Climax Control

The Wellblechpalast in Berlin, Germany is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, holding up signs for their favorite SCW superstars and Bombshells;

"Brandi can drink me under the table!"

"Tommy Staggs = Carrying on a legacy!"

"This is the only way Rage will go all the way!"

"True Brit Is Da Sh...!"

"Kickin' it Old Skool!"

"Was Bobby Cage in OZ?"

The cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions.


Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands up with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Berlin, Germany, and welcome to the final Climax Control before London Brawling!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans cheer as Amanda prances out dressed as a German serving wench with a little extra padding for a whole lotta extra pounds perceived. The sounds of polka music plays across the sound system, and with beer and tray in hand, Amanda starts her performance.

Amanda: Here's a silly ditty,
You can sing it right away
Now, here is what you say
So sing it while you may

Here's a silly jingle,
You can sing it night or noon
Here's the words, that's all you need
'Cause I just sang the tune:

Oh, I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her, you can have her,
She's too fat for me
She's too fat
She's too fat
She's too fat for me

I get dizzy
I get numbo
When I'm dancing
With my Jum-Jum-Jumbo

I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat
She's too fat
She's too fat for me

Can she prance up a hill?
No, no, no, no, no
Can she dance a quadrille?
No, no, no, no, no
Does she fit in your coupe?
By herself she's a group
Could she possibly
Sit upon your knee?
No, no, no

We don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
And she's too fat for me
But she's just right for me
We don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
Yeah, she's too fat,
Much too fat
But she's just right for me

She's so charming
And she's so winning
But it's alarming
When she goes in swimming

We don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
But she's just right for me
So I sure want her, you can't have her
She's just right for me
But she's too fat!
She's not too fat!
She's just right for me!

She's a twosome,
She's a foursome
If she'd lose some
I would like her more some

I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
She's too fat for me
I don't want her you can have her
She's too fat for me
She's too fat
Much too fat
She's too fat for me

The music ends and the German fans applaud as Amanda prances about the stage, waving and blowing kisses. Then the laughs begin as a similarly dressed Cookie S'Mores walks out and Amanda turns around, and Cookie belly bumps her, sending her flying across the stage. Cookie then takes the beer off of her own tray and lifts it in a toast to the fans before drinking it down while walking off stage.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Berlin, Germany, where we are live for Climax Control! I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams, tonight will shape the future of SCW

Simone: That's right J, we are just two weeks away from London Brawling

Adams: It is set to be our biggest supercard in SCW history

Simone: Tonight, Rage take on Bobby "The Convict" Cage and Johnny Brown will take on Goth, the winner of these two matches will face each other tonight with the winner going on to face Nick Jones for the heavyweight title at London Brawling

Adams: We also have two debuts tonight, as Tommy Staggs debuts against Old Skool and Krystal Diamond takes on Brandi Shotze

Simone: And tonight's main event is nothing to be sneezed at as we have the battle of the champions

Adams: That's correct as SCW Roulette Champion Bo Dreamwolf and SCW Heavyweight Champion Nick Jones to take on The SCW Tag Team Champions, Jordan Williams and Casey Williams

Simone: This is gonna be one hell of a good night

Adams: Right so what we waiting, what we waiting, what we waiting foooorrrrr?

Taped earlier today.

Everyone stood outside the Wellblechpalast turns to look The second they hear the blaring sirens. The fans are blocking the road as they make their way to Climax Control. Another blast of sirens and lights and they let the green and white Polizei van through.

Security let the barrier up, allowing the van into the restricted area. Rocky Mountains calls her film crew to gather around as she follows the guards to the vans side door. The guards open the door to reveal the passenger, or should that be prisoner.

JB: Alright Melons!

True Brit Johnny Brown is sat handcuffed in the back. He holds his cuffs up for the guard to see.

JB: C’mon ya mug I aint got all day. That’s rights take them off, now get out of me way. Big T*ts ain’t here ta talk to you Krauts.

RM:Johnny we didn’t think you were going to make it! SCW laywers have been tying to get you release since your arrest during you controversial promotional video earlier in the week. How did you get free?

JB: Rocky don’t worry your brain… cell about how I got out. Just worry about my opponent’s health when I step into that ring. Goth seems to doubt my credentials, while Rage and Cage well they flat out don’t like me. #RageIs7DSBitch. But when it’s all said an’ done only one of us with have earned that coveted SCW title shot, an’ that’ll be me Johnny Brown.

RM: You sound confident for a man with the least amount of experience in SCW-

JB: Who lit the fuse on your tampon? Are ya trying to rile me up Juggs? Now ya sound like everyone else, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound? YES of course it does, so if I wrestled in a different company and none of the SCW Superstars have seen me does it count? YES.

Now keep my friends company, they are going to escort me to my flight immediately after me match, seems I have to leave the country once I claim my title shot… oh and Rocky I'd like to leave you with one thought… but I'm not sure you have anywhere to put it!

Justin: The following contest is the first semi final to become the number one contender to the heavyweight title. Introducing first, from Utrect, The Netherlands, weighting two hundred and thirty nine pounds, he is.... GOTH!

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and waits for his opponent in the ring

The low intro to Town Called Malice plays across the arena. At the top of the ramp the lights flashing to the beat show a figure at the top of the ramp.

As the chorus kicks in Johnny Brown turns flicks his arms out to herald his arrival. He struts to the ring ignoring the crowd nodding his head to his own theme. Behind him his Bruvver from another Mother, the ‘Gentleman’ Stu Smith; applauds Johnny whilst scowling at the fans.

Justin: On his way to the ring... weighing in at 240lbs and hailing from GREAT Britain.. He is the True Brit... Joooohhnnnyyy Brooooooown.

Johnny stops his march to listen to his introduction raising his hands high, beckoning to no-one in-particular that he is here. He springs lithely to the apron, wipes his boots then steps between the ropes. His bomber jacket is quickly unzipped and tossed to the Stu. He's ready.


As the bell rings, Goth jumps in and instantly grabs Johnny Brown in a headlock. Brown fights his way to the ropes, but Goth spins him around, pulling him away from the ropes. Johnny uses his strength and lifts Goth off his feet, slamming him over his shoulder with a back suplex. Goth releases the headlock and Johnny quickly gets to his feet, looking down on the painted Goth. Goth rolls over and gets to his knees and Brown steps back. Brown charges in and plants a kick, right to Goth's head

Adams: Cupid Stunt!

Simone: What did you just say?!?!

Adams: Cupid Stunt, it's what good ol' JB calls it

Goth rolls over and Brown immediately goes for the cover

Simone: Brown trying to end this one early


Goth kicks out

Adams: Goth not getting defeated this soon

Brown looks at referee, Drew Patton and pulls Goth to his feet, connecting hard with a European uppercut. Goth stumbles backwards, spinning him back from Johnny Brown, but Brown grabs his head and pulls him back to the center of the ring. Brown hooks up Goth's head and lifts him over with a Dynamite snap suplex

Adams: Brown paying tribute to the great British wrestler, The Dynamite Kid

Goth holds the base of his spin and Brown stands up, planting boots to Goth's chest. Brown puts his foot on Goth's face and pulls it away, scraping the sole of his boot across Goth's painted face. Brown pulls Goth to his feet and whips him hard in to the corner, Goth's back bouncing off with the impact. Brown charges in and spins in the air, crashing hard in to Goth and spinning around with a discus punch combo.

Adams: North Circular!

Goth stumbles out of the corner and Brown grabs him by the head, running his face along the top rope. Brown takes Goth by the wrist and throws him against the ropes, as Goth bounces back, Johnny ducks his head attempting a backbody drop but Goth hooks up Johnny's arms and drops him down with a double arm DDT! Crashing Brown's head to the ground! Goth gets up, his evil eyes peering around the crowd as he stands beside Brown and drops down with a fist drop. Goth hooks the leg as he goes for the pin


Brown kicks out!

Simone: Goth nearly put this one to bed

Goth grabs Brown to his feet, slamming a hard shot to his jaw and dropping him backwards with a Russian legsweep. Goth smiles a twisted smile as he leans over Johnny and starts to pound heavy punches to his opponents head, right after right crashing down. Johnny covers up and spins around, kicking Goth from him and tries to get to his feet as quickly as possible but as he does, Goth takes him down with a huge clothesline, Johnny bounds back to his feet but again, Goth crashes through Brown with another huge clothesline, forcing Johnny's head to bounce off the canvas. Johnny rolls on to his stomach and Goth drops a big elbow to the back of Brown's head. Goth gets quickly to his feet as the fans boo loudly at the AWA owners actions. Goth pulls Brown back to his feet and whips him in to the ropes. As Brown flies backwards, Goth picks up Brown up and nails him with a spinning spinebuster. Goth rolls over Johnny and hooks a leg.


Brown kicks out again!

Simone: Goth focused on this match

Goth looks frustrated as he pulls Johnny to his feet once more and nails Brown with a knife edge chop across the chest. Johnny stumbles away from Goth, but Goth spins him back to face him. As he does, Johnny hooks his arms around Goth's waist and throws him over his shoulder, sending him crashing to the canvas.

Adams: What a turn around!

Johnny, looking refreshed, picks Goth to his feet and lifts him up like a suplex and drops him on the top rope, folding Goth over the rope. Johnny Brown grabs Goth by the head and pulls him off the top rope with the "British" bulldog.

Simone: British Bulldog

Adams: Where? Where?

As Belinda rolls her eyes, Johnny Brown measures Goth up and runs, nailing him with a knee drop across the head, forcing Goth to sit up and spring to his feet. As he does, Brown spears him to the mat!

Adams: Brit knee and spear! Oh, if only he was smart, he coulda called that move the Brit-Knee Spears! Get it?

Simone: Sadly, yes

Goth rolls to the ropes and Johnny grabs his ankles. As Goth grabs the middle rope, Johnny pulls Goth's ankles, sending him crashing face first to the canvas. Johnny walks over and stands over Goth as he rolls over and tries to pull him to his feet but Goth pulls Johnny down and catches him with a thumb to the eye! Brown stumbles backward, partially blinded. Goth quickly gets to his feet and moves towards Johnny. Johnny throws two strong random punches, his state of blindness forces him to miss both shots. Goth kicks Johnny in the gut and nails him with the Goth Drop! Goth goes for the cover

Adams: This could be it!


Johnny Brown gets a shoulder up!

Simone: Oh my.... I thought this one was done!

Adams: Me too, I even had a fork to stick in him!

Goth waits on his feet, waiting for Johnny to get to his feet. As he does, Goth hooks Johnny's head up and lifts him, drilling him with the Chaos ADDT! Goth goes for the cover.


Justin: The winner of the match, and advancing to the finals.... Goth

Adams: Goth beats the True Brit!

Simone: Goth was considered a favourite at the start of the tournament and now he's showing why!

The dark room is lit only by a candle that illuminates a package sitting on the table. Suddenly, a door slowly opens and two female voices can be heard whispering to each other. The light from the hallway pours in, showing it off as a private locker room. As the fluorescent lights flicker on, Misty and Electra Blaze are seen walking in, closing the door behind themselves. They chuckle softly until Electra notices the package on the table. She points over to it so that Misty looks also.

Electra: Look, Misty… A package from… “Your Adoring Fans”… What fans do you have anymore, girl?

She knocks it off, onto the ground, and the camera tumbles down with it. This camera scrambles out into a static when we switch to another overhead view. Misty walks over to the table, and notices a vase with several long stem black roses, and she picks one up and sniffs it, taking in its beautiful scent.

Misty: More like that adoring jackass ex of mine. This is really getting to be pathetic, you know? Every venue we tour, I find a dozen of these sitting in my locker room, or outside of my hotel room.

Electra: Maybe you just have something that keeps them coming back for more?

Misty twirls the rose around in her hand before dropping it to the ground. She stomps on it, smashing apart the pedals into mush. She picks up the vase with the remaining roses and she smashes it against the wall. Electra lets out an excited “WOOO!” as they sit down on the couch. The camera view switches once more to a remote view directly in front of them, through the eye of a stuffed teddy bear sitting on the coffee table in front of them.

Misty: Too bad he didn’t try spoiling me like this before, then maybe I wouldn’t have left his sad ass clutching his sack at the altar…

Misty picks up a chilled bottle of water from a nearby bucket and she takes a sip from it. Just then, she notices a medium sized box sitting underneath the coffee table. She gently picks it up and places it on top of the table, eying it suspiciously. She puts her finger to her chin, tapping curiously until Electra sighs and stands up, pulling a lighter out from her pocket. She then kicks the box across the room like a football as it goes into a blaze.

Misty: Hey, that might have been something good. I’m not above taking things from that loser, you know?

Misty holds her breath for a second, getting a funny look on her face. She shakes it off and then takes a drink from her water bottle. She sits on the arm of the couch, her face even more pale than usual. She shakes her head from side to side.

Misty: I think I am coming down with something... I need to…

Misty knocks over the bucket of chilled waters and runs into the bathroom. The sound is reminiscent of a frat boy after a regular Tuesday night. Electra looks down at the bucket, and the camera view switches back to overhead. She squints as she looks at the bottom of the bucket and all amusement drains from her face. The camera moves and a soft chuckling can be heard in the background. The phrase “DICK’D” is inscribed into the bottom of the bucket and she carries it toward the bathroom with her, knocking on the door.

Electra: Oh Misty, looks like you figured the wrong Staggs for this job. There was a message underneath the ice bucket for you, and it was a one word apostrophe D kind of message.

Misty comes out of the bathroom, holding a plush penis doll in her hand and a scowl spread across her face. She nods her head, until that second sip hits her and she dashes back into the bathroom. Electra shakes her head, noticing another medium sized box sitting on the ground outside of the bathroom. She picks it up and tears the neat red bow from the black wrapping, and opens the top of the box. Inside, she pulls out a black haired doll from it. She drops the box and the camera view switches from the dolls eyes to see Electra admiring it, then it switches to their side, picking up on the doll, and it’s unmistakable likeness to Misty, down to the make up and white wedding dress. The little doll is even wearing a mini championship belt over her shoulder. Electra sets it down on the chair and then a smile spreads across her face once more. As Misty comes out of the bathroom again, she looks down at the doll and her face almost flushes.

Misty: That’s fucking creepy… The eyes are following me.

Just as she said, the eyeballs move around, following Misty’s every action. She notices another couple of boxes, all wrapped the same, and very well hidden. She grits her teeth and looks into the eyes of the doll.

Misty: Get a life, you pathetic, moronic, lazy piece of shit, Jamie! Nobody likes you, or your screwed up little family…

A gasping sound can be heard from off camera followed by a light sort of chuckle. Misty looks down and sees a string that says “Pull Me”. Against her better judgment she does, and a creepy sound of children laughing seems to echo throughout the entire room. Just then, Jamie bursts through the doors, laughing.

Jamie: You just got…

Before he can finish, every box in the room lets off a small explosion, as well as the doll right in front of Misty. She jumps back in shock as the smoke and fire slowly rise in the room. Jamie’s jaw drops and he slowly starts to back out of the room.

Jamie: That… that wasn’t me, I just made you puke…!

He shakes his head in disbelief as Misty is just in complete shock. She shakes her head, clinching her jaws in disbelief. Electra looks around as if she were a kid in a candy store.

Electra: Cool…!

Misty: WHAT THE HELL! That could have killed me you idiot!

Jamie: It wasn’t me, I swear… I just did the epiwhatever oil in your waters…

Electra watches it like a child watches a cloud float by. Security comes in and immediately cuffs Jamie as stagehands come in with fire extinguishers. Electra tries to fight them off as best she can, as if they were destroying something, rather than saving it.

Misty: Lock his ass up! I want to press as many charges as I can, because that’s better than what I want to do to him right now…

The camera switches back to one of the burning dolls, as through the smoke and flames, you can see just a hint of what is going on. A warped voice laughs before the scene cuts out.

The whole arena goes completely black. A few seconds later, Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven starts to play. A few seconds into the music Rage appears from behind backstage and stands at the top of the ramp for a few seconds before he starts walking to the ring. The crowd cheers him on, as he heads to the ring with a very focused, yet evil look on his face, showing ill intentions towards his opponent. He steps onto the ring apron, entering the ring by stepping over the top rope. He walks over and signals for a mic, and one is handed to him. Rage then walks to the center of the ring, and raises the mic to speak.

Rage: In just a few minutes I’m going to beat the hell out of Bobby ‘The Convict” Cage to advance to the next round of this knockout tournament to become the number one contender for the Heavyweight title.

The crowd cheers him.

Rage: Now, before I do that I wanted to send a message to our current champion, if you can even call him that, Nick Jones.

The crowd boos at the mentioning of Nick’s name.

Rage: Nick came out here last week and ran his mouth and just proved to us even more what he is in this company…a little bitch!

The crowd laughs and cheers for the Sin of Wrath.

Rage: Nick had very few words to say about this knockout tournament. He didn’t have much to say about any one of the guys who at this moment are gunning for that title he carries around. No, Nick Jones chose to do what every other asshole in this company chooses to do week in and week out. Whine and cried and complained that he wasn’t handed this opportunity or that opportunity. He’s bragging just because he’s got so many wins in his record so far here in SCW, but he’s not thinking about one thing. He hasn’t faced ME!

Rage lowers the mic for just a second, then cracks his neck, as he gets a frustrated look on his face.

Rage: Nick Jones may have successfully defended his title a few times already, but once he faces me, and I promise you all that he will, that title will be mine. I’m not going to be like Justin Underwood.

Rage smirks and laughs, as the crowd boos at the mention of the former SCW champion.

Rage: Yeah, don’t even get me started on that coward..the first of many, actually. You see, SCW is just full of cowards. Cowards that, for some reason, when set to face Nick Jones have up and disappeared or walked out of the company. Justin Underwood…Blade Alexander…Damon Synn…’Blaque Hart’ Bruce Evans. Four guys that ran scared from big bad Nick Jones! It’s pathetic and makes my blood boil just thinking about it!!

The anger and frustration just starts to unleash as Rage continues to speak. His face reddens, and you can almost see the steam coming out of his ears.

Rage: All these assholes in this company want to bitch and cry, thinking they deserve to be the champion, but none of them do! No, tonight is the beginning of the end for Nick Jones’ reign here in SCW. He may have lucked out beating Blade Alexander to win the title, and then lucked out when he defended it against Kain and Damon Synn. Hell, the victory over Bruce Evans was practically handed to him…anyone can beat that loud mouthed little sissy, but tonight…Tonight, Nick Jones, you find out that your next opponent…

Rage points to himself.

Rage: …will be your toughest opponent yet. Nick, tonight I plan to send a very big, and very LOUD message to you when I first get through Bobby Cage, and then go on to beat Johnny Brown or Goth. I’m going to show them, and you Nick, a taste of what you’re in for at London Brawling. You’ve been a World Champion before, and now you’re the Heavyweight Champion, but you’re time is up, and my time is now. I’m sick and tired of watching worthless pieces of crap claim they’re champion material. There is only one person in this company who deserves that title, and you’re all looking at him right now. Watch real closely Nick. You’ll need to prepare for the ass-whooping that’s coming your way in a few weeks.

Rage then throws the mic down, and looks towards the backstage, waiting for Bobby “The Convict” Cage to come out.

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our second semi final of the number one contenders tournament, introducing in the ring..... RAGE!

The fans cheer as Rage raises his hand

Justin Decent: And his opponent, making his way to the ring first… Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, standing at 6 feet 3 inches, weighing in at 231 pounds, he is… BOBBY “THE CAGE” CONVICT!!!

The venue goes dark as 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones begins to play. Smoke starts to billow from the entrance ramp and at the end of the opening guitar solo Cage emerges from the back cracking his knuckles and throwing warm-up punches. He jogs to the ring still throwing practice punches and then climbs up to the second rope turnbuckle and throws back his arms posing a moment for the crowd before hopping down and waiting for his opponent to get to the ring.



The monstrous Rage limbers up a bit in the corner as he keeps his eyes on Bobby the Convict Cage who is jogging back and forth in his own corner. He advances toward Rage, but once Rage takes a few steps forward, Convict really sees the size advantage and he takes a step back. The two eyeball each other, mouthing things back and forth as the fans prepare to watch the carnage that will surely ensue.

”Kick seinen Esel! Kick seinen Esel! Kick seinen Esel!”

Simone: The audience is calling for action, and they are making it very clear.

Adams: I don’t like to agree to things I don’t understand, but I am tired of watching these two dilly dally around. One of these men is going on to face later on tonight to find out who will be challenging Nick Jones for the SCW Heavyweight Championship at London Brawling, and we all want to know who that will be.

Rage looks out into the audience and begins shouting at them, and that is when Convict comes crashing in with a hard blow to the back of Rage’s head. From their he assaults the big man with a series of knee jabs, clubbing elbows, and hard hooks and uppercuts. The audience cheers at the sight, as Rage falls to one knee, but he doesn’t stay there long as he powers up with a hard jab to the throat of Convict, and then a hard chop to his chest. He tosses Convict to the ropes and lets out a primal yell as he lifts up his leg for a massive Big Boot. However, Convict ducks it and comes back with a precise legsweep that takes Rage’s size advantage away completely. He mounts Rage and begins pounding away with hard-knuckled punches to his forehead that sends the crowd into a frenzy.

Simone: Bobby the Convict Cage has been nothing short of impressive since he signed with Sin City Wrestling. The man tamed the monster known as Damon Synn, he nearly dethrowned the Roulette Champion in Amsterdam, and he advanced to the second round of this tournament. We might very well see him facing Nick Jones at London Brawling with a resume like that.

Convict gets up after a while and lays in a few good stomps to Rage. He looks out to the crowd, taunting them as they boo loudly. Their boos turn to cheers as Rage slowly gets up. Cage nods his head in approval until Rage gets up behind him and wraps his massive hand around Cage’s throat. He lifts him up in a sort of Chokeslam position, and holds him there mouthing to him. He then sends Convict down to the mat, shaking it with a loud BOOM! Convict rolls around a bit as Rage stalks him, an angry scowl covering his face. Convict comes up to a knee and Rage dashes toward the ropes. He gingerly bounces off of them, and as he comes back toward Cage, he drops him with the Big Boot intended for earlier.

Adams: Wait, what was you just saying, Belinda? You know, about Bobby the Convict Cage facing Nick Jones? You must’ve forgot he’s got to get past the Sin of Wrath, Rage himself in order to face Nick Jones at London Brawling.

Simone: I never said that Rage wasn’t a force to be reckoned with, but don’t be surprised if Cage walks away with the victory. That’s all I am saying. Both men are fierce competitors, Jason.

Adams: I’m just calling what’s in front of me, and right now, Rage is handing Convict his arse.

Rage hovers over Convict, grabbing his hands, and wrapping them around Convict’s neck, he makes him choke himself as Convict struggles to escape. Rage grits his teeth and continues to choke his foe. Jason Adams can be heard chuckling into his headset.

Adams: Am I the only one picturing Jamie Staggs kneeling down beside them, screaming “Quit choking yourself, quit choking yourself!”?

Simone: Apparently… I often wondered if you two graduated from the same University, though.

The referee comes over, a bit confused about how to call it, but settles on telling Rage to break it. Rage gets up and stomps his foot in anger as he yells at the referee. He gets into a real shouting match, exclaiming “HE WAS DOING IT TO HIMSELF!” Jason Adams is heard about losing it at the table when Rage grabs onto the ref’s shirt. The ref threatens to disqualify Rage. And he begrudgingly lets go. Just before he can turn around, Cage catches him with a low blow and a quick roll up pin. The referee drops down for the count.




Rage throws his shoulder up in a furious display. Cage rolls off and drops an elbow to Rage’s chest. He gets up and quickly drops down with another. He lays in several boots for good measure before lifting Rage up with all of his strength. He tosses Rage into the ropes and then as he comes back, Rage hits him with a kitchen sink, and then he bounces off of the ropes once more, only to Cage to lift him off of the ground with an atomic drop that causes Rage’s angry face to turn redder (if that’s at all possible). He then charges off of the opposite ropes and lands a hard Lou Thesz Press that causes both men to tumble down to the mat. Convict unleashes a fury or harder and faster punches almost quick as lightening.

Simone: And this is why I say Convict stands a good chance in this battle. Rage is a powerhouse, but Cage knows how to capitalize on the fact that Rage is easily distracted. His anger is a gift in this business, but Convict is here to show that it can be a curse as well.

Convict gets up and pumps himself up, breathing heavily as he steps back. He puts his fists up in standard boxing form, ready for Rage to get up. He mutters words of “encouragement” to Rage who groggily gets up. Convict steadies his fists as Rage gets into the right position. He nails him with a hard uppercut, followed by a second, third, and fourth. He kisses his right fist before landing the final blow to Rage’s head. As Rage stumbles back, Cage hits him with a boot to the gut, and sets him up for the hard DDT.

Adams: The Ol’ One Two Punch! No way, is it over? I don’t believe it!

Simone: Hmm, I told you not to be surprised if… What?

As Convict stands there, trying to drop Rage down with a DDT, Rage lifts him off of the ground in a makeshift version of a Sidewalk Slam that rocks the foundation of the ring. The crowd cheers him on as he looks around, letting out an angry growl that turns into a primal scream. This elevates the audience’s reaction as he stumbles over to Convict. He picks him up by the back of his wifebeater and yanks him up to his feet. Rage lifts him up over his shoulders and sets him up for The Death Drop. He takes a moment to take it in before his scowl returns to his face. Just then, Convict weasels down his back, shoving him hard into the turnbuckle. The audience is astounded.

Simone: This is the battle of the reversal here, and both men are bringing it hard! Convict is setting Rage up for the Hard Time Piledriver here.

Cage has hoisted Rage up to the top rope, and has his head tucked between his legs, signaling for the drop. He pulls him downward, but Rage hooks his feet on the top rope. Convict goes club him on the back, but Rage tosses him back. Convict grasps onto the top turnbuckle as Rage turns around. He uses the height advantage to set him up for the Death Drop once again. This time, he climbs to the first turnbuckle, then the second. He jumps off, landing Cage hard on his head. Rage drops down for the cover, wasting no time.




Justin Decent: And your winner, advancing to the finals of the Knockout Tournament… RAGE!!!

Adams: I told you, Belinda! Rage is advancing, and could very well be the man to face Nick Jones at London Brawling!

Rage gets up from the cover and raises his arm in victory. He looks out into the audience cheering him on, and he lets on a sadistic smile as he exits the ring to ready himself for the next match.

We fade in on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a busy night like any other, hundreds of tourist, vagrants and other freaks move along but the camera focuses on one man. He wears a jacket made of colorful patches and pieces of other jackets and has a faded fedora on. He looks like another vagrant but looks around as if he is a tourist.

He is currently in front of the Palms Casino Resort and appears to be looking around for something. He spots some teenagers and walks over to them. One of them wears a SCW T-shirt and all of them are texting. He speaks decent English but still has a faint accent.

"Hey you, kid. The one with the t-shirt. Where is the show tonight? I meant to be in town sooner but got way to drunk at the Bunny Ranch." he asks reaching in his jacket for his flash.

The teens look as if they don't know what to do with him, but the one with the T-shirt speaks up. "Yeah the show is going on right now man, but they are in some ice rink in Germany."

Aleksei pauses mid sip and curses.

The voiceover man who seems to follow Aleksei speaks up. "ALEKSEI KOJI DOES NOT CHECK HIS VOICEMAIL"

Aleksei takes a drink and than sighs "I didn't even know I had voice mail. Can you guys get the show on your phones I want to see who wins that Champions of Champion thingy."

The teens nod as Aleksei flops down next to them. They seem nervous but even in his rags Aleksei is imposing enough that any of them would think twice about telling him no.

"You guys old enough to drink?" he ask passing his flask around. As the scene fades out you can hear Aleksei say "maybe next week I will even make it to ring."

Backstage in the building, two of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins, Synn himself and Gabriel, are walking down the hallway in an earnest discussion.

Gabriel: So how did Despy react when you told him you got us the tag team title match in London?

Synn smirked.

Synn: He went off straight away to start a strategy session with Angel.

Gabriel arched an eyebrow.

Gabriel: Oh that should be interesting.

He laughs.

Gabriel: Despy plotting our strategy is wild enough, but factor in whatever the bear can cook up and...

Gabriel stops in mid stride and put a hand to the side of his head and shakes it in disbelief.

Gabriel: Fuckin' A! I did it again!

Synn looks down at him and pats the man's shoulder in sympathy.

Synn: it happens to all of us. That bear is so real to Joshua that his habits are starting to rub off on us.

The two start walking again and Gabriel arches a brow and murmurs through the corner of his mouth.

Gabriel: Just do me a favor and shoot me if I ever start having private conversations with Angel, will ya?

Synn laughs.

Synn: I'll make a note of it!

Gabriel: So you hear anything from the Aristocrats side? They had this title match all to themselves at first. Can't imagine they were too happy when you negotiated me and Despy into the mix.

Synn: Who cares?

Gabriel shrugs but wears that distinct smile on his handsome face.

Gabriel: Yeah that's kinda what I was hoping you'd say. We already beat those twat waffles once. Beating them again with gold on the line will be even sweeter.

Synn: You realize that when you win the championships at this show, it'll be the second time you won tag team titles with Joshua in London?

Gabriel nods.

Gabriel: Trust me, you don't forget a thing like that. Ha ha. Despy wouldn't let me. He's been reminding me of that fact since you told him about the match.

The two turn the corner and before anything else could be said, they stop in their tracks at the sight before them. There, flanking their dressing room door, is Despayre standing to the right, and his muscle bound pal, Big B to the left. Both are dressed comically in Oktoberfest style attire of Lederhosen with suspenders, pullover shirt, hat with feather, tanned shorts (in B's case, very tight short-shorts), and knee socks.

Gabriel: O-kaayyy. This is new.

He and Synn slowly approach the duo and Despayre turns his head and his face brightens with a smile.

Despayre: Hiya Gabriel! Hi Synn.

Synn: Joshua ... what are you and your friend up to?

B looks at Synn like the answer should be obvious.

Big B: Guarding your dressing room, what else would we be doing?

Gabriel and Synn exchange a look.

Synn: Uh, right. Look, we just need to get in here for a moment to get my phone.

Synn goes to grasp the door knob when B reaches his beefy arm out and blocks his path.

Big B: Nein.

Synn turns his head slowly and looks at the muscle bound human mastodon and raises his eyebrows.

Synn: Excuse me?

Big B: You can't go in.

Synn: According to whom, may I ask?

B answers simply by pointing toward Despayre who smiles and waggles his fingers in a greeting of "hi".

Synn: Joshua, what is going on?

Despayre: It's like Bernard here said...

Gabriel: Bernard?

B looks at Despayre who blinks innocently.

Despayre: What? It's a cool name.

Big B: I don't like it. Just call me B.

Despayre: Gotcha Bernie!

B groans as Synn folds his arms over his chest.

Synn: Joshua, Gabriel and I need to get in there.

Despayre: Nein!

Gabriel: Why not?

Despayre looks around, leans at the waist to gaze in all directions of the hallway, then beckons them closer with a wag of the finger.

Despayre: Angel is in there.

Gabriel: So?

Despayre: So he's busy devising top secret strageties for our tag team match in London.

Synn: And what do these strageties have to do with us retrieving my phone?

Despayre frowns.

Despayre: Hello, duh. Top secret? Nobody is allowed to see them.

Gabriel exhales sharply and looks to Synn before returning his gaze to the two befuddling characters in front of him.

Gabriel: Well that's a real shame Despy because Synn and I just wanted to let you guys know the cotton candy vendor just finished a fresh batch and...


Despayre immediately vanishes behind the closed door of the dressing room and within seconds, is back out with Angel in his arms and hurrying off down the hall. B blinks, looks at Synn and Gabriel, then the door, then opts to take off after Despayre. Gabriel smiles at Synn.

Gabriel: Yeah I thought that'd work.

Synn: Nicely done.

Synn opens the door and walks into the dressing room with Gabriel following right behind. What greets them is a perplexing sight as the room is almost completely devoid of light save for one overhanging lamp lit shining on a small kiddie table. And at that table was seated Angel dressed in a German military outfit of a General's rank. There is laughter from the audience and Gabriel looks up and ponders.

Gabriel: Did Despy just accomplish the impossible and make the Germans laugh?

Synn goes over towards his locker to get his phone as Gabriel's curious nature gets the better of him and he approaches the small desk and looks at the manilla folder atop of it. He leans in and almost barks in laughter.

Gabriel: Hey Synn, get a load of this.

Grabbing his phone and shutting the locker door, Synn walks up and Gabriel holds out the folder which clearly reads on the cover;


Synn frowns and with a finger, flips the folder open so that he and Gabriel can look at he contents of the papers pinned inside.

Synn: Step one ... oh poor Shane.

Gabriel flips a few pages and looks at it.

Gabriel: Check out step forty-seven. That could actually work!

Synn: Okay, we best put that back where you found it before Joshua figures out we've been in here.

Gabriel looks up at him and smiles widely.

Gabriel: Aww! Don't tell me you're afraid of Despy and...

A noise is heard outside in the hallway and Gabriel shoves the folder into Synn's arms and rushes toward the dressing room door! Synn plops the folder down and hurries after him.

Simone: Well up next, it's time for the finals of the SCW Knockout Tournament where the winner's of tonights earlier matches, Goth and Rage, will face off for...

Before Belinda can get out another word, she is suddenly interrupted as "Cocky" by Kid Rock starts to blast through the arena, eliciting boos from the crowd.

Simone: Oh great, what does he want?

Adams: What, now you have a problem with the champ scouting out his future opponent?

Simone: No, I have a problem with the fact that I'm going to have to listen to him.

Nick walks out from the back, with Diana on his arm and his SCW Heavyweight Championship around his waist. As Nick makes his way down the ramp, just a few moments later, his personal muscle of Tony and Big B come out along with him. All four of them walk down the ramp and then around the ring towards the announcers table. Tony and Big B stand off to the side while Nick and Diana take a seat at the announce table, with Nick putting a headset on to join on commentary.

Adams: And we're now being joined by SCW Heavyweight Champion Nick Jones! Nick, it's great to have you here.

Nick: Of course it is. At least now you've got something to liven up this snoozefest of a parade of nobodies that keeps coming down to this ring. Isn't that right, Belinda?

Simone: Can we just move on to the match already?

Nick: Can't wait to find out who's ass I'm going to kick in a couple of weeks, huh? I can understand that.

At that point, Justin Decent walks to the center of the ring, microphone in hand, to begin introductions for the match.

Justin: Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the finals of the SCW Knockout Tournament! Introducing first, from Utrecht, Netherlands, weighing in at 239 pounds... GOTH!

Darkside blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robes. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe as he awaits his opponent.

Justin: And his opponent, weighing in at 300 pounds... RAGE!

The whole arena goes completely black. A few seconds later, Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven starts to play. A few seconds into the music Rage appears from behind backstage and stands at the top of the ramp for a few seconds before he starts walking to the ring. The crowd cheers him on, as he heads to the ring with a very focused, yet evil look on his face, showing ill intentions towards his opponent.


The bell rings and the two men start to circle about each other in the ring for a few moments. They then both take a step in at each other and quickly lock into a collar and elbow tieup. After just a few moments of struggling, Rage uses his size and strength advantage to toss Goth back, who goes stumbling backwards until crashing back into the corner. Goth hestitates for a few moments before then stepping back out into the center of the ring. The two go to tie up again, but this time Goth quickly plants a knee into the ribs of Rage, and then follows it up with an uppercut right under the chin to the hunched over big man. The shot sends Rage stumbling back, but not off of his feet. With that, Goth immediately charges in at Rage to try to take him down, but Rage quickly reacts and drives a shoulder into Goth, dropping him to the mat with a shoulder block.

Simone: Well Goth is hardly small or weak, but he's got his work cut out for him with the much larger Rage here.

Adams: No kidding. What do you think about the possibility of having to face someone that big, Nick?

Nick: Well considering I'm not stupid enough to just run straight into that big lumbering oaf, I don't think I'd have much to worry about.

Rage waits as Goth starts to get back up to his feet, and as he starts to push himself up, Rage drops down a big forearm smash across the back of Goth, knocking him back down to the mat. Rage waits and then does the same again as Goth starts to get back up. Goth then crawls over closer to Rage and starts to use him to pull himself back up. Rage reaches down and goes to grab Goth, but as he does Goth nails him with a stiff right hand right to the stomach, doubling him over. Goth then quickly gets back up to his feet and nails a stiff chop right across the chest of Rage, sending him sprawling straight back up. Goth then leaves his feet and nails a dropkick right to the chin of Rage, sending him crashing down to the mat in a heap.

Adams: The big man's off his feet!

Nick: What a novel concept.

With Rage down on the ground, Goth quickly springs back up and then runs to the ropes, bounces back and drops an elbow into the chest of Goth. Rage then hooks the legs for a quick cover.

1.. Rage kicks out.

Simone: He may have gone down, but he's not going to stay down that easily.

Nick: Such insightful commentary, toots.

Simone: This is going to be a loooooong match.

Goth grabs Rage and pulls him up to his feet before tossing him back into the turnbuckle. Goth then starts to unload on Rage with a flury of knife-edge chops straight across the chest, having them echo through the arena and quickly turning Rage's chest into a bright red. Goth then pulls Rage out of the corner and goes to irish whip him across the ring, but Rage reverses it, sending Goth crashing into the far turnbuckle. Rage then runs in and charges straight into the Goth in the far corner, smashing him against the turnbuckle. Rage then backs off as Goth stumbles out, and as he stumbles straight towards Rage, Rage nails him with a big boot right to the face. Rage then measures Goth up, waiting as he stumbles back to his feet and as he does, grabs him straight around the throat. Rage then goes to lift Goth up for a chokeslam, but Goth wiggles out of Rage's grip and manages to float over right behind him before reaching back and grabbing Rage by the head and dropping him with a neckbreaker. Goth goes for the cover.

2.. Rage kicks out.

Simone: A great counter there, but Rage kicks out after 2.

Goth slams his hands on the mat in frustration and then backs off, waiting for Rage to get up. As Rage starts to reach his feet, Goth quickly runs to the ropes, bouncing off and coming charging back at Rage. As Goth gets towards Rage, he leaps up at him, but Rage quickly reacts and catches Goth and plants him with a powerslam. Rage holds on, hooking the leg for the pin.

2.. Goth kicks out.

Adams: Wow, that powerslam out of nowhere nearly put this one away.

Nick: Out of nowhere? I saw that one coming from a mile away.

Simone: Of course you did.

Nick: Well I'm just happy that I get to either face a guy who's so stupid that he tips his hand for his next move well in advance, or a guy who's too stupid to even notice that.

Rage gets up and pulls Goth back up to his feet, lining him up before drilling him with a big right hand that sends him stumbling back into the corner. Rage follows Goth into the corner and then htis him with a big elbow right to the side of the head, before hip tossing him out of the corner, sending him flying halfway across the ring before crashing down to the mat. Rage then follows in after Goth and as he gets back to his feet irish whips him into the ropes. As Goth bounces back, Rage then catches him and plants him right back down with a big spinebuster!

Adams: That one HAD to hurt!

Rage then pulls Goth back up onto his feet, then grabs Goth and presses him up over his head. However, before he can do anything else, Goth slides out of it, dropping down behind Rage. He then quickly grabs Rage from behind, using all of his strength to lift up the much bigger man and dropping back back down with a belly to back suplex! Goth quickly gets back up as Rage stumbles to his feet and nails with a quick kick to the gut. As Rage doubles over, Goth pulls him and brings him straight over with a snap suplex. Goth then springs back up and waits, measuring Rage up as he's slowly retunring to his feet. As Rage gets up, Goth plants another kick to the gut, pulls him in and then quickly drops Rage with the Goth Drop!! Goth hooks both legs for the cover.

3, NO.. Rage BARELY kicks out before the three count.

Simone: Wow, Rage just manages to kick out before the three. This one was almost over.

Nick: He seriously almost lost to THAT move? You've got to be kidding me.

Simone: Oh will you just give it a rest.

Nick: What? What'd I say?

Goth slams his fists against the mat in anger before getting up and getting into the face of the referee, arguing over the count. In the meantime, Rage gets back up and tries to shake off the flurry of moves he was just hit with. As Goth sees Rage getting up, he quickly turns back towards him but it seems to be too late, as Rage quickly grabs him and lifts him up over his shoulder to set him up for the Death Drop! Goth manages to kick his legs and fight out of it, sliding off of Rage's shoulder and gettign down behind him. Goth then grabs Rage from behind to set him up for the Gothic Dream! However, Rage manages to counter back as he sends some elbows back into the head of Goth to fight him off. Rage then spins around, grabs the stumbling Goth and plants him into the mat with a DDT. Rage goes for the cover.

2.. Goth kicks out.

Rage gets up and then moves back in towards the downed Goth, but Goth manages to take him down with a drop toehold. Goth then quickly gets up before coming right back with a fist drop onto the back of Rage's head. Goth then pulls Rage up and goes to irish whip him, but Rage counters sending Goth into the ropes. Rage then drops down a back body drop, but Goth manages to stop short and nails a kick right to the face of Rage, sending him standing straight back up before leaping up to drop the larger Rage with a clothesline right across the throat. Goth pulls Rage back up and this time successfully irish whips Rage across the ring, and as he hits the ropes and comes back, grabs him and plants him with a spinebuster! Goth hooks the leg for the cover.

2.. Rage powers out.

Simone: An impressive move for Goth to hit on the much bigger Rage, but Rage will just not stay down.

Goth seems to be getting even more frustrated as he gets back up and pulls Rage up with him. Goth grabs Rage by the head but before he can go any further with a move, Rage wraps his arms around Goth and takes him up and over with a northern lights suplex. Rage gets up and pulls Goth to his feet before irish whipping him into the corner. As Goth hits the turnbuckle, Rage goes charging right in after him, but Goth manages to get a foot up, nailing Rage right in the face and sending him reeling back. Goth quickly climbs up to the top rope as Rage attempts to recover, and as soon as Rage turns back towards Goth, he leaps off at Rage, but Rage manages to actually catch Goth in mid-air! Rage then pulls Goth over his shoulder, sets him up and drives him head first into the mat with the Death Drop!! Rage hooks both legs for the pin.


Justin: The winner of your match, and number one contender to the SCW Heavyweight Championship at London Brawling... RAGE!!!

Nick: If you two would excuse me, that's my cue.

Nick takes off his headset and leaves the commentary table. Tony and Big B immediately look over to their boss, who puts his hand up towards them, seemingly telling them to stay put. Nick then climbs up the ring steps onto the apron as Rage gets to his feet back in the ring, having his hand raised in victory by the official.

Simone: What the hell is Nick doing now?

Adams: Maybe he's going to congratulate his future opponent?

Simone: Somehow I doubt it.

Nick watches Rage in the ring as he then starts to climb up the turnbuckle, getting to the top rope in the corner behind Rage, just waiting for him to turn around. After a few moments of celebration, Rage turns to leave the ring, and in the process turns straight towards Nick. At that exact moment, Nick leaps right off the top rope, going at Rage with the Better Than You! Rage manages to see it coming and quickly ducks out of the way as Nick crashes to the mat!

Simone: Nick trying to hit the Better Than You... and misses!

Adams: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Nick stumbles back up to his feet after crashing down to the mat, and before he can do anything else, is met with a series of right hands from Rage then sends him reeling back. After just a few hits that send their boss stumbling back into the corner, Nick's hired muscle take that as their cue, as both Tony and Big B quickly come sliding into the ring from behind Rage, hitting him from behind and knocking him down. The two men stomp on the downed Rage for a few moments before pulling him up and then lifting him up together and drilling him down into the mat with a double flapjack. B and Tony then both grab an arm each of Rage and hold him in place as Nick shakes out the cobwebs and emerges from the corner. Nick then gets right into the face of Rage and screams a few rather inapprorpiate comments into his face, before pulling Rage out of the grasp of his entourage members and drilling him with the Best of All!

Simone: This is disgusting. I cannot believe this man is seriously our SCW Champion.

Adams: Why? You know Rage did hit him first.

Simone: Oh, you must be kidding me.

Nick then looks down at the motionless Rage laid out on the mat, before putting his foot onto his future opponent's chest and raising his arms up in the air in apparent victory. The immediate response to that is boos, but it quickly changes to a burst of cheers. With that, Nick's attention quickly turns to the entrance ramp to see what the cheers are about, and is greeted with the sight of Rage's friends and stablemates, Synn and Shane Boswell, running full speed down the ramp. Even despite the numbers advantage, Nick clearly decides he wants no part of this as just as the two men hit the ring, Nick quickly slides straight out, and is so immmediately followed by both Big B and Tony. The three men quickly go straight up the ramp, as Synn and Shane check on their fallen friend, helping him back up as the opposition flees.

Simone: Well I'm just glad they showed up before things got any worse. Although I'll tell you what, having a tournament like this to determine a title defense usually all but ensures the match won't be personal, but I think the champion managed to change that very quickly.

Adams: You might be right there. I think after this that Rage is going to be... raged.

The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Ready or Not (I’m Coming)" By Oomph! plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage. He smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet. He bounces between the ropes before he reaches down for a microphone from Justin Decent. The audience cheers as Spike takes in a deep breath. He tilts his sunglasses down his nose before tossing them out into the audience, and he opens his jacket to reveal his “NXT” New X-Treme’s shirt (now available at the merch center). He raises the microphone to his lips, licking them as he looks out into the audience.

Spike: Guten tag Berlin!!!

*Cheap Pop*

Spike: It is so good to be back to my second home! I could go on about how I spent half of my life here, and how great it is to see everyone again, Sebastian, Gunter, Selene, Jan… Or…

Spike pauses and paces for a second, his smile never fading. He stops and leans against the ropes, looking out into the audience as if he is about to drop a big secret onto them.

Spike: Or… I could give each and every one of you exactly what you came here to see tonight. Hm? How about that? What if I told you that I happened to see someone in the back that I *might* have invited down to the ring this week? Huh? WHAT if I told you that, here, in Berlin, Germany, back behind those curtains, stands the one and only, N…W…A… WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… JACK KRAVEN?

The audience goes into a frenzy as Spike raises his arms in the air, taking a bow as if it were only by his graces that the champ is in the house. He walks over to the side of the ring, facing toward the entryway, and he leans against those ropes.

Spike: Without further adieu, I want to welcome Jack down here right now, come on out man…

“Down” by 311 begins playing over the PA and Jack Kraven pushes through the curtains, pausing as the light hits the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He continues on down the entryway as Spike backs up to give him room. The champ pulls himself onto the six-sided ring’s apron and he looks out to the cheering audience. He is wearing jeans and a BACW t-shirt. He steps between the ropes and he and Spike share a mutual stare as Jack holds the belt up in the air for all the audience to see. The music fades and he retrieves a microphone from Justin Decent as well. They continue to stare each other down until a smile breaks out over Spike’s face. He takes a few steps forward.

Spike: Jack Kraven… It is so nice to see you back in the six sided circle… Last time you were here, you put on a show that had all of SCW taking notice, and it is such a great honor that I get to be the one to challenge you for that belt.

Jack: Well Spike, I appreciate the welcome I've gotten here tonight, from the talent and crew here with SCW, and the FANS HERE in BERLIN, GERMANY!

The crowd goes crazy as the champ brings in the cheers. He sets the belt over his shoulder once more, adjusting it before the crowd quiets down. He brings the mic back to his mouth as he continues.

Jack: But getting down to business. I've been the champion of the world...ohhhh, for quite some time now, and I do have to admit, I've been keeping my eye on you. Title defense to title defense, wondering when you'd get your shot. It's well earned, and it's my pleasure to give you a crack at the most prestigious belt in professional wrestling.

Spike: I appreciate that, it means a lot. SCW has been working very hard to show our presence within the NWA, and since day one, I’ve had my eyes on that belt, and in saying that, I’ve had my eyes on you. I have watched you take down the likes of Ulfric, and Terrence Harris, and Kurt Chavez, and I think to myself each time… If it were me in that ring instead of them, we would blow the roof off of this fucking place, and leave no limit untouched…

Jack: Well if you're game, and THEY'RE game---

Jack gestures again to the crowd, inciting another cheap pop.

Jack: I say we give these people the show they deserve!

Spike nods his head as he takes a step forward. His eyes can’t help but wander all across the face of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt for a few second before looking back to the champ once again. He lifts the mic back to his lips and looks directly into Jack’s eyes.

Spike: I am always game for a good fight. And, I am one who likes to show good sportsmanship. I want to wish you luck in this match. That was one of the big reasons I invited you all the way out to BERLIN, GERMANY!

*Cheap pop*

Spike: One of them… I also wanted to offer you a, well, an apology. See, this isn’t the first time we’ve met, and I don’t know if a busy guy like you remembers, but my brother might have, sort of… kicks you in the nards, and dumped sauce on you, yelling “Chicken Nuggets!” before running away… Big yellow chicken suit…? No? Well, I might have, kinda, laughed about it. Ah well, that was a while ago, but I just wanted to make sure we put on a good, fun, clean contest to show that sportsmanship is not dead! Right?

Jack: Chicken nuggets...BBQ sauce...(Laughs) it does ring something of a bell. But hey, I'm sure it was all in good fun, and for what it's worth, I've already forgotten all about it. As far as I'm concerned? Me? The Staggs family? Hell, the whole of SCW? We're straight. On that note, put'er there, Spike. And the very best of luck to you too.

Jack extends his hand, clutching onto the world title draped across his shoulder with the other. Spike reaches forward for a firm handshake with the champ. During the handshake, someone dressed in a long black wig and a trenchcoat jumps the barrier, carrying their folding chair with them. They quickly dash into the ring, and before Spike can even turn around, they nail him with the folding chair hard across the back of the head. Once Spike is on the ground, they hit him repeatedly with the chair before tossing it to the outside of the ring. As security shuffles down the way, the man pulls off his wig to reveal himself as none other than close the friend of Jack Kraven…

Simone: Is that Bad @$$ Championship Wrestling’s Kai…

Adams: KENNNNNEDY! Sorry, I couldn’t resist… Hey, what’s Jack Kraven doing now?

Jack reaches behind his back and pulls out an object tucked into his waist, still partially obscured by his hands.

Adams: He's pouring something on Spike Staggs, and it's, it's...THAT'S BARBECUE SAUCE! Jack Kraven is full of it!

Simone: He's still bitter at the entire Staggs family for an innocent practical joke for Christ's sake!

Jack and Kennedy are laughing maniacally as Kraven shakes every last drop of KC Masterpiece Original Recipe out onto the lifeless Spike Staggs body. After finally emptying the bottle, Jack leans down and grabs the microphone which still lay loosely in the fingertips of Spike Staggs.

Jack: Let's make one thing clear, STAGGS......the champ NEVER forgets. See you at London Brawling, asshole.

Simone: The champion Jack Kraven and Kai Kennedy have just sent a very clear message to the challenger, and SCW. How will Spike react when these two meet again?

Kain arrives in the building as the crowd recognize him and boo the hell out of him. He gets out of a limo and slams the door behind him. Ariel is nowhere to be seen. The camera gets a close look of his bandages that are on his face, but the pain is totally ignored as Kain heads somehwere backstage. Suddenly, he is stopped by Pussy Willow, who can clearly see how angered he is right now. Nevertheless, she asks her question.

P.W.:: Kain, what happened last week must have infuriated you to no end. Mark Ward, Nick Jones, and their entourage gave you a beating that was both humilating and painful. Not to mention putting their hands on Ariel, the one girl that is your only light from the constant darkness. Where is she and how do you feel about it?

Pussy Willow brings the microphone to his lips and we see Kain glowering at her, his eyes cold as ice. Pussy cannot help but tremble. He speaks...

Kain: She's at home, in Detroit, resting and recovering from her injuries. As for how I feel?

He now looks into the camera's eye dangerously as he utters one word from his lips.


He walks away from Pussy Willows, who looks after him in puzzlement.

Adams: I don't know if what he said is the truth, but I don't have a good feeling about it at all.

Simone: Kain is all business tonight as usual. What was handed to him last week is considered an unforgiveable crime and he'll do whatever it takes to exact his vengeance against those responsible. Mark Ward and his crew better watch out; things could get VERY NASTY!

Justin Decent: This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from St. Louis, MO, weighing at 215 lbs...TOMMY STAGGS!!!!!

The opening to “Fire It Up” by Thousand Foot Krutch starts a green biohazard symbol on the screen and slowly the symbol catches on fire. When the instrumentals pick up, Tommy dashes from behind the curtains.

I've got a bad case of turning it up
It's getting cold in here so fire it up
I've got a bad case of turning it up
It's getting cold in here so somebody fire it up
Come on and fire it up

He throws his arms in the air with a look of intensity on his face as he demands the cheers of the fans. He runs from one side of the stage to the other, slapping hands before running down the aisle slapping more hands.

I'm in love with the feeling
Of pressure to the ceiling
We come with intention
To face my opposition
Get raw when it's time
To lay it on the line
To the walls where we're taking it
Let your light shine, like…

Once he is at the foot of the ring, he does a hand stand, hooking his feet around the bottom rope. He flips up, moving so that he is seen bouncing on the rope. He leaps down and then to the nearest corner where he climbs it quickly and looks out over the audience.

Justin Decent: Introducing his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing at 186 lbs....OLD SKOOL!!!!!!

Old Skool make his appearance as his music sounds his arrival to the ring. The sinsational a man of few words but always about the fans when he come out as he high fives and shakes hands with the crowd. Don't get me wrong this man may act the gentleman now but once he gets in that ring no one is his friend when standing against him. Just look at those eyes they went from bright and shiny to dark and ominous.

Adams: This is going to be a tough fight for both men. A lot is on stake and neither will be giving an inch to each other. I'll bet that both men are hoping for a quick end to this confrontation!

Simone: I doubt that's going to happen as well. Old Skool and Tommy Staggs have something to prove tonight and things will change once someone wins and someone loses. It's the way things happen around here Adams!



Old Skool and Tommy Staggs circle around the ring, measuring each other up. Then they clash in the middle of the ring with a headlock, only for Old Skool to push away Staggs, who falls and rolls backwards to his feet. Old Skool gets a mixture of boos and cheers as he flexes his muscles. Unimpressed, Staggs earns the first attack by delivering a dropkick to his opponent's chest. Old Skool staggers to the ropes, but bounces off them as Staggs is rising and nails him with a clothsline! Picking up Staggs, he throws hard into the lower-left corner. The impact is hard enough for him to fall onto the ground and Old Skool follows that up with a corner dropkick that hits Staggs hard in the face!

Simone: The crowd certainly heard of that one. I even felt it - it was as if the bones in his jaw were completely broken!

Adams: Staggs is trying to rise to his feet, but Old Skool is kicking him down. But it won't do him any good! Just look at the determination on Staggs's face!

The crowd is getting behind Staggs as he rises to his feet fully. Old Skool goes for a haymaker and misses as Staggs ducks underneath it, then retaliates with a rear suplex that leaves Old Skool stunned! Staggs continues his assault by dropping three quick, but punishing elbow drops onto Old Skool, who clutches at his chest each time in pain! Staggs picks up his fallen foe and then leaps into the air and unleashes a hurricana that forces Old Skool to crash into the mat!

Adams: Old Skool is reeling from the punishment! Will he able to get himself back up in time?

Simone: Oh yeah, he got away in the nick of time, right at the last second!

Staggs took a bit of his time posing for the fans, who cheered for him. Then he quickly focused on the next move as he dashed to the ropes, jumped on the middle rope, and went for a springboard legdrop. Old Skool, however, scouted the move in advanced and rolled away at the last possible second. Staggs cries out in anger, feeling the pain jolting throughout his entire leg. Old Skool runs to the top rope, leaps on it, then poses briefly before hitting Staggs with a falling head butt! It takes a few seconds for Old Skool to recover while Tommy Staggs is feeling the effects of the headbutt, unable to move. Old Skool decides to go for the win, hooking the leg as the referee counts it in...

But Staggs kicked out before the count of three!

Simone: That was a nice save by Staggs. Old Skool almost had him with that falling head butt!

Adams: Old Skool needs to recover from that quick loss and stay on Staggs before he has a chance to get back on his feet!

Old Skool goes for the top rope once more and then delivers with a flying elbow drop that makes Staggs roll around the ring in pain. Old Skool picks up Staggs and blasts him with a European uppercut that sends Staggs spinning, right into a swinging neckbreaker! He goes for another pin, but it doesn't last long as Staggs kicks out at two. Old Skool brings him to his feet and goes for a suplex, but somehow Staggs is able to flip out of it and land on his feet! Staggs runs to the ropes as Old Skool gets on his feet and turns around, only to become a victim of a devastating spear that gets the crowd roaring with glee! Staggs goes for a pin of his own and the referee counts it in...

But Old Skool barely gets the shoulder up from the ground!

Adams: That was a nice spear, Simone, but that wasn't enough to get the job done for Staggs!

Simone: Nah, really Adams? I'm blind and I couldn't see that! Seriously man, I can see what's going on too, I'm not blind! But I agree - it's going to take more than just a spear to end Old Skool's night!

Staggs asks the referee about the count, gets a confirmation that it was at two, then nods and rises back to his feet. He decides to go for a springboard legdrop and this time, it does connect! Old Skool grits his teeth in rage, feeling the effects of the legdrop. Staggs kicks him down like a dog for a little bit before getting Old Skool to his feet and he goes for a flipping neckbreaker! But as he flipped, Old Skool was able to counter with a shove that made Staggs let go and he slammed into the mat, chest first. Groaning in pain, Staggs isn't able to get any rest as Old Skool picks him up, kicks him hard in the ribs, then hoists him up with both hands and hits a running powerslam! The crowd reacts with cheers and boos at Old Skool, who is focused on the task at hand. He raises Staggs onto his feet and goes for a DDT, but Staggs counters with a spinebuster!

Simone: Adams, the crowd is simply going nuts! Both men are countering each other and not giving each other an inch. They are making each other fight for everything that they have! What a match so far!

Adams: Simone, I can tell too - I'm not deaf, you know?

Both men are down, unable to get back up as the referee counts them both down....


By this point, Old Skool and Staggs used the nearby ropes on their sides and rose onto their feet, albeit slowly. The referee stopped his count at nine and watched both men as they slowly rose from their feet. Staggs goes for a running clothsline and misses as Old Skool ducks underneath him, runs to the ropes, comes back, and hits Staggs with a shining wizard! Staggs goes down, but briefly as he struggles to get on his feet, Old Skool lashing at him with hard punches to the face that keeps his opponent hitting the floor on one knee! Then he hits a dropkick and goes for another pin attempt!

Tommy Staggs gets away with a kickout!

Adams: That must infuriate Old Skool to no end! So close yet so far!

Simone: Staggs is VERY determined not to let his foe get the best of him tonight, that's for sure!

Old Skool decides to go for the finish - THE SUSPENSION! He hits the move and connects! This looks like it is the end for Staggs! He goes for another pin...

But Staggs got the shoulder up!

Old Skool cannot believe it! He is frustrated, telling Staggs to just stay down and don't get up, but Staggs rises to his feet and hits a hard haymaker that surprises the hell out of Old Skool! Staggs follows it up with the Reverse Devastation Driver! Old Skool plummets to the ground and Staggs leaps on top of him, hooking the leg as the referee counts it in...



Justin Decent: Here is your winner - TOMMY STAGGS!!!!

Tommy Staggs celebrates his win in the ring as he jumps on the top rope with his arms raised, smiling with victory in hand as the referee checks on Old Skool. Old Skool is able to look up at his foe, gritting his teeth in rage.

Light it up by Rev Theory can be heard over the arena speakers as the fans rush to their feet. Stepping out on the ramp, Vixen salutes then begins her way towards the ring. Sliding inside, she holds out her hand for a microphone and walks to the middle of the ring. Looking around at the fans, she motions for them to be quiet as she brings the microphone to her lips.

Vixen: Last week I don’t know if you were watching closely but I was in a tag match with Cookie and facing the Bombshell champ. It looked like we were on the road to getting a win when someone decided to get right in the thick of things. Stick her nose right into my business...

Vixen smiles as the fans start to chant for Misty.

Vixen: Now, I know that I am a newcomer here in Sin City Wrestling and I know that right now, I am the one that has a pretty good record coming into this federation. What I don’t know is why she thought that coming into the match, distracting my opponents and then..

Vixen motions a slap to her face, imitating the shot from Misty in last week’s match.

Vixen: SMACK...right in the proverbial kisser so I have to ask myself...self...does she actually have a clue about who I am? So here is what I want to do. Misty, I know you are back there and I know you are probably listening intently to every word I am saying so why don’t you come out here and I can introduce myself properly to you. After all, we don’t want to have any misunderstandings

Vixen looks up at the ramp with a smirk.

Vixen: Do we?

As if on cue, “What You Want” by Evanescence starts to play, and just a few seconds later, NWA Cruiserweight Champion, Misty, appears from backstage, accompanied by her pyromaniac friend, Electra Blaze. Misty has the NWA Cruiserweight Title draped over her shoulder, and a microphone in hand, as she locks eyes with Vixen standing in the ring, a cocky grin on her face. She starts walking to the ring, and tells Electra to stand back and stay where she is.

Misty: I’m sorry….Vixen is it?

Vixen nods as she keeps her eyes locked on Misty as Misty walks to the ring.

Misty: Vixen, I have to admit, you’re mighty brave calling ME out here. I mean, do you have any idea who *I* am? I’m the NWA Cruiserweight Champion, and, although I don’t have the belt to show it right now, the top Bombshell here in SCW, and not exactly someone you want to mess with.

Misty enters the ring, amidst the chorus of boos coming from the crowd. She heads over to Vixen, standing almost inches away.

Misty: You think I stuck my nose in your business when I got involved in your match last week? You are the one who misunderstood, Vixen. You see, I was sticking myself into something that is very much MY business, but if you had any idea who I am, then you would know that wouldn’t you? You see, I was pretty shocked, and a little pissed off too, to hear that you would be one of two women facing Raynin for the Bombshell Title at London Brawling.

The crowd cheers, and Vixen stands there with a smile on her face, but Misty does not.

Misty: That’s nothing to smile about, trust me, and for a couple of reasons. You’ve only had, what, three matches so far, and suddenly they think you deserve a title shot? Okay, I won’t argue with the bosses, but what I could do and what I did, is show you and everyone else just what you’re getting yourself into. I had to give you a nice introduction to the Bombshell Championship, because that’s as close as you’ll be getting to it.

Vixen chuckles as her head lowers slightly then she looks back up to Misty, her smile widening.

Vixen: Misty Misty...I know exactly what I am getting into and I know exactly who and what you are, nothing but a big bad bombshell wannabee. But you see, when it comes to me, you only know what you have seen here in Sin City. That isn’t all there is to Vixen you know. Yes you may be the NWA cruiserweight champion. Yes you may think you are god’s gift to wrestling. But, with me being a champion myself, you don’t scare me much. In fact, once I win the Bombshell title and have both belts around this oh so deserving waist, then maybe what I should do is come after that pretty little belt you have.

Vixen steps one step closer to Misty her smile still on her face, taunting Misty as she slowly takes a slow glance up and down her rival.

Vixen: And there will be nothing you can do to stop me.

Misty’s nostrils flare, and she stands there, rigid.

Misty: Really? You think there is nothing I can do to stop you? We’ll see about that

Misty suddenly drops her title to the mat, then spears Vixen to the mat and begins throwing left and rights to Vixen’s head! The two Bombshells begin rolling around, taking turns pummeling each other as the crowd goes wild. Electra Blaze runs down to the ring, just as Vixen has Misty pinned down, holding by her hair and throwing hard punches right to Misty’s head.

Electra slides in to the ring and immediately pulls Vixen off of Misty, shoving her to the ground. Vixen wastes no time in getting back to her feet, glaring at Electra, as the two get nose-to-nose. Vixen then shoves Electra hard to the mat, sending Misty’s fiery friend down right on her ass! Vixen doesn’t notice Misty standing directly behind her holding the NWA Cruiserweight title in her grasp, with a bloody smile spread across her face. Electra smiles and points behind her.

Vixen turns around, and just as Misty is about to nail Vixen in the head with the Cruiserweight title, Vixen ducks, then quickly spins around deliver a superkick and sending the title right back in Misty’s face!

Several SCW officials come running down to the ring, just as Electra is about to attack Vixen, but Vixen quickly slides out of the ring. Electra goes to check on Misty, as do the officials, before turning her attention to Vixen. Misty has gotten to a sitting position, and holds the back of her head as she glares at Vixen, the blood trickling down her now busted open lip. Vixen moves her hands back and forth around her waist, in a belt-like motion, signaling not only her plans for the Bombshell Championship, but perhaps Misty’s NWA Cruiserweight Title as well.

Back inside the ring, Misty angrily shoves not only Electra Blaze away, but also a couple of the SCW officials who were checking on her, as Vixen disappears backstage.

“Kamikaze” by Five Iron Frenzy hits the arena. The crowd bursts into cheers as Tom Dudely walks out to the top of the ramp. A smile spreads across Tom’s face as he takes in the reaction. He takes his time walking down the ramp, slapping every outstretched hand that he can reach. When he finally reaches the ring, Tom climbs up the steps and into the ring. He grabs a microphone as the crowd starts to simmer down.

Tom: First off, I’d like to apologize to those of you who’d bet on me to win the knockout tournament. Unfortunately, the luck of the draw put me up against the worst possible match-up for me in the first round. For those of you who did not see the match, Rage and I fought tooth and nail. We went back and forth until one of us couldn’t answer the three count. Unfortunately, I came out on the losing end.

Tom lowers his head in shame for a moment before continuing.

Tom: I know that you are all wanting to hear an update on Wyatt’s condition. If you all followed him on Twitter, you would already know that he saw a doctor earlier in the week and he’s healing nicely. There is a chance of him returning a little early at his current pace. But, rest assured, until Wyatt comes back I will be here competing for you all to see.

The crowd bursts into cheers.

Tom: There have been some questions in the last couple of weeks about my contract status. Some people thought that I was only coming back for one match against Casey Williams to get revenge for Wyatt’s injury. That’s not the case at all. Being Wyatt’s manager, my job is to keep him relevant. I’ve seen many men who are at the top of their game go down with an injury and just fall to the wayside. I didn’t want that to happen to Wyatt, so I did the only thing I could thing to do. I stepped up to hold his spotlight. I called Mark and told him what I wanted to do. He was ecstatic to have me back in the ring. He signed me to a contract that was valid until the day Wyatt is cleared to compete again. He gave me the match I wanted, against Casey, and he threw in the shot at the SCW Championship as a bit of a signing bonus, if you will. So for the next few weeks, until Wyatt returns, I will be competing in this ring for all of your enjoyment. Thank you for all of the support. I’ll see you at London Brawling.

Tom slides the microphone across the ring as “Kamikaze” starts to play again. Tom climbs out of the ring and walks around the ring slapping hands and even taking a few pictures with fans. He walks back up the ramp, stopping at the top to turn around and wave to the fans one last time before disappearing backstage.

Despayre and Big B walk towards the dressing room they were guarding, each with large cones of cotton candy in their hands and the sugary stains around their mouths. Angel, too, has a cone of the sweet treet tucked in his paws but no stains. (teddy bears are very tidy diners you know!)

Despayre: The yellow is my favorite. How about you?

Big B: I like the blue.

Despayre: Exchange!

The two hand over their cotton candy cone to the other and sample the other's favorite when B stops and taps Despayre on the shoulder.

Despayre: What is it? I got a boog?

B shakes his head and points ahead to the dressing room door that was not latched the entire way. Despayre's eyes widened.

Despayre: Ooooo! Angel's office has been infiltrated! Cover me!

Big B: That line didn't work for Christian and it's not going to work for you.

Despayre: Huh? ... Never mind. Let's move!

The two (three when you count the teddy bear) move forward towards the door slowly. B steps ahead, and pokes a finger at the door to open it slowly and he and Despayre peek inside.

Big B: Nobody's in here.

Despayre: They must have skidaddled when they heard us coming. Let's check Angel's stuff!

They walk into the room and look around.

Big B: Seems okay.

Despayre: Uh uh! Looky there!

Despayre points at the table where the folder was set and some of the papers within hanging from the confines. Despayre looks at B.

Despayre: Spies!

Big B: No foolin'? Spies? Who could it be?

Despayre: I think we both know who. Now it's just a matter of finding him and interrogating him to discover just what he knows!

Big B: Right!

Despayre: Let's go!

Despayre grabs the folder and he and B head out of the dressing room to search for the traitorous spy!

Justin: Tonight’s contest is scheduled for one fall.. Introducing first, from Anaheim, California standing 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 125pounds and making her SCW debut… Krystal Diamond!!!!

The lights dim as "Only Prettier" blares throughout the arena. The music is loud as the fireworks explode from the stage in blues and greens. The audience does not know whether to applaud or boo when Krystal makes her appearance. Krystal walks out and smirks as she shakes her hips down the ramp before sliding into the ring.

Justin: And her opponent, making her way to the ring by way of Lynchburg, Tennessee, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 145 pounds, she is… BRANDI SHOTZE!!

The opening chords to "Here For The Party" by Gretchen Wilson blasts through the speakers. As the fiddles kick in, Brandi Shotze appears at the top of the ramp. She looks around the crowd nodding and starts to walk down the ramp. She climbs the steps and gets in ring. Brandi looks over her oponnent with a smirk and then sprints over to the middle turnbuckle. She climbs up on in and raises her arms to the crowd.



Adams: Krystal looks a little lost, she is still dressed for a volleyball match.

Simone: Well she got her start playing that sport but has trained hard to give wrestling a try, I hope she is ready because Brandi is not waisting any time.

The ladies briefly circle around the ring as they size each other up but it is Brandi who makes the first move. She moves in low, slamming into Krystal and slamming her to the mat. Brandi is not on top of Krystal punching her a few times and slamming her head to the mat. At first Krystal is too surprised to react but with a hollar she is able to wiggle out of Brandi grasp and roll away. She backs away with a look of alarm and anger.

Adams: Brandi looks pissed off. Maybe she is hung over and Krystal opening pyros gave her a headache. I am not sure what her deal is but she is looking for a fight.

Simone: I think she just wants to prove herself as one of the dominate forces in the Bombshell division. Maybe she wants to make an example of Krystal.

Krystal staggers to her feet first but Brandi is ready for her. She launches to her feet and charges Krystal again. This time she connects with a massive closeline and Krystal is on the ground again. Brandi helps her up and gets her into position for a brutal sidewalk slam. Brandi goes for the pin.


Krystal kicks out!

Adams: Whoa! I thought Brandi might have gotten an early win there but Krystal seems to have some fight in her.

Simone: Well despite what Brandi suggest, SCW does not just pick up their fighters off the street. If Krystal is being given a shot here than she has some skill.

Adams: I just hope Brandi stops beating on her long enough for us to see something out of her.

Brandi does not seem interested in giving Krystal Diamond much of a chance to do anything. She is pulling her up by her hair and looks to be swinging back to clock her, but Krystal ducks under it pushing past Brandi while heading for the ropes. Brandi turns around with hate in her eyes, but Krystal has some momentum off the ropes. Out of nowhere Kystal launches herself at Brandi with abandon and connects with a spear.

Adams: Where did that come from!

Krystal is up quickly and delivers two quick kicks to Brandi side before grabbing her arm. She delivers a knee drop on the arm. Making sure to keep focus on the arm, Krystal slips into a flawless armbar, twisting Brandi arm and causing her to put up quite a fight.

Simone: Krystal is trying to slow this match down which is a great strategy against Brandi.

Adams: I think mostly it is just making her angry.

Brandi curses at Krystal and grabs one of her legs, tripping her up. Krystal stumbles to the mat and Brandi delivers a quick elbow to her side before rolling away. Both women now struggle to get up but Brandi is faster. She grabs Krystal and this time connects with a right hook that sends the ex-vollyball star stumbling back. Brandi than shoves her into the corner and chases after with a vicious elbow.

Adams: Yep she is pissed off now. So much for keeping things slow.

Simone: Krystal did not lock up that armbar as well as she could, she is still new to the sport. She is getting a painful lesson now.

Brandi is just beating on Krystal now who is trapped in the corner. Krystal is trying to find a way out but Brandi is not giving her much opportunity. Than the Southern brawler pulls her out of the corner, gets Krystal into a face lock and performs a jumping DDT.

Adams: Ouch! I think that is all the beating that poor girl can take.

Brandi rolls Krystal over for the pin.


Almost 3!! Somehow Krystal finds the power to throw a shoulder up and Brandi is enraged. She is picking Krystal up and setting her up for the Redneck Slam!!!

Simone: I have to give it to Krystal Diamond she is showing a lot of gumption but I am not sure if she can get up from this.

Somehow Krystal wiggles out of Brandi’s grasp as she spins around before the slam. She lands on her feet awkwardly Brandi is confused and enraged. She turns to face her opponent but is caught off guard when Krystal brings her down with a snap DDT. Both women lie on the floor.

Adams: What was that madness! I can’t tell if that was luck or skill but somehow Krystal is still in it.

Simone: I think we would need to see her do it twice to know for sure. The ref is now starting the ten count. One of these fighters has to get to her feet and finish this.

The ref counts to four before both women start to drag themselves up. This time Krystal is the first to her feet and she quickly runs over to Brandi slamming her with a drop kick. Krystal than capitalizes on the momentum and uses her legs to scissor the arm she had focused on earlier. She has her in some kind of scissored armbar.

Adams: Brandi is bucking like a bull, that hold must hurt like a bitch.

Simone: She is not just bucking she is struggling to reach the ropes...and she has them! Krystal has to break the hold.

But Krystal is refusing to break it. The crowd does not like that one bit. The ref is yelling at her to break it. She finally does but as she starts to break away she kicks Brandi in the face. The crowd boos even louder. Krystal glares at the crowd and grins.

Adams: I think Krystal gets better the more the crowd hates her.

Brandi struggles to get up but Krystal grabs her before she can get to her feet. She gets her in a facelock and seems to be setting her up for something big, but Brandi reverses it powerslamming Krystal to the mat.

Simone: I believe Krystal was going to try for her finisher, The Spike, but Brandi had other plans.

Adams: and I don’t like the look in her eye. Brandi kind of scares me, I am not going to lie.

Brandi glares down at Krystal with crazy eyes. She picks Krystal up punching her in the side than lifting her up for a flapjack. Krystal hits the mat hard and seems to be winded, she is trying to crawl away from Brandi.

Simone: The momentum has shifted so suddenly. Brandi is in control again.

Brandi grabs Krystal foot, dragging her towards her. She kicks Krystal hard then lifts her up. She has her up for another Redneck Slam!! This time she connects and she is going for the pin.


Justin: The winner of the match.... Brandi Shotze!!!

Adams: This one is over. What a huge slam!

Simone: Krystal showed some promise but in the end she did not have enough fight in her.

Brandi stands over Krystal who is not moving much. She seems to be talking trash to her opponent before leaving the ring while the crowd goes wild.

Once again, the camera is in the darkened dressing room of the Sins, but this time there is a new arrival. A chair is stationed in the center of the dressing room floor a,d on that chair is none other than the wealthy "brat prince" of Sin City Wrestling, James Huntington-Hawkes III. His legs are spread wide and ankles tied ightly to the chair legs. His ars have been pulled behind the back of the chair and bound together. Duc tape is firmly over his mouth to prevent any noise being made, and his eyes are wide with terror and he is shaking and perspiring.

Despayre: All right, confess!

He lunges at JHHIII who flinches and squeeks behind his gag. Despayre puts his hands on the chair's arm rests and is nose to nose wigth the terrified JHHIII.

Despayre: Fot the last time, tell us ghe truth! Where were you on the night of tonight and how did you manage to enter the premises in question and get a gander at Angel's secret files and why did you sell your soul to the Aristocrats so you could tell them everything that you've learned???

JHHIII, despite his predicament, frowns and tries to speak but his words are muffled effectively. Despayre cups his hand over his ear and leans in.

Despayre: How's that? I didn't quite understand you.

B taps Despayre on the shoulder.

Big B: I think it's because of the tape over his mouth.

Despayre turns and looks bewildered.

Despayre: Well thats no excuse! I saw Synn's boyfriend Sean with one of those funny gags in his mouth and Synn understood him fine.

B ponders this with a frown and the dressing room door opens and Gabriel walks inside. Seeing another, JHHIII struggles and tries calling to him but nothing is heard nor understood. Gabriel takes the scene in stride and looks to Despayre.

Gabriel: Hey Despy! Whatcha doing?

Despayre: Torturing James for information.

Gabriel: Oh okay, look... Synn sent me to get you and tell you we're heading out for supper. B can come with too if he likes.

Despayre: But we can't. We haven't finished torturing James yet.

Gabriel: Synn found a Chucky Cheese.

Despayre: Right behind ya! C'mon Bernie!

Despayre grabs Angel and follows Gabriel out the door, and B follows him. JHHIII looks wide eyed, absolutely stunned he's just being left there. He struggles violently and tries to protest to no avail. B really knows his knots!


The lights are turned off, leaving the bound and gagged JHHIII in the dressing room as the door is shut and locked.

The cameras switch backstage inside Misty’s locker room. Electra Blaze is seen sitting down, clicking her lighter over and over, not paying any attention to Misty, or the fit she is throwing. Electra doesn’t even notice that Misty kicks both of their duffel bags across the room.

Misty: That BITCH! Electra, how could you let that happen?!

Electra’s eyes focus on the tiny flame coming from her lighter, causing her to zone out.


Misty suddenly smacks the lighter out of Electra’s hand, sending it flying several feet away. Electra looks at her, frowning.

Electra: Hey! That wasn’t very nice!

Misty: I don’t care! How could you let that bitch get the best of me out there?!

Electra: Ummm, I didn’t! I’m sorry if she was quicker than you out there, but I tried to get her back! Geez…

Misty growls, then screams, as furiously grabs a wet towel and wipes some blood from her mouth. Electra walks over and grabs her lighter, getting back to clicking it once again.

Misty: You should have been quicker! I never should have come to Berlin! This night has been one disaster after another. People are going to learn real damn quick that I’m not one to mess with. People can hate me all they want, but deep down, they’re all just jealous, because they’re not on the same talent level as me, and they never will be. Raynin…Vixen…Spike…They will never achieve the status I have.

Misty hears the constant clicking of Electra’s lighter, and immediately her annoyance shows. She turns around, to see Electra once again staring at her lighter with an intent smile on her face.

Misty: Electra! Quick! There was an explosion down the hall!

Electra suddenly snaps out of her trance, and jumps to her feet, she looks around, wide-eyed and grinning.

Electra: What?! Where?! I didn’t hear anything!

Misty walks up to Electra, then smacks her upside the back of her head, and snaps her fingers.

Misty: That’s because there isn’t one you dumbass! Now, hand over that damn lighter, so we can talk about how we’re going to get little miss Vixen back.

A disappointed look falls over Electra’s face, as she hands Misty her lighter, then drops back down on the couch and looks back up at Misty.

Electra: Awww, man…

Misty then shoves the lighter into her pocket, and begins devising a plan for payback against Vixen.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Main Event of Sin City Wrestling and Climax Control! It is time for the Clash of the Champions!

The Wellblechpalast reverberates with the cheers of the fans as the sound system begins to pump out the first of entrance themes...

"Crazy,but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate
Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

Justin: Introducing first the Sin City Wrestling Tag Team Champions! At a total combined weight of 630 pounds ... Jordan Williams and Casey Williams, the New Extremes!

"Crazy Train" by Bullet for My Valentine plays and the New Xtreme championship combination of Jordan Williams and Casey Williams walk out onto the stage and are greeted by the cheers of the crowd onhand. They walk down the aisle, slapping hands reaching out until they're arrive at the ringside area. Casey climbs up onto the apron and steps literally over the top rope as Jordan slides inside beneath the bottom rope. He stands up and double high-fives Casey as they turn and look toward the entrance for the arrival of their opponents.

Simone: This could very well be the biggest match in the history of Climax Control. We have those two men, the Tag Team Champions of Sin City Wrestling about to go up against none other than the combination of the Roulette and Heavyweight Champions.

Adams: Who really don't seem to be getting along at all.

Simone: And that little fact could very easily cost them this match.

Justin: Introducing their opponents! First he is the current Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion! From Tahlequah, Oklahoma, weighing 217 pounds ... Bo Dreamwolf!

"That's not the beginning of the end
That's the return to yourself
The return to innocence"

"Love - Devotion
Feeling - Emotion
Love - Devotion
Feeling - Emotion
Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence"

The calls of "Return to Innocence" sounds across the PA system. Between the first chant and the second chant, Dreamwolf appears and stands at the top of the ramp bowing his head -- when Nick Jones slips up from behind him on the stage and with a hard yank...

Simone: Oh for... it's started already! Nick just pants'd his own tag team partner!

Adams: You mean trunk'd. or loin cloth'd... or ... say who figured Bo for being a thong man?

Simone: Most wrestlers wear them you... I can't believe I'm actually having this conversation!

Bo hurriedly pulls his trunks back up and turns to glare toward the backstage curtain area before turning back and beginning his march towards the ring, not taking his eyes off of Casey nor Jordan. Sliding inside, he then mounts the turnbuckle in the corner and raises a fist to the fans, letting loose with his own war cry to which the fans reply with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Bo then drops down and turns to look briefly toward his opponents before glancing back toward the stage.

Justin: And his tag team partner is the reigning Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion! From Los Angeles, California, weighing 251 pounds ... Nick Jones!

"Guess who's back? haha
I used to be broke, joke
Got used, smoked dope, paid dues
Refused to give up quick,
Now theres 10 million motherfuckers on my dick
So what, say how, say who
Fuck what, fuck me, fuck you
Come clean, you know I will
Drink a fifth of Jim Beam and still stand still uh
I'm the illest fool
Cooler than the water in a swimmin' pool
Fly like a seagul, kickin' like a mule
More jams than a beetle from Liverpool
I deliver fool
Now who the fuck are you?
I'm Kid motherfuckin' Rock from the old school
Got more money, than Matchbox 20
Get more ass than Mark McGrath"

"They say I'm cocky, and I say What?
It ain't braggin' motherfucker if ya back it up
They say I'm cocky, and I say What?
It ain't braggin' motherfucker if ya back it up"

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the rampway and then stops for a moment. He then waits as the lovely Diana Roberts makes her way out behind him. Nick drops down to a knee as, a cocky smirk then comes across his face as he flexes his muscles. Diana rubs Nick's chest as he looks at his muscles, looking rather impressed with himself as the smirk on his face grows. Nick then gets up and takes Diana's arm and turns and looks back at the ramp and waits as Nick's "muscle", Big B and Slick Tony make their way out. The two men flank Nick and Diana as they make their way down the rampway. They all head down the rampway, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans on his way down to the ring, flipping off a few people here and there. Nick then walks to the steel steps and waits for Diana to climb up first, as he watches her from behind, before he quickly walks up them and then walks across the apron, while Big B and Tony wait outside the ring. Nick steps one leg into the ring and then takes a seat onto the middle rope for a moment, holding the ropes open as Diana climbs in. Nick sits there for a moment, just looking around the arena. He looks at all the people sitting around and just gets a look of disdain on his face as he shakes his head in disgust, soliciting even more jeers from the audience. Nick laughs at this response as he turns away from the crowd to climb into the ring. He swings his other leg into the ring and then walks over to his corner, where Diana sits on the top turnbuckle. Nick leans back as Diana rubs his shoulders, as Nick stands there and waits with a cocky and confident smirk on his face.

Nick then walks right up to his tag team partner and starts poking him in the chest and lecturing him verbally but Bo suddenly swats Nick's hand away. Nick's face flushes red and his associates, Tony and Big B step up and start to confront Bo but the Roulette Champion doesn't back down and just stares back at them.

Simone: This is not good! The match hasn't started and we have two reluctant partners ready to take each others' heads off.

Adams: Correction! It looks like two of Nick's boys are about to take someone's head off.

Tony and B step up into Bo's face when Jasmine, the referee for this one, gets involved. She holds her hands up, barring their way, points at them, as well as Diana and points to the back, shouting...

Jasmine: OUT!

The crowd cheers and B and Tony look back at Nick who storms up and gets in Jasmine's face! The official is unyielding and she points again, shouting the same thing.

Jasmine: OUT!

Adams: She's throwing the Entourage from the ringside area! Can she do that?

Simone: Nick Jones sure as hell doesn't think so but what Jasmine wants, Jasmine gets!

Nick is vehemently arguing with the referee while his partner Bo is admittedly, smiling in delight at the situation. Nick turns and nods at his Entourage and they reluctantly leave the ring, then exit the area. Diana, Big B and Tony constantly look back at the fuming Nick who turns to the smiling Bo and he starts shouting at him.

Adams: Boy! The Champ is altogether an unhappy fellow!

Casey and Jordan confer and the big man steps over the ropes and to the apron in his corner so that Jordan can begin for his team. On the opposite side, Bo and Nick are debating over who''ll start for their side.

Simone: Good god, even this they fight over?

Nick and Bo debate when out of the blue, Nick shoves Bo hard enough that he falls to the mat, and the Heavyweight Champion steps out to his corner with a smug grin on his face.

Simone: I think Nick just played Bo.

Bo stands up and glares at Nick before turning around to face off against Jordan across the ring. Jasmine calls for the bell.



Jordan and Bo come out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring and exchange a handshake.

Simone: Nice display of sportsmanship there.

Adams: Nick doesn't think so.

Nick looks disgusted that Bo didn't take a cheap shot and looks away. Bo and Jordan circle briefly and lock up, collar and elbow. Jordan then quickly takes Bo down with an arm drag. Bo gets up as Jordan pauses, and the two circle again and lock up a second time. This time Jordan shifts his weight and hiptosses Bo over to the mat. Jordan backs up a couple of steps and waits as Bo stands up.

Simone: I remember a day when Jordan wouldn't have hesitated to stomp a man when he was down.

The two circle, and lock up. This third time Jordan scoops Bo up and drives him down with a body slam before stepping back.

Adams: He keeps backing away instead of following up. Is there a point to this?

Simone: Jordan has an extensive history with Bo's mentor, Austin Parker. I think he's in the feeling out process of his old friend's charge.

Adams: He's feeling Bo up!? I thought Jordan was married!

Simone: *sighs*

Casey applauds for Jordan, while Nick shouts derively at his own partner. Bo and Jordan start circling once again, and for the fourth time, they lock up. Swiftly, Bo arm drags Jordan over, then as Jordan gets up, he is caught by a hiptoss, and then a scoop body slam -- repeating every maneuver Jordan had accosted him with. Jordan gets up to his feet, nodding and he even applauds the younger superstar. Jordan walks up and offers a second handshake, and when Bo reaches, Williams doubles him over with a boot to the stomach.

Simone: And there's the Jordan Williams we all know and love.

Adams: Bo's going to be sent back to Austin's camp for falling for *that* one.

Jordan grabs Bo and goes for a forearm shot but Bo blocks it and rocks Jordan back against the ropes with his own stiff forearms, following up with a European uppercut. Bo goes for an Irish whip but Jordan reverses it and he goes for a hiptoss ... Bo blocks it and counters and tries for his own hiptoss ... Jordan then counters *that* and turns the move into a backslide pin.

2..... Bo kicks out.

Simone: Jordan promised a wrestling clinic when he was in there with Bo and he is delivering.

Adams: And so is Bo.

Jordan reaches down for Bo but Bo plants his feet into Jordan's stomach and monkey flips him over, rolling through with his knees on Jordan's shoulders.

2..... Jordan uses his legs to sunset flip Bo back.

2..... Bo rolls back and folds Jordan in half with a jacknife cover.

2..... Jordan kicks out.

The fans applaud as Jordan smirks and backs to his corner and offers the tag, and Casey accepts. Casey climbs into the ring and Bo gets set to confront when Nick reaches in and tags himself into the match.

Adams: Aw, boo! I wanted to see what Bo could do against the giant.

Simone: Nick obviously isn't. I think he was tired of Bo being in the spotlight.

Bo glares angrily at Nick as Jones climbs into the ring and jets a thumb to the corner, dismissing him. Bo steps out through the ropes and Nick beckons for Casey to *bring it*. Smiling, Casey meets Nick in the middle of the ring and they go to lock up when Nick pokes the big man in the eyes. Nick then kicks him in the stomach, doubling the giant over. Nick hammers his back with a forearm when Casey shoves the champion back and the giant barrels forward, clobbering Nick with a lariat. The crowd cheers as Nick reels on the mat, dazed!

Adams: I don't think Nick made the giant very jolly.

Casey grabs Nick by the throat, picks him up off of the mat and lifts him into the air in a standing choke. Jasmine doesn't even have a chance to begin her count when Casey just dumps Nick into a corner. Casey brings two knees into his stomach, then hits him with a forearm shot across the back. Casey peels him away from the corner and brings him up and over with a gut wrench suplex. Casey makes the cover.

2..... Nick gets the shoulder up.

Casey grabs Nick by the hair and hauls him up, tagging in Jordan. Jordan vaults over the ropes and grabs Nick into a headlock, taking him down to the mat.

Simone: Oh now this is a match I want to see! The legend against the future legend!

Jordan cranks on the pressure as Nick has him by the head, struggling to get out of the headlock, eventually grabbing Jordan in a headscissors, also taking him by the arm in an armlock at the same time.

Simone: One can't deny the fact Nick Jones is arrogant, but also is a fabulous technical wrestler.

Adams: Sure they can, but then they'd have to explain that to Nick.

Jordan kicks out of the hold and both men are right back up, and circling each other like wild animals. They lock up and Jordan ducks behind Nick and grabs him in a waistlock and takes him over to the mat, and puts him in a leg grapevine face-down while reaching and also taking him in a headlock.

Simone: That is the mark of Jordan's success. He doesn't limit himself. He'll work on two body parts at the same time.

Jordan, while holding onto Nick's legs and knees, puts both knees into his back and brings him over into a bow and arrow submission hold. Jasmine leans in to ask if Nick will submit but Nick refuses.

Adams: I don't think Nick's ego would allow for a submission.

Jordan holds on but Nick breaks free and rolls over on top of Jordan in a cover.

1..... Jordan kicks out.

Both men get up and Nick walks right up and shoves Jordan back. Jordan looks out to the fans, then knife edge chops Nick across the chest. Jordan lays a fist into the side of his head, then rams his head into the corner. Jordan sends Nick into the far corner and charges in but Nick brings up an elbow to Jordan's chest, then charges in and clotheslines the Tag Champion down to the mat. Nick covers him and hooks the leg.

2..... Jordan kicks out!

Nick grabs Jordan and twists his arm into an arm wringer and reaches and Bo tags in. Nick holds the extended arm of Jordan as Bo vaults over the ropes and drops a leg down across the exposed limb.

Adams: Teamwork from Nick and Bo? I'm shocked. I'm astounded. I'm absolutely silly.

Simone: Maybe they finally realized if they want to win they have to save the fighting for later.

Bo grabs Jordan's arm and twists it until he ducks behind him in a hammerlock. Jordan reaches behind him, grabs Bo by the head and drops to a knee, snapmaring him over. Jordan reaches down and Bo kicks his legs up to roll Jordan into a victory roll cover.

2..... Jordan kicks out and rolls backwards, reaching and tagging in Casey.

Casey steps into the ring and he and Bo lock up. Bo grabs Casey in a headlock, then switches to an armlock. He twists Casey's arm into an overhead wristlock when Casey swings a fist and knocks Bo to the mat.

Adams: Yeah I didn't think that would work too well with a man Casey's size.

Casey reaches for him but Bo rolls over and scissors Casey's legs with his own and trips him to the mat. Bo then jumps up and pulls Casey along with him, and goes for an Irish whip but Casey reverses it and Bo leaps at him, but Casey catches him and drives him down with a spine buster! Casey with the cover and he hooks the leg.

2..... Bo kicks out at the same time as Nick runs in and stomps on the back of Casey's head to break it up.

Adams: I can't believe Nick just came to Bo's rescue.

Simone: Nick wants to avoid any losses at all costs.

Casey grabs Bo and drags him by the hair over to tag Jordan into the ring. Jordan grabs Bo in a double underhook and suplexes him over once ... twice ... three times, finally arching his back in a bridging pin attempt.

2..... Bo kicks out.

Simone: Bo has got to get Nick into this match. he's sustained some serious damage at the hands of the Tag Team Champions.

Jordan pulls Bo into a seated position and wraps him in a rear chinlock, wrenching on his neck and upper back. Bo reaches with an arm and Jordan hooks it within his own, preventing him from reaching toward his own corner, and thus -- to Nick. Bo starts to thump his boot against the mat, and the fans start to rally alongside him, clapping and stomping.

Adams: The fans are rallying behind Bo, but they've been showing just as much support for Jordan and Casey. I guess Nick is the only one they hate.

Simone: I'm sure Nick loves himself enough for everybody.

Bo struggles to his knees, still wrapped up tight, and he reaches behind for Jordan's leg and falls back atop his opponent in a cover...

2..... Jordan is forced to let go of Bo to keep from being pinned.

Bo immediately tries to get to his corner but Jordan pummels him from behind, preventing it. Jordan then body slams Bo in the corner, then vaults onto the ropes for a split legged moonsault, but Bo brings his knees up into Jordan's stomach, knocking the air completely out of him!

Simone: Now! Now's his chance to get out of there!

Jordan writhes on the mat and Bo crawls towards his corner. Bo reaches and Jordan grabs his foot, holding him. Bo then hops up onto his one foot and delivers a Enzugari then flips Jordan over! Bo jumps and Nick tags in! Nick comes running in to the scorn of the fans and as Jordan stands, nick connects with a flying leg lariat, knocking him right back down. Nick goes for an Irish whip but Jordan reverses it. Nick comes off the ropes as Jordan goes a backdrop, and Nick catches him with a Russian leg sweep! Nick rolls right through and on top of Jordan, but instead of going for the pin, nick playfully slaps him back and forth in the face to aggravate and taunt him.

Adams: There's the Nick Jones we all.... well, hate.

Jordan fights him off but a rake of the eyes stops the popular star fast. Nick drags him up and throws him up and over with a head and arm suplex. Nick covers him and hooks the leg.

2..... Jordan kicks out.

Nick forces Jordan's throat over the ropes and chokes him as Jasmine issues her count.


Nick lets go only long enough to run off of the ropes and go for a leg drop over his head but Jordan moves and Nick hangs himself up and bounces back to the mat. Jordan somersaults across the ring and tags Casey back in.

Adams: Oh watch out Nick Jones!

Casey grabs Nick by both sides of the head and headbutts him right between the eyes, then follows up with a short arm clothesline. Casey brings him to his feet in the corner and lands an overhead chop to the chest that staggers Nick and leaving an immediate hand imprint on his pecs. Casey then sends him into the neutral corner and follows in with a hip check, crushing Nick with his huge backside. Casey keeps Nick from sinking to the mat and then backs up and goes for a big boot in the corner but Nick ducks and Casey crotches himself over the ropes.

Simone: Oh bad mistake for Casey!

Adams: Bad mistake for any man!

Nick grabs the top rope and yanks up hard, adding further insult and damage to the already hurt big man! Nick looks out at the fans, then to Jordan and smirks in the way that makes you want to slap him. Nick grabs Casey around the head with one arm and that hung up leg with the other, and brings him down to the mat...

Simone: Best of All! My God he hit the Best of All on a man Casey Williams's size!

Nick jumps up and holds his arms out and turns to taunt his own partner, but is close enough that Bo responds by tagging himself in! Nick's face betrays his shock at the audacity as Bo rushes into the ring and covers Casey, hooking the leg! Nick turns and rushes at Jordan as Jordan climbs in to stop the pin and they fall to the mat.


Justin: The winners of the match ... Nick Jones and Bo Dreamwolf!

Simone: Ha ha! I don't believe that! Nick did the damage, and Bo took advantage of it! Bo just totally and completely upstaged Nick Jones!

Adams: Neither can Nick. He is pissed!

As Jordan checks on Casey, Nick is right in Bo's face and the two engage in a stare down, nose to nose! Nick then slaps the taste right out of Bo's mouth and Bo responds in kind, bitch slapping Nick right back! Nick suddenly starts swinging and the two immediately engage in a wild brawl with the fans going crazy!

Adams: Oh oh! Here comes the calvary!

Big B and Tony are running out from the back and they jump into the ring and grab Bo, prying him off of their meal ticket! They hold Bo by the arms as Nick holds his sore jaw and he glares at Bo who is struggling.

Simone: Oh this is bullshit! What's the matter Nick? You coward!

Nick grabs Bo by the chin and starts running his mouth as only he can, when suddenly Jordan and Casey slam themselves into Tony and B, knocking them off of Bo!

Adams: Alright! Jordan and Casey to the rescue!

Nick ducks out of the ring and drops to the floor, as he calls his 'boys' on after him! Jordan swings lefts and rights at Tony but unafraid as always, Tony swings back until he rolls beneath the ropes to meet up with 'da boss'. Casey and B are trading shots but Tony grabs B by the feet and pulls him down and out of the ring before anything further can occur! The fans are going wild!

Simone: What a fight! And what a way to set things in motion for London Brawling!

Nick is backing up the aisle with B and Tony flanking him, pointing into the ring and shouting at Bo who is shouting right back as Jordan and Casey try to calm him down.

Adams: Wow! I have never seen Bo react like that to anyone!

Simone: What can we say? Nick Jones brings out the worst in the best of men.

The lights drop out in the arena and Midnight Tornado blasts through the speakers to a chorus of boos from the fans. Hot Stuff Mark Ward appears at the top of the ramp with Angelica and Veronica Taylor. The Entourage and Nick turns around to see Hot Stuff and the ladies and step aside. Hot Stuff mentions something to Nick as he walks past and Nick nods his head and nods to the Entourage. The small group of Hot Stuff, Nick Jones, Angelica, Veronica Taylor and The Entourage move towards the ring and Hot Stuff gets in the ring, taking a microphone from Justin Decent. He stares at Bo, Jordan and Casey as the music stops. Nick, the women and the Entourage move to the side of the ring.

HS: Time you three left the ring, you all have title defenses to deal with in London in a couple of weeks, time for the boss to do some talking here.

Bo nods, respectful as ever and leaves the ring. Casey looks confused at what's going on but a smirk crosses Jordan's face. As the trio leave the ring, Nick Jones Angelica, Veronica and the Entourage jump in the ring on the opposite side. The fans boo loudly.

HS: We are just two weeks from London Brawling, where Nick Jones will not only destroy Rage, but I will rid this business of that beast called....

Suddenly, the entire arena goes dark and the crowd is unsure of what's going on!

Simone: What the hell is going on around here?!!

Adams: I hear a lot of angry shouts emanating from the ring! Not good!!

Suddenly, the lights come up and it's turning out to be a vicious beating on them all! Nick's entourage, Nick Jones, Mark Ward, Angelica and Veronica are now victims on a devastating onslaught! The culprits are all dressed in black, from head to toe, no one able to see their faces. All of the foes are completely helpless as one of them takes away Nick's championship belt and steps back as they continue to put on the hurt!

"On We March..." blares on the speakers and the crowd immediately goes into boos as Kain appears backstage, smiling with glee as Ariel follows not far from behind!

Adams: Kain lied! Ariel was here the whole time, not back in her home, recovering from her emotional and physical injuries!

Simone: Kain is enraged and wanted nothing but retribution! At least he's telling the truth about that!

Kain and Ariel enter the ring. Ariel has brass knuckles equipped. She orders the females to drag both Veronica and Angelica to ropes and handcuffed, which happens within a few minutes. It doesn't take long for Angelica and Veronica to get busted open as Ariel works on them each, smashing them constantly on the forehead, blood pouring out profusely. Veronica and Angelica are now helpless, unable to do anything as Ariel and her cohorots are kicking them both down. Meanwhile, Kain grabs the championship belts and taunts Mark Ward, who is being held from behind. He yells at Kain to back off, but gets punched hard in the stomach by one of the males and falls to his knees.

Kain laughs and then rushes towards Nick, smashing him HARD with the championship belt! Not only does it knock a few teeth out of Nick Jones, but blood now starts pouring on the ground. Kain then brutally kicks Nick in the face, knocking him out as he lets go, allowing his partners to beating the shit out of Nick with their kicks. Kain orders one of the men to grab a chair from the outside. That man gets out of the ring, yells at one of the attendants to get off the chair, and picks it up. He enters the ring and hands Kain the chair, who tosses the championship onto Nick's bloodied body. He looks at Mark "Hot Stuff" Ward, who glowers in fury.

Simone: Kain is a ruthless man that is willing to go THIS FAR to exact his revenge. How dare does anyone cross his path and gets away with a humilating beating like the one he received last week!

Adams: Not to mention hurting his woman! That is a huge no-no to Kain. Ariel is his beloved and anyone that touches her violently will suffer the consequences! But at the same time, you shouldn't piss off Mark Ward either. No one should be getting away with this! Well, maybe except for Kain!

Kain gets into Mark's face and trash talks to him as the crowd boos at him. Something about the sight of his upcoming opponent made him angry and he whacked Mark Ward hard in the face with a vicious chairshot. But the men behind hold Mark as Kain lands one chairshot after the next. It lasts for ten chair headshots. Mark is now unconsciousness as the men let go of him. Ariel knocks out Veronica and Angelica and spits in their face in a sign of disrespect and dislike. Then she walks over to her man as Kain picks up the championship. The males and females, all dressed in black, stand back and watch silently as Kain laughs and raises the championship above his head, standing over Mark Ward and Nick Jones as Nick's entourage is also down, unmoving, the crowd booing Kain out of the building.

Adams: Who are those men and women and why are they helping Kain? None of them are on the roster as far as we know! But one thing we know for sure - Mark Ward and Kain have a score to settle and things have heated up BIG TIME! No one will be satisfied until a winner is determined at London Brawling!

Simone: And on that note, Adams, we must go. Thank you all for watching and good night!

THANK YOU: To Chris, Mark, Erik, Craig, Mete, Aleksei, Maggie, Vixen, Johnny Brown, Tom and all SCW roleplayers that make this fed well worth while