Climax Control

The sun is setting over the Mee Suwan Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, giving everyone inside of the stadium the experience of an exciting wrestling program beneath the open sky. A spotlight begins to shine and the crowd cheers as ring announcer Justin Decent steps out onto the stage. The handsome exhibitionist jogs out to the ring, slapping hands to the fans who reach out to him.

He is handed the microphone by Jason Adams as he runs up the ring steps and climbs inside of the six-sided SCW ring and walks around, pumping his fist in the air to the tune of the crowd's chants;


Justin then hops up onto the corner turnbuckle and smiles, looking out around the fairgrounds at all of the fans filling the grandstand and the rows of seats around the grounds itself. He drops back down and takes his place in the center of the ring and brings the microphone up to his lips.

Justin: Hello everyone and welcome to the Mee Suwan Stadium, in Bangkok, Thailand, and welcome to Sin City Wrestling and "Climax Control"!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Now please help me welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers as Amanda comes out accompanied by Melody Grace, Odette Ryder's Number One Fan! Amanda is dressed in a school girl uniform and Melody is comically clad in a little sailor's uniform.

Amanda: Just gonna ride past you on my bike
That’s alright because I’m not sure who I like
Why did you give me an Indian burn
I told the Principal because it really hurt
You’re such a stupid jerk

Melody: I can’t tell her that I like her I can only shoot her with a spitball
She should know it means the same thing after all
I threw glue at her just to get a reaction
She was a distraction from addition and fractions
Drew a you a picture of her cus I thought she was neat
We’ve always been close ’cause we have assigned seats
I’ll never forget when I passed her that note
She checked the box yes and that’s all that she wrote
From then it was great and we had a play date
We played House and she made me a fake play dough steak
The next day I saw something that I’ll never forget
She was playing and laying with Kyle in the ball pit
I started to cry and lay down on the floor I said
you’re a fartface I don’t like you no more
I want you out of my heart but you’re stuck like a splinter
Goodbye, my mom’s calling me for dinner

Amanda: You said mean things and you ran away
That’s okay it must’ve been opposite day
You stole my heart and you stole my bike
That’s alright because I love the way you like
I love the way you like

Melody: Now, I apologize for wiping boogers on your jacket and backpack
I wish that I didn’t I wish that I could back track
To the day before they made me sit in the corner
This feels like a third grade restraining order
I knew that I loved you at first but I fought it
My heart was a kickball then you suddenly caught it
I’m sorry but there’s something I must confess
It was me who ripped off your Nintendo DS
I felt bad and returned it while you were busy nappin’
We’re together again it’s just like it never happened
I dressed up like Weasly and you were Hermoine
You said you had spells that could make me less whiny
You colored inside of the lines of my heart
Cause you opened me up and then you cut a fart in my heart
I’m so bored with this game that we’re playin
I guess that’s why they call em bored games

Amanda: Well I am rubber and you are glue
Words bounce off of me and then stick on to you
Did you just call me a doo doo pie
That’s all right. I know you are, but what am I?
I know you are, but what am I?

The performance ends and the fans cheer as Amanda prances about, blowing kisses while the ever-excited Melody bounces all over, smiling and waving before the pair vanish into the back.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Bangkok for Climax Control. I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams

Simone: We have a bumper edition of Climax Control this week

Adams: Yeah we do...

Simone: We kick off big and get bigger as four titles are on the line on this episode, starting with Roulette championship as Aleksei Koji defends against the dangerous Goth

Adams: The foxy lady herself Vixen then goes one on one with Miss Evangelista

Simone: Followed by a title match Vixen will have her eyes firmly on as Karina Koji tries for Bombshell Roulette glory as she gets a shot at Kittie

Adams: What's going on with Kittie lately? She seems more emotional and less crazy.

Simone: No idea Jason.

Adams: NWA Champion Spike Staggs is on the show tonight too against former roulette champion, Prime Time Matthew Kennedy

Simone: Then the grudge match we've been waiting for, for what seems like forever. Tom Dudely is here, and he will be facing Wyatt Peterson. This one is gonna be emotional

Adams: Speaking of emotions, last week, Gabriel was attacked by Sean Williams and his now renamed Dream Chaserz. Odette Ryder was beside herself after the attack, proclaiming her feelings for Gabriel, this week, emotions will be at an all time high as Gabriel teams with Odette and Despayre to take on Dream Chaserz Sean Williams, DJ Williams and the woman who has called Odette Ryder out tonight, Carly Athens. Odette's Bombshell title WILL be on the line and she will lose it if her team loses. Carly Athens will become Bombshell champion, even if Gabriel or Despayre lose this match

Simone: The main event will be no less emotional as Nick Jones gets one more shot against SCW Heavyweight Champiion, Rage. This match is no DQ and will end everything. There will be no more big matches between them, THIS IS IT! No entourage, no sins, just two men beating the hell out of each other

Adams: Plus tonight, we will see Giani Di Luca officially become a member of the SCW roster. He's taken his bumps in BACW, and tonight, he becomes part of the SCW family, which means more christmas presents for us.

Simone: This is gonna be one hell of a night

Adams: Yeah booooooooooooi! Let's kick this off!

Triple Beam Dreams By Rick Ross blares through the speakers outside, a mixed reaction from the crowd fills the air, as Sean and SCW Newbie Anthony King steps out onto the field, heading towards the ring, Sean doesn't show any reaction to the boos from the crowd, instead he brushes them off, climbing into the ring, he reaches for the mic from the announcer and the crowd grows silent.

Sean: I swear all you people suck, Thailand sucks, the food is gross, the people stink and I swear you're roads are horrible. I will make sure I place it in my contract to never make an appearance here AGAIN, I was nervous to put my bags anywhere on the floor because I felt that even though I entered this country with nothing, I might take something back and who wants to suffer through an outbreak, I surely don't.

The crowd boos.

Sean: But that's not the reason why I am out here, I am out here tonight to address a couple things, first off introducing one of our newest members Anthony King. Anthony is a Former Champion, well he still kind of is the Champion since he retired from the company with Title in hand, but the point is Dream Chaserz has a new member tonight, meaning our faction is only getting stronger.

Sean looks at Anthony, nodding his head approving the decision to allow Anthony to join.

Sean: Speaking of Dream Chaserz, people wondered why I started such a powerful group, I can only sit back and laugh at that answer and respond with Why Not? I like power, in fact I love power so why not have a powerful team to back me up. Everyone in Dream Chaserz is a Champion, a competitor, with a goal, I feel like we were looked at not seriously or as underrated talent so I had to make a name for not only myself, but for DJ, James, and Brooklyn. I see potential in all, and I know for a fact we will make names and crush whoever and whatever competition that comes our way.

Sean paces back and forth in the ring.

Sean: It wasn't just me though, my homie DJ helped me come up with everyone, including the plan to take out The Sins which is what I want to address next. Sins, Sins, Sin, the so called "FAMILY." of Sin City, everyone is so close, they go to amusement parks together, and skip down the Yellow Brick Road together chasing butterflies and picking dandelions. Then I have to endure a sickening romance between Gabriel and SCW's first ever Tranny Bombshell Champion.

The crowd boo's even louder, Sean is interrupted, angered by the boo's he walks over to the turnbuckle and leans against it, finally the crowd quiets down.

Sean: Didn't like I said that huh? Who Cares? Odette will get what is coming to her soon enough, but as for Gabriel and the rest of fools he run with, tonight is only the beginning, you thought last weeks attack was bad, well wait for tonight. I'm not worried about The Sins or anyone of that matter trying to take me out because I come prepared, Gabriel started something and now he should finish it, I won't hold back and he shouldn't either, all this back and forth talk is doing nothing but only adding more fuel and I'm ready to cause damage to this man's life.

Sean chuckles.

Sean: Once I eliminate Gabriel, then my mission with the Sins is complete, and then I can focus on my next target, Rage.

Sean walks over to the apron leaning on it.

Sean: I haven't forgot what I did a couple weeks back and believe me I will finish it, so keep your eyes open, and I suggest you watch you're back as much as possible, you hold something I desire, and I will have it. But back to Gabriel, I hear you may have protection tonight which is fine, but if Synn or any of you're other weird friends try and show up, and interfere, I have a couple tricks up my sleeve, so I will be ready.

Sean turns and motions at Anthony, the two head towards the ropes, but Sean turns around facing the crowd again.

Sean: Oh yeah, so many more surprises coming from Dream Chaserz, just watch.

Triple Beam Dreams play through the speakers, Sean drops the mic, climbing out the ring, Anthony follows behind, the scene fades to the backstage area.

The scene opens up backstage at Climax Control where we see SCW’s resident metalhead Jessie Salco leaning her shoulder against the wall and listening to the song Native Blood by Testament on her IPod, the young bombshell is wearing a Testament T-Shirt, denim shorts black boots and is proudly displaying her NXT Armband on her arm facing Jake, who is leaning next to her head banging to the song where Jessie gave him one of the ear buds.

Simone: Well, here we are, another week passed by, and another week that Jessie Salco has been a member of NXT.

Adams: God, I need earplugs to cover my ears due to Jessie’s singing

As Jessie is singing the chorus of Native Blood, Casey Williams walks up next to her, makes eye contact with Jake, and Casey makes a signal to Jake to not say anything and taps Jessie on the shoulder, scaring the crap out of her in the process. Jake looks up and smiles at Casey.

Casey: Hi guys. How is it going?

Jessie: Besides you scaring the shit out of me I’m fine, how can someone so big be so quiet anyway?

Jake: We have plenty of practice, besides Jessie being a bit cranky at not being in action for the second week in a row we’re fine Casey.

Jessie gives Jake a mock glare for that statement.

Casey: Good. Jake, I never thanked you for all your help last week in getting Laura back where she belongs.

Jake: It was my pleasure.

Casey: I think it is time that we go get Jessie some singing lessons at some point. Right now, she sounds like Justin Bieber, and we want her sounding more like Angela Gossow, lead singer of Arch Enemy. Fortunately, she doesn’t need them right now, seeing she is a wrestler, which is something that is a lot easier to work with her on, honing her skills as a wrestler, so when she gets another title shot, she will win the title.

Jessie: Casey, if you weren’t a fellow NXT Member I’d kick you in the nuts for comparing me to Bieber, besides that I’m a lot better at clean vocals than I am at Death Metal vocals.

Jake: I’m pretty sure Katie begs to differ there but that’s beside the point, you up for watching NXT’S matches guys?

Casey and Jessie nod and the scene ends with the trio go to their locker room and turn the TV on so they can watch Aleksei Koji defend his Roulette Title against Goth, Spike Staggs take on Matthew Kennedy, and Odette Ryder team with Despayre and Gabriel to face Carly Athens, Sean Williams and DJ Williams.

Backstage, Spike is seen walking down the hallway, whistling to himself as he goes. He passes up Aleksei on his way toward the ring for his title defense, slapping hands with his focused stablemate. They seem to have a quick silent conversation before Spike continues whistling. He props up the NWA Heavyweight Championship on his shoulders as he works his way toward the women’s locker room. Once he gets to the door, Jamie Staggs comes rushing up to his big brother, almost running into him.

Jamie: Dude, watch where you are going! I was like…

Spike: … try to peep in on the new bombshells? You are disgusting just like uncle Erik.

Jamie scoffs at Spike, rolling his eyes while trying to think of another excuse for him to be there. He puts his hand on his hip and acts as if he is offended, staring at Spike who just grins at him in return.

Jamie: You know what? I… yeah, I got nothing. So why are you here?

Spike: I have been looking all over for you, because I needed to talk to you about something.

Jamie: Why don’t we step into the other locker room to talk about it. With those Dreamz Chasers running around, who knows what they might try.

Spike nods his head and turns toward the men’s locker room and puts his hand on the door knob. As soon as he does, Jamie snickers and pulls a sign off the women’s locker room, revealing it to be the real men’s locker room. Spike opens the door and steps inside. Vixen rolled her neck as she let the water stream down over her body. The mist from the shower curled around the floor as she reaches for the tap and stops the water. A noise from the locker room catches her attention and she turns quickly behind the shower curtain looking for a towel. Soft muttered curses are coming from the woman who frantically calls out.

Vixen: that you? Okay, ha got me. Give me a towel will you?

Pushing her wet hair back over her shoulder, she pulls the shower curtain to the side and peers out to find Spike holding up a folded towel in one hand and the NWA title in the other. His smirk quickly fades to horror as he turns away. Looking first to the towel, he holds out instead the title belt as Vixen squeaks in surprise, pulling the curtain to cover her body better.

Spike: Oh god! Sorry… Sorry, sorry… I’m gonna kill you, Jamie, but I’m sorry…

Spike places the title belt over his eyes as he extends the towel out toward Vixen. He groans as he hears the door slam shut with Jamie laughing outside. Jamie mutters something, but only one word was audible, “Dick’d!”

Spike: Wow… So, um… Call it even?

Wrapping the towel around her, Vixen makes sure she is covered.

Vixen: Ahhhh...sure. Is there something I can do for you?

She looks at him and then sidles around Spike to get to her gear as she grabs a robe and pulls it around herself. Feeling a bit more covered, she again pushes her hair back and sits down.

Vixen: You can uncover your eyes now Spike. I'm covered.

Spike turns around with his cheeks still a bit red from embarrassment. He clears his throat to say something but abstains for a minute. He takes a few steps forward, and then he suddenly starts giggling.

Spike: Now you know how it feels, huh?

The two of them sit there for a second, staring at each other when Spike takes a seat on the bench in the shower room.

Spike: Look, there has been this tension between us lately…

Vixen: Yeah, because of a similar situation a few weeks back with a certain Roulette Championship belt…

Spike: I clearly remember you having a hard time keeping your eyes off of all of this…

Spike chuckles as he gives a playful flex, kissing his bicep in the process. Vixen snickers slightly at his playful posing before nodding.

Vixen: Yeah..real hard time I will admit. Listen though...we can't be making a habit of this you know. This is how rumours get started and well, we all know what happens with those...

Vixen lets her comment trail off as she raises one eyebrow.

Vixen: People will be talking about us more than Odette and Gabriel...if that is possible.

Spike: I couldn’t agree more. But, the tension between us goes back further than you seeing my well-toned backside and… You know… This has been brewing since you joined NXT, this tension… This… awkwardness, and it is time we hashed this out.

Vixen clears her throat, clearly motioning to the towel. Spike looks back over to her and raises an eyebrow at her.

Spike: No, you know what? I’m not leaving until we get this resolved. If not, things will stay weird, and we can’t have that within NXT.

Vixen rolls her eyes then sighs as she crosses her arms.

Vixen: I guess I am wondering why me. I mean yeah I know that I'm good at what I do but I was the first woman that you recruited for NXT and was just when I was starting to challenge Misty and I figured I was just a replacement after the wedding thing and then Odette came in and you remember what happened...

Vixen crosses her legs, getting comfortable for a moment, well as comfortable as she can and narrows her eyes at Spike.

Vixen: So tell me Spike, what do YOU think this tension could be?

Vixen lets her arms uncross as she holds up one finger towards Spike.

Vixen: And if you even mention the word and me are going to have words.

Vixen looks serious for all of ten seconds before a teasing grin crosses her face. Spike shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face.

Spike: Well, that’s the only explanation I can come up with, honestly. You saw what I had going on, and then a couple weeks ago, you REALLY saw what I had going on… No, seriously… There are a lot of different answers to your question. Everyone expected me to recruit another Bombshell to NXT after Misty left, but they expected them to be a love interest.

Spike’s grin fades a bit as he maintains eye contact with Vixen. A bit of sorrow overtakes his face, even though he tries to hide it.

Spike: Misty fucked me up a great deal doing what she did and as much as I tried to sweep it under the rug, I didn’t do a good job of it. The rumours of us being an item were bound to come to fruition, but the fact that I never made a move made people talk more…

Spike cuts himself off, shaking his head for a moment to recollect his thoughts. He sighs and then clasps his hands together between his legs.

Spike: I came to you with the offer to join NXT because Vixen IS X-Treme, and she is meant to usher in the real new era of wrestling along with the rest of us. I had no intentions of ever seeing you in this circumstance, to be honest. It was strictly business. So, what else could this tension be?

Vixen takes a long slow breath and then smiles as she leans towards Spike.

Vixen: You don't know how much that puts me at ease. To me this is business Spike. It isn't like I don't like you but I didn't want it to be anthing personal you know. Especially since it was so soon after that whole Misty thing and well...

She motions between them and the fact she is sitting there in a towel.

Vixen: Look, I can't promise that we will be closer in a friends with benefits way but I think I might just be able to move past this tension. Deal?

Vixen holds out a hand for Spike to shake. Instead, Spike shakes his head and stands up from the bench, folding his arms across his chest.

Spike: Deals off! I thought I was gonna get laid tonight…

Spike cracks a smile and the turns back around to face a flustered Vixen. He sweeps up her hand valiantly and gives it a firm shake.

Spike: First rule of knowing me is to realize that I’m a wise ass. Now, I want you to know that I really am here for you. I will help you in any way you can. NXT is stronger than people realize, and that’s because we are like a family. Not a normal family where you want to choke them to death, but a supportive family. No tensions, no resentment, just strength, solidarity, and championship gold.

Spike helps Vixen up from the bench and he goes for a hug. As he leans in, his hand touches on her back, and he pulls it away. He looks a little embarrassed and then he moves out with just a pat on the shoulder. He motions his thumbs back toward the door as he walks backward toward it, leaving Vixen to think it over.

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring; he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes.

Decent: The following contest is a Roulette Rules match and it is for the men’s Roulette Championship, introducing first, being accompanied by Sapphira, from Utrecht, the Netherlands but now residing in New York City, he weighs in at 239ibs, he is Goth!

He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and he awaits Aleksei’s arrival.

Simone: This is bound to be an extremely hard fought contest for the Roulette Championship.

Goth doesn’t have to wait long as "Wonderlust King" starts to play all throughout the area. Spotlights hit the ramp and for a long moment they will stay in that position waiting for Aleksei to make his entrance.

Decent: And his opponent, from Bucharest, Romania, standing 6ft 5 and weighing in at 255ibs, he is the reigning and defending SCW Roulette Champion and represents NXT, Aleksei Koji!

He does not appear to be coming. The spot lights start to search the crowd and find that Aleksei is in the audience having a drink. He starts to move through the crowd towards the ring. As he is about to climb over the rail he hands his flask to a nearby fan and then climbs in, the two men stare each other down as Ms. Rocky Mountains appears on the titentron next to the Roulette Rules Wheel.

Ms Rocky Mountains: All right fans, gentlemen in the ring, let’s determine the match!

The crowd pops as Rocky spins the wheel, the two men watch intently as the wheel slows down; Aleksei frowns however once he realizes what the wheel’s landed on.

Ms Rocky Mountains: Well, its official folks, the match will be a Ladder Match!

The titantron turns off and Aleksei hands his belt to the referee so that the belt can be suspended above the ring, it’s clear that he’s not happy about it however as he knows that he’s out of his element.

Simone: A ladder match, I think we can expect some thrills in this one!


Adams: Look! Goth’s already grabbed a ladder!

Unlike Koji Goth doesn’t waste any time in searching for a suitably large ladder, in fact he was searching for one whilst the belt was being lifted and by the time Drew signals for the bell he’s found one and is getting ready to slide it in, Koji sees this however and baseball slides the ladder into Goth sending him stumbling towards the guard rail.

Simone: Koji may be out of his element but that doesn’t mean that he won’t fight to keep his title.

Adams: He’d fight to keep it if it landed on Bra and Panties match……OH GOD WHY DID I SAY THAT?! NOW I HAVE THE MENTAL IMAGE OF THEM IN WOMEN’S UNDERWEAR IN MY HEAD!

Koji steps over the ring ropes before grabbing the ladder and slamming it into Goth’s ribs doubling over the challenger before dropping it and Scoop Slamming Goth onto the ladder, Goth rolls off to recover and Koji takes the advantage by sliding the ladder into the ring and setting it up.

Simone: This may be the fastest Roulette Title Defense in history!

Adams: Can that ladder support his weight though?

Koji tests the ladder’s sturdiness briefly before gingerly climbing up the ladder. However the massive Romanian doesn’t even make it up halfway before the ladder collapses under his weight sending him down.

Adams: Who built that ladder? Was it Wylie E. Coyote?

Simone: I think it has more to do with him being too heavy for that ladder.

By this time Goth has recovered and has seen that the ladder is in ruins so he starts searching for another ladder, he finds one just as Koji is getting too his feet and tossing the remains of the first ladder over the top rope and too the floor, just as he finishes disposing off the last of the remains of the ladder Goth has entered the ring with a much bigger ladder and is waiting for Aleksei to turn around, when he does Aleksei gets hit on the head with the ladder sending him stumbling backwards into the nearest corner, Goth sets up the ladder and starts climbing it.

Simone: We may have a new champion!

Adams: I don’t think so, Aleksei’s up!

Aleksei walks towards the ladder just as Goth reaches the top of the ladder, before Goth can reach for the title however Aleksei rocks the ladder back and forth before tipping it over sending Goth over the top rope and too the floor, the crowd erupts in holy shit chants as Aleksei rights the ladder up and starts climbing it.

Simone: If I where him I’d be more hesitant about climbing a ladder after what happened last time.

Adams: Yeah but this one’s bigger so it should be able to handle his weight.

Aleksei has reached the top and is trying to remove the belt whilst keeping his balance, easier said than done given his weight, whilst this is going on Goth has recovered and has climbed onto the apron, he takes a moment to collect himself before he leaps up and hits a springboard dropkick…..onto the ladder as he’s facing the wrong way to hit Aleksei.

Simone: Goth just screwed up big time!

Adams: Or did he?!

The dropkick has rocked the ladder eventually sending it tipping over, Aleksei tries to hold onto the belt but he loses his grip and goes flying to the mat.

Simone: And just like that both men are on the mat!

Adams: What will it take for either man to win the match?!

Both men are exhausted from the match and aren’t getting up any time soon, Drew looks around confused as he would normally start counting to ten, but since the match is a ladder match that rule doesn’t apply, at around the same time drew would count to seven Goth gets up to his feet and rights up the ladder before he starts climbing, it’s clear that he’s feeling the effects of the match however as he is taking his time getting too the top.

Adams: He’s slower than a tortoise on morphine!

Simone: And here comes Koji!

By the time Goth has reached the halfway point Koji is up and is chasing him up the ladder, the two men eventually reach the top and start exchanging clubbing blows between each other, Goth eventually gets the advantage by slamming his face into the ladder and hooking up his head in a headlock, the crowd rises to its feet realizing what’s about to happen.

Simone: Oh no…….


The crowd erupts in holy shit chants and Koji looks to be out cold! Goth slowly climbs up the ladder and removes the title belt ending the match.

Decent: Your winner and NEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW SCW Roulette Champion! Goth!

Darkside begins to blast over the speaker as Goth holds the title up high above his head on top of the ladder, the crowd boos and the medics attend to Koji.

Simone: We’re barely into one match and we’ve already got a new title holder!

Adams: What else will happen?!

The scene opens up outside Christian Underwood's door, the door was cracked slightly open and inside you could see Sean sitting in Christian's chair, feet cocked up on the table, standing near the wall is Brooklyn Carter who is laughing at some of the comments Sean was making, suddenly the door swings open and Christian storms in the office.

Christian: May I ask why you are in my office, in my chair, and with your feet on my desk? Do you put you're feet on your mother's desk or furniture?

Sean smiles.

Sean: Oh Christian, we fall from the same tree my friend, you should be excited, hell even estatic that you could have someone of my stature even step foot in this [looks around] dusty and ugly colored wall room, I swear you picked some of the filthiest places for us to wrestle.

Christian knocks Sean's foot off the desk, he walks over to the chair and stands above Sean.

Christian: You may be treading up the wrong water Sean, I am not someone you would want to have issues with.

Sean: Poor Christian, you would think and tell me if I'm wrong, but since you're no longer wrestling, which is kind of a good thing. Be happy that you have someone like me that looked up to you when I was younger, since I believe you're what almost 45 now? You still look good for someone who was one of wrestling's first ever openly gay males, but in this day in age that doesn't matter, especially since you have me around because when I first stepped foot in the ring, everyone knew.

Christian: What is your reasoning for being in here?

Sean: I just felt I should stop by, you know chat with you, I know it's hard for you to sit back in this chair knowing that you're wrestling, well you're whole attire career is over with, you could never keep up with the likes of me, so don't feel threatened, even though you should, but at this moment you shouldn't.

Christian turns and looks at Brooklyn who is still standing near the wall, and then back down at Sean.

Christian: I think we are done here, and that attitude you have Sean, you should really save that for the ring.

Sean: Oh believe me I will, be ready to start recruiting, because after tonight you will probably loose a few good men.

Sean jumps up from the chair, Christian and Sean stand face to face, Sean smiles as he reaches his hand up, trying to rub his fingers through Christian's hair, but Christian slaps his hand away.

Christian: Leave now.

Sean laughs as he walks toward the door, Brooklyn follows behind leaving Christian in his office with a angry look smacked across his face.

The stage lights dim as the distortion takes over the PA system. “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits begins playing as Erik Staggs walks out onto the stage. In his hands, he carries a folder, wearing a half smile on his face. The fans give off a mixed reaction as he marches down the ramp. He looks from side to side before approaching the ring steps. He jogs up them and onto the apron where he looks out into the crowd with a twisted smile before he gets inside of the ring. There is a table and two chairs set up inside of the ring, and Erik sets the folder down on it. He walks over to Justin Decent, retrieving a microphone. His music dies down and he looks around at the audience, waiting for them to quiet down. When they aren’t timely enough, he lifts the microphone to his lips and loudly clears his throat, making them quiet down.

Erik Staggs: Ladies and… gentlemen. If I could have your attention please…?

His speech drags on long and slow in an almost monotone, condescending manner as his eyes wander the audience. He takes a deep breath as the audience comes to a hush and then he looks over to the folder sitting on the table.

Erik Staggs: Thank you… Thank you all. I would like to take a moment to say thank you, to all of the fans, for so kindly showing your respect toward me in my new position. It means a lot to me that you all have the ability to quiet down when told to. Very good, sheep.

He raises his stare to the audience who delights him with a chorus of boos. His smile suddenly appears more genuine as he begins slowly walking the outline of the ring ropes.

Erik Staggs: Now, moving on to business. As your head of Talent Relations, I am here to make a not-so-secretive announcement of a particular signing that I, and I alone, am responsible for making. You can thank me later. I have an eye for scouting talent, and I could not pass up negotiations with…

Erik’s concentration is broken by the pulsating beat of “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. His face melts as he stares on at the entrance ramp, looking perturbed. The audience stands up in their seats, deafening screams coming from all sides as the music picks up. Erik Staggs taps his foot impatiently awaiting the arrival of the new signee who does not disappoint. Five cameramen file through the curtains, taking different angles when “The Italian Stallion” Giani Di Luca shoves them to the side. He is dressed in black track pants featuring his signature logo down each leg, and the stallion emblazoned on the backside, and an NXT black muscle T-Shirt. He holds a microphone in his hand as he throws his arms into the air, up and down, coaxing the audience to get even louder. He jogs from one side of the stage to the other, slapping hands with the fans, and fist pumping along the way. He stops at the top of the ramp, shouting out “FUHGEDDABOUDIT!”. He jogs down the ramp, alternating side and slapping hands before reaching the head of the ring. He spins around on one leg before leaping up onto the ring apron. He fist pumps a few more times before entering the ring, and working the nearest turnbuckle.

Erik Staggs: Ohhhkay… We get it, you’re energetic… That’s just, ummm… awesome? I guess…

Giani turns around and stares at Erik before blowing him off and crossing the ring to work the other side. He slowly peels off his NXT shirt, tossing it over his shoulder as he leaps down. He struts over to the table and takes a seat in one of the provided chairs, kicking his feet up on the table as he gives a mischievous smile toward Erik Staggs. He raises the microphone up above his head, tilting back.


The audience lets out a deafening roar as Erik nods his head, obviously annoyed. He walks over to the table and sits in the seat across from Giani. He flips open the folder to the last page and he slaps a pen down on top of the stack of papers.

Erik Staggs: We can just go ahead and skip the part where you pretend to understand the contract. It’s just so overdone, and cheesy. And of all people, I wouldn’t expect you to understand a single word of it, so…<.font>

Giani holds a hand up toward Erik, still refusing to remove his feet from the table. The two engage in a bit of a stare down before Giani nods his head, giving in. He brings the microphone up to his lips.

Giani: You are so right, dawg, I understand the letters, and I know when ya add them together they make words and stuff… See, contracts? They ain’t ever been my kinda thing, bro. So, I could cut to the chase and sign, because, let’s be honest here… I wanna work for Sin City Wrestling. But, I am not ya nephew Jamie. I’m smart enough to bring my own representation. Please welcome my manager, and good friend, Tommy Garevelli!

Just then, a nicely dressed man appears at the top of the ramp, in the mid five foot range, carrying a briefcase in one hand. He jogs down the ramp and to the steps, quickly getting inside to join Giani’s side as the audience cheers. Tommy looks down to Giani, and then points to his feet, motioning for him to cut it out. Giani sighs and then takes his feet off of the table. Tommy nods and then they pull the folder closer to them. Tommy scans it as Erik taps his watch. Giani holds up a finger as Tommy is heard mumbling to Giani, and he nods. They flip through the pages, and Tommy gives him a quick rundown. Putting on a poker face, the two of them nod. Giani picks up the pen and places it down to the end before looking back up to Erik.

Giani: Ya know… I could use some sort of a title shot incentive to get me to sign…

Giani asks hopefully with a smile. Erik taps his chin, thinking it over. He pulls out his cell phone and acts like he is about to dial a number while raising the microphone to his lips.

Erik Staggs: Yeah, no… See, in Sin City Wrestling… we pride ourselves on the fact that our champions have EARNED their title shots. We aren’t some third rate indy fed where some reality TV trash can walk out and demand to be a champion. Like it or not, I refuse to budge. You can take it or leave it, son…

Giani leans back toward Tommy, and the two talk it over. Giani nods his head as they discuss the pros and cons. Giani shrugs his shoulders and then before you know it, he is adding his signature to the contract. He gets up from the table and slams the pen down on the table. The audience cheers loudly as “Party Rock Anthem” starts playing once more. Erik Staggs smiles brightly as he stands up from his chair. He happily hands an SCW shirt over to Giani, who raises it up in the air. Erik goes for a handshake, Tommy accepts it graciously. When Erik turns over to Giani, Giani slides his hand up and begins fixing his hair. Erik’s face sours as Giani looks up toward the ramp. NXT members storm the ring to celebrate with Giani inside of the ring. Odette joins Giani in a fist pumping party that spreads over the whole group. Spike and Casey look at each other and shrug before joining in with the fist pumps.

The camera goes backstage to James-Huntington Hawkes III backstage, a smug look on his face as he stands next to Simpson.

JHHIII: I was amazing Simpson, I was in the ring, making people look stupid! I was just brilliant!

Simpson: You was sir.

JHHIII: People keep asking me why I joined them, but it's because they believed in me! Sean, DJ, Brooklyn, Ashton, they all believed in me!

Before Simpson can response the sold out crowd lets out a cheer as Odette Ryder is seen coming up behind both of them, her Australian accent cuts into their conversation.

Odette: I believed in you!

James goes to speak but Odette continues

Odette: I believed you, Spike believed in you, Despayre believed in you hell Gabriel believed in you and you decided to side with them…

JHHIII: By them, I think you mean the Dream Chaserz

Odette doesn’t seem to be too pleased with Hawkes but she still has the look of concern in her eyes.

Odette: I don’t care what it’s called James. I know you don’t want to be with them! I know you got peer pressured into joining their group. I know you… you can do better than this James…

Odette was pleading for answers by James but he wasn’t giving her anything. He was shutting her off.

Odette: I can help you Hawkes… I can get you on tv without having to be in their group. I can even try and save you from Gabriel… you know he is after you right?

Hawkes still didn’t say a word to Odette

Odette: what you have nothing to say for yourself?

Hawkes turned to Simpson and then back to Odette, the young Aussie shook her head and went to walk off.

Odette: You really are with them? Aren’t you?

Ducking her head down Odette walked off upset, as she goes to walk away James finally goes to say something looking a little displeased with himself. But it’s too late as Odette is already gone, leaving Simpson and Hawkes to continue. Hawkes instantly snapping back into Brat mode.

Simpson: See Sir, others believed in you too

JHHIII: Yes, but that wasn't getting me mentioned, that wasn't getting me on TV!

Simpson: Sir, Mr Despayre, Ms Ryder and even Spike Staggs backed you for TV, you would have been on TV.

JHHIII: But they see my talent, they see how great I am, they see me as an equal, not put on television to be made a fool of and that's what we did, I'm an equal Simpson!

James turns away from Simpson a smug look crossing his face, quickly turning to a downward turn as someone stands in front of him. James looks up to see the face of Gabriel looking down at him. James swallows hard

JHHIII: Simpson!

James' voice cracks but Gabriel looks at Simpson.

Gabriel: I really wouldn't.

Gabriel points behind Simpson to show Shane and Rage behind Simpson. Simpson turns to face them, Shane looks at Rage.

Shane: How'd ya wanna handle this?

Rage shrugs and punches Simpson in the side of the head, send him flying in to a stack of boxes. Shane tilts his head.

Shane: That works.

Shane and Rage walk towards Simpson and the camera goes back to Gabriel, his hand on James' shoulder.

Gabriel: It's a shame it's come to this James. See, my girlfriend held you in such high esteem, and yet you do something like this. Here's the difference between us ya midget. I don't need a gang attack to get noticed, I just need to do this.

Gabriel pushes Hawkes away with his left hand and cracks him with a huge right hook, Sending James flying.

Gabriel: Where's DJ and Sean now?

Gabriel kicks James in the stomach and grabs him to his feet, holding him by the shirt.

Gabriel: You hurt me pysically ya pissant, but you hurt Odette more. No one is allowed to hurt her, I'm here to stop her ever hurting.

JHHIII: Do you love her or something?

Gabriel tilt his head and smiles slightly.

Gabriel: Not the time James.

Gabriel grabs James by the shoulder and leads him towards a dumpster, flipping the lid open.

Gabriel: Back where you belong James.

Gabriel lifts up Hawkes and throws him in the dumpster, closing the lid down. Shane and Rage appear next to him.

Shane: All good.

Gabriel: One down, many more to go

The camera fades out as The Sins walk away

The camera returns to the ring where Justin Decent stands alongside referee Drew Patton. Bombshell wrestler Miss Evangelista is arriving at ringside.

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it features Bombshell wrestling action!

The crowd applauds as Evangelista steps inside of the ring while Justin continues with the introductions.

Justin: Currently in the ring from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, weighing 120 pounds ... Miss Evangelista!

The polite Thai crowd applauds but there is a scattering of boos as well as Evangelista holds her arms up in acknowledgment, then starts calling out at the crowd, shouting them down.

Adams: Oo! She's pleasant. Insert sarcasm here.

Justin: Her opponent is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and weighs 128 pounds ... Vixen!

The throbbing beat of Light it up by Rev Theory is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.

Simone: Vixen looks absolutely determined in this one!

Adams: I bet both Karina and Kittie are going to have their eyes on this one.

Simone: Well Vixen has been deemed the number one challenger to the Bombshell Roulette title and she is not about to let anyone get in her way.

Vixen turns and acknowledges the fans in the crowd when Miss Evangelista charges from across the ring and attacks, slamming her head into the turnbuckle! The bell rings!



Evangelista has Vixen backed into the corner now and has both hands wrapped around her throat, choking her out! Evangelista then grabs her by the arm and sends her into the far corner and charges in after her, but Vixen somersaults over her back and lands on her feet behind her. Evangelista turns around quickly and Vixen leaps up and brings her opponent over with a standing hurricanrana!

Vixen goes for the pin, and Drew drops down for the count!

2.. Evangelista kicks out!

Simone: Vixen almost pulled this one off right from the start!

Adams: That would have been humiliating for Evangelista!

Vixen grabs Evangelista by the arm and sends her into the ropes at top speed and leaps, connecting with a flying lariat on her opponent! Vixen again goes for the cover!

2..... Evangelista's legs are caught in the ropes and Drew makes Vixen break.

Vixen sighs and brings Evangelista to her feet in a rear waistlock and runs her forward into the ropes for a rollup but Evangelista holds on and Vixen falls backward. Evangelista spins around and sees her fallen prey and darts right up to her when Vixen plants both feet into her stomach and kicks her over in a monkey flip.

Simone: That crafty little....

Evangelista lands on her back and Vixen covers her for the third straight time.

1..... Evangelista kicks out quickly.

Vixen grabs her by the wrist and pulls her to her feet. She twists her arm into an arm wringer when Evangelista counters, twisting Vixen's arm with a reversal and traps her in an arm bar. Vixen winces from the pressure and opts to scoop her opponent up and she slams her down but Evangelista hangs onto the arm and Vixen is flipped over and turned into a hammer lock.

Simone: I have to hand it to Miss Evangelista. That was a pretty good reversal there.

Vixen’s face shows pain as she reaches behind her and drops to her knees, snapmaring Evangelista over her shoulder but Evangelista holds on yet again, rolling through and she has Vixen down on the canvas and still in the hammerlock.

Adams: She's going to snap that arm off if she bends it up any higher.

Simone: That just might be the idea.

Drew asks Vixen if she wants to give up but Vixen answers each time by shaking her head "no". Miss Evangelista keeps adding more pressure to the hold, further inflicting pain on Vixen. After several torturous moments trapped in the hold, Vixen is able to get to her feet and get in a series of hard back elbows into Miss Evangelista's head, causing her to release the hold. Vixen shakes her arm, trying to get some feeling back in to it. Miss Evangelista is soon back on the prowl as Vixen continues to massage her arm to relieve the pain inflicted. Miss Evangelista goes on the attack and kicks Vixen in the belly, doubling her over. She then takes Vixen and whips her across the ring into the ropes. When Vixen comes rebounding back, Miss Evangelista attempts a clothesline, but Vixen is quick to duck. She runs into the ropes again, only to come rebounding back to nail Miss Evangelista with a Thesz press and before Drew can issue a count, Vixen starts hammering away at Evangelista's head.

Simone: I do believe Miss Evangelista has started to get under her opponent's skin!

Vixen jumps to her feet, dragging Evangelista up along with her and she snapmares her over to the mat into a seated position. Vixen leaps over her head and runs off of the ropes and comes off, connecting with Evangelista's head in a Shining Wizard!

Adams: Ouch! *I* felt that!

Vixen covers her and hooks the leg!

2..... Evangelista gets the shoulder up.

Vixen then sets Miss Evangelista up for a suplex and snaps her over, but she holds on and brings Evangelista over a second time. Vixen then grabs her by the hands and drags her into position before scaling the top rope.

Simone: Vixen setting her opponent up for something big.

Vixen balances herself, and when she thinks the timing is right she jumps and attempts a moonsault. Miss Evangelista, however, is quick thinking and just as Vixen is about to land, she rolls out of the way, causing Vixen to crash hard into the mat!

Adams: Oh! It's a good thing she doesn't have implants!

Simone: And how the hell would you know whether she does or doesn't?

Adams: It's a talent that all men have.

Miss Evangelista slowly crawls over to Vixen, who is barely moving on the mat. Miss Evangelista rolls Vixen over on to her back and covers her, hooking the leg and a handful of tights.

Simone: She has the tights Drew!

3-NO! Vixen kicks out at the last possible second!

Simone: Ha! Even that couldn't put Vixen down for the count.

Miss Evangelista’s eyes widen, as she is in disbelief over Vixen kicking out. She doesn’t bother trying to argue with Drew Patton, instead she gets back to her feet, pulling Vixen to her feet with her. She whips Vixen into the turnbuckle again, and then charges at her, elbowing her. Miss Evangelista pulls Vixen a few inches away from the turnbuckle. She brings several knees up into Vixen's upper body, then grabs her by both sides of the head and hits a double knee strike to the head! Vixen crashes to her back and holds her forehead, reeling.

Adams: Evangelista is a real rough house!

Evangelista drags her up and scoops her up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Evangelista smiles and parades the helpless Vixen around the ring.

Simone: Hm, she's starting to get cocky.

Evangelista then heaves her off and drops her over her knee in a gut buster.

Adams: Ugh! We're lucky she didn't just show us what she had at the banquet before the show.

Evangelista then stomps hard on her chest and steps out onto the apron and she begins to ascend to the top. She sizes the downed Vixen up and then springs off, landing atop Vixen with a Five Star Frog Splash! Evangelista grabs her stomach and drops over Vixen in the cover!

3-NO! Vixen kicks out!

Miss Evangelista is pissed! She gets to her feet, only this time she argues with Drew, accusing him of a slow count. Drew sticks to his ground, telling her to get back to the match. Evangelista turns around and sees Vixen take a dive toward her! Evangelista ducks and Vixen flies over her with a sunset flip from out of nowhere!

2.....Miss Evangelista kicks out!

Simone: Arguing with Drew nearly cost her the match.

Miss Evangelista and Vixen both get to their feet and have a stare down. They get in each other’s faces and begin screaming and yelling at each other. They start pushing and shoving each other, until Evangelista rakes Vixen's eyes. Miss Evangelista Irish whips her into the ropes and scoops her up for a sidewalk slam but Vixen scissors her head with her legs and brings her over in a whirlybird headscissors.

Adams: Even after everything she's taken, Vixen is making a comeback!

Evangelista staggers to her feet and Vixen hits her with three straight dropkicks that leave her reeling! Vixen then runs into the ropes and comes rebounding back with a handstand leg drop across Miss Evangelista’s throat!

Simone: Vixen going for another cover!

2..... Miss Evangelista gets the shoulder up!

After the leg drop, Vixen doesn’t try to pin Miss Evangelista. She instead pulls her up and grabs her from behind in a Dragon Sleeper and pulls her down into a body scissors, retaining the hold!

Adams: Foxy Dreams! She's got her!

Simone: And she has it right in the middle of the ring!

Vixen sinks the hold in tight, gritting her teeth! Evangelista reaches for the ropes but has no way to get close enough and has little option but to...

Simone: She tapped!

The bell rings and the crowd cheers as Vixen releases Evangelista and stands up while Drew raises her arm!

Justin: The winner of the match ... Vixen!

The crowd applauds as Vixen climbs through the ropes and drops to the floor as the Nightmare Child climbs in to check on Evangelista. Vixen slaps hands with the fans as she heads toward the back.

Simone: Vixen gets yet another victory on her record and as I understand it, it has been announced! In just a few weeks in Japan... Vixen will challenge for the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship, no matter whom the champion may be!

Outside the NXT locker room the cameras find Aleksie Koji and Spike are in the middle of a conversation. Aleksei is often looking over his sholder.

Aleksei: all I am saying is watch yourself with Kennedy. He looks mostly harmless but that guy fights dirty.

Spike: oh yeah I know. You seem pretty jumpy, man. Jaime told me about your troubles. You going to be ok?

Aleksei: nah friend. This is not the first time I have been chased by gangsters.

Spike: Sorry about your title man. We will get it back.

Aleksei: yeah. I was distracted man. Just wish we were not so close to India. But I am not missing this tour. This is our chance. I want all the glory for us. The tag titles, heck I am even rooting for Vixen against my sister. I just have to make it to Japan.

Spike: why what is in Japan?

Aleksei: Yakusa, they hate my collectors even more than...oh flying crap!

Aleksei suddenly dives behind some boxes. Spike looks confused until a massive Indian man in a muscle shirt strides by.

Thug: You see the man they call Aleksei?

Spike: Nope. Cant say that I have.

The man strides off. Spike walks over to the boxes. Aleksei pokes his head out.

Spike: who the hell was that?

Aleksei: one of the twins.

Spike: crap there are two of them?!

Aleksei: yeah and an old pissed off gypsie with way to many connections. I need a drink. Catch you later friend.

The camera shows Ashton Gibbs standing in the parking lot, standing talking on a cellphone. A cough is heard behind Gibbs, causing him to turn. Gabriel is seen sitting on a car.

Ashton: I'll call ya back.

Ashton hits a button on the phone but Gabriel slides off the car, taking the phone and throwing it behind him.

Ashton: Hey man, that phone was expensive.

Gabriel: Big deal Ashton. Last week, your meal ticket made a big mistake.

Ashton: Oh, your the chump who DJ beat down last week, yeah, I remember you.

Gabriel: Well haven't you just got a great memory there Ashton. Here's the thing, I don't really like that whole group. You're in it by association, so I think you know what's gonna happen.

Ashton look at Gabriel, his eyebrows raised.

Gabriel: I'm gonna hurt ya without touching ya.

Ashton smirks at Gabriel

Ashton: How are you gonna do that?

Gabriel raises his hand in front of Ashton's face, while Ashton smirks at him. Gabriel twists his hand and the look on Ashton's face changes, his eyes wide as he bounces up and down. The camera turns around to show Despayre lifting him up with a huge wedgie! The fans cheer in the background as Despayre bouncing him up and down. Despayre lets him go and Gabriel plants a huge right hand on his jaw, sending him flying backwards on to the hook of a car. Gabriel bend over him and starts to drill hard shots in to Ashton's head. Gabriel stands up and looks at Ashton.

Gabriel: Send your boy DJ after me, will save me hunting him down and anymore moves on Odette on Twitter, I'm putting you in hospital.

Gabriel steps down and moves to stand next to Despayre.

Despayre: Hey Gabriel, why did we just give that guy a wedgie?

Gabriel looks uneasy

Gabriel: Despy, I got something to show ya. Something happened to me last week.

Despayre looks at Gabriel as they duo walk away.

Justin: The following contest is for the Bombshell Roulette title. Earlier the wheel was spun to decide that this match is to be a Singapore cane match!

Simone: Who'da thought it?

Adams: Wow! I wonder if they know we're in Singapore! A real Singapore cane match IN Singapore!

Simone: No Jason, Singapore was last week....

Adams: Ah, someone must have wrote this last week and don't wanna write another

Simone: What the hell are you talking about?

Adams: Ummmm, oh look, pole

Technical crew start to attach a pole to the ring, and hanging a Singapore cane to it.

Justin: Introducing the challenger, from the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, weighing in at one hundred and sixteen pounds. She is Karina Koji!

The arena goes black, then purple lights fill the arena. “The Ruler and the Killer” by Kid Cudi starts to blare from the loudspeaker and soon after it starts Karina Koji enters. She stares at the ring, seemingly unaware of the audience at first. Her oversized hoody hides most of her face and she is dragging a large metal bat behind her. When she reaches the ring she lifts up her hoody and smiles to the audience. She tosses the bat aside and enters the ring.

Justin: And her opponent, from Henderson, Nevada, weighing in at one hundred and twenty pounds, she is the current SCW Bombshell Roulette Champion, she is Kittie!

The opening drum beat of “Lollirot” by Jack Off Jill begins blasting through the speakers as the light flash along with the music. As the instrumentals pick up, Kittie shoves her way through the curtains, her bombshell title cradled in her arms. A spotlight lands on her as she pauses, throwing her head forward, and then back. She lets her hair fall down over her face, and it slowly falls back as she moves her head slowly from one side to the other. She throws her hands up in the air and lets out a scream before she starts skipping down the entryway. She bops her head to the side as she goes. She stops to stick her tongue out to tease a cheering fan or two, and then she continues skipping until about half way to the ring. From there she makes a mad dash toward the ring, leaping onto the apron. She quickly bangs her head as she dances to the nearest turnbuckle. She climbs it, and pauses there, looking out across the audience through her hair as they cheer her on. She throws her middle fingers in the air before jumping down into the ring. She paces back and forth quickly as her music dies down.

Simone: This one will not be for the faint of heart.

Kittie and Karina look up at the Singapore cane hanging from the pole in the corner and Jasmine St John calls for the bell



Both Kittie and Karina look towards the pole and both start to make a move for it as Jasmine St John watches on. Kittie climbs the turnbuckle quickly but Karina pulls her down, slamming her down hard to the mat. Karina tries to climb the rope but Kittie scrambles around and grabs Karina by the ankle, stopping her from climbing the ropes. Karina turns around and stomps on Kittie back, but Kittie tries to fight her way to her feet. Kittie does but Karina nails Kittie with a shot to the face before pulling her over to the turnbuckle and smashing Kittie's face on the turnbuckle pad. Kittie stumbles out and Karina plants a thumb in to the neck of Kittie, dropping Kittie to her knees. Karina pulls her leg back and kicks Kittie in the base of the spine.

Simone: Crazy Karina is an expert and causing pain.

Adams: Shush, don't call her that or she might come and hurt us!

Kittie falls forward and Karina drops down and plants a knee in the base of Kittie's spine, pulling her head back. Jasmine St John drops down and asks Kittie if she wants to end the match but Kittie tells her no. Karina pulls back further and Jasmine St John asks again, but gets the same answer. Karina gets back to her feet and yells at Jasmine St John, but Jasmine shakes her head. Kittie gets to her knees but Karina turns back and pulls Kittie back to her feet, hitting her with a short, sharp uppercut to the jaw. Kittie stumbles away, but Karina takes her down with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Karina looks around and up at the Singapore cane. She walks past Jasmine St John, shoving her out of the way, and walking towards the cane, but Jasmine St John spins her around, yelling at Karina. Karina shakes her head and starts to climb the turnbuckle, but her spat with Jasmine St John has given Kittie time to recover. Kittie ducks down and puts her head between Karina's, turning her around and drops her face first with an electric chair drop!

Adams: Ouch!

Kittie rolls her over and goes for the cover. Jasmine St John drops down to count.


Karina kicks out.

Kittie gets back to her feet, pulling Karina with her and hooks her arms around her stomach and lifts her over her head with a release belly to belly suplex! Karina rolls towards the ropes and Kittie follows her. Kittie bends down and flips Karina on to her back. Kittie moves Karina's head under the ropes and lifts up her legs. Kittie drops backwards and slingshots Karina upwards, crushing her throat under the bottle rope! Kittie pulls Karina to the middle of the ring and drops down with a leg lace, trying to hyper extend Karina's knee. Jasmine St John drops next to Karina and asks if she wants to give up, but Karina grabs Jasmine St John by the stripped shirt, but Jasmine St John slaps Karina's hand off her chest. Karina turns back to Kittie and kicks Kittie in the face, breaking the hold. Kittie scrambles away and back to her feet before Karina. Kittie runs at Karina and kicks her hard in the chest, sending Karina flat on her back.

Simone: If Karina had fake ones, I could see a cosmetic surgeon getting sued in the morning.

Kittie looks towards the cane and moves towards it, climbing the turnbuckle and holding on to the pole for balance. Kittie lifts her hand up and grabs hold of the Singapore cain and pulls it down to the cheers of the fans.

Adams: Kittie's got the cane, this is not gonna be pretty.

Kittie turns around while on the second rope and jumps off as Karina comes close, and nails her in the head with the Singapore cane! Karina rolls over after hitting the floor hard and Kittie slams the cane down on Karina's back, causing the crowd to oooh and ahhh as Kittie rains shows down across the back of Karina. Karina rolls over in pain and tries to pull herself up from the canvas, and Kittie nails Karina in the gut with the end of the cane. Kittie swings the cane around and crashes it in to the back of Karina's head. Kittie drops the cane and goes for the cover, Jasmine St John drops down to count.


Karina gets a shoulder up.

Simone: That was a vicious blow from Kittie

Adams: Karina must have one hell of a headache.

Karina reaches over to grab the Singapore cane and pulls it to her side. As Kittie bends towards Karina to pull her up, Karina slams the cane on Kittie's head!

Adams: Teeth rattling shot!

Karina gets to her feet and slams the cane on Kitties head, forcing her to spin around. Karina wraps the cane around the Kittie's throat and drops backwards with a white Russian legsweep! Karina rolls on top of Kittie and holds the cane on Kitties throat, holding her down. Kittie struggles for air and Karina forces the pressure on Kitties throat. Jasmine St John starts a five count but Karina ignores Jasmine. Jasmine St John moves up behind Karina and puts her arms around her, pulling her off from Kittie, and allowing Kittie to breathe. Karina holds the cane in her hand and yells at Jasmine, but Jasmine St John points to her referee shirt and yells back at Karina. Karina pushes Jasmine St John with her free hand, but Jasmine St John pushes her back, Karina takes the cane with both hands and swings it around towards Jasmine's head.

Simone: Karina has lost it! She's gonna get herself disqualified!

Adams: I'll go help her find it. Erm, what is it?

Jasmine St John ducks and Karina spins three hundred and sixty degrees. As she turns back face to face, Jasmine pushes Karina! Karina stumbles backwards and Kittie rolls her up, Jasmine drops down to count.


Karina kicks out!

Simone: That was close!

Both scramble to their feet and Karina kicks Kittie in the back of the knee and grabs her head, slamming her down with a DDT. Karina picks up the Singapore cane and waits for Kittie to get to her feet.

Adams: Karina could be looking for one more shot to finish off Kittie!

As Kittie gets to her feet, Karina swings the cane downwards, but Kittie moves out of the way and the cane bounces off the ropes and hits Karina in the head!

Simone: Misfire.

Karina stumbles around but Kittie quickly hooks her up, lifting her leg in a cradle, looking for the Kat's Cradle. Kittie tries to pick Karina up, but Karina throws her head backwards, breaking Kittie's hold and pulling her to the ground by the arm and wrapping her legs around Kittie's arm, and resting the under Kittie's chin and pulling down on her head.

Adams: Wolf Bite! Kittie is locked in the Wolf bite!

Jasmine St John drops down and looks at Kittie, asking if she'd like to give up. Kittie's eyes close and Jasmine looks closer, raising her arm and watching it drop. Jasmine St John raises Kittie's arm again and drops its again. Jasmine raises her arm for a third time and drops it. Jasmine St John calls for the bell.

Justin: The winner of the match and NEW Bombshell Roulette champion.... Karina Koji!

Adams: We have a new champion!

Simone: Two title changes in one night, people are REALLY stepping up tonight.

Jasmine St John takes the Bombshell Roulette title belt as Karina lets go of Kittie and hands it to Karina, holding on to the title at the same time as Karina. Karina glares at Jasmine as Jasmine releases the title belt. Karina holds the title close to her chest

Simone: Kittie would rather be out cold then tap out.

Adams: She proved that. The era of Karina Koji has begun!

The scene opens up backstage where we see “Stoner” Scott Oliver who’s looking around confused as he stands there.

???: Looking for someone?

Scott: Ya man, I’m looking for Matthew Kennedy…….

He turns around and sees “Prime Time” Mathew Kennedy standing there with his arms crossed, Marty is standing nearby yelling down his cellphone to someone.

MK: Let me make one thing clear Oliver, I only asked you to interview me because our more distinguished interviewers not that that’s saying much are busy right now so let’s get this over with!

Scott: Right, right, so you want to talk about the match with Spike right?

MK: Yes off course! Spike you may be the NWA Champion but that will not stop me from winning! I am the best wrestler on this bloody roster and I will prove that tonight!

Scott: Strong words man, this is Scott Oliver…..

MK: I’m not done you bloody yank!

Matthew shoves Scott aside taking the mic with it.

MK: This is concerning a certain…..incident that happened to Casey William’s pregnant, beautiful fiancé Laura and whilst I do not and will not condone the actions of the man who caused this whole mess I am willing to pay for any and all medical expenses that she will need as a result of this, yes, even if it has to come out of my salary and even Marty’s salary!

MM: Hey I didn’t agree to that!

Matthew shoots Marty a death glare before the two men walk off.

Simone: Is… Matthew showing a soft side?

Adams: I need to give Satan a call, see if hell’s frozen over yet!

The camera finds the Party Horde in a forgotten hallway drinking beers while sitting on top of sports equipment and crates. Aleksei has just finished a bottle and tosses it back.

Jamie: dude, what are you still doing here. Spike told me some massive giant was here looking for you.

Aleksei: Two of them. They are twins.

Giani: sure are good at finding trouble bro.

Aleksei laughs at this and opens another bottle.

Aleksei: That is true my friend. I do nothing half assed! But who cares, ya? Lets us talk buisness....ass kicking buisness...

Jamie: Part of our buisness is keeping you alive.

Giani: Yeah. Jamie you take the big guy...then Aleksei takes the other big guy. Then I will take on the old guy who you borrowed from.

Gianni grins and Jamie just shakes his head. Then he throws a beer can at him.

Aleksei: How about we focus on something with less of the chance that we get shot. Mainly I am thinking the Party Horde needs tag gold.

Jamie: Yeah man! I miss having that tag gold. Somwtimes you get free stuff when you have those.

Aleksei: Yeah and ladies love gold.

Giani: what about Sean Williams little club. They look like they want to beat us to it.

Aleksei: What Dreamzz Chasorzz?

Aleksei stikes an old school hip hop pose and looks all sorts of absurd. The other two laugh.

Aleksei: Brothers, trust me we dont need to worry about those guys. Hell we are the dream they are chasing. Let them chase. If we need to knock heads to show them there place, well we can do that. Either way by the time we get back to vegas all three of us will have gold!

Cameras fade as the horde keeps drinking.

Justin: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Let me indroduce our first competitor, he is the current NWA World Champion. His hometown is St Louis, Missouri and weighs in at 265 pounds. He is the leader of the New Extremes! SPIKE STAGGS!!!!


The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Get Up" by Korn (feat Skrillex) plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage. He smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet. He bounces between the ropes as he waits for his opponent

Adams: It appears that Spike has more than fans in the audience. He has his own Party Horde including his brother and Aleksei Koji watching from their own section of seats. Aleksei is standing up with a drink, cheering on his stablemate.

Justin: His opponent is a former Roulette Champion. He hails from London, England and weighs in 220 pounds. He is MATTHEW KENNEDY!!!!

"You Are About To Be Cancelled"

"Cult Of Personality" hits the arena speakers and Matthew struts down to the ring, once he reaches the ringside area he removes his glasses and orders a ringside attendant to remove his jacket only to berate him for the slightest mistake before entering the ring The crowd is jeering him and Kennedy yells right back at them. He stares at Spike.

Simone: Matthew certainly does not have many friends here. As far as the fans are concerned there can be only one winner.

Adams: Well it helps that Spike comes with his own cheering section.


The bell goes and the two men lock up. The crowd is already chanting Spikes name as each man struggles to get the upper hand. Despite the size disadvantage Kennedy is able to whip Spike into the ropes and bring him down with a clothesline. The crowd boos and Matthew kicks Spike in the body as a response.

Adams: Well that is no way to get the fans behind you.

Simone: I don’t think he cares.

Kennedy tries to kick him again but Staggs catches his leg and trips him to the ground. Spike then leaps up and springboards off the nearby ropes and hits a legdrop on Kennedy before he can get back up. Spike is back up to cheers from the crowd. He tries to hit a standing moonsault but Kennedy rolls out of the way. Both men are getting up.

Simone: Quick action here, lots of back and forth.

Both men exchange hard body blows and then lock up again. Kennedy seems to have the advantage but Spike powers out of it and pushes Kennedy back. Spike then grabs Kennedy and whips him into the turnbuckle. He smiles to the crowd and runs at Matthew hitting him with a handspring kick.

Adams: Spike seems to be having fun out there, of course I imagine getting to hit Matthew Kennedy is kind of fun.

Kennedy staggers off the corner, Spike is climbing the turnbuckle. Kennedy sees him and runs over, lifting Spike up and bringing him down on the canvas. Matthew quickly climbs up and hits a leg drop of a very surprised Spike Staggs.

Simone: Kennedy finding a way to turn things around.

Kennedy is helping Staggs to his feet. He has him in the arm bar, twisting Staggs arms and then hits Spike with the back of his elbow. He follows that up with a quick DDT and the crowd screams against him. The loudest in the crowd are Aleksei Koji and Jamie Staggs who have gotten his attention. He screams at them before turning his attention back to Spike who has started to get back up.

Adams: Man that is one angry Brit.

Simone: I think Kennedy is still quite angry about the Roulette Title and he has something to prove. But he needs to focus on the match.

Kennedy runs at Spike who is on his knees and hits him with a big boot to his body. He the drops a quick elbow onto Spike and gets him up. He screams at Spike and lifts him up into a package piledriver.

Adams: Kennedy is trying to cancel the NWA champion!

Matthew lands the Prime Time Special! He is going for the pin.


Simone: Spike has his foot on the rope, the ref is stopping the count. Kennedy is livid.

Matthew is screaming at the referee and the referee is warning Kennedy to calm down. The Party Horde section has started a NXT chant that is being picked up by others. Kennedy runs to the ropes nearest their section and screams for them to shut up. He turns back to deal with Spike only to find that he has gotten on his feet.

Simone: Spike runs at Kennedy and hits him with a brutal spear.

Adams: That moved rock, but Spike looks worn out.

Staggs leans against the ropes, catching his breath. Instead of getting up Kennedy rolls out of the ring to collect himself. He has happened to end up near the Party Horde section that is messing with him more. Spike is going out after him.

Adams: I guess the Party Horde still has issues with Primetime.

Spike leaps off the apron and hits a cross body on Kennedy. The crowd goes wild. Spike is helping Matthew up and it looking to put him back in the ring but Kennedy hits a low blow!

Simone: How can the referee not see that?

Adams: I don't know but the fans saw it and they are getting rowdy. The Horde does not like them messing with one of their own.

Kennedy has a big smile on his face as he gets up. Jamie Staggs and Aleksei Koji have made their way to the guard rail. They are yelling at Kennedy who starts yelling back as Spike writhes on the floor. Something Jamie has said seems to upset Kennedy more then the rest and he is running for a nearby chair. He starts moving towards the crowd with a chair held high.

Simone: Someone better keep Kennedy under control. There are fans near Koji and Jamie Staggs.

Spike has staggered to his feet and sees what is going on. He stumbles over towards Kennedy, but Matthew sees him coming and swings at him. He hits his body with the chair and the referee is calling for the bell.

Adams: Well the ref saw that! So did Jamie Staggs who is climbing over the barrier!

Kennedy looks to be preparing to hit Staggs until he sees the other members of NXT coming out. He drops the chair and starts to make a run for it.

Simone: Well it looked like we were going to have a good match until Kennedy got flustered.

Adams: That guy needs anger management classes. Maybe Angel could help him out!

The scene opens up outside Rage's locker room, a knock on the door awakes Rage who was sprawled across the couch, resting his eyes a little before his big match. Rage wipes his face and walks over to the door, as he opens the door, a huge amount of balloons enter into the room smacking him in the face, Rage knocks the balloons out of the way, looking down on the floor he notices a cake in some tumble wear, roses petals spread across the ground, and a card.

Rage reaches down for the envelope, he pulls the card out and opens it, the card erupts with glitters flying toward his face.


The tone for I Will Always Love You By Whitney Houston plays through the card, while he reads the writing.

roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are you..........
but the roses are pelting..........
the violets are dead.........
the sugar bowl's empty.........
and so is your head.

Rage stood there with a confused look on his face, he turns and slams the door leaving the cake outside his locker room.

The scene opens up in the backstage area, both Brooklyn and Sean are shown standing outside Carly's room.

Sean: You think she would be down for it?

Brooklyn: I'm pretty sure, but I will talk with her.

Sean nods his head, he turns and walks off down the hall way, Brooklyn knocks on Carly's door, waits a couple seconds and then walks in.

Brooklyn: Let's talk about tonight.

The scene fades.

Justin Decent: The following match is a HARDCORE MATCH! Everything is legal and falls count anywhere. Introducing first, from Amarillo, Texas, “BIG COUNTRY” WYATT PETERSON!!!

"Goodtime" by Alan Jackson starts playing from the speakers and Wyatt Peterson bursts through the curtain onto the stage with a big Texas smile on his face. Wyatt points upwards and circles the air with his finger as he lets out a “YEEEEEEEHAW!!!” much to the delight of the crowd. Wyatt makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans as he makes his way towards the ring. Once he gets to the bottom of the ramp, Wyatt hops onto the ring apron and climbs into the ring. He hops onto the nearest turnbuckle and lets out another “YEEEHAW!” before turning his attention to the match at hand.

Simone: Wyatt has been waiting a long time to get his hand on Tom. It was supposed to happen at Summer XXXTreme, but Tom conveniently missed the cruise ship. Then, last week, Tom was supposedly having visa issues and couldn’t get to the match in Singapore. xx

Adams: You sound skeptical. Tom has had some issues the last couple of weeks, but he’s here tonight and that’s all the matters. xx

Simone: He’s only here because Christian Underwood threated to sue him if he wasn’t. xx

Justin: His opponent, from Dudelyville, TOM DUDELY!!!

“Indestructible” by Disturbed starts to play throughout the arena. Tom Dudely walks out to the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos. He has a microphone in his hand.

Tom: I’ve heard the murmers backstage. You all think that I have intentionally been avoiding getting into the ring with Wyatt. That is preposterous. I have no reason to avoid the match. Wyatt is nothing but a big, smelly, uncouth, no talent piece of garbage. I will only be doing the world good by removing him from Sin City Wrestling.

Wyatt is leaning over the ropes yelling at Tom to get down to the ring. Tom remains at the top of the ramp smiling at the angry Texan.

Tom: Wyatt, don’t you remember anything that I taught you? The number one rule is to never turn your back on your enemies.

Wyatt looks confused. Tom points past Wyatt who turns around into a boot to the gut from “Hangman” Chett Hawkins.

Simone: What the hell is Hangman doing out here?

Adams: He’s all about the money, and Tom’s got plenty of it. Maybe they worked something out.

Hangman connects with a powerful right hand that sends Wyatt stumbling into the corner. Hangman follows Wyatt into the corner and starts pummeling him with rights and lefts to the head and mid-section. Wyatt musters up the strength to push Hangman away. Wyatt explodes out of the corner, but Hangman sidesteps him, sending Wyatt into the opposite turnbuckles. Wyatt stumbles back towards Hangman who lifts him up into a military press. He drops Wyatt down into a death valley driver.

Simone: This is despicable! Hangman just hit Wyatt with the South Texas Deathride. Somebody stop this attack.

As if on cue, referee Jasmine St. John gets between the two Texans and yells at Hangman to get out of the ring. Hangman doesn’t argue. He just holds up his arms innocently and climbs out of the ring. Tom is all smiles as he hands Hangman an envelope.

Adams: Looks like Tom is satisfied with Hangman’s work.

Hangman continues up the ramp as Tom slides into the ring. Tom tells the referee to ring the bell, after a moment’s hesitation, she obliges.

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Tom quickly makes the cover.

2… Wyatt kicks out!

Simone: Tom tried to sneak a win there, but he took too long to make the cover.

Tom gets up to his knees and grabs his head in shock. Tom gets to his feet and pulls Wyatt to his hands and knees. Tom backs up a few steps to get a running start and boots Wyatt in the side of the head. Tom makes another cover.

2… Wyatt kicks out!

Tom climbs out of the ring and starts searching underneath it.

Adams: Things are about to get a lot more hardcore.

Tom starts pulling everything he can find from under the ring and sliding them into the ring. He finds a chair, a kendo stick, a stop sign, a ladder and, his favorite, a table. Tom also pulls out a burlap sack and sets it on the ring apron.

Adams: It looks like Tom’s pulling out everything but the kitchen sink.

Tom reached back under the ring and pulls out a kitchen sink, sliding it into the ring.

Adams: Wait, scratch that.

Tom climbs back into the ring where Wyatt is using the ropes to get to his feet. Tom grabs the kendo stick and quickly starts whacking Wyatt’s side and back. Wyatt attempts to get away from the attacks, but Tom continues to be aggressive. Tom finishes his kendo stick attack with a stiff whack to the top of Wyatt’s head that sends Big Country to the mat.

Simone: Tom hasn’t made a mistake yet. His veteran instincts are in full swing here.

Tom tosses the kendo stick away and picks up the stop sign. He stalks Wyatt who is using the ropes to pull himself up. Wyatt gets to his feet at turns towards Tom. Tom swings the stop sign, but Wyatt quickly ducks out of the way. The stop sign bounces off of the top rope and rebounds back, hitting Tom in the head. Still holding the sign, Tom stumbles around where Wyatt hits a running big boot that sends the stop sign back into Tom’s face.

Simone: Boomtown! Out of nowhere!

Tom rolls out of the ring where he is somehow able to get over the crowd barrier before going down.

Simone: Tom is acting on pure instinct right now. After a shot like that, the only thing that he knows is that he needs to get as far away from Wyatt as possible.

Wyatt rolls out of the ring and starts walking to where the crowd has left a space around Tom. Wyatt reaches over the crowd barrier, but is caught with a blast of white foam that sends him stumbling back. Tom pulls himself to his feet with a fire extinguisher in hand.

Adams: It looks like Tom was trying to put out Wyatt’s fire before he got too hot.

Wyatt goes back towards Tom who lifts to extinguisher to hit him. Wyatt catches the extinguisher and pulls it away from Tom. Wyatt sprays him with the white foam in the face that sends Tom stumbling backwards. Wyatt climbs over the barrier to join Tom in the crowd.

Adams: Welcome to the interacting portion of tonight’s program.

The Bangkok fans are going crazy as Big Country stalks Tom in the crowd. Tom turns towards Wyatt who meets him with a right hand. Tom stumbles away trying to put some space between himself and the big man. After a couple of moments, Tom grabs a folding chair from someone in the crowd. He turns back towards Wyatt and swings wildly. Wyatt catches the chair and yanks it out of Tom’s hands. Tom trips backwards as he tries to get away, landing on his bottom. Wyatt swings at Tom but misses, hitting the ground next to him instead. Tom quickly scoots away from the chair wielding Texan who has a big smile on his face.

Simone: Wyatt is playing with Tom. That’s not such a good idea against a veteran such as Tom. It’ll come back to bite him.

Wyatt swings the chair again, missing Tom intentionally as the veteran continues to try to get away. Wyatt lifts the chair to swing again, but this time, Tom kicks Wyatt’s legs out from under him, sending him face first to the floor. Tom quickly gets to his feet and starts climbing the stairs. At the top of the stairs, Tom turns around into a spear from Wyatt. Both men land in the concessions area.

Adams: Ooo, I hope they bring be some popcorn.

Wyatt is first back to his feet. Tom is still pulling himself up on a concession stand. Wyatt meets Tom as he gets to his feet with his back to the big man. Wyatt grabs Tom’s shoulder and spins him around only to get soda splashed in his face. Wyatt is stunned for a moment. Tom takes advantage and slams Wyatt’s head into the counter of the concession stand. Wyatt is leaning against the counter, Tom takes a step back and runs at Wyatt, sending both men over the counter into the concession stand. Tom mounts Wyatt and starts pummeling him with right hands. Wyatt eventually musters the strength to push Tom off of him. Tom crashes into the popcorn machine and lands in a sitting position at its feet. The door comes open and the popcorn starts pouring onto Tom.

Simone: There’s your popcorn.

Tom pulls himself to his feet and starts brushing the popcorn off of himself. While he’s distracted, Wyatt catches Tom off-guard and hits him with a broom handle to the gut. Tom doubles over and Wyatt grabs his head, slamming it into the counter. Wyatt grabs Tom’s head and slams it into the nacho cheese dispenser. Wyatt holds Tom’s head down and pushes the button to dispense the hot liquid. Wyatt releases Tom whose head is covered in the thick yellow goo.

Adams: Dudelyville must be in Wisconsin.

Simone: Why do you say that?

Adams: Because Tom’s a cheese head.

Wyatt is laughing as Tom attempts to wipe away the burning liquid. Wyatt grabs a hot dog and takes a bite out of it before shoving the rest into Tom’s mouth. Tom spits it out, but it’s enough of a distraction for Wyatt to kick Tom in the gut and toss him over the counter out of the stand. Wyatt walks around the counter to join Tom. Wyatt greets Tom with a right hand that sends him stumbling away. Tom turns around into a Wyatt who is running towards him with Boomtown. Tom ducks out of the way and Wyatt’s momentum carries him into the SCW Merchandise stand.

Simone: Wyatt was looking to put Tom away, but the teacher was one step ahead of the student.

Wyatt gets to his feet only to get knocked back down by Tom who comes across the table with a running cross body. Tom quickly gets back to his feet and stomps on Wyatt a couple of times. Tom grabs one of his “Who’s your Dudely?” shirts off of the rack and wraps it around Wyatt’s neck. Tom sits on Wyatt’s back and pulls back on the shirt.

Simone: Tom is showing some innovation here. This appears to be some form of a camel clutch.

Wyatt slowly starts to pull himself to his hands and knees and then up to his feet. Tom is still holding on for dear life as Wyatt runs backwards, slamming Tom into the wall. Tom continues to hold on so Wyatt changes his tactics and reaches back to grab Tom by the head. Wyatt flips Tom to the front, slamming him onto through the merchandise table. Wyatt makes the cover.

2… Tom kicks out!

Wyatt pulls Tom from the table wreckage and lifts him to his feet. Wyatt walks to the arena entrance and tosses Tom through. Tom is unable to catch his footing as he falls head over feet down the stairs. About halfway down, Tom is able to stop himself and starts pulling himself up on the railing. Wyatt catches up to Tom and connects with a spear that sends both men stumbling down the stairs. They both come to a stop when they crash into the crowd barrier at the bottom.

Simone: Wyatt has no regards for his own safety.

The men are both laid out at the bottom of the stairs. Wyatt has an arm on top of Tom so Jasmine St. John counts a pin.

3… NO!!!

Tom pushes Wyatt’s arm off of himself. Tom pulls himself to his feet and climbs back over the barrier into the ring area. Tom appears to be looking for something. He looks under the ring and pulls out a…

Adams: A Hobby Horse! I used to have one of those when I was a kid.

Simone: By ‘when I was a kid’, did you mean ‘it’s in my closet at home’?

Adams: No!

Wyatt climbs back into the ring area where Tom meets him with a stiff overhead shot with the hobby horse. The toy shatters and the head goes flying into the crowd.

Adams: That’ll give some kid nightmares.

Wyatt stumbles but doesn’t go down. Tom puts a shoulder down and rams Wyatt into the barrier. Tom reaches into the ring and grabs the chair from earlier. Tom comes down with a shot to Wyatt’s head. Wyatt is knocked out on the floor. Tom pulls the table out of the ring and sets it up at ringside. Tom then grabs the burlap sack that he left on the ring apron earlier and empties its contents onto the table.

Adams: It’s not a hardcore match until there are thumbtacks involved.

Tom walks back to where Wyatt is getting to his feet. Tom hits him with a knee to the gut and walks him over to the tack covered table. Tom sets Wyatt up for a suplex. Wyatt is able to shift his weight to prevent being taken all of the way over. Wyatt reverses into a suplex of his own that sends Tom into the entrance ramp. Wyatt looks at the table that Tom had set up and starts digging under the ring. The big Texan pulls an additional table out from under the ring. He starts setting it up and places it on top of the first. Wyatt then grabs the ladder out of the ring and sets it up next to the tables.

Simone: I think I see what Wyatt has in mind.

Wyatt goes back to Tom and starts pulling him to his feet. Tom pokes Wyatt in the eye and follows it with a kick to the gut. Tom then drops Wyatt to the ramp with an evenflow DDT.

Simone: Tom Dudely is taking it old school with a Dudely DDT.

Tom looks at the stacked tables and shakes his head with a smile. He starts digging around under the ring again and pulls out a third table and a small box.

Adams: I wonder what’s in the box.

Simone: I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Tom climbs the ladder, bringing the table with him. He sets the table up on top of the other two.

Simone: Three tables? This is going to hurt someone.

Adams: Isn’t that the point?

Tom climbs down off of the ladder and turns his attention back to the box that he pulled out. He opens the box and starts placing its contents on the ground under the tables.

Simone: C4? Who put those under the ring?

Adams: I suspect that Tom put them there.

Tom turns back towards Wyatt. Wyatt was waiting for him and hits him with a running big boot, Boomtown! Wyatt pulls Tom to his feet and starts pushing him up the ladder from behind. When Tom is about halfway up the ladder, Wyatt starts climbing up the opposite side. He grabs Tom by the head and starts pulling him the rest of the way up the ladder.

Adams: The anticipation is killing me.

At the top of the ladder, Tom comes back to life, attempting to fight off the big man. Tom starts hitting right elbows to Wyatt’s head. Tom then slams Wyatt face first into the top of the ladder. They start trading right hands, each man climbing up a step to try to get the height advantage. Eventually they are both standing on the top step of their respective side. They struggle with each other until they lose their balance and both men fall from the ladder. 1…2…3 tables collapse under the men followed by the BOOM! Of the C4.

Adams: Now that’s what I call Boomtown!

Jasmine St. John starts pulling the broken tables off of the two men. She finds the men both unconscious at the bottom of the pile with Tom on top of Wyatt. The referee makes the count.


Justin: The winner of the match… Tom Dudely!!!

Simone: I’m not sure if either of these men can be considered a winner after that ending.

Adams: These guys have tore it apart, what is in the future for both master and student?

The camera switches in to a dressing, Gabriel and Odette Ryder are face to face, Odette looks concerned.

Odette: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Gabriel nods

Gabriel: I am

Odette: But won't this set him off?

Gabriel puts his arm around Odette shoulder.

Gabriel: It's our secret weapon babe, they won't expect this.

Odette: I don't know what to expect.

Gabriel runs his hand down Odette's arm, clasping her hand in his.

Gabriel: Be glad you're on our side.

Gabriel kisses Odette on the head. Despayre moves in the picture.

Despayre: Gabriel, when you're done trying to show Odette how much she means to you.

Despayre turns to Odette

Despayre: It's lots by the way. Like so much, it's like more then he's telling ya!

Gabriel: Despy!

Despayre turns back to Gabriel.

Despayre: Can you tell me why we're here?

Gabriel points to a television in the corner off the room and picks up a control.

Gabriel: Take a seat buddy.

Despayre takes a seat but Odette tugs on Gabriel's arm.

Odette: Really sure?

Gabriel: Really sure

Gabriel turns back to Despayre, sitting in front of the television, while sliding an arm around Odette's waist.

Gabriel: Despy, last week while you were signing autographs in the lobby, this happened to me.

Gabriel clicks the remote and footage of last weeks attack on him shows on the screen, Odette turn her head, putting it on Gabriel's chest, almost shying away from the screen, Gabriel put his hand on the side of Odette's face, stroking her cheek. The camera moves around to Despayre's face, almost tears in the young man's eyes. He looks back at the screen as the chair slams down on Gabriel. Odette turns her face to the screen, Gabriel running his fingers through her hair. Despayre turns to face them.

Despayre: Gabriel.... what... but....

Despayre turns back to the screen, his expression turning from tears to anger. Odette looks at Gabriel with an unsure face but Gabriel gives her a reassuring hug. Despayre stands up, kicking the table over in front of him and yelling out a piercing scream before charging out of the room. Odette lowers her eyebrows at Gabriel.

Odette: I don't think that helped.

Gabriel smiles at Odette, leaning down and kissing her on the forehead.

Gabriel: My darling, it couldn't have gone any better.

Gabriel takes Odette by the hand and leading her out of the room as the camera goes back to ringside

The scene cuts to the backstage area. We see James Huntington Hawkes III pacing back and forth in the hallway, and he appears to be hyped up. His clothes and hair still seem to be a bit disheveled after what Gabriel did to him earlier. The camera zooms in as he starts mumbling to himself.

JHH: I’m sick of all this…They think they can just throw me in the trash can…Like I’m some kind of joke…I thought people would start taking me seriously now that I’m rolling with DC.

He stops pacing for a moment and just stands there. You can tell the rage is still boiling inside of him. Then after a few moments he decides to take his aggression out by punching the wall. Bad choice!!! He tries to play it cool at first, but come on, there’s only one winner when it comes to a fist and a wall. He gives in and starts shaking his hand trying to alleviate the pain. This of course never works, but at least it has helped ease a little of the anger he had. He stops shaking his hand, leans his back up against the wall, and looks down towards the ground. Then off the camera we hear a voice.

Voice: Now there’s a sad sight…

JHH looks up to identify who is talking to him, as he does, we see Spike Staggs come walking into the screen. He is still sweating and in his wresting gear from his match. James gets an annoyed look on his face as Spike walks up to him and stands in front of him.

JHH: Why don’t you just get out of here!!

Spike Staggs: You almost had it… The popularity you craved, but you had to go and ruin it by joining up with Dream Chaserz.

JHH: Did you not see what happened to me earlier?

Spike Staggs: Yeah I saw that, but you had to think some kind of retaliation was coming after what you and your new friends did to Gabriel last week.

You can tell JHH is not too excited with what he is hearing. He looks right into Spike’s face with that rage we were seeing earlier.

JHH: Look I don’t need to hear it Spike! Why don’t you just make yourself useful and get me a coke!

Spike Staggs: Get you a coke? Who you think you’re talking to like that?

JHH: Know your role Spike…remember you’re still my bitch until I say so…you lost that bet…now get me a coke…And be quick about it!

You can tell Spike doesn’t appreciate this tone. He gets a quizzical look on his face, as he tries to see if he should take this attitude serious by James.

Spike Staggs: What did you just say to me? I think maybe you should scale it back just a bit.

JHH: Scale it back? You lost the bet…so now you must do what I say!

Spike Staggs: Look I’m a man of my word and I always honor my debts, but I think the dynamics of this bet have changed a bit with your new alliance.

JHH: What are you saying?

Spike Staggs: Well…I made that bet knowing I would kill you in the ring, and I did. You snagged a loophole, but it is what it is. It was funny, and I went back and told people all of what I found out, but once you attacked Gabriel, you changed things.

JHH: What can I say? It was time I made some changes.

Spike Staggs: And you thought that the Dream Chaserz was the answer?

JHH: Yup…they believe in me. They don’t see me as a joke like everyone else. They know I’m capable of great things.

Spike Staggs: Please…don’t give me that James. Everyone here in SCW was rooting for you. You have heard plenty of us say it validating you over time. Listen how Odette always talked about you on twitter. She thought very highly of you. She never viewed you as a joke.

You can tell none of this is really hitting JHH. He just stands there without any emotion in his face.

JHH: Whatever…Either way me and DC are moving onto some big things here in SCW. We have some big plans. So I recommend you just stay out of the way if you don’t want to get hurt!

Spike Staggs: Get hurt? I feel like I should be saying that to you. Don’t you see that these new friends of yours are just going to pull you down? Their mindset and antics are going to piss a lot of people off around here. There’s going to be a lot of people gunning for you guys if you keep it up.

JHH: Don’t matter. We can handle it.

Spike Staggs: Oh…you’re so out of your element bud.

That comment brings a bunch of rage back in James’ face. He lifts himself off the wall and into Spike’s face.

JHH: Don’t talk down to me Spike! I’m not the kid you can just push around anymore. I’m ready to make my move, so why don’t you just save all this talk and get out of my face.

Spike Staggs: Oh yeah? What you going to do about it?

The two stand there staring at each other for a few moments. There is clearly a size disadvantage here, but JHH isn’t backing down. Then all of a sudden out of the blue DJ Williams shows up directly behind Spike. The only two that realize he is there is the camera and JHH. Just then DJ taps Spike on the shoulder. As Spike turns around he is immediately greeted with a fist to the face. This sends him flying back into the wall in a daze. DJ wastes no time and moves in for the kill, as JHH steps out of the way to clear some room. DJ continues throwing punches into Spike’s face, as the only thing holding Spike up is the wall. DJ stops punching, grabs the back of Spike’s neck, and slams him face first into the wall. This causes Spike to drop like a sack of potatoes to the ground. DJ stands over him and taunts him and even throws in a few kicks for good measure. This whole time JHH just stands there and watches; not really sure what to do. DJ notices his DC stale mate’s outlook on the situation. He decides he needs to take this attack to a new level. DJ grabs a chair that’s leaning up against the wall and holds it out for JHH to grab.

DJ Williams: Time to make your own mark and show them they can no longer f*ck with you!

JHH reluctantly reaches out and takes hold of the chair. DJ reaches down and lifts Spike back up to his feet. He stands directly behind him holding him up by his arms. JHH moves right in front of them and raises the chair half way. There is still some reluctance on if he wants to finish off his old friend or not. DJ helps poke the bear, if you will.

DJ Williams: You have to do it man! Prove to them that you are truly one of us now! Time to show everyone what White Chocolate is all about!

This is what JHH needed to hear to put him into the right mindset. You can see the anger again in him. He raises the chair up high, and without hesitation, slams the it down as hard as he can into Spike’s skull. DJ let’s go and he drops to the floor again. You can even see a see some blood coming from a cut on Spike’s forehead. Both JHH and DJ stand there will evil grins on their faces. JHH almost lets the rush get the best of him. He raises the chair to hit Spike again, but DJ puts a stop to it

DJ Williams: Nah…I think we good here now my man…I think they got the message.

He takes the chair away from JHH and throws it on the ground. DJ stands right over Spike and looks down at him. Then he takes off his black Dream Chaserz t-shirt that he is wearing, and lays it down right over Spike’s face.

DJ Williams: Its Dream Chaserz world now, bitch!!!

And with that DJ walks off the screen. JHH goes to follow him but stops to add few more words.

JHH: Don’t worry…I’ll just get my own Coke…

He starts to walk away, but turns to say one last thing.

JHH: Bitch….

Now he feels content and leaves the area. As Spike lays there motionless with the DC t-shirt still laying over him.

The scene opens up backstage in the locker room area where Nick Jones is seen finishing getting ready for his match for the SCW Heavyweight Championship later tonight. As Nick is taping himself up, seated directly next to him on the bench is his cousin, Big B. Also in the room is another of Nick's entourage members, Tony Capicelli, who is seated in a folding chair on the other side of the room, seeming much more interested in whatever he is doing on his cell phone than the ongoing conversation between the other two. We pick up in the midst of Nick and B's conversation, as B is also trying to show Nick something on his phone.

Big B: ... and when you click here, this is how you type up new tweets, and here's where you add different tags to the tweet.

Nick continues getting ready as he doesn't even bother to look over at what Big B is trying to show him.

Nick: Uh huh, yeah. That's great.

Big B: Then you click here to post it.

Nick: Yeah, super.

Big B then turns his attention towards Tony.

Big B: Hey Tone.

Tony, seeming rather annoyed by the interruption, momentarily looks up from his phone.

Tony: Wha'?

Big B: Want to help show Nick some of the other twitter stuff?

Tony: Nah, you's looks like you's gots it all unda' control, kid.

Big B: Come on, help. It'll be fun.

Tony: Yeah, seems like a real friggin' blast. I'm gonna pass.

Tony then goes back to his phone as B shrugs before turning his attention back to Nick.

Big B: Ok cuz, so here is where you sign up for an account. Hey! I know! Why don't we get you all signed up right now!

This statement is the first that seems to really grab Nick's attention, as he quickly turns his head towards Big B.

Big B: Ok cuz, so here is where you sign up for an account. Hey! I know! Why don't we get you all signed up right now!

Nick: Well, um... I don't think we should do that right now.

Big B: Why not?

Nick: Because of the, uh... the thing.

Big B: What thing?

Nick: The um...

Nick is stuttering as he tries to come up with a response to Big B, when suddenly a knock on the door is heard.

Nick: ... THE DOOR!!

Nick quickly jumps off his seat on the bench and heads for the door. As he walks over, Nick can be seen looking up and mouthing the words "Thank You" before reaching the door. As he does, Nick opens up the door and finds, standing on the other side, SCW Head Reporter Pussy Willow, with a microphone in her hand and a camera man by her side. Upon seeing this, Nick rolls his eyes and mumbles under his breath.

Nick: Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

PW: Excuse me?

Nick: Nothing. So what do you want, Puss?

PW: I wanted to know if I could ask you a few questions about your upcoming match tonight?

Nick: Make it quick.

PW: Ok, I would like to start off asking you about what's become a hot topic around the SCW over the past week. There's been people from wrestlers, to staff, to fans and of course the champion himself who has brought up an interesting point. What do you feel about the questions surrounding you receiving another shot at the SCW Heavyweight Championship?

The expression on Nick's face quickly changes upon hearing the question. While looking slightly annoyed before, Nick now seems rather angry.

Nick: Are you serious with this shit?

PW: Well...

Nick: You know what, let's take a different approach at this. How about you let me ask you a few questions on this topic?

PW: Um... ok.

Nick: Did Rage not get a title shot against me at London Brawling?

PW: He did.

Nick: Did I not win that match?

PW: You did.

Nick: After that, did Rage not then go on to be included in the #1 Contenders match for Into the Void?

PW: He did.

Nick: And after LOSING that match, did he not still receive a second one-on-one title shot against me, on the very next Climax Control following Into the Void?

PW: He did.

Nick: Well then there you go. It's funny how I don't remember all of that being such a big deal. One last question for you. After over five months as champion, almost two months after losing the title, prior to tonight have I yet received a single one-on-one rematch for the SCW Championship?

PW: No, you haven't.

Nick: I think my point has just been made for me. We're done here. Interview over!

PW: But...

Before Pussy Willow can react, Nick is quick to take the locker room door and slam it shut right in her face. As he turns back around, he sees both Big B and Tony have put away their phones and seem to have been watching intently what just went down. Given that, Nick is quick to address them both.

Nick: Do you two believe that shit?

Big B: You know, it's not very polite to slam a door in someone's face like that.

Nick simply glares at Big B with what has now become the customary look of idiocy that's given to him, before turning to Tony look for a different type of response.

Tony: Yeah, dat was friggin' ridiculous, boss. Dese people don't know what da frig their talkin' 'bout.

Nick: Seriously, that broad has some serious nerve. And the fact that this has even become a so-called "hot topic" is a joke. I mean, could Rage being more of a whiny little crybaby? The guy was given a shot at me, failed. Was given another chance to have a shot at me, failed. And then was STILL given another shot at me when I was coming right off of my biggest match yet and he had done nothing on that show but pick his nose at ringside during my match.

Tony: Damn right, boss. Da guy is friggin' nuts too.

Nick: Yeah, did you see that crap this week? I think he's been hanging around that nutjob Despayre too long.

Big B: Hey!

Nick: Oh shutup. The guy was talking to the damn title belt for crying out loud. There is something seriously demented about that. I mean, are we really supposed to believe he was having a whole freakin' conversation with a damn belt? Holy crap, that's ridiculous.

Nick then looks down and mumbles quietly to himself for a moment.

Nick: Besides, everyone knows that belt loved me.

Big B: What'd you say cuz?

Nick: What? Huh? Oh, nothing.

Big B: Oh, ok.

Tony: Maybe once you done kickin' his ass tonight boss, it'll knock some of da crazy out of dat big goofy head of his.

Nick: Exactly, I'll be doing the guy a favor. And to think, people say I'm not a nice guy.

Nick gets a big grin on his face while Tony laughs at the comment, yet Big B sits there with just a look of confusion on his face.

Nick: Alright guys, let's get the hell out of here.

Big B: But we weren't finished signing you up for twitter yet.

Nick: Oh, we weren't? That's a shame. We'll have to do it some other time I guess. Come on, let's go.

Big B: But...

Seeing that Nick is clearly trying to get out of this situation, Tony is quick to interject as he comes up behind Big B and starts pushing him towards the door.

Tony: Move it, already!

Big B finally concedes and starts to leave. As B walks out the door, followed by Tony, Nick stops for a moment and looks around before speaking to himself.

Nick: Yeah, that belt totally wants me to get it back. It freakin' loves me.

Tony's voice can then be heard calling back in from the hallway.

Tony: Wha' was dat, boss?

Nick: Nothing! I'm right behind you guys!

Nick is quick to run out the door as the scene fades.

Highlight Reel...

Last week on Climax Control...

The crowd erupts into cheers; a smirk grows across Sean’s face as he watches Gabriel look around, and trying to figure out what Sean was talking about.

Sean: Lucky for you Gabriel, you get to meet my first selection.

The arena grows dark, all you hear is a mic drop and Triple Beam Dreams blasting through the speakers, the lights flicker on and standing at the top of the ramp was James Huntington-Hawkes III, DJ Williams, & Brooklyn Carter, flashing behind them on the titan tron read the Dreamz Chasers, Sean walks up to Gabriel who is standing near the apron watching the other SCW Stars at the top, tapping him on his shoulder, Gabriel turns and connects with a right punch from Sean, the two go back and forth for a couple minutes, with Gabriel getting the best of Sean.

Gabriel kicks Sean in his midsection, trying for a DDT, but Sean reverses it grabbing Gabriel’s head and taking him down with his own DDT, motioning for the others to come down, both DJ and James run down the ramp sliding in the ring.

Both DJ and James kick away at Gabriel’s midsection while he lays on the ground, the two then lift Gabriel up to his feet, outside the ring Sean grabs a chair from underneath the apron and slides back into the ring, he grabs the mic and walks up to Gabriel who is being held by Williams and Hawkes.

Sean: You wanted that old Sean back huh? I told you fools at Summer Xtreme that Sean Williams was dead, soon enough you will learn to respect me and what I’ve brought to this company and to these people, soon enough you will face NIGHTMARE. Now run and tell Synn what his BOYFRIEND just did to his little friend, once I'm done with you, me and my team will move to the TOP, winning titles, and scaring the hell out this corporation.

Sean tosses the mic down throwing it to the mat, he slams the chair in Gabriel midsection, Gabriel bends down holding onto his chest, Sean slams the chair down, reaching up and forcing Gabriel’s head between his arm, he lifts him up and connects with the DESTRUCTION on the chair. Gabriel laid there motionless, as Sean, DJ, and Hawkes stood in the ring with their hands up.

Sean looks over at Brooklyn who is standing outside the ring, laughing and clapping, she climbs the apron joining everyone in the ring.

Simone: This is insane! Sean Williams has just brought together a new force in SCW!

End Highlight Reel...

The crowd is applauding as Justin Decent steps out from the corner of the ring and has the microphone firmly in hand. he raises it to his lips to begin the introductions.

Justin: The following contest is the special six person mixed tag team match, and the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Championship is on the line in this match!

"Rack City" by Tyga begins to play over the P.A. The crowd begins to buzz and boo as they know who is about to come through the curtains. On the screen flashes the name "D-Block." The fans emotions grow even more intense at this sight. The entrance remains calm for a few more minutes, until finally D.J Williams emerges from the back.

Justin: Introducing first! From Long Beach, California, weighing 235 pounds ... DJ Williams!

This brings most fans to their feet with more hatred towards this talented man. D.J stops at the top of the entrance with his arms crossed, and soaks up all the emotions being thrown his way. A big smile comes across his face, as he just loves and feeds off this energy. He slowly starts toward the ring. Taunting and messing with a few of the fans by the railings. He reaches the ring and climbs up to the apron. He takes a look in both directions at the fans one last time, and then he leaps the top ropes into the ring.

Justin: His tag team partner is from Los Angeles, California, weighing 190 pounds ... Nightmare Sean Williams!

The lights dim, and then completely shut off. Purple and black pyro fall from the sky, as Triple Beam Dreams blasts through the speakers, the crowd rise to their feet acknowledging Sean, who is standing at the top of the ramp playing to the crowd, he looks both ways before making his way down the ramp towards the ring. Sean hops up on the apron and plays to the crowd again before climbing between the ropes, bouncing off each end.

Justin: And their partner is the challenger for the Bombshell Championship! She hails from Lafayette, Louisiana, weighing 125 pounds ... Carly Athens!

"Riot" By Three days Grace hits. Carly walks out with a serious look on her face. The fans start having a mixed reaction towards her. She throws up the rocker horns as gets a few cheers. Carly walks down the ramp still slapping a few of the fans hands. Her hips have a little sway to them as well as a sassy walk. As she gets to the apron she smirks Walking up the steps she licks her lips so seductively and jumps over the top rope with an evil smile.

Simone: There could be a lot at stake in this match, more so than even the Bombshell Championship! After what Sean Williams and the Dreamz Chasers did last week, careers could be ended when this one kicks off!

Justin: Their opponents are to be accompanied by Synn ... and Angel!

Adams: Can't forget the bear!

Justin: They have a total combined weight of 552 pounds! First the SCW Tag team Champions, Gabriel and Despayre ... Sinful Obsession! And their partner, the current reigning and defending Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Champion ... Odette Ryder!

"The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
The transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs
Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around
So come on!

Another promise, another scene, another
A package not to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
So come on!

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious"

The pulsating beat of Muse's "Uprising" suddenly begins to play over the public address system of the arena and the crowd is on it's feet as atop the stage appears the tag team of Sinful Obsession along with Odette Ryder, accompanied by the enigmatic Synn. Gabriel raises his hands up to the rafters as Despayre holds his teddy bear Angel up for everyone to see. Odette smiles and applauds, then Gabriel takes her hand and gives her a spin atop the stage to present her.

The group begins their descent down the ramp and towards the squared circle as the multitude of fans reach out to them on all sides. Gabriel slaps a hand or two along the way as does Odette, when suddenly Despayre shoves Angel into Synn's arms and he breaks away from the group and dashes down the aisle! Despayre hits the ring and he dives at Sean Williams and takes him off his feet and starts waylaying on him with lefts and rights!

Simone: Whoa! My god this one is starting off fast!

Adams: It's obvious how protective Despayre is of Gabriel and he is reacting to that video footage he had just been shown before the match!

The bell sounds!




DJ jumps in and intervenes, as does Carly! Carly grabs two handfuls of Despayre's hair and DJ grabs his arms and they pry him off of Sean and hold him but Gabriel and Odette hit the ring! Odette grabs Carly from behind by the hair and pries her off of Despayre and the two hellcats engage in a wild tug of war with their hands entangled in each other's tresses! Gabriel bypasses DJ and plows right into Sean, driving him back into the corner and he starts laying in the forearms and then shoulder drives him over and over in the stomach! Despayre turns around and he grabs DJ by the head and chomps down hard on Williams' nose, making the heel grappler yell and struggle, trying unsuccessfully to pry the unhinged little grappler off of him!

Simone: I don't know how the hell Drew plans to restore order in this one! It is already out of control!

Adams: Aw let `em go at it! It makes for better action!

Odette spins Carly around on her feet by the hair and sends her tumbling back into a corner! Despayre has DJ off balance and he also has his respective opponent in a corner and gouges his eyes and chokes him! Gabriel calls out to his partners and they each grab their respective foe by the arm and they whip them into the center of the ring where Sean, DJ and Carly all collide and crash into a heap!

Adams: Whoa! That was bitchin'!

DJ and Sean both roll out of the ring and Gabriel and Despayre hurriedly duck out to their own corner as Odette remains inside of the ring with Carly Athens!

Adams: Ladies first!

Odette brings Carly up and lays in a forearm smash to her sternum that sends the Bombshell challenger crashing back into a corner. Carly turns around and she mounts the middle turnbuckle, pinning Carly into the corner and she starts laying in the fists to her challenger's head with the fans -- as well as Despayre and Gabriel counting along!


Odette drops down to the mat and she grabs two big handfuls of Carly's hair and whips her out of the corner and clear across the ring the hard way!

Adams: Oo Odette is not playing by the rules here with Carly!

Simone: Given their history as the tag champions and now the hard feelings that have developed I don't see either of these women playing nicely with one another!

Carly scrambles towards her corner but before she can tag out, Odette snatches her by the ankle and drags her right back! Odette quickly pulls her up by the arm and hair and goes to send her into the ropes but Carly holds on and reverses the attempt! Carly swings wildly but Odette counters and hits a float over DDT! Carly is planted head first and Odette jumps up to her feet and wiggled her hips to the delight of the fans and she hits a standing moonsault into the immediate cover!

2..... DJ jumps in and grabs her ankle and drags her off of the challenger!

Simone: Oh that bastard! The men are *not* supposed to even so much as touch the women in there!

Adams: I think someone forgot to send the Dreamz Chasers a copy of the rulebook.

Despayre and Gabriel are about to step in but halt as Odette regains control of her opponent. She yells at Drew in protest and brings Carly to her feet in a front facelock but Carly suddenly counters, pulling Ryder's legs out from under her. Carly then falls back and catapults Odette onto the top rope where she flips out and tumbles to the outside of the ring. Carly then quickly runs to the nearest corner and climbs up to the very top. Odette is shaken by the fall and she slowly gets to her feet and the moment she turns around, the wild Carly leaps off from her perch and crashes into Odette with a flying body press to the outside!

Simone: It looks like the challenger has taken over control in this one.

Carly roughly pulls Odette to her feet and rolls her back inside of the ring and follows. Carly grabs her in a double chickenwing from behind and brings her up and over into a bridging pin!

2..... Odette kicks out!

Carly throws Odette onto her back and straddles her chest and she just begins sending right hands into Odette's temple while holding her by the hair with her left hand!

Adams: It doesn't look like Carly is in any hurry to tag out any more.

Simone: Why should she? She's in control and the title is on the line!

Drew orders Carly to stop with the fists but Athens isn't listening. Drew finally grabs her around the waist and *lifts* her up and off of the champion!

Adams: Whoa!

Drew sets her down and Carly spins around with her fists drawn back, ready to hit the referee for touching her. She looks incensed! Carly is fuming and she turns back and grabs Odette who is starting to recover and rakes her eyes, regaining control. Carly Irish whips her into the ropes and attempts a round house kick but Odette ducks under the swinging attempt and she rebounds off of the far side and catches Carly with a Hurricanrana, hooking both legs for the cover!

2..... Carly kicks out!

Odette goes to stomp on her but Carly grabs her foot and stands up when Odette leaps and connects with the Enzugari to the back of the head! Carly is sent over and she now scurries and tags in DJ!

Simone: The men are in now! Odette has to tag one of the men on her team.

DJ comes in at Odette but the champion rushes over and tags Despayre! DJ grabs the smaller kid before he can even get in and drags him in the hard way. DJ Irish whips him at top speed and swings for a clothesline but Despayre ducks, rebound and connects with a tilt-a-whirl cross body!

2..... DJ kicks out!

DJ starts to get to his feet and Despayre runs off of the ropes and leaps into a flying bodyscissors rollup!

2..... DJ kicks out again!

Adams: that's the hardest thing about wrestling Despayre! The kid has all of these unorthodox moves he pulls from out of the air!

Despayre grabs him by the foot and drags him over toward his corner and tags Gabriel. The two Irish whip DJ into the corner and Gabriel drops down to all fours and Despayre runs and uses his partner's back as a launching pad into a vertical senton splash! At Drew's demand, Despayre runs over and joins Odette on the apron as Gabriel sends DJ into the ropes! Gabriel goes for a backdrop but DJ leaps over in a sunset flip but Gabriel rolls backwards and dropkicks him in the head! Gabriel grabs him and pulls him to his feet and forcibly throws him into his own corner! DJ hits Sean and before "Nightmare" can react, Gabriel grabs him by the hair and flips him over the top rope and into the ring!

Simone: Oh now *this* is what everyone wants to see!

Gabriel grabs Sean and drags him up and a slug fest ignites in the center of the ring as both men start trading lefts and rights and the crowd is going wild! Sean swings but Gabriel ducks and he grabs him in a full nelson and trips him, driving him face first to the canvas! Gabriel throws him over into a cover and hooks a leg!

2..... Sean kicks out!

Gabriel tags Despayre. Gabriel scoops Sean up and plants him with a slam and holds him. DJ comes running in to break it up but Despayre jumps off of the top and as he hits a senton on Sean, he also missile dropkicks DJ at the same time!

Simone: I don't think I've ever seen something like that before!

Gabriel ducks back out as Despayre hooks Sean up and as Williams is brought to his feet, Despayre has him locked into the Octopus submission hold! The fans are cheering as Drew is down in front, asking Sean if he wants to submit but Sean refuses, shaking his head no! Carly is suddenly running into the ring and she grabs two handfuls of Despayre's hair and breaks the hold up! Despayre scrambles up and spins around and she arrogantly points to her chin, daring him to strike!

Adams: Oh she knows he doesn't hit girls!

Despayre screams wildly like a lunatic (pun intended) at the top of his lungs and Carly shrieks and turns and dashes back to her corner! Despayre turns back around and walks right into a roundhouse kick by Sean, flattening him!

Simone: Carly did her job! That distraction just cost Odette and the Sins control of the match.

Sean drags Despayre by the hair over to his corner and tags DJ. The two then send Despayre into the ropes and they go for a double clothesline but Despayre ducks under, rebounds and comes off the far side with a dropkick on both men! Despayre then scrambles under DJ's legs and tags Gabriel! Gabriel quickly climbs into the ring and dives across the distance, spearing DJ to the mat! he then jumps up and hits Sean with a dropkick! Gabriel grabs DJ and Irish whips him into the far corner and connects with a running leg lariat! DJ staggers from the corner and Gabriel sets him up for an Irish whip but DJ reverses it and Sean hits him with a knee to the back from the outside! Gabriel grabs the small of his back and staggers forward and right into a scissors kick by DJ!

Simone: And those tactics have once again given control to DC.

Adams: You mean the Dreamz Chasers.

Simone: I know I just have such a block against that name!

DJ stands over Gabriel and holds his arms out and smiles to the crowd as they boo him.

Simone: There is just something about the way that cocky jackass smiles that makes me want to...

Adams: Easy my little tigress!

DJ then drops down on Gabriel's chest and he starts pumping fists into the tag champ's head while pinning him under his own weight. DJ rolls off of him and watches with a smirk as Gabriel sits up, shaking the cobwebs loose. DJ hauls him up and sends him into the corner and he himself runs into the ropes. Gabriel staggers from the corner and DJ jumps, hitting a one handed bulldog! DJ rolls Gabriel over and hooks the leg!

2..... Gabriel kicks out!

DJ then grabs him in a front facelock and brings him over to his corner where he tags Sean into the match. Sean and DJ Irish whip Gabriel into the ropes where DJ catches him with a leg trip and as soon as Gabriel hits the canvas, Sean springboards off of the ropes and guillotine legdrops him on the back of his head!

Simone: Okay I have to admit Sean and DJ are showing some nice team work.

Adams: They keep this up and maybe they can end up challenging Gabriel and Despayre for the gold?

Sean grabs Gabriel by the hair and drags him up and throws him out through the ropes and to the floor. Synn starts over to check on him but Drew leans out through the ropes and orders him back. Synn reluctantly complies. Sean then ducks through the ropes and DJ drops to the floor as well. They each take one of Gabriel's arms and whip him back against the ringside barricade. Despayre and Odette try to rush over to break it up but Drew drops to the floor and heads them off, ordering them back to their corner. This allows DJ and Sean to bring Gabriel up and the two bring him up and over with a double suplex onto the hard floor!

Adams: Oh damn! I felt that from here! They're really working over Gabriel's back!

Simone: well they already started softening it up after that attack last week. It only makes sense that his back is now a target.

Sean climbs back inside as DJ rolls Gabriel back in after him. Drew sees this and he storms over and orders DJ to return to his corner. DJ just smiles and pats the official's cheek and calmly walks back to join Carly.

Simone: That arrogant little mother...

Adams: Don't say it!

Sean stomps down onto Gabriel's prone body three times, and then drops two elbows into his back. Sean grabs him and sets him up for a powerbomb and drives him down, folding him in half for a jackknife cover!

2..... Despayre flies in and dropkicks Sean, knocking him off of Gabriel and breaking up the cover!

Simone: What's good for the goose!

Drew ushers Despayre from the ring and this allows Sean to whip Gabriel into his own corner where Carly grabs two handfuls of his hair and holds him while DJ swings a clubbing forearm around into his neck and Sean chokes him with both hands! Odette tries to get in and Despayre also attempts to get over to stop this but Drew is forced to head them off and he starts his count!

3... and both Despayre and Odette hurry back to the apron!

Sean brings Gabriel out of the corner and he drives him down hard with a scoop slam! Sean then jumps over him and runs up the corner and leaps back with a moonsault from the very top, landing hard on Gabriel!

Simone: Say what you will about his attitude but Nightmare Sean Williams is one of the best high flyers in Sin City Wrestling!

Sean sits on Gabriel's chest and hooks a leg!

3-Gabriel kicks out!

The crowd cheers as Sean looks up at Drew in disbelief! He holds up three fingers questioningly but Drew responds by holding up only two. Sean grabs him and tags DJ back in. DJ scoops Gabriel up and drapes him over the top of the corner. Sean wraps the tag rope around Gabriel's neck and Carly starts gouging his eyes! This brings Odette and Despayre in again but Drew has to head them off AGAIN!

Simone: Get out of the ring you two! You're not doing Gabriel any good!

DJ brings a double axehandle blow down into Gabriel's stomach, dropping him from where he lay on the turnbuckles. DJ brings him up and tucks his head under Gabriel's arm and lifts him up and over in a belly to back suplex, driving him down to the mat! DJ covers him.

2..... Gabriel kicks out!

DJ gives Drew a look and shakes his head as he returns to his feet, bringing Gabriel up along with him. DJ goes for an Irish whip into the corner but Gabriel reverses it. Gabriel charges in but DJ greets him with a boot to the head! DJ then hops up onto the middle turnbuckle and grabs Gabriel and plants him with a Tornado DDT! Without going for the cover, DJ springs up onto the top rope and jumps off, hitting a frog splash onto Gabriel! DJ covers him rather lazily and smirks as he counts along with the official!

3-Gabriel gets the shoulder up!

The crowd cheers as DJ's eyes and mouth are wide open with shock!

DJ jumps to his feet and argues with Drew over the count, as does Sean and Carly from the corner! Drew insists that it was only a two count and DJ, fuming, turns around and grabs Gabriel and short-arm clotheslines him to the mat! DJ then grabs his legs into a pretzel position and turns him over into a Texas cloverleaf! Drew jumps down and asks Gabriel is he wants to submit but Gabriel shakes his head no! DJ shouts 'ask him again' when suddenly Gabriel powers out of the hold and DJ goes flying through the ropes and to the floor!

Adams: I guess he can consider that his answer!

Gabriel crawled over towards his corner....!

Adams: He's almost there!

He reaches out...!

Simone: And he tags in Odette! Carly has to get back in!

Odette is a house of fire and she charges across the ring before Carly can even get inside and the two have hold of each others' hair over the ropes! Odette tries to drag her in the hard way when Carly drops off the apron and hangs Odette's throat across the top rope!

Adams: Oh that was a beautiful counter there by that nutter!

Carly rolls back inside quickly and she brings Odette over with a snap suplex! Odette rolls to her hands and knees and Carly rakes her nails down Ryder's back! Carly then slams a forearm down across her back. Odette grabs her legs and pulls them out from under her, and then she falls back and Carly is sent flying face-first into the corner turnbuckle! Odette grabs her and goes to send her into the ropes but Carly reverses it! Carly goes for a backdrop but Odette leapfrogs over her and runs into DJ, knocking him off of the apron and the crowd cheers! Odette comes off of the ropes and Carly hits her with a perfect dropkick right to the face! Carly runs her head through the top and middle ropes, and then she reaches over and starts gouging Odette's eyes with one hand while tearing at her hair with the other! All the while Carly is screaming at the champion incoherently!

Adams: I guess all history of these two being friends and partners is long gone!

Carly backs away at the referee's count of four and she then brushes past him and grabs Odette, bringing her back in! Carly sends Odette into the corner and charges in but Odette brings up both feet and kicks her back across the ring! Odette grabs her and goes for an Irish whip but Carly reverses it and Odette comes off and lands a tilt-a-whirl DDT! Carly's head is driven hard into the mat! Odette with the cover!

2..... DJ pulls her off by the foot!

DJ runs back to his spot on the apron and Gabriel tries to come in but this distracts the official! Odette runs into the ropes where Sean reaches in and grabs a handful of Odette's hair and she is tripped up and thrown down to the mat! The crowd boos!

Simone: That son of a bitch!

Drew rushes over and starts accusing Sean but he throws his hands up in mock innocence, denying any wrong doing! A shaky Carly grabs Odette herself and goes for an Irish whip but Odette reverses it and Synn reaches in and trips Carly! Carly crashes down and Odette dives atop her and hooks the leg!


Simone: Payback's a bitch!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: The winners of the match ... Odette Ryder and Sinful Obsession!

Adams: Hey what do you think Sean will have to say about Synn costing his team the match?

The referee raises their hands in victory when a pissed off Sean and DJ charge over and attack the Sins as Carly and Odette fall to the mat and roll around, swinging and punching!

The fight continues in the ring, Sean and Gabriel punch after punch, with Gabriel getting the best of Sean, Sean is backed into the turnbuckle, Gabriel lays his fist into Sean's cranium.

DJ takes Despy down with a clothesline on the outside, he reaches under the ring for a chair, he slides in the ring and races towards Gabriel smashing Gabriel in the back with a hard chair shot, Gabriel falls forward and then down on the mat clinching onto his back.

Sean jumps to his feet and joins DJ stomping away at Gabriel.

On the outside Odette backs Carly into a corner, both exchanging blows, the cheers from the crowd grow smaller, as they give off a mixed reaction, Brooklyn runs down the ramp way to where Carly and Odette is, and from behind she grabs Odette by the hair snatching her off of Carly.

Odette breaks freak, but endures a kick to the midsection. Brooklyn backs away as she spears Odette down to the mat, Brooklyn walks over to Carly helping her to her feet, she grabs her hand raising it to the air.

Synn makes his way over to Despy making sure Despy is okay, he notices Brooklyn and Carly sliding in the ring where both DJ and Sean is still doing a number on Gabriel.

DJ slides out of the ring and reaches under the apron for a sledgehammer. He pulls one out and slides it into the ring, Sean reaches down and grabs the sledgehammer placing it in his hand, he holds it high in the air and taunts Gabriel.

He waits for Gabriel to get to his feet, Sean holds the sledgehammer up and tries to hit Gabriel not knowing that Synn was standing right behind him, Synn snatches the sledgehammer out of Sean's hand and tosses it down on the mat.

Sean turns and stares at Synn who has an angry look in his eyes, Sean backs away from Synn, a smirk grows across his face as he blows a kiss towards Synn, he backs away towards the apron, sliding out of the ring.

He makes his way over to DJ who is standing along side Brooklyn and Carly, and all four make their way up the ramp taunting at the Sins in the ring, Sean mostly keeps his eyes on Synn who is still staring hard at Sean, he points at Gabriel who is slowly but surely making it to his feet.

The scene opens up to a shot backstage where Pussy Willow is standing with Jordan Williams. Jordan is wearing a dress casual outfit.

PW: Jordan, last week, much to the surprise of many, you hit Hangman with a low blow. For most of your career, you’ve hardly ever resorted to those kind of tactics. Before we get your comments, lets take a look at what happened:

Last Week on Climax Control

Hangman looks around the crowd, his eyes wide as he pick Jordan back to his feet, pushing him against the ropes and throwing him in to the opposite side of the ring. Hangman ducks and Jordan leapfrogs over Hangman, grabbing his head as Hangman stands up and dropping him with a back to back neckbreaker. Jordan sits on the floor, looking around the crowd before him and gets to his feet, stalking behind Hangman, looking at him. Jordan looks up and pushes Hangman from behind, towards the referee. Hangman stops inches from Jasmine St John's face.

Simone: Did he mean to do that?

Adams: No, this is Jordan Williams, all around American good guy.

The camera cuts back to Pussy Willow and Jordan Williams who is rubbing his eyebrows while clearly irritated.

PW: Can you explain to all your fans why you did that?

Jordan shakes his head, then says: You know, what happened last week was just in the heat of the moment. We’ve all been there. Even the squeaky clean “good guys” have had to do it. Is it out of character for me?… Yes. But, come on now, it’s not like I…

Jordan stops in mid sentence as something off camera catches his eye. Jordan takes off in that direction. The camera cuts to Jordan running towards a person and that person is Kain. Jordan reaches Kain, spins him around and nails him in the face with a hard right hand, staggering Kain. Before Jordan can throw another punch, Kain tackles Jordan into the wall and the two men begin brawling. After a few minutes of brawling with neither man getting a clear upper hand, Jordan hits Kain with a low blow. Jordan then rams Kain shoulder first into the wall. As Kain falls to the ground, Jordan walks off camera briefly, then returns with a steel chair. Jordan begins hammering Kain’s arm over and over again, uncontrollably.

Adams: Jordan has snapped!

Jordan stops the bararge of chair shots and locks on a vicious Fujiwara arm bar! Jordan starts wrenching back on the move hard as Kain yells out in pain. Jordan wrenches back even further until a snap his heard! Kain lets out a piercing yell as Jordan immediately gets to his feet. Security rushes in as Jordan looks down at Kain with a horrified look on his face.

Security: Watch it guys his arm has broke through the skin! Get an EMT!

Jordan slowly backs off as he has come to his senses.

Adams: Did I just hear that Kain’s arm broke through the skin?

Simone: We’ll definitely get a follow up on this horrific incident!

There is a ruckus backstage as Azz n Class walks through the hallways. It starts off with loud laughter then moves to a long string of shrill words that aren’t very understandable except the various uses of the word “girl”. They round the corner to see a man attending to the catering table. Abruptly they quiet down and look at each other curiously.

Chanelle: Ooooh they servin’ food here?

Torielle: Why you always gotta be so damn inappropriate all the time. Of course they servin’ food here. No one can live on crab rangoon and fried rice all the time.

Chanelle: DAMN! Girl you ig’nant! I would sit here and argue wit you but I’mma see what’s shakin’ at this table.

The caterer looks at them with suspicious eyes and then he groans as the two ladies walk up. He politely moves out of the way as they pick up a plate and throw various tidbits on it. Chanelle takes a bite.

Chanelle: Mmmmm ooooh girl that’s fire.

She picks up the whole plate and then pours it into her purse. Torielle shakes her head at her with a laugh.

Caterer: No, no, no! You share, you share!

Chanelle: Aww hell naw! Is there a sign that say there’s a limit? Hm? Hm?

The caterer sits there with his jaw held open in shock as Torielle puts her hand on her forehead, continuing to shake it. The caterer steps up closer to her to try to argue his point, but Chanelle snaps her finger in his face.

Chanelle: I didn’t think so! Now get the hell out my face! Out my face! Out my face!

The caterer holds his hand up in surrender and then walks off. Torielle looks embarrassed until the caterer is gone and then she starts laughing while Chanelle stays angry.

Chanelle: How you gone come at me like that? There ain’t no sign that say you can’t shove a plate in yo purse!

Torielle tries to argue the point, but then the realization hits her that Chanelle has a point and then she empties a plate into her purse as well.

Chanelle: That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! I’mma have me a midnight snack, maybe some lunch tomorrow and I ain’t ashamed!

Chanelle turns around to see Ms Rocky Mountains standing there with shock on her face. She clears her throat and tries to figure out how to approach this. Chanelle looks at her for a minute with the anger still on her face.

Chanelle: Damn! … That’s a cute outfit girl! Who on yo tag?

Ms Rocky Mountains: Ummmm.

Torielle: She just clownin’, girl. Hi, I am Torielle Jackson, the class of Azz n Class. How do you do?

Chanelle: Girl she was clearly tryin’ to conversate with me! Are those shoes Louboutin? I think we gone be best friends.

Torielle: That’s shameful, CeCe. Real shameful. Look, we obviously ain’t gone get nowhere with her around here so allow me to start off sayin’ dat Azz n Class is here to rock the Bombshell Tag Division. We gone breath life into it and we comin’ for you Bei Com… Combat… Whatever the hell yo name is. We gone put those belts around our waists where they belong!

Chanelle nods her head up and down slowly and then walks up to Rocky, almost bumping Torielle out of the shot.

Chanelle: Dat’s true talk right there. All you bitches shook right about now, and for good reason too. It’s a new era in SCW an….

Torielle Girl, you like the fifth person to say that corny shit to this camera. It was lame when them swagger jackers said it and it even more lame when you jackin’ from them jackers!

Chanelle purses her lips in anger when she is about to say something but she stops. She puts a hand up in Torielle’s face. She puts her bag up on the table and then dumps another plate of tidbits into her purse and snaps her finger back as she leaves the shot. Torielle rolls her eyes and is about to talk again when Chanelle grabs a handful of cookies and a bottle of water, storming off again. Torielle chases after her as Rocky just shrugs her shoulders, trying not to laugh.

Adams: It is now time for the main event at tonight’s Climax Control and things are simply going to get out of control!

Simone: Blame that on the controversial ending that happened at Summer XXXTreme! Both men claimed ownership to the title and Christian stepped in and decided to make things right by having both Nick Jones, the challenger, and Rage, the champion, fight each other once and for all!

Adams: To hear about this will work out, Justin Decent will provide us the details!

Decent: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW Heavyweight championship! There will be no DQs, save for outside interference! No time limits, no count outs! Also, neither entourage of either man will be allowed and are therefore banned from ringside for this match. The first man to get a pinfall or submission is declared not only the winner, but the SCW heavyweight champion as well! Introducing first, the challenger! From Los Angeles, CA, weighing at 251 lbs......NICK JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the rampway and then stops for a moment. Nick drops down to a knee as, a cocky smirk then comes across his face as he flexes his muscles. Nick then gets up and makes his way down the rampway. He heads down the rampway, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans on his way down to the ring, flipping off a few people here and there. Nick then walks to the steel steps and quickly walks up them and then walks across the apron. Nick steps one leg into the ring and then takes a seat onto the middle rope for a moment. Nick sits there for a moment, just looking around the arena. He looks at all the people sitting around and just gets a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring. He swings his other leg into the ring and then walks over to his corner. Nick stands there and waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Simone:Just look at that cocky face! Nick thinks he’s going to win it all and leave Rage in the dust!

Adams: This is anybody’s ballgame, Belinda. It may or may not end in the ring, but they certainly won’t be in the ring often, if at all!

Decent: Introducing his opponent! From Unknown Parts, weighing at 300 lbs, he is the current SCW Heavyweight champion.....RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waking The Demon by Bullet for My Valentine starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the SCW Heavyweight Champion, and the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. He stands at the entrance for a few moments, holding the Heavyweight Title above him as the crowd cheers him on. He drapes the belt over his shoulder and begins making his way to the ring. Once to the ring, Rage walks up the steel steps, stepping over the top rope to enter the ring, where he once again hoists the SCW Heavyweight Title above him to the cheering crowd.

Adams: Both of men are looking at each other, dead in the eye! Both know what’s at stake and both are going to be ripping each other for the title.

Simone: It doesn’t matter who wins it, the landscape of the SCW will be changed forever! Both men are ready to rumble as the referee is showing the title to the arena audience and to the millions watching at home on television! And now he’s set aside the title and asked for the bell! Here we go!!!



Nick Jones and Rage are already clashing, throwing it down with right-hand strikes to each other. But the champ gets the upper hand as he hits Nick in the face three times, sending Nick to the ropes. But Rage makes the mistake of stepping back, taking his time to set up his foe, then charging in for a clothesline, for as he got near, Nick was able to duck under and execute a backbody drop, throwing Rage over the ropes and to the concrete floor hard! Nick jumps over the ropes and lands on the floor next to Rage, planting a swift, deadly kick into Rage’s ribs, forcing Rage to roll away, clutching his ribs. But Nick Jones isn’t letting him off that easy, as he kicks down the champion in the ribs with more kicks, each kick being stronger and stronger! Nick Jones then stops his kicks, picks up Rage, leads him over to the steel steps and tries to bash his head onto the top of the steps. But Rage elbows Nick in the stomach, puts in a quick ridge-hand into Nick’s throat, so that his air lungs are temporarily disabled, then takes Nick Jones’s face and bashes it into the top of the steps instead! Nick feels the blood pouring in from the top of his head as he attempts to get away from Rage. But Rage is not far behind as he climbs up the steps, jumps off them, and lands a perfect elbow strike to the back of Nick’s neck, forcing the challenger to yelp and fall to the ground. Nick crawls over to the barricade and slowly gets himself up, on one knee, breathing as he tries to relieve the pain from his neck as his looks into Rage with eyes of anger. Rage takes the opportunity to go for a big boot, but as Rage nears his target, Nick uses his blinding speed and surprises the champion with a vicious clothesline! As Rage spins in the air and crashes to the concrete floor, the crowd immediately boos Nick as he smiles wickedly like a chesire cat! It was an obvious posse attempt and it succeded! Nick stops smiling and yells at nearby staff to get out of their seats, grabbing a chair and folding it! Rage doesn’t know where he is, due to that surprising clothesline that he got and wasn’t fast enough to duck, as he turns around and becomes the victim of a harsh chairshot to the forehead! So harsh, in fact, that blood is pouring from his forehead! Rage rolls onto his chest and gets his back slammed by the chair eight times, Nick laughing with glee as he strikes him down hard with the chair! Throwing away the chair now, he rolls over Rage, plants his foot on chest, and yells at the referee to make the count! The referee does so, but Nick was taken by surprise with Rage grabbing his foot with both hands and pushing him away, then uses his right leg to sweep Nick Jones off his feet and land on the ground, Rage slowly getting up and trying to recover from the exhausting pain from the chairshots onto his back!

Simone: For a short while there, Nick had the advantage and played possum to get the upper hand there, but Rage turned it around! Let’s see if Rage can gain some momentum in his favor!

Adams: They are going to need every bit of their strength if they want that title so badly!

Rage grabs a nearby cameraman’s TV camera, waits for Nick Jones to get up. As the challenger gets on his feet, he too wasn’t quick enough to duck either, as the camera blasted Nick in the face! Rage throws the camera back to the cameraman, then focuses his anger on Nick, planting a harsh kick into Nick’s face, blood and teeth flying out of Nick’s mouth! Nick is now bleeding from the mouth, but he can’t do anything about it now, as Rage hoists Nick to the top of one of the announcer’s tables and gets him between the legs, deciding to go for a powerbomb. But Nick is able to overpower him, getting out of the move, and attempting another backbody drop! But what Nick doesn’t realize is that Rage doesn’t fall to the ground completely, but is somehow able to land on his feet instead. Nick takes the time to gloat as the fans boo him, as Rage spots the chair that Nick used on him earlier. Picking it up, he smacks Nick on the left leg so hard so that Nick lost his balance and falls into that certain announce table, the table being dismantled in two, as well as Nick! The fans are screaming “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” as Rage gets some revenge of his own, striking Nick on the chest at least TEN TIMES, each strike being harder than the last! Rage throws away the chair, which is now bent out of shape completely, then grabs a nearby cord and ties it around Nick’s neck, strangling him. The challenger is now for the fight of his life, his breath squeezed out of him as he struggles against it violently. He tries for a couple of elbow strikes to the face with each elbow, but Rage sees them coming and avoids them, yelling at Nick to just give it up. With no other option, Nick Jones runs backwards and smashes Rage’s back into the barricade! The pain intensifies and Rage is forced to let go of the cord as it falls off Nick. Nick, in a rage of his own, performing a spinning heel kick, making his foe spin around once, then becomes the victim of a three-hit combo! Nick gets on top of Rage and blasts away with stiff, right punches to the face, the referee unable to do anything about Nick’s madness. Then Nick decides to get even worse with his anger as he raises Rage to his feet and drags him to the top of the ramp, then to the left side of it. Suddenly, Rage breaks the grip and is able to land a few punches in, but Nick retorts right back with a kick to the leg, bringing down the champ in a kneeling position. Nick then utliizes some quick Muay Thai knee strikes into Rage’s face, at least three of them, Then he steps to the face and throws Nick off the ramp, watching with glee as Rage falls into not one, not two, BUT THREE TABLES! Rage is completely broken in half and he looks out of it as the crowd chants “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” over and over again as Nick jumps down and picks up Rage, although slowly, and he takes him back to the ring and throws him inside it. Hoping to get himself a clean pinfall, he pushes him to the middle and goes for the cover, the leg hooked as the referee counts it. One, two....but Rage SOMEHOW gets the shoulder up! Nick is taken by surprise at Rage’s decision and yells at the referee to count faster, but the referee put up his hands, saying that he’s doing his job right.

Adams: You would think that it would have been enough to get Rage out of the picture for the championship and Rage somehow managed to revive himself and get himself out of that pin!

Simone: It’s understandable as to why Nick Jones is upset about the count, but you gotta give it to the champ. No amount of damage or injury will keep him out of this game, especially when it’s his belt on the line!

Nick Jones picks up the champion, steps back, does some trash-talking with words that weren’t too clear on the audio at all, then goes for another spinning heel kick. But Rage is able to catch the foot on time and kicks Nick Jones’s other leg to get him falling to the ground, chest and face first. Then he improvises and goes for an ankle lock, pushing the leg forward more and more, the pressure building. Nick Jones screams in agony, feeling the pain burning more and more as the referee asks him if he wishes to give it up. But Nick Jones shakes his head back and forth, as he then rolls onto his back and pushes Rage off him, who rolls backward and lands on his feet. Nick Jones also got to his feet as well, but before he can capitalize on it, Rage hits Nick with a big boot that connects to his face, tangling Nick to the ropes. This time, Rage also hits him with a beautiful clothesline that sends the challenger flying out of the ring and into the barricade, back-first. Though battered and bruised everywhere, not to mention bloodied, Rage ignores the tremendous pain as he gets out of the ring, picks up Nick Jones and smashes his back into the pole of a turnbuckle. Nick cringes in pain, but Rage isn’t done yet, as he spies another announcer table nearby. Grabbing Nick Jones by the throat, Nick is unable to get out, due to that strong grip of Rage, who takes him to that table and performs a vicious chokeslam, which not only cleaves the table in two, but Nick as well! The crowd goes into another “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” chant multiple times as Rage yells at Nick Jones, giving him some trash-talk right back at him! Rage then turns around, kneels, and looks for something underneath the ring and spots it. He takes out his chosen weapons and reveals it for all to see - a pair of kendo sticks! Twirling them in his hand, he waits for Nick Jones to get up from the massacre of the table and himself. Nick Jones, albeit slowly, is able to get himself up. But Rage puts an end to that as he lands quick, yet harsh strikes to his legs, Nick falling to his knee. He tries to get up, but Rage is too quick, stabbing him with quick, methodical hits to the chest, ribs, and even to the face! Nick Jones is blinded by Rage’s fury, as Rage then smacks Nick hard in his right leg, sweeping him off his feet and hitting the concrete floor, the back of his head hitting contact first! It looks like Nick may have received a concussion! Nick Jones is out of it as Rage tosses the kendo sticks away and throws Nick Jones back into the ring, getting his own pin for the first time! But the referee got to two and was about to get to the count of three, except that Nick Jones was able to get his hand up in time to save himself! Rage is furious about the count, saying to the referee that it wasn’t as fast enough as it should be. Giving up hope on it, Rage hoists Nick onto his shoulders, torturing him with the Gorilla Press, then follows it up with the Gorilla Press Slam, as it made Nick Jones bounce off the mat and roll away from the ring and to the outside as the fans cheer for the champion!

Simone: Rage better stop posing for the fans, because any time lost is time gained for the challenger, who could be making his move anytime now!

Adams: Your wish is about to come true, Belinda, because the champ is done playing around and is about to dish further pain into Nick!

But that didn’t happen at all. As Rage turned himself around and moved towards where Nick was, he suddenly felt pain on his shin and falls down, clutching to it. The cameras sees Nick holding one of the kendo sticks that Rage had in his possession from earlier, a huge smile on his face! Nick grabs the other one, enters the ring, and gets some revenge of his own, hitting Rage everywhere with the sticks, Rage groaning out in pain from each strike as Nick Jones continues to lash out in anger with his chosen weapons. Then he tosses them away, picks up the champion,and throws him to the outside. Following pursuit, he picks up Rage and goes to the left side of the ramp, spotting a couple of small televisions that aren’t used currently. Yelling something to Rage, he bashes Rage’s face into one of the televisions, the glass shattering completely as sparks fly everywhere! Rage is unmoving at the moment as Nick gets him out of it and kicks him to the ground. We see a ton of blood being drawn from the champion’s forehead, nose, and mouth as he tries to not lose consciousness. Nick is enjoying the carnage and decides he wants more, so he puts Rage in a headlock and brings him to the top of the ramp, punching him every now and then to halt any movement from the champ. Then he brings him to the right side of the ramp and spots four tables below. Thinking that he’ll break Rage in half even more, he tries to throw the champion off the stage. But Rage blocks his attempt, elbows him in the stomach three times, then headbutts Nick Jones to dizzy him, although it took something out of Rage as he was hurt by the blow as well. The two men stumble away from each other, Nick incensed by what just happened. Blind with rage, he tries to go for a spear, to put out his foe for good. But Rage scouts him in advance, sidesteps the spear, grabbing Nick Jones by the back of his neck, and tossing him off the stage! Rage watches as Nick flips and falls into all four tables! “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” The crowd seems to love the blood and violence as we see Nick Jones broken in half, completely unmoving at the moment, as Rage tries to catch his breath and regain his footing, still looking at Nick Jones and trying to see if he’s totally out of still breathing. Upon closer examinations from one of the cameraman nearby, it appears that Nick Jones is breathing heavily, although he’s unable to get up at this point. Feeling satisfied that he got revenge from crashing through the table on the other side, he makes his way towards Nick, although slowly. It takes a few minutes, but he finally reaches the challenger and picks him up. Nick is now moving, but is also getting hurt by a couple of knee strikes to the stomach as Rage stops him from any movement that he tries to make as well. Then he throws Nick into the ring and follows suit as he rolls from the bottom. Getting back to his feet, the crowd roars with approval as Rage motions for the finisher of his choosing. He picks up the challenger and holds him tight by the throat. However, Nick Jones gets the last laugh. Since this is a no-DQ match, Nick Jones can do whatever he pleases. He breaks out of Rage’s grip by planting a swift, harsh kick into Rage’s jewels! Rage doubles over in pain, Nick Jones taking over and hitting his finisher, Best Of All, right in the middle of the ring! But Nick Jones isn’t quick enough to act on the pin. He slowly crawls over to Rage, both men bloodied and battered, then raises one hand and pins it on Rage’s chest. The referee is on the floor already, making the count!



Decent: Here is your winner and the NEW SCW Heavyweight Champion of the world.......NICK JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The referee slowly manages to get Nick Jones up and hand him the belt and raises his arm in victory, as the crowd roars with boos. Nick Jones stands over his fallen foe, Rage, and raises the SCW heavyweight championship over his head, laughing with maniacal glee as Rage is on the ground, breathing heavily, unaware of what just happened. Nick Jones leaves the ring and slowly makes his way up the ramp, celebrating his victory, placing the title over his shoulder and smiling with cockiness all over. Rage slowly gets up, a shocked look on his face comes over him as the referee tells him what just transpired. Rage glares at Nick Jones, both men staring each other down as Nick Jones takes the belt off his shoulder and raises it over his head, taunting Rage with it!

Adams: Nick Jones wins! The crowd is not liking what happened at all! Nick Jones used whatever means to get the opportunity and take the title! Nick Jones is the new champion!

Simone: Rage is now no longer the champion! It’s a whole new era for Nick Jones and for SCW, who could very well be back on to the path of a much bigger reign than his previous six-month reign! Will anyone ever be able to stop him? Tune in and find out next week! Goodbye, everybody!

THANK YOU: To Chris, Mark, Erik, Koji, Mete, Tom, Matthew Kennedy, Odette Ryder, Azz N Class, Vixen, Sean Williams, DJ, Also to Carly Athens for updated match images and to all our roleplayers, who made this show great.

Also, I want to thank Mete (Kain) for all his hard work in SCW. As he is leaving us now, on behalf of the staff and everyone involved in SCW, thank you for your hard work, for writing great matches (We will never forget that certain bombshell blood bath). Your service to SCW has been appreciated and we all wish you the very best in the next stage of your life. This shows for you!