Climax Control

The War Memorial Gymnasium in San Francisco, California is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, the cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions.


Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands center-ring with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the War Memorial Gymnasium, right here in beautiful San Francisco, California, and welcome to Climax Control!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as the heavy beat of the music erupts over the building's sound system and Amanda appears atop the stage with three male back up dancers. Amanda is clad in a leather ensemble; top, jacket, mini-skirt and heels with fishnet stockings. The three male dancers in matching leather vests, pants and boots. The crowd cheers as the performance begins.

Amanda: "Gimme a beat!
Sittin' in the movie show, thinkin' nasty thoughts, huh
Better be a gentlemen or you turn me off, huh
That's right, a-let me tell it

Nasty boys, don't mean a thing, huh
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty boys, don't ever change, huh
Oh you nasty boys

I don't like no nasty car, I don't like a nasty food, huh
Ooh ooh yeah
The only nasty thing I like is the nasty groove, huh
Will this one do?
Uh huh, I know

Nasty boys, don't mean a thing, huh
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty boys, don't ever change, huh
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty boys, give me your nasty groove, huh
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty boys, let me see your nasty body move, huh
Oh you nasty boys

I could learn to like this
Listen up.

I'm not a prude (no)
I just want some respect (that's right)
So close the door if you want me to respond (ooh ooh yeah)
'Cause privacy is my middle name
My last name is Control
No my first name ain't baby
It's Janet
Miss Jackson if you're nasty

Nasty boys, don't mean a thing
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty boys, don't ever change, huh
Oh you nasty boys

Nasty boys, don't mean a thing
Oh you nasty boys
Don't mean a thing to me, uh
Don't mean a thing, huh
Oh you nasty boys

I love this part

Who's that thinkin' nasty thoughts?
Nasty boys!
Who's that in that nasty car?
Nasty boys!
Who's that eating that nasty food?
Nasty boys!
Who's jamming to my nasty groove?
Nasty boys!

(Nasty boys)
Don't mean a thing

Oh you nasty boys"

The song ends and the crowd cheers and applauds as Amanda and her three dancers each take their bows and vanish behind the curtains. The camera trails along the crowd in the building until it focuses on Belinda and Jason at the announcer's table.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control, I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams

Simone: And we are just one more Climax Control away from perhaps the most original event in the history of professional wrestling, when we take to the open sea for 'Summer XXXTreme'! But that is then, and this is now!

Adams: You bet, Belinda! Tonight we have the champ in action, putting the title on the line!

Simone: Indeed as Bo Dreamwolf steps up to the plate to finally get his one on one crack at the SCW Heavyweight Champion, Rage! Plus, the Bombshell Tag Team Champions will be in action, but separately in singles matches!

Adams: Double your pleasure, double my fun! Odette Ryder takes on Trish newborn and Carly Athens goes up against Bianca Solderini!

Simone: Also Blaque Hart Bruce Evans goes up against Wrestling's Bad Boy Matt Barnes in what will surely be a chaotic event between two of SCW's top heels!

Adams: Speaking of heels, that rich punk has stepped in one too many meadow muffins because he opened his big mouth to issue a challenge and Spike Staggs answered the call! Ha!

Simone: I'll tip Spike this week's salary if he can make the kid tap in under a minute. But we also have the final match in the build up between Tom Dudely and Wyatt Peterson coming up at 'Summer XXXTreme'!

Adams: Oh hell yes! Tom is back in action and he's going up against the fastest rising star in SCW, in Aleksei Koji!

Simone: Plus we hope to find out more about what's to come aboard that cruise ship in a few short weeks, but now it's time to kick this party off!

The scene opens up backstage where we see “Prime Time” Matthew Kennedy’s manager and asshole extraordinaire “Big and Large” Marty McFarge talking to someone on the phone.

MM: Okay, for the cruise I want the best rooms for myself and my client; I’ll pay for it myself if I have too! Look I don’t care what Christian Underwood says in my line of business money talks and I have a lot of money to do the talking for……hello?!

Marty quickly realizes that whoever he was talking too had just hung up on him, the crowd laughs as he looks around with a look of annoyance on his face.

MM: I swear you can’t get good help nowadays! There must be a bimbo somewhere I can hit on!

Marty mutters to himself before turning around and seeing NXT member Odette Ryder standing behind him, the Aussie Bombshell gets a loud reaction from the crowd.

MM: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Thunder from Down Under herself Odette Ryder! I heard you were giving out free lap dances earlier this week…..

Adams: I WISH!

MM: Or is it something else you want? Maybe you want some action in the sack? You know they call me “Big and Large” for reasons other than my weight…..

Simone: Good lord, he’s even more shameless than you Jason.

Adams: Yeah I……HEY!

Odette’s green eyes went wide as she placed her right index finger on Marty’s chest.

Adams: NO WAY… does she have the look of seduction in her eyes?

Odette: Let’s get one thing straight Marty

Pushing the ‘big and large’ male with her index finger her Australian tone was filled with a hint of anger.

Odette: I know exactly what you up too and I can see right through your stupid little charade

Marty just looked on stunned

Odette: Cut the crap Marty… I know you knew about Burnside abducting Laura and quite frankly the fact you can stand there and tell everyone you knew nothing about it and play the I’m innocent card makes me sick… in fact you make me sick

The fans let out a cheer as Marty goes to say something but gets cut off by the little lady in front of him.

Odette: Trust me when I say… it won’t happen again…

MM: Oh yeah and what are you going to do about it?

Taking a step forward to Odette to over shadow her Odette licked her lips before returning the favor and taking a step closer to him

Odette: why don’t you tell your precious little Burnside that if he wants to get to Laura again… he can try and go through me first!

Marty’s booming laugh is all that can be heard

MM: Oh wait your serious?

Odette: Deadly… now if you don’t mind some of us here actually have jobs to do!

Odette spun on her heels and walked off leaving a smug looking Marty behind.

MM: My god what a sweet ass!

Marty mutters to himself once Odette’s out of earshot, a few seconds later his client Matthew Kennedy approaches.

MK: Was that Odette Ryder?

MM: Yep.

MK: Asking about Burnside no doubt.

MM: Hah, yeah, the little bitch actually thinks she can take Burnside!

The two men share a good laugh…….before Marty’s low blowed from behind by Odette.

Odette: I heard that you little creep.

Odette says before storming off leaving Marty clutching his balls in pain and Matthew looking at him with a look of amusement on his face.

MK: You know that’s going on the highlights right?

MM: Yeah, I know, right alongside Hawkes getting slaughtered by Spike Staggs, by the way I still say that Hawkes won’t last five seconds.

MK: That’s why we have a bet going.

The two men walk off as the scene fades.

The scene opens up backstage in the locker room area where Nick Jones is seen going through his bag. As he's pulling some of his stuff out for tonight, Jordan Williams comes walking into the scene, stopping right in front of Nick. Nick looks up and shoots an inquisitive look at Jordan, seeming not quite sure why he's there or what to expect.

Jordan: You know Nick, I wasn't quite sure what to think of you at first. Me and you have had some interesting history, but credit where it's due, after these past two weeks, I certainly owe you one. It's good to see we can put our differences aside to sort through all of this.

Jordan motions his hands in the air, indicating the various things going on around them.

Nick: Yeah well, it looks like all of this stuff going on these past few weeks gave us the best outcome we could have possibly hoped for. We still get to step back into the ring with each other, and yet we still both get a shot to fight for the title. Now granted there might be another three guys in there with us getting a shot at Rage too, but you and I both know that's nothing to be worried about.

Jordan: I think we can both agree, it's going to be one of the two of us with that belt around their waist by the time that night is done.

Nick: We just might not exactly agree on which of the two of us that will be.

Nick gets a smirk on his face as Jordan just laughs in response.

Jordan: Well we can worry about that once we've taken care of those other four first.

Nick: That sounds like a great idea to me, but let's be honest with ourselves here, there's going to be a lot of people in this match who have a long history of disliking me. I think you've already seen over these past couple of weeks the kind of trouble hanging around and siding with me can get you into.

Jordan: You really think I'm worried about that? I'm not exactly any of these guy's favorite person in the world either you know. In a few weeks they'll all be a nameless, faceless enemy as far as I'm concerned, so it doesn't really matter what they think of you or me until then. The bottom line is, you and I still have a little unfinished business in that ring, so if there's any one person, other than myself of course, who I want to make sure makes it to that match in one piece, it's going to be you. So my proposal is simply this, let's come to a formal agreement that pretty much continues on what we've been doing these past few weeks anyway. How about until the time comes that we step into that ring again, we watch each others back, take care of those other 4 if and when we need to, and make sure the SCW's two best are ready to go come Summer XXXTreme, because we both know everyone else would love to take us out before then and help their own chances to walk out as champ. So let's just make sure that doesn't happen.

Nick: Sounds like one hell of a plan to me. Once we step into that ring at Summer XXXTreme, we both know all bets are off. It's nothing personal, that's just the nature of the game. Until then, let's make sure none of the rest of these punks get away with anything.

Jordan: Exactly. Sounds like we've got a deal.

Jordan reaches his hand out to Nick, who doesn't even hesitate as he responds with the same and the two men shake hands in agreement. After they finish, Nick and Jordan then silently nod at each other, before turning and walking off in separate directions.

Justin Decent The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Queensland, Australia… She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighed in at 126 pounds. She is… ODETTE RYDER!!!

“Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?” as the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. “Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me” as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette’s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette’s skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation. Her black ripped jeans hug so tightly to her glittery skin as the lighting in the arena slowly starts to return back to normal. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can’t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette’s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette’s piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her opponent as ‘Blood in my eyes’ fades from the Pa system.

Justin Decent And her opponent… Hailing from San Diego, California. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 125 pounds… She is… TRISH NEWBORN!!!

"King Of The World" by Porcelain Black plays out loud over the P.A system, as Trish Newborn walks out confident from behind the curtain wearing a matching leather sleeveless hoodie w/ her Best of the Best logo and ring attire for the night, and a pair of sunglasses. Trish smirks at all the fans trying their best to get to her as she walks down the ramp; midway down turning her back to them, with arms spread wide open. She turns back around to enter the ring, where Newborn pushes the referee out of the way, aiming for the first turnbuckle Trish sees and pulls herself up while her music continues to play. The crowd really starts giving the heat to the veteran performer now, but Newborn just stares out embracing everything. She soon turns around to Odette, ready to fight when the next musical piece starts, distracting both ladies. The opening drum beat of “Lollirot” by Jack Off Jill begins blasting through the speakers as the light flash along with the music. As the instrumentals pick up, Kittie shoves her way through the curtains. A spotlight lands on her as she pauses, throwing her head forward, and then back. She lets her hair fall down over her face, and it slowly falls back as she moves her head slowly from one side to the other. She throws her hands up in the air and lets out a scream before she starts skipping down the entryway. She bops her head to the side as she goes. She stops to stick her tongue out to tease a cheering fan or two, and then she continues skipping until about half way toward ring. She stops, looks around and then stares at the ring. Trish steps to the edge of the ring, taunting Kittie as she simply smiles. She then marches to the announcers table. The two ladies regain their focus on the match.



Kittie: I got the best seat in the house tonight. I can’t wait to watch this massacre, as long as my bitch, Odette, leaves me something for Summer XXXTreme.

It’s so nice of you to abruptly join us. I would say to make yourself comfortable, but your feet on the table prove you already have…

Jason Adams: I just wanted to say that I never called you a bat shit crazy lunatic, so please don’t hurt me.

The two ladies circle each other as the bubbly Odette almost seems to be using her movements to goad the crazed queen. The crowd starts an NXT chant throughout as Odette fist pumps to keep the support coming. As she does this, Trish tries to take advantage by charging Odette with a clothesline. Odette sees this coming and she ducks the move and connects with an elbow to Trish’s face. She immediately nails a dropkick to the small of Trish’s back. As Trish falls down, Odette goes for a standing moonsault. Trish rolls out of the way at the last possible second and Odette lands on her back. Trish crawls on top of Odette and begins laying in punch after punch on the spunky bombshell.

Kittie: Come on, Odette. Kick her ass already! The bitch isn’t even worth ten seconds in the match!

Belinda: It seems like someone is looking for an easy title defense at Summer XXXTreme.

Kittie: Uh, no… I don’t need help, but Trish just showing up to the ring ensures it is an easy title defense.

As Trish hammers away at Odette, she receives an elbow to the face. As she is stunned, Odette hammers another elbow, and another until she shoves Trish off of her. Odette takes a few steps back and as Trish lunges at her, growling in frustration, Odette sidesteps her. She falls with her neck across the bottom rope. Odette takes a moment to assess the damage and then she leaps over the top rope with a guillotine leg drop. Odette stops and poses before standing back up. She gets the NXT chant going once again. The crowd goes wild as Odette rolls back inside.

Kittie: That’s my bitch! Hand that ass to her!

Belinda: I really like the fact that you are watching your language for the children at home.

Jason: If you haven’t seen her promos, this is pretty tame.

Odette blows out a kiss toward Kittie and then she leaps onto the top turnbuckle. She looks out into the audience before flipping off with a corkscrew moonsault that barely connects at all. Trish pulls herself up, and as Odette holds her back in pain, Trish gets a kick to the gut. She begins shouting at Odette as the crowd boos. Trish turns around and screams at them before returning her attention back to Odette. Trish grabs Odette in a headlock and raises her up to a standing position. She taunts the audience, shouting out at them before she runs forward with a running bulldog, otherwise known as Newborn Rising. She drops down to her knees quickly for the cover.



Odette kicks out with force. Trish leans down to pick her up, and Odette rolls her up into a small package.



Trish grabs onto the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break, but Trish forcefully breaks free from the pin. She rolls over and Odette follows her, bouncing her off of the ropes. She sends her to the other side and as she prepares for a back body drop, Trish spears her to the ground. Trish picks her up by the legs, trying to set her up for a powerbomb, but Odette brings her down with a Hurricanrana. She goes to hook the leg, but Trish uses every bit of strength in her to teeter forward to pin Odette.

Kittie: Yawn! We already know what is going to happen here.

Jason: Are you a psychic? How about you pass on the lottery numbers for this week?

Kittie: Are you trying to piss me off? If so, bravo… You’re doing a great job.


Odette shoves all of her weight forward, knocking Trish backward in the process. She weighs down on her with the cover.


Trish musters up the strength to reverse the pin again. She looks over to the referee and then she grabs onto the middle rope for leverage.


The referee catches on to what Trish is doing and he stops the count to scold her. She lets go of the rope and shouts at him to do his job. Begrudgingly, he drops down to initiate the count, but Odette rolls backward. She is quick with it, making sure to dash back over toward Trish before she can even get up. She connects with a Shining Wizard that sends the audience into a frenzy, as well as Kittie at the announcers table. Odette stands up and looks down at Trish. Her bubbly persona has faded quite a bit as she picks Trish up by the hair. She begins smashing Trish’s face into the mat. The audience seems shocked by the display, but not upset by it at all. Odette stops and then she stands up. She motions for Trish to get up. As she does, Odette plants a foot to Trish’s gut and then she hits a Tiltawhirl DDT on the crazed queen.

Jason: Amazing maneuver from the bubbly NXT Bombshell!

Kittie: Rydernites are behind Odette right now, she’s going to lay that bitch out for the one, two three…

Odette climbs to the top rope, and she looks all around her, taking in the cheers. She turns around after looking at the laid out Trish Newborn. Her eyes flash fiery passion before she dives off of the turnbuckle with the O Ryder! The audience cheers as Odette hooks the leg. They count along with the referee.




Justin Decent And your winner… ODETTE RYDER!!!

Kittie: I knew she was going to do it. Trashy Trish isn’t worth half the hype she gives herself.

Odette jumps up and celebrates her win as the static can be heard from the Kittie’s headset being dropped.

After the match was over and her hand was raised in victory Odette reached over and took the microphone out of Justin’s hands.

Adams: Here we go

Simone: Odette promised we would find out why she joined NXT and I guess she isn’t wasting anytime in announcing it

Raising the microphone up to her lips the Australian accent was heard throughout the speakers

Odette: Nice Match Trish but next time… at least try and make me sweat…

Cue a cute laugh

Odette: Now without wasting any more time I’d like to bring out my two main men in my life Spike Staggs and Casey Williams

Raising her right arm up she pointed towards the ramp as a sort of video game voice blasts over the P.A. system.



The audience comes to their feet in extreme excitement as “Smackdown” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the speakers. Red and black lights begin flashing across the stage as the fans shout out in excitement. Odette looks like a kid in a candy store as Spike Staggs and Casey Williams walk out onto the stage. Spike works the crowd up as Casey just looks on intensely at the ring. Both men proceed to walk down the ramp and climb up the steel ring steps they grab onto the ropes and enter the ring in unison before walking up to Odette. Odette takes in Spike for a hug followed by Casey as “Smackdown” fades off the PA System. A NXT chant starts from the fans waiting for them to slightly die down Odette lifts the microphone up to her lips.

Odette: For the last two weeks all I have heard is why? Why? Why? Why? Why would you join the NXT Odette? Why would you put yourself in a stable that is struggling to show signs of strength in SCW? ... Well the answer is simple my friends… why not? You see when I first saw Spike and Casey strut down the ramp two weeks ago at Climax control I have to admit I was pretty nervous… I was on edge. But then I heard the words that came out of this guy’s mouth

Pointing towards Spike the females in attendance go wild

Odette: I couldn’t resist jumping at the chance to join… you see I agree with Spike when he said NXT has been lacking as of late… especially in the female division… now I don’t exactly know what’s happening with Vixen

A Vixen chant starts to muster up some volume getting a small smirk to cross Odette’s face.

Odette: but I know one thing is for sure… she better raise her voice and let us know if she is with us or against us… because if she’s not… I’ll take pleasure in taking her spot as the number one Bombshell in NXT.

Walking around Spike and Casey as she spoke Odette couldn’t help but feel a little confident in herself.

Odette: Now boys I’ve asked you to come out here tonight because I want to make a pledge to you both… Spike my promise to you is that I will put my full heart and soul into NXT and I will do everything in my power to make sure the bombshell division knows who they are dealing with when it comes to facing me. I will now no longer just be seen as the little Aussie girl and one half of dirty country I’ll be seen a force not to be messed with the NXT colours on my back. I promise I will live and breathe New XTremes and I will always put the stable in my top priorities… I will not let you down… I will not disappoint...

Giving Spike a quick hug she turned her focus onto Casey

Odette: Now Casey my pledge to you is the same put yet a little more personal… you see I know what happened to Laura and I want you to know that with me around I have full intentions on protecting her from anything like this ever happening again… Now we all saw what happened on twitter between you and Spike and I must say I was a little shocked to see it… but let’s get one thing out in the open now… I have big things planned for NXT and myself and if I can help it… I plan becoming a major part of the bombshell division… and I plan on helping guide NXT into the future. I don’t plan on doing this alone so please don’t feel like you are okay?

She didn’t wait for an answer she just gave him a hug before bringing the microphone up to her lips.

Odette: I guess all that is left to say is… buckle up SCW because the new breed of NXT is a force no one wants to be faced with…

Dropping the microphone onto the ring canvas Odette stood in between Casey and Spike and raised their arms up into the air as “Smackdown” slammed over the PA system the NXT fans started chanting again as the shot of the ring switched to the backstage area

SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship Kittie © v Trish Newborn

We cut to a scene in the backstage area. In the picture we see none other than the lovely Ms. Rocky Mountains. She is in scramble mode as she appears to be getting some information from a man wearing a SCW staff t-shirt. The camera stays on the two quietly talking for a few moments. Just then the man quickly walks away and Ms. Mountains motions for the cameraman to come over. She sets herself up with a mic and gets read to address the camera. In the backdrop you can see a door with Mark Ward nameplate on it.

Ms. Mountains: Well ladies and gentlemen there have been rumors going around this last week that Sin City Wrestling was in negotiations to bring back a former SCW superstar. So I have been combing the backstage area trying to see if there was any truth to this. And I just received information from a source that these rumors are indeed true. In fact I was just informed Mr. Ward and Mr. Underwood are in this very room addressing the issue.

Ms. Mountains turns to her side and motions to the door. The camera shifts in that direction and focuses in closer. Unfortunately the door is only half ajar so you can’t see inside. The camera stays there as you can begin to pick up a faint conversation. Although you can’t make out any of the words there appears to be three different voices talking. We identify the voices of both Mark and Christian, but the third male voice is not recognizable. Ms. Mountains steps back in front of the camera.

Ms. Mountains: I know it’s kind of hard to make out, but there does appear to be someone in there with Mr. Ward and Mr. Underwood. I think it’s safe to say this could be the negotiation we were told about. Unfortunately I can’t indentify who’s in there with them. Maybe if we move in a little closer we can figure this out.

Ms. Mountains sneaks closer and bends down to put her ear to the door. The camera zooms in as close as it will go. We can finally start to clearly make out the conversation inside. The third voice remains a mystery, but at least we can pick up the dialog

Mark: I just would have liked him to be here himself.

Male Voice: What can I say? My dudes travel arrangements fell through last minute. But obviously I do have full power to act and negotiate a contract on his behalf.

Christian: That’s all well and good. We would just feel better talking to him directly. I think that would be the best way to clear up a concern that Mark and I share.

Male Voice: Concern? What concern?

Mark: Well your boy essentially bailed on the company after just a couple matches. Needless to say we would like some assurance he’s committed to SCW, if we were to bring him back.

Male Voice: Listen that’s a dead issue. You know exactly why he chose to walk away at that time. His mindset was still elsewhere and on other avenues of his life. But my dude is no doubt ready to leave that all in the past and commit to making this wrestling thing his future.

Christian: I sure hope your right.

Male Voice: OK…why don’t we just stop playing coy here and cut right to the chase. I know you both want my boy back in SCW. To you he’s the one that got away. He’s that ex that you can’t stop thinking about. You both were very excited what you had in him when you first signed him. I mean let’s get real…you put him in the very first main-event this company ever had. And he never stepped foot inside a ring before that match. I don’t think too many newcomers get that kind of red carpet treatment in their debut.

Christian: Yeah I think it’s pretty evident we saw something there by putting him in that match. He definitely showed the potential to achieve great things in this industry. However the question is, is he ready to reach that potential? How do we know the result won’t be the same as the last time we signed him?

Male Voice: Man…I’m saying…my boy is ready for greatness. I personally have seen him working like a beast getting ready for this. He’s ready to roll. So let’s stop just wasting time. I know damn well you both are jumping on the inside to get this contract signed. So I’m not sure why you’re giving me this front? You looking for me to sweet talk you a little more I’m guessing?

Mark: Well I won’t speak for Christian, but I don’t need the sweet talk…. In fact I think I heard what I was looking for. So I’ll just go ahead and say that I’m sold and ready to bring him back. You in Christian?

Christian: It’s a yes for me as well.

Male Voice: There it is…. So now that we got this shit out of the way. Let’s start talking dollars!

Just then Ms. Mountains accidentally leans to close to the door and makes a small noise. There is a pause in the conversation inside the room.

Christian: What was that…Hold up just a second.

Just then Christian walks to the door and opens it to see an embarrassed Ms. Mountains who is caught red handed eavesdropping. He looks down at her, shakes his head, and then slams the door. Ms. Mountains composes herself and addresses the camera.

Ms. Mountains: Well…apparently I’m not as stealthy as I thought. I tried to see if I could take a peek into the room to identify that male voice, but I was obviously busted. Somehow during that discussion the name of the SCW superstar was never identified. But we did hear a big clue…That he was in our very first main event. And if I think back correctly that trims the list down to three men. I think I have a good idea on which one it might be, but I unfortunately couldn’t confirm. So I will leave the rest of you to draw your own conclusions.

And with that the camera shuts down and the scene ends.

“I will not bow” erupted over the house PA system, announcing the impending appearance of the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Logan Boys. Both were in their signature black and green hot topic jeans with mesh zombie faces and swinging black chains, topped with slit up green and black t-shirts with the logo “Zombies are People too” emblazoned across their chests. Jace wore green mesh sleeves and black studded armbands while his younger brother wore the black mesh up his arms and a green and black studded dog collar around his neck. Lash’s face was half painted, Jace’s was painted all the way, it was quite the statement really, the zombie makeup, the green contacts, the pair was having a blast being in Vegas and it showed.

They took their time heading down the aisle, with no match awaiting in the ring they could great the fans, slap hands, give the occasional hug to the grab happy child or grope happy lady before moving on. The music was loud, the pair was smiling happily, moving with the beat and the excitement of it all. These were no fake grins plastered across their faces, but twin looks of pure joy and excitement about what they did and where they were. When they got to the ring they leapt up on the apron, rushing up opposite turnbuckles, then backfliping into the ring.

Soaking in the roars of the people, belts raised up high, the charismatic brothers enjoyed their return to Vegas wrestling before reaching for a microphone and addressing the fans.

Jace said with a grin:

Jace: Wow. Damn but it’s great to be back in Vegas!

So what if it was a cheap pop, so what if he was playing on sentiment and hometown love, not like anyone was ever really born in Vegas anyway, or at least very few who’d admit to it. Besides, Jace had been born close enough, at least to his way of thinking. His mother having gone into labor between Reno and Vegas, birthing him at a hospital in Beatty with enough time to spare that dad had still made it to his next match. So yeah, SSW was gone now but the city of sin still remained and Jace was glad to be back there again.

Jace: When I was a kid, I stood backstage in arenas just like this one all over Nevada, watching my dad and my uncles compete in match after match. These tag titles that my brother and I hold, they’re just updated versions of the belts my Dad and my Uncle Mike stood in the ring with twenty years ago. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to come here and be able to defend them in front of people who have supported our family for years.

The crowd roared once more, Lash leapt up on one of the turnbuckles, holding his title up high, banging his head in time to the cheers of the crowd.

Jace: This used to be SSW country, now Sin City Wrestling is going strong and I gotta say that it is an amazing feeling to look out at the ocean of faces out there and see replica belts and fans all painted up the way we’re painted, holding your banners and waving your flags and showing us far more love then we get back in the place that hardcore built that’s for damn sure.

Jace said with a grin.

He watched the people, those pauses in speech giving him a few seconds to look around. He’d never done this before, not like this, before all these screaming fans. He looked to his brother to see if Lash wanted to say something, but he’d found another turnbuckle to climb and another way to hype up the crowd.

Jace: It’s a humbling experience, being a champion.

Jace said when the roar had died down.

Jace: I imagined it would be all glam and respect and screaming people and limos and folks opening the door for you but it’s a lot quieter than that, and a lot grander too. It’s seeing people lining up to get your picture when they used to walk on by. It’s taking that moment to sign an autograph even when you’re sitting tired in a booth just trying to have a sandwich. It’s traveling to places you wouldn’t normally get to see, meeting new people and doing your best to promote yourself and the belts your carrying and the great Alliance of the NWA.

Jace was grinning, the people were cheering, and Lash had finally come down to stand by his side.

Jace: It’s coming here tonight to let The Fallen know we’re already studying you, already preparing, already looking forward to getting into the ring with someone new and proving to the world exactly why it is we have these belts.” Jace began “It’s about being on the road and seeing everything while you have the chance, facing the challenges you meet along the way and coming out victorious, the same way we plan to do when we face The Fallen. This is our dream come true, this is who we grew up training to be and we’re not going to let it go easily.

Lash: We gonna win!

Lash said taking the belt from his brother.

Lash: Then we gonna party like rock stars!

Huge pop, huge grin from Lash, and Jace couldn’t help it, he was grinning too.

Jace: Yeah, what he said.

Jace commented, before dropped the mic and the pair exited the ring, heading into the crowd to watch the rest of the show with the people.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Logan Boys © v The Fallen

The cameras switch to backstage where we see a man wearing a business suit, followed by an older couple, walking down the hall. They are unfamiliar to the fans of SCW, but the determined look in their eyes, show that they are on a mission. They walk up to the door labeled “Bombshell Locker Room” and the man wearing the suit knocks gently on the door, waiting for a response. The door opens, and Bombshell Roulette Champion, Kittie, is the one standing in front of him.

Kittie: Who the hell are you and what do you want?!

Man: Hello. My name is Richard Clark. I’m a private investigator from Las Vegas. This is Andrew Waters and—

Kittie: Wait…did you say Waters?

Richard nods, offering Kittie a polite smile. Kittie, however, shakes her head and laughs, already knowing where this is going.

Kittie: Private investigator, huh? Let me guess what you’re here about…or should I say who you are here about.

The older woman, standing next to Andrew Waters, takes a step forward next to the private investigator. She has a pleading expression on her face as she addresses Kittie.

Woman: Excuse me…Kittie, right?

Kittie nods and rolls her eyes.

Woman: I’ve never met you, but my name is Colleen. I’m Misty’s mother, standing behind me is her father. I know how you feel about our daughter, and that is why we are here. We’re trying to find out what happened to her, and—

Kittie: And you think I know where she is, or better yet, that I even give a shit? Lady, Misty can stay missing for all I care.

Misty’s mother lowers her head, fighting back tears. Misty’s father is about to speak, but Richard the private investigator holds his hand up, taking control of the situation.

Richard: Mrs. Staggs—

Kittie: I’m separated, jackass. Just call me Kittie.

Richard: Ok then. Kittie, everyone is aware of your feelings toward Misty, as well as your involvement with her enemy, Roxanne. Misty disappeared shortly after her match against Roxanne, and anyone who watched that match, witnessed the condition both women were in when the match ended. I think it is safe to assume that Misty did not simply get up and walk away on her own.

Kittie: I find it really hilarious that you two..

Kittie points to Misty’s parents.

Kittie: ...are even acting like you give a damn. Or, wait a minute. Maybe everything Misty said about you two was just another one of her lies? My guess is that she ran away, and doesn’t want to be found because she’s a coward. She always has been and always will be.

Andrew: Look, Kittie, the family issues Misty has with her mother or myself is our business. That is not why we are here! Misty is missing, and we’d like to find her considering the injuries she apparently suffered last week. Now, please, tell us what you know!

Kittie steps outside the room, storming right up into Andrew’s face.

Kittie: Look, asshole! I’ve already told you I had nothing to do with her disappearance, and neither did Roxanne! I don’t know where she is, nor do I care! Now, get the hell out of my face!

Richard the private investigator walks up to Andrew and pulls him aside as Kittie glares at all of them. Misty’s mother, Colleen, is visibly more upset at this point.

Richard: Alright. Colleen…Andrew…I think it’s time for us to move on here. She obviously doesn’t know anything. Kittie, thank you for your time. Here is my card, and if you happen to learn anything, please call me.

Richard hands Kittie his business card. She takes it only to rip it to shreds right in front of them.

Kittie: I won’t need to, asshole.

And with that, Kittie turns and walks away. She disappears back inside the Bombshell’s locker room and slams the door behind her. Andrew and Colleen look at Richard the private investigator.

Colleen: Okay, now we need to find Spike. He must know something?

Richard: Let’s hope so, because right now, we don’t have much to go on.

Misty’s father wraps his arms around Misty’s mother and the two follow Richard down the hall as their search for answers continues on to Misty’s ex-fiancee and the father of her child…Spike Staggs.

Oh Canada!” is dying down and Blaque Hart Bruce Evans is in the ring waiting for his opponent.

Justin: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Standing in the ring, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Blaque Hart Bruce Evans!

Simone: Not a very exciting entrance for Evans.

Adams: Blaque Hart is a legend. He doesn’t need to show off on the way to the ring. He’ll show off inside of it.

Justin: And his opponent, from Venice Beach, California, “Wrestling’s Bad Boy” Matt Barnes!

The lights dim as "Shook Ones pt 2" by Mobb Deep beings to blare through the arena. That can only mean one thing as most of the crowd begins to boo the man about to make his appearance. Signs filled with hate are littered throughout the arena for him. As the music picks up, the one and only "Wrestling's Bad Boy" Matt Barnes makes his way out from behind the curtain. In his wrestling attire and black glasses, Matt stops at the top and smirks at the booming noise from the crowd. He relishes all the sounds of disgust being thrown at his direction. After a few moments he begins his walk to the ring. He engages in some verbal confrontations with a few brave souls on the guard rails. After taking all the time he wants. He hops onto the apron and walks over to one of the turnbuckles. He climbs up to the second rope and takes one last stare into the crowd. As the music begins to die he jumps over the top rope and readies for the match.

Simone: Matt Barnes sure took his time getting to the ring.

Adams: He’s the Bad Boy. He can take as long as he wants.

Simone: If he doesn’t start winning matches consistently, he’s going to go from being the bad boy to being the bag boy.

Evans doesn’t wait for the bell to ring as he attacks Barnes from behind, bringing forearms down on his upper back and shoulders.



Barnes, trying to get away from Evans, finds himself backed into the corner. Evans continues to relentlessly hit Barnes with forearms and elbows.

Simone: Bruce Evans has been around for a while. He knows how to take an advantage and keep it.

Referee Drew Patton eventually shoves his way between the two men and forces Evans to back away from Barnes. Barnes explodes out of the corner and goes airborne over the referee to connect to Evan’s head with a forearm of his own. Drew scrambles to get out of the way as Barnes and Evans go back and forth with forearms until Barnes starts to turn the table with right hands that send Evans reeling into the ropes. Barnes whips Evans across the ring into the ropes, following up with an arm drag. Barnes holds onto the arm with an armbar. Evans struggles to get to his feet, eventually succeeding, and reverses into an arm twist. Evans grabs Barnes’ hair and pulls him down to the mat while still holding his arm. Barnes hops back to his feet only to be brought down by the hair again. Barnes hops back to his feet once more, but this time, rolls through and brings Evans over with an arm drag into an armbar.

Simone: A lot of back and forth action. These men seem to be pretty evenly matched so far.

Evans struggles to get back to his feet. Once there, he reverses the armbar into another arm twist, but instead of holding it, Evans sends Barnes back a few steps with a right hand to the jaw.

Adams: Uh oh! You don’t touch Bag Boy’s face.

Simone: Did you just call him Bag Boy?

Adams: I most certainly did not!

Barnes is stunned for a moment but recovers, tackling Evans to the mat and pummeling him with hard right hands to the head. Evans is able to rolls onto the top of Barnes and starts delivering right hands of his own. The two men roll throughout the ring continuing to beat on each other until the referee forces them apart. They both quickly get to their feet.

Simone: Neither man has been able to get a definite advantage over the other. Something’s gotta give.

They lock up in the middle of the ring with Evans backing Barnes into the ropes. Evans lifts a knee into Barnes’ mid-section before hitting him with a forearm to the head. Barnes comes right back with a right hand of his own. The two men exchange punches until Evans catches Barnes off-guard with a chop to the chest. Evans delivers two more chops before sending Barnes across the ring into the ropes. Evans bends forward to lift Barnes into the air, but is instead met with a kick to his chest.

Simone: Evans with a rare mistake there. Barnes is hoping to take advantage.

Barnes hooks Evans up for a suplex. He lifts Evans, but Evans wiggles out of the suplex and reverses it into a reverse DDT. Evans pulls Barnes to his feet and hits him with a vertical suplex of his own. Evans with the cover.

1… Kick Out!

Evans pulls Barnes back up to his feet and hits him with a knife edge chop before whipping him into the ropes. Barnes ducks under a clothesline attempt and comes off of the opposite ropes with a flying forearm that leaves both men on the mat.

Adams: With a match like this so early in the show, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the night brings.

Evans is the first back to his feet while Barnes is only up to his hands and knees. Evans connects with a dropkick that sends Barnes back to the mat. Evans sets Barnes across the bottom rope and stands on his back, pulling up on the ropes for added pressure. Evans releases Barnes only after the mandatory five count from Drew Patton.

Simone: Until that point, this had been a pretty clean match.

Adams: It’s still a clean match. Nobody has been disqualified.

Evans pulls Barnes back to his feet and hits him with a forearm as he backs him into the corner. Evans whips Barnes across the ring, but Barnes reverses into a whip of his own that sends Evans chest into the turnbuckle. Evans stumbles backwards out of the corner where Barnes lifts him over with a back body drop. Both men are down in the ring.

Simone: That move took a lot out of both men.

This time, Barnes is the first one to his feet, but Evans is right after him. Barnes hits Evans with a forearm and backs him into the corner. Barnes proceeds to his Evans with a slap across his chest, following it up with an elbow before attempting to whip him across the ring. Evans reverses it, sending Barnes’ chest first into the corner. Barnes stumbles backwards. Evans comes at him from behind connecting with a bulldog that leaves Barnes sprawled on the mat. Evans looks towards the corner of the ring and decides that he’s going to go up top.

Simone: A very high risk move for Evans. He’s not much of a high flyer.

Adams: It’ll take more than what’s in Blaque Hart’s normal arsenal to beat the Bad Boy. He’s showing that he’s willing to take out all of the stops.

As soon as Evans is to the top rope, Barnes springs back to his feet and hops onto the top rope, bringing Evans back to the mat with a top rope snap suplex. Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring as referee Drew Patton starts counting them out.

6… Barnes is the first up as he crawls over and makes the pin.

2… Evans gets the shoulder up!

Simone: That was a close call.

Barnes pulls Evans to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Barnes uses Evans momentum and lifts him into the air, letting him fall face first to the mat. Barnes attempts another cover.

2… Kick out!

Barnes locks in a rear naked choke in the center of the ring.

Simone: Evans may be in trouble with this hold.

Evans struggles to get out of the hold, somehow eventually getting to his feet. Evans connects with a couple of elbows to the mid-section of Barnes that loosens the hold. Evans runs to the ropes. Barnes runs to the opposite ropes. Both men come off with a clothesline that sends them both back to the mat.

Adams: These men have been spending a lot of time on the mat together.

The referee starts counting.

5… Barnes starts to move.
6… Evans starts to move.

Barnes is back to his feet first. Evans is back to his as well with his back to Barnes. Evans turns around into Barnes lifting him into position for a tombstone piledriver. Evans fights back, reversing into position for a tombstone of his own. Barnes reverses it back to the original position only to have Evans reverse it once more.

Adams: Back and forth they go. Who hits the move? Nobody knows.

Instead of dropping to his knees with a tombstone, Evans lifts Barnes up and drops him with a reverse powerbomb.

Simone: Blaque out! This is over.

Evans makes the pin.


Justin: The winner of the match, Blaque Hart Bruce Evans!

Simone: These men were so evenly matched. Evans was just a little bit better on this night.

Opening back up backstage to find Hot Stuff Mark Ward and Christian Underwood deep in conversation, Odette Ryder is seen running into the scene. Skidding to a Holt in front of both of her bosses she bounces up and down on the spot throwing her arms open to take them both in for a quick hug

HS Mark Ward: Why hello Odette what do we owe this pleasure?

Backing away from their group hug Odette’s face says it all as the biggest smile in the world in plastered on it. The fans let out a cheer as she starts to calm down. Christian turns his attention to Mark a little taken back by Odette’s bubbly nature.

Odette: Mark… Christian… I just wanted to personally thank you for picking my home state as the last stop to our next tour… you have no idea how much this means to me.

Grabbing on to one of Mark’s arms and one of Christian’s Odette couldn’t stand still. Mark and Christian exchanged glances at each other while looking back Odette

Christian Underwood: You’re most welcome Odette

Cutting Christian off she couldn’t help herself

Odette: You have no idea… I learn how to ride a push bike in Cairns; my family have been holidaying there for years!

The grip on their arms grew a little tighter as she continued to talk at a million miles an hour in her thick Australian accent.

Odette: I promise you won’t regret this… I will put on the best home coming match ever!!

Not letting them respond, Odette let go of their arms as they both rubbed where Odette was grabbing. Not wasting any more valuable match time she reached up and kissed Mark on the cheek, leaving a glossy mark after she finally pulled away. Mark looked down at Odette and smiled as she bounced over towards Christian but just as she was about to lay her glossy lips on Christian’s cheek he moved his head and she caught his lips instead. A cheer arose from the sold out crowd as Odette finally worked out what was happening. Backing away from Christian with wide eyes Odette blushed. Shocked at what just happened Odette just looked at Christian not daring to move for a few moments

Odette: I… I…

She was speechless holding her bottom lip Odette took a few steps back and walked off slowly. Once she was off the camera’s view the sound of her high Steve Madden heels clicking on the pavement could be heard. Christian and Mark just stood their returning an awkward silence both not overly sure what just happened.

HS Mark Ward: Well what can I say man? Welcome to the winning team…

Slapping Christian on the back Mark started laughing while Christian made a scrunched up face and stuck out his tongue.

Christian: Blah!

"Cocky" by Kid Rock begins to blast over the PA system and a rather mixed reaction of boos and cheers surprisingly comes from the crowd.

Simone: I never thought I'd see the day. Seems like Nick Jones is really starting to grow on some of these fans.

Adams: Saving Jordan Williams' butt in back to back weeks sure does help with that.

A moment later, the curtain opens and out walks Nick Jones, causing the reactions to get only louder, while still mixed. Nick then walks down the ramp, climbs up the ring steps and across the apron before ducking in between the ropes and climbing into the ring. Nick then walks over, takes a microphone from Justin Decent, and waits for the music to be cut before he begins speaking.

Nick: Do my ears deceive me, or did I actually hear some cheers mixed in there when I came out? Man, hell really must have frozen over.

The positive reactions from the crowd only increase with that comment, as it elicits some cheers as well as laughter from the audience.

Nick: Well we'll all see if you guys still feel that way a few weeks from now at Summer XXXTreme. Because on that night, I'll be stepping into that ring with some of your favorites, and I think there's a chance some of you might not like what I'll be doing to them once that bell rings.

A smile comes across his face as more of a mixed reaction comes from the crowd.

Simone: Well he's got a point there. Nick might be becoming a bit more liked amongst the fans in recent weeks, but there's little doubt there's a number of much more popular wrestlers than him in this match.

Adams: Yeah, but who knows why. Nick is way cooler than some of those guys.

Nick: There's no doubt me and Jordan have some unfinished business to take care of, and you can all rest assured that we'll make sure that it's taken care of once we get into that ring. Although let's not pretend like he's the only one. We have a guy in Rage, who has a little something of mine that it's about time for me to take back. You've got Bo Dreamwolf who I think just about everyone was waiting to see me and him step in the ring against each other for a while now after the slew of issues that took place between the two of us over the past couple of months. And now that will finally happen. There's even a young up and comer by the name of Lucas Darby who seems to really have grabbed all of your attention and I'll admit, did the same to me after I got the chance to step into the ring with him last week. That's quite the list of guys that who you all seem to be pretty damn fond of. I have a funny feeling you might be a little less happy with me than you are right now when in a few weeks, my title belt is back home and they're all left empty handed.

This last statement draws a bit more boos from the crowd than before, but still with some cheers mixed in amongst those who would like to see Nick regain the title.

Nick: Although before you get too upset with me, the flip side is I think we all know there's one guy in that match who you will all be more than happy to watch my kick the living crap out of... Kain.

For the first time, the entire crowd can't help but react with cheers to Nick's comment, bringing an even bigger smile to his face.

Nick: That's right, I of course had to save him for last, and most certainly least. Kain has proven beyond anything, there are just some people out there who don't know when to quit. Whether it was months ago with his failed title shot or last week in our tag match, sooner or later he's going to need to realize, he simply cannot beat me. That's probably why he made his return trying to jump me and take me out after my main event match against Jordan back at Into the Void. Or why he tried to take me and Jordan out with a chair after we finished beating his ass in our match last week. Only one problem, Kain, it's time for you to realize that try as you might to take me out, it's not going to work. I'm still going to be ready to go when it's time to step in that ring, and you're still not going to beat me, no matter what you try to pull. You can come and try to take me out any time you like, but it's simply not going to work.

As Nick is just finishing saying that, the curtain opens up and Kain comes sprinting down the ramp, drawing loud boos from the crowd.

Simone: Well like they say, be careful what you wish for!

Adams: Who wished for what now? Is there a wishing well somewhere?

As Kain hits the bottom of the ramp, the reaction from the crowd draws Nick's attention and he spins around just in time to see Kain come sliding into the ring. As Kain gets in, he is quickly up to his feet and charges right at Nick with a clothesline. Nick ducks it and immediately runs to the ropes. Both men hit the ropes on the far side from each other and as they bounce back, Nick is quick to hit a dropkick right to the knee of Kain. Kain limps from the shot but doesn't go down, and Nick springs right back up behind Kain. As Kain turns around to face Nick, Nick drills Kain with a right hand to the jaw, sending him reeling. Nick then hits another right before putting his left hand up under Kain's chin, pulling his right hand back and kissing his fist before swinging for a third punch. However, Kain times it out perfectly and ducks under the last punch attempt and then tackles Nick straight down to the mat. Kain is then quick to start unleashing a series of punches, forearms and elbows to the head and body of Nick, as Nick desperately tries to cover up as much as possible. After laying into him for a while, Kain then backs off and waits as Nick pulls himself to the ropes and then slowly manages to pull himself to his feet. As Nick gets back up, he turns and stumbles away from the ropes, but Kain quickly moves in and drills Nick with Malice! Kain looks down at Nick who is laid out in the middle of the ring, before he then rolls right out of the ring and goes to the ringside area. Kain walks over by the timekeeper, tossing him out of his seat and then folding up the chair as he heads back to the ring.

Simone: Alright, enough is enough. I think Kain has proven his point!

Adams: Kain doesn't seem to agree, because it doesn't look like he's done yet.

Kain slides back into the ring with the steel chair in hand and stands behind Nick, waiting and measuring him up as Nick is slowly attempting to pull himself back off the mat. Kain then takes the chair and slams it down against the mat as an evil smirk comes across his face while he lines Nick up. However, all of a sudden the fans can be heard erupting into cheers.

Adams: Here comes the cavalry!

At that moment, Jordan Wiliams comes charging down the ramp at full speed, armed with a steel chair of his own. Kain is quick to turn towards the ramp upon hearing the crowd and sees Jordan coming. Just as Jordan slides into the ring, Kain is quick to drop the chair and slide straight out of the ring to the floor. Rather than follow him, Jordan goes straight over to Nick and grabs him, helping pull him up to his feet as he glares out of the ring, watching Kain the entire time, who can be seen walking backwards up the ramp while he stares back down at the ring. Kain then screams out at Jordan before leaving to the back.

Kain: You're next, Jordan!

Jordan doesn't react to the words, instead continuing to stare out at Kain with the same angry expression as he helps Nick up and out of the ring, as Kain disappears into the back.

Simone: Well Jordan just saved things from getting a lot worse for Nick Jones there, but based on Kain's words, it sounds like that could come back to cost Jordan.

Adams: Yeah, if I were Jordan I would be very cautious around here for the rest of the night. That Kain is coo-coo!

Justin: Our opening contest at Climax Control features Bombshell action and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Lafayette LA she is on half of the bombshell tag team champions… Carrrrrlyyy Atheeeennnns

"Riot" By Three days Grace hits. Carly walks out with a serious look on her face. The fans start having a mixed reaction towards her. She throws up the rocker horns as gets a few cheers. Carly walks down the ramp still slapping a few of the fans hands. Her hips have a little sway to them as well as a sassy walk. As she gets to the apron she smirks Walking up the steps she licks her lips so seductively and jumps over the top rope with an evil smile.

Justin: and her opponent from Staten Island New York… Bianca… Solderiniiiiii

"Bleeding Mascara" by Atreyu rings through the arena. Bianca enters on the stage with a slow methodical walk. She is not in any hurry. Her steps guided in a stalking way with the sway of her hips. Her hand resting on her hip as the other sways at the side. She stops at the top of the stage and looks left, then right, uses her free hand to run it through her long black locks. She makes her way down the rampway, completely ignoring the out-stretched hands that are just hoping to get anything. She even stops and looks at a fan as he tries to get her attention, looks him up and down with a look of disgust, flips her hair at him and walks up the steps to the ring. Holding onto the middle rope, she leans her head back with eyes closed, and slides down into a forward split. Rolling her head to the side then forward (lita-esque) to move her hair out of the way, she leans so far forward that her upper body is flush with her forward leg. Grabbing behind the knee she rolls under the bottom rope and comes upright still in a split on the other side. She turns toward the inside of the canvas and kicks her back leg around quickly to use that momentum to spin in a half circle - facing the ropes on her knees. She gets up quickly and jumps onto the ropes, to do a backflip from the middle rope, landing with arms up and fists closed. The lights die.

As the two bombshells stand in the ring looking across at one another Drew signals for the bell and the match gets under way.

Adams: I don’t know who I’m rooting for in this one

Simone: Here we go again…



Not wasting any time Bianca shoves Carly with a great force that it sends the red head down on to the mat, Carly is stunned but hops up to her feet straight away and charges towards Bianca. The two females lock up but it doesn’t last long as Bianca over powers Carly tossing her down to the mat once more. Straight on the attack Bianca stomps on Carly’s stomach not once but four times. Backing away from the fallen Carly Bianca taunts to the fans getting a cry of boos thrown her way. Carly is starting to pull herself up with the ropes but Bianca spots this and assists Carly out of the ring with a forceful kick. Slamming hard outside the ring, Bianca hops out of the ring gracefully using the ropes. Drew starts the count


Simone: Bianca has come out here tonight with a point to prove

Adams: I love a bit of aggression

Simone: You would

Picking Carly up by her right arm Bianca Irish whips Ragin Cajun into the steel ring steps. Drew warns Bianca again about the rules and continues his count while Bianca raises her hands up taunting the crowd once more. Carly is nursing her knees that had just been forcefully slammed into the steps.


Simone: There was no need for Bianca to do that to Carly, what does Bianca think she is doing?

Adams: Well she is kinda winning at the moment I think that’s what she is doing.

Grabbing Carly up by her t-shirt Bianca rolls her into the ring stopping the count. Carly rolls to the centre of the ring trying to get some space between herself and the silver platter princess. Taking her time while re-entering the ring Bianca doesn’t go straight on to attack Carly, she starts a verbal fight with Drew instead.

Simone: I’m not sure what Bianca is yelling at poor Drew but he is just doing his job

Adams: I love it when she speaks dirty

Simone: How do you know she is talking dirty? Do you speak Italian?

Adams: I don’t…

As Carly is staggering up to her feet Bianca grabs onto hand arm and whips her into the turnbuckles. Wrapping Carly’s arms up and over the top rope Bianca starts to hammer into Ms Athens’ with vicious chops, Drew warns Bianca again forcing the Italian to back off. Walking over to the other side of the ring Bianca crouches down and waits for Carly to turn around.

Adams: I think Bianca is setting up for the Ragin Cajun that’s Carly’s finishing move

As Carly moves away from the turnbuckle Bianca runs full speed at Carly and tries to spear her down. Carly quickly steps out of the way at the very last second sending Bianca crash tackling the turnbuckle. Carly is on the attack grabbing at Bianca’s hair she yanks on it slamming her down. Coming over to sit on Bianca’s chest Carly grabs onto her head and repeatedly slams it on to the ring canvas.

Adams: I wonder if that’s a move she tried on Rage earlier this week?

Simone: What slamming his head repeatedly?

Adams: No sitting on his chest duh

Rolling off of Bianca’s chest the Ragin Cajun quickly goes for a pin


Bianca kicked out getting some frustration to come from one half of the bombshell tag team champions. While getting up on her feet Carly drags Bianca up as well and lashes her face first into the turnbuckle. Not wasting any time Carly grabs onto Bianca’s hair and smashes the silver platter princess face into the turnbuckle. Red and black hair is flying everywhere as Drew makes the count again.


Simone: Carly better stop that or she’ll get herself disqualified


Just before Drew reached a four count Carly stopped and yanked Bianca down via her hair to taste the ring canvas. Raising her right arm into the air Carly held up the rocker horns. Bringing her hands back down to her side Carly dropped to the mat grabbing at Bianca’s legs she entangles them with her own and locked in the figure four leg lock. Applying the pressure Carly holds on to Bianca’s feet yanking on them while Drew asks Bianca if she wants to continue. Bianca palms Drew away and attempts to grab onto Carly but Carly is too far away.

Simone: Bianca is miles away from the ropes Adams it looks like Carly’s got this.

Swinging her hands left and right in attempts to connect in any way shape or form Bianca looks as if she has given up as she places her back onto the canvas. Drew sees that he shoulders are down and does for the pin.

Adams: This is it!!!


NO! Out of nowhere Bianca sits back up and sprays a green mist out of her mouth into the face of Carly. Only a little bit of it actually gets into her eyes as most of it blows into Carly’s hair.

Adams: What the hell?

Simone: Japanese Mist…

Adams: I know what it is Simone but where did it come from

Simone: Her mouth!!

Carly’s hands instantly go up to wipe her eyes as Bianca is able to untangle herself from the hold. Instantly on the attack Bianca jumps up to her feet stepping over to Carly she lifts her up before wrapping her arms around her waist. Crashing Carly down with a belly to belly suplex Bianca eyes lock on the top rope. Running over towards it she climbs up the ropes quickly and taunts the fans, looking down at Carly Bianca jumps off the tope rope and performs her finishing move the 450 Splash - Bleeding Mascara. Hooking Carly’s leg after impact she goes for the pin

Adams: Bianca has this…

2 ½…

NO! Carly somehow manages to get her shoulder up an extremely angry Bianca is up on her feet screaming into Drew’s face. Pushing Drew a side Bianca walks over towards the turnbuckle once more this time she starts to untie the protective padding that covers the metal the holds the ropes together.

Simone: Turn around Drew and look at what Bianca is doing!!

Carly pulls herself up using Drew, Bianca comes running in ripping Carly out of Drew’s hands. As Drew backs away from the two females a bunch of screaming fans bring his attention to the fact that Bianca has uncovered a bit of the turnbuckle. Walking over to fix it Drew’s attention is taken off the match while Carly and Bianca exchange forearm smashes. Carly manages to get the upper hand and goes for a sit out jawbreaker but Bianca dodges it sliding to the outside of the ring Bianca grabs a chair.

Adams: what is she doing she knows if she uses that she’ll get disqualified.

Rolling back into the ring with the chair Carly is shouting at her asking what on earth she is doing. Drew’s attention is still trying to work out how to put the protective cover back on the ring ropes. Stepping up towards Carly with the chair in hand Bianca goes to slam it into her face but Carly ducks instead of trying it again Bianca punches the chair making a thud noise and quickly tosses the steel chair towards Carly. Carly catches the chair by instinct as Bianca falls to the mat and pretends she is knocked out.

Simone: No she can’t win like this

Drew hears the crunching of metal and turns around seeing that Bianca is knocked out and Carly is standing there with the weapon in hand he calls for the bell.


Justin: Your winner by disqualification Bianca Solderiniiiiii…

Carly is desperately trying to explain what happened to Drew but Drew doesn’t want to hear a bar of it. Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu slams over the PA system as Drew goes over to check on Bianca.

We once again find Richard Clark, the private investigator, walking backstage with Misty’s parents Colleen and Andrew. They are in search of Spike Staggs, ready to question him regarding her disappearance. Having met him before, Misty’s parents know what he looks like, and they are relieved when they see him standing outside a locker room just down the hall. Misty’s mother runs up to him.

Colleen: Spike! Thank God we found you!

Spike turns and is surprised to see his former future in-laws, along with a man he doesn’t recognize. He looks confused, but remains polite.

Spike: What are you doing here?

Spike looks at Colleen first, then to Andrew. Richard the private investigator steps ahead of them, extending his hand for a shake.

Richard: Hello, Mr. Staggs. My name is Richard Clark. I’m a private investigator hired by your former fiancee’s family here. May we have a moment of your time?

Spike obliges and shakes Richard’s hand, though he remains confused.

Spike: I don’t have a whole lot of time, so if you could make it quick? What is this about?

Richard: You are aware of your ex-fiancee’s disappearance, correct?

Spike nods, an awkward expression growing on his face.

Richard: Well, Mr. Staggs, Misty has not been heard from since last week. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are quite odd, and her parents here, are extremely concerned. Misty was apparently in pretty bad shape when she went missing.

Spike: And that has anything to do with me, how exactly? You should be speaking to Roxanne, not me. I had nothing to do with it.

Misty’s father Andrew steps forward, approaching Spike.

Andrew: Spike, we all know what Misty did to you back in March. We were there, and not one of us agrees with the decision she made.

Spike: But you’re assuming that I had something to do with her disappearance, or that I know where she is?

Andrew: We’re not assuming anything, Spike. We’re--

Spike: The hell you’re not! Just the fact that you’re here and questioning me proves that you’re doing just that. It’s no secret that I can no longer stand the site of Misty because of what she did.

Richard is about to interrupt Spike, but Spike holds his hand up, stopping him. He gets an icy look in his eyes as he looks at the three of them.

Spike: You’re done talking. It’s now MY time to talk so listen carefully. I enjoyed watching Misty and Roxanne tear each other apart and I could care less where she went. She abandoned MY daughter, and that is unforgiveable. Wherever she is, if she’s smart, she’ll stay gone.

Colleen: You don’t mean that. Regardless of what she’s done, she’s still the mother of your child, and I’m sure a part of you still—

Spike glares at Misty’s mother, immediately silencing her.

Spike: Don’t even finish that sentence, because it’s a lie. My focus now is solely on my kids. Your daughter is out of our lives for good.

Colleen And what if Eden asks about her? What will you do then?

Spike: I don’t have to worry about that, because Eden hasn’t asked about her once in months. Your daughter has no one to blame but herself. You may be worried about whatever condition she is in after that match last week, but don’t forget she knew what she was getting into, but she didn’t give a damn, did she? No, she didn’t.

Andrew: That may be the case, Spike, but whoever took her could be holding back medical treatment she might need. They could—

Misty’s father is cut off by Spike’s sadistic laughing, and he once again holds up his hand.

Spike: You don’t even have any proof that anyone took her! Neither of you two knows that woman as well as I do, or I thought I did. Trust me. She could have very well planned this whole thing you know.

Richard the private investigator now decides to break his silence.

Richard: Are you aware that Misty’s home was burned to the ground this week?

Spike: No, I wasn’t aware of that, but do I care? No.

Colleen: Spike, please—

Spike: No! I DON’T CARE OKAY?! Good luck finding her, but keep me and my kids out of it. We’re done here.

Spike doesn’t give any of them the opportunity to say anything further as he storms off down the hall. Misty’s parents stand there in shock, and Misty’s mother is visibly shaken and upset. Misty’s father tries to console her, and Richard turns to them.

Richard: I think you guys should return to Chicago for now. I’ll keep searching for any leads in the meantime, but right now, I don’t have much to go on. I’ll keep you guys updated, but I don’t think anyone here knows anything.

Andrew: Thank you Mr. Clark, but I think we’ll stay in Las Vegas, and the area.

Richard: Suit yourself. I did just think of someone else who might know anything about Misty’s whereabouts, but finding her might be tricky. Does the name Electra Blaze ring a bell to you?

Misty’s parents look at each other and then to Richard. The thought had never crossed their mind, but the expressions on their faces now show a different story. The all turn and walk away down the hall in the direction they originally came from. They leave the arena, taking their search for answers with them.

The camera returns to the ring where Justin Decent is on the corner turnbuckles, one foot on the middle, the other on the top, and he is rallying the crowd into a cheering and applauding frenzy. He bounces on the turnbuckles and slaps and the crowd is following suit.

Simone: Justin really does have a way of exciting the crowd.

Adams: Preferable with his clothes on.

Simone: Speak for yourself.

Adams: I thought I was?

Justin drops down to the mat and walks back to the center of the ring for the introductions of the upcoming match.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special open challenge match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, to be accompanied to the ring by Simpson! From Beverly Hills, California, weighing 155 pounds ... James Huntington-Hawkes III!

"You wanted control
So we waited
I put on a show
Now I make it
You say I'm a kid
My ego is big
I don't give a shit
And it goes like this

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me 'til you're drunk
And I'll show you

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger"

James Huntington-Hawkes III stands on the top of the ramp, and the two beautiful young ladies takes an arm each, and lead him down towards the ring, with the big man leading the way. As the four get to the ring, Simpson steps up the ring steps and bends open the ropes for James to step up and in to the ring James runs up the steps and in to the ring, The women quickly follows him up the steps and in to the ring, followed by Simpson. James steps to the center of the ring and the two women stand behind him and James starts to dance. Moving first to the left, then a step to the right, moving his arms out in the opposite directions then he steps. He takes a two steps forward, dipping his shoulders, before leaning back and doing a 'Jagger strut' and raising his arms.

Simone: You know, for someone who is about to get massacred inside of that ring, he seems awfully casual to this.

Adams: Maybe somebody spiked his chocolate milk before the match.

Justin: His opponent hails from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds ... Spike Staggs!

"Once again i lie and wait here
Time to play our little game
If i find you then it's fate, dear
Just me winning once again
And now i can hear you breathing
And now i can smell your fear
I can't wait now cause I'm seething
I'll make you my souvenir

Welcome to my playtime
If you peak then you'll die

Ein, zwei, drei, vier, funf sechs sieben acht neun zehn!

Ready or not - I'm coming
Ready or not - I'm coming
Ready or not - I'm coming
Pray to your god - I'm coming"

The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Ready or Not (I’m Coming)" By Oomph! plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage. He smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet. He bounces between the ropes as he turns and stares down JHHIII and smiles.

Adams: Kid isn't looking too nonchalant now, is he?

Simone: No I think he's about to mess his Pampers, if anything.

Jasmine steps up and instructs Simpson to leave the ring but JHHIII hurriedly maneuvers himself behind the large man, using his bodyguard/butler as a human shield.

Simone: What, does he actually think he is going to be able to hide from Spike? Sooner or later he's going to have to come out fighting.

Adams: Ha ha! You insinuated Hawkes can fight!

Simone: I did, didn't I?

Jasmine isn't taking any of this nonsense and she points at Simpson and then out of the ring, ordering him to leave. Simpson glowers at her but she just places her hands on her hips, staring right back at him.

Adams: Give Jasmine credit! I don't think there's a wrestler in SCW that's been able to intimidate her.

Simpson casts a wary glance back at his boss and reluctantly starts to leave the ring, much to Hawkes's protesting, while Spike himself smiles and waves 'good-bye' to the big man. JHHIII turns and his face shows the fear and his complexion pales as Jasmine calls for the bell.



Spike immediately lunges at JHHIII but the kid ducks under and runs at top speed for the ropes and ducks through them, 'hiding' as Jasmine orders Spike to step back. JHHIII waves him off and Spike obliges, smirking all the while. Jasmine then turns to JHHIII and tells him to get away from the ropes and get the match started. JHHIII shakes his head 'no' but the moment Jasmine starts toward him, the kid scrambles back into the ring, staring at her with wide eyes.

Adams: Sic `im Jasmine!

The referee calls for the tie up and Spike steps up to the center of the ring and JHHIII inches in as slow as a snail. They set for the lock up but when Spike starts forward, JHHIII ducks behind him and grabs him around the waist in a rear waistlock. Sweat breaks out on the "brat's" face as he strains and struggles, fighting to lift Spike off of his feet while Spike just stands there, a little perplexed and very amused.

Simone: Is he actually trying a move on Spike?

Adams: I do believe he is. Hunh. Wonder where that thought came from?

Spike just huffs and moves his waist forward and drives his backside into the kid, sending JHHIII flying back across the ring to the mat. The crowd is in a laughing frenzy as JHHIII slides under the bottom rope and scrambles to the apron, watching Spike advance and pointing at him to Jasmine. The official wards Spike off and he rolls his eyes and obliges. Jasmine turns around and starts to issue a count against JHHIII...


But Spike, tired of waiting, dashes forward and pulls hard on the top rope, flinging JHHIII back over and inside of the ring with a thud .... or a mild splat.

Adams: The Bombshells make a louder crash when they hit the mat!

All smiles, Spike turns around and goes to grab his opponent but JHHIII scrambles on all fours through his legs and Spike manages to snag one of his ankles before the kid makes it to the outside. The crowd is cheering as Spike drags the screaming JHHIII back to the center of the ring. Spike grabs him by the back of his pants and lifts the diminutive kid up with one arm and looks around at the cheering fans as JHHIII kicks his legs and flays his arms.

Adams: Oh do it! You know you want to!

Simone: I know I sure as hell want him to!

Spike looks to all corners of the cheering masses and he promptly throws JHHIII over his knee and lays into him with the spanking that was long overdue! The fans counting along as Hawkes kicked and struggled and cried out sharply with each stinging smack, the fans counting along!


Adams: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is great!

Spike drops him to the mat and stands up, smiling and holding his fist up to the cheering masses! JHHIII is also on his feet and jumping up and down in a fury while rubbing his stinging backside!

Simone: Oh that has been a LONG time coming!

Spike goes after his now "tenderized" opponent but JHHIII quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring, beneath the bottom rope, much to the displeasure of the crowd. JHHIII has his thumbs in his ears and sticking his tongue out at Spike, and Spike brushes past Jasmine and ducks through the ropes and to the floor! JHHIII squeaks in fright and turns and takes off in a sprint with Spike hot on his heels!

Adams: Get him! Get him!

JHHIII darts around the corner and rolls inside of the ring to escape. Jasmine ushers him back, turning her own back. Spike shakes his head and turns to get back in when Simpson clobbers him with a big boot! The crowd is immediately hissing and booing it's displeasure!

Adams: I guess that's the only way Hawkes stands a chance here!

Simone: And I have to admit that this Simpson character is quite a bit bigger than Spike himself!

Simpson pulls Spike up and rolls him back inside of the ring and Jasmine turns around and stomps over, ordering him away from the action.

Adams: Too late! The damage is already do'd!

JHHIII looks completely at a loss as to what to do when he opts to jump over to the downed Spike and he starts laying in the boots to the exposed Staggs's head and body. JHHIII then drops down and covers him.

2..... Spike kicks out, heaving Hawkes clear back towards the ropes!

Adams: Ha ha ha! He almost sent him right out of the ring!

JHHIII is shocked and he gets up and starts kicking him again, then drops to his knees and hammers away with what could only be assumed to be punches.

Adams: I know Girl Scouts who throw better punches than that.

Simone: Stop short changing them on the cookie sales and you wouldn't have discovered that.

Spike starts to get up and JHHIII Irish whips him into the ropes and charges right in at him for a clothesline, but it's like running into a brick wall for the kid and he bounces right back off with little to no effect on Staggs! The momentum spins JHHIII around and Spike answers in kind with his own lariat that spins Hawkes backwards in mid-air! JHHIII lands on the mat, folded in half with heels to heaven!

Adams: Can we ring the bell now?

Spike looks down at the prone form of the SCW's "brat prince" and he opts to put an end to the fun. Spike grabs him and drags his limp form up and nails the Spikey Plummet! The ring shakes from the impact and Spike covers him, folding his legs over in a simple cover.


The crowd cheers as Spike stands up and Jasmine raises his arm.

Justin: The winner of the match... Spike Staggs!

The building fills with cheers when suddenly they're cut short as Simpson and JHHIII's trainer, Ashley Jameson, are inside of the ring. Wielding a steel chair, Ashley brings it slamming across Spike's back! The crowd boos viciously as the bell rings! Spike arches his back in pain and Simpson doubles him over with a boot to the gut and he hits an Implant Facebuster on Staggs! Simpson kicks him over onto his back as Ashley drags a barely conscious JHHIII over on top of Spike in a mock cover!

Simone: Oh this is ridiculous! The match is over! What the hell will this accomplish!?

Simpson points at Jasmine and at the cover but the senior official gives Simpson the 'bird', making the big man fume. Ashley then decides to just do it herself and she drops down and lays in her own count of one! Two! Three!

The crowd boos as Simpson easily helps the woozy JHHIII to his feet while Ashley pulls the microphone away from Justin Decent.

Ashley: The *REAL* winner of this match! James Huntington-Hawkes III!

The crowd boos viciously as JHHIII holds him hands up and is all smiles.


Adams: Where have I heard that before?

The scene opens up backstage at Climax Control where we see SCW’S resident Metalhead Jessie Salco pacing back and forth down the halls with her older brother Jake standing nearby, Jessie is wearing a Black Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark shirt that has the album cover on it which is exposing her naval and a pair of jean shorts.

Simone: As we saw last week Jason Jessie Salco was forced by Christian to do a drug test because of the admissions she made in her debut promo, sources close to her say that the test is complete but she doesn’t know what the results are.

Adams: Huh? Oh sorry I was undressing her with my eyes.

Simone: Jason, that girl could lose her job with SCW if it turns out she’s been using hardcore drugs again.

Adams: Oh, err; I hope that she doesn’t fail her drug test then!

Jake shakes his head as he watches his nervous sister.

Jake: Jess, you’re stressing out over nothing! You said it yourself that you haven’t used drugs since you turned fourteen!

Jessie: I know Jake but it still worries me, what if they found some bullshit reason to say I failed the drug test?

Jake: If they did then I’d be on the phone to the best lawyer we can afford before the night’s over and sue SCW for Wrongful Termination.

Jessie: Good to know you have a backup plan.

Jessie smiles uneasily as Christian approaches the two of them, Jessie turns to him and gulps.

Jessie: So, what are the results of the drug test?

Christian takes a glance at her brother but his full and undivided attention returns to Jessie. He gifts her with a smile as he slaps the folder with the results against the palm of his hand. He gifts her with a genuine smile.

Christian: There's really no need to look so anxious, Jessica. As I'm certain you already were well aware?

He flips the folder open and slides a set of papers stapled together out slightly and holds it up for her to see with her own eyes.

Christian: You tested negative. Congratulations.

Jessie looks at the results and grins, Jake, whilst giving Christian a respectful nod, walks up to his sister so that he can see the results for himself, once he does he grins broadly and pats his much smaller sister on the back.

Jake: See? What did I tell you? You had nothing to worry about.

Jessie: It was just nerves, nothing more.

Jessie said in response to Jake’s and Christian’s comments, at the moment she was too relieved to make too much of a fuss regarding Christian referring to her by her full first name.

Jessie: Actually Christian, if possible can I be put on the Summer XXXtreme card? I don’t care what Bombshell it’s against I just want to get my first win here in SCW.

Jessie requested whilst Jake watched on.

Christian: Already taken care of.

Christian answers with a smile, slipping the papers back into the folder and holding it to his side.

Christian: Mark and I have something for you already signed, so yeah. You'll definitely be going on the cruise. Bit of a golden opportunity.

He turns and starts to walk back up the hall, when he pauses and turns around just enough at the waist and holds up a forefinger.

Christian: But no more hints.

He then walks back up the hall, Jessie and Jake watch Christian leave and Jake pats Jessie on the back again.

Jake: You tested negative and you get to compete on your first PPV! That’s great news!

Jessie: Err, Jake, it’s a Supercard, SCW isn’t big enough to hold PPVs but yeah that is great news, I wonder who will I be up against? And what did he mean by Golden Opportunity? Well whoever it is and whatever he meant I won’t make the same mistakes I made in my debut match…..and that means you’ll have to train me extra hard.

Jake grins and folds his arms.

Jake: Just don’t cause yourself any more muscle cramps, anyway I think this calls for a celebration don’t you? There is that great pizza place we found the other day.

Jessie: Sounds like a plan to me, we’d better call Katie as well, she did refuse to watch or attend Climax Control due to that brutal match last week.

Jake: Good point.

The step-siblings walk off as the camera cuts to another part of the arena.

The scene opens up with Bianca sprawled across the black leather couch in the conference room backstage. She's face down on the couch with her arm hanging off and her feet dangled over the arm. She closes her eyes, a bit exhausted from the match. Opening her eyes to the nearing footsteps, she looks at Giani as he steps up and lowers down to look into her face.

Giani: Hey you.

He smiles.

Bianca: Heyyyy

She sighs, resituating herself to see him better.

He reaches up and tucks her hair behind her ear, kissing her temple and leaning back again.

Bianca: I hurrrrt.

She grins. Playing it up a bit with a mock whine. He chuckles and rubs her upper back softly.

Giani: Well look, I'm glad I caught up with you...there's something I wanted to talk to you about...

He bites his lip a little. By now her eyes are closed, enjoying the back rub she's getting,

Bianca: Mmhmm?

She settles her face down tightly against the couch, letting some of her hair fall over her face. He stops the rubbing to clear the hair out of her face again,

Giani: C'mon, don't do that...look at me...

His soft yet serious tone made her open her eyes to look up at him. This, in turn, filled her voice with concern.

Bianca: W-what? What is it?

Their gaze seemed to last for a while, but her eyes closed as Giani placed his hand to her cheek. His fingertips disappearing into her hair as his thumb drew little circles on her cheek bone.

Giani: Look at me..

he whispered. Her heart melted and she did so, blush gathering heavily into her cheeks.

His face lowered to hers as he stared into her eyes,

Giani: I want you to be my girl...

His voice was almost inaudible, soft, sweet, but therefore almost a whisper. Her eyebrows furrowed, hoping she heard right as she sat up on her forearms, her eyes never leaving him.

Bianca: W...what?

She choked a bit, but managed to get the word out. He repeated himself, his hands were shaking, his heart was pounding, but he pushed out the words again,

Giani: I. Want you. To be. My girl. MY girl.

He said it slow to spell it out.

She breathed out heavily, staring at him. Her eyes darted around a moment as if to think, then she got up and held onto his shoulder. She stood slowly,

Bianca: I...I need some air.

She moved her head quickly to move her hair in her face. As she began to try to rush out of the room, he spun upward and grabbed her arm,

Giani: Hey hey hey hey hey...Come here..

His voice was soothing and sweet. He gently pulled her back to him, his other hand following up to lift her chin. His hand leaving her arm, he brushed the hair from her face. His face turning down to look at her eyes that were way past welling up with tears. The dam had not yet broken and the pools of tears hadn't left her waterline.

Giani: Bianca, mia amore, I haven't been able to clear you outta my head lately..I fucked up. I should've done this a long time ago...

His voice trailed off and he forced his mouth against hers. His palms rested soundly against her cheeks. He kissed her so hard her mouth hurt.

She was lost in his kiss. Her hands holding onto his tank top in fistfuls. Her heart pounded so hard it was making her chest hurt. The pain of the match no longer mattered. His hand left her face, wrapping his arm around her shoulders to pull her closer. The scene fades out slowly.

The scene opens up backstage where Aleksei Koji is standing beside the Roulette Rules Wheel. Ms. Rocky Mountains is standing beside him and is ready to spin the wheel.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: I’m ready when you are.

Aleksei Koji: Do it!

With a mighty heave Rocky Mountains spins the wheel and Aleksei watches intently, after a few minutes it slows down before eventually stopping on a stipulation that brings a grin to Aleksei’s face.

Aleksei Koji: No DQ, Falls Count anywhere, this should be fun.

Aleksei says with a nod not noticing that Tom was walking by on his way to the arena and just happened to hear that, he runs off, practically drags Drew Patton back with him, grabs a chair and whacks Koji over the back with it several times as Drew signals for the bell whilst Rocky runs for the hills.

Simone: Err; is Drew even the assigned ref for this match?

Adams: Let’s just say he is and be done with it.


Koji is able to recover from the sneak attack and grabs Tom’s chair mid swing, Tom’s eyes widen before he tried to pry the chair from the massive Romanian’s hands but Aleksei’s grip is too strong and he pulls the chair from his grasp……sending Tom facefirst into the Roulette wheel in the process, Tom stumbles back into a chairshot from Aleksei who quickly goes for a cover

2……Tom kicks out.

Simone: Now I’ve seen it all, the Roulette Rules Wheel was used as a Weapon in a Roulette Rules match,

Adams: You haven’t seen it all until you’ve seen some of the vids I’ve seen on the internet!

Simone: Yeah I think I’ll pass.

Aleksei tosses the chair aside and forces Tom to his feet, he hoists him up onto his shoulders and yells out for a Snake Eyes before pointing to the wheel, unfortunately for him Tom has regained his bearings and slips out from behind, realizing how outmatched he is Tom tries to run for it……only to run into a freshly opened door, Tom looks around the corner to complain……only to be greeted by the site of a half-naked Marty McFarge.

Simone: Oh god no…….


Tom quickly runs in the opposite direction whilst Marty is dragged back into the room by the women he’s with……unfortunately for Tom he runs into a massive lariat from Koji.

Simone: I don’t know what’s worse, that or Marty McFarge’s manboobs.

Adams: Please for the love of god never say that sentence again!

Aleksei goes for another cover

2…..kickout by Tom who’s clearly still horrified by what he’s just seen, Aleksei forces Tom to his feet only to be met with a low blow from Tom Dudely

Adams: Looks like Aleksei’s Party Hoarde is on hold.

Simone: Stop making bad jokes and call the match!

Aleksei falls to the floor clutching his balls and Tom quickly grabs the steel chair he used earlier which just happens to be in arms reach, Tom whacks Koji one……twice……..three times with the chair before going for a cover


Tom goes off in search for another weapon and enters a locker room without bothering to check if it belongs to anyone, what follows is a woman’s scream followed by Tom being chased off by Jake Salco whilst a topless (her nipples are blurred) Jessie Salco watches on.


Adams: Err, why was he in the same room as his topless sister?

Simone: Probably to make sure no one tried anything.

Tom runs down the hallways but is met with a pissed off, Steel Chair wielding Aleksei who quickly clobbers him with the aforementioned chair busting Tom open in the process, Aleksei sets up the chair in a sitting position and brings him to his feet.

Simone: What’s Aleksei going to do now?

Adams: Whatever it is Tom won’t like it!

Aleksei picks up Tom seemingly with ease and goes to bodyslam the veteran onto the chair. Realizing how much that would hurt him Tom battles out of it eventually raking the Massive Romanian’s eyes and Aleksei lets go, once he’s recovered Aleksei charges at Tom……only to get a drop toe hold onto the steel chair.

Simone: Holy crap! We’re actually getting wrestling moves in this match.

Adams: Wrestling moves that involve weapons, don’t forget that! And speaking of which that move has busted open Aleksei!

Indeed Aleksei has joined Tom in the “busted open from this match” club and Tom quickly moves the chair out of the way before going for a cover

2…..kickout by Alekei and Tom glares at the referee before stomping down on Aleksei’s prone form.

Adams: No matter what he tries Tom can’t keep the big man down.

Simone: He may be the biggest party animal I know…..literally…….but Alekei was chosen as Casey Williams’s next challenger for a reason!

Tom brings Aleksei to a seating position and backs off a bit, he spots some attractive female fans nearby and shows off for them before charging at Aleksei looking for a dropkick, however his attempt at impressing the ladies wasted too much time as Aleksei is back on his feet and catches Tom midair with his hand around his throat.

Adams: Tom’s attempt at tapping some ass may have cost him!

Simone: Meh, he’s a bit lacking downstairs anyway.

Adams: Yeah I……wait what?!

Simone: Or so I’ve heard.

Aleksei lifts up Tom and slams him down with a chokelslam onto the floor, he goes for a cover

2…..Tom kicks out and Aleksei brings him back to his feet without a second thought, however Tom is able to sneak in a low blow on the big Romanian and starts firing rights and lefts expecting him to go down, what he doesn’t expect is Aleksei to start fighting back and the two men start brawling.

Adams: You have to wonder just what will it take for either of them to finish the match!

Simone: Your guess is as good as……wait a minute, how did they end up in the crowd!?

The crowd goes wild when they realize that the two men’s wild brawling has taken them into the crowd whilst Drew desperately tries to restore order, at one point Aleksei stuns Tom momentarily and a fan hands him the chair that he was sitting on, Aleksei takes it, thanks the fan, and whacks Tom over the head with the fan sending him down the stairs.

Simone: It appears that we’ve entered the audience participation portion of our episode.

Adams: We have an audience participation portion of the episode?

Simone: We do now!

Aleksei follows the veteran down the stairs and goes for a cover

2……kickout by Tom who proceeds to low blow Aleksei again and climb over the barricade trying to get away from his much larger opponent, seeing Aleksei approaching however he quickly rolls into the ring where Aleksei follows him in.

Simone: Finally! They are in the ring!

Adams: Awwww, I wanted to see more topless bombshells!

Simone: I’m sure your wife would love to hear that! Besides we can always have more topless Marty……

Adams: NO! GOD NO!

Tom begs Aleksei to back off but it’s clear that it’s not working, Aleksei then proceeds to toss Tom around the ring for a few minutes much to the enjoyment of the fans who he takes a moment to pose for the fans whilst Tom’s huddled in a corner reaching for something in his tights.

Adams: Please tell me he’s not going to whip his di……

Simone: Who keeps Brass Knuckles that close to his junk?


Tom quickly places the brass knuckles onto his knuckles and waits for Aleksei to pick him up for a toss again, when he tries to do that Tom quickly punches Aleksei in the nuts using the brass knuckles.

Adams: After all the abuse Aleksei’s nuts have taken in this match I this it’s safe to say that they’ve crumbled to dust at this point.

Simone: That or bleeding heavily.

Adams: Thanks Belinda, you’ve just traumatized every male watching this and myself with that sentence!

Tom measures up another punch with the knuckles this time at the face of Koji sending him to his knees, Tom bounces off the opposite ropes and finally sends him down with the Axe Kick!

Simone: Axe Kick! Aleksei’s out!

Adams: But Tom’s not done.

Tom grabs a nearby cameraman before shouting “THIS IS FOR YOU WYATT!” into the camera before locking in the Double Crossface on Aleksei, Aleksei struggles to get out of the move but doesn’t have the strength left to do so and simply taps out.

Justin Decent: Here’s your winner Tom Dudely!

Simone: What a match! That took them all over the arena!

Adams: Gotta wonder what’s going to happen next in the saga of Wyatt vs. Tom!

SCW Heavyweight Championship - 6 Pack Challenge Rage © v Nick Jones v Jordan Williams v Kain v Bo Dreamwolf v Lucas Darby

The scene shows Casey Williams outside his locker room door and he wants to call out Aleksei Koji, whom Casey will be defending the SCW Roulette Championship against at the NWA event, Lord of the Rings.

Casey: Aleksei, I know you lost to Tom Dudely just now. You showed the world why I respected you, because you are a tough competitor, yet the better man won, and now you know what it is like to have something distract you, and cost you a match. Seeing your attack on Tom last week, regardless of the reason, cost me my match with Wyatt Peterson. I am glad you got coming to you, and when we face each other at Lord of the Rings on August 2nd, there will be no way you will defeat me. I will get my revenge for that loss to Wyatt when I beat your ass and continue my reign as Roulette Champion. You think Karina scares you, just wait until you see the punishment I put you through.

The scene fades as Casey enters the locker room and slams the door.

The scene opens up backstage where Ms. Rocky Moutains is standing with Jordan Williams. Jordan checks out her chest and raises his eyebrows in amazement.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Jordan, you are one of six competitors, vying for the SCW Heavyweight title at Summer XXTreme. What are your thoughts heading into that match?

Jordan: Well one, it’s being held on a gigantic boat…I absolutely, positively HATE boats! I’ll probably down a bottle of motion sickness and maybe hit up one of the druggies for a Valium…

Rocky: You can not be serious?

Jordan lets out an uneasy laugh and says:

Jordan: Of course I’m kidding!

Jordan looks at his camera and mouths “not kidding”.

Jordan: Boy this interview went off the rails real quick, huh? Anyways, Summer XXTreme, yes! I’d rather being one on one with whoever the champion is, but this will do. My only focus is to become SCW Champion, so I don’t care what kind of match it is. Five guys who are tough competitors, we have the champ, Rage, the new kid, Lucas Darby, a guy who I have the utmost respect for Bo Dreamwolf, my new friend and former champ, Nick Jones and the King of Kings…in his own mind, Kain. A quick tangent about Kain, earlier he tried to take out Nick…

As Jordan says that, Kain hits Jordan from behind with a vicious forearm shot, knocking Jordan to the ground. Ms. Rocky Mountains scurries away.

Kain picks Jordan up and throws him into the wall. Kain kicks Jordan in the ribs repeatedly. Kain then backs up a couple steps as Jordan slowly gets to his hands and knees, holding his ribs.

Kain: After I kick your head off your shoulders, you won’t be making it to that title match, bitch!

Suddenly a voice off camera is heard shouting:

"Get back you son of a bitch!"

Nick Jones comes running into the picture, wielding a chair as Kain backs off. Kain contemplates going after Nick, but decides to walks off as Nick checks on Jordan.

Nick: This seems to be a theme, me saving your ass!

Nick extends his hand to Jordan, with a smirk on his face. Jordan accepts and Nick pulls Jordan up to his feet, as Jordan holds his ribs. Jordan pats Nick on the back as the camera cuts to Belinda Simone and Jason Adams.

Simone: Is Nick Jones really having a change of attitude?

Adams: He and Jordan are watching each other’s back, at some point we have to believe him. I mean, people do change.

Adams: Bo Dreamwolf finally gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for since his arrival here in the SCW, as he clashes with the new SCW world heavyweight champion, Rage, in an effort to wrest the gold away from him!

Simone: I gotta say, Adams, but this won’t be easy for Bo!

Adams: And why do you say that, partner?

Simone: For one, Rage did the impossible; he defeated Nick Jones for the championship, a feat that no one else can claim legitimately except for him. The other factor is that we haven’t seen Bo in action for awhile, so he could be a bit rusty and therefore prove to be an easy target for Rage to dismantle.

Adams: While you are right on both points, Simone, Bo isn’t the type of man to back out of any fight and he’ll do whatever it takes to win, especially if it’s the championship. Who knows, he may surprise everyone tonight and become the new SCW world heavyweight champion, ending his short reign! Anything is possible tonight! Let’s go to Justin for all the introductions as the crowd amps up for this powerful main event!

Decent: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the SCW Heavyweight championship! Introducing first, from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, weighing at 217 lbs.....BO DREAMWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The calls of "Return to Innocence" sounds across the PA system. Between the first chant and the second chant, Dreamwolf appears and stands at the top of the ramp bowing his head, then around the 2nd chant, Dreamwolf marches to the ring, his eyes fixed on the ring and the opponent within. Sliding inside, he then mounts the turnbuckle in the corner and raises a fist to the fans, letting loose with his own war cry to which the fans reply with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Simone: Bo loves his fans and the fans return that love right back at him!

Adams:I hope that Bo is hoping that his own fans give him the strength and courage he needs to take on Rage and beats him successfully for the world heavyweight title!

Decent: Introducing his opponent! From Unknown Parts, weighing at 300 lbs, he is the current SCW heavyweight champion....RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waking The Demon by Bullet for My Valentine starts to play over the sound system, as thick smoke and red strobe lights flash near the backstage entrance. The music plays for several seconds before the SCW Heavyweight Champion, and the Sin of Wrath, Rage, appears from behind the curtain. He stands at the entrance for a few moments, holding the Heavyweight Title above him as the crowd cheers him on. He drapes the belt over his shoulder and begins making his way to the ring. Once to the ring, Rage walks up the steel steps, stepping over the top rope to enter the ring, where he once again hoists the SCW Heavyweight Title above him to the cheering crowd.

Adams: Both men are cheered by the audience, so it’s going to be interesting as to who wins the title! It could still be the era of Rage or the era of Dreamwolf that could possibly start tonight!

Simone: Very true! Both men are staring down each other and the referee is talking to them about the rules. They nod in understanding and the referee tells them to go into their corners. Both are in their fighting stances and are ready to go! The bell has rung!



Rage and Bo circle around the ring, sizing each other up. Then they lock horns, with Rage getting Bo into a headlock quickly. Rage manages to get three punches into Bo’s face, but Bo surprises Rage with his strength and hitting him on the floor with a Northern Lights suplex to counter the headlock. Bo follows it up with a Gullotine Legdrop that makes Rage cough badly as he feels his wind pipe knocked out for a second. He rolls away, but Bo grabs his feet and pulls him back to the center of the ring. Bo tries for a rolling leglock, but Rage uses his other foot to push Bo away and watches Bo roll backwards and get on his feet. Rage kips up to his feet and counters Bo’s attempted clothesline with a spinebuster! Rage than plants a harsh knee into Bo’s throat, getting some leverage back from what happened moments ago. Then Rage gets on top of Bo and swings downward with both fists, connecting multiple times into Bo’s face

Simone: Rage is unleashing that anger that he’s famous for and Bo is doing his best to block it, but most of his punches go through!

Adams: His punches aren’t enough to draw blood though. Bo is a tough fighter and can handle being hit hard many times over! He’s one tough cookie!

Rage gets tired of his punches, picks up Bo, and throws him out of the ring, Bo landing hard on the concrete floor. The referee counts it down as Rage exits through the middle rope and drops down. He circles around the ring and, as Bo tries to get up, Rage rushes up to him and nails a solid punt into Bo’s stomach. Bo cries out in pain as he clutches to his abdomen, trying to lessen the bruise that’s starting to show. Bo slowly gets up, but manages to avoid the oncoming big boot from Rage and gets him into a toe hold. The referee has the count down to seven, so Bo rolls in and then out of the ring to start the count over, taking Rage’s head from his back and slamming his face into the concrete! Then he picks up the big man and hits him hard on the chest with some chops, making the big man back up. Then he connects with a fame-asser! Bo throws Rage back into the ring, follows pursuit, and goes for his first pin attempt, but Rage manages to get the shoulder up at the count of two. Bo picks up the champ and grounds him with a swinging neckbreaker, then applies the camel clutch! Rage, however, proves to be too much strong and is able to get on one knee and then roll forward, making Bo get out of the hold and land on the other side. But Bo wasn’t fast enough to avoid the big boot this time, forcing him to plummet to the ground. Rage drags Bo to the middle of the ring and hooks the leg, but right as the referee was about to slap the mat for the third time, Bo gets the shoulder up!

Adams: Rage must be thinking about how the heck to put away Bo. Bo is tough as nails and is proving him to be quite a struggle for Rage!

Simone: Rage needs to find a way to end this guy quick or Bo will be able to get up and fight back more aggressively than before, possibly putting him out of commission!

Rage picks up the challenger and puts him into a chinlock! Bo is struggling from the move, finding a way to get out as the referee asks him if he wishes to give up. Bo shakes his head rapidly, then strikes Rage three times with his right elbow. Then he uses his left leg to kick him away. Rage doubles over in pain, but Bo grips him with a bulldog and goes for the Stratusfaction Bulldog! As Rage tries to shake it off, Bo goes for another camel clutch and this time, Rage cannot escape! The tables have apparently been turned on the champ, the referee now asking him if he wishes to give up. The crowd are on their feet, cheering for both men as Rage growls, trying hard not to submit. Bo screams out his war cry as he applies the pressure harder and harder with the submission move. Rage, desperate to keep his championship at any cost, uses his massive strength and crawls over to the ropes, using his right hand to try and reach for it. Finally, he manages to get a hold of the bottom rope and the referee tells Bo to let go, which Bo immediately does. Bo then drags him back to the center of the ring and attempts to lock in the Crossbow, but Rage rises up and rolls forward, Bo stepping back, surprised by Rage’s determination. The two manage to look at each other in the eye, then hit the ropes and the two collide in a devastating clothesline! Rage and Bo are on the mat, the crowd screaming for one of them to get up, perhaps the both of them, in order to continue on with the fight. The referee checks on both of them, then starts counting them down. Both men are still on the ground, breathing hard, as the referee makes it to the count of five. At the count of five, both men are exhausted from the efforts of the battle and crawl over to the ropes. Due to the nature of the collision, both were in pain and had a hard time getting up, so they were using the ropes. Both men were halfway standing through, then dropped at the end of the ninth count and entering the tenth count. The referee quickly rang for the bell as the crowd is not happy with the end result!

Decent: Since both men were unable to get up before the count of ten, this match has been declared a DRAW! Therefore, Rage is STILL the SCW heavyweight champion!

Adams: That bites! Rage manages to keep the belt and Bo walks away empty-handed!

Simone: Not exactly! Bo walks away with being a winner and I’m sure he has earned the respect of Rage for going against him. On top of that, it’s not like Bo loses his opportunity for good, since the next Supercard will have him scheduled for the main event with him, Rage, and all the other combatants involved!

Adams: And I just got qord from the bosses in the back that next week, things are getting heated up for that heavyweight title match because all six men are going to be split up into two teams for a big six-man tag team main event!

Simone: That's right, plus gold will be on the line when the Bombshell Tag Team Champions Dirty Country put their titles on the line against their good friends, the Party Girls!

Adams: Woo hoo! Gotta love it!

Simone: Indeed! Tune in next week for all the action!

Adams: Toodly doo!

Simone: Toodly doo?

THANK YOU! To Chris, Mark, Erik, Odette, Tom, Matthew Kennedy, Mete, Craig, Maggie, Casey, Mike, and the NWA Tag Champs. Also to Lucas Darby for the match images, and to all our SCW roleplayers, you made our jobs a living hell judging this week, well done! (if I forgot anyone, I am so sorry!)