Climax Control

The crowd is alive with energy inside of the Reno Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada. The camera scans around the capacity crowd, cheering and waving while holding up signs for their favorites.

A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Reno Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada and welcome to Sin City Wrestling "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda walks out, her hair done up in a tight bun, thick, horn rimmed glasses on her face and wearing an outfit reminiscent of a librarian. Holding a pen in one hand, and a clipboard in the other, she walks out with her nose in the air and the performance begins.

Amanda: Get your program running
Head out to the center
Terminals are waiting
For the data that you'll enter

Everybody says that you're a nerd, but
They should know that you just don't care
Got your Hewlett-Packard on your belt and
Vaseline in your hair

Like a true mommy's child
You were born, born to be mild
When your batteries die
You're always gonna cry
Born to be mild

Pencils in your pocket
Patent leather briefcase
Studying your Fortran
You got pimples on your face

Gotta do your homework
Forget about the prom dance
They think that you're a big jerk
'Cause you wear a pair of flood pants

Every day you wake up
Your oscilloscope is humming
Parties tend to break up
When they find out that you're coming

The crowd cheers and applauds as Amanda adjusts her glasses and sashays back through the curtains. A moment later, she peeks back through, smiling and beckoning the fans to cheer louder, which they happily oblige!

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm writing again

Simone: Talking Jason

Adams: Yeah, I always get those two confused

Simone: Tonight marks the start of a historic turn in SCW as tonight marks the start of the first ever Blast From The Past, mixed tag team tournament.

Adams: You're right Belinda, starting with the first four matches

Simone: Fantasia returns to the ring to partner Jamie Staggs

Adams: If she can pull herself away from cousin Shane.

Simone: Yeah, to take on the combo of Danica Jones and Prime Time Matthew Kennedy

Adams: Gotta love random draws

Simone: One half of the Young Lions, Max Burke, teams up with one half of the Bombshell tag team champions, Laura Jackson, to go against Necra Octavian Kane and Tom Dudely

Adams: Or Max Jax against Dark and Perverted in my mind

Simone: Next up, the other half of the Young Lions, Trevor Irons, teams with the other half of the Bombshell tag team champions, Amanda Cortez, to face the duo of tag team champion Kain and bombshell roulette champ Alexis Morrison

Adams: Ummmmm, Iron Goddess Vs Kainison

Simone: Meh, Amy Marshall and Ryan Kidd team up against Jordan Williams and Odette Ryder

Adams: Ryshall Vs Jordette there

Simone: How long have you been working on these?

Adams: Four days

Simone: Casey Williams is in action, his first match since turning on NXT. Tonight Casey can make a huge statement as he takes on Argento

Adams: Two big men duking it out

Simone: Tonight's main event is history in the making as SCW has a chance to bring home the NWA Tag Team championships, as the defending champions Canadian Connection, defends the prized gold against SCW's own, Sinful Obsession!

Adams: This is gonna be a great night, so lets kick it off!

Justin: and now ladies and gentlemen here is the first match up for tonight… it is the first match in round one of the Blast from the Past mixed tag team tournament introducing the team of… he is a member of NXT… Jamie Staggs and the returning Sin of Lust… Fantasia!!!!!!!

"Party Hard" By Andrew W.K slams over the personal address system and out walks Jamie and Fantasia. Jamie is jumping up and down getting the fans riled up while Fantasia is slowly strutting her way towards the ring. The two wave at the fans and stop and high five as many as they can before reaching the six sided ring. Jamie holds Fantasia’s hand as she walks up the stairs before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope so he can be the perfect gentlemen and hold the ropes open for the Sin of Lust. The two dance around the ring as Jamie’s music gets cut from the speakers.

Justin: and their opponents please welcome Prime Time Matthew Kennedy and his partner The Newest Sensation…. Danica Jones.

The arena lights go dark as a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", as the last word is said the into to "You Got Another Thing Comin'" by Judas Priest hits the arena speakers and Matthew and Danica walk down to the ring with Marty McFarge by their side. The two just walk to the ring showing the fans next to no attention before they both enter the ring.

As both mixed tag teams have finally made it into the ring Drew quickly explains the rules. Fantasia and Danica Jones leave the ring leaving the men to start off this battle. Drew signals for the bell and this one is under way.

Simone: Here we go match number one for the Blast from the Past Mixed Tag Team Tournament

Adams: I’m excited Simone… The Sin of Lust is in the house!!!!

Jamie Staggs and Matthew Kennedy look as if they are about to lock up in the middle of the ring but Jamie side steps out of the way before swivelling around to face Kennedy’s back. Jamie is quick to get his right foot and drive it in the middle of Matthew’s back. Matthew stumbles forward but doesn’t fall to the matt as Jamie was hoping. Matthew turns to face Jamie, Jamie attempts to kick Kennedy in the mid-section but Matthew catches his foot. Jamie is hopping up and down on one leg and out of the blue hits a perfect standing enziguri. Matthew drops to the matt while Jamie sits up and pats himself on the back while pointing towards Fantasia seeking her approval.

Simone: Oh dear Lord he has no chance with The Sin of Lust…

Adams: I hope Kittie isn’t watching that bit.. girl is cray cray!

Jamie jumps up to his feet and grabs onto Matthew’s hair dragging him up. As Kennedy is now standing Jamie starts to lay body shot after body shot on Prime Time. Fast left and right closed fists make contact with Matthew’s stomach, but Kennedy gets fed up with it and grabs on to Jamie’s shoulders stopping him. Lifting Jamie in his spot Matthew drops Staggs to the ring canvas with a sit out power bomb.

Adams: Quick thinking from the Brit.

Simone: it didn’t keep Jamie down for long thou.

Jamie springs back up to his feet along with Matthew, Staggs rushes towards the ropes to use them momentum but Kennedy catches him off the rebound with a massive clothesline. As Staggs is down on the canvas Prime Time covers for the pin.



Simone: Close but not close enough Matthew

Jamie gets the shoulder up and pushes Matthew off of him. Fantasia starts to clap trying to rally the fans behind her partner Jamie. Kennedy is up to his feet first and he attempts to pick up Jamie but Jamie pushes him off of him, Kennedy slams into the ropes and Jamie drops him face first to the canvas with a drop toe hold. Jamie now makes a cover.



Matthew kicks out, Danica is now pacing up and down the ring apron her hand out stretched she wants in to this match. Matthew starts to crawl across the canvas and extends his hands out tagging in Danica. Danica storms into the ring and Drew orders Jamie to make the tag to Fantasia.

Simone: Staggs has to tag out here SCW has strict rules about men only facing the men and the bombshells only facing the bombshells.

Adams: let the Sin of Lust out!!!

Turning Jamie makes the tag to Fantasia and the SCW crowd goes wild as the Sin of Lust tears into the ring. Full steam ahead she tackles Danica to the floor before offloading left and right swings to the side of Danica’s face. Fantasia grabs onto Danica’s head and slams it into the ring canvas before jumping off of the newcomer and taking a bow.

Adams: Oh boy! I think Shane’s pants would have just grown tighter.

Simone: JASON, it’s a family show remember?

Adams: Oops my bad!

Danica is back up to her feet and the two ladies circle around each other in the ring. Danica lunges forward to initiate a lock up that Fantasia is more than happy to overpower, tossing Danica away. Fantasia grabs a hand full of Danica’s hair hooks her legs around hers before connecting with a sharp Russian Leg sweep, Fantasia is quick to make the cover.


Danica gets the shoulder up and Drew instructs Fantasia to give up. Fantasia makes her way to her feet grabbing on to Danica pulling her up with her. Letting her go of Ms Jones the two circle each other once again this time Danica has had enough she shoves Fantasia with a palm in the face. The SCW crowd let off boos as the rookie seems to be showing the Sin of Lust blatant disrespect. Fantasia laughs it off before swiftly kicking Danica in the midsection, as Danica is doubles over and stumbles back into the ropes. Fantasia grabs a handful of hair and drops the new comer to the canvas with a bulldog. Fantasia once again grabs a handful of Danica’s hair and starts to slam her face first into the ring canvas over and over and over. Jamie is seen on the ring apron licking his lips enjoying the cat fight, while Kennedy is begging for a tag.

Simone: I guess Fantasia is showing the new girl a thing or two about respect…

Lifting Ms Jones off the ring canvas Fantasia scoops her right hand up over her neck and lifts Danica off her feet to connect with a spinning back breaker. Danica doubles over Fantasia’s bent knee and screams in pain before Fantasia quickly goes for another cover.



Adams: So close!!!

Danica kicks out, Fantasia rolls off her opponent and gets up off the matt. Fantasia bends down and lifts Danica’s head off the canvas before dropping her back down face first to it. Walking away from Ms Jones Fantasia taunts to the fans flaunting her assets, blowing out kisses. Jamie cheers her on as Danica starts to recover.

Simone: Well she is the sin of lust after all.

Fantasia starts to make her way over to collect Danica but Danica tangles her feet with Fantasia’s for a roll up, Drew makes the count.



Fantasia just manages to get out of it and the two bombshells spring to their feet, Fantasia puts her hands on Danica’s shoulders and looks like she is going for some type of power bomb but Danica counters with a sit out jawbreaker. Fantasia is laying on her back on the canvas and Ms Jones is up to her feet but not for long as she connects with a perfect standing Moonsault. Danica goes for the cover.



Simone: Fantasia isn’t giving in that easy!!!

Adams: Jamie is begging for a tag.

Danica slaps the ring canvas in frustration before popping back up to her feet, stalking the fallen Fantasia she sets her up for the long kiss goodnight. Fantasia staggers to her feet and Danica charges towards her collecting her head and spinning around for a jumping DDT

Simone: Long Kiss Goodnight!!

Adams: I didn’t see any kissing Simone, I feel lied to!!

Danica hooks the leg




Adams: NOOO I wanted to see more of the sin of lust!

Drew calls for the bell as Jamie charges into the ring to check on Fantasia, while Matthew and Danica get their hands raised in victory.

Justin: Here are you winners and off towards round two… Matthew Kennedy and Danica Jones!!!

Previously Recorded...

The Climax Control broadcast switches to another live camera view, showing a crowd of rowdy, raucous fans cheering their fool heads off as they get ready for the next match.

However, it soon becomes apparent that we are not in the arena at all, as the camera zooms out and pans around to show dozens of big screens. Below the screens are tables covered in baskets of chicken wings, glasses filled to the brim with beer, and girls running around in black and yellow jersey shirts serving all the patrons.

“Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings! Sit wherever you’d like!”

Indeed, our intrepid SCW cameraman has found his way into a Buffalo Wild Wings just down the street from the Arena. The restaurant-goers immediately spot the SCW logo on the cameraman’s t-shirt and begins mobbing him to get on TV. After battling his way through several belligerent facial contortions, random guys yelling into the camera, and a girl flashing her boobs, the hapless SCW employee guides the camera view into the mass of the crowd.

Amid the sea of fans casually sits the Mecca of Modern Wrestling, one-half of the legendary Canadian Connection tag team, Canadian Crippler. Crippler, wearing jeans, hiking boots, and a blue Canadian Connection t-shirt, has his feet propped up on a table as he reclines atop a barstool and leans against the bar. The crowd of patrons, despite all the exciting sports going on around them, is hanging on his every word in appreciative silence.

Canadian Crippler: I promptly walked over and declared to them that I, Canadian Crippler, was the Most Valuable Player of the NFL. They were quite impressed.

The fans look on, each of them seemingly wanting to ask the same question. Finally, a woman in a SCW tanktop breaks the silence.

Woman: But Crippler…you’re not even in the NFL. You can’t win the MVP…can you?

Canadian Crippler: Of course I can.

The crowd lets out an “OHHHH” and a wave of laughing and cheering as Crippler coolly takes a drink of his beer. He raises a hand to high-five a wayward fan without taking his attention off the drink, and then sets it down, finally taking notice of the cameraman. Crippler directs a nonchalant hand toward him to walk nearer.

Canadian Crippler: Well, speak of the devil and it comes down to this state. Say there, flunkie, you’ve come all this way just to get a word from your Messiah because you were so horribly disappointed that I’m not on the show tonight, am I right?

The cameraman hesitates, unsure of how to answer. The BWW crowd, however, is quick to fill in the blanks, shouting in approval at Crippler’s statement.

Canadian Crippler: Of course you are. The Canadian Crippler has been watching the show all night long with these fine people—and a few ugly ones—the Canadian Connection faithful of this state, and I cannot begin to tell you how much we have missed real, pure wrestling on tonight’s Climax Control.

The crowd nods and cheers in assent.

Canadian Crippler: But don’t fret and don’t fear, my band of merry pranksters in TV land, as we have been holding the fort down in this state, partying the night away in honor of sports entertainment the world over. It’s certainly been a banner night!

Crippler's delivery is dry and sarcastic as the B-Dubs faithful holler and clang their glasses together around him, supplying his implied exclamation.

A fan across the restaurant shouts out a joke about Crippler's previous disappearances from PRA. Instead of taking offense, the veteran Crippler smirks and raises his glass in acceptance as the fans laugh along with him. Suddenly, another wild cheer rises up in the restaurant as the cameraman struggles to make room to turn toward the door. In from the entrance walks Rey Rosario, who slaps hands with several restaurant-goers and feigns punching a few women in the face. Most of them are too drunk to notice if he’s serious or not. Rey makes his way up to the bar as some fans clear a stool for him next to his tag team partner.

Canadian Crippler: Hey, did you stick around long enough to see the last match? There were… tag teams in it. Tag teams, I tell ya.

Rosario, fakes a shocked expression as he orders a plate of wings.

Rey Rosario: Did Manuel die or something?

Canadian Crippler: But seriously—I was just telling our menially-waged camera operator about tonight’s number one contender match, but I haven’t even begun to discuss our plans against the winners.

Rey Rosario: You mean Sinful Obsession becoming number one contenders for the NWA Tag Team Champions? That’s pretty worth discussing. But if we’re talking about the NWA Tag Team Titles, then we’re not just talking about winning the Tag Team Titles and proving what everyone already knows—that we’re the best tag team in the history of wrestling—we’re talking about deliberately devastating some ignorant asses all over NWA!

The fans go nuts, as does Rey as he receives his barbeque wings. Crippler retains his focus on the camera.

Canadian Crippler: Since SCW was so kind as to seek out the Canadian Connection, let the Canadian Crippler break this down for you: Sinful Obsession & EWA you can't beat us for the titles. Now I know what you’re thinking. Winning the number one contenders match, though? It doesn’t even begin to provide a picture of the stone cold tomb of the title match: the screams of pain echoing through the arena, the metal and mortar severing your skin, the ghosts of wrestlers—past haunting your every move. Scary stuff, unless you know you can’t lose. Tell ‘em, Rey.

The fans cheer for the classic tag team promo trade-off. Rey looks surprised for a moment as he has a wing in his hand, ready to chow down, but realizes the camera is rolling. Irritated, he throws the wing back down on the plate and points at the camera in anger.

Rey Rosario: You’re damn right! Canadian Crippler and I have survived the test of time to continue revolutionizing tag team wrestling. I may have slipped up recently, but I’ve made a career out of pounding little snots like Sinful Obsession into submission! Boys, over the next few weeks, you’re not gonna see any more probation matches from Rey Rosario. You’re gonna see The Canadian Connection living up to our legend and making sure everybody knows that no one defeats The Canadian Connection for the titles…nobody.

The crowd again goes wild. Rey once again goes to take a bite of the wing, but audibly whispers something to Crippler first.

Rey Rosario: Do these people cheer for everything we say?

Canadian Crippler: Why wouldn’t they?

Rey Rosario: Good point.

Canadian Crippler: NWA fans, and more importantly, fans of professional wrestling—we appear before you tonight not as members of the ACW roster, but as vital characters in the mythos of the sport we love. For every person who loves sitting down with a cold beer, some hot wings, and their best friends, cheering their favorite sports team or just their favorite athletes, the Canadian Crippler asks you to rise up…and demand the best wrestling talent on your SCW broadcasts.

Rey Rosario: If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of the same-old-same-old nature of NWA.

The crowd around The Canadian Connection begins to rally behind Crippler, a few fans jumping into the camera view and shouting obscenities at GM Asesino and the Diaria family in general.

Canadian Crippler: Professionally, I can win any type of match, so I remain unconcerned, but personally, I want every single ignoramus in Sinful Obsession and EWA to know that I will not rest until professional wrestling is once again the fixture of this business that it should be. On the road to the title match, the Canadian Crippler cordially invites every fan out there who is starving for change to join us on this… Wrestling Renaissance. Rise up against the same-old NWA. Kick back, enjoy yourselves, and watch us out-wrestle…and utterly destroy every other tag team on the planet. Tell ‘em, Rey.

Rosario, once again midway through eating a wing, simply gives Crippler a look out of the corner of his eye without saying a word.

Canadian Crippler: Only kidding. Party on, friends.

The crowd does just that, going nuts with a loud “CC! CC! CC!” chant in the middle of Buffalo Wild Wings. Crippler clangs his glass with those of several fans as the cameraman sends Climax Control to ringside.

Aleksei Koji is coming to the ring. He is dressed in his new purple and black suit with patchwork jacket over it all. He is all smiles as he slides into the ring.

Aleksei: I came down here today mostly because I can....HA that sounds great to say. I can come down here because I still work here and I don't even have to get knocked around to stick around....not a bad gig huh?

The crowd cheers with the loudest pop coming from the Party Horde section. Aleksei gives them a little bow then keeps going.

Aleksei: I told Mark I would be hard to get rid of and I kept my promise. Now I have two things I need to say. First I wanted to give you all an update on the Aleksei Koji shit list.

Aleksei pulls out a crumbled up piece of paper from his pants and unfolds it. He puts on a pair of glasses to show he is being serious.

Aleksei: Now after that epic main event where I was kicking ass until I got stabbed in the back...I really do feel I got my chance to knock around most of Mark Ward's goons. So I decided to take them off the list...I mean do they really matter. That leaves just Marky boy and well the new addition of one Casey Williams.

The Party Horde section breaks into a loud chorus of "Casey is a tool" and Aleksei grins.

Aleksei: Now I know I can't fight in a SCW ring so I am going to have to get creative but I promise my fans, the haters and Marky and Casey that this list will get finished with time. But that is not only reason I am here. As my new contract says I can manage talent and so I spent all week searching for some talent that wanted me to manage them...I am pleased to....


Tom Dudley walks out from the curtain. He does not look very pleased.

Tom: Why would anyone want *YOU* as a manager? You've never accomplished anything more than getting the mindless drones in your Party Horde to cheer for your drunken Russian antics. What could you possibly do as a manager that would help someone? The only think you ever did in the ring was lose.

Aleksei: Tom, are you mad because I said you don't matter. I am sure you matter to someone buddy. And listen if your mad I didn't ask you if you wanted a manager....well I just have never been impressed with what I see...but I did find two guys that were talented enough for my services.

Max Burke and Trevor Irons appear from the crowd and get a huge pop. They come into the ring both shaking hands with Aleksei.

Tom: Those two just made a big mistake...

Tom storms off and Aleksei waves him off, before flipping him off.

Aleksei: Oh yeah sure...a mistake that will lead them all the way to tag team champions. Lets hear it for The Young Lions!!!

The crowd starts cheering and Aleksei does a little dance. He even circles the ring to build up the hype before raising the young fighters arms up like they have already won something.

The camera opens up to a shot backstage where Gabriel and Odette Ryder are speaking outside the Sins locker room. From around the corner, Jordan Williams walks into the background. Jordan walks up behind Odette and puts his arm around her.

Jordan gleefully says: Heeeeyyyy! Its my tag team partner!

Gabriel shoots Jordan a death stare as Odette moves Jordan’s arm off her shoulder with a disgusted look on her face.

Jordan: Sup Gabes!?

Jordan holds his fist out for a fist bump, but just glares at Jordan. Odette slides over to the side of Gabriel as Jordan fist bumps his own hand.

Jordan: Guess you’ll pass on the love, huh?

Gabriel: Guess so. Can I help you?

Jordan: You? No. Odette…what can’t you help me with?

He says while licking his lips.

Gabriel: Watch yourself, Jordan. I’m in no mood.

Jordan: Relax Gabes, I’m here on business. Look Odette, I just want to clear the air with you. First I want to apologize for my behavior at the press conference, I was totally out of line.

Odette nods her head.

Jordan: I can be a jerk sometimes, but I realized I was outta control. Second, I don’t know about you, but I’m in this tournament to win it, girl.

Odette: As am I.

Jordan: Good, because I know we can win this tournament. Not to blow smoke up your ass, but you’re the best bombshell here in SCW and I…well…I’m...the best. A god among men.

Odette and Gabriel look at each other and just roll their eyes.

Jordan: Don’t hate, magic man. With that said, since we’ll be partners for a while, I took the liberty to come up with potential names for us. Because, what’s a tag team, without a name?

He says with a big grin. Odette shrugs her shoulders, while Gabriel doesn’t look amused.

Jordan: I’ll start off with a strong one…it combines my old nickname, Purely Sexy, with your last name: Sexy Ryders!

Jordan has his arms outstretched to sell the enthusiasm with a huge grin on his face. Odette looks away with a half smirk on her face.

Jordan: Not bad, huh? Okay, this one is…I’m kinda blah on, but you could talk me into it; its like the first one, but kinda Harry Potterish.

Gabriel: Will you please hurry up?

Jordan: Can’t you do a magic trick and disappear, then come back when I’m done, Debbie Downer?

Gabriel impatiently says: Just hurry!

Jordan: Since I’m the Emerald Dragon in Japan and your last name again: The Dragon Ryders!

Odette does a face palm, while Gabriel shakes his head in disgust.

Jordan: Like I said, not a favorite, but I can be talked into it!

Odette: What else do you got?

Jordan enthusiastically says: Last one. This one is pretty strong: Team OJ! We got the juice, son!

Odette tries to stifles her laughter with her hands, while Gabriel turns his back to Jordan.

With a smile on his face, Jordan says: We got a tag line and everything. Team OJ: We got the juice! We could leave the “son” part in there if you like!

Odette trying to refrain from cracking up: Jordan, let me think about it.

Jordan: Alright then, I’ll see ya out there. Gabes, get a sense of humor!

Jordan walks off as Gabriel and Odette just shake their heads while the camera fades out.

The sound of a familiar voice can be heard though not so familiar to the Sin City Wrestling promotion. As the voice makes his presence known, the voice can be seen belonging to former Phoenix Wrestling superstar now signed SCW star the one, the only “Mr. 24 Karats” Casper Grey. Grey can be seen dressed in a suit and tie looking around as if he was lost. As he come up on “Pro Wrestling’s Evil Kenevil” Ryan Kidd, Kidd could be seen getting ready for his up and coming match at Climax Control, as Casper approaches him.

Casper Grey: Hey you…

Kidd stops with his pre match exercise as Grey caught his attention.

Ryan Kidd: Yeah what is it?

Casper Grey: Why aren’t you cleaning the toilets or sweeping up the trash around here, I mean look at you, you are a maintenance man correct?

Ryan Kidd: No, what would make you think of that, and who are you?

Casper Grey: Oh sorry about that, maybe you’ve heard of me I am Mr. 24 Karat, Casper Grey, former Phoenix Wrestling superstar, as why I thought you were a maintenance man you just fit the profile of one, specially on how your dressed!

Ryan Kidd: Mr. 24 Karats of the Phoenix Wrestling eh?

Casper Grey: Yeah, you heard, you should have it wasn’t too long ago before I made my last appearance on PW tapping!

Kidd smiling in a smart-alecky way as he responded.

Ryan Kidd: Nope can’t say I have heard of you…

Casper Grey: Your kidding right?

Ryan Kidd: Yeah, yeah, no I’m serious I’ve never heard of you!

Casper Grey: Then in that case seeing how I just signed, and you’re also new to the Sin City wrestling promotion how about a little wager…

Ryan Kidd: Ok, what would the wager be?

Casper Grey: Well we can decide that after the contest, the contest being who can get the most victories, lets say 6 or 8 victories you decide?

Ryan Kidd: 8, lets go the extra mile,

Casper Grey: You’ll come to know who I am real quick Kidd, and I mean real quick…

Casper says before walking off, still looking as if he was lost, or as if he was exploring the backstage area, only one person could answer that and that was Mr. 24 Karats himself, Casper Grey

Justin: The following match is for one fall and it is in the Blast from the Past mixed tag team tournament… Introducing first the team of one half of the young lions… Max Burke and Laura Jackson!

The ear-piercing opening rift of "Sleeping All December" signals the arrival of fan favorite and one half of the Young Lions, Max Burke but he is not alone as Laura Jackson is standing right beside him. Max and Laura step into the spotlight on the entrance as the crowd erupts in applause and cheers. The young stars make their way to the ring, making sure to high five several fans before they both slide under the bottom rope. Max runs to a corner and scales it with catlike precision to pose for the crowd in attendance, while Laura stands back watching.

Justin: and their opponents please welcome to the ring first… Necra…

The lights in the arena go out, as a golden spotlight goes over the crowd, and comes to stop at the back of the stage, as "Black and Silver" by Xandria begins to play over the speakers. A black mist begins to roll over the stage and rampway, as two lines of men and women walk down to the ramp, and line either side, holding flags with a strange symbol on them. At the back of the stage,a golden barge appears with 4 very built men wearing masks of Anubis, Osiris, Ma'at, and Apep on the four corners. Behind the barge is a man wearing a skull for a mask follows behind. They reach the ring, and the skull faced man moves to the side of the barge, removing the golden death mask from the Goddess of the Dead. She opens her eyes as she is helped up, and heads to the ring, as her followers fall to their knees. She walks up the stairs, and steps into the ring. She raises her hands, as flames shoot up from each of the posts, as the lights go up.

Justin: and her tag team partner Toooom Dudely

“Kamikaze” by Five Iron Frenzy blasts throughout the arena and Tom Dudely soon bursts out to the top of the ramp. He feeds off of the crowd’s energy as he makes his way to the ring, slapping as many hands as he can along the way. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, Tom gets a running start and slides into the ring. He hops to his feet and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to work the crowd before hopping down to face his opponent.

The two teams are in the ring and Jasmine is giving them orders already, Necra and Laura decided to start this one with a lock up. Max quickly leaves the ring wanting to get the one underway but Tom is reluctant to step out of the ring as he is staring a hole through the Young Lion.

Simone: Tom is staring down Max like he stole his lunch money or something.

Adams: That happened to me once I’m still not fully over it.

Simone: Oh I see well that explains a lot.

Necra pushes Laura away but Laura comes back swing as she delivers a massive slap across the face of the living dead girl. Necra laughs off her pain and the two Bombshell circle each other in the ring. Necra attempts to bring down Miss Jackson with a clothesline, but Laura ducks out of the way. Turning quickly Necra walks into a forearm smash as Max Burke is seen pouncing up and down on the ring apron cheering on his tag team partner. Necra holds onto the top rope and stares down Laura who is begging her to come get some. Diving across the ring towards Laura the two Bombshells lock up once more. This time Necra is able to overpower Laura bringing her down to one knee. Laughing at her weaker opponent Necra, doesn’t let go of the tie up in fact she lifts Laura up off her knees and drags her over into the nearest corner.

Simone: Necra is one tough cookie.

Adams: a choc chip cookie?

Letting go of Ms Jackson Necra slices her forearm against her chest with a perfect chop. The slapping sound of skin on skin echoes throughout the arena. Tome seems unattached at what his tag team partner is doing; in fact his eyes are locked on Max. Necra raises Laura’s head and once again delivers a bone chilling chop. As Necra tries for a third Laura reverses and ducks out of the way before pushing Necra into the corner. She quickly chops her forearm across Necra’s chest three hard times, sending the SCW fans into a “Wooooing” frenzy. Max Burke claps Laura on as she drags Necra out of the corner. Whipping her off the ropes, Necra reverses it midway across the ring sending Laura crashing into the ropes. Laura is able to hold onto the rope though stopping the rebound. Necra comes charging towards her only to be met with a back forearm to the face. While Necra is crouching over Laura bounces off the ropes and jumps up onto the shoulders of Necra, twisting in midair so now she is front of Necra she drops her to the canvas with a victory roll. Necra pops up off the canvas with ease and is two her feet but so is Laura, wasting no time she drop kicks Necra back down to the matt.

Simone: Laura is stopping at nothing to keep Necra down.

Adams: Well if I was Laura I would be doing the same thing, Necra can be deadly when she is in charge!

Laura makes a quick cover.



Necra kicks out and Laura doesn’t complain she just quickly makes it back up to her feet, dragging Necra up with her. Necra pushes Laura away from her but Laura fires towards her with forearm smashes to the face. Grabbing Necra’s hand Laura whips her across the ring which Necra reverses midway but Laura capitalises on the reversal and catches Necra’s head for a swing neck breaker. Laura jumps in for a roll up but Tom Dudely reaches in and grabs Jasmine’s shirt distracting her while the pin is going down.


Simone: Surprise, Surprise!

Laura breaks the pin fall to see what is going on, seeing that Tom is making a fuss Laura picks up Necra and whips her into the ropes. Jasmine turns back around and focuses on the match as Laura is once again sending forearm smashes to the face of Necra. Necra counters pushing Laura across the ring, Necra is holding her face so Jasmine checks on her. Just as Laura is going to lunge off the ropes Tom jumps down for the apron and grabs her leg tripping the Bombshell face first to the canvas. The Fans are up in arms as Jasmine didn’t see it, Max Burke on the other hand did and is now shouting at Jasmine.

Simone: What an ass hole

Adams: Oh Boy Tom was in a feral mood the minute he walked out here and now he is doing anything to disrupt this match.

Necra swoops in and scoops Laura up placing her on her shoulders, twirling her body around hers for a side walk slam. Necra goes for the pin.



Almost Laura gets the shoulder up, getting up to her feet she picks up Laura’s head and slams it back down to the canvas not once but three times showing her dominance. Max is begging for a tag. Necra scoops Laura’s body up and drops her like a sack of potatoes with an overhead slam. Necra gets up and uses the ring ropes as a spring board but as her back hits the ropes Tom tags himself in. Necra turns around and looks Tom in the eyes in disbelief Jasmine awards the tag and orders her out of the ring. Tom enters the ring slowly and smugly walks over towards Laura’s body, bending down he starts screaming into her ear. Yelling at her to get up and make the tag. Necra is still in the ring refusing to leave distracting Jasmine, Max Burke is clearly playing by the rules watching on concerned as Tom picks up Laura and helps her stand. He grabs her by the back of the head and looks as if she is guiding her over to tag Max in. Just as he is about to shove Laura into her corner Tom does the unthinkable and levels Laura with an Ax Kick.


Adams: Oh so when you swear the ratings go from PG to R… I see how this show rolls.

Max bursts into the ring and starts to punch into Tom, Necra leaves the ring just at the right time and Jasmine is now trying to control the chaos that is unfolding in front of her eyes. All this is happening while the SCW fans are chanting “Asshole” towards Tom Dudely.

Simone: This is wrong!

Christian Underwood streams out of the back with a microphone in hand.

Christian: Ring the damn bell!

The referee looks confused and calls for the bell.

Adams: What's Christian doing?

Christian storms down to the ring, quickly sliding in to the ring and standing up to look at Tom. Christian moves towards Justin Decent and talks to him. Justin raises the mic to his lips.

Justin: The winners of the match by disqualification, Laura Jackson and Max Burke!

The fans cheer as Christian turns to Tom.

Christian: I am sick of you doing what you want Tom. This changes right now, you know the rules of SCW and now I'm gonna enforce them. As of now, Tom Dudely, you are suspended from SCW indefinately!

The fans cheer Christian's decision. Tom yells towards Christian, but an uncharacteristic sserious look crosses Christian's face.

Christian: Get back there, pack up all the crap you have here and get out of my arena. If I see your ass around my arena again, I will have you arrested and tie you up in so much legal crap, you'll never see a wrestling ring again. Don't go running to Mark, cause he is not gonna help you this time.

Christian drops the mic and steps out of the ring as the fans sing towards Tom "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!"

Simone: Christian has kicked Tom Dudely out of SCW indefinately!

The cameras rush backstage to spot Jamie Staggs sprawled out on the ground with blood trickling from his nose. He sputters blood as he hisses in pain. Leaning up against the wall, he tries to brace himself, shouting out in pain. He slowly rises up to his feet as reporter Ms Rocky Mountains comes over to him with microphone in hand.

Rocky Mountains: I’m here with Jamie Staggs, where moments ago, he was attacked. Who did this to you?

Jamie: OH MY GOD! Come on out, you pussy! Whoever you are, big man, come on out! I got all day!

Jamie throws his arms out from the side, taunting whoever it is that attacked him as if they were still there. His eyes widen as blood drips down his chin onto his white shirt. He turns around, looking for his attacker.

Jamie: Who the hell are you?! I know who you are, so tell me who you are, asshole!

Rocky Mountains: What? Who did this to you? Jamie?

Jamie kicks at the wall as he goes off, shouting incoherently. He charges off in the distance as the camera turns to look at him. After he disappears, the camera looks over to Ms Rocky Mountains who just looks confused, shrugging her shoulders as we switch to another scene.

Backstage, Vixen can be seen, her belt resting on her lap as she sits sideways on the technician’s chair, one foot swinging to the music she is listening to. Pussy Willow walks up behind the Bombshell champion and coughs. Vixen doesn’t respond so Pussy Willow coughs louder. Still no response which prompts Pussy to sigh with frustration as she stomps one foot in a very expensive Louboutin.

Pussy Willow: Oh for the love of Hot Stuff and pizza pockets!

Vixen notices her and quickly pulls the earbuds from her ears.

Vixen: Pussy, sorry, I didn’t notice you there. Something I can do for you?

Pussy Willow shakes her head and smiles.

Pussy Willow: Of course you can Vixen. I wanted to talk to you about the fact that now you have the bombshell championship, the only thing you are missing is the bombshell tags and you would be the first ever grandslam title holder. Do you think that you will be the first grandslammy winner?

Vixen: Maybe. But then again, Odette also is one title away and so is some other bombshells I am sure. All I know is that right now I am going to be defending my title whenever I have to and having fun being the number one bombshell in the company today.

Pussy Willow: Misty would disagree with you there.

Vixen: I am sure she would but the proof is in the fact that I hold the title and she doesn’t.

Pussy nods slowly, a look of uncertainty on her face.

Pussy Willow: Okay…next question will have to be, who do you think your partner is in the Blast from the Past tournament. I saw that Spike isn’t entered so I guess your lover won’t be teaming with you. Got any preferences on who is left?

Vixen: Well, I guess that looking at the field of superstars left, there are one or two that I could work well with. I will just have to see if I get the luck of the draw.

Pussy Willow: Do you think that Spike will be getting jealous with you having to team with someone else?

Vixen shakes her head slowly, a smile crossing her face.

Vixen: Spike knows he has nothing to worry about. And right now, I think I may want to go and talk to him and remind him of the fact.

With that, Vixen gets to her feet with a smile to the interviewer and heads down the hallway.

"Wanderlust King" hits the speakers loud and hard. The spot light is searching for Aleksei Koji for the Party Horde "inverview set" is already set up. The lights find him in the Party Horde section and Aleksei crowd surfs all the way down to the ring. He is dressed in a nice purple and black suit, with his trademark patchwork jacket. His standard cooler with a bra hanging from it and two lawn chairs are there waiting for him.

Aleksei: Hello, Reno it is my pleasure to say that Party Horde Live is still happening and I have a pretty damn awesome guest. Hit his music.

The roar of a Tyrannosaur erupts over the PA system, echoing throughout the arena as the lights dim, eliciting a deafening cheer from the crowd. Mist rises from the floor in a hiss as the roar fades into Disturbed’s “Serpentine,” illuminated by lights mounted on the floor. Emerging from the mist like an ancient force of power is Thatcher Rex, strands of hair hanging down to partially obscure his eyes. He glances first to the left, then to the right before striding down the ramp, gaze fixated upon the ring. Once he gets to the ring, he ducks between the top and middle ropes. Two strides later, he mounts the turnbuckle. His arms spread wide, fists clenched, Rex releases a phenomenal roar, much to the delight of the fans. After the display is over, Thatcher takes a seat across from Aleksei.

Aleksei: Now I don't pay as much of the attention as I use to but you don't have a match you can drink. Whats your poison...I have beer and Rum?

Thatcher: I'm a rum guy, through and through. Parrot Bay. Shaken, not stirred.

Aleksei: oh fancy guy. I have some of the Parrot Bay.

Aleksei fixes the drinks while he ask his first question.

Aleksei: You have some crazy momentum at the moment. You are one of the new guys yet you beat the number one contender for one title and you are the contender for the other...are you freaking out man?

Aleksei gives him his drink and takes a big sip from his bottle of rum.

Aleksei: You have a roulette match in your future. Any preferences in terms of style of match?

Thatcher: I've always enjoyed the Iron Man Match. Endurance is the name of the game, and it becomes a contest of will; who is strong enough to fight to the end? It's a true test one one's skill.

Aleksei: Oh yes that makes the sense with a big guy like you. That is so long though, I think I would get bored or too sober. I liked the matches where there were no rules because I always had trouble remembering them. So whats with the T Rex stuff?

Rex laughs.

Thatcher: A lot of people have wondered at that over the years, and it stems from the days when I played football. Nothing professional, just some good times with friends. Anyway, I was pretty good at breaking though their line and sacking the quarterback. The cousin of a friend, who was playing for the first time, was playing that position, and I got him. Afterwards, he said that it was like being chased by a T-Rex, and the nickname stuck.

Aleksei: I have animal nickname as well though I do not use it as much. It is Dire Wolf...that means big scary wolf. So who would win in a fight Dire Wolf or T-Rex?

Thatcher: Good question. We might have to find out the answer some time down the line.

Aleksei: What about Thacher Rex VS a T-Rex?

Thatcher: Thatcher, no question. I have a bigger mouth.

Aleksei laughs and seems to be getting really into this new game. He takes another sip of rum.

Aleksei: What about me VS T-Rex...but I am as big as a T-Rex? Huh? What about that?

Thatcher: Don't move! It can't see you if you don't move!

Aleksei: Man I could do that for hours but I know the boss man would start to get annoyed. I notice you are not that involved in the recent stable drama....are you happy about that?

Thatcher: Exceedingly! I've been a part of stables before, and it's never pretty when they implode. Right now, I don't have much attention on me because of it, and I'm fine with that. Once these people are done squabbling, they're going to turn around and realize they've been surpassed.

Aleksei: Ok last question. In a year they have the High Stakes 3 and your in the main event...what is your dream match?

Thatcher: 60-Minute Iron Man Match with Kain. The guy is damned impressive, and I think we'd put on one hell of a show.

Aleksei: Kain is a beast. I hope we get to see that match someday. Well let me tell you I am damn impressed with you so far and wish you the best against the brat prince.

Simone: We're getting set for the next Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Tournament match up, Jason!

Adams: Wooo! I wish I was a part of this tournament so I could team up with one of our awesome Bombshells!

"I'm comin' up so you better get this party started."
"I'm comin' up so you better get this party started.

The opening lines to "Get The Party Started" by Pink starts playing throughout the sound system. The lights dim a bit, and multi-colored lights start flashing around the building.

Simone: Wait a minute...What's going on here?

Adams: Aren't you listening to the music?! It's a party!!

Simone: Thank you for the music review, idiot.

Adams: You're welcome!

As the music continues to play, everyone in attendance look curiously at the backstage entrance and wait for whoever the music belongs to to come through the curtain. Several seconds later, a familiar face walks through the curtain, though no one has seen one half of the SCW Fan Girls in quite some time.

Adams: It's Marge!

Simone: Marge?

Adams: That's what Mark and Tom call her. That's her name isn't it?

Simone: I believe it's Maggie.

Adams: Oh who cares. I'm going with Marge.

Indeed it is Maggie (NOT MARGE!), though she's not alone for long. A few seconds later her partner in crime and fellow Fan Girl, Courtney, barges through the curtain, joining Maggie. Maggie is holding a large box in her hand, and she and Courtney look around the crowd, getting an adrenaline boost from their energy. They jump up and down excitedly before making their way to the ring, high fiving fellow fans along the way. When they get to the ring, they stand outside the ring for a few seconds, looking at each other than to the steps. Maggie motions towards the steps, telling Courtney to enter the ring that way, but Courtney shakes her head with a cheerful smile. Courtney then slides in under the bottom rope, quickly jumping to her feet and looking at Maggie proudly, then motioning for her to do the same.

Simone: These two are having way to much fun.

Adams: Courtney is, but Maggie doesn't look too excited!

Maggie shakes her head and instead walks over to the steps, quickly walking up to the ring apron. When she attempts to enter through the second rope, her leg gets caught and she very clumsily trips into the ring as Courtney and the audience laugh. Maggie even lets out a laugh, brushing off the embarassment as she picks up the box. Courtney gets two microphones from Justin Decent, and heads over, handing one of them to Maggie.

Adams: I wonder what's in the box?!

Simone: I think we're about to find out.

The music dies down, and the crowd goes quiet. Maggie raises the microphone to speak, but Courtney quickly and excitedly cuts her off.

Courtney: Eeep! I can't believe we're actually standing in the middle of the SCW ring! This is so exciting! And I've always wanted to slide under the bottom rope! You should have done the same girl!

Maggie: Thanks, but no thanks, Court! Look at me. Do I look like I am able to slide in under the bottom rope? I think not.

Courtney: Well, you didn't do a much better job stepping through the ropes, now did you?

The crowd again gets a laugh out of it and Maggie just rolls her eyes with a polite smile.

Maggie: Alright, alright. It's not pick on Maggie day! We're out here because we...well, I have a present for someone and I wanted to give it to him in person in front of all you awesome people!

The crowd cheers, as Maggie places the box down.

Maggie: I know you're all just dying to know who this present is for so let me just get right down to it, okay?! Jason Adams, get your butt in this ring, buddy!

Adams: Wait, there is another Jason Adams in the building?!

Simone: I think she's talking to you, you dimwit!

Maggie and Courtney have turned to face the announce table, and Maggie is looking directly at Jason Adams. He's looking around slightly confused, but Maggie points to him and orders him to get in the ring.

Maggie: Yes, I'm talking about you! Get into the ring right now before I make you!

Adams: I'm so confused...

Simone: That's nothing new. You better go into the ring. I don't think Maggie wants to trip back into the ring again.

Jason shrugs and removes his headset. He stands up from his seat at the announce table, and walks over to the ring. He walks over to the steps and enters the ring, joining Maggie and Courtney. Courtney stands on the opposite side, so Jason is standing between them.

Maggie: Thanks, buddy! Now, you're probably wondering what I have for you, right?

Jason looks at her and nods his head, still confused. Courtney claps and jumps up and down excitedly.

Courtney: Oh just give it to him already!

Maggie looks at Courtney and shakes her head.

Maggie: Watch how you word things, Court. There are certain people who might make a dirty joke out of that!

Courtney: What if I meant it in the dirty way?

Maggie's jaw drops and Jason takes a step back, shaking his head.

Courtney: KIDDING!

Maggie: Right...ANYWAY! As I was saying...Oh relax, Jason, there is nothing remotely dirty about this! I'm not going to bite you!

Courtney: Well, there was that one time...

Maggie: Courtney! Shush!

Simone: These two need to be put on riddilin or something. They have a serious case of A.D.D going on.

The crowd continues to get a laugh at the two women as they bicker in the ring. Jason stands there, growing more and more uncomfortable.

Maggie: Ok, back to my point here. Jason, a couple of weeks ago at New Year Rising, something you did gave me a bit of an idea. You sprang to action (ok seriously, nothing dirty meant by that!) when no one else did and you saved a Bombshells life! For that, you deserve a special gift...a reward if you want to look at it like that!

Simone: She can't be serious...

Jason still looks confused. Courtney still has a cheerful smile on her face, but she remains silent.

Maggie: After the Inferno Match for the Bombshell Roulette Championship, you saved Becky "Ragdoll" Jones, and more importantly her hair when you sprayed her with the fire extinguisher after Alexis Morrison set her on fire. You, Jason Adams, are a hero!

Simone: Okay, I think this girl needs to be admitted to a psych ward. She's officially crazy.

Jason seems surprised, but a wide smile grows on his face. Maggie smiles also as she looks at the box at her feet, waiting to open it.

Maggie: Now, that got me to thinking. What could I get for Jason Adams after such heroic actions? What would Jason Adams like as a reward for saving a Bombshells hair and her life?

Jason thinks, ready to answer the question himself, but Maggie kneels down, opens the box and pulls out a Fireman's Hat! She spins around, presenting it to Jason with a proud smile.

Maggie: Your very own Fireman's hat! You are officially SCW's honorary firefighter!

Courtney: I still think you should have gotten him the whole suit..

Jason takes the hat and places it on his head proudly. The women in the crowd cheer, but they are no doubt in agreement with Courtney, wishing he had the whole Firefighter's Ensemble. Jason takes the microphone from Maggie as she spins around, showing off his new hat.

Adams: Wow! Thanks! Can I wear this all night?

Maggie takes Courtney's microphone.

Maggie: You can wear it whenever you want! It's yours to keep, buddy.

Courtney leans in and whispers something in Maggie's ear. Maggie's eyes widen and she seems appalled. She yells at Courtney, with the microphone lowered, but the crowd can still hear her.


Jason goes wide-eyed, taking another step back from the girls. Maggie looks at him and shakes her head apologetically and raises the microphone.

Maggie: Hey, come on now! This is a family show! SHE said it!

Courtney: But we all know YOU were thinking it!

Courtney shouts back to Maggie with a laugh, and Maggie shakes her head in denial. The girls continue to bicker and Jason just quietly sneaks away and out of the ring. He heads back to the announce table, returning to his seat. Justin Decent gets into the ring, quietly trying to get the girls to leave as they are holding up the next match. Maggie and Courtney continue to bicker back and forth playfully as they leave the ring and head backstage.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen this next contest is the third match in the SCW Blast from the Past Mixed Tag Team Tournament!

The crowd cheers the announcement as they get ready for the match.

Simone: Both teams have contrasting styles, this should be interesting!

Adams: Bring on the bombshells!

Justin Decent: Introducing first……

Justin never gets a chance to finish as the lights dim as the fast, charging riff of "Through My Eyes" by Threat Signal tears the PA system a new one.

Simone: That’s Jessie Salco’s theme music!

Adams: Good question!

Jessie comes out with her brother Jake but rather than do her usual headbanging routine Jessie heads straight down to ringside and joins Belinda and Jason at the announcer’s desk as does Jake, they quickly put on some headphones and Jake shifts his weight in order to make himself comfy.

Simone: Well, I guess we know that now, decided to get a closer look at the match Jessie?

Jessie: That and Amanda cost me my match against Roxi Johnson last week and I’m the Number One Contender for Alexis’s Bombshell Roulette Championship.

Adams: So you came out here to scout out your future competition? What about Jake?

Jake: I came out with her to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.

Jessie: When have I done anything stupid?

Jake: Jess, I may be your brother but trust me, you don’t want me to answer that!

Jessie rolls her eyes at her brother’s comment as the song "Feuer frei" by Rammstein is played and the revving of a Harley can be heard.

Justin Decent: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, Amanda Cortez!

Slowly Amanda drives down to the ring, dressed in really short and tattered jeans shorts, a belly free top and some really high heeled stripper sandals. The fans are booing at her, but it seems that she doesn't care what anybody thinks about her. As she reaches the ring, she shuts off her bike and slowly gets down from it. The fans are still booing, but Amanda only flips them the bird. Then she slides into the ring and kicks her shoes out of the ring. She jumps on the ropes in the corner, raises her arms in victory and yells some insults at the fans. Still both arms in the air, she makes the devil sign and then she jumps down from the ropes again, it’s at this point that she spots Jessie at ringside and immediately complains to the ref for the match Drew Patton.

Jessie: Gee, how unpredictable.

Adams: Not really, she was bound to see you.

Jake: I believe that’s called sarcasm Jason.

The camera moves in closer and we can hear Amanda trying to get Drew to send Jessie to the back, however Drew’s having none of it.

Drew: I’ll only send her to the back if she interferes in the match, don’t like it? Deal with it!

Jessie: About time wrestling refs grew some balls.

Now she rests her arms on the top rope and one foot on the bottom rope with an annoyed sigh and waits for her tag team partner to come to the ring. It seems that she's completely relaxed and doesn't care about what happens here, she doesn’t have to wait long as The ear-piercing opening rift of "Sleeping All December" signals the arrival of fan favorite and one half of the Young Lions, Trevor Irons.

Justin Decent: Introducing her partner, from Clinton, Missouri, weighing in at 203lbs, he is once half of the Young Lions Trevor Irons!

Trevor steps into the spotlight on the entrance as the crowd erupts in applause and cheers. The young star makes his way to the ring, making sure to high five several fans before he slides under the bottom rope. Max runs to a corner and scales it with catlike precision to pose for the crowd in attendance.

Simone: I heard you’re looking for some love Jessie, thoughts on the Young Lions?

Jessie: Meh, too clean cut for my tastes……and no Jake, I’m not looking for a drug dealer boyfriend.

Jake: I wasn’t going to suggest that.

Adams: So I stand no chance?

Jessie: Not even if you were a metal head……besides aren’t you married?

Jason refuses to answer the question as a heavy guitar riff hits throughout the arena before the sudden tranquil chorus from “All Eyes on Me” provided by Maike Holzmann of Voices of Destiny surrounds the airwaves, as the entrance way comes to life.

Justin Decent: Introducing their opponents, first from Santa Monica, California, she is the reigning SCW Bombshell Champion Alexis Morrison!

Simone: You have a history with Alexis dating back to your debut match with SCW Jessie, thoughts on her?

Jessie: Not much besides the fact that she’s a Satanist who currently holds a title that will soon be mine.

Adams: Here’s hoping that reign lasts longer than your first one!

Jessie: Thanks, I like being reminded of my failures.

Adams: You do?

Jake: If this continues I’m giving you a dictionary Jason.

White smoke emerges from the sides of the either entrance post, and out from behind the curtain walks Alexis Morrison smirking as she approaches the ring steps. Strobe lights fill the arena in tune with the beat of the song. Alexis carefully enters the ring watching the referee and heads to the nearest turnbuckle while propping herself and lies on across it her eyes seem to study her opponent whilst waiting for Kain.

Jake: I’d have to give the edge to Alexis in this match, Trevor may be talented but she has a former World Champion in her corner.

Jessie: And you’re not just saying that because one of her opponents cost me my match last week?

Jake: No comment.

The lights in the arena goes down as the low-sounding guitar riff from Saliva's "Ladies And Gentlemen" plays and a lone spotlight is placed on the top of the entrance ramp, right at the entrance.

Justin Decent: And finally, from Detroit, Illinois, weighing at 240ibs he is “The King of Kings” Kain!

Once the guitars and drums pick up noise and the song starts to play its tune, a platform rises from the bottom and the crowd recognizes Kain and his love, Ariel. The crowd cheers wildly for Kain as Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, sings his lyrics, boasting of a show that no one has ever seen before. Kain looks around the arena, smiles briefly at both sides of the crowd, then stares down the ring and locks on to his game face. Snarling with rage, he walks down the ramp with intent and purpose, thinking of the fight ahead of him.

Jessie: You know if SCW ever started doing intergender matches Kain’s one guy I’d love to face.

Jake: I don’t think Kain’s into that kind of kinky stuff Jessie.

Jessie: That’s not even remotely what I meant!

He feels the warm presence of Ariel's hand as the couple walk, side-by-side, but his mind is focused on the carnage tonight. Once they reach the bottom, Ariel goes behind Ariel, using her hands to untie his black robe and take it off him completely. Kain is now shown from head to toe as the camera gets a great look at his incredible physique.

Simone: If we can shift the focus back to the match this should be a great one.

Adams: Yeah, as long as Jessie doesn’t interfere.

The women couldn't help but gawk at his body while the men couldn't help but be awe in what they are seeing now. Ariel hands the black robe over to a nearby ring attendant, directly to her right, and then gets pulled in by Kain, who embraces her in a deep kiss. Ariel returns the kiss and the arena's noise got louder than before.

Jessie: What’s that supposed to mean?

Adams: Nothing, nothing.

Jake: Just ignore him Jess, and if you do get involved just remember….

Jessie: Only interfere if Amanda provokes me, I know, I know!

Kain breaks off the kiss, bows to his queen, then turns away and walks up the steps and places both hands near the end the end of the top rope. He then hops on the top floor and performs a forward somersault before landing on the ground. As he lands, flaming pyro explodes from all corners of the ring as the lights grow back on. Climbing on each turnbuckle, he raises his right, clenched fist in the air and talks trash as multiple cameras flashes from the crowd. Finally, he heads to his corner kneels briefly, saying a few words to himself before rising up and looking behind as he spies the entrance ramp. "Ladies And Gentlemen" as Kain now stands still, awaiting the opening bell, Alexis Morrison joins Kain in his corner and they start discussing strategy for the match as do Amanda and Trevor.

Simone: Well regardless this should be a great match.

Jessie: And we have the best seats in the house.

Adams: Do you think the bosses will let me leave to grab some popcorn?

Jake: Only one way to find out!

Drew signals for the bell and calls the two teams to the center of the ring before explaining the rules.

Drew: Normal Tag Team Match rules apply, the men fight the men and the women fight the women, if a male member of one of the tag teams attacks the opponent’s female partner that team is immediately disqualified, am I clear?

The two teams nod in agreement as the males leave the ring deciding to let the women duke it out first.

Simone: This should be a treat for you Jessie.

Jessie: Yeah, I enjoy watching my rivals go at it!

Jake: Err……

Jessie: I really should’ve phrased that better!

Adams: I don’t mind!

Amanda and Alexis lock up in the center of the ring and Alexis takes over Amanda with a quick arm drag, Amanda gets to her feet quickly but is quickly met with a high dropkick from Alexis who goes for a cover 1…..2…..kickout, Drew tells Trevor, who had instinctively got into the ring to break up the pin, to return to his corner.

Simone: If he had broken up that pin his team would’ve been disqualified.

Jessie: I’ll have to remember that for my match in the tournament.

Adams: Yeah same here!

Jake: Jason, you’re not in the Tournament.

Adams: Aww…..

When Drew turns around he sees Alexis clutching her jaw in pain indicating that Amanda had surprised her with a jawbreaker behind Drew’s back, Amanda meanwhile is gearing up for a move of some kind and is waiting for Alexis to turn around, when she does Amanda charges looking for a Clothesline which Alexis ducks under, Alexis goes for a leapfrog on the rebound but Amanda sees it coming and hits her with the Fade to Black on the way down.

Simone: This match may be over already.

Jessie: Damn, I was hoping to see Amanda get her ass kicked.

Adams: Jessie, a commentator’s job is to be unbiased.

Jake: No, that’s a referee’s job! And that’s pretty funny coming from the guy who hopes for a Bra and Panties match whenever the Bombshell Roulette Championship is on the line!

Jason quickly shuts up and whilst that is going on Amanda is taking her sweet time to taunt Kain in his team’s corner but the former champion keeps his cool, Amanda eventually goes for a cover 1…..2…..kickout by Alexis! Amanda quickly starts arguing with the ref but Drew is having none of it, thinking quickly Amanda goes over to her corner and tags in Trevor who quickly hops into the ring.

Jessie: Well, looks like my funs over for now!

Jake: You can’t honestly expect me to believe you don’t enjoy watching two guys go at it!

Jessie: Thanks but when it comes to gay porn I stick to the lesbian stuff.

Simone: Is there any point to telling them to keep it clean Jason?

Adams: Nope.

Trevor stands back in order to allow Alexis to tag in Kain knowing that his team would be disqualified otherwise, she makes the tag and once Kain’s in the ring the two men start brawling, the crowd start dueling “Let’s Go Irons!” “Let’s Go Kain!” chants as the two wrestlers go back and forth neither man giving an itch.

Jake: Now I definitely wish I had popcorn.

Jessie: Tell me about it, wait, what’s she doing over here?

Amanda has apparently used the tag as an excuse to have a shouting match with Jessie; Jessie quickly removes her headset, stands up and gets in her face demanding to know why she interfered last week, among some very colorful language off course.

Simone: Huh, I didn’t know that those swear words existed.

Adams: My virgin ears!

Jake: *coughbullshitcough*

Back in the ring Trevor has just missed a wild swing and Kain catches the first before planting Irons with a Hammerlock DDT, Kain rolls Trevor onto his back before going for a cover 1…..2…..Trevor gets his foot on the ropes something that Kain quickly catches onto, he waits for Trevor to get back onto his feet again before hitting him with the Whirlwind Fist and going for the Malice, however Trevor still has enough whereabouts to block the attempted finisher by pushing Kain off of him and when Kain charges in Trevor hits him with a Superkick.

Jake: Damn, I thought I saw Kain’s teeth land in the cheap seats there!

Simone: No kidding.

Adams: So about Jessie….

Jake: She’s a big girl, she can look after herself.

Adams: I thought she was 5ft 2?

Jake: Belinda, buy Jason a dictionary before next week’s Climax Control.

Trevor quickly goes for a cover of his own 1…..2…..kickout by Kain and the match continues, as does Jessie and Amanda’s screaming contest on the outside, to the point where Alexis is more interested in that than the match itself, Trevor notices it himself but decides to focus on the match before turning around…..right into the Malice!

Simone: What goes around comes around! Jessie may have just cost Amanda the match!

Jake: Unintentionally mind out.

Adams: So you didn’t come out here to try to screw over Amanda?

Jake doesn’t answer that as Kain quickly goes for a cover 1…..2……TREVOR SOMEHOW KICKS OUT OF THE MALICE!

Jake: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Adams: Ten bucks says Kain’s thinking the same thing.

Simone: Deal!

Kain quickly casts a glare at the ref but Drew maintains his stance and the match continues, Amanda sees this and decides to end the screaming match by punching Jessie in the mouth.

Simone: Oh boy….

Adams: Amanda just provoked Jessie! And I think I see a bit of blood coming from Jessie’s mouth.

Jake: Don’t do anything stupid Jessie!

Amanda tries to return to her corner but Jessie has caught up and yanks her rival down before punching her in the mouth, she doesn’t stop there as Jessie continues to punch Amanda over and over eventually busting her open……until the bell sounds signaling the end of the match.

Simone: What’s happening?!

Adams: I don’t know, no pinfalls where being made…..

Jake: I think I know.

Drew leaves the ring and has a quick chat with Justin, Justin clearly disagrees with the ref having seen the whole thing but he nods.

Justin Decent: The winners of the match……due to disqualification by outside interference, Trevor Irons and Amanda Cortez!

Simone: You’ve got to be kidding me! Drew didn’t see the argument or the punch?!

Adams: Well he did see a series of punches, being made by Jessie Salco.

Trevor quickly rolls out of the ring as Kain and Alexis Morrison quickly realize what’s going on, Jake drags his stepsister off of Amanda whilst Trevor checks on his partner.

Backstage, Erik Staggs is seen in his office, Giani Di Luca walking out of the office with a smile on his face and a check in his hand. He pauses at the door, turning around for one last thing.

Giani: You kiddin’ me, dawg? That was genius last week. I got further than I ever did following that lame ass nephew of yours. So thanks for the opportunity to finally make a statement without bein’ stuck in someone’s shadow.

Erik: It was my pleasure. Maybe now he will think twice about messing with good ole Uncle Erik…

Giani laughs his signature laugh as he shakes hands with Erik. He walks off, shaking his head with a wide smile as he looks at the check in his hand. Erik grins as well before heading over to his desk. He slowly sits down, sighing as he looks back to the mess on his desk. He starts straightening it up when no more than thirty seconds later, Casper Grey comes walking into the office. He slowly approaches Erik’s desk, seeming to be intimidating, but Erik simply grins at him. Casper breathes heavily through his nose as he places his hands on Erik’s desk, looking down at him.

Casper: You wanted to see me?

Erik slowly stands up in his seat and asserts his dominance for just a moment before he slowly extends his hand to Casper.

Erik: Yes. Yes I did, son. Please, have a seat…

Erik graciously offers him a seat with a simple hand gesture. Casper slowly sits down as Erik joins him at his level. He slowly taps his fingers together as he turns and slams the door shut in the cameraman’s face.

Backstage in the corridors of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Miss Rocky Mountains stands in the hall, alongside Gabriel and Despayre aka Sinful Obsession, as well as Synn himself. A teddy bear's face pops up into the camera...

Despayre: Angel! Will you please stop hogging the spotlight!?

The teddy bear drops back down out of sight and Despayre bends over and scoops the plush bear up into his arms as Synn shakes his head with a smirk, and Gabriel pats his tag team partner and 'little brother' on the shoulder.

Miss Rocky: Fans, I am standing here with Synn, and two men who will soon be stepping inside of the ring to challenge for the World Tag Team Championship of the National Wrestling Alliance, namely Despayre and Gabriel, known collectively as Sinful Obsession.

Despayre: Excuuuuuuse me! Aren't you forgetting someone?

Miss Rocky blinks for a moment, unsure, when from behind Despayre, Gabriel points down toward the teddy bear.

Miss Rocky: Oh! Uhh, certainly not. We have to save the best for last, don't we? Angel is also with us.

Despayre: Thank you.

Miss Rocky: Synn, in just moments, Gabriel and Despayre will be taking a big step forward following their loss of the SCW tag gold, and challenge the Canadian Connection for the top prize in the NWA tag team division. A lot of people are wondering what took them so long to make this effort for the World Tag titles.

Synn: What took them so long? Truth be told, I'd like to think they had quite enough on their plates as they had the SCW Tag Team Championships around their waists for over eight months. Eight months. The longest reign of any SCW champion in this promotion's history. A few weeks ago, what many consider to have been the unthinkable happened, and the titles are currently around the waists of two other men.

Miss Rocky: Blood Omen.

Synn: Yes. Frost and Kain. two worthy men, but despite what Kain might believe, all they are doing is holding onto the titles until Sinful Obsession decides they might want them back. Despite what he infers, Blood Omen did not defeat the Sins. They defeated the Young Lions. but that is the past. there is a fresh opportunity in the future. Now that Despayre and Gabriel's time has been freed up, the world is the limit. They are the rightful number one challengers in the NWA, and gold will soon again be around their waists. The Canadian Connection is a mere formality. But they don't need me to speak for them.

Miss Rocky holds the microphone over to Gabriel.

Gabriel: Tonight is about making history, tonight is about bringing home what we deserve. It took a long time for anyone to step up to us and take what belonged to us, it took two men of no fear to take what we wanted and Synn's words are true Frost, Kain, you are just holding on to those belts till we want them back. I'd be worried if I were you, you see tonight, we will taste gold again, and that will give us the taste for more gold. Tonight, history shall be made when we bring home to SCW, the NWA Tag Team Titles, the first team to do so, tonight, we do SCW proud. Remember this one, because tonight, we become legends. That is something you can believe.

Miss Rocky: Despayre, any closing comments for you and Gabriel?

Despayre looks from the microphone offered to him, then down at Angel. Despayre nods once.

Despayre: Yeah! You tell `em!

He looks up at the others and nods again.

Synn rests his hands on his team's shoulders and smiles.

Synn: I think that speaks well enough for all of us.

Synn then escorts Sinful Obsession off camera, leaving a very bewildered Miss Rocky looking after them.

The scene opens up backstage where we see Ms. Rocky Mountains standing by with a microphone in hand, standing next to her is Marty McFarge, Matthew Kennedy and the Skar Brothers who are immediately greeted with boos.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I’m here with former SCW Roulette Champion Matthew Kennedy who later on tonight will be competing in one of the Blast from the Past Mixed Tag Team Tournament matches, Matthew, your thoughts going into the match?

Matthew shoots her a look of disdain as he frowns.

MK: I’ve already said what needs to be said on that match during my promo earlier this week; I called you here for a different reason.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Okay….what?

MK: My attack on Mark Ward at New Year’s Rising.

The crowd pops as they remember the memorable moment.

MK: You see there’s a reason why I’ve been silent about that subject ever since the PPV and it’s very simple, I was biding my time, making Mark Ward sweat as he dreads what I’ll do next.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: So what are your plans?

MK: My affiliation with NXT may have ended but my war on Mark Ward hasn’t, I will be waging a war of attrition on Mark Ward, first I’ll target his allies, those hasbeens in Supremacy, then I’ll play mind games with him until eventually he gets in the ring with me, but there is a much simpler method of getting me of your back Mark, I challenge you to a match at the next Supercard, No Disqualification, No Count Outs, Supremacy banned from the building, I win Supremacy disbands and you go do a desk job, you win, name your price.

Matthew walks off with Marty and the Skar Brothers as the scene fades.

The camera instantly switches to Hot Stuff, Nick Jones and Jordan Williams, in Hot Stuff's office, watching a monitor and watching Kennedy's words. Jordan and Nick look towards Hot Stuff with a smirk.

Jordan: Looks like you're being challenged by the legend that is...

Hot Stuff puts his hand up.

HS: No, just no.

Nick: This guy really must be freaking stupid!

HS: Clearly he is. Last week, I spelled it out to him, that I will not face him, because he is not good enough. I can beat him in my sleep, I got that arse Billy James to deal with. I don't want to face losers who should be glad they have a job in SCW. For the last damn time, Kennedy is just not good enough to face me, I will not face him.

Jordan: Like that's gonna stop him.

HS: Oh it won't, but if he pushes his luck, I'll get someone to stop him.

Nick: I'm sick of him acting like I got lucky against him, when I out classed him.

HS: He's a moron. He's basically trying to put my career on the line against him, when everyone knows he doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell again me.

Jordan: So that's a no than?

A smirk crosses Jordan's face. Hot Stuff gives him a sarcastic looking thumbs up.

HS: It's a no. All he's trying to do is use me to get in the main event when he hasn't earned it. Only reason he got in the main event at New Years Rising was because Christian put him there, when the truth is, he should be glad he's even on TV.

Nick: I got an idea for him. I'll deal with him.

Hot Stuff and Jordan look at each, then back at Nick

HS: This is not like a Big B style plan, is it?

Nick: No.

Nick looks offended

Nick: Limey bastard.

Nick looks at Jordan

Nick: Bald bastard. Don't you have a match or something?

Jordan smile at Nick

Jordan: Yeah, I'll show ya what it's like to win, shall I?

Nick shakes his head slowly. Jordan turns back to Hot Stuff

Jordan: Before I go, what are we gonna do about Tom?

Hot Stuff shrugs

HS: Nothing we can do. He nailed a chick in a bad way, right now, Christian has my nuts in a vice with this. Jordan, go deal with the match you got, and we'll come up with a plan when ya done.

Jordan nods as the scene fades out.

The lights in the arena go out. Thick gray smoke fills the backstage entrance where a spotlight now shines. The opening beats to "The World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days begins to play throughout the building. Several seconds into the music, the enigmatic figures of Misty and her female disciple Ruby, fully cloaked in black robes emerge from backstage.

Simone: Oh what is she doing out here? She's not booked tonight!

Misty and Ruby slowly and methodically make their way down the ramp, ignoring the boos from the crowd. As they approach the ring, they don't enter the ring, instead walking around it and over to the announce table. Misty takes a seat next to Jason, putting the headset on, and Ruby kneels on the floor next to her.

Simone: It's time for the last of tonight's Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team Tournament matchs, Jason, and it seems we're being joined by a very royal guest.

Misty: Do I sense sarcasm, Belinda?

Simone: No, not at all.

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is a Blast From the Past Mixed Tag Team match and it is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 128lbs from Juneau, Alaska. She is the Punk Princess...AMY MARSHALL!

The opening lyrics of Scream by the Mistfits hits over the sound system. No sooner had those lyrics finished, the guitar cuts back in and strobe lighting begins to flicker.

A chill runs up your spine
it crawls into your brain.
The freezing touch of fear.

Amy appears at the top of the ramp, where she surveys her surroundings before raising her arms to make an X sign.

It's driving me insane
Although you try to fight
Dragged from the silence where you hide
'til you... Scream

Amy then begins to head down the ramp, as she ignores the fans around her before climbing inside the ring, where she climbs the turnbuckle and raises her arms high before blowing a single kiss towards the crowd. Amy then jumps off the turnbuckle and waits for her partner to enter.

“Light Up The Sky“ by Thousand Foot Krutch suddenly explodes through the PA system in sync to the pulsation of red lights. We then suddenly see the entrance way being engulf with smoke. Amidst the smoke, we see a figure as the song blasts throughout the airwaves. After several seconds while the smoke starts to clear, the figure materializes and is revealed to be Ryan Kidd. He roars and pumps the crowd as they cheers him on.

Justin Decent: And introducing next is her tag team partner...Making his way to the ring… Weighing in at TWO HUNDRED and FIFTEEN POUNDS… From Long Beach, California… The SoCal Superstar… RYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN… KIDD!!

As the red lights pulsation continues, he then strolls down to the ramp. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around the whole arena and raises his arm. He then continues walking making his way around the ring slapping some hands of the fans. He then stops in front of a steel steps and runs up to it stopping on the ring apron. He then climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms and roars to pump up the crowd. He then runs to a corner and climbs the turnbuckle. He roars and raises his arms in the air to the delight of the fans. He then somersaults down from the turnbuckle and walks to the opposite side of the ring. He then leans on the ropes puts his foot on the bottom rope as he raises his arm ala Edge as the fans cheers him on. He then walks into his corner and does some warm ups, as he speaks to Amy Marshall, waiting for their opponents to arrive.

Simone: Ryan and Amy have quite the challenge ahead of them, facing two former champions in their own respect.

Misty: Let me take a wild guess as to who you are favoring to win tonight, Belinda.

Adams: But Ryan and Amy have the advantage because Odette doesn't even like Jordan.

Simone: But her Jordan likes her.

Adams: I'm telling Gabriel you said that.

Misty: I feel like I've returned to kindergarten sitting next to Jason.

Simone: Welcome to my world.

Justin Decent: Introducing next is one half of their opponents. Weighing in at 250lbs from Atlanta, Georgia. He is the self-proclaimed God of Professional Wrestling...Please welcome JORDAN WILLIAMS!

The camera pans around the crowd for a bit when "Subconcious" hit’s the PA System and the crowd starts booing, with a few scatters of cheers as Jordan Williams comes walking out behind the curtain. Jordan is clad in black boots, black tights with lime green colored designs and the head of a dragon roaring on both thighs. Jordan has 1/1,000,000 written on his knee pads as well. Jordan also has on a black duster with similar lime green colored designs. Jordan has his arms up in the air as the fans shower him in boos. Some fans reach out to slap high fives with him, but Jordan ignores them with his cocky grin etched onto his face. Jordan walks up the steps and leaps over the top rope flawlessly. Jordan climbs to the second turnbuckle and does his double guns pose before dropping to the mat, waiting for the match to begin.

“Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?”

Justin Decent: And introducing last is his tag team partner. Weighing in at 126lbs. From Queesland, Australia...ODETTE RYDER!

As the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. “Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me” as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette’s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette’s skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can’t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette’s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette’s piercing green eyes focus on her Jordan Williams and then their opponents. Jordan approaches Odette, attempting to "cop a feel" but she quickly smacks his hand away, giving him an angry glare.

Adams: Oooh...Somebody's not going to like that!

Misty: I'm fairly sure we all know she enjoyed that. She's just trying to make herself look good for her boy toy, Gabriel.

Referee Jasmine St. John has Amy Marshall in the center of the ring, holding a coin in her hand. She tells Amy to call it to see if the men or the women will get things started. Jasmine tosses the coin into the air and Amy calls out "heads". Jasmine shows that the coin landed on heads, and the crowd cheers as the women will start the match. Both teams retreat to their corners. Amy and Ryan give each other a high five, as Ryan steps out to the apron. Meanwhile, Odette has turnd her attention towards the announce table, noticing Misty. She says a few choice words to her arch rival as Jordan steps outside to the apron just in time as Amy Marshall comes barraling towards Odette tackling her into the corner and Jasmine calls for the bell!


Simone: Way to distract Odette, Misty. I bet you're loving this

Misty: She did that all herself, Miss Simone. But, yes, I am enjoying watching this.

Adams: So am I!

Amy begins laying in hard right shoulders to Odette's midsection, pinning her into the corner turnbuckle as Jordan Williams watches on with a bit of a smirk on his face. Odette fights to get Amy away, but Amy is relentless until Odette finally manages to grab Amy's head, connecting her knee to her opponents jaw! Amy stumbles back, giving Odette the opportunity to charge at her, sending her to the mat with a spear, immediately going for the cover!


2...Amy kicks out!

Misty: Oh come on Odette, it's going to take more than a simple spear to end this one.

Adams: Heh, you said spear.

Misty: Your point?

Adams: Now you're talking about my point! Fantasizing about me AND Ben Jordan, now?

You can practically hear Misty rolling her eyes, and Ruby growling, as she focuses on the match again. Odette gets back to her feet and as she is about to bring Amy back with her, Amy hits her with an uppercut to the jaw, sending the Aussie back. Amy gets back to her feet quickly. She whips Odette against the ropes. As Odette hits the ropes, Jordan takes it upon himself to tag himself in, in an unconventional way as he smacks Odette's behind with a grin on his face. Odette rebounds off the ropes and as Amy goes for a clothesline she ducks just in time and hits the other set of ropes, rebounding back and nailing Amy with a spinning heel kick. Jasmine acknowledges the tag that Jordan made, as Jordan and Ryan enter the ring.

Simone: I think Jordan is going to hear a mouthful from Odette on that tag in.

Misty: I'm sure he will.

Amy slowly out to the ring apron, and Odette has a few choice words for Jordan. Jordan points to the ring apron, as Odette takes her place there, sending a glare towards Misty once again. Misty grins arrogantly, as Ryan and Jordan lock up. They fight for control, but as Jordan has a 35lb size advantage of Ryan Kidd, he quickly overpowers the newcomer, sending him falling back. Ryan stumbles back crashing against the ropes. Jordan shows off his biceps arrogantly, taunting Ryan a bit, and Odette looks on rolling her eyes. Ryan and Jordan tie up again, and Rya quickly plants a knee to the Jordan's ribs and follows it up with an uppercut to the chin of the now hunched over Jordan. Jordan stumbles back, but stays on his feet.

Simone: Ryan is going for the cover!

Misty: Oh goodie...another quick two-count pinfall attempt.

Ryan runs at Jordan, quickly rolling up for the cover and Jasmine drops down to start the count.


2...Jordan quickly kicks out!

Misty: See...what did I tell you?

Adams: Hey, are you psychic now?!

Misty: Sure. I see another stupid comment from you in the near future.

Adams: Hey...can you tell me who wins the match?!

Jordan and Ryan quickly get back to their feet and Jordan grabs Ryan and nails him with a DDT. Jordan pulls Ryan to a sitting position and locks in a rear chinlock, tightening the pressure. Jasmine checks on Ryan, asking if he gives up but he quickly replies with a no, as the crowd cheers him on.

Misty: **yawns obnoxiously**

Simone: Is there a problem your majesty?

Misty: Yeah, your attitude for one. Second, this match is kind of boring me.

Adams: Tell that to Marge. She's writing it.

Misty: What?

Jordan keeps the pressure locked on, as Amy begins jumping up and down in her corner, cheering Ryan on, along with the crowd. Ryan uses the energy from he crowd to fight back, kicking his legs and fighting to break free of the hold. He throws hard right shots to the side of Jordan's head up Jordan is forced to break the hold. Ryan attempts to get to his feet, but Jordan grabs him, sets him up and nails him with a German Suplex, and goes for the cover.


2...Ryan kicks out!

Simone: Jordan is trying to wear Ryan Kidd down and I think Amy Marshall wants back in this match.

Adams: She has to find a way to tag herself in so the ladies can go at it again!

Misty: Why do you make that sound so perverted?

Amy extends her arm through the ropes, trying to get Ryan to tag her in. Jordan is back to his feet as Ryan is pulling himself up using the ropes, and when Jordan charges at him attempting to clothesline him over the top rope, Ryan ducks down and pulls the top rope with him. Jordan goes flying over the top rope, crashing to the floor outside and the crowd cheers as Ryan quickly tags Amy back in, and Odette jumps through the ropes as the ladies get back to it!

Adams: Now this is more like it!

Simone: Do you only care about the Bombshells, Jason?

Misty: Of course he does, Belinda. The Bombshells are far more superior to the men's division...Well, at least I am.

Odette vaults across the ring with a high cross body. She quickly gets back to her feet, as does Amy as the crowd goes crazy. Amy charges at Odette, but Odette gets her knee up, nailing Amy in the ribs and sending her flying forward! Odette is right on Amy and she drags her back to her feet. She goes for an irish whip into the ropes but Amy and holds on and reverses it. As Odette charges at Amy, Amy lifts herself up, connecting both her feet with Odette's jaw. Odette stumbles back, but is fast to shake it off and charges at Amy once again. But again Amy reverses it and ducks under Odette sending the Aussie flying over the top rope, but Odette is resilient enough to land on the ring apron outside and when Amy spins around, she grabs ahold of Amy's head and jumps down from the ring apron, connecting Amy's throat with the rop rope!

Adams: That had to hurt!

Simone: Odette is fired up now!

Misty: Oh yippee. Let's all jump for joy and be happy!

Adams: Sarcasm really isn't your strong suit.

Misty: Oh shut up you idiot.

Odette jumps back up to the apron, climbing to the top rope, as Jasmine is checking on Amy Marshall as she is holding her throat on the mat. The crowd roars as Odette positions herself on the top rope and flies off, nailing Amy with a flying elbow! Odette hooks her leg and goes for the pin!



2 1/2..Amy gets the shoulder up!

Simone: Can I just point out that Odette has certainly bounced back after your match a couple of weeks ago at New Year Rising, Misty? I'm not sure the same can be said for you.

Misty: How the hell would you know? I haven't been booked since then you ignorant know-it-all.

Adams: I'm not comfortable sitting in between you two anymore...

Jordan has finally made his way back to his corner, pulling himself up to the ring apron. Odette goes to pull Amy back to her feet, but Amy brings her leg up, kicking Odette hard in the face. Odette stumbles back against the ropes shaking off the effects of the kick as Amy gets back to her feet, finally recovered from the earlier attacks. She goes over to Odette, grabbing her by the arm and whipping her into the corner turnbuckle. Amy charges at Odette and vaults to the corner turnbuckle, nailing her with a hard forearm to the face! Amy wastes no time in continuing the assault as she steps to the second rope, standing over Odette and begins delivering punch after punch to Odette's head, as the crowd counts along and after ten hits, Jasmine orders her to back away.

Misty: And you say Odette recovered from our match? That proves she hasn't, Belinda.

Simone: No, you would just like to take credit for her being distracted or under par.

Amy backs away for a few moments, but gets back to attacking Odette in the corner. She connects her knee with Odette's ribs a few times, before sending her against the ropes, right near Jordan and Jordan tags himself in. Amy doesn't see it, and Jasmine acknowledges the tag! When Odette rebounds back, she ducks and slides under the bottom rope as Jordan gets into the ring. Amy nearly charges at Jordan, which is against the rules, but she quickly stops herself. Behind her Ryan gets to the top rope and launches himself right over Amy and crashes into Jordan in spectactular fashion!

Amy ducks, taken by surprise as Ryan does this, and she quickly gets back to the outside. Ryan runs towards the rope launching himself for a springboard moosault. Jordan manages to get his knees up just in time and Ryan crashes against his knees!

Simone: Way to counter by Jordan, but I don't think Ryan appreciated that much!

Adams: Neither did his stomach!

On the outside of the ring, Odette is making her way back to her corner turnbuckle, when Misty's disciple, Ruby is sneaking away from the announce table and stalking Odette! Misty is watching the match, pretending as though she is oblivious to Ruby's actions and just as Odette is to her corner and is going to pull herself up to the her corner of the apron, Ruby runs up behind her, sending her against the steel post headfirst! Odette bounces off, falling to the floor, and Ruby quickly returns to Misty's side.

Simone: Oh come on, Misty! You just went against Christian Underwood's orders!

Misty: I'm sorry, what? I don't know what you're talking about?

Simone: Ruby just attacked Odette!

Misty: She did? I must have missed that. I was too busy paying attention to the match.

Back inside the ring Ryan is rolling around, holding his midsection, and Jordan is getting back to his feet. He motions for Ryan to get up, yelling at him. He waits as he stalks Ryan. Ryan gets to his knees and Jordan nails him with the Emerald Dragon's roar, sending him right back to the mat, seemingly out cold! Jordan goes for the pin!



3...NO! The count is interrupted when Amy jumps through the ropes, distracting Jasmine!

Jordan hits the mat in frustration, as Amy steps back through the ropes, but Jordan isn't happy. He approaches Amy, yelling at her, but Jasmine orders him back. Jordan gets back to Ryan, and on the outside of the ring, Odette is getting back to her feet. She is holding her head, as she turns around and glares at Misty, but Misty feigns innocence.

Misty: I never touched her! Anyone can attest to that!

Simone: Right, but your guard dog did.

Misty: Careful, Belinda. She bites...

Adams: Yikes...

Jordan begins pulling Ryan back to his feet and in a rush of adrenaline, Ryan pulls Jordan's head down, connecting his jaw with the top of Ryan's head in a jawbreaker! Both men fall back down, as the crowd goes crazy, as Amy and Odette look for the tags in! Both men are down and Ryan is desperately trying to get to his corner, while Jordan is getting to his knees. As Ryan is just about to his corner, inches away from making the tag, Jordan grabs his ankle holding him back. Ryan jumps on one foot and in a display of desperation, he flys towards his corner, tagging in Amy, and the ladies take control once again!

Misty: Is this match ever going to end?

Simone: You're more then welcome to leave anytime, your majesty.

Odette isn't fully recovered from Ruby's attack. She and Amy lock arms, but Amy is quick to deliver a headbut to the still dazed Odette and Odette stumbles back. Amy delivers a superkick out of nowhere, and Odette falls back, and Amy goes for the pin!



3...NO! Odette gets the shoulder up at the last minute!

Simone: Odette just won't give up! Just when you think it's over, she shows us all what she's got!

Misty: Oh big deal...She'll submit sooner or later.

Amy pulls Odette back to her feet and goes to set her up for a powerbomb, but Odette manages to counter it, and sends Amy over her shoulders and to the mat! Odette springs herself against the ropes, rebounds back and nails a running dropkick on the downed Amy and quickly runs to the corner turnbuckle. She climbs to the top rope, getting the crowd riled up as she signals its time for the RyderFly! She wastes no time and launches herself off the top rope!

Adams: Ryderfly! She hit the Ryderfly!

Misty: Good observation.

Odette quickly goes for the pin, hooking Amy's leg as Jasmine drops down for the count.




Jasmine calls for the bell, as Odette springs to her feet in celebration as the crowd goes wild.

Justin Decent: Ladies and Gentleman, your winners of the match...Odette Ryder and Jordan Williams!

Jordan enters the ring, joining Odette in the center of the ring as Jasmine raises both their hands in victory. In a display of sportsmanship, Odette and Jordan give each other a high five, and soon after, Jordan goes to pat her on her behind yet again, but Odette pushes him back, shaking her head. Jordan shrugs, then exits the ring, as Odette turns her attention to Misty and Ruby as they are leaving the the announce table. She leans against the ropes, yelling at Misty that this isn't finished, but Misty waves to her as she and Ruby walk around the ring and backstage.

Simone: If I were Misty, I'd be very afraid of Christian Underwood right now.

Adams: But Misty never touched Odette!

Simone: No, she just had Ruby do her dirty work. Christian is not going to be happy.

The scene switches to the backstage area where we see head interviewer Pussy Willow exiting the medical bay with a grim look on her face. She is holding a piece of paper in one hand and a microphone in the other. Ms Willow looks down at the bit of paper and then look up to faces the camera.

Pussy Willow: Ladies and Gentleman last week we witnessed the brutal assault on one half of the tag team champions, Lucian Frost, although his disappearance after the assault lead people to believe he was fine, head of Talent Relations wanted a medical report on his present condition to see if he is medically cleared for competition.

She looks down at the bit of paper at some of the highlighted text.

Pussy Willow: I have the results from our doctors and…

Before she could read anymore, Carlos Duquesne snatches the paper and screws it into a ball, Pussy looks at the aging man with a look of shock. Carlos beams back towards the head reporter before chucking the ball over his shoulder and laughing.

Carlos Duquesne: The results do not matter, Miss Willow, what does matter is that I haven’t been contacted about signing Pernicious to the rostrum!

The man known as Pernicious walks into frame, standing behind his agent, Pussy Willow looks up at the giant man in awe as the sound of his breathing apparatus can be heard as Carlos continues to talk.

Carlos Duquesne: For weeks my giant has caused havoc on SCW shows, disrupting a major title match at the supershow and then destroying a current champion, Lucian Frost is a liability at best in this promotion and I proved his vulnerable nature last week!

Pernicious metallic laugh is somewhat sinister, Pussy Willow’ takes a step back as Carlos brims, slapping Pernicious’ chest and pointing straight into the camera.

Carlos Duquesne: Frost you know you don’t deserve to be a champion, you are clearly in no state to compete on any level, costing you the tag belts and your spot in the Super J Cup! But I am a man who gives people opportunities. I am willing to offer you an opportunity to face the man known as Pernicious in a Luchas de Apuestas match!

Carlos pulls out a contract from his inner jacket pocket.

Carlos Duquesne: Most of the idiots in the crowd won’t understand that! It’s simple, Pernicious is willing to fight you but if you Lose you will lose your mask, the ultimate insult to any masked wrestler! Pernicious is also willing to put something of his own on the line but that is up to you, my friend, next week I want your answer and I want it to my face!

Carlos places the contract back into his pocket, he winks towards Pussy Willow provocatively before taking his leave, Pernicious just stands there staring into the camera as it zooms in on his masked face, the sound of his breathing is heard as his eyes glare deep before the scene fades.

Inside of the women’s locker room, the camera rushes in to see Faith laying in the shower with the water running over her lifeless body. She has a gash on the side of her head as the blood trickles down the drain. Just a few moments later, Vixen comes walking into the locker room. She knocks on the door before slowly peaking in and gasping in shock.

Vixen: What are you doing just standing here? Get a medic, dammit!

Vixen rushes over, dropping her belt to the ground as she picks Faith up in her arms, getting drenched as she does. She looks around as the cameraman scurries off. We quickly switch scenes.

A hazy scene opens, as if looking through a dense fog, and watching as a small child roughly the age of five, sleeps in his bed. An ominous tune begins to play...

The child wakes up with a frown, and rubs the sleep from his eyes. He looks around for the source of the music that disturbed his sleep but sees nothing. He then glances down at the foot of his bed as a length of shadow creeps up the wall and he whimpers and scoots back against his head board.

The closet door slides open with a soft creak and he turns his head to look but there is nothing in the closet, nothing save for his clothes.

Swallowing hard, he slowly crawls out of bed and grabs the flashlight from his bed stand and turns it on. He carefully gets on his hands and knees and, shuddering, shines it beneath his bed, but again there is nothing.

A soft footstep is then heard and he jumps upright and looks at the looming shadow in the frame of his open bedroom door. The shadow in the shape of a man. The shadow's hand extends toward the frame of the door and a pearl white hand caresses the wooden frame, but nothing else pierces the black darkness beyond.

The child screams as the music slowly comes to an end.

The sounds of the little girls's nursery rhyming comes again as the screen fades to black...

"B is for 'Baby'
F is for 'Fear'
Beware for your children
The evil draws near!"

After the match the cameras go backstage to find Odette Ryder standing with Jordan Williams. Jordan has a look of concern on his face as Odette is holding the left hand side of her neck.

Jordan: Are you okay?

Odette: I’m fine!

She didn’t look fine, Odette attempted to walk off but Jordan caught her forearm on the way past.

Jordan: Are you sure you’re okay? Maybe you should get the Doc to look at that?

Jordan’s free hand pointed towards Odette’s neck as the Aussie looked down at Jordan’s other hand that was wrapped around her wrist. Jerking her arm back away from him she looked up at him with harshness in her eyes.

Odette: As I said I’m fine…

Rolling her neck around in her hand she rubbed at it as Jordan seemed a little uncomfortable around Odette.

Jordan: Whoa don’t bite my head off girl I’m just lookin’ out for you.

Seeing that he was sincerely concerned about her, Odette’s features softened to a slight smile.

Odette: Hey, look I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just you could say, you have been an arse to me lately so I wasn’t sure what you were implying and if I can be completely up front…

Jordan nodded his head seeming a little bit at ease now that Odette was being honest with him.

Odette: I’m getting a little bit pissed off that Misty and groupies seem to be able to get away with whatever the hell they want to around here. It’s really starting to grind my gears.

Jordan: Don’t be stressing yourself over that silly pastey bitch okay?

Odette laughed at Jordan before smiling brightly.

Odette: Alright… I’ve gotta go see Gabriel before his big match tonight but… we made an awesome team out there tonight…

Jordan: I told you we would.

Shaking her head Odette screwed her nose up as her neck continued to discomfort her.

Odette: Well I guess we will have to wait for round two to see if we can do it again.

Folding his arms in front of his chest Jordan just chuckled.

Jordan: We're going to win this thing you know right?

Odette: haven’t you ever heard of not counting your chickens before they hatch? Don't get too Cocky "God of Professional Wrestling"

Smiling at him again Odette was still giving Jordan a little bit of cheek in her tone.

Odette: Alright, I've gotta go but hey... get back to me with some team names alright?

Jordan: Sure thing!

The two smiled and waved as they said their goodbyes before walking off in different directions.

We open up backstage to find the resident SCW fan girls Maggie and Courtney walking up a long hallway. In Courtney’s hands there is a bunch of dead roses, she is gripping on to them with a displeased look on her face. Maggie on the other hand has an envelope in her grips as the two can be heard complaining.

Courtney: Why did I get the stinky dead flowers?

Pinching her nose Courtney looked over towards Maggie with sadness in her eyes.

Maggie: You’re just lucky I guess.

Shrugging her shoulders the two continued along the hallway looking at the name plates on the locker room doors as they passed them by.

Maggie: What I don’t get is why she is making us deliver these to…

Courtney: WE'RE HERE!!!

Courtney’s strong Australian accent cut Maggie off as the two came to an abrupt stop in front of the locker room door that had “Misty” written on it. The two fan girls look at the door then to each other seemingly a little nervous to be standing there.

Maggie: Okay you knock…

Courtney: No way… you knock…

Maggie: You agreed to do this you knock on the door…

As the two went back and forth for a few moments, Maggie gave Courtney a playful nudge knocking the Aussie into Misty’s door. Staring back at Maggie with wide eyes Courtney backed away slowly.

Courtney: HEEEEEY that’s cheating…

Maggie just laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

Courtney: Wait that counts as a knock right?

Maggie: Yep and if she doesn’t answer the door in like three more seconds we can go.

Courtney: Promise?

Courtney was looking towards Maggie for a pinkie promise but Maggie’s eyes went wide as the door had flung open. As the Aussie was still looking at Maggie she could feel that there was a third presence around them. Turning her head ever so slowly the young Aussie’s eyes fell on the “Queen of the Damned”

Courtney: Eeeep!

Maggie looked at Misty and then back to Courtney before shoving the envelope in Courtney’s hands before running off screaming down the hallway!!!

Courtney: She left me.

Misty: Can I help you?

Courtney: I can’t believe she left me…

Shaking her head Courtney was upset that Maggie had decided to bail on her. Looking back up at the door way Courtney could now see Misty, Ruby and the disciples standing there. Holding her breathe she reached out and handed the dead flowers and the envelope to Misty.


As soon as the present reached Misty’s hands the Australian took off like a Kangaroo bouncing on a tin roof. Misty looked down at her gifts before handing the dead flowers over to Ruby. Ripping open the envelope the “Queen of the Damned” took a step back as she pulled out the contents. Inside the package were three photos all of which contained Odette Ryder with Misty’s daughter Eden. The scene quickly fades with a clearly pissed off look spread across Misty’s face.

Break the Silence by Killswitch Engage plays and Argento comes to the ramp. He looks around the crowd and then he raises an arm, and part of the crowd that respects and cheers for Argento does the same.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to the ring, born in Venice Italy, now residing in Orlando, Florida. He stands 6' 7" and he weighs in at 270 lbs, he is the Silver Fox, ARGENTO!!!!

Argento comes to the ring and enters it, and makes the same pose and silver pyro comes from the turnbuckles.

Justin: And his opponent… he is from Nashua, NH, weighing in at 370 pounds…. He is the freight train of pain… Casey Williams

The opening chords to Breaking Benjamin's "I Will Not Bow" start to blast through the speakers, as red and dark blue lights start to flash, the blue cutting through the red to create a purple effect. The fans boo as the lyrics kick in.

"Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover

I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere"

Casey Williams appears at the top of the ramp, looking around at the crowd and not moving, his eyes burning holes through the crowd.

Ding, Ding, Ding

The two Sin City Wrestling giants standing toe to toe, Casey angrily gets up into Argento’s face before sending a right hook into the Italian Stallion’s Jaw. Casey offloads a fury of big ring hands causing Argento to stumble backwards. Casey drives his forearm across the face of Argento knocking him to the canvas.

Simone: Casey isn’t playing around here

Adams: these two are both giants, I can see this match going either way tonight Simone.

Argento sits up and gets to his feet, Casey swings another right closed fist to the face of Argento before knocking him back into the ropes. Casey drives his big foot into the midsection of Argento before catching his jaw with a stiff upper cut. Argento stumbled back into the ropes that’s Casey instantly clotheslines him over. Argento somehow lands on his feet, riling up the freight train of pain. Casey walks over towards the ropes and attempts to pull Argento back into the ring but Argento yanks onto Casey’s feet pulling him out of the six sided ring.

Simone: Drew better get on top of this… Argento can’t win the match from outside.

Drew starts to count as Argento drops Casey to the cold hard floor with a flying clothesline. As Casey stumbles back up to his feet, Argento levels him with an upper cut of his own. Casey falls back against the ring apron as Drew makes it to number four. Argento grabs Casey by the head and pushes him back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Sliding back into the ring himself Drew stops the count. Argento is quick to scoop Casey up and pushes him into the nearest corner, grabbing hold of Casey’s throat the Italian starts to choke the monster known as Casey. Drew starts a count while begging Argento to drop the hold.

Adams: I think Argento is trying to send Casey a clear message that he isn’t going to take this lying down.

Breaking the hold Argento walked away letting Casey to catch his breath for a few moments before charging straight back towards him. Casey however is able to counter and she sends a clubbing fist to the face of Argento one more. Casey walks out of the counter and the two men starts exchanging punches. Back and forth, back and forth the two try their best to make the other challenger fall to the floor.

Simone: these two are just trying to out power each other.

Casey has had enough and he loops his arm around the neck of Argento bringing him in for a headlock. Pushing Argento back into the ropes Casey tries to whip him across the ring but Argento counters and flips the freight train half way. As Casey is on the return Argento is lowered for a back body drop but Casey drops Argento to the canvas with a stunning kick to the head. Argento sits up but Casey is quick to stick his hands around his head for an illegal jaw lock. Drew starts counting and Casey holds the lock in until four and a half breaking it just in time. Argento kicks his leg up and is able to connect with Casey’s head as Casey stumbles back Argento makes it to his feet scooping up the former NXT member her delivers a side walk slam.

Simone: beautiful side walk slam from Argento

Adams: Beautiful hey? Does someone have a crush on Argento?

Argento jumps down on top of Casey and starts hammering away at the freight trains face with large closed fists. Drew makes the count to four and Argento stops the punching but wraps his hands around Casey’s throat and starts to choke him, once again Drew makes the count to four before Argento breaks the hold. Argento gets up to his feet and Casey tries to do the same, positioned on all fours Casey is left open for a swift boot to the face. Casey flings onto his back as Argento holds onto the ropes and starts kicking at the chest of Casey.

Simone: Smart game plan by Argento trying to wear the bigger Casey down.

Adams: oh so he is beautiful and smart?

Swooping down Argento grabs a hold of Casey’s head and brings him to his feet, scooping him up for a suplex. While Casey is down Argento rebounds of the ropes and drops and elbow into his face. Argento goes for the first pin.



Casey kicks out and Argento is quickly back up to his feet he walks over towards Casey but Casey catches him with an upper cut. Argento stumbles back as Casey gets back to a standing position he starts to slug punches Argento way once again, punching Argento back into a corner Casey slaps Argento’s chest before whipping his across the ring. Argento rebounds off the post and Casey catches him for a belly to back suplex. Argento doesn’t stay down for long as Casey scoops him up only to drop him back to the canvas with a power slam. Casey makes the cover.



Adams: not even close.

Argento kicks out and the match continues, Casey drags Argento to his feet and pulls him over towards the ropes. Casey has his hands wrapped around Argento’s neck as he steps up to the bottom rope, pulling up Argento to get more power out of the more. Drew makes the count to four and Casey drops Argento to the canvas. Argento rolls out of the way as Casey jumps back down to the canvas, Argento is quick to his feet and he charges towards Casey slamming him into the corner with a rapid clothesline. He runs back to midway in the ring and Argento attempts to do it again this time Casey blocks with a shoulder block. As Argento is doubled over Casey runs at him and attempts a big boot but Argento jumps out of the way. Casey collides with the ropes before rebounding off of them and charging towards Argento who is holding on to the opposing ropes. Casey lifts his leg and delivers a massive boot the face sending Argento crashing to the outside.

Simone: Argento is on the outside and he isn’t looking too good…

Drew is busy checking on Argento while Casey is gloating in the ring, the freight train of pain is to busy looking at his hand work to notice that Derek Thorne is seen racing through the crowd. Argento is holding his face on the outside as a slight bit of blood is seen coming from his nose. Drew steps out of the ring to check on Argento leaving it open for Derek. Derek slides underneath the bottom rope and grabs onto Casey’s right wrist swinging him around. Swinging a stiff right hand to the face of Casey, Derek backs up as he staggers before dropping the freight train of pain to the canvas with the Flow of the Thorne.

Adams: What the hell is Derek doing out here?

Simone: I would assume he is sending Casey a message…

Derek doesn’t wait around he just disappears into the crowd of fans and heads to the back as Argento gets up and slowly makes his way back into the ring. Noticing that Casey is slightly starting to stagger Argento just finishes him off with a boot to the temple. Dropping down Argento goes for the cover.




Ding Ding Ding

Simone: Is it just me or would this match still be continuing if it wasn’t for Derek Thorne?

Adams: I agree!

Justin made the announcement as Argento reluctantly had his hand held up in the air.

Justin: Here is your winner Argento!!!

Opening up backstage we find Odette watching the monitor of the live show, which turns out she is watching herself. Turning around quickly she’s met with Ms Rocky Mountains, Rocky doesn’t waste any time in starting the interview.

Rocky: Odette… can you let us know why you sent Misty and bunch of dead roses and pictures of Eden and yourself?

The young Aussie screwed up her face unsure as to what Rocky was talking about.

Odette: I’m sorry who told you I did this?

Rocky: Earlier tonight you had Maggie and Courtney deliver them to Misty’s locker room did you not?

Laughing Odette smirked, but still looked confused.

Odette: Firstly… If I was going to send the “Queen” a message I’d do it myself and secondly I wouldn’t send poor Maggie and Courtney to the lion’s den.

Rocky held the microphone back up to her lips.

Rocky: So you’re saying you had nothing to do with it?

Odette just smiled towards Rocky but was getting annoyed from being asked the same question three times.

Odette: BINGO... Once again I have no idea what you a referring to…

Rocky: You have been watching the show haven’t you? You would have seen it…

Rocky held the microphone up to Odette’s face.

Odette: I have, and I saw the beginning of it… but I must admit when Misty comes on the television it’s easy to get distracted.

Rocky seemed a little taken back by Odette’s calmness about Misty.

Rocky: You’re still not taking her seriously are you Odette? After everything she has done… you mock her.

Licking her lips the Aussie just looked at Rocky and then towards the camera.

Odette: Basically yes…. What? I’m not going to lie to you now am I?

Winking towards the camera Odette took her leave, leaving Rocky Mountains confused as to what just happened.

Backstage, Spike Staggs is seen, holding his SCW Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder. He looks directly into the camera, icy eyes shining in the light.

Spike: Is it rolling? Yeah, okay.

Spike adjusts the belt and looks off into the distance for just a moment. He clinches his eyes before returning his glare back to the camera. He takes a deep breath as he taps his chin, trying to think to himself.

Spike: What a trip these last few months have been. A lot has happened, some good, some bad, and some that just left me… speechless. I have a wonderful girl, I have the SCW Heavyweight Championship, and after NWA’s WrestleClassic, I will have the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. I have the best group of friends in NXT. Instead of bitching about how two people decided to humiliate me last week, I’m going to extend my best wishes to them. I’m sorry that you two didn’t know how to do your own thing without me holding your hand. I was your guide, not your babysitter.

Spike pauses for a moment, placing his hands in front of his lips, tapping them together as he lets out one last sigh.

Spike: I have too much going for me, and the rest of NXT who knows how to pull their own weight. Success is ours. Vixen and I are the true golden couple of SCW, Odette Ryder scored a huge win over Misty, Jessie Salco is the new Number One Contender to the Bombshell Roulette Championship, and Derek is ready to work his way up the ranks. We have big things on the horizon. The funny thing is that people keep asking me… “Spike, is NXT dead?” What the hell does it look like? We ARE bigger and better than ever, regardless of what anyone wants to say. NXT lives on. Make your little jokes, folks. It just proves the intelligence level of some of you.

Spike is getting obviously aggravated as he begins pacing back and forth slowly. His nostrils flare up, but he is able to calm himself down quickly as he looks back into the camera.

Spike: That is my official statement on the matter. Take it or leave it. Try as hard as you can, but you cannot destroy us. “The Nobodies” of SCW are proving to be the most successful competitors. We are “The Somebodies”, you can accept that, or you can continue feeding us with your doubts, making us even stronger…

With that, Spike flashes a confident smile at the camera with a hint of deviant intentions. He whistles loudly as he slowly struts out of the view of the camera.

Pussy Willows is seen backstage standing next to Derek Thorne, once she gets the okay she starts to speak into the microphone while Derek seems unbothered by it all.

Pussy: Derek could you tell us why you interrupted the last match?

Derek just had his confident smile plastered on his face as he bowed down and speak into the microphone.

Derek: Ja (Yes)

Chuckling to himself Pussy screwed up her nose and asked him another question.

Pussy: Okay my Swedish is a bit off but i’m failry sure you just said yes, would you like to go into detail why you cost Casey the match?

Derek: Nej! (No)

Pussy: if your not going to take this seriously why did you agree to the interview?

Pushing the microphone up to his lips, Pussy seemed pissed off towards the unknown Swedish guy, Derek held the microphone as well placing his hand over Pussy’s getting her to blush a little.

Derek: Dagen för inlösen är över oss, är det dags att släppa loss orsaken (The day of redemption is upon us, it’s time to unleash The Cause)

Derek dropped the microphone back down to Pussy and smiled and glared at the camera before walking off the set.

Opening up backstage we find Synn standing beside his boys Despayre who is gripping onto Angel like always and Gabriel. With their big tag team match coming up next no doubt that Synn is giving them a quick pep talk. The fans in the arena let out a mighty loud cheer towards Sinful Obsession as the cameras can’t pick up on what they’re saying at the first but their voices get picked up mid conversation.

Despayre: So when we win can we go out for celebration Ice cream?

Despy held up Angel and gave Synn his best puppy dog eyes he could muster up.

Synn: We can but Joshua you need to take this match seriously.

Despayre does a little happy dance but stops when his father tells him to take this match seriously. Standing up straight he pulls Angel in tighter and looks at Gabriel.

Despayre: How seriously are you taking this match hmmm?

Gabriel just shook his head while eyeing Synn, who was hoping he would answer his son’s question responsibly.

Gabriel: Very seriously Despy…

Synn smiled and nodded approving of Gabriel’s answer

Despayre: Well I’m taking this match very, VERY, seriously so huh I win!

Poking his tongue out to Gabriel, Synn and Gabriel couldn’t help to laugh as Despayre stood their proudly. Walking into the scene Odette Ryder stands beside her boyfriend Gabriel tucking in underneath his arm. She shares a look with Synn who has a smirk on his face.

Synn: If I didn’t know any better Miss Ryder, I’d say you’re here to distract one of my boys?

The Aussie laughed before looking at Gabriel with a smile, then glancing back up to Synn.

Odette: I promise I won’t take too much of his time…

Synn nodded down towards her before motioning to Despayre that they give Gabriel and Odette some space. The cameras followed the pair as Despayre looked down at Angel as if he was listening to the bear.

Despayre: Angel says that you just got told a lie…

Synn chuckled as he and Despayre continued to talk away as the camera jumped back to Gabriel and Odette. Odette was now standing in front of Gabriel her hands wrapped around his neck. Gabriel had his hands on her hips just staring down into her emerald eyes.

Gabriel: How’s your neck?

Odette: Oh it’s fine!

Odette just smiled to try and keep Gabriel from worrying about it, plus she wasn’t here to talk about her neck.

Odette: So you’re big match is next up huh?

Gabriel: hmmm are you here to wish me luck?

Smirking down towards his girlfriend Gabriel brought her in closer, now wrapping his arms around her waist. Odette didn’t say anything at first she just smiled looking his face up and down. From his eyes to his lips she knew what she was here for.

Odette: You could say so…

Before Gabriel could reply Odette had pulled Gabriel towards her and pressed her lips up against his. The fans let out a cheer as the kiss seemed to deepen rather quickly. Synn looked over towards the two and just shook his head while Despayre rolled his eyes before turning back to Angel. Not wanting to let her man go Odette’s right hand ruffled his hair, while Gabriel pressed his hands against her lower back bringing her in closer.

Adams: Well that’s one way of saying good luck!

Simone: And all the female fans are shooting Odette daggers right about now.

The cameras panned over towards Synn who was looking down at his watch.

Synn: Gabriel… if you don’t mind we have to make our move.

The cameras then zoomed out to see that Odette’s right hand had left the back of Gabriel’s head and she was now holding up her index finger towards Synn as if to say “just a second.” Synn wanted to laugh but just rolled his eyes instead, he knew what the Aussie was like.

Simone: Oh Boy I think we might have to delay the main event if this goes on any longer.

Adams: Is Synn even wearing a watch?

Cupping each side of his face Odette slowed the kiss down a little before pulling away, leaving small delicate kisses on his lips before completely backing away from Gabriel. Licking her lips before she spoke the Aussie kept her eyes locked on Gabriel’s.

Odette: Good Luck!

Gabriel: Thanks…

Synn: Okay we really have to get going…

Odette looked towards Synn and then straight back into Gabriel’s eyes.

Odette: Knock em’ dead baby…

Leaning in to kiss his lips once more the Aussie pulled away slowly.

Odette: And for extra motivation if you win tonight…

Stepping up on her tippy toes she whispered into Gabriel’s ear so the cameras couldn’t pick up on what she was saying. Backing away slowly she went to turn and leave but Gabriel caught her hand, spinning her around back into him.

Gabriel: And IF we lose?

Looking into her emerald eyes he waited for his answer.

Odette: Then the deals off and we wouldn’t want that would we?

Winking up at him she kissed him once more before quickly leaving the scene.

The camera heads back to the ringside area, gearing up for the main event of the evening, an NWA World Championship match up!

Simone: It's time for the main event of Climax Control, and what spells main event better than an NWA championship match!

Adams: Can you believe it? Gabriel and Despayre are finally getting their shot at the big gold!

Simone: That's right! The reigning NWA World Tag Team Champions, the Canadian Connection, have arrived in Sin City Wrestling, and Sinful Obsession are their number one challengers! You know Jason, a lot of people thought the loss of the SCW gold would affect the Sins negatively.

Adams: Yeah well a chance at the world gold is going to be a helluva pick me up! Can they do it?

Simone: We're about to find out! It's main event time!

Senior referee Jasmine St. John is currently standing in the corner with her arms folded over her chest, as the amorous ring announcer, Justin Decent, confers with her. Justin nods and steps back into the center of the ring where the opening bell sounds.


Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Main Event of Climax Control! It is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Championship!

The crowd cheers in response and Justin holds the microphone up to catch their cheers to maximum effect when the music heralding the challengers started to play across the sound system!

"The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
The transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs
Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around
So come on!

Another promise, another scene, another
A package not to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
So come on!

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious"

The pulsating beat of Muse's "Uprising" suddenly begins to play over the public address system of the arena and the crowd is on it's feet as atop the stage appears the tag team of Sinful Obsession aka Gabriel and Despayre, accompanied by the enigmatic Synn. Gabriel raises his hands up to the rafters as Despayre holds his teddy bear Angel up for everyone to see.

Justin: Introducing first, the challengers! Accompanied by Synn; at a combined weight of 426 pounds, Gabriel and Despayre ... Sinful Obsession!

The group begins their descent down the ramp and towards the six-sided ring as the multitude of fans reach out to them on all sides. Gabriel slaps a hand or two along the way but his intent is solely on the ring ahead while Despayre holds Angel's paws and uses them to slap the hands reaching out to him, avoiding the touch himself. Synn hops up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open for both of his men to step through and then sets foot inside himself. Gabriel leaps to the center turnbuckle in the corner to look out at the cheering fans while Despayre cuddles his teddy bear close to him, staying close to Synn. Gabriel then hops back down and Synn brings them back to their corner to wait for the arrival of the champions.

Justin: And their opponents...!

Lights go out after a few seconds then "Getting Away With Murder" by Saliva starts.

"Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calculate
What creates my own madness
And I'm addicted to your punishment
And you're the master
And I am waiting for disaster"

"I feel irrational
So confrontational
To tell the truth I am
Getting away with murder
It isn't possible
To never tell the truth
But the reality is I'm getting away with murder
(Getting away, Getting away, Getting away)"

Pyros light up the ramp as The Canadian Connection aka Rey Rosario and Canadian Crippler, step out onto the stage and they are greeted with a negative response from the fans.

Justin: From Canada, weighing in at a combined weight of 470 pounds, they are the current reigning NWA World Tag Team Champions, Canadian Crippler and Rey Rosario ... the Canadian Connection!

The NWA Champions walk down the aisle and towards the ring, their eyes directly ahead on the ring and their challengers. Canadian Crippler rolls inside of the ring, beneath the bottom rope, as Rey Rosario climbs up onto the apron and through the ropes.

Adams: Boy, look at the determination in the eyes of those two! This isn't going to be easy for the Sins!

Simone: Not by a long shot! These two men are world champions. They have earned that distinction in the NWA through sheer talent inside of the ring and I am certain they are going to give Gabriel and Despayre the fight of their lives.

CC and Rey remove the gold belts from their waists and hand them over to Jasmine, not removing their eyes from the challengers. Jasmine takes the belts over to the Sins who pat them for luck. The referee then holds both NWA tag title belts high up for the crown on hand to see and they greet the sight with rousing cheers! Rey steps outside to his corner so that CC might start. As Synn leaves the ring, Despayre gives Gabriel a hug and climbs out to their corner. Jasmine passes the championship belts out to Justin and calls for the bell!


Adams: And heeere we go!

The crowd applauds in rhythm as Gabriel and CC circle the ring, sizing one another up. Gabriel claps along with the crowd, as Despayre bites down on the bottom rope and shakes it.

Adams: Excitable little guy.

CC and Gabriel pause in the center of the ring, each extending their hands towards the other as if going for a tie up, or test of strength. They then pause, and lunge, locking up collar and elbow. CC shifts his weight slightly, grabbing Gabriel's left arm and grabbing him in a standing arm lock. Gabriel winces as CC then takes hold of his wrist and twists the challenger's arm into an arm wringer and holds him at bay with a wrist lock.

Simone: The champions already proving their mettle. Canadian Crippler has control of Gabriel at the start of this match.

CC wrenches the hold, working on breaking down Gabriel's wrist, when Gabriel counters, somersaulting over onto the mat, breaking the wrist lock. Gabriel then takes CC's arm and twists it, returning the favor and holding him in an overhead arm lock. CC starts shouting at Jasmine, pointing toward the back of his head.

Simone: Crippler accusing Gabriel of a hair pull.

The moment Jasmine goes around to check, CC grabs a handful of Gabriel's hair and yanks him down hard to the canvas!

Adams: I think he got that a little backwards.

CC reverts the hold to a top key arm lock on the mat temporarily, but Gabriel quickly counters, ducking into the hold and reversing it into a hammerlock with CC face-down on the canvas. CC then reverses this himself and grabs Gabriel into a side headlock on the mat.

Adams: This is actually kicking off as a pretty good wrestling match.

Both men force their way to a standing position. Gabriel grabs CC's arm and tries to physically break the headlock, but CC grabs a handful of his hair and snapmares him harshly over to the mat and wraps him in a rear chin lock.

Adams: You noticing that the champs aren't too shy about the occasional bending of a rule or two?

Simone: Hey it's the nature of the beast in this business.

Gabriel pushes himself up to his feet, grabs CC's arm, then drops down and arm drags him over. CC leaps up and rushes him but Gabriel sweeps his legs out from under him and drops down atop for a cover but CC kicks out before Jasmine can even register a count of one. Gabriel quickly ensnares CC into a headlock but CC reverses it, twisting his arm back into a hammerlock. Gabriel then returns the favor from earlier, reaching back behind him and snapmaring him over quickly. Both men jump to their feet and engage in a fierce stare down as the crowd in Reno applauds the fast paced showing between them.

Simone: These people know great wrestling when they see it.

Gabriel and CC stare one another down for a brief moment, then opt to exchange out. Gabriel walks over to his corner and tags Despayre into the match. The little psycho jumps into the ring and CC just stares at him briefly before backing up and tagging Rey in.

Adams: Okay, now let's see what these two can do.

Rey slowly circles the ring, as Despayre is practically bouncing all over, smiling and watching his opponent in an excitable manner. They then stop and Rey goes for the lock up, but Despayre ducks down and crawls through his legs! Despayre then jumps up and quickly grabs a perplexed Rey in a side headlock.

Simone: Despayre already showing his unorthodox mind set in there.

Despayre cranks the pressure on, squeezing Rey's head as tightly as the little guy can. But it becomes a matter of size as Rey breaks the hold, sending Despayre off into the ropes and they collide in a shoulder block -- one that flattens the smaller challenger!

Simone: Wrong tactic used by Despayre. That little guy is just outsized here.

Adams: Despayre is outsized by half the Bombshell roster.

Rey quickly grabs him and hauls him to his feet. Rey goes for an Irish whip into the ropes but Despayre reverses it. Rey comes flying off and Despayre leapfrogs over his head. Rey rebounds and uses the middle rope as a launching pad and jumps back, taking the challenger down with a diving arm drag! Rey doubles him over with a kick to the stomach, then scoops him up and drives him down to the mat with an authorative body slam.

Adams: Size is definitely coming into play here between these two.

Rey drops down for an easy cover.

1..... But Despayre arches his back and slides right up and out of the pin!

Rey jumps to his feet but Despayre leapfrogs over him and runs into the ropes. He comes off and brings Rey over with a flying body scissors roll up!

2..... Rosario kicks out!

Adams: Despy almost caught him off guard there!

Simone: That's not a hard thing to accomplish. Despayre has a very 'off beat' ring style.

Despy tries going right on the offensive but Rey stops him quickly with a forearm shot to the chest that sends him staggering. Rey grabs him in a headlock and pulls him over to his corner and tags CC back in. Rey holds Despayre and CC springboards over the top rope and dropkicks the smaller man.

Simone: The champions are looking to take control.

CC grabs Despayre's arm and twists it, then flips him over. CC holds him in an overhead arm lock with one arm and drives three elbows down into his exposed body with the other. CC then wraps an arm around his chin and drives four harsh forearms around into his face.

Adams: Wow! The champions are really roughing the little guy up!

CC throws him back to the mat and covers him, hooking a leg.

2..... Despayre kicks out.

CC pulls him up and goes for an Irish whip but Despayre holds on and reverses it, using CC's own momentum to pull him into a leg trip to the canvas. Despayre then jumps up and rushes off of the ropes and baseball slides right into CC's waiting and exposed head, sending him tumbling over on the canvas. Despayre runs over and tags Gabriel into the match. Rey tries to get into the ring to stop the double teaming but Jasmine heads him off and forces him back to his corner. Despayre and Gabriel both send CC into the ropes. He comes off and both Sins leapfrog over the champion. CC then comes off the neutral side and Gabriel hits him with a staggering roundhouse kick, just as Despayre comes flying off the middle rope with a bulldog!

Simone: We're seeing some of that great team work that has really made the Sins stand out in the SCW tag team division!

Despayre jumps to the corner as Gabriel covers CC, hooking the leg!

2..... Rey rushes in and breaks it up, stomping on Gabriel's back.

Adams: I guess these two teams are really fighting fire with fire against one another.

Rey backs out of the ring and Gabriel snapmares CC over and traps him in a combination chin lock/arm lock. Gabriel tightens the hold and wrenches on CC's arm and neck. Jasmine leans in to ask the champion if he yields but CC shouts back in the negative. CC then forces his way to his feet and bulls his body backward, driving Gabriel back into the far corner. CC turns around and stuns Gabriel with a European uppercut to the chin. CC then wraps one of his arms over the top rope and holds him while he drives one .. two .. three straight kicks into his chest. CC takes hold of him by the head and quickly rakes his forehead across the top rope.

Adams: Owww! Rope burn! Had that happen to me a time or two! Hurts like Hell!

Simone: Leave your sordid sexcapades out of this, Jason.

CC Irish whips Gabriel into the ropes and swings for a lariat, but Gabriel ducks under the blow. Gabriel comes off the far side and jumps, striking CC with a flying wheel kick. Gabriel kips up, then runs off of the ropes and lands a leg drop down across CC's head. Gabriel pulls him up and sends him into his corner, tagging Despayre back in. CC immediately tries to fight out of his predicament, swinging fists at both challengers, but Gabriel decks him from the outside, knocking him down in the corner, and Despayre springboards from the top rope and plants both feet into CC's chest! Despayre pulls him out by the leg and attempts a cover.

2..... CC kicks out.

Canadian crippler rolls over to his hands and knees and starts to get to his feet when Despayre jumps on his back for a 'piggy back' and starts swinging blows down into his head, taking him back down to the canvas.

Simone: Yeah I am really unsure how someone is supposed to prepare for such an unorthodox little guy.

Adams: Yeah he could be dazzling you with aerial moves one minute and biting your face off the next.

Despayre drags CC up and backs him into the corner where he drives his shoulder into the champion's stomach twice, then strikes him with a forearm to the chin. Despayre then grabs him and drags him over to his corner where Gabriel tags himself back in. Despayre holds him briefly and Gabriel swings a double axe handle into his back. Gabriel snapmares CC over, then leapfrogs over his head, runs off of the ropes and careens right into him with a baseball sliding dropkick! Gabriel covers him, hooking his leg.

2..... CC kicks out!

Gabriel pulls him up and Irish whips him into the ropes, but Rey makes the blind tag. Gabriel dropkicks CC on the rebound and jumps up, just in time for Rey to nearly decapitate him with a discus clothesline!

Adams: God he nearly took Gabriel's head off with that shot!

Simone: Unfortunately Gabriel didn't see Rey Rosario tag himself into the match.

Rey grabs Gabriel and Irish whips him into the ropes where he catches him in a spinebuster, turning it right into a cradle with both legs hooked!

2..... Gabriel kicks out!

Rey tags CC back in. Rey sends Gabriel into the ropes with an Irish whip and scoops him up for a sidewalk slam and CC comes off the top rope with a guillotine leg drop across the throat of the challenger! Despayre tries to get in to end the double teaming but Jasmine heads him off and is forcing him out of the ring!

Adams: Jasmine's not playing favorites in there, is she?

Simone: No she is not! That's one of the reasons why she's the top official in the SCW!

CC pulls Gabriel up and ducks behind him, then lifts him up and over with a bridging German suplex!

2..... Despayre races past Jasmine and breaks it up.

Adams: Well if the champions were able to do it earlier...

Despayre is again forced back and scolded by the official as the champions take advantage, CC body slamming Gabriel and holding him for Rey to use the top rope to launch himself in and land on Gabriel with a senton. Rey rolls back out and Jasmine turns around and sees CC tag Rey back in legally.

Adams: The Canadian Connection is showing some great team work, aren't they?

Simone: That they are. They are definitely proving why they're the champions.

Rey comes in and hooks Gabriel up and brings him over with a vertical suplex. Rey holds up, pulls him up and hits a second suplex, and then finally hauls him into the air and simply dumps him face-first to the canvas! Rey runs into the ropes and comes off with a standing Shooting Star Press down onto Gabriel and hooks the leg!

3 - Gabriel kicks out!

Adams: Oh my God that was close!

Simone: Rey almost had him! Gabriel needs to tag out!

Rey grabs him by the legs and tries to turn him over into a Boston crab but Gabriel resists, struggling to prevent it. Fed up, Rey then switches tactics and falls back, catapulting Gabriel into the ropes and he topples over the top and lands heavily on the apron! Rey climbs through the ropes and grabs him, pulling him up into a front facelock. Rey tries to suplex him off of the apron but Gabriel hooks the bottom rope with his ankle, preventing it.

Simone: Smart tactics there by Gabriel.

Rey then hooks Gabriel's leg with his arm and brings him over onto the apron with a fisherman's suplex!

Adams: Oh God! Oh God! That could be it! It has to be!

Rey stands there on the ringside floor, staring at the crowd booing him, and Gabriel rolls over and falls heavily to the floor at his feet. Rey grabs him and pulls him up, then Irish whips him into the barricade! Rey then takes hold of him and holds him steady as he allows his partner, Canadian Crippler, to come flying off the apron with a senton onto Gabriel! The champions high-five one another and celebrate despite the crowd's negative reaction, when Rey and CC turn around and Despayre comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick on both champions, bringing the crowd to it's feet!

Adams: What a move from Despy!

It's a pileup on the ringside floor as all four men are down! Jasmine leans through the ropes, hollering for them to get up and get it back in the ring! She then steps back into the center of the ring and begins to issue her mandatory count!


Rey is the first to manage to get to his feet and roll back inside.


And Gabriel just manages to beat the count!

Gabriel is dragged over to the champion's corner where Canadian Crippler gets tagged back in. Rey holds Gabriel as CC springs up onto the top rope and leaps off, catching him with a missile dropkick of his own that sends him back, head over heels! CC with the cover!

2..... Gabriel gets the shoulder up!

CC pulls him up and sends him into the ropes once again. Gabriel comes charging off and CC leaps, attempting a Hurricanrana but Gabriel blocks it! Gabriel powers him up, perhaps going for a body slam, but Rey dives in and chop blocks Gabriel's legs out from under him! Gabriel falls with CC right on top! Despayre is screaming bloody murder, trying to get in to stop this but Jasmine is physically preventing it! She starts her count and Despayre hurriedly climbs back through the ropes! The official turns and sees CC covering Gabriel with the leg hooked!

3 - Despayre sails off the top of his corner and guillotine leg drops the back of CC's head!

Adams: Well if he couldn't break it up one way, he'll break it up another!

Rey comes charging in and he grabs Despayre by his pants and hair and heaves him out through the ropes, before making his own exit! Both Gabriel and CC are down on the mat and the referee once again begins her count!


CC uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. He stalks the challenger and pulls him up with a handful of hair but Gabriel sends him staggering with a European uppercut! CC answers back with a forearm smash to the head! Gabriel swings, decking him! CC shakes it off, groggily, and hits him right back with his own blow! Suddenly both men are exchanging a flurry of bone jarring blows to each other's heads and bodies!

Adams: Fight! Fight!

They then stop swiftly and both run into the ropes and both men leap for dropkicks but both connect and they crash heavily to the mat with a resounding thud!

Simone: God these men are going all out for this world championship encounter!

Canadian Crippler slowly makes his way toward Rey, as Gabriel drags himself towards his own corner. CC tags Rosario in, and Rey rushes over to stop Gabriel, but too late as Gabriel makes the leap and tags Despayre in!

Simone: That's what he needed!

Rey grabs Despayre before he can pull himself into the ring and drags him inside himself! Rey sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip and swings wildly but Despayre ducks, rebounds, and crashes into him with a spinning high cross body!

2..... Rey kicks out!

Despayre is bouncing all over the ring, screaming wildly in his excitement! He grabs Rey and goes to send him into the corner but Rey reverses it! Despayre runs right up the turnbuckles and jumps off with a moonsault onto Rosario, hooking both legs!

3 - No! Rey kicked out!

Adams: Damn! We almost had new champions of the world!

Despayre grabs him by the hair and starts pulling him up, but Rey begins to fight his way past this unstable little guy, swinging fists into his ribs! Despayre staggers back, holding his ribs, and Rey barrels into him with a spear!

Simone: Rey Rosario just flattened Despayre!

Adams: So much for the challengers's comeback!

Despayre rolls around on the mat, clutching his belly, and Rey grabs him by his long hair and pulls him to his feet. Rey Irish whips him into the far corner. Rey charges in but Despayre moves at the last moment and Rosario crashes! Rosario turns around and Despayre jumps and brings him over with a Hurricanrana, hooking both legs!

3 - Canadian Crippler charges in and clotheslines Despayre off of Rey!

CC ducks back out to his corner and Rey brings Despayre over and tags CC back in! Rey and CC Irish whip Despayre off into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Despayre ducks! He rebounds off the ropes and jumps for a double cross body but the champions catch him! Gabriel then runs into the ropes and jumps on his partner's back as well and the Canadian Connection goes down! Jasmine foregoes the double pin and makes the count!

2..... Rey and CC both kick out!

Gabriel ducks out just long enough for Despayre to tag him in! Gabriel ducks down behind Rey and lifts him up onto his shoulders and Despayre springboards off the top rope, clotheslining Rosario from his perch! Rey rolls out beneath the bottom rope and falls to the ringside floor! He starts to get up, and Despayre runs at Gabriel who cups his hands and gives his partner a boost, and Despayre sails over the top and crashes into Rey!

Adams: What a move!

Simone: What a display of team work!

Gabriel looks out briefly but long enough for CC to clothesline him from behind! CC Irish whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Gabriel turns around and uses the momentum to land on his feet behind CC! Canadian Crippler turns around and Gabriel kicks him in the stomach, then drops him the X Factor! Wasting no time, Gabriel grabs CC into the upside down position and gets a running start... and hits the running K Driver!

Adams: Avada Kadavra!

Rey tries getting into the ring but Despayre grabs his legs and pulls him right back out as Gabriel makes the cover!


The crowd explodes in cheers! Despayre slides inside of the ring and tackles Gabriel on the mat in a fierce and jubilant embrace while Rey looks on from the outside in sheer shock!

Adams: They did it! They did it!

Simone: History has been made ladies and gentlemen! We have brand new champions!

Gabriel looks wild with excitement, shouting and pumping his fists while Despayre pounces on him again with a hug as Synn grabs the belts and climbs into the ring!

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match ... and NEW National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Champions ... SINFUL OBSESSION!

The crowd cheers wildly as Rey helps Canadian Crippler from the ring! Synn passes the NWA belts to his men and Jasmine raises their arms in victory!

Simone: You heard it right there everyone! No longer the SCW champions! Gabriel and Despayre are your brand new NWA World tag Team Champions!

Synn helps both men on with the gold belts while the crowd cheers. Synn then pats Gabriel's back and Despayre leaps onto Synn, hugging him as well! Synn then grabs both their hands and raises them to the cheers of this capacity crowd!

THANK YOU! to Chris, Mark, Erik, Courtney, MK, Maggie, Mike, Vixen, Canadian Connection, Alexsei, Frost, Tom, Ryan Kidd, Casper Grey. Also to The Canadian Connection for being part of our show and to Vixen again for the great match banners (Admit it, you love these different designs every show!) and to all our SCW roleplayers.