Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the War Memorial Gymnasium in San Francisco, California. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the building at all of the fans filling the gymnasium and the rows of seats around the stands itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the War Memorial Gymnasium in San Francisco, California and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda comes out, dressed in a blonde wig and looking like a morbid version of Britney Spears. She waves as the crowd applauds and the performance begins.


Amanda: Oh no
Ah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I think I farted again, I made people leave,
Offended my friends.
Oh baby, I just gave it a push,
I didnt know it was that serious,
I could knock down wild horses,
It smells so fragrant to me.

Oh baby, baby
Oops, Im breaking some wind,
I ripped a big fart, I feel so ashamed,
Oh baby, baby,

The music suddenly comes to a halt and is interrupted by a voice over the house speakers...

"Hold it! Hold it!"

The lights dim down slightly as white strobes flash quickly above the stage. The opening buzzing to “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music. Erik pushes his way through the curtains, wearing a Team Erik t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He is carrying a clipboard in his hands as he grins sadistically out at the booing crowd. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the booing as if they power him.

Simone: Oh, Christ! What could this possibly be about!? Why is he out here!

Adams: Yeah! He actually interrupted Amanda! Rude!

He pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his evil smirk before grabbing a microphone. He pauses in the center of the ring, waving his arms out at the sides, asking the fans to keep it coming. He looks over to his wrist watch and taps it, shrugging his shoulders as the booing finally dies down. He slowly paces back and forth.

Erik: No more. No more of this inane nonsense. Now I'm not referring to you cattle out there. You all can boo me however much it pleases you...

The crowd immediately erupts in a fresh symphony of scorn aimed directly at him!

Simone: And they will!

Adams: It was nice of him to give them permission, though.

Erik pauses a moment longer but then when the boos die down again, he continues.

Erik: I was actually talking about... this.

He waves a hand toward Amanda with a look of disgust on his face. The crowd boos as Amanda holds 'her' arms out, wondering what it is that 'she' has done.

Erik: Now, I'm not opposed to entertainment during our shows. God knows I am all about pleasing the fans.

Adams: Mmmmmmmmm hm!

Erik: But these acts being performed by this ... person, has been nothing short of disrespectful and disgusting! Now don't get me wrong...

He turns to face Amanda and holds up a hand.

Erik: I have nothing against you personally, nor your ... career path. It's the disgusting nature of the songs you choose to perform. They are filled with vulgarity and I blame 'you' for part of what's wrong with our SCW audiences today!

The crowd boos viciously as Erik takes up his pacing once again while Amanda looks helplessly toward Justin who appears just as discomforted.

Erik: I have thought long and hard about this. About all of the things I find wrong with the so-called staff members that Mark and Christian have deigned to hire for our ... benefits. When in reality they probably got hired because of their own benefit packages. Reporters with big breasts!

He motions towards Justin.

Erik: Ring announcers with big...

He clears his throat.

Erik: Well we don't need to get into that.

Justin looks into the camera near him and winks.

Erik: My point is, is that there is something seriously wrong with the hiring process here at Sin City Wrestling and as of today, I am going to correct that little mistake. Now, don't misunderstand me. Please.

He holds a hand up to forestall the boos and the protests from Amanda and Justin.

Erik: Now, don't get me wrong. I am not going to fire you. I'm not going to fire any of you. No, what I am going to do is give each and every one of you an opportunity. A chance, if you will, to both prove your worth as well as entertain these good people out here.

Erik stops pacing and that sick, twisted smile once again seems to creep up on his face. He turns and looks at Amanda.

Erik: You're going to wrestle tonight. All of you are. Call them career opportunity matches, against my choices of opponents. If you win, you keep your job. If you lose...

Erik shrugs and Amanda immediately begins to protest!

Amanda: B-but I'm not a wrestler! That isn't my job...!

Erik: Check your contract! It's your job to entertain, and as your 'BOSS', I am deeming this how you'll be entertaining the fans! You! The two big breasts, no brains Barbie dolls backstage, and yes, you...

He points at Justin.

Erik: You're each going to fight tonight, for everyone's amusement, and for the honor of keeping your jobs!

Adams: his isn't fair!

The crowd continues to boo throughout this injustice!

Erik: I mean, everyone else here has to fight to continue being employed, so why not you?

Simone: Because they aren't wrestlers you jackass!

The crowd keeps booing as Amanda and Justin look incredibly discomforted,, protesting continuously!

Erik: Now don't any of you worry about thinking you don't have a chance. I don't want any of you thinking that, because I intend to make each and every match as fair as possible. In fact, Amanda, your match is going to be.... oh ... now.

Adams: Now!?

Erik steps aside and the boos grow even louder as Drew climbs into the ring, ready to do his duty.

Simone: I notice Erik isn't making that little stain fight to keep his job.

Adams: Probably because Drew has his lips firmly wrapped around Erik's...

Simone: Jason!

Drew shakes Erik's hand and takes his spot in the corner with a smug look on his face.

Erik: Now if Miss Hugginkiss's opponent would be so kind...?

Simone: Who...?

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

Adams: Oh. My. God!

Simone: He calls THIS fair!?

Amanda's eyes are wide with horror as Justin and Erik both exit the ring, Justin more quickly.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder.

Simone: I can't believe what we're seeing! This is not right! It's not fair!

Drew gets behind a quaking Amanda and shoves 'her' right into Casey's mountain-like body and he responds by wrapping his arms around the cross dressing entertainer and performing a H-U-G-E belly to belly suplex!

Adams: It's not pretty!

The ring shakes upon the impact and Drew casually calls for the bell!


Amanda lies motionless on the canvas, already out of it from the one maneuver, but a very devastating maneuver at that! Casey laughs with a sadistic expression on his face as he grabs Amanda by the wig and tears it off of 'her' head and throws it aside. Casey then peels 'her' up off the mat and hauls her up into his arms and delivers a bone jarring body slam! Casey then rebounds off of the ropes and drops a big elbow down into Amanda's chest cavity! Casey covers 'her' at his leisure for the pin.

2..... Casey pulls Amanda up, breaking his own cover! he crowd boos and Casey just laughs!

Simone: This is disgusting!

Casey drags Amanda up and holds 'her' by the head and delivers a headbutt right to 'her' skull, but holds on so 'she' doesn't collapse to the mat! Casey then swings his free arm, almost decapitating 'her' with a clothesline! Casey drops down for the cover!

2..... Casey pulls 'her' up again!

Adams: Oh come ON!

Casey sneers at the booing crowd, standing up and bringing Amanda up along with him. Casey then scoops 'her' up onto his shoulders in a Human Torture rack, but before the screaming Hugginkiss can even deign to submit, Casey military presses 'her' over his head and slams 'her' down to the mat! Casey stands over 'her' limp body and simply steps onto it, and over it, in an insulting manner. Casey then reaches down and peels the brutalized Amanda up and sets 'her' head between his own knees. Casey then whips 'her' up into the air and delivers a brutal sit down powerbomb!

Adams: Broken Soul! It's over!

Simone: We can only hope!

Casey remains where he is, covering Amanda for the sit down pin!


The bell rings, signaling the end! Outside, Erik is directing Justin to do his job!

Justin: The winner ... Casey Williams!

Simone: Oh as if there had been any doubt!

The crowd boos as Drew happily raises Casey's arm in victory while Justin goes over to check on the hurt Amanda and he signals for the medics.

Adams: I can't believe this! It ... it looks like we won't ever be seeing Amanda Hugginkiss again!

Simone: Ummmm, it seems. We gotta do this intro Jason, regardless of the shocking scene that just hapen. Ahem, Hello and welcome to SCW Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm up way too early, but you can call me Jason Adams.

Simone: We have four great matches for you tonight.

Adams: Just four?

Simone: Yes.

Adams: This is gonna be a short intro then!

Simone: Maybe, but we kick things off in hardcore style, as Erik Staggs has his finger prints all over this one as it's billed as a four way dance, but representing Team Erik, we have Amy Marshall, Joanne Canelli and Laura Jackson.... the forth in the ring, Cyn Marlowe.

Adams: This could be punishment for not joining up with Team Erik

Simone: Speaking of Team Erik, The SCW Bombshell tag team champions are in action as The Fallen defend their tag team championship against a mystery team.

Adams: Are you on the mystery team?

Simone: Why would I be?

Adams: You just seem to know way too much.

Simone: It's not me Jason.

Adams: Damn!

Simone: More crooked Erik booking seems to be the order of the day, as he pits two allies of Hot Stuff Mark Ward in the same match. Last week, Hot Stuff gave Aleksei Koji his wrestling contract back, putting him on the front lines against Team Erik, Erik has responded by putting Aleksei in a match with one of Hot Stuff's closest friends and allies, in Nick Jones.

Adams: That Erik guy is a right sneaky Pete!

Simone: Uh uh, and in tonight's main event, we have the Roulette title on the line, as Team Erik's Matthew Kennedy gets his shot at Roulette Champion, Thatcher Rex.

Adams: I'm looking forward to this one!

Simone: What that intro short enough for ya?

Adams: Yes it was, so lets drop the flag, and start the madness.

The scene opens up at ringside just after the intro bit with Amanda and Belinda and Jason are currently discussing tonight’s events.

Simone: Whatever happens tonight is bound to be a wild night!

Adams: I can’t wait!

Suddenly all attention is turned to the titantron which has switched to a static picture for a few seconds before showing some text that reads: “The following promo has not been filmed by an SCW wrestler, SCW accepts no responsibilities for anyone who’s offended” before cutting to an alleyway at night, we can hear footsteps approaching as a familiar voice speaks out.

JB: Last week I made my return to Sin City Wrestling where I helped out Thatcher Rex against my former employer Matthew Kennedy and all week long I have heard the same questions: why am I not in jail? Why am I walking the streets? Why am I helping Team SCW?

At that point Jason Burnside steps into view with the familiar sadistic grin on his face, he is wearing a long trenchcoat with a pair of jeans underneath and a woolly cap.

JB: The truth is I never spent a night in jail, they never proved that I was the one who killed that idiot and due to her pregnancy Laura refused to testify, I’ve been following SCW on the road waiting for the perfect moment to strike and now that Christian is out of the picture……well let’s just say that I saw an opportunity and grabbed it by the throat!

Jason lights up a cigarette as he continues.

JB: And here comes the fact that I’m sure will make the members of both Team Erik and Team SCW piss their pants, I have no affiliation with Team SCW, I have no affiliation with Team Erik, to be blunt I don’t give a fuck about this civil war that’s going on! All I care about is causing one thing, chaos, carnage and destruction, Matthew never should’ve given me his lawyer because now I’m free to make the lives of Team SCW and Team Erik a living hell!

Jason says as he takes a whiff of his cigarette.

JB: I’ll be at Climax Control next week and rest assured the bodies will pile up to the sky!

The camera feed cuts to the arena where we see Belinda and Jason looking shocked at the news.

Simone: You… heard him folks! Jason Burnside makes his official return next week!

Adams: I want my mommy!

The scene opens up backstage at Climax Control where we see Jessie Salco talking with her much bigger brother Jake as they enter the arena.

Jake: The one time that they book a show at a place with “War Memorial” in its name and you’re not on the card, figures.

Jake comments but Jessie doesn’t answer and Jake blinks before clearing his throat.

Jake: Jess, I’m talking to you!

Jessie finally looks up and shakes her head.

Jessie: Sorry Jake, I’m still pissed off about last week.

Jake: The beating or Karina’s injury?

Jessie: Both.

Jessie answers and Jake sighs, Jessie spots Drew Patton nearby and storms up to him.

Jessie: Hey asshole!

Drew: What do you…..

Drew never gets a chance to finish as Jessie punches him in the face and kicks him in the balls.

Jessie: That was for Karina, and this is for not doing your damn job!

Jessie beats up Drew for a few minutes before Jake drags her off him and away from him.

Jake: Jess, what the hell are you thinking?!

Jessie: If that idiot had done his damn job Team Erik wouldn’t have injured Karina! What I’m doing is making sure that idiot doesn’t pull any more stunts like that.

Jake merely shakes his head as he takes his sister away as medics check on Drew.

The scene opens up in the ring where we see Joanne, Laura and Amy waiting for the fourth participant in this match, they are clearly not worried at all about the match and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t they be?

Justin: The following is your opening contest scheduled for one fall and it is a Bombshell Brawl Hardcore Rules match, already in the ring, Joanne Caneli, Amy Marshall and Laura Jackson!

Simone: This is the most blatant set-up I’ve seen in all my years as a commentator!

Adams: I don’t know what Cyn Marlowe did to piss off Erick Staggs but it’s clear that she’s in trouble tonight.

“Original Sin” by Meatloaf begins to play over the PA system but “The Original Cyn” Cyn Marlowe doesn’t come out from behind the curtains.

Justin: And their opponent, from Houston, Texas, she is “The Original Cyn” Cyn Marlowe!

Simone: Where is Cyn? She’s never backed down before.

Adams: Who knows?

Cyn eventually comes out and it soon becomes obvious why she was taking her time, she has brought a trolley full of weapons out with her and the Bombshells in the ring immediately look worried.

Simone: Too her credit Cyn’s came prepared for this match!

Adams: Is that my kitchen sink in the trolley?

Amy doesn’t bother to wait for Cyn to reach the ring instead charging out of the ring and towards Cyn, this has the expected result with Marlowe ramming the trolley into her stomach doubling her over before Cyn grabs a trash can from the trolley and whacks Amy over the head with it, Laura tries another root, namely an over the ropes suicide dive, but Cyn sees her coming and whacks Laura in the head with a chair, again from the trolley, as she comes over the ropes.

Simone: The match hasn’t started and Amy and Laura are already out!

Adams: Oh, oh, Joanne’s complaining to Drew!

Indeed Joanne is trying to get Drew to order Cyn to leave the trolley at ringside and he leaves the ring using the same threat he used against Jessie Salco last week, she has one answer though followed by a middle finger.

Cyn: No disqualifications you moron!

Realizing that his hands are tied Drew allows her to throw the weapons into the ring and she does before sliding in and Drew signals for the match to start, Joanne tries to take her head off with a steel chair but Cyn ducks and dropkicks the chair into her face! Cyn goes for a cover 1……2……kickout by Joanne but that doesn’t stop Cyn from laying into her with rights and lefts.

Simone: For the first time since this feud started Team Erick are on the ropes!

Adams: Look out! Here comes Amy and she has the trash can lid.

Cyn hasn’t noticed that Amy is back in the ring with the trash can as she gets off Joanne and calls for her to get to her feet, Amy takes the opportunity to whack Cyn over the head with the trashcan sending her to the matt as Laura Jackson joins the trio in the ring!

Simone: We all knew that this couldn’t last!

Adams: And that’s just insulting!

To add insult to injury the three Bombshells hit Cyn with every weapon that she brought into the ring before Joanne shouts orders at Laura and Amy, they drag Cyn’s barely conscious form to her feet and Joanne pulls back her fist…..

Simone: Kiss The Ring! If Cyn Marlowe wasn’t out already she is now!

Cyn drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes and Joanne goes for the cover 1…..2…..and Joanne pulls Cyn up, she gives more instructions to Laura who grins broadly as she and Amy get the idea, Joanne drags Cyn to her feet and makes a cutthroat motion.

Simone: Oh come on! She’s already beaten!

Adams: It’s not about beating Cyn, it’s about sending a message! There’s the Cider Driver!

Laura goes for a lazy cover 1…..2….and pulls Cyn up just before the three count! She doesn’t waste any time pulling Cyn to her feet as Joanne places a chair in front of Cyn’s face!

Simone: Oh no! Somebody stop this!

Adams: Wait, that’s Jessie Salco’s new music!

“I Want Out” by Helloween has just hit the speakers and Jessie and Jake charge down to the ring, however they are too late to help Cyn as Amy hits the chair assisted Bad Girl before going for a cover 1…..2…..3!!!!

Justin: Here’s your winner! Amy Marshall!

Simone: Amy’s technically the winner but that was basically a three on one handicap match!

Adams: Jessie and Jake aren’t stopping!

Jessie is first into the ring and ducks an attempted chair shot by Joanne and dropkicks it into her face sending her to the outside, Laura and Amy try to attack Jessie from behind but Jake warns her and she ducks it before hitting them with a Double Dropkick and a Circle Pit each.

Simone: Jessie’s clearing house!

Adams: Oh, oh, Joanne’s on her feet.

Joanne is clearly planning a sneak attack off some kind as Jessie lines Amy and Laura up for a double Wall of Death 450 Splash, however Jake clears his throat.

Jake: My mom always said that I shouldn’t hit ladies…….but I decided last week that the Team Erick Bombshells aren’t ladies!

Joanne’s eyes widen once she realizes what he means and goes to hit Jake with the Kiss the Ring, however Jake sees it coming, blocks the punch and sends her flying into the barricade as Jessie hits Amy and Laura with the 450 splash! Jessie quickly grabs a mic and bends over.

Jessie: I’d spit on you but you pieces of shit aren’t worth that! Consider this revenge for Karina and the beatdown!

Jake: Jess we gotta move!

Jake calls out to her as the rest of the Team Erick Bombshells pour from the locker room and they escape via the crowd Jessie making sure to flip the Bombshells off.

Jessie: Oh and Necra, you have something I was cheated out off! I want it back!

Jessie says before dropping the mic and Necra smirks getting the idea.

Simone: Revenge or not Jessie just single handedly humiliated three Team Erick Bombshells.

Adams: And she wants a Bombshell Roulette Title Match! I don’t know what lit a fire under her but can we keep that fire burning please?


We are taken backstage at the War Memorial Gymnasium in San Francisco, California. Various S.C.W. employees walking in the halls setting up for backstage promos. One of the doors swings open in out walks Chase Coxx, bodyguard of Blaque Hart Bruce Evans. Bruce looks furious as he walks down the halls at a quick pace. He's wearing a vintage black and red Blaque Hart shirt with the sleeves cut off, black pants and black boots. The camera continues to follow him down the long hall way as he passes by many crew members getting things ready for the show tonight when he suddenly runs into Ms. Rocky Mountains. She's not even in her wardrobe yet as Chase stops her

MRM: Sorry honey, I have to go get ready for the show....

Chase puts his arm out, stopping her from walking off, she develops a look of panic across her face as she sees the look of evil come over Chase' face

CC: Look HONEY. I really dont care. I need you to do me a big favor. Go find yourself a little microphone, and get your ass back here quick!!!

Chase lets go of Rocky as she begins to get very frantic looking for a crew member that might have a microphone. Chase stands there with his arms folded as Rocky quickly walks back over to him

MRM: Couldn't get one right now but if you want to say something I'm sure we can tape it now and air it doing the live show...

Chase unfolds his arm as poor scared Rocky Mountains stands next to him almost in tears

CC: You know what, I'm not surprised. Not at all. A man busts his ass for this company from the start, does all he is asked for this company, puts over green punks like he's asked, and this is the thanks he gets!?! Bruce Evans made this company the big success it is today, and this is the thanks he gets!?!

Ms. Rocky stands there nodding her head, agreeing with Chase out of fear as he continues to shout

CC: This company stabbed Bruce in the back royally! All for the buy rates and the ratings. November, Bruce left this company in a loser leaves town match against Bo Dreamwolf because some punk named Synn ran in the match and helped Bo win. It was an injustice, everyone knew it then, everyone still knows it now, and no one has done anything about it!

Rocky continues to stand there nodding her head as Chase gets right in her face

CC: This company screwed up big time! They intentionally kicked Bruce out of the company for some punk to get over that isn't even on the roster anymore. Now it's the 50th show! It's the show where maybe we'll see some faces from the past, ya know talking about their favorite S.C.W. memories. Well I'll tell ya what "Ms. Rocky" you go find whoever is in charge of this dump.... and you tell them.... whoever it is now a days that tonight Bruce and I.....

Chase gives Rocky this intense stare down and just walks off without finishing his sentence. Rocky stands there shaking as a crew member quickly walks over to her to check on her as the scene fades out

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. Justin hands him a microphone as the music fades

HS: Looks like I got a couple of things to address this week. Last week, I decided it was time to let Kevin Carter disappear, vanish, get off SCW screens. Now I know you all want to think that Kevin has been fired, but no. He has been suspended indefinately, which might as well be fired cause I'm happy to let him rot his contract out, but doing that, did leave us in a slight problem. You see, Kevin Carter would have been Erik's little choice to go against Jordan Williams, on our next supercard, coming at you on June 23rd, titled Into The Void II.

Simone: Wow, Hot stuff has announced the next supercard.

HS: I wasn't gonna announce that, but I'm sick of people asking me when it is. Anyway, Kevin Carter would have been Erik's first choice, and now he has that power, he would have made that happen. Sadly, he just doesn't have enough power to bring back Carter now, but that left us with a big empty space to face Jordan at Into The Void II, now an agreed replacement is no longer viable, I have come up with a solution. Next week, on Climax Control, we're going to have an open invitational battle royal. I mean open in the biggest sense of the word, because this battle royal is open to all male competitors. It doesn't matter if you have a match earlier in the night, it doesn't matter if you're a champion, it doesn't matter if you've been here for a day, a week, or a year. It doesn't matter if you're a member of the NWA, or if you've never stepped in an SCW ring before. This is open to all male wrestlers all over the world, to step up. If you win, you will be at Into The Void II, to face SCW Heavyweight champion, Jordan Williams. If by some freak of nature, Jordan loses the title between now and then, you will still get the championship shot.

Adams: Huge news!

The crowd cheer wildly.

HS: Now let's talk about what else I did last week. I gave up thirty percent of power to Erik Staggs for the release of Christian Underwood.

The fans boo.

HS: Now Erik, we know you're behind this shit for you to get power, and congratulations, you got it. Now it's time for you to stop pissing around and give me Christian Underwood back.

The lights in the arena dim down and the screen bursts in to life. A distorted face appears on the screen and speaks in a robotic voice.

Voice: Mr Ward, nice to meet you. Last week, you did the right thing, but I'm afraid Mr Underwood is slightly detained.

The crowd boo.

Voice: We would like a little more than what you have given. You will have further instructions delivered to you shortly.

Hot Stuff's face turns to anger.

HS: No more bullshit! Release him Erik, or this shit gets kicked up a notch.

The face on the screen fades out.

HS: You know what, Erik, I'm giving you to after the next match to have Christian in this ring, or I'm going to make your lives a living hell.

A very angry look crosses Hot Stuff's face as Midnight Tornado blast through the speakers once more. Hot Stuff drops the mic and steps out of the ring.

Simone: Hot Stuff is livid.

Adams: Someone is gonna get the sharp end of a short stick.

Despayre is seen sitting on the floor of his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is a small coffee table in front of him and on it is a checkers board set up for a game. On the opposite side of the coffee table, perched on a small pile of books, is the world's most famous teddy bear, Angel.

Despayre stares hard at the checker board, scrutinizing it, until he glances up at Angel.

Despayre: Hm? My favorite memory? Of what?

Despayre waits a moment and then nods knowingly.

Despayre: Ohhh! I understand! Of... **whispers** Climax Control.

He fidgets, his cheeks taking on a charming shade of pink. He glances up at Angel through his eyelashes and shrugs.

Despayre: Sorry. Somehow it just sounds naughty. My favorite memory? Does winning the tag team championship with Gabriel count?

Despayre frowns.

Despayre: Well why not? ... Ohh! That's right! We won them on the Supercard in London! I knew that! I was just testing you! Hmmm...

Despayre casually reaches over and moves his checker, red in color. He then sits back and thinks.

Despayre: There's been so many good memories. It's so hard to narrow them down. Every time I teamed with Gabriel was my favorite. ... Yes I know everyone expected me to say that but it's true! ... Pick another? Why??? ... Oh, variety! I gotcha! Hmm... Oh I know. I met a couple of very good buddies on Climax Control!

Despayre nodded happily. He held up his hand and counted off his fingers.

Despayre: I met Bernie!

Behind Despayre, Big B leans over casually into the camera's view and waves 'hello'. Despayre glanced back but not in time to see him. he then looked around and frowned for a second before he continued.

Despayre: I also met Melody. She's fun too!

Melody leans into the camera behind Despayre and gives us a goofy smile and wave. Despayre whips around but too late! She too is gone! Despayre then turns back around and looks at the checkers board and spots all of Angel's checkers on his side of the board and all of his own pieces off to the side on Angel's. Despayre huffs angrily.

Despayre: How does he DO that!?

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa.

Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh
Whoaa ohh ohhh

No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp wearing a Team Erik t-shirt, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignore the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and heads to a corner where she grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to die down.

Amy Marshall: Last week the battle between Team Erik and Team SCW took a nasty turn as Mark Ward not only stripped Kevin Carter of the world title but also suspended him indefinitely and frankly that didn’t sit well with me.

Yet what also didn’t sit with me well, was the fact that Erik Staggs who owns more of this company than Mark Ward refused to rehire Kevin due to the piss poor excuse that any new signings need two people to agree on it and with Christian gone its not possible.

Which I think is a load of crap.

And so during that very conversation with Erik, I told him he better fix this or he will be down two people… So Erik get out here now and tell me how you are going to fix this problem.

The opening bu

ing to “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits plays. Once the bass starts up, the lights flash along to the beat of the music. Erik pushes his way through the curtains, wearing a Team Erik T-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He walks down the entryway, soaking in the booing as if they power Erik. Erik pauses at the end of the ramp and looks out to both sides. He dashes up to the ring and leaps onto the apron before climbing inside. He looks around at the audience with his evil smirk before grabbing a microphone. He pauses in the center of the ring, waving his arms out at the sides, asking the fans to keep it coming. He looks over to his wristwatch and taps it, shrugging his shoulders as the booing finally dies down. He slowly paces back and forth.

Erik Staggs: Firstly this is a team and management problem, so can’t we discuss this backstage?

Amy Marshall: Why? Are you worried that I might embarrass the team and show that everything isn’t 100%.

Erik Staggs: Fine, you want to do this inside the ring, and then lets do this. What do you want from me?

Amy Marshall: Rehire Kevin and don’t give me that bullshit that you can’t because Christian isn’t around.

Erik rubs his temples before raising his mic to his lips.

Erik Staggs: I have already told you before that I can’t do it. Can’t you get that through your thick fucking skull?

Amy just glared at him.

Amy Marshall: Fine… since you are incapable of rehiring someone, how about doing something that you are capable of doing.

Erik Staggs: What is that?”

Amy Marshall: Give me a title match.

Erik Staggs: Just give me one damn reason why I should give you a title match?

Amy Marshall: If you don’t then I quit.

All of a sudden Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. Justin hands Hot Stuff a microphone as the music fades

HS: Well well well… this is certainly interesting.

Erik Staggs: What do you want?

Mark chuckles to himself as slowly paces around the ring.

HS: Well I watching this little exchange and when the mention of title matches came up, I couldn’t help myself.

Erik Staggs: So you had to come out here and have a front row seat.

HS: That but also Miss Marshall had a great idea.

Amy Marshall: I did?

Amy looks a little confused.

HS: Its pretty obvious that Mr. Staggs here isn’t going to give you a title shot, but I will, but one on condition.

Amy Marshall: What’s that?

A smirk forms across the face of Mark

HS: The first person to quit Team Erik gets a title match.

The crowd as well as everyone at ringside on the announcing booth looks stunned as well as Amy and Erik.

Erik Staggs: You bastard.

Amy looks at Erik and then at Mark as she takes a few moments to think about things.

Erik Staggs: You seriously can’t be thinking about this.

Amy Marshall: I am and you know what… you have a deal.

Erik Staggs: What no… you can’t do this.

Amy Marshall: I just have. Thank you Mark.

Scream by the Mistfits hits over the pa as Amy drops the mic and climbs out of the ring, as the chants of ‘you sold out’ can be heard but Amy doesn’t care and she continues her walk up the ramp.

Once at the top of the ramp, she removes her Team Erik t-shirt and drops it on the floor before spitting on it before flipping off Erik and everyone else, she then turns and enters the backstage area.

Hot Stuff stares at Erik, a wide smile on his face.

HS: Told ya Erik, I'm not playing nice anymore. Ripping you all apart from the inside

Hot Stuff smirks as he turns to walk up the ramp.

Jacob stands inside of the ring, looking helpless as Justin shakes his head and begins the introductions for this next 'match'.

Justin: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is for the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Tag Team Championship!

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul

Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

Justin: Introducing first, they are the reigning and defending SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions! Accompanied by Darknyss! At a combined weight of 300 pounds, Raynin and Gothika ... the Fallen!

The Sky
Will Break
Black Fire
Will Wake

Fly On Through The Night
We Built An Allience
Our Numbers Are Strong

We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools What Lunitics
They Must Think Of Us

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring.

But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight

Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackend Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain

Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk around opposite sides of the ring. Gothika slides under the bottom rope as Darknyss climbs up onto the edge of the apron and steps through the second rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and grabs the top rope and flips over the rope.

Dangerous Creatures
Those That Oppose Us
Raped All Their Power
Bartered With Warlocks
Cheated The Demons
For Ancient Spells
The Blackened Fire
Waits To Consume Us

Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Darknyss stands in the center of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding. Raynin and Gothika jump down and switch corners, trying to hype up the crowd before they jump down and stand beside Darknyss, waiting for the match to begin.

Justin: And their opponents...!

The crowd falls into a hush, waiting, when the curtains are flung open and Pussy Willow and Miss Rocky Mountains are practically shoved through, with Erik Staggs himself, bringing up the rear to ensure they go to the ring!

Justin: Please welcome, Pussy Willow and Miss Rocky Mountains!

The crowd cheers in sympathy but in their minds, it is a foregone conclusion as the two reporters are corralled toward the ringside area! Both women are looking back and protesting -- PLEADING with Erik not to make them do this but he is unmoved!

Erik: Go! Now! Or you get fired on the spot!

Adams: He might as well! These two ladies have no chance against wrestlers the caliber of Raynin and Gothika!

Erik shouts, pointing to the ring, and both young women cringe visibly! The crowd boos as they climb up the steps, albeit slowly, and onto the ring apron. Pussy is the first to start through the ropes when Raynin dashes over and grabs two handfuls of P's hair, dragging her through the ropes and flinging her harshly to the mat! Jacob has little other option but to call for the bell!


Raynin drags the screaming PW up by her long, blonde locks and sends her into the Fallen's corner! Gothika wraps an arm around the reporter's throat, holding her steady, as Raynin gets a running start and crushes her under her full weight with an avalanche splash! Raynin grabs her by the head and pulls her to the center of the ring and brings her up and over with a snap suplex! Raynin holds on and performs the maneuver a second time, then follows it up with a third, completing the trifecta!

Simone: This spectacle is horrid! These two women are in evening gowns for god's sake! How the hell can they even attempt to wrestle with any dignity!?

Adams: It won't be easy! Looks like Pussy doesn't wear much in the way of undies!

Raynin smiles as she reaches up and tags in Gothika. Raynin holds PW's arms and Gothika takes her by the legs and they start swinging the reporter back and forth until they let her go and Pussy Willow is flung across the ring and she collapses in a heap! The blonde shakes her head and starts to crawl toward her corner where Miss Rocky is holding her hand out.

Adams: You mean she actually wants to tag in!?

Simone: I think it's more the case of wanting to help her friend and colleague!

Pussy almost makes it but Gothika grabs her by the hair and pulls her back and up to her feet. Gothika grabs her arm and twists it into an arm wringer, and then proceeds to bite her fingers! Pussy screams as Gothika chomps down hard and Jacob has to issue his count!


Gothika stops biting. She twists her arm again and then nails her with a back heel kick, laying her out!

Adams: They could end this any time they wanted to.

Simone: Why should they? This is probably the easiest title defense they've ever had!

Gothika tags Raynin in and grabs Pussy and heaves her towards her own corner! The broken and rattled Miss Willow reaches up and Miss Rocky tags herself in. Before she can get into the ring, Raynin grabs her by the hair and flips her over the top rope, bringing her in the hard way!

Simone: That was a mercy, allowing Pussy Willow to tag out!

Raynin pulls Miss Rocky up to her feet and Irish whips her into the ropes. Raynin leans down for a back body drop but Miss Rocky kicks her right in the exposed face! The crowd cheers!

Adams: Alright!

Raynin holds her face and Miss Rocky grabs her by the hair with both hands and snapmares her over to the mat! The fans are now on their feet, rallying behind the buxom bombshell!

Adams: I guess watching the matches all this time, you learn a little something!

Miss Rocky fidgets, not knowing what to do or how to follow up! She hurriedly grabs Raynin by the hair again but the former singles champion sweeps Rocky's legs out from under her! Raynin then pins her down and starts throwing fists into her head!

Adams: I think Miss Rocky pissed Raynin off!

Simone: She embarrassed her, that's what she did, and it's about to cost her!

Raynin pulls her up and ducks behind her in a rear waistlock and lifts her over with a release German suplex!

Simone: Right on the back of her head! That poor woman!

Raynin tags Gothika! Raynin climbs the top rope as Gothika lifts Miss Rocky Mountains up and drops her in a crucifix powerbomb!

Simone: Oh god!

Raynin leaps and hits a flying elbow drop onto Miss Rocky! Raynin exits the ring just long enough for Gothika to make a casual cover!


The bell rings and the crowd boos as Darknyss enters the ring, handing Gothika and Raynin their tag belts and she raises their arms in victory!

Justin: Here are your winners, and still SCW Bombshell Tag Team Champions ... Gothika and Raynin, the Fallen!

Adams: I can't believe it. I mean, I can believe it. There was no doubt that Raynin and Gothika would win, but I can't believe our two backstage beauties are ... are gone! No more Miss Rocky! No more Pussy!

Simone: No more Freudian slips.

"Midnight Tornado" blast through the speakers and Hot Stuff Mark Ward walks through the curtain, an angry look on his face. Foregoing the pyros, Hot Stuff walks directly to the ring and slides in, standing up and quickly taking a microphone from Justin's hand. Hot Stuff waves a hand out in front of him and the music quickly stops.

HS: Time's up Erik. Get your arse down here.

"Where Eagles Dare" blasts from the speakers as Erik Staggs walks out at the top of the ramp with Michelle Andretti. Erik looks to the back as Drew Patton, Casey Williams, Matthew Kennedy, Giani Di Luca, James Huntington Hawkes III, Tom Dudley, Amanda Cortez, Laura Jackson, Misty, Roxanne, Amy Marshall, Necra Octavian Kane, Joanne Canelli, and The Fallen appear at the top.

Simone: Erik Staggs not coming here alone.

The group walk to the ring, all entering the ring. Erik Staggs asks for a mic, and is quickly given one. The music dies out

Erik: I don't know why you think I'm behind this.

HS: Because you are.

Erik: This is a man who's life is at risk, this goes beyond me being your boss now.

HS: You may have the power, but you will never be my boss.

Erik: Actually, I am, I have the power to say, book you in a match if I so wanted.

HS: Cut the bullshit Erik, where is Christian?

Erik runs his hand across his chin.

Erik: Well he isn't here clearly.

A smug look crosses Erik's face.

Erik: And...

HS: Shut up you little maggot! Time for your gum flapping is over.

A strange look crosses Hot Stuff's face, a look of anger, with a cross of madness in his eyes.

HS: You wanna play games? Mess with peoples lives, huh? That's what you want to do? Well now, I'm gonna mess with each and every one of your lives.

Hot Stuff points around the ring at Team Erik.

HS: From now on, you lot will have to keep one eye open because right now, I'm giving ten grand to anyone who takes out a member of Team Erik.

The fans cheer loudly.

Simone: Wow! Hot Stuff just put a bounty on everyone's head.

HS: I don't care if it's wrestlers that kick the hell out of you, I don't care if it's crew, fans, the local pi

a boy, someone puts one of you out of action, I give them money and Drew, that counts for you too, no more suspensions for hitting referees.

Drew Patton yells towards Erik looking nervous, but Hot Stuff moves in closer to Erik.

HS: This continues, until Christian is returned to me and SCW. This happens until order is restored.

Hot Stuff smiles, his eyes wide.

HS: Sleep with one eye open, because money makes everyone do crazy things, and it begins right now.

Hot Stuff drops the microphone, and rolls out of the ring as Team Erik surrounds Erik Staggs as Midnight Tornado blasts out.

Simone: There's a bounty on every member of Team Erik.

Adams: Very glad I'm not on Team Erik, I haven't learned how to sleep with one eye open.

Opening up backstage the cameras find Nick Jones standing with his cousin Big B, they’re standing in front of the refreshments table. Big B has a plate full of food in hand as he continuously shoves the finger food into his mouth while Nick is talking. As Nick is talking away to Big B, B looks over Nick’s shoulder and starts to wave, looking over his shoulder Nick turns back to Big B and shakes his head.

Big B: Hey Nick, look it’s Zoey…

Waving her over Big B looks down at Nick smiling, while Nick just shakes his head looking down at the table filled with goodies in front of him. Walking up beside Nick, Zoey gathers a cup and heads towards the coffee machine.

Big B: Hi Zo’

Looking up at Big B with a smile on her face and in her eyes Zoey waves politely.

Zoey: Hi Bernard.

Big B doesn’t even seem to cringe at Zoey calling him by his real name, causing Nick to look between the two as if to question “What’s going on here?.” Looking over to the quiet Nick, Zoey raises her right eyebrow.

Zoey: How’s the leg?

Nick finally looks over towards Zoey with a smug smile on his face.

Nick: Oh it’s never been better.

Zoey didn’t believe him for a second as Nick tried to fob off his injury, by stumbling his way through the food spread on the table.

Zoey: Still haven’t gone to the doctors I hear?

Big B starts to whistle as if he had nothing to do with what Zoey had just said, Nick snaps his head up into the direction of Big B who slides out of the camera’s view avoiding an oncoming Nick Jones rampage.

Zoey: Don’t be mad at him, he’s just concerned…

Nick: Well he shouldn’t be I’m fine, you might not understand this Zoey but I’m a Professional Wrestler, in fact I’m the Best of them all… so believe me when I say that the pain in my leg is nothing but a thing of the past.

Looking him up and down Zoey sighs, she goes to say something but then stops but Nick had already caught her lips about to move.

Nick: Spit it out.

Looking away from Nick to the floor Zoey brushes a strand of her caramel hair out of her eye sight before looking back up towards him.

Zoey: I’m just worried about you---your safety… I mean you're like... never mind...

Her stumble didn’t go unnoticed by Nick, but he decided not to question it. Looking up from the ground Zoey could hear a familiar voice in the distance. Looking up and over Nick’s shoulder Zoey turned her attention back towards Nick.

Zoey: Well I wish you the best Nick, I just wish that you would listen to me and go see someone one about your leg…

Nick was about to interrupt but the familiar voice in the background grew a little louder.

Zoey: Have a nice….

Before Zoey could finish what she was about to say she took off with her cup of coffee in hand. Nick turned to watch her walk away but just moments after she rounds the nearest corner Diana is standing right in front of him.

The big screen lights up to show SCW Bombshell Champion and Queen of the Damned, Misty, seated somewhere backstage with her disciples standing behind her. They all look rather relaxed, considering the normal moods they are all in. Misty has her Bombshell Title draped over her shoulder with a proud smile as she stares into the camera and gets ready to speak.

Misty: Tonight is a big night for Sin City Wrestling and Climax Control. Yes, tonight we celebrate Climax Control's 50th. 50th show that is. So much has happened over the last year and a half. Some for the better...and some for the worse. But one thing has remained constant.

Misty pauses for a moment as she adjusts the belt over her shoulder.

Misty: Sin City Wrestling is still alive and well and going strong. Myself and my fellow SCW Bombshells and, in Christian Underwood's words, Beefcakes...We are still here putting on shows for you, the fans, each and ever week because it is what we love to do. It is what some of us were born to do.

Misty leans forward in the chair a bit, never taking her eyes away from the camera.

Misty: If my memory serves me correctly, there are only four members of the active roster that have been here since the very first show. Three men...and one Bombshell...Me. Gabriel and Despayre, collectively known as Sinful Obsession Casey Williams and myself...We all participated on the very first show, and we've never left. Well...I can't stay that I was never gone, but the reason I was gone was all worth it.

Misty closes her eyes for a brief moment, remember her favorite moments over the last year and a half.

Misty: Don't get me wrong...that first match between Kittie, Fantasia and myself did not disappoint one bit. We set the bar high for the Bombshells that would soon follow our lead and sign to this wonderful company. We made the name for the Bombshell Division and showed what it would grow into, and it did. We have had our ups and downs, yes, but the Bombshell Division still remains the BEST women's division around, and I am proud to be the Bombshell Champion.

She leans back in her seat once again, crossing one leg over the other.

Misty: Of all the matches I've had this last year and a half, it's hard to choose a single favorite, because every match has been a memorable one for me, but I don't think it will be much of a surprise to any of you that the one match that stands out in my mind...the Bloodbath against Roxanne.

Misty takes in a deep breath and looks at the Bombshell Title over her shoulder.

Misty: Roxanne...she cost me this very title. She interfered in my match against Brooklyn Carter, and ultimately gifted the Bombshell Title to Brooklyn. Those of you who have followed my and Roxanne's careers in the past know the hatred we carried for one another, and when Roxanne returned...well, the hatred was apparently just as alive as it was in the past. It is hard to call that Bloodbath a match, because it really wasn't a match was it? It was more like a battle of the ages...the end to a years long war, and very nearly the end to both our careers. But it didn't end it all for us, did it?

Misty glances behind her to her disciples. Ruby is shaking her head with a smile, and the Brothers, as always, are standing there still and quiet as can be.

Misty: While I had a short break following that match with Roxanne last Summer, there is no chance in hell I would let it be the last you would all see of me. I was not finished...there was still plenty I wanted to accomplish with my career, and I was determined to come back. And I did just that. I came back better...stronger...more powerful. No one can deny that, can they? I was gone for three months, but three months was a small price to pay for everything I have accomplished since my return, and for what I will continue to accomplish in the months, and hopefully years, to come.

Misty holds the Bombshell Title in front of the camera.

Misty: I may not be defending this title on this important show for Climax Control, but I'm still here. I'm always ready and willing to defend this title, because as the champion, it is what I do. I will defend this title any day of the week, because it

She places the title back over her shoulder, this time her expression turning very dark.

Misty: Here is to many...many...MANY more Climax Controls with yours truly...Your Queen of the the Bombshell Champion.

A vicious smile grows on Misty's face as she stares into the camera for a long while, as she clutches her Bombshell Title tightly as the screen quickly fades to black.


The camera opens up in a living room. Gabriel is seen sitting in a chair, looking at the camera.

Gabriel: Climax Control fifty. I got a call asking to speak about my moments that stood out on Climax Control over the last fifty episodes. Fitting considering I was wrestling on the first ever Climax Control. I've done a lot in fifty shows, Heavyweight and Tag Team champion, found the love of my life and wrestled in some huge matches. My favorite matches had to be winning the tag titles, my last match with Jordan Williams and beating that loser who thought he was better than he was. You all know who I'm talking about, but I've been a part of watching SCW grow and I will continue to help it grow, so congratualations to SCW, to everyone who has made this federation one of the very best to come out of Vegas, and to you, the fans, who love us or hate us. I will make you one big promise.

Gabriel smiles

Gabriel: You ain't seen nothing yet. Believe that!

The camera fades.

Justin Decent: Introducing first, he stands 6’5” and weighs in at 255 pounds. Hailing from Bucharest, Romania... Aleksei Koji!

"Wonderlust King" starts to play all throughout the area. Spotlights hit the ramp and for a long moment they stay in that position waiting for Aleksei to make his entrance. He does not appear to be coming. The spot lights start to search the crowd and find that Aleksei is in the audience having a drink. He starts to move through the crowd towards the ring. As he is about to climb over the rail he hands his flask to a nearby fan and then climbs in.

Justin Decent: And his opponent, he stands 6’2 and weighs in at 251 pounds. Hailing from Los Angeles, California... Nick Jones!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the ramp and then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as a cocky smirk comes across his face while he flexes his muscles and Diana rubs his chest. Nick gets up and takes Diana's arm before turning back toward the curtain and waiting as the Entourage's Big B and Tony Capicelli make their way out. The two men flank Nick and Diana as they make their way down the ramp, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans along the way. Nick walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, watching her from behind before quickly walking up behind her, while Big B and Tony wait outside the ring. Nick walks across the apron and steps one leg into the ring, taking a seat onto the middle rope, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there, looking around the arena and has a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring, swinging his other leg into the ring and then walking over to his corner, where Diana now sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back while Diana rubs his shoulders, as he waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Justin Decent: And now, please welcome for special guest commentary... Max Burke!

The ear-piercing opening riff of "Sleeping All December" signals the arrival of fan favorite and one half of the Young Lions, Max Burke. Max steps into the spotlight on the entrance as the crowd erupts in a mix of boos and cheers. Aleksei Koji is seen staring up at the ramp at his apparent now former stablemate. The young star makes his way to the ring, making sure to high five several fans as he makes his way over to the announcers’ table.

Simone: Welcome Max.

Adams: Have a seat sir.

Burke: Thanks for having me.


The two members of Team SCW kick off the match with a handshake. Aleksei puts his hand in the air and offers up a challenge of a test of strength.

Simone: And, we’re kicking things off with a test of strength between Koji and Jones.

Burke: That drunk doesn’t stand a chance against Nick Jones.

The two men jockey back and forth for top position of the test of strength. Aleksei finally takes a bit of an advantage and Irish whips Nick Jones. As Nick rebounds off the ropes, he his hit with a knee lift by Aleksei Koji. Nick doubles over.

Simone: Great knee by Aleksei Koji to take advantage in this match.

Adams: Nick’s definitely feeling that. He’s knocked the wind out of him.

Burke: He won’t have the advantage for long.

Aleksei runs to the ropes, and springs off with a force. Out of nowhere, Aleksei is met with a flying leg lariat by Nick Jones. Aleksei crashes to the mat. Nick follows up with a pin.


Simone: Aleksei gets a shoulder up!

Adams: Close call by Nick Jones.

Burke: Nick probably knocked some sense into Koji. Stay on top of him Nick! Beat his ass!

Two right hands, and for the third Nick puts his left hand under Aleksei’s chin to lift his head up. Nick kisses his right hand before laying Koji out with a stiff right.

Simone: Three punch combo by Nick Jones!

Burke: Stay on him Nick!

Nick has Aleksei staggered, but the super tough Romani didn’t go down. Aleksei fires back with a punch frenzy and headbutt. Aleksei follows up with a short arm clothesline, and a pin attempt!


Simone: Kick out! Nick Jones is not done yet!

Burke: Come on Nick! Kick his ass!

Aleksei pulls Nick Jones to his feet. Nick blocks a punch attempt, and lifts Aleksei high in the air before dropping him down over his knee with an inverted atomic drop. It is followed up with a T-Bone Suplex by Nick Jones.

Simone: Nick Jones just launched Aleksei Koji with that suplex!

Adams: Aleksei Koji is back on his feet somehow!

Burke: NO!

Aleksei Koji somehow rolls through the suplex, avoiding serious damage. Nick Jones gets back to his feet, unaware that Aleksei avoided the damage. Aleksei Koji drills Nick with a double axe handle stunning him..

Simone: Aleksei’s on a roll!

Adams: He’s calling for Romani Judgement!

Burke: My ass he is!

Max throws down his headset, and darts from behind the announcers’ desk. He yells at Aleksei as he pounds on the canvas. Aleksei falls for the distraction and, the Romani Judgement is reversed into Nick Jones’ own neckbreaker... Best Of All! Nick pins Aleksei!


Simone: Tainted victory by Nick Jones due to the distraction by Max Burke.

Justin Decent: Your winner of this match via pinfall... Nick Jones!

Max is showered with a chorus of boos as Nick doesn’t even celebrate. He tends to his fallen comrade, Aleksei Koji. Max talks some smack to the ringside fans as he makes his way to the back.

Nick stands in the center of the ring, arms raised in victory to a mixed crowd reaction, when suddenly “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits starts to blast throughout the arena, drawing a chorus of boos from the crowd. A moment later, emergeming from the back is none other than Erik Staggs and followed closely behind by Giani Di Luca, James Huntington-Hawkes III, Tom Dudely and "Prime Time" Matthew Kennedy.

Simone: This should certainly be interesting, while it may not be his style, it might be a good idea for Nick to run for the hills.

Adams: What's that? Maybe they're just coming out here to talk.

Simone: Somehow I doubt that.

The oncoming group quickly grabs Nick's attention, as he turns towards the ramp and braces himself ready for a fight. Nick then looks down at Aleksei, who is still down on the mat and is near the ropes closest to the entrance ramp, just as Team Erik hits the ringside area. Without a moments hesitation, Giani and Tom each grab a leg of Aleksei's and pull out him from under the bottom ropes, to the floor of the arena. The two then lift Aleksei up to his feet and run with him a bit before tossing him right over the crowd barrier, sending him crashing out into the crowd.

Simone: I guess there goes any hope of Nick getting any help from Aleksei.

Team Erik all gets together right by the ring and get ready to climb in, but Erik puts his hands up, indicating for them to stop. Erik then climbs into the ring on his own and as he steps through the ropes, on the other side of the ring, both Big B and Tony seem ready to spring into action, but Nick motions for them to stay back for the time being. Both men take a step back, but keep a close eye on the action, as Erik steps through the ropes, keeping his eyes on Nick the entire time. Erik then pulls a microphone out from his pants pocket as his music stops, while Nick watches his him the entire time with his fists up and ready.

Erik: No need to be ready for a fight Nick, I'm just here to talk.

Adams: See? I told ya!

Simone: Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet, Jason.

Nick lowers his fists as he continues to look suspiciously across the ring at Erik.

Erik: A job well done out here, Nick and this victory has earned you a little reward. I'll give you credit where it's due, despite our problems last week, you have still known better than to actually commit yourself to Team SCW. Well congratulations, because you just earned yourself one last chance here tonight. It's time they smarten up and make the right decision. Do the right thing, and join us to make this place what it's supposed to be. This is your last chance Nick and let me just say, I'm not going to take a "no" so well this time.

As Erik says that, Prime Time, Dudely, Hawkes and Di Luca all seem to ready themselves to pounce as they stand on the outside of the ring.

Simone: So much for just talking, huh?

Nick stands there for a moment, seeming to contemplate the offer for a bit as the fans seem to boo a combination of Erik's offer and Nick's considering of it. After a moment, a smirk comes across the face of Nick and he then raises his hands back up ready for a fight, drawing a huge burst of cheers from the crowd.

Erik: Wrong choice.

The entirety of Team Erik then climbs into the ring when suddenly Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" plays and the fans erupt into cheers. Within a flash, Hot Stuff Mark Ward comes sprinting full speed down the ramp and slides right into the ring behind Team Erik as, at the same time, Big B and Tony slide into the ring from the other side. As the group quickly found themselves surrounded, Erik goes to the side of the ring and quickly bails out to the floor, followed right behind by the rest of his team. Hot Stuff, Nick, Tony and Big B all meet up in the center of the ring, as the crowd is going crazy, as Team Erik makes it way around the ring over towards the ramp and slowly starts to walk up, watching the four men in the ring the whole time. As they get about half way up, Erik stops and puts the microphone back up to his mouth.

Erik: This is just the tip of the iceberg gentlemen. We're in this for the long haul so you better remember to watch your backs. After all, you know what they say; keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Erik stares down at them with a big grin on his face as Nick and Hot Stuff look simply confused. The two look to each other and shrug, before turning back around to Tony and Big B, who are standing behind them, who simply shrug as well. The group then turns back towards Erik, who is now laughing.

Simone: I think Erik is just playing some mind games now.

With that, Erik and the rest of his group all turn back around and make their way back up the ramp to the back. "Midnight Tornado" starts to play again as the fans cheer again, as the group in the ring has a little celebration of their own. The group all high five each other and shake hands. Nick and Mark then walk up to each other and give one another a huge, when suddenly Nick pulls Hot Stuff in and drills him with the Best of All, right in the center of the ring!!

Simone: Oh my God, what the hell was that?!?

The music immediately stops as there is a gasp of shock in the crowd followed by a deafening round of boos, as Nick Jones just stares down at the laid out body of Hot Stuff as he stands over him. Meanwhile, even the Entourage seems to have no clue what is going on, as both Big B and Tony just stare at Nick in disbelief. Out at ringside, Diana is seen looking in complete shock, as she literally has her eyes wide and her jaw dropped as she simply stares in at Nick. After a few moments, Big B rushes right over to Nick and tries to talk to him, but Nick immediately shrugs B off and then climbs out of the ring and starts to head up the ramp to the back all on his own.

Simone: I cannot believe this really just happened. What was Nick thinking?!? Has he joined Team Erik?

Adams: I don't know, but I never would have guessed this. If there's any two guys who have always had each others backs, it's Nick Jones and Hot Stuff. I don't get it!

Diana climbs into the ring to join Tony and Big B, as the three of them watch Nick leaving up the ramp to a endless stream of boos.

The camera cuts to a shot of Jordan Williams holding the SCW Championship on his shoulder.

Jordan: I was told to share my favorite memory of Climax Control. I can’t narrow it down to one, but me winning the SCW Tag Team Championships with Casey on our very first try as a team. Something I’ve never done with any of my partners and I’ve been in some legendary tag teams!!!

Jordan pauses for a moment to think, then continues.

Jordan: Or how about the fact that I’ve only lost one singles match on Climax Control! Or how about last week when my bodyguard Sasha showed up and threw that bastard referee Drew Patton into the crowd? I loved that!

Sasha walks into the shot and glares into the camera.

Jordan: So…happy 50th episode SCW and I wish 50 more to go! When episode 100 rolls around, the Psycho Bitch and the God of Professional Wrestling will around still making memories.

The camera fades on Jordan’s cocky smirk.

It becomes dark in the arena and the song "Feuer frei" by Rammstein is played. Then the revving of a Harley can be heard and Amanda slowly drives down to the stage. Like usually shes dressed in a tight shorts, a small top and her high heeled stripper sandals and she looks hot as hell. The fans begin to boo at her, but she doesn't care. Pretty relaxed she shuts off her bike, flips them the bird and takes a micro.

It takes a while till it becomes quiet again and then she begins to speak. She lights a cigarette and inhales deeply, then she blows out a smoke ring.

Amanda: "Ok, you motherfuckers, shut the fuck up and listen."

She glares into the crowd and everybody can see how annoyed she is.

Amanda: "After this joke of a match last week these motherfuckers didn't even book me in a match this week, even though I made it pretty clear that I want Odette's ass. Ok, now you might say that I already lost against her last week and I must admit that this is true. But this crap hasn't been my fault. When you remember the last match then you prolly remember too that I wiped the floor with this fucking bitch and if they wouldn't have given me such crappy partners then I would stand here as the winner. Fuck, yes ..."

The fans begin to boo again, but she shuts them off with a gesture. Slowly the petite girl comes more and more in rage and everybody can see how aggressive she is.

Amanda: "I told you to shut up. ...and now back to my little trouble with Odette. Listen to me you fucking bitch. You might think that you are safe from me now after you took another win against me, but you aren't. I want your fucking ass and I want it in a singles match where's nobody who can save you and where you're all alone. No fucking team SCW and no fucking boyfriend Gabriel. Just we two ...haha."

She sneers and spits out again.

Amanda: "I know that you're nothing more than a stupid bimbo, but prolly you aren't too stupid to know what this means. I'll fuck you up and I'll wipe the floor with your fucking ugly face. These stupid fans here know it, the bosses know it and prolly you know it too ....I'm juz the better wrestler and nothing and nobody can change this fact. You're a fucking loser who doesn't even hold a title and that's it. Haha ...ok, now you can say that I don't have a title too, but that's only cuz I'm banned from title matches. Otherwise I would be the champion here. I can beat everybody here in this company, let it be the divas or the guys, I can beat your fucking boyfriend and especially I can beat you. Haha, this I can even do without training and after spending the whole week in a bar with drinking. Haha, you're nothing more that an ugly Australian slut who doesn't belong in a wrestling company and when I'm finished with you everybody will see this too.

It's really a pity that we don't have a match, but anyway. Enjoy your last days, cuz after we met again you won't have much anymore to enjoy."

Amanda laughs again. Then she starts her Harley, drops the micro and drives off with a huge burnout.

High atop the arena in the catwalk Bruce Evans is seeing sitting there with a black expression on his face. His hair looks scruffy and his facial hair is full with mustache and beard as if he hasn't shaved or showered in a while. He just sits there watching what's going on through out the arena not making a move. The camera pans around the arena showing the fans cheering and chanting as the ring crew is checking on the ring making sure it's ready for the next match. As the camera pans back over to the catwalk where Bruce was sitting, it's now empty and Bruce is gone. In his place is Blaque Hart's ring attire which consists of his old red and black tights, black boots, and a BLAQUE HART BRUCE EVANS white and black t-shirt) The camera pans over to the right just a little and Chase Coxx is sitting there with a smug look on his face. He looks at the attire and begins to do his evil laugh and rub his hands together as the camera fades

An infurated James Huntington-Hawkes III is walking backstage with Simpson.

JHHIII: A bounty Simpson! That means anyone can try and beat me up!

Simpson: I'm afraid it does sir.

JHHIII: This is not fair Simpson! Especially after I....

James stops talking.

JHHIII: This is just not cool! Lets just get home, and I'll lock myself away so no one can get to me. No one will attack me.

The camera drops to the floor as the cameraman charges towards James, pushing him against the wall.

JHHIII: Simpson!

Simpson grabs the cameraman by the shirt and uses his size and strength to casually throw him across the shot, the broken camera laying in the floor picking up on the action. James looks at Simpson.

JHHIII: Thank you Simpson.

Simpson: You're welcome sir.

James moves off camera fast, but his voice can be heard.

JHHIII: A freaking cameraman!

Erik Staggs appears.

JHHIII: A Freaking Bounty Erik!

Erik: All talk James.

JHHIII: Bull Erik, I just nearly got beat up by a cameraman! I'm going home!

Erik: But you're going to miss another firing.


Erik: We've got rid of the interviewers, we've going rid of that he she, it's not time to get rid of that ring announcer.

JHHIII: Really?

Erik: Just looking for Giani to get the job done.

JHHIII: No, let me do it.

Erik laughs.

Erik: No, I have someone ready.

JHHIII: Let me do it! I can do this. I got this!

Erik looks James up and down.

JHHIII: Come on, you know I'm good.

Erik looks uncomfortable but rubs his chin.

JHHIII: You're up next, get ready.

James jumps up.


James walks off looking pleased with himself

The camera returns to the ring where Justin Decent is standing in the ring alone, save for referee Jasmine St. John. Justin looks helpless as Jason stands up from the announcer's table. He looks at Belinda.

Adams: Do I really have to do this?

Simone: I imagine so, Jason. better safe than sorry.

Adams: This sucks donkey balls on a whole new level! **sighs** Our next match is scheduled for one fall, and Erik Staggs has deemed it to be No Disqualification!

Justin's eyes open wide and he looks to Jasmine who looks just as upset, shaking her head in disbelief!

Adams: In the ring, please welcome Justin Decent!

The crowd applauds politely as Justin just stands there, staring toward the entranceway.

Adams: And his opponent...

Jason looks at Belinda and shrugs when familiar music begins to play...

Simone: Oh good god, anyone but HIM!

The lights dim down a little and the opening to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" starts to play. The fan's look towards the entrance ramp as two beautiful women walk out from the backstage area and stands either side of the entrance ramp. A huge man with a bald head, Simpson, appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a suit. The man adjusts his tie and points to the entrance ramp and a shorter, young looking man, maybe in his teens walks through the entrance, much to the amusement of the fans. James Huntington-Hawkes III stands on the top of the ramp, and the two beautiful young ladies takes an arm each, and lead him down towards the ring, with the big man leading the way. As the four get to the ring, Simpson steps up the ring steps and bends open the ropes for James to step up and in to the ring James runs up the steps and in to the ring, The women quickly follows him up the steps and in to the ring, followed by Simpson. James steps to the center of the ring and the two women stand behind him and James starts to dance. Moving first to the left, then a step to the right, moving his arms out in the opposite directions then he steps. He takes a two steps forward, dipping his shoulders, before leaning back and doing a 'Jagger strut' and raising his arms.

James turns around and the "Brat Prince" is suddenly speared right out of his boots by Justin! The crowd comes alive as Jasmine calls for the bell!


The crowd is going wild as Justin has JHHIII pinned down and the ring announcer is throwing everything he has behind his lefts and rights into the young man's head!

Simone: Listen to these people! They are really behind Justin!

Adams: I think it's more how much they hate James Huntington-Hawkes III!

Surprisingly, JHHIII manages to roll Justin off of him and he rolls atop the ring announcer and the "Brat Prince" fires back with his own shots to the head!

Adams: I think this is why James wanted this match so badly! There's finally someone out there that the kid can beat!

This doesn't last long as Justin retaliates and rolls JHHIII off of him! Again he has him pinned down and starts to throw the fists at him again when Simpson, who has yet to leave the ring, reaches down and grabs Justin, dragging him off of his boss and meal ticket!

Simone: Oh come on! This is why Erik made this match No Disqualification! He's allowing that punk all the help he wants!

Simpson throws Justin down across the ring and relents to Jasmine's demands that he exit the ring and let James fight his own battles! Simpson drops to the floor as Justin starts to get to his hands and knees and James runs over and drops a double axehandle down into the back of his head. JHHIII then runs Justin's head between the top and middle ropes. He then reaches over the top and gouges at Justin's eyes with both hands as Jasmine shouts at him! JHHIII breaks just long enough to smile at the referee.

JHHIII: What are you going to do!? Disqualify me?

Adams: I hate to admit it, but the kid has a point!

Simone: Jasmine is powerless to stop James from doing anything he wants to win this match.

James happily pulls Justin up and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Justin comes off and JHHIII swings hard, connecting with a clothesline that hurts even his own arm. Justin falls to the mat and James grits his teeth, holding his arm. James then looks down and seems almost surprised the move had the effect that it did. He scrambles over and covers Justin, hooking the leg!

2..... Justin gets his shoulder up!

The crowd cheers as James jumps to his feet and stomps, throwing a tantrum! He demands Jasmine count faster but she holds two fingers up in his face! Fuming, JHHIII goes back over and grabs Justin again, pulling him up to a vertical base. He Irish whips him into the ropes again and tries for a second clothesline but Justin ducks underneath the blow and comes off the far side and catches JHHIII off guard with a cross body block into a cover!

2..... JHHIII kicks out!

No sooner does James scramble to his feet than Justin grabs him from behind in a full nelson, catching him off guard!

Adams: Justin is really trying! Maybe he really does stand a chance!

Simone: Much as I wish I could believe that, I can't! Justin is not a trained wrestler!

Adams: And that kid IS!? Justin has some wrestling experience I thought!

Simone: That's mud and oil wrestling competitions he's won around Las Vegas! This is different!

Thinking surprisingly well, James kicks his foot back up between Justin's legs! The hold is broken and Justin sinks to his knees, clutching himself in agony! James struts around the ring with a huge smile on his face, the confidence showing through! James then drags him up into a front facelock and falls back...

Adams: DDT!

Simone: Oh this one is over. There goes the last original member of the staff!

James rolls Justin over and covers him.

3 - No! James pulls him up with a smile!

Simone: What the hell does he think he's doing!?

Adams: Channeling Casey Williams, I'd say!

Jasmine scolds James but he simply shrugs her words off and smiles, standing up. He stands over the downed Justin and adds insult to injury, slapping him upside the head repeatedly. James then kicks him over onto his back and plants one foot onto his chest, striking a double bicep pose! Jasmine has little choice but to make her count in this insulting manner!

3 - No! Justin gets his left shoulder up! He immediately trips James and rolls over on top of him and he grabs the kid with both hands around his neck and he starts choking him to the fans' delight!

Adams: Yes! Yes! Go!

Simone: Jason! You're supposed to be impartial!

Adams: So I'll say an extra few Hail Mary's after work! Sue me!

Justin's attempt to fight back is cut short as James rakes his eyes, temporarily blinding him! James then scrambles to his feet and dumps Justin out of the ring through the ropes! James then shoves his way past Jasmine and drops outside, following his unlikely opponent.

Adams: Never thought I'd see the day James Huntington-Hawkes III would take the fight outside of the ring!

Simone: I never thought I'd see the day he'd be wrestling our ring announcer!

James grabs Justin by the arm and whips him into the steel barricade! Justin arches his back in pain and James whips him over to the other side's barricade. Justin staggers out, holding his back, and James directs Simpson to assist him. James climbs back inside of the ring and the gargantuan man servant military presses Justin over his head and dumps him back into the ring, for his boss to take over at his leisure. James poses again, basking in the scorn of the crowd around him.

Simone: This. Is. Sickening!

James then pulls Justin up and Irish whips him into the far corner. James then gets a running start and dives at his opponent but Justin moves and James crashes into the turnbuckles! The crowd cheers as JHHIII staggers around on his feet and Justin grabs him from behind in a sleeper!

Simone: Yes! Do it! Put him down!

Adams: NOW who's not being impartial??

James flays his arms and legs, realizing the trouble that he is in! This brings Simpson inside of the ring and he grabs Justin by the head from behind, prying him off of his boss! Simpson turns Justin around and has one hand around the ring announcer's throat, choking him out while in a standing position!

Simone: This isn't fair! Damn it!!

The crowd is booing when suddenly they break into wild cheers! Hot Stuff Mark Ward himself is racing down to the ring! He slides inside of the ring and grabs Simpson, pulling him off Justin by the arm! Hot Stuff turns him around and he starts firing rapid shots to the surprised Simpson's head! HS then steps back and lets loose with...

Adams: Red Hot!!!

The superkick right to Simpson's jaw sends the huge man tumbling through the ropes and he crashes to the outside of the ring! The crowd is in a wild frenzy as an infuriated JHHIII storms up to Mark to read him the riot act and Mark lays him out with ANOTHER Red Hot! The "Brat Prince" goes down like he was shot! Mark grabs the struggling Justin Decent by the arm and drags him over and drops him on top of the unconscious James Huntington-Hawkes III! Mark shouts at Jasmine and points and she gladly obliges!


The crowd EXPLODES into cheers!

Adams: Here's your winner ... JUSTIN DECENT!!!

Mark helps pull the hurt man up to his feet and raises his arm to the cheers of the fans! Erik Staggs is seen standing atop the stage, furious! Mark just shakes his head and raises Justin's hand once again!

Simone: Hot Stuff Mark Ward just totally and completely screwed over Erik Staggs's plan to eliminate the staff members of SCW! Thanks to Hot Stuff, Justin Decent scores the upset win and keeps his job in Sin City Wrestling!

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

"All is lost again
But I'm not giving in

I will not bow
I will not break
I will shut the world away
I will not fall
I will not fade
I will take your breath away"

Casey lets out a roar, his arms out wide before he looks around the crowd, focused. The Freight Train Of Pain starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head to look at the booing crowd, their thumbs pointing down. Casey shakes his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Casey puts his hand on the rope, and pulls himself up on to the ring apron and steps over the top rope, staring around at the booing fans. Casey raises his arms as the fans boo louder. Casey then motions for a microphone.

Casey: “So, this week is the 50th installment of Climax Control. I am one of the few stars here in SCW that have been here since the very beginning, and consistently here, except for my honeymoon. Erik Staggs asked me to come out here to tell all of you what my favorite moments of Climax Control have been. I will show you some of them instead of speaking of them, because, as we know, actions speak louder than words. I am a monster, and this video will showcase why I am the Freight Train of Pain.“

Then, a video airs of Casey winning the tag team titles with Jordan Williams when they beat the Aristocrats and the champs at the time, Wyatt Peterson and Sean Williams, then beating Matthew Kennedy for the Roulette Title. Also, the video shows Casey‘s wedding to Laura, and getting Laura back after kicking the crap out of Jason Burnside to get the information among other clips of Casey kicking ass.

Casey: “Seeing that clip of me beating Jason Burnside made me think of his return last week, and I wanted to discuss it a little bit. I know he has left me alone, and Jason, I hope for your sake that you keep it that way. If I have to kick your ass again, I will, and this time, there will be no way you can be able to return, because I will finish the job. There is nothing you can do to stop me from doing it when I get my hands on you!“

Casey returns to the back, as “I Will Not Bow” hit’s the speakers once again as the scene fades to black./p>

The camera cuts to a shot of the ring, with Team Erik leader, Erik Staggs already in the ring. In the middle of the ring, there is a table with the contract placed in the center of the ring. Also on the table is a glass pitcher of water and two cups. Erik has a microphone in his hand.

Erik: Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the contract signing for the SCW Heavyweight Championship on May 31st, when freshly minted Team SCW member, Jordan Williams will defend and ultimately lose that title to Team Erik member, Tom Dudely at NeWA Lord of the Ring! Without further ado, let’s meet the participants. First up, the man who will bring the SCW Heavyweight Title to Team Erik, the legend himself, mister Tom Dudely!!!

“Indestructible” by Disturbed hit’s the PA system and the fans in the arena boo as Tom Dudely makes his way out from behind the curtain. Tom walks down the aisle, taunting the fans before climbing into the ring and shaking Erik’s hand. Tom has a seat at the table as Erik waits for the music to die down, then begins speaking.

Erik: And his opponent, the interim SCW Champion, Jordan Williams!

“Subconscious” blares over the PA system and the fans erupt into cheers! The cheers grow louder as Sasha and Jordan Williams make their way out from behind the curtain. Jordan has the SCW Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder as he follows behind the ominous Sasha. Both Jordan and Sasha climb onto the apron and into the ring. Jordan climbs onto the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd as they continue cheering. Jordan steps down and has a seat at the table. Sasha stands behind Jordan with her arms folded glaring at Erik.

Erik: Oh Jordan, I’m so glad you could bring your babysitter. Now, gentlemen, let’s make this official, because Jordan, I don’t want you to try to bitch and complain and find loopholes to help you keep the title, like you did last week with Kevin Carter. When Tom beats you in the middle of that ring, it’ll be iron clad and the SCW Championship will be in our camp!

Jordan rolls his eyes, mocking Erik. Tom takes grabs the cup sitting in front of him and pours himself a glass of water. Jordan tells Erik to give him the microphone. Erik shakes his head and Jordan looks up at Sasha. Sasha marches around the table and snatches the microphone from Erik and then hands it to Jordan.

Jordan with his trademark cocky grin on his face says: Next time I tell you to hand me something and you don’t, Sasha won’t be so nice!

The fans erupt into cheers as Sasha stares a hole into Erik.

Jordan with the SCW Title sitting on the table in front of him says: Before I sign this contract, as the SCW Heavyweight Champion, I wanted to address something. As you all know, last week I joined the cause of Team SCW. I didn’t join because I’m a firm believer in the Team SCW cause as much as I can’t stand Erik Staggs. I joined the Team SCW cause to shut down whatever plans you have Erik, because you targeted me. Now I have you and your whole team in my crosshairs Erik and I’ll do whatever it takes along with the rest of Team SCW to stop your crew!

The fans cheer at Jordan’s statement. Jordan acknowledges the crowd and they cheer louder.

Jordan: To the business at hand: Tom, last week I lost my cool and I was just trying to kick your ass, thus the double count out. We both know I’m the better wrestler and you know that you don’t belong in this ring with me. So at Lord of the Ring in Las Vegas, I’m going give you the pleasure of being the first victim in my long title reign…deep down Tom, you know you can’t beat me…I prove it on the 31st in Vegas!

Jordan puts the microphone on the table as Tom doesn’t look impressed with what Jordan said. Jordan grabs the contract and the pen attached to the clipboard and signs his name on the proverbial dotted line. Jordan slides the contract over to Tom. Tom finishes the glass of water as he reaches for the microphone.

Tom: You know something Jordan…one thing I never did like about you, was the fact that you brag way too much.

Jordan shrugs his shoulders with a grin on his face.

Tom: I was there when you were GCW World Heavyweight Champion and guess what? That title reign didn’t last very long, now did it?

Jordan again shrugs his shoulders.

Tom: For as much as you brag about being the best, you don’t have many title reigns as the Heavyweight Champion, do you? You wanna know why? Because you’re the second banana. You’re not a top guy like HS, Billy or even Nick. Nope…you’re below them, as much as you want to say you’re best…the truth is, you’re not. You’re second best. Deep down you know this too.

Jordan gets a serious look on his face as he stares at Tom.

Tom: You’re not Ric Flair…you’re Lex Luger. So as much as say you’re a god and the best in the universe or whatever…its all bullshit Jordan. You’re a legend in your own mind. At Lord of the Ring, I am going to beat you for the SCW Heavyweight Championship and you can go back to being second best and a tag wrestler, because that’s what you do best…oh and brag about being the best when you’re not.

Adams: Shots fired from Tom Dudely!

Jordan stands up, as does Tom and they start talking trash to each other. Jordan points the belt and then points to himself mouthing “I’m the champ”. Tom takes his glass of water and throws it in Jordan face. Jordan turns his head as water drips from his face. Tom quickly grabs the pitcher of water as Jordan to look at Tom and Tom smashes the pitcher of water on Jordan’s head!!!

Simone: Oh my god!

Jordan drops to his knees, holding his head. Sasha immediately rushes over to Tom but Erik intervenes. Sasha grabs Erik violently by the throat and pushes him into the turnbuckles. Erik quickly reaches into his pocket and handcuffs Sasha to the top rope!

Simone: This is a set up! Erik knew what he was doing!

Adams: I would bet that’s not the first time she has ever been handcuffed.

Simone: Ugh.

Adams: What, she looks like she’s into that sorta thing!

While those events with Sasha and Erik were unfolding, Tom takes the belt and floors Jordan with a shot to the face with his own title! Tom stands over Jordan with the title as Jordan has a stream of blood on the side of his head from when Tom hit him with the glass pitcher. Tom flips over the desk pulls something from the bottom of the desk. Tom holds the object up in the air for everyone to see.

Simone: That’s a spike!

Erik starts clapping as Sasha is feverishly trying to get the cuffs off. Tom picks Jordan up and nails him right between the eyes with the spike!

Simone: This is brutal!

Tom then mounts Jordan and starts stabbing Jordan repeatedly in the head with the spike, turning Jordan’s face into a crimson mask!

Adams: Look at Jordan’s face…damn!

Tom gets up and high fives Erik. A bloody Jordan rolls onto his stomach and tries to get to his feet. Tom signals to Erik and Erik grabs Jordan, holding him in a doubled over position. Tom gets a head of steam and then nails Jordan with a deadly axe kick to the back of the head! Tom pops up immediately with a smile on his face as Erik hands him the contract and a pen. Tom takes the pen and dips it Jordan’s blood that’s oozing from his face and then signs the contract!

Adams: Ooohhhh! He signed the contract with Jordan’s blood! I’ve never seen this side of Tom!

Tom and Erik stand over Jordan with their arms raised in victory. Meanwhile, Sasha puts her foot on the top rope and pulls back with all her might and she breaks the handcuffs! Tom and Erik notice it and they quickly exit the ring. Sasha immediately checks on Jordan.

Simone: Tom Dudely has made a brutal statement here tonight by attacking Jordan with that spike, bloodying the SCW Champion!

Sasha checks on Jordan as Zoey runs down to the ring. Sasha stands up and glares at Tom and Erik who are mocking Jordan and celebrating their beat down. Sasha grabs the SCW Title and walks over to check on Jordan again, who is being attended to by Zoey.

Backstage, Erik Staggs stands by with “Stoner” Scott Oliver at the Roulette wheel. He picks up the ball and waits for Oliver to say something, which he doesn’t. The young man is completely zoned out. Erik clears his throat, and Scott snaps back to reality. Erik shakes his head in dismay.

Stoner: So yeah, ummm… This is where we spin the wheel, right?

Erik: Why… yes… yes it is. Usually the dumb blonde who is no longer employed with us would have introduced the wheel to the fans.

Stoner: Oh… I didn’t mean to hurt the wheel’s feelings. Besides, doesn’t everyone already know how this works? Spin the wheel, some voodoo magic shit happens to decide the fate of the Roulette Title?

Erik simply shakes his head and sighs loudly. He rubs his temples in frustration and just decides to forgo any further headache from the ordeal. He gives the wheel a good spin, sliding the ball in the slot as the wheel goes round and round. As the wheel slows down, the ball settles down in one slot and both men look down in amazement. Stoner mouths something silently and Erik waits, impatiently, for Stoner to announce the match type. When Scott doesn’t, Erik growls out and rips the microphone out of Stoner’s hand and raises it to his own mouth.

Erik: Get out of my sight you smelly hippy! If you want a job done right, then I guess you have to do it yourself!

Stoner walks off slowly with an annoyed look on his face. He looks back at Erik as he walks away.

Stoner: Geez… I know somebody who could use a little green in their life…

Erik: You all can thank me for this one later… The stipulation that will decide the fate of the Roulette Title match is… Fans Bring the Weapons!

The crowd cheers wildly at Erik’s announcement as we fade out to ringside where Justin Decent is standing dead center of the ring, seeming rather proud after his win earlier tonight.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCW ROULETTE CHAMPIONSHIPS… Introducing first, the challenger, from London, England, standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is…”PRIMETIME”… MATTHEW KENNNNNEDDDDY!!!

The arena lights go dark as a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", as the last word is said the into to "You Got Another Thing Comin'" by Judas Priest hits the arena speakers and Matthew struts down to the ring with Marty McFarge by his side, once he reaches the ringside area he removes his glasses and orders a ringside attendant to remove his jacket only to berate him for the slightest mistake before entering the ring whilst yells down the phone, once in the ring he bounces of the ropes as he waits for his opponent and Marty takes up position at ringside, if his opponent is already in the ring he simply stairs at him with disdain.

Justin Decent: And his opponent… from Helena, Montana… standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 245 pounds, he is your SCW Roulette Champion… THATCHER REX!!!

The roar of a Tyrannosaur erupts over the PA system, echoing throughout the arena as the lights dim, eliciting a deafening cheer from the crowd. Mist rises from the floor in a hiss as the roar fades into Disturbed’s “Serpentine,” illuminated by lights mounted on the floor. Emerging from the mist like an ancient force of power is Thatcher Rex, strands of hair hanging down to partially obscure his eyes. He glances first to the left, then to the right before striding down the ramp, gaze fixated upon the ring. Once he gets to the ring, he ducks between the top and middle ropes. Two strides later, he mounts the turnbuckle. His arms spread wide, fists clenched, Rex releases a phenomenal roar, much to the delight of the fans.


At the sound of the bell, the fans stand up and begin throwing things at the ring. A chair barely misses “Primetime” Matthew Kennedy as cups begin to litter the ringside. Kennedy turns around to taunt the audience in the general direction the chair came from when Thatcher Rex dashes across the ring, knocking Kennedy into the ring post. He brings Kennedy over in a Roll Up pin, but before Jasmine can even get down for the count, Kennedy kicks out. The fans boo and Thatcher slaps the mat in frustration. Both men scramble to their feet and Kennedy goes for a clothesline, but Thatcher ducks it and hits a dropkick to Kennedy’s back. Thatcher picks up the chair from inside the ring and steadies it as Kennedy tries to come around. Thatcher swings the chair, but Kennedy moves at the last possible second, and the chair connects directly with Jasmine St. John!<

Simone: Barely a minute into the match, and the referee has already been struck out! Is this an omen?

Adams: I don’t see any scary looking little kids around here…

Belinda is heard sighing. Thatcher’s eyes widen as he realizes what he’s done. His face nearly turns white as he takes a few steps back. Kennedy capitalizes on the opportunity and he leans down, hitting a low blow to Rex. He picks up the chair and raises it up. He quickly drops it down across Rex’s body, continuing the assault on Rex rapidly. He ends it off by leaping into the air, sliding the chair underneath him as he lands in a leg drop position. Up at the top of the ramp, Erik Staggs is walking with Drew Patton, waving him down to the ring quickly. Drew runs as fast as he possibly can, sliding into the ring. Kennedy drops down to his knees and covers Rex for a pin.




Adams: I can’t believe Thatcher Rex just kicked out of that one.

Simone: Rex is already busted open, and you would think this match had been going on for ten minutes by now.

Kennedy looks up in disgust at Drew, muttering some unflattering words to him. Drew repeats his fast count on his hand, shouting back at Kennedy. Matthew just shakes his head and picks Rex up. He sets the chair up and drags Rex back a few feet. He wraps his arm around Rex’s neck and then runs forward for a Bulldog through the chair, but Rex surprises everyone by picking Kennedy up and sending him crashing through the chair, breaking it in the process. Kennedy clutches his back delicately as he winces in pain. Rex leans down for the pin, but Kennedy punches him in the face in return. Thatcher stumbles back, his hair now coated in his own blood. He gives a few good stomps to Kennedy, crushing the chair the rest of the way. He leaps up into the air and lands a Standing Body Splash to Kennedy, hooking the leg. Drew hesitantly gets down and inspects to make sure both shoulders are on the mat, and that his feet aren’t on the rope. He raises his hand into the air to make the first count after what would have been about six. Before it can connect with the mat, Kennedy gets a shoulder up.

Simone: If looks could kill, Thatcher Rex would have just violently slaughtered Drew Patton in front of us all.

Adams: There isn’t one person here who wouldn’t want to see that sniveling little rat tortured to death.

Thatcher thinks it over for a second. He pulls the broken chair from under Kennedy and a sick smile crosses his face. He stalks toward Drew who slowly walks backward, making sure he is clear. Rex raises the unhinged chair into the air and begins swinging it at Drew who begins running around the ring, screaming in a high pitch, begging with Rex. He almost connects, but Kennedy collides with him out of nowhere, and both men go toppling over to the outside. Both men roll around, brawling it out, much to the fans delight. Rex gets the upper hand, pummeling Kennedy rapidly as the fans begin a Thatcher Rex chant. This doesn’t last for very long before Kennedy rolls his legs up and under Rex’s chest. He uses his feet to kick Rex backward and into the barrier. He gets up and charges at Rex, but a female fan connects with a loaded purse shot that stuns Kennedy. Rex goes for a clothesline, but Kennedy ducks it. He rips the purse from the woman’s hands and wraps the straps around Rex’s throat. He shouts a sarcastic thank you to the woman. He drags Rex along the barrier, showing off the bleeding mess to the fans. He stops and grabs a drink from a fan and slowly pours it down Rex’s bloody face. Fans swing at Kennedy, but he stays back far enough so he can simply laugh at their attempts.

Simone: In the beginning, “Primetime” Matthew Kennedy was about getting the title, but now he is more interested in embarrassing Rex and the fans.

Adams: And Erik Staggs is at the top of the ramp, laughing his arse off at this display.

Kennedy drags Thatcher toward the ring. He slides in under the bottom rope and maneuvers the purse so that the straps begin pulling Rex off of the ground. He uses it like a noose, choking the life out of Rex who is frantically trying to loosen the strap. Kennedy is getting a sick thrill out of this.

Simone: That is one durable purse!.

Adams: That’s because it’s Gucci, bitch!

Kennedy maneuvers the purse even further, pulling Rex up so his feet dangle just below the apron. Rex does what he can and he plants his feet on the apron, raising himself up. He hits a couple quick elbows to Kennedy, loosening up the grip of the purse. He pulls it from around his neck and looks inside, tossing random things out before pulling out a can of mace. Kennedy sees it as Rex raises it. He thinks quickly and uses Drew as a shield, as the referee gets a face full of mace. He begins screaming out in pain as Kennedy drops his down to the ground. Rex uses the purse this time and wraps the straps around Kennedy’s neck. He uses the force to propel Kennedy to the outside. He gets his rage out by repeatedly stomping the challenger. He looks out as the fans offer up a variety of weapons to him. Nothing looks appealing until… Rex walks over to a young man who has a pyramid studded leather belt held out. Rex smiles widely as he thinks about what he can do with this.

Adams: Uh oh… I think Kennedy is about to get it…

Simone: Might I remind you that “Primetime” Matthew Kennedy is a detestable, poor excuse for a human being that almost makes Drew Patton look like an upstanding young man? And the company he keeps only makes it that much worse.

Adams: Yeah, and…?

Simone: AND… the response to watching the little snake getting maimed shouldn’t be “uh oh” It should be something more like WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!

Rex snaps the belt as he gets closer to Kennedy. He rears back his arm and slaps the belt across Kennedy’s backside. Kennedy shouts out in pain as he tries to get away. Rex rears it back and gets him one more time, with a loud SNAP! He slams it against Kennedy’s back until Kennedy retreats under the ring. Thatcher leans under to retrieve him, but a large white cloud collides with him, engulfing him simultaneously. Kennedy steps from under the ring, holding onto a fire extinguisher. As the cloud fades, Kennedy swings the extinguisher at Rex, but he ducks it. Rex struggles with Kennedy, ripping the extinguisher out of his hand. He measures it up and cracks Kennedy across the skull, busting him open in the process.

Simone: Both men are bleeding now, and it only seems to be driving them more.

Adams: The fans are cheering on Rex, as we are all hoping he can pull this one off.

Kennedy is driven by the loss of blood as he reaches for the nearest item he can find… a walker from an elderly gentleman in the front row! He cracks it over Thatcher’s head a couple of times to gain himself some momentum. He grimaces upon seeing a Team SCW sign and he rips it from the fans hands. He points to it and then rubs it in Thatcher’s face. He wraps it around his head and repeatedly punches him until the blood soaks through the sign. He rips it in half and then spits on it after it falls to the floor. He picks up the walker and rams it into Thatcher’s gut, driving him against the ring apron. Drew leans down to check on both men. Kennedy shouts at him as he goes to drive the walker into Thatcher’s head again, but he ducks down and Kennedy connects hard with Drew, taking him out!

Adams: I can’t believe I’m saying this but Matthew Kennedy just took out Drew Patton! And the look on his face right now is priceless!

Simone: Not as priceless as the look on Erik Staggs’ face, though!

At the top of the ramp, Erik’s eyes are wide and his hands are planted firmly on the side of his head. He blinks a few times to make sure what he is seeing is real, and then he looks sickened when he realizes it is. Kennedy takes in a deep breath, but Rex capitalizes on the opportunity, much like Kennedy did when Rex accidentally took out Jasmine. He rushes Kennedy into the apron and then wraps the studded belt around Kennedy’s throat. He slides in the ring and drags Kennedy into the ring as well. He pulls Kennedy up to his feet and drags him over to the corner. Rex stands up and slowly begins hanging Kennedy with the belt, much to the fans’ delight. He watches down in satisfaction as Kennedy sputters. He lets him down for a second before dragging him up once again. He sets him back down and Kennedy uses that second to pull the belt from around his neck and he whips Thatcher off of the top rope and down to the mat. He has a hold of the belt and he studies it for a second. He struggles with it violently as the pyramids start to fall off, revealing spiked prongs that once held them into the leather. He gets many of them off on the ground.

Simone: And some people have the nerve to say that SCW isn’t extreme?

Adams: Everything about SCW is extreme, even our internet ratings!

Kennedy picks Thatcher up and thrusts his head between his legs, setting him up for a Package Piledriver, better known as the Primetime Special! He positions himself over the jagged studs. Thatcher tries to get free, but Kennedy doesn’t allow it. He lifts Rex off of the ground a bit, but Rex falls back to his feet and hoists Kennedy up for a Vertebreaker… the Mass Extinction! He steadies himself over the studs and lands the move hard. He rolls over and on top of Kennedy as Jacob Summers runs down to the ring. He slides in quickly, much to the disgust of Erik Staggs.



Kennedy drapes his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin, but…


Jacob misses this in the heat of the moment and he calls for the bell.

Justin Decent: Your winner and STILL SCW Roulette Champion… THATCHER REX!!!

Simone: I… I don’t really know what to say about that.

Adams: I do! Good riddance to Matthew Kennedy… I can’t stand the thought of him being an SCW Champion…

Simone: I agree, but the way it happened just doesn’t feel right. Either man earned the right to be called the Roulette Champion, but Thatcher happened to get lucky.

Inside of the ring, Erik Staggs, who didn’t see the foot on the rope, comes down to help Kennedy. Rex hovers over him menacingly, holding up his belt and pointing to himself. Erik shouts back and Jacob backs Rex away from Staggs. Kennedy holds onto his head, pulling out the studs from the top of his head and shouting in anger and outrage.

Adams: Well folks, it looks like we are out of time… I am Jason Adams…

Simone: And I am Belinda Simone, see you next week when Climax Control comes at you live from Glacier Gardens in San Diego, California!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, MK, Derek, Blaque Hart, Amanda, Jenny, Craig, Courtney, Mike and Maggie. Also to Vixen, and to everyone who roleplayed for this show.