down. Mercedes stumbles back to her feet and Necra collects the back of her head for a perfect running bulldog. Mercedes’ face slams off the canvas as Necra looks on pleased as the crowd in attendance start a slight “Necra” chant.

Melody: That’s Odd

Simone: What’s Odd?

Melody: The fans chanting for Necra…

Simone: They might like her now since she backstabbed Misty…

Melody: Oh so they like her because she doesn’t like Misty?

Simone: Maybe...

Melody: No one likes Misty.

Necra is quick to her feet, but it doesn’t last long as she drops her elbow into the back of Mercedes’ neck. Getting back up Necra turns to face Mercedes and punts her right foot close to the face of Mercedes. Mercedes doesn’t seem to move so Necra drops another elbow this time it connects with her spine. Mercedes screams out in pain as Necra sits up looking up at the paddle that is dangling from the pole.

Melody: Get the paddle!!!

Simone: Necra’s looking to put this one the bed now…

Necra gets up off the canvas as she is demonically staring up at the paddle, without even looking back the Raven hair Bombshell starts to walk off towards it but she is stopped by Mercedes who is desperately grabbing at her feet. Necra turns around and kicks Mercedes’ hands off her but Mercedes won’t let go. Bending down the current champion grabs onto Mercedes’ hair and drags her back up to her feet, only to whip her across the ring into the ropes. Lowering herself down Necra goes to catch Mercedes for a flip but instead Necra catches a boot in the face by Mercedes.

Simone: Mercedes’ too fast for the Champion

Melody: I dare you to say that to her face…

As Necra is doubled over Mercedes lands a spinning neck breaker. Mercedes’ now heads towards the paddle that’s ready for the taking. As she goes to step up on the bottom rope she spots Necra making a move from the corner of her eye. Bouncing down from the rope Mercedes spins around and drops Necra to the canvas once more with a clothesline. Necra doesn’t want to stay down as she sits right back up, Mercedes looks on in disbelief as the Champion wiggles her finger at her as if to say no, not now.

Melody: o0oh Sassiness being shown by the dead girl!!

Necra’s laughter is ringing throughout the arena as Mercedes gets up and goes to scoop Necra up but Necra over powers her with a perfect snap suplex. Seemingly pleased with herself Necra heads towards the paddle slowly, without even a hint of urgency she starts to the reach for the paddle.

Simone: Necra needs to stop horsing around if she wants to retain her belt!

Melody: I like horses!!!

Necra’s finger tips touch the paddle but before she can embrace the wooden stick Mercedes out of nowhere grabs Necra’s legs positioning herself in an awkward position but she’s able to slam Necra down to the hard canvas with a power bomb. Mercedes stumbles backwards towards the corner resting her back against the ropes, looking down at the motionless Necra. Turning around Mercedes starts to climb the ropes and heads for the paddle, as the fans in attendance start to rally behind their favourite Bombshell in this match. Mercedes finally reaches the top and she reaches out grabbing at the paddle attempting to rip it down, just as it looks as if she’s got it Necra pounces out of nowhere with a high risk back breaker.

Crowd: “Holy shit, Holy shit”

Melody: The nunnery has joined us tonight it seems Simone.

Necra recovers and waste no time in running up the ropes reaching up she grabs for the paddle ripping it down. Brandi calls for the bell as Maggie makes her announcement.

Maggie: here is your winner and STILL Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion… NEEEECRAAA!!!

Necra pushes away Brandi’s attempt at raising her arm in victory, Necra stalks over to Mercedes and simply uses the paddle and cracks it violently over the top of her skull. Tossing the paddle to the side Necra yanks her belt from Brandi and walks away.

The scene opens to show Ms. Rocky Mountains stood backstage, when she is approached by an unknown blonde woman; the woman opens her mouth to speak, and as she talks, a British accent is evident.

???: Excuse me, you're Ms. Rocky Mountains, right?

MRM: That's right.

???: I was wondering if you might be able to help me find one of the wrestlers.

MRM: Who is it that you're looking for?

???: Simon Jones - I'm his sister, Sylvia.

Sylvia extends her right hand to Ms. Rocky Mountains, who shakes it.

Sylvia: I work for a wrestling magazine in the UK, and my boss wants me to do an interview with the new SCW Heavyweight Champion, but my brother has yet to agree to my request to interview him. However, I thought that if I went to the trouble of travelling all this way to see him in person, then Simon would have little choice but to agree to the interview.

MRM: That's a lot of effort to go to, just to get an interview.

Sylvia: With you being a reporter here in SCW, I'm sure that you can appreciate what it's like to have to go to such lengths to get a story. Besides, the magazine is paying for my expenses.

MRM: Well, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Simon isn't here tonight; in fact, none of the men associated with SCW are here - it's a ladies only edition of Climax Control. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Sylvia: You mean Sunday Night Seduction - that's this week?

Ms. Rocky Mountains nods her head.

Sylvia: Yeah, given my job, I ought to have known that. But then, I'm expected to know the goings-on in a multitude of wrestling promotions around the world, and it's not so easy to keep track of everything. Oh well, I guess that Simon is probably at home in Canada then, so I'll go and pay him a visit there.

MRM: Actually, I believe that Simon is in England at the moment - on Friday, he tweeted a picture that he had taken in London that day.

Sylvia raises her eyebrows.

Sylvia: What? You mean I would've had a better chance of seeing him if I'd stayed at home?

MRM: I'm afraid so.

Sylvia raises both of her arms towards her head, and buries her face in her hands; a few seconds later, she removes her hands from her face, and sighs.

Sylvia: I don't think this is going to sit well with my boss.

Sylvia looks towards the ground. Ms. Rocky Mountains reaches across and places her left hand on Sylvia's right arm; Sylvia then looks back up, and Ms. Rocky Mountains takes her hand away.

Sylvia: Am I right in thinking that the purpose of this all-Bombshell event is to raise money for charity?

MRM: That's correct: it's to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Sylvia: As someone whose mother once had to have a lump removed, I'm well aware what a worthwhile cause that is; I think I'm going to stick around to watch the show - who knows, maybe I'll even write an article about it. And then I'll head north, and try to surprise my brother upon his return to Canada.

The scene cuts away.

Backstage, Vixen can be seen in a rather revealing silvery hotpants and half tee. In her hand is a small device while the earbuds are dangling from her ears. Pacing along the hallway, Vixen is singing along with the song she must be listening to.

Pussy Willow reaches towards her, tapping her shoulder making Vixen swing a fist back towards her. As she does, Pussy drops with a scream of fright. Vixen pulls out the earbuds and reaches a hand down to help Pussy to her feet.

Vixen: I am so sorry about that. You really shouldn’t do things like that.

Pussy: Like what…get your attention. My GOD you could have bruised this face!

Vixen holds her hands up trying to calm Pussy only succeeding in making Pussy more volatile.

Pussy: All I was doing was trying to get an interview with you about your match tonight with Parand Ara. And you were going to punch me…ME!

Vixen: Listen, I just reacted like that because last time someone came up behind me I ended up with stitches. So calm down Pussy and let’s do this interview. I promise to keep my fists to myself from now on.

Pussy sniffs as she nods.

Pussy: Okay, so Vixen, what do you think you are going to need to do to prepare for Parand tonight.

Vixen: Well, there isn’t really anything I need to do to prepare. Like a girlscout, I am always prepared. But when it comes to Parand, the one thing I am going to be looking for is something that no others would understand. I am looking for mutual respect and if I have to beat it into that woman, then that is what I am going to do.

Pussy: How will beating a woman into respecting you work? Wouldn’t that just make her hate you more?

Vixen: Maybe, but just maybe she is going to realize that I am someone that deserves respect whether I am in a full set of clothes or something like this…

Vixen indicates her clothes.

Pussy: Well I hope that she isn’t out to push the envelope here at Club Rain. I mean it is a place she probably won’t feel comfortable in.

Vixen: Oh I am sure she won’t. But that doesn’t mean she is going to not be comfortable in the ring. She is a warrior and has strong convictions. I do too but I will have “home ice” advantage so to speak the way Parand talks about me. So tonight to quote Selena Gomez..

Pussy can now hear the faint music coming from the earbuds on Vixen’s chest.

Vixen: If you’re ready come and get it Parand.

With that, Vixen picks up the two earbuds and slides them into her ears as she turns to walk away as she turns a corner, she spies Scott Oliver in a pair of stiletto heels, mini skirt and blouse tied high on his chest with a dark black wig that hangs down crookedly on his head. Shaking her head, Vixen watches as a pair of large female bouncers is escorting him out of the building.

The cameras opening up backstage to find Zoey the resident SCW nurse decked out in a bright pink nurse jacket underneath it is a white shirt with the pink ribbon logo in the centre of it. Zoey’s standing beside Rocky Mountains and the two are deep in conversation, with coffees in hand. In the background Diana is seen walking up towards the two with anger written all over her face. Coming in at a bull at a gate the vocal girlfriend of Nick Jones starts to yell towards Zoey.

Diana: I’ve been looking all over for you, you skank…

Just as Zoey’s about to say something Diana cuts her off.

Diana: Save it! I’ve wanted to speak with you about Nick… How many times do I have to tell you to STAY away from him before you get it through your thick skull?

Zoey once again goes to say something but Diana cuts her off.

Diana: Don’t even think about it, I know you have a crush on my Nick and I know you want you put your hands all over him… but bitch it’s never going to happen… so just leave him, leave us… alone… you hear me?

Zoey: Diana, you have it all wrong…

Diana: Oh do I? Then why’s it when every time I turn around you’re talking to him? Hmmm explain that skank.

Rocky goes to step in but Diana flashes a glare that warns her other wises.

Diana: and you, I know exactly what you’re up to as well… it’s a little bit to convenient that you’re the only interviewer who puts their hands up to interview Nick each week… You two need to stop, it’s pathetic and you look like desperate skanks… Nick is mine… so I don’t want to have to tell you both again… back off…

Zoey looks at Rocky who rolls her eyes, Diana catches Rocky’s expression and reaches out towards her grabbing her wrist knocking her coffee from her hand. From the slight amount of force from Diana grabbing Rocky, Rocky jumps from pure shock knocking into Zoey, who by complete accident stumbles forward spilling her hot coffee all over Diana’s expensive clothes. Diana looks up at Zoey with fury in her eyes as she starts screaming.

Diana: You think this is funny?

Zoey looks on in complete shock tries to explain but Diana steps up into her face.

Diana: You’ll pay for this… all of this…

Pointing at her outfit Diana walks off in a huff pushing past Zoey, leaving her to feel bad as Rocky is left laughing.

Fangirl Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen! The following contest is a Handicap Chocolate Pudding Match under Elimination Rules! Introducing first, hailing from Queens, New York, at a combined weight of 275 pounds, they are Torielle Jackson and Chanelle Martinez… AZZ N CLASS!!!

"Red Lipstick" begins playing as the lights lower on the stage. White lights strobe as Torielle shoves her way through the curtains. She takes a few steps out to the cheering fans, throwing a fist in the air. She looks back to see no one following her so she stomps over to the curtains and shouts pointing. Just then Chanelle Martinez comes out facing backward letting her "Azz" enter first. The cheers get louder as the two argue back and forth. Chanelle puts a hand in Torielle's face much to her displeasure and they walk down to the ring. They crawl onto the apron and look at each other, kissing their cheeks before bending to get in the ring. They pause for a second shaking their moneymakers to the music before getting inside of the ring corssing turnbuckles to blow kisses to the fans.

Fangirl Maggie: And their opponent… hailing for St. Louis, Missouri, standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 245 pounds, she is… ROXANNE!!!


Referee Cookie S’Mores reaches down into the pudding and runs two fingers across the surface. She brings her fingers to her lips and licks them, enjoying the taste as the fans laugh and cheer. Roxanne walks through the knee high pool of pudding as Chanelle and Torielle slowly part ways. They stand about ten feet apart as Chanelle waves her hands at Roxanne, goading her. Roxanne licks her lips as she kicks pudding in the direction of Chanelle, getting her ring attire dirty. Chanelle stomps around in protest before kicking her leg forward, flinging pudding at Roxanne who doesn’t seem phased by it. She tilts her head back and cackles out loud. This angers Chanelle even more as she charges toward Roxanne. She goes for a Spear, but Roxanne sidesteps her, grabbing a hold of her hair, pulling out a large chunk of it as Chanelle screams. As Roxanne seems pleased with herself, Torielle comes up behind her and brings her down with a surprise Bulldog, submerging Roxanne fully into the pudding to the fans delight!

Melody: This match is off to a rocking start! I can’t wait to see these girls really hand Roxanne’s ass to her!

Simone: Roxanne seems to have forgotten that this match is about numbers as much as it is about the potential to embarrass your opponent. If she isn’t careful, she won’t last two minutes in this match.

Torielle drops down for a cover on Roxanne, but the Amazon catches her by surprise, dragging her down into the pudding. Both ladies’ heads emerge from the pudding, Roxanne has Torielle locked into a Camel Clutch submission hold. Cookie drops down to her knees to check on Torielle, but she gets distracted again by the pudding, allowing herself just a handful. The fans laugh, but some boo because of the fact that Torielle looks as if she is ready to tap. Suddenly Chanelle comes flying at Roxanne, grabbing a hold of her hair and yanking her back with force! Roxanne lets go of Torielle just before breaking her in half. Chanelle drags her down with a Hair Biel. She crawls on top of Roxanne, getting down and dirty as she repeatedly dunks Roxanne’s head into the pudding as she shouts obscenities at her.

Simone: As much of a powerhouse as Roxanne is, it won’t do any good until she wears these determined ladies down.

Melody: I know Azz n Class only has one win to their name, but this match very likely could be their second. This is Roxanne’s first Handicap Match ever, and it seems like she doesn’t quite know what to do.

As if she can hear the critiques of the bubbly Melody Grace, Roxanne rolls Chanelle over her shoulder with a powerful Snapmare that splashes pudding all over the place. She dunks Chanelle underneath the pudding, holding her there for as long as she can before Torielle comes up to her feet. She charges over at Roxanne who takes her down with a Drop Toe Hold. She stands up and stomps a mudhole into Torielle, appearing quite aggravated even through her pudding coated face. She yanks Torielle up by the hair and then picks her up above her head in Military Press Slam fashion. She turns around so the fans can see her opponent dripping pudding all over. The fans boo as Roxanne continues to taunt her. She turns around to see Chanelle charging at her as fast as she can through the pudding and she tosses Torielle at her. She wades over to the spot where they tumbled over and she leans down, pushing both ladies down under the pudding as Cookie leans down to count on the pudding.





Melody: I almost don’t believe it! I really thought Roxanne had them both eliminated there, but Chanelle powers out for both her and her partner!

Simone: That is extremely impressive considering the major size and strength advantage that Roxanne has over these two.

Roxanne slaps at the pudding in frustration as she gets up to one knee. She shoots Cookie an angry glare before picking Chanelle up from the pudding. She picks her up into a Hanging Vertical Suplex, balancing Chanelle in the air before dropping her down. She grabs onto her head and begins pounding her pudding covered fist into Chanelle’s forehead very methodically. Torielle screams as she jumps onto Roxanne’s back, choking her carefully so not to give her any room to break free. Roxanne fights it, but she quickly wears down as Chanelle comes back to. She gets in Roxanne’s face and cups her hand over her mouth. Obnoxiously, she gets the crowd behind her. She snaps her fingers and begins swaying from side to side.


Melody: I love it when they do this! Come on and get with it, Belinda! Twoooo stepppp! Twoooooo stepppppp!

Simone: I really did think this would be better than commentary with Jason, but I was wrong… it is just as bad…

A loud “HMPH!” is heard coming from the otherwise bubbly Melody as Roxanne is practically faded out. Chanelle grabs onto one of Roxanne’s arms as Torielle grabs the other. They move from side to side, getting Roxanne moving with them. Chanelle wails on her from the side, and then Torielle gets one in. Chanelle goes for another and connects. Torielle goes for one more, but Roxanne ducks it and Torielle connects with Chanelle’s face. Roxanne rolls behind her and pulls her over with a German Suplex, hooking on for a pin. Cookie gets in position for the count.




Maggie: Torielle Jackson has been eliminated!

Melody: And Torielle says goodbye to this match. Too bad, I was going to ask her where she got those shoes she was wearing earlier this evening…

Roxanne rises up and looks down to Chanelle who backs up as quickly as she can. Roxanne is right with her until she turns around to make a dash for it. Roxanne grabs onto her foot so she can’t go very far. Chanelle shouts out an obscenity as Roxanne tugs her closer. Chanelle gets up to one foot, hopping to balance herself before coming around with a pudding covered foot to Roxanne’s face, knocking her down to the ground as Cookie escorts Torielle to the edge of the pool. Chanelle hits a standing Moonsault, ready to pin Roxanne to the mat. Cookie waddles through the pudding to get to her, but before she can count to one, Roxanne shoots up from the pudding. She drags Chanelle over into the thick brown pudding, and they roll around, resorting to a downright catfight, much to the fans’ delight. Pudding covered hair flings all over the place as they roll around, choking each other. As Chanelle begins to gain the upper hand in the fight, Roxanne gets her feet between them as she kicks them forward, sending Chanelle backward. Roxanne shoot up quickly and catches Chanelle out of nowhere with the Run Like Hell, using the referee to catapult herself around. As Cookie stumbles back and into the pudding, Roxanne flings her hair back, clearing her face mostly. She pins Chanelle down as Cookie reluctantly goes down for the count.




Maggie: Chanelle Martinez has been eliminated! Your winner… ROXANNE!!!

Simone: I can’t believe she did it… but she did.

Roxanne stands up from the pudding, dripping it everywhere as Cookie raises her arm high in the air. She rips her arm away and points to her chest as the fans boo loudly against her.

The scene opens up backstage at the special Sunday Night Seduction episode of Climax Control where we see Jessie Salco doing some sit-ups on the floor of the NXT locker room.

Simone: Jessie has a huge opportunity tonight.

Melody: Beating Roxi Johnson and winning the Bombshell title will definitely raise her stock in the Bombshell Division!

Just as Jessie reaches a hundred sit-ups the door opens and she sits up seeing her older sister Katie standing by the locker room door.

Katie: You ready for tonight Jess?

Jessie: I’ve been ready all week.

Jessie replies as she stands up.

Katie: And I’m guessing your wearing that Sport’s Bra to rub in the fact that Shane can’t be here tonight?

Katie asks and Jessie laughs.

Jessie: Maybe, maybe not, anything else you want to talk about?

Katie: Actually yeah, come in sweetheart.

Katie steps aside and a young girl with a shaved head enters the room, she has blue eyes and is wearing a nice little blue dress.

Melody: Is that the Make a Wish kid Jessie mentioned in her promo?

Simone: I think it is!

Jessie: Oh you must be Kylee right?

Kylee: Yep! I’m your biggest fan!

The girl responds and Jessie gives her a warm smile.

Jessie: Well, I think my biggest fan deserves a big treat, don’t you?

Kylee nods enthusiastically and Jessie grabs a sports bag that was just behind her before inviting Kylee to open it, Kylee does so and her grin broadens as a bags worth of Jessie Salco and NXT merch is inside.

Kylee: Oh my god thanks Jessie!

Jessie: Think nothing of it; oh and just call me Jess.

The girl nods enthusiastically and Jessie sits down on a chair, she leaves to get changed into some of the clothes and Katie turns to her.

Katie: Jess, how did you afford all that?

Jessie: I transferred some money from my festival savings account; I had over a thousand dollars in it so it wasn’t an issue.

Katie: Even though Bloodstock’s only a couple of weeks away?

Jessie: I still have plenty of money left in it, besides Kylee won’t be here in a couple of weeks, you know?

Jessie asks and Katie nodded.

Katie: And you had doubts about whether or not you’d be a good mom.

Katie teased her and Jessie blushed a bit.

Kylee: How do I look?

The two women look up and see Kylee in a Jessie t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots, Jessie smiles at her and Kylee blushes.

Jessie: You look great! You’ll be the envy of your class when you go back to school!

Jessie responded and Kylee blushed.

Kylee: Jess, can you do something for me?

Jessie: Sure.

Kylee: Win the Bombshell Championship tonight!

Kylee asks and Jessie laughs.

Jessie: Deal!

Jessie responds as the scene cuts to the next match.

Vixen tosses her hair over her shoulder as she walks towards the roulette wheel for the determination of her match. As she does, her cell phone goes off. Looking at it, she smiles as she answers it.

Vixen: Hey Spike, how is Eden and are you watching?

Hitting speaker, she listens as Eden screams into the receiver.

Eden: Mommie Vixen, Daddy said I could call to wish you luck. I watching him really good.

Vixen: That is great Eden honey. Can you do Mommie Vixen a big favour? Give Daddy a big hug and kiss and tell him I will call him after the match. I am just about to find out what the match stipulation is.

Spike: Match stip huh? I wonder just what you will get. Just remember, my favorite is jello with whipped cream

Vixen laughs as Eden can be heard to comment that she wants jello too and could Vixen bring her some.

Vixen: I can’t bring you some babygirl but tomorrow when I am home you and I can make some. But Mommie Vixen has to go now, they are calling me for my match.

Simone: Well folks it’s time for the match that most fans have been waiting for, Vixen vs. Parand Ara and with us at ringside is Vixen’s stablemate and friend Jessie Salco.

Jessie: Hey.

Melody: Jessie, you beat Parand in her debut match, what should Vixen expect going into this.

Jessie: One hell of a fight!

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall….

Dale Oliver's "Arabic Dancer" begins to play over the speakers of the building and the crowd boos as the Syrian Bombshell, Parand Ara, steps out onto the top of the stage with supreme confidence.

Maggie: Introducing first, from Damascus, Syria she is the Syrian Bombshell Parand Ara!

Simone: Off course you’ve had some choice words of your own for Parand after she attacked Vixen a few weeks ago.

Jessie: Look, this isn’t ballet, that’s something I learned within my first year as a wrestler, but Parand’s attack was completely unprovoked and she deserves everything she gets in this match!

Melody: And if you win the Bombshell Title tonight will you put it on the line?

Jessie: That’s up to the bosses but if you ask me Parand shouldn’t even be employed!

She looks out at the fans briefly with obvious indifference towards their scorn and she begins her calm walk down toward the ring. If any hands reach out toward her, she pulls away, not desiring to be touched by the 'pigs' in the crowd. She arrives at ringside where she slowly climbs up the steps and enters between the top and middle ropes. She slowly removes her outer abaya and passes it to a ringside attendant before turning to face her opponent.

Maggie: And her opponent….

The throbbing beat of You're Going Down by Sick Puppies is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring.

Maggie: From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, she is Vixen!

Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade, Vixen gets in Parand’s face as the referee, Jasmine St. John, orders the two Bombshells to break it up.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Okay ladies, it’s time to determine the match type!

The camera pans to the titontron where we see Ms. Rocky Mountains standing in front of the special Sunday Night Seduction Roulette Rules wheel which she quickly spins, the two Bombshells (and Jessie) watch the wheel intently as it slows to a stop……and the match it stops on causes Jessie to start laughing her ass off whilst Parand stairs at the screen in disbelief.

Jessie: Oh……my……god……a Bra and Panties match! Somebody pass the popcorn already!

Simone: I knew you swing both ways Jess but…..

Jessie: First off, I’m laughing at Parand’s situation, second if I wanted to…..get off… a bit of girl on girl action there’s plenty of websites for that and I’d be surfing them with Shane!

Parand starts yelling at Jasmine St. John about the stipulation but she keeps her ground maintaining that the Roulette Rules Wheel is final; before Parand can even counter the argument Vixen surprises her with a Lou Thesz Press followed by some shots to the head.

Simone: I bet your enjoying this Jessie.

Jessie: Yeah, I love seeing Vixen on top of another woman……how about we pretend I never said that?

Simone: Deal.

Melody: Deal!

Parand struggles to get free but Vixen’s attack is unrelenting, she eventually tries to remove Parand’s top and Parand does everything in her power to keep it on eventually resorting to pulling at Vixen’s stitches.

Jessie: Just when I thought I saw it all in a wrestling ring….

Simone: Parand’s trying to rip out Vixen’s stiches!

Melody: What the hell is wrong with that woman?

Parand gets to her feet as Vixen gets to her feet clutching at her stiches as she does, Parand takes advantage of the distraction by literally ripping off Vixen’s top and throwing the remains out of the ring and too the arena floor, Parand looks satisfied before turning around….and getting hit by a Yakuza Kick from Vixen!

Jessie: Looks like Parand started celebrating too early.

Simone: And now Vixen is trying to get her top off!

Melody: Jessie, you have a brother who served in Iraq how difficult is it for someone to get one of those things off?

Jessie: …..just because he served in Iraq doesn’t mean he knows how to remove one of those things!

Vixen eventually succeeds in removing the top half of Parand’s outfit and tossing it to the crowd, she wastes no time in trying to remove the bottom half but by now Parand has come too and kicks Vixen away, it takes Parand a second to realize that she and Vixen are now on even ground and needless to say she looks livid!

Simone: Oh, oh, we may see a repeat of what happened two weeks ago!

Jessie: Not as long as I’m out here, that’s all I’m saying!

Melody: Let’s hope that we don’t then!

Parand immediately starts firing rights and lefts at Vixen’s temple and Vixen starts firing them back as they go back and forth, however Vixen eventually ducks under a wild right hand from Parand which instead hits Jasmine sending her to the ground, Vixen proceeds grab Parand from behind, drill her with a German Suplex and then to remove Parand’s bottom half of her outfit but quickly realizes that Jasmine’s out.

Jessie: Jasmine, wake up! She has the match won!

Simone: I don’t think Jasmine can here you Jessie.

Melody: Wait, what’s Parand up too?

Parand has rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair from under it, by the time Jessie realizes what Parand’s up too it’s too late as the Syrian Bombshell has slid into the ring and leveled Vixen with a vicious chair shot.

Jessie: Oh for fuck’s sake!

Simone: Parand has just leveled Vixen with a chairshot!

Melody: And she’s putting the bottom half of her outfit back on!

Once Parand has the bottom half of her outfit done up she turns to Vixen and sees that her stitches have been reopened by the chairshot, she nods in approval before removing Vixen’s shorts just in time for Jasmine to wake up, she takes one look at the situation and rings the bell.

Maggie: Here’s your winner, Parand Ara!

Simone: Vixen had the match won but Parand stole victory from under her nose like she almost did to Jessie in her debut match!

Melody: Oh crap! Parand has the chair again!

Parand raises the chair for another shot but retreats upon seeing Jessie roll into the ring with a chair of her own, Jessie glares at Parand as EMTs rush in to help Vixen.

In the VIP balcony section of the club, Angelica is seen holding her microphone in hand with a smirk on her face. She scoffs as she watches Electra Blaze walk up the steps on her way toward the back “Locker room” area. Angelica saunters over in front of her as the camera follows her, she approaches Electra. Angelica rolls her eyes and lets out a very judgmental inside laugh.

Angelica: So… um, it looks like your little owner was successful in her match against those two New York gutter trash losers. Congratulations.

Electra: Speaking of owners… didn’t she own your ass a few months ago, putting you out of action, then she nearly scolded your *air quotes* pretty little face last week?

Angelica: It’s a matter of opinion, I quess. I don’t know what you were watching, but… Anyway, it is my duty to get interviews with people tonight, and even if that freak barely qualifies as a human being…

Electra: Do you wanna get cut, bitch?!

Electra gets in Angelica’s face, pulling out a pocket knife combo cased around a lighter and she wields it, ready to do damage. However, a pudding covered hand reaches over and pulls her back a few feet. Roxanne steps forward and whispers into her ear, getting pudding in Electra’s hair. Electra slowly steps back, keeping her dark brown eyes glued to Angelica who taunts her with a couple bobs of her head.

Roxanne: You sure do have some guts challenging us with your hired bunch of women freshly released from prison with Justin Bieber haircuts… But you say you want to interview? Then get on with it cumdumpster…

Angelica: Yeah, that’s a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Research with your dirty mouth.

Roxanne: You are one to speak about dirty mouths. I bet you and Amy Marshall could put on a really close contest to see who has higher traces of herpes on the inside of your mouths… So, how about you actually start asking questions, or I am likely to punch you in your face until your eyeballs turn to jelly…

Roxanne’s almost monotone, nonchalant attitude is only made comical by the pudding caked to her entire body, dripping as it heats up on her skin, forming a puddle around her. Angelica takes a deep breath, trying to take it as seriously and impersonally as she can.

Angelica: So, tonight you got your second victory since returning to SCW full time. You beat an inactive former wrestler who you’ve trained, and a tag team who would lose to a paper bag if they were forced to face it in a match. Who…

Roxanne: So are you going to ask me how it feels to have already accomplished more in three weeks than you ever did in your entire career? It makes me feel rather nice… You fit in well with your interview team since neither of you have actually won a match in SCW. Unfortunately, your team only had one match and absolutely no wrestling background. What’s your excuse?

Angelica: This is totally uncalled for, and I do NOT deserve it. Mark said that if…

Roxanne gets a sinister look on her face as she leans in closer, practically getting in Angelica’s face as she grabs onto her white top, staining it brown as she pulls her in close.

Roxanne: Well, Mark isn’t here tonight to protect you. You can’t hide behind him to avoid the no male on female violence rule here, because it is all ladies tonight. I will knock out each and every bitch that gets in the way, so I suggest you lose the attitude and do the simple job you were hired for, or else I will make your worst nightmares come true little girl. Do we have ourselves an understanding…?

Angelica quickly nods her head and Roxanne slowly releases her. Angelica takes a few steps back to maintain some distance. Just then, Michelle Andretti walks up to the three women and she gently puts a hand on Angelica’s shoulder. Angelica jumps a bit and looks back as Michelle steps between the two of them.

Michelle: Is there a problem here ladies? Because, like… certainly we aren’t having a wrestler putting their hands on a staff member as a second offense? That would totally get you suspended Roxie! But, would that be a bad thing?

Roxanne: You should know that your empty threats don’t scare me. Besides, I think Angelica and I just got on the same page about how to interview. If it doesn’t require being on her knees, she doesn’t know how to do it, but we are square now. She was getting ready to ask me some pressing questions that inquiring minds are just dying to know…

Michelle: Angie… this interview is over. I don’t think the fans like care to hear from this ho bag, or be forced to see her longer than they have to. Find someone who is actually worth interviewing and let this lady get cleaned up. Maybe it will remove some of the stink from this club…

Roxanne grits her teeth as Michelle leads Angelica away from Roxanne and Electra. Electra, who has a very sordid past with Michelle, gets ready to strike when Roxanne grabs onto her shoulder and drags her away toward the backstage area.

The camera cut backstage and showed Laura Jackson just standing around looking like she was getting ready for her match she turned to the camera and just stared at it but before she could speak. Her waist was grabbed and the loving arms of her girlfriend Amanda Cortez wrapped around her.

Laura Jackson: Oh my god Mandy what you doing here?

Amanda giggled at her and lent in.

Amanda Cortez: I came to see win the tag titles silly I mean you’re going to look so sexy with that belt around your waist once more.

Laura Jackson: But I thought you wouldn’t be done for another two weeks?

Amanda Cortez: Oh Laura I know my fans can wait to see me suffer and look cute doing it but this is more important you have done so much for me over the years that it’s only right I be here for you big moment. Plus you know I suffer cause of fucking cancer so I’m here for that too.

Laura looked at her and understood what she meant. The only other woman Amanda ever truly opened up too was lost to cancer so Laura knew Mandy meant that.

Laura Jackson: Thanks Mandy that means a lot now let go find a quite spot and catch up!

With that the pair disappeared down the hall the camera cut away

We cut to the backstage, and a close up of the bomshell's title, resting around the waist of Roxi Johnson. Her shoulder has some athletic tape on it, but, she's still smiling, standing next to Pussy Willow.

Pussy Willow: I'm standing with the current Bombshell's champion Roxi Johnson, who has a big title defense tonight, but really, aren't you concerned about Alexis Morrison?

Roxi's smile turns to a frown, and she sighs heavily.

Roxi Johnson: Well, to answer your question, no. I'm not concerned about Alexis, I'm sure she'll find her way to the ring, or meet me backstage, or where ever she pleases. I'm not hard to find. I'm the woman holding the Bombshell's title.

Pussy Willow: But for two weeks straight, she has gotten the better of you. And now you're obviously injured now...

Roxi Johnson: Injuries, pain, they're part of the game. I'm not going to say that my shoulder isn't killing me. I'm not going to say I'm not in pain, but crying about a little shoulder pain isn't going to win me any friends. No one is going to care. And obviously, since I won this title, a bullseye has been painted on my back anyway. So I'm going to hold my head high, and suck it up.

Pussy Willow: Well, we're here on Sunday Night Seduction, and it's the first of it's kind. How does it feel to be the champion, when SCW has given the night to the Bombshells?

Roxi Johnson: It feels great. I'm proud of being the champion, and on a night where the women of SCW are the primary focus, I'm really happy to be holding this title when it came around.

Pussy Willow: Tonight has already been wild, and it could get even more wild, even in your match, you could be wrestling in pudding...or mud...You could be stripped or get stripped right here tonight, does it bother you?

Roxi Johnson: Well, I can't say that I am a fan, but this is what the fans of SCW want. And who am I to disappoint them? So if at the end of the night I end up in my bra and panties, or covered in be it. It's part of the job.

Pussy Willow: Thanks for your time, and good luck tonight!

Roxi Johnson: Thanks.

Fangirl Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Triple Threat Loaded Pillow Fight! Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 135 pounds, representing Atlantic Championship Wrestling, she is… ANGELA FALLON!!!

The ominous opening chords of "Tourniquet" by Evanescence starts to play as the stage in illuminated by purple lighting and a fog rolls in and down the ramp. After about twenty seconds, the song's tempo becomes more upbeat and Angela Fallon makes her way out from the back to a mixed reaction. Angela seems indifferent to the crowd as she slowly walks down the ramp. Once she reaches the bottom, she turns almost mechanically towards the ring stairs. She climbs the stairs and steps between the ropes. She goes to the nearest corner and waits.

Fangirl Maggie:And her opponent, hailing from Juneau, Alaska, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 128 pounds, she is… AMY MARSHALL!!!

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa. .

Whoaa ohh ohhh x 3

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker. .

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign. .

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream.

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for the match to begin.

Fangirl Maggie: And the final competitor, hailing from Santa Monica, California, standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 125 pounds, she is… ALEXIS MORRISON!!!

Lights go off throughout the arena as music from Damage by Fit for Rivals plays on the sound speaker. The light scopes start searching seats and the entire arena looking for Alexis Morrison, she finally emerges from the upper bottom bleachers wearing her wrestling attire looking around before walking down the stairs meeting a series of boos coming from everywhere, she reaches near the barricade and flashes a smirk to the cameras then jumps over. Morrison slides her hand through her locks and climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring, where she goes to the far corner and props herself on the turnbuckle ropes, eying her opponents.

Melody: The object of this match is to beat your opponent down with the pillows located on the outside of the ring.

Simone: But here is the twist… They have ten seconds to stuff as much as they can inside of their pillow. We’ve got bricks, bars of soap, coins, even barbed wire…

Referee Cookie S’Mores stands in the center of the ring, looking around at all three competitors before shouting out the quick details for the match. When she is finished, she pulls out a bullhorn and blows it as the ladies jump to the outside of the ring.


In her corner, Angela picks up a bucket of marbles and dumps the entire thing into the pillow. The fans cheer as she picks up a brick and stuffs it inside.


In her corner, Alexis picks up a tow chair and wraps it up, dropping it inside of her pillow. She dumps some thumb tacks into her pillow as she searches the table for more goodies.


Amy has already stuffed her pillow, but she is trying to cram more inside, as much as she can carry. She gives it a couple swings for good measure as the bullhorn sounds. All three ladies slide back inside of the ring as the bell sounds.


Instantly, Amy swings her pillow at the nearest opponent, Alexis, and her loaded pillow collides with Alexis’s head, knocking her down to the ground. She holds her forehead, getting a bit of a charge out of the blood running down her forehead. Before Amy can turn around, she is caught hard against the small of her back from Angela. She holds onto her back and groans loudly before surprising everyone by swinging right back at Angela, catching her in the ribs with the pillow. She stumbles forward a bit and swings her pillow again, catching Angela in the leg, causing it to buckle a bit. Amy takes time to enjoy the job she has done on Angela, mouthing to her as she saunters over closer to her. She grabs onto Angela’s red hair, preparing to get a direct shot to the head when Alexis comes out of nowhere, nailing her half sister with the pillow.

Simone: Not that this entire show isn’t a thirteen year old boy, and David’s, fantasy, but two sisters in a pillow fight like this?

Melody: Who is David?

Alexis swings her pillow relentlessly at her sister, causing slash marks to come down across her back from the thumb tacks. Amy tries to shield her back, but her hands get it next. She rolls out of the way just as Angela spears Alexis into the corner. Angela shoves her pillow into Alexis’s face, smothering her while pinning her arms to the ropes with her knees. Cookie comes over and tries to get the fan favorite to let go, but she won’t do it. Cookie begins the count.





Melody: The fans are going crazy as I’m sure they had no idea this match would be this extreme!

Simone: Considering Amy and Alexis are in this match, they should have. Angela did, and she is just a visitor.

Amy brings herself up to one knee, checking her surroundings as Angela lets go. Angela swings her loaded pillow against Alexis’s head as quickly as she can. Amy struggles to get up to her feet, stumbling a bit as a look of determination comes over her face. She picks her pillow up off of the mat and moves it about ten feet. She sets it back down on the mat as Angela continues her assault on the bloodied Alexis. Amy charges over and hooks her arms under Angela’s arms and brings her down atop the pillow with a Crucifix Bomb. She hooks the legs of Angela, pressing down on the pillow as Angela screams out in pain.




Simone: Angela powers out of the pin, not ready to give up yet. But as she dropped her pillow, half of her items spilled out, and Cookie kicks them to the outside.

Melody: I guess it’s my job to make some goofy response, right? Well I’m not, ooooh! Looks like Angela just lost her marbles!

Belinda is heard groaning at Melody’s sincere attempt at humor. Inside of the ring, Amy picks up Alexis’s pillow and empties it completely onto the mat. Cookie scolds her as she kicks the assortment to the outside, leaving two empty pillows to her loaded one. She smirks as she stands in the center of her two opponents. As Alexis stumbles blindly from the corner, Amy makes a sick thud noise as she smacks her sister across the face. Angela tries to blindside her, only to get caught with the same fate, lashes appearing across her face. Amy swings at Alexis, catching her across the shoulder, raking at it as it tears the flesh. She swings again at Angela, who ducks it, only to catch Alexis again. Angela goes for a Hurricanrana on Amy, but Amy hold on, sending her down on top of the sharp, bloodied pillow once again. She tries for a pin, but Angela rolls backward. Alexis, feeling a bit lightheaded, tries for her own reverse Hurricanrana on her sister, but Amy holds onto her legs, keeping her in an Electric Chair position. Amy dumps her over the top rope, sending her crashing through the pillow loading station table from earlier!


Simone: They said it, not me… But I was definitely thinking it.

Melody: I don’t think special GM Michelle Andretti thought this one all the way through. This is less fantasy, and more gruesome!

Amy turns around to see Angela gripping her back. She hammers her pillow down wildly over Angela before shouting out to the audience who are booing her. She shouts out at them violently before dumping the contents of her pillow on the mat to “appease” their cheap calls. She kicks the stuff out for herself, taunting the audience before laying the pillow down over Angela’s face. She hits the Bad Girl as the fans boo even further. She lays her knees over Angela’s shoulders, pinning her in the process as Cookie drops down for the pin.




Maggie: Your winner… AMY MARSHALL!!!

Melody: She did it! She dominated most of the match, getting away with only scrapes across her back while her opponents could be dead for all I know!

Simone: Dead is an exaggeration, but in a world of pain? That’s a different story. My only concern is, why would Amy put a pillow over Angela Fallon’s face to soften the blow…?

Amy stands up as Cookie raises her arm in the air. Amy lashes out at the fans as she points up to her raised arm. She nods her head as she holds the bloody pillow in her hand. She walks to the turnbuckle nearest the fallen Alexis, and she stands up on it, raising the pillow in her hands as if it were a title. She looks down at Alexis with a sick grin on her face. She gets down and walks over to Angela, lashing out once again with the pillow at her. The bell rings, but Amy doesn’t stop. Not until Cookie rips the pillow from her hand. She feels a prick and then drops the pillow as she tends to her bleeding finger. Amy leans down to pick the pillow up. She reaches inside and pulls out a long string of barbed wire, raising it high in the air. “Scream” by The Misfits begins playing as Amy saunters around the ring in celebration.

The lighting in the arena fades out for a spilt second before “Blood in my eyes” slams over the personal address system. The fans in the make shift arena start to cheer as the lightening starts to flicker shades of pink. Walking out from behind the curtain Miss Odette Ryder can be seen holding a microphone in her right hand. Walking back and forth on the top of the ramp the lighting in the arena returns back to normal as her theme slowly cuts from the personal address system. Not wasting any time the young Aussie brings the microphone up to her lips and starts to talk.

Odette: I hope you really didn’t think I was going to miss this?

The fans let out a loud pop as Odette continues.

Odette: Tonight it’s about giving something back; it’s about giving some of the world’s strongest women a chance of hope… tonight it’s all about raising awareness for Breast Cancer Research…

Another pop is heard from the crowd as Odette encourages them to keep cheering.

Odette: So let me just start off by saying that research and awareness unfortunately doesn’t come for free, so tonight were going to get a little kitty started… so let’s kick things off with a $50 00 donation from my good friend Melody Grace… Melody sweets take a bow…

The Aussie points over to Melody who jumps out of her seat and waves to the fans who are cheering loudly.

Odette: During tonight’s show I urge you to donate as much or as little as you can to this great cause, even the viewers at home can play along… the number will be scrolling across the bottom of the screen… and I’ve been told on good authority that everyone who donates tonight will receive a Sin City Wrestling poster signed by all the lovely Bombshells that are on display tonight.

Another pop from the crowd emerges.

Odette: … but that’s not the last of it… tonight every penny that gets donated, I pledge that Gabriel and I will match… together we need to fight this, together we need to stop the pain that impacts the lives of so many each and every single day.

The crowd let out another cheer as Odette starts to make her way down the ramp.

Odette: Together we can find a cure…

Dropping the microphone Odette starts to slap the fans hands and walking around the ring as Blood In My Eyes slams across the personal address system. The Aussie tries to make her way around the ring embracing as many fans as she can before the scene fades to the backstage area.

The scene opens on the outside of the club where we find Joanne taking in a bit of fresh air. She leans against the wall when she hears someone coming into the alleyway. Joanne goes for the desert eagle and sees that it was Reno, Rude and Scarpaci coming into the alley. She sighs, and puts the eagle away as they come closer.

Joanne: What are you three doin' here?

Reno: We wanted to make sure you're all right. Where are your bodyguards now?

Mia: Right here.

Mia jumps down from the roof behind them, and she smiles from behind the black mask she wore.

Rude: Besides we got tickets for the show tonight... Is that a crime?

Joanne: No but you shouldn't be back here though. Remember female staff only tonight. I'll see you inside. C'mon Mia.

Mia does a back flip and in through the doorway with Joanne following behind. She sighs, and closes the door behind them as the scene fades back to the main part of the club.

Melody: Okay, now I’m really getting freaked… What is up with this video package?

Belinda: I don’t know, but two times in one night is…

”It’s your fault… It’s all your fault. You are the ones who revel in your sin and then have the guts to go to the House of Lies to absolve your glorious sin…”

The music screeches to a stop as “The Lords Theme” by John 5 plays. The haunting sound causes every light in the building to die out. Seconds later, figures in brown robes file from behind the curtains carrying bright torches. They line the entryway as they stand still. Their feminine chants bellow from under their hoods as they speak in a dead tongue. This prompts the music to end and “Venus In Furs” starts up again. Soon, a woman with white dreadlocks appears from behind the curtain. As she gets closer to the light, she is wearing black leather boots peaking up to a long black and grey hooded baja style jacket. Her face is painted to mirror a skull with a sickle like character etched on her forehead. She has something in her hands as she walks methodically down the ramp, slowly as she tilts her head back cackling. She gets to the bottom as the women accompanying her begin to circle the ring. Five of them climb onto the apron and stand by each turnbuckle, save for one. Connecting the five of them is an upside down pentagram in red lights. The figure steps inside of the ring and saunters to the dead center, revealing something up above her head. The lights come back on to reveal a severed goats head. She dances to the beat of the music before bringing it down to face her. She sticks her tongue out and licks the front of it, cackling as she tosses it outside of the ring, getting a reaction from the fans. She pulls a microphone out of her jacket.

Woman: It is your ALLLLLL your fault! You disgust me with your cross necklaces, bearing the greatest of liars upon them, good CHRISTIANS! Coming from giving praise to the prophet of deceit who spreads falsely the ideas of abstinence from everything you secretly want to do. Kill your enemy, fuck your neighbors sexy wife, steal that flat screen television that is much larger than your own. You go into the House of Lies promising you won’t even think such things, and then you come here and watch women dance in their underwear, make out with each other, and do everything but fuck each other just so you can go home and pleasure yourself in the confines of your own shame… It sickens me! You believe the lies, yet even with your own beliefs, you still deny the true savior!!!

The fans boo her as she puts up the devil horns in the air. Once irate, the woman instantly begins cackling in a split second. She tilts her head back and screeches an almost blood curdling scream before skipping a few steps away from the center. She holds a finger out and turns in one full circle before stopping.

Woman: You feed him every day, yet you deny him! That’s okay, because unlike the true BRINGER OF DEATH… Satan forgives so long as you sustain him, and trust me when I say that each and every one of you do that! And it is because of YOU, that I have discovered my true calling. My ultimate goal is to cleanse the world of all the lies perpetuated by the greatest liar known to man. You will grow to know my name, each and every one of you will fear the name… Lilith! I will challenge everything you find holy and just. Then, when the time is right, you will all have to face the consequences of your false beliefs…

The woman begins swiping at her face frantically with her nails, scraping off a large portion of her face paint, using her dreadlocks as a veil until she is finished. She flings her dreads up in the air, revealing that she is none other than…

Melody: Holy shit, is that…

Belinda: I think that’s… that’s… KITTIE! It is, but… it… isn’t? This is insane!

Kittie grins sadistically as she circles around the ring, gaining a mixed reaction from the fans. She shakes what little she has in an effort to invoke the passion of those who desire her flesh. She cackles as she exits the ring, led up the path by her female companions, leaving most people speechless as “Venus In Furs” begins playing again.

Previously taped...

Backstage on Club RAIN, Pussy Willow stands beside the manager of the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions, the woman known as Darknyss. Behind the two women stands the special SCW Roulette Wheel for this even more special edition of Climax Control.

PW: Everyone, I am standing here right now with the manager of the Tag Team Champions, the Fallen, who later on this evening will defend their prestigious titles against a worthy combination in Laura Jackson and the Jersey Devil Diva herself, Joanne Canelli.

Pussy Willow turns to address Darknyss.

PW: And now we are going to take a step back and allow the manager of the champions spin the wheel and see what special stipulation Raynin and Gothika will meet their challengers in this evening.

Darknyss eyes Pussy (no jokes now!) silently and steps up to the wheel. She grabs the side of it and gives it a hard spin. It spins quickly, passing each match numerous times; Oil Match ... Trampoline Match ... Evening Gown Match ... Food Fight ... Costume match ... each of the many T&A type matches passes by until the wheel slows down and comes to a halt on...

The crowd cheers!

PW: Mud Match! It looks like the tag gold will be defended in the dirtiest manner possible!

With that, Darknyss turns and makes her exit from the scene, saying not a word.


The camera returns to the ringside area where the SCW's six-sided ring has been transformed once again; a large blue tarp is now lining the ring, using the bottom rope, and has been filled with California red clay -- mud -- for professional mud wrestling.

Simone: I never thought I'd see the day where the most prestigious tag title in women's wrestling would be defended in an environment like this.

Melody: Me either! I thought for sure it'd be in a blue light special at the mall.

Simone: By any chance are you and Jason related?

Fangirl Maggie steps up to ringside with the microphone.

Maggie: Calling all cars! Calling all cars!

She takes a moment to pause and laugh at her own antics before the look on Belinda's face gets her to clear her throat and begin the introductions...

Maggie: Alrighty roo! It's time for the Bombshell Tag Team Championship, and in case you're blind, it's a mud wrestling match!

The crowd on hand at Club RAIN cheers enthusiastically.

Maggie: Let's bring out the challengers! First she's from Jersey Shore, New Jersey and she weighs 135 pounds... The Jersey devil Diva, Joanne Canelli!

The house lights go down, as a spotlight goes over the crowd. As the spotlight comes to a stop at the back of the entrance way, as "Run This Town" begins to play. A picture of the Italian Flag appears on the screen with the letters F.B.I over the flag, with the words "FULL BLOODED ITALIAN" is written underneath. It soon changes to scenes of mob hits, newspaper clippings from just recent to the late 1900's, but soon changes once again, to shots of the Mafioso, sitting in a large office, and in limos, and in arena's from times since past. The spotlight focuses on four figures standing at the back of the ramp. This is Joanne and her special female bodyguards for this one-time only event. The quartet walks down the ramp and towards the mud ring. Once at the ringside area, Joanne removes her robe and the crowd wolf whistles at the sight of the Bombshell in a black, lace swimsuit. She passes her robe to one of the bodyguards and waits for her partner.

Maggie: Her tag team partner is Tampa, Florida, and she also weighs 135 pounds ... Laura Jackson!

Dick Dale's Misirlou hits the personal address system and out walks Laura Jackson atop the stage. Like Joanne, she too is wearing a robe and she pauses to soak in the cheers and whistles for a moment before she descends the stage and heads for the ring. Laura walks around the six-sided ring until she arrives at her corner beside Joanne and she removes her robe to reveal a cut-off t and tight short shorts, much to the crowd's delight.

Maggie: And their opponents, the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions!

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

"Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul

Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight"

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

Maggie: Accompanied by Darknyss, at a combined weight of (wow, that much!?) 300 pounds ... they are the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions, Raynin and Gothika ... The Fallen!

"The Sky
Will Break
Black Fire
Will Wake

Fly On Through The Night
We Built An Allience
Our Numbers Are Strong

We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools What Lunatics
They Must Think Of Us"

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring.

"But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight

Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackend Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain"

Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk up to the ring and stare at their challengers on the other side. The champions remove their jackets to reveal each to be wearing sports bras and matching spandex shorts.

Simone: Not too into the whole 'flash the flesh' routine of this show, are they?

Guest referee, Brandi Shotze, takes the tag belts from the champions and holds them up for all to see, and the fans applaud. The four women then climb up onto the ring apron and while Laura and Gothika stay outside for their teams, Raynin and Joanne step carefully through the ropes and into the mud.

Simone: And we are about to get underway here with the tag gold on the line.

Brandi herself climbs into the mud and she calls for the bell.


And immediately at the sound of the opening bell, Joanne jumps and dropkicks Raynin! Both women scramble to their hands and knees rather than their feet due to the slippery nature of the mud and they grab one another in dual side headlocks, wrestling around in the mud, trying to gain the advantage as the crowd cheers them on!

Simone: It's a good thing this is for charity because it is absolutely degrading.

Melody: Yeah did you say that when Bo Dreamwolf and Primetime Matthew Kennedy were in the same spot? Hmmmm?

Simone: ............ Shut up.

The women struggle to their knees and then they force their way to a standing position, but Joanne breaks loose from Raynin's headlock and uses the slippery mud and leverage to hiptoss the larger woman over and she retains the headlock in the mud as the tag champion squirms and struggles. Raynin grabs a handful of Joanne's shorts and pulls her over into pin and Brandi makes a count.

Joanne manages to get her shoulder up.

Joanne is forced to let go of her hold on Raynin and she ducks down to try and grab at her and Raynin grabs her around the waist with both arms and rolls her over until Canelli is on her back and Raynin is on top. Raynin grabs a handful of Joanne's mud soaked hair and she starts throwing harsh forearm shots into the smaller woman's temple, stunning her. Raynin grabs two handfuls of her hair and tries to drag her over towards her corner for a tag and possible double teaming but Joanne grabs her by the feet and pulls her legs out from under her and Raynin falls hard on her back.

Melody: How are we supposed to call a match like this? What was that anyway? A Greco Roman whatchamacallit?

Simone: How would I know? This is only the second time we've seen a match like this in SCW. I'm not even sure those women know exactly what to do. Half their arsenal has been thrown out the window thanks to the mud.

Joanne scoots back to her own corner, dragging Raynin along by the foot and Laura reaches in through the ropes and tags herself in. Joanne holds Raynin by the foot and Laura jumps up and body splashes the prone form of Raynin. Gothika and Darknyss call into the ring as Laura gets right back up and drops a guillotine legdrop across Raynin's head and face next. Brandi forces Joanne to exit the ring and she turns around and spots Laura covering Raynin and hooking a leg.

Raynin gets her shoulder up.

Simone: I don't think hooking the leg is going to be much help here. The mud makes it so slippery it's easily broken.

Laura gets hold of Raynin by the hair and pulls her off of her back but Raynin grabs her by the arm and pulls her right into a knee to the exposed stomach. Laura doubles over, the wind taken out of her and Raynin scoops her up for a body slam but slips in the mud and falls heavily onto her back with Laura on top!

Raynin kicks out.

Melody: Yeah that wasn't a very smart thing to do. And I know a lot about doing things that aren't very smart.

Simone: The hell you say.

Laura then straddles Raynin's chest and smiles out to the crowd and she grabs two handfuls of mud and smears them into the tag champion's face, eliciting a number of cheers from the crowd.

Simone: Oh some mind games going on there by Laura Jackson!

Laura, smiling, gets off of her opponent and starts to pull her up but Raynin pulls her legs out from under her. Raynin then grabs her by the legs and falls back, catapulting her throat-first across the middle rope.

Melody: I don't think Raynin liked that too much.

Raynin crawled over on her hands and knees and she started choking Laura viciously on the middle rope.

Simone: Mud wrestling or not, that's always a great equalizer inside of any ring.

Brandi shouts at her about choking the challenger and she then starts her count.


Raynin stops her choking and she slams the side of Laura's head against the edge of the ring pool and tags Gothika.

Melody: Here comes the big girl!

Simone: There's one thing I don't think Jason would ever have dared refer to any Bombshell as.

Raynin sticks Laura's head through the top and middle rope and pulls on her hair as Gothika short-arm clotheslines her around from behind. Raynin makes her exit as per Brandi Shotze's demand and Gothika grabs Laura in a front facelock and snaps her over quickly with a snap suplex.

Simone: Incredible that she was able to manage such a power maneuver in that mud.

Gothika then measures her up and jumps, dropping a leg across Laura's face. Gothika makes the cover and hooks the leg.

Laura gets her shoulder up.

Gothika slaps her hands three times in rapid succession, asking Brandi for a faster count. Gothika then pulls laura up with a handful of hair but Jackson slips behind her and rolls her up in a school boy.

Gothika powers her off.

Before Gothika can retaliate, Laura ducks a swing and brings the taller woman down with a side Russian Legsweep. Laura quickly reaches out and tags Joanne back into the match.

Gothika starts to rise, forcing her way to her feet and Joanne jumps off the middle rope and crashes into the big woman with a flying body press. Joanne hooks the near leg and holds on!

Gothika kicks out!

Simone: There are a lot of pins taking place in this one Melody... Melody...? Are you texting during this championship match!?

Melody: Despy is asking me what's going on!

Simone: Tell him to turn the damn TV on like everyone else!

Melody: Fine! ... And Angel just said you should really get that stick removed.

Gothika starts to fight her way up until Joanne ducks behind her and grabs her in a body scissors and beast choker submission from behind, bringing her right back down into the mud. Gothika struggles wildly!

Simone: She might have her! We may have new tag team champions!

Melody: Oo I hafta tell Despy!

Simone: Put that away!

Melody: Aww!

Joanne is tightening her grip so much that she doesn't notice Raynin climb into the mud and the tag champion jumps off the middle rope and drills a flying elbow into Canelli's exposed head, breaking the hold.

Simone: She really saved her partner's skin there.

Brandi makes Raynin get out of the mud ring but the damage is already done. Gothika reaches out to tag Raynin in officially. The two champions then each carefully pull Joanne up and they link hands and double clothesline her down into the mud. Gothika leaves at Shotze's urging and Raynin decides to return the favor from earlier. She sits on Joanne's back and grabs her by the hair and shoves her face into the mud and holds it there, rubbing it back and forth. Joanne's legs kick and her arms flay wildly but Raynin holds her firm.

Melody: How humiliating! Drowning in mud!

Brandi tells her to ease up and starts to count...


Raynin finally lets her go and gets off of her back. She drags Canelli up to her feet by the hair and snapmares her over, using her long, mud soaked hair as a handle. Raynin covers her and hooks the leg.

Joanne gets her shoulder up.

Raynin pulls her to her feet and starts to lift her up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry, but slips once again and crashes back...

Simone: That's one time slipping in this match helped Raynin! She just Somoan dropped laura whether that's what she planned or not.

Raynin looks at Joanne who is rolling in the mud in pain and the champion smiles. Raynin backs up to her own corner and backs up the corner to the middle rope. She then jumps but Laura brings her knees up and Raynin comes right down onto them with her stomach and ribs!

Melody: Oopsy! Sucks to be her!

Joanne then crawls as best she can towards her corner and she tags Laura back in, just as Raynin manages to tag in Gothika. Gothika steps through the ropes but Joanne is already over there and she drops to her knees and uses the mud and her leverage to bring the taller woman over in a modified back body drop. Laura rolls on top of Gothika, attempting a cover, but Gothika struggles and rolls her off and soon both women are rolling back and forth through the mud, struggling for the upper hand!

Melody: Boy listen to these men whistle! You'd think they were trying to call a dog!

Gothika ends up on top and head butts Laura between the eyes, stunning her. Gothika then gets to her feet, pulling her opponent up with two handfuls of hair, but Laura slaps her hands aside and then brings Gothika over in a one foot monkey flip. Laura rolls back over on top of her and holds her arms down for the pin.

Raynin dives in and breaks in up, baseball sliding into Laura and knocking her off!

Joanne starts to come in to even things up and Brandi heads her off, ordering her out! Joanne argues with the guest referee and threatens her but Brandi, an active wrestler in her own right, is not intimidated and the two start struggling as Shotze forces her back to her corner!

Simone: Joanne needs to get out of there! She's doing more harm than good!

Behind the referee's back, Raynin grabs Laura and dumps her in a slipper and awkward piledriver! Raynin quickly ducks out through the ropes and Gothika covers her opponent! Joanne finally leaves the ring and Brandi sees the pin!


The crowd boos as Gothika slides out of the ring and joins Raynin where Darkynss holds their tag belts high over head.

Maggie: Here are the winners, and still the Bombshell Tag Team Champions ... the Fallen!

Raynin and Gothika make their way back up the stage as Joanne checks on Laura.

Simone: This has to be the most unique tag title defense we've ever seen in SCW!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building.

Simone: Wait a minute...What is Misty doing here? Her match with Odette was postponed! Melody...what are you doing under the table?!

Several seconds into the music, a single cloaked figure emerges from backstage. Everyone looks on, confused and some boo loudly as they assume it is the Queen of the Damned, Misty, underneath the cloak, but when the person raises their arms and lowers their hood, we see that it is none other than her lone female disciple, Ruby.

Simone: Oh this should be good. Ruby is all by herself.

Melody(from under the table): That is even worse!!

Ruby has a wicked grin on her face as she starts making her way to the ring, as the entire crowd boos her. She ignores this, however, as she walks to the ring clearly on a mission. Once she enters the ring, she walks over and snatches the microphone out of fan girl Maggie's hand, and moves to the center of the ring, looking around the crowd. The music finally dies down and the lights return to their full shine, and Ruby raises the microphone to speak as the crowd viciously boos her.

Ruby: You people need to learn some respect!

The boos get even louder.

Ruby: I am out here this evening to say a few things that your Queen would say for herself, but given her current situation, she was unable to be here tonight. Had she been able to attend, she would finally put an end to that vile do-gooder Australian you people seem to love so much, Odette Ryder!

The crowd erupts in loud cheers as Ruby mentions Odette's name. This doesn't make the feisty disciple happy, as she scowls and lowers the microphone for a second. The crowd cheers Odette's name, but Ruby shakes her head.

Melody: Is O here, too?!

Simone: Would you get out from under the table?! You're just as bad as Jason!

Ruby: Cheer while you can, people. Once your Queen returns, she WILL put an end to Odette Ryder, and there is not a damn thing you people can do to stop her! She will force your precious Odette Ryder to kneel before her, proving just who the better between the two really is! And not just between the two of them, but amongst all of these women here tonight!

The crowd boos again, further agitating Ruby.

Ruby: Deny it all you want, but there has only ever been one true leader around here and your Queen of the Damned is that person! This show tonight is nothing...NOTHING without her! None of these other so called BOMBSHELLS have shown even a fraction of the leadership that your Queen has and it makes me sick! She can do so much better than what this division has turned into, and it is only getting worse!

Melody: She is soooo annoying! Can someone shut her up already?

Simone: Why don't you take a crack at it? You tried shipping her to Africa or some place like that recently, didn't you?

Melody: Yeah and it was an epic failure!

Ruby: The main event this evening SHOULD have been your Queen defeating Odette Ryder, but look at what you are stuck with instead? The likes of some trashy superhero wanna-be and a pathetic loser who shouldn't even be challenging for the Bombshell title. Jessie Salco was given a shot at the title after losing to your Queen just last week? How does that make any sense?!

The crowd cheers at the mention of Jessie and Roxi, much like they did for Odette, and Ruby snarls yet again.

Ruby: Whether you people like it or not, you Queen will get that title back, and she plans to do just that once she is finished taking care of Odette Ryder! She will use her rematch clause to go after Roxi Johnson...Oh, yes, it WILL be Roxi Johnson because little Jessie Salco doesn't stand a chance at ever becoming the Bombshell Champion. Your Queen will use her rematch clause, and she will get her title back and show you people how much this division NEEDS her! And, if she is not shown the respect she deserves...Well, if I have anything to do about it, she will go elsewhere and then your precious Bombshell Division will truly suffer! It will die without her, whether you believe so or not! It will die, because it is already dying!

The crowd begins a chant of "BORING!" as Ruby continues to speak.

Melody: I'm going to take a nap. Let me know when she's gone.

Ruby: You people have no clue...No clue at all! But you will see soon enough. You need her...this division needs her...This company needs her! She was born to be a leader unlike the rest of those women in the back. What have they done?! What are they doing now?! Absolutely NOTHING! You people make me sick! This company makes me sick! She deserves better, and she WILL get better! That is a promise!!

Ruby then throws the microphone down and storms out of the ring, heading backstage to a round of booing, and as she disappears backstage, they erupt in cheers.

Melody: Finally...we can get on with the show!

Simone: That was...interesting.

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

The crowd expects to see Casey Williams, but instead see his wife, Laura, at the top of the ramp. The crowd looks bewildered

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Laura looks around the crowd, focused. She starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning her head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Laura shakes her head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Laura approaches the metal steps, and as she approaches the apron, Fan Girl Maggie walks over and holds the ropes open for her, respecting Laura being pregnant, and she staring around at the booing fans. Laura raises her arms as the fans boo louder. Laura then motions for a microphone.

Laura: “I know you all expected my husband, Casey. I am here to speak on his behalf. Everyone has been shocked with his actions the last few weeks, first calling out Hot Stuff Mark Ward whilst the feud between Team SCW and Team Erik was going on. After the feud ended, Casey still pursued Mark, until getting the match, which Mark got lucky when he pinned Casey. Casey was dominate in that bout. Then after losing to Mark, Casey was forced to compete just last week in the 3 Stages of Hell match against Kain, which was a “dream match“ of Kain‘s, and Kain won the overall match. Then, you see Casey after the match take out both Jake Salco twice, and his sister‘s boyfriend, Shane, in frustration. Not only that, Casey also laid out Simon Jones and Angelo Vialetti in ACW. Casey is just frustrated with the way things are going for him, and taking his aggression on everyone in his way, until he gets what he wants. Nobody can stop him from accomplishing his goals.”

The crowd boos Laura even louder as she drops the mic and walks to the back and “I Will Not Bow“ hits the speakers.

There is a close up shot of the Roulette wheel spinning around in the forefront of the camera. It slowly pulls back and the crowd cheers as they see the reigning SCW Bombshell Champion, Roxi Johnson, watching the stipulations whiz by with Pussy Willow standing at her side, observing closely.

The wheel slows down finally and lands on...

The crowd explodes in cheers!

PW: It's going to be Roxi Johnson defending her title against Jessie Salco in a Lingerie match!

Roxi smiles good naturedly and turns and exits out of the camera shot.


The camera finally returns to the six-sided ring that has been cleaned up and cleared away from the mud match earlier. Standing inside of the ring is referee Jasmine St John and Fangirl Maggie.

Maggie: Its time for the Main Event everybody, and it's a Lingerie Match for the SCW Bombshell Championship!

The crowd cheers and whistles!

Maggie: First we have the challenger! From Miami, Florida, weighing 120 pounds ... Jessie Salco!

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of "I Want Out" by Helloween tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out with her brother Jake, the two do some headbanging at the top of the ramp before Jessie gets a running start before sliding into the ring, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before showing off her NXT armband and waiting for her opponent.

Maggie: And her opponent is the current SCW Bombshell Champion! From Tampa, Florida, weighing 132 pounds ... Roxi Johnson!

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Simone: And I guess it's time for the unveiling.

Melody: Yeah girls! Give the fellas what they want!

No sooner said than done as each of the women undoes the belts on their robes and lets it slide from their bodies and the crowd goes absolutely wild! Jessie is wearing a black lace bra and panty garter set -- and Roxi is wearing a deep red halter babydoll night dress!

Melody: ... Wow.

Simone: And that sight alone out to be worth the price of admission I would imagine!

The cheers and whistles continue as Roxi passes her title belt to Jasmine who holds it high for all to see before she passes it out to Fangirl Maggie and calls for the bell.


Jessie and Roxi circle each other and lock up. Jessie moves behind Roxi, both clad in lingerie, pulling herself up close to the bombshell champion.

Simone: And every man in the world is getting excited right now.

Melody: Why?

Jessie lifts Roxi over with a belly to back suplex, and slides around her, locking the champion in a front facelock. Roxi fights her way up to her feet, switching to Jessie's side. Jessie holds her in a side headlock, before running for a bulldog. Roxi slides her head out and pushes Jessie away, as Jessie turns around, Roxi jumps up with a dropkick, knocking Jessie in to the corner. Roxi charges at Jessie, jumping in the air with a head scissors, pulling Jessie over.

Melody: What an awesome head scissors from super girl!

Jessie rolls through on the floor, but Roxi springs back to her feet. As Jessie returns to her feet, Roxi lifts her over with a snap suplex, dropping SCW's resident metalhead on her back. Roxi gets back to her feet, getting the cheers from the crowd. Roxi bounces off the ropes before dropping a quick leg drop across Jessie's chest. Roxi goes for a quick cover.

Jessie quickly kicks out.

Simone: Roxi should know Jessie will be tougher to beat.

Jessie quickly gets to her feet, as does Roxi. Jessie charges towards Roxi but Roxi leapfrogs Jessie. Jessie charges to the opposite rope and bounces back, but Roxi jumps in the air for a hurricanruna, wrapping her legs around Jessie's neck, trying to pull down, but Jessie stands firm. Jessie steps forward and drops Roxi with a sitdown powerbomb, keeping her shoulders to the ground. Jasmine drops down to make the count.


Roxi rolls over and gets on her knees, breaking the count.

Melody: We nearly had a new champion.

Roxi jumps towards Jessie as she sits up, catching her with a low clothesline, knocking Jessie back to her back. Roxi gets back to her feet, waiting for the challenger to get to hers. As Jessie does, Roxi charges but Jessie ducks, grabbing the superhero by the head as she goes past and drops her with a neckbreaker. Jessie cradles a leg and holds her tightly in a second pinfall attempt.

Roxi kicks out.

Melody: Those superheroes are sure hard to beat.

Jessie brings the champion to her feet and a chop across the chest stuns Roxi further. Jessie goes to Irish whip her into the far corner but Roxi reverses it. Roxi runs in and jumps, bringing her capable challenger out the hard way with a monkey flip.

Melody: What'd I tell you?

Roxi Irish whips Jessie into the ropes and attempts a roundhouse kick but Jessie dodges the blow with a handspring and as soon as Roxi turns around, she gets struck flush in the face with a perfectly timed barefoot dropkick! Jessie then Irish whips Roxi and swings for a lariat but Roxi ducks, rebounds and knocks Jessie down with a flying cross body block!

2.....Jessie kicks out!

Roxi pulls Jessie right up with a double arm chicken wing. Jessie struggles to get free but Roxi wins out and she snaps her over with a lightning quick butterfly suplex, then holds on and does it a second time. This time she arches her back into a bridge, keeping Jessie's shoulders down on the canvas.

Jessie gets her shoulder up.

Simone: That shot alone could have gotten us on late night HBO!

Roxi pulls her to her feet and Irish whips her into the corner and runs right in after her but Jessie leapfrogs up and over her and takes her over with a backslide!

2.....Roxi wriggles free!

Melody: And so could that one!

Jessie grabs Roxi by the arm and pulls her up. She goes for an Irish whip across the ring but Roxi counters with a reversal but Jessie ducks into the maneuver and whips Roxi back into the near corner. Jessie then runs in and jumps, driving both knees hard into the champion's sternum. Jessie bring her out of the corner and lifts her up with a bodyslam, quickly dropping an elbow down across the chest. Jessie then drags her up to her feet, Irish whipping her in to the ropes. Roxi comes back and Jessie lifts her up, but Roxi scales the challenger's shoulders and takes her over with a victory roll, hooking both legs.

2.....Jessie kicks out!

Both women spring up and Jessie doubles the champion over with a barefoot kick to the belly. Jessie then Irish whips her into the ropes and swings for a lariat but Roxi ducks under, rebounds and leaps, taking Jessie right off her feet with her own flying clothesline!

Simone: The champion is on fire tonight.

Melody: Well, quick! Someone put her out!

Roxi drops to her knees and goes on the attack, driving several repeated forearm shots into the side of Jessie's head.

Simone: With the title on the line, it's only natural that tempers are starting to flare up.

Jessie pushes her off and gets to her feet but Roxi runs into the ropes and comes sliding off in a lightning quick shining wizard strike to Salco's head. Roxi covers her and hooks the leg.

Jessie kicks out.

Melody: Oh that was close.

Roxi goes to Irish whip her into the far corner but Jessie reverses it and sends her in instead, coming right in with a high knee. Jessie then backs up and gets a second running start but Roxi greets her the hard way with an elbow right to the head. Jessie staggers back and Roxi hops up onto the second turnbuckle to fly, but Jessie sees it coming and she runs in and dropkicks Roxi and the Bombshell champion topples from her perch and to the outside!

Melody: Superheroes are meant to fly but not quite like that!

Jasmine backs Jessie away and the referee goes over to check on Roxi on the outside who is now beginning ton stir on the floor.

Simone: Uh oh! Watch out for the challenger!

Jasmine turns and sees Jessie perched on the top turnbuckle and she orders her down. Roxi manages to pull herself to her feet and as she does, Jessie leaps and she crashes into the champion with a flying body press to the outside, sending both lingerie clad Bombshells sprawling! The fans are loving it!


Simone: It does not matter if these two women are doing battle in lingerie! They are bringing it when the title is up for grabs!

Jasmine finally start her count as both women lay outside the ring, hurt and breathing hard.


Still no movement outside the ring


Jessie rolls over and starts to use the ring to get up.


Roxi also starts to get to her feet and move towards the ring.


Jessie climbs into the ring as Roxi slides in under the bottom rope. Both women get to their feet. Jessie grabs Roxi in a side headlock, but Roxi lifts Jessie up and hits her with a Saito back suplex.

Melody: have you noticed neither of these girls can keep the advantage over the other?

Simone: I have. They are both too determined and too evenly matched!

Roxi returns to her feet and drags Jessie up along with her and plants her skull down into the canvas with a DDT. Roxi covers her and hooks the near leg.

3 - No! Jessie gets her shoulder up!

Melody: So close!

Roxi grabs her challenger and brings her back to her feet again. Roxi then sets her up in a suplex position, but Jessie blocks the attempt with her leg. Roxi tries a second time but for the second time, the suplex is blocked. Roxi then releases the suplex attempt and hits Jessie with a forearm shot to the jaw, sending her staggering. The champion hooks her up again into a fireman's carry, then swings her off into a sidewalk slam. Roxi pulls Jessie over to the near corner and signals to the cheering crowd. She springs up and uses the ropes in a split for a split legged moonsault over on top of Salco!

Simone: Superstar Press!

Roxi with the cover!

3 - No! Jessie kicks out again!

Simone: Jessie is showing a lot of heart!

Melody: She's showing a lot of something else in that outfit of hers.

Roxi gets Jessie to her feet and Irish whips her in to the ropes. She scoops Salco up as she rebounds but Jessie counters, grabbing her in a front facelock and she plants the champion's head into the mat with a DDT!

Melody: Did you see how Roxi's head just bounced off of the mat!?

Both champion and challenger are on their backs, gasping for breath and Jasmine has to start her count!


Jessie crawls atop of Roxi for the cover but without hooking the leg.

3 - No! Roxi has her shoulder up!

Simone: So close! So close! If Jessie had just hooked the leg we might very well have seen a new champion crowned!

Jessie looks as though she can’t believe it. She picks Roxi up and sends her into the corner with an Irish whip and follows up with a cannonball senton. Roxi stumbles out of the turnbuckle, holding his jaw and Jessie flies off of the ropes and nearly decapitates Roxi with a springboard clothesline! Jessie covers her again and this time hooks both legs!

3 - No! Roxi kicks out!

Simone: How the hell did she manage to kick out!?

Melody: Swear jar!

Simone: Swear this!

Jessie slams her hands into the mat, clearly getting frustrated. Jessie drags her opponent up and executes an overhead suplex. Jessie then climbs up onto the top turnbuckle but somehow Roxi runs right up the corner and scissors Jessie's head and throws her off with a top rope hurricanrana! The crowd is on its feet!

Simone: And that ladies and gentlemen is why that woman is the champion!

Melody: I can't believe she managed that after that beating!

Roxi covers Jessie Salco and hooks the leg!

3 - No! Jessie gets a shoulder up!

Simone: And yet another close call!

Roxi slowly gets Jessie up and Irish whips her into the ropes and swings for a roundhouse kick but Jessie ducks and grabs her in a waistlock from behind and German suplexes the champion into a bridge!

3 - No! Roxi again gets the shoulder up!

Jessie sends Roxi into the far corner and runs right in after her, leaping for a Stinger splash but Roxi dodges it and Jessie's head smacks the ring post!

Melody: Oh my god!

Simone: Jessie's out! She has to be!

Jessie staggers back, out on her feet, and Roxi uses the ropes to springboard off and she nails Jessie with the Reality Bites! Jessie goes down and Roxi covers her, hooking the leg!


The crowd cheers as the bell sounds and Jasmine raises Roxi's arm in the air!

Maggie: Here's your winner, and still SCW Bombshell Champion ... Roxi Johnson!

The fans cheer as Jasmine hands Roxi her championship belt and immediately the champion goes over to check on Jessie who is blinking and coming to.

Melody: Wow! What a match! Roxi is still champion!

Simone: Yes, she is still the champion but Jessie Salco gave her all she could handle and more! Jessie showed us all tonight just why she was given this chance at the top title.

Jessie is slowly sitting up and Roxi is on her knees in front of her, making certain she is alright. Jessie holds her head but smiles and she immediately embraces Roxi and the fans cheer!

Simone: What a fantastic display of sportsmanship between those two women! That is what its all about, and there's no better way to bring this special edition of Sunday Night Seduction to a close!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Court, MK, Simon Jones, Casey Williams, Mercedes Vargas, Roxi Johnson, Vixen, Joanne Canelli, Maggie, Laura Jackson. Also a special thanks to Vixen for the great match banners and to all you bombshells who made this show possible.