Climax Control

The University Sports Centre in Amsterdam, Holland is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, holding up signs for their favorite SCW superstars and Bombshells;

"Welcome to Amsterdam SCW!"

"I have naughty dreams about Dreamwolf!"

"Welcome back to the ring Tom!"

"Vixen = Future Bombshell Champion"

"Goth = Tammy Faye's Makeup Artist"

The cameras pass along the fans, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions.


Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands up with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Amsterdam, Holland for the first stop in our tour here in Europe, and welcome to Climax Control!

The crowd cheers!

Justin: Please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd in Amsterdam applauds and cheers as Amanda is escorted out onto the stage by two handsome and muscular young men. Amanda is dressed in a gown made of blue and black feathers and the two men are wearing muscle shirts and skin-tight jeans. The music starts to play and the hunks perform the dance moves right alongside Amanda's left and right sides.

Amanda: Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Meeting Mr. Right, the man of my dreams
The one and only true love or at least it seems
With brown coco skin and curly black hair
It's just the way he looks at me, that gentle lovin' stare

Finally you come along
The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong
If you only knew the way I feel about you
I just can't describe him oh no no

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

It seemed so many times he seemed to be the one
But all he ever wanted was to have a little fun
But now you've come along and brightened up my world
In my heart I feel it I'm that special kind of girl

Finally you come along
The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong
If you only knew the way I feel about you
I just can't describe him oh no no

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

Ooooooooh finally yeah yeah

True love, a feelin' I never knew
Until you came into my life and now it's real
I never knew that I would find the time
Before you I thought love was blind

And my life was coastin' out my emotion
Too strong for words, you're set for devotion
A-pushin' me from mutual attraction
True love, the chemical reaction

Then my actions
Reflect those of a way to makin' this a better love
A never ending plan like man and wife
Flavourful to my life like a spice

Summon me to death, you're my big mean of protection
My one and only source of affection
So I'm puttin' all games behind me
I've been lookin' for the key to love and I've found it finally

Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
My feelin's can't describe it
Finally it has happened to me
Right in front of my face
And I just cannot hide it

The music stops and Amanda poses with her arms held out and the two men each take a hand and kiss it as the crowd applauds.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Amsterdam. I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams

Simone: We have a great show for you lined up

Adams: We do. Sadly due to some Visa issues, Blaque Hart's match against Adam Smith has been postponed

Simone: But fear not, we open tonight's show with a triple threat match, as Goth takes on Johnny Brown and Jared Black

Adams: and we got the battle of the hotties tonight as supermodel Veronica Taylor, takes on the hottest thing to ever come out of Canada, the talented and beautiful Vixen.

Simone: Tom Dudely returns to action after three years out of the ring, to take on SCW biggest superstar, Casey Williams, to try and get a messure of revenge for injurying Wyatt Peterson

Adams: Also, we see Spike in action, for the first time since the wedding, as he teams with New Extreme team mate, Jordan Williams to take on the first ever SCW heavyweight champion, Gabriel and Seven Deadly Sins stablemate, and SCW's angriest man, Rage.

Simone: And in tonights main event, we have Bobby Cage, taking on Bo Dreamwolf, for the SCW Roulette title.

Adams: Plus tonight, we have a huge announcement from the boss himself, Hot Stuff Mark Ward, concerning our next Supercard, London Brawling

Simone: Tonight is gonna be a great one

Adams: So let's do this thang baby!

Recorded moments ago

Rocky Mountains: Stu! Stu Smith! Wait a moment.

The top heavy top reporter bounces across the car park towards a concerned looking ‘Gentleman’; the Bruvver from another mother of Johnny Brown. Dressed and ready to accompany his friend to the ring Stu looks like the monster he is in his white vest, jeans and ‘bovver’ boots. As Rocky Mountains gets close he breaks into a smarmy smile and extends his hand to clasp Rocky’s then kisses it.

SS: Good afternoon Rocky, it’s a delight to see you. Are you having a pleasant time in Amsterdam?

Rocky seems a bit taken aback by Stu’s behaviour after Johnny’s last week. Her blushing rapidly subsides and she is back to business.

RM: Um yes thank you Stu. I have to ask where is Johnny Brown? You are out here looking anxious, is he missing? Or running scared perhaps?

SS: Please excuse my language in front of a lady, but no effin’ way. Johnny isn’t scared of anything living or dead. He just went for a blow out on a bike and must have lost track of time. He’ll be here then Goth and Jared will get there head kicked in.

RM: Even if he does turn up before bell time he will face a hefty fine for being later, how will the typically short tempered True Brit react to that?

SS: He’s not in for moneys he’s… he’s here, see I told you there was no need to worry.

Stu wipes sweat from his brow as Johnny roars into car park outside of the arena. He pulls up next to Rocky and Stu, cuts the engine then sits the bike on its stand. He removes his helmet then runs his hand over his short but sweaty hair.

JB: Hey Stu, why are you talking to a pair of helium balloons in a wig? Oh sorry Rocky; it's you! I wondered what was casting such a big shadow over my friend here. Are you flirting with my friend here?

RM: Actually I was wondering where you were, you’re late and in line for a fine. Your-

JB: Rocky if you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid. I don’t care about money, if I did I’d be at the top of tha UFC or making a ‘ollywood movie, Jason Statham’s got nuffink on me. Hugh Grant?? Wot a tw*t. Fer me this is about beating f**kers up, that as plain as you’d be without yer ginormous funbags.

RM: So yer, I mean you are confident that you can “kick their heads in”?

JB: Y-E-S, DID YA UNDERSTAND THAT? Did I say it in plain enough English? Last week I allowed that stereotype chump Old Skool cost me a win in me debut. This week I have no one ta let me down ‘cept me.

Dutchman… Yank it’s time ta get battered by a True Brit.

Now get yer Brad Pitt’s outta me way I’ve got ta get ready for me match.

Justin: Our next contest is a triple threat match, and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

The low intro to Town Called Malice plays across the arena. At the top of the ramp the lights flashing to the beat show a figure at the top of the ramp.

As the chorus kicks in Johnny Brown turns flicks his arms out to herald his arrival. He struts to the ring ignoring the crowd nodding his head to his own theme. Behind him his Bruvver from another Mother, the ‘Gentleman’ Stu Smith; applauds Johnny whilst scowling at the fans.

Justin: On his way to the ring... weighing in at 240lbs and hailing from GREAT Britain.. He is the True Brit... Joooohhnnnyyy Brooooooown.

Johnny stops his march to listen to his introduction raising his hands high, beckoning to no-one in-particular that he is here. He springs lithely to the apron, wipes his boots then steps between the ropes. His bomber jacket is quickly unzipped and tossed to the Stu. He's ready.

Justin: His opponent is from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing 205 pounds ... Jared Black!

"Sacred Heart" by It Dies Today begins to play over the speakers as smoke starts to billow out from beneath the curtain. Then a spotlight is shown at the top of the ramp. Through the smoke emerges Jared Black, as the light shines off his mirrored aviator sunglasses and leather trench coat. Jared then starts his trek towards the ring. The lights start to come up as he climbs up onto the apron of the ring. He climbs the middle turnbuckle and removes his sunglasses as he bobs his head to the chorus which can be heard by the fans.

"Most days I'd sit and wish for,
This place to fall into the bay,
Its greatest offense being thievery
And I
Will wash away the sins of former lovers,
A trail of stillborn conquest in my wake.

Then Jared hops into the ring and removes his coat. He goes to his corner and awaits as "Sacred Heart" fades away.

Justin: And their opponent is accompanied to the ring by Sapphira, and he hails from Utrecht, in the Netherlands, but now resides in New York, New York, weighing 239 pounds ... Goth!

"Darkside" blasts across the sound system as Goth walks out to the ring, he is dressed in a long black Goth like robe. He is followed to the ring by Sapphira, who is wearing her usual Goth dress. Goth stops halfway the entrance way and stares at the crowd who are booing the owner of the AWA who grins and walks further on. In the ring he lets Sapphira take off his robe and he stares down his opponents in the ring.

Simone: I don't think Drew is even going to bother with instructions or pleas for a clean match considering the three men in this one!

Before the opening bell can even sound, Goth barrels right into Jared Black from behind and clotheslines him in the back of the head! Drew wastes no time in calling for the bell!


Triple Threat Match

Johnny Brown turns in time to see Goth rush him and the two start to exchange punches but Goth blinds him, raking his eyes, then doubles him over with a boot to the stomach and throws him over with a quick overhead suplex. Jared Black starts to get up as Goth goes for an early cover on Brown.

2..... Goth only gets a count of one, as he's greeted with a kick from Jared to break up the count.

Adams: Nice save from Black! The match could have ended just as fast as it started!

Simone: I doubt that! Goth might be the most experienced in that ring but i don't see either brown or Black going down without a fight!

Goth gets to his feet and starts brawling with Jared Black. Johnny Brown shakes his head as he gets up to clear the proverbial cobwebs from his head. Looking at his opponents, he smiles and lets them beat the crap out of each other for a bit.

Simone: Smart move there by Johnny. Why over exert yourself when you can let your opponents do all the damage to themselves?

Gaining the upper hand, Jared lands a European uppercut that staggers Goth back a number of steps, and then jumps and lands a dropkick to the face that sends Goth through the middle ropes and out of the ring.

Simone: And the enigma is sent out to the floor!

Adams: That dropkick was a beauty!

Simone: Jared better watch his back! Brown is still in the ring.

Jared smiles as he gets up, proud of himself, and is then sent right back down to the canvas by an EDL stalking lariat from behind by the "True Brit". Johnny Brown heads to the ropes and, on the way back, is forced to hop over Jared Black who dropped down onto the mat. Jared is quick to his feet and Brown doesn’t expect this. Jared has an arm extended out for a clothesline, but Johnny Brown's instincts kick in and he grabs the arm and takes him to the mat with a Fujiwara armbar.

Simone: Great counter! Brown is one of the more technically gifted young men to arrive in this business and he wants to take Jared apart!

Adams: Well if he expects a submission, he better crank that pressure on before Goth has anything to say about it!

Drew asks Jared if he wants to yield but Black shakes his head no, shouting in the negative. Johnny breaks the hold and pulls him up by the arm and twists the limb into an arm wringer, but Jared lands a stiff forearm shot to his chest, knocking Brown back a step. Brown answers with a kick to the lower regions, then scoops him up for a body slam but Jared counters and rolls him up in a victory roll!

2..... Brown kicks out!

Simone: What a beauty of a reversal! Jared is the smallest man in that ring but he's using that to his advantage!

Johnny gets to his feet first. He grabs Jared by the hair and throws him into the corner. He starts throwing lefts and rights into Jared as Drew starts to count, ordering the break. Brown gives the official an innocent look and goes to continue punching Jared when Goth comes out of nowhere and clubs Brown in the back of the head with his forearm.

Simone: Johnny and Jared got so hyped fighting one another they forgot about the third man in this match!

Adams: Bad move forgetting about Goth! The guy will bite a viper four times before the snake gets him once!

Goth pulls Johnny into the center of the ring, then Irish whips him into the ropes. Johnny comes flying off and then Goth hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker across his knee! Johnny Brown drops to the mat, arching his back in pain and Goth goes for the pin!

2... Jared Black suddenly comes flying out of the corner to break up the count!

Simone: What a great save by Jared Black again! It could have been all over!

Enraged at the pin being broken up, Goth snarls and jumps Jared and the two start to trade blows. The larger Goth starts to gain the upper hand but Jared answers by landing an open handed chop to Goth's throat. Goth staggers back, gagging, and grabbing his throat. Jared then grabs Goth by the head and tucks it under his arm. He grabs Goth's tights and hits a lightning quick snap suplex. Jared doesn't release him, but brings him back to his feet and hits a second snap suplex, followed up immediately by a third. Jared stands up after this and sees both of his opponents laying on the canvas. He grins and heads to the top of the nearest turnbuckle.

Simone: Uh oh! What is he doing?!

Adams: What does it look like he is doing? He’s going to the top rope!

Simone: I was speaking rhetorically!

Adams: oh please go on. That's a beautiful language.

As he's climbing, Johnny Brown is recovering and is getting to his feet. On the top of the turnbuckle, Jared sees Brown coming but he is unable to stop him as Johnny runs right up the corner and throws Jared off with a top rope overhead suplex! The ring shakes from the impact!

Simone: Holy mother of God! Did you see that!?

Johnny Brown then decides to show his opponent how it's done and climbs up top for a flying elbow. he sizes Jared up and leaps, and lands squarely on top of Jared, driving his elbow into Black's chest cavity! Brown covers him and hooks the leg!

2... This time it's Goth who breaks up the count!

He yanks Johnny Brown off of Jared and applies a rear naked choke. Johnny Brown kicks his legs, trying to get out of it, and the official starts to count!


Simone: Goth better let go soon!

4... Goth lets go.

Simone: This match is really turning out to be quite a fight! None of these men want to give up!

Adams: Well none of these men are exactly angels when it comes to bending the rules!

Simone: I don't know if I've ever heard the word 'angel' used in the same sentence when referring to Goth.

Goth stands and signals that it's about time this match came to an end, slicing a thumbs across his throat! The crowd roars, whether cheering for him or booing him, it's hard to tell.

Adams: You know I was wondering what kind of crowd reaction Goth would get here in Holland ... and I still am!

Goth grabs Johnny and drags him to his feet, but the 'True Brit' is not as out of it as he expected! Johnny Brown and Goth begin to trade punches and shockingly, Brown is fending Goth back successfully! Goth backs up and Brown grabs Goth once they're against the ropes and Irish whips him to the other side. Johnny Brown turns to meet Goth with a swinging lariat but Goth ducks and rebounds off the ropes and comes flying back with a flying clothesline!

Simone: God, Goth almost decapitated Brown!

This move sends Johnny down to the mat, and Goth takes the opportunity to hit him with a leg drop for good measure. He goes for the pin!

2... Jared Black comes out of nowhere to break up the count!

Simone: Goth can’t believe it! Jared Black stopped him from winning the match for a third time tonight!

Goth and Jared start brawling it out once again, throwing punches left and right. Goth then grabs him by the sides of the head and bites him right on the face!

Adams: Oh now that is sick and twisted!

Simone: That's Goth!

Goth stops and sends Jared into the far corner and comes in with a high knee right to the head! Goth then grabs him in a headlock and bulldogs him into the canvas! Goth rolls him over for the cover but Johnny comes dashing up and punt kicks Goth, knocking him right off! Goth rolls over, tumbling across the ring and Johnny covers Jared, hooking the leg!

3-No! Jared kicks out!

Adams: Oh I thought he had it!

Johnny then grabs Jared and goes to send him into the ropes but Jared reverses it and he connects with a roundhouse kick that levels Brown. Jared then straddles his chest and grabs him by the head and starts punching him as Drew tries to intervene but Black shoves the referee away.

Adams: Oo he better be careful touching the official like that.

Jared then pulls Johnny up and goes to send him into the corner but this time it's Johnny who counters it and he follows right up with a 'North Circular'- corner back splash- discus punch combo! Jared staggers out of the corner and Johnny moves to grab him but Goth comes up and dumps him through the ropes and to the outside floor! Goth grabs Jared and hits the Chaos DDT! Black is down and Goth covers him, hooking the near leg!


Johnny sees the cover being made and tries to get inside in time but...


The crowd responds with cheers and jeers as Goth rolls outside, avoiding a furious Johnny Brown, and the gothic enigma smirks fiendishly inside of the ring at him, and allows Drew to raise his arm in victory. Sapphira jumps up and down in delighted glee at her man's victory.

Justin: The winner of the match ... Goth!

Goth tears him arm away from Drew and backs up the aisle with Sapphira who points and laughs at the men in the ring, Goth still smiling in his fiendish manner while Brown stares him down and Jared starts to come to.

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. He jumps down and walks over to Justin, taking the microphone from him and tapping Justin on the back. The music fades out and Hot Stuff starts to speak

HS: Amsterdam, Holland....

Hot Stuff shakes his head at the cheap pop cheer

HS: Seems like this cheap pop stuff works all the world over. Now I know some of you will understand this, and some of you won't, but like I give a damn, you've bought your ticket so you can shut up and listen.

Boos echo around the arena.

HS: I never come out here and ramble on unless I have something to say, I'm not one of these people who cut a pointless promo and piss off to the back feeling like I'm somethign special, I am something special, but tonight, I come down to this ring to do the boss thing.

Hot Stuff pauses for a few seconds

HS: It's time to announce the supercard. On April the 29th, we're not pissing off back to Vegas for this one, we're going right to London, England, for London Brawling!

The fans cheer at this announcement

HS: I'm sure you're wondering if it's London because of me, short answer, just a little bit, but look at our roster. Prime Time Matthew Kennedy, Johnny Brown, although he doesn't admit it too much, Gabriel, his buddy in the Sins, Shane Boswell, hell, even our commentator down there, Jason Adams, all English

Jason stands up and waves for a few seconds

HS: The English are coming home!

The last statement gets a mixed response from the crowd

HS: A lot has been said lately about Nick Jones' heavyweight championship. Justin Underwood would have been a contender, but he tucked his balls up between his legs again and disappeared. Damon Synn, the monster himself has gone off the boil lately too, it's pretty clear, there is no number one contender, so we will MAKE a number one contender.

The fans cheer

HS: We have two more shows between now and London Brawling and those two show will be used to determine a number one contender to the heavyweight title. Eight SCW superstars will be going head to head in a knockout tournament, starting next week. Four will advance to the following weeks show where we will find a winner there, one way or another, to take on Nick Jones at London Brawling.

The fans cheer again

HS: I'm sure you all wanna know the names, well later tonight, you're gonna find out as they will be drawn out and matches announced for next week show. Now we know not everyone can compete in this match, but I'm gonna give you two names that won't be in the tournament. First of the two... it's you Spike Staggs.

The fans boo at Hot Stuff

HS: Spike, what I'm gonna say is against my better judgement and I won't lie, this is mostly to do with Christian, but Spike Staggs, you will be facing at London Brawling, The NWA World champion, whoever that may be, for a chance to win that title

Hot Stuff turns away, his face bitter and twisted as the fans burst in to huge cheers

Simone: This is great! Spike Staggs goes for NWA gold!

Adams: Hot Stuff does not look happy about that

HS: Someone else who won't be in the tournament will be you Kain.

Simone: Oh that's BS!

HS: Do you deserve to be in there? Yeah probably. Do I give a damn? Not in the slightest. This is how things work Kain, I'm the boss, when you piss off the boss by turning down his offer to make you a legend, you end up on the shit list. Spike's on that list too, Jordan Williams, also on the list, Casey Williams, on the list, anyone connected or related to New Xtreme members, they're on the list too. This list means I get to make your life a nightmare whenever I want. Last week, boom! Chair to the knee, this week, out of a tournament many woulda had you down as the favourite for you to go on and win, but you went and crossed me. Anyone with half a brain would know not to do such stupid things.

A chant of Hot Stuff sucks builds up

HS: With the red light district here, if anyone knows about sucking, Amsterdam does

The crowd boo

HS: Now I get to make you SCW exsistance a living hell. Here's the thing with me Kain, I love a challenge, I love proving over and over that I am the best that's ever entered the ring. I don't run away, I don't hide behind computer screens, this ain't facebook where I'd unfriend your punk arse just to hide from you. I face my obsticles, I don't string people along and then hide from them, I'm not a coward Kain, so I'm gonna face you. One on one, no bullshit, no one to hit the ring to save me if things go wrong, because I'm a man Kain.

The crowd cheer loudly

HS: We've all heard the Kain stories. "he kicked somebodies arse out on the street, he's the king of kings cause of his underground fighting" Ah shut the hell up. You're not the king and you won't be until you defeat me son, so here's what we're gonna do. When we get to London, we'll gonna see how much of a king of the underground you really are because me and you are taking this to the streets, in a London Street Fight.

The crowd cheer again as Hot Stuff's face turns serious

Adams: Wow! This could be a huge mistake

Simone: Hot Stuff will be stepping in to Kain's world

HS: This is not gonna be a generic little brawl where we fight in a circle of cars with idiots cheering us on, this is going to be on the streets of London. I don't really give a damn where the hell I pin you or make you give up, but the whole of London is the ring and you belong to me. That simple Kain, I won't back down and you, and London, will never be the same again!

"Midnight Tornado" blasts through the speakers as Hot Stuff drops the mic and leaves the ring

Justin Decent: The following Bombshell Bout is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, standing at 5 feet 8 inches, and weighing in at 116 pounds, she is… VERONICA TAYLOR!!!

Chick Habit by April March hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing as the camera pans and from the back enters Veronica Taylor with an arrogant smirk on her face. Angelica follows closely behind her, dancing to the music. As the fans boo them, they yell at them to shut up before striking a series of arrogant model poses which gives them some cat calls from the men but mostly boos and then they keep up her walking the run way strut down to the ring stopping now and again to taunt the fans and show themselves off with some poses. Veronica is showing off her sizzling ring attire and entrance jacket, before climbing the ring stairs and stands on the ring side doing another arrogant model pose before whipping her boots off and then she orders the ref to hold the ring rope down which he does she then enters the ring walking around with her hands in the air posing some more yelling at the fans to shut their disgusting mouths and take a look at true beauty and class as her music cuts she waits for her opponent, as she takes off her necklace and places it in the corner she then stands by it leaning on the rope with Angelica talking strategy.

Justin Decent: And her opponent, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada… Standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing in at 128 pounds, she is… VIXEN!!!

The throbbing beat of Light it up by Rev Theory is heard as Vixen walks out on the ramp, stepping up to the edge of the aisle and stands at attention before raising a hand to wave to the fans who cheer as she salutes and smiles before moving down to the ring. Standing on the apron, she steps on the bottom rope and backflips into the ring, moving to the corner where she climbs to the second turnbuckle and salutes the fans once more before jumping down to stretch slightly as the fans' chants begin to fade.



Angelica exits the ring and Vixen scouts out the ring as Veronica strategically places her diamond necklace on the turnbuckle, making sure it doesn’t fall. She looks outside to Angelica and mumbles something. Angelica nods her head and does an “ok” symbol with her hand. Suddenly her face fills with shock and she begins screaming to Veronica. As Veronica turns around, Vixen catches her off guard with a Yakuza kick that drops her down to the ground.

Simone: And a first strike by Vixen, as Veronica is too distracted for her own good.

Adams: And Vixen is staying on Veronica, not giving her any room to breath.

Vixen brings Veronica down with a quick snapmare, quickly following it up with a dropkick to her back. She grabs onto Veronica’s hair and pulls her over to the corner where she slowly climbs, lifting her off of the mat as she goes. Veronica screams as Vixen gets to the top rope. Vixen hooks her arm around Veronica’s neck and gets ready to leap off, but Veronica grabs onto her hair and slams her down hard on the mat.

Simone: It sounds like a couple of banshees at ringside between Veronica and Angelica. Vixen might walk out of this one deaf.

Adams: Huh? I couldn’t hear you with Angelica bouncing up and… Wait, what was I saying? Good move by… one of them I think…

Veronica takes a moment to stomp on a downed Vixen, wiping her hands clean of Vixen’s hair. She mounts Vixen and smacks her across the face several times with attitude as Angelica holds her feet down. Veronica shouts trash talk at Vixen until the referee catches sight of Angelica. He walks over to the ropes and leans out, scolding Angelica who plays innocent. She backs up and nods her head, shouting at him to pay attention to the match. While she has him distracted, Veronica wraps her hands around Vixen’s throat.

Simone: Oh come on! Throw her outta there, ref! It isn’t like you didn’t expect Angelica to get her hands dirty in this.

Adams: Angelica and dirty are synonymous with one another. But I agree, when these two are together, things get MEAN!

Just then, Vixen rolls back a little, stretching her legs around Veronica’s neck, squeezing as she leans forward. Veronica tries to stand up, taking Vixen with her. Vixen slides through Veronica’s legs, and with a hand stand, she refuses to let go of the hold. Veronica pries Vixen’s legs from her neck, and tosses her back. However, Vixen cartwheels forward and bounces off of the ropes, running at Veronica with a bulldog that drops her to the ground.

Adams: Oh no! She just messed up Veronica’s hair. Mean Girls don’t seem to happy about that.

Simone: They should be more concerned with what Vixen is going to do next climbing to the top ropes, and… Oh no, you’ve got to be joking.

Angelica climbs onto the apron as the referee is checking on Veronica, and she gives Vixen a good shove from the ropes, causing her to crash to the mat below. She leaps down and backs up from the ring acting innocent yet again. The crowd boos as Veronica slowly gets up and walks over to Vixen. She smacks her across the back of the head, talking trash to her before getting her in a Camel Clutch hold. She doesn’t stop shouting at her the whole time. As Vixen gets her foot on the ropes, Angelica knocks it off before the referee sees it. Veronica lets up to pull forward, but Vixen is quick to escape. Veronica grabs her by the back of her hair, but Vixen turns around and kicks her in the gut for her troubles. She bounces off of the ropes, doing a handspring forward, wrapping her legs around Veronica’s neck, and takes her down with a swift headscissors.

Simone: Vixen, once again, showing off her agility, mixing it up with just a hint of technical. I see big things for this one very soon.

Adams: I see big things on all three of these girls… Oh nevermind.

Vixen springs up to her feet and she plays to the audience a bit before she begins stalking Veronica a bit. She bounces off of the ropes and times it just as Veronica slowly gets up to a kneeling position. As she does, Vixen comes across with a Shining Wizard Kick that sends her back down to the ground. She drops down for the cover.



Angelica reaches in, trying to help Veronica out, but she does it on her own with a kick out. Angelica claps her hands loudly, trying to rally support for Veronica, while relishing in the fact that the audience isn’t behind her. She shouts words of encouragement to Veronica as Vixen drags her up by her hair. Veronica groans in pain as she comes up to her feet. She elbows Vixen in the stomach, and then she tosses her into the corner. She comes up with a hard clothesline, and then she reaches back, carefully hiding her diamond necklace. She wraps it around Vixen’s neck and pulls it tight, causing her to cough. Veronica growls and screams insults at her as she chokes her.

Simone: The audience is almost deafening against Veronica’s actions. They want to see Vixen throwing Veronica all over the ring in this match, but Veronica has other ideas with that blatant foreign object.

Adams: It is not a foreign object, it is an accessory. Don’t you read Veronica’s blogs? It is very important to accessorize!

Simone: No I don’t, but that explains that obnoxious looking gangster bling you are wearing tonight…

Veronica lets the necklace fall to the ground as the referee comes over to check on them. Veronica wraps her hands around Vixen’s throat, and the referee shouts for her to break the hold. Veronica gets a sadistic grin as she refuses to let go. The referee begins his count.





Veronica lets go, showing her hands are off of Vixen’s neck. She immediately goes back to the hold, and the referee tries to pull her off, shouting an order at her. She sticks her tongue out at him and continues to choke, and he shouts his count at her once more.






Veronica releases it again, and the referee warns her not to try it again. She puts her hand on her hip and motions like he needs to remember who he is talking to. She puts a hand in his face, and he slaps it away. She waves him off and turns to Vixen who tosses her back into the corner. She quickly climbs, and begins landing punches to Veronica’s face. The fans count along with it.











Simone: It isn’t hard to see why Vixen is the fan favorite here! She has got skill, and style.

As she hits the final blow, she falls down with a monkey flip, tossing Veronica up and over to the mat. The crowd goes wild as Vixen climbs to the top rope once more. She looks down to Angelica, seeing her climb to the apron once more, and this time, she catches her with a boot to the face. As Angelica flies backward, Vixen leaps backward with a Moonsault that connects. She looks over to Angelica trying to get back in the ring, and she immediately runs backward, only to have Angelica pull down the ropes, causing her to tumble to the outside. The referee comes to check on her and Angelica walks away innocently.

Adams: Don’t you just love how gullible these refs are? Angelica is not innocent in any sense of the word. I’ve seen video, I mean, I’ve heard of video…

Simone: I don’t even want to know…

As the referee goes to check on Veronica, Angelica picks Vixen up by her hair, and swings her into the barricade. As she charges forward, Vixen does a drop toe hold that causes Angelica to crash chin first into the barricade. She tempts her forward, as she walks toward the ring. She listens and ducks down just in time for Veronica to dive through the ropes, colliding with Angelica. She laughs as the referee prepares a count.





Veronica stirs a bit and Vixen slides into the ring. She walks around waiting for her opponent to get back to her feet. As she does, Vixen steps back, inviting her back into the ring. She says something that really fires Veronica up, and she charges into the ring. Vixen tells her to bring it on, and Veronica charges at her. As she does, Vixen dodges a clothesline attempt. She dashes to the other side of the ring, and through the ropes. As she does, she jumps up and nails a West Coast Pop that sends the crowd into a frenzy. She rolls back, and takes a breath before setting Veronica up for the Fall From Grace. She hooks arms with Veronica, lifting her off of the mat with a groan. She lets her dangle upside down for a minute before dropping her right on her head!

Simone: Fall From Grace! And Angelica is still on the ground outside of the ring! This one has got to be over.

Adams: Why does it have to be over already?

Vixen hooks the leg and the referee drops down for the cover.




Justin Decent: And your winner… VIXEN!!!

Simone: She practically fought off two women the entire match, and still came out victorious!

Vixen picks up Veronica’s diamond necklace and she wraps it around her own neck, as if admiring what it would look like on her. The crowd cheers as she starts to exit the ring with it. She turns around, and hovers over Veronica for a moment before gently laying it across Veronica’s chest. She walks off, leaving her fallen opponent in her wake.

The camera cuts backstage and SCW Co-Owner, Christian Underwood, is standing in the backstage hallway, dressed in a tasteful dress shirt and matching slacks. His hair is pulled back into a tail and he is holding a clipboard.

Christian: As you've already heard earlier tonight from my partner, 'Hot Stuff' Mark Ward, over a period of the next two weeks we will be holding a single elimination tournament to determine the number one challenger for Nick Jones and his Sin City Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Eight men, compromising of both veterans as well as rookies, will kick things off next week in the opening round in Paris, France. The week after that in Dusseldorf, Germany we will hold the semi-finals and finals, and the man that walks out of Germany the winner, will challenge Nick at 'London Brawling', in -- you guessed it -- London, England.

Christian holds up the clipboard and waves it about with a smile.

Christian: Now I know how everyone likes surprises, but Mark and I talked about it and we want these eight men to have something to look forward to, and to know what they're getting themselves into. So here and now, are the eight men who will be in the SCW Knockout Tournament. ...

Bobby the Convict Cage ... Rage ... Tom Dudely ... Goth ... The Jackal Adam Smith ... 'True Brit' Johnny Brown ... Jared Black ... and Old Skool.

Eight men in a single elimination tournament for a chance to be the very best this promotion has to offer, and to do it on a world-wide scale. And, as an added bonus, I am now presenting to you the brackets for the Knockout Tournament.

Christian smiles and gives the camera a coy wink.

Christian: Next week gentlemen. Paris, France. There is a lot at stake so bring it!

The camera shows Casey Williams backstage with the delectable Rocky Mountains. Casey is wearing his wrestling gear, standing right next to his Harley Davidson Fatboy, and prior to his match with Tom Dudely.

Rocky: Casey, you are about to face Tom Dudely in a grudge match. How do you feel about being his first opponent here in SCW?"

Casey: "Well, Rocky, it is simple. It’s not a surprise he wants a piece of me after I took out his protege, Wyatt Peterson 2 weeks ago in that 4 Corners Tag Team Title Match. I know how dangerous Tom can be, but if he thinks for a second that I am anything like any of the other big men he has faced before, like Apocalypse, then he has another thing coming to him. I will show him how dangerous I can be, and if he thinks Wyatt's broken clavicle is bad, just wait until you see what I do to him."

Rocky: "I see. What do you make of his comments about the fact that the bigger the guy is, the bigger they fall?"

Casey: "Again, you saw what happened to Wyatt. That is proof that what he said has some validity. Then again, you also what happened last week when he tried taking me off my feet. He was unsuccessful at doing it, proving that he isn't as tough as he thinks he is, and claims to be. Tom will be sharing that hospital room with Wyatt when I get done with him, and that is a promise."

Rocky: "Interesting. What do you make of Tom's concern for Wyatt?"

Casey: "This isn't ballet, this is a MANS sport. Wyatt knew what he was doing. When you poke a dog with a stick, don’t be surprised when it bites you. Wyatt poked me with a stick and now he's left licking his wounds. Tom if you think you're going to put me down, then I really hope you’ve got a damn big stick.

Rocky: “I agree with you about this not being ballet and how tough this sport is. Any last remarks before your big match?”

Casey: “Yes, Rocky, I do. Ref what you said Fortes fortuna adiuvat is has many translations, amongst them, fortune favors the brave, Fortune helps the brave, and Fortune favors the strong fortunately for me i am all those things. You, on the other hand? I'll guess we'll see. Do you have what it takes to comeback after you time away from the squared circle? Are you ready to lose? As your "hero" General Robert E. Lee said "We must expect reverses, even defeats. They are sent to teach us wisdom and prudence, to call forth greater energies, and to prevent our falling into greater disasters.” When he spoke these words all those years ago, did he see across time to this very moment? Did he see even further to the end of his match? Perhaps those words were meant to be uttered this day to let you know what awaited you in the ring. Prepare for a great disaster, prepare for defeat. I am Casey Williams, one half of the SCW tag team champions, and you…you’re nothing but roadkill.”

Then, Casey fires up his hog, revs it menacingly as he stares through the camera, then rides off leaving Rocky dumbstruck, nervously clutching her microphone.

Justin: The following contest is a grudge match. Introducing first, from Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing in at 370 pounds, “The Freight Train of Pain” Casey Williams!

As the screeching call of insanity of "All Aboard" hits the speakers, Casey Williams comes out, with the intense look in his face. He walks down the ramp, as the pyros go off as he walks by, and Casey climbs up the apron and over the top rope into the ring, and gives and angry yell.

Justin: And his opponent, returning to the ring for the first time in many years, hailing from Dudelyville, Califonia. Weighting in at 215 pounds, welcome back to the ring, Tom Dudely!

“Kamikaze” by Five Iron Frenzy blasts throughout the arena and Tom Dudely soon bursts out to the top of the ramp. He feeds off of the crowd’s energy as he makes his way to the ring, slapping as many hands as he can along the way. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, Tom gets a running start and slides into the ring. He hops to his feet and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to work the crowd before hopping down to face his opponent.

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Casey jumps towards Tom but the veteran quickly darts behind Casey and plants two boots in to the back of his knee, taking Casey down to one knee. Tom stamps on the back of Casey's leg

Simone: Smart from Tom to take Casey off his feet

Adams: Tom is an old school wrestler, faced a lot of challenges in his career

Tom puts Casey in a chin lock, trying to wear the big man down but Casey starts to stand up, forcing the smaller Dudely off his feet as Casey stands up straight. Tom holds on and tries to tire Casey, but Casey drops back, squashing Tom under his three hundred plus pounds worth of weight. Casey shakes his head, trying to shake off the effects of Dudely's hold and gets himself back on a vertical base. Casey turns around to Tom and pulls him up to his feet, before nailing him with an uppercut to the jaw. Tom stumbles backwards and Casey follows up with a charging clothesline, crashing Tom down hard to the canvas. Casey looks at Tom on the floor and puts his foot on the smaller man's chest and steps over him. Casey turns around and does the same again, stepping back across Tom. Williams pulls Dudely back to his feet and punches him in the gut. As Tom doubles over, Casey pulls Tom's head between his legs and lifts him up, dropping him down with a powerbomb! Casey goes for the cover, and referee Drew Patton drops down for the count.


Tom kicks out!

Adams: Casey doesn't wanna wait around to end this one

Casey pulls Tom to his feet and punches him hard in the face, sending Tom stumbling back in to the corner. Dudely leans against the turnbuckles, trying to gather his barings, but Casey charges in and nail Tom with a splash. As Tom falls, Casey grabs him to stop him from hitting the mat. Williams pulls back a hand and slams it hard against Tom's chest. Casey rears his arm back again and chops Tom across the chest. The echo bounces around the arena as Tom stumbles out of the corner. Casey follows him out and grabs Tom by the head and tries to charge him towards another corner but as the get there, Tom puts his foot up on the middle turnbuckle, blocking Casey from moving forward. Tom jolts back his elbow and catches Williams in the midsection. Casey releases Tom's head and tries to throw a punch at him but Tom moves smartly out of the way, gets behind Casey and lifts him over with a German Suplex, crashing the larger Williams to the canvas with a huge thud. Tom slowly pulls himself to his feet, with the aide of the ropes and looks towards Casey holding the back of his head. Tom looks at Casey and stomps on his head. Tom moves towards the ropes and waits. As Casey gets to his knees, Tom runs and nails him with a low famasser! Casey's head bounces off the mat and Tom rolls him over and goes for the cover


Casey kicks out!

Adams: Tom in control of the bigger Casey Williams

Tom moves towards the ropes and waits for Casey to get up. As Casey does, Tom uses the ropes as a springboard and jumps towards Casey, catching his head as he flies past, nailing Casey with a springboard DDT. The fans starts to chant "You still got it".

Adams: The crowd is right, Dudely looks sharp

Tom stands up and nods to the fans in appreication and bounces off the rope, dropping an elbow across Casey's head. Tom quickly returns to his feet, waiting for Casey to get back up. Casey moves around on all fours, grabbing the ropes and pulling himself up. He turns to see Tom running towards him, and drops his head, lifting Tom over the top rope. Tom lands on the ring apron and looks in at Casey. Casey turns around but Tom grabs his head and drops down, clotheslining Casey's throat on the top rope. Casey stumbles back, and Tom quickly slides in the ring. He runs at Casey and jumps forward, driving his shoulder in to the back of Casey's knee, taking him down with a chopblock. Casey rolls around holding his knee.

Simone: Tom is trying to pick Casey apart, bit by bit

Adams: It's a smart tactic

Dudely waits for Williams to return to his feet. Casey uses the ropes to pulls himself up and turns around to Tom. Tom jumps up for a hurricanruna, but Casey drops backwards, dropping Tom on the top rope, and folding him in half. Casey sees Tom hanging and lifts his legs before kicking Dudely in the gut as he hangs on the ropes. Casey pulls Tom off the ropes by the ankles, sending the returning superstar face first in to the canvas. Casey lifts Tom to his feet and backs him up against the ropes and plants the point of his elbow in to Tom's head. He grabs Tom and throws him against the ropes. As Tom returns, Casey lifts him over with a powerslam, crushing Dudely under his weight. Casey hooks the leg


Tom kicks out!

Simone: That was a close one

Casey pulls Tom back to his feet and slams a chop across his chest. Tom stumbles backwards, holding his upper body, but Casey steps forward to continue the attack. As Tom stumbles, Casey picks up Tom and drops him with a huge spinebuster, shaking the ring. Tom rolls over but Casey gets to his feet and stomps on Tom's back. Casey pulls Tom back to his feet and puts a hand around his throat. Casey lifts Tom off his feet and goes for a chokeslam. Tom kicks Casey hard in the chest, forcing him to drop Tom. As Tom lands on his feet, he grabs Casey's head and drops down with a diamond cutter! Tom goes for a cover.


Casey kicks out!

Adams: Tom nearly picked up a win out of nowhere there!

Tom looks out in the crowd and pulls himself on to his knees. He looks down at Casey laying on his stomach and smiles at the crowd. He jumps on Casey with a Crossface!

Simone: Dudely trying to end this with his Dudely Crossface!

Casey struggles around the ring as Tom puts pressure on him. Casey gets to his knees and pulls himself toward the ropes, using every ounce of strength to drag himself closer. He reaches out a long arm to grab on to the ropes. The referee calls for the break and Tom legs go of the hold.

Adams: Casey used every ounce of strength in his body to get to the ropes to break the Dudely Crossface.

Tom moves to the left side of the ring away from Casey. Casey gets to his knees and plants one foot on the ground. Tom charges at him and goes for the Axe Kick!

Simone: Axe Kick.... no!

Before Dudely can land the kick, Casey straightens up and throws him knockout punch towards Tom's head!

Adams: Kiss Of!

Tom ducks under Casey's huge punch and kicks him in the gut. Tom quickly bounces off the ropes and towards Casey, flying through the air and nailing....

Simone: Axe kick!

Adams: Connected!

Tom goes for the cover


Justin: The winner of the match..... TOM DUDELY!!!!

Adams: Tom picks up the win in this grudge match!

Simone: And he looked great doing it, looked like he'd never been away.

Coming onto the video-tron we can see the STILL NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions The HarKore Warriors with Weapon-X wearing his newly won ICW Heavyweight Championship Title belt.

Weapon-X: "one show nobodies" I think not Gabriel. You see when your The HarKore Warriors you have committments all over the NWA, even in the WCCW who even their commentator's disrespected us on the last Nightmare over a MINOR issue when we ended the team known as Absolved, which included the WCCW Heritage Heavyweight Champion Zak Phenom & a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Aaron Shephard, for the second time. Also I didn't just finally win the ICW Heavyweight Championship title at March Massacre BUT I successfully defended my third position in the NWA World Heavyweight Division Rankings against fifth ranked Corporate Raven. Along with a trip to PRA as a referee we've been fairly busy but if you think that doesn't mean we've been watching SCW or keeping track of the Seven Deadly Sins your heavily mistaken. Unlike Jeff Manis you boy's & girls have EARNED our attention.

The video-tron switches to show two week's ago on SCW Climax Control where, after a distraction from Synn that allowed Kittie to get a ROLL UP pin cover on Viper for her team to get the Non-Title Mixed Gender Rules victory before coming back to the present time.

Weapon-X: We're not there live tonight, as I've already went from California to Puerto Rico to Ireland back to Texas in a two week span so we're coming to ya'll live from our studio's in Phoenix, Arizona. But while Synn & Gabriel are still lying to Despayre, like for example in tonight's match when ALL Despayre wanted was to be teammate with his "hero" but Gabriel is not interested in giving Despayre the chance to outshine him no matter what he say's, we are here to state our intentions to try to work in our schedule a return to SCW in the month of April.

Viper: If that's a 1 on 1 match with me vs. Kittie...

Weapon-X: Another tag team encounter or to meet up with the leader of lies Synn vs. me 1 on 1 it's unclear at this time. Now it is true we had a bad March but we've ended it well enough to almost forget the RMP show, losing the ICW Heavyweight Tag Team Championships & this lucky victory in SCW by Kittie & Despayre. In April we will win the NWA's Crockett Cup & successfully defend the NWA tag belts in Premiere but Synn we are not ignorant to your games like you claimed a few weeks ago on Climax Control. Make all the petty jokes about Viper & I being Adam & Eve as that's fine, you can join the other immature people around who don't try to have a better arguement or to "prove us wrong" for the most part they just try to make the lowest & crudest jokes possible to make us look bad. We've been doing this over 17 years it takes more then a few bad jokes to intimidate us.

Viper: The one thing you were right about is that we DON'T know 100% about your relationship with Despayre. But what we DO know is that you all RAN from AWA instead of letting Despayre deal with Goth there so that ya'll wouldn't be merely two month undefeated champions but possibly six month ones. I don't remember saying that that you've used Despayre to WIN all your titles but keeping him "in his place" clearly keeps him from challenging from any himself now doesn't it? Nick Jones is SO afraid of him he's not allowing his ally to be friends with Despayre as are Synn & Gabriel just as afraid of being made inferior if Despayre is able to get on the right medication & show the world what he can do in the ring? Yes I know I let my feelings get invovled by slapping him during the match but it was to try to wake him up NOT because we have any negative feelings towards the man who needs help.

Weapon-X: At High Stakes you started the Gauntlet match & went all the way to the end to become SCW Heavyweight Champion Gabriel. Your reign may of only lasted two months, as it seems to be a common theme for ya'll, but you went through 11 other men so there's nothing negative to be said about that. As all 11 couldn't of been jobbers you had to go through a few top mid card or main event level talent. But there is a bigger picture. You want that title back. Synn wants whatever you want. Despayre as SCW Heavyweight Champion is not acceptable to the two of you as hell he could even win the lowest title the Roulette title & it piss ya'll off. He get's whatever scrap's you two throw his way & treats you like GOD'S for it not knowing any better. If we have our way by the end of April our Eyes of Justice will show him the light & then it'll be up to him to go to that next level.

Viper: Good luck tonight Gabriel & Rage. Wouldn't want you two worried about us "nobodies" while you try to get in line for the SCW Heavyweight Tag Team Championship titles. Ask Corporate Raven as he's neither ICW OR PRA Heavyweight Champion at the close of March. He had us on the brain all month.

Weapon-X: My fans know that even if we may lose some battles we will win the war. It took since August & I finally have what should of been mine in the month of November...

X points at the ICW Heavyweight Championship title.

Weapon-X: for the Seven Deadly Sins don't worry about us getting bored. We'll be waiting to make sure Justice is Served no matter how long it takes.

The video-tron fades out as we go back to the ring ready for our next match.

The camera cuts to the announcer's table where Jason and Belinda sit. Jason rubs his chin and looks to Belinda.

Adams: Why do those two jokers keep calling our Tag team Championship a heavyweight title?

Belinda rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Simone: I don't know. Contrary to what they obviously think, SCW does not have weight classes! Contrary to what they obviously think, not every Tag Team title is classified as a heavyweight title if the word 'cruiserweight' is not placed in front of it. And contrary to what they obviously believe, I think we know the official names of our own goddam championships!

Adams: Oh! you go girl!

The cameraman steps through the very back hallway slowly as the lights flicker. Off, on… off… on. The door ahead is his destination. His slow, steady footsteps are the only sound heard echoing through the hall, aside from the buzzing of the faulty lighting. There is a deep breath taken and a pause once the door is reached. The camera looks down at the bar running across the door, and then up to the sign that says “Emergency Exit Only”. After the shortest of seconds of contemplation, the door pops open and a siren starts to ring throughout the backstage area. A hearty chuckle is heard amongst the ringing, and the cameraman steps outside, just to the left of the loading dock. They look from side to side, and then they walk down a set of steps to the pavement below. As they stand there, a soft whisper can be heard./i>

”You all thought I would just lay down and die. You were wrong.”

The cameraman steps forward once again, slowly, the sound of their steps echoing off of the brick walls as they take their time moving forward. They look around, taking in the surroundings, every inch of concrete, brick, and florescent lighting. They stop once more, looking down at the sight of a rat, smeared across the pavement in a vicious crimson coated fur stain.

”You threw me to the wolves, and I persevered. You shamed me, and I came back with a smile on my face. You tried to kill me, but I just won’t die…”

The cameraman slowly steps forward where there is the sight of a small spot, just out of the illumination of the silver moon. He lowers the camera, and sits it down, locking it to a tripod. The shuffling of feet is heard as the camera zoom in a bit to see a series of broken beer bottles smashed against the ground, the occasional sparkling from the beautiful shards as cars move in the distance. A deep breath is then heard, as slowly, one by one, more bottles are smashed against the pavement from the cameraman.

”You wanted to watch me burn in flames, but here I am, uncharred, and unharmed. Here I am, do your worst, because I will come right back with a smile and a vacant look in my eye as I plot my revenge against you. You almost had me, but you pushed it just a little too far. I’m back, and I’m badder than ever…”

The last bottle is thrown, and then the cameraman slowly walks around, chains rattling as he walks by. Three, four, five, six or more dangle from his pocket as he steps forward, the glass crunching in a sweet harmony under his boots. He forward, and kneels down on the glass, facing the camera. A sadistic grin is spread across his pale face. As he kneels down the rest of the way, the camera catches his black spiked hair that gives his identity away. He lifts up his sunglasses onto his forehead as he just stares on for a moment, silently. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette, and a Vegas Zippo lighter. He shields it from the wind as he lights it, taking in the sweet flavor. His eyes roll back in a show of pure ecstasy as he exhales the silvery cloud from his lungs.

Spike Staggs: So arrogant to think that you would wreck my world simply by walking out of it. You did three people a favor by doing that. Take your gold and leave us be. Let us prove that we are better off without you… Hmmm, double entendre there. Our family, and MY NXT family. We don’t need you… We… just… don’t…

Spike leans back, sitting down in the carpeting of glass against the concrete. He sighs in a sort of relief as he takes another long drag from his cigarette. He cracks his neck and looks back to the camera, flicking his tongue.

Spike Staggs: Everyone is talking about the New X-Tremes falling apart, but I tell you, with our weakest link gone, we are getting stronger by the day. A half assed win over some half assed competition barely even put you in the running, and the fluke that landed that gold around your waist, I played it cool, but you amazed the hell out of all of us. With you gone, we have set our sights in a new, better direction… And if any other remaining NXT member thinks they are too good for us, get the fuck gone!

Spike’s eyes flash an intensity as he says this, and his joyful expression fades to something not seen in years. Rage, pure and unadulterated. He leans forward, crawling across the broken glass and leaves only his face visible as he continues.

Spike Stags: You heard me right. If anyone else wants to find greener pastures, I ask you, no I IMPLORE you to hit the bricks, and don’t bother looking back. Because we will be miles ahead without the dead weight. If you are where you want to be, and not just there because you pity me, then let’s move forward, and prove what we have said all along. We are THE force to be reckoned with. We are the stars that shine brightest. We are the Main Event of Sin City Wrestling that sells out those seats. We are the ones who will prove the naysayers wrong, *cou-Hot Stuff, Angelica, Nick Jones-gh*. Because we will NOT DIE! If you are with me, great. No problems. We are like family, the three of us, but I was about to marry that wench last week, and you see how easily I forgot, oh, what’s her name… I am here for my family, and I expect the same. If we continue to work together, we will exceed our own expectations. You can count on that.

Spike slowly gets up, pieces of glass falling from his clothing as trickles of blood run from his hands. He picks the camera up with one hand, and looks down into it.

Spike Staggs: Sin City Wrestling… This is not a threat, it is a promise… Get ready to be taken to… NEW… X… TREMES!

Spike continues to look down into the camera, with his intense look lightening back up into a smile as he slowly walks back toward the building. We fade out.

Justin: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall!

"The wonder of the world is gone, I know for sure
All the wonder that I want I've found in her
As the hole becomes apart I strike to burn
And no flame returns

Every intuition fails to find its way
One more table turned around and back again
Finding I'm more lost than found when she's not around
When she's not around, I feel it coming down

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be my chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be my chemical

"Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven plays across the sound system and the spotlight shines on the stage where stands Gabriel and Rage side by side, and a foot behind them, their mentor, Synn. They are greeted by enthusiastic cheers from the crowd on hand. Gabriel pumps a fist into the air, acknowledging his fan base. Unlike his partner, rage's fierce focal point is straight ahead, on the six-sided ring down the aisle. They pause for the briefest of moments, and the triad begins the descent towards the ring.

Justin: Coming down the aisle, accompanied by Synn, at a total combined weight of 530 pounds, representing the Seven Deadly Sins ... Gabriel and Rage!

Synn arrives at the ring first and climbs up onto the apron where he holds the ropes open for his team to step inside. Synn then climbs through himself and walks Gabriel and Rage over toward their corner where they talk quietly, stealing glances towards the entrance.

Justin: Their opponents have a combined weight of 520 pounds, representing New Xtreme ... Jordan Williams and Spike Staggs!

"Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us
Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame... Incinerate

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame
As we all form one dark flame
As we all...

Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us
Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one, one of us"

"Miseria Cantare - The Beginning" By AFI plays and Jordan and Spike step out from behind the curtains and like their opponents, they are greeted with cheers and applause from the Amsterdam crowd. They pause briefly to soak up the adulation before starting their trek towards the ring. Jordan slides in beneath the bottom rope as Spike climbs onto the apron and through the ropes. They step into the center of the ring where Gabriel and Rage turn from Synn and they themselves walk over to the middle of the ring and meet their opponents dead center, practically nose to nose.

Adams: Oh man! This match, this one could easily have been the main event! Four men, all former or current champions and each representing their own wrestling family in this match!

Simone: Indeed! It's a match some have billed as a stable war. Gabriel and Rage are representing the Seven Deadly Sins, and Spike and Jordan are New Xtreme! There is no hatred or feud going on in this one...

Adams: Yet.

Simone: True, but the main thing here tonight for all these men? Pride. And that will be just as intense a motivational technique as any championship!

Drew Patton beckons all the men to return to their corners and tells Synn to exit the ring. As Jordan and Spike back away to their corner, Synn draws his team to theirs and steps out onto the apron.

Simone: It looks like it'll be Jordan and Gabriel starting things off for this one.

Synn drops to the floor and Rage steps out onto the apron, as does Spike across the ring. Drew looks at both teams and signals for the bell.


and vs. and
Stable Wars Tag-Team Match

Gabriel immediately charges across the ring and he leaps, catching Jordan off guard with a high cross body for the immediate cover!

2..... Jordan kicks out fast!

Adams: Whoa! Gabriel almost caught the former World Champion unaware there!

Simone: Jordan has to be careful! Gabriel is one of the craftiest wrestlers in the SCW!

Gabriel grabs Jordan and goes for an Irish whip but Jordan reverses it and sends him in instead! Jordan goes for a roundhouse kick but Gabriel ducks under it and rebounds off the far side. He comes off and Jordan catches him and swings him up for a possible powerbomb but Gabriel slides out and down his back with a sunset flip!

2..... Jordan kicks out again!

They both get up quickly and Jordan stops him short with a knife edge chop across the chest. Gabriel grabs his pectoral region and grits his teeth at the stinging pain. He then answers back and knife edge chops Jordan. Jordan grits his teeth and clenches a fist, then kicks Gabriel in the stomach, doubling him over. Jordan grabs him by the arm and whips him into the corner and meets him immediately with a clothesline that sends Gabriel down onto his backside in the corner. Jordan stomps down into his exposed chest and then grabs him and pulls him out and lands stiff forearms across Gabriel's back.

Simone: Say what you will. All four of these men have their fan bases, but there's not one of them who hasn't, or won't, bend the rules in order to do a little more damage in that ring.

Jordan grabs Gabriel and snapmares him over and runs off of the ropes and baseball slides into the back of his head. Jordan with the cover.

2..... Gabriel kicks out.

Jordan lands a boot to his opponent and is close enough that he can reach and tag in Spike. Spike steps in but he stands away from Gabriel and has his eyes on Rage out on the apron. Gabriel stands up and Spike points first at him, then at his partner.

Adams: Oh are you kidding me!?

Simone: Spike wants Rage in the ring! Rage wants a fight, and Spike needs to vent. it's the perfect set up!

Gabriel looks around at the cheering fans and shrugs, mouthing "It's your funeral" and he walks over to his corner and tags the big man in! Rage climbs into the ring and he immediately charges Spike and grabs him around the legs and bulls him into the corner! Pinning Spike in, Rage starts unloading the shoulder drives into his stomach as the official tries to get him to break cleanly.

Simone: Fat chance!

Adams: Now I wonder if Spike is regretting on demanding Rage to get into this one!

Rage stands up and Spike wastes no time in bending the rules a bit himself by poking the bigger man in the eyes. He drags Rage back into the corner and he himself starting laying into Rage with lefts and rights, working him over! Rage grabs Spike and pivots him around into the corner and returns the favor with his own barrage!

Adams: Well I guess it's safe to say both men are letting off some serious steam with this!

Simone: And to think they're both probably having the time of their lives in there!

Rage has Spike in a side headlock but Spike quickly fights out of it and sends Rage into the ropes where both men collide with a shoulder block, and neither moves. Spike then runs into the ropes and a second shoulder block and neither man moves.

Adams: Talk about clash of the titans!

This time both men dart into the ropes but when they rebound, Spike scoops Rage up and catches him in a powerslam and a cover!

2..... Rage gets the shoulder up!

Spike grabs him by the arm and tags Jordan into the match and Jordan goes up top and flies off, connecting with a flying wheel kick and bringing the larger man to the mat! This time it's Jordan that makes the cover and hooks the leg.

2..... Rage kicks out!

Jordan is up and before Rage can get to his feet, Jordan grabs both of his legs and turns him over into a Texas Cloverleaf!

Simone: I seriously doubt he'll make Rage tap but what a hell of a way to weaken the larger, stronger man!

Adams: Hey since Jordan's from Georgia, is it still technically a Texas cloverleaf?

Simone: Sometimes the things you say would baffle Plato.

Adams: That funky clay stuff kids play with?

Simone: Never mind!

Rage is gritting his teeth and powering himself onto his forearms to alleviate the pressure of the hold. Drew asks Rage if he wants to give in but Rage growls at the official and the ref scoots away quickly.

Simone: Ask a stupid question... you get that for an answer!

Jordan finally releases Rage and brings three straight elbow drops into the big man's prone back. Jordan then pulls him up and Irish whips him into the ropes and goes for a cross body but Rage catches him!

Adams: Uh ohhhh!

And Rage throws Jordan over with a fall away slam! Rage stands up and bellows! He grabs Jordan and drags him over toward the Sins' corner and tags Gabriel. Rage holds Jordan as Gabriel spring boards onto the ropes and leaps off, hitting Williams with a seated senton! Gabriel with the cover!

2..... Jordan kicks out! Gabriel pulls him up but Jordan suddenly scoops him up into a fireman's carry and brings him to his corner. he dumps Gabriel into the corner and tags Spike. Spike comes in and grabs Gabriel, firing him into the ropes. Spike swings but Gabriel ducks and rebounds. Gabriel comes off and Spike drops down and Gabriel leaps over to rebound again. Spike jumps up as Gabriel comes off the ropes and Spike spears him, nearly taking him out of his boots! Gabriel rolls in pain and Spike stands over him, facing away -- and lands a standing moonsault on him! Spike hooks the leg!

2..... Gabriel kicks out!

Simone: God it never ceases to amaze me to see a man Spike Staggs's size pull off maneuvers like that!

Adams: That's why he's held so much gold!

Spike pulls Gabriel up and deposits him with a scoop slam. Spike then signals and Jordan applauds as Spike goes outside and climbs to the top of his own corner. Spike sizes him up and jumps for a guillotine legdrop -- but Gabriel rolls out of the way and Spike crashes!

Adams: Oh his poor aching...!

Simone: We know! We know!

Spike staggers to his feet, holding his spinal area, and Gabriel grabs him around the waist from behind and hits a bridging German suplex!

2..... Spike kicks out!

Simone: Oh I admit I thought that one was it!

Spike starts to get up but Gabriel sweeps his legs out from under him and drops a headbutt to his stomach. Gabriel then drags him by his feet and tags Rage back in. The Sin of Wrath climbs in and he and Gabriel send Spike into the ropes with a dual whip and drive him to his back with a double elbow into the sternum. Then Rage hits a legdrop as Gabriel cannonballs across Spike's chest.

Simone: Some nice teamwork now by Rage and Gabriel.

Adams: It was bound to happen.

Rage covers Spike.

2..... Jordan comes in and clobbers Rage in the back with a double axehandle.

Simone: And so was that!

Gabriel starts to come in but Drew heads him off and this distraction allows Jordan to leapfrog over Spike and connect to Rage with a leg lariat! Williams ducks back out as Spike picks Rage up and drops him in an inverted atomic drop, then follows up with a double arm DDT! Spike rolls him over and hooks both legs!

2..... Gabriel jumps off of the ropes and hits a legdrop onto Spike!

Simone: That's one way to break up a pin!

Adams: Turn-a-bout's fair play!

Gabriel rushes out to his corner before Jordan can intervene as Drew stands over both Spike and Rage who are down on the mat and the official starts to issue his count!


Spike uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet and he tags Jordan in, just as Rage gets to his own corner and tags Gabriel! Jordan springs over the ropes and comes charging in and Gabriel leapfrogs over him! Jordan spins around and Gabriel jumps up and brings him over with a standing Hurricanrana, hooking both legs!

2..... Jordan kicks out!

Gabriel has hold of him immediately and sends him into the ropes for a sleeper slam lariat! Gabriel then goes to send him into the corner but Jordan reverses it. Jordan charges in but Gabriel jumps over him and then tries for a backslide but Jordan puts the brakes on and a power struggle ensues!

Simone: If its' a matter of power, I think Jordan is going to have the edge here!

Gabriel tries to bring him over with the backslide but the veteran Jordan uses his wits and drops to a knee, gaining the leverage advantage. He then is the one who flips Gabriel over, but Gabriel lands on his feet! Gabriel jumps and goes for a monkey flip but it's Jordan who lands on his feet!

Simone: What athleticism!

Gabriel kips up and turns around, and Jordan lands a superkick right to the side of his head!

Adams: What a shot!

Gabriel hits the mat and Jordan makes the cover!

3-No! Gabriel pats Jordan's back and Jordan gets off of his pinned opponent, thinking he got the pin!

Adams: Ha ha! What a sneaky way to get a pin broken!

Simone: Even I have to admit I like that style!

Jordan raises his arms and turns to his corner with a smile but Spike is waving his arms and shaking his head in the negative. Jordan looks at the official who tells him what happened and Williams curses! He'd been had! Jordan turns around in time to see Rage tagged in! Jordan rushes him and the two start swinging!

Adams: I don't think it's a good idea for Jordan to be trading punches with Rage!

Rage gets the upper hand and lands his clubbing shots into Jordan when Jordan grabs him by the head and drops down, driving the top of his head into Rage's jaw! Rage staggers back several steps, holding his jaw, and Jordan barrels right into him with a running clothesline, but Rage doesn't go down!

Adams: It takes a lot to bring that big man off of his feet!

Rage is staggering back, and Jordan comes running off of the ropes and Rage grabs him and hits a spine buster! Rage jumps up and lets loose a roar that has the fans cheering! He grabs Jordan and sets him into position for a powerbomb, but when he hauls him into the air, Jordan starts unloading the fists to his head, blocking it! Rage staggers back into the ropes and both men fall over and to the floor!

Simone: Oh god! I don't think that's what Jordan had in mind!

Adams: Are they okay? Did they get hurt?

Jordan sits against the ringside, dazed, and Rage grabs the railing to get to his feet when a fan in the front row throws something around his neck and starts choking him!

Simone: What the hell!? A fan is attacking Rage!

Adams: That's no fan! Look closer!

Rage's surprised struggles knocks the hat off of the man and he is revealed to be Chett "Hangman" Hawkins of the Aristocrats! Jordan ,looks up and spots what is happening and he leaps to his feet and rushes over to not take advantage, but to intervene and the man next to Chett, revealed as his partner "Big" Steve Scanlon, throws a white powder into Jordan's face!

Simone: Christ! The Aristocrats are attacking both men!

Spike drops from his corner and rushes over as Gabriel tears across the ring and jumps over the ropes in a suicide dive, right over Rage and he crashes right into the Hangman! Both men go down and the crowd around them scatters! Drew Patton is calling for the bell as chaos ensues!

Adams: Why are the Aristocrats out here!?

Simone: They have a championship match scheduled at London Brawling and they are serving notice to champions and challengers alike!

Spike gets to the barrier and "Big" Steve throws the blinding powder at him but Spike sees it coming and closes his eyes, avoiding it! He then turns back and climbs over the barrier and Scanlon quickly high tails it away from him through the crowd!

Drew confers with the announcer, Justin, and the ring announcer steps back over to the ringside area and his time keeper's table.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the outside interference of the Aristocrats, referee Drew Patton has thrown this match out! He has ruled this bout a no contest!

Simone: The fans are not happy about this, and who wouldn't be!? This match had classic written all over it and the Aristocrats interfered and ruined everything!

Adams: Why? Why did they have to go and get involved?

Simone: I imagine it has a great deal to do with London Brawling and the Tag Team Championships! Jordan Williams and Gabriel as well as their partners are scheduled for that championship event and the Aristocrats want to make sure they themselves go in with the advantage!

The crowd boos this decision heavily as Gabriel manages to return to his feet and Rage tries going after Chett who is also up but discretion being the better part of valor, "the Hangman" avoids the big man and he retreats through the fans and towards where his partner disappeared! Gabriel climbs back over the barrier and checks on Rage who is furious (well, duh!) as Spike helps Jordan clear his eyes from the powder. Both teams look at each other and Gabriel extends a hand and Spike confers, knuckle bumping him and the crowd starts cheering and applauding.

Simone: I can only hope there is some way to get a return match between these men because up until the end, they tore the house down!

The show comes back from commercial when unfamiliar music starts playing, namely "America Fuck Yeah" from Team America World Police, censored off course, causing the fans to turn their attention to the entrance ramp.

Simone: I wasn't aware that anyone was debuting tonight.......wait, what the hell?!

Belinda's statement pretty much sums up the fans reactions as Prime Time Matthew Kennedy emerges from the back wearing a costume that Captain America would call overly patriotic, he's clearly having trouble navigating in it due to the fact that his face is covered by a full facial mask, the only reason people are recognizing him being the fact that he didn't bother to get rid of his cocky swagger, but he manages to get into the ring and grabs a mic.

MK: Here I stand, in the great American city of......Amsterdam?!

Even through his mask you can tell that Matthew is confused as all hell and the crowd laughs, Matthew grows before throwing down his mask and staring straight into the camera.

MK: Listen here you poor excuse for a country! I came out here because SOMEONE in the back convinced me to do a bloody April Fools prank, well I'm ending the charade RIGHT NOW with this message to the rest of the SCW roster.

Obviously Matthew's comment about Holland has earned him a lot of boos, not that he cares off course.

MK: I may not be in action tonight.......

Matthew pauses as the crowd cheers that information.

MK: Don't try to loose any sleep over that horrible piece of information, however that doesn't mean that I won't be watching the inferior athletes try to impress you fickle sheep who will abandon that wrestler as soon as the next best thing comes along, well folks your are looking at the next best thing in wrestling today and too whoever my opponent is next week, you are about to be cancelled!

Matthew drops the mic and doesn't even wait for Cult of Personality to start up before leaving the ring and heading backstage obviously not in the mood for shenanigans after that segment.

Backstage, resident backstage buxom reporter, Miss Rocky Mountains, stands alongside the new Sin City Wrestling Roulette Champion, Bo Dreamwolf. Even a shy gentleman such as Bo is having a difficult time keeping his eyes from straying as he wishes to focus on the interview, not the interviewer. He is dressed in his ring attire and the Roulette belt is firmly around his waist.

Miss Rocky: In just a mere few moments, the SCW Roulette Championship will be defended as my guest right here, the champion himself, Bo Dreamwolf, will put his gold on the line against the new number one challenger in Bobby the Convict Cage. Bo, Bobby Cage has been doing very well for himself in the past few weeks, and with two victories over the monster Damon Synn, some say he is destined for gold.

Bo nods.

Bo: He is destined for gold. That much we can agree on. You don't get the wins he's gotten without being able to handle yourself inside of the ring. Wins over Damon Synn?

Bo shakes his head and lets out a low whistle.

Bo: Few have been able to stake that claim here in Sin City Wrestling. Some might have underestimated Cage when he went up against Damon, but he proved them wrong, and he impressed me. Those matches showed me that he's not a man to be taken lightly. He, like any opponent, has to be taken seriously. it got beaten into me years ago that when you start underestimating opponents, your loss tally will start adding up.

Miss Rocky: Do you find yourself at any kind of disadvantage with the rules of the Roulette division?

Bo shakes his head.

Bo: No more so than my opponent will be. We can prepare as best we can in the traditional sense, watching tapes, studying moves, and the like, but when you don't know until beforehand just what rules or gimmicks your match will be? It's all disadvantage for everyone involved. That's when you have to be able to adapt and do it quickly. I had the best training and mentoring this business could provide, so I'd like to think that I'll have a bit of an edge over Bobby Cage going into this one.

Miss Rocky: Well Bo, it's just about bell time so I'm going to wish you luck out there tonight.

Bo: Thank you very much.

Bo turns to make his exit and Miss Rocky, with a coy grin, lands a hard swat against Bo's posterior. The young Native American jumps almost out of his skin and lets out a surprised yelp. He turns and stares at her and the buxom beauty just gives him a coy smile and a wink. Bo turns away slowly and makes his exit. Miss Rocky then shakes her hand...

Miss Rocky: Owww! You could bounce a nickel offa that thing!

Justin: The following contest is scheduled as tonight's main event and will be a falls count anywhere match for the Roulette Championship!

The fans cheer

Justin: Introducing first, the challenger is from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 231 pounds ... Bobby the Convict Cage!

The venue goes dark as 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones begins to play. Smoke starts to billow from the entrance ramp and at the end of the opening guitar solo Cage emerges from the back cracking his knuckles and throwing warm-up punches. He jogs to the ring still throwing practice punches and then climbs up to the second rope turnbuckle and throws back his arms posing a moment for the crowd before hopping down and waiting for the match to start.

The calls of "Return to Innocence" sounds across the PA system. Between the first chant and the second chant, Dreamwolf appears and stands at the top of the ramp bowing his head, then around the 2nd chant, Draemwolf marches to the ring.

Justin: Introducing his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds, he is the current SCW Roulette Champion, he is BO DREAMWOLF!

Bo’s eyes fixed on the ring and the opponent within. Sliding inside, he then mounts the turnbuckle in the corner and raises a fist to the fans, letting loose with his own war cry to which the fans reply with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Bo jumps down and enters the ring, Justin takes his leave with a couple of referees outside the ring, they signal for the bell



As Dreamwolf and Cage move together, Cage nails Dreamwolf in the face with a quick jab. Bo steps back in surprise and Cage steps in with a right hook to the jaw, sending Dreamwolf down to the canvas, holding his face. Bobby kicks Bo directly in the face, Bo rolls over holding his face. Bobby moves in to Bo and kicks him in the ribs. Bo tries to pull himself up, but Cage grabs him in a front facelock and nails him with a quick DDT. Cage quickly goes for the cover


Bo kicks up.

Adams: Cage didn't come here to play.

Cage leans over Bo, dropping heavy rights and lefts across Bo's head

Simone: Cage's boxing background shining though

Cage gets up from Bo, and raises his hands in the air but the Dutch crowd boo him. Bobby shrugs and turns back to Bo, pulling him back to his feet by the long braided hair on Bo's head. Cage pulls Bo to his feet and gets behind him. He lifts Dreamwolf up in the air and drops him down with an atomic drop. Bo steps forward, holding his lower back, but Bobby Cage gets up close to him, hooks up his head and drops backwards with a Russian leg sweep. Bo's head bounces off the floor and Cage goes for another cover. Jasmine St John drops down to count


Bo kicks up again.

Adams: Another close fall from Cage

Cage looks out at the crowd, a slight look of frustration crosses his face. Bo gets to his feet, back to the rope and Cage charges him, but Bo ducks and lifts Cage over the top rope to the floor outside! Bo moves to the center of the ring as the fans cheer his slight comeback. He looks towards Cage on the outside, getting to his feet with his back to the ring. As Cage turns back around to face the ring, Bo charges at him and slides under the bottom rope, connecting with a baseball slide to Cage's face. Cage spins around and crashes in to the ring barrier. Bo gets his barings and moves toward Cage but Cage cuts him off with an elbow to the ribs. Cage grabs hold of Bo's arm and tries to whips him against the ring apron, but Dreamwolf reverses the move, and sends Cage crashing back first in to the apron. As Cage stumbles round to Bo, Bo drops Cage with a leg scissors, forcing Cage face first in to the steel stairs. Bo sits on the floor, his eyes glassy as he stares in to the crowd.

Simone: Why is Bo just sitting there?

Adams: No idea, he should be on the attack

Bo sits staring in to the crowd for a few seconds, but is brought crashing back to reality from a kick to the chest from Bobby Cage.

Simone: Bo took too long to... well, do anything

Bobby Cage picks Bo Dreamwolf back to his feet and tosses him in to the ring post, the force wraps Bo's shoulder around the ring post. Bo hits the outside ring mats, holding his shoulder, his face paled with pain, but Cage spots the injury and picks Bo back to his feet and drops him down with a single arm DDT. Bo starts to crawl up the steel ring ramp and Cage follows, stomping on the shoulder. He picks Bo to his feet and spins with a tornado punch, but Bo catches him and lifts him over his back with an elploder suplex! Bo instantly drops the the floor holding his shoulder

Adams: That reversal took a lot out of Bo

Bo gets up, shaking his arm and lifts Cage back to his feet, on the entrance ramp. He picks the experienced man up and slams him hard on the steel entrance ramp. Cage starts to crawl closer to the top of the ramp. Bo walks towards him, but Cage gets on his knees and cuts Bo off with an elbow to the gut. Bo shrugs it off and pulls Cage to his feet. As he pulls him up, Cage swings a heavy punch but Bo grabs hold of his head and arm and drops backwards with a flatliner on the entrance ramp. Bo rolls him over and goes for the cover.


Cage kicks out.

Adams: Bo was close to retaining there

Dreamwolf sits on the floor, slightly glassey eyed, before making his way to the top of the ramp, pulling Bobby Cage with him and throws him against the steel post, supporting the set. Bo throws him through the back curtain towards the backstage area.

Simone: These two taking it backstage now

Dreamwolf takes Cage by the arm and throws him towards a lighting rig, but the more experienced Cage spins him around and throws Bo in to the lights, causing a couple to break under the impact of Bo's body. Cage looks down at a box and opens it up, pulling out a spare light. He turns towards Bo and crashes the lightbulb across the native Americans head, causing it to shatter in to thousands of pieces

Adams: Those aren't cheap. That will be coming out of someones wages

Bo stumbles around, leaning his head against a soft drink machine. He turns around to see Bobby charging at him. Bo quickly sides steps and Bobby crashes in to the machine, causing cans of cold coke drop down in to the tray below. Bo pick a can out and hits it hard on Bobby Cage's head.

Simone: This aggressive style is so unlike Bo

Adams: His title is on the line here, and he has to defend it at all costs

Bo holds the can of soda next to Cage's face and opens it, spraying cold coke in to Cage's face.

Adams: Before you ask, yes, we have a product placement deal, we don't have to blur out the coke can. Mmmmmm, coke, kicks pepsi's arse

Bo inches closer but Bobby nails Bo with an uppercut, sending Bo backwards against a door with "Bombshell locker room" written on it. Cage spears Bo and the door flies open, sending both men inside with the door crashing shut behind them.

Simone: Sadly we can't show you what's going on behind there, we may be in Holland, but still

Adams: Ah man, I wanna see!

Crashes are heard behind the door, and the sound of bodies crashing in to various objects. The door flies open and Bobby Cage emmerges with female clothes over his head. He throws them down in frustration and turns towards the door. Bo charges throw the door, also throwing female garmets off his head and charges towards Bobby Cage, spearing him against a rollershutter, causing it to dent under the impact of both men. Cage stumbles out and Bo takes him down with a knife edge chop. Dreamwolf looks around and sees a trash can. He picks it up, shaking the various items out of it and moves back towards Cage, but Cage is already on his feet. As Bo gets close, Cage kicks him in the gut and throws him face first in to the metal roller shutter. Bo drops to the floor and Cage lifts the roller shutter up and pulls Bo's shoulder underneath it. He stamps on Bo's head before slamming the metal contraption down hard, crushing Bo's shoulder under the weight of it. Dreamwolf rolls over, yelling in pain as it shoot through his body. Bobby picks up the trash can Bo dropped earlier and lifts it high, slamming it down across Dreamwolf's back. Cage lifts it up again and pulls it down hard again.

Simone: These two men are putting everything on the line to win this one.

Cage picks Dreamwolf up and throws him across the backstage area, crashing him hard in to a wall. Cage takes Bo by the head and throws him across a wooden table, set up with refreshments for the SCW stars. Cage pulls Bo across it, knocking all kinds to various objects across the room. Bo grabs hold of an apple and spins quickly, smashing Bobby Cage in the head with the solid fruit. Cage stumbles backwards and Bo sits up on the table, shaking his shoulder, trying to get some feeling back in his injured arm. Cage charges towards Bo, but Bo ducks his head and lifts Cage over with a backbody drop, sending Cage crashing through the table! Bo goes for the cover.


Cage kicks up again.

Adams: How did Cage get up from that?!?!

Simone: This man is a tough SOB

Bo starts to walk back in the direction he came from, walking past the roller shutter and drinks machine. Bo gets to behind the curtain but Cage comes up behind him and hits him with a low blow!

Adams: Right in the crackers!

Bo stumbles through the curtains, in to the view of the fans and Cage steps through the entrance ramp. Cage grabs hold of Dreamwolf's head and drives him face first towards the metal supports holding up the screen, but Bo reverses it, tossing Cage in to it. Cage spins around with a huge punch but Bo ducks the swing and catches Cage in the gut with a boot. He pulls him in and hooks him in a suplex. Lifting Cage up and dropping him with...

Adams: Falcon's Arrowhead!

Bo goes for the cover.


Justin: The winner of the match and STILL SCW roulette champion.... Bo Dreamwolf!

Simone: Bo defends the... what the hell?

As Bo raises his arms after being handed the roulette title, Matthew Kennedy stands behind Bo, holding a chair, as Bo turns around, Kennedy drills the chair down on to Bo's head! Kennedy picks up the Routlette championship belt and yells down at Bo.

Adams: Kennedy wants Bo's title.

Kennedy drops the title down across Bo's chest and stands over him, as the fan's boo him.

Simone: We're out of time here in Amsterdam, join us next week from Paris, France, for the next edition of Climax Control

Adams: See ya!

The camera fades out to Matthew Kennedy standing over Bo

THANK YOU: To Chris, Mark, Erik, Johnny Brown, Matthew Kennedy, The Harkore Warriors, Casey Williams and to all our SCW roleplayers, you guys rock!