Climax Control

The Moana Stadium in Reno, Nevada is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, the cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions.


Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands up with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back from our tour of Europe, and we are back from London Brawling! Welcome to Reno, Nevada, and welcome to Climax Control!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda hobbles out, dressed much like Mama from the 80's sitcom, "Mama's Family", complete with stuffed dress for added padding and a gray wig and hose rolled down below the knee. The music starts and Amanda starts waving her cane about to begin her performance.

Amanda:You know I'm getting older and I've gained some weight, too.
In my imagination I am just twenty-two.
I'm way too busy to do Jenny, Weight Watchers, too.
The fast food is to blame, cholesteral's through the roof.

If there's a camera up in here, that's taking photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement right here, telling you, what to do.
'Cause if you run the pics you got without the use of photoshop, I will hunt you down!
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth.
Don't even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Sketch me some more.
Take off sixty pounds, then take of ten more.
Retouch my body.
Resize my head, clean up my skin.
Please tone done the red.
Retouch my body.
Lipo my thighs, with your computer mouse.
I'm as big as a house.
Retouch my body.
Remove every curve.
I'm going to the mall, to get a soft serve.

Give me a tiny waist, because I eat like a slob.
Remove a chin or two, and how's about a nose job?
Erase under my eyes, where it is wrinkled and dark.
Your resume says that you worked on Jurassic Park.
If there's a camera up in here, that's taking photographs of me, then it's true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement in blood, or else you, will get sued.
'Cause if I end up on Perez Hilton looking like a Lez, I will hunt you down.
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth.
Don't even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Don't wanna look tragic.
So call Industrial, Light and Magic.
Retouch my body.
Make me look lean.
Like fat-ass Oprah, on "O" magazine.
Retouch my body.
Even at my tits.
And make sure this au couture size two fits.
Retouch my body.
Blur it some more.
Come on and give me what I'm paying you for!
Retouch my body.

I just want some Gummy Bears.
I refuse to take the stairs.
Make me fucking young and sweet.
Get rid of my cellulite.
I don't want no photo, boy.
I want an oil painting.

Retouch my body.
Don't cause any trouble.
I am in denial.
Don't you burst my bubble.
Retouch my body.
Just look at Madonna.
In real life she looks like an ancient iguana.
Retouch my body.
And if you can, of course,
Try and make me look like less of a horse.
Retouch my body.
I've no other choice.
I only wish you could retouch my voice.

Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.
Retouch, retouch, retouch, retouch.

Retouch my fucking body!

The crowd applauds and cheers as Amanda waves her cane around and then makes her exit backstage, vanishing behind the curtains.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Climax Control. I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams

Simone: Tonight we have a great show lined up.

Adams: Can we skip through the whole lot of matches? The writer feels lazy today

Simone: Writer?

Adams: *ahem*

Simone: Tonight is a great show, we deal with the fall out from London's Brawling

Adams: We have a title match tonight, with Matthew Kennedy defending his Roulette title.

Simone: We also have three bombshells debuting

Adams: We also hear Jordan Williams has something to say.

Simone: Tonight could be explosive

Adams: So to save this writers achey fingers, let's do this!

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. A huge white plaster covers the whole of the top of his head, a cast is seen on his left arm and a protective boot on his right foot. Under his arm is a crutch, to balance the weight of the injured foot. Hot Stuff limps slowly towards the ring until he gets to the outside. He throws the crutch over the top rope and grabs the bottom rope, pulling himself in the ring. He uses the ropes to pull himself up, Justin Decent lifting him from the other side. Hot Stuff nods a thank you at Justin and Justin hands him the microphone

The fans chant "That was awesome" as the camera zooms in to see the plaster cast on Hot Stuff's left arm and the protective boot on his right foot.

HS: You know, I don't often agree with you all, but I agree.

The fans cheer

HS: Let's get this out of the way right now, I look and feel like utter crap, but for you people, I have got out of the hospital, and all the way back over here. I'm just that good.

A mixed reaction is heard

HS: One week ago at London Brawling, I busted my arse entertaining and a few other things too, just to entertain you. I have a broken arm, a cracked bone in my foot, I have more stitches than a pillow case, I've spent the last week picking glass out of every part of my body and I got the world biggest headache, and I've been asking myself constantly for the last seven days and seven nights, was it worth it?

Hot Stuff pauses

HS: Hell yeah it was! Kain and I beat the living crap out of each other all over London, we put our hearts, soul and bodies on the line to rp each other apart and I think we did that. I wanted to rip the amour from Kain and bring Alex Grayson to the surface, I did that. I paid for it with scars that may stay with me forever but it was worth every second of it. I constantly come out here and prove that what I say, I do and I have done once again. I'm out of physical shit for the next six weeks, hell, I didn't even come here to wrestle, but I'm not complaining, because every single time I look down at those scars, every time I feel my head pound like some midget in my brain is beating it with a hammer, every time I sit there and moan with pain, I'm gonna remember the time I beat Kain's sorry arse all over London, I will remember that I did this for the greater good. Thank you for the challenge Kain, thank you for beating the respect in to me, thank you for becoming the latest big star I've pull from the sky and pissed all over.

The fans boo Hot Stuff's arrogance

HS: Now I wanna talk about the NWA and the travesty that...

Just then, the lights go dim in the arena. The fans buzz about for a few seconds of silence, until the NXT video starts rolling in silence. They start roaring with excitement as a voice is heard coming from the speakers.

”Louder…? Louder…! LOUDER!”


The fans obey the call to get louder as “Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins blaring over the speakers. The lights in the ring go up, showing a rather annoyed HS leaning against the ropes, muttering something as NXT members Jordan and Casey Williams step up front, followed by Vixen. They stand at the edge of the stage looking down at HS, and then Spike Staggs comes bolting through the curtains to the biggest reception he has ever received. He spins around in a circle with his hands raised up in the air as the fans stand on their feet. He rips off his sunglasses and tosses them into the crowd, and then he looks to his fellow NXT members. They head on down to the ring as the fans chant “NXT! NXT! NXT!” Spike jumps up onto the ring apron, looking at HS with a smirk on his face, raising his eyebrows. He pats his bad shoulder causing HS to wince, and then he takes the microphone from HS. He raises it to his mouth as the NXT members stand in front of him.

Spike: It’s good to be home, Nevada! *Cheap pop* I know you all missed us, and what kind of show would it be if the New X-Treme’s didn’t make an appearance, hm? Speaking of, Mark… Have you met the newest member of NXT, Vixen?

Vixen jumps up onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle, getting the crowd riles up before she gets into the ring. HS takes about two steps back, still looking annoyed as he nods his head. Spike gets into the ring and then raises Vixen’s hand in the air once more. After a moment’s pause, Spike turns back to the boss.

Spike: Yes, well our latest member is the NYDW Divinity Champion, and the future Bombshell Champion of SCW. This bombshell kicks more ass than the rest of the locker room combined, so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that she is standing here with us right now. We would like to officially welcome you to the family, Vixen, in front of our home crowd.

The fans cheer loudly as Vixen takes it in with a smile. Spike throws his hands in the air to motion for more cheers, when HS grabs the microphone from Spike’s hand.

HS: Is there a point to you interrupting me, Spike?

Spike slowly nods his head as he kindly takes the microphone back from HS. He rolls his eyes and then raises an eyebrow at the boss.

Spike: Three points, actually. That was one. The second one is a lesson in humility… I have learned a lot about that over the last seven days, and I have had a lot of time to do thinking with vicodin… Maybe not the best combination, but still… One thing really stuck out to me when you were beating the hell out of Kain, and even more, your words leading up to that match. You went on and on about how you were doing this to save Kain, or Alex Greyson. You acted like you were doing it for his benefit, and not yours. It hit home because I heard almost the same exact speech from you leading up to our match, and I have just one thing to say about that…

Spike’s nostrils flare as he leans in, getting in HS’s face. The two stare each other down for a good, solid minute as the fans cheer. Spike takes a step back and raises the microphone to his mouth.

Spike: Thank you…

Spike extends a hand forward to HS, with a smile on his face. HS looks completely surprised for a moment. He looks around at the NXT members outside of the ring, and then he looks into Spike’s cold eyes. He slowly reaches up and shakes Spike’s hand.

Spike: Had you not taken me out by busting my knee, I would have been the same monster that Kain is, and I would not be the man I am today. In a weird way, and for whatever reason, you didn’t want me to turn into an even bitterer, hateful man. You saved Spike Staggs, and it took six long years for me to realize that. We may not see eye to eye and maybe we never will. But I forgive you. I just wish you would have done it in a street fight, because that shit was awesome at London Brawling, am I right?

The audience cheers as Spike turns around to watch them all. He nods his head as HS gets a cocky grin across his face once more. Jordan Williams slowly makes his way to the back, and Casey and Vixen soon follow. Spike looks around and then raises the microphone to his mouth once again.

Spike: My final point, and this one is the big burning question being asked across the world. How does Spike feel about the events that transpired at London Brawling in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match? Well, I assure you all that I am not jumping for joy right now. Who in their right mind would be? But I will tell you a little bit more about how I feel. I feel angry. I feel driven. I feel inspired. I feel discouraged. But there is one thing that only the true Spike Staggs fans know about me. Throughout my entire career, I have had people telling me “No” “You can’t” “You won’t” “You will never amount to anything”. And my loyal fans will also know how I responded to those. I did, I would, and I could. No one can keep Spike Staggs down, and even this man right here knows that, because he used those tactics to get me back in this ring for all of you fans. FUCK the naysayers, Spike Staggs will be on top, and Jack Kraven has NOT seen the last of me. That belt is mine, and everybody knows it. It’s just a matter of time until it is wrapped around my waist!

”Ready Or Not (I’m Coming)” By Oomph! begins playing as the fans, and even HS clap for Spike as he exits the ring. He makes his way up the ramp in a completely different manner than the way he came down, determined, and low energy.

We cut to the inside of the ring for our opening match where we see “The Greatest Story” Cameron Matthews hopping up and down in one spot as he waits for his opponent, the last strands of his music can be heard in the background as Justin gets ready to make the announcements.

Justin Decent: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, making his SCW debut “The Greatest Story” Cameron Matthews!

Cameron raises both of his arms in acknowledgement of the announcement but the crowd doesn’t seem to care less about him.

Adams: Greatest story my ass, this guy couldn’t be bothered to tape one promo for his match this week!

Simone: Don’t be so harsh, he could win.

Justin Decent: And his opponent…….

Justin never gets a chance to finish as the arena lights go dark and a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", as the last word is said the into to "Cult Of Personality" hits the arena speakers and Matthew struts down to the ring, he is in his street clothes which means that he isn’t Cameron’s opponent and once he reaches the ringside area he stares at Cameron with disdain before making his way over to the announcers table.

Simone: Oh please tell me he isn’t coming over here; oh please tell me he isn’t coming over here!

Adams: He’s coming over here.

Belinda lets out an audible scream of frustration as Matthew sits down next to her resting his Roulette Championship on the announcers table, he puts on a headset as Cameron stares at him confused.

Kennedy: Good evening.

Simone: It was good until you showed up, why are you here? You’re not competing until tonight’s main event?

Kennedy: Simple, I’ll obviously win my match and as a direct result of that I am here to scout the competition!

Simone: Who? Cameron?

Matthew scoffs.

Kennedy: No! His opponent!

As Matthew says the lights in the arena go out and Trip The Darkness starts to filter through the PA system. Lights start to strobe on an off and X starts to make his way to the ring.

Justin Decent: His opponent, from Parts Unknown weighing in at 220ibs, “The Enigma” X!

X rolls into the ring but as soon as he is in the ring and the bell rings Cameron pounces on him with rights and lefts obviously wanting to make up for his lack of promotion for the match this past week, however his swings are wild and X is able to take advantage of that, he fights back against Cameron and the two newcomers are going at it tooth and nail.


Simone: These guys are obviously looking to impress here tonight and they’ve certainly impressed me already, what do you guys think?

Kennedy: Please, I’ve seen better fighting on a bloody school playground! The only thing that impresses you about them is their physiques.

Simone: I don’t know; I did enjoy the mud match at London Brawling.

Matthew is clearly unhappy about being reminded of how he won his title and whilst that’s going on X has gotten the advantage and has locked Cameron in a armbar, Cameron manages to fight out of it however and gets to his feet before he whips Enigma to the ropes, Enigma ducks under a clothesline attempt by Cameron and stops himself at the ropes nearest to the announcers table, Cameron charges at him only to get back body dropped over the top rope and too the floor.

Simone: Cameron may have cost himself the match there.

Kennedy: What a bloody idiot! If I had made that mistake back when I was in wrestling school I would’ve never graduated!

Adams: Oh god I wish a time machine would be invented already……..LOOK OUT BELLOW!

Jason yells this just as X dives over the ropes and connects with a suicide dive taking both him and Cameron out; the move gets a decent pop from the crowd which grows louder as X gets to his feet and starts pandering to them.

Kennedy: Get back in the bloody ring and finish the bloody job! God and I thought Cameron was an idiot…..

X hears Matthew’s comment and yells at him, Matthew keeps his cool and X decides to take his advice rolling Cameron back into the ring and going for a cover 1……2……kickout by Cameron, rather than go for another cover X settles for locking in a grounded headlock, Cameron gets to his feet but X takes the initiative and drops him with a DDT.

Simone: Great move by X!

Kennedy: That was the first smart move he’s made all match, pity we’re five minutes into this thing!

X rolls over Cameron for another cover 1…..2…….Cameron surprises X by reversing the cover into a roll up 1…..2……kickout by X who is quick to get back to his feet, X charges at Cameron only to get taken down by an arm drag, X gets back to his feet but charges into another arm drag, this time when he gets to his feet X doesn’t charge into an Arm drag, no he charges into a Dropkick.

Kennedy: If the bloody opponent has the upper hand leave the bloody ring and recuperate, why do so many bloody wrestlers find that difficult to bloody understand?!

Simone: Are you trying to break the record for the most times the word bloody has been said in a single sentence?

Whilst Belinda argues with Kennedy X has charged at Cameron again only to be rolled up into a Small Package.

Adams: Wow, what a small package.

Kennedy: I’d make a That’s What She Said joke but I believe that I am above such immature humor.

Simone: So I’ll do it instead, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Matthew shakes his head in disgust as X kicks out at two and rolls out of the ring in order to regroup, Cameron’s having none of it however and he dives through the ropes connecting with a suicide dive, Cameron rolls X into the ring but rather than go for a cover he slaps the top rope signaling that he’s going for a high risk move.

Kennedy: You bloody idiot! Your opponent is down for the count! Finish him off!

Cameron can’t hear Kennedy however as he is already climbing the top rope, once he balances himself however X leaps up and starts brawling with the fellow newcomer.

Simone: This is dangerous ground for both men!

Kennedy: Which is why the only time you’ll see me on top of a turnbuckle is when I’m celebrating my inevitable victory.

Adams: I can’t believe I’m saying this but Matthew’s making sense!

Matthew gives Jason a death glare as the two wrestlers fight it out, however one slip up from X is all Cameron needs to push him off the top rope, X lands on his back and Cameron rebalances himself, he goes for a Shooting Star Press but X was playing possum and he shows this by getting both knees up just as Cameron is about to connect.

Simone: That may have cost Cameron the match!

Kennedy: Good now let’s hope that X isn’t as big an idiot as his opponent is and actually finishes him off for good!

Cameron rolls around the ring clenching his stomach in pain and X seizes the opportunity as soon as he able to by locking in a Leg Trapped Triangle Choke.

Simone: I believe he calls that the Enigma.

Kennedy: So let me get this straight, Cameron, being the idiot that he is, injures his stomach because he wanted to impress the fans and X capitalizes by locking in a submission that targets the neck area?!

Adams: Err, yes.

Kennedy: Forget what I said earlier, they are both as bad as each other!

Despite Matthew questioning X’s logic the submission is effective none the less, struggle as he might Cameron can’t reach the ropes and chooses to tap out to avoid further injury.

Justin Decent: The winner of the match by submission, “The Enigma” X!

Kennedy: Thank god, if it had gone on any longer it would have put the entire audience into a coma!

Adams: So like one of your promos?

Matthew ignores the comment as he removes his headset and leaves the announcers table, Cameron is struggling to get to his feet whilst X is celebrating on the ramp, by the time Cameron gets to his feet he turns around only to be blasted by Matthew Kennedy with a Championship shot to the head.

Simone: Oh come on! That’s uncalled for!

Adams: Do you think he gives a shit?

Matthew stares at Cameron with disgust before dropping the title, forcing him to his feet and picking him up for his Package Piledriver, otherwise known as the Prime Time Special.

Simone: Oh come on! The kid was just is a submission that targeted the neck area.

Adams: I think that’s the point.

Indeed it is as Matthew drops Cameron onto the title with the Prime Time Special, Cameron goes limp and Matthew gets up, picks up his Championship and demands a microphone which he gets.

Kennedy: Now that I have taken out the trash, Bobby Cage you can consider THIS a sign of things to come, not only will I walk away from Tonight’s Main Event with this title still around my waist but what I just did to this yank will be NOTHING compared to what I’ll do to you, my name is “Prime Time” Matthew Kennedy and Bobby Cage is about to be cancelled.

Matthew drops the mic and leaves the ring as Cult of Personality rings out, a close up off Cameron Matthews’ head reveals that he is bleeding, either from the first attack or the Prime Time Special, as paramedics get him onto a stretcher.

Simone: That was disgusting! How dare he call himself a champion!

Adams: Like it or not he’s the Roulette Champion until someone beats him!

The six sided ring is now set up for SCW’s newest interview segment. A red carpet covers the mat, and two chairs are set up in the middle, separated by a firepit, complete with a burning fire. A microphone sits on one of the chairs, as the host of the new segment, Electra Blaze, stands in the center of the ring, holding her own microphone.

Electra: Allow me to welcome each and every one of you to SCW’s newest, and best, interview segment, Burning Questions! I am your host, Electra Blaze, but you all already knew that.

The crowd boos slightly, unsure of how to react at the moment.

Electra: My inaugural guest is someone very special, and will no doubt go down in history as the most prestigious guest here on Burning Questions. She is the most decorated superstar in SCW right now, and will continue to be so for months, and hopefully years to come!

Electra smiles and nods as the crowd now knows just who is about join Electra in the ring.

Electra: My inaugural guest is the ONLY true Bombshell on this roster and, quite frankly, the best Bombshell Champion SCW will ever see. She is the NEW Bombshell Champion, and the NWA World Cruiserweight Champion. Everyone, please welcome the ONLY Double Crown Champion to grace SCW, and my very good friend…Misty!

”What You Want” by Evanescence starts to play as purple and white strobe lights start to flash to the beat of the music. The crowd boos loudly, and soon after, Misty appears from backstage. She has the NWA World Cruiserweight Title secured around her waist, and the Bombshell Title draped over her right shoulder. She looks around the crowd with an arrogant smile on her face, before making her way to the ring. When she gets to the ring, Electra sits on the second rope for her, holding the ropes open for her to enter the ring. Misty walks to the center of the ring where she removes the NWA Cruiserweight Title from around her waist, then hoists both of her titles above her, showing them off to the crowd, ignoring all of their booing. Electra takes a seat in her chair, as Misty drapes one belt over each shoulder, then grabs the microphone waiting for her and takes her seat as her music dies down.

Electra: Welcome to Burning Questions, Misty. It’s quite an honor to have you here.

Misty chuckles and rolls her eyes.

Misty: Quit trying to be an intelligent interviewer, Electra. You know this was my idea…idot.

Electra thinks for a second, then shrugs and nods.

Electra: Dammit, I thought you weren’t gonna tell anyone that?! Now you spoiled all my fun.

Misty: Oh please. Everyone knows who the brains of this duo is, you flaming dumbass. Now, quit trying to make this about you. You’re not the champion. I am.

Electra sets her microphone down in her lap and claps for Misty, but the crowd, again, boos. Electra grabs the microphone to speak again.

Electra: Geez I tell ya, you can’t get any respect around here if you not some baby faced goody two-shoes. Show some respect for your Bombshell Champion!

The boos get even louder.

Misty: Just get on with it, Electra. These people aren’t worth anymore of our time than they are already being given.

Electra: Oh right. So, you defeated Raynin and Vixen last week and finally got your Bombshell title back. We all knew you would!

The crowd boos again, but Misty rolls her eyes at them.

Misty: Regardless of whether or not people knew I would get it back, nothing was gonna stop me from taking it back. None of the other Bombshells, if you can even call them that, has anything on me, and the fact that I have two titles and none of them do proves my point.

Electra: I couldn’t agree more, and I have to say, I think the former Bombshell Champion, Raynin, is proving to be quite the sore loser. I mean, you’ve all heard the rumors she’s trying to spread backstage right? A conspiracy? Really? You think she’s jealous, Misty?

Misty laughs and nods.

Misty: I’ll tell you what I think of that crap that little miss Raynin is saying. All she’s doing is making up some lame as excuse for her loss. She needs to just admit to herself that she let herself get distracted when the match between “Hot Stuff” Mark Ward and Kain collided with ours. She was too worried about what was going on around her, then focusing on what really mattered, so she came up with the whole conspiracy crap. Please! If Mark didn’t want her to have this title, my title, she wouldn’t have even been given a title shot in the first place! And, yes, Raynin is one hundred percent jealous, because she doesn’t possess the talent and skill that I do. Plain and simple.

The crowd boos loudly, and Electra looks around to some of them, nodding and mouthing the words “It’s true.”

Electra: She should be mad at Vixen, though, right? I mean, you pinned Vixen after all, so technically, her anger and frustration should be pointed at Vixen.

Misty: As much as I’d like to agree with that, I don’t. She has only herself to blame, but that doesn’t matter. I could have pinned Raynin just as easily as I did Vixen. I did what I had to in order to get my title back, and I did.

Electra: Speaking of Vixen, why don’t you tell everyone your reaction to her being your replacement in The New X-Tremes?

Misty smiles and thinks for a second, trying to find the right words, before she raises the microphone back to her lips to respond.

Misty: Oh, where do I begin on that subject? I find it absolutely hilarious, honestly. For a stable that is claiming to be the ‘Golden Standard’ in SCW, they really have nothing to show for it, not since I left anyway. Jordan and Casey held the tag team titles all of five minutes, and now Spike recruits Vixen to replace me as the Bombshell of the group? Spike just needs to accept the fact that he’s not going to find a Bombshell for that lame stable of his that will bring them gold, because I’m not--

“GET READY FOR THE SMACK DOWN!” ”Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins playing over the loud speakers as the New X-Treme’s video plays. Spike Staggs walks out from backstage holding a microphone, as Misty and Electra both look towards him, irritated at his presence.

Spike: Blah…blah…blah…blah…BLAH! Do any of you people even really want to continue listening to what this cold-hearted snake has to say?!

The crowd shouts NO! loudly in response as Misty has walked over to the ropes this time, and is glaring at Spike, almost seething.

Misty: I don’t give a damn what you or any of these people want! This is MY time to speak and how DARE you come out here and interrupt me! Are you still that hung up on me--

Spike: You’d just love that, I’m sure, but I’ve got more important things to worry about, two of which are at home NOT thinking about you for once. No, I’m not out here to give you the satisfaction you so richly crave. I’m out here to talk about at least one of those titles you think you deserve.

Electra: Who do you think you are?! You’re nobody, Spike! Nobody!

Spike: Really, Electra? What have you done with your career? Last time I checked, most people backstage didn’t even know who the hell you when you showed up here.

A furious Electra tries to jump through the ropes, but Misty stands in front of her, holding her back. She manages to calm her down, yelling at her to take a seat and let her handle this. Electra reluctantly obliges, as Misty turns around and glares at her ex-fiancee.

Misty: So you want to talk about my titles, huh, Spike? What do my titles have anything to do with you? Unless of course, you’ve decided to go through a sex change and become a Bombshell.

Electra suddenly laughs, pointing at Spike. Spike offers a sarcastic laugh of his own.

Spike: Nah, I happen to like the equipment in my pants. If I were to change that, I’d probably turn into a vicious bitch like you.

Misty: Thank you for the compliment, Spike, but why don’t you get to your point already? I’m sick of looking at you.

The crowd suddenly erupts in loud cheering as a huge smile appears on Spike’s face. NXT’s newest member, Vixen, emerges from the crowd and slides in the ring! Misty wastes no time in making her escape from the ring as Electra goes after Vixen, but Vixen is able to stop her, and sets her up for the Fall From Grace, and nails it! Misty watches as her “friend” lays motionless in the ring, and Vixen grabs her microphone.

Vixen: I wouldn’t get too used to being the Bombshell Champion, Misty.

Misty begins shouting at Vixen, as she walks backwards toward the backstage.

Vixen: Pretty soon, I’ll get my shot at you, and when I do, what I just did to your so-called friend, I’ll do to you, and then I’ll pin you. It’s only a matter of time, and I’ll carry that Bombshell title with pride and dignity which is more than can be said about you!

As Misty continues to walk backwards, she doesn’t realize how close she is getting to Spike, who is still standing at the entrance, watching and waiting. Misty then bumps into him, and spins around getting face to face with her ex. Misty tries trash talking him, but Spike stands his ground and raises his microphone to speak. Before he has the chance, Misty knocks the microphone out of his hands, trying to provoke him. His nostrils flare as he glares at her, and Vixen has jumped out of the ring at this point, and is making a beeline straight for Misty.

Misty hears the reaction from the crowd, and turns around to see Vixen heading straight for her. She shoves past Spike, running backstage, and Vixen stops just as she gets to Spike. They look towards the ring where Electra is finally starting to stir, as ”Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch starts to play once again. Spike raises Vixen’s hand in the air as the crowd cheers them on.

The scene shows Casey Williams in the locker room area, getting ready for his bout with Johnny Brown, and Ms Rocky Mountains knocks on the door.

Casey: Enter!"

Rocky then enters the locker room.

Rocky: "I was hoping I could ask you a few questions before your match tonight."

Casey: Sure, I have a few minutes before my match."

Rocky: "How are you feeling in regards to the title loss at London Brawling."

Casey: "I am still fuming over the loss, but Jordan and I were able to air our dirty laundry and are back on the same page."

Rocky: "I see. So, it seems that you are getting married, huh?"

Casey: "Yeah, I am excited to have Laura as my wife and settle down once my wrestling career is done."

Rocky: I understand. Anything else you want to say before your match?"

Casey: "Actually, Rocky, there is. I would like to issue a challenge to the winner of tonights main event Roulette Championship match between Matthew Kennedy and Bobby "The Convict" Cage."

Rocky: "I see. Well, I hope they accept your challenge, and I wish you the best of luck in your match tonight."

The scene fades as Rocky leaves the locker room.

The camera returns to the ring where ring announcer Justin Decent stands as the referee, Drew Patton, climbs through the ropes to scattered jeers and takes his place in the corner.

Justin: Our following contest features Bombshell tag team action!

The crowd responds with positive enthusiasm at the prospects of the exciting SCW Bombshells being in action.

Justin: Introducing first! To be accompanied to the ring by the 'Manager of the Millenium' the Goldenboy Gene Banton ... at a total combined weight of 363 pounds, Felony Fontana and Rock Rose -- the Freakettes!

"There's a party in the house and we'll be rockin' tonight
So bring your body with you baby and I'll make you feel right
It's a freaky celebration of a natural kind
And the pleasure you'll experience will blow your mind"

"Freestyle's kickin' in the house tonight
Move your body from left to right
To all you freaks, don't stop the rock
That's freestyle speakin' and you know I'm right

The lights dim throughout the arena as the opening bass of Freestyle's "Don't stop the rock" filters in through the PA system. Rainbow colored fireworks explode in front of the stage as the curtains are abruptly parted. The first figure to enter is the scowling behemoth "Rock" Rose, who pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking herself in the pyro while flexing her bulging biceps before an awestruck crowd.

Adams: Holy.... hey! Belinda! Are you sure that's a woman???

Simone: That's what the bosses say but now I'm prone to disagree!

Rose stomps forth after the brief pause followed by the decidedly more energetic blonde Felony Fontana, who bounces back and forth, bursting into short dance steps, smiling and seeming to enjoy herself. Also with them is their manager, the Goldenboy Gene Banton. Arriving at ringside, Rose enters first and holds the ropes open for her diminutive partner who jumps through and promptly climbs to the top rope extending her arms in acknowledgement of the crowd as Gene watches on the apron outside the ropes.

Justin: Their opponents are accompanied by Darknyss! At a combined weight of 300 pounds, Raynin and Gothika ... The Fallen!

The lights go out, and a bass line starts to thump over the PA and we hear the opening guitar riffs of Dethklok's 'Black Fire Upon Us. On the titantron the image of three flaming balls of light streak through an image of the night sky as the music continues. The strains of the music plays over the PA as on the titantron, the three flaming balls rocket towards an image of the earth and the camera angle switches so it looks like they're coming straight towards the screen. They strike the same spot with a bright flash and three shadowy figures step out of the brightness.

Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul

Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight

The lights start to strobe to the beat of the music and we see the angels of The Fallen standing on stage looking confident. Gothika, Darknyss and Raynin stand on stage and raise their fists in the air looking around confidently before the lights come up completely. They go from one side of the stage to the other, talking junk to the crowd and throwing their fists in the air.

The Sky
Will Break
Black Fire
Will Wake

Fly On Through The Night
We Built An Allience
Our Numbers Are Strong

We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools What Lunitics
They Must Think Of Us

Gothika, Raynin and Darknyss come back to the center of the stage and pose once more before they start to walk down the ramp to the ring.

But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight

Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackend Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain

Darknyss stops at the center of the ramp as Raynin and Gothika each walk around opposite sides of the ring. Gothika slides under the bottom rope as Darknyss climbs up onto the edge of the apron and steps through the second rope and Raynin climbs the far stairs and grabs the top rope and flips over the rope.

Dangerous Creatures
Those That Oppose Us
Raped All Their Power
Bartered With Warlocks
Cheated The Demons
For Ancient Spells
The Blackened Fire
Waits To Consume Us

Raynin and Gothika each climb a corner throwing their fists in the air and pumping them to the beat of the music as Darknyss stands in the center of the ring, pointing at them and talking junk to the crowd, nodding. Raynin and Gothika jump down and switch corners, trying to hype up the crowd before they jump down and stand beside Darknyss, waiting for the match to begin.

Adams: Oh this is going to be sweet! We don't see Bombshell tag team matches very often.

Simone: No we don't and the fact the Fallen have been petitioning for a spot in the NWA tag team rankings shows they have a desire to make their mark in the tag team ranks.

Adams: You think they see this match as a stepping stone?

Simone: More like a first step forward. If they think anybody trained by Gene Banton is a stepping stone then they're a damned fool.

Gene and the Freakettes watch covertly as Darknyss talks things over with her team. They nod and she and Gothika exit the ring. Darknyss drops to the floor and Gothika takes her place in their corner as Raynin turns to stare across the ring at their opponents. Gene steps out as Rose holds the ropes open for Felony who takes her place in their own corner. The referee, Drew Patton, looks around to all then calls for the bell.



Raynin rubs her chin as she comes out of her corner, sizing this giantess up for what she is -- a towering monolith of a female. Raynin and Rose circle the ring slowly until they finally halt and lock up, and almost immediately Rose heaves Raynin back and the former Bombshell champion lands on the mat with a thud. Raynin turns and looks at her manager wide-eyed as Rock Rose strikes a series of powerful poses before dropping to the mat and doing a series of push ups.

Adams: Wow. I haven't ever seen anyone treat Raynin like that!

Simone: I don't think we've ever seen anyone quite like Rock Rose in the SCW before, either.

Rose is up as Raynin stands up and they move around the ring before locking up again -- and again Rock Rose shoves Raynin back across the ring! The crowd is in awe as the giantess drops down again and starts doing push ups but this gives Raynin an opening as she suddenly lunges and drops a big elbow down across the back of Rose's head.

Simone: That right there is showing the inexperience of the Freakettes.

Adams: I guess if Rock Rose has any weak spots, it'd be her head.

Simone: I am so telling her you said that.

Adams: ..... Said what?

The effect of the move is evident as Raynin's full weight behind the move drives Rose down to the mat where Raynin drops two more elbows to the back of her head. Rose starts to get up and Raynin grabs her into a headlock to try and tame this wild beast. Raynin cranks on the pressure and tries to keep her down but Rose powers her way to a standing position. Rose then attempts to whip her off into the ropes but a handful of hair by Raynin allows her to jerk back and grab her right back into the headlock.

Adams: I guess when you're in there with someone the size of Rose, sometimes the rule book goes out the door.

Simone: The mind frame Raynin is most likely in since losing her title won't ease that theory either.

Rose then opts to simply pick Raynin up and throw her! Raynin lands awkwardly on her feet and turns as Rose charges like a bull for a clothesline but Raynin ducks under the decapitating blow. Rose turns around and Raynin baseball slides into her shin, taking her leg out from under her and putting her down to one knee.

Simone: You can tell Darknyss has scouted Gene's two new recruits. Her women seem prepared for dealing with Rose's size advantage.

Raynin tags Gothika quickly and the two starts laying in the forearms against Rose's wide back as Drew issues his count to force Raynin out of the ring;

4... and Raynin obliges, stepping through the ropes.

Gothika turns and runs into the ropes but as she comes off, Rose grabs her and pivots, planting her with a spine buster!

Adams: Good grief! Did you hear that impact??

Rose grabs Gothika and drags her up, hauling her onto her shoulders before tagging in Felony. Felony climbs to the top as Rose gets a running start and drives Gothika down with a powerslam. She then holds her still as Felony leaps from the top and lands on her with a top rope splash into a cover!

2..... Gothika kicks out.

Felony backs up as Gothika gets to her feet, and the moment she does so, Felony gets a running start and scales the bigger woman's body, then slides off of her shoulders and throws her over in a cheerleader roll. Gothika hurriedly scrambles to her feet and Felony jumps at her, attempting a monkey flip but Gothika counters, throwing the smaller woman over her shoulders but Felony counters that with a sunset flip!

2..... Gothika kicks out again.

Simone: I don't think Felony is big enough to do a move like that. Her feet never touched Gothika's shoulders.

Adams: I don't think Felony is big enough to do most moves actually.

As Gothika gets to her feet, Felony jumps into her arms and takes her over in a cradle toss, sending Gothika skidding across the ring. Gothika gets up and Felony goes to repeat the maneuver but Gothika sees it coming and counters by simply dropping Felony over her bended knee in a back breaker.

Simone: Oh she went to the well one too many times against Gothika with that move.

Gothika keeps her bent backwards over her knee, one hand pushing on her chin, the other hand pushing her leg. Rose is shouting encouragement to Felony as Gene watches intently. Gothika then dumps felony off of her and to the mat before grabbing her by her blonde pigtails and tagging Raynin back in. The two women send Felony into the ropes and as she comes off, they collide with her with such force it sends the much smaller rookie flying back, head over heels.

Adams: Wow. That petite size of Felony's is really costing her.

Gothika quickly exits the ring as Raynin pulls Felony to her feet and sends her crashing right back down with a short-arm lariat. Raynin then Irish whips her into the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick. As soon as Felony hits the mat, Raynin makes the cover and hooks the leg.

2..... Felony manages to shoot her shoulder up.

Adams: Oh that little thing has some fight in her.

Raynin secures her in a front facelock then brings her over with a snap suplex, followed up by a second, and then a third. Raynin rolls on top of her for another cover.

3-No! Felony kicks out!

Simone: That time Raynin did not hook the leg or it could have been over, but yes, I agree. Felony is a fighter. You have to be in this business.

Raynin tags Gothika and the rough houser brings Felony up and rakes her face. She then grabs her by the hair and runs her into the near corner, face first. Gothika drives her shoulder into Felony's slim stomach twice before she turns and starts shouting at the official who is reprimanding her, and Gothika shouts for him to "Back off!". She turns back around and Felony shoots off of the middle rope and surprises Gothika with a sunset flip!

2..... Gothika quickly kicks out!

Gothika is right back up and Felony dives through her legs and scrambles for her corner and tags Rose in!

Adams: Ohhh Rock Rose looks mad!

Rose starts to step through the ropes and Gothika immediately starts waylaying on her with fists and kicks before the big woman can even get into the ring. Gothika grabs her in a front facelock and calls Raynin into the ring. Both Fallen women then set up Rose for a double vertical suplex but instead, the 6'4" 265 pounder reverses it and instead double suplexes them!

Simone: Good God she just suplexed both women!

The crowd is on their feet as this Bombshell match is far exceeding expectations as Raynin rolls out of the ring and Rose grabs Gothika, sending her into the ropes and clotheslining her.

Adams: Not a lot of finesse to Rose, is there?

Simone: With her size I guess you don't need there to be.

Rose tags Felony back in and drags Gothika up. Rose grabs her by the throat and is about to lift her for a choke slam, the impending start of the Erotic asphyxiation, when Raynin is back in the ring with a steel chair and she slams it across Rose's back! Drew has no choice but to immediately call for the bell!


Rose drops Gothika and staggers, even her muscular frame still prone to the effects of a steel chair shot! Gene shouts into the ring at the referee and then at Darknyss herself, the opposing manager before he climbs into the ring. Raynin swings the chair into Rose's back a second time, sending her forward into the ropes. Raynin turns around with the chair held up when felony runs up and hits a dropkick into the chair, sending it right back into Raynin's own head! Raynin goes down and Darknyss reaches into the ring and drags her woman out of the ring as Gothika quickly exits the six-sided ring and joins her team. Gene checks on Rose as does Felony.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Drew Patton has disqualified the Fallen. The winners of the match, Rock Rose and Felony Fontana, the Freakettes!

The crowd cheers as Gene takes his ladies's hands and raises them in the air as the Fallen watch on, backing up the aisle.

The Titantron flares up and we see a badly injured Kain lying in his bed, at his mansion in Detroit, Illinois. A lot of bandages, scars, and cuts are all over his body and face. The crowd recognize him and boo him loudly, yet a lot of them can't help but applaud him for the hellacious battle that occurred at London Brawling. Ariel is off to the side, watching her man. He slowly rises up and looks hard into the camera. We can see that he has an arm cast on his right arm, apparently broken for the time being. He speaks to the world before him.

Kain: This should have not happened to me! I am the King Of Kings and the opportunity to destroy everything that Mark Ward stands for is gone for the time being. I'm talking to you, Mark Ward; as sad as it sounds, you have earned my respect. No one has given me a fight like that and lived to win. But I will tell you right now; you may have won the battle, but the war? It's not over until I SAY IT IS! You got that, Mark? Because I won't allow you to win and take everything from me! So you will do what I want at next week's show. And what might that be, you ask? I want you to meet me, in the ring, for a face-to-face confrontation. Our injuries won't allow us to fight, but I want to see you, in the ring. You and I have have some unfinished business to settle and believe me when I tell you, Mark, the next chance I get, it will be the end for you! I will win this war and take away EVERYTHING from you! Gloat now, because payback is going to be a bitch! See you next week, you fucking asshole!

Groaning in pain, he lies back down as Ariel treats him to his wounds. She looks at the camera and tells the cameraman to shut it off. The Titantron dies down as the crowd continue to boo the King Of Kings.

The crowd waits upon the next match, talking amongst themselves, watching Justin Decent climb through the ropes and stands in the middle of the six sided ring. Justin smiles and raises the microphone to his mouth but nothing comes out, he taps the microphone with his hand and still nothing, Justin is about to ask for another microphone but is stopped by the sound of children’s laughter.

Children’s Voices:
A pocket full of posies;

The Arena lights begin to flicker with each word.

Children’s Voices:
We’re all tumbled down

The arena is drowned in darkness, the fans cheer as they stand in darkness, reminiscent of the scenes from London’s Brawling. Images begin to flicker on screen showing an old abandoned amusement park, the mysterious child stands near the carousel, looking at the weather ridden horses before it flickers showing the child sitting on the horse as it rotates around to an eerie tune.

Child’s Voice:
Will I leave disillusioned children?
Angry and confused
Shameful and misguided
Lost and astray

The child is now sitting in the middle of the big top, empty seats surround the child, polaroid pictures begin to fall around the child landing on the sandy surface. Each Photograph depicts a different wrestler from the SCW, some main photos that face upward are of Nick Jones, Kain, Rage and Spike Staggs. All of a sudden the photos ignite leaving the child sitting in a circle of flames.

Child’s Voice:
Crying for direction
Weeping for guidance
Longing for unconditional love
Grieving for sound judgement

The screen flickers to show the Child standing in different places down a school corridor, the locker doors all appear shut around him several times but as the screen stops flickering, the whole hallways doors are left wide open with the mysterious Child just standing in the middle of the hallway holding a piece of cloth.

Child’s Voice:
For I taught them not a lifetime of wisdom
For wisdom was not important
For I offered them not sound advice
For I never took life seriously
For I taught them not discipline
For I was reckless and immature
For I showed them naught but a drop of love
For my selfishness knew no bounds

The arena lights switch back on, Justin looks a bit bewildered in the middle of the ring, many of the fans cheer the enigmatic footage. The camera begins to pan around the crowd, showing some of the signs but it stops when it sees a man standing in the gangway, covered in blood, written on the side of the walls are the words.


SCW officials come out to aid the poor man, cleaning staff follow suit to try and clear the puddle of blood left on the floor, but the words written on the walls leave the fans speculating as to whom is doing this as the camera goes back to the view of the ring.

Justin Decent: Justin: Making his way to the ring at this time, weighing 200 pounds and hailing from St. Johns, Newfoundland... he is known as “The Jackal” Adam Smith.

The pyro’s hit and “Don’t Tread on Me” starts to blare across the arena. Adam runs out and moves quickly to the ring with a no nonsense glare. Smith has his nose in the air as he stretches out, cracking his knuckles and neck.

Simone: “The Jackal” looks confident tonight.

Adams: After his awful showing in the London Football Riot Match he has no right to look confident. He’s just like those overpaid Soccer players doing nothing of worth. The ref should give him a red card!

Justin Decent: And his opponent! From Bucharest, Romania, weighing at 255 lbs....ALEKSEI KOJI!!!!!!!!!!!

"Wonderlust King" will start to play all throughout the area. Spotlights will hit the ramp and for a long moment they will stay in that position waiting for Aleksei to make his entrance. He does not appear to be coming. The spot lights start to search the crowd and find that Aleksei is in the audience having a drink. He starts to move through the crowd towards the ring. As he is about to climb over the rail he hands his flask to a nearby fan and then climbs in.

Adams: This guys just doesn’t care! To him everything is one big party. Is he the sort of guy we want as a champion?

Simone: When this match was announced the boss did say that the eyes of the new Roulette Champion, Primetime Matthew Kennedy, will be firmly glued to this one. Winning this and being a champion are not one and the same.

Adams: I’m just saying Aleksei needs to get serious if he wants to rise up the ranks in SCW. Adam Smith knows that, he’s had his fair share of set backs but he gets back on the horse and tries again. He may not be the most pleasant guy backstage but he has the right attitude.


As soon as the bell rings both men are out of the gate like wild men. Fists fly as they meet in the middle of the ring. Smith’s hardcore background serves him well as he peppers the Romanian with big rights and lefts. Aleksei seems to enjoy each one, smiling as he fights back his brawling background wins through as he beats Adam back to his corner.

The Jackal tucks his tail between his legs and hides between the ropes. Aleksei is still swinging as the ref pulls him back. Smith uses the distraction to thumb Koji in the eye.

Blinded Alek staggers back, Smith pounces with his patented running Yakuza Kick sending his opponent down to the mat. With a second to spare Adam checks his face for blood between stomps of his downed foe. Desperate to escape the barrage Aleksei rolls away, Adam stops him with a stomp to the chest then holds his foot there so he can scream abuse.

Adams: Adam Smith is really putting the badmouth on Aleksei, I wonder how much the Bucharest Brawler understands?

Simone: Enough, he grabs Smiths boot and rises to his feet. Jackal swipes at his captor but can’t reach him. Aleksei spins him around… clothesline!!!!

Adams: He turned him inside out!

The Aleksei fans in the audience blow their whistles and wave their glow sticks to pump him up and on to victory. After a pair of leaping elbow drops Aleksei scoops up his gasping opponent then tosses him away with a fallaway slam. Smith bounces across the ring like a stone on a pond. He lands near the ropes that he sues to pull himself to his feet.

He charges forward looking for a Running Shoulder Block, Aleksei steps into it… snap powerslam. Charged up by the crowd Aleksei hits the rope pumping his hands in the air, he criss-crosses the ring fully in the party zone. Alek gets impressive air on his big splash, only to meet Adam’s knees.

Simone: Both men are gasping like fish out of water. This match has been explosive so far, it’s clear both men need to win this and will do anything they can to do so.

Adams: Will Alek’s partying ways cost him this match as some have said it did with his debut against Johnny Brown. The fans may be on his side but they can’t help him in the ring.

The exchange of fists starts again, this time both men are on their knees mid-ring. Every punch rocks its recipient to the core as there is no way of rolling with it. Knowing better than to take that kind of abuse, the iron jawed Romani gets to his feet. Smith drives a head to his gut then follows up with a rising European uppercut then an enziguri.

Chomping at the bit the Jackal steps over his prone opponent, he drops his full weight onto Alek’s lower back. He slams a pair of crossface forearms then locks in his camel clutch. Alek grimaces as Smith cranks it back but doesn’t make any noise. The crowd does the cheer, stamp and blow their whistles. Smith screams for them to shut up, he drops Alek down to cover his ears. Koji starts to crawl away but is stopped when Adam drops down across his spine once again. The camel clutch is locked in once again drawing an even more voracious then before.

Simone: Smith is sat a bit too high there, he needs to move further down Aleksei back for the move to be really effective.

Adams: Too late Aleksei has got to his knees, this crowd has got him pumped!

Showing his amazing power Aleksei gets his feet under him and powers to his feet with Adam smith on his shoulders.

The ring shakes as the pair drop backwards. Koji rolls to his feet, hits the ropes and rebounds. His big splash finds the pool empty. Both men are sucking air big time. Jackal finds the wherewithal to rolls Alek up with a la magistral cradle.




It’s a scramble as both men get to their feet Adam grabs for a headlock takedown but simply gets tossed away like yesterdays garbage. He lands on his ass just in time to see a Romanian steamroller heading his way. With little other recourse he uses his head as a battering ram catching Aleksei in the gut, stopping him dead. A cross chop forces Aleksei upright in the perfect position for his to get ‘Stuffed & Mounted!’

Simone: Sideslam Backbreaker! Smith goes up top…

Adams: He’s taking too long to get there…A ‘Pounce of The Jackal’ splash misses by a country mile!

Simone: Aleksei with multiple knee strikes… every one finds their mark… he goes for a guillotine choke… gets it!

Adams: Jackal needs to get out of this fast! He’s looking for a way out… and finds one!

Luckily for him The Jackal gets his hands to his sides to break the scissor grip. Still not fully out of danger he throws Aleksei over his head landing a perfect Northern Lights Suplex.




Both men scramble to their feet, Alek swings with a wild punch… Adam ducks, Aleksei grabs a front facelock… suplex… Smith blocks it, reverses it into a front facelock.

Simone: Smith has got him locked… is this the ‘Jackal Effect’!!

Adams: Tremendous power there by Aleksei… he’s got him up! It’s time for….

Simone: Dire Wolf Drop!!!! He hooks the leg!




Adams: He did it, Aleksei pulled it off! The man from Bucharest pulled it off, beating a top flight competitor in Adam Smith.

Simone: It was close but Aleksei’s version of the over the shoulder belly to back Piledriver was enough to secure the win. Welcome to America Aleksei.

Justin: The winner of the match.... Aleksei Koji!!!

The camera comes into focus with Angelica and Veronica Taylor sitting down on a white leather couch. Both of them have their legs crossed daintily, but their lips are pursed as they sit there in silence. They stare at each other as if having a silent conversation. Just then, someone bursts through the doors, startling them and making their expressions show even more negative attitude.

”Stoner” Scott Oliver: Ladies! What’s up? Ha I’m standing here with the Mean Girls who requested an interview, and…

Angelica waves at her face as she stands up. Veronica stands up next and pinches her nose as they exchange a different stare.

Veronica: Oh my gawd, ew… You smell like that dreadful Amsterdam place we were forced to stay in for a week. Gross!

Angelica: Right? Ewww… We asked for an interview, but we thought they would send us one of those prostitutes, not… You…

Veronica and Angelica pull out bottles of body spray and begins spraying it in the direction of Stoner, and waving their hands in front of their faces. Once they are satisfied, they slide the bottles back into their purses as Stoner laughs.

Stoner: Aerosol rocks, you guys can keep going… No? So, the world wants to know… No, wait. I want to know, no that’s not right either. I don’t think anyone cares, really…

The Mean Girls ball up their fists, and Angelica puts her hand on her hip while waving the other in Stoner’s face.

Angelica: That is exactly my point you little Jersey stoner dipshit. No one here gives us the respect that we DESERVE! Such a travesty.

Veronica: Right? SUCH a travesty. We can’t help it if we are so pretty and popular, and we should not be held back because of it. You guys treat us like we have a disease, but it’s the rest of you that are infected with the worst disease ever. You are all infected with UGLY!

Angelica: Ugliness is a disease that is infecting 99 percent of the world’s population. Everyone thinks being ugly is normal, but the Mean Girls are starting a campaign. We haven’t figured out the name for it yet, maybe Paint the World Pink?

Veronica: Yeah, or Solving World Ugliness. See, since you don’t have a brain cell left, Stoner Stewie…

Stoner: Scott…

Veronica and Angelica share a look of confusion and annoyance, and then they both shrug their shoulders. Veronica puts her hand in Scott’s face.

Veronica: Whatever… Do not interrupt either one of us ever again, kay? As I was saying… You are like everyone else, stupid and clueless. What we are about is working on ridding the world of ugly by providing makeovers to the beauty-challenged people. In the process, maybe the SCW bosses will stop overlooking us because we are so beautiful and start giving us the spotlight like we deserve.

Angelica: We are soo sick and effing tired of getting looked over for stupid ho’s like Misty and Vixen and Kittie and Raynin, and we demand that we be taken serious! Just because we are so hot doesn’t mean that we can’t kick ass. And as an example of what we will do, we would like to welcome, Linda? Lydia? Something with an “L”…

The camera moves over to a tomboyish woman holding up the microphone just off to the side of the camera. She is wearing a backward SCW hat and a black tee shirt. She looks confused and shocked. She looks to the camera and then to Veronica and Angelica as they start to move toward her. She shakes her head negatively as Angelica moves in from behind, grabbing the woman in a Full Nelson hold. She begins screaming as she drops the microphone. Veronica rolls over a table full of make up products. As Veronica smirked at the young woman who was kicking, and screaming trying to break free of Angelica's grip, Veronica had a sick smirk on her face as she grabbed a tube of lip stick opening it up as she began applying the stick to the face of this woman not caring how it looked laughing as she kept doing it, making her look "fabulous" as Angelica yelled loudly.

Angelica: Already looking better, Veronica keep it up and maybe she will look halfway decent haha.

As Angelica kept taunting the woman, Veronica kept working her magic with the lip stick, drawing all over the face of the woman being held by Angelica as Veronica Taylor places the lip stick down on the table as she grabs the blush, and smirks as she grabs the brush for it and sticks it in the blush smirking, and laughing as she says in her normal arrogant tone.

Veronica : Aww see how much prettier you look now!

She then applies the blush to the face of the stage hand as she is laughing arrogantly, along with Angelica who was enjoying this torment of the woman, as Veronica places the blush down she finally grabs the eye shadow, and begins applying that to the face again after a few more seconds of the make up being applied she was done with it as she placed the eye shadow as she grab hair spray out of her purse, holding it behind her back now she says in an arrogant tone, as Angelica returns the same.

Veronica: Now are you ready for your touch up?!

Veronica then sprays the hair spray full blast into the eyes of the woman laughing arrogantly as she keeps up the spray for a few seconds, as Angelica lets go laughing as well at the damage, as Angelica says in a arrogant tone.

Angelica: Oh my god Veronica your work is impeccable! You could seriously be a stylist you know!

Veronica laughed arrogantly, as she replied to Angelica in an sarcastic arrogant tone.

Veronica: Well it helps to have such willing clients as this one, and she is just the first client of Mean Girls beauty services.

Angelica, and Veronica high five each other laughing as they walk off the set, enjoying the damage they have done as the scene fades to the mean girls logo.

Justin Decent: The following Bombshell contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Anaheim, California, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 125 pounds, she is… KRYSTAL DIAMOND!!!

The lights dim as "Only Prettier" blares throughout the arena. The music is loud as the fireworks explode from the stage in blues and greens as the fans boo. Krystal walks out and smirks as she shakes her hips down the ramp before sliding in the ring.

Justin Decent: Introducing her opponent, hailing from Queensland, Australia, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing in at 126 pounds, she is… ODETTE RYDER!!!

“Oooh whatcha gonna now? Whatcha gonna do when the rhythm comes kickin you?” as the spine tingling sounds of Dimestone Hood blares across the personal address system the SCW arena fills with darkness. The sound of cheers can be heard as the majority of the male fans start hooting and hollering as they await the arrival of one of their favourite bombshells to emerge from behind the thick black stage curtain. “Breath life a disease gonna get you, off of me” as the lights start to flicker bright shades of blue, the curtain starts to open and slowly Odette’s dainty figure is shown standing at the top of the ramp. Biting her bottom lip Odette surveys the crowded arena, whilst simply placing her hands down by her side. Starting her short journey down the cold steel ramp Odette’s skin is covered in goose bumps as the crowd is cheering in appreciation. Her black ripped jeans hug so tightly to her glittery skin as the lighting in the arena slowly starts to return back to normal. Sliding into the ring under the bottom rope the camera man can’t help but try to get a sneaky look down the front of Odette’s super tight top, noticing this Odette gives the camera a cheeky smirk. Jumping up to her feet she walks over towards the ropes, turning sharply just before reaching them, Odette hooks her arms around the top rope using the curves from her elbows. Pushing back on the ropes Odette’s piercing green eyes focus up towards the ramp as she awaits the arrival of her opponent as ‘Blood in my eyes’ fades from the PA system.



As soon as the bell rings, Odette dashes forward spearing Krystal to the ground. The two roll around on the ground, exchanging punches as the fans cheer for the immediate catfight. Krystal lands on top, and begins throwing punch after punch, grabbing onto Odette’s hair. She tries to bang her head against the mat, while trash talking her, but Odette rears her leg back for a kick to the back of Krystal’s head. Once Krystal is off, Odette leaps into the air with a standing moonsault that crashes down on top of Krystal. Krystal rolls around in pain as Odette poses for the fans.

Adams: And great form there from the newcomer Odette Ryder. Picture perfect.

Simone: Yes, a very excellent standing moonsault by the bombshell with everything to prove here.

Adams: I wasn’t talking about the moonsault, Belinda…

Odette leans down to pick Krystal up off of the mat, but Krystal claws at her eyes. As Odette stumbles backward, Krystal gets up, holding her ribs. She kicks Odette in the gut, and then takes her down with a snap suplex. She dusts off her hands and then sends the crowd into a roar of boos. She picks Odette up and flips her over with a snapmare, pressing her knee into Odette’s back, pulling her arms back. As Odette screams in pain, Krystal taunts her. She pushes Odette face first into the mat, and then she leans over the ropes to taunt a fan up front who is shouting at her. She points to her face, and then nods her head, but Odette comes up from behind and grabs her arms, falling back with a modified rolling backbreaker, much to the fan’s liking. She rolls Krystal off of her and drops down for the cover.



Simone: A very innovative maneuver there by Odette Ryder. There are so many qualities about her, and I see a lot of potential. Our Bombshell Champion, Misty, had better watch out for this one.

Adams: I couldn’t agree with you, Belinda. The fans are behind this one, and you can tell she is feeding off of it. We could be looking at a future Bombshell Champion right now.

Krystal kicks out, and the crowd “awww”s. Odette takes a few steps back. As Krystal gets up, Odette lands a chick kick that sends her back down to the mat hard. Odette hits a legdrop and then she runs over to the corner. She dashes up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off with a corkscrew moonsault that causes the audience to react in awe and surprise. Their reaction is deafening until Krystal rolls out of the way just in time. Both woman lay out on the mat as the referee leans down to check on them. He readies himself for the count until Krystal sits up. She pulls herself up against the ropes. She rests there for a moment before leaning off of them and dashing over to Odette. She comes crashing down with an elbow drop that misses it’s mark. Odette slowly stands up and leans against the ropes, but Krystal charges at her with a clothesline that sends Odette spinning. As Krystal turns around in celebration, Odette is still hanging onto the ropes. She spins herself back inside of the ring and does a handspring toward Krystal. As Krystal turns around, Odette smashes into her with a back elbow. As Krystal reels, holding her face, Odette spins back with a crescent kick that lays her out.

Simone: Another very impressive move by the newcomer. She might have ended this early.

Adams: Not just that, Belinda… I felt that one all the way over here! Didn’t you?

Odette takes a breath as the fans begin to support her. She leans down and picks up Krystal. She hits a swinging neckbreaker that causes Krystal to lay motionless on the mat. Odette leans down for a cover and the referee drops down for the count.




Adams: Oh! So close right there, but Krystal Diamond still has some fight in her. This one could still go either way.

Simone: Very true. Both women have a lot to prove here, as Krystal has been on a losing streak since she got here, and Odette is looking to make an impact. In my opinion, she already has.

Krystal barely kicks out and the audience boos. Krystal shakes the cobwebs out as Odette backs up and stalks Krystal. She measures her up, but Krystal surprises her with an eye rake. As Odette stumbles back, Krystal lands punch after punch to her foe, and then she tosses her against the ropes. She lifts Odette up and prepares to drop her, but Odette nails a hurricanrana that cancels it out. She dashes over to the ropes and the fans resound in cheers as she climbs to the top turnbuckle. She looks out across the audience and then down to Krystal laying prone on the mat. He stands up tall and then leaps off for the ODSpiral!

Simone: Did you see that amazing form with that serious impact? Oh don’t you even dare, Jason…

Adams: Focus, Belinda… I’m a married man anyway. That move shook the ring, and it’s over. Right there, it’s done.

Odette rolls around for a second before she crawls back over Krystal for the cover. The referee drops down for the count, pounding the mat.




Justin Decent: Your winner… ODETTE RYDER!!!

Adams: Odette Ryder has just secured her first victory in professional wrestling here in Sin City Wrestling. This girl is on the rise here.

Simone: Very true. I see big things in this Bombshell’s career.

Odette raises her hand up in victory. She looks extremely excited as she walks around the ring. Her music begins playing and she exits the ring, leaving the fallen Krystal laying in the ring.

The camera cuts to backstage where Pussy Willow is stationed at the New XTreme’s locker room.

Pussy: We have been hearing rumors all day about a big announcement concerning the New Xtreme’s…

As Pussy finishes her sentence, the door to the locker room opens up and we see Jordan “PS” Williams emerge from the locker room.

Pussy: Jordan, do you have any knowledge about the announcement in regards to the New Xtreme’s?

Jordan looks at Pussy Willow curiously, smirks, then says: Jesus Christ, you’re all over things around here aren’t you?

Pussy: Well, word gets around.

Jordan shakes his head and says: Well, yes I do. The announcement is me leaving the group.

Pussy: May I ask why? Is there dissension?

Jordan: No. I came back as a mentor and help out and I did just that. I helped Casey out; we won the Tag Team Titles and now that we lost them…it’s time to move on. I told Casey when the time comes for a rematch for the titles, he can pick his partner. I’m going in a different direction. I have some goals I want to accomplish here and I’m going to set out to do that. So yeah, this was an amicable split. No dissension, no hard feelings.

Pussy: So what are your goals?

Jordan jokingly says: To take over the world! Yeah no, I mean what do you think? To become the Heavyweight Champion. Everyone wants to know who can beat Nick Jones…you’re looking at the guy who can. So, I’ll work my way up if I have to, but know this, my journey to win the title starts now and it doesn’t matter who is champion when I get there…although, I hope it is you Jones, because I’d like to be the one who beats you for the title. Why? Because I’m too good for ya!

Backstage the pressure is incredible. Technicians rush around, wrestlers are oiling ou pumping up before their matches. Johnny ‘True Brit’ Brown is doing neither.

Typical of the quirky British chap he is, Johnny is making a display on a number of products on a folding table. The table is covered with a True Brit branded table cloth. He arranges the Pepsi cans neatly between the Guinness and the Pringles before turning to face the camera.

Johnny Brown: Evenin’ all… heard that phrase many a time but never said it… I sound like the filth don’t I, damn it there I go again confusing Casey the linguistic genius. Ta save ya looking on urban dictionary Case let me explain the filth is the Police. It’s a slang term that I don’t apologise fer using.

Yes I have an accent, a personality; you on the other hand have neither!

Ya see Case I’ve ‘eard yer little retort to me stimulating sermon, although ya pronunciation was better than mine, and your projected like a public speaker I didn’t really get yer point. Ya talk in circles big boy, are ya saying that winning gold means more to ya then yer family?

Dude, I’m not renowned fer me happy relationships with birds but asking some snatch ta marry ya then saying 10lbs of gold is more important is pretty stupid. With this in mind I prepared a poem fer ya, p’haps it’s more of a nursery rhyme.

Stop me if ya’ve heard it before. .

Fe fi fo fum,

Casey’s getting his arse kicked by an Englishman,

Casey’s alive….

If a lil’ brain dead!

I’ll snap his bones,

An’ kick in his head!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Nashau, New Hampsire and weighing in 370 pounds. The Freight Train of Pain....CASEY WILLIAMS!

“All aboard” screams out from the speakers as Casey Williams comes out. He has a great deal of focus in his eyes as the guitar riff for “Crazy Train” starts and he heads down the ramp. Midway down his journey the pyro’s go off but Casey does not pause for them. He climbs up into the ring, and gives out an angry yell. The crowd seems to be behind him.

Justin: And his opponent, hailing from GREAT Britain and weighing in at 240 pounds...”True Brit” Johnny Brown!

“Town Call Malice” starts to play and the lights start to pulse to the music. Johnny comes in with the chorus and the crowd is ready for him, yelling out their own chorus of boos. Johnny doesn’t seem to notice. He throws his arms up in triumph and starts to strut to the ring. He has a huge grin on his face and takes his time getting to the ring.

Simone: Johnny Brown is looking pretty pleased with himself as he comes to the ring.

Adams: Well who can blame him. He is coming off a huge victory in London where he showed everyone that he is a dominate force in the SCW.

Simone: He almost lost that match and Aleksei is a newcomer. I am not sure if he proved anything.

Adams: He proved that he could win which is more than I can say for Casey Williams.

Simone: Well Williams is a former champion which is more than I can say for your friend Johnny Brown.



Adams: Well lets just see who the better fighter is.

Both men are in a ready stance. Johnny seems to be sizing Casey up trying to figure out how best to attack the giant. Casey is not giving him much time to figure it out. He charges and sprears the Brit hard.

Simone: That was a bold first move from Casey Williams who seems very intent on getting a victory tonight.

Casey does not let up there, he is pounding at the smaller Johnny Brown and the crowd is eating it up. The ref makes him break it up and Casey takes a step back but looks ready to strike at any moment. Johhny Brown looks a little stunned and takes his time getting to his feet. Casey moves in with a big boot but Johnny ducks under it and runs for the far ropes. He bounces off them and crashes into Casey bringing the big man down.

Adams: There we go! You see that Johnny has no fear. He knows he can take Casey down.

Simone: It is going to take a lot more than that to KEEP him down.

Johnny is wailing on Casey now as the crowd boos him. He glances up and grins at the crowd. The brief distraction is enough for Casey to lift Johnny off him and roll away. True Brit is up quickly though and runs over to Casey punting him while he is still getting up. The bigger man is down now and Johnny bounds over him going for the nearest rope. He goes for a knee drop but Casey rolls over and clocks him with a left punch.

Simone: Johnny didn’t see that one coming.

Casey is up now as Johnny is still dazed. He lifts the bent over Brit and piledrives him into the canvas. Casey going for the quick cover.


Johnny Brown kicks out despite looking dazed. Casey Brown lifts him to his feet and sets him up for a brutal spinebuster. He goes for the pin again.


Somehow Johnny is able to get a foot on the rope and the ref stops the count. Casey yells out in anger punching the floor.

Simone: Casey really wanted the three count. You can see it in his face he is despetate for a victory.

Adams: Well too bad, I have money on this match.

Casey picks Johnny Brown up and looks ready to set him up for another big slap, but Johhny gets a knee up into Casey midsection causing him to drop the brit. Johnny Brown is going with that momentum striking Casey with a series of hard uppercuts, than hopping back into the nearby rope and swinging a discus punch into Casey skull. Casey staggers then falls back. Johnny throws his arms up and smiles at the crowd who is screaming at him and yelling boo.

Adams: Timber! The big man goes down.

Simone: How terribly original of you to say.

Johnny gives Casey a few kicks to the midsection than starts to help the man back to his feet. Once Casey is staggering up Johnny hits the ropes and returns to the bigger man leaping up with a brutal lariat the brings Casey down again. He now goes for the pin.

2 and ¾.....Casey digs deep and pushes Johnny off him.

Adams: Come on ref that should have been it.

Simone: But it wasn’t. Casey is not ready to throw in the towel, like I said he wants this victory badly. The fans don’t sound like they are ready for the match to be over either.

Both men getting to their feet but Johnny is up faster. He runs in to give Casey another boot but Casey grabs his foot and knocks him off his feet. Casey is up now and gives Johnny a kick of his own and it lifts the smaller man off the ground. Now Casey is grabbing him and pulling him up to his feet. He delivers a huge chop to Johnny Brown’s chest and another. Johhny staggers back but throws out a wild right hook that connects. Johnny tries to spin around with an elbow strike but Casey catches it. He gets his arm around him and delivers a gutwrench suplex. The crowd goes wild.

Simone: We had some blows back and forth but Casey has stolen the momentum with that move.

Adams: Come on Johnny, you won me good money last week, don’t fail me now.

Casey tries to pick Johnny up but he rolls out of the way. Casey goes for him again and this tip Johnny lets himself get pulled up. He then grins at Casey and headbuts him. Casey drops Johnny shaking his head in pain. Quickly Johnny punches Casey Williams in the gut than hits him with a hammerlock DDT. He has an even bigger smile on his face now. The fans yell at Casey to get up.

Adams: That Johnny boy has a hard head, I am sure Casey is seeing birdies at the moment.

Johnny is the one now pulling Casey up to his feet but Casey is not as stunned as he seems. He breaks Johnny hold and hits a headbutt of his own. Than grabs Johnny in a brutal bear hug.

Adams: What the hell is that crap?

Simone: It’s called a bear hug.

Adams: I know THAT, but where did that come from.

Simone: Guess Casey has a hard head too.

Casey still has Johnny in the hold and seems to be squeezing the life out of him. At first Johnny is fighting it and then all of a sudden he goes limp. The ref is lifting his arm to see if he is knocked out. The first time the hand drops limp but then all of a sudden Johnny fights with everything he has and breaks out of it.

Simone: I think Johnny was playing possum.

Johnny bounds back for the ropes but Casey screams out in anger charing his opponent. He crashes into him with a brutal closeline that sends both men over the ropes.

Adams: Awww man they both hit the outside hard. Did you hear that crack?

Simone: I think people in the locker room could hear that. I am not sure if either man is going to get up. The ref is starting his count

4....Both men start to stir.
6...Casey is starting to stagger up.
7....Now Johnny is starting to get up too.

Both men somehow climb into the ring but at the moment they are not doing much other movement.

Simone: After a fight this good...glad it didn’t end in a count out.

Adams: Yeah..but hey wait do I have to pay my bet if neither men win.

Both men are now trying to get up. They are using the ropes to help themselves up. Johnny Brown sees that Casey is nearby so as he is pulling himself up he shoots out his fist into Casey face. Casey glares at Johnny and with a surge of energy he stands and axehandle slams his fist into Johnny who crashes to the mat.

Adams: He him him like an angry gorilla!

Casey lifts Johnny up enough that his head is between the ropes and then he starts to choke him with the ropes using his big boot to keep him down. He has a crazy look in his eye and Johnny is struggling against the hold. The ref is yelling at Casey to break the hold but he won’t do it.

Simone: Someone get out there Johnny is turning red!

The ref calls for the bell.

Adams: Crap.

Simone: The ref just gave this match to Johnny Brown via disqualification, but I am more concerned that somebody gets Casey off him.

When he hears the bell Casey turns around and screams at the ref. Johnny gets off the ropes and starts to crawl away. Casey sees this and stalks over to his opponent. He grabs Johnny screaming at him and then lifting him up for a powerbomb.

Simone: Someone needs to get Casey under control.

Adams: Don’t tell Casey I bet against him, ok?

Officials start to come in when it looks like Casey is about to slam Johnny again. One official tries to grab him and Casey turns around punching him with a brutal punch. It appears the official is knocked out. Casey then pushes past the others and gets out of the ring.

Simone: I have never seen Casey Williams like that.

Adams: Something has snapped inside of him. I would not like to be anyone in his way tonight.

Backstage, Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen with Angelica rubbing his shoulders. The two converse...

HS: This has been a weird week.

Angelica: You spent most of it in hospital drugged up.

HS: Yeah, but you know, it's weird as hell, weird to the point of getting dug out by the former bombshell champion.

Angelica rolls her eyes.

Angelica: Oh her.

HS: Yeah, you know, I don't get it. I think I'm getting blamed for someone lack of focus here. Like I cost them the bombshell title

Angelica: Excuses babe, just excuses.

HS: Last I remember, I was getting whooped down the ramp by Kain, that happened to be in the ring when she did. Not like I superkicked her or anything. Thinks I got a vendetta against her, just bad timing that she's in the ring.

Angelica: She should be glad you're anywhere near a ring with her

HS: Right. It might have been the pain pills but did she say something about me having a grudge about her breaking Matt's heart?

Angelica: Yes

HS: Like I give a damn about Matt, karma kicked his arse. With all this conspiracy bollocks, I keep expecting a little invisible dude called Jimmy to turn up. I don't have a vendetta with anyone, even if they constantly wait till the very last second to send in promos, I let it slide more than Christian does, even if I have to wait for five minutes for the actual promo to start, I don't hate. I don't even hate the fact a lot of that promo that bashed me, which I should take personally I guess, was a video from London Brawling. Simple fact is Raynin is one of our highest paid superstars and bitching at me isn't gonna help. Simple facts are I had nothing to do with that match and instead of aiming that anger at me, she should be focusing on getting that title back. I actually had faith in her enough to get her right back in the hunt for that title.

Angelica: Maybe she hates you're signing new competition.

HS: Competition is what makes us better people. If she's as good as she says she is, she should be able to blow that competition away. I have no interest in the matter. Making it all public without coming to me first for answers, just unprofessional. I actually reply to people when they have issues you know.

Angelica: So I presume you're gonna go out and meet Kain in the ring next week.

HS: Yeah, the guy beat some respect in to me, so I should go meet him.

Angelica: Is that really a good idea? I mean the guy is unstable.

HS: Yep, is a great idea. Don't worry, I got this. He wants to bang on about the "war" and all the rest of it, talk about unfinished business, but to me, it's done, I won, he lost, someone needs to go and tell him that it's done. I'm a good guy here, I'll shake his hand, give him the respect he deserves, but he will leave there knowing I already won this war

Angelica looks unsure as the scene fades.

Backstage at the Moana Stadium we are taken backstage inside of a locker room. We can see Blaque Hart Bruce Evans sitting on a couch in front of a table directly across from Chase Coxx, his bodyguard sitting on the other couch. Blaque is wearing blue jeans, black boots, a black S.C.W. shirt with S.C.W. crossed out in red, and his hair tied back in a ponytail. Chase is wearing black jeans and black boots with a BLAQUE HART "BLAME AMERICA" shirt and his hair in gel like a typical Jersey native. As the camera zooms in on the two men we pick up their conversation

BHBE: So if we're going to do this, we have to make sure it's done right. We absolutely have to gather as many members as we possibly can to make this thing a success..

Chase: You're right, but I'm sure with your history, and your legendary status no one should have a problem coming on board with this. We just have to make sure we make them see what's really going on in this company...

Bruce grins and rubs his hands together

BHBE: Chase, Chase, Chase. My man you are just like me. You're a freakin' genius. I'm glad I thought this up, and in no time baby, this company is going to hit the floor quicker than an order from McDonalds thats been placed back on the tray...

The two laugh with each other for a brief moment. Bruce and Chase then turn their attention to the tv set across the room as it's showing the world title match from London Brawling featuring SCW champion Nick Jones

BHBE: Ya know, you got to respect that Nick. I mean this guy came from nothing to being the face of this company. The World Champion. Doesn't matter how he did it, you know me. I get titles any way possible. And he's doing the same thing. My problem with him is that he's the reason I took time off. After he defeated me to retain that title a few screws got loose in my head. I'm back, and damn I would say better than ever. Hey Nick if you're listening I want you to know there's no hard feelings. You're the champ man, you did what you had to do to hold on to that title....

Bruce smirks at Chase

BHBE: But know this, I'm back Nick. I took that time off to get my mind right. To get things back in order. I went home and brought my best friend in the world back as my bodyguard. I worked my ass off in that gym all day everyday, and dammit I feel good! I am in the best shape of my life and soon.... real soon.... we will meet again my friend. This time, things are going to be different though. This time it will be me with my hands raised, and that WORLD TITLE hanging high for all my troops to see...

Bruce grabs the remote and turns the tv off. He and Chase converse amongst themselves as to not have the cameras know what they're talking about. Bruce points over to a corner which has cardboard signs in it and Chase gets up to go get them. The signs are markered with anti- SCW language. Bruce chuckles for a minute before getting back to being serious

BHBE: You see Sin City Wrestling. What we have here, what we have here my friends is an old fashioned boycott.... Until I get things my way. The way they should have been from day damn one when I stepped in this company. I am absolutely refusing to do anything! I will not wrestle! I will do no more interviews! I will not affiliate myself with this piece of shit until I am treated like the damn legend that I am. So this one is for the boys in the office, get shit right, or before you know it I will have this company on it's ass! Got it? Get it? Good! Lets go Chase!!!

Bruce stands up from the couch and walks over to Chase and takes a few of the signs. As the camera zooms in before the two men exit the room you can see some of the things written on the signs such as : "SCW screwed Bruce", "SCW fears talent", "SCW is anti-canadian" and more. The scene fades with Blaque Hart and Chase walking down the halls of the stadium to take their seats in the crowd and watch the show

Simone: For the first time in his career here at SCW, Matthew “Primetime” Kennedy will put his Roulette championship on the line against his foe, Bobby “The Convict” Cage!

Adams: To make matters worse for the champ, he must defeat his opponent in a match chosen by the Roulette board; THE STEEL CAGE!

Simone: Matthew has a lot to prove if he wishes to stay on top in that division. If he doesn’t get the job done tonight, Bobby will take over the reins as the new champion!

Adams: This is not going to be an easy fight for the both of them, but whatever happens, both of their efforts will be rewarded with nothing but applause from the crowd, whether you love or hate them!

Decent: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is a Steel Cage match! The first man to either pin or submit their opponent or to climb out of the cage or exit the cage door and lands on their feet is determined not only the winner, but the SCW Roulette champion as well!

The crowd responds with a thunderous roar that shakes the entire arena as the cage slowly falls into place. Shortly after, it slams heavily on the ground, as a couple of referees on the outside are standing by, making sure the door is locked and secured, while a referee standing in the ring will oversee the fight. He’s standing nearby Justin Decent, who continues on with his announcements for the main event!

Decent: Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing at 231 pounds....BOBBY “THE CONVICT” CAGE!!!!!!!!

The venue goes dark as 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones begins to play. Smoke starts to billow from the entrance ramp and at the end of the opening guitar solo Cage emerges from the back cracking his knuckles and throwing warm-up punches. He jogs to the ring still throwing practice punches and then climbs up to the second rope turnbuckle and throws back his arms posing a moment for the crowd before hopping down and waiting for the match to start.

Adams: Looks like he is confident tonight, Simone! He is motioning a belt around his waist a lot, talking trash as he is pacing back and forth inside the ring. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that it’s a steel cage match!

Simone: I don’t think that’s true, Adams! I think he’s worried about damage to his body. Who wouldn’t be? But to be fair, he knows that the cage is a weapon that can be used to his advantage. But the champion also has a chance in this as well with that fact in mind. Bobby is growling like a grizzly bear, anticipating the match and hoping to receive the right outcome as the new SCW Roulette champion!

Decent: Introducing his opponent! From London, England, weighing at 220 pounds, he is the NEW SCW Roulette champion....MATTHEW “PRIMETIME” KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!

The arena lights go dark as a British voice is heard saying "You Are About To Be Cancelled", as the last word is said the into to "Cult Of Personality" hits the arena speakers and Matthew struts down to the ring, once he reaches the ringside area he removes his glasses and orders a ringside attendant to remove his jacket only to berate him for the slightest mistake before entering the ring, once in the ring he bounces of the ropes as he takes a quick look at his surroundings, then kisses his championship belt and hands it off to the referee, who raises it in the air, showing it to the world as Matthew stares down Bobby with disdain.

Simone: Matthew sounded really strong with his promo against his opponent this week and looks to capitalize on his win from last week!

Adams: Of course he does! He needs to show the world that he is either a man of his word or a true coward at heart who will do anything to keep his belt around his waist for a long time! Bobby won’t let him go that easy, though!



Matthew and Bobby circle around the ring, measuring each other up. Then they lock-up in the middle of the ring, with Matthew quickly gaining a headlock, Bobby struggling to get out. He does so as he throws Matthew to the ropes, who bounces back and knocks him to the ground. Bobby and Matthew trade a quick look at each other before Matthew hits the ropes, Bobby rolling onto his chest and holding his position as Matthew hops over him. Then Bobby stands up, Matthew returning to him, and he lands a great hip toss. Bobby tries to pick him up by the head, but Matthew kicks him in the head with his right foot, Bobby staggering backward. The champ kips up to his feet and the two once again circle around each other briefly.

Adams: Nice counters going back and forth between champion and challenger! I’m liking what I’m seeing!

Simone: So am I, Adams, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last between the two foes!

Matthew goes on the assault and hits a dropkick, hitting Bobby in the face, taking him down. Then Matthew turns around, hops over the ropes, and starts climbing for the cage! But Bobby recovers shortly after the attack, hops over the ropes, and lands on the steel cage like he is Spiderman, throwing his arms and hands around Matthew’s waist. Matthew tries to elbow him in the face three times, but Bobby moves his face away before he takes Matthew off the steel cage and brutally suplexes him in the mat, forehead first! The camera catches a close view of the champ’s head, now pouring with blood! Bobby takes advantage of Matthew’s temporary dizziness and locks in a figure-four leglock! The champion is now screaming in pain, the referee yelling at him if he wishes to give up.

Simone: Matthew is shouting at the referee, telling him that he refuses to give up. Bobby yells at him, tells him to give it up before he puts up more pressure in the submission hold!

Adams: That’s exactly what Bobby does, Simone! He reeling it in, watching with glee as Matthew suffers in agony!

Matthew grits his teeth as he pulls over to the ropes and finally saves himself with the bottom rope. The referee yells at Bobby to let go, which he does. He picks up the champion and hits him three times with punches into his stomach, but Matthew strikes back with a quick kick to Bobby’s left knee, making him fall to one knee, then Matthew grabs his foe’s head with both hands and strikes him hard with a vicious knee to his face. Blood strikes out of Bobby’s nose! Matthew gets on top of his helpless foe and punches him with lefts and rights. Bobby tries to block them, but most of them fall through. Matthew then hoists Bobby in the air and nails him with a suplex!

Adams: Matthew is finally getting back into his rhythm, giving Bobby a painful beating in the process! Not good for the challenger!

Simone: The challenger is getting pinned by Matthew, but he breaks it up in the last second!

Matthew yells at the referee to count faster, then dismisses him and rises to his full height, bringing Bobby with him. Getting him in another headlock, he gets away with three punches into Bobby’s head, but Bobby counters with a back suplex! Both men are on the ground, but it doesn’t last long as Bobby rises to his feet and kicks down Matthew for a little bit. Then he brings him to his feet and gets him towards the steel and rubs his face in it! Matthew screams in pain as more blood continues to gush out of his forehead. Bobby then trips him with a Russian Leg Sweep! While Matthew is groaning around the mat in pain, Bobby slowly climbs the cage and eventually makes it to the top. He turns around, poses for the fans, and goes for a flying frog splash! But Matthew regains his wind and rolls out of the way in mind, watching with glee as Bobby falls to the mat, chest-first. Bobby growls in rage as the pain inside his chest rises intensely!

Simone: That was a big mistake! Bobby should have taken the chance and gained the championship right then and there, not act like the stupid fool he was and try to hurt Matthew even more!

Adams: For once, I agree with you, Simone! If I was in his position, I would have made sure to climb down the cage and made sure my feet touched to win that belt! Why didn’t he do it? Now this gives Matthew a chance to turn the tables on Bobby!

Matthew rises up and sees an opportunity to cause insult to injury. He watches Bobby slowly get up on his feet, using the ropes as leverage. Matthew quickly points at the entrance ramp, the referee gets distracted and looks at it for a second. That gives him the time to kneel and cause Bobby a low-blow! Bobby clutches his jewels, hating Matthew for that dirty trick as he goes for a DDT, nailing him to the mat, face-first! Matthew talks trash to Bobby as the fans boo him out of the building. He turns to them, yells at them to shut the hell up, then laughs as he starts to climb the cage. He makes his way to the top and climbs over slowly as Bobby gets up and yells at him to come back, then follows pursuit!

Adams: Matthew’s trying to leave the cage, Bobby trying to make sure he doesn’t get out! This could be the game-changer for the entire brawl, Simone!

Simone: Not if Matthew is quick on his feet and lands on the ground safely before Bobby is able to catch up to him. Bobby is so determined to not lose him that he quickly gets a hold of Matthew’s foot! What unbelieveable speed, despite how injured and sore he is right now!

Matthew tries to kick Bobby in the face, but Bobby refuses to let go. He reaches the same height as Matthew and nails him with hard, right punches that leaves Matthew dizzy! He then circles one arm around Matthew’s neck and pulls him over the cage, then he grabs a hold of his tights and goes for a suplex! The damage is DEVASTATING! Both men crash to the mat hard, as the audience roars with approval, chanting “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

Simone: Only in the SCW do you ever see stuff like that happens! Complete insanity and the entire arena is on its feet!

Adams: Bobby is not willing to let this opportunity go by any means and he proves that just now! What a match!

Both men are down and out for the count, unable to move. Both men are bloodied and battered, the referee motioning a count-out. But by the count of six, Matthew and Bobby are on their knees, struggling to get up as they use the ropes to pull themselves back up. But Bobby turns around and completely surprises Matthew with a Lou Thez press, taking the fight to him with quick, stiff rights into Matthew’s face, the crowd either booing or cheering for The Convict. He poses for the fans and yells for the end! He raises the champion to his champion, nails him with a slew of punches, then ends the brutal assault with a DDT! Bobby goes for the pin, hooking the leg as the referee counts it in...

But Matthew kicks out at the last second!

Simone: Looks like it’s gonna take a little more than his finisher to keep the champion down for good! Bobby needs to keep the pressure up on Matthew or he may not be able to acquire the Roulette championship for his own!

Adams: Wait a second! Is that who I think it is? If so, what the hell is doing here??

Casey Williams steps out of the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, surveying the carnage before him. The referee and Bobby look at his direction, unsure of what the hell is going on. He screams at Casey, telling him to get the hell out of here! Matthew slowly gets to his feet and takes something out of his tights and equips it on his right knuckles. The camera reveals that it is a set of brass knuckles. The referee also yells at Casey to go backstage as Bobby turns around and doesn’t see the vicious brass knuckles that connect deep and harsh into his face! Blood pours out of his mouth as Bobby collapses onto the floor, unmoving as Matthew Kennedy tosses the brass knuckles away and walks over to the door. He yells at the referee outside to open the door, which he does and Matthew slowly gets out of the cage and hits the mat hard, grinning happily as the fans boo him out of the building!

Decent: Here is your winner and STILL the SCW Roulette Champion...MATTHEW “PRIMETIME” KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adams: What a dirty trick that turned out to be! Matthew used the referee’s distraction to his advantage and blasted the challenger with those brass knuckles. Now look at him, he’s celebrating with this championship, acting like he put in a lot of hard work into his first title defense!

Simone: But you saw the whole match! Matthew went through hell and escaped to live with the belt around his waist! You may not appreciate his methods, but it certainly got the job done for him! But we see that Casey has a microphone in hand! What does he want?

After the bell rings and Matthew Kennedy is declared the winner, Casey decides to speak, but waits until Belinda and Jason finish talking about Matthew’s victory over Bobby “The Convict” Cage.

Casey: I told you that I was issuing a challenge to the winner of the Roulette Championship match. Here I am to actually issue you the challenge Matthew, where you were victorious in retaining the championship.”

Matthew just stares at Casey, unsure of whether he does want to accept the challenge or not. Casey Williams drops the microphone and charges the ring. Matthew Kennedy looks at Casey with the look of shock and charges Casey, who hits Matthew with a big boot. Then Casey explodes, hitting Matthew with a dozen gut wrench suplexes, and while Casey waits for Matthew to arise, he gives a primal scream. Casey has an intense look in his eyes, and Matthew finally gets up, and Casey hits Matthew with the Lost Crucifix. Then Matthew gets up, he is greeted with the Kiss of Death. Following the Kiss of Death, Casey walks over to the Roulette Championship title, and raises it over his head, signaling he will become the next Roulette Champion. He then drops the title next to Matthews’ fallen carcass and applies an ankle lock onto Matthew, causing Matthew to scream in pain. Casey then throws Matthew’s ankle to the mat, and heads back to where he dropped the microphone, and picks it up.

Casey: “I expect an answer from you by next week’s Climax Control, you smug son of a bitch! I hope you don’t get too comfortable with that title, because it will be coming home with me in the not too distant future.”

Simone: What a crazy episode of Climax Control

Adams: People have been kicking each others arses all night, and Casey Williams seemed to have snapped

Simone: Must be something in the air tonight Jason. Everyone is showing a new mean streak

Adams: People are stepping up ther game to be noticed

Simone: Well that's all we have time for tonight on Climax Control, we will see you all next week!

Adams: G'night all!

The camera fades out to the face of a very intense looking Casey Williams

THANK YOU! To Chris, Erik, Mark, Mete, Aleksei, Marcus, Matthew Kennedy, Mike, Casey, Maggie, Vixen, Blaque Hart, mystery man and to all our SCW roleplayers that keep the staff motivated.