Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Golden Nugget Hall in Laughlin, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the building, at all of the fans filling the rows of seats around the ballroom itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Golden Nugget Hall in Laughlin, Nevada and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda walks out onto the stage, dressed like a cowgirl complete with lasso in one hand and the microphone in the other. She struts about on the stage and the music begins to play and the performance is underway.

The fans cheer and applaud as Amanda picks up her lasso and gives it a whirl before tossing it offstage. She starts pulling and the crowd laughs as Justin Decent is caught in the ropes and pulled backstage with Amanda!

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone.

Adams: And I'm watching the replay of the Ashes cricket match, sorry Aussies, but you guys can call me Jason Adams

Simone: We're here tonight with six huge matches.

Adams: And a big announcement from the management about Sunday Night Seduction.

Simone: We do but focusing on matches, we kick off with the debuts of two very highly rated, decorated former champions in many federations as Damien Kingston and Nathaniel Havok enter SCW in a triple threat match with Jericho Hill

Adams: I wanna know what the deal is with Havok and Goth after last week.

Simone: I'm sure you're not the only one. We have another two debut of sort as two members of Nick Jones' Entourage, Big B and Tony Capicelli go one on one.

Adams: This was Big B's idea, as his dream match choice, so this will be both his, and Tony's professional wrestling debut.

Simone: Jessie Salco gets her dream match this week, as she's chosen to go against the Queen Of The Damned, Misty.

Adams: Why would anyone choose to go after Misty?

Simone: Good question. Goth's dream match is one that could add fuel to an old feud, as he's chosen to take on old nemisis Despayre.

Adams: These two have history going back to the AWA, owned by Goth. Despayre will have to handle not being part of a team this week, and Goth will be looking to take advantage.

Simone: No one could ever accuse Kain of not pushing the limits and he too has choice a huge dream match, not only will the match be a three stages of hell match, but he's also decided it will be against the biggest man in SCW, Casey Williams.

Adams: Kain loves a challenge but this one will be hard to overcome.

Simone: The main event tonight, was chosen by the newly engaged Odette Ryder. Originally being rejected to have her now fiancee Gabriel, to have a shot at Simon Jones, Odette's compromise dream match now puts her and Gabriel, up against Heavyweight champion Simon Jones and Bombshell champion, Roxi Johnson!

Adams: Odette's go hard or go home style is plain to see with this match choice, but will this be an engagement present, or will the champions upset Odette's dream match?

Simone: Ready for this Jason?

Adams: Ready like a sprinter on the starting blocks. Three, two, one, bang! GO!

Justin: The following is a Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall, now in this match there are not one but TWO new SCW Superstars making their debuts.

Simone: Tonight may be about the dream matches but we have this match to open things up!

Adams: I can’t wait!

Justin: Introducing first….

“Cult of Personality" by Living Color hits on the PA system, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Nathaniel Havok makes his way out to the entrance ramp, fairly chilled out in his demeanor.

Simone: Now there’s a theme we haven’t heard since Matthew Kennedy’s early days!

Adams: Wonder how Matthew feels?

Justin: From Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at 242lbs. Making his SCW debut, SCW’s Anti-Christ Nathanial Havok!

He throws his arms in the air as pyro goes off around him, before walking down the ramp, ignoring the hands of fans. He slides into the ring and pops up gracefully off the mat, hitting the far right turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. He hops down and stands in the corner, as his music fades out, Nathanial hops up and down as he waits for his opponents.

Simone: Still Nathanial Havok is not some naive newcomer; his run in the now defunct GWA is quite famous!

Adams: One time GWA Airborne Champion, Two Time GWA Extreme Champion and one half of a team that won the GWA Tag Titles, those titles were never easy to win and he managed to win that many!

All of the sudden the arena lights began to flash colors of white, black, and silver as the opening guitar riffs to "This Is My Life" by Downstait began to fill the arena's speakers. Instantly there was a reaction from the fans in attendance and for the most part it was mostly positive with a few boos in the mix. Moments later Damien Kingston stepped out onto the stage with a halfcocked smirk looking out at the fans.

Justin: His opponents, first, from New York City, New York. Weighing in at 238 pounds and is known as the self-proclaimed Man of Liberty, also making his SCW Debut, DAAAMMMIIIIENNN KIIIIINGGGSTON!

By now Damien had started making his way down the ramp. At the very bottom of it he stopped and looked around at the fans there in attendance once again. That smirk of his seemed to grow just a little bit as he nodded his head seemingly okay with the reaction he was getting from them. That's when he took a couple steps forward and pulled himself up onto the ring apron. He stepped through the ring ropes and quickly climbed the turnbuckle to the second rope. He threw his hands up into the air and shouted at the top of his lungs getting the crowd behind him a little more. A few seconds later he got down and walked to the opposite corner leaning against it waiting for his opponent to make their way out next with his music slowly fading out, Damien gets in Nathanial’s face and starts talking trash to Nathanial who scoffs.

Simone: Damien’s not making any friends so far.

Adams: With his attitude he’d get along great with Matthew Kennedy!

Jacob tries to restore some order between the two newcomers as they argue, they don’t have to wait long for the third man to make his appearance though as Princes of the Universe by Queen hits the speakers signaling the arrival of the third man.

Justin: And finally, from Valhalla, weighing in at 235lbs, Jericho Hill!

Jericho Hill steps out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos; he ignores them and makes his way down to the ring where Havok and Kingston are ready and waiting.

Simone: The two newcomers have their work cut out for them!

Adams: Watch out! Damien’s taking the fight to Jericho with a suicide dive!

Damien pounds away at Jericho Hill with lefts and rights ignoring Jacob’s orders to bring the fight back into the ring so that the match can start, the two men eventually get to their feet only to be met with another suicide dive this time from Nathanial Havok! Havok picks up Jericho Hill before rolling him into the ring and following him in, Jacob finally calls for the match to start and Nathanial goes for a cover almost immediately 1….2…..but gets dragged out of the ring by Damien Kingston who levels Nathanial with a Enzuguri Kick!

Simone: Nathanial must’ve thought that Damien would be out for longer than that.

Adams: Either way Havok’s out of the match for a while!

???: Hi guys.

The two broadcast partners look up and see Shane Crosswell, otherwise known as Jessie Salco’s boyfriend, sitting next to them with a headset on.

Simone: Where did you come from?

Adams: And can you go backstage and make out with Jessie or something?

Shane: Love too but she has a match to prepare for and as much as I try to persuade her otherwise sex before a big match isn’t good training, besides I’m pretty sure your wife would take exception to you being jealous of me Adams.

Jason quickly shuts up and whilst that was going on Damien has locked a Submission in on Jericho, namely an armbar, Jericho manages to fight to his feet and breaks the submission hold with a kick to the balls earning quite a few boos from the crowd, however before Jericho can capitalize Nathanial (literally) launches into the ring and hits him with a clothesline, Jericho gets back up only to be met with a powerslam! Nathanial goes for a cover 1….2….kickout by Jericho.

Adams: What a match so far!

Simone: So why are you out here?

Shane: Well there are benefits to being a Bombshell’s boyfriend…..

Adams: Normally this is directed at me but KEEP IT CLEAN SHANE!

Shane: Namely the ability to watch matches from the best seat in the house.

Whilst that is going on Nathanial gets back to his feet and waits for Hill to get back to his feet, he doesn’t see that Damien is back on his feet until it’s too late however as the New York native spins Nathanial around and hits him with a Powerbomb into a Lungblower!

Simone: Wow, what a move!

Adams: He may be out already!

Shane: Did you guys suddenly forget about Jericho?

Before Damien can go for a cover he’s span around by Jericho and is hit with a kick to the stomach followed by an attempted Irish whip to the turnbuckle only to have it reversed into a Hurricanrana! Damien holds on for the cover 1….2….Nathanial breaks it up with a low dropkick inadvertently allowing Jericho to roll Damien up 1….2….and Nathanial breaks up that pin attempt as well!

Simone: The action has been fast and furious!

Shane: I’m glad I’m not this fast in the bedroom!

Adams:…..yeah I’m not even going to respond to that.

Nathanial starts planning his next move whilst Damien and Jericho get back to their feet, he doesn’t get to execute the move however as Jericho and Damien hit him with a double clothesline that sends him to the outside, Damien nods in approval onto to get hit with a Dragon Suplex from Jericho! Jericho goes for the cover 1….2….Damien kicks out!

Simone: That didn’t take long.

Shane: Damien’s too smart to be finished off that quickly!

Adams: What he said!

Jericho glares at the ref before shaking his head and signaling for the end; he pulls Damien up to his feet and hits him with the Illustro! Jericho rolls Damien over for another cover 1…..2…..and Nathanial breaks it up with a Shooting Star Press!

Simone: Could we be seeing a repeat of the ending to last week’s main event?

Adams: Anything’s possible!

Shane: I doubt it somehow.

Nathanial goes for a cover on both opponents 1….2…..and they simultaneously kick out! Nathanial is clearly in shock that that didn’t end the match but Jacob stands his ground!

Shane: I thought so!

Simone: What are you, psychic?

Adams: Who knows?

Nathanial gets back to his feet as does Jericho and the two men trade blows for a few minutes. However Nathanial ducks under a wild right hand from Jericho and hits him with the All Killer, No Filler!

Simone: Wow, what a move!

Adams: He calls that the “All Killer, No Filler” and it’s easy to see why!

Shane: But Damien’s still in the match!

Nathanial doesn’t get a chance to go for a pin as he’s span around by Damien who hits him with a Superkick! Nathanial rolls out of the ring and Damien goes for a cover on Jericho! 1…..2….Nathanial slides into the ring to try to break it up……3!

Justin: Here’s your winner Damien Kingston!

Shane: He just stole the victory from right under Nathanial’s nose!

Simone: A win’s a win though but both men impressed in their debut match!

Adams: Look at Nathanial! He’s livid!

Nathanial chases after Damien who quickly rolls out of the ring, Nathanial gives chase whilst Jericho Hill is regaining his senses and Shane heads backstage soon after.

The scene cuts backstage into the locker room of the Seven Deadly Sins, where Despayre is seen dressed up as a trainer, wearing a complete sweatsuit and with a stopwatch hanging around his neck. Despy clearly seems to be looking at something going on off-camera as he watches closely and loudly counts off numbers as time goes by.

Despayre: 97... 98... 99... 100...

A puzzled look suddenly comes across the face of Despayre as he suddenly stops counting.

Despayre: Why'd you stop?

The shot pans out to show that in front of Despayre is Big B, who is setup in a push-up position, currently stopped at the top of the push-up with Angel sitting upon on his back, also dressed as a trainer, as Big B looks up at Despayre.

Big B: I did a hundred! Aren't I done yet?

Despayre: Angel says at least fifty more. And he says if you complain again, he'll make it a hundred!

Big B: But... why?

Despayre: We've got to get you ready for your match against Tony tonight. It's your first match ever, so you have to be prepared.

Big B: Yeah, but how are push-ups going to help me be ready for my match?

Despayre: I don't know, you ask too many questions. Angel says so, so you better get pushing!

Big B: Ok. I'm pushing, I'm pushing!

With that, Big B continues on with more push-ups, but Despayre is quick to interrupt.

Despayre: Wait, stop!

Big B stops after the next push-up and looks back up at Despayre with a bit of confusion.

Big B: You told me to do the push-ups.

Despayre: Yeah, but Angel says these next fifty should be one-handed push-ups.

Big B: Do I have to?

Despayre: Yes, and you better do it quick unless you want Angel to be telling you to do one hundred more. And those will be one-handed too!

Big B then looks over his shoulder at Angel who is perched on his back.

Big B: Jeez, you're a tough one.

Big B lets out a sigh and then takes his left hand up off of the ground and sticks it behind his back, and continues on with his push-ups as Despayre proceeds with his counting as the scene fades.

The scene opens on the backstage area where we find Pussy Willow making her way thought the long maze of hallways. She soon stops in front of a locker room door and knocks. It soon opens and there stood Sara.

PW: Oh hi... Is Miss Kane in?

Sara: Yes she is. Please come in Miss Willow.

Sara steps back and Pussy Willow steps in seeing Necra sitting in front of a vanity doing her makeup. Necra smiles at her in the mirror and gets to her feet as she finishes.

Necra: Miss Willow, what do I owe the pleasure of your presence here?

PW: I came to get a few words from you about what you said to Amy Marshall last week. Have you truly changed or is all a big scam?

Necra looks at her with a hurt look and sits back at the vanity.

Necra: I'm hurt Miss Willow that you wouldn't believe that I have truly changed for the better. After Team Eric was starting to go south, I knew I had to do something, and I figured it was time to take matters into my own hands, and get the bounty on Misty's head. She has been a thorn in everyone's side and I wanted to make sure she understood how I felt. As for what I told Amy last week I really meant it. I did and still feel bad about what I did to her in our last match. I mean I still have my title and that's all that matters right?

PW: That's true, but everyone still thinks that you are the snake in the grass that you've always been and you can't be trusted. How do you feel about that?

Necra: I still feel hurt and that I want to show everyone that I have changed, and I know it will take a while before anyone can really trust me, but it doesn't matter. I know I've changed and that I mean it. So let everyone doubt what I have done, but they'll be surprised when they see the real me.

PW: Those are some strong words. Why do you think they don't trust you?

Necra sighs, and she turns and looks at Pussy Willow once again.

Necra: They don't trust me because of everything that I have done since I've been here Miss Willow. Well that and the fact that I am death, and a reaper. But what they don't understand is that without death there cannot be life, and without life there cannot be death. People fear me because of it, but I am necessary evil in this world and I will always remain no matter who lives and dies around me. Now if that is everything Miss Willow I have somewhere I need to be.

PW: Of course Miss Kane. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I'll show myself out.

Necra turns back to the vanity as Pussy Willow heads out of the locker room, and hears whispering between Necra and her servant. Pussy turns back and shakes her head, not knowing what to believe, as she heads off to another part of the arena.

LIVE! From Club RAIN in Las Vegas, Nevada!

July 28, 2013!

The Bombshells of Sin City Wrestling take things to an all new level when they go all 'Attitude Era' for the Breast Cancer Research Fund! All proceeds go to this worthy charity!

Justin Decent: The following contest is an SCW Dream Match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York and accompanied by Nick Jones and Diana Roberts, he is... TONY CAPICELLI!!!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, the curtain opens up and the first one out is none other than Tony Capicelli. Tony comes out to the top of the stage and flexes his muscles, and then is followed out by Nick Jones and Diana Roberts, who he has his arm around. The two of them follow Tony down the ramp, then move off to the side as Tony hops up onto the ring apron and into the ring. Tony then turns and watches

Simone: Tony looking ready for the very first match of his entire career.

Adams: Yeah, but we've certainly seen him in plenty of fights and kick plenty of butts during his time here in SCW.

Simone: That's true, and all of the same can be said for his opponent.

Justin Decent: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California and accompanied by Despayre, he is... BERNARD "BIG B" JONES!!!

"Opticon" by Orgy starts to blast, drawing a burts of cheers from the entire crowd. The curtain opens and out steps Bernard "Big B" Jones, with his good friend Despayre by his side, who has Angel firmly head in his arms. The two (or is that three?) of them make their way down the ramp and as they hit the bottom, Despayre and Angel go to the opposite side of the ring as where Nick and Diana are standing, as Big B slides straight into the ring. Before Big B can even stand up, Tony immediately charges in and starts to stomp away on Big B as referee Drew Patton calls for the bell.

Simone: Tony not wasting any time here, he's not even letting Big B get to his feet.

Tony continues to stomp away as Nick applauds from the ringside area, cheering on Tony as he stomps away on Nick's own cousin. With Big B barely even in the ring, all it takes is one quick roll away for him to end up right in the ropes, which causes Drew Patton to quickly intervene in an attempt to break up Tony's attack. However, Tony ignores the referee's warnings, causing him to start counting off.

1.. 2... 3... 4...

Just before the referee reaches five, Tony puts his hands up and backs off as he looks at the referee.

Adams: Tony backing off before the five count. And here he goes again!

While Patton is still admonishing Tony, he pushes his way past the referee and moves right back in at Big B. As he moves in, B is just starting to get back up and manages to grab Tony as he moves in and drop back, dumping Tony right through the ropes and to the floor in the process. The crowd cheers Big B on as he uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. Big B then goes to follow Tony to the outside, but stops as he sees Nick is quick to move in and help Tony back to his feet and stands outside staring down his cousin in the process. Big B then backs off a little as Tony climbs up the steel steps and slowly climbs back through the ropes as he stares down B the entire time. The two move to the center of the ring and go to lock up, but that doesn't last long as the two clearly don't have much in terms of pure wrestling skill, and quickly break it up and resort to straight up punches. The two men exchange right hands back and forth, until Big B eventually starts to gain the upper hand, sending Tony reeling back. B then backs Tony up against the ropes and then shoots him off with an irish whip. Tony manages to counter though, sending Big B across the ring. As Big B hits the far ropes, Nick reaches in and manages to trip Big B up as he goes to bounce off.

Simone: And here we go, that certainly didn't take long, did it?

Adams: Yeah, it usually doesn't take long to trip someone.

Big B spins around and looks back to Nick, who immediately puts his hands up in innocence as he steps back. On the other side of the ring, Despayre makes sure to inform the referee of what Nick had just done, but it seems as though Drew Patton missed it however, based on Despayre's comments, he opts to go over and admonishes Nick and warns him not to get involved. Meanwhile, as Big B is still focused on his cousin, Tony quickly rushes in from behind B and drills him in the back with a forearm shot that sends him stumbling forward into the ropes. Tony then spins Big B around so he is backed against the ropes and drills him with a few right hands until being admonished by the official. Tony then runs back against the far ropes, bounces back and charges in at Big B and drills him with a clothesline, knocking him down to the ground. As B stumbles back up, Tony runs to the ropes again and comes back and drills him with a second clothesline. Tony then runs back to the ropes once more as Big B climbs back up and as he bounces back, this time Tony goes for a leaping clothesline, but Big B manages to catch Tony in midair and falls forward, slamming Tony down in the middle of the ring. Big B quickly hooks Tony's legs for the pin.

Tony kicks out.

Simone: What a slam! B nearly pulled the victory out of thin air there.

Adams: That one looked like it hurt... a lot!

Despayre cheers Big B on as he gets back up to his feet and pulls Tony up along with him. Tony sneaks in a quick right hand to the gut and then pushes B's hands off from him and then hits an uppercut right under the chin of Big B then sends him stumbling back and spinning around in the process. Tony then moves in from behind B, grabs him around the waist and takes him over with a german suplex.

Simone: Would you look at that, a real wrestling move!

Tony attempts to bridge the suplex for the pin, but is unable to successfully do so. Instead, Tony ends up letting go and then hooking B for a standard pin attempt.

B kicks out.

Tony gets up and gets into the face of Patton, arguing with him about the count before turning his attention back to B. B is getting back up to his feet, but Tony is quick to cut him off with a punch to the face. Tony then pushes B back against the ropes and fires him across the ring. Nick goes to trip up Big B again when he hits the ropes, but Big B manages to see it coming and stops short. The referee also manages to see it this time, and starts to admonish Nick, who completely ignores the referee, opting not to even look at him. However, just a moment later, Despayre starts making his way around the ring towards Nick, but as soon as Nick sees him coming, he's quick to keep himself as far around the ring from Despayre as possible, as putting Diana in between the two of them. Despayre eventually stops his pursuit, but looks over at Nick and waves his finger at him to make his point. Back inside the ring, Big B turns his attention back to Tony and charges at him, but Tony manages to catch him with a powerslam! Tony hooks both legs, as he goes for the pin.

Big B kicks out once again.

Adams: The big guy does not want to stay down.

Simone: Tony seems to have control, in no small part thanks to help from Nick, but he cannot seem to score the victory here.

Tony gets back up and is clearly getting frustrated with the scenario. As soon as he stands, he immediately starts to stomp away on Big B for a little while before eventually pulling him up off of the mat. Tony then hammers away on Big B with a few right hands, before running to the ropes and bouncing off. As Tony comes back, B manages to quickly recover and counters by drilling a big boot right to the face of Tony! Tony gets laid out into the mat as the fans cheer on Big B, who then grabs Tony and pulls him in between his legs, before then lifting Tony up and dropping him right in the center of the ring with a powerbomb!

Simone: What a move! That might be it for Tony.

Big B moves in to get the pin, but before he can, Diana hops up onto the ring apron, immediately getting the attention of Drew Patton in the process. As the referee is insisting for Diana to get down, Nick takes the opportunity to slide into the ring. As Big B is still pinning Tony, Nick quickly hits a dropkick right to the face of B, knocking him off of Tony. Nick then stands up and lines up his cousin, waiting for him to get to his feet. All of the sudden, the crowd explodes with cheers, which causes Nick to turn around to see what the fuss is about, just in time to see Despayre sliding into the ring, leaving Angel behind on the ring apron, and making a bee-line straight for Nick. As Nick sees this, his eyes immediately go wide and he abandons his prior plans, running in the opposite direction of the incoming Despy and sliding right out of the ring to the floor. Despayre is quick in pursuit, as he proceeds to chase Nick around the ring. In the meantime, both Tony and Big B are getting back to their feet in the middle of the ring and as they get up, Tony moves right in at Big B and goes for a clothesline. Big B manages to duck it and the momentum sends Tony stumbling right into Diana! Diana goes falling backwards off the apron, but before she hits the floor, it turns out it was just as Nick was rounding the ring right behind her, allowing Nick to actually catch her. However, it is Nick's momentary stop that allows Despayre to catch up to him and upon seeing this, Nick immediately reacts by taking Diana, who is still in his arms, and tossing her right into Despayre. Despy is quick to react, and actually stops and catches Diana, putting her down on her feet afterward but giving Nick plenty of time to sprint away in the process.

Simone: Can you believe Nick? That move was digusting, even for him!

Adams: What I really can't believe is that Nick is so scared of such a little guy!

Back inside the ring, the collision causes Tony to get stumbling backwards and right back into Big B. B quickly spins Tony around, then lifts him up into the air and sits out, driving Tony into the mat with a sit-out spinebuster that shakes the entire ring. Big B goes for the cover as the referee quickly slides into position for the count.


Justin Decent: Here is your winner... BIG B!!!

The fans explode into cheers as Big B climbs to his feet and raises his arms in victory. Despayre grabs Angel and gets into the ring to join Big B in celebration. Nick, who is now in the process of getting screamed at by Diana for his earlier actions, completely ignores her and instead reaches into the ring and grabs Tony by the arm, pulling him out to the floor. Nick helps Tony walk as he guides him up the ramp towards the back, being following the whole way by a furiously screaming Diana as Big B continues to celebrate in the ring.

The lights dim down slightly as white strobes flash quickly above the stage. The opening buzzing to “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music. Erik pushes his way through the curtains, wearing a Team Erik t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He is carrying a clipboard in his hands as he grins sadistically out at the booing crowd. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the booing as if they power him. He pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his evil smirk before grabbing a microphone. He pauses in the center of the ring, waving his arms out at the sides, asking the fans to keep it coming. He looks over to his wrist watch and taps it, shrugging his shoulders as the booing finally dies down. He slowly reaches for a microphone, quickly snatching it out of Justin Decent’s hand.

Erik: You all can shut the hell up any time now. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m… not… going… ANYWHERE!

The crowd boos loudly at this, which feeds into Erik’s ego a bit. He looks around at the audience as a cup flies in the ring. He dodges it with a smirk and then rolls his eyes.

Erik: Nice try sir… Anyway, I don’t want to look at you disgusting vermin any longer than I need to, so I’m going to make this quick. I told you that I had some very special announcements regarding staff changes, and unfortunately I will not be around for this show I worked so hard to single handedly create…

Erik gives a cocky smirk, taking all of the credit and the fans know he is full of it. They begin raining garbage and signs toward the ring as Erik stands there, taking it for a moment, his smile never leaving. Once it finally stops, Erik chuckles into the microphone.

Erik: You done? Good… So, as I was saying last week, this is an all bombshell show, meaning there will be absolutely no male staff members or wrestlers. That leaves us with the need for some very special guests which we have worked extra hard to fill for one night only! We have lined up two very special replacement referees in the form of… Brandi Shotze and Cookie S’Mores!!!

Crowd: *POP*

Erik: Alright, I figured you would like that. We also have a special guest referee for the Main Event who wishes to remain anonymous until Sunday Night Seduction’s Main Event. Trust me, it is going to be huge… Then, joining Belinda Simone on color commentary is going to be… Melody Grace!!!

Crowd: *POP*

Erik: Special Ring Announcer… Fangirl Maggie!!! And joining Pussy Willow and Ms Rocky Mountains on the interview team, we have former Mean Girl… Angelica! But what would a show be without someone to run it? It would be total Bombshell anarchy. After some long deliberation, we have decided that the woman to do the job should be… Michelle Andretti!!!

Crowd: *POP*

Erik smirks, a bit surprised by the outpouring of support for the former Team Erik member.

Erik: We also have some interesting matches lined up for you, including Vixen’s chance to avenge her attack from Parand Ara! Mercedes Vargas gets her one on one shot against Bombshell Roulette Champion Necra Octavian Kane! And last but not least, as my own reward to my loyal bombshell, Misty… we will see her in the Main Event where she belongs as she takes on Odette Ryder with a mystery guest referee! Plus FOUR other action packed matches!

The crowd goes nuts at Erik’s string of announcements, and he can hardly believe the cheers. As he kicks garbage out of his way, “Where Eagles Dare” plays. Erik exits the ring as the fans continue to go insane.

LIVE! From Club RAIN in Las Vegas, Nevada!

SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship Match
Necra Octavian Kane © defends against Mercedes Vargas!

Justin Decent The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois… She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighed in at 130 pounds. She is… MISTY!!!

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, the enigmatic figures of Misty, fully cloaked in black robes emerge from backstage. She slowly and methodically walks her way to the ring, ignoring the boos from the crowd. Once to the ring, she sits on the 2nd rope as Misty walks up the steps, then enters the ring. Misty walks to the center of the ring. She removes robe, as the Queen looks around the crowd, smiling sadistically without a care. Her music dies down and the lights return.

Justin Decent And her opponent… Hailing from Miami, Florida. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 110 pounds… She is… JESSIE SALCO!!!

The lights dim as the fast, charging riff of "I Want Out" by Helloween tears the PA System a new one and Jessie comes out all by herself, the metalhead does some headbanging at the top of the ramp before Jessie gets a running start before sliding into the ring, once she's on her feet she poses for the crowd before showing off her NXT armband and she stares Misty down with an almost sinister grin on her face for what she has in store for the Queen of the Damned.


The young and vibrant Jessie Salco requested this match and many though she was crazy for it…

Adams: Both women look freaky hot, so I can only imagine what the fans might be wanting.

I should have expected that one coming from you.

The two ladies circle each other as the rugged Jessie almost seems to be using her movements to goad the Queen of the Damned. The crowd starts an NXT chant throughout as Jessie fist pumps to keep the support coming. As she does this, Misty tries to take advantage by charging Jessie with a clothesline. Jessie sees this coming and she ducks the move and connects with an elbow to Misty’s face. She immediately nails a dropkick to the small of Misty’s back. As Misty falls down, Jessie goes for a standing moonsault. Misty rolls out of the way at the last possible second and Jessie lands on her back. Misty crawls on top of Jessie and begins laying in punch after punch on the metalhead bombshell.

Simone: Misty is on fire to start this contest off. I can only imagine what she has in store for Ms. Salco

Adams: I can only imagine what kind of reaction these ladies are going to draw from the audience with this match.

As Misty hammers away at Jessie, she receives an elbow to the face. As she is stunned, Jessie hammers another elbow and another until she shoves Misty off of her. Jessie takes a few steps back and as Misty lunges at her, growling in frustration, Jessie sidesteps her. She falls with her neck across the bottom rope. Jessie takes a moment to assess the damage and then she leaps over the top rope with a guillotine leg drop. Jessie stops and poses before standing back up. She gets the NXT chant going once again. The crowd goes wild as Jessie rolls back inside.

Simone: Jessie Salco quickly stole this match away from Misty, and the fans are very thankful for that.

Adams: Even though I am not quite fond of the self proclaimed Queen, Misty could have this one in the bag many would say.

Simone: Don’t count Jessie out so easily. She has already taken control over the “Queen” twice in this match.

Jessie raises an arm into the air, pumping up the crowd, and then she leaps onto the top turnbuckle. She looks out into the audience before flipping off with a Corkscrew Moonsault that barely connects at all. Misty pulls herself up, and as Jessie holds her back in pain, Misty gets a kick to the gut. She begins shouting at Jessie as the crowd boos. Misty turns around and screams at them before returning her attention back to Jessie. Misty grabs her in a headlock and raises her up to a standing position. She taunts the audience, shouting out at them before she runs forward with a Running Bulldog. She drops down to her knees quickly for the cover.



Jessie kicks out with force. Misty leans down to pick her up, and Jessie rolls her up into a small package.



Misty grabs onto the bottom rope. Referee Jasmine St John calls for the break, but Misty forcefully breaks free from the pin. She rolls over and Jessie follows her, bouncing her off of the ropes. She sends her to the other side and as she prepares for a back body drop, Misty spears her to the ground. Misty picks her up by the legs, trying to set her up for a Powerbomb, but Jessie brings her down with a Hurricanrana. She goes to hook the leg, but Misty uses every bit of strength in her to teeter forward to pin Jessie.

Adams: Misty is fighting back against Jessie. It’s good to see both ladies fighting to prove why they deserve to be considered Bombshells.

Simone: As much as I can’t stand Misty, I have to agree with you there, Jason. Both ladies are putting on one hell of a show, and I am starting to see why this is Jessie’s dream match.


Jessie shoves all of her weight forward, knocking Misty backward in the process. She weighs down on her with the cover.


Misty musters up the strength to reverse the pin again. She looks over to the referee and then she grabs onto the middle rope for leverage.


The referee catches on to what Misty is doing and she stops the count to scold her. Misty lets go of the rope and shouts at her to do her job. Begrudgingly, she drops down to initiate the count while mouthing to Misty, but Jessie rolls backward. She is quick with it, making sure to dash back over toward Misty before she can even get up. She connects with a Shining Wizard that sends the audience into a frenzy. Jessie stands up and looks down at Misty. Her bubbly persona has faded quite a bit as she picks Misty up by the hair. She begins smashing Misty’s face into the mat. The audience seems shocked by the display, but not upset by it at all. Jessie stops and then she stands up. She motions for Misty to get up. As she does, Jessie plants a foot to Misty’s gut and then she hits a Tiltawhirl DDT on the Queen of the Damned.

Adams: I felt the vibrations from that one all the way over here!

Simone: This one looks to be over. Jessie is ready to prove her dominance over Misty right here, right now…

Jessie climbs to the top rope, and she looks all around her, taking in the cheers. She turns around after looking at the laid out Misty. Her eyes flash fiery passion before she dives off of the turnbuckle with the Flight of Redemption! The audience cheers as Jessie hooks the leg. They count along with the referee.



Simone: What the…? I can’t believe what I’ve just seen, Jason.

Adams: Me either. It looks like Misty is still in this fight, but what is this…?

Misty stuns the audience by kicking out. Jessie grabs onto her head and then she slowly rises up from the mat. Misty smirks as she flips Jessie over into a headlock. She wrenches Jessie’s neck as hard as she can, locking it on so that the bombshell doesn’t stand a chance of escaping. She lifts Jessie off of the canvas and flings her into the ropes. She goes for a Spear, but Jessie ducks it. When Jessie comes back, Misty leaps onto her shoulders and hits a surprising Whirlybird Leg Scissors that lands Jessie on the mat. Misty quickly climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with the Dream Crusher. Her wicked smile doesn’t fade as she hooks the leg.




Justin Decent And your winner… MISTY!!!

Misty gets up from the mat, laughing at Jessie as she shakes her head. She leans over her and taunts her for her choice of a dream match. Jasmine gets up and raises Misty’s hand, but Misty quickly yanks it out and raises it herself, scoffing at Jasmine. The audience boos her as she soaks it all in.

LIVE! From Club RAIN in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The Bombshell Singles and Tag Team Championships will be defended!

The crowd cheers as the camera returns to ringside where Stoner Scott Oliver stands in a cloud of smoke by the time keeper's table.

Stoner: Yo! Last week we saw a challenge issued by not just one Bombshell, but two, and both directed toward the same woman. Please welcome the target of both Vixen as well as Jessie Salco ... Parand Ara!

Dale Oliver's "Arabic Dancer" begins to play over the speakers of the building and the crowd boos as the Syrian Bombshell, Parand Ara, steps out onto the top of the stage with supreme confidence. She looks out at the fans briefly with obvious indifference towards their scorn and she begins her calm walk down toward the ring. If any hands reach out toward her, she pulls away, not desiring to be touched by the 'pigs' in the crowd. She arrives at ringside where she slowly walks around the six-sided ring until she arrives where Scott is standing.

Parand waves at the smoke, a look of disgust seen by her eyes alone as she stares hard at the 'stoned' reporter.

Stoner: Parand Ara, you have probably made the biggest scene the fastest out of any Bombshell we've had arrive here in Sin City Wrestling, and all because of an accident...

Parand tears the microphone from Scott's hands and the crowd boos as she begins to speak.

Parand:: Accident? I do not care what that whore, Vixen, or her cheap dog friend, Jessie Salco, wish to say in my direction! Did Vixen mean to spill her coffee on me? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Yet I did mean to do what I did to that cheap piece of Canadian trash!

The crowd boos at how Parand is referencing Vixen.

Parand:: You can hate me all you like! The only reason you do so is because you hate the truth! You can not look at Vixen and not see that what I say is right! She paints her face like a common street prostitute that hangs out on the corner of one of your city streets! She flaunts her fake body to entice men and lure them into giving her whatever she desires! She is sick! All of you...!

She points around to the booing crowd.

Parand:: ... Are sick! You all simply support and enable this perverted treatment of your women and the women themselves allow it to exploit their own femininity!

Stoner: But was that any excuse to attack Vixen the way you did? It was uncalled for.

Parand:: That ... is your opinion. You are no better than any of the rest of these pigs.

Stoner: I notice you haven't addressed the challenge by either Vixen or Jessie Salco.

Parand:: And I notice you smell of cheap alcohol and drugs, you pathetic 'little' man!

Stoner: Hey!

Parand:: If you are so anxious to hear me address these challenges, then fine! First, let me say how sad it is that Vixen need the aid of this friend of her's, Jessie Salco, to do her fighting for her! What is the matter, Vixen? Did you go to Jessie Salco and ask her to challenge me as well in the hopes that it might cost me and give you some form of imaginary advantage when we do meet inside of the ring?

Parand shakes her head.

Parand:: You delude yourself! You only serve to make yourself look bad in running to another to assist you! It proves that you are as weak as I have said! Jessie Salco! You came out lucky when we met the first time! Everybody saw you were merely fortunate to get past me. If you wish to face me again, then fine. Yet your plans will do you no good to protect Vixen because she is the one I wish to face first! Vixen, you wish me in a match? By all means! Do your best, which will mean very little! I will...!

The crowd cheers as Vixen tears down to ringside and she dives at Parand, taking the Syrian Bombshell to the ground! The fans roar in approval as Vixen pummels Parand in the head with right fists while the Syrian woman struggles beneath her to escape! The crowd chants!


Vixen gets up and drags Parand up along with her by her robes and goes for another shot but Parand grabs her in a headlock and the two women collapse to the ground, swinging! Parand rolls on top of Vixen and she grabs two handfuls of Vixen's hair and shakes her head wildly, slamming it back into the ground! Scott and Justin both try to separate the two Bombshells but Vixen breaks away and dives at Parand, taking her (and Justin) to the floor and the crowd's cheers intensify! The two hell cats fight their way to their feet and trade punches! Parand rakes her eyes and grabs Vixen's shirt and starts to tear it off of her! Vixen fights back but Parand rips the top to shreds, exposing Vixen's bra! Vixen breaks loose and spears Parand to the floor!

Security rushes in from the back, three of them, and they and Justin and Scott manage to grab hold of both women and pry them away from each other! The two guards literally lift Parand off her feet and carry her struggling and cursing to the back while the others hold back Vixen who screams at her rival!

Adams: ... Wow!

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: “Hey Kain, I am going to destroy you. Not once, not twice, but 3 times. Every stage in this 3 Stages of Hell match, I will show you what it means to be a man. I will do things to you in these series of matches that you have not had done to you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me from accomplishing what I have set forth to accomplish.”

Casey cackles and then focuses his attention to Hot Stuff Mark Ward.

Casey: “Hey Mark, you see what I did to your beloved champion Simon Jones in ACW? That was a message. I am putting myself in the title hunt, and seeing you nor Christian would give me a fair shake at it, I decided I would make a statement. Yes, I know Simon didn’t like it, and I saw the comments he made towards me in his ACW promo, and I will respond to him there. I just wanted to make sure you knew I am gunning for the SCW Heavyweight Championship, whether you like it or not.”

The crowd boos Casey even louder as he drops the mic and walks to the back and “I Will Not Bow“ hits the speakers.

Justin: The following contest is for one fall

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Sapphira. From Utrecht, the Netherlands, weighing in at two hundred and thirty nine pounds, he is Goth!

He is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and awaits his opponent

Justin: And his opponent....

The heavy beat of Orgy's 'Opticon' begins to sound over the public address system of the arena.

Justin: Being accompanied to the ring by Synn and Angel, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at one hundred and seventy six pounds, he is Despayre!

The fans turn their attention to the stage atop the entry ramp to await the entrance of the 'disturbed one' and their wait is rewarded. Despayre steps out onto the stage, holding his teddy bear, Angel, by the fuzzy arm in one hand, with Synn at his side and they are greeted enthusiastically with cheers. The gothic mental case briefly holds 'Angel' up in the air to let 'him' bask in the cheers too, and they then start to move along the entry aisle, and closer towards the ring. His movements are slow, methodical, and he avoids being touched by the many hands reaching out to him but allows his bear to greet the fans. Arriving at ringside, he slides "Angel" into the ring and rolls under the bottom rope himself. Again grabbing his 'security' bear, he crawls across the ring on all fours and deposits himself into a neutral corner where Synn joins him for the pre-match pep talk.

Jacob Summers calls for the bell.


Despayre looks out nervously at Synn as Goth approaches with a smile on his face.

Simone: There's a lot of history here between those two.

Despayre backs off nervously, but Goth points at Angel in the corner.

Adams: Despayre isn't used to these situations, where he's in the ring alone.

Despayre sees Goth pointing at Angel and quickly charges at him, sweeping him off his feet. The fans cheer as Despayre swings wild shots towards Goth's head. Goth wiggles free and kicks Despayre away. Goth moves to his feet and Despayre gets to his but the Gothic one clotheslines Despayre, knocking him to the canvas. Despayre returns to his feet but Goth moves in, lifting Despayre off his feet and slams him down to the canvas with an Alabama Slam. Despayre rolls over, holding his back, but Goth drops down, planting his knee in to Despayre's back and pulling back on the younger man's head. Despayre's arms wiggle around as Goth puts pressure on his back.

Simone: Goth is looking to destroy Despayre.

Goth gets up and looks around at the crowd, an evil, twisted smile across his painted face. He turns around to Despayre and lifts him to his feet. He lifts Despayre over and drops him backwards with a quick snap suplex. Despayre rolls towards the ropes trying to pull himself up, but Goth steps in. Before Goth can continue the attack, Despayre plants an elbow in Goth's ribs and grabs his head in a stunner position. Despayre jumps on the middle rope, springboarding backwards, flipping over and dropping Goth with a sitdown neckbreaker!

Adams: What a move from Despayre!

Despayre gets to his feet, pulling up Goth with him. Despayre moves behind Goth, wrapping his arms around Goth's neck and drops him down with a flashback. The crowd cheer Despayre on as he moves back to his feet, moving towards the corner and up on to the second rope.

Adams: Despayre's gonna fly!

Despayre looks down at Goth and jumps off the second rope with a diving legdrop, crashing across Goth's chest. Despayre covers and Jacob Summers drops down to make the count.


Goth gets a shoulder up.

Simone: Goth won't just lay down here.

Despayre pulls Goth to his feet and catches him with a short, sharp shot to the throat with a throat thrust, sending him wandering backwards. Despayre moves forward, grabbing Goth by the head and drops him down with an X-Factor. Despayre gets to his feet, pulling Goth to the corner and punching him in the side of the head. Despayre moves away but quickly spins and runs towards Goth, jumping for a shining wizard but Goth moves out of the way, and Despayre crashes on the top rope!

Adams: Despayre threw everything in to that.

Before Despayre can fall, Goth grabs Despayre's head and viciously pulls him off the top rope,, crashing his head in to the canvas. Goth drops down, cover Despayre, but his eyes focused on Synn outside the ring. Jacob slams his hands down.


Despayre kicks out.

Adams: Despayre needs to turn this around again with another super awesome move.

Despayre rolls over, holding the back of his head as he looks towards Synn. Goth stalks Despayre, waiting for him to return to his feet. As he does, Goth wraps his arm around Despayre's throat and pulls his arm back, locking Despayre in a cross face chicken wing. Goth turns Despayre to face Synn.

Simone: I think Goth is playing mind games with Synn.

Adams: You don't wanna do that. I've known Synn for about ten years, and if you play them with him, he'll play them back twice as bad.

Despayre struggles to the ropes, but jumps on the middle rope, pushing back and crushing Goth to the floor. Despayre rolls off, and stands up, but Goth also stands to his feet, as Despayre moves towards him, Goth drops Despayre with a drop toe hold. Goth stands up and quickly drops and elbow toward Despayre lower back, but Despayre rolls out of the way and quickly gets to his feet and stomps on Goth's arm. Goth rolls over holding his arm and Despayre moves in. He grabs hold of Goth's hurt arm and rolls him over in a rolling pin, keeping Goth's shoulders down on the canvas as Jacob drops to count.


Goth kicks out and quickly gets to his feet before Despayre and kicks the young man directly in the chest, knocking him on to the flat of his back.

Adams: Did you hear that sound? It was like a cricket bat hitting a cricket ball.

Simone: Huh?

Adams: Oh yeah, English thing.

Despayre rolls over and Goth lifts him to his feet. Goth wraps his arms around Despayre's waist and lifts him over with a belly to back suplex. Despayre crashes to the canvas as Goth looks on him with evil eyes. Goth gets to his feet, wrapping his hand around Despayre's hair and pulls him to his feet. He locks up Despayre's head and spins his head under his arm, twisting his body and dropping Despayre with a Twist Of Fate!

Adams: Goth drop!

A wide smile crosses Goth's face as he sits up, the fans booing him. Goth looks towards Despayre but moves towards Angel in the corner instead.

Simone: What is he thinking?

Adams: He's done this before and it didn't go down to well.

Goth stands up, walking close to Angel as Despayre looks up. As Goth reaches down towards Angel, Despayre lets out an ear piercing scream, causing Goth to stop in his tracks.

Simone: Oh no!

Adams: That hurt my ears!

Despayre jumps to his feet, spinning Goth around, hammering him with hard shots in the face.

Simone: I thought Angel was Despayre's protector.

Adams: Only at night. Everyone knows that about Teddy bears.

Despayre back's Goth against the ropes, firing hard shots towards Goth's face. Despayre whips Goth against the ropes before lifting him over with a backbody drop. Despayre waits for Goth to get to his feet before jumping up and nailing Goth with a zig zag! Despayre stands up, looking at Goth, urging him to get to his feet. As he does, Despayre kicks him in the gut, setting him up in a piledriver position.

Simone: Despayre looking for the Pit Of Despayre!

Before Despayre can lift him up in the package piledriver, Goth lifts him over his back, dropping Despayre on his back. Despayre gets to his feet but Goth kicks him in the gut and hooks up his head, lifting Despayre for the ADDT, but Despayre grabs Goth's arm and spins out of the hold, spinning Goth around and kicks him in the gut, pulling Goth's head in a piledriver position and lifts Goth, dropping him in the Pit Of Despayre!

Adams: He hit it!

Despayre covers Goth.



Justin: The winner of the match.... Despayre!!!

Simone: Despayre has defeated Goth in Goth's dream match!

Adams: Despayre could be a solo star if he wanted. Who wouldn't love to see Despayre with the heavyweight title someday?

LIVE! From Club RAIN in Las Vegas, Nevada!

This just signed!
SCW Bombshell Grudge Match

Vixen goes one on one with Parand Ara!

We cut from the arena and fade to the backstage area where we find Mercedes Vargas standing in front of a simple backdrop with the SCW logo on it. Dressed casually and wearing sunglasses which she raises to her forehead, she is not in a very good mood after her loss in her last appearance on Climax Control two weeks ago, but she keeps a pleasant demeanor.

Mercedes Vargas: Well, well, well. What do we have here? It’s yours truly, the Argentine Assassin, Mercedes Vargas, right here in…Laughlin, Nevada? (Cheers from the crowd which are audible) Wow, you people act as if you’re proud to live in this cesspool. (receives boos) It’s certainly isn't Reno, and it’s definitely not Vegas, that’s for sure, even though that’s 90 miles away from here. But I’ll say this much, while Reno lives up to its motto as “The most boring little city in the U.S.", Laughlin is not so bad. The food is nice and the hotels are okay, but everybody knows what the best part about Laughlin, Nevada is, right?

She pauses at the rhetorical question.

Mercedes Vargas: Oh, you don't know? The best part of of Laughlin, Nevada is LEAVING Laughlin, Nevada!

This promptly gets boos from the crowd as they become audible for the first time. Mercedes is visibly annoyed but continues anyway.

Mercedes Vargas: Hey, you may be booing me now, but we all know that at the end of the night you all will be standing in line asking for my autograph! You all came to see me, I didn’t come to see any of you!

More booing is directed her way, but she seems not to be affected by it. She runs her fingers through her hair as the camera zooms in to focus on her face.

Mercedes Vargas: I lost my first match in SCW and on Climax Control. Max Burke and Necra Octavian Kane were lucky two weeks ago against myself and Kain in the main event, but let’s face it, that match was ours from the opening bell. Max Burke won, but barely. He won, but only by the skin of his teeth. And yeah, he may have gotten himself a Roulette Championship title shot out of it, but he’s a dead man at Summer XXXtreme in four weeks when Kain gets a hold of him. And as for you, Necra? I hope you're watching, sweetheart, this message is for you.

Mercedes smiles, running her fingers through her hair.

Mercedes Vargas: Admit it, I pretty much proved that I could keep up with you in our little tag match, didn’t I? Despite the outcome, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still the number one contender to the Bombshell Roulette Championship. You’ve been champion now for over two and a half months now, which is impressive, not going to lie. But you know what that tells me? Time is running short. The writing is on the wall.

The smile she once had is gone, now replaced with a serious expression.

Mercedes Vargas: And next week, I’m not just coming for your title, Necra…

She visibly shakes her head side-to-side in a disapproving gesture.

Mercedes Vargas: I’m coming for your head.

Backstage in the Golden Nugget Hall, we find current Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion, Kain, standing alongside the buxom Pussy Willow. Both are standing in front of the SCW Roulette Wheel.

PW: Fans, I am here with Kain who just in a matter of moments will be taking on Casey Williams in a Three Stages of Hell match that Kain himself requested as his 'Dream Match'. Now Kain, we are going to spin the Roulette Wheel to determine what stipulation the first stage of this encounter will be, and afterwards, after each match ending, we will be giving it another spin to see how you will continue.

Kain: Couldn't be looking more forward to this.

Kain steps up to the Wheel and gives it a hard spin. The Roulette Wheel spins rapidly, passing several themed encounters; Ambulance Match ... Singapore cane Match ... No DQ Match ... Bullrope match...

Adams: Hey what would happen if it landed on Mud Pool?

Simone: I'd pray to God they'd be allowed to spin that wheel again.

The wheel starts to slow down, passing other matches; Spinner's Choice ... Switch Gimmicks ... Tuxedo ... until it finally slows down enough and lands on...

PW: Pinfalls Count Anywhere!

The crowd watching the screen cheer and Kain nods in satisfaction and he turns around to make his way toward the arena when Casey Williams ambushes him in a surprise attack! Pussy Willow screams and runs for cover as Casey grabs Kain by the head and throws him face-first into the Roulette Wheel!

Adams: Casey isn't waiting for this one to begin officially!

Simone: The Hell he isn't! This is Pins Count Anywhere! Nowhere does it say the match has to begin in the actual ring!

The match is on immediately and Casey Williams catches Kain off guard in his sudden assault backstage! Casey turns Kain around in a bear hug and drives him back hard against the Roulette Wheel, and then strikes him hard on the sternum with a big open hand chop. Casey grabs him by the head and pulls him aside and delivers a big boot to the mid section, doubling the champion over and Casey then slams a heavy forearm down across Kain's back.

Adams: God! Casey is all over Kain!

Simone: He was obviously lying in wait. He knows that if he comes out as the winner of this challenge, then he'll be in line for a shot at Kain's championship somewhere down the road.

Kain stumbles forward and Casey grabs him from behind on both sides of the head and delivers a headbutt to the back of his skull. Kain staggers down to one knee and Casey backs up a step and delivers a big boot to the back of his head. Kain collapses to the floor face first and Casey rolls him over onto his back and covers him. The referee for this match, Drew Patton, rushes onto the scene and drops down immediately to issue a count!

Kain kicks out.

Simone: I think Casey is a little surprised that Kain kicked out after that attack.

Adams: I know I am.

Casey grabs Kain and pulls him to his feet and drags him roughly down the back hall of the building. Casey throws him up against the wall and delivers a hard elbow to the side of Kain's head. Casey then backs up a step and with a bellow, lunges forward and swings at Kain but the wily competitor dodges the blow and Casey's arm strikes the hard wall. Casey clutches his arm, holding it and grimacing in pain. Kain immediately goes on the offensive and he grabs Casey's arm and twists it with an arm wringer and throws it back against the wall a second time. Kain then grabs him by the wrist and slams Casey's large arm against a table set against the wall. Casey yells in pain and shoves Kain back several steps with his one good arm. Kain spots an ice cooler on another table and picks it up and throws it hard into Casey, sending the contents of water and ice flying everywhere!

Simone: It's a good thing there are no rules in a falls count anywhere match!

Kain grabs one of the cans of soda that was in the chest and swings it right into Casey's head, sending the fizzy drink exploding in the air and everywhere. Kain throws the damaged can down as the 'Freight Train of Pain' stumbles down along the hall and Kain does not ease up as he jumps on Casey's wide back, taking the giant down to the floor and he starts hammering away violently at his exposed head with rapid lefts and rights.

Adams: If anyone out there thought they'd be seeing a technical masterpiece between these two, they're going to end up sorely disappointed!

Kain gets up to his feet and he starts kicking Casey before he grabs the lumbering big man and pulls him to his feet. Kain throws a roundhouse right into Casey's head but the giant fights back, returning the shot and punching him.

Simone: It was a mistake for Kain to bring Casey Williams back to his feet.

Casey takes Kain by the head and arm and whips him hard into a large trunk stationed in the hall, sending the Roulette champion tumbling hard over it.

Adams: You don't say!

Casey stalks around the trunk and grabs Kain and he throws another forearm down across his back. Casey takes him by the head and hits his head into a random door in the area, sending him shaking on the hinges. Casey then backs up and charges, delivering a big boot to Kain and knocking the door wide open all in one shot! There are immediate screams emanating from within as three women come rushing out!

Adams: They're fighting in the women's rest room! Ha!

The camera hurries inside to see Casey with both hands around Kain's throat, choking him out. Kain grits his teeth and fights back the easiest way, by delivering a kick right between Casey's legs!

Simone: Kain is an incredibly skilled wrestler but I don't think that was one of the moves he picked up in his training!

Adams: Hey look who he's fighting! He's going to do whatever the hell he has to make it through this!

Casey's face contorts in agony as he bends at the waist, clutching himself and roaring in pain! Casey backs up against a stall and dropkicks the big man, knocking him through the stall door and into the toilet! Kain steps into the stall interior and grabs Casey's head and slams it into the rim of the toilet and then delivers a punt to Casey's exposed ribs. Kain steps back out and Casey struggles to follow. Kain then grabs a certain dispenser and tears it off the wall and slams it against the back of Casey's head!

Simone: He did not!

Adams: He did too!

Casey collapses and rolls over onto his back and Kain covers him for the pin.

Casey gets the shoulder up.

Simone: This fight deserves to be on a Supercard, the effort these two men are extending!

Kain grabs Casey by the head but Casey fends him off, burying a fist into Kain's stomach. Casey then bellows in frustration and scoops Kain up and body slams him on the bathroom floor! Casey doesn't even go for a cover. Instead he grabs his opponent and drags him out of the bathroom and back into the hall. With another roar, Casey grabs Kain by the arm and Irish whips him into another door and sends it off the hinges and Kain falls out into the casino parking garage!

Adams: That's what I love about these types of matches! you can end up anywhere!

Casey throw an overhead shot into Kain's head and pulls him further into the parking lot. Casey goes for another swinging fist but Kain ducks under it. Casey turn around and Kain delivers a jumping Enzugari to the back of the giant's head!

Simone: I never thought I'd see a move like that in a match like this!

Casey is stunned! Kain kips up and he is all over Casey, throwing right hands into his head and driving him back! Casey fights back, lashing out with a big boot to Kain's stomach, and then he grabs Kain and throws him into a pallet stacked with crates and sends them scattering! Casey stalks after him but Kain has hold of a broken piece of a crate and he swings it around and clobbers Casey in the head with it! Kain goes to swing again but Casey lands an uppercut into Kain's jaw, knocking him back and sending the weapon to the ground. Kain shrugs the blow off and he goes right back after Casey but the big man sees him coming and he picks him right up onto his wide shoulders in a torture rack!

Simone: Is he setting him up for...?

Casey then military presses him over his head and dumps Kain to the parking lot ground!

Adams: Lost Crucifix!

Casey covers Kain and hooks both legs!


Simone: Casey Williams scores the first fall in this three stage match!

Winner of the Falls Count Anywhere Stage: Casey WILLIAMS

At the backstage area, the Roulette Wheel is being spun again and it slows down and lands on...

Simone: Are you KIDDNG me!?

Parking Lot Brawl!

Adams: What a coinkidink!

Justin: The next encounter is a Parking Lot Brawl!

The crowd cheers and Casey smiles sinisterly as he grabs Kain and pulls him up and throws him across the lot and towards a gathered group of vehicles. Kain uses one car to pull himself up and Casey goes to kick him but Kain grabs his leg, blocking it, and then brings him down with a dragon screw leg whip!

Simone: Even in violent encounters like these, Kain still is able to display his ring skill!

Casey yells in pain as he grabs his leg and Kain walks past the cars and takes hold of a hub cab set aside.

Adams: Uhhh ohhh!

Kain walks back into the ring of vehicles and he brings the hub cap down onto Casey's exposed leg first, then swings it back into the giant's head! Casey falls to his back and Kain tosses the hub cap aside and covers Casey.

3 - No! Casey gets the shoulder up!

Kain delivers a stomp to Casey's body and then turns and climbs up onto the hood of the nearest car. he walks over and jumps off and lands with a double foot stomp into Casey's gut! Casey rolls over, clutching his stomach in pain, and Kain rolls him back and covers him again.

3 - No! Casey gets his shoulder up again!

Kain yells in frustration as he stands up and lands a boot first to Casey's body and then his head. Kain goes for a third kick but Casey suddenly grabs his foot, blocking it. Casey slowly stands up, holding Kain's foot, then pulls him in and clotheslines Kain down to the ground! Casey grabs Kain by the throat and heaves him up onto the hood of the nearest vehicle and starts to climb up onto it as well.

Simone: I don't like the looks of this!

Adams: Neither do I! That's my car that big ape is standing on!

The hood of the car crunching down beneath Casey's near 400 pounds, the giant grabs Kain again by the throat and drags him up to his feet.

Simone: Surely he's not going to choke slam that man off the car!

Casey starts to lift Kain up for that very maneuver but Kain fights back suddenly and lands a kick to Casey's bad knee! Casey drops Kain and Kain slaps on a DDT onto the hood of the car!

Simone: DDT! A DDT onto the hood of a car!

Adams: A DDT onto the hood of my car!

Kain rolls Casey off of the car and the giant falls to the ground where Kain covers him, hooking the leg!


The crowd cheers as the hurt and tired Kain slowly gets up off of Casey!

Winner of the Parking Lot Brawl Stage: KAIN

Adams: And Kain just evened things up between them!

Simone: Whoever wins the next encounter, whatever it may be, walks away the winner!

Backstage the SCW Roulette Wheel is slowing down from its third and final spin and it lands on ... First Blood!

Justin: The third and final match will be a First Blood match!

The crowd cheers!

Adams: Holy...!

Kain hears the announcement and he immediately starts throwing his hardest punches into Casey's head!

Simone: And Kain is not wasting any time! He is trying to open Casey Williams up immediately!

Not being successful, Kain grabs Casey and pulls him away from the ring of cars and towards another door and throws him into it. The door swings open and Casey falls back into another area of the backstage hall of the casino. Kain goes up the steps after him but Casey kicks the door, sending it swinging right into Kain's head!

Adams: That could have busted him open right there!

Simone: But it didn't!

Casey knocks the door open and grabs Kain and drags him into the hall and he starts heading down the backstage area, pulling his opponent along with him!

Adams: Are they headed this way?

Simone: I think they are! I think they're actually bringing the fight to the arena!

Casey throws Kain around and clotheslines him, knocking him to the ground. Casey then grabs him by the head and pulls him up again and he walks through the curtains and the crowd cheers as Casey brings the Roulette Champion Kain out onto the stage! Casey then turns and scoops Kain up onto his left shoulder and carries him down towards the ring where he launches him from his shoulder and into the steel ring post!

Simone: That could have separated Kain's shoulder!

Adams: I don't think Casey cares!

Kain slumps down, face and chest first against the ring post. He is breathing heavily and Casey charges forward but Kain spots him from the corner of his eye and moves and Casey runs right into the post!

Adams: Neither man is having much luck yet in this final stage of the match!

Kain staggers over towards one of the tables and grabs a power cord. He then brings it over to where Casey is slow to recover and Kain wraps the cord around Casey's throat and strangles him with it!

Simone: That is sure as hell one way to neutralize Casey's size advantage!

Casey gasps and gags, struggling but Kain tugs on the cord with everything he has, tightening it around the big man's neck! Casey drops to one knee and finally Kain lets go of the cord and grabs Casey by the head and slams his head down into the ring steps!

Adams: Did that do it!?

Simone: No! Neither man has been busted open yet.

Casey staggers to his feet and stumbles around the corner of the ring. Kain goes right around after him and Casey meets him with a back elbow that sends the champion against the ring apron. Casey grabs Kain by the arm and hurls him into the barrier between the ringside area and the fans. Kain hits hard enough that he falls back and to the floor.

Simone: Neither of these men have been able to hold the advantage over the other for long!

Casey stomps down onto Kain two times before he pulls him up by the arm and sends him into the ring steps with enough force that Kain goes tumbling over them. Casey stands there and glared at Kain as his opponent uses the ring barrier to drag himself back to his feet.

Adams: I wonder if either of these guys is starting to regret this challenge?

Kain turns around, his back to the barricade, and Casey charges right for him and goes for a big boot but Kain moves and Casey crotches himself on the steel barrier!

Simone: If I had to guess, I'd say Casey is right about now.

Kain stumbles up and grabs Casey around the waist from behind.

Adams: What is he doing!?

With a monumental display of raw strength, Kain brings Casey off of the barricade and suplexes him onto the ringside floor!

Simone: German suplex! My god Kain just German suplexed the 370 pound Casey Williams on the floor!

Both Kain and Casey lay on the floor, in pain and sucking in oxygen from this hard fought and epic battle! Drew stands over them and does not know whether or not to issue his count! The official shakes his head and realizes he has little alternative!


Kain manages to get to his feet first as Casey is slow to do the same. Kain walks over and shoves Justin Decent from his chair and picks the steel folding chair up and carries it with him as he walks up the ring steps and to the ring apron. Casey stands up and Kain jumps off the apron and brings the chair swinging down right onto Casey's head! The giant falls back and to the floor and the chair has a large dent in it! Kain staggers over against the ring and the camera picks up a close up of Casey and...

Adams: He's busted open!

A gash is open on Casey's forehead! The bell rings!


The crowd cheers!

Winner of the First Blood Stage: KAIN

Justin: The winner of the third and final stage of the Three Stages of Hell... Kain!

The crowd cheers as Drew raises Kain's arm in victory! Kain then pulls away and makes his way back up the aisle as Drew turns to check on Casey who is slowly coming to a sitting position.

The camera goes backstage where Roxanne is standing by the concession stand with Electra and Boy standing faithfully at her side. She looks a bit on the annoyed side as she awaits her popcorn bucket. Electra excitedly watches her lighter hanging from a necklace around Roxanne’s neck.

Roxanne: I can’t believe that troll is refusing access to the backstage area. I am now a signed Bombshell for fucks sake…

Electra nods her head, only half way paying attention to what Roxanne is saying. Boy mumbles something from under his gimp mask as Roxanne rolls her eyes. She snatches her popcorn from the vendor and starts to walk away. Just then, we see former bombshell Angelica standing right behind her. She appears to be sweating a bit and stumbling on her words.

Roxanne: Color me surprised… I bet you are the reason I am being banned tonight. Since you can’t seem to say a fucking word like an idiot, let me spell it out. I’m a bitch, a slut, or a skank because I broke your fucking knee almost a year ago and you are too much of a coward to confront me until your boyfriend makes you in some sort of experimental therapy so you could get over the trauma…?

Angelica tries to object, but she really can’t. Instead she reaches forward and slaps Roxanne as hard as she can across her face. Roxanne looks a bit surprised by this as Electra yanks her Zippo free from Roxanne’s neck and she lights it up, bringing it up to Angelica’s face.

Electra: Are you looking to get got bitch!?!

Angelica: You owe me that, Roxanne! You injured me, and you have made my life a living hell. I have tried to make a return for a year now, but every time I step foot into this atmosphere, I have a panic attack, or I can’t stop crying and…

Roxanne holds a hand up in Angelica’s face, causing her to tense up a bit. Roxanne’s stone like expression doesn’t change as she leans down a few inches to get in Angelica’s face.

Roxanne: Spare me your bullshit, Angie… You want to act like I’m the big bad wolf who huffed and puffed and blew your knee out? I made your life hell, but I will say what I said then… Karma is a real bitch. You deserved everything I gave you, and more, so count your blessings. Now, if you don’t get the hell out of my face and tell your little boyfriend to let me in so I can do my job, I will…

Before Roxanne can finish what she was saying, Angelica boots her in the gut and begins hammering away at her. Electra goes to handle Angelica when Roxanne shoves her own friend away from her. She tosses the popcorn in her hand into Angelica’s face, blinding her for a split second. She yanks the long brunette locks of Angelica and she sends her flying with a Hair Biel into the concession cart. She then spears Angelica into it, knocking it over. She has a sadistic smile on her face as she picks up a tub of nacho cheese, grinning even harder as steam comes off of the steel container.

Roxanne: You can go ahead and pass on a little message to your boyfriend with second degree burns on your face, kitten… When they remove the bandages, tell him to…

HS: … STOP FUCKING WITH ME! You need to be taught a lesson. Arresting you would be too easy… No, you are going to have to taste defeat in your first ever Handicap match against Azz n Class! Now let her up before I change my mind about arresting ya ass!

Roxanne gets a smug look on her face as she drops the cheese. Angelica scurries backwards against the wall as Roxanne gets up from the ground. She walks over to HS and gets in his face, but he refuses to back down. Instead, she bumps into his shoulder and walks off as HS rushes over to check on Angelica.

HS: Are you sure you are okay to interview next week…?

Angelica quickly nods her head as we fade out.

The scene opens up backstage where we see Casey Williams walking backstage with a purpose, the backstage staff do their best to keep their distance from him as he walks down the halls.

Simone: Casey just had a hell of a Three Stages of Hell match with Kain!

Adams: After that you gotta figure that he’s next in line for a shot at Simon Jones and the SCW Heavyweight Championship, regardless of whether he won or lost!

???: Hey Casey!

The giant looks up and sees Jessie Salco’s boyfriend Shane down the hall.

Shane: Your momma’s so fat that when she trips she causes an Earthquake!

Simone: Did he really just say that?

Adams: Well at least Jessie will be back on the market after tonight!

Casey: Why, you little shit! How dare you talk about my mom like that. I am going to kill you.

Casey lunges towards Shane when he gets cut off by Jake Salco and by cut off we mean leveled with a chairshot to the head, Casey falls to one knee and Jake and Shane glare at him.

Jake: Did you really think we’d take those attacks lying down? I’m a former member of the army for Christ’s sake! Shane……well he’s Jessie’s boyfriend that should tell you all that you need to know really!

Jessie: I heard that!

Jake just shakes his head before passing the chair to Shane who hits the big man with a chairshot to the head bringing him down, Jessie walks up and shakes her head.

Jessie: To think, I was the Maid of Honor at his wedding.

Jake: Don’t try to think about that too hard, let’s just get out of here before he comes to.

Jessie nods before sneaking in a kick to Casey’s balls as the three metalheads run off.

Jessie: Also, a “Your Momma” joke? Really?

Shane: It worked didn’t it?

Shane asks as the camera cuts to ringside for the next match.

The camera returns to the ring where Justin Decent stands alongside Jasmine St. John.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Dream Mixed Tag Team match is your Main Event of Climax Control, and it is scheduled for one fall!

"Come as you are, as you were,
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy.
Take your time, hurry up
The choice is yours, don't be late.
Take a rest, as a friend, as an old memorial"

Justin: Introducing first! At a total combined weight of 356 pounds, the team of Odette Ryder and Gabriel!

The crowd cheers as the 'First Couple' of Sin City Wrestling, Gabriel and Odette Ryder, step out onto the stage and raise their joined hands up to greet the cheering crowd. Gabriel gives Odette a 'twirl' atop the stage and then she takes his arm and they begin their descent towards the ring as the crowd reaches out to them, and they in turn slap hands along the way.

"Come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach
As I want you to be
As a trend, as a friend, as an old memorial

Gabriel climbs up onto the apron as Odette ascends the steps. Gabriel holds the ropes open for his lady love to enter the ring first, and then he follows her inside himself. The pair then each take turns mounting the corner turnbuckles to greet the cheering fans as the music slowly subsides.

Justin: Introducing their opponents! First from Tampa, Florida, weighing 132 pounds, she is the SCW Bombshell Champion ... Roxi Johnson!

"Outsider" plays over the PA system. Once the lyrics begin, Roxi Johnson emerges from the backstage area, She pauses at the top of the entranceway, soaking in the atmosphere. She stares ahead at the ring and begins a slow walk towards it. She pauses from time to time looking around the arena. After a moment, she steps on the apron, and enters the ring through the ropes. Once inside, she runs to the nearest corner, jumps on it, and raises her arms to the cheers of the audience.

Justin: Her tag team partner hails from Birmingham, England, weighing 225 pounds, he is the current SCW Heavyweight Champion ... Simon Jones!

The intro of “Simon Says” By Drain STH plays over the arena’s PA system, prompting Simon Jones to walk through the curtains and out onto the stage, to a cheer from the fans. As he makes his way towards the ring, Simon slaps hands with some of the fans on either side of the aisle. After arriving at the ringside area, Simon climbs the steps up onto the ring apron, then steps through the ropes, and as he does so he glances to his left, then to his right, before walking to the side of the ring closest to the camera and pausing to look out at the crowd. Simon then turns around and walks towards the opposite side of the ring, but before he reaches the ropes, he turns to his right and heads for the corner of the ring, where he climbs to the second turnbuckle, to further cheers and applause from the fans.

Simone: This is a dream match in every sense of the word, and we have none other than Odette Ryder to thank for this one. As a former Bombshell Champion herself, she is teaming with Gabriel, the first ever SCW Heavyweight Champion, and their opponents? The current champions in both divisions. Bombshell Champion, Roxi Johnson, and Heavyweight Champion, Simon Jones!

Adams: Does it ever really get any better than watching the former champion against the current?

Simone: It could, if only Mark had agreed to let the titles be on the line for this one.

Jasmine directs both teams to choose who is starting. Gabriel gives the 'ladies first' go ahead and steps out onto the apron and Simon is only too happy to do the same. Roxi turns around to look across the ring at Odette and the bell sounds.


Adams: And it's ladies first.

Odette and Roxi come out of their corners and the first thing they do is shake hands, eliciting applause from the crowd.

Simone: Great display of sportsmanship.

Roxi and Odette circle the ring and right away they lock up, collar and elbow. Odette ducks behind Roxi, grabbing her from behind in a rear waist lock. She tries to take her to the mat but Roxi blocks it, then she counters and switches places, grabbing Odette in a rear waist lock. Odette tries to pry Roxi's hands apart to break the hold, but is unable. She then switches tactics and reaches back with her arm and grabs the Bombshell Champion in a side headlock, thus breaking the waist lock in that manner. Odette cranks the pressure on and then uses her leverage to hip toss Roxi over to the canvas, retaining the headlock. Roxi kicks her legs, attempting to break free, but Odette's grip is too secure. Roxi then changes tactics and instead uses her legs to grab Odette around the head in a scissors hold, breaking the headlock.

Now it's Odette who kicks her legs to try and break free from the champion's hold, but Roxi refuses to ease up, holding the former champion tightly on the canvas. Odette then rolls over onto her hands and knees, then does a somersault, breaking the hold and she immediately has Roxi back in the side headlock on the mat.

Simone: We are seeing some very well done technical wrestling by both of these women.

Adams: Yeah I doubt we'll see anyone swinging chairs or using the ropes in this match.

Slowly, Roxi forces her way back to a standing position and she fires Odette off the ropes, breaking the headlock. Odette comes rebounding off the far side and the two women collide in a shoulder tackle but neither lady moves. Odette then darts into the ropes again and this time Roxi leapfrogs up and over her. Odette rebounds off the ropes and Roxi jumps, connecting with a surprise high cross body from out of nowhere.

Odette kicks out quickly!

Roxi is right on her, grabbing her by the arm and she goes for an Irish whip but Odette reverses it. Odette goes for a hip toss but Roxi lands on her feet and then turns about and jumps for a monkey flip but it's Odette who lands on her feet. Roxi kips up but Odette sweeps her legs out from under her and covers her for the pin.

Roxi kicks out.

Both women jump to their feet and the fans are applauding the athletic, fast paced display put on by both Bombshells. They eye each other for a moment before they both smile and back up to their corners and extend their hands to tag the men into the match.

Adams: Now let's see if the guys can match the display the babes just put on.

Simone: Babes? That wasn't very politically correct of you Jason.

Adams: My apologies. Let's see if the guys can match the chicks. Better?

Simone: *sighs*

Gabriel and Simon climb through the ropes and both begin to circle the ring, as Gabriel claps his hands, Simon pumps his fist; both men rallying the fans behind them. They then pause at the center of the ring and lock up. The two men strain and struggle for the advantage until finally Simon gains the upper hand and backs Gabriel into the ropes. The Heavyweight Champion holds him there briefly and Jasmine wastes little time issuing her mandatory count.


But before Simon could break cleanly, Gabriel reverses it and pulls Jones back against the ropes. Gabriel then steps back and pats both hands on Simon's chest, stepping away smiling openly.

Adams: Gabriel having a little fun there with Simon?

Simone: Well we all need to remember that as popular as Gabriel is with the fans, he is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Simon smirks as well and comes off the ropes and the two men circle again, each reaching out with an extended hand and they clasp fingers in a lock up. They both pull on their joined hands to try and gain the advantage when Gabriel ducks and twists, breaking the lock up and turning it into an arm wringer on Simon. Odette applauds from the corner as Gabriel jerks on the arm twice, working the limb over. He then twists it again, flipping Simon over onto his back. Simon then kips up and counters, reversing the wrist lock by twisting Gabriel's arm and turning the hold against him. Simon twists his wrist, making Gabriel wince, before he switches the hold to a hammerlock, ducking behind Gabriel. Simon wrenches his arm up his back and then darts around and changes holds, grabbing him into a side headlock.

Simone: Some great chain wrestling on Simon's part right there.

Adams: Well he's not the Heavyweight Champion of SCW for nothing, you know.

Gabriel can not break the hold so he instead fires Simon off the ropes and on the rebound, they collide in a shoulder block and it's Simon that hits the mat. Frustrated, Simon gets right up and he shoves Gabriel back a step.

Adams: Whoa.

And Gabriel answers back in kind by shoving the champion right back.

Simon: Well just because they're both popular with the fans doesn't mean these two have to actually like one another. They are two competing men, after all.

Adams: And they're wrestling in front of two women.

Simone: Yeah that'll make any man not want to be shown up.

Simon comes back with a forearm shot to the side of Gabriel's head, sending him staggering back. Simon follows up with three more rapid fire shots, backing him up against the ropes. Simon goes for an Irish whip but Gabriel ducks under and counters, pulling Simon back into a standing Hurricanarana from out of nowhere!

Simone: Beautiful!

Gabriel goes for the cover right away, hooking the leg.

Simon kicks out.

Gabriel grabs him and goes to send him into the ropes but Simon reverses it. Simon goes for a back body drop but Gabriel turns around and uses the move to land on his feet behind the champion. Simon turns around and Gabriel strikes him with a knife edge chop to the sternum. Gabriel then goes for a whip but it is again reversed. Simon swings for a clothesline but Gabriel ducks under and rebounds off the far side and Simon jumps, nailing him with a dropkick right to the face.

Adams: Damn did he get up there!

Simon with the cover!

Gabriel kicks out.

Simon brings Gabriel to his feet and sends him into the near corner. Simon runs in at him but Gabriel brings both feet up, greeting him in the head in the harshest way. Simon staggers back and Gabriel hops up onto the middle turnbuckle, and then leaps off to connect with a missile dropkick, knocking the champion back head over heels.

Gabriel gets up and rather than follow up against Simon, he instead hurries over and tags Odette back into the match.

Adams: I wonder why he did that when he had the advantage?

Simone: Most likely needed the break. The two men were really tearing it up.

Odette quickly gets into the ring and runs over to the opposing corner but Roxi uses the top rope to springboard in and she catches Odette with a flying body press, hooking the leg!

Odette kicks out!

Adams: Wow! She almost caught Odette there!

Roxi is quickly on Odette, bringing her to her feet and sending Ms. Ryder into the corner where she comes charging in with a dropkick. The impact knocks Odette down onto her backside and the Bombshell champion brings her back to her feet and cracks a knife edge chop to Odette's sternum. Ever the fair player, Roxi brings her from out of the corner and scoops her up for a body slam to the mat. Roxi then runs off of the ropes and cartwheels over Odette's body, then spins around and hits a standing moonsault into another cover.

Odette kicks out.

Roxi then gets her back to her feet and Irish whips her into the corner and charges in with a running elbow. Roxi runs back several steps and charges in for a second but Odette blocks it. Odette grabs her arm and scissors it with her legs and falls backward over the top rope, using the leverage to work her arm over.

Simone: That could seriously hyper extend Roxi's elbow.

Jasmine rushes over and orders Odette to break the hold, given the precarious position that she's in. Jasmine then starts to issue her count.


But given her nature, Odette breaks right away and lands carefully on her feet as Roxi staggers to the center of the ring, holding her arm. Odette scrambles onto the ring apron and as Roxi turns around, Odette spring boards into the ring with a missile dropkick onto the Bombshell Champion. Gabriel applauds as Odette makes the cover.

Roxi kicks out.

Odette pulls her up by her worked over arm and twists it into an arm wringer. Odette delivers three straight elbows down into her shoulder and then Irish whips her into the far corner. Odette comes charging in and leaps, hitting her with a Stinger splash. Odette then snapmares Roxi over and grabs her first in a body scissors and then uses her free arms to trap Roxi's hurt arm in an overhead arm lock.

Adams: Boy she really has Roxi tied up there, doesn't she?

Simone: She does indeed. I doubt she'll get a submission out of the Bombshell Champion, but she'll certainly be able to wear her down.

Odette squeezes the air from Roxi's body with her shapely, strong legs while pulling back hard on her arm. Jasmine is asking the champion if she wants to quit but Roxi emphatically answers with a negative shake of the head. Roxi then presses her feet to the mat and pushes herself back and atop Odette in a forced cover.

Odette easily gets free, but has to release her arm in doing so.

Roxi struggles to turn around in the body scissors but is finally able to do so, remaining on her knees facing Odette in the hold. Roxi then slowly stands up, holding her around the legs. Roxi then falls backwards, catapulting Odette over and face first into the near corner.

Simone; That's one sure way to break a body scissors.

Odette holds her head, staggering to the left and Roxi comes up with a dropkick to her back, sending Odette tumbling out through the ropes and to the ringside floor!

Adams: The champion is making a comeback!

Gabriel starts to go over to check on his fiance' but Jasmine orders him back to his corner and he grudgingly obliges. Jasmine then turns back around to find Roxi perched atop the near turnbuckle. Odette gets to her feet on the outside and Roxi leaps, crashing into Ryder with a 450 senton on the outside, bringing the fans to their feet!


Adams: Wow! What an awesome move!

Simone: That is why the SCW Bombshells are the absolute best women's professional wrestling has to offer!

Both Gabriel and Simon stare in stunned fascination at the pileup on the outside as Jasmine has to begin her mandatory count.


Roxi is up and she slowly rolls Odette back into the ring and follows her in, much to the appreciation of the fans. Roxi pulls her to her feet and Irish whips her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Odette ducks under, rebounds off the far side and both ladies have the same idea as they jump and collide in mid-air with a pair of high cross bodies! Both women hit the mat in pain, and Jasmine begins her count.


Both women roll over and begin edging their way towards their respective corners.


Roxi tags Simon!


And Odette tags Gabriel!

Both men come charging into the ring and right in the center of the ring they collide in a wild exchange of forearm shots to one another's heads!

Simone: Neither of those men are pretending to play nice! This is the Main Event and they both want that win!

Simon blocks a shot by Gabriel and responds in kind with a strong shot to the side of his head, sending him staggering around in a wide circle. Gabriel then counters, spinning back with a roundhouse kick to the lower abdominal, knocking the wind out of the champion. Gabriel goes for an Irish whip and jumps for a dropkick but Simon holds onto the ropes and Gabriel crashes on the back of his head. Simon runs over and grabs his legs, somersaulting over him into a bridging cover.

Gabriel kicks out.

Simon pulls him up to his feet and goes for a short arm clothesline but Gabriel ducks under the blow and scoops him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Gabriel then flips over, crushing Simon beneath him on impact. Gabriel runs off the ropes and comes back with a beautiful standing 450 splash into a cover.

3- No! Simon gets the shoulder up!

Adams: It was almost over! Gabriel almost pinned the champion!

Gabriel stands up, pulling Simon up along with him. Gabriel delivers a scoop slam and begins to ascend to the top of the nearest corner. Simon slowly regains his footing to a vertical base and he turns around. Gabriel leaps but at the same time, Simon sees him coming and he jumps, nailing Gabriel in mid-air with a dropkick!

Simone: What a counter by the champion!

Simon quickly covers Gabriel, hooking the near leg!

3 - No! Gabriel kicks out!

Adams: So close!

Gabriel slowly sits up and Simon comes running off the ropes and baseball slides into him with a shining wizard strike, covering him a second time and hooking the leg again.

3 - No! Again Gabriel kicks out!

Simone: These two men are tearing the house down!

Roxi cheers for her partner as Odette rallies behind Gabriel! Simon stands up, feeling the brunt of the match, and pulls Gabriel up along with him. He drags him back to the corner where he takes a seat atop the top turnbuckle and he sets Gabriel into position for a Styles Clash.

Adams: He's going for the Into Oblivion!

Simone: This will end things for Gabriel for certain if he hits this.

Simon tries to lift him but Gabriel holds onto the ropes, blocking it. Simon tries again but again it's blocked. Gabriel then counters and he instead lifts Simon up over his shoulder and falls back, driving Simon's head down into the canvas!

Simone: What a counter by the magician Gabriel!

Adams: We're going to need some Excedrin out here!

Both men are spent on the mat but Gabriel fights over and stands up. He grabs Simon, dragging him to his feet along with him. Gabriel then lifts him up and hits a running K Driver!

Simone: Avada Kadavra!

Gabriel covers Simon and hooks the leg!


The bell rings and the fans cheer as Odette hurries into the ring and smiling, embraces Gabriel fiercely on the canvas!

Adams: He did it! Gabriel pinned the Heavyweight Champion!

Simone: And in doing so, he just proved that he is still championship material in the singles ranks!

A beaming Odette Ryder pulls Gabriel to his feet and hugs him again while Jasmine and Roxi check on Simon who is sitting up now. Jasmine then walks over and raises Gabriel and Odette's arms and the fans cheer.

Justin: Here are your winners... Gabriel and Odette Ryder!

The fan cheer as a celebrating Odette and Gabriel exit the ring and make their way toward the back, slapping hands along the way.

After the match, Roxi Johnson is about ready to exit the ring area when the lights suddenly go out again following a round of cheers towards all the competitors in the Tag Team match. A small video plays showing a cross over looking a hill on a moon filled night as the clouds give away the location. Another video package perhaps, adding bugs crawling over dead bodies and a small girl holding a wax candle in an unknown dark forest saying in a very creepy voice: You Don’t Anything. The picture flickers followed by strange sounds which echo the arena, giving everyone an eerie feeling as that same girl appears closer with evil eyes staring back before the entire screen goes black and blood drips until crimson. The bass intro of Damage by Fit for Rivals kicks in, Roxi still in pain holds her shoulder managing to get a fist ready looking around. She wasn’t looking for another cheap shot by whoever this was. Scroll lights circle the arena, as if looking for searching, when the black figure appears standing in the audience a few moments then walks down to the ring as Roxi Johnson screaming at the figure to come on. This figure hops over the barricade and slides into the ring. They meet within inches of each other.

Simone: For the past number of weeks, Roxi has been subject to what started out to be these creepy videos that results last week into a vicious attack.

Adams: This person creeps me out, I don’t like this one bit.

Simone: Roxi is brave; you have to give her that.

Music dies down. What little can be seen underneath the hoodie, which conceals the identity, is a sadistic smile from what looks like black lipstick. Fans are on their feet as you feel the intense atmosphere building strong. The Bombshell Champion starts shaking her head saying a few words not picked up on by cameras and this figure just stands there. Johnson gives in to temptation and launches an attack but the shadowy figure dodges and runs off into the ropes coming back, Roxi tries again to assault her when this person traps her, pulling it down to the mat wrapping her body around into a Octopus Hold on the ground, she wrenches back on the injured arm as hard as she can.

Adams: Roxi wanted to get the first shots in and it cost her.

Simone: Can you blame her after last week? And, look at this?! Roxi Johnson is tapping. She’s tapping and screaming off the top of her lungs. What the hell is this thing?

Adams: Whatever it is, this move is dislocating that shoulder.

Indeed, the champion of the Bombshell Division was tapping fast closing her eyes as sheer pain shoots throughout her body. It wasn’t long before the person lets go, flipping off the hoodie and it was here that we discovery exactly who it is behind everything against Roxi. Alexis Morrison, who sits there with a smile getting up to snatch a microphone away and gets back into the ring. The champion managed to curl into a ball while holding that arm in pain.


Adams: I doubt God is the last name she wants anything to do with. I knew this person was creepy, and I know why now. She’s a freak, and proud of it!!!

Alexis: Is this thing on?! Testing…testing *tap tap* Sweet kitten, honorable kitten, does the pain hurt?

As soon as she says that, Alexis stomps on the injured shoulder with her boot and Roxi Johnson lets out a loud and her body bounces in pain on mat. Morrison looks down motionless before sitting beside Johnson with her legs crossed over onto each other. She instantly strokes the hair of her victim.

Alexis: You came around talking behind your blog saying how insane things have gotten lately. You said I basically failed at imitate you but I know looking into those eyes, I see fear. You keep telling yourself that nothing fears or imitate you while you’re at it, keep telling yourself there exist all those childhood characters that come to award you as you sleep at night. Like I said, you should fear me sweet kitten because I never play nice and always look to hurt anyone, not for reasons of match rules or because of title victories. I hurt people because I enjoy hearing the screams and the grasp from everyone watching from their seats helplessly, it’s my orgasm – I get off on it. I enjoy it.

Morrison looks up, continuing.

Alexis: I came back all for you Roxi, I want to see if you are truly as you’ve informed people and that’s being a champion in this company. See, the person who was supposed to challenge you for the belt was in a little car accident so she never made it to sign the dotted line on her contract and making her debut. Mark Ward and Christian Underwood wanted so much to bring their champion a true challenge, you’re the best they have and you got the belt to show for it. But don’t worry, it wasn’t a complete waste, I signed my name and sent the proper papers to them this afternoon on her behalf. Bet those two were really shocked to find my name inked in to face you. I’m not here for SCW, I’m gonna watch it burn.

The Mistress of Pain crawls over to Roxi Johnson brushing over the strings of hair out of the way softly. She looks into The Bombshell Champion’s eyes deeply then, Alexis thrust herself forward plunging a long kiss on the lips, Morrison wipes off the kiss standing up. She looks back at the injured warrior grabbing the Bombshell Championship and tosses it out of the ring, showing disrespect. Fans boo.

Alexis: You’ll find there are darker things that no one, not even a supposed superhero can stand against. Time for you to get a new hobby, this one is leaving you all broken, kitten.

Damage plays once more with Alexis Morrison exiting the ring back from which she came, through the crowd. The show ends to Roxi Johnson looking toward her attackers face finally, Alexis just blows a kiss in response as the SCW Copyright shows up at the bottom of our screens.

Thank you! To Chris, Mark, Erik, Craig, MK, Alexis Morrison, Casey, Mercedes Vargas, Necra and Parand. Also thank you to Vixen for the great match banners and Sunday Night Seduction banner. Also to all our great roleplayers for making the show possible.