Climax Control

The Carson High Scool in Carson City0, Nevada is alive with energy as the fans of Sin City Wrestling stand and cheer, holding up signs for their favorite SCW superstars and Bombshells while the cameras pass along them, recording and airing them for those watching at home on their televisions.


Justin Decent, announcer for Sin City Wrestling, stands up with the house microphone raised to his lips and he starts to speak;

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Hostess With the Mostess for "Climax Control" -- Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The fans in the auditorum applaud and cheer as Amanda walks out dressed as a school girl. She is holding a microphone and holds her hand up for a moment.

Amanda: Before start, I want to just take a moment and say that this is dedicated to all of the children out there who have fallen victim to school bullying. Bullying one of your classmates just because they're different isn't just cruel. Honey, it's just plain sad.

The fans in attendance applaud this statement as the music starts up.

Amanda: Some days when I was young and I was dressed up as I do
Not looking like the rest but, what I felt as cool
They said that I was the one who was playing a fool for attention
I'd stand out the way that I do

They use to pick and tease not take me seriously
But see I did not care cos we were only kids
So back then they did laugh and make fun out of me
But developing my style, looking right as I did.

They say that I don't eat
And that I don't get no sleep
They say that I ain't cool and that I look like a freak
I said I ain't you and you are not me
We are who we are let us be

Here are reunion and I meet them same old kids
Don't recognise their kids but do remember me
So back then they did laugh and make fun out of me
But developing my style looking right as I did.

They say that I don't eat
And that I don't get no sleep
They say that I ain't cool and that I look like a freak
I said I ain't you and you are not me
They say that I don't know and that my mind is too weak
They say my body's slow and say I ain't got no beat
I said I ain't you and you are not me
We are who we are let us be

So my story to you is stand up and be proud
If you're quiet then that's cool
If your not shout it loud

They say that I don't eat
And that I don't get no sleep
It's all about foolish kids
They say that I ain't cool and that I look like a freak
They say that I don't know and that my mind is too weak
They say my body's slow and say I ain't got no beat
I said I ain't you and you are not me
We are who we are let us be
I said I ain't you and you are not me
We are who we are let us be

They say that I don't eat
And that I don't get no sleep
It's all about foolish kids
They say that I ain't cool and that I look like a freak
They say that I don't know and that my mind is too weak
They say my body's slow and say I ain't got no beat
I said I ain't you and you are not me
We are who we are let us be
I said I ain't you and you are not me
We are who we are let us be

What a foolish thing to say

The song ends and the fans applaud as Amanda takes a bow and waves to them before vanishing backstage.

Simone: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sin City Wrestling Climax Contol, I'm Belinda Simone alongside Jason Adams.

Adams: We are just two weeks away from Blaze Of Glory

Simone: That's right Jason, we've heard some matches announced, but tonight, we hear that more matches will be announced

Adams: That's without the five matches we have for you tonight.

Simone: Tonight, we have four people making their debuts, as Gina Graham goes one on one with Veronica Taylor

Adams: Yes, THE Veronica Taylor, Supermodel extrodinaire making her SCW debut

Simone: Ugh, and for the ladies out there, we have Bobby The Convict Cage and Brandon Medieros in their debut, going one on one

Adams: Also tonight, we have The Monster on the cards, the fast rising superstar, Damon Synn, takes on the very resiliant Old Skool

Simone: And the most elaborate stable in Sin City Wrestling, The Seven Deadly Sins flagship tag team, Sinful Obsession take on tag team champions Nightmare Sean Williams and Wyatt Peterson in a non title match

Adams: There's gonna be fireworks in that one after Gabriel had some very harsh words for Sean over his past

Simone: And in tonight's main event, New Xtreme members Spike Staggs and Casey Williams against Kain and a mystery partner

Adams: Speculation has been flying around all week on who this mystery partner is, everyone from Adam Rich to Hot Stuff Mark Ward has been mentioned

Simone: It's gonna be one hell of a night Jason

Adams: It is, so let's do this!

The lights in the arena fade out as a blue glow overtakes the stage. Blue whirls take over the screen, and smoke lifts up from the stage. The smoke whirls around, and “Broken Pieces” by Aocalyptica plays. A gust of wind blows papers, and signs across the stage. Kittie walks out onto the stage. She props the Bombshell Championship on her shoulder, lulling it like a baby. Her face is very solemn as she just stands there. She looks up to the rafters and slowly looks back down. The lights come back on, but the stage lights are blue. She walks down to the ring, this time, with energy in each step. She gets to the head of the ring, and slides in underneath the bottom rope. She quickly walks to each turnbuckle and glares out into the audience, shouting at each fan that goes out of their way to shout and cat call toward her. She stomps in the middle of the ring, as the boos echo around before she takes a deep breath and then walks over to Justin Decent, receiving a microphone. She immediately raises the microphone to her lips, hissing into it.


Kittie takes in the booing, and she walks to the edge of the ring, pointing at a fan who is screaming at her. She rests her elbow on the top rope, flipping him off, feeling pleased with his response as the corner of her lip curls into a half smile.

Kittie: You’d like that, would you shit head? Sit on it!

Kittie turns around, slapping her backside at him as she walks back to the center of the ring, pacing back and forth. She looks up to the rafters, and then she steadies her focus on the entryway.

Kittie: There are a lot of bitches in the back, with their big talk, and their inflated egos, who want to try to anger me so that I will attack them, and they get an instant shot at my championship. We had Kandi Washington… That loud mouthed skank ho talked a big, mean game about how she was going to be the dominant female around here. I heard she tried to proposition Mark for a B.J. and when he told her he didn’t like the idea of getting the Herps, she ran off crying. But the real story is that she realized that she made a big mistake when she challenged me.

Kittie smiles, satisfied with herself as she walks over to the far end of the ring, leaning against the corner.

Kittie: Then, you’ve got the new arrivals like Veronica Taylor. She wants to talk about being cutthroat? Honey, “throwing shade” and staring daggers hardly compares to suplexes and DDTs. That is all I really have to say about that. Come to us when you learn what either of those is, baby doll…

Kittie rolls her eyes before she lifts adjusts the belt as she waltzes back to the center of the ring. She waves on the booing as she hoists the Bombshell Championship up into the air before gently lowering it back to her shoulders. She nods her head as she whispers gently to it. She bops it up and down as she walks around in a slow circle.

Kittie: That’s not even mentioning the three bitches I’m facing at Blaze of Glory. All three of them running their mouths about how they are gonna beat me, and how they’re gonna take my title, and all of that fairytale bullshit! Well, guess what? I’ve beaten all three of their asses already. I’ve proven time after time after time that I am the top female here. And come Blaze of Glory, I will just have to prove it again. Brooklyn, Raynin, and Misty. Try not to piss me off too bad if you enjoy breathing through your mouth…

”Broken Pieces” starts playing again. Kittie drops the microphone and she heads over to the ropes, exiting under the top rope. She pauses on the apron, looking from side to side before dropping down to the floor. She marches up the entryway and pauses just in front of the curtains. She turns around and holds the belt up next to her face for everyone to see before she walks backward, disappearing behind the curtains.

The cameras cut backstage to see referee Drew Patton holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned nobody has your back but yourself.”

Signed – TXO

The scene opens up as the fans are cheering loudly as they see Ms. Rocky Mountains standing backstage in the interview area where the SCW logo is on a black backdrop she is wearing a pink dress, and clear high heel shoes, her black hair is hanging straight down the small of her back. As Ms. Rocky Mountains stands their for a few more seconds she begins to speak in her normal ton.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hello and welcome to SCW Climax Control Sin City I am here do to my inside reporting bringing you the fans moments before her debut she is a world renowned supermodel she is better known by her nickname the first class model she will be facing Gina Graham her name is Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor along with her publicist Sidney Anderson step into view the fans automatically giving her a round of boos as Sidney is on her phone yelling at the person on the other line.

Sidney Anderson: Listen after Veronica wins I want freaking news media to be all over it ready to shoot live after the match okay? What do you mean? Ughh ok whatever make sure it happens! God the help here sucks its ran by stupid drunk gambling fools.

The fans boo at the shot on Los Vegas by Sidney as she hangs up the phone and puts it in her pocket as she smirks along with her client Veronica Taylor who is dressed in green wrestling shorts, black dior knee high heel boots, and a green top with a black jacket that says Veronica Taylor in cursive, a pair of Hollywood sun glasses and her necklace around her neck she looks peers over her glasses disgusted at the sight of Ms. Rocky Mountains in front of her as Ms. Rocky Mountains begins to speak.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Tonight Veronica you go one on one with Gina Graham your response to this tough match up for your very first wrestling match?

Veronica sneers at Ms. Rocky Mountains for a bit before turning to Sidney who is fixing her hair for her as Veronica begins to speak in an arrogant over the top bitchy tone as the fans boo slightly at her.

Veronica Taylor: First of all your breath reeks! Oh my god if you stink this bad I wonder what those trailer trash creatures in the arena smell like second of all my hair better be prefect Sidney you know how I like my hair. Now who the hell is Gina Graham? I mean seriously I have no idea who this girl is! Is she important? Obviously not! I mean come on I am facing a total nobody tonight!

Rocky Mountains is not happy with Veronica's bitchy attitude Sidney finally stops fixing Veronica's hair and hands Veronica a mirror to check herself making sure she is prefect as Veronica continues to speak in the same tone.

Veronica Taylor: In fact I have a present fort Gina I made her look better take a look at this photo cause I found a picture only her and I nearly threw up in my mouth looking at it.

Veronica holds up the photo its Gina grinning face on a cow Veronica and Sidney are both laugh hysterically at the photo as Sidney exclaims at the photo as the fans boo at the disrespect shown to Gina from Veronica.

Sidney Anderson: What a cow! Sad thing is she looks better mooing than in a wrestling ring. After Veronica takes this cow out to pasture she has plans for the other bombshells, and the whole of Sin City Wrestling and it will be all over the news media mark my words

Sidney and Veronica laugh at the jokes they are making as the fans boo them even louder than before. As Ms. Rocky Mountains begins to speak in her normal tone staying professional during this interview is a challenge.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Interesting points but what do you think about Sin City Wrestling so far?

Veronica has a more serious look on her face as she places one hand on her hip as she begins to speak not even looking at Rocky Mountains putting her hand rudely in her face as she begins to speak in the same arrogant bitchy tone.

Veronica Taylor: Honestly I do not know why I even joined here no competion at all I am just going to walk through this place being the goddess I am will just beat every single bombshell with no problem at all and not even break a sweat at all because sweating will make my make up run which is not a good thing. Also no class these creatures keep booing saying mean things about me oh boo who i am not a nice girl get over it the age of the nice girl in SCW is dead, its the age of the first class model. Then I get to preform in one horse towns like Carson. Where the hell is Carson I mean seriously whats it famous for? Don't answer that because that answer will be clear soon enough my presence here is giving SCW more publicity than it has ever had its existence. And Gina will be famous for losing to yours truly and that is just totally fabulous!

Sidney interjects as Veronica is talking.

Sidney Anderson: According to my sources she does not understand us Veronica can you explain to her in her native tongue whats going to happen to her.

Veronica smirks before saying in an over the top arrogant voice.

Veronica Taylor: Oh my bad listen Gina all I have to say to you is mooooooo moooo mooooooooooo bitch!

Veronica pushes Rocky Mountains out of the way as she and Sidney head to the entrance area with the fans booing them loudly. As they get ready for the very first match of SCW Climax Control live from Carson High School in Carson Nevada.

The camera shots a man who is making his way through the parking lot looking to enter the arena. He goes to enter but is stopped by a staff member who is in front of the door.

Staff: Name and registration.

Man: Corporate Raven and I'm not on the list.

Staff: Then you can't enter.

Corporate Raven: There's no need to enter I only want you to deliver a message and that is that I want to challenge Spike Staggs to an interpromotional match. That's it and that's all.

Corporate Raven turns and leaves as the scene ends.

Hang up the chick habit
Hang it up, daddy
Or you'll be alone in a quick
Hang up the chick habit
Hang it up, daddy
Or you'll never get another fix

"Chick Habit" by April March hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, as the fans give a loud ovation of booing as the camera pans and from the back enters Veronica Taylor with an arrogant smirk on her face.

Justin: Our opening contest at Climax Control features Bombshell action, and it is scheduled for one fall! Coming down to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 116 pounds ... Veronica Taylor!

As the fans boo her Veronica yells at them to shut up before striking a series of arrogant model poses which gives her some cat calls from the men but mostly boos and then she keeps up her walking the run way strut down to the ring stopping now and again to taunt the fans and show herself off with some poses showing off her sizzling ring attire and entrance jacket, before climbing the ring stairs and stands on the ring side doing another arrogant model pose before whipping her boots off and then she orders the ref to hold the ring rope down which he does she then enters the ring walking around with her hands in the air posing some more yelling at the fans to shut their disgusting mouths and take a look at true beauty and class or something along those lines as her music cuts she waits for her opponent, as she takes off her necklace and places it in the corner she then stands by it leaning on the rope.

Adams: Wow! A world famous model right here in Sin City Wrestling!

Simone: Riiiight! She's 116 pounds and Justin asked her out on a date.

Adams: He did? I thought Justin was...

Simone: He IS you twit!

Well I know
I could be just another stranger
But to you
I guess I'm just another fool
And you swear
You like to live your life in danger
Then you hide
Behind a wall of silly rules

The opening chords of 'Breakin' all the rules' by Ozzy Osbourne rip out over the arena speakers. The silhouettes of two appear behind the curtains, pausing briefly before seperating them and stepping through to reveal the SCW rookie Gina Graham decked out in her trademark red, white and blue, star spangled catsuit. She is followed by her manager, the Goldenboy Gene Banton, who follows at a discreet distance so as not to distract attention from his pupil.

Justin: Her opponent is accompanied to the ring by her manager, the Goldenboy Gene Banton! From Mount Charleston, Nevada, weighing 130 pounds ... "The Gold Standard" Gina Graham!

Gina pauses anew at the top of the ramp, stoically surveying the crowd. Her face is expressionless as she looks about, her blue eyes slowly roving from left to right and back again. She begins her descent towards the ring without any fan fare, save for a smattering of shaking signs and the outstreched arms of star struck fans hoping for a handshake or high five. None are forthcoming as Gina's attention is squarely on the ring in front of her which she quietly enters.

Simone: I've been looking forward to seeing this Bombshell in action ever since we got word to her being signed. The Goldenboy is a legend in wrestling circles as both a manager and competitor.

Adams: You know he even manages the career of our own boss, Christian Underwood?

Simone: That I do, and for him to bring in any new talent speaks extremely high of that person.

Justin climbs out of the ring as referee Drew Patton beckons both women to the center of the ring for their last minute instructions. Gene stands close by as both women listen; Gina indifferent and Veronica appears bored.

Simone: That woman has no reason to be so arrogant. She seems all talk.

Drew tells Gene to step out of the ring and Gina turns to her manager and immediately Veronica grabs two handfuls of the rookie's hair and slams her back to the mat! The official calls for the bell!



Veronica is immediately all over Gina as she mounts the young woman's sternum and starts slapping her viciously back and forth across the face with both hands. She then grabs two handfuls of her blonde tresses and shakes her wildly, slamming the back of her head into the canvas. Drew tells her to ease up on the roughhouse tactics but Veronica ignores him with disdain. She gets off of Gina and drags her up with two big handfuls of her hair and she brings her over the hard way with three straght snapmares by the hair.

Adams: Ouch! I can't imagine how much it muct hurt to be snapmares over by your hair!

Gene calls to the referee from the outside about the tactics being used. Veronica stands on Gina's hair and then grabs her by the wrists and tugs, torturing her with a standing hairpull.

Simone: Does this woman know any actual wrestling moves that don't involve hair?

Drew barks orders at Veronica to stop but she lets go of one of Gina's hands to give the official a "talk to the hand" gesture, but this is a mistake as Gina uses her legs to hook Taylor under her arms and roll her forward into a victory roll, hooking her legs.

2..... Veronica kicks out!

Adams: Ooo! Close call for Veronica!

Simone: They say blondes are the dumb ones but Veronica doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb.

The self-professed super model scrambles to her feet but is armdragged over twice by the superbly trained Graham. Veronica jumps up and this time it's a Japanese armdrag that brings her over. Gina keeps hold of her wrist and drops a leg across Taylor's arm and scissors it.

Simone: We've heard of the mat training of this young woman at the Goldenboy's hands and we're getting a first hand look at it right here.

Adams: So is Veronica and she doesn't seem to like it.

Drew drops down to ask if Veronica wants to yield but the model Bombshell answers by spitting at the official.

Simone: Classy.

Drew looks to see Taylor's shoulders are both on the canvas and starts a count.

2..... But Veronica easily gets her shoulder up. She grabs a handful of Gina's hair but Drew pries her fingers off and warns her again.

Simone: I don't know why Drew is bothering warning that tart. She obviously isn't listening.

Gina releases the hold but not the arm and pulls Veronica to her feet. She twists her limb in an arm wringer and straddles the arm and rolls her over to the canvas in a cross arm breaker.

Adams: Gina's not going to be satisfied until she takes that arm home as a trophy.

Gene nods in approval as he watched from the outside. Veronica uses her legs while in the hold to roll herself over, pinning Gina's shoulders to the mat. She grabs a handful of Gina's tights for leverage.

2..... Gina kicks out.

Simone: Wow. I didn't think Veronica would know how to counter that.

Both women get up and Veronica swings wildly at Gina who ducks under the blow and grabs her worked on arm and twists it into a top key armlock but Veronica counters with a rake of the eyes. Drew starts to warn her again but Veronica quickly has Gina's throat draped over the top rope and is choking her until she pulls the rope back, snapping Gina back to the canvas with a slingshot. Veronica then sends her into the ropes and plants her face-first with a spinning bullddog.

Simone: An actual wrestling move. I believe I'm going to faint.

Veronica covers Gina and hooks the leg.

2..... Gina kicks out.

Veronica stares hard at Drew and slaps her hands three times for a faster count. She then goes to send her into the far corner with an Irish whip but Gina counters with a reversal. Gina moves in but Veronica brings her feet up and kicks Gina down to the mat. Veronica covers her again but this time she places her feet on the ropes for leverage.

3-No! The Goldenboy dashes past and swats her feet from the ropes!

Simone: I don't know what to say to that. On one hand managers have no business interfering in matches...

Adams: But on the other he just stopped Veronica from stealing a cheap win.

Veronica stands up and starts screaming at Gene. She grabs Drew by the arm and points out at the manager who holds his hands up, feigning innocence. Veronica raises her arm and nudges the referee.

Simone: Is she actually demanding he give her the win there and now?

Adams: She has no proof Gene interfered.

Drew shakes his head and pulls Veronica's arm down. Fuming, Veronica turns and grabs Gina, hauling her to her feet. She throws Gina into the corner and charges in but Gina moves and Taylor runs right into the turnbuckles.

Adams: I don't know which is more padded. Veronica or the turnbuckles.

Veronica turns around, holding her sternum, and Gina grabs her again by the arm and brings her down with a single-arm DDT. Now both young ladies were down on the canvas and Gene is calling into the ring, rallying his protege'. Drew stands overr both women and starts to issue his count.


Veronica is up and grabs Gina but Graham sweeps her legs out from under her and somersaults over her into a bridging cradle.

2..... Veronica squirms free.

They both climb to their feet and Gina grabs her into a front facelock and rolls her up into an inside cradle.

2..... Veronica kicks out.

Gina grabs her arm and twists it painfully three times and brings an elbow down into the exposed limb.

Simone: Gina's taken control back to work on that arm again.

Veronica howls in pain as she tries to reach for the ropes but Gina pulls her back and takes her to the mat with a Fujiwara armbar.

Adams: This might be it! She might tap!

Drew is asking Veronica again if she wants to yield but she shakes her head no, refusing to give in. She instead maneuvers her body over closer to the ropes and extends her leg, getting her foot draped over the bottom.

Simone: I hate to admit it, but that showed good ring presence.

Gina breaks the hold but goes right back to work on the damaged limb, grabbing her and locking her back into a cross arm breaker. Veronica kicks and shrieks in pain but won't submit the match away. She rolls her body again until she again folds Gina in half in a pin, but this time she has hold of the ropes with her free hand. the referee doesn't see it and makes the count.


Adams: No!

Simone: Come on Drew! How did you not see that?

The bell rings and Gina releases the hold in shock as Gene looks stunned that his charge just lost her debut to such tactics. Veronica rolls out of the ring, holding her arms up and looking very well pleased with herself.

Justin: The winner of the match ... Veronica Taylor!

The crowd answers the decree with boos as Veronica backs herself up the aisle and points at Gene and Gina inside of the ring and laughs and taunts them.

Simone: What a cheap way to get your first win! And she has no shame in resorting to doing so either!

Adams: All she cares about is the win. But look at Gene and Gina. I don't think either of them are going to take this one laying down.

Both the Goldenboy and the Gold Standard are standing in the ring, looking out at the retreating form of Veronica Taylor. Gina looks clearly upset by the tainted loss but Gene rests a hand on her shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if you back up!" Boos flood the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock starts blaring over the speakers. The boos only increase in intensity after a few moments, as the new SCW Heavyweight Champion emerges through the back curtain. Nick walks out dressed in a designer suit, but he surprisingly seems to be missing one rather important piece of attire: his newly won title belt. However, that changes after a moment, as the serious look on Nick's face turns to a wide grin as he unbuttons his suit jacket and opens it up, revealing the title belt around his waist, which receives only more boos from the crowd. Nick slowly struts down the ramp, clearly with great pride as he doesn't even acknowledge the booing crowd around him. He then climbs up the steel ring steps and climbs into the ring, grabbing a microphone along the way. Nick then walks to the middle of the ring, but waits for a few moments before speaking.

Simone: Well Nick is certainly taking his time.

Adams: He's the new champion, he deserves to soak in his moment of glory!

Simone: Glory? I think the fans here have made it quite clear what they think of Nick, and there's nothing glorious about it.

Nick stands in the ring, arms down on his side and his head back, seeming to soak in the response, despite it being nothing but an endless chorus of boos. Nick then raises the microphone up to his mouth and waits a moment as his music is cut and slowly, over time, the crowd dies down. Nick looks as if he's about to speak, but then suddenly stops himself. He then turns over to the ringside area, and looks straight towards SCW Ring Announcer, Justin Decent. He points straight at Decent and then points down to the ring, right next to where he's standing. Justin seems happy to olige, as he quickly climbs into the ring. However, as he's walking towards Nick, Nick just takes his microphone and throws it at Justin. The mic bounces off Justin's chest and then drops to the mat. Justin looks down at the mic and then back up to Nick, seeming confused by what just happened. Nick can be seen screaming something over at Justin, but what exactly he's saying can't be heard. Justin simply shrugs his shoulders in response, seeming taken back by Nick's actions and tone, but not have any major issue with what he was saying. With that, Justin bends down, picks up the microphone and begins to speak.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, your NEW SCW Heavyweight Champion... NICK JONES!!!

Nick throws his hands in the air proudly as the fans now boo louder than ever before, as a huge smirk grows across the face of Nick. Nick then motions over to Justin who tosses the microphone back to Nick before exiting the ring. Nick again waits for the crowd noise to die down before this time finally speaking.

Nick: I told you all that the only thing being done was delaying the inevitable. I've been telling you all for weeks... hell, I've been telling you for months that this belt was going to be mine, and really already was mine, it was just a matter of waiting for the moment it finally came around this gorgeous waist, where it always belonged. There are people all throughout SCW who were trying to keep me from getting my title. First I was stuck in some idiotic tag team tournament that tried to keep me out of dominating the singles ranks. Then I was put into a match in order to "earn" the title shot that should have rightfully been mine all along. Then management turns around and keeps delaying my shot as long as possible, originally booking that idiot Blake to get the shot at my title before I ever did. Knowing that destiny could only be delayed for so long, the champion went running scared so he would never even have to face me.

The boos again intensify at Nick's last comments.

Simone: Oh, give me a break. JT Underwood's leaving had nothing to do with Nick. We all know that and so does Nick.

Adams: The timing certainly seems awfully coincidental.

Simone: You can't be serious.

Nick: Of course, that wasn't enough. With the champion gone, SCW decided the title was now vacant. Just as it should have been, I was ready to be crowned the new SCW Champion, but again there was a certain someone who decided he was still going to try to keep me from realizing my fate. So they once again decide to give that clown Blake a shot at MY title. This was their last hope to keep me from getting my title, and as you all saw on SCW's pay-per-view, they tried to interfere in the match, by not even allowing my SCW-approved personal entourage in their rightful places, who only there for management purposes and moral support.

Simone: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Nick: Yet it was still proven that in the end, there was nothing they could do to stop me. I'll give the little guy credit, he certainly did everything he could possibly come up with to stop me, but it didn't work, it was never going to work. Sorry Christian, but no matter how hard you tried to make sure it didn't happen, I'm still the champ!

Nick raises the title belt up into the air with even more boos coming in response.

Nick: Now begins my true reign of dominance over this organization, while you have a loser like that Blake punk who will forever disappear off into the nothingness of the bottom of the SCW roster. He'll never again make it past the bottom rung of this company, just as he doesn't deserve to. Maybe if he ever wants another title shot, he can go fight it out for the Bombell championship with the rest of the little girls, because he'll never got another shot at my belt.

Simone: It looks like somebody hasn't been reading their SCW memos.

Adams: Memos?

Simone: Yes, specifically the one released by the SCW front office just the other day stating Nick will be defending his SCW Championship against Blade Alexander in two weeks.

Adams: But Nick just said he's never getting another shot.

Simone: Which was exactly my point, I have a feeling Nick won't be so happy when he finds out that's not exactly true.

Adams: Oh... right.

Nick: So really, the only question is which poor pathetic chump the SCW bookers are going to sacrifice and send to their ultimate fate of complete failure and embarrassment. Frankly, it doesn't even matter who it is, because...

Nick is cut off mid-sentence by an explosion of cheers from the crowd. Nick seems confused by this reaction and turns around to see the screen hanging over the entrance is now showing SCW Co-President Christian Underwood sitting backstage in his office, wearing a big smile.

Christian: Oh, Nick, Nick, Nick. Well first let me just say, congratulations on your title win. But before you get ahead of yourself, I suggest you really start reading the SCW announcement bulletins we send out a little more carefully?

Nick: Oh, this should be good. What pathetic attempt are you going to make to try to screw me over now?

Christian: Nothing but a simple match, more specifically a title defense. I can't imagine you have an issue with that, do you?

Christian waits for a moment as Nick just glares up at the monitor, before Christian eventually continues without waiting any further for a response.

Christian: Because you see, in 2 weeks from today, you will be defending your title in the main event of our super card. The good news is, it's an opponent you should feel very comfortable with, considering it's someone you've interacted with quite recently.

Nick: What the hell are you talking about?

Christian: In two weeks from today, you'll be defending your title against... Blade Alexander!!

Nick's face turns completely red as he hears this, which despite Blade not being particularly popular with the SCW audience, still generates some cheers.

Nick: You know what?!? That's just fine! Keep trying Christian, try to screw me out of my title all you want, but all you'll do is keep failing. I already beat this loser despite how hard you tried to make sure he won, and in two weeks will be absolutely no different. This title is mine, and that's not ever going to change. If this nonsense means I need to put that punk Blake down one more time...

Christian interrupts Nick after his last statement.

Christian: Let me stop you right there. It's actually funny you say that, because there's one more thing I didn't get to tell you yet. You might have to put Blade down more than once considering this match... is a 2 out of 3 falls match! Good luck, Nick!

Christian smiles widely as the screen turns off and Nick is left standing in the ring, fuming. Nick then throws the mic down on the ground and kicks it across the ring. He then runs over and starts to kick the ring ropes in anger, stomping around in a pure rage. He then eventually climbs out of the ring and storms up the ramp and to the back.

Adams: I think Nick's kind of upset.

Simone: No kidding. Nick barely pulled off one pinfall over Blade to capture that championship, now he'll have to see if he can do it two more times in order to retain!

The cameras cut backstage to see Amanda Hugginkis holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned every wrestling promotion has one ugly staff member just so they don’t have some kind of stupid law suit against them.”

Signed – TXO

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Skid Row's "Midnight Tornado" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. He steps down and takes a microphone from Justin Decent and waits for the music to quiet down

HS: Yeah, I get fireworks because I'm the boss...

Hot Stuff rolls his shoulder back

HS: Look at you, you lucky people, you get to have the boss in the ring to talk and well, I got a lot to say. Let's start with Rix Usher. The wrestling world has reported it, and we've confirmed that Rix will be gone for god knows how long, we all wish Rix a speedy recovery

A "Get well soon" chant echoes through the arena

HS: But you see, wrestling moves forward, we move forward. Ever since it became public knowledge that Casey Williams was getting a shot at the NeWA Television title, at Blaze Of Glory, people have been tweeting me at @TheMarkWard to ask me why he get's a shot, why I gave it to that waste of time. Simple, it's like the distraction trick, watch my left hand, while my right hand slaps the taste buds clean out of your mouth. With Casey getting his arse whooped, he's not gonna be watching his friends. More about his little friends later. Let's talk about you Kain.

The name Kain gets a mixed reaction

HS: You got offered a chance to be immortal, Kain. In the AWA, you was a big fish, in a small pond, it was obvious you was gonna stand out, but here, it's a whole different sea. You was a shark amongst minnows there, but here, I'm pretty sure you've seen, anyone, at any time, can beat anyone. You're no longer that shark, you're not the main guy. I could have made you that main guy, I could have took you to the top. I could have put you back where you wanted to be Kain, but no, you had to reject an offer that was perfect for you. Here's the thing now Kain, as so many have learned, crossing me is not in your best interest and here's the proof. I could have saved you from what you're about to recieve, but no, you asked for hell, I'm going to give you hell. At Blaze of Glory, you will be taking on.... well, getting your arse beat, by none other then The Monster Damon Synn!

Simone: Oh my god! Hot Stuff just threw Kain to the wolves!

HS: It didn't have to be like this Kain, it didn't, you could have been made a lot safer, but you threw it back at me. You might wanna reconsider your decision after Damon Synn beats you within an inch of your life, you might wanna reconsider my offer.

Adams: That match will be immense, two future Heavyweight champions against each other at Blaze Of Glory

HS: Now, you little New Xtreme bitches. You've been pissing me off, more then I actually like, more then I want, I'm sick of it Spike. You brought Jordan Williams back to get under my skin, you've done all you can to annoy and hinder. Well Spike, it's time for you to pay for your sins. You and Jordan, Blaze Of Glory, you better get ready, cause in one corner, they'll be you two and in the opposite corner, there will be you're mystery opponent for tonight, let's call him Hot Stuff Version 2, Spike and the best damn wrestler to ever lace the boots and step through the ropes. The legendary, the one and only, the superstar, the amazing HOT STUFF MARK WARD!!!

The crowd cheer wildly as Hot Stuff winks down the camera.

Adams: HOLY HELL! The boss is returning to the ring at Blaze Of Glory! This is unbelievable!

HS: You heard me right Spike, Jordan, the hottest man to have ever kicked arse is back for one night only to show you two idiots who really was the driving force behind Hot N Sexy, who was the engine driving the train in Generation X-Treme. The boss is back, and Spike, Jordan, you will once again feel the heat, because I am too...

The crowd yell out the word "damn"

HS: Hot... for you...

The crowd yell out the words "To handle". Hot Stuff winks

HS: Bitches!

"Midnight Tornado" blasts through the speakers again and Hot Stuff poses in the ring for a minute before leaving

Adams: Did you hear that Belinda? Hot Stuff Mark Ward returns to the ring against Spike Staggs and Jordan Williams, with the mystery man in tonight's main event at Blaze Of Glory! This is huge! This is amazing!

The scene shows Casey Williams in his locker room getting ready for his upcoming match where he has Spike Staggs on his side, and they are facing Caseys’ old foe, Kain, and some mystery partner. There is a knock at the door, and it is Ms Rocky Mountains.

Ms Rocky Mountains: “Hello Casey, do you mind if I ask you a few questions regarding the comments by your opponents for the Main Event match at Climax Control?

Casey: “Sure Rocky. Fire away

Ms Rocky Mountains: what do you have to say about Kain talking about your being a hypocrite?”

Casey: “Well, Kain thinks that just because I haven’t been as successful as a man of my size should be makes me a hypocrite. Well, let us look at those 4 losses that I have, shall we? 2 of my 4 losses came in tag matches, and I wasn’t even in the fucking ring, so how is it my fault that I had incompetent partners who couldn’t get their shit together? The other tag match I have lost was due to me being double teamed, and my partner being knocked out and outside the ring, rendering him useless to breaking up the pinfall. The last loss was to our current Heavyweight Champion, so that is the only match that I am not really ashamed of losing.

Casey then takes a sip of his water, and as Rocky asks him the next question.

Ms Rocky Mountains: “I see. What do you have to say about Kain talking about him being better than you?”

Casey: “You think that when I was talking about the lack of trust I have in tag team partners steams from your debut here in SCW. You, sir, are sadly mistaken. I was referring to when you turned your back on me after we won that tag match in AWA against Dmitri, you dumbass. I will show you that yeah, you might have gotten the better of me in AWA, but I am a much improved wrestler since then, and will destroy you like the loser that you are. Also, you are a lying sack of shit, Kain. You say that there is no tagline with you. What do you call the whole “King of Kings” line? Oh wait, you are blatantly stealing that from Jean Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H from WWE lure. He is the true King of Kings, not you.

Casey gives a sinister looking smile, than Rocky turns her questions from Kain to his mysterious partner.

Ms Rocky Mountains:“Interesting. What do you make of the comments made by Kain’s mysterious partner about you being the “Freight Train of Eating”?”

Casey: Well, it is like this Rocky, where I do not see Laura as much as I would, due to my busy schedule doing stuff for SCW, and travelling back to Nashua, I only have time to talk to Laura when we go out to eat. I will show this Mystery Partner firsthand what I am talking about when I am the Freight Train of Pain, and that what I do in my personal life doesn’t affect my abilities in the ring. He spent so much time talking about Spike that I think he has a little crush on him, and that he is overlooking me and that is his biggest mistake. You NEVER overlook Casey Williams!!! ”

Ms Rocky Mountains: “I see. Do you have any other comments to make before your big match tonight?

Casey: “Yes, I do. You two think that you guys are so special, but you guys are nothing but pieces of trash. Spike and I will prove that to the world when we soundly defeat you. There is nothing that nobody can do to stop us from achieving our goals of obtaining gold, starting with Misty getting the NWA Cruiserweight title and myself winning the NWA TV Title, and making Spike’s prophecy of NXT being the Golden Standard a reality. Also, I noticed that Veronica Taylor wore green to the arena today. What is this, Saint Patrick’s Day? Nope, it isn’t even Valentine’s Day yet, you dumb, arrogant pile of garbage. You think the bombshells are envious of you. Unlikely, and they will show you what it means to be a superstar in SCW.

The scene fades as Rocky Mountain exits his locker room.

The camera returns to ringside with “Been to Hell” by Hollywood Undead fading out as Brandon Mederios is waiting in the ring. The venue goes dark as 'Paint it Black' by the Rolling Stones begins to play. Smoke starts to billow from the entrance ramp and at the end of the opening guitar solo Cage emerges from the back cracking his knuckles and throwing warm-up punches. He jogs to the ring still throwing practice punches and then climbs up to the second rope turnbuckle and throws back his arms posing a moment for the crowd before hopping down and waiting for the match to start. Drew Patton calls for the bell.



Bobby Cage and Brandon Mederios lock up in the middle of the ring. Cage quickly ducks under and behind Brandon and locks in a sleeper hold. Holding on tight Cage fights to bring Brandon down to the mat, but Brandon backs up into a corner and slams Cage against it hard. Cage lets go of the hold and Brandon turns around and starts delivering hard hits to the face and midsection of Bobby.

Adams: Both these guys have a chance to impress tonight

Brandon steps away from the corner and quickly charges back towards it with a splash attempt but the older more experience Cage ducks out of the way, causing Brandon to slam into the turnbuckle. Cage turns and lifts Brandon up onto the top turnbuckle and superplex’s him off quickly, and follows through picking him up and Irish whipping him into the ropes. Brandon runs and ducks under Cage’s clothesline and reaches back and connects with a neck breaker.

Simone: Smooth neckbreaker from Brandon.

Brandon and Cage are both on the mat and are slow to get to their feet as the ref starts his count.


Brandon is back to his feet and falls back against a rope and bounces forward with a quick kick to the skull of Cage, but Cage catches it and flips Brandon over backwards and hits a cutter as Brandon is falling. Cage goes for a pin.


Kickout by Brandon and Cage is up and yelling at Drew Patton saying it should have been a three. Cage turns around to go back after Brandon but is met by a missile dropkick from the wrestler. Brandon quickly covers Bobby for a pin of his own. But before referee Drew could drop down Mederios is shoved away by Bobby.

Adams: Maderios doesn't like it on his back

Simone: Which is more then I can say for most of the roster

Both men get back onto their feet and lock back up in the middle. Bobby Cage takes control and locks Brandon Mederios into a tight headlock and wrenches tightly at the head of Brandon. Brandon starts fighting to get out of it and Bobby quickly spins around catching Brandon’s head under his other arm and drops him with a DDT.

Simone: DDT!

Bobby drags Brandon to the center of the ring and climbs the top rope and performs a brilliant frog splash and makes a quick pin.

2 ½….

Adams: Closer then a foot on a floor!

Kick out by Brandon as frustration starts showing on Bobby Cage’s face. Brandon rolls to his knees as Bobby gets in the refs face and starts yelling at him. Brandon makes use of this chance and gets behind Bobby for a belly to back suplex but is met by a mule kick from Cage. Brandon drops to the mat holding his man hood and rolls around in agony, as Cage starts to stomp away at him.

Cage drags Brandon to the corner and shoves him against the turnbuckles. Cage straddles the middle rope and starts delivering vicious right hands to the head of Brandon as the fans in attendance start to count.


As Cage goes for number nine, Mederios grabs both legs and drops The Convict with a powerful spinebuster and goes for a pin again.

Adams: That one shook the rings like an earthquake


Kickout by Bobby Cage. Brandon stays hovering over Bobby as he looks down in disbelief. Bobby reaches up and pokes Brandon in the eyes and wiggles out from under Brandon. Bobby proceeds to pull Brandon over to a corner and climbs up, pulling Brandon with him. Bobby sets Brandon up for his finisher “Hard Time Piledriver” and leaps from the top rope, driving the crown of Brandons head into the mat and following up quickly with a pin.


Justin: Here is your winner... BOBBY THE CONVICT CAGE!

Simone: Bobby Cage wins!

Adams: The Convict impressed out here tonight.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’s “On We March” is blaring through the speakers as Kain walks onto the ramp, glancing at the crowd from left to right as they shower him with a hail of boos. He snarls and trash-talks to the fans as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. He walks over to the corner and angrily takes a microphone from one of the ring workers below, then brings it up to his lips as the music dies down.

Kain: I want all of you to shut up right now! This is my time and you will hear everything I say!

The crowd continues to chant his name in bad fashion, even insulting him with a few choice words that couldn’t be heard. He grins and continues his speech.

Kain: Tonight will be the same thing that will be replayed in the days to come. In every show that I’m in, it will be the main event, nothing more, nothing less! Here I am, having to deal with a man who is so obsessed with his love life, his kid, his money and doesn’t really care much for the devastation I plan on causing him. His tag-team partner is caught up in the past, trying to boast himself as a man who cannot be defeated so easily and thinks that I backstabbed him when I did NOTHING of the sort. In all this amusing stupidity, it gets even stupider as I am dealt with a mysterious tag-team partner that I’m not truly impressed with in the end. He is right though; I am one cocky, arrogant bastard and for good reason! Tonight will be the night where I’m the only one giving a damn about winning! Unlike Casey, unlike Spike, unlike my mystery partner, I’m the only man that stands out from the rest of the pack, the man who can get any woman he wants and make any man jealous and that includes all of you witless worms today!

Simone: This guy is digging himself a hole that he won’t be able to get out of for a long time, Adams!

Adams: I think his actions speak louder than his words, Simone, so I don’t think that’s the case at all. Just watch, later on, he’ll be proving his point yet again and guys like Hot Stuff Mark Ward will have no choice but to grant him what he wants!

The crowd is booing more loudly than before, some are even going as far as to flip him off and swear at him. He laughs at them and raises the microphone to his lips.

Kain: Luckily for me, I have Ariel, the most beautiful woman in the world, and she would rather be with me than no one else! She’s just as devious and manipulative as I can be, but she’s also the best diva in the Sin City Wrestling organization! None can compare to her beauty and intelligence! She’s with me, supporting me on my quest for immortality! And I reward her kindly by being a true man, by letting nothing get in my way! Casey, Spike, and to my “mystery partner”, you guys can talk all you want, but in the end, it will be my fist that will make you bleed and my foot that break your bones! I don’t care if you are my ally or enemy; none of you should be standing in my way and I will gladly be kicking all of your sorry asses and proving once again why I am the King Of Kings and why I am the man of the hour! Oh and before I depart…

Kain lands a stone-cold look into the camera, his eyes being cold as ice as he speaks with a venomous hate unlike anyone else has ever seen…

Kain: Before I win the main event tonight, someone on the roster will end up being a major victim for getting the best of me recently. That person better be watching over their shoulder, because what I am going to do to you tonight will ultimately spell YOUR demise and you will end up being MY BITCH when I am finished with you!

Kain tosses away the microphone and exits the ring as his theme music blares through the speakers. He dismisses the crowd away with his hand as he goes to the back.

Adams: I don’t know about you, Belinda, but I got a bad feeling about this.

Simone: Whoever Kain’s target is going to be, it won’t be a pleasant encounter for tonight, that’s for sure!

The camera switches backstage, just outside Hot Stuff Mark Ward's office. Hot Stuff puts his hand on the handle, when he is approached by Pussy Willow.

Pussy: Mr Ward

HS: Pussy

Pussy: Mr Ward, everyone thought you would be returning to the ring this week to partner Kain. As you're not, can you tell us who is?

Hot Stuff smirks at Pussy and opens his office door. He goes to walk in but stops, turning back and raising a finger to Pussy's face.

HS: Nope

Hot Stuff walks in the office, leaving pussy standing there confused and disappointed

The scene opens in a hallway in the backstage area of Climax Control, where we are once greeted by the sight of none other than SCW's new champion, Nick Jones. Nick, sporting his new title belt over his shoulder and a big grin on his face, walks down the hallway, confidently strutting past every fellow SCW superstar he passes, catching a few glances in his direction in the process. However, that all changes as while Nick continues his way down the hallway, he suddenly hears the sound of a laugh from behind. Nick stops dead in his tracks, and gets a sour look in his face. He then hears another chuckle and quickly spins around to find the culprit. Standing there, dressed in his full detectives gear, is Despayre, and his partner in crime-fighting and best friend, his teddy bear Angel. As Despayre wears a smile on his face, and just finishes pulling his ear aware from Angel, it's fairly clear where the laughter is coming from. Nick turns towards him and takes a step in closer, and with a stern look on his face, stares straight at Despayre.

Nick: Something funny, punk?

Despayre: It sure is! Angel just told me a really funny joke.

Nick: Oh is that so? I'm glad you're so damn amused. Do you know who the hell I am? I'm the SCW Champion. Maybe you should watch what the hell you're laughing about.

Despayre simply looks confused by Nick's comments, clearly not quite sure what exactly he's going on about. He turns and looks to Angel for a moment, seeming to be intently listening before responding.

Despayre: Yeah, me neither.

Nick: Oh, so that's how it is, huh? The little child is gonna blame it on his stupid little teddy bear?

Nick then pokes a finger right into the chest of Angel, but before he is touching the bear for more than moment, Despayre quickly pulls his arm, and therefore Angel, away from Nick, glaring straight at Nick in the process, looking less than pleased. Nick pulls his hand back while giving Despayre a sideways glance, clearly very perplexed by his counterparts behavior in relation to his teddy bear. After Nick pulls away, Despayre slowly puts his arms and Angel back into their regular place.

Despayre: I think you owe Angel an apology.

Nick: You're kidding me.

Despayre: No.

Nick looks at Despayre for a moment, shaking his head at him in disbelief, before bending over and moving in real close to Angel.

Nick: Here there. Sorry about what I said and poking you. What I really should have said, is that if I catch either you or your psycho pal here ever looking at me again, I'm going to tear your head off and shove it down his throat.

Nick stands back up straight, glaring back at Despayre with a smirk proudly worn upon his face. With that, Despayre's face turns red and his eyes flash completely wide open and fill with a look of rage. Despayre gently places Angel down on the table right beside them and then turns back and stares a hole through Nick. Then suddenly in a flash, Despayre leaps directly at Nick, jumping right onto him and sending Nick falling backward to the floor, and his SCW Championship belt going flying down the hall, as Despayre comes down directly on top of him. He then wraps his hands right around the throat of Nick and squeezes. At the same time, Despayre starts screaming in a furious rage.


Nick's eyes go wide and he gasps for air as he helplessly looks on in fear at the psychotic look in Despayre's eyes. However, in what could not have been better timing for Nick, his cousin Big B comes walking down that very hallway. Nick struggles through his lack of air just a moment to let out one faint scream.

Nick: B!!

Big B turns and sees Nick pinned down on the ground, almost completely breathless and runs straight over. B grabs a hand on Despayre's holder to pull him off of Nick, but before he can do any more than that, Despayre releases Nick on his own, snatches a pencil from off the nearby table and stabs it straight into the hand of B!

Big B: OWWW!!!

With Despayre momentarilty discratches and having released his hold of Nick's throat, Nick quickly shoves Despayre right off of him, and goes scrambling across the floor to get away. He snatches his belt from the ground next to him, and quickly stumbles to his feet and runs off in the opposite direction of where Despayre's attention was momentarily pulled. Despayre stares in the direction that Nick has run off, watching him as he disappears out of view. Despayre them takes a deep breath, and in a moment the tension in his body clearly fades, as his breathing slows and his shoulders drop down. He then turns back around, to see Big B still standing there, clutching his hand in pain, with the pencil still sticking out of it, and blood starting to come out. Despayre surprisingly looks on at Big B with a bit of a pout and a look of remorse.

Despayre: That looks like it hurts. Come on, me and Angel will help fix you up!

Despayre picks Angel up off the table and grabs Big B by his good hand, leading him off out of the scene as it comes to an end.


Backstage, Spike Staggs jogs in front of a stationary camera, dressed in a finely tailored black suit, his hair slicked into backward facing spikes, and his icy blue eyes covered in a pair of red tinted sunglasses. He holds his hands up in a sort of diplomatic wave. Recording of a cheering crowd is overpowered by the cheering coming from ringside. Spike pulls out a set of cue cards from his jacket pocket. The camera pans out just a bit to see Spike standing in front of a podium as foam fingers wave back and forth in front of him in a precise back and forth motion. Spike brings his index cards across his throat in a quick manner, and the recorded cheering comes to a halt. He clears his throat, and speaks in a low tone to the microphone propped up in front of his lips.

Spike: Ladies, gentlemen, both, and other. I come to you with an official statement regarding a very sad situation facing us, the members and fans of Sin City Wrestling. Yes, each and every one of you knows exactly what I am talking about. Except for the hearing impaired, in which case…

Spike’s solemn expression goes unchanging as he uses American Sign Language to express his thoughts. He takes a deep breath before he continues.

Spike: The problem I speak of is very, very sad in an industry known as sports entertainment. We live in a day and age where such fundamental aspects of wrestling have been tainted and twisted to the point where they could pass for a Disney movie. The match type I had grown accustom to, Hardcore Matches, are nothing more than pulling a chair from under the ring. Wrestling matches, if you can call actors and celebrities tangling up in what looks like porn with clothing, have become, quite frankly… boring as HELL!

Spike narrows his eyes as he removes his sunglasses slowly, setting them down on the podium. He gently clasps his hands together, looking directly into the camera. His nostrils flare up just a bit.

Spike: Where is the sport? Hm? Where is the entertainment? Will SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME?!!

Spike nods his head slowly before he quickly wipes the cue cards from the podium. He kicks over the podium, picking it up, and slamming it down in front of himself, shattering it. He kicks at the foam fingers, knocking each one off of a spring that is left bobbing in front of him. Spike grabs hold of the camera, and steadies it on his face, full of a sort of strange joy.

Spike: New X-Treme’s has vowed to rescue the fans of SCW… Fans of NWA… and fans of Professional Wrestling… From the painfully mundane programming you have grown accustomed to! It is our promise to rescue the wrestling community from turning into the boring world wide promotions such as *BEEEEEP(You know what I’m talking about…)*. Until you take notice, we will begin dominating the scene, one show, one match, one championship belt at a time! Tonight, it is Kain and “Mystery Opponent” who will feel the wrath of Spike Staggs and Casey Williams. Blaze of Glory will have a much larger list of casualties, with the likes of “Hot Stuff: Mark Ward, Mystery Opponent, Gaetan LaValle, Kittie, Brooklyn Carter, and Raynin. Championships and pride is what we in New X-Treme’s are all about. But, our name is not just a name… It is a promise. SCW… NWA! Prepare to be taken to… NEW X-TREMES!

Spike lets go of the camera, allowing the cheap pops to take over. He cracks his famous grin before kicking through the debris, and exiting the camera’s view.

The cameras cut backstage to see “Hot Stuff” Mark Ward holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned that every person that steps into a wrestling ring makes mistakes and it’s my job to capitalize on them.”

Signed – TXO

A grin comes across the face of "Hot Stuff" as the scene changes.

In another part of the arena

The cameras cut backstage to see Christian Underwood holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned that I am the future of this business.”

Signed – TXO

Christian balls the paper up and shakes his head before mumbling under his breath"I'm gonna kill 'Hot Stuff"

Justin: The following contest is a singles match. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-nine pounds


"All I Do Is Win" blasts through the speakers and Old Skool appears from the entrance. He looks at the fans, then focuses on ring. Walking down the ramp and quickly in to the ring. He bounces off the ropes and raises his arms and waits for the bell to sound.

Justin Decent: And his opponent, weighing in at three hundred pounds even, from El Paso, Texas, he is...


The lights quickly cut to black, and there is nothing but the small flicker of flame from lighters in the audience. A startling voice is heard throughout the PA system proclaiming—

"I shoot the lights out
Hide 'till it's bright out
Whoa, just another lonely night
Are you willing to sacrifice your life?"

As "life" cuts, a fierce growl is heard, and it is replaced by the familiar beat and voice of "Monster" by Kanye West. Immediately, the crowd in attendance rains down a marage of boos. The lights over the entrance way begin to flicker on and off repeatedly, manipulating the world into a series of still shots. We see a huge figure behind the curtain, wearing a trench coat pulled up along with his ring attire. He surveys the crowd before walking down the ramp slowly and intimidatingly towards the ring. As he reaches the apron, he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up to the apron. He enters the ring over the top rope and walks to the center of the ring. He raises his hands in a familiar crucifix position and quickly brings them back down, causing bursts of fire to explode from every single turnbuckle. The lights reappear, brightening the building, and revealing Damon Synn with a shit-eating grin. He then shuffles over to a corner, and the music fades as he leans there, awaiting the ring of a bell.



Damon immediately charges at Old Skool and wraps a hand around his throat and throws himin to the corner. Damon unloads heavy rights and lefts in to Old Skool's mid section, firing in hard rights and lefts to Old Skool. Old Skool blocks one and fires and punch back towards Damon, shocking the beast of Sin City Wrestling and rocking him backward. Old Skool fires another hand towards Damon's head but Damon blocks it by catching his hand. As Damon catches Old Skool's hand, Old Skool lifts a boot and plants in to Damon's gut. As Damon drops forward, Old Skool grabs the back of his head and slams Damon backward, slamming the back of his head in to the canvas. The crowd surprisingly cheer Old Skool for taking the monster off his feet.

Simone: Well he's already lasted longer then Damon Synn's last opponent.

Adams: And he's took him off his feet.

Damon pounds the mat and gets back up to his feet, but Old Skool stays on the attack, by jumping at Synn and catching him with an elbow in the eye. Synn stumbles backward and Skool puts him in a headlock and squeezes down on his bigger opponent, but Damon uses his strength to lift Old Skool off his feet and drop him backwards with a belly to back suplex. Old Skool holds the back of his neck but quickly rolls over to his stomach and gets back to his feet but Synn is already waiting for him, menace in his eyes. Damon stares at Old Skool and runs towards him, attempting a big boot, but Old Skool side steps Damon's advance and plants a boot to the back of Damon's standing leg and grabs the back of his head, dropping him down with a quick neckbreaker. Damon lays on the mat, looking angry and surprised as Old Skool get up and stomps on his chest. Old Skool stomps higher, but Damon catches his foot while laying on his back and starts to force his way back to his feet, while holding on to Old Skool's foot. Damon gets to his knees and forces Old Skool out of striking distance. Damon gets to his feet, pulling Old Skool towards him by the leg and clotheslines him hard!

Simone: Wow! Damon Synn nearly took his head off there.

Adams: That would have left a mess.

Damon stares down at Old Skool, a smile on his face and leans down to pick him up, wrapping a hand around his throat and lifting him up to his feet. As he pulls Old Skool to his feet, Damon wraps another hand around Old Skool's throat and lifts him in the air, and throws him across the ring, like he weighed nothing. Damon walks towards him, stalking him and places a boot across Old Skool's throat pushing the pressure down across the neck. The referee calls Synn off, but Damon just stares at Jasmine St John as he picks Old Skool back to his feet. He throws him off the ropes and lifts him high in the air, nailing him with a flapjack! Damon goes for the cover.


Old Skool gets a shoulder up

Simone: Old Skool still has some fight in him

Damon gets back to his feet and waits for Old Skool to return to his, as he does, Synn charges him and nails him with a big boot to the side of the head, sending Old Skool crashing to the floor. Synn walks over to him, bending down to pick Old Skool back to his feet but Old Skool pokes Damon in the eye.

Adams: If only Scooby Doo thought of poking monsters in the eye, he wouldn't have spent so much time running around the ring.

Old Skool gets to his feet, and charges Damon, shoulder to stomach, back in to the corner and starts to plant some heavy shots on him, taking the match to the monster, planting lefts and rights around his midsection before slamming a hand shot to the head, stunning Damon slightly. Old Skool climbs to the second rope and nails Damon in the head with him downward elbow shots, before hooking him up in a front face lock and jumping backwards, nailing a huge DDT! Old Skool goes for the cover.


Damon Synn kicks out

Simone: It will take a lot to put this beast away

Old Skool looks out at the crowd and lifts Damon to his feet and throws Damon in to the corner with as much force as he can muster. Damon crashes hard and drops down to the canvas, seated in the corner. Old Skool runs at him and nails Damon with a dropkick to the face. The crowd cheers as Old Skool turns around raising his arms to the crowd. He charges at Damon Synn again and crashes a second low drop kick to the jaw. Old Skool drags Damon out of the corner and pulls him to his knees and steps back, he charges at Damon and nails him the face with a shining wizard, his knee crashing in to the side of Damon Synn's face. Damon lays flat on the back and Old Skool looks at the top rope and walks towards it, and starts to climb.

Simone: Unfamiliar territory for Old Skool.

Old Skool reaches the top and looks down at the the fallen Damon Synn and flies off with a flying diving elbow drop, connecting with Damon Synn's chest. Old Skool goes for the cover and Jasmine St John drops to count.


Damon powers out

Adams: Uh oh, I think he just woke up the beast.

Damon's eyes widen as he looks up at the lights. He sits up with evil intentions covering his face, pounding the canvas and getting up to his feet. Old Skool tries to hit him, but Damon grabs his hand and twists it around. Damon pulls Old Skool in close and lifts him high in the air by the arm and throws Old Skool across the ring. Skool quickly gets to his feet and looks at Damon, but Damon quickly grabs him around the waist and lifts him off the ground and tosses him down with a huge spinebuster! Damon stares down at Old Skool and drags him up to his feet, Damon puts his arm across Old Skool's chest and lifts him up, brings him down across his knee with a huge backbreaker! Damon sits on the floor, his eyes darting around the arena. He nods slowly as if he's listening to someone or something, and gets to his feet

Adams: I think The Voice has spoken, Damon looks more evil then he did when he started.

As Old Skool gets back to his feet, Damon lifts him up in a scoop slam and puts him over his shoulder, he leaps in the air.

Simone: The Deadly Synn!

Damon covers Old Skool


Justin: Here is your winner... THE MONSTER DAMON SYNN!

Simone: Damon's streak continues

Adams: But as the boss announced earlier, Damon Synn will be in the ring at Blaze Of Glory against Kain! Two monsters in one ring, that one is too close to call

The cameras cut backstage to see Miss Pussy Willow holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned that nothing can hold me back but myself.”

Signed – TXO

Coming into focus the crowd in the high school see's on the mini-video-tron the National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Tag Team Championship titles of the WORLD sitting on a wooden table.

Male Voice: To the fans of this great state that may remember us from my 9-month Silver State Wrestling's Liberty Bell title reign I want to say that I've missed you greatly. I'm sorry though I'm not here on a social visit.

The camera zooms back to show the new holders of the top tag team championships titles in all of Professional Wrestling "The HarKore God" Weapon-X & "The Mistress of Justice" Viper that together are known as The HarKore Warriors.

Viper: Hello to the SCW & I hope you aren't angry that this is a taped promo BUT since you are "airing" on the same day as the WCCW's latest Nightmare & the BACW Pay Per View you guys haven't made it easy for us. We are coming to you though because the National Wrestling Alliance has great, historic champions & divisions. Jack Kraven is a legend in this business & he leads us all as our NWA World Heavyweight Champion as he has two sinful but legendary challengers in Rick Ulfric & the juvenile Kurt Chavez not to mention my husband awaiting his turn ranked in third.

Weapon-X: The NWA's World Television Champion is a man who has proven his heart, drive & experiance in Gaetan LaValle as his three match series with Chris Fury but he can't rest on his morals oh no as WCCW's Scott Mathews has recently earned a shot as I'm sure your very own Spike Staggs is chomping at the bit to try to bring the FIRST NWA gold to the SCW. But WHAT about the tag team division? Where are the rankings challenges coming for these very belts that we now hold near & dear to our hearts?

Behind the duo you can see their ICW Heavyweight Tag Team Championship titles as well as Weapon-X's ICW Regional & Viper's ICW Hardcore Championship titles gleaming as if they were freshly cleaned.

Viper: A team that is so toxic that their NAMES were taken off of the official NWA record held it from April to July in Ascended Supremacy. The titles were vacant almost TWO MONTHS before The Absolved won them when they were ranked NINETH over the number 1 ranked Psychotic Haze because of Azreal's illegal interference. Then Absolved cheated to retain vs. the Harvard Connection as hell in the 5 months they were champions they only have 3 successful title defenses. Pitiful is what we think as SINCE a man such as Kurt Chavez who couldn't EARN a match on Wrestle Classic but bad mouthed us saying we're the "only" people who actually cared about the tag team titles as we are doing these "State of the Division" addresses hoping that he is wrong.

Weapon-X: We know that IF your teams wait til your mandatory shot in August we may no longer be champions. You see while we WANT to be champions for the rest of 2011 unlike Absolved we want to earn it as in May there is a WCCW hosted NWA Pay Per View entitled "The Von Erich Parade of Champions" as while not official I BET the NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship titles will be defended there. But how is a SCW team going to get in the running when your ONLY ranked team is The Aristocrat's as of this month? Are you guys & gal's only here to help recruiting like the RMP seems to be or while it's a honor to be your regional SCW Heavyweight Tag Team Champions you all should know that that is second best to holding these.

X points down at the NWA belts before Viper picks up where he has left off.

Viper: The regional tag team divisions suck right now as there is 1 dominant team & maybe 2 others. That includes our home region the ICW as the RMP & SCW tag divisons are at least semi-deep in teams but all we have to do is look at your having to do a "Lethal Lottery" tournament to crown new champions. Two men that aren't real partners now hold your belts AND a shady team as well SINCE if Wyatt did not attack Kid Karma to take him out of the December to Dismember event WOULD they even be your regional champions?

Weapon-X: If you watch the BACW & WCCW events you'll see that if we retain at the upcoming ICW's Shattered Innocence PPV we're going to have a busy month of March IF the Logan Boy's accept our challenge made on the BACW show. But we have received a OPEN contract by the owner of the SCW for us to show up in the month of March for a "Showcase Non-Title Match" as is there any team that'd be wanting of that match? The Aristocrat's are getting the next shot at the SCW Heavyweight Tag Team Championships so, since they are the only ranked team in the NWA, maybe we'll show up to watch that match. To see if a real team can take out the makeshift at Blaze of Glory. Or will at this very event will Sinful Obsession, a team that a little birdy told us has dreams of one day being NWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, will they make whomever wins at Blaze of Glory JUST a placeholder until they get their shot? The possibilities are endless.

Viper: As their maybe other teams out there either made by the Lethal Lottery or secretely forming as while some in the NWA just wish we'd be happy with what we got & shut up like Absolved did for a easy title reign but WE are a team of honor. We are a team of determination as over the last 17 years we have won together over 25 World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship titles BUT in places like Roughkut when they do their "all time" lists we're always left out for political reasons. So yes we have egos as we're here for ourselves BUT we demand competition for us AND for the people who pay our salaries for the fans of the NWA. These championship titles have over 100 years of history as their are too many hall of fame teams that have held a version of these belts. It SICKENS & DISGUSTS us of how the division has been treated in 2011.

Weapon-X: And EVEN THOUGH our very own ICW is putting up a team that does not deserve their shot, as they haven't even had ONE F*CKING match together in the ICW or NWA, the shadiness of our current promotion is slowly being changed to one of justice, fairness & to where title shots are earned. When we get through this first challenge we want to know WHO in the SCW is going to be gunning for us? You don't have to wait til March you can go to Mr. Batee & the NWA board of directors demanding a rankings challenge so that BY the month of May a SCW team is first in the rankings so that the WCCW can't hog all of the title shots. But if your teams are happy at being big fishes in a small pond we still may show up in March to show those who don't watch ICW Rampage every week what we have to offer but IF the regions of the NWA do not challenge us we will go on elsewhere. Justice Will Be Served in other ways as I know your one of the newer teams but those that have been here since 1998 are already fuming that a man who loved their old rival Alliance the WWA now holds an NWA title but what will happen if that very same man becomes NWA World Heavyweight Champion? A man who many critics inside & outside of this alliance feel is a joke but a man who has fought long & hard to EARN every single win, every single title as I love my fans more then you'll ever know. But we also have a temper.

Viper: And if none of you try to climb up the ladder, try to have rankings challenges or FORCE the NWA board of directors to respect this once great division then you won't want to see us when we're angry. We'll be watching.

The video-tron starts to fade out as the crowd, that knew The HarKore Warriors from the year they spent in the WWA's Vegas region the SSW as well as when Weapon-X ran the RWC they were headquartered down in Arizona, cheer's loudly with a "X!" chant which then turns to a odd chant of "tag team!!" as we go back to the ring for the next match up.

The scene opens up backstage in the office area of SCW Co-Owner, "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward. Mark is sitting behind his desk, going through some paperwork when suddenly the door comes flying open, smashing into the wall behind it. Mark looks up from his desk and seems less than surprised to see the man walking in as the SCW Champion Nick Jones who, just the same as every other time we've seen him tonight, is sure to be sporting his newly-won SCW Heavyweight Championship belt. Nick walks straight up to Mark's desk, putting his hands down on it and leaning in right towards Mark before speaking in a rather displeased tone.

Nick: What the hell is going on around here?! You need to take care of this nonsense... now!

HS: What's your problem now? What is it, your title defense against Blade Alexander?

Nick hesitates for a moment, thinking about that and clearly displeased by it, but shakes that off, as he has something more important to discuss for the moment.

Nick: Oh, we'll talk about that, but that's not what I'm talking about. That psychopath nearly tried to kill me!

HS: What?! What psychopath? What are you talking about?

Nick: That psycho kid and his stupid bear. I was walking backstage...

Before Nick can even continue his story, Mark talks straight through him.

HS: Oh no, tell me you didn't.

Nick: Didn't what?

HS: Didn't mess with the bear. Did you mess with the bear?

Nick: It's a freakin' teddy bear!

HS: Oh, you messed with the bear. You shouldn't, you REALLY shouldn't mess with the teddy bear.

Nick: I don't give a crap about some stupid bear, but that guy is a lunatic!

HS: What happened?

Nick: That sick son of a bitch nearly choked my to death. And then he stabbed B in the hand with a freakin' pencil!

Mark laughs for a moment at that last part, but seeing the very serious and angry look on Nick's face, quickly puts a stop to it.

HS: What do you want me to tell you? The kid is a bit off balance, but he draws a crowd, so it's worth keeping him around.

Nick: Well that's all well and good, but what the hell are you going to do about all of this?

HS: What am I going to do? You know what, I'll tell you what I'll do, I'm going to give you a piece of advice. Stay away from the damn bear.

Nick: Yeah great, thanks a lot. Maybe you should give that nutjob and his stupid doll some similar advice about me. Because if I see either of them again, they'll forever live to regret it. Next time I won't be caught off-guard by that psycho, and then he doesn't stand a chance.

HS: If you say so, then I guess there's nothing to really worry about then, right? So if you would excuse me, I've got a show to finish running here.

Nick turns to leave but then stops, and turns back around, staring at Mark. Mark lets out a sigh, knowing he almost got away with one there, but it was apparently not meant to be.

Nick: Before I go anywhere, you want to tell me what the hell is with this Blaze of Glory match? I already beat that loser's ass once, why are we wasting our time with this crap again?

HS: What do you want me to tell you? It was a great match, the folks over at NeWA loved it, the ratings for their show were through the roof. The SCW fans want to get to see it this time and there's no way we're not cashing in on this jackpot. Besides, you already beat his ass once in the ring, what harm is there in asking you to do it one more time?

Nick: Actually, that's two more times. Or did you forget you stuck me in this assinine two out of three falls match?

HS: Whatever, you'll take him out twice in a row, the match will be over and it will be fine. Me and you both know that punk doesn't stand a chance against you, so what's the worry?

Nick: I guess you're right, I'm just already sick of dealing with that clown, and I was happy to watch him sink back down to the depths of unknown mediocrity.

HS: And that will still happen, you just have to give it a few more weeks.

Nick: If you say so, limey.

HS: You know I'm right, yank. Now get the hell out of here. I've got work to do and the SCW fans need to see some more of their champ.

Off in the distance, the fans at ringside can be heard booing loudly at the thought of that. Nick can hear it from the office and listens to it for a moment before he starts to laugh. He then walks out the door, leaving Mark alone in his office as the scene fades.

The cameras cut backstage to see Miss Rocky Mountains holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned that nothing and no one is going to stop me from achieving what I want to achieve.”

Signed – TXO

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is a non-title match, scheduled for one fall!

"The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
The transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs
Keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around
So come on!

Another promise, another scene, another
A package not to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
So come on!

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious"

The pulsating beat of Muse's "Uprising" suddenly begins to play over the public address system of the arena and the crowd is on it's feet as atop the stage appears the tag team of Sinful Obsession aka Gabriel and Despayre, accompanied by the enigmatic Synn. Gabriel raises his hands up to the rafters as Despayre holds his teddy bear Angel up for everyone to see.

Justin: Coming down the aisle, accompanied by Synn, at a total combined weight of 426 pounds, Gabriel and Despayre ... Sinful Obsession!

The group begins their descent down the ramp and towards the squared circle as the multitude of fans reach out to them on all sides. Gabriel slaps a hand or two along the way but his intent is solely on the ring ahead while Despayre holds Angel's paws and uses them to slap the hands reaching out to him, avoiding the touch himself. Synn hops up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes open for both of his men to step through and then sets foot inside himself. Synn then takes both men and escorts them to center ring and then steps closer to Justin and whispers something to him before going back to the corner with his team.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, they are also accompanied to the ring by Angel.

Despayre holds his teddy bear up high and Gabriel points to the plush bear as the fans cheer.

Simone: I will never understand the popularity of that bear.

Justin: Their opponents are the current reigning SCW Tag Team Champions! First, hailing from Amarillo, Texas, weighing at 285 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Tom Dudely ... Wyatt Peterson!

"Goodtime" by Alan Jackson starts playing from the speakers and Wyatt Peterson bursts through the curtain onto the stage. His Manager, Tom Dudely, is right behind him. They make their way down the ramp to the ring. They both climb into the ring and Wyatt climbs onto the second turnbuckle working the crowd while Tom motions towards him and claps. Wyatt hops down to the mat and Tom climbs out of the ring while calling out a few words of advice and Wyatt waits for Justin Decent to continue.

Justin: And his partner, hailing from Philadelphia, PA, weighting in at 165 pounds ... Sean Williams!

The lights dim as November 18th blasts through the speakers, the crowd rise to their feet acknowledging Sean, who is standing at the top of the ramp playing to the crowd.

Adams:: Look who's with him.

SCW Bombshell, Brooklyn Carter walks out onto the stage behind Sean. Sean looks both ways before making his way down the ramp towards the ring, with Brooklyn at his side. Sean hops up on the apron and plays to the crowd again before climbing between the ropes. He holds the ropes for Brooklyn to step inside and then vaults over them and inside of the ring. Sean bounces off of the ropes and walks over to his team's corner. The crowd starts reacting...

Simone: Ohh boy! NOW look who's coming!

The camera catches Bombshell Champion Kittie arriving at ringside.

Adams:: What's she doing here?

Simone: I imagine she's out here for her team because of Brooklyn who is set to challenge her for her championship at Blaze of Glory.

Synn, now holding Angel, climbs through the ropes and drops to the floor where she stands. She points into the ring at Brooklyn and Miss Carter holds her arms out, daring her to try something. Kittie lunges but Synn catches her and holds her back as Sean does the same with Brooklyn.

Simone: Maybe Jasmine should make those two leave. This one is about the men, not the women.

Sean confers with Brooklyn who climbs out of the ring, as does Tom. Sean knuckle bumps Wyatt who climbs out onto the apron. Gabriel offers his hand to Despayre who grabs his buddy in a hug and the unhinged young man climbs out to their corner. Referee Jasmine St. John calls for the bell!



Simone: And this non-title match is underway!

Smiling, Sean walks over the center of the ring with his hand outstretched toward Gabriel. Gabriel frowns and approaches slowly. He starts to reach for the offered hand, when he lashes out and doubles Sean over with a kick to the stomach. Gabriel grabs him by the arm and sends him into the corner where he immediately follows in with a clothesline. Gagging, Sean slumps to his backside where Gabriel lays in the boots to his sternum and then presses his foot into Sean's throat.

Adams: Whoa! Gabriel isn't pulling any punches here! He is going to town on Sean!

Simone: Well we know now that despite the relationship between Sean and his friend and manager, Synn, Gabriel takes personal offense toward Sean Williams for his personal habits.

Adams: And that attack on Rage a few weeks ago sure didn't help matters.

Simone: No, that earned the enmity of many of the members of that stable!

Jasmine grabs Gabriel by the arm and pulls him away from Sean, but Gabriel brushes her off and goes back and delivers a stomp to the champ's chest. Gabriel pulls him to his feet and sends him into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a flying wheel kick. Gabriel grabs him again and runs him face-first into the near corner, then turns him around mounts the corner, pinning him in and he starts delivering a number of fists to Sean's temple with the fans counting right along!


But Sean grabs him around the legs and brings him out of the corner for a reverse atomic drop but Gabriel lands on his feet. Gabriel goes for a clothesline but Sean ducks under it and flips back, kicking Gabriel in the head and knocking him down. Sean grabs Gabriel and sends him into the ropes at top speed and connects with a beautiful dropkick right to the head!

Adams: Nice! He really got up in the air!

Sean scrambles over and covers Gabriel, hooking the leg.

1..... Gabriel kicks out!

Simone: Oh no, it is way too soon to think about this match being over!

Sean grabs him in a front facelock and backs into his corner where Wyatt tags in.

Simone: Wyatt Peterson is the biggest man in this match, one of the biggest in SCW, but he's also one of the least experienced.

Adams: Yeah but he's a champion, isn't he?

Simone: That he is, and it speaks volumes for his mentor Tom Dudely and the use of his size.

Wyatt and Sean Irish whip Gabriel into the ropes. Sean catches him in a rolling legsweep and Wyatt brings an elbow down across Gabriel's back. Sean ducks out to his corner and Wyatt makes the cover.

2..... Gabriel kicks out.

Wyatt pulls him up and sends him into the ropes and delivers a big boot right to the sternum that knocks the former Heavyweight champion down.

Simone: And there's a display of him using that size.

Wyatt pulls him up again and sends him into the ropes a second time. He tries for a second big boot but this time Gabriel grabs hold of his foot and holds on.

Adams: Uh oh!

Gabriel smiles and shakes his head, then spins under and hits a mule kick, knocking him down. Gabriel quickly tags Despayre into the match. An excited Despayre jumps into the ring and mounts the middle turnbuckle, putting up his dukes toward Wyatt who looks up at him in confusion.

Simone: I don't think Wyatt quite knows what to make of this nutcase.

Adams: Does anybody?

Despayre spits in both hands and puts his dukes up as Wyatt walks up to him. The big man just grabs him and lifts the much smaller Despayre high over his head in a military press.

Simone: And this is where being the smallest man in the match is going to be costly.

Wyatt holds him up high as Despayre looks afraid. Wyatt starts towards his own corner when he suddenly starts yelling, his face a mask of pain! Despayre is biting his fingers!

Adams: (laughs) And that's where being a 'nut case' plays a B-I-G advantage for the little guy!

Wyatt can't just drop him. he lowers Despayre down who is chomping down hard on his fingers. Despayre then stops and stomps on Wyatt's foot, kicks him in the knee, then Stooge pokes him in the eyes much to the amusement of the fans, as well as his teammates.

Simone: I have to admit that's one way to neutralize that size disadvantage.

Despayre then grabs Wyatt by the face and drops to his butt, driving the top of his head into Wyatt's chin. Wyatt staggers around, holding his jaw, and Despayre jumps and delivers a leaping bulldog! An excited Despayre looks out at the crowd as he bounces on the ropes!

Simone: Well even Gabriel admitted it was hard to get him to focus on a match!

Adams: Aww he's just excited!

Synn calls his attention and tells him to get back to the match. Despayre nods and scurries over to where Wyatt lays and goes for the cover.

2..... Wyatt powers out, heaving him off.

Despayre sits back against the ropes, wide-eyed at the power display as Wyatt gets to his feet. Despayre then runs at him from behind and Wyatt catches him with a sidewalk slam, shaking the mat with the impact!

Adams: Oh hell, that made the entire ring shake! The little guy's down!

Wyatt covers him, hooking the near leg.

2..... Despayre kicks out.

Simone: I don't know whether or not to be surprised that he kicked out.

Wyatt drags despayre over to his corner by the arm and tags Sean in. Wyatt pulls Despayre up and holds him as Sean goes up top and he leaps off and hits a missile dropkick, sending Despayre tumbling back head over heels. Sean covers him in a jacknife fold.

2..... Despayre squirms free.

Sean Irish whips him into the far corner and follows in with a leaping splash. Despayre staggers out, holding his chest, and Sean hops out to the apron, and then vaults back in with a flying headscissors, throwing his opponent over to the mat.

Simone: Its not that often we see someone in a match against Despayre who can match him in aerial tactics but if anyone can, it's Sean Williams.

Adams: Yeah but knowing the bond his lover has with Despayre, will Sean do everything he needs to in order to help his team win?

Simone: He'd be a fool if he didn't.

Adams: Unless Synn's that good of a lay.

Simone: Oh he is, definitely.

Jason turns his head to look at Belinda who frowns.

Simone: I don't recall asking for your opinion.

Sean Irish whips Despayre into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Despayre counters, spinning out and pulling Sean into a surprise inside cradle.

2..... Sean kicks out.

Adams: Where does Despayre come up with these counters?

Simone: With a mind like he has, who can tell?

Despayre starts to crawl to his corner where Gabriel has his hand extended but Sean grabs him by the foot and pulls him back and tags Wyatt back in. Wyatt steps in and grabs Despayre in a double underhook and suplexes him over.

Adams: God he sent him halfway across the ring with that one!

Wyatt covers Despayre and hooks the leg.

2..... Gabriel baseball slides right into Wyatt's head, breaking up the pin.

Simone: I don't know if that was needed or not but it proves the bond between Gabriel and Despayre!

Wyatt scoops Despayre up and drives him down with a body slam, then brings a leg crashing down across his head. Wyatt makes another cover.

3-No! Despayre kicks out!

Simone: Okay this time I am surprised he kicked out!

Adams: So is Wyatt. Look at how big his eyes are.

Wyatt grabs Despayre by his long hair and drives an elbow into the back of his head. He Irish whips him into the ropes and throws him up into the air, dropping him in a flapjack! Wyatt reaches over and tags Sean back in.

Simone: If Despayre can't tag out, it'll only be a matter of time.

Sean sends Despayre into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Despayre counters and hits a float over DDT!

Adams: This is his chance! C'mon!

Despayre rolls over, his eyes glazed, and looks for his corner. Gabriel is reaching out while Synn pounds the mat and Kittie shouts. Despayre somersaults over and jumps, and he gets the tag!

Simone: And a fresh Gabriel strikes!

Gabriel jumps over the ropes and runs right at Sean and clotheslines him once, then a second time! Gabriel then turns to the opposing corner and runs up and delivers a dropkick to Wyatt, knocking him down to the floor. Sean comes up and delivers an axe handle to Gabriel's back, knocking him down to his knee. Sean delivers a forearm smash to Gabriel's chest and Gabriel answers back with a shot of his own. Immediately an exchange of blows ensues, igniting the fans' cheers!

Simone: And the tempers are flaring between these two crowd favorites! Gabriel does not like Sean and right now, Sean doesn't seem to care.

Sean ducks a swing and grabs Gabriel in a headlock. Gabriel whips him off into the ropes and Sean comes off and Gabriel leapfrogs over him. Sean rebounds off of the far side and comes off, jumping for a hurricanrana but Gabriel counters and drops him in a powerbomb! Gabriel covers him!

3-No! Wyatt makes the save for his team!

Simone: Oh if these two teams ever meet with the gold on the line...!

Wyatt climbs back out as Gabriel brings Sean down with a Russian legsweep. Gabriel then mounts the turnbuckle, facing the crowd, and springs back for a splash but Sean brings his knees up into Gabriel's stomach! Gabriel falls over, grabbing his hurt mid-section, and Sean tags Wyatt back in. Wyatt starts to step through the ropes when Despayre dashes into the ring and jerks up hard on the middle rope!

Adams: OWWWWW!!!

Wyatt's eyes are huge and he stumbles halfway into the ring, his face dark crimson as one hand clutches himself. Despayre then comes flying across the ring and leaps over the top rope, crashing into Sean on the floor with a senton! Gabriel comes running up to Wyatt who has made it into the ring and he hits a double knee jawbreaker!

Adams: Believe This!

Gabriel covers him and hooks the leg!


Adams: They did it! Gabriel and Despayre have beaten the tag team champions!

Simone: Oh it is a lucky thing the titles were not on the line!

The fans cheer as Despayre slides back into the ring and jumps into Gabriel's arms with an enthusiastic hug as Synn and Kittie join them in the ring. Brooklyn stands beside a surprised Sean while Tom checks on Wyatt.

Justin: The winners of this non-title match ... Sinful Obsession!

Tom helps Wyatt from the ring where he is joined by his partner as the Sins remain in the ring, basking in their moment.

Simone: If any match would guarentee a chance at the championships, this would do it! This has got to shoot Gabriel and Despayre up to the top of the ladder!

Adams: And play mind games with the champions. Now they go into Blaze of Glory for a title defense with a loss on their record!

Simone: That was a great match, what did you…

Adams: Sorry to interrupt, Simone, but I just received word that something big is going down at Mark Ward’s office!

Simone: That doesn’t sound good at all!

The titantron flares to life as the camera rapidly approaches his office and walks into it. We suddenly see Kain beating the crap out of Mark Ward, brass knuckles equipped on his right hand as he continues to pummel Mark. The camera is able to get close enough to the action, to see Mark Ward being busted open!

Simone: What the hell is he doing, Jason? He’s not supposed to be pulling off that kind of crap around here, especially on the boss!

Adams: No, you’re wrong, Belinda. He’s getting revenge from what happened to him the last time they faced!

The crowd is booing the hell out of Kain as he picks up Mark and executes a few Muay Thai knees into Mark’s stomach, forcing his boss to lose a lot of wind. Then he unleashes a furious uppercut with the fist that has the brass knuckles, causing more blood to spill as he is flown back and hits the ground hard. Kain laughs at him, kicking at him hard into his ribs, his girl screaming somewhere in the corner. He hoists Mark into a standing position and drags him to the top of his desk, then executes Malice and sends Mark through his desk, cutting in half, making him broken!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Simone: I think Kain is enjoying the hell out of this, Jason.

Adams: You think?! Wait, it looks like he has something to say!

Kain gets on both knees and raises Mark’s head up, staring into his eyes.

Kain: Did you think you would walk away from this, thinking that you would get the upper hand on me? I made a mistake in having my back turned on you, dwelling on this possibility that you wouldn’t dare try to strike me. That’s on me, but no more. You thought that, by attacking me with your stapler and God knows what else, you had me thrown out of your office like a dog being thrown from his master’s home, all because he wouldn’t join up with you and your pathetic cause. I tire of jackasses, foolish men that think they can do what they want, get what they want ON MY TIME! Sorry, you ignorant son of a bitch, but after that, I am now taking matters into my own hands and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Are you even listening to me?

Kain continues to pummel Mark in the face with his brass knuckles before stopping himself and forcefully raising his head as Mark is breathing hard, blood dripping profusely to the ground from his forehead.

Kain: You are right about one thing though – you DO need me. You need me to make this place better. You need me around here, because none of your lackeys or workers will ever be able to get the job done. So here’s what you will do for me, anytime I wish; you will grant me title matches. You will make me #1 contender for any championship that I chose at my time, which is to say NOW. If you think you can fuck me over like that, think again, little man. You are now my bitch and you will do what I say, when I say, you understand me, you ignorant excuse for a man? I am the master of this place. You will acknowledge me as your God and you will enjoy me putting you in your place every time, because without me, Sin City Wrestling wouldn’t be where it is today. Not even Goth can touch me and don’t worry; he won’t be able to escape my brutality nor vengeance. It’s only a matter of time! As for you, Mark Ward, don’t you even dare try to attack me, little man. You do and I will permanently end your career by breaking your back, forcing you to NEVER move again. You understand that, you worthless SON OF A BITCH!

The crowd continues to boo Kain as he spits on Mark Ward in a sign of disrespect. He lets go of Mark, who is lying on his back, completely out of it. He sees his girl, Angelica, rushing towards him, trying to slap him. Suddenly, she gets kicked into the face by the side and is knocked out cold! The camera pans back to reveal Ariel, Kain’s girl, who looks down at her with rage. Kain stands up to his full height, smirks and speaks once more…

Kain: You’re a stupid girl, Angelica, for trying to assault me with a slap to the face. You’re nothing but his bitch. You hear that, Mark? I called your girl your bitch, because that’s exactly what she is! Ariel would gladly agree with that statement, so I’ll tell you what; when you wake up, Angelica, you have the pleasure of telling him that once I become the World Heavyweight championship; he won’t have a chance in hell in stopping me. Only I will reign supreme amongst the competition here today. Only I will be leading this company into an era of greatness. I am the most talented, well-rounded fighter that Mark Ward has and he has no choice but to give in to MY DEMANDS if he wishes to see his place elevate to a better place than it is now. I hope you enjoy tonight and remember it well, because it will happen AGAIN, AGAIN, AND AGAIN until you cave in and be nothing but my servant in the scheme of things. Otherwise, fail to do so and your life is forfeit, especially your dismal career! See you both around, bitches…

Mark tries to get up, but manages to get a hold of Kain’s trunks, but Kain laughs and throws him to Ariel, who does a spinning heel kick to Mark’s face, making him spin into the air briefly before landing on the floor. Kain cackles evily as the crowd is displeased with Kain’s cruel actions as Ariel takes her man and leads him out of the room. As Kain and his girl leaves, we see a team of ambulance workers and security finally arrive in the room, looking over them both with concern as Simone and Adams react.

Adams: Kain just proved tonight exactly why he calls himself that; an untamed beast that cannot be controlled. He’ll continue to do what he wants until he gets what he wants. Very dangerous individual here in the SCW!

Simone: I agree for once, Jason. Kain is an evil, dangerous fighter that has no limits. But I will say this; no one has the right to cross Mark Ward and beat him up like that and get away with it. Mark my words, Mark Ward will let this one go quietly into the night, Jason. Things are certainly heating up between the two rivals!

Darkness… Blackness… Sorrow… Despression. No, it’s just completely dark. The sound of heavy breathing, mixed with stifled laughter is a prelude to the big reveal when a flashlight clicks on. The illuminated edges of Jamie Staggs’ face is seen as he straightens up his expression to a somewhat serious one. He clears his throat, before someone turns the light on, ruining the ambience of the moment.

Jamie Staggs:Dude, seriously? You can’t read? The sign on the door that says, “Do not enter”…

Voice: Sorry man, but the sign just says “Do Enter”. I thought it was like, a free surprise or something.

Jamie shakes his head in a sort of disappointment as the door slams closed. Jamie looks back at the camera, slowly sliding his hands into his pocket.

Jamie Staggs: Well, I had a whole “thing” to like lead up to this major announcement… Whatever. I wrote this speech, so I’m just gonna do it anyway.

Jamie taps his chin for a second, mouthing his speech to himself before he begins speaking aloud.

Jamie Staggs:So, yeah. The Seven Deadly Sins got my wife, Kittie. She’s now the Sin of Envy. Funny, coz I was the one envying them for having her attention and stuff. So, I wanted to say something here tonight.

Jamie’s almost confused expression turns to a very serious, almost twisted expression as he puts his fist under his chin in an attempt to look Shakespearian.

Jamie Staggs:There are Seven Deadly Sins. Envy, Rage, Greed, Ummm… Despayre? Lust, and Pride. That leaves just one sin. One very, very dangerously deadly sin. Ladies and gents, I am talking about, yes…

Jamie slowly lifts his chin from his fist, and looks directly into the camera with the straightest face possibly made by this individual. He takes in a slow, deep breath before speaking again.

Jamie Staggs:… Yes, the Sin of… Stupidation. Stupid people are involved in millions of deadly accidents daily. Stupidation kills zillions per year. Now that’s deadly! And, who in the hell in SCW is stupider than Jamie Staggs? Nobody, that’s who! Well, maybe Surf Boys… It’s debatable, I guess… Anyway, Jamie Staggs is your LATEST edition to the Seven Deadly Sins, as your new Sin of Stupidation. That’s right folks, Jamie Staggs is a…

Kittie: What the hell are you talking about in here, Jamie? I swear, I leave you alone for TWO MINUTES and…

Jamie Staggs: Well, I already made the announcement, so…

Kittie begins smacking Jamie over his head with a rolled up newspaper, while gritting her teeth, and scolding him through them.

Kittie: Stupid, STUPID, STUPID!

Jamie Staggs: Ouch, ouch, OWWWIE! Not so damn hard! Alright!

Kittie brings her hand down to her side as she stares angrily at Jamie, tapping her foot in anticipation. Jamie lowers his eyes to the ground, then slowly up to the camera as he sighs in disappointment.

Jamie Staggs: Fans… you just got… Dick’d…

Kittie nods in approval as Jamie slumps his posture and slowly walks out of the view of the camera. Kittie follows him, her voice mumbling as she does so.

The cameras cut backstage to see Head Referee Jasmine St. John holding and looking at a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned this business needs me.”

Signed – TXO

Backstage, Gabriel and Synn are seen talking.

Synn: Next step, tag team titles.

Gabriel: Of Course.

Synn: I'll be in the dressing room, helping to throw our things together. We can talk about Blaze Of Glory later.

Gabriel nods as Synn strolls off. From the other side, Ms. Rocky Mountains approaches.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: Hey Gabriel, can I have a quick word?

Gabriel: Sure

Ms. Rocky Mountains: This week, you've defeated the SCW Tag Team champions in a non title match, do you feel you should be heading in to Blaze Of Glory to be facing the tag team champions now you have defeated them?

Gabriel: We should and we will, but first things first, we need to deal with Goth, and send that little make up wearing, extra from the thriller video back to the AWA where he belongs, and not here in...

Before Gabriel can continue, a chair swings towards the back of his leg, catching him behind the knee. The camera spins around to see Goth standing over him, as Ms. Rocky Mountains runs screaming. Goth raises the chair above his head and drops it down across Gabriel's knee, and raises it again, dropping it down again, causing the crash to echo around the backstage area. Goth stares down at Gabriel, his head bowed with a serious look across his face. Gabriel rolls around holding his knee and Goth smiles at him, before turning and walking away.

"It ain't braggin' mutha f#cka if ya back it up!" A loud chorus of boos fills the arena as "Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts throughout. Moments later, Nick Jones walks out through the curtain, causing the boos to intensify. Nick walks to the top of the rampway, his SCW title over his shoulder and then stops for a moment. Nick drops down to a knee as, a cocky smirk then comes across his face as he flexes his muscles. Nick heads down the rampway, slowly walking down as Nick makes sure to taunt and mock all of the fans on his way down to the ring, flipping off a few people here and there. Nick then walks to the announce table

Adams: Looks like we're being joined by Nick Jones

Simone: Not this guy again, getting tired of seeing him through the show.

Adams: He's the Heavyweight Champion, he can do what he wants.

Nick takes a seat at the table

Adams: Welcome Nick

Nick: That's Mr Jones to you, have some respect for the champ. Now let's bring these idiots out

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following content is your main event Royal Rumble. Introducing the man who drew number one, from Nashua, New Hampshire, weighing in at 375 pounds, he is a member of The New Xtremes, he is -- Casey Williams!

"Back for More" by Five Finger Death Punch plays and Casey Williams comes down the ramp on his Harley Davidson Fatboy and as he rides down the ramp, his pyros go off in such a fashion that it looks like the 4th of July fireworks in New York City. Casey rides around the ring and parks his bike on the side of the ramp and climbs into the ring.

Justin: Introducing the man who drew number two... from Detroit, Illinois, weighing 240 pounds -- Kain!

The song, "On We March", fills the air with its thumping bass drum and the noise creeps its way in. As the ominous bass-line begins to play, the couple walk out, hand-in-hand. As the crowd spews their venom towards Kain, he replies back with an angry snarl, his eyes never wavering from the ring. As soon as the couple finishes their walk on the ramp, Ariel steps behind her man, unties the robe and takes it off him, removing his cowl as well. Kain's muscular body is shown from head to toe, along with the title that's around his waist. While the crowd still continues to boo him, the women cannot help but scream for him while the men cannot help but look at him and be jealous of his look and stature, cameras flashing everywhere in the arena. Kain turns to his girl and the two embrace each other in a deep, passionate kiss. Then Kain breaks it off and climbs up the steel steps. He places both hands on the top rope from the apron and jumps on it. A second later, Kain executes a forward-flip and lands into the ring. He goes to each of the four corners, climbing on top of each and he laughs and smiles widely, his white teeth showing as the cameras flash rapidly from the crowd. He jumps down on the last turnbuckle and walks to his corner, turns around, and provides a cold, icy stare at Saint Patty as "On We March" dies down.


AND ??? Vs

Adams: Now who's this mystery guy

Nick: Shut up and you might find out

Simone: Do you know who it is?

Nick: I'm Nick Jones, I know everything

Kain and Casey lock up, both men trying to force the other back, Casey takes advantage and pushes Kain against the ropes and lifts a hand up to chop Kain across the chest, but Kain ducks underneath Casey and plants two kicks to the back of Casey's leg and pushes him towards the ropes. Casey grabs the top rope and fires an elbow backwards towards Kain's face, catching him on the jaw. Casey spins around and crashes Kain to the canvas with a huge clothesline. Casey puts the boots to Kain and lifts him up, wrapping a hand around Kain's throat, but Kain kicks him in the gut and pulls Casey's head down towards him, and lifts knees up in to Casey's face, planting heavy knees, right, then left, then right again. Kain grabs hold of Casey's head and pulls him to the ropes and runs his face across the top rope, scraping at Casey's eyes, before turning him back and nailing Casey with a huge uppercut, sending SCW's largest athlete rocking backwards. Kain charges towards Casey and grabs his head, and drops down with a neckbreaker. Kain grabs Casey to his feet and pushes him back against the ropes, throwing chops across Casey's chest, but Casey pushes Kain away and to the ground Casey quickly drops an elbow across Kain's chest and gets to his feet, walking over his smaller opponent. Casey grabs Kain to his feet but Kain blocks him off with an elbow to the chest and jumps up with a huge enziguri kick to the side of the head. Casey stumbles against the ropes and a countdown clock appears on the sin-tron

Nick: About time someone else came down, the SCW Heavyweight champion was getting bored over here. Did I mention tonight that I am SCW heavyweight champ?

Simone: Just once or twice


A buzzer goes and The lights go completely black, as white strobes flash on the stage. A red spotlight shines on the curtains as "Ready or Not (I’m Coming)" By Oomph! plays. Once the music picks up, Spike shoves the curtains aside, and walks out onto the stage, accompanied by fiancee and stable mate, Misty. He smiles at the fans, who cheer, as he points out across the audience. His smile fades as he dashes down to the ring, sliding in underneath the ropes. The lights fade back on as Spike goes to the furthest turnbuckle, giving a pose before leaping off to land on his feet.

Nick: Ah great, not this attention seeking guy. I hate attention seekers, don't you.

Spike attacks Kain from behind, powering heavy shots in to the back of his head, and saving Casey from going over the top rope. Spike spins Kain around and starts to punch him in the gut. He grabs Kain's head and pulls him away, locking him in a front face lock and driving him in to the canvas with a huge DDT. Spike springs to his feet and raises his arms. He looks at the ropes and runs towards them before using them as a springboard, jumping up and spinning around, dropping a springboard leg drop across Kain's chest.

Nick: I could do moves like that in my sleep. You have to do moves like that if you wanna win the heavyweight championship and well, I did.

Spike lifts Kain off the floor and kicks him in the gut, dropping down to his knees for a European upperct, but Kain swings a leg around, crashing a huge shot in to the side of Spike's head.

Simone: This is where Kain's street fighting style works. Never give him an oppotunity like that. The boss worked that one out earlier

Nick: He's been hit harder then that before.

Kain pulls Spike to his feet and hooks him up in a suplex position, and brings him over with a quick snap suplex. Kain holds on to the suplex, and rolls Spike over, dragging him to his feet and lifting him up in another suplex, this time, a high hanging suplex. He drop Spike down hard on his back and get to his feet, only to turn around in to a huge clothesline from Casey Williams!

Adams: That one nearly knocked Kain in to the middle of next week.

Nick: I doubt Kain is intellegent enough to know when next week is. Look at him with his 80's Mr T haircut, the guy doesn't look like he knows his name half the time. King of underground fighting meants nothing compared to SCW's heavyweight championship.

Casey lifts Kain to his feet and lifts him up for a military press slam, Misty standing outside, shouting encouragement to her team. Kain slides down Casey's back, but Casey hooks Kain's arm and lifts him over with a hip toss, slamming Kain hard in to the canvas. The countdown clock appears on the screen.


A buzzer goes off but no one appears

Adams: Well?

Simone: Who is this mystery man?

The Sin-Tron flickers before going dark, only to have a light come on, illuminating a piece of paper that has elegant hand writing on it that reads:

“I’ve been a part of the wrestling world for a very short time, but in that short time I have learned that I am ‘The Xquizite One’ and this is my time.”

Signed – TXO

The house speakers come to life with sounds of cellos playing softly, followed shortly by the voice of a man singing slowly as the words “The Xquizite One” “ flickers on the screen and the lights in the venue shut off.-

I try to make it through my life,
In my way,
There’s you.
I try to make it through these lies,
That’s all I do.

Just don’t deny it,
Just don’t deny it,
And deal with it.
Yeah, deal with it.

You try to break me,
You wanna break me,
Bit by bit.
That’s just part of it.

The lights come back on and the masked mystery partner is squatting down on the stage as the song starts to pick up wearing a large trench coat covering from his neck down with a six pack of coke at his feet. As the singer starts to sing a bit faster the mystery man stands up letting out a monstrous roar as the drums kick in harder and faster and the song picks up to full speed. His hands reach up to the mask, and he pulls it off revealing the face of Justin Underwood as he proceeds to remove the trench coat showing off his new ring attire.

If you were dead or still alive,
I don’t care.
I don’t care,
And all the things you’ve left behind,
I don’t care.
I don’t care.

Adams: Hey we know that guy!

Simone: Yeah, we do. It is former SCW Heavyweight Champion Justin Underwood. Last we heard, Mark Ward and Christian Underwood sent him on vacation for a few months so he could figure out who he is.

I try to make you see my side,
I always try to stay in line,
But your eyes see right through.
That’s all they do.
I’m getting tired of this shit,
I got no room, when it’s like this.
But you wanted me, just deal with it.

“The Xquizite One” Justin Underwood then proceeds to make his way to the ring, carrying the coke in his right hand and slowly looks around at the six sided ring as he approaches it, sliding the six pack under a turnbuckle and looks at the audience in attendance with a look of disgust on his face. Pulling himself up onto the ring apron, Justin takes one more look around, before grabbing ahold of the rope and front flipping over it into the ring.

Simone: JT Underwood is back!

Nick: Ahem, that's Justin Underwood.

Justin immediately charges towards Casey, ducking underneath a clothesline from the bigger man and gets behind him. He jumps up in the air, placing his hands around Casey's chin and drops down, nailing Casey with a huge back cracker. Justin spins around and Spike returns to his feet, Spike steps forwards and Underwood quickly hooks him up and lifts him over his head with an exploder suplex!

Nick: I wonder where he learned that move from, maybe a SCW Heavyweight champion or something

Justin looks at his partner Kain on the floor and pulls him to his feet, but Kain pushes him away. Underwood shrugs his shoulders and from out of nowhere, drills Kain in the face with a familiar looking superkick


Adams: Red Hot? That's Hot Stuff's finisher.

Nick: You learn fast bottle blonde.

Simone: Is Justin out here to extract some revenge for the boss after slammed him through a desk?

Nick: Gold star for you too

A cocky, arrogant look crosses Justin Underwood's face as he looks down at Kain and the fan's boo the returning former heavyweight champions actions.

Nick: I don't think these people get it, he doesn't care anymore.

Justin turns around but Casey Williams is on his feet. Casey charges at Justin and plants him with a big boot to the face!

Simone: That took the wind out of his sails

Casey drags Justin to one side of the ring and whips him hard in to the corner, following up with a huge splash from the big man. Justin stumbles out of the corner and Casey lifts him up and nails him with a hard scoop slam, causing Justin to roll and hold his back.

On the other side of the ring, Spike and Kain are both on their feet, laying in heavy punches to each other. Spike takes the upper hand, dropping Kain down to his knees. Spike moves behind Kain and locks him in a dragon sleeper hold

Nick: Oi! Idiot, that move means nothing in a match like this! This is why I'm heavyweight champion and they're not

Kain rolls over and starts to fight his way to his feet. He stands up firmly, with Spike still holding on to the dragon sleeper and drops backwards, crushing Spike between his body and the canvas. Spike releases the hold and Kain shakes off the effects of the move, quickly dragging Spike to his feet and hitting him with a vicious looking uppercut to the jaw. Kain lifts Spike up and puts him over his shoulder, and runs, slamming Spike down with a big powerslam. Kain looks around the crowd and pulls Spike back to his feet but Spike takes hold of Kain's leg and sweeps his standing leg away, and drops him on his back. Spike moves away slightly as Kain gets back quickly to his feet. Kain throws a heavy right hand but Spike drops down and drops his hand to the mat, throwing a leg up towards Kain and catching him with a handspring kick! Sending Kain towards the ropes. Spike quickly moves towards him and lifts his leg, but the king of the underground drops a hard looking elbow to the top of Spike's head.

Across the ring, Casey has Justin in a headlock. He rears a huge hand back and slaps Underwood across the head with a resounding shot heard through out the arena. He releases the hold and lifts Justin up in the air and drills him down with a big spinebuster, rattling the ring. Casey puts his hand around Justin's throat and lifts him from the ground, in to the air in a chokeslam position but Justin nails Casey with a dropkick under the chin, sending the big man to the ropes. Justin charges at him but Casey lifts Justin over the top rope!

Simone: Justin is done here!

Justin lands on the ring apron. Casey turns around, Justin drops between the top and middle rope and nails Casey with a shoulder block to the gut. Justin leaps over the top rope, grabbing Casey's head and dropping him with a flipping neckbreaker!

Simone: Justin looks like a whole new man

As Justin turns around, Spike lifts Justin in the air and nails him with a huge sidewalk slam. Spike stands up, only to be met with a spinning back elbow from Kain. Kain turns around but Casey is back on his feet. He wraps a hand around Kain's throat, but Kain kicks him in the stomach and jumps up, planting a foot behind Casey's head, sending Casey front first in to the ropes. Kain quickly moves behind him and lifts Casey's leg forward. Justin gets back to his feet and moves over towards Casey and lifts his other leg, forcing Casey's upperbody over the top rope. As they force him over, Spike comes up behind Kain and lifts him and Casey over the ropes!

Nick: HAHAHAHAHA! Spike eliminated his own partner, trouble in paradise there.

Adams: It was accidental.

Kain looks up at the ring, anger in his eyes, but Justin smirks at him. Kain reaches up and grabs Justin but the arm. Justin tries to pull away from the king of kings, but Spike gets up behind him and bundles Justin Underwood over the top rope! The referee calls for the bell.

Justin: Here is your winners... SPIKE STAGGS AND CASEY WILLIAMS!

Simone: Spike and Casey Williams have won this one!

Nick: They got lucky. Still, neither of them are good enough to hold my heavyweight title.

Justin Underwood slides back into the ring behind Spike Staggs and waits for Spike to turn around again.

Simone: "What is Underwood doing back in the ring, the match is over and he lost."

Spike turns around and Justin cracks Spike right in the jaw with a superkick to the point of the jaw. Justin the picks up a microphone he slid into the ring and stands over Spike and looks down at him.

"The Xquizite One" Justin Underwood: "Spike, I told you that you would be looking up at me. Hope you enjoyed that Red Hot. Its from both myself and "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward. We will see you at Blaze of Glory with your girlfriend Jordan Williams."

Simone: "Well, now we know what Justin was doing. Sending a message to one half of his opponent for Blaze of Gl.. Wait, what is Misty doing now?"

Adams: "Looks like she is checking on Spike to me."

Misty slides in the ring and shoves Justin away from Spike and yells at him. Justin steps over Spike and gets in Misty's face and the duo start yelling at each other. Misty slaps Justin and the anger in his face can be seen as he looks directly at Misty and raises the mic to his mouth.

"The Xquizite One" Justin Underwood: "Misty, I'll deal with you at the NeWA J-Cup you crazy bitch."

"I Don't Care" by Apocalyptica starts playing as Justin Underwood leaves the ring and walks backwards up the ramp staring Misty down.

Simone: Justin Underwood and Misty may meet in the NeWA J Cup, but join us in two weeks time for SCW Blaze Of Glory!

Adams: Till then, have a good one people!

THANK YOU: To Mark, Chris, Matt, Erik, Craig, Casey, Corporal Raven, The Hardkore Warriors, Veronica Taylor and Mete. and to all our roleplayers that make SCW possible.