Climax Control

Las Vegas' Cox Pavillion is the opening shot of SCW Climax Control as the program officially is underway! The sold out crowd of 2,500 cheers and applauds, holding up signs for their various favorite stars in the SCW, and the cameras catch many a fan in costume for Halloween.


Inside of the six-sided ring stands ring announcer, Justin Decent; clad in red, lycra booty shorts, matching shiny boots, and devil horns with tail (on his tail). A black, painted on goatee adorns his face as he gifts the fans with a beaming smile and he brings the microphone to his mouth to speak;

Justin Decent: hello everyone and welcome to the SCW's very special Halloween edition of Climax Control!


Justin Decent: To celebrate this most horrid of holidays, I am excited to announce that in the traditions of Mark Ward and Christian Underwood's ring careers, this show will be celebrated Black Sabbath style!

The fans cheer!

Justin Decent: What this means, is that before the show started tonight, a participant from each match drew a stipulation from the pumpkin, which you will see on the screen. Each match gimmick will be in honor of the Halloween tradition. It could be a Pumpkin juice match. Trick or Treat! Or the infamous Haunted House!

More cheers!

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, to open our program, please welcome your horror hostess for the evening, Miss Amanda Hugginkiss!

The crowd cheers with hearty applause, whistles and wild catcalls as a haunting melody sounding much like the Bridal March plays over the sound system and Amanda Hugginkiss steps out onto the stage, comically dressed as the Mistress of the Dark aka Elvira. In one hand she is carrying a bouquet of black roses and as the music picks up in beat and tempo, she starts her performance...

Amanda: Oh, here she comes now. And she looks

The Bride of Frankenstein steps out onto the stage rigidly...

Amanda: HORRIBLE! *shrieks!*

Church Choir of Zombies: Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!

Amanda: She came waltzin' down the isle,
In a dress so torn and vile.
The man of her dreams was a nightmare too!
As she gave a shriek and a ghastly smile.

The Bride of Frankenstein!
Who we talkin' bout ghoul’s?
The Bride of Frankenstein!

The preacher said, Speak up now, or forever hold your peace.
Well, Dr. Frank opened the latch and held up a piece
He forgot to attach!

The performance is set to continue when there is the sound of a record screeching and the music stops. Amanda looks around in confusion and blinks when another voice comes over the sound system;

"Hold it! Hold it! Hold it sister!"

Some murmurs arise from the crowd and applause starts to grow in anticipation.

Voice: *sighs* You know what they say. If you're going to do something right....

The stage goes completely dark for several moments and then a spotlight illuminates the top of a staircase, and the face highlighted brings a wild chorus of cheers...

Elvira: I've always dreamed of doing this
And now I've got my chance
So excuse me while I indulge myself
In a little song and dance

Well, if you're looking for trouble
Here I am
And if you wanna see double
Here I am
I don't do what the good girls do
Bad dreams really do come true
Here I am

I'm bitch in black so you better stay back
You might get motion sickness or a heart attack
I can really rap up with the swelling in your pocket
Make your eyeballs drop right out of their socket
I'm rough, I'm tough, I'm woman enough
So get ready I'm gonna do my stuff
I can take it, I can shake it
I can cook it, I can bake it
If I don't have the recipe I'll fake it
I'm a volcano that's ready to blow
Look out y'all 'cause here I go!!!

The fans cheer as Elvira takes a bow amidst her dance troupe of scantily clad male devils. She prances across the stage, blowing kisses and Amanda returns to the stage to present her with a bouquet of long-stem black roses. Elvira does the whole cheesy "for me?" routine as she accepts them and basks in the cheers.

From off-stage there stands SCW owners "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward. He is dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh, complete with ceremonial headdress, bare chested with the golden loincloth, jewelry and strap sandals. Christian Underwood is dressed as the elf Haldir from Lord of the Rings fame. Both men are clapping and hooting for the Mistress of the Dark.

The camera is now on the broadcaster's table where Jason Adams is dressed as He-Man from Masters of the Universe, and Belinda is dressed as a Fallen Angel.

Simone: Hello and welcome to Sin City Wrestling Climax Control. I'm Belinda Simone

Adams: And I'm Jason Adams.... but you can call me He-Man!

Simone: We have an amazing show lined up for you tonight, made better by the surprise ruling by Justin Decent that tonight is gonna Black Sabbath Rules

Adams: If you've never seen Black Sabbath rules, let me break it down for ya. Before every match, someone will randomly draw a match out of a pot, to decide the stipulations, all with halloween themes. Knowing Christian, this could be a whole host of matches with twists, so tonight is gonna be a very interesting night.

Simone: Interesting night is putting it lightly. We have some huge matches tonight as JT Underwood goes one on one with Blade Alexander

Adams: And in our main event, the women of SCW get a chance to shine.

Simone: Let's get down to action, it looks like Elvira is set to draw the first match.

Adams: I HAVE THE POWER!!! Well, ok, I have some power, let's get this started

In the ring, Elvira puts her hand in to a carved out pumpkin and pulls out a piece of paper. She hands it to Justin Decent

Justin Decent: The following match is a hangman's mask match! Introducing first from Long Beach, California, standing at six foot two and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds...


"Shook Ones" by Mobb Deep begins slowly playing over the P.A. The crowd begins to buzz and boo as they know who is about to come through the curtains. On the screen flashes the name "D-Block." The fans emotions grow even more intense at this sight. the entrance remains calm for a few more minutes, until finally D.J Williams emerges from the back. This brings most fans to their feet with more hatred towards this talented man. D.J stops at the top of the entrance with his arms crossed, and soaks up all the emotions from the fans. A big smile comes across his face, as he just loves and feeds off this buzz. He slowly starts toward the ring. Taunting and messing with a few of the fans by the railings. He reaches the ring and climbs up to the apron. He takes a look in both directions at the fans one last time, and then he leaps the top ropes into the ring.

Justin Decent: And his opponent from Paide, Estonia, standing at six foot one and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-two pounds...


"7 000 000 Years" by Nevesis blasts through the speakers as Madis comes running down to the ring, hopping and banging his head and singing along to the song, he slides to the ring under the ropes and does a front flip to a standing position.

Adams: Hope all that headbanging down wear him out before he even wrestles

Our referee, Jasmine St Clair hands both competitors their masks to put on.

Simone: I'm hearing now that both masks will limit visibility in the ring, both wrestlers will have to work on mostly instinct. A big test for both.

Adams: Not as nice as the gorilla mask I got in my closet. I love Sin City Wrestling, if this is the opening match, I can't wait to see what Christian Underwood and Mark Ward have cooked up for the rest of the show

Simone: After a pay rise already Jason?

Adams: Couldn't hurt.

Both men slide their masks on



D Block instantly attacks Madis, driving quick, sharp elbows in to his head. Madis tries to cover up but can't see clearly where the elbows are coming from. D Block steps back slighty and jumps forward with a shoulder block, knocking Madis to the canvas. D Block feels the vibration of Madis hitting the floor and bends down, feeling for his opponent. D Block finds Madis's leg and lifts it up, dropping his boot behind the knee of Madis. Madis rolls over in pain and D Block searches for him again, this time, finding his head. D Block measures Madis and jumps up in the air, plummetting down with a standing leg drop. He reaches out for Madis, finding his upper torso and searches for his head, pulling him back to his feet and putting him in a front facelock. D Block drops down and nails him with a hard DDT. D Block rolls Madis over and slides on top of him and raises his arms, pummelling Madis with hard, heavy punches to the head, catching Madis on both sides of his face. D Block changes position and on top of Madis, going for a pin.


Madis throws a shoulder up.

Adams: D Block trying to end this early

Simone: The man looks like a completely different guy this week

Adams: No, it's the same guy we saw last week, I recogise the hair style.

D Block searches for Madis again, his vision limited by the hangman's mask, but eventually finds his head. He drags Madis to his feet but Madis cuts him off with an elbow to the gut. D Block swings his arm round to punch but Madis ducks out of the way.

Adams: Good instinct from Madis

Madis grabs D Block's head and pulls his chin on top of his head, dropping down to the mat and executing a huge jawbreaker on D Block. D Block stumbles backwards and lands in the corner, sitting down. Madis listens for the sound of where D Block fell and charges towards him, lifting up a knee as he runs in and slams it against D Block's chin. Madis reaches down and finds D Block's legs and pulls him out of the corner. He puts D Block's feet under his arms and flips forward, attempting a pin.


D Block locks his arms around Madis and bridges out of the pin attempt, rolling Madis over and liftting himself to his feet, still with his arms around Madis. He lifts Madis off his feet and drops him down hard with a dominator!

Simone: D Block showing some great athletical ability.

D Block reaches around the ring, looking for Madis, eventually finding him. He reaches down and grabs Madis by the head, lifting him to his feet and walking backwards to the ropes. He moves along the ropes, still dragging Madis and steps up on the second rope, gripping Madis head in a front facelock. D Block dives off the second rope and plants Madis down with a huge, ring rattling tornado DDT! Madis rolls over to the ropes while D Block quickly gets to his feet, raising his arms and feeling the reaction of the crowd. D Block drops down to his knees and searches for Madis, moving around the ring on his hands and knees. Madis uses the ropes to get himself back to his feet, feeling the effects of that DDT. Madis stumbles around but vaguely sees D Block on the floor searching for him, Madis quickly nails D Block with a low dropkick to the side of the head!

Simone: D Block felt that one!

Adams: D Block's kids felt that one! If he has any... Yeah, he probably does, even if he don't know about them, right?

Belinda sighs.... back in the ring. Madis feels for D Block and finds his head. Madis jumps back to his feet and quickly swings a foot in the direction of his head, connecting with a boot to the chin.

Simone: He never saw that one coming!

Adams: That's cause he's wearing a mask, duuuuuh!

Madis drops down and goes for the pin.


D Block powers out.

Madis pounds the mat in frustration, lifting D Block up as he returns to his feet and locking his head under his arm. Madis lifts D Block up for a suplex, but D Block floats over the top, landing behind Madis. He locks his arms around Madis's waist and lifts him over his head, dropping him with a hard hitting German suplex! D Block holds on to the waistlock, pulling himself and Madis back to their feet and lifts him over with a second German suplex, this time releasing him. D Block takes a deep breath and quickly springs to his feet, feeding off the energy of the crowd. D Block searches for his fallen opponent and wrenches him to his feet, charging towards the ropes and using them as a springboard and jumping over, planting Madis to the canvas.

Simone: Springboard Bulldog!

D Block feels the canvas for Madis and locates him. He goes for the cover


Madis squeezes a shoulder up.

Adams: D Block almost had him.

Now D Block pounds the mat in frustration at that very close call. D Block grabs Madis by the head and whips him in to the ropes. As Madis flies back, D Block lifts him over with a backbody drop! D Block uses his instinct and takes a few steps back, watching the shadow of Madis getting back to his feet. D Block charges and nails Madis with a spear!

Simone: Great timing from a man who is visually impared!

Adams: And a classic football move!

Madis rolls over in pain but D Block takes advantage and grabs Madis by the head. As he pulls Madis to his feet, Madis jumps up and nails him with a huge kick to the side of the head out of nowhere! D Block drops to his knee and Madis puts D Block's head between his legs. Madis lifts D Block up in a razor's edge.

Adams: Madis looking for the Hypnos 69!

D Block slides down Madis's back and behind him. D Block spins Madis around and nails him with the One Hitter Quitter!!

Simone: Oh my....

Adams: I feel like I'm wearing the mask now cause I didn't see that one coming!

D Block drops down for the pin


The winner of the match by pinfall....DJ "D Block" WILLIAMS!

Adams: D Block wins, great victory for DJ Williams!

Simone: That came out of nowhere!

Adams: This guy has everything it takes to become a star in Sin City Wrestling.

Simone: The look, the power, the athletism, he has it all.

Backstage in the Cox Pavilion, reporter Miss Rocky Mountains is seen talking with Janet, the makeup lady. Miss Rocky is dressed in a French maid outfit for Halloween, and Janet is Raggedy Ann. Just off to the side of the makeup table, the camera picks up the familiar tandem of the Seven Deadly Sins members; Synn, dressed as the old school Frankenstein... Gabriel, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera... and of course, Despayre who was clad in a Victorian style gothic ball outfit, complete with tattered tuxedo with blood splatters and a feathered mask to hide his eyes. In Despayre's arms, was the teddy bear sensation, Angel, dressed appropriately as a little devil.

Janet whispers something to Miss Rocky and the reporter smiles and glances back over her shoulder as Gabriel and Synn try to nudge Despayre forward but the little guy shakes his head in the negative and buries his face behind Angel's plush form, seemingly too shy to approach the ladies.

Gabriel pats his friend and partner reassuringly on the shoulder as Synn gives him a gentle nudge forward and they guide Despayre toward the two women, albeit unwillingly. The two ladies turn and smile at the group and Despayre whimpers. He looks everywhere but at them, his innocent nature shining through.

Miss Rocky: Well hello there Despayre.

Despayre lowers Angel from his face and frowns.

Despayre: Aw fish sticks! How'd you know it was me??

Janet and Miss Rocky exchange brief glances with each other and Janet nods towards the little bundle in his arms.

Janet: Angel told us.

Despayre turns Angel around and looks down at his little friend and confidante.

Despayre: You aren't supposed to *tell* people who I am! You're supposed to tell them who I'm *supposed* to be! Sheesh!

He looks back to Gabriel and shakes his head.

Despayre: Teddy bears just can't keep a secret!

Synn: You have something to say to the ladies?

Despayre turns back around to look at them and his shyness briefly returns, a faint blush rising to his cheeks. He meekly holds the plastic bag with a pumpkin scene printed on it toward them. It was already bursting with goodies from his little hunts backstage, thanks to Synn letting many know ahead of time Despayre would be trick or treating and the good natured SCW staff was all to happy to play along.

Despayre: Trick or treat?

Miss Rocky looks to Janet and coos.

Miss Rocky: Aww! He's so cute!

Despayre's eyes open wide and he hides his face again, this time burying it in Gabriel's black cloak, much to his friend's amusement.

Janet turns around to her table and picks up a small bag of Starburst and plops it in the outstretched bag. Miss Rocky reaches into her apron's pocket and retrieves a King Sized Snickers and adds it to the bounty.

Despayre: Wow. Angel you're making a haul! Thanks!

He pauses a moment and frowns and starts looking around.

Despayre: Where are your toys?

Miss Rocky: What .. toys?

Despayre: Gabriel here told me you had a couple of huge fun bags and...

Gabriel grabs Despayre and hurries him away before he can finish the comment. Synn winks at the ladies and quietly walks off to join them, leaving the two women smiling with perplexed looks.

Miss Rocky: Fun bags?

A yellow taxi cab pulls up to the Cox Pavilion, coming in slow to a stop. Immediately, one of the back doors opens, and Jamie Staggs rushes out. He is quick to make it to the other side, clearing his throat before gently opening up the door.

Jamie: Her we are Madamweasle.

He smiles keenly at Kittie, who slowly steps out of the vehicle, giving Jamie a dumbfounded look.

Kittie: I think your French is a little off there, Jamie.

Kittie brushes past him, waiting for him to follow her. That is, until the obnoxious howl of the cab driver distracts her.

Cabbie: Excuse me, but one-a-ya owes me $36,50.

Kittie stops dead in her tracks, and then slowly turns around to look at the cab driver, and then to Jamie. Jamie gives his infamous smirk and shrug, causing Kittie to scoff. She stomps over to the cab driver, and tosses a few bills through his window. The driver pulls off quickly, and Kittie puts one hand on her hip as she points at Jamie.

Kittie: I didn’t even WANT you to escort me, and then you take me to the arena in a filthy cab, where the driver smelled like he hadn’t bathed in a month, farting like he got a hold of some bad Mexican food, and then I have to pay? Really?

Jamie: I told ya, I had no money.

Kittie rolls her eyes at Jamie and moves past him once more, walking through the parking garage. Jamie is quick to catch up to her.

Jamie: I thought an escort was supposed to be seen with the person he’s escorting? Am I wrong, or…?

He flashes a bright smile her way, quickly raising and lowering his eyebrows a few times. He offers her his hand, but she simply looks at it. Jamie makes a sound, hinting for her to take his hand.

Kittie: No…

Jamie: Awe, come on Kittie! If I’m getting paid, I might as well do something.

Kittie narrows her eyes at him, scowling at him before quickly snatching up his hand.

Kittie: Wooo, look at me, being escorted by Jamie Staggs. Hooray for me…

Jamie: That’s the spirit.

Jamie chuckles to himself as he walks along with Kittie. Their arms gently swing as they enter the backstage area. They walk down the hallway, passing stagehands and a few new faces. They finally reach the Women’s Locker Room, and she lets go of Jamie’s hand to open the door. Jamie starts to follow her, much to her surprise.

Kittie: Hey DUMBASS! It’s the WOMEN’S locker room. You escorted me, and now you can leave.

She poses it as an offer, but her tone of voice suggests it’s a firm order. Jamie raises his hand to say something, but Kittie slams the door in his face. He leans against the door to shout through

Jamie: I was going to ask if I could grab your ass really quick! No?

He leans against the wall outside of the door, folding his arms across his chest. He bops his head to the rhythm of the song in his head, but the amusement lasts only but five seconds. He slowly scoots down the wall, away from the door before a smile spreads across his face.

Jamie: Hmmm… Let’s see what kind of mischief I can get into, just while I’m here.

He looks to the cameraman and smiles.

Jamie: Shut that off and follow me. You’re not gonna want to miss this!

In the ring, Elvira puts her hand in to a carved out pumpkin and pulls out a piece of paper. She hands it to Justin Decent

Justin Decent: The following match is a Trick or Treat match. Inside various boxes being brought around ringside, tricks or treats will be inside, to use as weapons against your opponents.

The crowd cheer wildly

Justin Decent: Standing to my right, I give you the first competitor of this match


Erik raises his arms to a mixed reaction.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, his opponent hailing from Honolulu, HA he is,


Final Moment by Veer Union* starts to play and Maoi comes to the ramp and looks to the crowd and nods and then comes down the aisle, fiving the fans, and then slides in the ring and then climbs to the second turnbuckle and screams, and the fans scream back



The bell rings, and Maoi and Erik lock up in the middle of the ring. Maoi gets whipped into the ropes and bounces off them and flys at Erik Black with a brutal shoulderblock. Both men roll out of the ring and reach into the large boxes around the ring and Erik pulls a kendo stick out of his box, and Maoi pulls a out a flattened male blow up doll, and quickly throws it down as the crowd starts to laugh.

Adams: Oh my god!

Simone: We are in Vegas, and our owners are perverted

Maoi rolls back into the ring as Erik comes running towards him and follows him in. Maoi starts kicking Erik as he is sliding in and forces the kendo stick to be released from the grip of Mr. Black, and Maoi picks it up and blasts Erik on the back with it once, twice, and a final third time before picking up Erik and ddting him directly onto the kendo stick. Maoi rolls out of the ring and rips open another box and reaches in and pulls out a rubber chicken. Frustrated he looks over at Erik, who is now slowly crawling to his feet with the help of the ropes and gets bitch smacked by a rubber chicken.

Adams: Anyone order the chicken?

Maoi slides into the ring and goes to slap Erik again, but is blocked and met by a huge fist from Erik, rattling him and then a second huge fist from Erik, sends Maoi stumbling into the corner. Erik runs at Maoi and monkey flips him out of the corner. Picking him up Erik connects with Nightmares and goes for a pin.



Kickout by Maoi who gets pulled up by Erik and blocks a punch from him starts throwing punches of his own at Erik and grabs the kendo stick and cracks Erik in the head several times. Erik stumbles around and Maoi swings the kendo stick hard at Erik’s back breaking it in half and throwing it out of the ring as he drops to the mat and rolls out to the floor.

Adams: Maoi looking for a box

Simone: Hate to think what he's gonna find in this one

Maoi starts walking around the ring looking for a box. He comes across one and puts his hand into, and pulls out a large pumpkin. He lets out a laugh and slides it into the ring as he pulls himself up onto it. Erik runs at Maoi, but Maoi grabs Eriks head and drops down causing him to bounce off the top rope. Maoi slides back into the ring and grabs Erik again, and ddt’s him straight into the pumpkin.

Adams: Pumpkin everywhere, it's like a food fight

Simone: Remind me never to eat at your house

Maoi goes up top and leaps from the top turnbuckle with a frog like leap and lands a elbow drop across the chest of Erik. Maoi goes for the pin.





Adams: Now that's entertainment!

Simone: That's a mess.

Adams: Clean up in Isle one

The camera switches backstage to the Surf Boys standing around talking.

Radical: Dude, that was one long ass taxi ride

Narly: Yeah it was!

Radical: Maybe we should like move to this place.

Narly shakes his head

Narly: No waves around here, but there's a huge beach somewhere round here!

Radical: Erm dude, I totally think that's like ugh, a desert or something.

Narly: I like Desserts, especially with whipped cream!

Radical: No dude, desert, not dessert

Narly: Ahhhh

Radical: So dude, in like 5 minutes, we gotta go out there and beat the dudes who have trouble getting boners.

Narly: Wang joke!

Radical nods and bops his head. The two try a high five but get it terribly wrong and miss by a few feet.

Radical: Sha! These dudes don't know the power of the mighty Surf Boys.

Narly nods in agreement.

Narly: Soon as we beat those dudes, we are so going to the desert to get dessert!

Radical bops his head, flashing a big toothy grin.

Radical: Ok!

The duo are interupted by an approaching Ms. Rocky Mountains.

Ms Rocky Mountains: Hi guys, can I have a quick word about your match tonight?

Narly and Radical stare open mouthed at Ms. Rocky Mountain's ample chest, their eyes fixated, and their bodies not moving.

Ms Rocky Mountains: Guys?

Neither of the Surf Boys move, just continue staring with their mouths wide open. Ms. Rocky Mountains doesn't look impressed

Ms Rocky Mountains: Nevermind.

She turns to walk away. Without moving, Radical slowly speaks

Radical: No... way!

Narly: Way!

Both Surf Boys shake their heads and look at each other

Radical: You know, if those dudes we're facing tonight, looked at those bazookas, neither one of them would have trouble getting boners.

Narly nods in agreement as the camera goes back to ringside.

The scene cuts to Casey Williams getting ready for his big match with Saint Patty, with Wyatt Peterson as the special guest referee. He then discusses not only that match, but what the future may hold.

Casey Williams: Saint Patty, I question your intelligence. Your attack on Wyatt Peterson could be considered smart because you allowed Ryan King and me, collectively known as Poisoned Power to obtain the victory. But in the eyes of Wyatt, it was probably not such a smart move. Wyatt may not be smart, but Tom Dudley is, and I would expect to be attacked by Wyatt soon.

Now after I make easy work of you, I can look forward to facing Sinful Obsession at some point. They will raise my game, as well as Ryan’s game to a whole new level. I scouted them when we were in the Asylum Wrestling Alliance together, and know what they are capable of when I went by the moniker of Big Bad Casey. I am sure they scouted me too. Either way, they will go down like Saint Patty and Wyatt Peterson have by the hands of Poisoned Power.

The scene fades to black as Casey Williams heads to where his Harley Davidson is to head to the arena.

In the ring, Elvira puts her hand in to a carved out pumpkin and pulls out a piece of paper. She hands it to Justin Decent

Justin Decent: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a GLOW IN THE DARK MATCH! Coming to the ring first at a combined weight of 365lbs, they are


Surfer Boys start to play and the Surf Boys, Narly and Radical appear dressed in Bermuda shorts, sandals and holding surfboards under their arms. They turn around high fiving each other. They walk to the ring high fiving the fans and when they get to the ring, throw the boards under the ropes and climbs in as the fans cheer. The put their boards in middle of the ring and jump on them "ring surfing" as the fans cheer.

Justin Decent: “And their opponents weighing in at 581lbs they are


'Money in the Bank' hits the pa system with Virgil and Eddie G making their way out from behind the curtains, both men make their way to the top of the ramp and raise their arms as they look out to the crowd. Virgil raises his index and middle finger to form the V sign as Eddie points out to a few members of the crowd, the two men then turn to face each other as they double high five and then turn to walk down the ramp. Virgil and Eddie walk side by side down the ramp as they focus on the ring, Eddie loosens up his shoulders on the way down. As the two men make it to the bottom of the ring Eddie goes around the corner and makes his way up the steel steps with Virgil sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Virgil makes his way over to the far right turnbuckle and mounts it halfway as Eddie makes his way into the ring through the gap in the middle of the ropes. Eddie makes his way over to the side of the ring and raises his arms in the air as Virgil slowly straightens up keeping his index and middle fingers raised to form a V sign on both hands with the two men posing for a few seconds. Virgil drops down as Eddie lowers his arms as the two men congregate in the middle of the ring. Before the match can start the ref sends both teams out of the ring and has them stand in booths that are at ring side for this match. Each member of both teams are handed goggles and are told to put them on and step into the ring. Eddie and Virgil step into the booths first and extend their arms as they are told. Suddenly the duo is covered in what appears to be paint from head to toe, including their wrestling attire. They step out and the Surfer boys step in and repeat the process. The ring has been adjusted with white turnbuckles and ropes.

Adams: Four works of art there

Simone: Who thinks of these things?


DING-DING-DING!!! Both teams get into the ring and the lights go out in the arena and are replaced with black lights. The four wrestlers are clearly visible under the black lights as well as the six sided ring thanks to the white turnbuckles and ropes. The bell rings and Eddie G and Radical start the match off for each team and Radical is lifted into the air quickly by Eddie and dropped via a military press slam.

Adams: Cool blurring effect as Radical bounced off the mat

Eddie quickly grabs Radical and lifts him up with a Suplex, stalling in mid air for a few seconds and then bringing Radical down onto his head. He reaches over and tags in Virgil and Virgil quickly goes to work on Radical with a big irish whip into the corner and delivering thunderous rights and lefts to the face and midsection. Virgil goes to the middle of the ring and runs and jumps at Radical, but Rad jumps out of the way at the last second.

Simone: Quick move from Radical

Radical bounces off the ropes and tags in Narly and Narly jumps on to the top rope and puts Virgil down with a leaping bulldog. Narly jumps back up and grabs Virgil and locks on a headlock in the center of the ring. Virgil pushes Narly off sending him against the ropes and levels him with a clothes line. Virgil tags in Eddie G and whips Narly into the turnbuckle. Narly hangs their as Eddie G and Virgil start stomping on Narly in the corner. Out of no were Radical comes flying through the air and lands on Eddie G, and slams Virgils head into Eddie’s before wrapping his arm around Eddie’s head giving Narly a chance to recover.

Simone: Time wasting won't help his chances to win

With Narly’s help Eddie G and Radical go falling over the top rope and onto the floor. Eddie G tries to land on his feet and a snap can be heard and he just falls to the floor letting out a loud yell as Narly hangs onto the rope and gets turned into a vicious ddt from Virgil. Virgil goes up top and flys through the air with a elbow drop and goes for a pin on Narly.



Kickout, and Virgil picks Narly up and sends him against the ropes and levels him with a spinebuster and goes for the pin again.



Kickout again from Narly and Virgil slaps the mat in frustration and gets up and goes to tag in Eddie G and sees him down on the floor grabbing his foot in pain. Quickly, Virgil bounces off the ropes and levels a groggy Narly with a clothesline. Narly rolls into the corner and tags in Radical, who pulls himself up onto the top rope and jumps at Virgil with a missile dropkick and goes for the pin.



Virgil kicks out shortly after a 2 count add rolls out under the bottom rope to recollect himself and to check on Eddie G. In the ring Narly and Radical are messing around with each other having fun with the fact that they are both glowing in the dark and go to high five, and end up face palming each other. Virgil slides back into the ring and is met by a enzugiri from Radical and both Radical and Narly climb the top rope and launch themselves into a just standing Virgil with duel missile dropkicks, one from the front and one from the back. Both surfers drape their arms over Virgil and go for the pin.




Adams: Surf Boys win!

Simone: Eddie doesn't look to healthy, can we get a medic out here?

The camera returns and inside the ring stands "Hot Stuff" Mark Ward and Christian Underwood, along with a number of fans dressed in their Halloween finest for the SCW costume contest. Mark and Christian still sport their own costumes and the fans themselves have gone all out in their own choices. One at a time, a fan in costume steps forward and walks back and forth across the ring...

A young woman was dressed as the alien Neytiri from the hit movie Avatar. ...
A teenage boy was dressed as Chucky. ...
A girl was a female vampire. ...
A young male was Captain Jack Sparrow. ...
An adult couple was a zombie bride and groom. ...
A preschool boy as Captain America. ...
A woman was the gothic ballerina the Black Swan. ...
A teenage couple was Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon from Monster High. ...
An attractive young man was a gothic vampire. ...

There was a Harry Potter. A sexy female pirate. Cruella deVil. The Corpse Bride. An angel. An elite ninja warrior. Spongebob Squarepants. A chess queen. A Legends of the Guardians Owl. And finally, a vampire cheerleader.

Leaning forward against the ropes, Mark Ward starts to speak.

HS: Alright one and all, it's time for the Sin City Wrestling Halloween costume contest!

The fans in attendance applaud and cheer.

HS: In the ring are our finalists. They will be... will be ...

Mark stops talking and turns his head and frowns. He spots Christian bent over and lifting the corner of Hot Stuff's Egyptian loincloth to sneak a peek. Mark clears his throat.

HS: `Scuse me. Christian?

Christian looks up.

Christian: Hm?

HS: Do you mind?

Christian: No, go right ahead.

The fans laugh as Mark slaps Christian's hand away before he raises the loin cloth too high and Christian stands up with a visible pouting expression on his face.

HS: Think of those nether regions there as the Starship Enterprise, Sunshine. Where no man has gone before .. or will go!

Christian: Hey, if you didn't want someone to look, you wouldn't wear it up so high!

HS: *You're* the one who keeps pulling it higher! I... okay we're getting away from the moment here. It's time to crown our costume contest winner, and here is the judge, our Ghostess with the Mostess, Elvira!

The music with a heavy beat picks up...

Elvira: Let me tell ya' 'bout a friend of mine.
A big bad brutha' named Frankenstein.
In a torn up ole' monty lookin' mighty fine,
I mean the brutha' was smokin' litteraly!
Sewn up with a needle and thread!
Put together with parts from the dead!
Somethin' put his nut's on the side of his head.
What in the world were they thinkin'?
Drackula is afraid of the light.
He only comes outta' his coffin at night.
Slips out to have him a bite...outta' sombody's neck that is.
He's a vampire, vampire bat!
Suckin' on's low in fat!
'Cept I don't know if he should really doin' that.
I mean I hope he practices safe suck's!!!
Monsta' rap, everybody snap,
everybody groove, everybody clap.
Monsta' rap, everybody snap,
Everybody move every body clap.

And the fans cheer as the Mistress of the Dark returns to the stage and walks toward the ring, waving to all corners of the Pavillion. She climbs up the steps and Christian happily holds the ropes open for Elvira to climb inside. She shakes Christian's hand and then Mark’s, as they present her to the dressed up fans.

HS: Elvira, you've had a chance in the back to watch as our fans here had a chance to climb in the ring and strut their stuff. Now since you're the Halloween Icon for fans the world over, you get to decide just who will win our prize package of a backstage pass and autographs from all their favorite SCW superstars!

The fans cheer as Elvira hams it up for the SCW bosses, putting a hand to her ample bosoms in a classic 'who, me?' routine. She then winks at Mark and pats Christian's backside before she starts to inspect the fans who are standing in rows before her. She pauses at the gothic male vampire and fans herself before turning around and smiles at Christian and Mark.

Christian: Do you know whom you think you should win?

Elvira: No sweet cheeks, I decided who I *know* should win. Much as I love a hot piece of vampire...

She tweaks the young man's nose and he beams.

Elvira: ... I always was a sucker for a patriot. Here's your winner.

And she takes the young boy dressed as Captain America, hands on his shoulders, and presents him to Mark and Christian. All of the fans of course applaud and cheer for the small child's win, and those inside of the ring, fan, Elvira and the bosses alike, applaud as well. Mark kneels down in front of the child and smiles, a hand on his shoulder.

HS: What's your name buddy?

Child: Adam.

HS: Well here you go Adam, backstage passes for you and your family to go meet all of the SCW stars! Congratulations!

Mark hands the envelope to Adam, then shakes the boy's hand, then Christian does and Elvira gives him a light hug as the fans cheer him on.

Backstage, Wyatt Peterson is talking with his manager, Tom Dudely. Wyatt is wearing a referee shirt.

Wyatt: Ah can’t wait tah get mah hand on that no good piece of…

Tom:Wyatt! There are kids watching.

Wyatt hangs his head..

Wyatt: Sorry.

Tom: It’s okay to have your mind set on revenge. Saint Patty screwed you in that match. You had that match as good as won.

Wyatt nods..

Wyatt: Yeah, ah did.

Tom: I have no doubt that you’ll get your revenge on him. Tonight, you get to be the special guest referee in his match against Casey Williams. Being a referee doesn’t mean you can do whatever the hell you please, though.

Wyatt: It don’t?

Tom: Hell no! When you put on that striped shirt you take on a lot of responsibility. You’ve gotta uphold the rules and make sure it’s all fair.

Wyatt starts to protest. Tom puts up a hand to calm him..

Tom: I know you’re gonna be tempted to take out Saint Patty yourself, but you can’t do that. He may try to provoke you, but you’ve gotta be the bigger man and wait until you get a match with him to get your revenge.

Wyatt: Alright, ah guess ah’ll try tah leave Patty Boy alone during the match. He’d just better toe the line. Or else!

Tom pats Wyatt on the back as they walk down the hall towards the ring.

Back in the ring, Elvira puts her hand in to a carved out pumpkin and pulls out a piece of paper. She hands it to Justin Decent

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a coffin match, to win, you have to place your opponent in to the coffin and slam the lid shut.

Adams: Holy christ, a coffin match!

Stagehands roll to the ring two coffins, one after another

Justin Decent: First introducing your special guest referee. hailing from Amerillo, Texas, standing at six foot nine inches and weighing at two-hundred and eighty five pounds, He is...


"Hillybilly Bone" starts playing from the speakers and Wyatt Peterson bursts through the curtain onto the stage. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring. He climbs into the ring and Wyatt climbs onto the second turnbuckle working the crowd. Wyatt hops down to the mat and waits for Justin Decent to continue

Justin Decent: First to the ring from Atlanta, Georgia, standing at six foot and weighing at two-hundred and thirty four pounds. He is...


At Your Funeral by Pinhead Gunpowder plays, He enters the stage, accpompanied by two of his chosen super models. He walks down the ramp, flexing and strutting, Usually approaching the attractive females in the crowd, boasting and bragging. When he reaches the ring steps, each of his models kiss him on the cheek, as he takes off his signature shades. He gets in the ring, shouting about how great he is.

Justin Decent: And his opponent, coming to us from Nashua, NH. He stands at a whopping seven foot tall, and weighing in at Three hundred and seventy pounds. He is the freight train of pain.


Casey Williams comes down the ramp on his Harley Davidson Fatboy and as he rides down the ramp, his pyros go off. Casey rides around the ring and parks his bike on the side of the ramp and climbs into the ring.



Wyatt calls for the bell and Patty and Casey look reluctantly at the coffins at ringside. Wyatt pushes Patty from behind, and send him crashing in to Casey. Patty turns back to Wyatt, but Wyatt shrugs his shoulders. Casey turns Patty around and drills him quickly with a right hand to the side of his head, stumbling back in to Wyatt but Wyatt pushes him right back in to another right hand from Casey.

Simone: I see this referee is gonna be impartial.

Adams: He's the ref, he can do what he wants.

Casey grabs Patty by the head and drills him in to the turnbuckle of the six sided ring, before spinning in around and planting a huge elbow on the top of Patty's head. Casey nails Patty with a knee to the gut and quickly grabs him by the head and voilently slams him face first in to the mat. Casey lifts up a huge boot and drops it down on the back of Patty's head, cause it to bounce rapidly off the canvas. Casey rips Saint Patty to his feet and slaps a hard chop against his chest. Patty stumbles backwards but Casey grabs Patty's head and slams him straight back to the mat. Casey looks outside the ring at the coffins, and smiles slighty. He walks over the the ropes and steps over them and drops to the floor. Casey looks at the coffins and quickly picks one up and uses his strength to move the wooden box to the ring. He rests it on the apron and uses his hand to lift the bottom rope and slide the coffin in to the ring. Casey turns around and looks under the ring, quickly pulling out a chair.

Simone: Casey going for a shortcut.

Adams: It's all legal in this one

As Casey holds the chair up, Saint Patty slides through with a baseball slide, kicking the chair in to Casey's face

Adams: You snooze, you lose.

Casey stumbles back and Patty takes a few steps back. Patty runs at the ropes and jumps over the top, landing on Casey with a picture perfect suicide dive, bringing the crowd to their feet.

Simone: Amazing high flying ability from Saint Patty.

Saint Patty gets to his feet first, as Wyatt slides outside the ring to check on the fallen Casey. Patty looks at Wyatt and smirks, tapping the side of his own head while looking in Wyatt's eyes. Wyatt balls a fist, but Patty shrugs and turns around, look at Casey. He grabs Casey by the head and pulls the bigger man up, dragging him to the ring barracades and slamming him face first in to the metal. Patty pulls Casey away and back towards the ring. Patty slams Casey's head off the ring aprons and looks down at the chair Casey dropped. Patty picks it up and lifts it above his head but Wyatt takes it away from him.

Simone: What's he doing?

Adams: Maybe he wants to sit down for a while.

Patty fires a curious look at Wyatt, but Wyatt taps the side of his head, mocking Patty from moments earlier. Patty rolls his eyes and turns around, grabbing Casey and throwing him in the ring. Patty jumps up on the the ring apron and climbs the ropes. As Casey stumbles his way to his feet, Patty flies off the top rope and nails Casey with a missile dropkick! Patty gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes, dropping a quick leg drop across Casey's chest. Patty walks over the the coffin and lifts it up, placing it in the corner of the ring. Casey opens the lid and pulls Casey towards it. Patty opens the door with his free hand and tries to throw Casey towards it, but Casey puts a long leg up against the ropes. Casey darts forward and elbows Patty in the chest, forcing him to release the door. Casey grabs hold of Patty and slams him face first in to the coffin lid. Patty stumbles away and Casey slams the coffin down on the floor on to the lid. As Patty turns, Casey lifts him up with a flapjack, sending him crashing against the coffin, forcing the coffin to splinter, sending wood flying in all directions.

Adams: Oh! That's gonna hurt in the morning!

Casey look at the fragments of wood on the floor and picks up the slide panel of coffin. He raises it above his head and brings it down across the back of Patty. Patty rolls over, arching his back. Casey looks out of the ring at the second coffin and climbs over the top rope. He drops to the floor and picks up the second coffin and gently slides it over the ropes and in to the ring. Casey steps back on the ring apron and over the top rope, only to be met with a piece of wood around the side of the head from Patty!

Simone: God damn!

Casey stumbles around the ring but Patty jumps up and nails him with a huge enziguri to the side of the head, forcing Casey to his knees. Patty steps back and charges at Casey, attempting a shining wizard, connecting with the side of Casey's head. Patty moves over to the coffin closer to center of the ring and and looks at Casey on the floor and back at the coffin. He drags Casey to his feet and kicks the coffin lid open. He points down to it, but Casey grabs him, get's behind him and lifts him over in a belly to back suplex! Patty hits the mat hard and both he and Casey lay for a few seconds, both trying to catch their breath. Casey uses the ropes to pull himself up, and Patty does the same on the other side of the ring. Both make it to their feet, and Patty runs at the much bigger Casey, using the coffin as a springboard and going for a high leg clothesline, Casey catches him in mid air and bundles Patty over the top rope. Patty lands on the apron, and waits. Casey turns around and Patty grabs him by the head and drops down, pulling Casey's neck across the top rope, Casey stumbles backwards and falls to the mat. Patty slides in the ring and looks at Wyatt, mouthing the words "That's why I'm better then you"

Adams: Wyatt is not gonna like that.

True to Jason's words, Wyatt steps steps in to Patty's face and the two start to exchange words.

Adams: I wish I could lip read!

Patty pushes Wyatt but Wyatt pushes Patty right back. The two continue to argue, but Casey slides back in the ring. Casey opens to the coffin behind Patty. Patty turns around and sees Casey on his feet and shoots towards him, but Casey lifts a knee, catching Patty under the chin, Patty spins around, only to be met with a big boot to the face from Wyatt Peterson!

Adams: Boomtown!

Simone: Peterson's had enough!

As Patty turns around, Casey drills him in the side of the head with a HUGE knock out punch!

Adams: Warriors Way!

Patty stumbles, hovering over the coffin before falling backwards in to it. Casey jumps over and slams the lid shut. Wyatt calls for the bell!

The winner of the match....CASEY WILLIAMS!

Adams: Casey Williams wins! Two out of two for Williams

Simone: With a huge assist from Wyatt Peterson's right boot.

Adams: I don't think this is the last we've seen of Peterson and Saint Patty getting in each others faces. These guys wanna tear each other apart.

The opening beat of drums is heard through the speaker, The fans instantly boo and cheer as a huge guitar rift starts to play as this pryo’s explode either side of the stage. Bon Jovi's "Lay Your Hand On Me" Starts to boom through the speakers. The smoke starts to clear and Hot Stuff Mark Ward is seen standing on the top of the stage. He points to the fans on the left side of him, then to the fans on the right, and then clinches his fists. He starts to grind his hips as the rock music continues to blast out. He takes a few steps forward to the beginning of the ramp and does a double muscle pose, causing more pyro’s to explode behind him and the fans react louder. Hot Stuff is still dressed as an Egyptian Pharoh. He slowly walks down the ramp, stopping every few feet to pose for the ladies in attendance. Hot Stuff walks up to the ropes and jumps over them, before running and jumping on to the ropes, his arms held high in the air, fans still booing and cheering. Justin Decent hands Hot Stuff a microphone as the music fades out.

HS: Finally, the boss has some in ring time

The crowd cheer

HS: Last week, I was stuck in the office, dealing with people bursting in and moaning.... well, good moanings from my birthday present, but still, I had to sit there and listen to all the piddling crap, so now I've come out here to address a couple of this and look simply fucking awesome while I do.

The crowd cheer again.

HS: I'm forever asked about this roster, am I happy with it? Do I see superstars? Do I have future legends, the lot. Answer is simple, I am, I do and I have. I'm impressed with everything I see so far, I'm impressed from opening to start.... well, other then those idiots that constantly no show and will be getting the old pink slip next time they don't appear, but from top to bottom, I'm impressed. So I think it's time to reward everyone's hard work. I know I got a lot of people I can rely on and trust in this place, JT Underwood, Misty, Kittie, The Seven Deadly Sins, Blade Alexander, Casey Williams, Wyatt Peterson, Team Viagra, these people go out and do what is asked of them, they get their work done on time and in to me and get their arses in this ring and entertain everyone, so....

The crowd cheer with anticipation.

HS: In two weeks time, we have our first ever SCW Supercard Climax Control: High Stakes and it's time to reward everyone that's put their effort in so far. Let's start with you ladies of Sin City Wrestling.

Wolf whistles can be heard from the crowd.

HS: Now ladies, I know you have your big main event tonight and a chance to impress, but see, I wouldn't get too close to your partners and I'd start taking a closer look at your opponents, because at High Stakes you will all be facing each other, in a winner takes all match, your prize? You will become the first EVER SCW Bombshell champion!

The crowd cheer loudly.

HS: So all you ladies, get ready for that one. Now to you guys in the back.

The crowd wait for an announcement.

HS: You have all mostly impressed me one way or another, you've impressed Christian too, but I think he was looking at other qualities, but it's difficult to pick just a couple of stand out people, so you're gonna have to really earn this one. After you're all done in your respective matches, at the end of the night, each and every male booked on the show will have a second match. Now don't worry too much because each and every one of you will be running the gauntlet to crown the first EVER SCW World Champion.

The crowd cheer wildly at this announcement.

HS: That means each and every one of you will be back in the ring, fighting for the World title, only one man can win and write his name down in SCW history, so I recommend you work extra hard for this one and I do mean hard because you all will have the chance to walk out with the title.

Hot Stuff smiles, and looks around the ring.

HS: Also, a little message for you Blade Alexander.

The crowd instantly boo at the mention of Blade's name.

HS: First off Blade, don't insult me by calling Matt my brother, he's my cousin and trust me son, I'm unlucky to even have that link to him.

Some of the crowd laugh as Hot Stuff smirks

HS: Secondly, I remember something you said to me not long ago. You mentioned about competition in Sin City Wrestling. See, I personally like you, you say what people think, you create controversy the way you tear in to people, I like that about you. Now you asked me for more competition, people who can step up and give you a challenge, so all week, I've been on the phone trying to make your request a reality and I'm pretty happy with what I've come up with. Just ten minutes ago, I tied up another contract, to add some competition for ya. The ink is still wet, but this guy saw you and thought he's take you up on your words. Now right now, I won't say who it is but at High Steaks, he has promised me he'll make an appearence to say hi to you personally. You wanted more competition, you can't say I'm not a giving boss, so you got it.

The fans cheers, but some whisper amongst themselves at this latest piece of information

HS: You know, this week, my twitter has been blowing up left, right and center, it's @TheMarkWard in case you didn't know, but it's been nothing but questions about me and Spike Staggs.

Cheers are heard at the mention of Spike Staggs, but Hot Stuff narrows his eyes, lot looking pleased.

HS: People wanna know what happened with Spike and I, new people or idiots with blanked out memories, so here's what happened. Six years ago, Spike was a messed up piece of work, didn't know his arse from his elbow, no direction, until I put him under my wing and got him that final push, I got him to the top of his game and held that world title for over seven months. Seven long arse months, people watched him with that belt, he was on the verge of being the greatest. He was set to take my crown of being the greatest world champion that ever in Generation X Wrestling, but something in me snapped. The GXW was mine, and Spike had to be shown that although he was my friend, that I could change things as fast as Usain Bolt on speed, so I did.

The fans boo at the thought of Hot Stuff's actions

HS: I took a chair, I wrapped it around his leg and BAM, Spike's title reign and career was over.

The fans boo louder

HS: Look, I don't give a damn about the boos right now, I'm telling you what I did. Am I sorry about it now? No, Spike knew the game, he knew me, he knew every dispicable thing I ever did, and he knew I had taken away more careers then the collapse of banking, he knew everything, friends share that sort of sick, twisted relationship in pro wrestling. Now let's fast forward to current times. I want Spike in Sin City Wrestling, but he threw that contract back in my face, but I'm Hot Stuff, I always get whatever I want! So why did I offer it?

Hot Stuff clears his throat

HS: I didn't offer you this contract out of guilt, or a way to say sorry - hell, I didn't even offer it to secure your financial well being for your family, I couldn't give a damn about them, or that, I offered you the contract because the second I slammed my foot down on that chair, I took your career away and now, I'm bored of having it, and wanna give it back

Hot Stuff looks serious as the fans boo

HS: If you wanna sit there, and whine about it, and sulk about it, and moan, and bitch, and have Vietnam style flashbacks about it, sit at home and bake cookies, you can, or we can come to another arrangement. In two weeks time, at the supercard, you won't have to buy a ticket, I'm inviting you to this ring to face your demons, and take back your career.

The fans cheer at the thought of Spike and Hot Stuff in the same ring

HS: You wanna come down here at High Stakes and kick my well toned English arse, then be my guest, you wanna come down here, sign a contract and reclaim what I stole from you six years ago, you come do it. Your move Spike"

Hot Stuff drops the microphone and runs his fingers through his hair as he puts his leg through the ropes to leave the ring as Bon Jovi's "Lay Your Hands On Me" blasts through the sound system

Adams: Wow! Huge announcement from the boss there

Simone: He must be crazy calling out Spike, a lot of bad blood there from six years ago

Adams: Yeah, these two know how to hold a grudge!

The scene switches backstage, just outside of the women’s locker room. The camera bobs as the cameraman jogs behind Jamie Staggs. Jamie takes a second to try catching his breath as he looks into the camera.

Jamie: Ladies and Gentlemen of SCW, I would like to welcome you to witness the genius that is, Jamie Staggs… Dumbass University Valedicktorian. Since you guys don’t know me, I’m going to keep this simple, tonight.

Jamie rests his hand against the wall as he leans down to pick up a black duffel bag. He grins at the camera as he continues talking.

Jamie: Aside from being a bit of a smartass, I am also just a bit of a prankster. I figured, while I’m here, I would hijack a cameraman, call in a “gas leak” in the women’s locker room, and then have a bit of fun in the meantime.

Cameraman: You pulled me aside for this? You’re a sick perv, man…

Jamie: Sick, yes. Perv… kinda, but that’s not what this is about. Watch and learn.

Jamie creeps up to the women’s locker room door, and slowly opens it, peaking inside to make sure the coast is clear. He pushes the door open and waves the cameraman inside after him. Once inside, he listens, hearing the shower running. He tiptoes across the floor toward the make up table with a sly smirk across his face.

Once there, he unzips his bag, pulling out a bag of flour. He opens it, and then quietly whispers.

Jamie: You will see how I turn a regular bag of flour into an utter disaster.

He chuckles to himself as he reaches for two hair dryers plugged into the wall. He dumps some of the flour into each of the dryers and does his best to keep it pointed upward, giving the bottom a tap, before doing the same to the other one. He rolls the flour bag up and places it back in the duffel bag.

Jamie: But, I’m not finished just yet. I…

The water stops and Jamie freezes up. He zips his bag closed and mutters to the cameraman.

Jamie: Oh sh*t…

He swings the bag over his shoulder and starts walking toward the door. Before he can make it there, he hears a voice that shatters the near silence.

Kittie: What the HELL are you doing in here, Jamie? Are you a woman?

Jamie: Umm, no.

Kittie: Then why are you in here, perv?

Jamie: I’m not a p… Well, yeah, but I can in here to check on you with the rumors going on backstage about a gas leak in here. Now that you are okay, I will just, um, leave. K, bye.

Kittie scoffs at him, and slowly walks over to the make up table. She pulls out a brush from a red bag underneath the table, and then she grabs the blow dryer.

Jamie: Hey, Kittie, I wouldn…

She readies the brush, and turns on the dryer, spraying flour all over her face. She instantly drops it, slowly turning back around to face Jamie. Her hair and face is almost completely coated in flour that slowly begins to drip down her face.


Kittie begins running after Jamie, slipping in the flour paste on the floor. This gives him a head start as she slips around in it for a second. Once on her feet, she growls in her quick pursuit of Jamie. The cameraman follows to the door, watching her chase him.

Jamie:You just been Dick’d!

Kittie: I’m gonna kill you, jerk off!

The Surf Boys are backstage, talking and laughing, full of high spirits as always, even if their minds aren't always "all there".

Radical: Dude, so she totally showed me her bongos! It was rockin'!

Narly: No way!

Radical: Way!

Narly: And you didn't call me! Maybe we could have had a party! Just the three of us!

Radical: She suggested that, but after what happened last time with that one bodacious babe, I didn't feel like that kind of party.

Narly: Whaddya mean?

Radical: Don't you remember? She promised us a party we'd never forget, and then called and told us she'd be late and we could start without her? That was like totally awkward dude!

Narly: Oh it wasn't *that* bad! Ha!

Radical quirks an eyebrow and gives Narly a weirded out look. But before the awkwardness can be further explored, they're given a reprieve as Despayre hops into the picture with Angel.

Despayre: Trick or Treat!

Narly: Dude!

Radical: Dude! It's like, Angel!

Narly: The totally rawkin' bear with the most!

Radical: Yeah!

Narly: Yeah!

Despayre: YEAH! Uh... the most what?

Radical and Narly look at each other and smile widely. They look at Despayre and say together;

Surf Boys:: The most awesomeness dude of dudes!

Despayre blinks.

Despayre: Ohhhhh! So ... Trick or Treat!

Radical: Oh totally! We got just the thing!

They reach into their beach bags and pull out several strings of seashell necklaces and Despayre's face falls into a pout. He looks down at Angel.

Despayre: .... Clothes... whee.

Radical: Clothes? No way!

Narly: Candy seashell necklaces! Great for an instant sugar buzz! Ha ha!

He offers one over to Despayre who closely inspects it and then brings it in for a nibble and his face lights up.

Despayre: Wow! These are ... are...

Narly: Awesome?

Despayre: Totally!

Radical: Rawk on!

The Surf Boys each high-five Angel and walk off. Despayre looks up at Synn who steps into the picture.

Despayre: I like them. They're smart!

The fans cheer as Justin steps back inside of the ring and he turns his back to the camera and gives his attractive backside a shake, eliciting a number of cheers and whistles from many of the women, and a number of men, in the audience. The cheers only intensify as Justin s-l-o-w-l-y bends over, pulling those lycra shorts down to reveal a matching red thong. He kicks the shorts off and holds both hands behind his head and grinds his hips to the appreciation of those watching.

Adams: Do we hafta watch this?

Simone: Oh please. Jealousy is a bad color on you Jason.

Adams: I'm not jealous! My ass is every bit as good as his is! Better, even!

Simone: According to who?

Adams: My wife, for one.

Simone: Psht. She has to say that. Anyone else?

Adams: I'll have you know Christian Underwood said the exact same thing! He said my ass is firm and round and you could eat breakfast off of SHUT UP JASON!

Justin turns back around with a cocky smile and holds up the microphone.

Justin Decent: The following contest ... is the Haunted House match!

The crowd cheers!

Adams: All right! The Haunted House match is one of the coolest matches for Halloween! I was in one once and I never had so much fun before!

Simone: I think I commentated that match. I tuned out when Synn found Shane Boswell bent over and his head stuck in the wall.

Adams: Nothing happened!

Simone: I wasn't taking any chances!

Justin Decent: The rules! Both men will enter the haunted humble abode separately. There is a briefcase hidden somewhere within the walls. The first man to find the briefcase and escape the house will be declared the winner!


Justin Decent:Introducing first, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, weighing 230 pounds...

Blade Alexander!

The fans boo as they watch on the screen as Blade is walking around in the manor's foyer with a look of disgust on his face.

Justin Decent: His opponent is from Las Vegas, Nevada weighing 225 pounds...

JT Underwood!

Cheers are heard as JT is seen inspecting an old suit of armor. The helmet's visor snaps shut and JT jumps back a step, shaking his hand and inspecting his thumb that it is still there. A deep, baritone voice suddenly booms from within the manor's walls, so that both men can hear from their separate locales inside;

"Welcome to Grimes Manor gentlemen. The object of this encounter is simple. Somewhere within these walls is an object of great value. A briefcase once belonging to the late, great Lord Grimes. Find this object, and be the first to escape our walls, and you shall be declared the winner."

Blade sneered: That's all? That's easy.

Voice: This house is haunted and abandoned for a reason Mister Alexander. Nothing here is ever easy. Begin!


A split screen shows both men immediately take off into a sprint inside of the manor's dark, gloomy interior! They both start turning every bit of dusty, cobweb covered furniture over carelessly, searching for this elusive briefcase!

Blade curses openly as he looks around and takes off up a long flight of steps, preferring the intent of searching high and working his way down. He comes across the top of the stairs, which are blocked, with a thick covering of cobwebs and he fights violently through them, batting with his hands to clear a path when he hears a clicking noise. He looks up and sees a huge arachnid staring down at him with its multiple eyes and it starts to descend the web toward him.


Blade growls and he dives through the remaining battered web and rushes up the steps just as the spider drops to the floor where he had just stood and it turns around and looks up the stairs at him. He shakes his head.

"Oh the hell with this shit....!"

And he darts up to the manor's attic!


JT is in the manor's main foyer and spots the window drapes moving slightly, despite the fact there is no air blowing inside. he looks around and frowns and starts over, when he receives surprise -- the grand piano starts to play a haunting melody on its own.

He stares at it and then spots a large fireplace set against the far wall; the perfect place to hide something. He smiles and he starts to slowly approach, when he heard the distinct sound of a floorboard creaking and he spins around.

“What the hell…?”

And across the room, watching him is a pale specter clad in a luminous suit. He looks like any other bald, ghostly man you might see every day, except that half of his face is missing.

“That is some sick…”

Before he can finish, the specter suddenly charges at him, arms held out and wailing! Not knowing any other option, JT’s fighting instincts kick in and he charges forward to meet the intruder and he tackles him with a…

Adams: Spear! Ha! I was wondering if we’d see any kind of wrestling in a match like this!

Simone: Unfortunately we’ll see them more against other characters than the actual participants against each other!


The moldy, worn down door to the attic opens with a long, drawn out creak and Blade cautiously sets foot inside. He looks around at the bare room, littered with old furnishings and knick-knacks, a few chests and books scattered, but little else. He glances back behind the door and then shakes his head.

“What the hell is wrong with me…?”

He steps into the attic with a purpose and heads right for the collection of trunks, not seeing the figure step out of the shadows behind him. Blade walks right up to the first of three trunks and flips it open when he is grabbed around the neck from behind!

“Son of a….!”

The large, hockey masked figure has one arm around Blade’s throat, and the other snaked through a free arm, and he attempts to drag him back toward the shadows!


JT pummels the ghostly figure as it writhes on the floor, and lands a headbutt right between the eyes. He goes to grab it by its shroud but the figure digs its fingers into JT’s face and it tears him off and throws him over onto the floor. JT jumps to his feet and readies himself but is too late as he watches as the figure walks through (?) a mirror and simply vanishes. JT runs up to the mirror and paws at it with his hands but for all he can see, its solid.

He takes a step back, and shakes his head then turns toward his original target; the fireplace. He walks up to it and kneels down. He leans into the inky blackness of its recesses and looks up, reaching but finds no briefcase. Instead his hand hits a switch and the mantle starts to move. JT jumps back and watches as the fireplace as a whole swings open to reveal a hidden corridor.


He smiles and looks around before ducking inside when the fireplace swings shut!


In the attic the battle continues as the attacker tries to drag Blade back the length of the attic towards its own shadowy point of origin. Blade digs his heels into the old floorboards and drives his free arm back into the masked man’s stomach with an elbow. This halts him temporarily and Blade then reaches back, grabs him by the head and drops to his knees, throwing the heavier figure over with a snapmare! The larger attacker crashes amidst the attic’s debris and Blade looks around wildly!

The hockey-faced attacker slowly stands up and Blade jumps onto a chest and launches himself, dive-bombing the attacker with a flying tackle, taking them both to the floor in a heap! Blade grabs a heavy chest drawer and brings it crashing down onto the man’s back, dropping him and rendering him immobile!

Blade steps back, surveying the scene and throws his arms out in frustration.

“Come on goddammit! How am I supposed to find this thing if they keep sending these spooks after me!?”

Voice: You were warned Master Alexander.

Blade frowns.

“Smart ass son of a…”

A trap door opens beneath his feet and a shout of surprise emits from Blade as he plummets down through it!


JT walks through the narrow corridor within the walls and finds two eyeholes cut against them. Curiosity gets the better of him and he peeks through and watches a startling sight as it appears to be a party in the room opposite, with couples of ghostly specters dancing together ballroom style.


Then a set of bloodshot eyes pop up into the other side of the holes to watch his own and JT stumbles back in surprise! A chain snags him around the ankles and pulls him off of his feet and he hits the floor and before he can grab a handhold on anything, he is slickly dragged across the floor and through a heating chute. The metal cover clasps closed.


Deep beneath the haunted manor lies a labyrinth, a maze of walls that twist and turn. A chute opens in one wall and JT tumbles out of it, the loose chain still attached to his ankle. He growls audibly as he tears it off of himself and he stands up, only to hear a noise overhead. He looks up as a panel above him drops open and Blade Alexander falls through and crashes right atop of him, sending both men scattering!

Simone: And they finally found each other!

Both men are in pain from the tumbles, and are slow to get to their feet. They turn to face each other and their eyes open wide as they finally meet and they proceed to tear into each other with wild abandon!

They charge and JT ducks and scoops Blade up by the legs and he sends him slamming back into the maze’s wall! Blade grunts in pain as he slumps down and JT buries a fist into his gut, doubling him over. Blade hits his knees in front of him and JT grabs him by the hair to follow up the punishment, when Blade shows his dirty traits by swinging an uppercut right between JT’s legs, felling the big cowboy!

JT clutches himself and groans heavily. Blade sees the fallen chain that was attached to his opponent and he hurriedly grabs it and wraps it around the other man’s neck and pulls, choking him out! JT struggles and thrashes as he digs his fingers into the chain, trying to pry it loose!

The two fight, slamming back against the stone walls, when one of JT’s flaying arms strikes a torch embedded in the wall and it shifts down, and the wall suddenly opens up behind Blade. Both men are off balance and fall backwards into the darkness!


There is a torture chamber… one what you would see in the old, classic black and white films of decades past. It is large with all forms of torture devices stationed about strategically.

Blade and JT come crashing through a wide opening in the wall and Blade vehemently curses.

“I am sick of falling through doors and walls and…!”

JT swings a pyramid-topped chair into Blade’s back, cutting off his tirade!

JT throws the weapon down and says;

“Next time shut up instead of belly achin’ in the middle of a fight!”

JT grabs a hold of Blade by the hair and pulls him into a standing position. He then swings for a clothesline to finish him off but Blade ducks the move. JT spins around and Blade catches him by surprise with a standing dropkick that knocks him back, and JT tumbles down against a Judas Chair, a chair with spikes that cover the back, arm-rests, seat, leg-rests, and foot-rests!

Simone: Oh my…!

Adams: Oh Christ that has to hurt!

Simone: Well of course it hurts you amoeba! It’s an instrument of torture!

Adams: …. What’s an amoeba?

JT howled in pain as he fell back into the chair, but the spikes, although not breaking the skin, came close and the pain was tremendous! Blade turned away from him and sought another weapon and hopefully finish this match. He stalked forward towards a rack with chain manacles on it, and an angry JT came up off the chair and charges forward, clotheslining him in the back of the head!

Blade crashes against the torture rack and JT grabs him by the hair and slams his head against the heavy wood! JT then grabs him in a side headlock and drags him over to a large basin filled with brackish water.

Simone: Oh hell he isn’t going to…

And JT shoves Blade’s head into the dunking tank, forcing his head beneath the filthy water.

Adams: That is nasty!

Blade struggles under the water as he is submerged nearly to his chest upside down! JT drags him up and allows him a gasp of oxygen before shoving him back into the water. Blade’s hands fly under the water and his hands grip something. JT pulls him up and a desperate swings the object around and clobbers Underwood in the head with it!

Adams: He found it!

Simone: The briefcase!

Blade stares at the briefcase in his hands for a moment, then looks up as JT is starting to get back to his feet. JT turns around and Blade rushes him and swings the briefcase a second time, slamming it into his head again! JT falls back and he collapses inside of an iron Maiden casket! Before he is aware, Blade rushes up and slams it shut against him!

JT shouts and curses!

“Hey! Let me out!”

Blade takes a step back with a sinister smile on his face. He looks down at the briefcase again and shakes his head.

A new panel opens in the wall of the basement and moonlight streams down into the chamber. Blade waves “bye” to the casket and JT trapped inside and he takes off up the steps, escaping the haunted house with the briefcase!

The bell inside of the Cox pavilion sounds and the fans boo!

The winner of the Haunted House match … Blade Alexander!

Adams: Blade takes the win over JT

Simone: This match will be talked about for a long time

Wyatt Peterson is walking backstage. Kid Karma walks past him going the opposite direction. They bump shoulders and lock eyes.

Karma: Why don’t you watch where you’re going?

Wyatt: Watch where ahm goin’? You’d best be watchin’ where you’re goin’ little man!

Karma: Little man? I bet I could kick your a$$.

Wyatt and Karma attempt to beat the crap out of each other but are broken up quickly. Tom Dudely comes running in to hold Wyatt back.

Tom: Calm down Wyatt! He’s nobody. He’s not worth your effort.

“Hot Stuff” Mark Ward is soon at the scene.

HS: What the hell is going on here?

Karma: I’ll tell you what’s going on. I want this redneck in the ring, right now.

HS: That’s not going to happen. We’ve got a full card already. But, I can see that you two really want to tear into each other, so how about a match at the Supercard?

Tom: Mark, Wyatt’s already got a match at the Supercard against Saint Patty.

HS: Do you really think Saint Patty is going to be able to compete after what Wyatt and Casey just did to him? The doctors say he has a severe concussion and will be out for the next few weeks at least. So, I think that Wyatt versus Kid Karma would make a good replacement match.

Wyatt: Sounds good tah me.

Karma: Me too.

HS:Good. Now, all of you get the hell out of here

Kid Karma walks one direction and Wyatt and Tom go the other.

HS: That was easy. Being a boss thing.... piece of piss, simple.

Christian Underwood is sitting on the edge of the desk he shares with mark ward, in the small room used as the SCW co-owners' office. Mark is not there presently, and Christian is reading over a number of contracts for the following edition of Climax Control, when there's a knock at the door.

Christian: Who is it?

Despayre's voice can be heard calling from behind the door.

"Trick or Treat!"

Christian looks up and smiles. He was warned ahead of time like so many others, and knew he was coming. Mark had already given the mentally challenged youth, or his bear, one of them, practically a full bag of assorted mini candy bars and Despayre's face lit right up in sheer pleasure. Christian has a bag of Skittles and Hersheys bars for him as well but he cannot help but enjoy the moment.

Christian: Trick!

There is a pause behind the door and Despayre's voice pipes up again.

"Beg pardon?"

Christian: Trick. You said Trick *or* treat, and I pick trick.

"Oh. ... Okay."

Christian frowns. He isn't sure if he confused the kid or accidentally hurt his feelings, knowing in his mind, he was just a child in a young man's body. Yes he has a devilish streak but he also has a heart of gold, and just like Mark, he wants to let the kid enjoy himself. Christian smiles and sighs and grabs the two large bags of candy he has, and walks over to the door.

Christian: I'm sorry Despayre!

He opens the door.

Christian: I was only teasing! ... Despayre?

He looks out the door and there is noone there. He frowns and takes a single step into the hall when...


A flood of green slime pours from above, and splashes all over the co-owner of the SCW, completely covering him from head to toe in the thick, wet, green stickiness! Not an inch of him isn't coated by the goo and he spits it out from between his lips. He calmly reaches up and wipes it from his eyes and glances up...

And on the rafter above the doorway is the teddy bear Angel, with a small bucket dripping with the slime.

Christian looks back down and slowly reaches up and pulls his elf wig off, his costume completely ruined.

Christian: Yeah. ..... I guess I kinda had that coming.

"Sleazy" by Ke$ha starts playing as white smoke sifts from behind the curtains. The image of red devil horns sticking out from behind a golden halo appears on the stage, where a long pole stick up from the stage. Angelica walks out from behind the curtains. She slowly places one foot in front of the other, walking this way toward the pole. Once closer, she runs toward it, swinging upside down on it, going around a complete 360, coming down slowly until her back touches the stage. She turns over and slowly crawls to the edge of the stage. She comes up to her knees and then blows a kiss to the audience. She then stands up, but keeps a hold of her ankles. She smiles as she looks around. She swings her hair up as she looks around, and slowly runs her fingers up her legs as she comes up to a standing position. She then walks down the ramp, waving to the fans until she reaches the ring. She pulls herself onto the apron, and then sticks one leg over the second rope, and then she pauses, before getting into the ring. She walks around, making sure to show off her ASSets as she leans over to reach for a mic. Once it is handed to her, she is quick to bring it up to her lips. The crowd cheers.

Angelica: Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to start off by introducing myself to you Sin City Wrestling fans! I am Angelica, and I’m here to spice up the Bombshell Division!

The fans cheer even louder at the mentioning of the SCW Bombshells, causing Angelica to bite her bottom lip slowly. She looks out somewhere in the crowd.

Angelica: Yeah, no, it’s okay. I mean, you don’t have to cheer for the Main Eventers. I mean, it wasn’t Mark’s idea to have this snooze fest headline the show tonight, but it’s very sweet of you to applaud them anyway…

The audience gives a mixed reaction, and Angelica puts her hand on her hip, raising the other hand in the air, shrugging her shoulders as she brings the mic back to her mouth. She slowly walks back and forth.

Angelica: I mean to say, how could it get any worse? Have you seen the ridiculous promos they cut for their matches? Excuse me, the promos SOME of them cut for their matches?

Angelica brings her nails up as she preens them as she talks.

Angelica: I mean, seriously. We have Fantasia… “Look at me being all distracted coz I got balls in my face!”

Angelica smirks as she watches several of the audience members erupt into laughter as others simply boo her.

Angelica: And Kittie? “I’m a sad sad psycho nut with problems… Feel bad for me.”

Angelica makes a baby pouting voice as she talks, but then she slaps her knees in laughter.

Angelica: Raynin. “I’m gonna list every single fighting style I know coz it’s a LOT! I’m so rough and tough and just as screwed in the head as Kittie!”

Angelica accompanies her remarks by flexing her muscles and walking around as if she has something lodged between her buttcheeks.

Angelica: And, Misty. Poor, poor Misty. It’s bad enough she got knocked up by that giant walking Hot Topic billboard, but her promos are all like, “Look what I did 4 years ago! I’m so great, but I miss my little brats and my big idiot fiancée…”

Angelica walks over to the ropes and points to a fan who is shouting obscenities at her. She looks down at him with a glare, which quickly turns to a smile. She begins walking around the ring once more.

Angelica: Well, I’m here to save the Bombshell division. I’m here to give the fans something to get excited about!

Angelica listens around as the audience boos her heavily. She stomps her foot before dropping the microphone on the ground. “Sleazy” begins playing, and Angelica quickly leaves the ring. On her way out, she turns back to the audience, shaking her head in dismay. She walks up the ramp, disappearing behind the curtains.

Simone: Speaking of the bombshells, it's main event time.

Adams: I'm sure Angelica will have her eyes firmly on this one

The crowd is cheering as the thong-clad Justin decent steps back inside of the ring for the final time. He steps into the center of the ring and ‘accidentally’ drops the microphone to the mat. He looks back over his shoulder at the camera and winks, then bend at the waist to scoop it back up amidst the cheers and catcalls.

Simone: Ver-y nice! Round. Firm. … Oh what’s the word I’m looking for?

Adams: I’d say Quarter bouncable.

Belinda turns to look at him with an arched brow and Jason looks away and into the air, whistling innocently.

Justin Decent: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the Bombshell Main Event of Climax Control, and it is a Graveyard Match!

The fans stand and cheer at the popular announcement.

Justin Decent: The rules are simple. Both teams will enter the local cemetery separately. At the designated area the match begins and both teams will battle it out. You are eliminated by being thrown into one of the six open graves. Once in the grave, the Bombshell must remain until the end of the match. The match only ends by an entire team being eliminated.

Simone: I find it hard to believe they are going to actually do a match like this in an actual cemetery. What on earth happened to dignity? What on earth happened to respect?

Adams: What on earth happened to my popcorn?

Jason looks in the empty popcorn box with a childish frown. Belinda rolls her eyes.

Justin Decent: Let me introduce team number one! At a total combined weight of 400 pounds, the team of Allison Summers, Kittie and Misty!

The screen shows the three women making their way through the gothic cemetery, each with an expression of apprehension.

Simone: Imagine, making women fight in such an environment.

Adams: SCW is all about equal opportunity babe.

Justin Decent: The opposing team has a total combined weight of 405 pounds, the team of Fantasia, Rebecca Blades and Raynin!

The combination of Raynin, Fantasia and Rebecca walk through the cemetery, looks of determination on their faces and gazing about. They pass under an arched gate and through a long tunnel, stepping into a large courtyard surrounded by statues and mausoleums.

They look at each other and whisper when Raynin points toward an arch on the opposite side. Fantasia and Rebecca nod and the three head over toward it and pass through. No sooner do they make it through the second gateway into a new territory of the cemetery than they spy a ghoulish scarecrow stood upright on a small plain.

Fantasia shudders and they walk over when from out behind several large tombstones, Misty, Kitty and Allison ambush them!



Allison jumps off of the top of a mausoleum and crashes into Fantasia with a flying bodypress! The sexy pair hit the ground of the path and Allison rolls off of her, then climbs to her feet. Fantasia grits her teeth and climbs back to her feet. Allison grabs her by the hair and goes to swing her fist but Fantasia reaches up with both of her hands and grabs two handfuls of Allison’s own fiery tresses. The two vamps engage in a catfight tug of war and begin scratching and clawing as well!

Adams: Woo hooo! The two redheads are going at it! Sweet!

Kittie barrels from behind a statue and crashes into Raynin with a tackle, taking both to the ground where they immediately begin swinging.

Simone: Now the battle between these two should prove interesting! Kittie’s unstable nature and Raynin is a complete fighter all around!

Kittie and Raynin roll around on the ground, swinging clubbing blows down into one another! Kittie ends up atop of Raynin and she starts going wild, unloading blows to her foe’s head and then grabs two handfuls of her head and slams the back of her skull into the unforgiving ground. Raynin pushes back at her upper body and plants both feet into her waist and kicks her off!

Misty swings a fist at Rebecca but Blades blocks the blow. Blades then tries her own shot but Misty blocks this and she head butts Rebecca between the eyes and grabs her around the legs, scoops her up and around and…

Adams: Ohhh! A spinebuster on the ground!

Simone: Unpleasant in every way imaginable!

Rebecca arches her back, her face a mask of pain. Misty kicks her in the stomach and as she rolls over, Misty delivers another shot to her back as well. Misty grabs her by the hair and arm and drags her upright. She goes to send her into a large, heavy tombstone but Rebecca reverses it and Misty strikes the tombstone instead and goes crashing over it. Holding her back, Rebecca stalks her opponent and grabs her by the head, pulling her up. She takes Misty by the arm and sends her hurling against a large, dead tree with a thud.

Fantasia and Allison have hold of each other’s hair, tugging and pulling and neither willing to give an inch. Rebecca pulls Fantasia’s head down and brings a knee up, driving it into her chin. That forces Fantasia to release her grip and Allison grabs her in a front facelock, then lifts her up and over with a vertical suplex on the turf!

Simone: Oh lucky right there! Fantasia’s back came close to landing on that grave marker buried in those weeds!

Kittie and Raynin are back on their feet and both women forget the niceties and begin slugging it out, trading fists to each other’s lovely faces and bodies. The more defined Raynin gains the upper hand in this exchange and she grabs Kittie in a side headlock and swings a fist right up into her face, knocking her around on her feet. Kittie staggers about and Raynin grabs her by the hair and back of her pants and she runs her right into a tree. Kittie starts to slump down but Raynin grabs her and goes to slam her head into the tree again but Kittie grabs a broken switch and swings it back, slashing it across her face with a nasty whipping noise. The stinging mark is clearly left on Raynin’s face as she stumbles back, holding her face and Kittie grabs her by the hair and slams her head into the same tree herself!

Allison grabs two handfuls of Fantasia’s long hair and starts dragging her towards one of the six open graves and gets toward the edge when Fantasia grabs hold of a grave marker with her hand and digs her feet in, putting on the brakes. Summers grits her teeth, pulling, then reaches down for her opponent but Fantasia quickly rakes her nails across her eyes, temporarily blinding Allison. Fantasia then reaches up and grabs two handfuls of her hair and plants a foot into her stomach, and rolls back, monkey flipping a surprised Allison into the same open grave she had planned to deposit her into!

Adams: We have the first eliminated!

Justin Decent: Allison Summers has been eliminated!

The fans boo at the elimination of the gorgeous Bombshell.

Rebecca comes after Misty but she lashes a foot out, catching Blades in the stomach and knocking the wind from her body. Rebecca fights back, swinging an uppercut into her chin and then snapmaring her over to the ground. She grabs a handful of Misty’s hair to pull her up when Misty sweeps her legs out from under her. Misty then looks behind her and smiles. She falls back, catapulting Rebecca over and Blades lets out a surprised cry as she is flung right into a second open grave!

Simone: And just like that, there’s another gone!

Justin Decent: Rebecca Blades has been eliminated!

Misty has no time however to celebrate as she is grabbed from behind by Fantasia in a full nelson!

Kittie takes the same stinging switch in her hands and starts whipping it across Raynin’s back and backside repeatedly!

Adams: Hey do you suppose this means that we can now say Raynin is pus….

Simone: Don’t say it!

Raynin curses loudly as she tries shielding herself from the stinging blows but that only brings the stick across her hands and forearms. Kittie reels back for another shot and Raynin jumps forward and swings, clotheslining Kittie and sending the stick flying. A pissed off Raynin grabs the fallen switch and she returns the favor and starts whipping Kittie with it! The unstable young woman shrieks in pain on the ground as she is beaten with the stick mercilessly! She rolls over to avoid another blow and Raynin grabs her and heaves her upwards onto the near hill, sending her careening. Kittie crawls up the hill and Raynin brings down a double axehandle blow across her back.

Misty growls in frustration as Fantasia has her trapped in the full nelson and with her fingers digging in her black hair, she shakes her wildly! Fantasia then looks back across the cemetery and spots another open grave, behind a row of tombstones and statues. She starts to drag Misty back towards it when Misty swings her head back into Fantasia’s face, breaking the hold! Fantasia stumbles about, holding her face, and Misty grabs her in a front facelock and DDTs her into the ground!

Simone: Oh that had to do Fantasia in!

Raynin grabs her by the back of the head and slams Kittie’s face into the ground. She then grabs her by the hair and shoves her face into the grass hard, grinning.

“Eat it little girl! Eat it! Cats love to eat grass, didn’t you know??”

Kittie squirms and struggles until she reaches back and grabs one of Raynin’s legs and rolls her off! Kittie spits out a chunk of grass from her lips and snarls openly and she decks Raynin right in the jaw! Raynin staggers back, a look of surprise on her face and Kittie sweeps her legs out from under her and pounces onto her chest! Kittie straddles Raynin’s upper body and wraps both hands around her neck and starts choking her, shaking her by the neck!

Adams: Kittie has snapped, and what’s worse, there aren’t any rules to break that up either!

Misty has her hands clamped around Fantasia’s ankle and drags her back past the markers and statues, towards the open grave that she too saw. Fantasia is dazed by the DDT on the ground and barely puts up a fight, but kicks her feet out at Misty. Misty avoids the blow and grabs her quickly by the hair, pulls her up and…

Simone: Christ! A second DDT!

Adams: Hm, you suppose that means that cousin of mine will be getting the ol’ headache routine?

Misty then rolls her opponent over and Fantasia is deposited into the open grave with a thud!

Justin Decent: Fantasia has been eliminated!

Adams: It’s two on one now! Raynin best watch out!

Kittie continues to choke Raynin out, her teeth gritted in a blank rage but Raynin finally breaks loose, using her legs to ensnare Kittie beneath the arms and she rolls her off backwards in a sunset roll. Kittie gets up and Raynin leaps, taking her down in a Thesz press and she starts to rain blows down on her! This is when Misty runs up and she grabs Raynin from behind and tears her off of Kittie! Misty pins Raynin’s arms to her side and holds her steady as Kittie gets back up, holding the side of her face.

Kittie rushes over and lays a boot into Raynin’s midsection and slaps her across the face.

Simone: This is where we’ll see exactly what Raynin is made of!

Kittie backs off and Misty releases Raynin long enough to spin her around and she brings her down in a side Russian Legsweep. Raynin’s face becomes a mask of pain as she grabs the back of her head and grits her teeth. Misty and Kittie pull her up and this time Kittie takes her by the arms and holds her for Misty who hits Raynin with a forearm strike. Misty backs up a step and goes for another shot when Raynin kicks her feet up and plants them into Misty’s sternum, knocking her back! She then breaks free of Kittie’s hold and grabs her in a headlock and bulldogs her!

Adams: Ohhhhh! Got dirt?

Raynin turns to follow up on her downed opponent and is prime for Misty to club her in the back, knocking her to her knees. Misty spins her around and ensnares her into a front facelock…

Simone: Another DDT coming up! If she hits this, it’s all over!

Misty sets up for the maneuver but Raynin braces herself, blocking it! Misty struggles and the pair battle it out, maneuvering around on their feet. Misty tries again when Raynin suddenly lifts her up and backdrops her to the hard ground! Misty lands on the brink of an open grave and holds on to prevent from going in! Raynin then backs up and hits her with a baseball slide to the middle of the back, knocking her in!

Adams: Misty’s out of the match! It’s all even now!

Justin Decent: Misty has been eliminated!

Simone: Its one on one! This here will decide whose team walks away victorious!

Raynin stands up and finds Kittie standing just opposite her, her face contorted in anger and fists shaking! She suddenly screams in wild anger at her ally having been eliminated. Kittie jumps onto a headstone and dives over the open grave Misty had fallen into and she crashes into Raynin, bringing both to the ground! The momentum throws both women over and they topple down the hill end over end. They hit the bottom and are both hurt and dazed. They get to their feet and Raynin grabs her by the hand and short-arm clotheslines her down! Raynin looks around for the final open grave and spots it nearby, across the dirt path road.

She turns back around and Kittie throws a handful of dirt in her eyes, blinding her! She grabs two handfuls of Raynin’s hair and knee lifts her in the head once, twice – three times! Raynin goes down on her back, holding her head and wiping furiously at her eyes. Kittie pulls her up harshly and sends her across the path with an awkward Irish whip that causes her opponent to tumble down into the turf.

Simone: I wonder just how forgiving these Bombshells will be with Ward and Underwood for devising this whole debacle!?

Adams: Well considering Underwood is into guys, Hot Stuff will be the only one who has to worry about that.

Simone: I don’t know if that’s the smartest or dumbest thing you’ve said all night.

Adams: Well take your time to figure it out. I’m patient.

Kittie stomps over to her fallen foe and reaches for her but Raynin lunges up and grabs her in a headlock and drags her don into the ground with her! Both women struggle on the ground until they fight their way to their feet with Raynin retaining the headlock. But Kittie then grabs her around the waist and lifts her up, trying for a back suplex, only to have Raynin land on her feet behind her.

Simone: Smooth move there girl!

Raynin lands a punch right to Kittie’s kidneys and the blonde wildcat howls in pain and staggers forward, towards the open grave! Raynin grabs her by the hair and shirt and starts to throw her forward towards the grave but Kittie puts on the breaks and drops to a dead weight so it can’t be done. Raynin growls in frustration as she whips Kittie up by the hair and tucks her head down between her legs. She then wraps her arms around Kittie’s waist…

Adams: is she seriously going to…?

Simone: Oh come on! I know she wants to win but not like this!

Raynin smiles wildly and lifts Kittie up in the air for a powerbomb into the grave but Kittie starts fighting her way out, hammering her in the head! Kittie then falls backwards with her legs scissored around Raynin’s head, and she counters with a hurricanrana, throwing Raynin over into the open grave!

Adams: Kittie did it! She’s the sole survivor!

The crowd watching from inside the Cox Pavillion starts cheering and applauding as Justin stands up with the microphone.

The winners of the match....MISTY, KITTIE AND ALLISON SUMMERS!

Adams: God damn these ladies know how to wrestle. What a show to put on

Simone: At High Stakes, all these women will be against each other for that Bombshell title.

Adams: Damn, have you seen the time? It's time to go.

Simone: Sadly Jason's right, it's time for us to leave you, join us in two weeks for Sin City Wrestling's High Stakes.... we'll see you then

The camera fades out

A huge thank you to Chris, Mark, Matt, Tom and Erik for contributing to this show, and to all our roleplayers that make the SCW possible.